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This year Frameline is thrilled to bring you the 37th San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival (or Frameline37 for short), a magnificent showcase of the best queer cinema from all over the world. Our theme for this year is Films Bring Us Together. We’ve chosen this as our motto to celebrate all the remarkable community experiences we have every year at Frameline. Whether it’s a theater erupting with laughter, a tearful standing ovation, or a thought-provoking question-and-answer session after a moving film, this coming together to engage in the art of LGBT cinema is what makes our 11-day event so extraordinarily passionate and a truly one-of-a kind film festival. During Frameline37, we are screening 240 films from 29 countries. In addition, we’ll have special programs, festive parties, and many other exciting events attended by you and filmmakers, actors, producers, and other artists from all around the world. Frameline37 will open with writer-director Stacie Passon’s Concussion, a sexy and daring breakthrough drama about a wealthy lesbian housewife whose straight-laced lifestyle takes a drastic and rebellious turn after a head injury. Our Closing Night film will be director Darren Stein’s G.B.F., a timely breakthrough comedy about a recently outed gay teen navigating his new tokenized popularity amidst high school social structures. G.B.F. stars Michael J. Willett and includes memorable appearances from Megan Mullally and Natasha Lyonne. This year’s Frameline Award will be presented to director Jamie Babbit for her remarkable influence and accomplishments as a director, producer, and screenwriter in film and television. Frameline will present this award at the Festival screening of Babbit’s latest film, Breaking the Girls. We are also pleased to present a special retrospective screening of Babbit’s 1999 cult classic rom-com But I’m a Cheerleader. The Centerpiece Narrative film will be the Polish film In the Name Of, a stunning work that examines the life of a priest in spiritual crisis. This gorgeous film won the Teddy Award at this year’s Berlin Film Festival. The Centerpiece Documentary film this year is Valentine Road, a compelling exposé of the 2008 murder of Larry King by a classmate, and the aftermath of this hate crime. Frameline37 will also feature a variety of special screenings and programs. This year’s festival will shine a spotlight on Asian Queer Cinema, highlighting works from emerging and established filmmakers from countries such as China, Nepal, Cambodia, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea, and the Philippines. Other highly anticipated screenings at Frameline37 include Kyle Patrick Alvarez’s C.O.G., the first film adaptation of a David Sedaris story. We’re also proud to screen Travis Mathews and James Franco’s Interior. Leather Bar, a film within a film that re-imagines the lost 40 minutes of Cruising while exploring the politics of portraying gay sex in cinema. We have the world premiere of Valencia, based on Michelle Tea’s renowned San Francisco based novel. And we’re thrilled to bring you extraordinary documentaries about Divine, the Continental Baths, San Francisco’s very own James Broughton, as well as the story of Mathilde Krim and Elizabeth Taylor and the founding of amfAR. There are also many terrific comedies, romances, and light-hearted films that will leave a smile on your face after the credits have rolled. And this is just a tiny fraction of the many excellent works we have to show this year. It’s our honor to present to you the 37th San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival, and we are so excited to be able to present these 240 vibrant works of art to you this year at the Castro, Roxie, Victoria, and Elmwood theatres—so that these films can bring us together. See you at the movies,

K.C. Price Executive Director

Desiree Buford Director of Exhibition & Programming

Frances Wallace Director of Strategic Partnerships & Programmer



Photo by Barak Shrama

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11 days of stories that don’t always get told Wells Fargo is proud to honor the 37th annual San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival, one of the very best ways to experience and celebrate with the LGBT community.

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FRAMELINE’S MISSION is to change the world through the power of queer cinema. As a media arts non-profit, Frameline’s programs connect filmmakers and audiences in San Francisco and around the world. EXHIBITION Founded in 1977, the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival is the longest-running, largest and most widely recognized LGBT film exhibition event in the world. As a community event with an annual attendance of 57,000, the Festival is the most prominent and well-attended LGBT arts program in the Bay Area. Frameline also presents year-round exhibitions, including Frameline Encore, a free film series highlighting diverse, socially relevant works. Year-round programs also include members-only sneak previews and special events, as well as special screenings and events featuring directors, actors and other queer media icons.

DISTRIBUTION Established in 1981, Frameline Distribution is the only nonprofit distributor that solely caters to LGBTQ film. Frameline’s collection has over 250 award winning films and we have partnerships with universities, public libraries, film festivals, and community groups. In 2008, Frameline Distribution launched Youth In Motion, a program that provides free LGBTQ-themed films and curriculum resources to California Gay-Straight Alliances. In 2011, we launched Frameline Voices, a new effort to showcase diverse LGBTQ stories with an emphasis on films by and about people of color, transgender people, youth, and elders. The content featured on Frameline Voices is free and you can now enjoy the best of our distribution collection anytime on your computer, Smartphone, TV, or other device.

FILMMAKER SUPPORT Since 1990, more than 100 films and videos have been completed with assistance from the Frameline Completion Fund. Grants are awarded annually and provide much-needed support to filmmakers for their final editing and lab work. Once completed, these films often go on to receive international exposure. Submissions include documentary, educational, narrative, animation, and experimental projects about LGBT people and their communities. Frameline also supports filmmakers and the LGBT community through the Frameline Generations Filmmaker Workshop, which brings youth and elders together to write, shoot and edit their own films to tell their own stories.

JOIN US The support of our Frameline Members helps to champion the Festival and all of our year-round programs. By joining the most respected LGBT arts organization in the nation, you help to deliver thought-provoking films documenting LGBT lives and supporting LGBT filmmakers — and our members enjoy exciting benefits, too! See page 35 for more information about Frameline Membership or go online: www.frameline.org/join.





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opening night


DIR Stacie Passon 2013 USA 93 min


Writer-director Stacie Passon’s Concussion is a bold and outstanding debut feature film: authentic, beautifully shot, and filled with complex characters, pitch-perfect performances, and intense sexuality— all driven Thursday June 20, 7:00 pm • Castro Film & Gala: $75 members, $90 general • CONC20C by a razor-sharp script laced with brilliant comedic moments. Film Only: $30 members, $35 general • CONC20C Upper-middle-class lesbian housewife Abby (Robin Weigert from Deadwood) is living in a constant Gala Only: $45 members, $60 general • GALA20T state of suburban malaise. She is in a caring but monotonous marriage with her wife, Kate, a successful divorce attorney in New York City. Abby is the stay-at-home mom in the ’burbs, whose days are filled with repetitive chores and ongoing workout routines reflecting her life. After Abby is hit in the head with a baseball, her resulting concussion jolts her awake from the life she’s been leading. She suddenly approaches a loft-renovation project she’s had in the city with fervor; then she rewards herself by doing something far beyond her regular routine: paying for sex. Soon it happens again. Upping the ante each time, she starts turning female tricks herself. This is not just a midlife crisis, and Abby is more than just a horny thrill-seeker; she is seeking intimacy, a connection, and the ability to truly feel something. Her impeccably decorated pied-à-terre loft becomes the perfect excuse for leading her double life. But her former, humdrum world soon collides with her self-renovation project. What follows is a captivating study of relationship sustainability and striving for self-fulfillment, whatever the cost. Lead actress Robin Weigert’s Oscar-worthy performance shines as a brave and raw portrait of one woman’s introspective journey. Concussion, winner of the Special Jury Award at this year’s Berlin Film Festival’s Teddy Awards, was also nominated for Sundance’s Grand Jury Prize. Produced by Rose Troche (director of Go Fish and the 2004 Frameline Award honoree), Concussion is a sexy and sensual work of art that takes cinema to an entirely new level, engaging us to ponder the complications faced in long-term relationships, gay or straight. — ANGELIQUE SMITH


After Concussion, join us for our glittering Opening Night Gala at Terra Gallery (511 Harrison Street at First Street). Enjoy the best in local cuisine, luscious libations, and scrumptious desserts from our Gala partners. Lounge away in the evening garden, or PROUDLY SPONSORED BY get your groove on indoors on the dance floor. Indulge yourself; flirt a little — as we kick off Frameline’s 37th year of celebrating queer film!


E. Cee Productions Bud Light Stella Artois Abbey Party Rents MVS Studio


| supperclub

The Front Porch Small Potatoes Catering Curryous Catering Bruce Cost Ginger Ale

Hugh Groman Catering Poco Dolce Confections Simply Bliss Catering Sweet Jo’s Chili & Biscuits

Guests must be 21 plus to enjoy beer, wine or cocktails.




In the Name Of DIR Małgow´ska Szumowska 2012 Poland 96 min in Polish with English subtitles

Tuesday June 25, 7:00 pm


$12 members, $15 general • NAME25C As priests go, handsome Father Adam (Andrzej Chyra) is unconventional and pretty cool: rocking out with his iPod on long solo jogs through the lush Polish forest, as PROUDLY well as being both confessor and confidant to the abusive gang of tough teenage SPONSORED BY boys who live in the reformatory he runs. But he is in a spiritual crisis, wrestling with sexual feelings he has long avoided and with a growing mutual intimacy with soft-spoken Lukasz (Mateus Ko´sciukiewicz). The subject of homosexual Catholic clergy might have been given a lurid or scolding treatment in less sensitive hands, but writer-director Małgow´ska Szumowska turns a generous lens onto her characters’ plight— not only on Father Adam, who fears he is betraying a deep commitment to serve God, but also on the scarred and gritty lives of the youths he is trying to help. Superbly written and gorgeously shot in Poland, In the Name Of establishes an admirable standard of excellence for queer-subject films in a country not known for producing them. It won this year’s Teddy Award for best LGBT-themed feature at the prestigious Berlin Film Festival — a first for an Eastern European film. Not content to be simply a drama about the temptations of the flesh (though the temptations here are many), In the Name Of is a touching exploration of the boundaries of compassion within church and society. It asks, Who will care for the least among us? Who deserves to love and be loved? — PETER L. STEIN




Valentine Road DIR Marta Cunningham 2013 USA 89 min

The extraordinary centerpiece documentary of Frameline37, about the 2008 murder of 15-year-old Larry King, will both break your heart and fire you up into action. It was a horrific school shooting that riveted the country — especially LGBT communities. On February 12, 2008, in an Oxnard, California, classroom, 14-year-old Brandon McInerney shot classmate Larry King twice; King died of his wounds two days later. King, a gender variant youth of color, had liked to wear makeup and high heels to school, and he had publicly announced a crush on McInerney. For this reason, some of McInerney’s defenders Wednesday June 26, 7:00 pm • Castro $12 members, $15 general • ROAD26C say the victim had “embarrassed” the shooter — and was therefore at least partly to blame for his own murder. Valentine Road is about an outrageous crime and an even more outrageous PROUDLY SPONSORED BY defense of it, but the film goes much deeper than mere outrage. In the end, it’s the story of two victims of homophobia. King was killed because of it, but McInerney’s life was horribly twisted by it as well. And it’s the story of a community’s response— sometimes With special support from the inspirational and sometimes cruel— to a terrible tragedy. International Documentary Association Filmmaker Marta Cunningham deftly looks beyond the sensational aspects of the murder, introducing us to King’s friends, teachers and guardians, as well as McInerney’s loved ones— both boys had led difficult lives of abuse and neglect. And then, in examining McInerney’s prosecution and defense, the documentary poses difficult questions about punishing juveniles for serious crimes, while exposing society’s pervasive and deadly intolerance of young people who don’t conform to its gender “norms.” Valentine Road brilliantly focuses on how bigotry and prejudice are community-wide problems, not just the acts of individuals. — CHARLES PURDY

This film contains depictions of homophobic violence.



closing night


DIR Darren Stein 2013 USA 94 min

The gay best friend: every celeb has one, so every teen girl needs one...right? G.B.F. is a timely, feel-good PROUDLY SPONSORED BY comedy about a gay teen navigating tokenization and high school social structures. Jawbreaker director Darren Stein steers a brilliant comedic ensemble through the tumultuous trials and tribulations of teenSunday June 30, 7:00 pm • Castro dom, with a script chock-full of hilarious and brilliant one-liners that will leave you gasping for breath! Film & Party: $50 members, $60 general • GBF30C Closeted high school seniors Brent and Tanner want to make their coming out special— Brent with a Film Only: $30 members, $35 general • GBF30C hefty dose of flash and glitter, and Tanner...well, he’s just waiting until the time is right. Inseparable BFFs, they plot Brent’s rise to out-of-the-closet stardom as the coveted novelty G.B.F. of one of the three prom queen rivals at Northgate: goldilocked hottie Fawcett (Sasha Pieterse, Heroes), horny Mormon redhead ’Shley (Andrea Bowen, Desperate Housewives), and drama club diva Caprice (Xosha Roquemore, Precious). But when Brent accidentally outs Tanner, things go haywire and Tanner is unwillingly rocketed to the top of both his own homosexiness and the teen social scene as the new must-have accessory. This creates a crazy mess of dilemmas and back-stabbings that leave the two as arch-frenemies. Fortunately, Brent’s mom (played impeccably by Megan Mullally) provides as much nurturing, gay-supportive, motherly love as an army of PFLAG parents. G.B.F. stars Paul Iacono (Fame) as Brent and Michael J. Willett (United States of Tara) as Tanner, and co-stars Natasha Lyonne (But I’m a Cheerleader) as GSA faculty advisor Ms. Hoegel, Horatio Sanz (Saturday Night Live) as grumpy Principal Crowe, and Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter) as feisty homophobe McKenzie. G.B.F. features enough hair tossing, smart sweater vests, and Mariah Carey to leave you feeling gaymazing for weeks — and enough awkward teen lovability to rival Freaks and Geeks. — NATALIE MULFORD


Temple Nightclub (540 Howard Street between 1st & 2nd Sts.) will play host to our dazzling Closing Night Gala — honoring 37 years of Frameline Festivals. Enjoy scrumptious bites, signature cocktails, and sophisticated wines amongst antiquities from Southeast Asia at this infamous SOMA dance club. Be there as we announce our Frameline37 AT&T Audience PROUDLY Award Winners, Wells Fargo First Feature Award, and all Festival award SPONSORED BY winners and send our guests off in true SF style.



Bud Light Stella Artois Abbey Party Rents

Guests must be 21 plus to enjoy beer, wine or cocktails.



frameline award

Jamie Babbit A


film director, producer, and screenwriter, Jamie Babbit has also directed a staggering number of female-centered television shows — indeed, she has blossomed into a reigning diva of modern episodic television. The independent film world first saw Babbit’s work in the short films Frog Crossing (1996) and Sleeping Beauties (which debuted at Sundance 1998). In 1999, she exploded onto the national LGBT cinematic stage with her now iconic first feature, But I’m a Cheerleader (which debuted as Frameline24’s Closing Night Film). This classic queer comedy brilliantly blends hilarity with awkward teen romance, and speaks profoundly to society’s homophobia and confining gender roles. Her short Stuck (2001) premiered at Sundance in 2002 and won a jury prize. Her second feature film, The Quiet (2005) was a thriller about a family with dark secrets. Itty Bitty Titty Committee (2006 and Frameline31’s Closing Night Film) was created with an all-female cast, crew, and soundtrack. This year we are delighted to be showing her newest feature film, Breaking the Girls (2012), a sexy and twist-filled lesbian thriller in which a murder plot goes off the rails. Babbit’s prolific television career has nurtured her numerous high-quality independent film projects. What’s consistent in all of her work? You will always find a female, often an easily identifiable lesbian, or a woman with an unidentified sexuality — front and center, with a very clear voice — resisting societal or gender norms. For far too long, For all that she has directed, written, and produced in femaleness, and in particular, queer femininity, has been pushed the cinema and on television, we are proud to present to the margins; Babbit will have none of that in her work.

Jamie Babbit with this year’s Frameline Award.

A glance at the highlights of her TV credits illustrates how often Babbit’s work reads as authentically feminist at its core: Go On (a lesbian wedding episode), Drop Dead Diva (many episodes, including a hilarious lesbian prom episode with Wanda Sykes), Smash, Revenge, United States of Tara, The Middle, Cougar Town, The L Word, Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls, Ugly Betty, Alias, Nip/Tuck, and Popular (a provocative “coming out as bi” episode). In the late ’90s, Babbit emerged as part of a new group of Hollywood directors who have been out for their entire careers, and she continues to make LGBT films and television episodes. She has long been a trailblazer, promoting the visibility of queer women in entertainment and the media, and consistently bringing LGBT stories to film festivals and to the mainstream. For all that she has directed, written, and produced in the cinema and on television, we are proud to present Jamie Babbit with this year’s Frameline Award.






Frameline37 Wells Fargo

First Feature Award

THIS YEAR’S ELIGIBLE FIRST FEATURES • Beyond the Walls, dir. David Lambert


• Big Words, dir. Neil Drumming

HILE WE ALL LOVE seeing the latest film by our favorite well-established director, there’s

nothing quite like catching the introductory work by a budding master whose first film — whether wryly comic, emotionally wrenching, visually audacious, or completely unclassifiable— brings with it the promise of a long and varied career as one of our generation’s next vital cinematic artists. The San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival prides itself on allowing audiences to discover these up-and-coming directors in our midst. Groundbreaking award winners most recently include: Facing Mirrors dir. Negar Azarbeyjani, The Evening Dress dir. Myriam Aziza, Undertow dir. Javier Fuentes-León, Glue dir. Alexis Dos Santos, and in past years— Eating Out dir. Q. Allan Brocka, Hedwig and the Angry Inch dir. John Cameron Mitchell, and Urbania dir. Jon Matthews.

• Burning Blue, dir. DMW Greer • Concussion, dir. Stacie Passon • The Go Doc Project, dir. Cory Krueckeberg • He’s Way More Famous Than You, dir. Michael Urie • Hot Guys with Guns, dir. Doug Spearman • Out in the Dark, dir. Michael Mayer • Simone, dir. Juan Zapata • Soongava-Dance of the Orchids, dir. Subarna Tharpe • Submerge, dir. Sophie O’Connor

Regardless of which director takes home this year’s juried Wells Fargo First Feature Award, all of Frameline37’s first-time filmmakers are winners simply for sharing their visions and voices with us. Frameline36 First Feature Award 2012 Recipient Facing Mirrors, dir. Negar Azarbeyjani.

• Two Weddings and a Funeral, dir. Kim Jho Gwang-Soo • Who’s Afraid of Vagina Wolf?, dir. Anna Margarita Albelo • Young & Wild, dir. Marialy Rivas

Generously funded by Wells Fargo, this $7,500 juried award is presented to the outstanding first narrative feature at Frameline37.


Frameline37 Spotlight On Queer Asian Cinema This year’s program has a wealth of LGBT cinematic gems from Asia — with full-length narratives and documentaries from China, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. Plus, we are proud to have 18 short films from countries including Cambodia, Hong Kong, Vietnam and more. Frameline37 is delighted to present this spotlight on burgeoning queer Asian cinema and the aesthetics, humor, contradictions, and politics of being queer in contemporary Asian film. From the subversive to the sublime — indulge with us as we present the year’s best in LGBT Asian cinema.

Bwakaw (p 41) Chuppan Chupai (p 42) It Gets Better (p 42) Mama Rainbow (p 54) She: tHEiR Love Story (p 44) Soongava — Dance of the Orchids (p 45) Two Weddings and a Funeral (p 46) White Night (p 46) Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (p 34)



Mondays starting at 10pm


The Battle of amfAR DIRS Rob Epstein & Jeffrey Friedman USA 2013 40 min

Academy Award–winning directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman (HOWL, The Celluloid Closet, Paragraph 175) return with yet another not-to-be-missed documentary, this time focusing on Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor and research scientist Dr. Mathilde Krim. In 1985, these dynamic women founded amfAR to mobilize the scientific community in the fight against AIDS. In the early ’80s, an HIV diagnosis often meant a death sentence— and the U.S. government was failing to act. Activists leaped into action to call attention to the epidemic and to care for the sick and the dying. But a critical issue remained: the need for quick and effective scientific research, unfettered by red tape. Dr. Krim, a pioneer in her field, is a charming and steadfast ally to the gay community. The effervescent Ms. Taylor PRECEDED BY rejoiced in being able to use her fame to help people, to get Entry Denied politicians and the public to listen, and to raise urgently needed DIR Machu Latorre 2012 USA 27 min funds. Taylor and Krim were truly a force to be reckoned with: Entry Denied (executive produced by inspiring, captivating, and extremely persistent. From the ReaRob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman) gan years to the Ryan White Care Act, to the development of follows three bi-national gay and lesbian protease inhibitors, engaging interviews with amfAR scientists couples struggling with the U.S.’s are at times harrowing— others full of joyous laughter as they discriminatory immigration laws, which grappled head-on with the tragic onset of the AIDS crisis. have no provisions for same-sex couples, — KEVIN SCHAUB due to the Defense of Marriage Act.

Wednesday June 26, 4:30 PM · Castro $8 members, $10 general · BATT26C


This film is a Frameline Completion Fund recipient.




Big Joy: The Adventures of James Broughton DIRS Stephen Silha, Eric Slade & Dawn Logsdon 2013 USA 82 min

Saturday June 22, 4:00 PM · Castro $8 members, $10 general · BIJA22C


“James Broughton was a trickster. He had a way of getting at the serious by focusing on the silly, and that’s very seductive.” So opines Armistead Maupin at the start of this wonderfully entertaining, enriching documentary that traces the artistic explorations and romantic romps of the great gay Renaissance man— poet, filmmaker, and sexual liberator— of San Francisco counterculture. Broughton’s inexhaustible creativity and polysexual escapades made for an action-packed and rewarding life, though not one without its challenges (young Jimmy’s cold-hearted mother deducted 25 cents from his allowance every time he acted effeminate). Hailing from Modesto, Broughton escaped into the City’s underground scene, kicked off poetry festivals, directed award-winning films, shacked up with Pauline Kael, taught at the San Francisco Art Institute, joined the Radical Faeries, and became a charter member of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. “I believe in ecstasy for everyone,” he exclaimed with glee. At age sixty, Broughton met Joel Singer, a student some forty years younger than his perennially dashing mentor. Following a three-day tryst at the infamous Beck’s Motor Lodge, the pair became a devoted couple for the next 25 years, right up until the bard of eroticism’s death in 1999. Co-directors Stephen Silha, Eric Slade, and Dawn Logsdon have made a joyous film that does full poetic justice to their bountiful subject, an ebullient artist whose spirit of adventure continues to galvanize queer culture. — STEVEN JENKINS

This film is a Frameline Completion Fund recipient.




