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June 16-26, 2005



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The Aggressives


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Tammy Faye: Death Defying

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Over the last 20 years,Wells Fargo has donated more than 13 million dollars to GLBT charities; developed a network of GLBTWelis Fargo Team Member Resource Groups to promote an inclusive working environment; and has worked with the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce to increase opportunities for GLBT-owned businesses. Wherever it is you want to go,Wells Fargo is committed to helping you reach your Next Stage of financial success.

Proud to be Frameline's Lead Financial Partner

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[arne IDe During the past several months of traveling the globe and sitting in dark theatres or on our sofas at home with stacks of tapes and DVDs, we were struck by two very dominant trends emerging in recent queer cinema. First, it seems that more and more onscreen queers are getting into sports. In documentaries, narrative features, and short films,

LGBT people are taking to the pitch, the court, the hills, and the drink

to compete with like-minded sports enthusiasts. Rugby, swimming, rowing, volleyball, downhill racing, wrestling, soccer, and. more are represented throughout Frameline29. Another major trend at this year's Festival is the large number of films addressing transgender issues. With more and more films being made by transgender filmmakers or with the direct input of transgender individuals, a wealth of films have emerged that tell authentic stories about the transgender community. Some of the individuals in these films include a championship mountain bike racer, a young man who transitions while in seminary school, 18 FT M parents, and the owner of a beauty salon in Chile . . To open Frameline29, we are proud to welcome back Jacques Martineau and Olivier Ducastel with their delightful new film, COTE D'AZUR. If you enjoyed their ADVENTURES OF FELIX and MY LIFE ON ICE, you won't want to miss this delightful and sexy summer comedy set on the French Riviera. We know that by the middle of the Festival you've seen very little sunlight and had maybe a little more popcorn and candy that you should. To get you through the second half, we're pleased to present Don Roos's hilarious, star-studded comedy, HAPPY E NDINGS, as our Centerpiece film. We will bring the Festival to a close with TRANSAMERICA, a refreshingly funny debut feature from Duncan Tucker. Felicity Huffman (of "Desperate Housewives") delivers a stunning performance as a transgender woman on the verge of transition­ ing who discovers the importance of family. During this year's Festival, you will be hearing and reading 'about our Changing the

World, One Movie at a Time campaign.

As Frameline approaches 30 years of excellence in LGBT cinema, we ask that you join us in realizing our exciting vision for the future of queer film. Frameline has long been recognized as the world's leader in inclusivity and representation of all artists and audiences from the diverse international lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community. This year, we are proud to announce an official name change that clearly reflects Frameline's commitment to the broad spectrum of filmmakers and moviegoers who have made this annual Festival so unique over the past three decades. Please celebrate with us this new. name the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival. Welcome to Frameline29!


Michael Lumpkin

Executive Director

�L Jennifer Morris

Director of Programming

welcome! www.f rameline.org 3

Official Sponsor of the 29th San Francisco International LGBT Fi I m Festiva I.


Frameline's mission is to strengthen the diverse lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community and further its visibility by supporting and promoting-a broad array of cultural representa­ tions and artistic expression in film, video, and other media arts .

Frameline thanks the following for their generous year-round support:

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The William and Flora


Hewlett Foundation

With annual attendance of nea rly

70,000, the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival

is the longest­

running, largest, and most widely recognized LGBT film exhibition event in the world. Founded in

1977, the

Festival is the most promi nent and well-attended LGBT arts event in North America . Frameline also p resents yea r-round exhibition events. Close Up: Visionaries of Modern Cinema features high- profile LGBT film artists in intimate evenings of clips and conversation at San Francisco venues. Frameline at The Center: Free Screenings for the Community features free monthly screenings of social-issue films at the San

THE SAN FRANCISCO FOUNDATION Tht! Communi!>' foundation of the B'9 Arta


Francisco LGBT Community Center. Year-round programs also include members-only screenings and special events, as well as sneak previews of feature fi lms and documenta ries.

communitY Technology Foundation of California

Distribution - Established in


Frameline Distribution serves an audience of hundreds of thousands throughout the

United States. Frameline is the only educational distributor solely dedicated to LGBT film and video. Frameline's


collection of more than


films reaches teenagers, college students, and families in urban a reas,

small towns, and rural a reas. Frameline Distri bution is the preeminent LGBT media resource for educators,

The R. Gwin Follis Foundation

lib ra ri ans, film festivals, and community groups, and serves as an important bridge between independent filmmakers and their al:Jdiences.

Filmmaker Support

The members of Frameline, private donors, and corporate sponsors also fund


our programs. We thank all of these

1990, nearly 100 films a nd videos

have been completed with assistance from the Frameline Film &

Video Completion Fund. Awards a re made annually and provide much-needed support to filmmakers for their

partners for furthering our mission and

final editing and lab work. Once completed, these films often go on to receive international exposure.

supporting queer media arts.

Submissions include documentary, educational, na rrative, animation, and experimental projects by or about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people a nd their communities. Frameline also supports filmmakers with the largest cash awards of any LGBT film festival in the world: the Levi 's®

$10,000 First Feature Award

and the $10,000 Michael J. Berg Documentary Award.

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Our movies make a difference. You can too. Join us as we chart a course for greater equality, more opportunity, and a lot of great movies. Visit

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honoring GRADUATE OF THE SCHOOL OF CINEMA-TELEVISION at the University of Southern California where he was particularly influenced by screwball comedies such as BRINGING UP BABY - Araki made his directorial debut in 1987 with THREE BEWILDERED PEOPLE IN THE NIGHT (Frameline12). Created on a $5,000 budget and shot using a stationary camera, this memorable debut film told the story of a romance between a video artist, her lover, and her homosexual friend. In May, writer/director Gregg Araki was presented

with the 2005 Frameline Award in recognition of his significant contributions to LGBT cinema.

Araki's second outing, THE LONG WEEKEND


DESPAIR) (Frameline13), caught the attention of the film industry and critics, winning the Best I ndepen足 dent Film award from the Los Ange les Film Critics Circle in 1989. Again, Araki produced, directed, wrote,

photogra phed, and edited the film, which follows a group of college graduates brooding over their futures during one woozy, boozy evening.












Araki's next fi lm, 1991's TH E LIVING END, screened in competition at the Sunda nce Film Festival and was the Closing Night film of Frameli ne16. This guys-n-guns road movie, about two H IV-positive men on a wacky and violent trip through the desert, i nspired a generation of LGBT fi lmmakers, and helped to usher in the phenomenon known as the " N ew Queer Cinema." Between 1993 and 1997, Ara ki produced his "teen apocalypse trilogy," beginn ing with the touc hing ensemble film TOTALLY F***ED UP. Fil led with rage, it chronicled the messed-up l ives of six gay adoles足 cents. Araki called it a "cross between avant-garde experimental cinema and a queer John H ughes flick." His second installment, 1995's THE DOOM GENERATION, was a dark comedy brimming with graphic viole nce, hard-h itting sym bolism, and u n relenting eroticism. H i s final film of the tril ogy, NOWHERE (1997), has been described by Araki as "a 'Beverly Hills 90210' episode on acid . "

Totally F***ed Up

An homage to his beloved screwball comedies, Araki's next film, SPLENDOR (1999), was a romantic comedy about a girl who cannot choose between two boys. Hai led as the d irector's most optimistic film to date, it premiered at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival. Now Araki has given us what is certa inly his most accomplished work to date, MYSTERIOUS SKI N. Based on the acclaimed novel by Scott Heim, the fi l m follows two boys approaching ad ulthood in Anywhere, Middle America. Brian, a shy introvert, is obsessed by his possible U FO abduction, while Neil, a chilling beauty, sexual izes every encou nter with the men of his hometown. With MYSTERIOUS SKIN, Araki shows again that he i s one of the most courageous, un conventional, and intrigu ing voices i n i ndependent cinema.

Mysterious Skin


san f ra n cisco international lgbt f ilm festiva l


the Michael J. B

HROUGHOUT THE MODERN LGBT CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT, documentaries have played a vital role in recording our histories, inspiring change, and calling our community to action. During the past 29 years the Festival has screened well over 1,000 documentaries from around the world. To recognize excellence in documentary filmmaking, Frameline is proud to offer The Michael J. Documentary Award, a $10,000 juried award for the outstanding documentary of Frameline29.


this year's eligible documentaries: •

100% HUMAN

Is It Really So Strange?

100% Woman

Kiki and Herb on the Rocks

The Aggressives

A Knockout

Based On a True Story

The Lady in Question is

Blood, Sweat, and Glitter

Call Me Malcolm

Creating a Place at the Table


Charles Busch

Enough Man


Feline Masquerade

Funny Kinda Guy

Girl Wrestler

Heroes and Gay Nazis

Mike was born in Lakewood, Ohio, but spent his formative years in Brooklyn, New York.

That Man: Peter Berlin

A math wunderkind, he excelled academi­

Three of Hearts: a postmodern family

The Lady is a Champ



Lesbian Grandmothers


From Mars


little man

Turning Points-


Gay Sex in the 70s

SCREAMING QUEENS: The Riot at Compton's Cafeteria

The Search for a Vaccine •

Same Sex America

Stories of Life and Change in the Church

Ned Rorem: Word & Music •

Women In Love

The Satyrs Motorcycle Club

Zero Degrees of Separation

Passion of Words Turning

Zona Rosa

Original Pride: \

Into Action: A Black Deaf Filmmaker's Journey

cally, earning a PhD in mathematics, and became a teacher and eventually a leading . software architect. He discovered Frameline's Film Festival in the early 80s. One of the earliest films he remembered seeing was Fun With a Sausage. He loved movies and LGBT film in particular. In "Mike's Blog" (www.bloggermike.com). a movie review web log, he dissected films with his dry wit and critical insight. Through a generous donation to Frameline's

Changing the World, One Movie at a Time campaign by his partner, Bill Dickey, Mike's legacy lives on with the Michael J. Berg Documentary Award. ,As you enjoy this year's collection of documentaries, remember Mike and his passion for telling our story, one movie at a time.













www.f rameli ne.org




, 1 6 san f rancisco i nternational lgbt film festival


HE SAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAL LGBT FILM FESTIVAL is a proving ground for up-and-coming filmmakers - and the place to see the best new films. Over the years, Festival audiences and juries have recognized new talents to the world by bestowing

this year's eligible first features: •

Beautiful Women



False Offender

Generously funded by Levi Strauss & Co., this $10,000 juried award is presented to the outstanding first

Formula 17

narrative feature premiering at Frameline29.

Gar�on Stupide



awards on a number of first features, including EATING OUT, HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH, COSTA BRAVA, TOGETHER ALONE, ORANGES ARE NOT THE ONLY FRUIT, and GUARDIAN OF THE FRONTIER. Make sure you catch some of the most promising young filmmakers the world has to offer at Frameline29.



2 0










The Journey

My Brother Nikhil

Night Corridor

Poster Boy

Producing Adults

Race You to the Bottom

Show Me

Surge of Power


When I'm 64

A Year Without Love

awa ree .

Q. Allan Brocka's EATING OUT

www.frameli ne.org 17

After the premiere of COTE D'AZUR, join us for our Opening Night Gala at San Francisco's Verba Buena Center for the Arts. Enjoy a variety of elegant food, thirst-quenching elixirs, and mouth-watering desserts from our Gala Partners. Vou won't want to miss this effervescent Festival launch and unofficial

bienvenue to LGBT Pride. GALA PARTNERS

Blowfish Sushi Citizen Cake La Moone Maharani Millennium Pasta Pomodoro Small Potatoes Taste Theobroma Absolut Vodka Anheuser World Select Bud Light

Cote d'Azur Thursday June 1 6 I 7:30 pm I Castro Fi lm Screening + Gala: $75 members I $90 general I OPEN16C Gala Only: $45 members I $60 general I GALA16


aybe it's the sun, surf, and skin of the Riviera that has every member of the vaca足 tioning family at the center of Olivier Ducastel and Jacques Martineau's C OTE

0' AZUR thi nking about sex. Or maybe it's the effect of th e lib ido-enhancing shell足 , fish that gave the film its original French title: CRUSTACES ET COQUI LLAGES.

From the moment parents Marc and Beatrix slurp down their first holiday bivalves, to the

disgust of teenagers Charly and Laura, taboos are broken and the l imits of love are tested. Everyone except the suddenly uptight Marc starts seeking passion in unexpected arms - or

American Sign Language interpretation will be provided at the Opening Night program introduction and post-screening Q&A.

heading into the shower for some steamy self-pleasuring when the arms they reach for don't reach back. When Marc gets fed up with Charly's long showers and pulls the plug on the hot water heater, things only get more compl icated, especially for Marc. Th row in Chariy's cute gay friend Martin, Beatrix's conviction that the two are more than just friends, a secret lover,

Crystal Geyser alpine spring water

and a sexy plumber with a past, and you have all you need for farce


have it, sl amming doors and all, they also do much more.

a la Feydeau. And while Ducastel and Martineau let us

In the mid st of our national debate over who deserves to be a fa mily and who gets to decide, these talented Frenchmen - who charmed past Festival audie nces with the droll ADVENTU RES OF FELIX and the heartwa rming MY LIFE O N ICE - have brought us a film which proves that our fa mi ! ies are ours to make. T he only thi ngs that really matter are honesty, freedom of choice, and love. But before our feature presentation, enjoy a silly cartoon, the new Frameline release, BIKI NI. BIKINI dir Lasse Persson 2004 Sweden 7 min 35mm COTE O'AZUR dirs Olivier Ducastel & Jacques Marti neau 2004 France 90 min 35mm i n French with English subtitles Bikini

1 8 san f ra ncisco internatio nal lgbt film festival


Following the premiere of TRANSAMERICA, help us bring

Sunday June 26 I 7:30 pm I Castro

Frameline29 to a festive close

Fi l m Screening Only: $15 members I $20 general I TRAM26C Fi l m Screening



Party: $50 mem bers I $60 general I CLOS26C

oin Frameline's closing night celebration with di rector Duncan Tucker's laugh- out-Ioud funny, tartly off-color, and extraordinarily touching feature debut, TRANSAMERICA. .

