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Falcon baseball slides to LawrenceDumont

Photo by Roman Rodriguez

B y S ara O r n elas

The Falcon baseball team had a new playing field this spring, as the players took to the diamond at Lawrence-Dumont Stadium in the Delano district of Wichita. “The venue provides our program with one of the premier baseball parks in the Midwest,” said Athletic Director Joe Zimmerman. “It provides a great environment for our student athletes to compete and also for our University and fans to enjoy.” Lawrence-Dumont is very conducive to collegiate baseball and addresses all the team’s needs, including a synthetic playing field, climate-controlled locker rooms, batting cages, athletic training facilities, and a press box. “We believe the venue will allow us to schedule more home games as teams will desire to play at our venue in part because of the all-weather surface,” Zimmerman said. Read more at

Friends University Magazine Vol. 37 | No. 2 President Dr. T.J. Arant

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Vice President of Institutional Advancement Tracy Muirhead Communications Director Gisele McMinimy Friends University Magazine Editor Kate Bosserman Contributing Writer Sara Ornelas Friends University Board of Trustees Mr. Eldon Alexander Dr. T.J. Arant Mr. Craig Bay Mrs. Marilyn Brown, LCMFT Mrs. Pam Chambers Mrs. Ardith Dunn Mr. Richard Fitzgerald Mr. Duane Hansen Dr. Denis Knight Dr. John Lewis Mr. Kelly Linnens Dr. Cliffton Loesch Mrs. Jana Mullen Mr. Rodney Pitts Ms. Shelly Prichard Mr. Edwin Roberts Dr. Rebecca Twietmeyer Mr. Michael Wilson Trustee Emeritus Mr. Carl Sebits The Friends University magazine is published two times each year by the Communications Office, 2100 W. University Ave., Wichita, KS 67213. It is published for the alumni and friends of Friends University. Friends University does not discriminate against academically qualified students on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding this policy: EEOC/Title IX Coordinator, Friends University, 2100 W. University Ave., Wichita, KS 67213, (316) 295-5000. Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association, 230 S. LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500, Chicago, IL 60604;; 1-800-621-7440.

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On the Cover Salsa dancing in the streets of Cuba Jazz students soaked in the Cuban lifestyle when they were invited to the Havana International Jazz Festival Dec. 18-24. Read more on page 20. Photo by Renea Abdallah, junior

Editor’s Note B y K at e B o s s e r m a n

What a difference a day makes (or a couple of months)! Do you notice anything different about the magazine? Well, yes, it’s late, and we are sorry – but that’s not all. This issue of the Friends University magazine showcases the very best of Friends in a new way: to tell about the best of our people – that every day, in so many ways, our students, alumni, faculty and staff make a positive difference in our world; to highlight the best of our programs – we have exceptional academic and co-curricular programs at every turn; to display the best of our creativity – through the pictures, articles and new layout. We hope you feel proud to be part of the Friends University community. Much like improvements to your home, improvements to the magazine were thoughtful, loving and, unfortunately, slow-going. This issue highlights much of the 2012-13 academic year, but we have noted in various sections the dates for which information is included. Information received after these dates will be included in the next issue. The Honor Roll of Donors recognizes giving from July 1, 2011, through June 30, 2012. Thank you for reading, and please send your comments or story ideas to pubrel@ We hope you enjoy the magazine and feel it is worth the wait!

SUMMER 2013 | 3

From the President A mission reflective of our DNA

Dr. T.J. and Susan Arant

4 | F r i e n d s

U n i v e rs i t y

If you have ever joined a new community or organization, you may be familiar with this situation. You feel at home, maybe you even feel you fit in effortlessly, but you find yourself asking “why” a lot. Why do you do things that way? Why do you believe that is important? Why do you believe this or that thing is the right thing to do? And you may have already guessed the answer you get: well, we have always done it that way. Rather than viewing this answer with dismay, maybe you set about to learn what compels the organization or community to “always do it this way.” That’s what I did last year after I joined the Friends University family. There is so much that is good here, and I had so many questions. Most often, I asked, “What makes us do things that way?” And I have joked that, if I asked 10 people, I got 12 answers. So I set out on a yearlong personal history project to learn what makes Friends University successful. I called it a search for our University’s DNA, the organizational double helix that makes us different from all the others. Adhering to that DNA, I suspected, made us successful; straying from it, I was pretty sure, caused us organizational distress. What I found was a consistent lesson all through our history, one that made us greatly successful when we did it well. It’s a rather long history lesson, but it boils down to a few simple facts. When we acknowledge that our students need to be prepared for the real world, when we take the success of every one of them seriously, when we surround them with an alive community and insist that they become, in the words of the earliest University catalogs, “ardent for the

truth,” – when we do all that, we produce what Edmund Stanley insisted was our foremost goal: a whole person, one who seamlessly integrates the intellectual, the social, the emotional, the spiritual, and the physical selves. The Board of Trustees has taken to heart that message, gleaned not just from my historical study but also, in many of their cases, from their own experiences here at Friends University. In doing so, they have tightened our articulation of the University’s mission. You may have seen it already, but I repeat it here because I am motivated by it; I think it captures succinctly what we have been, at our core, since the University’s earliest days:

We are informed by the Quaker heritage of Friends University. We also are rooted both in the liberal arts tradition and in the Christian intellectual tradition. Because of these roots, we insist that our students learn, inside and outside the classroom, to integrate their intellectual lives with their social and spiritual lives in ways that will improve the world. In doing our work authentically, we prepare our students to adapt to change and to make a difference.

The Board also approved a statement of our core values. I think of the values statement as the motor that drives the mission. Whether in the classroom, on the athletic field, in the rehearsal studio or in concert, or even in a solitary office in front of a computer screen, we bring these values to bear as we make our mission come alive.

Davis Administration Building c. 1910-1930

We believe that the underlying mission of all higher education is the search for truth. Grounded in the Christian intellectual tradition and our Quaker heritage, we affirm that truth is of and from God, and that our search is lifelong. We insist that the search for truth be characterized by excellence and informed by integrity. Excellence demands that our best is always becoming better, and integrity means that we are honest with ourselves and with others. In our practice of excellence and integrity, we each take responsibility for what we do and say. As searchers and learners, we support curiosity and research, and assign great value to diversity of experience. As people who value such diversity and openness, we approach new situations and people with good will and humility. We believe in equity and in the dignity of all people.

As a community, we accept and cherish our responsibility to care for one another in our learning and working relationships. We understand that a part of that care must be to become better stewards of what we have been given. We take care of the future as if we already are there.

I find in the Board’s statements of mission and values an answer to my question: why do we do it that way? We do it The Friends University Way. It’s in our DNA. Always, my best wishes for you,

Dr. T.J. Arant President, Friends University

S UMME R 2 0 1 3 | 5

Photo by Steve Rasmussen

Friends University President Dr. T.J. Arant greets Mr. King at a reception before the lecture.

University News Photo by Steve Rasmussen

Garvey Lecture Features Martin Luther King III B y G isele M c M i n im y

Mr. King visits with guests during the pre-reception, which included members of the Garvey family, Dockum Sit-In participants, city officials and other special invitees.

6 | F r i e n d s

U n i v e rs i t y

The oldest son of Martin Luther King Jr. shared his thoughts on continuing his father’s dream as part of the Willard and Jean Garvey Lectureships in Law April 19. Martin Luther King III’s address is timely as this year is the 50th anniversary of his father’s “I Have a Dream” speech. “We have made progress, but we still have a long way to go,” he said. He also served on a panel for a Multicultural Community Forum the following day at University Friends Church that discussed ways to overcome cultural differences. This year’s lecture was dedicated to Jean Kindel Garvey, who died in December 2012 and founded the lecture series along with her husband, Willard.

Photo by Steve Rasmussen

Martin Luther King III spoke to approximately 500 people April 19 in Alumni Auditorium.

S P R ING 2 0 1 3 | 7

Photo by Gisele McMinimy

Friends University President Dr. T.J. Arant, left, and Metropolitan Community College Chancellor Mark James sign an articulation agreement, allowing students to seamlessly transfer credits.

University signs articulation agreement with community colleges B y G isele M c M i n im y

Friends University is partnering with Metropolitan Community College, Kansas City (MCC) and Neosho County Community College (NCCC) on articulation agreements that allow students to seamlessly transfer credits from both community colleges to Friends University. “We are pleased to partner with

MCC and NCCC on these agreements, which allow a student who completes an associate degree to be accepted as a College of Adult and Professional Studies student at Friends University,” said Friends University President Dr. T.J. Arant. “This agreement recognizes MCC and NCCC students have completed their general education requirements

and are ready to pursue a bachelor’s degree at Friends.” President Arant signed the articulation agreements at both community colleges March 28. Additionally, a $35 application fee to Friends University will be waived for all students and alumni of MCC and NCCC who have completed an associate degree. The University also signed an articulation agreement with Kansas City Kansas Community College and is pursuing agreements with other community colleges in Kansas.

University experts share outlook on Wichita Business Journal panels B y G isele M c M i n im y

Twice this past year, Friends University speakers shared their expertise with community and business leaders as part of a Wichita Business Journal panel. In January, Dr. T.J. Arant, president of Friends University, discussed the pressures facing institutions of higher education as part of the Wichita Business Journal’s Outlook 2013 Conference at the Hyatt Regency Wichita. Dr. Arant noted universities must become more strategic, look for new efficiencies and ensure they focus on core competencies. Last fall, Dr. Malcolm Harris, professor of finance, discussed the potential economic impact of tax changes as part of a panel for the Wichita Business Journal’s “Navigating the Changing Tax Landscape” presentation at the Hyatt Regency Wichita.

8 | F r i e n d s

U n i v e rs i t y

2012-13 Academic Year

Alumni Honored by Wichita Business Journal B y G isele M c M i n im y a n d S ara O r n elas

Women in Business

Three Friends University alumnae have been highlighted by the Wichita Business Journal as part of the newspaper’s Women in Business award. Doris Harms, a 1998 business management graduate, was recognized for her work in building her company, Electromech Technologies, a manufacturing company that specializes in electromechanical equipment for the aerospace industry. As president, Harms says she has built her career on being trustworthy. “You have to be accountable to people, to customers, to your board,” Harms said in the WBJ article. Harms is also actively involved in the Wichita chapters of the ALS Association, American Cancer Society, the Make-AWish Foundation and the Greater YMCA of Wichita. Dixie Larson, a 2006 business management graduate, refuses to play it safe in her career as partner and director of sales and marketing of Kennedy and Coe, an accounting and consulting firm in Wichita. “Some people might have a tendency to stay where it’s safe,” she told the paper “but unless you are willing to take risks in life, you’ll never know all the possibilities.” Larson is also an avid runner and completed a marathon in San Francisco the day before her 50th birthday in October 2010. Debbie Winter, a 1994 Master of Management Information Systems graduate, is a master of efficiency in her role as the senior director of information technologies at Bombardier Aerospace. Winter told the WBJ that her career centers around helping coworkers find the resources they need to do their jobs better. “Finding solutions that will help people perform their jobs more easily – that’s my favorite part of my job. I enjoy helping people,” she told the WBJ. When she’s not working, Winter

also enjoys golfing at Rolling Hills Country Club. To read the complete profiles of Harms, Larson and Winter, visit the Wichita Business Journal at

“I have the amazing privilege of being part of about 1,000 families in the Wichita area, and the longer I serve them the more I see what a privilege it is. I’m there for the tears and there for the joys,” Dr. Hoppock said.

Healthcare Hero

2012 CFO Award

The Wichita Business Journal has named former Friends University Board of Trustee member Dr. Kevin Hoppock as one of its Healthcare Heroes, an honor that recognizes companies, individuals and organizations for their contributions in improving health care in the Wichita area. Dr. Hoppock, a family practitioner with the Via Christi Clinic, has not only served Wichita, but has taken his talents overseas to the Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and Haiti.

Paul Meissner, a 1977 graduate, received a 2012 CFO Award from the Wichita Business Journal. Meissner has worked for Credit Union of America since 1991 and sings with the Wichita Symphony Chorus, the Wichita Ballet Chorus and the Friends University Alumni Chorus. He also cantors at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, and has done more than 1,000 skydives. Paul recently began a new academic adventure and received his scuba diving certification in Hawaii.

Alumni and current students receive 40 Under 40 award B y G isele M c M i n im y

Six Friends University alumni and current students received the 40 Under 40 award from the Wichita Business Journal last fall. The award honors individuals under the age of 40 who have excelled in the areas of leadership, community involvement and contributions to their organizations. Since the program’s inception in 1998, more than 45 individuals related to Friends University have been selected for the honor. Sean Balke is a 1997 human services/psychology graduate. He is president and COO of Craig HomeCare. Ebony Clemons, a 2006 Master of Business Law graduate, works as a business development representative at Wells Fargo Dealer Services. Crystal Hervey is a two-time alumnus who works as regional director at Commercial Concepts and Furnishings. She earned a bachelor’s degree in business management in 2004 and an MBA in 2012. Lindsay Mullins is a current student enrolled in the Master of Science in Family Therapy program. She currently works as director of corporate events at the American Heart Association. Ashley Scheideman earned a 2003 political science degree and is working on a MBA degree at Friends University. She serves as CEO of Make-A-Wish Kansas. Joseph Stearns is a current student in the organizational management and leadership program. He serves as a gang intelligence officer with the Wichita Police Department.

S UMME R 2 0 1 3 | 9

Photo by Gisele McMinimy

Campus lectures broaden studentS perspectives B y G isele M c M i n im y

Friends University’s founders believed higher education is a time for students to search for truth. Because the University encourages curiosity and research and assigns great value to diversity of experience, students are given opportunities to attend lectures that provide a broad range of perspectives to help them in their search for truth.

Courtesy photo

In April, the Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington spoke to students, faculty, and staff about several human and social justice topics including racism and heterosexism. A faculty development session – working with historically oppressed populations on healing and action – was followed by a session on understanding the similarities and differences between racism and heterosexism. Small group discussions gave attendees an opportunity to discuss these issues and then learn how internalized oppression, prejudice, and hostility affects historically excluded populations.

Friends Presents Nationally on Professional Evaluation and Development B y S ara O r n elas

The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) selected Friends University to make a presentation at its spring conference. The presentation – Professional Evaluation and Development for Administrators: Identifying and Prioritizing Need – was presented at the HLC’s annual conference April 5-9 in Chicago. This honor exemplifies the University’s focus on excellence, continuous improvement and accountability.

10 | F r i e n d s

U n i v e rs i t y

Former Biggest Loser father-and-son team, Ken and Austin Andrews, spoke last fall about their struggle with learning to live a healthful lifestyle and the emotional and spiritual renovation they experienced throughout the process.

Art educator of the year B y S ara O r n elas Photo by Jordan Sallee, senior

Photo by Gisele McMinimy

Human trafficking survivor Theresa Flores shared her personal story of being kept in bondage from age 15 and repeatedly drugged, raped, and tortured for two years. The weekend after the presentation, a group of students from Campus Ministries participated in Wichita’s Race for Freedom, an event designed to raise money to stop human trafficking in Wichita.

The Kansas Art Educator Association has named Ann Krone, adjunct professor of art, Outstanding Higher Education Art Educator of the Year for 2012-13. Krone, who has been teaching for 44 years, says she still looks forward to walking into a classroom each day. “Every day I look forward to teaching because I work with dedicated young people who are enthusiastic about art,” she said.

Courtesy photo

B y S ara O r n elas

Shelly Chenoweth Prichard, Friends University Board of Trustees member, has been named president and CEO of the Wichita Community Foundation. According to its website, the Foundation provides a point of contact between those in need and those who can assist. The 25-year-old organization “makes the most of every financial gift by carefully overseeing investments, then putting the earnings to work locally as grants for nonprofit organizations.” Prichard previously oversaw the Girl Scouts of the Heartland, serving more than 17,000 girls in 80 counties.

B y S ara O r n elas

The quirky news of Friends University’s banana bandits has attracted national attention. News agencies across the United States have picked up on the pair of produceparsing pranksters, including the Chicago Tribune, KTVU in California, WFTV in Florida, WSBTV in Georgia – even CNN. The duo – which wishes to remain publicly anonymous, but whose names are well-known throughout the University – gained local media attention when they started decorating Wichita’s Friends University campus on Thursday nights. These delicious and nutritious acts of kindness have been occurring for about a year and a half. Students have reported showing up on campus Friday mornings to find bananas perched in precarious and unexpected locations, including the branches of trees, statues, bleachers, and outside President Dr. T.J. Arant’s front door. The bandits say that each Thursday, they go to Wal-Mart, dance around the banana stand in the produce section, and make their purchase. While the banana bandits admit that their antics started out as a goofy idea, it’s turned into a way of giving back to the University. Since gaining public attention, several other students have joined the bandits in their pursuit to adorn the campus with yellow snacks. The bandits have said that their intent is to leave a “fruity legacy” at the University.

Students research Garden Plain annexation

Photo by Dr. Nora Strasser

Photo by Gisele McMinimy

Prichard leads Wichita Community Foundation

Banana bandits strike weekly

B y S ara O r n elas

Spencer Hoch presents research findings to the Garden Plain Zoning and Planning Commission.

Five students in the Special Math Projects class presented a report to the Garden Plain, Kan., Zoning and Planning Commission laying out the considerations and benefits of annexing land around the city. The students concluded that the costs of the annexation would be outweighed by the benefits for the city and the residents of Garden Plain. The students who worked on the project were Matthew Alumbaugh, Ryan Frier, Rachel Fultz, Spencer Hoch, and April Lyerla – all under the direction of Dr. Nora Strasser, Friends University professor of math.

S UMME R 2 0 1 3 | 11

A YouTube Sensation B y S ara O r n elas

Friends University’s soccer team has some smooth moves – and not just on the field. Team members showed off their lip sync and dance skills in a video set to Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.” The YouTube video was made in response to Harvard University’s baseball team’s performance to “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepson. The soccer team’s performance has earned more than 70,000 hits and comments such as “The guy on the front left is soooo cute!!!” and “This video was great, so much better than the Harvard boys.”

Kansas Governor appoints three to state advisory boards

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback has appointed three individuals associated with Friends University to statewide advisory boards.

B y S ara O r n elas a n d G isele M c M i n im y

U n i v e rs i t y

Brandon Johnson, a 2006 business administration graduate, has been appointed to the State of Kansas Advisory Board for the Juvenile Justice Authority. The advisory board is charged with overseeing comprehensive plans to address concerns that are impacting youth. He currently serves as executive director at Community Operations Recovery Empowerment (CORE).

Photo by Steve Rasmussen

12 | F r i e n d s

Courtesy photo

Photo by Steve Rasmussen

Professor Max Burson, director of the Friends University library, has been appointed chairman of the State Library Board of Kansas for the 2013-14 term. He was appointed for a four-year term in June 2012 and will continue to serve on the board after his year-long term as chairman ends in 2014. The board’s function is to advise the state of Kansas leadership, evaluate proposals and advocate for state libraries of Kansas.

Dr. Dan Lord, professor of marriage and family therapy at Friends University, has been selected to serve on the Governor’s Taskforce on Reducing Childhood Poverty. The committee has been charged with developing recommendations for measures Kansas can take to decrease child poverty and improve child outcomes in the state. The 12-member taskforce had its first meeting in November 2012.

Courtesy photo

Committed to Education Ralph and Jaynelle (’58) Minter

B y H a n n ah P auls

The Friends University Alumni Association hosted an away game tailgate for parents of University football players before the team took on Ottawa University Nov. 3, 2012. About 50 attendees had the opportunity to mingle with alumni and University staff while enjoying free barbecue and dessert. After the tailgate lunch, they cheered on the football team during the 1:30 p.m. game.

Photo by Lisa Tilma

Tailgating in Ottawa

In 1988, Jaynelle and Ralph Minter created perpetual opportunity from personal tragedy. As Friends University alumni and public school educators, Jaynelle and Ralph were life-long learners and teachers. Shortly after their 19-year old granddaughter Angie Landers died, they endowed a scholarship at Friends in her memory for students graduating from Wichita’s North High School. The Minters were married 72 years, and after Ralph died in 2012, Jaynelle established another endowment, the Ralph L. and Jaynelle A. Minter Memorial Scholarship, for students majoring in education. Jaynelle also provided for a final gift to the Minter Memorial Scholarship fund through her estate plan. Jaynelle died earlier this year, but the Minter’s commitment to helping young men and women pursue their dreams at Friends will live on through their generous legacy. For more information about supporting scholarships, creating endowment funds or including Friends in your estate plan, contact the Friends University Development Office at 316-295-5803. Or make a gift online at

Stelljes chosen as Head Linesman at Super Bowl B y K ate B osserma n

Photo by Kirby Lee, USA Today

Steve Stelljes holds back Baltimore Ravens cornerback Cary Williams during Super Bowl XLVII.

Photo by Gisele McMinimy

Steve Stelljes, ’74, was selected as head linesman for the Feb. 2 Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans. Only the highest-rated officials earn the right to work the Super Bowl, according to the NFL. Stelljes has officiated 11 seasons for the NFL, including six playoff games. “Officiating Super Bowl XLVII – Baltimore vs. San Francisco – in New Orleans was a great honor, blessed and humbling experience, especially being the first official from the state of Kansas to ever officiate a Super Bowl,” Stelljes said. “The personal challenge continues with the expectation for me in every game to be measured against a standard of perfect and to improve upon that standard in a highly subjective and variable environment.”

Adult Student Honor Society Inducts First Students at Friends B y G isele M c M i n im y

14 | F r i e n d s

U n i v e rs i t y

Friends University’s College of Adult and Professional Studies (CAPS) inducted its first group of students into Alpha Sigma Lambda, an academic honor society for dedicated adult students. Seventy-one students were eligible from the approximately 900 students in CAPS. Many of these students were inducted in ceremonies April 13 in Wichita and Topeka. To qualify for induction, students must achieve a minimum grade point average of 3.5, have at least 12 credit hours of liberal arts and sciences courses, and have completed 24 credit hours at the institution.

Xu named Fulbright Scholar Photo by Steve Rasmussen

B y S ara O r n elas

One of Friends University’s professors has been awarded the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship. Dr. Guangqui Xu, professor of history, is lecturing and conducting research at the National University of Singapore. The Fulbright program is the flagship international educational exchange program sponsored by the United States government,

and is designed to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and other countries. Dr. Xu is approximately one of 1,100 U.S. faculty and professionals travelling abroad through the Fulbright program during the 2012-13 academic year. Dr. Xu, who earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in China and his Ph.D. from the University of Maryland, not only teaches at Friends University, but has been a visiting professor at Xu’an International Studies University in China. On his Fulbright application, Dr. Xu attributes much of his academic success to his curiosity, being “fleXUble” and open-minded with a sense of humor. “In another culture, there are many things that lead one to weep, get angry, be annoyed, embarrassed, or discouraged,” Dr. Xu wrote. “The ability to laugh off things helps me to guard against despair.” Dr. Xu said Singapore interests him because of its cultural diversity – five million people, most of which are of Chinese, Malay or Indian decent. The National University of Singapore, he writes, “is a leading global university

centered in Asia, offering a global approach to education and research.” He hopes to bring what he learns in Singapore back to Friends University to benefit the entire University community. “Upon my return, I will make a concerted effort to bring my Fulbright experience to campus and community by giving presentations based on my lectures and research collaborations,” Dr. Xu wrote in his Fulbright application. “I will also encourage my colleagues to go in for teaching and research opportunities in other countries and will reach out to students going overseas to study. I will use my experiences to build an international study major or program at Friends University.”

Aprentis conference set for Sept. 26-28 Exploring how we immerse ourselves in the story of God B y R a c hel M illard

B y S ara O r n elas

Alumna Carol Urban-Deal spoke to alumni and students Feb. 2 about the importance of networking and techniques for expanding professional networks. A 2000 graduate of the organizational management and leadership program, she currently serves as senior vice president at Fidelity Bank and is a former member of the Wichita Alumni Advisory Board. The event was co-sponsored by the Wichita Alumni Advisory Board and the Career Services Office.

Photo by Gisele McMinimy

Building professional relationships

Friends University’s Aprentis Institute for Christian Spiritual Formation will host its annual conference “The Story of God and Us” September 26-28 on the Wichita campus. The conference will feature eight national speakers including several authors, a missionary, a recording artist and a pastor. Participants may attend workshop intensives lead by the speakers, share meals and worship with other participants. Registration is limited to 600, so please register early. Learn more at

S UMME R 2 0 1 3 | 15

Studying classical improvisation in Scotland B y S ara O r n elas

Drew Patton, a senior studying guitar at Friends University, has been awarded a $5,000 grant from the Koch Cultural Trust. The grant will fund Patton’s travel to Edinburgh, Scotland, to study classical improvisation with Rob McKillop, a wellknown Scottish composer and performer of early music in Scotland. The grant will also provide Patton with resources for additional study in Spain or Milan. This study opportunity is connected to Patton’s interest and undergraduate research in classical improvisation. Patton hopes to eventually create guitarcentric and multi-instrumental guides to classical improvisation through his research and study.

