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Saltwater Fishing FE A T URI NG F LA T S A ND B L U E W A T E R D E S T I N A T I O N S W O R L D W I D E

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Mike Fitzgerald Co-Owner and President Joe Codd Saltwater Department Manager and North America Big Game Hunting

Bob Artzberger Seychelles and Mexico’s Yucatan

Meet the Team Nearly 200 years of combined saltwater fishing expertise. Our team shares your passion for the outdoors.


Derek Hathazy Central America and Los Roques

rontiers does more exploratory travel and on-site evaluation than any other travel company. Our experts visit the places they

love every year to stay up-to-date on the best accommodations and activities and to keep in touch with our partner organizations on the ground. Our unparalleled destination knowledge spans the globe. We are uniquely able to help our clients compare options within the context of their preferences, objectives, budgets and past travel experiences. n

Joe Linscott Bahamas, Christmas Island and . United States wingshooting

Denise Schreiber Belize, Cabo San Lucas and American West

Tarquin Millington-Drake Managing Director for the Frontiers U.K. office

Richard Scrope Seychelles, Argentina, Iceland, Russia, and U.K. shooting and stalking for U.K. clients

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So much has been written about this little piece of fishermen’s paradise in such a short time that it’s often difficult to remember that from a sport fishing perspective it’s only about 20 years old. In that amount of time the hunger for newer, better, more out of the way fishing resources has quadrupled. In fact, it’s become a little challenging to navigate the offerings and what makes one Seychelles island different from the rest. So much of it is splitting hairs, but there are differences that should be pointed out to help you achieve that perfect fishing trip. Below are some generalizations that hopefully will help guide you into a conversation with us and will help you determine the best fit in terms of achieving your fishing and travel goals.


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LPHONSE ISLAND AND THE ST. FRANÇOIS LAGOON– We first explored this amazing wonderland in 1999, living aboard the vessel Tam-Tam while the resort was being constructed. We were quite literally putting footsteps in the sand for the very first time, and the fishing was mindboggling. Every minute there was a distraction from one species to the next. Alphonse still maintains its status of being the best of the bunch when it comes to species variety, and gone are the days of distraction, because the Alphonse guide team strategizes a game plan daily that allows for the best options for each of the species based on tides. Still the best place on the planet to have 20+ bonefish days, Alphonse delivers so much more, with good numbers of GTs, milkfish, blue-fin trevally, Indo-Pacific permit, triggerfish, and a host of strange denizens of the deep that will keep you checking off the boxes for an entire week. Diving, snorkeling, and a lovely spa offer the perfect reason to bring a non-fishing companion along. Access is the easiest of the bunch with a one and a half hour flight from the island of Mahé. Season is Oct.–May. ASTOVE – One of the smaller islands where GT fishing is king. That said, it is not a stand-alone affair, with bonefish, triggers and others serving to remind fishermen that there is, after all, a food chain working in this little corner of the world. Astove is a great wade fishing destination and perfect for intact groups of up to 6 anglers. SCUBA is also available, though we still consider Astove to be primarily a fisherman’s destination. Astove is the jumping off point for fishermen transferring by boat to Cosmoledo. Season is Nov.–April.

COSMOLEDO – GTs, GTs and more GTs. This is the big draw at Cosmoledo. Singularly-focused anglers will get their fill of opportunities to land the fish of a lifetime while spending a week on this rugged island. There are also bones, permit, milkfish and others to offer you a change of fishing scenery. SCUBA diving is also offered and the capacity is 10 fishermen. Season is Nov.–April. FARQUAHAR – Another island offering quick access from Mahé, Farquahar is now a land-based operation offering 4 new double occupancy bungalows and a multi-species experience. A unique star on the flats here is the bumphead wrasse, an odd mix of beauty and beast wrapped into one large and tough package. GTs, bones and triggers are all present in good numbers and close proximity to blue water gives you shots at sails, tuna, wahoo and more over the course of a week’s fishing. The season runs OctoberDecember and again March–early May. PROVIDENCE – A live-aboard operation offering intrepid explorers fishing access to one of the most remote islands in the Indian Ocean via the 130 foot MV Maya’s Dugong. This is arguably the most untouched of the Seychelles atolls. Aside from the incredible fishing, clean, comfortable and simple air-conditioned accommodations and very good food mark this as a “must do” for those that want to top off their fishing bucket list. This is an all-species trip with a capacity of 12 fishermen. Season is split from October–mid-December and again from February through the end of April. n

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Aerial view of the famous St. François Lagoon – still the most prolific bonefish resource on the planet . . . and much more!


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Alphonse Island Resort If You Check One Destination off Your Bucket List, It Should Be Alphonse


lphonse Island Resort and the expansive hard white-sand flats surrounding the atolls of Alphonse and St. François provide the background

for the fly fishing experience of a lifetime. The atolls are home to incredibly large population of bonefish, three different types of triggerfish, barracuda, snapper, grouper, permit, three species of trevally (including the giant trevally) and the incomparable milkfish—just to name the most popular. The accommodations and facilities at Alphonse are among the most comfortable at any fly fishing destination in the world. FISHING: With multiple species caught on a fly, diversity gives anglers the opportunity to target a myriad of species during their stay. To ensure guests the ultimate fishing experience, only 12 anglers fish per week. Topnotch guides are on hand to share their passion for this unique fishery. ACCOMMODATION: Beachside bungalows feature queen beds, sitting area, private bathroom and private outdoor shower. The Le Lys central dining and bar area allows guests to socialize while enjoying their favorite drink and dining on the very best of traditional Creole creations. RATES: Operates October–April. A 7-night / 6-day fishing package is from $8,710 based on single accommodation and shared boat / guide. A 7-night / 6-day leisure package is from $5,600. The round trip charter from Mahé is $850 per person. Park fee is $175 for all guests. Limited to 12 anglers per week. n Upgrade to one of the Luxury Beachfront Villas

Interior look at the Standard Bungalow

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The milkfish; a true fly rod trophy = pound for pound the toughest to land on a fly

Astove Island Resort Wild, Remote, Fly Fishing: Perfect for Adventure-Seeking Anglers


his small, uninhabited coral island is located 570 nautical miles southwest of the main island of Mahé. Its shallow lagoon has one small entrance

leading to the ocean that is surrounded by sheer dropoffs teeming with fish. Big GTs rule the island, but bonefish, permit, barracuda, milkfish, bluefin trevally

Orientation briefing showing the plan for the week

and triggerfish are always ready to attack a fly. Bluewater fly fishing is measured in yards, not miles from the inlet. Yellowfin tuna, dogtooth tuna, wahoo and sailfish will test the sturdiest of tackle. Astove Island is without doubt a remarkable fly fishing experience! FISHING: The island is renowned as one of the premier GT fisheries in the world, and guests can wade the lagoon’s white-sand flats, fish the channel leading to the ocean or give bluewater fly fishing a try. Access the various fishing spots by boat or by land via ATV. Highquality wading boots are mandatory. ACCOMMODATION: Located in the completely renovated Coral House, the lodge has six bedrooms with en-suite bathroom providing standard amenities. The Coral House lodge also features the dining room, bar and sitting area. RATES: Open late November to mid-December and late February–April. The 7-night / 6-day fishing package is $12,950 for spring tide and $10,152 for neap tide. Based on per person for shared occupancy / shared guide. Round-trip charter flight from Mahé is included. Single occupancy / single guide rates are available upon request. Limit 6 anglers per week. n


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Cosmoledo Atoll Perfect, Once-in-a-Lifetime Adventure; Remote, Legendary Fishery


ocated 560 nautical miles southwest of the main island of Mahé, starting in the 2018/2019 season Cosmoledo Atoll will be a land-based operation.

The program runs Thursday–Thursday, providing the perfect opportunity for those wanting to extend their trip and enjoy the famed Alphonse Island fishing program. Cosmoledo may be the ultimate saltwater destination. The sheer numbers and variety of fish have amazed anglers from across the globe; it is the ultimate playground for the traveling angler. FISHING: Cosmoledo’s large white-sand flats, lagoon edges and channels are ruled by the notorious giant trevally. A plethora of other species makes Cosmoledo a truly special fishing destination. Bonefish, milkfish, IndoPacific permit, triggerfish, bluefin trevally and others call this amazing atoll home. ACCOMMODATION: Consisting of 8 double/twin en-suite rooms in custom designed beach cottages. Each cottage can be catered for as a double or twin setup with all the amenities and modern luxuries one can expect. From being en-suite to fully air-conditioned, each room boasts a front veranda with a seating area and well-appointed private outdoor shower. The central dining and entertainment area is located in a large tent with sand floors that are committed to the conservation, preservation and protection of the natural resources of Cosmoledo. The dining and entertainment area are equipped with all the necessary features to make your stay one of comfort including a fully stocked bar. RATES: The 7-night / 6-day package is $14,950 for shared accommodation / shared guide, and $18,100 for single room / shared guide, based on availability. Rate includes round-trip charter flights. Guests must arrive one day early in Mahé, as the charter departs early Thursday morning. Limited to 10 anglers per week. n

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Settling into one of the resorts Guest Houses

Farquhar Atoll One of the Most Exotic Saltwater Fly Fishing Destinations in the World


ocated 400 miles southwest of Mahé, Farquhar Atoll

ACCOMMODATION: The three separate duplex style

is the southernmost atoll in the Seychelles and is

chalets feature two beds in each room, air-conditioning

accessed via a one-hour-and-45-minute charter

and en-suite bathrooms. The lodge has a communal

flight. Known for their species variety, the flats consist

social area, dining room and bar. The popular open air

of hard white sand, turtle grass and broken coral, which

dining area has been rebuilt.

make for perfect wading conditions for the variety of species that roam the flats. Bluewater fly fishing is also available.

