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Grandma, A Treasure Forever By Sharleen St. Surin-Lord, MD

Lawrence is a little boy who developed an unbreakable bond with his grandmother when she first held him in the neonatal intensive care unit on the day he was born. Grandma spoiled him, made his favorite treats and covered for him when he broke things. She taught him the alphabet, colors, and his first words. And when Lawrence grew old enough to go to school, his grandmother stayed home and did the same for Christina, his little sister. One day, Lawrence comes home to find that Grandma is not there. ‘Iherc’s no snack on his placemat at the table and no sign of Grandma anywhere. Lawrence hopes his grandma will come home soon and give him a big hug and kiss. However, instead of Grandma, there are family mcmbers he’s never met before and whispers that Grandma is gone, and no one will ever see her again. The loss of a loved one can be difficult for anyone, but cspccially so for a child. Join Lawrence as he shares the story of his grandmother’s life and learns to heal afterllosing her.

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Sharleen St. Surin-Lord, MD, is a mother of two and a boardcertified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon. A year ago, Dr. St. Surin-Lord’s own mother passed. In her debut children’s book, Grandma, a Treasure Forever she gently describes the farewell process and that although Grandma is physically gone, her spirit lives on.







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from the Publisher

s I write this note to my readers. I am very excited because this year we will be hosting our Wealthy Women Global Power Summit on Martha’s Vineyard, the playground of the rich and famous. The place where presidents go to play and yes we are going to gather there also. Women Of Wealth Magazine love to expose our readers to places that we don’t oftentimes frequent. Next year we hope to spend time together in the lovely Hamptons. Life was meant to be enjoyed. God gave us the gift of life and we should celebrate it as often as we can. Another thing I love about our Summit is the diversity. We intentionally invite all races, culture and personalities. It’s a God thing for us. We will have people from all over the nation socializing with us there. We will introduce our Wealthy Women 12 week Mastermind Series taught by some of the wealthiest women and men in the nation. In my travels and being in the company of wealthy people there are two things that have remained constant, wealthy people love God and depend on Him and wealthy people love to give back. I was taken back with this discovery. They love to lean in and help those that are not where they are but can see themselves one day being there. In spite of their busy schedule they still have time to mentor and coach others. They will descend upon the Vineyard looking for an opportunity to share with anyone that is present how they got where they are today and eager to help you get there too. Our Press Release would read something like this: Women of Wealth Magazine to host their 5th Annual Wealthy Women Global Power Summit, an innovative three-day Summit 16


designed by and for women on the forefront of financial and professional freedom. The Summit will be held August 2830, 2015, at the Harbor View Hotel in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. This bold, electrifying Summit is comprised of super women and men from all across the Nation representing all industries and nationalities as we gather to celebrate such powerful Speakers as Suzette Mayweather, a modern day Renaissance woman and President of the Floyd Mayweather Foundation. She also works in the music industry where she has worked with a range of artists, both rising and renown stars, such as Kim Burrell, Robert Glasper, Nikki Ross, Larry “Jazz” Anthony, Pat Williams, and R. Kelly. Tomeka Holyfield, Executive Director of the Evander Holyfield Foundation, Creator and Executive Producer of the “All-Star Gospel Celebration” held during the NBA All-Star Weekend. She is also the producer of the “Essence of a Woman Gospel Brunch Extravaganza” held during Mother’s Day Weekend. “Gospel Goes to Hollywood Awards Luncheon” which takes place during Oscar Week. Derived from her own physical, mental and spiritual struggles, Tomeka created the uCANuWILLuMUST™ motivational series about the power of “Taking Your Life Back.” Also present will be, Hollywood veteran casting director, Cynthia Stillwell who has worked in Los Angeles in casting and

development for several companies including Danny Glovers. She has worked with Brad Pitts for over 5 years. Stillwell sent 22 shows to Broadway over a period of 8 years. One of her biggest accomplishments was to cast for the Movie SELMA with Director Ava Duverney and Oprah Winfrey. Presently she casts for Devious Maids and so many other television programs and movies. Keynote Speaker for our Black Tie Philanthropy Dinner and Gala is the CEO OF XTREME SOLUTIONS, Phyllis Newhouse, who is a member of the Ernst & Young’s 2013 class of Entrepreneurial Winning Women. Newhouse currently serves on the Board of Directors for Girls, Inc. and Enterprising Women Magazine’s Board of Advisors. The Women’s Presidents’ Organization (WPO) and their sponsor, Amex OPEN, recognized Xtreme Solutions as one of the top 50 FastestGrowing Woman-Owned Businesses in 2013. With the help of her Mentor Howroyd her business has grown to over $10 million dollars in revenue. Newhouse will participate as one of our Judges in the WOW Shark Tank Episode wherein the ladies will compete for a Millionaire Executive Coach. Hosting the WGP Summit Black Tie Experience will be Lauretta Pierce, best known as the Covenant Cookie Lady, as seen on TBN and other Christian television. Pierce is CEO & Founder of Covenant Cookies, a global gourmet inspirational cookie business with two manufacturing plants, one in Atlanta and the other in California. Pierce is also an Inspiration Speaker, Author and Domestic Abuse Advocate. Another one of My dear friends, Anna McCoy, Kingdompreneur and Global Solutionist, will be present and receiving the Ambassadorship Award, She is the founder of Woman Act Now an online and chapter based membership organization dedicated to empowering women to dream, believe, execute and connect with other like-minded women. Mrs. McCoy and her husband Dr. Richmond McCoy are founding partners of Urban America, a $520 million, private real estate fund which purchases and revitalizes inner–city commercial properties. Also in the Place will be my Hollywood people, Beverly Todd, lead actress in Ava Duvernay’s I will Follow and the Classic, Lean on me with Morgan Freeman and so much more. I have so many friends and supporters that will be in attendance like, Camillia Ratliff, Theo Ratliff ’s mom, many of the NFL Wives and a longtime supporter of Women Of Wealth Magazine, Ericka Lassiter, President of Off The Field Players’ Wives Association (OTFPWA). They are gracing the cover of this Special Edition. There will be more than 50 distinguished panelists, speakers and honorees attending this WGP Summit including celebrities,

singers, pastors, business owners, educators, investors, and many more too numerous to list. Our Keynote Speaker for the Millionaire Men Luncheon is Dr. Antoine Jasmine. He is on the Cover of “MQ Magazine” the newest edition to our Magazine Brand and will be receiving the MQ Magazine Presidential Philanthropy Award. Dr. Jasmine is a Bishop. Author, and Coach, Also present will be Dr. Ali Yasin CEO of Billionaire Mastermind Forum. He will be receiving the Rainmaker Billionaire Executive Coaching Award, Berny Dohrmann the Founder of CEO Space International, will be receiving the MQ Magazine Presidential Wealth Makers Award; Dr. Michael Chitwood the President and CEO of Chitwood and Chitwood, will receive the Non-Profit Executive Coaching in Excellence Award, Landrea Murray, owner of Shellis News housed in airports around the nation, will be receiving the Corporate Small Business Award. Our Keynote Speaker for the Summit Opening Ceremonies will be the renown Rev. Dr. Bishop Ruth Smith-Holmes, Senior Pastor of the Light of the World Cathedral in Stockbridge, Ga. So many of my family and friends will be there like Brenda Hunter, Sandra Buford, Pilar Montoya, Kay Kent, Dr. Joyce Braithwaite, who has supported me for 5 years and will receive the Women Of Wealth Magazine Life Time Membership and Philanthropy Award. Our Entertainment for the Evening will be provided by the infamous B Angie B, formerly with MC Hammer. Also entertaining us will be the dynamic Comedy duo SQuire and Louise, the God Wink Couple. Each year we look forward to bringing together the many women and male leaders in their field of expertise for a substantive discussion of real-world solutions to key issues facing women today in regards to leadership and financial freedom. Our Honorees Black Tie Awards Gala is second to none, our Millionaire Men’s Luncheon features our signature piece, wherein we auction off the men to empower our women, the Yacht Trip is one of our favorite experience at the Summit and lastly we will actually be filming our reality show this year. So many unique things will be happening. The WGP Summit is a platform where women in business can meet wealthy women and men with influence and assets that are willing to meet; consult; coach and mentor them. We look for women who are on the cutting edge of success but need a little help to turn the corner. We would love for you to Visit us at http:// or send us a letter or your comments to Dr. Lei Lewis/PUB. Fall 2015

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hyllis W. Newhouse is a phenomenal woman who has broken all of the stereotypical barriers placed on women. The core values instilled in Newhouse from her youth would prove to be the very foundation that allowed her to move through four transitional phases of her life to give her the success she has today.

She defines Phase 1 of her life as her upbringing. Phase 2 was defined when she joined the Army. Newhouse quickly proved herself as a top ranking officer taking on several promotions. After spending 22 years in the Army, she realized something was missing. She knew she was here to do something bigger. Phase 3, proved to be a chaotic, ‘world turned upside-down’, creative and innovative time of her life. She began to question who she was and what her real purpose was. Through difficult moments of ending a long-standing relationship to becoming a single mother, Newhouse believed her courage was tested as she declared to herself, I am an Entrepreneur. It was at this point that she began to ask herself the hard questions, what is an Entrepreneur? And What do the real Entrepreneurs do? In her quest for answers, the lesson learned was that, not everyone is going to see your vision or understand your dream so be careful who you share your dreams with. Only 2% Of Women-Owned Businesses Break The $1 Million Mark Newhouse along with others created XTREME SOLUTIONS, INC which has won many prestigious awards and in 2015 was ranked # 9 out of the top 50th fastest growing woman owed/ woman led companies worldwide by the Women’s Presidents Organization and American Express Open. With only 2% of women owned business breaking the $1 Million dollar revenue mark, Newhouse did it after being in business for only 18 months. Xtreme Solutions, Inc. has continue to grow every year. Xtreme Solutions Inc. has earned a spot on the the 50th Fastest Growing Women Led Companies for the last 4 years. Newhouse and her team is striving to hit the $100 Million mark. Not bad for someone who totally redefined herself from a vision board with no previous experience in running a company? Newhouse believes it is important to re-evaluate your life and ask

yourself the right questions so you know when it is the right time to move through the different phases of your life. She states that after you have entered the third phase of personal development and growth, the fourth phase is about leaving a legacy. It was her inner voice that helped her to understand that although her company had reached a milestone of success by becoming a multi-million dollar business, there was a higher level available for the company. Phyllis was introduced to her mentor by someone who felt that she needed to meet someone like Janice Howroyd to go to the next level in her business. She was introduced to Janice Bryant Howroyd an African American entrepreneur. She is founder and chief executive officer of ACT-1 Group, the largest minority woman-owned employment agency in the United States. Janice Bryant Howroyd has gone from one of 11 children growing up in segregated North Carolina to the first African-American female to own a billion-dollar business, turning $900 in her pocket when she left her hometown in 1976 into a vast fortune. The founder of Act1 Group, a multi-billion-dollar staffing firm that does business in 75 cities across the world, The commonalities between both Newhouse and Howroyd were uncanny. Both women came from large African American families based in North Carolina and had learned entrepreneurialism from their mothers. Their similar strong family foundation, work ethics and value system created a bond that allowed them to become friends and share a sisterhood. Howroyd chose to connect with Newhouse and take her on as a mentee. It was during that time of learning that Phyllis’ business revenue more than doubled. Newhouse credits mentorship in aiding her company to reach unprecedented levels. It is important when wanting to go that next level that one finds a mentor. A coachable spirit and the willingness to listen enabled Newhouse to soar into her dreams of being more successful.

Mentoring is a personal thing for me.”

WOW: Do you have women that you mentor today? PN: Yes I do. I am presently mentoring several women. One of my mentees started a law firm after she walked out a position in corporate America. She presently has one of the most successful law firms owned by women and she has

also added other partners with winning adjudication records. I just helped them with the infrastructure costs and helped them establish how they were to develop their service offerings. They have been in business for four years. Another mentee is a 28 year old she who leads $65M government contracting construction company. I

met her at an event and she told me some of her personal failures; but, here now she is making $65.M in revenue at only 28 years old. So her challenges are a lot different. Another one of my mentees/ respected leader is a female presidents of a major university. When she approached me, I said “You are the president of a Fall 2015

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Wealth is impactful. When you’re wealthy you are impactful.”

major university why do I need to mentor you?” and she spoke about my impactful roles as a military officer, and a successful businesswoman and how my background was what she needed to tighten her approach and cement her legacy. So I have a wide range of women in my network of friends and mentees and I serve all types of women in their journey to Now.

WOW: What qualifications do you require when considering a mentee? PN:For me, it is just sitting down and taking the time to talk like Janice did when she sat with me. I think you can ask me to be your mentor but you really have to build a rapport that touches the hearts and minds of all parties. Mentoring is a personal thing for me. In my relationships, I have top advisors from various industries in the country. WOW: How do you identify people that you would like to connect with that you feel will bring value to your Brand? PN: I would say that I hit refresh every three to four years. Refresh means that you might need new connections – like a new mentee or you might need new board members. You have to know when it is time to hit refresh and the people around you must be able to understand what refresh means to you and to them. It does not mean that you go away. It just means I need you to go to that next level and I need to reconnect with the infrastructure and recharge the people that I bring in. For example, when I brought one of my new Board Of Advisors, we were on the cutting edge of some technology and we were trying to merge into federal space. The board member was very experienced in Cyber Security. He was one of the industry’s most credible thought leaders.. Everybody in the world was trying to 20


get him to come work for them. I knew I could not afford him not from an employee perspective; but, I also knew that if I got him on the Board Of Advisors, he would be impactful and give the company the credibility that we needed. That was part of my move to refresh and it turned out to be quite a strategic coup to get him. WOW: What advice do you have for people who are in pursuit of acquiring wealth? PN: There is a difference, in my opinion, between wealth and riches. I think riches eventually run out. But, I think wealth sustains because wealth is impactful. When I think of wealth, I instantly think of Oprah. Because she has used her riches to be impactful, which makes her very wealthy in that she gives to major communities and causes creating a cause and effect. There are other impactful people who are wealthy - like Bill Gates. They never call him very rich? He is very wealthy. Why would we identify some people with rich? I think because when we look at one as rich we don’t always associate them with impactfulness. But we consistently associate wealthy people with impactfulness. When we think of riches, we think of how much people are obtaining. They have the luxury items but none of those things are associated with impactfulness. My journey on wealth has been about learning how to be impactful. I have always wanted to be impactful as a leader and to leave a legacy. I was the first entrepreneur in my family and I realized that my gift would enable me to give back to the seventy-two plus grandchildren in my family and that I could give back to community and to the Veterans who were

leaving the Military. I want to increase the revenue of women owned- business from that less than 1% to a million dollar revenue stream.

WOW: Is there anything else that you can think of that we need to put in this article that I have not asked? PN: I’m about to be an empty nester. My son is about to go off to college. As I moved through my journey, I always knew my son was watching. He watched me dream and he watched my dreams come alive. A couple of weeks ago, my son said, “Mom do you remember the vision board that you put up years ago? And as I got older you would say, “You want an A in that class put that up on the board and if you don’t see that A that is not going to happen. If you don’t see yourself going to this university that is not going to happen.” And he goes, “Mom you know what I got into the habit of doing? Coming into your office and looking at the multiple vision board you have created and generated. Even in my own life, my friends say you know man everything you put on the board seems to happen - put this school on your board for me. And he said he realize that they did not believe in their own dreams. And he said, “Mom you know what you taught me? You taught me the power of dreaming and the power of execution. I can honestly say to you without a doubt. I am very confident on how successful I’m going to be in college because I have already lived a success in my own mind. I have already put the success on the board. I have already put the success in my vision. So that is what is going to happen along my journey. My success is already here. I was sitting there and I’m thinking, wow he watched me pin and pray over all these things on that vision board for 17 years. So as a parent, I say keep dreaming for your child – no matter how old

they are. My mother still dreams for me. I taught my son that a dream is only as big as you. My son was the absolute motivator for me becoming successful. I knew, for legacy purposes, It was important that I place my son on the Board as part of the vision and as part of the dream. So now I am able to see him being able to build his own dream. WOW: You are such a special lady. I never get tired of hearing your story it is just unbelievable! It inspires me to do more so that I can be better at what I do.

PN: You can never run away from your own truth. And what you do is you tell people about your truth whether your truth is good or bad. It is your truth and it is all in how you can accept it and all in how you let others understand your truth. And Last‌.. Keep a gratitude journal! Write in your journal daily of all the things you are grateful for today and the things you are grateful for that hasn’t happen yet. A powerful vision requires a strong sense of gratitude. And I really shared my truth with you today. That is who I am. I believe in what God has asked me to go and be. And that is it. WOW Fall 2015

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Dr. Alexcius J. Branch

Dr. Alexcius Branch is an avant-garde and self-made boss with a myriad of profession accomplishments. Alexcius proudly proclaims the status of a sophisticated and set ap excellence and elegance in every facet of her life. Her story is a combination of comp heroic feats. As the daughter of a drug-addicted mother and unknown father, the vo Alexcius was filled with misfortune; (1) her younger brother died in a house fire at th was only 8; (2) her two older brothers were both incarcerated for charges of murder and (3) she became the mother of two children by the tender age of 19. Determined childhood aspirations of becoming a military officer, Alexcius enlisted into the U.S. A her second child. This was a defining moment in her life and marked the beginning o tragedy to triumph.

Dr. Branch entered the Army as a Private First Class and transitioned into one of Ame scholastic,r. and military pioneers. a sergeant and 1st Lieutenant in the Alexcius Branch is anAsavant-garde andlater self-made boss with a United led America’s sonsofand daughtersand in training and accomplishments. real world missionsAlexcius for nine years. myriad professional academic herself asproudly a leaderproclaims among thethe Army’s earning the coveted statuselite of abysophisticated and set Airborne apart diva(Parachu with a spirit of excellence and elegance every facet Class of herPresident life. Her story (Repelling) badges as well as being the first in black female of the Army is a and combination of complex heroic feats. school the first black femaleproblems Executiveand Officer of the Fort Campbell Air Assault A


As the daughter of a drug-addicted mother and un-

ficer Candidate school and the first black female Execu-

tive Officer of the Fort Campbell Academy. known father, the her volatilecountry, childhood of Alexcius was After serving Dr. Branch quickly rose through ranksAirofAssault Corporate Americ After serving her country, Dr. Branch quickly rose filled with misfortune; (1) her younger brother died in a several managerial and executive Director and Brand Manag through ranks PMO of Corporate America where she held house fire at the age of 4 when she was only 8; (2) her positions including several managerial and executive positions including two older brothers were both incarcerated for charges 500ofcompanies International Paper, FedEx, Ford Company, Wal-Mart, PMO Director and Motor Brand Manager for global, Fortune murder and armed such robbery; as and (3) she became the 500 companies such mother ofhas two children Alexcius started businesses from the ground up, rescued failing organizations, inc as International by the tender age of 19. Paper, FedEx, Ford Determined tobillion achieve negotiated dollar contracts, and spoke before crowds of 2500+. Alexcius is also Motor Compaher childhood aspiraCambridge Who’s Who Among Executives, Professionals, and Entrepreneurs and a N ny, Wal-Mart, and tions of becoming a Microsoft. Alexcius military officer, Alexcius Society Additionally, Alexcius nurtures the minds of thehasnext of started generation businessenlistedinductee. into the U.S. es from the ground Army after the birth of business professionals as an Associate Dean and Adjunct Professor of Business for Be up, rescued failing her second child. This was a definingAlexcius moment University. is the founder and Executive Director for the organizations, Alexciusin-Branch Fou in her life and marked creased market share, organization empowers under-served students through education in the form o the beginning of that the negotiated billion transition from tragedy dollar contracts, and Alexcius holds a Doctorate of Business Administration with a concentration in Marke to triumph. spoke before crowds Dr. Branch entered the Army as a Private First Class and of 2500+. Alexcius is also a member of Cambridge Who’s Who University (4.0 GPA), an Master of Business Administration in Supply Chain Managem transitioned into one of America’s social, scholastic, and military Among Executives, Professionals, and Entrepreneurs and a pioneers. As a sergeant and later Lieutenant in the UnitNational Scholars Society inductee. Additionally, Strayer University, and1st is a Summa Cum Laude (3.9 Honor GPA) graduate with aAlexcius Bachelor of ed States Army, Alexcius led America’s sons and daughters in nurtures the minds of the next generation of entrepreneurs and training and real world missions for nine years. She distinguished business professionals as an Associate Dean and Adjunct Pro-published from Excelsior College. Alexcius is also a women’s diversity champion and herself as a leader among the Army’s elite by earning the coveted fessor of Business for Belhaven and Strayer University. Alexcius HerAirborne research entitled a Phenomenological Examination ofDirector Experiences Black Wom (Parachutist) and Air Assault (Repelling) badges as well is the founder and Executive for the Alexciusof Branch as being the first black female Class President of the Army OfFoundation, a non-profit organization that empowers unCorporate America was published in 2012.

