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Utah Teen is the second version of my original East Texas Teen magazine. With the help of my best friend Amber Kendall, I was able to expand to Utah. I have met overwhelming support here and wish to express my gratitude, especially to Dave Tucker. Thank you to all those on the scene and behind the scenes who worked so hard and gave freely of your time and talents to make this issue happen. My goal is to celebrate teens for their contributions to society. They are great because they choose to be. My hope is for the magazine to inspire readers to achieve great things in their lives and to know that anything is possible if you dare to dream. You don’t have to be a supermodel or musically or theatrically talented to be a star. You are a star for who you choose to be, and that makes you beautiful! I hope you enjoy this issue and have a fabulous summer!



inthisissue: PUBLISHER/Editor: Heather Nielson Assistant to the Editor: Amber Kendall Graphic designer: Fran Sherman Graphic artist: Gordon Nielson Staff writers: Diana Maness, Brandy Flanagan, Carrie Dawson, Brook Hammond, Sarah Ratliff Contributing writers: Selicia Reyes, KaceyEve Stickel, Rachael Domingo Sales assistants: Amber Kendall, Seffy Goodbar Lead fashion photographer: Dave Tucker Photographer’s assistant: Clint Carver Video guru: McKay Hardy Key makeup artist: Carrie Dawson Lead hair stylist: Tatyana Thompson Wardrobe stylist/assistant hair stylist: Heather Davis Makeup provided by BH Cosmetics

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5 steps to healthy eating Fitness Fun in the Summertime

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Selicia Reyes, 15, is a

sophomore at Manti High School where she is the Secretary for the Sophomore Class. She is a member of

National Honor Society, the Student Council, and also a member of Manti High School Girl’s Soccer Team, Manti High School Girl’s Basketball Team, Speech and Debate, Orchestra, and Concert Choir. Selicia is also bilingual - she has helped Latinos in her community by helping young students with their homework and helping Hispanic adults fill out job applications. Selicia has also helped in her community by participating in community clean up. She is active in her church and participates in musical programs.

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hroughout the world, leadership has changed people’s lives in different ways. It is kind of like a pathway you choose, whether to be the follower or to be the leader. In my life, I have experienced both. A follower can be like a fan. You watch and admire what the leader or celebrity does. You are able to understand their decisions. But sometimes it may discourage you on what they do. That was how it felt in 7th grade. I felt that I could put in double the effort than the class officers we had during that year. I felt that I could have done many more fun activities that others would enjoy. That was when I decided to run for 8th grade office. The beginning of my real leadership was when I had the incredible opportunity to be the 8th grade secretary in middle school (Ephraim Middle School). During the time that I was in the student council, I learned how to be involved and be active. Not just in school, but also outside in the community. I got to be creative and to be involved with everything to show that there can be fun in and out of school. We planned a lot, and we worked hard for the students so that they could have fun. Out in the community I helped people just by babysitting their kids after school or helping them fill out job applications. Leadership is needed anywhere in order to advance. It can be frightening when you are the one giving the speech and having many eyes on you, but it is rewarding because your voice is being heard. I have also been in the situation of leadership in the Mexican teenage girls in my community. I was team captain and it was me who had to give the advice and lead them to victory in our soccer team. Part of being a good leader is to be able to give good speeches. During my first year in high school I took a Speech and Debate class. On the third day of class I had to give a speech to the whole class for three minutes. Those three minutes were the longest minutes of my life because I was so nervous. At the end of the year, my teacher told me that I had become a better speech giver and that I didn’t use the words we, like and um a lot as I had at the beginning of the year. So that class was rewarding. Next year, I will be captain in the areas of oratory and extemporaneous argumentation and I am looking forward to it. The best part of leadership is the experience that you get from it. You get to learn how to interact with people better and learn how to understand them. I also have the opportunity to find out how to use my creativeness more in school and in my community. The change that someone needs can be in the hands of a good leader. {ut}

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steps to eating healthy By Diana Maness Owner, Culinary Crossroads