RATES: The 7-night / 6-day package is $9,500 per person for shared room / shared guide. The season will run October–December and March–early May. Package

FISHING: Farquhar offers sight fishing for giant trevally,

includes Mahé round-trip charter flight. Medical-

bonefish, Indo-Pacific permit, triggerfish and bumphead

evacuation insurance is mandatory due to the remote

parrotfish, to name a few—or, with bluewater close by,

location. Limited to 10 anglers per week. n

anglers can try their luck at some of the monsters of the deep: sailfish, tuna and wahoo. High-quality wading boots are required.


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Species Lover’s Nirvana + Rested Waters for Five Years = Fish On!


rovidence Atoll is back! Run by the experienced guides from Fly Castaway, it is truly a fly fishing utopia with giant and bluefin trevally, triggerfish,

bumphead parrotfish, bonefish and other species caught on the flats. With 46 kilometers of pristine white and turtle-grass flats, the enormous lagoon system has numerous channels linking the Indian Ocean. This is a liveaboard operation, and the 130-foot MV Maya’s Dugong, an ex–research vessel that was modified into a mother ship for long-range fly fishing expeditions, will be home for the week. FISHING: Providence has it all: GTs, triggerfish, bonefish, milkfish, permit and bumphead parrotfish. With deep water nearby, fish for yellowfin tuna, dogtooth tuna, wahoo and sailfish—all on a fly. Watching a pack of GTs ravage a school of bonefish on the flats is a sight no angler will ever forget. ACCOMMODATION: Accommodations are on the liveaboard vessel MV Maya’s Dugong, which has been upgraded and modified for long-range fly fishing trips. Guestrooms have en-suite bathroom, and the sleeping quarters, dining room and lounge are air-conditioned for maximum comfort. RATES: Open October–December and March–April time period. The 7-night / 6-day package is $12,500 per person for shared room / shared guide. Round-trip charter flight from Mahé to Farquhar Atoll is included. Limited to 12 anglers per week. n

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Providence Atoll

Arabian Fly A Diverse Fishery Offering Inshore, Offshore and Beach Fishing, All from One Location


man is bordered on the east by the Arabian Sea and on the west, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

This professionally guided operation is based out of the city of Salalah and the picturesque marina community of Hawana. Oman’s diverse waters offer a wide variety of fishing. Boat fishing for permit, milkfish, bluefish, pompano and multiple trevally species inshore and billfish, dorado and tuna offshore. You can also choose to hike into remote beaches and chase the elusive Indo-Pacific permit as they tail in the shallows or cast to largespot pompano and bluefish. n

Dubai Fly Fishing Dubai’s Premier Fly Fishing Outfitter – A Great Place to Stop on the Way to the Seychelles


he Arabian Gulf has a huge abundance of aquatic life, and the amount of fish one can find close to Dubai is astonishing. They are building some of

the largest man-made reefs in the world which have created vast habitats for small fish which in turn attract game fish. The main target is queenfish, a perfect fly fishing species. They are big, aggressive and jump once hooked, making for an amazing visual spectacle. There are also a variety of species to target including milkfish, several species of trevally, cobia, kingfish and more. Fly fishing off Dubai is truly a unique experience with the famous Burj Al Arab Hotel and many impressive landmark skyscrapers as a backdrop. Daily or multi-night packages are available. Please call Bob Artzberger for pricing information n


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What’s in Joe Codd’s Boat Bag Bonefish and Permit


utting together essentials for your bonefish and permit boat bag is typically a pretty straightforward affair. There are just a few items in my flats bag that I consider to be unique and have earned a regular place alongside the usuals in my kit. A PAIR OF LONG-HANDLED CURVED 7” FORCEPS – Proper handling of bonefish starts by limiting the amount of time that you stress a fish. That includes the quickest possible landing time, using barbless hooks, and very brief, if any, time out of the water for the fish. Anyone who has fished the flats long enough knows that on occasion a bonefish will take a fly deep in the recesses of its maw, sometimes behind the crushers. Extracting a hook from that area is a breeze with the right tool, but without it, hook removal can often be a frustrating practice, leading to a much-weakened fish being released back into a merciless food chain. Forceps are a great $10 purchase and a bit more specialized than a basic pair of saltwater pliers.

LENS CLEANERS – Here’s another inexpensive item that I cannot live without. Years of cleaning my very expensive sunglasses with napkins, paper towels and shirttails has taught me that nothing short of smashing your lenses will cut the lifespan of a pair of glasses more. Ever considered that the reason you’re not seeing the fish that your guide is seeing is because the fish are hiding behind a hundred micro-scratches on your lenses? Just Google “lens cleaners.” I particularly like the disposable packets and the clip-on re-usable types from companies like Vortex Optics and Chums. They can be attached right to your tackle bag. When they get dirty, wash them in soapy water, rinse well and dry. COLLAPSIBLE NEOPRENE CAN KOOZIES – Yep, that beer (or other less-fun beverage) will stay cold at least twice as long as it would without these little indispensable items. I wrap mine around spare spools or reels until around noon, when I need them for a really important task! 4-PIECE SPINNING OUTFIT – Call me a heathen. Whatev. When the wind’s howling at 20+ there is nothing more comforting than being able to still fish well, be it for bones, permit, cuda, or shark. I almost always have one with me. I call it trip insurance. n

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Bahamas The Bahamas offers something for everyone; seemingly endless white sand beaches for the beachcomber, infinite bonefish flats unrivaled in scope anywhere else on Earth, incredible diving and snorkeling, and cuisine and accommodations that range from spartan to lavish.

A Frontiers Delphi Club double courtesy of our U.K. office


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Perfect Destination on Abaco Island, Bahamas, for Anglers, Couples, Families


elphi Club entered the bonefishing scene around 2010 and has become a preeminent destination for anglers seeking a private setting with luxury amenities paired with one of the finest bonefish resources in the Bahamas. The Marls is an expansive flats region located only 10 minutes from the club. Delphi sits atop a bluff overlooking a sprawling white-sand beach and offers nonfishing activities such as guided or DIY birding, snorkeling, diving, golf, beaches, shelling, shopping in town, or simply lounging poolside. If you’re looking to introduce someone to bonefishing, Delphi is the place. FISHING: With more than 40 square miles to choose from, Delphi’s guides rarely encounter another skiff during a day of fishing in the Marls. This is a targetrich environment with fish averaging 2–3 pounds and plenty of bigger fish around. The Marls flats are a great place to get started as an angler.

Each room has access to the fantastic wraparound veranda overlooking the beach and Atlantic beyond

ACCOMMODATION: Delphi offers eight queenbed guest rooms, each with a veranda overlooking the Atlantic. Meals are a highlight of the stay, particularly dinners, which are chef-prepared fivecourse delights. There is an infinity pool, a spacious sitting room and a library to enjoy after a day on the water. RATES: February–May rates: 5-nights / 4-days $4,305 per person for double occupancy / shared guide. October–January offers a discount of $100 per person per night, excluding Christmas and New Year. Includes VAT. Single rates are available upon request. n

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Delphi Club

Mangrove Cay Club An Angling Industry Benchmark on Eastern Andros Island’s Middle Bight


oday’s best fishing locations are often arduous to

deserved reputation as some of the very best bonefish

access yet typically worth the effort. Mangrove

resources in the world.

Cay Club, however, offers traveling fishermen

an alternative scenario—ease of access with a fishing resource that has withstood the test of time. Owner / operators Liz and Alton Bain run this premier saltwater lodge within an hour of south Florida, featuring comfortable accommodations, attentive staff and world-class dining smack dab in the middle of one of the Bahamas’ best bonefishing resources. FISHING: The club has immediate access to the bountiful fisheries of the north, middle and south bights and the prosperous west side of Andros. No other Bahamas lodge can boast these attributes. These fisheries have a well-


ACCOMMODATION: Four spacious, air-conditioned duplex waterfront cottages accommodate up to 16 anglers. Each queen-bed room features vaulted ceilings, a ceiling fan, large en-suite bathroom with shower and a separate seating area for relaxation and gear prep. A waterfront veranda overlooking the middle bight, Wi-Fi internet in the main lodge and each guest room and a gorgeous in-ground swimming pool added in 2017 are some of the additional and notable amenities. RATES: October–June: 5-nights / 4-days $4,704 per person for double occupancy / shared boat. 12% VAT rate is included. Please call for single rates. n

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Deep Water Cay The Most Legendary Fishing Lodge in all of the Bahamas Since 1958


he eastern end of Grand Bahama Island has long been known for its fantastic bonefishing and it is especially renowned for bigger fish. Deep

