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March 7, 2013

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Relay For Life 2013 Kick Off by Julie Druker f the close to 60 guests who attended the official Kick Off for the North and Central Frontenac 2013 Relay For Life on March 2, none seemed more excited than Lesley Merrigan. Merrigan, who is chairing the event for her second consecutive year, was thrilled with the turn out. “This year is really exciting. We’ve hit bench marks that we’ve never hit before and are definitely coming out the gates this year flying “ she said at the event, which was held at the Parham I.O.O.F. hall. Local musicians Jim MacPherson, Pete MacPherson and Jordan Lowery entertained visitors, who danced and sang along to their tunes. By noon over 13 teams had already signed up to participate this year and by the end of the kickoff, 20 teams had signed up. “That is great because the earlier teams sign up the more money they can raise,” Merrigan said. “We have a team that has already raised over $1,500.” Merrigan and her team of organizers are way ahead of the game this year and all of the entertainment is already booked. The Relay for Life will take place on June 21 starting at 7pm at the Parham fairgrounds, and Merrigan offered up a few hints as to who might performing. “You might be seeing Shawn McCullough and Jim MacPherson


and his band but I have left the decisions solely up to the entertainment committee, which is brand new this year. They all are experienced musicians whose decisions I totally support.” Merrigan’s goal for this year is to have 30 teams participating and she is confident that if things keep going they way they are, they will reach and likely exceed that goal. Last year the North and Central Frontenac Relay raised over $60,000 and Merrigan said that they are hoping to up that total to $70,000. Asked what keeps her so enthusiastic about the event year after year, Merrigan said, “This community always amazes me. Every year I ask myself, ‘How can I expect this community to pull this off again?’ But every year everyone comes back to the plate ready to give, which is very motivating and very humbling and is what drives me. I have also seen what cancer does to families and individuals in the local community and I feel that this is the least that I can do.” She is hoping to see more survivors sign up as well. “Survivors drive this event and they are the reason that we do it. We do this to celebrate their battle and to show them that there is a community behind them, supporting them.” Those who missed the kick off can sign up a new team or join the community team by contacting Merrigan at 613-279-3144; 613-

North and Central Frontenac Relay for Life organizers and supporters at their Kick Off event in Parham on March 2 . 483-1839; Lesley’s team this year is called Claire’s Caped Cancer Crusaders in honour of her friend Claire Macfarlane, who chaired the event for a number of years.

For more information about the relay, to join a team, to sign up a new team or to make an on-line donation, go to and visit the North and Central Relay team there.

No new fire hall for Ompah - NF Council decides to renovate old hall N

orth Frontenac Council has decided to spend $180,000 to renovate the existing Ompah fire hall rather than committing $300,000 for a new hall on a lot they had purchased for that purpose. The decision was made in response to the final recommendations by the Ompah Fire Hall Task Force, which was chaired by Councilor Gerry Martin, and included Councilor John Inglis and five members of the public. The task force put two options before Council, although a slim 4-3 majority of task force members supported the option of a new fire hall Before discussing the fire hall options, Council looked at another fire service matter, the status of two older tanker trucks, and made a decision that made the renovation plan for the Ompah fire hall a viable option. After receiving a report from Fire Chief Steve Riddell, Council decided it was necessary to take two 1988 vintage tanker trucks out of service. An analysis by Dan Korocil from the Ontario Fire Marshal’s office had concluded that the trucks cannot be driven safely when the water tanks are half full or empty, and no attempts to compensate by installing new baffling on them will suffice. “I’ve driven old tankers and you get into a situation where you are driving an unsafe vehicle,” said Fire Chief Riddell.

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Council decided, by a 7-1 vote, to replace only one of the tankers, at an estimated cost of over $100,000. The newly purchased tanker will be housed at the Plevna fire hall, and a 1996 vintage tanker currently located at Plevna will go to the Snow Road hall, leaving the Ompah fire hall with a pumper truck but no tanker. “I feel a grave error has been made,” said John Inglis, “I don’t agree with the idea that North Frontenac does not need a tanker at the three locations to provide adequate fire suppression service. How can we say we offer fire suppression from Ompah without a tanker? I want to say on the record that I think Dan Korocil is wrong in his evaluation.” Among the two fire hall options, only a new hall, at 3,000 square feet, would be big enough for the number of vehicles currently in service in Ompah. By removing the tanker, however, the renovation option becomes viable, according to the task force report.

A motion to move forward with a new fire hall was narrowly defeated, with Mayor Clayton casting the decisive ‘no’ vote. Councilors John Inglis, Lonnie Watkins and Betty Hunter voted in favour of building a new hall, while Councilors Wayne Good and Gerry Martin as well as Deputy Mayor Fred Perry had voted against it. Although the vote was 4-3, only one member of Council, John Inglis, wholeheartedly supported the long delayed project. Before the vote, Betty Hunter said, “I promised at a public meeting last August that I would vote for a new hall but I believe that if a fire hall is built the community will lose the community hall and the library. But I said I would vote for a new fire hall and I will.” “I promised a new fire hall at one point as well,” said Mayor Bud Clayton in response, “but the facts change.” When it was his turn to vote, Lonnie Watkins did not respond at first, looking down at

by Jeff Green

the council table for a few moments before nodding and saying yes. In a subsequent vote to renovate the existing building, there were 5 votes in favour, with Councilors Inglis and Hunter voting against the proposal. The debate over the fire hall proposal was coloured by the recent services review the township has undergone. Councilors expressed a reluctance to commit to keeping two township buildings in Ompah, a new fire hall and the old fire hall building, which also houses a community hall and library. The services review singled out both the fire services and the township halls as high cost services in North Frontenac. The township has invested about $50,000 in purchase costs, environmental assessments and remediation for the lot where the ill-fated fire hall, and at one time also a Frontenac County ambulance base, were to be constructed.

Riding redistribution – new proposal follows County lines by Jeff Green ack in the fall of 2012, a proposal by the electoral commission of Canada called for significant changes to the federal and provincial ridings in Frontenac, Lanark, and Lennox and Addington County. In this region the commission focussed on an east-west axis even though the county lines run north-south. The commission proposed two new ridings, Belleville – Lennox and Addington – South Frontenac, and Lanark-Frontenac-Hastings. In hearings that took place in Ottawa, Kingston and Belleville, MP Scott Reid as well as representatives from Hastings, Frontenac and Lennox and Addington made


disparate proposals, but their presentations were similar in that they all urged the commission to re-think the two ridings by focussing on county boundaries. When the commission released its altered proposal last Wednesday, February 27, it was clear that they had taken those submissions to heart. They are now proposing a riding of Lanark-Frontenac, which includes all of Lanark County and the townships of North, Central, and South Frontenac, as well as the portion of the City of Kingston that lies north of Highway 401. They also proposed a riding of Hastings – Lennox and Addington, comprising all of L&A County and all of Hastings County,

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plus the portion of the City of Belleville that lies north of Highway 401. In explaining their thinking, the commissioners wrote the following: “The submissions at the hearings made it clear that the public generally gives community of interest significantly greater weight than an impersonal numerical quota. This was particularly true in Eastern Ontario, where the counties were founded as part of the creation of Upper Canada in the late 18th century. The message from the hearings in this part of the province was clear: keep communities of interest together as

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March 7, 2013

North Frontenac moves towards smaller council F

aced with long-term financial challenges, which were highlighted in a recent Services Review by the auditing firm KPMG, North Frontenac Council is looking inward first. At a meeting last Thursday, Feb. 28, Council took the first steps toward shrinking their own numbers from seven to five, which would bring annual savings of $30,000 in salary costs to the township. Although the cost savings represent only about 0.5% of the township’s spending, a five-member council would also put North Frontenac more in line with the norm for other townships of a similar size in Eastern Ontario. Council has until the end of 2013 to make changes that will take effect in the 2014 election year, so the discussion last week was preliminary, but one future scenario was supported by a number of councilors. It would see the current ward system remain intact but would cut ward representation to one councilor from the current two. The three wards that make up North Frontenac: Barrie, Clarendon and Miller, and Palmerston/Canonto, take their shape from the pre-existing townships of the same names that came together in 1998 to form North Frontenac. In addition to three ward-elected politicians, the mayor and deputy mayor would be elected at large in a townshipwide vote. Currently the mayor is the only one who faces a township-wide vote, and the deputy mayor is elected from among the ward politicians at the first meeting of Council in its four-year term. With the expansion of Frontenac County Council in 2010, a second North Frontenac representative was also chosen by Council to serve with the mayor on County Council. The new scenario would see the deputy mayor serve as the second County representative. A deputy mayor who is elected from the entire population of the township would be eligible to serve as Frontenac County warden, a position that cannot be held by a ward politician. In discussing the changes last week, the idea of a five-

Hydro employee dies in work accident O

n March 5, at approximately 12:05 pm, Sharbot Lake OPP were called to an address on White Lake Road regarding a workplace accident. A Hydro One employee was working with a crew replacing a regulator at the Hinchinbrooke Distribution Station. While the regulator was being moved into position, it fell onto the employee. The crew administered CPR and emergency personnel were contacted. The employee, 59 year-old Wayne Maschke of Douglas, Ontario died at the scene. The Ontario Ministry of Labour was contacted and attended the scene to continue the investigation with the Coroner’s Office

Riding redistribution - continued from page 1 much as possible, and respect county boundaries as much as possible, even if that might result in significant variances from the provincial quota. Accordingly, the Commission has decided to revise the boundaries in its Proposal for this area with a view to keeping counties as unified as possible, taking into account other historical communities of interest and respecting the population quota as much as possible within those constraints.” The average riding population across Canada is about 106,000. The proposed Lanark-Frontenac riding will have a population of 98,409, 7.35% below the norm, and the Hastings-Lennox and Addington riding will have a population of 99,306, 6.50% below the norm. Although the new proposals are supported by the rural politicians, they have not met with approval within the City of Kingston. In a report in the Whig Standard, Kingston and the Islands MP, Ted Hsu, said: “Historically, Kingston has been one riding. All the social circles, the economic circles, even environmentally with the drainage patterns. It all makes sense to have one municipality be inside one riding. The northern part of Kings­ton, really, its economic ties, the social ties, all the clubs and where people work, it’s much better connected to Kingston than it is to northern Frontenac County and Lanark County.” Kingston City Councilor Jeff Scott, whose Countryside ward is slated to be split by the proposed change, also expressed his opposition. He described the Lanark-Frontenac riding as “boomerang shaped”, with populations concentrated at each end. MPs will have an opportunity to comment on the proposed changes, and the independent three-member commission will submit their final, binding report later this summer.


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member council received almost unanimous support. Fred Perry, the current deputy mayor, expressed the only sceptical note, saying, “My only concern is about the workload for the five people, particularly with two of them having extra obligations to the County.” Mayor Clayton said that one of the ways to deal with this might be to minimize committee and task force work for councilors. North Frontenac Council is also unique in the region in that council members are assigned portfolios, such as health, youth, social services, communications, green energy, etc., but that system may be altered under a fivemember council. One of the underlying concerns surrounding the North Frontenac ward system is the disparity of population in the three wards (45% of the population lives in Barrie ward; 35% in Clarendon Miller and 20% in Palmerston Canonto). One proposal that would address that concern would be to eliminate the ward system entirely.

