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With friends like the MNR, the Black Rat snake might not need enemies.

(near Elgin) and in St. Lawrence Islands Natural Park. These studies have shown a declining population. Under the Ontario Species at Risk Act, regulations are being proposed that are aimed at protecting the Frontenac Axis Black Rat Snake population. Under the proposed regulations, Black Rat Snakes (which are called Grey Rat Snakes under the regulations) will become a protected species in a wide swath of Eastern Ontario to the south of Highway 7. Areas covered in the regulations cover the parts of Frontenac, Lanark and Leeds and Grenville Counties that are located south of Highway 7, as well as the City of Kingston and the Town of Perth. The proposed regulations would restrict, though not necessarily halt, development under three circumstances. In the rare locations where the snakes are known to hibernate, (the regulations call these hibernacula) a 150meter buffer may be imposed. In “natural or non-natural egg laying sites, communal shedding sites and communal basking sites” a 30-meter buffer may be imposed. The most surprising of the measures, however, is the final one. “Areas suitable for foraging, thermoregulation, hibernation, reproduction, dispersal, or migration within 1000 meters of any area that has been used by a Grey Rat Snake (Frontenac Axis population) would also be protected.” While that last provision is not altogether clear, it could be seen to imply that within a 1 kilometre radius of any sighting of a rat snake there would be restrictions on development, or at the very least, costly studies would be necessary before any building, clearing of brush, or road construction could take place. The News called the ministry for clarification about this 1000 meter distance but did not receive a response. Official responses to these proposed regulations were due on Monday of this week, and while a limited number of people received notification about the regulations in December, it seems that none of the residents in Frontenac County received notification from the ministry. (Again, we asked the ministry for information about what logic they used in de-

By Jeff Green


fforts have been underway for several years by the Lanark and Leeds Grenville Stewardship Councils, and have been taken up by the Frontenac Council as well, to promote public awareness of the unique value and characteristics of the Black Rat Snake, which is one of the species that make the Frontenac Axis of the Canadian Shield a unique biosphere. Mature Black Rat snakes, which are harmless to humans, can reach the length of 1.85 metres. They are the longest snakes found in Canada, and while they are common throughout the north-eastern United States, they are only found in two locations in Canada. In one of those locations, near Lake Erie in southwestern Ontario, they are an endangered species. The Frontenac Axis population, which is a genetically unique population, is in a much better position. The snakes continue to be plentiful, and from anecdotal accounts by people living near Otty Lake near Perth, 14 Island Lake near Verona, and other locations as well, they are a very common sight in the spring and summer time. Then can be found in sheds, climbing trees, splayed out on gravel roads on hot days, and occasionally even slithering across dining room floors during dinner parties. While snakes, particularly large snakes, are not always popular with humans, the Black Rat Snake has a lot of friends in the Frontenac Axis, and ongoing education campaigns pointing out their attributes and the role they have played in the local ecosystem for millennia have led to a more or less peaceful co-existence with the human population. Habitat loss has also not been a real concern, as pointed out in a recent MNR document. “The availability of suitable habitat in the Frontenac Axis [for the snakes] is thought to have increased over the past 100 years; much previously worked farmland is now fallow. However, any gains in this respect may have been counteracted by negative trends in other factors.” The negative trends referred to above relate to long-term studies at Murphy’s Point Provincial Park (near Perth), the Queen’s University Biological Station

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Elsie holding up her own banner at Pine Meadow

Elsie Snider turns 100 O Submitted by Mallory Wionzek

n January 23, Pine Meadow Nursing Home celebrated a very special birthday. Elsie Snider, whose birthday was the next day, January 24,was turn ing 100 years old! The residents were very excited to shower her with Happy Birthdays and a big card they made and signed. Barb Ellsworth, one of our residents, presented Elsie with many certificates, from the Queen to the prime minister, to congratulate her on her big day. Everyone enjoyed delicious cake and ice cream, and spending special moments throughout the party with Elsie. It’s hard to believe it has been 100 years since 1912. That was the year the Titanic set sail, and sank; it was the year Paramount pictures was founded; it was the year Albert Berry made the first jump out of a moving airplane with a parachute; it was the year our lovely Elsie Snider was born. From everyone at Pine Meadow Nursing Home, Happy 100th Birthday, Elsie!

South Frontenac to consider Caterpillar boycott C

ouncilor Bill Robinson wanted South Frontenac Council to make a political statement when it discussed buying a vibratory roller for its road crew at a Council meeting on Tuesday night, February 7. Robinson suggested that instead of accepting the lowest bid that met the tender criteria, $140,896.31 for a Caterpillar product, Council opt instead for a machine made by Bomag, a British company, for $1,724 more. “I’m sure everybody is aware of what Caterpillar did in London - offer the workers a 50% pay cut and then leave the country, putting 460 families out of work. I think we should move to the next bidder, for that reason,” said Robinson. “I sympathise with the people of London, my home town,” said Councilor Mark Tinlin, “but I don’t want to pe-

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nalize the South Frontenac taxpayers to do this.” “I’m not sure we can arbitrarily reject the lowest bid,” said Councilor Ron Vandewal. “If it’s for technical reasons, that’s fine, but for political reasons I’m not sure.” “We don’t have to accept the lowest bid,” said Robinson. “It says right in all of our tenders that we will not necessarily accept the lowest bid.” Mayor Davison suggested that the matter be referred to staff for advice on the legal implications of Bill Robinson’s proposal, and Council agreed. “I’m not saying I disagree with your tack, Councilor Robinson,” said Mayor Gary Davison after the decision was deferred, “I have a lot of sympathy for your position on this.” Earlier in the meeting Council decided to purchase a

John Deere grader for $332,000, which was over $16,000 higher than the price for a Caterpillar grader. In that case, however, Council’s decision was based upon a recommendation by Public Works Manager Mark Segsworth. Segsworth said that the Caterpillar grader was not available with a steering wheel. “Instead the steering is provided through joysticks on the arm rests. Our grader operators prefer the steering wheel, and that was what the tender specifications said so I don’t see why I should ignore the operators’ request,” said Segsworth. “I think that some time or another all such vehicles will come only with joysticks,” said Councilor Tinlin, “and the

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february 9, 2012

Seniors Housing – county wants to build A

s part of its Integrated Sustainability Initiative, Frontenac County has commissioned the same consultants who prepared the social housing strategy for the City of Kingston to complete a Seniors Community Housing pilot project study for the county. Ed Starr from SHS Consulting and Ken Foulds from Re/Fact Consulting are using 2006 census data, as well as data they collected working on the Kingston project (which had a rural component) along with information from a population study Frontenac County completed last April, as the basis for a more focused project this time around. This initiative is about identifying the kinds of projects that would be of greatest benefit to residents, have the best chance of being built, and what it would take to bring them about. To that end, meetings were held with stakeholder groups at the county offices in Glenburnie and in Sharbot Lake last week, and public meetings are going to be taking place at up to 8 locations throughout Frontenac County in mid to late March. In the presentations at the start of the meeting, Foulds and Starr laid out the statistical background for the county. The full time population in Frontenac County has increased substantially over the last 15 years, from 23,760 in 1996 to 28,100 in 2010, an 18.3% increase. The bulk of

that increase has been in South Frontenac. Of the 4340 new residents, 3600 are located in South Frontenac, which has seen a 23% population increase as compared to 13% in North Frontenac, 6% in Central Frontenac and 20% in Frontenac Islands. (This information will be updated this week when the population and dwelling results from the 2011 census are released) Other factors that are being taken into account include a projection that in Kingston and Frontenac County the proportion of seniors over 75 years old will double over the next 25 years, to 15% of the population. As well, the average income of senior households in Frontenac County is lower than it is for Kingston and the province as a whole, although only 11% of seniors in Frontenac County spend over 30% of their income on shelter, Another issue that the consultants have made note of is the housing stock in the county, which has been and is expected to continue to be made up almost exclusively (well over 90%) of single detached homes. And in contradiction to the stated goals of township Official Plans, residential development is expected to continue to be taking place on rural and waterfront lots, outside of the county’s hamlets, where the plans say development is to be focused. All of these factors led the consultants to conclude that seniors in Frontenac County are going to need more sup-

by Jeff Green

ports going forward if they are going to stay in their own homes, and that the forms of housing being built are not consistent with the particular needs of the seniors living in the county. Finances are also a limiting factor when seniors are making housing choices, and there is a need for more affordable housing options so seniors will be able to remain in their own communities. John McDougall is a member of Frontenac County Council from the Verona area, and he has taken on the portfolio for housing and social housing. This has meant working closely with the housing department of the City of Kingston, which manages housing services for Frontenac County as well. The housing initiative that is now underway involves the county directly in the development of new housing projects for the first time. “The goal of this exercise is to come up with a spectrum of solutions that will inform our planning for years, and to identify a pilot project that we can try to bring about in the short term,” said McDougall. One problem that will have to be addressed will be that of finances, because particularly in the case of social housing, projects only get built when federal or provincial money is available. (Further information about public meetings will be available later this month)

Critics slam ministry over Rat Snake regulations - continued from pg. 1 The motion then asks the province to consider steward- awareness programs will protect the population of the Grey ciding who to notify, but did not receive a response). Susan Freeman, the Deputy Reeve of Tay Valley Town- ship and education in favour of “burdensome restrictions Rat Snake, not habitat regulation. The proposed regulation ship, who lives on Otty Lake, did not receive a letter from that could result in property owner actions that run counter will alienate the majority of landowners who might be quite happy to protect their rat snakes, but now will be afraid to the ministry either, but one of her constituents did and sent to protecting Species at Risk.” Freeman said that the Tay Valley motion is being circu- admit that they have these threatened creatures on their it to her. She brought the issue up at Tay Valley Township and the Board of the Association of Municipalities of On- lated to other affected municipalities for support, and that land, for fear of being prosecuted under the Endangered Species Act.” tario (AMO). Lanark Frontenac Lennox and Last Tuesday, Tay Valley Township Addington MPP Randy Hillier, a passed a motion that outlined some of the Education and awareness programs will protect the population long time critic of the Species at impacts of the proposed regulations on Tay of the Grey Rat Snake, not habitat regulation - Gord Rodgers Risk Act, has also weighed in on Valley. the proposed regulations. In a The motion reads, in part: “The proposed media release that came out on regulations would have a dire and drastic Monday, February 6, Hillier said, impact on the future of the municipality, AMO, of which she is a board member, will be seeking a for instance: it poses a real threat to development; private meeting with the Minister of Natural Resources, Michael “This is just another example of Toronto environmental bureaucrats imposing burdensome and costly regulations on landowners will no longer be able to carry out even the Gravelle, later this month to discuss the regulations. simplest task on their property such as cutting dead or dan“We need to make the provincial government understand the residents of Rural Ontario. These biologists and sciengerous trees that threaten buildings or human safety; pro- that rural people have a deep appreciation of the place they tists from the MNR can’t even provide basic evidence and vincial park personnel and conservation authorities will no live in and making rules like this, with no consultation, won’t analysis to demonstrate a need for these new regulations, longer be able to put in new camp sites, clear areas, erect do any good at all, particularly for the species they are try- yet alone grasp the impact their proposals have on property value and future land development.” or tear down buildings, remove trees or branches, build or ing to protect,” Freeman said. MPP Steve Clark, from Leeds-Grenville, said, “This grade roads, or anything that would violate the rules of the The theme of the new regulations being a detriment to regulation; Hydro One and Bell will not be able to add or conservation efforts for the rat snakes was central to a dictatorial approach to species protection is like using a remove poles, brush trees or clear vegetation for new lines; submission that Gord Rodgers, the president of both the sledgehammer to kill a housefly and actually undermines County and Township municipalities will no longer be able Frontenac Stewardship Council and the 14 Island Lake conservation efforts by creating justifiable resentment and to grade roads, control noxious weeds along roadways, re- Property Owners Association, sent to the ministry recently. mistrust among property owners.” As for the Black Rat Snakes themselves? They could not pair or build fences, issue building or demolition permits Rogers’ submission included the following: “When we live without extreme red tape.” in an area where the habitat of this species is everywhere be reached for comment, because, just like some of the ofaround us, habitat regulation will not work. Education and ficals at the MNR, they are hidden away in hibernacula.