B y R a c hel M illard Photo by Steve Rasmussen

Patton receives Koch grant

Certification benefits physical education teachers Dr. Dennis Obermeyer, physical education professor, has spent the past year training for Let’s Move in Kansas Schools. In January, he received certification from the National Association for Sports and Physical Education (NASPE) as a Certified Director of Physical Activity. Dr. Obermeyer plans to use the training to teach Friends University’s physical education students methods and best practices for their future careers and classrooms. Let’s Move in Kansas Schools is a new initiative designed to provide training for a select group of Kansas teachers to become Certified Directors of Physical Activity for their schools. The overarching goal is to ensure that every school delivers a comprehensive physical activity program with quality physical education as a foundation so that youth will develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to be physically active for a lifetime.

Photo by Student Affairs

Helping parents stay involved B y S ara O r n elas

Dr. Carole Obermeyer, standing, visits with parents during Family Weekend in October.

16 | F r i e n d s

U n i v e rs i t y

Thanks to a weekly newsletter, families know more about what’s happening with their college students. Dr. Carole Obermeyer, vice president for student affairs at Friends University, sends the newsletter via email to keep parents updated on important dates, deadlines, and information about campus events and activities. “It also gives families some ideas about what their student may be feeling emotionally or physically at certain times of the semester,” Dr. Obermeyer said. “For example, when the high-stress times are and what families can do to help their students deal with that stress.” The newsletter also gives families quick contact with someone they have gotten to know and trust.

Easter Egg Hunt Tradition More than 500 attended the 30th annual Easter Egg Hunt March 30 on Adair-Austin Stadium. The hunt was followed by a carnival in the Casado Campus Center.

Photo by Gisele McMinimy

Alumni boards host Singing Quakers on tour Photo by Chris McDonald

B y H a n n ah P auls

18 | F r i e n d s

U n i v e rs i t y

The Singing Quakers toured Salina, Topeka and Kansas City Feb. 28 to March 3 under the direction of Dr. Mark Bartel. In Topeka, the choir performed at the First United Methodist Church with the Kansas Youth Choral. After the concert, the Topeka Alumni Advisory Board served lemonade and cookies to approximately 175 attendees and choir members. In Kansas City, the choir performed at the Cherokee Christian Church with the Kanas City Kansas Community College Chamber Choir. After the concert, the Kansas City Alumni Advisory Board hosted a reception for approximately 200 attendees and choir members.

Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees is being recognized for baseball and soccer and for his service as assistant soccer coach. Jim Littell served as a former Friends University basketball coach from 19831988. He currently serves as the head women’s basketball coach at Oklahoma State University. He is being recognized for his involvement with the basketball program at Friends University.

Shelby Swindle-Naccarato is a 1985 graduate. She currently serves as an outside procurement agent at Spirit AeroSystems, Inc. She is being recognized for volleyball and softball. Orla Morton (not pictured) was a 1935 graduate of Friends University and is receiving the award posthumously. He is being recognized for football, basketball and track.

Photo by Roman Rodriguez

Friends University inducted three graduates and a former coach into the University’s Athletic Hall of Fame Jan. 16 in Garvey Physical Education Center. Lance Deckinger received two bachelor’s degrees from Friends University (1989 and 2002) and is a former assistant soccer coach. He currently serves as athletic director at Northwest High School in Wichita. He

S UMME R 2 0 1 3 | 19

Changing outlooks, Changing lives Undergraduate and graduate students study abroad B y G isele M c M i n im y a n d S ara O r n elas

International travel and study bring experiences to learning that textbooks cannot. These pages explore 12 students’ recent journeys to Cuba, Chile and Bolivia.

20 | F r i e n d s

U n i v e rs i t y

Jazz students gain insight into Cuban culture

When you are the only college jazz ensemble from the United States to be invited to the Havana International Jazz Festival, you accept the invitation. That’s how approximately 20 Friends University undergraduate jazz students found themselves on a life-changing trip to Cuba Dec. 18-24. The Friends University Jazz Ensemble 1 performed at City Hall in Cancun, Mexico, and then spent five days in Havana, where they performed at the festival under the direction of Lisa Hittle, assistant professor of music and director of the jazz department. The trip served as a unique opportunity for U.S. students to visit a country where travel was only recently opened to groups desiring cultural or educational exchanges. “I wanted the band to experience this culture that is so rich in music and art, yet so vastly different from our life,” Hittle said. “I literally saw students change and grow.”

Photo by Sue Pearce

Senior Nate Hills plays baseball with local Cuban children.

Kelley Reynolds, senior in music The Cuban people exhibited extraordinary kindnesses to us even though we had never met. When we visited a senior center, the people had taken the time to find out that my birthday was approaching. They gave me gifts, sang; and then we all danced. It was a very emotional experience because they have very little, and they went out of their way to show this kindness to someone they had never met before.

Zachary Rich, freshman in trombone performance and psychology I decided to travel to Cuba because of the great musical and cultural experience I knew I would get. Not only did I learn about Cuban music and culture, but my overall views on many aspects of life broadened. I have become more open-minded and I have more of a drive to succeed. I would definitely recommend international travel to other students because I believe being exposed to different cultures and ways of life creates a more dynamic person.

Daniel Byers, senior in elementary education We went to Cuba and came back completely changed individuals with an entirely new perspective on our own lives as well as others. I keep telling people about the lives of the youth and what it means to be in poverty in America versus Cuba. We do not appreciate what we do not understand. A poverty-stricken school in America would far exceed many of the best schools in Cuba as far as conditions and staff are concerned.

Andre’ A. Reyes Jr., sophomore in piano performance Seeing the level of musicianship made me want to work hard and strive for my dreams. For lots of Cubans, music is the only thing they have. To see how much they cherish and love it made my love for music shoot for the roof. It made me a more humble musician. If I can, I would love to live and study there for a while, because the emotion and heart they put into their music made me want that for myself.

S UMME R 2 0 1 3 | 21

Students Teresa Strausz and Lori Swilley facilitate a World Café exercise in organization development at a hospital in Bolivia.

Courtesy photo

Courtesy photo

Denise Curry Sherman, 2012 Graduate Director, Employer Services Wichita Area Technical College The international study experience allowed me to immerse myself into the daily and fundamental activities, yet gain a better understanding how strategically designed organizational development can apply on multiple levels of an organization. What was reinforced for me is that human behavior is universal and that people have the same basic needs, aspirations and desires no matter where they may live. This trip provided a real-life case study where our team was able to identify organizational issues, performance gaps and unfulfilled expectations, while empowering all levels of staff to dream, discover, develop and deliver solutions that will improve their organization.

Students consult at Bolivian hospital Six students from the Master of Organization Development program traveled to Cochabamba, Bolivia, in July 2012. Dr. Jim Maddox, program director, placed the students in a weeklong, hands-on residency with Hospitals of Hope and a local hospital. Hospitals of Hope is a Wichita faith-based non-profit organization engaged in medical missions work. They have hospitals in Liberia, Haiti, and Bolivia and are also well known for their “Clinics in a Can,” a mobile clinic that can be shipped or airlifted to areas of need around the world.

Lori Swilley, 2012 Graduate Program Manager at Contingent Workforce Program, ZeroChaos, on site at Spirit Aerosystems Applying what we learned in the United States to another country seemed like it might be challenging. We visited two orphanages, and the children stole my heart. There was one little boy who I seemed to connect with. I still think about him and will never forget the special time I spent with this little guy. The ability to observe how the orphanages operate was fascinating, and I found myself applying organization development principles to much of what I experienced. Even though this was not part of our official project, it was nonetheless extremely valuable. Because this experience was so people oriented, it has helped me to see a greater diversity among people – personalities, beliefs, values. I feel more in tune to differences and a little more tolerant of differing opinions.

Students outside the hospital in Bolivia.

22 | F r i e n d s

U n i v e rs i t y

Teresa Strausz, 2012 Graduate Community & Organization Specialist at Wichita State University Center for Community Support & Research Working with a hospital gave me an opportunity to see how people who are hurting and people who are affected by those who are hurting give and receive support. I heard stories of the witnessing of Christ’s love in ways that I have seldom experienced. I heard stories of miracles in the healing of persons, and I heard stories of the power of healers praying with the afflicted as well as their families. These stories affected me deeply. Our work as organization development practitioners is about the human experience and I learned that as practitioners, we learn so much more when we remain open and vulnerable. Nonprofits in the United States face many of the same challenges faced by the nonprofit hospital we worked with in Bolivia. These issues include finding ways to gain trust and engagement with the community within which they work, effectively market their services and find sustainable funding sources.

Tommy Reed, 2012 Graduate Information & Technology Manager: The IMA Financial Group, Inc. There is no rat race in Cochabamba. I had no idea how I would “practice organization development” in a foreign country. By leaning into that discomfort, asking questions, and working with a team, I found out that it was not only possible, but we would do it well. I take that experience to any challenge I face today. I remind myself: “I don’t know how I’m going to do this, but I know I’m going to do it well.” We thought that the language barrier would make conversation difficult. We found that the careful process that comes with translating foreign language may have helped to improve the process. We were more careful to explain our meaning. We listened more. We were careful to understand better.

Courtesy photo

Courtesy photo

Commander Mario Toro of Chile’s FIDAE answers questions about the International Air and Space Fair that showcases international aerospace and defense companies.

Grad students do business residency in Chile Chilean businessman Andrew Matetic and student Marlin Staley talk about the aviation industry at Aviasur, a full-service Chilean aircraft company that services brands including Beechcraft.

After two years of studying international business, 28 students from the Master of Global Leadership and Management program spent a week in Santiago, Chile, as part of a business residency. Program Director Dr. Valentina Chappell arranged for students to meet with executives from leading companies to benchmark their academic knowledge against foreign business practices and to practice their cross-cultural communication. See more photos and read students’ posts on their travel blog at The next global leadership class will visit Beijing, China, in July 2013.

Marlin Staley, 2013 Graduate Production Manager Aero-Mach Labs I had traveled to more than 20 countries before taking this course. The experience helped me prepare to meet my goals and open my mind to South American opportunities. Knowing different cultures, how they communicate, market and what they need to be successful is a great learning experience for business employees through executive level positions.

Terry J. Russell, 2012 Graduate Engineering Supervisor, Boeing Understanding how other cultures approach the negotiation process and how they arrive at decisions can be a great advantage. The experience helped me become more sensitive to cultural influences. I do a better job finding ways to get more from employees by tailoring my leadership style. I’ve learned that you need to treat people how they want to be treated, rather than how you want to be treated.

Alan Clutter, 2012 Graduate Contracts Procurement Agent, Spirit Aero Systems This helped me understand business is the same everywhere – just with some different dimensions that we might not be accustomed to. My outlook on international business is much stronger. We witnessed a student protest of education costs. We witnessed riot police using water cannons and tear gas as the student protesters had turned violent against the government.

Kimberly Wilson, 2012 Graduate Export/Import Product Classification Compliance Specialist, Beechcraft It was an experience of a lifetime. We were able to talk with many business owners and CEOs, making our experience very educational. Visiting Aviasur was especially exciting for me because I do not often see our finished product. They had several of our aircraft in their hanger.

S UMME R 2 0 1 3 | 23

How do wind and natural gas fit into the energy equation? People are looking for a silver bullet, and there’s no silver bullet. It’s not either/or with natural gas and wind. If you have a wind farm, you have to have a fossil fuel backup, such as natural gas, because the wind doesn’t blow all the time. We are clearly going to develop a lot more natural gas even if we develop more wind, because we have so much of it, and it’s cleaner than coal. There are environmental concerns about natural gas drilling, but there also are some about wind. Producing electricity from wind is essentially carbonfree, but carbon is emitted to produce wind turbines. You use up a lot of land. Some people complain about the noise. No one should be deluded into thinking everything is perfect.

Fuel for Thought A conversation with Jeffrey Ball, Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow and clean-energy writer

B y B ria n W heple y

How did you end up coming to Kansas? I’m part of the Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellows program. I go to a college or university once or twice a year for a week visiting classes. I have a good deal of contact with students at Stanford, but more with graduate students. I guide students with projects, particularly concerning China.

24 | F r i e n d s

U n i v e rs i t y

Photo by Dr. Joseph Myers

The week of Jeffrey Ball’s visit in mid-October turned out to be a fine example of winddriven energy. Northern gusts whipped through Wichita with enough vigor to carry a good bit of Plains dirt along with them. Ball, a longtime Wall Street Journal reporter and columnist on energy issues, was in Wichita to share his knowledge of wind and other forms of energy. He spent time with business, science, journalism and other classes at Friends University. He also took part in the University’s community conversation event, Great Conversation!, with a session on “New Power: America at an Energy Crossroads.” Now scholar-in-residence with Stanford University’s Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance, Ball’s research involves the competition among nations and industry for the clean-energy market, and what that means for consumers and the environment. China’s renewable energy push and the economics of changing fossil-fuel use figure into his work.

Are we in the middle of a prime opportunity to develop renewable energy? To some people, the fact that we have plentiful natural gas means we don’t need to do anything on the renewable side. If you’re concerned about climate change and energy security, you can do both of those with natural gas. The other argument is that natural gas is a bridge to something else, that it buys us time to develop and bring down the cost of technologies that are lower or even zero carbon.

Students ask Jeffrey Ball for good examples of clean-energy integration.

Is energy “shock” required to really bring renewables into play? History makes it pretty clear that societies don’t make big energy shifts because of environmental altruism but because they’re shocked into it by an economic crisis that

“Our inclination is to buy a Prius or put solar panels on the roof. The first thing you should do is put insulation in your walls.�

Photo by Dr. Joseph Myers

persuades them to change how they’re consuming energy. It happened in Europe and in Japan, and I think it’s happening in China right now. We do not in this country feel that imperative. But the recent history of this country shows that when there are shocks, we respond. When gas prices have spiked, you have seen changes in Americans’ buying habits.

“There’s not one energy solution.” paying more for. There have been two arguments for renewable energy: One is climate change and the other is a security argument, and that’s largely gone away with natural gas. People who tend to think climate change is a real problem would pay more for renewable energy; those who don’t think climate change is a problem won’t pay more.

How is our situation different than that of other countries? We are plentifully endowed with fossil fuels in ways that other countries that shifted to renewable energies are not. When the Arab oil embargo happened in the 1970s, the effect on the U.S. was much less than in Europe. We are much bigger, we drive a lot more and we have to transmit electricity over much longer distances. Because we are so big and have a greater variety of climates, it’s much less clear that one or two renewable energy sources are the solution. Photo by Roman Rodriguez

Jeffrey Ball addresses America’s energy crossroads during a roundtable discussion at Great Conversation Oct. 18.

What about subsidies for renewable energy? First, all energy sources are subsidized, and clearly there are policies that have benefited fossil fuels. The real question behind the debate over subsidies for renewable energy is whether the reasons for renewable energy are worth

26 | F r i e n d s

U n i v e rs i t y

How can energy incentives be smarter? We started subsidizing renewable energy through tax credits, which gives a credit based on how much an investor spends to develop a renewable energy project. The problem with that subsidy is that it doesn’t incentivize efficiency; instead, the more you spend the bigger the break you get. That subsidy was changed in the early 1990s to a production tax credit based on how much electricity you actually produce, and theoretically that’s a smarter idea. However, developers tend to be smaller companies, so Wall Street – large investment banks – has come in as partners. That’s fine, but as much as 30 percent of the value of these credits is not going to renewable energy, but to the profits of these banks. It’s certainly not maximizing the amount of taxpayer money going to produce renewable energy. How about putting a price on carbon? I suspect that at some point there will be a price on carbon dioxide emissions. The real debate is whether there should be a tax on carbon or a cap-and-trade system. Advocates of a price on carbon say it’s the most efficient way to set the rules of a market so that the most efficient

technologies rise to the top. It’s a hugely complicated question, because what you do actually does determine who wins and loses, and it determines who pays more and who pays less among consumers and whether you actually reduce carbon. How can energy policy improve? First, we can force energy incentives to be much more economically efficient. Second, we need to get smarter about grabbing the low-hanging fruit with energy. We tend to be enamored of the sexy rather than the boring. We as individuals and a country want to shift to cleaner energy, so our inclination is to buy a Prius or put solar panels on the roof. And every study says that’s not the first thing you should do. The first thing you should do is put insulation in your walls. A lot of policies on the state and local levels incentivize renewable energy as opposed to energy efficiency. One real no-brainer is to get those in alignment. What other challenges are there? What’s so difficult about the prospect of a big shift to renewables in the United States is that the drivers of that shift are so soft. Other places that have made big shifts have hard, almost undeniable drivers, the shocks. We’re having this debate precisely because the drivers are so soft. We all need to be humble here. There’s a lot we don’t know. When we’ve predicted almost anything about energy, we’ve been surprised, so we ought to anticipate that we’ll be surprised again. The takeaway… People need to really understand that there’s not one energy solution, and it’s so complicated that people want to gravitate to one solution. It’s harder than that.

Friends University

Honor Roll of Donors

July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012

From The President We are pleased to present this annual report that recognizes our donors for their philanthropic support of Friends University during our 2011-12 year. This report covers all donors of record who gave to Friends University from July 1, 2011, through June 30, 2012. We appreciate your past investment in Friends University and the work we do to provide a meaningful and life-changing liberal arts education for our students. Your support has played a key role in establishing the University as one of the most respected and well positioned independent universities in the state. As we begin our new strategic planning process this year, we are discussing new plans and programs that will broaden the reach of Friends University and enhance the work we do. We hope you will be excited to be part of our upcoming growth and development and that we can look forward to the continued support of our alumni, faculty, staff and friends to reinforce the University’s values, achieve our vision and fulfill our mission. Thank you, again, for your past support. We look forward to giving you many more reasons to continue to support Friends University in the coming years.

Dr. T.J. Arant President, Friends University

from the Vice President ¡Gracias! Merci! Takk! Thank you! No matter how many times or what language we use, our expressions of gratitude are heartfelt! We are grateful to the alumni, parents, friends and everyone in the extended Friends University community for their continued support and commitment. Your investment in Friends and its mission – of providing our students with a meaningful and exceptional educational experience – will lead students to change the world! Friends University’s newly articulated mission, values and vision statements clearly reaffirm and embrace our Quaker heritage and promote those values that are central to the Society of Friends’ faith – among them integrity, good-will, responsibility and stewardship. Your gift to the University exemplifies those principles and illustrates that at Friends, the values of honesty, service and loyalty are not only life-changing, they are life-long. Our promise to you is to do our best to fulfill our mission and carry forward the traditions and values that make our University great! Thank you, again, for your generosity. We look forward to giving you many more reasons to continue to support Friends University in the coming years.

Tracy H. Muirhead Vice President of Institutional Advancement

28 | Friends University Honor Roll of Donors

Every effort has been made to ensure these lists are accurate. If corrections need to be made, please contact Institutional Advancement at 316-295-5803.

Recognizing our benefactors By Tracy Muirhead

Your generosity – and that of all the alumni and friends of the University – makes it possible for Friends University to deliver great educational experiences to our students and to do so affordably and effectively. Moreover, your investment in Friends is a vote of confidence for our mission: for our heritage and traditions that are the foundation of this institution; for the quality academic programs and faculty; for our co-curricular programs and student support services; and, for the entire Friends University community that is committed to helping students learn to make a difference in the world. Inherent in the values of Friends University and clearly stated in our new values statement, is the importance of and our commitment to stewardship of what has been given and for that which we will receive in the future. We are deeply grateful for the gifts we receive every year. Without that support we could not offer scholarships to our students, maintain a physical plant that enhances the learning and living environment, and hire firstrate faculty and staff to produce the kind of experience that makes Friends an excellent university. To appropriately express our gratitude for your generosity, to illustrate your confidence in us, and to confirm that the greater Friends community shares a commitment to our mission, we have developed a new manner with which to recognize Friends University’s benefactors.

Giving Societies Annual Giving All gifts made July 1 through June 30 each year. President’s Club.......................................... Gifts of $500 or more to the President’s Scholarship Fund Clock Tower Circle Founding Member................................... $1,000 to $2,500 Sustaining Member................................. $2,500 to $5,000 Principal Fellow........................................ $5,000 to $10,000 Distinguished Fellow............................... $10,000 to $25,000 W.O. Mendenhall Circle............................ Annual gifts of $25,000 to $100,000 Edmund Stanley Circle.............................. Annual gifts of $100,000 or more

Lifetime Giving Recognizing cumulative gifts greater than $25,000. James A. Davis Society Bronze Feather......................................... $25,000 to $50,000 Silver Feather........................................... $50,000 to $100,000 Gold Feather............................................ $100,000 to $250,000 Diamond Feather..................................... $250,000 to $500,000 Silver Falcon............................................. $500,000 to $1,000,000 Gold Falcon.............................................. $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 Diamond Falcon....................................... More than $5,000,000

Estate Gifts Heritage Society......................................... Estate and deferred gifts documented with the University

July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012 | 29

Board of Trustees

Rodney Pitts: A Legacy of Leadership B y G isele M c M i n im y

As Rod Pitts finishes his most recent term of service as chair of the Friends University Board of Trustees, he is completing what has become a family tradition. His family has been involved in the life of Friends University for eight decades and four generations, and has had more than 20 family members who call the University home. A 1982 graduate, Rod has served as chair of the board since 2007. During this term, he served as chair for the Presidential Search Committee and led the effort to hire a new University president for the first time in 20 years. He worked diligently to create a process that gave all constituencies feedback and input into the hiring process and kept all parties updated about the search process. “It has been an honor to serve Friends University as chair of the Board of Trustees these past few years,” Pitts said. “I am fortunate to follow in my father’s footsteps and share our family’s commitment to higher education. It has been rewarding to help facilitate the Board’s long-term planning centered around leadership priorities and updating of the University’s mission, vision and strategic plan. I am quite optimistic Friends University will continue to enhance its efforts to prepare students to adapt to change and to make a difference in the world.” Rod began serving on the board in 1994 and previously served as chair of the board from the University’s centennial year in 1998 to 2003. He served two terms as vice chair and has served on nine board subcommittees. His father, 1957 graduate Daryl Pitts, served for three terms on the Friends University Board of Trustees throughout four decades and served as chair of the board from 1982-86. Daryl served on the Presidential Search Committee that hired President Richard Felix in the late 1970s. He also served as president of the Friends Management Corporation from 1990-91. “Friends University has benefited from Rod’s leadership during critical times in the University’s history,” said President T.J. Arant. “We appreciate his and his family’s long-standing service and meaningful contributions throughout the years, and we look forward to their family’s continued involvement in the future.”

30 | Friends University Honor Roll of Donors

Every effort has been made to ensure these lists are accurate. If corrections need to be made, please contact Institutional Advancement at 316-295-5803.

Board of Trustees: Fulfilling A Stewardship Role Purpose The Friends University Board of Trustees is vested with ultimate authority for the general, academic and financial policymaking functions for Friends University. Trustees are responsible for the University’s financial health and welfare and exercise their institutional authority in a fiduciary capacity. The Board of Trustees works closely with the president, who is charged with the day-to-day administration of the University. Composition and Quaker Heritage The board currently consists of 17 members and one trustee emeritus. The board is committed to preserving and respecting the University’s Quaker heritage and endeavors to have at least one-fourth of the board composed of persons who are affiliated with or have a background in the Christian and Quaker tradition of the Society of Friends. Currently, 47 percent of the board meets this objective.

Friends University Welcomes New Board Members B y G isele M c M i n im y

The Friends University Board of Trustees has elected three new members within the past year. John Lewis, D.D.S. Re-elected February 2013 Dr. John M. Lewis is a partner with the Wichita Dental Group, PA. He rejoined the Friends University Board of Trustees in February 2013. A birthright Quaker, Dr. Lewis earned his bachelor’s degree from Earlham College in Richmond, Ind., and his doctorate in dental surgery from Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill. Married to Wanda Lewis, they have three children: Paul, Sarah and Luke. Dr. Lewis assumed responsibility as chair of the board in May 2013.

Denis Knight, D.O. Re-elected February 2013 Dr. Denis Knight is a physician with Wichita Family Medicine Specialists, LLC. He graduated from Friends University with a biology degree in 1978 and earned his osteopathic medicine degree from the University of Health Sciences in 1987. This year he began a three-year term serving as a board member of the Medical Society of Sedgwick County. He has also served as the team physician for the Department of Athletics for the past 20 years and more recently as the student health physician. He is married to Ginna, and the couple has seven children: James, Chris, Alonso, Novian, Charity, Dawn Deanne and Acacia.

