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MESSAGE FROM THE DEAN I could not be more pleased to share this Alumni Magazine with the many graduates, friends, and supporters of the College of Music. The Fall 2016 edition of the Magazine ends a five-year publication hiatus and provides an opportunity to bring you up to date on some of the exciting things that have been happening around the College. You’ll see that our students, faculty, and programs continue to thrive, leading the way within new trends affecting society, education, and the arts. At FSU, career readiness, practical experience, community outreach, social justice, and entrepreneurship have long been hallmarks of our music programs. We see positive outcomes in College of Music graduates who create successful lives in music and the arts, but we can always do more. You’ll read about some of these initiatives in the pages that follow. Since arriving as Dean of the College of Music in summer 2013, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of meeting generations of alumni, spanning the 1950s through today’s most recent cohort. As an FSU alumna (PhD 1981), I’ve enjoyed looking back at our storied history, reveling in present achievements, and imagining the future for today’s students. In talking with alumni, I have heard many anecdotes about things that happened some 60 years ago — the retelling of funny stories, legendary tales, and profound moments that changed lives. The chronological connections from past to present are too numerous to mention, but here are a few examples that I’ve observed since moving back to Tallahassee three years ago. Upon arriving, I learned that Ella Scoble Opperman’s original home was listed for sale in Midtown (I did not buy it, but it was tempting), and that the Ernst von Dohnányi home was still standing near what is now Cascades Park. Through interactions with alumni, I know that members of Wiley Housewright’s University Singers in the early 1950s have fulfilled meaningful


careers in music and chosen to give back to the College these many years later. I’ve met graduates of the Florida State College for Women (1905-1947) who still come to campus for College of Music concerts, supporting music students 70 years their junior. I hear from former Marching Chiefs what it was like to play in the band when women had to march in skirts! This year, the FSU Summer Music Camps celebrated its 75th anniversary and it seems like everyone in the state of Florida either attended the camps or knows someone who did. The FSU Fight Song, written by Tommie Wright, and the Hymn to the Garnet and the Gold, written by J. Dayton Smith, still ring strong over campus and throughout the nation. The College of Music has a long history of excellence and an unbroken thread of continuity through most of the 20th century and into the 21st. The metaphor of “family” may be over-used but it certainly applies here: we are a large, extended family characterized by excellence, resilience, and longevity. On behalf of the College of Music, I hope the reinstated Alumni Magazine will serve as a postcard from home, bringing you up to date on our comings and goings. I extend appreciation to Dr. Stan Pelkey, Associate Dean for Engagement and Entrepreneurship, for taking the lead on production of the Magazine. We would love to hear from you with news items for future editions so please stay in touch. And, as always, please accept our sincere thanks for your friendship and support.

Yours truly,

Patricia J. Flowers Dean, College of Music



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FEATURES 2 Foundations and Futures

The College of Music continues to provide a world-class education in music to hundreds of students each year even as it launches new initiatives to enhance student success.


Faculty and students at the College of Music continue to champion new music through concerts, recitals, and festivals.


Michael Broyles Bill Lax Bruce Palmer Wendy Smith Ray Stanyard COVER PHOTO

Wendy Smith

New Music at the College of Music

12 Students Present, Perform,

and Win Awards

Students in the College of Music share their talents across the country and around the world and receive recognition for their accomplishments.


The College of Music re-launches its Alumni Magazine after a five-year hiatus. We hope you like the new look.


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ALUMNI AND FRIENDS of the College of Music

know that it is among the top tier of universitybased music programs in the United States. It provides an excellent musical education to over 1,000 undergraduate and graduate students each year and boasts hundreds of high-quality performances by its faculty, students, and special guests. Faculty members of the College perform, teach, and carry out research across the country and around the world, building upon the international reputation that they and their predecessors have earned individually and collectively. Some of their many accomplishments are featured throughout this magazine.



compete for full- and part-time positions

Florida, the Southeast, and throughout the

in their specialized fields of study. Many


Current students and alumni of the College

pursue freelance performing and teaching

of Music are also establishing outstanding

opportunities whether solely or in addition

careers on strong musical and professional foundations built under the tutelage of our exceptional faculty. There are innumerable stories and anecdotes of success, but the College also has solid data demonstrating that our alumni find diverse ways to support themselves, develop satisfying careers, and contribute to their communities. During the fall of 2015, the College engaged in an extensive survey of alumni placements for those who graduated in Fall 2008 through Summer 2015. Some data came from


And Futures... The College of Music’s programs are strong; the foundations that we provide to our students are solid. But faculty members are not resting on past successes. They continue to light the way with their many professional accomplishments, which draw students to our campus from all over the world. Faculty also continue to evaluate, revise, and renew curricula to address the changing needs of our students and the communities that will hire them.

former students who have shared updates about their careers. The rest was collected

to institutional employment. Significantly,

An important area of development is

through study of the online presence of our

about half of the College of Music’s DM

musical entrepreneurship and innovation.

graduates on school, college, business, and

degree recipients from the past five years are

During the past several years, Florida State

other institutional websites, as well as on

employed in full- or part-time teaching roles

University has placed a growing emphasis on

social media.

at colleges and universities. The number of

training in entrepreneurship and innovation,

alumni from the College’s PhD programs

and the College of Music is doing its part to

In the past seven years, the College of

who graduated in the past five years and are

create a more “entrepreneurial university.”

Music has awarded 1,054 undergraduate

teaching music at colleges and universities is

degrees. Over 750 of the alumni who

even higher, at just over 80%.

earned those undergraduate degrees

The Entrepreneurship Residency in Music is one of the ways the College is participating

have gone on to graduate school or are

These numbers are fantastic! Both doctoral

in this effort and one of the latest means

gainfully employed; more than 60% of

degree placement records outpace national

by which it advances its long-standing

those alumni are employed in one or more

trends for employment of doctoral-level

commitment to empower students to

musical fields. Placements in fields such

graduate students in higher education. One

become savvy professionals who are ready

as music education and music therapy are

study of job placement rates among recent

to strike out in new directions in an ever-

very strong, accounting for about 30% of

PhD recipients that was published in The

changing arts environment. While growing

Atlantic in 2013 indicated that only about

mastery as young musical professionals is

40% of PhD graduates in the sciences,

more important than ever, leading music

alumni have been hired to fill various

humanities, and education were finding

colleges, schools, and conservatories are

administrative roles in arts organizations,

faculty positions – down from 50% in

increasingly providing formal training in

to teach or provide support services at

2001. In a report published on its website,

career development, entrepreneurship,

colleges or universities, or to use their skills

the American Historical Association

innovation, self-marketing, and leadership.

on Broadway, radio, television, and film

estimates that in the highly competitive

The Entrepreneurship Residencies in Music,

productions, or as audio engineers.

field of North American history, there are

established several years ago, bring leading

the total number who have graduated in the past seven years. Other undergraduate

twice as many new PhD graduates for each

figures in arts management and advocacy,

During those same seven years, the College

assistant professor position posted in a

musical entrepreneurship education, and

of Music awarded 1036 masters and doctoral

single year. Given these tight markets, the

the business side of our profession to campus

degrees. Placement data demonstrates

College’s strong showing in terms of doctoral

for one-on-one meetings with students,

that awardees of the College’s Doctor

placements demonstrates how highly

presentations to entrepreneurship and arts

of Music degree are able to successfully

regarded its programs and graduates are in

management classes, consultations with



faculty, and general community lectures.

just begun, but the significant size of the gift

it also boldly and unapologetically voiced the

The goal is to widen students’ understanding

and the opportunities and infrastructures it

central importance of training in the musical

of career options, equip them to meet the

will generate should strengthen our efforts in


challenges of rapidly changing economies

musical entrepreneurship and innovation at

and markets, and provide them with the

the College of Music.

tools necessary to lead change in the arts and their communities. David Cutler, Rachel

“Today we live in a scientific age. Man [sic] is

studying and doing research on man in space...


But the key today is man, himself—the inner

Roberts, Jessica Meyer, Angela Myles Beeching, Sebastian Ruth, Jim

While serving as Dean

Rupp, Russell Willis Taylor, Ramon

and Summer Music

Ricker, and Ayden Adler have held

Camp Director (1945-

Entrepreneurship Residencies over

1966), Dr. Karl O.

the past several years.

Kuersteiner published the summer camp

man... The humanities comprise the study of human expression. One of the humanities is

music. It is my hope...that all Musicampers will have learned many things, including a more

meaningful perspective for man’s expression in music, and a more realistic realization of their

own place as young Americans in society today.”

The recent gift of $100 million

newsletter known as

dollars from Jan Moran and the

“Allegro.” Each year, it

The College of Music continues to transform

Jim Moran Foundation to create

included the program

lives and communities through music.

the new Jim Moran School of

of the final gala concert,

This foundation has remained unchanged,

Entrepreneurship at Florida State

lists of scholarship and

despite changing curricula, technologies,

University promises to transform

other award winners,

styles of music, means of expression, and

and photographs

broader social contexts. The stories of

how the university prepares students to be leaders and innovators. The

of ensembles. The Dean also wrote a

faculty, students, and alumni in the pages

stand-alone School, which will be housed

short inspirational message each year

that follow show that others also believe in

downtown in a building donated to the

that proclaimed the value of aesthetic

the importance of music as a central form

University by Kathryn and Brian Ballard,

experiences in young people’s lives and

of human expression and continue to look

will offer more courses in entrepreneurship

insisted on the importance of music in a

to us for musical leadership in Tallahassee,

and innovation to more students than

democratic society. Kuersteiner’s final

Florida, and across the United States. We

is currently possible. Conversations to

message, published in the 1966 “Allegro,”

invite you to continue to partner with us in

determine how the Jim Moran School and

even anticipated the widening gap in

our endeavors by your presence on campus

existing entrepreneurship programs and

American higher education between STEM

whenever possible, your friendship, and your

initiatives at FSU will interface have only

disciplines and the arts and humanities, but

financial support.


Just a few examples of our student entrepreneurs… Current DM student Ryan Reynolds and fellow members of the Akropolis Reed Quintet toured extensively and commissioned new works from Gregory Wanamaker, John Steinmetz, David Biedenbender, and Rob Deemer for their third album, The Space Between Us, due out in Fall 2016. In February, Akropolis launched “Akropolis WORKS,” a residency program designed to help students develop entrepreneurial skills. The inaugural residency took place at the University of Michigan. Akropolis received the 2015 Fischoff Educators award for creative educational programming and a 2016 Chamber Music America Residency Partnership grant to support outreach performances in downtown Detroit. Ryan taught masterclasses across the country and will be recording a new nine-player chamber version of Carl Nielsen’s Clarinet Concerto and the composer’s original Serenata in vano with legendary clarinetist, David Shifrin. Aliza Llovet and Natalie Quintana, graduate students in Music Therapy, received a $5,000 grant from the Jim Moran Institute in the College of Business to support their project, “The Creation, Evaluation, and Commercialization of a Music Therapy Mobile App.” The app will act as a media playlist and store, where a cappella lullabies are organized into 30-minute-long sets and by one of six languages. In each set, the music systematically decreases in speed and volume in order to meet therapeutic goals. The app will be available free on the Apple Store and for the Android market, while each individual set of lullabies will be available for purchase. Funds generated will support the National Institute of Infant & Child Medical Music Therapy, a partnership between Florida State University and Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare.



islav f Dr. Lad miere o rsity) was the re p e ucted th r (Rice Unive e ez cond r Jimén t. Barbara Butl e d n a x Dr. Ale of Ligh s e h s la F t. Kubík’s et solois d trump feature


Faculty and students of the College of Music continue to champion the creation and performance of new music. In doing so, they build upon foundations laid by generations of FSU faculty, students, and alumni who have expanded the body of classical music and jazz heard across Florida, the United States, and the world. The Biennial Festival of New Music is one of the most significant means by which the College of Music supports the creation and performance of new music. The Fifteenth Biennial Festival (January 27–29, 2011) featured composer Paul Moravec and the Brentano String Quartet as Wiley and Lucilla Housewright Eminent Scholar Chairs in Music. (Housewright Scholars have been featured at Biennial Festivals since Gunther Schuller’s residency in 1988–1989.) Moravec was the winner of the 2004 Pulitzer Prize in Music and has received commissions from ensembles and institutions across the United States. The Festival’s concerts featured three works by Moravec—including “Northern Lights Electric,” performed by the University Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Dr. Alexander Jiménez. Composer and Housewright Eminent Scholar Zhou Long was the featured composer for the Sixteenth Biennial Festival (January 31–February 2, 2013).

Long received the Pulitzer Prize in 2011 for his opera, Madame White Snake. A past performance was screened during the Festival. Long received an Academy Award in Music in 2003 and has worked with ensembles throughout the world. His works draw upon the influences and traditions of both the West and his homeland, China. The Seventeenth Biennial Festival (January 29–31, 2015) included the residencies of composer David Lang and pianist Ursula Oppens. Lang was named Musical America’s Composer of the Year in 2013 and was the recipient of Carnegie Hall’s Debs Composer’s Chair for 2013– 2014. One highlight of the Festival was the performance of Lang’s The Little Match Girl Passion by the Chamber Choir under the direction of Dr. Kevin Fenton. The Little Match Girl Passion was commissioned by Carnegie Hall for Theatre of Voices and received the Pulitzer Prize in 2008.

Oppens, a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, is a champion of new American music. She presented a concert of solo and duo piano music, including Lang’s “before gravity” (2012), “gravity” (2005), and “after gravity” (2007). Each Festival also featured performances of pieces by College of Music composition faculty and dozens of other guest composers who were selected from among hundreds of applicants through a competitive review process. The Eighteenth Biennial Festival (February 1–4, 2017) will feature guest composer Louis Andriessen and the Bugallo-Williams Piano Duo. Undergraduate and graduate student recitals, faculty recitals, and large ensemble concerts also regularly feature major twentieth-century masterpieces,




new music, and world premieres. During the Fall 2015 University Musical Associates Concert Series, the University Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Alexander Jiménez gave the world premiere of Concertante Borealis by Daniel Fulmer (b. 1964) on October 9, 2015. The Concertante featured members of the Trio Bel Canto, including recently retired College of Music saxophone professor, Patrick Meighan. That concert concluded with a rousing performance of Shostakovich’s Fifth Symphony. On October 5, Richard Clary and the University Wind Orchestra presented a well-received concert of twentieth-century masterworks, including pieces by Hindemith, Persichetti, and Stravinsky, as well as “Sanctuary” (2006) by Frank Ticheli (b. 1958). Likewise, the first concert of the 2015–2016 Faculty Chamber Music Series featured twelve College of Music faculty in performances of twentieth-century American chamber music for voice and strings composed by Lee Hoiby, Samuel Barber, Ned Rorem, and the College’s own Dr. Timothy Hoekman. The second Faculty Chamber Music Series concert concluded with an inspired performance of Arnold Schoenberg’s Verklärte Nacht by Professors Corinne Stillwell, Shannon Thomas, Pamela Ryan, Greg Sauer, and Evan Jones, with graduate violist Razvan Berindean. New music continued to be celebrated in the Spring 2016 semester in faculty solo recitals by Shannon Thomas, Heidi Louise Williams, David

Kalhous, and Benjamin Sung, as well as in large ensemble concerts. Among the most anticipated premiere performances in Fall 2015 was Dr. Ladislav Kubík’s Flashes of Light for percussion, pianos, and trumpets. Guest artist Barbara Butler and FSU Professor Christopher Moore, as well as members of Moore’s trumpet studio, were joined by FSU piano faculty Read Gainsford, Joel Hastings, David Kalhous, and Heidi Louise Williams and students from the percussion studio of Professor John Parks. Kubík writes that the work was inspired by “the deep history and symbolism of the trumpet... Associated with the significant, often pivotal moments of life, it is the harbinger of both good and bad news, triumphs and tragedies, blinding jubilance and unfathomable anguish. Even though the modern trumpet is an excellent concert instrument, I believe we are still impressed with a sense of its timeless symbolic foundation, as we similarly are with the bells or drums.” Kubík chose an ensemble comprising four pianos and percussion instruments because of his “love of the piano (‘my’ instrument) and my rather substantial experience with percussion.”

College of Music composition faculty are actively involved with the Biennial Festival of New Music, but they are also engaged in many other projects. Mark Wingate (Associate Students conduct and perform in Ruby Diamond Concert Hall at the 2013 Professor of Music FSU Festival of New Music. Composition) and renowned composer Christopher Theofanidis have been cocommissioned by the Houston-based Apollo Chamber Players to prepare a string quartet with live electronics to be premiered during their 2016–2017 concert

season. This is the second time Wingate and Theofanidis have collaborated. In 2008, they were co-commissioned by the Austin Symphony for “Field of Infinite Forms,” a fivemovement work for orchestra and fixed media utilizing 22 loudspeakers. Clifton Callender (Professor of Composition) also continues to compose for performances both on and off campus. In 2015, he was an Artist-in-Residence at I-Park, a competitive artist residency in Connecticut, and his work Point and Line to Plane for solo piano was performed throughout China by FSU alumna Hui-Ting Yang. His Canonic Offerings was also performed by the T’ang Quartet at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory in Singapore as part of Mathemusical Conversation, an international workshop on mathematics and computation in music performance and composition. Callender’s Metamorphoses II, for violin and piano, was recorded in August 2014 by Emily Hanna Crane (also an FSU alumna) and Hui-Ting Yang and was included as part of the CD Pendulum, released by Parma/Navona Records. February 2016 saw the release of Callender’s gegenschein, for solo violin, on alumnus Piotr Szewczyk’s CD Violin Futura (Navona Records). March 2016 saw the world premiere of Carlisle Floyd’s latest opera, Prince of Players, which concerns the seventeenth-century English actor Edward Kynaston. Floyd served as a member of the faculty of the College of Music from 1951 to 1976. The Houston Grand Opera commissioned Prince of Players, and Floyd’s work on the opera was featured on OPERA America’s web-based series, “MASTERS AT WORK: Crafting an Opera with CARLISLE FLOYD,” during the past year. The five, livestreamed webcasts featured Floyd and Marc Scorca, President of OPERA America, who moderated questions about the compositional and rehearsal processes from students participating at Florida State University and four other invited universities.


