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OCTOBER 2017 • NO. 21


Given its direct service to the economically poor and its reliance on God’s providence for its sustenance, a Miguel School has an undeniable identification with the story of our Founder, Saint John Baptist de La Salle. A San Miguel school is a small, Lasallian elementary or middle school that is not tuition-driven, and is established to serve students of all faiths and cultures from the most economically depressed situations. Almost all students are considered at-risk due to the voids and pressures associated with low-income neighborhoods. The first to establish the San Miguel model was Brother Lawrence Goyette, FSC, with the creation of San Miguel School of Providence RI in 1993. Since then, the District of Eastern North America has founded three others: The De La Salle School in Freeport NY, La Salle Academy in Philadelphia PA, and San Miguel in Washington DC. The four schools now serve approximately 300 students annually, and stay connected with more than 600 alumni. While the San Miguel model quite directly mirrors the work of De La Salle himself, it has always been the vision that they could be led not only by Brothers, but by anyone with a desire in his/her heart to fulfill the Lasallian mission. In that same spirit, the leadership at all four of our Miguel schools has now very successfully been turned over to non-Brother members of our Lasallian family. The most recent of these new leaders is Mr. William Gault, Executive Director of The De La Salle School in Freeport NY. His thoughts below give a little view into life at our Miguel schools: Brother Thomas Casey, FSC, was at the helm of The De La Salle School and throughout the year the Tuesday evening study hall welcomes all of since its inception in 2002. In July 2016, he passed that responsibility our high school-age alumni for food, relaxation, and tutoring. to me as he handed me his keys, with his prayers and best wishes for Enrollment for 2017-2018 is sixty-nine students, the largest a smooth transition. As I complete my first year and venture into the enrollment at The De La Salle School since our founding in 2002. second as head of this incredible mission called The De La Salle School, We are at capacity and have a waiting list, news that makes all of our faculty, staff, and board members very excited and I am grateful to God for the many blessings that our “I applaud the Board of Trustees extremely proud. Starting our new school year, we school has received.  In June we celebrated our twelfth graduation and for ensuring that the mission of move forward with our theme of “Continuity and now have 157 young men who have the distinction the school, and our quality Lasallian Change” by introducing to the school community of having earned a diploma from The De La Salle education, not be compromised. our new principal, Mrs. Jeanmarie Becker.  School. Thirty-two of our alumni who are Their choice of Mr. Bill Gault is As we write the next chapter of The De La Salle attending Catholic high school receive financial testimony to their attentiveness to School we do so with deep faith along with the assistance through our graduate support program, their responsibility.” hope of fulfilling the Lasallian characteristics of – Br. Thomas P. Casey, FSC Founder, The De La Salle School

Br. Thomas and Mr. Bill Gault congratulate Carlos ’17 on his graduation, accompanied by his siblings: Henry ’08 Hofstra University, Ruben ’09 who is at Nassau Community College, and Christian ’10 at Manhattan College. Carlos is now attending Holy Trinity High School.



A MESSAGE FROM BROTHER DENNIS LEE, FSC Dear Lasallians, Happy autumn from here in Eatontown NJ, the headquarters of our District of Eastern North America (DENA). Thank you, one and all, for your interest in and support of our truly extraordinary mission, spread (vertically) from Toronto to the isle of Jamaica – yes, spanning three countries. We have the ongoing privilege of living the charism and legacy of our Founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle, reaching tens of thousands of the youth. As we have begun our ninth year, it is good to remember the exceptional foundation that DENA has been built upon, under the great leadership of Brother Dennis Malloy, who is currently enjoying a most well-deserved sabbatical year. Assuming the role as his successor, I intend to continue on the inspired path he has established for us. I am pleased that most of our District team members are remaining in their various roles of service. However, there are two new Auxiliary Visitors, and I am so happy for their readiness to serve on behalf of the amazing ministries of DENA.

what is a Bit.LY? S T. J O H N B A P T I S T



Brother Thomas Casey has had varied experiences as teacher and administrator, including being the founder of the De La Salle School in Freeport NY. His mathematical bent and organizational skills are definitely a great bonus! Brother Richard Galvin has served as teacher, principal, coach, campus minister and vocation director throughout his career. He has already brought palpable energy for the work that is being done across the District. During these months, DENA is engaged in a Strategic Planning process. You can keep up to date with it at our website: www.fscdena.org. And, at the site there is even a place for you to make suggestions. We want to hear from you! The voices of all Lasallians matter in our continuing to touch the hearts and lives of the students entrusted to our care, from (horizontally) Michigan to Rhode Island.