South Frontenac Township Council (March 5)

by Wilma Kenny Cemetery Contracts Awarded Council awarded the contracts for sales and administration ($10,200/yr) and grave excavation and maintenance ($22,100/yr estimated, based on a three-year average of demand,) to the firm of D.G. Young Concrete Burial Vaults. Only five of the nine township cemeteries have winter snow removal, and one of these is presently being serviced by the township. The Public Works Manager confirmed that the other four cemeteries could be included in the township’s snow routes without compromising services for public roads. Tenders for grass cutting had been awarded in late 2012. Cumpson Family Fundraising Event Council approved Arena Manager Jim Stinson’s request to allow the Cumpson family to hold a licensed fundraising event at the arena, to help cover medical and related expenses for Drew Cumpson. Cumpson was involved in an accident in 2011 that left him immobile. The fundraising event will be held at the Frontenac Community Arena on May 4, 2013. Growth Study Report Approved Council endorsed the growth study report submitted by MHBC Planning, which justifies continuing to allow limited residential development in rural areas. The report states that although the settlement areas can continue to be the focus of growth in the township, these areas do not have sufficient designated land to accommodate all projected future residential growth to 2036. Frontenac Corridor Public Works Manager Segsworth reported that the Public Works Managers of the four Frontenac Townships are collaborating on the management of the Provincial Highways (506, 509, 38, 95 & 96) which have been downloaded to the Townships. They have termed this network of arterial roads the Frontenac Corridor, recognizing the benefits of managing this corridor as a single asset, to ensure consistent standards and maximize funding opportunities. The first step is to conduct an assessment of the condition of the roads, and develop a long term capital plan for maintenance and upkeep. Council agreed that they, in partnership with the other townships, would ask the County of Frontenac to finance the proposal of D.M. Wills Associates to undertake a Frontenac Corridor Road Assessment, for $10,740. OGRA/ROMA Conference Councillor Vandewal and Mayor Davison gave verbal reports on the conference they attended last week: both commented on the strong rural emphasis. South Frontenac Family Day Winter Carnival Councillor McDougall spoke of the success of this event: over 500 attended. He thanked all the volunteers, making particular mention of event organizers Dan Bell and Pam Morey.

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“How do other councilors feel about everyone being elected at large?” asked Councilor John Inglis. “Everyone at large could lead to a stacked vote if people from one ward really work hard or spend a lot of money. I personally favour the ward system,” said Mayor Bud Clayton. “With the mayor and deputy mayor being elected at large, potentially three members of Council could come from one ward. That would be enough.” “I don’t know what I would like to see. I don’t think I’ve had enough opportunity to decide,” said Councilor Wayne Good. “I think this is premature.” CAO Cheryl Robson was directed to bring back a report on the options for a change in composition. If Council follows through and makes a tentative choice, the matter will go to a public meeting before coming back for a final decision. One way or another, it seems clear that North Frontenac Council will be smaller after the 2014 municipal election.

Addington Highlands Council (March 4)

by Jeff Green No money for fireworks:

The Denbigh Recreation Committee requested a $250 donation towards a Canada Day fireworks display. In a letter to Council on behalf of the committee, Alice Madigan said, “We are looking for a donation of $250 but any amount would be appreciated.” “Isn’t there federal money available for Canada Day celebrations?” asked Reeve Henry Hogg. “There is,” said Councilor Tony Fritsch, “but they missed the deadline for applications by one day.” None of the councilors could remember if they had supported fireworks in the past. “I remember that the Northbrook Lions asked for money a few years ago for a big display they were planning,” said Councilor Helen Yanch. “Did we give them any?” asked Deputy Reeve Bill Cox. “I can’t remember,” said Reeve Hogg. “I’ll make a motion that we grant $250 to the Denbigh Recreation Committee for fireworks” said Tony Fritsch. Councilors Fritsch and Snider voted for the motion. Councilor Yanch and Deputy Reeve Cox voted against it. Reeve Hogg did not raise his hand at all, indicating his no vote in announcing the result, “Motion is defeated”.

Tower in Northbrook – Council received communications from Bell Canada about a cell phone tower to be located south of Northbrook. The extensive documentation is more than the township has received in the past, prompting a comment from Reeve Hogg. “They don’t need our permission, so I’m not sure why they sent us all this, but it is appreciated. The mapping must be off, however, because it looks like they are putting it up in a swamp.” No news is good news – Councilor Fritsch brought some good news about the Addington Highlands Community Centre in Denbigh. “We had no problems this week,” he said, “and we don’t need anything from council. Holiday dump hours – The Kaladar Waste Site will be closed on March 29 for Good Friday and the Weslemkoon and Mackavoy Lake sites will be closed on Easter Sunday. Vendors’ list and Procurement Card – Council approved the creation of a pre-approved vendors list to save time finding contractors for small jobs. They also approved setting up a contract for a procurement credit card to save time and costs making purchases for the township.

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march 7, 2013



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Re: "MNR Meets with Crotch Park Neighbours" (Feb. 28, 2013)


served on the Committee of External Advisors and the preceding Citizens Committee for 21 years. We were always cautioned by negotiators that anything they shared with us was confidential and we were promised that our concerns and recommendations would be considered. There is nothing in the AIP that reflects any of our input. It was all done in complete secret! For years we have urged governments to start a serious and open public consultation process. We felt it imperative there be genuine public debate and input opportunities BEFORE the AIP was written!! I can assure you negotiators and governments were never listening. I am reminded of the lyrics by Don McLean: "They would not listen; they're not listening still, Perhaps they never will." I certainly hope it is not true that they "never will". That would be a disaster for all of us in the land claim area. It will also be disastrous for all Ontarians and Canadians, including Algonquins, when this AIP and carved-in-stone Final Treaty is used as a template for future treaties across the country. Also instead of a parcel of land for each community, which would be disruptive enough, we are faced with the transfer of over 200 parcels of land from 2 to 30,000 acres each. This disrupts the lives of thousands of people AND what will surveys, legal descriptions and land transfers cost? ($20,000,000 has already been spent on this process and the product is a mess!) Most of the parcels chosen creates access concerns for many, such as access to private property, hunt camps, cottages or whole large areas of Crown Land and lakes where they traditionally recreate, fish and hunt. This approach to lands to be transferred invites a deluge of access problems and possible conflict. As we have seen, ac-

Letters to the editor Granite Ridge naming Lake debate SINCE 1970

cess issues have not been handled well by Ontario and Canadian authorities. In addition, I think we need to be clear about the role of the management plan of any provincial park. The management plan dictates how a park will be developed, rules of access to the park and which activities will be permitted. The formation of an Algonquin Management Planning Committee for Crotch Lake and all the other parks in the Land claim area is in the AIP. The government handout from the Landowners Meeting on the new Crotch Lake Park clearly states that changes and restrictions " may be made though management planning" for boating, camping, snowmobiling, ATVing, hunting, and more. Also the AIP states that "additional terms of reference" may be developed for the Algonquin Planning Committee. From the time it is suggested that private property is located near or surrounded by Algonquin owned or controlled land such as the recommended Crotch Lake Park, that property has diminished fair market value and decreased saleability with a limited target market. These property owners deserve guaranteed compensation for their properties' diminished value. An appeal process will be necessary to ensure fairness to all. And almost half - over 53,000 acres - of the land to be transferred "would be exempt from property taxes as long as they remain unimproved". Structures used for fishing and hunting "such as cabins" would not be "improvements". Municipal governments, assured of increased economic benefit to their areas in secret meetings with negotiators, are seeing a continuing decline in tourism and economic investment and reduced property values instead. Shirley Giffin

Re. Algonquin land claim - what’s at stake?


recently attended one of a series of meetings held throughout Eastern Ontario chaired by the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH), and including the Canadian Sportfishing Industry Association and the Federation of Ontario Cottagersʼ Associations. The meetings offered an opportunity to find out WHATʼS AT STAKE? in the Algonquin Land Claim. The ad stated that, “The government wants you to believe that you wonʼt lose public access to land, water, fish or wildlife.” OFAH's ostensible dissatisfaction is with the provincial government and its lack of public consultation in the land claim process. Much of the content of the OFAH slide presentation was based on a few partially supported facts distorted to alarming conclusions. It prompted many questions and much doubt and encouraged contact with elected officials. During the public comment period, focus on the issues of consultation was lost and not regained. More dismaying, however, than the sloppy facilitating of the meeting, was the subtext of the OFAH presentation. Participants were invited to believe that "Non-Algonquins will lose…", that the natural resources of Ontario will be mismanaged and potentially

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destroyed by Algonquins and that the people present were the true protectors of and, more entitled to Ontario Crown land and nature. With change comes anxiety. These meetings were a lost opportunity. The management of OFAH did nothing to bring understanding and ease to the public in eastern Ontario. I can only ask why the executive of this service organization would do such a disservice to us all? For accurate information visit Or, attend the upcoming tripartite meetings where it is hoped that people will attend with an open mind and engage in meaningful dialogue regarding the "preliminary draft". Lynn Clouthier, Algonquins of Ontario, Algonquin Negotiations Representative

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he announcement by the Limestone Board of Education of the name for the new K-12 school now being built in Sharbot Lake on the site of the old high school seems to have aroused some controversy. First there was a protest group at the high school, which was reported on CKWS TV, and this was followed by reports in this paper on February 21 and February 28. There is no doubt as to where the protest group and the editor of the Frontenac News stand on this issue. May I present another side to the issue and suggest that the school board chose this name for a good reason. In 1965, when the Hinchinbrooke Township School Board decided to build a new central school replacing the one and tworoom schools in their township, there was certainly controversy as to where it should go. The decision to build in Parham was not popular with all residents, but naming it Hinchinbrooke Public School seemed to soothe some bruised feelings and certainly let the students know that they all came to the new school on an equal footing. The same situation took place when Land o'Lakes Public School, Clarendon Public School and North Addington Education Centre were built. By not including the names of the villages where the schools were built in the schools' names, residents and students alike felt more ownership of their new accommodations. I am confident the Limestone Board had this in mind when they chose the new name and I would urge them to stick by their decision. I do have one question regarding Mayor Gutowski's appearance on TV. Was she speaking as mayor of Central Frontenac or as a private citizen? It would be interesting to know. Eric R. Wagar

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Letter to Scott Reid


egarding your recent mailing: "First Nations Chiefs should reveal spending". The first thing I felt when I read your mail was that my intelligence was being insulted. After all, thieving, cheating, betrayal, and sexual abuse was taught to them in white schools. So I would suggest you clean your own house before trying to force someone else to clean theirs. Requiring chiefs to reveal their salaries. To the general public NO. To their band members. YES. Disclose their finances on line to the general public NO. To their band members. YES. First Nations governments should be only accountable to their own people. Not to a government that has been trying to make them white or kill them for hundreds of years. First Nations had a better and more just government before the white man. No I do not advocate bringing down the Canadian government. It's the best thing available at this time. Even though most voters are utterly ignorant of what is going on thanks to our oh so great schools that turn out so many happy, uneducated and ignorant students every year. I still can't get over the utter stupidity of the Canadian government regarding First Nations. 1. Putting Native reserves on flood planes so the government, in its beneficence, can move them and disrupt their lives even more every spring. 2. Putting sewer processing outlets upstream of their so called fresh water intakes. Therefore making them drink the water that contains their own excrement and urine which has so much chlorine in it that children and adults alike are damaged. It is obvious that you are pandering to the First Nations Haters' Votes. Your mailings will go to the trash until you educate yourself. David Bate

Letters - continued on page 11

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There will be a Benefit Dance for Lisa Oliver (née Scott) on Sat. March 23, from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. at the Northbrook Lions Hall. Tickets are $10 pp and there will also be a silent auction, 50/50 draw, door prize. For advance tickets, in the Mountain Grove area call Becci Barker 613-375-7326, and in the Northbrook area call Jeff Scott, 613-336-3443. Tickets are also available at the door.

DENBIGH Angela Bright


· Music-in-the-hall will be cancelled for March 10, but will be back on Sunday, April 14. · This weekend it's time to change your clocks! Set them ahead one hour on Saturday night. It is also a good time to test the batteries in your smoke detectors.


Debbie Lingen


613-335-4531 email:

· Happy Birthday to Melody Cooke, Jennifer Smith, Neal Ryan, Vance Badour, Charlotte Brown, Marg Deyo, Ashley St. Pierre, Josh St. Pierre, Shyanne Daye, Ian McCullough, Donnie Delyea, David Kelly, Kristen Clarke. · Happy Anniversary to Carol and John Wisteard · Congratulations to Arlene Uens on her many years of service to her workplace and best of luck in her new endeavors · Many people attended the delicious ham supper on March 2, sponsored by the Wesleyan Church. Gordon Struthers provided gospel entertainment along with Merle Hamilton and Vernon Scott. · Mountain Grove Land O' Lakes seniors will hold their meeting on March 13 beginning with a potluck at noon. Come and enjoy an afternoon of fun · Fairmont Home Auxiliary will hold their meeting on March 5 at 1pm. This group meets once a month to discuss ways of helping the residents there · Euchre has begun at Parham IOOF hall at 7pm. An evening of cards and fun We are glad that Sandy and Christine Scott are back from a well-deserved trip to Mexico.