C.O.G. DIR Kyle Patrick Alvarez 2013 USA 88 min

At long last, beloved writer David Sedaris has allowed a film to be made from one of his works! Based on a story that appears in Sedaris’s collection Naked, C.O.G. begins with a naively pompous and insecure Yale graduate named David traveling to Oregon to work as an apple picker (and changing his name to Samuel). Escaping from parental disapproval back East, he has some vague notions about the redemptive, character-building power of field labor. But after the friend he’d planned to work with abandons him, David’s ill-conceived hero’s journey leads him into increasingly surreal situations: from working the night shift at a dreary factory, to fleeing a co-worker’s peculiar and frightening seduction attempt, to living in an erstwhile beauty parlor with an unhinged born-again craftsman. These and other bizarre experiences challenge his fundamental beliefs about himself and give him a rough education in the ways of the world. Sedaris’s tone is unmistakable: C.O.G. is a darkly comic exploration of human ignobility, vanity, and self-delusion. At the same time, the film is hopeful— it has moments of unexpected grace and remarkable beauty. Kyle Patrick Alvarez (Easier with Practice) is a subtle, thoughtful director, and the societal misfits we meet in the film (David included) are treated with tenderness. The cast features the marvelous Jonathan Groff (Glee’s Jesse St. James and Boss’s Ian Todd) as David, along with Dean Stockwell, Corey Stoll, Dale Dickey (Winter’s Bone), and Denis O’Hare (True Blood’s Russell Edgington).

Saturday June 22, 9:15 PM · Castro $10 members, $12 general · COG22C






The Happy Sad DIR Rodney Evans 2013 USA 87 min

Tuesday June 25, 9:30 PM · Castro $10 members, $12 general · HAPP25C


In the age of polyamory and blurred lines of sexuality, what really makes for a happy relationship? Two young couples in New York— one black and gay, one white and heterosexual— find themselves intertwined as they create new relationship norms, explore sexual identity, and redefine monogamy. Take Annie, a teacher concerned with upward mobility, and her younger, musician boyfriend, Stan. Needing an excuse for why she wants them to take a break, Annie pretends to be dating her female coworker Mandy. Heartbroken Stan quickly attempts to get over Annie by being under Marcus, who just started having an open relationship with his long-term boyfriend, Aaron. After six years of monogamy, Marcus is surprised to find himself emotionally raw and vulnerable with first-timer Stan, and he breaks the one agreement he has with Aaron. After a bad blind date, newly free Annie decides to give it a go with Mandy, a fragile woman who, after Annie’s advances, realizes she actually is a lesbian and starts to develop real feelings. A chance encounter between the couples on a train platform forces them all to reevaluate their ideas of fidelity and redefine relationship norms. Filmmaker Rodney Evans (Brother to Brother, Frameline28) masterfully helms a talented multicultural ensemble cast including Chicago Fire’s Charlie Barnett and singer-songwriter Cameron Scoggins. The Happy Sad explores the art of happiness, sexual identity, honesty, and monogamy. It’s a cliché to say that you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone, but sometimes you still don’t really know what you’ve got once you get it back again. — ANGELIQUE SMITH

This film is a Frameline Completion Fund recipient.




He’s Way More Famous Than You DIR Michael Urie 2013 USA 95 min

Would you kidnap Ben Stiller to jumpstart your flagging indie film career? Or seduce The Karate Kid to convince him to play the lead in the movie of your life? Or drunk-dial Jesse Eisenberg to remind him how cool you were back when you were in The Squid and the Whale together? New York actress Halley Feiffer will do all of this and more to boost her IMDB StarTracker status and get her life back in the spotlight. Starring and co-written by the real-life Halley Feiffer (daughter of satirist Jules Feiffer (and known primarily for her role in Noah Baumbach’s indie darling 2005 film) and Ryan Spahn, who co-stars as her brother in the film, HWMFTY features a pageant of Hollywood’s “who’s who” marching in the mishap parade that is Feiffer’s real-life-turned movie. There is Meryl Streep’s daughter Mamie Gummer, who turns up as the latest acquisition of Feiffer’s agent; there’s her AA sponsor, brilliantly portrayed by Natasha Lyonne (But I’m a Cheerleader), who saves Halley from her serious (and often funny) drinking problem; and, finally, there is Michael Urie (the awesomely gay guy from Ugly Betty and Spahn’s real-life and movie partner) who directs both HWMFTY and the disaster-of-a-movie Halley makes within it. With the Sanddunes Screenwriting contest just ten days out and both the movie production and her personal life unraveling around her, Halley must put down the pitcher of sangria, tame her runaway ego, and make peace with those she loves— most importantly, her awkward, dirty-mouthed, outrageous self.

Saturday June 29, 8:30 PM · Castro $10 members, $12 general · HESW29C






The New Black DIR Yoruba Richen 2013 USA 75 min

Saturday June 29, 1:15 PM · Castro $8 members, $10 general · NEWB29C


When California’s Prop 8 passed in 2008, many disappointed supporters of marriage equality immediately blamed the state’s African American church leaders for failing to embrace same-sex marriage as a civil rights issue. The finger-pointing drove a wedge between Black and LGBT communities, and over-simplified the complex history of African American attitudes toward gay rights, particularly in the Black church. The New Black is a much-needed fresh take on how those attitudes might be changing. It gives us an inside look at efforts within African American communities and churches across the country to address— and then do something about— same-sex equality. Taking us to backyard barbecues, church meetings, and campaign offices, the film introduces us to a surprisingly diverse cast of citizen activists. We meet gospel singer Tonéx, whose coming out made him an outcast, and Rev. Delman Coates, a Baptist minister who champions same-sex marriage rights. Most memorably, we follow the indefatigable and inspiring Sharon Lettman-Hicks, the straight leader of the National Black Justice Coalition, as she helps lead Maryland’s 2012 campaign to secure LGBT marriage equality— part of what she terms “the unfinished business of Black people being free.” Showing respect for opposing perspectives, The New Black charts a new map of the disputed territory where church teachings, long-held traditions, civil rights, and social conscience intersect and often clash. — PETER L. STEIN

This film is a Frameline Completion Fund recipient.




Reaching for the Moon / Flores Raras DIR Bruno Barreto 2013 Brazil 118 min

In 1951 an obscure woman writer decides to take a trip —“the geographic cure,” her friend Robert “Cal” Lowell (Treat Williams) teases. And so poet Elizabeth Bishop (Miranda Otto of The Lord of the Rings film trilogy) sets sail for Rio de Janeiro and a life-changing relationship with the wealthy— and very butch— architect Lota de Macedo Soares. Based on the book Rare and Common Place Flowers, the film opens with an early version of Bishop’s famous poem “The Art of Losing”; however, the first loser in this fictionalized account is not the poet but her college friend Mary, who is happily ensconced with Lota when Elizabeth arrives for a visit. Painfully shy Elizabeth is at first put off by Lota’s brashness, while Lota asks Mary, “How long is she staying?” An allergic reaction prolongs Elizabeth’s visit, and her relationship with Lota goes from cold to very, very hot, while Mary is relegated to the back burner. Elizabeth blossoms in Brazil. Pampered by the extravagant Lota, she writes, wins awards, and is feted by Rio society. But problems lurk: Elizabeth’s alcoholism, Mary’s resentment, Lota’s difficulties building Rio’s Flamengo Park, and a government coup. Director Bruno Barreto beautifully captures the vibrant feel of design-conscious mid-century Brazil; however, it’s the sharp writing, smoldering on-screen chemistry, and stellar performances (particularly by Brazilian telenovela star Glória Pires) that make this lavish big-screen adaptation of a messy, yet gloriously romantic, relationship so deeply satisfying.

Friday June 28, 6:45 PM · Castro $10 members, $12 general · REAC28C






Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? DIR Arvin Chen 2013 Taiwan 104 min in Mandarin and Min Nan with English subtitles

Wednesday June 26, 9:30 PM · Castro $10 members, $12 general · WILL26C


Weichung has been happily married to his lovely wife, Feng, for nine years. Or has he? With a six-year-old son and a new promotion, all seems to be going well for Weichung. But it’s hard not to notice the melancholic look in his eyes, and it’s easy to imagine the secret lurking behind them. When his old friend Stephen, a flamboyant wedding photographer, appears on the scene, that secret is all too clear: Weichung has lived his entire married life as a closeted gay man. But his innate desires can only be repressed for so long, and they are soon sparked by a young flight attendant named Thomas. As the shy Weichung veers hesitantly back toward his former gay lifestyle, Feng (spurred on by her meddling mother) is eager to have another child. Meanwhile, his moody and impulsive younger sister Mandy has dumped her fiancé, San-San, who is desperately trying to woo her back with the help of Stephen and his openly gay “sisters.” This charming romantic comedy is an utter delight, with its cast of sweet (but never saccharine) characters, fairytale-like dream sequences, karaoke cabaret, and the most intimate eye exam ever seen on film. A Bay Area native now based in Taiwan, director Arvin Chen has crafted a confection of a film that is also an authentic and well-drawn story of love, family, and sexuality — and the conflict many Asian gay men experience trying to reconcile all three. — JOANNE PARSONT



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us features 36

Big Gay Love

Big Words

DIR Ringo

DIR Neil

Le 2013 USA 85 min

Jonathan Lisecki (Gayby, Frameline36) stars in this unconventional take on the standard Hollywood romcom formula, as a socially awkward gay guy in the stock Meg Ryan/Kate Hudson role, with a cult-TV heartthrob cast as his potential soul mate — as they attempt to find Big Gay Love. A successful but insecure party planner, Bob desperately searches for love on his own terms in body image–obsessed Los Angeles. He has a steady job, plenty of friends, a kooky bewigged mom, and enough money saved up to plunk down for his first house. But he’s not toned or ripped, and he suspects that’s the reason he doesn’t have a dreamy boyfriend with whom to share life’s precious moments and adopt a couple of Lhasa apsos. Enter Andy (Nicholas Brendon of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Psycho Beach Party fame), a successful chef/restaurateur he meets at a catered party for Bob’s quirky gal pal. Their romance blossoms, but Bob’s insecurities run amok when their relationship gets physical. In an attempt to fit in with his vapid gym-rat friends (who provide loads of unrelenting comic relief), Bob makes an appointment with the plastic surgeon to become “perfect” and finally fit in. Wacky hijinks and heartwarming moments ensue, with some unexpected twists. With Big Gay Love, writer-director Ringo Le cleverly crafts a love letter to everyone who’s ever wanted to be accepted as themselves regardless of their color, shape, or size. Amen, girl.

Drumming 2012 USA 105 min

How do you move on when it seems like your best years are behind you? This is the case for John, Malik, and James: former members of a ’90s hip-hop group that fell apart, wrecking their friendship. John (Southland’s Dorian Missick), the neurotic, down-on-his-luck, quiet one with the gift of rhyme and a love of day-shift strippers, is unable to face the fact that his cousin James (The Wire’s Gbenga Akinnagbe), once a ladies man, is now gay and living with his boyfriend, Eddie. Both have tried to forget their semi-successful past which is forever clouded by a life-changing accident. Malik (Third Watch’s Darien Sills-Evans), the weed-smoking DJ who came up with the beats, has trouble letting go of what could have been and stays on his quest for creating the perfect mix, in spite of not having a real job. When the gay son of an exec at their former record label (Zachary Booth of Frameline36’s Keep the Lights On) attempts to bring them together to write a book on his father, James begins to question his commitment to Eddie, John must learn to trust himself not to fail, and all three are forced to settle old scores. Set against the backdrop of the country’s “Yes We Can” attitude on Election Night 2008, along with the seminal aspects of hip hop in the lives of its characters, Neil Drumming’s robust directorial debut explores forgiveness, growth, and the need to confront deferred dreams. — ANGELIQUE SMITH


Monday June 24, 9:30 pm · Victoria $10 members, $12 general · WORD24V

Saturday June 22, 6:30 pm · Victoria

Wednesday June 26, 9:30 pm · Elmwood

$10 members, $12 general · BIGL22V

$10 members, $12 general · WORD26E




us features

Breaking the Girls

Burning Blue

But I’m a Cheerleader

DIR Jamie


DIR Jamie

Babbit 2012 USA 85 min

Dark, secret desires whispered between the sheets shouldn’t be taken seriously...unless the pillow talk is about murder. Law student Sara is supplementing her scholarship money by bartending. With an unrivaled grasp of the law, the striking blonde catches the attention of Eric, who is already dating fellow classmate Brooke. After one fateful encounter at Sara’s bar, jealous Brooke makes it her mission to sabotage every aspect of Sara’s life: she loses her job, scholarship, and housing. In walks Alex, a wild trust-fund baby lesbian with a penchant for underdogs, a mysterious past, and a hatred for her gold-digging stepmother. Though Sara has feelings for Eric, she gets entangled — physically and metaphorically — with Alex and, reminiscent of Strangers on a Train, she promises to take care of Sara’s enemy in exchange for Sara doing the same. Since she was sleepy, post-orgasmic, and not really listening, Sara is shocked to find that Alex is true to her homicidal word...and fully expects Sara to keep up her end of the bargain. Betrayal, deception and extreme creepiness ensue. Directed by this year’s Frameline Award honoree, Jamie Babbit (Itty Bitty Titty Committee, But I’m a Cheerleader) and co-written by Guinevere Turner (American Psycho), Breaking the Girls has a lot of familiar faces in the cast— including Madeline Zima (Californication) and Shawn Ashmore (X-Men) — and is a sexy, twistfilled thriller where no one is who he or she claims to be.

Greer 2013 USA 96 min

Forbidden love is always complicated. But when love is virtually outlawed by your country’s government, the emotional and physical fallout can reach epic proportions. DMW Greer’s intense adaptation of his own play, Burning Blue, tackles these issues with stinging insight and unbridled passion. Dan (Trent Ford) is a Navy fighter pilot who seems to have it all: a promising career, a beautiful fiancée, and a loyal best friend, Will (Morgan Spector). Of course, nothing is ever as it seems. After a thrilling and unexpected shore-leave night on-the-town with fellow navy pilot Matt (Rob Mayes), Dan’s life is turned upside down. As Dan abruptly struggles to make sense of his own identity, his government bosses circle the waters, anticipating a disturbance in the heterosexual order they’ve so carefully crafted. Filmmaker DMW Greer, a former Naval aviator, infuses this tragic love story with real-world details, going behind the curtain to capture the emotional fallout of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” era. Stunning shots of slick, steady fighter jets and carriers are juxtaposed against the messy human challenges of military men who have been trained in the ways of straight relationships. Absorbing and moving from the opening frame, Burning Blue exposes the mechanics and consequences of modern-day witchhunts that attempt to put restrictions on who and how we love. — BRENDAN PETERSON

Babbit 1999 USA 85 min

This is a retrospective screening of Jamie Babbit’s iconic 1999 romantic comedy, which was Frameline24’s Closing Night film. This John Waters’–influenced, off-the-wall comedy brilliantly blends hilarity with romance as a high school girl finds the courage to be herself. Megan (Natasha Lyonne, Party Monster, He’s Way More Famous than You, G.B.F.) has got it all. She’s pretty, a model student, and a cheerleader! Just as she’s about to go to the playoffs, Megan walks right into a rude surprise — a group intervention, led by her parents (Bud Cort, Mink Stole), to force her to admit that she’s a homosexual. The evidence is overwhelming: she eats tofu, has a Melissa Etheridge poster, and hates kissing her boyfriend. She’s whisked off to True Directions, a five-step homo-rehab camp, where Mike (Ru Paul, in boy drag) tries to change her ways. Megan is the perfect student at the “conversion camp” but doesn’t believe she’s gay— until she meets Graham (Clea DuVall, Girl Interrupted, Argo), a sexy rich tomboy. The film uses highly aestheticized set designs, luridly feminine color schemes for the girls, and hyper-masculine props for the boys. It speaks profoundly to society’s homophobia and confining gender roles, and it sparkles with an in-your-face radicalism and side-splitting humor. PRECEDED BY:

Sleeping Beauties DIR Jamie

Babbit USA 1999 13 min

This short (which premiered at Sundance in 1998) retells the fairytale and centers on a morgue beautician who is trying to get over her ex-girlfriend and finds love with a photographer’s assistant.


Saturday June 22, 6:30 pm · Castro

Saturday June 29, 4:00 pm · Victoria

Friday June 21, 11:00 am · Castro

$10 members, $12 general · BREA22C

$8 members, $10 general · BURN29V

$8 members, $10 general · BUTI21C






us features

Easy Abby: Every Day Making Love More Difficult (Season One)

The Go Doc Project

Heterosexual Jill

DIR Cory

DIR Michelle

DIR Wendy

The line between online lust and real-world love is blurred when an introverted young man befriends the magnetic go-go boy of his fantasies under the pretense of making a documentary about the gay New York City nightlife scene. The film follows a sexually conservative college student, wonderfully played by Tanner Cohen (Were the World Mine, Frameline32, whose director Tom Gustafson produced The Go Doc Project). Our lead enjoys getting his rocks off during chat sessions with online followers. Calling himself Doc, he drunkenly emails Go (charmingly portrayed by Matthew Camp, a real-life NYC go-go dancer and tattoo artist) who dances for dollars at nightclubs. The dancer soon agrees to be Doc’s muse and they begin to document nearly every moment, including some Q&A sessions on sex and what it means to be young and gay in today’s fame-hungry culture. Viewers will be enthralled by the relationship’s evolution as cameras voyeuristically document their most intimate moments, but Doc gets way more than he bargained for after Go charms the pants off him, and he starts falling hard for his human objet d’art. This low-budget yet highly assured feature was conceived by director Cory James Krueckeberg as an experimental documentary-narrative hybrid — made entirely with a webcam, iPhone, and a small HD camera, with much of the footage shot by the two lead actors. It’s a triumph of inventive editing and gives a refreshing jolt to the standard coming-of-age genre.

Jo Carlton 2013 USA 85 min

Directed by Fest fave Wendy Jo Carlton (Jamie & Jessie Are Not Together, Hannah Free) and starring actor and producer Lisa Cordileone, Easy Abby is a new comedic webseries about the (mis)adventures of a thirtysomething lesbian living in Chicago and trying to juggle the dating scene with slickness and sense of humor. True to her nickname, Easy Abby is a smooth operator always up to the task. As she works a series of odd jobs, trying to make do, she also clumsily works through a series of dates, hook-ups, and sometimes delves into meaningful conversations about love and relationships. From the sexy hookup in the public bathroom, to the enticing encounter with a stranger that could potentially turn into something more, to the awkward run-in with the bitterly forsaken one-night stand that never heard from her again, to the ironic blind setup with the hook-up whose name she can’t seem to remember — Abby has her hands full. Oscillating between hot, casual flings and wanting to get closer but fearing the intimacy that a relationship requires, Abby’s attempts are not always successful and often awkward, but they are always sexy and fun. — JULIA BARBOSA

James Krueckeberg 2013 USA 100 min


Ehlen 2013 USA 80 min

Filmmaker Michelle Ehlen wrote, directed, and stars in this satirical pseudo-romantic comedy — and sequel to Butch Jamie (Frameline32) — about being in love with the person you think you are. Butch Jamie struggles to find inspiration in her leading role on the “best mockumentary about cat-actors that the world has ever seen.” It doesn’t help that one of her exes, Lola, also works on the film, taking care of the cat-actors (yes, Howard the Cat makes his well-dressed return — it really is all about him). Enter Jill, an incredibly neurotic, newly self-identified “ex-lesbian” who is having some blockage on her pathway to heterosexuality. Jill decides to track down her ex-girlfriend Jamie, just to prove to herself that she’s no longer attracted to her. Jamie crashes Jill’s exlesbian group, and what ensues is a send-up of ex-gay therapy — and of exes who won’t go away. The laughs and sharp social critique are delivered in equal measure when Jamie agrees to the hare-brained scheme of dating Jill again so that Jill can close the lesbian chapter of her life. On-set love triangles cause unexpected problems, as David (a new crewmember) and Lola compete for the affection of the hunky and sexually ambiguous José. Naturally, Jill and Jamie’s relationship gets complicated — fast— and Jamie finds herself questioning everything and everyone around her, including herself. Heterosexual Jill cleverly employs over-the-top queer comedy and wit to examine and explode limited definitions of sexuality— be it homo, bi, or hetero. — K. TAFFYJANE

Friday June 21, 7:00 pm · Victoria

Friday June 21, 9:30 pm · Victoria

Wednesday June 26, 7:00 pm · Victoria

$10 members, $12 general · EASY21V

$10 members, $12 general · GODO21V

$10 members, $12 general · HETE26V




us features

Hot Guys with Guns

Interior. Leather Bar.

Pit Stop

DIR Doug

DIRS Travis

DIR Yen Tan 2013 USA 80 min in English & Spanish with English subtitles

Spearman 2013 USA 108 min

Billed as a Lethal Weapon–type action comedy with two gay leads, this frothy mystery caper centers on an aspiring actor named Danny and his ex-boyfriend Pip, who find themselves sucked into a crime spree targeting Hollywood’s so-called Velvet Mafia. Danny (Marc Samuel of General Hospital) is working as a waiter and attending a class for private investigators as research for an upcoming audition. As part of his homework assignment, he takes to “stalking” Pip (film newbie Brian McArdle), a rich party boy who lives in the guest house owned by his boozy, pill-popping mother. When Pip attends a sex party with some of Hollywood’s gay power players and ends up getting robbed by a mysterious and vengeful duo, the bickering exes decide to play Hardy Boys by solving the case themselves, since nobody involved in the scandal wants the police sniffing around. Pip’s new boy toy, Robin, provides extra tension and eye candy. From the opening Bond-spoofing credits to the flirty will-they-or-won’t-they banter, writer-director Doug Spearman (an actor on the Logo hit Noah’s Arc) clearly has a sincere love of classic Hollywood detective stories and an aim to turn them on their head. With bullets and comic zingers flying, Hot Guys w ith Guns is uproarious viewing; and Spearman has crafted— in an often-tired genre — something fresh and tremendously entertaining. — CHRIS KEECH

Mathews & James Franco USA 2013 60 min

Interior. Leather Bar. has made headlines as an attempt by genre-hopping directors Travis Mathews and James Franco to reconstruct the legendary “lost” footage cut (to avoid an X rating) from William Friedkin’s crime thriller Cruising — the controversial 1980 film starring Al Pacino as a straight undercover cop in New York’s leather world. But this new film is far more than two cinephiles’ academic exercise. Yes, they reimagine the infamous bar scene— with actor Val Lauren playing a version of Pacino— and bring a non-judgmental gaze onto the explicit backroom frolicking. But the filmmakers cleverly weave the re-creation into a metadrama about the making of the 2012 scene, revealing its participants’ reservations and excitement and creating the quasi-doc about Hollywood, censorship, and sexual mores. Interior. Leather Bar. may have a famous controversy and James Franco as its attentiongrabbers, but at heart it is a rumination on what separates creative and sexual expression, and private and public performance. — PETER L. STEIN PRECEDED BY:

In Their Room: London DIR

Travis Mathews 2013 USA 33 min

Since 2009, Travis Mathews has been taking his camera into the bedrooms of gay men across the world for a series of intimate interviews about sex and love in the hook-up age. In this installment, Londoners reveal their private desires and fears while quietly going about warmly-lit rituals of bathing and grooming.

