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Women ofWE alth SUMMER 2016

POWER INFLUENCERS Anna McCoy, Chief Global Officer, Urban America

COLLABORATION: The New Currency of Women

Edie Fraser, CEO, Stemconnector速 and Million Women Mentors

IS America Ready for a LEADING LADY?

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t is fascinating to ponder the innate power of the woman and the farreaching effects of her passion and commitment. It is not a tired theme, neither is it a passing trend; women are rising in every sphere of influence. How much more compelling and engaging the change is that happens when focused, energetic and stouthearted women converge and collaborate. It causes a wave of change and refreshing transformation that is desperately needed in our world.

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In this issue of WOW, we are proud to feature thoughts, stories and ideas from power influencers from around the world. If you’ve wondered what living your dream and making a real tangible change in your sphere of influence looks like, then get ready to be fired up. Our Cover story on Edie Fraser CEO of STEMconnectorŽ and Million Women Mentors is a must read. Edie tackles head on the debate on women in leadership and provides insight to why the time is now for a woman to lead the most powerful nation on earth. Is America ready for a leading lady? Anna McCoy gives us a behind the scenes picture of her life and business and shares her thoughts on promoting confluence, connection and global collaboration to empower women and girls around the world. As an emerging influencer and entrepreneur passionate about serving her nation, Israel, Efrat Avnor will encourage you to be the voice that stands for peace and justice, even if you stand alone. She also shares thoughts on her work as she leads and empowers others to implement cooperative capitalism. A classic and invigorating story on getting up after a fall, the millionaire mom, Lenika Scott, shares on her principles for success in business and her passion for leading others into wealth building while making family, faith and finances a priority. Deborah Lyons and Lisa Rose will open your eyes to the greatness that happens when women collaborate to birth destiny and change lives. Through The Gatehouse, an independent supportive living community for women and children these women have contributed to giving hope and a second chance to many deserving women and their children. This issue is packed full of insight from more women leaders like, Dr. Heavenly Kimes, Anita Hawkins, Linda Wallace, Carla Shellis and Alice Pien who are making giant strides in medicine, business, women empowerment, and influencing marriages and relationships. We also have a sneak preview of the MBQ magazine feature on Gregg Scott, The Wealth Builder. Coming in the fall of 2016. Change is here and now is the time for you to find your lane and run in it. Join hands with other women and make the dream a reality. Our goal at WOW is to create an opportunity for you to see yourself where you belong, causing change and making great things happen. We believe that the atmosphere changes and progress is accelerated when women accept the challenge and walk together to go farther. This is the new currency of women. Collaboration, partnership and strategic alliance. This issue will energize you! We guarantee it. Enjoy! Lei Lewis, Publisher | 9





e the change you want to see in the world. This statement aptly describes Lisa Rose—a woman on a mission. Rose is the Founder and president of projectHandUp, a non-profit organization committed to giving women practical opportunities to rebuild their lives.

Rose is passionate about providing safe spaces where women can find their purposes and learn to fulfill them. Having observed the need in her community for opportunities through which women who have experienced abuse, poverty, and homelessness can get back on their feet and chart a new course for their lives, she, along with other like-minded women, decided to do something about it. Today, she is an integral part of The Gatehouse project’s commitment to establish a supportive living community where women and children can discover a path to permanent change

WOW: You are accomplishing some amazing initiatives, empowering women to reach their full potential. How important is it for women to support other women? Lisa Rose: Every one of us would find it extremely difficult to survive and make it without the encouragement of friends. Imagine a community where women supported one another instead of being in competition with each other; where we each spurred one another on to be and do what we were created to.… Where we looked out for and fought for each other, lifted each other up, and truly loved one another. What peace and community we would experience if we laid down the divisive attitudes, and were truly for each other. What families, schools, workplaces, and governments would look like if we lived in love. We can do it. It’s our choice.

I witnessed the truth that handouts without the opportunity for permanent change hold people in a cycle of helplessness.

WOW: Tell us about projectHandup. How did it all start? Lisa Rose: In 2006 a group of women, of which I was a part, observed an increasing need in their community for women to receive genuine hope and practical help to positively navigate life’smultiplying challenges. First Friday, a monthly and unique experience, was established as an avenue for women from all walks of life to join together and receive practical solutions from experts all over the country. With time, it became evident that many women needed immediate and longerterm assistance to escape life-threatening circumstances such as abuse, poverty, homelessness and helplessness; and to re-build their lives. This was when the dream of a resource center for women was born. However, we put that vision aside because owning a building seemed impossible. In 2010, the group decided to proceed by not only offering women emotional and practical help through First Friday but also a financial “hand up” where small, onetime grants would be life-changing. Women have received assistance for rent, auto repairs, and medical care. | 11

In 2011, I created a 501c3, called projectHandUp, “to offer women a hand up to positively navigate life’s challenges.� During these years, I volunteered at the Dallas jail as an emergency assistance caseworker and at a local transitional housing agency. I witnessed the truth that handouts without the opportunity for permanent change hold people in a cycle of helplessness. Yet there were those who had the ability and attitude to change, but nowhere to turn for help. At that time, a friend told me that Deborah Lyons, the Executive Director of the transitional housing program where I volunteered, had created a concrete plan for a program that would help women. We decided to work together to offer a place and program for permanent change. We put a vision into reality and through many steps and with the entire support of my family, created The Gatehouse, the second and largest initiative of projectHandUp. Today, the $30mm project, comprised of 30 buildings, is complete and will serve 96 families (approximately 300 people) annually.

The Gatehouse is a supportive, loving community where women and children in crisis discover new paths for permanent change.

WOW: Lisa, this was an audacious idea. To create a place where women would be cared for and given a real hand up without Government funding? What hurdles did you have to overcome to move this concept from idea to action?

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Women have ability and attitude to change but nowhere to turn for a handup. | 13

We all have a certain number of years left here on earth. Just do the next thing you believe God is telling you to do, and He will make it work.

Lisa Rose: There were so many hurdles it’s hard to list them. However, we simply did what it took to surpass them with a smile, a good attitude and by keeping perspective. Some of the challenges were overcoming the hurdle of NIMBY (not in my neighborhood) as some people thought we were bringing dangerous people to their community, being close to the airport, working on land which wasn’t easy to develop, etc. But we just did the next best things, and nothing was really that difficult. It took an enormous amount of hours and friends, and everyone did their job with excellence. When a team like this one works, good things happen.

WOW: Tell us about the mission of The Gatehouse project. How does it serve women? Lisa Rose: The Gatehouse is a supportive, loving community where women and children in crisis discover new paths for permanent change. We’re not a shelter, but we fill the gap between short-term services and permanent self-support. We offer ample time, safe refuge, practical resources and mentoring relationships. For so many marginalized women and their children, we are breaking down barriers that keep them from really experiencing a happy and healthy life. We provide the resources and relationships needed for those who have the ability and attitude to end cycles of abuse and poverty. It is a wonderful opportunity to reverse the trajectory of their lives and the lives of their children. We’re located on 61 acres next to DFW Airport and consist of The Washington Community Education Center, 96 apartments, two Advisor centers, the Hope Chapel, Keeps Boutique and the General Store. WOW: As a woman of faith, how difficult is it to ask for help and raise money for this project? Lisa Rose: I simply present the vision and mission of The Gatehouse and who we are in all sincerity, then I let others decide if they have a passion for it. If you don’t ask, you don’t receive. I know where the investments are going and how they’re managed, and I can see the results, so I’m confident to ask. When you believe in the mission, asking isn’t a problem. WOW: Many believe that money is the most important thing in accomplishing their goals. How would you encourage our readers to move forward with their vision even when they lack funding? Lisa Rose: Money is a tool God has given us to enjoy and meet others’ needs. But if you are sure God is directing you to a task, do it anyway. We all have a certain number of years left here on earth. Just do the next thing you believe God is telling you to do, and He will make it work. The Gatehouse is a huge project; a $30mm capital project with an ongoing budget of $4.5mm annually. Who would ever think to do this? It’s crazy! But we only took one step at a time. It truly was a one step at a time process; doing the next best thing. Also, people are an important resource you cannot overlook. I have had my family’s complete support. Without my husband’s background, wisdom and relationships this wouldn’t have been possible and I’m very grateful for that. WOW Visit for more information on how to get involved with Lisa Rose.