Jana Mullen elected August 2012 Jana Mullen is the operator and coowner of CasadoMcKay, Inc. She graduated from Friends University in 1988 with a degree in health and P.E. education. She is married to Jeff, and the couple has two daughters; Jessica and Jordan.

July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012 | 31

Heritage Society With deep appreciation we recognize the commitment of

those who have named Friends University as a beneficiary in their will, trust or other estate gift. Their forethought and commitment to the University truly help ensure a bright future for Friends. Dr. and Mrs.* Kenneth L. Andrew* Mr. and Mrs. Philip K. Atkinson Dr. Colin Bailey Mrs. Jean Lambert Barker Mrs. Paula McAntire Bates* Mr. and Mrs. Craig Alan Bay Mr. R. Ben Bennett Mrs. Mona M. Berry Mr. and Mrs. E. Paul Boles Mrs. Peggy Brehm Dr. and Mrs. R. Leroy Brightup Mr. and Mrs. C. Bruce Burnett Mr. and Mrs. C. Sheldon Carpenter Mr. Kenneth L. Clark Mr. Roy Clevenger Dr. John G. Conyers Mr. Horace E. Coon Mrs. Virginia L. Cox Mr. David D. Cranmer Randall J. Ellis Mrs. Kenneth Fell* Mr. and Mrs. Sy Fischer Mrs. Twila Flowers Mr. James Friesen Lee and Beverly Gatton Mr. Kenneth E. Gooden Mr. and Mrs. Gary G. Greer Mr. and Mrs. Roy Haden Mr. Charles E. Hansen Mr. Duane M. Hansen Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Hinshaw Dr. and Mrs. Marvin D. Hinten

Ms. Marjorie Hyer Mr. Bruce Jewett Mr. Richard King Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Klocke Mrs. Marcia L. Lamkins Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Langenwalter Mrs. Lorriene Lansdowne Mr. David P. Larkin Mrs. Carolyn F. Leach Mrs. Paul D. Mahan Mrs. M. Faye McCoy Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Minter* Mrs. Marjorie Morgan Ms. Maryruth Nutt Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Pavlish Mr. James R. Perkins Mr. Larry Rhodes Ms. Pat Risley Mr. and Mrs. Edwin L. Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Roberts Mrs. Lorraine Rosser Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rucker Mr. and Mrs. Ray Rutherford Mr. and Mrs.* Carl W. Sebits Dr. and Mrs. McClure L. Smith Dr. Marjorie Stone Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Turner Dr. and Mrs. Donald S. Vincent Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Wheeler Mr. and Mrs. Phil Whiteman Mr. and Mrs. Hervey W. Wright III * Deceased

Gifts for ScholarshipS

A scholarship is an important element of the Friends University financial aid package. It can recognize achievement, encourage excellence and fulfill financial need. We are grateful to those listed below who helped make a Friends’ education a reality for our students. Adult Leadership Scholars Program

Ernest P. Boles Memorial Scholarship

Mr. Carl W. Sebits

Mr. and Mrs. E. Paul Boles

Irene Vickers Baker Award for Outstanding Service to Friends

Chester E. and Mildred M. Bowles Scholarship

Irene Vickers Baker Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Binford

Barton Sisters Endowed Music Scholarship

Chester E. and J. Ruth Dillon Coulter Bowles Scholarship

Mrs. Janice Menzie

Mrs. Lorraine P. Boyd

Boyer Educational Trust Scholarship

Boyer Educational Trust Annabeth Pollock Brown Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Stephens Patsy and Clifford Burdine Memorial Scholarship

Mr. Earnest B. Alexander Ms. Joan M. Dodds Fraternal Order of Eagles 3251 Chisholm Trail Ms. Glenda R. Frye Ms. Mary K. Held Mrs. and Mrs. William L. Hus Ms. B. Eileen Jahnke Mr. Robert D. Johnson Mrs. Joan Kanngiesser Ms. Vera C. Kennedy Ms. Linda F. Kliewer Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert R. Mayes Mrs. Terri Pierce Means Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Teel

Ron Heller Fishin’ With Friends Endowed Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Joel T. Leftwich Dr. Charles Henning Endowed Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. James Boots Kirk L. Hinshaw Endowed Music Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Galen Hinshaw Frank O. Hoover Endowed Scholarship

Mr. Frank W. Hoover Eugene F. and Leah Jean Huntley Endowed Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Leon B. Erwin Eugene F. Huntley Estate Institute of Internal Auditors - Wichita Chapter Current Scholarship

Institute of Internal Auditors Wichita Chapter

Kelly Cox Soccer Scholarship

Harold and Aldine Johnson Family Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Cox

Mr. and Mrs. Quentin Wallace

Dorothy H. Craven Endowed Scholarship

Marilyn R. Killian Choral Leadership Award

Dr. Bill T. Ridgeway

Dr. and Mrs. C. Larry Heck Wichita Community Children’s Choir Inc

Meredith and Mabel Cromer Memorial Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Crawford

Richard Haworth King Current Scholarship

H. Ernest Crow Endowed Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. King

Dr. Ernest W. Crow*

Richard Haworth King Endowed Scholarship

Milton H. Day Memorial Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. King

Mrs. Bonnie Marshall Mrs. Uthona L. Tole Herman L. and Juanita M. Dewey Scholarship

Juanita M. Dewey Estate Lois Finley Memorial Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. William H. AufderHeyde Mr. and Mrs. Bob Dalbom John R. Fleming Current Music Scholarship

Mr. John R. Fleming General Current Scholarship Fund

Mr. Thomas L. Wray General Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund

Liberal Friends Church Beverly A. Roberts Estate Homer and Easter Havens Memorial Scholarship

Rev. and Mrs. John J. Havens

32 | Friends University Honor Roll of Donors

Richard and Phyllis King Piano Award

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. King Fred C. and Mary R. Koch Foundation Scholarship

Fred C. and Mary R. Koch Foundation Fred C. Koch Scholarship in Business

Fred C. and Mary R. Koch Foundation Mary R. Koch Scholarship in the Arts

Fred C. and Mary R. Koch Foundation W. Macy and Ann E. Lewis Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. W. Macy Lewis Illinois K. and Hazel Esther Rhoades Lygrisse Educational Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. J. Gary Wolf Mendenhall Outstanding Junior Man and Woman Award

Irene Vickers Baker Trust

Every effort has been made to ensure these lists are accurate. If corrections need to be made, please contact Institutional Advancement at 316-295-5803.

Dr. Benjamin Mevey Teacher of Promise Endowed Scholarship

Mrs. Nancy S. Calkins Leah L. Jones* Mrs. Mary M. Shults Mr. and Mrs. John E. Swinehart Ralph L. Minter and Jaynelle Minter Memorial Scholarship

A Box 4 U LLC Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Armstrong Mr. Alden Carter Mrs. C. S. Ebert Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Graber Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Heitkotter Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Hendershot Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Holloway Ms. Beverly J. Howe Mr. and Mrs. James H. Iwig Mr. Marvin Kempf Ms. Freda P. Larson Mr. and Mrs. Larry G. Lunkenheimer Mr. and Mrs. W. Stroud McIlvain Mrs. Ann M. Murray Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Patterson Jr. Mr. Jimmie L. Poe Mr. and Mrs. Robert Preston Ms. Joan Sondergard Ms. Carolyn Stahl Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Stanley Ms. Lorene H. Stone Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Stroot Mr. and Mrs. John P. Strunk Mr. and Mrs. Glen Summervill Mr. and Mrs. Walt H. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Patrick F. Walden Mr. and Mrs. Norman B. Watson Mr. Tom Whitney Mr. and Mrs. Darrell R. Whitney Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Winfrey Mr. and Mrs. Roger E. Zwemke Victor Murdock Foundation Music Scholarship

Victor Murdock Foundation Lee Southwell Naftzger II Music Scholarship

Naftzger Fund for Fine Arts Evelyn Phinney Make a Difference Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Randall Doerksen Mr. and Mrs. Kenton A. Dunn James Garvey Family Charitable Trust Drs. Dona and Richard L. Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goebel Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Graf Dr. and Mrs. Marvin D. Hinten Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hoskinson Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Hubbard Ms. Jennifer L. Jay Mr. and Mrs. Scott Lembke Dr. and Mrs. John Lewis Dr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Lord Mr. and Mrs. Kevin B. Lyerla Dr. Dixie Madden Mr. and Mrs. Eric B. Metz Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Parks Mr. Brandon S. Pierce Mr. and Mrs. Rodney D. Pitts Dr. and Mrs. Al Saber Drs. Mark and Karlene Sanborn Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Shockley Mr. Dave and Dr. Kathy Slemp Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Snyder State Farm Companies Foundation Textron Foundation Inc Mrs. Joyce G. Thompson Ms. Joan L. Tregellas Mr. and Mrs. John R. Weber Dr.* and Mrs. David Weber Mrs. Kelley K. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Hervey W. Wright III Mr. and Mrs. Joe Zimmerman Max C. and Dr. Isabel Rankin Memorial Scholarship

Bever Dye Foundation Mr. John R. Brooks Mr. Dean Gamble Ms. Maxine Haller Mrs. Molly E. Lyon Mark C. Reed Endowed Scholarship Fund in Zoo Science

Mrs. Dwane L. Wallace* Cecil J. Riney Singing Quaker Endowed Scholarship

Dr. and Mrs. Cecil J. Riney

Evelyn Phinney Scholarship Trust

Jessie S. and Glen L. Rutherford Scholarship

Potts Zoo Science Current Scholarship

Mr. Allen Rutherford

Dr. and Mrs. George D. Potts Presidential Scholarships

Dr. and Mrs. J.W. Bothwell Dr. and Mrs. R. Leroy Brightup Mr. and Mrs. V. E. Chance Charitable Foundation Inc Mr. David D. Cranmer Mr. and Mrs. David D. Depew

Carl and Dixie Sebits Jazz/Ballet Endowed Scholarship

Allen Gibbs and Houlik LC Association of Petroleum Women Bever Dye Foundation Mr. and Mrs. David Branine Mr. Bruce W. Buehler

Mr. Steve M. Dillard Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Graf Mr. Philip B. Hartley Mr. and Mrs. Wendell F. Hill Ms. Jeri G. Hinkle Ms. Irene L. Holley INTRUST Bank N.A. Kansas Independent Oil and Gas Association Ninnescah Chapter 423 Order of the Eastern Star Ms. Ruth Carlson Pearson Mr. James R. Perkins Mrs. Stephanie L. Reif Mr. and Mrs. W.S. Ross Mr. and Mrs. Lynn H. Scott Mr. Carl W. Sebits Mr. Richard D. Smith Mr. Don B. Stahr Mr. and Mrs. William L. Stephens Ms. Rosanne Woolf Mr. and Mrs. Hervey W. Wright III Wesley J. and Elizabeth Beeman Stansbury and Dr. John W. Beeman Memorial Scholarship

Mrs. Phillip Petty Virginia Stone Endowed Scholarship Fund

Dr. Marjorie Stone Dr. David Weber Endowed Vocal Music Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Eldon A. Alexander AT&T Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bergquist Dr. Kathryn M. Boyle Bretz Law Office, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Broeckelman Mrs. Gail Buchanan Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Chambers Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Cook Mr. and Mrs. Steve Copeland Mr. and Mrs. David D. Depew Mrs. Vivian Fleming Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goebel Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Graf Mr. and Mrs. Gregg K. Greenwood Mrs. Janet S. Grieve Mrs. Helen Griffin Chuck* and Jan Hadley Ms. Mary M. Hannemann Ms. Patricia J. Hannemann Ms. Lisa Hittle Ms. Jennifer L. Johnson Leah L. Jones* Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Killian Mr. and Mrs. Vern Klassen Mr. Larry H. Lamb Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lamb Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Russell W. Lee Mr. and Mrs. Steve Livengood Ms. Nancie Lymer

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Malnar Mrs. Ruth E. Martinez Ms. Nancy J. Maultsby Mrs. Virginia McCoskey Mr. and Mrs. David C. McDonald Mr. and Mrs. Eric B. Metz Mr. and Mrs. James Miller Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Patton Jr. Dr. and Mrs. David Pauls Mr. Reginald L. Pittman Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ratzlaff Dr. and Mrs. Cecil J. Riney Ms. Kristin S. Rinne Mr. John D. Sherwood Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Shockley Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Smith Southwestern Remodeling Contractors Ms. Linda Cox Stephenson Mr. and Mrs. Arden D. Strole Dr. and Mrs. John W. Taylor Textron Foundation Inc Ms. Joan L. Tregellas Ms. Amy L. Underwood Ms. Martha Underwood Mr. and Mrs. Quentin Wallace Mr. and Mrs. James Wenger Wichita Alumni Advisory Board Endowed Scholarship

Mrs. Sherrie G. Andersen Mr. and Mrs. Randall Doerksen Ms. Lynn R. Matsler Mr. and Mrs. Alex Tilma Yeshuas Enterprise LLC Jo Ann Winchester Endowed Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Graf Mr. Ray Winchester * Deceased

July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012 | 33

Memorial, Tribute and Honor Gifts A meaningful way to commemorate a loved one, friend, or special event in one’s life, we appreciate and acknowledge these special gifts by the donors and for the honorees listed below. In honor of David Alley

Ms. Rachel Alley In memory of Dr. Kenneth L. Andrew

Dr. Robert D. Cowan In honor of June Arunga, Dr. Vernon Smith and Dixie Madden

Garvey Kansas Foundation In memory of Vernon “Cliff” Burdine

Mr. Earnest B. Alexander Ms. Joan M. Dodds Mr. and Mrs. Dick Endsley Fraternal Order of Eagles 3251 Chisholm Trail Ms. Glenda R. Frye Ms. Lois Held Ms. Mary K. Held Mrs. and Mrs. William L. Hus Ms. B. Eileen Jahnke Mr. Robert D. Johnson Mrs. Joan Kanngiesser Ms. Vera C. Kennedy Ms. Linda F. Kliewer Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert R. Mayes Mrs. Terri Pierce Means Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Ridder Ms. Pam Seavey Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Teel Ms. Serita Theis Ms. Mary A. Trissal Ms. Darleen Veelt In honor of the class of 1961

Mr. Carl G. Boaz Mr. Bill C. Chastain Mr. Kenneth E. Gooden Mrs. Marie Sommers Gregg Mrs. LoErna Palmer Simpson Mrs. Karen Staley Mr. Richard L. Webb Mr. and Mrs. Clark C. Wiley Mr. and Mrs. Milton Willis In honor of the class of 1986

Dr. and Mrs. R. Leroy Brightup Mrs. Wanda F. Parker Givens Ms. Dorothy T. Watkins In memory of Martha Draper Croft

Ms. Carolyn A. Croft

In memory of Meredith and Mable Cromer

Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Crawford In memory of Dr. Maxwell Cubbage

Dr. Diana Cubbage Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Erwin Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Darryl D. Kutz Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Moore In honor of Jeff Dalbom

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Dalbom In memory of Mary Francis Gregory Wells Danielson

Mrs. Marilyn L. Wells In honor of Kimberly Dooley

Dooley’s Water and Energy Solutions Inc In honor of Rebekah Fitzpatrick

Ms. Erin Fitzpatrick In memory of Willard W. Garvey

Garvey Kansas Foundation In memory of Daniel Gilliam

Ms. Marla Booher Mr. and Mrs. Larry Breidenstein Mr. and Mrs. David Brownlee Mr. and Mrs. Steve Chance Ms. Marilyn Coats Ms. Nancy A. Corwin Credentialing Network Group Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Cronkleton Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Goscha Mr. James O. Krehbiel Ms. Nancy LaFond Ms. Cindy Lees Mr. and Mrs. Floyd E. Lyman Ms. Donna Van Nordstrand Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie D. Parsons Ms. Shirley J. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Emil F. Savaiano Ms. Elizabeth A. Schmidt Ms. Dixie Schoepf Southwestern College Professional Studies Center Summit Medical Management LLC Ms. Elma Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Omar L. Wespe

In honor of Frances Hogan and Monty Williams

In honor of Aldine Johnson

Ms. Freda P. Larson and Mr. Patrick Sheets Legacy Bank Mr. and Mrs. Larry G. Lunkenheimer Mr. and Mrs. W. Stroud McIlvain Mrs. Ann M. Murray Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Patterson Jr. Mr. W. G. Peterie Mr. Jimmie L. Poe Mr. and Mrs. Robert Preston Mrs. Barbara Russell Ms. Joan Sondergard Ms. Carolyn Stahl Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Stanley Ms. Lorene H. Stone Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Stroot Mr. and Mrs. John P. Strunk Mr. and Mrs. Glen Summervill Mr. and Mrs. Walt H. Thompson Village Inn Employees Mr. and Mrs. Patrick F. Walden Mr. and Mrs. Norman B. Watson Mr. Tom Whitney Mr. and Mrs. Darrell R. Whitney Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Winfrey Mr. and Mrs. Roger E. Zwemke

Mr. and Mrs. Quentin Wallace

In memory of Max Rankin

In memory of Harold Johnson

Bever Dye Foundation Mr. John R. Brooks Mr. Dean Gamble Ms. Maxine Haller Mrs. Molly Lyon

Dr. Michael Hogan In honor of Leah Lou Hogan* and Loren Jones

Dr. Michael Hogan In honor of Patrick Hogan and Jennie Noblit

Dr. Michael Hogan In honor of Rita Hogan and Don Newman

Dr. Michael Hogan Mr. and Mrs. Patrick C. Hogan Leah L. Jones* Mrs. Frances R. Williams In memory of Eugene Huntley

Mr. and Mrs. Leon B. Erwin In memory of Elaine Hines Hurt

Mrs. Nancy S. Calkins In honor of Samantha Hutson

Ms. Jolene M. Heinert

Mr. and Mrs. Quentin Wallace In honor of Caitlin Kozak

Mrs. Lorie A. Unger In memory of Wayne S. Lewis

In memory of Sheryl Riney

Mr. and Mrs. W. Macy Lewis

In honor of Brittany Roembach

In honor of Kayla Loper

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bergquist

Ms. Terri L. Loper

Mr. David Roembach

In honor of Marriage and Family Therapy cohort 40, Lenexa

In memory of Anthony F. Rossitto, Jr.

Mrs. Jennifer M. Babitzke

In memory of Dixie Sebits

In honor of Brandy Menninga

Ms. Kathy J. Menninga In memory of Benny Mevey

Ms. Ching Y. Yeung In memory of Ralph Minter

A Box 4 U LLC Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Armstrong Mr. Alden Carter Mrs. C. S. Ebert Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Graber Mr. Keith Gravel Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Heitkotter Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Hendershot Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Holloway Ms. Beverly J. Howe Mr. and Mrs. James H. Iwig Mr. Marvin Kempf

34 | Friends University Honor Roll of Donors

Mrs. Marilyn L. Davis Allen Gibbs and Houlik LC Association of Petroleum Women Bever Dye Foundation Mr. and Mrs. David Branine Mr. Bruce W. Buehler Mr. and Mrs. Steve M. Dillard Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Graf Mr. Philip B. Hartley Mr. and Mrs. Wendell F. Hill Ms. Jeri G. Hinkle Ms. Irene L. Holley INTRUST Bank N.A. Kansas Independent Oil and Gas Association Ms. Sandra Langel Ninnescah Chapter 423 Order of the Eastern Star Ms. Ruth Carlson Pearson Mr. James R. Perkins

Photo by Michael Shockley

Photo by Dr. Joseph Myers

The family of Dr. David Weber memorialized his legacy at the University by donating funds for the Weber garden. Dr. Weber, a beloved voice professor of 27 years, died in 2011. The garden sits on the northwest side of the Riney Fine Arts Center.

Mrs. Stephanie L. Reif Mr. and Mrs. W.S. Ross Mr. and Mrs. Lynn H. Scott Mr. Richard D. Smith Mr. Don B. Stahr Mr. and Mrs. William L. Stephens Ms. Rosanne Woolf Mr. and Mrs. Hervey W. Wright III In honor of Kenneth Shockley

Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Shockley In memory of Rev. Dennis Tabor

Mrs. Kay Harrison Taber In honor of Ellene Tompkins

Mr. Brad Tompkins In memory of Dr. David Weber

Mr. and Mrs. Eldon A. Alexander AT&T Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bergquist

Dr. Kathryn M. Boyle Bretz Law Office LLC Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Broeckelman Mrs. Gail Buchanan Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Chambers Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Cook Mr. and Mrs. Steve Copeland Mr. and Mrs. David D. Depew Ms. Jennifer Edwards Mrs. Vivian Fleming Mr. and Mrs. Jack Flesher Mr. Dale Ganz Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goebel Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Graf Mr. and Mrs. Gregg K. Greenwood Mrs. Janet S. Grieve Mrs. Helen Griffin Chuck* and Jan Hadley Ms. Mary M. Hannemann Ms. Patricia J. Hannemann Ms. Jean M. Hite

Ms. Lisa Hittle Ms. Jennifer L. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Melville M. Johnson Leah L. Jones* Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Killian Mr. and Mrs. Vern Klassen Mr. Larry H. Lamb Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lamb Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Russell W. Lee Mr. and Mrs. Steve Livengood Ms. Nancie Lymer Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Malnar Mrs. Ruth E. Martinez Ms. Nancy J. Maultsby Mrs. Virginia McCoskey Mr. and Mrs. David C. McDonald Mr. and Mrs. Eric B. Metz Mr. and Mrs. James Miller Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Patton Jr. Dr. and Mrs. David Pauls Mr. Reginald L. Pittman Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ratzlaff Dr. and Mrs. Cecil J. Riney Ms. Kristin S. Rinne

Rotary Club of West Wichita Mr. John D. Sherwood Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Shockley Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Smith Southwestern Remodeling Contractors Ms. Linda Cox Stephenson Mr. and Mrs. Arden D. Strole Dr. and Mrs. John W. Taylor Ms. Joan L. Tregellas Ms. Amy L. Underwood Ms. Martha Underwood Mr. and Mrs. Quentin Wallace Mr. and Mrs. James Wenger In memory of Gailen D. White

Mr. John N. Croft In memory of Dr. Jim and Margaret Wray

Mr. Joseph D. Wray * Deceased

July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012 | 35

Circle of Friends Donors

The Circle of Friends Endowment Fund supports scholarships for the children and grandchildren of Friends University alumni. We thank those listed below and welcome them into our “Circle.” Mr. Donnie R. Akin Ms. Rachel Alley Mrs. Jennifer M. Babitzke Mr. Carl G. Boaz Dr. and Mrs. R. Leroy Brightup

Mr. Bill C. Chastain Mrs. Arnetia Curtis Mr. and Mrs. Bob Dalbom Mr. and Mrs. Michael Darbyshire

Join Our Circle B y T ra c y M uirhead

The Circle of Friends Plaza honors the memory of Dr. Katherine Pennington, a loyal alumna, dedicated pediatrician, and faithful friend of higher education. Her personal generosity, friendly demeanor and commitment to making our community a better place, inspired the Circle of Friends Plaza. The Circle of Friends Endowment Fund provides legacy scholarships to children and grandchildren of Friends University alumni. As the endowment grows, so does our ability to offer meaningful scholarships to Friends University’s legacies.

Dooley’s Water and Energy Solutions Inc Ms. Erin Fitzpatrick Mr. Kenneth E. Gooden Mrs. Marie Sommers Gregg Ms. Jolene M. Heinert Dr. Michael Hogan Mr. and Mrs. Patrick C. Hogan Leah L. Jones* Mr. and Mrs. Ryan J. Long Ms. Terri L. Loper Ms. Elizabeth S. Marshall Ms. Kathy J. Menninga Dr. and Mrs. John R. Morton Mrs. LoErna Palmer Simpson

Mrs. Wanda F. Parker Givens Mr. David Roembach Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Shockley Mrs. Karen Staley Mr. Brad Tompkins Mrs. Lorie A. Unger Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Vice Ms. Dorothy T. Watkins Mr. Richard L. Webb Mr. and Mrs. Clark C. Wiley Mrs. Frances R. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Milton Willis * Deceased

Our goal is to fill the Circle of Friends Plaza with engraved bricks and the endowment fund with $1 million. Gifts at the levels listed below provide opportunities for personalized bricks or benches to be placed in the Circle of Friends Plaza engraved with your name or the name of someone you wish to honor or remember. Brick and bench options 4” by 8” engraved brick (12 characters per line, up to two lines)........................... $250 8” by 8” engraved brick (12 characters per line, up to three lines)........................ $500 17” by 17” engraved brick (12 characters per line, up to five lines)........................$1,000

Photos by Gisele McMinimy

Engraved bench............................................................$5,000 Bricks are placed in the Circle of Friends Plaza each September for gifts received the previous fiscal year (July 1 to June 30). Friends University reserves the right to approve all text for suitability. An image of Freddy Falcon may be added to bricks at no additional cost. Call Kathleen Hilyard at 316-295-5815 to place your order.

The family of Ellene Tompkins, ’43, (seated left) honored her 90th birthday with a stone bench in the Circle of Friends Plaza. Their contribution also benefits Legacy Scholarships.

