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“This was the trip of a lifetime – unlike anything we had ever done previously. We’re so thankful to have been invited to be part of such a well planned and executed shoot. Thanks for all of your help!”

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Denmark Driven Shooting Mr. & Mrs. M.M., Tulsa, OK


50 Years in the Outdoors! Our business was founded on the hunting tradition in 1969. While I cannot tell you my most recent birthday gifts, I can vividly remember every hunt I had with my father growing up—hunting bear in Idaho and plains game in Africa; shooting doves in Colombia and waterfowl in Argentina; and driven shoots in Denmark, Spain, England, and Ireland. Travel—more so than anything else—remains in your memory, and there is something truly special about hunting with friends and family. The shooting tradition has been alive and well at Frontiers for over 50 years. Make this the year you spend more time in the field. More importantly, invite someone from the younger generation along with you and introduce them to bird shooting and big game hunting. It’s important for all of us to spend more time in the outdoors! When planning your next trip, don’t rely on some stranger’s blog post or a passing comment at a cocktail party for where and when you should book your hunting trip. Their travel objectives might differ greatly from yours. Instead, contact Frontiers! Over the last five decades, we have introduced many of the world’s best hunting locations to our shooting enthusiasts—from Europe to Africa, and to the Americas—and we continue to develop new opportunities globally. With Frontiers, you will be with the very best outfitters, guides, and professional hunters in the field. Whether you enjoy shooting ducks, hunting over dogs, stalking big game, or the history, lore and tradition of European driven birds, our consultants provide amazing knowledge, unparalleled comparative perspective, and an unwavering commitment to excellent customer service. We believe that a great hunt involves a lot more than the number of rounds fired. We place a very high value on the outdoor experience as well as on the quality and reputation of the outfitting services and accommodations we represent, ensuring that your time spent not hunting is comfortable. Travel with us for a remarkable shooting adventure, and you will realize the value that our team provides. I hope you’ll join us in the field this season! Sincerely,

Mike Fitzgerald President B I R D S H O O T I N G & B I G G A M E H U N T I N G    |    3

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Mike Fitzgerald, Jr.

Hank Ingram

Co-Owner and President European Wingshooting, Africa Hunting

South America shooting and fishing, plus fishing in Mongolia and Canada

Meet the Team Frontiers does more exploratory travel and on-site evaluation than any other

travel company. Our experts visit the places they love every year to stay up-to-date on the best accommodations and activities and to keep in touch with our partner organizations on the ground. Our unparalleled destination knowledge spans the globe. We are uniquely able to help our clients compare options within the context of their preferences, objectives, budgets, and past travel experiences.

Joe Codd

American West big game hunting and saltwater fishing

Elaine Wissolik

Loren Booker

European wingshooting

South America wingshooting, Mongolia fishing, and Elegant Journeys

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New Zealand Hunting , Australia and New Zealand fishing and Elegant Journeys, plus Ireland, Scotland, and Slovenia fishing

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South America big game hunting and fishing, plus Alaska and Canada fishing

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in the World.

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UK office Manager, plus fishing and shooting

United States shooting, plus Bahamas and Christmas Island fishing

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American West big game hunting, birdshooting, and fishing, plus Central America saltwater fishing

Richard Scrope

European shooting and stalking, Alphonse, Argentina, Iceland, and Russia

B I R D S H O O T I N G & B I G G A M E H U N T I N G    |    5

A R G E N T I N A   |   F R O N T I E R S The stately Estancia Santa Rita, western Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

Argentina Dove Pigeon

Buenos Aires

Ducks Doves Dove Pigeon

Ducks Perdiz Red Stag

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F R O N T I E R S   |   A R G E N T I N A

Dry blinds and plenty of birds to decoy

Estancia Santa Rita Twelve Species of Ducks Over Decoys and More in Buenos Aires Province The stately Estancia Santa Rita is situated smack dab in the middle of the “La Pampa Grain Belt” among some of the finest pothole and wetland shooting grounds in all of South America. At Santa Rita, hunters will target up to 12 duck species over decoys in both morning and evening shoots. Perdiz populations are also ample in the region, and the Estancia offers an inclusive outing for perdiz over pointers.. The luxurious Bavarian-style hunting lodge features six sprawling bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, three stories of common areas including two bar rooms, a billiards room, multiple living rooms, and a private cinema. Outside, a Jacuzzi will ease shot-weary muscles, and a grass runway allows private charters to arrive at the lodge’s front door. Frontiers offers custom stays and can quote round-trip charter flights to and from Buenos Aires.


A R G E N T I N A   |   F R O N T I E R S

Traditional and international cuisine

Tuku Lodge Salta Province – Northwestern Argentina Located in a fertile valley near Las Lajitas due east of Salta, Tuku Lodge is surrounded by a spectacular mountain range and lush natural forests. This Lodge is a year-round volume dove and seasonal decoyed pigeon shooting stronghold. Salta Province offers some of the most talked about leisure travel in Argentina—be it the mighty salt flats, rafting, artisan fairs, historical tours, or high-altitude wine production— making it perfect for couples. Seasonally, the Lodge offers golden Dorado fishing on regional rivers for a legitimate cast and blast opportunity.. The 20,000-square-foot red stucco and terracotta Lodge is perched on the hillside of an 80,000-acre ranch and offers nine bedrooms and spacious common areas reminiscent of a charming Spanish country villa. The Lodge’s Le Cordon Bleu chef prepares traditional and international cuisine.

Nearly covering the Salta sun

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F R O N T I E R S   |   A R G E N T I N A

Premier destination for a cast and blast opportunity Limay offers a late trout season ideal for an Argentine cast & blast

Limay River Lodge Northern Patagonia Coursing through the lower-elevation, semi-arid region of Patagonia, the Limay tailwater produces extraordinary fishing and temperate weather well into the Argentina big game and wingshooting season, making it a premier destination for a cast and blast opportunity. Three regional airports offer equal access to the area, so connecting flights from Limay to the shooting grounds in La Pampa, Buenos Aires, Entre Rios, and Córdoba Provinces are within easy reach by South American standards. Shooters will often be in the field the same day they depart the fishing. The Limay season is unique to Argentina and should be a top consideration for anyone looking to combine world-class trout fishing with hunting. Sitting just a few hundred meters off the water, nestled in a glade of cottonwood, the Limay River Lodge offers guests eight double-occupancy rooms, each with an en suite bath. There is plenty of room to spread out with a spacious living and dining area complemented by a beckoning central fireplace to enhance comfort and camaraderie on cool desert evenings. The Limay River offers big water drift fishing combined with ample walk and wade opportunities. In a region of small farming and ranching towns, Limay River Lodge accommodates just 12–16 anglers and has the distinction of being the only fishing lodge on the banks of this tailwater, with exclusive put-in access and 10 breathtaking beats.