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It is a wonderful opportunity to reverse the trajectory of women’s lives and the lives of their children. | 15

Wallace Linda



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r. Linda Wallace is a mentor, teacher and minister with a vision to empower and enrich the lives of women. She is a woman with a heart that loves, leads, and serves others in all sincerity. As the founder of A Company of Women (ACW) she leads a thriving community of women, dedicated to helping one another discover their identities and fulfill their individual potential.

Linda Wallace is on a path of influence and describes herself as “a lover of people and encourager who wants to see people reach their full potential”.

Wallace is perfectly equipped for the task of leading by simply loving. She has been affectionately called Mama Linda, thanks to her essence and mothering spirit, which has encouraged and inspired women for many years. She has ministered to women from Africa to Europe and continues to spread her message of love and empowerment around the world. Linda Wallace is on a path of influence and describes herself as “a lover of people and encourager who wants to see people reach their full potential”. She accomplishes this by developing relationships with women, speaking to their potential, and supporting them in every way so they can to live out their purpose. “A Company Of Women” Through ACW she works with other like-minded women to provide a community where women can pursue and discover their identities. ACW creates a safe place for women to support one another without judgment, share resources, collaborate together and live out their dreams. As a coach, she comes alongside women in a deeply sincere way to mentor them into wholeness. She also equips women who have been recipients of help to pass that gift along to other women. Due to its very nature, ACW as an organization grows organically through relationships. Thus, the best way a woman can join is to become part of an existing safe place. Safe places are run by mentors called Guardians. Safe places not only produce whole women, they produce Guardians as well. Thus, ACW safe places multiply themselves. A Traveling Minister Wallace is an avid traveler, taking her message of love and empowerment to women around the world. Every trip is a memorable adventure. However, according to her, the most challenging trips have been to the nations | 17

of Africa. She sees women who have limitless potential but lack the resources or opportunities to fully develop and thrive in that potential. These encounters challenge and inspire her to continue to serve using her influence, resources and skill set to encourage and to help women achieve and be more. Connecting With Other Influencers Through the introduction of a mutual colleague, Wallace met Ms. Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, the Executive Director of UN Women. It was an honor for her to experience, first hand, the influence the Executive Director has in terms of decision making on the issues women face globally. “To be able to have an opportunity to speak and make a connection with her was really significant,” says Wallace. “It is a relationship that I can return to as an advocate and as a voice for women who need support and help. Ms. Phumzile is an influencer of a nations policies concerning women. And when policies change, nations change and transformation happens.” On Her Faith I have a friendship and relationship with God that I continue to pursue. I also get the opportunity to invite others into that journey because God is love. Love is about serving and

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honoring other people. I live with intention in a way that displays the love of God so I get to impact women as I’m living out my own journey. This enlarges my capacity to love and serve other people. Encouragement for Women Wallace believes that, as women, we are in a time of our greatest opportunity to collaborate together, exchange ideas and implement a plan of action so we can leave a legacy for the next generation. She is hopeful about the current state of women even though there are adverse conditions and many issues that still need to be resolved around the world. For women who have an opportunity to make a difference Wallace says, “Prepare your heart, educate yourself, and be informed about the region you are going to. Have an open heart, be compassionate and willing to respond to the needs and conditions that you might observe and be exposed to.� She believes this is crucial so that every message or activity is relevant to meeting the diverse and particular needs of the women one might encounter around the world. WOW

I have a friendship and relationship with God that I continue to pursue. I also get the opportunity to invite others into that journey because God is love.

Visit for more information on how to get involved with Dr. Linda Wallace. | 19


I have often wondered why my love for people and their personal success is in my DNA.


his issue of WOW highlights Power Influencers and Anna McCoy is certainly a woman to follow. She is a hope reformer, author of the book Woman Act Now, a global solutionist, certified coach, and proven entrepreneur.

She identifies, equips, and coaches global leaders to leverage influence, create and nurture effectual relationships, advance mandates, and execute transformational solutions to fill the earth with the Glory of God. Coach Anna, as she is affectionately called, is passionate about teaching and equipping women to be leaders and change makers who walk powerful in their areas of influence. She has been called a power connector with an extra-ordinary ability to create bridges and connect hearts, minds, and destinies. As a teacher, trainer and mentor, she displays impressive wisdom and understanding of concepts that take people from idea to execution. She is the Global Strategic Officer for UrbanAmerica. McCoy speaks to WOW about her faith, her passion for women and much more.

WOW: How would a friend who has known you for three years or more, describe Coach Anna McCoy? The best description comes from Bidemi Mark Mordi from Nigeria. We met by way of email after she read my book, Woman Act Now, and sent me an email wanting to meet me. In her words, “It took a lot of courage and guts to reach out to her. The stories of her success precede her, and there are visible fruits to show that this woman is not ordi-nary, nor does she do ordinary things. Intimidated does not even describe how I felt when I sent off that email to her. I resigned myself to defeat even before she received it! I told myself, ‘Surely Coach Anna McCoy will not respond to me.’ But Alas! I was so wrong, and I am grateful to God I was wrong. Because the sheer force and energy she exudes, all enveloped in love, melted every fear and doubt when I eventually spoke with her. Meeting her in person was another story altogether; I only had one question in my mind that needed answering, ‘how can someone be so strong and loving at the same time?’ Here’s your answer, it’s simple: live a life fully alive and you will celebrate the meeting of greatness in every soul! WOW: Ambassador McCoy or Coach Anna tell us about your passion for women and their success. My passion for the women of the world leaves me breathless. I have often wondered why my love for people and their personal success is in my DNA. I have been privileged to be my best self with the support of others. I can’t help but hurt deeply for women who are denied opportunities because of gender or socioeconomic conditions. When a woman taps into her personal greatness, not only does she recognize her potential, but it is this phenomenal awareness that gives her the strength to change her life, her family, her community and the world. WOW: Tell us about your relationship with God, your essence exudes a strong faith. I am a woman who is driven by three core values. These three values shape every area of my life; they are the filter through which I view the world. These values are: | 21

1. I represent God in the best possible way as an advocate of the good news of Jesus Christ. 2. I am the best wife I can be for my husband and friend, Richmond McCoy. 3. I contribute to the excellence of other people.

The greatest experience I have had in this journey with God is learning to hear His voice, seeing what He says and obeying Him in the NOW.

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WOW: What does Kingdom Philanthropy mean to you? When we think of philanthropy we are more familiar with individuals who have amassed wealth like, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffet, and Bill Gates who give their money for transformational causes. Aristotle said that anyone can give money away, but only a few can give it to the right person at the right time to the right extent for the right reason and in the right way. “Philanthropy” comes from two Greek words meaning “loving people.” Love comes from God and those who serve the Kingdom of love dedicate their lives to making life better for humanity. Kingdom Philanthropy compels the individual heart to do the right thing at the right time, give to the extent that one can and make a difference in the life of another. Let us imagine the collective impact of a thought process that elevates philanthropy to its original intent of loving people; rather than isolating the practice to the affluent. We are all qualified Kingdom philanthropists.