HARROWSMITH 613-374-2091

· It is that time of the year again when volunteers meet to discuss plans for the 2013 Verona Cattail Festival. The first meeting is scheduled for Tues. March 19, 6 to 9 pm at the Verona Lions Hall. It will start with a “Pot Luck” at 6 pm. Bring your favourite dish (main meal, salad or dessert). The VCA AGM meeting will follow the potluck. The Cattail Festival meeting will follow the AGM meeting. The festival agenda: suggestions for the coming season. This evening is open to anyone

279-2901 1-800-565-7865

C apsule C omments

with Jocelyn

interested in volunteering. What better way to get involved in the Verona community? Enjoy an evening with friends and neighbours and take part in planning a great festival. For more information call Wayne Conway 613-374-3807. · K’s Klubhouse is holding an “Over the Rainbow” camp for children 6 & up, March 11-15 at Bellrock Hall. Lots of crafts, games, costumes, $10 a day, 483-2326; · Whodunit? Verona Lions presents Partners in Crime Murder Mystery Dinner, Sat. March 23, 6pm. Verona Lions Club, $35 per person (includes hot and cold hors d’oeuvres, chicken dinner and entertainment). Advance tickets only at Verona Hardware Store and Asselstine Hardware Store. For more information contact Darlene at 613-374-3529. · Don’t forget to set your clocks one hour ahead when you go to sleep this Saturday night. You will lose an hour of sleep but take heart, spring is almost here.

Whalen, B.Sc. (Pharm), CGP

• Besides not asking for directions while traveling, men seem more hesitant to visit their doctors unless they have a serious problem. They are also less willing to ask for more information about their medications. This is a good time for men to get to know their pharmacists better and use them as a reliable information source. • Women who smoke through their adult lives have triple the risk of dying compared to women of the same age who have never smoked. The good news is that those women who quit before the age of 40 can reduce this risk by 90%. Stopping before the age of 30 is even better. What’s better still is not to start smoking. • Thyroid pills are taken daily by many Canadians to supplement what their own thyroid gland isn’t providing. Absorption is best on an empty stomach and people usually take it in the morning. Whatever time you choose, be consistent and take it at the same time each day. Also, separate your thyroid pill by at least 4 hours from calcium, iron and magnesium supplements. • National Poison Prevention Week in Canada is March 17 to 23. It’s a good time to check your home to see how you store dangerous chemicals and cleaning solutions. Look at your medication storage too. Ensure that all these products are kept out of reach of children. • Whether you are wondering about a new drug that is coming on the market or an old one that’s been around a while, you can depend on our pharmacists for good information.

Kim Gow


· Enjoy an evening of Bluegrass music with Larry Gillis and Swampgrass with opening act Bill White and White Pine, March 19 at the Christian Fellowship Church starting at 7pm. Tickets are $20 in advance/$25 at the door. For information call Ken Roloson 372-2625 or June White 372-2400. · There will be a ham dinner at the Golden Links Hall March 17 from 4:30-6:30pm. Cost is $13. For info call 372-2315. · The Harrowsmith Social and Athletic Club's Chinese Auction will be held on March 23. Dinner at 6pm/Auction at 7pm. Advance tickets only: $12 members/$14 non-members. For tickets call Kim 372-0018 or email · There will be a Turkey Bingo at the Golden Links Hall on March 19; Early Bird 7:15pm, books from $7-15. Barb 372-2315. · Words to live by: the only person you should try and be better than is the person you were yesterday.

march 7, 2013

HENDERSON Jean Brown 613-336-2516 Georgina Wathen 613-336-9641 · Two area families are grieving the loss of loved ones- the family of the late Noreen (Scott) Baese and the family of the late Allen Arney, both of whom hailed from Arden. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the grieving. · Some folks are preparing to tap the maple trees- so spring is on the way. - Jean

MISSISSIPPI Pearl Killingbeck


· Tomorrow, Friday, March 8, drop in for morning coffee/tea at the Snow Road Community Centre from 10 am –12 noon. Everyone welcome. · Also, Wed. March 13 there will be a Community Potluck supper at 5:30 pm at the Snow Road Community Centre. Contact Sheila @ 278-1007. · Sugar making is on the go in our area. · Beth Webster wants to thank everyone who turned out for Carrie’s birthday. · Tip of the hat this week to Dale Cooper, who has been cleaning everyone’s driveways all winter after our heavy snowstorms. He has done a fantastic job. · Sympathy to the Allan family on the death of their niece. · Happy birthday to: Lisa Lemke, Sharon Killingbeck, Joyce Gibson, Heather Kirkland, Elaine Deslisle, Bud Frechette, Dana & Landon Gilchrist. · It was a great church service on March 3 at Elphin. Rev. Thelma Paul did a great job and so did all the people who participated. · Rick and Barb will not be serving food at the snowmobile club this weekend; they will be back again on March 17, 9 -1, but they are only going to be serving meals at the snowmobile club on weekends if the trails are open. · Success is the product of a back bone, not a wish bone.

ARDEN Joan Moore Wanda Harrison

613-335-2015 613-335-3186

· The Eggs As You Like them breakfast will be held at the Kennebec Community Centre on March 16, 8 to 11am. Eggs, sausage, bacon, toast & beverages are available. Join into the fray of the Silent Auction. A free will donation to the Arden United Church is your ticket to an excellent breakfast. · On March 1 a Celebration of Life was held at the Legion for Noreen Baese. Vernon Scott delivered a wonderful service and a friend of the family, Linus Woodcock, sang a few powerfully meaningful songs. Noreen’s husband, John, asked each person to contribute a marble to Noreen’s jar. Before Noreen’s brain surgery she asked the surgeon if she would lose her “marbles”. He assured he that she would not, but she decided that she would start a collection, just in case. The fire department and many friends attended to give support to the Scott family. Noreen will be missed by everyone.

Jennifer Clow


Walk Ins Welcome as time permits. Professionals to serve you.For an appointment, please call Sue, or Janet 1045 Village Woods Dr.

For Our Aging

9504 Road 38 Godfrey, ON K0H 1T0 T: 613-374-2023

Sharbot Lake

North & Central Frontenac Recreation Guide

HIV/AIDS Regional Services (HARS)

If you, or your organization, offer recreational activities or events in Addington Highlands, North or Central Frontenac Townships,

Education. Training. Pamphlets. Videos.

you are eligible for a free listing in the North & Central Frontenac Recreation Guide to be published in April 2013 Some examples: exercise or yoga classes, line dancing, drop-ins, euchres, dances, jamborees, music festivals, clubs, etc. * Note: if your activity has been listed in previous years, and you have not already contacted us this year, please contact us to confirm that your listing is still active. Email your listing to or call for advertising details

Hurry & get your information in Deadline: March 15, 2013

Free confidential counseling about HIV/AIDS, sexual orientation, injection drug issues. Contact John MacTavish

HARS @ N.F.C.S. (613-279-3151) HARS in Kingston (613-545-3698, 1-800-565-2209)

Sharbot Lake Veterinary Services 613-279-2780 Tuesday & Thursday 2 - 4 p.m. Emergencies: 613-376-3618

Sydenham Veterinary Services A.A.H.A Accredited Hospital

march 7, 2013


· It was great seeing Reg Peterson out and about this weekend. Although he is still a bit tired he is attending some events and on his way to recovery. You look great, Reg! · Reverend Barbara Mahood would like to remind everyone that there will be NO Saturday Sunday School in March. · Great dinner Saturday evening by the Arden & Wesleyan Church! Ham, scalloped potatoes and many veggies plus homemade pie. Make sure you attend their next dinner. Not only is the meal great, there is always great music and the fellowship cannot be beat. · Twenty-five of us had the opportunity last Saturday to update our CPR qualifications and learn about defibrillators and the Heimlich maneuver. These skills are always changing as the medical profession increases their knowledge of the heart and its workings. The knowledge we acquired will be very helpful when Central Frontenac installs defibrillators in some of the community centers later on this year.



· Start preparing now. The List of Classes for the 131st Annual Maberly Fair, which will be held Aug. 24, can be found at the Maberly Agricultural Society’s website The theme for 2013 is Garlic. · A community “potluck” dinner and music jam will be held Sat. March 23 at the ABC Hall in Bolingbroke. Everyone is welcome. Dinner is served at 5 p.m. with open mic music from 7-10 p.m. Admission: $5 per person ($10 per family) plus a potluck dish per family. Info: Glenn Russell 273-2571. · Get well soon wishes are in order for Christopher. The poor guy ate something he should not have and had to spend a few days at the hospital - the veterinary hospital that is. Christopher is a cat and he is recovering in Maberly Pines.

PARHAM-TICHBORNE Colleen Steele Christine Teal

613-375-6219 613-375-6525

· A reminder that CFMSA Ball Registration for the upcoming season is on Saturday March 23 from 11 am to 3 pm at St. James Major Catholic Hall in Sharbot Lake. As well, CFMSA along with CANpitch through Softball Ontario is hosting a Pitching Clinic starting April 6 at Hinchinbrooke Public School for 6 weeks (1 hour/week) for a cost of $90.40 - for more information call Randy Kempe at 613-279-1233 or email to register by March 12th. · Thank you to the snowplowers who worked diligently to clear the roadways with the latest storm. · Celebrations were the order of the day as family and friends gathered at the IOOF Hall on Feb 24 to celebrate Abby Young's Birthday - here's to many more! · Happy birthday to Roy Benn, who turns 90 years young on March 8. Happy Birthday to Gord Bertrim, Melody Cooke, Chris Teal, Cheryl Hole, Collin Hamilton, Tina Howes, Keith Steele, Marcie Asselstine, Rick Goodfellow and Melvin LaPointe. Happy Anniversary to Mark & Shelley Hamilton. · Did you manage to get your chocolate bunny rabbit as the Lions Club was doing their annual sale this weekend? · Sympathy to the Coliss family on their loss. · Welcome home to Rachel Neadow who was in Honduras - I hope to have a story soon!! · On Good Friday March 29, "Passion Walk" meeting at the Sharbot Lake Anglican Church at 8:30am singing, reading scriptures, and prayer while walking around the block (approximately 1 hour) All faiths welcome. · Sunday March 31 there will be a Sunrise service at 6:30 am behind the Simonette Building. Breakfast at Maples Restaurant (at your own expense). In case of inclement weather this will be held at the Sharbot Lake Pentecostal Church. · North & Central Frontenac's Relay for Life Kick off was a huge success on Saturday, and 20 teams are now registered. Thanks to Jim MacPherson, Pete MacPherson and Jordan Lowery for displaying your amazing talent and to Ri-


Waste Site Hours of Operation Starting March 10th, 2013 there will no longer be winter and summer Hours at the Waste Sites. The New operating hours are as follows:




8am-12pm 8am-12pm 1pm-5pm 1pm-5pm




Wednesday 8am-12pm CLOSED 1pm-5pm


8am-12pm CLOSED


8am-12pm CLOSED 1pm-5pm





8am-12pm 8am-12pm 1pm-5pm 1pm-5pm


8am-12pm 1pm-5pm 1pm-5pm

8am-12pm 1pm-5pm



New addition underway at Sydenham High School

by Julie Druker


onstruction has begun on a new addition to Sydenham High School, a project that has been in the works for a number of years. The 14,000 square foot addition, which was designed by H.M. Sardinha Architect Inc. and is being built by David J. Cupido Construction Ltd., will be located on the west side of the building. It will include four brand-new components: a new gym facility; a hospitality area that will include an industrial kitchen, serving area and an attached classroom; a new drama room equipped with a mini stage and auditorium seating; and a new computer lab. The addition required the purchase of some older homes on the site, which have since been torn down. This winter the land was excavated and presently the new footings have been put in place. Years ago the need for more space was recognized due to overcrowding in the school’s athletics programming and physical health and education classes. There was also a need for updated classrooms in order to keep the student curriculum current. Principal Jessica Silver further explained that need when I interviewed her by phone earlier this week. She said, “Sydenham High School has a strong focus on healthy and active living. These new facilities will benefit both students and staff by allowing expanded programming in these areas. The addition will also bring with it exciting new opportunities for both students and staff by making possible expanded programming for students in all grades in advanced hospitality, and in the health and wellness specialist high skills major programs. We here at Sydenham are a very technology-based school and really excel in those areas, so the new addition ley Merrigan for adding your voice to the mix for a song! Great job! Thanks to the committee for all that you do for our community and thanks to registered participants, team captains, community members and family and friends for coming out to enjoy the day. This year the Ultimate Relay team will be the team to raise and turn in the most money by June 1 - so show me the money! Don't worry if you missed out on all the can still get involved!! · Thinking of you to Mary Cronk, Melvin LaPointe and Zelda Hannah

Emergency First Aid/CPR Thursday April 4, 2013 - 8:30am – 4:30pm $75.00 +HST - Lunch will be provided Meets Ontario Ministry of Health & WSIB Standards

For more information and to register contact: (613) 336-9067 x 630 or 1.866.859.9222 x 630 Email: 12497A Hwy 41, Unit #5, Northbrook


will allow us to build on the already strong programming that we are currently offering here at the school.” Silver added that the new facilities will also benefit the community at large. “We have a very strong community backing us and these new facilities will allow us to be able to bring the community into the school. For example, we will be able to share the new drama space with various community members and community partners as well as with the students and staff at the Loughborough Public School.” Asked about any negatives that could go along with expanding the school’s foot print, Silver said she foresaw none. “Students and staff are very excited about the new addition and see it as something brand new to build on. I suppose the only negative is that these things take time.” Silver said that construction of the new facility should be completed sometime in the 2013/14 school year.