It might be difficult for urban gays to relate to the circumscribed lives of their small-town brethren, where options to assuage loneliness narrow down to limited or missed opportunities. Then again, loneliness is a universal animal, heedless of specific geography other than the vast terrain of the yearning heart, and when the “right one” finally comes along, it doesn’t matter whether it’s among the throngs of San Francisco or at a pit stop in Texas. With his third feature, director Yen Tan (Ciao) joins forces with David Lowery (Ain’t Them Bodies Saints) to craft a charming romance characterized by Variety’s Dennis Harvey as “low key but ultimately deeply satisfying.” B. Ruby Rich adds: “Yen Tan’s gift for long takes and his comfort with silences makes demands on the audience that films ought to make— and pays them back with a surprising happy ending.” Construction contractor Gabe (Bill Heck) and forklift operator Ernesto (Marcus DeAnda) are caught in compromised relationships: Gabe with his ex-wife and young child whom he wants to responsibly raise, and homebound Ernesto with a young lover anxious to start an independent life in the big city. Despite both being handsome and available, Gabe and Ernesto are insecure about their future chances for love. With heartfelt nuance and patient observation, Tan captures honest performances from an accomplished cast. — MICHAEL GUILLÉN

This program contains sexually explicit material.

Friday June 21, 4:00 pm · Castro $8 members, $10 general · PITS21C

Thursday June 27, 4:00 pm · Castro

Sunday June 23, 9:15 pm · Castro

Thursday June 27, 7:00 pm · Elmwood

$10 members, $12 general · HOTG27C

$10 members, $12 general · INLB23C

$10 members, $12 general · PITS27E






us features

Test DIR Chris

Mason Johnson 2013 USA 86 min

Test is a visually stunning, beautifully choreographed, well-acted, and powerfully moving story set in the San Francisco modern dance scene of 1985— right before the first HIV test is announced. Newspaper headlines threatened a gay quarantine, nobody knew for certain how the disease spread, and dancers feared touching each other. Frankie (Scott Marlowe) a slender, boyish-looking dancer faces bullying from the choreographer and other dancers: “Dance like a man!” Fellow dancer Todd (Matthew Risch) is much more sexually adventurous and traditionally masculine. The film centers on their budding friendship and the challenges surrounding the emergence of the AIDS virus: fear, coming out, visible markings of the disease, integrating condoms into gay sex, and of course, the challenge of taking the HIV test. Test has breathtaking new choreography by Sidra Bell, original music by Ceiri Torjussen, and lush cinematography showcasing the natural beauty of San Francisco. It boasts dancers from the San Francisco Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, and modern dance companies in San Francisco. Writer-director Chris Mason Johnson deftly uses movement, motion, and music to propel the story forward. An excellent ’80s soundtrack of wellchosen New Wave hits plays through Frankie’s Walkman, helping to both narrate inner monologues and set the time period. Accompanying the recent burst of brilliant documentaries on the AIDS epidemic, Test is an extraordinary story full of nostalgia and wistful memories about a complicated time full of answering machines and rotary phones with their impossibly tangled cords. — KEVIN SCHAUB



Who’s Afraid of Vagina Wolf?

DIRS a multi-filmmaker collaboration 2012 USA 100 min

DIR Anna

Valencia the novel put the experiences of an entire generation of lesbians on paper through the lens of one hard-loving and hard-drinking dyke. Punk rockers, riot grrls, and simple, artsy freaks suddenly had a heroine to look up to and a mecca to head toward. This highly anticipated film adaptation of Valencia gives a whole new generation of fabulous, artsy, genderqueer folks an opportunity to reinterpret and reinvent the tales of this iconic novel one chapter at a time. Valencia lives on the same edge as its characters, by taking an anthology structure; each chapter is told by a different director and cast, and each “Michelle” conveys a different element or feel of the story and the community. The “Michelles” come in every shape, race, style, and gender— and by the end of the film, the wide swath of performances come together showing how “Michelle” and the stories of Valencia itself represent a universal experience. From falling in love to bonding with your exes’ exes, the film captures a moment in time in San Francisco, while also capturing the universal experience of being young, heartbroken, and ecstatic, and discovering the magic of who you are — all at once. In its 18 segments the film features a veritable who’s who of San Francisco icons like Lynn Breedlove, Annie Danger, Lil Miss Hot Mess, and writer Michelle Tea herself, directed by infamous queer filmmakers including Silas Howard, Peter Anthony, and Cheryl Dunye.

Margarita Albelo 2013 USA 83 min In English and Spanish with English subtitles

As another birthday rolls around, forty-year-old filmmaker Anna (played by the director) returns to her never-changing list of resolutions: lose twenty pounds, get a girlfriend, and direct a feature film. Imagine Liz Lemon, if she were a lesbian cinéaste with a dash of Cuban blood in her. This year, Anna plans to knock (at least) two of those resolutions out with one stone, as she begins writing a lesbian remake of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, devised to win the affections of her leading lady, Katia (Janina Gavankar of The L-Word). With Anna planning to act opposite her beautiful crush, her two best friends, Penelope (Go Fish’s Guinevere Turner) and Chloe (True Blood’s Carrie Preston), round out the four-person cast. Unfortunately, things don’t run smoothly, as egos begin to clash and crewmembers start sleeping with one another. Will Anna go yetanother year without accomplishing any of her resolutions? From the co-writer of Saved! (2004), Who’s Afraid of Vagina Wolf? is a hysterical behindthe-scenes comedy, with a sexy, funny cast (look for Drew “Chloe Sevigny” Droege in a cameo role). — SÉVERINE SOREL


This film is Frameline Completion Fund recipient.

Friday June 21, 9:00 pm · Castro

Sunday June 23, 6:30 pm · Castro

$10 members, $12 general · VALE21C

$10 members, $12 general · WHOS23C

Saturday June 29, 6:00 pm · Castro

Thursday June 27, 9:30 pm · Elmwood

Tuesday June 25, 7:00 pm · Elmwood

$10 members, $12 general · TEST29C

$10 members, $12 general · VALE27E

$10 members, $12 general · WHOS25E





Beyond the Walls Hors les Murs

Bwakaw DIR Jun

DIR David Lambert 2012 Belgium, Canada, France 98 min

world cinema

In French with English subtitles

Depicting a fraught but passionate relationship between two difficult men, David Lambert’s first feature expertly charts the course of love — from the heights of infatuation to the more mundane difficulties of day-to-day life. In a Brussels wine bar, young Paolo is getting drunk with his girlfriend Anka and some friends and starts flirting with the bartender, an older Albanian musician named Ilir. They go home together and after some initial confusion, the youngster confesses his desire to be with Ilir and gets booted out of the flat he shares with Anka. The two men move in together, but cohabitation brings its own challenges— they barely know one another, there’s a sizable age gap between them, and they’re basically broke. By homing in on the pair and their connection, Lambert’s film resembles other recent, nuanced portraits of gay relationships, such as Weekend or Keep the Lights On, while maintaining its own specificity. There’s a raw need in Paolo’s character that verges on subservience, especially when Ilir leaves for a period of time and shackles the younger man with a modern chastity belt. When this departure turns into a disappearance/drug bust and Paolo is forced to rely on his own resources, the relationship perforce takes a turn for the worse. It is some time before Paolo and Ilir meet up again, but when they do, the complexities of this particular relationship (and same-sex partnerships in general) are laid out in all of their messy but love-filled glory.

Robles Lana 2012 Philippines 110 min In Tagalog with English subtitles

Selected as the Philippine entry for the Best Foreign Language Oscar at the 85th Academy Awards, Bwakaw stars Filipino megastar Eddie Garcia as Rene, a crotchety and closeted silver fox whose main comfort is his dog, Bwakaw. The quintessential grumpy old man, he lives in a rundown house from whose perch he spars with passersby, including his childhood friend Zaldy, a loud and out hairdresser who is constantly urging him further out of the closet. Preferring a more sedate and solitary existence, Rene begins to reevaluate his life when the local funeral parlor, about to close up shop, asks him to claim the coffin he purchased for himself. This memento mori, given a prominent berth in his small home, nudges him a bit further into sociability. Also prompting this slight personality shift is a new friendship with a manly moto-taxi driver named Sol. The film is filled with other nicely developed characters who move in Rene’s orbit, including a woman he strung along romantically for many years, the patient and non-judgmental local priest, and a work colleague with health issues. In this manner, Bwakaw becomes a wonderfully nuanced portrait of a community where young and old mix and mingle. But ultimately, this is Rene’s story, and watching this irascible but caring man come to terms with the regrets of his life and his search for a self-affirming way forward gives the film its moving and subtle power. — ROD ARMSTRONG


Thursday June 27, 9:30 pm · Castro

Sunday June 23, 6:45 pm · Victoria

$10 members, $12 general · BEYO27C

$10 members, $12 general · BWAK23V



Jim Stephens & Abraham Brown




Del Lado del Verano The Summer Side

Free Fall Freier Fall

DIR Antonia

San Juan 2012 Spain 100 min In Spanish with English subtitles

DIR Stephan

Tana’s family put the “D” in dysfunctional. Never is this more clear than when her unemployed, alcoholic Dad kicks the bucket. The ties (licit and illicit) between his widow, her sisters, his sister, and various cousins are more tangled than a rat’s nest, and Salvador’s death unleashes a merry-go-round of backstabbing gossip and melodrama. How do you maintain your sanity in a family where your grandmother crank calls your mom? Upwardly mobile Tana plans to head for Australia with her boyfriend and leave it all behind — including the family member she’s closest to, her not-very-closeted gay cousin Tomás. Tomás is having his own troubles. His rabidly homophobic mom, Blanca, won’t accept the reality staring her in the face. “A new girlfriend every week,” Blanca brags to frenemy sister-inlaw Vanessa, whose dyke daughter goes clubbing with Tomás. Getting away from this family won’t be easy. Gorgeously shot on location in the Canary Islands, the lush, island setting contrasts with the never-ending squabbles of the bingo-obsessed sisters and their unhappy children. At times darkly comic (the actresses playing sisters Blanca and Carmen are standouts), the film unblinkingly reveals the sisters’ hypocrisies and the queer reality behind the fantasies they use to oneup each other. “My family runs from everything,” says Tana. But she, at least, is running with eyes wide open.

In this moving and sexy drama, two German police cadets embark on a passionate affair, which has far-reaching effects on their friends and loved ones. Marc, a young officer with a pregnant girlfriend named Bettina, finds himself drawn to his rebellious and studly roommate Kay as they are put through their paces during training. As they share joints, forbidden swims, and runs in the forest, a palpable chemistry arises between the two, and it creates a roiling tension within the heretofore heterosexual Marc. The feelings deepen when Kay unexpectedly transfers to Marc’s department and a full-blown yet turbulent romance develops. Free Fall depicts, in admirably compact fashion, the concatenating effect the two men’s relationship has on others. Marc’s increased and unexplained absences begin to wear on Bettina, while Kay faces homophobia in the department when he is spotted in a local gay bar. Hanno Koffler, as Marc, is particularly compelling, expertly showing the strain of being torn between two lovers and the pressures of incipient fatherhood. He shares a palpable chemistry with Max Riemelt, who plays Kay. Director and co-writer Stephan Lacant showcases the peculiar blend of homoeroticism and homophobia that exists in a mostly male environment like a police force. Most refreshing of all is that no one is an out-and-out villain in the film, except perhaps a society that hinders people like Marc from being their true and fully realized selves.


It Gets Better DIR Tanwarin

Lacant Germany 2013 100 min In German with English subtitles

Sukkhapisit 2012 Thailand 103 min In Thai with English subtitles

In the anything-goes beach resort of Pattaya, Thailand, The Fountain is a popular cabaret staffed with ladyboys (katoey), or transwomen in various stages of transitioning. But its future is put into doubt when good-looking Tonmai, who has lived in the States most of his life, arrives to shut down the club owned by his late father, whom he never knew. Tonmai is immediately drawn to two cabaret performers, one dainty and one tomboy, despite (or because of?) his straight orientation. Meanwhile, impeccably passable but age-conscious Saitarn (played by ’80s Thai icon Penpak Sirikul) cruises glamorously into a northern hamlet and turns the heads of the most macho studs in the village. In a third story thread, sweet “shy boy” Din, caught by his father trying on his mother’s clothes, is forced to start a new life as a temple novice — his reluctance vanishing when he meets the devout priest he’ll serve. “It Gets Better” was, you recall, the slogan used by American activists after a rash of suicides to reassure bullied LGBT youth that life would improve. Here the bullying takes the form of familial rejection and the scars it leaves, while the beauty of Thailand’s countryside and the love of ladyboys are a comfort. A little humor, a little understanding, and a lot of beauty and music complete a portrait of transgender lives rediscovered and redeemed, directed by Tanwarin Sukkhapisit, a talented and courageous filmmaker, who has fought bans against LGBT themes in Thai cinema. — FRAKO LODEN


Friday June 21, 6:30 pm · Castro $10 members, $12 general · FREE21C


Tuesday June 25, 9:30 pm · Victoria

Monday June 24, 9:30 pm · Elmwood

Thursday June 27, 7:00 pm · Roxie

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It’s All So Quiet

La Partida

Melting Away

DIR Nanouk

Leopold 2013 Netherlands, Germany 94 min In Dutch with English subtitles

DIR Antonio

Hens 2013 Spain, Cuba 90 min In Spanish with English subtitles

DIR Doron

On a placid Dutch dairy farm, 55-year-old Helmer cares for his ailing father and goes about the drudgery of his daily chores. Despite cheerful visits from the woman next door and friendly overtures from a burly milk-truck driver, Helmer seems intent on rebuffing human contact, consigning himself to a hard loneliness born of some unexpressed pain. But through the exquisite intimacy of director Nanouk Leopold’s camera, as well as the magnetic intensity of Jeroen Willems’s lead performance, we glimpse something stirring in Helmer: a room is renovated, a young farmhand arrives...tiny earthquakes that make us wonder if we are witnessing everyday changes or something more profound. It’s All So Quiet is aptly titled — the dialogue is sparse; the pacing, unhurried — but this is a “quiet” film in the way that a Vermeer is a “quiet” painting: if you pay close attention, something intimate and marvelous is revealed. The film rewards viewers with its beautifully observed scenes of rural life and its rare depiction of the intense longings of ordinary people. While Helmer was Willems’s last leading role — the actor died unexpectedly just after completing this film — he has left us with a memorable portrait of a quiet man beginning to listen to the sound of his own heart.

For Reinier and Yosvani, young Cubans trying to survive in Havana, “la partida” is soccer, but the phrase also refers to more serious “games” these two characters must play in order to survive. On the field, Reinier works hard to impress Spanish scouts looking for Cuban talent. He has a wife and child, but economic exigencies (and a penchant for gambling and new clothes) draw him most nights to the Malecón, Havana’s fabled seawall where male tourists prowl for handsome flesh. Yosvani is his best friend, shyer than his pal and dependent on his girlfriend’s father Silvano for the roof over his head. Romantic feelings between the two arise one night after they both take ecstasy in a nightclub, but sexual confusion and jealousy create complications. Even as Reinier cozies up to a handsome foreigner named Juan, he maintains his heterosexuality while Yosvani frets about marrying Silvano’s daughter Gema. From these external pressures of family, girlfriends, and poverty to their own internal struggles, the game of life proves much harder to master than soccer as the pair’s relationship suffers dramatic ups and downs. As the two leads, Reinier Diaz and Milton García are charismatic and super sexy. Spanish director and co-writer Antonio Hens (who directed 2007’s powerful Clandestinos) evinces a strong grasp of the lives of young Cubans who are so desperate for a way out of their circumstances that they have precious little time to think about love.

A detective hits the neon-lit streets of Tel Aviv with a simple case: find Assaf, the son Shlomo and Galya kicked out of the house four years ago. Mom Galya has always regretted their hardline reaction to “mommy’s boy” Assaf, whose teenaged tendency toward crossdressing enraged his father. Now she has an even bigger incentive to reunite the family— Assaf’s father, Shlomo, is dying of cancer. Finding Assaf is easy, but then the real complications begin. During his four year absence, Assaf has become Anna, the hit performer at a trans club in Tel Aviv. As her relatives grapple with this unwelcome information, Anna holds fast to her hard-won identity, despite rejection, repeated suggestions that she get therapy, and even violence. “Look at yourself,” she snaps at her uncle after a particularly ugly scene, “I’m the one who needs therapy?” It’s the setup for an old-fashioned, three-handkerchief moviegoing experience, and both the film and star, Chen Yanni, have been winning awards at festivals around the world. The movie delivers plenty of poignancy and heartbreak, as well as the beginnings of hard-won acceptance. Anna models toughness and forgiveness for her appalled mother, teaching her both transgender tolerance and the true meaning of family. And as in many families, acceptance comes when and where you least expect it.


Eran 2011 Israel 86 min In Hebrew with English subtitles



Sunday June 30, 4:30 pm · Castro

Monday June 24, 6:30 pm · Castro

Sunday June 23, 7:00 pm · Roxie

$8 members, $10 general · ALLS30C

$10 members, $12 general · LAPA24C

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Mía DIR Javier Van

de Couter 2012 Argentina, Spain 105 min In Spanish with English subtitles

Ale is a watcher. As she moves through her daily routine — scavenging, streetwalking, and sewing for her friends in the “pink village,” a shanty town inhabited by fellow transgender and gay people in Buenos Aires — she observes the middle-class world on the other side of restaurant windows and behind gated courtyards. But when she scavenges the diary of a mysterious woman named Mía, she finds herself drawn into the problems of one of these middle-class families. In particular, she meets Julia, an unhappy young girl who has lost her mother, and who adopts Ale as a substitute. Skillfully interweaving Julia’s comfortable world with that of the pink village and its struggle for survival, director Javier Van de Couter creates a poignant meditation on family, home, and loss. Stubbornly, Ale pursues her friendship with Julia, despite the skepticism of her friend Pedro and the opposition of Julia’s father. The experience of mothering the young girl transforms Ale. At the beginning of the film she tells an interviewer who is documenting the pink village and its fight for survival, “I can’t complain.” By the end she is standing up to gay-bashers and declaring, “I want a real house.” Ale’s shanty town is based on an actual pink village in Buenos Aires; it was destroyed by the government in 1998. There are no fairy-tale endings here, nor does the film sugarcoat Ale’s life— but it will leave you cheering her indomitable spirit. — MONICA NOLAN

Out in the Dark Alata

She: tHEiR Love Story DIR Sarunya

DIR Michael

Mayer 2012 Israel 96 min In Hebrew and Arabic with English subtitles

Taking great risks, a handsome young Palestinian named Nimr sneaks out of his home in Ramallah one night, climbs over a fence, and dodges police just to go to a gay bar in Tel Aviv. There, he meets a dreamy lawyer named Roy and the two hit it off. Nimr, studying for his masters degree in psychology, has a partial student visa for Israel and hopes eventually to continue at a university in the U.S., but his more radical older brother Nabil wants him to break all ties with “the enemy” country. Roy has it a bit easier, able to be out to friends and family and not gazed on with suspicion by others. Together, they try to build a relationship, but the hazards of where they live and where they are from threaten their happiness. As outside forces impinge — a friend of Nimr’s is beaten and Roy’s parents aren’t particularly welcoming of their son’s new boyfriend — Out in the Dark dramatically conveys the difficulties of a cross-cultural love affair when the cultures are virtually at war with each other. When Nimr’s family finds out about Roy, the tension ratchets even higher, and the lovers must consider desperate measures in order to stay together. Shot digitally and mostly with available light, Israeli director Michael Mayer’s first film offers terrific chemistry from its two leads and expertly conveys the difficulties faced by gay Palestinians forced to live in the shadows. — ROD ARMSTRONG

Noithai 2012 Thailand 93 min In Thai with English Subtitles

Bright, entertaining, and unabashedly soapy, She: tHEiR Love Story offers something of a crash course in Thai lesbian life. Coming on the heels of Yes or No? (Frameline36), She is only the second major Thai film about lesbians, uncovering a conservative streak in the ostensibly open nation. Moving efficiently between two distinct storylines, the film follows the relationships that two “tomboys” (butch lesbians) have with apparently straight women. Da (Apassaporn Saengthong) is a girly glamourpuss and columnist whose boyfriend posts a tape of their sex life online; afterward, her editor convinces Da to write about “the trend” of straight women who reject men in favor of women. Be (Kitchya Kaesuwan) is Da’s handsome tomboy next-door neighbor, on whom Da then sets her sights to help her meet a certain deadline. What begins as a lark turns into love, and Da must ask herself which is more important: her career or her relationship? Meanwhile, newcomer Ann Siriwan Baker plays Jane, a boyish, strong-but-silent-type photographer working for businesswoman Bua, played by ’80s Thai icon Penpak Sirikul. Impressed by Jane’s work and her erudition, the mature Bua swiftly falls for the younger woman. Complicating matters, however, are Bua’s ex-husband and her daughter, who show up at a most inopportune moment. At times uproariously funny, She: tHEiR Love Story traces the pain and the pleasure of falling in love with someone, no matter who they are. — MORDECAI STAYTON

Saturday June 22, 9:00 pm · Roxie $10 members, $12 general · SHE22R

Thursday June 27, 11:00 am · Castro

Friday June 28, 9:30 pm · Castro

Wednesday June 26, 7:00 pm · Elmwood

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Simone DIR Juan

Zapata 2012 Brazil 72 min In Portuguese with English subtitles

In Simone, director Juan Zapata creates a world where the line between reality and fantasy is blurred making it hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. Inspired by true events in the life of Brazilian actress Simone Telecchi, Simone mixes elements of documentary and fiction, in a story where a woman’s unexpected love for a man puts her love for her female partner in jeopardy. An intimate portrayal of a woman tormented by her conflict, Simone questions the freedom within relationships by showing a protagonist torn by the irreconcilable differences between her two universes and forced to reevaluate the convictions that had kept the pillars of her stable relationship in place for so long. “Loneliness is good if you know you’re going back to a dry place soon. But how is it to be wet for the rest of your life?” With the words of her lover echoing in her head, Simone wanders the streets, pondering which path to take. As she tries to appease her guilty conscience and reconcile the ambivalence of her feelings, she struggles with taking a leap of faith into the unknown that may set her free. — JULIA BARBOSA

Soongava — Dance of the Orchids


DIR Subarna

“You’re losing focus!” snaps Jordan’s mom to her swimming-star daughter. Mom doesn’t know the half of it. The athletic university student has added another extracurricular activity to her over-scheduled life — seducing her tutor, Angie, while working for Angie’s professor partner. Bi best friend Lucas teases Jordan that she’s an over-achiever, but not even over-achieving Jordan can keep all these balls in the air indefinitely. Set to a propulsive pop beat, the sparse dialogue and alternately meditative and frenetic editing capture the university experience, where everything seems possible but the plethora of choices becomes its own kind of burden. Not a coming-out story, Submerge gives us a protagonist comfortable with her sexuality. Instead, it examines the consequences of saying ‘yes’ to everything, whether it be dropping E, an academic research project, or a little bondage at the local sex club. Angie quizzes Jordan, half-enviously, about bi Lucas’s equal-opportunity approach to romance: “How does he keep track?” Campus life on this Australian beachfront is full of sun-kissed flesh, and Jordan’s college experimentation includes both drugs and sex in all its many-splendored varieties. But as the round of study, swimming, clubbing, and sex speeds faster and faster, mom’s advice to “stay hydrated” doesn’t cut it. Jordan has to make a decision about what she wants out of life — before the decision is made for her.