Water Cay is ideally positioned to take advantage of this exceptional fishery and all of the legends in the bonefish world have fished here. Veteran, knowledgeable and hardworking guides in a great resource along with top-end food and accommodations and a friendly atmosphere coalesce to make Deep Water Cay a perennial favorite. FISHING: Flats fishing at Deep Water Cay is from the bow of a skiff or by wading the numerous hard white-sand flats. Both size and numbers of fish are impressive, and the guide pool is second to none. Anglers will occasionally encounter permit along with big barracuda and even mutton snapper. There’s also a bountiful reef and offshore fishing program which provides nightly entrees of grouper, snapper, mahi-mahi, wahoo and tuna. ACCOMMODATION: Nicely appointed waterfront cottages with queen beds, air-conditioning and en-suite bathrooms provide comfortable privacy. For larger groups or families, the Cay has gorgeous waterfront homes featuring access to the lodge and its amenities, the water sports center, the tennis courts and the gym. Guests flying by private charter will appreciate the convenience of the Cay’s own airstrip and on-site customs clearance. In addition to being a top tier bonefish lodge, Deep Water Cay is also attractive to non-anglers by offering other

Frontiers’ President Mike Fitzgerald Jr. releasing a nice DWC bonefish

fun outdoor pursuits such as shelling, guided snorkeling, kayaking, paddleboarding, sailing and tennis. RATES: Per person peak season rates (March, April, May, June, October, & November 1-15) 5-nights / 4-days of fishing based on shared cottage and boat is $5,299. Rate includes 12% VAT and 12% Resort Service Fee (staff gratuity). n

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H2O Bonefishing Trophy Bones and Easy Access Make H2O Popular with Anglers of All Levels


ocated in Freeport, Grand Bahama, H2O is an easy program to reach from the U.S.; guests fly to FPO and can often fish by noon. H2O’s reputation is

for big bones and a budding permit fishery along with seasonal shots at tarpon. Terrific offshore fly fishing for dorado and tuna are other seasonal options, and beginners enjoy the larger schools of more forgiving, smaller bonefish. H2O also appeals to the nonangler with access to scuba diving, snorkeling, beaches, a pool and shopping. The relatively new Bones Bar, with reserved seating for H2O guests, is the go-to venue for off-water camaraderie. FISHING: Bones average 4–5 pounds, and regular shots at 7–8-pound fish are the main attraction. Permit are seen spring–early fall, tarpon and mutton snapper May– September. The 17-foot flats skiffs are equipped with 85-HP outboards, VHF radio, cell phone, safety kits and leaning bar.

At day’s end Bones Bar offers fishermen a place to swap stories of fish caught and lost

ACCOMMODATION: The Pelican Bay Hotel offers two room types: 640-square-foot waterside rooms, and 750-square-foot suites, known as state rooms, with a separate living area. Each room boasts spectacular views from private balconies, complimentary coffee and espresso machines, Wi-Fi, cable TV and refrigerators. RATES: 5-nights / 4-days $2,988 per person based on double occupancy Waterside Room / shared boat. VAT is included. Single supplement is offered upon request. Contact Frontiers for more details on suite prices. n


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Grand Bahama is one of the best places in the Bahamas to chase trophy bonefish

Greg Vincent releasing an elusive permit, a great target for early summer angling on Grand Bahama

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North Riding Point Club


ocated just 25 minutes from Freeport, North Riding Point Club accommodates 14 anglers in five cottage rooms and a two-bedroom house. The

club’s location is on a beautifully remote 3-mile-long beach known as Burnside Cove. From here, it is an easy commute to miles of pristine flats with bonefish above average in numbers and size. Hells Bay Boatworks™ flats boats are trailered each day from the club to one of nine launching points on the island. Each landing affords access to either the prolific Little Bahama Bank to the north or the white-sand flats on the south. FISHING: The productive north-side flats extend 50 miles and at least that far southeast to Abaco Island. There are hundreds of square miles of fishable flats in this wilderness ideal for bonefish. Bones in the 4–6-pound range are common, 7–8-pounders quite common and double-digit bones not uncommon. ACCOMMODATION: Situated on 6 acres with 400 feet of spectacular beach frontage, club accommodations include five guest rooms and the two-bedroom Founder’s Cottage, all with Wi-Fi. Rooms are spacious and bright with two comfortable queen beds. Each cottage room has a full bathroom, large closets and a wall safe. RATES: 5-nights / 4-days based on shared room and boat is $4,825. $7,155 per person for single occupancy/solo guide. Rates include room, meals, fishing, and alcohol. Does not include VAT. n


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Call Frontiers 1-800-245-1950 | +44 (0) 1285 700 940 in the UK | www.frontierstravel.com


Abaco Lodge A True Fisherman’s Lodge–Waterfront Digs with All the Comforts of Home


ince its opening in 2009, Abaco Lodge has become a favorite of fishermen looking for great comfort, but in a “no frills” package. Excellent cuisine, spacious

single and double occupancy rooms with waterfront porches, open bar, satellite TV, a fire pit and a dipping pool all welcome anglers back from a hard day of fishing. A fleet of Maverick skiffs captained by some of the island’s top guides rounds out the Abaco Lodge experience. You’ll fish the famed Marls: 40 square miles of bonefish nirvana, a true target-rich environment that will keep both novices and advanced anglers happy. FISHING: The Marls is best known for its prolific numbers of bonefish, but don’t be fooled. There are plenty of opportunities to cast to fish exceeding 5 pounds during the course of a day’s fishing. Most fishing is done from the bow of a skiff due to the soft bottom that gives the area its name. ACCOMMODATION: The lodge can accommodate 14 anglers in 11 rooms. All rooms have queen beds and air-conditioning, and feature en-suite bathrooms and waterfront sunset patio views. RATES: High season (October–February): 5-nights / 4-days $4,990 per person plus VAT. n


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Beachfront Comfort on South Andros Between Deep and Little Creek


uitable for up to 12 anglers, this plantationstyle lodge is situated fronting the Atlantic and complete with all paradise essentials: white-

sand beach, palm trees, beach fire pit, plus guests have access to their flats skiff just steps from their room. Tidal creeks abound on this section of Andros, providing water pathways to access the famous west side of the island; they also offer protection from winds and create fertile, bait-rich environments that bonefish love. Some of Andros’ longest-tenured guides work here, making a day on the water productive and an enjoyable learning experience. FISHING: The bulk of fishing here is done from the bow of 17’ Maverick HPX-V flats skiffs, with occasional opportunities to wade hard white-sand bottoms. Fish average close to 4 pounds, and many fish over 10 pounds are landed every month of the season. Andros is Andros after all, so expect to find big bonefish. ACCOMMODATION: Nicely appointed waterfront rooms feature air-conditioning, ceiling fans, en-suite bathrooms and plenty of room to store fishing gear and clothes. Cuisine is decidedly gourmet; lobster, fresh conch, locally caught fish, and fresh fruits and vegetables are the norm. RATES: High season (October–February): 5-nights / 4-days $4,990 per person based on shared accommodation / shared boat. VAT is not included. Single-boat surcharge is available at a 60% upcharge. Single accommodation is available at an upcharge. The nonangling rate is $450 per night plus VAT for shared room. n

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Bairs Lodge

Mars Bay Bonefish Lodge South Andros Island, Bahamas. Bonefishing at its Best with no Pretense!


ars Bay Bonefish Lodge, the southernmost fishing operation on Andros Island, is located in the small settlement of Mars Bay between

Little Creek and Grassy Creek. The lodge sits on the east side of Andros overlooking a pristine flat often teeming with bonefish. It is ideal for small, intact parties of up to 8 anglers; however, it also works well for mixed groups. The overall vibe at the lodge is similar to a casual gathering with good friends. You will find the accommodations clean and modern; the food great, the equipment reliable, the guides excellent, and the beer ice-cold. RATES: 5-night / 4-day rate for double occupancy / shared guide is $3,450 per person. Includes VAT. n

Stella Maris Resort A Relaxing Venue for Anglers, Leisure Travelers and Family Vacationers


tella Maris Resort is located on the northern end of Long Island, Bahamas. It is an intimate, plantationstyle resort that offers a wide range of tropical

vacation rentals from single hotel rooms to four-bedroom oceanfront homes. Comfortable accommodations and inclusive island activities make Stella Maris a popular destination for anglers and nonanglers alike. Long Island bonefish average 2–3 pounds while trophy-size fish of 10 pounds or more are not uncommon. We recommend spending a day on the water with one of the Bahamas’ best guides, Docky Smith. Call for ala carte pricing. n


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BAHAMAS Pat “Brosito” Ehlers releases a nice South Andros bonefish

Andros South Legendary Fishing Lodge and Home to Some of the Finest Bonefishing in the World


ndros South is a friendly, laid-back bonefishing

looking for permit when conditions are right, and a lucky

lodge that concentrates on providing a fishing

angler in the right place / right time might even see a

experience that is second to none. All rooms are

tarpon swim by.

single occupancy, clean, comfortable and air-conditioned. The lodge is located in Kemp’s Bay on the southeastern shore of Andros Island, the largest and least-inhabited island in the Bahamas. South Andros Island itself is riddled with innumerable tidal creeks and inland flats, all home to hundreds of thousands of hungry bonefish. The diversity and size of the fishery mean a completely different fishing experience every day of the trip. FISHING: South Andros flats teem with life. In addition to an incredible population of bonefish, there is sight fishing for barracuda, jacks and even sharks. Some anglers enjoy

ACCOMMODATION: Anglers looking for white linen tablecloths should look elsewhere, but those looking for a comfortable place to spend the week fishing and enjoy a quiet island in the Bahamas have come to the right place. Guests have their own air-conditioned room and a bathroom complete with shower. RATES: 5-night / 4-day fishing package: Prime dates (October–January) $3,250 per person. Peak dates (February–May) $3,850. VAT not included. Alcoholic beverages are included. The nonangling rate is $350 per person per day based on double occupancy. n