Enhance your quality of life with our services: t Complete Hearing Assessments t Hearing Aid Evaluations t Fitting and Service of the latest Hearing Aids t Custom Earmolds (noise protection, swimmers, musicians) t Assistive Listening Devices t Hearing Aid Cleaning and Minor Repairs t Assistance with Manufacturers’ Warranties t Loaner Hearing Aids

319 Victoria Street North, Tweed Northbrook Clinic, Lions Hall, Hwy #41 613 478-0022 Toll Free: 1 855 478-0022

Unreserved Tender!

Estate Sale - 16 Westport Rd., Godfrey Open House: Wed. March 13 & 20, 10am - 11am Tender’s Due: By Thurs. March 21, 10:00 am

PURE STRIDE Power Skating APRIL 01 - MAY 12, 2013 10 sessions per age group Tyke - Novice: ages 7 - 8, 6 - 7 PM Atom: ages 9 - 10 Yrs. 7 - 8PM Peewee: 10 -12 Yrs. 8 - 9 PM

ICE TIMES Mon. Apr. 01 & Wed Apr. 03: 6PM to 9PM Mon. Apr. 08 & Wed Apr. 10: 6PM to 9PM Mon. Apr. 15 & Wed Apr. 17: 6PM to 9PM Mon. Apr. 22 & Wed Apr. 24: 6PM to 9PM Mon. Apr. 29 & Wed May 01: 6PM to 9PM >>> Smiths Falls Arena >>> REGISTRATION POST DATED ( March 15, 2013) $275.00 cheque / money order Contact

Pure Stride Power Skating School Lombardy, ON K0G 1L0, 613-283-9950

Estate Sale by Unreserved Tender - Highest Tender Wins, Regardless of Price! A 1.35 acre property with a stream running through it improved with a CIRCA 1883 four bedroom 2,200 +/- sq. ft. home with an attached store, barn and detached garage. The buildings are in disrepair and will require substantial renovations. Located at the corner of Hwy 38 and Westport Road, 25 minutes N of Kingston. Zoned General commercial providing the broadest spectrum of permitted commercial and residential uses.

Property Details & Tender Information Available at

Brokers Protected - Subject to Prior Sale - 10% Buyer’s Premium



Master metal artist sets up shop in Godfrey

Duerst with two pieces from his Public Totem Series


tefan Duerst is living the dream. The artist, who hails from Munich, Germany, moved to the Godfrey area in the winter of 2011 and a relatively new sign on Road 38 at Godfrey is fast spreading the word that there is a talented new metal sculptor in town. Duerst studied his art in Munich both in art school, as an apprentice and as a master tradesman and he set up a shop there before moving to Canada in 2002. He settled first in Kingston in 2003 and established Duerst Custom Metal Work, which he operated for eight years. In 2011 he closed the Kingston shop shortly after moving with his family to a century farm near Godfrey, where he built himself a brand new shop on the property. Judging by the shop alone it is easy to tell that Duerst is a skilled master. The 1800 square foot quonset building has a sliding garage door that enables him to easily move his large sculptures. It houses multiple pieces of machinery - one weighing over a tonne; four gas-fired forges; one large coal-fired forge; plus numerous presses, anvils, drills, and power hammers. Most impressive though is the large, free-standing rack on which hang

march 7, 2013 by Julie Druker

close to 100 medieval-looking, hand-made formed into separate organic ribbons, which hammers and tongs, tools that he says are were then welded together to make a single “invaluable� and which he inherited when the wave-like band reminiscent of flowing water. master blacksmith he apprenticed under in The piece is designed to hang vertically on Munich retired. the wall. Judging from the numerous pieces in his Other smaller free-standing sculptures shop it looks as though business is booming are designed to sit on table tops or plinths. for Stefan. His work consists mainly of fine art One of these, also from the Bubbling Spring metal sculptures, though as an apprentice he Series, was made from four separate pieces also made functional metal pieces - fences, of round bar that were forged and then free railings, furniture and lighting fixtures. formed into a single flowing piece that looks “Looking back,� he said, “I have really come musical in its fluidity - not a quality that you full circle and have moved back to sculpture would naturally associate with large, thick and fine art, which is what originally attracted pieces of metal. Asked about the process, me to the material in the first place. Art is re- Duerst said that he chooses not to work from ally where my heart is and it is through art sketches but rather likes to work intuitively that I feel that I can best express my thoughts with the material. and feelings.� Duerst creates the Duerst's art comes in majority of his fine art many shapes and forms. pieces on spec and Public Totem #3 stands sells much of his work 10 feet high and was at his home, which not made from forged steel. It only boasts an outdoor was constructed from 16 sculpture garden but pieces of 5/8 inch straight also a indoor gallery in square bar of varying a former barn behind lengths, which he forged, the shop. His work is then manipulated and also available at LA PAI bent. Each rod stands vergallery in Ottawa and tically and originates from the Wellington Street one single circular metal Art Gallery in Toronto. base. The sculpture is Duerst invites custom finished with a wire brush work as well and curto give added texture and rently is working on a Duerst will next oil it to custom public art piece highlight the shimmering for Bridgepoint Health colored effects. Centre, a brand new faDuerst likes to work “in cility in Toronto. series�, as witnessed by a For those wanting to number of similar pieces experience blacksmithfrom his Bubbling Spring ing for themselves, DuSeries, which was inspired erst is offering classes by Jin Shin Do, of which for both beginner and Duerst is a student. Jin experienced metal Shin Do is an ancient Chi- Bubbling Spring #6; 8�x 20�x 48�; workers at his shop, nese acupressure system forged angle iron and c-channel; sur- which can easily acbased on the five Chinese face oiled; photo courtesy Stefan Duerst commodate four stuelements. One piece from dents at four individual the series is comprised of 1.5 inch pieces work stations. The next two-day course is of angle iron that were forged and then free March 16/17 and spaces are still available.

International Women’s Week

Students will learn how to twist, bend, pierce steel, how to forge a leaf, and will be invited to make their own self-directed project. Stefan is planning an Open House in the early spring. For those who cannot wait - you can make an appointment to meet the artist and view his work by calling 613-329-8096; or visit his studio by chance at 79 Buck Bay Road. For more information visit Stefan's website, Verb Gallery in Kingston is hosting a solo show of Duerst's work that will run until March 9.

The Great Plevna Weight Loss Lottery by Rhonda Watkins


n the photo, Rodney Watkins is the $460 Plevna Weight Loss Lottery winner. He lost 28 lbs and had the highest percentage of weight loss, 10.3% Congratulations Rodney!! We started our lottery on Jan 5 and ran it for two months. We had 23 people and each person paid a $20 entry fee. That gave us a $460 prize! We are going to start a second lottery with a weigh in next week, Tues March 12 at the Plevna Hall at 6pm. People just need to bring a $20 entry fee and we will run it for 8 weeks, until Tues. May 14, when we will weigh in again and see who the winner is! We're hoping for a prize of $500 this time. That is only 25 people!! People are already signing up now. Info: 613 479-2447

NOW OPEN! For every 1 hour session booked for the month of March $5 will be donated to March of Dimes Canada

March 3-9, 2013.

Open Monday- Friday 9am – 4pm Located on Hwy 506 at Lancaster’s Resort

The Frontenac News is once again proud to present profiles of some of the Business Women in our community. We hope that our readers enjoy these brief glimpses into the lives and careers of our Business Women.

Please call or email and book an appointment today! 613-336-3131


For Our Aging Five years ago, Country View opened because we wanted to offer seniors a better choice. I had lived in the community all my life and started working with seniors when I was 15, following my mother’s lead. After working in both large and small seniors homes, we learned that offering a gentle care policy was the only correct way to look after our aging. This included home cooked meals and baking, showers when it’s good for our clients, back rubs and meals served in bed when required.

We have had many amazing seniors come into our family like home, and choose to stay with us through their final hours. What a wonderful honour. On top of providing retirement care Country View also offers advanced palliative care which we have been told is second to none. At Country View Care we treat our seniors with love and respect. Jennifer Clow, Owner/Administrator 9504 Road 38 Godfrey, ON K0H 1T0 613-374-2023

DiCola Petroleum, situated in Perth, has been providing Bulk Petroleum Products for three generations. Our friendly, informative office staff are dedicated to providing customers with prompt service delivered with a smile. We live and work in our community; therefore, we understand the needs of our customers. For the past six years we have successfully included Bulk Water distribution supplying pools, hot tubs, cisterns, construction and commercial sites. Office manager Kathy Gibson along with Angela Derbyshire (DiCola) Sharon MacDonald, Nora Umpherson, Pamela Jones and Rebecca DiCola look forward to welcoming you to our office at 87 South St. in Perth. We are open Monday thru Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Bulk Petroleum Products & Water Haulage Furnace Oil • Lubricants • Gasoline • Diesel

Kathy Gibson, Office manager

87 South St. Perth ON (613) 267-1604


Visit us at our website!

march 7, 2013



Chiropractic Clinic

Creating a Healthier, Happier World – Starting with You! 130 Sproule Rd., RR#7 Perth, ON K7H 3C9 613-264-2402

Searching for a Smarter Way to Manage Your Health? Our mission at Johnson Chiropractic Clinic is to restore, maintain and optimize the natural ability of the body to be healthy. We offer unique Cold Laser Therapy that can reduce the effects of allergies, pain and inflammation, warts, motion sickness, withdrawal symptoms from stopping smoking, and more! Low Level Laser Therapy stimulates the body’s cells to begin balancing the immune system through painless light laser pulses. The treatment programs increase core energy levels, promote healthy and natural detoxification and bring the body back into balance. Patient Testimonials: “...I developed...Shingles ...had two laser treatments... By the end of the week the pain was gone and there is no lasting effects of the Shingles.” Anita “…I had extreme motion sickness, limiting my ability to travel by boat, airplane and car and allergic reactions to many different nuts causing health concerns…I started receiving Laser Therapy from Johnson Chiropractic Clinic and began seeing positive results immediately. I went to New Zealand and had no motion sickness! I can now eat walnuts and macadamia nuts with absolutely no reaction! L.B.


KRIS’ HAIRPORT A Country cut above

  Located just 5 minutes north of the village of Verona, in a relaxing rural setting, Kris Caird owns and operates a family-oriented hair salon, specializing in haircuts, perms, colouring and highlights.   Born and raised in the Verona area, Kris is entering her 31st year as a hairstylist, and has expanded her business to include eyelash and eyebrow tinting, and facial hair removal (waxing and sugaring).