WOW: If you had to choose one thing that has had the most impact on your life...what would that be? Meeting a stranger who became a friend and he married me! The seventeen years I have been married to Richmond McCoy, a thinker, an entrepreneur and a leader activated and accelerated my maturity and destiny. He is a remarkable man, full of wisdom, vision and wholly supportive of me. Richmond has girded my life with strength, encouragement and the wonderment of a man who believes I can do anything and supports me in achieving it! WOW: Dr. McCoy I love the term “doing life together.� You and Dr. Linda Wallace, also featured in this issue, are doing life together, from your perspective, what does that mean? Two are better than one; we have known each other for over twenty years, and share many business and ministry endeavors together. We co-create and co-initiate, our alignment accelerates our assignment. We love being with women and modeling for them a healthy, loving, cohesive relationship between women who promote, encourage, share, collaborate

and contend for the highest good. Linda and I not only do life together but we invite other amazing women who share a common bond of honor, respect, generosity and love to join the tribe. WOW: Women empowerment is the buzz but what do you feel is needed to make it more effective and unified? Our company, UrbanAmerica is prepared to meet this need as a global corporate citizen with one of our empowerment initiatives, IFWEI Global Summit (Impact Forum for Women Empowerment Initiatives) with the goal of establishing a global platform of collective intelligence for women of influence from around the world to cooperate and collaborate on the highest levels in order to innovate solutions and significantly improve global women empowerment initiatives. IFWEI recognizes a gap in the area of collaboration and the sharing of information between women empowerment initiatives which if closed will cause programs to advance smarter, faster, and more effectively. The result will be increased collaboration between | 23

Kingdom Philanthropy compels the individual heart to do the right thing at the right time, give to the extent that one can and make a difference in the life of another. influencers in the women empowerment space, provision of relevant resources and the ability to analyze available data, measure the impact of initiatives and ultimately create a better system that empowers one woman to make impact in her region. Visit for more information. WOW: Share your story on the establishment of Urban America, its challenges and achievements. UrbanAmerica is a private real estate equity and development firm, and we were founding partners in 1998. With any business, we faced similar challenges as others who have an idea and a hope for their dream. Capital continually seeks niche opportunities to fill, and individuals who can demonstrate an expertise to create value have the greatest potential of success. Our primary challenge was raising capital from major pension funds with an idea that we could convert their investment into a return. We were entering uncharted territory for a minority company, with very few, if any, minority firms representing pension fund investments. We wrote our business plan and started knocking on doors. Banks, pension funds, and high net-worth individuals started responding to a sound business model. To date, we have raised over $780 million to deploy equity in low and moderate communities, have consummated more than $2 Billion in real estate transactions, created over 27,000 jobs, and educated over 30,000 individuals in financial literacy. WOW: How did your firm acquire the world’s largest Doubletree by Hilton at SeaWorld? We recently sold the Doubletree by Hilton. We were proud to be a part of this outstanding property. The hotel was acquired almost nine years ago; it was in disrepair and of the 1194 rooms available only about 20 percent of them were adequate for inventory. We were especially excited about this acquisition because it was a great example of the necessity

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of vision. Richmond saw the potential of this property, conveniently located within walking distance to SeaWorld. His vision was to remodel the property for condominium living, and the market tanked during initial renovations. Instead of being deterred by the failure of the initial vision he repositioned and focused on renovating the entire hotel. After three years of renovations, the hotel was turned around and attracted the flag of the Doubletree by Hilton brand. Our team did a remarkable job and earned the distinguished award for Developer of the Year from Hilton because of our commitment to excellence and service. The DoubleTree Resort by Hilton at Sea World continued to outperform in its hotel class and was the only minority owned hotel located on the famous International Drive in Orlando, Florida, a world destination city. Selling the hotel is the nature of the business of acquisition and disposition. The influence that accompanied

ownership allowed us the platform to empower others through job creation, vendor participation, community impact and social responsibility. WOW: Dr. McCoy, how will women be the change the world needs? Women have the heart to embrace cooperative capitalism instead of competitive capitalism. It is our nature to work together, to collaborate and connect. As we invest in one woman’s idea and passion, that woman has the potential to impact multitudes. The motive of her heart can be so forceful that her actions initiate a movement that will inspire, create change, build economy which influences her nation, her community and her family. WOW Visit or www. to find out more about Anna McCoy and to purchase her books Woman Act Now and Walk Powerful at Zero. | 25

Shellis A



t WOW we are blessed to connect with amazing women like Carla Shellis who remind us why it is important to pass on to others the insights and experiences we have gained in our own lives. Shellis is a woman of influence, passionate about encouraging and equipping women. While she has achieved huge success in business, her true passion lies in helping women live their purpose and be the very best they can be. Having experienced and overcome personal pain and brokenness, she is dedicated to helping women succeed and navigate their lives and families with wisdom and grace. Through her own journey, she has indeed gone from being a builder of structures to a builder of lives. She is the founder of Sparkle Living, an online community for women of all ages. She is married to Simon, and together they run SPS General Contracting Services, a roofing company in Dallas, TX, and are proud parents of two children

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WOW: Tell us about your background and upbringing. Carla Shellis: I grew up in a middle class family in SW Texas in the border town of Del Rio. My parents raised us in a wonderfully supportive and loving environment. I spent many weekends working side by side with my maternal grandmother in her Mexican restaurant, where I learned a strong work ethic. My time at home with my parents was structured, loving and full of traditional family values; breakfast, dinner and great conversations. WOW: You started your construction business in 1991 and achieved success and influence in the corporate space. Tell us about your specific accomplishments on that front. Carla Shellis: Fourteen months after we married and at the age of 21, my husband was fired from his roofing job. I was six months pregnant at the time. Forced to make some quick decisions we decided to take the leap of faith and start our own roofing company. After years of working hard and learning from multiple mistakes, we finally started to experience success and some financial freedom. We successfully completed notable projects like Seagorville federal prison, World Trade Center, multiple industrial & commercial buildings and thousands of residential homes. 25 years later we are rebranding our company and launching a new look, direction and set of goals.

The number one lesson I learned from my brokenness was that the trap of offense that had kept me in bondage for so long was very real. | 27

As women, to be built up “strong and unmovable” we need to focus on the principles of success, which are more valuable than acquiring all the money, power, and titles in the world.

WOW: During that period of increasing corporate accomplishments, your marriage underwent a lot of difficult challenges. Tell us about that experience. Carla Shellis: During the process of building our company, we experienced a series of misalignments and power struggles which led to the near destruction of our marriage. We grew farther apart as the years went by. While we were great “friends,” we were horrible as a couple. He was gone most of the time, working. This left me feeling abandoned and rejected. The more mistakes my husband made, the more arrogant I became. I started to think that if I could scold, yell and threaten enough he would eventually come around. Also, as a strong character, I controlled and emasculated my husband on a daily basis and did not even realize it. I had a frontline role in the company and on the many projects we carried out and, this resulted in elevated arrogance and pride on my part. WOW: What lessons came out of that season, and how did it change your life? Carla Shellis: After everything hit the wall, I was left completely broken. I knew instinctively my marriage was over. I was looking at the reality of a broken home, a broken heart, a broken marriage and two broken children who loved and valued our family so much. Then I turned to God and cried out for help. God began to do a work in me and answered my cries. The number one lesson I learned from my brokenness was that the trap of offense that had kept me in bondage for so long was very real. I decided it would no longer hold me down. My spirit and outlook changed, and I found true joy.

28 |

WOW: Your relationship with your husband is better today than it was when you were newly-weds. What were the intentional changes you made that turned things around? Carla Shellis:I decided to take three important steps: • I let go of offenses that had held me down. I decided to serve my family without expecting anything in return. I chose joy, peace and love instead of trying to be right or have the last word in everything. • I put away the score board. It was really hard, but I knew I was being rid of 20 years of bad habits as a wife and mom. I changed my mindset. Eventually, my husband started to emulate what I was doing. His words were, “You are a different person. I want what you have, so I want to do what you’ve been doing.” In God’s timing, the circle was completing. • We both began to pray together, love each other and laugh together. The offenses, the hurts, and pains all dissipated right before our eyes. WOW: How and why did you make the transition from being a corporate leader to empowering women? Carla Shellis: Throughout my journey of being in powerful positions, building our company, then being broken and left on my face, I was able to see first-hand the two completely opposite sides of power. I am a woman; I know how we were created and what makes us tick. Because of my experience in building and contracting, I understand structures and how they work. As women, to be built up “strong and unmovable” we need to focus on the principles of success, which are more valuable than acquiring all the money, power, and titles in the world. I became determined to shout it from the rooftops to women around the world. Why? Because I believe every female walking on this earth has, in her DNA, everything necessary to produce a powerful, unstoppable, healthy family and marriage while seeing her dreams come to pass. WOW: What is your advice to the single woman who has the vision to make a positive impact on others through her life and career? Carla Shellis: My paramount advice to a single woman is to remember that she is a female, not a male. She was designed perfectly and beautifully by the Divine Creator as a nurturer, life giver, and beautifier. I believe too often single women get caught up in the battle to support themselves and run the risk of downplaying their femininity. This leads to much confusion as to why she can’t find a suitable mate.. Men, at their core, are looking for the perfect counterbalance to how they were created. Men will not be attracted to characteristics that remind them of themselves. The second step is to stay out of offense. As singles, it is easy to get caught up in simply living life on one’s own terms, that one is less likely or eager to share her time, space, schedule etc. with someone else. This all leads to an easy trap of offense. When we get into offense we are holding ourselves back from any kind of relationship, success, and advancement. WOW | 29

Efrat Avnor




an one person change a nation intentionally? At WOW we meet women from all over the world. These women of vision and intention lead by example, take charge of their lives, and dream dreams bigger than themselves. One such woman, whom we have a privilege to introduce to you, is Efrat Avnor.