Bree (Felicity Huffman, in a fa r cry from her role on "Desperate Housewives") is days away from what she's been

dreaming about her whole life - the completion of her gender reassignment surgery. But her plans come to an abrupt

halt when her therapist, Margaret (Elizabeth Pena), gives her one last hurdle: Bree must spring Toby (Kevin Zegers), her previously

at the elegant ballroom of the Old Federal Reserve Bank Building. Join us as we announce this year's award-winning films and wrap up LGBT Pride Day. American Sign Language interpretation will be provided at the Festival Awards Presentation at the Closing Night Party.

unknown son from a long-ago hetero encounter, from detention in New York City, where he's looking for his biological father. Reluctantly, Bree travels to New York and bails out Toby under the pretense that she's a missionary worker. Toby has no


clue that Bree was a he, or that he's her son. Bree learns that Toby's mother is dead and that he now works as a hustler, does

Out of Thyme

drugs, and lives as a squatter. Toby begs Bree to take him with her to L.A ., and the two embark on a road trip that leads to a


touchi�g rediscovery of familial bonds. Laced with hu mor and poignant moments, TRANSAMERICA tran­ scends the genres it incorporates, as two people in transition, used to self-reliance, realize that it sometimes takes the help of a stranger to move you on to the next place. Huffman is spectacular as the complex Bree, at once proud and terrified of who she is, who she wants to be, and what she must end ure to get there. TRANSAMERICA d i r



Absolut Vodka Anheuser World Select Bud Light Crystal Geyser alpine spring water wine.com

Duncan Tucker 2005 USA 1 03 min 3 5 m m

Eligi ble for t h e Levi'sl!!> First Feature Award


www.frameline.org 1 9

eline29 � Francisco International Film Festival



)1) !I




Happy Endings Tuesday J u ne 21 I 6:30 pm I Castro $10 members I $15 general I HAPP2 1C

ust when you thought you knew everything about love and dysfunction, a long comes HAPPY ENDINGS, the hilarious and heartfelt new comedy by writer/director Don Roos (TH E OPPOSITE OF SEX, BOUNCE). Mamie is being blackmailed . This filmmaker, Nick, claims to know the son she gave up for adop­ tion, but won't introduce her unless he can fil m the reunion. Enter Javier, Mamie's massage therapist boyfriend, who convinces Nick to film him instead. Now they 're all making a movie about massage. Charley has a longtime boyfriend, Gil. Their best friends, Pam and Diane, once used Gil as a sperm donor. They said his sperm didn't take, but Charley thinks those control-freak lesbians are lying. Pam and Diane's two-year-old son looks exactly like Gil. It's time to set the record straight. Jude is pissed . Not at anyone in particular, just in general. When her cousin kicks her out of the house, PROUDLY SPONSORED BY

Jude shacks up with Otis, who's sti ll trying to convince his father, Frank, that he's not really gay. Frank's a widower, and rich, so Jude decides to sleep with him, too. The last thing she expected was to fal l in love. Featuring an ensemble cast that includes Tom Arnold, Jesse Bradford, Bobby Cannavale, Sarah Clarke, Steve Coogan, Laura Dern, Lisa Kudrow, Jason Ritter, David Sutcliffe, and Maggie Gyllenhaal, HAPPY ENDINGS deftly weaves together multiple stories to create a sharp, witty look at love, family, and the sheer unpredict­ ability of life. A feast of buried secrets, missed opportunities, and second chances, this wildly original comedy proves that the ha ppiest ending of all is the one you least expect. HAPPY ENDINGS

dir Don Roos 2005 USA 1 28 min 35mm

www.frameline.org 21

speci I resenta ions The Sporting Life Need to erase some bad gym-class memories? Athletic endeavors have never been so inspiring or arousing. From the pitch to the court, from the mat to the drink, these features, documentaries, and shorts show how our community is jumping into sports like never before. FEATURES ·

Formula 17


Guys and Balls


My Brother Nikhil


Summer Storm




100% Woman A Knockout

Saturday Ju ne 1 8 I 8: 1 5 pm I Castro

Girl Wrestler

$8 members I $9 genera l I SUMM18C


High Heels on Wheels


The lady is a Champ




est friends for years, Bava rian high school students Tobi and Ach i m share a bond that no one else can enter. Members of their school's rowing team, they ta lk about

lesbian Grandmothers From Mars

Tobi, whose gla nces at Achim always last a little bit longer, is painfu lly aware that he

Rugger Buggers

dreams of something more, even as he feels his precious friend sli pping away.


Summer Storm I Sommersturm

girls and sports, and pledge that someday they'll travel the world together. But

As the story begins, the rowing team has gone to the country to com pete for Ger­ many ' s annual championship. Anticipating gl im pses of the sexy Berl i n women's team,


the rowers a re surprised to learn that they will be competing agai nst a gay male squad.


Gay Volleyball Saved My life

Tempers flare and macho postures are struck as the rival tea m's mem bers turn on the


No Ordinary Joe

charm and the taunts, exposing the Bavarians' insecurities. Especia lly fearful of exposure,


Shining The Ball

Tobi encourages the advances of pretty Anke of the girls' team, even as he views Achim' s girlfri�nd, Sandra, with resentment. Soon, the possibil ity of losing Ac him sets Tobi's head spinning, as he intensifies his fight for Achim's love but also senses that his place is on an entirely different tea m .


Marco Kreuzpa intner's stirring, sensual drama ha ndsomely depicts the thrill and pa in of first love, and the challenges faced by friends who find themselves on opposite sides of a difficult divide. Flashes of humor, an undercurrent of passion, and a sexy, sporty cast round out this irresistible comi ng-of-age story.


SUMMER STORM dir Marco Kreuzpa intner 2004 Germany 98 min 35mm in German with English subtitles


san f rancisco i nternational lgbt film festival

Gender Splendor Throw away your tired binary assumptions about gender and celebrate with us the full spectrum of gender possibilities. From pre-op to post-op, MTF to FT M, genderqueer to intersex, and everything beyond and in-between - there are no limits. FEATURES ·





100% HUMAN


100% Woman


Based On a True Story


Call Me Malcolm


Calling Nate

Thursday June 23 I 8:00 pm I Castro


Enough Man

$8 members I $9 general I TRG E23C


Funny Kinda Guy


SCREAMING QUEENS: The Riot at Compton's Cafeteria

TransGeneration ffirmative action and gay and lesbian rights have historically made head li nes on campuses across the country. Now, for the first time, thanks to a small group of individuals who are playing a key role in changing the way we define gender, trans­ gender students are em bracing their unique identities as undergraduates and pushing their universities to change the way they deal with gender, discrimination, and policy. In this world prem iere of an eight-episode documentary series airing on the Sun­ dance Channel in September 2005, we a re introduced to the four students who will be








Yo Soy Asf


followed through the course of the academic year. Lucas is an FTM neurobiology senior at Sm ith College; Gabbie is a n MTF computer science sophomore at the University of Colorado at Boulder; Raci from the Phili ppines is an MTF pre-law student at California


A Different War


Audrey's Beard

: Bikini

State University in Los Angeles; and TJ is an FTM political activist at Michigan State Uni­


versity. Capturing their struggles and triumphs, TRANSGENERATION dramatically unfolds

Desert Motel





Executive produced by Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato of World of Wonder (2003


Hella Hos

Fra meline Award recipients), TRANSGENERATION highlights a growing phenomenon a mong


Misadventures of Pussy Boy (Trilogy)

as these four students balance the challenges of academia, campus l ife, and fam ily with their commitment to gender reassign ment.

young people toward a new kind of sexual and gender identity, and the ensuing debates on everything from housing and sports tea ms to dormitory bathrooms and medical services. TRANSGENERATION dir Jeremy Sim mons 2005 USA 80 min video


sundance CHAN N EL.


My Hustler Boyfriend


Puszta Cowboy


With What Shall I Wash www.frameline.org 23


A Kn ockout / 1 00% Woman

1 00% HUMAN Friday June 17 I 8: 15 pm I Roxie

Monday J u n e 20 I 6 : 0 0 pm I Victoria

$8 members I $9 general I HUMA17R

$8 members I $9 general I KNOC20V

Thursday June 23 I 6:30 p m I Parkway $8 members I $9 general I HUMA23P

A one-of-a-kind Festival must-see, 100% H U MAN is

and bicycl ist M ichelle Dumaresq might seem like char­

n either 1 0 0 percent d o c u m e ntary n o r 1 0 0 percent

acters for Hilary Swank's next Oscar-winning role, but

musical. A masterful collection of personal video diary,

the real girls run circles around the Million Dollar Babe.

m usical performances, and cinema verite, Norwegian

A KNOCKOUT takes us into Michele Aboro's world.

directors Trond WinterkjaJr and Jan Dalchow made this

Raised on the rough streets of South London, the profes­

unique documentary -about finding one's true identity

sional boxer managed to sign a contract with the biggest

-with a delightful spectrum in visual presentation that

promoter in Europe and won all of her 2 1 fights, 18 of

is as appealing as the subject matter herself.


to a screeching halt. Her promoter decided she was "not

the course of a year and a half to document her MTF

promotable." M ichele is butch and black; the promoter

transition. Accompanying Monica's candid discussions

likes blond, white boxers who will pose in li ngerie. The

with her mother about living in her inherently flawed

film interweaves Michele's story with those of other box­

body are equally poignant and insightful observations

ers whose careers continued after they com promised.

made by her doctor: "A human being is like a closed

Michele's articulate, proud words will stay with you long

box. You have to open it up to see what's inside."

after the film is finished .

While stories of MTF transitioning are more promi­

In 100% WOMAN, we meet Michelle Dumaresq, one

nent today, the individual's struggle -from childhood

of Canada's top downhill mountain bike racers. Her team­

bullying to adult feelings of desperation and loneli ness

m ates a re deserting her. They say she wins because

-simply cannot be compartmentalized into a uniform

Michelle used to be Michael and this gives her an unfair

struggle. This Norwegian film accentuates the unique­

advantage. Friends talk about boycotting M ichelle's races.

ness of each person's jou rney, while boldly reminding

Michelle acknowledges she is hurt, but whether on the

us, "It's great to be alive." (In fact, we're encouraged to

racing course or the ethical path, she takes the high road.

sing it!)

The film follows Michelle over two bumpy years, from her first local race to the World Championships where she

film a standalone qual ity. Monica is an i n s p i ration

makes history as the first transgendered athlete of a

with in a social context that j uxta poses ge nder with

national team.

humanity; yet, as she so succinctly puts it, "Those who live a lie l ive a cold life." - JIM NOR RENA

100% WOMAN dir Karen Duthie 2004 Canada 51 min video A KNOCKOUT dirs Tessa Boerman & Samuel Reiziger 2004 Netherlands 52 min video in English & Dutch with English subtitles

100% HUMAN dirs Trond Winterkjrer & Jan Dalchow 2005 Norway 73 min 35mm in Norwegian with English subtitles

C O - P R E S E NT E D

24 san francisco international lgbt film festival

them knock-outs. Despite this record, her career came

Monica (nee Morten) has videotaped herself over

Truthfu lness, compassion, and dign ity lend this


A m ixed-race lesbian boxing champ a n d a w i n n i ng tra nsgender mounta in bike r - fighter M ichele Aboro

BY Tranny Fest

UCSF TRANS II -Transgender Resource and Neighborhood Space


A Year Without Love Un Alio Sin Amor

The Aggressives

Saturday June 1 8 I 1 0 :30 pm I Castro

$8 members I $9 general I AGGR17R

$8 members I $9 general I YEAR18C

Wed n esday June 22

Friday June 1 7 I 6:00 pm

Based on a True Story I Rox ie

I 9: 15 pm I Parkway

$8 members I $9 general I AGGR22P

It's April, 1996. Pablo is an HIV-positive writer living in

Monday June 20 I 4:30 pm

I Castro

$6 members I $7 general I BASE20C

One hot August afternoon in 1972, J o h n Wojtowicz attempted to rob a Brooklyn branch of the Chase Man­

Buenos Aires. Though the t h e n - n e w a n t i - retrov i ra l

Not your average group of butch lesbians, the six women

hatta n bank. An u n expected ly ra pid pol ice response

cocktail therapy i s showing promise, Pa blo worries that

portrayed in this engaging coming-of-age documentary

prompted Wojtowicz to take eight hostages. Once Woj­

this and other therapies could be leth al. Living with his

l ive by their own code of ethics -those of The Aggres­

towicz revealed that he had com m itted the robbery to

s l ightly confused au nt, Pa blo earns a m eager living

sives. Hailing from New Yo rk's poorer boroughs, the

finance the sex-change operation of his lover, there was

teaching French. He meets his father i n a restaurant

women, who range in mascu linity from gender-bending

no turning back. A lO-m i n ute robbery degenerated into

once a month to collect a check and li sten to m u ndane

Tiffany to blatantly butch Marq uise, l ive rough and tum­

a 14-hour standoff. With cops, crowds, and cameras,

ble lives in which passing as a boy-aggressively so­

the robbery becam e a s pectacle that eventual ly served

chitchat about his father's job. I n a desire to ease both his physical and emotional suffering, Pablo sets off in search of what may be his

can come in handy.

as the basis for Sid ney Lu met's 1975 film DOG DAY

I ntrod uced to t h e gro u p through t h e bea utif u l

AFTERNOON with AI Pacino playing Wojtowicz and Chris

last great love. He composes personal ads asking for

messenger and model Kisha, fi l m maker Daniel Peddle

someone to "take me as slave or master," and cruises

follows the women, most of whom are good friends, for

Of all the accounts as to what took place during

the bars and porn theaters of Buenos Aires' gay scene.

more than five years through a series of personal trials

those 14 hours, Wojtowicz's testimonial is the only one

When he fa lls i n with a grou p of men i nto bon dage,

and tribul ati ons. We see raw and uninhibited Octavia in

m i ssi ng. After serving time i n p rison, Wojtowicz was

Pa blo discovers a new way to transform the pain of his

and out of prison, s elf-proclaimed "lesbian stud" RJ

released, taki ng u p residence several blocks from the

disease into an extreme form of pleasure.

posturing through one girlfriend after another, Marq uise

ba nk, lead i ng his life i n the shadow of c i nematic mem­ ories that were not his own. BASED ON A TRUE STORY

Sarandon as his transition i ng lover.

