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SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE 2020 Featuring Freshwater Destinations in South America, New Zealand, Australia, and Africa


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“I come to Frontiers for all of my fishing expeditions. Your vast knowledge of the destinations, unique ability to compare and contrast my options, love of the sport, travel expertise and commitment to conservation are unmatched in your business. Thank you!”

The mighty freshwater golden dorado!

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Mr. R.T., Atlanta, GA

Pioneering Fly Fishing Travel Since 1969 Let us share the regions we pioneered…some over three decades ago and a number much more recently! Frontiers was one of the very first fishing travel companies into New Zealand, South America, and Africa. We have helped establish some of the premier angling programs south of the equator in places like Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego, the Amazon Basin, New Zealand’s North and South Islands, and even Africa’s Okavango Delta, Lake Victoria, and the Zambezi River. Experience, knowledge, and an unwavering commitment to customer service are important – especially when planning travel to remote international locales. We have a unique ability to compare and contrast options to ensure that you have an unforgettable experience based upon your budget, accommodation preferences, and travel objectives. Based on our vast in-field travels, Frontiers professionals can add many other wonderful experiences for the non-angler companion. In almost every case, there is no extra cost for our sporting services, and our experienced staff will save you a tremendous amount of time and research. We often beat prices (even online) and at Frontiers, we have access and clout that you simply cannot get by booking direct or booking through a smaller travel company. Our freshwater fishing opportunities south of the equator encompass sight-casting to trophy browns and rainbows in New Zealand, chasing golden dorado and peacock bass in the Amazon reaches, floating or wading remote and unpressured Patagonian rivers, or challenging the giant sea-run trout of Tierra del Fuego. All of these extraordinary possibilities are accompanied by incredible lodge experiences, culinary delights, and expert guiding. Let our planning expertise guide your fishing experience in the Southern Hemisphere. Call us today to talk about your dream itinerary. See you streamside,

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Mike Fitzgerald, Jr. Co-Owner and President

Kristene Fitzgerald

Australia and New Zealand fishing, and Elegant Journeys plus, Ireland, Scotland and Slovenia fishing

Meet the Team Frontiers does more exploratory travel and on-site evaluation than any other

travel company. Our experts visit the places they love every year to stay up-to-date on the best accommodations and activities and to keep in touch with our partner organizations on the ground. Our unparalleled destination knowledge spans the globe. We are uniquely able to help our clients compare options within the context of their preferences, objectives, budgets, and past travel experiences. Tom Gilliland

South America fishing and big game plus, Alaska and Canada fishing

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Ben Hoffman South America and Iceland fishing

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Hank Ingram South America fishing and shooting . plus, fishing in Mongolia and Canada

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in the World.

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A R G E N T I N A   |   F R O N T I E R S

Argentina WHEN TROUT WERE FIRST BROUGHT TO ARGENTINA AND STOCKED IN THE RIVERS AROUND SAN MARTIN DE LOS ANDES AND BARILOCHE MORE THAN 100 YEARS AGO, no one could foresee what a boon this would be to fly fishermen. Trout flourished in the nutrient-rich waters and spread to other rivers and lakes. Over time, local attitudes changed from subsistence fishing to recreational sport fishing, and eventually this led to actions meant to protect rivers, including the practice of catch-and-release. Now fly fishermen from all over the world come to catch trout in Argentina’s pristine waters. Amazing rivers like the Malleo, Collón Curá, Chimehuin, and the Traful, as well as the welcoming lodges and delicious Argentine cuisine ensure the country’s growing popularity among fly fishermen.

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F R O N T I E R S   |   A R G E N T I N A

Jorge Trucco and Patagonia Outfitters Limay River Lodge, Hosteria San Huberto, Estancia Quemquemtreu and Estancia Tipiliuke


Providing Clients with an Authentic Argentina Experience Since 1979 Cordoba

Mendoza Buenos Aires

Northern Patagonia Bariloche

Southern Patagonia

Tierra Del Fuego

Jorge Trucco’s ambition and drive led him to become a fly fishing guide and to work with estancia owners to create the first fishing lodges in the San Martín de los Andes area of Argentina. He was a force in establishing catch-andrelease on the rivers he fished in order to protect resources for future generations. Frontiers teamed up with Jorge and his Patagonia Outfitters more than 30 years ago to provide the traveling angler access to the best lodges on the best rivers, using the best local guides. Jorge and his staff work hard to make sure that every experience in Argentina is the best it can be. We customize virtually all of our Patagonia itineraries, combining two and sometimes three different estancias. Most lodges will accept any length of stay and arrival and departure on any given day. Your Frontiers consultant will build a custom itinerary and provide rates upon request.

S O U T H E R N H E M I S P H E R E G U I D E    |    7

A R G E N T I N A   |   F R O N T I E R S

big water drift fishing with ample walk and wade opportunities

Limay River Lodge Prolific Tailwater Trout Fishing in Northern Patagonia, Neuquén Province Uniquely and privately situated 43 miles downriver from the town of Piedra del Águila on the southern bank of the middle Limay River, the Limay River Lodge awaits. Targeting larger-than-average river rainbows, browns, and fall migratory brown trout, the Limay meshes big water drift fishing with ample walk-and-wade opportunities. In a region of small farming and ranching towns, Limay River Lodge has the unique distinction of being the only destination fishing Lodge on the banks of this tailwater with exclusive put-in access and 10 breathtaking beats. FISHING: The Limay’s power has been harnessed for hydro-

electric production creating Patagonia’s finest tailwater. A freestone river featuring gravel flats, braids, riffles, and sheer cliff walls, the Limay is optimally targeted by a fleet of Hyde drift boats on 10 beats offered by Patagonia Outfitters. ACCOMMODATION: Steps from the riverbank, the Lodge

blends with the vast surrounding beauty of Patagonia. The courtyard surrounds a grand fire pit—a focal point and gathering place where fish stories and Malbec abound. In the kitchen, Yolvi and his well-versed staff feature Argentine and international fare.

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F R O N T I E R S   |   A R G E N T I N A

Alumine River Lodge

Collón Curá Lodge

Northern Patagonia Trout Lodge on a Remote Canyon Estancia on the Alumine River

Quick Access to the Mighty Collón Curá River from Bariloche or San Martin

Warmth of the people and majesty of the region is what attracts serious anglers to Argentine Patagonia. Of course the dynamic trout fishing from a new riverfront Lodge doesn’t hurt either. The Pilolil Canyon on the Alumine is remote, hard to access, and full of bulky brown and feisty rainbow trout looking up. At the top lies handsomely appointed Alumine River Lodge offering comfort and unparalleled access to the canyon and numerous tributary rivers and spring creeks up and downstream of the Lodge on the Alumine system. This fishery offers remarkable, accessible diversity.

Bordering the east side of the Collón Curá River and both sides of Patagonia Highway 234, Collón Curá Lodge benefits from multiple access launch points on this sought-after freestone high desert river. Anglers will travel from launch to launch in modern drift boats stopping to fish riffles, back channels, and braids along the way daily. The Collón Curá is reminiscent of the Snake River in Wyoming or the lower Henry’s Fork in Idaho, with excellent seasonal hatches, explosive hopper fishing, and big browns just waiting to slam a streamer.

FISHING: The regional water accessibility is significant. The

Alumine, Collón Curá, Lower Malleo, and Quillen Rivers are complemented by the lesser known Litran, Pulmari, Malalco, Relem, and Rucachoroi Rivers, all guided by the top outfitted guides in the area, Patagonia Outfitters.

a low desert climate. Meandering braided channels, long washboard riffles, and deep drop off pools bordered by willows and high cut cliff banks offer big resident browns and spunky rainbows looking up. Anglers drift point to point and wade periodically.

ACCOMMODATION: Riverfront at the head of Pilolil

Accommodations: Location, location, location is

Canyon, the newly constructed five en suite bedroom Lodge hosts up to 10 guests surrounded by warm river stone and local timber highlights. It’s so close to the river you could likely roll cast to rising trout on the home pool during cocktails and asado deck-top.

key. Situated just off Highway 234 in Northern Patagonia, Collón Curá Lodge accommodates eight guests in two quaint duplex bungalows. The Lodge offers quick highway access from Bariloche or San Martin making it ideal for a multilodge combination destination.

Fishing: The Collón Curá is a classic freestone river in


A R G E N T I N A   |   F R O N T I E R S

Hosteria San Huberto Prolific Hatches and Pods of Feeding Trout Under the Shadow of the Lanin Volcano Near Junín de los Andes courses arguably the most famous river in the region, the Malleo, and Hosteria San Huberto is ideally situated to access this target angler’s dream. Notorious for her inexhaustible and diverse hatches, this springcreek-like freestone is synonymous with dry fly fishing and Patagonia. The Olsen family’s 25,000-acre property shelters 16 miles of premium pools and runs which are known to be the best and most densely trout populated in the entire river length. With Swiss-watch efficiency, Carmen and Ronnie offer premium attention in a comfortable family atmosphere. FISHING: An optimum-sized stalk and wading river

uninhibited by drift vessels, the Malleo is a target angler’s dream. Select a feeding fish, study his habits, and test yourself against nature’s wariest creature. The Malleo features serpentine meadow stretches, bouldered pocket water, and glassy tail-outs. ACCOMMODATION: San Huberto hosts 16 guests—just

12 anglers please—in four single and six double rooms with en suite bathroom. The central bar is ideal for sharing fish stories and a bottle of Argentine Malbec. Advance reservations required to secure dates; this lodge has dedicated clientele and space is premium.

Estancia Tipiliuke Walk and Wade the Famous Chimehuin River Surrounded by Extraordinary Luxury A premier Patagonia destination for anglers and nonanglers, this sprawling ranch property affords you on-ranch access to multiple stretches of the Chimehuin River and the nearby Collón Curá and regional spring creeks. Ideally situated for daily adventures on horseback, kayak, or trek, Tipiliuke tailors to the active traveler looking to explore Northern Patagonia and return to a welcoming staff, fine Mendoza wines, and exquisite Argentine and international cuisine. FISHING: A mid-size freestone with deep willow-lined

pools, the Chimehuin offers prime dry-fly and terrestrial fishing. The inch-worm hatch will stir your blood as large trout voraciously feed under the canopy. Guide knowledge is imperative here, and Patagonia Outfitters knows every rock and riffle. ACCOMMODATION: Consistently voted a top boutique

accommodation, this stately nine-bedroom wood and stone property is nestled in a grove on the working 50,000-acre estancia. Stone patios, wood burning sauna, massage room, and attentive hosts Mary Jo and Kevin allow you to relax in comfort.

