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Far Saga is operated by Fugro RUE AS in Norway

IRM, Survey & Light Construction vessel Notation; DNV 1A1, Dynpos- AUTR , 1-2-SF , EO, HL (2,8) DK(+), COMF-V (3) C (3), Clean – Heldk-SH 10 The MPSV Vessel Far Saga is a well-known and proven subsea support workhorse of the North Sea operating in the IMR, survey and Light Construction market. Far Saga is taken on Time Charter from Farstad Shipping ASA to Fugro RUE A/S after more than 10 years in service for Acergy /SS7 in the North Sea. Far Saga has undergone two major refits and upgrades since new in 2001. The vessel is a truly flexible, cost-efficient and versatile toolbox for subsea support operations. Main work deck is 550m2 with a load capacity of 10t/m2 and the A-deck is 150m2 with a load capacity of 5t/m2. The A-deck is prepared for MHS installation and operations (Optional). Below the A-deck there is hot and cold workshops, storage areas, offices, dirty mess and recreational facilities. The moon pool measures 7,1m x 6m. The vessel is equipped with one Kystdesign Supporter WORKROV (2000 msw) with AHC winch and a Cougar OBSROV (2000 msw). The Supporter WORKROV has been positioned on A-deck to enable maximum liftoff and clearance under the vehicle to accommodate virtually any ROV-based skid up to 3 T. The Cougar OBSROV is positioned in the starboard hangar. Both ROV control rooms are containerized, linked together and placed on A-deck. Main crane is a Hydramarine AHC 100 T in double fall and 50 T single fall with 1500 msw capacity at 50 T. The crane has a 10 T AHC whipline at 800 m length. The vessel is also equipped with one 20 T auxiliary deck crane for handling on-deck equipment and tools and one 5 T auxiliary crane servicing the C-deck.

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MPSV Far Saga

MPSV Far Saga Technical Specifications

Capacities Far Saga Fresh water 996m3 IRM, Survey & Light Construktion vessel, DNV , DPII Water maker 2 x 15T/day +1A.SF.EO.DK(+).HL(2,8). COMF-V(3)C(3). Clean Ballast water 1609m3 Dynpos-AUTR. HELDK-SH Fuel oil 1609m3 Owner/Ship Manager Farstad Supply AS/ Farstad Shipping ASA Lube 35m3 Chemical Tanks 2 x 170m3 (MEG) Port of Registry Ålesund, Norway Call Sign LLJS

General Name Classification

Deck Machinery Dimensions Deck area Main deck 510 + Adeck150+m2 LOA / LOA with Helideck 89,4m / 96,8m 2 (main deck) / 5T/m2 (Adeck) Deck load 10T/m Beam 18,8m Deck cranes 1 x SWL 20mt@10m / 1 x SWL 5mt@10m Operating Draft Max 6,2m Fixed with no manipulators Depth Main Deck 7,6m Capstan 2 x 10mt Moonpool 42,6m2 (7,10m x 6m) Windlass 1 x 15mt Main Crane 1 x SWL 100/50/10mt@7,5/15,0/29,0 1500m wire Accommodation Crane posistion Stb side Berths (No) 63 Helideck Rating Super Puma L2 / 9,3 T / Diam: 19,5m Cabins Single : 13 ; Double: 25 Lounges 3 Gym Yes Navigation & Communication Conference rooms 2 DP References DGPS, HIPAP, FanBeam, SEAPath Offices 4 Radars 3cm w/ARPA, 10cm w/ARPA Survey room yes Electronic Charts TECDIS Main Control Room 12m x 12m Main Radio GMDSS SSAS Fitted Machinery & Electrical Power Broadband 128kb/s, max capacity 1Mb/s 2 x Rolls-Royce Bergen Main Power Plant (5400 BHP x 2 = 10880 BHP) Generators (Aux Engine) 2 x Catepillar 590kW - 60Hz Safety Equipment Emergency Generator 1 x Catepillar 105kW, Lifterafts 8 Shaft Generator 2400kW 440V (3000kVA) Fast Rescue Craft 2 pcs for 10 persons. No redundancy Power(kW) 2 x 590kW +1 x 105kW+2 x 2400kW=6085kW Main Propellers 2 x 3530kW, Controllable Pich Work ROV Systems Rudders 2 x High Lift Main Engines 2 x 4000kW = 10880 BHP 1 x Supporter Depth Rating 2000msw Bow Thrusters 2 x 1200BHP TMS Stern Thrusters 2 x 1000BHP LARS Azimuth Thrusters (Bow) 1 x 1200BHP OBS ROV Systems Performance 1 x Cougar Depth Rating 2000msw Maximum Speed 14,5kts TMS Endurance 40 days (steaming) LARS Consumption in Port 2m3 /24hrs Consumption at Stand by 7m3 /24hrs Consumption at DP 13m3 /24hrs @ 10 kts Consumption at Economy Speed 13m3 /24hrs @ 10kts Consumption at Service Speed 15,3m3 /24hrs @ 12kts

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MPSV Far Saga  

Far Saga has long track records operating in the North Sea for Acergy and Subsea7 since 2001