Live Jesus in our hearts,

Brother Dennis Lee, FSC

Have you seen a www.bit.ly/ at the end of our articles? They are shortened, easy to remember internet links. Type them into your computer internet browser to access more information and photos on your favorite stories from each issue of Lasallian Visions!

THE ST. JOHN BAPTIST DE LA SALLE FUND seeks to ensure that a Lasallian education is available and accessible to those students most in need. Through an initial program of student sponsorship and a growing program of grants to identified schools, the Fund provides tuition assistance for students to attend a Lasallian school. With your support, we are now providing $668,000 annually for our students in need. Others are welcome to join the Brothers and their Partners-in-Mission in this specially-dedicated scholarship fund which continues to grow each year.

FACE OF THE FUND: JUSTIN BINNING by Ms. Ismini Scouras, VP for Institutional Advancement & Communications, La Salle Academy Every morning from September through June, Justin Binning travels for nearly an hour from Cypress Hills, a neighborhood of Brooklyn, to attend La Salle Academy in Manhattan. “My mom liked that at the La Salle Open House everyone was friendly and in uniform,” Justin, a junior, shared of why his parents wanted he and his older brother, Jeremy, a senior at La Salle, to attend the Christian Brothers school. “Everyone was welcoming and friendly, and I felt comfortable and safe. That is something I now feel every day here at La Salle.” “I went to public school up until 8th grade and I really saw a huge difference when I got to La Salle,” Justin said. “There are rules and structure here, and a brotherhood. The structure is good so we [as students] can prepare for the future. We know we need to act a certain way, speak a certain way, and dress properly. Here we learn to respect one another.” Justin was inspired at the school’s annual Career Day by a New York City police officer and said, “I really enjoyed listening to the policeman who spoke with us. When I graduate, I hope to become an officer so I can help people every day.” Justin’s favorite subject is history because he likes to learn about the past. With support from the St. John Baptist de La Salle Fund, he is now able to become a part of the history of this 170-year old Lasallian institution.



“So when did you realize that you wanted to become a Christian Brother?” The simple answer is that the Christian Brothers were my teachers in high school and I can remember as a teenager wanting to be just like them. It truly has been a winding journey over the past twenty-nine years. It has taken me to places, meeting people, and engaging in ministry that I could never have imagined when I said, “of my free and unconstrained will, I seek to be admitted to the Brothers of the Christian Schools.” I don’t think I even knew what my “unconstrained will” meant at that time. In our vow formula, the Brothers say “I consecrate myself entirely to You, Lord, God, to procure Your glory as far as I am able and as much as You will require of me …” Truly the Brothers, students, and lay men and women whom I have had the good pleasure of knowing in six different institutions in the Eastern United States and in the Holy Land at Bethlehem University, have truly consecrated—have truly taught me—what being a true Christian Brother requires. My next step, which is accompanying young college aged men who are seriously considering our life, will have its own new challenges, especially in light of the current milieu in our society and in our Church. The one thing of which I am certain is that it will be the strength of so many others and my relationship with them that will allow me to be strong and effective on this journey. And I pray, dear Lord, that I may “procure Your glory” so that some may choose this great way of life! For more of Br. Michael’s reflection, visit http://bit.ly/BrMichaelAndrejko


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Respect, Responsibility, Service, and Leadership. As with all Miguel schools, we stress smaller classes, personal support, longer hours and calendars, and family involvement. Through the generosity of our friends and benefactors, we also have a new state-of-the-art science lab, laptops for each student, and new interactive “smart” televisions. I must give special thanks to the alumni of La Salle Military Academy, who have made our school part of their family since our inception. These acts of kindness ensure that those who have been entrusted to our care are provided with all the latest educational tools so they are able to maximize their full potential. Through their talents, their gifts, their generosity and their youthfulness, our students help us to remember daily that we are truly in the Holy Presence of God. The young men who have graced and blessed our halls are the face of the Church. They will represent a new generation of Lasallian leaders striving for a standard of academic excellence and Christian values that have been so much a part of the Founder’s vision and of our history. The Lasallian legacy continues to be the vision for our mission as it continues to evolve.

Lasallian tradition remains strong at Miguel schools.


Young Brother, Paul Avvento, presenting on The Founder, to VEGA participants.

Our annual Lasallian Youth Assembly brought together more than 100 high school students at La Salle University. Living in faith, service, and community, Lasallian youth participated in community service projects throughout Philadelphia, as well as engaging in games and activities, solemn moments of reflection, and positive affirmation sessions. (below) Presenter John Donahue-Grossman challenges students to recognize Christ in each other. This year’s VEGA Conference for young Lasallian employees was hosted at Manhattan College. Lasallian educators, ministers, and Brothers gathered to learn more about Saint John Baptist de La Salle, the Lasallian educational mission, and today’s realities of Lasallian education around the world. They also volunteered throughout the Bronx as part of the conference.