The winner of this year's Teddy Award at the Berl i n

sufferi ng through long days at boot camp for the US

I nternational F i l m Festival, A YEAR WITH OUT LOVE was

Army, and Flo musing over her Asian identity and her lust

is a remarkable journey back in ti me, reconstructing

cited "for an uncompromising densely textured portrayal

for African American women "because they got the body."

that day in August, 1972. With the real John Wojtowicz

of one man dea ling with loneliness and AI DS that will

Throughout the fi lm, Peddle poses the same q ues­

wanting to star in his own memories, his control over

Variety notes, the bondage

tion to each of the women: "What does it mean to be an

the story slips away when other accounts come to light.

chall enge aud ie nces." As

sequences "wi l l have the desired effect, both on fa ns

Aggressive?" M uch l i ke the women's own paths to self­

With stunning original news footage, clips from the

and opponents."

discovery, the answers become increa si ngly more com­

fil m DOG DAY AFTERNOON, and recol lections of the

Aided by lead actor Juan Minujfn, who infuses Pablo

plex over time. Deftly handling the issues of class and

hostages, the pol ice, the FBI, and John Wojtowicz, this

with a q u iet dignity, d irector Anahf Berneri prese nts

identity that a rise for these women, THE AGGRESSIVES

becomes a story with many faces.

a sol id and forceful portrait of a gay man in search of

portrays their stories in a heartfelt and hu morous manner.

human warmth and a cure. A YEAR WITHOUT LOVE dir Anahf Berneri 2004 Argentina 95 min 35mm in Spanish with English subtitles

Also screen i ng is D I D I J U ST LOOK AT HER, a h ilar­

BASED ON A TRUE STORY dir Walter Stokman 2004 Netherlands 75 min video

ious u rban comedy about a "straight" girl fantasizing about a lesbian experi ence.

Eligible for the Levi's(\) First Feature Award

DID I JUST LOOK AT HER dir Coquie Hughes 2004 USA 14 min video THE AGGRESSIVES dir Daniel Peddle 2004 USA 75 min video



San Francisco Black Film Festival

sundance CHANNEL.

www.frameline.org 25

Bitchy, Witty & Wise: The Films of David Weissman

, Beautiful Women Schone Frauen

I Rox i e

Blackmail Boy Oxigono I 9:45 pm I Victoria

Tuesday Jun e 21 I 6:00 pm I Victoria

Saturday Jun e 25 I 3:45 pm

$8 members I $9 general I BEAU21V

$ 6 members I $ 7 general I BITC25R

$8 members I $9 general I BLAC19V

Producer and co-director of the hit 2002 documentary

Christos is a bad boy . . . a very bad boy. He wants as much

Thursday Jun e 23 I 9: 1 5 pm I Parkway $8 members I $9 general I BEAU23P

Sunday June 1 9

THE COCKETIES longtime San Franciscan David Weiss­

action as he can get h is hands on, from sex and drugs

German d i recto r a n d write r Sathya n Ramesh says,

man p resents a program of his award-wi n n i ng short

to cool new toys and a hot nightclub. So, natu ra l ly, he

"BEAUTI FUL WOMEN is a fi lm for women who like women

films and a discussion of his work. Dating back to 1984,

has both a girlfriend and an older woman on the side.

and for men who love women."

We issman's films in clude d rag queen comedies, all­

There' s also Giorgos, a middl e-aged b u rea ucrat who

Five independent actors meet at an audition and dis­

singing fil ms, HIV prevention PSAs, a full-length docu­

wields considerable power i n their s m a l l town, with

cover none actually wants to be in the film. So they embark

mentary, and one of the Festival's best-loved trailers .

whom Christos runs away to Athens from time to time,

on a single-day journey, chock-full of drinking and persist­

Ranging from 3 0 seconds t o 100 min utes in length, these

and from whom he accepts lavish gifts. But corruption

ent questioning that eventually uncovers personal secrets:

'diverse and entertaining fi l m s reflect David's offbeat

runs deep i n Christos's fa m i ly and in their claustro­

a hidden pregnancy, an unfaithful boyfriend, a faltering

humor and politics, as well as the changing currents of

phobic l ittle town, and the situation is about to explode.

lesbian relationship, a failed career, and even an unfore­

queer life in San Francisco over the past two decades.

seen connection between two of the women that threatens to jeopardize everything.

Weissman's films have been broadcast internation­ ally and have been featured at countless film festivals

I n the deliciou sly labyrinth ine BLACKMAIL BOY, Ch ristos is just the flashpoint for a series of sex, lies, land deals, and junkyard blowjobs.

Each of the women s u p p resses a mystery that

including Berlin, Sundance, and Telluride. Weissman was

m a kes her v u l n e ra b le, a n d, when expo sed, leaves

the first recipi ent, in 1990, of the prestigious Sundance

parcel of land that Ch ristos's mother, Magda, doesn't

raw emotion - laughter, jealousy, desire, anger, and

I n stitute/Mark Si lverman Fellowsh ip for New Producers,

want to sell and that Giorgos h'a s some control ove r.

betraya l. For five women who start off as guarded and

and was a 1992 recipient of the San Francisco Founda­

His sister's greedy husband, Stelios, decides to cash it

frighte ned, insecure and tentative, theirs is a jou rney

tion's James T. Phelan Art Award in Fi lm.

in nonetheless, so he seduces his mother-in-law and

that, after altogether too many sobering observations, develops into something more. The film is set apart from run-of-the-mill dyke drama in that it neither placates its audience with fanciful illusions

It all comes down to "the cistern plot," a valuable

Some of the fi lms to be included in the program

blackmails Giorgos about his secret sexual relationship


with Christos. The crosses and double-crosses go awry,

and an excerpt from THE COCKETIES.

as they al most a lways do, and everyone is forced to


90 min

make decisions that bring several f a m i lies t u m b l i ng

nor abandons its characters in despair. Realism i s balanced

down. Only Christos, the baddest one of all, appears to

by hope. Ramesh uses five uniquely beautiful women to

have any cha nce of s urvival in the end.

reflect this balance - as if holding a crystal to the light and

BLACKMA I L BOY pl ays out l i ke a G reek tragedy

balancing the brilliant array of colors, having each dance

rei m agined as a melod rama by Ped ro Almod6var, or

across the wall.

maybe "The OC" set on the Aegean coast. Either way, - JIM NORRENA

BEAUTIFUL WOMEN dir Sathyan Ramesh 2003 Germany 87 min 35mm in German with English subtitles Eligible for the Levi'sl!> First Feature Award


La Lesbian Film Festival


Curve 26 san fra ncisco international lgbt film festival

this sexy, over-the-top potboiler is not to be m issed. - COREY EUBANI(S BLACKMAIL BOY dirs Thanasis Papathanasiou & Michalis Reppas 2003 Greece 100 min 35mm in Greek with English subtitles

Blood, Sweat, and G litter


Boys by the Bay

Saturday June 1 8 I 8:00 pm I Rox ie

We dn es day June 22 I 8: 1 5 pm I Vi cto ria

Saturday June 25 I 4:00 pm I Victoria

$8 members I $9 general I BL0018R

$8 members I $9 general I BOTH22V

$6 members I $7 general I BOYB25V

BLOOD, SWEAT, AND GLIDER is not unlike a docu men­

Rebeca Duarte (p layed by J a c ky Pa rker) is a strong

Two brothers discover all is not as it appears when it

tary about professional sports - it highlights the u n re­

woman and resolute bisexual. Kicking ass in a fla ming

comes to matters of the heart in KATYDI D. We continue

lenting stamina of the players, the beh i n d-the- scenes

Godzilla costume or jum ping out of a car in high heels

our sibling theme with PORNO BONDAGE, in which twin

com plexities of choreogra phing each move, a nd, most

and a big red wig are all a part of her everyday work as a

sexologists Marsha and Bibi do some important research

important of all, the brutally competitive aspect in which

stunt double for independent action films shot in Sa n

at the making of a porn film. A visit to a medical mari­

winner takes a l l . Nothing is as fiercely combative as

Francisco. Drawn to the risk a nd adrenaline-rush that

juana c l u b i n Sa n Fran cisco becomes a tribute to a

when contestants square off to become San Francisco's

her job provides, outsiders thin k Rebeca m ust have it all

deceased friend in C.H .A.M.P.

next Miss Trannyshack!

together. But Rebeca is sti ll looking for something more.

I n the med itative TO HOLD A HEART, two men, sep­

Local filmmaker Sasha Aicken shares his backstage

When she receives an u n expected package from

arated by decades in age and thousa nds of m i l es in

vantage point of the Regency Center's main floor ball­

an au nt, Rebeca's neatly wrapped life begi ns to unravel .

home and culture, find each other at a not-so-chance

room. Through his lens, many of today 's creme de fa creme in bohemian harlotry (er, I mean artistry) become

The package conta ins a photo a l b u m of h e r fa m i ly i n

encou nter at the gym. One of the last readings by Thom

Peru, including pictures o f h e r brother, w h o died before

Gunn, internationally accl ai med Bay Area poet, is cap­

as oversized on screen as they think of themselves on

Rebeca cou ld know h i m . The photos set off m emories


stage: Heklina (fa med Tra n nyshack fou nder), Syphilis

that c a n not be s i l e n c e d . As s h e fo l l ows the leads,

ABRIDGED explores the icons of one gay man's life

Diller, Diva Dan, Peggy Leggs, Ana Conda, Cookie Dough,

Rebeca learns a truth about herself that shakes her to

as he considers the Bay Bridge as metaphor for transi­

Falsetta Knockers, and more random trash than a bulky

. the core: the brother she was always told about was, i n

tions, working, and sex. KISSES THAT MOVE YOU explores

fact, herself. Rebeca learns o f h e r childhood diagnosis

the love between two men and the events that take place

Behind the glamour, beyond the costu mes, real

as a hermaphrod ite and the ensuing clitorectomy that

through memories. Remind ing him of the disastrous rela­

stories reveal the fastidious-bordering-on-compulsive

turned her "officially" i nto a girl, and left her without the

tionship with ex-lover Dan, Andrew tries to remove a ring

d rive to win w h i c h fuels each conten d e r. W h i l e the

abil ity to have an orgasm.

from his finger i n REMOVAL.

collection day in the Castro!

performances m esmerize audiences and judges a l i ke,

A compel l i ng a n d s k i l lful telling of a necessa ry

The PORNO BON DAGE twi ns a re back, and this

they ' re just the tits on the iceberg; the true pomp and

story, BOTH is based on the experiences of the film­

time their research takes them to a sex club in GLORY

circumstance of this dyed-in-the-wool San Fra ncisco

maker as well as those of many other i ntersex ad ults.

HOLE. There's no better way to conclude tha n with THE

event i s in selecting a win ner - a process almost as shocking and ba ll-busting as the actual performa nces on stage. (Disclaimer: the program note writer fa iled to place



BOTH dir Lisset Barcellos 2004 USA & Peru 87 min video Eligible for the Levi's® First Feature Award

in 1999's Queen of the Bay contest.) - JIM NORRENA BLOOD, SWEAT, AND GliTIER dir Sasha Aicken 2005 USA 80 min video

FAIRY TALE, in which a superficial gay king loses every­ thi ng, and is forced to find his heart. KATYDID dir Scott Boswell 2004 USA 13 min 35mm PORNO BONDAGE dirs David Cutler & Mark Ewert 1999 USA 3 min video C.H.A.M.P. dir Eric Smith 2005 USA 5 min video TO HOLD A HEART dir Michael Wallin 2005 USA 12 min video THOM GUNN - DOUBLE PORTRAIT dir Rudy Lemcke 2004 USA 5 min video ABRIDGED dir Mark McCormick 2005 USA 8 min video kisses that move you dir Elizebeth Chavez 2004 USA 4 min REMOVAL dir Jo J. Barker 2004 USA 4 min video GLORY HOLE dirs David Cutler & Mark Ewert 1999 USA 3 min video THE FAIRY TALE dir Billy Clift 2005 USA 18 min video TOTAL RUNNING TIME:


Bay Area Video Coalition








Intersex Society of North America

@IIJJ Wlttf;!)


75 min

San Francisco LGBT Community Center


www.frameline.org 2 7

Call Me Malcolm

Boys School

Charlotte's Web - Kid's Matinee

Saturday J u n e 1 8 I 1 : 4 5 pm I Victoria

Monday J u n e 2 0 I 6:00 p m I Roxie

Saturday J u n e 2 5 I 1 1 : 0 0 am I Castro

$6 mem bers I $7 general I BOYS 1 8V

$8 members I $9 genera l I CALL20R

$6 members I $7 general I CHAR25C

Monday June 20 I 1 2 noon I Castro $6 members I $7 general I BOYS20C

There are some people who wa l k through l ife. Then

Free for ages 1 2 and under

there are some who exa mine each change and struggle,

Please join Frameline for our 2nd Annual Kid's Matinee.

