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May 2022

Front porch fredericksburg

It’s A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Jim kniseley By Collette Caprara generations of f a m i l i e s throughout the 30 years of his television show, in which he beckoned his neighborhood trolley to whisk us away to the Neighborhood of Make Believe. Though the tales told by the trolley guides are true historical accounts, they are, like those of Mr. Rogers, e n g a g i n g , enchanting, and throughoutprovoking.

For many tourists and hosting residents alike, a beautiful day (or stay) in our neighborhood might begin with a venture with the Trolley Tours of Fredericksburg. An embodiment of the authentic enthusiasm and wealth of information that are the hallmarks of the team of trolley drivers is Jim Kniseley. It's no coincidence that the title above harkens to a beloved life guide, Fred Rogers, who won the hearts of multiple

In fact, Kniseley and Fred Rogers share an u n c a n n y spectrum of similarities. Both were born in L a t r o b e , Pennsylvania, both lived on Weldon Street-though they never met since Rogers preceded Jim by 20 years-and both are associated with a hallmark trolley. In addition, both were ordained ministers, which accounts, in part, for their sincere, uplifting, and inspiring delivery of their messages. Kniseley quips "I hope that sometime someone will figure out that not only can I take their wedding party on a tour, but that they can ask me to conduct their marriage on the trolley!

Your Hometown Jeweler Since 1940

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(That hasn't happened yet!)" Both Fred Rogers and Jim Kniseley convey sincere, personal care for their audiences as they unveil the magic and beauty of the world around us.

treated families to the Gondola and Dumbo rides. His service later grew to a global level as he coordinated group tours to the Holy Lands, Scandinavia, Germany, and the British Isles.

In his commentary throughout the trolley ride, Kniseley takes us on a journey not only through the streets of the Burg but also through time, as he highlights sites and scenes ranging from the Colonial era and the American Revolution, to the Civil War, to the Civil Rights Movement, including some personal reflections and conversations with passengers along the way. His insightful commentary gives a fuller understanding of the personalities of the nation's Founding Fathers and their families, reveals a deeper reflection on the toll taken by the Civil War, and leaves visitors with points to ponder about the courage of those who took a stand for equal rights for all.

In addition to his history tours, Kniseley has also taken on the duty of driving the First Friday Galleries Trolley Tour, as a way to support the Art Community of the Burg and his wife, Carol, who is an artist with the Brush Strokes Gallery (as well as a minister!) He has also driven tours for groups of preschoolers, which he tailors to suit their interests. For example, he once asked the children to tell him if they see a dog and said he would ring the bell for each siting. "They saw every bloomin' dog in town, including the one in the mural on the wall of Sammy T's. My bell was ringing nonstop!" he recalled.

Kniseley began driving the history tours in 2016, and the role of a trolley driver and tour guide is a perfect fit for him. He has had a lifelong interest in and appreciation for history. "I like stories of people, and history provides the accounts of people who lived and encountered problems, and solved them," he said. "History, for me, is about solving problems. What did they go through and how did they help to resolve the challenges that faced them?" Kniseley's love of being with and meeting people is reflected in his longstanding avocation to provide folks with new and exciting ventures. This started as early as his college years when, while earning his degree in history at UCLA, he worked at Disneyland and

Fingers Are Hard To Shrink

He says that he cherishes the rewards of his service with the trolley tours. "I've enjoyed meeting people from all around the country and the world and seeing them gain a new and deeper appreciation for all that Fredericksburg has to offer," he said. "Recently, I enjoyed meeting a gentleman who was visiting from England. It was challenging but delightful to tell the story of the American Revolution to someone from Great Britain! At the end, we reflected on how the British and Americans have become great friends and mutual supporters." Collette Caprara is a local writer and artist.

Where Fredericksburg Gets Engaged

So When Your Ring Doesn’t Fit Right, Let Us Size It So That It Does!

Tues-Fri: 10a-5p Sat: 10a-4p 606 Caroline Street Old Town Fredericksburg 373-7847

front porch fredericksburg

May 2022


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May 2022

taking a mind journey through fxbg by paulette johnson Oliver and I welcome the month of May with a Mindfulnessbased Spirit. A fresh rejuvenation of the birth of Spring in Fredericksburg. Offers a patchwork of its local beauty. Crape Myrtles, Cherry blossom trees, daffodils and tulips are all abound. Gracing our Community with the joy that a new season is now living in the Present. Having the courage to view all around us using our beginner-mind, with reveal the pleasure that are so bountiful. May 1st being May can be celebrated by a simple walk or drive around Fredericksburg. Artist's and Galleries are in full view. The Artistic talent of Fredericksburg offers a gift than can be treasures and long remembered. gardens Local are commonplace. Their grace, beauty and color sustains and promotes our environment. While at the same time teaches our Youth and children the value of gardening and joy of Celebrating a health environment. The month of May allows use to embrace and celebrate Global Love, the National Day of Prayer, and our beloved Teacher's on May 5th Teacher's Day. Professionals that we owe a tremendous debt of gratitude during this especially challenging year. Oliver as retired High School Science Teacher can reflect and deeply appreciate the Teacher's of today. Understanding their daily challenges. I especially celebrate May 6th begins National Nurses Week as a

messages Thank you for the beautiful article about our 30th Anniversary and Linda Warshaw! (Art First 30, Feb2022) Jennifer Galvin

Front Porch magazine is first rate and a good way for folks to get to know the community. Malanna Henderson

Front porch fredericksburg

retired RN. The field of Nursing remains deep in my spirit. Offering a place where I could accomplish the unimaginable and satisfying my spirit that for 40+ years I did all I could be make people's lives healthier and happier. Continuing taking our Mindful stroll. We can dream and imagine the eateries and aroma of restaurants that entice and stimulate our appetite within Fredericksburg. Bringing us to new place of dinning beyond our day to day. Every culture and cuisine that you can image is within reach. Affordable, plentiful, and simply divine. Let us not forget the importance of preserving our Mental Health. Oliver and I practice Mindfulnessbased Mediation as a method of assuring, peace, reducing stress and supporting a better wellbeing. Taking a walk best helps and supports this ethic. There is so much that surrounds us that supports a feeling of peace, and reduction of stress. Finally, offering tribute to those we love that have played a significant abundant place in our lives. Can be best giving tribute on Mother's Day and Memorial Day. Our friends and neighbors have had to morn in ways many of us could not Thank you so much for the wonderful coverage in the Front Porch of the Brushstrokes Gallery Gary Show (Feb 2022) and of my involvement in creating a Gary calendar in 2021 and 2022. Judy Muffley

As always, thank you for the amazing job that you do for all of us in the Fredericksburg arts community! You're the best! With much gratitude and best wishes! Lynn Abbott

imagine. Oliver and I celebrate the gift of a long life together; almost 50 years. Our professions and love for Community first brought us together. Now as six-year residents of Fredericksburg. Fredericksburg and its beauty are the glue that continues to hold us together. May 31st is National Smile Day. How best to celebrate this day than by reading Front Porch Magazine cover to cover.

Dear Virginia After reading about the adversities you experienced during the January snowstorm (On the Porch, Lessons I Learned, February 2022), I was amazed that you were able to get out the February issue on time. Congratulations on a tremendous job. Frank Fratoe

Virginia Thanks for what you do every month for our community, Penny A Parrish

Fredericksburg’s Finest Tania & Jose Acosta by jenna elizabeth Edwards If you love a crazy good, mouthwatering, out-of-this-world kind of burger, you may already be well acquainted with Jose and Tania Acosta, owners of the Fire Escape Food Truck, whose menu has boasted freshly made, 4-hour-marinated burgers since its 2019 founding. You can find the truck at various locations throughout greater Fredericksburg via the monthly schedule posted on the Fire Escape website, or via its Facebook or Instagram platforms. On regular rotation have been several of the region's awardwinning breweries, such as Barley Naked Brewing, Strangeways Brewing FXBG, and Highmark Brewery. The Acostas are devoted to serving the community and to providing a fun, family-friendly environment. Consistent with its namesake, Fire Escape supports local firefighters and first responders. 10 percent of profits from each Burger-o of-tthe-M Month sale are donated to a local fire station. Fire Escape

Cooperative, Northern Neck Electric Cooperative, and Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative).

facilitates mobile meals direct to customers.

The Acostas are no strangers to the hospitality industry. The couple's love story has its roots in the restaurant business, where Jose and Tania met as teenagers before marrying and raising four sons together. Tania went on to serve children with Autism in the Fairfax County and Spotsylvania County Public Schools and to support Jose's dream of owning his own restaurant. The Acosta family owns Tapa Rio Riverside Latin & Italian Plates at 1101 Sophia Street in downtown Fredericksburg, the same site where Jose had previously owned Don Moncho Caribbean Tex-Mexican Restaurant. He has also owned D.C. Grill Kitchen and Bar, with locations in Fredericksburg and in Washington, D.C.

I n Fredericksburg, Fire Escape is in good company with popular local favorites such as Taco T u e s d a y s , Mama's Soul Food Truck, The UFO Truck, Will's Place, Family Food Palace, Z's S o u t h e r n Kitchen, and B e v e r l e y ' s Ribinator BBQ, among others. T h e Fredericksburg Food Trucks FB Group is nearly 5,000 members strong.

Fire Escape emerged from enthusiasm to get on board with a

"It has been so much fun to meet people where they are and set up shop in local neighborhoods, parks, and community venues where everyone can bond over delicious food," Tania says. The couple also radiated joy in expressing how much they love the flexibility of creating their own schedule and of being able to adapt to whatever circumstances arise, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

has also supported community organizations and causes such as Mary's Shelter, Cooking Autism, Inc., and most recently, the Walk for Autism at Old Mill Park. The Acostas helped a young girl raise funds to purchase a wheelchair accessible van for her mother; they have purchased gifts for children during the holiday season; and they opened their own home to those who needed food and shelter when the January 2022 winter storm caused severe and widespread power outages affecting nearly 84,000 households and businesses throughout Fredericksburg city and Stafford, Spotsylvania, and King George counties (Source: Dominion, Rappahannock Electric

growing trend and to bring home to Fredericksburg the surging interest in gastronomy across the United States. Food trucks have grown to be a $2 billion dollar industry, having experienced an estimated annual growth rate of 7.5% since 2015 and now having outpaced the restaurant industry (Source: Chef's Store, Contributing factors have included the lack of overhead costs; relatively inexpensive licensing and operating costs; increasing demands for environmentally friendly food, vegan options, and meat-plant blends; collaborations with carnivals, wineries and breweries, and concert venues; and social media marketing and technology that

The Acostas, on behalf of their company, Latinos in FXBG Entertainment, are also hosting the region's first Latin Festival on Sunday, May 15, 2022 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST at the Fredericksburg Fairgrounds. Always Flavored, Wings on Wheels BWW, Dominican Bites, Cream to Go, and Rita's Flavored Ice are confirmed vendors for the event. "Tania was talking about how someone should start a festival showcasing diverse Hispanic heritage and cuisine in the Fredericksburg region," Jose says, "So I asked her, why not you?" "Most people are familiar with Mexican food in the area, but we also want to introduce them to some delicious pupusas from El Salvador and give some love to cuisine from Puerto Rico, Ecuador, and Peru," Tania says. "Everyone is welcome to enjoy some amazing food among family and friends."

Jenna is a local realtor . Her facebook, The Writing Realtor, highlights local business owners & community members showcasing why FXBG region is an amazing place to live

Fire Escape Food Truck Monthly Schedule on Website; Facebook; Instagram Latin Festival Sunday, May 15, 11a-4 4p FXBG Fairgrounds

Highlighting Local People, Places & Events For 25 Years!

front porch fredericksburg

May 2022


Honor Your Mom & Help Our Moms give a mother’s day gift to empowerhouse in your mothers name by Nancy B. Kelly many of whom are mothers desperately trying to escape abuse and provide a new life for their children. Since the pandemic began, incidents of domestic violence have increased dramatically nationally and locally. At Empowerhouse, a local, non-profit dedicated to helping survivors of domestic violence and their children, two years after COVID-19 began, we are still seeing a 15% increase in our hotline calls for those seeking urgent services, emergency housing and economic assistance.