Avnor is an emerging influencer and peak performance strategist with over twenty years of project management experience in the high tech and telecommunications industry both in her home country, Israel, and around the world. While Avnor is a thoroughbred professional, working with government leaders, CEOs, scientists and pro-elite profession-al athletes to achieve excellence and peak performance results, this woman has an even bigger vision: to create a wave of unity and peace among her people and undo the hold of hatred and fear of terrorism. Fiercely passionate about Israel’s future, Avnor is a modern day Global citizen and self-appointed ambassador of peace. She believes in the power of the collective narrative to either hold a people hostage or release them into a future of true freedom. According to her, leaders and individuals today speak with abstract concepts that convey the opposite of the very things they truly desire. These abstract ideas lack accuracy and vision

and create an inability to declare the freedom we really want. This has become a real danger to Israel and the world. “We need a new wave of accurate and precise thinkers,” she says, “who lead and act through lenses girded by peace and deliberate intention to solve the present crises in our nations.” The birthing of passion Avnor’s passion for Israel was shaped by poignant childhood experiences. Forty-two years ago, she experienced her first war—the Yom Kippur War. Her family had to move into a shelter as her dad fought in the army to protect them. She was comforted by her mother, a brilliant and well-learned woman. These multiple experiences made her in-quire, even at that tender age, about the simple and basic truth of equality. Life has taught her to never take anything for granted and to appreciate the simple things. Every time Israel faces an attack of violence, terror or war, her home—according to her—becomes a prison of sorts. This is a reality | 31

“I’m a successful woman, well-traveled, surviving and thriving beyond the life-threatening conflicts of daily life, but that is not enough…I want to influence a different future for my children, and I am ready to do it!” to which she is not ready to surrender . Having survived these experiences, she and her team are using that energy as a force of transformation, to shift the mindsets of influencers to implement peace and freedom. In her own words, “I’m a successful woman, well-traveled, surviving and thriving beyond the life-threatening conflicts of daily life, but that is not enough…I want to influence a different future for my children, and I am ready to do it!” The Israel She Desires To See Avnor’s desire is that Israel becomes one of the key centers for knowledge, business, and commerce in the world, where all citizens live in peace, stability and genuine cooperation. She envisions a situation where the global news reflects the true and real picture of what’s going on in Israel. Her hope is that Israel becomes a symbol of the sanctity of life, love of humanity and true peace. As CEO Space International, State Director for Israel, she contributes to achieving this goal as she assist women and men accelerate their en-tries in the spirit of cooperative capitalism. As A High Performance Strategist Today, Avnor is a peak performance coach, working with successful clients from all walks of life. She has gained a wealth of knowledge and insight from these experiences, which she is always ready and willing to share. Her desire is for her clients and students to be top achievers in both their personal and professional lives. To do this, she believes that one should have a clear vision or definite goal, thrive on commitment and pay the price for progress and success. Flexibility is also crucial as there will always be need to shift and adjust to achieve outcomes rather than quitting too soon. Top achievers also value connections and collaborations. They identify mastermind teams to elevate and support their thinking and actions. She especially encourages women to make vital professional and personal connections. She believes the world is in real need of influential women; women who are natural nurturers and who see the bigger picture. “We also need to learn to better collaborate, as this is the best way to get big things moving,” she says. “We are always better together, and it is much more fun that way as well.” Avnor is a proud mother of three and has been married to her best friend, Guy, for 28 years. WOW Visit for more information on how to get involved with Efrat Avnor.

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ometimes we arrive at our destination before we figure out how we got there.” This was Deborah Lyons’ experience on her journey to becoming a voice for women and children. With a background in technical writing and a Master’s degree in Psychology, her path to destiny was not an obvious one.



34 |

Yet, today, her passion for living on purpose has created an opportunity that many women and children are grateful for. Lyons is the Executive Director of The Gatehouse, an independent supportive living community for women and children. She speaks to WOW about her work at The Gatehouse and her journey to significance. WOW: Deborah you have a diverse background;share with our readers how you found the path of helping women and children. Deborah Lyons: I did not choose this path. I began as a Technical Writer for an aerospace company, and then God gifted me with a child who suffered from a severe behavioral disorder. So, back to school to earn a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Psychology I went. I lived in Costa Rica for a decade, serving as a Special Needs consultant with the State Department Office of Overseas Schools, conducting seminars and implementing a special needs program in partnership with Johns Hopkins. Upon returning to the States due to severe Walmart withdrawal, I received a prophecy that I would be in women’s ministry. It didn’t seem like a genuine Word from God.I literally shuddered at the thought of being “in ministry,” sitting around with a bunch of women talking about recipes and God. But God led me to a non-profit where my job was to build a transitional housing program for homeless women. It wasn’t until I’d been on the job for a few years that I realized with a jolt that I was most definitely “in women’s ministry!” WOW: You had a dream of helping women without the support of government funding so that Christian principles could be included in helping them thrive. How did you think you would make that happen? Deborah Lyons: I ran the program for over a decade, and although it achieved a high level of success, I recognized that there were two components, integration of God’s principles and increased time limits, that needed to be added in order for the families to achieve permanent positive change. But those components could not exist in a program which received government funding. I knew then that a privately-funded community, with the freedom of sharing Godly principles, had to be built to move women forward. For the next several years, I prayed for the establishment of this unique community program. God encouraged me and told me not to worry about funding. He also warned me that it would look different than I envisioned, but I argued that both the Program and the site design were perfect as they were! God smiled at my foolishness. WOW: How did you meet Lisa Rose, the President of projectHandUp? Deborah Lyons: A mutual friend who volunteered in my Program, brought Lisa Rose to volunteer as well. Lisa had experience in ministry and had founded the First Friday events. December 2011, God told me to write the program and site proposal and then call Lisa. The Roses and the Lyons met for dinner and I presented my “ask.” The Roses bought into the idea, and Lisa included the vision under the non-profit, projectHandUp, which she had recently founded for First Friday. We began to look for land. I believed strongly that it was to be located in Grapevine, but we also looked in other areas. And this is where God’s tagline to me, “It will look different,” came into play. My proposal had been for 24 apartments, a chapel, and walking trails on 4-7 acres. Today, The Gatehouse, a $30mm project, is 61 acres in Grapevine, 96 apartments, a community center, two Advisor centers, a general store, and the Keeps Boutique!

If God plants a vision in your heart, He will walk you through it. Just pray, trust, and be patient.

WOW: How would you encourage a woman who has a vision for something bigger than herself to keep going after it, even when it seems impossible? Deborah Lyons: If God plants a vision in your heart, He will walk you through it. Just pray, trust, and be patient. Even when it looks as though nothing is happening, know that God is working behind the scenes to bring it into fulfillment. Keep dreaming...keep asking both God and man! WOW: How can someone support the Gatehouse in making a difference in the lives of these families? Deborah Lyons: The Gatehouse is grateful for prayers, financial support, in-kind donations, and volunteers. There is a place for you here. Please visit us online at WOW | 35


lice Pien is the Medical Director at AMA Skincare and Wellness, a practice dedicated to holistic skin repair and rejuvenation. She is a forward-thinking, laser-focused physician with a big vision to bring integrated medicine to the underprivileged. She is married to Asher Milgrom, PH.D., President and CEO of AMA Skincare and Wellness. WOW is excited to bring you into the life and space of this woman of strength, excellence, and a humble spirit.