Her passion for all things high fashion and corporate chic coupled with her dynamic delivery make her presentation style inimitable.”

Fall 2015

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der-served students through education in the form of scholarships. Alexcius holds a Doctorate of Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from Walden University (4.0 GPA), an Master of Business Administration in Supply Chain Management (4.0 GPA) from Strayer University, and is a Summa Cum Laude (3.9 GPA) graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Sociology from Excelsior College. Alexcius is also a women’s diversity champion and published author in the field. Her research entitled a Phenomenological Examination of Experiences of Black Women Executives in Corporate America was published in 2012. Dr. Branch is a truly a rising star that is determined to reach her zenith of success. After a debilitating divorce and corporate downsizing, Alexcius moved from Memphis, TN to Atlanta, GA in November of 2014 for a fresh start. In eight short months, she has earned a position as one of the top retirement and wealth building agents in State Farm. She is the owner and CEO of the Alexcius Branch State Farm Insurance and Financial Services Agency where she assists clients with managing the risks of everyday life, recovering from the unexpected, and realizing their dreams. She is a subject matter expert on asset protection, individual and business retirement planning, generating life-time income, and utilizing life insurance to transfer wealth. Dr. Branch’s financial services acumen and command presence is one that leaves an indelible impression. Her passion for all things high fashion and corporate chic coupled with her dynamic delivery make her presentation style inimitable. Dr. Alexcius Branch offers a unique experience, a self-made boss from inner-city Memphis, TN that is unapologetically sophisticated, educated, and has an unrelenting desire to educate and empower audiences across the globe to secure their financial future. WOW Fall 2015

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Brenda Ragland 26



renda Ragland is a self-made successful entrepreneur. She is an expert in assembling and leading teams to success. She is fearless in pursuing new opportunities and uncharted territory. A product of Atlanta Public School system, Ragland served as a para- professional and girls assistant basketball coach for 12 years in the DeKalb County School System. Motivated by the need to fund her son’s college education, Ragland left the school system. She discovered her niche in the real estate arena. She started BMS Consultants Inc. and in this role, scoped out properties for purchase and sale and brought buyers and investors to the table. Through this exposure, Brenda and her partners took advantage of a once in a lifetime deal to purchase a charter school. They opened one of the first charter schools in Fulton County, Georgia, Victory Charter School. Ragland was one of the founders and Fulton County awarded a five million dollar grant to Victory Charter School for operations. Still not content, Ragland later opened Elite Limousine Service, a non-emergency transportation company. Ironically, she operated the limousine service during the Summer Olympics in Atlanta. Many nights, she drove the limo herself and welcomed visitors from near and afar. She also won a $25,000 contract to transport the Women’s ABLA Basketball Players for Pro Basketball Try-outs in Atlanta. The limo business also afforded her an opportunity to meet many famous celebrities such as Judge Maybelline, Jamie Foxx, Ice Cube, 8-ball MJG, Patti LaBelle, TI, LA Reid, and Toni Braxton, just to name a

few. Elite Limousine Service was the official limo service for 2Pac Shakur’s Memorial Service. After the 2008 crash in the economy, Ragland followed her passion for health and wealth and studied to become an herbalist. She sold several herbs through multi-level marketing. Ragland’s major goal was to help people look better and feel better each and everyday. Realizing that success would not come easy, the challenge was the very force that propelled her to the next level. Never stopping, always pushing forward, putting God first and praying unceasingly directed her journey. She is known for giving back and lending a helping hand to the down and out. She is a visionary and has always pictured herself in a wealthy lifestyle and was willing to work toward bringing it into reality. She recently teamed up with a partner creating a business entitled, “No Note, LLC.” It is her first step in creating Asset Controlled Wealth through leveraging. In 2014, Brenda became a member of the Billionaire Mastermind Forum, a platform to redirect one’s mindset to see that all things are possible to him/her that believes. Today Ragland enjoys the Wealthy Lifestyle that she always pictured herself in.. WOW Fall 2015

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Dr. Sonya R. Hamm



hrough her captivating style and eye opening revelation, Dr. Sonya R. Hamm is on a mission to ignite, educate and empower a global network of men and women on how to successfully prepare, pursue and achieve financial freedom. She is a gifted speaker, financial educator, author and credible voice of expertise and influence in the personal finance arena. Her heartbeat is financial literacy for all with a special emphasis on educating single parent households on proper income protection strategies and documentation to protect their children and future from financial loss. Out of her personal challenges to overcome financial adversity, Dr. Sonya discovered there were some deeply embedded mental and emotional patterns, which she terms, MonEyMotions™ that were blocking her from achieving true financial freedom. Through the discovery and mastery of her personal MonEyMotions™ Dr. Sonya recognized most financial programs were focused on the external disciplines of financial management without addressing the underlying MonEyMotions™ that influence financial habits and behavior. As a result, she founded Wealth Increase Network (W.I.N.), with a vision to help others overcome the MonEyMotions™ that go undetected and secretly sabotage long term financial success. In November of 2008, W.I.N. was born and evolved into WIN Financial and Business Solutions Inc. WIN Financial & Business Solutions Inc. is a personal development, coaching, training and financial services business that focuses on educating and assisting clients in the process of creating customized financial solutions to meet their short and long term financial goals. The WIN Success Academy is the personal development and educational arm of WIN Financial, where students learn how to overcome hidden MonEyMotions, ™ identify core financial values, develop lifestyle visions and goals transfer financial wisdom to the next generation. Through the Dominate Your Money (DYM) Financial Management Program Dr. Sonya teaches how to properly structure and position money to work through a systematic financial plan that eliminates the need for debt, automatically helps to build savings and prioritizes financial protection for long term security. In 2012, Dr. Sonya entered into partnership with the LiSA Initiative; a powerful grassroots movement sponsored by First Financial Security (FFS), which addresses the financial concerns that women from all walks life experience every day. LiSA helps women take control of their lives and achieve financial security through

proper education, mentoring and by providing an entrepreneurial opportunity. The historically strong financial service providers with which Dr. Sonya works, provides a low risk, stable, financial platform through which she helps clients successfully maximize their savings goals with 100% protection from market losses. Dr. Sonya is the visionary and founder of High Definition Women’s Network (HD Women), a women’s movement with a mission to help today’s new woman, “Emerge, Excel, and Expand in her Purpose, Power, and Profitability.” The vision for HD Women was born when Dr. Sonya recognized the roles, responsibilities and position of women have been forced to change, almost unnoticed, because of the constant change in family structures and behaviors. As a result, the vision of HD Women’s Network is to be a vocal leader in exploring and bringing greater awareness to the roles, position and responsibilities of today’s new woman. Through the HD Women’s Network—Women from all walks of life are empowered with tools, resources and mentoring relationships purposed to help them discover or refine their purpose, embrace their power, and gain education necessary to create a profitable future. The national debut of the High Definition Women’s Network was held in Atlanta, GA July 30th – August 1st with over 600 women in attendance. Dr. Sonya Hamm has impacted countless lives locally, nationally and internationally through her financial boot camps, conferences, seminars, and workshops. She serves as a remarkable example of leadership, vision, integrity, faith, perseverance and passion. “Empowered to Prosper” and “Why Prayer Doesn’t Work” are two of her authored books designed to inspire wealth consciousness for Kingdom expansion and teach the principles of effective prayer that yields Godly results. Dr. Sonya Hamm is the Executive Pastor of inPowerLife Church Atlanta, GA. She earned her Bachelor’s of Ministry, Masters of Christian Counseling & Psychology and was awarded a Doctorate of Divinity degree from Freedom Bible College and Seminary. Dr. Sonya resides in Atlanta, GA with her husband Dr. Ronald L. Hamm. Together they have three children: Brynique, Tynesia and Je’Ron and 3 grandchildren: Brycen, Jordynn and Mason Jr. WOW Fall 2015

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elly is the Co-pastor and Executive Administrator of Freedom to Live Ministries in Fayetteville, GA, where the senior Pastor is Lawrence G. Jennings, Jr. She’s a life strategist and mentors business owners, pastors and ministry leaders in life, WRITTEN BY: LYDIA PACE ministry and business matters. 30


She received her MBA in Organization Management and has several management certifications. Her management skills are evident in her ability to successfully build two thriving businesses, Jennings Travel where she is an independent travel consultant through Paycation Travel. Her goal is to build the largest women based network marketing team in the business. Additionally, Kelly is the CEO of Larnae Management Solutions, an administrative consulting company, geared to assisting non-profit organizations and churches by ensuring they are in administrative compliance regarding financial documentation, church by-laws, constitutions, articles of incorporation, and for-profit arms. She is an emerging published author and an inspirational blogger. Kelly is happily married to Lawrence and the proud mother of two beautiful young ladies. A defining moment in her life came shortly after fulfilling a seven year defense contracting job which came about because she wanted to find something that offered flexibility and the ability to continue to do ministry and serve others. She said “God, when you let me know the timing is right I will move.” It was at that moment when clearly heard God speak to her heart and say, “I’ve already released you to go, it’s your fear that’s holding you back”. The door has always been open, you just need to walk through it.” From that moment, which was about two years ago, Kelly walked through the door and never looked back. She recently launched a business with Paycation Travel, a network marketing company. This is definitely unchartered waters for her. When asked why? Kelly stated “It appealed to me because travel is sexy. It’s currently an 8Billion dollar industry expected to double over the next decade.

character and tenacity she displays. I believe when a student is ready to learn God will send a teacher. I look for F.A.T ladies. (Faithful, Available and Teachable). If they want to be mentored they will make themselves available and are willing to listen even if they already know the answer. WOW: What wise counsel do you render to the young woman that is still in the metamorphosis stage of her life and eagerly waiting her opportunity to turn into a butterfly? Kelly: Have patience and be true to yourself. Be anxious for nothing and allow yourself to “be” before you “do.” Be careful who you attach yourself to. Finally, be careful of wolves in sheep clothing; those who call themselves mentors, may just be manipulators seeking to take advantage of others. Ensure the person you connect with has your agenda mind, and is not in competition with you.

It means nothing to have all the money in the world yet unhappy and broken inside.”

WOW: How do you balance and reconcile Kelly the woman, the wife, the mother, the Pastor, the business executive and Kelly the First Lady of the Church? Kelly: The key to juggling it all, is keeping my priorities in line with God’s purpose for my life. I keep myself accountable to my husband, and I maintain a life of prayer. My priorities are God, family, ministry and business in that order. Regardless of what my daily activities are my day starts and ends with God and service to his people. I never let the pursuit of things distort my ultimate call which is my relationship with God, my ministry, my husband and the care of my children. WOW: How do you recognize potential in a woman that would like to have you as her Mentor? Kelly: It’s not always how successful she is but rather how much

WOW: What challenges have you had to face as a Christian and working as an entrepreneur in marketplace ministry? Kelly: Wow…I believe the biggest challenge is dealing with the poverty mindset of other people. I believe this stems from the prosperity messages that in some cases was used to manipulate people. If I tell my friends I received a new promotion working a 9 to 5 “job” they would be elated for me. But when I tell them I started a new business they either don’t acknowledge my new venture or ask “Are you crazy?” So I’m faced with the challenge of getting others to make the paradigm shift in their mind to understand that God said, “He’s given us power to get wealth and that the wealth of the world is laid up for us. We have to do more than just “name it and claim it.” However, they are busy doing ministry and they are broke, busted and disgusted. Why not be busy doing ministry and walk in prosperity at the same time? I believe God would desire we choose the latter. WOW: How do you define Wealth? Kelly: I believe wealth must be based on holistic approach of building a strong relationship with God and the pursuit of prosperity. Consequently, God does not desire us to be spiritually full and financially broke. I believe there is a happy balance and it comes when we keep our priorities right. As Christian businesswomen, we must strike a balance and draw a definitive line and vow never to compromise for any amount of money, prestige or notoriety. WOW Fall 2015

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We need to tell our stories.” #BlackStoriesMatter


insome Sinclair and I had a ball discussing her past, present, and future endeavors as we lounged on the deck by the river. The only thing missing was a bottle of wine and chicken wings.

This gracious woman shared her life story with me. She began with her humble beginnings which started with a letter to Spike Lee where she was hoping for “an opportunity to learn” and ended with a rewarding life working with some of the finest actors and directors in the industry and giving back to the world. Her life continues to evolve in her new city – Atlanta, GA. She has collaborated with such directors as Spike Lee, Steven Spielberg, Oliver Stone, John Singleton and Lee Daniels; and has cast principal actors and or extras for the films Amistad, Malcolm X, Waiting to Exhale, The Best Man, She Hate Me, Inside Man, Too Fast Too Furious, Black Snake Moan, Cadillac Records, and Precious, among others. Her most recent projects include the LIFETIME TV movie “Seasons of Love” produced by Academy Award nominee Taraji P. Henson, as well as the HBO film BESSIE starring and produced by Queen Latifah, directed by Dee Rees of the critically acclaimed PARIAH. With over 2 decades of experience to her

credit, this industry veteran sits on the board of directors of the African-American Women in Cinema Foundation. She is also a member of the New York Women in Film and Television. She has also led the Star Project for the American Black Film Festival and moderated symposiums and panel discussions for the prestigious film festival. Her professional life started when Spike Lee visited a girlfriend’s school. That visit proved to be life changing for Winsome, despite the fact that she wasn’t even in the audience. The girlfriend gave her the address to Spike Lee’s offices with marching orders to reach out to him. Winsome mailed the letter on Tuesday and his office called her on Thursday with a job offer. Her first movie with Spike Lee was Mo Better Blues. Yes, she started her career with Denzel Washington! During her 23 years with Spike, her world opened up and she blossomed. Yet, she doesn’t consider her position as a career, she considers it her ministry. She says she gave her future to God and never looked back. Fall 2015

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It behooves us to take our family’s name to a level that will make my grandparents proud.” #LastNameSinclair



PJ: What’s the biggest lesson that you learned with Spike Lee? WS: The biggest lesson that I learned and that I’m most proud of with Spike is that I can do anything. Spike challenged us; and, he sat the bar high for us. All of the interns in that program have gone on to greatness. There came a point in the 90s and going forward when people were clamoring after us. I’ve never looked for a job; my phone just rings. When they know that you have that kind of training and with God as your agent, the phone just rings. Spike made sure that we had something to offer the world. That’s why I offer internships to this day. I do the same thing in my program. I make sure that when interns leave me, they have something to offer the world. Sinclair is a co-founder and serves as producer for the full-service production company, Legacy Media Group (LMG). LMG founded the TV/Film Production Certificate Program at Medgar Evers College. The program, presented by Legacy Media in conjunction with Medgar Evers Personal Development Institute and affiliated with the Adult Continuing Education at Medgar Evers College, gives students hands-on training and preparation for a career in film and television production. Sinclair also serves as an instructor for the first course of its kind at the Brooklyn campus. PJ: What kind of internships do you offer? WS: We offer internships casting and producing. How would one of our readers reach out to you regarding becoming an intern? All of that information is available on our website: PJ: What does producing entail? WS: Producing comes before casting. That’s where we find project and the funding for the project. At WSA, I’m more of a creative producer and my business partner, Donald Jarmond is more on the business or the money side of it. We pick projects together and I give the creative input that I feel will make it better. Then Donald makes the money happen.

In Spring 2014 WSA officially opened their Atlanta offices with her partner, Donald Jarmond, and together they launched WSA Consultation. With over 30 years of combined experience under their belts, the WSA Consultation was created to assist and advise actors and up and coming producers in film and television in developing and moving their projects forward. Participants are also mentored on navigating the next steps in their careers. PJ: So, now you’ve opened offices in the Hollywood of the South. What brought you here? WK: Yes, we’ve now opened offices in Atlanta and we’re very excited about this. Our office is full service and we do casting, producing and consulting. PJ: What’s your focus …big film, television or theater? WS: We focus on all of it. That entire medium of television or film is part of our program. We’re not really in theater but I hope to be there one day. I majored in theater so I definitely love theater. My personal goal is to one day be one who has an EGOT (Emmy/Grammy/Oscar/ Tony) Award. PJ: Who do you look up to in the industry? WS: Whoopi Goldberg is my idol. She has an EGOT. I actually met her when I working on a project she did with Christopher Reeves [who once played Superman]. I’ve always admired her career. PJ: What were some of the challenges that you experienced as an African American woman coming through the ranks while navigating the waters of this industry? WS: I‘ve been so blessed. I went to Florida A&M University (a historically Black college) and my first job was with Spike. So, I left a place where everybody in charge looked like me and I went to someplace else where everybody in charge looked like me. I don’t think people really understand what that does subconsciously to one’s psyche. I didn’t

think there was a ceiling on what I could do. Spike made sure that all of his department heads were people of color. He trained people so that he could have a ready staff to step into position for the next film. He’s been strategically conscientious about making sure to prepare young African Americans to step into position. He’s the reason why we all exist. I’ve worked with a lot of great directors; but, I’ve never seen anybody consciously makes sure to hire and place African Americans in leadership positions.

was very focused on the legacy that I was leaving behind. I wanted to do things that my grandchildren would be proud of and they would know what I did with my life. I’ve been focused on this since I was 23 years old. We have this hashtag in my family for whenever we do anything. It’s #LastNameSinclair. We work so hard to create a life for us, it behooves us to take our family’s name to a level that will make my grandparents proud. We bring no shame to the family.