As we celebrate Mother's Day and honor our wonderful Moms, we also have an opportunity to make a life-changing difference to mothers who are in danger in our community. 1 in 4 women in America are victims of intimate partner violence --

Due to the ongoing adverse impacts of the pandemic, many of our housing and Shelter families are still struggling financially. In addition to our free services for survivors, we have offered more rental assistance to our housing families to keep them safe and secure and expanded economic supports for our Shelter families to ensure that their elevated needs are meet. The result of addressing these important, heightened

demands is increased Empowerhouse.



Since 1978, Empowerhouse has provided support, hope, and assistance to mothers in crisis who are seeking safety, shelter, and a new start for themselves and their children. We are committed to offering vital services and programs to help them break free from the cycle of violence. These survivors are mothers are who are your neighbors, friends, family members, and co-workers. Domestic violence affects women of all ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, ethnicities, and educational levels. Please join us with your special Mother's Day gift to Empowerhouse in honor of, or in memory of, the Mom in your life. Your meaningful donation enables Empowerhouse to meet these ongoing, elevated needs as we offer safe housing and crucial services to vulnerable community members fleeing abuse, deliver healthy relationship programs to children and teens, provide court advocacy for

survivors, and staff confidential hotline.



Your donation today can help mothers who are survivors of domestic violence, and their children rebuild their lives, renew their spirits, and realize a more hopeful future. To donate please go to Empowerhouse's website at or mail your gift to Empowerhouse, P.O. Box 1007, Fredericksburg, VA 22402. To learn more about Empowerhouse, please visit our website. If you, or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, please call our confidential, 24-hour hotline at (540) 373-9373. Thank you and Happy Mother's Day! Nancy B. Kelly is the Development Director for Empowerhouse.

If it's spring, it must be time for the annual ArtsLIVE! Chamber Music Festival Immerse yourself in Bach, Brahms, Beethoven, Stamitz, Dvorák, Martinu, Mozart, and Bartók over three days of musical magic. Internationally-acclaimed musicians under the direction of Michael Reynolds, director of the Muir String Quartet and the ArtsLIVE! Chamber Music Festival, will entertain you. This year's event is not to be missed! But order your tickets now as seating is limited


May 2022

Front porch fredericksburg

Everything Greens A great outdoors makes for great childhoods

Dean’s Plastering Services Plaster, Stucco, Drywall, Art 540.656.2399 540.419.8878

By salem waters

The struggle to get young children outdoors is real! Naptime schedules, fussy kids and the backpack of stuff needed can feel overwhelming and too much to handle, but let me tell you friends, it is worth the work every time! Active outdoor play means better physical and mental health for children (and their caregivers). The great outdoors generally offers a space for big movements, running, balancing, jumping, and climbing. These movements mean positive physical growth and improved muscle strength. When children use their bodies in these different ways in space they learn body awareness and are able to develop sharp motor skills. Being outdoors engages all of the senses at once and children are often better aware and more relaxed, which is the optimal state for sensory integration. Engaging all 5 senses outdoors gives children the opportunity to process and respond to sensory stimuli without getting so overwhelmed.

Please join with me and continue to support our Local FXBG small businesses in 2022 SUZY STONE Mobile:540.847.0630 Office: 540-898-2900

Where Customer Service and Title Insurance Become One

12225 Amos Lane, Ste 204 Fredericksburg, VA 22407 540-907-0574

Better sleep? All of that sensory engagement and physical activity means kids who are ready for a good night's sleep! The hours of natural light that children are exposed to outdoors also promotes healthy sleep cycles. Natural light, even on a cloudy day, provides lots of vitamin D which affects bone growth and muscle function and a healthy brain. Studies have demonstrated that more recess and outdoor time for kids improves concentration and has a positive effect on ADHD symptoms. There is also good evidence that people who feel a strong connection to nature are happier, which is central to the idea of biophilia; humans thrive in nature but suffer when isolated from natural settings, so time outdoors can also mean less anxiety in children. Children are curious by nature and love to explore. Stopping to let them discover life along the trail can lead to many discoveries! Have you ever seen an Osprey catch a fish? Watched tadpoles hatch? What is inside that acorn on the ground? It is important as caregivers that we allow children to develop their biophilia so that when we ask them to engage with the environment in school, a love of nature is already present and they are ready to learn even more. Early outdoor experiences lead children to want to become stewards of the earth. Outdoors and in nature, children overcome fears, learn to take appropriate risks, learn to socialize with other children

and play creatively. All of these qualities contribute to a child's self-confidence and sociability. Outdoor experiences can be simple things like going to the park for an afternoon or just sitting in your yard and listening to birds or watching the clouds go by. They can also be a bit more involved, such as a day hike in the woods, or a weekend camping trip. Start simple, put it on the calendar and enjoy all the gifts the Earth! Salem Waters is Friend of the Garden at Downtown Greens. Save the Date: Saturday, May 21 @1pm, Reishi Mushroom Workshop Want to be a part of the team? Downtown Greens is seeking a part time bookkeeper to join our staff! The Bookkeeper will work 5-7 hours per week overseeing and executing the organization's day-to-day financial operations. We also have several internship opportunities available! Interested? Visit the Jobs & Internships page on our website. Founded in 1995, Downtown Greens is a non-p profit with a mission to foster community involvement and growth by protecting and nurturing urban greenspace through collaborative environmental stewardship and experimental education.Located at 206 Charles Street Be sure to visit FXBG's Community Greenspace open from sunrise to sunset 365 days per year.

front porch fredericksburg

May 2022


In the Garden May is for planting By tina will and rosemary. Parsley is a host plant for swallowtail butterflies along with dill and fennel so you can attract butterflies at the same time. Vegetable plants like cucumbers, squash, tomatoes and peppers are sold at the markets as well, with a large variety to choose from. Flowering plants are also sold as well as some house plants. If you have no yard, you can grow many plants in pots.

Now that we've put winter behind us it's time to get serious about our gardens. Right now, at your local Farmers Markets, there are many plants you can buy plants that are ready to put in the ground. Herbs are everywhere and rather easy to grow. Some are perennial and some are annual but they all go in the garden now. You can make a special spot for them and have an herb garden or you can intermix them in flower gardens. I have one garden that is just for things that smell like lemons, lemon thyme, lemon basil, lemon grass, lemon verbena, lemon balm, and lemon geranium (citronella). I put sage in lots of flower gardens as well as lavender, parsley, chives,


May 2022

If you've never been too good at gardening or aren't quite sure how to get started, you can stop by the M a s t e r Gardeners tent at the Gordon Road Market or the downt o w n

Front porch fredericksburg

Fredericksburg market or the King George market. Here you will find Master Gardener volunteers who have been trained by extension agents from Virginia Tech that are there to provide you with a pleth-ora of information. They can help with problems you may have with soil, bugs, pests, voles, trees, lawns, and garden plants to help turn your brown thumb green. And if you can't make it to the market to ask your questions you can call the help desk to get your questions answered (540) 658-8 8000 M-F F 8-4 4:30pm. Another May phenomenon is the arrival of irises and peonies, both of which are deer resistant. I first learned about irises when I moved to Virginia 18 years ago. E v e r y Mother's Day weekend the Iris Society has an iris show and a garden tour where you can see beautiful gardens and flowers. You can talk to t h e gardeners and even order some of their f l o w e r s which are u s u a l l y available in late July. The past few

years the sale was at Meadows Farms on Rt 3. My wife Pat saw the gardens the first year and wanted an iris garden. Since the roots of irises and peonies are not super deep, they can be planted on your septic drain field instead of just grass. You can arrange the garden formally or casually but your plants will last a lifetime. Many irises need to be regularly dug and separated every four years. Adding nutrients to the soil at that time is also recommended. The beauty of the flowers is definitely worth the effort. Till the next time, Happy Gardening.

RayMikula is a Master Gardener.He has several acres of garden space & has been gardening for 62 years. Before retiring Ray was a Earth Science & Astronomy Teacher

Growing & Crawling what’s that shiny thing? By janet douberly The Golden Tortoise Beetle is a North American native insect that likes to hang out and feed on plants in the convolvulaceae family (think Morning Glories and Sweet Potatoes). True to their name, Golden Tortoise Beetles often look like glittering gold flecks of paint. Measuring 5-7mm in length, these tiny treasures are technically a pest but very rarely show up in numbers high enough to do any real damage.

200 William St Downtown Fredericksburg 540-373-4421

In our area they first start to appear in May or June and are most easily spotted when their clear shells show the metallic gold that is beneath it. But these little insects aren't always shiny, happy creatures and can change to an orange-red color when the mood strikes or when feeling a bit under the weather. A grotesquley interesting fact about these gold bugs is their "anal fork" that is only present in their larvel stage, attached to spines arising from the posterior end of their body. They have been shown to use this fork to carry around dead skin and fecal matter to use as a moveable protective shield. The

ultimate example of using what you have to survive.

Janet Douberly is a golden tortoise employee at Downtown Greens.

Since they aren't a huge nuisance or incredibly beneficial, studies on them are few and far between compared to other insects. This makes the GTB a great insect that can be enjoyed for its beauty and the disgusting trivia it provides.

front porch fredericksburg

May 2022


“I Have A Friend” take me out to the ball game By Laurie Black If you know a senior who could benefit from having a weekly, friendly visit or if you would like to volunteer to visit a senior, call the Senior Visitors Program at (540) 371-2 2704 or visit our website at to download volunteer or senior applications. The Senior Visitors Program is a free community service program of Mental Health America of Fredericksburg.

Donate to a Cancer Organization Let’s Find a Cure!

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Steve D'Lugos and his friend, Tim, as they sat down to their weekly visit and card game. Steve volunteers with Mental Health America of Fredericksburg's Senior Visitors Program. Steve was introduced to the Senior Visitors Program through his wife and daughter who also volunteer with the program. Steve began visiting with Tim last autumn. Steve said of his volunteer service, "It's all about giving of yourself to another person. We all need "a buddy". It is nice to have someone to give time to and I have time to give. I get a lot of satisfaction out of volunteering. I learn a lot from Tim and Tim has a lot to share." Tim said of Steve,"He is the first real person I've met who treats people right. He is a good, generous person who tells the truth." Tim then joked, "That's why I haven't thrown him out yet." "Tim has a great personality. He loves to joke and kid me," Steve replied. "He teases me that I cheat at cards, but really, I have to keep my eye on him." Steve went on to say, "Tim is a veteran who served his country well and deserves the best. Tim is fun to spend time with and a pleasure to visit."


May 2022

As it turns out, both Tim and Steve are veterans. Tim served in the Army and Steve served in the Marines. Regarding their service in different military branches, there was some goodnatured teasing before they both assured me, "We don't let that bother us. We enjoy visiting and sharing our experiences [from our service]." Tim and Steve meet weekly, usually playing a game of hearts. Occasionally they like to go for a drive. Once they went for a drive out to the Tappahannock area. They are hoping this spring to attend a baseball game. Tim showed me his Fred Nats Game Schedule and explained, "I'm trying to walk more and prepare myself so Steve can take me to a game." I hope these friends will soon get their day at the ballpark, and I hope they can continue to enjoy their card games and visits for a long time to come.

Laurie Black is the Senior Visitors Program Coordinator at Mental Health America of Fredericksburg.

