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MAY 2017 • NO. 19

New Partnerships Help Fund Grow True to its name, the Saint John Baptist de La Salle Fund makes a Lasallian Catholic education possible for youths whose families would not have been able to afford it. Many parties work together to make this happen. The Brothers of the District made the decision several years ago to begin and grow this fund to help those most in need here in our District. Our Lasallian educators at each of the recipient schools work to ensure that these funds will be directed where they can make the most impact on the lives of deserving students. Most recently, members of our Lasallian family have begun to step forward to help the fund grow at an even faster rate through their support. Donors like Paul (WC ’53) and Marie (WC ’53) Berenato have realized that the Scholarship Fund will help solidify the future. “The Brothers are just amazing men. The experience we had through our Christian Brothers education was a major influence in making us who we are today.” remembers Paul.

“When this opportunity came up, we knew we had to be involved – to ensure that the mission of the Brothers to educate the young, with special care for the poor, continues to remain strong. It is a way to pay-it-forward.” The Fund has begun to make significant progress in its growth. While this year awards were made totaling $668,000, the Trustees have recently approved a distribution for the 2017-18 school year of nearly $750,000. The Brothers realize that the Fund must remain steady because student recipients rely on these scholarships to remain in school. To ensure that the year-to-year grant amounts to the schools do not fluctuate drastically because of market changes, the Brothers use a distribution formula that uses the average of the total Fund value from the past three years.

West Catholic Preparatory High School has evolved to meet the needs of a more diversified student population.

One unique aspect of the Fund is that the scholarships are available to schools throughout the District of Eastern North America that serve students with the greatest unmet financial hardship. However, since Lasallian schools vary greatly, recipient schools are given latitude in how the funds are distributed. (continued on page 3) The young men of St. Raymond High School receive a quality Lasallian Catholic education in the Bronx.



A MESSAGE FROM BROTHER DENNIS MALLOY, FSC "The miracles of God’s Providence take place every day.” (St. John Baptist de La Salle) Happy Easter to you! We continue to rejoice in this greatest of all seasons of the Church for a full fifty days, through the Feast of the Ascension to Pentecost Sunday. It is, as St. John Chrysostom declares, our “feast of faith” to which we give voice in the Easter liturgy: We proclaim your Death, O Lord, and profess your Resurrection until you come again! In this month of May, we are blessed and grateful to celebrate the gift of our Moms, living and deceased. We also give thanks and celebrate the Church’s proclamation of St. John Baptist de La Salle as the Patron Saint of Teachers in 1950. Common to each is the power of the Holy Spirit to give the blessing of new life for the good of our families, the Church, and the world. Later this month, on the Feast of the Ascension, St. Matthew’s Gospel (Mt 28: 16-20) gives us Jesus’ own clear declaration to us as disciples: “Go, and make disciples of all nations … teaching them to observe all I have commanded you.” And, at the end of this Gospel, literally the bottom line, Jesus again states in unequivocal language, “And behold, I am with you always.” Jesus does not abandon us to our own devices but promises that he is right here with us as we make our own this mission of disciple making.

S T. J O H N B A P T I S T



De La Salle’s words above, “the miracles of God’s Providence …” are his conviction that we make good on Jesus’ commission to us in Matthew’s Gospel by becoming co-operators with Jesus in bringing about God’s Providence for young people through a Lasallian education. If you read nothing else in this issue, please read the cover story on our Scholarship Fund and the article below on the FACE OF THE FUND. Know that each day, as a result of the tuition assistance we are providing for the girls and boys from our most financially challenged families, those “miracles” are happening with great regularity! Live Jesus in our hearts!

Brother Dennis Malloy, FSC Provincial/Visitor, DENA

P.S. Please consider making a one time gift or becoming a regular donor to the De La Salle Scholarship Fund—and have no doubt that you will be making those miracles happen and those Disciples a reality!

