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Rethinking hotels 12 ideas

Tradition # 1 People stay at hotels

Rethinking tradition # 1

What if people stay at people’s homes?


Tradition # 2 Rooms are rented for 24 hours

Rethinking tradition # 2

How about renting hotel rooms by the hour?

Tradition # 3 Rooms in a hotel look more or less the same

Rethinking tradition # 3

What if no two rooms in a hotel look the same?

At Widder Hotel in Zurich, every room is individually styled.


Tradition # 4 Rooms of a hotel are often in the same building

Rethinking tradition # 4

What if each hotel room is a little house by itself?


Tradition # 5 People, who work for a hotel, wear a uniform

Rethinking tradition # 5

What if every person, who works for a hotel, decides himself/herself what clothes he/she wants to wear?

Tradition # 6 People, who work for a hotel, are called employees

Rethinking tradition # 6


Tradition # 7 A hotel should have a restaurant

Rethinking tradition # 7

How important is it for a hotel, that is located in a city, to have a restaurant?

Tradition # 8 A hotel has a physical reception at the hotel entrance

Rethinking tradition # 8 Does a hotel need a physical reception? How about making it possible for guests to check in using, for example,

Tradition # 9 Guests want to pay people to make their beds in the morning

Rethinking tradition # 9

How about making it possible for hotel guests to save money by making their beds themselves?

Rethinking tradition # 10 How many customers want to pay for people to be available to carry suitcases

Tradition # 11 Guests consume energy

Rethinking tradition # 11

What if guests also produce energy?

The stationary bikes in the gym at Crowne Plaza in Copenhagen will produce electricity for the hotel. Anyone generating 10 watt-hours gets a free meal made from local produce.



Tradition # 12 People working for a hotel know relatively little about guests

Rethinking tradition # 12

What about personalizing the hotel experience using information from the Internet about – including from social media? Source

Further ideas to improve the customer experience

Rethinking hotels  

Rethinking hotels - 12 ideas.