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Our Mission: Family Service & Guidance Center provides quality behavioral healthcare to children and families.

Our Vision: Family Service & Guidance Center shall be the premier, outcomes-focused children and family behavioral healthcare center that provides training opportunities for behavioral health professionals.


Letter from the CEO When I look at the past year, I’m once again amazed and proud of what the dedicated, determined staff at FSGC accomplished during these difficult and uncertain times. FSGC served a record 14,218 children and their families in 2012: 5,723 in active treatment and 8,495 children through education and outreach programs. The number of clients in active treatment is up 10 percent from just two years ago. FSGC will be a provider under KanCare, the State’s new Medicaid Managed Care program. KanCare will add a layer of administrative cost to the agency, but we are hopeful that we won’t experience restrictions on our ability to provide medically necessary services. On the positive side, KanCare emphasizes coordination between physical health and mental health providers. This should ultimately result in better care for our children and families. Several new services began in 2012: • The Transition Aged Youth program, which focuses on the unique needs of severely emotionally disturbed (SED) youth age 16-22, grew and maintained program fidelity as indicated by the University of Kansas School of Social Welfare. • Research-based treatments like the Girls Empowerment Group were launched. • The Anxiety Treatment Program has grown to become a regional resource. • FSGC is an active participant in Shawnee County’s Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative. • Finally, FSGC is working with pediatric specialists, primary care providers and foster care and family preservation contractors to coordinate care and provide mental health supports to children and parents. Other highlights include: • Some FSGC staff members have been certified to teach Mental Health First Aid, an innovative class that teaches the public how to recognize the signs of mental illness and gives a five-step plan for helping individuals connect with the services they need. • The FSGC Foundation’s Securing Brighter Futures Campaign goal was increased, thanks to a very large gift. At year’s end, the campaign was moving steadily toward the $2.3 million goal. The Foundation distributes funds to specified FSGC programs such as Transition Aged Youth and community programs such as the Parent-Child Fun Night. Albert Einstein wrote, “In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.” He was right. I see it every day when all 280 of FSGC’s staff – from clinicians to administrative staff to the Leadership Team – maintain an unwavering commitment to be innovative and responsible to the children and families we serve, regardless of the challenges thrown in front of them. It’s that spirit of innovation and commitment that makes me excited about the year ahead at Family Service & Guidance Center. Sincerely,

Brenda S. Mills, MSM, CPA Chief Executive Officer


Letter from the Board Chair-Elect The character and commitment of the staff and administrators at Family Service & Guidance Center has never been more evident than in these trying economic times. The agency not only held firm as a regional provider of outstanding children’s mental health services but FSGC continued to grow and adapt to meet the changing needs of clients and the evolving health care climate. FSGC has worked closely with Genoa Healthcare to open a full-service pharmacy on-site in the agency’s lobby, and four months after their grand opening, the feedback from our young clients’ parents and caregivers has been overwhelmingly positive. They appreciate this enhancement to FSGC’s high level of service, and they value the convenience of being able to immediately drop off a prescription and pick it up in just minutes. The professionalism and outstanding customer service provided by the Genoa pharmacy staff has also been tremendous. In addition, plans are in the works to open an exam room at FSGC in which a Physician’s Assistant and nurse could provide basic health care services. For example, a child who comes to a therapy appointment who isn’t feeling well could also see a health care professional onsite in minutes. Changes like these are not just enhancements to FSGC’s already-high level of service; they are also indicative of a shift in our nation’s health care mindset toward a more integrated model of care where different kinds of professionals are colocated in order to provide more coordinated care. FSGC continues to provide valuable leadership in working with Shawnee County partners to improve the health of those most in need and at risk. For example, FSGC is working closely with organizations like the Topeka Rescue Mission and Safe Streets to launch NET Reach. The program, housed in a recently closed elementary school building, would offer one of Topeka’s most at-risk neighborhoods a hub at which the community could get assistance and resources, and even use as a gathering place for meetings and events. Finally, FSCG will build on the momentum that Mental Health First Aid is gaining across the county. Increased attention and financial support at the Federal level is combining with a growing number of local individuals who have participated in this unique education effort. FSGC is working hard to engage as many Shawnee County citizens as possible in the class. You can also look forward to a Mental Health First Aid course focusing on the unique mental health needs of children and adolescents being offered later this year. The year ahead will certainly bring more challenges, but the Board of Directors is confident that the agency staff and leadership are more than up to the task of helping children and families right here in our community live happier, healthier lives.