Finally, in November 2015, three faculty members were represented on five concerts with the Netanya Chamber Orchestra, one of the leading orchestras in Israel. Dr. Alexander Jiménez conducted the ensemble in performances of representative masterpieces that characterized states of mind and experience at the turning points of the past three centuries. In addition to Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op. 67 (1800), and selections from Sibelius’s Pelléas et Mélisande, Op. 46 (1900), the concerts featured the Clarinet Concerto (2000-2001) by Ellen Taaffe Zwilich, Francis Eppes Distinguished Professor of Composition and one of the mostperformed living American composers. Dr. Jon Holden (Assistant Professor of Clarinet) joined Jiménez as soloist on the Clarinet Concerto, which was shaped by the events of 9/11. On October 28, 2015, I had the opportunity to talk to Ellen Taaffe Zwilich about some of her current and recent projects. Noting that collaboration has been “incredibly gratifying” for her, Zwilich highlighted a new piece for the Kalichstein-Laredo-Robinson Trio, her sixth commission for that ensemble. Her Concerto Elegia for Flute and String Orchestra, which she composed in memory of her late husband Erik LaMont, also received its world premiere at the University of Miami on April 18, 2015, and had additional performances in the months after, including at the 2016 National Flute Association Convention. Given the enhanced focus on entrepreneurship across the University and the College of Music, I asked how young composers could be effective advocates for the arts today. Ellen Taaffe Zwilich noted that there are “many avenues,” including starting their own ensembles. While being entrepreneurial can lead to success, Zwilich also argued for the personal and career-building potential that can be found in those daily musical activities each of us carries out to maintain ourselves. Seven years as a violinist in the American

Symphony under Leopold Stokowski gave her many insights into the professional music world, but she also found that her experience teaching a music appreciation class as a young professional in New York City helped her learn to speak about music both to people with technical knowledge about music and to those without such knowledge. “I benefited from thinking about things I was doing as a learning experience.” Young composers must strike the right balance, however, in terms of professional activities. “Don’t lose the dream,” Zwilich said, “but do what you have to [do] to stay afloat.” Zwilich also advocated cultivating a sense of resilience as a young artist or composer. One must take risks and “stick [your] neck out.” In terms of grants and awards, young composers need to remember, “If you don’t apply, you don’t get [them].” Being turned down is “only the beginning,” Zwilich noted as she urged

young composers to be “gutsy” and “knock on the door again.” None of us can control luck, she said, but “the one thing you can do yourself is to try.” Still, for her, success is not in getting the prize or the grant. She noted, “To me, success is having a wonderful performance of my music and having the time to devote to writing.” I concluded by asking Ellen Taaffe Zwilich for her advice for alumni of the College who want to more intentionally and effectively build rapport with audiences. “Bringing the audience into the family” is critical, she said, and she urged musicians to speak with and meet the members of their audiences. At the heart of building audience rapport, however, is creating a joyful concert experience. Determination is critical to the craft of the musician and composer, but Zwilich also pointed to the importance of “love and passion” for our work.

Pulitzer prizewinning com poser and FS alumna Ellen U Taaffe Zwilich (left) continue her decadess long relations hip with the Co of Music, men llege toring and ad vi si ng the next generation of musicians an d composers . Dr. Mark Win gate and the FSU New Mus Ensemble (b ic elow) rehear se for a perfor during the 20 mance 13 FSU Festiv al of New Mus ic.


FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF MUSIC The Coll ege’s ba nd prog to accu ram con mulate tinues accolad honors. e s , aw a Several rds, and concert delighte s during da Fall of music udiences with arrange 2015 from Sta ments r Wars, franchis to c e’s Wind Orc return to the b elebrate that ig scree hestra (P n. The con duc tor), pic rofessor Richa rd Clary tu red here Sympho , , hosted ny Orch estra tr Markey ombonis Boston during it t Jim s conce rt in Ma rch 2016 .

The Fall 2015 staging of Rossini’s opera La Cenerentola (Cinderella) featured stellar performers, fanciful and adventurous sets, and gorgeous costumes. Attendance was strong and included many members of the university and community. WFSU, which filmed the opera, broadcast it on its primary television channel—a first for a Florida State Opera production—in May 2016.

GREAT PERF The 20th annual Rainbow Concert, a celebration of the College’s world music ensembles, featured legendary funk musician, George Clinton, in performances of several of his songs, arranged for world music ensembles by Dr. Michael Bakan, professor of ethnomusicology, and keyboard player Daniel Bedrossian, a member of the “P-Funk Family.” Clinton’s participation in the March 2016 concert marked the first time this musical master and the College of Music have officially collaborated.

The College hosted the Badke Quartet, widely recognized as one of Great Britain’s finest string quartets, for a Housewright Eminent Scholars residency in February 2016. In addition to giving masterclasses for violin, viola, and cello, the members of the Badke Quartet offered an outstanding workshop on performing the quartets of Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven, as well as a presentation on starting, managing, and promoting a chamber ensemble. Those who attended their recital in Opperman Music Hall, pictured above, were amazed by the quartet’s gorgeous tone and exceptionally tight ensemble playing.


ellars ter, Jazz s wen S the O the seme ast Suite f o e e stag . Earlier in ton’s Far E t Hall. h t o t took April 2016 uke Elling d Concer n gram z pro concert in ance of D by Diamo z ja e u h rm g R t o f in r in m n e o e n an ev n t s fr ired p d e r so Stude heatre for ed an insp r Leon An t o it n s h e s p s e f e m r A ro ble I p n of P Ensem he directio t r e un d

FORMANCES Dr. Kevin Fenton leads members of the University Singers in a concert in Ruby Diamond Concert Hall (pictured above). Fenton recently received a Fulbright Specialist grant to help introduce a choral conducting curriculum at the Kenya Conservatoire of Music. Fenton, along with Professor Valerie Arsenault and members of the Bach Parley, also spearheaded the creation of the “Bach’s Lunches,” a series of noontime concerts of Baroque Music in the lobby of Ruby Diamond Concert Hall. In addition to performances in the Faculty Chamber Series and the Faculty Showcase Recitals, several College of Music faculty members gave solo or duo performances during the Spring 2016 semester. Pictured here are Shannon Thomas and Deloise Lima; David Kalhous and Heidi Louise Williams; and Chuck Chandler.

The University Symphony Orchestra and the Florida State Opera program teamed up for a gala concert conducted by Professors Douglas Fisher and Alexander Jiménez in January 2016. Student vocalists presented duos, trios, and quartets from well-known operas with full-orchestral accompaniment. The USO also performed several instrumental excerpts, including the Overture to Wagner’s Der fliegende Holländer.



COMINGS & GOIN Each year, the College of Music brings numerous guest artists and scholars to campus to visit studios, present masterclasses, and give guest lectures. These activities enrich the educational experiences of students, strengthen their professional development, and widen the networks of relationships among the College, its students, and music professionals and organizations throughout the

world. Among the College’s most illustrious annual guests are the Wiley & Lucilla Housewright Eminent Scholars, who are chosen from across the spectrum of music professions and who have consistently demonstrated high ideals of teaching, creative activity, and leadership. Sergei Babayan (piano), John Covach (theory), Marilyn Horne (voice), Jim Markey (brass; facing page),

WORLD-RENOWNED SOPRANO RENÉE FLEMING took to the stage in Ruby Diamond Concert Hall for a masterclass with College students in October 2015.

Lenore Rosenberg (voice), Janet Schmalfeldt (theory), the Badke Quartet, and the Philharmonic Quintet of New York were Housewright Eminent Scholars in 2015–2016. College of Music Students Go Backstage with Major Figures from the World of Opera In October 2015, the College hosted two major figures from the world of professional opera. Lenore Rosenberg, Associate Artistic Administrator of the Metropolitan Opera, presented a masterclass for voice and opera students and also worked one-on-one with students in private lessons. World-renowned soprano Renée Fleming also traveled to Tallahassee as the guest artist for the Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra’s 35th Anniversary Gala Concert on October 16. Over 100 voice majors were special guests of the Symphony during the dress rehearsal with Ms. Fleming. The following morning, Ms. Fleming returned to the stage at Ruby Diamond Concert Hall and worked with four graduate students and answered audience questions during a masterclass sponsored by the College of Music and attended by nearly 200 faculty, staff, students, and friends. In February 2016, the College hosted acclaimed mezzo-soprano Marilyn Horne. A celebrated opera singer and recitalist, Marilyn Horne is also the Vocal Program Director at the Music Academy of the West in Santa Barbara and the founder of the Marilyn Horne Foundation. Ms.

Horne worked with students in two masterclasses.

Scotty Barnhart (Assistant Professor of Jazz Studies and Director of The Legendary Count Basie Orchestra) was featured on the “Music” episode of the PBS series Craft in America. During the episode, Barnhart demonstrated the unique qualities of the David G. Monette trumpet that he plays. The Monette Corporation of Portland, Oregon, crafts custom-made brass instruments. An interview with Barnhart and excerpts of a special performance at the Monette factory can be viewed at scottybarnhart.com. Because of the spectacular reputations and quality of College of Music ensembles and their faculty conductors, College of Music students have the opportunity to travel to regional, national, and international venues and to tour at home and abroad. The Florida State University Singers performed at the National Convention of the American Choral Directors Association in March 2013, toured central Europe in May


NGS 2013, and also performed for the conference of the Florida Chapter of ACDA in 2014. In March 2015, the University Singers toured Florida before making appearances at the Conservatory of Puerto Rico, the University of Puerto RicoArecibo, and the University of San Juan-Utuada. The University Wind Orchestra performed at the 2015 College Band Directors National Association Conference in Nashville. As with their performance at the CBDNA in 2007, the Wind Orchestra’s invitation came after being identified as the top submission by the conference’s selection committee. The Wind Orchestra also presented the Finale concert for the 2013 American Bandmasters Association in Tampa. The University Symphony

Orchestra was the only orchestra selected to perform at the 2016 American String Teacher’s Association National Conference in Tampa. Finally, the Florida State University Horn Choir was featured at the Southeast Horn Workshop in Baton Rouge in 2014 and the International Horn Symposium in Denton, Texas (2012), Memphis (2013), and Los Angeles (2015). Gayle Seaton, Program Director for Music Theatre, students Berkley Jones, Angel Lozada, and Graham Mortier, and their accompanist, graduate theory student Jeremie Michael, traveled to Costa Rica in March 2016. They presented staged concerts of music theatre pieces and masterclasses and worked with high-risk students receiving

educational scholarships from the US Embassy. The highlight of the trip was time spent with children at Cueva de Luz, a community center in the worst slum of San Jose. After returning to Tallahassee, the students presented a Benefit Cabaret and received $800 to support Cueva de Luz. Maris Stella Fernandez, founder of Cueva de Luz, and Rodrigo Duran, organizer of the cultural exchange trip, “Promising Artists of the 21st Century,” at the Centro Cultural Costarricense Norteamericano in San Jose, expressed appreciation for the gift and the relationship

being built between the College and communities in Costa Rica.

Our faculty are world-renowned performers, scholars, and educators. Here are some of the international locations where they performed and presented in 2015: Eva Amsler (flute): soloist with the Orquesta Sinfonica National de Bolivia. • Scotty Barnhart (jazz): masterclasses at the Jazz Music Institute, Brisbane, Australia; Senzoku Gakuen University, Tokyo; and Meiji University, Tokyo. • Kasia Bugaj (string music education): panelist, Wronski International Competition for Solo Violin, Warsaw, Poland. • Cliff Callendar (composition): presenter, International Conference on Mathematics and Computation in Music, London. • Jane Clendenning (theory): presenter, North Atlantic Fiddle Convention, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. • Shirley Close (voice): faculty member, San Miguel Institute of Bel Canto Studies, San Miguel del Allende, Mexico. • Denise Von Glahn (musicology): presenter, Swiss Music Research Society, University of Bern, Switzerland. • Timothy Hoekman (vocal coaching, accompanying): head Lieder coach, American Institute of Musical Studies, Graz, Austria. • Bruce Holzman (guitar): artist faculty member and competition juror, the Iserlohn Guitar Festival, Germany. • Margaret Jackson (ethnomusicology): presenter, International Conference on Media and Popular Culture, Centre for Research in the Social Sciences and Humanities, London; presenter, International Conference on Identity Studies, Vienna, Austria. • David Kalhous (piano): performances in the Czech Republic and Israel. • Christopher Moore (trumpet): featured soloist, International Trumpet Guild Conference, Columbus, Ohio. • Eric Ohlsson (oboe): soloist and masterclasses, VIII Rio Wind Festival, Brazil. • Iain Quinn (organ): performance at St. Paul’s Cathedral, London. • Marcus Roberts (jazz): international tours of France and Japan. • Wanda Brister Rachwal (voice): performances and masterclasses, Orfeo Musical Festival, Vipiteno, Italy. • Michelle Stebleton (horn): 2nd horn with the Orquesta Sinfonica Nacional de Bolivia; guest artist, International Horn Symphonium, Los Angeles, California. • Greg Sauer (cello): masterclasses at Auckland University and Victoria University in New Zealand, and at the Richard Wagner Conservatorium, Vienna, Austria. • Ben Sung (violin): soloist, Virtuosi XVIII, Recife, Brazil. • André Thomas (music education, choral): conducted the Tallahassee Community Chorus in performances at the Rome Choral Festival, Italy. • Heidi Louise Williams (piano): performances, lectures, and masterclasses in China and Taiwan.




of the Guri Santa Marcelina,” which was

understood how important it was for jazz

supervised by Dr. Frank Gunderson, Sylvia

pioneers such as herself… to seek out and

Students from the trumpet studio of Dr.

explored one case study of how social

nurture young jazz talents deserving of

Chris Moore successfully represented

change can be created through music

wider attention. So the fact that Emily

the College of Music at the 2016 National

education. Sylvia plans to pursue a career

[was] chosen for this group speaks volumes

Trumpet Competition. Six soloists plus

as a researcher-practitioner in the music

as to her seriousness and her dedication to

the studio’s trumpet ensemble competed


advancing her talents in the world of jazz.

National Trumpet Competition

in the semi-final round of the competition.

She will now have the great opportunity

Two FSU students advanced to and took

Betty Carter Jazz Ahead

prizes in the final round of the competition:

Emily Mikesell, a jazz trumpet major and

Barnhart anticipates that this outstanding

Judy Gaunt (BM) won third place in the

pupil of Professor Scotty Barnhart who

honor for Emily will create even more

Undergraduate Solo Division, and Eric

graduated in April 2016 (at left, above),

opportunities for her as she launches her

Millard (DM) won third place in the

spent part of her final semester at FSU at


Graduate Solo Division.

the prestigious Betty Carter Jazz Ahead

Research and Creative Activity Award

to be heard by an international audience.”

program. Located at the Kennedy Center in

MTNA Collegiate Piano Pedagogy

Washington, D.C., and under the direction

The College of Music’s piano pedagogy

of Jason Moran, Kennedy Center Artistic

program was well represented at the January

In Fall 2015, then-senior music education

Director for Jazz, this international jazz

2016 MTNA Collegiate Chapter Piano

major Sylvia Aycock was among eighteen

residency program brings talented young

Pedagogy Symposium at the University of

recipients from across the University of the

performers, like Emily, together under the

South Carolina. Seven FSU students (Emily

2015 Undergraduate Research and Creative

tutelage of experienced artist-instructors

Charlson, Iris Cheng, Andy Lagrimas,

Activity Award. Sylvia also participated

who help the young artists polish their

Dotan Nitzberg, William Perry, Sarah

in the 2015 President’s Showcase of

performance, composing, and arranging

Quek, and Adam Ravain) gave a plenary

Undergraduate Research Excellence on

skills. The late Betty Carter, one of the

session entitled, “Add This To Your Teaching

September 28, 2015. In her project, “Music

greatest jazz vocalists, founded Jazz

Education and Social Work: A Case Study

Ahead. Professor Barnhart notes, “[Carter]

See “Students,” page 14


WIN AWARDS The Seminole Trombone Quartet (left) performed at Carnegie Hall in May 2016. What is Noise (below) performed there two years earlier, in May 2014.

The College’s Carnegie Hall Student Competition Continues to Showcase Outstanding Student Performers in the Heart of the Big Apple Since 2010, the College of Music has been sending select student

Ellen Taaffe Zwilich, Jennifer Higdon, and Joshua Burel, among

ensembles to Carnegie Hall to present a recital during the annual

others. What is Noise was also an ensemble-in-residence at the 2015

“Noles in NYC” festival. Ensembles are chosen through a rigorous

Taneycomo Festival in Branson, Missouri.

application process in which their proposed programs, performances, and marketing plans are all evaluated. In May 2012, two student duos took the stage at Carnegie. Albert Lee (tenor) and Edward Rothmel (piano) presented a program entitled Montage of a Dreamer that featured settings of the poetry of Langston Hughes. Pianists Hyemin Kim and Joohae Kim traced their journeys from South Korea and New Zealand to America through their program, Behind Every Artist.

Piotr Szewczk (violin) and John Callahan (piano) were the

The saxophone quartet Singularity was the featured ensemble at the May 2015 Carnegie Hall performance. Quartet members Thomas Giles, Cole Belt, Scotty Phillips, and Bryan McNamara played Josquin des Prez’s Ave Marie and Mille Regretz, David Ludwig’s Josquin Microludes, Rondo by Zdeněk Lukáš, Gregory Wanamaker’s Elegy,

György Ligeti’s Six Bagatelles, Everything Must Go by Martin Bresnick, and Charles Wuorinen’s Saxophone Quartet. Ludwig, Wanamker, Bresnick, and Wuorinen attended the recital.

The Seminole Trombone Quartet, which consists of members

featured artists in May 2013. Their program, Violin Futura + Piano:

Christopher Brown, David Ellis, Stephen Ivany, and Dunwoody

21st Century Music for Violin, included works composed within the

Mirvil, won the 2016 Carnegie Hall Student Competition. The STQ

past decade, including one by College of Music composition professor

presented transcriptions and original works for trombone quartet,

Clifton Callender and two by Szewczk. Five of the composers

including “Down By the River” by Sheila Silver, which received its

attended the recital.

world premiere at the concert. In preparation for their Carnegie

May 2014 brought new music ensemble What is Noise to Carnegie Hall. Sarah Jane Young (flute), Lisa Kachousee (clarinet), Joshua

Hall performance, the members of the Seminole Trombone Quartet completed a number of preview concerts across the Southeast.

Burel (violin), Justin Page (cello), Cholong Park (piano), Tommy Dobbs (percussion), and Jamie Wind Whitmarsh (percussion and conductor) presented American Stories, performing works by

See “Carnegie,” page 14



“Students” from page 12

Arsenal: Method Books to Consider.” They

Robertson is very grateful to have been part

organized by Professor Matthew Lata over

were among the nearly 200 college students

of the trip. “The group had never played on

the course of the past year and a half, and

who attended and participated in the

a grand stage like Dizzy’s, so to experience

was made possible in part because of the

conference. Charlson, Lagrimas, and Perry

playing on the same stage as some of NYC’s

improved official relationship between Cuba

also gave a poster presentation, “Learning To

top jazz musicians, it was an honor.” The

and the United States.

Play, Learning To Teach: Pedagogical Issues

Student Jazz Combo performed a tribute to

In An Adult Group Piano Course.” Dr.

Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers.

Diana Dumlavwalla, faculty advisor for the FSU MTNA Collegiate Chapter, also gave a teaching demonstration.

