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d gs cats Texas

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children andpets:


The Benefits and Risks



d gs cats Texas


hether they want it to bark, purr, slither or squawk, there comes a time when a pet appears on nearly every child’s birthday wish list. For most parents, this decision can be a bit daunting. Is your child ready to take on the responsibility of caring for a pet? Will the new animal negatively affect his or her health? Though your child may think your wary attitude is unnecessary, these are valid questions for every parent to ask themselves and their family before welcoming a new pet into their home. “The first thing that you need to think of is if your children are old enough and responsible enough to handle a pet around the house,” said Dr. Mark Stickney, Clinical Associate Professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences. “You also need to be aware of the temperament of the new pet that you’re bringing in.” Low maintenance animals, such as hamsters and fish, prove to be great starter pets for children. They require minimal amounts of time and care, introducing the child to the responsibilities of pet ownership without giving them more than they can manage. Of course, puppies and kittens are always crowd pleasers as well. Their high energy level and love for attention makes them the perfect child companion. But what about when little Bobby begs for that snake at the pet store? “With animals like lizards and snakes, their care and feeding requirements can be a bit tricky as far as humidity, temperature etc.,” Stickney said. “These animals also eat other animals for food, which may be upsetting to some children. Depending on their age and maturity, that might be something beyond a child’s

{March 2014}

Low maintenance animals, such as hamsters and fish, prove to be great starter pets for children. They require minimal amounts of time and care, introducing the child to the responsibilities of pet ownership without giving them more than they can manage. ability to handle.” When choosing a family pet, it is also important to take into consideration your children’s sensitivity to various allergens. “One of the first things that you need to do is consult with your physician,” said Stickney. “If your child is allergic to pollen or some sort of grass that an animal could track into the house, an indoor animal such as a cat would be a non-issue.” However, if your children still have their heart set on that fluffy puppy, there are certainly ways to accommodate their desires. “Some dog breeds, such as Poodles and Yorkies, are considered to be less allergenic than others based on the amount of fur that they shed,” Stickney said. “And there is even evidence to support that infants exposed to animals earlier in life are less likely to develop allergies later on.” Allowing your children to

care for a pet is not all risk. Having a pet in your family has shown to be equally beneficial for both the animal and child. “Dogs especially really enjoy having someone to play with them, teach them tricks, and do some basic obedience training,” said Stickney. “It’s mentally stimulating for both the dog and child, which can improve discipline on both ends.” Research has shown numerous health benefits of owning a pet, including lower blood pressure and elevated mood. There is even evidence to support that interaction between pets and children with disabilities, such as Down’s syndrome or Autism, is extremely beneficial. “The key is that you need to have a nice, docile pet,” Stickney said. “One that isn’t too active or rough, but that just wants to be loved on and to love right back.”





and their


ecorated Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell was the only survivor of a 2005 mission in Afghanistan. He is considered the “Lone Survivor” because the mission was the largest loss of life in Seal history. Upon returning from combat, Luttrell received a Labrador retriever named D.A.S.Y. to help him cope with the loss of his teammates. D.A.S.Y., who died in 2009, was an acronym named after the first letter in the names of Luttrell’s fallen teammates.



