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MONDAY JUNE 1 8 Castro Theater Openin g Night 6:30 p. m. Champagne reception honoring the filmmakers participating in this year's Festival.

On Guard

Improper Conduct

7:3 0 p.m. IMPROPER CONDUCT (MAUVAISE CONDUITE) France, 1984 West Coast Premiere "In Cuba there are no Jews, but there are homosexuals." J. P. Sartre Improper Conduct breaks an uncomfortable and un­ necessary silence by exposing the oppression of gays that has accompanied Castro's Cuban Revolution, now 25 years old. By documenting victims (artists and homosexuals, now scattered around the world) Nestor Almendros and Orlando Jimenez Leal, themselves Cuban exiles, have created a uniquely challenging film experience, one that asks both the politically sophisticated and the politically naive to recognize the ugly truth: the persecution of homosexuals exists even when all other forms of persecution are officially condemned. Filmed in Paris, New York, Miami, London, Madrid and Rome, Improper Conduct includes interviews with writers, dancers, painters, doctors and transvestites as well as Castro himself and American intellectual Susan Sontag who offers insight into the politics of gay male oppression. These interviews, moving, can­ did and full of passionate anger, are thrilling evidence of the strength and resilience of gay people everywhere. Nestor Almendros, one of the world's most successful cinematographers, won an Academy Award for Days of Heaven. His other credits include Kramer vs. Kramer, Sophie's Choice and most of Francois Truffaut's films since 1970. Orlando Jimenez Leal has directed several short films as well as EI Super, the 1981 Grand prize winner at the Mannheim Festival. Written and directed by: Nestor Almendros and Orlando Jimenez Leal Camera: Dominique Merlin Sound: Daniel Delmau, Phil Pearl

Editing: Michael Pion, Alain Tortevoix Produced by: Les Films du Losange, Margaret Menegoz, Barbet Schroeder, Antenne 2, Michel Thoulouze Print source: Cinevista, 353 West 39th St., New York, NY 10018 35mm, color, 115 min.


TUESnAY JUNE 19 Castro Theater 6:00 p.m. ON GUARD Australia, 1983 ON GUARD brings Australia's Digby Duncan back to the SFIGLFF screen, this time as producer, with Susan Lambert's direction, of a four-woman amateur "Mis­ sion Impossible" going after a segment of the medical/scientific Establishment potentially harmfull to women's bodies and self-determination. There's more than one rightious dyke and a lot of personal drama in the outfit. The assignment: mess up the computer memory banks of the genetics institute. The risks: loss of jobs, life, limb, commitment, kids, cooperation and love. The complication: one of the would-be saboteurs has been keeping a diary of their plans, and lost it. The reality: a dual paced thriller-adventure laced with conspiracy and caring. (S.F. Int'!. Film Festival prize for "Best First Feature" )

Director: Susan Lambert Screenplay: Sarah Gibson, Susan Lambert Photography: Laurie Mcinnes Producer: Digby Duncan Print source: Women Make Movies, 257 West 19th S1., New York, NY 10011 16mm, color, 51 min. -plus-

MAIDENS Australia, 1978 A film of poetic intensity, colliding images and lucid, personal narration. MAIDENS is a compilation documentary of four generations of the filmmaker's maternal family (from 1906-1977) using images drawn from old family photographs, slides, home movies and excerpts from some historical Australian women's films. Director: Jeni Thornley Print Source: Sydney Filmmakers Co-operative, PO Box 217 Kings Cross, NSW 2011, Australia 16mm, color, 33 min.




Japan, 1968 Black Lizard is the nickname of the heroine of this classic Japanese film, the story of a mysterious jewel thief played by Akihiro Maruyama, a female imper­ sonator. Visually stunning, Black Lizard is probably best known for its screenplay adapted by Yukio Mishima from a novel by Rampo Edogawa. Mishima, one of Japan's most prolific, respected writers, authors of the gay classic, Confessions of a Mask as well as The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With The Sea, appears in the films as one of the Black Lizard's eerie, human statues. This film was released two years before Mishima committed suicide by ceremonial Seppuku at the age of 45. Director: Kinji Fukasaku Original Story: Rampo Edogawa Stage Adaptation: Yukio Mishima Photography: Hiroshi Dowaki Cast: Akihiro Maruyama, Isao Kimura, Yukio Mishima Print source: Shochiku Films, 8230 Beverly Blvd., Ste. 9, Los Angeles, CA 90045. 35mm, color, 86 min. -plus short-

BO Y WITH CAT Japan, 1966 Directed by: Donald Richie Print source: Frameline Film Archive 16mm, B/W, 5112 min.


