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Seaeye Cougar XT “ROV in a box”

Seaeye Cougar XT - Proven worldwide in demanding applications and recognised for its capability to operate effectively as a light WROV. ROV in a Box is easy to mobilise in one single lift, the container includes the ROV, control cabin, winch and workshop. One 10t lift for the container and a further lift for the spare tether, twist locks secure the container. The vessel crane with a 1.5t lift capacity is used for launch and recovery. You could be ready to work within 2 hours. Our personnel are there to provide a reliable and positive approach to your project needs 24 hours a day. The ROV system can be operated by 2 ROV Pilots and with assistance from a crane operator during launch and recovery.


Seaeye Cougar XT “ROV in a box”

PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS 2000m depth rating (restricted by 600m umbillical) Lenght Height Width Payload

1506 mm 995 mm 1000 mm 80 kg (with standard bouyancy)

ROV CHASSIS Extremely rugged polypropylene chassis with a stainless steel lift frame, is totally maintenance free, non corroding and self-supporting in water. The design allows for additional equipment to be directely bolted to the chassis.

THRUST Six brushless 500 V DC thrusters provide the following performance: Forward speed Thrust Forward Thrust Lateral

>3,2 knots 170 kgf 120 kgf

AUTO FUNCTIONS Depth hold and heading hold

ROV TOOLING & QUICK-CHANGE TOOL SKIDS Standard equipment skid: 2 of Hydro-Lek 5 function heavy duty manipulators Water jetting equipment - 110 bar at 12,5 litres/min Hydraulic disc cutter - 4 inch rotary disc Task specific tool skid can be custom designed and carry a wide range of equipment, i.e: ? Torque tools ? Sub Bottom profiler ? Side Scan Sonar ? Multi Beam ? FMD ? CP Probe ? Pipe Tracker ? Camera booms ? Wire & cable cutters ? AX Ring removal tool ? Hydraulic Cutter 38 mm ? Subsea Drill ? Suction Pump ? Bespoke Equipment

POWER REQUIREMENTS Full safety features include both AC and DC LIMs CAMERAS & VIDEO SYSTEM 2 multimode fibres provides 4 video channels

Input ROV + Tooling

3 phase 380-440 VAC 354 kVA

Standard cameras: 1 Kongsberg Color Zoom 1 Kongsberg Lowlight Enhanced 1 Kongsberg Lightring Camera

LIGHTING Two individually controlled lightning channels, both containing two fused 150W lamps.

DEPTH SENSOR The system uses an electronic depth sensor accurate to ± 0.1º FSD accuracy.

COMPASS & RATE GYRO Flux-gate compass and a solid-state rate sensor are standard equipment Compass accuracy Resolution Update rate

± 0.5º 0.351º 98 mS

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Containerzied small Work-class ROV