*NEW CLIENTS will receive a $5.00 discount and a complimentary hand treatment.

CALL Kris for an appointment. 613-374-2579 1281 Oak Flats Road, Godfrey Hours: Tues 6 to 9; Some Wed 9:30 to 12:30; Thurs & Fri 9:30 to 5; Sat 9 to 12

Memory Lane

6709 Main St. Verona, ON KOH 2WO 613-374-2323

Flowers & Gifts Located in Sydenham village in the historical Blacksmith shop (circa 1820). Owned and operated by Christine Kennedy, a proud Country girl at heart, who was born and raised in Parham, graduated from SHS, and presently, is a resident of Sydenham village. The Business is going into its 16th year under her ownership and is a full service Flower shop. Specializing in Funeral Tributes, Wedding Floral and Everyday floral needs, as well as offering Shop to Shop service, so that orders can be sent to loved ones dear, but far away. You can purchase custom made to order floral arrangements and bouquets for all occasions... hostess gift, traditional floral and simply for a ‘just because’. By calling us directly you save paying the ‘hidden’ referral fees that some 3rd party agencies may apply. You will find a wide variety of giftware,

How To Succeed in Business...By Really Trying!

Verona Hardware Limited

Welcome to Nicole’s Gifts! Thank you so much for your support over the last three years. It is hard to believe that we are already beginning our fourth year! Spring is just around the corner. We have new items arriving every week:

• • • •

Nicole Van Camp, Owner

The ever popular Reallite Candles will soon be available in three new colours-chocolate brown, springtime blue and pure white. Whispering Bells ‘Angels’ Garden Art and Tea Light Garden Stakes Red Neck Style Wine Glasses Collapsible Shopping/Picnic Baskets and so much more!

Watch for an early spring Customer Appreciation Day! There will be great savings, giveaways, door prizes and lots of gourmet foods to try.

As a high school Drama teacher, my schedule was full. In addition, my students chose to be involved in extra-curricular activities throughout the school year. Everything was time-sensitive. When I moved to Kashwakamak Lake & started my real estate business, I spent hours working on marketing my services & creating strategies to bring Buyers to our pristine lakes. Gradually, Sellers were willing to trust me to sell their properties. There was no end to the details; my schedule was full & each new contact energized me. Hard work brought success & when my daughter, Chantel, joined me as a Buyer’s Agent, we got busier but she was there to share the load. A small business owner has no time off unless he/she has responsible, trustworthy associates. Once your business is established, these individuals are essential for continued success. They are YOU when you’re not available.

They represent your ethics to the public & their manner & commitment make you & your business look better. Foster these associates & give credit for achievement. Look to your business community for partnerships & common goal-oriented Chris Winney, Broker organizations to join. Make contributions that bring returns to you, your business & your community at large. Chris Winney, Broker ProAlliance Realty, Brokerage

Direct Line: 613.336.1737 Toll Free: 1-866-969-0998

Nicole Van Camp, Owner

Water’s Edge Pottery Studio


Come Play in the Mud!

Established 1994

Sharbot Lake Lawn Service & Home Maintenance Sharbot Lake Lawn Service was started in 1994 by my father, Wayne Millar. Throughout these years, Wayne has built a successful business. In 1999, along with my two children, Hollie and Matthew, I moved to Tichborne to work alonside my father. I can’t belive how the business has grown; we now have two trucks and two crews. We cover a large area from Sharbot Lake, Parham, Mountain Grove, Arden to Verona. We offer grass cutting, spring and fall cleanup, plus other yard maintenance and snow plowing. We always go that extra mile to make our customers happy. We take pride

6723 Main St., Verona 613-374-2851 Verona Hardware Limited has been a fixture in Verona since opening in 1929. “The Hardware” as it is locally known, was originally located on the south side of Revell Ford. It was moved to its’ present location in 1994. As a RONA affiliated store, Verona Hardware has unlimited access to all items that the larger RONA stores have in stock. Lumber, drywall and so much more is just a phone call away. If you prefer, order your items on and it will be delivered to your local store on regular delivery day. Need your item sooner? No problem, we are happy to make a special trip. New for 2013-custom cabinetry, counter tops and vanities. Stop by to see what your new kitchen or bath could be! We are the only hardware store in Verona that offers AIRMILES. You can even turn your miles into cash. See you soon!

Jewelry, Home & Garden, Wall Décor. Top off your shopping experience with the wonderful scent of a Butter Maple Syrup candle when you walk through the door, Christine’s top seller! Open Tues thru Saturdays year round so come in, browse, shop and enjoy. Look for us on Facebook or on, & also check us out on You Tube County Frontenac Business in Spotlight Follow the Road to Memory Lane Flowers & Gifts...Where Friendships Last a Lifetime!!! 4400 George St Sydenham. 613-376-6309 / 1-800-275-1581

Whether its buying our functional, one of kind pottery or getting a chance to go through the entire creative process yourself, you’ll leave with a smile. Come and visit us, we’d love to show you around

Jodi Allen

in our work. When, or if dad retires, I will be taking over the business and will be running it with my husband Terry. We would like to thank all of our customers for the support over the years. Free Estimates • Fully insured


Afternoon, weekend and week long beginner workshops available. Open by appointment or by chance Parham, Ontario (613) 375-8343

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march 7, 2013

SOCIAL NOTES engagement



James Kelvin KIRKLAND

Happy 16th Birthday

KIRKLAND, James Kelvin. Family and friends are invited to join the Celebration of Life for Jim, on Saturday, March 16, 2013 from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. at the Kennebec Community Centre.

March 6th, 2013 Lots of love from Grandma & Grandpa Weiss


Mills: Emerson Hutson

50 th Anniversary

Join Audrey and Earl Bain - celebrating 50 wonderful years together, at the Verona Lions Club Hall, Saturday, March 16, from 1-4 pm. No gifts please.

McKINSTRY In loving memory of my husband John, who passed away in his 86th year, March 9, 2012

Remembered and loved forever, wife Gloria; Gail, Sandy & Ed, and Dennis

In Loving Memory of

Lawrence Wannamaker who passed away March 9, 2010 They say there is a reason, They say that time will heal But neither time nor reason Will change the way we feel. For no one knows the heartache That lies behind our smiles No one knows how many times We have broken down and cried. We want to tell you something So there won’t be any doubts You’re so wonderful to think of But so hard to be without. Forever in our hearts and never forgotten, Your loving wife Germaine and Family May you Rest in Paradise with your mother and father.


Maschke Funeral Home Northbrook

(613) 336-6873 1-888-336-3725

Lorne & Sandy Killam 'One man by himself is nothing. Two people who belong together make a world.' Thank you for helping to make our world. Love Lorna, Michael, Frankie & Kelsey


Thank You - Smith

Sydenham, On 613-376-3022

I would like to express my thanks to everyone who came to Arbour Heights on February 23 to help my mother, Joyce Smith, celebrate her 93rd birthday. Thanks for all the cards and gifts that were given to her. Thanks also to those wonderful folks that contributed towards the luncheon. A big thank you to Bridgette, who entertained her great great grandma Marilyn, Sylvia, Ken and families With Heartfelt Thanks

WANNAMAKER The family of the late Jean Wannamaker wish to extend our thanks to our dear friends and neighbours. Words can not express our appreciation for the visitations, meal, and other foods prepared for us at this time. Thanks to Pastor Bruce Kellar for his support and prayers. We wish also to send our best to all who sent food to Throgh The Roof Ministry Centre in Flinton after the funeral, and to the angels who prepared this for us. A special thanks to Dr. Tobia for the loving care he has shown, and to all the staff at Lakelands Family Health Team. We appreciate the wonderful service provided by the Maschke Funeral Home. To the special staff at Pine Meadow Nursing Home, thank you, Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts for caring so very much. What a wonderful home you made for Jean when she needed you the most.

n Monday April 22, a workshop on Beavers will be held at the Civitan Hall in Perth from 9am – 4pm. The program is sponsored by the Stewardship Councils of: Renfrew, Lanark, Frontenac, Lennox & Addington, and Hastings, and is being held to exchange information about: beaver effects on water tables; landowner/CA management partnerships; natural history of beavers; personal management experiences; baffling beavers and more. The cost is $10, which includes lunch & coffee. Please reserve your lunch by April 15 by emailing Among the presenters are: · C.J. Westbrook, Researcher, University of Saskatchewan, who will be discussing the effects of beaver activity on groundwater far from the beaver ponds. · Rudy Dyck, Rideau Valley Conservation Authority, who will be presenting on the cooperative responses to beavers by conservation authorities, municipalities and landowners · Mike Richardson, Central Frontenac Twp. Public Works Supervisor, presenting on municipalities’ concerns with beavers. Ontario’s road crews defend against flooding every spring and fall. The municipalities need to have landowners take a role in the management of the beaver situation. · Landowner Cliff Maclean, who has had success with a beaver baffler design, which has solved the problem of beavers damming the outflow from his wetland. · Don Cuddy, landowner and retired regional ecologist on "Matching Wits with the Beavers – My Relationship with Beavers on 300 Acres of Mississippi Drainage". · Jean Thie, Remote Sensing Specialist, will show results from his remote imagery search across most of Canada to characterize beaver dams, and · Michael Runtz, Naturalist, Photographer and Author, will give an overview of beaver natural history as well as the rich diversity of life their habitats support - ranging from ponds to dead trees and meadows. Learn the sophisticated modifications of the beaver and their ability to transform entire landscapes to suit their needs. For more information call 613-335-3589

From all the Wannamaker Family.


Trousdale Funeral home Proudly serving all faiths Pre-Arranged Funeral Plans

Three handsome little boys are excited to announce the engagement of their Mommy & Daddy. Congratulations Krista & Dave! Love, your family.

Beavers & Us - Aggressive Happy 50 th Anniversary Colonists O


I thought of you with love today but that is nothing new I thought about you yesterday And days before that too I think of you in silence I often speak your name All I have are memories and a picture in a frame Your memory is a keepsake With which I’ll never part God has you in his keeping I have you in my heart


Amber-Lynn Weiss


At his home in Harlowe on Sunday March 3, 2013. Emerson Mills in his 68th year. Son of the late Hutson & Louise (Black) Mills. Father of Dan, R.R.#2 Stirling, and Susan Mills, Oshawa. Grandfather of Samantha Mills, Kingston. Brother of Alvin (Yvonne), Newcastle; Naida (Bill) Flynn, Mountain Grove; Elda (Dennis)Fleming, Bramalea; Elaine (Garry) McLuckie, Flinton; Boyd (Cathy), Bowmanville and Ken (Doreen) Black, Harlowe. The family will receive friends at the McConnell Funeral Home, Tweed from 1:00 pm Thursday March 7, 2013 until time of service at 3:00 pm. Cremation. Donations: Heart & Stroke Foundation (

By Sara Carpenter

Serving the area for over 100 years.

David Goodfellow Owner/Managing Director

Parham, Ontario


NF Mayor awarded Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal Last week, North Frontenac Mayor Bud Clayton was presented with a Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal. Above: Deputy Mayor Fred Perry made the presentation.

y friend Jocelyne is one of the few people I know who dare to mess with baking recipes. If you’ve ever done this yourself, you know it’s fraught with danger: you can get muffins that taste like soap, cakes with divots you could hide a Brie in, or brittle sheets of mono-cookie instead of the soft, chewy individual cookies that spurred you into baking in the first place. Well, when Jocelyne has done the experimenting and the timing’s right, I sometimes get to partake when she shares the invariably delicious result. This week’s recipe is one such. It’s a moist, sturdy cake warmed with classic coolweather spices like cinnamon and allspice. This version calls for raisins, but you can omit them, or substitute dates, as in the version I had, which was very nice indeed. Some of her other variations are: use spelt flour instead of regular for an even moister cake, substitute butter for some or all of the shortening, and double the recipe and bake it in a tube pan. Jocelyne also tells me this cake is a good keeper… but that might not be an issue. Bon appétit!