A WEEKEND CELEBRATING BROTHERHOOD Kicking off our Jubilee weekend on Friday, August 4th, our Brothers from around the District gathered at De La Salle Hall, our nursing home in Lincroft NJ, to celebrate with our senior Brothers, especially three of our jubilarians, Brothers Charles O’Connell, Martin Fahey, and John Perry. Charles is celebrating 50 years as Brother, Martin, 60 and John, 75. Their lives are a testament to good and faithful service to our Institute. After celebrating Mass and lauding these jubilarians, all gathered for a delicious cookout and time spent in association and community. Several young men considering a vocation joined the Brothers for the Jubilarian Mass and vows ceremony.

Saturday morning the festive events continued with a Mass and tributes honoring the commitment of the jubilarians of our District. Eight Brother jubilarians with 485 collective years of service to the Lasallian mission participated, with more than 100 Brothers travelling in to attend. Making this occasion even more joyous for Christian Brothers, family and friends, was that four young men deepened their commitments to the Institute during the Jubilarian Mass. Paul Cillo made First Promises, officially being accepted as a Postulant of the District. Brothers Paul Avvento and Steven Barbaro professed First Vows, received the Brothers’ Habit, and have entered our novitiate in Chicago. Also, Brother David Deradoorian renewed his annual vows. It was also uplifting to see that we were joined by twelve members of our Contacts program (college-age young men who are considering a vocation as a Christian Brother).  The weekend was rounded out by a dinner for all involved, hosted on the campus of Christian Brothers Academy.

Our De La Salle Hall Jubilarians, Brs. Charles, Martin, & John, enjoy the celebration with Visitor Br. Dennis Lee, Br. Ed Phalen, & Br. Dennis Malloy. Jubilarian Brothers gathered at St. Mary’s Church in Colts Neck NJ for the Mass in their honor.


Malcolm O'Sullivan


John Perry

Martin Fahey


Edward Gallagher

Gregory Quinn

Charles Scanlon

Jerome Cox

Brendan Gerrity

Robert Hazard

Raymond Murphy




These honors recognize a lifelong and extraordinary commitment to the Lasallian educational mission.

Mr. G. Gregory Bertles, AFSC

Mr. G. Gregory Bertles AFSC, with his wife Margaret, receives his membership from Br. Brendan Gerrity, FSC and Br. Dennis Lee, FSC, Visitor.

For his generosity and service as a Lasallian leader in the Ocean Tides School and Christian Brothers Center communities, most notably, as the first non-Brother Board Chair at Ocean Tides, as well as tutor, and for his fraternal support of CBC.

Mr. & Mrs. Richard and Judith McKay, AFSC, celebrate their Affiliation with their family and Br. Peter Kombe, FSC, Principal of St. Mary’s in Kenya.

Richard & Judith McKay, AFSC For their longtime support, advocacy, and fundraising for St. Mary’s Secondary School and Child Rescue Centre in Nyeri Kenya, Lasallian ministries of the Lwanga District in Africa.

Ms. Marion D. Schock, BFSC

Ms. Marion D. Schock, BFSC, proudly displays her Benefaction, accompanied by Br. Dennis Malloy, FSC & Br. John McErlean, FSC.

For her many years of service and generosity, as cook for the La Salle Hall-Ammendale Brothers Community, and as volunteer and tutor at The San Miguel School of Washington DC.

A REFLECTION BY BR. PAUL AVVENTO, NOVICE “There is a calm that I feel, one that is most unexpected. There are many reasons why this might be true, but I tend to believe it is because I am finally in the place where God called me to be. The support and prayers of the Brothers are like spiritual guardians. This year of discernment, prayer, reflection, and formation is something I need—something my soul needs. There is a profound difference between doing God’s work and being who God called us to be. That is what I hope to learn this year. Where do the paths of the Gospel and the charism of La Salle intrinsically live within me in the year 2017? I can only pray that I will be further along on my journey, and more in tune to God’s calling in my life than I was before entering. I know this will be the case because of the example, support, and nourishment I have been blessed to receive from the many great mentors, and Brothers, in the truest sense, around the region.”

For more on this Jubilee Weekend, including photos and more of Novice Br. Paul’s reflection, visit http://bit.ly/CelebratingBrotherhood Postulant Paul Cillo, Brs. taking first vows, Steven Barbaro & Paul Avvento, and Br. David Deradoorian who renewed his vows, pose with Br. Dennis Lee, Visitor, at the reception.