d gs cats Texas

Dogs can help those veterans who have psychological and emotional problems, physical disabilities, and those who need help transitioning back into civilian life. Luttrell is just one example of veterans receiving help and support from dogs to help them transition into civilian life and if they have disabilities upon returning from the military. Transitioning back into civilian life can be an extremely stressful situation for many veterans. Dr. Jean Rubanick, veterinary resident instructor at Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, said these dogs can help make the switch back to civilian life easier for veterans. “When a veteran returns from combat they have to transition back to the civilian world,” Rubanick, an Army veterinarian, said. “This can be very stressful for many of them. When a veteran is given a dog, they have a partner that they can depend on and something that depends on them.” Dogs often offer emotional support for the veterans with problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder, which is common among veterans after witnessing or experiencing a traumatic event. “They offer emotional support for servicemen and women dealing with combat stress, home front issues, and sleep disorders,” Rubanick said. While people can be judgmental, dogs provide a nonjudgmental presence for the veteran, allowing them to open up more with the presence of the dog. “Veterans and active duty service members are reported to speak longer and have more meaningful discussions with mental health professionals when the dogs are present,” she added. These dogs can also be trained to assist wounded warriors by helping them do tasks such as retrieve items, open and close doors, and turn off and on lights. Many veterans have nightmares and can have a dog that is trained to wake them from the dream. “Some dogs are even trained to recognize when a veteran is going to have a panic attack or seizure,” Rubanick said. Although some veterans may buy or adopt a dog, there are numerous nonprofit organizations with missions dedicated to training and donating dogs to veterans. One nonprofit organization, Patriot Paws, described its mission “to train and provide service dogs of their highest quality at no cost to disabled American veterans and others with mobile disabilities in order to help restore their physical and emotional independence.” These nonprofit organizations are always looking for donations and volunteers. Veterans are our nation’s heroes and these dogs are important in making their lives a little better and easier. They help our veterans transition to civilian life, cope with anxieties, and assist with tasks made difficult by a physical disability. Remember to thank a veteran for their service.

“These dogs can also be trained to assist wounded warriors by helping them do tasks such as retrieve items, open and close doors, and turn off and on lights. Many veterans have nightmares and can have a dog that is trained to wake them from the dream.”

{March 2014}


{spotted by the pupperazzi} 10


urr-tastic or flea infested! The Pupperazzi is on the scene and has your tail covered!

spring intofun!


d gs cats Texas

Doggie Daycare, Boarding, Grooming and Obedience Training 6434 Washington Avenue Houston, TX 77007 713-868-7555

DOG DAYCARE & BAKERY • Cage-Free Boarding • Open 7 Days Per Week • Don’t forget to visit our Facebook page at

{puppy101} BY TRICIA FAGAN


Zephyr Chronicles Are You Raising a Good Puppy or a Great Puppy?



ou are crating your puppy, because you want her to learn appropriate elimination habits. When your puppy needs to pee, she whines or barks a little. You put the puppy on leash before letting her out of the crate, so you can avoid the pee on the carpet. Puppy, not as interested in peeing outside as you want her to be, pulls toward, well, everything but the door.


d gs cats Texas

When you get the puppy outside, you take the leash off and wait for her to eliminate. After she pees, you take her inside and give her a treat. Since the puppy is “empty” (she has peed outside, so might not need to eliminate again for a few minutes), you let her run around the house. You are on your way to raising a good puppy. What would a professional do differently to raise a great puppy? How a Pro Does It Give your puppy something to keep her quietly occupied while in the crate. I have a selection of long lasting chews to keep my puppy happy and quiet. I use Dingo twist sticks for a quick chew, or Dingo’s Dynostix or Nylabone Good Puppy Rawhide. These items are long lasting, but not too difficult for a young puppy. Many long lasting edible chews are too difficult for very young dogs. Zephyr is quite good when crated. She barks a little bit when she is first put in the crate, but quickly quiets. Teach your puppy to follow you willingly on leash. Instead of dragging Zephyr to the back door, Zephyr gets a treat, delivered right by the seam of my pants leg, every few steps. Zephyr is learning that walking by my side can be rewarding. I do not need to drag her, and she does not need to pull me. We are learning to walk together. Encourage your puppy to eliminate while on leash. When we go outside, to allow Zephyr to eliminate, I go with her, leash and all. Zephyr is on leash when she pees or poops. If Zephyr eliminates on leash while a puppy, she will be willing to eliminate on leash as an adult. Many dogs will not eliminate on leash. This can cause problems when a fenced area is not available, such as while traveling, or having a pool built in your back yard. Train your puppy to pee and poo on cue. The very first thing in the morning, when I know she will pee right away, I give the pee cue, “Do your business”. I give the cue before she pees. This creates an association between the cue, “Do your business” and urination. Eventually, she will pee when she hears the cue. When Zephyr is outside to eliminate, I watch her closely. If I see she is about to poop, I give the cue, “Finish up”. It is not necessary to use two different cues for pee and poop, but it is my personal preference. With this training, Zephyr should be able to eliminate on cue as an adult dog. Remind yourself that young puppies eliminate frequently! Very young puppies, like Zephyr, can pee as often as every ten to fifteen minutes while playing. When Zephyr plays inside, I watch the clock closely, and take Zephyr out after ten minutes of play. If she does not eliminate, she is crated. Zephyr is given another {March 2014}

chance to eliminate outside in a few minutes. If she does eliminate, we play some more. If you follow these five suggestions, you will be well on your way to having a great puppy. Happy Training, Tricia Fagan, Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed DogS Gone Good; (713) 557-1949 

