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March 13, 2014

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North Frontenac to consider replacing office by Jeff Green A report, which was commissioned and completed before a heating oil leak caused the North Frontenac office to be vacated a few weeks ago, was received by North Frontenac Council this week. The engineering group Greer Galloway prepared the report, which noted many deficiencies in the building, including a number of health and safety issues for the office staff. In the conclusion, the report said, “In its current state, it is our opinion that the building should only be used as a storage garage, as there are concerns of fire safety and the building envelope construction”. The estimated cost to bring the building up to an acceptable standard was pegged at $400,000. An alternative plan, constructing a new office building and council chamber, was given a rough cost estimate, excluding land and water/septic costs, of $1.9 million. Faced with the two options, Council opted to move towards putting up a new building instead of retrofitting the existing space. CAO Cheryl Robson said that the remediation of the present building in response to the oil leak will proceed regardless of the report by Greer Galloway and Council’s response to it. “The environmental factors need to be dealt with, and even if we go in a new direction we will need a building to work in until then,” she said. Ompah fire hall renovation woes continue New tenders for the long awaited renovation of the Ompah fire hall came in

this week. The lowest bid was $364,000. Although a financial report from township staff shows that there is over $250,000 in reserve for the project, and the Ompah Community Volunteers Association made a commitment of $97,000 towards the project on March 3, a council directive has put a $180,000 ceiling on the project’s costs. According to Rose Boivin, president of the association, “The council can complete this project without having to find any added funds from the budget.” The matter has been put over until April, when it will return to the council table. Budget discussion A rough draft of the 2014 township budget was presented this week. It calls for a 3.016% increase in the overall levy to ratepayers. Two percent of that increase is dedicated to putting money aside for long-term infrastructure replacement needs as was recommended by an asset management plan that was accepted by Council late last year. The remaining 1% increase was attributed by CAO Robson to fixed cost increases such as fuel and utility costs, as well as a lower budgetary surplus in 2013 than 2012. Council will look further at the budget in early April. Allocations made In advance of the budget, Council approved a number of allocations. They agreed to spend $15,000 a year for five years to recruit a doctor for the Lakelands Family Health Team. A previous campaign, which was a joint initiative with Addington Highlands Council, resulted in the recruitment of Dr. Anne Wilson, who is working at the clinic. The new campaign is aimed at finding a new doctor in the face of pending retirements. Land O’Lakes Community Services will receive $19,000 from North Frontenac this year, up from $15,000 last year. The money will be used to help subsidize the delivery of Meals on Wheels, the Adult Drop In, and transportation and homemaking services for the 1,500 residents who live in Barrie ward. Council also approved a $2,000 donation to the Outdoor Centre at North Addington Education Centre for the purchase of equipment.

North Frontenac Township office complex from above

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County Council balks at communications study but South Frontenac is keen by Jeff Green


t a Committee of the Whole meeting last week (March 5), members of Frontenac County Council took turns expressing concern about a report about emergency communications that they received from the fire chiefs of the four Frontenac townships in mid-February. The report, which was funded by Frontenac County on the request of the four local townships, was initiated in reaction to an upgrade to the communications system in both the City of Kingston and the County of Leeds Grenville. What Council found most objectionable was the price tag of $5-7 million for an upgraded system that would be compatible with the neighbouring systems. Frontenac Islands Mayor Dennis Doyle wanted to see the ambulance and police services involved in a cross-jurisdictional solution to the needs. Councilor John Purdon from Central Frontenac said the matter is the responsibility of the townships, and that’s where it should be discussed. Councilor John Inglis, from North Frontenac, wondered how this need for a new system had come about. “In all the time

I served on the fire department we never talked about this issue, and we have never talked about it at council, and now we are faced with this huge cost,” he said. North Frontenac Mayor Bud Clayton said, “It is all a matter of needs versus wants. We are only required to provide fire safety and education services as a municipality. Fire suppression is an optional service. This is another want, not a need.” Central Frontenac Mayor Janet Gutowski said the study and its presentation “are an example of how things shouldn’t be done. This report is real geek; it is a technical report, which I do not have the expertise to evaluate. We miss-stepped in funding the study in the first place. The advancement of this should have gone through a different chain of command. Our staff could have brought forward the study, and presented options for how to deal with it. I suggest we refer this to our staff and the fire chiefs can work with their CAOs to see how we can cost share on this.” South Frontenac Fire Chief Rick Cheseborough attended the meeting. He was given leave to speak after all the councilors had

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march 13, 2014

Filling Bill Snyder’s council seat Central Frontenac Council-Tuesday March 12 by Julie Druker ncluded in a motion where council, with great sadness, officially declared the seat of late Councilor Bill Snyder vacant, CAO Larry Donaldson informed council of the rules in the Municipal Act regarding filling the seat. The two options are that council can appoint someone to fill the seat or else hold a by-election. Donaldson recommended that council forgo calling an election due to the short time left in this term and also because of the expense and time involved. He instead recommended that council appoint Philip Smith, who ran in the last election in Hinchinbrooke district and who has served on council previously. The motion was carried and Donaldson said that he would speak to Smith immediately to see if he would accept the position. If not then council will hold a special meeting to plan how to proceed with a byelection in a timely fashion.


tandem trucks at a total cost of $388,000 with one to be paid for by insurance and the second to be paid out of the capital budget. Richardson said he went with the lowest bid and the quickest delivery. In a last-minute report to council he recommended the additional purchase of a new water tank at a cost of $25,500. Richardson said that the new tank will save roughly 5% on gravel and calcium costs and the tank can be quickly loaded and unloaded, which will free up trucks for other uses.

Council approves new projects for the Central Frontenac Railway Heritage Society In a delegation to council Sally Angle, Chair of the Central Frontenac Railway Heritage Society, requested permission from council to carry out two new projects at their Railway Heritage Park in Sharbot Lake. The first will see a 15 by

Ground Maintenance Contracts

In a report to council, Chief Building Officer Jeremy Neven made a number of recommendations regarding the upcoming renewal of the three year long maintenance contracts for recreational facilities in the township’s four districts from 2014-2017. Council had directed staff to prepare a monetary scale of upgraded service level costs (based on the threeyear cost). In the report, staff recommended that Kennebec and Hinchinbrooke receive the same service level, at a cost of $26,000 and $24,200 respectively since no complaints were made by residents in these districts. It was further recommended that services in Olden district be upgraded to include raking the beaches twice instead of once at a cost of $24,000. Oso district will also be upgraded since it received the most complaints and the services there will include the beach to be raked once a day and the washrooms and floating raft to be cleaned twice daily at a total cost of $61,389. The total cost for the township comes to $124,580, an increase from the base cost over the last three year period of $23,200 with the additional services roughly costing an extra $15,000. Council passed a motion accepting these recommendations.

Council approves two tandem truck purchases and one new water tank. Public Works Manager Mike Richardson made his report to council recommending the purchase of two snow plow BUSINESS CARD SIZE

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The Frontenac Heritage Festival Committee would like to thank the community for making the 2014 festival a success. Together we raised money for worthy causes (Habitat for Humanity, North Frontenac Food Bank, GREC Student Council, Ontario Early Years Centre, Alzheimer Society) supported our local service clubs (RCL Branch Sharbot Lake 425, RCL Arden Branch 334), brought additional revenues to our local business, and generally had a good time. Special thanks to the following sponsors, volunteers and partnerships: St Lawrence College Employment Centre, W.A. Robinson Asset Management, Lake District Realty, Hinton Dodge Chrysler, Perth & District Portable Toilets, North Frontenac Telephone, Frontenac County, The Land O'Lakes Tourist Association, The Treasure Trunk, Sharbot Lake Marina, Dr. Peter Bell, Doug Steele, John Campbell, Mark Powell, Frontenac Addington Trappers Council, Kennebec Lake Assoc, Kennebec Historical Society, CF Volunteer Firefighters, Community Living NF, Bob Miller, Ray Fletcher, Bill Lee, Betty Hunter, The Herd, Central Frontenac Staff, District 4 Recreation Committee, Central Frontenac Railway Heritage Society, Debbie Emery and the SL Snow Drag Committee Visit our website for photos and links to our You Tube Videos produced by Jesse Mills home Sincerely, Janet Gutowski, Tom Dewey, Mark Montagano, Rudy Hollywood, Joan Hollywood, Mike Proctor, Gary Giller, Ronda Noble, Wanda Harrison.

40 foot paved and fenced area constructed at the park caboose’s back entrance, which will allow for tables to be set up to display artifacts. The second project is to have two signs erected on Road 38, one at either end of the village to alert visitors to the park, which is located on Elizabeth Street across from the township offices. Council approved both requests and sign maker Rodger MacMunn then presented council with a display shelf he designed and built that boasts the Railway Heritage Society logo. He invited council to hang it in the township office to display some artifacts from the society’s collection.

Council reinstates amnesty load schedule Waste Management Supervisor Kyle Labbett recommended that the township’s Amnesty Load program be reinstated but that it take place once instead of twice per year and that it run from August 23, 2014 to September 7, 2014. Labbett’s earlier recommendation that the program be scrapped altogether for 2014 was defeated by council at an earlier date in a tied vote. This time around certain council members opposed the changing of the dates, citing that residents would be confused. Councilor Frances Smith argued for reinstating the program as it was in 2013. Councilor Norm Guntensperger requested a recorded vote on the motion that was based on Labbett’s recommendations. That motion was defeated, with councilors Guntensperger, Smith, Fox, Millar and Mayor Gutowski voting against it and councilors Matson, Dewey and Purdon voting for it. As a result of the defeated motion, the Amnesty Load program will be reinstated as it was in 2013 at two different times during the year. The first is from May 11 until May 23 and the second is from August 23 until September 7.

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Rodger MacMunn and Sally Angle with donated railway shelf

Communications study - continued from pg 1 had a chance to comment. “I would like to start by saying that under no circumstances is it the Township of South Frontenac or myself that is doing this. This is the largest joint project of the public works departments from all the townships. I am just the lucky one

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who got to speak for the group. We did not bring this to the county expecting a decision from County Council. It is just that since the county funded the study we thought we should report back to the county first ... we did not go into this expecting to see these kinds of costs, but the facts are what they are ... we are going to go to our individual councils with this and we will see what happens.” Cheseborough pointed out as well that once Leeds and Grenville and Kingston bring their new system on line, firefighters from Frontenac County will no longer be able to communicate with firefighters from those jurisdictions. He also said that he does not know how Lennox and Addington and Lanark County are dealing with this matter. While the reception at Frontenac County was rough, a presentation to South Frontenac Council a week later (March 11) found a more receptive audience. Rick Cheseborough pointed out that the existing system is no longer being supported by manufacturers because it is basically an analogue system that is being replaced by a digital one “In January the power to our main tower [located near Hartington] went down. Not only did we not have a battery backup, but it took two days to find some parts and three and a half weeks to find another part,” he said. “The current system will simply not be viable in the future.” He added that the costing estimate that caused such consternation at the county is not based on any studies. “The County insisted on seeing some pricing so we got that figure by using the $6 million that Leeds and Grenville spent and the $10 million that Kingston is spending. What we need to do is look at our own circumstances and do the technical studies to find some real pricing. Then we can figure out what we want to do and how we can pay for it.” Mayor Davison, who missed the County meeting last week because he was on vacation, said to Cheseborough, “I’d like to publicly state that you did a good job with this report.”