F R O N T I E R S   |   A R G E N T I N A

El Monte is Quickly becoming a favorite for many of our well-traveled clients

Which is better: the shooting or the scenery?

El Monte Lodge Decoyed Pigeon and Passing Doves in San Luis Operated by the most gracious and professional of host teams, this impressive turn-of-the-century Lodge is located in the developing farming areas of the San Luis Province. Here, decoyed pigeon and volume dove shoots will satisfy the most discriminating wingshooter; and because this area gets limited hunting pressure, game populations are robust and continue to increase. Lodge owners Juan and Maria Alberdi have worked diligently to create a program that offers a spectrum of experiences for guests. Wonderful hospitality, a tranquil setting, live regional music, and tempting culinary treats complement the shooting. The property features a tastefully decorated English country-style home with six bedrooms, each with a private bathroom. Guests will enjoy wonderful views of the magnificent gardens and relaxing on the sun porch with a cocktail after a great day of shooting. El Monte is quickly becoming a favorite for many of our well-traveled clients. *Please note Perdiz are suspended indefinitely in San Luis Province and not available to hunt. Refer to our website for the most current information.


A R G E N T I N A   |   F R O N T I E R S

Delicious Cuisine and first-rate camaraderie

Jacana Lodge Duck Hunting Over Decoys in Buenos Aires Province Jacana Lodge = absolute luxury

As the sun lights the eastern horizon, shooters hidden in a barrel blind on Jacana Lodge’s vast tracts of land see a faraway wisp of smoke that indicates the beginning preparations for the midday traditional asado, a kind of barbecue featuring an array of Argentine meats. The promise of the fire’s heat beckons to the cold shooters bundled head to toe, but the promise of something far more exciting peaks their interest. The shooters’ eyes turn back to the gray horizon, searching. A guide whispers, “bird,” as the unmistakable vibration of ducks dropping from the sky breaks the silence. The ducks lock on the decoy spread and come in fast. The shooters raise their shotguns, ready, and wait for the perfect moment to pull the trigger, all thoughts of warmth and food forgotten. Jacana is situated within the heart of western Buenos Aires duck country and offers as many as 12 species of decoying waterfowl. After shooting ducks morning and evening, guests relax next to the Lodge’s roaring fire to enjoy hearty appetizers and generous glasses of renowned Mendoza wine. Delicious cuisine and first-rate camaraderie are just an added bonus, and regular connecting flights make it an ideal destination for a Córdoba dove shoot stopover when traveling to or from the United States.

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F R O N T I E R S   |   A R G E N T I N A

Los Crestones Lodge Mixed Bag Shooting Focusing on Ducks, Doves, and Perdiz a Short Drive from the Airport Los Crestones Lodge offers a program featuring decoyed duck shooting for an impressive variety of birds over purebred retrievers, and it’s just an hour and a half drive from Buenos Aires. It’s the most accessible shoot in Argentina. During a stay here, shooters can also hunt perdiz over pointers, low-volume passing doves, and decoyed pigeons. Are you worried about weight and luggage restrictions? Los Crestones has insulated waders and Wellies for loan, along with a supply of quality shotguns for rent. Los Crestones Lodge sits on the banks of the Salado River with superior accommodations. This beautiful estancia has eight bedrooms each with en suite bathroom. The property is close to the shooting grounds and features a spa, gym, two private massage rooms, and a billiards room. A 100acre native forest has trails that are perfect for biking, trekking, and horseback riding. This palatial estate, combined with David Denies’ renowned chefs and a superior wine selection, will keep non-shooters comfortable and active. Wait for it, wait for it . . .


A R G E N T I N A   |   F R O N T I E R S

The birds just keep coming

Pica Zuro Lodge

La Dormida Lodge

The First and Finest High Volume Dove Lodge in Argentina in Córdoba Province

Small Group Luxury Accommodations for Big Volume Dove Shoot in Córdoba Province

Pica Zuro Lodge is a stunning property located in Argentina’s Córdoba province. Córdoba Province – All headings missing accent mark as well as the Córdoba Province title. This colonial Spanish estancia features 10 bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, so it’s an ideal place for larger groups or smaller mixed parties. Pica Zuro offers year-round shooting in the gentle hills that surround the estancia. Expert scouts lead the way to satisfy all guests’ shooting ambitions. High birds, fast birds, two-way action—shooters make the call.

La Dormida and its sophisticated sister lodge, Pica Zuro, offer unmatched volume dove shoots, as does the newest addition, Córdoba Lodge. Together, these properties offer the best shooting and lodge selection in Córdoba.

The Lodge’s veteran scouts and guides provide perfectly arranged, unsurpassed shooting, and staff will attend to guests’ every need. Wonderfully prepared meals and superb wines will complement a great day in the field. Easily accessed from the United States or Europe via Santiago, Chile, or Buenos Aires, Argentina, Pica Zuro remains the standard by which to compare all other lodges.

With a reliable 12-month shooting season, La Dormida and Pica Zuro are ideal locations from which to launch any sporting adventure. From mid-April through August, guests can combine dove shoots with duck and pigeon shoots at another one of the fine properties Frontiers represents in the region. Extend travel from May through July to include world-class perdiz shooting over well-trained pointers. In March and April, combine dove shooting with trophy red stag hunting in the same vicinity. With nine private bedrooms each with en suite bathroom, this classic Argentine Lodge is perfect for smaller groups and intact parties.

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F R O N T I E R S   |   A R G E N T I N A

Córdoba Lodge

Montaraz Lodge

High Volume Dove Shooting Located Near Central Córdoba City in Córdoba Province

Decoyed and Passing Pigeons in Northern Córdoba Province

The newest addition to the David Denies family, Córdoba Lodge, was conceived for small intact groups, families, corporate parties, or shooting school hosted departures. This Lodge in the village of Las Penas is just one hour from Córdoba International Airport in the heart of the flyway. Perfect for fiscally-minded travelers, it features inclusive rates, spacious shared accommodations, pre-purchase shell pricing, and geographical desirability. Córdoba Lodge is optimal for a quick shoot complementing seasonal Argentine or Chilean fishing or waterfowl hunts.

A pigeon shooting trip should include ample numbers of decoyed birds, top guides, exceptional regional cuisine, and fine Argentine Malbec. Most importantly, it should be headquartered on a sprawling 17th-century estancia, upgraded to include all the creature comforts. Enter Montaraz Lodge.