MAYAN DOG BEDS A line of dog beds made from hand loomed fabric from Guatemala. We pay the weavers a fair wage for their beautiful fabric. Beds are Sold online through etsy. com/shop/ Mayandog, or at Cowboy Kennels.



tito’s handmade vodka: animal rescue T

he culture of dogs being a large part of the family culture at Tito’s Handmade Vodka really started with Tito Beveridge himself when he started the first legal distillery in Texas, 18 years ago in Southeast Austin with his trusty Shepherd mix, named DogJoe, by his side. I had the pleasure of knowing DogJoe for the last part of her 17 years and I’ve never seen a dog love her owner the way she did Tito. She only had eyes for him.



d gs cats Texas

The distillery still sits in a more rural area of Austin and packs of feral dogs have always made their way to set up camp with us. To this day, I think we have rescued about 32 dogs there and many of them now live with our employees. The rest are adopted out to good home or live at the distillery permanently. Lucky for us, our business office down the road from the distillery sits next door to Emancipet, an incredible animal wellness clinic in Austin also providing low cost spay neuter to our city and beyond. ( They have helped us take care of all of our rescues and pets for years and as our office is also dog friendly, it’s been very convenient and affordable for us. We can safely say we are regulars. As the distribution of Tito’s Handmade Vodka has evolved beyond Austin, so has Emancipet’s footprint, which gave us the perfect opportunity, this past year to partner in getting the word out to support their mission further. The result is a website connected to called is place where we blog about dogs and in some cases, the

{March 2014}

dogs even blog for us. We also have updates on the good work Emancipet is doing and sell various Tito’s Handmade Vodka branded merchandise for dogs and people with all proceeds going to support Emancipet. The content continues on our @vodkafordogpeople Instagram account which very frequently documents the rotating cast of our office/foster dog adventures. The culture of our dog friendly office just won us the honor of being chosen Trupanion’s Pet Friendly Workplace Seal of Approval Contest. Trupanion is a company providing medical insurance for pets based in the Northwest. With the monetary winnings, Tito decided he wanted to help the animal rescue cause even further, so we donated the reward to various animal rescues and programs. And that’s just like Tito to do -that’s just the kind of guy we work for and with! We feel so incredibly lucky to have the comfort that dogs bring enhancing our lives at work. Having a dog lover who makes vodka in a place that lends itself to rescue and human/canine companionship has woven itself into the heart of our company and brand.


{centerstage} 16


d gs cats Texas

lulu lovable


t was love Lulu is a 3-4 year old Cattle dog mix who was found wondering around a neighborhood until her foster family took her in. She’s a very mellow little lady who loves snuggling up for a movie, taking leisurely walks and savoring the occasional juicy morsel dropped while cooking! Lulu is looking for a family to call her very own! She is available for adoption through Adore Houston. To find out more about Lulu, visit Adore Houston at

{March 2014}


{pawz-itivelynatural} BY NADINE JOLI-COEUR

goodgrooming W

hether you own a short hair dog that is easy to clean, or a higher maintenance breed such as a poodle or spaniel your dogs and cats need regular grooming. In most cases grooming is not complicated and can be done at home with just a few simple tools. You may still need a groomer for a professional hair cut or to do things like trimming nails, anal glands and a face trim. 18


d gs cats Texas


Comb, slicker brush, good pair of nail clippers, a natural shampoo that meets your pet’s needs and an in between bath spritz. BRUSHING You will need a metal grooming comb, a soft wire slicker brush and depending on your pet’s breed a deshedding tool (short hair) or a de-matting tool (long hair). It is very important to remove mats prior to bathing. Mats or uncombed hair will tighten after the bath. Not only does it make it more difficult to remove it also can also hold moisture and bacteria and can cause skin problems. NEVER use scissors to cut mats near the skin as there will have a high risk of puncturing the skin and injuring your pet.