Jazz at Lincoln Center, Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola Members of Professor Rodney Jordan’s Student Jazz Combo traveled to New York City in June 2015 for a performance


Voice Students Engage in Outreach Across Tallahassee and Beyond In November 2015, the Women’s Glee Club traveled to Sarasota for a day-long choral clinic and concert with area high school singers. Drs. Judy Bowers, Marcía Porter, and David Okerlund were the guest clinicians. During January and February 2016, students engaged in outreach activities

at Lincoln Center. Led by Rodney Jordan,

College of Music Students Perform in Cuba

the performance was particularly special

On the evening of May 7, 2016, College

the poetry of Robert Burns at Westminster

because two FSU Jazz Studies alumni (Chris

of Music students Richard Coleman,

Oaks. They also completed two weeks

Pattishall, piano; Dave Potter, drums) joined

Felicia Gavilanes, Gabriel Hernandez,

of Opera Outreach performances in area

the performance. Boyce Griffith, tenor

Galen Dean Peiskee and Margaret

schools. The Men’s Glee Club (Collegians)

saxophonist and an April 2016 graduate,

Flannigan joined seven Cuban singers for a

participated in a day-long festival for middle

recalls, “Playing with Chris Pattishall was

performance of music by Mozart, Gershwin,

and high school male chorus members in

inspiring to me because… he represents what

Carlisle Floyd, and others at Havana’s Grand

Leon County at Lawton Chiles High School.

can potentially be my future in the music

Theatre. The concert was the culminating

Dr. André Thomas was the guest clinician.

field as an FSU alumnus.” Bassist Brandon

event of an eight-day residency in Havana

at Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola, housed in Jazz

“Carnegie” from page 13

Participants recognize the value of this competition and the experience at Carnegie Hall. Joshua Burel notes, “The Carnegie Hall Recital Competition was invaluable to establishing our group... We continue to proudly promote the FSU College of Music and are incredibly grateful for the investment that FSU made in us as people and musicians.” Bryan McNamara states, “I just really feel like that performance [of Singularity at Carnegie Hall] was a milestone in my life. It was thrilling and emotionally charged and emblematic of the friendships we four built over the years we spent together at FSU.” Members of the Singularity saxophone quartet pose for a publicity photo before their 2015 Carnegie Hall debut.

throughout Tallahassee. Soloists presented opera excerpts as well as a recital celebrating

Contributions by NS / CG / PM / SP



also a dedicated scholar and educator who

jazz students. Jones is also an accomplished

has pioneered renewed interest in the music

saxophonist, having performed with the

of such lesser known masters as Ignaz

South Carolina Philharmonic, as well as at

Moscheles and Johann Hummel.

the North American Saxophone Alliance

As guest soloist, Hobson has appeared with many of the world’s major orchestras,

biennial conference.

previously served as

including The Philadelphia Orchestra

Director of Jazz Studies

and the symphony orchestras of Chicago,

at Nazareth College

Baltimore, Houston, Indianapolis, and St.


(Rochester, NY). He

Louis; abroad, he has been heard with Great

from the University

has performed at many

Britain’s Royal Philharmonic Orchestra,

of Oklahoma, where

of New York City’s premier live-music

The London Philharmonic Orchestra,

she was assistant

venues, such as The Blue Note, Birdland,

Scottish National Orchestra, ORF-Vienna,

professor of music

The Knitting Factory, and The Iridium.

Orchester der Beethovenhalle, Moscow

His first record as a leader, New York

Chopin Orchestra, Israeli Sinfonietta, and

faculty member in Women’s and Gender

Stories, recorded in Tallahassee with Leon

New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.

Studies. She received both a PhD in music

Anderson, Clarence Seay, Chris Pattishall,

A graduate of the Royal Academy of Music,

theory and a doctoral certificate in Women’s

and Rick Lollar, received a favorable review

Hobson received the BA from Cambridge,

Studies from the CUNY Graduate Center.

by Scott Yanow. His second record as a

and the MM (piano, organ, and harpsichord)

Her research interests are wide-ranging,

leader, The Dave Detweiler Trio featuring

and DMA (piano and conducting) from the

and include ultramodern compositional

Yale School of Music

style, gender, and race in early twentieth-

Fumi Tomita and Alex Patrick, was released in August 2015. Detweiler studied at

theory and a core

century British and American music, and

BM degree from William Paterson. He


received the MM degree from Florida State

College of Music

University in 2010 and the DMA degree

faculty after previously

from the Eastman School of Music in 2015.

holding teaching

interdisciplinary gender studies collections,

His teachers include Ramon Ricker, Charles

appointments at the

and is currently working as a co-editor of The

both the University of North Texas and William Paterson University, receiving the

Pillow, Bill Kennedy, Gary Smulyan, and Steve Wilson.

University of Texas at Austin, the University of South Carolina,


Lander University, and Presbyterian

Schenkerian analysis. Her work is published or forthcoming in Black Music Research

Journal, Feminist Studies, Studies in American Humor, and Women and Music. She has also

contributed chapters and articles to several

Norton Guide to Teaching Music Theory, under contract with W.W. Norton.

internationally for

and the Ringling Bros. Circus, and was a

his command of

featured artist for Princess Cruise Lines.

an extraordinarily

He has numerous performing credits with



jazz and commercial artists, including

served as Director

repertoire, his

the Temptations, Bucky Pizzarelli,

of the School of


Aretha Franklin, Joshua Redman, David

College. As a performing artist, Jones toured with James Brown, Kenny Loggins,

Performing Arts

performances of the Romantic masters, his

Sanborn, Bill Holman, Jeff “Tain” Watts,

at the University of Texas at Tyler. As a

deft and idiomatic readings of neglected

Jim McNeely, Burt Bacharach, and Barry

researcher, Thrasher has presented papers

piano music old and new, and his assured

Manilow. His research interests include

and lectures at conferences of the College

conducting from both the piano and the

the pedagogy of jazz and the use of

Music Society, National Association of

podium. A lauded performer, Hobson is

improvisation to improve aural skills in non-

College Wind and Percussion Instructors,



NEW FACULTY Texas Music Educators Association, and at

the Eastman Wind Ensemble and the Flint

conventions of the International Clarinet

Symphony Orchestra.


Association in Ohio, Georgia, Sweden and Spain. His work has been published in the Journal of Performing Arts Leadership in Higher Education, The Clarinet, Saxophone Symposium,

Charleston Southern


University and founded the academic and

the NACWPI Journal. As a performing

clarinetist, Thrasher has performed with


University of Kentucky before joining the

numerous symphony and opera orchestras

taught at Western

FSU faculty.

in Texas, Louisiana, and North Dakota. He

University where she

has appeared as a recitalist and chamber

developed the faculty’s

include music therapy in mental and

musician in many locations throughout the

inaugural doctoral

physical healthcare, with particular focus

piano pedagogy

on psychosocial care and wellness. Dr.

Medical Problems of Performing Artists, and

United States. Thrasher holds the BME

clinical music therapy programs at the

Her research and teaching interests

degree from Northwestern State University,

course. Additionally, she was an instructor

Gooding’s publications appear in a variety

and both the MM and DMA degrees from

at the University of Toronto, University

the University of North Texas.

of Windsor, Wilfrid Laurier University,

of refereed journals including the Journal of


and the Beckett School in Kitchener. She was also director of the Children’s Piano Pedagogy Program at the University of Toronto. A member of the Royal

Music Therapy, Music Therapy Perspectives, and Medical Problems of Performing Artists. She

is editor of Medical Music Therapy: Building a Comprehensive Program and co-author of

Procedural Support Music Therapy: A Guide to Evidence-Based Practice and Program

is a decorated

Conservatory of Music’s College of

performer and

Examiners, she adjudicates at local, regional

passionate educator.

and provincial festivals. She is an active

A native of Sarasota,

member of the Music Teachers National

Region of the American Music Therapy

she made her solo


Gooding is President of the Southeastern

Association, the Ontario Registered Music

Association, co-chair of the Florida Music

debut at the age of 15 performing Jacques

Teachers Association, the College Music

Therapy Task Force, and a member of the

Ibert’s Concertino da Camera with the

Society, and the Association of Canadian

editorial board for the Journal of Music

Florida Orchestra. Known for her sensitive musicianship, Weintraub champions the

Women Composers. Dumlavwalla has performed in North

Therapy. She has presented nationally and

internationally. She has also received several

standard repertoire of the saxophone

America, Europe, and Australia and has

grants, including one from AARP and one

in addition to contemporary music and

presented lecture recitals and papers at

from the National Institute on Aging.

creative transcriptions of borrowed works.

numerous national and international

She holds the BM and MM degrees from


the University of Michigan, where she was

Dumlavwalla completed the Doctor of

She received her BME degree from the University of South Carolina and her MM and PhD degrees from Florida State

a pupil of Donald Sinta. She is also a recent

Musical Arts Performance degree at the

doctoral graduate of the Eastman School

University of Toronto studying piano with


of Music, where she studied with Chien-

James Parker and piano pedagogy with

Kwan Lin. Weintraub received first prize at

Midori Koga. She received her Master of

the International William C. Byrd Young

Music (Piano Performance) at the Royal

Artist Competition in 2013. In the fall of

College of Music in London, Honours


2014, she was the winner of the Eastman

Bachelor of Music (Piano Performance

is a graduate of the

School of Music Concerto Competition.

and Voice) at Wilfrid Laurier University,

University of Rochester,

Shortly after, she was named first-prize

and an Associate diploma from the Royal

where he completed

winner of the International Saxophone


the MA and PhD

Symposium and Competition in Georgia.

degrees in Historical Musicology at the

Weintraub has performed as a soloist with

Eastman School of Music, and the MA in


NEW FACULTY European History. He was previously Dean

of the Society for Music Theory, the

of the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences at

Music Theory Society of New York State,

Roberts Wesleyan College and an Associate

and Music and the Moving Image. In

served on the voice faculty of the University

Professor of Music at Western Michigan

a forthcoming article in Music Theory

of Memphis. He is completing his Doctorate


Online, he establishes taxonomic categories

at the Eastman School of Music, where

Pelkey researches and writes about

film. A proud FSU alumnus, Jones previously

for film-music themes, then traces these

he won the Friends of Eastman Opera

American and British film and television

categories across Hollywood films since the

Competition and was the first recipient of

music, English keyboard music, Handel


the William McIver Memorial Award in

reception history, and the music of Ralph

Before joining the College of Music,


Vaughan Williams. He was the 2009

Richards taught at the University of

recipient of the Ralph Vaughan Williams

Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada. He

Fellowship and has received support from

received his PhD in Music Theory from

the American Handel Society, London

the University of Toronto in 2011, where his


Handel Institute, and Presser Foundation.

doctoral work was supported by an award

as a chamber

Pelkey has co-edited two books, Anxiety

from the Social Sciences and Humanities

musician and soloist

Muted: American Film Music in a Suburban

Research Council.

throughout the United

Music and History: Bridging the Disciplines


Age (Oxford University Press, 2014), and (University Press of Mississippi, 2005),

and he has published other articles, book

States and abroad. Recent performing engagements have taken her to the Kennedy Center, Spoleto Festival USA, Carnegie

reviews. He has been a peer reviewer for


Oxford University Press and Indiana

enjoys a diverse

Lawrence String Quartet, David Halen,

University Press. He remains active as an

performing career in

Richard King, Wendy Chen, and Anita

organist, pianist, and composer.

concert, opera, and

Pontremoli. In addition to concerts with

musical theatre. He

the Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra and

has performed with

Naples Philharmonic, Thomas performs

Opera Memphis,

regularly with the IRIS Orchestra and has

chapters, encyclopedia entries, and book

Hall, and the Banff Centre, where she has collaborated with artists such as the St.


Opera Naples, Berkshire Opera Company,

appeared at numerous festivals, including

issues of form and

Compañía Lírica Nacional de Costa Rica,

Kneisel Hall, ENCORE School for Strings,

style in music of

the Rochester and Buffalo Philharmonic

Sarasota Music Festival, and the Aspen

the classical period,

Orchestras, and the Memphis and Helena

Music Festival.

especially Beethoven.

Symphonies. An active performer of new

Thomas has served on the faculties of

Other interests

works, he was the soloist on the premiere

the University of Southern Mississippi, the

include thematic structure in film music,

recording of Randol Bass’ Passage Into

Cleveland Institute of Music Preparatory

and harmonic function and progression in

Spirit, and for the premiere performance

Division, Interlochen Arts Camp, and

rock music. His work has been published in

and Naxos label recording of Dohnányi’s

Lee University. Her students have been

peer-reviewed journals such as Music Theory

Orchesterlieder with the FSU Symphony

prizewinners and finalists at national

Spectrum, Music Analysis, and Theory and


competitions, including MMTA and the

under contract with Indiana University

award from the National Association of

and chamber music faculty of the Kinhaven

Press titled Continuity in Beethoven:

Teachers of Singing. His current and former

Music School and serves as Education

Stylistic Transformation in the Sonata

students have won awards at competitions

Director of the Innsbrook Institute Summer


such as the Metropolitan Opera National

Music Academy and Festival.

Practice, and he currently has a monograph

Richards has presented at such

In 2014, Jones won an “Emerging Leader”

Council Auditions, and they have performed

Sphinx Competition. She is on the violin

Thomas earned a Doctorate of Musical

conferences as the International Conference

in major opera houses, on national equity

Arts from the Cleveland Institute of Music.

for Music Theory, and the annual meetings

tours and Broadway, and in television and

She received her Master of Music from Yale



NEW FACULTY University and a Bachelor of Music from

State University, and his Masters and

the Sarasota Orchestra. He is a founding

Vanderbilt University.

Doctoral degrees in vocal performance from

member of the Vireo Ensemble (clarinet,

the University of Kentucky.

violin, cello, piano) and the Argot Trio




(clarinet, violin, piano). Holden is an ardent soloist and chamber music collaborator. He has made guest

holds the MA and

appearances with the Degas, Ciompi, and

PhD in musicology

Voxare string quartets and has performed as

and criticism from

a soloist and chamber musician by invitation

at Reinhardt University

the University of

of the British Clarinet Congress, Oklahoma

and Shorter College,

California, Davis, and

Clarinet Symposium, College Music Society,

where he was director

the MM in historical

Music Teachers National Association,

of the Guest Artist

performance practices from the Mannes

Festival South, Festival Contempoaneo

Series and New Music

College of Music. As a Fulbright Fellow

(Brazil), Alfredo de Saint Malo Festival

Series. Chandler is a member of the National

to the Netherlands, she studied historical

(Panama), Chamber Music Wilmington,

Association of Teachers of Singing, where his

performance practices at the Royal

American Music Festival, and Saugatuck

students consistently win top awards at the

Conservatory, The Hague. Her research

Chamber Music Festival.

state and regional levels of the NATS voice

explores the close relationship between the

Holden’s latest work with the Argot Trio

competition, as well as the Music Teachers

art of memory, literacy, and improvisation,

has yielded notable fundraising success and

National Association, where his students

as represented by archival records from

the commissioning of several new trios to

have won the young artist competition at the

the eighteenth-century German and

state, divisional, and national levels.

American utopian communes of the

be included on a forthcoming CD, Made in

Chandler has performed with the Rome

Moravian church. She is currently working

Mississippi, featuring works inspired by the

birthplace of America’s music. Contributing

Symphony Orchestra, Kentucky Opera,

on a book manuscript, Utopia Improvised:

composers include Luigi Zaninelli, Michael

Seven Hills Opera, Converse Opera Theatre,

the Heavenly Lotteries of the Moravian

Burns, Alan Theisen and James Sclater.

the Louisville Ballet, and the Louisville

Church, which details the literate practice

Philharmonic Orchestra, among others, in

of Moravian improvisers. She has previously

Arts degree from Michigan State University.

roles such as Tamino in Die Zauberflöte,

taught at UCLA and the University of

He received his BM and MM performance

Gherardo in Gianni Schicchi, King Caspar

Southern California, and has been appointed

degrees from the Guildhall School of Music

in Amahl and the Night Visitors, Goro in

as a visiting scholar with UCLA’s Center

& Drama.

Madama Butterfly, and Emperor Altoum

for Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century

in Turandot. His international appearances

Studies and the William Andrews Clark

include concerts in Russia, Vietnam,

Memorial Library.

Germany, and Austria. Chandler’s numerous

Holden received his Doctor of Musical


Saint-Saëns’s Christmas Oratorio, DuBois’s


Seven Last Words of Christ, Stainer’s

Clarinetist of the West

Crucifixion, and two world premiere

Michigan Symphony

performances: composer Jocelyn Hagen’s

and a member of

in Wales, Quinn began his study of the

song cycle for tenor and soprano, “The

the Tallahassee

organ with Robert Court and Nicolas

Time of Singing Has Come”, and a concert

Symphony Orchestra.

Kynaston. In 1994, he moved to the US

concert appearances include Elijah, The

Creation, Messiah, Rossini’s Stabat Mater,

a distinguished career as an organist, musicologist, and composer. Born

opera commissioned by the Georgia Music

A frequent guest of numerous orchestras,

to pursue advanced study at The Juilliard

Teachers Association entitled Toowhopera,

he has performed with the Grand Rapids,

School, The Hartt School, University

written by Georgia composer Sorrel Hayes.

Kalamazoo, Baton Rouge, and Lansing

of Hartford (BM), and the Institute of

symphony orchestras, the Fort Wayne

Sacred Music, Yale University (MM). In

Philharmonic, the Mobile Symphony, and

2009, he returned to the UK as a Doctoral

Chandler received his undergraduate degree in vocal performance from Florida


NEW FACULTY Fellow at the University of Durham during

Project, a curricular elementary school violin

contemporary German society, music and

which time he was also a Visiting Fellow at

program in Attica, Indiana. She was also

violence, and economic anthropology. She

Harvard University. He completed his PhD

the assistant director of the Fairview and

currently serves as a Research Ambassador

(Historical Musicology) in 2012.

Highland Park string programs, and taught

for the German Academic Exchange

violin and viola on the faculty of the Indiana


At age fourteen, Quinn became the youngest person ever appointed Organist at

University String Academy. She was adjunct

St. Michael’s Theological College, Llandaff.

faculty at Valparaiso University, a member

Since that time, he has held college, church

of the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra,

and cathedral positions in Durham (UK),

and also played with the Grand Rapids and

New York, Connecticut, and New Mexico

Louisville Symphony Orchestras.

and taught at the Blackheath Conservatoire,

At FSU, Bugaj teaches string techniques

Jackson’s work has been published in Musicians and Composers of the Twentieth

Century, The Forties in America, The Thirties in America, and Great African-Americans of

the Twentieth Century, all with Salem Press, and the National Association of Teachers of Singing Journal of Singing. Jackson’s

London, and Western Connecticut State

and methods courses; she also teaches at the

University. He has given lectures and

FSU Summer Music Camps. Her research

conference papers in the UK, Europe, and

interests include string pedagogy, working

with operatic, symphonic, and chamber

North America, including papers for the

with underserved populations, and music

ensembles throughout Germany, Italy, South

Royal Musical Association-Society for

teacher education. She has presented at state,

America, and the United States. A sought-

Musicology in Ireland, and the American

national, and international conferences and

after recitalist and interpreter of new music,

Musicological Society.

has published both academic articles and

Jackson has more than forty world and US

articles about music for the general audience.

premieres to her credit. Prior to joining the

world’s most important musical centers and

She is an active translator of Polish musical

College of Music faculty, Dr. Jackson served

at numerous international music festivals.


as the Music History Area Coordinator and

Quinn has performed in many of the

His scholarship has been supported by a

stage experience includes performances

Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology and

published in Tempo, MLA Notes, Journal

of Victorian Culture, Interpreting Historical


Keyboard Music (Ashgate), and in editions of

holds the PhD in

Samuel Barber and Carl Czerny published

Musicology and the

by G. Schirmer and A-R Editions. He has

Doctor of Music in


recorded eleven CDs on the Chandos,

Voice Performance

Frank Kowalsky, clarinet (Spring 2013)

from Florida

Eliot Chapo, violin (Spring 2014)

number of prizes and grants and has been

Hyperion, and Raven labels.


Voice at Troy University in Alabama.


State University, the Master of Music

Larry Gerber, voice (Spring 2014)

and Performer’s Certificate in Vocal

Victoria McArthur, piano pedagogy

Performance from the Eastman School

(Summer 2014)

of Music, and the BA in German and

Don Gibson, Dean/theory (Fall 2015)

Philosophy from Birmingham-Southern

Anne Garee, piano technology (Spring 2016)

College. She completed additional studies

Patrick Meighan, saxophone (Spring 2016)

in German literature at Ruprecht-Karls

James Mathes, Associate Dean/theory

Universität in Heidelberg, Germany.