South Frontenac Council report - continued from page 1 operators might as well get used to them now, especially when it is going to cost us $16,000 more.”

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Tinlin was the only one who held to that position, and in an 8-1 vote the purchase of the John Deere grader was approved. Waste Management issues – Mark Segsworth informed Council that at the Keeley Road facility, southeast of Sydenham, waste management staff will be ready to recycle hay baler wrap within the next month or two. “We will contact some farmers directly when we are up and running to do some testing, and then it will be available for everyone,” he said. Councilor Larry York, who has been pushing for a baler wrap recycling program for several years, said that the township should inform all local farmers “that recycling for baler wrap is coming within one to two months and they should store up their wrap instead of it going up in smoke.” Mark Segwworth also informed Council that the Certificate of Approval for the Keeley Road Household Hazardous Waste Depot has been amended. It will now be possible for the township to open the depot year round, and the town-

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The Frontenac News welcomes articles and letters, but we cannot publish all the submissions we receive. All submissions must include the author’s name and phone number. We reserve the SINCE 1970 right to edit submissions for brevity, clarity, and taste. Please limit letters to 300 words or less; articles to 500 words or less.

Addington Highlands Council

by Jeff Green


lans to expand the holding capacity of the Denbigh waste site may come to fruition by July, after a further water test is completed this spring. If the results of the test fit within ministry guidelines, the final approval for the expansion of the site will be in the ministry’s hands. “This would have happened quite a bit sooner if the whole thing did not sit on someone’s desk at the Kingston office for months and months,” said Public Works Manager Royce Rosenblath. The township has invested considerable effort, and cost, doing engineering studies, environmental assessments, purchasing land, and preparing the site, in the hopes of achieving the expansion, which will significantly increase the overall dumping capacity in Addington Highlands should the Ontario Ministry of the Environment give the goahead. Ratepayer flummoxed by MPAC Jim Snider appeared before Council to talk about a dispute he has had with the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation over several pieces of property that he owns, which have been assessed and reassessed on numerous occasions over the last five years. “I don’t consider myself an idiot but you have to be a little bit that way just to get in the door with MPAC,” he said. In the end, Mr. Snider owes money to the township in back taxes, and he said he wants to come up with a total owing that relates to the value of his lots. Council said they would have to look into the details of the case before making a decision. Denbigh Community Centre – Councilor Tony Fritsch reported that the food bank has moved into the new centre, and that a boiler problem that surfaced in January has been resolved. An application for a public access defibrillator at the centre is being completed. Fixed rules for Deputy Reeve selection – Since amalgamation, Council has never had a fixed rule about how it selects its deputy reeve, a position that includes membership on Lennox and Addington County Council. By convention, the position has gone to the councilor who received the largest share of the vote in the ward other than the one the reeve comes from, and the bylaw will make

it an official policy.

Budget meeting date set – Council will hold a special meeting to consider the 2012 budget on Thursday, March 1.

SF Council conclusion continued from page 2

ship is no longer restricted to taking hazardous waste from only South Frontenac residents. But Segsworth is not planning to make any changes in the operation in the very near future. “We will have to negotiate with other townships before we can accept any of their residents’ waste, and as far as opening the depot before April this year, I haven’t had time to work on that with all the attention that has been paid to other waste matters over the last month or so. I think 2012 will be a very interesting year when it comes to solid waste management in South Frontenac,” Segsworth said with a tinge of irony in his voice. Speed limit changes – Council passed a bylaw setting new speed limits on four roads. Spooner Road east of Perth Road will have a 60 km/hr posting, while Dover Road east of Latimer Road will have a 50 km/hr limit. Horning Road, running west off Sydenham Road, will be a 60 km/hr road, while Orser Road from the junction with Sydenham Road to 3.8 kilometres west of Sydenham Road will have a 70 km/hr limit. Black Rat Snake – Councilor John McDougall brought the potential Black Rat Snake regulations to Council’s attention. Mayor Davison said staff will look into the matter and Council will address it at an upcoming meeting. “I remember when those snakes would come out of the limestone and we would just whack them with a crow bar,” said Davison, a mason by trade, “but I guess that’s not the way things are done anymore since they are on the endangered species list.”

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Letters to the Editor A history of garbage in Re: Old Age Security Open letter to Scott Reid South Frontenac am writing to you about Bill C-25, which

Five years later – Denbigh W dump expansion still pending SINCE 1970

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hen I first moved into our township 35 years ago, I could see garbage bags, tires and other items adorning our ditches. Fellow residents realized that with a little effort, those items could be taken to the local dump for disposal, thus making our roadsides less unsightly. All manner of household garbage (and hazardous waste) could be placed into bags and thrown into the “pile” at the dump. In some areas, it would even be picked up at the door. Then we became environmentally conscious. We could separate our recyclables and place them into the proper containers at the landfill. When this became unmanageable, we moved to a system of household pick-up. Of course, we needed to tag our regular garbage with plastic tags, progressing to coloured stickers. We now have advanced (or regressed) to various coloured or clear bags depending on your district. Recycling has become somewhat simpler, as long as you can remember the correct week. Even hazardous waste now has its own process for disposal. I feel much more self-satisfied that I am sending considerably more items to recycling than to the dump, with the frequency of each greatly reduced due to careful shopping. Ah, at last, life has become simpler and we can maintain this ingrained procedure ad infinitem. But wait, in comes the Ministry of the Environment to tell us that we’ve been doing it all wrong and that we are going to have to shut down our Portland waste site because a frog died. Possibilities include trucking our garbage to a far-off site and “waste management costs in South Frontenac will go out the window”, not to mention the impact of additional trucking on our environment. Check my opening sentence….fast forward 35years. Doug Boulter

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will increase the retirement age to 67 and systematically reduce the Old Age Security (OAS) for Canada's most vulnerable Elders. I'm disappointed that your party has voted to limit debate on this important issue to only two days. The concerns expressed in our House of Commons should represent those of all the Citizens of Canada. To quell Parliamentary debate is to muzzle the public and keep us in the dark. Public discussion is warranted on this issue because the plan to cutback our pensions was not mentioned during the election campaign, and was unheard of until PM Harper announced his intentions at Davos last week. Experts such as Jack Mintz, head of the public policy school at the University of Calgary, say that our pension system is quite robust and not in need of drastic overhaul, just responsible management. The idea of making Canadians work for two more years before retiring makes no sense when we have young people unemployed. As well, the most vulnerable seniors, who are already on government support, will now require two more years of payments from the provinces. That is no saving to taxpayers because the same citizens pay for both services (i.e. us). I don't believe that taking money from seniors is the way to fix the economy. I urge you to vote against this bill and show you care about our senior citizens, many of whom voted for you and who may reconsider next time. Steev Morgan

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will offering - proceeds to go to United Church. · Karaoke will be held again this Friday, 8pm at Arden Legion - last week was the start and it turned out very well.

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· Thanks to my sister Marie for the article on Groundhog Day. Apparently it came from German settlers who believed that an animal frightened by its shadow on Candlemas day indicated that winter would last for another six weeks. The original animal was a hedgehog and the first official Groundhog Day was February 2, 1887 in Punxsutawney, Pa. · Looking for an email on how Valentine’s Day originated! And while we’re on the subject of Valentine’s Day get your tickets soon for the Valentine’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party happening on Saturday February 18. I have approximately 20 tickets left, so hurry before they’re all gone. · St. Luke’s United Church congregation wish to extend their heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped with the church’s 2011 events - the dinners, walkathon and the Randy Quade Benefit. · The Community Food Bank has moved to the Addington Highland’s Community Center in Denbigh. It will be open on Tuesdays from 12 noon to 3p.m. For further information please contact Ruby Malcolm at 613-333-1449. · The Denbigh Recreation Committee is hosting “Music-InThe-Hall” on Sun. Feb. 12 starting at 1p.m. New musicians are always welcomed and donations to the Community Food Bank are appreciated. · Denbigh Euchre will be on Friday Feb. 10 starting at 7p.m sharp at the Denbigh Township Hall. · The Lions Club Seniors Food & Fellowship is happening on Wednesday Feb. 15 at the Lions Hall starting at 12 noon. · HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!


Jean Campbell 613-374-5718 · Sympathy is extended to the family and relatives in the Godfrey area of the late Bertha Lloyd who passed away January 28, 2012. Bertha was born and raised in Godfrey and attended Piccadilly Sunday School with us all at that time. · Congratulations to Bruce Fitzgerald who will be celebrating his 40th Birthday on February 17. · I was unable to attend the last Bedford Open Mic but understand it was standing room only. Keep up the good work. · Tip: A good quick frosting can be made by boiling a small potato, mashing it, and adding powdered sugar and vanilla.

HARROWSMITH Kelly Calthorpe


· The men are in the kitchen as the Knights of Columbus of Railton are preparing for their Chili Fest Supper on Sat. Feb. 11, 5-7pm at St. Patrick’s Parish Hall. Adults are $8; children 12 & under are only $4. A comfort meal for these winter days · Keep looking for your dancing shoes!! Tickets for the Valentine’s Dance in support of Harrowsmith Public School will still be available at the door. If you want to surprise your special someone with a night of dancing, music, food, prizes please call Cindy, 613-372-1633; email · Kitchens all over the area are cooking up some deli-


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Sharbot Lake Site:

Bob Fisher 613-279-3078 Toll Free 1-800-266-7516 Fax: 613-544-6320 Email:

february 9, 2012 cious dinners so you don’t have to. Mark your calendars for a Beef Supper on February 19 at the Golden Links Hall in Harrowsmith and then follow up with a Turkey Dinner on February 24 at St. Paul’s United Church also in Harrowsmith. · The Social & Athletic Club is losing a valuable member of their team, Baseball Chair Wayne Closs, who has spent many years volunteering and organizing Harrowsmith Ball. The club and the community would like to extend heartfelt thanks for Wayne’s many years of volunteering. This leaves the S&A Club with the need for a new Baseball Chair for the 2012 season. The position requires someone to organize baseball teams and collect registration fees at the March sign up. For more information, please call Dan Bell 613-372-1910. · The “Friends of the Point” Committee is holding a fundraiser Dance & Silent Auction on Fri. Feb. 24, 8pm at Sydenham High School, with Bauder Road and Still Standin’. A buffet lunch will be served. Bus ride home will be available at 1am to Verona, Harrowsmith, Sydenham, Perth Road & Inverary areas. Tickets are $15 pp, available at Sydenham One Stop, Mill Street Pizzeria and from committee members.

