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Be the First. february/march 2010

Dare to Succeed: Entrepreneurs Who Thrive Short Story of the Month Under A Full Moon By Marie Nease

JJ Evans Soulful Music, Soulful Purpose

Battle of the Sexes When is “I’m Sorry” Not Good Enough


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12/15/09 11:26 AM

cover photograph by Visions of You |

Be the First.


coverstory JJ Evans

Soulful Music, Soulful Purpose Meet JJ! He is young, energetic, bold, and dedicated to building his music career. He writes and composes all of his own music, writing and singing with purpose!!!



Dare to Succeed


Entrepreneurs Who Thrive (with or without a recession)


50 Between the Lines The Story Behind the Story


Genesis Magazine

20 24 34 56 62 departments


20 In the Beginning

Our Readers Share Their Rough Starts.

24 Health & Beauty

Fabulously Fit Men: Why Staying Fit is a Top Priority Fashion Forward: Fake It Till You Make It

34 Most Likely to Be Your Boss Odell Bizzell

42 Small Business Directory Get Your Small Business Noticed!

46 Garden of Eden

Under A Full Moon, short story of the month

56 Back to School

60 Battle of the Sexes

When Is “I’m Sorry” Not Good Enough? Is Marital Sex the Best Sex Ever?


62 TGIF (thank God it’s family) Meet the Garners


Catching the Corporate Catch: First Comes a Career and Then Comes Love?


58 Romance

University of Colorado

74 76 80 86 88 departments


64 Coming to the Stage New Musicians and Musical Artists

74 Rising Stars Cute Baby Contest!

76 I Art Jacci Pope

80 Around the World 12 Issues A Virtual Vacation

82 Beauty of the Month Verittaya Chayathivong

86 Revelations

180 Degrees with Ron Craven Spirit Food with Alisse Bradley


every issue


10 About Us 12 From the Editor 16 Letters to the Editor


Genesis Magazine


is a magazine dedicated to the exposure of driven individuals who have broken barriers, eliminated obstacles, and achieved incredible career, personal, and entrepreneurial success. This publication is not

for the dreamers but for the doers. These overachievers wake up every morning, put their boxing gloves on, grit their teeth, and sink their claws into life until they receive what they were born for. These elect individuals were not given anything, yet against all odds they are on their way to the top. Genesis Magazine is geared towards a vast, diverse audience of open-minded, multi-cultural, family oriented and wellrounded individuals who thirst for life and are purpose driven. Inside the pages of Genesis you will not find the flashiest bling, naked models, or celebrity gossip. Each issue is carefully designed to leave you entertained, well informed, educated, motivated, and inspired to dream and work harder. We need circumstances in our favor to achieve our goals and sometimes we must be the first to create those circumstances. The mission of Genesis Magazine is to encourage you to step out of the box, remove all limits, break

out of your shell and be the first to achieve the unachievable. Welcome to Genesis, may you dream, thrive, and prosper. Be the first!



Genesis Magazine

The Team:

Editor In Chief: Brittany K. Earls Editorial Assistant: Jenna Williams Associate Editor: Cicely Dyson Advertising Sales: Megan Stafford, Keisha Ventus Creative Director: Fran Sherman Advertisement Design Artist: William Lee Executive Photographer: Riley Johnson Contributing Photographer: Bryant Burns Creative Writers: Linda Earls, Marie Nease, Amanda Pritchard, Tanyah Ward Fashion Director: Frank Pompey Jr.

New York Office 1120 Broadway, Suite 610 New York, NY 10010 877-209-9990 Atlanta Office 233 Mitchell St SW Ste 350 Atlanta, GA 30303 (404) 591-5701 Letters to the editor: Brittany K. Earls To advertise: feature your story/talent: For career opportunities:


Where are you from Fran? I’m from the suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri, where I still reside. How long have you been in business and why did you choose this field? I’ve been in business for myself since 1985! Ouch! I chose to become an artist at a very young age. My father is a retired fashion illustrator, and he too was self-employed. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to follow in his footsteps. However, I didn’t know I wanted to become a graphic designer until after college. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communications with a double major in illustration and graphic design.


meet the designer of

Genesis Magazine! Since

the first issue was released, hundreds of emails have been flooding our office on the beautiful design and

Genesis Magazine. Fran Sherman is this month’s spotlight team member! impressive layout of


Fran Sherman, Creative Director, Genesis Magazine

How do you agitate the status quo and strive to be the first? I’ve never been one to conform. The mere thought of someone TELLING me that I HAVE to do something immediately makes me want to do the opposite. That’s the creative force behind my design: I have a passion for creating things that are really unique, and that hopefully grab positive attention.


team member spotlight:

Why Genesis Magazine, how are we so lucky? Actually, I consider MYSELF the lucky one! I think this magazine’s concept is brilliant, and designing it is SO much fun!

Photography by Lasting Memories Photography Clothing: b by Bernardo and Bakers Stylist: Frank Pompey Jr Hair Stylist: Lisa Mattingly Make-up: Cover Girl cosmetics

I LOVE NY! Let me start by saying the support is absolutely phenomenal! I am overwhelmed with warm phone calls and emails. Gen-

Magazine started out with a nice following in Atlanta and New York and New York, NY and have subscribers in 15 states and counting! I also enjoy reading all of the emails of people’s success stories, dreams,


we now have opened a second office in

and missions. This answers the question I posed in the last issue; “Are the achievements and wisdom of us as a nation underestimated?” We are underestimated. There is so much noise and negative media out there and we have been overlooking everyday heroes and I have tons of emails to prove it! This month’s theme is the power of a thought. Every issue we will focus on a new word or action that will advance our lives. Why are we doing this? I’m glad you asked! For decades now print and broadcast media



Genesis Magazine

Tell me what you are thinking! Advanced Thinking, Brittany K Earls Editor In Chief Genesis Magazine


with a thought. What have you been thinking lately? What if I told you that where you are at this very moment in your life is the direct result of what you were thinking 6 months ago? Character will shape your thoughts and your thoughts good or bad will yield results. In our society it is rare for someone to teach us to focus on our thoughts. We are given the illusion that all success derives from massive amounts of money, a rich parent, or connections with other super successful people. I’m not going to lie; all of the above are great resources! But they are resources given to feed a THOUGHT. Sometimes we discredit our possible success when we don’t have such resources around us and we trick ourselves out of dreaming. The important thing to remember is that every successful person in the world is only walking in the aftermath of a thought. A positive thought is the most valuable resource and will yield much fruit! In this issue I am presenting to you some amazing people who have turned their thoughts into a reality. I hope this encourages you to do the same! Enjoy.


has been coaching society. We have been taught what to look like, how much money we should have, how we should spend our money, how to date, where to travel, and what career to choose and so on. All that we have been taught thus far is based on the shallowness and ignorance of media leaders and people of influence before us. I have big shoes to fill, not because I have to emulate other Editor In Chiefs, or because I wear a size 11 shoe and my shoes are literally big (lol), but because I now have the task of undoing how my readers think. This will take some time but we will make progress one issue at a time. During the last issue we focused on character and overcoming physical beauty. Let’s quickly recap: Sight is a beautiful gift and there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking care of your physical appearance or admiring someone else’s. Physical beauty is an addition to who we are. Character, on the other hand, is the foundation of who we are and evidence of who we are to become. Never let character take a back seat to beauty. Now back to the importance of thoughts. Before Genesis Magazine launched and had faithful subscribers it was just a thought. Before there was a logo, business plan, website, business cards, or the smell of ink on fresh printed paper, it was merely a thought. I could not see it, touch it, or feel it, but only envision it. Before there was Microsoft, Bill Gates just had a thought. Before there were the Trump Towers and beautiful million dollar properties, Donald Trump only had a thought. Before Oprah Winfrey was the richest woman in the world with her own show and empire, she was a not so rich little girl


loli events event & wedding planning

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Suspensions, Non-Renewals. Termination Hearings Professional Standards Commission (PSC) Cases

Brittany, Just a quick note to tell you I just signed up for your expo and before I did I checked out your web site —may I say that I am impressed with your mission. I was happy to see the great prices that you are offering for advertisers — it is very hard for those of us who work helping small business today - their money is especially tight and most of us don’t have a great deal of money to put into marketing but we need to keep our names out there. I truly hope that you are a great success and wish you all the best. Kathy Atlanta, GA Hey Brittany! I just wanted to take this time to tell you how HAPPY I am for you and all your achievements and how even prouder I am of you for your striving to do even more. You, at your young age have done things that people in their 50’s are still trying to do and I for one wanted to let you know that you serve as an example and inspiration to me. I’m still in school and will graduate soon, and I wanted to let you know that I have been following your process! I just wanted to let you know that I am happy and proud of you for your success and you continuing to do big things. Side bar~ I love the topic/meaning of your magazine, and I’m glad that you put a mag. out there for people like me ☺ Lauren Gainesville, GA Brittany K. Earls, I love your concept and fresh approach, as I too am tired of seeing titles such as, “10 Ways to Please Your Partner.” Let’s not begin to discuss the glamorization of celebrity lifestyle and behavior. It’s a new day in America. People need to hear and still believe that regular everyday people can still live the America Dream and be rewarded for hard work. Girl, you have a hit on your hands; it’s fabulous! I love the diversity of stories and especially faces! Please let me know how I become a subscriber and I will make sure to tell my friends and family! Dickie Atlanta, GA



Genesis Magazine

Brittany, Congratulations on your great concept. I have been reading your website and I am so impressed. I don’t think you live in a fantasy world and surely we can’t be the only two who believe that we need a magazine that can (as you put it) entertain, inform, educate, motivate and inspire! I’m looking forward to following your magazine and seeing how you tackle this! Simi Atlanta, GA

p Kee . u Hi Brittany, f yo d keep re ny, o a I’m extremely t d t Bri m prou ork an You a impressed with Ia od w stars. lot of your magazine o g e he and what you’re p th g for t plish a u doing with Genesis. hin om I’ve been doing PR reac to acc and marketing in the oing in life. ons! g Atlanta market now golati gs u n i t h a t r ing on 21 years so I can g Con e tell when a publication rlyn e, GA has the ability to make it a h C and yours does! svill e n i Lynne Ga Atlanta, GA

Brittany, I wanted to let you know that I detest what some women call “their Bible”...Cosmopolitan. I have never read such rubbish in my life. It’s scary that some ladies live their lives as man eaters hoping to go to college only to earn their “Mrs.” degree. I love the question you posed on the website...”What if we are the real celebrities?” Just wanted to say thanks for bringing your “daydream” to life! Amanda Sylvan Springs, AL

! I g in az and am ue The s k iss it! o y t o l n by an e e e r s r n l , i d s rls gaz e cu sse t riva e u out a a E th th re h u ! s. ur m ed imp layo lso oug live M Yo d r a A loa LLY and on. rs th me n A n w ti lo co do s RE tatio lica t co ally b wa sen pu bran s re i e pre isting t, v pag h ex brig the of kes A ma niel p, W Da yallu Pu

Dear Brittany, Congratulations on your success! I had an opportunity to view your premier issue some time ago and found it to be terrific – informative, fun, engaging and timely. I’m sure it will continue to grow and hold a special place in thoughtful journalism – something we need so very much. Renee New York, NY Brittany, I was introduced to Genesis Magazine through an acquaintance. One word- INSPIRING She gave me the URL to your site and I want to tell you, it was most impressive! Your mission, purpose, and the value you offer to your clients read like a masterpiece! So Kudos, Kudos to your success my dear lady. Coco Norwalk, CT Hello Brittany, I checked out your magazine’s website and love the positive and totally what this world needs right now! Good luck to you and congratulations on pursuing YOUR endeavor and including those of us who have followed our dreams as well! Susan Kansas City, Kansas

itta ny J tha ust w , ma t I th ante o am gazin roug d to l my so g e! W hly e et yo n u wis site lad th hat a joye kno d a ac e, I m nd c at yo brillia you w ros r o u He s t ight ntac cam nt ide h n a Mc ther is g ot h ted m e ac a. I e Ale ro m! ave e ste stu ; oth ss r, O mb erK led

Dear Ms. Earls, I’m surprised I am taking the time to send you this email because I usually don’t respond to things I read online however I stumbled upon your magazine’s site as a result of a job posting I saw for it. I must say that I love what you wrote on the page entitled, “Editor’s Journal.” I actually am a grad student in Florida studying mass communications/journalism so I must say that your little blurb could not have hit closer to home for me. I agree that the “wisdom, achievements and interests of our nation are highly underestimated” so, I am pleasantly surprised that you took an initiative to create a magazine that supports the heroism of everyday life! Kudos to you! Keep working at this dream of yours and I know it will go far! Stacey Somewhere in, FL





Brittany, How are you? I would like to meet you and possibly have lunch with you someday. I actually love to write and encourage people. I just need a little guidance. Would you be interested in mentoring me? Stephanie Atlanta, GA

in the beginning

In the Beginning: I didn’t start appreciating the small things until after I was diagnosed with Cancer. When I found out, I was shocked, I cried and I was very emotional. I just didn’t believe it. Ironically I was told I had Cancer on September 10, 2001 and the next day was September 11 so having cancer didn’t seem as major because I felt pain for those individuals who died that day without a chance to survive. I struggled as I wondered if the cancer had spread to my bones, lymph nodes or any other part of my body. I was relieved to hear that the cancer was just in the prostate area and had not spread. What a relief! After discussing the options with my doctor I made the decision to have my prostate removed. The woman I was involved with at the time decided she didn’t want to deal with the ordeal so we parted ways. That was tough to deal with. I knew after the surgery there was a chance that I would not be able to get an erection for a minute I was like “OH NO” but in reality I’d choose to live over worrying about having sex again. Fortunately for me, my doctor did a great job during my surgery and I was completely healed and functioning within 18 months of the surgery. During that time I focused on healing and not a relationship. Finally, I started to put more perspective on family. Work was once my focus, but I realized that family was just as important. I realized I had a chance to beat Cancer but in order to do so I must remain positive. I stayed with my mom in the Bronx, NY for 3 months while I recuperated. From the surgery I was cut

in the beg



Genesis | Genesis Magazine Magazine

from my naval straight down and those muscles were weakened so I had to regain my strength to walk. Each day I felt better because I knew the cancer was removed. Then, it was 9 years later and still no sign of cancer. I became very humble and grateful to be here. I don’t sweat the small stuff and have gotten closer to my family. Work is still important to me but family comes first and now I work on staying stress free. My Future involves educating others. I would like to educate young males nationwide (via radio, talk shows, etc) about the importance of taking yearly physicals. If detected early more men would survive. Statistics show that Prostate Cancer is the most common cancer in American men, accounting for about 10% of cancer-related deaths (mostly black males). I had cancer at such a young age (37) - The media shows Prostate Cancer patients as typically much older men. Males and especially black males should be tested earlier then the recommended age of 40. If I have waited till 40 to get tested I would not be here to tell you my story. I’m working on staying healthy and fit. I now get my workout playing my WII and basketball! Edward Atlanta, GA