PJ: I remember when School Daze first came out. I am a fair skinned woman and I was living the life he depicted. I’m very fair in a family full of bro wn skinned women who just didn’t get our similarities. Did that movie help shape you in any way? WS: Spike spoke to our community’s battle so bravely. He’s always been good at saying the uncomfortable things that people think. As a filmmaker you must use your voice and the medium at your fingertips to push the envelope and make people hear what you’re saying. Winsome Sinclair & Associates is celebrated for creating valuable jobs for many African-American and Latino actors. WSA also recently cast the feature film based on the bestselling novel, Respect the Jux, Oscar-nominated director Sam Pollard’s AUGUST WILSON project “The Ground on Which I Stand”

PJ: What have you not yet accomplished that you have your eyes on? WS: Other than getting that EGOT I mentioned, we’re producing our first project this spring. The family of Maynard Jackson has reached out to us to do a documentary on his life. I’ve reached out to my resources, Oscar nominated director and Editor Sam Pollard who will direct the piece. Sam and I worked together previously on a piece called Slavery by another Name. Sheila Kern is the writer. It has been amazing to me. I sit with the Jackson – Dobbs families and how Maynard grew up and how his parents met. I’m not from Atlanta and so I get chills every time I sit in a production meeting because there’s so much powerful history in the room. We need to tell our stories. Our hashtag for the Maynard Jackson project is #BlackStoriesMatter By the end of our evening, Winsome Sinclair felt like a girlfriend I’ve had my entire life. I marveled at her self-assured yet grounded disposition despite the fact that she has rubbed elbows with Hollywood’s most elite and legendary residents. I was thrilled that she has always been a legacy builder who reaches back into her community for those who want to stand on her shoulders. Her goal is not only to empower women; but also, to empower the next generation and convince them that there is no ceiling on their abilities either. Welcome to Atlanta Ms. Sinclair. You’re the breath of fresh air we’ve been waiting for. WOW

PJ: Let’s talk about Winsome Sinclair & Associates. WS: I started WSA over 20 years ago and we just launched our Atlanta headquarters recently. We moved here because what’s happening in Georgia is amazing. The possibilities are ridiculous. While the decisions are being made in New York and LA, the work is being done in Georgia. PJ: If you were to speak to a woman who wants to be you, what would you tell her? WS: First and foremost, my strongest relationship is with my heavenly Father. I don’t make a move without Him. I must have His direction and His work. I strengthen my relationship with Him so I can hear His voice. And then I’d say, believe in yourself, don’t give up and surround yourself who are where you want to go. In my SOAR class (Start Owning the Audition Room), I tell people who are going into this industry that they need a mentor who is where you are trying to get and they need peers who are going through what you are going through. That network will get you through those years. There will be times when you question yourself. PJ: You are a champion in this industry and just like you stand on the shoulders of people like Spike Lee Denzel Washington and Whoopi Goldberg. Folks are already in line standing on your shoulders and one day, your name will be a household name. What do you consider to be your legacy? WS: I’ll accept that! I’m proud to just have shoulders that they can stand on. Even when I was starting out in my early twenties, I

Fall 2015

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hadijah Chapman is a personal development and wealth building coach for businesses as well as the founder of The Millionaires Matrix. Affectionately known as the “Queen of the Double Digit Comma Club,” Khadijah, which means, “brings wealth to a nation” has combined purpose, passion and experience to help other entrepreneurs establish a successful entrepreneurial footprint.

Through her personal trials and errors as an entrepreneur, Chapman has designed program that includes a holistic approach to building and sustaining wealth. Although the program may mirror components of an investment club, due to similar investment strategies that are presented, Chapman’s focus is to encourage clients to develop a financial mentality to achieve optimal results. In spite of the ebbs and flows Chapman developed an aptitude to win. She began working for her maternal grandparents business at the young age of 11. During this time she began to question the lack of representation of black-owned businesses. She questioned why we as a people were not in a position to educate our own youth, employ our own people, and be in a better political position to make powerful decisions that affect our lives? Her maternal grandfather always said, “If you’re not a part of the solution then you’re part of the problem!” As her journey continued through various personal development trainings, coaches and mentors she discovered that the journey on the road to wealth was more about self-discovery, who you aspire to be, what you believe and what you are willing to sacrifice to become great. Chapman believes that much of that process has to do with who is mentoring you. She quotes, “A person who has never reached millionaire status can’t teach you how to become a millionaire.” Chapman states, “Too many of us are mentored by people who have never reached the 36


heights that we aspire to reach.” She admits to having made and lost millions a few times over in her career. It wasn’t until after she re- evaluated the mis-steps of her past, that the proven steps of how to reach Millionaire status were implement for Within the Millionaires Training Academy, members attend the Millionaires Identity testing course. The rigorous course is designed to achieve optimal results while quoting one of her favorite taglines… of No excuses, No apologies and No Exceptions! Money should work for us and should not be a means to an end. Chapman states, “It’s time to come together inside of a collective platform and work together and share resources.” The Millionaires Matrix is safe haven for those who think creatively and want to make a difference in their own lives as well as in the world. is a real game changer! It’s a Movement! A Wealth Revolution for us! In addition, Chapman also believes that we should not continually give our economic power away. She is not saying that joining the Millionaires Matrix is the only or even the best solution, however, three things are clear. She is on a mission to create millionaires and rebuild our communities. She also understands universal laws and principles and realizes that much of what we have been taught is ill gotten information. You must reclaim your economic power to create change. You can contact us at WOW

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mothers with

Camillia Ratliff





e all know that a mother’s love has no limits. Camillia Ratliff spoke candidly about being a single parent raising young Black men and requiring that they live a respectful and successful life.

We all know that a mother’s love has no limits. Camilila Ratliff spoke candidly about being a single parent raising young Black men and requiring that they live a respectful and successful life. As an NBA mother, Ms. Ratliff has been successful in teaming with other mothers in philanthropic endeavors like Camelot Fabrics. Camelot Fabrics worked with the NBA moms on their quilting night. Handmade quilts were created to help sick children. She was also instrumental in establishing the Elderly Feeding Program in Marengo County, Alabama. While she is thrilled with being able to give back to the community, her pride about all of her sons is palpable; but today, she speaks about her son, the NBA star, Theo Ratliff. Theo had a successful career at the University of

Wyoming and finished his college career as the leader in blocked shots. His record of 425 blocked shots in his career as a Cowboy, still stands at the university today. He was inducted into the University of Wyoming Athletics Hall of Fame in 2005. His stellar college career resulted in his first round draft selection as number 18 by the Detroit Pistons. Theo Ratcliff experienced great success during his sixteen years in the NBA. He also experienced great success off the court. He is the owner of the Rome Gladiators, which are based in Rome, Georgia. The Gladiators are a franchise in the World Basketball Association. Additionally, he has been married to Kristina Ratliff since 1998 and together they have five children: Sasha, Darius, Yasmeen, Stacia , Alexis, and Adonis.

Quitting was not something I promoted in our household, but education was a priority.”

LP: What comes to your mind when I say the name Theo Ratliff? CR: Well, first I think of how I never really wanted to call my children by a nickname because I lived with the nickname Sister Girl all my life. I grew up with that name. When I began to work in Alabama at the state capital, I was walking up to the governor’s office and I heard someone say, “Hey Sister Girl!” I knew it was someone from home who recognized me. That nickname has always stayed with me. Having said that, Theo’s name is actually Theophalus Curtis Ratliff. He is named after a wise man in the book of Acts. His name is spelled differently; but,

the enunciation is the same. When I think of Theo, I think humanitarian. Theo is my second born child. He was very lanky and taller than everyone and he loved to play basketball. Up until he was about 5 years old, he had a problem with a protruding bone in his knee. My neighbor, who is still my mother’s neighbor, suggested that we go to a clinic that came to the white Methodist Church

once a month. I told my primary physician about this health event and I explained to him that I needed x-rays to show what was going on with my son’s knee. He supported the idea so we went. They reviewed the X-rays and determined that he was a candidate for corrective surgery and the rest is history. I cannot tell it all, but he has worked really hard. He’s the type of person who will continue to pursue his dreams even if some people say it’s impossible. I’m most proud of his humility and the things he’s done to help other people. He’s very concerned about the youth of today – especially those in his hometown. We collaboFall 2015

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rated with the city of Demopolis where we built an activity center. It is a multi-faceted building that has several meeting rooms, an exercise room, and a variety of programs that are offered for children, adults and senior citizens. He has a basketball summer camp and children come from miles around to participate in that camp. He has also written a children’s book about anti-bullying that launched his anti-bullying campaign. To sum him up, I would say that he’s a very humble person who is committed to making a difference in the lives of people.

Our children are superstars, not us.”

LP: I think of you as a celebrity because when Theo stepped into the spotlight you stood there with him, what was that like? CR: First and foremost, I am a mother with three children and one of them happens to be in the NBA. We have this saying among the NBA mothers that “Our children are superstars, not us.” As he rose to stardom, for the first couple of years, I never got involved. I’ve never wanted to be in the limelight but it seems as though I always end up there because of my son. When he does something, he often refers to me, he’ll say my mom this or my mom that but I’m on the back seat now because that’s his life and I have to live my life. LP: In today’s social climate it’s difficult to raise one child, how did you manage to raise three successful men as a single mother? CR: I had rules. I was well aware of the statistics for young Black men. According to statistics, the chances of the Black male becoming successful are very limited. By their 18th birthday, a large percentage of our men will be either in jail, with a criminal record or dead so I was determined to make sure my sons were not a part of that statistic. My goal 40


was simply to send them to college. I always told them they will either do it my way or it will be the highway. They chose my way. My oldest son Thaddius is a chemist. My yongest son Timothy is a financial consultant and Theophalus is in the NBA with a college degree. I would always say to them “It is your life, once you make a decision you have to stick with it because a winner never quits and a quitter never wins.” Quitting was not something I promoted in our household, but education was a priority. While two of my sons were in college, I also returned to college; so, there were three of us in college at the same time. Now, we’re talking about a phenomenal story. I acquired a job with the state of Alabama as an area agency coordinator. One thing led to the other and I eventually graduated. I have a bachelor’s degree from Stillman College. It was quite a ride to say the least. LP: How did Theo’s father empower him? CR: Theo’s father had very minimal involvement with his development. I was a single mom. My children like to say I

was the father and the mother. They would sometimes refer to me as Mr. Mom. I taught my sons mostly everything from how to tie their neckties to how to be respectful of others. There was no Mr. Ratliff. However, I didn’t do it alone. My faith in the Lord and reading the Word of God played a vital role in my life. I stayed close to my mother; she was my backbone. I also had the support of other family members and friends. I have an older sister whose husband died when her children were ages two, four and six. I would go live with her during the summer. I watched her take care of those three children by herself, no choice of her own. She was a good person and role model who taught me how to put things together. She taught me how to make things happen for my children while managing a limited amount of money. I often said to others the greatest accomplishment in my life is raising my sons from boys to men who love the Lord. When I look at them, that’s exactly what I see, I would say mission accomplished. Sons naturally gravitate to their mothers. They strive to make their mothers smile and reach for their approval. Mothers serve as the first woman a son ever loved and the guiding force throughout the rest of their lives. Ms. Ratcliff instilled the sense of personal responsibility, family responsibility, and the realization that the Ratcliff sons are citizens of the world who must make positive contributions. By instilling personal responsibility in her sons, Ms. Ratliff required that her sons attend college. She proudly shared that each of the Ratliff sons, not only attended college, but also graduated. Ms. Ratcliff joins a host of NBA mothers who are making an imprint on the world beside the imprint created by her son. Camillia has been happily married to Dennis Eatman for the past seven years. WOW

Fall 2015

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isse Marie is a Grammy award winning artist, songwriter, entertainer and entrepreneur and she has come to America to expand her fan base.

She was born in Aalborg, Denmark in Northern Jutland and began her career as a teenager by winning the most prestigious song competition for young people on Danish National Television. Sisse’s introduction to the music industry was a gold certified album and her Grammy award because of her “Best Teen Album”. What a way to burst on the scene. Today, she’s known as a branding magnet. She has been endorsed by many A-List brands such as Smirnoff, Pilgrim and Citroën. In addition to that, she has worked with several elite international brands such as Volvo,



Heineken, Tiffany Bridal, John Frieda, Wonderbra, Bianco Shoe Company, Dyrberg/Kern jewelry, Vero Moda and O’Neill. One would think that with all of these accolades at such a young age, this beauty would be self absorbed and aloof. That was certainly not the case on the beautiful afternoon we spent together laughing and drinking bottled water. Her essence consumed the room when she walked in with hugs and hellos for everybody. Every person in the room was hugged and she made everybody feel important. I couldn’t wait for my chance to speak with her.

I do more than see people, I feel people.�

Fall 2015

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PJ: Your entrance to the music industry started very, very young with a singing competition. Tell me about it. SM: I’ve been doing music all of my life. I’m from a really little village outside of Aalborg in Denmark.. The one thing we have is choirs that do traditional, classic music. I started singing in them when I was around five years old. We travelled all over the world singing in the choir. So it’s been in my blood all of my life. I’ve always written music since I was really young, I also had a keyboard. One day I wrote a song and sent it into this competition. I was able to be in the competition singing my own song. I won the whole thing. It was pretty scary. I was a country chick coming to the capitol for the first time in my life and the next thing I knew, I was on television and the news and in the papers. Instant fame!

tronic dance music (EDM). I love it because its fun and a lot of partying. You can express yourself and I’m all about having fun and expressing myself. PJ: What about touring? Where are some of the places you’ve visited? SM: I’ve been on three tours in China. I’ve played at the Playboy Mansion and New York Times Square. For New Year’s Eve I played at this huge gay party that was awesome. That’s what I love about what I do. I get out and express myself. I get to meet people and inspire them and play my music. That’s really my thing and I really love it. It’s okay to be in the studio but I definitely prefer to be out there.

PJ: How did you get into modeling? SM: I decided that I didn’t want to be a teen star anymore. So I moved to Istanbul, Turkey when I was around 17 years old all by myself, without my parents. I went there to start my modeling career. It was tough because they had so many restrictions. The culture there is really different. We couldn’t go out at our age. I broke every rule they had, of course. So I modeled and traveled around Europe Milan, London, and Germany – just all over. But I really missed the music.

PJ: What has been your most favorite memory? Perhaps someone that you have met. SM: Well, I’ve met a lot of people; but, I was most excited about meeting Usher. It was the first time in my life that I was so nervous. He was such a cool guy. It was really interesting to me because I’m not used to being that nervous and almost unable to really perform. It taught me a whole lot about always being prepared all the time. The voice is an instrument and you can hear when you’re nervous. There’s so much psychology that goes into singing.

PJ: How did you get back into music with all of the success you were experiencing as a model? SM: I came back in Denmark and got signed by a label. I released a song that went number one. I mainly perform elec-

PJ: What was your most exciting experience? SM: The Skanderborg Festival in Denmark, there were miles of people partying with their hands up. It was amazing playing for about 40,000 people.



If you really want something and really go for it, you can do it.�

Fall 2015

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Everybody isn’t going to like you. Just accept what is.”

PJ: What was the biggest challenge you faced entering the music and modeling industries? SM: I was a young girl with low self esteem and to be on that journey and know that not everybody in the world liked me. I wanted everybody to like me and I still want everybody to like me; but, that’s not how it is. And that’s okay. These kinds of things are close to my heart and I often think about why we don’t share our personal dilemmas and help each other out. There should be a place that we can meet and share our experiences and knowledge the wisdom gained from those experiences. That’s important to help us grow.

PJ: If you were to speak with a young woman who wants to be with you, what would you tell her to do? SM: It’s really a journey. I had really bad self esteem and sometimes I still have it. I was hiding myself and suddenly, I understood that I didn’t need to be perfect. So I would tell them not to shoot for perfection. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Just be yourself. I still want everybody to like me; but I know that it’s not going to happen. So, know that everybody isn’t going to like you. Just accept what is. Your life gets better when you know who you are and where you’re going. PJ: Where do you see yourself in five years? SM: Since I moved to America, things have changed so much for me. I left my family and my friends so I don’t know anyone. I’ve been working hard on my music for so many years so right now I just know that I want to do my music. I want to travel the world with my music. I just started doing a little bit of acting which is totally new for me; but since I’ve been getting into the psychology of everything. It’s like my two worlds are mixed together now because acting is so much about feelings. You’ve really got to put yourself out there. So in five years, I hope to have built the Sisse Marie brand with my team. I will be touring and recording music and maybe a little bit of acting. 46


PJ: What is the Sisse Marie brand that we can watch out for? SM: The number one thing for me is passion. I need to have passion in everything I do. The Sisse Marie brand has my music as the center and then I love fashion. Right now, I’m designing a bag and just doing several different things that I hope will inspire women. I just want the girls in little villages in Denmark to know that if you really want something and really go for it, you can do it. The best feeling is knowing that I’m capable of doing anything. With that, we toasted with our bottled water and joined the other party goers in the other room. This young woman is wise beyond her years. It takes some maturing for women to understand that she is who she is because she is. One thing I know for sure is that Sisse Marie is confident about who she is and where she is headed. WOW Please visit for more information about this exciting young artist.


I need to have passion in everything I do.