Front porch fredericksburg

May 6-12

Authentic Self-Care! helpline resource By anne-Tillery Melson Self-care is a buzz word these days. Everywhere we look it seems a different business is plugging their product all for the name of self-care - wear these silk pajamas, buy this fancy bath bomb, treat yourself to dessert at our restaurant - but what is true self-care? This is the first story of a series in which I delve into what authentic selfcare is by having conversations with local mental health professionals listed in Mental Health America of Fredericksburg's HELPLINE resource. Recently I spoke with Dr. Elisabeth Jerome, Owner and Director of Wellspring Child & Family Psychology. Wellspring has been serving families in the Fredericksburg area with their behavioral health services since 2014. Dr. Jerome defines self-care using her background in attachment: "I think of self-care as the caretaking relationship we have with ourselves. As kids, we have a

Dr. Elisabeth "Beth" Jerome, Director of Wellspring Child & Family Psychology

caregiver; but as adults, we are our own caregiver. I think [self-care] is about my relationship with myself as a caregiver." The way in which we talk to ourselves is integral to building healthy self-care practices, according to Dr. Jerome. When I asked her to share a selfcare tip, she said, "Start to notice your internal dialogue. If you notice that you are talking to yourself in a way that you would not talk to someone you love, then that probably is a good indication that your self-talk is a little distorted or unbalanced." Everyone can use a little more self-care in their lives. But sometimes selfcare is not enough. If you or someone you know is experiencing mental health challenges, extra support may be necessary. Help can come in a variety of ways, such as counseling or support groups. Twice a year, Wellspring partners with Mental Health America of Fredericksburg (MHAfred) to provide a free psychoeducational support group for teens. I asked Dr. Jerome what she thinks is special about this partnership. She shared, "The teen group is one of my favorite services we offer. I'm a firm believer that everyone's mental health affects everyone in the community. Making services accessible to all people is so important."

MHAfred maintains an extensive list of local mental health providers that we call the HELPLINE. We keep track of the services offered in the area, insurances accepted, and new client availability. If you are looking for a local mental health provider or want to learn more about MHAfred's programs, call Mental Health America of Fredericksburg at (540) 3712704 or visit our website at

Anne-Tillery Melson is the Suicide Prevention Education Coordinator at Mental Health America of Fredericksburg.

Walk for Mental Wellness Saturday May 7. 9am, Maury Park. Walk with us through downtown FXBG or virtually to raise awareness about mental health and wellness in our community! Register at

front porch fredericksburg

May 2022



Become a Member

small bites of local News By Bill Freehling

Fredericksburg’s Hometown Irish Pub & Restaurant Since 1961

Mon-Thurs, 11am-9pm Fri & Sat, 11am-10pm Sun, 11am - 9pm Bar open until 2am everyday

200 Hanover St. ~ 373-0738

My Wife's Pizza & More New Fredericksburg restaurant at 2010 Princess Anne Street. Mohamed Ryan, who owns with his wife, Siham. My Wife's Pizza & More offers a varied menu of pizza and sandwiches, and American, Moroccan and Mediterranean entrees for dine-in, delivery and take-out. For more information, see . Welcome to the 'Burg

Yoga Studio Expansion Dragonfly Hot Yoga will take over the second-floor space at 501 William Street in Downtown Fredericksburg . The space is above Paymon Fine Rug Imports. It's currently home to Sol to Soul Yoga. The studio and its lobby are beautiful with brick walls, tall ceilings, and lots of natural light, all overlooking Hurkamp Park. Dragonfly's non-heated yoga classes will continue to be at its main studio at 810 Caroline Street. Congrats to Dragonfly on the expansion!

Serving Up Local “Good” News For a Quarter Century

The Carpet House, whose headquarters is on U.S. 1 in Spotsylvania County, offers home-improvement products including flooring, cabinets, appliances and more. The company plans to use the former Print Innovators building at 1381 Belman Road as a warehouse with some office staff, said Carpet House Vice President Doug Simms Jr. It hopes to occupy the space following some minor renovations in a few months. Its existing locations will continue to operate. Duly Noted The owners of a Georgetown store that sells paper goods and gift items plan to open a store at 714 Caroline Street in downtown Fredericksburg. Duly Noted plans to open the location sometime in May. Among the store's products are an array of greeting and holiday cards, stationery, invitations, office and party supplies, gifts, candy and more.

Skin+Touch Therapy Spa, which is in the Caroline Street space currently, will be moving to a building that business owners Brian Lam and Will Mackintosh recently purchased at 804 Charles Street. Lam and Mackintosh also own the property at 714 Caroline Street and will lease it to Duly Noted. Skin+Touch will soon become Collage Spa. More to come on their new location soon. Welcome to downtown FXBG, Duly Noted!

The Fredericksburg Nationals' Second Season is Here! Lots of Home Games to catch in the newly named stadium, Virginia Credit Union Stadium

Front Porch Fredericksburg 12

May 2022

The Carpet House Design Center is the new owner of the 85,350-squarefoot building in Fredericksburg's industrial park that formerly housed The Free LanceStar's printing operation.

Front porch fredericksburg

Tickets and the schedule

Lady Legacy Has New Owner Kelly Denke dreamed of owning a clothing store in downtown Fredericksburg. When she heard that Barbara Bartz, the former owner of Lady Legacy, was retiring, Denke decided to buy the business. A client of Lady Legacy for years, Denke is thrilled to begin this next journey in her career.

Changes in Downtown Parking The City of Fredericksburg is pleased to announce the completion of public-parking areas adjacent to the newly finished Riverfront Park along Sophia Street downtown. With the completion of the Riverfront Park project, the Sophia Street Parking Garage will be returning to three hours of free parking (down from 4 hours) beginning on May 1. After the initial three hours, parking in the garage costs $1 each additional hour with a daily maximum charge of $8 on weekdays and $2 on weekends Bill Freehling, Fredericksburg's director of economic development and tourism

The Sunken Well Tavern

Season’s Bounty the merry month of may vanessa moncure

Eat Well Drink Well Live Well 720 Littlepage 540-370-0911

The Soup & Taco, Etc. 813 Caroline St. Fredericksburg, VA

Serving Traditional Mexican, Tex-Mex Food and Something More!! Tuesday to Saturday 11am-9pm Sunday 11am-6pm

Phone: 540-899-0969

The Old Farmer's Almanac promises me (within a 30% probability) that the last Spring frost date is April 13th - so welcome, May! My azaleas are a riot of color, the mounds of proud irises take their name from the Greek word for rainbow, or Iris, goddess of the rainbow. Wood hyacinths lay a lush purple carpet over a bed of periwinkles, and in the deep shade of a woodland garden, along with unfurling ferns, are a mass of beloved Virginia bluebells with their nodding clusters of sky blue flowers. In the deep woods at the farm, Virginia wildflowers are beginning their annual show - and how I wish I'd paid more attention to my elders as they foraged along the banks of the branch for peppery wild watercress, or under ash and oak trees where morels spring from the humid loamy soil. Even the dandelions we curse as lawn weeds are actually related to sunflowers and are one of the first foods blooming for honeybees in the spring - the tender green leaves make a delicious, albeit peppery and pleasingly bitter salad. Paired with bacon, nuts and goat cheese, drizzled with a lemony dressing, you may find yourself harvesting leaves from this accidental variety - please avoid weed spray and pets. I usually leave a few in my raised bed garden until the leaves harden and become very bitter. I doubt very many of us today could successfully forage for our suppers, except maybe at the Farmer's Market! Asparagus, sweet peas, spinach and so many types of greens, beets, radishes, spring onions - a virtual cornucopia of deliciousness. If you have a warm, southfacing window, you can have a fresh taste of spring and summer all year round. Take a well-drained clay pot, fill with potting mix and a pelletized fertilizer and either transplant herbs or follow planting directions for seeds. Keep away from your kitties! Then, after spring arrives, and after hardening them outside for a week or so, plant back in your herb garden. I usually let some go to seed and save for planting in the fall - I won't go in to detail, but some seeds need a time of refrigeration, others started in damp paper towels. Check online or with your local Extension Office. They know all!) I'm hoping the garden won't suffer through rain like we had last year I think every mold, mildew and fungus visited not only my garden edibles, but I lost 26 English boxwoods, seemingly

overnight. And no, I can't replace them in the same spot. Sigh. Everything is looking green and vigorous right now - lots of salads on the menu - but the subtropical lemon also takes top billing. I buy them by the bag and if I'm just using the juice, I finely grate them and freeze the zest for flavoring other dishes - I also do this when navel oranges are in season. And a great hint - have you ever tried to juice a recalcitrant, cold lemon? Seems like it gives up maybe a teaspoon of juice. Pierce once or twice, then microwave whole lemon for 30 seconds. Cut in half and squeeze - you'll be amazed! MAY DAY LEMON VINIAIGRETTE Mix 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice, one teaspoon whole grain mustard, ½ teaspoon finely minced tarragon or fresh dill, salt and cracked black pepper and 6 tablespoons fruity olive oil. Will dress about four-six servings of greens. GRILLED SPATCHCOCK LEMON CHICKEN Mix together salt, pepper, granulated garlic, dried thyme, turmeric and white pepper with enough olive oil to make it spreadable. Using poultry shears, cut out the backbone of a fryer chicken (oven stuffers, or chickens over about five pounds take much longer to cook). Spread the mixture all over the chicken and place in oven roaster, flat with breast side up. Place some fresh herbs - thyme, parsley, cilantro, whatever you have on hand - on the chicken, then cover with parchment paper and a large cast iron skillet on top of the chicken to flatten it. Add bricks or other heavy cast iron to the pan and either roast it in the oven at 425F or on

the grill until the internal temperature is 165F. Remove it from the roaster and place on serving platter - squeeze the juice of one lemon over the chicken. Juicy, flavorful, and a source of conversation! CRAZY EASY LEMON CURD I love lemon curd, but never enjoyed the endless time stirring it in a double boiler. I don't remember where I found this recipe, but I whip it up all of the time. Delicious made as the base for LEMON LAVENDER NAPOLEONS, or LEMON CURD AND SCONES FOR TEA. For the Napoleons, cut defrosted puff pastry dough into 6"x2" rectangles (three per serving), brush with egg wash, sprinkle with crystal sugar and bake at 425F until golden brown. Spread chilled curd between each of two layers, topping with fresh raspberries and sprinkling with (washed and dried) lavender flowers, leaving the top plain. Serve with sweetened whipped cream, also sprinkled with lavender. LEMON CURD Mix together two tablespoons grated lemon zest with one cup fresh squeezed lemon juice and set aside. Beat one-half cup softened butter with two cups sugar, then beat in four eggs, one at a time until well blended. Gradually add the lemon and zest - the mixture may appear a bit curdled, but don't worry. Pour into two-quart glass bowl. Microwave on HI for five minutes, stirring each minute. Mixture should be thick and coat a spoon. Cover and refrigerate until well chilled. Will keep a week if kept refrigerated.

Vanessa serves up yummy recipes for all seasons

front porch fredericksburg

May 2022


Love Buzz unique mobile bar

Olde Towne Butcher Traditional Butchery - Fresh Perspective Established in 2021, Love Buzz Mobile Bar is the perfect way to bring clients a unique bar experience whether at a party or larger event like a wedding. It is a cozy take on the traditional bar.

around middle school. An instant friendship occurred. Fast forward 30+ years, they had the opportunity to open something unique and special.

Dana Atkins (below right) and Kim Reynolds renovated a 1965 Shasta camper ready to visit clients in the surrounding Fredericksburg area. Considered a dry for hire bar service...This means the guest will purchase the alcohol of their choice, and Love Buzz will provide the rest...garnishes, cute bar, bartenders, ice, cups, and much more.

Our Store is Open

Love BUzz Exclusive Services includes: Bar Menu One hour of set up & clean up 2 Bartenders Inverter (if no power source) General & Liquor Liability Insurance Side Table Straws & Napkins Special Requests Kim and Dana have been best friends since the 7th grade. Kim had the pleasure to show the new kid, Dana,

Clean, local, sustainable, humane foods prepared fresh. Better for you and your family, better for our planet, better for local economy, better food! 401 William St - Fredericksburg 540-370-4105 -

Dana and Kim live in Fredericksburg about a mile away from each other Dana enjoys fun activities outside and spending time with her husband Cameron, son Owen and dog Ruger. Kim enjoys baking, and spending time with her husband Chris, daughter Drew and son Damian.

