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12 October 2009



Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church of North & South America and the Diaspora

Michael: st

As you acknowledged in an August 31 email Archbishop Danylo, Bishop Paul Peter, and you make up the permanent voting Synod of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church Diaspora (UAOC). In accordance with this statement, the Metropolia’s Charter, and Orthodox Canon Law Archbishop Danylo determined that The Spiritual Court of First Instance must be convened to address your poor judgment, inappropriate behavior, and ongoing absence of leadership to the UAOC over several years. On Saturday, 10 October 2009, at approximately 1 PM Archbishop Danylo and Bishop Paul Peter discussed at length the current situation and long-standing problems that you have created. A vote was taken to remove you as Primate and Metropolitan and bishop of the UAOC-Diaspora. It was further decided to strip you of all sacramental rights as a priest. Following this action Archbishop Danylo convened a session of the Spiritual Court of Appeals to further reflect on the decision. The decision to remove you as Diaspora Primate, Metropolitan, and strip you of being a bishop stands. These actions are permanent and will not be revisited. Your sacramental rights as a priest were restored. These rights, however, will be stripped from you should you hold yourself out as a bishop or Metropolitan. You are no longer to use the word “Vladyka” or any other word that suggests your status as something other than a simple priest. Your vestments as a bishop/Metropolitan should be sold and the money given to charity of your choice. Your failure to comply will necessitate action on your sacramental rights. The Synod has conveyed to Kyiv and the faithful in Europe, Canada, South America, and the United States this necessary and unfortunate action. Should you decide to hold yourself out as a bishop of the UAOC then a public statement will be issued and distributed noting the Synod’s decision and the specific reasons why the action was necessary. In addition, your sacramental rights will be removed and the option of excommunication will be considered. In addition to the Metropolia’s Charter, these actions are taken in accordance to Orthodox Canon Law. The UAOC Synod finds that you have violated the following Canons of the Pedalion or Rudder: •

Canon 14 – As bishop you abandoned your Metropolia by working to establish the Latin Liberation Church. Despite repeated efforts to have you do something as basic as update the Metropolia’s website and show the courtesy to return emails and phone calls you have consistently failed to do so. As shown by the blog entries you have always found time for the Liberation Church at the expense of the UAOC. In addition, over the years the Metropolia has lost several priests due to your inattention to their needs. This is documented.

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Canon 35 – As bishop you have sought to confer ordinations outside of your boundaries without consulting Archbishop Odon. More egregious is your willingness to conduct ordinations in a New Age church that you founded to satisfy a personal need.

Canon 57 – As bishop you have neglected the clergy, the laity, and the overall operations of the Metropolia. Although violation of this Canon brings excommunication the Synod has delayed taking this extreme action, but it is not opposed in doing so in the future.

Canon 74 – As bishop you have been approached on more than three occasions in the last six months by Archbishop Danylo and Bishop Paul Peter regarding a range of matters and have consistently ignored their calls, emails, or corrective instruction.

The UAOC Synod finds that you have violated the following Canon of the Holy Fourth Council: •

Canon 25 – As bishop you have neglected your flock. You have further shown a disregard for maintaining accurate files regarding the necessary legal filings with the State and federal government. th

In an email dated September 5 you informed Archbishop Danylo that everyone was aware of your work in starting the Liberation Church. This is untrue. th

In an email to Bishop Paul dated October 9 , Archbishop Odon shared links of your efforts that clearly caused him pain and embarrassment. He was unaware of your activity. It has now compromised his credibility and standing in the community. th


You continued to lie in an email sent to Archbishop Danylo on October 9 or 10 that stated in part that “I have had several occasions to speak with Archbishop Odon and he is in agreement with what I have discussed with you . . .” This is untrue. The following links are listed here so that those “cc” on this letter may draw their own conclusions about your work, judgment, and disregard for those who have given you their support and loyalty. brecarp%3Dcuragay&sl=es&tl=en&history_state0

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It is important to note that the Synod did not permanently remove you from office due to your views on sexual minorities. It has taken these actions because you have behaved in a unilateral manner not unlike a papist, refused to note that the actions taken were personal and in no way represented the UAOC, lied that others in the UAOC family were aware of your actions and supported them, publicly said highly inappropriate and embarrassing things now in print about yourself while re-enforcing negative stereotypes about sexual minorities who must struggle for respect and dignity every day, and your willingness to allow young men to post photos on your blog that are highly suggestive and not suitable for the blog of any bishop. You are directed to provide the web password for the UAOC website to Archbishop Danylo immediately. You are to refrain from representing yourself as a bishop and official at any level of the UAOC. All files, stamps, etc. are to be forwarded to Bishop Paul Peter immediately. Your failure to cooperate will needlessly escalate the situation. If necessary, your sacramental rights will be stripped and civil legal action will be pursued. The Synod has explored its legal actions in civil court and is comfortable that it can and will enforce its decision. and the Synod is prepared to take it. Sincerely,

Archbishop Danylo (Smith)

Bishop Paul Peter (Jesep) Permanent Members of the UAOC Holy Synod Diaspora cc:

His Beatitude Metropolitan Myfodii, Ukraine His Beatitude Metropolitan Stephan Petrovich, Emeritus, America Archbishop Odon, South America Archbishop Lorenzo, Italy Archbishop Pascal, France Bishop Bohdan, Ukraine Fr. Yuri, America Fr. George, Canada

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On Saturday, 10 October 2009, at approximately 1 PM Archbishop Danylo and Bishop Paul Peter discussed at length the current situation and lo...

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