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Summer 2019 • VOL. 4

Evangelization: Being God’s Message to Those We Serve by Mrs. Maryann Donohue-Lynch - Associate Executive Director, Office for Mission & Ministry Last year Saint Mary’s Press released a study that assesses the disaffiliation of young Catholics from the Church. It explores the reasons they have chosen to step away from their church community. The research indicates that one of the reasons some have drifted away is because of “a lack of companions on the spiritual journey.” When De La Salle established his first Christian school in 1679, it was a learning community based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, where both teachers and students paused regularly each day to remember that they were in the holy presence of God. Not only did De La Salle provide religious formation for the students, but through his teacher formation program, he reminded the early Brothers that God

had called them “to this work” and to “Let the way you live be that of the Gospel.” (Meditations 84.3) During 2019 the Lasallian family celebrates a Jubilee Year in honor of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, the Patron Saint of Teachers. The words of the Founder, that God has called us to this work, still inspire the mission of providing a “human and Christian education to the young, especially the poor” that serves nearly one million young people each day in 80 countries. Today, much like De La Salle and the early Brothers did, Lasallians around the world consider how we can walk with students as they come to grow in their faith. Former Superior General Brother Alvaro

Strengthening our BASE

B - Brothers’ Vocation A - Association/Formation S - Service of the Poor E - Evangelization

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Mrs. Maryann Donohue-Lynch shares time with one of our Lasallian students in Africa.

Students are invited to explore their spirituality.



A MESSAGE FROM THE VISITOR Dear Lasallians, May this issue of Lasallian Notes find you enjoying the refreshment of this summer season. We continue to be in this special year of blessing, remembering the 300 years since our Founder’s death. A highlight happened in May when many Brothers had an audience with Pope Francis. At that time, he spoke that De La Salle’s “vision of the school led him to develop ever more clearly the belief that education is a right for everyone including the poor.” Throughout our District, we attempt to provide an excellent education for all, including those from the lower social classes. Throughout this issue, you will see that abundantly clear. I draw your attention to the 10th birthday of DENA which will be on September 9th. Over these ten years, so many positives have happened in the development of our District, which continues to serve well the mission for which our Founder founded us. In that same audience in May, the Pope spoke of the first teachers whom De La Salle gathered for the mission: “He devoted all his energy to their formation.” We in DENA continue to devote great energy for the ongoing formation of the successors to those first teachers— Lasallians throughout our 30 ministries.

S T. J O H N B A P T I S T



This summer alone, DENA has had hundreds of Lasallians in various formation programs: 10 in IALU (Rome program for university faculty and administration); 34 in the Buttimer Institute of Lasallian Studies at Manhattan College; another 34 in the new cohort of the John Johnston Institute of Contemporary Lasallian Practices; 11 participants in the Lasallian Social Justice Institute (New Orleans); some 125 students in the 25th annual Summer Lasallian Youth Assembly. Additionally, there have been formation programs for Board Chairs and new administrators. Finally, in this issue we complete our look at the four pillars of our first DENA Strategic Plan. This pillar, Evangelization, was also a concern mentioned by Pope Francis in May: “The forms for proclaiming the Gospel must be adapted to the concrete situations of various contexts.” We continue to work together to appropriately do so. With great gratitude, Bro. Dennis Lee, FSC Visitor/Provincial lee@fscdena.org

THE ST. JOHN BAPTIST DE LA SALLE FUND seeks to ensure that a Lasallian education is available and accessible to those students most in need. Through an initial program of student sponsorship and a growing program of grants to identified schools, the Fund provides tuition assistance for students to attend a Lasallian school. With your support, we are now providing $845,000 annually for our students in need. All are welcome to join the Brothers and their Partners-in-Mission in this specially-dedicated scholarship fund which continues to grow each year.

FACE OF THE FUND: HECTOR REYES San Miguel School of Washington by Mr. David Palank - Principal In 2016, we knew Hector Reyes had potential. Yet, as he admits, his patience was limited. “I used to be the type of person who wanted things to happen quickly,” he said. “I used to look for the easy way out.” Today, as he graduates from The San Miguel School of Washington, Hector reflected on how he has grown into a Miguel Man. “A Miguel Man is someone who helps others and shows the 12 Virtues of De La Salle.” When asked which virtue impacted him the most, he flashed a smile and responded, “Two virtues specifically, Gravity and Patience. I have learned to be serious in situations that require it. I am also now willing to challenge myself, not rush through tasks, and can wait for good things to come.” Good things have come for Hector, as he prepares to attend Gonzaga College High School next year! Hector’s older brother, Jason (San Miguel class of 2015), recently graduated from Archbishop Carroll High School. Hector says that both San Miguel and his brother’s success inspire and prepare him for high school. “I want to follow in his footsteps, be successful, graduate high school, and go to college like him. I also want to take advanced classes. I know it will not be easy. Thanks to the workload here, I know I will be prepared,” Hector said confidently. It is obvious that Hector has begun to realize his potential. Thanks to the St. John Baptist de La Salle Fund he has been able to build his foundation at San Miguel. We have faith that Hector will realize his dreams!


Papal Audience Commemorates 300 Year Jubilee

Pope Francis and Brother Robert Schieler, FSC, Superior General, exchange greetings during the Papal audience for Lasallians.

Superior General Brother Robert Schieler, FSC led a group of Lasallians that included four other Brothers from our District. The group represented all Lasallians worldwide at a private audience with Pope Francis to commemorate the third centenary of the Founder passing on to eternal life. The audience took place on Thursday, May 16th in Clementina Hall at the Vatican. During his presentation, Pope Francis encouraged the group, “May you always carry out your mission among the younger generations with renewed vigor, with that reforming boldness that characterized Saint John Baptist de La Salle.”

CELEBRATING MISSION In 2019, we commemorate both 300 years since Saint La Salle’s entry into eternal life, as well as our 10 year anniversary as the District of Eastern North America (DENA) (formed by the merging of the Baltimore, Long Island-New England, and New York Districts). In honor of these momentous occasions, we are hosting two special days. On September 9th, the day that DENA was born, we are encouraging all of our ministries, students, teachers, families, donors, and friends to join together in a District-wide day of community service. On November 8th, we will have our DENA Association Celebration, where our 30 ministries will gather geographically to share in a day of formation and association. Our Superior General, Brother Robert Schieler, FSC, is coming from Rome to join us and will be simulcast as our keynote presenter. We encourage you to learn more about this Jubilee Year and our District celebrations by visiting our website—bit.ly/JubileeYear2019—or by following #300LaSalle and #10DENA on social media!