36 | Friends University Honor Roll of Donors

Every effort has been made to ensure these lists are accurate. If corrections need to be made, please contact Institutional Advancement at 316-295-5803.

Alumni, Friends and Parents We gratefully acknowledge the alumni, parents and friends

who generously supported Friends University between July 1, 2011, and June 30, 2012. Every gift is important and helps make it possible for the University to provide the best possible educational experience to each of our students. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald T. Aaron Mr. and Mrs. George L. Adams III Mr. James B. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Larry Adams Ms. Trace A. Ludwig Adkins Mr. William H. Adsit Mrs. Treva L. Affentranger Mrs. Gina Aguirre Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Ailslieger Mr. Donnie R. Akin Ms. Jane G. Albright Mr. Charles R. Alderson Mr. David J. Alexander Mr. Earnest B. Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Eldon A. Alexander Ms. Rhetta J. Alexander Mr. Delvin J. Allen Ms. Karla M. Allen Mr. Richard Allen Ms. Rachel Alley Mrs. Debra L. Allison Mr. Norval L. Alliston Mrs. Laurie B. Alloway Mr. and Mrs. Alex G. Alvarado Mr. Jeffrey G. Alvarado Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Amick Mr. Randall M. Amos Mrs. Sherrie G. Andersen Mr. and Mrs. David Anderson Mrs. Jane Anderson Dr. Jo Eagle Anderson Dr. Kenneth Anderson Mrs. O. Aileen Anderson Mr. Thornton E. Anderson Dr. Kenneth L. Andrew Estate Mr. Dirkson C. Ankerholz Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Appel Dr. and Mrs. T.J. Arant Mr. Steven T. Archambeau Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Armstrong Mr. David R. Armstrong Mr. David M. Arnold Mr. Donald Arnold Mrs. Karen Askerooth Mr. Bernard M. Atherton Ms. Georgette D. Atkinson Mr. J. Randall Atkisson Mr. and Mrs. William H. AufderHeyde Mrs. Shirley Avants Mrs. Mary Avila Mr. John Axtell Ms. Charlene Ayers

Mr. Mark G. Ayesh Mrs. Melanie S. Baalman Mr. Douglas Baber Mrs. Jennifer M. Babitzke Mrs. Carol B. Baker Mrs. E. Louise Baker Mrs. Joycina Baker Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Don Baker Mrs. Lisa R. Baker Mr. Richard D. Baker Mrs. Peggy Baldwin Mr. W. Bruce Bales Mrs. Kristen F. Ball Mr. and Mrs. Karl Ballard Ms. Mallorie L. Ballard Mr. Mark A. Bandre Ms. Melea Banman and Mr. David Oxley Mr. Ronald L. Barber Dr. and Mrs. David Barbosa Mr. James S. Barcus Mr. Stephen S. Barcus Mrs. Deba A. Barker Ms. Constance J. Barnum Mrs. Mindy C. Barr Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Bartak Ms. Pamela J. Barton Mr. Tom A. Bassford Mr. Clinton J. Bauer Mr. Joseph S. Bauer Mrs. Lena K. Bauer Dr. Elsie S. Baukol Mrs. Vickie D. Beam Mr. William C. Beane Heber Beardmore Estate Mr. Robin W. Bearrick Mr. Thomas R. Beat Mr. Russell J. Beatty Mrs. Kay Beauchesne Ms. Debbie Uden Beck Mr. and Mrs. Larry A. Becker Mr. Leon Bell Mr. Merle L. Bender* Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bennett Mr. R. Ben Bennett Mr. Quentin P. Benning Arline Seely Bensch Mrs. Patricia J. Bentley Mrs. Ellen Ginsburg Beren Ms. Ashley M. Bergner Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bergquist Mrs. Jolynn R. Berk Mrs. Mona M. Berry

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Berryman Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bess Ms. Shirley A. Bessette Mr. Russell L. Best Mrs. Carol A. Bibler Mr. Mark L. Bigelow Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Binford Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bishop Mrs. Donita F. Blackwell Bishop and Mrs. Bruce P. Blake Mr. and Mrs. Ken Blankinship Mr. and Mrs. Steve Blasdel Mr. Aaron T. Blase Mrs. Janay J. Blome Mr. Carl G. Boaz Mrs. Betty L. Bockelman Dr. L. Kelsey Bodecker Mr. Robert A. Boewe Mrs. Earline Faye Bogan Mr. Matthew D. Boily Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Bolander Mr. and Mrs. E. Paul Boles Mrs. Sharon L. Bolin Mrs. Pamela L. Boller Mrs. Doris E. Bonham Mr. and Mrs. James Boots Mr. and Mrs. Steve E. Borchers Dr. Carl L. Boschult Dr. and Mrs. J.W. Bothwell Ms. Amber S. Bowlby Mrs. Helen I. Bowser Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Boyd Mrs. Lorraine P. Boyd Mr. Clark E. Boyer Ms. Aimee D. Boykin Dr. Kathryn M. Boyle Ms. Shelley A. Bradbury Mrs. Sandra Bradford Mr. James E. Bradley Ms. Terre D. Bradshaw Mr. and Mrs. Kent A. Brand Mr. and Mrs. David Branine Mr. Joseph M. Bravo Mr. and Mrs. Keith Bray Mr. Billy Breckenridge Ms. Linda Bredengood Mr. and Mrs. Larry Breidenstein Ms. Rebecca L. Brenn Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Brenneman Mr. and Mrs. Kevin L. Brightup Dr. and Mrs. R. Leroy Brightup Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Bristow Mr. Brent C. and Mrs. Heather A. Brittain Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Brixey Ms. Michelle L. Brock Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Broeckelman Mrs. Betsy Broker Mrs. Tonya K. Bronleewe Mr. John R. Brooks

Mrs. Kate S. Brovont Mr. James T. Brower Cecil and Mary Brown Mr. and Mrs. Connie B. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Brown Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Brown Mrs. Kathy D. Brown Mrs. Lucy A. Brown Mr. Randall Brown Mr. and Mrs. Roger F. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Stanley D. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Brown Mr. and Mrs. David Brownlee Mrs. Jean E. Bryant Mrs. Gail Buchanan Mrs. Myrna L. Buckley Mr. Bruce W. Buehler Ms. Betty M. Buerki* Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Buerki Mr. and Mrs.* Lynn Buerki Ms. Linda K. Buess Mr. Larry W. Buller Ms. Rebecca J. Bunton Mr. and Mrs. Jon Burba Mr. Glen A. Burdick Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Burdiek Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Burk Mr. Jason D. Burley Mr. and Mrs. C. Bruce Burnett Mr. Sam Burnett Mrs. Pauline E. Busby Mr. Richard L. Busby Mr. Art Busch Mrs. Velma A. Butler Ms. Deborah S. Butner Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Buxton Mrs. Iola Cadwallader Mrs. Nancy S. Calkins Mr. Douglas A. Call Mrs. Karen K. Call Mr. Samuel D. Cameron Alfred and Sara Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Lewis G. Campbell Mr. Charles Canfield Mr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Capps Mr. Ronald L. Capps Ms. Cynthia C. Carnahan Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Carney Ms. Elizabeth A. Carns Mr. and Mrs. Alfred A. Caro Mrs. Edwinna C. Carp Mr. John N. Carr Mr. Alden Carter Ms. Mary Lin Carter Mrs. Mary Ruth Carty Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Casey Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Chacko Mrs. Mildred Chailland Mrs. Barbara Chambers Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Chambers Mr. Larry S. Chance Mr. and Mrs. Steve Chance Mr. and Mrs. V. E. Chance

July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012 | 37

Mr. and Mrs. Larry G. Chaney Mr. Bill C. Chastain Mr. Craig W. Chastain Mrs. Marcella K. Chavez Mr. and Mrs. Gerald R. Chelgren Rev. Charles J. Chipman Ms. Tina D. Chittim Mr. Ken Chrapkowski Terry Chrapkowski Mr. Casey W. Christofferson Mrs. Elaine M. Clark Rev. Ernest Clark Ms. Heidi Carter Clark Mr. Timothy K. Clark Mr. Troy M. Clark Mr. Harold D. Clay Mr. Roy Clevenger Mrs. Joan Mortimer Cline Mrs. Teresa L. Neal Cline Mrs. LeAne Cloud Mr. and Mrs. Kim E. Clowe Ms. Marilyn Coats Mr. Barry R. Cobb Mrs. Gail Cobb Mr. Raymond E. Cochrane Mrs. Linda Coffey Ms. Ramah R. Coffman Mrs. Pamela R. Cogburn Doug and Suzanne Coin Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cole Ms. Geneva Coleman Mr. George W. Coleman Mrs. Nelda Coleman Ms. Brandi E. Collins Mrs. Jane E. Collinsworth Mrs. Mary C. Comstock Ms. Terri L. Conner Ms. Jackie L. Connet Mrs. Olive P. Conrad Glen and Doris Conyers Mrs. Kim L. Cook Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Cook Mr. Horace E. Coon Mr. David A. Cooper Mrs. Evonne Cooper Mr. Gregory E. Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Steve Copeland Mr. Michael J. Corrigan Mr. Derrick M. Corso Ms. Nancy A. Corwin Mrs. Nicole L. Cory Mr. David Cosloy Mrs. Carol A. Coulter Mr. Drew M. Courtney Dr. Robert D. Cowan Mr. and Mrs. David Cowsill Mr. David E. Cox Mr. Matthew Smith and Dr. Kara D. Cox Rev. and Mrs. Sheldon F. Cox Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Cox Mr. Doug A. Crager Ms. Kelee L. Crager Mr. David D. Cranmer

Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Crawford Mrs. Jan L. Crawford Mrs. Sheryl A. Crawford Mrs. Kimberly D. Crenshaw Mr. Major Cribbs Mr. Thomas R. Crisler Ms. Carolyn A. Croft Mr. John N. Croft Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Cronkleton Ms. Kathy Crossen Dr. Ernest W. Crow* Mr. William R. Crow Mr. Charles K. Crum Dr. Diana Cubbage Mr. John F. Cummings Mrs. Shirley A. Cummings Mr. and Mrs. Craig Curry Mrs. Laney D. Curry Mrs. Arnetia Curtis Mr. and Mrs. Bob Dalbom Mrs. Hazel M. Dalbom Mrs. Lucille Daley Mr. Patrick W. Daley Dr. David Dalke Mr. Kevin S. Danko Mr. and Mrs. Michael Darbyshire Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Darland Mr. and Mrs. Todd G. Davidson Ms. Ashley A. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Davis Rev. Ellen R. Davis Rev. Grant E. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Jerald W. Davis Rev. Jeremy S. Davis Mrs. Kristine L. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Davis Mrs. Marilyn L. Davis Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Davis Mr. Louis R. Dawkins Dr. James L. Day Mrs. Jennifer R. De Los Santos Mr. Jack P. Deboer Mr. and Mrs. Lance A. Deckinger Mr. Harold Deets Mr. Wally E. Deffenbaugh Mrs. Dianne Y. DeGood Mrs. Karen S. DeGrazio Mrs. Erin E. Degroot Mrs. Ella Deines Mr. Jay Delling Ms. Linda M. DeLong Mr. Tom G. DeLong Mr. and Mrs. Curt Demuth Mrs. Jerri L. Dennett Mr. and Mrs. Theodore H. Dennis Mr. and Mrs. Greg A. Denton Mr. and Mrs. David D. Depew Mr. Edward P. DesPlas Mr. Henry B. Devader Juanita M. Dewey Estate Mrs. Frances Foster Dewilde Mr. Tracy S. Dible Mrs. Mildred Dick

Mrs. Sheryl J. Dick Mr. and Mrs. Dan Diepenbrock Mrs. Pamela M. Dietz Mr. Steve M. Dillard Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Dilley Ms. Marcia M. Dillon Mrs. Kelly S. Dilsaver Mr. J. Wayne Dilts Mrs. Paula M. Dinkel Rosemary Distifan Estate Mrs. Luelma Ditto* Ms. Joan M. Dodds Mr. Mark G. Dodds Mr. and Mrs. Randall Doerksen Mr. David L. Doherty Mr. Roch E. Dold Mr. Kent N. Doll Mr. Dennis T. Domen Mr. David R. Dondlinger Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Donham Jr. Ms. Teresa Dorpinghaus Dr. and Mrs. William B. Dorsey Mr. Kent E. Douglas Mr. Norman E. Douglas Mrs. Connie L. Douthitt Dr. and Mrs. G. Robert Dove Mrs. J. L. Downing Mr. Richard J. Downs Mr. Ronald D. Doyle Mrs. Wanda M. Drake Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Dreiling Dr. Brian E. Drew Mrs. Sabrina M. Duckett Ms. Luetta Duerksen Mr. Timothy S. Dugger Mr. Douglas L. Duncan Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Duncan Mrs. Mina J. Duncan Ms. Whilemenia Duncan Rev. Floyd R. Dunlap Mr. and Mrs. Kenton A. Dunn Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Duwe Mr.* and Mrs. Herbert C. Dyck Mr. and Mrs. Harold Earnest Mrs. Reta L. Easley Mr. Chuck W. Eaton Mr. Dustin R. Ebaugh Mr. Samuel G. Eberly Mrs. C. S. Ebert Mr. Brad A. Eck Mr. Stephen L. Eck Mrs. Karen K. Eckhardt Ms. Jennifer Edwards Mrs. Joan Edwards Mr. Craig Ehlert Larry and Jerree Ehrlich Col. James S. Eicher Dr. Gretchen Eick and Rev. Michael Poage Mr. Linn Eignus Ms. Helen I. Elleman Mrs. Janet E. Elliott Mrs. Lorna S. Elliott Mr. and Mrs. Walter D. Ellis

38 | Friends University Honor Roll of Donors

Mrs. Toni D. Enfield Ms. Erin E. Enns Mrs. Joan A. Erickson Mrs. Cleo L. Ernst Mrs. Frances Ervin Mr. and Mrs. Leon B. Erwin Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Erwin Jr. Mr. Joel D. Estes Deedee Evans Juanita M. Evans Estate Mrs. Marianna K. Evans Mr. Charles S. Evenson Ms. Margaret D. Evers Mr. Ron Eyres and Mrs. Orpha Eyres Mrs. Mary Lou Falconbridge Miss Staci L. Farber Ms. Nancy J. Farinola Mr. Larry D. Farmer Mrs. Lynette A. Farr Ms. Christine L. Faulk Mr. J. Michael Faust Ms. Katherine R. Fensky Dr. Kevin A. Fenton Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Ferguson Mrs. Diane Ferrell Mrs. Gary T. Fiebach Mrs. Jean M. Finch Mr. and Mrs. Sy Fischer Ms. Beverly F. Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Rick Fitzgerald Ms. Erin Fitzpatrick Ms. Marilyn M. Fitzsimmons Mr. and Mrs. Robert Flaharty Mr. and Mrs. Chris L. Flattery Dr. Daniel J. Fleeman* Ms. Amber D. Fleming Mrs. Dianne M. Fleming Gick and Debbie Ott Fleming Mr. John R. Fleming Mr. and Mrs. Tomas J. Fleming Mrs. Vivian Fleming Mr. and Mrs. Jack Flesher Mrs. Robin D. Flesher Mr. and Mrs. Don Flickinger Mrs. Kate Flory Mr. Donald A. Forster Mr. Tony L. Fortner Mrs. Deanne Fortney Mr. Richard Forwalder Mr. Donald P. Foth Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Foth Mrs. Donna J. Fox Mrs. Hollie B. Fox Mrs. Jacqueline S. Fox Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Frahm Mr. James L. Francisco Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Frazee Mr. and Mrs. Douglas N. Frederick Mr. Don A. Fredericks Mr. Michael G. Freeman Mr. and Mrs. Steven H. Freking Dr. Harold W. French

Every effort has been made to ensure these lists are accurate. If corrections need to be made, please contact Institutional Advancement at 316-295-5803.

Rev. Laura E. Fricker Mr. Donald W. Friesen Ms. Rae Vella Friesen Mr. and Mrs. Bill Fromm Ms. Glenda R. Frye Mr. Justus H. Fugate Ms. Patricia A. Fuller Dr. Roger D. Fuller Mr. David L. Funk Mr. Ralph L. Funk Mrs. Marvis M. Gaddie Mrs. Terri J. Gaeddert Mrs. Franklin D. Gaines Mr. Dean Gamble Ms. Norma Lee Gamble Mrs. Stephanie M. Garcia Mr. and Mrs. Garnet Garner Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Garren Mrs. Deanna Hulse Garringer Mr. and Mrs. Russell A. Garton Mr. Kenneth G. Garver Ms. Cappy J. Gaschler Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Gasper Mrs. Donia R. Gatewood Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Gathers Lee and Beverly Gatton Mr. Rodney L. Gay Anita M. George Estate Mr. Mark W. Gibbs Drs. Dona and Richard L. Gibson Mr. Walt Gick Mrs. Miriam Giese Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Giesen Mr. and Mrs. John F. Gilbert Ms. Constance A. Gile Mrs. Sharon Gilges Ms. Carole A. Gill Mrs. Carolyn K. Gilmore Ms. Amanda Gilpin Mr. and Mrs. A. Neil Ginest Mrs. Wanda F. Parker Givens Mr. and Mrs. Lamont T. Gleason Mr. Glen E. Glidewell Ms. Mary Beth Glover Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goebel Mrs. Catherine E. Goering Mr. Scott M. Golay Mr. Louis Gollin Mrs. Tracy L. Gonzales Mrs. Mildred G. Good Mr. Kenneth E. Gooden Mr. Terry K. Goodnight Mr. Paul A. Goodpaster Mr. Raymond L. Goodpasture Dr. and Mrs. W. Dale Goodrich Mr. and Mrs. Larry Goodwin Ms. Sharon Goodwin Mr. and Mrs. Carl Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Nolan Gore Wally and Charlene Gorrell Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Goscha Mr. Olen R. Gowens* Mrs. Beulah Graber Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Graber

Mrs. Ruth Grabill Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Graf Mr. James R. Graf Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Granger Mr. Keith Gravel Mr. and Mrs. Eugene B. Graves Miss Donna M. Green Mr. and Mrs. Gregg K. Greenwood Mr. and Mrs. Gary G. Greer Mrs. Marie Sommers Gregg Mr. and Mrs. Jason L. Gregory Mr. Richard E. Gregory Mr. and Mrs. Rocky G. Gregory Mr. and Mrs. Roger Gregory Mr. Gerald L. Gribble Mrs. Carolyn E. Grier Mrs. Janet S. Grieve Mrs. Helen Griffin Mr. Ronald Griffin Mrs. Dee Ann Grim Mr. Douglas L. Grimm Rev. and Mrs. Walter Grist Mr. Alan Griswold Mr. and Mrs. Steve Groninga Mrs. M. Jean Gross Mrs. Mika K. White Gross Mrs. Gladys Groves Mr. and Mrs. Galen E. Grund Mrs. Carolyn E. Guinan Ms. Kathi Gurley Mr. Clifford W. Gurney Mr. Harris Gutmacher Mr. and Mrs. Roy Haden Chuck* and Jan Hadley Mrs. Pamela Haight Mr. William C. Haislip Mr. Gary W. Halderman Mrs. Michelle A. Hale Mr. Neal A. Hall Ms. Maxine Haller Mr. J. Fred Hambright Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Hamilton Ms. Janice E. Hamilton Mr. Craig Hamlin Mrs. Cherie E. Brigman Hampl Mr. Edwin L. Hancock Mr. Trevor J. Hands Ms. Mary M. Hannemann Ms. Patricia J. Hannemann Mr. and Mrs. Jon K. Hanner Mr. and Mrs. Jayson A. Hanschu Mr. Duane M. Hansen Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hansen Wilfred M. Hansen Estate Ms. Vicki L. Hardaway Mrs. Beverly J. Harden Mr. Donald L. Harder Ms. Cheryl A. Hardesty Mr. Jerry D. Hardin Neil and Judith Harmon Rev. and Mrs. Stephen Harmon Ms. Mary M. Harms Ms. Tiffany Harper

Ms. Sharon L. Harrigan Mrs. Janet J. Harrington Mr. Andrew L. Harris Mr. Gregory A. Harris Ms. Lauren T. Harris Mrs. Saundra N. Harris Mrs. Wilma R. Hart Mr. Philip B. Hartley Mr. and Mrs. Keith E. Hartman Rev. and Mrs. Eldon Harzman Mrs. Linda L. Haskins Mr. Kirk Hastings L. Cleone Hatfield Estate Rev. and Mrs. John J. Havens Mr. Robert D. Hawkins Mrs. Ardeth Hawthorne Mr. William A. Hayes Mrs. Barbara J. Haynes Mr. and Mrs. Neil S. Hays Mr. Donald D. Heacock Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Heath Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Hecht Dr. and Mrs. C. Larry Heck Mrs. Jennie M. Heck Mr. Dale A. Heckman Mrs. Jean A. Hedstrom Ms. Dorothy Heidebrecht Rev. Darrell E. Heidner Mr. and Mrs. Chris Heilmann Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Heilmann Mr. and Mrs. Norman W. Hein Ms. Jolene M. Heinert Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Heitkotter Ms. Mary K. Held Mr. Cody D. Helms Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Hendershot Mr. John R. Henderson Mrs. Marilyn L. Hendryx Dr. Albert Henins Dr. and Mrs. Ivars Henins Mrs. Donna L. Henneberg Mrs. Jewell Henrichs Mrs. Dana L. Henry Mrs. Christine A. Herbel Mr. Victor E. Herman Ms. Debra D. Hermes Ms. Michelle M. Hernandez Mr. David L. Herndon Mr. David H. Herring Mr. Todd M. Herrington Mr. Carl P. Herrman Ms. Denae S. Herrman Mrs. Geneva A. Hershberger Mr. and Mrs. John F. Hetherington Mrs. Ruth E. Hetherington Mrs. Charissa A. Hicks Mr. and Mrs. Allan Higdon Mrs. Luanne Hildebrandt Mr. Edward C. Hill Mr. and Mrs. Wendell F. Hill Mrs. Kathleen R. Hilyard Mrs. Lisa M. Hilyard

Mr. Bill Himebaugh Ms. Jeri G. Hinkle Mr. and Mrs. Galen Hinshaw Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Hinshaw Mrs. Verlin Hinshaw Dr. and Mrs. Marvin D. Hinten E. Janet Hinther Estate Rev. David M. Hitchcock Ms. Jean M. Hite Ms. Lisa Hittle Ms. Pamla K. Hoadley Mr. Paul L. Hodson Mrs. Lynn L. Hoelting Mrs. Vicki A. Hoelting Dr. Michael Hogan Mr. and Mrs. Patrick C. Hogan Ms. Laura L. Hogg Mrs. Helen M. Hoisington Mr. Robert J. Holder Mr. and Mrs. Tom L. Holland Ms. Irene L. Holley Mr. Michael L. Hollimon Mr. and Mrs. James Hollinger Mrs. Gina E. Hollingshead Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Holloway Michael and Joyce Hollowell Ms. Dorothy A. Holmes Mr. Kenneth E. Holmes Mr. Robert P. Holmes Miss Rhonda Holt Mr. Ronald W. Holt Mr. James A. Hommertzheim Mr. Frank W. Hoover Marian and Randle Hope Mr. and Mrs. James R. Hopkins Mrs. Beth A. Hoppe Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hoskinson Mr. and Mrs. Garret Jay Hotmar Mrs. Elizabeth A. House Mrs. Joan E. House Drs. Daniel and Martha Housholder Mr. Clint V. Howard Mr. James W. Howard Dr. Kembra L. Howdeshell Drs. Wayne and Sandra Howdeshell Ms. Beverly J. Howe Ms. Wilma M. Howe Ms. Kathryn Howell Mrs. Jeanette Hoy Mr. Anthony C. Hubbard Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Hubbard Mrs. Theresa R. Hubbard Mr. Michael L. Huddleson Ms. Debra E. Huddleston Mrs. Alisha L. Hudson Ms. Shawna Hudson Mr. M. Preston Hughes III Mr. and Mrs. Randy F. Hughes Mr. Curtis Huitt Mr. Robert G. Hull Mr. Connie M. Hullet

July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012 | 39

Photo by Steve Rasmussen

Friends University’s stewardship includes investing in improvements to facilities and grounds in recent years. A well-tended campus is a physical representation that Friends pays attention to details and cares about providing a nurturing environment for students, faculty, staff, alumni and other visitors.