I realized I had a chance to beat Cancer but in order to do so I must remain positive. old who missed her daddy, and then I went to bed. There was no joy to my life except for the warmth and love from my adorable kids. Finally, I knew I wanted to make a change. I made the hardest decision of my life. I moved my kids from Tampa, FL to Denver, CO to live with my sister. My sister and her husband also had two children and they were well off for a young couple. They had plenty of room and love to welcome my children into their home. I knew I needed to get on my feet and if I didn’t I was going to lose everything including the brightness of my children’s future. I cried. I missed them so much. I called them every day and I could especially hear the sadness in my six-year-olds voice. They lived in Denver for nearly 2 years. In that time I divorced my missing husband, went back to school to complete my Associates Degree which I had quit several years ago. I got a job as a Physician’s Assistant and quit my dead-end jobs now that I had a good paying job with benefits. I moved out of our dump apartment and rented a nice townhome near the beach. My Future is amazing. I got my kids back and now they have their own rooms and a mother who can spend more time with them. We are having a blast and history is history. I can honestly say we are healed from our rough past. I love my new job and my new life. Once a month I host a meeting in my home for busy, and or low income moms who need a break from stress, and need encouragement, tips on going to school, and job placement. I try to help moms before they get to a point where they have to take the drastic measures I did. My life is so full of joy right now! Misty Tampa, Florida



In the Beginning: I was on the verge of poverty. My two jobs combined were still not enough to pay all of my bills and adequately take care of my two children under the age of six. My husband was an alcoholic and the last time he left, he simply didn’t come back, and honestly I didn’t want him back. I wanted to pretend and be an actress for my kids. I wanted them to see me happy and not hurt, broke, and exhausted. I worked an average of 10 hours a day. I came home, cooked a frozen meal, played with my kids for a couple of hours, gave them baths, constantly had to calm down my two year


We left immediately, with our baby’s heartbeat still thumping inside of me. In the Beginning: I was 17, pregnant, scared, and pissed off. All of my friends were constantly having unprotected sex and I messed up one time and ended up pregnant. I’m a smart girl, at the time I had a 4.0 GPA and was already earning college credit. My whole life was planned and I refused to let a baby interrupt it. Selfishly, I made a decision to get an abortion. I had to walk 8 blocks to go to the clinic with my boyfriend. I’m not sure if it was a greater force, destiny, or what, but the whole way there we kept seeing beautiful babies and families. We saw a mother jogging while pushing a stroller, and I swear when I passed by, her little girl smiled at me! We saw a toddler giggling profusely as her father carried her on his shoulders. We saw a mother rocking her infant son who wouldn’t stop crying but for some reason even his tears seemed sweet. By the time we arrived to the clinic I felt sick and we were both in tears. The nurse finally calls my name and I burst out in tears. My boyfriend falls to the ground and grabs my legs, and screams, “We can’t do this!” It was like a scene from a movie! We left immediately, with our baby’s heartbeat still thumping inside of me. Finally, after a very uncomfort-

able but proud pregnancy, my due date was in two weeks. My fear turned into excitement. I couldn’t wait to see my baby’s face or to smell his breath. My boyfriend proposed to me. My family thought getting pregnant so young was stupid of me, and they thought that accepting his proposal was equally as stupid. No one thought we would make it. So, at 18-years-old, a senior in high school, accepted to over 4 major universities, I was engaged, and gave birth to a beautiful son, Zarian. That fall I went to college and lived in an apartment with my wonderful husband. He worked 2 jobs so that I could focus on school and being a mom. I earned my BA in Psychology in 2002, Zarian was entering kindergarten and now it was my husband’s turn to go to school. Our Future is beautiful! Zarian is almost a teenager and we are a little nervous but ready. We have a six-yearold daughter, Max, and a baby on the way. My husband and I are still in love and giddy like in high school. My husband is a third grade elementary school teacher and I own my own Psychology practice. I counsel, mentor, and simply listen to teens discuss their issues. I am so glad I left the clinic that day, and so blessed that my then boyfriend at 19-years-old was able to step up to his responsibilities and take care of me and our son the way that he did. We are happy and still learning the facts of life every day. I have many blessings to count and to think, I almost aborted this dream life. Zara New York, NY

beginning *Where were you in the beginning? Tell us at feature@



Genesis Magazine

Services offered in the Atlanta area and beyond include Lifestyle Portraits | Senior Portraits | Commercial Photography | Product Photography | Event Photography | Corporate Photography | Weddings

“Marie, we were thrilled to have you do our wedding. As a wedding planner of 25 years and having 600 weddings under my belt, it was a relief to know that I could rest having the knowledge that you would find those creative, once-in-a-life-time shots making wonderful memories for us. From the limo ride to the hair salon to the sparkler exit back into the limo, you were there ~ readily grabbing those magic moments every time. Thanks so much for everything!" Alice Arráez of of Alpharetta, GA

Contact Marie Nease at 678-225-0241

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health & beauty

fabulously fitmen



eps, curls and bench presses are all a part of the routine.

“Results don’t come over night,” says trainer/nutritionist Eddy Smith with Iron Works Fitness. “Be patient.”More and more we hear how America is quickly becoming a fat nation. With fast food chains on every corner and commercials filled with delectable delights after your favorite shows, what’s a couch potato to do? Get fabulously fit! Quinton Cole, Owner Athleader, Stone Mountain, GA



Genesis Magazine

I just stopped. I had gotten out of shape and gained a lot of weight. Getting back into shaped inspired me to want to help other people,” states Eddy. As you keep up your momentum while you’re busting your moves remember to give equal time to what you’re putting into your body. Eddy said, “My favorite foods are peanut butter, rice cakes, filets, apples and oatmeal.” Royce is a fan of the fiesta burrito from Taco Bell. “It has six grams of fat and is only .99¢.” When asked if Royce had any weaknesses he confessed with a laugh, “Yeah, I like chocolate almonds. There’s a little bit of healthy in there.” Motivated to provide a service to their clients Eddy furnishes his clientele with “one-on-one personal training, guidance on nutrition and a way to obtain an overall healthy lifestyle.” Royce equips his physical fitness seekers with accountability. “People need to have the accountability of a scheduled appointment. Someone to call their house to get them to show up at the gym, I provide that. Also, making sure they are doing the exercises correctly. I keep them moving the whole time.” Besides moving and being focused, there is one factor that must not be forgotten in order for you to be successful in your weight loss journey: passion. Terrell Stanback said his career in fitness was “not about choice it’s about passion. I don’t like to be called a personal trainer. What I am is a lifestyle motivator.” Carrying along that same spirit Quinton Cole says it makes him feel good to be a trainer because, “I enjoy helping people. It gets me down when I see sick people. There is prevention from diabetes and exercise helps lower those risks. I just want to see people smile.”

25 |

With slogans like, “Where Every BODY Fits In” and “Know Your Own Strength”, the gym along with personal trainers are calling your name. Nine years ago Homewood Personal Fitness owner/trainer, Royce, made the decision to ditch a job he hated for something he liked to do. “I always liked going to the gym so I chose to do something that I like for a living.” Representing those of you who have sedentary jobs that don’t allow for much movement, self proclaimed “gym rat” Jeremiah Todd says, “I became dedicated to fitness about four years ago. I was always on the skinny side and knew eventually, that I’d put on weight. It was more of a thing where I didn’t want that weight to turn into flab!” Weight is a huge hot topic in the media. With inspiring shows like The Biggest Loser and Celebrity Fit Club the reality is no matter who you are, Marvin in middle America or Valerie Bertinelli, we are all subject to gaining weight. Encouraged by certain celebrities Royce said, “I grew up watching Rocky and Schwarzenegger movies.” Jeremiah said, “My biggest inspiration is Pro Bowl Receiver Terrell Owens.” For owner/trainer of Athleader Training in Stone Mountain, Georgia, Quinton Cole is inspired by none other than Mr. Prime Time himself, Deion Sanders. Quinton said, “He’s my number one athlete.” Another trainer, Terrell Stanback, of Kings Kid Fitness in Greensboro, North Carolina gathers inspiration from LL Cool J. Stanback says, “I’m just amazed by how his body has transformed.” Whether you’re creating moves on your own or watching some on the field one thing’s for sure: you’ve got to keep moving! As trainers, Royce and Eddy (of Iron Works Fitness in Hueytown, Alabama), offer a service many can’t provide… health. “Nutrition plays a huge part in staying fit. I’ve worked out all my life and then for a while

Whether you’re creating moves on your own or watching some on the field one thing’s for sure: you’ve got to keep moving!

terrell stanback, owner, kings kid fitness, Greensboro, NC

Terrell Stanback said his career in fitness was “not about choice it’s about passion.



Genesis Magazine

Working out and eating healthy doesn’t have to be tasteless and boring. Not only does your favorite jam put a smile on your face but as a bonus, it ignites endorphins. The best music to get you pumped up for a work out (according to Eddy and Royce) is rock. Royce is partial to classic metal. “I like a little AC/DC and Metallica.” Weighing in for the sedentary job force Jeremiah says he likes to work out to “mostly rap when I’m lifting weights although, I have Nirvana on the Ipod.” Amped up and raring to go the trainers will have you doing squats, floor crunches, bench presses, dips and sit-ups. Quinton enjoys techno. He said with a laugh, “I don’t know why!” Terrell enjoys hip-hop but the artist that really speaks to him is T.I. If you are planning to get your life back for the New Year by no longer being a prisoner in your own body Royce has some words of wisdom for you… start slow. “It took years for you to get out of shape don’t go in for your first

work out by acting as if you were still in high school. Start out slow and easy, light and slow.” Terrell constantly suggest to his clients, “Take the initiative. You can purchase a medicine ball, stability ball, kettle bell and resistance band for under $100. Find a trainer to show you what to do. From there you can do work outs from home.” Jeremiah says, “My advice to the couch potato would be to get in the gym! It’s a great way to relieve stress, stay healthy and live longer.” Getting in shape allows not only you and your body to reap the rewards but, your trainer or lifestyle motivator receives a few things in return as well. “I love it! I love what I do! That’s why I started. I’ve been around fitness and sports my whole life. I have a degree in Exercise Science. I love helping people reach their goals,” Quinton states with enthusiasm. Terrell goes on to say, “Obesity is a growing disease in this country. In 2001 I weighed 260 pounds but, I realized I didn’t have to be that way. I decided to get right and get fit. Being a lifestyle motivator is the greatest feeling!” As physical fitness is being cut from many school budgets or drastically decreased, be sure to find an activity you like such as working over your elliptical while you watch your favorite shows or rock out to a customized work out with your favorite trainer. Remember your health comes first. Take care of you and like these fine fellas, you’ll also be fabulously fit.

fakeit tillyou makeit. by tanyah ward


e’ve entered into a new season

2010 also marks a new decade. It’s time for you to and

soup up your wardrobe and

2009. Want the season’s newest looks

leave that outdated look behind in

without having to pay the new season prices?

Definitely, who wouldn’t want

to save a little money and still look like you just stepped off the runway in

Bryant Park? There are many

your wallet.

27 |

robe up a notch without it affecting

looks and ways to take your ward-

Corporate Business: Change your corporate drab into corporate fab while continuing to stay chic and young. Make a statement in something sleek and sleeveless like a little black dress that’s ready for the workplace. You can find the right one for less at Macy’s. There are several designers that have the look for a steal, check out RalphLauren, Jones of New York, and Nine West just to name a few. On-line pricing ranges from $68-$150. Dress up your corporate gear with old school pearls, Givenchy makes a great glass pearl necklace that can be worn as one strand or you can also create a two or three strand ensemble. Why buy several signature pieces when you can save money and buy one and arrange it how you desire? Also available at Macy’s, on-line price $50.

Party Girl: Now that the holidays are over, that doesn’t mean the parties have to be. You can rock an updated twist to the channel look for less. Victoria’s Secret online has just the right top. They offer trendy tops in several colors for $10, what a deal! To accessorize this great bargain, JCPenny has a Tri-Tone Multi-Strand Necklace on sale, on-line price $16. Party comfortably in a trendy skirt, check out Belk on-line skirts such as Lauren Jeans Co.Chelsfield StretchDenim Skirt for $70 that is stylish and form



Genesis Magazine

conscious. The channel signature look wouldn’t be complete without a great shoulder bag to accent the outfit. has hot bags that work perfectly with this attire. On-line price $42.

Retro Chic: Kohl’s Women’s Department, online has cute retro plaid tops, price $15. Not too far away in the distance are Cardigan sweaters, on-line price $18. This site also offers fierce ankle boots for a mere online price of $60. You can’t have a retro look without fly, washed-out jeans. Wet Seal has plenty of styles to choose from starting at $35.

Pretty Boy Floyd: Let’s not forget the men in our lives. American Eagle and Abercrombie & Fitch are the perfect stores for the “pretty rugged” look. AF has a Summit Rock Vest, on-line price $130. Seward Range has clean cut, stylish plaid shirts, on-line price $120. AE offers seemingly tailored fit jeans, on-line price $30. Top this look off with a bright scarf also offered by AE, online price $15. An accent shirt will tone down this look and pull it all together, on-line price $30.

No matter what style you’re trying to pull off, you can get it, for less. Don’t let the expensive designers fool you into believing that you can’t “fake it until you make it”. Your wallet never has to hurt to look good, you just have to know where to find it!

Contact David Hayden at 770-578-1002


D O O For Design


Fran Sherman (314) 275-2208

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most likely to be your boss

be your boss By Brittany Earls


uring the day certain individuals may be your coworkers, server, customer ser-

vice representative, or bank teller, but some of these individuals are living double lives.

By night they are their own bosses, on their way to building very successful companies. It takes money to make money and they are definitely earning money in corporate America, while investing in their own visions so that they can create wealth for themselves and generations to come. Don’t underestimate the talent of your coworker, and be careful to warmly acknowledge the cashier ringing up your groceries or your cute new clothes, because they may just be the next person signing your paycheck.



Genesis Magazine

Photographer: 1545 Photography

most likely to

Odell Bizzell

A Mogul Creating Moguls Professional speaker, author, and Young Mogul’s Enterprises head visionary along with partner Justin Kyle. Odell started his first business at age 14, bought his first business at age 19, and wrote his first book at age 22 and is now author of 3 books! He is a man of vision and impact. The world is just getting introduced to his business and his ability to help others, and you have not seen anything yet! Visit his website at

Do you find it a challenge to balance work and family? At times it is a challenge only because I love my wife and my daughter so much that I just want to be with them rather than working, but my wife is awesome

and by the grace of God we have enough coming in our household so she can be a full-time Mom and wife. My wife will always tell you that I work too hard, and I will always respond by saying I don’t work enough! Tell me some obstacles you have had to overcome to get to where you are in your career? Wow that’s a loaded question! I had to overcome ignorant ambition, snakes in the grass, and a haughty spirit. Sure there are the standard obstacles in business (marketing, no money to start, no profits, etc) but for me I knew I wanted financial success but I didn’t know how to go about it. I was ignorantly ambitious I didn’t understand how I was going to satisfy my ambition, I didn’t know why I was so ambitious and who my ambition was going to help besides myself. Then for a season in my life I ran into the wrong people and they almost damaged my life financially, but by the grace of God I have come out of that season still intact. And finally, I was one of the cockiest people I knew. But now in humility I am a thousand times better as a man and an entrepreneur than I have ever been.

Please describe your current businesses. The businesses I currently run are Young Mogul Enterprises; we mentor and lead students and young adults to financial success by teaching them time tested strategies of financial achievement and personal success. I have a small affiliate internet business that distributes financial products to people all over the United States. I get the products from our parent company Dynamic Financial Training and I simply sell them online. And I am a professional speaker and I focus on speaking at colleges and high schools because it is my passion to help young people become financially successful so they can live more satisfying lives.