Raised in a Catholic, Irish-Italian family in Rhode Island, I attended public schools through junior high school. Although accepted at Classical High School where many of my friends would be attending, my guidance counselor advised me that I would be attending La Salle Academy. It was my mother’s choice, so, La Salle it would be. I found the adjustment difficult at first. However, I made some new friends and performed well academically. In my eleventh year I began working part-time at Loews State Theatre as an usher. This is where I developed my love for movies and theater. During that year, Brother Patrick Kelly invited me to a weekend in Barrytown NY, the Juniorate for the Brothers. “Why me?” I thought, but I was encouraged by a friend who was also invited. I was very moved by this experience and decided to enter the Juniorate for senior year. Thus began my path to becoming a Christian Brother. While I am grateful for the time I have had at the various ministries I have served: St. Raphael Academy, La Salle Military Academy, the Provincialate, and La Salle Academy Providence, my greatest joy was always personally connecting with our students whenever possible, whether in the hallways, the cafeteria, or on the playing field. They have always brought the meaning to my work. I am now enjoying retirement, assisting in the Development Office at Christian Brothers Center in Narragansett, and looking forward to helping build our endowment to sustain the Center for the future. Br. Paul Goodwin, FSC (RIP) once addressed Brother Michael, “Thanks to your work and your inspiration, there is a great distance between the La Salle Academy you came to, a place already wonderful, and the LSA that you now leave, a place where even the wonders have wonders within them.”



BROTHER 2 BROTHER—AND A CARDINAL, TOO! Christian Brothers Academy in Lincroft NJ had the special honor of hosting Cardinal Joseph W. Tobin from the Archdiocese of Newark on March 29, 2019. Cardinal Tobin generously agreed to preside at Mass for the Academy. As an avid fan of exercise, he also blessed the CBA Colts’ fitness center afterward. Also joining in the school-wide Mass were elder Brothers from neighboring De La Salle Hall. CBA students from the Brother 2 Brother Club invited and accompanied the Brothers, and spent time together after Mass in food and fellowship. Realizing that the school is stronger because of the elder Brothers’ presence, Brother 2 Brother looks for association opportunities to include them in the CBA educational community.

Brothers and students enjoy fellowship during lunch.

Brothers from De La Salle Hall join students for Mass celebrated in the CBA Lincroft gymnasium.

Cardinal Tobin took time during his visit to bless the CBA Colts’ fitness center.

Support the Brothers Use our beautiful Mass Cards Remember your relatives and friends—living and deceased. Those enrolled share in the daily Mass and prayer intentions of the Brothers. Request a brochure and/or a sample packet of Mass Cards today at:

732-842-4359 toll free 1-866-STLASALLE (1-866-785-2725) CARDS@DLSAUX.ORG • WWW.DLSAUX.ORG



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Evangelization: Rodríguez Echeverría, FSC writes, “Young people are good news for the world, but we must ask ourselves how to make the Good News of Jesus become good news for them? In an era such as ours, in which young people are seeking something more and are open to spirituality, we need to educate them about meeting God in their inner selves.” Our mission regarding the young is to be companions on the search, humble guides who aid in the discovery of a path and in finding meaning in life. Rather than teachers who teach from above or judges who judge and condemn from outside, we are called to be brothers and sisters who mentor young people from the inside, sharing with them the basic experience of a God who is greater than our human understanding, but who, in Jesus of Nazareth, was manifested as someone who was close, tender, affective and devoted to the needy. In the New Evangelization young people are not only the future but also the present (and the gift) of the Church. They are not merely receivers but also agents of evangelization, especially among their peers. What is needed is that evangelizers meet with young people and spend time

Brother Paul Avvento, FSC shares with students at Vocations Summit.

with them; that they instruct and mentor them in the following of Jesus; that they guide them so that they discover their vocation in life and in the Church. Through this renewed focus on the ministry of evangelization, we continue the work of the Founder, to create educational communities in which young people have companions on their faith journey and can grow in their knowledge of themselves as a child of God. As a District, our evangelization efforts

Brother William Mann, FSC spends time with students during lunch.

also work with—and through—the adult members of our Lasallian family. This can be observed in our new evangelization initiatives: Faith Formation for Lasallian Educators is an online series of courses focused on the Catholic faith and tradition. Areas of study are based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church and Lasallian spirituality. Lasallian Spiritual Accompaniment Collaborative currently provides spiritual accompaniment for Heads of Ministries, and a variety of retreat programs for all Lasallians. Interfaith Dialogue is a one-week formation program exploring the great religions of the world with an emphasis on contemporary religious beliefs and practices. This will be offered in the summer of 2020. Finally, our evangelization also encompasses being the Gospel to those outside of our immediate Lasallian family who are most in need of our support. To this purpose, we have created an Advocacy Page on our District website to help guide efforts to protect the most vulnerable in our world. Through all of these efforts, we pray that we as a Lasallian family will be instruments of our God, to bring His Word, His Love, and His Peace to all.




Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School, with an enrollment of 700 students, is one of the five largest Catholic schools in the Diocese of Brooklyn. Loughlin is proud of their graduation rate of 99%, with 97% typically going to college each year. In recent years, the school has witnessed both physical and academic renewal and growth. One of the most outstanding examples of this is its fast-growing and unique STEM program. The school has developed a reputation for excellence in the sciences—with many graduates becoming researchers, nurses, physicians, veterinarians, chemists, and beyond. In 2016, Loughlin expanded its robust curriculum to include Engineering and Biomedical Science through the nationally recognized program Project Lead The Way (PLTW). The program launched thanks to significant support from Pat & Art Ryan ‘59, and Bishop Loughlin fosters the individual strengths of each student. Toni & Jim Orenga ‘58. New labs were built, stateof-the-art equipment was purchased (including 3D printers, of whom are planning to pursue a college degree and career in specialized engineering and biomedical science equipment, etc.), medical science. The keynote speaker at the ceremoney was Rob and faculty were trained at universities around the country. Gore MD ’94, an ER physician at Kings County Hospital in Dozens of Loughlin students have participated in the renowned Brooklyn. Dr. Gore received national acclaim as a CNN Hero for founding the Kings Against Violence Initiative (KAVI), an Arthur Ashe Health Science Academy at SUNY Downstate. PLTW at Loughlin has quickly become one of the finest STEM organization that since 2011 has taught mediation and conflict programs in Brooklyn, with nearly 200 students participating in resolution to at-risk high school students. the five courses currently offered. A hallmark of the Loughlin Mr. Santiago said, “These lab coats symbolize our affirmation STEM program is that it’s open to everyone. It is the goal of of the continued success of these scholars in their scientific and Loughlin to introduce concepts to any student with an interest, other academic endeavors.” not just the highest performing students. Next year, offerings will expand to: Principles of Biomedical Science, Human Body Systems, Medical Interventions, Introduction to Engineering Design, Principles of Engineering, and Introduction to Computer Science. This final offering will be made possible by Loughlin’s new partnership with Amazon and Edhesive through the Amazon Future Engineers Program. This interactive course will teach the foundations of computer science using the Python language, preparing students for AP Computer Science courses. Last November, Loughlin also held its first White Coat Ceremony. In what will be a new annual tradition Program Director, Orlando Santiago bestowed lab coats to fifteen seniors who are 3rd year biomedical students, many Students participate in an interactive science project with Mr. Santiago.



AFRICA: A TWINNING REFLECTION by Br. Michael Andrejko, FSC - Director of Contacts

The 1982 song “Africa” by Toto, was written and sung by David Paich about his own musings on stories he was taught in Catholic school by missionaries who had been to Africa. I was a freshman in high school at that time and honestly it was just another hit on the radio. I was sure Africa was someplace I would never see.