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Letters to the editor been money spent on this hall to update Re - marriage and Re: closure of Piccadilly has it. It looks great and serves residents from Central Frontenac and South Frontenac. charter Hall SINCE 1970


n reading Nicki Gowdy's letter I hope council has some answers for its residents. I was very saddened to hear of Bill Synder's passing. He was a man with a special passion and dedication for the betterment of Central Frontenac. He was our rock for our end of the township. Now the concern in regards to the closing of the Piccadilly Hall is full of many unanswered questions and great disappointment with our mayor and council. I look back over the past five years and shake my head. There

Let’s throw more money out the window once again. Fix up the old Hinchinbrooke school to service our community. Yep! The school board closed it because it did not meet standards. How much will it cost us taxpayers to bring it to standard? My hope is that it doesn't meet the same fatal blow our hall did once the money is put into it. Easy decision for council to make. Pic Hall is at the southern most point of the township. It will never be missed. Wrong! Very wrong. - Sharon Shepherd

Letter to Scott Reid

of Commons when they have won as little as 30% of the vote” and as recently as last November you presented Parliament with a petition to that effect from your constituents. In your article “The Road to Electoral Reform“ you demonstrated clearly that the only way to get truly fair election reform, untainted by the self-interest of the big parties, would be through a nationwide consultation with voters. You wrote, “I am advocating that Canada should use a preferential referendum whereby voters would place a ‘1’ on the ballot beside their preferred option, a ‘2’ beside the option that they like second-best, and so on.” Please do not support the bill in its current form, and raise your voice in the House of Commons in support of broad public consultation on any electoral reform. In your heart I believe you know that the interests of Canadians are not served by partisan manipulation of the electoral system. - Steev Morgan


anada is facing a democratic crisis. Preston Manning recently claimed that “The greatest challenge to our electoral system is the steady decline in voter turnout in elections. Let’s strengthen our capacity to address that.” He also says the government should “strengthen and expand, rather than weaken, the role of Elections Canada“ The electoral reform bill that is currently before Parliament does not address either of these issues. In fact, it will do the opposite. By removing Voter Information Cards as valid identification, this bill will make voting more difficult for thousands of Canada's young voters, elders, and those who must travel to other parts of the country to work. This so-called “Fair” Elections Act also takes investigative power away from Elections Canada, who is already unable to compel testimony from those under suspicion of voter fraud in the last two elections. The bill actually forbids Elections Canada from engaging in public information and outreach programs that encourage voting. These measures undermine voter confidence and engagement. So do things like removing spending limits on fundraising and putting the winning party in charge of polling stations, instead of a mix of neutral citizens. Throughout your career your writings on record and your statements before the House have shown that you have thought long and hard about fair electoral reform. As Opposition Critic for Democratic Reform you said: "I would like to see reform to Canada's first-past-the-post electoral system, which allows MPs to sit in the House

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Re: Fair Elections Act


he Harper government’s so-called “Fair Elections Act” is about to pass, disenfranchising thousands of voters in the next federal election, among the elderly, youth, students, the poor and Aboriginals. Is this because they are likely not to vote Conservative? On March 6, Scott Reid, our Member of Parliament, went on and on about the one example of voter fraud that occurred in the 2006 election. So, Scott, does thousands wronged make one right? Yes or no? - Ken Fisher

Beste Pric

bout Jule Koch’s rant about heterosexual marriage in the March 6 paper. I think Jule missed the mark on this one; Jeff Green’s commentary on Quebec’s secularism was spot on! The Quebec government is discriminating against visible sectors of the Canadian society and using religion as the basis for their argument. Jule’s argument about men and women getting married for the sake of having children is ludicrous. Maybe she got married for the sole purposes to breed and produce children. I on the other hand like some people got married because we fell in love and wanted to spend the rest of our life with someone we could trust and share our life with; whether heterosexual or homosexual relationship. I was also shocked by the comment concerning; “the state does not want to have to pick up the pieces and support the adults (usually women) and children who are left behind when their primary providers (usually men) move on.” I have seen the opposite moving on process and men get hurt too! Now this statement is out right sexist! When you as a couple decide to have children; or maybe adopt, why is it the man who is the primary provider? The 1950’s are long gone; Mr. and Mrs. Cleaver are but a memory. The Bible

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Intelivote Systems chosen for 2014 municipal elections: CAO Larry Donaldson

recommended that as a result of discussions regarding putting out an RFP for an electronic voting service provider, that council accept Intelivote Systems’ offer of providing their service to voters in Central, North and South Frontenac. Two previous RFPs for the service put out by the townships of North and South Frontenac garnered just two and three bids respectively. By aggregating their services in the three townships, the company said they will be able to offer a discount of $1.65 per voter since the total number of eligible voters across the three townships amounts to over 31,000. Donaldson said that educating and training services would also made simpler and the voters across the three municipalities will be voting using the same system, which is also a benefit.

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· March 20 - Perth Historical Society “Show & Tell” and “Show & Share”, 7:30 pm at the Perth Royal Canadian Legion. You are invited to create your own presentation. Suggestions of items to consider include family diaries, medals of family members, old tools, old documents. There could be something of historical interest, or perhaps even of intrigue, in a cupboard or closet with a story attached to it, just waiting to be shared. Tables will be set up to display your items. Please call Ellen Dean at 264-8362 or David Taylor 264-0094 with details of your presentation. A “toonie fee” applies for each meeting. Visit the website According to unofficial reports, the Perth Historical Society is expected to announce a change in their name that recognizes the society's substantially expanded coverage of, and support for the area's rural history. · If you would like to sponsor a competition at the Maberly Fair, choose one of the classes or items in the fair book that you would like to sponsor; decide on the amount you would like to sponsor and contact Sue Munro at 268-2507 or Anne Tomlinson at 273-5069. The Maberly Agricultural Society is a registered charity. Tax receipts will be provided.

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· Batter up! Baseball season is about to begin. The Frontenac County Minor Softball Association softball registration for the Verona and Hartington areas will take place Wed. March 26 at the Princess Anne Centre (Library) in Hartington from 6 pm to 8:30 pm. Registration will also occur at the Verona Lions Center in the Lions Den on Sat. March 29 from noon to 2:30 pm. For more information contact: Mary Jo Dowker at 613-374-3275 or · Another great festival season is about to begin. A potluck dinner and festival meeting to celebrate the success of last year's Verona Cattail Festival and to start planning for this year will be held Tues March 18. Anyone interested in finding out more about the Cattail Festival and interested in volunteering is most welcome. All volunteers from previous years have an open invitation to join. Come meet a great bunch of people who enjoy making Verona a fun place to live. See how you can take part in another successful Festival. Bring a dish and say hello! The Verona Lions Hall, 6 pm to 9 pm. · The Verona Community Association Annual General Meeting will also be held Tues. March 18 right after the potluck at the Lions Hall and before the festival meeting. The VCA is a group of volunteers who proudly sponsor projects and events that enhance our community through celebration, beautification and helping one another. They sponsor events such as the Music in the Park concerts, the Verona Cattail Festival, the Flower Barrel contest and Christmas In the Village. · Prince Charles Public School Parent Council is selling white spruce, white pine and sugar maple seedlings for $2 a tree. Proceeds will help raise money for school uniforms and a new sound system Order through the school at 613374-2003 or online on their website The school will email you when you can pay and pick up for your trees in mid-April.

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613-335-3186 · All residents of Arden were pleased to hear that the town of Tamworth rallied Friday evening in support of the families who were affected by the recent shootings in their town. Arden has many friends in Tamworth & we all wish them well. · On Saturday March 15, the Arden and Community Wesleyan Church will hold their first fundraising dinner of the year. The ham dinner, complete with sides and desserts, will be held at the Kennebec hall from 5 to 6:30 p.m. This freewill offering dinner is always well attended, so get there early. · On Tues. March 18, Paul and Aimee Gosse will again cater Kennebec Diners. This month’s noon lunch is Chicken Divan, rice and peas with chocolate cake for dessert. Along with a warm and hearty lunch, the girls from North Frontenac Community Services provide fun-filled entertainment. Get in touch with me and I’ll reserve a place for you. See you there.

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The start of spring is a good time to check the expiration date on your EpiPen. The EpiPen is a specially designed injection device than can save the life of someone who has serious allergies. However, it may not work if it’s out of date. Check yours today. When you read that regular exercise is good for you, the exercise doesn’t have to be jogging or walking. One of the best forms of exercise is swimming. The water keeps you buoyant so there is less stress on your joints because it’s not a weightbearing exercise. Aerobic swimming classes can help you lose weight and improve your mental health as well! We often hear about the dangers of drinking too many cola drinks. Besides a high sugar content, cola soft drinks also contain phosphoric acid, which can reduce the absorption of calcium from the intestinal tract. This can lead to a lower bone density. If you are used to having a soft drink every day, try sparkling water. Over the past year, there have been many shortages of certain medications, necessitating changes in brands. Our pharmacists will alert you when there is a change. But if your medication looks different than it did on previous refills, call your pharmacist. Knowledge about what medicines you put in your body is important. Let us help you expand your drug knowledge.

Jennifer Clow

For Our Aging

9504 Road 38 Godfrey, ON K0H 1T0 T: 613-374-2023

Woodwark Stevens Ireton Barristers and Solicitors

A division of Woodwark & Stevens Professional Corporation 8 Gore Street West Rerth, Ontario K7H 2L6

1110 Elizabeth St. Sharbot Lake, Ontario

Telephone (613) 264-8080 Facsimile (613) 264-8084

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Peter C.W. Woodwark, B.Sc., M.T.M., LL.B Real Estate & Mortgages Wills, Powers of Attorney & Estates Business & Not-forProfit Corporations

march 13, 2014 · There will be a Kennebec Recreation Committee meeting on Wednesday, March 19 at 7 p.m. at the Kennebec Rec. Centre. This meeting is open to anyone who would like to attend and share their ideas. · On March 27 the Land O’ Lakes Public School is sponsoring a spaghetti dinner at the Mountain Grove Hall. This freewill offering dinner will begin at 5 p.m. Two days later on Saturday, the 29th, there will be a Gananoque Casino trip leaving Kennebec Community Centre at 9 a.m. Cost - $25 pp. Both these fundraising events are to support the grades 7/8 class trip and graduation. Please see the posted brochures for more information. · Another proud grandmother has emerged with bragging rites: a few weeks ago the Cataraqui Conservation Authority honoured Matt Ellerbeck, aka Salamander Man, with the 2014 Education Award which recognizes individuals who have actively promoted the protection of the natural environment and the species therein. Arden congratulates Matt.


Kim Gow

613-372-0018 · A ham dinner will be held March 16 at the Golden Links Hall from 4:30 – 6 p.m. Cost is $13. Call Brenda 372-2410. · Also at the Golden Links Hall, a turkey bingo will be held March 18. Early bird 7 p.m. Books $7-$15. For information call Brenda at 613-372-2410.


Katie Ohlke


· March 15 - Jack’s JAM is happening at Clar-Mill Hall at 2 p.m. Bring a potluck item and come and enjoy the music! All welcome! · There will be a card party on March 17 at Clar-Mill Hall at 7 p.m. to support the intermediate school trip for Clarendon Central Public. Admission is $4. · On Friday, March 21, Clar-Mill volunteer firefighters will be holding their bingo fundraiser at Clar-Mill Hall from 7 - 9 p.m. Cash prizes.