DIR Sophie

Thapa 2012 Nepal, France 85 min In Nepali with English subtitles

Last year Frameline presented the first Thai film to deal with a lesbian love affair. This year we show the first film from Nepal to do so, a film featuring a lush but dangerous romance. Kiran and Diya, female college students in Kathmandu, are best friends on the verge of becoming lovers. The graceful Diya aspires to be a traditional Nepali dancer. She goes along with an arranged engagement to a same-caste man to please her old-fashioned parents. But Kiran loves to watch Diya dance and isn’t shy about her desire for her. In their middle-class society, they have to be alone to express their true feelings, and a gushing waterfall is the perfect place for their trysts and quarrels. But as their romance blossoms and family pressures build, even the law becomes involved, wreaking havoc on Diya’s new job and the lovers’ living situation. Meanwhile, a new complication forces Diya and Kiran’s hand. As in traditional dance, the taboo lover expresses passion in a tightly controlled regime. Filmmaker Subarna Thapa boldly crafts a sensuous and tension-filled film, reminding us that it doesn’t always get better when a community feels disgraced by a passionate love affair. — FRAKO LODEN

This film contains graphic depictions of homophobic and sexual violence.

O’Connor 2013 Australia 90 min


Monday June 24, 9:30 pm · Roxie

Friday June 28, 9:30 pm · Roxie

Thursday June 27, 7:00 pm · Castro

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Two Weddings and a Funeral

White Night


Jho Gwang-Soo 2012 South Korea 106 min In Korean with English subtitles

DIR LeeSong

With quirky humor and wrenching heartbreak, the coming-out process takes center stage in Two Weddings and a Funeral, a witty, insightful, and ultimately triumphant celebration of what it means to be gay. Min-Soo (Kim Dong-Yoon), a young doctor in presentday South Korea, lives in fear of his parents discovering his homosexuality (frowned upon in the Korean culture). His solution: to marry his pretty obstetrician co-worker Hyo-Jin (Ryan Hyoun-Kyoung), who lives in the apartment across the hall with her lesbian lover. Both can then pretend to live together and pass themselves off as heterosexual. Min-Soo (and his boyfriend) need not fear his parent’s visits, and Hyo-Jin can qualify to adopt a toddler to raise with her girlfriend. All seems to go well until Min-Soo’s parents begin to get suspicious, forcing Min-Soo to realize that living only to please others often does everyone more harm than good. An unexpected, tragic turn of events enables Min-Soo to claim ownership of his sexuality and to access tremendous courage deep within himself. Directed with a light but serious and poignant touch by openly gay film director Kim Jho Gwang Soo, featuring a sparkling musical soundtrack, and boasting first-rate ensemble performances by the entire cast, Two Weddings and a Funeral is a nuanced, vibrant, and heroic portrait of the agonies and ecstasies of coming to terms with who you are, despite what anyone else thinks.

A mesmerizing exploration of painful memories and dangerous obsession, White Night is the latest film from South Korean filmmaker LeeSong Hee-il, whose first feature film, No Regret, was a milestone in Korean gay cinema. The hypnotic story is based on real-life events and centers on Won-gyu, a stoic flight attendant who returns to Korea after two years of self-imposed exile in Germany. Wandering the intricate streets of Seoul, Won-gyu has a lifetime of experiences in one night, including a passionate encounter with a striking stranger. As the evening unfolds, Won-gyu wanders in and out of surreal situations that lead to profound, unsettling discoveries about a past he can’t forget. Filmmaker LeeSong Hee-il is a master of mood and atmosphere. His calm, confident cinematic eye captures the emotional weight of each scene without intruding on the subtle action. The result is a contemporary film noir, filled with unforgettable images and complex characters, that focuses on real-world issues such as homophobia in South Korean society, while capturing the arresting and disturbing exploration of one man’s struggle with his personal demons. White Night is the kind of understated, poetic film that creeps up on you, burrows into your psyche, and stays with you after the final frame.

Hee-il 2012 South Korea 75 min In Korean with English subtitles


Young & Wild Joven y Alocada DIR Marialy

Rivas 2012 Chile 95 min In Spanish with English subtitles

A teenage Santiago blogger regales an online community with tales of her carnal adventures while, at home, a battle rages between the free-spirited girl and her uptight, evangelical mother in Marialy Rivas’s sexy, exuberant feature debut, winner of the World Cinema Screenwriting Award at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. Seventeen-year-old Daniela revels in exploring her sexuality, a genie her mom Tere vainly keeps trying to stuff back into its bottle. When Daniela is expelled from high school for committing “fornication,” her mother’s first impulse is to send her daughter on a yearlong religious mission, but instead Daniela goes to work at an evangelical TV station, where presumably she will be safe from temptation. Instead, she is like a kid in a candy store and would rather not have to choose between sexy, standoffish Antonia and Tomás, the pious virgin she aims to seduce. The status of both relationships becomes the latest hot topic on her “Young & Wild” blog. This based on-true-life erotic coming-of-age drama is as freewheeling as Daniela’s blog, episodic in nature, and boldly anchored by the frank and frisky performance of Alicia Rodriguez as a young woman fearlessly exploring her sexuality. — PAM GRADY

This program contains sexually explicit material.


Thursday June 20, 10:00 PM · Castro $10 members, $12 general · WHIT20C


Saturday June 29, 6:45 pm · Victoria

Friday June 28, 7:00 pm · Victoria

Saturday June 29, 8:30 pm · Roxie

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The Abominable Crime

Born This Way

DIR Micah

DIRS: Shaun Kadlec & Deb Tullmann 2012 USA 82 min

Fink 2013 USA, Canada, Jamaica 60 min

The joyous sound of Bob Marley’s “One Love” is a theme song of Caribbean tourism — but the reality of Jamaica’s homophobic culture is more accurately represented by dancehall anthems of hate, such as Buju Banton’s “Boom Bye Bye.” In fact, these attitudes are wildely and zealously celebrated — and demonstrated through the country’s violent actions and archaic laws. The documentary The Abominable Crime follows Simone, a lesbian mother, and Maurice, a gay human rights activist, as they navigate the conflict of loving their homeland and wanting to stay alive. Simone is seeking asylum after getting shot in front of her daughter and knows her time is limited. Maurice is used to living his life as an LGBT/HIV activist, but he is put in more danger once his marriage to a Canadian man is publicized. His husband wants them to stay in Canada, but Maurice feels a sense of duty to the cause and his country. Filled with interviews with Jamaican students, government officials, and clergymen, all of whom preach hate under the guise of “Christian principles,” this film is a critical reminder that, for all of the battles fought in the U.S. over LGBT rights, they are a global issue, and some of our neighboring sisters and brothers have it much worse. Filmmaker Micah Fink crafts a poignant story of hope and a tribute to the many who courageously fight for change every day. — ANGELIQUE SMITH

This film contains graphic depictions of homophobic violence.

In French and English with English Subtitles

In silhouette cast by the light of a solitary candle, two women speak softly about their inability to express their love in public — because in a country where they arrest people for making love, discretion is the most important skill one can master. Such is the life of the gay men and lesbians of Cameroon, an African nation where homosexuality is punishable by up to five years in prison. But filmmakers Shaun Kadlec and Deb Tullmann have found their way into the underground gay and lesbian community here and have discovered some signs of hope and change. A lawyer actively fighting for gay rights, Alice Nkom fiercely defends those being persecuted by the system. At Alternatives Cameroun, an organization that advocates for gay rights and provides HIV treatment and prevention, a vibrant, close-knit community has formed; here, gay Cameroonians can find support, friendship, and a safe haven from the hostile society that surrounds them. Though they experience constant threats and harassment, some of these brave men and women are starting to come out publicly. There is sweet, petite Gertrude, who proudly maintains her Christian faith even as it denounces her sexuality. There is fashion-forward Cédric who is being threatened by his neighbors but is still not ready to come out to his family. Amidst the homophobia, fear, illness, and unemployment, there is still great joy, friendship, music, and culture— and the sense that the country is on the verge of positive change. — JOANNE PARSONT

Tuesday June 25, 7:00 pm · Roxie

Friday June 28, 1:30 pm · Castro

$10 members, $12 general · ABOM25R

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Camp Beaverton: Meet the Beavers

The Campaign


This locally produced marriage equality documentary examines the struggles and harsh defeat of the hardfought No on 8 Campaign, as well as how public attitudes toward same-sex marriage have evolved since the ’50s. In 2008, after a long-fought legal battle, same-sex couples briefly won the right to marry in California. To make same-sex marriage illegal again, opponents quickly put a proposition on the November 2008 ballot. Proposition 8 asked if the California Constitution should be changed to eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry. Incredibly earnest campaign workers are interviewed in the bustling campaign office, as are voters on the street and at rallies at City Hall. The film takes a look back at the history of the struggle for same-sex marriage — from the rather polite demeanor of the Mattachine Society in the ’50s during McCarthyism, to the more assertive Harvey Milk’s campaigns in the ’70s, which had to contend with Anita Bryant’s “save our children from homosexuals” campaign. In the ’90s, domestic partnerships became recognized in many cities across the country and the role of communities of faith became increasingly important to the fight. The film illustrates how incredibly disappointing the loss on the No on 8 Campaign was but how, nonetheless, it helped mobilize and engage a new, younger generation in the ongoing battle for LGBT civil rights.

DIR Christie

Grillo, Beth Nelsen 2013 USA 62 min

Every fall, a city of 50,000 arises in Nevada’s isolated Black Rock Desert as Burning Man gets underway: eight days of a revolutionary social experiment in art, community, and self-expression. Ana Grillo and Beth Nelsen travel to the playa on a quest to delve deep into a subset of this radical population, the Beavers of Camp Beaverton — lesbian, bisexual, trans, genderqueer and beyond, who come together to commune and play. While Grillo is a Burning Man veteran, Nelsen is a Black Rock City virgin, and it is through her eyes that Camp Beaverton comes into focus as a place that puts the “wild” in this contemporary wild west with its notorious Strap-on-aThon sex-play party and its sex-ed tutorials open to both women and men. At the same time, the camp provides a safe and secure oasis for women to explore their sexuality or simply chill. This amiable documentary focuses on personalities rather than events, as Grillo and Nelsen explore what attracts women to Camp Beaverton in the first place: an open, supportive, and ever-growing sisterhood that just happens to be one of the biggest sexual playpens in the world. PRECEDED BY:

Aquaporko! DIRS Kelli Jean Drinkwater & Anna Helme 2013 Australia 22 min

Synchronized swimming becomes a radical act of selfexpression for a group of Melbourne women in this effervescent documentary that follows these graceful and audacious fat activists in the run up to their inaugural performance, an irresistible blend of body politics, self-acceptance, and athletic prowess.

Chuppan Chupai / I Am Gay and Muslim

Herring 2012 USA 72 min



These two docs — one set in Pakistan and the other in Morocco — challenge viewer preconceptions about being both Muslim and gay. I Am Gay and Muslim Chris Belloni 2012 Netherlands 59 min In English, Dutch with English Subtitles


“My sexuality doesn’t harm my religion. I am Muslim and my sexuality keeps me Muslim.” With these words, one of the subjects of I Am Gay and Muslim gives lie to the idea that being gay and being Muslim are antithetical to each other. Director Chris Belloni follows several young men in Morocco, all of whom try to reconcile their multiple identities as gay, as Muslim, and as Moroccan. Though homosexuality is illegal in Morocco there is still space for gay men to live and love one another, and some, like 21 year-old Rayan, do so openly. His and the other stories on display in this beautiful portrait of Moroccan gay culture explode the myths about what it means to be gay and to live in the Muslim world. PRECEDED BY:

Chuppan Chupai Saad Khan & Saadat Munir 2013 Denmark 68 min In Urdu with English Subtitles


Chuppan Chupai (Hide and Seek) follows the lives of four LGBT Pakistanis: activist Neeli, flighty but “famous” Kami, shy Waseem, and Jenny, a transgender woman who struggles with her transition. All live under the specter of Pakistan’s sharia laws forbidding homosexuality. Throughout the film, their lives in the urban centers of Lahore and Rawalpindi are shown to be alternately joyous and painful— symptomatic of life around the world. — MORDECAI STAYTON

Sunday June 23, 9:30 pm · Roxie

Sunday June 23, 1:00 pm · Castro

Friday June 21, 9:30 pm · Roxie

$10 members, $12 general · BEAV23R

$8 members, $10 general · CAMP23C

$10 members, $12 general · CHUP21R







DIRS Clare

DIR Malcolm

Beavan & Nic Stacey 2011 UK 82 min

A complicated and eccentric genius. A man ahead of his time. The father of computer science. British mathematician Alan Turing was inarguably one of the most influential gay figures of all time, and he finally receives the well-deserved feature-length spotlight in Clare Beavan and Nic Stacey’s Codebreaker, a hybrid drama-documentary nominated for the GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Documentary. Turing’s 1936 paper “On Computable Numbers” forms the cornerstone of the modern digital age, creating the theoretical structure for everything computers do today. In World War II, he broke the German Enigma code and helped the Allies defeat the Nazis, and his theories on mathematical biology and artificial intelligence were decades ahead of his time. He was a selfidentified gay man from early on, and Turing’s sexuality was eventually discovered, leading to charges of gross indecency, invasive organotherapy, and a subsequent sequence of events that led to his tragic death in 1954. Featuring interviews with those who knew him, as well as with contemporary experts from the world of technology and high science including Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak, Codebreaker brings Turing’s exciting impact up to the present day, explaining why, in many ways, modern technology has only just begun to explore the potential of Turing’s ideas.

Ingram 2013 USA, Canada 92 min

“To be successful in business you have to create a desire and fulfill a need,” says sage impresario Steve Ostrow in the fascinating documentary Continental, and sure enough this savvy pioneer of the queer sexual revolution had his finger on the pulse (and other throbbing zones) of horny NYC denizens when he opened the renowned bathhouse in the in 1968. Now a silver fox and charming raconteur, Ostrow looks back on his fabulous career in this entertaining history of the legendary “private men’s club,” filled with steamy dark-room encounters and onstage antics by The Divine Miss M and other celebrities of that time. “It was the golden age of promiscuity,” recalls Edmund White of post-Stonewall, pre-AIDS Manhattan, and the Baths “provided a beautiful setting, attractive people, and first-class sexual experiences, all designed to promote pleasure.” At its peak of 24/7 polymorphous bacchanalia, 20,000 towel-clad revelers packed The Continental Baths every week to revel in the orgy room, skinny-dip in the giant pool, gyrate on the dance floor, and even get tested for STDs at the health clinic. The party really got started when Bette Midler performed, with baby-faced Barry Manilow as her pianist, while Dali, Jagger, Hitchcock, and Nureyev mingled with the sweaty masses. With gossipy dish from Michael Musto and Holly Woodlawn, as well as pumping music courtesy of acclaimed D.J. Frankie Knuckles, Continental is yet another triumph from director Malcolm Ingram (Small Town Gay Bar, Bear Nation). — STEVEN JENKINS

Disrupted Quebranto DIR Roberto

Fiesco 2013 Mexico 96 min In Spanish with English subtitles

Coral Bonelli began life as “Pinolito,” a child actor in the rough-and-tumble film industry of 1970s Mexico. The son of a mariachi and an actress, he grew up poor but was not surprisingly, a natural performer — a passion his adoring stage mother, Lilia, soon steered into a winning movie career. After the movies gave way to the demanding cabaret circuit, “Pinolito”, announced he would henceforth be a woman— surgery and hormone treatments to follow. With ever-present and aging Lilia standing by, Coral copes with social prejudice and an already unforgiving show business environment. Today, pushing fifty and diabetic, Coral lives with Lilia in Mexico City, piecing together a living as a dance instructor, drag performer, and occasional sex worker while still pursuing the odd acting role. Two formidable personalities anchor the narrative with their reminiscences and interactions, supplemented by family snapshots, movie clips, interviews with insiders like acclaimed director Jorge Pons, and a canny routine or two. Director Roberto Fiesco’s quietly expansive documentary feature debut (gorgeously lensed by Mario Guerrero) is a steadily evolving, revelatory portrait of gender identity, showbiz, and family set against the endemic homophobia— as well as diverse springs of acceptance— in Mexican society. Disrupted evokes a delicate balance in which the wearying task of survival and an indomitable romantic imagination live side-by-side in an often cruel but also unexpectedly generous life. — ROBERT AVILA

Tuesday June 25, 11:30 am · Castro

Monday June 24, 9:30 pm · Castro

Monday June 24, 1:30 pm · Castro

$8 members, $10 general · CODE25C

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Future My Love

Gay Latino Los Angeles

DIR Maja

DIR Jonathan

Borg 2012 UK, Sweden 97 min

A filmmaker’s romantic troubles inspire her to probe deeper into the world we inhabit in search of a better way to live, in Maja Borg’s arresting experimental hybrid combining documentary, personal narrative, and road movie. The mood is distinctly dystopian, but this is no sci-fi future that Borg presents, but our own here and now, a world beset by environmental crises and economic breakdown. On a more personal level, it is separation from her girlfriend (Nadya Cazan) that spurs her to travel to Florida to commune with 95-year-old futurist Jacque Fresco, founder of the Venus Project and a man who advocates replacing our current economic model, which harms so many, with a more equitable, resourcebased economy in which goods, housing, and services are free. Borg’s discussion with Fresco leads her to look at another 20th-century movement advocating similar ideas, Technocracy Inc., as well as the contemporary Free Energy Movement, and to investigate the promise (and peril) of 3D printing. Composer Per Storby’s elegant score sets an ethereal tone as Borg’s journey takes her from Florida to New York, Hollywood, and places even more exotic in a film that contrasts black-and-white and color, as well as Super 8, HD, and archival footage. The ideas she explores are heady, but by framing them within the context of her relationship with her elusive lover, she prevents the film from becoming didactic. Instead, it soars as an intimate exploration of love and the human condition.

Menendez 2012 USA 78 min

Situated in various locations throughout the City of Angels, Jonathan Menendez’s braided documentary Gay Latino Los Angeles presents the frank, compelling testimonials of three Latino twenty-somethings from different backgrounds and charts their self-discovery and growth over a two-year period. Alex is a Mexican hipster whose hopes for an education and a better life in the U.S. are compromised by his undocumented status. Brian is a Salvadoran who — though educated at UC Berkeley— lacks confidence to enter the workplace even as he yearns to better the world through engaged activism. And Carlos is a Chicano homeboy from South LA whose party lifestyle is self-destructive compensation for not being able to fully come out of the closet. Menendez nests these three testimonials within imagery of an Indigenous tradition that asserts that the search for identity among gay Latinos will lead to the recovery of a rich, neglected history specific to the region. In episodic turns, Alex, Brian, and Carlos demonstrate the dynamic reality of being gay and Latino in LA through their shared experience of negotiating their sexual orientation with their religious upbringing, being abandoned by their families, hiding behind subcultural shields of machismo, and fighting for human rights in an unjust and homophobic society. Through a snapshot of individual lives, Gay Latino Los Angeles reveals the rites of passage that young gays face in their inspiring journey to self-acceptance.

Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia DIR Nicholas

Wrathall 2013 USA 88 min

Literary provocateur, political gadfly on the left, Hollywood screenwriter, and novelist of essays, historical fiction, and campy satire, Gore Vidal gleefully embodied that endangered species, the American public intellectual. Fortunately for us, and for this outstanding documentary, he spent his life in front of the camera: there he is at age ten in a newsreel with his father, a Roosevelt insider...there he is as a handsome young writer in the Camelot era, caught by paparazzi with Jack Kennedy, Tennessee Williams, Paul Newman...there he is in 1968, a harsh critic of the Vietnam War, in his infamous television debates with William F. Buckley, Jr. (who calls Vidal a “queer” and threatens to punch him). Nicholas Wrathall’s entertaining and appreciative profile takes full advantage of Vidal’s ubiquity and his famously fierce wit to paint a vivid portrait of the patrician writer who never hesitated to blast American political corruption and imperial hubris. Featuring a series of candid interviews toward the end of his life, and peppered with observations (not always friendly) from Christopher Hitchens, David Mamet, Norman Mailer, and Mikhail Gorbachev, the film shows just how prescient many of Vidal’s views were about American political and social ills, and even manages to pull back the curtain a bit on his internal life— which despite his very public homosexuality he kept largely cloaked. Even now, Gore Vidal fascinates. — PETER L. STEIN



Wednesday June 26, 11:30 am · Castro

Saturday June 22, 6:30 pm · Roxie

Wednesday June 26, 2:00 pm · Castro

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I Am Divine

Ian Harvie Superhero


DIR Jeffrey

DIR Liam

DIR Grant Lahood

Schwarz 2013 USA 85 min

Acclaimed documentary filmmaker Jeffrey Schwarz (director of Vito, Frameline36’s opening-night film and Spine Tingler! The William Castle Story) celebrates the life and legendary career of Harris Glenn Milstead, known as Divine— John Waters’s fearless muse and an international drag icon. Divine’s triumphant ascent is the ultimate underdog story, as he transformed himself from a bullied fat kid in working-class Baltimore to a larger-than-life celebrity, starring in the notorious trash classics Pink Flamingos and Female Trouble, rubbing elbows with Mick Jagger and Andy Warhol and ultimately conquering Hollywood in the beloved cult hit, Hairspray. Schwarz honors Divine as a serious character actor and immortal star through film clips, rare archival footage, music videos, television interviews, and personal recollections from those who knew and loved him best, including Waters, Mink Stole, Ricki Lake, Tab Hunter, Holly Woodlawn, members of The Cockettes, and his mother, Frances (who passed away in 2009). Divine was a true force of nature who continues to inspire misfits, punks, and drag queens 25 years after his untimely death at the age of 42. Largely crowdfunded via Indiegogo and Kickstarter campaigns and through the power of social media, I Am Divine is a loving and definitive biographical portrait, made by and for fans, who will be inspired by this film and be sent into fits of uproarious laughter. This one is not to be missed.

K. Sullivan 2012 USA 75 min

In his debut standup-comedy concert film, trans comic Ian Harvie, who served as the opening act for Margaret Cho for a number of years, shares hilarious and unabashed insights. Ian Harvie Superhero presents a lighthearted yet self-aware approach to important intersections, such as acquiring male privilege, navigating gendered-bathroom politics, acknowledging his past as a dyke, and retaining queer identity despite being publicly perceived as a straight male. Ian Harvie’s humor appeals to a broad array of audiences— including folks who are less familiar with trans experiences— but his witty punch lines have a special resonance with trans guys and the people who love them. PRECEDED BY:


Crescent Diamond 2013 USA 24 min

Performing Girl tells the compelling story of D’Lo, a performance artist, originally from Southern California and raised by Sri Lankan parents, who struggled with his gender variance. Through adorable animation, intimate family interviews, and excerpts from D’Lo’s performances, the film illustrates the evolution of a family’s unconditional love. SECOND HAND EMOTION DIR

Sarah Tricker 2012 USA 9 min

Second Hand Emotion is a pair of music videos from trans hip-hop artist Rocco Katastrophe. “Wake Me If I’m Dreaming” tracks the rise and fall of a relationship, and “Let Me Go” traces the aftermath and recovery.