THE ST. JOHN BAPTIST DE LA SALLE FUND seeks to ensure that a Lasallian education is available and accessible to those students most in need. Through an initial program of student sponsorship and a growing program of grants to identified schools, the Fund provides tuition assistance for students to attend a Lasallian school. With your support, we are now providing $668,000 annually for our students in need. Others are welcome to join the Brothers and their Partners-in-Mission in this specially-dedicated scholarship fund which continues to grow each year.

FACE OF THE FUND: JOSEPH ROSADO St. Raymond High School for Boys When Joseph Rosado enrolled at St. Raymond High School for Boys in the fall of 2014, he was filled with excitement for the educational journey ahead. What he was not prepared for was that both his kidneys were failing and required an immediate kidney transplant. Unable to attend school, Joseph knew that he had more to give the world than becoming a paralyzed 14 year-old unable to live out his dreams. “The Brothers at St. Raymond saved my life,” says Joseph. “They lifted me up, helped me not to give up, and reminded me that De La Salle and God were with me always.”  With hospital bills and moderate financial income, Joseph and his family were faced with a harsh reality that he would no longer be able to attend St. Raymond, while simultaneously having to fight for his life. Miraculously, Joseph’s father was a blood-type match and viable donor. Joseph credits the Brothers with this great miracle, saying, “The Brothers were always there, visiting me in the hospital, praying with me and for me.” Joseph started his sophomore year at St. Raymond with two new kidneys - and with a scholarship from the St. John Baptist de La Salle Fund. From the financial burden of the hospital, surgeon, and follow-up visits, the weight of tuition was lifted because of the Fund. “This scholarship gave me a second chance, at life in general, and as a student,” says Joseph. “I am forever grateful for the Fund and the Lasallian education it has given me.” Joseph is now an active member of the junior class, involved in the National Honor Society, Weight Room Club, Baseball, and Lasallian Youth. In true Lasallian fashion, he also dedicates his time working with transplant patients and their families. 




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Br. Lawrence, founder of The San Miguel School of Providence, with a few of his students.

Reflecting on my years as a Christian Brother, I feel blessed to be a follower of St. John Baptist de La Salle. As a shy 17 year-old who had just graduated from St. Raphael Academy in Pawtucket RI, I was probably joining religious life as a way to escape the world rather than a way in which to embrace it fully. As I began to feel as if I did have something to contribute, both in community and in ministry, I slowly began to take risks, such as moving to New York City, taking on administrative responsibilities, and leading workshops for teachers. Gaining in confidence during my first twenty years as an educator led me to look for ways in which the Brothers could teach urban kids who were far from salvation. Seeing a need to help kids from low-income families, I remember accidentally stumbling upon what has become a favorite Old Testament passage from Jeremiah 29:11-14: I know full well the plans I have for you says the Lord—plans for your welfare and not for woe, so as to give you a future filled with hope. When you call on me, and come in prayer to me, I will listen to you. When you look for me, you will find me. Yes, when you seek me with all your heart I will be there. These are powerful words which have helped me during difficult times, especially in the early years of The San Miguel School in Providence. Being a Christian Brother gave me a certain freedom to follow my dreams, as well as to pay the price to make them come true. The Brothers had my back! With the creation of this new San Miguel School ministry in 1993, and as the journey continued, I became so much more aware of the guiding hand of St. La Salle in the entire process. To read Br. Lawrence’s full spotlight, go online -  bit.ly/BrLawrenceGoyette