613-335-4531 email:

· Sympathy to Norma Pringle on the passing of her brother. · Our sympathy also to the family of David Lyons, who recently passed - best friend of Isobel Wood. · We enjoyed a visit with the residents of Pine Meadow Nursing Home in Northbrook, March 4. My sister-in-law resides there now. It was Pyjamas Day so everyone was wearing their pjs. Since it was Shrove Tuesday, pancakes and sausages were on the menu. · Happy March birthday to Audrey Bertrim, Hunter ShellyHarpell, Brandon Hole, Melvin LaPointe, Scott Bertrim, Mardi Brown, Vance Badour, Ian McCullough, David Kelly, Ina Hunt –Turner, Pat Rogers. · A delicious pancake supper was served by the youth of Arden United Church on March 4.The hall was packed with hungry people. Thanks to everyone who helped in any way.

Griffith & Matawatchan Fish & Game Club

Would like to express our Sincere Thanks to the following for their support in our Annual Fishing Derby on March 1st, 2014

Bence Ford B.L. Outdoor Centre Car Quest Home Hdwre Bldg Cen Lookout Home Hdwre

Kaladar Shell Manion’s Sales & Service Mr’s C’s Country Candles Northbrook Petro Can Studio “K”

Land O’Lakes Veterinary Services Winter Hours: Tuesdays 1 - 4pm Thursdays 9am - 1pm (613) 336-1608 12497A Highway 41, Unit 2 Northbrook, ON K0H 2G0

David C. Stevens, B.A., LL.B

Mediation - Perth office only

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Sharbot Lake Veterinary Services 613-279-2780

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Tuesday & Thursday 2 - 4 p.m.

Real Estate & Mortgages Wills, Powers of Attorney & Estates Business & Not-for-Profit Corporations Family Law Wills, Powers of Attorney & Estates Real Estate & Mortgages

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Emergencies: 613-376-3618

Sydenham Veterinary Services A.A.H.A Accredited Hospital

march 13, 2014


· Thinking of Verna Cowdy, Verna Snider, Queenie Shroader, Mary Lightfoot, Susie Bryden, Doris Forbes, Rev Ruth Ann and Ron Paul, Dorothy Proctor, Laurielle Chabeaux, Mardi Brown. · March 15 is the Lions breakfast at Oso Hall in Sharbot Lake, 8-11am, $7 for 15 & up; $3 for 6-12. · There will be a Spaghetti Supper & Homemade Pie Auction on Thurs March 27, 5-7 pm at the Mountain Grove Hall in support of the Land O' Lakes PS Gr. 7 & 8 year end trip and graduation. Free will offering, hope to see you there!! There will also be a casino trip on March 29, also as a fundraiser for the graduation trip. The bus leaves at 9 a.m. from the Arden hall; cost $25 each. Phone the school for info.


Linda Rush


· The next Birthday Bash will be held on March 19 at 5:30pm at the community centre. We will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. So bring a pot luck dish, a good appetite, your best Irish accent and wear green.

who will answer all your gardening questions . Cost $15 per person. For tickets, contact Adele Colby, 613-375-8845. · Happy Birthday to Stephen Thompson, Brandon Hole, Charlotte Thompson, Chris Bertrim, Bill Lee and Katie Teal. · I hope everyone is having a wonderful March Break wherever you are! · Don't forget the Ham Supper on March 22 at the Parham United Church from 5 - 7 p.m.

MISSISSIPPI Pearl Killingbeck


· A big crowd attended the coffee break on Friday morning at Snow Road Community Centre, approximately 40 people. Come join us every Friday from 10 a.m. – 12 noon. Great gathering place to visit with friends and neighbours. · Get well wishes to Dale Gemmill and Heather Thompson. · A good turn out for the pancake supper at Sharbot Lake United Church last week. Proceeds went to the Food Bank. · A great turnout for Keenagers on Tuesday afternoon. A St. Patrick Day theme. Music by Peter and Mark Hannah and Wes, their uncle. Sang Irish songs. Approximately 25 people attended. Guest speaker was Pastor Sam Draffin. Keenagers is the first Tuesday of each month, 2 – 3 p.m. at Snow Road Community Centre.

LOLCS Men’s Group T

· A few weeks ago Ompah EFR Team members Lindy Hay and Amber Lemke went to Ajax to assess the first aid training of Navy League Cadet Corps – Jefferies Squadron. The 9 to 11-year-old children rotated through a variety of stations testing their knowledge of knots, flag raising etc. At the first aid stations, the cadets were presented with different scenarios, given a few minutes with their coaches, and then they had to treat the patient. Amber and Lindy were two of the judges. Using a checklist they assessed the treatment then gave feedback. Lindy’s and Amber’s eyes lit up as they talked about the high level of skill and knowledge that the cadets possessed. The corps organization was equally impressed with Lindy and Amber, and invited them to also help with the judging at the provincial Navy League Cadet Corps competition. The professionalism and skill shown by Amber and Lindy are another example of the high level of training taking place at the Ompah fire station. Well done, Lindy and Amber. Photo courtesy of Amber Lemke

PARHAM-TICHBORNE Colleen Steele Christine Teal

613-375-6219 613-375-6525

· Join the Grandmothers by the Lake in a fundraiser for African grandmothers on April 5 from 2 - 4 p.m. at Verona United Church. Guest speaker will be Ed Lawrence, Canada’s gardening guru, guest of CBC’s Ontario Today program,

By JP Pare here are few things I appreciate more than sharing a good cup of coffee with friends. Two weeks ago, I was doing just that at Spill The Beanz in Northbrook. The experience was made even more enjoyable by the country music provided by friends of the owner, John Fradenburg. I found myself thinking back at how I had gotten in such pleasant company. This took me back to last September when a friend suggested I attend a meeting organized by the Land O’ Lakes Community Services the previous spring. The purpose of this meeting was to form a group of senior retired men who wished to socialize. This was the first of many such meetings I have attended since. The meetings are held every Friday morning and members are free to attend whenever they wish. All you need is a desire to interact with other men of varied walks of life and experiences that can only be acquired from a long, productive life. It is also advisable to bring along a good sense of humor as some of our members, including myself, refuse to grow up and are not above joking around. Just ask Pam, our coordinator. You can talk about any subject you are interested in. Some of us are always looking for new members who have not yet heard their hunting and fishing adventures. We even have a select few who are active on the internet. They are the ones sitting around the table with various electronic tablets comparing their latest Apps or discussing which weather network gives the most accurate predictions/reports and where to get the best Wi-Fi signal. We are still looking for a name for our group. Although we have often been referred to as the Old Farts Club, some would like something a little more

Tues. - Fri. 9 AM - 6 PM


13505 Hwy 38, Sharbot Lake

Walk Ins Welcome as time permits.

“Serving You is a Pleasure”


Sharbot Lake

"Relay For Life" in North and Central Frontenac is looking for Committee Members to help with the 2014 Relay For Life hosted in Parham. Various roles available.

4930 Hwy. #38 Harrowsmith, ON K0H 1V0

613-372-5085 Open Tuesday-Saturday

DENBIGH Angela Bright


· The St Patrick’s Stew Supper will be held on Saturday, March 15, from 5-7pm at Denbigh Community Hall. Cost $10. Sponsored by St Luke’s United Church. · On Wednesday, March 19, the Northern Lights Seniors will have their annual St. Patty’s Day at the Griffith Lions Hall, 1:30pm. Local entertainers will be performing. Non-members are always welcome with a item for the Food Bank. (If you can) wear your green dignified. Generally, the first Friday of the month sees us meeting at the LOL Community Services in Northbrook where we plan the rest of the month’s meetings. The second Friday of the month is usually reserved for a get-together at Pine Meadow Nursing Home, where we do our best to brighten up the day of residents. The last Friday of the month normally sees us meeting at Spill The Beanz. It is amazing how this meeting has developed since my

first experience. Back then, there may have been 12 or 15 of us who enjoyed the coffee and music provided by the owner and a few of his musician friends. Now you have to arrive early if you want to find a place to sit and the number of musicians and singers has grown to the point that last Friday there were at least nine musicians and maybe four singers. Even the standing room was made scarce by those who wanted to dance. The remaining Fridays are up to suggestions from our

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Law Office in Sharbot Lake Real Estate & Estates • Purchase and Sale of Property • Property Transfers for: Severance - Estate - Family • Wills & Probate - Large & Small Estates • Corporate & Business Stephen G. Duggan, Hwy 7 at 38 (Southeast Corner) Box 189, Sharbot Lake ON K0H 2P0 613-279-LAWS (5297)

Your local tax professionals,

1045 Village Woods Dr.

Boots, Helmets & more!

· March birthdays: R.D. St. Pierre (Don), Sharon Killingbeck, Lisa Lemke, Gloria McEwan, Elaine Delisle, Ruth Wark, Joyce Gibson, Caroline Hill. · 176 people were fed breakfast at Snow Road Snowmobile Club Saturday morning. Next breakfast March 22, 8 – 11. · Sunday March 23, 8 – 11 am at Watson’s Corners Hall is the Harriet Cook Memorial Pancake Brunch, adults $8; children 7 – 12, $6; under five, free. Pancakes, sausages, ham, beans and beverage. Paul’s maple syrup, and Doug Millar Family Syrup, Glen Tay. Proceeds to Smiths Falls Dialysis Unit. Please sponsor Faye Wright’s and Dawn Ashby’s head shaves for Cancer.


Evening Appointments Available

English Riding Clothing


Last year's event was extremely successful due to the dedication and hard work by the current committee members. We need your help. All are invited to apply. Please call Liz Bonser to discuss your interest and we will set up an interview to discuss in more detail. 613-384-2361 Ext: 3633 or e-mail:

so you don’t have to be.

Leave the worrying about your income taxes to us: ■

Professional team of tax preparers

Serving the area for over 25 years

Business and rental expert on staff

Pricing from $59.99 1110 Elizabeth Street Sharbot Lake T 613-279-2625 F 613-279-3990



march 13, 2014

In the Guestroom: Redemption in Disguise L

by Julie Druker ocal musician Lee Casement of Verona is pleased to announce the upcoming CD release party of the third and final installment of a trilogy of CDs that he has been writing and recording with a number of musical buddies and family members over the last five years. The first CD was recorded in May 2011 and the second in December 2012. The third one, titled “In the Guestroom Part 3: Redemption in Disguise” will be released on Friday March 28, 7:30pm at The Next Church in Kingston. Casement describes the new CD as a “more stripped down effort” compared to the two earlier works. This one showcases just three musicians: Casement playing an assortment of guitars, bass, organ and keyboards; Shaun Weima playing the same as well as lap steel guitar and singing the lead vocal on one track; and Jeff Babcock playing drums and percussion. Weima and Casement co-wrote all of the music on the 11 tracks, which feature one instrumental work and 10 tunes with lyrics written by the 10 singer/songwriters who perform them on the CD. The CD was recorded at Weima's Ianspotting Studios in Kingston and Casement describes the over all feel of the new work as more folksy rock than all out in your face rock and roll. “By far the rockiest tune on the CD is the song ‘Angels Telling Lies’, the track sung and with lyrics by Sideshow, a well known DJ on K-Rock Radio in Kingston.” Casement said his musical influences have changed over the last few years. “I'm definitely listening to a lot more folk these days which is likely why this CD is a bit mellower and the tunes more slow and relaxed than those Back: Pam Lemwe recorded on the earlier ke, Youth EducaCDs.” Casement listed his tion Coordinator current influences as bands and Cecil Hawlike The National, and The ley, president, Evening Hymns and it is Legion Branch these musical influences he 328. Winners (l says that have made him pay r) Grades 4 – 6: more attention to the “more Amber Verbrugsubtle layers in the music.’” gen, 2nd place; Fans can sample the new Emma Nicole CD in a video of its open- McFadden, 3rd; ing track, “Blood and Faith”, Sierra Baldacwhich features Casement chin, 1st. Grades and Weima accompany- 1 – 3 Sophia ing singer Bill Cassidy. This Borger, 2nd; Alethereal opener has multiple yssa Borger, 1st; layers of delicately crafted Mary Forbes, sound and also features 3rd.

some very atmospheric harmonies. The video was actually shot in Casement's sister’s garage using a black backdrop and it demonstrates the overall mellow tone of the new CD. Other highlights from the CD include the tune “Victoria Street Hymnal”, from which the title of the CD comes. The tune was co-written by Casement and his cousin Lisa Menard with the lead sung by Madyson Doseger. It sounds like a modern day church hymn, a song of praise with the hook line “Glory, glory rise.” Another highlight for Casement is a tune on the CD “No Movement”, sung by his uncle Grant Bresee, who was one of the people who introduced him to music. “Getting Grant to agree to sing it on the CD took a bit of convincing. I'm definitely partial to this tune for that reason,” Casement said. He has also convinced Grant to perform the song at the upcoming CD release party. Asked how he has changed as a musician over the last five years, Casement said he feels that he is better able to craft songs. “In the beginning I would have just a few scattered ideas and some chords but now I tend to start writing with much more than that.” Casement also plays more instruments now than he used to, including the organ, which he took up playing just this past year. Asked how he has changed as a person Casement said, “I think I have become more patient...working with others has allowed me to push further into areas that I might have otherwise left unexplored.”