Child Discovery Centre students and staff attending daily prayer.

However, that all changed last November when I was invited to join a week-long journey to visit our Lasallian schools in Africa that are “twinned” with schools here in our District. These schools rely on moral/prayerful support and donations from the students of their “twinned” Lasallian schools here in the USA. These ministries do all they can, but depend upon our support for survival. Such is the case with The Child Discovery Centre (CDC) in Nakuru Kenya. We visited this program, which is home for about 50 orphaned children; parents lost to illnesses like AIDS, or conflict and warfare. To reduce costs, the CDC grows its own food and cares for its farm animals. An important project that they are currently attempting to get off, or more appropriately, in the ground, is the installation of a well to provide clean drinking water! This will eliminate the need to purchase water, and possibly produce additional income. Clean water is a given in the USA, but not readily available in places like Kenya. When I hear the song “Africa” it brings me back to my trip and the children at our ministries like the Child Discovery Centre. The line “I bless the rains down in Africa” reminds me to pray for these children in hopes that this year we will be able to give these young people clean water to drink, free from disease and illness. Amen!

CBA Albany Alumnus Honored with Benefaction Mr. John D. Picotte, BFSC formally received his letters of Benefaction to the Brothers of the Christian Schools this spring. The award was bestowed at a surprise ceremony during his 60-year class reunion at Christian Brothers Academy in Albany NY. This is one of the two highest honors that can be received from the Brothers. From this day forward, he will be an honorary member of the Christian Brothers, and may display the BFSC after his name. He will also be remembered

in perpetuity in the daily prayers of all Brothers of the District. Mr. Picotte truly exemplifies what it means to be a life-long Lasallian. He has provided decades of service, professional advice, and financial support to the Brothers, his alma mater, and to the students they serve. One item of note is that for many years he has been providing scholarships to deserving students in need. A special surprise at his induction came when scholarship recipient David La Salle Hall - Beltsville MD (B) De La Salle Hall - Lincroft NJ (L)

Mr. John D. Picotte, BFSC receives a certificate commemorating his Benefaction from Brother Thomas Casey, FSC.

Wimbush ’99 arrived to thank John for making his four years at CBA possible, leading to West Point and a sixteen-year military career. Christian Brothers Center - Narragansett RI (N) Presentation Manor - Toronto ON (T)

for your continued support of our elder Christian Brothers in residence (as of 6/18/19) at: Br. Arthur Bangs (B) Br. Thomas Barton (L) Br. Raymund Buck (L) Br. John Buckley (N) Br. Thomas Caldwell (L) Br. Miguel Campos (L) Br. Gregory Cavalier (L) Br. Carl Clayton (L) Br. John Coates (T) Br. Richard Connors (N)

Br. Colman Coogan (B) Br. Jerome Cox (N) Br. Lawrence Dempsey (L) Br. Thomas Dunn (N) Br. George Edwards (T) Br. Gabriel Fagan (L) Br. Martin Fahey (L) Br. Walter Farrell (T) Br. Michael Fitzgibbon (L) Br. Gerard Frendreis (B)

Br. Edward Gallagher (B ) Br. Robert Hebert (N) Br. John Herron (L) Br. John Karl (L) Br. Michael Kelleher (L) Br. William Kemmerer (L) Br. Joseph Lapp (B) Br. Joseph Loewenstein (L) Br. James Loxham (L) Br. Hugh Maguire (L)

Br. Francisco Martin (L) Br. Francis McCrea (T) Br. John McGann (N) Br. Michael McKenery (N) Br. James Muffley (B) Br. Joseph Myers (B) Br. Charles O’Connell (L) Br. Mel O’Neill (T) Br. John Perry (L) Br. David Rogers (B)

Br. Anthony Scotto (N) Br. Timothy Tarmey (N) Br. John Vella (T) Br. Floyd Warwick (L) Br. Henry Werner (B) Br. Philip Whitman (B) Br. Paul Wilcox (T) Br. William Winter (B) Br. Nicholas Zimrose (T)




REMEMBERING THE BROTHERS WE HAVE LOST Full obituaries and eulogies available online at www.fscdena.org



1928 – 2019

1931 – 2019

Born James Joseph Bartley in 1928, Brother Andrew Bartley, FSC entered the Ammendale MD Novitiate at the age of 18 and received the Religious Habit and name, Elias Andrew. After pronouncing his Perpetual Vows in 1953, he served many schools throughout his home state of Pennsylvania, such as West Philadelphia Catholic High School for Boys, Trinity High School in Shiremanstown, La Salle College High School in Wyndmoor, and La Salle University in Philadelphia. Br. Andrew’s nephew, Christopher Mediano, recalled Br. Andrew’s bond with the Lasallian Community and how he considered his fellow educators and students his extended family. More than an educator, Mr. Mediano remembered Br. Andrew for the values he demonstrated in life, from his passions for cycling and tennis, to how normal activities like mealtime or bird-watching could invoke lessons of faith, about being together, and appreciating a moment. “Uncle Jim was a cornerstone to many,” said Mediano.

Brother James Kelly, FSC was born Daniel Patrick Kelly in 1931. He joined the Barrytown NY Juniorate in 1946 and the Novitiate in 1949. He received the Religious Habit and the name, Brother Aloysius James, and went on to pronounce his Perpetual Vows in 1956. One of his earliest accomplishments was a leadership position at the Saint Bernard’s Day Juniorate at 29 years old. He went on to fill several establishing roles, from the first Principal and Director at Paramus Catholic High School to first Director at De La Salle Hall, before serving 32 years at St. Peter’s Boys High School in Staten Island NY as teacher, Director, Principal, then President. Br. James was known both for his numerous hobbies, including photography, fishing, tennis, and basketball, as well as for his ability to instill a love of learning. “How did Jimmy Kelly relate so well with people? He loved them and respected them and mixed it all with his Kelly charm,” said Brother Jerome Sullivan, FSC.

BROTHERS WON WITH THIS PAIR OF JACKS The Christian Brothers were greatly blessed by the lives of two Affiliated members and devoted Lasallians. Earlier this year, from opposite ends of our District, these two men of outstanding character DO YOU KNOW A YOUNG MAN returned home to their God. ONCE CONSIDERED RELIGIOUS LIFE? DOWHO YOU KNOW A YOUNG MAN In Pennsylvania, Mr. John “Jack” McCloskey, WHO ONCE CONSIDERED RELIGIOUS LIFE? Sometimes after choosing a different path, AFSC left us in March at the age of 98. A life-long one may begin to find that something is missing. Sometimes after choosing a different path, Lasallian, Jack served a long and faithful career at He may be hearing the call again. Mr. John “Jack” La Salle University from 1948 to 1992, retiring as their one may begin to find that something is missing. McCloskey, AFSC Vice President for Public Affairs. He was nominated He may be hearing the call again. for Affiliation by the De La Salle Community at the University. In Rhode Island, Dr. John “Jack” Walsh, AFSC passed away in May at 97. After moving his practice to South County Hospital in Wakefield RI in 1953, Dr. Walsh developed exploring your vocation as a christian brother a relationship with the Christian Brothers and spent decades providing pro bono medical care to the Invite him to learn more at fscDENA.org Brothers at our retirement residence, as well as to the exploring your vocation as a christian brother students at the Ocean Tides School in Narragansett. He was Affiliated to the Christian Brothers in 1975. Dr. John “Jack” Walsh, AFSC

Invite him to learn more at fscDENA.org



Spring Formation Enriches Skills and Fellowship The District of Eastern North America is continuing our efforts to provide substantive and inspiring formation opportunities to our Partners working in our ministries. Here are two recent occasions of note. This spring the 2019 Lasallian Educators Workshop invited Guidance Counselors from our ministries throughout the District. During the three-day event, they heard expert presentations on the impact of how exposure to abuse, neglect, and household dysfunction affect youth in the school setting, then tied the Lasallian mission and approach to these pressing

Lasallian Animators promote the faith and zeal of Saint John Baptist de La Salle in each of their schools.