HENDERSON Jean Brown Georgina Wathen

613-336-2516 613-336-9641

· Special thinking of you to Rick Belwa. · Comings and goings to Henderson included Mitchell Gurnsey, Erin Cooper & family, and Joanne Robertson. · This Saturday Feb. 11, the Arden United Church will feature another famous breakfast with eggs as you like them. It's always a fun time with tasty food in large quantities. · Don't forget our service people on Valentine's Day, especially our fabulous postal rural route folks- they always make it through for us · Set aside Friday Feb. 17 for the Fiddlers in Northbrook- a real fun time and a cure for cabin fever doldrums that are upon us this time of year. · Also we are looking forward to the annual fishing derby on Sat. Feb. 25 and this is always so much fun while raising funds for so many worthwhile projects. Folks have been ice fishing regularly and report some good feeds. · The next Harlowe dance happens on the evening of Sat. Feb. 25- so one can fish all day and dance all night. - Jean · Thinking of you to Ashley Jardine. My son got a promotion to welding supervisor and we are so proud of him. Through the Roof Ministry recently featured the Arney family to the delight of a large congregation. -Georgina

MISSISSIPPI Pearl Killingbeck


· There will be a Sweetheart Poker Run & Roast Beef dinner Sat. Feb. 11 at Snow Road Snowmobile Club. For $25 you will get breakfast, the run, poker hand supper and dance. If you don’t want the package deal you can get them separately: breakfast $7.50; poker hand $5; supper $12; dance $5. You do not have to be a snowmobiler to buy poker tickets. The dance is at 8pm with Tunz DJ. · Happy birthday to George Clement and Steve Hermer. · Following worship on Sunday we had a lovely potluck luncheon before our annual meeting.



· Happening on the second Wednesday of each month, at 12 noon is the Althorpe-Bolingbroke Seniors Club, at the ABC Hall. Come on out and have some fun, companionship, and enjoy a potluck lunch. For more information call Joanne 613-279-1106, or Joyce 613-273-4832 · Ian at the Fall River Restaurant would like to invite you out Wednesday nights from 6 to 10pm for a Bluegrass Jam. The Fall River Restaurant is interested in promoting and exposing local musicians to the community they live in, so come on out and enjoy the live music. · Rob Bowyer of Maberly would like to introduce you to Tai Chi Wednesday mornings from 9-10:30. If you are interest-

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The County of Frontenac is seeking proposals from companies or individuals, who wish to have the opportunity to provide Project Management Services for the North Frontenac Joint Land Ambulance/Fire station project.

Sharbot Lake Veterinary Services 613-279-2780

For more information, interested parties should consult: Submissions must be received by: Tuesday February 14, 2012 at 3 p.m. 17597 Road 509, Sharbot Lake, ON  K0H 2P0

Tuesday & Thursday 2 - 4 p.m. Emergencies: 613-376-3618

Sydenham Veterinary Services A.A.H.A Accredited Hospital

february 9, 2012


ed give him a call at 268-2777 · Welcome Home Martin Yates. We hope your visit to England was everything you expected it to be. · Feel like Snowshoeing this weekend? Why not try Foley Mountain? For more information about snowshoeing on Foley Mountain this Sat. Feb. 11, contact Rebecca at 273-3255.



· “Help Haiti Heal” Mission Trip. Throught the Roof Ministries in Flinton is leading a Haiti work mission trip. Pastor Bruce Kellar and a team of 10 participants, 11 in all, will be leaving February 10 to work on a school. Through the Roof is co-ordinating this trip and they ask that you pray for the team. They will be returning March 5. · Happy Birthday to Louise Kring, Arland Rosenblath, Nelson Rose, and Luke Meeks, one year old. Get well wishes to Jean Meeks. · Everyone is welcome at The Cloyne and District Historical Society’s Feb 20 meeting in the Barrie Hall at 1pm. Bring a memento from your family’s history and share the story. · Land O’ Lakes Emmanuel United Church Pastoral Charge believes that church buildings should serve the community. For some time they have been showing movies in Cloyne United Church on the last Friday of each month. Because many folks have long standing commitments for that day, the movie night has now been changed to the first Friday of the month. Bring your friends and family to the award-winning film “The Martian Child” to be shown on First Friday Free Flicks on March 2 at 7PM.


613-335-4531 email:

· Our sympathies to John Purdon and family at the passing of his sister, Bernice, who lived in Quebec. · Happy birthday to Stephanie Stacey, Sharon Meeks, Roseanne Burke, Doug Hawley, Terry Steele, Sheena Price, Valerie Beechey, Chantel Teal, Joanne Abrams, Frank Teal, Janice Conway, Rick Steele. · Thinking of Shirley Noonan, June Fox, Glen Fox, Larry Woods, Velma Porter, Sylvia Powers, Ken Smith, Tom Wilson, Scott Cowdy, Lyn Uens, Barbie Matson, Chase Matson. · The annual congregational meeting for Mountain Grove church will be held on Feb. 12 after the morning service. · Over the weekend my son’s two dogs sniffed out a porcupine den and the vet removed over 100 quills. Very painful for both the dogs and owner! · It is great that a few young people are taking the Hunters Ed and Safety course. · It was great to see Wilbur and Dawn Cox at the church service last Sunday as Dawn was the organist for the hymns. · The Frontenac Bantam Rep Team played Campbellford last Saturday and tied 3-3 after overtime, then on Sunday at Campellford this Frontenac Rep team won 5-1. What an exciting game! The Frontenac Pee-wee team played at Amherstview and tied. It also was a great game to watch.

SYDENHAM Anita Alton

613-376-6333 rideauraingutter@

· Co-ed volleyball will be held at Sydenham High School every Tues night from 7 -9 pm until mid-May. Only $25 for the whole session. Welcome to anyone over the age of 18. Nice way to get moving in the cold months!! (Note -- there will NOT be volleyball on Tuesday Feb 14.) · At Sydenham High School tomorrow, February 10 from 12:30 to 1:30pm, "Desserts for Drew" will be held. The event is a fundraiser for Drew Cumpson, who became paralysed as the result of an accident. The event is open to the public and you can get a plate of desserts for $5, donations accepted; info: 613-376-3612. Cards and well wishes can be sent to Andrew Cumpson 2WD, Room #253, West Park Healthcare Centre, 82 Buttonwood Ave., Toronto, ON, M6M 2J5. · Also, Don't forget to come out to the Point Fundraiser


Walk Ins Welcome as time permits. Professionals to serve you.For an appointment, please call Sue, or Janet 1045 Village Woods Dr. Sharbot Lake


Katie Ohlke


· On Saturday, Feb. 18, there will be a Jack's JAM at the Clar-Mill Community Hall in Plevna - 2 - 9 pm. Potluck Supper so bring a dish and enjoy the music. If you play a musical instrument, sing, or dance, join in and entertain the crowd. Sponsored by the Clar-Mill Community Volunteers. · Tuesday, Feb. 21 is the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper 5 - 7 p.m. Adults $8, Children 6 - 12 $4, Ages 5 and under free at the Clar-Mill Community Hall in Plevna. Sponsored by the Clar-Mill Community Volunteers. · Happy Birthday to Marlene Leeson who celebrated on the 5th; Carla McNeil-Thompson who celebrated on the 7th; and Rose Tooley who celebrated on the 13th! Wishing you many more happy and healthy years!


9504 Road 38 Godfrey, ON K0H 1T0 T: 613-374-2023

friendships and acquaintances, and is testament to the adage that it takes a village to raise a child. In this instance it took a global village to raise this child.” Kudos to Linda and her team, and to everyone in Verona and area who contributed funds and supplies to make this trip a success. The team is already planning a return trip to Haiti in 2014. To help, save your pop cans and call Linda at 613-374-1307 for Linda Bates and Carline delivery info. · The Frontenac Farmers Market reopens this Sat. Feb. 11. Pick up that unique Valentine's present from one of the many vendors’ selections of hand made crafts. Fill those empty pantries. Start the morning with a delicious Lions Breakfast served fresh and hot from the Lions Club kitchen. Verona Lions Club, 9 am to 12 noon. · Join The Bell Rock Community Hall Association for a Potluck Supper on Sat. Feb. 11, 5:30pm at the Bell Rock Hall. Bring a dish and enjoy good company. · The Quilting Group meets at Trinity United Church in Verona from 9 am till noon on Wed. Feb. 15. For more information call Ann McDougall at 613 374-2516. · Play euchre on Thursday February 16 Lunch is at noon, euchre at 1 pm. Cash prizes and lunch all included for $2. Bellrock Community Centre. For more information call Nancy Wagar 613-358-2368 or Tillie Koshowski 613-374-2850.


Debbie Lingen


· Welcome back to Linda Bates and her team who just returned from Haiti. Linda reports that the trip was a tremendous success. They had ambitious goals and they accomplished them all. The team returned to Grison-Garde after a threeyear absence. The cholera outbreak in Haiti had prevented them from visiting the village on their trip last year. They arrived at Grison-Garde to an enthusiastic welcome from the entire parish and community of St. Therese. The parish held a special Mass in their honor, then the team set to work. They finished the library and kindergarten rooms at the school; they bought and delivered 300 chairs to the school; and they supplied water bottles to all the senior students. Now the students have a means to carry fresh water - a rare commodity - from the school to their homes. For the last two years Linda held many sewing bees in our area and the results - clothing to clothe 1000 children with sun dresses, shorts, T-shirts and underwear. They also delivered much needed medical supplies. Linda and her team had many memorable moments and Linda’s favourite was reconnecting with a child whom she thought she would never see again. Three years ago, Linda befriended 9-year-old Carline who was severely malnourished, weighing only 32 pounds. Through all the wonderful work provided by all the international teams that visited Grison-Garde over the last three years, Carline is now a strong, beautiful energetic young lady. In Linda’s words, “After many hugs, kisses and tears, Carline renewed many

Colleen Steele Christine Teal

613-375-6219 613-375-6525

· Thinking of you to Glen & June Fox, Gerald Howes, Mr. Peichl and Elgin Young. · Condolences to the family of the late Steve Amey (Alcan worker). · Don't forget the Oddfellows Ham and Scalloped Potato supper Saturday from 5-7pm. · One more volleyball team is needed for the tournament at Sharbot Lake High School this Saturday. If you are up for the challenge call Tina Howes 613-375-8152. · Sharbot Lake High School is the fun place to be on Sunday Feb. 19, 10am to 2 pm for the Retro-Community Winter Carnival. Many games are being planned for ages 4 & up. Chili lunch will be served with hot chocolate and those oh so delicious "Beaver Tails". The community is invited. Be sure to be there! Call the school for more information.

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Frontenac Heritage Festival PHOTO CONTEST RULES ENTRY DEADLINE: February 17th, 2012, at 5 p.m.