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F R O N T I E R S   |   A R G E N T I N A

Estancia Quemquemtreu A Traditional Working Estancia Featuring Vast Stretches of the Collón Curá River This traditional working Estancia of nearly 200,000 acres offers just 10 anglers vast access to the Rio Collón Curá—a sprawling, low gradient river offering scenic day-long float trips in modern drift boats with ample wading. Ranch River access features over 30 km with little to no fishing pressure, as you seldom see other anglers. A working livestock ranch, polo pony farm, and fishing lodge, the Estancia grounds are abuzz with gauchos as fresh lamb and beef sizzle on the Asado fire. In fall, red stag populations roar in the crisp cool air as quail and wild boar roam the river shores.

Tres Rios lodge A Secluded Trout Fishery Near the Confluence of the Chimehuin and Collón Curá Rivers So close and yet so far removed, Tres Rios Lodge is under an hour drive from San Martin airport in Northern Patagonia, however, is nestled in a secluded haven formed by the Chimehuin and Collón Curá Rivers offering anglers miles of isolated waters and majestic grand views alike. Ideal for the walk-and-wade and drift-minded angler, this self-sufficient Lodge is ideal for a stand-alone or combined Lodge excursion in Patagonia. Whether working summer hoppers along the banks of the Chimehuin or swinging minnows in the fall on the Collon Cura, Tres Rios is a front-runner.

Estancia Arroyo Verde Clear Water Stalk Fishing near San Carlos de Bariloche, Northern Patagonia This aristocratic Estancia nestled between Bariloche and San Martín is renowned for elegant, old-world accommodations and hospitality. A crystal-clear mid-size freestone, the Traful River courses from Lago Traful to the Limay River. Arroyo Verde is ideal for families or multiple activity departures.


A R G E N T I N A   |   F R O N T I E R S

Excellent attention to detail, food, and fishing

Estancia Tecka Diverse Trout Fishing on One of the Largest Uninterrupted Patagonia Estancias Estancia Tecka is a rare find; it’s one of the few places in the world where you can fish all day and never see another soul. This 435,000-acre ranch has such a vast holding of private water it would take years to fish it all. From two lodges, you access the Rio Corcovado, Rio Tecka, and a handful of spring creeks. All offer a perfect blend of walk-and-wade and drifting opportunities. Tecka’s reputation for excellent attention to detail, food, and fishing has earned the Estancia a loyal clientele. FISHING: The Rio Tecka and the Rio Corcovado are the

primary rivers in the program. The smaller Tecka is walkand-wade featuring “s” curves and undercuts prime with browns and rainbows. The Rio Corcovado is a broad gin-clear band accessed via drift boat with a dense fish population and ample hatches. ACCOMMODATION: Tecka offers two ranch home

lodges dissecting the fisheries into manageable distances. The Headquarters Lodge features four spacious bedrooms hosting up to eight guests in complete comfort. A bit further into the property, the Caridad Lodge boasts five rooms for 10 guests. Each has en suite bathroom.

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F R O N T I E R S   |   A R G E N T I N A

walk-andwade Fishing in the Shadow of the Andes

Tres Valles Lodge An 11 out of 10 on the International Remote Trout Fishing Destination Scale It’s no secret that Tres Valles Lodge is a must-fish destination in Patagonia. With ingredients like an attentive host couple, eager staff and guides, and inexhaustible walk-and-wade fishing in the shadow of the Andes, its recipe for success is inexorable. Situated in a remote corner of Chubut Province near Chile, Tres Valles Lodge is ideal for those who don’t like to “follow the crowd” and instead want an intimate, small capacity Lodge experience. With an array of alternative activities available, it’s also a great choice for those traveling with non-anglers. FISHING: Southwestern Chubut Province cradles ample

trout water to float, wade, and explore. This program keys on mid-size rivers like the Rio Pico and Pampa, the smaller Rio Nilsen, multiple challenging spring creeks, and four lakes where monster trout cruise subsurface. ACCOMMODATION: The timber and glass eight-guest

Lodge features four bedrooms with en suite bathroom, comfortable living rooms, and a grand patio opening to mesmerizing views of glacier-capped mountains dwarfing the horizon. Dine on fine regional cuisine after a day of exploring this distant Patagonia frontier.


A R G E N T I N A   |   F R O N T I E R S

Villa Maria Lodge Sea-Run Brown Trout on the Exclusive Lower Rio Grande/Tierra del Fuego This six-guest Lodge on the lower reaches of the Rio Grande is sold out annually and for years to come. Frontiers, however, has weeks designated exclusively for you. Situated on the Estancia José Menéndez, where the river broadens and pools become long slicks of “trouty” holding water, Villa Maria offers you the first shot at fish entering the system fresh from the sea. FISHING: You will encounter nickel-bright sea-runs on

strictly controlled estancia water. This lower stretch appeals to confident casters, and those familiar with two-handed rods do well. Sea-run brown trout fishing is about covering water and reaching the far bank, so come prepared. ACCOMMODATION: Villa Maria Lodge offers six

bedrooms and bathrooms for just six guests weekly in a small, intimate venue. Each day, you relish traditional Argentine waterfront meals and siesta at the River House perched high on a bluff affording a stunning view of the fabled Rio Grande.

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F R O N T I E R S   |   A R G E N T I N A

Over 80 Famous pools on the serpentine banks of the Rio Grande

Kau Tapen Lodge The First and Absolutely Foremost Lodge on the Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego Hosting only 10-12 anglers weekly, Kau Tapen has the distinction of being the matriarch sea-run Lodge on the Rio Grande, cradling over 80 famous pools on her serpentine river banks. You are offered two or more beats daily, affording a pleasantly daunting amount of water to fish exclusively. An internationally acclaimed chef and host staff cater to all your wants and needs, selecting the finest ingredients and regional wines to complement their service. FISHING: Unlike some anadromous fish, these sea-runs

ascend the river in multiple pushes, not in one or two set runs, so fishing is productive all season. The serpentine nature of the river enables guides to use the famous winds to your advantage presenting swung flies to the world’s largest seatrout. ACCOMMODATION: Recently renovated, the Lodge

offers 10 bedrooms with en suite bathroom; single rooms are guaranteed mid-January to mid-March. A glass-lined patio, sauna, steam room, and ample comfortable areas to spread out and relax between sessions make Kau Tapen a premier destination Lodge.


A R G E N T I N A   |   F R O N T I E R S

The Brontosaurus of Rainbow Trout inhabit the lakes and rivers of Estancia Laguna Verde

Estancia Laguna Verde Goliath Rainbow Trout in Santa Cruz Province, Southern Patagonia, Argentina The Brontosaurus of rainbow trout inhabit the lakes and rivers of Estancia Laguna Verde, and if you like to hunt for the big ones, there is no better spot on earth. Fishing here in early and late season allows for behemoths New Zealand-style in the Barrancoso River and in the famous lake. Mid-season fishing will find you wading the shallow bays and inlets for these cruising leviathans. Retire to the relaxed lodge; courteous staff and hearty meals round out this unique fishing adventure in this vast, lonely region of Patagonia. FISHING: Fish Strobel Lake, Barrancoso River, or one of

the other 12 lagunas and creeks on the ranch for oversized rainbows. Regardless of where you find them, when you hook one you are in for some “reel” screaming, heart pounding, tug-of-war action on the uninhabited windswept water and pampas of Santa Cruz. ACCOMMODATION: The Estancia accommodates up

to 12 guests in 10 double rooms with en suite bathroom. Amenities include satellite TV, lodge computer/Wi-Fi, a tying table, and spacious drying room. Argentine wines and regional micro-brews complement ample meals.

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Hank with a nice Pira dorado!

The Dorado Road – Argentine Style By Department Head, Hank Ingram In November, I repeated a trip to Argentina that I had done five years earlier and just absolutely had to do again—well at least sort of. You see, in November 2013 I left Buenos Aires with Noel Pollack and Santiago Seeber on a road trip adventure delivering a cargo van to a lodge on the upper Parana River stopping to fish various dorado destinations from Tigre to Posadas, Argentina along the Route 11 corridor. The trip was your classic misadventure chock-full of flat tires, shared Matte, and even a (now) comical policia incident involving a gag exploding cigarette, a military checkpoint, and one very surprised Argentine friend who will remain nameless. Oh, did I mention we fished for and caught dorado on the fly along the entire Parana River? It was quite literally from its confluence with the Rio de La Plata upstream to the Paraguay border. I call the 2013 trip my counterclockwise dorado trip and recall it fondly. In 2018, I decided to retrace my path, however, this time clockwise. We flew north from Buenos Aires to Corrientes and drove further upriver to the riverfront town of Itati and the brand new Suinda Lodge perched high on a landlocked bluff in Argentina and looking north across the river to Paraguay. On the first night, I experienced one of the finest regional meals I had ever encountered when a local Pacu was slow-cooked over an open grill and served family-style with local veggies and ice-cold beer. We all ate till we could no more and hardly put a dent in the grilled fish, epic. Continuing the adventure, we drove downstream to Bueno Vista and the winter dorado fishery owned by two of the most seasoned dorado guides— and longtime friends—Parana River Outfitters or PRO. Facing unseasonably high water, our caravan decided to cruise due east deep into the heart of the 3-million-plus-acre Ibera Marsh to a hidden gem known as Pira Lodge. Having grown up in coastal Florida and around the Florida Everglades, the