Northbrook Legion Public Speaking winners

submitted by P. Lemke

Pickled Chicken wraps up fundraiser Arden Legion by Julie Druker

Pickled Chicken of Denbigh, l-r guest Dave (Maytag), Joe Grant, Peter Chess, Susan Fraser, and Mark Rowe


here was something for everyone at the Arden Legion’s all-day fundraiser on March 8. The event, which is one of the Legion’s biggest of the year, included kitchen volunteers serving up three square meals, and a singles and doubles darts tournament that saw 40 players come from as far away as Kingston, Perth, Smiths Falls and Deseronto, all aiming for the bulls-eye from morning till night. The event also included numerous games in the Legion’s main hall, a cake auction and top-notch live musical entertainment courtesy of Denbigh's famed troubadours, Pickled Chicken. Malcolm Sampson, who has been a member of the Legion for 10 years, is the fundraising coordinator at the Legion. He said he was pleased with the turnout and credited the 22 Legion volunteers who helped put on the event. By the end of the day close to $1600 was raised and the proceeds will go towards paying for one of the two new stoves that were recently purchased for the Legion’s kitchen. The rest of the funds will be used to pay back the close to 60 plus shares that were sold last year to raise funds to repair the Legion roof. One generous donor purchased the carved totem that was donated to the event by chain saw artist Robin Deruchie of the Wolf Creek Studio in Cloyne, and then donated the piece back to the Legion. Sampson said that it will be raffled off again in the near future. Sampson said he also has plans for another fundraising event this fall, likely in September. He said that people come from so far away to attend these fundraising events because they know they are always guaranteed a good time. He wished to thank all the volunteers who helped to make the event such an overwhelming success.

Land O’Lakes Real Estate

Mark Montagano Sales Representative

“The Polar Bear Guy”

ProAlliance Realty, Brokerage Direct Line: 613.336.1737 Toll Free: 1-866-969-0998 Email: 12309 Hwy 41, Northbrook, ON K0H 2G0


Direct: (613) 279-2886 Cell: (613) 532-9405

Chris Winney Broker



Thinking about selling your property? Then give me a call to conduct a market analysis and develop an effective marketing plan. List before the Ottawa Cottage Show - April 11-13.


Real Estate Brokerage

PO Box 285 Sharbot Lake, ON K0H 2P0



Mimi Antoine Broker of Record

Fax - (613) 279-2657 Email –

BIG GULL LAKE - $379,000


Country Classics Ltd. Brokerage Independently Owned & Operated


Ottawa, ON

Bus. 613.336.3000

Toll Free. 1.877.336.6453 Direct: 613.336.8000 / 1-866-279-2109 / 14202 Road 38, Sharbot Lake

40 Main Street, Westport, Ontario  613-273-3187


Bowes & Cocks Limited Brokerage

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NEIL SCOTT, Sales Rep.

Email: "Don’t Make A Move Without Me"


level bungalow on, deep, pristine lake. 11.3 ac, propane fireplace, solid oak kitchen cabinets, master bdrm w/en-suite bath. Multi-bay garage/workshop..........$565,000

DOLLARS MAKE SENSE - When invested in a commercial property in the heart of vibrant Westport. This 2 storey building offers 950 ft of retail space. 2nd level is a totally remodeled 2 bdrm, 1 bath apartment$375,000

12245 Hwy 41, Northbrook K0H 2G0


Bowes & Cocks Limited Brokerage will have a sales booth at the Ottawa Cottage Show. Here, we will give maximum exposure to our listings, giving out thousands of brochures & sales catalogues. Call today to speak to Neil concerning this great listing opportunity. Not intended to solicit active listings or representation agreements.

march 13, 2014


Chiropractic Clinic

Creating a Healthier, Happier World – Starting with You! 130 Sproule Rd., RR#7 Perth, ON K7H 3C9 613-264-2402

Searching for a Smarter Way to Manage Your Health? Our mission at Johnson Chiropractic Clinic is to restore, maintain and optimize the natural ability of the body to be healthy. We offer unique Cold Laser Therapy that can reduce the effects of allergies, pain and inflammation, warts, motion sickness, withdrawal symptoms from stopping smoking, and more! Low Level Laser Therapy stimulates the body’s cells to begin balancing the immune system through painless light laser pulses. The treatment programs increase core energy levels, promote healthy and natural detoxification and bring the body back into balance. Patient Testimonials: “...I developed...Shingles ...had two laser treatments... By the end of the week the pain was gone and there is no lasting effects of the Shingles.” Anita “…I had extreme motion sickness, limiting my ability to travel by boat, airplane and car and allergic reactions to many different nuts causing health concerns…I started receiving Laser Therapy from Johnson Chiropractic Clinic and began seeing positive results immediately. I went to New Zealand and had no motion sickness! I can now eat walnuts and macadamia nuts with absolutely no reaction! L.B.

Marketing Cottage Properties One of the best things about living & working in a lesser known area like the Land o’ Lakes is the fact that life tends to be more relaxed, less stressful. The other side of that coin is that a business person needs to be strategic about marketing. If potential buyers don’t know where you & your product or service are, they won’t be your clients. Selling mostly cottage properties requires that I think carefully about how to reach as many potential buyers. That’s where the cottage trade shows become an effective means to reach those individuals. With 26 established waterfront regions in the province, it’s important to become one of the areas buyers consider in their search for the perfect cottage property. Having a display booth at these shows ensures that my listings are seen by my target buyer. The booth gives me a chance to meet with interested buyers &

Memory Lane Flowers & Gifts 4400 George St., Sydenham

With a warm smile Rebecca DiCola greets the DiCola Petroleum customers at the family business office on South St. in Perth. Rebecca is the great grand-daughter of James DiCola who ran a coal company in Perth during the 1950’s and 60’s. Her grandfather, Frank DiCola, converted the company to fuel oil in the late 1960’s. Currently, Rebecca works alongside her father, Jim DiCola, providing bulk petroleum products to an extensive rural area. With Rebecca’s help the company


THE FRONTENAC NEWS - International Women’s Week

has expanded into Bulk Water Distribution. Rebecca is an Advertising and Marketing graduate who exhibits her skills

throughout the DiCola business. She invites you to visit the company website at or to like us facebook.

Bulk Petroleum Products & Water Haulage Furnace Oil • Lubricants • Gasoline • Diesel

87 South St. Perth ON (613) 267-1604  1-800-267-7935

For Our Aging Seven years ago, Country View opened because we wanted to offer seniors a better choice. I had lived in the community all my life and started working with seniors when I was 15, following my mother’s lead. After working in both large and small seniors homes, we learned that offering a gentle care policy was the only correct way to look after our aging. This included home cooked meals and baking, showers when it’s good for our clients, back rubs and meals served in bed when required.

We have had many amazing seniors come into our family like home, and choose to stay with us through their final hours. What a wonderful honour. On top of providing retirement care Country View also offers advanced palliative care which we have been told is second to none. At Country View Care we treat our seniors with love and respect. Jennifer Clow, Owner/Administrator 9504 Road 38 Godfrey, ON K0H 1T0 613-374-2023

Welcome to Nicole’s Gifts! Thank you so much for your support over the last 4 years. It is hard to believe that we are already beginning our fifth year. In spite of the long winter, spring is just around the corner. New items have been arriving weekly and it looks like turquoise will be the colour to decorate with, inside and out. New for this year is our Gift Registry. We will be glad to help you pick out items for your birthday, wedding, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day baby shower or just to create a wish list. Stop by anytime to fill out a card. We also offer gift wrapping. Please join us for our Customer Appreciation Day, Saturday April 26th. As always, we will be offering in store specials, door prizes and lots of gourmet foods to try.

Chris Winney, Broker

Chris Winney, Broker ProAlliance Realty, Brokerage

Direct Line: 613.336.1737 Toll Free: 1-866-969-0998

Specializing in Funeral Tributes, Wedding Floral and Everyday floral needs, as well as offering Shop to Shop service, so that orders can be sent to loved ones dear, but far away. You can purchase custom made to order floral arrangements and bouquets for all occasions... hostess gift, traditional floral and simply for a ‘just because’. By calling us directly you save paying the ‘hidden’ referral fees that some 3rd party agencies may apply. You will find a wide variety of giftware, Jewelry, Home & Garden, Wall Décor. Top off your shopping experience with the wonderful scent of a Butter Maple Syrup candle when you walk through the door, Christine’s top seller! Open Tues thru Saturdays year round so come in, browse, shop and enjoy. Follow us on Facebook (Memory Lane Flowers & Gifts) or check us out on Follow the Road to Memory Lane Flowers & Gifts...Where Friendships Last a Lifetime!!! 613-376-6309 / 1-800-275-1581

Nicole Van Camp, Owner

6709 Main St. Verona, ON K0H 2W0  613-374-2323

Verona Hardware Limited

SLLS Established 1994

Sharbot Lake Lawn Service & Home Maintenance Sharbot Lake Lawn Service was started in 1994 by my father, Wayne Millar. Throughout these years, Wayne has built a successful business. In 1999, along with my two children, Hollie and Matthew, I moved to Tichborne to work alonside my father. I can’t belive how the business has grown; we now have two trucks and two crews. We cover a large area from Sharbot Lake, Parham, Mountain Grove, Arden to Verona. We offer grass cutting, spring and fall cleanup, plus other yard maintenance and snow plowing. We always go that extra mile to make our customers happy. We take pride

Located in Sydenham village in the historical Blacksmith shop (circa 1820). Owned and operated by Christine Kennedy, a proud Country girl at heart, who was born and raised in Parham, graduated from SHS, and presently, is a resident of Sydenham village. The Business is going into its 17th year under her ownership and is a full service Flower shop.

talk with them about their requirements. Fortunately, I am also a seminar presenter at Toronto’s Spring Cottage Life Show (March 28 – 30) & the Ottawa Cottage Show (April 11 – 13) & my Power Point showcases the region as well as my specific waterfront listings.