Valentine’s Day Dinner Circle Square Ranch, Arden February 14, 6PM

*Roast Beef Dinner *Door Prizes $30/couple Tickets: 613-335-5403 or All proceeds to new building.


Sat. Feb. 11th & Open Every Saturday Morning 9 A.M. – Noon Verona Lions Hall

4504 Verona Sand Rd. Verona

Jennifer Clow

For Our Aging

dance on Friday Feb 24 at the high school. Get your tickets at the Legion or at Sydenham One Stop · 'The Crossing.' St. Paul's Anglican Church is teaming up with local musician Jason Silver to offer a spiritual experience which is contemporary yet authentic, real and deep. Begins on Sat. Feb. 11, 7 to 8pm. All are welcome. For more info, email, call (613) 3763003 or visit the church at · St. Paul's is holding its Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper on Feb 21 from 5-7pm. Adults $7 Children $3. All welcome. · Wing Night at the Legion on Thursday Feb 16 from 5-8. Bring the whole family. · St Patrick’s in Railton is hosting the Knights of Columbus Chili Fest on Sat. Feb 11, 5-7; adults $8; under 12 years $4.


Shop for locally raised meat, vegetables, local preserves, honey, coffee, baking, fine arts & crafts & more Breakfast available & prepared by

Verona Lions Club Interested in joining the Lions call Wayne 613-374-3807 or Louise 613-374-3333

CATEGORIES: PEOPLE; NATURE; RECREATION; Youth 18 YEARS OLD & UNDER ENTRY RULES: 1. You must be an AMATEUR photographer 2. Photographs must be taken in Frontenac County. 3. You may enter one photo in each of the three categories. Youth 18 AND UNDER: Please indicate your age/birthday in your submission. 4. All photos must be submitted as .jpeg files via email to fhfestival@ a. PEOPLE: Almost anything goes – portrait or panoramic shots of folks in The Frontenacs b. NATURE: Landscape or wildlife (“still” photography) c. RECREATION: ACTION shots of fun filled activities. The sport or activity should be the dominant focus of the photo. d. YOUTH 18 & UNDER: Only open to this age group. 5. For all categories, photo quality, composition and exposure are important. Colour or black & white photos are permitted however the size of the photo must be at least 5x7 and no larger than 8x10 @ 300 dpi. 6. Your email should contain your name, address, phone number, approximate date of photo, location of photo, and category you are entering. 7. A panel of independent judges will choose the winners. Prizes will be awarded to first place in each category. 8. Your submission must arrive by email to with the subject line “Photo Contest”, or burned onto a CD and dropped off at the Township office at 1084 Elizabeth St., Sharbot Lake, by February 17th, 2012. By entering the contest, you give the Frontenac Heritage Festival Committee permission to publish your submission in the newspapers and on the web site and photos submitted will become the property of the Township of Central Frontenac. The winners will be announced during the Frontenac Heritage Festival along with a slide show of the entries on Friday February 24, 2012 at the Maples Restaurant in Sharbot Lake at 7PM. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend. Visit our new Heritage Festival website at frontenacheritagefestival/ to see your pictures, along with many others. Or visit Mayor Gutowski’s Facebook page for more information.




february 9, 2012

The Wedding Cake – No Longer A Symbol Of Male Domination

by Jeff Green

The families of Matthew Defosse & Kareese Lumley are pleased to announce their Engagement to be Married July 6, 2013, in Cloyne, ON.

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So many of our modern traditions have their roots in a murky past, and the wedding cake is no exception. Nowadays the wedding cake is all about providing a fitting end to the wedding meal, with the sweetness of the cake symbolizing the sweetness of the day. In Roman times, however, it was all about the power of the husband. A loaf of barley bread was prepared and after eating some of it, the groom would break it over the bride’s head, symbolizing the breaking of the bride’s virginal state and the subsequent dominance of the groom over her - or so the story goes. Over the centuries this tradition gave way to a variety of other traditions involving preparing breads and sweet buns to be presented to the bride or dropped on the bride. The significance of these traditions related more to providing good wishes for having the marriage blessed with many children than with the groom being dominant in the marriage. In England, before the advent of the modern cake, a bridal pie was prepared, with all manner of ingredients. One recipe called for mixed cockscombs, lamb testicles, sweetbreads, oysters and (mercifully) plenty of spices. Another version called for boiled calf’s feet. The modern version of a tiered cake with white icing is based both on white being a symbol of purity and also the fact that in 19th century England, as the society grew wealthy refined sugar became more and more available, and the more sugar a family could afford, the more elaborate the white wedding cakes became. Pieces of cake have been wrapped up and given to guests for good luck for at least 300 years, and even in Roman times guests would scramble to grab crumbs off the ground after the bread was broken over the bride’s head, the crumbs being associated with fertility. Wedding cakes can be elaborate or more simple, and with the cost of modern weddings running into the tens of thousands of dollars in many cases, spending hundreds on a cake is not much of a stretch.

But there are some cakes that have taken things to another level entirely. In terms of cost, the one that 'takes the cake' was produced in 2006 for a Luxury Bridal Show in Hollywood, California. It was prepared by Nahid La Patisserie Artistique along with jewelers Mimi So, and was decorated with precious jewels – estimated cost - $20 million. A more practical cake was made in 2005 by a Japanese pastry chef. While it contains 223 diamonds, the rest of the cake is fully edible – estimated cost - $1.65 million. A Dallas bakery prepared their own version of a diamond cake for a Dallas bridal show, which was transported to the show in an armored vehicle – estimated cost - $1.3 million. In comparison, a chocolate cake laced with edible gold, prepared by a New York bakery and selling for a mere $12,000 is quite a bargain - but then again, it's not a very large cake. One way to present a fancy looking cake on a budget is to have the cake made of a cheaper material, say styrofoam. Elaborate 3-tiered, styrofoam cakes, which have a single layer of real cake incorporated into them for slicing by the marrying couple, are quite common in some circles. The cake is wheeled out in a cart, and the single piece is cut by the bride and groom for everyone to see and for cameras and video-cameras to record for posterity. After the fake cake is cut by the couple, it is wheeled back into the kitchen. Back in the kitchen the staff are busily cutting up a simple slab cake into 100, 150, or 200 pieces depending on the size of the wedding, and the guests are none the wiser. Even if some of the guests could tell that the cake was really made out of packing styrofoam, no one would say anything to ruin the occasion, would they?

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february 9, 2012

Bantam Fury Champs



Celebration for Skills Links grads

By Mitch Fallis

by Julie Druker ight young adults received numerous certificates at a graduation ceremony held at the St. Lawrence Employment Centre in Sharbot Lake on Feb. 2 after completing the Skills Links Blossoms program there. Graduates received one certificate from the Employment Service in recognition of all the workshops they completed in the programs, as well as a certificate from St. Lawrence College for completing the entire Skills Links Back l-r: Sonni Teal, Jessica Patterson, Josh St. Pierre, Brittany Knapp, Blossoms program. front: Katie Hoadley, Tiffany Ducharme, Nick Tanner and John Sweet Each student also received a letter of appre- definitely hoping to see this others are still in the prociation from the Township program run again within the cess of making other career of Central Frontenac, who year but are also looking at decisions. Both students benefited from a number of some other upcoming pro- and staff who sat down to enjoy their final lunch tohands-on construction proj- gramming options as well.” Some of the graduates will gether were impressed by ects the students completed under the tutelage of Bill now be entering the work- the amount of the work that force, some will be finishing was accomplished during Young. It was a bittersweet day their high school education the 12-week program and for the students, many of and some will be returning to all deemed the program an whom expressed sadness other school programs, while overwhelming success. that their time together was coming to a close. However, they also looked forward to moving ahead in their lives armed with numerous new skills and knowledge. Ashley Barrie, who coordinated the program, which was offered through the St. Lawrence College Employment Centre, said, “We are



ast weekend the Fury Bantam team competed in the Brockville Angels tournament, coming away as tournament champions! In five games the girls outscored their opponents 17-5, with Goalie Jade Robinson recording two shutouts with the help of her four fantastic defencemen: Tori Babcock, Katherine Newton, Hannah Barnett and Morgan Greenslade. Strong offensive performances from Chloe Watson and Kayley Gill, who both notched hat tricks, Dana Fallis with five goals, Claire Willis with two, Kaliegh Churchmuch and Hannah Barnett with one apiece, led the girls to a tournamentperfect 5-0 record. Their coaches and fans greatly enjoyed watching the team play harder in every game with an impressive 5-2 win over a strong Cornwall team in the title game. The Cornwall coaches were very complimentary of the skill level and sportsmanship displayed by the Fury players, and their coaches could not have been more proud.

Other Fury news: As the season heads for the playoffs, the Frontenac Fury Girls Hockey organization is having another great year. From the Atoms on up to the Midgets, the players are practicing hard, competing in games, and having a blast. · This year's Atom Girls have a 9-6-1 record, having played 11 league games, 2 exhibition games and competed in the Ice wolves Tournament and have stayed in 4th place. They have 7 regular season games left and 2 upcoming tournaments, so they are hoping to keep up this momentum and finish the season with a bang. · After 13 games the PeeWee Fury are in 5th place. The girls played very well in their first tournament, making it to the semi-final game, thanks to an excellent performance by our first year playing in net, Rhiannon Murphy, stopping all 3 shooters in a 2-1 shoot out victory. The team is looking forward to having a very good second half of the season.

· The Bantam girls are having a great year, leading their division and having lost only one game so far. Goaltending is terrific with 57 goals scored by the players, and only 9 goals against so far this year, with a number of shutouts. A recent 5-0 tournament showing in Brockville brought the girls home with the tournament championship. The players are having a lot of fun and representing the organization very well. The Midget girls are now at 6 wins, 13 losses and 7 ties. After a slow start the team has come together and are now playing very well, outscoring opponents and keeping a very low goals against average. The girls are having fun and playing hard.

North of 7 Restaurant Valentine’s All You Can Eat

Chinese Buffet

Saturday Feb. 11

Reserve Early for


Valentine’s Day!

from 2 pm - 7 pm



Reservations Recommended. 7325 Hwy 506 Plevna, Ontario  613-479-2603

The team at Fall River Restaurant have put together another exquisite dinner menu sure to please you and that special someone! Call for reservations or info.

21980 Highway 7 at Maberly 613-268-2882 ProAlliance Realty, Brokerage

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Hinchinbrooke Kenya Fun Fair


n February 2, the Kenya Fun Fair at Hinchinbrooke Public School had visitors from the Sharbot Lake Detachment of the O.P.P. to take part in the Egg Race. This is the second




here's nothing like planning the garden and starting some seedlings to make spring arrive faster... Come to the MERA Schoolhouse in McDonalds Corners to share garden ideas and swap extra seeds at a Community Seed Swap on Sun. Feb. 19, from 9 am to 2 pm. It's a drop-in day - bring seeds, pots, tools to set out on the display tables. Then peruse what others have brought to discover new varieties to try.

Kenya Fun Fair this year as Hinchinbrooke continues to support Kenyan children.