Doug Fincher Chair-Elect FSGC Board of Directors


... the Board of Directors is confident that the agency staff and leadership are more than up to the task of helping children and families ...

Respectfully yours,


Brenda Mills, MSM, CPA Chief Executive Officer

Eric Atwood, DO Medical Director

Anthony Bryan, LSCSW

Tom Bartlett, PsyD

Director of Human Resources

Amy Burns, JD

Steve Christenberry, LMLP

Director of Risk Management & Corporate Compliance

Director of Marketing & Development, Legal Counsel

Nancy Crago, LSCSW

Ed Cullumber, LSCSW, MPA

Director of Psychosocial Rehabilitation

Chris Hartman, CHFP Chief Financial Officer

Rhonda Brown, PHR

Director of Training & Education

Chief Operating Officer

Rosemary Tuggle, LCP

Director of Community Based Services

Clinical Director

Sandi Cummings

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Candace Watson

Director of Administration

Board of directors CHAIR: Tina Dean, Topeka VA VICE CHAIR: Doug Fincher, Gay Riordan, Fincher, Munson & Sinclair, PA Attorney SECRETARY: Debbie Orr, The Fidelity Banks TREASURER: Tom Feldmann, Jostens Brenda Dietrich, USD 437 Kelly George, Lohmann & Rauscher, Inc.

Carmen Hill, Security Benefit Steve Kearney, Kearney & Associates, Inc. Jeff Litfin, USD 501 Gianfranco Pezzino, Kansas Health Institute Dr. Mike Reynolds, Michael C. Reynolds, DDS Carl Ricketts, Capitol Federal Nancy Shaughnessy, Non-Profit Consultant


Financials Family Service & Guidance Center always aims to be good stewards of the resources which we are given, regardless of the source. These graphs depict where FSGC’s revenue came from and what agency expenses were for 2012.


0.8% 0.3% 3.0%

0.4% 3.6%


84.6% Fee Revenue 7.3% State Funds 3.0% County Funds 0.3% Contributions 0.8% Grants 0.4% United Way 3.6% Miscellaneous 84.6%

Expenses 5.7% 9.4% 84.9% Personnel

9.4% Operating

5.7% Occupancy 84.9%


Special Events The 6th annual Works of Heart Art Event and Auction

Topeka’s biggest and most unique arts-related event once again captured the imagination of our community. May’s FSGC Kids’ Art Show, July’s month-long art exhibit at the Fidelity Banks’ downtown location and the August First Friday ArtWalk all led up to a wonderful evening at the 6th annual Works of Heart Art Event and Auction. Over 350 art enthusiasts, community leaders and friends of FSGC attended and raised $88,000. Our incredibly talented Young Featured Artists, ranging in age from 3 to 16, were the stars of the evening. They met with guests in attendance to share what art means to them and, at the same time, put a young, hopeful face on mental illness. Works of Heart was a night that these gifted young people will always carry with them, and FSGC is proud to have played a part in their special night.

The 16th annual FSGC Day at the Outback

The 2012 edition of this popular lunchtime event was attended by nearly 400 people and raised nearly $16,500 through sponsorships, event ticket sales and ticket sales for the always-popular Basket Raffle. Very special thanks go to employees from Bank of America for volunteering! They played a major role in ensuring the success of FSGC Day at the Outback! Events like this can’t happen without enthusiastic volunteers like them.