I had to overcome ignorant ambition,snakes in the grass, and a haughty spirit.

33 |

Tell me about your life before you got involved with your business. I had a normal childhood, my parents divorced when I was young, but they have always been in my life. My dream when I was younger was to be in the NBA. Basketball was my dream and my love for a long time, but then I soon found out, entrepreneurship was my destiny and at the age of 14 I started my first venture, a candy business in high school with my partner Justin Kyle.

Odell B Photographer: 1545 Photography

My company, my programs, and my products teach people how to thrive in any economy.



Genesis Magazine

Is your business affected by the economy? Absolutely! It is helped by the economy! My company, my programs, and my products teach people how to thrive in any economy. People will always pay for what is valuable to them. If I tell you that I can show any high school or college student how to create an extra $500 without a job, I have their ear and their attention. If I can show their parents how to create an extra $300-$1000/month without getting a raise or another job then will they pay me a couple hundred dollars? Sure they will and that’s why business is growing and it will continue to grow. Talk to me about the ups and downs of your field. As hard as it is to believe, it’s tough to get people to see that they can do better at times. Then it’s tough to get people to see that in order to change what they have they have to change what they do; meaning they have to invest in their own personal development and financial literacy. When I approach schools with my message it’s difficult because the educational system is so set upon test scores being the way and it’s not test scores. The ups are when I see a guy like William Lee (an entrepreneur featured in a previous issue of Genesis Magazine) who my company has helped go from a high school dropout to a guy operating his own business literally around the world. Or other success stories like when I see a freshman in Houston who listened to one of my company’s lectures and tells me

Bizzell What do you accredit to your success? God, my wife, my mentors, and the people I have touched. Those things not only have helped me do what I have done, but will keep me moving forward.

How did you start your business? I borrowed $2,000 from my wife’s refund check to start my speaking business in 2007. I paid for a website and a conference that yielded me over $6,000 in speeches so from there I developed my company and began to expand what I do.

What type of boss are you? I am a nice version of Diddy. I expect the most out of everybody and if they don’t give it they are replaced, but I do it in a nice way so that nobody is embarrassed. I am very fair and I am currently accepting applications!

Walk me through your days while you building your career, what thoughts did you have, did you look up to anyone? Did you get discouraged? My days were tough, tougher and are still tough at times. When I first started which was only about 3 years ago I had no idea the intensity it took to properly market yourself and your message as a speaker and as a company. I thought about quitting when no one would call me, book me, or buy my products. Smart and healthy business relationships coupled with faith, always has kept and continues to keep me encouraged as I move to higher profits and more business.

What are some of the best decisions that you have made? Putting God first, because when I didn’t have him my world was upside down and all the money I made was soon lost. Finding a wife like mine because she keeps my world grounded and no matter what she is there for me, and lastly finding mentors who truly cared about my success. All the mentors who I have had I had to pay to be a part of my life, but the returns on those small investments have proved magnificent. I urge all your readers to find mentors.

What mistakes did you make in your career that you would like to warn other business owners about? I didn’t understand my personal development first. Your income and your business growth will never outgrow your personal development. Don’t get into business because of what you can get, rather get into business because of what you can give. Make sure you are passionate about the business you start from scratch, because if you are not you will quit. And lastly, pay for knowledgeable advice, education is expensive, but ignorance can make you broke!

Where do you see your business growing and evolving to in the future? Young Mogul Enterprises will be the premier mentorship company in the United States for students and young adults. We will have tens of thousands of members and followers in 5-10 years and thousands of success stories because of what we teach!

What jobs did you work while you were building your career? I have had an array of jobs while in college and after. I have worked for Bank of America, a minor league baseball team in Greensboro, the Sheriff ’s Department as a Correctional Officer, I was a manager for the girls basketball team for two years, and my Uncle’s group home! All those jobs have taught me many things about people that I use to this day.

Talk to me about the power of thoughts. You can only change your thoughts by changing what you read, listen to and who you hang around. Charlie ‘Tremendous’ Jones said it best: “You are today who you will be in 5 years besides two things: The books you read and the people you hang around.” Your thoughts dictate your destiny, what you think about you bring about.

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that me that my encouraging words changed his life forever. I love that so much because I feel like I am doing what God put me here to do.

dare to

succeed: W

Genesis Magazine know that mainstream media has convinced you that all is bad in With several, once strong companies plundering, most of us agree with the media. Times are tough and many business owners are going out of business and giving up. Many business owners are going out of business and starting even better companies. Then there are the business owners who have used this recession to rethink how they do business and continue to thrive. The following entrepreneurs are not shutting down anytime soon. They are bold, smart, and they understand that to be successful they cannot do business as usual nor can they get caught up in the “woe is me, recession blues” attitude. Everyday day they choose to thrive. e at

the world of business.

Collette McNamee Independent Cadillac Sales Director Mary Kay, Inc.

Her secret to success… I realize that I’m in this business for the long haul, even if things get tough. Everything in life requires commitment and a positive attitude. I’m reading a great book by Tommy Newberry called “The 4:8 Principle”. It’s based on Philippians 4:8 and teaches us to focus our mind on those things to be grateful for.

Why she started her business… I decided to start my own business because I wanted the flexibility of working for myself along with the ability to be paid according to what I was willing to do.

What is the importance of thoughts? There is no more powerful force in the universe than our mind. Before I earned my first Pink Cadillac, I practiced my mind movie….. picturing in my mind how I would feel when I picked it up and how it would smell and what I would be wearing and what a celebration of victory it would be. Everything I pictured in my mind came true because I visualized it, believed it, and was willing to do the work to make it happen.

What she does… I am an Independent Pink Cadillac driving Sales Director for Mary Kay. I love what I do because I make women feel better and give them hope, through great products and by offering an amazing business opportunity. There’s nothing better than spending time with someone and knowing that when you leave her, she feels better about herself than when you came in!

How do you define success? I define success by creating and living the life I’ve always dreamed I would live. Work doesn’t seem like work because I am doing something I love to do! I take my business seriously and work hard, but I play hard too! I’ve learned that success comes from servant leadership. If you approach your business on how you can better serve your customer, success becomes just part of it!

Collette McNamee



Genesis Magazine

Ameerah Watson Owner Intimate Chef Atlanta

Dickie Sikes Owner DGS Consulting

Chef Ameerah Watson

dickie sikes

Why she started her business… I come from a family of entrepreneurs and people who are health conscious practitioners which fed a passion for food and food science so it was only natural for me to start a business that provides me with a platform to share my passion with others.

Why she started her business… After fourteen years of working my dream job, it took the company less than five minutes to let me go. It was the best thing they could have done for me.

What is the importance of thoughts? Cultures all over the world and throughout time have some form of teaching that says something on speaking things as you would have them to be. What you focus on is what will expand in your life so it’s very important to manage your thoughts despite anything that you see happening around you. Choose your thoughts wisely and guard them at all cost. Where do you see your business in the next 5 years? In 5 years I expect the Intimate Chef of Atlanta to be expanded to other cities and then other countries, incorporating the cuisine of those regions of the world into our concept. I would also like to add a program that will feed the hungry in this and other areas to which the Intimate Chef expands.

Her secret to success… I don’t wait for opportunity to come knocking because I know that I’ll be waiting a long time. Keep knocking on all sorts of doors, keep advertising, keep partnering, keep building your professional network and most importantly, keep your integrity. What is the importance of thoughts? Your dominate conscious and unconscious thoughts will be the driving force behind what things consistently show up in your life. Success and failure lies between your two ears, as too many people sabotage their own life with a steady diet of negative thoughts.

Her secret to success… I don’t focus on the widely marketed recession. I pay attention to acquiring the money that continues to circulate despite a recession. I choose to focus on what I want to manifest in my life and operating out of that focus.

What she does…. We teach people how to talk their way to the top. Whether they’re going on a job interview, giving a PowerPoint presentation or speaking in front of one or a group of one thousand, we teach people the words to say and how they should look when they say them. www.

Do you have any regrets in your career thus far? I regret not exploring, researching and developing my business while still employed. In fact, I teach a class entitled: From Employee to Entrepreneur it’s no cakewalk!

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What she does… The Intimate Chef of Atlanta offers personal chef services tailored to fit any cuisine and any event from a special occasion or a small gathering, to a large event for hundreds or our specialty: an intimate event for two. As part of our empowerment services we provide educational classes and workshops to empower our clients www.

Marcy E. Pellegrino Owner Sassi Concepts & Designs, Inc. Advertising & ‘Yours By Design’ custom invitations and stationery

Ian Fernando Entrepreneur and marketing mogul

Marcy E. Pellegrino n

Ian Fernando

Why she started her business… My drive and intense desire to create my own creative mark prompted me to move forward on my own. In addition I have always loved being creative in the realm of custom invitations, hence Yours By Design – custom invitations & stationery was born as well.

Why he started her business… I decided to start my online business because I was working 3 jobs, giving me no life to enjoy.

What she does… Sassi Concepts & Designs, Inc.’s, and Yours By Design, creates custom invitations & stationery. We offer a full range of design services, including advertising, package design services, web design, custom stationary, unique invitations and much more! Her secret to success… My success thus far has much to do with my intense passion. However, much of this is possible due to my fabulous tight-knit family and closest friends and their support. What is the importance of thoughts? Thoughts are hugely important to me. Thoughts fuel my creative thinking, personal insights and help to organize and strategize myself and everything around me. All thoughts help to build who we are and whom we want to become. Where do you see yourself in the next five years? My Advertising and custom invitations via Sassi, Inc’s Yours By Design, will definitely be a major trend and will continue to be at the top of our game!



Genesis Magazine

What he does… One of my sites, is a blog about my success stories, trial and errors, and entrepreneurial experiences. It mainly talks about affiliate marketing, which is the heart of my business. His secret to success… Fixing user problems is the main success during any type of down time. If you can provide a solution or fix a problem then you can forget about any type of recession. What is the importance of thoughts? Thinking about what can be may end up to what will be. Having a positive thought and determination gives you the boost to get to your goals and dreams. If there is no vision then there is no reality. How do you balance a personal life and business life? I simply do not think about my business as a business because I enjoy what I do. Having your own business means you can mold it around your personal life and own doings.

Paula Clancy CEO/Agent Zero Point Global (see her ad on page 85)

Simi Belo Owner SimiWeaveTM

Simi Belo

Paula Clancy

Why she started her business… I invented my ‘SimiWeaveTM’ hairpiece simply because I needed it, desperately, so it really was a case of ‘necessity is the mother of invention’!

Why she started her business… I started my own business so that I could have more control over my future, in both financial and health areas, and to create an environment where my associates want to work as a cooperative unit, be inspired, supported, and share the good news!

What she does... I invented a revolutionary type of hair piece (the SimiWeave™) that delivers stunning, realistic, affordable and convenient hair styles. It’s a fantastic time saver and is liberating women everywhere! www. Her secret to success... Positivity! I was brought up to believe that you can do anything you want to on this earth; the only limitations are those you set yourself. So I see business in terms of challenges, results or learning points, instead of risky and expensive. What is the importance of thoughts? Thoughts are necessary for focusing and planning. But they must be used in conjunction with time. Think things through and create or identify four options for each dilemma/decision. Your fourth option should always be ‘do nothing’, because with time, the solution can become apparent. Is there a person, book, or song that motivates you to keep moving and shaking? My parents: clichéd I know!

What she does… My business is actually about raising consciousness and awareness. I market a variety of life enhancing “tools” that assist people and pets to improve their health, food, water, etc. Her secret to success… I think the “secret to success” is staying focused on where I am headed...short & long term goals. Also mentoring with successful people and avoiding negative input (radio, tv, etc)--that can put me in an unproductive state fast! What is the importance of thoughts? The power of thought is HUGE! As we have heard and seen from movies like “The Secret” and others, thoughts become reality, so it is really important to harness the energy of thoughts toward what we want to create. What do you do to make sure that you and your business stand out in your field? Being in integrity and having a sincere desire to help people at whatever level that is for them speaks volumes and people are attracted to that. Acting honestly and fairly always makes a business stand out!

Mark Vaudreuil Owner Maximizing Success

Sandra Martin Owner The PullPush Group

Sandra Martin

Mark Vaudreuil

Why she started her business… I started my business to give those companies with marketing and publicity constraints the opportunity to utilize a boutique agency to help them successfully attain their target audience and combat their competitors.

Why he started his business… I started my business to influence positive change in the lives of enough people to make a lasting difference in the world through events and media worldwide.

What she does… PullPush is a marketing/PR boutique that specializes in brand management. Using the language of pop culture - music, movies, entertainment and athletics, we design communications programs for individuals and companies seeking to increase their product visibility and brand recognition. Her secret to success… The secret to success is to maintain the business and not forget the small things. Many companies forget to capitalize on the single dollar. Many small accounts are just important as the one big account. If you focus on the small things, your revenue will eventually grow. What is the importance of thoughts? Your actions start with a thought. In order to accomplish your goals, you must first brainstorm, organize your thoughts, create a plan, and then execute the plan. The final product started with a thought and that is important in starting a business. What characteristic makes a great leader and boss? I think integrity is very important in a leader or a boss.

What he does… Maximizing Success hosts live events that deliver powerful life changing strategies and proven wealth building systems that empower people to live their lives more abundantly. www.maximizingsuccess. com His secret to success… The only reason there is a “recession” is because it exists in the majority of people’s minds. Once the majority of people “believe” and “think” abundance instead of “lack” the recession will cease to exist. What is the importance of thoughts? Thought is everything. Nothing has or ever will exist without thought. Watch and guard the quality of your thoughts. You are now what you have thought about in the past. With so many people failing this year, how did you manage to stand and grow? In order to succeed in today’s business environment, many people and business owners are looking for sound direction and advice. Maximizing Success provides world class experts who have helped thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs increase their income at neckbreaking speed.

Rebecca McClain Owner BATBOY (see her ad on page 45)

Lori Manns Owner Quality Media Consultants

Rebecca McClain

Lori Manns

Why she started her business… I started Build A Thriving Business Network to give women and minorities a central hub of resources to develop and consistently grow their businesses.

Why she started her business… I started my own business because I have a passion to help people and working for myself gives me the flexibility and freedom to do so.

To be in business you have to have tough skin. How do you deal with “no’s”? I had already built immunity to “no” long before starting a business, because it’s just a part of life. By no means do I relish the thought of it, but I do view “no” as divine guidance, which helps me stay on course; on what I believe is the right path for my life.

What is the importance of thoughts? Thinking is believing. If you believe you can accomplish something, chances are, you will. Positive thinking is crucial to success. If you don’t believe in yourself, chances are, no one else will either.

What is the importance of thoughts? Thoughts are like the creative process for bringing a dream or passion to reality. Where you and I are today is as a result of our thoughts because what we think is what we will eventually produce in our lives—for the good or bad.

Her secret to success… Maintaining great relationships and delivering results have always been two crucial keys to my success. Successful people do what they say they are going to do. I always try to under-promise and over-deliver. Being known as a professional with integrity and a woman of my word has opened many doors for me.

What advice do you offer to business owners whose ventures continue to fail? Do not give up! However, realize that whatever you are doing is not working and do things differently. Most importantly ask for help, seek out a mentor or business owner who has had success in the area in which you are trying to break through and follow their blueprint or any helpful hints they can provide.


Her secret to success… The secret to our success is to diversify. We’ve diversified in terms of the products and services we offer as well as how we deliver those products and services. This is the time to look for more ways to be creative and innovation with your offerings.