Short drives to private, pre-selected locations in undulating, provincial terrain and 25 million eared doves passing assures high birds, close shots, and unlimited shooting scenarios. At mid-day, a world-famous asado lunch features an open-air barbecue of select Argentine meats and Mendoza wines.

Gliding in from their wooded mountain roosts on high thermals, northern Córdoba Province’s picazuro pigeons will decoy from vast distances only to vanish at the slightest hint of a concealed shooter. A keen eye and quick gun is the only way to success, but the challenge and sheer grace of the bird will mesmerize any shooter. Montaraz is an Argentine estancia of rich Spanish influence that offers eight comfortable bedrooms and amenities that will entice both shooters and non-shooters.

Although new in name, repeat shooters will recognize the Lodge’s tenured David Denies wingshooting and hospitality staff and the five-star service that is the resounding hallmark of this remarkable outfitter and its shooting properties.


A R G E N T I N A   |   F R O N T I E R S

Under an Entre Rios sky

A wealth of game birds, top hunting managers, and rich regional cuisine

River Plate Wingshooting A Duck and Dove Combination in an Aquaticallyrich Environment in Entre Rios Province Shooters won’t find a more well-positioned destination than River Plate Outfitter’s Entre Rios program. Drawing from three major water systems—the Uruguay River, the Parana River, and regional marshes—Entre Rios Province is a composite of vast forests and agricultural wetlands that produces more than 60 percent of Argentina’s rice harvest. River Plate guests enjoy hunting rosy-billed pochard, yellowbilled pintail, and other duck species over decoys in the morning, then target passing doves in the afternoon after a traditional Argentine lunch and siesta. The lodge offers walkup perdiz shooting over pointers as an optional morning hunt. River Plate personnel hand-picked guest accommodations at Estancias El Rincon and Santa Rosa for geographic desirability, comfort, and ample floor plans. These historic structures date back to the 1920s when custom handcrafted woodwork and stone imported from Europe were commonplace. Boasting a wealth of game birds, top hunting managers, and rich regional cuisine, River Plate Wingshooting in Entre Rios will amaze the most seasoned shooters and have them ready to return before they fire the last shell. Be sure to inquire with Frontiers about River Plate’s Five Feather Shoot and Best-of-3-Duck Destinations programs as well. 16  |  1-800-245-1950 | +44 (0)1285 700 940 IN THE UK | W W W.FRONTIERSTR AVEL.COM

Busted at dusk, Northern Patagonia, Argentina

South America Big Game When it comes to big game hunting, South America doesn’t always top people’s destination lists, but it should. South America’s deer hunting is phenomenal, and Argentina and Chile are genuine bargains. The ranches we represent offer red deer, wild boar and numerous exotic species. The Andes, with their high alpine basins and immense mesas, loom in the background. Concealed mountain springs make ideal staging areas for rutting wild red deer, and the experienced guides who work at the properties we represent know the location of each one. Choosing the right property is an important element of any successful hunting trip. Frontiers has worked hard to assemble a list of premier properties to make dream trips a reality. Whether it’s a challenging bow hunt in the pampas or a rifle hunt through rocky mountain passes on horseback, Frontiers can arrange the perfect trip.

Exotic species are available year-round at Rincon de Luna in Argentina’s Cordoba Province. In addition to finding the best property for clients’ objectives, another benefit of booking with Frontiers is our ability to plan add-ons and side trips. We can provide detailed information about trout fishing in Patagonia, sea run brown trout fishing in Tierra del Fuego, volume wingshooting for dove and pigeon, and freshwater fishing for golden dorado.

Most of the ranches are situated in the Patagonia region of Argentina. The high desert-like steppe and mesa country abounds with short grasses and undergrowth capable of sustaining large populations of red deer. Spot-and-stalk tactics are the ideal hunting method here, and the guides are trained professionals who will put hunters on the animals and call the shots. The average shot for gun hunters is less than 200 yards. Bow hunters can get inside a comfortable range with a well-planned stalk. March and April are the prime “roar” or rut dates. Red deer season starts in early March and continues into July at some locations. Most locations also have wild European boar in free-range conditions that may be targeted as well. B I R D S H O O T I N G & B I G G A M E H U N T I N G    |    1 7

A R G E N T I N A   |   F R O N T I E R S

Chile Chile’s Central Valley

Argentina Outfitters Argentina Outfitters offers an outstanding big game hunting experience for wild red stag. These hunts provide challenging stalking in the rugged mountains of Patagonia. This stunning and rugged landscape presents the ultimate big game experience as you glass and stalk through mountain passes and thick forests. The most rousing opportunity with Argentina Outfitters is at their AO Mountain Camp, which lies within the boundaries of Lanin National Park. This adventurous horseback hunt takes place in the jagged foothills of the Andes tent camping at a number of different spike camp locations. Estancia Collunco is the legendary property where red deer were first introduced in the early 1900s. This carefully managed operation offers free-range hunting for some of the finest trophies in Argentina. The Estancia is a combination of open country, forested areas, and high foothills covered in pine. Collunco’s 50,000 acres are a truly gorgeous and productive environment for wildlife—most importantly some of the largest wild Red Stags trophies in Argentina.

(Region IX) is big red deer country located near the city of Temuco. This area has been strictly managed for large trophies in the SCI 400 range. For those looking for exceptional trophies, this is the place. Hunts are executed on horseback or by vehicle. Hunters will move through undulating hills, thick forests, and wheat fields during their stay.

Red Stag Patagonia Longtime Frontiers business partner, David Denies Wingshooting, manages these destinations. This consummate outfitter operates some of the finest hunting and fishing lodges in the world.

Red Stag Patagonia – Junîn de los Andes is located in the Collón Curá region of Argentina about 40 miles from San Martin de los Andes. This 100,000-acre property offers a wealth of hunting experiences.

Red Stag Patagonia – Mendoza is a 10,000-acre Argentine ranch in the Tupungato region just 50 miles south of the Mendoza Airport. The estate’s high ground is dedicated solely to red deer hunting, and the lowlands hold ample family vineyards. Some free-range trophies of over SCI 400 occur naturally on this property.