Dr. Camela Hughes from La Salle School Albany discusses the effects of toxic stress and trauma in adolescents.

issues in teenagers. They spent time in reflection on the theme “Lasallians: Hearts on Fire.” They also joined in small group settings discussing the most ethical and Lasallian approaches in addressing various youth issues. With 2019 being the 300th Jubilee year, as well as the tenth anniversary of our District, the Lasallian Animators from our ministries gathered with members of the Association for Lasallian Mission Committee (ALMC) for three days of work and fellowship. Their main efforts centered on strategizing and preparing for our District-wide Association Celebration, scheduled to take place on November 8th. They also took time to hear about the role of Animators in encouraging vocations, and ways to support young Lasallian professionals in our ministries.

Common Questions When Considering Special Gifts (part one) by Mr. Patrick J. Donahue - Director of Advancement

If you are reading this newsletter, it is probably because you care about the Christian Brothers and support them. More than likely, you also support one or more of our schools, and possibly several other charities. Therefore, in this and future issues, we will mention some common questions, misconceptions, etc. about giving. Some of these you may look at and say, “Well, of course!” Maybe others will make you say, “I didn’t think of that.” What is a Charitable Gift Annuity? I have many times been told, “I would like to make a special gift, but I am worried about having income in my later years.” An annuity can be a simple answer. The Brothers of this District (DENA) now have the ability to offer Gift Annuities. A gift annuity is a simple one or two page contract that basically says that the donor (single or couple) will gift the charity a certain amount, and receive a percentage paid back annually for the rest of their life. It is usually a generous percentage, based on your age and a standard rate set by the government. When should I make a gift of stock? It is quite common

for a donor, even a business-savvy one, to make a generous gift by writing a check, without considering whether a stock gift would be more beneficial for his or her tax purposes. If you have greatly appreciated stock (worth much more now than you paid for it), you can transfer the stock to a charity. You will pay no capital gains, and can take a write-off for the full current value of the gift. (Hint: If you think the stock will continue to grow, you can re-purchase the same amount. Now your cost-basis will be at today’s value.) If you have questions or would like to discuss any of these ideas further, please feel free to contact me, Patrick Donahue, at (732) 380-7926, ext. 112, or at donahue@fscdena.org. Please know that my hints here are not intended to be legal advice. I always suggest that before you finalize any charitable gift plan, you should consult your advisors to make sure it is right for your specific circumstance. In upcoming issues we will discuss wills & bequests, gifts from Individual Retirement Accounts, Donor Advised Funds, the use of beneficiary designations, and more.



Stewardship Gifts: March 1 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph N. Abbondanza Mr. & Mrs. James C. Addy Mrs. Dolores C. Ahern Mr. Robert W. Alexander Mr. & Mrs. John C. Altrogge AmazonSmile Foundation Mrs. Lorraine M. Ambrose Mr. & Mrs. James C. Anagnos Mr. & Mrs. James Anastasio Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Anderson Mr. Louis Anemone Anonymous Mr. Justo Arenas Mr. Patrick C. Baker Mr. John Banaghan Mr. & Mrs. William E. Banfield Mr. & Mrs. John F. Barrett Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Barron, Jr. Mr. Leo E. Barron Mr. William S. Bartz Mr. & Mrs. John F. Baxter Mr. & Mrs. William A. Baxter, Jr. Ms. Sheila Bechert Mr. & Mrs. Mark K. Benigno Mr. & Mrs. Paul W. Berenato, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Bernhardson Mr. Harry G. Bombardi Mr. Christopher J. Bonin & Ms. Tonianne Bongiovanni Mr. Sandy A. Borello, Sr. Mr. Clyde L. Borg Deacon & Mrs. John F. Boyle Mr. & Mrs. James V. Brady Mr. Philip P. Brady Mr. John E. Brennan Mr. & Mrs. William P. Broderick Mr. & Mrs. George G. Bruzza Mr. & Mrs. Jerome K. Buckley Mr. John J. Buckley Mr. William Buckley Mr. Anthony M. Budzitowski Mr. J. Michael Burke & Mr. Henry A. Strohminger III Mr. Francis P. Burns Maj. William A. Burtson, USMC (Ret) Mr. & Mrs. Desmond X. Butler Mr. & Mrs. William J. Byman Mr. Michael J. Byrne Mr. Timothy S. Byrne Mr. & Mrs. John V. Calabrese Mr. & Mrs. Andrew V. Caldwell, Jr. Mr. Domenic J. Calzaretto Mr. Anthony V. Camilli Mrs. Lucy M. Campanella Ms. Mary E. Canavan Mr. Allan A. Capute Mrs. Mary Carmody Mr. Vincent J. Castellano Mr. Joseph C. Castora Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Cavallaro Dr. & Mrs. Michael J. Cavanaugh Mr. Alfred C. Cavuto Mr. Michael L. Censullo Mr. Brian N. Chadwick Mr. Roger J. Champagne Mr. & Mrs. David E. Charlesworth Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence A. Chorman Mr. Joseph A. Chorney Mr. John A. Christiano Mrs. Margaret A. Cihak Mr. & Mrs. Paul V. Clark Mr. John D. Clements Mr. John F. Collins Mr. Robert R. Colot Ms. Lucille C. Conklin John J. Convey, PhD Mr. Robert E. Copes, III Mrs. Judith Corno Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Cosgrove Mr. Joseph J. Costello Mr. Maurice L. Costello Rev. George R. Cowan