Contact them @ fb@lovebuzzmobilebar 540.442.0546 (cell)

320 Emancipation Hwy

Open every Sat 7am-2 2pm Rain/Shine @Hurkamp Park masks & gloves recommended


May 2022

Front porch fredericksburg


Join Us for Breakfast Now Serving Lunch $6 Weekday Lunch Specials 11am - 2pm Daily

celebrating mother’s day by Rita Allan

540-373-8300 ~ 620 Caroline St. FXBG, VA

Join Us on the Rooftop for Chill VIbes, Tasty Eats, & Cold Drinks

314 William

Old Town’s Greatest Tour 35 Monuments, Markers, & Attractions AND the Fredericksburg Battlefields Weddings Reunions Shuttles Parties Group Outings


Shop Local Welcome to Downtown Fredericksburg’s Main Street District

Celebrating Mother's Day with Women Winemakers & Cidermakers

Sunday, May 8 , is Mother's Day, so let us raise a glass of wine and celebrate all the women in our live-whether they are a mother by birth, by adoption, or by their kind, caring, and nurturing spirit. Our suggestion is to toast moms with women-made wine or cider. Statistics on women in the US wine industry are eye-opening especially given the fact that 60 percent of the consumers of wine are women. About 10 percent of winemakers in the US are female, despite the fact that 60 percent of the graduates from UC Davis' Viticulture and Enology program are women. Women winemakers are on the rise, and finally getting the attention they truly deserve across the industry. Many terrific articles have been penned about women in wine, such as "12 Women Winemakers to Toast," " Female Winemakers Everyone Should Know About," and "A Guide to Top Women Winemakers-Still Rare in the World of Grapes." On the cider side of things, here is an article, "The Women Leading American Cider Forward." In Virginia, there are many female winemakers across the state, some of which are noted in this article, "This is Virginia Wine! Women are Moving to the Forefront in the Piedmont's Wine Industry." Some shifting of winemakers at wineries has occurred since this article was written three years ago, but women are a force to be reckoned with in Virginia with

the likes of Emily Pelton at Veritas, Kirsty Harmon at Blenheim, Dr. Sudha Patil at Narmada, Dr. Joy Ting at Joy Ting Wines, Maggie Malick at Maggie Malick Wine Caves, Melanie Natoli at Cana, Theresa Robertson at Two Twisted Posts, Corry Craighill at Septenary, and more. For cider in Virginia, the first modern cidery in Virginia was established by Diane Flynt in 2005. Diane has since retired. Following Diane's trailblazing lead, there is Courtney Mailey of Blue Bee, Lori Corcoran of Corcoran Cider, and again, more. On our shelves you will find some women-made wines and ciders. For example, we have the 2017 Wild Thing Zinfandel Old Vine, from winemaker Carol Shelton, from vineyards in Mendocino, California. From Virginia, we have the Blue Bee Hewe's Crab Cider, from cidermaker Courtney Mailey; Pares Balta Penedès Ros de Pacs Rosé Penedès from winemaker Maria Elena Jimenez and Marta Casas, Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough New Zealand NV with winemaker, Chloe Gabrielsen. and from winemaker Maya Hood, the Early Mountain Pet Nat.

Raise a glass to the mothers and women in your life with us. Cheers!

City Vino is located at 810 Caroline St. You can find owner Rita Allan on-site to provide answers to all your wine questions

front porch fredericksburg

May 2022


CALEND may 2022...Thanks to Mom & Nurses!

Mother-Son Dance, 6:30pm - 8:30pm, Lafayette Elementary School

Sunday May 1

Live Music @The Recreation Center, Tar; Lair, Et Mors, Love Roses, 7p

28th Running Great Train Race, 7:30-12n, Train Station, Downtown Sunken Well Tavern Sunday Brunch, 720 Littlepage til 1p

Wednesday May 11

Concerts by Canoe on the lake Mott

Trivia Night, Sunken Well at 6:30pm

Live Music @Billikens, face4radio rocks! 623 Caroline St, 7-11p

Thursday May 12

Saturday May 7

FXBG Photography Show, Dorothy H

Sunday Brunch @ Billiken's Smokehouse @The Chimneys, 623 Caroline

UMW Commencement, Ball Circle, 9am

Bluegrass on the Patio, Sunken Well Tavern 6-8pm

Farmers Market, Hurkamp Park,7a-2p,

Farmers Market, Hurkamp Park,7a-2p, open air markets home grown, homemade, or hand baked goods sold

Bowling Green Farmers Market 9am-1pm 211 N Main St.

Works by Hubert Jackson, Artist reception, 6-9p

Spotsy Farmers Market 8am - 1pm 12150 Gordon Rd

FXBG Photo Show, Dorothy Hart Co

Walk for Mental Wellness, 9am, Maury Park. Walk with us through donwtown FXBG or virtually to raise awareness

BoHo Marrket, 116 Chase St Bowling

Every Saturday- Bowling Green Farmers Market 9am-1pm 211 N Main t. Spotsy Farmers Market 8am - 1pm Location:12150 Gordon Rd Walk MS: FXBG James Monroe HS, 1p FXBG Nationals vs Charleston Riverdogs, 6p

Friday May 13

Bomba In The Square Semilla Cultural in Historic Market Square learn about the traditional Afro-Puerto Rican dance and music 4-7p

Tuesday May 3

The FXBG Area Service League annual Derby Bash! Brock's Riverside Grill, 503 Sophia ST 6-9p

Wednesday May 4

7th Annual 65 Roses Car, Truck, Bike Show support Cystic Fibrosis. Raffle prizes, DJ, Moon Bounce and Face Painting, and the best of all the amazing vehicles Spotswood Baptist Church, 4009 Lafayette Blvd , 9a-3p

Picnic in the Park Music & Children activities, Memorial Park, 1301 Kenmore Ave , 11:30-1:30p, Sponsored by FXBG Parks & Rec Concerts by Canoe on the lake at Motts Run Reservoir. Bring your own boat or rent one of ours. Pack a picnic dinner to enjoy while floating and listening to a band on the pier. Tonight Hazel Run, 6-8p Trivia Night, Sunken Well at 6:30pm 720 Littlepage

Thursday May 5

Speaker Series Historic Cemeteries in FXBG Jeanette Cadwallender, President City Cemetery Company. CRRL Theatre, 10a Spa & Hot Tub Show, FXBG Fairgrounds, thru May 8,

First Friday May 6

Adventure Brewing 8th Anniverary C

Live Music @Adventure Brewing North, Marc Allfred, 7-9p

Live Music @the Recreation enter, A

Sunday May 8 Mother's Day

Live Music@Adventure Brewing Nort Duet, 7-9p

Sunken Well Tavern Sunday Brunch, 720 Littlepage til 1p

Sunday May 15

Fxbg Iris Society indoor exhibit.Chancellor Ruritan Club 1:30 to 5 p.m The Recreation Center, Lacking; Bayht, Lahm, Worser, & More, absolute grindhouse of a show 213 Willaim St


Monday May 9

Darbytown Art Studio, Henry Day,Allen Melson & Matt Huntley, opening redception 5-8:30p

Tuesday May 10

May 2022

Front porch fredericksburg

Picnic in the Park Music & Children activities, Memorial Park, 1301 Kenmore Ave , 11:30-1:30p, Sponsored by FXBG Parks & Rec FBG Nationals vs Kannapolis Cnnon Ballers, 7p

Sunken Well Tavern Sunday Brunch,

Sunday Brunch @ Billiken's Smokeho

Live Music @The Recreation Center, Mountains; Ocean Tour; Laag; Dzo0nga, 213 William St, 6-10p


Spotsy Farmers Market 8am - 1pm L

FXBG Concert Band, James Monroe HS, 7:30p

Canal Quarters, Sewing Demo by Harmonie Proctor, opening reception, 5-8:30 517Princess Anne St

540~479~4116 1013 Princess Anne St , FXBG

Bowling Green Farmers Market 9am

Tacos & Beer Fest, FXBG Fairground

Bluegrass on the Patio, Sunken Well Tavern 6-8pm

Become a Friend Advocate ~ Donate ~ Volunteer

Farmers Market, Hurkamp Park,7a-2

Live Music @Strangways Brewery, 350 Landsdowne Rd, Radar Theory, 7p

"Blue" featuring Photography by Penny A Parrish, opening 5-9pm, Brush Strokes Gallery 824 Caroline St

" A Spring Show", paintings by Sophia Constantine & Wayne Russell, opening reception 6-8p, Art First, 824 Caroline

Saturday May 14

FXBG Photography Show, Communit

Sunday Brunch @ Billiken's Smokehouse @The Chimneys, 623 Caroline

"Touch of Magis" by Skeeter Scheid, Arful Dimensions, opening reception 6-9p, 923 Caroline St

Live Music, @The Recreation Center

Art in the Park, Artisans of various types, Hurkamp Park, 9a-1p

National Nurses Week begins….thank a nurse today

"Faces & Figures" & Karie Anderson, "Caught My Eye", FCCA, 813 Sophia

Join in the fun for multiple round Celestia Cox Haley's Honey Meadery,

Bluegrass on the Patio, Sunken Well

Spotsy Farmers Market season: 8am

Latin Festival 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.,FX Hispanic heritage and cuisine in the

FXBG Photography Show, Communit

FXBG Nationals vs Kannapolis Canno

Tuesday May 17

Picnic in the Park Music & Childre Kenmore Ave , 11:30-1:30p, Sponso

DAR of events Live Music @ The Rec Center, Khamsin Spring Tour, 213 William St, 7p

ts Run Reservoir.Waney Edges, 6-8p

Wednesday May 18

m 720 Littlepage

Annual ArtsLIVE! Chamber Music Festival,

Hart Center, 408 Canal St. 4-8p

Concerts by Canoe on the lake at Motts Run Reservoir. Jeff Brown, 6-8p

g Green, 5-8p

Annual ArtsLIVE! Chamber Music Festival, tkts

FXBG Nationals vs Salem Red Sox, 7p Farmers Market, Hurkamp Park, 7a-2p, open air markets home grown, homemade, or hand baked goods sold

Thursday May19

FXBG Job Fair, Expo Center, 3-7p

mmunity Center, 408 Canal St.8p

Thursday May 26 Saturday May 28

Trivia Night, Sunken Well at 6:30pm 720 Littlepage Alliance, Colonial Beach, opening

Trivia Night, Sunken Well at 6:30pm Match wits with the 'Burgs finest minds. Prize! 720 Littlepage

Bowling Green Farmers Market 9am-1pm 211 N Main St. at

Spotsy Farmers Market 8am - 1pm :12150 Gordon Rd

ds of bingo hosted by drag Queen , 1600 Princess Anne, 7:30-9p

Saturday May 21

Luminara, FXBG National Cemetery , 15,00 laterns will be lite one for each soldier buried on the grounds,sunset

r, Softspoken, 7-11pm

Bowling Green Farmers Market 9am-1pm 211 N Main St. Spotsy Farmers Market 8am - 1pm 12150 Gordon Rd

Food Truck Music Festival, Friends, Food & FUN Come Together for a weekend of tastes & tunes! Featuring local food trucks, live music & more! Fun Land, 1351 Central Pk Blvd, 12n

Reishi Mushroom Workshop, Downtown Greens, 1pm

Live Music @Highmark Brewery, Shree, 390 Kings Hwy, 10p

Location:12150 Gordon Rd

Kids to Parks Day Scavendar Hunt, FXBG Parks & Rec, get the kids outside, ALL fxbg pARKS, 9a-5p

Sunday May 29

ty Center, 408 Canal St 10-4P

Traveling Gypsy's Vintage Vibe Mart, 116 Chase St Bowling Green 9a-2p

ds, 11a-4p

Annual ArtsLIVE! Chamber Music Festival, tkts


m-1pm 211 N Main St.