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february 9, 2012




Gordon Charles Wood

Née O’Shaughnessy, (previously Caldwell) Passed peacefully at home, on Wednesday, February 1, 2012. Frances is survived by her loving husband Ellard and her family of Gayle Caldwell; Brian Caldwell (late Esther); Kathy Lauzon (Jean-Guy); Jaime Stitt (Sandy) and the late Vicki Caldwell. Fondly remembered by 6 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren, her many nieces, nephews and all who loved her dearly. The family received friends at the HANNAH FUNERAL HOME in Tamworth on Friday from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Mass of Christian Burial at the Church of the Assumption, Erinsville on Saturday, February 4 at 11:00 a.m. Followed by cremation. In lieu of flowers, donations to the Cancer Society, in her memory, would be appreciated.

Every day, in some small way, Memories of you come our way. Though absent, you are ever near Still missed, still loved and ever dear Forever in our hearts Margaret, Kelly & Mike

Cheston Campbell October 6, 1986 - February 11, 2007. Time hasn't healed our sorrow Our silent tears still fall As we remember five years ago We got that fateful call. Dear Chet, you will remain loved & cherished in our lives forever. Sadly missed by Gram Jean Campbell, Dad Ron and sister Sasha.


Thank You - Taylor

Thank You - Bauder

The family of the late Roger Bauder wishes to extend our heartfelt thanks for the many act of kindness we received in our loss. The comfort we received from your many visits, calls, sympathy cards, prayers, floral tributes, charitable donations and wonderful food will not be forgotten. A special thanks to Steve Price for his Gold Medal tribute to Roger. Thank you to the wonderful nurses and staff on Davies 4 and Kidd 2 ICU for the special care that was given to Roger. Thank you to Rev. Patsy Henry for being there all the time when times were hard to endure. Thank you to Jenn Bauder, Rick Revelle, John Bullock and Shawn Fennell for the kind words that were spoken of Roger. All will be a lasting tribute of the cherished memories of this wonderful man. A Special thanks to everyone who contributed to the funeral luncheon that was held at the Verona Lions Hall. FUNERAL SERVICES

Maschke Funeral Home Northbrook

(613) 336-6873 1-888-336-3725

In loving memory of a dear nephew and cousin,

Sydenham, On 613-376-3022

Cheston Campbell who left us on February 11, 2007. Five years ago to-day you tragically left us. Not a day goes by that we don’t mention your name. Your pictures still grace our home with your charming smile, reminding us of all the good times we had together. Tears still flow as we think of what might have been. We love you and always will. There will always be that special place in our hearts just for you. Rest in Peace, dear Cheston. Love, Auntie Heather, Uncle Doug, Darrin, Charlene, Emma, Chase, Savannah and Raven

The family of the late Reginald Powley (Mike) wishes to extend our heartfelt thank you for the many kind words of sympathy during our time of loss, and for all the fond memories told us by people who hunted with him, who played sports with him or worked with him and were fortunate enough to be touched by his sense of humor. Thanks to Maschke Funeral Home (Derek, Betty and Joe) for being so helpful and sensitive to our many needs and requests; to Pastor Kellar and the Legion members for the service in memory of a WWII veteran; to Pastor Klatt for a wonderful service and always being a solid rock for our family many times over; for the poem eulogies by son Mike Jr., friend Pat, and Ryan’s outstanding tribute to his Grandpa; to the eight grandsons who were pallbearers; and to the piper Wayne Reid, who braved the weather to play at the service and at the gravesite. Thank you to the granddaughters and granddaughters-in-law who prepared a delicious luncheon after the committal. Thank you to Larry and Cheryl Presley for their help, and also to many others. The phone calls, sympathy cards, charitable donations and floral tributes from as far away as Holland will never be forgotten. Thank you to Dr. Tobia, Sue and Brenda for all their care, the ambulance attendants, the Denbigh Fire Department and Renfrew Victoria Hospital for the kindness shown to us at this time. Thank you to the road crew who stayed the course and kept the roads clear in the eye of the storm. Once again thank you one and all. The Powley family.

A Promise for You “Therefore holy brothers and sisters .. fix your thoughts on Jesus” Hebrews 3: 1


Thank You – Churchill The Churchill family would like to express our deepest thanks and gratitude to the Plevna fire department for their quick response and compassion. We would also like to thank all our family, friends and community for their support and kind wishes. Ron and Elaine Churchill and family

“The Sun Will Come Out” in NFLT’s Annie

by Barb Rodgers he North Frontenac Little Theatre is pleased to be presenting the musical, “Annie” in the spring of 2012. The cast has been chosen and rehearsals are well underway. “Annie” is a Broadway musical based upon the popular Harold Gray comic strip “Little Orphan Annie”. The original Broadway production opened in 1977 and ran for nearly six years. It won the Tony Award for Best Musical. The musical’s songs “Tomorrow” and “It’s the Hard-Knock Life” are among its most popular musical numbers. In the depths of 1930s, Annie is a fiery young orphan who must live in a miserable orphanage run by the tyrannical Miss Hannigan. Her seemingly hopeless situation changes dramatically when she is selected to spend a short time at the residence of the wealthy munitions industrialist, Oliver Warbucks. Quickly, she charms the hearts of the household staff and even the seemingly cold-hearted Warbucks cannot help but learn to love this wonderful girl. He decides to help Annie find her long lost parents by offering a reward if they would come to him and prove their identity. However, Miss Hannigan, her evil brother, Rooster, and a female accomplice, plan to impersonate those people to get the reward for themselves, which puts Annie in great danger. The production will be performed May 11, 12, 13, 18, and 19 at Sharbot Lake High School auditorium. More details to come.



Howes: Korin Marissa As the result of an accident on Monday February 6, 2012. Korin Howes of Belleville in her 24th year. Daughter of Allan & Karen Howes, Ivanhoe, and Louise & Robert Hyatt, Arden. Granddaughter of Vera Howes (Late Allan) Stirling, and Allan & Phyllis Lott, Roslin. Sister of Shelby & Trevor Snider, Cloyne; Jeremy & Erica Howes, AB. Step sister of Gillian & Bradley Harris, Gores Landing; Kristin Pen (Christopher Sauve), Plainfield; Carissa & Owen Bird, Kingston; Katelyn Hyatt (Curtis Lockridge), Centreville. Loved by her aunts, uncles and cousins. The family will receive friends at the McConnell Funeral Home, Tweed from 2-4 & 7-9 Friday. Funeral service in the Tweed Chapel Saturday February 11, 2012 at 1:00 pm. Interment: Victoria Cemetery, Plainfield. Donations: Trinity United Church, Roslin or Victim Services. (


Trousdale Funeral home Proudly serving all faiths Pre-Arranged Funeral Plans

Thank you - Powley

March 13, 1942 - February 8, 2010 In loving memory of a dear husband and father

Online condolences at

Jim Taylor’s family are grateful for the excellent care and love he received at Pine Meadow Nursing Home. As well as his family, Jim appreciated the care and thoughtfulness of Dr. Tobias. Thank you for all your kind words, prayers, cards and donations. With outstanding support from Rev. Judith Evenden and Maschke’s Funeral Home we were able to give James Delaney Taylor the joyful kitchen party send off he rightly deserved. Betty deVarennes, Harvey Taylor and families


Serving the area for over 100 years.

David Goodfellow Owner/Managing Director

Parham, Ontario


? E N E C S E M I R IS THIS A C No one should ever be pressured, forced or tricked into giving money — even to loved ones. If someone you trust is taking advantage of you, help is out there. Learn the signs of financial abuse to protect yourself and the people you love.

To find out more from the Government of Canada about preventing elder abuse, visit or call 1 800 O-Canada (1-800-622-6232) TTY: 1-800-926-9105


february 9, 2012


The Classifieds Ad Rates: Classified Text ads: $8.20 + HST per insertion for 20 words & under; 20¢ each extra word. Deadline: 4 pm Monday; Ph: 613-279-3150, Fx: 613-279-3172;



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HAND-PAINTED WINE GLASSES, available in 4 styles, $4.99 each. Only at Nicole’s Gifts, 6709 Main St., Verona, phone 613-374-2323. Open 10am-4pm, Thurs through Sat. For the month of February only SLEIGH, HORSE OR ATV DRAWN, all new wood. 613-372-2699 WOOD HEAT SOLUTIONS. Instant rebates up to $1,200 on Outdoor Wood & Corn Furnaces OR Trade-out discounts up to $1,500 on the purchase of an E-Classic. YOUR CENTRAL BOILER DEALER. Frankford, ON 613.398.1611; Bancroft, ON 613.332.1613


TWO OLDER DOGS, one black border collie cross and one brown collie cross, found in Bell Line Road area, 613-335-2895.


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Open Evenings & Seven Days a Week - River Road Corbyville, Just North of Corby’s (613) 969-0287

AUTOMOTIVE KINNEY AUTO WRECKING Station Road, Kaladar. 4x4 trucks & parts for sale. Scrap cars, stoves, fridges wanted. 613-336-9272.

EMBROIDERY & ENGRAVING UPPER FRONTENAC GRAPHICS – Custom Embroidery, Imprinting, Trophies, Awards & Engraving. Caps, jackets, golf shirts, hoodies, teamwear & more. 613-539-6340; dwedden@;

FOR RENT 1 bedroom apt, Flinton, all inclusive, private entrance, private deck, large yard. Nonsmokers only. $650/month. Available immediately. 613-336-8630, 613-827-2121 COMMERCIAL OFFICE SPACE located on Hwy. 7 just east of the Junction of Hwy 38 and Hwy. 7. For further information, contact Ram at 613-279-2827 NORTHBROOK AREA APT. Large, bright 2 bedroom, ground floor, wheelchair accessible, heat, hydro, Satellite TV, new fridge & stove, washer & dryer and 2 parking spaces w/ large private yard. All inclusive, suitable for quiet mature couple, $860 per month. Call Harold, 613336-2068

FOR SALE 14 foot aluminium boat - trailer combo, complete with a 7 hp 4 stroke Suzuki Outboard (warranty included) Minkota trolling motor, Hummingbird fish finder, pedestal seats, new bilge pump, trailer light kit, and other accessories. $5,500 firm. 613-375-6354 20 LB. PROPANE, $11.50 + HST. One Day Only, SAT. FEB 11. Verona Hardware, 6723 Main St., Verona, 613-374-2851 COSTCO BABY HIGH CHAIR, CD player, reading lamp, bookcase, Fisher-Price travel playpen, stroller, baby & children’s medical care books, etc. 613-279-3064 FRONTENAC MODULAR HOMES. Custom built. New 1280 sq.ft. 28’x52’ home, 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, delivered and on your basement or foundation, oak cabinets available. $79,900 USD plus taxes. Financing available OAC. 1-866-775-8268


HUNTING & FISHING FIREARMS & HUNTER ED COURSES. Firearms course: February 10,11. Hunter Ed: February 24,25. Tamworth arena. Spaces available. Call Bill at 613-335-2786 FIREARMS & HUNTER ED COURSES, Course dates: Firearms Feb. 17 & 18; Hunter Ed Feb. 24 & 25. Frontenac Rifle & Pistol Club. Call 613-374-3446 HUNTER SAFETY AND FIREARMS COURSES. Turkey Examinations. Course date February 24, 25, 26 in Flinton. Limited seating. Call 613-336-9875.

