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fall 2010

Angela Jia Kim


Women of

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Genes s magazine Be the First.

cover photography is by Lisa Marie Mazzucco,


Angela Jia Kim:

The Epitome of Positive Influence:

Beautiful, smart, and influential, this triple threat entrepreneur is rocking New York City and the country to its core. Angela Jia Kim is a wife, mother, former pianist, and serial entrepreneur. Her most influential business is Savor the Success which is a premium women’s entrepreneur networking group connecting and reenergizing over 10,000 women across the country.

features hey are bold, They are beauTiful, They are smarT, They are inspiring, They are fearless, They are beTTer Than They were yesTerday, They are diverse, They are sTrong, They are successful, They are opTimisTs, They are leaders, They are classy, and They are

genmagazine’s 10 women of influence! These following ravishing ladies did noT jusT become successful To hold a Trophy and siT on a pedesTal. They have used Their ideas and Their success To posiTively influence many, many oTher people To live Their besT life. esis


Laura Geller is one of the cosmetic industry’s top make-up artists. Her products dominate on LauRa GeLLeR air with QVC broadcasts in the US, UK, and Germany. Laura Geller is a true innovator, and has pioneered the “baked” category in cosmetics. She was a leader in producing a vibrant make-up that starts as a smooth liquid and is then baked to enliven the skin and create a youthful aura. Brilliant make-up artist and true innovator, but what stands out to us the most about Laura is that she has a big heart and is a true people person. You can also add philanthropist to her title as she is also a big supporter of the fight against lung cancer. Laura Geller Makeup was the first corporation to make lung cancer research its primary corporate philanthropy. Laura’s line has donated over $400,000 to Joan’s Legacy: Uniting Against Lung Cancer. Laura says that, “Influence is being able to affect someone else on a deep, personal level,” and she does just that from beauty to health, and support. Her motto is: “Beauty is everywoman’s birthright! She spreads confidence and creates products that allow beauty to be attainable to all women globally!

DJ Tracie Steel is a woman of influence because she breaks the mold and sets the standard DJ TRacie sTeeL for women in media. She is a radio personality at 95.5 The Beat in Atlanta, GA as well as a DJ. She is a tour DJ for Musiq SoulChild, Cupid, and Mika Means. She even does voice-over work for radio and television commercials. She has been the corporate DJ for McDonalds, Coca Cola, and The Essence Festival and performed on national television shows like The Mo’Nique Show in Atlanta, GA. What is interesting about her is that she has done what so many creative people sadly fail to do; turn a hobby into a career! Her success is especially sweet to women because this is such a male dominate field. “The fact that I’m in a male dominate industry makes me push to want to influence young women to pursue their hopes and dreams regardless of the obstacles,” she says. She is fashionable, and edgy. When you work hard and brand yourself, your talent and effectiveness in your field will cause you to stand out and be recognized regardless of your sex or the typical trends in that industry! She does everything that male DJs can do but with fashion and style. Tracie Steel shows that girls really do have more fun!

Valerie Tinigi is the owner of, an innovative new website combining the best of social networking, blogging, and video entertainment. “In a world where so many women are faced with jealousy, bitterness, and criticism from other women; is on a mission to create friendship, praise, and support,” Valerie explains. “This is my dream come true, I love helping people. I may not be making a ton of money but I believe if you love what you do, move forward, and be


honest, you will be rewarded in the end,” she shares. Her most popular lecture that has been adopted the most by thousands of young women is: Believe It’s Already Happening! “This is the key to it all. See your vision as if it’s already in your life. Remember you have the power that brings the things you desire or don’t desire into your life,” she gladly insists. Valerie also insists that her company actively participates in local charities such as Fran Drescher’s Cancer Schmancer Movement and more. The bottom line is that Valerie Tinigi has a very giving spirit and gives in every way that she possibly can and because of this character trait, thousands of people or positively affected and will continue to sparkle because of Valerie’s shine.

Bonnie Ross-PaRkeR and

Bonnie Ross-Parker is not only a professional speaker/author, she is also the creator of The Joy of Connecting and today she is known as “America’s Connection Diva” The Joy of Connecting is a women’s non-membership networking group with a mission to support women entrepreneurs, business owners, and other professional women. “I started The Joy of Connecting in 2002 when I recognized a need for women to share resources, build relationships and foster business in a more feminine and comfortable setting. Eight years later, thousands of women have

participated at JOC gatherings nationwide and together are changing the way women network.” All events are held in the comfort of a licensee’s home or intimate location. Attendance is never more than 20-25 amazing women so you know that valuable introductions will be made. Best of all, if someone offers a service that you don’t need at that time, there is no pressure! JOC is not about sales it is about long lasting business and even personal relationships. Do not expect Bonnie to slow down anytime soon. She has also launched The Joy of Connecting Latina and you can expect more books, more public appearances, and growing JOC locations all over the world influencing business women to encourage and support each other.

Beau of the Month

beau of the month

Michael Henry

Michael henry

PhotograPhy by: Calvin broCkington FotograPhy www. CalvinbroCkingtonFotograPhy.blogsPot.Com

What is your best personality trait? My best personality trait is my humble spirit. What is your best physical trait? My best physical trait is intellect; my thoughts become my physical actions. Rene Descartes once said, “I think, therefore I am.” How do you define influence? I would define influence as the power to affect the hearts, minds, and attitudes of others. Paying it forward; allowing others to feel a sense of hope. How would you hope that your modeling influences others? I would hope that my modeling would influence others to make their dreams a reality. I believe that dreaming is great, but eventually you have to wake up and take action. There is no substitute for hard work and I am living proof.

What advice would you give to young men with poor self-esteem? To think is to doubt, to know is to believe. Know who you are, know what you want, and be willing to die for it. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. The most essential element in self-esteem is self. What truly makes a person beautiful/handsome inside and out? Beauty is interchangeable; you cannot display superficial beauty unless you posses inner beauty. The depth of beauty is not on the surface but the core of the interior.

Are you, or do you know someone who is beAutiful inside And , non-model, skinny, fAt, young, or old)? tell us whAt mAkes you beAutiful At out (model


Genesis Magazine


Genesis Magazine

How do you define character? Character is who you are when no one else is looking. Many times we put on a charade to impress others, but true character should never change but be consistent.


We interviewed 10 phenomenal women who influence, encourage, and inspire all of those around them.

Genesis Magazine

beau of the month





Women of Influence VaLeRie TiniGi



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Women of

By Brittany K Earls

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is a magazine dedicated to the exposure of driven individuals who have broken barriers, eliminated obstacles, and achieved incredible career, personal, and entrepreneurial success.

This publication is not for the dreamers but for the doers. These overachievers wake up every morning, put their boxing gloves on, grit their teeth, and sink their claws into life until they receive what they were born for. These elect individuals

were not given anything, yet against all odds they are on their way to the top. Genesis Magazine is geared towards a vast, diverse audience of open-minded, multi-cultural, family oriented and well-rounded individuals who thirst for life and are purpose driven. Inside the pages of Genesis you will not find the flashiest bling, naked models, or celebrity gossip. Each issue is carefully designed to leave you entertained, well informed, educated, motivated, and inspired to dream and work harder. We need circumstances in our favor to achieve our goals and sometimes we must be the first to create those circumstances. The mission of Genesis Magazine is to encourage you to step out of the box, remove all limits, break out of your shell and be the first to achieve the unachievable. Welcome to Genesis, may you dream, thrive, and prosper. Be the first!

The Team: Editor-In-Chief: Brittany K Earls Associate Editor: Jamie Nyguen Creative Director: Fran Sherman Graphic Assistant: William Lee Editorial Assistants: Jenna Williams, Jackie Mojica



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Jenna Williams

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Why did you choose this field? The pursuit of honesty; I’ve always been intrigued by the dissemination of information to the masses. I am so grateful to be apart of that process when someone is able to unearth a gem of a story, it can change a person’s world - or even, the whole world. Why Genesis Magazine, how are we so lucky? Every great, accomplished person believed in themselves first; I think Genesis brings that out in people and I wanted to be apart of that. How do you agitate the status quo and strive to be the first? I’ve always followed my dreams and firmly believe that anyone can do anything they set their heart and mind to. It sounds laymen but when you’ve experienced how the universe works, that statement can seem profound. I agitate the status quo by never having a plan B. Plan A can always change but it’s never something I’ve settled for.

Letters to the editor: Brittany K. Earls

How long have you been in business: I started writing for my high school’s newspaper when I was a senior. I was immediately drawn to the field and chose Journalism as a major while attending Northwestern University.


Atlanta Office 233 Mitchell St SW Ste 350 Atlanta, GA 30303 (404) 591-5701

Please meet our Editorial Assistant, Jenna Williams. Jenna brings new ideas and creativity to Genesis Magazine on and off the clock. Her enthusiasm, dedication, and complete brilliance is just another factor of what makes Genesis Magazine awesome!


New York Office 1120 Broadway, Suite 610 New York, NY 10010 877-209-9990


In this issue we will discuss

the power of influence and introduce amazing people who exert positive influence on others. Do you think that you are unaffected by media and those around you?

Think What did you buy this week? Where did you eat out? Are you on a diet, if so why? What qualities do you look for in a significant other? Who taught you to admire those particular qualities? Do you have a FaceBook account? Did you attend college? Did someone tell you that you should attend college? I don’t want you to just ponder on these questions; I want you to address the root to the answers of these questions. again.



Genesis Magazine

The truth is that somebody somewhere has been a driving force in helping us make the above and many more decisions. We all laugh at the comedy and musical element found in Old Navy and Gap commercials but how many of us shopped there within the last three months? Everything we do, from something as small as opening a FaceBook account, to something as important as having 2.5 kids and living in a nice house with a white picket fence, are not decisions that we make 100% on our own. Everything we do in our lives has been the direct influence of others around us. Sometimes that influence is negative. Sometimes the influence is just to install fear or make us feel like we are inadequate so that we feel pushed to buy a product. There is negative influence all around us but if you know anything about Genesis Magazine you know that we don’t focus on the negative, but the positive. The people who I admire the most are the individuals who not only perfected their trade and achieved success but they allowed their success to put them on a platform to positively influence others. After all, a true successful leader is not just someone with status and money; an effective leader is someone who acts as a portal and paves the way, and teaches and trains those who follow him or her. This is the beauty of success- IT IS NOT JUST ABOUT YOU! It is about the people waiting on your success. Your achievements will open so many doors, bring light of new ideas, and inspire so many other people. In this issue, the Genesis team has searched high and low, from seasoned successful people to newcomers on the block, and from those influencing 10,000 people to those influencing 100 people. It is a privilege to present an issue full of go-getters whose brilliant ideas, experiences, projects, and businesses are positively effecting the decisions and lifestyles of others. I hope you enjoy this issue and may all of the positive, dynamic people who you are about to meet motivate you to live your best life and erase any negative, manipulative, and simply false influence that is currently in your life! To the power of influence (the right kind), Brittany K. Earls Editor -in-Chief Genesis Magazine Follow me on Twitter BrittanyKEarls FaceBook


Brittany, You are very much an inspiration and God Bless you and your magazine. Look forward to networking with you. Sha Woodridge, Virginia

Hi Brittany, My name is Jasmine and I was introduced to Genesis Magazine through a friend. I am a high school graduate of the class of 2010. I have dreams of having my own online magazine and I started a teen magazine at the age of 16 and you have me very inspired to pick up my magazine off the ground. I’m 17 and have very high dreams of this magazine going far. May you please help me with advice and be a mentor because I personally look up to you. Jasmine Atlanta, GA

Hi Brittany, I read your feature on “” and I truly believe you have a bright and prosperous future. I am a member of the NYC chapter of “Savor the Success” and Angela Jia Kim is indeed a truly inspiring woman. Just as Angela has created a network for women entrepreneurs to create amazing connections you have created a platform for entrepreneurs and entertainers etc to be featured and explain how, why or what caused them to start creating their dream! I will be on the lookout for your magazine. Kind regards, Nicole New York, NY


o Br Gen ittany, shar esis is e b frien d your m rilliant! I d h a Kee (who lik gazine ave p w e Jovi it going d it very ith my ta ! muc Was h) . . hing . ton, D.C .



Genesis Magazine

le op e p AL ories E r R ss st dero , f y n an azine ucce a wo nt t i s at g! Co Br mag heir h t W n A re s- spiri a t h c n s roje ery i to p V and dea! ns!!!! i ful tulatio gra a hio O s i El ton, y Da

Hi Brittany, I just want to say, I really like your magazine- It is real and so true -Thanks for taking that leap- Very inspirational Donna Starke, FL

Dear Brittany, ion t u Ariel & Shya and I are really glad to advertise with c e e Genesis and be part of your magazine and wish you ex her r g d ! T fo much continued success. n n i a ine et laz Warm Regards, g , g y kin az ark il b in n Valerie g a w a n itt thi s ma he m of tr follo New York, NY r B the si n t s n r i a rie io e ne De I lov Ge oom sto pass Hi Brittany! r ind ys and us, h It is really inspiring what you be alwa tion geo are doing with the magazine! Keep up is pira ura the great work Brittany! You are an Br o s i t c n inspiration! i d tan ! e l n All the best, y Yo , a op ly, u i m Egle ag are pe arm i New York, NY A s tar ne d a S W na , G t t oin ar! I w ing Oa lanta gw Ic a a s o b t g f u r r A atu esh sin hat uld n y e l to Ge ation out o ss a ou d ever id t esi s n s E esis and f Co 22, w , we .C sp mu llege he Hi, a a c n n No an! Congratulations on your ol. ’t w ch s . Co n r S early success with Genesis i se ait f ucce nLo ma sA Magazine Brittany! The pu or G ss ng ed way things are looking you are ele e. endestined for many more great things s, Ye CA s to come! I’ll be subscribing soon.


f y, ccess o u s Brittan d n ry a . The sto is great e in z a g Ma g and is in s ir e p n s e in G , tivating eir creo h t m o t p e in ls Ke . dividua in g destiny in ir t f e h t upli nd tness. inking a a h e t r g e r iv t fo a estined d e r a You William , SC Raleigh


Hi Brittany, I was reading through your notes on your Editor’s Journal link and I love your words on “thoughts.” You say that where you are right now is a direct result of what you were thinking 6 months ago - this is 100% correct and I went through the “thought” process as well and know exactly what you are saying. My thought was my business as well as many other ventures I want to dig into, but I have to put action into this thought or else 6 months down the road, I will be in exactly the same position I am now. Well said! Love that speech and I would love to connect with you. Thanks so much! Sotiria New York, NY

