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Best of Friends

Friends University is a nondenominational, independent Christian university that incorporates liberal arts instruction and professional studies into a high-quality undergraduate and graduate education.


Together, we’re better For more than a century, students have come to Friends University for an outstanding liberal arts education — one that broadly prepares them not only for a job but to navigate a career and well-rounded life, as well. Beyond horizon-expanding classes taught by instructors who use such engaged learning methods as creative research projects, shadowing, corporate problem-solving and internships, students have found their second home on the stunning campus in the heart of Wichita. They’ve studied, sung, played and lived alongside friends for life. They’ve been involved in student government, theatre productions and fine arts activities. And they’ve hollered long and loud for the Falcon win. Now, it’s your turn. Tour the campus and get a feel for what you’ll experience here at Friends throughout the next several years. Take note of the facilities, the financial aid, the opportunities, the people. Then come find your passion among friends. The best is, indeed, yet to come. Be a part of it with Friends University.



Explore Welcome to Friends University The First Year Experience at Friends University is a special one, planned just for you. A series of experiences will welcome you into your new community. You’ll be encouraged to develop a foundation of learning that you can rely on for the rest of your college life and beyond. You’ll form strong friendships, develop career goals, engage in service learning, clarify your own values and beliefs, enhance your multicultural awareness and build a strong sense of civic responsibility.

“I came to receive an education, but I also received the lessons of a lifetime outside of the classroom.” — Audrey Wade


Academics Learn Business and Information Technology Business and computers — they go hand in hand in today’s rapidly changing work environment. Friends University’s instructors will help you through each challenging project in ways that inspire you to learn more. State-of-the-art computer and research labs, plus interactive classrooms, give you the opportunity to learn in an environment that is technologically more advanced than many workplaces. Study accounting, business administration, computer science and information systems, finance, international business, management information systems or marketing.

Program of distinction: Management Information Systems The information systems field is constantly changing and growing, and this course work integrates traditional and emerging information systems and business cultures. You will gain the technical and managerial skills needed to be a leader in tomorrow’s business environment.

Academics Lead Education If you have a love of learning and want to pass that passion on to the next generation, Friends University can prepare you for a rewarding career in education. The Teacher Education Unit is accredited by the Kansas State Department of Education and National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. Would you like to teach art, biology, business, English, math, music, physical education, psychology, Spanish or speech/ theatre education? Friends offers them all.

Program of distinction: Elementary Education Earn your Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and work with grades K–6. You’ll be encouraging young children to learn while laying the foundation for the business and civic leaders of tomorrow.



Perform Fine Arts The fine arts have a rich tradition at Friends

“I wanted a small school with highly creative peers, and at Friends, I was in the company of some amazingly dedicated artists.”

University with opportunities to study art,

— Erin Wolfe

one of only a handful of universities across the

music, ballet and interdisciplinary studies, such as music with a cognate in business, English/ drama with an emphasis in drama, literature or writing and communications with an emphasis in media studies, graphics or journalism. If you enjoyed music in high school, take your performance talents to the next level. Audition for the Singing Quakers, Concert Choir, Concert Band, Chamber Orchestra, University Community Orchestra or a Jazz Ensemble or for one of the University’s music theatre or drama productions. Friends University is also nation offering a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ballet.

Program of distinction: Jazz The jazz program is a shining jewel of Friends University. Lighting up student musicians and audiences alike with the smooth sounds of the masters and innovative contemporaries are two Jazz Ensembles, the Faculty Jazz Quintet and the annual Jazz Festival.





Academics Grow Religion and Humanities With a commitment to a central core of the liberal arts, Friends University has incorporated religion and humanities into its programs so that its students may embody our first president’s vision of “conscientious, honorable and successful private life and citizenship.” Students may choose a degree program in Spanish or Spanish education; religion and philosophy, with an emphasis in either youth ministry or Christian spiritual formation; or from such interdisciplinary programs as English/drama with an emphasis in literature, writing or drama; and communications with an emphasis in journalism, media studies or graphics. Friends University also offers a Christian spiritual formation program as a second major for students who wish to combine the formal study of Christian spiritual formation with a primary major in another field of study, such as business, psychology or music.

Program of distinction: Spanish Students who choose to major in Spanish have many opportunities waiting for them after graduation. The fields of teaching, medicine, law, social work, business and accounting, criminal justice and governmental work all welcome graduates with a degree in Spanish. Students enjoy participation in the Sister Cities Exchange Program with La Salle University in Cancun, Mexico.

“You learn to look beyond what you see in front of you.” — Lindsay Bryant



Discover Natural Science and Mathematics Those who have a natural curiosity and thrive in the study of science or mathematics find themselves at home at Friends University. Majors include biology and field biology, chemistry, forensic science, health sciences, health management, mathematics, radiologic technology and zoo science.

Program of distinction: Zoo Science The curriculum includes a broad foundation in the sciences, as well as a series of courses and internships at the Sedgwick County Zoo, which allows practical experience in zoo science, zoo education and zoo management.


