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Redefining the rules 8 steps

What rules could we get rid of today that would increase our ability to create value?


Step # 1 Choose a business / industry you want to work on

Step # 2 Get together in teams Source:

Step # 3 Choose a team leader at each round Source:

4 roles of team leader Role # 1 Write on flipchart. Role # 2 Involve team members in working process. Role # 3 Make decisions when necessary. Role # 4 Present results to all of us.

Step # 4 Write down minimum 10 rules / mental models of the business / industry

Write down as many rules as you can think of that apply in the business / industry – indicating

“the way we do things around here”. It can be rules that are written down and rules that are not written down.

5 examples

Example # 1

Practicing faith is done in the church

Example # 2

People, who work for a hotel, wear a uniform

Example # 3

Marketing is 1-way communication

Example # 4

Decision power is centralized

Example # 5

People specialize


Step # 5 Set a goal

Groups typically find from 60 to 100 rules.

Source: Paul Sloane.

Today, let’s set the goal that each group lists 10 rules that need to be challenged.

Step # 6 Rethink / break 3 of the 10 rules

When you have a long list of rules you then deliberately challenge each of them in turn. For each rule you ask this question:

“Can we break this rule for the benefit of the business?” Typically, people are able to break 40 – 50% of the rules beneficially.


5 examples

Preaching is done using


Instead of having people come to the bank, Indian bank manager J. S. Parthibhan takes the bank to the people


People do health tests themselves Cardiac rhythm

Blood pressure.

Glucose sensor


Calories intake

Sleep Source:

People share cars

People listen to music using the Internet

Step # 7 Present your results

10 rules / mental models / ways of doing things that need to be broken / redefined 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Ideas for how to break / redefine 3 of the rules above that most urgently need to be broken / redefined 1. 2. 3.

Step # 8 Give marks for presentation of results

Each listener gives a mark between 1 and 10 for each presentation

3 criteria when giving marks Criteria A Will customers like the new initiatives? Criteria B Can ideas be implemented with relatively low costs? Criteria C Will the new initiatives make money?


Redefining The Rules  

6 step exercise about redefining the rules in business / industries.

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