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Laura McLemore, G’83/M’89 MAT Class Agent

Read about Homecoming 2011 inside!

Greetings, friends! Recently, I bought a new laptop. It has a 15-inch screen with 4GHz memory and a 500GB hard drive. I have a 3G iPhone as well as a netbook with 1GHz of memory (which runs way too slow). All of these technological gadgets have more memory than the Apollo 11 spacecraft.

The first computer I used was in 1978 in high school and was really just a terminal for the mainframe that sat in the basement of the Board of Education building. We typed in pages of commands that usually began with “if” or “then” and was proceeded by a line number. All this to ask the computer to tell us the time or the day of the week, that is, if the mainframe didn’t overheat and lose our work. Now I am sitting with a computer on my lap that does much more than we could even imagine 33 years ago. The computer and the Internet necessitate a change in the way we educate young people today. According to a July 15, 2011 article in “The Wall Street Journal,” the use of computers has altered the way we think and the way our brain works. Instead of remembering a plethora of Jeopardy-type facts, our brains have become programmed to remember the big concept or where the information we need can be found. We can

simply Google “Civil War,” for example, and find any fact we need to know rather than having to memorize names, dates and places. We have become consumers of information rather than storehouses of facts. As educators, parents and grandparents, we need to keep in mind the following as we teach young people: “Knowing a great deal is not the same as being smart; intelligence is not information alone but also judgment, the manner in which information is collected and used” (Dr. Carl Sagan). So, as consumers of information, and due to my verbosity and lack of space, I encourage you to check out what’s going on at Friends University by visiting their website at Don’t forget to send me an email and let me know what’s new with you. Professional accomplishments, personal achievements - anything you want me to share with our fellow MAT alumni. Have a great fall and a fantastic beginning to another school year!


Friends University is more than just getting a degree, but developing a lifelong friendship, which is why we want to stay connected with you as a member of the Friends University Alumni Association. If you have some exciting news that you would like to share with your classmates, let us know! You can update your information online at Use your ID number to process the changes quicker.

Fall 2011 • (MAT)

Alumni Spotlight One of the perks of having a class newsletter is that we in the Alumni Office hear from time to time of great and exciting things happening with our alumni. In this issue of the Campus Connection class newsletter, we are pleased to spotlight Master of Science in Management (MSM) alumnus Chris Goebel, M’91. For those of you who live in the Wichita area, you may know Chris as the CEO for Star Lumber Company. This year he was selected as Admiral Windwagon Smith for the Riverfest. As the festival’s 40th admiral, he considered it a special honor because his uncle had also served as a past Admiral Windwagon Smith. Goebel has been involved with Riverfest and with Wichita Festivals for more than 25 years. He, his father and his uncle built the original Windwagon in 1974 with materials donated from Star Lumber. This year’s Riverfest was June 3 through 11. If you would like to be considered for a future alumni spotlight for Campus Connection, please contact the Alumni Office before Dec. 1, 2011.

KEEPING TIME Once again, Wichita students at Friends University can tell the time by sound at the beginning of the hour and at each half hour. After more than two years of silence, the Davis Administration Building clock tower bell received a much-needed repair and began ringing again June 23, 2011. Funded by money set aside by the Student Government Association starting 2009, the repair included a digital device that bypasses the original gears, keeping the clock on time while preserving the historical components of the 80-year-old clock. As an additional bonus, the digital component adjusts automatically for daylight saving time and standard time. The project experienced a few setbacks, but fortunately, the clock tower repair cost around $8,000, which was less than the amount that SGA planned for in 2009.

HOMECOMING 2011 Milestone Class Reunions • 2:30 Davis Admin. Bldg. (1961, 1971, 1986) • Check-in at 2 p.m., first floor. • Visit during Class Reunions from 2:304:30 p.m. (campus tours included). Parade • 5 p.m. University Ave. & Hiram St. • Motorcyclists and classic car enthusiasts wanted for parade. • Bring the family to enjoy the floats and collect candy! Block Party • 5:30 p.m. Garvey Practice Field • FREE carnival games and inflatables.

FAMILY of the YEAR Friends University established the Family of the Year Award in 2010 as a way to recognize the legacy of those families who: 1. Have shown longevity in the number of years their family has attended Friends; 2. Are able to document that multiple members of their family tree have attended Friends; and 3. Have a history of dedicated service to the University. The Alumni Office is pleased to announce that members of the Joseph and Olive Schoonover family tree have been named the 2011 Family of the Year. They will be recognized at halftime of the Sept. 24 home football game vs. the McPherson Bulldogs.

• FREE tailgate dinner of hamburgers, hot dogs and all the fixin’s! Football Game vs. Kansas Wesleyan Coyotes • 7 p.m. • Halftime - crowning of Homecoming Royalty

Run with Friends Friends University is asking alumni, students, board of trustees members, faculty, staff and others affiliated with the University to participate in one of the Wichita Prairie Fire Marathon races or come cheer our Friends University participants on during the race. “We’d love to see a sea of Falcon red at the event,” said Susan Arant, wife of Friends University President T.J. Arant. Races will take place Sunday, Oct. 9, including a marathon, half marathon, Mayor’s 5K Challenge and Fun Run and Walk. A FIT FOR LIFExpo will also take place Saturday before the race, and volunteers are needed to staff the Friends University booth at the Expo. Everyone affiliated with Friends University who can participate in the races, cheer for the participants or volunteer at the Expo booth is asked to sign up through the University.

FREE (ADMISSION) Present this coupon after the Alumni Appreciation Tailgate for free admission to the Sept. 24, 2011, Falcons football game! (Limit two free admissions per coupon.)

Free T-shirts will be given to the first 200 race participants to sign up and donate a can of food. Food will be collected at the Expo for Life and donated to the Kansas Food Bank. For more information on the Prairie Fire events or to officially register to participate in a Prairie Fire race, visit


Alumni Appreciation Tailgate & Distinguished Family of the Year Award Presentation

1974 & 1976 Alumni Football Athletes Reunion

Homecoming 2010

Stay up-to-date with Friends Flash! at!

Saturday, Sept. 24 Tailgate: 5 p.m. • Garvey Practice Field Falcon Football: 7 p.m. Adair-Austin Stadium on Hoyt Athletic Field Family of the Year Award Presentation: Halftime

Saturday, Oct. 1 • See page 3 for more information.

You may have noticed that Campus Connection has taken on a whole new look! By updating this newsletter, we hope that you not only find out about activities at your alma mater but also learn about achievements by your fellow classmates – those who you remember from your time as a student as well as those who you interact with through work, church or social circles but had no idea they were also Friends alumni.

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Saturday, Oct. 15 Lunch: 11:30 a.m. • Garvey Physical Education Center Falcon Football: 1:30 p.m. Adair-Austin Stadium on Hoyt Athletic Field

In each issue, we will also ask for your help with the information we have on file about you. (See the top of page 2.) Please, don’t think of it as homework, but as our way of keeping your information up-to-date for future reunions and networking opportunities both on and off campus. As your Alumni Director, I want to make sure that we continue to serve you in the best way possible! If you have additional ideas as to how we can make your class newsletter better, please feel free to let your class agent or me know. We’d love to hear from you!

Lisa Tilma, G’01/M’04 Executive Director of Alumni Relations