Mrs. Carol E. Hulscher Ms. Arleta Humbolt Dr. Evelyn C. Hume and Mr. Roger F. Ahrens Mrs. Arlita R. Hummelke Mr. Duane M. Hund Mr. and Mrs. BJ Hunt Mr. Cory Hunt Ms. Sue Hunt Mrs. Wilma Hunt Eugene F. Huntley Estate Ms. Karen L. Huntley Mr. Chris A. Hurley Mrs. and Mrs. William L. Hus Mrs. Susan G. Hussey Mr. and Mrs. George Hutchens Ms. Abby J. Hutson Dr. Jace W. Hyder Miss Sandra K. Hysom Mrs. Virginia L. Ireland Mrs. Denise R. Irminger Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Irvin Mr. Mohammad K. Islam Mr. and Mrs. James H. Iwig Mr. and Mrs. Willis D. Jackson Mr. John E. Jacobs Ms. Margaret J. Jacobs Mr. Richard R. Jacoby Ms. B. Eileen Jahnke Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Jalenak Mrs. Rachel A. Jansen Mr. and Mrs. Garlon L. Jarnagin Mrs. Bonnie L. Jarvis Mrs. Ursula M. Jarvis Ms. Jennifer L. Jay Mr. Leroy D. Jeffers Mr. Christopher J. Jefferson Ms. Jenelle Jeffery Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Jeffery Mr. and Mrs. Maurice W. Jeffery Mr. James Jemmerson Mr. J. Russell Jennings Mrs. Patricia Jensen Mr. and Mrs. James Jerde Mrs. Anna M. Jeter Ms. Jennifer L. Johnson Mr. Jeremy E. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Joe W. Johnson Mrs. Margaret M. Johnson Martin Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Melville M. Johnson Mrs. Patricia E. Johnson Mr. Robert D. Johnson Mr. Robert L. Johnson Ms. Terri S. Johnson Mrs. Alice M. Johnston Mrs. Doris Jolley Mr. Gerald E. Jolley Mr. F. Richard Jones Mr. George R. Jones Ms. Helen C. Jones Mr. Jeffery D. Jones Ms. Jennifer K. Jones Mr. and Mrs. John E. Jones

Leah L. Jones* Ms. Nancy L. Jones Mr. Robert M. Jones Mr. Virgil Jones III Mr. Floyd L. Jordan Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kevin L. Journagan Mrs. Hope A. Just Mrs. Ruth Kabler Mr. Robert S. Kailer Greg and Marcia Kampling Mrs. Joan Kanngiesser Mrs. Anita Pearson Kartman Mr. Richard Kasitz Ms. Connie Kathler Ms. Kay Kautz Mr. Ron A. Keehn Mr. and Mrs. Duane Keel Mr. and Mrs. David Kellum Mr. and Mrs. Mike Keltner Mr. Marvin Kempf Mr. Justin and Dr. Kimberly Kenas Mr. and Mrs. Kirby Kendall Mr. and Mrs. Carl Kendrick Jr. Ms. Vera C. Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Kenyon Mr. and Mrs. William D. Ketner Dr. Christian D. Kettler Mrs. Marilyn Kilgore Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Killian Mr. and Mrs. James B. Kincaid Ms. Julie K. Kincaid Mr. Jeffrey J. King Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. King Rev. and Mrs. Merl Kinser Mrs. Rosemary F. Kinser Mr. and Mrs. Keith R. Kirk Mr. Ronald J. Kirmer Mrs. Linda L. Kizzire Dr. Steven D. Klassen Mr. and Mrs. Vern Klassen Mr. and Mrs. Steve D. Klein Ms. Linda F. Kliewer Dr. Thomas R. Kluzak Mr. Joshua D. Knight Mr. Earl M. Knighton Jr. Mrs. Melissa D. Knoeber Ms. Lorina C. Knoll Mrs. Susan E. Koch Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Koehn Mr. Robert R. Kohrs Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John L. Koland Mr. Daniel J. Kontz Ms. Luella K. Koppitz Anna B. Kostecki Ms. Lisa M. Kraemer Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Kraybill Mr. James O. Krehbiel Mr. and Mrs. Rod Kremer Mrs. Sharon Kroupa Mrs. Imogene P. Kubin Mrs. Sharon Kupfersmith Mr. and Mrs. Darryl D. Kutz Mrs. Cynthia D. Kuykendall

Mrs. Laurie A. Labarca Mr. James H. Laflin Ms. Nancy LaFond Mr. Randy L. Lair Mrs. Linda A. LaMar Mr. J. Michael Lamb Mr. Larry H. Lamb Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lamb Jr. Mrs. Rhonda M. Lambrecht Dr. and Mrs. Eric W. Lamp Mr. Robert L. Lancaster Ms. Denise M. Landau Mrs. Shelley Langston Mrs. Abigail B. Lara Mr. Rolland K. Larison Jr. Ms. Freda P. Larson Mr. Lonnie L. Larson Mr. and Mrs. Greg Lassey Ms. Barbara A. Latty Dr. George Q. Lauterbach Mr. Cary S. Lavender Mr. and Mrs. Warren Lawrence Mrs. Anita J. Lawrenz Mrs. Brenda F. Learned Mr. Jay D. Leatherman Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Lebeda Mr. and Mrs. Russell W. Lee Dr. Toby J. Lee Ms. Cindy Lees Mrs. Kathryn L. Lefler Mrs. J. P. Lefmann Mr. and Mrs. Joel T. Leftwich Mr. and Mrs. James E. Leininger Mr. and Mrs. Scott Lembke Mr. and Mrs. John R. Lemmons Ms. Kimberly L. Lemon Mr. Dale Lewis Mr. Elbert Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Lewis Jr. Mr. Gary D. Lewis Dr. and Mrs. John Lewis Mr. Merle Lewis Mr. and Mrs. W. Macy Lewis Ms. Karen L. Liby Rev. and Mrs. Alan K. Lindal Mr. and Mrs. Curtis A. Linder Mrs. Ruth Lindt Mr. Julian M. Linnebur Mr. and Mrs. Jeff J. Linsner Mr. and Mrs. Steve Livengood Mrs. Elizabeth A. Lix Dr. Jo Lobertini and Mr. Paul Mareth Dr. and Mrs. Cliffton R. Loesch Mr. and Mrs. Delmar D. Loesch Dr. and Mrs. William C. Loewen Mrs. Karen J. Logan Mrs. Denise K. Loganbill Mr. David E. Loger Mr. Errol L. Logue Mr. and Mrs. Ryan J. Long Mr. and Mrs. N. Richard Long Mrs. Helene E. Longhofer Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Lonker

42 | Friends University Honor Roll of Donors

Mrs. Carolyn J. Loop Ms. Terri L. Loper Dr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Lord Mr. and Mrs. Gary Love Mrs. Cathy Love Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Love Mrs. Evelyn Jean Lowe Mrs. Louanne Myers Luehrmann Mr. Felix E. Luna Mr. and Mrs. Larry G. Lunkenheimer Mr. David T. Lunzmann Mrs. Leslie J. Lust Mrs. Celia A. Lutz Mrs. Lisa F. Lutz Mrs. Jerri L. Lyddon Mr. and Mrs. Kevin B. Lyerla Mr. and Mrs. Floyd E. Lyman Ms. Nancie Lymer Mrs. Molly E. Lyon Mrs. Mary K. Lyon Mr. Aaron J. Mabon Sr. Mr. Matt M. Maciel Dr. Dixie Madden Mr. David M. Madewell Mr. G. R. Magee Mr. Jack Mahan Mrs. Mary Belle Mahoney Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Malnar Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Mann Mr. David S. Manning Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David J. Mantooth Mrs. Julie D. Marchand Mr. and Mrs. Donald I. Mardock Mrs. Bonnie Marshall Ms. Elizabeth S. Marshall Ms. Lillian Martell Mrs. Ruth E. Martinez Mrs. Ella C. Masner Dr. Dean O. Mason Mr. Jeffrey L. Masonhall Ms. Anita A. Massie Mrs. Dennis Massion Mrs. Bonnie J. Matles Mr. Mark A. Matney Ms. Lynn R. Matsler Mrs. Ashlei A. Matthews Ms. Nancy J. Maultsby Mr. Martin D. Maurer Mr. Frank J. Mauro Ms. Ardys K. Maxson Mr. Larry W. Maxwell Mrs. Elsie L. May Mrs. Paulette May Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert R. Mayes Mr. James E. McAfee Jr. Ms. Verna L. McBee Mr. Benjamin R. McClellan Mr. Robert C. McClure Mrs. Virginia McCoskey Mr. and Mrs. John R. McCoy Mrs. M. Faye McCoy Mr. Thomas E. McCurry Dr.* and Mrs. David McCutcheon

Every effort has been made to ensure these lists are accurate. If corrections need to be made, please contact Institutional Advancement at 316-295-5803.

Mr. Mark D. McDaniel Mr. and Mrs. David C. McDonald Mrs. Jane L. McDougal Mr. John M. McEachern Dr. and Mrs. R. Joseph McElroy Mr. R. L. McFall Mr. Cecil B. McGaugh Mrs. Katrina S. McGuigan Mr. and Mrs. W. Stroud McIlvain Mr. H. Ralph McKay Mr. and Mrs. Steven D. McKinney Mr. and Mrs. Tim L. McKown Mrs. William D. McLean Mrs. Shara D. McMichael Mr. and Mrs. Fred McMillen Ms. Gisele K. McMinimy Mr. E. G. McNeil Mr. James B. McNerney Mr. James P. McQuery Jr. Mrs. L. Susie Mead Mr. Bill Means Mr. Jamie R. Means Mrs. Terri Pierce Means Mr. and Mrs. Carl Mease Mrs. Jean Moore Meenen Mr. James C. Meidinger Mr. Duane K. Meis Mr. David L. Mendenhall Mr. Herbert A. Mendenhall Mrs. Cheryl Menges Ms. Kathy J. Menninga Mrs. Janice Menzie Mr. and Mrs. Darrell K. Merriman Mr. Roscoe R. Messenger Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Eric B. Metz Mrs. Virginia L. Metzinger Mrs. Cynthia L. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Russell W. Meyer Jr. Mrs. Marsha Meyersick Ms. Vicki L. Micheau Mr. Dusten R. Michel Mr. and Mrs. Richard Middleton Mr. John F. Mies Mrs. Rachel E. Millard Ms. Adriene D. Miller Mr. Ernest W. Miller Mr. and Mrs. James Miller Mrs. Leslee E. Morrison Miller Mrs. Oletta C. Miller Mr. Randy R. Miller Mr. and Mrs. William E. Miller Mr. Russell R. Million Ms. Carrie A. Mills Mr. and Mrs. Greg A. Mills Mrs. Maxine Millsap Mr. Earl E. Minor Mr.* and Mrs. Ralph Minter Mr. and Mrs. Vincent R. Minter Ms. Constance R. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Mitchell Ms. Norma C. Mitzel Mrs. Jean R. Moddrell Ms. Shawndra L. Montgomery Ms. Sharon D. Montonye

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Moore Mr. Donald J. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Donovan Moore Dr. and Mrs. Howard R. Moore Mrs. June E. Moore Mr. Kenneth B. Moore Mr. Thomas R. Moore Mrs. Vickie Moore Dr. and Mrs. Wayne Moore Mr. Edgar Morales Mr. and Mrs. G. Steven Moreland Ms. Marjorie Morgan Mrs. Marilyn B. Morlan Ms. Terri L. Morrow Dr. and Mrs. John R. Morton Mrs. Velma Nelson Morz Mr. and Mrs. Duane Mosiman Mr. and Mrs. John T. Mosley Ms. DeeAnn C. Moss Mr. Duane R. Moss Mr. Otey C. Moss Mr. Arthur A. Mould Mr. and Mrs. Mike Moyer Mr. Donald D. Mueller Mr. Frank J. Mulhern Mr. Herbert L. Mulvaney Mrs. Ann M. Murray Mrs. Cheryl L. Myers Mr. Jerry S. Myers Mrs. Kathy Myers Dr. Philip Nagley Mr. and Mrs. James J. Nagy Mrs. Dana Nance Ms. Judy Curtis Naylor Ms. Patti J. Neal Mr. Gerald C. Neece Mr. Albert Nees Mr. Phillip R. Neff Ms. Carol L. Neill Mr. Howard D. Nellis Mrs. Cammie K. Nelson Mr. Ricky D. Nelson Mrs. Suzanne J. Nelson Mr. Nathan Newby Mr. Nicholas K. Newby Ms. J. Coleen Newfelt Mr. Ian A. Newlin Ms. Lavonne T. Newman Mrs. Kelsey A. Nichols Mrs. Priscilla Nichols Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Nicholson Mrs. Nancy Nicks Mrs. Barbara L. Nikkel Dr. Rae A. Niles Mr. John S. Niwa Mrs. Regina L. Nixon Dr. and Mrs. Dale L. Noel Mr. Matthew T. Noel Mr. and Mrs. Bryan L. Nolan Ms. Bonnie B. Nold Mr. Gene N. Nold Mrs. Kimberly A. Noller Mr. and Mrs. David L. Norman

Ms. Barbara J. Norton Mr. Warren A. Nuce Mr. Thomas Nutter Mr. Glenn E. Nyberg Mr. Michael A. O’Brien Mrs. Ann Ocker Mr. James Oertle Col. Gary J. Ohls Ms. Sandie Oliphant Mr. Paul H. Olivier Mr. Harold L. Olmstead Mr. Randy L. O’Neal Mr. Antonio M. Ortega Jr. Ms. Bonita Ortiz Mr. John Osborne Mr. Allan W. Osterman Mrs. Carol Ott Mr. Lloyd L. Ott Mrs. Frances Owen Mr. Ralph R. Owens Mr. Richard F. Owings Mrs. Lois Page Mr. Shawn Page Mr. Vincent O. Painter Mrs. Stephanie L. Palmer Mrs. Vonda L. Palmer Mr. and Mrs. George Pandak Mr. K. Verdou Parish Mrs. Catherine J. Parker Dr. and Mrs. Charles L. Parker Curtis G. Parker Mr. Gary J. Parker Mrs. L. Jean Parker Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Parks Mrs. Helen M. Parli Mr. Eli Parnell Drs. Ralph and Barbara Parrish Mrs. Mary M. Parrish Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie D. Parsons Mrs. Mildred R. Patterson Mrs. Ruth E. Patterson Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Patterson Jr. Ms. Candice Patton Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Patton Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Glen Patton Mr. and Mrs. Tad Patton Dr. and Mrs. John W. Paulin Dr. and Mrs. David Pauls Ms. Hannah K. Pauls Mrs. Lorene Pauls Mr. Virgil A. Paulson Ms. Bobbi J. Pauly Mrs. Janis D. Pauly Dr. and Mrs. Tim R. Pauly Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Pavlish Mrs. Jamie R. Pearson Ms. Ruth Carlson Pearson Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Peckham Mr. Donald Pekrul Mr. and Mrs. James A. Penn Mr. Kenneth D. Pennington Mrs. Natasha L. Perez Mr. James R. Perkins Mr. Harold G. Perry

Mr. Thomas L. Perry Mr. Jason S. Person Mr. Gary Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Milford J. Peterson Mr. Terry R. Peterson Mrs. Phillip Petty Rev. and Mrs. Curtis Pettyjohn Mr. Matthew L. Pewewardy Ms. Myra J. Pfannenstiel Rev. Charles R. Philips Mrs. Sheila Phillips Ms. Catherine B. Philpott Mrs. Vonda Ruth Pickett Mr. Brandon S. Pierce Mrs. Lois J. Pierce Ms. Lucinda J. Pierce Mrs. Ruby K. Pike Ms. Christine E. Piña Mr. and Mrs. Loren V. Pinnick Mr. Reginald L. Pittman Mr. and Mrs. Daryl K. Pitts Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Pitts Mr. Kenneth D. Pitts Mr. and Mrs. Rodney D. Pitts Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Pitts Ms. Pamela Plank Ms. Jean E. Plett Ms. Janet Plumer Mr. Jimmie L. Poe Dr. Randall A. Pohlenz Mrs. Vicki Hain Poorman Mr. and Mrs. Merlin G. Pore Mrs. Rebecca L. Potter Dr. and Mrs. George D. Potts Miss Maribel Poundstone Mr. Richard D. Powell Mr. and Mrs. Robert Powell Mr. Brian J. Powers Mrs. Cynthia A. Powers Mr. and Mrs. Robert Preston Ms. Amy E. Price Dr. and Mrs. Floyd H. Price Mrs. Larry D. Price Mr. Robert J. Price Mr. Gordon F. Prieb Ms. Nancy J. Prieb Ms. Janet M. Probst Mrs. Connie Profaizer Kathrin P. Proserpio Ms. Angela D. Pruitt Ms. Deena L. Pulis Ms. Cindy J. Pursell Drs. Bruce and Diane Quantic Mrs. Neva Quillin Mr. and Mrs. Bob Rabon Mrs. Florence Ragsdale Ms. Kathleen M. Ramsey Mrs. Patricia G. Rank Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Rasberry Mr. and Mrs. Denis L. Rasmussen Mr. Kenneth A. Rathbun Rev. William E. Rathbun Dr. Craig D. Ratzlaff Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ratzlaff

July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012 | 43

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Ratzlaff Mrs. Sue Ray Ms. Charlene Ready Mrs. Linda L. Reazin Mr. and Mrs. James O. Redick Rev. and Mrs. Mitchell L. Reece Ms. Ann T. Reed Mrs. Dawn A. Reed Mr. and Mrs. Harry Reed Ray and Dottie Reed Estate Mr. Richard L. Reeve Mr. Earl J. Reeves Mr. James L. Regan Mr. and Mrs. Bruce J. Reichmuth Mrs. Stephanie L. Reif Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Reisch Mrs. Lynae D. Reith Ms. Jerri K. Remington Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Rempel Mrs. Lecia K. Retter Mr. and Mrs. Don A. Rey Mr. Ronald L. Reynolds Mrs. Pamela J. Rhodes Dr. Philip G. Rhodes Mr. Lynn Rice Mr. Willard W. Rice Ms. Janice L. Rich Ms. Lynda M. Rich Mrs. Catherine R. Richardson Ms. Rozetia M. Richardson Dr. Bill T. Ridgeway Mrs. Carol A. Riegel Mr. James R. Riley Jr. Mrs. Beth Rhoads Riner Dr. Warren F. Riner Dr. and Mrs. Cecil J. Riney Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Rinke Ms. Kristin S. Rinne Mrs. Elaine Risley Mr. and Mrs. John A. Ritter Mrs. Brenda K. Ritterling Mr. Larry D. Robbins Beverly A. Roberts Estate Ms. Carol Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Dale L. Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Edwin L. Roberts Mr. James L. Roberts Mrs. Judith L. Roberts Dr. Kent R. Roberts Mrs. Teresa M. Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Robinson Ms. Shirley J. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Robitaille Mrs. Anitra Rock Mr. David Roembach Mrs. Donna E. Roembach Mr. Donald W. Rogus Ms. RoxAnn R. Rooney Mr. Leonard Ropfogel Mr.* and Mrs. Raymond Rosenhagen Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Ross

Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Ross Mr. and Mrs. W.S. Ross Mrs. Nancy A. Roth Mr. Charles E. Roush Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Rowe Sr. Mrs. Crystal A. Rowell Mr. Kale B. Rowley Mr. Terry R. Rudkin Mrs. Kristy R. Rupe Mr. and Mrs. Neal D. Rusco Mrs. Anne M. Rush Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. Rush Mrs. Leona F. Rush Mrs. Barbara Russell Mrs. Sondra Russell Mr. Allen Rutherford Mr. H. J. Ruvalcaba Mrs. Lisa G. Ryan Mrs. Jo Ellen Ryder Dr. and Mrs. Al Saber Mr. and Mrs. George Saghbene Mr. Jack L. Sanborn Drs. Mark and Karlene Sanborn Mrs. Linda I. Sanders Ms. Crystal L. Sanderson Miss Dorothy M. Sandquist Mr. and Mrs. Emil F. Savaiano Mr. Roger A. Scales Mr. and Mrs. Edward Schade Mrs. Lori G. Schartz Mrs. Debra A. Scheer Mr. and Mrs. Mike Schierling J. Hollis Schindler Estate Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Schlotthauer Mr. Brock Schmidt Mr. Craig J. Schmidt Ms. Elizabeth A. Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Greg Schmidt Mr. Robert J. Schmidt Mr. Stanley G. Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Vincent L. Schmidt Mrs. Kay L. Schmitt Ms. Dixie Schoepf Mr. and Mrs. Victor E. Schrag Mr. Kurt A. Schremmer Mrs. Pamela J. Schroeder Mr. and Mrs. Ernest F. Schroer Mrs. Amelia Schulke Mrs. Marcia B. Schultz Mr. Grant E. Schumaker Ms. Kimberly K. Schwartz Mrs. Stacy L. Schwartz Mrs. Ruth Schweitzer Mr. Richard A. Schweninger Ms. Carol L. Scott Mr. Larry L. Scott Ms. Linda L. Scott Mr. and Mrs. Lynn H. Scott Mrs. Mary C. Scott Ms. Syndee L. Scribner Mr. Carl W. Sebits Mr. Tony Segovia Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Sehl Jr. Roger and Dana Seifert

Mr. Dale Seiwert Mr. and Mrs. Tim Sessions Mrs. Rita R. Sevart Mrs. Sheryl A. Seward Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Shaffer Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Shaffer Mr. and Mrs. William J. Shea Mrs. Irma L. Shelley Mrs. Carole Shepherd Mr. and Mrs. Donald Shepherd Jr. Mr. John D. Sherwood Mrs. Jean A. Shetlar Mr. and Mrs. Truman L. Shinn Mrs. Hyacinth Shirley Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Shockley Mr. and Mrs. John Shockley Mr. and Mrs. Mike Shogren Mr. and Mrs. George G. Short Mr. Noel E. Shortt Mr. and Mrs. Steven D. Shouse Mrs. Tanya M. Shryock Mrs. Lizann Shugart Mrs. Mary M. Shults Mrs. Barbara A. Shunn Ms. Kay Silkey Mr. William H. Simmons Jr. and Ms. Mary Kay Kitchens Dr. Joyce Simon Mrs. Marilyn Simon Mr. Joe A. Simpson Mrs. LoErna Palmer Simpson Mr. Ronald C. Sinclair Col. and Mrs. Nolan Singer Mr. Milton G. Sites Miss Jill Skinner Mr. Monte R. Slaven Ms. Judith Slawson Mr. Dave and Dr. Kathy Slemp Mr. and Mrs. David C. Sloan Mrs. Barbara C. Smith Mrs. Brenda D. Harvey Smith Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Smith Mr. Dennis E. Smith Mr. Donald W. Smith Mrs. Elizabeth Smith Mr. Ernest L. Smith Gordon and Joan Smith Dr. and Mrs. James B. Smith Mrs. Janet L. Clark Smith Mrs. Jeanne L. Smith Mr. Kelly Smith Dr. Lewis A. Smith Mrs. Marie A. Smith Mr. Max L. Smith Dr. and Mrs. McClure L. Smith Mrs. Nedra Jane Smith Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Smith Mr. Richard D. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Smith Mrs. Shirley J. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Smith Graybeal Mr. and Mrs. Creighton A. Snellenberg

44 | Friends University Honor Roll of Donors

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Snyder Ms. Wanda P. Snyder Ms. Ginger A. Sommers Ms. Joan Sondergard Mr. and Mrs. Matt Souba Mrs. Katie M. Southworth Mrs. Jean M. Spitzer Mr. Jeremy Spring Mrs. Debra J. Springer Mr. Dennis R. Stafford Mr. and Mrs. Steven Stafford Mr. Mark W. Stafford Ms. Carolyn Stahl Mrs. Ruth Stahl Mr. Don B. Stahr Fred and Norma Staker Mrs. Karen Staley Mr. and Mrs. Dean Stands Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Stands Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Stanley Dr. and Mrs. Marshall Stanton Mrs. Carol F. Starr Mrs. Caroline C. Stauffer Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stauffer Mr. and Mrs. Dale D. Steeby Mr. Mitchell R. Steffen Mr. Eddie R. Stegall Mr. Jamey S. Stein Mrs. Beverly Hoch Steinel Mr. Gordon R. Steinkrauss Mrs. Marsha A. Stenholm Mr. and Mrs. Eugene L. Stenzel Mr. and Mrs. William L. Stephens Ms. Kelly Stephenson Ms. Linda Cox Stephenson Mr. Michael E. Steven Ms. Kayleen Stevens Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Albert W. Stewart Mrs. Zay Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Travis Stipp Mrs. Mary Lou Yaggy Stockdale Mrs. Doris Stogsdill Scott Mr. and Mrs. Eric D. Stone Mr. James R. Stone Ms. Lorene H. Stone Dr. Marjorie Stone Mr. and Mrs. Tom Stranghoner Mr. Michael B. Strickland Mr. Sam W. Strickland Mr. and Mrs. Arden D. Strole Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Stroot Mr. and Mrs. John P. Strunk Mr. and Mrs. John W. Struthers Ms. Reta M. Stuart Mr. and Mrs. Douglas D. Stukey Virgil and Thelma Stukey Mrs. Sally Sturges Mr. Kenneth E. Stutzman Jr. Mr. Gaston O. Suarez Mrs. Milisa G. Suckow Dr. and Mrs. F. V. Sullivan Ms. Jennifer J. Summerow Mr. and Mrs. Glen Summervill

Photo by Kate Bosserman

Every effort has been made to ensure these lists are accurate. If corrections need to be made, please contact Institutional Advancement at 316-295-5803.