What she does… Quality Media Consultant Group, LLC. is a media consulting firm specializing in the creation and implementation of targeted promotions, advertising and marketing campaigns etc. At Quality Media Consultant Group, we combine the art of advertising, the magic of marketing with the science of sales to give you top quality every time.


What she does… We realize that in order to have significant success, the entrepreneur needs to develop a strategic plan. We help business owners get training and resources that they can apply to their businesses. www.

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Magazine absolutely loves small businesses! It is our philosophy that small businesses deserve big exposure and support. Knowing the right people, in the right industries helps to grow your business, so read below to increase your connections! enesis


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DGS Consulting LLC Darn Good Speaking Is On the Tip of Your Tongue 404 567-5790

KSTB Enterprises, LLC Consultant, Grants, Proposals, Scholarships,& Fundraising Strategies 404-861-9927

Dental Care

J. Hilburn Men’s Clothier Experience luxury at boldly lower prices 678-517-2354

Benefit Plans AmeriPlan Low Cost Vision, Dental & Medical Benefits 1-888-299-1128

Credit Solutions Kats-Designs Credit Repair and Maintenance 317-374-7748



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Lunch & Learn GA We Give Inspire, Facilitate & Encourage. You Succeed 404-384- 4135 Platinum1 Financial, LLC Alternative Working Capital for Business Owners 678-304-6006

Best Care Family Dental Quality General Dentistry for Adults and Kids (718) 429-7744

Event Planning AB Weddings & Special Events Wedding Planner 818-303-5317 loli events

Event & wedding planner- simple, elegant, unique 914.659.1294

PB Event Planning Event Planning With Style 347.860.9193

It’s a Glam Thing Beauty Public Relations & Beauty Website 352.503.3054

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Sharon Oyekan Beauty by Sharon Makeup, Skin Care, Bridal, Gifts & Spa Days 678-525-7015

Village Works Enterprises LLC Customized jigsaw puzzles, cards with cultural flair! 866-SHOP VWE

Health and Beauty Aihu, Inc Relaxing, Healing, Organic. Skincare, Body care and Homecare 770-789-9641 Avon Products ( Jovita Loeri-Sebbe) Shop online and save on your favorites! (202) 352-8498 Isagenix International Transform Your Life with Nutritional Cleansing & Wealth Building 818-429-2568

Solo Haven The Hand & Foot Sanctuary Relax, Rejuvenate & Retreat 770.696.7716 Zero Point Global Paula Clancy Discover the next wave in human well-being HealingfromtheHeart. 772-418-0235

Legal Services Henderson Law Group, LLC Legal services - Business, Entertainment, and Technology

Marketing Garden Promise Marketing Creating Extraordinary Incomes for Ordinary People 888.837.1026

Special Celebration Gifts We have unique gifts for all occasions 888-523-7970

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Medical Solutions Mainstream Services Inc. A premier medical insurance claim billing company. 800.580.9721

NetWorking Supporting Fellow Christians Along Their Career Paths 918-423-5749 Rock’s Networking Unlimi ted, Inc. E-Blast Your Business and Promotions Out to Thousands 770-217-0726



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The Trump Network Take Charge of Your Health & Financial Well-Being 770-414-0898

Mike Dote Photography Describe your business in 7 words or less: affordable professional photography for all occasions. 917-512-2937

Photography Adam Regan Photography Portrait, Wedding, Event and Architectural Photography. 203 613 6652

Shannon Michelle Photography Professional fashion/editorial/boudoir photography; available nationwide. 617.307.1155

Ernesto Malinis Photography Fashion / Editorial / Commercial / Portraits 347.819.3952

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Garden of Eden

is our stage to present

some of the most creative, talented and up and coming writers of our present time.

This month, it is a pleasure to introduce Marie Nease from Lawrenceville,GA. Marie is a super talented photographer (see her ad for Wingdreamer photography on pg 21), writer, and the newest edition to the Genesis Magazine team!

Full Moon

under a


reached for the phone and started to dial her number, then quickly hung up. No, it’s too soon. Slumping back down into my comfy chair, I allowed the heaviness in my heart to settle. The darkness in the room seemed alive. The sound of my Grandma’s antique clock marked the long, lonely moments as the consequences of the previous night unfolded. During the night, I’d paced the floor, my thoughts circling. I asked myself the same question a thousand times. Why? Our evening had begun with laughter filling the chilly night air as we walked along the river’s edge. Enjoying the warmth of each other’s hands, we talked about our dreams of a future together. Often we paused and held one another close; our kisses warm and passionate under a full moon. We reminded each other, as we often did, that the strong friendship we’d built and our faith that we shared was so important. More important than hot



Genesis Magazine

passionate kisses and touches that could lead us to wanting much more. Rennie and I met on a hike with a single’s group from my church. I grin every time my mind goes back to that day. I grabbed my backpack that morning, making sure I had my camera. My camera had become like an additional eye, a way for me to see the world around me in uncommon ways. Spring green budded from every tree that morning. A refreshingly chilly breeze rustled new leaves. The group gathered at one of my favorite mountain trails. As I readied myself for the climb, by doing some stretches, I noticed a new face in the crowd. Pretty smile. As I double-tied my hiking boots, I caught her eye and smiled. Everyone joined hands as we introduced ourselves and prayed for safety on the trail. Maybe responding to my friendly smile, Rennie came and stood next to me as we prayed. Hmmm, very soft, feminine hand, nice. As we climbed the ridge, I paced myself so I could walk near this new girlish addition to our group. I noticed her Nikon camera was the model that was the update to mine. Cool! We slipped into easy conversation. As we hiked up the steep mountainside, we stopped at overlooks to capture some photos of the distant views of this clear blue sky day.We fell behind the others without even realizing it. Rennie was beautiful in a way I’d never known. Her blue eyes looked into me where I wanted to be known. Yet, somehow it scared me that I so quickly felt drawn to her. At one outcropping, Rennie leaned back against a boulder to steady herself for a photo. She lost her footing on the loose rocks and quickly began to slide down the embankment. A gnarly old tree stopped her fall, but she was still precariously close to slipping further. Heart thumping, I scrambled down the rocks to help her. I looked into her eyes and asked; “Are you okay, camera okay?” She looked at me with a slightly pained smile. “I think we’re okay.” I reached my arms around her and lifted her to her feet. Rennie took my hand and I helped her carefully climb back up to the trail. She thanked me with a kind smile and a friendly wink as we attempted to catch up with the others. Rennie was limping slightly, but didn’t say a word.

Later, as the sun was setting outside the mountain lodge where we shared dinner and our group was about to part ways, I whispered, “May I have your number?” Smiling, she scribbled it on a slip of paper and placed it in my hand. The warmth of her hand touched mine. Was that a spark I felt? Spring green turned into balmy days. Rennie and I enjoyed almost endless conversations shared on blankets by lakes, relaxing after strenuous hikes, photo shoots of old cemeteries, I couldn’t believe she thought that was just as cool as I did! We met in quiet corners of our favorite bookstore, our fingers intertwined. When we were apart, long hours were spent on the phone. I’m not one to like to spend

47 |

a long time on the phone, but strangely, beyond talking about our common faith and our love of photography, Rennie had the ability to get me sharing about my hopes and dreams for the future and what I wanted in a friendship and relationship, like no woman had ever before. I remember a particular day when I touched my ears, which were flattened and sore, from another long conversation and at that moment, I began to realize that Rennie’s smile was one I wanted to wake up to every morning. I wanted her by my side in my world. After a very frank discussion during a long walk, we made an obvious, but difficult decision. Spending our time in public and with friends and family was just plain smart since the chemistry we shared had grown to the point of potentially blowing up, at the very least, a small city! Rennie helped me understand how keeping our boundaries and not sleeping together would show her my growing love and respect more than I could ever imagine. We were open about our intimate desires we hoped we’d eventually share, so we knew we were on the same page. Our days shared on blankets in the sun were traded for taking photos of each other playing in the leaves on crisp autumn days. Our friendship, and now love expressed, had grown through our ability to have fun together in our common passions.

Rennie helped me understand how keeping our boundaries and not sleeping together would show her my growing love and respect more than I could ever imagine.



During a walk through the mall on a rainy afternoon, I took Rennie’s hand and led her into a jewelry store. Her eyes sparkled at a reflection of the diamonds she pointed at; telling me her answer would be yes when the time was right. Again, my mind wandered back to the night before. After our long walk by the river, as the daylight faded, we followed the music toward our favorite cafe. Though the autumn air chilled us a bit, we ate under the outdoor canopy. Candles twinkled in the breeze. The jazz musician made the piano sing and we held each other’s hands and savored the moments, not wanting to break the spell. As I looked into Rennie’s eyes, there was no doubt I wanted to know her fully, to love her fully...forever. Arms wrapped around each other, we left the café. We stopped at our favorite place by the river. I spread the blanket out on the grass, smoothed out the


longed to go back and change the events of last night, I knew I couldn’t. Rennie and I both let our boundaries down. I found myself thinking back to our first hike, when Rennie lost her footing and fell. I was so thankful to be there for her and help her back up the trail. I smiled when I realized that no matter how far we fall, God will also always be there to help us back up again. Reaching for the phone again, I dialed Rennie’s number. Is it too early? I hope she slept some after I took her home. I texted her: “Rennie, call me when you wake up.” Within moments she called. “Baby, are you okay? I know, I’ve been up most the night. I’m miserable too. Our boundaries crashed last night. I’ve hurt you and us. Please, forgive me? Yes, Rennie, I forgive you too.” Shoulder to shoulder at the Waffle House, we shared openly, realizing that what we were going through wasn’t going to be easy especially because we had grown to love one another over the past year. Having accountability friends would help and I agreed to call my friend, Tom to ask him if he’d agree to allow that kind of friendship between us. It was clear that we needed to regularly remind ourselves of why we wanted to wait, have a plan and stick to it. We decided that when one of us felt weak, we’d be honest with the other and be strong to help us keep our boundaries. We admitted that it isn’t always easy to control our desires. We would have to dig deep at times; we both knew our faith was where our strength would come from. When Rennie went to the ladies room, I winked at our server. She knew her cue. Within moments she brought out Rennie’s favorite, a strawberry waffle with pecans and whipped cream on top. I placed a sparkling surprise on top of one of the strawberries that I knew Rennie was sure to love! And, by the way, she said yes! Oh, I bet especially you gals are curious. Rennie and I married the following spring on the evening of the first full moon in April. Spring green budded from every tree that day at our favorite spot on the river. The stars sparkled extra brightly that night as we celebrated our love and marriage as we danced with family and friends. —Marie Nease

“Sensual pleasures have the fleeting brilliance of a comet; a happy marriage has the tranquility of a lovely sunset.”—Ann Landers folds and we laid in each other’s arms, gazing at the twinkling stars. It was a beautiful night under a full moon. I held Rennie close and stroked her face with my fingers. Gently I brushed her lips with mine and told her of my love, but not with words. She leaned into my touches and I felt her shiver. Now would be a good time to remind ourselves of our commitment to honor each other, I thought in the back of my mind. Instead, we found ourselves gathering the blanket, running to the car and heading back to my place. Sitting on the couch, our touches quickly grew more intimate as we snuggled under the blanket with the light of fire glowing. It wasn’t chilly anymore, though I felt Rennie shiver again at my touch. As the light of another morning began to filter through the closed blinds, wearily I got up and sat on the end of my bed. My stomach ached. Though I

Is there a story in you? Email us your best piece at



Genesis Magazine

(212) 631 - 3181

between E veryone loves a good read!

However, many people don’t

understand the struggles of the publishing field or the obstacles some authors face to find their voice.

We at Genesis Magazine constantly search to find brilliant authors with the amazing talent and the ability to turn their words into thought provoking, entertaining books. The following books should definitely be on your bookshelf and in your hands!!! Are you a creative author? Get featured at

Daniel Allen “The Veil”

Elizabeth Gordon “The Chic Entrepreneur”

Rick Spann “Man Up”

When Robert Larson, a quiet college student, receives a strange, late night psychic reading,

“The Chic Entrepreneur” is a business strategy

This book not only talks about the issues, but provides solutions to help African Americans

he finds himself plunged head first into a

and a life on their own terms by being their

to overcome the plight within our communities.

century’s old war that spans from this world to

own boss.

Being a Chic Entrepreneur is about daring to be different, finding your passion

“Man-Up” addresses the symptom of blacks

strange abilities,

and then creating a business that leverages

in an ancient prophecy and embrace his destiny

your strengths so that you can enjoy financial

Protector of the Light or risk plunging Meanwhile, halfway across the world, Sharif Al-Qadir, a simple

freedom and do what you love.

spiritual and emotional support elsewhere. This book challenges African Americans to take a look at this and other issues, and break

the next.

As he and those around him develop Robert must uncover his role

as the

book for women who want to make a living

the world into chaos.

herdsman devastated by the loss of his wife and unborn child, follows the strange boy Syibyan on a journey of revenge to release the


Lord, Iblis, whose ambition to rule the realm of Earth has but one obstacle: Robert. What obstacles have you had to overcome as an author? Understanding the business side of publishing and self-promoting was definitely a challenge I was not expecting. It’s a full-time job requiring constant dedication, drive, and a passion to improve and get noticed.



Genesis Magazine

fleeing the black community just to receive

the cycle and have a strategic system where we

What obstacles have you had to overcome as an author? Getting a book published takes some hard work. I certainly had my share of rejection letters when I first started querying publishers as a first time author, but just like with being an entrepreneur, vision and persistence trump any obstacles in your path.

breed success stories from cradle to grave.


theme of the book deals with self accountability for social, economic, and community development within the

African American


What obstacles have you had to overcome as an author? I had to get over fear of rejection and of writing something that people didn’t want to hear. I had a fear of being honest about my assessment of the problems plaguing the black community and who is at fault for the lack of social and economic development.

nthelines Leslie Bradford “The Garden that Grew Her”

Rhianna Weir “The Ghost of Weir Academy”

Jud Newborn “Sophie Scholl and the White Rose”

“The Garden that Grew Her”, is about a housewife’s satirical look at eradicating domesticide. The

“The Ghost of Weir Academy”

slow death of who you are by what

a specialized school, a school for

“Sophie Scholl and the White Rose” tells how Sophie Scholl and her older brother Hans, both former Hitler Youth fanatics,

you have become while chasing the

students expressly interested in

rejoined humanity to become the

ined, and how a lack of love can

the Social Sciences and the

Classics. It tells of relationships, or the lack of, between the students and staff. One staff member slow-

Christian martyrs of Germany’s anti-Nazi resistance. Dubbing themselves “the White Rose,” Sophie, Hans

turn a gentle soul into a monster.

ly begins to show signs of mental

and a handful of other university


As the weeks and months go by, the story unfolds and tells about Mary. Mary, who

students daringly distributed

believed her condition was caused

their countrymen to wake up

by the school, one day plotted to

to the mass murder of Jews and

exact revenge and took it.

the destruction of


Happily Ever After.”

What obstacles have you had to overcome as an author? I am the daughter of a convicted criminal, and I dropped out of high school in grade ten, frustrated from a life-long struggle with undiagnosed learning disabilities. However, It’s never too late to make a U-turn and jump back onto the path of your true desire. I’ve longed to write since I was eight-years-old. It just took forty-four years of learning curve to get there.

gives an account of the lives of students who walked the halls of

To this

greatest heroes and

thousands of passionate leaflets from

1942 to 1943, calling on

German civil The White Rose demon-

day, a glimpse of her can be seen


hovering near the walkway of

strates the need to speak up in the


Weir Academy, replaying the

events of that fateful night which

name of freedom and our shared humanity.