8:00 p.m. DRIFTING (NAGUA) Israel, 1983 West Coast Premiere Israel's first gay-identified film is a low-keyed off-beat story of a young filmmaker stalled on his way down, leveling off at that turning point where the realities of failure and the promises of dreams collide. Robi (Sagalle, macho star of the popular Lemon Popsicle, Israel's American GraffitI) detaches himself from the comings-out and the goings-on of Tel Aviv's tightly closeted gay circles to test his emotional independ­ ence. But it's a shaky break, what with a married

lover, an ex-girlfriend and a gabby, grabby granny bugging him, young energies resisting his advice and manipulation, and fabulous dream fantasies of a sex­ ual Arab-Israeli detente. With the collapse of single­ minded purpose-and no sense of "community," gay or otherwise, to fall back on-Robi begins to drift, nagua ( "a little nuts"), until it all starts to come together again.

Directed by: Amos Guttman (cant. on next page)

Screenplay: Amos Guttman, Edna Mazia Camera: Yosi Vine Editor: Anna Finkelstein Produced by: Amos Guttman, Jonathan Sagalle, Edna Mazia Print source: Interpictures, Inc., 360 East 65th St., New York, NY 10021 35mm, 1983, 80 min. -plus short-

WANT Directed by Brian Davis 16mm, color, 12112 min. Death and Transfiguration


Great Britain The Trilogy, complete, is the stark and enervating whole of a man's life charted from grim childhood to unconventional ecstasies. Five actors give substance to the long, gaunt shadow of Robert Tucker's exist­ ence under the weight of working-class Liverpool, the rigid Cathechism, lovelessness, chastisement and burgeoning homosexuality. The workings of the aligned oppressions are unseen-their results, on a sensitive nature, through a sensitized filmmaker, are among the most striking black-and-white images on The Sprinter


nightmare in distilled visions and a mood that leads beyond catharsis to an amazingly sensuous redemption.

West Germany, 1984 West Coast Premiere T HE SPRINTER stretches the length of the gay rope­ what would happen if a fellow "went straight" like his mother asked? In Boll's black comedy, Wieland (Samolak) gives up his disco wallflower life for the clean, healthy world of ... Sports. Pushed by mama and pulled by the sight of a fleshed out pair of athletic briefs, inspired to championship aspirations by sudden fatal passion for a Valkyrian shot-putter, encouraged by an incompetent pair, "Arms" and "Legs" (her coach and his), and manipulated by a group of real

estate speculators after the stadium, Wieland rises to undreamed-of heights only to meet an ineffably sad and hilarious end.



either side of the Atlantic. Once seen, they cannot be erased. Davies has chronicled a contemporary

Directed by: Christoph Boll Screenplay: Christoph Boll, Wieland Samolak Camera: Peter Gauhe Produced by: Peter Wohlgemuth, Reinery Verlag & Filmproduktion Print source: Reinery Verlag & Filmproduktion, Wassigertal 16, 5480 Remagen, West Germany 35mm, color, 87 min. -plus short-

. ..and he'll gro w up to bebig and stro ng . .. US. A., 1982 Directed by Tom Sailer 16mm, color, 27 min.

Director: Terence Davies Lighting/Camera: William Diver Print source: Frameline Film Archive 16mm, B/W, 101 min.

5:3 0 p.m. THE SECOND AWAKENING OF CHRISTA KLAGES West Germany, 1977 THE SECOND AWAKENING OF CHRISTA KLAGES is von Trotta's first solo feature (following collaborations with her husband Volker Schlondorff) containing thematic microcosms of her later-better-funded­ films: women discovering independent action; sexu­ ality as a natural outgrowth of friendship; and the motives, objects and results of violence in a hostile world. Christa (Tina Engel) is introduced in the pro­ cess-of taking a teller (Katharina-Tl:la!back) hostage in a bank robbery, naively planned to fund a day-care nursery. She's on the run from then on, but its a flight to discovery, aided by a lesbian relationship with an old schoolfriend, Ingrid, and the painful recognition of new values. Director: Margarethe von Trotta Cast: Tina Engel, Katharina Thalbach Print source: New Line Cinema, 575 Eighth Ave., 16th floor, New York, NY 10018 16mm, color, 88 min.