Fun in the summertime

By Brandy Flanagan LPSN, CPT, Gym 101 Fitness Center

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Eat about every 3 hours starting with breakfast. Eat breakfast about 30-45 minutes after waking up. After all, it is called “Breaking the Fast”. Pretend that your body is a campfire. In the morning you start the day by building a fire. You want to feed the fire every few hours to keep its energy going. Otherwise, if you leave it alone and come back several hours later, the fire will be out and you will have no energy. By eating every 2-3 hours, it also levels out the spikes your blood sugar causes and helps prevent stress on your arteries. Don’t skip breakfast. Morning fiber and protein help control afternoon cravings. Start your day with a bowl of ¾ Kashi cereal or oatmeal and ½ cup milk, 2-3 egg whites and a ½ cup of fresh berries. This will not only give you the perfect start to the day, but it will help you prevent the afternoon sleep attack so many people suffer from. Eat till you are full. If this isn’t enough, have more; just stop when you are satisfied, not stuffed. By using proper portions, you will start with the right amount for your body and most likely be completely satisfied the first time. Don’t think of eating healthy as a diet. It’s more like training wheels to help you discover your appetite’s natural balance. This should be an everyday choice. And by eating healthy every day, it will help prevent any serious problems in the future such as high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and so many other problems people face today. Thirsty? Drink juice in the morning, and water, water, water all day!

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Summertime means fun in the sun! Don’t spend your days inside facebooking, texting, and watching TV. Get outside and MOVE. Staying active is a sure way of getting and staying in shape. One summertime activity that burns lots of calories is swimming. Now, I don’t mean riding around on a float, but actually swimming. You can swim laps, play water volleyball, or any other fun games you and your friends can come up with. Use your imagination, that wonderful tool that you used to have before video and facebook games. Another great activity is riding your bike. You know, the two wheel thing sitting in your garage. Go ahead and dust it off and air up those tires and get rolling. I promise you will have fun. What about going for a walk with your girlfriends as you talk about the latest Twilight movie? There are many activities to get your body in shape this summer. As with all exercises, there are some precautions that you and your friends should follow. Now, I know that you gals want to work on your tans, but make sure and use a sunscreen to protect yourself against overexposure in the sun. Also, make sure to stay hydrated. If you are going to be exercising for longer than an hour outdoors, then you need to hydrate with a sports drink containing electrolytes. If you are exercising in shorter time periods, then H2O is the way to go. The time of day you exercise is very important. Try to do your outdoor exercising either early in the morning or closer to sunset. Avoid the hottest hours of the day. Your nutrition for summer should consist of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, nuts, and an occasional snocone or ice cream. It’s all about balance! Eat lots of the good, healthy stuff, and a little of the “summer treats.” With lots of imagination, the right safety precautions, and healthy foods, your summer and your body are sure to shape up with fun in the sun. Email me with any of your fitness and nutrition questions at


r e p m i t m su n care ski


hair KaceyEve Stickel, Expert Hair Stylist at Gatsby Salon in Green Brook, NJ gives you step-by-step tips and tricks to perfecting your own natural wave style! 1. Apply a volumizing or thickening spray on damp hair and finger dry hair to give volume and a more tousled look. 2. With a medium round brush, blow out the bangs sweeping softly to desired side. 3. Touch up hair with 1 1/2” barrel curling iron by taking large sections. Small sections will make a tighter curl instead of a wave. 4. Apply a small amount of shine serum to hands then flip head over and run fingers through hair. 5. Finish with a hairspray to hold the look throughout your evening.

dations. You cannot flip through the channels on your TV without seeing a commercial for various mineral makeup lines. Did you know that, YES, they can help your skin in the summer? Mineral foundations naturally have sunscreen in them. This will help protect your face from the sun while still helping to even out your complexion. Sun protection helps prevent or lessen scarring from breakouts. Direct sun on any wound can cause it to scar or scar worse than if they are kept out of the sun. Mineral foundations can even prevent summer breakout! Natural minerals have been shown they can be healthy for the skin. They help to naturally absorb oils which helps keep those oils from clogging the pores. When looking for a mineral foundation, make sure to avoid the following ingredients: talc, Parafum Liquidum (also known as mineral oil or baby oil), and petroleum (also known as petrolatum or Vaseline). All of these ingredients are known to cause clogged pores and bad breakouts, and many people are allergic to these ingredients. An allergic reaction is a very common cause for breakout. NO, you are not allergic to makeup but just a few of the ingredients in the makeup. You want to become a label reader. Just because something says natural or mineral does not mean that the product does not have talc or other ingredients in it. So yes, makeup can be good for your skin in many ways - sunscreen to protect and prevent problems, and properties that help and heal the skin. Oh yes, and one more thing! A natural powder foundation does not look, feel or cause the problems so many other foundations can in the heat of the summer. Now what’s not to love about wearing a foundation all summer long? —Written By Carrie Dawson Professional Celebrity Fashion & Movie Makeup Artist

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FLEX HOLD CLEAR FINISH HAIR SPRAY Standard hair care products can exacerbate overproduction of oil, clogging pores, contributing to the creation of new acne or inflaming existing breakouts. The Kairos Acne Care Solutions Hair System provides salon-quality hair care benefits without the acne-irritating side effects of typical hair care. $26,

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Write an essay of approximately 500 words on a topic of your choice. Semi-finalists will be published in each issue for the year. All essays are due August 1, 2010 and are judged by David Rosier - Associate Professor of English, Snow College in Ephraim, UT. The winner will receive clothing, beauty products, a hair makeover, personalized skin care and makeup instruction, and will be featured as a cover model in August 2011!