Stephen Olert

Thomas Bondra


Ralph Bucci

William DiPasquale

Richard Lalime

John McDonnell

Ralph Montedoro

Frederick Mueller

Charles O'Connell

Patrick Bradley


LASALLIAN VISIONS Students gather for lunch in their beautiful new student center.

MINISTRY SPOTLIGHT LA SALLE COLLEGE HIGH SCHOOL Glaser Center Welcomes the Future by Christopher Carabello ’82 Director of Marketing, Communications & Public Relations On September 5th, La Salle College High School in Wyndmoor PA opened its doors to start the school’s 159th academic year as a group of 275 boys were welcomed as the Class of 2021. These newest Lasallians took their place in the long and storied history of La Salle College High School by being the first class to eat in the new Glaser Center, the 15,344 square foot dining hall and assembly area that was completed only one week earlier. The building is named in honor of John E. Glaser ’58, whose bequest spearheaded the funding for this project. The space also has an outdoor courtyard and recreation area that can host events. The original cafeteria was the only remaining daily-use space that had not been

renewed or renovated at the school in the last fifty years. The new air-conditioned addition is home to a state-of-the-art dining and food service area that can easily be converted to an assembly space large enough to accommodate an entire class. The space also includes an advanced multi-media system. A beautiful highlight of the space are two stained glass windows—one of Saint John Baptist de La Salle and the other of Mary, the Mother of Jesus—both of which were “rescued” from a local Catholic church that had recently been decommissioned. With an enrollment of nearly 1,100 boys, Brother James Butler, FSC, President of the school, welcomes this space that allows for

flexibility for programming and adds another venue for events. “The Glaser Center provides much needed student space that will see us into the future. There is attractive space for the students to eat, as well as additional space for teamwork and collaboration along with healthy social interaction. It is a testament to the great faith and investment in this school our parents and alumni continue to have across the generations.”

The Class of 2021 show their pride in the courtyard of the new Glaser Student Center.

CBC GALA RAISES THE BAR Christian Brothers Center in Narragansett RI outdid themselves with the 2017 Annual Gala. Once again the weather was perfect as the casually-elegant evening began with a cocktail hour in the courtyard followed by dinner in the dining room. The festivities continued with desserts and cordials in the Great Room while guests participated in the live auction and received the announcement of the grand raffle winners, with a top prize of $10,000. With a full house, generous event sponsors, and nearly all raffle tickets sold, the Gala exceeded all previous years in helping the retired Brothers.

Event Chair Bobby Dillon speaks as CBC Director Br. Edmond, Jim Howe, and Co-Chair Dawn Dillon look on.

Kathy & Michael Kelly arrive at the opening cocktail reception in the courtyard at CBC.


(B) La Salle Hall - Beltsville MD (N) Christian Brothers Center - Narragansett RI


(L) De La Salle Hall - Lincroft NJ (T) Loretto Abbey - Toronto ON

for your continued support of our Christian Brothers in their retirement (as of 9/15/2017) at: Br. Anthony Baird (L) Br. Andrew Bartley (L) Br. Henry Betz (L) Br. Raymund Buck (L) Br. Thomas Caldwell (L) Br. Gregory Cavalier (L) Br. Carl Clayton (L) Br. John Coates (T) Br. Richard Connors (N) Br. Jerome Cox (N) Br. Stephen Creagh (L) Br. Lawrence Dempsey (B)

Br. Thomas Dunn (N) Br. George Edwards (T) Br. Gabriel Fagan (L) Br. Martin Fahey (L) Br. Walter Farrell (T) Br. Michael Fitzgibbon (L) Br. Brendan Foley (N) Br. Brendan Garwood (B) Br. Robert Hebert (N) Br. John Herron (L) Br. John Karl (B) Br. Michael Kelleher (L)


Br. James Kelly (L) Br. William Kemmerer (L) Br. Joseph Lapp (B) Br. Joseph Loewenstein (L) Br. James Loxham (N) Br. Hugh Maguire (L) Br. Francisco Martin (L) Br. Eugene Morgan (B) Br. James Muffley (B) Br. Joseph Myers (B) Br. Herman Paul (L) Br. John Perry (L)

Br. Patrick Power (L) Br. David Rogers (B) Br. Kevin Strong (L) Br. Timothy Tarmey (N) Br. John Vella (T) Br. Floyd Warwick (L) Br. Henry Werner (B) Br. Philip Whitman (B) Br. Paul Wilcox (T) Br. William Winter (B) Br. Nicholas Zimrose (T)

REMEMBERING THE BROTHERS WE HAVE LOST Full obituaries and eulogies available online at www.fscdena.org