Ibera reminds me of my childhood fishing grounds. Here, a late dinner of grilled lamb and fresh Caiman complemented by Argentine Malbec at an outdoor table surrounded by lodge staff and local guides began three days of epic top-water “mousing” for dorado in the marsh as we shot videos with local Argentine talent, Pablo Saracco. The cheers and laughs from anglers, guides, and videographer alike still ring in my head. Continuing downstream, I visited two destinations easily accessed from Buenos Aires and both offering unique dorado experiences. The Golden Dorado River Cruiser meanders among islands and braids near Rosario. Here, a historic and fully refurbished—The Parana Gypsy—draws anglers to remarkable numbers of mid-size dorado and explosive topwater popper fishing in a fully mobile lodge. This was my first time to the River Cruiser and not my last visit; it was just too action-packed. Finally, travel-weary, I rolled into my starting point from the 2013 trip—Tigre—and met my longtime friend, Noel Pollack, at his new home and dream—The Delta Lodge. Here within sight of the Buenos Aires skyline is one of the most peaceful places in all of Argentina and a man who quite literally—and very quietly—put dorado on the international angler’s radar. As Noel and I polled the channels landing dorado and “Wolf Fish” we discussed simple things, the future of the fly fishing industry, and reflected upon the diversity of the mighty river I had just traveled from north to south and the unique attributes of each of the destinations visited. While all spots offered a similar species, no two were even remotely the same, and I counted myself lucky to have the intimate knowledge of each. I have fished the world, and no species has lured me quite like golden dorado. I am already looking forward to the next road trip. I wonder how long the drive is from Buenos Aires to Bolivia? S O U T H E R N H E M I S P H E R E G U I D E    |    1 7

A R G E N T I N A   |   F R O N T I E R S

Pira Lodge Stalking Golden Dorado on the Fly in the Vast Ibera Marsh, Corrientes, Argentina Dorados are known as the “Tigers of the River”

Located in Argentina’s northern province of Corrientes, Pira enjoys a tropical “Floridian” climate and is repeatedly labeled one of the world’s top guest accommodations by returning anglers. Surrounded by the vast 3-million-acre Ibera Marsh, Pira affords you crystal-clear waters ideal for sight-fishing while cruising for dorado with top-water floating lines, a technique that produces explosive, heartstopping strikes. FISHING: Targeted from Hell’s Bay skiffs, Pira’s dorado—

Salminus maxillosus—are known as “tigers of the river” and are considered the most challenging native freshwater game fish of South America. Flashing radiant gold flanks and strong backs and jaws, dorado hammer flies and are immediately addicting. ACCOMMODATION: Pira offers seven grand, high-ceiling

rooms with private bathroom and air conditioning along a meandering open-air corridor. The main Lodge faces the swimming pool and marsh, featuring a spacious living room, social bar, and airy dining room all bordered by open verandas. The Lodge can accommodate up to 10 anglers.

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F R O N T I E R S   |   A R G E N T I N A

Suinda Lodge Luxury Jungle Lodge on the Banks of the Upper Paraná River Targeting Giant Dorado, Pacu, and Pira Pita. Suinda Lodge is a water-accessed luxury jungle Lodge with a view and ambiance to die for. The Lodge is perched on a high bank overlooking the majestic Paraná River all the way across to Paraguay. Seasoned guides in custom bay boats roam the vast sand flats, lush islands, rip rap riffles, and jungle back channels teeming with large dorado, pacu, and pira pita. Suinda is ideal for a week or a short dorado adventure complementing another fishing destination. FISHING: Custom 21-foot Marsopa bay boats with 150

4-strokes, fore and aft casting decks, and poling platforms are built exclusively for Suinda. Fly and conventional anglers cast to pira pita targeting insects in the jungle canopy, monster pacu sipping fruit and flowers, and river-hardened ambush-minded dorado. ACCOMMODATION: Suinda Lodge lies on a grassy vista

overlooking the Parana River with Paraguay on the horizon. Four bedrooms accommodate up to eight guests in airconditioned suites. Professionally prepared Argentine and international cuisine are paired with legendary Bodega Catena Zapata wines.

Golden Dorado River Cruiser A Fast Action Highly Mobile Dorado Liveaboard just a Double Haul From the Heart of Buenos Aires The Golden Dorado River Cruiser is a completely unique mothership experience targeting golden dorado in the lower Paraná River system in Argentina. Enjoy first-class lodging in their fully refitted liveaboard while accessing the most exclusive fishing away from other boats and anglers. This incredible trip features all the elements for chasing hard fighting golden dorado, as well as other fantastic game fish, in the upper delta of the Paraná River. This river is the second largest in South America with a total length of over 1,500 miles. With hundreds of tributaries, deltas, marshlands, lagoons, and side channels, fishing opportunities are endless. FISHING: Target species are golden dorado along with

pacu, pira pita, tararira, and other species. Fish from newly designed fly fishing boats with two casting platforms (front and back). There is ample casting room for two anglers. Boats have guide-operated trolling motors for stealth approaches. ACCOMMODATION: Lodging is a mothership which

features four double bedrooms with en suite bath and air conditioning. The package includes a flat screen TV, phone, and Wi-Fi. Their exclusive chef matches meals with fine Argentine wines. The ship typically moves to a new location while you fish each day.


C H I L E   |   F R O N T I E R S


Puerto Montt



Puerto Montt

Isla Navarino

Punta Arenas


Suddenly, a five-pound rainbow trout leaps out of the water to catch a passing dragonfly. Not far away, the lake becomes a river, and in one of its many eddies dozens of trout feed on emerging caddis flies. Stands of bamboo and fuchsia flowers blow in the gentle breeze of this temperate rainforest climate. High on a mountain ridge, a gaucho on horseback tends his sheep and shifts in his saddle to look east over the wide valley and the winding river below where an angler casts his line. Chile is a land of breathtaking beauty punctuated by the impressive Andes mountain range. To the east, its rivers flow

through semi-arid land used to graze cattle and sheep, while the waters in the west make their way to the Pacific Ocean through the thick foliage of temperate rainforests. Yet in this land of extremes, there is one constant: excellent fly fishing. Frontiers clients returning from Chile rave about fishing on water nearly devoid of other anglers. Their stories of catching large trout from lakes and stalking cruising fish in small spring creeks are what fly fishermen dream about. The lodges we represent in Chile offer the best in service, accommodations, and cuisine, perfectly complementing a productive day on the water. Let us help plan your own Chilean fishing experience.

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F R O N T I E R S   |   C H I L E

Martin Pescador Lodge Unmatched Trout Diversity in One Visit; Unparalleled Beauty of Chilean Patagonia

Martin Pescador receives incredibly high marks from our clientele

Frans and Anna Jansen’s Martin Pescador Lodge is home to two distinctive Lodges—Puerto Cardenas and La Junta. They offer 16 rivers and eight lakes in a trout crammed week in central Chile. Not enough? The picturesque Lago Verde Program further broadens your fishing exposure in the indescribably picturesque Chilean environs. Attracted originally to the fishing, Martin Pescador’s many repeat guests now return both for the love of Chile and the Lodge’s exceptional hospitality. Few Lodges worldwide can compete with this fishing and environmental diversity. FISHING: Frans and his six guides bring new conquests in

familiar rivers rich with browns, rainbows, and anadromous quarry. Martin Pescador Lodge offers river and lake fishing from a raft or boat with occasional wade opportunities and high-country Argo adventures to maximize your experience. ACCOMMODATION: Chef Anna provides sumptuous

meals, and her staff makes each Lodge feel like home. You spend three nights in the Yelcho riverside Lodge near Puerto Cardenas. While you fish on day four, staff transfers your gear and personal belongings to the La Junta Lodge overlooking the Rio Rosselot. Lago Verde is commonly added post-trip.


C H I L E   |   F R O N T I E R S

Coyhaique River Lodge Central-Southern Chile Fly Fishing Offering Dozens of Trout-Filled Waters Securing exclusive access to the best trout water is the hallmark of Coyhaique River Lodge’s fishing program. Owners Gaston and Claudio Urrejola have developed relationships with landowners that allow them to offer you unparalleled opportunities on water that most trout anglers only dream about. Non-anglers enjoy a wide range of Lodgearranged activities in this scenic mountainous region. A comfortable, modern Lodge with a million-dollar view, its attentive hosts, staff, and seasoned local guides merge for the complete experience. FISHING: Famous rivers, little known streams, spring

creeks, and remote lakes make up this world-class fishing program, which is customized by the guides to suit your preferences. With all of these water options available, you will never have to repeat a beat during a visit—unless you ask nicely! ACCOMMODATION: Accommodating 10 anglers, the

10,000-square-foot Lodge boasts eight ample bedrooms offering two queen beds with en suite bathroom and plenty of space. Floor-to-ceiling glass reveals a spectacular Coyhaique River Valley view in the dining and living rooms while the vast wood deck and hot tub beckon.

22  |  1-800-245-1950 | +44 (0)1285 700 940 IN THE UK | W W W.FRONTIERSTR AVEL.COM

F R O N T I E R S   |   C H I L E

Estancia de los Rios One of Chile’s Largest Ranches Offers Abundant Small-River Trout Fishing Variety Anyone visiting the Estancia de los Rios will know what it means to be in Patagonia. Wild and still-undiscovered areas in this 360,000-acre private ranch offer literally miles of ginclear water filled with feisty brown trout. It is the perfect destination for those who like to wade, work each riffle and run, and cast to trout in picturesque, undisturbed beauty. Up to 12 guests per week enjoy exploring the Rio Cisnes, its tributaries, spring creeks, and several mountain lakes and will leave taking an image of Patagonia with them forever. FISHING: Although the idyllic Rio Cisnes is the centerpiece

of the fishing program, you owe it to yourself to wade its tributaries and the Magdalena Spring Creek to experience the incredible fishing diversity found here. Try going gaucho—ride a horse to the river or to one of the lakes. It’s unforgettable! ACCOMMODATION: The six-bedroom timber lodge

invites you to relax after a full day on the river. Each bedroom hosts one queen or two twin beds, private bathroom, and Patagonia views. Your host and attentive staff work hard to make your visit a memorable one, and it will be.


C H I L E   |   F R O N T I E R S

Incredible Fishing Resources and Spacious New Lakefront Lodge.