Jodi Allen

in our work. When, or if dad retires, I will be taking over the business and will be running it with my husband Terry. We would like to thank all of our customers for the support over the years. Free Estimates • Fully insured


6723 Main St., Verona 613-374-2851 Verona Hardware Limited has been a fixture in Verona since opening in 1929. “The Hardware” as it is locally known, was originally located on the south side of Revell Ford. It was moved to its’ present location in 1994. As a RONA affiliated store, Verona Hardware has unlimited access to all items that the larger RONA stores have in stock. Lumber, drywall and so much more is just a phone call away. If you prefer, order your items on and it will be delivered to your local store on regular delivery day. Need your item sooner? No problem, we are happy to make a special trip. New for 2014: We have paired with Beckwith Contracting to offer you complete sales and installation of windows, doors, roofing or that new kitchen you have been dreaming of. Also coming for spring 2014, our expanded garden center. Watch for a greater selection

Nicole Van Camp, Owner

and garden art to spruce up your yard. Watch for our 85th Birthday Celebration coming later this year!



The Classifieds Ad Rates: Classified Text ads: $8.85 + HST per insertion for 20 words & under; 20¢ each extra word. Deadline: 4 pm Monday; Ph: 613-279-3150, Fx: 613-279-3172;


KALADAR AUTO RECYCLING. We sell cars for under $1990 safetied & E-tested, low kilometres. We have good winter tires. We take trade-ins. 11520 Hwy 41; 613-336-9899; 613885-8644 KINNEY AUTO WRECKING Station Road, Kaladar. 4x4 trucks & parts for sale. Scrap cars, stoves, fridges wanted. 613-336-9272.

EMBROIDERY & ENGRAVING UPPER FRONTENAC GRAPHICS – Custom Embroidery, Imprinting, Trophies, Awards & Engraving. Caps, jackets, golf shirts, hoodies, teamwear & more. 613-539-6340; dwedden@;


Stoves, washers, dryers, freezers, dishwashers. 3 months old and up. Sold with written guarantees. Fridges $100 and up.


At the lowest prices in the area. Trade-ins accepted on new appliances. Big selection to choose from. We Sell Gas Refrigerators


For good used appliances in working order or not, but no junk please. VISA and MASTERCARD accepted. We have our own financing also. Shop at our competitors and then come see for yourself quality at low prices.

Open evenings & 7 days a week. We deliver



1 BEDROOM + DEN in 4-plex, in Kaladar, references, first & last, $475 + hydro, available March 1, please call 416-554-9746 2 BEDROOM APT. in Verona, 1 parking spot, available April 15, $900/ month includes heat. Call Verona Hardware 613-374-2851 3 BEDROOM TOWNHOUSE, Northbrook area, newly painted - $850 plus utilities and bachelor apartment, $650 all inclusive; 1st and last required. 613-336-8378 3 BEDROOM UPSTAIRS APT. in Arden, $900/ month inclusive. Bob Hawley 613-335-3878 COMMERCIAL OFFICE SPACE located on Hwy. 7 just east of the Junction of Hwy 38 and Hwy. 7. For further information, contact Ram at 613-279-2827 KALADAR: 2 BEDROOM APT. fridge & stove, heated, $475 per month, 1st & last required, available April 1, 2014, call 613-336-9429 LOOKING FOR A ROOMMATE to share a waterfront home on outskirts of Verona. $650 per month inclusive, 613-374-2079. STORAGE UNITS for rent in Mountain Grove. Bob Hawley, 613-335-3878

FOR SALE CENTRAL BOILER OUTDOOR FURNACES 2014 Winter Rebate. Save up to $700.Call for more information. Your local Dealer, Wood Heat Solutions, Frankford, ON, 613-398-1611; Bancroft, ON 613-332-1613. HOUSE IN MOUNTAIN GROVE and Duplex in Arden. For further details, call 613-335-3878 or 613-213-3055

FOUND CAR KEY, found at Mike Dean’s grocery store. Also pair of white gloves, found on corner of Garrett & Robert streets. Sharbot Lake. Call the Frontenac News, 613-279-3150 DOG found on Bell Line Road, English Setter, call 613-547-5738 or 613-279-2398


FIREARMS & HUNTER ED COURSES. Tamworth: Firearms Course – March 21 & 22, Hunter Education Course - March 28 & 29. Wild Turkey license examinations. Call Bill at 613-335-2786 HUNTER SAFETY AND FIREARMS COURSES. Turkey Examinations. Please call for course dates and details. Call Richard 613-336-9875.


TOM’S MUSIC STUDIO is now accepting students for drums, guitar, bass guitar, piano, beginner banjo and theory; repairs to all stringed instruments. Tom 613-539-4659

  Locations Dr. P.H. Radford, Optometrist

Eyecare Clinic

Sydenham Clinic • (613)376-3097 2825 Rutledge Road Sydenham And now in


by Appointment

10 Bedford Street Westport • 613-273-3097


Open Evenings & Seven Days a Week - River Road Corbyville, Just North of Corby’s (613) 969-0287

SERVICES DRYWALL AND PLASTER REPAIRS. Professionally trained. Drywall installation, old fashioned quality, three coat hand finishing. Free estimates. Call Rick at 613-375-8201. HOMESTYLE WEDDINGS. Minister Judie Diamond helps design your ceremony and performs the marriage at location of your choice. 613-375-6772 KEVIN’S HANDYMAN SERVICE. Lawn Maintenance, Trees Cut, Woodsplitting, Snow Removal, Winter Roof Cleaning, Junk Pick-up & Disposal, Minor Building Repairs. Call Kevin 9am - 5pm, Monday-Friday. Please Leave a Message, 613-279-1901; 613-453-5896 PET SITTING in Mountain Grove. Going away? Let us help. Dogs, Cats, etc. Spacious, individual accommodations. Long walks. By appointment only. Laura Mills 613-335-3658. Evenings are best or leave a message. SEWING ALTERATIONS, HEMMING, ETC. This And That Sewing, 32 Peterson Rd., (turn at lights in Northbrook). Call 613-336-0656. SYLVIA’S FOOT CARE. Providing Nursing foot care in the privacy of your own home. Registered with Dept. of Veterans’ Affairs to provide foot care to veterans who qualify. For further information call Sylvia at 613-3352940.


TAX RETURNS. At Seeds & Company, our price covers more than just a tax return; it includes our many years of experience too. Our fee starts at $59.99 and we want to take the stress out of filing your tax return. Call us at 613-279-2625 or drop into the office 1110 Elizabeth Street Sharbot Lake.


B’S RADICAL RIDES Towing & Recovery. James Mills owner/operator. 613-335-5050


ATTENTION VENDORS, ARTISANS & CRAFTERS looking for commercial space to sell their wares. Consignment sales, Main Street, Northbrook, call 613-661-8134


LOOKING TO BUY USED FIREARMS (rifles & shotguns) non-restricted. Please call 613-3362311 between 8am - 5pm with information. STANDING TIMBER, firewood, pine, cedar, bush lots. Free quotes, cash paid. Call 613279-2154.

Ed Lawrence coming to Verona


anada's favorite gardener, Ed Lawrence, will be coming to Verona on April 5 from 2-4 pm at the United Church. Ed was head gardener to six Canadian governors general and prime ministers, and has spent more than two decades as phone-in “gardening guru” for CBC Radio’s “Ontario Today”. He has provided practical, down-to-earth advice that has become the final word in gardening for more than half a million loyal listeners and fans. The Monday noon-time gardening show is one of the longest-running and most successful features in the annals of Canadian broadcast history. Ed will be hosted by the Grandmothers by the Lake in a fundraiser for African grandmothers. The cost is $15 per person; for tickets contact Adele Colby, 613375-8845

War Amps key tags help amputees T

he War Amps begins its 2014 key tag mailing to Ontario residents this week. In the letter accompanying the key tags, Meaghan, a multiple amputee member of The War Amps Child Amputee (CHAMP) Program, describes how The War Amps has provided her with financial assistance for her artificial limbs as she outgrows them, travel costs for fittings, a computer to keep up with school work and seminars where she meets other multiple amputee kids. With the help of her mom, she made a special quilt out of her War Amps seminar T-shirts and presented it at a CHAMP seminar. “Just like the stitches of the quilt, The War Amps holds us all together as we deal with the challenges of being amputees ..The War Amps enables me to live my life to the fullest,” she said. War Amps key tags protect any keys, not just car keys, and are more vital than ever with the extremely high replacement cost of electronic door openers and anti-theft devices. Should the keys be lost, the finder need only call the toll-free number on the back of the tag, or deposit them in any mailbox, and the keys will be returned to the owner by bonded courier. The War Amps receives no government grants. Its programs are possible solely through public support of the Key Tag and Address Label Service. For more information, or to order key tags, call 1-800250-3030 or visit

Laser Clinic to Quit Smoking Sat. March 15 - United Parsonage Hall 1145 Elizabeth St, Sharbot Lake

Quit Instantly, Virtually no cravings or withdrawals $100 flat rate. Call Laser Health to book your appointment 613-542-8813

Mortgage Brokerage Licence #10119 Mortgage Administrator Licence #11209

Job Opening: Full-Time Administration Clerk We are looking to expand our team. We are seeking an individual that is computer literate, has good written and verbal communication skills, an ability to prioritize tasks, with an excellent attention to detail. Pillar Financial Services Inc. has an immediate opening for an Administration Clerk for our busy mortgage operations department. We are a growing mortgage brokerage and mortgage administration company located in Sharbot Lake, Ontario. The successful applicant will have a secondary school diploma with 1 to 2 years of work experience in an office setting; possess a personality and values that align with a company culture that values professionalism, trust, loyalty, high ethical standards, adaptability to change and growth, and co-operative teamwork. Our team works to be the best at what we do and achieve sustainable but challenging goals and growth targets while maintaining a work\life balance in a small town cottage country setting. If this sounds like you and you would like to work with a team of mortgage professionals where there are exciting career opportunities, please submit your resume to or go to our website at We wish to thank all who apply; however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted. Posting Closes: March 24, 2014

march 13, 2014

Meaghan with a quilt that she made

Land O’ Lakes Tourist Association Seeks a General Manager DIVISION: Destination Marketing RESPONSIBLE TO: Land O’ Lakes Tourist Association Board of Directors/Stakeholders/Members 39 hours per week including evening and weekend hours. Salary – Dependent upon experience. MAIN PURPOSE: The General Manager is responsible for managing and leading sales and marketing initiatives to promote the Land O’ Lakes region as a year round visitor destination. MAIN JOB FUNCTIONS: • Provide leadership and direction for all elements of the association from both a destination marketing and visitor servicing standpoint. • Provide community leadership from both an internal and external perspective. • Provide sound leadership in developing Land O’ Lakes products and experiences. • Develop long and short term marketing and sales strategies. • Build on existing marketing initiatives while also leading new program development. • Identify new marketing opportunities. • Continuation of developing and enhancing Land O’ Lakes Map and website. • Continuation and enhancing of Land O’ Lakes led events. • Research grant and funding opportunities and complete applications. • Market municipally led tourism product initiatives. • Develop and enhance stakeholder relationships within municipalities (upper & lower-tier), tourism industry (including Regional Tourism Organization 9 & 11), and various levels of government. • Lead effective communication effort of the association to members and stakeholders. • Ensure association is constantly responsive to changing industry dynamics and trends. • Continue to recruit new members to the association. QUALIFICATIONS: • Degree/Diploma or equivalent experience in marketing. • Proven leadership and project management skills. • Proven public relations and communication skills. • Strong website and social media skillset. • Event planning a definite asset. • Must have own vehicle with proof of insurance. DEADLINE: March 21st, 2014 by 12:00 pm. SUBMIT COVER LETTER/RESUME TO: Attention: Mary Berends Land O’ Lakes Tourist Association 113047 Hwy #7, Kaladar, ON K0H 1Z0 Email:

march 13, 2014






Young, Gordon A.