{March {February 2014} 2014}

Place your pet on a table with a towel underneath, With a comb, start at the head and work your way across the back, over the sides, chest, legs, tail and between toes on feet. Start on the outside part of the hair and work your way in closer to the skin. Slowly work out the mats with a comb or de-matting tool. Do not pull too hard, as it is painful for your pet and they will run next time they see the tool come out. Mats are commonly found behind the ears, in the armpits, the backs of the legs and tail. This process can be time consuming but never be rushed. If your pet has a lot of mats, you may want to do a section a day. Many people do not realize that if you only comb the outside hair, mats will form close to the skin. To remove this mats often it is too

painful for your pet and they might have to be shaved. BATHING Run the water through the shower nozzle and make sure it is not too hot or cold. Cold water will not remove dirt and grease. Use a hypoallergenic or tearless shampoo for lathering your pet’s face (to avoid soap getting in their eyes). Always lather up twice. If you have a medicated or flea shampoo, use your regular shampoo first and then the medicated or flea shampoo second and then let it sit for a full 10 minutes. A rubber brush like the Kong zoom groom is excellent to help lather right to the skin. If your pet has a very greasy coat, the first bath should be with a degreaser shampoo (dawn dish soap works great) and then use your regular sham-


poo. Rinse all soap thoroughly, squeeze out excess water and towel dry. You can use a hair dryer if you want but most coats can air dry. Once they are dry, repeat the brush, comb and if there are any knots remove them. NAILS Place your pet’s paw in your hand and gently spread their toes. Look at your pet’s nails and locate the quick (the vein that runs into the nail). Place your pet’s nail inside the clippers and remove the tip –do not cut too much at a time. If cannot see the quick which is common in some breeds with very black nails cut very small pieces at a time. You can purchase styptic powder, which is a yellow powder that you can put on the nail if you accidently cut the quick. Whether your pet is groomed professionally or at home, many issues can be found and addressed early before it gets worse which may require a vet visit. Here are some good tips. 20

• QUALITY COUNTS. Look for a natural shampoo that is best for your type of pet and does not contain detergents, parabens, phosphates or alcohol. We carry a great everyday shampoo called Earth Bath and a Natural Botanical shampoo – True Blue with selection including milk & honey for puppies or sensitive coats, super fresh with grapefruit and chamomile and a great rich conditioning crème or detangle spray. • TOO COLD to BATHE - In winter months where you may not be able to bath as frequently you can use a dry shampoo. A great one that we carry which is local sourced in Houston area is Fresh and Fluffy. Used in combination with a slicker or zoom groom brush they really do get clean without water. You should also get a natural spritz that will help keep them smelling good and stay clean. • SHEDDING TIPS. You NEED a good de-shedding tool like the

Furminator. In addition, you need to use a super hydrating shampoo and conditioner during the bathing process to re-invigorate the healthy hair and loosen the dead and loose hair (Furminator or True Blue conditioning shampoo). Leave the Shampoo on for 10 minutes as with the flea shampoo. It may cost you $40-60 for the tool and shampoo but your pet, vacuum and floors will thank you. • EARS and EYES – Natural pet wipes for ears and eyes are a good place to start. If you have gunky black stuff in the ears or gunky tearing on eyes, consider a diet change to a less processed natural pet food. • BUMPS or RED skin – Triple treatment by Natural Chemistry is easy on the skin and really helps. If it is early Spring or Fall they may have allergies. Homeopet Skin and Itch can help detox your pet and a natural anti bacterial / itch spray like Vetricyn or Biogroom Anti itch will help.


d gs cats Texas


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Leptospirosis: a Hidden Danger I sn’t it wonderful? We’re beginning to see the first signs of spring - the temperature is warming up, the trees are beginning to leaf out and our little four-legged wild friends are beginning to make their appearances. Have you seen them? Raccoons, opossums, squirrels and even the occasional skunk and rat (eeew!) are poking their heads out as the frozen landscape gives over to all the signs of life we love to see at this time of year. Especially cute are the babies - everyone loves babies, of every species!