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Kamalame Cay An Oasis of Laid-Back Hospitality and Extraordinary Bonefishing


his gracefully designed destination emphasizes flats fishing, recreation and utter relaxation. The lodge is an exquisite retreat featuring tennis courts,

indoor-outdoor dining, a freshwater pool and more—all accessible to only 60 guests. It offers everything from world-class bonefishing flats and the world’s third-largest barrier reef to peerless sunsets, miles of private beach, fresh and imaginative cuisine and the only overwater spa in the Bahamas. This private island hideaway is a favorite among beachcombers, barefoot wanderers and many a happy bonefisher. FISHING: Andros is known for bonefishing, and fish near Kamalame average a solid 3–4 pounds; larger fish are abundant too. Fish the nearby flats solo or with a staff guide. Trips to one of Andros’ best fisheries, the Joulter Cays, can be arranged, as can a float plane excursion to remote flats. ACCOMMODATION: Kamalame Cay’s barefoot chic Atlantic retreat features several luxurious seaside accommodations tucked in bougainvillea-draped cottages, bungalows and peak-roofed Balinese beach houses. This 96-acre private island features rooms, suites, cottages and one–four-bedroom villas to suit most any size party. RATES: Kamalame has many different types of accommodations and seldom are two packages alike. Customize a perfect fishing or nonfishing vacation to meet your desires. A minimum stay of 3 nights is suggested. Please inquire about options and current rates. n


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BAHAMAS A drone’s-eye view of the Eleven Mothership inside Miller Creek on Andros’ west side

Eleven Experience Andros Mothership


o lodges, no people and no need to endure lengthy boat rides. The 74’ Hatteras Mothership takes the live-aboard lifestyle to a new level on Andros Island’s famed West Side.

Bonefish and tarpon are the main targets, with permit, mutton snapper, barracuda and sharks also in the mix. FISHING: Guests will fish unpressured waters, enjoy exceptional cuisine, relax and sleep in unmatched comfort and style and enjoy a flexible fishing schedule from sunup to sundown. Other key components of this experience are the professional crew complete with a licensed Coast Guard captain, gourmet chef and a seasoned local guide staff. ACCOMMODATION: The Mothership can accommodate a maximum of six guests in three Staterooms. The Master and VIP Staterooms have a king or two twin beds. The Bow Stateroom has two twin beds. There’s a 26’ guest transport boat along with a rigged up 35’ Cabo Sportfisher for anglers looking for reef and blue water offerings. RATES: From October through June, the Mothership will call the fishfilled waters of South Andros home. This is a rare opportunity to experience the best of Andros Island and there is no other offering like it in the Bahamas. Call for pricing options. n

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Saltwater Manager Joe Codd with his personal best fly rod tarpon

Bahia Honda


Sight Fish for Tarpon in the Florida Keys: All-Inclusive Lodge-Based Experience


ased out of a luxurious private villa, Bahia Honda is located 25 minutes from Key West. The lodge specializes in sight fishing for migratory tarpon (with the possibility of permit and bonefish)

during the prime months of April, May, June and July. Guides stay on site, which allows for a customized fishing day based on the preferred tides, and the lodge features large, comfortable bedrooms, indoor and outdoor sitting areas, a pool and open bar, and cuisine celebrating the best of Florida with an emphasis on fresh, locally caught seafood. FISHING: The flexible daily schedule allows guides to fish when tides are best. With easy access to the bright, sandy flats of the Atlantic Ocean or to secluded backcountry waters, anglers can take advantage of two distinctly different tide cycles and the opportunities offered by each. ACCOMMODATION: The lodge is spectacular! The interior features Italian marble floors and a vaulted ceiling over the large living room, which opens to a pool and courtyard and features a flat-screen television, open bar and computer area. With five bedrooms, the lodge can host as many as 10 anglers sharing. RATES: Standard rates for the tarpon migration period May–June: 3-nights / 2-days $2,800; 4-nights / 3-days $4,000; 5-nights / 4-days $5,200; 6-nights / 5-days $6,400; and 7-nights / 6-days $6,840 (represents a 10% discount) per person for shared room / shared boat. n


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Outpost Marquesas An Eleven Angling Experience


ishing the Marquesas via mothership gives you the

and should you desire some variety, you’ll find plenty

unique advantage of “first to arrive, last to leave”. On

of opportunities to round out a slam with permit and

calm days when the weather is good, most skiffs won’t


start arriving into the island chain until well after daybreak (but you’re already there!) and most head back to Key West around 3 p.m. leaving the entire ringlet of islands to you and your guides. Fish each day until you’re ready for cocktail hour and a fantastic meal to end the day. FISHING: Every bit of the Marquesas is special. Big

ACCOMMODATION: The 61’ Hatteras Outpost accommodates four clients. There are four single guest bedrooms. Skiffs/guides are shared. RATES: Based on single occupancy / shared guide. 4-nights / 4-days of fishing – $4,800 per angler.  n

tarpon in good numbers are available from May–July,

Mitch Codd releases his first big fly-caught tarpon

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Mexico Relax and enjoy the laid back & tranquil “Old Mexico” vibe of Grand Slam Lodge


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A Premier Property on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, Three Hours South of Cancun


oth experts and beginners will enjoy fishing the famed Ascension Bay waters based out of this lodge near the village of Punta Allen. Located

within the protected Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, with luxurious modern accommodations, experienced guides, eclectic fusion of Mexican and American food, and warm Mexican hospitality, Grand Slam Fishing Lodge is fast becoming a favorite for anglers and non-anglers alike. FISHING: With easy access to Ascension Bay and the inside lagoon system that runs north toward Boca Paila, anglers have plenty of fishing options during the day. Bonefish are most plentiful; however, permit rule for many visiting anglers. Tarpon, snook, jacks, snapper and barracuda are also available. ACCOMMODATION: Six beachfront villas, each featuring two rooms with modern contemporary interiors, king beds, air-conditioning, 24-hour electricity and satellite television, provide all the comforts of home. The main lodge features the Kai Restaurant with a covered beachfront deck, bar and lounge area. RATES: The lodge is open year-round. Rates for October– June: 4-nights / 3-days $2,430; 5-nights / 4-days $3,000; 6-nights / 5-days $3,570; and 7-nights / 6-days $4,140 per person for shared room / shared boat. Please inquire for off-season, single and non-angler rates. Limited to 20 anglers per week. n

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Grand Slam Fishing Lodge

Casa Blanca Lodge

Playa Blanca Lodge

The Casa Blanca Experience: Top-Notch Fishing, Accommodations, Cuisine, Service

One of the Last Remote Fisheries in the Caribbean, on Punta Pajaros, Mexico


Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. The guides have access


to both Ascension Bay and the Santa Rosa Lagoon. The

from an overnetted body of water 20 years ago to one

biosphere’s stringent regulations and Casa Blanca’s strict

that is teeming with bonefish, permit and other species

catch-and-release policy ensure great fishing for years to

today. Playa Blanca was originally opened as an ecolodge,

come. Casa Blanca and its sister lodge, Playa Blanca, are

but anglers quickly discovered its excellent fishing, so

the only lodges in the Yucatan fishing from traditional

the lodge is now almost completely booked by anglers.

flats skiffs. Fish from the boat or wade the hard white-

Picture blue sky, white sand and turquoise-blue water—

sand flats.

all awaiting your arrival.

Open year round with summer month limits, rates based

Open year round with summer month limits, rates based

on a 7-night / 6-day package, shared occupancy and

on a 7-night / 6-day package, shared occupancy and

boat. Single and non-angler rates are available. October–

boat. Single and non-angler rates are available. October–

February and May–October double occupancy / boat

February and May–October double occupancy / boat

$4,487, February–May double occupancy / boat $4,754. n

$4,487, February–May double occupancy / boat $4,754. n

asa Blanca Lodge has received rave reviews from anglers since it opened more than 20 years ago. It is located on the island of Punta Pajaros within the


hirty minutes south of its sister lodge, Casa Blanca, Playa Blanca Lodge provides supreme access to Espiritu Santo Bay. With the stringent regulations of

the Sian Ka’an Biosphere reserve enforced, the bay went

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Mexico’s Baby Tarpon Hot-Spot Located in the Historic City of Campeche


ampeche and the Los Petenes Biosphere Reserve

Frontiers’ Yucatan man Bob Artzberger holding a nice Campeche bambino

have quietly earned a reputation as a world-class baby tarpon fishery. The reserve is an ecologically

diverse mix of grass-covered flats, mangrove-lined rivers and open-water bays. Located on the western shore of the Yucatan Peninsula, Campeche was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999 due to the large number of historic landmarks. A great place for fishing and non-fishing activities alike, it is home to wonderful architecture, excellent restaurants and a friendly local atmosphere. FISHING: Baby tarpon, like larger adults, put on a spectacular aerial show when hooked. Miguel Encalada and his guide team fish from traditional flats skiffs. They seek tarpon that lazily roll on the surface of open waters and bays or ambush bait in the mangrove-lined rivers and shoreline pockets. ACCOMMODATION: Anglers are accommodated at the Ocean View Hotel, a 15-minute drive from the airport, five minutes from the Historical Center with its restaurants and shops, and just across the street from the popular oceanfront boardwalk. The hotel has free Wi-Fi, pool and exercise room. RATES: Double (single) rates: 4-nights / 3-days $2,025 ($2,937); 5-nights / 4-days $2,405 ($3,488); 6-nights / 5-days $2,750 ($3,988); and 7-nights / 6-days $3,350 ($4,858) per person based on shared room / shared boat. Limited to 10 anglers per week. n

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Campeche Tarpon Bay

Holbox Fly Fishing Lodge Adventure Awaits: World-Class Tarpon Fishing on the Island Time Forgot


isiting Isla Holbox is like taking a step back in time.