WEDNESDAYJUNE20 Castro Theater 1:3 0 p.m. FESTIVAL SHORTS Titles include:

VEGETABLE RAG US. A. , 1984 Directed by Eve Sicular 16mm, color, 2 min.

.. .and he'll gro w up to bebig and stro ng .



US.A. , 1981 Directed by Tom Sailer 16mm, color, 27 min.

WANT US. A. , 1984 Directed by Brian Davis 16mm, color, 12112 min.

RAYMOND, DANIELLE AND MUM TAKE TEA Australia, 1983 Directed by Peter Campbell 16mm, color, 31 min.

LADIES AGAINST WOMEN US. A. , 1983 Directed by Lauren Lazin 16mm, color, 8 min.

7:30 p.m. ANGEL


Greece, 1982 West Coast Premiere "With its documentary realism and thriller pace, Angel has no parallel in Greek moviemaking. " Kerin Hope, Associated Press Based on a real criminal case, Angel is about a young gay man working the streets as a transvestite prosti­ tute to support his macho sailor lover. The tragedy that unfolds-set in an Athens that tourists rarely see-is both beautifully structured and grim. While many viewers at last year's Chicago film festival were angered by Katakouzinos' tragic vision, Angel has become one of the most successful films in Greek history. Katakouzinos has collaborated with Agnes Varda and Costa-Gavras and has directed several short films including the award winning Nights. Angel is his fi rst feature. Director: George Katakouzinos Script: George Katakouzinos Photography: Tassos Alexakis Editing: Ar. Karydis-Fuchs Print source: Greek Film Centre, 10, Panepistimiou St., Athens 134, Greece 35mm, color, 120 min.

8:00 p.m. RECENT SORROWS U.S.A., 1984 World Premiere Recent Sorrows is a native San Franciscan's look at the dissolution of two love affairs-one straight, one gay-that run parallel until they crash headlong into murder. Tim is an aging Lothario in love, clingin-Q to the romanticism of his wounded relationship with Kate. Vic is alone with his magic tricks, fighting the rejection of his inconstant lover, Neal, with weapons that will destroy them all-or alter the lives of the sur­


Sparkle's Tavern

U.S.A., 1984 Veteran underground filmmaker, Curt McDowell, turns to Mom with a twist on the old' 'coming out" story and a unique editing style that stretches real time to incorporate more than one response to each event. Written and filmed in 1976, this just-completed family album in formal undress tickles the facts and the sensual fancy at the same time, "less explicit but more hard core" than the audacious gothic-X-comedy, Thundercrack. Sparkle's Tavern plays with the incon­ sistencies of sexual attitutes and conventional symbols until all self-deception is exorcised-what remains is gay for all seasons.

vivors. Barrish, whose Dan's Motel emerged as a favorite at the 1982 New Directors Series in New York and at festivals in both North America and Europe, sets a laid-back pace and captures a San Francisco lifestyle, open-ended and designed for provocative conversation, that lets the nature of his characters and their lives override the oversimplification of sexual preference.

Writer, Director: Jerry R. Barrish Cinematography: John Knoop Editors: Debra McDermott, Norman Mau, Jerry R. Barrish Producer: Simon Edery Print source: Barrish Films, 869 Bryant St., San Francisco, CA 94103 16mm, color, 80 min.

Director: Curt McDowell Cast: Marion Eaton, George Kuchar, Melinda McDowell 16mm, BIW, 100 min.

THURSDAY JUNE21 Castro Theater

6:00 p.m. VIKTOR UNO VIKTORIA Germany, 1933 One of the most successful films of the 1930's, Viktor und Viktoria is a fast-paced comedy of sexual confu­ sion that inspired the recent Blake Edwards' version starring Julie Andrews and Robert Preston. This story of an aging female impersonator who hires a young woman to replace him features musical numbers sur­ prisingly similar to those in the 1982 version. Viktor und Viktoria is a classic, rarely screened example of an early German operetta film.