Humble Beginnings Born in Taiwan to parents who were refugees from communist China, Pien lived in Asia and South America before moving to the USA at the age of 18. Having observed her father’s dedication to caring for their family with no thought of his own comfort, she learned that if you have a purpose and a dream you can endure anything. Pien started out in college with a desire to be a pharmacist. Her plans changed, however, as she craved a more involved interaction with patients which she realized a career as a pharmacist would not offer. Oblivious to the difficulty of getting into medical school, she decided to become a physician. According to her, ignorance, sometimes, is bliss. During her third year in college, however, Pien’s dad fell ill as she was applying for medical school and studying for the MCAT exams. He had a stroke and was bedridden. Naturally, Pien was devastated. She spent that summer in the hospital interacting with his nurses and doctors and working as his translator. With little or no time to study, she ended up doing very poorly on the MCAT exams. Little did she know that the whole experience was a blessing in disguise. Despite her low scores, during her medical school interview, she impressed her interviewer with her knowledge of medicine, gained due to her dad’s illness. “I couldn’t have planned it,” she says. “Everything worked out better than I could have imagined.”

Current Projects Pien is passionate about giving to underprivileged communities with limited access to medical resources. Beyond her regular practice, she dedicates a significant portion of her life to serving the underprivileged in order to simply be of service. “I do it not because I feel obligated to do so, but because I am privileged to.” Pien and her husband, Asher, are currently working on a project in Belize called AIMS (Advanced Integrative Medicine and Surgery). They are passionate about bringing Integrative Medicine to the people and health care professionals of Belize. “Integrative Medicine is the art and science of achieving the best possible clinical outcomes by integrating any and every healing modality that contributes to a superior outcome,” explains Pien. “It also includes every element of a patient’s well-being—physical, biochemical, mental, emotional and spiritual. To practice medicine at this level is the ‘holy grail’ of healing, and the crowning glory of a physician’s career.” For these passionate medical entrepreneurs, AIMS truly is a legacy project which inspires them because it is the beginning of such great and important things which humanity deeply needs.

Pien is passionate about giving to underprivileged communities with limited access to medical resources.

On Her Interest in Alternative Medicine Pien worked as an ER physician and Director of Pediatric Trauma Medicine before deciding to pursue a career in alternative medicine. When asked why she made the transition her answer was simple. “I have realized that conventional medicine simply focuses on treating sicknesses not on augmenting optimum health.” Working in the ER, Pien saw many patients come through over and over again, plagued with the same diseases and not able to get completely healthy. She acknowledges that western medicine is incredible when it comes to acute care and lives are saved every day because of the medical advances. However, when it comes to chronic and preventive medicine, Pien believes “we need to be open to other modalities besides surgeries and pharmaceutical interventions.” Confronting this reality for the past 20 years led Pien and her husband, Asher, who is an expert in Bio-Medical Sciences and a medical entrepreneur to explore Integrative Medicine. They have continued to improve their knowledge in this area.

Encouragement for women Pien encourages women who desire to do more and give more with their careers to consciously, deliberately and daily invest interest, curiosity, and love in the skills of their craft no matter how mundane or repetitive it may seem. She also emphasizes the importance of finding a partner, professionally and/or in life, who is invested in their dreams and who will support and challenge them to be better. WOW Visit www.amaskincare. com to connect with Dr. Alice Pien.


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strong leader and champion for change and innovation, Edie Fraser is a force to be reckoned with. She is the CEO of STEMconnectorŽ and Million Women Mentors (MWM) and a Vice Chairman of the leading executive search firm, Diversified Search, LLC. An author, expert communicator and the first female Chairman of the World Affairs Council-DC, Fraser is known for her commitment to diversity, innovation, and opportunities for women. She has won 50 major awards for Leadership and Innovation, Diversity and Entrepreneurship, (including Enterprising Women Lifetime Achievement Award), and the NAWBO Award for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership, just to name a few. Fraser has been married for 36 years to Joe L. Oppenheimer.

WOW: As a dedicated supporter of women in politics, do you think America is ready for a woman to be President? Yes and ready for women to lead in every sphere of influence from the Senate and House to colleges, corporate leadership, business, law, medicine and beyond. America has to see women at the top starting with a woman as President and throughout our entire economy. The happenings in America often show that there is prejudice against and women and people of color, but we know our nation is thriving with women and minorities as the new majority. We know that women are leading in population statistics, and the demographics are strong. Women comprise nearly 50% of the workforce, and women are more than 50% of our college enrollment. The Congress is 19.4% women with 104 out of 535 seats. We have only 20 women Senators, comprised of 14 Democrats and 6 Republicans. The House 19.3% women, holding84 seats. The Supreme Court has advanced to three, and we currently have 7 Cabinet members. * Yes, we want more great women like Marilyn Hewson, CEO of Lockheed Martin, Phebe Novakovic, CEO of General Dynamics and Indra K. Noovi, CEO of PepsiCO, who are leading well in their spheres, and we know the time has come for a woman to be at the helm of our great country. Women are just 36% of management in corporate America, and everywhere we can, let us salute the progress. We know that companies do best when women and diverse leaders are in the mix at the top.

The happenings in America often show that there is prejudice against and women and people of color, but we know our nation is thriving with women and minorities as the new majority.

WOW: You are committed to championing diversity and mentorship. Why are you so passionate about these two areas? Diversity is what makes America great. We must embrace it because diversity impacts the marketplace. I have been on a soapbox for decades because of the demographic changes projected decades ago that have now become reality. On the diversity front, we know that at least five states have minorities as the majority, and the trend is growing in major ways. Whites will be the minority by 2050, or I suspect, before that. It may be the reason that the right wing is ranting. We have to accept the fact that the U.S. is a diverse nation and seize the opportunities to engage. | 39

Diversity is what makes America great. We must embrace it because diversity impacts the marketplace.

Mentorship is the essence of lifting others up with counseling and support. High quality mentoring includes sponsorship and internships. Mentoring makes a difference and affords someone the opportunity to succeed. That’s why we founded STEMconnector®s Million Women Mentors (MWM) Initiative. We learned that only 4% of high school girls said they had a mentor and without a mentor, they did not have the encouragement to move on. It is extraordinary that we are building a movement so quickly. Since January 2014, we have gained the commitment of 533,000 mentors and are now building success factors with metrics. In some 40 states and communities, partnered with some 67 companies and higher education organizations, we are succeeding because of our joint commitment to mentor and witness results with successful recruitment and higher retention. All of us need counsel and support. My friend Heidi Kleinbach-Sauter, SVP, PepsiCo, says she learns from me; it is the converse. I learn from Heidi’s wisdom and skills. She is a STEM role model for others. How lucky we are to be professional colleagues and friends. I am fortunate to have hired more than 200 interns through the years. Remember, too, that all go through tough times and we are blessed to help one another. As Oprah Winfrey shares, “Every one of us gets through the tough times because somebody is there, standing in the gap to close it for us.” WOW: How can women business owners find useful Mentors? There are so many ways to do this. First of all, they must ask. They must seek the financial and legal counsel and business advice to drive them to a scalable business if that is the objective. More, of course, is required. There are certifying organizations such as WBENC and agencies such as the Women Presidents’ Educational Organization (WPEO), the National Association of Women Business Owners and others who offer ways to grow and advance your business as well as support with financing access