AK Hunts Red Stag Hunting Located in Close Proximity to Bariloche in Patagonia AK Hunts is a 120,000-acre private estancia situated in a vast valley at the foothills of the Andes. The property is near the airport in Bariloche, Argentina, so it’s perfect for those who want to add a few days of trout fishing in Patagonia. After working over 10 years with prestigious hunting lodges in New Zealand and Argentina, Andres Kempel developed his own red stag hunting operation where all the deer are wild and free-ranging. Andres takes 10 to 12 hunters per year and only offers dates during the March and April rut. We have a long history with Andres and know first-hand that he’s a true professional. 18  |  1-800-245-1950 | +44 (0)1285 700 940 IN THE UK | W W W.FRONTIERSTR AVEL.COM

F R O N T I E R S   |   A R G E N T I N A

Premier destination for a cast and blast opportunity

Rincon de Luna Nearly a Dozen Big Game Species in Córdoba Featuring nearly a dozen big game species, fishing, a variety of nonsporting activities, and customizable itineraries, Rincon de Luna’s staff, guides, and hosts will also make you feel like part of their family. We are fortunate to have made the acquaintance of the Speranza family and their wonderful operation in Córdoba, Argentina. This ranch produces results and will send guests home with a smile and a big game hunting experience they’ll recount over and over. Not only does the ranch offer big red deer, but it also boasts a great list of exotic species. Guests can hunt fallow and red deer from March to July and mouflon sheep, multi-horn sheep, blackbuck antelope, wild goat, Scottish blackface, wild boar, and water buffalo year-round. For red deer hunters, the prime rut runs from March to mid-April. The lodge has quality guns available, making travel easier. Hunters will have time to shoot their chosen firearm before hunting begins.

The view is just spectacular at Rincon de Luna

The lodge is a stunning estancia centrally located in the hunting area with 20,000 private acres for just one group to hunt. Oversized bedrooms with king-size beds, private bath, Jacuzzi, and gorgeous vistas add to the allure. Their chef prepares excellent dishes, and the fully stocked wine cellar complements each one. Fishing guests have access to trout fishing on the Las Canas and Los Machos rivers, which flow through the property and are chock full of sporty rainbow trout. Add an extra day to fish or enjoy other alternatives if you tag out early. For a stand-alone big game experience or a combination hunting/fishing adventure, look no further than Rincon de Luna. FOR R ATES AND ADDITIONAL TR AVEL DETAILS, VISIT W W W.FRONTIERSTR AVEL.COM   |    1 9

C H I L E   |   F R O N T I E R S Mine! The pampas of Western Uruguay, South America



Perdiz Doves Pigeons


Perdiz Pigeons

20  |  1-800-245-1950 | +44 (0)1285 700 940 IN THE UK | W W W.FRONTIERSTR AVEL.COM

F R O N T I E R S   |   U R U G U A Y

Estancia San Juan offers Sprawling elegance and mixed bag shooting

Estancia San Juan Mixed Bag Shooting that Features High Volume Doves, Perdiz Over Pointers, and Pigeons in Paysandú (Northwest) Consistency seems to be a dying concept these days, but in contrast find Estancia San Juan in Uruguay. It is one of the few international shooting lodges that always produces outstanding shooting reports, thanks in large part to welcoming hosts Bernardo and Mercedes Barran. Standing with authority on a hill above vast hectares of shooting grounds, Estancia San Juan is a well-thought-out sporting property that pampers visiting shooters with the creature comforts of an estate home. The 360-degree views reveal hilly fields filled with perdiz that hold tight for pointers and shooters alike. Just minutes from the lodge over the southwestern ridge hums a dove roost with incalculable numbers of birds ready for eager pass shooters. Seasonally, hearty pigeons can present themselves to be decoyed or passing with the dove flight offering an adversary for keen-eyed shooters. Easily accessible from the capital city of Montevideo, Estancia San Juan should be at the top of any bird shooter’s “must-do” list.


U R U G U A Y   |   F R O N T I E R S

La Bellaca sends guests home delighted with their experience

Estancia La Bellaca Coastal Decoyed Pigeons, Perdiz over Pointers, and Mixed Bag Shooting in Punta del Esta La Bellaca is located in the Sierra de Minas hill country. The Aguas Blanca stream runs lazily through the stunning, secluded property. As the morning sun rises over the Atlantic, shooters hunt wild pigeons flocking to carousels and decoy spreads or hunt perdiz behind pointers in the rolling savannahs. Following a traditional lunch and siesta, enjoy high volume dove shooting in close proximity to the estancia. La Bellaca consistently sends guests home delighted with the entire experience. La Bellaca is only one hour from Punta del Este, commonly known as the Riviera of South America. It combines great beaches with sophisticated restaurants, casinos, and shopping. The comfortable sprawling estate lodge accommodates just six shooters during a stay.

22  |  1-800-245-1950 | +44 (0)1285 700 940 IN THE UK | W W W.FRONTIERSTR AVEL.COM

F R O N T I E R S   |   U R U G U A Y

Family time well spent, western Uruguay

Uruguay Lodge The Sister Lodge of Estancia San Juan Offering Perdiz Over Dogs, Volume Doves, and Passing or Decoyed Pigeons With its royal heritage, Uruguay Lodge blends rich history and vast game populated countrysides to form an iconic southern hemisphere mixed bag shooting experience. Managed by Bernardo and Mercedes Barran, David Denies Wingshooting partners and longtime shooting hosts, Uruguay Lodge offers the convenience of shooting multiple species from one destination. Guests shoot doves, perdiz, and even wild pigeons with the assurance of a tenured outfitter, remarkable shooting venues, and extraordinary dogs. The historic 19th-century mansion of noble lineage exemplifies the rich traditions of Uruguay. Offering six en suite bedrooms, it is ideal for smaller parties or up to 10 guests comfortably. The Barran’s hospitality and cuisine have become famous throughout the countryside during their 30 years in the shooting world. *Please note Uruguay duck hunting is presently banned countrywide. Refer to our website for the most current information. FOR R ATES AND ADDITIONAL TR AVEL DETAILS, VISIT W W W.FRONTIERSTR AVEL.COM   |    2 3



La Paz

Dorado Bolivia offers a close proximity cast and blast experience

24  |  1-800-245-1950 | +44 (0)1285 700 940 IN THE UK | W W W.FRONTIERSTR AVEL.COM

Santa Cruz de la Sierra

F R O N T I E R S   |   B O L I V I A

La Leyenda Lodge Dove and Pigeon Paradise in the Santa Cruz Province If such thing as a “secret spot” existed, La Leyenda Lodge would be it. The dove population here rivals any of the famed dove meccas, and many say it is the best dove shooting available today. Mennonite farms surround the Lodge for miles in every direction. Corn, sunflower, soybean, and sorghum fields provide a never-ending food source that supports the bird population. The Lodge owners are second-generation outfitters, and it’s doubtful there is a better dove scout than Carlos Olano. Besides the shooting, La Leyenda is gorgeous and superbly run by a gracious and well-organized staff. Getting there is easy, with direct flights from Miami to Santa Cruz. Carlos greets clients at the airport and provides the one-and-a-half-hour transfer to the Lodge. The Lodge offers eight private bedrooms. Whether hunters want to shoot fields, along a flyway, or near a roost, La Leyenda can make it happen. The pigeon shooting here is fantastic, and every group will have the option to enjoy some shooting for these fun birds.