ACCOMMODATION: The five-bedroom air-conditioned

There are no mega resorts, no cars or paved roads;

villa is located steps away from the beach and the Gulf

walking or taking a golf cart is the main method of

of Mexico. The second-story veranda overlooks the

transportation. In addition to this old-fashioned charm,

beach and is the perfect setting to relax and enjoy a cold

excellent restaurants, a wonderful beach and a variety

beverage while rehashing the day’s events or watching

of activities make Isla Holbox a great destination for any

another perfect sunset.

traveler. However, it’s the tarpon fishing that entices anglers to Isla Holbox with both large migratory fish that begin to show up in late May and the smaller resident baby tarpon available year-round.

RATES: Open year-round. May–September high-season (October–April low-season): 4-nights / 3-days $2,195 ($1,995); 5-nights / 4-days $2,695 ($2,395); 6-nights / 5-days $3,095 ($2,695); and 7-nights / 6-days $3,495

FISHING: Giant tarpon fishing is done offshore. After

($2,995) per person based on a shared room / shared

spotting the fish, guides put anglers in position to

boat. Single and nonfishing packages are available. The

present their fly in hopes of enticing a tarpon feeding

lodge is limited to 10 anglers per week. n

on migrating sardines. Baby tarpon up to 30 pounds are accessible year-round in the shallow, mangrove-lined lagoons and open-water bays.


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Tierra Maya Tierra Maya – Where the Road Ends – Great Fishing, Remote Destination


he newest lodge in Frontiers’ saltwater portfolio, Tierra Maya is located in the southernmost part of the Yucatan and the village of Xcalek (pronounced “ish-ka-lak”) and Chetumal Bay. Back in the 50’s

Xcalek had a bustling and thriving economy that was the most important supply center in the region. That was until 1955 when Hurricane Janet left the village in ruins. Many inhabitants died or migrated to interior towns. Those who stayed turned to fishing for a living. FISHING: With easy access to Chetumal Bay, the tarpon lagoon and with the ocean flats right in front of the lodge, anglers have plenty of wading and boat fishing options during the day. Bonefish are most plentiful however many anglers prefer to spend their time chasing the large population of permit. Tarpon, snook, jacks, snapper and barracuda can also put a bend in your fly rod. ACCOMMODATION: The beachfront boutique hotel has 7 rooms that can accommodate 14 anglers. The rooms feature a Mexican motif with two to three beds, en-suite bathrooms, and 24-hour electricity. While they don’t have air-conditioning, ceiling fans keep you cool and open air windows catch the sea breeze at night. The main lodge features the restaurant and bar. RATES: The lodge is open year-round. Based on shared room and boat: 5-nights / 4-days $2,495; 6-nights / 5-days $2,735; and 7-nights / 6-days $2,990 per person. Please inquire for single and non-angler rates. n

Ascension Bay Lodge


scension Bay Lodge is a small independently owned fishing operation located on the beachfront in the village of Punta Allen. Known for their friendly service

and comfortable air-conditioned accommodations, this is the perfect destination for a small intact group of anglers as they fish a maximum of 8 anglers. Guests will fish the legendary flats of Ascension Bay for bonefish, permit, tarpon and snook while enjoying the incredible natural beauty that the Sian Ka’an Biosphere has to offer. RATES: The lodge is open year-round. Rates for December–June: 4-nights / 3-days $1,740; 5-nights / 4- days $2,210; 6-nights / 5-days $2,630; and 7-nights / 6-days $3,050 per person for shared room / shared boat. Please inquire for off-season, single and non-angler rates. Limited to 8 anglers per week. n


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Los Cabos

Rancho Leonero

Mexico’s Most Sought After Travel Destination

East Cape Baja Peninsula – Featuring a Variety of Bluewater Species and More


os Cabos, situated at the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, is Mexico’s fastest growing resort area offering miles of pristine beaches, laid-back

nightlife, world-class golfing, off-shore fishing, diving,


or those seeking a remote and reasonably priced destination to fish for a variety of bluewater species, Rancho Leonero Resort is the perfect

place. The lodge is approximately an hour south of

whale watching and beachcombing. Baja is known

La Paz and an hour north of Los Cabos Airport. This

internationally for its exceptional striped marlin resource.

lush, old-world Baja resort is a fishing, snorkeling and

In addition, many other gamefish flourish were the Pacific

kayaking paradise. It features more than two miles of

meets the Sea of Cortez, including sailfish, roosterfish,

private unspoiled beach, a swimming pool and views

yellowfin tuna, dorado, snapper, wahoo, yellowtail, jacks

overlooking the calm, azure Sea of Cortez. The meals at

and sierra mackerel.

the lodge are plentiful and delicious with both American

FISHING: In Cabo, there are two excellent options

and Mexican cuisine offered.

for both light-tackle conventional gear and fly fishing

FISHING: Experienced local captains take anglers to the

enthusiasts. Baja Anglers runs well-equipped 26-

most productive fishing the East Cape has to offer. Most

foot ocean catamarans, ideal for fly fishers. For the

fishing is within a half-hour boat ride from the lodge.

conventional angler, Pisces Sportfishing Fleet features

Dorado, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, sailfish, striped marlin

28-foot Uniflights or 31-foot Bertrams.

and the magnificent roosterfish provide fantastic mixed-

ACCOMMODATION: The Los Cabos area offers a wide

bag opportunities.

variety of first-rate accommodations from all-inclusive

ACCOMMODATION: Rancho Leonero offers guests

resorts to condominiums and small boutique hotels.

various options, from main lodge rooms to spacious

Many offer sweeping ocean views of the blue waters of

ocean-view bungalows, all equipped with air-conditioning

the Pacific Ocean.

for maximum comfort. The lodge is a relaxing, all-

RATES: Contact Frontiers for rates as they vary based on accommodations and boat choice. n

inclusive resort that is ideal for both families and serious anglers alike. RATES: Contact Frontiers for rates as they vary based season, accommodations and boat choice. n

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Extend Your Belize Fishing Experience under a Jungle Canopy or Turquoise Waterfall

Chaa Creek Rated one of the world’s best eco-lodges and a pioneer in adventure travel since 1981. Located in the heart of Mayan civilization, along the banks of the Macal River, owners Mick and Lucy Fleming strove to coexist with nature and in doing so have created a true jungle experience, blending the natural beauty of the land with man-made comforts. Inclusive Chaa Creek packages offer guests a variety of accommodation levels. Guests enjoy the freedom to explore their 365-acre private reserve, home to over 300 species of birds, including parrots and toucans. In addition, enjoy horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, visits to nearby Mayan Ruins, and the not-to-be-missed Butterfly Farm and Rainforest Medicine Trail.


Blancaneaux Lodge One of Francis Ford Coppola’s secluded mountain retreats is every bit as dramatic and inspiring as one might hope. Guests choose from an array of luxurious accommodations; peaceful riverfront cabanas and spacious two-bedroom villas, each with decks overlooking the waterfalls of Privassion Creek. Active types enjoy riding horseback, hiking and mountain biking, exploring caves and “discovering” hidden Mayan cities. For those who enjoy farm-to-table cuisine, the chef has established a 3-acre, self-sustaining organic garden that produces all of the fruits and vegetables used to make traditional Coppola family recipes. Dine on fresh seafood, smoked meats and authentic Neapolitan pizzas cooked in a wood-burning Italian oven. Local rum punches wait at the Jaguar Bar.

Turtle Inn Resort If you would like to extend your Belize trip, it is easy to add a few days in Placencia at Turtle Inn Resort. Francis Ford Coppola has lovingly overseen every detail of Turtle Inn’s creation, using materials available in Belize’s tropical region. The seafront villas are prized features, with their screened porches, spacious living rooms and private walled gardens. When you’re not “on siesta,” consider becoming a certified diver, swimming in either of the two infinity pools, snorkeling, kayaking or indulging in your choice of three outstanding on-site restaurants. Excursions are available to the world’s only jaguar preserve, or cruise up the Monkey River and observe tropical birds, iguanas, manatees, crocodiles and howler monkeys. n


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Forbes Traveler Voted El Pescador One of the Top 10 Eco-Resorts in the World!


f your perfect vacation has you dreaming of a grand slam—diving to explore the world’s second-largest barrier reef, snorkeling, visiting Mayan ruins, touring

a natural-habitat zoo to see animals only indigenous to Belize, zip-lining, cave tubing, or just relaxing in a tropical paradise—El Pescador on Ambergris Caye has it all and more! The staff at El Pescador work as a total family unit with pure, dedicated enthusiasm that ensures all guests feel welcomed as a part of the family during their stay. This is truly an unforgettable experience! FISHING: Tarpon, bonefish and permit are the main targets. Anglers will also find snook, barracuda, jacks, ladyfish and other species on the flats, and a variety of reef species. Fishing is from traditional pangas or wading hard-sand flats. Migratory tarpon are typically available June–September. ACCOMMODATION: All 14 main lodge rooms have been renovated and expanded, with all-new furniture and large bathrooms. In addition, there are eight three-bedroom villas that work perfectly for intact groups. Guests enjoy three pools, complimentary Wi-Fi, kayaks, bicycles and fly casting lessons. RATES: El Pescador is open year-round. Rates for a 7-night / 6-day fishing package are $4,420 per person for shared room / shared boat. Shorter package quotes are available upon request. Diving packages are $3,100. Nonfishing packages are $2,620. n

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El Pescador

Turneffe Flats Be Pampered in Paradise: A Fly Fishing, Scuba Diving and Ecoadventure Resort


or more than three decades, Turneffe Flats has been

ACCOMMODATION: The lodge has eight air-conditioned

known as one of the world’s top flats fishing and

duplex beachfront cabanas and two villas, each with

diving resorts. Turneffe Flats is 25 miles east of the

common living area and three bedrooms (perfect for

mainland of Belize, ideally located to enjoy 250 square

intact groups). In addition, there is a large lounge and

miles of flats, coral reefs and rich marine life. In addition

dining facility where guests can enjoy predinner cocktails,

to the fishing program, guests can enjoy a myriad of other

followed by excellent family-style dining.

activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling and the popular Atoll Adventure Program. We recommend dovetailing a visit to the lodge with one of the premier inland ecotour resorts to enjoy a complete inland / island experience!