Mrs. Kathleen M. Coyle Mr. Kevin P. Coyle Regina & Tom Cozzy Mr. & Mrs. James A. Crowley Mr. & Mrs. Tom Crowley Mr. & Mrs. William J. Cullen Mrs. Catherine A. Curran Mr. Charles J. Daalder Mr. John G. Dabkowski Mr. & Mrs. Patrick A. Daley Mr. & Mrs. John V. Dallessio Mr. & Mrs. Anthony F. D’Amore Mr. & Mrs. Anthony A. DaPonte Prof. Thomas D’Arrigo Rev. Edward V. Davis, MM Mr. & Mrs. John J. Deady, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Carl F. DeBiase Ms. Judy M. Decesare Mrs. Agnes DeFelice Mr. Gerald D. DeMaio Mr. Edward M. Dempsey Denomme Charitable Trust Mr. & Mrs. David DeSousa Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Devlin Mr. John R. Dietrich Dr. Enzo V. DiGiacomo Captain Kevin L. Dillon, USNR (Ret) Mr. John L. Dittmeyer Mr. George J. Doehner Mr. George Dondero Rev. James I. Donlon, AFSC Mr. Joseph P. Donnelly Mrs. Veronica Donnelly Ms. Mary Donofrio Mr. Edward W. Dooley Mr. & Mrs. William M. Doran Mr. & Mrs. Patrick D Dorgan Mr. & Mrs. William J. Dougherty, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. James J. Dowdall Mr. Daniel F. Drogosch Mrs. Judy A. Dugan Mr. Thomas Martin Dundin Dr. William T. Durkin, MD Mr. Richard K. Dyer Mr. Edward A. Edes Lt. Col. George P. Emodi, USAF (Ret) Mr. & Mrs. John D. Eshoo Mr. Richard S. Evans Mr. John T. Evers Mr. James P. Fallon Ms. Elizabeth Mary Fanning Mr. Anthony Fargnoli Rev. William J. Fay Mrs. Doris Felix Mr. & Mrs. William T. Fellows Mrs. Denise L. Fichter Rev. Msgr. Peter G. Finn Mr. & Mrs. Peter F. Finneran Mr. & Mrs. William F. Fisher Mr. & Mrs. Kevin P. Fitzsimmons Mrs. Rita Claire Fitzsimmons Mr. & Mrs. David C. Fleming, Jr. Michael Fleming, DDS, BFSC & Mrs. Margaret Fleming Mr. & Mrs. Brian J. Fogarty Mrs. Barbara Foley Br. Brendan Foley, FSC Mrs. Catherine Foley Mrs. Jean E. Fontana Mr. & Mrs. J. Craig Forrest Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Forte Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Fox Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Frank, Jr. Dr. Anthony Fratiello Mr. Richard K. Fronapfel, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Francis M. Fusco Mr. & Mrs. Gary J. Gagliano Mr. John J. Gallagher Mr. Thomas C. Gallagher & Ms. Letitia A. Ewing Mrs. Patricia M. Gallego Mr. Francis J. Gardner

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Gardner Mr. & Mrs. R. Scott Garley Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Gaumer CDR Victor M. Gavin, USN (Ret) Mr. Richard F. George Mr. & Mrs. David A. Glowny Mr. Robert G. Gorman Mr. Joseph G. Gottstine Anne- Louise Gracyalny Mr. Christopher J. Grant Ms. Colleen B. Graydon Mr. Robert D. Greason Dr. & Mrs. John T. Greed Br. Charles E. Gresh, FSC Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Griesser Dr. Edward J. Griffin Mr. Bernard L. Grove Ms. Clare T. Gustafson Mr. William S. Hamma Mr. Godfrey J. Hammel Mr. James R. Hammond Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Harmon Mrs. Geraldine Harrington Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Hartmann Ms. Diane P. Harvey Mr. John J. Haxton, Jr. Mr. Stephen P. Hayes Mr. & Mrs. William Heffernan Mr. Donald Hellriegel Ms. Helen Helmick-Waite Mr. & Mrs. Fred R. Hemmer Mr. Charles J. Henry Col. & Mrs. Eugene W. Henry, USAF (Ret) Mr. Gerald W. Hepp Mr. John U. Heppler Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hesselberg Ms. Barbara A. Higgins Mr. Paul J. Higgins Mr. Joseph F. Hoffmann Mr. Dennis A. Hogan Rev. Robert J. Hohenstein Mr. William M. Hohmann Mrs. Virginia Holtby Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Hosey Ms. Sara E. Hosey Mr. Francis J. Houghton Mr. & Mrs. John J. Hughes Mrs. Eileen E. Hussey Mr. Thomas W. Hyland Pascal J. Imperato, MD Mr. Nick Ippoliti Mr. & Mrs. Roberto Iraola Ms. Theresa Irwin Mr. William A. Jochym Ms. Linda Johnson Ms. Jane L. Johnston Ms. Maureen Jones Mr. John E. Joseph Mr. Edward J. Joyce, Jr. Mr. James Joyce Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Kain Mr. Walter Kash Mr. Thomas F. Keaveney Mr. & Mrs. John F. Keenan Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Keenan Dr. David H. Kelly Mr. Philip R. Kelly Mrs. Catherine B. Kennedy Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Kennelly Ms. Eileen A. Kerins Dr. Charles R. Kerner Mr. John M. Kiernan Mr. Richard Kiley Mr. & Mrs. Lou Kincaid Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. King Mr. & Mrs. George H. Kirchmann Mr. Sigurd B. Kirk Mr. & Mrs. Paul R. Kirkpatrick Mr. Robert Kirschner & Mrs. Mary Ellen McCabe Mrs. Mary F. Kissane Mr. & Mrs. William J. Knowles

Rev. Thomas P. Kobuszewski Mr. Robert F. Koch Mr. & Mrs. Wenzel Koch Mr. Gregory Kochanowicz Mr. Sidney J. Kowalczyk Mr. & Mrs. C. Andrew Krepps, Jr. Mr. C. Norman Krueger Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Kubic Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Kuhn Dr. & Mrs. Ronald M. Kyhos, PhD La Salle College High School Janet C. Langlais Ms. Jenna B. Larner Mr. & Mrs. Edward R. Lastowski Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence P. Lehmann Mr. & Mrs. John E. Lenihan Mr. Allen J. Lescak Mr. Dominic J. Liantonio Mr. Patrick J. Loconto & Ms. Beverly Denning LocustWood Capital Advisers, LLC Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Loeffler Deacon John K. Lohrstorfer Mr. George J. Lordi, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Lupia Mr. & Mrs. Gregory T. Lydting Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Lynch Dr. William J. Lyons Dr. Gabriel M. Makhlouf Rev. Msgr. John H. Maksymowicz Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Malone Mr. & Mrs. Andrew J. Maloney Mr. John T. Maloney Ms. Rita B. Maloney Mr. & Mrs. James J.P. Manning Mr. & Mrs. James J. Manning Deacon & Mrs. Salvatore A. Marino Ms. Janine Mariscotti Mr. & Mrs. John H. Mark Mr. & Mrs. Daniel M. Marmion Mr. James F. Marrin Ms. Catherine T. Marshall Mr. Craig S. Marshall Br. William Martin, FSC Mr. Alex Martini Mr. Robert A. Mascari Mr. William E. Massey Mr. & Mrs. Anthony C. Mastoris Ms. Anne Matthews Mrs. Hannah L. McAndrews Mr. John H. McBride Mr. Edward J. McCabe Mr. & Mrs. Gene McCabe Ms. Suzy K. McCabe Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. McCann Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. McCourt Mrs. Audrey H. McCue Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. McDade, III Mr. & Mrs. Gerard J. McDavitt, Sr. Mr. Thomas J. McDonald, III Mr. & Mrs. Bernard McElhone Mr. Michael P. McElroy Mr. & Mrs. William F. McElroy, Jr. Mr. Eugene McElwain Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. McErlean Mr. Richard P. McGahan Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. McGarry, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Neal A. McGarry Mr. & Mrs. John D. McGovern Mr. & Mrs. James T. McGowan Mrs. Helen P. McGrail Mr. Charles T. McGuigan Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. McHale, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. James J. McHugh Mr. John J. McHugh Mr. & Mrs. Peter M. McHugh Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. McLaughlin, III Mr. James J. McLoughlin, BFSC & Mrs. Mary McLoughlin Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. McMahon Mr. Henry P. McNally Mr. & Mrs. John J. McNamara