Trip Add-On: World-Class Dorado Fishing Still want more action? Consider adding golden dorado fishing at Bolivia’s famed Tsimane program. This trip begins and ends in Santa Cruz and can be reserved for six days. Fish for hardfighting dorado on small freestone rivers in the Bolivian jungle. The best shooting and fishing in this region happen at nearly the same time, so you can combine the two in one trip.



UNITED KINGDOM Grouse Pheasant Ducks Partridge

DENMARK Pheasant Ducks

SPAIN Partridge

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F R O N T I E R S   |   E U R O P E

Europe’s Best Shooting Since 1976, Frontiers Has Led the US Travel Industry in Offering the Best Quality and Most Diversified Bird Shooting in Europe. We are the most qualified and seasoned sporting agency in the world to arrange your perfect European shooting adventure, an experience you’ll never forget. Double spaces after periods throughout entire page. Exploring the historic hunting fields of Europe is often the pinnacle of a shooting career, and thousands of adventurers of all shooting levels have trusted our knowledgeable team, with nearly five decades of European shooting experience, to create the perfect itinerary. The art of driven shooting didn’t stand the test of time by clinging to traditions. Despite outside pressure, driven shooting is in good health and has never been more popular. It has moved with the times, welcoming all newcomers no matter where they are from, how they dress, or what gun they use. Time and time again we have witnessed our guests come to Europe for the first time, fall in love with driven shooting, and embark on their journey—applying themselves to really learn how to shoot, buying guns, and keeping them and their associated equipment in Europe for their regular use and convenience. We invite you to experience challenging and abundant game birds, whether they be red-legged partridge outside of Madrid, mallards in Denmark, the wild grouse of Yorkshire, the best pheasant shooting across the United Kingdom, or a mixed bag shoot in France. Clients will enjoy all of these wonderful experiences with a tailored itinerary. Frontiers will take care of every detail of your time in our care, including all travel logistics, meet and greet services, chauffeurs, expert instructors, cultural guides, shooting permits, insurance, moving your gun around the world, or arranging a gun fitting and gun hire at destination. This is your definitive guide to the very best shooting destinations across Europe. Whether you are an intact private team of guns or an individual shooter looking for an open line, we will exceed your expectations and create memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.


E U R O P E   |   F R O N T I E R S

United Kingdom

UK Managing Director, Tarquin Millington-Drake

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Mike Fitzgerald with our Scottish Operator, Wlison Young

Shooting in the United Kingdom As many of our clients know, we have a full Frontiers staff in the United Kingdom who are passionate shooters. When they are not hosting clients in the field, they are there themselves with their dogs and guns shooting most weekends and days when they are not at their desks. It’s a way of life for them, and they work closely with our US office designing shoots in England and Scotland. If you love field sports, you will grow very fond of shooting in the UK and all the pleasure it brings—from experiencing stunning parts of England and Scotland that you may otherwise not have seen to superb cuisine in beautiful houses and estates, and all the fun of beautiful guns and equipment to challenging driven bird shoots with an exceptional field staff. There is also the pleasure of learning more, improving your skills, and growing into the sport. We have enjoyed witnessing clients come to the UK for the first time, shoot their first drive, and now shoot more than we do and look like a local! Our job is to help make that journey as seamless as possible. We represent many of the very best shooting estates in the UK. The season starts with grouse in August. Most agree that driven grouse is the pinnacle of driven game shooting. Red grouse are entirely wild birds unique to the British Isles with strongholds in the uplands of northern England and Scotland. When they are flushed, they will fly a very long way at speeds of 40 to 70 mph depending on the winds. (Continued on next page) FOR R ATES AND ADDITIONAL TR AVEL DETAILS, VISIT W W W.FRONTIERSTR AVEL.COM   |    2 9

E U R O P E   |   F R O N T I E R S

Picking the shooting post rotation, a morning tradition

They also fly low, presenting a challenge like no other game bird. This is partially due to their famous moorland or heather habitat which has no trees or bushes to encourage the birds to land. It is their willingness to fly these long distances at speed which makes driven grouse shooting possible and so special. Within the UK, there is an option of single or multiple days. Single shooters or a team of guns can form a line and take them as back-to-back days. Bag sizes can be small or large depending on the time of year and your requirements. Larger days are often possible and can be arranged. Accommodations are at a local hotel, private house, or on the shooting estate itself depending on personal preference and availability. Frontiers will advise on accommodation choice at the time of booking. Whether you want a fun pub hotel in town, a lovely country inn, or a private castle, we will find the right place for you to stay. The duck and partridge seasons open September 1, and the pheasant season opens October 1. A number of our clients will shoot grouse in September—combined with a day or two of driven partridge and mallards. To enjoy partridges over the stubbles of Hampshire or off the edge of the grouse moors is a real treat. These trips are wonderful, shooting two completely different disciplines. October is the month where it is possible to enjoy all the species with some reliability. Guests can shoot partridge, mallards, pheasant and even some late season grouse. This is a superb time to be shooting.

Most serious pheasant shoots begin in earnest from early November—unless they have a mix of partridges or duck to shoot. November is a prime month when the leaves are pretty much off the trees and the covers are full of birds that are now fully grown and ready to fly at their best. It is the optimum combination of quantity and quality of birds. November is the best time to string a series of days together, or even a whole week of shooting, from Scotland all the way to the West Country. We do not just arrange shooting—there is a whole lot more we can do for you when hunting in the United Kingdom. Sound advice based on your budget and objectives is the foundation of our services, but there is so much more that today’s shooting community desires for their convenience. With an office in the UK, we know how to provide these services better than anyone. From advising on how to best travel with guns and which air carriers welcome firearms to helping obtain the necessary licenses and paperwork, and arranging third party insurance to confirming ground transfers and safe/secure gun storage, we provide all of the necessary assistance to make sure that you are well looked after in-country. Our US and UK staff work together to organize an amazing shoot for you on the best estates in England and Scotland. We will carefully discuss your preferred species, shooting experience, bag, budget, and accommodation preferences to customize an itinerary that works perfectly for your line of guns. Call us today to learn more about the lore, tradition, challenge, and enjoyment of shooting in the UK.