Director: Reinhold Schuenzel Cinematographer: Konstantin Irmen-Tschet Cast: Renate Muller, Herman Thimig Production Company: Ufa, Berlin Print source: Video City Theatrical Distribution, 4266 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94611 35mm, BIW, 90 min.

Rainbow Serpent

10:00 p.m. THE RAINBOW SERPENT France, 1983 West Coast Premiere Philippe Vallois' (director of the gay classic, We Were One Man) latest work is a fully developed tale of suspense set in the world of male body-building that reminded at least one French critic of "Diva rewritten by Dali with rock replacing opera."

A rookie cop, investigating a body-builder suspected of murder, is drawn into the erotic world of gyms and body-worship. An S&M relationship develops between the men as The Rainbow Serpent tells its unusual tale of homoeroticism between heterosexual men. An intel­ ligent entertainment, The Rainbow Serpent is both a comic stylization of a French police movie that even includes fantasy musical production numbers and a startling depiction of sexual ambiguities.

Director: Philippe Vallois Script: Philippe Vallois Photography: Franqois About Editor: Marie Behar Producer: Daniel Vaissaire Print source: Philippe Vallois, 3 rue Paul Lelong, 75002 Paris, France 35mm, color, 90 min. Recent Sorrows

Cast: Edson Celulari Print source: Embrafilme, Rua Mayrink Veiga 28, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 35mm, color

AYJUNE22 Roxie Cinema 6: 00 p. m. JEAN GENET France, 1983 US. Premiere Until this film, Jean Genet had never accepted an on-camera interview. An engaging speaker, Genet talks freely of his love for the darkness of prison and the light of Greece, of his commitment to the Black

Panthers and the Palestinians, and in the cell of a penal colony for children, of the birth of his writing career, which he says has given him the strongest emotions he's felt in his life. Born in 1910 in Paris, Genet wrote his first novel while serving one of numerous prison sentences. His works include the plays The Maids and The Balcony and the novels Querelle, Funeral Rites and Our Lady of the Flowers. Director: Antoine Boun Seillem Photography: Franqois About, Denis Geenbrant Production: Societe Temoins Print source: Societe Temoins, 12 Ave. du Maine, 75015 Paris, France 16mm, color, 52 min.

Midnig ht MANEATERS San Francisco Premiere Continuing the legend of Falconhead, director Michael Zen returns once again to the maneating mirror that devours the bodies and souls of young narcissistic men. What could have been a routine porno film, however, is actually a highly stylized and beautifully photographed work of eroticism that avoids the cliches and slipshod technical values of the average gay adult film. Director: Michael Zen 16mm, color, 90 min.

Trocadero 7:00 p.m. to Midnight THE SAN FRANCISCO LESBIAN/GAY VIDEO FESTIVAL '84 A screening of video works by and about lesbians and gay men from across the U.S.


UN CHANT D'AMOUR France, 1952 Director: Jean Genet

8:00 p. m. THE DOZENS US.A., 1981 The Dozens is the story of Sally Connors, a young working-class woman who returns to the Boston com­ munity after a time in a state prison for economic crimes. Among those who eagerly and no-so-eagerly await her return are a husband who-although he has not maintained their relationship during her

incarceration-expects Sally to reunite with him, a mother whose refusal to accept reality has led her to tell people that Sally's been "in the hospital" for two years, and a daughter who has come to think of her grandmother's house as home. The closeness and comfort she had found within the community of female prisoners, and especially with her woman lover in prison, has been suddenly withdrawn. In its place there is the cold impersonality of the city, the sex­ typed expectations of mother and husband, and the paternalistic eye of the parole officer. As the film progresses, these forces chip away at Sally's inde­ pendence, but she demonstrates a rebellion, a deter­ mination and a spirited humor that make her truly a feminist heroine.

Producers, Directors: Christine Dall, Randall Conrad Screenplay: Marian Taylor, Christine Dall, Randall Conrad Cast: Debra MargOlies, Edward Mason, Marian Taylor Print source: Calliope Film Resources, Inc., 35 Granite St., Cambridge, MA 02139 16mm, color, 78 min.