While each of our ministries provides a first-rate education grounded in Gospel values, each is unique due to many factors. These include geographic area, size, economic circumstances, student population served, and more. Therefore, the Brother Trustees of The Fund allow each school to submit an annual proposal on how they will use and distribute the funds. “We do not dictate the amount of the awards per student, or specific criteria, only that it is a need based award for financial hardship.” states Brother Dennis Malloy, Provincial/Visitor of the District. “We have faith in our educational leaders that if a student has been accepted into one of our schools, they will have the desire, ability, and support needed to succeed.” At one of our San Miguel Schools, which were created to minister to the most economically depressed areas, the Head of School may decide that the aid will be divided among all students. At schools that serve students across the economic spectrum, they may decide upon a smaller number of large awards to help those with the most desperate need. “When I read about the scholarship, I remember thinking, What an appropriate name’ because De La Salle was all about bringing Hands on learning in the updated education to the poor.” stated Dr. Michael STEM labs at Bishop Loughlin Cook (St. Peter's ’83). “It is exciting to be Memorial High School in Brooklyn. a part of ensuring that the same Lasallian education that I received will be available to students for whom this experience otherwise would not have been possible.” In the “Face of the Fund” section on page two of each issue of Lasallian Visions, we have been presenting one of the inspirational stories of our students whose lives have been changed by the Saint John Baptist de La Salle Fund. Please read about Joseph and his tremendous will to succeed in this issue. You, too, can help Joseph and hundreds of other students just like him each year. To join the Brothers in this life-changing mission, just mark the “De La Salle Scholarship Fund” box when you return the gift envelope in this newsletter. To set up a recurring gift, or to include the scholarship fund in your will or estate plans, please contact Mr. Patrick Donahue in our Development Office at 732-380-7926 or at donahue@fscdena.org. In the words of our founder to his followers, “It is your duty to act toward {these students} as your Guardian Angels act toward you.” St. Raymond students give back to their community, seen here volunteering at a local soup kitchen with Contact Kyle Mena (right).




Brother Lawrence Goyette (left) discusses an idea with his fellow Brothers.

READING THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES CALLED TO ANNOUNCE THE GOSPEL IN NEW WAYS The Christian Brothers of DENA have begun to formulate a grassroots effort: Announcing the Gospel to the Poor. This comes in light of the suggestions and mandates of the Brothers’ 45th General Chapter of 2014. At the Brothers’ request, this effort looks to explore and possibly expand the Lasallian educational work into new, diversified, and dynamic ways of answering the Institute’s call to “go beyond our borders.” The Brothers have met twice, as of their February 2017 workshop weekend, with many discussions and initial plans on how to “become better evangelists and catechists, and to meet the poor more directly and effectively.” “These efforts to meet the needs of vulnerable families in new ways are great examples of transformation,” said Brother Edward Phelan, FSC, Auxiliary Visitor for the District. “We are not trying to do better what we have been doing, but to do something entirely different.” Brothers have suggested such wide ranging ideas as sponsoring a charter school, supporting an immigrant program in Homestead FL, starting a residence for high school age boys, and inviting refugees to live in Brothers’ Communities. “My hope is that, individually and communally, we continue to respond to the pressing needs of marginalized young people,” said Brother David Deradoorian, FSC, a workshop attendee. “We must allow ourselves to be transformed by a Gospel message of love and service to neighbor.”

Brother Ernest Miller enthusiastically reports on behalf of his group.

Fourteen Contacts, young men considering the vocation of a Christian Brother, gathered outside Philadelphia at Daylesford Abbey on January 5th through 8th. These young men spent time in prayer, conversation, and camaraderie as they explored their call to be educators and possibly Brothers. It wasn’t all quiet contemplation and reflection though. On Friday, Contacts had the opportunity to work their leadership and teaching skills while they hosted La Salle Academy Philadelphia’s 5th to 8th graders at La Salle University. The day was filled with fun physical activities, a tour of the University’s campus led by Contacts who are LSU alumni, and time spent cultivating their creative side at the University’s on-campus art museum. Contacts  Paul Avvento, Kyle Mena, and  Paul Cillo are currently living in Brothers’ Communities and serving at St. Raymond High School for Boys in the Bronx and La Salle Academy in Manhattan. They shared their experiences with the group, and how community life has and continues to be fulfilling and formative.  “I can describe my retreat experience as overwhelming,” said Kyle. “I was overwhelmed to finally meet many of the men in the contact program that I had heard about. I was overwhelmed with joy to serve the children from La Salle Academy. Above all, I was positively overwhelmed by the love and grace I received from the Brothers, Contacts, and God.” Brother Richard Galvin (top left, red sweatshirt) guides a prayer circle with Contacts on retreat.