APPLESAUCE CAKE Makes one 9-inch cake Grease a 9-inch round cake pan. Preheat the oven to 350°F. In a small mixing bowl, whisk together 1 1/4 cup flour; 1/2 tsp. salt; 1/2 tsp. baking soda; 1/2 tsp. cinnamon; 1/2 tsp. allspice; 1/2 tsp nutmeg until uniformly blended. Coat the inside of the cake pan with some of the flour mixture; tap the excess back into the bowl. Mix 1 cup raisins with enough of the flour mixture to keep the raisins from sticking together; set aside. In a large mixing bowl, cream 1/2 cup shortening (substitute part or all butter if desired) with 3/4 cup sugar, beat at high speed until fluffy, 2 to 3 minutes. Add 1 egg and beat until smooth. Measure out 1 cup applesauce. Add about a third of the dry ingredients to the shortening mixture, beating at low speed until combined. Add half the applesauce and beat at low speed until combined. Repeat with half the remaining flour and the rest of the applesauce. Then, use a wooden spoon or rubber spatula to mix in the remaining flour and the raisins. Transfer the batter to the prepare cake pan. Bake for 55 to 60 minutes, or until a cake tester inserted in the centre of the cake comes out clean. Cool in the pan for 5 minutes, then turn out onto a cake rack to cool.

LOLCS Adult Drop-In


o you enjoy Great Conversation? - Fantastic Food? Then please read on. Many adults in our community enjoy nutritious, delicious and reasonably priced meals, great conversation, companionship and camaraderie while at the local Adult Drop-In. The meals are planned and prepared by volunteer “Chefs” from the community. Each meal is prepared with the utmost of care and culinary skill. The home-cooked meals are the best value in town, only $6 for salad, roll, meat, potatoes, vegetables and dessert, tea and coffee. Where else can you get a DEAL like this! We have a large variety of meals that are served over the course of the year. The meal is served at noon. But, before lunch, if the interest is there, we have a half hour light exercise class, while others can enjoy rug hooking or a selection of board games. Then, after a fulfilling feast, please stay for a friendly game of euchre, Bingo or again, various board and card games. We also have music on special occasions. Whatever suits your fancy. We are also always open to new ideas. Please come out to the Flinton Recreation Club EVERY TUESDAY, doors open at 8:30am; the meal is served at noon, and join us in supporting this valuable service in the community. For more information, please call Pam @ 613-336-8934 ext. 229. Transportation is available for those who need it.


march 7, 2013

The Classifieds Ad Rates: Classified Text ads: $8.20 + HST per insertion for 20 words & under; 20¢ each extra word. Deadline: 4 pm Monday; Ph: 613-279-3150, Fx: 613-279-3172;


AUTOMOTIVE KALADAR AUTO RECYCLING. We sell cars for under $1990 safetied & E-tested, low kilometres. We have good winter tires. We take trade-ins. 11520 Hwy 41; 613-336-9899; 613885-8644 KINNEY AUTO WRECKING Station Road, Kaladar. 4x4 trucks & parts for sale. Scrap cars, stoves, fridges wanted. 613-336-9272.

EMBROIDERY & ENGRAVING UPPER FRONTENAC GRAPHICS – Custom Embroidery, Imprinting, Trophies, Awards & Engraving. Caps, jackets, golf shirts, hoodies, teamwear & more. 613-539-6340; dwedden@;

FOR RENT BACHELOR – 1 bedroom apt., $650/month, all inclusive, Northbrook area. 613-336-0951 KALADAR: 1 BEDROOM APT. Fridge, stove. Available March 1, 2013; 613-336-9429. ONE BEDROOM APARTMENT, $700 per month, all-inclusive, available March 1 - Flinton, call 613-827-2121 ONE BEDROOM in 4-plex in Kaladar, available April 1st, $475 + hydro, first & last and references. Call 416-554-9746

FOR SALE 12 ALUMINUM SAP BUCKETS with covers and spiles. Stockpot and lid, with drain, $60 for everything. Call 613-375-8854 BUILDING LOT, 3 acres, outskirts of Mountain Grove. Driveway, well, hydro on lot, $25,000. Call 613-335-3878 CENTRAL BOILER OUTDOOR FURNACES 2013 March Rebate. Save up to $750 on selected models. Call for more information. Your local Dealer, Wood Heat Solutions, Frankford, ON, 613-398-1611; Bancroft, ON 613-332-1613 FIREWOOD: Seasoned wood....Pick up in Henderson or delivery can be arranged. Contact Ray at 613-336-1857 or Cell @ 613920-7770 FRONTENAC MODULAR HOMES. Custom built. New 1280 sq.ft. 28’x52’ home, 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, delivered and on your basement or foundation, oak cabinets available. ‘More home for a lot less money’. Financing available OAC. 1-866-775-8268 MOUNTAIN GROVE SEED COMPANY. Heirloom seeds, locally grown, call for free catalogue, 613-876-8383, or pick one up at Parham General Store. PRIVATE SALE. Totally renovated 2 bedroom house with two outbuildings Thompson Road, Mountain Grove. New well. Great starter home or retirement home. $78,000. 613-335-3878. 

DOUG’S ANTENNA SALES & SERVICE We are your full service dealer for both BELL TV and SHAW DIRECT Satellite. Give us a call for all your sales and service enquiries. 613-374-3305

FOUND FOUND CAT, intact male kitten, black & white, white mark on lip, dark grey tabby, short fur, Yarker Road/Harrowsmith area, 613-372-0649, leave message

GARAGE/YARD SALES SPYGLASS COVE, 1016 Schoolhouse Rd. Clarendon, Hwy 509. Open Tues – Sat. 9am5pm. Musical Nursery Rhyme characters; collector bottles; dish set; Harlequin novels; fishing lures; glassware; tools; etc. New items every week. THIS AND THAT THRIFT SHOP, 32 Peterson Rd., Northbrook (turn at lights in Northbrook). Open 9 am to 7 pm, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Something for everyone.

HUNTING & FISHING FIREARMS & HUNTER ED COURSES. Denbigh: Firearms and Hunter Education Course - March 12, 13, and 14. Wild Turkey license examinations. Call Bill at 613-3352786 HUNTER SAFETY AND FIREARMS COURSES. Turkey Examinations. Please call for course dates and details. Call Richard 613-336-9875.


Stoves, washers, dryers, freezers, dishwashers. 3 months old and up. Sold with written guarantees. Fridges $100 and up.


At the lowest prices in the area. Trade-ins accepted on new appliances. Big selection to choose from. We Sell Gas Refrigerators


For good used appliances in working order or not, but no junk please. VISA and MASTERCARD accepted. We have our own financing also. Shop at our competitors and then come see for yourself quality at low prices.

Open evenings & 7 days a week. We deliver


  Locations Dr. P.H. Radford, Optometrist

Sydenham Clinic • (613)376-3097 2825 Rutledge Road Sydenham

TOM’S MUSIC STUDIO is now accepting students for drums, guitar, bass guitar, piano, beginner banjo and theory; repairs to all stringed instruments. Tom 613-539-4659

SERVICES DRYWALL AND PLASTER REPAIRS. Professionally trained. Drywall installation, old fashioned quality, three coat hand finishing. Free estimates. Call Rick at 613-375-8201. FINE CONSTRUCTION prop. John St. Aubin experienced renovator. For free estimate call 613-375-6582. Web site construction PET SITTING in Mountain Grove. Going away? Let us help. Dogs, Cats, etc. Spacious, individual accommodations. Long walks. By appointment only. Laura Mills 613-335-3658. Evenings are best or leave a message.


STANDING TIMBER, firewood, pine, cedar, bush lots. Free quotes, cash paid. Call 613279-2154.



Mike Richardson, Public Works Manager, Township of Central Frontenac Box 89, 1084 Elizabeth St, Sharbot Lake, On K0H 2P0 613-279-2935 ext 223

The Treasure Trunk Second Tyme Around Clothing

1171 Cannon Rd., Sharbot Lake

613-279-2113 Hours: Mon - Fri: 9am-3pm and first Saturday of Each Month 9am-3pm

5 Bag Days Every Day


Quality New & Used Clothing at Affordable Prices! For furniture drop off, please call ahead. 279-2113 ask for Janet.


by Appointment

10 Bedford Street Westport • 613-273-3097

TAKE NOTICE that the Council of the Corporation of the Township of North Frontenac enacted By-law #164-12 to increase Dog Tags, Licence and Animal Control Fees, effective January 1, 2013 to: $10.00 Per dog for each tag purchased between January 1st & March 31st.

North Frontenac

is recruiting Family Home Share and/or Respite Homes in the Central/North Frontenac area Community Living North Frontenac (CLNF) is re-establishing a Family Home Share Program. Family Home Share is a flexible service that matches people who have an intellectual disability with people who can provide a caring, stable family environment on a full - time basis or for respite. The supports offered are tailored to each person and take into consideration the qualities and needs of everyone involved. These arrangements often see people becoming extensions of each other’s families; sharing special moments, milestones and personal accomplishments. The goal is to provide people the opportunity for belonging, learn/improve social and living skills, this will be done under the direct auspices of CL-NF mission statement and guiding principles. For some people this home environment will be an end in itself and for some it will be a stepping stone to a more independent lifestyle. As potential provider, a diverse background and a variety of experiences is an asset. Providers will receive remuneration. Please call and ask for a Family Home Share Application at 613-279-3731.

By-law #1998-13 designates the date on which a reduced load period shall start or end and the road or portion thereof under its jurisdiction to which the designation applies. Subsection 1, 2, 3, and 4 of Section 122 of the Highway Traffic Act apply to all posted roads during the period from the 1st day of March to the 30th day of April.


And now in



" Then Jesus cried out, “Whoever believes in me does not believe in me only, but in the one who sent me.” John 12: 44

Eyecare Clinic


Open Evenings & Seven Days a Week - River Road Corbyville, Just North of Corby’s (613) 969-0287

A Promise for You

$20.00 Per dog for each tag purchased after March 31st. $30.00 For Annual Kennel Licence Fee, plus applicable tag fees for each dog (provided all requirements met). $75.00 Levied to the owner of any animal picked up and taken to the Humane Society by the Animal Control Officer. These fees are payable at the Humane Society upon the owner claiming such animal, but made payable to the Township of North Frontenac. $2.00 Per Replacement Tag Purchased. Dated this 26th day of February, 2013. Jenny Duhamel Clerk/Planning Manager Township of North Frontenac 6648 Road 506 P.O. Box 97, Plevna, ON K0H 2M0 Ph: 613-479-2231  Fax: 613-479-2352 Email:

TOWNSHIP OF Central FRONTENAC REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL RFP No. PW-2013-02 Supply Two Snow Plow Tandem Trucks Closing Date: 3:00:00 pm local time Thursday March 21, 2013

North Frontenac

is recruiting Community Support Workers (Casual/Relief) Community Support Workers are required to cover shifts on an as-needed basis in the Sharbot Lake area. This position will provide assistance to individuals with intellectual disabilities. Community Support Workers will demonstrate professional attributes and great leadership skills while providing support, recreation, life skills development to help facilitate personal outcomes. The Community Support Workers will provide flexible supports that are responsive to the needs of the person while promoting independence. Drivers’ license, CPIC, Vulnerable Sector Check will be required. Preference will be given to individuals who hold a Developmental Service Worker diploma, however related work experience will be considered. Resumés will be accepted until March 11, 2013 Community Living North Frontenac 1025 Elizabeth Street Sharbot Lake, ON K0H 2P0 Attention: Dean Walsh Fax: 613-279-3732 or email We thank you in advance for considering working for our agency, however only chosen candidates will be contacted.

Proposals must be received before the above mentioned time and date, and in accordance with the attached RFP Forms, Instructions to Vendors, and Standard Terms and Conditions. RFP’s can be picked up at the Municipal office or by emailing the contact below.

REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL RFP No. PW-2013-03 Supply One Diesel Tractor With Boom Flail Mower Closing Date: 3:00:00 pm local time Thursday March 21, 2013 Proposals must be received before the above mentioned time and date, and in accordance with the attached RFP Forms, Instructions to Vendors, and Standard Terms and Conditions. RFP’s can be picked up at the Municipal office or by emailing the contact below. Please submit complete proposal, in a sealed envelope quoting above proposal number and closing date; and forward to: Public Works Manager The Corporation of the Township of Central Frontenac P.O. Box 89, 1084 Elizabeth St. Sharbot Lake, Ontario  K0H 2P0 Contact: Mike Richardson, Public Works Manager Fax (613) 279-2422




March Daily Gift Card

7617 Hwy. 509 Plevna ON

T 613 479 5579

F 613 479 2699


Every day From March 1st-30th, 2013 Bonus April 8th $1,000 Gift Card Draw Enter at

Northern Happenings Northern Happenings listings are free for community groups, and will be published for two weeks. Other listings are paid or are taken from paid ads elsewhere in the paper. The News makes every effort to be accurate but events should be independently verified by readers.

MCDONALDS CORNERS: CONCERT by Catherine MacLellan & Jonathan Byrd, MERA Schoolhouse, 8pm; $20 advance; $24 at door; 613-485-6434; SNOW ROAD SNOWMOBILE CLUB fundraiser breakfast, 8-11am; 1106 Gemmills Rd. all welcome.

Sunday March 10 Thursday, March 7 LAND O’LAKES QUILTERS, 7pm, Barrie Hall, Cloyne; info: Lynn Young, 613-336-8080 or PERTH - ALGONQUIN LAND CLAIM Public Information Sessions by the Ontario Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs, Lions’ Hall, 3-8pm, www.

BEDFORD OPEN MIC & JAM, 1-5pm, Bedford Hall 1381 Westport Rd, Bluegrass, Country, Gospel & more, $2, 613-374-2614 MCDONALDS CORNERS – JAMBOREE, Agricultural Hall, music begins 1pm, dinner @ 5pm, $14; info: 613-278-2427 WILTON – THE PROVERBS, Standard Church 7pm, info: 613-386-3405

Friday March 8

Monday March 11

4-H ONTARIO new leader & youth leader training, 7pm, Glenburnie United Church, info: Ann Babcock at 613-372-2974, bababcock@ DENBIGH - INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY CELEBRATION, Blue Bench Bakery & Café, Addington Highlands Community Centre, 11am-1pm; lunch & speaker from Bernadette McMann House shelter for abused women; $10 ($2 donated to shelter). KINGSTON - ALGONQUIN LAND CLAIM Public Information Sessions by the Ontario Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs, TraveLodge Hotel LaSalle, 3-8pm, SHARBOT LAKE – DINNER at the Legion. 5:30–7 pm, roast beef SHARBOT LAKE – WORKSHOPS ON EVANGELISM, free, Pentecostal Church, 7-9pm, all welcome; info: SLPC 613-279-2267 or Ken Gorham 613-479-0233. SNOW ROAD - MORNING COFFEE/TEA, community centre, Drop in 10am–12 noon, all welcome.

LASER TAG & BOWLING, for ages 10-15; $25 includes transportation, leaves Child Centre, Sharbot Lake 12:30pm, call 613-2792244 SHARBOT LAKE – FOOT CARE CLINIC, seniors’ centre, appointment: 613-279-3151 SYDENHAM WOMEN’S INSTITUTE meet 7pm, at library, new members welcome

Saturday March 9

Tuesday March 12 OMPAH - NORTHERN 5 DINERS, noon, For those 50+, $10, reservations 613-279-3151 SYDENHAM - CAREGIVER SUPPORT DROP-IN, 9-10:30am, Grace Centre, info Mary Gaynor-Briese 613-376-6477, 1-800763-9610 SYDENHAM – FOOT CARE CLINIC, Grace Centre 1-4pm. For appointment call Bob: 613376-6477; 1-800-763-9610 VERONA – FOOT CARE CLINIC, medical centre 9am-noon. For appointment call Bob: 613-376-6477

Wednesday March 13 SHARBOT LAKE - POVERTY LUNCHEON & LENT DEVOTIONS noon-1pm, United


s many of us wait impatiently for the arrival of migrating birds to herald the arrival of spring, I thought I would share some nature notes that I’ve come across over last few months. A recent report from Bird Studies Canada suggests that Common Loons are still being affected by air pollution. Loons in eastern Canada have lower breeding success in lakes that have higher concentrations of mercury and the chemical compounds associated with acid rain. Mercury and acid rain components are released whenever fossil fuels are combusted. Coal-fired electric power plants are particularly important sources of these harmful air pollutants. Acid rain affects the productivity of entire lake ecosystems, resulting in less fish to feed growing loon chicks and their parents who occupy the top of the food chain on lakes. Mercury is a bit more insidious in its effects – a form of mercury called methyl mercury is a neurotoxin that makes Common Loons less effective parents. Adults with high concentrations of methyl mercury in their bodies incubate their eggs and feed their chicks less often, resulting in fewer chicks fledged. In addition, chicks with high methyl mercury concentrations solicit food and energy-saving rides on their parent’s backs less often, resulting in lower chick survival. Effective measures have been taken by industry and governments to reduce air pollution, but more needs to be done to make sure loons are around for future generations. On a more positive note, two items that may be of interest to local readers came to my attention via the Opinicon Natural History website. First, it turns out that last year was a truly banner year for observing butterflies in Ontario. Starting with the amazing spell of warm weather in March 2012, several waves of migratory butterfly species moved into the area, with huge numbers of Red Admirals,

American Ladies, Painted Ladies, Question Marks and Common Buckeyes arriving at record early dates. Another notable butterfly “happening” last year was the large numbers of Giant Swallowtails observed throughout the area. It appears that this species began to be seen in eastern Ontario in about 2008, and by summer 2012 had become very common. This year marked the first year I had seen them in our area, and it’s a great addition to our local butterfly fauna. Even better news is the fact that Giant Swallowtail caterpillars eat prickly ash, a universally unloved shrub that bears wicked thorns. The second item I found interesting was the discovery of an important population the Eastern Musk Turtle, also known as the stinkpot, in a local lake. It appears that this provincially and nationally threatened species may be more common than originally thought – for example, Lake Opinicon stinkpots may be almost as numerous as the common Painted Turtle. Stinkpots normally live in water less than 2 meters deep, and with all the shallow ponds and wetlands in our area, who knows – perhaps many more of these curious reptiles may be paddling around out there? On another bird-conservation note, a recent study published in the journal Nature Communications estimates that free-ranging domestic cats kill between 1.4 to 3.7 billion (yes, billion with a “b”) birds and 6.9 - 20.7 billion mammals annually in the United States alone. This means that free-ranging cats – both owned pets and feral – are likely the single greatest source of humancaused mortality for US birds and mammals. No comparable figures were presented for Canada. The study was conducted by US government scientists and lends support to the idea that in order to help protect birds and small mammals, domestic cats should be kept indoors. In the interest of full disclo-

Authorized Agent For:

Drop in & Pick Up Your Specialty Snacks for the March Break

Open Mon-Fri: 8am - 8pm Sat: 8am - 6pm Sun: Grocery 9am-6pm; LCBO 11am-6pm

Hwy 38 Verona (613) 374-2112 Church, free will offering for food bank, all welcome SNOW ROAD - COMMUNITY POTLUCK supper 5:30pm; contact Sheila @ 278-1007

Thursday March 14 SHARBOT LAKE - FIRST AID & CPR for ages 12-18, 8:30-4;30, $40, Child Centre, register 613-279-2244 SYDENHAM DINERS, noon, Grace Centre, for 55+yrs, $11. Reservations 376-6477

Friday March 15 BANCROFT - ALGONQUIN LAND CLAIM Public Information Sessions by the Ontario Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs, Faraday Community Centre, 3-8pm, NORTHBROOK - NEW OLD TYME FIDDLERS, 7:30pm, Lions Hall, $6 non-members, $5 members, entertainers $2, lunch, prizes. All welcome SHARBOT LAKE - COOKING WITH KIDS, ages 6-9, Child Centre 10am-1pm, 279-2244 SHARBOT LAKE – WORKSHOPS ON EVANGELISM, free, Pentecostal Church, 7-9pm, all welcome; info: SLPC 613-279-2267 or Ken Gorham 613-479-0233.

Saturday March 16 ARDEN - EGGS AS YOU LIKE THEM breakfast, Kennebec Community Centre, 8-11am, Silent Auction, free will donation, sponsor: United Church DENBIGH - ST. PATRICK’S DAY STEW SUPPER, Community Hall, 5-7pm; $10; children $5; (sponsored by St. Luke’s United Church) PLEVNA - JACK’S JAM, Clar-Mill hall, 2-9pm; potluck supper 5:30pm; musicians, singers, dancers welcome; sponsors: Clar-Mill Community Volunteers SHARBOT LAKE FARMERS WINTER MARKET 9:30am-12:30pm, Oso hall; also “Home Composting Workshop” 10-11am $10; preregister: SHARBOT LAKE - ST. PATRICK’S DAY PARTY, at Legion, doors open 7pm, music available

Outdoors in the Land O’ Lakes - March Nature Notes A

march 7, 2013

By Steve Blight

sure, our family has had cats for many years and our current, indoors-only cat spends a big chunk of his waking hours trying to get outside. Finally there was an article in the Ottawa Citizen a couple of weeks ago pointing out that we reached a milestone in late February on the road to spring. We’ve now gained more

Sunday March 17 HARROWSMITH - HAM DINNER, Golden Links Hall, 4:30-6pm, $13; Barb 372-2315

Monday March 18 CLOYNE & DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY, 1pm, Annual General Meeting; all members are asked to attend. PLEVNA – FOOT CARE CLINIC, Clar-Mill Hall, appointment: 613-279-3151.

Tuesday March 19 HARROWSMITH – TURKEY BINGO, Golden Links Hall, Early bird 7:15pm, Barb 372-2315 KENNEBEC DINERS, noon, Arden community hall, for those 50+, $10, reservations required: 613-279-3151 LARRY GILLIS & SWAMP GRASS from Georgia, presented by Bill White & White Pine, 7pm, Kingston Christian Fellowship Church, 2621 Road 38, all proceeds in support of Diabetes Education Centre, tickets 613-372-2400 or 540-1489 PLEVNA - CLAR-MILL COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERS meet 7:30pm Clar-Mill Hall, all welcome to attend. VERONA CATTAIL FESTIVAL planning meeting, 6-9pm, Lions Hall; Potluck 6pm, all welcome; info Wayne 613-374-3807.

Wednesday March 20 BEDFORD DINERS, noon, community hall, for those 50+. $10, reservations requ’d: 613279-3151 FILM NIGHT INTERNATIONAL “Farewell, My Queen”, Full Circle Theatre, Perth, 2pm & 7pm, $10 at door;; proceeds to library SHARBOT LAKE - POVERTY LUNCHEON & LENT DEVOTIONS noon-1pm, St. Andrew’s Anglican Church; free will offering for food bank, all welcome

Thursday, March 21 SHARBOT LAKE - CENTER STAGE CAFÉ w/ Rob and Nancy Moore, Mitch Barker, Dan Gibbs, Centre Stage band, at Legion, 7–9:30pm, $2, proceeds to Legion community projects

than two full hours of daylight since December 21, the shortest day of the year. We’re gaining just over three minutes a day, a pace that will continue to accelerate until the first day of spring. And of course, any day now that first Robin or Red-winged Blackbird will arrive and the maple sap will begin to flow to let us know that spring really is here! Send your observations to Lorraine Julien at or Steve Blight,

No charges in alleged Arden assault case B by Jeff Green

ob Srigley, who alleged that injuries that sent him to hospital on November 6 were caused by an unprovoked attack by two offduty OPP officers, has recently heard from police that there will be no charges laid in his case. Srigley received a letter on February 18 from Detective Sergeant Mark Allison of the Professional Standards Bureau of the Ontario Provincial Police. “This is to advise you that after a thorough investigation of your complaint, with respect to the incident between you, Mr. Brown and Mr. Johnston on November 6, 2012, that no charges will be preferred. “Consultation was sought with the Crown Attorney. It is the Crown Attorney’s opinion that based on the evidence; there is no reasonable prospect of conviction of either Mr. Brown or Mr. Johnston in relation to the offences of assault causing bodily harm or threatening to kill an animal. The investigation is now closed,” wrote Sergeant Allison to Mr. Srigley. On November 6, Srigley was admitted to Napanee hospital with bruised ribs and assorted other injuries after being taken there by paramedics. At the time police confirmed that a criminal investigation had been launched, with the Professional Standards Bureau taking the lead because of the alle-

gation that OPP officers were involved. Mr. Srigley said, “I think the police always take care of their own, in the end.” He said that he is considering taking civil action, but financing a legal fight is probably beyond his resources.