d gs cats Texas

But there is a hidden danger with the reemergence of the urban wildlife with whom we share this pastoral scene leptospirosis. Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease of tropical or temperate climates that is zoonotic, meaning it affects animals, but can also be transmitted to humans. There are many strains of leptospirosis, a number of which can be found in our area due to the heat and high humidity, a climate in which the disease thrives. Leptospirosis is carried by a variety of wildlife, including all the cute little creatures that visit our urban landscape, and is shed in the urine of infected animals. It can survive for months in the environment. Animals and humans are exposed when they come in contact with contaminated urine, water or soil. Pets can become infected by sniffing the urine, or by drinking from puddles containing the urine, and thus the bacteria, being carried by the infected wildlife. They can also be exposed if they come in contact with the bacteria by swimming in contaminated water or splashing through puddles where the urine has collected. Rarely, a pet may be exposed by eating the carcass of an infected animal. Humans may become exposed in the same way, especially if they work on farms or ranches where they are actually out in the fields, but more often, they are exposed {March 2014}

“Animals and humans are exposed when they come in contact with contaminated urine, water or soil.” when their pets contract the disease and they are exposed to their pets’ various bodily fluids. Lepto can affect cats as well as dogs, but dogs are by far the most at risk of our companion animals. In dogs, the incubation period varies from 3 to 20 days. Clinical signs of a leptospirosis infection in dogs may include fever, weight loss, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, anorexia, lethargy, abdominal pain and/or jaundice. If you suspect your dog has been infected, urine and blood tests may be performed to determine if your dog has leptospirosis. A new test to provide more immediate results is currently being developed. Antibiotics are necessary to treat the disease and fluid therapy may be needed as well. If left untreated, your dog could develop kidney or liver failure and the disease may prove fatal. Thankfully, the solution to the problem lies not in eliminating these precious little creatures from our environment, but instead, through control over the environment to which our pets are exposed, and/or vaccination. To the extent possible, keep your dog from drinking, swimming or wading in water

that might be contaminated with animal urine. Try to minimize wildlife exposure by removing food, garbage and nesting materials from your yard. Talk to your veterinarian about the benefits of vaccinating your dog with a vaccine that protects against disease and shedding for the 4 most common strains of Leptospira bacteria. His/ her recommendation will be grounded in an assessment of the actual risks of contracting the disease to your pet: • Does your dog drink from or wade in standing water? • Is your dog exposed to areas where wildlife has been? • Do you take your dog to dog parks or day care? • Do you live in a newly developed area or near farmland or woods? • Has lepto been diagnosed in your area in dogs or people? • Does your dog go outdoors? So before spring yields its gentle beauty to the harsh heat of summer, get outside with your pets and enjoy the gifts of nature. The trails beckon and the parks await your visit with a picnic or a frisbee. Just make sure you don’t bring home more than you expected! 23

Houston Humane Society’s 33rd Annual

K-9 Fun Run & Walk


t’s time for Houston Humane Society’s 33rd Annual K-9 Fun Run & Walk. The event includes a 1 mile competitive run or the relaxed 1 mile non-competitive jog & walk. Be sure to join us at Sam Houston Park, Downtown Houston, 1100 Bagby St., Sunday, March 23rd, 2014. Late registration begins at 8am, the race begins at 10am, and the post race party follows.


At the fun filled post-race party, dress to impress and compete in our doggie costume contest, join the Alumni Parade if your dog was adopted from HHS, or simply enjoy refreshments, a multitude of pet friendly vendors and activities for the whole family. And be sure to stop by the Texas Dogs & Cats Magazine booth to say “Hi”. Your support and participation raises money and awareness for the many animals saved and cared for daily at the HHS shelter. Dog participation is encouraged, but not required. Entry fee includes a limited edition April Murphy designed race shirt, dog-danna, and race goodie bag. For more info or to sign up, go to Safety tips to keep in mind when


you take your dog to events: Prepare before you go! Make sure your pet is up to date on all vaccinations, including Bordatella if you plan to attend pet related events this season. It’s also a good idea to update ID tags and invest in a microchip if you don’t already have one. Always use a standard leash. Retractable leashes can pose a threat not only to your dog, but to those around them! It is easy for your pet to get too far away from you; many retractable leashes have leads up to 20 feet! Also, the thin black cord can easily become tangled around other pets and even trip people. Be alert! Your dog may be well behaved, but remember that other animals add an unknown variable. Be sure to keep an eye on your dog at all times, and err on the side of