Haleema Gainesville, GA


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in the beginning

In the Beginning: I was a happy, easy going preteen. I was friendly, I had manners, and I had self-esteem and self worth. I came from a great, strong, but busy family. My parents had intense careers and I always had a nanny. One summer I started going to my nanny’s house instead of visa-versa. She had a 20 year old son and I was 12. Well, if you get disturbed easily you should stop reading now. I spent 6 weeks that summer at my nanny’s home and for 6 weeks without fail her son crept in my room late at night. The first time he surprised me in my sleep and grabbed my mouth and held a knife to my throat. He raped me. I didn’t make a peep. I was shocked, hurt, scared, and mad. I was so shocked and confused by what took place that I did not tell anyone. It happened 5 more times. The 6th time it happened he didn’t use a knife and he was much nicer. He told me I was beautiful and that he loved me. At this point it’s not that I enjoyed the sex, but I was so relieved that there was no knife, no harsh force etc. It’s like I expected it to happen and I knew not to scream, and he was gentler. I knew I was a victim, and I knew I was starting to be conditioned and that was not ok with me. The 7th time he came to room I was waiting up. He did not have a knife. I told him that if he did not leave right away I would scream and tell everyone what he has been doing. “You’re joking right?” he smirked. “We had sex several times and you never told. You liked it and you wanted it and that is the story everyone will hear.” Then he came closer towards me and I knew what would happen next, so I screamed at the top of my lungs and he ran out swiftly. The nanny came rushing in and although I wanted to spill it all, I thought maybe he was right. After all, it happened several times and the last time there was no weapon, there was no force, I didn’t say “no”, and I could have. Did I want it? How could I let this happen? All these doubts came flooding in and I no longer felt like a victim but a premature sexually active girl. I told my nanny I just had a terrible dream

in the beg



Genesis | Genesis Magazine Magazine

and for years I kept my silence. He never touched me again, no one ever touched me inappropriately again, but it didn’t matter the damage was done. I became angry, withdrawn, I didn’t like to be around people, and I was rude to most people. My parents noticed the change and I had therapy after therapy, talk after talk but nothing helped. Finally, my parents thought it was just a teen hormonal thing and left it alone. By the time I turned 16 the very thing that nearly ruined my life was now the thing I craved. I became very promiscuous and totally lost my previous values and self-worth. Finally, when I turned 20 I told my mother what happened to me. We were living in another state and he was long gone. I spent the last eight years being affected by this man; I really wanted to start the healing process and could not bear the thought of a trial and reliving those nights. I would be ridiculed for not saying “no” the last time, ridiculed for waiting eight years to speak up, and ridiculed for being so “easy” during my teen years with other boys. Maybe I punked out and maybe I am wrong for allowing a rapist to continue to be free to repeat his offense, but I couldn’t go back; I was only interested in moving forward. After more therapy, self examination, love and support from my closest family and friends, and lots of prayer, the healing process began. At 22, I loved myself again. I was ready to live life, a life full of value and purpose. My Future is better than my past. Legally, I may have kept my silence but socially I am sharing my story with the world. I got involved with a local church and started hosting girl only classes on the importance of speaking up if you are the victim of sexual or any abuse. I talk about how a victim does not become a participant just because it happens more than once. I also teach how just because you are exposed to sex maybe more or before your peers, and in the wrong way, you don’t have to start indulging in sex. Rape does not take away your value, refusing to live and push forward takes away your value. At first, I was just speaking in churches and the girls seemed unmoved by my experience and lectures. However, later I found that every time I spoke, behind the scenes young girls were coming out to parents and church leaders about sexual abuse committed against them. This heavily motivated me.

If I influenced one girl to break her silence or to feel better about herself I would have felt like I undone my wrong; not the rape because I now know that was not my fault. That was something I never asked for. But by helping someone else I felt like I undone the wrong of not speaking out and bringing my rapist to justice. So, imagine my surprise when I learn that not one but several girls are being influenced by my story! Now, I not only speak at churches, but I lecture at schools, and community centers. I have not given myself a title or made a business of this. I do not charge for my lectures. Money is nothing to me. I grew up around money. I was one of the wealthiest black teenagers you would have ever met but I was completely empty and broken inside. Keep your money; I want peace of mind and that is what I now have. Tiffany Washington D.C.



In the Beginning: I was not a normal preteen. I suffered from social anxiety problems. I just couldn’t seem to get people and they did not get me. No matter how hard I tried I just could not get the nerve to talk to my peers. You may think being shy is not a big deal but it was much deeper than that. Let’s face it; we have all been there- puberty. We have all experienced the roller coaster of emotions, hormones, growth spurts, and body changes. This is also the time in our lives where we start to envision what we will become as adults and we start to hope and dream of a prosperous future. However, for me there were no hopeful dreams. When I entered middle school my mind was not focused on what new friends I would meet, what after school activities I would participate in, or what my first crush would be like, nor did I have daydreams of a first kiss like most new teenagers. Instead, I pondered on thoughts full of pain, anguish, confusion, and suicide. I craved acceptance so bad. I just wanted to feel accepted by my peers and had no luck and although my parents loved me very much I only saw myself as another mouth to feed and a financial burden. I thought that I was just a financial drain on my parents and that at school I was just a nerd that


nobody wanted to hang out with. I thought I wasn’t worth anything, and that everybody would be better off if I died. I never had a real plan on how to kill myself but I did often think about not exerting any effort to stay alive. I pictured myself not moving if a car was coming towards me, or if something was going to fall on me. Finally, I started sharing my dark thoughts and low self-esteem with my parents. My mother stepped in to take further action. My mother convinced me to go to a bible camp, and while at the camp one night the counselor brought all of the campers out to a trail, and we sat down in the grass a little ways apart. I sat in the dark and I prayed, I asked God if there was any reason for me to keep living. I instantly felt a feeling like a warm wind blow through my body, and I felt loved. From that day on I made a choice to live. I became more social and realized that the reason I previously did not see any value on my life is because I was not valuing others or seeking an individual purpose in this life. My Future is full of purpose. I now view life as a time to serve others. I am now goal driven, a college graduate, and I am now working in my field. My goal is to become a video game designer and I am now working in the Quality Assurance department of one of the larger video game publishers. For years, I have volunteered as a summer camp assistant and later counselor. I now teach Sunday school one week a month, and I help out with the youth group at my church whenever I can. I focus on influencing young people to accept themselves, work on social skills, and know that when life seems unbearable or depressing, you have to hold on and know that it will get better; we just have to keep seeking God through the tough times. Jon Minneapolis, Minnesota

In the Beginning: I had a dream of a fairy tale wedding and marriage. I got my fairy tale wedding when I married my high school sweetheart and boyfriend of seven years. Our wedding cost us nearly $80,000. A pricey wedding was not all we splurged on. I’m a high school teacher and my husband is a dentist and although we lived comfortably we were spending money like it could never end. We took two major vacations a year, I went shopping every weekend, and we were trading our cars in every two years for pricier and fancier ones. We knew we were living above our means; however, we also had blind faith in a project my husband was working on and we had success with one investor and were expecting more to follow. The word “no” was foreign to us. Finally, it all came crashing down by the 8th year of our marriage. Investors were pulling out of my husband’s business. My contract at my school was not renewed because the city was forced to cut back programs and Introduction to Theater, which is what I taught, was one of them. We were now late on all of our bills including our mortgage. Our marriage was also in trouble because we soon realized that the thing that we bonded over the most was spending money. Don’t get me wrong, I fell in love with my husband for all the right reasons. For better or for worse, I know, but the worst came rushing in at once, in every area of our lives and the stress was overwhelming. We tried to repair our lives but we were now acting as roommates or business colleagues, not a married couple. It’s funny how

the small things can give you so much faith. I walked past an obviously young couple. They were holding hands and giggling and smiling so big. They seemed to really enjoy each other. It made me think: when was the last time I held my husband’s hand? When was the last time we giggled? Deep down I knew my husband and I still had that somewhere. I regretted allowing money and superficial things to cloud our judgment and the lack of money to effect the affection we had for each other. My Future looks bright. My husband and I rediscovered our giggle and all the other cute things that made us fall for each other many years ago. We live within our means and only splurge occasionally. We spend more time with each other than we ever had before. I host monthly events with other couples and discuss and illustrate fun things to do in a marriage that costs little or no money. It started as just a hobby with 2 other couples, but now I have helped and motivated over 40 couples tackle finance issues and spice up their love life. I am now completing my book with a publisher, Love Lessons: Sex, Money, and Giggles. And what about the young happy couple I passed years ago? Did they know that they were influencing my thoughts and my marriage? The truth is you never know who is watching you and taking notes. The other truth is that if you approach it correctly and learn from your mistakes, even your worst failure can set you up for your biggest success! Lacy Stafford, CT




Genesis Magazine

*Where were you in the beginning? Tell us at feature@


toxic facials:

what’s really in that bottle? by Agatha Gilmore


key ingredient to feeling great is looking great, and a key ingredient to looking great is having great skin.

We all invest in quality products that cleanse, moisturize, de-wrinBut what if the products we’re using are actually working

kle and refresh the skin. against us?

Indeed, you may be surprised to discover that many common, over-the-counter skin care products contain known irritants and allergens that can cause dryness, rashes and more. “A lot of things will irritate your skin,” says Dr. Ronald Brancaccio, a clinical professor of dermatology at New York University School of Medicine. “Pretty much everything is absorbed to a certain degree. For example, if you washed your hands with a



Genesis Magazine

very strong soap, you might get dryness and an eczema-like rash on your hands; that is a chemical that is actually damaging the skin. Or you could use a soap that had a fragrance in it. The soap might be very mild, but you might get a rash from it because your body was immunologically reacting to the fragrance in the soap.” Here are some of the most common agents to watch out for:

3. Parabens “Parabens are the most commonly used cosmetic preservatives,” Dr. Brancaccio says. “Every cosmetic that has water in it uses preservatives to protect it from bacterial and fungal contamination. And the parabens are weak allergens, so they can cause allergic contact dermatitis.” 4. Isopropyl alcohol Also known as “rubbing alcohol,” isopropyl alcohol is extremely toxic if ingested. Some studies suggest it can promote brown spots and premature aging. 5. Hydroquinone This is an ingredient found in many creams that can bleach the skin. It has been dubbed a potential carcinogen and is even banned in Europe. 6. Fragrance. It sounds harmless enough, and who doesn’t want to smell good? However, fragrance is the most common irritant in skin care products. “Fragrances are the most common cause of allergic contact dermatitis in cosmetics,” Dr. Brancaccio says. “They are often in an alcohol base. So they can probably irritate the skin.”

8. Paraphenylenediamine (PPD) PPD is the main ingredient in most permanent hair dyes, although this is not technically in skin care products it can be absorbed into the skin. It has been linked to the development of cancers according to Dr. Brancaccio. Yikes! So where can you purchase skin care products with as few irritants, allergens, and other damaging chemicals as possible? Knowledge is power so read, read, read! Read the back of the labels for the mention of the above chemicals. The easiest chemical to notice is fragrance. A beautiful fragrance is often advertised by the cosmetic producer. If you eliminate fragrance, you eliminate the most common cause of cosmetic allergy. Cosmetic companies like Almay and Clinique try to be fragrance free. There are others as well, just look for them! While it’s difficult to eliminate preservatives since most cosmetics these days have water in them, which is preferable to oil, they can still be eliminated and replaced. You can cut down on products with preservatives by using Vaseline when possible, or looking for products with a petroleum jelly in it that will often be used as a preservative and replace water. You cannot only research most cosmetic company’s ingredients online but you can order samples and try before you buy. The best way to figure out what works for you is to sample different products and note the effects, or visit your dermatologist for a consultation. Finally, live right by making great choices and allow your healthy lifestyle to show through your skin. “From as young of an age as possible, avoid the sun,” Dr. Brancaccio says. “That makes a tremendous amount of difference in the biology of the skin as time goes on.”Avoidance of tanning beds is also a must. Drink lots of water. Eat well. Exercise! Remember to sleep and give those thousands of bones in your face plenty of time to relax. Read the bottle, try before you buy, and stay healthily beautiful!

2. Sodium laurel sulfate This ingredient is added to skin care products to make them foam, which aids in cleansing. “It used to be in all the shampoos,” Dr. Brancaccio says. “Now it’s been taken out of a lot of shampoos and skin cleansers because it is an irritant. Remember baby shampoo? No more stinging in the eyes? They took out the sodium laurel sulfate. It’s been replaced primarily by cocamidopropyl betaine (CAPB).” CAPB is a conditioner derived from coconut oil that is not an irritant and acts as a thickener and soothing ingredient.

7. Mineral oil Used as a moisturizing agent, mineral oils are comedogenic, meaning they can cause or exacerbate acne and cause oil glands to clog up.

25 |

1. Propylene glycol According to Dr. Brancaccio, propylene glycol is a common ingredient in cosmetics and typical medications. It’s a solvent, meaning other ingredients can be dissolved into it, and it helps the body better absorb certain medications. It’s also a humectin, meaning it holds water in products. However, it is harsh on the skin. Propylene glycol in itself can again be a drying agent and an irritant.

most likely to be a boss

most likely to

beaboss By Agatha Gilmore


uring the day certain individuals may be your coworkers, server, customer service representative, student, or bank teller, but some of these individuals are living double lives.

By night they are their own bosses, on their way to building very sucDon’t underestimate the talent of your coworker, and be careful to warmly acknowledge the cashier ringing up your groceries or your cute new clothes, because they may just be the next person signing your paycheck! cessful companies.



Genesis Magazine

Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Fleiss These two friends and former Harvard Business School classmates share more than just a name. In spring 2009, Jenn Hyman, 29, and Jenny Fleiss, 26, teamed up to co-found Rent the Runway, a clothing rental company that aims to revolutionize the fashion industry — and influence and empower women in the process. They may have been college students when they launched their business but right now they are the bosses!

AG: What obstacles did you have to overcome? JF (Jennifer Fleiss): We were two females that were trying to pitch a fashion concept to venture partners, who were usually 60-year-old males. Conveying to

AG: How did you determine whether the business would work from the customer perspective? JF: We spoke to everyone from undergrads in college, to people in high school, to 60-year-old women, trying to hone in on our target customer. Once we realized our target customer was in the 18- to about 35-year-old range, we threw some actual dress rental parties. We let women try on the dresses, and we listened to the feedback. AG: What were your first steps in creating the business? JF: The first thing we did was cold-call Diane Von Furstenberg through a very loose connection that I had. She’s someone who very much believes in female empowerment and her whole statement of fashion is, “Be a woman, wear a dress.” She fully supported the concept and viewed it as a fantastic mechanism for customer acquisition. From there, we started to pitch the concept that this isn’t a cannibalization of sales for designers; it’s actually a way to introduce new customers to designer brands.