Program Highlights We take great satisfaction at Family Service & Guidance Center in our reputation for identifying service gaps in our community and then playing a leadership role in bridging those gaps. The past year was one of major undertakings and good news regarding established programs. Here are some of the highlights:

Transitions to Adulthood

FSGC is proud to announce that Transitions to Adulthood has achieved fidelity as designated by the University of Kansas School of Social Welfare. This designation means that FSGC staff are using the model the way it was designed at KU and that it is proving effective in bringing about positive outcomes for clients. Transitions to Adulthood prepares youth aged 16 to 22 with the skills and abilities needed to be selfsufficient, productive members of our community. Making your way in the world as a young adult is difficult. Leaving home, going to school or work, finding a place to live, learning to budget – it can be a real challenge. But for young adults with mental illness, the transition can be overwhelming. Program staff help transition-aged youth assess and identify their strengths and break goals down into smaller, manageable steps.

Families Supporting Recovery

Nearly 2 million adolescents aged 12-17 are dependent on or abuse drugs or alcohol. Of those teens, two out of three also have a diagnosable mental illness. FSGC has launched an innovative program in which both the substance abuse and mental illness are treated at the same time for optimal results. Families Supporting Recovery is a new program for adolescents aged 12-18 and their families. This program is aimed at reducing drug and alcohol use as well as common co-occurring problems including depression, family conflict, poor school and work attendance and conduct problems. If the adolescent is engaged in substance abuse treatment, FSGC will work with their treatment provider to provide coordinated care. This integrated approach teaches youth critical skills for supporting their own recovery, including effective communication and preparation for adulthood, while also teaching the family how to encourage and support the child’s recovery.

Integrated Health Care

Family Service & Guidance Center is proud to partner with other local prominent community health care providers in the Shawnee County Healthcare Integration Project. The group is working closely to plan the local implementation of a client-centered integrated care model through which primary health and behavioral healthcare services would be provided to underserved and low-income individuals and families. The project goal is to develop a framework for implementing the initial stages in the development of integrated care teams, as well as increase access to primary and behavioral health care for patients. This planning project is partially funded by a generous gift from the Sunflower Foundation, Health Care for Kansans.


Transition-Aged Youth Program Transition-Aged Youth Program Achieves Milestone Growing up can be difficult, even under the best of circumstances. Throw the challenge of mental illness into the mix, and it gets even harder. That’s where Family Service & Guidance Center’s Transition-Aged Youth Program (TAY) can help. TAY is designed to help young adults aged 16-22 with mental illness attain the skills and information they need to find a place to live, get a job and live successfully and independently in the community. FSGC has worked in partnership with the University of Kansas School of Social Welfare for the past two years to develop a program of evidence-based practices that would help transition-aged youth prepare for moving out on their own. KU had developed a highly successful similar program for mentally ill adults, but it had never been used with severely emotionally disturbed youth. KU staff met with TAY staff and clients on a regular basis, discussing what worked and what didn’t. University staff reviewed treatment plans and session notes. More intensive fidelity reviews were conducted every six months. The goal was to ensure that FSGC’s new, innovative program was following program protocols and procedures the way KU had intended. FSGC recently announced that the program had achieved fidelity. Put another way, TAY received the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval from the University. “Achieving fidelity means that we are using the model of treatment the way KU wants us to and that it’s effective in bringing about positive outcomes for our clients,” Sarah Lyon, LMFT, TAY Program Coordinator said. TAY is a strengths-based program. FSGC program staff work closely with their young clients to assess their strengths, past strengths and goals. They work together to break the goals down into manageable action steps and determine how the client can achieve the steps, based on their current strengths and strengths they’ve used in the past to get to where they are today. Lyon gave an example. “If a client’s goal is to move into an apartment, they may not realize that taking the action step of learning to drive means that they can get a job and start making money toward getting their own apartment. “Past strengths are important, too. If a client was close with a teacher but a year later, they’re struggling in class with a new teacher, they can still go back to the old teacher and utilize that positive relationship and ask for help.” Young adults in the Transition-Aged Youth Program have a broad range of services available to them, including individual therapy, case management, psychiatric services and an educational Independent Living Skills group to teach transitionaged youth skills they need to live independently and productively. In addition, specialty groups have started based on the stated needs of the group. “Teens on the Town” gives clients the opportunity to go on group outings to practice a variety of social skills. “Girls Club” focused on unique challenges that young women face as they try to become more independent. The University of Kansas – which has provided countless hours of consultation and technical assistance at no charge – will continue to work with FSGC and the Transition-Aged Youth Program to ensure that fidelity is maintained and that the program continues to provide mentally ill young adults in our community with the skills and information they need to live happy, healthy, self-sufficient lives.