LEGAL SERVICES RURAL LEGAL SERVICES, A community Legal Clinic providing legal services without charge for residents of Northern Frontenac County and surrounding area. Sharbot Lake: phone 613-279-3252 or toll free 1-888-7778916. Northbrook: 613-336-8934

MUSIC LESSONS TOM’S MUSIC STUDIO is now accepting students for drums, guitar, bass guitar, piano, beginner banjo and theory; repairs to all stringed instruments. Tom 613-539-4659

RETIREMENT RESIDENCE HIDDEN ACRES RETIREMENT RESIDENCE, family atmosphere, country setting, near Northbrook, staffed 24/7. Rooms available, reasonable rates. Call 613-336-0999, ask for Cathy

SERVICES DRYWALL AND PLASTER REPAIRS. Professionally trained. Drywall installation, old fashioned quality, three coat hand finishing. Free estimates. Call Rick at 613-375-8201. HOMESTYLE WEDDINGS. Minister Judie Diamond helps design your ceremony and performs the marriage at location of your choice. 613-375-6772 PET SITTING in Mountain Grove. Going away? Let us help. Dogs, Cats, etc. Spacious, individual accommodations. Long walks. By appointment only. Laura Mills 613-335-3658. Evenings are best or leave a message.

WANTED MODELS AND PORTRAIT SUBJECTS wanted for a Sharbot Lake drawing group. Tuesdays from 3 to 5pm. Contact by email.


The Treasure Trunk Second Tyme Around Clothing

1171 Cannon Rd., Sharbot Lake

613-279-2113 Winter Hours: Open first 2 Saturdays of Each Month Mon - Sat: 9am-3pm

5 Bag Days Every Day


Quality New & Used Clothing at Affordable Prices! For furniture drop off, please call ahead. 279-2113 ask for Janet.

STANDING TIMBER, firewood, pine, cedar, bush lots. Free quotes, cash paid. Call 613279-2154.

By Sara Carpenter weetheart says it all: we’re programmed to love sweetness from the moment we are born, and symbolically, the heart is where our lovingness resides. What better time than Valentine’s Day to make something special for the sweethearts in our lives? Chocolate is practically mandatory. And of course nowadays, the health benefits of chocolate are highly touted, especially the dark kind, which is full of heart-healthy antioxidants. The thing is, chocolate is extremely bitter. It takes quite a bit of sugar to balance it out, and too much of that can be bad for us. Chocolate may also be processed with hydrogenated fat to make it more shelfstable, however this adds trans fats which are positively toxic. And of course, cream and butter are natural partners, too, but they are packed with saturated fat that can lower blood levels of HDL, the “good” cholesterol, elevating our risk for heart disease. If you’re a dark chocolate person and you want to indulge without going overboard, you’re almost guaranteed to love this dessert. It’s quick to make and not nearly so wicked as it tastes: an eighth of the basic recipe has only 220 calories, 4.1 grams of protein, and 12 grams of fat (6 saturated). The portions are small, but the chocolate flavour is intense. I like to make it with President’s Choice chocolate chips, but a chocolate by Ludwig (70% cocoa solids), Crow Lake’s chocolatierin-residence, would be beyond decadent. Full disclosure: this recipe contains an ingredient many people claim not to like (tofu). You will never know it’s in there. It just gives these pudding pots the most luscious creaminess. Happy Valentine’s Day to all, and Bon appétit!


DARK CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE PUDDING POTS Makes 6 to 8 servings Pour 1 inch of water into the bottom of a double boiler. In the top, combine 1 1/2 c. semisweet dark chocolate chips (or 275 g fine dark chocolate, chopped); 1/4 cup coffee liqueur (or substitute double-strength coffee + 1 tbsp. maple syrup); 3/4 tsp. vanilla. (Hint: if you don’t have a double boiler, use a medium saucepan for the water, then sit a Pyrex or stainless steel mixing bowl on top.) Bring the water to a boil, then turn down the heat so the water is simmers gently; cook, stirring frequently with a heatproof spatula or whisk, until the chocolate is melted and the mixture is smooth, about 5 minutes. Meanwhile, drain and discard the liquid from one 300 g pkg. silken tofu, firm (preferably organic). Transfer tofu to a blender or food processor; add 1/8 tsp. salt. When the chocolate is melted, add it to the tofu; process until the mixture is smooth, stopping to scrape down the sides once or twice, about a minute. Immediately pour the mixture into serving dishes. Cover with plastic wrap and chill at least 12 hours or overnight. Variations Kid-friendly (not vegan): use a non-alcoholic substitute for the liqueur, e.g. the coffee-free variation below. Substitute milk chocolate chips for half or more of the dark chocolate. Coffee-free: use 1/4 c. unsweetened almond or rice milk mixed with 3/4 tsp. almond extract in place of the liqueur. Ways to serve (check for vegan-friendly options if need be)  Serve in individual ramekins, juice glasses

NFCS Notes - Northern Frontenac Community Services By Don Amos

Mega Movie Night For Youth: On Friday, February 10 at Sharbot Lake High School, NFCS in partnership with Student Council will be offering a Mega Movie Night for youth aged 12 to 18. Two movies will be offered: “Just Go With It”, and “Abduction”. The doors open at 5pm and admission will be by donation only. We have hired Sound on Sound Productions to bring in a big screen and a professional sound system. There will be a canteen serving popcorn, hot dogs, chips, and pop all at a low cost. Info: 613-279-2244. Income Tax Program: Volunteers are needed for Income Tax preparation for low income individuals and families. Training will be provided. Please call Joyce at Northern Frontenac Community Services, 279-3151.

NFCS will once again be offering Income Tax assistance to low income individuals and families. Appointments will begin on March 1. Volunteer Drivers needed: Community Support Services is looking for volunteers interested in learning how to provide transportation for individuals in wheelchairs. Please call Catherine at 613-279-3151. Polar Bear Plunge: NFCS would like to thank Mark Montagano and his committee for selecting our agency this year as the recipients of the Polar Bear fund raiser taking place in Sharbot Lake on Feb. 26 at 10 a.m. Please come out and support Marcie, Maribeth, Charity and Don as they take the leap of faith into the icy waters of Sharbot Lake, with all revenues going towards Children &

- continued on pg 11

or wine glasses.  Pour chocolate mixture into an 8x8-inch pan sprayed with cooking spray; cut into squares or triangles when chilled.  Pour chocolate mixture into storebought chocolate cups, graham or chocolate pie crust, or a homemade nut crust.  Garnish with one or more of: whipped cream or whipped topping; chocolate shavings; chocolate covered coffee beans; chocolate “Kisses”; cinnamon hearts; toasted sliced almonds; raspberry sauce.

NOTICE OF MEETINGS 2012 BUDGET AND FEE REVIEW Tay Valley Township Council will be holding the following meetings to consider and adopt the 2012 Budget and any changes to fees. All meetings will be held in the Council Chambers at the Municipal Office located at 217 Harper Road. Tabling of Draft Budget Tuesday, February 14, 2012, 6:00 p.m. Official Public Meeting Tuesday, March 13, 2012, 6:00 p.m. Those wishing to make a presentation are invited to contact the Clerk to register as a delegation. Your participation at these meetings is encouraged. Copies of the draft budget will be available through the Clerk’s Office. Dated this 16th day of January, 2012 For further information contact: Tay Valley Township Amanda Mabo, Clerk 217 Harper Road, Perth, ON K7H 3C6 T: 613-267-5353 ext. 130 E:

Township of North Frontenac Contracted Work The Township of North Frontenac is seeking hourly, daily and monthly base rates from Contractors to provide services on an as needed basis. (Including, but not limited to, machinery/equipment rentals; qualified tradesperson – builders, electricians, plumbers, etc.)

Prices quoted shall be for 2012 projects. Bidders shall provide proof of Insurance and WSIB certificates, prior to actually commencing work for the municipality. We thank all bidders for their interest. Only those bidders selected for projects will be contacted. Lowest quotes not necessarily always awarded as based on timing, availability, location, complexity of specific projects, etc.

REQUIRES PART-TIME, CASUAL EMPLOYEES The Township of North Frontenac is seeking resumes for Part-time, casual employees to assist with the following: i) Equipment Operator/Labourer – Public Works Department. Successful applicants shall have a DZ licence. Preference will be given to a Candidate with an AZ licence. Experience with heavy truck operation and snowplowing operations will be an asset. ii) Labourer – Public Works Department iii) Alternate Dumpsite Attendants iv) General Office Assistance – Administration Department v) Student Positions We thank all applicants for their interest. Only those applicants selected for an interview will be contacted.

Please provide fixed rates for Contracted Work or please apply with a detailed resumé for Part-time, Casual Employees by Noon local time on Monday, February 27, 2012 to Cheryl Robson, A.M.C.T., CAO Township of North Frontenac P.O. Box 97, Plevna, ON K0H 2M0 Phone: (613) 479-2231 Ext. 221 Fax: (613) 479-2352 E-mail:



february 9, 2012

31/4” Hardwood Flooring


Your Choice: Honey Maple/Birch or Gunstock Oak

Come in out of the cold

Lookout Home Hardware Building Centre 7617 Hwy. 509 Plevna

T 613 479 5579 F 613 479 2699

Northern Happenings Northern Happenings listings are free for community groups, and will be published for two weeks. Other listings are paid or are taken from paid ads in the paper. The News makes every effort to be accurate but events and their details should be independently verified by readers.

Friday, February 10 ARDEN LEGION - KARAOKE, 8pm MCDONALDS CORNERS – “Around the World on a Dinner Plate”, MERA Schoolhouse, 6pm, $10; 5-12yrs $5, under 5 free. Desserts extra. Reserve: 613-278-0388, SHARBOT LAKE – DINNER at the Legion. 5:30–7 pm, Bangers and Mash SHARBOT LAKE - MEGA MOVIE NIGHT, “Just Go With It”, and “Abduction”, high school, 5pm, for ages 12-18, admission by donation; sponsor: NFCS & Student Council SYDENHAM - “DESSERTS FOR DREW”, fundraiser for Drew Cumpson, high school, 12:30-1:30pm, open to public, $5, donations accepted; info: 613-376-3612.

