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28th March - 2nd April NATIONAL FINALS

Ireland’s Young Filmmaker of the Year Awards

Introduction No sooner were we hopeful to see one crisis in the rearview mirror, then somebody had to go and start another one. Our thoughts naturally turn first and foremost to concern for others, the huge and manifest difficulties they face and we look to support them as best we can. And then, while we may gaze with trepidation to what’s happening in the world, we too still have to carry on with our daily lives. You remind once again that you, as the filmmakers who make the work we screen at the Festival, are CREATORS rather than destroyers. It’s an important point. Creators add to the world; they investigate, they are curious, they explore and they seek out. They make alliances, connections and most importantly friends, because they know that in order to create anything, to achieve anything of substance, teamwork is vital. But you’ll already know this. You have worked with friends and family, school groups and filmmaking buddies to make your creation. Help will have arrived at points, sometimes unseen, sometimes unexpectedly through an encouraging word or a guiding hand, and you known the good in the world. You put negativity aside, because creation is a positive, an altogether hopeful act and never in error. So settle back in your seats, all you Searchers, Ladies on Fire, Rebels with or without a Cause and get set to see the creations of 2022. The houselights go down. The screen lights up.

Jayne Foley Festival Director



10:00 – 12:00

Workshop Online: Model Making with Aardman for primary school School 2

Screening: “Petit Pays” in association with IFI Education @ Odeon, Limerick 1:00 – 2:00 Screening Online: YCN Youth Cinema Network Award Winners 2021. TUESDAY 29TH 10:00 – 11:30 Screening: “Grand Day Out” & “A Close Shave” Parentless Adventure Film Group TrickU, Dragonfly Elementary School & Kleine Kielsstraße Elementary School, Germany Viking’s Gold Kid’s and Tricks, Germany @ Belltable, Limerick WEDNESDAY 30TH 10:00-11:30 Workshop Online: Model Making with Aardman Studio for primary school School 1 10:00-11:30 Workshop Online: Choose Your Destiny workshop in interactive film with Tvibit, Norway School 1-2 10:00 – 12:30 Event: Careers in Film Mid-West @ TUS, Limerick School of Art and Design 10.30 – 2:30

12:00-1:30 Workshop Online: Choose Your Destiny workshop with Tvibit, Norway in interactive film School 3 THURSDAY 31ST 9:30 – 5:30 Screening: Ireland’s Young Filmmaker of the Year Finals and Awards @ Odeon, Limerick FRIDAY 1ST 10:00 Screening Online International Junior Young Filmmakers 2022 10:30 Screening Online International Senior Young Filmmakers 2022 SATURDAY 2ND 10:00 – 5:30 Young Filmmaker’s Day. A day of networking and film workshops for Young Filmmakers @ Hub, Limerick 10:00 – 5:30 National Young Filmmakers & Animators Network leader’s event @ Hub, Limerick Contact for more information

Screening: Ireland’s Junior Young Filmmaker of the Year Awards 2022 @ Odeon, Limerick

Ireland’s Young Filmmaker of the Year Awards | 3

Wednesday 30th March

Covid Alone Mark Burke, Dublin, 5:59 A young person reacts badly to isolation when his family, but not him, tests positive for Covid-19. The story unfolds during a live news broadcast. The Appliances Make a Stand 6th Class, Scoil San Phroinsias, Galway, 6:12 Sick of being overused and abused, the household appliances take matters into their own hands. Double Trouble Seán Fitzgerald, Cork, 5:44 When Seán drinks his sister’s scientific potion he creates a double of himself. Who knows what trouble the double will get up to... and can Seán stop him? ‘Sink’ronised Swimming 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Class, St Aidan’s National School, Sligo, 5:06 Inspired by synchronised swimming events and the inability to take part in lots of activities in school due to restrictions, we had fun with the closest we got to swimming in school in 2021.