Marcelle Cooper “Slayer’s Heart” The theme of “Slayer’s Heart” is love, and how powerful a force love can be. It explores how love can make even the weakest of us more powerful than we ever imag-

What obstacles have you had to overcome as an author? The first obstacle is doubt. While my family and friends have always been supportive, the thought of being a published author at 19-years-old can be unbelievable and overwhelming at times. I know I can do great work, but I believe there is always something in the back of every writer’s mind nagging at us to make one last change to make our work perfect or no one will like it.

became the undoing of a once search R.Dawn Weir search Slayer’s Heart

What obstacles have you had to overcome as an author? I think the biggest obstacle to my writing career is finding time to write. As a professional truck driver, I normally drive around seventyhours each week. Finding a quiet place to write finds me in all corners of my beloved country.

What obstacles have you had to overcome as an author? Because Nazism was a popularly supported movement in Germany, most people presumed there was no resistance at all. This made the story of the White Rose students even more surprising—but it also required telling that story in the most compelling manner possible. Rather than writing an academic tome, we chose to create scrupulously accurate, yet dramatic and suspenseful narrative, so that the incredible story the White Rose would be as accessible as possible.


promising school.


between Ray J. Paul “Living With Parkinson’s Disease: Shake Rattle and Roll”

Susan Ronayne “Marche’s Madness”

Co Co Melvin “New Beginnings-Realize Release Recover”

this book about his experience of

Hardworking Al Marche considAmerican woman; aside from her terminal clumsiness, anxiety disorder and sensitivity to the spirit world. Balancing a busy catering busi-

living with the disease.

Prior to being diagnosed, he was a Professor and finally Dean of a UK university. The book is an honest

ness with the care of her ailing

concept of the


ers herself the average

Paul was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease 10 years ago. It has taken him 6 years to write

In the book I share stories of how I overcame obstacles in my life, found my gifts and talents,

Sarah B. Winters “The Strongest Fire” The theme for “The Strongest Fire” is, that no matter how hard life can be, no matter what tragedy or obstacle a person

and learned to embrace new

faces, they need to keep strong

beginnings in my life.

in their faith in life and they can

I share the

3R’s process that

accomplish what they need to.

No Mary (the

Al is excited to embark on a much needed vacation, but

I developed to aide people in

matter what obstacles

breaking down their story to find

main character) faces, her belief in

soon she finds herself confronted

ultimate happiness and success

herself, her faith, and her friends

account of what living with

by a terrifying phantom bent on

in life.

helps her through her adven-

Parkinson’s is like, intended for


the benefit of both sufferers and

mal murder mystery blended with

carers alike.

a dash of humor, come along as quirky

What obstacles have you had to overcome as an author? Writing the book while suffering from Parkinson’s was the main obstacle. It took 6 years to write the book. When I first found out I had Parkinson’s, I fell into clinical depression and the experience was so shattering that the chapter about it took me 2 years to write.

If you like your paranor-

Al Marche, and an eclectic

cast of characters, assemble to resolve a haunting nearly four hundred years in the making.

What obstacles have you had to overcome as an author? As an author, for years I thought carving time out of my everyday life to write was my greatest obstacle, until I recognized that I was the only barrier between denying or realizing my publishing dreams…not my schedule. Understanding that sometimes I have to get out of my own way and make my craft a priority, without feeling selfish, remains a struggle, but as I set and achieve my goals one by one, it is a struggle well worth the fight.

tures and teaches her more about

What obstacles have you had to overcome as an author? As an Author I had to overcome the fear of the unknown. Not knowing what the outcome or the consequences would be or how people would view me for putting my personal story out there, but then I had to realize that sharing my story could change someone’s life forever, and that was worth everything to me.


What obstacles have you had to overcome as an author? Some of the greatest obstacles I have faced and overcome as a writer are having a poor education due to moving a lot as I grew up and finding the time to write while raising two children, one of whom I home school due to having a horrible local middle school.

nthelines The story line is about Danny Benson, who on the day of taking

Gate Deadlock is a young (and forever-young) adult, science fiction romance. It explores the issue of absolute, compelling love as it gets deadlocked between the present and the future.

the last medical school final exam, receives a

Dear John letter from his longtime girlfriend, Heather telling him she does not want to get married. Instead she has flown off to London and to take the Magic Bus crossing Europe and the Middle East overland all the way to Kathmandu, Nepal. Since it is on the ground, he thinks he can find her and

London to take another He is two weeks behind. The

flies to bus.

themes woven throughout the

What obstacles have you had to overcome as an author? I permanently live in Greece and, obviously, you can’t promote your book in a long-distance way. The few e-mail queries I’ve sent where rejected but they also advised me to keep on trying, so eventually I decided to self publish with Lulu, etc.

book are about relationships: relationships between men and women and their compatibilities, or lack thereof.

And more impor-

tantly, the relationships between people of different cultures and religions, of Islam and

West, that

demonstrates that we are just all people, humans together on one planet, and any religions, or cul-

RonSher T. Brooks “5 Minutes 2 Show Time! How to Effectively Promote You” Whether you as a musician or an or stay independent, you will

“No Hassle Publishing” is targeted to first-time authors to

have to do your own share of self

prepare them for making the right

marketing. Self

publishing choices.

author are planning to get signed

Marketing and

What obstacles have you had to overcome as an author? My main obstacle was having the confidence to finally put something on paper that I could publish and have anybody reading it enjoy what I’ve written. I’ve always liked to write. I needed an idea, and one hit me last year that I could finally incorporate my travel experiences with this idea.

Readers will

promotion can be easy when you

learn to beware of enticing offers

know which obstacles to avoid. “5 Minutes 2 Show Time How to Effectively Promote You,” will

from conglomerate publishers that don’t always deliver what was promised.

give you the insight needed to be successful both on and off the stage.

What Obstacles have you had to face as an author? I faced two very large hurdles, the first being mental battle where I had to determine within myself that the information I had to share was truly valid and useful. Once that was settled, I went to work proving that these methods work, and presenting techniques that are timeless as well as possessing the ability to transcend amongst all creative fields.

tures are transcended by that fact that we are just that, human.

Donna Erickson “No-Hassle Publishing: An Author’s Guide to Today’s Changing Industry”

What obstacles have you had to face as an author? Finding the time to write my books has been difficult because I am the owner of a virtual writing/editing service, as well as a wife and mother. In addition, I have just launched a new publishing division, which offers authors full self-publishing services.

Rania Sarri “Gate Deadlock”

53 |

Mark Levy “Overland”

between Angle Bush “Speak Now”

K. L. Kraemer “Godly Mind, Bold Hearts”

Greig Beck “Beneath the Dark Ice”

“Speak Now” is a literary creation used as a

The concept of America was formed by men who were Christians and/or believed in the merits of Christianity in founding our nation. In short, our founders fought in faith for our God-given right to freedom with the intention of giving us a Christian heritage. Liberals have no business in pushing to take God out of our culture.

“Beneath the Dark Ice” is a thriller that combines the action of Clive Custler with the terror of Steve King. Set beneath the Antarctic Ice – an elite squad of soldiers and scientists encounter… something unexpected, and terrifying!

tool to equip those who are interested in pursuing a career in professional speaking. It is the foremost interactive tool designed to assist you on your journey in professional speaking

. The focal point of this guide is to introduce the reader to the concepts and ideas related to professional speaking.

It is designed to be

informative and interactive.

What obstacles have you had to overcome as an author? The obstacles that I have had to overcome as an author is to find relevant distribution channels and with that said I believe I have found my niche and through various channels I not only hope to motivate other authors but to give them a venue to introduce their literary creation to the world.

What obstacles have you had to overcome as an author? I care so much about the topic in “Godly Minds, Bold Hearts” that I could have written on and on with evidence of our Christian beginning, a beginning that was fairly miraculous. Thinking of the reader in trimming down to 393 pages took much discipline from me.



Genesis Magazine

What obstacles have you had to overcome as an author? To be an author you need infinite patience, a whirling imagination, and an ability to tell a story… but above all, you need a deaf ear to doubters!

nthelines editor’spicks

“I have had the pleasure to read the following books and must say that I am impressed, entertained, and could not put these books down!” Brittany K Earls. Editor In Chief, Genesis Magazine

Marsha Friedman, “Celebritize Yourself” In today’s world of celebrity, we have celebrity attorneys, celebrity doctors, financial advisors, fitness experts and chefs; the list goes on and on… and while most have the same credentials as their non-celebrity counterparts, they’ve achieved incredible career success by positioning themselves as THE celebrity experts of their fields. Celebritize Yourself is about how you can become a business celebrity – how to stand out from your competition and become the most recognized expert in your field. What obstacles have you had to overcome as an author? There were two obstacles that were most difficult. First was identifying the message I was most passionate about, and was different from all other books published in my field. The second obstacle was finding the time to write and edit while also running a business!

Xanthe Jolanda Johnson, “Last Laugh, Last Cry” “Last Laugh, Last Cry”, was based on some real experiences of the author; however, Johnson embellishes and creates additional content and changed names to deem the book fiction. This book depicts a 40 year old woman’s “payback” to the one who caused all of the pain she had endured. “Last Laugh, Last Cry” is simply a work exploring one woman’s relationship with the men in her life. What obstacles have you had to overcome as an author? The challenges that I have to endure to “get my book” out there, since I did invest solely in myself and opted to self publish have been a big obstacle. I incur my own expenses for all aspects of marketing, book signings, and of course marketing can be very expensive.

C T Shackleford, “Can We Talk” We need a relationship revolution. Or better yet, an intervention! Author C T Shackleford has written her first contribution to the literary world with a book titled, “Can We Talk.” It is a candid conversation piece exploring the dynamics that have caused the failure in many relationships. What obstacles have you had to overcome as an author? There are minimal barriers to becoming a published author because of the era of self-publishing. Anyone can publish; the quality in the publishing is the biggest challenge along with finding a company that can meet your needs. Because I believe in what I have done and what I have to offer, I must say that my biggest obstacles it is getting my work noticed by the masses. www. search “Can We Talk”

back to school

backtoschool W

hether you are,

18 or 50, student or parent, it’s never too late to go back to school, and it’s always the right time to get informed on the best schools, obtainable scholarships, and reliable advice. Here is to higher learning and higher living! By Jenna Williams

Word of the Month: dreams Words of inspiration told to us when we were young urged us to follow our dreams. A successful career as an actress, biochemist or lawyer was well within our reach. At the time, there was no one to tell us to be ‘realistic’ or that we couldn’t do it. But with age, wisdom sometimes does not follow and so many abandon their dreams in exchange for security. During a time of “yes, we can,” we must learn to embrace our dreams whole-heartedly and face our fears with gusto. The first step is to believe in yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you. So while papers and tests can seem daunting, remind yourself of why you are there and how all your hard work is bringing you closer to achieving your dream. Greatness is within us all and is fueled by our dreams, so trudge forward and dream big!

The College of the Month: University of colorado at boulder Ranked as one of the “100 Best Value Colleges for 2009” by The Princeton Review, University of Colorado at Boulder has come a long way since first opening in 1877. Once educating forty-four students, CU-Boulder enrolled 30,196 regular on-campus degree-seeking students in 2009 and is continuing to grow in size and prestige. The university is a Tier 1 research institution that offers 85 majors at the Bachelor’s level, 70 at the Master’s level, and 50 at the Doctoral level. With the support of over 1,000 tenure and tenure track faculty members, CU-Boulder has developed strong programs in the sciences, engineering, business, law, arts, humanities, education, music and more. With a mission to “become one of the nation’s leading public research universities,” opportunities at UC-Boulder are seemingly endless. The university’s main campus in on 600 acres in Boulder in a place with breath-taking views and wide open spaces– a real dream for nature lovers. There are also 25 ski and snowboard resorts in Colorado, with about 11 resorts only a few hours away by car.



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admission requirments: Required Documents to complete your undergraduate application: • Online application • $50 nonrefundable application fee • Official high school transcripts • Official college transcripts (if you have taken college coursework) • ACT or SAT I scores • Two short answer essay questions For Graduate Program: Applicants must hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university, or have done work equivalent to that required for such a degree. Applicants must also meet grade-point average requirements which vary for each school. Interested in getting your JD? Visit for information regarding degree requirements, admission procedures and application forms and deadlines.

Greek of the Month: Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity Inc. (Tau chapter, Northwestern University) Kappa Alpha Theta (widely referred to as Theta) is the first Greek-letter Fraternity for women. In 1867, what is now known as DePauw University became co-ed. During a time when women were excluded from clubs and societies on campus, a student by the name of Bettie Locke rallied together a group of women to establish the first fraternity for women. The first official meeting of Theta was held on January 27, 1870. Today the fraternity works to uphold their purpose of supporting members to learn, grow, and excel. Their core values are personal excellence, friendship and sisterhood, scholarship, service, and leadership. The organization strongly promotes networking well beyond its member’s undergrad experience in hopes to urge continued social and intellectual growth. The fraternity also has a strong hand in the community, having adopted National Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) as its national philanthropy in 1989. CASA readies its volunteers to speak on behalf of abused and neglected children in court. Theta members host fundraisers and volunteer their time throughout the year, contributing to the more than 68,000 advocates serving nationwide. Dedicating their time to the community within their college campus and well beyond, the women of Theta proudly bear their black and gold colors as a reminder of the organization’s history and the value of sisterhood.

UC-Boulder QUICK FACTS: • 47 percent of enrolled are women, 53 percent are men; 84 percent are undergraduates • 50 percent of undergraduate classes have 19 or fewer students • 85 percent of undergraduate classes have 50 or fewer students • Popular Undergraduate Majors include Psychology, Integrative Physiology, English, Pre-journalism and Biological Sciences • Four faculty members have been awarded the Nobel Prize UC- Boulder Tuition and fees range from an estimated $20,059- $23,909 depending on which school you are enrolled in. For Financial aid information check out finaid/ or call 303-492-5091. Email:

Test Dates Deadline Test Regular Registration January 23, 2010 SAT & Subject Tests December 23, 2009 March 13, 2010 SAT only February 4, 2010 May 1, 2010 SAT & Subject Tests March 25, 2010 June 5, 2010 SAT & Subject Tests April 29, 2010 LSAT: Test Date: Saturday, February 6, 2010 Register Online, by Mail, by Telephone by January 5, 2010 Late Registration by Mail is accepted between January 6–12, 2010 Interested in learning more about the LSAT? Check out

best scholarship websites: • • •

Best college finder websites: • •

Contacting UC-Boulder University of Colorado at Boulder Office of Admissions Regent Administrative Center 125 552 UCB Boulder, CO 80309-0552 Phone: 303-492-6301 Application questions: General questions: Student experience questions:

Best study Website: •

Nominate your college and or Greek organization, and submit your college advice, and professors give your expertise at

57 |

SAT and ACT and LSAT dates and deadlines 2009-10

Need to Know Deadlines:


careersfirst lovesecond


by linda earls


You have just graduated from College. You have reached one of the first milestones of life which many believe is a requirement for success. Now you must transform all of the knowledge that you have gained to embark on a promising career and ultimately overall success.

