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Summary Ed Carroll (b. Dublin1960) works with others in an imaginary space where culture, politics and community collide. Since 2000, he worked as an independent arts researcher and programmer in Ireland, Lithuania, England, Bulgaria, Netherlands and Russia. He worked in City Arts Centre (2004-7) during its Civil Arts Inquiry. He was also Executive Chair of the 7th edition of Kaunas Art Biennial in 2009. He is a Director of a community arts and cultural rights organization called Blue Drum (2010-ongoing) and project leader of an art practice based research called City (Re)Searches. In 2010, he received a Lithuanian National Research Award (for Free Movers) to study the culture and politics of the Baltic Region at the Department of Social and Political Theory. He is currently delivering a module for the VDUs MA in Creative Industries called The Production of the Imaginary.

Curriculum Vitae Name Address Telephone / Email PROFESSIONAL ‘EXPERIENCE

CARROLL, EDMUND KRANTO 18-OJI G.11. KAUNAS 45291. Mob IE +353 (087) 2334931 LT +37065557359 Email Current Art Practices and Programming 1. "Paldieninkas: Re-Experience Freedom" a temporary Art Commission for VDU, Galerija 101, on 25, October 2013. In collaboration with Vita Gelūnienė. 2. Miesto tyrimai: viešumo patirtys Žemieji Šančiai, a presentation to VDU art faculty Master of Arts in Creative Industries on November 4, 2013. 3. Organiser, Artway of Thinking, an international arts pedagogy workshop led by Venetian arts collective, in Artists Association House, Palanga from Oct 1-6 and part funded by the EU Grundtvig Programme 4. Miesto tyrimai: viešumo patirtys. A presentation to the Curatorial Practices Reframed: Politics and Pedagogy in Curating Contemporary Art’, Nicosia, Cyprus, November 1-2, 2013. 5. Art Practice Presentation Seminar led by Ed Carroll in the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, November 28, 2013. 6. January – March 2014 a proposal to disseminate the Lithuanian experience of Miesto tyrimai: viešumo patirtys. Involves a ten-week residency and series of public talks leading to exhibition manifestation. Longer-term Art Practices and programming 1. Artistic Director, Blue Drum – The Arts Specialist Support Agency (Ireland) (2010 – ongoing) Role: Development of arts programming and advocating for the cultural rights of fragile families and communities. (Part-time) See 2. Art Researcher Scholarship, Vytautus Magnus University, Kaunas (2010-2011) Role: To research the role of culture in politics in the Baltic Region and to increase capacities in Lithuania Language and to research for a new publication entitled Culture 2020 Vision for the Irish/Lithuanian Presidency of the European Union in 2013. 3. Lecturer (Part-Time) Dublin City University, Education Studies (2005 – 2011) Role: To deliver modules that incorporate theories of knowledge production, actionresearch methodologies and research design. Teaching at undergraduate level and supervision of Ph.D., candidates. 4. Project Initiator: Jurgis Mačiūnas and Beyond Fluxus Never Stops (2011) Role: Initiator of an exhibition first project relates to a commemorate of the 50th anniversary of the first Happenings of Kaunas Artist and to be presented as part of Kaunas Biennial 2011.

Ed Carroll CV

5. Friendly Zone Project (2007, 2008, 2009, ongoing) as part of the Kaunas Biennial Art and Publics Programme is an interdisciplinary art project involving Lithuanian and foreign artists in projects which respond to public space in Kaunas city. In November 2009 artist Jeanne van Heeswijk ( completed a day long performative film of life at Kaunas Castle Bus Station. 6. Board Member & Chair of Board of Kaunas Biennial (2006- 2010) Role: To ensure strategic visioning and develop world class programming for an international art event based in Lithuania. As part of his role he has developed Life:Art an online resource for artists working with others in context. 7. Programme Evaluator and Facilitator for the EU Tasis Project led by Leargas – The Exchange Bureau, Dublin. Role: Team trainer for a dedicated series of tailored training programmes in Dublin and Ryazan for College Principles in the territories of Moscow, Ryazan and Voronez during the life time of the project. 8. Community Arts Programmer (2003-5) City Arts Centre, Dublin ‘Civil Arts Inquiry’ Role: Programming inquiry into how citizens of Dublin engage with the arts. 9. Project Manager (2003-4) EU EQUAL ‘Diversity at Work’ Network project involving the Chambers of Commerce of Ireland and the National Consultative Committee on Racism and Inequality. Role: To project manage the project development phase, transnational programme and programme evaluation during the lifetime of the project. 10. Project Evaluator (2003-2004) of an innovative new programme entitled Youth Bank promoted by the Irish Youth Foundation, Youth Role: To record, document and publish the benefits of the programme. 11. Arts Programme Advisor (2000 – 2001) Soros Centre, Sofia Role: To support the development of project in the Play Against Violence for young people at risk in Bulgaria. 12. Founding Director of the Mainie Jellett Project (1995-2000), which was a small arts education and research organisation working in support of the community and voluntary sector in Ireland. The work involved undertaking research projects (sometimes commissioned and sometimes initiated because of an identified gap/need) related to the intersection between community art, education/training and cultural policy. 13. Community Arts and Links Coordinator (1994-1995) Finglas Partnership, Dublin, IE. Role: The Partnership Company was established as part of a new strategy to bring together the social partners at a local level. In this context I had responsibility to create structures to enable community participation in the social partnership programme at a local level. Arts and culture were an important aspect of the life of the local community and an important result of my role was to establish the first ever Irish local arts partnership arrangement between a partnership company and the Irish Arts Council. 2010/13 LECTURING EXPERIENCE