Fall 2015

| 47




pring has finally sprung and summer is around the corner. The winter was harsh. It has left our skin dry, our heels and elbows rough, and our lips peeling It is time to pre-juvenate (prevent aging), rejuvenate (reverse aging), and just maintain your skin’s health. Your skin, like your body and hair, also needs conditioning. Retinoids used to treat acne also build collagen and reduce fine lines and wrinkles (bonus!). I recommend exfoliation for bodily skin (some facial skin is too sensitive for exfoliation). There is nothing like a salt or sugar scrub to your body to help accentuate that summer glow and keep your skin buttery smooth. The proper way to do this is to first moisten the skin, pat it dry and rub the salt or sugar crystals in while the skin is still moist. Then rinse it off. Be sure to wear sunscreen if you use scrubs with citrus fruits as some contain chemicals that may cause sunburn. Those midday jogs and days at the beach may leave you sun-kissed, but they may also cause age spots and wrinkling, so everyone should wear sunscreen with SPF 50 before going outdoors and re-apply it every two hours. Latina and Black women and men should also wear sunscreen. Chemical peels, a good skin care regimen, and Complexion Clearing with lasers are a safe and effective solution to sun spots, dark spots, and facial redness. Chemical peels are excellent for exfoliation, fading dark spots, erasing fine lines and wrinkles, building collagen and getting rid of acne and mild acne scars. Many brides-to-be come in for monthly chemical peels 3-6

months before the big day in order to be “picture-perfect” for their special day. Facials or a very superficial chemical peel to spruce up closer to the wedding day are great options. If you’re hoping to look younger in time for your class reunion or that family reunion where you will run into your nosy aunt or competitive cousin, fillers such as Voluma®, Juvederm®, Restylane®, or Belotero® are perfect for plumping sunken cheeks, filling in those laugh lines and lips, getting rid of the jowls, and rejuvenating those sunken eyes. The best thing about fillers is that results are immediate. Please note that different fillers are used to address different areas on the face and that your dermatologist will determine which filler is best for your unique facial features. Many times, I use more than one filler in one sitting (one for lips and another for cheeks and laugh lines). I perform lip augmentation and rejuvenation in ALL women (yes, this includes Black women). As women age, lips tend to invert and the corners of the lip take the shape of a frown. A little filler to turn that frown back into a smile and give you the lips you had in your 20s and 30s will make you look younger and happier almost instantly. If your spouse is constantly asking why you look so angry or if people are telling you that you look tired all the time, it is probaFall 2015

| 49

A little filler to turn that frown back into a smile and give you the lips you had in your 20s and 30s will make you look younger and happier almost instantly.

bly time for a wrinkle relaxer. Botox®, Dysport®, or Xeomin® are all FDA- approved neurotoxins that allow you to relax the muscles of the forehead, brow, and around the eyes to prevent permanent creasing of the skin. There is a reason why over 3 million injections of botulinum toxin had been administered worldwide in between 2012 and 2014. These injections take less than 10 minutes and last 4-6 months. My patients tell me that they look more refreshed after having had Botox® (not frozen or stiff – that is so passé). They enjoy the mild brow lift and brow arching. My male and female patients enjoy a relief from sweaty palms and armpits for up to 6 months after having had Botox® injections for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). As competition in the workplace increases and men are also seeking to remain relevant, I gladly give little “Bro-Tox” to the guys to get rid of the angry scowl or the forehead ripples. I even do “Bro-Tox” for that excessive forehead or scalp sweating as well. If you have never had Botox before, I recommend seeking a consultation from and experienced board-certified Dermatologist. It is almost time to shed our winter coats and show off our arms, shoulders, legs, and backs. What are we to do with all that unwanted body hair? If shaving is not your forté, or you are getting itchy razor bumps that leave you with dark spots (not fun in the bikini area) then it may be time for laser hair removal. Laser hair removal normally requires 6 treatments one month apart to achieve a long-lasting to permanent hair-free lifestyle. Laser hair removal is also safe and effective for treating razor bumps in men. Just make sure that you go to someone 50


experienced in treating all skin types. Dermatologists are trained to know what laser wavelength is safe in dark skin vs lighter skin vs tanned skin. If you enjoyed some hearty foods this winter, you may be left with a little belly fat. In order to save time, I will discuss the hottest fat loss modality on the market right now – CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting (by Zeltiq) destroys fat cells via cryolipolysis (freezing), hence the name COOLSculpting. If you can pinch or grab a handful of fat, CoolSculpting is an excellent option. Results are seen within 4 weeks, with maximum results at three months. Only one treatment is normally required, but you may sculpt as much as you need. Treatment only takes one hour. Since belly fat and stretch marks frequent the same circles, let’s talk stretch marks. Stretch marks occur when the skin is forced to stretch rapidly. This includes weight gain due to pregnancy, growth spurts in adolescents) or mechanical stress (bulking up from weight lifting). This stretching causes a loss of collagen and elastic fibers in the deeper layers of the skin. Long-term use of topical corticosteroids (cortisone creams) on the skin or excessive hormone production may also cause stretch marks. In my practice I have seen stretch marks over the entire body resulting from the long-term use bleaching creams containing strong doses of corticosteroids. There are no effective over-the-counter treatments for stretch marks. That’s right none - cocoa butter simply helps moisturize skin. Effective therapeutic options for stretch marks include prescription strength topical retinoids and alpha hydroxyl acids.

Topical regimens may work when used alone, but when used in conjunction with lasers or microneedling procedures – they produce optimal results. If your leg veins are making you self-conscious or preventing you from wearing shorts, see your dermatologist for sclerotherapy or laser vein treatments (lighter skin types) and pressure stockings. If your leg veins are large, tender, or cause leg swelling, you may need to see a vascular surgeon for veins stripping. Drink plenty of water. It is important to remain hydrated during the warm summer months and your skin needs to be hydrated as well. Your skin is an organ like any organ in your body and it deserves the same respect as your inner organs, and

maybe even more, since it is the first impression of yourself to the world. You are born with this skin, and with advances in modern medicine, you will probably live beyond your 80s with this same skin. I have no wrinkles because I prevented them early on by getting Botox in my early 30s and fillers in my late 30s. I plan to look 40 when I’m 60. What are your beauty goals? Just take the first step in the right direc- Sharleen St. Surin-Lord, tion by seeing your dermatolo- M.D., FAAD, FAACS gist. Look Good, Feel Great, 301-773-SKIN Ascend!® WOW Fall 2015

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he legendary Sachi Koto has spent her life as a trailblazer. She was the first Asian American newscaster on television in the Southeast and in Atlanta. She was also the first Japanese American anchor on CNN. .

She etched out a place for herself in the media from the moment she graduated from college and even served as a news anchor for CNN for sixteen years. During her distinguished and award winning career, she worked at various radio and television stations in Atlanta and Tokyo for nine years prior to joining CNN and now runs her own communications company, Sachi Koto Communications, LLC; which is a full-service public relations firm that specializes in supplying unique communications services that include public relations, marketing, voice work, media training, speaking engagements and executive coaching. With all of her experiences and accolades, Sachi is most proud of her role as community servant. She is a third-generation Japanese American and prides herself on the legacy passed on by her parents who were farmers. Their work ethic served as a model for how Sachi and her siblings would grow and learn to be citizens of the world. Prior to her birth, Mr. and Mrs. Koto were sent to an internment camp in Wyoming. This was during World War II and right after the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. The US government rounded up 120,000 Japanese

citizens because the country was fearful of an additional attack. There were ten internment camps and each contained roughly 10,000 people who lived in barracks. When the government realized the burden of the expense of caring for all of those people while incurring the expense of the war, her parents, along with other Japanese Americans, were released with $25 and whatever they could carry. They traveled to Georgia, the chicken capital of the South, and worked on a chicken farm. Mr. Koto became a Chicken Sexer. Chicken sexing is a scientific process where the gender of the newborn chicken is identified. There is a very small window of time when a chicken’s gender can be determined after birth. Once that window expires, the genitalia retracts into the body of the chicken and its gender cannot be determined until the rooster grows its red cone. Once the cone grows, it’s too late to separate them because the rooster has had the opportunity to fertilize eggs. Fertilized eggs are useless for marketplaces. This piece of family lore is important to Sachi. Her parents were American citizens who contributed to society and she is proud of their legacy. Fall 2015

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When I grow up I want to be Zernona Clayton!

PJ: So you were born and raised in Clarkston, Georgia. What was it like growing up in the south as a Japanese American? The south isn’t historically friendly to outsiders and you definitely would have been considered an outsider. SK: You’re absolutely right. As a young girl of just five years old, I was attending the Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church and it was five miles from Stone Mountain, home of the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, Samuel Hoyt Venable. I remember coming home one night and asking my mom, What’s a chink? Their eyes sort of glazed over and they wouldn’t answer me directly; but, they told me to tell my friends that I am Japanese. (At that time American was not tagged to other ethnicities like it is today.) The next night I came home and said, Mom, what’s a Jap? My parents realized that night that they had to tell the Koto children what had happened to them. They never wanted to tell us about the internment camps and World War II or anything about how the Japanese had been treated. By the end of the night, I felt like the blinders had been taken off my eyes and for the first time in my life, I was color blind up until that night. For the first time in my life, I saw color. Kathy had blond hair with blue eyes and Allen was a brown haired boy with green eyes. I’d never noticed our differences before. I realized then that I was an enemy of the state and I personally put myself in the back of the bus – so to speak. This was 1956, way before the Civil Rights Movement, so I automatically became second class in my mind.

PJ: You mentioned Pearl Harbor and its impact on the Japanese Americans. What kind of backlash did your family experience? SK: My parents were on the west coast and they were rounded up after the attack with 120,000 other Japanese Americans. These 54


were American citizens and Japanese nationals and they were sent to any of ten internment camps located in the central part of America. My parents ended up in an internment camp located in Heart Mountain, Wyoming. My mother was from Los Angeles and my father was born in Idaho. They were American citizens. But because they were identifiably Japanese; they were rounded up and put in that camp. They stayed there for the better part of three years. When they were released, they came to Georgia. DL: Who are your role models? SK: When I grow up I want to be Zernona Clayton! What she has done for the African American community is just amazing. Watching her grow her Trumpet Awards and taking it outside of Turner Broadcasting and then making it into a foundation and now she’s broadcasting in 185 countries! That’s my goal. If I could have one one-hundredth of what she’s done for her community, I will have made my contribution! I was awarded the Coretta Scott King Heritage Award. There’s something special about getting an award within your own community; but, there’s something really special about getting an award from outside of your community. That’s my most treasured award because I grew up reading about Coretta, that strong silent woman behind this very powerful man who kept the family together through all of their adversities.

DL: How do you empower women? SK: We have an annual conference. There are a lot of progressive Asian women and we want our young people to see them and know they can do this too. DL: What legacy have you created for yourself? SK: I would hope that Asian Americans get the gumption and the fortitude to speak up and get a voice – but get it in the right

process. Not from a place of poor, pitiful is me, but make sure that you understand what you’re fighting for. Fighting is not a violent word. It means perseverance. If you want a seat at the table, get educated and have the skill where people want you. That’s my thing. I would love to be part of that push for the up-and-coming generation. I think like any young generation, they forget their forefathers and all they fought for. But get smart. Do your research and go after something that is worthwhile for all of us. DL: What are some of your aspirations for the Atlanta community? SK: I would like to see the Asian culture improve their public speaking. Eighty percent of the Asians in America are immigrants and many of them haven’t invested the time to learn English. I work with Buick, and they have given us a grant to help with public speaking. I want to give Asian Americans a step up and help them speak better. DL: What was one of the most powerful stories you covered in your career? SK: That would probably be covering 9/11. I think any re-

porting anchor from that time would say the same thing. It was just depressing. Like when Princess Diana died and when John F. Kennedy died – the whole world was crying. The magnitude of catastrophe of that event and how it just unfolded before everyone’s eyes was just amazing. This was the second time in American history when a foreign country had come onto our soil and bombed our country. I wasn’t alive when Pearl Harbor happened; but, the impact of that attack carried through against the Japanese American citizens and it still impacts us even today. The attack on 9/11 was just unbelievable. LL: What do you think about the immigration bill that President Obama has signed off on? SK: My grandparents were immigrants and I have a very soft side for the feelings about immigrants. I think that all Americans should. But, do we foot the bill as American citizens for immigrants? I think to a certain point we must; but, then again there has to be some sort of control and legalization. Also, regarding the immigrants that we read about who are brought in on trucks, they open the trucks and their dead. That has got to stop. If there could be some control that would work for both sides

Fall 2015

| 55

Pass on our oral history so the struggle to assimilate won’t be forgotten.

where they enter as legal immigrants, get documented, and then help foot the bills for their medical benefits. But for the ones who are already here, there’s nothing inside of me that says we’ve got to send them back. If we could get them documented and in the system, the Christian side of me says that we must work to help make this happen. It might take years; but, we must work together for the good of mankind. PJ: If you were to speak to an up and coming Asian American woman who wants to follow in your footsteps, what would you tell her? SK: I would tell them don’t forget. Don’t forget the pioneers who have gone before you. There were so many people – from 56


my parents and grandparents’ generation – who came here to work on the railroads that were pushed into enclaves of China towns and Japanese town and Korean Town. Each Asian community faced some sort of adversity. There’s no need to dwell on it; but, be appreciative and be aware of our history. Pass on our oral history so the struggle to assimilate won’t be forgotten. Sachi Koto continues forging forward making a mark that will impact the Asian community, metro Atlanta, Georgia and the world. Through Sachi Koto Communications, she is once again paving the way for the next Asian American woman to receive the baton. For more information on Ms. Koto, visit her website WOW



hrRose Battle is no stranger to the fashion and entertainment industry for she has been a profession in the business for over 20 years and has gained the reputation with a multitude of clients. Today, there is no slowing down for the veteran model and actress.

She shares her talent and expertise with up and coming actors and models behind the scene of her talent suite, Ultimate Model Management, Inc, which she founded in 2006. UMMI is located in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia with offices sprinkled in major cities such as Chicago, Las Vegas, Las Angeles, and New York. Ultimate Model Management, Inc. is not exclusive to the fashion industry, but serves as the kernel for diverse talent in film, television, runway, commercial, tradeshows, and showcase. Rose Battle manages UMMI in the spirit of excellence and guarantees the best. Continuing her legacy in the entertainment

industry, she has involved her daughter, Naja Alston, an accomplished and creative makeup artist in fashion, video and print, as a part of the UMMI ‘Empire’. Naja’s training and education renders dependable, detail oriented, and multi-facet mastery to the success of the creative team. Together, Rose and Naja set out to leave their mark in the industry as moguls of fashion and entertainment. With this dynamic duo on the scene, expect an explosion of talent to emerge from Ultimate Model Management, Inc., WOW Fall 2015

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WOMEN’S ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT AND RIGHTS Largest Gathering of Private Sector at the UN Commission on the Status of Women Support Strategic Partnership to Deliver on Gender Equality At the 59th Commission on the Status of Women an unprecedented number of business leaders, UN Member States and civil society organizations gathered for the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) event, Unlimited Potential: Business Partners for Gender Equality, to promote the business case for involving women at every level and the need for all stakeholders, including 58


business, to be strategic partners for gender equality and sustainable development. “Women and men who understand that gender equality is not just morally right, but is the smart thing to do are growing in number,” said Hillary Clinton at today’s event. “What we are doing here today is smart for companies and countries. That is

Women and men who understand that gender equality is not just morally right, but is the smart thing to do are growing in number”

the wisdom behind the Women’s Empowerment Principles.” “The progress of the past 20 years was not an accident. It took commitment, it took accountability, it took unity, it took a lot of hard work.” She later added, “I’m excited where we are and particularly that we have brought in so many businesses that understand the role that they can play…let’s keep working until we can finally say that the unfinished business of the 21st century is done.” The Women’s Empowerment Principles – a partnership initiative of the UN Global Compact and UN Women – provide 7 Principles, for the private sector to empower women in the workplace, marketplace and community. Launched in 2010 with 40 CEO signatories, WEPs support from top business leaders around the globe now exceeds 900 CEOs and continues to grow. At the meeting, companies implementing the WEPs reported on efforts to eliminate gender bias, increase women’s leadership, equalize pay, open opportunities in technical fields and along the supply chain. This year’s meeting also recognized five outstanding business leaders with the coveted WEPs CEO Leadership Award for bringing principles into practice and leading by example. In his opening remarks, UN Secretary-General Ban Kimoon noted: “Now it is clear that achieving gender equality will require the concerted efforts of all actors. The Women’s Empowerment Principles provide a roadmap for businesses to play their role in respecting and supporting women’s rights,” he said. “Removing the barriers that keep women and girls on the margins of economic, social, cultural and political life must be a top priority for us all – businesses, Governments, the United Nations and civil society.” This WEPs meeting is especially significant as it is being held for the first time as an official side event of the 59th Commission on the Status of Women, which is currently meeting to review global implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action and take stock of where women stand today. At the time of the Beijing Conference twenty years ago, the business community was just beginning to understand the importance of including women at all levels and eliminating gender discrimination. This is the moment for the private sector to take its place as a key partner in

the achievement of gender equality and the empowerment of women, and to make a transformative difference. If the status quo continues, nothing changes. I call for active and energetic implementation of the Women’s Empowerment Principles, working with Governments, the UN and all other partners.  The WEPs hold enormous potential to radically change the landscape of employment conditions and opportunities for women.  We want to see a surge in the number of businesses with WEPs in place in the next five years, so that we can achieve full equality before 2030.  This is a practical, scalable way to empower women and at the same time boost productivity and economic results,” said UN Women Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka. Speakers included Karin Finkelston, World Bank Group; Maurice Sehnaoui, Chairman, BLC Bank of  Lebanon; and Joseph Keefe, President and Chief Executive Office of Pax World Fund and Chair of the WEPs Leadership Group.  Participants underscored the need to scale up investment in women and girls, ensuring equal access to public services, healthcare, education, jobs, finance and justice. Citing new and extensive research-based findings, speakers pointed to the high rate of return of investing in women for both Governments and businesses. Joseph Keefe said, “Gender equality is not only the greatest human rights issue of our time, but the business community and society at large are beginning to understand that it is also the greatest economic challenge of our time.” Georg Kell, UN Global Compact Executive Director said,  “The business case for gender equality grows stronger and stronger—it connects our efforts across all sectors. For communities, the environment and economies to thrive, the UN and Governments, business and civil society must take action on these issues with the same energy and urgency made famous at Beijing in 1995,” he added. Five CEOs Recognized for Leadership on Gender Equality Since 2013, each WEPs Annual Event has included the announcement of the WEPs CEO Leadership Awards, saluting five exceptional CEOs for championing gender equality and Fall 2015

| 59


the 7 WEPs Principles, in particular Principle One, which urges CEOs to lead by example. Conferring the awards, Elizabeth Broderick, Sex Discrimination Commission, Australian Human Rights Commission and Chair, WEPs Leadership Group said: “What I’ve also come to understand vividly is that women’s empowerment desperately needs action on the ground and in the halls of power—be it Parliaments, Departments of Justice, at the UN or in the C-Suite offices around the world,” she said. “ As these five CEOs and their companies demonstrate, the 7 Principles are a unique gender equality roadmap for tangible actions and measurable results.”  As advancing women in the workplace, marketplace and community requires implementing a range of tailored strategies and actions to achieve concrete, sustainable programmes with measurable impact, the WEPs CEO Leadership Awards are structured to reflect diverse avenues to reach those goals. The 2015 WEPs CEO Leadership Award recipients are: • Omnilife-Angelíssima, Angélica Fuentes, Chief Executive Officer, Omnilife; Founder, Angelíssima; and Founder and Chair, Angélica Fuentes Foundation (Mexico), the first woman CEO recognized with a WEPs CEO Leadership Benchmarking for Change Award.  The company implements a comprehensive action plan with distinct indicators and 60


measurements that result in a 17 per cent increase in new women hires from 2007 to 2013. • Schneider Electric, Jean-Pascal Tricoire, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (France) recognized with the WEPs CEO Leadership Business Case for Action Award. Schneider Electric’s Diversity and Inclusion policy prioritizes communicating the business case for diversity and creating a company-wide gender balance environment that extends beyond the parent company to more than 10 Schneider CEOs of its international branches in countries from Viet Nam to Turkey. • Sovereign Assurance, Symon Brewis-Weston, Chief Executive Officer (New Zealand) recognized with the WEPS CEO Leadership Community Engagement Award.   The company is implementing an innovative leadership exchange programme to change organisational culture through a partnership with the Hunger Project,  connecting  Sovereign employees with women leaders in villages in India, Bangladesh and select countries in Africa to develop  leadership  skills and partnerships that address some of the world’s most pressing challenges. • Deloitte Canada, Frank Vettese, Managing Partner and Chief Executive, Deloitte Canada; and Member, Global Executive Committee Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited

The progress of the past 20 years was not an accident. It took commitment, it took accountability, it took unity, it took a lot of hard work.”

(Canada/ Global) recognized with the WEPs CEO Cultural Change for Empowerment Award. The Canadian consulting firm, strengthened and recrafted diversity and inclusion programmes to create a cultural transformation by embedding inclusion throughout company’s actions, decision-making processes and business operations, encouraging all departments within the company to make concerted efforts towards creating a gender inclusive environment. • Österreichischer Rundfunk, Alexander Wrabetz,   Director General (Austria) recognized with the WEPs CEO Leadership 7 Principles Award.  The company’s comprehensive Equal Opportunities Plan covers a broad spectrum of programmes and initiatives including: empowering women to become company leaders through training and mentoring programmes; reducing barriers for women to enter technical professions; and changing gender role perceptions with the company’s Papa Campaign that encourages more men to take parental leave and assume child care responsibilities and promoting gender balance sensitivity in that all broadcasting programmes and communications. 

