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Exercise about observations of company cultures

Example of a company with a healthy culture

Your observations of how people, who work that company, do things

Example of a company Your observations of how people, with an unhealthy culture who work that company, do things

Example 1. How work is done

People work fixed hours in fixed places. People have 1 specialized job. Work is driven by efficiency and discipline.

Or People work anytime and anywhere. People do different things / have more jobs. Work is driven by purpose, autonomy and creativity.

Example 2 How companies are structured and organized Large size. Centralization. Standardization. Rules.

Or Small size. Decentralization. Individualization. Flexibility. Agility. Adaptive capability.

Example 3. How education is done Supply focused, curriculum driven education. Classes. Lectures. Fixed times. Fixed place. Exams / control at the end.

Or Personalized, demand driven education. Each student decides, for example, what he/she wants to get better at and which media to use. Self driven learners. Learning happens anytime and anywhere. Continuous feedback is given by many different people – including work colleagues.

Example 4. How marketing is done

1-way communication. Supply driven communication.

Or 2-way communication. Demand driven communication.

Example 5. How management is done Managers talk / command / tell people what to do. Managers control.

Or Managers listen, learn, help people. Managers encourage and empower. Managers praise people. Managers involve / include people.

Observations of company cultures  

Exercise about observations of company cultures.

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