(Summer 2016)

Jackson is a former Fellow of the American

Bill Kennedy, jazz saxophone (Summer 2016)

Indiana University

Association of University Women, Rotary

Jacobs School of Music.

Ambassadorial Scholar to the University


She also has degrees

of Heidelberg, Germany, and Deutsch

Sally Gross, registrar (Summer 2010)

from Western Michigan University and The

Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD)

Lucy Ho, opera costuming (Spring 2014)

Peabody Conservatory, and she is a graduate

visiting scholar to the University of Cologne,

Karey Fowler, undergraduate advising (Fall

of the Interlochen Arts Academy. Prior to

Germany. Among her study interests


her appointment at Florida State University,

are hip-hop culture, blues, minstrelsy,

Iris Melton, band office administrator

Bugaj was the director of the Attica Violin

agitpropaganda theater, music politics in

(Summer 2016)



ALUMNI NEWS The opera program at the College of Music continues to produce exceptional performers who are establishing significant careers on stage around the country and throughout the world. Countertenor Ray Chenez (MA 2008, DM 2011) was recently listed among “25 Rising Stars” by Opera News. The magazine described Chenez’s voice as “bold and assertive but warm-toned and luxurious” and celebrated his “electric presence” and precise diction. Winner of the 2014 George London Foundation Awards Competition – one of the oldest and most prestigious vocal competitions in North America – Chenez made his Lincoln Center debut in the 2014-2015 season as the Sorceress in Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas. He also made his European debut in 2014-2015 with Parnassus Arts Productions in the role of Marzia in Leonardo Vinci’s Catone in Utica, which toured several European cities.

new General Manager. Connor, also a musical entrepreneur, co-founded the online publication, Sexi Soprano, in 2013.

Recent graduate, Kathryn (Kat) Bowden, had her San Francisco Opera debut in Fall 2015 as the Queen of the Night in four performances of Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte. Bowden’s performance was highly praised by Joshua Kosman in his review of the production for the San Francisco Chronicle.

In 2015, Robert Duke (BM 1976, MM 1978, PhD 1983), Marlene and Morton Meyerson Centennial Professor in Music and Director of the Center for Music Learning at the University of Texas at Austin, received the Friar Centennial Teaching Fellowship, which includes a $25,000 award. The Friar Society, the oldest honor society at UT-Austin, awards the Fellowship and selected Duke from among 179 nominations.

In January 2016, Florida Opera Theatre in Central Florida officially changed its name to Opera Orlando and announced its new leadership: Gabriel Preisser (BM 2008) has been appointed Executive & Artistic Director. Preisser also co-founded Angels & Demons Entertainment, an opera/music theater production company focusing on semi-staged and site-specific opera and music theater presentations. Vincent Connor (BM 2009) has been appointed Opera Orlando’s

three big bands and teaches combos, private guitar lessons and jazz improvisation courses. Robert Woody (MME 1993, PhD 1998) was named the Steinhart Foundation Distinguished Professor of Music at the Glenn Korff School of Music at the University Nebraska-Lincoln in November 2015. Dr. Woody is an author of the book, Psychology for Musicians: Understanding and Acquiring the Skills, with Andreas C. Lehmann and John A. Sloboda (Oxford University Press). James A. Grymes (MM 1998, PhD 2002), professor and chair of the Music Department at the University of North Caroline at Charlotte, is the author of Violins of Hope: Instruments of Hope and Liberation in Mankind’s Darkest Hour (Harper Collins, 2014), which won the 2014 National Jewish Book Award in the Holocaust category.

Kansas State University recently selected Wayne Goins (PhD 1998) as one of its newest university distinguished professors, the highest honor the university bestows on its faculty members. Goins is a jazz guitarist and renowned researcher in the field of music education. He is the director of jazz studies at Kansas State University, where he conducts

Wendy Sims (PhD 1985) accepted the Faculty Citation for Graduate Alumni on June 10, 2016. Dr. Sims was chosen for this award for her distinguished achievement in music education and scholarly research in music. Dr. Sims specializes in early childhood and elementary music education and in addition to teaching at the University of Missouri School of Music, she volunteers weekly teaching music in preschool and toddler classrooms in the university’s Child Development Laboratory. Charles Robinson (BME 1973, PhD 1988) was presented the Ella Scoble Opperman Faculty Citation on September 16, 2016. The primary motivation in selecting Dr. Robinson for this award stems from his career-long focus on teaching music in choral music settings to singers of all ages, preparing future


teachers/conductors for all types of choral music settings (K-12, higher education, and professional), and providing leadership in his schools and within the music profession at the state, regional, and national level. Jon W. Sever (BME 1999, MME 2004) was named FMEA Music Educator of the Year for 2016. Since 2004, Sever has served as director of bands at Bloomingdale High School in Hillsborough County. Mr. Sever also serves as the Department Head for the Fine Arts at Bloomingdale High School. His ensembles have performed throughout the United States and have received high accolades at numerous competitions and festivals. His marching bands have performed at the “NFL Experience” on Super Bowl Sunday in Tampa (2009), and

the 2011 New Year’s Day Parade and Festival in London. Most recently his band traveled to the 2014/2015 New Year’s Day festival in Rome, Italy. Sever is an active member in the Music Educators National Conference, the Florida Music Educators Association, and the Florida Bandmasters Association. In Fall 2015, the College of Music and School of Theatre were recognized in an article in Playbill Online as a “Top Ten College for Broadway Bests.” Playbill Online tracked where major members of the cast and creative teams on each Broadway show went to college. FSU ranks 10th on the list, alongside schools such as New York University, The Julliard School, and Northwestern University. Fourteen graduates are named in the article

representing shows such as The Book of Mormon, Les Misérables, and Mamma Mia! Of the names mentioned, Stephen (Sabbag) Anthony (BM 2012), Mike Evariste (BM 2003), Greg Mills (BM 1997), and Martin Sola (BM 1992) are alumni of the College of Music’s Bachelor of Music in Performance– Music Theatre track. Jamison Ross (BA 2010) won the Thelonius Monk International Jazz Competition, the most prestigious award for jazz artists, in 2012. He has since released his debut album, Jamison, in 2015. One of the most sought-after young drummers in jazz right now, he was featured in the September 2015 issue of DRUM!



Send your news and photos to:

Kim Shively, Director of Special Programs 850.644.4744 • kshively@fsu.edu Contributions may be featured in future College of Music publications and social media.



FACULTY NEWS Denise Von Glahn, the Curtis Mayes Orpheus Professor of Musicology, received the 2015 Pauline Alderman Award for her book Music and the Skillful Listener: American Women Compose the Natural World (IUP, 2013). An adjudicator wrote, “The scope of Von Glahn’s work is impressive as she deftly and convincingly employs ecomusicology to investigate the various ways in which American female musicians have reflected nature in their work.” Faculty members in the College of Music have released a number of new recordings during the past several years: Marcus Roberts released The Race for the White House in March 2016. Rodney Jordan was featured on the recording, as was recent graduate Boyce Griffith. In 2015, Scotty Barnhart, Director of the Count Basie Orchestra since October 2013, led that group on the very well-received CD The Count Basie Orchestra: A Very Swingin’ Basie Christmas. Michelle Stebleton and Lisa Bontrager released On Safari: MirrorImage Goes Wild; and John Parks IV and members of the FSU Percussion Ensemble performed and recorded Ten Windows. Parks and his students also completed Not Far From Here (2013), which featured music performed at the PASIC 2011 International showcase concert. Faculty CDs in 2014 included Scotty Barnhart’s Say it Plain and Marcus Roberts’ Romance, Swing, and the Blues. In 2013, Jonathan Holden, with the Argot Trio, recorded a new work by Steven Holochwost for the Albany label, Marcus Roberts issued From Rags to Rhythm, and Corinne Stillwell completed Songs of the Soul with Naxos. Corinne Stillwell (violin), Gregory Sauer (cello), and Read Gainsford (piano) released Diamonds in a Haystack (MSR Classics) in 2012, and Timothy Hoekman’s

song, “It was a Lover and Her Lad,” was recorded on the CD From the Heartland by Baritone Robert Peavler and pianist Arlene Shrut. Heidi Louise Williams’s solo piano recording, Drive America, issued in 2011, was named among the top classical albums of 2011 by the Philadelphia City Paper and was listed on the “Critics’ Wants List” in Fanfare Magazine. In March 2013, the University Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Alexander Jiménez completed a critically well-received recording of Ernst von Dohnányi’s powerful second symphony, as well as two songs for baritone and orchestra. Evan T. Jones joined the orchestra as soloist for the songs. John Hadden, recording engineer on the project, notes, “Originally completed in 1944 and then revised in Tallahassee while Dohnányi taught at FSU, the revised version [of the Symphony] received its first performance in 1957 by the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra... For the USO recording, some students were even performing from the somewhat yellowed manuscript parts used in this first performance. The symphony is a colossal work, calling for an extraordinarily large orchestra and sometimes described as the last great Romantic symphony... It’s a very complex work, often with several layers of music sounding simultaneously, while demanding utmost musical understanding and maturity from the orchestra.” The Symphony has been performed and recorded before, but the orchestral songs have rarely been heard. Jiménez brought in

FSU alumnus and Dohnányi scholar, Jaymes Grymes, to consult on the project. Together they identified a copy of the original Dohnányi manuscript of the Zwei Orchesterlieder in the Allen Music Library. Grymes confirmed that the work had not been performed since 1920, had never been recorded, and that the original manuscript was still in Hungary. Arrangements were made to obtain the original manuscript, from which Grymes made a performing edition of the work. Violinist Bailey Salinero recalls, “The only way I can describe those recording sessions was magical. We had lived and breathed this piece for weeks. We developed a deep love [for] the second symphony and were committed to bringing it to life...” Hadden concludes, “Throughout the three days of grueling sessions the orchestra remained focused and enthusiastic, always happy to do one more take. The result is a performance which displays the technical mastery as well as musical maturity of which the students, their teachers, and Dr. Jiménez can be extremely proud.”


At the heart of the College of Music experience are intellectual and artistic collaborations between faculty and students that enrich the lives of thousands on campus and around the world.



IN MEMORIAM “Your lost friends are not dead, but gone before, advanced a stage or two upon that road which you must travel in the steps they trod.” - Aristophanes Joel H a st i ngs

(19 6 9 - 2 016 )

Joel Hastings, 46, passed away on May 26, 2016. Born in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, in July 1969, Joel spent his

years. She was also active in the Southeastern Historical Keyboard Society.

Nor m a M a st ro gi ac omo

(19 3 1 - 2 015)

childhood in North Bay and Windsor

Norma Ellen Mastrogiacomo,

and later earned degrees in organ (BM)

84, passed away on June 23, 2015. She

and piano (MM, DMA) from the

was born in La Crosse, Wisconsin, in

University of Michigan. Hastings won

March 1931 and later received degrees

the 8th International Web Concert

from the Chicago Musical College

Hall Competition and the International Bach Competition

(BM) and Northwestern University

at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. A Steinway

(MM). Mastrogiacomo continued

Artist, he performed recitals and concertos across Canada,

her musical training in New York and

the United States, and Europe and made several recordings,

in Florence, Italy, as a winner of a Fulbright Scholarship.

including live performances of Frederic Chopin’s 24 Études

Norma joined the FSU faculty in 1980; she and her husband,

and Franz Liszt’s song and operatic transcriptions. Joel

Leonard, served for many years as Duo Pianists in Residence

taught piano at the University of Windsor and Eastern

at FSU. Together they presented concerts, lectures, and

Michigan University before joining the FSU faculty in 2011.

workshops. The Mastrogiacomo Duo was selected twice

He was also well regarded as an organist, having served

to participate in the Florida Department of State’s Touring

churches in Windsor, Detroit, and Ann Arbor.

Program and received a National Endowment for the Arts

K a ry l L ou w e n a a r-Lu e ck (1940 - 2 016 ) Karyl June Louwenaar-Lueck, 76, passed away on March 3, 2016. She was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in

Grant to commission new duo piano pieces. A member of the Trio Bel Canto, Norma also received a bronze medal at the first Osaka International Chamber Music Festival.

C a roly n A n n Br id ger

(1943 - 2 01 4 )

Carolyn Ann Bridger, 71, passed

January 1940 and later earned degrees

away November 18, 2014. She was

from Wheaton College (BM), the

born in Memphis, Tennessee, in June

University of Illinois Champaign-

1943 and later received her bachelor’s

Urbana (MM), and the Eastman School

degree from Oberlin Conservatory,

of Music (DM). A pioneering figure in early music and

her master’s from Indiana University,

harpsichord performance, Louwenaar began her teaching

and her doctorate from the University

career at Wheaton before joining the FSU faculty. During

of Iowa. Carolyn was a renowned

her 35-year career at FSU, Karyl developed a new curriculum

pianist and enjoyed a long career on the FSU music faculty.

in early music, instituted the Early Music Ensemble, and

She created the collaborative piano program and was later

taught both piano and early keyboard instruments to many

honored with the President’s Council for Excellence in

students. She was also Coordinator of the Keyboard Area

College Teaching Award in 2003. Carolyn was also a former

for six years before she retired in 2007. Karyl was one of the

student, faculty member, and patron of the Interlochen Arts

co-founders of the Tallahassee Bach Parley in 1981, and she

Camp and was active in the Tallahassee arts community.

served as its artistic director and harpsichordist for many

She was principal keyboardist for the Tallahassee Symphony


Orchestra for over 30 years, was among the community

State Opera. He possessed an unbounded love for teaching

members who began the Artist Series of Tallahassee, and

and was a passionate teacher. A mentor for students and

helped launch the Big Bend Community Orchestra.

faculty alike, his legacy lives on in his many former students

Wil bu r Dav is

who are teaching and singing throughout the world. Roy (19 5 3 - 2 01 4 )

Wilbur “Babahamza” Davis, 61, passed away on July

was also a devoted and loving husband and father. It is with sadness that we note that his wife, Maryellen, died two

18, 2014. A native and long-time resident of Tallahassee,

months after Roy passed away. They both will be missed by

Davis was a graduate of Florida A & M University. Known

for their love, wit, humor, guidance and friendship.

affectionately to his many students simply as Baba, Davis directed the FSU African Music and Dance Ensemble for

Thom a s G. “ Tom m ie” Wr igh t

several years. He was a beloved figure at the University and

(1919 - 2 01 4 )

throughout Tallahassee and was regarded as one of the pre-

Thomas G. “Tommie” Wright, 95,

eminent authorities on West African music and culture in

passed away on May 8, 2014. A faculty

the southeast. Baba gave selflessly to countless good causes,

member at FSU from 1949 to 2008,

volunteering with youth groups, community centers, and

to date, he was the longest-serving

service organizations in Tallahassee and beyond. West

faculty member in the College of

African music and dance were his primary vehicles for

Music’s history. Best known for writing

strengthening community bonds and growing intercultural

(with Doug Alley) the Florida State

tolerance. His contributions to the College, and his FSU

University fight song as well as for his much-loved music

ensemble’s contributions to the University and Tallahassee

appreciation classes taken by thousands of FSU students,

communities, were immeasurable.

Wright was a celebrated concert pianist renowned for

Roy Del p

programs of Gershwin’s music. A native of Indianapolis, (1943 - 2 01 4 ) Roy Edward Delp, 70, passed

Wright served in the Air Force during World War II and later earned his master’s degree from Indiana University and

away Tuesday, June 24, 2014. Delp

began his doctorate at Columbia. He supported his doctoral

was born in Newark, New Jersey,

work by writing commercial jingles and serving as soloist

in October 1943 and completed his

and staff pianist for radio shows. President Doak Campbell

musical education at the Oberlin

hired Wright as part of a large class of new faculty intended

and New England Conservatories

to enhance academic programs as FSU transitioned from a

and at the Akademie Mozarteum in

college for women to a co-ed university. Wright taught piano

Salzburg. He taught at the University

and helped establish FSU’s doctorate in piano. Throughout

of Wyoming and Augusta College in Georgia before joining

his career, Wright maintained an interest in television;

the FSU faculty in 1976. Roy, later named the Walter S.

he served on a gubernatorial task force that created the

James Professor of Voice, served as Coordinator of the Voice

Florida Educational Network and helped start WFSU-TV.

Faculty from 1982 until 2010, when he retired. His tenure

Following his retirement in 2008, Wright was active in

at FSU was highlighted by his leadership, thoughtfulness,

outreach programs with the FSU Alumni Association. In

scholarship, innovation and attention to detail. Under his

August 2012, he delivered the FSU summer commencement

leadership the Voice and Opera Area grew in prestige and

address and was presented with an honorary doctorate of

scope, and Roy’s status in Vocal Arts and Vocal Pedagogy

music degree by President Eric J. Barron. During his career,

grew internationally when he was elected President of the

Wright received the University Teaching Award, a College

National Association of Teachers of Singing. Roy was a

of Music Teaching Award, and an Outstanding Educator of

consummate artist: he sang many leading bass roles in opera

America Award.

and oratorio throughout the United States, in eight foreign countries, for National Public Radio, and with the Florida

Special thanks to Michael Bakan, William Fredrickson, and Larry Gerber for their contributions to these memorial texts.



RECENT ENDOW The College of Music is deeply grateful to our generous benefactors who have established the following endowments in the past three years. Endowed funds provide an ongoing source of support for students and programs, thereby sustaining musical excellence at Florida State University well into the future. Total giving to the College of Music between July 2013 and June 2016 was over $16.5 million.

Addie Ruth Beaver Endowed Fund for Choral Music Education to provide support to an undergraduate or graduate music education major with an emphasis in choral music.

Charles and Persis Rockwood Endowed Fund in Music to provide financial support for graduate and undergraduate students pursuing music degrees at Florida State University.

Clifford K. Madsen Scholarship Fund

to support students within the College of Music.

Cynthia E. Berry Endowment for Music Education to provide scholarships for music education majors.

David Ward-Steinman Undergraduate Composition Major Award

to provide an annual prize to a composition student.

Eunice Williams Cook Scholarship Fund within Sacred Music to support undergraduate and graduate students who demonstrate a commitment to sacred music.

Edith S. Joel Scholarship in Opera to provide scholarships to junior or senior music majors who are dedicated to opera performance.

Hannah J. Beaulieu Award in Opera to fund an annual competition for voice majors in the College of Music.

Hinkle Family Scholarship Fund to provide support for a senior in music education or performance who has been a member of the Marching Chiefs.

Irma and Ralph L. Horst, Sr. Endowed Scholarship to provide an annual award to a deserving undergraduate or graduate student.

Jay Karahan Endowment for Opera and Jazz to support an undergraduate or graduate student studying opera or jazz.

Jeffrey L. Armstrong Endowed Music Scholarship Fund to support an undergraduate student who is double-majoring in music and one of the STEM fields.


M ENTS Kyung-ae Gibson Graduate Piano Performance Scholarship

to provide support for outstanding pianists pursuing graduate degrees in performance at the College of Music.

Les and Ruth Akers Fund for Entrepreneurial Activity in Music to provide support for music students pursuing activities that prepare them for the 21st century workplace.

Marching Chiefs Travel Endowment

to support all aspects of travel by the Marching Chiefs.

Professor Florence Helen Ashby and Laird B. Anderson Director of Bands/Director of Marching Band Endowed Professorship Fund to support the recipient’s teaching, research, and creative activity, especially as it enhances the quality of student performance in band ensembles.