Celebration, 12n-10p

A Night w/Saint Diablo, 8p

th, 3 Exits to Memphis, Rock, Blues

, 720 Littlepage til 1p

ouse @The Chimneys, 623 Caroline Tavern 6-8pm

m - 1pm 12150 Gordon Rd

XBG Fairgrounds showcasing diverse Fredericksburg region

Farmers Market, Hurkamp Park,7a-2p

Sunday Brunch @ Billiken's Smokehouse @The Chimneys, 623 Caroline Bluegrass on the Patio, Sunken Well Tavern 6-8pm

Live Music, 6BG Freedom Fest special show enjoy fine craft brews and smooth soul and R&B by a killer local ensemble

Sunday Brunch at the Colonial Tavern 11:30-3p

Live Music @Adventure Brewing Eagle Village, Darcy Dawn, 7-9p

Monday May 30

Live Music @ Rec Center, The Goodbye Forevers; Pedals on Our Pirate Ships, 8-11:45, 213 William St

Memorial Day

Live Music @Colonial Tavern, Dogwood Road 8-11p, 406 Lafaette Blvd

Picnic in the Park Music & Children activities, Memorial Park, 1301 Kenmore Ave , 11:30-1:30p, Sponsored by FXBG Parks & Rec

Sunday May 22

Tuesday May 31

Marine Corp Historic Half Mile scenic course tours colonial sites quaint downtown scaling the now-famous Hospital Hill Sunken Well Tavern Sunday Brunch, 720 Littlepage til 1p Sunday Brunch @ Billiken's Smokehouse @The Chimneys, 623 Caroline

ty Center, 408 Canal St 10-4P

Bluegrass on the Patio, Sunken Well Tavern 6-8pm

on Ballers, 1p

Tuesday May 24

en activities, Memorial Park, 1301 red by FXBG Parks & Rec

Wednesday May 25

Helping homeless children and families in City of Fredericksburg, Counties of Caroline, Stafford & Spotsylvania 540 371 0831


Sunken Well Tavern Sunday Brunch, 720 Littlepage til 1p

Picnic in the Park Memorial Park, 1301 Kenmore Ave , 11:30-1:30p,

If you are reading this 298th issue of FPF, thank an advertiser as we celebrate our 25th year of continuous publication! List your events email subject Calendar Deadline for June 2022 issue is May 19th.

Concerts by Canoe on the lake at Motts Run Reservoir. Bring your own boat or rent one of ours.Hazel Run, tonight Sunset Syndicate, 6-8p

Dog Walking Pet Sitting Companion Play Time & Mini Furies, Too!

540-735-8228 On facebook as “City PetSitting” front porch fredericksburg

May 2022


history’s stories

Memorial Day By Ralph “Tuffy” Hicks

Volumes have been written about the American Civil War from the end of that conflict to the present. These authors detail campaigns, battles, victories and defeats, many with extreme detail. But few express the personal touch as letters do. Upon the advent of the War, the citizens in and around the town of Lexington, formed an artillery unit and volunteered its services to the Confederacy. It became the First and Second Rockbridge Artillery. These batteries saw action in most major campaigns of the Eastern Theater.

Memorial Day came out of the War Between the States when General John Logan of the GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) declared it Decoration Day. General Logan who was National Commander of the Union veterans group wanted to decorate the graves of his fellow soldiers who died in the Civil War. The first event was on May 30, 1868, when over five thousand people decorated over 20,000 graves of Union and all Confederate soldiers buried at Arlington National Cemetery, with General James Garfield as the main speaker. In 1873 New York became the first state to recognize Decoration Day, all northern state recognized the holiday by 1890. The Southern states did not recognize the day and used separate days to honor their soldiers that had died. It was not until after the "War to end all Wars," World War I that the name was changed to Memorial Day to honor all who had died in all United States wars.

May 2022

a soldier writes home By paul t. scott

Most of us can remember growing up in the Fredericksburg area when Memorial Day was a very special day. Many of the business owners decorated their businesses with flags and colors of red, white, and blue. We attended local parades with the local National Guard and Marines from Quantico marching and having their equipment on display. It was an exciting event for all of us young children. I always remember my Mon and Dad with their hand placed over their heart as the soldiers passed with the American flag. Over the years much of that has faded, hopefully the recent war in Ukraine will restore some of those patriotic feelings and traditions. The local celebrations will be at the National Cemetery located at the National Military Park visitor center on Lafayette Blvd. and the Confederate Cemetery located on Washington Avenue.


History in Our Backyard

The VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) in 1922 became the first organization to sell the poppies made by the disabled veterans. This idea was started by lady that made the poppies to recognize WWI veterans, she was inspired by the poem "IN FLANDERS FIELDS". Moina Michael was honored by the United States Postal Service in 1948 when a red three cent postage stamp with her image was issued. Moina Michael's words live on as she replied, "We cherish too, the Poppy red that grows on fields where valor led. It seems to signal to the skies that blood of heroes never dies”. In 2000 the government established the National Moment of Remembrance. It request that all Americans at 3PM local time observe a moment of remembrance on Memorial Day. Many of us will be having family events with cook outs and playing games or just a leisure day at the beach or on the river swimming and boating. Let us all have a moment of respect for all our veterans deceased and living that "OLD GLORY" is waving above and we are thankful for our freedom.

Dedicated To: Lindy Fritter, Jo Middleton, Winny Updike, Tina Sheffield, & Ray Elliott

Tuffy is Front Porch’s Resident Historian

Front porch fredericksburg

Joseph Fauber Shaner grew up on a farm in the adjacent Rockbridge County, Virginia. The county was so named after the Natural Bridge located there. He joined the First Rockbridge as a private. Shaner wrote letters home to his family. These letters contain a wealth of information about camp life, engagements, uniforms, clothing, religion and foraging. He spelled phonetically with little or no punctuation, but was very descriptive in his writing. Comparatively speaking, the majority of a soldier's time was spent marching and in camp as opposed to actual time in battle. Other than uniforms, blankets and tentage, Army supply rarely addressed basics for personal comfort, especially at night or during inclement weather. This was left up to the soldiers' improvisation. But for letters home, we'd likely not know how they actually coped during these hardships. Shaner's first letter is from the camp near Fairfax dated September 25, 1861, and started out as many of them do. "Dear Sister: It is with grate pleasure that I take this opportunity to inform you that I am well at the present and hoping when these fewlines come to hand they may find you all enjoying the same blessing" and continues . . . it was so cold last night that we had to build fiers at our tents to keep warm . . . we all have our beds made up off the ground. We make them . . . out of barrel staves and nail them across two poles and drive four forks in the ground and put the poals on them" During the winter months, each side suspended their campaigns and the armies settled into winter quarters. What were these winter quarters like? His letter in camp near Fredericks Hall January 5th 1864 reads: "Dear

sisters: we are now encamped right on the Virginia Central Rail Road in Louisa Countty. We . . . spent our Christmas working on our cabins for winter quarters . . . built our cabbin out of pine logs there was but 7 of us to work at it . . . our cabbin is about 12 feet long and 10 wide we built it up as high as my head with pine logs and then stretched our tent over it and built a wooden chimney to it which we linded with bricks 4 or 5 feet high which makes a good chimney so we have a right good house.” The war would drag on for another year and three months. Shaner's letters continue showing the close face of the war and its effect on him and others in his unit.

Paul Scott is a member of the Board of Directors of Central Virginia Battlefields Trust, Inc. The mission of CVBT is to preserve land associated with the four major campaigns of the Civil War: Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Wilderness and Spotsylvania. (540) 374-0900,

What’s in A Journey? freedom crossing site By jon gerlach area on foot, or by wagon and rail, crossed the Rappahannock River to freedom in territory then under control of the Union Army. The Emancipation Proclamation hadn't yet been issued by President Lincoln. But even so, the news spread quickly that Yankee soldiers held both sides of the river at Fredericksburg. For many people, this began their journey to freedom, marking a key point in the arc of African American history. When you freely walk the wellkept streets of our fair city, take a moment to reflect on the incredible strength and resolve of the American spirit that played out here 160 years ago. In the 1870s, John Washington published his "Memorys [sic] of the Past", one of the very few slave memoirs ever written. It's a moving autobiography, laying bare the emotions and frustration of this man's 24 years in slavery. Born into slavery, John Washington (1838-1919), his mother, and four brothers and sisters, were owned by Katherine Taliaferro. He lived upstairs in the Farmers Bank Building, which he called the "white people's house", later known as the National Bank Building and today the home of the fine food restaurant Foode. Washington often looked out from his bedroom window facing George Street, upon a world far different than his, where white children played in the streets, and white men and women freely went about their daily lives. He often looked for ways to grab a few moments here and there where he too might grasp a brief sense of what freedom felt like. Maybe it was a short boat ride on the river, or meeting friends for a few minutes on the streets of Fredericksburg. In 1850, when he was still a boy, Washington's mother and three siblings

were hired out to work as slaves for a farmer in Staunton. After a tearful farewell with his mother in his bedroom, he vowed to find his way to freedom one way or another - should the chance ever present itself. Time passed, and twelve years later that moment finally did arrive. It was Good Friday, April 18th, 1862. Aged 24 now, Washington was working at the Shakespeare Hotel, located on the 800 block of Caroline Street, between George and Hanover Streets. It was here in the busy hotel lobby where panic (and opportunity) hit like a thunderclap that fateful day: the Union army had arrived in Falmouth, just across the river. Patrons quickly fled the establishment, and Washington took charge of closing up the hotel after them. Knowing full well this was his chance, Washington made his way upriver, and crossed the Rappahannock near Bridgewater Mill, which today lies in ruins at the northern edge of Old Mill Park (see photo). He was one of the very first slaves to cross the river to freedom. Two weeks later, the Union army crossed the river in the opposite direction, beginning its five months of Federal occupation of Fredericksburg. For the rest of that Spring and Summer, around 10,000 enslaved men, women and children, some arriving to the

To learn more about this remarkable human migration, visit the Trail to Freedom website:, where John Hennessy, former NPS Historian, narrates a fascinating tour. I write this article on April 18, 2022, precisely 160 years to the day from Washington's crossing. Earlier today, historian Steward Henderson led a group of students and community members to the crossing site and talked about Washington's remarkable life. Standing there at river's edge, we saw a magnificent bald eagle, symbol of Liberty, soar

gracefully overhead and cross to the other side with ease. So … what's in a Journey? Here … one man's story that exemplifies the American spirit. An attorney and retired archaeologist, Jon Gerlach serves on Fredericksburg's City Council, Ward Two. Photo of Bridgewater Mill Ruins by Jon Gerlach

FURTHER NOTES “Thomas Goodwin kept the Rappahannock House, later the Shakespeare, on the east side of Caroline St. about halfway between George and Hanover streets. It burned down after the Civil War and storehouses were built on its site." ~FLS Also in May 1862, President Lincoln visited the Farmers Bank Building, just a few weeks after Washington had seized his opportunity to flee to freedom.

The Central Rappahannock Heritage Center is a non-profit, all-volunteer archives whose mission is to preserve historically valuable material of the region and make it available to the public for research 900 Barton St #111, Fredericksburg, VA 540-373-3704 Volunteers Wecome! Contact us about donating collections of documents and photographs

front porch fredericksburg

May 2022


Mental Health mental health of modern dad By anthony nedelman, Ph.D. burden our mental health.

