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JANUARY 2015 • NO. 11


FEBRUARY 2017 • NO. 18



For the island nation of Haiti, destruction and rebuilding are common themes. In a seemingly fruitless cycle, as the people of Haiti pick themselves up from the 2010 “...A NURTURING, PEACEFUL earthquake, they faced Hurricane Matthew’s OF of the wrath on October 4,PLACE 2016. Much awayENVIRONMENT...A


Continued generosity locally helps the Lasallian Family an ocean




College St. Jean Baptiste de La Salle brings stability and hope to the children of Haiti.

A Look at the College Saint Jean Baptiste de La Salle in Haiti southwestern section of the country

Like a ripple in water, a single source of hope and charity can have far-reaching effects. Two years after its opening, and four years after the earthquake that devastated the island nation of Haiti, College Saint Jean Baptiste de La Salle is providing valuable resources beyond academia and inspiring Lasallian students to get involved. Executive Director for Mission and Ministry Alan Weyland, has made six trips to Haiti, serving as primary liaison for the District of Eastern North America and their partners in the District of Antilles-South Mexico. More than simply checking on progress, the visits are meant to build relationships with the people of the community. “We’re engaged in seeing what their needs are and what we can do to meet some of those needs,” he said. Manhattan College sent their second volunteer group at the beginning of January of 2015 while La Salle University is sending their first group in February. The educational compound, which provides Pre-K to 6th grade with an all-Haitian teaching staff, has seen a significant increase in enrollment over two years, from only 78 students at its opening to 300, its maximum capacity. The School Children assemble in the courtyard Brothers looking possibly a separate structure between theirare current schoolinto building and thebuilding new building solely fortoPre-K, thusincreasing freeing space for future enrollment. They constructed help handle enrollment.


itselfa rebuilding again.focused on vocations like also plan to implement middle school God’s grace,A the animal husbandry and By basic farming. hugeCollege step forSt.theJean school and the community Baptiste has been de theLa completion the water Salle near of Haiti’s capitalfiltration city, system, allowing students and teachers to enjoyThe clean, Port-au-Prince, was spared. needsconsumfor able water in addition sellingand it tothe thechildren community cheaper the toschool they atserve, rates than in the marketplaces. Fundraising however, have continuedprimarily to grow.provides Amidst incoming students with scholarships as well as some school supplies. this chaos, more than 500 children currently are However, resources nourished are not readily available despite efforts each day—intellectually, physically,such as DENA’s past threeand advent season fundraisers. Residents simply spiritually. They fill two classes at the Predo not have much toK spend on education. “To operate the school 3, Pre-K 4, Kindergarten, and first grade there’s a lot of help that’s needed financially,” said Alan. levels, with single classes in all other grades. District Director of Finance FSC, In an attemptBrother to keepTimothy pace withFroehlich, the climbing described his first trip to thepopulation, school. Hea was by how student new struck two-story, five the school’s nurturing, classroom peaceful environment drastically contrasted building has been constructed, and with the poverty offoundation the rest ofwork the area. He was also amazed at has been laid for another the joy and hope hebuilding saw intothe students. felt grades a great6 sense house middle “I school to 8. of pride that our Institute,Inand our district, is supporting this educaa recent trip, Brother Dennis Malloy, tional mission,” he said. “To see in action how our donations FSC, Provincial/Visitor of the District are working, touching the hearts ofNorth these kids, was very gratifying. of Eastern America, and Mr. Alan It does the heart good to witness such goodness...it certainly Weyland, Executive Director for touched the mine.” District’s Office for Mission & Ministry met (continued on page 4) continued on page 4



A MESSAGE FROM BROTHER DENNIS MALLOY, FSC “You are the salt of the earth … You are the light of the world” (Matthew 5:13, 14) And so it is February. This shortest month sure has a way of feeling like the longest. While the daylight hours may be growing gradually longer, we are still deep in the heart of winter. The bright lights of Christmas seem long past, and the breaking in of the hope and new life of Easter are far off. It is a long stretch in the “Ordinary Time” of the liturgical life of the Church year. In the midst of our mid-winter doldrums, Jesus enjoins us in the Gospel for the first Sunday of February with his declaration: “You are the salt of the earth” and “You are the light of the world”. He doesn’t mince words or invite us to be “salt” and “light” but tells us “You are” if you call yourselves my disciples. These elemental metaphors of being salt and light were a clear message to Jesus’ community of disciples then, and are to us now, to make a difference in the world by our witness to a new way of life centered on Jesus and his mission. Our job as Jesus’ disciples is to be co-workers in his mission by announcing God’s love and by helping to bring about God’s reign through justice, mercy, reconciliation, generosity, and service.

