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FRESH VEGAN Issue 2 March 2014

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Cornwall Edinburgh

Day Radley private Chef

Street Food

Vegan food magazine for the UK and Europe

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Jacqui Deoir



Ron Fairfield


to our second issue of Fresh Vegan Magazine, it has been three months in the making and we are proud of our hard work and really hope that you love what we are doing.















www.twitter.com/freshvegan1 Whilst every effort is made to provide our readers with accurate and authentic content, Fresh Vegan Magazine may not be held responsible for any errors in content or recipes. All content is copyrighted to either Fresh Vegan Magazine or to the Contributors whose work it originally and has been provided with the permission of the contributors to be include in this issue. No part of this magazine may be used or reproduced without written permission of the publisher, Fresh Vegan Publishing. © fresh vegan magazine 2014


, with The feedback from the first issue has been people emailing to say what a fantastic magazine and how much it has been needed in the UK and Europe. “A well put together read, some lovely recipes and reviews” “Loving the magazine, so slick and beautifully laid out. It’s a credit to your hard work, just what the vegan community needed” “Wow it’s a brilliant magazine, I love it ! and I will be passing on to all my like minded friends” “Loads of ideas and recipes, went straight into the kitchen after reading, Thank you”


With the magazine proving to be incredibly it confirms our vision for a more connected and compassionate Vegan Food Magazine, featuring all of the UK and Europe, not just high profile Chefs, Restaraunts & food writers, has been the right way to go. We continue with new, creative, and talented caterers from all over the UK and Europe and we celebrate the growing Vegan market in both catering, and fantastic new festivals that are appearing all over Europe. This issue has seen us, here in Cornwall (the south west of the UK), suffer some terrible flooding and storms that will affect the costs of food production throughout the UK. Read the interview from a small independent food producer in the article “Food to Plate” by Ron Fairfield and get the inside story.

We have over 10,000 readers and growing

day by day. We are often asked “where can I buy a printed copy?”, for now we feel that a digital download copy will stay with our readers for longer than a paper version that will end up in landfill. We are looking into a printed version, in the meantime support us by purchasing your download and help us grow and realise our longterm vision.


, this is still the case We promised that the first 4 issues would be and you will be able to read each one online in the form of a flipbook on our website. All downloads, including back issues, can be purchased from our website at £3.95. We will now be going bi-monthly after the next issue, and eventually monthly, so watch out for news. A really

big thank you, to you, our amazing readers.

Jacqui Deoir

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nside spring

March - April 2014

Vegan Cornwall

Visiting Cornwall, find some of the little gems to visit whilst eating, staying or shopping for Vegan goodies


Cookery School

Day Radley Private Chef

Day is featured on our front cover and provides great recipes for the next three months.


Cornish Seaweed Company

the exciting world of food from the sea off the Cornish Coast

... and much more

LoVeg - Prague

Fancy brushing up on those kitchen skills? or maybe Vegan friends visiting? We interview Rachel Demuth.

Vegan Society Interview

The Vegan Society celebrates it’s 70th anniversary in 2014 so Fresh Vegan Magazine gets the low down on its history and future


visiting Prague then this is a place you must not miss, eating with some amazing City views over Prague. An experience to savour


Important Diary dates for the coming months.

Front Cover Image Leek Latkes

used with kind permission from the amazing Private Chef Day Radley who’s wonderful recipes may be found inside this issue of Fresh Vegan Magazine. www.inradleyskitchen.com.

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Fresh Vegan Magazine Issue 2 - 2014  

Issue 2 we travel to Prague and Sweden sustainable Seaweed company from Cornwall. Celebrate 70 years of the Vegan Society. Salads and j...

Fresh Vegan Magazine Issue 2 - 2014  

Issue 2 we travel to Prague and Sweden sustainable Seaweed company from Cornwall. Celebrate 70 years of the Vegan Society. Salads and j...