Saturday February 11 ARDEN - BREAKFAST Eggs as you like them & silent auction, 8-11am, community centre, sponsored by United Church, freewill offering. ARDEN LEGION FISHING DERBY, Big Clear Lake, $10 derby; $15 derby & dinner; $20 derby, dinner & dance; dance alone $7. Followed by Fish Fry - open to everyone. BELL ROCK - POTLUCK SUPPER, 5:30 pm, community hall; sponsor: hall association FOLEY MOUNTAIN - FAMILY SNOWSHOE ADVENTURE; $15 adult, $10 child, family $40 includes snowshoe rentals, 10-11:30am & 1:30-3pm; register: 613-273-3255; rebecca.;; FRONTENAC MIDGET REP FLYERS playdowns against Orono, 1pm, Frontenac Arena HARROWSMITH PUBLIC SCHOOL VALENTINES DANCE, Golden Links Hall, 8pm; DJ, buffet; $10 pp, tickets avail. at door or 3721633; licensed; sponsor: Parent Council MABERLY QUARTERLY CONTRA DANCE, community hall w/ Sheesham & Lotus; beginner’s lesson 7:30pm, dance 8pm, $10 at door under 16 free, info: Maike 613-264-1993. NORTHBROOK - “HEALTH HEART DANCE” 8pm, Lions Hall, $10pp, DJ, light lunch, tickets avail. Lakelands Family Health Team; proceeds to Heart & Stroke Association. PARHAM - VALENTINES DAY HAM SUPPER 5-7pm, IOOF Hall; $10, under 12 $5, sponsor: Mayflower Lodge

Harlowe news

by Marie White · Hope everyone has recovered from the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. · Happy Birthday to Grace Veley on her 80th birthday. · Last summer we had good turnouts for all the dinners in the hall. The pancake breakfasts were a little slow. Our dances with Country 4 band have been bringing out people from as far as Cobourg to Smiths Falls and in between. Lots of prizes were won over the season. Christmas and New Year’s were booked solid. Foodland donated a $20 certificate, which was won by Eleanor Bridgen. She went on a food spree. We had lots of food to be eaten at our parties. The date for our next dance is February 25. · Sorry to hear that Betty Lou Young passed away recently. The luncheon was held in the hall. Thanks to all who donated goodies. · Our Old Tyme Fiddlers parties in the Northbrook Lions Hall were a great success last year. Lots of entertainers and lots of prizes were won. Jim Gortler was the winner of a $20 gift certificate from Foodland. Many thanks to Foodland. The club surprised me with a beautiful big poinsettia plant! It is still in bloom. Thank you all! · Thanks to all who have supported us with goodies for lunch and prizes, or in attendance, or by entertaining. · Lyn McCullough, who is a great fiddle player from Verona, is ill at this time. We

RAILTON - CHILI FEST SUPPER, St Patrick’s Church, 5-7pm, $8, 12 & under $4; sponsor: Knights of Columbus. SHARBOT LAKE LEGION DANCE w/ Redneck Blvd. & Ann Banks, 8pm, $10ea, advance tickets only 613-279-2659 SHARBOT LAKE SNOW DRAGS, Oso Beach, registration 7-10, races start 10am, prizes, trophies, stock, Powder Puff, Kitty Cat, Open; $15, $10 each additional class, Kitty Cat & 120 free; info: 613-279-1933 SNOW ROAD SNOWMOBILE CLUB Sweetheart Snowmobile Poker Run & Roast Beef Dinner; breakfast 8-11am, dinner 4-6:30pm, 1106 Gemmills Rd.; non-snowmobilers welcome. SYDENHAM - ‘THE CROSSING’, St. Paul’s Anglican Church, featuring local musician Jason Silver, 7-8pm, all welcome, info,; (613)376-3003 VERONA - FRONTENAC FARMERS MARKET Reopening. Meats, prepared foods, maple syrup, preserves, baking, honey, winter veggies, artisan creations, Lions hall 9am-noon.

Sunday February 12 BEDFORD OPEN MIC & JAM, 1-5pm, country, bluegrass, folk, performers free, audience $1; info: 613-374-2614 BELLROCK - JOHN McEWEN SHOW, community hall, 1:30-3:30pm, refreshments available, free admission, fundraiser for hall DENBIGH - MUSIC-IN-THE-HALL, 1pm, community hall, sponsor: Rec Committee MCDONALDS CORNERS – JAMBOREE, Agricultural Hall, music begins 1pm, dinner @ 5pm, $14; info: 613-278-2427 MCDONALDS CORNERS – MANDOLIN WORKSHOP by Bill Cameron, MERA Schoolhouse, 1-4pm register: 613-278-0388

Monday February 13 HARROWSMITH S&A CLUB MEETING, 7:30pm, for all members & anyone interested in membership,  4041 Colebrooke Rd, family fee $10/ year, info: Pam 613-372-1578. PLEVNA - CLAR-MILL COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERS meeting, Clar-Mill Hall, 7pm. All are welcome. SHARBOT LAKE – FOOT CARE CLINIC, seniors’ centre, appointment: call 613-279-3151. FLINTON - VALENTINE BINGO, Rec. Centre, doors open 5:30, Bonanza Game starts 6:30; sponsor: Flinton Recreation Club.

Tuesday February 14 ARDEN - VALENTINE’S DAY DINNER, Circle Square Ranch, 6pm, roast beef dinner, door prizes; $30/couple, tickets: 613-335-5403; ar-

wish her the best in health. Also get well wishes to another fiddle player, Dale Ritchie, and his friend Narine. Wish you all back to health soon. · Since the Old Tyme Fiddlers moved to the Northbrook Lions Hall in January 2009 we donated $500 to the Lions in July 2009; $500 in February 2011; and another $500 in November 2011 towards the Santa Claus parade. Pine Meadow Nursing Home was also given $500 in November 2011. · There was a sad time last summer when our little Harlowe United Church was sold. I talked to the gentleman who bought it and he thought he would have gospel music some time. I hope so. The little church served all the people for over 130 years. The church’s final day was on Saturday Dec. 3, not on the Sabbath day when God rested. We have found the little Henderson church and Arden very cosy and friendly.

Parham Tichborne continued from pg 5

· The Northern Basketball League is taking registrations now. This is a great opportunity to hone your child's basketball skills and also for them to make and intermingle with new friends whom they will meet if they go to Sharbot Lake High School · The annual Trappers Association Fishing Derby is to be held on Feb. 25. Tickets are available from the members (Keith Steele or Bill Lowery will have some in the Parham

& warm up with some of our hot specials!

Open Mon-Fri: 8am - 8pm Sat: 8am - 6pm Sun: Grocery 9am-6pm; LCBO 11am-6pm

Hwy 38 Verona (613) 374-2112; proceeds to new building. NORTHERN 5 DINERS, Plevna hall, noon, for those 50+, $10. Reservations: 613-279-3151 SYDENHAM – FOOT CARE CLINIC, Rural VISIONS centre 1-4pm. Info: 613-376-6477 SYDENHAM – SENIORS FITNESS PROGRAM for ages 55+ (VON SMART Program), Tuesdays 10-11am, St. Paul’s Anglican Church $4 class; $45 season (Feb 14-May 29); Danielle 613-376-6477 VERONA – FOOT CARE CLINIC, medical centre 9am-noon. Info: 613-376-6477

Wednesday February 15 BEDFORD DINERS, noon, community hall, for those 50+. $10. Reservations required: 613-279-3151 VERONA - QUILTING GROUP, Trinity United Church 9am-noon, info Ann 613 374-2516.

Friday February 17 FRONTENAC ADDINGTON TRAPPERS MEETING, Henderson Hall 7pm; guest speakers, door prizes; HARROWSMITH - YOUTH DANCE Golden Links Hall, 7-10pm, for ages 9-15, $6 Sharon 372-1274; Wayne 358-2533. NORTHBROOK - NEW OLD TYME FIDDLERS, 7:30pm, Lions Hall, $6 non-members, $5 members, entertainers $2, lunch, prizes. All welcome

all ’s

Sat. & Sun. Feb. 18 & 19 SCREENWRITING WORKSHOP, McMartin House, Perth – sponsored by MERA, register: 613-278-0388,


Saturday, February 18

ARDEN LEGION FUNDRAISER for Jackie Davies, dance, buffet, prizes, raffles, games, y 9pm, tickets $10; info: Diane Baker 613-335-2291. DENBIGH - VALENTINE’S DAY MURDER afé and MYSTERY DINNER PARTY, community hall, sponsor: Rec Committee PLEVNA - JACK’S JAM, Clar-Mill Hall, 2-9pm; potluck supper; if you play a musical instrument, sing, or dance, join in; sponsored


Wheelchair accessible.

s ’ lla


399 sq.ft


Cash & Carry

Authorized Agent For:

a rro w

sm i t h V a r

iet y

by Clar-Mill Community Volunteers.

Sunday February 19 HARRROWSMITH - BEEF SUPPER, Golden Links hall, 4:30-6pm, $13, call Barb 372-2355. MCDONALDS CORNERS - COMMUNITY SEED SWAP, MERA Schoolhouse, 9am-2pm, all welcome SHARBOT LAKE - COMMUNITY WINTER CARNIVAL, 10am-2pm, high school, chili, hot chocolate, beaver tails on sale, all welcome, sponsor: student council, 613-279-2131 x119

Monday February 20 CLOYNE & DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY meeting, Barrie Hall, 1pm, all welcome, please bring memento from your family’s history & share the story PLEVNA – FOOT CARE CLINIC, Clar-Mill Hall, info, appointment: 613-279-3151. SOUTH FRONTENAC VOLUNTEER RECOGNITION & FAMILY WINTER CARNIVAL 10am-2pm, Frontenac Community Arena; prizes for volunteers; all events free: skating; horse drawn wagon rides; games & prizes; snowshoe races; snowman building; log sawing; log splitting; free hotdogs, hot chocolate, coffee; info: Norm Roberts 613-353-7603, Dan Bell 613-372-1910; sponsor: South Frontenac Central Recreation Committee VERONA – SISTERS BY HEART, Free Methodist Church, 7-9pm, theme “Mexican Fiesta”, $5, all welcome

Tuesday February 21 ARDEN - PANCAKE SUPPER by GEEC Youth group, 5-7pm, community hall. KENNEBEC DINERS, noon, Arden community hall, for those 50+, $10. Reservations required: 613-279-3151 PLEVNA - SHROVE TUESDAY PANCAKE SUPPER, 5-7pm; $8, 6-12yrs $4, 5 & under free, community hall, sponsor: Clar-Mill Community Volunteers. SYDENHAM - SHROVE TUESDAY PANCAKE SUPPER St. Paul’s Anglican Church, 5-7pm, $7, children $3, all welcome

Ella & Staff would like to congratulate Judy on the Grand Ope ning of Kirton’s K ennels, located at 4854 Co lebrook Rd., Harro w smith on Saturday Februa ry 11th.

For all your Valent ine’s Day Treats, drop by Ella’s Bake ry at 4937 RD 38, Harrowsmith 613-37 2-5883

area) · Also the Frontenac Heritage Festival runs from Feb. 24 - 26. · The rink in Tichborne is getting a lot of use, which is so nice to see. · The Indoor Soccer Programme sounds like a great way for kids to keep fit. · The Sharbot Lake Legion's breakfast was well attended and was a good location for the Relay for Life Kick off event. The Legion was kind enough to donate all of their profits to the Relay - what a heartfelt thing to do thank you!! We have 11 teams registered for the June 15 event and the Ultimate Relay team this year is the Masonic Lodge!!! Kudos!! Cancer Survivor, committee member and dear friend Penny Cota spoke about her experience and how the community helped her and her family through her treatments that's what living in a small community does - we rally around those we love - Penny put out a challenge to our MP and MPP to be more visible in the community by registering a team in the Relay and show just how important an event like this is to a small community like ours!! Let's see what happens!! Special Note: Both of us are now taking sponsors for our Cancer Relay for Life team. Interested in contributing to this worthwhile cause? Give us a call!! · Happy Birthday to Melissa Sproule, Nathan Lowery, Sheena Price, Tammy Parks, Debbie Pond, Keegan Teal, and Geraldine Badour. Happy 87th Birthday to Art Goodfellow! Here's to many more to come!