S T. J O H N B A P T I S T



For all of us who find in John Baptist de La Salle a model of discipleship, it means making a difference in the lives of young people especially in those most challenged by life’s circumstances. This we do by making the Gospel real for them in our deeds and words and by helping young people to realize the giftedness they already possess. In these few pages and in the young people whose minds and hearts have been touched by our mission, you will find abundant evidence of the discipleship of our Lasallian community, of which you are an integral part. It is through these signs that we know we have become “salt” and “light.” Live Jesus in our hearts!

Brother Dennis Malloy, FSC Provincial/Visitor, DENA

THE ST. JOHN BAPTIST DE LA SALLE FUND seeks to ensure that a Lasallian education is available and accessible to those students most in need. Through an initial program of student sponsorship and a growing program of grants to identified schools, the Fund provides tuition assistance for students to attend a Lasallian school. With your support, we are now providing over $520,000 annually for our students in need. Others are welcome to join the Brothers and their Partners-in-Mission in this specially-dedicated scholarship fund which continues to grow each year.

FACE OF THE FUND: BROOKLYN GRANT La Salle Academy of Philadelphia A bubbly, take-charge kind of girl, Brooklyn Grant is in 8th grade and is Student Council president at La Salle Academy in Philadelphia PA. She earns first honors, is a team player and starts on the basketball team. Brooklyn organized a fundraising drive for the homeless, offered to tutor 3rd graders, and helped to start a Chess Club. She is quick to help a classmate or a teacher and always volunteers. She said, “La Salle Academy might be the best school in Philadelphia. I have had some wonderful opportunities and even went to Rhode Island where I worked with other Lasallian students focusing on leadership. It is a great community!” Like most of her classmates, Brooklyn is from one of the toughest neighborhoods in North Philadelphia. “A scholarship from The St. John Baptist de La Salle Fund makes this possible for students like Brooklyn,” said La Salle Academy President Sr. Jeanne McGowan, SSJ, “because her family has extreme financial needs, but they also have a strong desire for a high quality, Catholic education.” Brooklyn’s single mom works two jobs. Her family has faced many obstacles, but Brooklyn brings her positive attitude and work ethic to school. Her mom believes strongly that education is the key to breaking out of poverty and is an advocate for her daughter and for LSA. Ms. Grant said, “La Salle Academy challenges my bright daughter to be her best self. She has learned more and receives a much better education here. LSA has nurtured her spirit and her confidence.” The Grants and La Salle Academy are grateful for the St. John Baptist De La Salle Fund!



Young children growing up do nothing but play. Their work is play. And during play, they dream up fantastic adventures and nearly impossible feats. I wonder if the boy Jesus in the Jerusalem Temple 2,000 years ago thought much about paying the bills when he grows up. Thanks to this kid for not giving up on his dream of building his Father’s Kingdom, we now have a glimmer of hope, of what could be. As Brothers of the Christian Schools, we recall a moment of foolishness and heroism when our Founder, a young De La Salle, recommitted himself along with two of his Brothers to stay faithful to a dream that God had entrusted to them, to teach the children of the poor and to let them know that God has always loved them so. I joined the De La Salle Christian Brothers in 2003 back when I was but a youth looking for a dream. You know, it is one thing to learn about things through the books and hearsay. It’s another to live it out concretely with all the challenges that present themselves along the way. If things were to come easily, I’m not so sure how much appreciated they would be. I can share with you that religious life is not easy, but neither is it impossibly difficult. Moments of difficulties are not indications of a life mismatched, but occasions for growth. We, as reasonable adults, sometimes assume too much and think that we know what’s best for us, and in the process, hinder the work of the Spirit from within us. Live first, and we might just begin to see what God has in store for us. For more of Brother Peter’s personal reflection, visit http://bit.ly/BrPeterNguyen



Blessed Brother Solomon Le Clercq, FSC, was martyred on September 2, 1792, during the French Revolution. He was the first Brother of the Christian Schools to be martyred, and the first to be beatified. On October 16th, Pope Francis proclaimed Brother Solomon a Saint. “Lasallian faith and zeal filled Saint Peter’s Square as Brothers and Partners-in-Mission gathered with other Church faithful for the canonization of Saint Solomon and the other six saints who were canonized,” said Mrs. Maryann Donohue-Lynch, Associate Executive Director, Office for Mission and Ministry in the District of Eastern North America (DENA). Maryann was in Rome for a Lasallian Formation program, and attended the Canonization Mass. She commented, “I found the homily of Pope Francis most inspiring as he spoke regarding the necessity for and the power of prayer.”