caution when it comes to your pet’s safety. Give your dog a break! Even the most well adjusted pet may need a short break or respite from the festivities. Pay attention to your dog’s body language. If you notice stress or anxiety, walk them away from the crowd and noise to give them a chance to calm down. Sometimes a small break is all it takes to set things right. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. Although most events include water stations for dogs, you may want to think about bringing along your own travel bowl or water dispenser. With all of the walking around, excitement, and playing your pet is sure to do you will want to make sure they have access to fresh water at all times.


d gs cats Texas


springc Use on wet or dry coats, the Zoom Groom is great for getting down to your pets skin and massaging out loose hair. Available at Natural Pawz!

Keep those pearly whites healthy and clean with the Tropiclean dental line! Available at the Pawty Palace!

Save your back and keep Buster clean! This elevated tub hooks up to your hose to make bathing your larger dog a breeze!


We can’t rave enough about the Soggy Doggy towels!! Even with long coat breeds your drying time will be cut in half! Ask your favorite pet store about them!


d gs cats Texas

cleaning Unsightly tear stains? Cleam them up with the Tropiclean blueberry facial wash! Its also tear free so you won’t have to worry if it gets in your pets eyes!

Turn a regular bath into a Spa experience with this line of Aromatic, yet gentle shampoos, conditioners and sprays.

Keep your dog’s teeth, mouth, and gums clean, healthy, and smelling great! The unique design makes it easy to clean all three sides of the tooth with one stroke!

{March 2014}

Love your pet but not the shedding? The FURminator quickly and easily removes the loose, dead undercoat and drastically decreases shedding! Available for cats and dogs at Natural Pawz!

What better way to end a fabulous spa day then to snuggle up in this super plush bathrobe. Available in several styles at A Dog’s Dream Pet Salon


petpuzzlers St. Patick’s Day Word Search

Jokes Q: What did Cinderella say when her photos did not show up? A: Someday my prints will come! Q: Why was the broom late? A: It over swept! Q: What’s the difference between a TV and a newspaper? A: Ever tried swatting a fly with a TV? Q: What did one elevator say to the other elevator? A: I think I’m coming down with something! Q: Why was everyone so tired on April 1st? A: They had just finished a March of 31 days.



Q: Why did the man run around his bed? A: To catch up on his sleep! GREEN LEGEND PATRICK SAINT

Q: Why did the robber take a bath before he stole from the bank? A: He wanted to make a clean get away!


Spring Weather

3. Rain _____________ the earth. 6. March comes in like a __________. 8. It makes kites fly. 9. ____________ makes it hard to see. 11. It’s supposed to rain today. Take an ____________. 14. March winds bring April __________. 15. A loud noise associated with storms. 16. No matter how long this season lasts, spring is sure to follow. 17. Not too hot. 18. If it’s foggy in the morning, it will be ____________ in the day. 20. Not too cold. 22. This gives light to help plants grow. 23. Rain mixed with dirt. Don’t track it in the house!


1. Dark clouds often bring this. 2. Hold onto your hat. It’s ____________ today. 4. I may be white and puffy or dark and threatening. 5. _____________ flashes in the sky. 7. This turns green as days grow warmer. 9. April showers bring May ____________. 10. Rain leaves these behind on the ground (but your mother probably doesn’t want you to splash in them!). 12. I can be seen after a storm. 13. These bud with new leaves in early spring. 19. This wintry substance sometimes falls in the spring. 21. March goes out like this animal.

Sunset Boulevard ANIMAL CLINIC

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New Boarding Clients Only. Please present coupon upon visit. Limit one per family. Not valid with any other offer. Does not include products and food. Not redeemable for cash. #DC0813 Expires Nov. 1, 2013

Sunday: 9am - 9 pm

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OFF $ Large Bags


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OFF Small Bags

Only available at Natural Pawz! Prepare your fur kids for the summer months and come see what grooming supplies we have to offer. Everything you may need from a nail trim, to a full body brushing!

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