RATES: High-season rates (December–June) for a 7-night / 6-day package are $4,845 per person based on shared room / shared boat. Low-season rates (June–December) are $4,302 per person. Diving, atoll and nonactivity

FISHING: The diverse fishery, with chances to land

packages provided upon request. Shorter packages are

bonefish, permit and tarpon on any given day, sets

available. n

Turneffe Flats apart from other destinations. Turneffe’s crystal-clear, wadable flats make bonefishing the mainstay of the fishing program. Large migratory tarpon pass through April–October.


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BELIZE A birds-eye view of TFL’s “Home Flat”

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Belize River Lodge Accommodating Anglers on the Banks of Olde Belize River for over 55 Years!


elize River Lodge is a tried-and-proven, world-class

short boat ride to the miles of flats that offer all three

fishing lodge set amid tropical greenery and colorful

grand-slam species. Large migratory tarpon are available

flowers—a perfect choice for a serious fishing


expedition. Enjoy the tranquility of the hundreds of birds on the property, as well as being serenaded by the nearby howler monkeys. In addition to the outstanding fishing program, nonfishers or semi-anglers can enjoy many ecoadventure tours (both half and full days) throughout the mainland such as the Mayan Ruins, the Belize Zoo, canoeing, and zip-lining courses, to name a few. Snorkeling and leisurely boat tours are also available. FISHING: Local waters harbor a diversity of species: bonefish, tarpon, permit, snook and many more. Fish with veteran guides, either on the nearby rivers or on a


ACCOMMODATION: The lodge is constructed of native mahogany, providing a warm, relaxing atmosphere. With a maximum capacity of 16, it has eight double rooms each with private bathroom. Meals are prepared in the best Belizean tradition, and owners Mike Heusner and Marguerite Miles make you feel right at home. RATES: Rates for a 7-night / 6-day package are $4,575 per person for shared room / shared boat. Shorter package quotes are available upon request along with nonangling packages. n

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Long Caye Island Resort Enjoy Flats Fishing or Just Relaxing on Your Own Private Tropical Island!


ong Caye Island Resort, sister property to Belize River Lodge, is approximately a 40-minute boat ride from the main lodge, and

caters to anglers, those looking for relaxation, and ecotour guests. Long Caye offers excellent service and tasty cuisine in beautiful, idyllic scenery. Long Caye Island Resort sits on the front of Long Caye overlooking Belize’s Barrier Reef, offering spectacular views of the sparking blue-green waters of the Caribbean Sea and its neighbors, Caye Chapel, St. George’s Caye, Miami Beach and Caye Caulker. This resort provides the perfect get-awayfrom-it-all vacation. n

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Copal Tree’s spectacular main entrance, verandas and patio garden

Copal Tree Lodge Agritourism Chic: The Essence and Spirit of Copal Tree Lodge in Southern Belize (formerly Belcampo Lodge)


f you’re looking for a jungle adventure with some of

ACCOMMODATION: Copal Tree has 16 suites offering

the best opportunities for permit fishing in the world,

the best in luxury and comfort. A testament to Belize’s

visit Copal Tree Lodge. The property is conveniently

natural beauty and craftsmanship, the lodge decor is

located 5 miles from Punta Gorda, the southernmost

sourced from local artisans. Whether relaxing on the

town in Belize. Guests at Copal Tree experience a jungle

canopy beds or lounging on a private veranda, guests will

lodge setting, an organic farm and 12,000-acre nature

experience the magic of the jungle.

reserve, the best of local food and culture, active adventures, and wildlife viewing with access to worldclass accommodations and hospitality. Enjoy cooking classes with the lodge’s chef. A full selection of services is also available in this jungle spa.

RATES: High-season rates (January–May) for a 7-night / 6-day package are $4,375–$5,150 per person for shared / room / boat (two types of accommodations available). Low-season rates (June–December) are $3,675–$4,350 per person for shared / room / boat. Nonfishing packages

FISHING: Copal Tree Lodge is a fly fisher’s paradise. Cast

and shorter stays provided upon request. In country

for tarpon and snook on the rivers and in the mangroves,

flights additional. n

fish the flats for permit, and when the weather allows, head to the Sapodilla Cayes for bonefish. The majority of the fishing takes place in protected marine reserves and national parks.


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One of Copal Tree’s Jungle Suite Rooms

Thatch Cay


ost permit enthusiasts have heard of Blue Horizon Lodge in Belize and its famous pool of ace permit guides led by Lincoln Westby; Thatch Cay is the upgraded version. Welcome the newest addition to the Muy Ono stable of properties. In keeping with their theme of providing exceptional offerings for outdoor enthusiasts, they’ve taken one of the most storied flats fishing hideaways and breathed new life into it. This is not one of their Luxe properties like Copal Tree, it’s first and foremost a fisherman’s lodge; clean, comfortable, good food, and exceptional guides and fishing. That’s it. Stay tuned, and for more information call Denise Schreiber. n

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Christmas Island Ikari House Excellent Service and a Diversified Fishing Program Close to the Lodge


kari House is a privately owned fishing lodge managed

angling. Anglers will waste no time in accessing the

by Jacob and Lavinia Teem with the help of local staff and

prolific lagoon flats.

some of the finest fishing guides in Kiribati. Located in

Ronton, the property lies at the edge of the lagoon entrance with its own private beach and view of Cook Island. Fly fishers hunt bonefish, giant trevally, bluefin trevally and the elusive golden trevally along with triggerfish and milkfish. Customized offshore trips for wahoo, sailfish and a variety of tuna are also encouraged. A thatched maneaba serves as both restaurant and bar where guests enjoy communal dining and cold beverages at day’s end. FISHING: Ikari House offers one of the most aggressive, convenient and thorough fishing programs on Christmas Island. The lodge is located just 500 yards from the putin dock and minutes from superb bonefish and trevally


ACCOMMODATION: The lodge has 14 comfortable guest rooms, each with two twin beds or one king bed, ensuite bathroom with on-demand hot and cold water, and air conditioning. A large in-room table and storage rack keeps gear organized and maximizes space. An outdoor rod rack and rinsing station is convenient too. RATES: For a 7-night / 6-day fishing package $3,800 for single room / private guide; $3,100 for double room / shared guide; Rates are per person and include Government VAT. Please inquire on Premium Angler Package. Honolulu–Christmas Island round-trip airfare is estimated to be $1,100 per person in economy class. n

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What’s in Joe Codd’s Boat Bag Tarpon


guides know to make the line connections needed to build a basic tarpon leader, even if they don’t always carry the material themselves. SPOOLS OF CLASS TIPPET – This is the intentional weak link. Spools of class tippet ranging from 22 pounds down to 16 are the norm for tarpon, but if you’re on a multi-

here are some variables when fishing for tarpon that are unique from the pursuit of other flats species. For one, you typically fish for tarpon

in relatively shallow water, but in some areas, they’re in deeper open oceans or rivers; some in clear water, some in dirtier water. When considering tackle, you’ll

species kind of trip take a set of spools testing all the way down to 8 pounds in break strength. PLIERS – They are great for trimming knots and cinching them down tight. Plus, there are a million other uses including popping the cap on a well-earned lunchtime beer.

be deciding between lines that float, sink slowly, or sink


ultra-fast. Sometimes you’ll want a spare spool for when

accustomed to using our phones for taking pictures that it’s

conditions or locations change during the course of the

almost second nature. It’s only when your guide’s fish-slime

fishing day. By comparison, rare is the occasion when

covered hands drop your device overboard into the turtle

you’ll fish with anything other than a floating line for

grass that we start to think that a camera might have been

bonefish or permit.

a good idea. Second, to that, the image quality of most of

Noting that there’s an exception to every rule, when fishing for larger adult tarpon (typically those that get above fifty pounds) you’ll gear up with rods from 10 through 12 wt. Likewise, you’ll want a reel that holds two to three hundred yards of 30-pound backing and one that has an exceptionally strong and smooth drag system. When fighting large tarpon, I am always astounded at the ease with which they make long hot runs, their endurance, and a burst speed that is nothing short of phenomenal. Marginal tackle is just not an option if you want to get the most out

today’s compact cameras is very high when compared to your cell phone, and most shoot video as well.