This collection of gay shorts shows boys off campus

and try to see where it puts them in the larger picture.

Yo ur earl iest fi lm memory may be q u eerer th an you

and on trying to deal with homework, secret loves, and

Malcolm is the latter.

thought, as directors Nichols and Takamoto spin the

raging hormones.

Raised in a conservative Christian household, Mal­

animated adaptation of E.B. White's much-loved 1952

We begin with SHAKESPEARE'S SONNETS, in which

col m realized i n his early twenties that it was God's will

novel . This affecting and life-affirming tale has songs,

a Harvard dandy lures his friend to his room and away

for him to live as a ma le-bodied person; he turned to

Hanna-Barbera animation, and a cast that's not only

from the privileges of conformity. ON THE LOW finds two

h i s faith to help him integrate his transition process into

reminiscent of a 1970s "Hollywood Squares" episode,

African American high school boys forced to come to

h i s relationship with his family. A deeply spiritual per­

but as queer as they get, including Debbie Reynolds,

terms with their relationship when "love" begins to com­

son, Malcolm also felt called to the min istry. When he

Pa ul Lynde, Charles Nelson Reil ly, Agnes Moorehead,

plicate things. Complications also arise for high school

asked his pa stor for guidance, she explained to h i m

Danny Bonaduce and Henry Gibson.

student Ryan as he begins to wonder if he might be gay

that, based on scripture, being transgendered -holding

Wilbur (voice by Henry Gibson) is a runt pig raised as

in the hilarious RYAN'S LIFE.

both the male and female experience in one body-may

a pet until he's sold to a farmer, Mr. Zuckerman. When a

In DARE, high school senior Ben secretly lusts after

be the closest that humans can get to holi ness. This

sheep informs him that he's fated to become what goes

bad-boy classmate Johnny. After Ben gives Johnny a

type of faith is what informs this remarkable fi lm, CALL

with cheese on rye, Wilbur is understandably frightened.

ride home one night, the boys end up in Johnny's swi m­


Then he meets a spider named Charlotte (voice by Debbie

ming pool and have an encou nter that breaks the rules and blows Ben's mind.

More than one man's story, this documentary is a

Reynolds) , who devotes her a rachnoid life to saving

quintessential road trip of self-discovery. Beginning in a

Wilbur from the fate of most pigs. After consulting with the

Our school tour ends with the works of two San

small town outside Denver, Malcolm's journey takes

gluttonous farm rat Templeton (voice by Pa ul Lynde),

Francisco filmmakers. I n KATYDI D, brothers Skye and Leif

h i m to Cortez, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New

Charlotte weaves words into her web that convince the

discover all is not as it appears when it comes to matters

York, as he meets other people who have walked very

superstitious farmer that Wilbur is some sort of miracu­

of the heart. A teenage boy and an older man learn a

different paths, all influenced by their own or a loved

lous creature. Encouraged by the attention of the locals,

painful lesson in forbidden love after meeting at an

one's gender identity.

underground Manila movie theatre in LAST FULL SHOW. dir Samuel Park 2005 USA 7 min video ON THE LOW d i r Luther M. Mace 2004 USA 1 6 min video RYAN'S LIFE dir Nick Wauters 2004 USA 24 min video dare dir Adam Salky 2004 USA 17 min video KATYO ID dir Scott Boswell 2004 USA 13 min 35mm LAST F U L L S H O W dir Mark V. Reyes 2004 Philippi nes 18 min 35mm SHAKESPEARE'S SONNETS

Mr. Zuckerman decides to enter Wilbur in the fall fair.

Culmi nating with both his graduation from semi­ nary school and his engagement, CALL ME MALCOLM

Wilbur is nervous and begs Charlotte and Templeton to come along for the ride.

is far more than one man's story. It is all of our stories,

Just l i ke it did when you were a kid, CHARLOTIE'S

offering us a vision of hope for what our community can

WEB will leave you in tears (the good kind). A del ightful

be, and reminding us how much love and family we all

show and a must for kids of all ages.

truly have to offer each other. TOTAL R U N N I N G T I M E :

95 min



d i r Joseph Parla greco 2004 USA 90 m i n video

Come early for yummy snacks provided by Rainbow Grocery and surprise giveaways while supplies last! CHARLOTTE'S WEB

dirs Charles A. Nichols & Iwao Takamoto 1973

USA 94 min 1 6 m m SPONSO R E D B Y


Dan Healy


28 san francisco international lgbt film festival

FTM International

Children o f Lesbians & Gays Everywhere and Our Fa mily Coa lition C O - P R E SENTED BY


C reating a Place at the Ta ble

Do It You rself - New Youth Films

The D Word

Satu rday J u n e 1 8 I 4 : 0 0 pm I Roxie

Saturday June 25 I 3 :30 pm I Castro

Saturday June 1 8 I 2:00 pm I Roxie

$6 members I $7 general I CREA18R

$6 members I $7 general I DWOR25C

$6 mem bers I $7 general I DOIT18R

Frameline29 is delighted to present the world premiere of

We've been to the viewing parties, we've rented Season


One from the video store, and we've all bitched to high

Rebecca Burklee's l ight-hearted documentary about

heaven that the butch is wearing so much makeup. Well,

multicultural lesbian couples and their families. Lesbians

bring it on, as this crew of fil m makers takes on that

Here's an incredible chance to see new work made by

have always had a knack for building strong com muni­

"L" series with a parody in New York style. Get ready for

and for youth in classes throughout the Bay Area, includ­

ties, including extended families. Yet nowadays lesbians


are extending a nd expanding - l itera lly - and the resulting dykes with tykes cross every cultural divide.

Tuesday June 2 1 I 12 noon I Castro $6 members I $7 genera l I DOIT2 1 C Free for ages 18 a n d under (present ID at door)

ing the first film to be made by the Wells Fargo/Frameline

With tongue placed firmly in cheek, TH E D WORD, produced in part by Dyke TV and starring Marga Gomez,

Youth Filmmaker Workshop. GENDER PAINS captures the filmmaker's elusive

These three couples are all from different cultural

fol lows a group of young queer friends and family as

stream of emotions and her thoughts on gender and

backgrounds and unique upbringings that run the gamut,

they stumble through work and sex lives. Following the

placement. NO MADER WHAT addresses the conflicting

from a Filipino mother who offers unconditional support

general format of that other series, THE D WORD char­

emotions one woman experiences as she reflects on

and love, to an eight-year estra ngement between a

acters look more like real people -flawed, sexy, and

sexual abuse by women against women. QUID PRO QUO

Canadian woman and her Baptist parents. J ust as the

l iving in re marka bly smal ler a pa rtme nts than their

is an experimental conversation between two characters

color of each woman's skin contrasts with that of her

L.A. counterparts.

revealing betrayal and misunderstanding.

Another takeoff on a queer television phenomenon,

While courts, politicians, re l igious figu res , and

the c h a l l e nges , com pro m ises, a n d joys i n h e re ntly


advocates d uke out the definition of "marriage, " five

em bedded with in cross-cultu ra l q u eer parenti ng.

the ladies Down U nder. As the femme four try to add

young people share their unique perspectives on same­

partner's, so too does each child's upbringing spotlight

CREATING A PLACE AT THE TABLE also features the musical talents of Sweet Honey in the Rock, an African

a little sugar to a tom boy butch, it looks like maybe the

sex marriage and fa mily in IN MY SHOES -STORIES OF

makeover works the other way around.

YOUTH WITH LGBT PARENTS. One participant in the fil m

A treat for those familia r with the o rigi nals and

i s Sarah Gogi n, w h o was t h e second youth t o b e legally

Masses (recipient of LA M usic Awards 2002 Female

newbies alike, this program takes a ga nder at queer pop

adopted by an out gay male couple in California. A junior

Vocalist of the Year).

culture through a more independent lens.

at a Catholic high school, she has seen the same-sex

American a cappella qui ntet, and Danielle LoPresti & the

APPLES AND ORANG ES is a Bay Area premiere by d irector Lynne Fern ie. The documenta ry is part of a grade-school curriculum that addresses name-calling, homophobia, and stereotypi ng. Seeing children learn to deconstruct intolerance is about as inspiring as it gets!


In addition to these shorts, we will also be pre­ STRAIGHT H IKE FOR THE BUTCH DYKE

dir Robyn Paterson 2004

New Zea land 24 min video dirs Cherien Dabis, Noelle Brower & Maggie Burlde 2005 USA 56 min video


miering the first film to come out of the Wells Fargo/ Frameline Youth Filmmaker Workshop. dir Sarah M i l iett 2004 USA 3 min video NO dir Tamara Rahman 2004 USA 4 min video QU I D PRO QUO dir Natasha Bri nsko 2004 USA 3 min video I N MY SHOES STOR I ES OF YOUTH WITH LGBT FAM I LI ES dir Jen Gilomen 2005 USA 30 min video FRAMELINE YOUTH FILMMAKER WORKSHOP FILM 2005 USA 20 min video GENDER PAINS



ma rriage frenzy play out in her school.

dir Lynne Fernie 2003 Canada 18 min video Kathy Hines & Rebecca Burklee


2004 USA 55 min video


BY Children of Lesbians & Gays Everywhere and Our Fa mily Coal ition




T H E S A N F R A N C I S C O FO U N D AT I O N The Communi!>, Founciation of the Bay Area

60 min

Co-Presented by TILT (Teaching I ntermedia Literary Tools) SPON S O R E D


www.frameline.org 29

Don't Fence Me In

Dykes in the C ity

Sunday June 1 9 I 5:30 p m I Roxie

Wednesday Ju ne 22 I 1 0:00 pm I Victoria

$8 members I

$8 members

$9 general I



$9 general



Five powerful film s about women of color come from

They ' re d a nge ro u s , sexy, ro mantic, a n d h i l a ri o u s .

around the world and cross aesthetic boundaries.

They ' re dykes i n t h e city!

Egyptian American Sara Rashad's beautifully shot


END I N G AI DS: Th e Search for a Vaccine Saturday June 25 I 1 : 3 0 p m I Castro $6 members


$7 general



Every ti me a scientist makes a breakthrough on the road to an AIDS vaccine, a not uncommon occurrence in the

drama TAHARA tells the story of Am ina; sti ll hau nted by

based on Roland Barthes' analysis of I'affair amoureuse

last 20 years, it leads the evening news. After all, given

her own forced circu mcision, she must decide if she will

-from love at first sight to disaffection, abandon ment,

the stu nningly effective vaccines developed for smallpox and hepatitis B, expectations have ru n high from the

submit to her mother's wishes and circu mcise her own

and suicide-rei magined as a meditation on love. DANI

daughter. SEARCH FOR HER is a lush experimental film

& ALICE traces the last h o u rs of a couple's deeply

that traces the journey of a Malaysian Chin ese lesbian

tu multuous relationsh ! p, as they prepare to go to the i r

wou ld - be produced without delay. So what the hell's

from the closet to self-accepta nce. Natalie Wood brings

favorite girl b a r. FI RST KISS is a romantic comedy about

taking so long?

us ENTER , HAI LEY, a tribute to her sister and niece, who

a circle of fri ends who share their in nocent, dramatic,

Veteran East Bay film maker Bill Jersey tea ms with

defy homophobic traditions of the fa mi ly.

and hi larious first- kiss stories, starring Alexa Havi n s

Michael Schwarz to craft an extraord i narily fair docu­

BABAE (WOMAN) is a coming-of-age story about

from "All M y Ch ildren."

begi nning that an affordable AI DS vaccine could -and

me ntary that u n ravels a tangled h i story of d e d icated

two girls who grew up in a poor slum in the Philippines.


researchers , wary b u reaucrats, bet-the-farm biotech

Their friendship, from child hood to adulthood, blossoms

Sloan and Candy Price once had a perfect life together,

execs, and shadowy venture capitalists. With author Jon

into love and u nexpected motherhood. The fi l m provides

u nti l Candy spent all their money. Two femmes discover

Cohen (Shots in the Dark) as our straight-talking guide

a unique portrait of butch/femme identity. After Frame­

the cheating heart of a butch they share, but get taken in

through the thicket, and Richard Gere narrating, ENDING

I i ne29 audie nces meet guerri lla fighter Major Mary i n

by one another d u ring their plot of revenge in THAT'S

AIDS transforms the intricacies and jargon of science

DON'T ,FENCE M E I N , there's s u re to b e a new Major


into a terrifica lly lucid, fast-paced study of technology

Mary fan club. The fil m follows the spi rited 70-year-old

MOTHER is a modern retelling of the Snow White fairytale

and human i nitiative at their outer lim its.

freedom fighter, who lives and fights the Bu rmese mili­

from the point of view of the stepmother, played by Jane

From sex workers in Nairobi who don't contract H IV

tary ju nta along the Thai border. Major Mary chomps on

Lynch. Elizabeth Keener stars i n GETIING TO KNOW YOU,

to monkeys with SIV at Harvard, every d iscovery seems

her cigar, beams a toothless smile, sings to the camera,

about a wo man fixated on exterior beauty who learns her

to hold the key. To their credit, Jersey and Schwarz don't

and dreams of l i berating her people, the Karen, desp ite

lesson in love from the wrong girl . Dana Dela ney and

shy away from the numerous ethical and political dilem­

the politica l forces aligned against them.