AG: Please describe how the business works. JH: It’s members-only and women refer their friends. You log onto the site, you find a dress you love and you select the two sizes that you need in it. If you need extra consultation, we have a full team of stylists whom you can call seven days a week and you can ask how you can accessorize the dress, or what dresses look best for your body type. Then you select the day that you want the dress to arrive. That dress is shipped to you in a gorgeous garment bag with a stylist “fit kit.” With that package, you also receive a pre-stamped return package, just like Netflix, that you can pop the dresses into after you wear them and put it into any U.S. mailbox. We take care of all of the dry cleaning, all of the quality control.

them the enthusiasm women feel about dresses and the reason why a woman could possibly need to have a different dress for every occasion was challenging. Another big challenge was getting designers signed on to the concept — and that remains a challenge. We have about 60 designers signed on to the site in the dress category, and we have 30 top jewelry design companies signed on too. But with each of those companies, there’s been about eight sales meetings where we’re really talking to the brand, we’re convincing them this is something that’s beneficial to their brand, that we’re not diluting their brand, not cannibalizing their sales, but that it will have a positive impact.

27 |

AG (Agatha Gilmore): How did you get the idea for your company? JH (Jennifer Hyman): I was home for Thanksgiving break and was at my sister’s apartment. She was having one of those moments that every single woman has where she was staring at her closet and saw a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear. And she was about to attend another wedding where she felt like she had to go out and buy a very expensive dress that she knew she’d only wear once. So I came up with the idea, “What if we could all have access to this Carrie Bradshaw closet — a revolving closet of the latest and greatest in trends and new designers — without that guilt of spending too much money on a dress that you’re only going to wear once?” I immediately took the idea back to school that Monday.

I think like any entrepreneur, there are a thousand things on my to-do list and only five to 10 that I can accomplish on any given day. AG: How did you acquire the startup capital for your business? JF: Bain capital was the company that we got in touch with and really clicked with early on. We signed a term sheet in May 2009 and by July we had money in the bank. My cofounder and I quit our other jobs that we had worked so hard to acquire in the economy that was last year, and we said we were going to go full-steam with this. We could give ourselves minimal salaries and have money to buy dresses with and get the web-site up. AG: Did you ever feel like quitting? JH: There have definitely been difficult times. There have been times when we have gotten the door slammed in our faces — both actually and figuratively — by different designers who initially didn’t understand that we were introducing this next generation of customers to their brand. It’s a new concept, so we completely get that. In fact, hearing “no” made us realize how we should evolve the business and how to take people’s concerns into account. I think having the mentality that every setback was really an opportunity to grow is the thing that’s made us successful. AG: Describe your management styles. JH: I want to make sure that everyone at Rent the Runway knows that this is a team effort, we’re all doing this together and that everyone relies on each other. We’re greater than the sum of our parts. It’s about giving everyone here, myself included, the opportunity to go for the thing that makes them



Genesis Magazine

tick the most and to explore new areas. To figure out what those things are that we love is the real “special sauce.” JF: The beauty of a startup to me is that we can really try things, implement things and change things very quickly. I spent the early part of my career working in financial institutions where not only were there a lot of regulations, but it was so bureaucratic that the process of getting anything done and feeling like you’ve made an impact was impossible. So I think making people feel that they have the power to implement change and their ideas be put into effect, and see the impact that that has, is really important and something that I certainly try to encourage here. AG: You launched your business during one of the worst economic recessions in history, but you said it was actually good timing. Please explain. JF: It was a time when people were more money-conscious and there was a whole “recessionista” culture that had evolved. Women were thinking more of cost-per-wear of an item and feeling guiltier about purchasing. I think it’s a great time in general for companies to innovate. AG: What challenges do you face on a day-to-day basis? JH: I think like any entrepreneur, there are a thousand things on my to-do list and only five to 10 that I can accomplish on any given day. So it’s all about prioritization and it’s all about juggling a thousand balls in the air. JF: One challenge right now is, since

we’re growing really quickly, satisfying the demand for inventory. Also, managing our warehouse and all the operations that go behind making sure the dresses are always clean and the beads are always tied on, et cetera. It’s a good problem to have, but there’s a lot to do. AG: What are you most proud of ? JF: There’s been a huge social reward for me that I never expected initially. We’ve had women send us handwritten thank-you notes. They’re calling us to thank us. Sometimes it seems silly because it’s just clothing and fashion, but for women I think it’s a sense of empowerment and confidence. Fashion isn’t something you think about as having a do-good purpose, but it has that ability. I’m glad we’re helping women with that every day. JH: What we’re trying to do is teach women what they should be buying, to give a woman the opportunity to experiment. I see that education process is already starting to set in. That’s one thing I’m really proud of. The second thing I’m really proud of is this team. To have a full team of really talented, passionate people is definitely the best thing about the company and coming into work every single day. AG: What do you envision for your company’s future? JF: We think there are a bunch of things that don’t make sense in the fashion industry, one being that women do buy dresses that they only wear once. Women should start thinking anything that they don’t wear more than 30 days of the year they should be renting. Maybe initially it’s dresses. Maybe in a few years its ski gear. In general, we’ve always believed this company is going to change the fashion industry.

small business directory



Magazine absolutely loves small businesses! It is our philosophy that small businesses deserve big exposure and support. Knowing the right people, in the right industries helps to grow your business, so read below to increase your connections! enesis


Presti & Naegele Accounting Technology Consultants New York’s Premier QuickBooks Advisors and Resellers Alicia J Fleri 212.736.0055 x328

Accessories Keli’s Kreations Travel & organizational accessories for women! 678-759-0244

Sabina Les Printed scarves: retail, wholesale and private label. (917)748-8444



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Beauty Avon Products ( Jovita Loeri-Sebbe) Shop online and save on your favorites! (202) 352-8498 Sharon Oyekan Beauty by Sharon Makeup, Skin Care, Bridal, Gifts & Spa Days 678-525-7015

Beverages XO Energy Beverage Corp XO Energy 6oz Shots Brand in 7 Flavors 212-575-7992

Business Services Paragon Wealth Management A registered investment advisor firm 800-748-4451 BusinessBeware.Biz Pre-Qualify Your Customers Before a Job www.BusinessBeware.Biz LLC Business Formation | 501c3 Tax Exemption | Graphic Design | Web Development 770-322-0722 KSTB Enterprises, LLC Consultant, Grants, Proposals, Scholarships,& Fundraising Strategies 404-861-9927


Coaching Ariel & Shya Kane Learn to Live in the Moment 908-479-6034 DGS Consulting LLC Darn Good Speaking Is On the Tip of Your Tongue 404 567-5790 Get Your Bliss Sharing the tools to create everyday miracles! 602-363-1069

loli events

Event & wedding planner- simple, elegant, unique 914.659.1294 PB Event Planning Event Planning With Style 347.860.9193

Gift Giving Indiesmiles Indie Portal for Articles, Deals and Giveaways Special Celebration Gifts We have unique gifts for all occasions 888-523-7970 Village Works Enterprises LLC Customized jigsaw puzzles, cards with cultural flair! 866-SHOP VWE

Health CieAura Creating Balance Physically/Financially with Holographic chips (713) 724-8942

StarrGates Business Communications Promotional copywriting for advertising, public relations, marketingwww. 201-791-4694

AB Weddings & Special Events Wedding Planner 818-303-5317


Platinum1 Financial, LLC Alternative Working Capital for Business Owners 678-304-6006

Event Planning


Lunch & Learn GA We Give Inspire, Facilitate & Encourage. You Succeed 404-384- 4135

AmeriPlan Low Cost Vision, Dental & Medical Benefits 1-888-299-1128

Garden Promise Marketing Creating Extraordinary Incomes for Ordinary People 888.837.1026


RNO1 Innovation in branding + marketing + communications 650.268.9783

Nexagen USA (Anna Cummins) Wear a Patch! Lose Fat, Gain Energy! 512-554-1433 annacummins@nexagenusa.coom TMJ Pain Solutions TMJ/headache pain treatment kit. 734-277-5711

The Geisheker Group Marketing Firm We’ll help you get new customers fast! (920) 471-1638

Shannon Michelle Photography Professional fashion/editorial/boudoir photography; available nationwide. 617.307.1155


The Lasting Memories Photography Never Forget your Special Moments 404-606-5845

Legal The Lawyer Market The ONLY FREE marketplace for legal help 866.588.3084

Jezebel Media Social Media, Email Marketing, Direct Marketing & Sales 707.227.9102

Leisure Online Virtual World

Marketing Channel Neutral Marketing Digital / Social / Mobile / Direct Marketing Experts 516-922-7887



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Lindley’s Photography Specializing in Wedding Photography 478-284-9401 Mike Dote Photography Describe your business in 7 words or less: affordable professional photography for all occasions. 917-512-2937

Photography Adam Regan Photography Portrait, Wedding, Event and Architectural Photography. 203 613 6652 Ernesto Malinis Photography Fashion / Editorial / Commercial / Portraits 347.819.3952

Wingdreamer Photography Commercial/product, lifestyle portraits, events and weddings 678-225-0241

dare to

succeed: By Baylee Norell


Genesis Magazine know that mainstream media has convinced you that all is bad in the world of business. With several, once strong companies plundering, most of us agree with the media. Times are tough and many business owners are going out of business and giving up. Then, there are the business owners who have used this recession to rethink how they do business and continue to thrive. The following entrepreneurs are not shutting down anytime soon. They are bold, smart, and they understand that to be successful they cannot do business as usual but they must raise the bar and set the standard. Everyday day they choose to thrive. e at

Why she started her business: I decided to start my business because I was already making jewelry, and it was just collecting; friends and family asked- “Why are you not selling this?” So, there it was! What she does: My business is a web based handmade jewelry store. I use a lot of gemstones and wire in my work and I really enjoy spending the time on each item to make it unique for my customers.

Nichole Riley Riley Clay Designs Oakwood, Georgia

How she plans to influence others: I influence others by showing that as intimidating as it may be you can do the things you are most

Why he started his business: I decided to start my own business to create jobs in Georgia’s Motion Picture Industry because there was not a lot of work for artists.

Willie Jones Atlanta Motion Pictures Studios LLC Lilburn, GA

What he does: My company writes, direct, and produces web series, movies, videos, and also television programs. Presently we have a web series titled, Nefertari Crime Series and a Horror film titled, House from Hell, in production. How he plans to influence others: I positively influence others personally by thinking

afraid of. If you tell yourself “what I have is worth something” and really believe it, then it must be true!! Challenges faced and tackled: The most difficult part of my business right now would either be finding time to work on it while still having a full time job or trying to get my name out to potential customers, I haven’t decided yet. I’m overcoming both by working long nights and telling everyone I come in contact with about my business and giving them several business cards.

and being positive, telling them never to give up on their dream to become something positive in life. Challenges faced and tackled: The most difficult challenge about my business is financing because banks are not making many loans due to the economy therefore it can take 1-2 years to get a product out to the market. I use personal finance and hard money loans from finance companies that have a higher interest to overcome this challenge.

Why she started her business: Finding myself in a new country with no friends, I discovered the connecting power of the art of jewelry as people approached me to either know more about my pieces or purchase them. What she does: My online business offers bold and unique hand crafted jewelry and accessories. The majority of my materials come from the Dominican Republic where I handpick each stone for my pieces. How she plans to influence others: I believe I positively influence others by modeling integrity, responsibility, and hard work. My business has taught me to be a woman of great tenacity; I hope I can pass that on to others. Challenges faced and tackled: Working from home has its ups and downs. Although it is a privilege, many times the two get mixed and I find myself torn between family and work responsibilities.

Aarika Dillard

Chained Heart Jewelry Everett, WA (See her ad on p. 56)

Solo Haven The Hand & Foot Sanctuary Marietta , GA

Why she started her business: I love to share my creations with people, especially knowing the feeling of excitement when you find something that you love to look at, and then are able to own. What she does: I make all types of jewelry, from pink princess to hard edge, seeking a world full of inspiration for my pieces. I make all the jewelry and wire pieces and my 13 year old daughter helps with style ideas, packaging and shipping. How she plans to influence others: I work to instill in my children the sense of helping others and to have a willingness to share. I give encouragement to others as much as possible, especially realizing that for some, it might be the only encouragement they receive for the day or week. Challenges faced and tackled: At almost 41, I take care of 3 children (including a baby), a husband, our house, running my husband’s office and my jewelry business which leaves me strapped for time. I figure out what needs to be done now, what can wait, get help from the kids, and through the love and grace of God, everything works itself out.

Why she started her business: I love the industry and wanted to create a haven for customers to come in and relax while our services are being performed. We live in a rushed society so most people don’t take time out to relax therefore, I wanted to create a private escape experience for clients to enjoy in the middle of the day. What she does: Solo Haven is a natural nail spa that promotes relaxation as well as natural nails. We strive to create an ambiance where relaxing is essential, additionally we are working to create our own line of natural nail care products and candles. How she plans to influence others: By being a woman of great integrity, giving back to the community and promoting self motivation. Challenges faced and tackled: Competition...there are an abundance of places where you can just get your nails done, but we concentrate on our competitive advantages like: private setting, quaint location, appointment only scheduling, personal service and a relaxing atmosphere.

EnV Jewelry Staten Island, NY (see her ad on p. 5)

Marilyn Moore

35 |

Vanessa Cristina Coppes

Stuart Moore

Trina Drummond

Cynthia M

Stuart Moore Jewelry New York, NY- San Francisco, CANewport Beach, CA (See his ad on p. 1)

Beatifully Natural Candles Houston, Texas (See her ad on p. 15)

1 Creative Concept Unlimited PR New York, NY

Why he started his business: After working for others who didn’t try to communicate with me, I felt I could do a better job of motivating my own team.

Why she started her business: My love for candles and the safety of the environment has inspired me to start my own eco-friendly candle company.

What he does: At any one time our galleries and website show the work of about 30 jewelry designers who we believe are the world’s best in modern jewelry. The Diamond part of our website lists GIA certified stonecat internet prices backed by an unusually frank set of videos in the Education section.

What she does: My company is an online candle retail store that creates handmade scented all natural soy candles and soaps. We have a large selection of candle types in over thirty-five premium fragrances and a great selection of cold processed natural soaps that come scented or unscented.

How he plans to influence others: I influence others by sticking with three principles: top quality, total honesty, always having fun.

How she plans to influence others: One way that I influence others is by leading by example, and being a positive role model for other young women. Another way I influence others is by being the best person that I can be and giving 110% at whatever I do.

How she plans to influence others: I positively influence others in business by serving as a business mentor with Micro Mentors. I provide guidance on how new business owners can increase their business and or establish their business either non-profit or for profit through creative marketing methods.

Challenges faced and tackled: Being an online retailer, my biggest challenge is not having a store front where customers can touch and feel and examine the product. One way that I overcome this is by creating an awesome, comforting, and educational website to rule out any concerns a customer may have regarding our products. I make sure that I explain carefully what our products are, what it’s created with, and why they should buy it from us.

Challenges faced and tackled: You rarely, if ever start a business with flowing revenue, so the “sweat and tears without compensation” reality was difficult for some people and they fell by the waist side leaving me to build the brand on my own. Later I found many people wanted to use the company as a means to add to their professional resume although they did not help build 1CCU with me. We all want the title, but not everyone wants the work.