Like most men, I find myself unable to keep all the plates spinning nicely on their poles. As a husband, father of a threeyear-old and a four-month old, and a working professional, the only time I can get anything done for me is while everyone is asleep. Which is why I snuck downstairs at 5:00 am to work on this very important topic: Dads Need Help. More specifically, dads need help with their mental health. The Modern Dad The modern dad does way more today than the dads of our ancestors. Dads are pushing the boundaries of "manly" stereotypes and doing activities that our great-grandfathers would probably chuckle at. A few examples: Laundry Vacuuming Cleaning the house Diaper changes Cooking Shopping Arranging play dates This is the abbreviated version of a very long list. Add occupational responsibilities and house/car maintenance, and it's no surprise that dads today are struggling to keep up with life's demands. I can hear the not-so-silent cries of the partners of these men shouting, "Welcome to my world!" It's a valid point that I don't want myself or any man to forget. Mothers have long played the dual role of homemaker and full-time employee. Many work fulltime, come home and clean, care for the kids, rinse and repeat. For whatever the reason, many dads don't have the same knack for juggling all of those responsibilities. It is because of this that many are feeling the weight start to


May 2022

How Paternal Mental Health Affects the Family D a d s ' emotional well-being is on the decline and, quite frankly, it is being overlooked. Recent research has demonstrated that when fathers' mental health declines, so does the quality of their coparenting relationships. Families with fathers who struggle with mental health issues, particularly during early childhood, tend to have children with more difficulties managing their emotions and behaviors. In other words: Fathers affect the quality and stability of the family. It seems so intuitive, yet, psychological research largely undervalues and/or fails to acknowledge or incorporate dads. This spans the entire spectrum of fatherhood - from the perinatal period throughout all of the major milestones of being a dad - fathers are largely absent from psychological research. What Are The Barriers To Care? It is essential for fathers to seek care when they need it, however, so many don't. A few likely explanations include: Men are left to figure things out when it comes to the transition to fatherhood. We are, as Dr. Chuck Schaeffer puts it, in the Dark Ages when it comes to supporting new fathers. Paternal mental health is a newer field of study, and a lot of the data is suggesting that the transition impacts father's mental health just as much as mothers. Men are poorer treatmentseekers. This relates to the deeply ingrained cultural ideas about masculinity and how we as men are "supposed" to feel and behave. At a young age, boys and teens are told to "walk it off" and "man up." They are taught, sometimes explicitly sometimes not, that showing emotions is a sign of weakness. Thus, they grow up into men, and subsequently fathers, who struggle with acknowledging, communicating and managing their emotions. Men's options are a little more limited in mental health clinicians. Clinicians are not often equipped to navigate the complexities of working with

Front porch fredericksburg

men and boys, and there are a number of gender-specific issues that men and boys need attending to. The mental health landscape is primarily made up of clinicians who have been trained almost solely with female clientele (men don't seek treatment at the same rate that women do). Men don't have as many options - and the options they do have may not be best suited to their needs.

ble at Availa Amazo

With these barriers in mind, it is essential for us to acknowledge paternal mental health and to encourage dads, and all men, to seek mental health care when they are struggling. So, before I go back to the world of laundry and play dates, let me leave my fellow fathers with this: You Dad have the power to influence great change in your family and even the future generations that come after you. The decisions you make today, positive or negative, are being evaluated by your children. Set the example: when you need help, ask for it; feelings are real, don't ignore them; and, you are no less a man for doing so.

Anthony Nedelman, Ph.D., is a fellow in the Department of Family Medicine at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland. Dr. Nedelman is a strong advocate for men's health and is in the process of writing a book that addresses paternal mental health. You can find him on Facebook and Instagram, although he admits he is too tired chasing his kids to post as much as he'd like.

To learn more about NAMI programs, visit Website

Donate to a Cancer Organization Let’s Find a Cure!

Diane Bachman,LCSW Psychotherapist/Astrologer Now offering psychological astrology & astrological consultations In addition to Individual, family & marital therapy Hypnosis Expressive Arts 540.845.7622

Have You Tried Acupuncture?

Emancipated Patients circadian illness By Patrick Neustatter, MD

Call Now to Schedule 540.847.6985

A visit to the Prime Meridian in London, and the consequent jet lag, has got me thinking about time zones and circadian cycles - and how when they're out of sync it screws you up. A Mean Time Wife Paula and I are just back from a long-postponed visit to family in England, in the course of which we took a boat trip down the Thames to Greenwich. This is the location of The Prime Meridian, indicated by a metal strip running through the courtyard of the Greenwich Observatory. It is the longitude that, in 1721 was designated as indicating time zero and the reference point for time measurement for shipping around the world - known as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) (apparently there was much vexed negotiation about this - but it was a time when the Brit's had the clout to make these grandiose proclamations) Living in England, your circadian rhythms are tuned to GMT. On the east coast of the US, we are 5 hours behind (when it's tea time in Greenwich it's only 11 am in Fredericksburg). When you travel, it is the mismatch, between the body's sleep/wake cycle and the cues of the environment like light exposure, meal and work times, social engagement and physical activity that causes jet lag with its disturbed sleep, fatigue, moodiness, GI upset, and the feeling that your brain is lollygagging still half way across the Atlantic (making trying to explain these esoteric concepts a bit challenging).

early but wake early - which is the pattern in older people. A change, that particularly intrigues me, is the opposite. Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder, where the person can't get to sleep till late, then can't wake up till lunch time if you're lucky - which seems to be a universal pattern in teens. This is usually blamed on wantonness and sloth, but there is evidence of spontaneous circadian cycle shift in teens - and some, compassionate schools start classes later to accommodate. Reset Your Clock There are things you can do to try to match your rhythms to the world around you. Like leading a regulated life, going to sleep and waking up at a fixed time. And practicing good sleep hygiene. Exposure to bright light is used to artificially control melatonin secretion. Occasionally sleep medicines can help synthetic melatonin being the most macrobiotic. For jet lag, the guru of this subject seems to be Dr. Charles F. Ehret, a senior scientist at the Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois who has co-authored Overcoming Jet Lag. He recommends alternating feast days and fast days, starting several days before you travel. A friend who is a frequent flyer tells me he "heartily recommends" this and explained how on feast days you eat high protein foods for breakfast and lunch and carbs for the evening meal. Then on the feast days, you just eat very little.

When Your Cycle's Broken The body's clock that controls sleep/wake cycles, temperature, glucose metabolism, hormone levels, and much else, is located in the suprachiasmatic nucleus in the hypothalamus. It is primarily light exposure that sets the clock by its effect on the pineal gland and melatonin secretion.

By the time you read this, hopefully my biological clock will have adapted to US time. But the several days of jet lag that has addled my brain is testimony to how surfing time zones, or having ones hypothalamus out of sync with the environment, is a doozie.

But you don't have to travel the world for your bio-rhythms to be screwed up.

Walking the Prime Meridian (where you can stand with one foot in the western hemisphere and one in the eastern)

There are a series of illnesses like Irregular Sleep-w wake Rhythm Disorder where sleep is random.; Shift Work Sleep Disorder where your body's rhythms are in conflict with your work cycle; Non-24 wake Disorder - where your hour Sleep-w internal clock is not on a 24 hour cycle.

Patrick Neustatter, MD is the Medical Director of the Moss Free Clinic

There's also Advanced Sleep Phase Disorder where you want to sleep front porch fredericksburg

May 2022


Cover Artist David C. Kennedy

David C. Kennedy likes to go to the bridge at the Fredericksburg train station on occasion to take photos. According to Kennedy, the bridge is a popular site for photographers, and he tries to go different times of the year. The season will be different, the lighting different. The mood of the landscape changes, the texture of the rocks and tracks shift. A wellknown landmark transforms every time with a snap of his camera.

“I've been fascinated by art and photography for as long back as I can remember, so there's never really been any question in my mind about what career path I'd take in life. As a visual communication professional, I've worked a wide variety of jobs over the years - graphic designer, illustrator, painter, sculptor, and most recently, photographer. I strive to maintain a high level of quality, creativity and originality in all of the work that I produce. Most importantly, providing my customers with images that exceed their expectations is always my ultimate objective’ "My artistic skills compliment and often influence my photographic work" he says "Photographers can bring life into any subject matter."

And Kennedy is always looking for a new shot Kennedy moved to Fredericksburg after living in Crofton, Maryland among other states. According to Kennedy, he took photos in high school, but he could not pursue photography fully until he went to school at The Art Institute in Pittsburgh, where he received a degree in Visual Communication. "It's funny how I thought photography would be a side thing, it is all I do now," Kennedy said

Check out David's portfolio at :

Life Coaching don’t loose your health over money By Marcia Grimsley Renowned Life Coach Anthony (Tony) Robbins once made this statement when discussing a recent economic crisis: "Don't lose your mind over money." Later when asked what he meant by his remark, Robbins explained that "each one of us is most definitely responsible for, and in charge of, his own economic challenges." How we think about and handle our finances can create stress in our life, mind, and body. This thinking can contribute or detract from our physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being. Now is the opportune time to stop and reflect on what you truly do believe about the personal power you hold over your life. You might begin to question, just what are your beliefs about yourself and money? Often, are feelings about ourselves are tied in to our feelings about our money. When we feel victimized, unfairly treated, or controlled by forces outside ourselves, we often think we are powerless to control our financial life. Financial advisers, professional life coaches, and therapists can be a good source of help for healing self-esteem and self-empowerment issues. Modern science teaches us, that an individual's perception of the world can create their experience of it. When frightened, we may respond from thoughts of fear, resulting in a life based on scarcity and lack. However, if we want our financial life to be quite different, we will need to work on changing our perceptions. This often requires making a major shift within us. Remember, men and women do become millionaires in prosperous times, as well as financially difficult times. If we trust that this is an abundant world, and we deserve to be part of that abundance, it is easier to hold a belief in our prosperity and achieve it. Believing that prosperity is unattainable, contributes to the feelings of financial powerlessness. Movie director Michael Todd once explained, "I have been wealthy, and I have been broke in my lifetime. However, I am always prosperous, because prosperity is a state of mind. Eventually, I always climb up the ladder toward wealth again, because of my attitude."


May 2022

Front porch fredericksburg

Be willing to take a close look at your own belief system. If you think that prosperity is possible, regardless of current world economic conditions, prosperity can be within your reach. Your personal power to create and attract wealth begins within you! By utilizing reason, combined with intuition, and knowledge, we can move forward. We can start to have a more stable and more rewarding financial life. George Barnard Shaw wrote, "Imagination is creation." He continues to say, "We imagine what we desire. We will what we imagine, and we create what we will."

Rules for a Healthy Financial Attitude Author Napoleon Hill, "Think and Grow Rich" 1) Visualize abundance for yourself and others. 2) Graciously accept prosperity in all its forms and make no excuses for its acceptance. 3) Always affirm abundance for yourself and others. 4) Mentally picture money coming to you, without limiting its source. 5) Keep your thinking in the present. All of our power to create prosperity lies in the present. 6) Be grateful for abundance in all areas of your life.

Marcia Grimsley, BA, MS, is a Professional Life Coach She offers Personal, Career & Business and Health & Welllbeing Coaching Contact her at 540-785-4104 or

Auto Known Better spring has sprung By Rim Vining 907 Princess Anne Street, Downtown Fredericksburg

A few of us still have a Webster's Unabridged and a Roget's Thesaurus on the shelf just in case Google fails us but I also have my trusty Bennet Cerf's, House Full of Laughter. Every year as the weather starts to warm, the earth is in bloom and the pollen lays so thick it harkens back to the dust bowl days I remember lines from that book. One was of a sign hung on the back of a pick-up from Seattle: Spring has sprung and grass has rizz Where last year's reckless driver is That always leads to Richard Armour's more famous: Shake and shake the catsup bottle: None will come and then a lot'll. Thank you Bennet Cerf.

You'll notice two things about those rhymes. The driver 'hung a sign' not a bumper sticker on his truck and catsup is spelled correctly. Try finding it on the grocer's shelf… which brings me to the crusade that AARP and various organizations have been trying to champion for years, age discrimination. Forget healthcare and housing issues or phone scams and where you can retire comfortably on $22.50 a month, we're talking about important age-based trends: the disappearance of Scotch from bars and cocktail parties and Detroit's abandonment of the sedan in favor of the SUV and giant truck.

with water the staff may have trouble with the rest of the meal. When you ask for a gin and tonic do they come in separate glasses? I've been told the bar didn't have ice cubes, only orbs, leaving me no alternative but to order ice-water from the kitchen and get the scotch 'neat' from the bar and mix my own. Kind of like a salad bar and buffet where you do all the work. This of course leads me to the Detroit problem. How the heck is the older population supposed to get into the new offerings? Which is harder; climbing up into the truck or finding some way to break your fall as you dismount? I still have all three levels of transport including a sports car, a couple of sedans and an older pick-up. They keep me young. I have to keep stooping and bending and standing up and climbing in and not falling off the tailgate. It's the Jack LaLanne Workout! What's old is new! We live in Fredericksburg where some houses still have steps at the curb for getting in and out of carriages. Maybe we'll see more of them and besides, in a few more years with no scotch and cars you can't get into, 'driving impaired' will be a thing of the past.