Anne Ramsay play the friends who give her tireless and

mas, such as sub-Sahara Africa's desperate need yet

comical advice.

inability to pay. Or the concern of gay activists that the

TAHARA d i r Sara Rashad 2004 USA 18 min 35mm SEARCH FOR HER dir Dawn Khoo 2005 Singapore & Malaysia 1 4 m i n video ENTER, HAILEY dir Natalie Wood 2002 Canada 8 min video BABAE (WOMAN) dir Sigrid Andrea P. Bernardo 2004 Philippines 20 min video DON'T FENCE M E IN dir Ruth Gumnit 2004 USA 30 min video TOTAL R U N N I N G T I M E : 90 m i n

A LOVERS DISCOUR SE: FRAGMENTS d i r Donna Vermeer 2004 USA 1 5 m i n 35mm O A N I


d i r Roberta Marie M u nroe 2005 U S A 12min

3 5 m m FIRST KISS d i r Tracy Michele Tabb 2004 USA 26 m i n video


will to find a vaccine has waned as the development and sale of drugs to the sick has increased. At its core, ENDING AIDS is a mystery without a

1 0 m i n video THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' 'BOUT dir Rosser Good m a n

villa i n , and a ral lying cry to mai nstream America to get

2 0 0 5 USA 3 m i n video MEMOIRS OF A N EVIL STEPMOTHER d i r Cherien

behind the search once aga i n .

Dabis 2004 USA 1 8 min video GETIING TO KNOW YOU d i r Liz Lachman


2004 USA 20 m i n video TOTAL R U N N I N G TIME: 104 m i n

E N D I N G AIDS: THE SEARCH FOR A VAC C I N E d i rs B i l l Jersey Michael Schwarz 2005 USA 57 m i n video

C O - P R ESENTED BY Queer Women o f C o l o r Media Arts Project

C O - P R ESENTED BY AIDS Housing Allia nce San Francisco


WH E RE 30

san francisco international lgbt film festival


Enough Man



Wedn esday June 2 2 I 1 0 :30 pm I Roxie

Sunday June 1 9 I 8: 15 pm I Castro

Saturday June 25 I 8:30 pm I Castro

$8 members I $9 general I ENOU22R

$8 members I $9 genera l I ETER19C

$8 members I $9 general I EXP025C

Filmed over 2 1 days in 1993, transgender artist/activist

Horror movie queens beware -this hot and sexy thriller

"That farmer asked what we were doing. I told h i m we

Alec Butler's AUDREY'S BEARD captures the transfor­

is smart enough to rise above its genre trappings, while

were shooting a car commercial."

mation from butch dyke to transman in less than two

still delivering enough guilty pleasure to keep you hungry

Director Pam Dore brings you behind the scenes for

minutes. Butler's animated MISADVENTURES OF PUSSY

for more. A true lesbian vampire thriller, ETERNAL tells

the 17 -day shoot of a seminal Colt Studio masterpiece.

BOY trilogy - FI RST LOVE, SICK, and the latest install­

the story of how the Queen of Blood, the horrific Countess

On a gay porn set, all sorts of things can present huge (or

ment, FI RST PERIOD-offers gritty, deta iled insights into

Elizabeth Bathory (played by Caroline Neron), is holding

flaccid) problems, and you get to see them as they unfold (and engorge).

the h igh school l ife of the differently gendered. Lead

up in our modern world. Four hundred and fifty years old,

character Alec/Pussy Boy/Alick and Kay, a First Nations

now known as Elizabeth Kane, she is youthful, hot, sexy,

While on set in exotic Sacramento, you learn some

Metis who, because of her race, also is ostracized, find

and rich. With her devoted young lackey I rina (Victoria

tricks of the trade: what to tell the neighbors you're filming,

solace in each other's queerness amid an unpalatable

Sanchez) constantly cruising I nternet chat rooms to find

when not to order the shrimp, and who to let the models

world of transphobic and homophobic youth.

Elizabeth sexy young women to seduce, l ife seems a run

look at to achieve their money shot.

D ETAC H E D del ivers the viewpoint that th ere's beauty in fluidity; living two extremes -as neithe r boy nor girl -can result in i mmense personal strength.

of pleasure.

While the muted scenes of "the action" are sexy,

That is, until Elizabeth takes the life of Montreal

it's the off-camera interactions that are sexier, from the

detective Raymond Pope's wife. Sure, his wife was out

straight production assistant who drops trou for anyone

The transporn documentary ENOUGH MAN, by direc­

looking for some woman love behind his back, but once

needing "inspiration" to the director of photography who

tor Luke Woodward, is a U.S. premiere you certainly won't

she turns up m issing, this cop (played by Billy Zane

has bedded most of his assistants.

see in neighborhood multiplexes. This groundbreaking film

look-alike Conrad Pia) stops at nothing to discover her

The interviews with cast and crew are insightful

introduces nine transmen and their partners, all of whom

fate. Raymond is increasingly drawn under the Count­

and funny, with stories of heartbreak, former ministries,

talk frankly and sincerely about the joys and challenges

ess's spell as he tries to unravel the web of mystery­

and what exactly their parents think they do for a living.

their transitioned bodies present in their sexual relation­

and the body count keeps piling up.

ships. The film's explicit scenes are absolutely integral to its resounding message about acceptance. - JIM NORRENA dir Alec Butler 2002 Canada 2 min v ideo M I SADVENTURES O F PUSSY BOY: FIRST LOVE dir Alec Butler 2000 Canada 6 m i n video M I SADVENTURES OF PUSSY BOY: S I C K dir Alec Butler 2001 Canada 7 min video MISADVENTURES OF PUSSY BOY: FI RST PERIOD dir Alec Butler 2003 Canada 6 min video DETACHED dir Gentry McShane 2004 USA 4 min video ENOUGH MAN dir Luke Woodward 2004 USA 6 1 min video AUDREY'S BEARD


Free of the usual sad boy parade found in most porn

A completely decadent del ight for l overs of the

docs, eXposed conveys a sense of the men behind the

vampire genre, ETERNAL is sexy and thrilling. You can

huge cocks. While they aren't Fulbright scholars, some

even bring your non-fanged friends for a good night of

may surprise you, like the Southern boy paying his way

popcorn and jumping out of your seat.

through law school by doing porn. - CINDY M. EMCH

dirs Wilhelm Lieben berg & Federico Sanchez 2004 Canada 107 min 35mm


Eligible for the Levi's@ First Feature Award

You'll laugh , be amazed, and sti ll get a boner from this behind-the-scenes look at the making of a fantasy. - PHILIP WALKER eXposed

dir Pam Dare "Mr. Pa m" 2005 USA 96 m i n video

86 min



wine.com� www.fra meline.org 31

False Offender Falsa Culpable

Fel ine Masquerade Katzenball

Saturday June 1 8 I 1 0 :30 pm I Victoria

Saturday June 1 8 I 8:30 pm I Victoria

$8 members I $9 general I FALS 18V

$8 members I $9 general I FELl 18V

Truly masterful thril lers a re rare - films in wh ich the action, acting, and essence have you caught up as if the drama is your own. FALSE OFFEN DER does just this.

Floored By Love Thu rsday June 23 I 8: 1 5 pm I Roxie

Mo nday June 20 I 6:30 pm I Parkway $8 mem bers I $9 genera l I FELl20P

$8 members I $9 general I FL0023R

This charming pair of films from director Desiree Lim will have you laughing and smiling i n less time than it takes to grab that bag of popcorn!

To any fan of the image of a tuxedo-clad Marlene Diet­

FLOORED BY LOVE is a sweet and hea rtwa rming slice-of-life family comedy, taking us into the homes of a

After serving 1 8 months on a murder conviction,

rich, this film is a su re-fire hit! A thoughtful and engaging

Carmen (Pepa L6pez) is free; the Spa nish court has

documentary about the last 80 years of lesbian history,

lesbian couple contemplati ng marriage and a Jewish

reluctantly released her on probation after an appea l.

and how that history has intersected with the women's

family struggling to keep the affection of their newly out

Returning home to await a new trial, she finds reporters

movement and various pol iti cal lan dscapes, FELI N E

gay son. With Cara and Janet, things are great and going

camped outside her gate, eager to feast on the private life

MASQUERADE brings history to life.

strong, until Canada legalizes gay marriage. Now that they can, J a n et wants to get married ! This isn't the

of a closeted killer lesbian. Carmen's claims of in nocence

Chronicling the relationsh ips of women who love

are ignored. The press wants her blood, and the public

women, the social pressures to conform, the q uest for

simplest decision for Cara, who isn't out to her parents.

wants her back in prison . Her son, husband, and friends

ide ntity, a n d secret meeti n g places of l e s b i a n s i n

Meanwhile, Norman is trying to help his stepson in his

abandon her. Her beautiful attorney claims to be loyal,

Switzerland, the stories of five women of different gen­

coming-out process, just when the young man's biologi­

but merely tells her to smile and to go see a shrink. There

erations bring a blend of the personal and the historical

cal father, a flashy gay actor, comes to visit and upstages

to this com pelling fi l m . Four women - cosmopolita n

Norman's every move. These two fa m i l i es navigate

Her garden, filled with weeds, no longer flowers. The

Johanna Berends, photogra pher/archivist Liva Tresch,

through many layers of love for each other, and at the end

em pty pool h a u nts her. Alone in her house, Carmen

fashion designer Ursula Rodel, and feminist Heidi Oberli

of the journey discover their lives are not so far apart.

knows the real killer is lurking just beyond her gates,

- take us back to their own adventurous and ribald

SOME REAL FANGS is a hilarious send-up of a tra­

taunting her. She contacts the police, but her pleas for

youths. Each from a different generation, they look at

d itional vampire tale. Tara, heir to the lesbian vampire

help fall on deaf ears . When another victi m's body is

how those days com pare with the freedoms of today.

tradition in her family, must find her true love before the

is no one Carmen can trust.

Not only a look into the past, the film also looks at

next ful l moon, or wait another 120 years to get her real

Carles Vila's taut thriller builds to an explosive and

the life of the next generation of lesbians through the

fangs. With the help of her best friends and some fan­

unpred ictable climax; bring a date to gra b onto! But

stories of twentysomething Sa mira Zingaro, who acknowl­

tastic dance numbers, Tara is on the h u nt for love, but

after the climax, FALSE OFFENDER doesn't allow you to

edges the privileges she enjoys living in a world with

can she find it before it's too late?

walk out of the theatre relieved; you'll be questioning

such an accessible lesbian culture.

found, Carmen is again the pri me suspect.

the role of the media and wondering how blind of preju­ dice Justice really is. dir Carles Vi la 2004 Spain 80 min video in Spanish with English subtitles FALSE OFFENDER


FELI N E MASQU ERA D E takes its a u d ience on a journey through time, from the eyes of the queer under­


dir Desiree Lim 2004 Canada 34 min video dir Desiree Lim 2005 Canada 50 m i n video

ground, offering a fasci nating look at the "other side" of modern cultural history. - CINDY M. EMCH

Eligible for the Levi'sll> First Feature Award

FELINE MASQUERADE dir Veronika Mi nder 2005 Switzerland 87 min 35mm i n Swiss German, German & French with English subtitles


KQ E D 32

san francisco international l gbt film festival

C O - P R E S E N T E D BY Asian Pacific Isla nder Queer Women & Tra nsgender Coalition

Formula 1 7 Shi Qi Sui De Tian Kong

Fun for Boys and G irls

Wednesday June 22 I 6 :00 pm I Castro $8 members I $9 general I FORM22C

Fun I n Boys' Shorts

Sun day June 1 9 I 7 :45 pm I Victoria

Saturday June 1 8 I 1 1 :00 am I Castro

$8 members I $9 genera l I FUN19V

$6 members I $7 general I FUNB18C

FUN FOR BOYS AND GIRLS is a special treat that cele­

$6 members I $7 genera l I FUNB26C

Sunday June 26 I 2: 1 5 pm I Castro

This is a Ta ipei you 've never seen in the movies! DJ

brates both the drama and the comedic antics that often

Chen's frothy fantasy hurls us into the center of a hop­

erupt when queers mix and mingle in each other's worlds.

Our ever-popular boys' shorts program opens with a

ping, bopping world of gay clubs, queer energy, and cute

Playing the straight card for the green card reveals

blessing of sorts, THE D EVILS DAY, in which the dance

more issues than it resolves for these African American

floor is a sacred place for reaffirmation. Next we learn

boys looking for love with determ ination and style. New kid in town Tien steps wide-eyed into this

q ueer couples joined together on the eve of their immi­

what dad's up to while Billy's at school in BILLY'S DAD IS

heady milieu. Seeking a job, he's soon an attendant at

gration interview in PANTS? SKI RT? LIPSTICK? Canadian

A FUDGE-PACKER. Eric a nd Paul live together, shower

the local gym, where accidental(?) gli mpses of m uscled

short KANSAS CITY HERE I COM E unites a queer brother

together, and wrestle together, but their relationship is not

a bdomens and bubble b utts set his head s p i n n i ng.

and sister with their devout mother who has suffered a

what you think in BETWEEN THE BOYS.

Encou raged by his pals Yu, CC, and Alan to dive into this

stroke. Speechless, the mother now must listen as her

sea of sex, Tien reveals to their chagrin that he's hold­

children reveal long-kept secrets before she dies.