Challenges faced and tackled: I think finance is an issue for most new companies. For us it was the lack of bank financing (they don’t accept inventory as collateral). You always have high expectations of your product and we had to get over the fact that business growth is slower than we would like. Yet still, we flourished and continue to impress client after client.

Why she started her business: I wanted to create a one stop shop for Public Relations, Marketing, Event Planning and Media where my clients could create a brand, manage that brand and market it all through one channel. What she does: 1CCU PR is the full service Public Relations, Marketing and Media firm that develops brands through what we call the EXFactor: Exposure, Expansion and Execution.

Kerri Testa

Jared O’Toole

Claire Ogden

Cafe Handmade and Kerri Ann Handmade Boston, MA (see her ad on p. 51)

Under 30 CEO New York, NY

Claire Ogden Designs Saddleworth, Lancashire, UK (see her ad on p. 70)

Why she started her business: I decided to start my own business to feed my soul and maybe someday my family.

Why he started his business: I wanted to go after something I was truly passionate about and no career seemed to be able to do that.

Why she started her business: I started my own business when my website went live July 26, 2009. I was excited to be able to use my talents to create beautiful pieces and make others feel special.

Challenges faced and tackled: The most difficult challenge is balancing work and family. I assign dedicated hours to each business and family time in order to maintain balance.

How he plans to influence others: I think I really help inspire others to pursue things they never thought they could. It can be scary straying from the norm of taking a job or career path but most people that I know who have done so seem happier and more fulfilled with their lives. Challenges faced and tackled: One day is an amazing day, one day you think you’re going down the wrong path, and it can be very stressful and exhausting. I overcome it with the right business partners, friends and family and by never losing sight on the end and goal and focusing on the small achievements each day.

What she does: I design and create individual and unique jewelry, wedding jewelry, tiaras, bridal hair combs and hair accessories. My designs are talked about, my jewelry is requested and I get so much repeat business and bespoke orders, my jewelry makes the outfit, the event and adds the style for the finishing touch! How she plans to influence others: I encourage others when they need encouraging support; I advise others in all areas, and share my experiences (personal and business) and knowledge with everyone. Challenges faced and tackled: Trying to manage the whole business on my own, I feel you have to be an accountant, Internet SEO consultant, PR Marketing consultant, Designer and Creator and sometimes it can be very is all very worth it though!.

How she plans to influence others: I want my children to grow up knowing that things are not just handed to you, that you need to work hard to realize your dreams. I love that I can share my businesses with my family.

What he does: Under30CEO aims to inspire, motivate and lead young entrepreneurs to success. We aim to bring all young entrepreneurs and the necessary resources to help them succeed together.

37 |

What she does: Cafe Handmade is a virtual craft show dedicated to the promotion of indie artisans. I too am an artisan and operate Kerri Ann Handmade in which I specialize in cell phone wallets.

Lauren Sozmen

Susan Rosen

Jesse Sabo

Loli Events New York, New York

Indiesmiles Long Neck DE

Lost Found Returned New York, New York

Why she started her business: After 8 years of working for the best of the best in the hospitality industry, I had a sudden urge to create something that I completely believed in and that I could call my own.

Why she started her business: Originally Indiesmiles was started by 2 partners whom had worked on a team charity effort and saw a need for an advertising business for Handmade and vintage artisans around the world.

Why he started his business: I went into business with my business partner, Geoff, because I felt that I had aquired the skills, self confidence, and experience neccessary to make the right decisions for any business to succeed.

What she does: Loli events is a NYC based boutique event and wedding planning company that works very closely with its clients and goes above and beyond every time. Loli events is all about being simple, elegant and unique.

What she does: As of October of 2009, when my partner left the business to go to med school, Indiesmiles evolved in a different direction, we still offer advertising spots to artisans, but we also incorporated contributing columnists who write exciting articles about various Indie topics. Presently we have approx 12 columnists who write about various subjects.

What he does: My business is called Lost Found Returned and it is unique. We are a national lost and found recovery service. We make recovery labels and tags that help get a person’s portable items back if lost.

How she plans to influence others: I am able to give clients the confidence that their visions and dreams for their event are within reach. Loli events is all about reducing a huge amount of stress on the client so that they can truly enjoy one of the most important days in their life and the whole process leading up to it. Challenges faced and tackled: The most difficult challenge is that the planning business, especially wedding planning, easily becomes a 24/7 business, which takes a toll on your family and personal life. To overcome this, boundaries need to be set right from the beginning and I need to decide everyday what my working hours will be and when to shut off the phone and the computer.

How she plans to influence others: Presently we are working on a huge Charity Birthday Bash and that is still in the planning stages. Ideally the way this will work is that readers will be able to vote on artwork (for a minimal donation) and the cost of the vote will go directly to that charities’ PayPal account. Challenges faced and tackled: I suppose the challenge is getting the word out about how inexpensive our advertising spots are for online Indie Shops. Awareness is crucial!

How he plans to influence others: I influence my business and those I partner with by bringing creative energy and a driving work ethic. Never breaking a committment allows the others around me to build trust and leads everyone involved in a positive direction. Not taking myelf too seriously helps as well! Challenges faced and tackled: The most difficult challenge in our business is working with a small budget which makes it difficult to educate the consumer about our product and services. We offer something everybody needs, but few know exists. To overcome our challenge, we identified the need for strong partnerships with distribution channels and marketing; both of which we have accomplished successfully.

Why she started her business: I chose the health services career to ultimately help other people. I have discovered that there is a serious lack of education about how we will care for our parents, and ultimately ourselves, as we progress from healthy older age to frail old age. What she does: Home Aides of Rockland is a private, licensed and accredited, not for profit home health care agency that supports people coping with frailty, chronic illness, and disability.

Elline Surianello

Lori-Girl Creations, Inc New York, NY

Why she started her business: I began experiencing hair thinning in my pre-teen years and by the time I was in my 20s, it was a really obvious problem, diagnosed as androgenetic alopecia. I was frustrated that my hair didn’t match my personality or my lifestyle, and I wanted an alternative that was livable.

Why she started her business: I decided to start my own business after working for everyone else and finding that their clients loved my interior designs. Their faith in me encouraged me to seek more as a business owner!

What she does: The LeMetric Hair System creates hand crafted pieces that integrate with the women’s existing hair. They can be worn removable or semi-permanent and are made from all-natural human hair.

How she plans to influence others: There are so many opportunities to make a difference in people’s lives. This is why I have a very simple motto: “Everyone matters”. I also spread my positive attitude to the members of Rockland Business Women’s Network, which supports and empowers women.

How she plans to influence others: I help to restore their hair and consequently, their self-esteem. Sometimes I smile when I realize that the one issue that once plagued me (hair loss) is now the same reason I get out of bed each and every morning.

Challenges faced and tackled: One of my biggest challenges is educating the public about care of the elderly and, advocating for their care at all levels of government and philanthropy. This is not a topic that most of us want to think about but we need to.

Challenges faced and tackled: It can be stressful, dealing with all these women whose emotions are running so high. But when I see a woman look into the mirror, after she’s had her hair done at LeMetric for the first time, and the tears well up in her eyes because she hasn’t felt beautiful in years, that still gets me every time and makes it all worth it.

Lori Miller

lemetric New York, NY

What she does: Lori-Girl Creations, Inc is an Interior Design Company dedicated to creating spaces that meet people’s needs. From start to finish, Lori-Girl will help you plan the entire space- from A to Z. How she plans to influence others: As an Interior Designer/Mental Health Counselor my designs incorporate what looks great with what my clients tell me they want. By helping them to create a space they want and enhancing the surroundings of my clients, I am positively influencing others. Challenges faced and tackled: The most difficult challenge of my business is the paperwork and bookkeeping. I overcome this by setting aside 1 day a week to tackle these chores.

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Cecilia Halverson

entrepreneur of the

month: Robert Coppinger

The W.A.D. Group New York, NY Robert, why did you go into business for yourself ? I went into business for myself because I always felt that I could do more to help people who were looking for financing. I started my career in traditional banks working for JP Morgan Chase and HSBC Bank. I found that I was handcuffed by what the banks had to offer in terms of products to my clients and I was becoming a professional at telling people that I could not approve their loan for “x” reason. I eventually learned that there was a whole industry of alternative financing available, but my clients had no access to this type of capital. My goal in going into business for myself was to provide an avenue where my clients could secure the capital that they needed quickly and easily. What is the most challenging part about being an entrepreneur? The most challenging part about being an entrepreneur is the time commitment that it takes to run a successful company. In a 9 to 5 job, when you go home, you are “shut down” for the day. As an entrepreneur, the clock never stops, you are always working. I am always thinking about different marketing strategies and speaking with new investors to provide new capital streams to my clients. As you grow and you delegate responsibility in the company, your day is quickly filled with strategy sessions and new investor meetings to continue to grow the business. As challenging as this is, I would have it no other way!



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How do you insure that you and your company stand out and be a leader in your field? Marketing and Service- Those two factors have helped make The W.A.D. Group a success. We come up with creative ways to reach our customer base and new prospects through internet, print, local, and gorilla marketing. Once we have a prospect come into our organization, we provide some of the best service in the business. We always provide information to be viewed as a resource even if the prospect never turns into a client. We are a strong believer in repeat business and the power of a referral. Happy clients tell their friends and family, and those clients usually end up being the best advertising for us. How do you positively influence your clients and those around you? I feel that my organization positively influences others by setting the tone for customer service excellence. I have a philosophy that we build our business one satisfied customer at a time, and that happens by delivering second to none customer service. Every prospect is treated with respect, with the intention of converting them to clients. (see ad on the next page)


Women of

By Brittany K Earls


hey are bold, they are beautiful, they are smart, they are inspiring, they are fearless, they are better than they were yesterday, they are diverse, they are strong, they are successful, they are optimists, they are leaders, they are classy, and they are

GenMagazine’s 10 Women of Influence! These following ravishing ladies did not just become successful to hold a trophy and sit on a pedestal. They have used their ideas and their success to positively influence many, many other people to live their best life. esis


Laura Geller is one of the cosmetic industry’s top make-up artists. Her products dominate on Laura Geller air with QVC broadcasts in the US, UK, and Germany. Laura Geller is a true innovator, and has pioneered the “baked” category in cosmetics. She was a leader in producing a vibrant make-up that starts as a smooth liquid and is then baked to enliven the skin and create a youthful aura. Brilliant make-up artist and true innovator, but what stands out to us the most about Laura is that she has a big heart and is a true people person. You can also add philanthropist to her title as she is also a big supporter of the fight against lung cancer. Laura Geller Makeup was the first corporation to make lung cancer research its primary corporate philanthropy. Laura’s line has donated over $400,000 to Joan’s Legacy: Uniting Against Lung Cancer. Laura says that, “Influence is being able to affect someone else on a deep, personal level,” and she does just that from beauty to health, and support. Her motto is: “Beauty is everywoman’s birthright!” She spreads confidence and creates products that allow beauty to be attainable to all women globally!



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DJ Tracie Steel is a woman of influence because she breaks the mold and sets the standard DJ Tracie Steel for women in media. She is a radio personality at 95.5 The Beat in Atlanta, GA as well as a DJ. She is a tour DJ for Musiq SoulChild, Cupid, and Mika Means. She even does voice-over work for radio and television commercials. She has been the corporate DJ for McDonalds, Coca Cola, and The Essence Festival and performed on national television shows like The Mo’Nique Show in Atlanta, GA. What is interesting about her is that she has done what so many creative people sadly fail to do; turn a hobby into a career! Her success is especially sweet to women because this is such a male dominate field. “The fact that I’m in a male dominate industry makes me push to want to influence young women to pursue their hopes and dreams regardless of the obstacles,” she says. She is fashionable, and edgy. When you work hard and brand yourself, your talent and effectiveness in your field will cause you to stand out and be recognized regardless of your sex or the typical trends in that industry! She does everything that male DJs can do but with fashion and style. Tracie Steel shows that girls really do have more fun!

Valeria Tignini

Valeria Tignini is the owner of, an innovative new website combining the best of social networking, blogging, and video entertainment. “In a world where so many women are faced with jealousy, bitterness, and criticism from other women; is on a mission to create friendship, praise, and support,” Valeria explains. “This is my dream come true, I love helping people. I may not be making a ton of money but I believe if you love what you do, move forward, and be

Bonnie Ross-Parker and

Bonnie Ross-Parker is not only a professional speaker/author, she is also the creator of The Joy of Connecting and today she is known as “America’s Connection Diva.” The Joy of Connecting is a women’s non-membership networking group with a mission to support women entrepreneurs, business owners, and other professional women. “I started The Joy of Connecting in 2002 when I recognized a need for women to share resources, build relationships and foster business in a more feminine and comfortable setting. Eight years later,

thousands of women have participated at JOC gatherings nationwide and together are changing the way women network.” All events are held in the comfort of a licensee’s home or intimate location. Attendance is never more than 20-25 amazing women so you know that valuable introductions will be made. Best of all, if someone offers a service that you don’t need at that time, there is no pressure! JOC is not about sales it is about long lasting business and even personal relationships. Do not expect Bonnie to slow down anytime soon. She has also launched The Joy of Connecting Latina and you can expect more books, more public appearances, and growing JOC locations all over the world influencing business women to encourage and support each other.


honest, you will be rewarded in the end,” she shares. Her most popular lecture that has been adopted the most by thousands of young women is: Believe It’s Already Happening! “This is the key to it all. See your vision as if it’s already in your life. Remember you have the power that brings the things you desire or don’t desire into your life,” she gladly insists. Valeria also insists that her company actively participates in local charities such as Fran Drescher’s Cancer Schmancer Movement and more. The bottom line is that Valeria Tignini has a very giving spirit and gives in every way that she possibly can and because of this character trait, thousands of people are positively affected and will continue to sparkle because of Valeria’s shine.

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Lisa Rayam

Lisa Rayam is a marvelous Fox 5 News anchor in Atlanta, GA. Lisa defines influence as: “Anything positive that exudes from you.” While Lisa may be a very positive and upbeat person, she upholds her responsibility to objectively and accurately deliver all types of news. “My career is a vehicle to keep you and the world abreast of current issues that can and will affect your life. But I strive to balance the bad news with the good news,” quotes the anchor. For example, she covered 6 hours of the 1996 Atlanta Olympic bombing during the Centennial Games and the first few


troubling hours of the abortion clinic bombing in Birmingham. She also spends a lot of time visiting elementary-high schools encouraging students to be the best that they can be. She has a particular interest in at risk youth and actively participates with the boys and girls club of America. Her success as an anchor is especially inspiring to young black women who aspire to have a job in media but are not use to seeing (even in 2010) women of color in abundance in such an on camera position. Lisa leaves this advice for other media professionals who aspire to grow in their field and influence others: “Stick with it. I started in a very small market and worked my way up--that seems to be a good system even today, 20 years later. Don’t be afraid to jump in and perform the small stuff, it will eventually lead to the job you want.”