SATURDAY JUNE23 Roxie Cinema 4:00 p.m. FESTIVAL SHORTS SUPER-8 Titles include:

I WANT TO BE EVIL directed by Michael Hawley Super-8, color, 7112 min.

AT HOME WITH THE STARS: FEATURING PATSY CLINE WITH YMA SUMAC Directed by Joe Westmoreland Super-8, color, 12 min.

SHANGHAI Directed by Jim Fall Super-8, color & B/W, 16 min.

FUNW/A SAUSAGE Directed by Ingrid Wilhite Super-8, color, 12 min.

INMATESWITHIN MYSELF Directed by Desiree Lymbertos Super-8, B/W, 15 min.

6:00 p.m. DRESSED IN BLUE (VESTIDA DE AZUL) Spain, 1983 West Coast Premiere For those who think they've heard all they want to about drag and its Zen, along comes Dressed in Blue to shed new, fascinating light on a topic familiar to gay audiences. Set in Madrid, this eye-opening, beautifully photographed documentary concerns six transvestites working as prostitutes and night club entertainers. They are happy, good-natured and in­ sightful as they share their life experiences, incuding a striking scene of silicone implant surgery and one man's visit (in drag) to his extended family's Sunday dinner. Director/writer Antonio Giminez-Rico ( Love and Death) and cinematographer Teo Escamilla ( Carmen, Cria) have captured, with colorful detail, a portrait of the gay world in contemporary Spain. Director: Antonio Gimenez-Rico Photography: Teo Escamilla Editor: Jose Antonio Rojo Producer: Bernardo Fernandez Print source: Ministry of Culture, Paseo de la Castellana 109, Madrid, Spain 35mm, color, 96 min.

Asa Branca

10:00 p.m. ASA BRANCA-UN SONHO BRASILEIRO (ASA BRANCA-A BRAZILIAN DREAM) Brazil, 1982 US. Premiere Djalma Limongi Batista's first feature is a sensual, simple story full of provocative ideas and imagery that have met considerable resistence in Brazil, a country where there are no greater idols than soccer players. Asa Branca is the story of a young, handsome cham­ pion athlete who is gay. While this film of homosexual repression and attraction has been publicly condemned by Brazil's soccer establishment it has nevertheless become quite successful, winning major Brazilian film awards as well as a special prize at the 4th Festival des Trois Continents-France. Batista made several experimental, erotic shorts as a student at the Univer­ sity of Sao Paulo before beginning work on Asa Branca. Director: Djalma Limongi Batista


-plus short-

SILENT MOMENTS (SILENCIS) Spain, 1983 US. Premiere Silent Moments is a short film with a long tale-a gem of voyeurism in camerawork, acting and idea all designed around a Spanish Army officer (Adolf Myer) and his inability to accept his attraction to his gay son (Carles Artigas). The freedom he witnesses from his hiding places finally inspired him to strip from full­ dress uniform to nakedness to join the male members of his family (including the last appearance of the painter, Ocana, as Mother). The reluctant discovery and disrobing are the barings of a macho soul in torment under a violent military, religious and moral dictatorship. The rest is sensuality...and silence. Director, Producer, Writer: Xavier-Daniel Photography: Carles Gusi Editor: Carles Gusi Cast: Adolfo Myer, Carles Artigas, Angel Olivares, Ocana 16mm, B/W, 14 min.

SUNDAY JUNE24 Roxie Cinema 6:00 p. m. LESBIAN SHORTS Titles include:

IF SHE GROWS UP GAY US.A. , 1983 Directed by Karen Sloe 16mm, color, 23 min.

MAIDENS Australia, 1978 Directed by Jeni Thomley 16mm, color, 33 min.

BOND/WELD What Really Happened to Baby Jane?