1935 – 2017

1932 – 2017

Born in Richmond VA in 1935, Brother Leo Leary, FSC, entered the Ammendale MD Novitiate at 20 years old, where he received the Religious Habit and Name Brother David Leo. He studied engineering at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and the University of Pennsylvania. He went on to teach math and science at schools like West Catholic Boys High School, Archbishop Carroll Boys High School, and Calvert Hall College High School. Brother Colman Coogan, FSC, told how, though Br. Leo was shy in crowds, friends and loved ones credited Br. Leo’s southern roots for cultivating his wit, wisdom, and warmth. A man of both academics and faith, Br. Leo read extensively about philosophy and theology and prayed often. He appreciated the physical through the lens of spirituality. “Leo developed deep friendships with us as he did with students while they were in his care,” he said. “Sensitivity was his trademark.”

Brother Richard Leo McAlice, FSC, whose 60 year career and stern yet kind demeanor inspired others, was born in Pawtucket RI, in 1932. He entered the Barrytown NY Novitiate in 1950 and received the Religious Habit and Name, Brother Angelus Leo. His main assignments were at Lincoln Hall in Lincolndale NY, where he served as Teacher, Prefect, Sub-Director, and Assistant Executive Director, and at La Salle School for Boys, where he worked as a Prefect and Director. His joys included his family, cocktail hours with fellow Brothers, NASCAR, and trips to Lake Luzerne. Former student Chris Flowers recalled how Br. Richard mentored him during his difficult youth, setting an example with both discipline and tenderness. Now a father of three, Chris credits Br. Richard for showing him a better way. “You were a model of a man, exemplifying Christian behavior to boys like me,” Chris said. “You helped change my life.”



1942 – 2017

1927 – 2017

Brother Raymond Meagher, FSC, was born in New York NY, in 1942. He entered the Barrytown NY Juniorate in 1957, then the Novitiate in 1961, where he received the Religious Habit and Name, Brother Raymond Aquinas. Having earned a degree in counseling psychology from NYU, followed by an MSW from Columbia University, Br. Raymond filled several roles in every school to which he was assigned, including: Prefect, Child Care Supervisor, and Group Home Director at Lincoln Hall; Social Worker, Director, and Principal at St. Raymond High School; and Professor at Manhattan College. In 2015, he was named Distinguished Lasallian Educator of the Year. Brother Brian Carty, FSC, knew Br. Raymond for 60 years as fiercely competitive and driven to achieve, whether it was playing his favorite sports like basketball and handball, or teaching his students. “If someone needed him, he was there,” Br. Brian said. “He hated to be anything less than his best.”

Born Charles Boromeo Scanlon, Jr., in 1927, Brother Charles Scanlon, FSC was drawn to travel, whether it was during his service in the US Navy during World War II or joining the Christian Brothers soon after. He entered the Ammendale MD Novitiate in 1946 and received the Religious Habit and Name, Brother Emmanuel John one year later. He worked at several schools across multiple states, such as St. Francis Vocational School in Eddington PA, La Salle High School in Cumberland MD, West Virginia’s Parkersburg Catholic High School, and St. John’s College High School in Washington DC. Among his roles were Teacher, Principal, Child Care Worker, and Community Director. In his eulogy, Brother Luke Maher, FSC, described Br. Charles as loyal to his friends and family, always striving to keep in touch with those he cared about. “Once you became his friend, he made it a lifetime commitment,” he said.



District Office 444-A Hwy 35 South Eatontown NJ 07724


Dear Friends, Our articles inside this issue point toward the future with themes like “Continuity and Change,” showcasing our Jubilarians and our young Brothers, highlighting Brother Michael, who will be working with our Contacts program for young men considering a vocation, and more. As I review the magazine, I recall the most personally poignant and spiritually uplifting event of this past summer. It was watching four young men make vows and promises to the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools (joining Brother Tony who professed his perpetual vows a month earlier in Pittsburgh), then standing with our Jubilarians who were celebrating from 40 to 75 years as Brother. I have faith that the educational mission of the Brothers will remain strong for future generations. As members of our Lasallian family, you play a vital role, helping in so many ways to make that happen. I thank you. Please enjoy the articles and photos inside. Hopefully they will help you recall some of your own special memories with the Brothers.


Mr. Patrick J. Donahue Director of Development P.S.  If you have already remembered us in your will or estate plans, thank you. If not, please consider doing so. Bequests play an important part in keeping the mission strong. Our legal name is Brothers of the Christian Schools, District of Eastern North America, Tax ID# 27-0161049. If you have any questions, feel free to call me at 732-380-7926.


MR. PATRICK DONAHUE District Director



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