Mr. & Mrs. Philip T. McPoyle Mr. Dennis F. McSweeney Mr. William J. Mead Mr. Joseph E. Medveczky Dr. Thomas J. Mehelas Lawrence J. Mellon, Jr., MD Mr. & Mrs. Matthew S. Merrick Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Merritts Mr. & Mrs. Hubert Meunier Mr. Thomas J. Meyer Mr. Richard Mignanelli Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. Miller Mr. & Mrs. John D. Milliot Vincent P. Miraglia, MD Mr. Thomas J. Mitchell Mr. Richard G. Molokie Hon. & Mrs. Armando Monaco, II Monmouth Beach Bath & Tennis Club Mr. Gabriel Moran Mr. Patrick J. Moran Mr. & Mrs. Marc J. Morgan Ms. Amy L. Moritz Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Morris Mr. Robert E. Mottola Mr. & Mrs. Don A. Mulholland Mr. & Mrs. Martin S. Mulkerrin Mr. James F. Mullan Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Mullen Mr. George A. Mulligan Mr. & Mrs. Steven R. Mumma Dr. James J. Murdocco Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Murphy Mr. John J. Murray Mr. Theodore R. Mushenski Mr. & Mrs. William B. Nagle Mrs. Marie L. Neidermeyer Mr. & Mrs. Andrew T. Nelson Mrs. Joan Nelson Mr. & Mrs. John F. Nevue NJR Services (HR Dept.) Mr. James F. Nolan Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Nolan, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Nolan, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. William P. Norton Mr. John F. O’Donnell Mr. & Mrs. J. Henry O’Hern, III Ms. Catherine R. O’Keefe Br. Benedict Oliver, FSC Mr. & Mrs. Brian E. O’Neill Mr. Edmund M. O’Neill Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Orlando Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm J. O’Sullivan Mr. Francis J. Palamara Mr. & Mrs. Paul D. Palmer Mr. & Mrs. Frank C. Palopoli Mr. Joseph J. Palya Partner Engineering and Science, Inc. Mr. Charles M. Payret Mr. & Mrs. James M. Pedlow Mr. John P. Penna Mr. Anthony J. Perinelli Mr. & Mrs. Ward F. Petrie Mr. & Mrs. John Pfleger Mr. & Mrs. Philip J. Pietro, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Pigeon Mr. & Mrs. John P. Pryor Mrs. Adeline M. Purtill Mr. John T. Quigley Rev. Joseph J. Quindlen Mr. Thomas J. Quinlan, III Mr. & Mrs. John Radice Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Reed Mr. Edward C. Regan Mr. James E. Reilly Mr. & Mrs. James T. Reilly Mr. & Mrs. John J. Reilly Mr. & Mrs. Ronald F. Reis Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Reuter, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Victor A. Ricciardelli Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Rice Mr. Joseph Rienti Mr. William P. Rinke

ERROR OR OMISSION? The recognition lists in this issue represent gifts received between March 16, 2019 and June 10, 2019. We make every effort to be as accurate as possible. If you feel, however, that there is an error or omission, we apologize and ask that you call our Development Office at (732) 380-7926, to advise us of the problem.



16, 2019 to June 10, 2019 Mr. Timothy E. Robel Mr. Kevin P. Roe Mr. & Mrs. John T. Rogalski Mr. & Mrs. George J. Romig Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Rosenberg Ms. Yvonne Rosenblatt Mr. & Mrs. John J. Roswell Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Rueger, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. John J. Ruocco Mr. John Ruppert Dr. & Mrs. John B. Ryan Dr. Tara A. Ryan Mr. Matthew Sagui Mr. & Mrs. Frank P. Sansone Mr. & Mrs. Saverio J. Sava Mr. & Mrs. John C. Savage Mr. & Mrs. George M. Savidge Mr. & Mrs. Frederick F. Sawicki, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John F. Sawyer, Jr. Ms. Patricia Saybolt Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Scarlata Mr. John G. Scarry Mr. & Mrs. John J. Schaefer Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Schafer Br. Joseph Schafer, FSC Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Schenk, III

Mr. Andrew G. Schiavone Br. Joseph F. Schmidt, FSC Ms. Georgiana Schmitt Mr. James W. Schmitt Mr. Joseph A. Schmitz Ms. Ellen L. Schoonover Estate of Rev Erwin Schweigardt Ms. Letizia C. Scotto Ms. Marie Scotto Mr. & Mrs. Anthony V. Sculley Mr. & Mrs. Ronald M. Scully Ms. Janine E. Seitz Ms. Karen M. Senecal Mr. & Mrs. John L. Sentowski Mr. & Mrs. Frank Shanley Mr. & Mrs. Mark C. Sheeran Rev. Msgr. Maurice L. Shields Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas A. Shirghio Mrs. Joyce N. Shivers Mr. Richard E. Silkowski Mr. Leo D. Simone Mr. Edward J. Singer Mr. Jack Siravo Mr. & Mrs. George H. Skau Ms. Frances R. Skinner Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Smaldone

Mr. Robert H. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Thomas N. Smith Mr. Paul S. Snopel Mr. & Mrs. David J. Somerville Lt. Col. & Mrs. Edward P. Spellacy, USAF (Ret) Mr. Anthony J. Spinella Mr. & Mrs. Paul S. Spitaleri Mr. David J. Stabile Mr. Ronald G. Stanton Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Staudenmaier Mr. Thomas P. Stewart Ms. Julia C. Strohm Mr. & Mrs. James Strutt Mr. & Mrs. Philip L. Stuhltrager Mr. Daniel J. Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Sullivan Superior Electric Co., Inc. Mr. Daniel J. Sweeney Dr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Sweeny Mr. & Mrs. James Tauber Mr. & Mrs. Arthur R. Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Testa Mr. Nicholas J. Teta Rev. Msgr. Thomas J. Tewes Ms. Lynne A. Texter

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Thomas Rev. Michael Tidd, OSB Mrs. Antoinette Tierney Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Timpano Mr. & Mrs. John P. Tobin Mr. & Mrs. William S. Tomlinson Mr. & Mrs. Donald F. Tomm Mr. Paul W. Torok Dr. Edward T. Toseland Mr. J Desmond Towey Dr. William A. Tramontano Mr. Donald A. Trinite Mr. & Mrs. Eugene J. Valentine Mr. & Mrs. Francis P. Vardy Mr. & Mrs. Alan Vicari Mrs. Michele B. Visceglia Mr. A. Francis Vitt, Jr. Mr. William F. Vollmers Mr. Michael J. Walker Most Rev. Gerald T. Walsh, DD Mr. Thomas G. Walsh Mrs. Nevart Wanger Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Ward Mr. Wayne E. Ward Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Warner Mr. Arthur A. Warren