Now serving the Christian Brothers Generalate in Rome, Brother Robert Schaefer, FSC, is pictured with Brothers Aidan (Ireland), Felix (India) and Nestor (Mexico) in front of St. Peter’s Basilica ahead of the Canonization Mass.

Just Try It On Know someone who may be interested in the Brothers of the Christian Schools?




for your continued support of our Christian Brothers in their retirement at: (B) La Salle Hall - Beltsville MD (N) Christian Brothers Center - Narragansett RI Br. Anthony Baird (L) Br. James Bednar (L) Br. Henry Betz (L) Br. Raymund Buck (L) Br. Thomas Caldwell (L) Br. Thomas Chadwick (L) Br. Carl Clayton (B) Br. John Coates (T) Br. Richard Connors (N) Br. Kenneth Cook (L) Br. Stephen Creagh (N) Br. Thomas Dunn (N)

Br. George Edwards (T) Br. Gabriel Fagan (L) Br. Martin Fahey (L) Br. Walter Farrell (T) Br. Michael Fitzgibbon (L) Br. Brendan Foley (N) Br. Brendan Garwood (B) Br. Brendan Gerrity (N) Br. Robert Hebert (N) Br. John Herron (L) Br. John Karl (B) Br. Michael Kelleher (L)

(continued from page 1)

with the school’s Principal, Brother Lanes Escarment, FSC. Br. Lanes (Lon-es) reported an increase in financial need as the school continues to see surging interest and enrollment, while families here have minimal ability to pay tuition. Students at Lasallian schools from across our District participate as a community in various in-school fundraisers to support our annual Haiti Advent Appeal. These efforts, combined with the generosity of other members of our Lasallian family here at home, are helping the school to meet these needs. One example is shared by Alan Weyland. “The St. Jean Baptiste de La Salle School took in

(L) De La Salle Hall - Lincroft NJ (T) Loretto Abbey - Toronto ON

Br. William Kemmerer (L) Br. Joseph Lapp (B) Br. Leo Leary (B) Br. James Loxham (N) Br. Hugh Maguire (L) Br. Francisco Martin (L) Br. Eugene Morgan (B) Br. Joseph Myers (B) Br. John Perry (L) Br. Patrick Power (L) Br. David Rogers (B) Br. Kevin Strong (L)

three students from the hurricane devastated section of Haiti who are now living with a family in Port-au-Prince,” said Alan. “Thanks to the fundraising efforts of our Lasallians at Christian Brothers Academy in Lincroft NJ, the tuition for these three students is covered this year.” To keep up with the growing school community, so too has the Brothers’ Community grown. “There are currently seven teaching Brothers living on campus,” said Weyland. In another example of Lasallian support, the efforts of Central Catholic High School in Pittsburgh PA have provided the Brothers with a new 14-passenger Toyota van that aides the school and the Brothers’ Community immensely. Classes on hygiene, nutrition, and pre-natal care are conducted at The Mother and Child Centre on the campus, led by The Sisters of the Immaculate Conception of Castres. Food and medicinal herbs continue to be cultivated by the Sisters and the Haitian families they help. Partnered with the Brothers, the Sisters are providing clean water, a vital necessity, to students and their families at a severely reduced cost, thanks to the well and water filtration system installed on the campus. La Salle University nursing students and faculty visited the campus during their January winter break to teach in the school and provide immunizations and basic health care at the Centre. “We are delighted to explore more opportunities to be involved with our Lasallian family,” Two La Salle University student volunteers take a break to have fun with children from a nearby orphanage.