About the Women’s Empowerment Principles The Women’s Empowerment Principles – Equality Means Business is a joint initiative of UN Women and the UN Global Compact. The Principles outline seven steps for business on how to empower women in the workplace, marketplace and commu-

nity. The Principles highlight that empowering women to participate fully in economic life across all sectors and throughout all levels of economic activity is essential to build strong economies; establish more stable and just societies; achieve internationally agreed goals for development, sustainability, and human rights; improve quality of life for women, men, families and communities; and propel business’ operations and goals. Learn more at www.weprinciples. org

About the 2015 WEPs Leadership Awards The Annual Women’s Empowerment Principles Event features the WEPs Leadership Award to salute CEO commitment and innovation to realize gender equality. The Awards highlight concrete and innovative actions taken to advance the 7 Principles, and particularly showcases Principle One: Leadership Promotes Gender Equality. The WEPs Leadership Awards Committee is comprised of members of the WEPs Leadership Group, a multi-stakeholder volunteer body that provides strategic guidance to the WEPs partnership of the UN Women and the UN Global Compact. It represents business, academia, civil society, women’s organizations and international institutions. For complete information about the Awards, winners and Awards Committee, please visit WOW See more at: Fall 2015

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or our Spring Issue we have chosen to spotlight the fabulous designs of Edouard. One of the most sought after celebrity designers of today. We met with Edouard and learned that he is a native of Washington D.C. He studied at The DC Teachers College, and continued his education at Howard University where he received an Associate Degree in Public Speaking. He also studied at The Paris Institute of Design in Paris France. Edouard taught Fashion Show production, Apparel Manufacturing, and Fashion Design at The Art Institute of Atlanta for several years. He was introduced to Paul Mitchell, owner of Paul Mitchell Hair products and his real journey began. He traveled with Paul Mitchell for years, and received numerous accolades for producing fashion show extravaganzas around the world. Edouard’s productions were seen in the United States, London, Paris, Tokyo, and the Caribbean Islands. After traveling with Paul Mitchell for several years, Edouard began designing couture gowns for International Super stars such as, Patti LaBelle, Phyllis Hyman, Lola Falana, and Sylvia Morrison. Edouard’s meeting with Oscar De la Rentea was an experience that inspired him to become one of the most sought after Haute Couture designers both national and International. He loved the texture, style, timeless and classic look of Oscar De La Renta’s Collection. In 1999 Edouard designed a wedding gown for radio personality Melissa Summers, the first Black female to be featured on the TV show “Weddings of a Lifetime.” Earlier this year, Edouard’s high fashion hit the runway in New York City during the NBA All-Star Weekend. Edouard’s Designs lit up the runway with his Executive Couture Business Collection and his fabulous Haute Couture evening gowns during the NBA Wives Association Fundraiser “Behind The Bench” Touching A Life Gala. Edouard continues to wow the fashion world with his elegant Diamond Collection of high fashion Haute Couture evening gowns. His gowns once again graced the runway in Atlanta, Georgia at the Easter Seals Fashion Uncorked Fashion Show. Edouard and his high fashion models sizzled on the runway. He left the audience clamoring for more. Edouard’s Legacy expands decades. WOW 62



Fall 2015

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child of mother, executive and entrepreneur Carolyn Zakers, the Perfect Pinch was born out of a very basic need to cinch the length of her favorite maxi-dresses. While the look of the maxi-dress compliments most body shapes, it just doesn’t fit most women! If you’ve ever worn one, then you probably know what we’re talking about - the dragging, tripping and costly expense of alterations can be, well, a real drag! Perfect Pinch to the rescue! Available in a variety of colors and metals, the Perfect Pinch is truly a oneof-a-kind accessory that transforms every imaginable piece of clothing. Cinch a dress or a shirt, create a scarf or use it as a belt. The choices are as endless as your imagination! How many ways can YOU pinch? It’s all up to you... WOW

Fall 2015

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ello everyone!! Welcome to Beverly’s Hollywood Buzz. I am looking forward to sharing some of the fabulous, fun and historic events I’ve seen while buzzing around Hollywood. All of the events have been exciting and fun, but I have to put the hilarious play, Sassy Mammas at the top of my list. . The story was about three older women, dating three much younger men. The women were all successful and at the top of their game. One was in her mid fifty’s, and the head of a prestigious hospital. Her husband had passed away. Another was close to 60 years old, and worked as a National Security Advisor. Think Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice and President Obama’s current National Security Advisor, Susan Rice. This diva traveled all over the world and was too busy for romance. Finally, the third character was in her early 50’s. She was married to a high powered businessman who left her for a younger woman. After the characters revealed who they were and how they viewed life, they took the audience on a roller coaster ride filled with intrigue, tears, and

laughter that continued long after the final curtain. After a sold out limited engagement showing last year, Sassy Mammas was brought back by popular demand this year for another sold out run. The play closed leaving the audience begging for more. The cast was under the gifted direction of Iona Morris. Iona is the daughter of the late Greg Morris who gained fame in the mega hit television series Mission Impossible. The brilliant producing team consists of Alex Morris, his wife and partner Vanessa Paul of Sparkling City Entertainment. The team also includes Julius Tennon and phenomenal actress and Oscar nominee, Viola Davis of JuVee Productions. Together, they are planning a web series based on the play with the goal of gaining wide audience appeal before Fall 2015

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Richard hired me to produce over 20 vignettes for online viewing of Mary Wilson, an original member of the Supremes, one of the most successful female singing groups from the 1960s and 70s.”

making the transition to a hit television series. So keep watching for and please support, Sassy Mammas on the Web. Another fun event was the star studded Grammy Party I attended. I was invited by Richard Davis, CEO of Holland Productions. Richard hired me to produce over 20 vignettes for online viewing of Mary Wilson, an original member of the Supremes, one of the most successful female singing groups from the 1960s and 70s. The Grammy Party was held in the penthouse of the London Hotel overlooking Hollywood. It was given by the entertainment division of the law firm Fox Rothchild, and hosted by Attorney John Mason. Notables in attendance were, Berry Gordy, LaMont Dozier, Smokey Robinson, Sarah Dash of LaBelle fame, and many, many more. Good food, good cocktails and a good time was had by all. The historic and fun event was Holland, Dozier, Holland, Edward Lamont, Lamont Dozier and Brian Holland receiving their Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on February 13, 2015. Berry Gordy, Stevie Wonder, Mary Wilson, Berry Gordy, were some of the keynote speakers at the Walk of Fame unveiling. Yours truly was Mistress of Ceremony at the reception. It was held in the ballroom of the famed historic Roosevelt Hotel where the first Academy Award Ceremony was held. The room was celebrity filled and the audience cheered Stevie Wonder along as he serenaded us with some of the hit songs he recorded while at Motown. It was a wonderfully special and historic afternoon. I had so much fun at all the Pre-Oscar events and screenings I attended. I’m a voting member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, so I vote on the films, actors, directors, etc. who will be nominated for Oscar consideration. Then, when the voting members receive the final ballots, I vote for the ones that have been nominated and hope to win the Oscar. Because I am a voting member I get invitations to all the screenings and a lot of the luncheons and parties for the nominated movies, actors, 74


directors, etc., who are all competing for votes from the members. I attended three screenings of SELMA, the parties and luncheons that followed. Ava DuVernay did a masterful job directing that important and historic film. She also wrote all the dialogue for Martin Luther King’s speeches in SELMA since the estate would not release his original speeches. Ava is a brilliant writer and director. I feel blessed to have been asked by her to star in her first feature film, I Will Follow. The film was based on a true story between her and her aunt. Ava is played by Sally Richardson and I play her Aunt Maye. Roger Ebert gave I Will Follow “2 thumbs up.” He praised Ava’s writing and directing and singled out my performance as having, “… an important presence here in many flashbacks….. and easily evokes the magic Maye must have felt and that gives weight to the present-day scenes.” Ava DuVernay is going to be touted as one of the most important filmmakers of our time. Please go on line and read about AFFRM, the distribution company which she started after I Will Follow and why she started it. We need to support this important filmmaker. I look forward to hearing from you with any questions you might have about getting into the business, acting classes, or any other show business concerns. Email me at and read my answers to your questions in the next issue.WOW

Beverly Todd is an African American actress, producer and writer residing in Hollywood, CA. She is known for her roles in films Brother John (1971), Moving (1988), Lean on Me (1989) and The Bucket List (2007).

Fall 2015

| 75

her story

terlisa faye brown sheppard





have interviewed Terlisa twice, once for our television show and now for the magazine. As always there is not a dry eye in the room but she will be quick to tell you don’t cry for her. God has her and her daughters in the very palm of His hands. She has learned over the years that God is bigger than cancer. “Each day that we wake up is a gift from God and we should use it wisely. We should structure our gift in such a way that God will be please and when the close of the day come around, we will not have any regrets”. —Terlisa Sheppard. SH/LP: Terlisa, you are an author can you tell us about your wonderful book? TS: Yes, I co-authored a book with Lisa Nichols and about thirty-eight other co-authors; we all penned a chapter in the book. The title of the book is “Unbreakable Spirit-Rising Above the Impossible.” Within this book I share my story about being diagnosed with breast cancer. SH/LP: Why did you need an unbreakable spirit? TS: I was diagnosed with cancer when I was eight and a half months pregnant and only 31 years old, sixteen years ago. At that time, we thought, if you were under the age of forty, you were not at risk for breast cancer. We were mistaken. I was getting a regular OB-GYN checkup when I found a lump in my left breast. My doctor thought it was milk ducts from the pregnancy. I noticed the lump continued to get larger as time went on. I expressed a concern to my physician. He told me that if I insist, he would request a mammogram now and another one after the baby was born. He wanted to do a comparison of the two pictures. He never thought it was breast cancer. Afterthe mammogram, I was given a stage 3 diagnosis. A stage three cancer diagnosis is the stage when the cancer has filtered into your lymph nodes and causes all other type of problems. SH/LP: So the cancer was not diagnosed in a timely manner, even though you were under a doctor’s care. TS: Yes, only because it just wasn’t considered possible; at that time. No one considered women under the age of 40 at risk of breast cancer, not even the insurance companies. Women were not getting mammograms at my age (31) at the time so it was not a thought and besides, just two years before that, I had a perfect pregnancy, with no problems, so cancer was not an analysis. Now we are having more young people under the age of 30 being diagnosed with breast cancer. I have just recently returned from Houston, Texas for a “Living Beyond Breast Cancer” conference (a young survival coalition summit-YSC), where I met a massive amount of young ladies in their 20’s, all whom have been diagnosed with breast cancer, so now we’re looking at breast cancer differently; we’ve become proactive with younger women and men.

SH/LP: That is staggering! Why do you think that so many are being affected? Do you think the food or the environment are responsible? TS: I think it’s both, the food and the environment. I’ve been doing research throughout this process and asking questions of my doctors and nurses.. I recently took a BRAC Analysis to see if I was a carrier of the DNA for breast cancer and those results were negative, so I developed breast cancer through other means. To say the least, meat products are being injected with growth hormones to make them more appealing, and high voltage power lines near our homes; it’s a variety of things that are playing a role in this enormous amount of women being diagnosed with breast cancer. SH/LP: How has your lifestyle changed? TS: I’ve had to make many changes. I work out at least 3 days a week as recommended by my physician. Physical activity and eating very clean is imperative. I cannot consume a lot of carbs or sugar because of the chemotherapy that I’m on for life; it’s already breaking my body down by killing a lot of the good cells along with the bad cells. Therefore, I have to use diet and exercise to fight for the good cells that remain. SH/LP: I have heard people say that chemotherapy helps while others say that it does not. What are your thoughts on this? TS: Chemotherapy, opposed to radiation, moves through your blood stream to reach the cancer. Radiation is a beam of high energy that targets your tumor directly. Chemotherapy is great for treating cancer that could be anywhere in your body but it comes in contact with your good cells and attack them indirectly. Some people refuse to take chemotherapy because of this reason. SH/LP: Is there an alternative to taking chemotherapy? TS: Some people are taking herbal type treatments such as hemp oil and seeds, very holistic types of treatment. I’ve chosen chemotherapy because I feel it works better for what I have going on. Fall 2015

| 77

People tell me my testimony is God ordained. It gives them the strength to go through their difficulties.”

SH/LP: You started at stage 3 and now you’re at stage 4, that’s a progression, has your cancer ever gone into remission? TS: In November of 1998, during the stage 3 diagnosis, I did 8 months of chemotherapy, radiation and later in July, 1999, I had a left breast mastectomy. After that, I was in remission until November 2001. The cancer cells was in my lymph nodes, which carries blood throughout the body, so the cancer metastasized and went into my bones, lungs and liver, which sent me back through the whole regimen of chemotherapy. At that point, it had become so aggressive I had to have chemotherapy every week as opposed to every 3 weeks. For those who have been on any type of chemotherapy will tell you that, such rigorous treatments are almost unheard of; your body doesn’t have the time to rebuild itself before you are attacking it again with the chemo chemicals. It has now metastasized to my brain; the cancer has spread throughout my entire body. SH/LP: I am simply in awe of your courage. You show the world an image of a vibrant, energetic and healthy life. No one can possibly perceive your struggle with stage 4 breast cancer. How can you do that? TS: Thank you! First and foremost, Faith has carried me this 78


far. Secondly, a very positive attitude. When I am mentoring other cancer survivors the first things I say to them is “you have to remain positive!”. I have been doing this for almost seventeen years and I have been through everything that you could possibly think of throughout these entire chemotherapy treatments. I even had to have a hip replacement because the chemotherapy was eating at my femur bone. I have had a blood clot in my lung. I have been hospitalized for pneumonia because that is one of the side effects of treatments. You name it, I have been hospitalized for it. I found out that you must keep the most positive attitude possible because any sickness can wear on your mind like a cruel game. I am back and forth at the hospital and medical facilities more than I am at my own home. When I am not having chemotherapy treatments, I am visiting a brain specialist. He has to keep track of my brain tumor. I am constantly in and out of treatments. If I let my spirit break at any time, it would certainly affect my physical body more than the cancer itself, so I know that remaining positive works. I keep a smile on my face even if I have to paint it there. SH/LP: You inspire so many people. How do you respond when they call you a “phenomenal woman”? TS: I am baffled. People tell me my testimony is God ordained.

It gives them the strength to go through their difficulties. I have a brother who works in Indonesia and Africa and he shares my story to others. I have shared my story in many countries as well. It inspires others. I have also mentored a young lady in California, whom I have never laid eyes on. I share my story because it gives others hope. It helps them feel they can survive. I don’t mind doing this, because it strengthens me in return. I have also founded a nonprofit organization called “Terlisa Fights”. It was founded to help out with the small things cancer patients are dealing with. Even a small thing can put a smile on a person’s face. SH/LP: You were already the Mother of a 2 year old and expecting your second child when you were diagnosed, how has your family weathered the storm? TS: My daughters were six and eight when I went through my divorce. My daughters are very beautiful and strong. They watched me endure chemotherapy and a divorce. They are amazing. They became knowledgeable about all of my medicines. My babies pretty much grew up in the medical center. My baby was literally in my arms when I was having my first chemotherapy treatments so we are very close. I’ve tried not to burden them with the issues of my illness. Cancer survivors will tell you, chemotherapy chemicals make you very nauseous. There were times that I have been so sick, I would close my bedroom door and not allow my children in because I just didn’t want to burden

them. I know they could sense that I was going through something. During that time, fear would try to make me think that I was not going to get to see my children at 16 and at 18. But my faith believed that the Lord would allow me to see my daughters grow old enough to recognize me as their mother and He did just that. My 16 year old is a junior in high school and my 18 year old is in her first year of college. God has been very good to me. SH/LP: Have your daughters become involved in the fight against breast cancer? TS: My daughters have been informed about my cancer from the very start. Throughout the years, I would give them more and more information based on their ability to understand and process the information. We have begun work on another program tailor-made for the children of cancer survivors. They will be able to connect with other children that are going through the same or similar scenarios. I have groomed my children to take over “Terlisa Fights”. We have committed our lives to helping others. I think my daughters are handling everything very well, if they have any questions, they are not afraid to ask. We are a cohesive unit they keep me together. SH/LP: You are truly an angel, but even angels sometimes need some care. Who do you go to when you need that moment of sharing and caring?

Fall 2015

| 79

TS: I love being around people. I have a very large family. I am one of 10 siblings. We love to go on vacations together. We have gone on cruises together. I spend a lot of time with my church family. Both families have been amazingly supportive to me throughout this entire process, from the moment I was diagnosed. My mother had my siblings drive her from Alabama, with her bags packed ready to stay and take care of me. My baby was delivered 6 weeks early because they needed to start the chemotherapy treatments. My family came in droves to be with me. They took shifts at different times to help take care of me and my children. That was simply amazing. Having the love and care of family members truly makes a difference for cancer patients. SH/LP: You are an inspiration to all, even those who are not dealing with breast cancer because you have accomplished so much. You are still fighting and WOW is honored to share your story. What are your goals for the rest of 2015? 80


TS: My goal is to continue to press forward through this entire experience. I’m now borderline diabetic but as you said “I am going through this.” I am moving through it all. I am not stuck. I will continue to help, push and mentor others. I am taking it one day at a time and that is my focus, getting through each day. A lot of times, cancer patients let the news of the cancer take them under as opposed to the actual illness itself. You can’t focus on the fact that you have cancer, you have to focus on getting through each day, one moment at a time. Think on those things that bring you joy, your children, your mate, your church, your faith and your community. Whatever it is that inspires you, let it drive your focus. I choose to live each day to the fullest. I want to focus on being here and enjoying each moment with my daughters, creating memories for them to pass on to their families. SH/LP: What is a typical day like in the life of Terlisa Sheppard? TS: Very busy. My first oncologist told me to go home, quit

work and get your life in order” and that’s actually the title of my chapter in the book I co-authored, “Unbreakable Spirit.” I chose to quit my job, but I also chose not to be at home thinking about my next step for the cancer. I do a lot of volunteering at school. I am at church twice a week. I am very active in my daughters’ lives. When they are on spring break, I am on spring break. I am very active in a sorority. I am a youth advisor and we took them to the national convention in Washington, D.C., two years ago. Last year we took them to Dallas, Texas and we’re heading to California, so I am very active with the youth. I have calls and emails that I have to return right now, where people are constantly asking me to speak to their loved, ones who are diagnosed with cancer and they’re not handling it too well. Some days, during my treatments, I am asked to speak to other patients in the next room, who has been diagnosed. I immediately grab my pole and push it to the person’s room. I have a scrap book called “my life with breast cancer” and I often use it to mentor and help others who are survivors, and actually, that is how I survive it as well. My goal is to simply put a smile on the next person’s face and encourage them to move to the next level. SH/LP: Is there anything else that you would like to share with our readers? TS: Be caring and supportive for anyone going through a cancer diagnosis; we are all scared. We don’t know what the next test or diagnosis may reveal. We could go for a routine treatment and find out that there is something more tragic plaguing our bodies and there is always the possibility we could receive some positive news but whatever the situation, be there for someone to lean and depend on. Everyone need a support system, someone to tell them they can get through it all. What I try to do each day, even though I’m going through it myself, is be that supportive person who says “you can get through it!” For mentoring, support or speaking engagements, please email me at terlisafights@ .WOW Fall 2015

| 81




amily ties provide some of our greatest happiness and is the cornerstone for perseverance. On Thursday, April 23, 2015 – Sunday, April 26, 2014, the members of Off the Field Player’s Wives Association (OTFPWA) will converge in Atlanta, GA for their biennial conference. The conference serves as a catalyst to unite and empower its member to perform and support philanthropic initiatives that enhance the quality of life for families in our communities thus creating a continuum of perseverance. 82



OTFPWA is the national football players’ wives association comprised of talented and diverse wives of active and retired professional football players. One of the primary goals of OTFPWA is raising funds and delivering them into the hands of service providers, including hospitals and non-profits that support children and families in a variety of ways. Through its dedication to create awareness of children and family needs in communities, and raise funds for local and national charitable organizations that emphasize strengthening the family unit, OTFPWA has contributed more than $525,000 to various charitable organizations since its inception.