8:00 p.m. GAY GIRLS RIDING CLUB Presented in association with the Lesbian and Gay History Project In the early 1960's Los Angeles' gay bar patrons knew of the Gay Girls Riding Club (GGRC) as the producer of hilarious camp satires of popular movies. Less known was the fact that the GGRC was primarily a social group that got together on Sundays for horse足 back riding and brunch. Their first film venture

appropriately titled Always on Sunday was such a hit that they eventually made three more films, Roman Springs on Mrs. Stone, What Really Happened to Baby Jane and All About Alice. Rarely seen today and never widely shown outside Los Angeles' gay bars, these films, made at a time when our lives were universally portrayed as tragic, remain a unique affirmation of the pleasure and joy gay people take in their lives. Titles for this evening's program include: Always on Sunday, What Really Happened to Baby Jane and Roman Springs on Mrs. Stone.

10:00 p.m. STAND BY US. A., 1984 Stand By is the latest revelation in Curt McDowell's lifelong, sideways search to find out "where we came from." It's cut (like Taboo) in the manner of an LP album, tracking personalized images of Sex, Dad and the American Way along grooves of snapshot images extended into vignettes. Dedicated to a photo of Pop in his potent prime, the film formulates an impression of overlapping generations of popular social history with a free-wheeling mix of eroticism, humor, found footage, Snakefinger's "beatnik" party, and self-exposure.

US. A. , 1982 Directed by Cathy Joritz 16mm, color, 30 min.

LADIES AGAINSTWOMEN US. A., 1983 Directed by Lauren Lazin 16mm, color, 8 min.

8:00 p.m. THE CLINIC Australia, 1982 A Benefit for the San Francisco A. I.D.S. Fund The Clinic sends up a day's worth of routine medical exercises in a Sydney STD dispensary with a wealth of energy, humor and nail-on-the head characterizations of ordinary people in an all too ordinary bind. Prime focus is on Dr. Eric Linden (Chris Haywood) who has to put up with-besides the usual run of troubled and demanding clients-traumatized colleagues, the awful anticipation of meeting his lover's parents and a prig足 gish intern. This well-wrought serio-comic film is the brainchild of Director Stevens, who scripted Breaker Morant, and cinematographer Ian Baker who lensed The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith and The Devil's Playground-a.tour de force from Down Under. Director: David Stevens Screenplay: Greg Millin Camera: Ian Baker Producers: Robert LeTet, Bob Weis Print source: Satori Films, 330 West 42nd St., New York, NY 10036 35mm, color, 93 min.

Director: Curt McDowell 16mm, BIW

Mirror Mirror

10:00 p.m. MIRROR, MIRROR

Stand By

Midnig ht PLEASURE BEACH US. A., 1982 Arthur Bressan, Jr., director of the criticaly acclaimed Abused, has created a film that many gay men have longed for-a humorous, skillfully photographed and edited, interesting, and exceptionally erotic X-rated film. Set in the sunny world of the Southern California coast, Pleasure Beach concerns two lifeguards and their sexually explicit adventures. With a driving, well足 planned rhythm and equally good performances, the film zips along with never a dull moment. Director: Arthur J. Bressan, Jr. Writer, Producer: Richard Lawrence Original music: Michael Shadow Cast: Michael Christopher, Johnny Dawes, Scott Sedgwick Print source: Rod & Reel Films, 812 N. Highland, Los Angeles, CA 90038 16mm, color, 78 min.

Denmark, 1978 West Coast Premiere Edward Fleming has mixed riotous, bitchy comedy with traces of melancholy in this story of a group of middle class drag queens, played, spectacularly by some of Denmark's best known actors. Without sensationalism, Mirror, Mirror creates a subtle and affectionate empathy between the audience and the lives on the screen, clearly members of an oppressed minority. Bent, out of work, shoplifts little gifts for his friends. His mother spends her days dreaming of imagined past glories as an international ballet star. Their relationship is at the center of this richly textured film that is both amusing and compassionate. Director, Writer: Edward Fleming Camera: Claus Loof Producer: Crone Film Print source: The Danish Film Institute, Store Soendervoldstraede, DK-1419 Copenhagen K, Denmark 35mm, color, 107 min.

The San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival members provide invaluable support to the Festival's activities on a year-round basis. By joining the Festival, members express their belief that the Festival is a vital part of the San Francisco cultural and artistic community. For more information on Festival membership call Frameline at (415) 861-5245.

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8th - San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival  

8th San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival Program Guide (Frameline 1984)

8th - San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival  

8th San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival Program Guide (Frameline 1984)

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