Br. Timothy Tarmey (L) Br. John Vella (T) Br. Floyd Warwick (L) Br. Isadore Wasylenchuk (T) Br. Henry Werner (B) Br. Philip Whitman (B) Br. William Wilcox (T) Br. William Winter (B) Br. Paul Yuzuk (L) Br. Nicholas Zimrose (T)

Br. Dennis Malloy, FSC, Provincial/Visitor (left) and Mr. Alan Weyland, Executive Director of Mission & Ministry (right), visit with school principal, Br. Lanes Escarment, FSC (next to Br. Dennis) and the other Christian Brothers from Haiti who live in community on campus and staff the school.

said Dr. Mary Wilby, Assistant Professor and Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner Track Coordinator for La Salle University’s School of Nursing & Health Sciences. “It is crucial to expose our University community of educators and students to the Brothers’ and Sisters’ missions of helping members of the global community improve their lives through education and health.” With the conclusion of the most recent 2016 Haiti Advent Appeal, College St. Jean Baptiste de La Salle faces the new year once again with help to provide for the needs of the growing enrollment, which includes necessities such as educational technology, desks, and chairs. The continued success of the District’s Haiti Advent Appeal, together with the ongoing generosity of our Lasallian family, allows the Brothers to provide a human and Christian education to our young Haitian brothers and sisters, and help break the cycle of poverty.



Distinguished Lasallian Educators for 2016 Concluding the Huether Lasallian Conference in November 2016, these three educators from the District of Eastern North America were among those presented with the Distinguished Lasallian Educator Award for exemplifying the conference theme The Good Samaritan: Confronting New Poverties in the 21st Century. Assistant Director for Campus Ministry and Social Action at Manhattan College in Riverdale NY, Ms. Jennifer Robinson Edwards is an extraordinarily effective and passionate Lasallian educator, a well-known and beloved mentor who nurtures and challenges students as they discover their gifts, talents, and vocation to be of service to others. According to colleagues, Jennifer is the “Lasallian heart and soul” of the profoundly transformative L.O.V.E. (Lasallian Outreach Volunteer Experience) program, immersion experiences that are a conscious attempt to enter into the lives and issues of the poor and marginalized. Science may be Mr. Anthony Shilen’s starting base for educating young men at St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute in Buffalo NY, but it’s his other pursuits that make him an outstanding role model. They include faith sharing on Kairos retreats, leadership of the Catholic Relief Services partner group, accompaniment of students on immersion trips, co-coordinating the Food Basket drive, tutoring economically disadvantaged students at Buffalo Prep, or developing an online Social Justice course. Mr. Shilen offers students and adults a clear example of what St. La Salle meant when calling us to treat each child “as if he were the child of a king.” In nominating Mrs. Kate Ward-Gaus for this recognition, her colleagues at La Salle University in Philadelphia PA, focused on her ministerial work, especially to the students on campus. Kate educates young people on the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse, helping them deal with high risk behavior and guiding them toward making better choices. She accomplishes this through listening, authentic compassion, advice based on research and pedagogy in her field, and insightful and judicious responses to their questions. As a strong advocate for students who feel marginalized or emotionally at-risk, she sees all people as children of God.


CHRISTMAS CARD ART CONTEST Now in its 8th year, the annual District Christmas Card contest had fifty-eight entries from nine schools. There were many strong entries for our theme: The Gospel of Matthew 1:20-25 “Joseph’s Dream & The Birth of Jesus.” Warren Megger, age fourteen, is a Freshman at Calvert Hall College High School in Towson MD, and this year’s contest winner. He began formal art lessons in the summer of 2016 and is delighted to be part of the art program at Calvert Hall. Warren is also a student in the McMullen Scholars Program at CHC. He is a science and math enthusiast and enjoys competing on the school’s “It’s Academic” team which competes against other area high schools on a locally televised quiz show. A special thanks to all our student artists and our art teachers for promoting the contest from these schools:

District Leaders with Award Recipients: Auxiliary Visitor Br. Dennis Lee FSC, Mrs. Kate Ward-Gaus, Ms. Jennifer Robinson Edwards, Provincial/Visitor Br. Dennis Malloy FSC, Mr. Anthony Shilen, Associate Director for Mission & Ministry Mrs. Maryann Donohue-Lynch, Executive Director for Mission & Ministry Mr. Alan Weyland.