Contacts On Retreat: Dominic Aldini, Paul Avvento, Brian Bernard, Jim Burke, Javier Castro, Paul Cillo, Mike Esposito, Cristian Germes, J.D. Macioce, Kyle Mena, David Muñoz, Moises Peña, Timothy Robles, Chris Sullivan

Contact Paul Cillo gives a quick “fist bump” for a job well done by the 5th graders in their artwork scavenger hunt.

Accompanied by: Br. Richard Buccina, FSC Br. Francis Eells, FSC Br. Richard Galvin, FSC Br. Dennis Lee, FSC Br. Dennis Malloy, FSC



for your continued support of our Christian Brothers in their retirement (as of 4/1/2017) at: (B) La Salle Hall - Beltsville MD (N) Christian Brothers Center - Narragansett RI Br. Anthony Baird (L) Br. Andrew Bartley (L) Br. James Bednar (L) Br. Henry Betz (L) Br. Raymund Buck (L) Br. Thomas Caldwell (L) Br. Gregory Cavalier (B) Br. Carl Clayton (L) Br. John Coates (T) Br. Richard Connors (N) Br. Kenneth Cook (L) Br. Stephen Creagh (L)

Br. Thomas Dunn (N) Br. George Edwards (T) Br. Gabriel Fagan (L) Br. Martin Fahey (L) Br. Walter Farrell (T) Br. Michael Fitzgibbon (L) Br. Brendan Foley (N) Br. Brendan Garwood (L) Br. Brendan Gerrity (N) Br. Lawrence Hartung (L) Br. Robert Hebert (N) Br. John Herron (L)

(L) De La Salle Hall - Lincroft NJ (T) Loretto Abbey - Toronto ON

Br. John Karl (B) Br. Michael Kelleher (L) Br. William Kemmerer (L) Br. Joseph Lapp (B) Br. Leo Leary (B) Br. James Loxham (N) Br. Hugh Maguire (L) Br. Francisco Martin (L) Br. Eugene Morgan (B) Br. Joseph Myers (B) Br. John Perry (L) Br. Patrick Power (L)

Br. David Rogers (B) Br. Kevin Strong (L) Br. Timothy Tarmey (N) Br. John Vella (T) Br. Floyd Warwick (L) Br. Henry Werner (B) Br. Philip Whitman (B) Br. William Wilcox (T) Br. William Winter (B) Br. Paul Yuzuk (L) Br. Nicholas Zimrose (T)


AUGUST 19, 2017

Christian Brothers and Partners-in-Mission shared two separate weekends of reflection in a retreat setting, entitled “Called to the Atlantic.” The weekends, both held in January, at Ocean Rest in Ocean City NJ and Christian Brothers Center in Narragansett RI, gave Lasallians a rare opportunity for prayer, reflection, and sharing on the significant life topic of transitions. Midlife marks the beginning of what has now become known as “3rd Age.” Third Age is an emerging life stage, running roughly from ages 50 to 75, made possible by a longer life expectancy. In essence, it grants us a life bonus of up to thirty years not available to previous generations. Rich “Transitions” artwork is a point in possibilities and potential, it involves the The of discussion for Maryann Donohuecreating of new roles and identity, a search Lynch, and Brothers Ed Phelan and Greg Flynn. for new meaning and profound change. “I was very happy to share with the Brothers who participated in the weekend,” said Partner-in-Mission, Ms. Anna Tufano. “I don’t often get this opportunity to hear the amazing stories and reflections of Brothers with whom I have not worked in the past.” Discussions focused on personal and work transitions already experienced and current and future possible transitions. Before ending the weekend discussions, the groups in both locations imagined the future transition that the DENA family will face. A point of agreement was the overwhelming need to ensure thorough formation for younger Lasallians. “It was one of the best experiences of this type I’ve had in a while,” said  Brother Bill Johnson, FSC. “The numbers were very conducive to enabling all to participate.” All those attending enjoyed not only the time together for prayer and sharing, but also the quiet time at the seashore.