Every Boat Bag Essentials SUNSCREEN – 30–50 SPF LIGHTWEIGHT ATHLETIC SOCKS – Covers up the tops of your feet and toes while still being able to feel your fly line on the deck. To me this item has become a no-brainer, eliminating the need for reapplying sunscreen all the

of your tarpon fishing experience.


Unique Tarpon Essentials

A BACKUP PAIR OF SUNGLASSES – Important if either

A PAIR OF WORK GLOVES – When it comes to snapping that hero shot, you’ll likely be faced with the decision of either having the guide hold your fish (who then takes the

you or your guide has an issue. TP IN A ZIPLOCK – Also important if either you or your guide has an issue!

pic?) or you jumping in and holding the fish while keeping

POCKET FIRST-AID KIT – Band-Aids, butterflies, antibiotic

it in the water. Swapping out gloves with your guide while

ointment, gauze and a pair of tweezers.

he’s trying not to lose a fish boatside just doesn’t work well. Have your own. Without a work glove to get a grip on a teed-off tarpon’s lower jaw you’re just asking for a lost photo opportunity and a very raw and bloody hand. Buy them one size up for expeditious use.

to work on the outboard until dark you’ll wish you had it along just for the skeeters. BUG REPELLENT WIPES – The best invention for the

SPOOLS OF SHOCK TIPPET – You should come prepared with the essentials for tying on shock or “bite” tippet. Tarpon will wear through lighter mono in a matter of minutes if not seconds. Spools of 30, 40, 50, 60, and 80-pound hard mono or fluorocarbon should be at hand, even if you don’t know the knots to attach them. Most

RAINCOAT – It may be sunny all day, but if your guide has

traveling fisherman, ever. It is safe to keep near tackle and still effective. no spill, no worries. HAND SANITIZER AND A WASHCLOTH – Yup, much better than wiping the bonefish slime off on your zip-off pants, because that funky smell will catch up with you on day three. n

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Guatemala The pool, villas, and outdoor dining and bar area make Pacific Fins a relaxing oasis for bluewater anglers


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Pacific Fins Sailfish Capital of the World: Calm Waters and Huge Numbers of Sails


uatemala’s Pacific coast has a high concentration

ACCOMMODATION: Pacific Fins features two double

of sailfish ranging 60–120 pounds. Boats typically

suites for single anglers and four air-conditioned villas

average 15–20 billfish daily during the high season

with two double rooms and two bathrooms separated

of November–May. Pacific Fins Resort can fish up to five

by a lounge area. Breakfast and dinner are prepared by

per boat with their fleet of 31–40-foot boats, and can

local chefs and served poolside. Enjoy grilled steak, fresh

comfortably accommodate 20 anglers in its double rooms.

seafood and pasta specials at dinner.

The centrally located, open-air dining area offers an à la carte menu and two bars framing a refreshing pool where anglers gather after a day of fishing. Nonanglers can enjoy a half- or full-day tour of the colonial city of Antigua or a side trip to the Mayan ruins of Tikal.

RATES: October–May, 3-day fishing package: Standard (35-foot boat) $3,550; performance (31–33-foot boat) $4,375; and luxury (35–40-foot boat) $5,050 per person for shared suite / shared boat. Rates are 10% off August– September if not on Marlin Guarantee. Inquire about

FISHING: Skilled crew guidance and prolific waters

rates for shorter /longer packages and one to five anglers

offer both novice and experienced anglers multiple

per boat. June-July, 20% discount on Performance

chances to release a sailfish on either conventional

package, 15% discount on Luxury package and 10%

equipment or fly gear provided by the lodge. Marlins in

discount on Economy package. n

the 300–600-pound class have been released, along with dorado and yellowfin tuna.

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Hooked on bottom? Nope, just a 150-pound yellowfin

Pesca Panama


magine a fishing destination where you can catch a seemingly unlimited number of species of saltwater game fish. This perfectly describes the Coiba Island

Archipelago, which includes the world famous “Hannibal Bank,” all located on Panama’s Pacific side. This is the


extraordinary world of Pesca Panama Sportfishing. You will be treated to a unique saltwater fishing adventure in a truly exotic landscape of pristine ocean waters and lush tropical islands, likely exceeding anything you have ever imagined. Unlike Panama’s shore bound resorts, Pesca’s floating lodge keeps you close to the best fishing action at all times. Their fleet of five well-maintained Ocean Masters, a 17’ Panga and four Ocean Kayaks, means shorter runs to the fishing grounds. That translates into a lot more fishing time for you than anglers having to range up to 100 miles per day to-and-from Panama’s mainland fishing resorts. So, if you’re passionate about your saltwater fishing you should be considering fishing with Pesca Panama. FISHING: Inshore for roosters, various snapper, grouper and jacks are available year-round. Offshore, April and May bring yellowfin tuna to the famous Hannibal Bank, running in size up to, and sometimes exceeding, 200 lbs. During the fall and winter months, sails, marlin and mahi can be caught offshore.

Central America Program Manager Derek Hathazy ready to release a beautiful roosterfish

ACCOMMODATIONS: Guests stay aboard the floating lodge Hannibal. Newly renovated, the lodge accommodates up to 16 guests, though 12 is the magic number. With four beds each, the four air-conditioned cabins share two clean bathrooms with hot water showers and plenty of fresh water. RATES: Rates range from $4,300–$5,200 per person, and vary based on the number of people sharing a boat / room. The floating lodge can be taken over exclusively for intact parties. Saturday-Saturday basis. n


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Tropic Star Renowned Lodge on Piñas Bay, Panama, with Fabulous Offshore and Inshore Fishing


remote paradise built into the jungle hillside, Tropic Star is one of the world’s most comfortable and truly great fishing lodges. Reached by

plane or boat, just 150 miles south of Panama City,

Black marlin are the star in Tropic Star

the lodge opened in 1963 and since that time has set more than 300 world records. Anglers from all over the world target marlin, sailfish, tuna, dorado, roosterfish and other inshore species. Optional activities include visiting an indigenous tribe, hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, paddleboarding, or touring the amazing backstage and operation of this lodge. FISHING: Crewed by experienced captains and mates, the 31-foot fully-equipped Bertrams, now with bait wells, fish up to four anglers. All species of billfish and pelagics are caught year-round just 6–15 miles offshore in the pristine waters of Piñas Bay. Contact us for seasonal species guidelines. ACCOMMODATION: The lodge holds 38 guests in 19 air-conditioned rooms and six guests in the luxurious ‘Palace,’ all with a porch and stunning bay view. On-site is a dining room serving breakfasts and fine gourmet dinners, two bars, and a freshwater pool with grill area. The dining experience is exceptional. RATES: January–February rates for a 7-night / 6-day package: 2 per boat $8,230; 3 per boat $6,900; and 4 per boat $6,115 per person, plus $660 per person for a Tropic Express transfer package. Call for rates for other months, single rates, non-fishing rates, partial weeks, or Palace upgrade. Rates are subject to change; fuel surcharges may apply. Lodge closes October–November. n

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Australia Saltwater Fishing Down Under! The Diversity of Australia’s Fishing Experience is as Vast as the Country Itself


rom oceans and bays to broad estuaries and coastal lakes, Australia offers fishing adventures and unforgettable experiences for all tastes such as reef

fishing, fly fishing, luxurious getaways and adrenalinecharged game fishing grounds acknowledged as the finest in the world. Australia offers incredible fishing experiences all year round. Whether you’re after Australia’s most iconic fish, the barramundi in the Northern Territory, chasing marlin in New South Wales or journey hunting trout in Tasmania, Australia provides fishing opportunities for every angler.

Australia’s Hero Experiences: • Explore Northern Territory’s unrivaled scenic rivers and incredible coastline chasing barramundi. • Strike and land a 1000-pound black marlin off North Queensland. • Catch striped, black and blue marlin at Port Stephens. • Travel by helicopter from Canberra to the Alpine Range and stalk trout. • Experience a personalized remote wilderness journey hunting trout in Tasmania. • Enjoy Port Phillip Bay in Victoria fishing for pinky snapper. • Drop baits for the famous Australian snapper, kingfish and King George whiting in Southern Australia. • Chase giant trevally with poppers or the elusive permit on fly in the diverse waters of Western Australia. n


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Exmouth Western Australia


xmouth, a sleepy resort town on Western Australia’s North West Cape, is recognized as one of the finest game fishing destinations in the world. All six

Australian billfish species are encountered here, along with yellowfin tuna, mahi-mahi, wahoo, cobia, Spanish

“Glamping” at Sal Salis, one of the luxury lodges of Australia

mackerel and many others. Best of all there are also flats and reefs with bonefish, permit, trevally and queenfish. There are very few places in the world where you can fish flats, the reef, and a deep drop into blue water within 15 minutes of leaving the pier. Bring every saltwater outfit you own. There is fishing year-round, but it can be incredibly hot during the summer months in Exmouth. Therefore, we recommend May through October – with May and June being the heart of the watermelon. Exmouth is the gateway to the Ningaloo Marine Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to one of the largest fringe reefs (growing directly from shore) in the world. It has incredible fishing, diving, and snorkeling. At certain times of the year, the area also enjoys the highest density of humpback whales in the Southern Hemisphere. Nearly surrounding Exmouth is also the Cape Range National Park with kangaroos, sheer cliffs, and red, rocky gorges. It is a great place to take a non-fishing companion. There are lots of land-based activities, not to mention a myriad of water adventures, including snorkeling with the whale sharks, which is an incredible experience. Based on our client’s specific fishing objectives, we will make suggestions and handle all booking arrangements. There are a few different accommodation options ranging from comfortable and budget friendly villas to one of the nicest Australian luxury lodges. Discover Western Australia with Frontiers! n

Snorkeling with whale sharks is one of the great attractions for non-fishers

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Cobourg Fishing Safaris welcomes fly fishers and conventional gear enthusiasts

Sunset at the northern tip of Australia

Cobourg Fishing Safaris The Northern Territory


eralded as another one of the best fishing

and over 2000 sq km of Marine Park to explore, Cobourg

destinations in Australia, the remote Cobourg

is the ideal fishing destination for those looking to catch

Peninsula at the very top of the Northern Territory

good fish without the crowds!

is only an hour’s flight from Darwin. Cobourg Fishing Safaris (operated by Venture North) offer fly in/fly out fishing charters based from Cobourg Coastal Camp.