A resident of the J.R. and Gertrude Smith Apartments hands out Halloween candy to young trick-or-treaters during Trick or Treat Off the Street in October. Students living in residence halls, apartments and houses host the night of fun along with the Office of Community and Residential Development. Ms. Hazel A. Supri Mr. Eugene W. Suter Ms. Linda F. Sutton Mrs. Patricia Sutton Mr. Rodney H. Sutton Mrs. Effie A. Swain Mrs. Brenda K. Swanson Mr. Jay D. Swanson Mr. Marvin E. Swim Mr. and Mrs. John E. Swinehart Mr. Ronald D. Swopes Mrs. Kay Harrison Taber Mr. M. Mike Takashima Mrs. Sally Talbot Mr. Matthew S. Tannehill Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Tarletsky Mr. and Mrs. Costy S. Tarletsky Mr. Gary L. Taton Mrs. Brenda Taylor Dr. and Mrs. John W. Taylor Mr. Justin W. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. R. Patrick Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Teel Mr. Ethan J. Temple Mr. and Mrs. David Terhune Ms. Connie E. Thiele Mr. Richard E. Thiessen Mr. and Mrs. Walt H. Thompson Mr. Charles M. Thompson Ms. Debbie A. Thompson Ms. Elma Thompson Mr.* and Mrs. Rex L. Thompson Mrs. Mary Ann Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Bob D. Thompson Brian and Kristyn Thor Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Thornburg Mrs. Dyan M. Thornton Ms. Michelle Tieszen Mrs. Patty L. Tieszen

Mr. and Mrs. Alex Tilma Mrs. Renee J. Tjaden Mrs. Uthona L. Tole Mrs. Ellene Tompkins Mr. Brad Tompkins Mr. Danny Topps Mr. Chad W. Tormey Ms. Susan Toutz Mrs. Jessica A. Towns Mrs. Sue Towns Mrs. Joan J. Tracy Ms. Katherine M Tramel Ms. Joan L. Tregellas Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Tretheway Mr. Neil O. Trickey David H. Tripp Estate Ms. Mary A. Trissal Mr. Harry A. Troop Mr. and Mrs. Mark Troyer Mrs. Rosetta Troyer Mrs. Betty J. Turkle Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Turner Mrs. Joan C. Turner Mr. and Mrs. Larry Tweet Dr. Becky Twietmeyer Mr. Jed L. Tyson Mr. Archibong Ukoefreso Mrs. Kara J. Ulmen Ms. Amy L. Underwood Mr. David W. Underwood Mrs. Inez M. Underwood Ms. Martha Underwood Mrs. Lorie A. Unger Mrs. Marilyn A. Unger Mr. Trevis K. Unger Mr. Dan P. Unruh Ms. Janice K. Urie Mr. Herbert Van Gieson

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Van Tassel Mr. George M. Vance Mrs. Julie A. Vancuren Ms. Jane Vaniman Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Vannahmen Mrs. Glenda J. VanSant Mrs. Lola M. Vassar Mrs. Deborah L. Vaughn Mr. Aaron K. Veatch Mr. and Mrs. John Veesart Mrs. Ann M. Vernon Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Vice Mr. George P. Viegelmann Jr. Mrs. Ruth E. Viets Dr. and Mrs. Donald S. Vincent Mr. Brian T. Visser Mr. James M. Voegeli Mr. and Mrs. Paul Voncannon Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Voran Mrs. Linda L. Voss Mr. Kenneth A. Waegener Mrs. Deanna Waggaman Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wagnon Mrs. Lois I. Walcott Mr. and Mrs. Patrick F. Walden Mr. Richard L. Walker Ms. Melissa S. Wall Mrs. Dwane L. Wallace* Mr. and Mrs. Quentin Wallace Mrs. Florence Marie Walter Mr. Darrell L. Walters Ms. Marilyn K. Walton Ms. Virginia L. Walton Ms. Gwen D. Ward Mr. Myron W. Ward Mr. Rusty Warkins Mr. and Mrs. Billy D. Warner Mr. Daniel A. Warner Mr. and Mrs. Glen A. Warner Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Lee Warner Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Warner Mrs. Becky A. Warren Ms. Brenda K. Warren Ms. Dianne E. Warren Rev. and Mrs. Robert N. Warren Mrs. Sarah D. Washee Ms. Dorothy T. Watkins Mrs. Marciana Watson Mr. and Mrs. Norman B. Watson Mrs. Patricia A. Watt Rev. George W. Wattenbarger Ms. Kathleen G. Watts Mr. and Mrs. Lorel R. Watts Mrs. Marcia Waugh Mrs. Patti Wayman Mr. Brent D. Weaver Mr. Gordon T. Webb Mr. Richard L. Webb Dr.* and Mrs. David Weber Mr. and Mrs. John R. Weber Mrs. Paula Weber Mrs. Verna S. Weber Mrs. Catherine R. Webster Mr. and Mrs. Dwight D. Wehner

Mr. Michael C. Weigand Mr. Lloyd Weishaar Mrs. Nellie Weiss Gen. and Mrs. Larry D. Welch Mrs. Marilyn L. Wells Dr. David J. Wendell Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Wendler Mr. and Mrs. James Wenger Mr. and Mrs. Omar L. Wespe Mrs. Donna J. Westhoff Mrs. Heather A. Weston Mrs. Charla Wheeler Mrs. Opal Wheeler Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Wheelock Ms. JaTonna Whisler Ms. Connie R. White Ms. Ruth M. White Mr. Scott A. White Mr. and Mrs. Wayne L. White Mr. and Mrs. Phil Whiteman Mr. Roosevelt Whiters Mr. Tom Whitney Ms. L. Carlene Whitney Mr. and Mrs. Darrell R. Whitney Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Wiechman Dr. Devon H. Wiens Mr. Glenn A. Wiens Ms. Debra J. Wiggins Mrs. Jean E. Wikle Ms. Terry L. Wilborn Mr. and Mrs. Clark C. Wiley Ms. Shirley A. Wilkens Mr. Nathan D. Wilkey Mr. and Mrs. Sam Wilkey Ms. Donna J. Wilkins Mr. and Mrs. Ronald K. Willford Mrs. Caroline A. Williams Mrs. Frances R. Williams Mrs. Kelley K. Williams Mrs. Melynnie Williams Mr. Trenton D. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Milton Willis Mr. L. Barrick Wilson Jr. Mrs. Cheryl K. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Ronald K. Wilson Mrs. Shannon R. Wilson Mr. Ray Winchester Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Windholz Jim and Lyndy Wine Mr. and Mrs. John R. Wine Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Winfrey Mr. and Mrs. Aaron C. Winter Mrs. Wyquita M. Winton Mrs. Mignon A. Wirt Mr. Gary K. Wise Rev. Juanita M. Wiseman Mr. Brian Witte Mrs. Paulette Grate Woellhof Dr. Bryan Wohlwend Mrs. Sandra K. Woley Mr. and Mrs. J. Gary Wolf Mr. and Mrs. Noble L. Wolf Dr. and Mrs. Patrick G. Wolf Mr. David E. Wolfe

July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012 | 45

Photo by Kate Bosserman

Friends University staff, faculty and students unload a truck filled with bags of donated toys as part of the 20th annual Salvation Army Service Day. Since 1992 the University has closed offices for most of one day in December to help the Salvation Army prepare for its holiday distribution to families in need.

Every effort has been made to ensure these lists are accurate. If corrections need to be made, please contact Institutional Advancement at 316-295-5803.

Dr. and Mrs. Fredric Wolinsky Mrs. Krisyn L. Wood Mrs. Michele L. Wood Mr. and Mrs. Randon E. Woodard Mr. and Mrs. C. Patrick Woods Dr. and Mrs. R. Bruce Woods Ms. Rosanne Woolf Mr. John D. Woollems Mrs. Denise A. Worley Mr. Joseph D. Wray Mr. Thomas L. Wray Mr. and Mrs. Hervey W. Wright III Mr. Orville G. Wright Mrs. Tina M. Wright Mrs. Melva Kay Wulf Dr. and Mrs. William H. Wunder Mr. Charles Wurth Mr. James C. Wuthnow Mrs. Rachael L. Wyeth Dr. and Mrs. Tor Wynn

Mr. Allan M. Wynne Dr. Guangqiu Xu Mrs. Amy C. Yarnall Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Yates Mr. Jerry D. Yeary Ms. Ching Y. Yeung Ms. Patricia Yorgensen Rev. A. Ellsworth Young Ms. Elizabeth H. Young Mr. Walter Young Ms. Patricia A. Youngman Ms. AnnMaria Youssef Mr. Noel Zahn Mr. Michael J. Zajkowski Mrs. Amy J. Zerger Mr. Ben H. Zickefoose Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Zimmerman Ms. Vanessa C. Zimmerman Mr. Leon J. Zoglman Mr. and Mrs. Roger E. Zwemke * Deceased

Alumni The lifeblood of the University, alumni are a vital and valuable part of Friends’ past and its future. We are grateful to the individuals and their classmates who helped make the Friends’ experience possible for today’s students.  1930

Janet Denton Hinther* 1934

Faye Bertholf McCoy 1938

Maxine Lash Millsap 1939

Lois Renner Andrew* Walt S. Gick Beulah McClellan Graber Ellsworth Young 1940

Aileen Anderson Kenneth L. Andrew* Luelma Park Ditto* Helen Gross Hoisington Sheila McGinnis Phillips 1941

Mary Freeman Mahoney Jean Moore Meenen 1942

Robert D. Cowan Ernest W. Crow* Ruby Walker Pike 1943

Jennie Walker Heck Mary Anna Pinnick Marvin E. Swim Ellene Smith Tompkins John D. Woollems


Juanita Devore Dewey* Louanne Myers Luehrmann Harry Reed Donna Whitwam Roembach Mary Lou Yaggy Stockdale Betty J. Turkle Ruth Paulin Viets 1945

Lucille Daley Robert J. Holder Velma Nelson Morz Lewis Andrew Smith 1946

Mona Harvey Berry Betty Mae Buerki* Wilma Brazill McLean Mildred Stauffer Patterson Maribel Poundstone Opal Devore Wheeler 1947

Elsie Sata Baukol Iola Powell Cadwallader John Norman Croft Nana Tomita Davis Kate Charles Flory Anita Wheeler George* Charles Wayne Hampton Earl Edmond Minor June Kuechenmeister Moore Harold Lynus Olmstead Doris Stogsdill Scott

Marjorie Stone Mike Takashima 1948

Betty Pehde Bockelman Floyd N. Brown Mary Baker Brown Albert L. Dilley Janeva K. Grist Walter Grist John Rufus Henderson Jewell Fritz Henrichs Annabelle Bowers Hinshaw Robert James Price Beth Rhoads Riner Irma Ready Shelley Donald Swift Vincent 1949

Jo Eagle Anderson Keith Bray Robert A. Davis Frances Foster Dewilde Rosemary Middleton Distifan* Floyd R. Dunlap Eloyse Morgan Frazee Harris Gutmacher Cleone Beckner Hatfield* John J. Havens Rebah Cross Hubbard Doris Kerr Jolley George Q. Lauterbach Marjorie Brightup Morgan Kenneth D. Pennington Nedra Andree Smith Pat Snap Sutton Inez Newman Underwood George W. Wattenbarger 1950

Bernard M. Atherton Carol Burt Baker Joycina Day Baker Merle L. Bender* Carl L. Boschult Thelma Dunfield Bray Velma A. Butler Ella Klassen Deines John R. Fleming Mary Vivian Newby Fleming Frank M. Frazee Harold Wendell French Curtis Huitt Arleta Hinshaw Humbolt Gerald E. Jolley James Edward McAfee Roscoe R. Messenger Howard D. Nellis Phyllis McGuire Price Ernest L. Smith Zay West Stewart John W. Struthers Patty Parks Tieszen 1951

Charles W. Amick Cecil M. Brown

Randall Brown Edwinna Combs Carp Major Cribbs Herbert C. Dyck* Kenneth G. Garver Olen Ross Gowens* Ardeth Wagner Hawthorne Charles W. Hubbard George Hutchens Bonnie McDaniel Jarvis Martin E. Johnson Roberta Allen Leininger Frances Dickinson Owen Harold G. Perry Floyd H. Price Bill T. Ridgeway Warren F. Riner Lola Lindamood Struthers 1952

Larry G. Chaney Helen Irene Elleman Ralph L. Funk Virginia Bayha Ireland Ruth Griffith Kabler Don I. Mardock Frank Joseph Mauro John Shigeru Niwa H. J. Joe Ruvalcaba Hollis Schindler* Theresa A. Schlotthauer Reta Maurine Stuart Uthona Lou Day Tole Harry A. Troop 1953

David J. Alexander Clinton J. Bauer Marjorie Glines Brown Paul LeRoy Casey Gail Greenup Cobb William R. Crow Shirley Ann Cummings Mildred Rush Dick Iris Richardson Ebert Emma Mansfield Flickinger Marjorie Koonce Harmon Donald D. Heacock Joan Carey House Maurice W. Jeffery John R. Lemmons Elbert Lewis Bonnie Day Marshall David McCutcheon* Cecil J. Riney F. Victor Victor Sullivan Wyquita Kearns Winton 1954

Donald Arnold Paul Boles Joseph A. Boyd Ernest Clark David D. Cranmer Virginia Hancock Downing Don Flickinger

July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012 | 47

Don A. Fredericks Steve L. Harmon Eva Jean Hays Neil S. Hays Leah Lou Hogan Jones* Charles J. Ott Patricia Beckett Ott* William E. Rathbun Dorothy Houston Schrag Herbert Van Gieson 1955

Mary Jane Appel Raymond L. Appel Arthur Binford Helen Bledsoe Bowser John N. Carr Wanda June Casey Grant E. Davis Donald P. Foth Irlene Ruby Gore Nolan Ray Gore Chuck E. Hadley* Ivars Henins Bill Himebaugh Galen Hinshaw Wilma Newman Hunt Willis D. Jackson Fred W. Lewis Ruth Wilbur Lindt Miriam Klingman Moore Veda Arndt Parnell* Don D. Peckham Lorraine Peckham Earl J. Reeves Carol Lou Harrington Shinn Gordon Smith Virginia Pitts Stands Patricia Bayer Watt Phil S. Whiteman Ben Harvey Zickefoose 1956

Carol Blocker Bibler Karen Eileen Blake Earline Reay Bogan Charles C. Canfield Nelda Pickett Coleman Lorraine West Hopkins Earlene Kennedy Jeffery Bill Means Priscilla Stutzman Nichols Barbara Crowder Nicholson Lloyd L. Ott Lois Ford Page Eli Parnell Ronald L. Reynolds Joyce Long Thompson Lois Hawthorne Walcott Florence Peterson Walter Carolyn Ann Wolf 1957

Louise Ravenstein Baker Bruce Bales Patsy Rucker Boles

Bud Brixey Dorothy Metz Brixey Connie B. Brown Shirley Parry Buerki* Pauline Binford Busby Marlene McClure Henins Bob G. Hull Richard Kasitz David Kellum Donald Joe Koehn James H. Laflin Donna Garrett Merriman Ernest W. Miller Donald Dean Mueller Daryl Keith Pitts Gloria Van Winkle Pitts Verlene Arnett Rasmussen Hyacinth Phillips Shirley Ruth Bills Stahl Gene Stands Marshall P. Stanton Kenneth A. Waegener Patricia Lee Warner Wayne Warner Lloyd Weishaar Eunice Ellis Welch Gary K. Wise Noble L. Wolf 1958

Richard Duane Baker Leroy L. Brightup Elaine Graber Brown Mildred Chandler Chailland Barbara Clark Chambers Linda Critz Coffey Richard Forwalder Judith Blevins Harmon Albert Henins Patrick Charles Hogan Mae Walkemeyer Kellum Eunice McNichols Kinser Merl Kinser Darrell K. Merriman William E. Miller Jaynelle Adwon Minter Dale L. Noel Ralph R. Owens Ralph W. Parrish J. M. Pitts Neva Quillin Norma Markum Redick Leona Fern Rush William Henry Simmons Joan Clark Smith Dean Stands Janice Duryee Stanton Hazel Pond Supri Effie Phillips Swain Ruth M. White Devon H. Wiens Walter Young 1959

Treva Williamson Affentranger

Bruce Blake Stanley D. Brown David Dalke Joan Lankford Edwards Cleo Wilson Ernst Sharon Potts Gilges Neil Ross Harmon Georgia Osborn Jackson Garlon L. Jarnagin Jack Mahan Doreen M. Miller John W. Paulin Elaine Woodward Penn Jim A. Penn James O. Redick Dorothy M. Sandquist Edward J. Schade Mary Green Shults Mary Dee McMillan Smith Ann Smiley Vernon Glen Alpheus Warner Wayne L. White Frances Rachael Williams 1960

Marcella Jacks Chavez Bud E. Coon Elda Ann Thornburg Cox Evelyn Carman Ellis Walter Duane Ellis Lawrence J. Foth James L. Francisco Carl Gordon Eugene B. Graves Wayne L. Howdeshell Wilma Ittner Howe Loretta Pricer Koehn Sharon Holt Kupfersmith Dick Richard Long Evelyn Davison Lowe Mary Hornecker Lyon Thomas E. McCurry Howard R. Moore Gerald C. Neece Barbara Kliewer Nikkel Jean Stovall Noel Verdou Parish Charmaine Ioerger Paulin Lloyd Robinson Judy Kay Heskett Schade McClure L. Smith Carolyn Edwards Stands Mary Kate Sullivan Gary L. Taton Clark C. Wiley 1961

Norval L. Alliston Jane Martie Anderson Kenneth Anderson Carl G. Boaz Bill C. Chastain Hazel Matzen Dalbom Frank W. Darland Orpha Burnham Eyres

48 | Friends University Honor Roll of Donors

Donna Huntwork Fox Kenneth E. Gooden Barbara Blunt Graves Marie Sommers Gregg Jennie Noblit Hogan Tom L. Holland Sandra Ritter Howdeshell Ramona Baker Jarnagin Wayne Kenyon Richard Haworth King Rosemary Hickerson Kinser Nancy Forbes Lawrence Warren Lawrence Lorna Kellum Long Janice Barton Menzie Gladys Newkirk Norman LoErna Koch Palmer Simpson Catherine Adams Parker George Potts Florence Brock Ragsdale Michael C. Rowe Carole Dinwiddie Shepherd Milton G. Sites Karen Schuh Staley Marcia Carter Waugh Richard L. Webb Coleen Atherton Wiley Janet Lindstrom Willis Mignon Huff Wirt 1962

Sheldon F. Cox Dolores Ann Darland Ron D. Eyres Roberta Baker Foth Feryl Giesen Gary G. Greer Janice White Hamilton David L. Norman Barbara Rollins Parrish Phyllis Kay Pitts Pat Schrader Robinson Caroline Milberger Stauffer Brenda Catlin Taylor Richard E. Thiessen Bill D. Warner 1963

Del J. Allen Arline Six Bensch Diana Dick Cubbage Robert D. Giesen Carolyn Wiebe Gilmore Gerald L. Gribble Rowena Humphrey Hinshaw Carol Atkinson Hulscher Floyd L. Jordan Gloria Gordon Lefmann Errol L. Logue Cecil B. McGaugh Herbert A. Mendenhall Ron D. Pitts Rebecca Shugart Potter Robert L. Powell Donald Ratzlaff

Every effort has been made to ensure these lists are accurate. If corrections need to be made, please contact Institutional Advancement at 316-295-5803.

Jim W. Ratzlaff Beverly Ann Roberts* Delores Fay Rusco Neal D. Rusco Dale D. Steeby Mary McDonald Thompson Joan French Tracy Rosetta Slaven Troyer Sandra Stauffer Tweet Linda Murphy Voss Barbara Pearce Warner Connie Kuhns White Milton Willis 1964

Shirley L. Kenyon Bob G. Mitchell Gail Wellmon Nagley* Nancy Ellis Nicks Connie Green Profaizer Patricia Garver Rank Sheila Parker Ratzlaff Carol Amey Riegel Carol J. Roberts Harold R. Rush Ruth Barbosa Schweitzer Larry Tweet Melva Sullivan Wulf Jennifer Cook Yates

Myrna Washington Buckley Marilyn Koester Davis Paul L. Donham Randle Kent Hope Anita Pearson Kartman Sharon Rickard Kroupa Karen Chisholm Liby Oletta Zehr Miller Wayne V. Moore Saundra Redinger Powell Harriet E. Ratzlaff Doris Sander Stranghoner Tom Stranghoner Richard L. Walker Gwen D. Ward Lorel R. Watts



George Lucas Adams Sherrie Lindstrom Andersen Bruce Wayne Armstrong Bill Heveron AufderHeyde Carole Finley AufderHeyde David Barbosa Robert Alan Boewe Karen Seyfert DeGrazio Nancy Telford Dorsey Connie Parker Douthitt Mary Lou Riner Falconbridge Donna M. Green Janet Forcum Groninga Greg Lassey David Louis Mendenhall Glenda Zimmerman Mosiman Hugh Nicks Helen Barker Parli Philip G. Rhodes Dennis M. Ross Robert N. Warren Catherine Oppliger Webster Roosevelt Whiters Roger D. Yates Noel E. Zahn

Shirley Gardner Avants R. Ben Bennett Stephen R. Buxton Mary Ruth Wilbur Carty Doris Jean Conyers Glen E. Conyers Samuel G. Eberly Lynette Cox Farr Mildred Thompson Good Nelda Edwards Goodwin Richard R. Jacoby James E. Leininger Dean O. Mason Sharon Dee Montonye Donald J. Moore Donald W. Moore Marilyn Hill Morlan Carol Breech Ott Barbara Brannon Rush Carol Jay Scott Norma Pope Staker William L. Stephens 1966

Kenneth Bishop Patricia McKean Bishop Rebecca J. Bunton Mary Lin Ray Carter Olive Garton Conrad Jerree Pitts Ehrlich Larry D. Ehrlich Marian Short Hope Jeanette Dill Hoy

Lewis G. Campbell Tom G. DeLong William B. Dorsey Wanda Hightower Drake Steve Groninga Jan Peters Hadley William A. Hayes Sharon Jones Massion Ann Marie Parker Murray Linda Koleczek Nicks Curtis G. Parker Kent R. Roberts Max L. Smith George Michael Vance 1968


Karyl Lupton Barbosa Lena Newhouse Bauer Kay Thompson Beauchesne Patricia Howard Bentley Doris Elleman Bonham Richard L. Busby Jim Lee Day

Mina Hawthorne Duncan Dee Ann Dunlap Grim Gladys Strohm Groves Keith E. Hartman Eldon Harzman Sharon Fankhouser Harzman Edward Carl Hill Frank W. Hoover Leroy D. Jeffers Anna Thompson Jeter Charles Robert Philips Marcia Swim Schultz Marilyn Hurst Simon Donald W. Smith Marie Hawthorne Smith Judy Broadstreet Stauffer Eddie R. Stegall Paula Brown Stephens Bob D. Thompson George P. Viegelmann 1970

Billy Breckenridge Sarah L. Buxton Craig W. Chastain Susan Armstrong Clowe Linda Ohnemiller Davis Richard Earl Davis Rick W. Fitzgerald Craig Hamlin David H. Herring Luanne Hummell Hildebrandt Robert P. Holmes John E. Jacobs Robert L. Johnson Hope Clark Just Alan Kent Lindal Annette Moreland Lindal Fred McMillen Ginny Klingman Metzinger Marsha Mitchell Meyersick Herbert L. Mulvaney Kenneth A. Rathbun Charlotte Walton Ross Sondra Wilson Russell Dana Lyn Seifert Roger E. Seifert Elizabeth Pickard Smith Paul W. Smith Carol Porter Starr Richard Stauffer Marsha Ann Stenholm Brenda Knox Swanson Brad Tompkins Patti Drake Wayman Paula Arbuckle Weber Paulette Grate Woellhof Sally Wolinsky Jerry D. Yeary 1971

James B. Adams Sandi Lowenberg Bradford LeAne Briscoe Cloud Arnetia Clay Curtis

Bob Dalbom Sherri Finley Dalbom Wayne Dilts Janet Jackson Grieve Sandra K. Hysom James L. Jemmerson Alice Ward Johnston Joy Hawthorne Kirk Keith R. Kirk Marilyn J. McMillen Phil Nagley Gene N. Nold Gary J. Ohls Vonda White Palmer Vonda Berry Pickett Verna Kirkhart Riney Kay Silkey Janet Clark Smith Beverly Hoch Steinel Orville Gene Wright Leon J. Zoglman 1972