Rosemarie Rossetti and

Rosemarie is the President of Rossetti Enterprises Inc., where she provides speaking, training, consulting and writing services to organizations, corporations and individuals. Rosemarie is a prime example on how to use a painful experience to alter your life for the better. On June 13, 1998, while riding her bicycle, she was crushed by a 7000 pound tree entangled with live power lines and was instantly paralyzed from the waist down. “The hospitalization and rehabilitation that followed was physically and mentally challenging as I learned to cope with change and deal with adversity,” she shares. But this was not the end for



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Rosemarie, only the beginning. She defines influence as: “The ability to cause others to think more carefully about a concept, idea or direction and lead them to action resulting in enhancing their success and happiness.” And that is exactly what she does through her sold out lectures and her amazing book- Take Back Your Life! Rosemarie influences countless people to take charge of their life regardless of their current situations. She spends several times a year being a keynote speaker at many professional events—after such engagements it is common for her to get emails or for numerous people to stop her, testifying to the alterations they have made in their lives because of her. She leaves all of those who she comes in contact with reenergized!


Women of

4 Elder Vanessa Long

busy operating the above organizations or spending time with her family, you may spot her planning a 5K Run/Walk which is a marathon that she gets her whole church involved in to raise awareness of and generate financial support for cancer patients and their families. If she is speaking in public her words may be few, her words may be soft, but without doubt they are influential. She is a woman about action and not just about words. Her gentle spirit and empowering organizations draws thousands of people to her. She is honored and taken very seriously wherever she goes. Her influence is timeless, the women and young ladies who participate in her programs are affected for a lifetime. The men, women, and families who listen to her speak, or participate in her 5K Run/Walk share experiences that last a lifetime. The families and charities that she helps, benefit from her gifts and awareness for a lifetime! Elder Vanessa Long is an influential leader with a mission and efforts that impact this generation and the next.

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Most people may recognize Elder Vanessa Long as the wife of Bishop Eddie Long and the first lady of New Birth Cathedral in Atlanta, GA where together they pastor over 25,000 members. Vanessa may be soft spoken and elegant but do not be misled; she is a powerhouse! This devoted wife and mother full of poise, grace, and brains, leads many missions and projects. One that is very dear to her heart is her Elect Ladies Ministry. In this ministry she strives to positively influence young girls between the ages of 11-15 years old. She and her team host 40 young girls every summer, teaching etiquette, self-respect, self-worth, values, biblical principles, and a healthy lifestyle. Vanessa also created Women on the Path , a discipleship ministry that empowers and equips Christian women in developing a more intimate relationship with Christ. The heart of this ministry is to stress knowledge, character, and servitude. As if that isn’t enough, she hosts an annual Heart to Heart Women’s Conference where she ministers to women from around the globe with a renewed mantle of love, hope and healing. When she isn’t

3 Alissa Everett Alissa Everett is a freelance documentary and travel photographer and writer specializing in documenting human consequences of natural disasters and wars, as well as in-depth cultural travel for various outlets including, magazines, newspapers, and humanitarian organizations. Alissa could be completely satisfied doing a career that she loves, staying active and seeing the world, but she does not stop there. Her career is not just about a paycheck or moving from one great story to the next. “Through my work I spend a great deal of time in a developing world, witnessing some of the world’s greatest humanitarian disasters. In 2006, I spent several weeks covering the refugee crisis in Darfur and came home knowing I needed to not only raise awareness to help the Darfuri people, but also funds. I founded Care Through Action with the mission of raising awareness for global issues underreported in traditional media through gripping documentary photography; and next, to connect individuals and donors with a portfolio of carefully selected organizations working at



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the frontier of human rights abuses to treat and protect women and children. We believe that through images of hope, we can inspire individuals to work toward solving global suffering,” she shares. A picture really is worth 1000 words and while it is easy to get distracted with media headlining stories of celebrity scandal and the latest news in reality television, Alissa uses her gift of photography to shed a light on global suffering and show ways we can all make a difference. Alissa defines influence as, “The power to be a compelling force on the actions, behavior, and opinions of others.” She definitely lives up to her standard of influence by bringing awareness to so many important issues that are sadly overlooked. “I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation...Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” —Alissa Everett’s favorite quote from Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize 1986



Women of

Lisa Nicole Cloud field and responsibilities can be overwhelming and stressful but when we ask the dynamic Mrs. Cloud if she ever considers quitting we get a very direct answer- not a chance! “The price for quitting is too high because when you quit you’re not quitting on others, not quitting on the company, you are quitting on yourself. The other thing that keeps me from quitting is that I have strong “why’s”. My why’s are bigger than me. My why’s are my children, my husband, my family and I could NEVER quit on them,” she assures. Lastly, for all of the aspiring, struggling, or thriving entrepreneurs, Lisa leaves this advice: “As an entrepreneur, a person should always remember that they are their greatest asset. They must value, preserve, protect and invest in their asset. Value the God given gifts that you hold. Preserve yourself by taking care of yourself because without you business cannot go on. Protect yourself from negativity and negative people (dream stealers). Don’t allow them to get in your head and make you feel that you can’t accomplish your dreams. Invest in yourself through personal developing tools. Find great mentors and coaches and read great books. Readers are Leaders and Leaders are Readers. Success happens by choice not chance.”-—Lisa Nicole Cloud

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Voted one of Atlanta’s most powerful women, Lisa Nicole Cloud is a VP for a telecom company in the direct sales industry. She has trained and developed a sales force of over 50 thousand independent agents/ entrepreneurs around the world. She teaches people how to start and launch successful home businesses. She has been extremely successful in helping people realize the power of their dreams to grow personally, professionally, financially and spiritually. Lisa is also the author of: Live Your Dreams…It’s Possible 8 Principles for the Christian Entrepreneur. Lisa is teaching her followers to un-think what they currently understand entrepreneurship to be! Lisa has been on the cover of The Atlanta Business Journal and countless other magazines but she understands that being a woman of influence is not just about glitz and glamour; it is about hard work and action. This is why Lisa is so lovable- she is not scared to roll up her sleeves and get dirty or work a 12 hour day. She is very action and results driven, which makes her an awesome leader. “Influence is the ability to hold the respect of people such that you’re able to move them to action,” she insists. As a successful business woman, Lisa does have her set of challenges. She wears many hats. She is a mother, wife, daughter, author, and motivator and is always forced to find creative ways to balance these aspects of her life with running her own business. She is always juggling her time and someone or something is always sacrificed to allow more time for the other. Her


Innovation Driven


“Contrary to a large-firm mentality, you will not be forced to communicate and rely on junior staffers at Onofrio Law for your vital legal work.” – Dara L. Onofrio, Esq. Onofrio Law is a service-focused boutique law firm providing legal counsel in the areas of patent, trademark and copyright law, with clients ranging from international Fortune 50 companies to individual inventors. Onofrio Law was named a 2010 Top Patent Firm and Top Trademark Firm by Intellectual Property Today Magazine.

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Woman Influence of

By Brittany K Earls


any people may be fans of her beautiful music.

Others may be

grateful for the miracles that her cosmetic line creates for their skin.

Women entrepreneurs everywhere are excited to plug

into the phenomenal networking opportunities that she provides.

Some call her friend, many call her a mentor, and most importantly someone calls her wife, and another tiny someone will call her mommy. You are about to recognize her for the powerhouse of a woman that she is- Angela Jia Kim. Angela Jia Kim started playing the piano at a very early age and started earning notable awards and prizes for her gift by the age of four. By the time this Iowa native was a teenager her talents had introduced her to various parts of the world as she toured as a solo pianist in recital, orchestral, and chamber music performances. She has released several CDs, and her performances have been broadcasted on several national television outlets. Although she was the recipient of mountains of awards and critics loved her, calling her a “superb

colorist”, all good things must come to an end and she retired and performed her final concert a couple of years ago to focus on other business ventures and starting a family. Angela is a great example of how and when to use all of the talents inside of you. She not only has a musical but an entrepreneurial spirit and started Om Aroma & Co. This cosmetic line sells luxury organic spa and skincare products. “Like a lot of good things, it all started with an itch.”Quotes the entrepreneur on her award-winning,

anti-aging, organic spa, and skincare line. She developed a horrible rash right before a performance as a result of a lotion that she just applied. Noticing that the lotion was full of unnecessary ingredients and chemicals, this caused her to ponder on the long-term damages of modern day skin care. These pondering thoughts led to the idea of a skin care line where all products are free of parabens, formaldehyde, sulfates, and other toxic chemical fillers. Not only does Om Aroma produce luxurious organic products, they are safe for your skin and have proven scientific anti-aging results, winning the stamp of approval from Allure, Redbook, and Cosmopolitan Magazines. Angela fully embraced her success and entrepreneurship but something was missing. “I felt lonely when I started my business because I had no contacts and I was eager to get advice and be inspired and inspire other women.” So she started The Spa Project which was intended to be a way for people in the beauty, spa, and cosmetic, industries to network and exchange ideas. However, this business was short lived and failed by 2008. Not one to be shaken by disappointment, Angela and her husband Marc Stedman expanded on their idea of creating a network for entrepreneurs and created Savor the Success ( Savor the Success is a boutique social network for female entrepreneurs and professionals. Whatever failures were associated with the Spa Project, they did not continue on to effect Savor. Today, Savor the Success has over 10,000 members and do not confuse this social media site as another Facebook. Savor expands well beyond online friendships, messages, wall posts, and pretty pictures. When you join Savor the Success (for free), you have access to educational blogs, personal, inspiring video blogs directly from Angela Jia Kim, and knowledge. You will have the knowledge of networking events hosted in your area, PR and media leads, and much more. As a premium member (for pay), you can earn access to extensive media lists, you can post your business’s banner advertisement on your profile page linked to your website, free access to networking events, cafes (chatrooms where experts and other entrepreneurs share information and ask and answer questions live online), PR boot camps, educational conference calls, and almost anything you can think of to energize and boost your business. This social networking clearly goes beyond the computer. Even the networking events should not be taken lightly; here, you do not just wear a name tag and get lost in a room with hundreds of other people. At a Savor networking event, you will build lasting relationships, hear a brief lecture from a professional expert on finance, PR, marketing etc, get to introduce yourself to the entire crowd, break-up into small groups and direct questions to an expert panel, and if you’re lucky you may even get some wine and exotic chocolates from France! This is a woman entrepreneur’s dream and although Angela is based in New York City, these events are hosted monthly throughout the country. There is now even a Savor MagBook, which is a unique tool to inspire, challenge, train, and organizes women who are serious about building and taking their business far. She/Savor also hosts a dynamic conference entitled: Women Entrepreneurs Rock the World, which attracts women of all ages and all career levels from around the world. With all of this tal-



Genesis Magazine

ent, drive, success, and opportunity that Angela Jia Kim provides, is it any wonder that she is Genesis Magazine’s number 1 Woman of Influence? So how does this beautiful entrepreneur define influence? “Influence means leading by your actions and having the ability to effect other people’s energy. I am a good leader because I am passionate and I love what I do and it shows.” she informs us. “I have high energy myself, and the truth is that people will feed off of your energy.” Her statement on influence holds true as thousands of women are influenced to stay organized, stay positive, and thrive from her video blogs a.k.a. Vlogs. Her email is flooded with feedback from ladies empowered by her coaching; however, return clients are the biggest compliment to her. Whether it is with Om Aroma and they reorder product or renew their membership with Savor, “Rebooking is the biggest testament of success for me.” If her followers have not yet been positively influenced by her Vlogs they should be influenced to learn how to use their failures as a stepping stone to success, just as Angela did when she spun Savor the Success from her previously failed business. “There will always be issues when you start any business especially when it is creative or against the norm. You have to always be prepared to switch your problem to a solution,” she advises. The issues that she coaches women entrepreneurs on the most are dealing with a lack of resources, time management, proper branding, being a “mompreneur” and simply what the title says- savoring the success and living in each moment, taking nothing for granted. The media is impressed with the fast growth of Savor the Success and she has been candidly interviewed on Fox Business News, and received a sassy entrepreneur make-over (not that she needed it) on the hit show, Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style. Everyone may have his or her own reasons for being impressed and influenced by her, but we at Genesis Magazine are most impressed by her ability to have and maintain it all. How is this possible? “I am so thankful for my support system. My husband, my coaches (they give me my juice/re-energize me), my assistant, my PR and communication manager, and my entire team! I would advise every entrepreneur to build a strong support system. Before choosing a spouse, look for someone who will fully support you. They have to love you so much that they will love and support all of your ventures- a creative woman really needs that. In general, your entire support system has to be strong. This may sound little or like a cliché but it will truly help advance your business.” She goes on to give a plethora of advice on many topics. “We as entrepreneurs have to stay organized. It takes time to make time. Focus is crucial. Planning your day is crucial; failure to do this will bring the best creative woman down. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help or get a business coach. Remember to have thick skin. I don’t care what people think which is important. Do I want to build business relationships and impress my customers? Yes! Does everyone have to love my ideas? No!” The final advice she leaves us with is the importance of investing in your own business. “It is the worst mistake we can make. Entrepreneurs MUST invest in the basics: a great website, headshots, proper branding etc.”

If you think a successful career as a pianist, two flourishing businesses, a happy marriage, beautiful baby daughter- Sienna, and influencing over 10,000 women is the conclusion in the life of Angela Jia Kim, you are dead wrong! In the next five years she has goals of expanding Om Aroma & Co. boutiques in several cities, she envisions Savor the Success to grow to over 100,000 members, and she expects the influence, training and support from that group to aid in creating several women millionaires. In her final thoughts, she stresses the importance of remembering that success is a constant journey, not an end point. “Success is a funny word. Oprah and Martha Stewart are still waiting for their next big thing. There is no end point you always have to fuel your passion, if not, life gets boring and if you are bored and lack desire then what’s the point of living?” Angela Jia Kim is our number one Woman of Influence because she is multitalented, smart, poised, and heavily influential. There is a certain admirable rawness about her. She came from a steady family of musical artists and educators, but she did not come from a million dollar household. Everything she touched did not turn to gold. She has made mistakes and endured failures like everyone else. And although she operates out of New York City, which is known for birthing the “dog eat dog” mentality, she is personable, friendly, and sweet. She really wants to help people whether it is by improving skin tone and elasticity or training a future millionaire. This genuine trait is a rare find and Angela Jia Kim is truly a gem: rare, raw, attracts others, and is sure to last! Visit Angela Jia Kim at:

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“Influence means leading by your actions and having the ability to effect other people’s energy.