Brandy Rogers (née Richardson)

Peacefully after a courageous battle with cancer, at the Perth Hospital on Friday February 28, 2014. Daughter of Shirley Crawford and the late Alec Crawford. Beloved wife of Thomas Commodore. Dear mother of Rick (Sue Ellen), and Steven. Grandmother of Zack and Brayden. Sister of Francis, Stanley and Carol. A Celebration of Life for Linda will be held at a later date. Donations to the Relay for Life would be appreciated by the family. Online condolences at

IN MEMORIAM In loving memory of my dear husband

Robert Lee Feb. 25, 1963 - Mar. 16, 2013 Although I cannot touch your hand nor see your smiling face, I cannot hear your voice nor feel your warm embrace. But something I will always have Tucked in a special place; My love for you, your love for me, which time cannot erase. Until we meet again, Love always, Ang

Bobby Lee February 25, 1963 - March 16, 2013 It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since you passed away. The pain and sadness feels like it was just yesterday. All our lives we have had each other, we made it through the hard times and great times. We knew we would be there for each other no matter what. It has left a huge space in our hearts since you went away. We think of you often and share special memories to get through our days. Even though we can no longer hear your voice, there are a few things that bring a smile to our face. Each time the wind blows we hear “It's ok Laura, it’s just winding out”. Those words will stay with us for the rest of our lives Bobby; we love you and miss you, and we will always have you in our hearts and thoughts. Love always, Mom and Laura

A Promise for You "And Samuel grew, and the LORD was with him and let none of his words fall to the ground" 1 Samuel 3: 19


Milestone Funeral Center Derek Maschke Northbrook Chapel Funeral Director 11928 Hwy. 41 613-336-6873 Northbrook, ON K0H 2G0

We little knew that morning, God was going to call your name. In life we loved your dearly, In death we do the same, It broke our hearts to lose you, You did not go alone, For part of us went with you, the day God called you home. You left us beautiful memories, Your love is still our guide And though we cannot see you, You are always by our side. Our family chain is broken And nothing seems the same But as God calls us one by one The chain will link again. Love always, Frances and family

McEwen, Tyler Tye went to be with our Lord, March 12, 1999. We cannot lose the one we love, For even when he's gone, We feel his gentle presence, In the hush of every dawn. We see him in the sunlight, That makes the day so bright, In the flowers of the springtime, And in the stars at night. The heart is like a treasure chest, That’s filled with souvenirs, It’s there we keep the memories, We’ve gathered through the years. We cannot lose the one we love For he will always stay In all that’s bright and beautiful Around us every day. 1 Thessalonians 4: 16-18 Love Mom, Dad, Trish, Jeff & Abigail

CARD OF THANKS Thank you ~ Young Thank you to the staff at: Verona Medical Center (Dr. Dempsey) Kingston Heart Clinic (460 Princess St.) K.G.H. Emergency Dept. K.G.H. Angioplasty Unit the Cardiac Sciences Unit K.G.H. Davies 3 Thanks to paramedics Ryan C. & John T. for a safe ride to K.G.H. emergency dept. Thanks to Dr. Dimitri Petsikas & his team for a successful bypass surgery. Thanks to all of my family and friends for their visits, calls, cards, words of encouragement & support during this ordeal. Thanks to my wife, Glenda , for being there when I needed her most. Thanks to God who was always by my side and who gave me the faith, strength & courage to make decisions that needed to be made. Fletcher Young

Sydenham, On 613-376-3022

Serving the area for over 100 years.

David Goodfellow Owner/Managing Director

Parham, Ontario


Boxcar Boys at MERA schoolhouse

The next concert in MERA’s Sunday Schoolhouse Concert Series brings a refreshing new mix of Klezmer, jazz, folk and gypsy music - performed on traditional New Orleans instruments – to the MERA Schoolhouse in McDonalds Corners. The Boxcar Boys bring their lively and entrancingly unique mix of sounds and styles to MERA on Sunday, March 30, at 2 p.m. The Boxcar Boys deliver a veritable gumbo of wild gypsy, Dixieland jazz, Klezmer, and folk music performed with a good time New Orleans spirit. The Boxcar Boys are the combined forces of clarinetist and tunesmith John David Williams (Jaron FreemanFox and the Opposite of Everything, The Roofhoppers), jazz master Karl Silveira on trombone (The Lemon Bucket Orkestra), violin whiz Laura C. Bates (Trent Severn, Del Bel) soulful accordionist Ronen Segall and JUNO nominee Rob Teehan (Heavyweights Brass Band, Saidah Baba Talibah) on sousaphone. Advance tickets are $22 and are available from Tickets Please at 39 Foster St. In Perth (Jo’s Clothes), by phone at 613-485-6434 or online at

News flash – winter maintenance costs up in South Frontenac P by Jeff Green

ublic Works Manager Mark Segsworth delivered two short reports about the winter work done by the roads department this year to a Committee of the Whole meeting of South Frontenac Council on Tuesday night, March 11. The first dealt with the outcome of a change in road maintenance contractors that the township undertook late last fall. Segsworth said, “There was a bit of a learning curve with the new contractor, R. Mulrooney Trucking Ltd. at the beginning, but for the most part things have been sorted out and things have gone well.” Segsworth added that this might have been a difficult winter to make a change in the system, pointing out that as of the end of February there had been 65 winter “events” that required a road crew, either from the township, contractors, or both, to plow and/ or or sand township roads. Costs up – In the first two moths of 2014, sand/salt purchases have cost the township $210,000 as compared to $106,000 in 2013. Plowing costs on a sample arterial route were $52,000 as compared to $12,000 last year, and on a sample local route they were $26,000 as compared to $9,000. Road maintenance is budgeted on a fiveyear average and overages are put in a reserve to cover for more expensive years such as this one. Pointing out that the winter maintenance budget is based on the entire year, Segsworth did a little weather prognosticating to soften the potential blow to the budget. “It looks like winter will continue well into March but it could be mild next November and December,” he said in his report. Sydenham water rate change to be passed at next meeting After hearing from the public in February, the township is ready to bring in increased water rates for residents of Sydenham, which was supported by the entire Council. More controversial are penalties on top of the minimum water charges, for the 30% or so households in Sydenham who have not hooked up to the system. “I don’t support the penalties. If we want

to put pressure on people we should force hook-ups when properties change hands,” said Councilor Allan McPhail. “We had to do something,” said Mayor Davision, "and some properties never change hands.” “We needed to find some way to encourage hook-ups. There are hundreds who haven’t,” said Deputy Mayor Ron Vandewal. “I don’t think this is appropriate and I will vote against it,” said McPhail. “I think we have the votes we need and we will bring this to Council next week for a vote,” said Davison. Public works managers group update At a meeting on January 14, the public works and waste managers and waste management supervisors from South, Central and North Frontenac met in Sharbot Lake and crept closer to creating a collaborative approach to delivering waste management consulting services across their jurisdictions. The combined cost of consulting costs across the county is $483,000 per year, and within a year the plan is to either enter into a single contract for consulting or hire an engineer and hydro-geologists and bring the service in house. The other major effort of the group is to create a virtual joint 185 kilometre arterial road corridor that includes Roads 506 and 509, Road 38 and Roads 95 and 96 on Frontenac Islands and to look at it as one continuous road that needs to be maintained on a continual schedule. In a needs study, it was determined that 34 kilometres need to be rebuilt over the next 10 years, at a cost of approximately $6 million. A final report will come later in the year, with a proposal for a long-term plan to deal with the entire network on a regional basis. The public works managers hope to be able to bring provincial attention to these roads in a way that has never been possible working as individual departments. Mark Segsworth said the ongoing relationship between the public works and waste management supervisors continues to be extremely positive.

Terry Thake Monuments

membership. We try to visit businesses in the area, but have been known to go as far as Picton to visit a micro-brewery or to Kingston and Trenton to visit the local military museums. We have also visited and had lunch in several restaurants in the area and are certainly open to suggestions. Soon spring will be here and we will certainly be visiting one or two sugar shacks in our never ending quest to find freshly boiled, sugar-free maple syrup. If you are interested in joining us or would like further information, please call our coordinator, Pamela Lemke, at 613336-8934.


Trousdale Funeral home Proudly serving all faiths Pre-Arranged Funeral Plans

Brandy began a Community Advocacy Program in Perth in January 2012. In March 2012, she attended the AGM where a debate arose about changing the organization's name from The Perth and District Food Bank to The Table Community Food Centre. After sharing her personal story, Brandy said the name change would reflect all that was happening at the center and alleviate the stigma of using the food bank services; the motion was passed. Brandy completed the CAT and became a peer advocate. She has been involved in various social justice activities at the centre and has arranged several clothing swaps, worked on a free haircutting initiative and is working on an upcoming budgeting workshop. She recently returned to college and is working on obtaining her Social Service Worker diploma from Algonquin College in Perth. Proud of you. Keep up the good work! Love, Mom


LOLCS men's group - from pg. 5

Save 10% or More on All Monuments Call 613-353-2460 Offer expires Mar. 31, 2014 Best Quality, Best Prices



march 13, 2014

For all Your maple Syrup Requirments


Spiles - Buckets - Pipeline Hose & Fittings - Filters Plastic Containers & Glass Bottles from 100ml up to 4L

All in stock, All Priced Right!

George St, Sydenham

613-376-3441 613-376-6666

Northern Happenings Northern Happenings listings are free for community groups, and will be published for two weeks. Other listings are paid or are taken from paid ads elsewhere in the paper. The News makes every effort to be accurate but details of events should be independently verified by readers.

Donations to offset the cost of publication would be appreciated. Friday March 14 SHARBOT LAKE – DINNER at the Legion. 5:30–7pm, salmon Fillets with rice SNOW ROAD - FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT, Snowmobile Club, 7pm, 1106 Gemmills Rd. all welcome, Morgan 278-0344.