James S. Barcus Stephen S. Barcus Mark L. Bigelow Kim E. Clowe Evonne Hamblin Cooper Gregory E. Cooper Doug Lee Duncan Gary W. Duncan Alice Hunt Duwe Wesley Duwe Jean Buckland Finch James W. Garvey Glenn Gathers Dona Viets Gibson Wally Gorrell Pamela Wolf Haight Duane M. Hansen Norman W. Hein Christopher J. Jefferson Elizabeth Hyre Lix Anita Piper Massie John F. Mies Duane R. Moss Mike Moyer Janice Aves Price Judith Brewer Roberts Charles E. Roush Kay Harrison Taber Robert Patrick Taylor Tom T. Whitney David Elton Wolfe Fredric D. Wolinsky 1973

Roger F. Brown Bruce Burnett Samuel Dean Cameron Larry Steven Chance Carolyn A. Croft Wally Eugene Deffenbaugh Teresa Dorpinghaus Lana White Duncan

July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012 | 49

Miriam Graham Giese Charlene Gilbert Gorrell Peggy Sue Gregory Roger Gregory Edward P. Hamilton Ron Wayne Holt Carl K. Kendrick Susan Edwards Kendrick Carol Fraley Love Debbie Sullard Shogren Mike Ray Shogren Sam W. Strickland Mary Lou Taylor Sue Terry Towns Thomas L. Wray 1974

Lisa Heinemann Becker Judy Wilmoth Bennett Steve E. Borchers Rebecca L. Brenn Betsy Spratt Broker Mark G. Dodds Gick Fleming Laura Arnett Fricker Glen E. Glidewell Richard J. Granger Gregory Alan Harris Ulene McCarty Havens Leatha Rutherford Hein Paul L. Hodson Ann Talcott Holmes Veda Brown Journagan Julie K. Kincaid DaVonna Oakman Kraybill Anne Lassey Mary Rankin Lyon Shelley Brooks McKinney Debbie Tatum Moyer Tad Patton Nancy Jean Prieb James Leroy Roberts Anitra Hopper Rock Amelia McPheeters Schulke Sally Sturges James M. Voegeli Jean Johnson Wikle Rosanne Woolf 1975

Karen Brown Askerooth Larry Bennett Susan Bressie Brown Sam Burnett George W. Coleman Rocky G. Gregory Robert D. Hawkins Jace W. Hyder Patricia Gregory Jensen Connie Taylor Kathler Larry W. Maxwell Carl Mease Lynette McKinney Mease Douglas C. Stewart Michelle Rapp Stewart

Deborah Marshall Vaughn Marilyn K. Walton John R. Wine Joseph D. Wray 1976

Peggy Strole Baldwin Larry A. Becker Cindy Schmucker Blasdel Stephen D. Blasdel Steven Alan Brown Ronald L. Capps Harold D. Clay Jacquelyn Webb Darbyshire Cheryl Huntley Erwin Richard B. Ferguson Teresa Tippin Ferguson Debbie Ott Fleming Pamla K. Hoadley Michael LeVerne Hollimon Rhonda Holt Clint V. Howard Sue Hunt David E. Loger Paulette Robben May Ralph McKay Bonita Johnson Ortiz Janis Spurrier Pauly Lynn Rice Dale L. Roberts Grant E. Schumaker Sheryl Owens Seward Joyce James Simon Glenda Kane VanSant 1977

Eldon Albert Alexander Debra West Allison Tom A. Bassford Chris L. Flattery Daniel J. Fleeman* Hollie Hundertmark Fox Deanna Hulse Garringer Goody Alan Goodpaster Helen Czaplinski Griffin Randy F. Hughes Wayne Alan Jalenak Kevin L. Journagan Chris D. Kettler Eric B. Metz Jim J. Nagy Pamela Ockenfels Patton Gary D. Shaffer Jim Wine Sue Steele Wine 1978

Terry Kamerman Alexander Vicki L. Flattery Gary Dean Lewis James P. McQuery Tim Rae Pauly Vicki Hain Poorman Merlin Gene Pore Crystal Glazier Rowell Kathy Singer

Nolan L. Singer David C. Sloan Douglas Dean Stukey Terry D. Tucker Marilyn Gale Wine

David W. Underwood Brent D. Weaver David J. Wendell Melynnie Mikkish Williams


David R. Armstrong Jerry L. Brown Diane Jones Fleming Tomas Jon Fleming Jenelle Jeffery Denise Ronsick Landau LaVonna Leach Loesch Martin Dale Maurer Vickie Sickbert Moore Mary Pat Roembach Pitts Rod D. Pitts June Storck Shockley Jill Skinner Jana Dodds Teel Sandra Fraley Woley

Earnest Bernard Alexander Kathy Flippo Brown Teresa Stukey Cline Debbi Johnson Davis Laurie Peterson Flaharty Brigit Stone Gasper Vicki Carter Hoelting Laura Hutton Hogg Karen Lee Huntley Cliff R. Loesch Karen Binford Loesch Dana Dunsworth Nance Karen Sue Roberts Randall Dean Seidl Gail Smith Shaffer Gus Ohler Suarez 1980

Gail Peckham Buchanan Daniel J. Buerki Janice Keffer Buerki Doug Chambers Tom E. Cox Dan H. Diepenbrock Karen Stands Eckhardt Russell A. Garton Marcia Gregory Kampling Linda Bowlin Kizzire Denise Rasmussen Loganbill Julie McDaniel Marchand Jamie R. Means Kenneth D. Pitts Stephanie Stinson Reif Ed L. Roberts Judy Hallowell Roberts Debra Sill Springer 1981

Michelle Johnston Baker Pam Pitts Chambers Debi Campbell Cox Paula Cline Diepenbrock Randy C. Doerksen Roch E. Dold Ardith Rooney Dunn Kenton Alan Dunn Erin Elizabeth Enns Diane Stands Ferrell Donald A. Forster Joel Jackson Debby Eileen McElroy Joe McElroy Rick W. McKay Cynthia Bliss Meyer Randy L. O’Neal Donald Pekrul George Saghbene Dale Seiwert Janet Schesser Shepherd

50 | Friends University Honor Roll of Donors



Lynda Hope Adams Karla Marie Allen Randall Atkisson Glen A. Burdick Terri L. Conner Brad Allen Eck James S. Eicher Kirk Hastings Debra Davis Hermes John F. Hetherington James A. Hommertzheim Anna Bernice Kostecki Randall A. Pohlenz RoxAnn R. Rooney Jack Larry Sanborn 1984

Barbara Otto Brown Jane Fleming Collinsworth Mark E. Cox Jay Delling Kevin A. Fenton Marilyn Tregellas Fitzsimmons Steven D. Klassen Charla Binford Kremer Jerry L. Mann Terri Pierce Means Greg A. Mills David George Pauls Kathy Riggs Pauls Rita Seiwert Sevart Donald E. Shepherd Jim B. Smith Daniel A. Warner 1985

Charles Raymond Alderson Alfred M. Campbell Heidi Carter Clark Robert Earl Flaharty Adela Ammons Garton Christine Riffel Herbel Joyce Palmer Hollowell Danna Dove Hotmar

Every effort has been made to ensure these lists are accurate. If corrections need to be made, please contact Institutional Advancement at 316-295-5803.

Barbara Wheeler Mann Russell R. Million Thomas L. Perry Lois Heidner Pierce Lecia Warner Retter Rebecca Cox Saghbene Becky Dunn Stukey Kenneth E. Stutzman Ronald Ray Teel Harold David Terhune Tim Allen Thornburg Kara Fox Ulmen

Jeffrey L. Masonhall Jean Copenhaver Parker Don Allen Rey Terry R. Rudkin Jana Brown Terhune Charles M. Thompson Kristyn Mooney Thor Dyan Goertz Thornton Julie Zerener Vancuren Gordon Tarter Webb John Robert Weber Juanita Bacon Wiseman



Stacey Marie Blankenship Eva Clark Brightup David Cowsill Wanda Parker Givens Jerry Dean Hardin Garret Jay Hotmar Robert L. Lancaster Kathy Shackelton Myers Richard D. Powell Mitchell Lane Reece Jeffery Scott Rempel Mike Mark Shockley Monte R. Slaven Laura Ratzlaff Thornburg Dorothy Teresa Watkins

Paul Edward Ailslieger Vickie Young Beam Ramah Rush Coffman Carol Gross Coulter Lance Albert Deckinger Beverly Jane Gaines Scott Michael Golay Lou Gollin Daryla Pitts Grund Jayson Alex Hanschu Andrew Lattner Harris Charissa Higgins Hicks Kathryn Crabtree Howell Margaret Mary Johnson Cary S. Lavender Helene E. Longhofer David Michael Madewell Elsie Bergkamp May Gary J. Parker Curtis Ray Pettyjohn Wanda Wardlow Pore Vince L. Schmidt Kurt Alan Schremmer Ronald Clark Sinclair Lawana Zortman Vannahmen Darrell Lane Walters


Richard Allen Doug Alan Call Susamma Chacko Pamela Holcomb Cogburn Jackie Drummond Connet John Franklin Cummings Patrick W. Daley Ronald D. Doyle Alan Griswold Ruth Eileen Hetherington Ursula Maria Jarvis Carolyn Riley Loop Vincent Odell Painter Nancy Hecht Reece Pamela Sherer Rhodes Larry Lee Scott James R. Stone Michelle Tieszen Virginia Lynn Walton Kevin Lee Warner Susan Alspaw Warner 1988

Heather McGregor Blankinship Amy Walton Bretz Kevin L. Brightup Elaine Evans Clark Timothy Kipp Clark David Lee Funk Ronald Griffin Jim Duane Hansen Victor E Gene Herman Luella Mohr Koppitz Imogene Peters Kubin Eric Woolf Lamp


Laura Anthony Bergquist Aaron T. Blase Sharon Napier Bolin Clark Eric Boyer Joan Mortimer Cline Shelly Quiggle Cox Kent N. Doll Reta Kardatzke Easley Robin Klaver Flesher Raymond L. Goodpasture Galen Evan Grund William C. Haislip Debra Ellen Huddleston Rolland Kenneth Larison Celia Ann Lutz Bonnie Jeanne Matles John M. McEachern Ann Ross Ocker Mary Schlicher Parrish Amy Staley Pettyjohn Ann T. Reed Robert James Schmidt Patricia Schoonover Shockley

Eric David Stone Verlinda Gray Stone Archibong Ukoefreso Deanna E. Waggaman Michele Brandes Wood 1991

Kerry Don Baker Constance Bauck Barnum Janay Dunham Blome Gerald R. Chelgren David A. Cooper Kimberly Koblitz Crenshaw Ellen Rowbotham Davis Lynn Neely Deckinger Chuck William Eaton Jacque Wilson Fox Douglas Norman Frederick Lamont Ted Gleason Catherine E. Goering Charlene Twietmeyer Gregory Neal A. Hall Donald Lee Harder Jennifer Burkle Hollinger Kembra Lynne Howdeshell Arlita Gruver Hummelke Chris A. Hurley Ronald J. Kirmer Michelle Lance Lamp Lonnie L. Larson Cheryl Hopkins Menges Julie Rene Minter Vincent R. Minter Norma Ritchey Mitzel Shawndra Jaeckel Montgomery Terri McCall Morrow Shawn Page Gregory J. Pavlish Sherry Saber Pam J. Schroeder Barbara Broadstock Smith Lyle Steven SmithGraybeal Eugene Leroy Stenzel Linda Hoskins Sutton Beth Anderson Troyer Mark Troyer Verna Bates Weber 1992

Donita Hunter Blackwell Nancy Womeldorff Calkins Michael Darbyshire Kristine Klenda Davis Kathy Flaming Demuth Sheryl Cooper Dick Pamela Davis Dietz Paula Flax Dinkel Marianna Plummer Evans Alecia Todd Frederick Jean Brautigam Gross Linda Jones Haskins Jean Fuson Hedstrom James M. Hollinger Gina E. Hollingshead Nancy Paulsen Jones

Brenda F. Learned David Tod Lunzmann Cammie Whitworth Nelson Antonio Machado Ortega Lorene Ellen Pauls Lois Ritchey Risley Lori Green Schartz Stanley Gene Schmidt Kay Hammer Schmitt Stacy Voth Schwartz Jean Jackson Shetlar Meghan Johnson Smith Marilyn Juenemann Unger Patricia E. Veesart Kathleen O’Reilly Watts Shannon Wardlow Wilson 1993

Jolynn Sanders Berk Larry W. Buller Barry R. Cobb Deedee S. Evans Michael G. Freeman Carolyn Bean Guinan Donna Kirklen Henneberg Kenneth Evert Holmes Randy Lee Lair Linda McNay LaMar Jay D. Leatherman G. R. Magee Paul H. Olivier Patty West Parker Jean Ellen Plett Willard Warren Rice Craig J. Schmidt Jean Mitchell Spitzer Aaron Key Veatch Melissa DeWitt Wall Linda Joy Weber Marilyn L. Wells 1994

Gina Moreno Aguirre Deba Ann Barker William Curtis Beane Kimberly Gibson Cowsill Jerri Larson Dennett Dave D. Depew Brian Ernest Drew Staci Doffing Farber Constance Johnson Gile Wilma Ruth Hart Barbara Webster Haynes Robert Scott Kailer Thomas Richard Kluzak Duane Keith Meis Ken B. Moore Allan Wayne Osterman Scott Person James Randle Riley Lisa Rapp Ryan Linda Hamilton Sanders Kimberly K Schwartz Joe A. Simpson Mitchell Ray Steffen

July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012 | 51

Julie Miller Stenzel Patricia Ann Youngman 1995

Lisa Fudge Baker James E. Bradley Mary Debbrecht Brown Suzanne Beach Coin Dianne Y. DeGood Kelly Boyd Dilsaver Dustin R. Ebaugh Vicki Wheeler Hardaway Elizabeth A. House Duane M. Hund Russell Jennings Robert R. Kohrs Cynthia Pennington Kuykendall Lisa O’Bleness Long Aaron J. Mabon Rae A. Niles Brenda Harvey Smith Shirley Scheikotsky Smith Neil Oliver Trickey Carlene Whitney Nathan D. Wilkey Donna Allen Wilkins 1996

Trace Ludwig Adkins Mindy North Barr Brenda McCulloch Berryman Shirley Carter Bessette Vickie Choate Burk Johanna Lehr Chelgren Curt W. Demuth David R. Dondlinger Daniel Joseph Dreiling Craig Ehlert Sharon Marie Goodwin Mika White Gross Jon K. Hanner Denise Elder Irminger Jerri Brigham Lyddon Ella Williams Masner Robert Charles McClure Frank James Mulhern Kelsey Willing Nichols Catherine Freeman Philpott Kathleen Snide Ramsey Donald Wayne Rogus Roger Allen Scales Patrick J. Sehl Noel E. Shortt Kelly R. Smith Dennis Raymond Stafford Dwight D. Wehner Mary K. Wehner Roger Eugene Zwemke 1997

Michele Lammey Brown Jean Ballinger Bryant Troy Matthew Clark David Cosloy Kara Dawn Cox Thomas Richard Crisler

Kevin Stephen Danko Jennifer U. De Los Santos Linda M. DeLong Rodney Lee Gay Doug L. Grimm Michelle Sember Hale Cheryl A. Hardesty Shae Lynn Harrigan Todd M. Herrington Corrinna Benefield Irvin Robert M. Irvin Rachel Wakefield Jansen Vickie Croft Johnson Josh David Knight Ryan Jade Long Steve Douglas McKinney Shara George McMichael Constance R. Mitchell Arthur Alan Mould Virgil Arthur Paulson Pamela Parenti Plank Amy Suchan Price Cindy Jo Pursell Debra Davis Scheer Mark William Stafford Rodney Howard Sutton Renee Wentworth Tjaden Joan Howard Tregellas Michael Cordis Vice Cheryl Jones Wilson James Bryan Wohlwend Hervey W. Wright Amy Smith Zerger

Joan Colette Turner Krisyn Knight Wood


Michael Joseph Corrigan Riki Speer Davidson Edward Peter DesPlas Frances Keys Ervin Patricia A. Fuller Jason Landon Gregory James Walter Howard Preston P. Hughes Larry H. Lamb Anita Bruce Lawrenz Joel Thomas Leftwich Ruth Tombaugh Martinez Katrina Nash McGuigan Jerry S. Myers Carol L. Neill Michael A. O’Brien Rich F. Owings Stephanie Struble Palmer Brian J. Powers Janice Louise Rich Jessica McClure Towns Donna Synovec Westhoff Scott A. White

William Hiram Adsit Jeffrey G. Alvarado Lynne Ross Borchers Ronald Bruce Capps Elizabeth A. Carns Jeremy S. Davis Louis R. Dawkins Stephen L. Eck Carole Millard Gill Edwin L. Hancock Lynn Anderson Hoelting Leslie Hobbs Hunt Susan Gayle Hussey Susan Bauer Koch Michael Lamb Martha Wille Linsner Nancie Diane Lymer David Scott Manning Leslee Morrison Miller Randy R. Miller Thomas R. Moore Cheryl Wigton Myers Suzanne West Nelson Coleen Oliverson Newfelt Larry Dean Robbins Kay Orr Schierling Janeen Ross Sehl Ginger Ann Sommers Ronald Douglas Swopes Alex Tilma


Kristen Hanneman Ball Mark A. Bandre Joseph Malcolm Bravo Thomas Wayne Brown Jayme Bickell Burdiek Mary Yarbrough Comstock Dennis T. Domen Tony L. Fortner Beverly Winchell Gatton Angie Zortman Gregory Saundra Guess Harris Geneva Ann Hershberger Craig Hubbard Connie Mack Hullet Virgil Jones Delmar Dwight Loesch Karen Wagner Logan Felix E. Luna Verna L. McBee Creighton Alan Snellenberg Travis A. Stipp Milisa Stuffings Suckow Eugene Wayne Suter Cindy Pywell Wiechman Caroline Carr Williams Aaron C. Winter Becky Neely Winter Denise Roth Worley Marilyn Combes Wright 2000


Douglas Jay Berryman James T. Brower Tina Diane Chittim Todd Gerald Davidson Luetta Ann Duerksen Lorna Hamel Elliott

52 | Friends University Honor Roll of Donors

Terri Scofield Gaeddert Lee J. Gatton Stephanie Libhart Goscha Marilyn Hanigan Hendryx Mohammad Khairul Islam Jennifer Carmichael Jones Ashlei Erker Matthews Patti Alderman Neal Brandon S. Pierce Mark A Reisch Lyna Manke Reith Samantha Meckenstock Rey Sara Emerson Shaffer Steven Damon Shouse Lisa Enfield Tilma Brian T. Visser Aaron Michael Wiechman Debra Brooks Wiggins Kelley O’Connor Williams 2002

Georgette Clark Atkinson Shelley Shoup Bradbury Kent Allen Brand Nicole Gilbert Brand Richard J. Downs Roger D. Fuller Trevor Joe Hands Janet Weyrauch Harrington Carl P. Herrman Melissa D. Knoeber Barbara Conard Latty Kathryn Jendrasiak Lefler Nicholas Kelly Newby Terry Robert Peterson Brenda Levendofsky Ritterling Vicki Jenkins Robinson Andi Moore Stipp Phyllis K. Thomas Jed L. Tyson Anna Nelson Woods Denise Martin Zimmerman 2003

David Michael Arnold Ron L. Barber Jennie Mitchell Brightup Kim Pestinger Cook Kathy Gieselman Crossen Laney Danae Curry Kent E. Douglas Norman Eugene Douglas Toni Klie Enfield Joel David Estes Larry Dee Farmer Amanda Gilpin Dana Gowen Henry Terri White Johnson Ron Allen Keehn Toby Joseph Lee Benjamin Ray McClellan Mark D. McDaniel Dawn Anne Reed Ryan Shaffer Tanya Peschka Shryock

Every effort has been made to ensure these lists are accurate. If corrections need to be made, please contact Institutional Advancement at 316-295-5803.

Jeanne Troutman Smith Debbie T. Thompson Rhonda Spalding Turner Janice Spencer Urie Lola Richardson Vassar Myron Wayne Ward Brenda Wandick Warren C. Patrick Woods 2004

Thomas R. Beat Matthew D. Boily Jason D. Burley Sara Blevins Campbell Whilemenia Cook Duncan Joan Sharp Erickson Gary T. Fiebach Dianne Ratcliff Fleming Stephanie Hanson Garcia Cappy Jane Gaschler Nancy Martin Graf Gary Wayne Halderman Dale Alan Heckman David M. Hitchcock Beth Huffman Hoppe F. Richard Jones Scott Lembke Catherine Crossland Richardson Jack A. Robinson Trudy Cunningham Souba Trevis K. Unger Brian Witte 2005

Margaret Wondra Evers Mary Beth Glover David Lawrence Herndon Jeff J. King Rhonda Boldt Lambrecht Kimberly L. Lemon Jeff J. Linsner Susie McFall Mead Otey Colyn Moss Ricky Dean Nelson Richard E. Parks Janet M. Probst Jo Parker Ryder Dennis E. Smith Tina Solt Wright Amy Riley Yarnall 2006

Dirk Clive Ankerholz Amber Serene Bowlby Nicole Bohannon Cory Timothy Scott Dugger Beverly Neal Fisher Amber Dawn Fleming Tracy Nix Gonzales Theresa Rachel Hubbard B. J. Hunt Jeremy Eugene Johnson Vicki Traver Micheau Ian A. Newlin Warren A. Nuce Jamie Brown Pearson

Cynthia Munoz Powers Kale Brian Rowley Crystal Lynn Sanderson Becky March Warren Kammie Koch Wendler Maryann Otruba Wynn 2007

Melanie S. Baalman Russell Lowell Best David Eric Cox Erin E. Degroot Denae Suzanne Herrman Lisa Shaw Hilyard Curt Aaron Janke Daniel James Kontz Deena Louise Pulis Mary C. Scott Tony Segovia Katherine Marie Tramel Dianne E. Warren Nellie Cox Weiss Michael J. Zajkowski 2008

Mallorie L. Ballard Pamela L. Boller Tonya Kay Bronleewe Marcia M. Dillon David L. Doherty Sabrina Marie Duckett Donald W. Friesen Marvis M. Gaddie Mark William Gibbs Julian Michael Linnebur Cathy Love Ardys Forcum Maxson Tim Lee McKown Adriene Hernandez Miller DeeAnn Moss Bonnie B. Nold Lucinda Jane Pierce Richard LeBaron Reeve James Leonard Regan Lynda M. Rich Nancy A. Roth Barbara Ann Shunn Katie M. Southworth Jeremy Spring Jennifer Patton Summerow Christopher J. Tretheway Barrick Wilson 2009

Mary Lies Avila Pamela J. Barton Deborah S. Butner Karen Kay Call Tammy L. Cruse Henry B. Devader Mike Faust Terry Kim Goodnight Cherie Brigman Hampl Abby J. Hutson Jeffery D. Jones April L. Lyerla

Jane Louise McDougal Nathan Newby Barbara Martin Parks Matthew Lee Pewewardy Rozetia M. Richardson Kristy Renee Rupe Lizann Shugart Jamey Scott Stein Chad W. Tormey Trenton David Williams Rachael Lynn Wyeth Allan M. Wynne 2010

Laurie Beth Alloway Steven Tyler Archambeau Jennifer Wallace Babitzke Robin Wayne Bearrick Ashley M. Bergner Lucy A. Brown Brandi Elaine Collins Drew Mark Courtney Jan Houk Crawford Sheryl Lawrence Crawford Tracy Scott Dible Michelle M. Hernandez Kathleen Rachelle Hilyard Alisha Lynne Hudson Lisa Schroeder Kraemer Abigail Brooke Lara Leslie J. Lust Lisa Faye Lutz Mark A. Matney Lynn Moratto Matsler Dusten Read Michel Barbara J. Norton Ruth Winn Patterson Kathrin Pauline Proserpio

Michael Bryan Strickland Marciana Hoffman Watson Kevin Joseph Wendler Elizabeth H. Young AnnMaria Nabil Youssef 2011

Russell Jay Beatty Casey William Christofferson Cody D. Helms Laurie Novascone Labarca Carrie Anne Mills Regina L. Nixon Kimberly Kardatzke Noller Christine Elaine Pina Angela Ramoz Pruitt Syndee Lue Scribner Matthew S. Tannehill Justin Wayne Taylor JaTonna Whisler James Christopher Wuthnow Joe Zimmerman 2012

Donnie Ray Akin Donia Rachelle Gatewood Shawna Hudson Kevin B. Lyerla Matt T. M. Maciel Rachel Freeman Millard Bobbi Warner Pauly Heather Gowan Weston 2013

Quentin Pierce Benning Mike Hoskinson Elizabeth S. Marshall Hannah Kay Pauls * Deceased