Taking a walk down memory lane, Off the Field Players’ Wives Association was established on February 16, 2006, in Washington D.C., as a national non-profit organization. The organization is comprised solely of the spouses of active and retired NFL players. OTFPWA is a 501©(3) charitable organization that strives to be a resource to its members and their communities. The purpose of the OTFPWA organization is to have an alliance of women within a network who are fully committed to collectively affect change within themselves as well as their surrounding communities. Fall 2015

| 83



OTFPWA BOARD MEMBERS Fast forward to 2015, OTFPWA is led by a tenacious group of women dedicated to the mission and objectives of the organization. The board members of the organization are: Ericka Lassiter – President A native of Newport News, Virginia, Ericka Lassiter is a philanthropist who loves working with charitable organizations and giving back to others. From sunrise to sunset, Ericka manages to incorporate being a devoted wife, mother, friend, community volunteer, school volunteer and entrepreneur into her daily activities. Ericka says she learned at an early age from her parents that giving back to others was a must and finds it so rewarding. An honor graduate of Norfolk State University in Norfolk, Virginia, Ericka’s career path expands beyond her degree in Management and Computer Information Systems. Ericka also works as a Realtor in the Phoenix Metro area and serves as the President of Off the Field Players’ Wives Association. Ericka currently resides in Chandler with her husband Kwamie (who played with the Cardinals, Chargers and Rams) and their boys: Eric, Kwamie II, Kwinton, Kwincy and her nephew Darius. She is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Tempe Alumnae Chapter and Co-Founder of Lassiter’s TACKLE (Teaching All Children to Kickoff Leadership in Education) Foundation. Ericka dedicates her time to a variety of community service organizations in the valley. Close to her heart are those that focus on families coping with sickle cell anemia, which is a disease that affects her youngest son. Ericka truly enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, and putting smiles on the faces of others.



Latasha Batch – Vice President Aside from her day job, Latasha remains devoted to supporting many local and national charitable causes. She volunteers with Strong Women Strong Girls, Women Shelter City of Pittsburgh, United Way of Allegheny County, Beyond the Game and is the Vice President of OTFPWA. Despite all of her commitments, Latasha travels to Swaziland, South Africa with Beyond the Game for mission trips, an organization committed to building schools for orphans, mentoring raped pregnant teens, supplying the children with food and care, giving the love of Jesus and education. She has adopted three children, by visiting once a year paying for their schooling, food and clothing and helped build an additional hut for the family Latasha embraces a high standard of excellence and does not accept mediocrity in her business, charitable or personal life. She has been honored by the National Association of Women Business Owners ”Make the Connection Award” and The UPMC Center for Inclusion “Champion Award.” She also sits on the board for the Hill House Association, Strong Women Strong Girls, Future Stars Track Club, and Dignity & Respect National Campaign for Youth, and the ATHENA-Pittsburgh host committee. Latasha has adopted how to “Live with Meaning” from being a part of a wonderful organization called Power & Joy. She fully believes that success comes from within and that her attitude determines how successful she will be. She encourages everybody to be somebody for someone. Latasha received a M.S. in Human Development in Sports from the University of Tennessee, a B.A in Physical Education and a B.S. in Psychology from Johnson C. Smith University. She is currently completing her degree at Carlow University. Latasha is the soul mate to retired NFL Quarterback Charlie Batch and together they have five four-legged kids: Roxie, Bunz, Snoop & Nate and Aysia. They reside in Wexford, PA

“OFF THE FIELD PLAYERS’ WIVES ASSOCIATION” Tamiko McKenzie – Treasurer Tamiko is not just a football wife to the 8 year NFL vet and Green Bay Super Bowl champion, Keith McKenzie, but also a woman with internal fire of faith and fighting spirit. This active Off the Field Players’ Wives Association member and Treasurer is making moves to fight Sickle Cell Anemia that her son KJ (Keith Jr.) is battling. There are approximately 100,000 Americans in the U.S. that are affected with sickle cell. It affects about one out of every 500 African American children in the United States. For children battling sickle cell, it’s an incredible life of ups and downs they continuously face. KJ was diagnosed with Sickle Cell disease at birth and began spending much of his time at hospitals having monthly blood transfusions to minimize his risk of strokes and unimaginable pain. On December 5, 2013, Tamiko’s son began a bone marrow transplant and truly became a superhero conquering his sickle cell disease head on. With every Superhero, there is a Super Mom. A Super Mom can be defined as one that leaves her career to protect, fight, and leap over any obstacle in a single bound in order to ensure her son gets the best care available. Tamiko put an “S” on her chest every day to balance life, being a wife, nurturing her family, campaigning not against crime, but Sickle Cell. Where does she get the strength to keep that “S” on her chest? FAITH! That’s the only thing Tamiko can lean on. Faith has directed her footsteps. At times, she didn’t really understand why this was happening to her son and then other times, she knew things were happening for a reason. It was a constant struggle accepting the perils of sickle cell but it was her faith in God that kept her going and helped retain that “S” on her chest. The fact that her twins were both a 100% donor match let her know that God was in the midst of her struggle. There’s no other way to explain it because that’s the only thing that really keeps her strong.

Rachel McKenzie – Parliamentarian Rachel McKenzie is not only the wife of Mike McKenzie, former New Orleans Saints cornerback, she a dynamic and charismatic person who truly believes in the power of giving back and helping others. As the Parliamentarian of OTFPWA, her responsibilities include reviewing the organization’s governing documents and providing an opinion as to how to precede within the rules. In essence, she keeps OTFPWA in compliance. Rachel is actively engaged in a myriad of for-profit and non-profit ventures and successfully balances being a wife, a mother, a business woman, a winemaker, a horse lover and most importantly, a philanthropist.

Romonda Jordan – Chairman of the Board Romonda Jordan is one of the founders of OTFPWA and wife of former Jacksonville Jaguar and LA/Oakland Raider, Randy Jordan. He was one of the “Original 10 Jaguars that made up the original franchise and score the first touchdown in Jaguars history on a pass play. In 1993, Randy was an undrafted free agent from University of North Carolina (UNC), picked up by the Raiders in Los Angeles. In December of 1994, Jordan then signed with the Jags franchise as a running back and played 3 years before returning to the Raiders whom had relocated to Oakland. Romonda obtained a B.A. in Speech Communication from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Fall 2015

| 85

NATI O N A L Romonda’s charitable endeavors at that time included her position of Executive board member of the BSM, which was responsible for the evolvement and the building fund for the Sonja Haynes Stone Black Cultural Center on the UNC campus. Romonda also served on the Campus Y executive committee and the Friends of the Y board of directors. It was during her tenure that the Y board adopted the mission statement, “The pursuit of social justice through the cultivation of pluralism.” Romonda is a founding member of JagNet, the original wives group of the Jacksonville Jaguars, co- founder of the Let Us Play Sports Camp for girls, and a contributing organizer of RWO. She worked closely with American Cancer Society to keep the RWO involved with Making Strides for Breast Cancer. Romonda interned in the Raiders community relations department and served as the liaison to the spouses. Romonda and her husband Randy served on the Board of Pro Athletes Outreach and have since transitioned to the advisory board. As a member of the Junior League of Lincoln, she thoroughly embraced the opportunity to make an impact through volunteering for Kids in the Kitchen, The Good Neighbor Center, Dish it Up, and Project Sew. As a board member of Coach Callahan Charities and Share(Spouses of Huskers Athletics Reaching and Embracing) she felt like there was a bigger affect made on her life by the people she was helping. Currently one of the founders and board members of Off the Field Players’ Wives Association, she continues her commitment to serving other through her involvement in the Annual Super Bowl Fashion Show, Sam’s Club Dream Drive, Domestic Violence Education, and various charitable endeavors supporting women and children. Romonda alongside her organization continues making a difference off the field. According to Romonda, “being involved in charitable organizations gives me a great since of fulfillment as a mentor, role model, and leader and having the opportunity to connect with women gives me great joy because of the bond we share!” 86



SHERICE BROWN Motivated by faith, family, fitness and fashion. Sherice Weaver Brown was born on the West Coast in Phoenix Arizona. Her mother raised her and her brother alone in Los Angeles California. Sherice excelled in school maintaining honor role status until she graduated at the age of 16. Computer and technology interested Sherice so much that she worked in the industry until she married. In 1996, she met the love of her life, Tim Brown former Oakland Raider of 18 years, Heisman Trophy winner and Pro Football Hall of Fame Inductee 2015. The couple married within a year. Her undeniable passion for life embodies the fabric of Sherice Brown. She is the President of two successful businesses The Lanette Group a Model and Talent Agency, Special Events and Catering Boutique and She’ Browns Fitness where she’s a Fitness Coach and Nutrition Counselor. Sherice endeavors to give back to the community by chairing several local and national charity fundraisers including being a Committee Member at Large for St. Jude Hospital and Athletes and Entertainers for Kids. She is a Founding Board Member of “Off the Field Players Wives Association.” The couple reside in Dallas Texas and have 4 children Taylor, Timon, Timothy, Jr. And Tamar and raising her cousin Tish as there own.

ASHLEY QUIGLESS BROWN is a trailblazer who has dedicated her life to the personal and professional development of women and the communities in which she serves. Brown is one of the founders of Off The Field Players Wives Association and was the first president. Brown is a graduate of University of Memphis where she received a BS in Business Marketing. She is married to Ray Brown, retired 20-year NFL veteran who is the current Assistant Offensive Line Coach for the Carolina Panthers. The Browns have two children Miriam, who is a 3rd year student at the University of Florida and Trey who is in 7th grade. “Serving women brings me great joy!” I am honored to be a part of “Off The Field” and look forward to our organizations continued growth.

“OFF THE FIELD PLAYERS’ WIVES ASSOCIATION” TAMMARA McDONALD, known as “NFL Wife With Purpose,” is an innovative Entrepreneur, MomPreneur, Philanthropist, Community Advocate, and Business Woman. She is also an independent Business Manager and Human Relations Consultant, to individuals, professional athletes, and entertainers. Tammara is a native Houstonian. Tammara is known as a “Networking Guru”, who is personable, motivated, and enthusiastic, with the ability to unify diverse groups of people behind common goals, initiatives, and causes. Known as “Team McDonald”, Tammara along with her husband, former NFL Pro Athlete, Ricardo, are devoted to humanitarian efforts and are true Champions 4 Charity (C4C). They are actively involved with several charitable, philanthropic organizations and community initiatives. The McDonalds’ have

three (3) children together. Tammara actively serves on several non-profit Board of Directors, and is Co-Founder, “Team McDonald” and “Love Away From Home” organizations. Tammara’s most recent endeavor is her non-profit organization, GAME CHANGERZ, INC. (GCI), which is dedicated to changing the game in multifaceted capacities, by utilizing the influence, impact, and involvement of Pro Sports Wives in a positive light, engaging and aligning them with purpose-filled and purpose-driven community initiatives and program. She is also a contributing Sports Entertainment writer and reporter for Pro Player She has an authentic passion for “Making A Difference!”, and is fervent about improving people, processes, programs, initiatives, and the lives of others. Her steadfast motivation and perseverance comes from her faith, knowing that “The greatest amongst you, is the one who serves!” and her belief in recognizing that “The true worth of a person”, can evidently and vividly be seen by their actions, works, service, and the lives they touch. Tammara’s genetic make-up consists of making this world a better place by what she refers to as her 4-I’s - Impact, Influence, Inspiring, and Involvement. A NFL Wife with Purpose!

THE OTFPWA CONFERENCE OTFPWA members from all over the United States will converge in Atlanta, GA to partake in the biennial Off the Field Players’ Wives Association Conference which is a 3 day event of empowerment, transitional information, learning, networking and community service. The conference presents a wonderful opportunity for the affluent group of women to refuel. Ericka Lassiter, OTFPWA President, describes the conference as “motivational, empowerment, and informational-based.” The wives typically have the responsibility of managing their households, so the conference aims to equip them with tools to maximize their success and happiness during and after football. In addition to ample opportunities to network and form a camaraderie based on shared experiences, there will be a community service project as well as a wealth of information shared to help plan for life during and after the NFL. Representatives from NFL Player Engagement will be on hand to discuss some of their programs and opportunities. NFLPA will be present to discuss The Trust, which provides a range of career, medical and financial advice and support to provide customized “gameplans” for former players as they pursue their

life paths off the field. Going back to school is a popular pursuit for many players after they have completed their NFL careers, so discussion of grant and scholarship opportunities will be included in presentations. Sessions to enhance the personal and the professional lives of attendees are planned, including a vision board workshop and classes on franchising. Relationship counselors and speakers will be present, as well as frank talk on a challenging reality that all NFL families will face--transitioning to life off the field. “A lot of our active women know that transition is coming, but don’t know exactly how serious the transition is,” Lassiter said. “Even if it’s your first day in the league, prepare as you go through your journey and your experience. We’ll discuss some things to save the marriages, to save your husband from falling into depression from not having something that he loved for so long.” The OTFPWA Conference committee led by Kimberly Haynes, Rachel McKenzie, Latasha Batch and Shawnette Sapp-Hicks is looking forward to welcoming attendees to conference during the welcome reception. Fall 2015

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Conference Event Co-Chair Shawnette Sapp-Hicks One of the necessities with having a conference in Atlanta, GA is ensuring the attendees of the conference have a wonderful “Southern-hospitality” experience. When selecting co-chairs for the conference, it was imperative to include a member that was local to the Atlanta area so they honed in on the services of Pink Sapphire Events CEO Shawnette Sapp-Hicks. Shawnette is the wife of Atlanta native & retired NFL player Robert Hicks. With over 10 years of event planning and management experience and an incredible knack of creating awesome events, Shawnette Sapp-Hicks, aims to dynamically and strategically transform your next event into an unparalleled experience. After receiving a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Electrical Engineer from California State University of Northridge, Shawnette has had a vibrant career in the software development industry for the last 18 years and most specifically in the supply chain management industry as a Product Manager. Utilizing her software development life cycle expertise, Pink Sapphire Events has transferred that knowledge into the event planning life cycle and created a repeatable process that always equals SUCCESS. Coupled with attention to detail and a creative flair, Shawnette has ensured the quality and design of events meets the demands of clients throughout the United States. Pink Sapphire Events has been instrumental in executing football camps throughout the U.S.; managing various events for key athletes, celebrities and non-profit organizations; executing consumer focused events for a retail brand; and creating a marquee event entitled Pamper Me Pink which benefits breast cancer survivors. Passionate about creativity and fueled by discipline, Shawnette has combined her event planning expertise and product management expertise to focus on “stress-free” event execution which allows the client to achieve full enjoyment of the event. The Pink Sapphire Events motto: It’s not only an event; it’s an experience! WOW

For more information about Pink Sapphire Events, visit For more information about Off The Field Players’ Wives Association, visit





Fall 2015

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Fall 2015

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“Sisterhood is everything to me. In this day and age of reality TV and shows like basketball wives and the real housewives where women are portrayed so negatively, it makes me proud to have close friendships in this arena, that are just the opposite.... educated, sophisticated, family oriented, professional, ambitious that supports one another and form real partnerships.” - Mandi Mohammed “What I love about being a woman in pro sports is that it has taught me to be a strong and independent woman who is not afraid to be true to myself versus trying to fit into a mold of how everyone else thinks I should be.” - Michelle Mashburn “I love being able to create a legacy for my children building off of the dreams of our men! Also being inspired by women who embody our sisterhood!” - Jennifer Hawkins “I have a limitless amount of energy and drive when it comes to my passion, which is creating financial freedom for families. We were created to give hope to others. We were meant to lead the way for others with passion and clarity and to give back. You can still walk quietly amongst the masses with success surrounding you. Give back to the world through your success, your contribution and a commitment to leaving a beautiful legacy.” - Jani Ehlo 92


“Being a woman inside pro sports definitely helped me to exercise strengths I never knew I had. When you are married to an athlete, handling things alone is unfortunately commonplace. That strength has help me knock down doors and although sometimes rough, I wouldn’t trade it. I believe that strength gave me the courage to become an entrepreneur which is what I believe I was destined to do.” - Michelle Honeycutt “I am honored to be acquainted with you and many of the beautiful people whom I have come to know throughout the years as a woman inside pro-sports. As a Doctor of Alternative Healing Practices, I have worked with many of our pro athletes to assist them in many areas of their health and well-being. I am appreciative for the experience to have traveled the world, exchange ideas with others and broaden my own personal horizon... for this, I am eternally grateful.” - Dr. Eve Virginia Allen “You are a force to be reckoned with and comfortable in your own skin but if you could be anyone or anything else.... Who would you be? Confess...”I think anyone that knows me can answer this question for me...Michael Jackson.” - Mia Wright

I am most grateful to God for blessing me with the spirit of love and nurturing. To understand true love and the power of unconditional love has made me the best mother, lover, and friend possible. When I look at my children I see nothing but goodness as a result of the sound nurturing stemmed from love.” - Charrisse Jackson Jordan “The day I got married I had no idea that my spirit would be broken and my faith in God would be tested as many times as it has, but honestly, I have come to realize that the fairytale happily ever after has set us up for failure. Happily ever after doesn’t come once you get married and run off into the sunset, happily ever after comes at the end of your life when you are looking back over the times in your life together when you could have easily given up, but you didn’t.” - Shannon Elliott Wesley “The most challenging thing that I experienced was keeping my identity and staying true to who I was. It was so easy to get caught up in that surreal “NBA Life” that few can relate to. Do not conform to being someone you are not! KNOW WHO YOU ARE in CHRIST ! We often put our dreams and aspirations on the book shelf! I say, LIVE the LIFE God called you to live.” - Kendall Phills

“Years ago I decided that...”Today’s the day I’m going to make a change in my life change. I’m going to do something that makes me happy. I took a leap of faith. I was living in New York and I walked into this modeling agency. For the first time I discovered I was in control of my destiny. I could do or be whatever I wanted to be. I had nothing in my hand but my shiny face and big smile. They said you are the look we have been looking for and that was the start of a whole new adventure in my life.” - Bonnie Bryant I find the most challenging thing is “Letting your own light shine without it being a competition or viewed as less important.” - Sandra Evans Short “Honestly, the best part of our being part of such an amazing group is the inspiration. There is inspiration in everything. You see the athletes live their dream, give that opportunity to their children and family, you meet inspirational people. From your struggles to your travel, you are just blessed to be able to see inspiration everywhere. I just hope that I can continue to be an inspiration to others.” - Deena Abdul Gabr




eing a voice for women in the sports world is such a fulfilling job”—Jazette Lane-English. When offered the opportunity to introduce Women of Wealth Magazine readers to the “Speak English” Column, it just felt right. This column focuses on the lives, missions, and triumphs of women in the sports arena. My daughter AJe’ and I will be assisting in shedding light on what it took these women to become the beautiful spirits that they are today. In this issue we will share the amazing story of Tomeka B. Holyfield.