Ray and Patsy Kickliter Endowed Fund in Choral Music Education to support an undergraduate junior or senior pursuing a degree in choral music education.

Richard Joel Fellowship in Opera

Michelle and Andrew F. Feinberg Endowed Music Scholarship

to provide support for a graduate or undergraduate vocal student with potential for a significant career as a performing artist in opera.

Molly E. Barron Instrument Endowment Fund

Stanley and Carole D. Fiore Endowed Professorship in Jazz Studies

to support music students from the Orlando area.

to provide instruments for the Marching Chiefs at the College of Music.

Oliver P. and Beryl M. Hobbs Music Education Scholarship Fund

to honor the memory of Oliver and Beryl Hobbs by providing support to juniors, seniors, or graduate students majoring in instrumental music education.

Professor Florence Helen Ashby Woodwind Scholarship Endowment Fund to support undergraduate and graduate students who excel at playing woodwind instruments.

to support one or more professorships in jazz, to be held by faculty whose teaching and creative activities are exemplary.

Wallace M. and Jackie T. Malone Endowment for Music Education to support a student pursuing a graduate degree in music education.

William Lee Pryor Music Scholarship in Voice Endowment to support undergraduate and graduate scholarships for voice students.

Zackary Ho Lung Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund to provide support to tuba or low brass students.



FRIENDS & SUPPORTERS WE THANK THESE DONORS FOR THEIR GENEROUS GIFTS, GIVEN BETWEEN JULY 1, 2013 AND JUNE 30, 2016: $1,000,000 or more The Estate of Mr. Richard Joel Dr. Charles E. Rockwood & Dr. Persis Emmett Rockwood

$500,000 or more The Estate of Mr. Howard L. Latzer

$250,000 or more The Estate of Miss Carolyn C. Taylor Thompson-Hartford Foundation, Inc.

$100,000 or more Gaston Dufresne Foundation for the Performing Arts

$50,000 - $99,999 Mr. Robert L. Akers & Dr. Ruth R. Akers Mrs. Michelle L. Feinberg & Mr. Andrew F. Feinberg Mr. Richard R. Joel Dr. William Daniel Lee Pryor Mrs. Madge J. Ringbakk

$25,000 -$49,000 Professor Florence Helen Ashby & Mr. Laird B. Anderson President Eric J. Barron & Mrs. Molly E. Barron Ms. Ramona D. Bowman Mr. Louis E. Feinberg & Mrs. Merle S. Feinberg Ms. Linda J. Hester & Mr. R. Fred Hester Dr. William J. Hinkle Mr. Robert C. Parker, Jr.

The Presser Foundation Mrs. Delores Spearman & Mr. Guy M. Spearman, III

$10,000 - $24,999 Ms. Cynthia E. Berry Ms. Donna G. Callaway & Mr. Jimmie R. Callaway, Jr. Dr. Jane Piper Clendinning Ms. Frances H. Cleveland Mrs. Barbara S. Coen & Mr. William E. Coen The Community Foundation of North Florida Dr. J.W. Richard Davis Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Ms. Patricia A. Fish Ms. Phyllis T. Goodman Mrs. Lucy M. Ho Jacksonville Jaguars, LLC Lake Brantley High School Band Boosters Association, Inc. Mr. Leslie MacDill, II & Ms. Pamela W. MacDill Dr. Clifford K. Madsen & Mrs. Mary M. Madsen Dr. Mark H. Malone & Dr. Patricia S. Malone Dorothy & Jonathan Rintels Charitable Foundation Mrs. Betty Ann Rodgers & Dr. James L. Rodgers, Jr. Schwab Charitable Fund Mr. Louis T. Shepherd, Jr. Dr. Ruth Sisson Ms. Jane Skromme Spearman Foundation, Inc. Dr. Jayne Standley & Dr. Fred L. Standley Mr. Vernon C. Stutson Dr. David Ward-Steinman Westminster Oaks Residents’ Council

$5,000 - $9,999 Miss Gloria J. Anderson Ms. Janice A. Beaver & Dr. Marcus D. Beaver Beethoven & Company, Inc. The Honorable Stephen T.

Brown & Mrs. Yvonne T. Brown Dr. James L. Byo & Dr. Jane W. Cassidy Reverend Paul H. Cleveland & Ms. Linda Cleveland Mr. Andre F. Connan & Mrs. Eleanor Connan Duke Energy Foundation Mr. Douglas L. Fisher Dean Patricia J. Flowers Dr. Don B. Gibson, Jr. & Mrs. Kyung-Ae Gibson Mr. Charles L. Hardwick, Sr. & Ms. Sheilagh Mylott Mr. Steven L. Hearn & Ms. Suzanne Hearn VADM (R) Gordon S. Holder & Mrs. Patricia A. Holder Jacksonville Seminole Club Ms. Patricia P. Kickliter & Mr. Raymond L. Kickliter Mr. Matthew L. Lata & Ms. Phyllis M. Pancella Mrs. Candace J. Leslie & Dr. Robert H. Leslie, Jr. Mr. Mark A. Myers & Mrs. Mary C. Myers Mr. J. Michael Pate & Mrs. Judy B. Pate Dr. Gayle Seaton & Dr. Douglass Seaton Mr. Charles A. Shaffer & Mrs. Gale A. Nutter Shelfer Memorial Trust Mrs. Doriseve Thaler & Mr. Manley Thaler Dr. David E. Wolfe Mr. Nathan E. Wood

$1,000 - $4,999 Mr. Richard S. Abrahams Mr. Leonard P. Adams, II & Mrs. Carolyn Y. Sauer-Adams Mr. Richard Elder Adams Mr. Moshe Adato & Ms. Suzanne DeBlasio-Adato Mr. James H. Alexander, Jr. & Mrs. Ruth A. Alexander Mrs. Mary Jo Allman & Mr. Robert L. Allman Dr. Frank W. Almond American Guild Organists

Tallahassee Chapter Mrs. Autumn Lititia Ames & Mr. Peter A. Ames, Jr. Mr. Thomas G. Ando & Mrs. Dana M. Ando Mr. H. John Angelbeck, Jr. & Mrs. Elizabeth D. Angelbeck Dr. Charles D. Aronovitch & Dr. Sharon A. Aronovitch The Honorable Nina N. Ashenafi Richardson & Commissioner Curtis B. Richardson Mrs. Carina D. Beaudoin-Tate Dr. Seth V. Beckman, Jr. Ms. Kathryn M. Beggs Ms. Marla I. Blair Ms. Jane C. Bocchino & Mr. Vincent Michael Bocchino Mrs. Melissa N. Booth & Mr. M. Shaun Booth Ms. Karen N. Bradley Dr. Carolyn A. Bridger Ms. Jeannie M. Brodhead & Mr. Kenneth G. Brodhead Dr. Malcolm H. Brown Dr. Michael E. Broyles & Dr. Denise Von Glahn Mr. C. Michael Burkhardt Dr. Suzanne R. Byrnes & Dr. William E. Fredrickson Mrs. Fedora L. Campbell & Mr. Girard N. Campbell Ms. Margie Campbell Ms. Carol M. Cartus & Mr. J. William Cartus, II Ms. Amanda M. Clark & Mr. Kyle C. Clark Dr. Peggy A. Codding Dr. David S. Collings Ms. Carol M. Connor Mr. Joseph A. Connor Mr. J. Michael Cooper & Ms. Cynthia J. Cooper Dr. Rebekah C. Covell Dr. Russell M. Dancy & Ms. Margaret J. Dancy Dr. Alice-Ann Darrow Mr. John W. Daves & Mrs. Anne S. Daves Mrs. Debra B. Dees & Mr. Fred B. Dees, Jr. Dr. Ewell T. Denmark, Jr. Dr. DeLos F. DeTar Mr. Allan W. Dickson & Mrs.


FRIENDS & SUPPORTERS Kimberly K. Dickson Mrs. Elvira R. Disbennett & Mr. Robert B. Disbennett Ms. Martha Dobbs Dr. H. Avon Doll, Jr. & Mrs. Lou Ann Leonard Doll Ms. Janice L. Dougherty Dr. Robert A. Duke & Dr. Judith A. Jellison Dr. Richard B. Dusenbury Epsilon Iota of Phi Mu Alpha Music Ms. DeeAnn E. Evans Extra Point Club ExxonMobil Foundation Mr. Curtis E. Falany & Mrs. Jo Ellen Falany Dr. Bill F. Faucett & Mrs. Colleen T. Faucett Dr. Kevin A. Fenton & Ms. Suzanne Fenton Dr. Nancy S. Fichter & Dr. Robert W. Fichter Captain William F. Findeison & Ms. Polly Findeison Ms. Carole D. Fiore & Mr. Stanley E. Fiore Mr. Edward W. Fishback, Jr. & Mrs. Meredith E. Fishback Dr. Angeleita S. Floyd Ms. Catherine D. Franklin Mr. William J. Franklin Full Press Apparel, Inc. Ms. Anne E. Garee Ms. Barbara B. Gearhart Professor Larry J. Gerber Dr. John M. Geringer & Ms. Mary G. Geringer Ms. Catharine Goslin Hohmeister & Mr. Mark Hohmeister Mr. James M. Gossler, III Mrs. Eleanor C. Grant & Mr. J.A. Grant Dr. Frank E. Gredler & Mrs. Mary Lisa Gredler Professor Dianne Gregory Mr. Edward J. Grunewald & Mrs. Kathy R. Grunewald Dr. Carl B. Hancock & Dr. J. Elizabeth Hancock Mr. Larry W. Hatter & Mrs. Cathleen E. Hatter Mr. Christopher R. Haughee & Ms. Nancy S. Haughee Mrs. Judith M. Hayden & Dr. Myron L. Hayden Heissler In America Ms. Kathryn M. Hill Miss Donna E. Hobbs Dr. Anne R. Hodges Colonel (R) Edwin F. Hornbrook Mr. Robert D. Horner Mr. Glenn R. Hosken Colonel (R) Delma L. Hughes & Dr. Diane B. Hughes

Ms. Jane E. Hughes Mrs. Cheryl A. Hurt & Mr. Jeffrey A. Hurt ImpactAssets, Inc. Ms. Karen C. Inman & Mr. Roger C. Inman Mr. Duane E. Jacob Colonel Reid S. Jaffe Ms. Barbara L. Jarvis & Mr. Dennis L. Jarvis The Jelks Family Foundation, Inc. Dr. Tom Jennings, Jr. & Ms. Dawn Cannon Jennings Mrs. Andrea H. Jerger & Mr. Dean W. Jerger Mr. Julio A. Jimenez Dr. Christopher M. Johnson & Ms. Cynthia E. Johnson Ms. Carol A. Johnston Mr. David J. Kaminski, Esq. Ms. Rebecca M. Keaton Ms. Claire B. Kelly Dr. John E. Kelsay & Ms. Rita M. Kelsay Dr. Kirby W. Kemper & Ms. Margaret-Ray Kemper Mr. Benjamin A. King Mr. Jonathan E. Klepper Mr. Darwin D. Klug & Mrs. Angela R. Klug Mr. Alfred A. Krombach, II Ms. Elizabeth G. Kuhn & Dr. Terry Lee Kuhn Ms. Barbara L. Lawyer & Mr. Jeffrey T. Lawyer Ms. Cathy L. Layton & Mr. Stephen D. Russell Dr. James L. Lee Dr. John M. Lee Dr. Annelise Leysieffer & Dr. Frederick W. Leysieffer Mrs. Roberta E. LitzingerGinsberg & Mr. Allan R. Ginsberg Mrs. Mary Lou G. Madigan Mrs. Barbara P. Mahoney & Dr. John P. Mahoney Mr. Leonard Mastrogiacomo & Mrs. Norma Mastrogiacomo Dr. James R. Mathes & Dr. Margaret Pendleton Ms. Heather A. Maxwell Ms. Molly T. McDowell & Mr. Thomas J. McDowell Mr. Robert A. Milstead & Mrs. Heather Milstead Dr. Dale D. Misenhelter Morgan Stanley Charitable Spending Account Program Ms. JoAnn H. Morgan Mr. George D. Morgan & Mrs. Jane E. Morgan Mr. Christopher J. Mossey Dr. Charles B. Nam Mrs. Anne M. Nardozza & Mr.

Francis J. Nardozza Mrs. Sharon E. Nelson Dr. Warren D. Olfert Miss Ermine M. Owenby, Jr. Ms. Ann W. Parramore Mrs. Jane D. Parsons & Mr. Philip S. Parsons Dr. Lang-Ha T. Pham & Dr. Hy D. Tran Philip S. Parsons Attorney at Law Mrs. Dianne L. Phillips & Mr. Thomas M. Phillips Mrs. Ann Almond Pope & Professor David J. Pope, Sr. Mr. Jerald S. Price Ms. Jane M. Quinton Ms. Joan H. Raley Dr. David D. Redfield Mr. John M. Rutledge & Ms. Lisa H. Rutledge Sandisk Corporation Dr. Wendy L. Sims Dr. Francis C. Skilling, Jr. & Mrs. Karen Watson Skilling Mrs. Elizabeth R. Smith & Dr. James C. Smith, Jr. Dr. Kathleen S. Smith Ms. Eunice H. Snell LTG (R) Lawrence F. Snowden Mrs. Jean T. Souter Mrs. Diana R. Spradling & Dr. Robert L. Spradling Dr. Edward W. St. Mary, III & Ms. Loretta B. St. Mary Dr. Raymond C. Staley Mr. Michael G. Stephens Dr. Barry C. Taff & Ms. Virginia V. Taff Donald L. Tucker Civic Center Mr. John C. Terry Ms. Donna Cay Tharpe The Grant Family Fund The Kennedy Center Ms. Elizabeth E. Thomas, Esq. Thomasville Entertainment Foundation, Inc. Ms. Lauren E. Todd & Dr. Robert W. Todd Ms. Sara E. Tornay Ms. Mildred Trezza U.S. Charitable Gift Trust Dr. Phyllis Jeanne Van Orden Mrs. Sylvia B. Walford & Mr. William R. Walford Ms. Charlotte P. Watkins Mrs. Bridget Weir & Mr. Michael S. Weir Mrs. Margaret L. West Mr. David F. Westberry & Mrs. Patricia J. Westberry Mr. Bret D. Whissel Mr. Donald G. White & Mrs. Mary K. White Ms. Teresa B. Widmer Wildwood Presbyterian

Church Dr. John L. Williams, Jr. & Mrs. Linda M. Williams Ms. Kathy D. Wright YourCause, LLC Mr. David M. Zebrowitz & Mrs. Lesley A. Zebrowitz Dr. Richard W. Zollinger, II & Mrs. Elizabeth B. Zollinger

$500 - $999 Ms. Joyce M. Andrews Mrs. Stacy D. Andrews & Mr. Paul C. Andrews Apalachee Federation of Jewish Charities, Inc. Dr. Clarence W. Applegate & Mrs. Patricia C. Applegate Mr. David Banker & Mrs. Janet W. Banker Dr. Donald C. Beeckler & Mrs. Martha S. Beeckler Mrs. Carol F. Beeman & Dr. Daniel E. Beeman Mr. Michael K. Bellon & Ms. Julia E. Bellon Ms. Amie J. Benedetto Ms. Linda D. Benoit Mr. Carl Bjerregaard & Mrs. Marcia Bjerregaard CPT John T. Black Mr. Kevin L. Bobart Dr. Gregory S. Boebinger & Mrs. Karen L. Boebinger Mr. Thomas E. Bouse Ms. Eileen L. Boutelle & Mr. John O. Boutelle Rev. Geoffrey T. Boyer & Mrs. Susan H. Boyer Mrs. Mary Ann Braswell & Dr. Ronald C. Braswell Dr. Brian S. Brink & Mrs. Connie S. Brink Dr. Wanda Brister Rachwal Ms. Brenda S. Brown Dr. Bill R. Brubaker Mrs. Diane A. Bruton Mr. John J. Burns & Ms. Pamela J. Larson Burns Capital City Bank Ms. Kathryn L. Carter & Mr. Steven L. Carter Dr. Kathryn K. Cashin Mrs. Bonnie J. Chamlis & Mr. Peter R. Chamlis Mr. Thomas W. Chase Miss Yvonne Ciannella Dr. Robert C. Clark & Mrs. Sharon J. Clark Mr. James O. Cooke, III & Ms. Rosa W. Cooke Ms. Kerri R. Corn Mrs. Janis G. Courson & Mr.



Russell L. Courson, III Mrs. Dawn M. Crawford & Mr. John H. Crawford CAPT James L. Dafoe & Mrs. Sandra J. Dafoe Mrs. Jeri Damasiewicz & Mr. Michael W. Damasiewicz Mr. Nelson Daniel & Mrs. Virginia A. Daniel LTC(R) Barry F. Davis & Mrs. Linda G. Davis Mr. James C. Davis & Mrs. Rochelle M. Davis Mrs. Peggy Davis & Mr. James O. Davis, III Ms. Frances B. Dean Ms. Carol D. Denning Mr. John R. DeYoung, Jr. & Ms. Jo S. DeYoung Dr. Frank M. Diaz & Mrs. Jennifer K. Diaz Mrs. Diane J. Dowling & Mr. Jack D. Dowling Mrs. Stella M. Dowling Ms. L. Charlotte Dudley & Mr. Woody Dudley Ms. Camden S. Dumas Mr. Rodney B. Eichenberger Mr. C. Houston Evans & Mrs. Jeannette C. Evans Mr. Alan J. Fant & Mrs. M. Cathy Fant Florida Bandmasters Association District III Dr. Jere L. Forsythe & Ms. YehFen Chin Dr. A. David Franklin & Dr. Elda E. Franklin Ms. Barbara Ann Frederich Mr. Howard P. Funkhouser GE Foundation Ms. Deborah K. Gerber Mr. Michael D. Geren Mr. Kieran J. Gifford & Mrs. Melissa H. Gifford Mr. A. Bruce Gillander & Mrs. Luisa Gillander Mr. Bryan Goff & Ms. Nancy H. Goff Colonel (R) John C. Goldinger & Ms. Patricia W. Goldinger Mrs. Sandra N. Goldsworthy & Mr. Thomas O. Goldsworthy Mr. Malcolm S. Greenfield, Esq. & Ms. Marlene T. Greenfield Dr. Michele A. Gregoire Dr. Frank D. Gunderson Mr. Christopher R. Hack Mrs. Robyne T. Hall & Mr. Elwyn V. Hall Mr. Frank L. Hammette Dr. Natholyn D. Harris & Mr. Ronald A. Harris Mrs. Mary Stuart Hartmann & Mr. William Hartmann Mr. R. Kenneth Haskins

Mr. John Peter Hazangeles & Ms. Monica Jeffries Hazangeles Mrs. Mildred T. Hearne Dr. Rudolf J. Hehn & Mrs. Susan J. Hehn Mrs. Laura M. Hendrix LTC(R) Jerry O. Hill & Mrs. Roberta P. Hill Mr. Todd S. Hinkle Mrs. Jennifer L. Hund & Mr. Stephen E. Carlsen Intel Foundation Ms. Jeanette S. James Mrs. Dorothy P. Johnsen & Dr. Russell H. Johnsen Dr. Harlien M. Johnson Ms. Junine K. Johnson Rev. Susan H. Johnson Dr. Alan R. Kagan Mr. Ronald A. Kanen Mrs. Charlene H. Kelly Dr. Howard W. Kessler & Ms. Anne G. Van Meter Mr. Michael W. Kimber & Dr. Marian Wilson Kimber Mr. Thomas F. Kirwin, Esq. Dr. Richard L. Kravchak, Jr. Rev. Bernhard F. Kurzweg Mrs. Antoinette R. Laird & Mr. James R. Laird Mr. J. Laurence Lama Ms. Donna F. Langford Ms. Pamela J. Larson Burns & Mr. John J. Burns Mr. John W. Larson & Ms. Martha L. Larson Ms. Asimoula E. League Mrs. Ann S. Leffard Dr. Daniel D. Lewis & Dr. Diane T. Lewis Ms. Sarah A. Lienemann Lockheed Martin Corporation Matching Gifts Mrs. Celia Ann Luebkemann Dr. Heinz H. Luebkemann Mrs. Kay J. Luger & Mr. William F. Luger Mrs. Shirley A. Marshall Ms. Helen J. Martineau & Mr. Thomas R. Martineau Dr. Richard J. Martorano & Mrs. Ann E. Martorano Dr. Lloyd J. Matthes & Dr. Sandra L. Matthes Mr. David M. McCawley & Ms. Judy McCawley Ms. Elaine W. McCreary & Rev. Ronald Z. McCreary Ms. Emoryette McDonald Mr. Michael R. McLaurin & Mrs. Robin R. McLaurin Professor David A. McNaughton & Ms. Rosa N. McNaughton, Esq. Ms. Cheryl C. Meighan & Mr.