Academics Examine Social and Behavioral Sciences History highlights how humankind tends to behave and interact. Friends University students of the social and behavioral sciences examine history or focus on the criminal justice system, human services (psychology and sociology), international relations, political science or pre-law. Graduates find that a broad spectrum of careers awaits them: business and public agencies, civil service, print and broadcast media, research and writing, and museums and archives.

Program of distinction: Psychology The psychology program prepares students with a practice-oriented degree designed to foster professional development through its strong foundation in theory, research and application, including planned programming and activities led by Psi Chi and the Psychology Club, two student organizations.



Travel Study Abroad The ever-changing borders and instant communications of today’s world are making international experiences more accessible than ever before. Friends University’s unique study-abroad courses are authentic academic- and cultural-immersion trips. A longstanding, popular Mexico study abroad program takes students to live in the home of a family in Cancun for a month-long submersion in Mexican culture, government, business and university life. The exchange program also brings Mexican students from Cancun to experience life and education in Wichita. Additional Friends study-abroad opportunities abound. Other sister cities include Orleans, France, and Kaifeng, China. A 10-day London program also offers a multidisciplinary learning experience. Other countries with study-abroad opportunities include Germany, Italy and France — where the Jazz Band was featured on French national television. Social and behavioral sciences students recently toured Scotland to examine sociological and human systems issues. Other students visited Xian, China, with XiSu University. Friends University also partners with Brethren College Abroad, which allows select students to spend a semester studying in such locales as Galway, Ireland, and Barcelona, Spain.

Previous study-abroad programs have taken Friends University students all over the globe.



Athletics Compete If you want to be involved in college athletics, Friends University has the team sports that you enjoy most. Friends is a member of the Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference (KCAC) and is affiliated with the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). Falcon Athletics promote respect, integrity, responsibility, servant leadership and sportsmanship. Athletics has nearly 400 current student athletes, and its Hall of Fame honors more than 50 inductees. Choose from the cheer team plus 15 athletic teams, including football, volleyball, soccer, cross country, basketball, baseball, softball, track and field, tennis and golf. The campus has recently undergone major renovation projects, installing the state-of-the-art Sportexe Momentum 46 brand turf system that accommodates football and soccer. Track and field athletes benefit from one of the best grades of track in the region. The Forrest C. Lattner Tennis Courts attract tournaments to the Friends campus. The well-known Garvey Center hosts basketball and volleyball programs and houses a state-of-the-art workout facility for students.



Student Life

Intramurals and Recreation • Coed 2-on-2 Volleyball Tournament • Coed 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament • Coed 3-on-3 Volleyball League and Tournament • Coed 4-on-4 Indoor Soccer League

• Fantasy Football

• Fishing Club

• TOMS Club

• Baseball

• NCAA March Madness Pick-em

• Friends Enterprise Club (FEC)

• Zoo Science Club

• Basketball

• Pingpong Tournament

• History/Political Science Club

Fine Arts Performance Groups

• Cross Country

• Pool Tournament • Wiffle® Ball Tournament

Student Organizations

• KNEA-SP: Friends Chapter • Mu Phi Epsilon Music Fraternity

• Acts of Faith • Ballet • Concert Band • Concert Choir

• Football • Golf • Soccer • Tennis • Track and Field

• Alpha Chi Honor Society

• Psi Chi National Honor Society in Psychology

• Arabesque Society

• Psychology Club

• Friends University Community Orchestra

• Coed 5-on-5 Basketball League and Tournament

• Art and Design Society/ Kappa Pi

Women’s Intercollegiate Athletics:

• Sigma Delta Pi Spanish Club

• Jazz Combos

• Basketball

• Coed 6-on-6 Volleyball League and Tournament

• Collegiate Music Educators National Conference (CMENC)

• Student Government Association (SGA)

• Jazz Ensembles

• Cross Country

• Singing Quakers

• Soccer

• Talisman Yearbook

• Soulstice Jazz Combo

• Softball

• The Crimson Chronicle Student Newspaper

Athletic Teams

• The Gallery

Men’s Intercollegiate Athletics:

• Coed 4-on-4 Indoor Soccer Tournament

• Coed Flag Football League • Coed Kickball Tournament • Coed Softball League • Coed Ultimate Frisbee League

• Drama Club (Theta Phi) • English Club/Sigma Tau Delta • Falcon Activities and Campus Events (FACE)

• The Group

• Drama

• Tennis • Track and Field • Volleyball


Connect Every experience at Friends University is about learning, working and growing together, including the various clubs and associations. We know that you want to get involved in ways that make a positive contribution to your community. Whether you are interested in student government, fine arts, intramurals or academics, you can do it here.

Your participation is an important part of what makes Friends University so special. The Fine Arts programs at Friends University showcase artistic excellence at every turn. In addition to the renowned music, theatre and dance programs, a series of visual art shows is held every year at the Riney Fine Arts Center Campus Ministries • Campus Ministries Student Leaders • Mission Trip • Retreats • Service Projects • Student-led Worship (various opportunities) • Student Study and Ministry Groups

Gallery, featuring local and regional artists. Both students and faculty benefit from the integrated experiences.