Corporations, Trusts and Foundations

We appreciate the shared commitment to education by our partners – corporations, organizations and foundations – who provided support to programs and projects at Friends University. 21st Century Packaging A Box 4 U LLC All American Automotive #1 Inc Allen Gibbs and Houlik LC Arrow Recycling Solutions Inc Association of Petroleum Women AT&T Foundation Irene Vickers Baker Trust Bank of America Matching Gifts Bever Dye Foundation Sam and Rie Bloomfield Foundation Inc

Boeing Gift Matching Program Boyer Educational Trust Bretz Law Office LLC S. M. and Laura H. Brown Charitable Trust Burwell Construction Inc C&R Keys Luis A. Casado Charitable Trust Vera J. Casado Charitable Trust Charitable Foundation Inc ConocoPhillips Curt’s Pest Control Company Inc

July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012 | 53

Photo by Kate Bosserman

Deal Bug Dooley’s Water and Energy Solutions Inc Doonan Truck and Equipment of Wichita Inc Doubble BB Mini Ranch Eastside Community Church Katherine J. Erker Trust FHLBank The Fidelity Bank Foundation First Gear Inc Fraternal Order of Eagles 3251 Chisholm Trail Fugate Enterprises James Garvey Family Charitable Trust Garvey Kansas Foundation General Electric Foundation Golden Belt Bicycle Co Greater Wichita Area Sports Commission Harris Foundation Highley’s Tire Service Esther A. Howell Trust Institute of Internal Auditors Wichita Chapter Intrepid Exploration Inc INTRUST Bank NA Jackson Appraisals KAMMCO Kansas Hospital Association Kansas Independent College Fund Kansas Independent Oil and Gas Association Klenda Austerman LLC Fred C. and Mary R. Koch Foundation Legacy Bank Liberal Friends Church M L C Inc Marcie’s Cafe MetLife Foundation Micro Ovens of Austin Minter Law Firm Mission Woods Medical and Office Park

Modern Woodmen Fraternal Financial - Topeka Victor Murdock Foundation Naftzger Fund for Fine Arts The Nicks Team Ninnescah Chapter 423 Order of the Eastern Star Occidental Petroleum Corporation Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Ott Farms Inc Evelyn Phinney Scholarship Trust Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation Principal Life Insurance Company Promo Depot Inc Roofing Services Unlimited Inc Rotary Club of West Wichita Rotary Club of Wichita Rule4 Sandhill Ranch Sandlian Realty South Central Kansas Library Southwestern College Professional Studies Center Southwestern Remodeling Contractors Stanfield Roofing Inc State Farm Companies Foundation Summit Medical Management LLC Taylor and Associates Textron Foundation Inc University Friends Meeting Valero Energy Foundation Vintage Chevrolet Club of America Vintage Construction LLC Westar Energy Foundation When Pigs Fly Bar-B-Que Wichita Alumni Chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota Wichita Community Children’s Choir Inc Winbush Nutrition Solutions Inc Yeshuas Enterprise LLC

Alumni Advisory Boards

Alumni volunteers help with hosting tailgates, networking mixers, chili feeds and reunions; awarding scholarships to deserving students; and giving back to our communities through service projects such as coat and food drives. Read more about each member at Wichita Alumni Advisory Board 2012-13

Topeka Alumni Advisory Board 2012-13

Andi Stipp, G’01/M’07 – President Scot Pierce, G’96 – President-Elect Monica Swift, G’94/’06/M’96 – Secretary Rita Balderes, G’06/M’12 Doug Berryman, M’01 Nicole Black, G’08 Jean Bowman, M’11 Troy Clark, G’97 Marvin Connet, G’82/’84 Donald Hernandez, M’12 Danielle Howard, G’10 Tyrena Judie, G’07/M’12 Lisa Kraemer, G’10/M’11 Michael Lacy, G’04 Olivia Martin, G’11 Lynn Matsler, G’10 DeeAnn Moss, G’07 Paul Nelson, G’07 Caren Remmers, G’02/’04 Ashley Scheideman, G’03/M’12 Dil Silva, G’11 Jennifer Wassemiller, G’00 Sanya Wiles, G’04/M’12 Kimberly Wilson, G’10/M’12

Mary Duncan, M’09 – President Sheryl Crawford, G’07/’10 – President-Elect Joyce Hladky, M’09 – Secretary Jonathan Beatty, G’11 Whitney Cartmill, M’12 Tricia Eddy, G’01 Liz Beth Evans, G’07/G’10/M’12 Woody Houseman, G’71/M’05 Beth Lind, M’12 Selena McNaul, G’05 Alysn Otinga, G’11 Darin Scott, G’09

Kansas City Alumni Advisory Board 2012-13

Neil Trickey, G’95/M’07 – President Jason Stewart, G’00 – President-Elect Craig Zernickow, G’96 – Secretary Barb Brown, G’84 Sheryl Dick, G’92 Jayneen Hammons, M’00 Dawn Kingery, G’83 Errol Logue, G’63 Steve Parscale, G’86/M’88

Ex-Officio Members of the Alumni Advisory Board 2012-13

Bryan Wohlwend, G’97, 201112 President of the Wichita Alumni Advisory Board Nellie Weiss, G’05/’07/M’09, President of the Topeka Alumni Advisory Board Anthony Murdock, G’03/M’06, 2011-12 President of the Kansas City Alumni Advisory Board Dr. T.J. Arant, President of Friends University Tracy Muirhead, Vice President of Institutional Advancement Lisa Tilma, Executive Director of Alumni Relations Max Burson, Faculty Representative Michelle Brock, Faculty Representative Jeremy Schrag, SGA President

Colvin Elementary School children are greeted with high-fives from Friends University students as they arrive on campus for Welcome Service Day last fall. About 300 Friends freshmen and transfer students worked with 150 third-graders from Colvin to encourage and teach them about the value of a college education.

54 | Friends University Honor Roll of Donors

Photo by Gisele McMinimy

Phonathon callers say “Thank You!� to alumni and friends of the University who donated during the Phonathon.

Spring 2013 Class Notes In Memory “In Memory” passages with more details were submitted by family or friends. Information received after Feb. 7 will be included in the next issue. We reserve the right to edit as space allows. Riley Agnew, ’52, died June 23, 2011. He was a corpsman in the U.S. Marines during World War II, serving at Iwo Jima, Japan. He was a retired director of high adventure for Boy Scouts of America. He is survived by wife Joanne, one daughter, two sons, one step-daughter, one step-son, 15 grandchildren and several great-grandchildren.

Shirley (Asher) Dowell, ’40, died Jan. 17, 2013. Dustin Dvorak, ’11, died Sept. 15, 2012. Herbert C. Dyck, ’51, died Aug. 1, 2012. He was born on Oct. 20, 1927, near Whitewater, Kan., and served in the Navy during World War II. He was a high school German teacher for many years and a member of the United Methodist Church in Washington. He is survived by wife Alice, three sons, two daughters, 13 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

is survived by his mother, one brother, one sister, and numerous nieces, nephews, and great-nieces and nephews. Leionne Grace (Martin) Freebury, ’54, died Oct. 2, 2012. Jane Frieze, ’76, died Oct. 1, 2012. Olen Gowens, ’51, died Oct. 12, 2012. Chuck Hadley, ’55, died Oct. 30, 2012. He is survived by wife Jan, one son, one daughter, five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

E. Frances Eastwood, ’36, died Sept. 2, 2012.

Tollie Hartmann, ’94, died June 2, 2012.

Margaret Ahlstrom, ’47, died Nov. 27, 2012.

Grace Ferguson, ’88, died Jan. 26, 2013.

Dr. Michael Herndon, ’71, died June 17, 2012.

Virginia Bechthold, ’41, died

Dr. Daniel Fleeman, ’77, died Nov. 11, 2012. Dr. Dan was chief-of-staff and emergency room doctor at Riverside Hospital in Wichita for 19 years. He began his volunteer work at the age of 13 at the Methodist Hospital in Chicago. As an adult he offered medical services in both India and Sri Lanka. He

Dec. 4, 2012.

Merle Bender, ’50, died July 20, 2012. Brad Bettles, ’97, died Aug. 13, 2012. Martha Dawson, ’92, died Jan. 27, 2013. Bradley Denney, ’08, died Dec. 16, 2012.

Odus Isaacs Jr., ’66, died Dec. 25, 2012. He was a retired West High School athletic director. Marilyn G. (Arnett) Jeffery, ’55, died Nov. 27, 2012. Donald “Keith” Johnson, ’61, died June 11, 2012. He was a vocal music teacher at Dove Creek High School, Lewis High School, Emporia State Teachers College, Hadley Junior High and Wilbur Junior High. He was also a retired State Farm Insurance agent of 20 years. He is survived by his best friend and wife of 55 years Joy; two sons; five grandchildren and four greatgrandchildren. James A. Johnson, ’39, died Dec. 15, 2012.

Give online! Submit your taxdeductible gift at Thank you for your support! S UMME R 2 0 1 3 | 57


Jean Kindel Garvey, 1988 graduate B y G isele M c M i n im y Courtesy photo

When Jean Kindel Garvey enrolled at Friends University in the 1980s she was extending the Garvey family connection to Friends University that her mother-in-law, Olive White Garvey, established in 1963. Jean, a beloved alumnus and friend of the University in her own right, died Dec. 20, 2012. Jean served on the Friends University Board of Trustees for nine years from 1988 to 1997. In the mid-

LaVena Johnston, ’59, died Aug. 15, 2012. Leah (Hogan) Jones, ’54, died Aug. 20, 2012. She was a member of First United Methodist Church in Pratt,

58 | F r i e n d s

1990s, the Garvey family provided funds for the construction of the Olive White Garvey Business and Technology Building. In 2001, the family established the Olive White Garvey Presidential Scholarships at Friends University. In 2007 the Garvey family distributed the remaining funds from the Olive White Garvey Trust to various charitable organizations. Friends University received its largest-ever

Kan., a chancel choir member, a member of the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science, Kansas Society of Clinical Lab Scientists, a past member of American Society

U n i v e rs i t y

one-time donation of $3.2 million that was used to fund the Olive White Garvey Presidential Scholarships. Jean enjoyed attending University scholarship luncheons to meet the students who received the scholarships. Following her husband Willard’s death in 2002, the University worked with Jean to establish the Garvey Institute of Law at Friends University in 2003. The Institute coordinates the annual Willard and Jean Garvey Lectureships in Law and developed and supports the Master of Business Law degree at Friends University. In addition to her work with Friends University, Jean helped co-found Wichita Collegiate School, established The Independent School, and worked tirelessly for The Salvation Army, Wichita Symphony Society and Goodwill Industries, among others. Jean will be remembered fondly for her care, kindness and love for all people. She brightened many University events, including Appreciation Evening and the annual Garvey Lecture Series, where she sat in the front row listening intently and thoughtfully. Many Friends University faculty and staff will miss her cheerful presence on campus. Perhaps Rhonda Holman with the Wichita Eagle best expressed Jean’s legacy to the Wichita community in her editorial following Jean’s death, “To know Jean Garvey was to recognize what a lovely person she was. Now, the best way to honor her is by carrying on her legacy of caring and service.”

of Microbiologists, was a clinical laboratory scientist for more than 30 years. In 2001, she was awarded the Southwestern Association of Clinical Microbiology

Distinguished Service Award. During her time at Friends University, Leah was a member of the Singing Quakers. She is survived by one son, one daughter and two grandsons.

Donald Klassen, ’88, died Sept. 18, 2012. Dr. Robert Lamb, ’57, died Nov. 2, 2012. Presley Lorance Sr., ’50, died Nov. 18, 2012. Ruth Lorenz, ’35, died April 13, 2012. Gail Nagley, ’66, died July 8, 2012. She is survived by husband Dr. Philip Nagley, former professor of history and political science, one son, one daughter and one grandson. Amy C. Thompson Neel, ’12, died Nov. 22, 2012. Rita Newman, ’54, died Aug. 22, 2012. Rita was a teacher for 30 years. She is survived by Donald, her husband of 60 years, one son, one daughter, 11 grandchildren and 15 greatgrandchildren.

Florence (Wehmeyer) Robinson, ’44, died May 3, 2012. Virginia (Lewis) Sauer, ’38, died Nov. 22, 2012. Jean Schabinger, ’53, died Aug. 13, 2012. Joy (Johnson) Shomber, ’58, died Aug. 23, 2012. Marjorie (Lewis) Simmons, ’36, died Oct. 23, 2012. Alice Spurrier, ’42, died Nov. 2, 2012. Randy Storms, ’93, died Feb. 3, 2013. He is survived by two children and two grandchildren.

Paul Oakley, ’94, died Nov. 19, 2012.

Casey Thomas, senior, died Dec. 6, 2012. She was a Spanish major and a religion and philosophy minor. She was a member of Sigma Delta Pi, the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society and Spanish Club. She was actively involved with Campus Ministries and a faithful attender of Cornerstone. 

Dorothy Odum, ’68, died May 31, 2012.

Larry VanPelt, ’60, died June 9, 2012.

Bobby Ott, ’58, died April 5, 2012.

Anna Washington, ’02, died Jan. 2, 2013.

Teneice Owens, ’00, died Aug. 12, 2012.

Steven Weinbrenner, ’77, died May 3, 2012.

Eldon L. Petersen, ’56, died June 23, 2012.

William Woodruff, ’62, died Oct. 2, 2011, in Kankakee, Ill. He was a Korean War veteran, and a retired clergyman and professor of Biblical literature. He is survived by wife Wanda, three children and two grandchildren.

Barbara J. (Bauer) Newsum, ’76, died May 11, 2012.

Norma Rigler, ’43, died Oct. 12, 2012. She was a homemaker and had previously worked at Boeing and the telephone company. She was a member of Trinity Lutheran Church. She is survived by two daughters, five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Melrose Woodson, ’66, died Aug. 9, 2012. Donald Worden, ’62, died Dec. 29, 2012.

Marriages Lauren Hett, ’12, married Taylor Hoppock, ’11, April 14, 2012. Lauren is a senior administrative assistant at Wichita State University. They reside in Wichita. Abby Hutson, ’09, married Jesse Penna, ’09, Oct. 6, 2012. Audrey King, ’10, married Alex Lofland, ’08, July 24, 2010. Jessica Johnson, ’08, married Jeremy Loney July 28, 2012. Jessica is a music and Catholic doctrine teacher at St. Mary Parish School in Derby, Kan., and Jeremy is employed at Spirit Aerosystems. They reside in Derby. Heather Sullard, ’02, married Dr. Joel French May 12, 2012. Heather works at Mono, an advertising agency in Minneapolis, Minn., and Joel is the director health services at The Marsh. They reside in Minneapolis. Leslie Vortherms, ’10, married Scott Barber June 9, 2012.

To Sara (Emerson) Shaffer, ’01, and husband Robert, ’03, a baby girl, Paige, born Oct. 1, 2012. She was welcomed home by big sister Ashlyn.

Class Notes


Donna (Whitwam) Roembach, ’44, celebrated her 90th birthday in July 2012. She is the last of eight children in her family. She still teaches Sunday school classes and thinks of her days at Friends University often.


Carol Roberts, ’66, is semiretired and a part-time freelance accompanist and vocal coach for California State University-Northridge. She is also a four-year breast cancer survivor.


Jim Gross, ’72, was one of a group of artists who represented the United States in Paris recently. The exhibit also traveled to Berlin and Italy.

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Baby Falcons To Anna (Janzen) Haverlah, ’02, and husband Stephen, a baby boy, Nathan, born May 14, 2012. He was welcomed home by big brother Andrew. To Audrey (King) Lofland, ’10, and husband Alex Lofland, ’08, a baby boy, Campbell Rupert, born March 21, 2012.


Pam Cullers Wright, ’81, traveled to Himachal Pradesh, India, in October 2011 on a mission trip to work on a school. Pam resides in Louisville, Ky., with her husband Brad and their children Grant, 12, and Audrey, 11. She is in leadership with Bible Study

S UMME R 2 0 1 3 | 59


Denyse Legate, ’93, is currently a student at Washburn University, working on bachelor’s and master’s in nursing.


Brian Allen, ’03, works at Kansas School for the Deaf in Olathe as a safety and security supervisor. He and wife Diana have four children – Jordan, 20; Spencer, 16; Andrew, 14; and Chase, 10. Brian is currently preparing for graduate school. Dr. Erin Kenny, ’08, graduated from the University of Kansas Medical School in 2012 and was accepted into the pediatrics residency program at Wesley Medical Center in Wichita. Melissa (Martin) Torres, ’08, is a fourth-grade teacher at North Kansas City Schools; and she is an Apple technology trainer for her school district. She lives in Prairie Village, Kan., with husband Matthew. Xavier L. Whitaker, ’00, has been selected to serve as vice president for student affairs at East Texas Baptist University. Stephanie Ziegler, ’05, is a secondary teacher at Aquatics Science and AP Environmental Science High School in Houston. She was diagnosed with stage three Hodgkin’s lymphoma in March 2010. She has been in

60 | F r i e n d s

remission since Nov. 4, 2010. She completed the Walt Disney World Marathon on Jan. 8, 2012.


Jennifer Babitzke, ’10, presented a poster, “Working Model of Therapy,” at the 2012 Annual Kansas Association of Marriage and Family Therapists conference in Overland Park, Kan. Her working model blends theoretical concepts from fundamental interpersonal relational orientation, attachment theory, internal family systems theory and narrative therapy techniques. Jennifer lives in Lenexa, Kan., with husband Dustin and son Jacob. Kayla Loper, ’12, is pursuing her master’s in higher education at the University of Arkansas. She has a graduate assistantship in the New Student and Family Programs office working with Welcome Weeks, First Year Photo Project and R.O.C.K. Camp Adventure. Keenan Poore, ’13, has opened Jarhead’s, a hot dog cart. He is a former youth pastor and Marine.

Faculty/Staff Notes Carolyn J. Anderson, assistant professor of business, is developing cooperative training opportunities for continuing professional education for certified public accountants (CPA). Partnering with the Kansas Society of CPAs, Friends University has created

U n i v e rs i t y

three eight-hour continuing education offerings. Dr. Mark Bartel, associate professor of music, presented a choral repertoire reading session at the Kansas Choral Directors Association annual convention in July 2012. In January 2013, he was the guest conductor and clinician for the Hutchinson, Kan., district middle school honor choir, and he conducted the Kansas premiere performance of Alfred Fedak’s “Requiem: For Us the Living” with the Wichita Chamber Chorale as part of the annual Word and Note conference at Plymouth Congregational Church in Wichita. Jennie Brightup, adjunct instructor in the Program for Adult College Education, served as a consultant to the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) as they formed the Pregnancy Resource and Abortion Trauma Division. In both 2011 and 2012, Brightup was a presenter at the AACC annual conferences. In February 2013, she was invited to be a workshop speaker on sexual abuse and post-abortion trauma at the Women’s World Conference, held by Manhattan Christian College on the campus of Kansas State University. Kathy Delker, associate professor, reference librarian and assistant library director, gave a presentation in October 2012 titled “Increasing Response Rate from Online Students” at the fall conference of the College and University Libraries Section of the Kansas Library Association in Dodge City, Kan. Also, in

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Fellowship International and an active volunteer in her community.

Terri Erker, retired physical plant administrative assistant, was honored for 17 years of service to the University at a reception in December. January 2013, Delker began serving a three-year term as a board member for the Kansas Library Association Educational Foundation. Dr. Sharon Eicher, associate professor of economics, was interviewed Dec. 24 by KWCH Channel 12 in Wichita about gift card protections and risks. Dr. Gretchen Eick, professor of history, spoke to the Colonial Dames Feb. 5 about African Americans in the colonial era. Dr. Eick has also been asked to speak on a panel at the Lawrence Arts Center July 9, 2013, as part of a special program on the 1960s. Additionally, she has led two panel discussions in January and February on nonviolence in the Nashville Civil Rights Movement and in South Africa’s anti-apartheid struggle for People of Faith for Peace. 

Dr. Russell Arben Fox, associate professor of political science, has given lecture presentations on Mormonism, Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign and the Mormon moment at Columbia University in New York, Utah Valley University, Sunstone Symposium in Utah and Friends University. He reviewed two books on Johann Gottfried Herder; one for Philosophy in Review, and the other for Review of Politics. Additionally, Dr. Fox presented a paper on agrarianism and anarchism, focusing on the work of Erik Olin Wright and James C. Scott, at the 2012 Association for Political Theory Conference at the University of South Carolina.

Technology Frustration?” at the World Federation of Associations of Teacher Education in Nairobi, Kenya; “Technology Without Tears” and “Closure Activities as a Learning Tool” at the Hawaii International Conference on Education; and “Diversity in the Classroom” to the Association for Teacher Education in Atlanta. Dr. Angie Gumm, adjunct professor of history, is finishing her manuscript, “Waste, Energy and the Crisis of Confidence: The American People and the History of Resource Recovery of Garbage from 1965 to the Present,” which she will submit to the University of Massachusetts Press in summer 2013.

intelligence-led policing for police commanders from throughout the world. He began instructing at the Academy after he graduated from the FBI National Academy in 2008. The FBI recently requested he expand his course offerings at the academy because of increased demand for his class. Herman researched and implemented intelligenceled policing strategies while serving as deputy chief of the Topeka Police Department, resulting in significant reductions in crime without increasing the department budget. He also has held intelligence-led policing seminars across Kansas for the Regional Community Policing Institute in Wichita.

Dr. Jeremy A. Gallegos, associate dean of the College of Adult and Professional Studies and interim director of the Program for Adult College Education, recently published “Truth as an Ethical Trust System” in the Spring 2013 edition of the Journal of Ethics and Entrepreneurship. Dr. Rick Gibson, professor of psychology and teacher education, and Dr. Dona Gibson, interim dean of the Graduate School and professor of education and psychology, presented “Technology Integration or

Dr. Christopher M. Habben, professor of marriage and family therapy and associate program director of the Master of Science in Family Therapy program in Lenexa, completed three years of service on the board of directors for the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. Gary Herman, adjunct professor of organizational management and leadership in Topeka and Lenexa, is a visiting instructor at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Va., where he is teaching

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Donna Hadix, student account services director, retired in January after 25 years with the University. The University’s rate of writeoffs has been less than the national average, in part because of Hadix’s care and concern for students.

Lisa Hittle, assistant professor of music, organized, produced and hosted the 20th annual Friends University Jazz Festival Feb. 15-16, 2013. More than 850 middle school, high school and junior college students attended the festival. The headliner concert at the Orpheum Theater featured the Count Basie Orchestra and the New York Voices, playing to a sellout crowd. She also directed the Friends University Jazz Ensemble at the 2013 Kansas Music Educators conference on Feb. 22. The group was selected by taped audition from University Jazz Ensembles across Kansas. Beau Thomas Jarvis, adjunct professor of music history and jazz, earned a master of arts degree in musicology from Wichita State University with a thesis paper on dialectical parallels in Alfred Schnittke’s “Seid Nuchtern Und Wachet” (Faust Cantata) and Thomas Mann’s novel “Doktor Faustus.” Dr. Akiiki Daisy Kabagarama, adjunct professor in philosophy, held a signing for her latest book “Peace Begins with Me: Simple Lessons to Cultivate Peace in Your Life, Family, Community, Nation and the Entire World.” Tony Lubbers, assistant director of financial aid, attended a proclamation signing by Gov. Sam Brownback making February Financial Aid Awareness Month. Lubbers also attended the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators Leadership and Legislative Conference in March.

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Dr. Jim Maddox, program director for the master of science in organization development, conducted a workshop on emotional intelligence in November for Sedgwick County. The Midwest Business Administration Association International Conference Proceedings has accepted the paper “The positive power of bad news,” written by Dr. Maddox and Dr. Jay Johnson, program director for the MBA.

Candice Patton, director of academic success coaching, has been invited to join the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) research committee after presenting a research project on Friends University’s degree-completion program cohort at the NACADA national conference. Dr. Ed Pearson, associate professor of business, was a guest speaker at Black History Month: At the Crossroads of Freedom and

Equality Feb. 26, 2013, at the Dole Veteran’s Hospital. Dr. Vicki Ronn, adjunct professor of English, received her Ph.D. in English from Texas Tech University Dec. 15, 2012. Her dissertation was “A Different View from the Same Mirror: The Representation of Old Women in the Literature of the Fantastic.” Dr. Jerry Smartt, professor of Spanish and director of foreign languages, will continue to serve on the Wichita Area Sister Cities

Board as past-president after having completed two years as president. Dr. Guangqiu Xu, professor of history, delivered a presentation “American Medical Missionaries in China, 1835-1935,” in February for the Department of History at National University of Singapore, where he is teaching as a Fulbright Visiting Professor in spring 2013. He recently published “Chinese Anti-Western Nationalism, 2000-2010” in Asian and African Studies.

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More than 200 runners hit Friends University’s campus for the second annual President’s Run Falcon 5K and Mascot Mile. Caleb Hartig crossed the 5K finish line first at 17:51. Erin Topham finished with the fastest female time at 19:42.

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