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FRIENDS weekly programs

June 9–august 1, 2014 ages 2–12

Join us for an OPEN HOUSE! January 28 & February 25 5-7 pm




Spend Summer 2014 with

For more than 225 years, Friends Seminary has been committed to excellence in education. That commitment includes providing dynamic, meaningful and fun summer programs. Come experience Friends Seminary, a unique school that challenges you to explore, create, understand and grow.

June 16–Augus t 1 9 a m – 11:30 a m $600 / w eek $560 / july 4 w eek

C a mp e r s mu s t b e t w o b y June 1

For the little ones, we offer a half day program in a warm, safe and nurturing evironment to ease seperation and help children explore their world. Each day will be filled with exciting hands-on activities that help toddlers explore, create and have a lot of fun! An optimal 3:1 camper/counselor ratio ensures individual attention. Our goal is to make sure the children feel secure and enjoy themselves in our summer wonderland.

Wee are



C a mp e r s mu s t b e t hr e e b y June 1

This half-day program balances plenty of open play time with a diverse range of enrichment activities, all of which offer three-year-old campers a summer of fun, exploration, and discovery! Wee Are Three provides a warm, safe environment for Threes to get to know one another and develop cooperative play skills, as well as take joy in positive forms of free expression. An optimal 4:1 camper/counselor ratio ensures individual attention and a nurturing dynamic as threeyear-olds experience important developmental strides.

• Campers bring their own lunches. • All activities take place on the

Friends Seminary campus. [ n o c a mp on July 4 ]

• spread your wings using developmentally appropriate outdoor games and sports • mini yogis with karma kids yoga © • wiggle & Giggle at Sing-A-Story Music Workshop • the cat in the hat with Weekly Drama and Creative Movement • zoo for two: touch and feel live animals with the nature company © [ no c a mp on July 4 ]

June 16–Augus t 1 9 a m – 12:30 pm $7 95 / w eek $74 5 / july 4 w eek PASS IT ALONG during Cooperative Games SEE & CREATE in Multimedia Arts workshops LEAP & RUN during developmentally appropriate Outdoor Games and Sports STRETCH, BEND & BREATHE with karma kids yoga © Sessions LAUGH & LET LOOSE with Weekly Drama and Creative Movement CLAP, RHYME & WIGGLE at Sing-A-Story Music Workshop TOUCH & FEEL LIVE ANIMALS with the nature company ©


s & Fun

June 16–Augus t 1 9 a m–2 pm $820 / w eek $7 70 / july 4 w eek c a mp e r s mu s t b e f o ur b y June 1


s & Fun

June 16–Augus t 1 9 a m–2:30 pm $850 / w eek $800 / july 4 w eek

For young children who are ready for a summertime of fun and exploration, our Fours and Fives camp is the place to be! This well-balanced program fosters the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical growth of four and fiveyear-olds by providing a full range of activities in a safe, cooperative environment. An optimal 4:1 camper/ counselor ratio ensures individual attention and support as your child navigates days and weeks of fun, enrichment, and personal growth.

• Campers bring their own lunches. • All children in this program must be


[ no c a mp o n July 4 ]

f o r c hil dr e n e n t e r ing k inde r g a r t e n


into Individualized Swimming Instruction with take me to the water


cats tennis




at Creative Arts workshops

EXPRESS yourself during Weekly Drama, Music, and Creative Movement


karma kids yoga



with developmentally appropriate Sports and Group Games

DISCOVER & EXPLORE on exciting Field Trips


nature company


pr e-k & k inderg a r t en

2 cute


Daily Drop -In

a g e g r oup s de t e r mine d b y Fa l l 2 01 4 g r a de l e v e l

available $18 5

Arts & Crafts Workshops

Whether it is individual expression or a spirited group endeavor, our innovative program is designed to keep older children engaged

firs t–fif th gr a de

throughout the day.

Drama & Creative Movement

During a morning choice time, campers are able to choose from a carefully planned selection of day, the whole group is together to share in fun, excitement, and cooperative play. This structure allows our Creative Day campers to experience a sense of summertime freedom as they choose to explore specific interests, yet not miss out on the unique rewards and personal growth that comes

Exciting Group Games & Sports Individualized Swim Instruction & Water Games

with full-group participation. All groups maintain

Campers bring their own lunches. [ n o c a mp on July 4 ]

JUNE 9-13 | July 7–11 | July 14–18 • 10 a m-12 pm • $395 / w eek

Whether you’re destined for the Volcom


skate team or just looking to master


the basics and kick it with your crew, Summer Friends Skate Camp is the place to be. Campers will develop their

small-group activities; at other times in the camp

a camper/counselor ratio of 5:1.