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F R O N T I E R S   |   E U R O P E

Wild grouse is the pinnacle of European bird shooting


E U R O P E   |   F R O N T I E R S

Pheasants and mallards presented in a challenging manner


Our Danish Shooting Director, Jens Torp and Mike Fitzgerald

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The Pageantry of Danish shooting

Denmark Exclusive Scandinavian Driven Pheasants and Mallards Frontiers’ Denmark shooting programs are coordinated exclusively through and hosted by our capable and personable Danish Shooting Director, Jens Torp. We use the finest estates in our itineraries, offering not only spectacular numbers, but also superior sporting quality game birds. These are in prime condition and fly hard, high, and fast across a wide variety of shooting stations, from breezy seaside fields to stately beech forests. The mallard season begins in September, followed by pheasants (with some mallards intermixed) from early-October through November. It’s great shooting for the veteran as well as the firsttime gunner. Enjoy outstanding accommodations and gourmet cuisine without stilted formality. Most of our trips include a stay at renowned Falsled Kro, the finest countryside accommodation and cuisine in all of Scandinavia. Elegant manor houses and castles on expansive estates are also available for private shooting parties. Guests stay at the recently renovated, luxurious Hotel d’Angleterre in Copenhagen’s city center, ideally located for sightseeing and adjacent to the Strøget walking street, famous for its designer shops, cafes, and vibrant atmosphere. Experience warm and friendly service in a lovely country where English is everyone’s second language, rolling green fields and large forests in an uncrowded countryside, pheasants and mallards presented in a challenging manner, crackling firesides, and, perhaps most importantly, great company. Frontiers pioneered these classic estate shoots of Denmark back in the mid-70s. Come discover why shooters and non-shooters alike enjoy memorable days afield for both driven pheasants and mallards. The colorful traditions of European shooting are still alive and well, revered in Denmark today with well-bred, expertly trained dogs retrieving beautifully and the traditional game parade at the end of the day. Combine all of this with the warm, friendly service of English-speaking Danish hosts, who are with shooters each day in the field and accompany non-shooting guests through a kaleidoscope of activities, and you have the quintessential couple’s sporting vacation. With well over 40 operational seasons in Denmark, this program continues to get better each season, and our clients love the experience. FOR R ATES AND ADDITIONAL TR AVEL DETAILS, VISIT W W W.FRONTIERSTR AVEL.COM   |    3 3

E U R O P E   |   F R O N T I E R S


Spain is famous for their challenging driven partridge shoots

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Fine dining at Ventosilla Castle

Spain Experience the Pageantry and Thrill of Spanish Driven Partridge Shooting From the very first partridge drive to the farewell dinner, Frontiers offers exceptional Spanish red-legged partridge shooting October through March at several magnificent estancias in the foothills of La Mancha. Your hospitable Spanish hosts welcome intact parties of guns throughout the season, and also offer open dates for single shooters to join existing lines of guns for challenging driven shoots in varying terrain with well-organized and experienced field staff. Generally, there are five to six partridge drives during the day, with three in the morning and two or three in the afternoon. Snacks and refreshments are served between drives with a traditional lunch in the field midday, if weather permits, or back at the estancia. At day’s end, there is time to relax before evening cocktails and a multi-course dinner, often with entertainment. Spain is a remarkable destination; aside from the shooting, it features a casual lifestyle with mostly warm sunny days in the fall, spectacular scenery, and festive evenings. For non-shooters, we can arrange excursions to Toledo and other interesting locations. The Spanish hospitality is memorable. You will find attractive, private accommodations; friendly and attentive service; sumptuous dinners; lunch on the expansive verandah; and fun-filled evenings in the beautiful dining area. This is also a most enjoyable environment for non-shooting companions. Over 40 years of experience in Spain gives us the perspective to compare and contrast properties, and we have selected the finest Spanish estancias which include Ventosilla, La Cuesta, Pinos Altos, and Los Melonares, as well as La Flamenca, La Nava, and Los Golodrinas. Each year our Spanish hosts introduce new and challenging partridge drives on varying terrain to create another dimension for repeat clients. Whether this is your first or tenth shooting trip to Spain, contact us to explore which property will best meet your objectives.

Los Melonares owner, Pachi Madariaga and Hunting Director, Jeronimo


E U R O P E   |   F R O N T I E R S


CHATEAU DE VILLETTE Fine Driven Shooting in Burgundy, France! Noted for noble wines and excellent cuisine, France also offers challenging driven shooting for pheasant, partridge, and mallards from maize cover crops, lakes, and mature woodlands amidst centuries-old vineyards—all within walking distance of the incredibly comfortable Chateau de Villette. The emphasis is on sporting days with drives designed to produce a variety of quality, high-flying birds that will test the skills of gunners. These drives are conducted under the watchful eye of property owner Coen Stork and the English gamekeeper. Luxury southern Burgundy accommodations (all en suite) are in the impressive 18th-century Chateau, which has been completely renovated, reflecting style and comfort. Guests are treated to gourmet dining, exceptional wines, and exquisite service. The 5-6 drives each day are expertly presented. The shoot offers a combination of driven pheasants, partridge, and mallards to a minimum line of six guns for bags of typically 400–500 birds over two days in the field.

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IDAHO Chukker Mule Deer Huad Pheasant

F R O N T I E R S   |   U N I T E D S T A T E S SOUTH DAKOTA Pheasant

OREGON Chukker Quail Huad Pheasant


GEORGIA Quail NEBRASKA Deer Pheasant Duck Geese

United States

Flying B Ranch Offering Upland Game Birds, Big Game, and Trophy Steelhead Fishing in Idaho The Flying B Ranch in Kamiah, Idaho, has exclusive outfitting rights to more than 740,000 acres of the Nez Perce and Clearwater National Forests. This first-class operation offers managed upland bird hunts for ring-necked pheasant, chukar, and Hungarian partridge. Every hunt is personalized for plenty of shooting the way each hunter prefers. There are no bag limits, and hunts will cover a variety of habitat, from timbered ridges and brushy draws to canyon sides and open pastures. Fish the nationally recognized Clearwater River, and hunt behind some of the best upland hunting dogs working today.