4 | Ireland’s Young Filmmaker of the Year Awards

Evolve Rebecca Black, Scoil Íde, Limerick, 1:00 Witness the wonder of the metamorphosis of the caterpillar through the magic of coding. The Future Is Mine 3rd & 5th Class, St. Joseph’s N.S., Kerry, 3:00 The children of Ballyheigue look to the future and decide on an amenity that will be of benefit to the community. Having decided on a skate park, the children use Minecraft Education to build their dream in the village. The Boy Under The Bed Aaliyah McDermott, Dublin, 1:37 Ava and her friend Lexi are having their first sleepover ever, but will it go exactly as planned? The Christmas Tax Tudor Farima, Scoil Bhríde Shantalla, Galway, 17:30 A wealthy politician taxes Santa Claus’ gifts. Is this the end of Christmas as we know it?


I’m Fine Mannix Buckley, Limerick, 0:11 A humorous commentary on what people say versus what people actually feel. Humptaí Dumptaí 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Class, St Aidan’s National School, Sligo, 1:11 Inspired, as Gaeilge, by the original version of Humpty Dumpty, the filmmakers composed and performed their own second verse. The Scream Zoe O’Brien, Dublin, 9:58 When 11-year-old Lizzie Jones, goes missing, everyone is searching. Meanwhile, her sister Kitty has other things to worry about… The Jet Pack Mikey Mahon, Scoil íde, Limerick, 0:30 Poor Mr Stick gets very upset when Mr Sticky Stick Stickerson grows a little too fond of his treasured jetpack. The Streets of Limerick Corpus Christi Primary School, Limerick, 4:13 See the beauty of Limerick City against the majestic backdrop of the River Shannon and King John’s castle and hear the stories of some of Limerick’s most vulnerable. This film asks us to look beyond scenery to the social issues we can often become blind to.

Break 11:35 – 11:50

Ireland’s Young Filmmaker of the Year Awards | 5

The Banshee’s Comb Eppie, Nellie, Nan Fortune, Wexford, 5:42 A vain 9 year old gets her comeuppance when she picks a comb off the road. Little does she know this comb belongs to the banshee and the banshee always gets her way. Cereal Killer Trina MacNamara, Clare, 5:33 Friends go looking for a missing girl only to get involved in something they would rather not. Síolta Rang 4, Gaelscoil Raifteirí, Mayo, 3:00 Rang 4 collect seeds from the school garden and conduct an experiment to see how seeds grow with different types of water and pollutants. Crashing Down Milo Brennan, Clare, 0:28 Something comes crashing out of the sky. Emerald City Elijah Rooney, Wicklow, 9:14, The story centres on the Emerald City’s peace gem. In this world, the gems control the stability of the entire galaxy. Good Old Nenagh Town Room 2, Nenagh CBS Primary School, Tipperary, 2:53 Two time travellers go back in time to recall an old tale from Nenagh. Through Our Eyes Aisling Ryan, County Limerick Youth Theatre, Limerick, 16:22 In this project led by the young members of County Limerick Youth Theatre, a typical school day is full of different sorts of lessons.

6 | Ireland’s Young Filmmaker of the Year Awards

Metal Mask Snatch Michael O’Leary, Scoil Íde, Limerick, 1:45 After Jack’s superhero suit is stolen by the evil Dr. Gurgle he has to come up with a plan to get it back. Luckily, Hank, the friendly police officer, is on hand to help out. Me and my Dog Grace Whelan, Dublin, 3:55 This documentary is about the relationship between dogs and their owners. Litter Picker Lucy & Ruby Hand, LYCS Youth Work Programme, James Joyce Street, Dublin, 3:28 Luna was upset about the litter in her area so she decided to make a change. With a litter picker and a rubbish bag, she started to pick it up herself. The Ilchester Oak Murroe-Boher Scout Group, Limerick, 4:33 Set in the late 1700s, this centers on the romance between ‘commoner’ Mary O’Grady and Earl Henry Stavordale, and their secret meetings under an oak tree near Mary’s home in Cappercullen. The Strange Story of Nenagh Castle’s Door Room 2, Nenagh CBS Primary School, Tipperary, 0:50 An angry farmer tries to blow up the castle with unintended consequences. The Apocalypse 5th & 6th Class, Moin Ruadh National School, Kilkenny, 5:57 A corrupt teacher tries to get rid of some of her pupils, but they’re too clever and resilient!!

