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Agile communication

A key feature of being agile is to involve the user in the development process and use customer feedback to improve.

A major aspect of being agile is to continuously seek feedback from users.

In agile, the customer is the boss, not the manager.

Using social media, users can be involved in the development process.

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More customer collaboration. Less contract negotation.

Regular customer collaboration creates transparency about the work and enables a high degree of flexibility.

When people share what they do in an open / transparent way, everyone can see results of the work quickly and solve problems quickly.

All communication within the agile team must be addressed to the complete team, including sharing any documents, release plans or schedules, review requests and feedback, risks or concerns, and even leave updates. This builds a complete sense of oneness within the team and maintains complete transparency at all times.

Agile workers give and receive feedback to each other.

Agile communication  

Research about agile communication.

Agile communication  

Research about agile communication.