2012 Event Sponsors Presenting Sponsors:

Hearts Full of Hope Sponsors:


Funeral Homes, Crematory & Cemeteries




You can afford a Penwell-Gabel funeral

Dr. Janice Bingle

The Wittig Family



The Ricks Family

2012 Donors More than 450 individuals, families and businesses chose to support Family Service & Guidance Center in 2012. They represent a diverse cross section of our northeast Kansas community: outstanding corporate partners, business leaders, FSGC staff, philanthropists and loyal friends of FSGC who understand the impact their gifts can make on children’s lives. Their generosity helps make it possible for FSGC’s children, teens and families to live happier, healthier, more successful lives. David and Rhonda Aadalen Deena Abbott Chelsy Abrams Elaine Adair Lisa and Mark Adame Advisors Excel Michael Allen Shelly Allen Doris Alters American Heartland Theater Susan Anderson Tonia and Morgan Anderson Glea Ashley Association of CMHCK Delanie Atteberry Dr. Eric and Mrs. Robin Atwood Dr. Michael and Mrs. Jennie Atwood BA Designs Niashia Baker Bank of America Dr. and Mrs. Al Barnhill Janie Bartee Drs. Tom and Alice Bartlett Bartlett & West Engineers, Inc. Cara Bass Dennis and Martha Bass Rick Bassett Heather Beam Beauchamp’s Gallery Amy Bell Joy Bell LaVera Bell Melanie Benton Drs. Mel and Michele Berg Dr. Liliana Bernal Ken Berry Joy Bettencourt Dan and Rosa Billen Bimbo Bakeries Dr. Janice Bingle Dr. Pat and Mrs. Heather Birkbeck Jim and Mary Lou Birkbeck Ryan Bishop

Brenda Blackman Blind Tiger Brewery Blue Cross Blue Shield Delray Blumreich Jennifer Bohlander Gary Bond Barb Boos Bosco’s Downtown Gina Bowes Glenn Bowman Drew Brancaccio Russ and Beth Anne Branden Margaret Braun Rhonda and Steve Brown Jennifer Browning Angela Broxterman Anthony and Patricia Bryan Bill Buch Jackie Buffett Build-a-Bear Workshop Amy Burns and Chris Brooke Paul and Olive Burns Dr. Abby Callis Charles Callis Angela Calvin Carolyn Campbell Capitol Federal Foundation Cardinal Building Services Shanna Carlson Leslie and Nicolas Carr Pat Carroll Carstar Automotive Marla Case Daniel Casement Charrisa Castillo Kara Cavender Anderson Chandler Ashley Charest Ramon Chavez Romualdo Chavez George Chrisman Christ the King Catholic Parish Steve and Jeanie Christenberry

Arianna Christian Treva Christian Vicki and Jeff Claassen Lori Cobin Shanna Cochran Sue Cody Courtney Coleman Collective Brands Kathy Collins Krystal Collins Helen Como Memorial Conkling-Hussey Charitable Trust Julie Conner David Conroy Amanda Coonrod Jamie Cooper Nicole Cooper CoreFirst Bank & Trust Carlos Cortez Lyndsi Cox Cox Communications Craftivists Nancy Crago Harry and Karen Craig Andrew Crandall Ed and Linnea Cullumber Sandi Cummings Eldon Danenhauer Jennifer Danford Denise Daudet Luke Davis Tara Dawley Stacy Dawn Tina and Nelson Dean Rachel DeBaere Julie DeJean Frances Delfs-Langer Will DelToro Lisa DeMint Mr. Gerald Dietrich and Dr. Brenda Dietrich Dillon’s #64 Dillon’s #88