Magic Waters Patagonia & River of Dreams Two Unique Central Chilean Fishing Experiences Offered by One Outfitter Magic Waters Patagonia customizes fishing experiences according to how you like to fish. Whether it’s wading rivers and spring creeks or floating lakes and large rivers, it’s all possible here due to the incredible fishing resources available and spacious new lakefront lodge. Seasonally, Magic Waters offers the River of Dreams excursion into the uncharted, remote Chilean backcountry where you cast to isolated rainbow and brown trout on 30 miles of the upper Blanco River, secluded spring creeks, and miles of the Bongo River. FISHING: There are not many places where the fishing

options are as diverse as the scenery that surrounds them. You can tempt a trout with a dry fly on a spring creek, turn a cruising rainbow on a lake with a hopper, and try everything in between—all at incredibly scenic locations. ACCOMMODATION: Magic Waters Lodge was built

with local woods and stone and sits atop a hill overlooking a private lagoon. The Lodge has six rooms, each with private bath. The River of Dreams is a modern fixed tent camp, accessible only by horseback and a river journey, accommodating just six anglers. 24  |  1-800-245-1950 | +44 (0)1285 700 940 IN THE UK | W W W.FRONTIERSTR AVEL.COM

What Sets Patagonia Apart By Destination Specialist, Ben Hoffman


rontiers started exploring Patagonia back in the early 1980s. This was back when the fishing lodges that are now well known to travelling anglers did not even exist. Back then, you either spent the night in a hotel or in a tent yards from a riverbank. People often used the word “rustic” to describe the conditions. Many of the roads were unpaved, and the river accesses were cattle trails that the fishing guides would follow, often not far behind the local gauchos (cowboys). Modern drift boats wouldn’t arrive until decades later, so floating in rubber rafts was the normal way to fish the larger lakes and rivers. But that pioneering spirit is what drove the founders of Frontiers to explore all parts of the globe and to look in Patagonia for those outfitters who loved fly fishing and who wanted to share the special resources with others. My love affair with Patagonia began nearly 15 years ago when I was first sent down to Chile and Argentina to visit the lodges and outfitters that we represented. My passion for fly fishing was well established in my youth, but my desire to explore and to learn the rivers was ignited once I entered this incredible place called Patagonia. I wanted to see it and experience it all, and I have been fortunate enough to learn about these waters, their insect hatches, and the tendencies of the trout that live in them from some incredible fishing guides and lodge owners. What sets Patagonia apart from other trout fishing destinations is that although it is now well known, it is not well trodden. There are still some undiscovered places where trout have never seen a fly before or waters are so lightly fished that the trout never become educated. Over the years, there have been countless days that I have spent alone on a river or a stream with not another angler in sight—only myself and my fishing guide enjoying the day and the active trout in the clear water. In Patagonia, you will never have to pull a number to launch your boat on a river, or you will never have to worry about a group of anglers jumping in the stream above you and poaching your water as you might experience elsewhere in the world. In Patagonia, it seems as though nearly every piece of water on a map holds trout. Recently, a guide from Chile with 20 years of experience told me that there are still waters left for him to explore, and he pointed to some faint blue lines on a wall map letting his imagination run wild with the thought of being the first ever to fish there. My imagination ran wild too, and I can only hope that I am with him when he does visit those bodies of water.

Ben with a nice Patagonian bow!

Chile and Argentina are beautiful places to fly fish, and if I had a dollar for every client who has ever asked me to pick my favorite country between the two, I would certainly be spending my winters some place warmer than Pittsburgh. The fact is that both countries offer some amazing places to fly fish, and I am sure that I can help you find the right place to go where I am confident you will begin your own love affair with Patagonia. S O U T H E R N H E M I S P H E R E G U I D E    |    2 5

C H I L E   |   F R O N T I E R S

Lakutaia Lodge

Flywise Anglers

Helicopter Fly-Out Trout and Sea-Run Fishing in Southern Most Chilean Islands

A Quaint Personalized Fishing and Exploring Experience in the Aysen Region, Chile

The only helicopter fly-out trout fishery in South America, Lakutaia Lodge fishes the southernmost rivers of Chilean Patagonia in the UNESCO Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve on remote Navarino Island. This intact adventure includes an overnight in Punta Arenas at the historic Hotel Jose Nogueira, round-trip Lodge charter, and fly-out fishing in one of the world’s most unique corners.

Chilean Patagonia is a land of abundant trout, diverse waterways, exotic environmental beauty, and ample outdoor recreation. Flywise Anglers offers an intimate accommodation for just six guests focusing upon a marriage of destination, fly fishing, and eco-touring. Adam Henderson, a tenured international fishing guide, and his wife Ema Morales, who is educated in Chilean eco-tourism and hospitality, own this venue, ideal for small parties of anglers, couples, or families wishing to mix fishing and touring.

FISHING: Fish Navarino Island’s rivers, lakes, and bocas

for native brook, brown, rainbow, and sea-run trout. Using predominantly floating lines and wet flies, strikes are as hard and visual as the fish are magnificently colored. ACCOMMODATION: Lakutaia Lodge features 22

comfortable rooms with en suite bathroom nestled among the indigenous flora and fauna of this southernmost wilderness region. International and regional cuisine embrace local seafood and sought-after Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon wines.

FISHING: This is a flexible, adaptive fly fishing program

based on your interests and skill levels targeting the multitude of unique fisheries in the Aysen Region. You will walk-and-wade and drift lakes and rivers in vestal custom designed and created jet Cataboats with tenured international guides. ACCOMMODATION: Constructed of native stone and

indigenous Lenga trees, the property’s three artistically quaint double occupancy bedrooms with en suite bathroom accommodate just six anglers per week. A professional chef prepares all meals and highlights both Chilean and international cuisine.

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Jungle Fishing Essentials What’s in My Bag? By Destination Specialist, Tom Gilliland

“As an eastern United States fly fisherman, my first jungle trip was like preparing to fish on another planet. Tropical weight lines are a must, big flies are the norm, and heavy-duty leader material is essential as is wire depending upon your target species. When fishing on the equator, you need to prepare yourself, or you’ll learn lessons the hard way.”

28  |  1-800-245-1950 | +44 (0)1285 700 940 IN THE UK | W W W.FRONTIERSTR AVEL.COM


he fierce equatorial sun will be hot, so do a thorough job of applying sunscreen, or the sun will find every missed spot. Even on cloudy days, you’ll need to protect yourself. Cover as much of your body as possible during the day. Breathable light-colored tropical clothing with high SPF protection is ideal. A sunburn on day one can lead to feeling miserable for the rest of the trip or even cost you a day or two of fishing. Being comfortable is a major component to your enjoyment, and being prepared will put you in a position to get the most out of your trip. There were a few items I found important only because I didn’t have them or didn’t bring enough. On day two, I awoke with an aching crab claw for a casting hand. A few pain relievers with breakfast, and after several casts, my hand came back to life. This will happen if you don’t cast heavier rods regularly. Pace yourself and bring enough maintenance meds. Bring two pairs of polarized glasses. I damaged my only pair early in the trip and had to repair them the best I could. I wore out my stripping gloves and thankfully had some backup tape. Unless you have fingers made of rawhide, it’s a necessity. Finally, bring the right travel bag. Staff coax the bags into small holds on the planes which requires flexibility. You cannot bring any hard-sided or roller bags on the plane. Likely you’ll have a strict weight limit on your gear which is typically 50 pounds. Not to worry though; follow our packing list, and you’ll make weight and still have room for some luxury items.



• 7 or 8 wt. fast action fly rods for all-day use and a 9 wt. for circumstances—you’ll need a minimum of two rods • Large arbor reels with smooth, heavy drag and 100 yards of Dacron backing • Weight-forward warm water floating line capable of turning over big streamers and foam poppers • Corresponding 200-300 grain warm water sinking-tip line (Bring two, as Piranha are known to sever lines.) • Tapered saltwater leaders – 20 to 30-pound/30 to 40-pound leader material (Maxima Chameleon or similar) • Knotable wire leader material – 20 to 40-pound • Quality fishing pliers with cutting jaws • Breathable waterproof raingear – A must in the equatorial Amazon • Stripping gloves or tape • Polarized sunglasses – photochromic or two pairs (one dark and one low light lens) • Insect repellent/bite relief ointment • Headlamp or flashlight • Zap-A-Gap or superglue • Collapsible stripping basket (optional) • Waterproof dry bag or pack – A must in the Amazon

• Casual camp clothing – Shorts, slacks, and summer weight shirts • UV proof flats shirts and sun hoodie • UV proof long or zip-off pants • UV proof shorts • Wading boots or flats sneakers if you will be wading • Broad brim fishing hat • Sun gloves • Buffs • Flip flops/boat shoes

Other • Passport, travel and yellow fever documents (if necessary) • Wallet/credit cards • US Cash - tips • Sunscreen SPF 30+ and Sunburn ointment • Permethrin and insect repellent/ relief • Duct tape and zip lock bags • Foot care products • Headlamp or flashlight • Prescription medicine – in your carry-on luggage • Camera/charger/memory cards/ adaptor • Shave kit and toiletries • Waterproof cell/satellite phone optional • iPad or laptop

S O U T H E R N H E M I S P H E R E G U I D E    |    2 9

B O L I V I A   |   F R O N T I E R S

Bolivia Golden Dorado in the Bolivian Amazon

Few places in the world have garnered the attention of the international fishing community like this remarkable fly fishing expedition in Bolivia. Targeting massive schools of migratory golden dorado, mammoth pacu, yatorana, and multiple species of river catfish, this amazing trip offers a fishing experience unlike any other.


La Paz Santa Cruz de la Sierra

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F R O N T I E R S   |   B O L I V I A

Tsimane Lodges and New Short Program Camps Anglers will experience Ultra-aggressive dorado

Tsimane offers three unique dorado Lodges focusing on a multitude of proven and newly explored freestone rivers in two distinct drainages of the Isiboro Secure National Park and Indigenous Territory. Whether fishing the intimate river front of Agua Negra Camp, the hallmark Secure Lodge, or fabled Pluma Lodge, anglers will experience ultra-aggressive dorado from programs that have been flawlessly integrated into their jungle surroundings.

Tsimane Short Programs New for the coming season, the impossibly remote Tsimane Short Programs feature out camps in the furthest headwaters of both drainages. This program is designed to be an abbreviated, stand-alone departure or an exciting extension meshing flawlessly with any of the three Lodge programs.


BRazil The Brazilian Amazon River Basin is a Mosaic of Fertile Ecosystems

The Amazon, the world’s largest in terms of volume and second longest after the Nile, bursts with peacock bass and many other exotic species such as arapaima and payara. More than 1,100 tributaries flow through the rainforest to the Amazon, providing life for diverse flora and fauna.