In gleeful pursuit of her identity as a fag hag, exuber­ ant and oblivious Jen gloms onto gay neighbor Ken and his community in DELIRIOUSLY JEN. PING PONG LOVE is a

ing out for true love. So it's ironic when he falls for the

Festival femme-favorite Guinevere Turner pops up

megawatt charm of sexy junior executive Bai, a member

in BEYOND LOVELY as a struggl ing psychic who unwit­

romantic comedy about writing, neighbors, and, of course,

tingly becomes the vehicle for deceased and disgruntled

ping pong.

of the gym, even when his friends warn him about the notorious heartbreaker. For his part, Bai's iceberg heart

Bruce B. (Vaginal Davis) as he endeavors to revise his

Join our spicy Lati no crime fighting duo in TACO

begins to melt in the warmth of Tien's sweet smile, and

television series. Tired of their homosexual lifestyles,

CHICK AND SALSA GIRL. A 70s action couple as domestic

he seeks the advice of, friends and a shrink to figure out

Spencer and Joan make a go of it as a straight couple

partners? It's all here in the fabulous FELTCH SANDERS.

this love th ing once and for all.

and are i nterviewed by 1/ 16 M i n utes" correspondent

In less than a minute, we get Henry's take on hetero­

Chuck Chafer in THOSE WERE THE GAYS.

sexual marriage in THE HOMOLULU SHOW. And a young

Can the lopsided match succeed? D i rector DJ Chen and writer Rady Fu a nswer that q uestion with

WHAT REMAINS HUMAN is a q ueer absurdist depic­

couple's dream of a better life on the Western frontier is

great dol lops of hokum and constant sti mu lation, creat­

tion of four siblings who must dispose of their abusive

shattered when a mysterious woman lures them to the

i ng a totally indulgent, boys-only, gay-only world full of

father's ashes. Various slapstick mishaps fail to over­

sinful town of Washathon in THE SADNESS OF JOHNSON

sissies and hunks, sill ier and sweeter than Candyland.

shadow the darker theme of this inventive short.


The fil m is also an i nsistent testament to gay friend­ ship, as the always optimistic pals help each other past heartaches and back to happiness as fu lly real ized queers. A rare delight! - SHANNON KELLEY FORMULA 17

dir OJ Chen 2004 Taiwan 93 min 35mm in Cantonese, English & Mandarin with English subtitles

- JIM NORRENA d i r Shelley Barry 2005 USA 15 min video dir J.T. O'Neal 2004 Canada 15 min video BEYOND LOVELY dir Hi lary Gold berg 2005 USA 1 1 min video THOSE WERE THE GAYS dir Na ncy Kissam 2004 USA 17 min video WHAT REMAINS HUMAN dir Maureen Bradley 2005 Canada 25 min video PANTS? SKIRT? LI PSTICK?



83 min

Eligible for the Levi's® First Feature Award



BY Gay Asian Pacific Allia nce

dir Sea n Drakes 2004 USA 9 min video BILLY'S DAD dir Jamie Donahue 2004 USA 10 min video BETWEEN THE BOYS d i r Jake Yuzna 2004 USA 4 min video DELIRI­ OUSLY JEN dir Angus Oblong 2004 USA 13 min video PING PONG LOVE dir Bo Mehrad 2004 USA 1 0 min video TACO CHICK AND SALSA G I R L dir Kurt Koehler 2005 USA 15 min video FELTCH SANDERS dir Abe Sylvia 2004 USA 12 min 1 6 m m THE H o MoLULU S H O W dir Frank Mosvold 2004 Norway 1 min 35mm THE SADNESS O F JOHNSON JOE JANGLES dir Jeffrey St. J u les 2004 Canada 19 min 35mm THE oEVI L'S DAY









D R .











93 min


A VIS. www.frameline.org 33

Future Shock

Fun I n G i rls' Shorts

Funny Ki nda Guy

Saturday June 1 8 I 1 :30 pm I Castro

Wedn esday J u ne 22 I 8:30 pm I Roxie

Friday J u n e 24 I 1 0:00 pm I Roxie

$6 members I $7 general I FUNG 18C

$8 mem bers I $9 genera l I FUNN22R

$8 mem bers I $9 general I FUTU24R

Sunday June 26 I 1 2 noon I Castro

FUNNY KI N DA GUY is not a likely title for a documentary

Fro m h u m a n c l o n i ng to pregnant men, the FUTU RE

about a tra nsgendered singer- songwriter who, while

SHOCK shorts program takes a walk on the imaginative

Come enjoy this showcase of some of this yea r's best

gaining his true identity as a man, must sacrifice his

edge of what may be our world yet to come.

and brightest shorts made by and about queer ga ls.

voice to hormone treatment. Yet Scotland's Si mon de

$6 members I $7 genera l I FUNG26C

In INCLI NATIONS, aspiring young writer Mia strug­ gles to find the perfect plot for an erotic short story

In I LEFT ME, a wildly narcissistic man is in for the

Voil is so charismatic and genui nely good-natured, the

ultimate awakening when he brings home his "new me"

title q uickly grabs hold and never lets go.

from a cloning center. I n HEALI NG, a virus has rendered

while a diversity of unexpected characters encourage

The fi lm also offers an irreverent yet touching musi­

her to try out some exotic explorations of her own .

cal score - Simon's well-crafted and original songs,

makes a living doling out physical pain to clients, which

SUSHI elegantly chronicles a young woman's search for

which he and his partner (Michelle Ie Masurier) perform

seemi ngly "reboots" their capacity for love.

her sexual identity. PUSZTA COWBOY is a uniquely Hun­

throughout the fi l m . The music serves as a personal

Inspired by the 1968 shooting of artist Andy Warhol,

garia n parody of the Western genre -a " Paprika West­

accompaniment to his one-and-a-half-year journey that

GENDER is a transgender black comedy in which Valerie,

ern" -featu ring a spectrum of queer characters.

begins in one body and is completed in another. It's a

a wacky plastic surgeon, wields a cutting blow to her gay

musical odyssey of the queerest kind.

bio logical fath er. In THE SADN ESS OF JOHNSON JOE

A GIRL NAMED KAI tells a brave autobiographical

h u mans i ncapable of feeling love ; young punk Natch

story about self-discovery, secrets, and passions. Ru by,

From Scotland to London to Brisbane, Simon's ten­

JANGLES, a young couple's dream of a better life on the

a sexy, tattooed magazine executive, looks forward to a

acious struggle to pair his natural gender with a male

Western Frontier is shattered when a mysterious woman

perfect first date, until her plans are thrown into a tail­

physical ity is brilliantly captured in sequence, and we're

lures them to a wild and sinful town in no man's land;

spin when she wakes up with an unexpected visitor in

able to recognize Simon's emerging sense of self. With

stuck where even the laws of nature don't exist, the cou­

the h i larious DAY ONE. Guin Tu rner's new short film,

. his family 's and girlfriend's stalwart support, life is look­

ple struggles to hold on to their love for each other.

H U NG, follows four girls who magically grow willies for

ing good; Simon's emergi ng, long-sought masculinity

In OEDIPUS N + 1, handsome Thomas Steiner awak­

24 hours. Come find out what they do with them!

provides the counterbalance to his frustration that his

ens in Paris 2050 after having been "reprogra m med . "

deepening voice makes singing difficult.

B u t the "new" Thomas is drawn t o search his recent

When Tiffany, the most popular girl in school, asks Cassie, the school lesbian, to the prom, Sherman Valley

FUNNY KI N DA GUY earned the Melbourne Queer

ignites in PROM-TROVERSY HI MAYA tells the ta le of two

Fi l m Festival Audience Choice Award for Best Docu­

much to the chagrin of his mother, who hoped his mem­

older women who re kindle a youthfu l ro mance in a

mentary in 2005. One audience reaction noted it was

ories and " inclinations" had been equally erased.

beauty parlor.

"fi lmed and put together with real i ntegrity, grace, and

Simmons & Shelley Barry 2004 USA IS min video dir Rebecca Heller 2004 USA 9 min video PUSZTA COWBOY dir Katrin Kremmle r 2004 Hungary 9min video A G I R L NAMED KAI dir I(ai Ling Xue 2004 Canada 10 min video DAY ONE dirs Pam Dare & Dara Sklar 200S USA IS min video HUNG dir Guinevere Turner 200S USA 13 min video PROM-troversy dir Leanna Creel 2004 USA 12 min video H I MAYA dir Claudia Lorenz 2004 Switzerl and 12 min 3Smm INCLINATIONS dirs Jen



9S min


34 san fra ncisco international lgbt film festival

i ntel l igence . " This remarka ble self-portrait make its West Coast premiere at Frameline29. - JIM NORRENA FUNNY KINDA G UY

dir Travis Reeves 2004 Scotland 92 min video

past and find his lover in the dangerous "outer circle" -

I LEFT ME dirs Jonah Markowitz & Christopher Dreyer 2004 USA 9 min video HEALING dir Andrew Bettridge 2004 Austra lia 1 1 min video GENDER dir Daniel Lamberts 2004 Belgium 10 min 3Smm in Dutch with English subtitles THE SADNESS OF JOHNSON JOE JANGLES dir Jeffrey St. Jules 2004 Canada 19 min 3Smm OEDIPUS N+ 1 dir Eric Rognard 2004 France 27 min 3Smm in French with English subtitles TOTAL R U N N I N G T I M E :

76 min

Gay Republicans

Gar�on Stupide

Gay Sex in the 70s

Saturday June 25 I 9 : 0 0 pm I Victoria

Friday J u n e 2 4 I 8 : 1 5 pm I Roxie

Friday June 1 7 I 6:00 pm I Victoria

$8 members I $9 general I GARC25V

$8 members I $9 genera l I GAYR24R

$8 members I $9 general I GSEX17V

This first-time feature by director Lionel Baier tells a

Formulated like a news show, this fascinating documen­

remarkably edgy, original, and u ltimately heartwarming

tary takes a jaunty tone that belies the anguished deci­

comi ng-of-age story.

Wednesday June 22 I 3:45 pm I Castro $6 members I $7 genera l I GSEX22C

sions facing gay men and women who have identified

The glory days of gay life in the 70s are often repre­

Lo'lc is a young gay man in Switzerland struggl ing

themselves as Republ ican during the growing war over

sented simply by Sylvester's a nthem " You Make Me

to understand his place in the world. Estranged from his

gay marriage. Pariahs to many in the gay community,

Feel (Mighty Rea !)," but the era was much more com­

fa mily and prematurely jaded, he lives with his friend

Log Cabin Republicans have been likened to Jewish Nazis

plex than a pop song could ever convey. Director Joseph

Marie, who coolly indulges his stories of wild sexual

or black Ku Klux Klansmen, but as di rector Wash West­

Lovett, who produced the first in-depth AIDS coverage

conq uest and catastrophe. Attractive Lo'lc lives from

moreland shows, things are not that black and white.

for national television as a producer with ABC's "20/20,"

one such rampant sexual encou nter to the next, neither

Like Republicans all over the political spectrum ,

find i ng nor seeking anythi ng deeper with any of the

conservative gays are having t o confront a party that i s

goes back to the people who were part of a cultural rev­ olution in the making to tel l the story.

casual lovers who spice up his boring routine as a n

swinging wildly away from t h e fiscal conservatism a n d

At the outset of the documentary GAY SEX IN THE

assembly-line worker in a candy factory. Still, he longs

national security issues that originally drew them t o it.

70s, Lovett and his subjects - including photographer

for acknowledgement of his inner beauty, somewhat

The pain and divisions this causes in the Log Cabin are

Tom Bianchi and activist Larry Kramer - bask i n the

desperately flaunting a series of cultural interests that

written in the faces of Westmoreland's main subjects.

memories of halcyon nights in New York City. Using their

he hopes will make him seem more than j ust a pretty

Mark Harris is a Republican before he's gay, visiting the

stories, and remarka ble arch ival footage and photos,

face or a "stu pid boy."

Reagan Presid ential Library once a year and argu ing

Lovett takes the audience back to the piers, the trucks,

Lo'lc is little prepared, though, when a personal ad

vociferously with li berals. Carol Newman is a trial lawyer

the Rambles in Central Park, the back rooms, and the

brings him face-to-face with Lionel, who expresses an

who wants to marry her Democratic girlfriend, but finds

baths. It was a time when repression and fea r were replaced by a sexual explosion, when shame became joy.

interest in sim ply getting to know this unusual boy bet­

no allies in her own party. Maurice Bonamigo, a high­

ter. Faced with too much of what he wished for, Lo'lc

class hairdresser from Pa lm Beach, provides jaw-drop­

As the men continue to reminisce, the story deep­

flees again to the real m of fantasy, sta l king a sports

pingly inadvertent comic relief, seeming to formulate his

ens. It wasn't just about sex, they discovered, but about

star he has idolized. But he has already begu n the steep

politics based on petty selfishness and the nice suits

creating friendsh ips and a community that had never

climb to believing in himself and connecti ng with others

that Bush Sr. and Reagan wore.

existed before. But storm clouds emerge as the men talk

-a journey that will have shattering repercussions for Marie, Lionel, and Lo'lc himself. A detailed examination of the inner trials of young adulthood, Baier's film confronts the age of irony with a

Westmoreland sets his film in the tense buildup to

about sexual obsession, how drugs entered the scene at

the Log Cabin's crucial decision whether or not to en­

a larger scale, and how unusual STDs began to appear.

dorse Bush in 2004, and their struggle will leave even

In recreating the gay story of the 70s, Lovett shows that

dedicated lefties ha ngi ng breath lessly on the outcome.