Skateboard Camp skills and personal style in a hip, safetyfocused environment. Skaters will travel by bus to some of NYC’s freshest skate spots, including Brooklyn Banks, Riverside, and Heliport Skate Park. Campers can look forward to surprise sessions with

Dynamic & enriching Field Trips

pro riders from 5boro and other NYC teams. Indoor training will include core strength work on Vew-do balance boards and the freshest instructional DVDs. Helmet, skateboard, knee and elbow pads are required.

e x t ended hour s FOR CREATIV E DAY Early Drop-Off and Late Pick-Up may be registered for and paid in advance, or paid daily to the counselor in charge. After late pick-up hours, extra late charges will apply.

E a rly drop -off

L ate pick-up

e x t r a l at e ch a rge s

8-9am | $30/day

4:30-5pm | $15/day

after 5 pm | $1/minute

after 5:30pm | $5/minute

No e x p e r ie n c e ne c e s s a r y

stance & footwork basic tricks safety

advanced ramps quarter pipe grind rails boxes

k inderg a r ten–six th gr a de


June 16–Augus t 1 9 a m- 4:30 pm $7 95 / w eek $74 5 / july 4 w eek

regis tr ation

There are maximum class sizes for all camps and classes. We recommend signing up early.

2. Attach a check payable to Friends Seminary. A


minimum of 50% of the total is required to process each

Please complete one form for each camper being enrolled

HOW TO ENROLL 1. Fill out the double-sided Enrollment Form.

registration. The remaining balance is due by May 1,

Please print clearly and complete all fields.

2014. We do not accept credit cards. 3. Mail or drop off the form with payments to Friends


Seminary, 222 East 16th Street, New York, NY 10003



Grade for Fall 2014

Summer Friends is not responsible for providing makeups or issuing refunds for camp days missed as a result of scheduling conflicts, illness, emergencies or other

Current school School for Fall 2014 [if different from above]

Age as of June 14, 2014 [ ] Male [ ] Female Birth Date (M/D/Y) New Camper?


[ ] Yes

/ [ ] No

events beyond our control. The 50% camp deposit is

Does this child receive special education services? [ ] Yes (Please specificy below)

nonrefundable and nontransferable. If paid in full, a

refund for the remaining portion of fees may be requested.

does this child have a SEIT? [ ] Yes [ ] No

Such a request must be submitted in writing by mail or fax no later than May 1, 2014. No refunds will be issued after May 1.



Work number

L ATE REGISTR ATION Enrollment forms received after May 1, 2014 must be paid in full with an additional $50 late registration fee.


[ ] No

) (



Mailing Address PARENT/GUARDIAN 2 INFORMATION Name Cell number




Camp registration balances not paid in full by May 1 will

Work number

incur a $50 late payment fee.

Mailing Address




Upon registration, pertinent camp information and our required downloadable forms will be sent to you via email.

Main email (list one) I have read and agreed to the terms of the enrollment and refund policy.


Any Ques tions? Call Robin Hoffmann at the Office of Extended Programs 212路979路5035 ext. 152

Parent Signature How did you hear about our program?

flip for more

ENROLLMENT FORM program sign-up TWO CUTE [Child must turn two by June 1, 2014]

fives & fun [Child must be entering Kindergarten]

[ [ [ [ [ [ [

[ [ [ [ [ [ [

] ] ] ] ] ] ]

june 16-20 june 23-27 JUNE 30-july 3* july 7-11 july 14-18 july 21-25 july 28-aug. 1

$600 $600 $560 $600 $600 $600 $600

] ] ] ] ] ] ]

june 16-20 june 23-27 JUNE 30-july 3* july 7-11 july 14-18 july 21-25 july 28-aug. 1

$850 $850 $800 $850 $850 $850 $850

wee are three [Child must turn three by June 1, 2014]

creative day [Child must be entering grades 1-5 in fall 2014]

[ [ [ [ [ [ [

[ [ [ [ [ [ [

] ] ] ] ] ] ]

june 16-20 june 23-27 JUNE 30-july 3* july 7-11 july 14-18 july 21-25 july 28-aug. 1

$795 $795 $745 $795 $795 $795 $795

fours & fun [Child must turn four by June 30, 2014] [ [ [ [ [ [ [

] ] ] ] ] ] ]

june 16-20 june 23-27 JUNE 30-july 3* july 7-11 july 14-18 july 21-25 july 28-aug. 1

$820 $820 $770 $820 $820 $820 $820

] ] ] ] ] ] ]

june 16-20 june 23-27 JUNE 30-july 3* july 7-11 july 14-18 july 21-25 july 28-aug. 1

$795 $795 $745 $795 $795 $795 $795

Creative Day Drop-in $185 skateboard camp [ ] juNE 9-13 [ ] july 7-11 [ ] july 14-18

$395 $395 $395

*no camp on July 4 please add $50 late fee if received after may 1 in addition to program fees. please make check payable to friends seminary 222 east 16th street new york, ny 10003

total fee

office use only check # date amt. paid check # date amt. paid


fun in the sun awaits you!

Friends Seminary | 222 East 16th Street | New York, NY 10003 212 979 5030 | fax 212 979 5034 |

Summer Friends 2014  

For more than 225 years, Friends Seminary has been committed to excellence in education. That commitment includes providing dynamic, meaning...