40 |

and materials. There is the Small Business Administration, the Women Business Centers and the National Minority Business Development Agency, SCORE for counseling and so many industry-specific associations offering mentoring, counseling and a chance to help one grow. I am fortunate to have received counsel and mentoring. My father was active in SCORE for more than 32 years, and I was pleased to be on the national board for five years. It has been enriching to be part of so many women’s business organizations and work with women’s magazines and advisory groups such as Enterprising Women and Diversity Woman. I gained many friendships from those associations and am so proud to have been a founding member of the Committee of 200. The professional and personal friendships have been rewarding. WOW: What steps do you suggest women take to expand their small businesses? What do you think is the biggest obstacles that women-owned businesses face, and how should they go about overcoming these obstacles? If you want to succeed, get rid of the word “small.” Think like entrepreneurs and find ways to grow and flourish. It is okay to remain small if you want to work at home and raise a family and not put in killer hours. It is okay to grow and prospect and hire others and work to grow and sell a company – but undoubtedly contribute to the economy and gain fulfillment and satisfaction. It is okay to fail as most of

us have. I always say, take two steps forward and then you may fall one step back, but get up and take the next two steps forward. Have a plan and adjust it. Get the help of others. Seek mentorship. Learn capital and ensure a stable cash flow. If you don’t know finances, get accounting help. Protect your brand and products. Learn about what you might need to trademark or patent. Know that entrepreneurship is rewarding but not easy. It is time consuming, and one must be dedicated. Yes, it takes some risks, but clearly, there are the rewards. We have high hopes with the Million Women Mentors Entrepreneurship Committee. All need to step up as Fernando Hernandez of Microsoft has with us. We invite others to contribute dollars and time to build and scale woman-owned business as we work with not only large companies, but also entrepreneurs, the government, and non-profits. It is one giant network, and we are connected. We value relationships and we focus on connecting, supporting and mentoring. We assist one another and recommend the resource leaders we know. Give others a chance. Be grateful for every client and sponsor and deliver so much more than ever expected in benefits and support. It may not be easy, but with help, you can turn your obstacles into opportunities. If you succeed in a corporate environment, in government, at a non-profit or trade or a professional association as a leader, we’ll cheer you on. There are different pathways. Enjoy the path you choose. | 41

WOW: Equality for women is lacking in so many ways, can you share your opinion on that? Any other thoughts on Diversity and mentoring? It is a new day, and opportunity abounds if you seek the right course and get the mentoring support and counseling help. Then always remember, once you make it, give back to others. Bring others up behind and beside you. On the equality front, fight for others such as the 5% set aside for women-owned business contracts, or learn cyber security or big data skills and get others to move into the areas where there is equality. Learn every day. I am mature in age, yet not one day goes by that I don’t learn and try to give back. Stay with positive folks. Seek those who are encouraging and succeeding and anxious to help you. Make money but give back when you achieve along the way. Remember there is both fiscal capital and human capital. As the book I wrote with Robyn Spizman was called, “Do Your Giving While You Are Living.” It means we can give dollars or capital and expend our human skills or human capital, coupled with mentoring and support to help others move forward. Together we will help promote each other toward equality. As Mother Teresa said, “We feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” It is quite simple then to see why Diversity and Mentoring of Women are at the top of my radar screen. We can’t stop until we see results. That’s our mutual legacy. We have no time for inaction. Work with us, with the shakers and makers. Join the Call to Action. WOW

If you want to succeed, get rid of the word “small.” Think like entrepreneurs and find ways to grow and flourish.

*More data can be found at the Center for American Women and Politics among major sources.

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Scott 44 |


etting up after a fall is a survival skill needed to thrive in life. For Lenika Scott, that skill has paid off and given her the opportunity to help others do the same. Scott is a multi-level marketing guru, life coach, entrepreneur, author, successful business woman and mentor. She is the CEO of Scott Marketing Group, LLC based outside of Raleigh, North Carolina. Scott and her husband own real estate and several other businesses including Destiny Builders Design, a branding and Web Design Company. She is dedicated to living life to the fullest by being a supportive wife, raising great children, succeeding in business, and keeping herself healthy, fit and strong in faith.

Family Values Scott is married to Gregg whom she met as a freshman in college. Born in the small rural town of Enfield, North Carolina, Gregg was taught by his father to stand firmly on values such as honesty, integrity, honor and respect; values which they now apply in every area of their life. The couple has now been married for 21 years, and together they have six beautiful daughters: Jazmine, Janae’, Jayla, Joy, Jireh, and Jordan. Not only have they built a life based on faith and strong family values, they are also building a business together. One of their ultimate goals in life is to leave their children an inheritance and not a bill.

In 2013, the Scotts were presented with an opportunity to become leaders and build a sales team for Total Life Changes, a fast growing Network Marketing company. | 45

For women with a desire to own their own business, Scott’s advice is to seek meaningful connections.

Early Years of Business In 2007, Scott left her job working as a Chemist in corporate America to raise her children. With the need to stay home with her daughters, a home-based business was the most practical option for this hardworking wife and mother. She sold flowers, Christmas wreaths, and even operated an in-home day care to earn more money to support her husband. Then she discovered the Network Marketing industry, and from the convenience of her home, started her online business.

46 |

From 1997 to 2008, Scott partnered with several different sales companies and worked on building her business. She was able to achieve measurable success and also build her network in the industry. With her resilience and networking skills, she was able to succeed in a profitable direct sales business that grew in leaps and bounds. However, because the company grew too fast and could not maintain the pace, the business crashed in 2011. That dealt a hard blow to the Scotts’ financial situation and the family ended up on government assistance. Bounce Back Despite the challenging times they faced, the Scotts chose to focus on a clear vision of hope and restoration, and they were able to get back on track to their financial and business goals. In 2013, the Scotts were presented with an opportunity to become leaders and build a sales team for Total Life Changes, a fast growing Network Marketing company. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a will to succeed, they have taken that opportunity and turned it into a channel of wealth, not only for their family, but also for the thousands of people who join their company every day. Today, Lenika and Gregg Scott are the Executive Ambassadors of Team USA at Total Life Changes,a direct sales company providing nutritional and skin care products for the health conscious consumer. Total Life Changes is one of the fastest growing multi-level marketing companies in the industry. As a team, the Scotts have helped produce millionaire earners and individuals that are well on their way to earning millions as well. Through the business, they are able to fulfill their passion for helping other people grow, build their careers and provide for their families. They have also succeeded in achieving their own goal of purchasing (and paying cash) for their dream home and living debt-free. According to Scott, direct selling is a fast growing industry, according to the Direct Selling Association over $35 Billion in 2014. It is an excellent opportunity to own your time and do the work you love while earning money to support yourself and your family. It is also a perfect passive and residual income generating opportunity. | 47

For Women Business Owners For women with a desire to own their own business, Scott’s advice is to seek meaningful connections. According to her, “opportunities come through networking and having a compelling vision will draw out the potential in you. Believe that you can succeed, get around the right people and give it your all.” She also encourages financial literacy. “Knowing how to handle money and make it work for you is an essential factor in managing success.” She encourages women to not let a temporary setback define them. You cannot afford to get comfortable in your current situation,” says Scott. “You need to focus on the promise and not the pain. When you focus on the promise, you will attract the promise; you will get energized by the possibilities ahead of you and success will become achievable. However, when you focus on the pain, you consistently attract more pain, making “breakthrough” very difficult to obtain. “There will be difficult seasons in life; make them a learning opportunity. not the end of the road. Stay positive, work towards success; expect great things and great things will happen. If one is to be successful in business, there will be many advancements and promotions; but also, there will be adversities, with many trials and failures attached. However, the power to bounce back, the ability to speak life, and the drive to move forward can never be optional. This applies not only in business but in every area of your life.” Scott also believes in the power of ownership in business. She encourages women to have a firm, unshakeable belief in themselves. “All success starts and ends with you!” says the Millionaire Mom. “We teach in our organization that ‘If it’s to be … then it’s up to me!” You should affirm this daily. In success, you can never escape personal responsibility. At the end of the day, believe it, execute it, and OWN IT!”

There will be difficult seasons in life; make them a learning opportunity, not the end of the road. Stay positive, work towards success; expect great things and great things will happen.