What now? What is the next step? Certainly not The re-

a serious romantic relationship as there is much more to do to accomplish your goals.

lationship established with your sometimes beau or lover throughout your collegiate years was simply that of convenience.

At some point you meet someone special and question if he/she may be “the one”. This is the crossroad: to choose a career or love, and women more than men are opting for a career first. How do you determine who “the one” should be? Isn’t the process of gaining professional achievement essential in determining that you are now capable of choosing the right person?



Genesis Magazine

because of an unwillingness to endure the woes of a commitment may seem selfish but it is a true reality of today’s time. Relationship expert, Cyndi Sarnoff-Ross, is a licensed psychotherapist with over 15 years of clinical experience in the fields of clinical psychology and organizational management. She has expertise in the areas of parenting, breakups, and healthy relationships. Her practice is located in Los Angeles, California. In a recent article titled “How do you choose between love and work?” She gave interesting insight to the topic. She agrees that due to the increasingly stressful economic times the choice between love and career has become even more difficult than in the past. Today professional careers have a tendency to drain all of your time and energy. The job structures have changed dramatically. The nine to five shifts rarely exists anymore. The work hours are starting much earlier and sometimes extend into the late evening. Employer expectations of their employees in terms of time and dedication have grown. People are finding it nearly impossible to find a healthy balance. This is certainly an issue faced by many across all social and economic scales. There are things you can do to help you have a successful career and relationship argues Ross. Make sure you and your partner are on one accord with you career goals. It is equally important for the two of you to also understand each other’s personal wants. If your jobs require frequent travel be sure to set aside specific times you can spend together. When together focus on each other only. Do not allow texting, social networks, emails, phone calls or working from home interrupt bonding time. With the technology of today it is easy to bring your work home or where ever you go. You must set time apart to take care of business so as to not interfere with much valued personal or family time. Try to work as efficiently as you can at the job so you are not tempted to bring your work home. Make a sincere list of priorities and then try to blend those priorities to fit your lifestyle. Bottom line, having a great career and a meaningful romantic relationship is indeed possible. There is an old saying, “You make time for those you love.” This holds true for anyone, no matter how busy or hectic life can be, love still conquers all. For more info and advice from psychotherapist Cyndi Sarnoff-Ross check out cyndi

The time for love will come soon enough.

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Many working women fall victim to a series of blind dates and introductions due to set ups courtesy of mothers, sisters, and fiends who want to assist a hard working woman who they think is depriving herself. Today’s working woman may entertain a brief relationship as a break from work; however, the beaus no matter how attractive still serve as a distraction to the true issue at hand- getting paid and career advancement. The trend of many women in today’s time is to keep casually dating for fun and resist serious, romantic relationships because it’s just not a priority. The time for love will come soon enough. The corporate woman immerses herself into the market place, scratching, clawing, and climbing the corporate ladder. The education, professional skills, and networks that they developed throughout the years are finally paying off. Typically, after at least five years she has worked herself to a respectable status in her career field, and may consider pursuing true romance. Now a new obstacle arises for the lady who has found her corporate niche and potential love: no one has ever taught a “Romance plus a Career 101” course. Ambition is the first reason a corporate woman is shy about love, fear is the second reason. With the divorce rate being the highest in the history of American marriage and the cost of childcare sky rocketing, why would anyone choose romance before a career? Women also take into consideration that after romance, the next step is usually marriage and then children. Having either or both of these require substantial income. In addition to the necessary finances, they also require a lot of time and commitment. The fear of not being able to achieve both financial independence and a love/ family life hinders many women. Then there is the struggle to answer endless questions. What type of person will you compliment that will also be a compliment to you? Is there really such a thing as a soul mate? If so, how do you find them and how will you know? Should your mate provide a higher income than you? What will set you and your potential mate apart from the statistics of failure? In many ways this task of maintaining a relationship seems to be more difficult than having a career for today’s business woman. Society doesn’t make it easy for women to choose love first either. Society often measures a person’s success by education, profession, income and possessions, making it less of a priority to find true romance. Many successful women find it difficult to share their time, money and status with another. Doing so just complicates things too much, especially upholding society’s success standards. Having a romantic relationship requires selflessness and commitment. The desire to be in a monogamous relationship now has to compete with the drive for career, success, and money. Choosing not to have a serious relationship

battle of the sexes

battle ofthe sexes


elcome to


Magazine’s group therapy! Battle of the sexes is an

open forum for men and women reader’s to pose their romantic

relationship questions, thoughts, and concerns.

The goal is to share

what you feel without bashing or judging.

Here you can get

and give advice!



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Topic 1: Forgiveness will make any relationship last but what if you are getting taken advantage of? When is “I’m sorry” not good enough? “‘I’m sorry’ is not enough when you hear it every day!” -Lauren, Gainesville, GA “‘I’m sorry’ should be paired with a promise not to do it again. And unless the “guilty” can assure you he/she feels your pain, the sorry will probably not be enough!”- Shari, Dallas, TX “‘I’m sorry’ isn’t good enough when you’ve had enough. If you’re willing to put up with someone’s mess for a long period of time then by all means continue to waste your time. I’m cutting it off when it starts... I don’t like faulty equipment!” -Jonny, Fort Hood, TX “‘I’m sorry’ isn’t good enough if someone is unfaithful in a marriage.”-Marie, Lawrenceville, GA

“’I’m sorry’ plus a bad track record equals a repeat offender, but I must say that a sincere sorry brings on forgiveness.” -Donia, Richmond, VA “Sorry isn’t enough if the actions don’t follow up with the apology. If someone cheats, then apologizes, and then cheats again, sorry just won’t cut it. On the flipside, someone who has a “bad track record” is not exactly a bad person who is incapable of saying ‘sorry ‘ and meaning it. People can and WILL change when a situation occurs with them that will inspire change.”-Jason, Atlanta, GA “I thought “true love” was not saying ‘sorry’ but showing that you are sorry. It means nothing when you just hear it all the time.”-Danielle, Fort Drum, NY

Topic 2: Let’s face it; sex is a part of life and although, it is 2010 and we have encountered multiple sex revolutions, and premarital sex is not as uncommon and taboo as it was in the 60’s; rumor still has it that marital sex is the most phenomenal experience. A lot can be said about being so intimate with the person that you vowed to spend the rest of your life with. Is marital sex the best sex ever?

“Personally I believe waiting for marital sex is a gamble. What if you end up with someone who isn’t as adventurous as you? No thanks! I understand with marriage you have the time to build a stronger sex life but if your partner doesn’t want to do something that you want to do, then what? If you are going to wait until you are married to have sex, my advice is that you ask some questions first and find out where your partner is sexually willing to go with you before you tie the knot.” -Jonny, Fort Hood, Texas “Marital sex is better because you have time and you build the trust necessary to REALLY learn about each other’s needs and desires and how to please each other and have fun at the same time!”-Marie, Lawrenceville, GA

“I would say marital sex is the best; but only if you are on the same page sexually. I have NO Regrets. Call me for an interview. LOL.”-Vanessa, Atlanta, GA

What are your relationship blues? Email me at

“Marital sex is awesome there are not any regrets in the morning!”-Natalie, Alpharetta, GA

“Obviously spiritually it is best to wait until you’re married. I do however think that if you get with someone who doesn’t want the same things as you and you are incompatible, that would really suck. You date someone so that you can learn more about them and see if this is someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. Learning more about them includes sexual compatibility so I don’t see a problem with having sex with someone you have a relationship with.”-Jason, Atlanta, GA


“Marital sex is the best sex because it’s pure! As the love in the marriage grows the sex gets better.”-Michael, Atlanta, GA

“Marital sex is absolutely the best sex ever because you know that it is unconditional love. Having the most intimate moment with someone who loves you and knows you more than anyone else is magical!”-Danielle, Fort Drum, NY


“Marital sex is beautiful just like my husband. No regrets in the morning, or the next morning, or that following morning. You get what I’m saying LOL!”-Tarasha, Kennesaw, GA

TGIF (thank God it’s family

thank God it’s family Meet the Garners


By Brittany K Earls

Genesis Magazine we continue our search to interview multiple, diverse families, asking one main question; “What makes family work?” If the media can stop focusing on families who fall apart but rather focus on families who thrive and report their great advice, we will learn so much. Thank God it’s family! e believe that family is key and here at

Meet the Garners! Jeffrey (Jr.) and Danielle Garner have been married since May 2007 and currently live in Upstate New York. They have 3 sons, Jaheim age 6, Antoine age 3, and Jordan age 2. Both Jeffrey and Danielle serve in the United States Military and are currently stationed on Fort Drum Army Base. How did the two of you meet? I met my husband in Baghdad Iraq while we were both deployed with the 3RD Infantry Division during OIFIII in 2005.

months. He will be eligible for retirement after 20 years in but he loves what he does so much that he will more than likely stay in for 25 years or more.

What is you and your husband’s taking on parenthood? Jr. believes all that kids need is discipline and sports. I myself am a little more old school; I think children need to be raised at home with lots of love and attention. I feel as though the bond I have with my kids from being a stay at home mom is one that could never be broken. It makes it easier on them when their daddy is deployed to have that trust in me and know that everything is going to be alright. I just want to be their rock and a strong foundation will set them up for success later in life.

When does he leave again? Jr is scheduled to deploy again in March 2010 with the 10th Mountain Division for his fourth deployment. He has served three tours in Iraq since 2002 and has a total of 56 months overseas.

How long has your husband been in service? Jr. joined the Army at age 19 and has been in for 11 years and 4



Genesis Magazine

I know it must be difficult sharing your husband with America, as a family how do you deal with the separation? It is so bittersweet, I know for a fact that I couldn’t do it without my kids. I wake up every morning and look at their little faces... it just makes me feel like I have won the lottery! They make me smile on the worst of days. We rely a lot on phone calls and

We have a very open line of communication at all times.We admit when we are wrong and try to fight fair.

Walk me through the day of an Army wife. Well it is NOTHING like the T.V. show! One of the hardest things is constantly moving far from your family and everything you know. I would say it is just like any other wife with the exception of living day to day not knowing when he might get alerted to deploy or leave for months of training. Then when he is deployed, we have to endure many lonely days and sleepless nights. I don’t think anyone “wants” to be an Army Wife but you can’t help who you love and what they do. In my opinion being an Army Wife to an Active Duty Soldier is one of the hardest jobs in the country. Your kids are so adorable, can you tell us a little bit about their personalities? Jaheim is my husband’s oldest son from a previous marriage; he lives with his biological mother but comes to stay with us often. He is very intelligent he got all A’s this year in school. He is a people pleaser and will do his very best to make everyone around him laugh. Antoine is so kind hearted, very creative, and loves to help mommy do everything. His imagination is never ending. I am also very proud of his wonderful manners, he never forgets his magic words! Jordan is so cute, everything about him is just adorable and now that he is talking we are also finding out that he is also funny. At times he can be a tad hard headed and is very determined to get his way.

What do you think makes a strong, healthy, and let’s not forget spicy, marriage? We have a very open line of communication at all times. We admit when we are wrong and try to fight fair. There is nothing I can’t talk to him about and the same goes for him. We work hard to find permanent solutions to our disputes instead of quick fixes that will not hold up. As far as spicy, when he is gone 12-16 months at a time we miss each other!!! So everything is brand new all over again, its hard for us to get tired or bored when we go months without one another! Do you have any regrets, something that the two of you may have done that wasn’t the best fit for the family? No. We don’t live in the past with regrets. We live for now and use our best judgment to make the best decisions and we move on. One of my all time favorite quotes is “If you take care of today the past will take care of itself ”. Too many people waste time wondering what may have been and not what could be. What advice do you give for families struggling to balance career and home? I [JR] try to leave my baggage at the door. I don’t bring work home and I don’t take home to work.

Do you know what makes family work? Let’s feature your family! Email us a family picture and brief bio to

Your family clearly knows the value of quality time together, how do you spend it? The Garner Family definitely knows the value of quality time which has actually turned us into homebodies. We love spending time with the kids but our favorite thing to do is curl up on the couch and watch football. My husband is my best friend and I think most people would be shocked to know just how much we sit and talk. Sometimes we are like teenagers staying up until 3:00AM just talking and laughing. I know what it is like to not have him home for long periods of time, so when he is home I take advantage of his company as much as possible.

What do you think makes a strong family; what makes family work? I think that for anything to be strong it needs a strong foundation, in a family that starts with the parents. To me the glue that holds my husband and I together is loyalty and trust. From there we build and grow healthy relationships with our children. We love them more than life but they understand we are their parents not their friends. It is also important that as Mommy and Daddy we stand united, and we try to make all decisions together and follow through with those decisions.

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emails, and we try to send lots of pictures to daddy along with weekly trips to the post office to send a goodie box with all of his favorite things. Another important factor is a great support system, my family and friends are amazing.

St age T Coming to the

he following artists are new to the music scene.

They were not on a VH1 countdown and you won’t see them on MTV’s Cribs next week, but don’t underestimate them! Their talent is explosive and their passion to provide great music is deep. We are honored to introduce them first!

94, rock band

Alex Sandate: vocals Markham Jenkins: Guitar Quinton Keuls: Piano/guitar Josh Kral Bass: Guitar Nick Lowry: Guitar Ben Cato: Drums

94, rock band

Photography by: BRIAN HALL PHOTOGRAPHY brianhallphotography.

What is the overall style and genre of your music? We like to describe our music as progressive pop punk. It’s not your run of the mill pop punk; it has more depth and diversity than similar artists out there. What is the message that is most often relayed in your music? We don’t try to convey any one particular message. Alex, the singer, usually writes about the struggles, concerns, and culture surrounding everyday life. Where has your music taken you thus far? I can definitely tell you that we’ve seen much more of the U.S.A because of this band. We have been all over the place. As far as financially, we are still in our investment stage but we continue to work hard and give it our all and the money will definitely come. As a group how do you all still mesh while remaining unique and individual? We really just try to come together and recognize what the purpose of this band is. Our purpose is to write, record, and showcase our music to a live audience. Besides band-mates we are all really close friends. We don’t expect anything from each other except for the responsibility of doing our job. Individually nothing has changed, that’s what makes this band unique. We stay true to who we are.

What is your ultimate goal as performers in this industry? Our ultimate goal is to be able to support ourselves and hopefully a family by investing so much time, energy, and money into this band. I am not saying that fame and fortune aren’t things I aspire to have, but I (Markham) don’t need a Ferrari to be happy. What inspires you to play and write? What inspires me to play guitar and write music is the fact that it’s my strongest ability and naturally comes out of me. I have all of this energy inside of me and it is easiest expressed through music. What feedback from fans/listeners have you received so far? Fans have always really enjoyed our music because they can see how honest it is. We aren’t trying to be something we are not. We write rock-n-roll and we are a rock band, we don’t need to be anything but that and our fans respect us for it. Our fan base has definitely grown. We tend to try to give our music to as many people as possible. Shows are always getting larger.

Listen to 94 for free at and or find them on ITunes to purchase music by searching for ninetyfour or 1994.

Badia Farha, R & B singer

Where has your music taken you thus far? “Still Waiting?” was released on August 11, 2009 to rave reviews. I have garnered some great attention so far. I was mentioned in the 2009 Holiday Issue of “Today’s Black Woman” as the CD for listening and gifting this past holiday season as well as national and international articles in periodicals and magazines. I have a growing fan base across the country and abroad and the chance to perform with major acts. They are playing my album, “Still Waiting?” in Spain! My 1st video for “Keep on Keepin, On” was in steady rotation along with Rihanna, Beyonce’, Moby, and Reuben Studdard to name a few. With my growing fan base, Badia Farha is becoming more in demand.