2012 New Zealand 68 mins

For every two thousand births considered blessed events, one intersex baby is born into a life fraught with challenges. In this binary-gendered world, having ambiguous genitalia or something other than XXfemale or XY-male chromosomes brings immense social pressure to choose an either/or gender identity. Intersex activist Mani Bruce Mitchell seeks out his/her peers to find community, healing, and a wider view of intersex life: “It doesn’t suck to be intersex; it sucks to be persecuted.” Since the 1950s, the views of Dr. John Money of Johns Hopkins University have led the medical protocol for intersex babies. Specialists prioritized gendernormative outward appearance over self-created identity, not waiting for the children’s natural inclinations to emerge. Immediate and repeated surgical and hormonal interventions were foisted on children to “correct” their physical ambiguities and “ensure” their happiness. Touting nurture over nature, doctors advised parents to raise their children with clinically assigned genders, surrounded by secrecy and shame. Mani and his/her intersex friends break the silence about the great suffering imposed by interventions that often backfired. Intersex adults recount shame and isolation, mistrust of their families, and being targeted by bullies and predators. Yet a few intersex people are simply raised as-is by accepting families, pointing to greater possibilities for self-creation and belonging in this vital emerging community.



Tuesday June 25 9:30 pm · Elmwood $10 members, $12 general · IANH25E

Sunday June 23, 3:30 pm · Castro

Thursday June 27, 9:30 pm · Victoria

Saturday June 22, 4:00 pm · Roxie

$8 members, $10 general · IMDV23C

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Joy! Portrait of a Nun



DIR Christina

Balass 2012 Canada 52 min

It’s impossible to imagine San Francisco— or queer culture in all its dragtastic fabulousness—without the irreverent Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, who, for 35 years and counting, have whipped out their wimples to promote universal happiness and sexual liberation with cheeky aplomb. Joy! profiles Order founder Sister Missionary P. Delight and her fellow prioresses as they look back on decades of antics and activism from their enclaves. Mish founded the Sisters in 1979 as a reaction against Catholicism’s repressive edicts, donning saintly apparel and attracting a devoted following of gay male nuns — many also connected to the Radical Faerie movement (and eventually people of all genders and orientations), who are also deeply committed to consciousness-raising and community charity (they were among the earliest responders to the AIDS crisis). Through candid interviews, vestal memorabilia and rare archival footage, director Joe Balass follows Mish and a bevy of Sisters over a seven-year period of parades, faeries, elves, rituals and sex-magic. Sisters, sinners, and viewers of all spiritual persuasions who just can’t seem to kick the habit will genuflect in ecstasy as Joy! delivers on its title with perfect (nun)sense. — STEVEN JENKINS


24 Hitchhikers DIR

Voros 2012 USA 80 min

Ever wonder what— and who— really goes down in the imposing brick fortress at Mission and 14th, here in San Francisco? This adults-only doc (produced by James Franco and screened at Sundance this year) goes behind closed doors at the Armory to reveal purveyors of fetish porn, working and wanking on the edge of big-business BDSM. Kink.com founder and CEO Peter Acworth is an erudite Englishman whose lowdown videos and websites are adored by hardcore players with a penchant for inescapable bondage, shagging machines, and no-holds-barred debauchery. A savvy impresario of sub/dom power exchange, Acworth has built an empire on the whipped backs of fearless performers and the outré visions of creative adult filmmakers who enact seriously sexy scenarios throughout the Armory’s medieval arenas. The film contains many take-it-till-it-hurts moments, as Maitresse Madeline, Van Darkholme and their fellow kinksters discuss turn-ons, assert sexpositive feminism, stress safety during shoots, and refute charges of violence in their admittedly extreme modes of sexual expression. Provocative, surprisingly poignant, and just a tad painful (in a good way!), kink is a titillating treat for adventurous viewers whose tastes are far from vanilla.

Paul Detwiler 2013 USA 5 min


Last Call at Maud’s DIR

Paris Poirier 1993 USA 77 min

Some genuinely wild women take center stage in Paris Poirier’s vivacious and historical documentary about Maud’s, the longest-running lesbian bar in the United States before its closing in 1989. This venerable San Francisco establishment opened in 1966, when lesbians were still very much in the closet. Maud’s flourished throughout the ’70s and ’80s, enjoying an international reputation as a meeting place for lesbians and their friends, only to be shut down as a result of the community’s shifting priorities. A witty and informative look at cultural evolution in the making, Last Call at Maud’s salutes and preserves an era in history when bars were the only cultural institutions in the lesbian community. Provocative personal stories of coming out, sexual politics, and softball are mixed with flashbacks to the Hollywood gay bars of the ’40s and the vice raids of the ’50s, and vintage photos and personal interviews with Mary Wings, Judy Grahn, Phyllis Lyon, Del Martin, Sally Gearhart, JoAnn Loulan, and Rikki Streicher (to name a few) provide an invaluable window into lesbian history. Now, twenty years after its premiere, Poirier’s film not only serves to chronicle lesbian life from the 1940s through 1980s, but also provides a perspective on the San Francisco lesbian community in the early ’90s. One of the first films to receive Frameline Completion Funding, and a smash hit at the Festival the first time around, Frameline is proud to present the 20th Anniversary screening of this lesbian classic.

The roadside pickups of a closeted government official in the late ’60s and early ’70s are artfully and erotically reimagined through period-perfect black-and-white photography in this poetic short by Paul Detwiler, equal parts meditative memory piece and bearded-beefcake bonanza.

This program contains sexually explicit material.

Sunday June 23, 1:30 pm · Victoria

Friday June 21, 11:59 pm · Castro

Saturday June 29, 11:00 am · Victoria

$8 members, $10 general · JOY23V

$10 members, $12 general · KINK21C

$8 members, $10 general · LAST29V






Lesbiana — A Parallel Revolution

Lewd & Lascivious

The Little House That Could

DIR Jallen

DIR Mars

DIR Myriam

Archival footage from the 1950s and ’60s, and frank interviews bring queer San Francisco history to life amidst the era’s anti-war protests— pre-Compton and pre-Stonewall. A group of ministers go bar-hopping on Polk Street in hopes of doing outreach to the gay community. They also meet with the Mattachine Society and Daughters of Bilitis. This is particularly striking because homosexual activity was still illegal at this time; we were still outlaws, for dancing together— you were jailed, vilified, and at risk of losing your job. Police regularly raided gay bars; corrupt officers were known to severely beat detainees. This would all change due to a New Year’s 1965 Mardi Gras Costume Ball, which the ministers and the six lesbian and gay organizations threw together at California Hall. Activists share their eyewitness accounts of this night that would spark monumental changes in the gay civil rights landscape nationally and locally within the SFPD.

Fougère 2012 Canada 64 min

Join filmmaker Myriam Fougère’s road trip through the United States and Canada as she revisits the lesbian activists of the ’70s and ’80s who sparked a revolution to define their own culture. As active second-wave feminists, many lesbian women began to recognize that their sexual identity was not acknowledged or embraced by the traditional women’s movement. These artists, musicians, philosophers, and writers forged connections at music festivals and other events as they sought to establish communities centered exclusively on women. Not content with the goal of changing the world, these women sought to create a new one by establishing an existence where patriarchy simply did not exist. Women-only communities began to flourish in North America and around the world, resulting in a rich and vibrant culture that inspired important lesbian art, literature, and music. These personal stories represent the movement’s incredible diversity of race, class, background, and political views, which often united them but would also sometimes divide. Told through photographs, archival footage, and contemporary interviews, Fougère’s film serves not only as a testament to the politics of the era, but also as a living yearbook and virtual reunion of these remarkable women, who laid the groundwork for the way we all now live. — HOLLY ROACH

Rix 2013 USA 50 min


Finding Franklin DIR

Alex Bohs 2012 USA 15 min

This simply gorgeous short about death, nostalgia, and digging through old family memories is hauntingly touching and truly tender. Returning to her family home upon the death of her grandfather, young Violet finds someone from his past: a mysterious man named Franklin. Violet investigates deeper, and the film delicately weaves old and recreated footage set to a wonderful soundtrack to reveal the hidden life her grandfather had left clues for her to find.

Roberge 2012 Canada 90 min

Patricia Field’s six seasons as costume designer on Sex and the City earned her several Emmys and widespread acclaim in the fashion industry, and the distinction—which she only grudgingly acknowledges—of setting sartorial trends ranging from rosettes to nameplate necklaces. But this flamboyant tribute to Field focuses instead on the relationships she cultivated with the people she employed, collaborated with, and mentored at her iconoclastic boutique The House of Field in downtown NYC. Field served as a den mother to a sprawling community of queer and trans artists, performers, and club kids throughout much of the ’80s and ’90s. In a series of interviews, dozens of members of this generation offer testimonials to the designer’s influence on their lives and on American culture at large. Basquiat, Warhol, Bowie, Haring, Boy George, Bette Midler, Lady Bunny, Kenny Kenny, Juliette Lewis — who hasn’t passed through Field’s world? Coupled with appearances by icons such as Amanda Lepore and World Famous Bob, as well as archival footage of drag balls and reminiscences from the chain-smoking Field herself, the film is a testament to a time, a place, a community, and one woman’s influence on it all. — MICHAEL J. LOPRESTI


I’ve Only Just Begun DIR

Elias Koskimies 2012 Finland 7 min

In response to a Russian law banning “homosexual propaganda,” director Koskimies has created an activist music video that depicts the androgynous Venuz Vulgar, a coterie of colorful queers, and their quest to fight discrimination.

Tuesday June 25, 2:00 pm · Castro

Saturday June 22, 1:30 pm · Victoria

Friday June 28, 7:00 pm · Roxie

$8 members, $10 general · LESB25C

$8 members, $10 general · LEWD22V

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Mama Rainbow

Mr. Angel



Popo 2012 China 80 min In Mandarin with English subtitles

“I thought it was just something fashionable that people in the West were trying,” one mother says, regarding homosexuality and its common perception in contemporary China. Fan Popo’s touching documentary Mama Rainbow opens with a series of street interviews with passersby about their feelings on homosexuality. The filmmaker follows this with a more pointed question, one which leads us into the heart of Mama Rainbow: “What if your son or daughter told you they were gay?” In the film, we meet six different Chinese mothers, all the parents of gay and lesbian children, who share their experiences with the camera. Though the specifics of their stories are all quite different, each of the mothers experiences their own version of a “coming out” tale — recognizing, acknowledging, and accepting their children’s sexualities. Mama Rainbow paints a hopeful portrait of the slowly changing mindset of a culture where the fear of persecution and rejection still makes coming out and living openly a great challenge. — SÉVERINE SOREL PRECEDED BY:

The Lala Road DIR Letitia

Lamb 2012 Australia 10 min

Four Chinese lesbians discuss the struggles they have faced in their pursuit of living freely with the women they love.

Hunt 2013 USA 69 min

With his rugged image–bald head, red goatee, chiseled physique, and a tattoo of the word “Pervert” across his back— Buck Angel certainly had the look of a Titan Man as he graced the screen in the GayVN award–winning Cirque Noir in 2005, but there was one thing separating him from the other male co-stars: his original plumbing. Buck became a pioneer in the porn industry as one of the first, and certainly now the most recognizable, female-to-male transsexual stars, cornering a niche that had barely been explored in the adult film world. Director Dan Hunt (whose film Cruel and Unusual won the Michael J. Berg Documentary Award at Frameline30) crafts an intimate portrait of the porn actorturned-trans-activist, focusing on his struggles with acceptance on a personal, professional, and familial level, as well as his battle with substance abuse. Following Buck as he and his life partner Elayne restart their life together in Mexico, Mr. Angel looks beneath his macho exterior and finds a touching portrait of an outsider who is both vulnerable and empowered. Featuring appearances from Dan Savage, porn icons Sasha Grey and Michael Lucas, transsexual porn actress Wendy Williams, sex educator Tristan Taormino, and Fleshbot editor Lux Alptraum, Mr. Angel had its world premiere at the 2013 SXSW Film Festival. — JOE BOWMAN PRECEDED BY:

I’m Yours DIR

Chase Joynt 2012 Canada 6 min

A doc style short showing two people who transitioned answering the same questions. Director Chase Joynt uses clever cuts to create rhythmic montages through their juxtaposition.


One Zero One: The Story of Cybersissy & BayBjane One Zero One - Die Geschichte von Cybersissy & BayBjane DIR Tim

Lienhard 2013 Germany 90 min In German and English with English subtitles

If you can imagine a meticulously stylized, kitschy-yetglamorous burlesque drag show under the big top that draws its inspiration from Divine, a What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?–era Bette Davis, and Leigh Bowery, then you have a pretty good introduction to the fantastical world of drag artists Antoine “Cybersissy” Timmermans and Mourad “BayBjane” Zerhouni. With a visually lavish mix of candid interviews and extravagant performance pieces, Tim Lienhard’s One Zero One takes a unique approach to documenting these two performers, balancing the sometimes cruel reality of their lives with the glorious spectacle of their drag personas. Born with a number of physical disabilities, Zerhouni, known as “the smallest drag queen in the world,” has spent a good portion of his life hospitalized. Battling schizophrenia, Timmermans is also no stranger to hospitals, and yet despite these setbacks, they manage to inspire each other’s imagination and style, artfully exploring the things that set them apart. One Zero One follows them on tour throughout the globe, from decadent street processions in Ibiza to New York City club appearances with Amanda Lepore. Inspiration that eludes description — Cybersissy & BabyBjane ensure that “everything lives in the gentlest peace” and in full glamorous color. — JOE BOWMAN

Saturday June 29, 11:30 am · Roxie

Saturday June 22, 9:15 pm · Victoria

Saturday June 22, 1:30 pm · Roxie

$8 members, $10 general · MAMA29R

$10 members, $12 general · MRAN22V

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Out Here: A Queer Farmer Film Project

The Out List

DIR Jonah

With intimate and incredibly well-crafted interviews, The Out List is a gorgeously produced HBO documentary that showcases the voices of influential, iconic, out and proud LGBT Americans. Simple enough in the way they unfold against a dark grey backdrop with a sprinkling of archival photos for each subject, the interviews make you cheer or burst into tears. The 16 interviewees are incredibly well spoken, and together their stories weave a beautiful tapestry of the U.S. LGBT experience and our modern struggle for civil rights. Actors Neil Patrick Harris, Ellen DeGeneres, and Cynthia Nixon each discuss coming out in Hollywood. Janet Mock, an African American writer and activist, talks about being blessed with familial support throughout her gender transition. Dustin Lance Black paints a portrait of growing up in a Mormon family. Lady Bunny vividly reminds us that drag queens and street kids were the ones who started the fight for LGBT rights decades ago. Larry Kramer urges us to embrace our anger. Wanda Sykes, the brassy and bold comedian, attends a 2008 Prop 8 protest where she comes out publicly. Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters examines how living on the margins gives you incredible perspective and empathy for others. Suze Orman recounts her 1980 pant-suited debut as a stockbroker at Merrill Lynch and tells an incredibly tender story of why she married her partner K.T.

Mossberg 2013 USA 72 min

American farming is welcoming new immigrants, women, people of color, and queer people back to the land. From the Bronx to Alabama, from Kansas to Berkeley, meet queer farmers and agripreneurs using permaculture and organic farming to provide a healthier alternative to commercial agriculture, increase food access, and express allegiance to the earth. Hard work and devotion to farming connect people across social boundaries. Courtney, Denise, and son Marek in Kansas identify as family farmers first, yet bring a queer ingenuity to creating goat butter soaps. Queer trans farming newbies Oliver, Suze, and Elijah are seen as odd in rural Alabama, yet are mentored by older straight farmers desperate to pass on their wisdom to continue the farming way of life. Queer people of color emphasize social justice and food access. As African American–owned farms are foreclosed, Karen in the Bronx and Christopher in West Philadelphia are teaching youth of color to farm for self-sufficiency and heal their painful history as enslaved cultivators. All these queer farmers are seeding diversity and bringing a queer activist sensibility to our food and the land. — CAROL HARADA PRECEDED BY:

Lovely DIR

Jennifer Maurer 2012 USA 17 min

DIR Timothy

Greenfield-Sanders 2013 USA 60 min


Sister Gertie in Wisconsin and Sister Lucinda in Brooklyn meet at last, deepening their internet friendship as nuns. With Lucinda’s unexpected work visit to the convent’s dairy farm, a dancing lesson leads to taking a bite of forbidden fruit.

Paul Bowles: The Cage Door Is Always Open DIR Daniel

Young 2012 Switzerland 87 min

Author and composer Paul Bowles is often unjustifiably overlooked in accounts of what has, perhaps inaccurately, come to be known as The Beat Generation. He fled a tumultuous childhood in New York for Paris (and the attentions of literary doyenne Gertrude Stein), at a young age, but it wasn’t until Bowles met his lesbian life-partner and wife, Jane Auer, and witnessed the publication of her book Two Serious Ladies that Bowles’s novelistic ambitions were rekindled and he wrote The Sheltering Sky, the wildly successful book that inspired The Beats and made possible the couple’s move to Tangiers. On separate floors of a luxe apartment building, the two maintained their respective boy and girl “gangs” separately, but remained inseparable, living as expatriates for the rest of their lives. Ever the willing outsider, Bowles published vast volumes in translation, many dictated to him by local storytellers, often setting to ink the first records of Morocco’s oral tradition. The couple’s residence became as an informal salon, entertaining countless literary guests drawn by the couple’s literary celebrity and the desert’s raw, exotic appeal. Daniel Young’s film, much of which was filmed on one such a visit, illuminates Bowles’ singular path in the words of the artist himself, peppered with stunning animated sequences and often set to Bowles’s own entrancing piano sonatas. On screen, Bowles is joined by a cadre of reverent celebrity friends and fellow travelers, including Gore Vidal, Bernardo Bertolucci, John Waters, and Mohammed Mrabet. — JACKSON SCARLETT

Saturday June 29, 1:30 pm · Victoria

Tuesday June 25, 4:30 pm · Castro

Monday June 24, 11:00 am · Castro

$8 members, $10 general · FARM29V

$8 members, $10 general · LIST25C

$8 members, $10 general · PAUL24C






Rebel DIR Maria

Agui Carter 2013 USA 73 min

Loreta Janeta Velazquez was a 19th century woman of many disguises. Havana-born and New Orleansraised, she was a rebel from the start, a precocious Cuban tomboy who idolized Joan of Arc. One of the 400 women said to have fought in the Civil War, she altered her sex, her ethnicity, and her very identity in order to become a Confederate soldier (alias Lieutenant Harry Buford) and spy, and then exposed her secret in a memoir, The Woman in Battle, which chronicles her often tragic life. Yet for the last 150 years, her story has been dismissed as a hoax. Rebel unlocks this mystery with a non-traditional approach that plays with form and style to create an impressive body of evidence. Using her memoir as the foundation, director Maria Agui Carter brings Loreta’s story to life through dramatic period re-enactments, archival material and excerpts of her writing, supported by interviews with scholars and historians who provide persuasive historical, social, and political context. Loreta risked being tried for treason for her masquerade and was ultimately branded a liar and erased from history. In her search for family, nation, and identity, she instead became a fascinating illustration of the politics of memory. — JOANNE PARSONT

Romeo Romeo

The Secret Disco Revolution

DIR Lizzie

DIR Jamie

Gottlieb 2012 USA 80 min

First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes an unexpectedly long and emotional journey to the baby carriage. After their storybook wedding, Jessica and Lexy are ready for the next step in their deeply committed relationship. But their efforts to have a baby turns out to be a much more arduous and complicated process than they ever expected — filled with frustration, disappointment, and a whole lot of expensive and invasive procedures. From artificial insemination to in-vitro fertilization, it’s an ongoing crusade fought with eggs, sperm, ovaries, follicles, petri dishes, pregnancy tests, and the inevitable turkey baster. Meanwhile, everyone else seems to be getting pregnant but them. Yet despite a succession of fertility failures, Lexy and Jessica remain hopeful, determined and undeterred, because their commitment to making a baby is as unwavering as their commitment to each other. In her intimate portrait of a modern queer marriage, director Lizzie Gottlieb exposes the common experience of all couples who struggle with the medical, financial, physical, and emotional challenges of infertility. Alternately heartbreaking and humorous, it is a personal look at just how much people are willing to invest in building a family. — JOANNE PARSONT


Joan in the Rain Jeanne sous la pluie Julie Meitz 2012 France 6 min In French with English subtitles


Kastner 2012 Canada 90 min

The 1970s saw the birth of a new cultural phenomenon — the disco music era. It brought with it new sounds, fashions, and fads, but was there a hidden agenda beneath the carefree exuberance of disco? As this vibrant and rollicking documentary argues, beyond selling records by the millions, the masterminds behind the disco revolution were aiming for nothing less than the mass liberation of gays, blacks, and women. Featuring interviews with disco icons such as Thelma Houston and Gloria Gaynor, the doc playfully weaves together the history of disco with a fictional trio of superheroes, representing each of the classes disco aimed to liberate. They pull the strings behind the scenes to launch the revolution and accomplish their goals. They score a coup with The Village People, whose brazen campiness flaunted and broke down gender and sexual stereotypes, redefining for a generation what it meant to be a “Macho Man.” As we discover, disco was also the first overtly feminist music genre, focusing on women’s desires, feelings, and pleasure. So was disco really a political movement after all? Let’s be real— the primary aim was to get down on the dance floor and have one hell of a party. But in letting loose and expressing themselves in an unabashed, unapologetic way, disco’s creators and fans subversively burst open the doors of acceptance, proving there’s nothing like the power of music to change the world. Shaking, dancing, and moving— that was the revolution.

A wonderfully hypnotic, experimental found-footage collage of Joan of Arc films made for part of a museum exhibition to commemorate Joan’s 600th birthday.