Peacock Bass Manaus

Sao Paulo

Peacock Bass

Rio de Janiero

A fascinating culture combines with the rich ecosystem to make a trip to the Amazon Basin an unparalleled experience. The bustling port of Manaus provides an introduction to the waterways that crisscross Brazil and is the starting point for adventurers who have come to discover fishing at its finest. Nowhere else will you find a more productive fishery or a more voracious and animated aquatic predator than the Amazon’s peacock bass. Of all the incredible game fish, including arowana and payara, the peacock bass’ violent strike, brute strength, and astonishing ability to break heavy lines and straighten hooks makes it one of the most sought after species. Exploring the home of thousands of exotic animals and bird species, experiencing the seclusion of the rainforest, trekking into the dense jungle, and feeling the adrenaline rush when a trophy peacock goes airborne—whatever your dream, the Amazon can make it real.

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F R O N T I E R S   |   B R A Z I L

River Plate Anglers Peacock Bass Fishing in Remote Amazon Rivers Via Innovative Shallow Water Tech For fly and conventional fishers, mobility and the capability to bypass low water and natural barriers is the key to untapped peacock bass fishing in the most remote reaches of Brazil’s Amazon Basin. Drawing from only four inches of water, River Plate’s floating cabins can comfortably navigate these barriers and reposition daily to unfished areas throughout their exclusive privately leased fishing grounds on multiple waterways north and south of the equator. FISHING: Using a unique fly-in floating cabin system,

RPA offers both fly fishing only and conventional angling departures in the clear and black water systems of the Brazilian Amazon. Superb access to secluded rivers, massive lagoons, and forgotten oxbow lakes keep you in solid numbers of big aggressive fish. ACCOMMODATION: Comfortably appointed, double

occupancy, ultra-shallow draft liveaboard guest cabins with full amenities and dining/bar barge host you deep in the Amazon Jungle. Stunning white sand beaches become your scenic front porch and tropical social gathering area.

Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fly Fish Only – Peacock Bass in Roraima, Brazil Internationally traveled fly fishermen are astounded and charmed by the rainforest canopy, riverfront jungle Lodge, and ultimate clear water fly fishing experience when sight-fishing for Brazil’s fiercest fighting fish—the peacock bass. The Agua Boa is the sole fly-fishing-only river in Brazil designated as a single barbless hook fishery to preserve its resource for generations. In this shallow river featuring white sand bars and flats, marauding bass decimate presented flies. In the canopy, you may witness monkeys, macaws, jaguars, capybara, parrots, tortoises, and other rain forest sights daily. FISHING: You predominantly target three species of

peacock bass—butterfly, spotted, and temensis. You also fish aruana, arapaima, payara, piranhas, and redtail catfish from the bow of flat bottom jet motor jungle skiffs along white sand river beaches, lagunas, and oxbow lakes. ACCOMMODATION: Seven double occupancy bungalows

and a main lodge overlook a 50-foot swimming pool and the river. Bungalows offer two queen beds, air conditioning, refrigerator, and TV. The main lodge features an airy dining room, large TV/bar area, and game room. Delicious meals are typically served buffet-style.


Elegant Journeys  |  South America

Extend Your Sporting Holiday in South America Frontiers has over three decades of experience in South America—from the verdant Amazon in the north to the fabled Patagonia region in the south, and the sparkling capital cities and stylish beach resorts of the east to the rugged Andes in the west, so rich with indigenous cultures. Travelers of all ages are presented with an exciting variety of options and activities any time of the year. Whether you want to extend a sporting trip, explore one country or the region in depth, cruise the Galápagos Islands, or plan a grand circle of South America with your personal interests and objectives in mind, please give Frontiers a call and let us bring out the very best of South America for you. If you yearn to learn to tango, take a polo lesson, climb a volcano, hike across a glacier, ski in July, blend your own barrel of wine, visit a live archeological site, spend an afternoon with a world-renowned silversmith, or fly fish on the pristine rivers of Chile or Argentina—let Frontiers introduce you to the people who can make it magically happen.

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Extend Your Stay on the Water Antarctica

The last frontier—who hasn’t dreamed of visiting Antarctica? The name is a spell that conjures images of adventure and surreal beauty. An Antarctic cruise is an investment; most are costly in both time and fares, but the experience is a rare treasure. Like all investments, this one is worth planning ahead and obtaining the proper advice.


Tierra del Fuego and Cape Horn are so remote that the only way to properly explore their rugged landscape of fjords, glaciers, and wild islands is by sea. Australis Cruises are not only the best way to see the southern tip of Patagonia, they also provide the most convenient route between Punta Arenas, Chile and Ushuaia, Argentina.

Amazon River

The only way to truly experience the Amazon is by river cruise, and the best place to schedule your journey is Peru. We suggest Delfin Amazon Cruises and Aqua Expeditions. Both cruises provide an authentic experience of the wildlife and local culture along with cabins so decadent and spacious they put many hotels to shame.


The Enchanted Isles have captured the imagination of travelers for centuries, but thanks to recent conservation efforts they are more untouched now than they were 100 years ago. Come face to face with animals that have no fear of humans. Playful sea lions, elegant albatrosses, ponderous tortoises, and cheeky mockingbirds are just a few of the species you’ll meet.

S O U T H E R N H E M I S P H E R E G U I D E    |    3 5

“Our company is broadly based and diversified with a varied product mix representing the best available for sophisticated travelers throughout the world. Our success rests with the quality of our employees, their destination knowledge, and their understanding of our responsibilities to our customers. We bring an incomparable level of fishing expertise, much capability, and broad perspective…well-seasoned in experience.” Mike & Susie Fitzgerald Our Founders

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Why Choose Frontiers? We have Five decades of travel experience

operating globally since 1969, our international contacts care as much about the success of your trip as we (and you) do!

We make dreams come true and call it “The Frontiers Way,” an unwavering commitment to personalized service, unmatched destination knowledge, and a passion to share.

We excel in the lost art of listening

and carefully consider your preferences for your trip. We ask a lot of questions and have a unique ability to compare and contrast options to ensure that you have an unforgettable experience based on your budget, accommodation preferences, and travel objectives founded on our unbiased advice.

As a full-service travel company

based in the United States and the United Kingdom with 65 employees, we handle all aspects of your trip, not just the destination arrangements. We coordinate your flights and all en route hotel accommodations, and we offer comprehensive travel insurance and evacuation protection.

Pre-trip preparation

is essential, and we ensure that you have the right gear and equipment to maximize your enjoyment. We also clearly outline “the fine print” so that all of your questions are answered before departure. In almost every case, there is no extra cost for our sporting services. In fact, we can save you a tremendous amount of time, often beat prices (even online), and we have access and clout that you simply cannot get by booking direct. S O U T H E R N H E M I S P H E R E G U I D E    |    3 7

N E W Z E A L A N D   |   F R O N T I E R S

New Zealand Trophy Trout Fishing Down Under Since the introduction of trout into New Zealand in the late 1800s, the country has emerged as a favorite angling destination. Fishermen from all over recognize New Zealand as the world’s best wild trophy trout fishery. The majority of the rivers on both the North and South islands are known for their clarity, and their reputation draws travelers from far and wide in search of giant trout.


North Island Wellington


A trout fishery that requires more technical skills than most, New Zealand is not known for the quantity, diversity, or ease of catching found in other trout waters. But to the fly fishing purist, it is heaven on earth. A good day on a New Zealand stream may yield only six trout, but they will be gorgeous and healthy, averaging from 3 to 8 pounds and caught under the most spectacular conditions. Stalking trophy wild browns and rainbows while casting dry flies and nymphs in water as clear as the air is challenging, absorbing, and addictive—it’s a style unique to New Zealand. Fly fishing in New Zealand is all about making the most of opportunities for trophy trout: seeing them before they see you, positioning to make that one perfect cast, and presenting the perfect fly. Frontiers works with the finest lodges, outfitters, and guides in New Zealand, and we have a passion for this unique and extremely rewarding angling experience. We look forward to sharing it with you.

South Island


38  |  1-800-245-1950 | +44 (0)1285 700 940 IN THE UK | W W W.FRONTIERSTR AVEL.COM

F R O N T I E R S   |   N E W Z E A L A N D

Poronui Lodge A Premier Luxury Sporting Lodge on New Zealand’s North Island

World-Class Service and Excellent Guiding

Nestled in secluded Taharua Valley on New Zealand’s spectacular North Island, Poronui is preferred by the world’s most discerning fishermen, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts. This private, 16,000-acre cattle and sheep station offers excellent trout fishing on two incredible river systems and many other rivers accessible by 4WD and helicopter. Meet for meals in the main Lodge and then relax in comfort by the fire. The Lodge kitchen is renowned for its outstanding food and wine selection. World-class service and excellent guiding are also highlights of this Luxury Lodges of New Zealand property! FISHING: Avid fly-fishermen from all corners of the globe

come to Poronui to test their skills against New Zealand’s notoriously large and wily brown and rainbow trout. Nearly all of the angling is sight-fishing, and emphasis is on the dry fly with a team of excellent full-time guides. ACCOMMODATION: Choose from three authentic,

world-class accommodation options: the legendary sevencabin Poronui Lodge, the rustic-luxe Safari Camp, or the stately Blake House. Close to the main Lodge, a modern sports and relaxation center called The Stables has a gym and health club facilities.


N E W Z E A L A N D   |   F R O N T I E R S

Mike Fitzgerald with a nice North Island rainbow

Tongariro Lodge Over Three Decades of Fising Excellence in the Taupo District of the North Island Located in beautiful parklike grounds on the banks of the legendary Tongariro River on the southern shores of Lake Taupo, Tongariro Lodge rests at the foot of New Zealand’s outdoor playground: Tongariro National Park. Frontiers has represented this Lodge longer than any other operation in the country. Established in 1982 by legendary angler and guide Tony Hayes, it has earned an excellent reputation through the years for fine dining, comfortable accommodations, quality outdoor activities, and the most experienced fly fishing guides in New Zealand. FISHING: With over 40 rivers in close proximity, you enjoy

trophy rainbow and brown trout fishing in Lake Taupo, its tributaries, other Central North Island rivers accessible by 4WD, and a number of helicopter-accessed backcounty headwaters. Rafting and overnight camping trips are also available. ACCOMMODATION: With a fishing capacity of 24, the

Lodge offers spacious villas or one-bedroom Lodge chalets, each with private facilities and terrace with great Kiwi views. The main Lodge and bar area is a short walk away. The Lodge also has an all-weather tennis court, a secluded spa pool, and free Wi-Fi.