The fishing boats are extremely well-designed for this type of fishing — deep V 22’ center console with a huge front casting deck. You’ll explore mangrove lined creeks

Permanent canvas safari-tents provide very comfortable

and channels with productive barramundi and mangrove

remote accommodation. The tents are strategically

jack fishing. The blue water action is fantastic over rocky

arranged along the cliff top overlooking the water. Each

outcroppings; great feeding grounds for both pelagic

tent is twin-share and contains 2 single beds (all linen

and reef dwelling fish. You’ll catch Spanish mackerel,

is included), a bedside table, light and fan. There are

giant trevally, queenfish and cobia. Other species include

3 outdoor monsoonal hot water showers and 3 eco-

golden snapper, coral trout, jewfish, saddletail snapper,

friendly, odorless toilets all have fantastic views of the

stripeys, red emperor and cod.

surrounding bushland.

Mid-April to mid-June is prime time. We can easily

Jointly managed by the Aboriginal landowners and Parks

combine the fishing with a unique sightseeing experience

and Wildlife, the Cobourg Peninsula is one of Australia’s

in The Outback. n

true wilderness areas. With more than 250 species of fish


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Elegant Journeys in Australia Australia — “A Fair Dinkum Land” When a traveler does commit to make the journey, it’s important to decide what to see and experience. For those interested in the aboriginal culture, a visit to Kakadu National Park, the Daintree Rainforest (one of the largest still in existence) or the Great Barrier Reef, the Australian winter (May– October) is the best time to visit. Those who want to see Sydney or Melbourne, drive the Great Ocean Road or get up close and personal with indigenous wildlife on Kangaroo Island should plan to visit during the summer (November–April).

Great Barrier Reef: Swim, snorkel, dive and sail this World Heritage Site Explore the Great Barrier Reef which stretches for more than 1,243 miles along the Queensland coastline. Snorkel, scuba dive or take a glass-bottom boat or scenic flight over the reef. Complement your time on the water with a trek through the ancient Daintree Rainforest or just relax on luxurious tropical islands.

Kangaroo Island: Native wildlife and majestic scenery abound Easily accessible from Adelaide, Kangaroo Island is abundant with native wildlife and majestic scenery. Meet Australian sea lions on the beach, kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, penguins, echidnas and diverse birds.

Red Centre: Australia’s most iconic red monolith Discover Australia’s Red Centre with awe-inspiring landscapes of Uluru and Kata Tjuta, the MacDonnell Ranges and Kings Canyon. Soak up Aboriginal culture and rugged natural beauty on classic outback journeys; ride a camel in the desert or take the Ghan train journey from Darwin or Adelaide.

Tasmania: A curious Island at the edge of the world Tasmania is a perfect destination for walkers and hikers with over 1,800 miles of world-class walking tracks. For foodies, explore the Cradle to Coast Tasting Trail spanning the northern coast. Try one of Tasmania’s cool climate wines, also ideal for producing cider, whiskey and gin. n

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Costa Rica


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One of the lodges’ 32’ Contender fishing machines headed out to blue water for a day of chasing sails and tuna

Zancudo Lodge Great Fishing Combined with High-End Accommodations and Ecotouring


arely do we see a lodge that can put anglers into great inshore and offshore fishing and provide superior accommodations, excellent cuisine and a

level of hospitality that makes guests feel right at home. Zancudo Lodge is “the whole enchilada”—the perfect place to take the entire family to enjoy all this magnificent country has to offer. Ecotours, wide sandy beaches, incredible sunsets and a fleet of boats and captains that are unmatched combine to make Zancudo the ultimate Pacific coast getaway. FISHING: Marlin, sailfish, roosterfish, dorado, yellowfin tuna, amberjack, jack crevalle, giant snapper…did we miss anything? The Golfo Dulce and nearby bluewater have it all! Fully equipped offshore Pangas and 32-foot Contenders are all available to suit any fishing needs. ACCOMMODATION: There are 16 air-conditioned guest suites including two master suites and two junior suites, all with satellite TV, daily maid service, minibar and ensuite bathroom. There is also a swimming pool, bocce ball court, gorgeous beach, covered open dining area, and fruit and vegetable gardens. RATES: Packages vary depending on number of people per boat, type of boat, and level of accommodation. For example, a 3-day fishing package is $3,595 per person for double occupancy / standard boat or $3,195 per person for triple occupancy / standard boat. n

Call Frontiers 1-800-245-1950 | +44 (0) 1285 700 940 in the UK | www.frontierstravel.com



Crocodile Bay Lodge Year-Round Offshore and Inshore Fishing off the Osa Peninsula in Golfo Dulce


his resort, set on 44 acres of tropical gardens,

FISHING: Fish offshore for sailfish, marlin, tuna and

not only offers a great mix-and-match menu of

dorado. Then try some inshore fishing for roosterfish,

fishing but also 25+ ecotours such as birdwatching,

snapper and trevally. For something new, try guided

biking, snorkeling, surfing, zip-lining, horseback riding,

kayak and shore fishing excursions. The lodge’s fleet

a butterfly farm and even a chocolate farm. For a more

of Boston Whalers and Strike yachts are crewed by

laid-back vacation, the 5,000-square-foot spa offers

experienced bilingual captains and mates.

over 30 customizable treatments, from massages and facials to full-body healing therapies, wraps and polishes, incorporating locally grown organic fruits and herbs. It is a perfect jungle spot for the family who fishes, is adventurous and loves to pamper themselves.

ACCOMMODATION: Two-story buildings hold 28 airconditioned, spacious rooms including deluxe rooms with Jacuzzi and balcony to enjoy the birdlife. After fishing, enjoy the pool with swim-up bar or have a drink and share a fish tale at the bar prior to a meal of international and local cuisine. Wi-Fi is available. n


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Flamingo Bay Pacific Charters Top-Notch Bluewater Fishing and Unique Ecotour


rontiers has been working with Flamingo Bay Pacific Charters since 1985, and the managers have helped us develop a wonderful repeat clientele who love

this country as much as we do. Through word of mouth, this destination has become increasingly popular for fishermen seeking top-notch bluewater fishing along with unique and varied ecotours. Many of our clients enjoy family vacations, honeymoons, father / son trips or special occasions along the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Please note that Christmas space sells out very early, sometimes a year in advance, particularly at the Four Seasons in Papagayo and many of the Quepos hotels. Please give us advance notice if you want to plan a holiday trip. n

Do You Need Gear for Your Upcoming Trip? Frontiers would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Pat Ehlers, owner of THE FLY FISHERS in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We are fortunate to work with some of the best fly shops throughout the country. What makes our connection with Pat and The Fly Fishers different is that we’ve known each other for almost thirty years starting with Pat hosting trips to Frontiers destinations for his customers. As our exclusive gear supplier, Pat and his staff at The Fly Fishers have extensive experience with many of the Frontiers’ fishing destinations. He works closely with us on gear recommendations and can create a customized gear list for your upcoming trip. We encourage you to contact Pat at pat@theflyfishers.com to discuss your gear needs further.


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Rio Parismina Lodge One of the Best Tarpon Fishing Areas Just off the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica


ontinuing to set the standard for Costa Rica’s east coast angling programs, Rio Parismina Lodge combines luxury accommodations with quick

access to the river / estuary and ocean. Most anglers target the large tarpon, but the lodge also offers offshore fishing along with freshwater fishing within the boundary of the untouched rainforest of Tortuguero National Park. Built on 50 acres of lush jungle on the Parismina River banks, the lodge and grounds abound with wildlife and an amazing array of birdlife. Besides fishing, enjoy turtle excursions, river cruises and even night crocodile tours. FISHING: The local ecosystem creates a diversity of fish with tarpon in the 75–110-pound range caught mostly blind casting near rolling fish; offshore are snapper, wahoo, jacks, king mackerel and tuna. The lagoons hold guapote and machaca. Experienced bilingual guides lead anglers to the hottest action. ACCOMMODATION: Twelve spacious double rooms boast oversized showers, ceiling fans and large walk-in closet. The lodge also has a swimming pool and Jacuzzi, a fully stocked tackle shop, and an open-air central lodge with bar, recreation and dining area known for serving memorable gourmet and native dishes. RATES: Per person, 2 per room/boat*: 7 days–$5,350, 4 days–$3,400, 3 days–$2,600 Inquire for single rates. Fishing license, payable onsite ($15 pp). The lodge will make hotel arrangements for your arrival night, payable directly upon checkout. *Custom 21-ft modified V-hull boat, 125-hp outboard. n

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