Saturday June 29, 6:15 pm · Roxie

Saturday June 22, 11:00 am · Roxie

Saturday June 29, 9:15 pm · Victoria

$10 members, $12 general · REBE29R

$8 members, $10 general · ROME22R

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A Self-Made Man

Seventh-Gay Adventists


DIR Lori

DIRS Daneen

DIRS Charles

Petchers 2013 USA 57 min

At a crucial turning point, Tony Ferriaolo’s inner voice said, “Create yourself.” This credo saved his life and continues to save many others. Born female, Tony identified as a boy and grew up bullied and isolated. Unhappy and angry as a lesbian, Tony eventually realized he was actually a trans guy. Terrified of coming out again, this time as trans, Tony was intent on taking his life. Instead, he bravely heeded his own inner guidance and started his transition process. Tony wanted to be a happy artist, a tattooed guy who loves people, and so he set out to be just that. Tony’s self-transformation has prepared him uniquely to serve as a youth advocate for trans and gender-variant kids and their families. At this time of quickening in transgender awareness, younger and younger kids are declaring their gender identities, and families are struggling to adjust. One of Tony’s support groups is an art group for gender-variant kids as young as eight. He’s preparing trans teens to mentor peers as they make their own unique journeys along the gender spectrum. Filmmaker Lori Petchers highlights A Self-Made Man who is an endearing and inspiring guiding light for whole families to move forward together with love, empowerment, and compassion. — CAROL HARADA PRECEDED BY:

Taboo / Leben will ich DIR Chiara

Grabmayr 2011 Austria 8 min In German with English subtitles

Akers & Stephen Eyer 2012 USA 104 min

This is a powerful moment for LGBT people of faith, as modern acceptance of sexual identity clashes with homophobic scriptures. This compelling tale follows three survivors of ex-gay therapy who long for belonging and home in the insular Seventh-day Adventist church. Sherri, her partner Jill, and their two daughters keep a low profile at their church, quietly building alliances while understanding that at any time they could be thrown out. The tension is heightened as the church seeks a new pastor. David is a young man whose family serves in the church. He feels caught between being at peace with God and being at peace with himself. He chooses a middle path, falls in love with Colin, and finds an open alternative church for fellowship. David follows his heart and his faith to resolve the contradictions. Marcos had a wife, two kids, and his dream job as a Seventh-day Adventist pastor in Brazil. Outed and stripped of his ministry, he eventually accepted himself as a gay man. He moved to the Bay Area, raised his son, and found a loving partner, Obed. They set out to secure asylum for Marcos and his son, citing deadly homophobia in Brazil. As Marcos finds worship with other LGBT Adventists, his dormant leadership as a pastor is reawakened. By showing up authentically, Sherri, David, and Marcos are changing their communities and calling forth Christian values of love and compassion. — CAROL HARADA

Uncomfortable with her body since youth, Chantal, who lives with her six-year-old son in Munich, yearns to be accepted as both a man and a father—at a parents’ night at school, Kevin bravely makes his first public appearance.

Atlas & Antony 2012 USA 78 min

Visually divine and aurally sublime, Turning deftly merges the tremulous and melancholy melodies of queer alternative-music icon Antony Hegarty (of Antony and the Johnsons) with the beguiling presence and poignant stories of 13 fierce and fearless transgender/gender-variant women, who join Antony on stage and behind the scenes in this revealing documentary of their acclaimed 2006 European tour, by pioneering video artist Charles Atlas (The Legend of Leigh Bowery). Seen by Antony as beautiful embodiments of his deeply emotional chamber-pop songs and ongoing lyrical preoccupation with divine personal transformation, the baker’s dozen of leggy ladies who perform with him are candid in their storytelling and remarkable in their gender reinvention. “I don’t want to be a boy. I don’t want to be a girl. I want to be me,” unapologetically states one model. Honey Dijon, Nomi, and their clique are sisters in song, spirit and fabulous pumps. The ever-ethereal Antony presides over his clan like a proud den mother, offering performing advice (“Imagine the moment when you were most loved,” he suggests just before showtime), a shoulder to cry on when painful memories resurface, and a hand to hold onto atop the Eiffel Tower. As the women appear on a revolving podium and in elaborate video projections, Antony offers soaring versions of Kiss My Name, One Dove, and other favorites. “Everything is new,” Antony intones in his quivering vibrato, a truism for performers and viewers alike. — STEVEN JENKINS

Saturday June 29, 4:00 pm · Roxie

Sunday June 23, 11:00 am · Roxie

Thursday June 27, 7:00 pm · Victoria

$8 members, $10 general · SELF29R

$8 members, $10 general · SEVE23R

$10 members, $12 general · TRNG27V SPONSORED BY




What’s the T?

Where I Am

DIR Cecilio

DIR Pamela

Asuncion 2012 USA 70 min

What’s the T? is asked in this candid, brave, and often humorous documentary, which examines the lives of five dynamic Bay Area transwomen as they discuss passing, living stealth, getting clocked, and building sisterhood and community. While all of these women have gone through similar experiences and faced similar challenges, each of their tales is incredibly unique. Cassandra Cass, a buxom blonde bombshell of a performer in San Francisco, ponders where her desire for her current self-image sprang from. Rakash is getting her degree as an RN and is an up-and-coming star in NYC’s ballroom scene. Nya, an ingénue from ASIA SF, has identified as trans since the age of 14. “It’s expensive to be a girl,” she quips, in discussing shopping for make-up. Vi Le tells that when she was young, her parents threatened to drop her off in the Castro if she kept up her gender-bending ways. Mia Tu Mutch, a youth advocate for the SF Youth Commission, had very conservative parents who wanted to send her to “masculinity” classes. These women are functioning both beyond and within the familiar transfeminine story that has been told before, and the film does a loving and lively job of uncovering their truths. — K. TAFFYJANE PRECEDED BY:

A Difference DIRS

Ray Rea & Zion Free Johnson 2011 USA 19 min

Shot largely in San Francisco, A Difference takes a look at the intersection of FTM transsexuality and racial difference, and how sexism and racism in society impact aspects of daily life.


Drynan 2012 Ireland 70 min

The eloquent, gregarious Philadelphia author Robert Drake was emerging as an important champion of gay literature when he flew to Dublin in the late ’90s for a season of research and writing. As the editor of The Gay Canon: Great Books Every Gay Man Should Read and anthologies of contemporary queer fiction, Drake met and inspired the city’s coterie of gay and lesbian writers before following the trail of William Butler Yeats to the town of Sligo. It was there, in January 1999, that two young men beat Drake so badly he was left with permanent brain damage. “Either I could get better or I could get bitter,” Drake declares, “and I chose the former and it has made all the difference.” Writing remains a difficult, painstaking process, yet Drake expresses neither resentment nor self-pity — he lives completely in the present, squeezing the most out of each day. A reluctant icon of inspiration, Drake allows a camera crew to accompany him from the City of Brotherly Love to Dublin and Sligo on a fraught return visit to the scene of the crime, and the weeks of happiness that preceded it. First-time director Pamela Drynan, working with the experienced and sensitive cinematographer Richard Kendrick, has crafted a compassionate, soulful and resonant portrait that earns every iota of its emotional punch. A guy by the name of Fitzgerald once said there are no second acts in American lives, but what do writers know? — MICHAEL FOX

This films deals with an act of homophobic violence.

Friday June 21, 7:00 pm · Roxie

Saturday June 29, 1:45 pm · Roxie

$10 members, $12 general · WHAT21R

$8 members, $10 general · WHER29R




Between Ring & Pendant

Bi Candy

This stellar collection of Asian and Pacific Islander shorts takes us on a journey across the Pacific Rim and back to the Bay Area with fearless tomboys, aspiring pop divas, and some deeply complicated familial bonds. Dreaming of becoming a fearless knight, Wang Li ventures into the Taiwanese woods with her fantastic friend. But today she has to put on an armor she doesn’t want to wear in Knighthood. Born to DanceThis Way introduces the world to the fierce, fabulous...and curvalicious backup dancing diva that is JOO SI! An adorably cute Butch conjures up a new sweetie from items representing the best moments of past relationships in The Fiction of the Fix. The tension between brothers reaches a boiling point when siblings reunite to celebrate Christmas with their aging parents over Kimchi Fried Dumplings. Two Girls Against the Rain documents a captivatingly courageous lesbian couple in Cambodia who have known and loved each other since the Khmer Rouge. Two boys spend a life-changing night exploring the streets of Hong Kong and one another in Between Ring & Pendant. A Vietnamese fable brought to life, Uncle and Son, shows how a young boy’s naïveté threatens the precious bond that he and his uncle share.

Get your fanny packs stocked for bi-coastal travel, notso-typical family vacations, nudist romps, and trips through time and space on the wings of gay superheroes in this year’s uproarious and heartbreaking bi-shorts program. Fanny packs are back, in the quick flight of fancy that is The Pigeon Family, while less bold fashion decisions lead to questions of whether an absentee boyfriend might be replaced by a longtime best friend in After Hours. Haven’t you always wished you could jump into a small, enclosed space, slap on some spandex, and fight the hate crimes of the world? Your prayers are answered in the joyously campy The Gayanator. In the bi-coastal comedy Housebroken, a painful break-up recovery is aided by the warmth of what seems like the perfect (hetero?) couple. But will their southern (California) hospitality go too far? An annual family trip gets hijacked by a mysterious old flame, leaving Yuval desperate to go home in the breathtaking Summer Vacation (Sundance 2013). The emotional short Cologne expresses in dance the intimate complexities of love and lust as only a Dolly Parton soundtrack can allow.



KNIGHTHOOD dir Pei-Ju Hsieh 2013 Taiwan 10 min in Chinese with English subtitles BORN TO DANCE THIS WAY dir Jerell Rosales 2012 USA 12 min THE FICTION OF THE FIX dir Cathy Sitzes 2012 USA 10 min KIMCHI FRIED DUMPLINGS dir Jason Karman 2012 Canada 15 min TWO GIRLS AGAINST THE RAIN dir Sao Sopheak 2012 Cambodia 11 min in Cambodian and English with English subtitles BETWEEN RING & PENDANT dir Chi Kwong Chow 2012 Hong Kong 15 min in Chinese with English subtitles UNCLE AND SON (HAI CHU CHAU) dir Dinh Anh Nguyen 2012 Vietnam 12 min in Vietnamese with English subtitles TOTAL RUNNING TIME : 85 min

COLOGNE dir Brendan Ranson-Walsh 2013 USA 12 min THE PIGEON FAMILY dir Cyra K. Polizzi 2012 USA 2 min SUMMER VACATION dir Sharon Maymon & Tal Granit 2012 Israel 22 min in Hebrew with English subtitles THE GAYANATOR dir Chris Corrigan 2013 USA 8 min AFTER HOURS dir Alicia Goff 2013 USA 19 min HOUSEBROKEN dir Wade Gasque 2012 USA 15 min TOTAL RUNNING TIME : 78 min

Tuesday June 25, 7:00 pm · Victoria

Wednesday June 26, 7:00 pm · Roxie

$10 members, $12 general · BETW25V

$10 members, $12 general · CAND26R





Blood in the Grass

Dating Is a Contact Sport


Not for the faint of heart — but definitely for conspiracy theorists and those who appreciate a good story with terror and mystery. This eclectic program contains strange and haunting short films about dystopian worlds, a true crime story, and a disturbing thriller. In The Naturalist, Simon, a gay man living in a genetically modified society where imperfection is punishable by death, has the chance to alter his sexuality. Simon must weigh his loving relationship against his survival. In an alternative American future, the family members of murder victims are allowed to personally execute their loved ones’ killers in Blood in the Grass. In We Are Animals, the government carries out a barrage of frightening regulations such as enforcing quarantines, reinstating sodomy laws, and encouraging gay men to take a prescription drug that suppresses their libido. Based on a true story that took place in rural Alabama, The Buried concerns a young gay man brutally murdered by his friend. Elliot is confronted with his inability to form long-lasting relationships and reaches his limit in Little Man. His brother shows up at his doorstep, and at the same time, an odd neighbor living upstairs starts spying on him and making strange noises at all hours of the night.

Grab your sweatpants and backwards cap and head to this quartet of wisely comic shorts featuring sports dykes, sex toys, and some good-natured training in the ways of proper spanking. In Click, when die-hard romantic Darcy gets her heart broken on her 30th birthday, her friends rally ’round to help her recover. Mayhem ensues in Chris Chew’s (Falling for Caroline) modern, fun romantic comedy about lesbian dating drama, and trying to find a date that clicks. Nikki is a German math nerd whose world consists almost entirely of numbers and equations; to widen her circle of seclusion beyond pi, she tries out for the American football team at her school. Her eyes are opened to a seriously Sapphic world from the steamy locker room to the rough-and-tumble field, in The Mermaids. Web series F to 7TH, follows Ingrid, the not-quite-butch-not-quite-femme, as she tries to adjust to a world where new conceptions of gender and sexuality have left her old-fashioned lesbianism behind. A spin-off of the web series The Slope, F to 7TH features guest appearances by Ashlie Atkinson and Amy Sedaris. Wry humor, tight scripts, and impeccable comic timing make this Brooklyn-based ensemble sizzle as the characters are confronted with ever-escalating heights of awkwardness. It Gets Bitter is a hilariously refreshing, albeit cynical, take on Dan Savage’s online video campaign, by the Codependent Lesbian Team.

This collection of dramatic shorts features a variety of stories about people’s experiences with HIV. The program contains stories of individuals living with HIV, people getting tested, and of how these experiences affect those closest to them. Tensions between 17year-old Roman and his religious grandmother peak when he refuses to participate in a church blood drive in Stay Positive. Then, at an HIV testing clinic, an overwhelming anxiety consumes Roman as he waits. In Disclosure, Tyler realizes that it’s time to talk to his partner about his HIV status, a revelation that takes them both on an emotional journey of heartache, isolation, and discrimination. Peter’s view of the world changes when he receives life-altering news in Stigma. He drones on through his normal day, unsure of what to do or whom, if anyone, to tell. Feeling his humanity like never before, Peter sets out on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. Coming off of the devastation of a bad breakup with a girlfriend, Vee musters up the courage to take an HIV test in Bumming Cigarettes. What she experiences at a local clinic becomes much more than she expected when she spends time with a stranger, Jimmy, as she awaits her test results.


THE NATURALIST dir Connor Hurley 2012 USA 15 min BLOOD IN THE GRASS dir Trent Davis 2012 USA 17 min WE ARE ANIMALS dir Dominic Haxton 2013 USA 15 min THE BURIED dir Jonathan Pope Evans 2012 USA 13 min LITTLE MAN dir Eldar Rapaport 2012 Israel 22 min TOTAL RUNNING TIME : 82 min

This program contains depictions of graphic violence.




STAY POSITIVE dir Robert Carnilius 2013 USA 8 min DISCLOSURE dir Bill Mullan 2012 USA 22 min STIGMA dir Phill Schwartz 2012 USA 27 min BUMMING CIGARETTES dir Tiona McClodden 2012 USA 24 min TOTAL RUNNING TIME : 81 min

CLICK dir Chris Chew 2013 Canada 17 min THE MERMAIDS dir Petra Clever 2011 Germany 36 min F TO 7TH: SEASON ONE dir Ingrid Jungermann 2013 USA 34 min IT GETS BITTER dir Laura Terruso 2012 USA 1 min TOTAL RUNNING TIME : 88 min

Friday June 28, 9:15 pm · Victoria

Monday June 24, 7:00 pm · Roxie

Friday June 28, 11:00 am · Castro

$10 members, $12 general · BLOO28V

$10 members, $12 general · DATI24R

$8 members, $10 general · DISC28C



Dive In Deep — QWOCMAP Shorts

Families Are Forever

Fire We Make

From a Chinese Butch in the Beat era to the comedic tribulations of preparing a romantic dinner, to intoxicating kisses that linger through the decades, dive into the depths of these compelling films and soak up their verve and flair! The Worlds of Bernice Bing illuminates the life of this little known Abstract Expressionist painter, Beat-era Existentialist, Buddhist, and Chinese American lesbian. A Black lesbian transforms grief for her late partner through a vibrant Austin garden in Remembering Ana. A young queer Hawaiian woman mourns her father’s death and finds life through the healing power of her culture in Ka Mana O Ke Ola. Amidst the undercurrents between them, a lesbian chronicles her mother’s journey from Tokyo to Little Rock to becoming Obachan to her chosen queer family. For a Xicana on a path to self-discovery, Life y Pozole embraces both her cultural and queer identities. While preparing Dinner for Two, a young queer mixed Japanese American woman desperately strives to create a romantic vegan meal. The passion between two queer Black women ripples across the vastness of different decades in Your Kiss. Joy, acceptance, and laughter spring from Corazón de Familia to fill our spirits with the stories of queer Latinas and their children.

This compelling program of short documentaries highlights the beautifully complex intersecting relationships of family of origin and chosen family. The ties that bind across bloodlines and our cherished networks of support connect us as queer folk, building communities and expanding our definition of home. The fourth in the Devotion Project series, The Devotion Project: My Person chronicles the lives of Eric and Anne, devoted spouses and loving parents raising their daughter, Jonah, in Oakland. They describe their romance and marriage, as well as the challenges they face as a trans queer couple. Shared Origins introduces Zoe and Tsehaye, two transracially adopted sisters, born in Ethiopia and raised in North Carolina by lesbian parents, who travel to their birth country for the first time. Families Are Forever offers a glimpse into the life of a Mormon family in a California community as they journey from door-knocking in favor of Prop 8 to acceptance of their adolescent gay son; the film was directed by Peabody Award–winning filmmaker Vivian Kleiman (Always My Son, Frameline34). Homeless, bullied, and failing out of high school, 18-year-old Jonathon moves in with queer host parents, transfers schools, and forms a dance crew, The Infamous T. He struggles to mesh with his new household, stay in school, and be his most authentic self.

This impressive collection of shorts honors a multitude of Black queer voices and experiences — from the inspirational love of a pair of elders, to holding it down with strong studs and fierce butch queens, to the Internet with Frank Ocean, to having each other’s back in community. The Devotion Project: Foremost in my Mind tracks the course of the incredible lives of Gail and Audrey, each rich with accomplishment, and honors their love story. The music video My Best Dress celebrates finding acceptance, expression, and love within queer youth ball culture. The Internet reacts to musician Frank Ocean’s Open Letter. Frisk is a story about resilience and the courage to be authentic in the face of harassment. Filmmaker Dr. Kortney Ryan Ziegler (Still Black: A Portrait of Black Transmen, Frameline33) returns with Brown, a meditation on crying. Leo’s dreams of being an international superstar are hard fought working in a fish cannery in Alaska Is a Drag. BY the Way asks, in a world where we guard our hearts, can love be the force that breaks down our walls? Bumming Cigarettes brings together two strangers, a young lesbian and an older gay man, who share a smoke on the stoop while awaiting test results.


THE WORLDS OF BERNICE BING dir Madeleine Lim 2013 USA 30 min REMEMBERING ANA dir Priscilla Hale 2013 USA 3 min KA MANA O KE OLA dir Megan Kaleipumehana Cabral 2013 USA 7 min in Hawaiian with English subtitles OBACHAN dir Martha Tio Eshleman 2013 USA 4 min LIFE Y POZOLE dir Candy Guinea 2012 USA 5 min DINNER FOR TWO dir Ami Nashimoto 2012 USA 9 min YOUR KISS dir Enajite Pela 2012 USA 6 min CORAZÓN DE FAMILIA dir QWOCMAP Productions 2013 USA 25 min TOTAL RUNNING TIME : 89 min


THE DEVOTION PROJECT: MY PERSON dir Antony Osso 2012 USA 10 min SHARED ORIGINS dir Elena Rue 2012 USA 18 min FAMILIES ARE FOREVER dir Vivian Kleiman 2013 USA 22 min THE INFAMOUS T dir Melissa Koch 2013 USA 30 min

The Infamous T is a Frameline Completion Fund recipient. TOTAL RUNNING TIME :

80 min


THE DEVOTION PROJECT: FOREMOST IN MY MIND dir Antony Osso 2013 USA 10 min MY BEST DRESS dir Calvin Hudson Hwang 2012 Canada 4 min OPEN LETTER dir Theo Schear 2012 USA 6 min FRISK dir Tahir Jetter 2012 USA 8 min BROWN dir Dr. Kortney Ryan Ziegler 2012 USA 2 min ALASKA IS A DRAG dir Shaz Bennett 2013 USA 13 min BY THE WAY dir Shanti Lowry 2012 USA 19 min BUMMING CIGARETTES dir Tiona McClodden 2012 USA 24 min TOTAL RUNNING TIME : 86 min

This program contains depictions of graphic violence

Sunday June 23, 4:00 pm · Victoria

Saturday June 22, 3:30 pm · Victoria

Sunday June 23, 9:30 pm · Victoria

$8 members, $10 general · DIVE23V

$8 members, $10 general · FAFE22V

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Fun in Boys Shorts

Fun In Girls Shorts

Fun in Boys Shorts, always a highlight of our Festival, is a celebration of the most side-splitting and touching gay men’s comedic shorts. We kick off with Housebroken, the story of hopeless romantic Paul, who is apartment hunting and crashes on the couch of the perfect couple, Dean and Danni. They fall into a precarious ménage-àtrois, and Paul’s tidy vision of relationships is forever changed. Yeah Kowlaski! takes us into a day in the life of 13-year-old Gabe, who goes to great lengths to impress his classmate crush. Leo’s dreams of being an international superstar are hard fought while working in a fish cannery in Alaska Is a Drag. Jack, a 14year-old living in New Jersey circa 1994, hears about a stash of gay porn hidden in a local store dumpster: Jackpot. In the charming Cuki Colorinchi Evolution, a masked crochet artist takes us into the world of his beloved craft. In Spooners, buying a bed can lead to some unexpected consequences. In Dik, a six-year-old boy brings home a piece of schoolwork that provokes his parents to question his sexual orientation. And P.D.A. centers around an urban gay couple who are disputing their very different views on holding hands in public.

Texting disasters, dugout banter, Russian rockers, mermaid dreams, sexy neighbors, tough girls in hijabs, and a pushy girlfriend are all along for the ride in this solid collection of queer women’s shorts! The First Date sweetly captures the awkwardness and excitement of new love. Web-series spin-off F to 7th follows Ingrid’s descent into middle age, as she struggles to adjust to a world that has left her oldfashioned lesbianism behind. Moscow 2012: nobody is out in The Beginning. Inspired by a carnivalesque silent film, a musician dreams of running away with a mermaid in For You the Spring. Good Neighbors: they lend you sugar, let your dog out and sometimes make for sexy bedfellows! Rough-and-tumble KJ has a secret she keeps hidden from the world in Fighting for Air. Genderfreak finds Rachel, the token straight friend in her group, meeting a hot genderqueer teenager named Sammy, who just happens to be able to play guitar to her violin. Natives is a dark comedy about a girl so fascinated with her girlfriend’s Native American roots that she begins to lose sight of their relationship.