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F R O N T I E R S   |   N E W Z E A L A N D

Wildwood Lodge A Boutique North Island Fishing Lodge Just Outside Rotorua! Wildwood Lodge, owned and operated by Simon and Cath Robertson for over 20 years, offers lake-edge luxury Lodging on five acres of magnificently landscaped gardens. There is exceptional trout fishing in the Rotorua area and on the more untouched and remote rivers and streams of the Central North Island. The region is also known for its geothermal activity, bubbling mud pools, geysers, and thermal springs. It is also the ancestral home of the Arawa tribe, and associated Maori cultural activities are available to the visiting public. FISHING: Simon Robertson is one of New Zealand’s most

respected and skilled fly fishing guides. His company, Rotorua Trout Safaris, handles all the guiding for Wildwood on more than 30 rivers in this region; guests are unlikely to encounter any other anglers. Fishing includes wild rainbows and browns. ACCOMMODATION: Wildwood Lodge can comfortably

accommodate six guests with two spacious suites in the main Lodge and one suite in the adjacent guest house. Enjoy gourmet meals in the Lodge dining room or on the large outdoor deck featuring fresh seasonal produce complemented with a 1,000-bottle wine cellar.


Ten Tips for Fishing Success in New Zealand! By Mike Fitzgerald

42  |  1-800-245-1950 | +44 (0)1285 700 940 IN THE UK | W W W.FRONTIERSTR AVEL.COM


love trout fishing and have been fortunate enough to fish and/or guide for these wonderful species in 15 different countries. New Zealand has a very special place in my heart. To me, it’s the Everest of trout fishing—very challenging, but incredibly rewarding with success. It is very likely that you will catch the largest wild trout of your life sight-fishing to these monsters in crystal-clear streams and rivers. It’s an amazing fishery! We have operated Down Under for over four decades—and even at one time coowned a South Island lodge. I have made many trips since my first in 1989. Based on our vast collective experience, we have 10 tips to greatly enhance your fishing success on these incredible resources. Hire a qualified guide! New Zealand is

incredibly difficult to fish on your own. There are hundreds of rivers and streams. Figuring out access— which streams have decent populations of trout and what flies to use—takes years of experience. Of course, we represent the best outfitters in the country! Wear neutral colors. These trout grow

to be huge in clear rivers by being pretty smart. Blending in with the environment is very important. You need to wear dark green, browns, and/or camo. Even your lines should be a darker, neutral color. Stay away from brightly colored apparel, and you will spook a lot fewer fish! Avoid weekend fishing days. Almost all of

our itineraries in New Zealand include some leisure time in addition to fishing. When possible, try to schedule the fishing days during the week. Fly fishing has become more popular in New Zealand, and like the United States, there are more people on the rivers on weekends. Go up one line weight. We tend to cast

long leaders in New Zealand. The guides also like you to get as close as possible to fish without spooking them. Most casts are only about 30-40 feet. If your favorite rod is a 5-wt., try loading it with a 6-wt. line. It will be a lot easier to cast 30-50 feet with long leaders. Practice. You have to be able to cast accurately

with as few false casts as possible—plus, you are often dealing with “Buck Fever” big time. Buy three hula hoops and put them at 30, 40, and 50 feet in your yard. Spend 10-15 minutes per day casting into those hoops for a couple of weeks before your trip. This will put a lot more fish in the net! Fish both islands. Some have the perception

that they only want to fish on the South Island, which is like wanting to go to the American West

and only fish Montana—ignoring Wyoming, Idaho, and Colorado. There is great fishing on both the North and South Islands of New Zealand for both browns and rainbows. There are different weather patterns and different river characteristics. You’ll have your best fishing trip when you experience both regions. Be fit enough to do some walking.

You’ll have the most success in New Zealand if you’re able to cover quite a bit of water over the course of a day. The fish populations are lower than what we have in the United States or in Patagonia. Being able to walk and get to the next pools in a timely manner will put you over more fish each day. Check your polarized sunglasses!

With a lot of sight-fishing, it’s critically important that you see the fish. State-of-the-art polarization offered by the high-end glasses companies will greatly aid in you being able to spot them. If you can see the trout, you will have a much better chance of catching it. Buy top quality glasses, and if you wear a prescription, make sure it’s current! Don’t be afraid to launch a streamer at them! Most of the fishing is with dries,

nymphs, and dry-droppers. If you get a lot of refusals or if it’s a cloudy day with poor visibility, tie on a streamer occasionally and fish it through some holes where you are sure there are fish. A streamer can make a tough day great! Choose your dates carefully. Like

most parts of the world, there are seasonality issues to consider Down Under. While we can put you on huge trout virtually year-round in New Zealand, there are times of the season that are our favorites based on region and your fishing interests. We will help you find the right lodge at the right time of the season to maximize fishing success! We look forward to designing an incredible fishing itinerary for you in one of the most beautiful places on earth!

S O U T H E R N H E M I S P H E R E G U I D E    |    4 3

N E W Z E A L A N D   |   F R O N T I E R S

An Owner-Managed Operation that Specializes in Fly Fishing

Owen River Lodge Outstanding South Island Sight-Fishing in Nelson Lakes Region Owen River Lodge is an owner-managed operation that specializes in fly fishing, yet also caters to non-anglers. With comfortable cottage suites and sensational modern cuisine featuring fresh local produce and Marlborough wines, this Lodge is sure to please. Attention to detail, a dedicated house staff, and a high level of service are hallmarks at this property ideally located close to an enormous variety of rivers and streams—over 25 are accessible within a 90-minute drive. The guest cottage suites are sunlit and offer amazing views of the river, the Owen Ranges, and Kahurangi National Park. FISHING: The region offers huge variety, ranging from

small, intimate rivers like the Owen to large, iconic freestones. The average trout ranges from 3-6 pounds, but fish up to 10 pounds are caught annually. It’s almost all sight-fishing here with outstanding guides, all of whom have 10 plus years of experience. ACCOMMODATION: You’ll stay in one of six luxuriously

appointed detached cottage suites with a capacity of 12, designed with the angler and non-angler in mind. Each is en suite with air conditioning, tea- and coffee-making facilities, and a mini-bar stocked with complimentary soft drinks, fruit juices, and mineral waters.

44  |  1-800-245-1950 | +44 (0)1285 700 940 IN THE UK | W W W.FRONTIERSTR AVEL.COM

F R O N T I E R S   |   N E W Z E A L A N D

Stonefly Lodge

Riverview Lodge

Luxurious South Island Fly Fishing Accomodation Near Nelson

Trophy Trout in New Zealand’s Canterbury Region!

Situated on 150 acres of private forest just 50 minutes from Nelson, Stonefly Lodge offers the complete package for international visitors seeking New Zealand fly fishing. In addition, enjoy 5-star luxury accommodations on the banks of the Motueka River and beautiful views of Abel Tasman National Park. Hosts John and Kate Kerr have 50 plus years of combined tourism and hospitality experience and enjoy sharing their dream Lodge with visitors.

Riverview Lodge is a unique brown trout fly fishing Lodge located at Hamner Springs on New Zealand’s South Island. Specializing in accommodating smaller groups for firstrate angling, owner/operator John Gemmell has 30 plus years of experience fishing and hunting in the area and has secured access to productive waters. Along with his wife, Robin, and their associates, John does everything possible to ensure you have a wonderful New Zealand experience while enjoying lavish accommodations complemented by a very high standard of cuisine.

FISHING: Stonefly’s ideal location on the Motueka

riverbank offers you immediate access to some of the best fly fishing waters in New Zealand. Within a one-hour drive, you can access dozens of quality fly fishing streams and rivers, stalking and sight-casting to big wild brown trout with awesome guides. ACCOMMODATION: A member of the Luxury Lodges

of New Zealand, Stonefly offers four guest rooms, each with spectacular views from private balconies overlooking the Motueka River and Mount Arthur Range in Kahurangi National Park. Thoughtfully designed and engineered, the Lodge is built from natural stone and timber.

FISHING: Riverview is located in the heartland of trophy

brown trout waters. You will fly fish on a daily basis with experienced, professional guides in a variety of locations. Travel by vehicle or helicopter for an exciting day in beautiful remote scenery. Browns in the area average five pounds. ACCOMMODATION: The Lodge is nestled on a plateau

overlooking the beautiful Hanmer Springs Valley and offers five bedrooms, each with modern, en suite bathroom. Enjoy large lounge areas, a stone log fire, a pool room, and free Wi-Fi along with very well-prepared and presented cuisine.


N E W Z E A L A N D   |   F R O N T I E R S

The Lindis

Minaret Station

A New Luxury Lodge in Prime South Island Trout Country!

Sophisticated Remote Luxury Lodge Experience with Incredible Fly-Out Fishing

On an exploratory trip in 2019, we discovered The Lindis, a boutique luxury hotel nestled in the pristine and beautiful Ahuriri River Valley. New Zealand’s newest luxury lodge has been created for you to unwind and relax while taking in the surrounding idyllic setting. In an ever fast moving and stressful world, The Lindis staff hopes to give you the opportunity to slow down and enjoy the stillness of nature in modern, sophisticated luxury, all while enjoying Kiwi hospitality at its best.

Minaret Station Alpine Lodge, accessible only by helicopter, is set in a remote glacial valley surrounded by towering peaks. Just a short flight from Queenstown or Wanaka, Minaret Station provides guests with a taste of New Zealand’s great outdoors, offering warmth and authenticity at every turn. Minaret Station’s team of experienced guides are renowned for the private helicopter experiences they share with guests which include touring Fiordland and the National Parks, backcountry fishing, hiking, heli-skiing, and guided hunting, to name a few.

FISHING: Ideally located in the Central part of the South

Island between Christchurch and Queenstown, The Lindis is situated on one of the best trophy brown trout fisheries on the South Island. The river runs directly in front of the lodge so guests can take a short stroll down to the water’s edge. The guides also fish a number of other streams and rivers in the region.