2012 Donors (Con’t) EJ Drake Mary Kay Droge Jim Duncan Dutch Goose Sports Bar & Grill Dynamic Advisors Group, Inc. EANGEE Home Designs Jeff Edwards Ronald Edwards Sheila Eklund Environmental Pest Control Envy Salon Troy Fay Federal Home Loan Bank Tom and Jo Feldmann Brice and Anna Feldt Doug and Dr. Sheri Fincher Debra Fisher Bob and Kris Fletcher Janet Flickinger Lori Florence Kara Fluke Mechele and Scott Ford Mike Fowler Frame Warehouse Douglas C. Franklin Janet Franklin Sam Barnett Janet and John Frieden Kathy Frye Frank Fulton Helen Garretson David and Debra Gary Gates Bar-B-Q Kelly George Denise Gilfillan Gizmo Pictures, Inc. Arthur and Carolyn Glassman Glory Days Pizza Joe and Karen Glotzbach Christopher Godfrey Hanna Godfrey Kaffie and Ronnie Godfrey Jolene Grabil John and Chris Grandmontagne Shannon Gregory Carrie Jo Gros Lisa Grossman Consuelo Guerrero Candy Gustin


Deborah and Gary Haag Hallmark Cards Topeka Plant Hallmark Cards, Inc. Jenae Hamilton Perri and Patrick Hamilton Jessica Hammer Bob and Robin Hannigan Ruth Harjo Kaleena Harmer Angela Harris Larry Harris David Hartley Chris and Deborah Hartman Karen Hartman Carol and John Hartnett Gary Henault Gary Henson Bill Hentzler Heritage Motors Erin Herschell Ashley Heusted Carmen Hill John Holcomb Becky Holmquist Kimberly Houser Terence Howe Lori and Keith Huffman Lewis H. Humphreys Charitable Trust Alice Hunt Wayne and Janet Hunter Stephanie Irwin J. E. Dunn Construction Company Jayhawk File Express Dwight and Kathy Jepson Jamie Jepson John M. Shapiro Charitable Trust Doralie Johnson Kirk and Cheryl Johnson Kirk and Sharon Johnson Mary Johnson Shelby Johnson Kristine Johnston Viola and Wade Jones Jostens Cindy Juby Trust Wanda Kaberline Kansas First News Kansas Gas Service Steve and Kellie Kearney

Mallory Keeffe Vance Kelley Shayla Kincade Rachel King Darrell Kirkwood Tanaya Koger Tom Krebs Bruce Krueger Pam Kuzanek Rodney and Kathy Lacy Dr. Camille Lafleur Daniel Lake Ben Lamb Erin Landreth Fran Langer Eileen Langley Kevin Large Gara Larson Melissa Ledom David Lee Jessica and Jason Lehnherr Les Letulle Dana Lewis Jeff and Janet Litfin Pat Loar Kevin Lorson Brad LuDec Hunter Lyden Dan Lykins Sarah Lyon Colin MacMillan John Maddox Nicole Maddox Barry Magner Pam Manning Kerrice Mapes Jim Marchiony De’Mia Mays M-C Industries Gwen McClain Krysti and Glen McClure Cassidy McCrite Melanie McCue McElroys Heather McGann Azia McMunn Linda McWilliams Dr. Roy Menninger and Mrs. Beverly Menninger

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2012 Donors (Con’t) UPS US Bank Stacey and Randal Utech William Utech Jan VanMeter Donna Verdejo VFW #1650 Ladies Auxiliary Sam and Shanna Vigare Tamara Vincent In Memory of Gena Klise Vision Bank Sandra Vogel Janice Votaw Lisa Walker Charlene Wallace Warehouse 414 Cathy Warford Maureen Washtlea Candace and Ron Watson Jennie Watson Chelsie Weckbaugh Rosalie Wenger Westar Energy Jim and Sarah Williamson Christine Wills Diane Wishall Beth and David Wittig Constance Wold Kari Wold Women of Goodyear Laura Woodward Erin Wynkoop Caitlin Yoho Todd York Shanna Ziegler Ann Zinn







2012 Annual Report  
2012 Annual Report