AIDS was not the only legacy of this period. It was also

vigorous affirmation of hope, friendship, and love. - SHANNON I(ELLEY dir Lionel Baier 2004 Switzerland 96 min video in French with English subtitles


dir Wash West moreland 2004 USA 63 min video

a time of brotherhood and laying the foundation of a political movement with its biggest battles still ahead. - COREY EUBANI(S



d i r Joseph Lovett 2005 USA 68 min video

Eligible for the Levi's<ll First Feature Award




www.frameline.org 35

Girl Wrestler / The lady is a Champ Wed nesday J u n e 22 I 6 : 0 0 pm I Roxie $8 mem bers I $9 general I GIRW22R

WNBA groupies will fa ll for Coach Orna Ostfeld, Mwadi

G i rls By the Bay

Global Motherhood

Saturday June 25 I 1 :30 pm I Victoria

Tu esday J u n e 21 I 2 : 15 pm I Castro

$6 members I $7 general I GI RB25V

$6 members I $7 general I GLOB2 1C

Come and enjoy the best selection of fi lms made by our

In MASHA MOM, a documentary filmed over a seven­

very own local filmmakers.

year period in Russia, fi lm maker Michel B u kojemski

Mabika (also of the LA Sparks), and Aluma Goren from

T h ree Lati na f i l m m a ke rs exp lore the c reative

follows Masha, a Russian American Jewish lesbian, in

the Israeli women's basketball team in THE LADY IS A

process in the experimenta l documentary A PLACE TO

her quest for motherhood. After Masha's open-minded

CHAM P. While we watch the team as they battle for the

BEGIN. M I RROR is the true story of a young girl who dis­

grandmother urges them to give it a try, Masha a nd her

European Cup, the film also witnesses Coach Orna's

covers a part of herself when she accidental ly wa lks

girlfriend, Kate, set out to find a donor. After numerous

struggle to end discrimi nation aga inst women in Israeli

into a lesbian bar. DEAR OLD MAN is a recollection of a

disappointments and growing tension, the relationship

sports. The tension on the basketball CO'urt-and in the

grandfather seen through the eyes of a lesbian who

does not survive, but Masha conti nues to seek her

Supreme Court, where Orna makes her fi nal appeal-is

grew up in EI Salvador and now lives in San Fra ncisco.

drea m. In MASHA MOM, one woman's design for creat­

high . The coach and her players prove that great bas­

OUR LIFE, A HI DOEN LIFE takes us on an adventure into

ing a family incorporates multiple approaches a nd an

ketba l l is m u c h more than thri l l i ng rebounds, fast

one of the largest q ueer rights groups in Brazil. Maggie

impressive amount of support from the people in her l ife.

breaks, and dunks. GIRL WRESTLER follows Ta ra, a 13-year-old champ

shows up at Nora's front door for an un explained inter­ view in FAITH-BASED CHARITY

Meet an ordinary fa mily of extraordinary people (plus six dogs and four cats) . TWO MOMS: A FAMI LY

with a chest full of medals. Tara has beaten every girl

When kisses get too peri lous, it's time to call Stop

PORTRAIT profiles a lesbian couple, Suzanne du Toit and

she's faced and has won most matches aga in st the

Your Stalker in DANGEROUS KISSES by award-winning

Anna-Marie de Vos, and thei r two adopted c h ildren,

boys, but Texas law bars her from wrestl ing boys once

director Mary Guzman. In DIVING FOR PEARLS, comedi­

Nuschka and Reid, l iving in South Africa. de Vos, the only

she gets to high school . This compassio nate portrait

ennes Carole and Mitzi (played by local performance

female High Court judge in Pretoria, works in a conser­

highli ghts all the importa nt issues, includ ing cu rrent

artists Tara Jepsen and Beth Lisick) doff their sweatpants

vative, male-domi nated envi ronment. Her life-partner

opposition to Title IX federal provisions mandating equal

and brainstorm new material at a Northern California

of 15 years, d u Toit, is an a rtist who also manages

spending for men's and women's ath letics in school,

h ot sp ri ngs ; pregn ancy, tragedy, a n d laughs res u lt.

the family home near Plettenberg Bay. Ten years ago,

but we also experience the life of a kid who just wants

In B ETWEEN THE LI NES, freelance writer Jessie Cage

Anna-Marie adopted the sibl ings Nuschka and Reid as a

to be a kid. We travel with Tara as she wins and loses

discovers that her editor, Meena Roy, is q ueer, single, and

single parent. In 200 1 , the women challenged South

matches and worries about making weight. We hear her

into online dating. Jessie chooses a more unorthodox way

African law and demanded the right to adopt as part­

argue with her father, who is pushing her too hard, and

to express her crush on Meena.

we see her hanging with her girlfriend and going to the mall. It's the small moments -when she cries after bei ng pinned by a boy she should have won against, or when she gets a haircut -that will keep you rooting for Tara long after the film ends. dir Diane Za nder 2003 USA 53 min video THE LADY IS A CHAMP dir Amit Azaz 2004 Israel 60 m i n video in Hebrew with English subtitles GIRL WRESTlER


National Center for Lesbian Ri ghts


36 san francisco international lgbt film festival

ners. They won the case, made international headlines,

dir Mon ica Enriquez 2005 USA 14 min video Mirror dir I(imberly Alvarenga 2005 USA 4 min video DEAR OLD MAN dir Ana Lazo 2004 USA 6 min video OUR LI FE, A H I D DEN LIFE dir Alexa I n keles 2004 USA & Brazil 13 min video FAITH-BASED CHARITY dir Maria Breaux 2004 USA 10 min video DAN GEROUS KISSES dir Mary Guzm an 2004 USA 2 min video D I V I N G FOR PEARLS dirs Tara Jepsen & Beth Lisicll 2004 USA 10 min video BETWEEN THE LI NES dir Laurie Koh 2005 USA 14 min video a place to begin



73 min

MadCat Women's International Film Festival I·!!:W @'!!E " !:I1I ! ___ 'IJlI) t:!lli!!:I 'i:'IllI.l

GUARDIAN Tiltlut.ftl:th,

... £lltJWu.

and assured the rights of gay and lesbian co-adoptive parents in South Africa. TWO MOMS is a riveting docu­ mentary sure to challenge misconceptions and stereo­ types of same-sex parenting. dir Michal Bukojemski 2003 Poland 35 min video in Russian & English with English subtitles TWO MOMS: A FAMilY PO RTRAIT dirs Luiz DeBa rros & Andile Genge 2004 South Africa 48 min video MASHA MOM


BY Fa mily Builders by Adoption

G loriously Free I This Way O ut M onday June 20 I 8:30 pm I Victoria $8 members

I $9 general


In some places i n the worl d, being out is still a death

Grand Sons Les Petits Fils

G uys and Balls Manner Wie Wir

Friday June 1 7 I 8:00 pm I Victo ria

Tuesday J u n e 21 I 1 0:00 pm I Victoria

$8 members

I $9 general I GRAN 1 7 V

$8 mem bers

I $9 general I GUYS21 V

sentence. Yet, few nati ons will consider asylum claims

Director lIan Duran Cohen offers an insightful portrait of

Ha ndsome Ecki (Maximilian Bruckner) is a born man of

on the basis of sexual orientation. The compelling por­

the complexities of fa m i ly love, and of a young man's

action. Ever since childhood, his greatest passion has

traits of gay refugees told in these two fi lms are raw

rocky road to ad ulthood.

been soccer. As goa lie of his hometown team, he's shat­

sto ries a bout stri king i n divi d u a l s who courageo usly

Guillaume, 24, has been mothered by his maternal

refuse to l ive and lie. Powerfu l ly life-affirmi ng, both

gra n d m ot h e r, Regi n e , s i n c e the death of h i s own

championship. Drunk a nd despondent, he com miser­

G LORIOUSLY FREE and THIS WAY O UT ra ise profound

beloved mother a few years previously. Now he strug­

ates with a sympathetic teammate, but gets his second

q u estio n s for the i nternati o n a l com m u n ity as they

gles for emotional i n depend e n ce from both women.

shock of the day when he suddenly kisses his hapless

clearly frame the case for gay asyl u m in fundamental

Dreamy Guillaume, studying music at col lege, sti ll fre­

buddy. Caught in the act by the tea m, especially homo­

human rights term s.

tered when his fa ilure to block a key play costs them the

qu ently visits Regi ne, but experi e n ces her protection

phobic Udo (Carlo Lj ubek), Ecki is a loser twice-over­

G LO R IOUSLY FREE is a d ramatic series of first­

and gu idance with i rritati o n , expressed in bratty and

as the weak l i n k on the team, and now as a "homo."

person accounts from a Jorda nian, a Mexica n, a Brazil­

com bative put-downs. Stro ng-wi l l ed Regi n e seems

Rejected by the team, and fi nding mostly bewilder­

ian, a n America n , and a Jamaican as they a pply for

bl ithely unaffected by his rebuffs, but confides her con­

ment from h i s sym pathetic mother and his ma cho

asyl u m i n Canada. The a nxiety of the five men as they

cerns to her daughter's ashes, kept i n her apartment in

father, a baker, Ecki sets a new goal : to form an all -gay

divulge their histories and navigate this difficult terrain

antici pation of a long-delayed ritual of letti ng go.

is palpable. THIS WAY OUT is a n i nti mate gift of vulnerability

team and prevail over his former comrades in an epic

Regi ne is accustomed to Guillaume's quirks, even

grudge match. With his supportive sister i n the nearby

acti ng as a sym pathetic go-between fo r his sm itten,

town of Dortm und, Ecki ca nvasses local bars, parks,

shared with us by three stri king refugees (Kenyan, Pak­

older boyfri end. But she is not without her own needs.

and leather clubs, getti ng an education in the many

i stani, and Brazilian) living in San Fra ncisco. After a

To Gui llaume's horror, she hires a handsome young stu­

rai n bow colors of gay life, and forming a diverse team in

lifetime of fear, guarding the life-threate n i ng secret of

dent, Maxi me, to act as her part-ti me housekeeper,

the process - including a drop- dead gorgeous n u rse,

their homosexuality in the cou ntries of their birth, they

confidante, and lunch companion. Petu la ntly ins isti ng

Sven (David Rott) , who is happy to play doctor with this

have been granted a safe haven. Movi ngly, they help us

that Regi ne is too trusting, Guillaume is actua lly jealous

new boy in town.

to understand both the price of their new freedom and

to see another you ng man enjoying his grand mother's

A grizzled, one-time soccer champion agrees to

its i nfin ite value.

friendship. Guillaum e realizes he m ust face crucial tri­

coach the motley (if e nth usiastic) tea m . But as the

GLORIOUSLY FREE dir Ed Sinclair 2004 Cana da 47 m i n video THIS WAY OUT dir Jill Burnett 2004 Canada & France 3 2 min video

als of adu lthood : letting go of the past, and learning to

match approaches, pressures mount for Ecki: can he

a ppreciate the b lessi ngs of now.

face up to his old team, Udo, his family, his hometown, - SHANNON I�ELLEY

GRAND SONS dir l I a n Dura n Cohen 2004 France 84 min 3 5 m m i n French w i t h E n g l i s h subtitles

and Sven, with pride as well as muscle? Bursting with humor, ro ma nce, a n d a cti o n , t � i s charming G e rman morsel will get your blood pou nding to a new, queer beat. - SHANNON KELLEY

GUYS AND BALLS d i r Sherry Horman 2004 Germany 106 min 3 5 m m in Germ a n with English subtitles

CO-PR ESENTED BY Am nesty International USA, OUTfront for LGBT Rights

and the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission


SPONSORED BY Berkelev Chlc.go S.nJu.n Toronlo 2411 MIN'S BATHHOUSI

www.framp.linp.. Orlr :n



Healing Sex

Sund ay June 19 I 6:00 p m I Castro

M onday June 20 I 1 0 :30 pm I Victoria

Fri day June 24 I 1 1 :00 am I Castro

$8 mem bers I $9 general I GYP0 1 9C

$8 mem bers I $9 general I HARD20V

$6 mem bers I $7 general I HEAL24C

GYPO is one fascinating story told from three perspec­

Nadia and Martha are prostitutes in a seedy Greek under­

Staci Haines pairs with Shar Red nour and Jackie Strano

tives. The story of Helen, Pa ul, and Tasha encom passes

world of sex, lies, and corruption. At the ripe old age of 17,

of S. l.R. Productions to offer a video companion to her

the problems and concerns of a working-class couple in

Martha has already developed a drug-fueled passivity

life-changi ng book, A Survivor's Guide to Sex.

England, and how their lives are affected by the arrival

and a masochistic enjoyment of paid sex. Nadia, by con­

HEALING SEX is a revolutionary project mixing docu­

of a young Czech refugee.

trast, has the confidence of someone who views hooking

menta ry- style drama with ed ucation and m i nd/body

Helen and Paul, a married couple in their forties,

as a mere pit stop on the way to the top. She also has the

are struggling to keep it together. Much of their time

lUXUry of being considered boss Manos's best-kept secret.

(somatic) exercises. The film follows a diverse group of ' women and men healing from past sexual abuse. We wit­

between jobs is spent juggling the childcare of their new

Initially maintaining a wary distance from one another,

ness their paths to a more pleasurable and healthy sex life

grandson, while the child's mother, their 1 8-year-old

Nadia seduces Martha one night while both women are

as they struggle to find peace, healing, and real intimacy.

daughter, attends beauty college. Things begin to sh ift

out turni ng tricks. Before long, they become lovers.