Maynooth in Lockdown Neil Reynolds & Conor Mescal, St. Mary’s BNS, Kildare, 5:28, A historical journey through Maynooth and the time of Covid lockdown restrictions as told by the boys of the class of 2021 in St. Mary’s BNS, Maynooth. Lunch 1:00 - 1:30 INTERNATIONAL FILM Snoring Sara Abedi, Islamic Republic of Iran, 7:21 Ten-year-old Sarah faces the challenge of her father’s snoring. She decides to make a documentary about this challenge and it’s conflicts. To view more International finalists visit

Junior Awards

Wednesday 30th March 1:30 - 2:30 Special Mentions Highly Commended for Concept Highly Commended for Comedy Highly Commended for Authenticity 3rd Place 2nd Place Ireland’s Junior Young Filmmaker of the Year

Ireland’s Young Filmmaker of the Year Awards | 7

Thursday 31st March

FINALS SESSION 1 1 9:30 - 11:30 Inner Journey Glen Bowler, Kerry, 14:55 In ancient Ireland a young boy strives to cross a hostile world to reach his uncle to bring peace. Dinner Emilia Ziolek, Limerick Youth Theatre, 11:24 Amy needs to confront Claire, but Sarah isn’t sure it’s a good idea. Fiona and Ross’s relationship is going great. Lucas went to Trinity. Who the hell is Seán? Hoodwinkers Michael Antonio Keane, Cork, 15:00 When a small study session leads to a crazy party, the following day the worstfor-wear students must devise a way to pass their exam. It’s Like Being Controlled by a Puppeteer Aisling Finn, Alexandra College, Dublin, 4:57 A short film based on one person’s struggle with OCD. Sunday Kevin Meggs, Dublin, 11:41 Two lads just want to escape the countryside and go on a day out to watch the big match between Dublin and Tipperary in Croke Park. It’s Sunday, the 21st of November, 1920.

8 | Ireland’s Young Filmmaker of the Year Awards


Shatter Schull Young Filmmakers, Cork, 14:30 When girl attempts suicide due to bullying, she is transported to the past in her dream where she must face up to the bully. Asset of Teeth Róisín Leavy-Sahin, Emerging Limerick Filmmakers, Limerick, 11:09 When Joey’s grandfather leaves her a disappointing item in his will, she soon is pulled into an adventure that sets her on a journey of remembrance and hopefully, good fortune. A Sad Excuse for a Teenage Girl Aoife Rees, Wexford, 17:13 Ellie is about to turn 18 but feels overwhelmed by the thought. To try and combat it, she runs away with her childhood best friend. How to Construct an Albatross Liam Murphy, Cork, 2:38 After crash-landing on an island, a lone pilot uses remnants from the wreckage to escape isolation. Inspired by Louise Greig’s poem. Teenager Type Beat Donagh Walsh & Louis Martin, Dublin, 17:50 A group of teenagers and the dramatic/ comedic events that occur throughout a day in their lives. Break 11:30 – 11:45

Ireland’s Young Filmmaker of the Year Awards | 9

FINALS SESSION 2 11:45 – 1:30 Earth: Online Isabelle Xiao, Dublin, 5:06 Check out Earth: Online, a video game that allows you to simulate the life of any living species of your choice with trillions of other players online. However, there are two rules which you must follow. Someone Gets Hurt Erin-Jade Thomson, Coláiste Chill Mhantáin Wicklow, 00:49 A white-board animation to the song ‘Someone Gets Hurt from Mean Girls - The Musical. Leave Shayna Gail Velasquez & Jack McAlister Antrim, 8:56 A group of online friends face adversity when an unknown user by the name of Mr. X joins their video call, forcing them to unwillingly answer a series of personal questions relating to each of their secrets. Hole In the Wall Ellen Curran & Victoria O’Neil, Coláiste & Bhaile Chláir, Galway, 4:25 There is a ghost in the walls of the school, when a student falls asleep the ghost then poses them.