What inspires you to sing? I sing, because it helps me communicate to people through emotion. Music makes you feel. When people feel you, and you move them, you have the potential to help them express themselves. What is your favorite lyric/phrase that you written? My favorite phrase in one of my songs is in “The Unknown.” I say, “I wanna live long, and free, and deep like the sea calm and serene.” Those are definitely words to live by.

Learn more about Badia Farhaby going to “Still Waiting?” is available through ITunes,, and all downloadable sites

What is the message that is most often relayed in your music? I write in a way that people can interpret the songs the way they need to. I don’t want to dictate to my audience what, or how they should feel. I always send out positive energy though, and something my fans can grab onto.

What is your ultimate goal as a performer in this industry? My ultimate goal in the industry is to be a working entertainer. I am well versed in singing, acting, dancing, producing, and many other aspects in the entertainment industry. I have the makings to be a national/international entertainer that will make an impression on the world.

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What is the overall style and genre of your music? I have named my music R&B Soul +. That is because my music is soulful with elements of Rock, Jazz, Pop, and of course Soul.

St age

Coming to the

Zach Rusk, Classical Artist and Composer What is the overall style and genre of your music? My music is classical, inspirational and easy going. What is the message that is most often relayed in your music? I try to bring about relief of all stresses through living in the present, in our own time, and in our own worlds; just like a book and/ or movie. My lyrics are written to pull you in, and forget all else. To just be, live, love, and learn in the way we do best and in that of who we are. Where has your music taken you thus far? For now, my music is mostly a hobby. I never imagined just a few simple improvisations would lead to where I am, but regardless, I’d have a long, long ways to go for any potential career path. I have not toured yet but that is something I am excited to do in the future. My PR team is working on contracts with motion picture producers in order to utilize my music in certain scenes and locations. What feedback have you received? Are there any fans? Moreover and surprisingly, I’m gratified and blessed with the turnout of my support systems along with fans. I get great feedback and encouragement from fans. I hope to create far more music that touches the hearts of many.



Genesis Magazine

What is your ultimate goal as a performer in this industry? To continue to pursue the passion I have for music while pursuing the passion I have for giving and supporting the relief of stressors for many, to provide a soothing mechanism of healing. What obstacles do you have to endure to create great music? I was diagnosed with Aspergers, Tourette Syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and with an Anxiety Disorder .But still, I learned how to habituate compulsions and suppress involuntary movements stimulated by lacking levels of dopamine, serotonin, receptors and neurotransmitters.In addition, I experienced struggle through surgeries such as tonsil/adenoidectomies and scoliosis fixations, including Harrington rods and screws fused into my spine. Through my life I also lived great lies. Through my sexuality, I lied to the world about who I was. I lied to myself about who I could be. When I freed myself from the facade being straight, I was finally able to accomplish the ability to connect with people without the barrier of lies and false expectations. Dealing with all of the above gave me valuable experience and allow me to write great music.

Hear Zack Rusk’s music at iTunes, Napster, Amazon, Amie and


He is a world renowned

Real Estate Tycoon… but we can’t say His name He “Towers” above His peers… but we can’t say His name Many compete to be His “Apprentice”... but we can’t say His name Many know Him just by His hair… but we can’t say His name He launched His new NETWORK MARKETING COMPANY In November 2009… BUT WE STILL CAN’T SAY His NAME! YOU CAN’T DEPEND ON YOUR JOB OR THE GOVERNMENT TO




CREATE RECESSION PROOF INCOME WITH THE (CAN’T SAY HIS NAME) NETWORK Greg & Connie Koster – Independent Marketers 770.938.5346







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Photography by Visions of You Stylist: Avery Johnson

Evans: By Brittany Earls

Growing up in a musical family, it is no surprise that JJ started singing at the tender age of two-years-old. “I sing because it’s natural”, says the singer, song writer. Music has always been a powerful element in Evans household, his entire family has a musical talent and performing was as natural as walking for JJ. “I honestly feel like singing and music runs through my veins.” He has watched his parents sing and move crowds in church his whole life. In fact, in church is where JJ developed his first large fan base, as his vocals and words inspired many at Antioch Baptist Church in Gainesville, GA. His genre

of music is contemporary, Christian soul. “I like to call my music “life music,” meaning my music tells everyone’s story. I try to express my feelings through my music in a way that everyone can understand. My music is typically geared towards the younger generation, but it’s created so that EVERYONE can relate and feel.” The music industry in not the easiest to break into nor is it easy to always entertain and grow an audience. These are just a few challenges aspiring artists face. JJ keeps his music alive and thriving through the use of his creativity. His ability to improve and

evolve keeps his fans happy and energetic about supporting his music. “I’m a creative person at heart! I love all aspects of art, which allows me to constantly reinvent myself. I enjoy watching other artists on TV and analyzing performances. I also listen to music every day. Artists like J. Moss, Kim Burrell, Beyonce, Brandy, Michael Jackson, just to name a few. Michael Jackson had the ultimate star power! I loved his way of entertaining and reaching people. He was a hard worker and I strive to have the same work ethic every day. I enjoy watching Beyonce perform and work as well. I have all

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eet JJ Evans! He is a native of Gainesville, GA, young, energetic, bold, and dedicated to building his music career. He writes and composes all of his own music. His music is, hip, positive, and inspiring. The greatest thing about him is not just amazing talent and drive, but the vision that he has for who he is to become and what his music will provide.

Soulful Music, Soulful Purpose

”I’ve learned that business has no emotion and there will of her DVDs and CDs!! It’s amazing to me how we think so much alike when it comes to music. I also love Brandy’s craft. She exemplifies the art of humility and I admire her vocal creativity. My dad is also a great inspiration! He’s inspired me to become a better musician in many ways. He has a heart and passion for people. It’s scary how much we also think alike when it comes to music. Overall, I’m inspired by people doing what they love to do with passion and excellence. I watch them and listen to my fans in order to perfect my craft. I am able to create new ideas and entertain my fans by thinking, watching, and staying current with what’s going on around me.” JJ’s music speaks to people, it’s a conversation that is ever going and mind provoking. He makes it a goal for all listeners to hear the passion and confidence in his voice. His lyrics are transparent and if you listen close you will hear JJ cover his life’s experiences in great detail. You will also hear his coaching ability. He does not just want you to bob your head, dance, and feel good. He wants you to understand your God given abilities and to encourage you to discover your passion and purpose in life, and to use it in a positive way. “I have a heart for people,” quotes the singer. As far as being faced with obstacles, JJ is no exception. “I have experienced many hardships as a musician. One challenge I’ve had in the past is transitioning from JJ Evans, the artist, to JJ Evans, the entrepreneur. I’m an artist at heart. Singing, performing, and being creative come natural for me. However, I would also consider myself as a business man. For the past two years, my music career has been very successful and there have been times when I have gotten lost in the artistry and glamour of the business. I’ve had to learn how to separate the glamour from the business more effectively. My greatest challenge has been balancing the two. I love people and sometimes I have a hard time saying “No.” I’ve learned that business has no emotion and there will be times when I cannot please everyone, and that’s ok!” JJ is adored and loved by many,



Genesis Magazine

yet like all artists, he does encounter negative feedback from time to time. Most times he hears such feedback from the people who are close to him. Not in a hurtful way, but in a constructive criticism way to help him better his craft. “I have a very supportive family and friend circle. My family has always supported me in everything I do. I don’t have many close friends, but the ones I have are considered my family as well. They may not be related to me by blood, but they are related to me by soul. I would advise anyone to keep people that share the same vision as yourself close to you. I keep certain people close to me to keep me grounded. My team ALWAYS tells me the truth and I feel blessed to have honest people in my life. I make mistakes…I’m human! I’ve learned to follow my heart and deal with the consequences as they come. Sometimes my ideas work, and sometimes they don’t. When I receive negative feedback, I normally analyze the issue and create ways to make it better next time. Negative feedback has made me a better artist and person.” JJ is smart, a great singer, and has many other non-musical talents; can you say, “Triple threat”? He graduated from Georgia State University on December 14, 2009, with a BBA in Managerial Sciences. “I chose to attend and complete college because it was a personal goal I set as child. Outside of music, I have always valued the power of education. I knew I would be a superstar one day, and I needed to be educated in order to be the best superstar I can be! My degree has helped me in so many ways.” Speaking of the Genesis Magazine theme to, “Be the First to Achieve the Unachievable”, JJ was the first grandchild on one side of his family to receive a Bachelor’s degree! “This accomplishment was exciting on graduation day because I enjoy setting the standard. I try to lead by example so that others around me can have a sense of hope to follow their dreams. Overall, my accomplishments have motivated me to keep achieving and setting higher goals for my life and career.” Going to college, especially on a university level, is

not always an easy task. Paper after paper, exam after exam, and project after project, creates a stressful environment. Add an after school job, other financial responsibilities, and a social life (for those who are lucky), and the stress level intensifies. JJ’s ability to be a full-time college student and a full-time artist is utterly amazing. During his college career he performed several sold-out concerts, wrote and produced two full albums, had over 100 rehearsals, coached his backup singers, dancers, musicians and was actively involved in the production of his concerts from wardrobe, to marketing. He was even a leader and active member in Georgia State’s gospel choir, A Vineyard of Praise. Talk about multi-tasking! Still, through it all, he was able to keep academics a major priority. “While in college, I chose to prioritize and place my academics before my music! It was challenging at first because I am so passionate about my music. There were times when I wanted to go to the studio instead of studying for my exam the next day. However, I had to make a conscious effort to study and excel in school because I knew my education would enhance my singing career. Not only would it enhance my career through education, but committing to academics enhanced my work ethic as a business man. As a result, I would choose certain days to direct my attention to my music. Now that I’m done with school, I have all the time in the world to do what I love!” It does not stop there; he enjoys barbering. “I have been barbering for about 3 years now. It’s a craft I’ve always been interested in. When I was a child, I used to observe the barbers at the barbershop. I saved my money and bought my first set of clippers when I went to college, and I’ve been cutting hair ever since. I want to attend barbering school in the near future and obtain a license to open a barbershop in my hometown. I also design clothes in my spare time. I’ve always had an eye for fashion, colors, and putting wardrobe concepts together. I would love to attend fashion school in the future and have my own clothing line. I want to open a clothing store in



be times when I cannot please everyone, and that’s ok!�

When I was a child, I would hear music and songs in my head all day. I would write about my day, or anything interesting at the time.

radio, and everywhere else I can express myself. I also hope my music provides a sense of hope for others. I want my music to reflect the life I live, and to inspire others to chase their dreams! When people listen to my music, I want them to feel as though I’m their best friend.” Everything starts with a thought. “I view thoughts as appetizers for actions! I’m constantly thinking and exploring. In my opinion, thoughts can be used in a positive or negative way. We channel our thoughts in a positive way by being aware of what we see, smell, hear, taste, and feel. I view the five senses as gates to the soul, or passageways to the mind. Therefore, we have to be careful what we say, allow ourselves to hear, eat, and be exposed to on a day-to-day basis. I try to channel my thoughts in a positive way every day because not every thought is a good one. My career started as a thought! I chose to take this thought and perform actions that lined up with my vision. I also agree that thoughts are in line with the tongue and what we speak. If we think and constantly speak what we think, our thoughts will manifest in reality. Thoughts are powerful! “ JJ, what is your Genesis? How do you agitate the status quo and be the first to achieve the unachievable? “I’ve always known I was different. Knowing this used to bother me as a child. Everyone typically wants to fit in with the crowd, but as I got older, I found that someone must lead the crowd. There are leaders and followers in the world and I have accepted the fact that I’m a leader. People naturally follow my lead, which is not always good for me, but I have learned that I have a purpose and the world needs me. This means that I have to always channel my thoughts in a positive manner and lead by example. My Genesis is to be the ruler over my kingdom, which is music! I plan to not worry about what people may think, or allow my own insecurities to stop my vision from coming to life. I’m starting a new thing in Christian music and I’m taking God with me! My message to everyone is to just “GO!” I’m on the cover of Genesis Magazine…I am JJ EVANS. “ JJ Evans music is available at www. and you can connect with his fan page on Face Book, “I am a Fan of JJ Evans”.

I was excited when I saw everyone working in their passion, from the wardrobe stylist, the make-up artist, to the hair stylist, and the management team. My team is what keeps everything going! As the top manager, planning my productions can become extremely stressful, but, in the end, everything always works together.” With such a fast pace career and so many other responsibilities one would wonder how often the singer makes mistakes or has regrets. While he doesn’t feel regretful about anything involving his career he does feel a need to always improve. “We all have room for improvement. I haven’t gotten everything right on the first attempt, but I learn from my mistakes, which makes me a better person. I tell people, “Turn your mess into your message.” With so much going on, does he have time for a social life and relationships? JJ gives us the dish on the possibility of a special lady in his life. “ I’m definitely a busy guy. At this point, I’m in a serious relationship with my career. I’m choosing to put much of my time into my music. However, I’m open to the idea of meeting “that girl.” I heard someone say once, “You make time for what you love.” So, if I were to meet that special young lady, I would definitely make time for “her.” I love relationships! I’m a romantic type of guy. I’m looking forward to sending flowers, fixing dinner and breakfast, surprise trips, buying the jewelry, and eventually starting a family. My ideal woman is one who first has a relationship with God! I like a confident woman with her own agenda, sense of style, and her own set of goals and aspirations. I like a familyoriented and honest woman, one who can also hold a good conversation. A woman like my mother would be the one to receive my time!” As for the future, JJ sees himself changing the world and breaking records! “I see myself becoming the highest paid recording artist in the industry. Not only for my talent, but for what I stand for…passion, unity, and power!” JJ surrounds himself with positive thoughts and language. He constantly encourages himself and says out loud the dreams and visions for his future. “I speak that my music takes me to the White House, the Queen of England, the Super Bowl, the Oprah Winfrey Show, cable TV, national

73 |

my hometown as well.” Singing is a great talent, but the ability to write your own music is a gift that even some mainstream artists have not ventured into. We asked the question, When you are writing, what is your muse; where do you pull your words from? “Writing also comes natural for me. When I was a child, I would hear music and songs in my head all day. I would write about my day, or anything interesting at the time. I pull my words from several places. I typically write songs according to how I’m feeling at the moment or about personal experiences. Staying aware of my surroundings helps me to stay lyrically current as well. I’ve have even written songs about my friends experiences. It just depends on the moment and the current emotion in my heart.” His ultimate goal is to use his words to create music that everyone loves. It’s not just a urban thing or a gospel thing, his music is for everyone and he strives to bridge gaps between music genres and sectors.“I want to build a bridge that extends from my heart to everyone. Everyone is welcomed inside of my music! I plan to tackle this task by just being me. I know that I have what it takes and I’m ready to do it. Michael Jackson started the movement and I want to continue it. He touched EVERYONE in the entire world and he was passionate and true to his gift. I’m not Michael Jackson, but I understand his passion. My passion is very similar, and I plan to execute my vision with pride and certainty! I’ve already started my journey and the best is yet to come!” JJ recently performed a concert to promote his 2nd album in the winter of 2009. “I had the time of my life!! I use a live band and background singers to make the music come alive! We started rehearsing earlier in the year to ensure that the concert would be everything I envisioned. I’m very dramatic when it comes to my live performances. Therefore, I used dancers, surprise appearances, and dramatic lighting so that the production would be entertaining for my viewers. I was nervous up until I sang my first words in microphone. Once I’m on stage, I always morph into a different person! I always get a rush when I’m on stage. I feel like I’m in another land! I got emotional backstage because the idea of my vision coming to life was so overwhelming.

rising stars

risingstars H

ush little baby don’t you cry as the star of this spread you are so fly!