Saturday March 15 ARDEN - HAM DINNER at Kennebec Hall, 5-6:30pm, sponsored by Arden & Community Wesleyan Church CLOYNE - ST. PATRICK’S DAY ALL GREEN POTLUCK BANQUET, Pineview Free Methodist Church, refreshments 5pm, dinner 6pm, all welcome DENBIGH - ST PATRICK’S STEW SUPPER 5-7pm, community hall, $10; sponsored by St Luke’s United Church NORTHBROOK - ST. PATRICK’S DANCE, Lions Hall, 8pm; late lunch, advance $25 couple, $15 single; at door $30 couple, $18 single; 613-336-1573; sponsor: LOL Lions PLEVNA - JACK’S JAM, Clar-Mill hall, 2-9pm; potluck supper 5:30pm; all musicians, singers, dancers welcome to participate; sponsors: Clar-Mill Community Volunteers SHARBOT LAKE - BREAKFAST, Oso Hall, 8-11am, $7; 6-12yrs $3; pancakes, eggs, sausages, baked beans; sponsored by the Lions SHARBOT LAKE - ST PATRICK’S DAY DANCE at the Legion, 8pm w/ DJ, karaoke,

members welcome with item for food bank (if you can); wear your green. OMPAH - BIRTHDAY BASH & COMMUNITY POTLUCK, 5:30pm community centre, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, so wear green. SHARBOT LAKE - POVERTY LUNCHEON & LENT DEVOTIONS noon-1pm, United Church; free will offering for food bank, all welcome

Irish music, $10pp at door, all welcome

Sunday March 16 HARROWSMITH - HAM DINNER Golden Links hall 4:30-6PM, $13, Brenda 372-2410 LANARK – PANCAKE BREAKFAST, Foy Hall, 9am-noon; $5; 6 to 12yrs $2; 5 & under free; sponsored by Sacred Heart Parish,

Thursday March 20 DIABETES EDUCATION SESSIONS, Verona Medical Clinic, 9am-noon, free, please register: Anne MacDonald 613-544-3400 x 3589. HARROWSMITH DINERS, noon, Free Methodist Church, for 55+yrs, $11. Reservations required 613-376-6477. SHARBOT LAKE - CENTER STAGE CAFÉ at Legion, w/ Ann Archer, Andrea Jones, Logan Murray, Julia Schall, 7–9:30pm, $4.

Monday March 17 CLOYNE & DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY, 1pm, Barrie Hall, guest speaker journalist & storyteller Garry Ferguson, all welcome. PLEVNA – FOOT CARE CLINIC, Clar-Mill Hall, appointment: 613-279-3151 PLEVNA - CARD PARTY, Clar-Mill Hall, $4, 7pm to support intermediate graduation trip for Clarendon Central SYDENHAM - SPEAKER SERIES, free, 1-3pm, Grace Centre, Topics: Taking Care of You; Reiki; please reserve: 613-376-6477, sponsor: SFCS

Friday March 21 HARROWSMITH - YOUTH DANCE Golden Links Hall, 7-9:30PM, for ages 9-15; $6 call Sharon 536-6676 or Wayne 358-2533 PLEVNA – BINGO FUNDRAISER for ClarMill volunteer firefighters, 7-9pm, cash prizes, Clar-Mill hall SHARBOT LAKE – EUCHRE, noon, Anglican Church hall, $5 includes lunch, proceeds to the church, all welcome

Tuesday March 18 HARROWSMITH - TURKEY BINGO Golden Links hall, early bird 7pm, Brenda 372-2410. KENNEBEC DINERS, noon, Arden community hall, for those 50+, $10, reservations required: 613-279-3151 PLEVNA – CLAR-MILL COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERS meeting 7pm Clar-Mill Hall, all welcome VERONA COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION Annual General Meeting starts w/ potluck at 6pm; Verona Cattail Festival meeting follows AGM, all welcome, Lions Hall, info Wayne Conway 613-374-3807

Saturday, March 22

Wednesday March 19

PARHAM - HAM SUPPER, United Church from 5-7pm, $12; 6-12yrs $4; family $25 SHARBOT LAKE FARMERS MARKET SEEDY SATURDAY, Market & Seed Exchange, Oso Hall 9am-1pm; workshop on growing heritage seeds 10-11am, pls register for workshop: info@handsonharvest. ca. SNOW ROAD SNOWMOBILE CLUB Breakfast, 8-11am, 1106 GemmillsRd. all welcome.

BEDFORD DINERS, noon, community hall, for those 50+. $10, reserve 613-279-3151 INVERARY DINERS, noon, United Church, for 55+yrs, $11. Reserve 613-376-6477 NORTHERN LIGHTS SENIORS - St Patty’s Day party, Griffith Lions Hall, 1:30pm, non-

BEDFORD OPEN MIC & JAM, 1-5pm, Bedford Hall 1381 Westport Rd, Bluegrass, Country, Gospel & more, $2, 613-374-2614 HARRIET COOK MEMORIAL PANCAKE BRUNCH, Watson’s Corners Hall, 8–11am,

Sunday March 23

$8; 7–12 yrs $6; under five free. Proceeds to Smiths Falls Dialysis Unit.

Monday March 24 SHARBOT LAKE – FOOT CARE CLINIC, seniors’ centre, appointment: 613-279-3151 SYDENHAM - SPEAKER SERIES, free, 1-3pm, Grace Centre, Topics: Hypnosis for Relaxation; Remember; please reserve: 613-376-6477, sponsor: Southern Frontenac Community Services

Tuesday March 25 LAND O’LAKES QUILTERS meet 9am, Pineview Free Methodist Church, Cloyne (lower level). new quilters welcome; lolquilt@gmail. com SYDENHAM - CAREGIVER SUPPORT GROUP, Grace Centre 9-10:30am; info: Mary Gaynor-Briese, 613-376-6477 ext. 305 SYDENHAM – FOOT CARE CLINIC, Grace Centre 1-4pm. For appointment call Bob: 613376-6477; 1-800-763-9610

Wednesday March 26 RURAL WOMEN’S GROUP, 1:30-3pm, Rural VISIONS Centre, 4419 George St.; free transportation avail: 613-376-6477; 1-800-7639610, all women welcome SHARBOT LAKE - POVERTY LUNCHEON & LENT DEVOTIONS noon-1pm, St. Andrew’s Anglican Church; free will offering for food bank, all welcome SHARBOT LAKE DINERS, noon, for those 50+, $10, reservations requ’d: 613-279-3151 VERONA / HARTINGTON SOFTBALL REGISTRATION 6-8:30pm at Princess Anne Building in Hartington; info Mary Jo 613-374-3275

Thursday March 27 MOUNTAIN GROVE - SPAGHETTI SUPPER & HOMEMADE PIE AUCTION for Land o’Lakes PS Gr. 7&8 trip and graduation, 5-7pm, community hall, freewill offering, SYDENHAM - ALZHEIMER SUPPORT GROUP 7-9pm, Grace Centre; info: 613-5443078 .

Invest in your community Storring Septic Service Ltd. Custom Cabinets for Kitchen & Bath

Septic & Holding Tank Pumping Septic Inspections

refacing - Custom millwork - free estimates

(613) 379-2192 Tamworth Visit us on the web:

Northland Cabinets Hwy 38, Parham, On., K0H 2K0

Phone / Fax: 613-375-6285

Dave Bush

Licenced by the Ministry of Environment since 1972

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Employment Service Résumé Writing | Job Search Strategies | Job Postings

Smart Serve© Responsible Alcohol Beverage Service Training Program

Let us plumb it right the first time

Licensed Plumbers Water treatment & purification System Pumps and Pressure Systems

2:00 - 6:00 pm Wednesday, Mar. 26 $35 per person This workshop is for anyone who will be working in areas where alcohol is sold and served under the Liquor Sales Licence or Special Occasion Permit.

(613) - 374 - 3662 Well Drilling LTD.

Rotary & Cable Tool Water Well Drilling Year Round


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Verona (N. of Kingston on Hwy. 38) Member of Ontario Ground Water Association


Your job is out there. We’ll help you find it.


WELL DRILLING Rotary Drilling Pressure Grouting Wilf Hall & Sons

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613-278-2933 1-888-878-2969

For more information or to register contact the Sharbot Lake Resource Centre at 1099 Garrett Street (613)545-3949 press 3 or email This Employment Ontario program is funded by the Ontario government.


march 13, 2014

Outdoors in the Land O’ Lakes Why so many Blue Jays?


here was a very prophetic article in the Arnprior Chronicle-Guide last fall. At that time, the author, M. Runtz, noted there were large numbers of Blue Jays in the Ottawa area (the birds, not the baseball players!). Runtz predicted that many jays would stay for the winter because of the huge crops of acorns last year. How true! Although we always have a good number of jays at our winter feeders, there seems to have been a population explosion this winter. If you were anywhere near oak trees late last summer, you may have noticed all the acorns falling from the trees – a favourite food of Blue Jays. I know that late last summer when working in the garden, I joked that I should have worn a hard hat as we were constantly bombarded by these little missiles. It seemed as though the squirrels were sitting and laughing in the oak trees, literally throwing handfuls of acorns at us with deadly accuracy. At the time I thought there’d be lots of food for many of the animals and birds (especially wild turkeys), but I forgot how much the jays love acorns as well. When acorns are plentiful, a single jay can stow away as many as 1000 of them. This remarkable trait has been suggested as being responsible for the rapid recolonization of the northeast by oak trees after the glacier period. Oaks spread north much faster than other hardwoods, likely because jays helped them on their way. It has been unusual to see so many jays as, most winters, a number of them fly south (usually young birds and probably less than 20%). Jays have a large range from southern Canada to Texas and Florida and are classified as being “partially migratory”, particularly in the northern parts of their range. Following are some interesting Blue Jay facts: Blue Jay feathers are not actually blue. The bright cobalt colour is the result of a unique inner structure of the feathers which distorts the reflection of light off the bird, making it look blue. The black bridle across the face, nape and throat varies extensively and may help Blue Jays to recognize one another. The oldest known wild, banded Blue Jay lived to be more than 17 years old.

by Lorraine Julien

Blue Jays have a wide variety of vocalizations and are very good at mimicking other birds, particularly the Redshouldered and Red-tailed Hawks and sometimes other species. They like to do this when approaching feeders – this may deceive other birds into scattering, thereby letting them take over the feeders. Most other birds return quickly to the feeders, not being fooled for very long. Adult Blue Jays are known for their unusual moulting behaviour. The birds undergo a complete change of plumage between June and July and are avid “anters” during this period. “Anting” is the process of using ants or other materials to preen or clean feathers. The angry ants release chemicals from their abdomen and these are suspected to keep mites and other feather parasites at bay. Blue Jays are smart birds: they’ve been known to watch as you plant seeds in the garden and after you leave, they dig them up! Tool use has never been reported for wild Blue Jays, but captive Blue Jays used strips of newspaper to rake in food pellets from outside their cages. Since Blue Jays are relatively slower flyers, they are easy prey for hawks and owls. I’ve always thought they were raiders of other nests but after the stomach contents of 530 dead jays had been examined, about ¼ of the contents were insects, with the balance made up of acorns, nuts, fruits and grains. Less than 1% had traces of bird remains or egg shells. Blue Jays communicate with one another both vocally and visually with “body language” using their crest. When incubating, feeding nestlings or associating with their mate, family or flock mates, the crest is held down. The lower the crest, the lower the bird’s aggression level. When a Blue Jay squawks, the crest is almost always held up. Unlike most other species of birds, males and females are almost identical – the female is a bit smaller. Although it’s wonderful to see these beautiful blue birds, especially during our long, drab winters, they can become a nuisance when you try to feed other birds. You could try to slow the invasion of Blue Jays to your feeders but you’d have to stop putting feed out for 3 or 4 days (then they’ll go to your

Legalese - Change A column of general information and opinion on legal topics by the lawyers of Rural Legal Services, Box 359, Sharbot Lake, ON, K0H2P0, 613-279-3252, or 1-888-777-8916. This column is not intended to provide legal advice. You should contact a lawyer to determine your legal rights and obligations.