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onlineand inlove

s the sun was rising, Isaac’s assistant,

Gil, rose and traveled to neighboring cities to find a wife for Isaac. Gil rested himself by a spring. He observed the women as they came to the spring for water. A lovely woman came to fill her jar. Gil politely asked her, “May I drink from your jar to refresh myself?” “Sure, and here is water for your camels to drink also.” At that moment, he sensed she was the right choice of a wife for Isaac. She had the character traits he was searching for: thoughtful and giving with a heart willing to go the extra mile. That was then (Bible times). This is now. In this new decade, online dating has become a viable option to find a mate. Yet, learning how to find someone who is a person of character is still vital, but challenging! Then there are those who don’t have time for traditional dating. Maybe they work too much, maybe they are older and tired of the bar scene, or maybe they are simply shy. For these reasons, online dating is becoming more



Genesis Magazine

and more popular. Before diving into the often muddy waters of online dating, have a heart to heart with yourself. Ask yourself the tough questions. • Are you truly ready to date and potentially choose a mate? • Are you really over past relationships or just using online dating to fill the empty lonely moments?

Photo courtesy of Wingdreamer Photography

romance by Marie Nease

the one who really hears your heart will stick around long enough to prove himself worthy of your gifts.” - Dana “Meeting folks can be stressful and very disappointing at times. Don’t ‘settle’ out of loneliness or boredom. There are many princes and princesses posing as frogs. Do your homework.”Don One online couple, Bryan and Rachel, report a positive online dating experience. They took their time, got to know each other and developed a real, non-superficial relationship. For them, meeting online has slowly blossomed into a lasting romance and marriage filled with fun! Their adorable baby girl will grow up in a family that thrives because of the little ways they cultivate their love and keep it strong. So is every online relationship that starts slow and has parties who are equally trying to get to know the other bound for success? 1+1 = 2, right? Wrong! If dating is simple math, online dating is calculus. It’s more complicated and there isn’t a simple formula that just works for everyone. Each person has to work out their own “equations”. Online dating can be worth the gamble, if you go about it intelligently, using common sense and the accountability of friends and family. Finally, however you go about your online dating experience, be safe! Safety first! Before meeting face-to-face, Google the person’s full name or if necessary, do a background check. When meeting someone, be accountable with a close friend/family member by giving them cell phone numbers, tag numbers; whatever you need to do to be safe. If all is going well on the first meeting and you both choose to spend extended time with a person, follow them to a different location if necessary. Don’t ride together. Use safety, wisdom, and keep an open mind, and maybe you too can be online and in love.

Sam Moorcroft, President and CEO of and his staff suggest simple, yet important strategies for online dating success: “Be patient. Meeting someone whom you hope to spend the rest of your life with should not be a rushed affair. Ask a lot of questions. Some members provide little information in their profiles so doing a bit of homework ahead of time can save you the hassle of meeting someone with whom you have little in common. You can also get to know a person a lot better if you chat a lot online. Many of our members who meet in person say they felt like they knew the person prior to seeing them, because they spent so much time chatting on our site. Also, use common sense when chatting with someone new: don’t get too emotionally involved in a relationship before you meet and play it safe if you decide to meet in person.” Finally, give everyone a chance. You’re interested in meeting someone and so are the people you’re chatting to. If you don’t take a chance, you could miss out on meeting some great people, and possibly “the one.”According to Sam Moorcroft, “The biggest relationship breakers are placing a focus on short term qualities (e.g. spontaneity, carefree attitude to life, etc.) and not learning from past relationship mistakes. Some singles tend to repeat the same poor choices in mates and end up frustrated by their lack of success.” We interviewed several online daters for their online dating tips and here are their thoughts:

“Robert looked just as handsome as he did in his online photos! He grins at me, tells me I look prettier than I did in my pictures and we were off to a great start! One of the concerns that repeatedly came up in recent discussions is that often people do not represent themselves accurately--in photos or in written descriptions, so we were both relieved!”- Rita “Very often we describe ourselves as we would want to appear instead of who we really are. Inevitably the other party discovers the real person and is taken aback or disappointed. Many folks are also influenced by looks or age – this is particularly prevalent in men. This leads to the second part of the question. Being truthful and taking time to get to know one another is critical. Taking time should be a fairly long period and run through 2 to 4 seasons of a year. Don’t double-date while doing this! Also, ladies – never pursue the man vigorously. Let him do most of the calling on you. Most men have one thing in mind; so ladies, keep him at arm’s length until you know that he is a keeper.”- Don “Use discernment. You have too much to lose if you do not listen to that voice inside. You can lose your heart, your peace, your confidence, and even potentially your bank account. There are players out there and trust is something that is built not given.”- Dana “Don’t assume people are honest. People can be anyone they want to be online. Make sure the walk matches the talk.”- Warren “Being vulnerable and moving too quickly into romance is another potential concern. Does it feel good to have someone interested, you bet. But, for my own sanity I have to keep my head in reality as my heart hopes for the dream. And never, ever, compromise your boundaries. Those are hard lessons to learn. Just say no, and maybe

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• Clearly decide, even put into writing, your make or break character traits a mate must have and traits you know you can’t tolerate. • Understand yourself and what you personally have to bring to a relationship and potential marriage.

battle of the sexes



by Agatha Gilmore

Genesis Magazine’s group therapy! Battle of the sexes is an open forum for men and women reader’s to pose their romantic relationship questions, thoughts, and concerns. The goal is to share what you feel without bashing or judging. Here you can get and give advice! elcome to

Topic 1: First-Date Etiquette: To Kiss or Not to Kiss? It’s the moment of truth. You’ve spent the last few hours getting to know each other — also known as making awkward conversation while trying not to spill spaghetti sauce on your shirt — and reading into every look, every laugh and every touch to gauge your own and your date’s interest. It all comes down to this: How do you say goodbye? “Read her body language first and foremost. I usually go in for a hug, but if there was more of a spark throughout the night, perhaps some innocent flirting, then I would do the ‘rest left hand on girl’s waist and use the right hand to softly raise the chin’ move and go in for a nice, soft, respectful kiss.” – Jesse, Chicago, IL “I would never kiss on the first date. You have to leave them wondering if you liked them — otherwise there is no challenge or excitement.” – Tony, Sydney, Australia “Obviously, if you don’t like him, don’t kiss. Talk about mixed signals! If you do like him, then who are you to deny your natural urges? Go with what feels natural: a kiss on the cheek, a peck on the lips, even a bit of tongue if the moment calls for it. If, like so many, you have no idea what the moment calls for, it’s hard to go wrong with a kiss on the cheek; it shows you’re willing to get close, but that there will have to be second date for him to get closer.” – Kate, Philadelphia, PA



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“Saying goodbye depends on the vibe. Anything from a hug to a peck on the cheek or lips is fine by me. But guys please leave your tongue and hands from wandering where they’re not welcomed quite yet.” – Ashley, Philadelphia, PA “I think a hug is acceptable. Sometimes a kiss can come off as too much.” – Kara, Chicago, IL “It really depends on the situation. I probably wouldn’t manage it, but if it was a good first date, I’d say go for it.” – Julian, Schenectady, NY “I never kiss on the first date. Maybe back in the day, but now I am 28 and looking for wifey! I need her to know I want way more than the physical. Kissing is just the first step on a sexual rollercoaster. I want her mind first. Then…then I want the rest of her.”- Darrell, Atlanta, GA

“Leading someone on is saying something that you know to be entirely false. I think a lot of ‘leading on’ allegations stem from things that are only momentarily true — a feeling, a thought, a plan that overwhelms a person with possibility but eventually passes.” – Blake, New York, NY “Leading someone on is giving someone the impression that you are interested and available, or treating a man as nothing more than an intellectual whore. It’s definitely in the eye of the beholder. An action or touch that one person might consider benign or platonic can absolutely be construed as something else by the receiver. Though, I guess to lead someone on in the truest sense, one might say there needs to be a conscious manipulation of sorts. It doesn’t have to be devious.” - Daniel, Worcester, MA “I’d say making reference to future plans — be it going on vacation or getting married — that you really only have a half-hearted intention of making a reality would constitute leading someone on. Or even saying, ‘I’ll call you’ and then not calling. There’s nothing wrong with, ‘Nice meeting you, goodnight.’ Also, saying you need ‘time’ or ‘space’ when what you really mean is that you want to be on your own is leading someone on. Furthermore, remaining coupled with someone when you don’t really want to build a future with them is definitely an example of leading someone on.” – Holly, Chattanooga, TN “Leading someone on to me is when you have no intention of having a lasting relationship with that person but continue to see him. This can be for many reasons, such as financial (he takes you to nice dinners!) or emotional (you like being “in a relationship”), or you know the other person is not “the one” but you are staying with them until you meet someone else. This last example is similar to a monkey who holds on to one branch until he grasps the next, which can end up putting the person in an unfulfilling relationship — or even marriage.” – Ila, Chicago, IL “Leading someone on is intentionally indicating a level of interest on your end that’s not actually there.” – Brad, Chicago, IL “It’s knowing that you are not interested in pursuing a relationship but you like the attention so you go out with the person. You don’t show any signs of disinterest: You text them (usually after a few hours’ or days’ hesitation), you say “I’ll call you” or “I’ll see you next week” but say it vaguely so you don’t actually have to make specific plans.” – Eva, Philadelphia, PA

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“If you are the one leading someone on, beware of karma. And if you are being led on, you need to wise up quick because this will not end well.” – Carla, Chicago, IL

The expert weighs in and calls this mach to an end. Relationship therapist and expert, Dr. Christine Parsons, has been happily married for 12 years and is a mother of three. She is the author of, “Between Date #2 and I Do”. As for kissing on the first date Tony and Darrell win it for the fellas. Not kissing on the first date is important for the second date. When you are meeting someone new or even in steady relationships, it is important to build the anticipation. Having something to look forward to is the spice of life. Besides, a kiss is a very intimate thing. There is no way you could possibly know someone that much on the first date that your heart feels that intimate with them; therefore; the kiss is purely based on hormones and physical attraction and that is a very superficial way to build a romantic relationship. Holly makes the best point for the ladies when it comes to leading someone on. Just as the word suggests- leading means blindly leading someone into a false future. Anyone that speaks of an unrealistic future or always says sweet words that are not followed by sincere actions is guilty of this. You can easily determine you are being led on when your wannabe mate cannot look you in your eye, or if they do maintain eye contact, they fail to follow through with any of their nonsexual words. However, he or she can only lead you where you will follow. It is your responsibility to use your brain and get out of a potentially heartbreaking and annoying situation.

Topic 2: What Constitutes “Leading Someone On”? From friendship to romantic relationships, we’ve all been guilty at some point of indicating we’re more interested than we actually are. And while we all agree this behavior is frowned upon, we have varying definitions of what it actually entails. How do you know if you’re leading someone on — or being led on yourself?




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and up and coming writers of our present time.

month it is a pleasure to introduce

This William Boyack!

William has dabbled in writing since high school and found His typical genre of writing is fiction and at the age of twenty-five he published his first novel- Generational Gaps and he has continued writing more diligently ever since. Most of his works are that he had a knack at poetry at a young age.

inspired from the nagging curiosity he has about a great many things.

“Last Chance with Ally�, was inspired from He immediately drafted all of his thoughts, fears, and details of the dream to create a unique short story. Enjoy!

a nightmare he had about his daughter.

Last Chance




by William Boyack

was in the army when my daughter was born and there I remained until she turned three. I missed out on so much of her early life. I missed all of her birthdays and most holidays that called for my presence as her father. When I came home from various deployments, she would never recognize me. Coming home always broke my heart, as my daughter would hide from me, the stranger, who was her father. On her fourth birthday, I took time off work to spend the day with her when I came to the understanding of what death really is. We woke up early on her birthday, the first day of June, and wished her mother off to work.



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I have been in town for. Ally sang to herself a sweet little song as we drove to the park, still not getting the gas that we needed. As we pulled to the park, it was empty. This was a rare thing, indeed, for a summer day. I pulled Ally out of the truck and let her run free to the playground. She stopped halfway there and called for me to play with her. I pulled out the kite and ball and jogged to where she was hopping in place. “Come on daddy! The slide!” She yelled. I dropped the toys and rushed her, picking her up and running to the slide with her laughing loudly. I stood her at the top as she slid down without hesitation. “Again daddy!” I carried her back to the top and watched as she slid down again, in pure joy. I did so five or six times before she got bored and wanted to play on the chain-linked bridge. She laughed, ran and smiled. She didn’t get winded or even noticeably exhausted from all of the play. In the brief moment that she stood still, I thought I noticed something odd about her. Her hair was a good four inches shorter than before. With all of the stress from the morning, I shook it off and watched as she pretended she was an airplane with her arms outstretched and running in a large circle. “Daddy! Come play with me!” She yelled. “Ally. I have a big job for you, think you can handle it?” She looked at me curiously. “I need you to sit on my shoulders and hold onto the kite while I run. When I say let go I need you to let go of the kite, think you can do it?” She nodded enthusiastically. I lifted her above my head and placed her on my shoulders. I then bent down and picked up the kite, handing her the piece to hold. I picked up the kite and ran as fast as I could with a four year old on my neck and waited for a gust of head-

slowly away from the pump with the nozzle still connected. I rushed to the emergency shutoff switch next to the entrance to the station to make sure that fuel wouldn’t spray all over the station once the fuel line tore. I rushed to the car and found a lifeless soul lying on the steering wheel. There was nothing I could do. Finally, my fatherly instincts kicked in as I ran to my truck to check on my Ally. She looked at me and smiled, oblivious to the murder that had just taken place. “Daddy, can we go to park now?” Ally asked. “In just a minute, sweetheart; we have to wait for the policemen.” I watched for Ally’s disappointed reaction. There was none. “Are you in trouble, daddy?” She asked. I had to laugh. “No honey. They are just going to ask me some questions. C’mon inside, I’ll get you some candy.” I walked Ally to the back where some milk crates were to allow the EMS workers to do their work out of view of a four year old. Ally ate her candy slowly, as if savoring it. Not quite typical for her. The sounds of sirens approached after what seemed like an eternity, in actuality it was only five minutes. I listened for the police to come and find me. I stood to find one of them to give my information to when a young police officer walked in and smiled down to my daughter. “Is she okay, sir?” the young officer asked. “She’s fine.” I said. I answered a series of questions and was free to go.. “You’ve been a big help today, thank you sir.” I smiled and pet the back of Ally’s head as the young man left the back room of the gas station. Ally and I were then free to do what we wished and that was to go to the park and celebrate the first birthday