Heritage Festival Winter Camping By Mike Procter


henever you mention winter camping, most people’s first response is, “What will we eat?” In actual fact, food is very low on the list of survival priorities. The Rule of 3s. AIR: The most basic need to survive is air. Without oxygen people can live for about 3 minutes. SHELTER: If you are outside in below freezing temperatures, clothing is wet, cold and windy conditions, no source of warmth or shelter – you can live for about 3 hours. WATER: In very warm conditions when you are sweating and have no access to water, you can live for around 3 days. FOOD: Most people can live for 3 weeks without food (I know some rather rotund people who could likely last a bit longer) On Friday, Feb. 24, as part of the Frontenac Heritage Festival, Bob Miller and Mike Procter will be leading overnight winter camping in Crow Lake. They will be camping out largely as our ancestors did, in canvas tents and wool blankets. You may wish to bring your modern sleeping bag but space is limited so a canvas tent and tepee will be provided, as well as free food and refreshments. If you would like to try this unique experience please contact Mike, 279-2572 or 279-3151 or Bob, 2793003. Pre-registration is required by Tuesday Feb. 21; participants must be 18 or older or be accompanied by a parent/guardian.


february 9, 2012

Outdoors in the Land O’ Lakes - Snowy Owls

PAGE 11 by Steve Blight


of birds and small mammals. They remember seeing my very first Snowy can often be found perched on rocks Owl. It was in late January and I or other high points near the water’s was standing beside my car squinting edge where they can snatch unwary through binoculars at a silhouetted inwaterfowl, gulls and other birds atdistinct white bump at the far side of tracted to open water. a large field. Snowy Owls are regular This yellow-eyed, black-billed but uncommon winter visitors to the white bird is easily recognizable. It is Ottawa area and my wife and I were 52–71 centimeters (20–28 in) long trying to track one down. This was inwith a 125–50 centimeters (49–59 deed a Snowy Owl, but mixed in with in) wingspan. As is the case with the excitement of a first was a sense of most diurnal birds of prey – those disappointment of the bird being so far that are active during the day – the away and hard to see. This was not my wife’s first snowy – Pale Snowy Owl in flight -- likely an adult male. female is larger and heavier than the male. The average weight of the feseveral years prior to this she was traveling with work colleagues on a long straight Alberta highway male is 2.3 kg (5 lbs) compared to 1.8 kg (about 4 lbs) for the when they passed a Snowy Owl perched on a fence post male. It is one of the largest species of owl in North America, right beside the road. She knew what it was instantly and and is on average the heaviest owl. The adult male is virtually pure white, but females and young birds have some dark this special sighting is permanently etched in her memory. Snowy Owls are northern birds of wide-open spaces that scalloping; the young are heavily barred, and dark spotting feed primary on small rodents such as lemmings. In winter may even predominate. Its thick plumage, heavily feathered their diet is a bit more varied, and usually includes a variety taloned feet, and white colouration render the Snowy Owl

well-adapted for life north of the Arctic Circle. Their reliance on lemmings comes as both a blessing and a serious challenge for these owls. In years when lemmings are plentiful, breeding success is high and plenty of young are fledged. Nests with as many as 12 eggs have been recorded, a huge clutch for a bird of prey. However when lemming populations inevitably crash, owls leave the north in large numbers and wander widely in search of food. Occasionally this leads to good numbers of Snowy Owls settling in for the winter in parts of southern Canada, making bird enthusiasts very happy. Amherst and Wolf Islands near Kingston are often hosts to numbers of Snowy Owls and birders gather from all over to catch a glimpse of this beautiful owl. Some people may know the Snowy Owl as the provincial bird of Quebec where it is known in French as “le harfang des neiges”. However, the bird is also known to millions of Harry Potter fans worldwide – Harry’s faithful owl Hedwig was a gorgeous Snowy Owl. Please feel free to report any observations to Lorraine Julien at or Steve Blight at

New massage therapy clinic in Mountain Grove A nnette Gray-Jackson likes nothing more than to help people to feel better. After graduating from an accelerated two-year, 2200-hour massage therapy program at Trillium College in Kingston, Annette is now able to offer both therapeutic and relaxation massage to clients at her homebased clinic in Mountain Grove. Annette completed her exams in Toronto in October, and is now a Registered Massage Therapist, provincially registered with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario. A mother of three, she returned to school once her youngest daughter began attending school full time. “I knew that I wanted to stay here in the local community to work instead of having to

Fundraiser for Arden resident A

by Julie Druker special fundraising event will take place on Saturday Feb. 18 from 9pm-1am at the Arden Legion for Arden resident Jackie Davies, who is currently undergoing treatment for leukemia in Toronto. DJs Glen and Wendy Dowdell will be offering up musical entertainment for those who love to dance and there will be a plethora of prize tables, raffles and card games to keep guests entertained. A buffet will be served between 10 and 11pm. All proceeds raised will go to help fund the treatment and travel costs for Jackie and her husband Brian, both of whom have had to make numerous trips to Toronto for Jackie's treatments. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased in advance at the Legion or at the door the night of the event. Anyone who is not able to attend the event but who would like to make a donation can send a cheque payable to Jackie Davies to the Arden Legion, 5967 Arden Road, Arden, ON, K0H 1B0. For more information contact Diane Tryan at 613-335-2291.


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commute, so I thought massage therapy would be great for me. I also love working with people and helping people so it seemed like a natural fit. That and the fact that it seems that there is an increasing need for the service in the area." Annette will be serving customers four days a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays and said she aims to make her business hours flexible so as to accommodate the needs of her clients. She will also be offering her services at the Chiropractic Care and Longevity Center in Perth, located at 5 Gore Street West on Tuesdays and Thursdays and the third Saturday of every month. Through the practice of relaxation and therapeutic massage she looks forward helping her clients to become pain free by addressing issues like injuries, chronic pain, headaches, general stress, over-use syndromes and more. She also offers clients Swedish massage as well as deep tissue and trigger point therapy, and offers pregnancy massage to expectant mothers-to-be. “My goal is to make my clients feel as comfortable as possible and I very much look forward to helping clients who might first come to see me feeling stiff and sore but who after treatment will leave feeling refreshed and relaxed and able to move more freely.” For those who have never tried massage therapy, Annette's website is very helpful in explaining exactly what health issues and problems massage therapy can address and how her clinic operates. She also answers

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by Julie Druker

many commonly asked questions about massage therapy treatments. She mentioned to me a recently published article about a study, which found that massage therapy can bring about the same results as anti-inflammatory drug medications, proving that the therapy goes a long way in addressing issues of pain as well as offering overall increased health benefits. Those with extended health benefits are typically covered for registered massage therapy treatments. For more information about the services Annette offers and/or to book an appointment visit or call her at 613-449-0060

NFCS Notes - continued from pg. 9 Youth programming for the region. Community Drop-In: The drop-in will be holding a fundraising Rock A Thon (rocking in a rocking chair for a specified time) to help with program activities throughout the year. The Drop-in receives no funding other than user fees and has not done any fundraising for many years. Please be generous when you are approached by a participant asking for pledges.


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For more information or to register contact the Sharbot Lake Resource Centre at 1099 Garrett Street (613)545-3949 press 4 or email This Employment Ontario program is funded by the Ontario government.




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february 9, 2012

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2012 Relay for Life Kick-off offers up a challenge by Julie Druker


rganizers and volunteers for the 2012 North and Central Frontenac Relay for Life held a kickoff breakfast at the Sharbot Lake Legion on Feb. 4. The event was a huge success, with 11 teams registering and the Sharbot Lake Legion donating Survivor co-chairs Vicki Babcock all of their breakfast with her daughter and survivor Kylie proceeds to the cause. and Penny Cota Lesley Merrigan, who is chairing this year’s event, said the event is “our big push to get people on board and to point them in the right direction.” She spoke of the significance of the Relay motto “Celebrate, Remember and Fight Back”. Registration chair Christine Teal was offering kick off “Incentives” to prospective participants, and five teams won a number of prizes. The winners were: The Ultimate Relay Team - Masonic Lodge team; Midnight Munchies at campsite - Carol Vallier’s team; Port-a-Potty at campsite - Keeping Angels on Earth; Midnight Massage - RBC Racing for


a Cure; Water Cooler at campsite - Patti Middleton’s team. Joan Gowsell, fundraising coordinator for the Canadian Cancer Society of Frontenac Lennox and Addington, attended the event and spoke of the amazing ability of this small community to contribute to cancer research. “Most of the committee members for this year’s Relay are brand new members and we are really excited to have their new energy this year. Looking back to last Organizers of the North and Central Frontenac Relay for Life 2012 kicked off the year at a year’s team who threw the breakfast at the Sharbot Lake Legion Branch 425 event together at the very last minute and raised over $30,000, I can only imagine what registrations. Anyone who missed the kick off but who would still like to participate and/or volunteer can contact Christine this year’s group will be able to accomplish.” Penny Cota of Tichborne is this year’s survivor co-chair Teal at 613-375-6525 or visit the website to register at conand she spoke about her personal battle with the disease and go to the Sharbot Lake site. after being diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2011. After undergoing two surgeries, six rounds of chemotherapy and 20 rounds of radiation over a five-month period, Penny, The free, credited the incredible support she who is now cancer received from the community during her ordeal. “Up until this past year had always attended the relay event as a 8109 Hwy 38, IGodfrey ON By Jeff Green supporter myself for those who have had the disease and ith 14 inches of ice and cold nights ahead, the Sharbot I have had a lot of family members and friends who have Lake Snow Drags are a go. battled it. But to endDual upFuel on the other end of it makes you reModels Organizers are expecting that upwards of 250 riders will ally appreciate all ofAvailable the advances that have been made in treatments and how the money raised through the event can compete at the 2nd annual rejuvenated Sno-Drags on Saturday, February 11. Crews have been working hard all week help people get the treatment they require.” Penny put forth a challenge to local politicians in her goal transferring snow from the middle of Sharbot Lake over to to increase awareness and support for the local event. “I the drag strip, putting up fencing and grooming the track as want to613 put forward a challenge to Scott Reid and Randy race day approaches. 374-2566 Anyone who wants to participate should arrive early on Hillier as our elected officials that they put in teams in this OR 1-888-674-2566 year’s event and to walk with us and see exactly how every- race day. All machines will first receive their tech inspection one comes together in support of the important event. This and then they will be registered. Registration ends at 9:30 event is a huge deal for this community and if they want to and racing starts at 10 a.m. All races will be with stock machines with the exception of the Open Class, and the entry see what we are all about this is a great way to do it. “ Relay organizers are looking forward to many more team fee is $25. The Kittycat and 120 cc classes are free, and kids races will start at around 11 a.m. All classes will have double elimination (time permitting). The Sharbot Lake Lions Club will be selling refreshments on the beach throughout the day. The races are scheduled to end by 5 p.m. when the festivities will continue with awards at the Sharbot Lake Country Inn. Door prize draws will take place at that time and some top-notch prizes will be given out, including helmets valued at $200, $50 gas cards, etc. For further information, call 613279-1933

Snow Drags a go!

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Vol.12 No.5  

Frontenac News Vol.12 No.5 - Feb 9/12

Vol.12 No.5  

Frontenac News Vol.12 No.5 - Feb 9/12