Patrick J. Meighan Ms. Betsy Miller & Mr. Gunnar Miller Ms. Wendy M. Milstead Mrs. Catherine C. Mobley & Mr. David D. Mobley, Jr. Mrs. Marian L. Moore & Dr. Walter L. Moore, Jr. Ms. Bonita E. Novota NVIDIA Foundation Mrs. Jennifer L. Oister & Mr. William P. Oister, III Mrs. Joanne Oliveri-Rasmussen & Dr. David W. Rasmussen Mr. John S. Olson, Sr. & Mrs. Mary Leslie Olson Dr. Sara C. Pankaskie Dr. Laurel S. Peffer & Mr. Andrew Peffer Dr. Stanley C. Pelkey II & Ms. Heidi A. Pelkey The Claude Pepper Foundation, Inc. Dr. Jane Perry-Camp & Dr. Harold A. Schiffman Ms. Caryl G. Pierce & Mr. Robert A. Pierce, Esq. Mr. Stephen P. Preisser, Esq. & Ms. Tracey L. Preisser Ms. Anna P. Price & Dr. William E. Price Dr. Carol A. Prickett Ms. Barbara Y. Probst Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc. Kent R. Putnam, Esq. & Mrs. Paula L. Walborsky RM Productions, LLC Dr. Donald W. Rapp & Mrs. Patricia C. Rapp Ms. Ann Kendall Ray Dr. Eleanor E. Reynolds Dr. Charles R. Robinson Mrs. Joan L. Robinson & Mr. Ronald L. Robinson Dr. Nicole R. Robinson Ms. Mary Ruark Professor Francis J. Ryan, Jr. Mr. Michael S. Ryan Dr. Janice L. Ryberg Mrs. Jeanne W. Ryder & Mr. William Ryder Mr. John Ryor & Ms. Carol M. Ryor Mr. Edward K. Sauer, Jr. & Mrs. Shari R. Sauer Ms. Susan R. Savage Mr. Donald W. Schmeling & Ms. Judy A. Schmeling Mr. Alfred E. Sergel, III & Ms. Deanna C. Sergel Dr. Elizabeth G. Serow Mrs. Kim Nickelson Sguros & Mr. Louis P. Sguros Dr. Matthew R. Shaftel Mrs. Baxter B. Shelfer & CAPT

Bennett H. Shelfer, Jr. Mr. Michael H. Sheridan & Ms. Judy W. Sheridan Dr. Carl N. Shull & Mrs. Dorothy H. Shull Ms. Lauren E. Slavich Ms. Marjorie M. Smelt Mr. Carey T. Smith Dr. W. Alan Smith & Ms. Dee Ann Smith Mrs. Martha C. Spivey & Dr. Robert A. Spivey Mrs. Patricia St. Angelo Mr. James R. Stevens, II Mr. James K. Streem SunTrust Banks, Inc. Mr. William E. Sweeney & Ms. Ma’Su B. Sweeney Tallahassee Music Teachers Association Mrs. Marjorie R. Turnbull Mr. M. Stephen Turner & Ms. Susan L. Turner Dr. Ralph V. Turner USC Division of Law Enforcement & Safety Voya Foundation Ms. Susan B. Waggener Mr. Michael J. Wagner Mrs. Paula L. Walborsky & Mr. Kent R. Putnam, Esq. Mrs. Paula S. Warmath & Mr. David Warmath Dr. Timothy D. Watkins & Ms. Karen Watkins Mrs. Kathleen H. Wendelken & Mr. William R. Wendelken, III Mrs. Sara V. Wendt & Mr. William A. Wendt Dr. Michael B. Wilhoit & Dr. Patricia D. Wilhoit Ms. Marilynn F. Wills Dr. Marian Wilson Kimber & Mr. Michael W. Kimber Mr. Mark L. Wingate LTC(R) Witt M. Wittevrongel & Mrs. Martha G. Wittevrongel Mr. George D. Woodward & Mrs. Nonnie Woodward Mrs. Marilyn Jean Wright Dr. Cornelia Yarbrough & Ms. Jeana U. Womble

$250 - $499 Mrs. Norma S. Adams & Mr. Sam H. Adams, Jr. Ms. Beth B. Azor Mr. David D. Bachman & Mrs. Patricia G. Bachman Dr. Michelle D. Bachtel


FRIENDS & SUPPORTERS Mrs. Virginia Balfour Mr. James A. Ball, III & Mrs. Katherine W. Ball Mrs. Christine A. Ballinger & Mr. Thomas E. Ballinger Bank of America Charitable Foundation Dr. Ron M. Bannister & Ms. Susan R. Bannister Dr. Paula L. Barbour-Brennan & Mr. John B. Brennan Mr. H. P. Barker, Jr. & Mrs. Patricia H. Barker Dr. Nancy H. Barry Mrs. Barbara J. Bass & Mr. Michael Bass Ms. Peggy R. Bazzell Ms. Bettie M. Bedell Dr. Martha C. Beech Mr. Daniel Belcher Mrs. Kimberly A. Belknap Ms. Julia E. Bellon & Mr. Michael K. Bellon Mr. David Bennett Ms. Norma T. Benton Ms. Barbara E. Berry Mrs. Mary S. Bert Mrs. Jennifer Bertoni & Mr. Andrew L. Bertoni Mr. Lucas M. Bhuvasorakul Mr. Thavaj Bhuvasorakul Ms. Debra D. Billard Miss Geraldine L. Biringer Ms. Alice B. Blackhall & Mr. Paul J. Blackhall Mr. Chris Blackwell & Mrs. Natalie E. Blackwell Mrs. Laura M. Block & Mr. Tom Block Mrs. Nancy Blum Blum-Heintz & Mr. Dustin S. Heintz Mr. Thomas P. Blyth, III Dr. Frederick H. Boska Mr. Matthew A. Boswell Mrs. Martha W. Breazeale & Mr. Robert J. Brezeale Mr. John B. Brennan & Dr. Paula L. Barbour-Brennan Ms. Laura L. Brickey Mrs. Karen D. Brooks Mr. Richard E. Brooks Mr. Doug D. Bruce & Ms. Dorothy S. Roberts Mr. Stephen P. Brunetti Mr. Brian K. Bushong & Ms. Sara A. Bushong Mr. Kelly E. Bussell, Jr. & Ms. Sandra C. Bussell Mr. Hugh H. Butler & Ms. Melinda H. Butler Ms. Rubie P. Butterworth Mr. Paul C. Calvino Mrs. Karen D. Caron & Mr. Richard Caron Ms. Heidi K. Carpentieri & Mr. Robert N. Carpentieri

Mr. Walton W. Carson Mr. Dennis S. Cassidy & Mrs. Fabiola B. Cassidy Mrs. Ann W. Choppin & Dr. Gregory R. Choppin Ms. Marian P. Christ Dr. Richard S. Clary & Mrs. Lauren D. Clary Dr. Robert P. Clickner & Mrs. Linda A. Clickner Mr. James C. Cole Dr. Deborah A. Confredo & Mr. Ralph Confredo Dr. Carla J. Connors & Dr. Timothy L. Hoekman Mrs. Catherine E. Cook & Mr. John W. Cook Mr. Norwood T. Coste Dr. C. Raymond Cottrell & Mrs. Stella S. Cottrell Mr. James C. Cripps Mrs. Diana J. Croft Dr. Holly M. Crowley & Dr. Michael A. Crowley Mr. David K. Custis & Mrs. Joan L. Custis Dr. Bob E. Cutlip, Sr. Dr. Virginia C. Dale Ms. Margaret J. Dancy & Dr. Russell M. Dancy Mr. Damon H. Dandridge Ms. Barbara C. D’Annunzio & Mr. Joseph C. D’Annuzio, Esq. Mr. David H. Davidson Dr. Ned R. De Journett & Rev. Sue C. De Journett Dr. Joseph O. Delage, Jr. Mr. Gary A. DeLapp Mrs. Jamie D. Delp & Mr. Roy J. Delp Ms. Maryellen Delp & Mr. Roy E. Delp Dermatology Associates of Tallahassee Mr. Joel B. Derringer Ms. Leslie Deslis Mrs. Genie D. Dietz The Walt Disney Company Foundation Mr. John T. Dixon Mr. Charles W. Dodgen Ms. Valerie J. Dollar & Dr. Grady K. Enlow Mrs. Jodi S. Drew & Dr. John R. Drew Mr. Daniel G. Driskell Dr. Patrick Dunnigan & Ms. Kathy H. Dunnigan Economic Club Of Florida Dr. David Edelson Ms. Mary K. Edmonds Dr. Bryon K. Ehlmann & Mrs. Barbara K. Ehlmann Dr. Lynn E. Eustis Mrs. Melanie A. Evans & Mr. Robert J. Evans

Mrs. Marjorie H. Fandrei Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp Ms. Julie A. Felgar & Mr. Daniel C. da Silva Mr. Robert N. Felgar Ms. Chantal A. Fennell Thomas Howell Ferguson, P.A. Mr. William A. Ferguson, Jr. & Ms. Nancy N. Ferguson Jody L. Finklea, Esq. & Mrs. Rosena H. Finklea Ms. Judith S. Flanigan & Reverend Jerry E. Flanigan Dr. Ricky L. Fleming Florida Health Care Association Mr. Thomas C. Foley Ms. Betty T. Foltz Mr. George P. Foster & Mrs. Susan E. Foster Mrs. Nancy E. Freeman & Mr. Kirk A. Freeman Ms. Mildred L. Fryman & Mr. William V. McConnell Ms. L. Kathryn Funchess Gannett Foundation, Inc. Ms. Deborah L. Gibson Karen A. Gievers, Esq. Gilchrist Ross Crowe Architects, P.A. Mr. David D. Gilchrist & Ms. Hilda G. Gilchrist Dr. Penny J. Gilmer & Dr. Sanford A. Safron Mrs. Helen R. Glass & Mr. James E. Glass Ms. Ruth W. Godfrey-Sigler Ms. Julia S. Goldstein Mr. Glenn G. Gomez & Ms. Vikki Lynne Gomez Mr. Terence M. Goodwin Ms. Sharon M. Graham Mrs. Maija R. Gray Ms. Mary Anne H. Gray Dr. Oliver N. Greene, Jr. Ms. Julie J. Griffith Mr. Dave Groves, Jr. & Mrs. Margaret B. Groves Mrs. June C. Hajos & Mr. L. Victor Hajos Mrs. Bette E. Halberg Ms. Kelly A. Hargett Mr. C. Ted Harris, Jr. Mrs. Martha L. Harris Mr. Arthur Stern, III & Ms. Mary E. Haskins Dr. David M. Hedgecoth Dr. Theodore A. Stanley & Ms. Andrea H. Heinis Stanley Mr. Dustin S. Heintz & Mrs. Nancy Blum-Heintz Mr. Ross P. Henderson & Mrs. Susan L. Henderson Mr. Hampton E. Hendry Dr. Katherine L. Hendry

Ms. Nelia Hernandez-Canin Ms. Terry S. Herrera Mr. Claude W. Hicks, Jr. & Mrs. Marilyn D. Hicks Mrs. Corlis T. Hill & Mr. Patrick B. Hill Mr. Mark Hillis & Mrs. Nan C. Hillis Ms. Dorothy E. Hinkle & Mr. Jonathan R. Hinkle Mr. Madison L. Hodges Ms. Patricia M. Horton & Mr. Jeffrey S. Horton Mr. Winston K. Howell & Mrs. Yvonne J. Howell Mrs. Mildred Howse & Mr. C. Paul Howse Mr. Andrew J. Hoyt & Mrs. Karen M. Hoyt Mrs. Jean B. Hughes & Mr. James W. Hughes Mr. Michael T. Inlow Mr. Terry B. Inmon Mrs. Penelope M. Janowski & Mr. James M. Janowski Dr. Alexander E. Jimenez & Ms. Dawn M. Jimenez Mrs. Cheryl Stilwell John & Mr. Timothy John Mr. Jerry M. Johns, Esq. & Mrs. Susan M. Johns Mrs. Nicole M. Johnson & Mr. Kael B. Johnson Mrs. Barbara T. Jones & Mr. James F. Jones Dr. Gregory R. Jones, Sr. & Dr. Margo S. Jones Dr. Jennifer D. Jones & Mr. Jon W. Jones Ms. Mimi G. Jones Mrs. Barbara A. Judd JW Cook Enterprises, Inc. The Honorable Frank N. Kaney & Mrs. Eleanore I. Kaney Mr. Stephen A. Katona & Ms. Donna M. Katona Mrs. Jean M. Kellogg Mrs. Amy H. Kelly & Mr. Bruce Kelly Mr. John J. Kemp & Ms. Michelle J. Kemp Mrs. Jill M. Kennedy & Mr. Joseph Kennedy, Jr. Mr. Jeffrey L. Ketts, Jr. & Ms. Linda D. Luce-Ketts Ms. O. Dean Kindley Mr. Albert A. King, Jr. & Mrs. Linda S. King Dennis G. King, Esq. Ms. Jean L. Kline & Mr. Jon S. Kline Mr. Brian M. Knack Mrs. Calista A. Koch & Mr. Ben L. Waddy Mr. Brian H. Koho Ms. Frances C. Kratt



FRIENDS & SUPPORTERS Mr. Joseph C. Kraus Rabbi Enid C. Lader & Dr. Harry J. Lader Ms. Patterson Y. Lamb Mrs. Sara C. Lambeth Mr. Lyle C. Lankford Mrs. Bonna A. Larson & Mr. Randolph B. McCartney Mr. Charles M. LaTour & Ms. Dian R. LaTour Ms. Donna L. Legare & Mr. Joseph L. Walthall Dr. Janet G. Lenz Mr. James D. Leone Dr. Joycelin B. Little Mr. Chia Ton Lo & Ms. Mary C. Lo Ms. Mary F. Luisi Dr. Rebecca L. MacLeod & Dr. Scott R. MacLeod Ms. Joan T. R. Macmillan Dr. Eric R. Maddox & Mrs. Mona K. Maddox Madison Social Tallahassee, LLC Mr. Frank J. Maggio, Jr. & Mrs. Molly Maggio Mr. William S. Majors CPT (R) Nathaniel D. Malcolm, Jr. & Mrs. Linda M. Malcolm Ms. Camille Marcus & Mr. Mark Marcus Dr. J. Stanley Marshall Mr. Joseph W. Marshall Ms. Diana L. Mason-Smelt & Mr. Howard G. Smelt Ms. Linda H. Mattern & Mr. Ronald P. Mattern Mrs. Kathleen O. McCharen & Mr. Lealand L. McCharen Mr. Jim J. McDowell Ms. Gail L. McGlothlin & Mr. Joseph A. McGlothlin, Esq. Dr. Meredith L. McKinney & Elsa L. McKinney, Esq. Mr. John McPherson Mrs. K. Patricia Meredith & Dr. Michael Meredith Dr. Jerrold M. Michaelson Mr. Keith J. Mille & Ms. Leslie R. Mille Mr. John P. Miller & Mrs. Sarah F. Miller Mr. William L. Miller Mrs. Ann J. Morrow & Mr. Donald C. Morrow Ms. Kathryn A. Muldoon Dr. Rachel E. Myers & Mr. Alan Weissman Mrs. Rose R. Naff Ms. Amy L. Nathanson Heaney Ms. Carmen I. Nelson Network for Good Mr. David Okerlund Ms. Martha J. Onate & Mr. Claro O. Onate

Mr. Troy Paolantonio Mrs. Cheryl L. Parisi & Dr. Joseph Parisi Dr. Mark J. Parisian Mr. Stanley B. Parsons & Mrs. Susan C. Parsons Ms. M. Jane Pautsch Ms. Linda H. Peters Dr. Christopher A. Pfaff Ms. Sally F. Pomeroy Dr. Ann M. Porter & Mr. Don I. Williamson, Jr. Ms. Mary Anne Price Pricewaterhousecoopers, LLP Mrs. Gloria W. Priest Prudential Foundation Mr. Brian D. Rawlin & Mrs. Felicia A. Rawlin Dr. Robert C. Reardon Dr. Florence A. Reaves Mr. John C. Reed & Ms. Susie Reed Dr. Paul D. Reynolds & Ms. Rina Reynolds Dr. Stephen K. Richardson & Mrs. Elizabeth Richardson Ms. Ellnora A. Riecken Ms. Laura K. Rogers & Mr. Sam B. Rogers, Jr. Mrs. Barbara J. Roufa & Mr. Garry J. Roufa Mrs. Mary B. Rovetta Ms. Laura S. Russell Ms. Carol M. Ryor & Mr. John Ryor Dr. Sanford A. Safron & Dr. Penny J. Gilmer Ms. Nancy E. Sanderbeck Ms. Virginia E. Schenck Mr. Frederick R. Schiff Sergeant Martha C. SchuttGarcia Mr. Donald H. Schwartz & Mrs. Shirley H. Schwartz Ms. Martha Schwartz Seminole Club of North Texas Mr. Samuel L. Sharpless & Ms. Jennifer L. Whitman Mr. Graham L. Shaw, III & Mrs. Linda P. Shaw Christopher J. Shipley, Esq. & Mrs. Melody A. Shipley Ms. Elizabeth T. Shreero & Mr. John A. Sheero Ms. Sue A. Shuttleworth Ms. Jeanette S. Sickel Mr. A. Barry Simpson & Mrs. Patricia J. Simpson Ms. Claire L. Smith Dr. David S. Smith & Mrs. Hope E. Smith Ms. Dee Ann Smith & Dr. W. Alan Smith Mrs. Fanne K. Smith Mr. Steven D. Smith & Ms. Valerie D. Strickland-Smith

Ms. Betty L. Soderholm Ms. Eileen F. Sperl-Hawkins & Mr. Christopher J. Hawkins Mr. Jeffrey D. Spies & Mrs. Jennifer D. Spies Dr. Douglas St. Angelo Mr. Roscoe M. Stallings & Mrs. Betty Stallings Mr. John F. Steinbauer & Mrs. Kathleen S. Steinbauer Mr. Jeremy Stembler Dr. David T. Stewart & Ms. Gillian Lesley Stewart Mr. Lee E. Stewart & Ms. Ramona D. Stewart Mrs. Georgia P. Stock & Mr. James B. Stock Mrs. Judith E. Stone & Mr. Michael M. Stone Dr. F. William Summers & Ms. Lorraine D. Summers Mrs. Patricia J. Swartley Mr. James M. Swartwout & Mrs. Kristy K. Swartwout Mr. George F. Sweat & Mrs. Jackie H. Sweat Tampa Bay Institute for Music Therapy Ms. Michelle S. Terebinski Mr. John P. Thomas & Mrs. Kay W. Thomas Mrs. Ida M. Thompson & Dr. William H. Thompson, IV Mr. Matthew J. Thompson & Mrs. Lindsey C. Thompson Ms. Linda M. Thurston & Mr. Robert S. Thurston Mrs. Paige E. Tilley Ms. Dorothy J. Timm Meili Mr. Charles Clayton Townsend & Mrs. Suzanne F. Townsend Mr. Aaron J. Trkovsky & Ms. Heather R. Trkovsky Mrs. Jane M. Turvaville & Mr. Lester J. Turaville Mr. Henry Kenza van Assenderp & Mrs. Karen B. van Assenderp Mr. Robert Van Eck Mr. James T. Vason & Mrs. Linda H. Vason Mrs. Betty Sue Veal Ms. Mary Helen Venos & Mr. Victor D. Venos Mr. K. Scott Wagers & Mrs. La Donna G. Wagers Mr. Mack M. Warren & Mrs. JoAnne P. Warren Mr. Geoffrey B. Watts & Ms. Simone L. Watts Captain Carl F. Weaver Dr. Leo G. Welch & Mrs. Laura P. Welch Mr. John V. Whitehead & Ms. Lucy F. Whitehead Ms. Jennifer L. Whitman & Mr.

