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Environmental changes

Question # 1 2 CO

What changes in emissions are people creating?

CO2 and world GDP

Environmental conditions

Income growth

Question # 2 What changes in temperature are happening?

Change in global surface temperature relative to 1951-1980 average temperatures. 2016 ranks as warmest year.

The change in global temperature in the past 150 years is much greater than anything we saw in the past 11,000 years

Temperature on earth the last 100,000 years minute 5., p. 105.

Predicted temperature increases

Question # 3 What changes in water level are happening?

On a yearly basis, an estimated 500 million people are affected by flooding. Due to climate change, flooding events are increasing in frequency and severity.

In recent years, global disasters have demonstrated the dangers of relying on single suppliers, single factories, or single logistics operations.

Examples  Iceland’s volcanic ash cloud that swept across Northern Europe in 2010.  Japan’s nuclear disaster at Fukushima.  The floods in Thailand in 2011.

Question # 4 How is vegetation on earth?

Vegetation on earth


Question # 5 What changes in the earth’s crust are happening?

The largest earthquakes happen when 2 plates move towards each other. Typically when this happens, one plate starts sliding under the other. The friction involved in this “subduction� will produce both earthquakes, such as the tsunami-generating one off Japan in 2011, and volcanoes, the fires of which are fed by the melting of the deep crust.

There are 7 large plates made up from the earth’s crust:  The African plate.  The Antarctic plate.  The Eurasian plate.  The Indo-Australian plate.  The North American plate.  The Pacific plate.  The South American plate.

Question # 6 What changes are happening to glaciers?

From 1902 to 2001, the Jakobshavn Glacier near Ilulissat, Greenland retreated 8 miles. From 2000 to 2010, the glacier has retreated more than that.

Environmental changes  

Research about environmental changes, for example changes in CO2 emissions and changes in temperature.

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