FISHING: On the eastern side of the Southern Alps, the

ACCOMMODATIONS: The luxury suites and main lodge

ACCOMMODATIONS: Minaret Station is one of the

area boast modern architecture with incredible valley and river views. Impeccable personalized service and fine cuisine complement your stay.

most secluded and private lodges in the world, with just four luxury chalets. Guests enjoy privacy and comfort surrounded by tasteful high country design. The Mountain Kitchen features two separate living areas, wood-burning fires, a well stocked library, cellar and first class dining facilities.

rivers run from their narrow headwaters into wider, braided streams flowing through high alpine valleys surrounded by high peaks. These rivers hold wild rainbow and brown trout, and the fish are known for their strength and fight as a result of their cold, fast flowing alpine environment.

46  |  1-800-245-1950 | +44 (0)1285 700 940 IN THE UK | W W W.FRONTIERSTR AVEL.COM

F R O N T I E R S   |   N E W Z E A L A N D

Nokomai Station A Remote South Island Working Station with 20 Kilometers of the Mataura River! A high country sheep and cattle station situated an hour from Queenstown and Te Anau, Nokomai is one of the larger properties in New Zealand. It is well known for both its farming and goldmining history. Nokomai Valley accommodations give you the opportunity to experience station life for yourself. You can enjoy activities such as fishing, mountain biking, hiking, and horse riding, or you can go backcountry with Nokomai Helicopters. The Mataura River, a world-famous trout fishery, winds its way through the southern end of the property.

Fiordland Lodge Fine Fly Fishing and Eco-Tourism in the Fiordland and Southland Regions Set in a World Heritage Site, Fiordland Lodge offers the discerning traveler style, comfort, and privacy and is the perfect base from which to explore Milford Sound, Doubtful Sound, and the surrounding Fiordland National Park. Kiwi-owned and operated, Fiordland Lodge is a member of the Luxury Lodges of New Zealand, a select group of the finest five-star and exclusive luxury Lodges. The mountains of Fiordland New Zealand are clothed in rich rainforests, and here true wilderness fishing is as good as it gets.

Cedar Lodge Now Part of the Eleven Experience Portfolio With more than 30 years of heli-fishing experience exclusively in the South Island region, Cedar Lodge is tucked in the shadow of the remote peaks of the Southern Alps. It is a fly fishing and adventure Lodge, offering immaculately appointed accommodations well off the beaten path. Fly fishers in the know often consider New Zealand as the trophy trout capital of the world for good reason. Cedar Lodge contributes in a big way to that well-deserved reputation by offering the ultimate opportunity to target trophy trout in gin clear water. We are excited that this venerable Lodge is now being operated by Eleven Experience. FOR R ATES AND ADDITIONAL TR AVEL DETAILS, VISIT W W W.FRONTIERSTR AVEL.COM   |    4 7

Extend Your Stay By Kristene Fitzgerald, Destination Specialist, South Pacific


esides its unique history, iconic “Lord of the Rings” scenery, and boutique wineries, there is a host of new reasons to extend your stay. It’s always a perfect time to visit New Zealand—a country that has something to suit everyone’s interests. New Zealand produces some iconic sauvignon blanc and pinot noir wines, but with access to some of the world’s finest hops, New Zealand’s craft beers are gaining an international reputation. Wellington has tagged itself as the craft beer capital with two craft beer trails with over 20 pubs and seven breweries with “cellar doors” for tastings. While you are in Wellington, you can also visit New Zealand’s largest cultural attraction, Te Papa Museum Tongarewa, focusing on the culture of the Maori people. New Zealanders love tramping (walking or hiking). The country has nine official premier Great Walks that are scattered across the North and South Islands with spectacular scenery. There’s excitement about the new Paparoa Track, set to open in December 2019 on the South Island’s rugged West Coast. This track follows the footsteps of gold miners on the historic Croesus Track. The Paparoa Track is being built in conjunction with the Pike29 Memorial Track, which links the Paparoa Track to Pike Valley’s memorial site and interpretation center, built to commemorate the 29 miners who lost their lives in the 2010 Pike River Mine Disaster. If tramping is not for you, this track is also open to mountain bikers. The charming coastal town of Kaikoura was devastated by the 2016 earthquake and was virtually cut off from the rest of the country when roads subsided in the north and south. Kristene Fitzgerald at Peregrine Wines, Now, the whale-watching capital of New Zealand has reopened for business for you to New Zealand experience its diversity of marine mammals and birdlife so accessible to its shores. The spectacular Coastal Pacific road from Marlborough to Christchurch is considered one of the country’s most scenic drives. You can spot sperm whales here 95% of the year. You can also swim with the dolphins, visit the seal colony at Fyffe Quay, kayak around the Kaikoura Peninsula, or explore along the Walkway on foot. Hapuku Lodge and Tree Houses is the perfect spot to enjoy a few days exploring the area. Let me introduce you to iconic New Zealand or get you off the beaten path with your fly rods, cameras, and/or picnic baskets in hand. My team and I keep our fingers on the travel pulse Down Under, and we can customize a world-class experience based on your specific interests and objectives.

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F R O N T I E R S   |   N E W Z E A L A N D

Elegant Journeys in New Zealand Land of the Long White Cloud When the Maori people sailed their canoes across the Pacific to New Zealand, they saw the geysers and volcanic activity of the North Island and the expansive, snow-covered Southern Alps that form the spine of the South Island. They named this land “Aotearoa” (Land of the Long White Cloud) and made it their home. Centuries later, the Europeans arrived. Homesick for the Crown, they bestowed familiar names on the areas in which they settled: Christchurch, Wellington, Queenstown, and New Plymouth. The New Zealand we visit today is an amalgam of these two cultures, molded by the fabric of this diverse landscape. New Zealand is blessed with stunning alpine vistas, golden beaches, rocky sea cliffs, and verdant meadows and hillsides where sheep graze placidly. The visitor, initially overwhelmed by its beauty, soon discovers that the people exude a warm hospitality unlike anything he or she is likely to have experienced elsewhere. New Zealand always has more delightful sights to discover, for first-time visitors and for those making their tenth trip. Frontiers’ South Pacific experts have explored many niche areas not found on most itineraries and thus are able to customize a unique and unforgettable experience for any traveler. FOR R ATES AND ADDITIONAL TR AVEL DETAILS, VISIT W W W.FRONTIERSTR AVEL.COM   |    4 9

N E W Z E A L A N D   |   F R O N T I E R S

A number of the world’s best golf courses are found Down Under!

The North Island The varied landscape of the North Island fascinates those who visit. Journey north to see the picturesque harbors, rugged beaches, and expansive kauri forests of the Bay of Islands. In the south, rolling farm country, Pacific Coast scenery, fruitful vineyards, and the capital city of Wellington shape the region’s complexion. Approximately two-thirds of the country’s indigenous people, the Maori, live on the North Island, centered predominantly in the Rotorua and Taupo regions. To explore the central North Island is to experience its volcanic heart. Here, travelers will see the active mud pools and geysers of Rotorua, dig their own hot thermal bath at Hot Water Beach, and walk the active volcanic pathways of White Island. The Tongariro Crossing, dubbed one of the top 10 day hikes in the world, crosses the multi-cratered volcanic terrain of Mount Tongariro. Let Frontiers work with you to plan the perfect itinerary for an exciting North Island holiday.

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F R O N T I E R S   |   N E W Z E A L A N D

The South Island

Our Shelley Sistek about to plunge into New Zealand!

The majesty of the Southern Alps sets the stage for the scenic splendor of the South Island. These awesome mountains run the length of the island, and breathtaking vistas appear around every turn. This is paradise for the hiker and outdoor enthusiast whose choices are limited only by time and energy. Enjoy a one-day hike on the Queen Charlotte Walkway at the island’s top end, or go for the granddaddy of all New Zealand treks: the six-day hike across the fabled Milford Track in Southland. Those looking for gentler pursuits should check out the region’s top-class vineyards. The sauvignon blanc of the Marlborough vineyards takes a back seat to no other. Further south, the Otago region’s pinot noir has put New Zealand reds on the map. Visit genteel Christchurch, the city that most reflects the country’s Anglican heritage. Christchurch is known as the “garden city” for good reason. It’s also home to a stunning art center. There is something to satisfy everyone’s interest on the South Island. We would love to customize a trip that fits your needs and interests.






Northern Territory

Sydney Melbourne

Tasmania 52  |  1-800-245-1950 | +44 (0)1285 700 940 IN THE UK | W W W.FRONTIERSTR AVEL.COM

F R O N T I E R S   |   A U S T R A L I A

Fishing in Australia The Diversity of Australia’s Fishing Experiences is as Vast as the Country Itself Any way you look at it, Australia is an angler’s paradise. A massive island with a sparse population, the country’s coastline stretches well over 50,000 miles and is surrounded by clean, lightly fished seas. With around 2,000 marine fish species and another 280 freshwater varieties discovered so far, the richness and diversity of Australia’s fish life is nothing short of mind-boggling. Many of these fish are found nowhere else on earth. Australia’s vast array of fishing riches include glittering prizes such as chrome-silver barramundi, massive murray cod, and some of the finest trout fishing to be found anywhere south of the equator. For saltwater anglers, Australia also features the world’s greatest seasonal concentration of the huge black marlin, record-breaking giant trevally, succulent snapper, and whiting. Please refer to our 2018 Saltwater Guide for additional details. Abundance, variety, and diversity are the core characteristics of Australian fishing. Some of its tropical destinations have been known to yield well in excess of 50 species per angler in less than a week of fishing. And you do not need to travel to the more remote and far-flung corners of Australia to experience fishing bliss; there are day-trip opportunities right on the doorsteps of its major cities. These allow you to mix the pleasures of fine dining, entertainment, and cultural immersion with offshore pelagic fishing or river angling. Better yet, because Australia is situated in the southern hemisphere, its seasons are reversed. While North America, Europe, and much of Asia are experiencing winter weather, they are enjoying summer sunshine.