48 |

Scott operates her life and business on the principles of Consistency, Work Ethic, Humility, Resilience, Forgiveness, Risk, and Ownership. She teaches these principles in her coaching sessions where she trains people how to succeed in Network Marketing, Internet Marketing, and Personal Branding. She is passionate about helping people, both men and women, start on their journey to becoming successful entrepreneurs. Having gone from working full time in corporate America, to quitting to raise her kids, starting a home daycare to earn extra income for her family to now running a thriving business, Scott believes that despite the challenges of life anyone can succeed if they are intentional with their vision. According to her, “Success doesn’t happen overnight, but success comes from the small things that are consistently done over time.� Scott is the author of Fasting for a Breakthrough, a book born out of her personal experience and consequently, a desire to help others experience a supernatural change in their lives. During a challenging period of her life, Scott was led to do a 21 day fast at the end of which a major shift occurred that impacted her business in immeasurable ways. In the book, she encourages her readers to fast with a purpose, receive instructions from God and execute on them. To order a copy of Fasting for a Breakthrough visit WOW

Contact Lenika Scott at 919-889-8680 | 49


Heavenly Kimes 50 |


r. Heavenly Kimes is a modern woman who does it all and then some. As a dentist, author, speaker, relationship expert, businesswoman and TV personality she finds time to do the work she loves and also help others in her community along the way. For over 17 years, Kimes has run a dental practice in Atlanta and has been recognized for her excellence and professional achievements. She has been selected as one of “Atlanta’s Top Docs” by On Common Ground News two years in a row. She has also received the “America’s Top Dentist” award from the Consumer Research Council of America. Beneath the achievements and success is a strong, confident, loving wife and mother who loves to tell it like it is, spend time with her family and enjoy life. “I have three children: Damien Junior, 18 years old, Zachary 14 years old, and Alora, 10 years old. I’m a homebody. I love to take care of my kids, cook and go on family outings but still give 100 percent at work. Sometimes it’s difficult, but we make it work,” she says. On Her Books and Business Pursuits Kimes is a straight talker with the ability to connect with people through speaking and writing. She is a co-author of the best-selling series, Wake Up… Live the Life you Love. She has also authored three books: Dr. Heavenly’s Fitness Prescriptions, a book designed to help readers create healthy fitness habits in an easy-to-follow and reviewable format; Dr. Heavenly’s Business Prescriptions, an inspirational book about some of the author’s experiences as a successful dentist and as a businesswoman and The Business of Love, a book that explores different perspectives women have on relationships and offers practical advice on self-evaluation, strategy, and discipline in relationships. On Giving To Her Community As one who has been blessed and successful in her many pursuits, Kimes is eager to uplift others and make even more opportunities available to a new generation of young women. This passion has driven her to establish The Heavenly Angels, a foundation with a mission to sow the seeds of success in young women through education, career training and learning how to establish and maintain healthy relationships. According to Kimes, “I want to see this next generation thrive!” | 51

As one who has been blessed and successful in her many pursuits, Kimes is eager to uplift others and make even more opportunities available to a new generation of young women.

She also gives free dental screenings and works with several charity organizations. A huge part of Kimes’ passion is to see women thrive in relationships. Through her book, her advice blog, and now a dating app called PIQ, she hopes to help as many women as possible find and keep love. She believes success is based on what you speak, and speaking things into existence is a principle that works in business, finance, and even romance. Married To Medicine Kimes has been a part of the “Married to Medicine” reality show on Bravo TV for three seasons. The show features an all-female cast of Doctors and gives the viewers a peek into their personal and professional lives as successful wives and professionals. “It was a really big decision to make,” she says about being on the show. “I never really watch reality TV so it was a big step for me. I have enjoyed it so far and learned a lot in the process. We don’t always get along, and reality TV will

52 |

always be about drama, but we learn from our mistakes, get back to our community and continue to help others and make a difference. That’s what it’s all about.” On Challenges and Life Regrets “I have had a lot of challenges in my life. From getting a degree in dentistry to running a business and balancing work and family life. But challenges make us who we are and I never run from them. I’m better today because of the things I have been through. I have no regrets. I have made a lot of mistakes in my life, but I’ve learned from them and moved on. I’ve had success, and I have failed at some things. I built and sold dental practices. Some worked, and others didn’t. It’s all been a learning experience.” WOW

I have had a lot of challenges in my life. From getting a degree in dentistry to running a business and balancing work and family life. But challenges make us who we are and I never run from them. | 53


Anita E. T

he challenges and trials of the past do not have the power to define or limit the possibilities of the future. No one knows this better than Anita Hawkins—entrepreneur, model, philanthropist, wife, and mother of two. Having endured painful experiences in her childhood, Hawkins has taken giant strides to chart a course of success for herself and others to follow.

54 |

Hawkins’ first foray into business happened in her teens after she inherited her grandmother’s salon. Over the years, she has proved her mettle by not only taking the salon to new heights but also establishing other successful businesses including Trokar Industries, LLC, a Fresh Healthy Café restaurant franchise and Lady Eloise Collections. Business and Passion At the root of Hawkins’ businesses is the passion to make a difference both for herself and others. Her home building contracting business started after a huge disappointment with a builder she had hired to build her dream home. Hawkins’ decided to take matters into her own hands, so she got her general contractor’s license, and the rest is history. Today her company has recorded much success in real estate development. Also, her passion for a healthy lifestyle was the driving force behind her desire to own a Fresh Healthy Café franchise. As a model and one who has a deep appreciation for fashion, Hawkins wants to create an opportunity for women to love their bodies and express themselves through statement pieces. “We will only produce 50 pieces per design ranging in sizes 10-24,” she says of her new clothing line, Lady Eloise Collections. “I want women to see themselves as beautiful in every size and I also want to create a feel of exclusivity.” Her fashion line is named in honor of her grandmother—Eloise Putman Proctor—a philanthropist, entrepreneur, educator, Sigma Gamma Rho and model.

At the root of Hawkins’ businesses is the passion to make a difference both for herself and others. | 55

Her passion for a healthy lifestyle was the driving force behind her desire to own a Fresh Healthy Café franchise. ON HER NEW BOOK Hawkins’ challenges have created for her a wealth of experience which she is always ready to share. Her book, The Storm After the Storm, is a delicately woven story which straddles the fence between fiction and fact. In Part 1 of the book, Hawkins tells a true-to-life story that hits on major issues young girls and women of all ages face today. The story follows the life of Aere, a beautiful and talented girl whose name means “storm.” Sexually abused before her teen years, young Aere’s peaceful world is shattered by confusion, fear, and a string of events that threaten her well-being and her future. In spite of it all, Aere begins a new, challenging, and exciting season of her life that leads her far away from home where she ultimately meets Robert, the man of her dreams. But after they marry, one of the worst storms of her life begins to unfold. Hurt, angry, yet determined to not revisit her past, Aere must decide if she wants to save her marriage and

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At the root of Hawkins’ businesses is the passion to make a difference both for herself and others. family and build the life she has always longed for. In Part II, Hawkins shifts the reader from fiction to fact in her insightful motivational guide, based on concepts presented in Aere’s story. Hawkins hopes that by learning and applying her tested and proven steps, readers can begin to master and prosper through the storms of life. Philanthropy and Women Empowerment Through her own experiences, Hawkins has learned the value of giving and creating opportunities for others. She is passionate about philanthropy and has, through her organization, contributed $150,000 to Minnie’s Food Pantry, The Source of Hope, Where Are You? Homeless Outreach, and Baseball Assistance Team (B.A.T.) among others. She has also been instrumental in giving many young people the opportunity to have a college experience through the Jackie Robinson Foundation. Hawkins believes in the power and potential of women. She is passionate about showing women how to continuously develop and embrace their failures just as they do success.