A native of Houston, Texas, Tomeka Holyfield has that crazy, unbelievable kind of faith. Hearing a word from God, she left everything and everyone and moved to Atlanta where her uncle Evander Holyfield lived. She had no job, no place to live and no friends in Atlanta. But she did not reach out to him. God told her to be still. He had a plan. God timed it perfectly – the person running The Evander Holyfield Foundation had just been fired and the organization’s annual “Main Event” celebration was just two weeks away. Tomeka was called in to help salvage the 4-day community affair. She turned it into a Gospel celebration and it was a huge success. After presenting to the Board of Directors the following week,

Tomeka was named Executive Director of the Evander Holyfield Foundation. Now dubbed the “RED-CARPET MOGUL,” Tomeka is President and CEO of RCM Media Productions and the HELPPPP Agency, as well as the creator and executive producer of the “All-Star Gospel Celebration” during the NBA All-Star Weekend, the “Essence of a Woman Gospel Brunch Extravaganza” during Mother’s Day Weekend, and the “Gospel Goes To Hollywood Awards Luncheon” during Oscar Week. Derived from her own physical, mental and spiritual struggles, Tomeka created the uCANuWILLuMUST™ motivational series about the power of “Taking Your Life Back.” Fall 2015

| 93


“I always knew Tomeka would be successful, she was never at a shortage for words.” —Evander Holyfield

What do you want your Legacy to look like? I want to be remembered as the lady who God used to bring inspiration to the NBA, MLB, All Star Weekend, Oscar’s, and the Grammy’s…All over. As a result of gospel being all over, people began to talk about God and faith. I want to be remembered as a red carpet mogul who motivated and brought inspiration to souls, and someone who was always laughing, and wanting to spread the good news of Jesus not religion. Is there anything missing from your life in this season? Yes, children, I wish I was a mommy. When I dig in my soul and open my door when I come home there is no one there to say Mommy. I desire to be a nurturer. I could have ten children, and run my house. I want to experience being a wife to share tooth paste, and wake up with someone. I have wanted to be a mommy, since I was 21, and I am now 42. This is a long time to want something. 94


Who is the most influential person in your life? By far, gospel saxophonist Angela Christie, and The Heavy Weight Champion of The World, Evander Holyfield. I was an executive director and road manager to Angela Christie. These jobs are the catalysts that propelled me into the gospel lime light. From those jobs I began; working for Jesus and the foundation. This is how The Gospel All Star Celebration came to be”. When did you have your first Gospel All Star Celebration? NBA All Star Weekend in Atlanta in 2003. At this event I started to discover my gifts. God began showing me what was in me. We had B2K, Ashanti, and Fat Joe! I had no business cards, and no logo. This was my very first gospel event, and it was a huge success. I took off from there! In 2006, Houston socialite Nicole West, recommended me to execute an event. Over 3,000 people showed up in Houston to The All Star Gospel Brunch. Evander supported and showed up to the event, Angela gave money, and Nicole recommended me. That is what I mean

when I say God can make something from nothing. Nothing surprises me about what God does. What was your relationship like with Evander Holyfield? I have been with Holy (Evander) since I was 19. I was the Executive Director of The Evander Holyfield Foundation. The experience was amazing. Holy put me in charge of running my first board meeting for the foundation. They were landing their helicopters and planes on Evander’s’ property. Evander asked me to run the board meeting with no experience. I had no resume’ and no experience, but Evander believed in me and gave me the job. That’s when my creativity blossomed.

We don’t look inadequate when we tell the truth. –Tomeka Holyfield

So were you there for the big fight Holyfield vs. Tyson? Yes, in 1990 we were all in the suite having our ritual prayer before the fight. His wife at the time, Janice, called the prophet for prayer. The prophet said “God is telling me that you need to be careful on this side of your head.” It was the same side where Mike Tyson bit off Evander’s ear. I witnessed all of this so I know God is for real. Fifteen minutes after Evander returned from the hospital, Tyson called, and Evander forgave him and said we won’t talk about it again. Then we found out Evander’s ear was stolen and it was sold on EBay for $200,000. You have some incredible stories, and have come across many people, some like you and some dislike you. Why do you think some people dislike you? They haven’t tapped into their own potential - who they can be, what they can have or accomplish. But, it’s ok. I don’t expect everyone to like me. There are times when I don’t like myself. We don’t look inadequate when we tell the truth. Thank you for being so honest and open. WOW

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oyce Braithwaite is a Certified Life Development Coach, Teacher, Speaker and a member of the John Maxwell Leadership Development Team. She is the Senior Pastor of The Life Changing Word Christian Center in Brooklyn New York and in Newnan Georgia. She is Chief Apostle for the United Foundation for Christian Fellowship in the Holy Spirit one of her organization’s that she founded for the purpose of fostering support and community for women in leadership positions as clergy and apostolic covering.

Known as coach and mentor of Billionaire Braithwaite through which she helps people to live authentically and successfully, she is also an empowerment specialist, helping people transform their lives. She does this by helping people to discover and remove the mental road blocks such as negative ideals and beliefs that most have accepted to be truth. She states, “It is my passion to seek to help you to expand your consciousness, exercise your faith and to live life purposefully.” One of my joy’s in life is to see people be more, do more, and have more; to discover their authentic self. That’s who I am professionally.” Dr. Braithwaite’s testimony is that of an overcomer. She was born in Brooklyn, New York, and was the seventh child of eight children. She dropped out of high school, became a young wife and a mother to a son Tamale who was born with Down syndrome. Sadly, he died at an early death. She did not allow this perceived injustice and temporary setback to become the whole script of her life. Armed with her upbringing from her God-fearing mother, a strong woman of faith from Augusta Georgia, her faith, tenacity, resiliency and desire to succeed in life, She had two more sons, returned to school, earned a Master’s level degree in divinity, and has become a World class coach, compassionate pastor and much sought after speaker. Dr. Braithwaite’s love for and desire to help people coupled with her personal life’s challenges has been an impetus to her own tenacity when it comes to her life’s work and ministry. This resilient leader, adds value to every life she touches. Her unique anointing and dynamic teaching styles leaves her audience grounded with the

tools, to get started, the faith to believe that the seemingly impossible is possible, to release old and let go and let God. When discussing her calling, Apostle Braithwaite says, “I have been blessed with the ability to always see the good in everyone. My own life challenges of never giving up and always pressing forward have carried over into ministry. As a Christian I began to study the word of God and be very sincere within my faith. I began singing in the choir, I became a Sunday school teacher, then a missionary, and eventually, evangelist and pastor. Now as an Apostle, my passion for helping to empower, women in particular, comes through my own personal struggles. I am careful to allow my pain to be my catalyst but not my platform. Also, as a young woman in ministry I noticed that most of the leadership, during my time, did not look like me; they were of the opposite sex and their experience’s was different from my own so I did not have a visible role model. Being faced with this challenge allowed me to recognize the need for women to see other women in leadership, women who had overcome and women who exercise their faith in God and belief in themselves, who would dare to stand the challenge and boldly go where they perceived that they were not allowed to go before. My God given assignment to not only preach the gospel but to live the gospel and be an example for my upcoming sisters in ministry. It has not always been easy, but the cost is not greater than the reward; this call has taken me, around the country and into the white house, it has taken me before the New York City Council, and Worldwide to Greece, Turkey, Europe and including a pilgrimage to the holy land and this December I will be traveling to South Africa. My call to ministry is still taking me places.

Identify the door, but you must turn the knob!”

Fall 2015

| 97

I add value to others by teaching what I know, and what I know works!”

WOW: Talking about a comeback kid! Faith and confidence creates opportunity! How has your ministry shifted from its inception to now? Braithwaite: John Maxwell states” everything rises and falls on leadership” I plan to be the best demonstrated and visible leader that I can be, I want to be an identified resource to assist others in building themselves, through my mentorship style which is approachable, practical and applicable. I see myself with the hand of God helping me to develop young pastors and bring them into their own. As a recent widow I have developed another passion for helping others to overcome the emotional pain of loss of love, this loss can come through a death, divorce, separation etc…I call it “Breathing Again”. There are many things in life that take your breath away so I will seek to help 98


my clients expand their perception and see there is life after death be it the death of a relationship, end of employment or any other deaths (endings) we experience in life. My motto is when one door closes God always has another you just have to identify it, turn the knob, catch your breath, then walk through putting one foot in front of the other step by step. My coaching method helps to identify the individualized steps WOW: What traditions or belief systems did you breakthrough in order to reach the masses?

Braithwaite: One in particular is that a woman is not called of God to be the senior leader. This was a false idea which is often created in the church community as well as civic and business venues. Some of my family did not believe women should lead and that was very big for me; even though I was moving forward I heard and felt that whispers of tradition resounding in my inner ear. I sought the approval from men. My own husband was a great and major support, he believed in me and encouraged me right up until the end. I sought encouragement sometimes from my male leaders and colleagues, but doing so sometimes created a hindrance because my assignment was to become a role model to first break through the very real barriers and those false ones created by our own inner beliefs. However, when I overcame that hurdle it catapulted me into my real life’s work; “A Modern Day

Apostle” in life, the workplace and the church. The things we are challenged by in life will often identify our purpose and leads us to the purpose for which we have come here. The wonderful thing about overcoming my challenges is that I have a wonderful relationship with my male colleagues I am accepted, respected and acknowledged by all. My gifts make the room, my faith opens the door and experience and confidence walks me through any and all adversity. I didn’t want to segregate/separate because it would defeat the purpose. I simply wanted to be who God called me to be but included as a part of the whole. I believe I have been successful in doing this because I am highly regarded by my brothers, and have paved the way and mentored many now successful women who did not think that they could become great leaders. I started by first assassinating gender prejudice within myself, I realized when we are breaking away from something we can in the process create another stigma, so I was very careful to not breakaway from the position as a challenger but simply growing out of - like a branch from a tree - becoming an extension of the tree whose roots are embedded in love and unity. So when you grow out from what you were in you do so with love, realizing that there is that something that is inside of you, the authentic you that is bigger than the challenges we face and the ideas we have. WOW: Speaking of love, does your methods of ministry alter when approaching those in an alternative lifestyle while yet standing firm on God’s word? Braithwaite: For me it is a wonderful time and opportunity, challenges come to make us grow. I speak to the whole person. So it is from that perspective that I work with people, so adding value is my purpose. My passion is to help people overcome their challenges. I support overcoming negative stigma’s and self-sabotage. When you change a consciousness, the consciousness will then change the behavior. This is a spiritual law and it works for any community.

WOW: How is God continuing to speak to you for this time? Braithwaite: I believe my voice is to remind all of us that the reward is eternal life. God created the world for us to enjoy but we must engage in responsible enjoyment and responsible pleasure. We have gotten away from the balance in the message. In ministry, I bring a voice of balance. We can enjoy and have pleasurable lives but we must have accountability. As a Life Development and Leadership coach I speak life to dead goals: I believe that you can live your dream and have your dream life and God desires it for you. I have come a long way from that seventeen year old high school dropout, teen wife and mother of a special needs child. But I still remember her, I still remember that young minister who started a ministry in her living room with seven people and whole lot of faith, I remember my faith filled mother who had a fifth grade education but a whole lot of love and support for her children, I remember my husband who believed in me and my dreams, I remember the store front preacher I was and no one knew her name, and then I am reminded of who I Am my authentic self and I keep breathing and stepping forward, taking hold to someone else’s hand walking alongside, encouraging, & motivating. That’s who I am. The pastor you can call on at any time and I do not even have to know you. The coach who will stay the course until desired results are achieved. WOW: I usually take this opportunity to close a story with my own words; however, Dr. Braithwaite’s own words remind us of compassion, acceptance and embracing and the true meaning of adding value to ourselves and others. Through her “Breathing Again” program she expresses her heart for the broken women who will read this article. I simply posed the scenario: There will be some woman dealing with a challenge that seems insurmountable; if she came to your office as a client, was sitting in the pew of your church or listened in to your Blog Talk

Breathing Again show what would you say to help her overcome? Braithwaite: The first thing I would do is hug her, listen to her story, and ask the right questions, asking the right questions helps you to connect to what is inside of someone and helps them to connect to the answers that lies within. I remember when I began the first “Breathing Again” program I was the newest member of this special group called “widows” It was a room full of hurting women including myself, I thought to myself how can I facilitate this group I had never done anything like this before, I was no marriage or relationship expert. But I remembered as the Group leader “everything rises and falls in leadership” Have compassion and add value, help people to realize what they already know, the answers are already within. So I told a story that I remembered, as I listened to each one speak about how they could not go on “There will come a day when two will be in the field, one will be taken and the other will be left. There will come a day when two will be in the bed, one will be taken and the other will be left.” Then I looked at each widow and said to the group” the one that is still left is in this room and that’s the one we will begin to focus on. You are not alone, take my hand I will walk with you, what’s to come is greater than what has been.” To the person who sits in front of me I would offer my assistance, helping her to identify roadblocks false ideals and beliefs, discover the new doors, give her insight to the tools that she already have within to turn the knob and encourage her and praise God as she moves forward. The message that speaks through my life is it works, because it worked for me. When my son died I thought it was most unjust, but the day before he died, on mother’s day, I gave my life to Jesus. And I have clung to my faith. So I add value by giving what I know, and what I know works!” Rev. Dr. Johnnie Coleman says “it works, if you work it! Note: To learn more about Dr. Joyce Braithwaite or to contact her she is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, visit WOW Fall 2015

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Fall 2015

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Dr. Antoine Jasmine

Fall 2015

| 1


Rev. Dr. Bishop

Antoine Michael Jasmine THE SERVANT OF HUMANITY.

Fall 2015

| 3


he story of Bishop Antoine Michael Jasmine is one of extraordinary faith, persistence and determination. From a very young age, Bishop Jasmine has been trained and taught on biblical principles and prophecy. He has developed into an entrepreneurial Pastor, and he has impacted people from all walks of life.

“Prophecy looks into the intention of God.”

Jasmine stated, “I was the youngest of three boys. My mom and dad raised us in the church. My mom got us involved in the church. She was involved more than my dad. He was there but my Mom was more involved. She got me involved in the music aspect of the church.” In the beginning, Jasmine got his roots at a Baptist church. He knew his ministry was not only to work with people from all walks of life but his special calling was to be a mentor and an example for African -American males. One day at a youth revival, young Antoine was called out by the Prophet who was the keynote speaker. The Prophet declared that Antoine was destined to be a Prophet to the Nations which prompted him to dedicate his entire life to serving the Kingdom as he developed his gift of prophesy and his subsequent elevation to the office of Bishop. Bishop Jasmine believes that people can learn to be a prophet. He now uses the gift of Prophecy, laying on of hands - to heal the sick and working of miracles. Bishop Jasmine has a desire one day to create a school for the prophets that would be a place where people can learn how to actually bring forth the prophetic Word of God. He has used his prophetic abilities to spread the knowledge of God and to uplift people to the next level by speaking of future events. For people to know God, they need to know the working power of God and how He can change and direct one’s life. 4

| MQ Magazine

MQ: How do you use God”s prophetic word to serve the community? JASMINE: Prophecy looks into the intention of God. These words are spoken to empower, to correct, to show something of future events. God used Prophecy to strengthen, comfort and for encouragement of all humanity. Comfort and encouragement were some of the things that I noticed that seems to be missing with the at-risk youth in the African- American communities. It was one of the motivating factors that I used to build up the poor neighborhoods with various businesses.

MQ: What are some of the Enterprises that you have established in your community. JASMINE: We own and operate several churches, a boxing ring, a fashion and talent institute, and several more businesses. We are constantly looking to see where we can develop more businesses. All that I have created I did it through faith and determination. All that I have accomplished I attribute to my relationship with God. My knowledge of God has taught me what to do including the principle of business, the importance of education and the importance of community.” MQ: So how do you carry out this assignment that God has given you? JASMINE: By developing and empowering the youth, teaching them how to have certain skills, to show them about God and God’s plan for our lives. We are

Fall 2015

| 5

setting up a barbering school to empower the men. My logic is, if they can get the skills and the opportunity, they too can have a six-figure barber shop. I teach the principles of prosperity. God said, “Beloved, I wish above all things that you would prosper and be in good health even as your soul prospers”. We are not here to live in poverty or to be sick. I am expecting to make and even greater impact in the community by raising awareness about AIDS/HIV. We desire to educate people about stopping the spread of AIDS/HIV in the community by setting up a testing site in Louisiana for HIV and encouraging the community to come out and get tested. I was given a mandate by God to create a variety of different industries. Hence, I credit everything that I have learned about creating a business to having a relationship with the Lord, reading the scriptures and the use of prophecy. MQ: So how do you empower a community? JASMINE: I believe “It is about building, it about raising the self esteem of the community. We build through 6

| MQ Magazine

principles, we build on God’s word, and we build through developing wealth and teaching wealth principles. Your first level of success is your servitude to humanity. I and my Team with God’s help have made a significant impact on the African American community. We have assisted young men in posting bail and getting out of jail, we have helped them pay for school, get uniforms, and pay for school books. Our Organization has gotten lawyers for at risk youth who have had to appear before judges whose purpose was to ensure them a fair trial. We serve in any way possible to make an impact in the community and to empower the world at large. I am the first to admit that I too have made mistakes. So I can relate and connect with the young men who have made mistakes but now they are looking to make a change. With the forgiveness of God and proper instructions, I know these young men can turn their lives around. MQ: God said, “I know my plans for you and they are to prosper you” How do you interpret His plans for you? JASMINE: I know that I am a General, executing a divine plan. My God given plan is to create. It is to create with God’s plan in mind. It is to create with community in mind. It is to create to benefit and serve on all levels and capacities. The big picture in this God given plan is to solidify the future of the community by investing in the at-risk youth, building community businesses and creating a solid mentorship program. Many more great things are on the horizon for me even to the mandate that will propel me into a visitation with President Obama at the Whitehouse. I must continue to be a beacon for a better community and a bright future. MQ



erny Dohrmann is a “Men of WEALTH MAKER”. As Founder and Chairman of CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL, Berny was acknowledged by Forbes On Line Magazine which defined CEO SPACE as the # 1 conference a business owner can simply not afford to miss in 2015. Berny’s work with making MEN OF WEALTH is legend across so many spaces. Fall 2015

| 7

Berny suggests Men of Wealth are not working for money. They are working in service to benefit humanity.