Come join us. We want you here because we know that together, we will be the best of Friends.

Financial Aid Invest in your future Friends University offers you an excellent education — the kind that you will be able to use your entire life, no matter which career path you choose. Now, it’s more affordable than ever. With 85 percent of students receiving financial aid, a degree from Friends is truly affordable. Types of aid available throughout a student’s education experience include loans, grants and scholarships from both the state and federal governments. If you really want to be a part of the Friends University experience, talk with us. We can help you make it happen.

Financial Aid Office Telephone: 316-295-5200 Toll-free: 800-794-6945 Email: apply4$ For more information or to apply online, visit our website: Federal FAFSA School Code: 001918


Choose Friends wisely When you choose Friends University, your decision involves much more than the excellent education you are about to receive. An exceptional college experience goes beyond the lessons learned in a classroom. It’s how you learn, as much as what you learn. It’s the way you feel about yourself and others — and all of the opportunities that you will have to do more, to be more. Most of all, it’s the people you meet and the friendships you form, the personal and professional connections that last a lifetime. The journey is as important as the destination. Come join us. We want you here because we know that together, we will be the best of Friends. Apply online at

45 majors • 29 minors • 6 divisions

Programs of study Fine Arts

Religion and Humanities

Majors available:

Majors available: Christian Spiritual Formation (Secondary Major Only)

Business Administration, B.S.

Art, B.A. • Computer Graphics Emphasis Track • Graphic Design Emphasis Track • Studio Emphasis Track

Computer Science and Information Systems, B.S.

Ballet, B.F.A.

Religion and Philosophy, B.A. • Youth Ministries Emphasis Track • Christian Spiritual Formation Track

Finance, B.S.

Music, B.A.

Spanish, B.A.

International Business, B.S.

Music Performance, B.M.

Management Information Systems, B.S.

Music Theatre, B.A.

Marketing, B.S.

Music With a Cognate in Business, B.S.

Minors available:

Minors available:

Religion and Philosophy


Art Studio


Business Administration

Computer Graphics

Computer Science and Information Systems

Dramatic Arts


Graphic Design



Business and Information Technology Majors available: Accounting, B.S.

Management Information Systems

Minors available: English Language and Culture Studies

Social and Behavioral Sciences Majors available: Criminal Justice, B.A.

Natural Science and Mathematics

History, B.A.

Majors available:

Human Services — Sociology, B.A.


Biology, B.S.

Political Science/History, B.A.

Majors available:

Chemistry, B.S.

Art Education, B.A. (Grades Pre-K–12)

Field Biology, B.S.

Biology Education, Secondary Education, B.S. (Grades 6–12)

Forensic Science, B.S. • Biology Emphasis Track • Chemistry Emphasis Track

Management Marketing

Business Education, Secondary Education, B.S. (Grades 6–12)

Health Management, B.S.

Elementary Education, B.S. (Grades K–6)

Health Sciences, B.S.

English Language Arts, Secondary Education, B.A. (Grades 6–12)

Mathematics, B.S. • Pre-Engineering Concentration • Computer Science Concentration • Professional Mathematics Concentration

History and Government Education, Secondary Education, B.A. (Grades 6–12) Math Education, Secondary Education, B.S. (Grades 6–12)

History Human Services — Psychology Human Services — Sociology International Relations Political Science/History Pre-law

Interdisciplinary Communications, B.A. • Journalism Emphasis Track • Media Studies Emphasis Track • Visual Communications (Graphics) Emphasis Track

Minors available:

Physical Education Teacher Education, B.S. (Grades Pre-K–12)


Speech/Theatre Education, Secondary Education, B.A. (Grades 6–12)

Criminal Justice

Zoo Science, B.S.

Physical Education, B.S. (Non-licensure)

Spanish Education, B.A. (Grades Pre-K–12)

Minors available:

Radiologic Technology, B.S.

Music Education, B.M. (Grades Pre-K–12)

Psychology Endorsement, Education (Grade 6–12)

Human Services — Psychology, B.S.

Chemistry Forensic Science General Science Mathematics

English/Drama, B.A. • Drama Emphasis Track • Literature Emphasis Track • Writing Emphasis Track Liberal Studies, B.S. or B.A.

Friends University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding this policy: EEOC/Title IX Coordinator, Friends University, 2100 W. University Ave., Wichita, KS 67213, (316) 295-5000. Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association, 230 S. LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500, Chicago, IL 60604;; 1-800-621-7440.

2100 W. University Ave. Wichita, KS 67213 Telephone: 316-295-5100 Toll-free: 800-577-2233 Fax: 316-295-5101 Email: Website:

The journey is as important as the destination.

Friends University CBASE Admissions Guide  

Friends University is a nondenominational, independent Christian university that incorporates liberal arts instruction and professional stud...

Friends University CBASE Admissions Guide  

Friends University is a nondenominational, independent Christian university that incorporates liberal arts instruction and professional stud...