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As a constant go-getter with a strong work ethic and even stronger can-do attitude, Hawkins refuses to dwell on fear as a possible detractor from success. “I have never had a fear of anything. I honestly don’t know what it’s like to fear. I have jumped from planes and leaped from mountains. I live every day as though it is my last. The sky is limitless.” Her conviction has paid off. Hawkins has been recognized by the National Association of Professional Women for Outstanding Excellence and Dedication to Her Profession and the Advancement of Women and was also named one of the National Association of Distinguished Professionals’ prestigious Women of Distinction. Most recently, she launched the Find One Reason to Smile campaign benefiting Dallas’ Women Called Moses domestic abuse outreach center. Via Indiegogo, Anita is working to raise $25,000 for the organization that assists women and their children in escaping the vicious cycle of domestic abuse. Beyond achievements and professional success, for Hawkins, family is everything. Her husband, LaTroy Hawkins, spent 21 years as a pitcher for a Major League Baseball Team. They have a 23-year-old son, Dakari, who resides in Atlanta, Georgia and runs his own clothing line, Gyasi Clothing. They also have a 14-year-old daughter, Troi, who is a high-school freshman. WOW

Hawkins’ challenges have created for her a wealth of experience which she is always ready to share. Her book, The Storm After the Storm, is a delicately woven story which straddles the fence between fiction and fact. www.f The Storm After The Storm is available as an ebook on | 59





s I talk with women leaders from all over the world, one thing stands out. They all have a big mission in life. They are all on a quest to live out their life purpose. This can be a challenging feat that takes focus, mental clarity, and an abundance of energy. It requires motivation not only of yourself, but your team as well. Self-care is paramount and requires you to be in the best health possible. Here are some questions to ask yourself that will ensure that you are in the Being mindful and aware best shape to carry out your life mission. 1. What are you drinking? Beverages can contain a lot of calories. Even those that appear to be healthy choices (like juices and sports drinks) are loaded with calories that you might not intentionally want to consume. Consider this; an 8 ounce glass of fresh orange juice has 111 calories while one orange contains about 45 calories. An 8oz green tea latte with soy milk from Starbucks contains 175 calories. It might not seem like much, but that can really add up throughout the day, and especially over the week. 2. Are you eating a large multicolored salad every day? And if so, how are you dressing those salads? Salads are important way to get tons of healing micronutrients that your body needs to heal and repair itself. But when you start pouring creamy dressings and sauces on top, you’re adding a lot of calories, fat, sodium and preservatives. One tablespoon of Ranch Dressing has about 75 calories, while a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar only has 10 calories without any fat or additives. 3. Do you eat breakfast? Skipping breakfast is one of the habits that will surely sabotage your efforts. One behavior practiced by successful people who are able to maintain their ideal body weight, is that they eat breakfast. People who eat breakfast are less likely to over eat or snack throughout the day. They have more energy and therefore burn more calories too. Also, if you skip breakfast you are extending your overnight fast to more than 12 hours. This means your body kicks into “conservation mode’ and stops burning as many calories. If you don’t like breakfast food, don’t worry! Eat a leftover salad or stir fry from the night before. Healthy green shakes are also a great option.

while eating will help you become more aware and prevent you from over eating. | 61

Lack of sleep can alter hormones that tell our brains we are hungry or full and make us overeat. 4. Are you distracted when you eat? Many people eat in front of the TV, the computer, or while browsing their phones, completely unaware of how much food they are eating. If you have to eat at your desk, make sure your food is measured into single serving containers. It’s never a good idea to take the serving dish or pots from the kitchen and eat directly from them. Being mindful and aware while eating will help you become more aware and prevent you from over eating. 5. Are you a nibbler? Do you find yourself snacking or nibbling throughout the day, a bite here or a bite there, a few tastes while preparing a meal? Take one day and try to track exactly how much you are eating. Hard to do, isn’t it? A nibble here and there can add a lot of calories. Especially if you like to snack on processed foods out of a box. If you are going to snack, be sure to snack on healthy stuff like snap peas, baby carrots, or sliced peppers. And remember to leave that ranch dressing in the grocery store. 6. Do you know how many calories you need to eat? Or how many you consume each day? I’m not a big fan of calorie counting, but calorie studies show that most people have no idea how many calories they eat in a day, and if they try to estimate they usually guess lower than their actual intake. There are a lot of cell phone apps and free web sites where you can estimate how many calories you should be eating to help track your calorie intake. There is no need to track it forever or to become obsessive. Just doing it for a few days can help raise your awareness and give you a better idea of where those extra calories may be sneaking up on you. 7. Who is holding you accountable? Do you have a mentor, coach, or healthcare provider that is guiding you? Having someone to encourage you and to hold you accountable is a critical aspect of meeting your health and vitality goals. Once you identify who will serve this role, establish a plan of action and check in with them regularly.

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Visit to connect w Pien. 8. Are you getting enough sleep? The goal is to get 7 or 8 hours a night. If you are getting less than this you may be sabotaging your efforts. Lack of sleep can alter hormones that tell our brains we are hungry or full and make us overeat. If you are having trouble sleeping please see a health care professional to determine the cause of the problem as losing sleep is worse than just feeling tired. 9. Is your social life based on food? Do you and your friends and colleagues plan social events and meetings around food and alcohol? Try to plan fun activities to enjoy your time with friends: go for a brisk walk on a pretty trail, take a fun dance class, try a new activity like stand-up paddle boarding. Work meetings can be organized around walks or outdoor activities rather than sitting at a table with snacks. Be active, have fun and enjoy your friends. 10. Are you exercising? The number one thing that successful business leaders have in common is that they exercise. This keeps you not only in the best physical shape possible, but also keeps you in top mental shape. Exercise is as important as brushing your teeth, eating, or drinking water. The number one reason people give for not exercising is lack of time. The recommendation is a minimum of 20 – 30 minutes a day. Do you really not have 20 -30 minutes day? Be honest with yourself? If you truly don’t have the time, then begin by adding steps to your day as much as possible. Take the stairs, have walking meetings at work. Try waking outside while on conference calls or phone meetings. Whatever it takes, make your plan sustainable and fun. WOW

DR. LINELL KING is the #1 Bestselling author of Mastering Vitality. He has helped over 50,000 people achieve ideal body weight and overcome medical illness. Free Gift: Go to www. for a free download of Dr King’s #1 Best Seller, Mastering Vitality. | 63


7 Years Of Women of Wealth WoW Magazine

Nation’s Top 87 Women Mentoring Leaders

Winter Edition 2011

EdiE FrasEr Diversity Activist and Philanthropist

And more in this special issue… First Lady Michelle Obama, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, Bonnie McElveen-Hunter Judith McHale, Lulu Flores, Kathy Calvin, Betty Hudson Dr. Paula Whetsel-Ribeau, Rosa Whitaker, Dawn Sweeney Ambassador Julia Chang Bloch, Joi Gordon


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Gregg Scott

The Wealth Builder



onesty, integrity, honor and respect - these are traits we all admire in others and expect of ourselves. For Gregg Scott, husband, and father of six, vital life lessons were learned early as these values were instilled in him by his own father.

Born in the small rural town of Enfield, North Carolina, Scott was raised to value hard work and dedication. His father led by example by showing him what it took to be a great husband, father, and committed family man. In the famous words of his father, Scott learned “how to take care of his business.” Helping others thrive and succeed was also one of the many lessons he learned as a young man. These values have stood the test of time for Gregg as he has been able to apply them to his own life as a husband, father, and successful businessman. Scott is married to Lenika, and they have six daughters: Jazmine, Janae’, Jayla, Joy, Jireh, and Jordan. Always seeking ways to provide for his family and create abundance in their lives, Scott turned his attention to the Home Based Business Industry in 2009. Taking advantage of opportunities in this industry, along with his wife, changed his life and more importantly, his perspective about what it really takes to succeed at a high level in business. In 2009, they were able to create a 5 figure monthly income and today have become a powerful and highly sought after couple in the Network Marketing Industry. Scott believes that everyone is a work in progress. According to him, “we are always being prepared for the next level.” He developed a greater understanding of this when in 2011 he and his wife lost everything that they had built together and found themselves needing assistance to help support their large family. As a man committed to providing and protecting his family, he immediately stepped out and began seeking means of income. His resilience and deep faith in God helped him get through what he defines as his lowest point. Scott and his wife have since bounced back and recovered all that was lost and more. Today, Gregg is still building and helping others to do the same. He uses his strong work ethic, strong love for people and most importantly his strong desire to see others succeed to pull greatness out of everyone he comes in contact with. Gregg firmly believes that everyone has greatness within them. “God has given everyone their own measure of greatness, and it is up to us to tap into it,” he says. Scott and his wife, Lenika, are the Executive Ambassadors of Team USA at Total Life Changes, a direct sales company providing nutritional and skin care products for the health conscious consumer. They also have other businesses including Scott Marketing Group, LLC and Destiny Builders, a web design company. WOW


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Women of Wealth Summer 2016  

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Women of Wealth Summer 2016  

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