Rim Vining, humorist, friend and a devoted community volunteer

The Boomers perfected the cocktail party and the corner tavern after 'the war' and no self-respecting host would ever hold an event without a fully stocked bar which only included five items: Gin, Vodka, Bourbon, Rum and Scotch! Mixers were limited to water, soda, tonic and Coke. Maybe a 'Tom Collins' mix but that's about it and you drank whatever was offered. Choices might be limited but they were all 80 proof and did the trick. Nowadays it's four kinds of bourbon, three vodkas with different flavors from straight to coconut cream pie, a few gins with 'house-made' tonics that include lemon-grass, a couple rums and no damn scotch! And when you find a bar with scotch and ask for a scotch and water the waitron asks a thousand questions: "How would like that? Water back? Ice-orb in or on the side?" I figure if I have to explain how to put ice in a glass, add booze and top

front porch fredericksburg

May 2022


Art in Burg Art Galleries in May “Blue” exhibit by Penny A Parrish Opening , First Friday May 6, 5-9 9p Brush Strokes Gallery, 824 Caroline St. Penny A Parrish shows in her "Blue" exhibit that the works of a fine art photographer can convey the heart and essence not only of her subjects but also of the artist as well. Penny explains that the choice of Blue as a theme for the exhibit had two roots. One was the color of her feelings and mood throughout the pandemic when she was not able to pursue the joy of her life, travel. But, in addition, she wanted to highlight the soothing and comforting quality of the color in its variety of hues, from turquoise, to royal blue, to purple. "It turned out to be fun searching for blue through my inventory of photos from my trip to Croatia last summer and other photos that I had never framed or shown," Penny said. "The result was a collection that is different from any other show I have done. I don't typically take pictures of people but some emerged of figures that had attracted my interest for various reasons." A number of the works featured in the exhibit highlight the fluidity and movement associated with the color, such as "Beaches and Boat," the waters of "Blue," the bubble trails left by dancing "Jellyfish," and the rhythmic patterns of the abstract "Baer with Me." Penny's humor and use of double entendre are also present in the exhibit in the actual color of the Amor sign in "Love is Blue," and the "Blue Sunglasses" featured in the photo of a sunbather in toes-up bliss. Photos from past ventures abroad include "Ferris Wheel, Paris," "Stone House, Blue Door,' and the image of a man washing down his horse in "Morning Bath, Nile." "I hope all who come to Brush Strokes will leave with smiles or insight into this photographer's view of our world," said Penny. ~Collette Caprara "Faces & Figures" & Karie Anderson, "Caught My Eye", FCCA, 813 Sophia St ~Valerie Lecea

Canal Quarter Arts 1517 Princess Anne ST Sewing Demo by Harmonie Proctor First Friday, May 6, 6-8 8:30 ~Jeannie Ellis

Darbytown Art Studio First Friday, May 6, 5-8 8:30 Featured Henry Day, Allen Melson and Matt Huntley. T. “Love is Blue”, Penny A Parrish@Brush Strokes "A Touch of Magic" by Skeeter Scheid Opening Reception First Friday, May 6, -6 6-9 9pm Artful Dimensions, 923 Caroline Elizabeth (Skeeter) Scheid is a fiber artist whose fanciful fairies display her curiosity, love of surprises, and her sense of humor. Our imaginations will soar as her art dolls bring a touch of magic into our lives. Come see them in joyful play at

Fiber Art by Skeeter Scheid @ BSG Artful Dimensions Gallery on First Friday, May 6, and throughout the month of May. ~ Sally Cooney Anderson

PONSHOP, 712 Caroline Street Features fine art, ceramics, jewelry by local artist and regional artists

:"The Spring Show," an amazing collection of paintings by award-w winning artists Sophia Constantine and Wayne Russell. Opening Reception, May 6, 6-8 8p Art First, 824 Caroline ST

“USCT Couple”, Hubert Jackson @Art Alliance The Artists' Alliance opening May 13, 6-9 9p 100 Taylor St, Suite 101 Colonial Beach Gallery open Sat-S Sun, 11a -5 5p Hubert integrates his roots in his work, having grown up in Culpepper, VA.,

"The Spring Show," will encompass Fredericksburg in the Spring as it emerges into full bloom. It will highlight iconic views of the city, landscapes, portraits, views of the Fredericksburg Trails featuring the flora and fauna found there, as well as flower gardens, and still life subjects. All of this artistic bounty, including many works newly completed, will be executed “Spring on the Water”, Sophia Constantine in oils, acrylics, watercolors, and @ Art First photography. This exhibition is certain to be a feast for the eyes in the heart of the land of the Civil War. and a lively exhortation for the soul to He typically incorporates textures and savor the sights and sounds of the artifacts in his paintings. He is well known Fredericksburg area in Spring. as a master colorist as well as for the .. ~Jennifer Galvin spirituality of his paintings, that touch all viewers. ~ Rob Rudick y Works by Hubert .Jackson

810 Caroline Street, Downtown 540.371.4099 “Radiant Roses” Beverley Coates 24

May 2022

“Winter Trees Gulf of Finland”, Penny A Parrish

Front porch fredericksburg

“Sunrise Princess Anne St”, Lynn Abbott

Artist on Site Saturdays

Fredericksburg Photography Show An annual 40 year tradition bY carol bochert The Fredericksburg Photo Show has been an annual event for 40 years, having had as many as 600+ entries in one year. Originally sponsored by Fredericksburg Parks and Recreation, with help from the Fredericksburg Photography Club, the show is now sponsored by the Club, in conjunction with Parks and Rec.

2021 Best in Show, "Love You Mom", by Andrew Sentipal The 2022 Annual Fredericksburg Photography Show will be live this year. Last year's show was successful as a virtual

show, but it is exciting to be back in person this year.

Also on the website you will find more information about the Fredericksburg Photography Club, which was established in 1986. The Photo Club is open to anyone interested in photography. Membership includes photographers at all skill levels from

It is an ideal venue to showcase your work or to see what other photographers are doing. There is still time to enter -- your entry must be postmarked by May 4, 2022. There are seventeen categories to enter: Abstract, Animals, Architecture, Birds, Digital Art, Landscape, Life in Virginia, Macro/Closeup, Monochrome, Panorama, Plants, Street Photography, Portraiture, Sunrise/Sunset, Unclassified. Waterscape, and a Junior category for budding photographers 18 and under. First place in each category wins $25, Most Popular $25. Best in Show will win $125 and the Best Junior will win $50. It is free to come enjoy the Photography Show once it opens to the public. This year's show is at the Dorothy Hart Community Center, 408 Canal Street, Fredericksburg. Show dates and times are: May 12 - 4p-8p May 13 - 4p-8p May 14 - 10a-4p May 15 - 12p-4p Club member and Vice President, Andy Sentipal, will be conducting two classes on Saturday starting at 1:00p, beginning with "Introduction to Photography," followed by "Composition." Entry forms and information are available on our Club website ( Questions can be addressed to or by calling Carol Bochert at 804-840-2580.

“Sisters on a Hot Day” Eleaner Loos beginners to advanced using digital and/or film. Club members work cooperatively to raise the level of excellence for all and to promote an awareness of photography in the community. The club has a growing roster of over 50 active members. Meetings are on the second Tuesday of the month and are open to the public if you would like to attend one before joining. Even if you don't enter this year, be sure to come to the Community Center and stroll through and enjoy the show.

Carol Bochert, Treasurer of the Fredericksburg Photography Club, is Co-Chairwoman of the Photo Show.

front porch fredericksburg

May 2022


Sophia Street Throwdown 5th annual event returns june the date! interesting pieces with primitive firing, introducing soluble iron, copper, cobalt, and silver to produce the elusive main element - the ghost of a leaf. These pieces are first bisqued, then the only fuel I use for the pit-firing comes from downed sticks in my backyard." See more of Barbara's colorful and pit-fired work on her website:

On Saturday, June 11th the annual Sophia Street Pottery Throwdown will be happening in front of the Sophia Street Studios at 1104 Sophia Street in downtown Fredericksburg. More than 20 exhibitors will be set up in the street to display and sell their ceramic art.

publishes an annual "Cats and Cups" calendar and donates the profits to animal rescue charities. You can see samples of Lisa's ceramic work, as well as her whimsical "Cats and Cups" photographs at or Norfolk-based ceramic artist Barbara Mann (right) will be joining the Throwdown again this year with her popular, colorful botanical work. "I am in awe of the beauty and singularity of flowers and inspired by images from botanical illustrations, to garden photographs, to O'Keeffe macro paintings and primitives by Rousseau. My forms are simple and quiet so that I can use surfaces as a canvas for both stylized nods to nature and happy doodles. My pieces are wheel-thrown clay. I paint colorful, matte slips onto greenware and once-fire in an electric kiln. Lampshades are made from mulberry-type papers highly fibrous papers add interest when the light shines through."

Lisa Zolandz

New to the Throwdown this year is artist Lisa Zolandz from Manassas, Virginia. Lisa's handmade iridescent ceramics shine in an array of metallic hues. "My work begins in the glaze lab, where I systematically approach experimentation with glaze chemistry to develop crystalline and iridescent glazes. The combination of small changes in the chemical makeup of my glazes and minor variations in the firing process drives my process. While the research will never be complete, I have a palette of glazes that I developed through thousands of considered tests. With the glazes in mind, I sit down at the potter's wheel to create porcelain vessels with a simple elegance. Round, fluid forms are my favorite canvas to showcase glaze and vessel." In addition to her cosmic ceramics, Lisa is also a kitten rescuer. She


May 2022

In addition to her colorful work, Barbara also does pit-fired pieces with an earthier feel."I am getting some

Front porch fredericksburg

Fredericksburg favorite Ana Brugos will also be at the Throwdown this year. Ana has a studio at Libertytown and does functional work with handpainted local themes. "I enjoy drawing images on my pots. Eventually I discovered the Mishima technique and it gave me the ability to play with colors and have painterly images on the pots. I find inspiration in our surroundings, flowers and animals from the back yard, the landscape, experiences. I specially like to celebrate our town by drawing the skyline of Fredericksburg, the Chatham bridge, and so on."

Studios. Trista has been making pottery for over 30 years and is known for her crazy colorful "Tristaware." You can see Trista's work and other fun furniture, jewelry and more at the Sophia Street Studios, 1104 Sophia Street, open Thursday through Saturday from 10-5.

The Sophia Street Pottery Throwdown was started by longtime local ceramic artist and Fredericksburg resident Trista Chapman of the Sophia Street

Mark your calendars for Saturday, June 11th and join the Sophia Street Studios celebration of local ceramic art!

Ana Brugos

Sheila Shadmand trailblazing lawyer delivers UMW Commencement Speech by Anna Billingsley

Sheila Shadmand '95 will be UMW's 2022 Commencement speaker. Through her prominent and celebrated work in the field of law, Shadmand has been a trailblazer for women in the Middle East University of Mary The Washington will return to its Commencement traditions with the 2022 ceremony being held for the first time in two years on Ball Circle. This UMW Commencement, beginning at 9 a.m. Saturday, May 7, will be the first to include both undergraduate and graduate students. The speaker will be Sheila Shadmand, a 1995 graduate of Mary Washington who received her juris doctorate in 1998 from the University of Virginia School of Law. Shadmand, a partner at Jones Day one of the world's largest law firms, has been a trailblazer for women in the Middle East. She became the first female head of an international law firm in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 2012 and in Saudi Arabia in 2020. Fluent in French and Farsi, she is currently in charge of Jones Day's Middle East and Africa region. Presented with Mary Washington's Outstanding Young Alumni Award in 2010, Shadmand was one of Global Investigations Review's top 100 "Women in Investigations" last year. She was also recently named by Asian Legal Business among its MENA Super 50, which highlights standout lawyers in the Middle East and North Africa region. And she is consistently ranked by Chambers and Partners as one of the top investigations lawyers in the UAE.