63 |

I poured my early dose of coffee and prepared some pancakes especially made with some strawberries and whipped cream designed to form a smiley face for her pleasure. She greedily ate the meal and laughed with whipped cream and strawberry juice running down her face. Ally finished her pancakes and washed her face with the kind of diligence that I used to have when I cleaned my rifle. She came out of the bathroom gleaming from the special breakfast and sat down next to me as I finished the morning paper. I looked to her past a fold in the newspaper corner and asked, “So, Ally, what do you want to do today?” She sat back into the couch and put her tiny finger to her chin, as if making it obvious of her deep thought. “I want play at park.” She said after much thought. I pretended to consider her request, when I finally agreed after much consideration. She jumped to her feet and ran to her room to get her shoes and play clothes that she would need for the day at the park. We pulled out of the driveway and headed down Main Street to the nearest gas station on the way to the park. As I pulled into the only open pump, I turned off the truck and kissed Ally on the forehead. “Sit tight honey. I’ll be right over there.” I said while pointing to the pump. Ally smiled and pulled at the buttons of her shirt. I stepped out of the truck and slid my debt card into the pump. The system didn’t respond. I looked into the station and saw no line so I walked inside quickly and prepaid for my fuel. “Sorry hon. Been having problems with the pump all week. This should work.” The cashier said. “No proble-” I stopped as I heard two gunshots outside. I ran straight out the door as I watched a single car speed away from the scene while another car drifted



wind. When I felt it on my face I yelled, Let go! The kite soared in the air and circled above us. I let Ally down and released more and more line until I was at its limit. Ally watched the kite in awe and grabbed on to my leg as if to hug me. “Daddy?” “Yeah, honey?” “Is that how an angel flies or do they go this way?” She flung her hand out and back in a straight line. “Well, I imagine they fly however they want.” She smiled. I looked down at her once more and noticed that her clothes were getting more and more baggy while her hair was getting shorter. I handed her the line and told her to hold on tight as I bent down next to her to closely inspect her hair and clothes. I was certain that her hair was down to her bottom when we left the house; it was now in between her shoulder blades. Her clothes looked as if they were made for someone a full year younger than she. I said nothing to her. “Daddy, can I drive?” She asked. I, again, laughed. “You sure can, when you are this big!” I raised my hand to my neck level. She looked disappointed. “Aww. Daddy I am big.” I thought about it and I looked around the parking lot. There was no car to be seen but mine. “Come on honey. Lets drive!” She ran by my side and approached the driver side door of my truck. I got in and started the truck. I then lifted Ally onto my lap and held her hands on the steering wheel. She shouted joyful laughter and giggled as we drove in small circles in the parking lot. I was perfectly happy to continue this until I was out of gas. I had never seen Ally this happy. I still could not help but notice that her little hands were now tiny. I pulled the rear view mirror down and watched her pleasant face as she giggled on every turn. She had the face she had when she was a mere two years old. I slowly stopped the truck and when I had done so she turned around and wrapped her hands around my neck. “Thank you daddy.” She whispered in my ear. My heart melted because I knew something was horribly wrong now that I saw her face to face. “Honey, are you feeling okay?” I asked.


She just smiled at me and looked up at me with her big blue eyes. “I have to go now daddy.” She said quietly. A rush of fear and panic hit me and I shivered from my feet through my face. “They said that I can play with you for a while but then I would have to go home.” She continued. I shuttered. “Home where, baby?” She kissed me on the cheek and whispered. “I get to go where the angels and kites fly. The man who told me said that someone did something bad to me and that I have to see mommy and daddy later. I wasn’t scared though. He was nice.” She smiled at me as I watched her years shrink before my eyes. She was now six months old speaking to me at four. “Baby, what man? What happened?” I was panicked. “A nice man. He said that the fireworks I heard gave me owies and that I would get to fly away and watch you. Fly with the angels and the kites!” As she said this I pulled down the smothering clothes that she had put on this morning, now looking more like drapes than clothes. I pulled down her shirt and it was then I understood. A bright red patch covered her heart. She was now three months old, holding on to my finger. I picked her up and held her to my chest. She whispered in my ear the last thing I would hear from Ally. “I love you Daddy.” I could say nothing. My tears had choked me as I watched my beautiful daughter fade away in my hands. Shrinking from the four-year-old child I left with to a mere baby. She continued to get younger as she filled a single hand and faded into a smaller and smaller form until she was gone. I laid my head back into the seat of my truck and closed my tear filled eyes. “Goodbye baby”. I whispered to myself. When I had the courage to open my eyes, I found myself standing against the gas station wall next to the emergency shut-off switch. It was then I knew. I knew that I was given a chance that no other father gets- a chance to relive his child’s childhood, a chance to let her go with joy. I stared at my truck and knew I had a lifeless Ally in the passenger’s seat. —William Boyack, Fairbanks, Alaska You may view more of William’s writing at www.writerscafe. org/harmwork and buy his book: Generational Gaps at Amazon. com and

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Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc- “GQ” Zeta Mu Chapter Georgia State University Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc was founded Dec 4, 1906 on the campus of Cornell University by 7 men known as their jewels- Henry Arthur Callis, Charles Henry Chapman, Eugene Kinckle Jones, George Biddle Kelley, Nathaniel Allison Murray, Robert Harold Ogle, and Vertner Woodson Tandy. The objective of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. is to encourage the highest and noblest form of manhood; and to aid downtrodden humanity in its efforts to achieve higher social, economic, and intellectual status.

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10 Common SAT words (Provided by 1. abate: reduce or lesson 2. abdicate: give up a position 3. aberration: something unusual, different from the norm 4. abhor: to really hate 5. abstain: to refrain from doing something 6. adversity: hardship, misfortune 7. aesthetic: pertaining to beauty 8. amicable: agreeable 9. anachronistic: out of the context of time, out of date 10. arid: very dry

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TGIF (thank God it’s family

We believe that family is key and here at Genesis Magazine we continue our search to interview multiple, diverse families, asking one main question; “What makes family work?” If the media can stop focusing on families who fall apart but rather focus on families who thrive and report their great advice, we will learn so much.

Thank God it’s family!

Kaylan, Logan, Christian, Aydan. photo courtesy

meettheCovins By Brittany K Earls


Dawn Covin are High School sweethearts who recently celebrated 10 year marriage anniversary. Michael just launched his one-stop-shop mortgage expertise business, Ask Mortgage Mike (, and Dawn is a lactation consultant, and stay at home mom who actively engages in the homeschooling and weekly activities in her girls’ lives. They are very active in their church, The Soul Factory in Atlanta, GA and together they run a blog on marriage, finance, health, and parenting ( They have 4 beautiful daughters: Christian, Logan, Kaylan, and Aydan ichael and their



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Homeschooling also makes our family unit a strong foundation because of the time we are able to invest in our children.

What are some of your strongest beliefs as parents that you teach your girls? Our family values are honesty, integrity, having a heart of service, and self-respect. Are your girls “daddy’s girls”? They all LOVE their daddy, but I would only really consider Christian (the oldest) a true “daddy’s girl”. What are the girls’ personalities like? Christian (age 9) is very intelligent and mature for her age. She is caring and has a very helpful spirit. Logan (age 6) is sensitive, gentle, patient, kind and super sweet! Kaylan (age 4) is a comedienne, very energetic, friendly and according to Michael “the closest thing he will get to a boy”. Our newest addition is Aydan (5 months) and she is such a sweet, easy baby! I understand you have a unique, nontraditional way of celebrating Christmas please explain. We believe that Christmas has become so commercialized and the true meaning; the celebration of the birth of Christ, has been lost. We have attempted to not be victims of the consumerism of the holiday but instead we have tried to create real memories. We don’t exchange material gifts, and instead we host a big brunch at our home for our friends and

As a family what fun things do you do? We have instituted “Family Night” each week. Sometimes we watch a movie, or we may play board games. Season passes to amusement parks and zoo memberships also are part of our fun. The girls love to cook; they especially love to make their own pizzas. Anytime they can spend in the kitchen is a treat. You and Michael use the phrase “intentional parent” a lot. Please explain. The concept of being “intentional” is something we learned from our church, The Soul Factory. Intentional parenting involves parenting with a purpose. Good parenting doesn’t just happen. Just like anything else in life you want to excel at, it requires, focus, the correct tools, and continuing education. If you had the chance to speak with a family who is hurting and falling apart whether it is finance, divorce, chaos, or just lack of family time, what is the most important advice that you would give them? They should create a mission/vision statement for the family that will allow them something to refer back to when making decisions. I would tell them to focus on the long term and the legacy of their family, not just the current circumstances. I would also encourage them to seek out families that are “working” and create a community of like minded people that provide encouragement and support during the rough times. I would also encourage them to seek out the support of a qualified family counselor. Lastly, the TGIF golden question is- What makes family work? When parents invest the time and resources to ensure that their children grow to be functional adults, family works. Parents have to be emotionally, physically, and spiritually equipped to be productive members of society and pass this to their children.

Do you know what makes family work? Let’s feature your family! Email us a family picture and brief bio to

I understand your girls attend a co-op/home school. What is the value of this vs. regular school? Homeschooling allows us to be the primary influences on our children’s lives. It enables us to educate our children in a way that is consistent with our beliefs and values. Homeschooling also makes our family unit a strong foundation because of the time we are able to invest in our children.

family. The girls look forward to it all year. In the future we plan to use the holiday season to travel with extended family to a fun destination or go on a cruise.

75 |

Brittany: How did you two meet? Dawn: We attended rival junior high schools; located directly across the street from each other. The summer before we would attend the same high school, we met at the skating rink, a popular summer hangout.

rising stars


Genesis Magazine, we not only feature people who are being the first to achieve the FIRST! So before you see them on the covers of Vogue Magazine, perform on American Idol, or debut as a model during New York Fashion Week at Bryant Park, you will see them here first! Does your kid have talent? Email t

unachievable, but we feature talented kids

sisteract Meet sisters Amber and Natalie. Amber from Germantown, Wisconsin is 7 years old. She is a Brownie Girl Scouts and in her 3rd year of Soccer. Natalie is 5 years old. She is a little mother hen and plays mommy’s helper. She is always eager to learn and will be in Kindergarten in September.

above: “I try to play nice and be fair when playing with my friends.” - Amber’s thoughts on how to positively influence her classmates.

right: “I don’t have classmates yet, but I will be nice to them and not fight.- Natalie’s thoughts on how to positively influence her classmates.



Genesis Magazine

baby love

Introducing a few of God’s most precious gifts:

left: Cori 3 months Atlanta, GA

Aidan, 3 months, Chicago, IL

77 |

above: eden 7 months Dayton, Ohio

below: kennedy 12 months, Jersey City, NJ

St age

Coming to the by Baylee Norell


he following emerging entertainers are bursting into the music, television, and movie scenes.

They were not on a VH1countdown yet and you won’t see them on MTV’s Cribs or E’s True Hollywood Story next week, but don’t underestimate them! Their talent is explosive and their passion to achieve greatness is deep! We are pleased to present them first.

Arrest my Sister Soul/Rock N’ Roll Band Scott Siegel, Crazy Tomes, Wadada, Jon Mccraken

arrest my sister, Soul/Rock N’ Roll Band This group has already proven that they can welcome and overcome challenges. They are led by lead singer, Scott Siegel who has autism. But when you hear his amazing vocals and range, the only thing you will notice is his undeniable talent. He sings alongside a handful of ultra talented guys with big sounds and concepts. They are here to lead and not follow, in the years to come you can expect them to lead a new music and social revolution. During this revolution they will perform in front of sold out crowds, promote diversity, and celebrate the simple joys of life through

music, social interaction and self fulfilled growth. Arrest My Sister is a blend of soul pounding rock n’ roll, balladry, and you will even hear a remix of the 70’s style. If you are looking for a traditional sound and traditional message this is not the band for you. “The message behind our music is to promote diversity and inclusion of all individuals through music. Our music represents creative inspiration and triumph through adversity.” Not only do they promote diversity, they encounter it daily within their group. Here you have four very smart, but very independent, and creative individuals. They are full of energy and ideas so like any group, staying on one accord and agreeing on one direction is a task but not a complication. “Our collaborative love for music keeps our band’s focus on one sound and one family. We share the same common goal to provide great music to our fans and living up to our talent. This supersedes any personal differences we may encounter,” one member ejects. If you are itching to know more about them not only can you visit but you can simply listen to their lyrics because their lyrics are written in house and based off of their own experiences not the experiences of the mainstream public. They are not telling someone else’s story, they are sharing their own. “Life and all that it entails serves as the muse for our lyrics. Our triumphs, our struggles, our love, friendships, joy and pain all play a big part in the creative process of our songs. As we continue to grow so will the content of our music.”- Arrest My Sister

Cecil Love, Actor

Prieska Outland, actress

View some of his work at: www.

visit her at:

Prieska discovered her love for acting at an early age whether it was school or church plays or playing with paper dolls and acting out her own soap opera, it was just something she had a knack for. After college she decided to pursue acting more outside of her full time job, going on several auditions and taking training classes in cold reading and improvisation. Soon she started making her debut in several independent films such as “Just Right”, “Nefetarri”, and “4 Minutes” just to name a few. She dabbled in Theater as well with roles in “Get out the Box”, “Elevated Situations”, and “Another Lesson Learned” but the list goes on and on. She also did work for the Maury Povich Talk Show and acted in commercials for PZI Jeans and New Trends Skincare. This small screen actress has her eye on some big screen names. “I admire Angela Basett. She’s is so genuine with her performances. She always draws me into her roles. I also admire Angelina Jolie. She’s daring and she takes risk with her action roles,” she says. Outside of the admiration of Hollywood’s best, Prieska must face the realities of this industry and deal with challenges every day. For instance, not only competition but the amount of roles made available for black women. “There just aren’t enough roles out here for us. In addition, being a dark skinned woman is a challenge, because you rarely see a dark skinned leading actresses. However, I’m here to break the ice. In order to deal with this challenge, I’ve decided that I should be proactive and create the type of roles I would like to see myself in. Therefore, I’ve started writing my own scripts. My goal is to bring those important people in the industry to me. It won’t be easy, but I’m definitely down for the challenge. I have nothing to lose.” Challenge or no challenge quitting is not an option. When she feels overwhelmed what does she do? “I get on my knees and pray. Then, I began to think about how far I’ve come and how crazy I’d be if I gave up while I’m so close to my destiny. I also watch “The Secret” and start watching and studying different movies on demand. This gives me an extra boost of motivation.” For every actress or creative person period, who feels like throwing in the towel, she leaves this advice: “WHY is irrelevant. I CAN’T is a cursed phrase. If you love what you do, you will make a way to get the job done.” She is Prieska Outland and she is striving to be the first to achieve the unachievable in acting and you saw her here, at Genesis Magazine FIRST!