Check out these adorable faces! If your kid has a cute face to show off email us at martin, 5 months

Avayah, 9 months



Genesis Magazine

emerson, 9 months

(left) Armaya, Age 2 (Above) grace, 13 months

75 |

(above) minty, newborn Rest in peace, Minty, who passed away at 9 days old due to an infection and birth complications.

(left) grace, 19 months

art i

Jacci Pope

 art


Meet Jacci Pope! Jacci is a creative, visual artist, residing in Atlanta, GA. She is a graduate of Maryland College of Art and Design and has been painting for most of her life, but as a career for four years. Her detailed paintings tell a story of the current times, or shine a light to an influential person’s past.

See more of

her work at



Genesis Magazine

Type of art: Fine art, visual art, acrylics, and urban art, most of her work illustrates common themes and happenings in African American culture. Something unique about her work compared to other artists: She does everything start to finish. She does not employ the help of sketchers, editors, digital artists, or anyone else to enhance or polish her work. It is very important to her that she keeps her original creativity. Where has her work been exposed? Trade shows, local Atlanta hair salons, and her biggest exposure yet the Monique Show, as she was a guest on the show presenting a beautiful self portrait of the celebrity actress, and talk show host on December 8, 2009. What other artists does she admire? Atlanta well known artists, Frank Morrison and Kevin Williams, are a huge inspiration to her. What does she do besides art? Besides being a great and dedicated wife, she and her husband have owned several hair salons in Washington, D.C. and Atlanta. Styling hair is a form of art too but this year in 2010 Jacci will focus on being a full-time artist; this is her passion and has truly captured her heart. Obstacles she has had to face: Expenses! “Bills have to get paid. That’s why they call it, “starving artist”, because you put all your money into a project and don’t see a return right away.” Paying for art school, beauty school, and having to work other jobs to support her art career is challenging. “It takes time to develop a career and a strong clientele so the biggest obstacle is being able to put full-time hours into painting, when

Does she ever paint for free? “Yes, giving away paintings or painting someone’s portrait is a great way to say thanks and expose my business. It is the ultimate business card. Besides, it’s always nice to do something kind and sow a seed.”

77 |

are her obstacles road blocks? “Not at all, I still do my work and do it well despite the obstacles. I enjoy it and it is a lot of work but it doesn’t stress me, it brings me joy; the thought of art brings me joy.”

Why she chose Atlanta to expand her career: “Atlanta is a good move because it offers better housing market compared to D.C. A passion for culture and art also seemed to be more prominent in Atlanta. Here, art and artists seemed to be more business minded. It’s not just a hobby; people are actually making a living as entrepreneurs.”

photography by Bryant Burns |

your expenses require full-time hours of outside labor. “Other obstacles include dealing with the lack of need for an artist. Everyone is also looking for singers or song writers, dance instructors or any other type of talent besides painters. “I also have to deal with the fact that it’s a male dominated industry. Men seem to also be more aggressive and when I meet other artists and leaders in the industry, they talk to my husband the most, like I wasn’t there.”

What do you envision for the future of your career? “I would like my name and work out to the public as a household name. I want to always be full-time working for myself. Bringing people joy through my art; that would make me so happy. Fame, that would just be extra!

Her future goals: To make art more tangible, grow her Atlanta market to a point that she can help others and be part of the reason Atlanta is a place of welcome for other aspiring artists. Other goals include making her art appealing to all cultures. “Art is still often segregated; unlike something like R & B or pop culture that white and black people buy and support. Typically, black people buy urban or afro-centric art and some other culture’s art as well; however, you will rarely walk into a white home and see African American or urban art. My goal is to attract all audiences. My work may be urban but is still commercialized and I want it to be appealing to all. I want to create beautiful work that anyone would admire in their homes, white, black, blue, or whoever.” The first time she looked at her art and thought, “Wow! I am on to something”: Her work was on display at the very popular Bronner Bros. hair show and people were absolutely blown away. It was first time so many people raved on her work. She used her hair and art background and it turned out great. “That was a leap on our end to really put ourselves out there and it worked.”



Genesis Magazine

What is her family’s involvement in her career? Her husband is her manager. Besides supporting and loving her unconditionally, he keeps her up-to-date on events, handles any negotiations for events, expos, and assists her with the selling of her art. “It is my goal as a husband to continue to educate myself on her field. I read a lot of books and news to stay current so that I may advance her career”, says husband/manager Maurice Pope. Her mother is also supportive and regularly attends all of her events and monitors her expo tables, passing and receiving business cards, helping out on an administrative level. What is the overall theme found in her art? “It is present art. People can see their lives and visions or see someone they know and can relate to in my art. Actually, it’s our art because you can see yourself in it. It is realism.” What’s her “Genesis” (how she agitates the status quo and strives to be the first to achieve the unachievable)? “My art comes across as different. It is urban art depicted through the eyes of a woman. It is refreshing new, and definitely against the status quo. Most importantly it’s relatable.”

around the world in 12 issues

aroundth …in12issues by Amanda Pritchard

Croatia/Trogir a.k.a. “Stone Beauty”

Virtual Vacation: Visit Trogir, Croatia right now via trogir-croatia-carved-out-of-historyand-stone/

Population: 13,322 Language: Croatian (Hrvatski) common Foods: Burek ~ It’s a filling pastry that is a mixture of cheese, apple, or meat. Burek can now be found in most sweet shops. Another popular delicacy is a spicy meatball made of seasoned pork or spicy beef. main Attractions: Trogir Museum is the best place to discover hidden treasures, Kamerlengo Fortress allows breath taking views of Trogir Museum. interesting People: Fashion Designer, Mila Schön, Sculptor and Architect, Radovan and Singer/Songwriter, Vinko Coce are all leaders in their field and very well known and respected. One thing we bet you didn’t know: Trogir is just across the Adriatic from Venice.

Ireland/NewmarketOn-Fergus, Co. Clare

Population: 1,542 Language: Gaelic Common Foods: Fish & Chips and Bangers & Mash (delicious sausages and mashed potatoes) Main Attractions: Drumoland Castle & Cliffs of Moher will leave you enchanted an inspired. Interesting People: Irish Nationalist, William Smith O’Brien a very popular political convict. One thing we bet you didn’t know: James Frost provided Newmarket-On-Fergus (or as it’s historically known, Corracatlin) with one of its first references in his 1636 book, Book of Survey and Distribution.



Genesis Magazine

Virtual Vacation: Visit Newmarket-On-Fergus, Co. Clare Ireland right now via

heworld Poland/Gdansk

Population: Ghana: 455,584 Language: Polish Common Foods: Kaczka po Staropolsku (Duck in The Old Polish style), Bigos, a hearty soup is considered the national dish of Poland. It’s a long simmered stew of sauerkraut and meat. Main Attractions: Neptune Fountain, a focal point in Dlugi Targ and St. Mary’s Church, said to be the largest brick church in the world. You can climb its tower’s more than 400 steps to find out for yourself and get a beautiful view of the city Gdańsk. Interesting People: Miss World 1989, Aneta Kreglicka, Footballer, Gregorz Szamotulski and founder of the Kashubian Institute, Józef Borzyszkowski One thing we bet you didn’t know: Gdańsk’s name in German is known as Danzig. Virtual Vacation: Visit Gdansk, Poland right now via


Virtual Vacation: Visit Heidelberg, Germany right now via


Population: 145,642 Language: German Common Foods: Knoedel, dumplings made from either potato or bread, Frikadellen, meat patties that are fried in a pan and heavily seasoned and Wiener Schnitzel, a thin piece of veal, breaded and fried and seasoned with lemon; served with French fries. Main Attractions: Heidelberg Castle, Philosopher’s Walk (shows spectacular views of the castle and old town. Interesting People: NFL Player, Richard Koonce, University of Heidelberg student and inventor of the bicycle in 1817, Karl Drais and Nobel Prize winners: Otto Meyerhof, Wolfgang Ketterle, Georg Wittig and Carl Bosch. One thing we bet you didn’t know: “Heidelberg is the home of a professional Quidditch team operating within the fictional Harry Potter universe.


beauty of the month

beauty of the month

Venittaya Chayathivong Photography by: Scott Van Blarcom

Real beauty is spelled




Genesis Magazine

Where are you from? Laos in Southeast Asia How do you define Beauty? Every person is different, unique, and beautiful in their own special way. A person may be beautiful on the outside but the inside is what makes a difference. All people, men and women should be confident and never let a hateful word or a negative person bring you down. I define beauty as accepting yourself. In order for the world to accept you, you must accept and love yourself first! What is your greatest physical quality? I admire my eyes. I love cosmetics and I enjoy the creativity I can explore with eye shadows, mascara, eyeliner and etc. Thanks to my wonderful father! I get my beautiful eyes from him. What is your greatest character trait? My sense of humor! Being able to make someone laugh and smile just makes my day worthwhile. Whether, it’s someone who is having a bad day or a good day, I will make you laugh somehow. My goal is to bring that person’s spirits up!

Are you, or do you know someone who is beautiful inside and out? Tell us what makes you beautiful at Tell us why you are beautiful at share@genesis1magazine. com

83 |

What is your advice to someone who doesn’t feel very beautiful? No matter what people say, you are BEAUTIFUL! I am not going to say words don’t hurt; words do hurt you emotionally and physically. It’s a cruel world we live in and you need to be strong to survive the nonsense that you may come across. Don’t let anyone ruin your day and bring you down as a person. Remember, it’s not you with an issue. It’s THEM! Life is short. That being said be thankful and count your blessings for what you have and go with the flow. Great advice that someone once told me is: You have to think like a queen!

What is your take on positive thoughts? I know we’ve all heard of this before: “Life is a challenge.” Life really can be difficult. We go through up’s and down’s within our lives, but it is important to remain positive. When our thoughts are positive it helps us see and focus on the light at the end of the tunnel. When I’m going through a rather difficult time, I think positive and remind myself that it is not the end of the world.

bethefirst. If you agitate the status quo, have a talent, own a business, or have a story of overcoming, we want to feature you in Genesis Magazine! Tell us how you are the first at



Genesis Magazine

 Is stress getting you down?  Are you in physical pain?  Could your body use more balance and flexibility? What if…  You could enjoy deeper sleep, alleviate allergies and so much more without having to take another juice or pill?  You could transform negative thoughts and harmful EMF’s from cell phones and computers into healthy frequencies?  You could improve the taste of wine & coffee and enhance the benefits of your drinking water?  You could make a difference in the world…and in your prosperity? What if…this extraordinary technology is available RIGHT NOW!? Paula Clancy 772-418-0235




ometimes we are so tossed and turned by life’s curves that we lose our footing and fall down.

Once you are down it is easy to stay down. However, people

who have managed to transform from a dark and dreary situation to a point where they can now positively influence their selves and others is one of the

joys in life.

Life is a choice. 180 degrees is an article that introduces those who have chose life, and life more abundantly. What is your 180 story? Tell us at feature@ My son’s mother, who introduced me to crack, refused to let me see him and I went to court to gain access. The judge ordered that I should have him every second weekend and for one month each summer. She did not comply and a second court order was issued. She still refused to allow me access. My son was three at the time and I didn’t see him until he turned nineteen. I quit crack when my son was born and didn’t start again until I was no longer able to see him. After nine years as a homeless crack addict, I managed to rent a room. On March 1, 2005 the landlady didn’t come to collect my rent and I used some of the rent money to get high. The following morning I went out and begged for money on the streets to pay the rent. When I returned, I found the lock had been broken off my door and all my things were lying outside in the snow. There had been no notice and I was only one day late with the rent. This eviction was illegal. I called the police. They refused to charge the landlady with the illegal eviction or do anything. When I asked for their identification



Genesis Magazine

they refused to comply and I was forced to return to homelessness. This was the dead of winter and I was quite ill. I knew that I would be dead before the month was out. I wasn’t sure I wanted to live, but after thinking it over I realized I had been kept alive because God had a purpose for me. I called an outreach worker who got me admitted to a detox centre on March 2,

2005. I’ve been clean and sober ever since. I needed something to do to keep me from boredom (a major cause of relapse) and get me started on a new life. I found a brochure about the Toronto Board of Education’s Continuing Education Program. That kept me busy for nearly a year and introduced me to computers, the internet and digital photography. With this grounding, I was ready to build a new life. It was time to get to work at the mission God had for me and I began as a social activist/advocate. I created social awareness websites such as: http://downbutnotout. and http://www. I am preparing to launch a new outreach program that will speak with people affected by the recession. This is the most fulfilling period in my life. I work to inform people about social injustices in the hopes that I can make a contribution to their elimination. It brings me joy when I am able to help someone or when someone tells me that I have changed the way they think about an issue. —Ron Craven

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Spirit food The Power of Your Mind


Bob Proctor of ‘The Secret’

hen the incredible

fame addressed an audience of coaches in

Florida, he

opened with these words…

“For the last 6000 yrs in recorded history all of the great thinkers, the great philosophers, theologians, scientists, industrialists and capitalists, have really just agreed on one thing…that we become what it is we think about!” I agree, everything I have experienced in my own life has proven this to be my truth as well. In fact, by embracing this learning, I have been able to literally turn my entire life around, fulfilling my dreams and destiny. It doesn’t matter if the thoughts are conscious or unconscious the final conclusion is: our physical reality is perfectly in line with the thoughts that we think about the most. Our thoughts influence how we feel, our vibration, and this vibration is expressed through our physical body. The vibration or feeling our physical body is experiencing determines our actions and it is our actions that create our results. By mastering our mind we can develop our own vibration and as a result master our

life; and one thing I believe is that ‘life does get better as you get better.’ The power of your mind can create anything. This reminds me of a goal board I created early in 2008. Every year one of my main Feng Shui tasks (Feng Shui is an ancient art and science which studies how our environment affects our success and happiness in business and in life. ) is to make myself a goal board containing a collage of picture which look like how I would like my life to be. I include my goals for that year, placed it in a silver frame and hung it on the north wall in my office. This happens to be the wall directly in front of where I sit when I work so I can clearly see it whenever I am conducting business. How does the goal board work? Well scientists tell us that in every second our mind picks up two million pieces of information. There is no way we can process all of that so the mind picks out 134 bits of this. It then distorts, deletes and generalizes this down to 7 pieces of information. So the question is: what determines how the mind picks the certain bits of information to hold? The answer is: the mind holds whatever it is that you are focusing on. A goal board causes you to focus on the great things in life that you can become and achieve. That focus will turn your thoughts into a progressive action. This explains how two people can experience the same circumstances and perceive them totally differently, because of their focus. If your mind can create it, you can focus on it, and that focus will transform a thought to a living, physical manifestation.

Alisse Bradley is Australia’s own Prosperity Whisperer. She coaches women in business to connect with their infinite self and manifest all of the health wealth and abundance they desire in their lives. Download her FREE REPORT by visiting



Genesis Magazine


Dare to succeed: Entrepreneurs Who Thrive Short Story of the Month Under A Full Moon By Marie Nease battle of the sexes When is “I’m Sorry”...

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