MINISTRY SPOTLIGHT WEST CATHOLIC PREPARATORY HIGH SCHOOL 100 Years of Lasallian Catholic Education in Philadelphia A West Catholic student hard at work at the school’s Engineering Technology Academy.

This year West Catholic Preparatory High School in Philadelphia PA is celebrating its Centennial Year. Since its inception in 1916, West Catholic has always been a preparatory school, providing its students with valuable skills and learning that they can lean on throughout their lives.  In building upon that theme, West Catholic Preparatory High School, in collaboration

ing Technology Academy is built into the core curriculum and designed to give students a realworld, inter-disciplinary approach to learning by doing. In each year of the program, students will be assigned projects that will require them to learn and apply computer-aided design (CAD) skills that incorporate principles of art, mathematics, and physics. They manufacture their designs using on-site equipment, and then articulate the principles that For additional information about enabled their designs to work. the West Catholic Centennial, or This approach is based on the their May 6th Centennial Gala, belief that students will learn A Century of Excellence, best by continuously applying go to www.westcatholic.org the “plan - do - check - act or call Andrew Brady, cycle” to increasingly complex West Catholic projects, so that by graduation Director of Advancement, they will be prepared to take at 215-386-2244 x230. responsibility for their own with Drexel University, recently launched  learning processes, and achieve success in their The Engineering Technology Academy. The goals for higher education and for contributing mission of the Academy is to provide students to society. with the opportunity to acquire basic engineering While the foundation of West Catholic skills through a project based curriculum, during is laid upon its proud 100 year tradition and which they gain confidence in their ability to the history that comes with that, the school learn and apply the principles of art, mathematics, leadership also understands the need to enhance computer programming, and physics. and adapt academic programs to best meet the A four year STEM program, The Engineer- needs of today’s student.    




REMEMBERING THE BROTHERS WE HAVE LOST Full obituaries and eulogies available online at www.fscdena.org





Brother Casimir Gundlach, FSC, born Alfred Carl Gundlach in 1931, kept close to his native New York during his religious training and forty years of service, teaching at Sacred Heart School, Incarnation School, and St. John’s School. He also worked as Vice-Principal for De La Salle Collegiate and Christian Brothers Academy and Principal for Christ the King School and La Salle School for Boys. Brother Edward Phelan, FSC, praised him for his devotion to struggling students, many of whom kept in touch with their beloved teacher for years afterwards. “He stayed with them until they got their feet on the ground,” said Br. Edward. “They always knew he was on their side.” Br. Casmir was an avid horse rider, active choir member, and was well known for his numerous school musical productions. “He loved so many people and made them feel important. Ask any of his coworkers over the years and they will say he was simply charming.”

Brother Thomas Chadwick, FSC, was born in Philadelphia PA, in 1934. He entered the Ammendale MD Novitiate in 1953, receiving the Religious Habit and Name, Brother Declan Kieran, and pronounced Perpetual Vows at Ocean Rest NJ in 1959.  True to the title, “A Man of All Seasons,” given to him by Brother Leo Smith, FSC, Br. Thomas’ career was marked by a variety of roles, including teacher, Vice Principal, Principal, Guidance Counselor, District Aspirancy Director, Sub-Director for the Skaneateles NY Novitiate, and Assistant Director of the Lasallian Volunteer Program. “When we pronounce our vows as Brothers,” said Br. Leo, “we say in part: ’to go wherever I may be sent and to do whatever I may be assigned, either by the Body of the Society, or by its Superiors.’ Tom certainly lived that out.”  Br. Leo praised Br. Thomas for his innate ability to bring people together and foster an air of celebration and hospitality. “He was Brother through and through in a completely natural way. It was who he was.”