Samuel L. Sharpless F. Palmer Williams, Esq. & Ms. Leslie S. Williams Ms. Heidi L. Williams & Mr. Christopher P. Williams Mr. Jerry W. Williams & Ms. Patricia J. Williams Mr. Kenneth M. Williams & Mrs. Guen L. Williams Ms. Jean K. Winslett Mr. Mark T. Zeigler

$100 - $249 A M T S, Inc. Mrs. Roberta Warren Abstein & Rev. W. Robert Abstein, II Ms. Jacqueline M. Accardi Mrs. Lisa Upchurch Adams Dr. Thomas H. Adams Rev. Mark A. Addington Ms. Jayme Agee Dr. Steven H. Ainsworth & Ms. Martha E. Ainsworth Mr. James G. Akridge Mr. Andrew R. Aldoretta Mr. Anthony V. Alfano & Mrs. Margaret A. Alfano Ms. Rebecca S. Allan Mrs. Margaret A. Allesee & Mr. Robert A. Allesee, Sr. Dr. Charles P. Alley & Mrs. Kathryn F. Alley Ms. Angelia W. Altstaetter & Mr. Bruce L. Altstaetter Mrs. Geraldine H. Amori & Mr. John O. Ives Ms. Linda E. Andrews Mrs. Jessey H. Andris & Mr. David Andris Mr. Jeffrey P. Angello & Mrs. Mercedes C. Angello Ms. Joanne N. Apel Ms. Stephanie B. Arce Ms. Joy Tootle Armstrong, Esq. & Mr. Thomas J. Armstrong Ms. Irene M. Arnold Mr. Richard Ashby & Ms. Virginia Ashby Mrs. Brittni Autrey & Mr. Josh Autrey Ms. Dorothy J. Bagwell Ms. Susan O. Bailey Dr. Megan M. Bakan & Dr. Michael B. Bakan Mrs. Marina S. Balducci & Michael Balducci, Esq. Mr. James A. Balkenhol Ms. Susan R. Bannister & Dr. Ron M. Bannister Ms. Darolyn C. Barbee & Mr. Jim Barbee Mrs. Lynn M. Barr Mrs. Jeannie B. Barrett & Mr. Thomas C. Barrett


FRIENDS & SUPPORTERS Dr. Karl S. Barton & Ms. Melissa A. Barton Mrs. Carol H. Barwick Mrs. Jacquelyn S. Bauer & Mr. Jeffrey T. Bauer Mrs. Shirley B. Baum Mr. Simon S. Bazyler & Mrs. Laura R. Bazyler Dr. Sean M. Beavers & Ms. Shandra L. Beavers Mrs. Delores W. Beggarly & Mr. H Van Beggarly Mrs. Kelly J. Behnke & Mr. Matthew P. Behnke Mrs. Kathleen E. Belcher & Mr. Daniel L. Belcher Ms. Ann L. Berlureau Mr. Andrew L. Bertoni & Mrs. Jennifer Bertoni Mr. Timothy R. Berube, Jr. Mrs. Janet J. Bethay Ms. Mary E. Biddlecombe & Dr. Thomas Biddlecombe Mr. Clayton M. Biela Mr. Allen W. Bird, II & Mrs. Sherry A. Bird Ms. Nancy E. Bivins Dr. Carina Blackmore Mrs. Jacquie Bobart Mr. William T. Bodiford, III Mr. Charles Bogdan Mr. Dale Boone Mrs. Melanie A. Bosco & Mr. Michael J. Bosco Mrs. Brenda Bowman & Mr. Bruce A. Bowman Ms. Krista A. Boyd & Mr. David N. Tarquine Dr. William D. Boyd Mr. Hillman G. Brannon, Jr. & Mrs. Linda H. Brannon Ms. Bonnie J. Brent Mr. Anthony N. Brittin & Dr. Helen C. Brittin Mr. Charles E. Brockner, Jr. Dr. Salvador Brotons & Dr. E. Melissa Mercadal-Brotons Mrs. Jennifer J. Brown & Mr. William M. Brown, Jr. Mrs. Kara A. Brown & Mr. David A. Brown Colonel (R) Robert A. Browning & Mrs. Patricia A. Browning Dr. George Brozak Doug Bruce & Associates, LLC Mr. Stewart M. Bruner Ms. Virginia R. Bruner Mr. William L. Bryan Ms. Martha W. Bunch Mrs. Cecilia M. Burke & Mr. Kenneth P. Burke Ms. Mary Kay Burnett Nolan Dr. Catherine M. Burnett Guy E. Burnette, Jr., Esq. & Ms. Susan V. Burnette Ms. Melinda H. Butler & Mr.

Hugh H. Butler Mr. Mark J. Butsch Ms. Patricia L. Byrd Ms. Kristen S. Caine Mr. Casey W. Caldwell Ms. Amy L. Callahan & Mr. Daniel J. Callahan Mr. Daniel B. Campbell & Dr. Barbara L. Thompson Mr. David B. Campbell & Mrs. Sandra L. Campbell Mr. Patrick J. Campbell & Mrs. Traci K. Campbell Mr. Mark E. Cannon Mr. Robert D. Cannon Ms. Sherry W. Cannon Ms. Kathleen M. Capo Mr. Ronald E. Carbone Mrs. Alisa R. Carmichael & Dr. John C. Carmichael Mr. William T. Carolin Ms. Joanette H. Carpenter & Mr. William M. Carpenter Mr. Palmer Carr & Dr. Madeleine Hirsiger-Carr Mrs. Anita M. Carson & Mr. Craig D. Carson Mr. C. Edwin Carter, Jr. & Ms. Sandra S. Carter Mrs. Georgene S. Cassels Mr. Fredric J. Castner Ms. Denise C. Cawthon Ms. Barbara W. Center & Mr. Daniel H. Center, Jr. Mr. Kenneth A. Chambers & Mrs. Sharan D. Gard Mr. Jeffrey P. Chamlis & Mrs. Meghan S. Chamlis Ms. Harriet R. Chase Ms. Margaret A. Chase Ms. Norene O. Chase Ms. Sandra S. Childress & Mr. Thomas W. Childress, Jr. Chipotle Mexican Grill Ms. Jennifer A. Christensen Ms. Kimberlee Chucker Ms. Jill E. Clark & Mr. Lawrence C. Clark Mrs. Sharon J. Clark & Dr. Robert C. Clark Ms. Karen Clarke & Dr. George Riordan Ms. Valerie Claus Dr. Elizabeth A. Clendinning Mrs. Linda A. Clickner & Dr. Robert P. Clickner Ms. Betty B. Clopton David K. Coburn, Esq. & Dr. Mary B. Coburn Mrs. Anne L. Cochenour Mr. Sanford Cohen & Ms. Annette B. Cohen Ms. Linda S. Coleman Ms. Nancy L. Collins Dr. Robin G. Colson & Dr. Robert A. Conners

Mr. G. Lee Commander, III Mr. Ralph Confredo & Dr. Deborah A. Confredo Mr. Joseph P. Conte & Mrs. Maria Conte Mr. John W. Cook & Mrs. Catherine E. Cook Dr. Carol A. Cook-Koenig Mrs. Andrea F. Cooper Ms. Tracy L. Cooper Dean Marie E. Cowart Mr. Malcolm A. Craig & Dr. Allys Palladino-Craig Ms. Mary Ann Crain Mrs. Heather L. Crawford & Mr. Kevin P. Crawford Ms. Ashlee T. Cribb Mr. Donald A. Crosby & Ms. Pamela C. Crosby Dr. Susan M. Cross & Dr. Timothy A. Cross Mr. Jon R. Crump & Ms. Lisa A. Crump Ms. Adele Cunningham Ms. Frances C. Curtin Mr. Alan Dakan & Mrs. Grace Dakan Mrs. Gina M. Dalessandro Mr. John A. Dalles & Ms. Judith T. Dalles Ms. Allyson K. Dare Dr. James F. Daugherty & Mrs. Florence A. Daugherty Mr. Matthew M. David Mr. Jerry H. Davis Dr. Robert K. Dean & Ms. Janice I. Dean Mrs. Gloria J. DeAngelis & Mr. Peter DeAngelis Ms. Jennifer L. Dearden Dr. Jeanette M. DeDiemar Mrs. Cynthia K. Deliman & Mr. John R. Deliman Mr. Richard N. DeLoach & Mrs. Vivikka A. DeLoach Mr. L. Gene Densmore & Mrs. Virginia L. Densmore Mrs. Emily DeVall & Mr. Roger DeVall Ms. Jo S. DeYoung & Mr. John R. DeYoung, Jr. Ms. Eileen B. Diskin Dr. C. Vincent Dix & Ms. Karen Wendland Dix Mrs. Elizabeth W. Dixon & Mr. A.B. Dixon Mr. James C. Docster & Mrs. Lisa D. Docster Ms. Shirley Dodd-Saul & Mr. Brian Saul Ms. Judith J. Dodson & Mr. Brad O. Dodson Ms. Valerie June Dollar Mr. Brad Donald & Ms. Tracy Donald Ms. Cheryl W. Dotson & Mr.

James W. Dotson Mr. James H. Douglas & Mrs. Paulette Douglas Mrs. Melaney C. Douglass & Mr. Timothy V. Douglass Dr. John S. Dozier & Mrs. Martha D. Paradeis Mrs. Laura A. Drinkwater Dr. Marcy P. Driscoll & Mr. Robin E. Driscoll Ms. Desma Dunne Mr. Robert J. Dunne Ms. Kathleen Dunnigan Mrs. Alecia M. DuPont & Mr. Lyndon B. DuPont Ms. Stephanie J. Dureau Mr. David A. Dyer & Mrs. Michelle M. Dyer Ms. Karen A. Eber Mr. Andrew R. Edelstein & Ms. Elizabeth A. Edelstein Ms. Bailey A. Edmonds Dr. Frank A. Edmonson, III Mrs. Betty Edwards & Mr. C. Wayne Edwards Mrs. Judith Lee Edwards & Mr. Merrill Jerome Edwards Ms. Debra S. Eggebraaten & Mr. Gary B. Eggebraaten Mrs. Barbara K. Ehlmann & Dr. Bryon K. Ehlmann Mr. Brandon S. Ehrlich Ms. Leah A. Einboden & Mr. Paul T. Einboden Dr. Lee W. Elgin, Jr. Mr. Raymond Elwell & Mrs. Cheryl Elwell Ms. Donna Erlich Dr. Linda R. Eshleman Mr. Jason C. Esteve & Ms. Krsiten E. Esteve Mr. Charles M. Evans, Jr. & Ms. Kimberly A. Evans Mr. Clifford D. Fales Mr. John T. Falls, Jr. Dr. John P. Falskow & Dr. Cindy R. Renander Mrs. Barbara P. Felton & Mr. Bill A. Felton Ms. Janice C. FennellArmstrong Mr. Edward D. Findeisen The First Baptist Church Of Tallahassee, Florida, Inc. Reverend Jerry E. Flanigan & Ms. Judith S. Flanigan Mr. John S. Fleming & Ms. Linda H. Fleming Florida Association Directors of Nursing Administration/ LTC Florida Medical Directors Association, Inc. The Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra, Inc. Mrs. Renee Flowers & Mr.



FRIENDS & SUPPORTERS Thomas R. Flowers Ms. Catherine S. Fontaine Dr. Roy M. Forman & Ms. Paula S. Saunders Mr. Matthew A. Fossa Ms. Harriet A. Foucher Dr. Nancy C. Fowler Mr. James W. Frank & Ms. Joy C. Frank, Esq. Dr. Harold G. Fravel, Jr. & Mrs. Sandra G. Fravel Ms. Wendy L. Freedman Ms. Judith M. Frey & Mr. George L. Frey Ms. Jean Z. Fuller Ms. Amelia G. Furman Mr. Anthony E. Gabino & Ms. Meghan Gabino Mrs. Julie A. Gaines Miss Ann D. Gainey Dr. J. Read Gainsford Mrs. Donna G. Garcia & Mr. Jesse O. Garcia Miss Maryjane Gardner Mr. Edward I. Garvar Mrs. Paula L. Gaskin & Mr. Timothy Gaskin Dr. Juanita Gaston Mr. Nowell B. Gatica Mrs. Dremma Gaul Ms. Beatrice B. Geib Ms. Elizabeth C. Gengo & Mr. Kyle R. Gengo Mr. Jerry Gerardi & Mrs. Mary Gerardi Mrs. Ann P. Gervin & Mr. P. Jordan Gervin Mr. Earl R. Gill & Mr. William P. Boynton Ms. Penny S. Gilman Mr. Gary Godek Dr. Joel H. Goldman & Ms. Judith R. Goldman, Esq. Mr. Steven B. Goldstein & Ms. Bonnie C. Marmor Mrs. Teri A. Goode Mr. Gordon A. Goodin & Mrs. Jean Harvell Goodin Ms. Cindy B. Grafton & Mr. Ward Grafton Ms. Carolyn P. Grant & Mr. Christopher Lee Grant Ms. Margarita H. Grant Mr. Duncan L. Gray, II & Mrs. Leland B. Gray Ms. Laura G. Green Ms. Novie M. Greene Mrs. Marlene L. Gregulak & Mr. Walter Gregulak Mrs. Gail K. Griffin Dr. Philip W. Griffin Mr. John P. Griffith, Jr. Mrs. Melissa S. Griggs Ms. Lourdes R. O. Grindal Ms. Jan S. Groh & Mr. K.R. Groh Mrs. Ann-Marie Timilty Gunn

& Mr. Christopher S. Gunn Ms. Miriam R. Gurniak Dr. Juan-Tony Guzman & Dr. Rita M. Tejada Mrs. Tina M. Haddon Mr. Alfred B. Hager & Mrs. Lindsay W. Hager Mrs. Linda A. Haggard & Dr. William K. Haggard Ms. Janell E. Hamilton Dr. Michael J. Hanawalt & Dr. Justine K. Sasanfar Ms. Kathleen E. Hancock Mr. Steven M. Hancock Mrs. Arlene L. Hanley Ms. Marlene C. Hanna Mrs. Suzanne B. Hanser Ms. Teresa E. Hargrove Mr. Matthew S. Harmon Mrs. Teresa Z. Harmon & Mr. L. Scott Harmon Mr. Ronald C. Harring & Ms. Dolores Harring Mr. Chris M. Harrington Dr. J. Ocie Harris & Mrs. JoElla L. Harris Mrs. Margie V. Hart Mrs. Judy I. Hartley & Mr. Mike L. Hartley Mr. Christopher J. Hawkins & Ms. Eileen F. Sperl-Hawkins Mr. James F. Hayes Mr. Jack Hayward Mrs. Patricia H. Hazard & Mr. William J. Hazard Mr. Christopher J. Heacox & Mrs. Claire Heacox Mr. John Head & Mrs. Martha Reaves Head Ms. Donna H. Heald Ms. Donna M. Heburn Dr. Judith E. Hefren Mr. Jerome G. Heilbronner & Mrs. Lisa H. Heilbronner Mr. Jeff G. Henderson Ms. Anola B. Hendrick Mrs. Penny S. Herman Mrs. Cathleen M. Herndon & Mr. Thomas Herndon Ms. Jill H. Herndon & Dr. Keith M. Herndon Ms. Ellen F. Hinkle Dr. Jonathan R. Hinkle & Mrs. Kathleen Hinkle Mrs. Jane Hoban Mrs. Diana W. Hoffs Mrs. Theresa L. Holden Mr. Richard S. Hopkins & Dr. Gayle E. Muenchow Mrs. Claudia J. Horn Mr. John F. Horn Mr. William P. Horne & Ms. Sharon McNamara-Horne Ms. Holly A. Horton & Ms. Alexandra Balogh Mr. C. Paul Howse & Mrs.