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. . . u o st y

e b e h be t classy & fabulous.

Brook Hammond is an attorney and the senior partner in a personal injury law firm of Hammond & Hammond LLP. She earned the title of being the first woman in Nevada to be crowned both Miss Nevada Teen USA (1991) and Miss Nevada USA (1995).

Coco Chanel said that “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” She did NOT say that every woman should be stick skinny, have perfect skin, dress in expensive clothes, have a certain hair color, or be with the perfect guy… Every girl can be classy and fabulous at any age, and it is something that you get to define. Think about it—you know girls that are classy and fabulous, you know it when you see it. She walks into the room with a confidence and style that is all her own. She doesn’t apologize for who she is or feel badly about defending what she knows to be right. She is always a lady. A girl who is classy and fabulous is always on the lookout to better herself. Caring about your looks is not vain when you are simply trying to be the best you. Do you feel embarrassed if someone sees your ragged nails? Have someone teach you how to care for them. Walk up to the makeup counters at the mall and ask for one tip each time you go, and then experiment! Pick someone that you think has it together and use her example as a jumping off point in becoming better yourself. Being classy and fabulous is not about being someone else, though. It is about being the best you that you can offer the world.

‘to do’ Have fun! Serve! Grow together! Strengthen friendships!

by Sarah Ratliff

p e i t e t t e et

• Take a card game like ‘Uno’ or ‘Skip-bo’ to a local retirement community or home. See how many elderly people you can round up for a tournament. Maybe you could provide medals from the dollar store for the winners too! They will love you and maybe pinch your cheeks for taking time for them. • Go Ice blocking! This is a great way to cool off. Find a nice grassy hill at a school or community park. Get blocks of ice from a local grocer or gas station. Ride or race the blocks down the hill for a thrilling good time!

t u t e t q u i e t q eetiiqu t e

The first thing you should do when you sit down to eat is put your napkin in your lap. When you get up, put it neatly on the table by your plate and back in your lap when you sit down again. When you are finished eating, put it neatly next to the plate, but do not refold it.

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Rachael Domingo


Torn water, stone light pressing falling held, invisible, vital... Words turn into images, turn into emotion, threads combine to hold the magic of being. Hi, I am Rachael Domingo, the flesh behind Vital By Design. I enjoy creating environments for the human form to abide in that provoke and inspire us. I believe our personal fashion is as much a language as the spoken word. Fabric presents itself an adjective or musical note, waiting proper placement, engagement, song riddle and rhyme.

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love the constant movement of the fashion industry. I was born with a raging passion for elegance and elevated beauty; drawing dresses, high heels etc. from the time I could hold a pencil. The wall by my bed was constantly plastered with new images of women flaunting my new creations. At age 18 I left my family in Salt Lake City, Utah to pursue my degree in fashion design from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, CA. Graduating Magma Cum Laude from FIDM in 2002, I returned to Salt Lake accepting a scholarship from the University of Utah to further study fine art, (an equal love). After earning a BFA in Illustration/Fine Art, I was hired to work as a pattern maker, and then assistant designer for Jared Gold in Salt Lake City. Under the direction of Jared Gold I played a leading role in the growth of the company including international manufacturing management, the execution of four major collections, the creation of five retail locations, and numerous side projects including featured designer on America’s Next Top Model (cycle 6), and costumes for the WWE girls for the Timbaland and Hives music video collaboration ‘06. After the dismemberment of Jared Gold’s design team and the Black Chandelier in 2007, I have worked freelance for the “High School Musical” costume department and as an instructor for the Fashion Design program at SLCC, UT. I also represent Attire India, full service apparel, hard and soft goods manufacturer in New Deli, India.* My goal is to eventually introduce my own label. I have had incredible experiences working for others, and now I am ready to let the bird out of the cage and show the earth just how much I’m into this vein of work. Get ready to fall in love with it! (For information about purchasing the clothing in this editorial, contact Rachael at 801-674-0769.)

Marissa McCarty Talent Agency Salt Lake City, UT

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