Though born and educated in New York, Brother John Wilson, FSC, did not stay in one place for long. Described as “a 20th century pilgrim” by his Barrytown Novitiate classmate, Brother Edward Phelan, FSC, Br. John taught, administered, and counseled at schools across the country, including Christian Brothers Academy in New York, De La Salle Collegiate in Michigan, Brady High School in Minnesota, Queen of Peace High School in New Jersey, La Salle High School in California, and Christian Brothers College in Tennessee, all while earning a Doctorate in Ministry and three Master’s degrees.  Those who knew Br. John saw a man who strove to understand human suffering and how to reconcile it with his work and faith. “John had high standards for himself and for those with whom he worked and supervised,” said Br. Edward. “He knew the way things should be and the proper place for everything.”

Born Elgin William Wasylenchuk in Canada in 1925, Brother Isidore Wasylenchuk, FSC, native of Stenen SK, known as “Izzy” to his friends, entered the Aurora Juniorate in 1942, then the Novitiate a year later, where he received the Religious Habit and Name, Brother Simon Isidore.  He pronounced his Perpetual Vows in Jackson Point ON in 1950.  More than half of his career was spent in a variety of roles at St. Joseph College in Saskatchewan, with alternate stints as far reaching as Quebec and the West Indies. But his financial wisdom eventually led to jobs as Bursar for the O’Connor House in Ontario and La Salle Hall Community.  Even at seventy-five, Br. Isidore began a ministry that would last for ten more years, at the business office of De La Salle College “Oaklands.” In between, he studied at the University of Warsaw and helped rebuild the Christian community in post-communist Ukraine. Though frugal and driven to find good bargains, Br. Isidore was known to be generous, gracious, and willing to offer advice and comfort. 



District Office 444-A Hwy 35 South Eatontown NJ 07724 ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED

Dear Friends, Welcome back to Lasallian Visions. I believe this issue provides a nice mix of remembering —West Catholic celebrating 100 years and Brother Lawrence founding San Miguel School, and looking ahead—The De La Salle Scholarship Fund, our Contacts’ retreat, and more. While I always like to express my gratitude to our donors. I want to also take this opportunity to recognize all those who help us make this newsletter come together. We are a small shop, so without them, our Communications Director Phil DeRita and I would not be able to send you this publication. These include Brothers Dennis, Joe, Edmond, and William who help us decide content and give us the final nod to go to press, and our District office staff Carroll and Nancy who keep us in line with our punctuation grammar, etc. Finally, a special thank you goes out to all the Brothers and Partners-In-Mission at our ministries throughout the District who volunteer to send us ideas, information, photos, and often the written articles. Again, thank you for your interest and concern for the Christian Brothers and their mission that we present in these pages. Please keep them in your prayers.

Honoring Our Past. Serving Today. Building Tomorrow Establish your enduring legacy in support of our Lasallian mission. We invite you to join us as we continue to serve children, families, and our Brothers here in the United States and around the world.


Mr. Patrick J. Donahue Director of Development

Lasallian Legacy


For more information or membership please contact: Patrick Donahue, Director of Development, DENA 732-380-7926 x121 • donahue@fscdena.org


Window from former Brothers’ novitiate, Barrytown NY




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Lasallian Visions - May 2017  

Spring 2017 edition of our Development publication. Stories include an update on the St. John Baptist de La Salle Fund, our Face of the Fund...

Lasallian Visions - May 2017  

Spring 2017 edition of our Development publication. Stories include an update on the St. John Baptist de La Salle Fund, our Face of the Fund...

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