Mr. Thomas G. Waterman Mr. John P. Waugh Mrs. Catherine A. Weidenbener Mr. & Mrs. John W. Welborn Mr. & Mrs. John V. Welch Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Welsh Ms. Mary M. Werner West Catholic Class of 1958 Mrs. Dolores A. West Mr. Charles A. Weth Mr. William W. Weyrauch Mr. & Mrs. John J. Whitehead Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Wiesenforth Mr. Jay J. Wilder William H. Connolly & Co., LLC Br. William J. Winter, FSC Mr. William J. Wiseman Mr. & Mrs. Mark P. Woehnker Mr. & Mrs. Paul R. Zabriskie Mr. John M. Zbikowski Mr. & Mrs. George L. Zerebynsky Dr. & Mrs. W. Dennis Zerega Mr. James S. Ziemianski

Br. Barnabas Edward O’Neill, FSC Ms. Mary Donofrio Mrs. Judy A. Dugan Ms. Theresa Irwin Br. Cyril O’Neill, FSC Mrs. Joyce N. Shivers Br. Malcolm O’Sullivan, FSC Mrs. Judith Corno Ms. Barbara A. Higgins Mr. James E. Reilly Frank P. Palopoli Mr. & Mrs. Frank C. Palopoli Br. James Perry, FSC Ms. Theresa Irwin Albert V. Pescatore Mr. & Mrs. David J. Somerville Br. Patrick Power, FSC Col. & Mrs. Eugene W. Henry, USAF (Ret) Mr. & Mrs. Paul D. Palmer Br. Peter Reidy, FSC Ms. Theresa Irwin Br. James Romond, FSC Ms. Ellen L. Schoonover Br. Felix Ryan, FSC Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Barron, Jr. Eileen M. Sawyer Mr. & Mrs. Paul W. Berenato, Sr. Ms. Judy M. Decesare Mrs. Denise L. Fichter Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Kain Mr. & Mrs. C. Andrew Krepps, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. McDade, III Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. McLaughlin, III Mr. & Mrs. John F. Sawyer, Jr. Robert J. Schaefer, LSU ’54 Mr. & Mrs. John J. Schaefer LT Jack Schoeppner, USN Mr. Paul S. Snopel Letitia Scotto Ms. Letizia C. Scotto Ms. Marie Scotto Br. Matthew Shanley, FSC Ms. Theresa Irwin

Maurice & Catherine Shields Rev. Msgr. Maurice L. Shields Parents of David & Charlotte Stabile Mr. David J. Stabile Br. René Sterner, FSC Mr. & Mrs. James C. Anagnos Rev. Michael Tidd, OSB Br. Aurelian Peter Stewart, FSC Ms. Maureen Jones Br. James Stolz, FSC Mr. Edmund M. O’Neill Br. Kevin Strong, FSC Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Barron, Jr. Br. J. Stephen Sullivan, FSC Ms. Maureen Jones Br. Michael Thomas, FSC Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Thomas Dorothy R. Trinite Mr. Donald A. Trinite Br. Eugene Vorburger, FSC Mr. Gerald D. DeMaio James Vreeland Mr. John J. Buckley Robert T. Wanderer Mr. & Mrs. Frederick F. Sawicki, Jr. Br. Cassian Thomas Wilkinson, FSC Mr. & Mrs. Victor A. Ricciardelli

Memorial Gifts Br. Adolphus Joseph, FSC Mr. Leo D. Simone Myles J. Ambrose Mrs. Lorraine M. Ambrose Lorraine Barron Mr. Leo E. Barron Br. Andrew Bartley, FSC Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Gaumer Ms. Jane L. Johnston Br. Charles Baxter, FSC Mr. & Mrs. William A. Baxter, Jr. Br. Philip Beirne, FSC Mr. & Mrs. John H. Mark Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Reuter, Jr. Br. Leonard Borrell, FSC Ms. Theresa Irwin Br. Francis Bowers, FSC Mr. Joseph C. Castora Mr. & Mrs. James J. Dowdall Br. Maurice Bowler, FSC Ms. Theresa Irwin Br. Philip Braniff, FSC Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Timpano Brothers of St. Augustine 1949-1953 Mr. & Mrs. James J. Dowdall Br. Celsus John Brown, FSC Ms. Ellen L. Schoonover Br. William Chiasson, FSC Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas A. Shirghio Peter Connell, BFSC Mr. & Mrs. William J. Knowles Br. Robert Conway, FSC Mr. Robert R. Colot Nelson L. Coughlan Mr. & Mrs. David E. Charlesworth Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Fox Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Kennelly Mr. & Mrs. Lou Kincaid Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Warner Mrs. Catherine A. Weidenbener Br. Augustine Cyril Crawford, FSC Mr. John T. Evers Br. Christopher Victor Dardis, FSC Mr. & Mrs. James J. Dowdall The forgotten De La Salle Brothers Ms. Maureen Jones Br. Timothy Dean, FSC Mr. John Ruppert Mr. & Mrs. Ronald M. Scully John D. Dugan Mrs. Judy A. Dugan Sylvia Edes Mr. Edward A. Edes Br. Michael Finnegan, FSC Ms. Theresa Irwin Deacon John J. Fitzsimmons Mrs. Rita Claire Fitzsimmons Deacon Frank Flood Mrs. Patricia M. Gallego

Maureen Flood Mrs. Patricia M. Gallego John J. Gallego Mrs. Patricia M. Gallego Christopher Greed Dr. & Mrs. John T. Greed Br. Casimir Gundlach, FSC Regina & Tom Cozzy Charles & Louise Hardardt Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Lupia Ms. Georgiana Schmitt Edward P. Harvey, Sr. Ms. Diane P. Harvey Br. Stephen Haubrich, FSC Mr. & Mrs. Patrick D Dorgan Robert Haxton Mr. John J. Haxton, Jr. Mr. Richard Mignanelli Br. Thomas Jenkins, FSC Ms. Theresa Irwin Br. James Kelly, FSC Mr. John J. Buckley Mrs. Rita Claire Fitzsimmons Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. McMahon Br. Gervald Henry Laffey, FSC Dr. David H. Kelly Frank LaMarca Mr. John J. Buckley Br. Anthony Lamb, FSC Ms. Theresa Irwin Mary P. Lilly Mrs. Margaret A. Cihak Br. John Loehr, FSC Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas A. Shirghio Elaine Lyons Mr. Eugene McElwain Jack Lyons Mr. Eugene McElwain Br. Peter Mannion, FSC Mr. Edward J. Joyce, Jr. Mr. John G. Scarry Br. Patrick Martin, FSC Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Rice Cormac McAndrews Mrs. Hannah L. McAndrews Harry J. McAneny, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Devlin Mr. & Mrs. Anthony C. Mastoris Br. Bernard McKenna, FSC Ms. Theresa Irwin Br. Aquinas John McNiff, FSC Mrs. Eileen E. Hussey E. James Mehelas Dr. Thomas J. Mehelas Br. Cyril Leo Michiels, FSC Mr. Richard S. Evans Jack Morris Mr. & Mrs. John F. Barrett Mr. & Mrs. Mark K. Benigno