During her nearly 25 years of practicing law, Shadmand has conducted investigations in over 35 countries in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia region from Iraq, to Pakistan, to Nigeria, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She has represented several of Jones Day's largest clients before the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission. She has appeared on CNN, MSNBC, Bloomberg and a number of other news broadcasts and print media in connection with her work. The Legal 500, which has perennially recognized Shadmand as a leading lawyer, says: "She knows how to navigate the law - and people - to get results.".

Anna Billingsley is Associate Vice President of University Relations at UMW

University of Mary Washington 2022 Commencement Saturday, May 7, 9 am Ball Circle

front porch fredericksburg

May 2022


Companions may flowers bring alleries by gerri reid, dvm

The trees are budding and the flowers are blooming. And we all can see the pollen on our cars and for others feel the effects of the pollen. Allergy Season is here my friends! As much as we are affected by allergies, for many dogs and cats, it can affect them as well. This is the time of the year where we see more cases of sneezing, watery eyes and itchy skin. So, let’s talk allergies. Flea allergy dermatitis (FAD) is the most common allergy seen in pets. External irritants such as fleas can cause extreme itching which in turn can cause skin infections. Pets that suffer from FAD tend to have a hypersensitivity to flea salvia. When a flea bites your pet, a small amount of salvia is introduced under the skin. Flea bites may become red and inflamed which will cause your pet to begin to scratch and chew at the site. Pets with FAD will need to be treated with antibiotics at times as well as monthly flea/tick prevention. Food allergy is also another form of allergies seen in pets. This form of allergy can manifest itself as gastrointestinal issues or skin infections. The reaction occurs due to the immune system’s hypersensitivity to a protein in a food. Beef, dairy, wheat, egg, chicken, lamb and soy are the most common food allergens in dogs, in this order; common culprits in cats include beef, dairy and fish. Food allergy accounts for only 10% of pet allergies. Treatment includes food elimination diet in which a hypoallergenic diet will be prescribed by your Veterinarian. Environmental allergies are relatively common in small animals. Most pets are faced with seasonal allergies where the symptoms are seen during certain seasons such as Fall or Spring. These are the seasons that we tend to see more pollen or mold due to the falling


May 2022

leaves or the blooming flowers/trees. Common irritants include dust mites, mold, mildew, and pollens from grass, trees and weeds. Symptoms include full body itching, excessive scratching, licking/biting which can cause hair loss and infection. Occasionally we will see watery eyes, runny or stuffy nose, sneezing and coughing. Diagnosing environmental allergies includes blood testing and skin testing. This test will measure the body’s immune response to suspected allergens and confirm the diagnosis of environmental allergies. Your Veterinarian can then prescribe allergy injections or drops to help desensitize your pet to an allergen. Treatment takes time, so during the treatment phase, your pet may need to treated with antihistamines or corticosteroids and medicated shampoo to control the symptoms. Allergies in pets can be frustrating for pet owners. Treatment requires a commitment to testing and treatment protocols. Part of the treatment may also require frequent visits to your Veterinarian. These visits will help ensure the prescribed treatment is working for your pet. If you know your pet has seasonal allergies, be proactive and begin to treat them before the season begins. My advice…Pack Your Patience when dealing with allergies and trust the recommendations of your Veterinarian.

Dr. Gerri S. Reid is the Owner/Veterinarian of Reid Mobile Veterinary Services. She can be reached at 540-623-3029 or or facebook @ReidMobileVetServicesa

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Astrology & You personal impact


By Dianne Bachman

By Frank Fratoe

A Writer’s Vow I would like to reclaim poetry from an obsession with despair recurring since the late 1900’s enhanced by authors, reviewers and academics whose theme bears the dread that is their anguish when they indulge with self-pity. So I write verse eager to bring the joy of many wonders given us in a constant rehearsal we live as wind blows through our hair and sunshine yet lingers at dusk and grass moves under our feet and a child’s dance is the world! Frank Fratoe lives & writes in the city.he loves.

With the recent Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in April, I decided to take a deep dive into my own chart to explore the impact of these planets in my life. Though the conjunction in Pisces is a oncein-a-lifetime event, these planets do come together in other signs and with other angles. I have kept journals since 1983, so they come in handy when trying to recollect details about what was happening in my life during specific time periods. I found that for me when Jupiter and Neptune come together there are

themes of renewal and/or significant spiritual experiences. You may want to try to do research yourselves. It has been through research like this that I came to appreciate the language of astrology and how it works in my life. For me, this quote by Chrissie Blaze, Astrologer, illustrates the big picture: "Astronomy means 'naming the stars' and astrology 'the logic of the stars.' Astronomy represents the glove, while astrology is the living spirit of the hand inside the glove." May promises to be an energizing month with lots of planetary action, including a lunar eclipse and the dreaded Mercury retrograde (that does not really have to be so dreaded). May 2 Venus will enter the sign of Aries. Since the first part of April, Venus traveled through Pisces, day-dreamy, romantic, or illusory for some. Well, now she is turning up the heat in Aries! Whether you are running a track race or going on a hot date, this planet is ready for action. Passion and intensity abound. May 10 Jupiter joins Venus in Aries. Any revelations or spiritual insights you received during the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction can be more easily applied to your life now. There is available energy to operationalize and focus the abstract. May 16 Full Moon in Scorpio and a full Moon eclipse. With the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio, opportunities for healing and rebirth are favored. Anything that does not support our personal journey regarding self-worth or what we truly value illuminates the path for transformation. This full Moon eclipse makes connections with Mercury, Mars, Pluto, and Neptune, giving the capacity for insight and action. Saturn also forms a strong aspect, which favors taking responsibility for change. This could create a challenge in removing blockages regarding our path toward a deeper honesty with ourselves. May 18 Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces gives us the oomph to fight for our dreams and ideals, to initiate action that gives form to what we can imagine. This is a wonderful time to brainstorm if you feel stuck or need to take initial steps to ready the launch of an idea or a project.

May 20 the Sun enters the sign of Gemini. One day after this ingress, Mercury makes an exact conjunction with the Sun, and this is what we call a "cazimi." Mercury rules Gemini, so it feels right at home here and the powers of communication, curiosity, learning, and sociability are highlighted. This is quite intense energy, so there can be the potential for feeling edgy or anxious during the next few days. Take extra care to ground yourself as this energy can become scattered & overwhelmed quickly. May 22 Mercury stations retrograde in Gemini and will travel back to Taurus until June 3. As always, this is an excellent time to slow down and be more cautious and deliberate. This could be a call to mindfulness for some, as the Mercury retrograde can be associated with errors, miscommunications, and kafuffles regarding Mercurian things (transportation, internet, travel, communication). May 24 Mars enters its homeplace of Aries. Dynamic energy abounds and if you have been lacking courage, this is a time to get in touch with your inner warrior strength. Be careful not to be too impulsive or rash, though, as this is fiery energy. May 28 Venus enters the sign of Taurus. Beauty, art, sensual pleasures are highlighted for the next month. If you have been thinking about changing up your living space, now is the time to experiment with color, texture, comfort. There is a strong earth connection so gardening, visiting a lovely garden, or appreciating a walk in the woods is favored. May 29 Mars joins Jupiter in Aries. Jupiter tends to expand anything it touches, so Mars energy is given a boost of Vitamin C for Confidence. Initiating a project or idea or finishing something is supported, as well as travel or studies and higher learning. May 30 New Moon in Gemini invites us to set our monthly intentions development. We can now call to for self-d and invite what we want into our world. Communication, social circles, innovative ideas, adventures, research, and curiosity are all areas engaged with Gemini energy. Diane Bachman is a psychotherapist & astrologer practicing in FXBG. She can be reached at painting, Zodiac Man circa 1417

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May 2022


Fredericksburg Sketches A visual Celebration of our community

By Paula Raudenbush

Gazebo at Chatham Manor Spring in Fredericksburg! Is there anything better? The tulips all over town have been spectacular. As I write this, the dogwoods are in full splendor and everything else is just about to burst with color. Virginia weather is temperamental to say the least but I do love the different seasonsand the seasons within seasons. With all this opulence however, I am sharing a simple sketch this month in the "less-is-more" category. This scene is the gazebo at Chatham Manor sketched from the Fredericksburg side of the river. It was done very quickly just to convey the bright white structure on top of the hill. Now I'm going to get out my paints and sketch some of this glorious spring color. Hope you are outside enjoying our city in it's fancy dress. Paula Raudenbush is a local artist and organizer of the Fredericksburg Chapter of Urban Sketchers International (on Facebook at Urban Sketchers Fredericksburg.

Give a Child Something to Think About

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May 2022

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810 Caroline Street (540) 371-5684

Bill Carroll my stroke journal friend. Like a blanket, all of my hearing on the left side of my head just disappeared. Gone! Then my body was screaming at me and as if saying, "this is going to be a really bad day!"

Strokes. An Ischemic Stroke is what I experienced. Well, 6 really and if you count all the mini ones I still get… that number is in the 40's. It all started with stress. Thursday May 5th 2016 at 11:30am will forever change my life. I was sitting in my studio at B101.5 where I create commercial spots among other things every day. I was recording with a client, someone who also happens to be a

S o there I sat, now my left foot, leg, hand and face started to get tingly and heavy, becoming more & more numb. My right ear was closing up as well. I was getting a little nervous but more for the fact that I didn't want to disturb her recording session. Crazy I know! About that time my head started to get fuzzy with tunnel vision slowly kicking in and then extreme vertigo. I was fighting all these feelings at

this point trying to act normal while I was losing control of all normalcy with my body. She finished her recording session and left, having no idea I was in the middle of a medical emergency. I couldn't focus on anything anymore and dropped to the floor with panic setting in and at this point really getting scared. I managed to get myself up and wobble to the door. I opened it and walked like a drunk man to the seating area couch. My co-worker asked me what was wrong and all I could get out in a slurred voice was, "call 911". What felt like just seconds later, the ambulance showed up. It was so scary and I really thought that was it for me. My time was up. That's one of the worse feelings ever. In and out of consciousness, the next thing I really remember was being inside a CT scanner at the ER. Everything was still all fuzzy and I was terrified as to what was happening and what could still happen. Weeks later, I was still in the hospital feeling like something was not quite right with my body. Boy was I right! I was discharged and back to the hospital less than 24 hours later.

According to the Mayo Clinic, an Ischemic Stroke occurs when the blood supply to part of the brain is interuppted or reduced, preventing brain tissue from getting oxygen and nutrients. Brain cells begin to die in minutes. It is the most common type of stroke Symptoms include: Trouble speaking and understanding what others are saying. You may experience confusion, slur words or have difficulty understanding speech Paralysis or numbness of face, arm or leg. Also, one side of mouth may droop Problems seeing in one or both eyes Headacke, and/ordizziness Trouble walking. Seek immediate medical attention. Do Not wait to see if symptoms stop. Every minute counts

What have I learned from all this and why did I want to share my story with you? Never take life for granted! Live life now! If you have dreams, GO FOR THEM! Now, I bring my experience to other stroke survivors and turn what happened to me into strength and awareness.

Shop Local Welcome to Downtown Fredericksburg’s Main Street District

You can read this whole story on my Stroke Journey at I am still breathing and so fortunate to be surrounded by amazing friends and coworkers. I will never allow this to get the best of me! Bill Carroll plays Today’s Best Music on B101.5, Monday-Friday, 7-11:59 pm

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May 2022