HOUSEBROKEN dir Wade Gasque 2012 USA 15 min YEAH KOWALSKI! dir Evan Roberts 2012 USA 10 min ALASKA IS A DRAG dir Shaz Bennett 2013 USA 13 min JACKPOT dir Adam Baran 2012 USA 10 min CUKI COLORINCHI EVOLUTION dir Eduardo Del Olmo 2011 Spain 4 min in Spanish with English subtitles SPOONERS dir Bryan Horch 2012 USA 14 min DIK dir Christopher Stollery 2012 Australia 9 min P.D.A. dir Patrick Hancock 2012 USA 8 min TOTAL RUNNING TIME : 83 min


THE FIRST DATE dir Janella Lacson 2012 USA 8 min F TO 7TH: TWEENER dir Ingrid Jungermann 2013 USA 4 min THE BEGINNING (Начало) dir Eleonora Zbanke 2012 Russia 6 min in Russian with English subtitles FOR YOU THE SPRING dir Chris Russo 2013 USA 3 min NEIGHBORS (VECINAS) dir Eli Navarro 2012 Spain 15 min in Spanish with English subtitles FIGHTING FOR AIR dir Fatima Mawas 2011 Australia 9 min GENDERFREAK dir Rebecca Louisell 2012 USA 19 min NATIVES dir Jeremy Hersh 2013 USA 20 min TOTAL RUNNING TIME : 84 min

Generations: Youth and Elders Making Movies This year’s Generations program features eight films made by and for youth and elders; from a doc about Hayward’s annual gay prom to an animated film about finding family in queers— even in outer space. In Angie & Jackie Final Cut, two pros on the festival side of films try their luck behind the camera and discover just how hard film production can be. Now We Can Dance: The Story of the Hayward Gay Prom examines the past and present-day battle for a safe LGBT space. In Make Your Own Montage, a superhero comes out and fights the good fight. In Out of the Convent, a group of students learn the history of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. A fun-loving astronaut seeks intergalactic friends in the animated Space is a Lonely Place. In I Choose, The Dinner Party, and Misconnect, Bay Area youth and elders come together through Frameline and TILT’s annual Generations Film Program. ANGIE & JACKIE FINAL CUT dirs Jackie Nunns & Angie West 2012 UK 12 min NOW WE CAN DANCE: THE STORY OF THE HAYWARD GAY PROM dir Laurie Wills 2012 USA 33 min MAKE YOUR OWN MONTAGE dirs Reel Queer Youth Filmmakers, Maddi Davis, Thomas Richardson 2012 USA 4 min OUT OF THE CONVENT dirs Thom Kishaba, Bridget Oliver, Andrea Van Haren 2012 USA 15 min SPACE IS A LONELY PLACE dirs Reel Queer Youth Filmmakers, Jude Watson, Emmy Rodriguez, Koyle Kendrick 2012 USA 3 min I CHOOSE dirs Allan Chung, Gregory Clark, Jacqueline Nugent, Blaidd Apmardda, Ana Alvarado, Traye Turner, Instructor: Matthew Perifano 2013 USA 8 min THE DINNER PARTY dirs Chelsea Erling, Miz Helen, Dana Downie, Yona Riel, Jaime Moreno-Gonzalez, Instructor: Jason Boyce 2013 USA 8 min MISCONNECT dirs Lena Brooks, Edgardo Cervano-Soto, Owen Christoph, MJ Isabell, Evan Knopf, Toby Wiggin, Instructor: Kapi’olani Lee 2013 USA 8 min TOTAL RUNNING TIME : 91 min

Saturday June 22, 11:00 am · Castro

Saturday June 22, 1:30 pm · Castro

$8 members, $10 general · FUNB22C

$8 members, $10 general · FUNG22C

Sunday June 30, 2:00 pm · Castro

Sunday June 30, 11:30 am · Castro

Sunday June 23, 4:00 pm · Roxie

$8 members, $10 general · FUNB30C

$8 members, $10 general · FUNG30C

$8 members, $10 general · GENE23R






Get Animated!

I Come from a Land Down Under

I Left My Ex in San Francisco

What do 10,000 still photographs, 1980s video games and moustached spiders have in common? This program! Endless hours of love, despair, and hope make for this charming and sexy animation program inspired by insects, OkCupid, Nintendo, grandma’s dollies, the Scissor Sisters and of course, pencils! Much to the audience’s delight, these films employ a vast array of animation techniques, making each one a true stand-out. All this and more in 15 animated shorts sure to delight!

Indulge in these Aussie shorts with sardonic wit and an often offbeat, anarchic take on the world. Summer Suit, set in the country town of Euroa, tells the wistful tale of ten-year-old tomboy Robbie, who suffers from occasional epileptic seizures. But when she discovers one of her brother’s suits, she may have found her identity armor. In Gorilla a weekend respite for a newly formed gay couple takes a surprising turn when a mysterious woman arrives at their secluded campsite. Kitty concerns a young effeminate queer boy who only wants to be accepted into his sister’s friendship group. In Dik confusion reigns when a six-year-old boy brings home a piece of schoolwork that provokes his parents to question his sexual orientation, and their own, with disastrous yet hilarious results. Queen of the Desert features Starlady, who may just steal Priscilla’s limelight. Not only has she got pink extensions, painted on eyebrows, glitter stockings, and superman hotpants — Starlady’s a youth worker in some of Australia’s most remote places. And her tools are unique — scissors, bleach, and hair dye. Like a real life Priscilla, Starlady takes us on a journey to Areyonga, an indigenous community in Central Australia, where she works with a group of cheeky youngsters who are bringing glamour to the outback.

The rarely clothed, pregnant, dance-crazed, and deathconsumed are let loose in San Francisco to wreak havoc and break hearts in this shorts program featuring Bay Area talent. Chris and Greg compete for the title of The Next Great Artist in their newest installment of Falling in Love with Chris and Greg. A punk-rock love story comes to life (and death), in the ’90s-inspired Riot Ghoul. Even the ’80s get evoked through music and sweaty dancing in Nikkis and Crunch Pop. A local artist shares her Barbie-inspired artwork in The Altered Lives of LaVonne Salleé. Local cult comediennes Tara Jepsen and Beth Lisick prove—once again—that you don’t need pants to be taken seriously in Tick Tock for Ding Dongs. All this and more, in an eclectic mix of films that pack a punch, take a break, stagger on hysteria, and still make it to the party on time-ish.


BEYOUTIFUL dir Hsin Pei Liu 2012 USA, Taiwan 4 min SERAPH dir Dash Shaw 2012 USA 7 min HAWKER dirs Coco Riot & Elisha Lim 2012 Canada 2 min DATING SUCKS: A GENDERQUEER MISADVENTURE dir Sam Berliner 2013 USA 13 min JAKE SHEARS: A GIFT dir Jok Church 2013 USA 3 min LOVE YOUR GLOVE...AN AGENDA dir Jok Church 2013 USA 4 min I WANT YOUR LOVE dir Dotan Moreno 2012 Canada 2 min EVERYTIME YOU GO AWAY I STAB MYSELF A LITTLE dir Dotan Moreno 2011 USA 2 min INSERT CREDIT dir David Nguyen 2011 Canada 7 min VILLANELLE FOR DATERS dir Buzz Slutzky 2012 USA 2 min MOTH dir Mu Xi 2011 China 4 min ORDINARY TOWN dir Michael Wilde 2011 USA 3 min INK DEEP dir Constance Levesque 2012 Canada 3 min BENJAMIN’S FLOWERS dir Malin Erixon 2012 Sweden 12 min dir Juan Carlos Zaldivar 2012 USA 5 min SHIFT dirs Juan Carlos Zaldivar & Anja Marais 2012 USA 5 min TOTAL RUNNING TIME : 73 min


SUMMER SUIT dir Rebecca Peniston-Bird 2013 Australia 15 min GORILLA dir Tim Marshall 2012 Australia 13 min DIK dir Christopher Stollery 2012 Australia 9 min KITTY dir Cindy Dodkins 2012 Australia 6 min QUEEN OF THE DESERT dir Alex Kelly 2012 Australia 28 min TOTAL RUNNING TIME : 71 min


RIOT GHOUL dir Gentry McShane 2012 USA 15 min BROWN dir Dr. Kortney Ryan Ziegler 2012 USA 2 min IN FACE dir Sarah Jelinsky 2009 USA 3 min ¡SACAMELO! dirs Aron Kantor & Jorge Portillo 2013 USA 10 min in Spanish with English subtitles NIKKIS dir Alexa Inkeles 2012 USA 3 min TICK TOCK FOR DING DONGS dir Jed Bell 2013 USA 10 min FALLING IN LOVE WITH CHRIS AND GREG: “WORK OF ART! REALITY TV SPECIAL” dirs Greg Youmans & Chris Vargas 2012 USA 14 min THE ALTERED LIVES OF LAVONNE SALLEÉ dir Jazmin Jamias 2012 USA 12 min CLIMAX dir Jeremy Solterbeck 2012 USA 10 min CRUNCH POP dir Grace Raso 2012 USA 6 min TOTAL RUNNING TIME : 85 min

Sunday June 23, 1:45 pm · Roxie

Saturday June 29, 11:00 am · Castro

Sunday June 23, 11:00 am · Victoria

$8 members, $10 general · ANIM23R

$8 members, $10 general · DOWN29C

$8 members, $10 general · LEFT23V






Kiss Me Softly

Rats in Glitter


Our first shorts program of Frameline37 is a collection of dramatic gay men’s films from Europe. We start and end with two short films from Austria and, in between, feature stories from Belgium, Portugal, and the UK. An adolescent boy who serves in the Austrian Military Forces experiences feelings towards one of his comrades in Homophobia. The suppressed conflict bubbles up during their last night at the Austrian-Hungarian border. In our title film, 17-year-old Jasper lives in a small town with his family, where his father is a local singer. The gorgeous Julian is a cross between a roadtrip in Portugal and a summer love story, shot on Super8 film. It contains a poetic narrative that embodies various myths created by mankind. In A Thousand Empty Glasses, Charlie goes on a whirlwind trip to France to visit his best friend Arthur; here he is introduced to Oscar and Martha, a seemingly happy couple living in paradise. But then cracks begin to form in this perfect picture of British society, provoking Charlie to question his ambitions, friendships, and sexuality. The final film, Hatch, follows two couples and the wrenching decisions they each must make on a wintry Vienna night.

From psychiatric evaluations to avant-garde karaoke music videos, these dancers, directors, activists, and deserters endeavor to get things right (or defiantly wrong) in this multifarious selection of experimental short films. Interweaving the high and the low, these films incorporate a wide range of aesthetics and storytelling devices to explore an idea, celebrate a moment, or pose a deceptively simple question. The performance artist Narcississter spins, poses, and works her way into the “ideal woman” in Every Woman. Suicide! Car crashes! An evil twin! embody the drama of Sinaki’s Pop!, set in the consumer glamour of 1960s Tehran. An all-encompassing jam session of musicians, dancers, and artists lets loose in Free Jazz: Parts 1 & 2. All this and more, in a selection of 13 short and explosive films that abandon ship, burn down the fort, and haunt the home they grew up in.

DIRS Kadet & Texas

HOMOPHOBIA dir Gregor Schmidinger 2012 Austria 24 min in German with English subtitles KISS ME SOFTLY dir Anthony Schatteman 2012 Belgium 16 min in Dutch with English subtitles JULIAN dir Antonio da Silva 2012 UK, Portugal 10 min A THOUSAND EMPTY GLASSES dir Andrew Nolan 2011 UK 15 min HATCH dir Christoph Kuschnig 2012 Austria 19 min in German and Serbian with English subtitles TOTAL RUNNING TIME : 84 min



POP! dir Navid Sinaki 2012 USA 7 min in Persian/Farsi with English subtitles FREE JAZZ: PARTS 1&2 dirs Gary Fembot Gregerson, Brontez Purnell & Jerry Lee Abrams 2011 USA 6 min DIVORCIO USA 2005/2012 dir Jacinto Astiazarán 2005/2012 USA 8 min in Spanish with English subtitles JAKE SHEARS: A GIFT dir Jok Church 2013 USA 3 min EVERY WOMAN dir Narcissister Narcissister 2009 USA 5 min NOTHING dir Nico Peck USA 3 min QUEER ORIGINS dir Celete Chan 2013 USA 3 min MARTINDALE dir Bug Davidson 2012 USA 8 min THE FORTUNE TELLER dir Leo Herrera 2013 USA 9 min FAN CHRISTY (COVER) [KARAOKE MV] dir Jai Arun Ravine/Jorrit Poelen 2011 USA 4 min LIKE RATS LEAVING A SINKING SHIP dir Vika Kirchenbauer 2012 Germany 25 min WILDBLOOD dir David Jones 2011 USA 4 min TOTAL RUNNING TIME : 85 min

2013 USA 69 min

Sexperimental is a retrospective of the pioneering queer analog video art of Kadet and Texas. Best friends and collaborators, they were inspired by a lineage of feminist filmmakers, and the early ’90s culture of gender investigation, queer play parties, techno, music videos, the accessibility of video, and emerging queer erotica. Selfexpression was at the core of their work; as fully charged up artists and activists they wanted to reveal an alternative way of viewing women and trans sexuality — and address the consequential lack of materials representing female sexuality. Texas is regarded as the first transgender video artist and hasn’t shown these early works since 1997, just a couple years after he started transitioning. This digitally remastered archival compilation includes: Girls Will Be Boys, Cunt Dykula, Jill Jacks Off, You Little Devil You, Tex-Sex, Friendly, Fuck Film, Quvvrr, Impact Zone, Rave Porn, Alienator, Pussy Buffet, plus previously unreleased material, in celebration of their 20th year anniversary since they began as filmmakers. Amid flashing, fragmented imagery and visual puns, butches play with other butches (when not playing with gender identity and with themselves), play piercing fluidly leads to blood play, and the pleasures and pains of sexuality are hard to distinguish. Themes of alienation, homoeroticism, ambiguity, and empowerment, are wrapped up in metaphors, expressed through visuals of pin-up girls, cars, food, leather, and strapons which generate a body of experimental video portraiture of a powerful and pivotal time. — ANGELIQUE SMITH

This program contains sexually explicit material.

Friday June 21, 1:30 pm · Castro

Thursday June 27, 9:30 pm · Roxie

Wednesday June 26, 9:30 pm · Roxie

$8 members, $10 general · KISS21C

$10 members, $12 general · RATS27R

$10 members, $12 general · SETL26R



Sexual Tension: Violetas Tensión Sexual: Violetas After Sexual Tension: Volatile, a collection of shorts about queer male sexual tension, Argentinian directors Marco Berger and Marcelo Mónaco return with the second installment in the series, Sexual Tension: Violetas, composed of six short films that explore the erotically charged relationships between young women and how they explode into sensual and sexual encounters In an Argentine youth hostel, a butch traveler has missed her train and now has nowhere to spend the night. After some serious cruising, a flirtatious femme invites her to share her room; what follows is a steamy and passionate night. Longtime friends blur a line they hadn’t previously crossed in their relationship. In another short, female escorts bond intimately after a night with a male client. This omnibus establishes a world where men simply cannot compete sexually, and boyfriends are pushed to the side, while a fling is being illicitly consummated in a restaurant bathroom. Often humorous and always delightful, the stories build tension in these tenuous connections that develop into enticing adventures. In the daydreams, the fantasies, and the small caressing gestures that open the door to the unexplored, there is an atmosphere of desire, deep bonding, and intimacy between these women. It is the sheer force of these electrifying interactions that makes them forget the staleness of their otherwise conventional relationships and plunge them into fun, lustful affairs. — JULIA BARBOSA

SEXUAL TENSION: VIOLETAS dir Marco Berger & Marcelo Mónaco 2013 Argentina 90 min in Spanish with English subtitles

Monday June 24, 7:00 pm · Elmwood

Something Real


Spend your afternoon at the Castro Theatre with this wondrous collection of documentary short films about talented gay men and their art of music. You will be delighted by these gifted musicians and the filmmakers who captured their careers. Trevor Anderson’s The Man That Got Away tells the true-life story of Trevor’s greatuncle Jimmy in six original songs, and features local legend Connie Champagne. In Mark Bunyan: Very Nearly Almost Famous, we explore the life of the co-founder of the Pink Singers, Mark Bunyan, who spent the ’70s and ’80s performing his original songs alongside the likes of Sandie Shaw, Billy Connolly, and Tom Robinson. Something Real is a celebrity-packed short with a musical twist about the West Hollywood bar scene. This film is the first collaboration between acclaimed director Guy Shalem, Tony Award–winning composer and lyricist Jeff Marx (Avenue Q), and five-time Grammy Award– winning producer, composer, and lyricist Mervyn Warren. Open Letter is about the affirming online reaction to hip-hop singer-songwriter Frank Ocean’s coming out. Lastly, Greg Sirota directed several lush videos of staged recording sessions with popular singer-songwriter Matt Alber and the Cello Street Quartet of San Francisco; these sumptuous videos are connected by behindthe-scenes interviews with Matt and the Quartet in Matt Alber With Strings Attached.

From personal journeys that breakdown the binary, to stunning animations of self-discovery, to dating disasters, this year’s Transtastic! shorts feature an inspiring offering of trans voices, filmmakers, and experiences. Loving The Bony Lady introduces Arely Gonzalez, a devoted worshipper of La Santa Muerte. But I’m a Genderqueer is the story of one person’s journey through the world of gender identity. Change Over Time is an experimental animated doc about the filmmaker’s first year on T. Transpass exposes the negative effects of the gender sticker on the Philadelphia public transportation pass. Throughout the first five months of his hormone therapy, Remy Leroux takes us through his body and mind in eloquent animation in Ink Deep. Dos Almas, set in 1860, finds a mestiza woman alone in the wilderness. Pauline and her best friend, Etienne, set off to discover Who is Pauline Park? Love Bang! is a fierce Cambodian “hip pop” trans art music video! Dating Sucks: A Genderqueer Misadventure is an animation about the successes, failures, and confusion of trying to date as a genderqueer/trans person. Beyoutiful is a Taiwanese animation that explores the necessity of conventional gender identity.


THE MAN THAT GOT AWAY dir Trevor Anderson 2012 Canada 26 min MARK BUNYAN: VERY NEARLY ALMOST FAMOUS dir Jackie Nuns 2012 United Kingdom 16 min SOMETHING REAL dir Guy Shalem 2012 USA 9 min OPEN LETTER dir Theo Schear 2011 USA 6 min MATT ALBER WITH STRINGS ATTACHED dir Greg Sirota 2011 USA 25 min TOTAL RUNNING TIME : 82 min

$10 members, $12 general · SEXT24E

LOVING THE BONY LADY dir Scott Elliott 2012 USA 7 min in Spanish, English with English subtitles BUT I’M A GENDERQUEER dir Lauren Soldano 2011 USA 12 min CHANGE OVER TIME dir Ewan Duarte 2013 USA 7 min TRANSPASS dir Wren Warner 2012 USA 16 min INK DEEP dir Constance Levesque 2012 Canada 3 min DOS ALMAS dir Danielle Villegas 2013 USA 16 min WHO IS PAULINE PARK? dir Jamerry Kim 2012 USA 12 min LOVE BANG! dir Viet Le 2012 Cambodia, USA 5 min DATING SUCKS: A GENDERQUEER MISADVENTURE dir Sam Berliner 2013 USA 13 min BEYOUTIFUL dir Hsin Pei Liu 2012 USA/Taiwan 4 min TOTAL RUNNING TIME : 95 min

Tuesday June 25, 9:00 pm · Roxie

Thursday June 27, 1:45 pm · Castro

Monday June 24, 7:00 pm · Victoria

$10 members, $12 general · SEXT25R

$8 members, $10 general · KICK27C

$10 members, $12 general · TRAN24V






Tu Recuerdo

Worldly Affairs

Worldly Women

This stunning offering of queer Latin@ shorts brings together a potent mixture of espíritu, resistencia y nuestra communidad. Two Brazilian schoolboys form an instant attachment and soon realize that theirs is no ordinary friendship. If they want to be together, there’s one irreversible thing they must deal with in The Package. Loving the Bony Lady introduces Arely Gonzalez, a devoted worshipper of La Santa Muerte, also known as La Flaca. Since devoting herself to this skeletal saint, Gonzalez, a Mexican immigrant and transsexual woman, has seen her life transformed. In Lost Angel a young Dutch tourist stranded at the start of his U.S. vacation, finds help from an unlikely stranger and Los Angelino. A Chilean couple spends their last morning together in The Shower as their relationship falls apart. When Raul is asked to entertain the local landowner’s son, an intense game of power and pride starts between the two boys in A World for Raul. Good Neighbors— they lend you sugar, let your dog out and sometimes make for sexy bedfellows.

Join us as we travel the globe and celebrate some of the finest international gay men’s short films. On the outskirts of Lima, a young sex worker tends to an elderly man, who is a fallen-from-grace artisan in The Companion. Sea, sun, and family — that’s what it takes to make a Summer Vacation. But all Yuval wants from this vacation is to get the heck out of there. In For Dorian, a father fears the sexual awakening of his disabled son, Oliver. In A Ballet Dialogue, a young man in his late teens and a senior man wake up in their respective apartments — and from across the avenue on which they both live, they communicate in an unusual way. Two childhood friends head to a deserted beach to surf in Seaquake. When they get there, they wait for a wave that never comes, but another type of wave comes across the both of them. In Happy Birthday, from the director of You Are Not Alone (1978), life can be frustrating for a 14-year-old boy in Denmark where the age of consent is 15. His birthday might be right around the corner, but his handsome neighbor is making it seem like forever!

Whether it’s a decades-long connection that results in a final plunge or the mystery of secret panties, Frameline’s annual Worldly Women program will take you on a global tour of the many variations of womanly delights. The provocative My Secret Panties examines the varying faces of lesbian Muslims. In the visually gripping Dos Almas, a mestiza woman finds herself alone in the remote wilderness and discovers a guide and lover deep in the woods. Can Shopping really bring true love? This may prove to be the case despite years of missed connections. In Through the Window, we discover Yoni, deep in the closet and torn between her great love and her family. All is revealed in Fresh Fruit when a woman bored by her day job lets her imagination run wild and takes her own trip of seduction out on one of the guests. In the mysterious Social Butterfly, a 30-year-old American woman enters a teenage party, where sexual identity opens up amidst the celebratory chaos. Finally, in Cross Your Fingers, Su-yeon, a manicurist in Brixton, South London, is a good Catholic girl. But when punk girl Maya walks into the salon, Su-yeon’s world is opened up to a multitude of new desires.

THE PACKAGE (O PACOTE) dir Rafael Aidar 2010 Brazil 18 min in Portuguese with English subtitles LOVING THE BONY LADY dir Scott Elliott 2012 USA 7 min in Spanish with English subtitles LOST ANGEL dir Derek Villanueva 2013 USA 16 min THE SHOWER (LA DUCHA) dir Maria José San Martin 2010 Chile 10 min in Spanish with English subtitles A WORLD FOR RAUL (UN MUNDO PARA RAÚL) dir Mauro Mueller 2012 Mexico 15 min in Spanish with English subtitles NEIGHBORS (VECINAS) dir Eli Navarro 2012 Spain 15 min in Spanish with English subtitles TOTAL RUNNING TIME : 81 min


This program contains depictions of sexual violence.