Mildred Howse Mrs. Carla G. Hughes & Mr. Lonnie D. Hughes Mrs. Leonor D. Hynes & Commander (R) Thomas V. Hynes Ms. Lorraine Ivarson Mr. John O. Ives & Mrs. Geraldine H. Amori Mr. Glen W. Jack Mrs. Cecile E. Janiak & Mr. William C. Janiak Mr. Francis Jankowski & Ms. Martha L. Jankowski Mr. James M. Janowski & Mrs. Penelope M. Janowski Dr. Lincoln R. Jarrett, Jr. & Mrs. Sally A. Jarrett Mrs. Diane Jensen & Dr. James A. Jensen Ms. Edie Johnson & Mr. Jason W. Overall Mr. Edward T. Johnson, Jr. Mrs. Lynn B. Johnson Mrs. Shirley T. Johnson Dr. Terrence A. Johnson Ms. Emily W. Joiner & Mr. Richard E. Joiner E. Burke Jolly, Esq. & Mrs. Judith H. Jolly Jon Kohler & Associates, LLC Mr. Brian D. Jones Dr. Evelyn K. Jones & Mr. Ronald M. Jones, Jr. Mrs. Barbara W. Jorgenson CPT Theodore P. Judd Ms. Beth F. Jung Mr. Alexander Kaminsky & Ms. Kathy Kaminsky The Honorable Jay T. Karahan Ms. Donna M. Katona & Mr. Stephen A. Katona Ms. Kristine S. Kayhani Mrs. Catherine E. Keating Mr. Jeffrey S. Keesecker Ms. Patricia K. Keith & Mr. Thomas M. Keith Ms. Erica W. Kelly Mr. Kevin C. Kelly Dr. Steven N. Kelly & Ms. Elizabeth Kelly Ms. Rita M. Kelsay & Dr. John E. Kelsay Ms. Mary A. Kepchar Mr. James E. Kerrick & Mrs. Mary E. Kerrick Ms. Bernice E. Kilpatrick Ms. Lorene Kimbel Mrs. Kimberley Kincaid Mr. Charles M. King & Ms. Linda A. King Dr. Penelope A. Kirby Mr. Arthur C. Kirkland, III & Ms. Julianne E. Kirkland Ms. Marlene F. Kittendorf & Mr. Steven R. Kittendorf

Ms. Mary K. Kline & Mr. Victor Kline MAJ (R) Lawrence C. Kling, Jr. & Mrs. Cynthia E. Kling Mrs. Jean M. Kloker & Mr. Richard L. Kloker Mr. Kevin Knight Mr. Jonathan C. Kohler & Ms. Erica M. Kohler Mr. Kenneth J. Kopczynski Ms. Jocelyn C. Kozlowski Mr. Benjamin D. Krock Ms. Pamela V. Kuester Dr. Raymond R. Kuutti Dr. Joseph E. Lammers Ms. Joan L. Lanahan Mrs. Lynda A. LaPersonerie Mr. Robert C. Large Ms. Debra S. Larson & Mr. Richard S. Larson Mr. Ronald L. Lay & Ms. Sandra Lay Mr. Gilbert J. Leacock & Mrs. Joyce M. Leacock Mrs. Debora L. Lee & Mr. William S. Lee Ms. Virginia L. Lee Mr. Philip M. Lehman Ms. Marice Leo Dr. Ellen P. Lewis & Dr. John Rawlins Lewis LT Thomas P. Licostie Ms. Ann Lienemann Mr. Martin H. Lies, Jr. Mr. Ora L. Liming Rev. Jeffrey V. Linman Mrs. Stacy T. Linrud Miss Rhonda D. Lipscomb Mr. Paul J. Liversage Ms. Carolyn Livingston Mrs. Nan G. Locher Mr. James J. Logue & Ms. Alice C. Spirakis Mrs. Deborah J. Lokie & Mr. Paul M. Lokie Dr. Donald W. Looser & Mrs. Elsa J. Looser Miss Catherine E. Louy Mr. Jon B. Lovoy Ms. Nora K. Loyd Mr. John D. Lucasse Ms. Lois W. Luedemann Dr. David R. Luginbuhl & Ms. Anne B. Luginbuhl Mrs. Bonnie C. Lundblom & Mr. Carl N. Lundblom Mr. James S. Lyon Mr. Daniel H. MacDonald, Jr. & Ms. Arlene A. MacDonald Mr. Ross A. Magoulas Ms. Marjorie Mahan Mr. Troy J. Mahler & Mrs. Erin Mahler Ms. Harriett Y. Maines


FRIENDS & SUPPORTERS Ms. Melissa M. Mancini Mrs. Margaret F. Mancuso & Mr. Ralph M. Mancuso Miss Violet C. Mandese Ms. Julie R. Mangan & Mr. Michael R. Mangan Ms. Gayle Manley & Mr. William C. Manley Ms. Dorothy M. Mann Mr. George R. Mannheimer & Mrs. Julie B. Manheimer Michael C. Markham, Esq. & Ms. Stefanie G. Markham Ms. Bonnie C. Marmor & Mr. Steven B. Goldstein Professor Patrick F. Maroney, Sr. & Mrs. Sheryl R. Maroney Professor Alan G. Marshall & Ms. Marilyn J. Marshall Ms. Brenda K. Martin & Dr. James E. Martin Ms. Diann D. Martin Mr. Jorge L. Maxion Miss Dana T. Mazzeo Ms. Ann K. McAlpin Ms. Meghan McCaskill Dr. Alan C. McClung Ms. Deborah L. McConaghy & Mr. John M. McConaghy, Jr. Ms. Michele McConnell & Mr. Duane M. McDevitt Mr. Paul E. McCoy, Jr. & Mrs. Sheila McCoy Mr. Brandon T. McCray & Ms. Makiva S. McCray Ms. Donna B. McCrea & Mr. Henry V. McCrea, Sr. McDermott Mr. Kenneth McDermott Dr. Carol J. McDowell Mrs. Jane A. McFarlain & Mr. Richard C. McFArlain Mr. Ralph McGee & Ms. Martha M. Orchard Ms. Angela L. McKenzie Dr. Theresa M. McRee Ms. Jeannine H. Meis & Dr. John K. Meis Mrs. Francesca A. Melichar & Dr. Frank A. Melichar Mrs. Chrissy M. Mentzer & Mr. Timothy M. Mentzer Dr. E. Melissa MercadalBrotons & Dr. Salvador Brotons Ms. Phyllis J. Merritt Ms. Sandra Metcalf Ms. Alison R. Meyer Mr. Bryan A. Meyer Mr. John N. Michaelides & Mrs. Kris W. Michaelides Mrs. Martha B. Mier & Mr. Thomas A. Mier Ms. Barbara A. Miller Mrs. Cindy Roberts Miller & Mr. Kenneth R. Miller, Jr.

Dr. Martha J. Miller Mr. Jason M. Millhouse Dr. Ellis W. Mills, Jr. Ms. Lora C. Mills Ms. Polly B. Mills Dr. Leo L. Minasian, Jr. Ms. Betsy A. Mixon-Stemmler Mrs. Stefania Moehring Ms. Sharon S. Mok Dr. Victor A. Molinari Mr. Carl G. Monson Mr. Joseph C. Montgomery & Mrs. Rebekah B. Montgomery Ms. June C. Montgomery Mrs. Marsha V. Moore Ms. Marjorie M. Morgan Ms. Jennifer L. Morris & Mr. Robert R. Morris, Sr. Dr. Gayle E. Muenchow & Mr. Richard S. Hopkins Dr. Arthur L. Mulick & Ms. Shelly C. Mulick Mr. Kelly P. Murnin & Mrs. Mary Suchyta Mr. Michael J. Murphy Mrs. Jane M. Murray & Dr. Kenneth C. Murray Mrs. Carol C. Muth & Mr. William H. Muth, Jr. Mr. Bill I. Myers, Jr. & Mrs. Pamela P. Myers Ms. Jacqueline C. Napier Dr. Jessica Napoles Mrs. Kathrine G. Neal Dr. Jenifer E. Neale Ms. Julia J. Neimes & Mr. William C. Neimes NHS Management. L.L.C. Mr. Brian A. Nichols & Ms. Laura Nichols Mr. Elliott B. Niebch Ms. Tina M. Niggel Dr. Natoma Nash Noble Mrs. Paula M. Nugent Mrs. Frances G. Oakes & Mr. Willie J. Oakes Old Mutual Asset Management Charitable Foundation, Inc. Ms. Martha M. Orchard & Mr. Ralph McGee Mr. Jason W. Overall & Ms. Edie Johnson Ms. Sandra L. Palmer Mr. Bryan G. Parker & Mrs. Jamie Parker Ms. Rebecca H. Parks Ms. Hilary A. Passo Ms. Jerri L. Patterson Mr. Jeffrey J. Pattillo & Ms. Marianne Pattillo Dr. Mary Jo Pembrook & Dr. Randall G. Pembrook Penny’s Band Camp, Inc. Pensacola Music Teachers Association Mrs. Angela N. Perry & Dr.

Gregory D. Perry Mrs. Deena L. Perryman & Mr. Barton Perryman Ms. Jennifer Phelps & Mr. William Phelps Ms. Raelea C. Phillips Mr. Michael A. Piersol Ms. Michelle Piersol Mr. Brett P. Pikuritz Ms. Carolyn B. Plash Mr. James D. Plash Mrs. Mary Anne Bliss Poor Ms. Amy E. Porter Mrs. Laura F. Powell & Mr. Bennett E. Powell, III Ms. Darlene D. Pridgeon & Mr. George W. Pridgeon, Jr. Mrs. Eunice E. Priester Mrs. Cortha M. Pringle Mrs. Elsie T. Pritchard & Dr. Robert D. Pritchard, II Ms. Connie Pyle & Mr. Edward S. Pyle Ms. Michelle M. Quackenbush Dr. Judith Quick Mr. J. David Rabon & Ms. Annette S. Rabon Mr. Richard G. Raleigh Mr. Albert C. Ralls Ms. Jill M. Ramsaur Dr. David G. Rathgeber Ms. Denise M. Rathmann & Mr. Michael J. Rathmann Ms. Carolyn S. Rayboun & Mr. William C. Raybourn Dr. David N. Reams & Mrs. Patricia Z. Reams Mrs. Amy J. Recht & Mr. John M. Recht, Jr. Ms. Katherine M. Redding Mrs. Catherine S. Reed & Dr. Charles B. Reed Mr. Edward Reid Mrs. Martha Reilly & Mr. Mike Reilly Ms. Diane C. Reitz & Mr. Ronald C. Reitz Ms. Cynthia P. Repasky & Mr. Mark S. Repasky Ms. Rina Reynolds & Dr. Paul D. Reynolds Captain Robert A. Rice Mrs. Elizabeth Richardson & Dr. Stephen K. Richardson Dr. Eckhart H. Richter & Mrs. Rosemary Richter Dr. Linda I. Riddle & Mr. William L. Riddle Mrs. Jeanne M. Ristad Riverview High School Kiltie Band Boosters, Inc. Ms. Jennifer A. Roberts Mrs. J. Jean Robertson & Dr. Marvin L. Robertson Ms. Karen M. Rodriguez & Mr. Richard Rodriguez

Mr. Douglas B. Rohan & Ms. Julia M. Rohan Ms. Maritza M. Roman & Mr. Roman Roman, Jr. Mr. Richard D. Rose Mrs. Cathy Rosman The Honorable Robert K. Rouse, Jr. & Mrs. Donna W. Rouse Mrs. Delores K. Rowley Mr. Edgar O. Rubio & Ms. Haymara D. Font Dr. Scott M. Rudes Mrs. Charlotte R. Rudy & Mr. William L. Rudy Mrs. Candace C. Ryan & Mr. O. Paul Ryan Ms. Cathleen E. Ryan Dr. Christine B. Ryan & Mr. Donald L. Ryan Dr. James H. Ryan Miss Katherine E. Sack Mr. Christopher M. Sala & Ms. Deanna J. Sala Miss Susan M. Sappington Ms. Abigail L. Sarbeck Dr. Justine K. Sasanfar & Dr. Michael J. Hanawalt Mr. Brian Saul & Ms. Shirley Dodd-Saul Mr. James F. Scearce & Mrs. Jewel Scearce Ms. Mary G. Schaad The Honorable Susan F. Schaeffer Mr. Jeffrey B. Schleifer & Ms. Patricia T. Schleifer Dr. Dave G. Schmeling & Dr. Winifred H. Schmeling Ms. Gloria J. Schmertmann Ms. Linda C. Schmidt Mrs. Dell Grace Schroeder Dr. Petra T. Schultz Mr. Kenneth D. Schwartz & Mrs. Sarah O. Schwartz Dr. Dale A. Scott Mr. James E. Seay Mr. Frederick W. Selph Ms. Helen K. Shaara Mrs. Marsha Chusmir Shapiro & Dr. Philip J. Shapiro Christiana M. Shaw, M.D. Mrs. Ann E. Shepard & Mr. Craig R. Shepard Ms. Rachel A. Shepard Sherman Agency Mr. Howard B. Sherman Mrs. Beverly P. Sherouse & Mr. Craig A. Sherouse Mrs. Michelle T. Sherwood Ms. Geraldine N. Shubrick Ms. Roberta Elaine Sickerman Mrs. Deborah T. Sickmon & Mr. Paul J. Sickmon Mrs. Laurie A. Siegel Dr. Jackson L. Sigler, Jr. Mrs. Paula M. Simmons



FRIENDS & SUPPORTERS Mr. Roberto D. Sinha CAPT Arthur R. Skelly, Sr. & Mrs. Yolanda L. Skelly Dr. Sarah Rideout Slight Dr. A. Byron Smith & Mrs. Barbara J. Smith Ms. Deborah M. Smith Ms. Janice S. Smith & Mr. Sergio O. Smith Mrs. Patricia J. Smith & Mr. Ronald G. Smith Mr. Philip L. Smith Ms. Sharon L. Smith Ms. Janice P. Smith-Dann Ms. Sudarat A. Songsiridej Mr. Paul O. Sparkman Ms. Dana L. Spinello Ms. Alice C. Spirakis & Mr. James J. Logue Mrs. Margaret L. Stakenas & Professor Robert G. Stakenas Ms. JoAnn M. Stalcup Mr. Phil T. Stalcup Ms. Gail A. Stamps Mr. Matthew J. Stanley Dr. James G. Staples, Jr. Ms. Hilda H. Starbuck Ms. Myra J. Staum Mr. Bruce E. Stedman & Ms. M. Carolline Stedman Ms. Bettina S. Steinbock & Mr. Oliver Steinbock Dr. Elizabeth Ryland Steva Ms. Carole M. Stewart & Mr. Rick Stewart LTC(R) James A. Stidham, Sr. Mr. S. W. Stinson, Jr. Mrs. Sue D. Stinson Ms. Jennifer Stockett Mr. David L. Stokes & Ms. Peggy A. Stokes Dr. Barney W. Stoutamire & Ms. Margaret Stoutamire Mr. Brandon S. Strange Ms. Diane L. Stuart Subway Development Of

Northwest Florida, Inc. Miss Suzette E. Swallow Mr. Dale L. Swartzmiller & Ms. Harriett Swartzmiller Mrs. Billie Jo Swilley & Mrs. Billie Jo Swilley Miss Jessie G. Tan Mrs. Constance S. Taylor Ms. Kelly A. Taylor & Mr. Matthew A. Taylor Ms. Margaret V. Taylor Mr. William H. Taylor Ms. Mary Lynn Techau Dr. Winnie S. The & Dr. William T. Halbleib Mr. Robert D. Thaler The Fen, L.L.L.P The Holtkamp Organ Co. The Northwest Florida Music Teachers Association, Inc. Mr. Chris M. Theriot & Ms. Leiland M. Theriot Mr. Byron G. Thompson & Mrs. Nancy S. Thompson Mr. Daniel H. Thompson, Esq. & Ms. Robin H. Thompson, Esq. Mrs. Katherine G. Thompson & Dr. Timothy D. Thompson Mr. Davey S. Thornton & Mrs. Karen S. Thornton Dr. David T. Thornton & Mrs. Holly Thornton The Honorable Richard Tombrink, Jr. & Mrs. Lynn P. Tombrink Mr. Stevens E. Tombrink Mr. David R. Toner & Ms. Marilyn C. Toner Mrs. Glenda H. Toney & Mr. Gordon Toney Dr. Hubert Toney, Jr. & Mrs. Shirley A. Toney Mrs. Elizabeth Y. Towery & Mr. Wayne Edward Towery Dr. Jacqueline A. Towson Carmen A. Tozzo-Julian, Ph.D.

Mr. Park M. Trammell, Jr. & Ms. Linda F. Trammell Ms. Laurine L. Trimble & Dr. Theron L. Trimble, Jr. Ms. Michele C. Truhe Mr. George Turner & Mrs. Julie A. Turner Dr. Jonathan J. Turner & Mrs. Marie Aydelotte Turner Mr. C. Richard Tuten & Mrs. Phrieda L. Tuten Unforgettable Productions LLC Dr. Edward S. Urban & Mrs. Nancy A. Urban Mr. Steve Urse, III Dr. John W. Van Cura Mr. Theodore Van Der Veer Ms. Mary R. Van Pelt Ms. Kim N. Vancura Professor Roberta J. Vandermast Mrs. Mary T. Varhol Ms. Theresa A. Vasquez Mrs. Diane L. Verner & Mr. Donald L. Verner Ms. Renn R. Vickers & Mr. Robert S. Vickers Ms. Tamara A. Voodre & Mr. Barry J. Voodre Mrs. Bobbie B. Wagner & Dr. John W. Wagner Mrs. Carol S. Wagner & Mr. William M. Wagner Mrs. Janna Ruth Waldrupe & Mr. David Waldrupe John B. Walker Dr. Mike P. Walker Mr. Mark Walters Ms. Julie V. Wammack Miss Suzanne M. Ward Mr. Stephen K. Weaver Mrs. Angela C. Weinroth Mr. Michael S. Weintraub Mrs. Rosemary Noga Welton & Mr. David P. Welton

Mrs. Pamela A. West & Mr. Ricky W. West Reverend Gilbert F. Westberry, II & Mrs. Susan J. Westberry Ms. Adelaide S. Whitaker Ms. Audrey L. White Ms. Donna F. White Mr. Larry B. White & Dr. Susan Allan White Mrs. Beverly L. Widener & Mr. William V. Widener Ms. Carol A. Wiggins Ms. Sonya L. Wilcox Mr. Brian K. Williams & Ms. Cortney L. Williams Dr. Kenneth Williams Mrs. Kim Lyles Williams & Mr. Martin Williams Mr. Marvin L. Williams Mr. Arnold R. Willis, Jr. Mr. Brian M. Wilsher & Mrs. Mallory Wilsher Ms. Ede F. Wilson Mrs. Mary F. Wilson & Mr. Rudy Wilson Mr. John L. Winn & Mrs. Mary K. Winn Ms. Barbara B. Wood & Dr. Robert Wood Ms. Gayla S. Woody & Mr. William L. Woody, Jr. Mr. Daniel Wright Mr. Jeff L. Wright Mrs. Judyth A. Wunsch & Mr. William G. Wunsch Mr. Dennis R. Wylie Mrs. F. Irene Yerger Dr. Olivia S. Yinger Mr. Perry L. York, Sr. Ms. Estelle Zambalis & Mr. George A. Ellis Mr. John J. Zilles & Ms. Maureen Zilles

Be a part of the journey... University Musical Associates Join us for the 2016-2017 Concert Season For more information about the University Musical Associates, please contact Kim Shively, Director of Special Programs, at 850-644-4744.


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The College’s New Courtyard Has Become a Favorite Gathering Place During Fall 2015, a new courtyard was installed just off the breezeway between the Kuersteiner and Housewright Music Buildings. After the 1990 renovation of Kuersteiner, which included the addition of the elevator serving the Opperman Music Hall lobby, the little courtyard area was serviceable but utilitarian, and the consensus was that it never lived up to its potential to become a gathering spot. That has now changed, as the new courtyard features a large, circular concrete planter with a surrounding bench, as well as new plantings along its perimeter.




Ideas for the new courtyard took shape in 2012. At that time, FSU began a fundraising initiative called “The Great Give.” Each college had a fundraising goal that could be marketed so that donors could find ideas that interested them related to particular groups or units on campus. At the same time, Aaron Witek (DM, 2013), one of the graduate student representatives to the Dean’s Student Advisory Council (DSAC), focused that group’s conversations on potential outdoor improvements around the College of Music; one of his ideas was a project in the courtyard. Associate Director of Grounds at FSU, Anton Sonkin, created a concept for a musical courtyard that the College of Music then used for the Great Give campaign, which raised just over $4,000 in small, individual donations. In 2013, the overall cost to create the concept as envisioned by Anton was projected as being between $100,000 and $200,000, and it was decided that the courtyard project needed to be completed in stages, with the infrastructure work coming first. The first stage was planned and constructed for $75,000, with funding from the College using various sources and gifts. In addition, the Grounds department provided the plant material plus the labor for both the plantings and the installation of the irrigation system. Students now enjoy the resulting courtyard on a daily basis, as do guests attending concerts and recitals in the evenings. Future projects to add more details and seating will be considered as donors come forward to help enhance the space.



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