Calvert Hall College High School – Towson MD Christian Brothers Academy – Syracuse NY De La Salle College “Oaklands” – Toronto Ontario CAN Hudson Catholic Regional High School – Jersey City NJ La Salle Academy – Providence RI Ocean Tides School – Narragansett RI St. John’s College High School – Washington DC St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute – Buffalo NY St. Raymond High School for Boys – Bronx NY



MINISTRY SPOTLIGHT OCEAN TIDES SCHOOL Educational/Vocational Program Gives Hope, Transforms Lives As part of our Lasallian Association of Youth & Family Services, Ocean Tides School in Rhode Island meets the unique needs of each student. Their main campus in Narragansett is a residential program for court adjudicated youth, and additionally offers a day program for students referred by their school district. At Ocean Tides, they provide a human and Christian education coupled with a range of services, including vocational education. According to Brother James Martino, FSC, President of Ocean Tides, “Vocational education programs look to complement all of our work in academic progress, counseling, learning life lessons, and skills to help each young man create a sense of worth for himself, and a vision for his future that is often lacking. A future vision or plan is vital to creating the interest, need, and energy to do things differently in the future.” There is a wide variety of training options such as Carpentry & Building Trades, Barbering, Horticulture, Small Engine Repair, Facility Maintenance & Grounds Work, etc. One of their extremely successful programs is Culinary Arts. In 2001, at 17 years old, Kevin O’Donnell was remanded to Ocean Tides after a number of minor infractions and truancy. For him, as others, the Culinary Arts program soon became a place of focus and success. “Before Ocean Tides, I had no interest in education,” remembered O’Donnell. “I didn’t know what I wanted, was influenced by the wrong people, and had given up by Junior year. Being mentored by chefs Andy Lussier and Craig Mitchell, the culinary program became something I looked forward to. I was inspired and enjoyed being in the kitchen.” Students of the program divide their day between academic subjects and culinary arts. With opportunities to intern and job shadow while earning a Food Safety Certificate, students become versed in basic food safety, food preparation, restaurant management and customer service. Ocean Tides’ well equipped kitchen, staffed by Johnson & Wales University, College of Culinary Arts qualified chef instructors, provides hands on mentorship where young men like O’Donnell can learn how to cook for special events. They receive experience on a daily basis cooking for the students, and for the Brothers’

Students in Culinary Program staff the carving stations for a charity event.

retirement community at Christian Brothers Center. “Their [Andy and Craig] guidance, and Br. Brendan’s trust gave me what I needed to get started after I graduated from Ocean Tides,” said O’Donnell. “We hired Kevin to open up the kitchen in the mornings,” said Brother Brendan Gerrity, FSC, then President of the school. “We took a chance because he knew our expectations, and we knew he could be successful continuing his education at Johnson & Wales if he could afford it.” O’Donnell enrolled at at Johnson & Wales University, College of Culinary Arts in 2004, and studied there until accepting an internship in Orvieto, Italy. Cultivating his skills and partnerships, O’Donnell traversed the Atlantic, from Newport RI, to Italy, New York City, Paris, and finally to Boston MA, where he recently opened his own establishment, SRV Restaurant, where he is Co-Executive Chef/Partner. “I found myself lost, but my positive experience at Ocean Tides was my wake up call,” said O’Donnell. “Good caring people, structure, and opportunity; I can’t speak more highly of my time at Ocean Tides.”

Mr. Kevin O’Donnell, Ocean Tides alumnus and Co-Executive Chef/Partner at SRV Restaurant. Chefs Andrew Lussier (center) and Bob Lavoie (right) train students in a wide range of culinary skills from basic knife handling and food prep, to pastry and dessert decorating.



Christmas Joy

On December 18th, the Brothers of Christian Brothers Academy and the Provincialate Community gathered with the retired Brothers at De La Salle Hall in Lincroft NJ to celebrate Christmas. For the Brothers, being together in community is vitally important. A wonderful time, both festive and spiritually uplifting, was had by all!


REMEMBERING THE BROTHERS WE HAVE LOST Full obituaries and eulogies available online at www.fscdena.org


1928–2016 Born James Joseph Leahy in 1928 in New York NY, Br. James entered the Barrytown Novitiate in 1946 and received the religious habit and name, Brother Charles James. He taught at schools throughout New York, as well as the Pontifical Lateran University in Rome, and served as Sub-Director and Director for several Novitiates, including the Barrytown Novitiate, the Christian Brothers Novitiate in Skaneateles NY, and Sangre de Cristo in Santa Fe NM. At the age of 65, Br. James volunteered for missionary work in the Lwanga District that would last for 14 years, teaching theology at Tangaza College in Nairobi Kenya, and living at a Novitiate in war-torn Asmara Eritrea. In his eulogy, fellow missionary Brother Vincent Pelletier, FSC shared a letter written by Brother Ghebreyesus Habte, FSC, Provincial of the Lwanga District, reflecting on Br. James’ legacy as a teacher and friend: “You were a man of principles, strong in your vocation, prayerful, and a joyful lecturer and Community member.”