10 | Ireland’s Young Filmmaker of the Year Awards

Infatuation Gelsey Garcia, Le Chéile Secondary School, Dublin, 3:28 After her sister Aria leaves, Amelie is left home alone, but she’s not exactly alone. Watching People Adam Stapleton & Molly McNamara, Limerick Youth Theatre, Limerick, 9:45 A first date at Freya’s starts awkwardly, but when Erin proposes a game, Charlie begins to come out of her shell. The Science of Colour Vision Chloe Forde, Nina Beatrice Gicale, Le Chéile Secondary School, Dublin, 1:30 Learn about colour vision, and how animals see the world! Rumination Cian J. Glynn, Dublin, 05:36, A young man is inhibited from going about his day by a dark spectre who torments him with intrusive and dark thoughts. How I Wonder Nellie Warren, Dublin, 15:39 Ten-year-old Marie is given a new pen for her birthday and takes it as a sign that she should become a writer.

Ireland’s Young Filmmaker of the Year Awards | 11

Stupid Kids SWAY, Waterford, 7:30 Hell hath no fury like little girls scorned. Faces Dylan Michael, Dublin, 8:00 Don, an apathetic man, is forced to confront his past mistakes and regrets when he awakens in a mysterious hallway tiled with thousands of unknown faces. The Least I Can Do Seán Treacy, Wicklow, 17:45 When naive teen David witnesses his best friend pestering a girl at a party, he falls into a moralistic crisis while also confronting the overwhelming guilt of his inaction. The Oubliette Max Hendrickson, Dublin, 10:00 After moving into a small apartment in a big city, a man notices strange and mysterious occurrences.

Senior Awards

Heart of Land Conall Flynn & Noah Finneran, Galway, 4:52 A quarrel over land leads to secrets from the past returning.

RTÉ Factual

Paper Cat Óisin Allen, Avondale Community College, Wicklow, 1:43 An origami cat meets a computer mouse Lunch 1:30 - 2:00

Thursday 31st March 2:00

RTÉ 60 Second Aardman Award for Animation Racharc Award for documentary Ensemble Cast Screenplay Visual Innovation Directing Best School Best Group 3rd 2nd Ireland’s Young Filmmaker of the Year

12 | Ireland’s Young Filmmaker of the Year Awards

MARY CLARE FITZPATRICK Mary-Claire Fitzpatrick, is a kids TV presenter with RTÉ, TikToker and social media influencer. She is known for Ace My Space and Martin’s Shed, a wacky sketch show with a puppet pine marten co-host. Mary-Claire continues to make comedy sketches for her TikTok page MCluvs2laugh, which has amassed over 1.6m likes so far. She is also hosting a show for RTÉ in April with a familiar co-host from Home School Hub.

GEMMA BRADLEY Gemma, a Derry native, is a singer/songwriter and BBC radio presenter. A graduate of the British & Irish modern music institute and a member of X Collective, a creative platform for the Irish music industry. Gemma also made it onto the Glastonbury Emerging talent list.

STEPHEN BYRNE Dublin native, Presenter/Documentary filmmaker. Stephens work includes being a backstage reporter on The Voice of Ireland and hosts RTE’s coverage of The Oscars Red Carpet live from Los Angeles. Stephen has chatted to the likes of Eddie Redmayne, Nicola Coughlan, Melissa McCarthy, Glenn Close, Caitriona Balfe & Jeff Bridges.

Ireland’s Young Filmmaker of the Year Awards | 13

Fresh Bio Founded in 1997 as part of the as the Irish School’s Video Competition, Fresh Film was originally a school’s video competition for secondary students. It has since grown into a year round organisation with a focus on national and international filmmakers spanning the primary and secondary age groups. ‘Fresh International Film Festival’ has incrementally grown in scope in response to increasing numbers of entries and Ireland’s Young Filmmaker of the Year Awards. now constitute three sections – Junior (7-12 years) – Senior (12- 18 years) and The International Young Filmmaker Awards. Each section is open to individual filmmakers, schools, youth and community groups in these age categories. Fresh Film also runs a number of programmes throughout the year under the headings; Fresh Education, Fresh International, Fresh Production and Fresh International Film Festival.

Conditions for entry ›

To be eligible for inclusion film entries must be:

The original work of schools or groups or individuals aged from 7 to 18

Aged 7 to 12 for the Junior section,

Aged 13 to 18 for the Senior section

Completed after 25th of January

15 mins or less in length (Senior section)

10 mins or less in length (Junior section)

For more details visit 14 | Ireland’s Young Filmmaker of the Year Awards

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18 | Ireland’s Young Filmmaker of the Year Awards





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