Mr. John J. Buckley Mrs. Lucy M. Campanella Ms. Lucille C. Conklin Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Cosgrove Mr. & Mrs. Tom Crowley Mr. & Mrs. John V. Dallessio Mr. & Mrs. R. Scott Garley Mrs. Virginia Holtby Mr. Robert Kirschner & Mrs. Mary Ellen McCabe Ms. Jenna B. Larner Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence P. Lehmann LocustWood Capital Advisers, LLC Mr. & Mrs. Gene McCabe Ms. Suzy K. McCabe Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. McCann Mr. Thomas J. McDonald, III Monmouth Beach Bath & Tennis Club Mr. Patrick J. Moran Mr. & Mrs. Steven R. Mumma NJR Services (HR Dept.) Mr. & Mrs. J. Henry O’Hern, III Partner Engineering and Science, Inc. Mr. Matthew Sagui Mr. & Mrs. Frank Shanley Ms. Julia C. Strohm Mrs. Michele B. Visceglia William H. Connolly & Co., LLC Mr. & Mrs. Mark P. Woehnker Br. Joseph Murphy, FSC Ms. Maureen Jones John J. Murray, Jr. Mr. John J. Murray Mary C. Murray Mr. John J. Murray Leo R. Nolan Ms. Amy L. Moritz Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Nolan, Jr. Ms. Janine E. Seitz Br. Daniel O’Brien, FSC Ms. Theresa Irwin Br. Austin O’Malley, FSC Mr. Joseph C. Castora

THANK YOU We are sincerely grateful to our friends and their families who have thoughtfully remembered the Brothers with requests for gifts in lieu of flowers.

Honorarium Gifts The Christian Brothers La Salle College High School Br. Joseph Grabenstein, FSC Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Barron, Jr. Students of Highlands Ranch School Mr. Anthony M. Budzitowski Joseph G. Hosey Ms. Sara E. Hosey Richard J. McKay, AFSC Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Murphy

Br. Benedict Oliver, FSC Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Barron, Jr. Br. John Perry, FSC Mrs. Jean E. Fontana Br. Kevin Stanton, FSC Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Barron, Jr. 61st Anniversary of West Catholic Boys ’58 West Catholic Class of 1958


Brothers of the Christian Schools SAINT LA SALLE AUXILIARY PO BOX 238 LINCROFT NJ 07738-0238



Patron Patron Saint Saint of of Teachers Teachers || 1651–1719 1651–1719

aarrtt. .OOnn eehhee OOnn 99

Salle 171 La a Salle 1 7199eL De -220 D 011


SAINT JOHN BAPTIST| 1651–1719 DE LA SALLE Patron Saint of Teachers Patron Patron Saint Saint of of Teachers Teachers || 1651–1719 1651–1719 1 11

99 O 9

om m

m mm m

ll La Sa e 1719 lalle lle1 e71177 -2 Sa SSa Dee eLea LLaa 191199 01 -2--22 D DD 0 00

art. e heart. One c On heeart. O ne Onnee h o heart. Onee cco 9 O On co ne

ent. One life itm n O nn n .O tt..tO ee elliilfif . m mm een en fee.e. t m iittim .

Dear friends, Over the past four decades, I have had the privilege of working with many wonderful Catholic education and youth service organizations. Most are affiliated with a specific religious order or diocese. Almost all talk about their unique charisms. There were always documents we were given to help us understand, and phrases we used to encapsulate the mission. However, I never encountered a group that makes such an effort as the Christian Brothers to ensure that every teacher, administrator, employee and Board member understands and takes to heart the mission that is ours to make happen. Perhaps that is because our Founder was the one who basically invented the educational system as it is known today. Or because he was the first to provide complete, useful education to the poor—giving them the chance to raise themselves out of poverty. Maybe it is because we are doing, and want to continue, the traditions that began more than 300 years ago. (I just learned that in the first schools, De La Salle insisted that instructors and students would pause regularly throughout the day to remember that they were in the Holy presence of God. Sound familiar?) The Brothers provide many unique formation opportunities for our various constituencies, as you may notice as you read Brother Visitor’s letter on page two and the Spring Formation article inside. I myself recently completed year one of the Buttimer Institute of Lasallian Studies, but that gives me so much I wish to share that it will have to wait until another issue. Please just know that the Brothers, and every one of us that work or volunteer with the Brothers, feel honored to play a part in continuing and fostering our rich Lasallian educational mission. Sincerely,

The The Year Year of of La La Vocations Vocations mar mar annivers 300 300thth annivers Saint Saint John John Bap Bap Salle’s Salle’s entry entry int int The The Year Year of of Lasallian Lasallian life life and and celebr celebr Vocations marks the The Year of Lasallian Vocations marks the th th impact impact of of the the m 300 anniversary of 300 th anniversary Vocations marks of the Saint John Baptist La he he started. started. To To Saint deof La th John Baptist de anniversary 300 Salle’s eternal Salle’s entry entry into into Lasallians eternal Lasallians give give Saint John Baptist the de La life celebrates life and and celebrates the for for our our commo commo impactentry of the theinto mission Salle’s eternal impact of mission heritage, heritage, rene he started. Together, heand started. Together, life celebrates the renew Lasallians give thanks commitment commitment to to Lasallians give mission thanks impact of the for our our common common to to the the education education hefor started. Together, heritage, our heritage, renew renew of our of today's today's yout you Lasallians give thanks commitment to respond respond commitment to to the educational needs our share our hope hope forto our commonshare the educational needs of today's today'srenew youth,future and future of the the mis mi of youth, and heritage, our of share our hope for the

share the share our our hope hope for the commitment tofor respond future of of the the mission. mission. tofuture the educational needs of today's youth, and 90,000 90,000 Partners Partners 4,000 4,000 Brothers Brothers 80 80 Countries Countries 1,000,000 1,000,000Yo Yo share1,000,000 our hope for the 90,000 Partners 4,000 Brothers 80 Countries 90,000 Partners 4,000 Brothers 80 Countries 1,000,000 Young Young People People future of the mission.

80 Countries

Patrick J. Donahue

4,000 Brothers

90,000 Partners

1,000,000 Young People

Visit Visit www.BrothersVocation.org www.BrothersVocation.org

Director of Advancement

Learn more at Lasallian.info

Learn Learn more more at at Lasa Lasa





District Director

Lincroft NJ

Narragansett RI


Learn moreStewardship at Lasallian.info

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Evangelization, the fourth pillar of our Strategic Plan graces the cover of our Summer 2019 edition of Lasallian Notes. The Lasallian family...

Lasallian Notes - Summer 2019  

Evangelization, the fourth pillar of our Strategic Plan graces the cover of our Summer 2019 edition of Lasallian Notes. The Lasallian family...

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