79 |

Rising actor, Cecil Love, Is a perfect example of how to always expand on your talents, keeping an opened mind, and being able to go with the flow. He was once a professional in the airline industry, but this corporate job did not keep him from exploring his creative side. He was turning his hobby of music writing, singing, and producing into a career and caught the eye of Atlanta film producer, Willie Jones. Mr. Jones may have appreciated his musical flair first, but it wasn’t long before he asked him to audition for a role in one of their fabulous productions. The idea of acting was a new thought for Cecil but not an opportunity that he was willing to walk away from. “I got the role and I caught the bug.” He happily reports. Cecil is definitely a natural on camera. His talent is pretty raw and his acting is beyond believable, which isn’t bad for a rookie with little professional training. He is currently playing the role of Detective Wilkins in the upcoming web series, ‘Nefertari’, which is being produced by Atlanta Motion Pictures Studios. Other appearances include being an extra in the USA series ‘Royal Pains’, Tyler Perry’s ‘Why Did I Get Married Too?’ and a recent Samsung commercial. “I look forward to doing much more as I have developed a certain passion for this. I see myself doing more producing and directing in the future,” he says. Being a new actor does present its challenges. Mainly stability of work and trying to build a career while taking care of other responsibilities.”Having the flexibility to go to auditions is the biggest. I actually changed jobs for less money to pursue this as I have the flexibility to work my own schedule now. You have to make sacrifices for the long haul,” he adds. And then there is competition. For every one available role there are hundreds sometimes thousands of qualified actors who want the part. However, Cecil does not focus on others or the competition he focuses on himself and bettering his craft. “I just try and to get as many auditions and casting calls as possible, practice my craft, and stay humble,” he shares. Although, the pressure of it all may seem overwhelming, he will not quit! “I never feel like quitting and it has never crossed my mind to quit.” He leaves this advice with aspiring actors- “Stick to your core values, remember that everything happens for a reason. Never get discouraged, stay away from pessimists, you must surround yourself with positivity.”

atlantamotionpicturesstudios. com

It’s your turn! Email us at to get featured.

Convenient online booking at

beau of the month

beau of the month Michael Henry

Photography by: Calvin Brockington Fotography www.

Real beauty is spelled C-H-A-R-A-C-T-E-R



Genesis Magazine

What is your best physical trait? My best physical trait is intellect; my thoughts become my physical actions. Rene Descartes once said, “I think, therefore I am.” How do you define influence? I would define influence as the power to affect the hearts, minds, and attitudes of others. Paying it forward; allowing others to feel a sense of hope. How would you hope that your modeling influences others? I would hope that my modeling would influence others to make their dreams a reality. I believe that dreaming is great, but eventually you have to wake up and take action. There is no substitute for hard work and I am living proof.

What truly makes a person beautiful/handsome inside and out? Beauty is interchangeable; you cannot display superficial beauty unless you posses inner beauty. The depth of beauty is not on the surface but the core of the interior.

Are you, or do you know someone who is beautiful inside and out (model , non-model, skinny, fat, young, or old)? Tell us what makes you beautiful at

What is your best personality trait? My best personality trait is my humble spirit.

What advice would you give to young men with poor self-esteem? To think is to doubt, to know is to believe. Know who you are, know what you want, and be willing to die for it. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. The most essential element in self-esteem is self.

83 |

How do you define character? Character is who you are when no one else is looking. Many times we put on a charade to impress others, but true character should never change but be consistent.

Join us today! by Nadine A. Thompson

c.e.o of your own business



For More Information Visit Our Web Site At: or call: 1.877.238.3363

3.625 x 4.75_Box Ad-1.indd 1

100% Natural glycerine soap with essential oils and shea butter. All soaps are handmade one at a time.

4/8/10 4:10 PM

art i

 art


Ricardo Santos-Alfonso was born in Rochester, New York, raised in the Bronx, and is presently living in south Florida. His unique and colorful pieces are diverse and often times show his Spanish /Arabic, Spain and Puerto Rico cultural backgrounds and influence. Ricardo’s pieces are just another reason why we love art!



Genesis Magazine

Ricardo Santos-Alfonso How long have you been painting? My career started with my father at the young age of seven. My father was a master painter and I was his apprentice son. He often took me to his worksite to help him with his work and teach me his artistic skills as an artist and painter. As a child my father would sit me on a stool and small table. He gave me drawing paper and pencils and crayons and said to me “Copy what I do.” Not only did this keep me busy but it taught me my gifting, which he knew I had.

What types of art do you study? I started studying historical old art masters and venetian painters like Caravaggio, Titian,Tintoretto, Raphael.Davinci, and the works of Florentine painters, Russian, Dutch, German, and French painters. My favorite Spanish painters are Velazquez and Goya. I am simply a devouring machine, always craving knowledge. You can always find me studying an art book etc. What inspires you when you paint? I am inspired by social life, people and color. I like capturing real life, people and their jobs etc.

How do you hope to influence others? My hope is that many of my works like “Homeless” become a symbol of hope to the homeless populations in our society. For example, the lady presented in the painting was picked up and rehabilitated and became a woman of hope to many in West Palm Beach. Furthermore, I hope to mentor young artists and encourage other artists to mentor a child in the arts so that we can see them prosper and grow for the next generations of artists.

What are some challenges that you face? We all know the “epitaph of artists”, which usually means artists are usually passed away before their work becomes famous and valuable. So getting people to see my worth now while I am alive is always a challenge.

87 |

Homeless By Ricardo Santos-Alfonso

Belly Dancer by Ricardo Santos-Alfonso

What recognition have you received? I have made many paintings of the homeless in a series of five and one called “The Homeless Vet” sold at an auction on a PBS Art Network for the amount of $500.00 and the painting is now worth almost $25, 000 which is a big honor to me. Many times I also participated in international exhibitions of art competitions in places such as New York, Chicago, Spain, France and many more other places. My most memorable was at the age of thirteen in Puerto Rico for the United Nations Art Exhibitions for Global Youth, in which I won a gold medal, certificate of achievement and recognition for my work called “El Piraguero”. What advice would you give other new or seasoned artists who feel like giving up in this industry? My personal advice to all emerging artists is to learn to get over setbacks. As an artist I suffered many setbacks but I learned one valuable lesson in the life of art. When you have a setback which decimates your artistic spirit take a step back gather your thoughts and strength and make a strong comeback full blast. Go forward as artists and be successful in all you do with your God-given gifting. No matter what, keep painting always don’t give up your art skills ever; they are your treasure as an artist.

Neda by Ricardo Santos-Alfonso

We are always on the lookout for amazing, creative artists! Submit your artwork to



Genesis Magazine

around the world in 12 issues

aroundth …in12issues by Linda Earls

Manila Philippines

For more information about Manila visit:

Population: There are approximately 1,581.082 people in the city of Manila and 10,677,000 in the Metro area. Language: The main or traditional language is Tagalog. The name is derived from ‘taga-ilog’ which means ‘river dweller’. Common Foods: Not surprisingly as with many other Asian countries you will find that rice is the staple food. However, a variety of spices, pepper, vegetables, beef, chicken, pork or seafood is added for a unique savor. Main Attractions: Rizal Park is one of the main attractions in Manila. The 143 acre park is one of the largest in South East Asia. The park is named for Dr. Jose Rizal, renowned Philippine anti-colonialist, writer and philosopher. Interesting People: Levi Celerio was one of the most beloved Filipino’s. Once the youngest members of the Manila Symphony Orchestra, he was a highly successful musician and song writer. One thing we bet you didn’t know: Manila was named after a white-flowered mangrove plant called the nilad. The first recorded name of the city was Maynilad which was given by its Tagalog inhabitants.

Athens Greece

Population: Athens Greece is situated in Southeastern Europe and has a population of 3,192,606 Language: The National or Official language of Athens Greece is Modern Greek Common Foods: The distinguishing ingredients of Greek cuisine are usually fresh herbs, olives and olive oils, goat cheese and yogurt, and an extensive assortment of seafood. Lamb, eggplant, pine nuts, tomatoes, honey, and a variety of breads are also staples of Greek Cuisine. Main Attractions: Nominated to be one of the 7 wonders of the modern world, Acropolis is thought to be the most popular attraction in Athens. The Holy Rock of Acropolis reportedly dates back to the 5th BC. Interesting People: Yannis Tsarouchis is arguably one of the most renowned Greek Painters of the 20th Century. One thing we bet you didn’t know: Three of the world’s greatest philosophers came from Athens Greece; Socrates, Plato and Aristotle



Genesis Magazine

For more information about Athens Greece visit

heworld Casablanca Morocco

For more information about Casablanca visit:

Population: As the largest city in Morocco, Casablanca has approximately 3,311,000 people inside the city limits and about 3,743,000 in the metro area. Language: The official language of Morocco is Arabic. French could be considered the secondary language as it is widely taught throughout Morocco and serves as the primary language of commerce and government. Common Foods: The most popular Moroccan dish is couscous, which consist of coarse semolina steamed with vegetables and spices served with lamb or chicken. Main Attractions: The main attraction for Casablanca is Ain Diab Beach. The beach is known for its variety of clubs, entertainment, restaurants, and bars. Interesting People: Merieme Chadid; born in Casablana, Morocco, became an astronomer and is considered the first astronomer in the world to have been committed to the installation of a large astronomical observatory in Antarctica. One thing we bet you didn’t know: Morocco is believed to be the third largest producer of phosphate rock in the world after the USA and China.


For more information about Sydney visit:


Population: It has a population of over 4,000,000 including the metro area. Language: English is the primary Language spoken, but it is very different from that of other English speaking countries due to the slang. Common Foods: Oz Barbeques and meat pies are staples of Australian foods. A more authentic Australian meal would include part of the native cuisine such as Bush Tucker, akudjura (bush tomatoes), pepperberry (from the Tasmanian tree), and quandong (from the sandalwood tree). Main Attractions: Two of the top main attractions are the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Aquarium. With its unique architecture the Sydney Opera House is probably one of the most recognized buildings in Australia. Distinguished as one of the most impressive aquariums in the world, the Sydney Aquarium has been one of the most popular tourist attractions. Interesting People: Arthur Phillip (1738-1814). Not only was he the founder of the city of Sydney, but also governor of the first European settlement in Australia. One thing we bet you didn’t know: Famous movies that have been filmed in the city of Sydney include mission Impossible II, The Matrix, and Moulin Rouge.

Sydney Australia





ometimes we are so tossed and turned by life’s curves that



Genesis Magazine

we lose our footing and fall down. easy to stay down.

Once you are down it is However, being able to transform from

a dark and dreary situation to a point where you can help

yourself and others is one of the joys of life.

Life is a choice! 180

degrees is an article that introduces those who have chosen life and life more abundantly.

What is your 180 degree story? Tell us at In the life I had before I became addicted to drugs, I was consumed with the fondest memories. I thoroughly enjoyed my life and was extremely family oriented, very close to my Mother. I received exceptional grades and graduated high school with honors. My Mother and I were very active in our church and I had a great love for the Lord. So what happened? Growing up, I was isolated from “bad things”. This made me very naïve yet very intrigued with the whole underground drug world. While this is no excuse, I believe this sheltered life encouraged my later drug use. I suffered from chronic migraines, and searching for relief initiated my most severe addiction- opiates. Initially with using, I felt more in tune with myself and with nature. I was more organized and productive than ever. I thought I finally found my life’s calling when I started using needles as the main route of getting the poison into my system. This was something I said I would never do, but the deeper I got into the lifestyle, the more I became intrigued, almost enamored by the life of a junkie. I loved every aspect of the underground life. But eventually, the euphoric effects weren’t as tantalizing anymore, so then using was just part of me; I lived to use and used to live. My addiction has brought me to my knees, sobbing with gut wrenching desperation on many occasions because I wanted to stop but I just couldn’t do it, or wasn’t truly ready- for almost 7 years. I manipulated and scammed whoever, whenever, and I was a thief to family, friends, and strangers. Finally, I reached the point of letting go of my demons because I couldn’t stand the person I had become. I put myself into treatment twice, and was court ordered to go to treat-

ment two times; the last time I stayed there for 120 days. This was an excellent program, and this was the time that I made the changes necessary to lead a healthy and sober life. I have never used drugs again. My Mother, who was and is my rock throughout my whole life, was the only one that never truly gave up me, and I hurt her the most. I have also met a lot of awesome addiction counselors who really believed in me and they saw something in me that I couldn’t see for myself at the time. The individuals at my church showed me great love and support, and I honestly never once felt judged, only pure acceptance. The above people played a big part in my success. For the most part though, God brought me out of it, although it took me a while to realize that. I now lead a sober life full of routine, which is key for me to remain clean. In my future, I want to help other users feel the love of the Lord, for it is more powerful than any drug could be. I would also like to finish college; I’m very interested in Psychology and Sociology. I’m happy, healthy, I have a wonderful boyfriend, and I feel very blessed to have a second (and third and fourth) chance at living. I am actually living now, not just surviving. Crawling back up the downward spiral and making that 180 degree turn in my life was absolutely the most difficult thing I’ve endured in my 26 years. It took several years of trying, but I made it. I send my love and support to everyone who is going through their own addictions as well as to those whose loved ones are trapped in the cycle- Don’t give up on them! Be that one person for them who will be their strength! —Jewel Movchan Fargo, North Dakota

By Kristie Abruzzo


Spirit food The Unspoken Power of Influence

ou don’t have to be a political leader, preacher, or world ambassador, to give

We think that there is an encouraging word in all of us. Send us your food for thought at hold our bodies, whether or not we are in chronic pain, and how comfortable we are in our skin has a lot to do with the messages we are putting out to the world, and the influence we impart. When you are relaxed, and your facial expression is soft and your torso is relaxed but straight, and your arms and hands are quiet and still, you impart a sense of confidence and peace to whomever you are addressing. When you tilt your head and nod, you influence the people around you to speak with you honestly and to share their feelings, because they know you are listening to them carefully. When you arch your eyebrows, puff out your chest and use your arms, you are influencing others with a sense of urgency, and letting them know that you intend to do more talking than listening! In my experience, when our message, our body posture, and our actions all mesh

harmoniously, we are at our most centered, and in the best position to exert a positive influence on the people in our world. Unfortunately, in today’s quick take, twenty four hour news cycle, tabloid headline world; influence often gets reduced to a sound bite. It’s all about words, and no one seems to be willing to wait for the action to determine whether any action will back up all those words. I think we should buck this trend, dare to be different, and pledge to use fewer words and more action, integrity, and a good strong back bone to exert our influence upon the world. If you want to be a positive influence on your world, stand up straight and walk the walk; add words when necessary.

Kristie Abruzzo is a back pain management specialist, and the owner of The Back Place,; specializing exclusively in the health of the spine. In addition to her work at the Back Place, Kristie is a motivational speaker, giving regular talks and workshops on leadership, personal growth and goal achievement. Kristie is also a certified PMP Coach, a writer, an active volunteer in her community, and an experienced horse woman. Kristie lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan with her husband, and her two horses.

97 |

You don’t have to be a powerful politician, an industry leader, or a pop culture icon to exercise influence the world. In many small ways, for better or for worse, each one of us has an influence on the people around us, whether we realize it or not. So it’s important to recognize and remain vigilantly aware of how our words, deeds, facial expressions, demeanor, and even our posture are influencing others for better or worse, each and every day. I believe that the power of Influence is asserted with an intricate weaving of words, actions and body language. I run a store called The Back Place, which specializes in cultivating and maintaining a strong, healthy backbone, so I know that posture makes a difference, not only in how we feel about ourselves, but in how we influence others. How we

a message of hope and inspire change.

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