(i) VDU, Art Faculty 2013 Semester 1 2012: Module delivery to the MA Creative Industries on The Production of the Imaginary. (ii) VDU, Art Faculty 2012 Semester 1 2012: 16 hours to the MA Creative Industries on The Production of the Imaginary. (iii) Vilnius Art Academy, Kaunas Art Faculty Summer Practice 2012: Assisted in the week long programme with 2nd/3rd year

Ed Carroll CV

students and delivered Art Way of Thinking workshops in Nida Art Colony. Semester 1 2012: 2 hours as part of the Visiting lecturer series. (iv) Dublin City University, Education Studies 2011 – Final Year BA Semester 1: 25 hours on Project ES324 – Action Research in Education (Final Year BA) Semester 2: 50 hours on Project ES325 – Action Research in Education (Final Year BA) (v) VDU, Social Work Faculty 2011 - Final Year BA / First Year MA Semester 1: 10 hours to following programmes: Management of Social Programmes and Project, Planning and Administration of Social Work, Social Work in the Education System and Community Organising (MA). EDUCATION AND TRAINING

Awards, names and dates of academic awards


Ph.D City University, London. Department of Arts Policy, London, UK (2002). M.A. Arts Management in Education, City University, London, UK (1993). B.D., (Hons). Angelicum University, Rome (1985). N.C.E.A. National Cert. in Philosophical Studies, Clonliffe College, Dublin IE (1981). N.C.E.A. Diploma in Development Studies, Kimmage Manor Institute, Dublin, IE (1982). Carroll, E. (Summer 2014) Footbridge between Textile and Public Culture for The Handbook of Textile Culture (J.Jefferies, eds.) Article commissioned by Bloomsbury Publishing PLC. _________Let Culture Out, an article about cultural policy and community culture for Ireland’s Village Magazine, October-November 2013, Issue 25. ________May 2012: Article entitled, ‘Impotency’ published in the Village Magazine ______July 2011: An interview with Aura Dance Company, Kaunas for the Kaunas Biennial and which will be available to download on See.

______May 2011: Akistata su savo trūkumais (Culture: Facing its own Limitations) an article commissioned for online publication by Miesto IQ Cultural Magazine and available online at ______Culture Aware of its own Limitations. A paper to the Graduate School of Arts and Media Conference, Art Research: Publics and Purposes, 15-19 February, 2010. ______September 2009: documenta 12 Education. Book review of the two-volume publication from the education team of documenta 12. ______(2009) Life:Art – Experiences of being public. Dublin: Irish Youth Work. See: ______A key moment for arts policy change in Why Now magazine, Issue 3, Spring 2008. ______“Who owns our public space?”, A key note to the international seminar organised by Dictatorship of the Majority, Sculpture Quadriennial, Riga August 2008. Carroll, E. et al, Cultural Contract : Securing the Critical Role of Participative Community Based Arts Practice in Civil Society, presented to the International Art in Society Conference Kassel, Germany, August 2007. Carroll, E. et al, Achieving Consensus in Developing a National Set of Child Well-Being Indicators in Social Indicators Research journal (2007) 80: 79-104. Carroll, E., Maguire, C. (Eds.) 2006 Visual Arts in Youth Work. Dublin: Irish Youth Work Press. Carroll, E., O’Dwyer, L. (2004), The Well-Being of Children: Four papers exploring the ethical, conceptual and measurement issues, Dublin: Irish Youth Foundation. _______ Child Well-being Indicators, a paper to the Children’s Rights Alliance conference, Royal Dublin Hotel, April 2004. _______ An Ethical Approach to Children, a paper to the Irish Social Policy Association Annual Conference, Social and Economic Rights: Challenges and Opportunities for Social Policy, Dublin City University, 12th September 2004.


Ed Carroll CV

Prof. Declan McGonagle, Director, National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland. Prof. Janis Jefferies, Professor of Visual Art, Department of Computing, Goldsmiths College, London, UK.

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