Flying B offers some of the wests’ finest wingshooting and big-game opportunities

There are big game opportunities, too. The Ranch owns over 5,000 acres in Lawyer Creek Canyon which is prime whitetail and mule deer habitat. They also offer world-class mountain lion hunts behind great hounds and guides as well as elk and moose hunts on vast tracts of National Forest land. Because big game hunts are very limited, it’s a good idea to inquire early for next season. FOR R ATES AND ADDITIONAL TR AVEL DETAILS, VISIT W W W.FRONTIERSTR AVEL.COM   |    3 7

U N I T E D S T A T E S   |   F R O N T I E R S Fly fishing, horseback riding and sporting clays are just a few of the activities offered at the Ranch

Bordered on three sides by National Forest and public land that allows hunting

Three Forks Ranch Premier US Destination for Elk and Mule Deer in Northern Colorado Three Forks Ranch is one of the west’s most successful conservation stories. Located on the Colorado/Wyoming border, this 200,000-acre working cattle ranch has become one of the premier big game destinations in the US, the #1 rated wilderness luxury spa, and host to incredible trout fishing. Elk and mule deer thrive among the diverse game habitat of quaking aspen stands, serviceberry, the dark timber of lodgepole pine and spruce, and open park-like meadows. Five-day hunts on this game-rich Ranch are complemented by personalized service, warm hospitality, and excellent cuisine. The Ranch benefits greatly from being bordered on three sides by National Forest and public land that allows hunting. This is fair-chase hunting at its finest. Incredible guides will give you the opportunity to see more animals on this ranch than you can possibly imagine. Both rifle and archery hunts are available, and you can use any weapon from the first open season onward, thanks to Three Forks’ participation in Colorado’s Ranching for Wildlife program. What can be better than hunting bull elk with a rifle in mid-September? Due to a very high re-booking rate, hunts are available on a very limited basis, and most years we have a wait-list in place. Please call early to avoid disappointment.

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F R O N T I E R S   |   U N I T E D S T A T E S

Joe Linscott and his buddy gathering their harvest

Pheasant Bonanza World-Class Upland, Waterfowl, Turkey and Deer Hunting In Tekamah, Nebraska Pheasant Bonanza offers liberated bird hunts for ringnecked pheasant and chukar partridge, along with hunts for migratory waterfowl including puddle and diving ducks and Canada, specklebelly, and snow geese. Turkey and whitetail deer hunts are also available, and the success rate is high. Sharpen your shooting eye on the club’s sporting clays, five stand, skeet, and trap ranges. Generously sized 400-squarefoot rooms have queen or king size beds and private bathrooms.


U N I T E D S T A T E S   |   F R O N T I E R S

Both lodges offer great bird numbers, superior dog work, and the upper levels of comfort

Cheyenne Ridge Signature Lodge

North Platte Outpost

Pheasant Hunting at its Finest in South Dakota

America’s Most Sought-After Waterfowl Hunting Lodge in Nebraska

Cheyenne Ridge Signature Lodge is an excellent familyowned-and-operated pheasant hunting facility that offers a rich sporting heritage and 21st-century luxuries. Located 20 miles north of Pierre, South Dakota, this region has a reputation as the finest pheasant hunting destination in all of North America and a bag limit of 20 pheasants per day! Bird hunters with a taste for the finer aspects of sporting life will find no better place to indulge than Cheyenne Ridge Signature Lodge. It was the first lodge to receive a Beretta Trident Rating, and it earned this coveted rating a second time.

Ranked among the country’s top waterfowling locations, Cheyenne Ridge’s sister lodge, the North Platte Outpost, is located in Minatare, Nebraska, in the heart of the Central Flyway. Occupying three miles of North Platte River bottom and more than 1,500 acres of private land, the lodge provides some of the best unpressured and private duck and Canada goose shooting. Hunt in comfort from any of several heated, state-ofthe-art pit blinds strategically placed along this amazing watershed. Hunters eat a hot breakfast in the blind while waiting for the next group of greenheads to come calling. Afternoon pheasant hunts are another popular add-on pursuit.

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F R O N T I E R S   |   U N I T E D S T A T E S

Frontiers’ Joe Linscott working some birds with Highland Hills finest

Rio Piedra

Highland Hills Ranch

Traditional Bobwhite Quail Hunting in the Heart of Georgia’s Wingshooting Belt

World-Class Wingshooting for Pheasant, Chukar, Quail, and Hungarian Partridge in Oregon

Rio Piedra Plantation is located alongside the picturesque banks of the Flint River in the heart of Georgia’s Plantation Belt. The Plantation combines an unparalleled commitment to exceptional wingshooting with first-rate accommodations, “relaxed five-star” dining, gracious service, and luxurious surroundings. Rio Piedra is uniquely located in the heart of the Classic Plantation Belt, which stretches for roughly 100 miles through southern Georgia and into northern Florida. The population density of bobwhite quail here is unlike that of any other place on earth.

Highland Hills Ranch is a rare jewel among hunting venues. This unique 3,000-acre property has topography and natural habitat that is vastly diverse, offering wingshooters the rare opportunity to hunt for the “Grand Slam of Wingshooting”— chukar, pheasant, valley quail, and Hungarian partridge— all in the same day. A professionally-trained staff, knowledgeable guides, exceptional service, incredible cuisine, and 5-star accommodations ensure an adventure you’ll never forget. For an unrivaled shooting experience, Highland Hills Ranch will not disappoint.


South Africa

A trophy nyala

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F R O N T I E R S   |   S O U T H A F R I C A

Francolin shooting with dogs

Umdende Hunting Safaris A Family-Run South Africa Operation with Plenty of Activities The Comins family has owned Umdende for 2 generations and has a long working relationship with Frontiers. They offer plains game, waterfowl and upland bird hunting. Trips can be extended with photo safaris, cultural touring and fishing for trout, tigerfish and Indian Ocean saltwater species. Driven by experienced, skilled owner and Professional Hunter Clayton Comins, Umdende has been big game hunting and bird shooting professionally for 15 years. They will assist you with all of your requirements, along with the highly skilled and motivated local Zulu trackers and skinners.

High quality shotguns and rifles are available for rent. Hunters bringing their own firearms will need to obtain a SAPS import permit and must apply well in advance. Light-weight, comfortable hiking boots recommended. Waterfowl hunting is done out of dry blinds, so no waders are necessary. Guests fly commercially to Johannesburg. The outfitter will greet you upon arrival and transfer you by road to camp. US Citizens do not require a visa. Plains game hunting is available year-round (June-September best time). Waterfowl and upland bird hunting season is May 31-August 31. For repeat travelers looking for a different safari experience, Umdende offers 2 additional options: night time predator hunting for jackal and aardwolf or daytime hunting with dogs for bushpig or caracal. For those familiar with hunting mountain lions, this is a similar experience but with warm weather. Kudu

Cape Buffalo


There are 13 bird species and 31 plains game species are available on privately held concessions ranging in size from 10,000-350,000 acres. Properties are high fence, low fence or no fence. Accommodation ranges from 3-5 star and are equipped with all the modern amenities you would expect. Nights can be very cold during the winter months and all lodges are heated. Mobile phone reception is widely available and most lodges have Wi-Fi in the reception area or individual rooms.