1922–2016 Brother James, born James Aloysius Perry in 1922, was inspired to become a Brother through his education at Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School in Brooklyn NY. After entering the Barrytown Novitiate in 1940 and receiving the religious habit and name, Brother Calixtus James, he instructed primarily in New York, especially at Lincolndale’s Lincoln Hall, where he worked for more than six years as a teacher, prefect, and assistant principal. Meanwhile, he took courses at Fordham University, St. John’s University, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and earned an MA in Theology from Manhattan College. In 1962, Br. James would begin a 20 year teaching mission to Africa. Fellow missionary Jack Connell recalled how Br. James volunteered to staff the St. Pius Junior Seminary in Musoma Tanzania, a small town with no electricity, paved roads, or running water save for what was hand-pumped from nearby Lake Victoria. “In many ways,” said Connell, “this was an act of heroic virtue.”


1927–2016 Brother John Loehr, FSC, born in Syracuse NY in 1927, led a diverse life of service. After graduating Onondaga Valley High School, Br. John joined the US Maritime Service during World War II, then worked as a police officer in Washington DC and Syracuse, and later became a master plumber. Entering the Novitiate in 1968, he worked as a teacher, physical plant technician, groundskeeper, and golf coach at ministries including Manhattan College, the Christian Brothers Academies in Syracuse and Lincroft NJ, and Bethlehem University in Palestine. In addition, he spent a year serving the poor in Albuquerque NM, and for six years, he managed a Jamaican butchery trade school. He also enjoyed making peanut brittle and Irish soda bread. Brother Joseph Jozwiak, FSC quoted the prophet Daniel in remembering Br. John’s quiet and meticulous nature and devotion to prayer: “Those who instruct many in justice will shine like the stars for all eternity.”


1941–2016 Even at an early age, Brother Michael, born Michael George Dundin in Providence RI, was known for his artistry and sense of humor. After entering the Novitiates in Barrytown NY and Narragansett RI in 1959, he applied his wit and creativity to his teaching at ministries like his alma mater, La Salle Academy in Providence, The Prout School in Wakefield RI, and the Mwangaza Center in Nakuru Kenya. His friend, Brother Vincent Pelletier, FSC, affectionately remembered him as a perfectionist constantly pushing himself to improve, whether in his teaching, art, running, or golf, but who always knew how to work with inexperienced students on their terms. “Mike was a patient man in so many ways,” said Br. Vincent. “Not with himself, but with others.” Later on, Br. Vincent saw him withdraw more to nature and reflect on his faith. “Mike saw so much more than most of us,” he said.



District Office 444-A Hwy 35 South Eatontown NJ 07724 ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED

Dear Friends, I hope your Christmas holiday was blessed, happy, and peaceful. December can be a crazy, hectic time. But likewise it is a beautiful, spiritual time. It is also a season when good people show their care and generosity more than any other time of the year. To all of you who have partnered and continue to partner with us— whether for Haiti, retired Brothers, our scholarship fund, our new senior friendly Brothers Community Anselm Hall, or just to help the Brothers continue their mission—we send our prayers and thanks! In the weeks of Advent, to those of you for whom we have an e-mail address, we provided a weekly reflection and a link to an online Advent Retreat. It was nice to see that each week at least 1,000 of our friends opened the reflection, and the full personal retreat was accessed several hundred times. We hope this provided some of you the opportunity for pause and reflection. If you have not received our occasional e-mails but would like to, please send an e-mail to me – donahue@fscdena.org.

Window from former Brothers’ novitiate, Barrytown NY

Honoring Our Past. Serving Today. Building Tomorrow Establish your enduring legacy in support of our

I look forward to hearing from you!

Lasallian mission. We invite you to join us as we continue to serve children, families, and our Brothers Sincerely, here in the United States and around the world.

Lasallian Legacy


Mr. Patrick J. Donahue Director of Development

For more information or membership please contact: Patrick Donahue, Director of Development, DENA (732) 380-7926 x121 • donahue@fscdena.org





District Director

Narragansett RI

Lincroft NJ

Please remember the Brothers in your will or other estate plans.

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Lasallian Visions - February 2017  

Winter 2017 edition of our Development publication. Stories include an update on the Lasallian school in Haiti we support, our Face of the F...

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