hange is one of life’s few certainties. It applies equally to individuals and to organizations, although in the business context it is often described as “innovation” or “transformation”. Within the next few months, Rural Legal Services (RLS) will be undergoing a “transformative” change as we amalgamate with another rural community legal clinic, currently known as the Lanark Leeds & Grenville Legal Clinic (LANARK). As community legal clinics, both RLS and the LANARK receive funding from Legal Aid Ontario to provide a range of free legal services for our respective communities including: · legal information and summary legal advice to area residents regardless of income; · casework and representation before courts and tribunals in certain areas of the law for financially eligible residents, and · public legal education, law reform and community development. The amalgamated clinic, to be known simply as THE LEGAL CLINIC, will be responsible for the provision of clinic law services throughout northern Frontenac and northern Lennox & Addington counties, Lanark county and the united counties of Leeds & Grenville, an area comprising 9,938 square kilometers. Our amalgamation is supported by Legal Aid Ontario as part of its ongoing efforts to transform and modernize community legal clinics. In a recently released “Strategic Directions” paper on Clinic Law Services, Legal Aid On-

tario stated that: “A smaller number of larger clinics with greater capacity could result in more clients served, more strategic and effective use of resources, more innovation, and reduced administrative costs. Larger clinics could be better positioned to leverage technology and/or develop partnerships that actually expand client access to clinic law services.” Well, that’s the plan, at least. However, as someone once remarked: “The devil is in the details.” The nuts and bolts of the amalgamation are still being negotiated but here’s what we do know: The full-time office operated by RLS and located at Northern Frontenac Community Services in Sharbot Lake and staffed by lawyers Susan Irwin and Anne-Marie Langan will remain in business; The satellite office in Northbrook at Land o’ Lakes Community Services will still be staffed by a lawyer two Wednesdays per month. You can still reach us by calling 613-2793252 or toll free at 1-888-777-8916, and to continue to be a “community” legal clinic, members of our community will still be very much needed to act as directors for the new organization. Over the years clinic law services in this community have undergone a number of changes from our early beginnings in the 1970s as a Queen’s law student initiative to a program offered by Northern Frontenac Community Services to our evolution as an independent not-for-profit corporation known as Rural Legal Services. Our amalgamation with LANARK is yet another transformation. Details of further changes will be announced in up-coming Legalese columns. Stay tuned… by Susan Irwin, Lawyer/Executive Director


OPP reportS

neighbours’ feeders!). When you put the feed out again, there should be far fewer jays until word gets out again. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, these noisy birds are great communicators and, where food is concerned, word spreads quickly!

March 8, 2:20 a.m. Kaladar OPP officers responded to a report of an assault in Northbrook. After interviewing the female victim, police arrested Matt Tully, 28, of Northbrook for assault and failing to comply with a probation order. Tully was held in custody for a bail hearing.

TOWNSHIP OF SOUTH FRONTENAC SUMMER STUDENT POSITIONS The Township of South Frontenac is accepting applications for summer positions in the following departments: Public Works, Recreation, Administration and Building. For more details on these positions and for instructions on submitting applications see

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Full time / Permanent Planning Assistant: Working with multiple stakeholders you will provide administrative and technical assistance in processing, recording and monitoring the status of various development applications including applications to the Committee of Adjustment. See our website for a full job description and instructions for applying.

INTERIM TAX BILLS Please note that interim tax bills which included garbage bag tags were issued this week (March 3rd, 2014). Payment is due on March 31, 2014. For further inquiries, please contact 613-376-3027 x 2200.

SALE OF LAND BY PUBLIC TENDER Take notice that the Township will be having a sale of land by public tender on April 23, 2014. For further information regarding this sale and a copy of the prescribed form of tender, visit or if no internet access is available, tender packages can be purchased at the Municipal Office, at a cost of $10.00 + HST, located at 4432 George St., Sydenham beginning March 17, 2014.

INVITATION TO TENDER REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL PW-P02-2014 Supply and Installation of a Portable Truck Scale System at the Portland Waste Disposal Site. Sealed submissions must be received by 1:00 p.m., March 19, 2014, Attention: Wayne Orr, CAO 4432 George St, Sydenham, ON, K0H 2T0. Official forms detailing the general specifications and requirements may be downloaded from the BIDDINGO.COM website or picked up Monday to Friday between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm at the Public Works Department, 2490 Keeley Rd, Sydenham, ON, K0H 2T0.

REQUEST FOR QUOTATION REQUEST FOR QUOTATION PW-RFQ-1 for Contracted Equipment and Materials. Sealed submissions must be received by 1:00 p.m., April 2, 2014. Attention: Wayne Orr, CAO 4432 George St, Sydenham, ON, K0H 2T0. Official forms detailing the general specifications and requirements may be downloaded from the BIDDINGO.COM website or picked up Monday to Friday between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm at the Public Works Department, 2490 Keeley Rd, Sydenham, ON, K0H 2T0.

**NEW** COMMUNITY PROJECT GRANTS Council recently approved the Community Project Grant Program. Not for profit community organizations including charitable organizations and unincorporated groups who meet the project guidelines can apply until March 31st. For more information and to access the related forms, visit our website at:

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WINTER MAINTENANCE We have been experiencing above average snowfall this year. Snow banks are higher than we have seen in years. Please exercise caution when exiting driveways and approaching intersections. To assist our crews in their winter control efforts, the parking of vehicles on Township roads and village streets from 12:00 midnight to 7:00 a.m. is not permitted from December 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014. As well, pursuant to Section 181 of the Highway Traffic Act “No person shall deposit snow or ice on a roadway without permission in writing from the road authority responsible for the maintenance of the road”. Please be advised that the Township of South Frontenac will NOT be responsible for damages to mailboxes, newspaper boxes, recycle boxes or parked cars where said boxes or vehicles interfere with the winter maintenance on Township roads.

COUNCIL MEETING The next Council Meeting will be on March 18th, 2014 at 7:00 pm. The next Committee of the Whole Meeting will be on March 25th, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. 4432 George Street, Box 100, Sydenham ON K0H 2T0 1-800-559-5862




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The Mountain Grove Seed Company - homegrown business by Jeff Green 'Small-scale seed producer' is not listed as one of the top 10, or top 100 career choice options in the post-modern, post-manufacturing, post-agricultural economy, but don't tell that to Dawn Morden. A passion for vegetable gardening led Dawn to an interest in saving seed, and one thing led to another. Five years ago she founded the Mountain Grove Seed Company, and while sales were small at the start they have increased steadily ever since. Currently, she has three different garden plots on the go, all located within a short distance of the house her husband Rob recently built. The couple have two children, Sarah and Bayley. The current property is pretty well surrounded by woods, which makes growing difficult, but although some day Dawn would like to consolidate everything on one sun-lit property, there are some advantages to having garden plots separated by some distance. “Isolation distances are very important for plants to avoid cross-pollination. Before selling any seed, I need to be sure they will reproduce true to form,” she said. Some vegetables, such as corn, need to be located at least three kilometres away from any other variety, whereas

a separation of a few roads is sufficient for tomatoes. “I grow seed for at least two years before selling it, to make sure it reproduces true to form, and to make sure the taste is what I expect,” she said. The process involves a lot of gardening, a lot of care in selecting the best fruits from the most successful plants, and carefully drying the seeds out. Every vegetable and flower is different, so there is a lot of research and trial and error involved before seeds are added to the company's catalogue. The seeds are mostly heirloom varieties, and only organic gardening techniques are used in the garden. The Mordens keep bees and chickens for pollination and fertilization. Among the vegetables and flowers they have available are 28 varieties of tomatoes, 10 kinds of beans, and all the other common vegetables. The limited selection of flowers includes many of the flowers that would have been found in the gardens of the family farms that dotted the landscape around MacLean Road, Parham, and Mountain Grove 125 years ago: Hollyhocks and Cosmos, Sunflowers, Sweet William, Sweet Pea and others. A few of the varieties can be traced back to Dawn's great grandparents, Jean and Melvin Scott. Much of the marketing that the Mountain Grove Seed Company does at this time of the year, which is coming up on

March Speaker Series at Grace Centre


n March 10 over 20 guests attended a talk in Sydenham given by Thomas Martin TegTmeyer on “Ultimate Wellbeing”. The presentation was part of Southern Frontenac Community Services’ third Speaker Series. Organizer Lorraine Creighton said that she is pleased with the number of listeners the series is attracting. Creighton decided to host a speaker series at the SFCSC back in February 2013 as a way to en-

gage local residents on a number of health topics and issues that concern them. “I thought that a speaker series would be a great way to offer information to residents in the rural community here since often we can tend to miss out on information sessions that are more readily available in larger communities. My goal has been to bring people in from different sectors to provide information on a number of different topics,” Creighton said on March 10.



374-2566 OR 1-888-674-2566

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The information sessions, which take place every Monday in March and are free of charge, often will include two speakers on related topics. Creighton said that she aims to match up topics that relate to one other so that listeners can get a wealth of information in any one visit. The series is definitely growing in popularity. TegTmeyer is a practitioner of Touch for Health, an alternative health practice that originates from traditional Chinese medicine, specifically acupressure. His practice originates from a practical guide The book written on the subject by John Thie and Matthew Thie Hwy 38, Godfrey ON titled8109 “Touch For Health: A Practical Guide to Natural Dual Fuel Health with Acupressure Touch”. TegTmeyerModels gave Available an in-depth talk and demonstration on the technique, which aims to “facilitate the flow of energy and communication613between all of the 374-2566 cells, organs, and organ

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Growing To Serve You Better


high season for garden seed, is done through Seedy events in Eastern Ontario. They will be one of the seed vendors at the Seedy Saturday event, which will be held at the Oso Hall, 9 am to 1 pm in Sharbot Lake on March 22. The event, which includes a farmers' market, seed exchange and vendor booths, is free. The morning will also include a workshop by Cate Henderson from the Heirloom Seed Sanctuary, for which the fee is $10. To register please email Dawn Morden has been travelling to Almonte, Perth, and beyond to Seedy Saturday and Seedy Sunday events over the years. Aside from being good markets for her heirloom seeds, they are great opportunities to talk about local growing conditions, the upcoming season, and to share seeds. “I always put seed into the exchange and I like to see what other people bring,” she said. As far as battling for a share of the market with other small seed companies at the events, the relationship is more collegial than competitive. “We all love seeds and gardening, and the interesting thing is, we all seem to have different varieties for sale,” she said. To reach the Mountain Grove Seed Company call 8768383 or go to All seed packets sell for $2; corn & garlic $3.

Thomas Martin TegTmeyer systems in the body as well as between the conscious and unconscious mind.” He said the system includes using metaphors based on the five elements that are identified in traditional Chinese medicine as a way of “realizing a more holistic sense of what exactly is happening in one’s life.” TegTmeyer invited participants to explore many of the movements associated with the practice and he performed a demonstration on one volunteer from the group. The speaker series is for anyone, not just seniors, who


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is looking for information on a variety of health-related topics. Mary Gaynor-Briese, who heads up caregiver and bereavement support as well as palliative care at the SFCSC, will be speaking at the next installment of the series on Monday March 17. She will speak on the topic of caregiver support in a talk she has titled “Taking Care of You”. In it she will focus on how caregivers should take the time to care for themselves. “My thrust will be on how to keep a balance in our lives in order to stay contented and happy. I am

a firm believer that unless we take care of ourselves first, we will not be able to care for others.” Briese said her talk is not only geared to caregivers but to all who want to maintain balance in their lives.” Her talk will coincide with Evelyn Sideen’s talk on the practice of Reiki. On March 24 topics will include “Hypnosis for Relaxation” and on March 31 the staff from KFL&A Health Unit will present a talk on “Falls Prevention”. The talks take place from 1 –3pm at the Grace Centre, 4295 Stagecoach Road in Sydenham.

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