THE COMPANION dir Alvaro Delgado Aparicio 2012 Peru 20 min in Spanish with English subtitles SUMMER VACATION dir Sharon Maymon 2012 Israel 22 min in Hebrew with English subtitles FOR DORIAN dir Rodrigo Barriuso 2012 Canada 16 min A BALLET DIALOGUE dir Filipe Matzembacher 2012 Brazil 8 min in Portuguese with English subtitles SEAQUAKE dir Daniel Aratangy 2012 Brazil 8 min in Portuguese with English subtitles HAPPY BIRTHDAY dir Lasse Nielsen 2013 Denmark 24 min in Danish with English subtitles TOTAL RUNNING TIME : 85 min

Wednesday June 26, 9:30 pm · Victoria

Friday June 28, 4:00 pm · Castro

Saturday June 29, 3:30 pm · Castro

$10 members, $12 general · TURE26V

$8 members, $10 general · WRLD28C

$8 members, $10 general · WORL29C






MY SECRET PANTIES dir Qila Gill 2012 UK 4 min DOS ALMAS dir Danielle Villegas 2013 USA in Spanish with English Subtitles 16 min SHOPPING dir Will Kuether 2012 Australia 6 min THROUGH THE WINDOW dir Chen Shumowitz 2011 Israel in Hebrew with English Subtitles 12 min FRESH FRUIT dir Diane Busuttil 2012 Germany in German with English Subtitles 10 min SOCIAL BUTTERFLY dir Lauren Wolkstein 2012 in French and English with English subtitles 14 min CROSS YOUR FINGERS dir Yun Joo Chang 2011 UK 16 min TOTAL RUNNING TIME : 78 min

special programs



Happy Feet DIR George

Miller 2006 USA 108 min

Mumble is an emperor penguin who loves to dance. But emperor penguins are supposed to sing. When he is exiled from his flock, he must make it on his own in a world that sees him as “different.” Before long, he finds a few new penguin friends that accept him for who he is, sets out on an adventure across the snowy landscape of Antarctica, encounters a herd of enormous elephant seals, and learns a thing or two about friendship, love, and family. In 2007, Happy Feet won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film and an AFI Award for Movie of the Year. Featuring an all-star voice cast including Elijah Wood, Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, and Robin Williams, Happy Feet is a lively, visually stunning, laugh-along, sing-along treat that the whole flock will love. — MICHAEL J. LOPRESTI PRECEDED BY:

Family Restaurant DIR Andrea

James 2012 USA 12 min

When the diner closes up for the night, the salt and pepper shakers, napkin holders, and other inanimate objects inside the restaurant come to life in this whimsical tale about what makes a family. One night, Picky, a curmudgeonly toothpick dispenser, causes a stir when he insists that two ketchup bottles and two mustard bottles can’t fall in love with each other. The next day, with the help of little boy with two dads, he learns a valuable lesson. Kids will get a kick out of the quirky puppetry in this sweet short with an important message.


Implementing FAIR: LGBT Media in California Classrooms

Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge

Perhaps more than any other movement the history of LGBT activism has been collected through media, primarily film. Whether breaking barriers through Vito Russo’s The Celluloid Closet or Nancy Kates’s Brother Outsider, there is no denying the power of film to inspire the evolving conversations about LGBT history and rights. In 2011, with the passage of SB 48, also known as the FAIR Education Act, California schools were required to include political, economic, and social contributions of persons with disabilities and LGBT people into textbooks and social studies curricula. In the two years since its passage, implementation has been a challenge to many teachers and administrators, and the barriers can be enormous. Please join Frameline for this FREE event to discuss how independent filmmakers, nonprofit organizations, and others are working to provide LGBT films for California schools, and how we can help to create a safe space for discussions in classroom settings. Parents, students, teachers, administrators, and anyone interested in LGBT film and history will enjoy this examination of how to bring the spirit of film festivals into the classroom. Senator Mark Leno, chief author of the legislation; Carolyn Laub, Executive Director of the GSA Network (co-sponsor of the bill); and Bay Area teachers and administrators will be on hand for the panel.

Midnight Mass Presents: Night Of 1,000 Scream Queens! Featuring Your Hostess Peaches Christ & Guest Star Mark Patton

Frameline37 and Peaches Christ proudly present A Nightmare On Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge with the film’s scream queen star himself Mark Patton appearing live and in-person! You do not want to miss this extra special Midnight Mass presentation of perhaps the gayest horror movie ever made. Peaches Krueger and her favorite drag queen ghouls present this Night of 1,000 Scream Queens with a horror pre-show spooktacular full of outrageous performances and a special onstage interview between Peaches and Mark Patton, audience Q&A, and a post-show fan meet and greet. Audience members are encouraged to dress for the Scream Queen costume contest! A Nightmare On Elm Street 2 stars Mark Patton as the “final girl” Jesse. Freddy Krueger has returned to Elm Street and is haunting Jesse in his dreams. One nightmare includes a particularly delicious sequence involving Jesse’s macho gym teacher hanging out in a gay leather bar before he’s led into the high-school gym showers where he is forcibly stripped of his leather gear, whipped by towels and then slashed to death by Freddy’s razorblade nails. And if that’s not gay enough, just wait until you see Jesse’s infamous bedroom dance scene. Girl!

Saturday June 22, 11:00 am · Victoria

Saturday June 22, 11:59 pm · Castro

$0 members, $0 general · FAIR22V

$12 members, $15 general · NIGH22C



DIR Jack

Sholder 1985 USA 87 min


Sunday June 23, 10:00 am · Castro $8 members, $10 general · FAMI23C Free for ages 12 and under













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festival info berkeley The RIALTO CINEMAS™ ELMWOOD, “Berkeley’s Best Neighborhood Movie Theatre,” is the Festival’s East Bay hub. This charming art-deco showpiece anchors a thriving area full of unique shops and delicious dining options — perfect for an evening on the town!

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www.rialtocinemas.com 2966 College Ave. (at Ashby), Berkeley

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Alta Bates Summit Medical Center has a parking garage located on Colby Street between Ashby Avenue and Webster Street.

Festival Box Office on Market Street Located inside Johnston Tax Group, 2327 Market Street at Noe in San Francisco. Tickets go on sale to Frameline members beginning Friday, May 24. Become a member the following week and receive immediate discounts on Festival tickets and merchandise. Ticket sales open to the general public beginning Friday, May 31. BUSINESS HOURS:

Daily 1:00 pm - 8:00 pm (closed on Memorial Day)

ord your ticer k online aets framelin t e.org


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➢ N

Ashby Colby


★ Rialtoo™ Rialt Cinemas™ Elmwood Webster


College Ave.



Telegraph Av




Patron Courtesies

• While waiting in line, please be considerate of our neighbors and local businesses. We remind patrons that it’s now illegal to smoke while waiting in line or near entrances to venues.


• Please refrain from wearing perfumes and other scented products so that attendees with environmental sensitivities can comfortably enjoy the films. Thank you.


Woolsey Prince


Parking Garage/Lot






Rockridge BART ➤



• All seats are general admission, and multiple seat-saving is not permitted.

Services for People with Disabilities Frameline is committed to accommodating audience members with disabilities, offering early seating as needed. Please make yourself known to the theater house manager for assistance. All screening venues are wheelchair accessible. Assisted listening devices are available at the Rialto Cinemas™ Elmwood. All screening venues have wheelchair-accessible bathrooms. At the Roxie, please ask the house manager for the key to an accessible bathroom. American Sign Language interpretation will be provided at the Festival Awards presentation and many introductions and post-screening Q&A sessions of subtitled films throughout the Festival. Please visit www.frameline.org for details on ASL-assisted screenings.



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Faculty includes Academy Award–winning director

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we like to watch, too We proudly support Frameline37 and our LGBT guests.

A TOUGH ACT TO FOLLOW. Serving twice daily nonstop flights between San Francisco and Austin with: ™I]ZbdhiaZ\gddb^cXdVX]* ™(+X]VccZahd[[gZZDIRECTV®† ™;gZZjca^b^iZYWgVcY"cVbZhcVX`h ™;^ghiWV\[a^Zh[gZZ‡

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Hair by Becky Udwary | Photography by Shae Rocco


R I A H G I B D N ..... A /SFIEC /SFIEC sfiec.edu sfiec.edu | 4 415-355-1734 15-355-1734 WWW.FRAMELINE.ORG


film +program index #





24 Hitchhikers 52

Dating is a Contact Sport 60 Dating Sucks: A Genderqueer Misadventure 63, 65 Del Lado Del Verano 42 The Devotion Project: Foremost in my Mind 61 The Devotion Project: My Person 61 A Difference 58 dik 62, 63 Dinner for Two 61 The Dinner Party 62 Disclosure 60 Disrupted 49 Dive In DeepQWOCMAP Shorts 61 Divorcio USA 2005/2012 64 Dos Almas 65, 66

G.B.F. 23 Gay Latino Los Angeles 50 The Gayanator 59 Genderfreak 62 Generations: Youth and Elders Making Movies 62 Get Animated! 63 The Go Doc Project 38 Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia 50 Gorilla 63

Ka Mana O Ke Ola 61 Kimchi Fried Dumplings 59 kink 52 Kiss Me Softly 64 Kitty 63 Knighthood 59

Obachan 61 One Zero One—The Story of Cybersissy & BayBjane 54 Open Letter 61, 65 Ordinary Town 63 Out Here: A Queer Farmer Film Project 55 Out in the Dark 44 The Out List 55 Out of the Convent 62

A The Abominable Crime 47 After Hours 59 Alaska Is A Drag 61, 62 The Altered Lives of LaVonne Salleé 63 Angie & Jackie Final Cut 62 Aquaporko! 48

B A Ballet Dialogue 66 The Battle of amfAR 27 The Beginning 62 Benjamin’s Flowers 63 Between Ring & Pendant 59 Beyond the Walls 41 Beyoutiful 63, 65 Bi Candy 59 Big Gay Love 36 Big Joy: The Adventures of James Broughton 28 Big Words 36 Blood in the Grass 60 Born This Way 47 Born to Dance this Way 59 Breaking the Girls 37 Brown 61, 63 Bumming Cigarettes 60, 61 The Buried 60 Burning Blue 37 But I’m a Cheerleader 37 But I’m a Genderqueer 65 Bwakaw 41 BY the Way 61

C C.O.G. 29 Camp Beaverton: Meet the Beavers 48 The Campaign 48 Change Over Time 65 Chuppan Chupai 48 Click 60 Climax 63 Codebreaker 49 Cologne 59 The Companion 66 Concussion 19 Continental 49 Corazon de Familia 61 Cross Your Fingers 66 Crunch Pop 63 Cuki Colorinchi Evolution 62

E Easy Abby: Every Day Making Love More Difficult (Season One) 38 Entry Denied 27 Every Woman 64 Everytime You Go Away I Stab Myself A Little 63

F F to 7th 60 F to 7th: Tweener 62 Falling in Love With Chris and Greg: “Work of Art! Reality TV Special” 63 Families Are Forever 61 Family Restaurant 67 Fan Christy 64 The Fiction of the Fix 59 Fighting For Air 62 Finding Franklin 53 Fire We Make 61 The First Date 62 Fish Power 54 For Dorian 66 For You, The Spring 62 The Fortune Teller 64 Free Fall 42 Free Jazz Parts 1 & 2 64 Fresh Fruit 66 Frisk 61 Fun in Boys Shorts 62 Fun in Girls Shorts 62 Future My Love 50

H Happy Birthday 66 Happy Feet 67 The Happy Sad 30 Hatch 64 Hawker 63 He’s Way More Famous Than You 31 Heterosexual Jill 38 Homophobia 64 Hot Guys with Guns 39 Housebroken 59, 62

I I Am Divine 51 I Am Gay and Muslim 48 I Choose 62 I Come from A Land Down Under 63 I Left My Ex in San Francisco 63 I Want Your Love 63 I’m Yours 54 I’ve Only Just Begun 53 Ian Harvie Superhero 51 Implementing FAIR: LGBT Media in California Classrooms 67 In Face 63 In the Name Of 20 In Their Room: London 39 The Infamous T 61 Ink Deep 63, 65 Insert Credit 63 Interior. Leather Bar. 39 Intersexion 51 It Gets Better 42 It Gets Bitter 60 It’s All So Quiet 43

J Jackpot 62 Jake Shears: A Gift 63, 64 Joan in the Rain 56 JOY! Portrait of a Nun 52 Julian 64


L La Partida 43 The Lala Road 54 Last Call at Maud’s 52 Lesbiana-A Parallel Revolution 53 Lewd & Lascivious 53 Life y Pozole 61 like rats leaving a sinking ship 64 The Little House That Could 53 Little Man 60 Lost Angel 66 Love Bang! 65 Love Your Glove... An Agenda 63 Lovely 55 Loving the Bony Lady 66

M Make Your Own Montage 62 Mama Rainbow 54 The Man That Got Away 65 Mark Bunyan: Very Nearly Almost Famous 65 Martindale 64 Matt Alber with Strings Attached 65 Melting Away 43 The Mermaids 60 Mía 44 Misconnect 62 Moth 63 Mr. Angel 54 My Best Dress 61 My Secret Panties 66

N Natives 62 The Naturalist 60 The Neighbors 62, 66 The New Black 32 Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge 67 Nikkis 63 Nothing 64 Now We Can Dance: The Story of the Hayward Gay Prom 62

P P.D.A. 62 The Package 66 Paul Bowles: The Cage Door is Always Open 55 Performing Girl 51 The Pigeon Family 59 Pit Stop 39 Pop! 64

Q Queen of the Desert 63 Queer Origins 64

Stay Positive 60 Stigma 60 Submerge 45 Summer Suit 63 Summer Vacation 59, 66

T Taboo 57 Test 40 Things Are Different Now 64 A Thousand Empty Glasses 64 Through the Window 66 Tick Tock for Ding Dongs 63 Transpass 65 Transtastic! 65 Tu Recuerdo 66 Turning 57 Two Girls Against the Rain 59 Two Weddings and a Funeral 46

U Uncle and Son 59



Rats in Glitter 64 Reaching for the Moon 33 Rebel 56 Remembering Ana 61 Riot Ghoul 63 Romeo Romeo 56

Valencia 40 Valentine Road 21 Villanelle for Daters 63

S ¡Sacamelo! 63 Seaquake 66 Second Hand Emotion 51 The Secret Disco Revolution 56 A Self-Made Man 57 Seraph 63 Seventh-Gay Adventists 57 Sexperimental 64 Sexual Tension: Violetas 65 Shared Origins 61 She: tHEiR Love Story 44 Shift 63 Shopping 66 The Shower 66 Simone 45 Sleeping Beauties 37 Social Butterfly 66 Something Real 65 Soongava—Dance of the Orchids 45 Space is a Lonely Place 62 Spooners 62

W We Are Animals 60 What’s the T? 58 Where I Am 58 White Night 46 Who Is Pauline Park? 65 Who’s Afraid of Vagina Wolf? 40 Wildblood 64 Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? 34 A World for Raul 66 Worldly Affairs 66 Worldly Women 66 The Worlds of Bernice Bing 61

Y Yeah Kowalski! 62 Young and Wild 46 Your Kiss 61

Every 12 seconds someone in the world is infected with HIV

Together we can stop the virus



Gilead proudly supports Frameline37 and the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival Š2013 Gilead Sciences, Inc. All rights reserved. UNBC0088 04/13



pull out guide frameline.org

grand sponsors

schedule Thursday June 20 Castro

Friday June 21 Castro

11 AM

11:00 am But I’m a Cheerleader BUTI21C p.37



Saturday June 22 Victoria




11:00 am 11:00 am Fun in Boys Shorts Romeo Romeo FUNB22C ROME22R p.56 p.62 S



11:00 am Implementing FAIR FAIR22V p.67 t


1:30 pm Lewd & Lascivious LEWD22V p.53 D

1 PM



4 PM






1:30 pm Kiss Me Softly KISS21C p.64 S

1:30 pm 1:30 pm Fun in Girls Shorts One Zero One FUNG22C ONEZ22R p.54 p.62 S

4:00 pm Pit Stop PITS21C p.39

4:00 pm Big Joy BIJA22C p.28

4:00 pm Intersexion INTE22R p.51

6:30 pm Breaking the Girls BREA22C p.37 U

6:30 pm Gay Latino Los Angeles GAYL22R p.50

3 PM


2 PM


3:30 pm Families Are Forever FAFE22V p.61 S D

6 PM

7 PM






6:30 pm Free Fall FREE21C p.42 W

7:00 pm Concussion CONC20C p.19

9 PM

10 PM

11 PM

10:00 pm Opening Night Gala at Terra Gallery GALA20C p.19

10:00 pm White Night WHIT20C p.46 W


Midnight kink KINK21C p.52

Wednesday June 26 Castro



7:00 pm Easy Abby EASY21V p.38

9:30 pm Chuppan Chupai / I Am Gay and Muslim CHUP21R p.48 D

9:30 pm The Go Doc Project GODO21V p.38 U


9:00 pm She: tHEiR Love Story SHE22R p.44

9:15 pm C.O.G. COG22C p.29






9:15 pm Mr. Angel MRAN22V p.54


Friday June 28



11:00 am Mía MIA27C p.44 W

11:30 am Future My Love FUTU26C p.50 D


6:30 pm Big Gay Love BIGL22V p.36 U

Midnight Nightmare on Elm Street 2 NIGH22C p.67 t

Thursday June 27

11 AM


9:00 pm Valencia VALE21C p.40 U

7:00 pm What's the T? WHAT21R p.58 D

Castro 11:00 am Disclosure DISC28C p.60




1 PM

2 PM

3 PM

2:00 pm Gore Vidal GORE26C p.50


4 PM

5 PM

1:30 pm Born This Way BORN28C p.47

1:45 pm Something Real SOME27C p.65 S

4:00 pm Hot Guys with Guns HOTG27C p.39 U

4:30 pm The Battle of amfAR BATT26C p.27


4:00 pm Worldly Affairs WRLD28C p.66 S

6 PM

7 PM

8 PM

7:00 pm Valentine Road ROAD26C p.21 C

7:00 pm Bi Candy CAND26R p.59

9:30 pm Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? WILL26C p.34

9:30 pm Sexperimental SETL26R p.64


7:00 pm Heterosexual Jill HETE26V p.38 U

7:00 pm She: tHEiR Love Story SHE26E p.44


7:00 pm Submerge SUBM27C p.45 W

7:00 pm It Gets Better ITGE27R p.42 W

7:00 pm Turning TRNG27V p.57

9:30 pm Beyond the Walls BEYO27C p.41 W

9:30 pm Rats in Glitter RATS27R p.64 S

9:30 pm Ian Harvie Superhero IANH27V p.51


7:00 pm Pit Stop PITS27E p.39


9:30 pm Valencia VALE27E p.40 U


6:45 pm Reaching for the Moon REAC28C p.33

7:00 pm The Little House That Could THEL28R p.53 D

7:00 pm White Night WHIT28V p.46


9 PM

10 PM


9:30 pm Tu Recuerdo TURE26V p.66 S

9:30 pm Big Words WORD26E p.36 U

11 PM




9:30 pm Out in the Dark DARK28C p.44 W

9:15 pm 9:30 pm Blood in the Grass Soongava: Dance of BLOO28V p.60 S the Orchids SOON28R p.45 W

Sunday June 23 Castro


10:00 am Family Matinee FAMI23C p.67 F

1:00 pm The Campaign CAMP23C p.48

11:00 am Seventh-Gay Adventists SEVE23R p.57

Monday June 24 Victoria



11:00 am I Left My Ex in San Francisco LEFT23V p.63 S

11:00 am Paul Bowles PAUL24C p.55 D

1:30 pm JOY! Portrait of a Nun JOY23V p.52 D

1:30 pm Disrupted DISR24C p.49 D


Tuesday June 25






Elmwood 11 AM

11:30 am Codebreaker CODE25C p.49 D


1 PM


3:30 pm I Am Divine IMDV23C p.51 D

1:45 pm Get Animated! ANIM23R p.63


4:00 pm Generations GENE23R p.62 S

4:00 pm Dive In DeepQWOCMAP Shorts DIVE23V p.61 S

2 PM

2:00 pm Lesbiana LESB25C p.53


3 PM

4 PM

4:00 pm TBA Screening TBA24C

4:30 pm The Out List LIST25C p.55

5 PM D

6 PM

6:30 pm Who’s Afraid of Vagina Wolf? WHOS23C p.40


6:30 pm La Partida LAPA24C p.43 W

6:45 pm Bwakaw BWAK23V p.41 W

7:00 pm Melting Away MELT23R p.43 W

9:15 pm Interior. Leather Bar. 9:30 pm Camp Beaverton: INLB23C Meet the Beavers p.39 U BEAV23R p.48 D

9:30 pm Fire We Make FIRE23V p.61 S

7:00 pm Dating is a Contact Sport DATI24R p.60

9:30 pm Continental CONT24C p.49 D

9:30 pm Simone SIMO24R p.45



7:00 pm Transtastic! TRAN24V p.65 S

7:00 pm Sexual Tension: Violetas SEXT24E p.65 S

7:00 pm In the Name Of NamE25C p.20 C

9:30 pm Big Words WORD24V p.36 U

9:30 pm Free Fall FREE24E p.42 W

9:30 pm The Happy Sad HAPP25C p.30

7:00 pm 7:00 pm The Abominable Crime Between Ring D ABOM25R p.47 & Pendant BETW25V p.59 9:00 pm Sexual Tension: Violetas SEXT25R p.65 S


7:00 pm Who’s Afraid of Vagina Wolf? WHOS25E p.40

7 PM

8 PM U

9 PM

9:30 pm Del Lado Del Verano DELL25V p.42 W

9:30 pm Ian Harvie Superhero IANH25E p.51

10 PM D

11 PM


Saturday June 29 Castro


Sunday June 30 Victoria

11:00 am I Come from a Land... 11:30 am DOWN29C p.63 S Mama Rainbow


11:00 am Last Call at Maud’s LAST29V p.52 D

MamA29R p.54 D

11 AM

11:30 am Fun in Girls Shorts FUNG30C p.62 S


1 PM

1:15 pm The New Black NEWB29C p.32

3:30 pm Worldly Women WORL29C p.66

1:45 pm Where I Am WHER29R p.58


6:00 pm Test TEST29C p.40 U

8:30 pm He’s Way More Famous Than You HESW29C p.31


4:00 pm A Self-Made Man SELF29R p.57 D

1:30 pm Out Here: A Queer Farmer Film Project FARM29V p.55 D

2:00 pm Fun in Boys Shorts FUNB30C p.62 S

2 PM

3 PM

4 PM

4:00 pm Burning Blue BURN29V p.37 U

4:30 pm It’s All So Quiet ALLS30C p.43 W

5 PM

6 PM

6:15 pm Rebel REBE29R p.56

8:30 pm Young and Wild WILD29R p.46 W


6:45 pm Two Weddings and a Funeral TWOW29V p.46


7:00 pm G.B.F. GBF30C p.23

frameline37 For more Festival information, including continually updated screening information, visit www.frameline.org

7 PM

8 PM

9 PM

9:15 pm The Secret Disco Revolution SECR29V p.56 D

10:00 pm Closing Night Party at Temple Nightclub p. 23

10 PM

11 PM




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Frameline37 - San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival  

Frameline37 Program Guide

Frameline37 - San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival  

Frameline37 Program Guide

Profile for frameline

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