Berny has coached the most famous coaches on earth, including Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Mark Hansen, Greg Reid, Bob Proctor, Michael Beckworth, Rev. Freddie Haines, T. Harv Eker, Dan Clark, John Gray and too many to name here. World Famous Les Brown says Berny is a living miracle worker. Berny denies he is owed any of the credit. He suggests, he trains CEO’s and that they do all the work. He points to Elvis Presley’s step brother David Stanley, now head of Impello Films. He notes the education he and CEO SPACE provides helped David Stanley learn how to raise money and develop his film studio. Now making multiple films in the GROWNG UP GRACELAND SERIES, David has mastered how to raise capital. Millions upon millions have been successfully raised by Impello Films. Recently Berny set up mentorship for another Academy Award film producer Phil Goldfine, helping him discover entire new channels for raising film financing. Berny invited Barnett Bain of Hollywood, who won Academy Awards for Robin Williams last film - WHAT DREAMS MAY COME - to coach teens at the CEO SPACE TEEN CLASS. Berny is not only about men of wealth but about teens of Wealth providing 30 years of Teen Excellence in entrepreneur education. Berny notes he is now working with Military firms like DEFTECK to advance a new exit program, where half of our Military Vets desire to own a business versus work in a business but lack the skills and network to make that desire a reality. Berny is advancing a military exit program to rapidly develop the entrepreneur SELF EMPLOYMENT option for our nations Veterans as they return from duty. VETS of Wealth is a next channel that Berny is working upon. The founder of ACT software, heading up a new software launch now on line 8

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called ORBTIZ suggests Berny’s coaching has been invaluable over years of this launch to market. One of the Priceline. com founders, Jeff Hoffman attended CEO SPACE as faculty to support Berny’s work in advancing Men of Wealth joining Jeff in mentoring future men of Wealth like Jeff already has become. Hyrum Smith of Franklin Covey Fame, launching his new book “THE GAP” leaned on Berny for future wealth making. Berny explains getting off a coaching call with a CEO from Israel today, that he doesn’t seek of MEN OF WEALTH rather men of wealth seek him out. I think ( says Berny ) that the fact I volunteer, I don’t take fee’s or making anything from my advice and coaching impresses CEO’s of hyper Growth firms that they can trust me. Also serving the leading mentors and coaches alive, keeps you fresh, current, and sharpens your ax for that next swipe at life. I don’t think of myself as the best of anything or the leading person in anything. I think of myself as a more applied student and a master learner. I’m always seeking my own next mentorship. When people praise me I get a little confused as to why they are doing that. I think of myself as harder working but not particularly special or gifted. Anyone can do what I do they just need some training exposure. My own worth and value is a product of my mentors and I owe those mentors passing it along. We live within a model of values my father taught his nine children - learn earn and RETURN. I get to be around a lot of men (and

equal number of LADIES of Wealth). I love learning from them as much as addressing issues they may desire from me. That rare circle, keeps you razor sharp and always current to the SUPER CHANGE markets we reside within today. Most individuals spend their lives like a river of opportunity squandered over the dam. They spill way their life away on life plans of income versus wealth. The ladies and gentlemen of Wealth, have arrived at door number two. They KNOW and the LEARNED how to operate within wealth plans versus income plans. Wealth plans are designed to effect and benefit more people. Income plans benefit less numbers of people. Lives can be spent (Berny suggests) being far too busy making a Fortune than to deploy any remaining time to struggle to earn a living. Becoming too busy earning a fortune than to give any of your life time to struggle and earning a living. Berny suggests Men of Wealth are not working for money. They are working in service to benefit humanity. Their focus is massive service to their customers. By focusing on what others need and want everything you ever could desire becomes acquired. Adopt your own wealth plan and trade in your income plans forever. AT CEO SPACE we teach wealth planning, which is why so many register as lifetime members. Berny’s final tips include his mantra …if you don’t own it don’t do it….if you don’t love it don’t do it. Life is your only wealth card. Don’t play that card on anything less than a LIFE THAT THRILLS YOU says the global MEN OF WEALTH MAKER (and ladies as well ). HOW DOES IT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS ? Contact me and find out at: Berny Dohrmann Chairman, 256 850 4712 -cell 814 490 6531, http:bernyd. com - latest book link, Blog: https://www., bernydohrmann@ MQ

What do these two men have in common?


Wealth Creation through Acquiring Assets Delivering Value to the Market Place FROM THE UNEMPLOYMENT LINE TO OWNING TWO MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR COMPANIES WITHIN 4 YEARS Now He Wants To Share The Wealth. Byron Belka has planted the seeds of greatness in his mind even in his time of desperation. As a visionary and a dreamer, he has demonstrated this twice. First, he purchased and acquired a bankrupt company’s assets with an “impact category” creator wellness product line containing seed based nutrition featuring Black Cumin Seed. And second, his vision happened on August 16, 2015 by acquiring another multimillion network marketing company with 45,000 distributors bases called Serenigy . Along with its founder Jay Nolan an international trainer and million dollar earner and CEO, this merger will jump start Rain International into 45 additional countries and instantly increased Rain International mar-


The Secret to Wealth Creation Is Acquiring Income Generating Assets 20% OF PRESENT AND FUTURE MILLIONAIRES HAS BEEN AND WILL BE CREATED IN THE HOME BASED NETWORK MARKETING INDUSTRY” BUT IS IT FOR YOU? A good example of this wealth creation principle is the announcement of Rain International acquiring on August 16, 2015, SerniGy a network marketing company that sells nutraceuticals, increasing Rain’s stability and worth in the global market as well as growing its distributor base by thousands overnight Jay Noland, self-made millionaire starting with humble beginning in the home based business direct sales industry 20 years ago. Jay is the founder and CEO of SerniGY Jay joins Rain International Board of Directors and was appointed Global Master Trainer. Rain International is one of the fastest growing network marketing companies in the industry. Rain currently operates full scale corporate infrastructures supporting over 20 Countries. Rain Fall 2015

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keting team by several thousands business partners worldwide with a few click of a mouse The Rain International marketing team, launched in Utah on September 14, 2014 in the United States. Rain International is looking for new marketing partners worldwide to tell the story of its success and to share in weekly and daily profits. Rain International provides a unique seed based wellness products to the world. Their products include Soul Black Seed to rebuild the cells in the body; Core Black Seed Green Drink to detox the body; and Form to build muscles and eliminate fat. Total Rain offers a total nutritional system plus additional products. With more than 10 years of extensive experience in network marketing, Byron Belka started from the ground floor and rose to the industry’s elite class of millionaire status. He is well known for helping the average person to create wealth with his successful business building systems. Byron has been involved with numerous nutritional supplements over the years, but never before has experienced anything as powerful in wellness than a new category created called “seed base nutrition” that features the 3000 year old Black Cumin Seed. His vision to help the world to discover what seeds have to offer is a major driving force behind the success of the bankrupt company he purchase in 2009, Rain Nutrition In an industry where it is difficult to do the right thing and win, Byron Belka has without a doubt achieve this goal. Starting out several years ago as a distributor for a network marketing company, Byron exceeded reaching the top leadership rank with an earnings of $80,000 a month. Once he achieved success in the Home Based Business industry his journey took him over to Asia where he soon became a distributor for a network marketing company. Here is where he discover the healing formula called Soul that contained the Black Cumin Seed. Byron eventual purchase the asset of the company and on Saturday 20, 2012 he launched this healing formula, Soul in the United States. As of today, Byron has launched in additional countries. Mr. Belka is in search of future millionaire to join his company. To join the movement, contact Dr. Ali Yasin who was award the “Rain Maker of the Year Award” from Rain International and Women of Wealth Magazine. Dr. Yasin is a top producer and executive director with Rain International in the North East Region. Position yourself to benefit from a concept and a product that will revolutionize the world of health care. Contact Dr. “Go Rich Mind” Ali Yasin, (646)773-5879 or Office (201)579-3342 facebook/goaliyasin. Visit www.AssetControlledWealth.Com to register for your free secret money making formula to building Asset Controlled Wealth plus a link to instant access to Asset Controlled Wealth Gold Fast Track Builder. This gives you immediately access to overrides on all our approximate 100,000 Rain International partners worldwide and instant access to weekly profit sharing pools from the moment you register at ID Number 150825. If you are not earning $10,000 a month we need to talk daily webinars register at MQ 10

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International has posted sales of over $10 Million in 2012, over $20 Million in 2013, over $30 Million in 2014, and is paced to hit $60 Million in 2015! Rain has already created several millionaires in the International markets throughout Asia and Europe. Now through acquiring SerniGy, Rain International is bringing a major focus to the North American, South American, and Central American markets. Due to SereniGy’s extensive international network (available for business in over 40 countries), the collaboration is a powerful combination. Jay Noland is formerly and still co-founder of another 5 year old multi-million dollar network marketing company. Jay sponsored the top income earner the company he co-founded . With Jay Noland training system one of his trainee in the company he co-found is now earning 1,000,000 a month plus created over 26 millionaires within 5 years under the initial training of Jay Nolan. Mr. Noland was able to build sales organization totaling more than 200, 000 in his network marketing career. He has a background in mortgage banking and brokerage industry. Your benefit, due to Rain International acquiring SereniGy’s extensive international network (with office and business licenses in over 40 countries), this collaboration can be powerful for anyone with an entrepreneur desire to share in the profits by becoming a Rain International “Asset Controlled Wealth” partner, you will be train by Jay Nolan Rain International newly appointed Global Master Trainer . Mr. Nolan has also partnered with the world’s largest interactive virtual training company, LightSpeedVT which brings additional world class training platforms to Rain International. Rain’s products and philosophy is based on “Seed Nutrition” which is the most powerful form of nutrition available in the world. By acquiring the assets of SereniGY growing its distributor base by thousands overnight! You can benefit by taking advantage of our Executive level entry packages available with immediately profit sharing. Join the life style of the rich and not so famous today and jump start your six figure residual income channel. 646 773 5879 Dr. GoRichMind For more information, visit; and email If you are not earning 10,000 a month in residual income, call me. We need to talk. MQ

Asset Controlled Wealth Specialist The timeless proverb, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”, still holds true today. Dr. Ali Yasin, founder and host of The Billionaire Mastermind Forum, adds, “Teach him how to buy the pond and sell fish. He will get rich selling fish and leave a legacy of wealth for is family.” Dr. Yasin believes that there are universal wealth principles that can be applied by anyone. He states, “I’ve spent the past 30 years of my life utilizing these principles, and today we offer an online university and community, teaching principles of asset-controlled wealth via our BMF online prosperity network.” Dr. “Go Rich Mind” Ali Yasin teaches how to become a residual income millionaire within 90 days through a concept he developed call Asset Controlled Wealth through Home Based Business Network Marketing. Do you want to develop the mindset of a residual income billionaire or millionaire? On March 2, 2015 Forbes Magazine released its annual World’s Billionaires list, which tracks all of the planet’s 10-figure fortunes. Overall it was a good year for billionaires. Below highlights some statistics on the richest wealthy people in the world. • There were 290 newcomers, bringing the total number of billionaires to 1,826 with an aggregate wealth of $7.05 trillion. • There are seven billion people on the planet, and only 1, 826 are billionaires.


Is it possible for you to become the next billionaire or millionaire? Perhaps you just want to develop a comfortable life style. Well Dr. “Go Rich Mind” Ali Yasin teaches the principles of the world wealthiest billionaires and millionaires daily through a live radio broadcast with the goal of inspire


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others to Join the ranks of the top 1%. Dr. “Go Rich Mind” believes through co-collaboration, two or more can join together and apply the principles of asset controlled wealth accumulation. His philosophy is rooted in the principle of “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve” by Napoleon Hill. Here are ten secrets tips for building wealth that Dr. Yasin has discover from studying and teaching the mindset of billionaires and millionaires. 1. Be motivated beyond just making money. The driving force behind wealth-creation is the ability to be a dreamer and have a vision. Every billionaire or millionaire has vividly seen their dream in their mind’s eye before their dream became reality. Dr. Dennis Kimbro sums it up best in his book, The Wealth Choice: Success Secrets of Black Millionaires, You see things twice. first in your mind’s eye, then in the physical. One of the greatest examples of the 20th century is Mark Zuckenburg, founder of Facebook. He started with $35 used to register the domain name, He then borrowed $1,000 from his roommate and then an additional $16,000 within 90 days. Zuckerman was offered $1,000,000 within 3 years and later offered 1 billion dollars and turn it down. His goal was not to make money, but to change the world. 2. Be driven by passion and purpose. It’s perfectly okay if you didn’t pursue astronomy or car sales, assuming they were great opportunities. Why? Because those were not the paths fit for your true passions. Dr. Yasin knows that in order to make a difference he needed to commit to doing what he loved. Because of his passion, he wanted to leave the world in a better place and to fulfill his purpose. 3. Don’t settle for anything less than excellent. Excellence is a standard or staple for success. Excellence is not about being perfect or without error. It’s a resolve to show up daily as the best you, giving your best and sharing your best. Excellence is a prerequisite to greatness. 4. Give more than you receive. This is an extremely important principle in wealth creation. This is an abundance mindset principle, and when applied, garners great results. Start out by giving of your time, energy, and knowledge, which gets multiplied as you provide solutions for the marketplace. 5. Think asset-controlled wealth accumulation. Dating back to biblical times, even in the days of the ancient pharaohs and kings, you will discover tremendous wealth power in what I call “asset-controlled wealth.” It simply means that your asset acquisitions are the driving force to accumulate wealth in order to establish and carry out your legacy. The Billionaire and Millionaire Wealth Accumulation is a simple formula of leveraging Money, Time, Energy and Knowledge (MTEK). Creating wealth is not a solo act, wealth creation is mastermind team effort. 6. The Secret of a Billionaire Mindset. Follow your intuition and embrace risk. Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, is a prime example of this secret tip. During his early college years, he 12

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dropped his classes and took a class in calligraphy. His intuition to take this class prepared him for creation and software design of the infamous Apple computer that has changed the landscape of technology. Steve Jobs soon realized his fascination with computers and started his dream from the family garage. His passion allowed him to leverage numerous of risks. His efforts has rewarded and revolutionized the world. 7. Take action to avoid distraction. There are many excuses that could have been used for many of the successful people we read about. They could have allowed excuses to dictate their fate. It’s important to train your mindset and take the necessary steps toward your goals. Action is an automatic deterrent for distraction. 8. Quitting must never be an option. There are thousands of stories about successful people who never gave up, even in the midst of extreme adversity. Cathy Hughes started the largest African American-owned and operated broadcast company in the U.S. She became the first African American woman to head a publicly traded company. Today, Cathy Hughes’ Radio one, a Washington, D.C.- based corporation, has 53 stations in 16 urban markets. As the company’s CEO, Hughes’ rise from teen mom to media mogul didn’t come easily. Starting out at Howard University’s radio station in the 1970s, she had the opportunity in 1980 to buy a radio station with her husband. The business suffered after previous employees destroyed the station and her marriage ended. She lost her home but refused to give up her company. She and her son slept on the floor of the radio station until she finally turned the business around. Quitting is never an option for the wealth-driven. 9. All Billionaire and Millionaire apply “The Cosmic Habit Force Law of Attraction”. This principles has allow all great mind of wealth to accumulate riches by delivering value the market place 10. All Billionaires and Millionaires are clear on their life plan first. Once they have clear sight of their life’s plan, they create a business plan , establish goals and focus on providing service to their customers in exchange for the wealth they will earn. If you are not earning $10,000 a month residual income, we need to talk. Call me. Dr. Yasin presently has a marketing and sales company focused on seed based wellness and the health care industry. He is looking for new partners to join him in sharing the concept of Asset Controlled Wealth. By servicing the trillion dollar health care industry and the billion dollar Home Based Business industry with Black Seed Nutritional System. This system helps to detox the body and build muscles For more information, contact call Dr. Ali Yasin (646) 773- 5879 mobile; ( Office 201) 579- 3342 office;; MQ

Dr. Linell King, MD


r. Linell King, MD is an internal medicine physician. He received his medical degree from the University of Wisconsin in 1997 and completed his residency at The Johns Hopkins University Sinai Hospital Program of Internal Medicine in 2000. He served as a fellow with the National Center for Health Behavioral Change in Baltimore, Maryland. After living simultaneously in Virginia, California and Naples for a spell, King eventually settled exclusively in Naples, where he currently resides. Fall 2015

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“On average, illnesses and diseases are approximately 40% advanced in your body before you ever experience your first symptom.”

Dr. King, is easily one of the Most Wellness-Focused Physician in Naples. When asked, what makes Dr. King, so different from other physicians here in America? We have reached the conclusion that it is his focus on wellness rather than disease. And that’s a paradigm shift in thinking. What he’s managed to accomplish in his work is to identify the essential principles of wellness and vitality that we all need to live life to the fullest. He then provides a method for incorporating those essential principles into your life in simple and sustainable ways. Dr. King’s best-selling book, Mastering


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Vitality: 7 Simple & Sustainable Steps to Lose Weight, Live Pain Free, Energize Your Life & Gain Power is perhaps one of the most important books you will ever read. Vitality is what we all want. It’s living life with energy, being strong, full of life and able to do everything you want to do. But in fact, most of us are living lifestyles

that are actually leading to disease. King gives this sobering statistic, “On average, illnesses and diseases are approximately 40% advanced in your body before you ever experience your first symptom.” That means, right now, the choices that you’re making are already impacting your future. Are you going to wait until you experience a crisis and a diagnosis before you do something, or are you interested in taking care of yourself now? Dr. King keeps active by doing things he enjoys. Most likely, you already know you need to do something about your body. You just aren’t able to enjoy life the way you want to. Maybe your clothes don’t feel comfortable. Maybe you can’t go out and

Fall 2015

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“Some cancers, such as those that affect children, are hard to explain. But most cancers are preventable through proper care of the body.” do certain things because you’re not in good enough shape. Maybe your weight is stopping you from enjoying life in a number of ways. And if that’s true, you know that what’s going on inside your body can’t be good. You’ve got to do something, because the consequences of doing nothing are disastrous. You will end up with one disease or another. Eventually, you will end up in the ground. Heart disease, diabetes and cancer* are all preventable diseases. But that means your destiny is in your hands–so that gives you the power to determine your future. We wondered why Dr. King has such a passion for delivering his message of wellness and vitality to people. We see him speaking everywhere, to people of all ages–adults, children, senior citizens. His story is a personal one, and goes back to his own father, Richard Clinton King, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. At the time, Dr. King was in his residency at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. When he learned of his father’s diagnosis, he immediately took a leave of absence to be with his family, knowing that the prognosis for pancreatic cancer was not good. He took his father to an optimal wellness clinic in San Diego, and while they were there, 16

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King learned more about health and wellness than he had in all his four years of medical school. Some cancers, such as those that affect children, are hard to explain. But most cancers are preventable through proper care of the body. In 2012, Dr. King did a business and life mastery world tour with Anthony Robbins. While on the spiritual aspect of this journey, Dr. King traveled to Oneness University near Chennai, India, where he gathered with people of all faiths including Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, as well as agnostics. There he developed a respect for the universal need in all of us to connect with something greater than ourselves, our spiritual nature, our longing for the Divine. He travels regularly throughout the world, sharing his message of wellness and vitality. King enjoys boating, water-skiing and anything to do with the water; he also is an avid snow-skier, and he loves dancing, especially salsa dancing. Dr. King has two children, Nigel and Nylah, whom he adores. You can order Mastering Vitality from Amazon, Follow Dr. King on his Facebook page: Dr. Linell King, and see his column quarterly in Women Of Wealth Magazine. MQ

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