Fish Tasmania Trout fishing in Tasmania is often compared to stalking flats for bonefish, not only due to its broad, shallow waters, but also because anglers walk the edge of the lagoons looking for browns and rainbows that are on the rise or tailing. Tasmania fly fishing is at its best from mid-to-late November through February, though most waters remain open until the end of April. Outfitters represented by Frontiers include Ken Orr’s Tasmania Trout Expeditions and Peter Hayes of Tasmania’s Premier Fly Fishing Guides.


A U S T R A L I A   |   F R O N T I E R S

We think Australia is a

“Fair Dinkum” place to visit!

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F R O N T I E R S   |   A U S T R A L I A

Elegant Journeys in Australia Australia — “A Fair Dinkum Land” When an Aussie says that something is “fair dinkum,” it means it’s the genuine article. We think that Australia is a “fair dinkum” place to visit! This vast land—a country as big as the United States and a continent in its own right—has something to offer everyone. Ask a random sampling of folks where they would travel if they had a choice of any place in the world, and it’s a fair bet that a large percentage would choose Australia. For many, Australia seems so far away they can only dream of visiting, but the overnight flight is a small price to pay for the wonders waiting on the other side of the Pacific. When you do commit to making the journey, it’s important to decide what you want to see and experience. If you’re interested in the aboriginal culture or visiting Kakadu National Park, the Daintree Rainforest (one of the largest still in existence), or the Great Barrier Reef, the Australian winter (May to October) is the best time to visit. If you want to see Sydney or Melbourne, drive the Great Ocean Road, or get up close and personal with indigenous wildlife on Kangaroo Island, plan to visit during the summer (November to April). Call on the experts at Frontiers to assist you in planning an amazing holiday in Australia. Our knowledge of this beautiful land is extensive, and we want your trip to include everything you need to make it perfect. Our staff will explore your interests and create the right itinerary. You’ll have a “fair dinkum” trip. We promise! FOR R ATES AND ADDITIONAL TR AVEL DETAILS, VISIT W W W.FRONTIERSTR AVEL.COM   |    5 5

A U S T R A L I A   |   F R O N T I E R S

Iconic Australia Sydney: Australia’s famous harbour city Experience Sydney’s natural beauty and culture around Sydney Harbour and the historic Rocks District. Explore famous coastal beaches such as Bondi, Bronte, Coogee, and Palm Beach. Bushwalk through Sydney Harbour National Park, dine at world-class restaurants, take in an opera, or visit the Blue Mountains.

Melbourne: A vibrant hub of style, sport, culture, and dining Walk the block to discover Melbourne’s secret laneways, the cultural hub with buzzing bars, boutiques, and eateries. Take a day to explore the surrounding area including the Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula, Phillip Island, or the Great Ocean Road.

The Kimberley: Go “off the beaten path” in Western Australia Be enthralled by the rugged gorges, epic waterways, and incandescent ocean of the Kimberley in Australia’s North West corner. For the ultimate in exploration, discover the region on True North’s small expedition ship for further exploration of this untamed, naturally beautiful wilderness. 56  |  1-800-245-1950  |  +44 (0)1285 700 940 in the UK  |  www.frontierstravel.com

F R O N T I E R S   |   A U S T R A L I A

The iconic Kangaroo Island

Great Barrier Reef: Swim, snorkel, dive, and sail this World Heritage Site Explore the Great Barrier Reef which stretches for more than 1,243 miles along the Queensland coastline. Snorkel, scuba dive, or take a glass-bottom boat or scenic flight over the reef. Complement your time on the water with a trek through the ancient Daintree Rainforest or just relax on luxurious tropical islands.

Kangaroo Island: Native wildlife and majestic scenery abound Easily accessible from Adelaide, Kangaroo Island is abundant with native wildlife and majestic scenery. Meet Australian sea lions on the beach, kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, penguins, echidnas, and diverse birds.

Red Centre: Australia’s most iconic red monolith Discover Australia’s Red Centre with the awe-inspiring landscapes of Uluru and Kata Tjuta, the MacDonnell Ranges, and Kings Canyon. Soak up Aboriginal culture and rugged natural beauty on classic outback journeys; ride a camel in the desert or take the Ghan train journey from Darwin or Adelaide.

Tasmania: A curious Island at the edge of the world Tasmania is a perfect destination for walkers and hikers with over 1,800 miles of world-class walking tracks. For foodies, explore the Cradle to Coast Tasting Trail spanning the northern coast. Try one of Tasmania’s cool climate wines, also ideal for producing cider, whiskey, and gin.  


A F R I C A   |   F R O N T I E R S


Tigerfish are Incredibly hard hitting and fighting!

Chiawa Camp Located in the Lower Zambezi National Park on Zambia’s Southern Border The best all-round safari camp in Zambia, Chiawa combines conservation with a reputation for consistently high standards. The camp features exceptional guiding and wildlife, an unpretentious atmosphere, personalized service, great accommodations, exquisite cuisine, a variety of safari activities, and excellent vehicles and boats. Reliable communication and logistics are backed up and arranged by owners/operators, the Cumings family. You will not only experience an unsurpassed safari, but a trouble-free one as well. Enjoy game viewing along with fishing on the famed Zambezi River! Fishing: The best time to pursue tigerfish is from late

August to mid-November. Beginners and world-class anglers alike have set a number of IGFA World Records here. The Camp lies within a well-managed conservation zone. Netting is not permitted, and a 100% catch and release policy applies for all species. Accommodation: Nine luxury tents feature extra

spacious, king size beds with pure cotton linens. A separate daybed, indoor and outdoor showers, double wash basins, roll top bath with ball and claw feet overlooking the Zambezi River, 24/7 electricity, and free Wi-Fi are also included.

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F R O N T I E R S   |   A F R I C A

Combine fishing with gameviewing!

Royal Zambezi Lodge The privately owned Royal Zambezi Lodge is a spacious yet intimate Lodge situated in Zambia on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River. The Lodge is just minutes from the Lower Zambezi National Park and directly opposite Zimbabwe’s famous Mana Pools World Heritage Site. At Royal Zambezi, enjoy the ultimate in luxury and cuisine while enjoying and participating closely in the sights and sounds of the African wilderness. Fishing on the Lower Zambezi offers one of the finest freshwater fishing experiences in the world. This is the realm of the tiger—one of the world’s premier game fish. The best time for tigerfish is during the hot months of September through November. There are plenty of other fish species to catch, and the guides will provide expert instruction to those that are new to the various fishing techniques. Royal Zambezi enforces a strict catch and release policy.


A F R I C A   |   F R O N T I E R S

Elegant Journeys in Africa One mysterious continent stirs the imagination. Africa is the oldest, largest, and most diverse landmass on earth. With its eight major ecosystems, it offers a tapestry of flora and fauna among people who live in ancient harmony with their natural surroundings. For almost half a century, Frontiers has designed and coordinated photographic safaris in countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Uganda, Rwanda, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. We have also arranged exciting journeys in Madagascar, Mozambique, Mauritius, Malawi, Ethiopia, and the Seychelles. Each personalized trip we curate provides the most memorable experience while also granting you the opportunity to help change lives and ‘travel with purpose’ by supporting and sustaining the extraordinary wilderness areas on the continent.  Frontiers’ first photographic safari dates back to November 1971. Since then, our dedicated staff has developed a high level of expertise by experiencing these destinations firsthand. Our discerning travelers have entrusted Frontiers to orchestrate customized, private itineraries, unique and personalized to match each valued traveler’s objectives, while embracing a wide range of interests.  Along with fishing the famed Zambezi River for the acrobatic tigerfish, you can explore vast savannahs, expansive deserts, and waterholes teeming with wildlife. Whether by open safari vehicle, traditional dugout canoe, hot air balloon, horseback, quad bike, camel back, or on foot, no two days on safari are ever the same. Frontiers’ Africa Team takes special pride in promoting what we know and love. We excel at orchestrating itineraries that inspire adventure with high-adrenaline activities such as diving with the great white shark, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, trekking the mountain gorillas or chimpanzees, or bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge. Frontiers has nurtured esteemed relationships with camps, lodges, hotels, safari operators, and guides delivering the highest level of service and enhancing your overall safari experience. With pride and pleasure, we begin our 5th decade of travel planning. Our destination knowledge is unparalleled and our enthusiasm and passion contagious. Each journey is considered to perfection whether you are a first-time visitor or returning on your 50th safari.

60  |  1-800-245-1950  |  +44 (0)1285 700 940 in the UK  |  www.frontierstravel.com

F R O N T I E R S   |   A F R I C A

East Africa Most of the images conjured up about Africa embrace endless plains dotted with wildebeest, Maasai warriors silhouetted against the horizon, spectacular sunsets, boundless African skies, palm fringed white beaches, adventurous rivers, and snowcapped mountains. You can experience each of these visions in the countries that make up the bulk of East Africa— Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Uganda. At the top of most people’s lists when visiting Kenya and Tanzania is viewing the annual Great Migration of millions of wildebeest and zebra traversing between the Serengeti National Park and the Masai Mara. This fascinating sight remains one of the most incredible spectacles in the world and can be viewed at almost any time of the year. Trekking the mountain gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda is a truly life-changing experience as you look into the deep, dark eyes of these gentle giants reflecting our primal past. Interact with professional Samburu or Maasai warrior guides as you learn about their culture and visit their local school and village.


A F R I C A   |   F R O N T I E R S

Southern Africa South Africa offers a wonderful year-round climate, brilliant game viewing, 3000 kilometers of coastline, an excellent infrastructure, and world-class wines, hotels, lodges, and culture. Botswana is one of Africa’s outstanding success stories with nearly 40% of its land being set aside for wildlife, thus providing high quality, low volume tourism. Zambia is a vast, friendly, and peaceful country that offers superb wildlife and cultural encounters. It’s one of the least traveled and most rewarding wilderness destinations in Africa and has three of Africa’s largest rivers along with one of the largest waterfalls in the world, Victoria Falls. Zimbabwe offers magnificent natural scenery and remarkable wildlife along with two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Mana Pools National Park, and the Great Zimbabwe Ruins. Namibia provides startling contrasts in an ever-changing landscape that straddles two great deserts. The Namib Desert is the oldest desert on the planet, and its sea of red sand lies along the Atlantic coastline. In the eastern interior lies the Kalahari Desert, a vast and sparsely vegetated plain that sprawls across the border into neighboring countries.

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