Umdende Safaris

Red-Eyed Turtle Doves Guinea Fowl



S O U T H A F R I C A   |   F R O N T I E R S

Daybed at Singita Sabora Tented Camp in the Serengeti

Elegant Journeys in Africa Extend Your South Africa Hunting Experience Frontiers has designed and coordinated photographic safaris in countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Ethiopia, and South Africa. Explore vast savannahs, expansive deserts, and waterholes teeming with wildlife from open safari vehicles, dugout canoes, elephant back, hot-air balloons, horseback, quad bikes, camel back, or even on foot. These settings make up the many facets of Africa. Frontiers has a long history in Africa dating back to our first safari in November 1971. It was a trial run for a new flying safari called “Sasafari.” The operators designed a wonderful itinerary utilizing Aero Commander aircraft which stayed with the party throughout South Africa, Botswana, what was then Rhodesia, and Mozambique. Along the way, our staff developed a high level of expertise, and discerning travelers sought out Frontiers to develop private itineraries embracing a wide range of interests. Because we do not own or operate any camps or lodges in Africa, we can offer unbiased recommendations. We work with the best guides, camps, lodges, and safari operators such as Wilderness Safaris, Abercrombie & Kent, Africa House Safaris, &Beyond, Adventura Africa, and Belmond. Our suggestions are based purely on your objectives and where the peak game viewing may be at your desired time to travel. Where possible, we strive to contribute to conservation efforts, and we encourage our clients to be a part of a bigger story and engage with various projects that will broaden their experience in Africa. With over four decades of experience and countless staff trips, our destination knowledge is unparalleled, and our enthusiasm is contagious. We look forward to sharing our expertise with you whether you are a first-time visitor or a veteran Africa traveler.

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F R O N T I E R S   |   S O U T H A F R I C A

East Africa Most of the images associated with Africa include endless plains dotted with wildebeest, Maasai warriors silhouetted against the horizon, spectacular sunsets, boundless African skies, palm-fringed white beaches, adventurous rivers, and snow-capped mountains. You can experience each of these visions in the countries that make up the bulk of East Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Uganda. • Float gently over the prolific wildlife and dramatic landscapes of the Masai Mara and Serengeti in a hot air balloon. • Enjoy life-changing opportunities to interact with traditional Maasai and Samburu tribes as they keep their age-old lifestyles, tending to their livestock near the game parks in Kenya and Tanzania. • Witness the annual Great Migration of millions of wildebeest and zebra between the Serengeti and the Masai Mara. It remains one of the most incredible wildlife spectacles in the world and can be viewed year round. • Trek to view the endangered mountain gorillas in Rwanda, Uganda, or the Congo for an unforgettable up-close experience.

Southern Africa

Hot air ballooning over the Busanga Plains in Zambia

Southern Africa is characterized by an extraordinary variety of environments, from the wetlands of the Okavango Delta (Botswana) to the white sands of the Kalahari Desert (Botswana/South Africa/ Namibia) and the red sands of the Namib Desert (Namibia). This region also includes the classic bushveld of the greater Kruger National Park (South Africa), the mighty Zambezi River and Victoria Falls (Zambia and Zimbabwe), and the wild coasts of South Africa and Namibia. • Observe the mysterious phenomenon of the Roaring Dunes which is one of many unique surprises Namibia has to offer. The stunning red sand dunes at Sossusvlei are also the world’s highest. • Spot some of Africa’s best leopard sightings in South Africa and Zambia. • Stay in an array of accommodations, ranging from award-winning luxury lodges to simple mobile tented camps, in the most compelling safari destinations. • Savor the spectacular scenery and gameviewing around the crystal-clear channels of the Okavango Delta making up the earth’s richest ecosystem.

B I R D S H O O T I N G & B I G G A M E H U N T I N G    |    4 5

N E W Z E A L A N D   |   F R O N T I E R S



Red Stag

New Zealand Poronui World-Class Big Game Hunting and Trophy Trout Fishing on New Zealand’s North Island

Poronui’s vast landholdings offer hunters the chance to harvest exceptional quality trophy animals

New Zealand has trophy red stag; sika, sambar, rusa, and fallow deer; and chamois, tahr, and wapiti (elk) all for the taking. The red stag are arguably the largest on the planet, with many in the SCI 350-400 class. Hunting in New Zealand is a top-notch experience, with excellent accommodations, first-rate service, and some of the friendliest people anywhere. Poronui is a premier property and lodge nestled in the secluded Taharua Valley, southeast of Taupo on New Zealand’s spectacular North Island. It has evolved from a rustic wilderness camp into one of the world’s finest sporting facilities. The property is a wonderful outdoor playground and offers excellent game estate and exceptional free range hunting opportunities for a wide range of species. Due to the superb natural habitat, the hunting is challenging yet achievable for all ages and physical ability. The range of species allows for exciting trophy hunting opportunities year-round. The mosaic of undulating grasslands, native beech forest, exotic pine and eucalyptus plantations, and shrub lands creates an ideal habitat and cover for deer. Contact Frontiers to plan your customized New Zealand big game adventure.

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F R O N T I E R S   |   N E W Z E A L A N D

Wonderful outdoor playground with excellent hunting and fishing opportunities

Combine your hunting with world-class trout fishing! The best and most exciting time to hunt red deer is during “the roar,” which is from mid to late March well into April. The great news is that there is outstanding angling during that time period. Since the introduction of trout into New Zealand in the late 1800s, the country has emerged as a favorite angling destination. Fishermen from all over recognize New Zealand as the world’s best wild trophy trout fishery. The majority of the rivers on both the North and South islands are known for their clarity, and their reputation draws travelers from far and wide in search of giant trout.

Poronui offers amazing fly-out heli options not to be missed

A trout fishery that requires more technical skills than most, New Zealand is not known for the quantity or ease of catching found in other trout waters. But to the fly fishing purist, it is heaven on earth. A good day on a New Zealand stream may yield only six trout, but they will be gorgeous and healthy, averaging from 3 to 8 pounds, and caught under the most spectacular conditions. Stalking trophy wild browns and rainbows while casting dry flies and nymphs in water as clear as the air is challenging, absorbing, and addictive—it’s a style unique to New Zealand. Poronui has an excellent fishing program, or we can show you many other fisheries in the country with incredible lodges, expert guiding, fine cuisine, and excellent value! FOR R ATES AND ADDITIONAL TR AVEL DETAILS, VISIT W W W.FRONTIERSTR AVEL.COM   |    4 7

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