Maple Madness T

ake in a fun and educational puppet show at the Outdoor Centre at Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area during Maple Madness. Meet some new and favourite puppet friends that share the secrets of the sugar bush. Puppet shows are at 11 am, 1 pm and 2 pm on March 9, 16, 23, and 30. During March Break (March 11-15), they will also be daily at 10 am, 10 am, 11:30 am, 1 pm, 1:45 pm and 2:30 pm. There are special activities on different days throughout Maple Madness, which runs March 9-17, 23-24, and 30-31. The sugar bush is open from 9 am to 4pm. The conservation area is located on Division St., two km north of Hwy 401. Entry fees are $5.50 pp for adults and children over 12; $3 for 12 years & under, to a maximum fee of $14 per car. For more information visit or call 613- 546-4228 x 500; 1-877-956-2722.


march 7, 2013


“Captured” to introduce the Land O’Lakes – and Ashley Rae – to a continent-wide audience T by Jeff Green

he Land O’ Lakes Tourist Association has formed a new partnership in its efforts to promote fishing as a ‘hook’ in order to entice tourists to the region for all sorts of outdoor activities. “Captured” is a new show that is being produced by Vantage Point Media of Belleville for airing on the World Fishing Network ((WFN) throughout North America. “Captured” is the first TV hosting project for Ashley Rae, a Napanee-based fishing personality/promoter, and she is particularly excited about filming six episodes in the Land O’Lakes region. The first episode is an ice fishing show that was being filmed early this week on Schooner and North and South Quinn Lakes in North Frontenac. They were fishing for lake trout, speckled trout and splake. “Not only do I love ice fishing, but the first time I ever fished, it was in North Frontenac, on Kashwakamak Lake,” said Ashley Rae. When Ashley was a young girl, her parents, who did not fish, had the good sense to book a vacation at Twin Oaks Lodge on Kash Lake, and it was the lodge owners who introduced Ashley and her brother to fishing.

“I took to fishing right away and have never stopped. What I’ve been doing over the years and will now be bringing to my first TV hosting opportunity is a bit of a change for fishing shows, because I am not the stereotypical angler,” said Ashley Rae, who is 27. Nick Pujic, from Vantage Point Media, has been filming outdoor shows, in particular fishing shows, all around the world, in places such as Iceland, Argentina, and New Zealand, but he said he is very excited to finally be able to work close to home in a region where he grew up. One of the features of “Captured” is the use of helicopters to get in and out of locations, and for the opportunities that helicopters offer for video as

Letters to the editor Re: Scott Reid's mailouts

Robocalls etc), or the slashing of funding, muzzling and firing of scientists and government watchdogs, or providing Parliament with pertinent budget information, or informing Canadians of incredibly damaging details of far reaching trade agreements (FIPPA, CETA etc.), or burying the unannounced gutting of environmental oversight and inspection in omnibus bills (C-38, C-45) to shield them from debate, the F35's, G8 & G20 etc, etc, etc. The list is getting longer every day but it’s always good to know that the Honourable Scott and the Right Honourable Stephen have their eyes firmly on those cheating First Nations. Conservative Senator the Honourable Pamela Wallin’s $321,000. travel expenses shilling for the Conservative Party? Look over there, cheating chiefs. -Patrick Maloney


he infamy of Scott Reid and the Harper government continues with his latest ‘Keeping-the voter-out-of-touch’ mailer. The point of these mailers is to get the voter ‘to look the other way’ so as not to see that the dice are loaded against truth and transparency. The focus on First Nations' financial accountability is extraordinarily small minded in the face of promoting awareness of, and dealing with, their thirdworld housing, impure drinking water, health care, education, resource sharing, employment and environmental protection.So Scott, why not ask, “Should the Harper government reveal: the impact of government cuts on services to Canadians? The $1.5 billion short-fall to replace 45 year-old naval supply ships? The billions to be wasted on the purchase of F-35 fighter jets? The costs of harassment of seasonal workers and their benefits? The financial abuse of Harper appointed Senators such as Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin, etc.?" Yes or No? - Ken Fisher


he latest mail-out by our “Honourable” Scott Reid arrived just in time. Here I was getting all upset about the rampant greed and corruption of some fat cat Conservative senators, on top of Harper unleashing government inspectors to hound and intimidate legitimate EI recipients in the hunt for “potential” nickel and dime fraud (like the “unreported crime” that prompted the odious law and order, minimum sentencing agenda while crime rates were falling) when lo and behold what Honourable Scott wants to bring to my attention, in big bold type, is the need for First Nations to be held fiscally accountable. I thought that bus had left the station months ago. No reasonably informed person would argue with the theory of that, but the funding structure is a federal government designed rabbet warren which confounds simplistic analysis. There appears to be a whole lot of apples being compared to oranges. But, undeterred, Honourable Scott includes a handy yes/no option like his buddy Honourable Vic Toews on internet surveillance: “either you’re with us or you’re with the child molesters.” Weren’t these the same Harper Conservatives that promised “open and transparent government”? Well according to Honourable Scott’s mail-out “Our Conservative government is keeping our election promise to bring transparency to First Nations in Canada”. Apparently the promised transparency doesn’t apply to Conservative senators that bill Canadian taxpayers for partisan Conservative Party expenses, or Conservative Party election fraud 2008, 2011 (“in & out”,

Well Drilling LTD.

A Win-win deal


ow about this for a Win Win deal with the Native Indians and the rest of Canada. First let's give each Native Indian (already born) 1 million dollars each. When they accept the 1 million dollars they can purchase any houses, land, or whatever they choose to spend it on and then they pay taxes on each and every purchase just like the rest of us. This will only be a one time payout and will not be given to any child born after the agreement has taken place. Giving the 1 million dollars each will sting a little at first but just think of all the taxes the Canadian public will benefit from when the Native Indians pay tax on everything just like the rest of people living on this Great Land. If the government doesn't do something drastic soon for the Native Indians we will be paying a debt recovery charge for many generations to come just like we have and will be with Hydro. Just think how liberating it will be for all Native Indians never to have to ask for anything ever again. - Mary Chapman

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well. Kouri's Kopters from Tamworth are partners in the Land o'Lakes episodes “One of the things we noticed in North Frontenac by flying over in a helicopter is how much water there is. When you drive around you think there is a lot more land, but when you fly over you can see that there are lakes and more lakes in every direction. We will be capturing that for our show,” Pujic said. “What excites me about this show, from the point of view of the Land O’Lakes Tourist Association,” said LOLTA General Manager Rachelle Hardesty, “is that it is not just a fishing show. It is about the hike to the lake, the drive through the countryside, canoeing and kayaking and all sorts of other outdoor adventures that are available in the Land O’Lakes region.” Three of the six shows that will feature the Land O’Lakes are ice fishing shows and the others will be filmed in other seasons. mong the lakes that will be featured will be Sharbot Lake, Loughborough Lake and Sydenham Lake, as well as Black Lake, Hay Bay, the Napanee River and the Bay of Quinte. The partnership between LOLTA and Vantage Point Media is the third major fishing-related enterprise the association has entered into in recent months, along with bringing Fish TV to the Land O’Lakes and sponsoring a major fishing derby this summer in Frontenac County. “You could fish a different lake in the Land O’Lakes each day for 13 years,” said Rachelle Hardesty, “so we have a lot to offer for anglers and people who enjoy activities on and around the water.”

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Seasonal Jobs Are Being Posted Now! Come in and check out our seasonal job board. Some employers are getting the jump on seasonal hiring for our region. Let us help you find work this summer! Your job is out there. We’ll help you find it. For more information or to register contact the Sharbot Lake Resource Centre at 1099 Garrett Street (613)545-3949 press 4 or email This Employment Ontario program is funded by the Ontario government.



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Asselstine Hardware

March 7, 2013

Hook’s Service Œ Water Treatment Œ Pumps Open Sundays Plumbing Œ Electrical Œ Paint 10 - 2 Logix ICF Blocks Œ Windows & Doors

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by Jeff Green

Allison Russell of Birds of Chicago

Nowell Motors LTD.

Now Doing Wheel Alignments! Complete Automotive Service • Full Computerized • Lube & Oil Changes Engine Diagnostics • Tune Ups • Brake Service & • MTO Vehicle Safety Repair Inspections • Cooling System • Wheel Alignment & Inspection & Repair Tire Service

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TOWNSHIP OF SOUTH FRONTENAC SUMMER STUDENT POSiTIONS The Township of South Frontenac is accepting applications for summer positions in the following departments: Public Works, Recreation, and Administration. For more details on these positions and for instructions on submitted applications see www.township.southfrontenac.

INVITATIONS TO TENDER #2013-05 - Cab & Chassis, Diesel Standard Tri-Axle SBA, 66,000 Lbs. G.V.W. #2013-07 - Arterial Roadside Mowing #2013-08 - Dust Suppression Program Sealed submissions must be received by 1:00 p.m. March 20th, 2013, Attention: Wayne Orr, Chief Administrative Officer, 4432 George Street, Sydenham ON, K0H 2T0. Official documents may be downloaded from WWW. BIDDINGO.COM or picked up Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm at the Public Works Department 2490 Keeley Road, Sydenham ON, K0H 2T0

INTERIM TAX BILLS Please note that interim tax bills which will include garbage bag tags will be issued the week of March 4th. For further inquiries, please contact 613-376-3027 x 2200

CHANGES IN WEATHER CONDITIONS With mild weather residents are reminded to use extra caution on lakes and rivers with melting ice conditions.

The Household Hazardous Waste Site at 2491 Keeley Road will be open from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm on Thursdays, March 14th and 28th, 2013. See our website for details.

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Features: t 409 titanium enhanced stainless steel t Rocker grates and ash pan t Forced air adjustable blower Financing available. t Limited lifetime warranty


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t rn No Bu d, ey! oo n W Mo

Birds of Chicago and Oh Susanna at the Crossing


he atmosphere may have been less raucous last Saturday night at the Crossing Pub in Sharbot Lake than it was during the Heritage Festival when Sherman Downey rocked the house. But another sold out house enjoyed an evening of new sounds from Birds of Chicago, a collaboration between Montreal born Allison Russell (Po’ Girl) and JT Nero (JT Nero and the Clouds) and the more familiar songs of Oh Susanna, who played a benefit concert in Sharbot Lake last October, Because of their very individual backgrounds, Birds of Chicago presented a lot of variety for a two piece band featuring only vocals, Nero’s guitar, and Russell’s occasional clarinet. They are both strong songwriters on their own, and Russell’s singing in particular lifted the material to a higher level. After the break, Oh Susanna played an excellent set that included some of the songs from the upcoming album “Namedropper”. The album is a departure for her because she did not write the songs on it; they were each written by different songwriting friends of hers. She performed the songs by Royal Wood, Joel Plaskett and Ron Sexsmith. The evening ended with Friends of Chicago joining Oh Susanna for a final number, followed by two encores, Pretty Penny and Soon the Birds, the title track to her most recent concert. Upcoming shows at the Country Inn: Laura Bird and Emory Lester on March 30; Madison Violet, April 6; Ruth Moody April 13; the Claytones on May 4. For details call 279-2198



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The next Council Meeting will be on March 19th, 2013 at 7:00 pm.

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The next Committee of the Whole Meeting will be on March 12th, 2013 at 7:00 pm. Chris Winney Broker

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Thinking of selling? … Lake District Realty will be available to discuss your waterfront property over the course of the winter. Listings will begin to appear on our website in March of 2013. We look forward to assisting you at our new location in the Village of Sharbot Lake | 14202 Road 38

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