Hai nes draws upon her extensive experience as a

One part fantastical, two parts pornographic, HARD­

workshop leader, somatic practitioner, a nd author/edu­

dinner. A refugee from the Czech Republic, Tasha bri ngs

CORE is a tantal izing roller-coaster ride through Nadia

cator to guide the cast and us, the viewers, toward the

out the xenophobe in Pa ul, who insults her over di nner,

and Martha's tu multuous relationsh ip, which appears

sex life we deserve. This movie teaches us both how to

but inspires the nurtu rer in Helen. As Helen becomes

doomed from the start. Although they move in together,

work out the normal, post-tra umatic survival reactions

closer and closer to Tasha, she begins to see her own life

their profession, ongoing side relationships with fellow

-fright, flight, and freeze-that may affect our ongoing

cha nge, and a possibility for a new future.

after their daughter brings home a new friend, Tasha, for

male prostitutes Argyris and Miltos, and Nadia's mani­

sexual relationships, and walks us step by step through

GYPO blends a dense emotional landscape with

pu lative search for fa me all combine to undermine thei r

a hol istic approach to hea l i ng. H EALI NG SEX shows

the joy and drama that hope and new relationships can

blossoming love. But their real downfa ll comes when

bring to a life. Brea king n ew ground, GYPO is the first

Nadia realizes she can have it all at the price of every­

us how to be present duri ng sex, how to experience pl easure and safety at the same ti me, how to re-Iearn

feature from the UK to follow the rules of Dogme95.

one in her life, particularly boss Manos and lover Argyris,

boundaries, consent, and mutual connection, and how

A l O- point man ifesto outlining a new way of making

and thi ngs take a decidedly violent turn.

to defi ne our sexua l pleasure based upon what we enjoy and desire, not on our past hurt.

films, intended to bring them back to pu rity of story­

Gritty, intoxicating, un denia bly mesmerizing (it's

telling and to strip away the decadence of Hol lywood,

particularly hard to keep your eyes off lead actresses

In addition to being a writer and healer, Hai nes

Dogme95 calls for films to be shot on real locations

Katerina Tsava lou as Martha and Danai Skiadi as Nadia),

is the founder and executive director of the nonprofit

with hand-held cameras and no added sound, lighting,

HARDCORE, with its never-ending eruption of sexual and

organization Generation Five, which seeks to end child

or musical effects. The result here is a wi ndow into a

literal violence, proves to be just that.

sexual abuse within five generations.

HARD CORE dir Dennis lIiadis 2004 Greece 96 min 35mm in Greek with English subtitles


gri pping story that will have you riveted long after the fi lm has fi nished. - CINDY M. EMCH GYPO

dir Shar Rednour 2004 USA 120 min video

Eligible for the Levi'sO> First Feature Award

dir Jan Dunn 2005 U K 100 min 35mm

Eligible for the Levi's® First Feature Award

C O - P R ES E N T E D B Y


Joie deVivl'e

H O S P I T A L I T Y·

38 san francisco international lgbt film festival

Lyon-Martin Women's Health Services

H eroes and Gay Nazis Manner Heiden und Schwule Nazis Thursday June 23 I 3:30 pm I Castro $6 members I $7 general I HER023C

I Wanna Be Sedated

Is It Rea l ly So Stra nge?

Saturday June 18 I 1 0 : 15 pm I Roxie

Thursday J u ne 23 I 8: 15 pm I Victoria

$8 members I $9 genera l I IWAN 18R

$8 members I $9 genera l I ISIT23V

Queer punks and poseurs alike will get their kicks from

The Queen is dead. Long live Morrissey!

HEROES AND GAY NAZIS documents the personal histo­

this truly fun and edgy col lection of punk-influenced

ries of fou r gay men in present-day Germany who are, or


As the foppish, sexually ambiguous, brilliant singer/ songwriter of 80s music legends The Smiths, Morrissey brought intelligence, wit, and mystery to pop tunes still

have been, engaged in right-wing political parties. It also

In a reckless search for her father, Henry and her

takes a look backward in time at gay mem bers of Hitler's

best friend Twiggy set out on a nighttime odyssey from

un matched in their abil ity to make grown men cry. In

SS. That gay people, historically persecuted for their sex­

sin to redemption in SAINT H EN RY. DAMAGE tells the

this intimate documentary, the myth of M ozz reaches

uality, can indeed be right-wing extremists in the best

ta l e of an awkwa rd freshman who finds hope in the

new heights of hysteria among an initially surprising

case, and masterminds of the Holocaust in the worst, is

most unlikely of places, even a m idst the cruelty and

fan base: Latino youths in East Los Angeles who have

the difficult but awful truth the film brings to light.

chaos of suburban high school l ife. Local band Boyskout

latched onto Morrissey as a savior du ring his recent

Chilling testi monies are intertwi ned with interviews

become cowboys in their mu sic video JESSE JAM ES.

years as a solo artist. Ta king filmmaker William E. Jones

by left-lean ing journalists and intellectuals who have fol­

In HOW FLUTIERING, snake meets snake meets butterfly

into bedroom shrines replete with wall-to-wall Morrissey

lowed fascism's course through German history and who

in a Super-8 frolic with animated flourishes.

posters, these articulate aco lytes discuss their idol's

have taken a particular interest in fascism's gay sympa­

STR I P MALL GLASS is a rockin' music video from

iconic status as flam boyant outsider, rebell ious dandy,

thizers. Theories on Hitler's own sexuality abound, and we get a keen look at the life of famed neo-Nazi Michael

the local band Veronica Lipgloss and the Evil Eyes. In s ho rt bu rsts of emotion, boxi ng, and self-pleasure,

heard a Morrissey song, as momentous an occasion as

Kuhnen, who died of AI DS in the late 1 980s. Portraying

JERKING is a moving portrait of one dyke's inner strug­

losing their virginity.

the men as humans rather than monsters, veteran film­

gle with gender. LIQU I D LU NCH is a surrealist, night­

Sunny L.A. might seem the polar opposite of Morris­

maker Rosa von Praunheim conveys their deeply contra­

marish view on a capitalist fast-food society that pits

sey 's native Manchester, yet these fans easily connect to

b u s i ne s s m e n in s e a rc h of a l u n c h h o u r "q u i c k i e "

the pop provocateur, himself now living in a Hollywood

against a p u n k rock domi natrix.

mansion and espied driving around town in a convertible

dictory lives in a refreshingly unbiased way. Von Praunheim's A LIFE IN VAIN-WALTER SCHWARZE

and lovelorn heartthrob, and recall the first time they

is about a gay man during World War II who, for his crime


of loving men, was sent to the Sachsen hausen concentra­

you through a twisted, campy work ripe with deceit, sex,

leather runs smooth, as all Smiths fans know) . Inter­

tion camp. Schwarze recounts the experience suffered by

car chases, and rock and roll. It's a race between the

views with members of tri bute band The Sweet and

hundreds of thousands of gay men.

Mohawks and the Mullets, two q ueer gangs in pursuit of

Tender Hooligans reveal even more about Morrissey 's

Punk Rock Stardom.

enduring appeal among the pompadoured denizens of

- ERIN CULLERTON dir Rosa von P rau nheim 2004 Germany 16 min video in German with Engl ish subtitles HEROES AND GAY NAZIS dir Rosa von Praunheim 2004 Germany 90 min video in German with English subtitles


SAINT HENRY dir Abigail Severance 2004 USA 20 min 35mm DAMAGE dir Allie Sultan 2005 USA 10 min video JESSE JAMES dir Leslie Satterfield 2005 USA 3 min video HOW FLUTTERING dir Ji Sung Kim 2003 USA 5 min video STRIP MALL GLASS dir Justin Kelly 2005 USA 6 min video JERKING dir Val Desjardins 2004 Canada 2 min video LIQUID LUNCH dir Jaimz Barton 2004 Canada 4 min video MALAQUEERCHE: QUEER PUNK ROCK SHOW dirs Devon Devine & Sarah Adorable 2003 USA 26 min video TOTAL R U N N I N G TIME:

with a leather daddy in the passenger seat (where the

the Inland Empire who, as one fan nails it, relate to their Charming Man because "he always sounds sad and depressed and lonely. . . all the good stuff." - STEVEN JENKINS IS IT REALLY SO STRANGE?

dir William E. Jones 2004 USA 80 min


77 min


Mod Lang


www.frameline.org 39

The Journey Sancharram Tu esday June 2 1 I 6:30 pm I Parkway

The J oy of Jewish Film 1 5th An n iversa ry of the Sam Spiegel Film & TV School

$8 members I $9 general I JOUR21P

M onday June 20 I 8: 1 5 pm I Roxie

Friday June 24 I 8:45 pm I Castro

$8 members I $9 general I JOYJ20R

$8 mem bers I $9 general I JOUR24C

TH E JOURNEY is a lyrical and poetic love story about two teens living in rural South India. Kiran and Delilah meet as children when Kiran's family moves back to her mother's ancestral home. Kiran is told by her mother, " Remember, you are descended from warriors." Kiran takes this message to heart and rises to the challenge, defend ing those who are bullied and lending support or a friendly gesture to the troubled or less reputable girls in her school. Her best friend is Delilah, and the two are inseparable. One day, as the young friends are walking home, they meet a fortuneteller who reads their palms. She promises that they will both find true love. Shortly after, the fortuneteller's message comes true for Kiran: roman­ tic feelings blossom for her childhood best friend. Can they keep their relationship and not lose their culture or their famil ies? Chicago fi lmmaker Ligy J. Pul lappally says she cre­ ated the film in part to help lower the number of lesbian suicides i n this pa rticular region of India. By bringi ng insight and compassion to a story of young love, this film shows love as it is: sweet, tender, and ru nning as deep as the ocean, rega rdless of gender. - CINDY M. EMCH d i r Ligy J. Pulla ppally 2004 India 107 min 35mm in Ma layalam with English su btitles


Recipient of the Frameline Film & Video Com pletion Fund

Frameline is proud to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the Sam Spiegel Film & lV School in Jerusalem, one of the world's most prestigious film schools, by screening some of the best contemporary Israeli gay films and videos. In MY U NCLE MARIO, 1 7-year-old Seffi is stuck doing deliveries for his mother's home-based restaurant, until his out gay uncle Mario unexpectedly comes for a visit and brings a breath of sensual air into the house. Maya is unwilling to accept the fact that her relationship with Tamar is over and will do anything to prevent her from leaving the country in WHATEVER IT TAKES. Ron is 22 and still lives with his parents. He leads a nocturnal existence, working at night, chatting on the Internet, and spinning futuristic dreams in OPERATIO N

YY. I n MONO, a young woman tries to find comfort in a dark pub. A DI FFERENT WAR takes place in Jerusalem during the I ntifada. Nuni, a fou rth grade student from the Gilo frontier, is chosen to play King David in the end-of-year school play to be attended by the Israeli Prime Minister;

"That mouth, those eyes - s he makes my heart sink when she says she'll call me and I know she won't." So confesses the lovestruck butch-dyke na rrator of local filmmaker Jenni Olson's extraordinary rumination on the twin impulses of physical yearning and emotional aban­ don in our fog- shrouded city. Voiced i n a throaty purr by Ha rriet " Harry" Dodge, the film's unseen na rrator delves into a fascinating personal history of bewitching ex-gi rl­ friends, Frank Capra movies (seen at the Castro Theatre -where else?), and the dangerous allure of the Golden Gate Bridge. Olson's one-of-a-kind film -a gorgeously pho­ tographed, hypnotically paced sequence of urban land­ sca pes - l i n ks Eros and Thanatos i n an a lternately joyous and despondent dance of desire. Olson's ode to hot nights and cold morni ngs-after doesn't shirk from explicitness with its strap-on studs a nd fits of fisting, yet is equally frank in its sober study of suicide. Olson, having lost a dear friend -beloved Fra meline program­ mer Mark Finch - when he jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge ten years ago, asks why the bridge beckons depressives and what can be done to prevent thei r final

yet, deep down, he longs to play the role of the Pri ncess. dir Na'ama Zalzman 2003 Israel 18 min 1 6 m m M O N O dir Ta mar Zinger 2004 Israel 5 min video OPERATION YY dir Oded Lotan 2000 Israel 18 m i n 1 6mm WHATEVER IT TAKES d i r Ad i Ha lfin 2004 Israel 17 min 1 6 m m A DI FFERENT WAR d i r Nadav Gal 2003 Israel 1 5 min 16mm

of a suicide barrier on the Golden Gate.


trict's Board of Directors to reconsider the installation Family ties are tested and strengthened as parents a n d c h i l d ren grapple with sexual identity in SMALL TOWN SECRETS.

All films in Hebrew with English subtitles TOTAL R U N N I N G T I M E :

73 min



40 san fra nc isco international lgbt film festival


LGBT Alliance, Jewish Community Federation

dir Katherine Leggett 2004 USA 8 min video dir Jenni Olson 2005 USA 65 min 1 6 m m


3rd I South Asian Fi lms and Trikone

Rick Osmon

Friday June 1 7 I 1 :00 pm I Castro $6 mem bers I $7 genera l I JOYL17C

fal l . TH E JOY OF LIFE has galvan ized the Bridge Dis­

Eligible for the Levi's"" First Feature Award


The Joy of life


San Francisco Ci nematheque

Just the Two of Us

Kiki & Herb on the Rocks

Saturday June 1 8 I 6:00 pm I Roxie

Wednesday June 22 I 1 0 :30 pm I Castro

$8 members


$9 general

$8 members


I $9 general



The lady in Question is Charles Busch Friday June 1 7 I 3 : 0 0 pm I C astro $6 members

I $7 general


LADY l 7 C

From Boxoffice International Pictures comes the de but

K I K I & H E R B ON T H E R O C KS w e l c o m e s h o m e the

feature from Roger Corman acolyte and feminist exploita­

comed i c ge n i u s of the origi n a l San Fra ncis co-based

tion film pioneer, Barbara Peeters (HUMANOIDS FROM

writer-performer J ustin Bond and pian ist Kenny Mellman.

THE DEEP). Originally released i n 1970 under the title THE

Their well-esta blished collaboration as Kiki DuRane and

Beloved star of stage and screen , Charles Busch (DIE

DARK SIDE OF TOMORROW, th is wildly entertaining dyke­

her partner in mime Herb has become as ubiq u itous on

MOMMY DIE!, Frameli ne27) has channeled a child hood

sploitation rarity tells the story of a pair of lonely house­

the New York performance circuit as a happy-hour sign in

obsession with vintage movies i nto a remarkable and

wives who fall into bed together after seeing a lesbian

the Castro.

sti ll-evolving ca reer. But it was uphill from the begi n­

Saturday June 18 I 6:00 pm I Victoria $8 members I $9 general



couple holding hands at a restaurant on Su nset Boule­

These off-Broadway performers - a sixty- some­

ning. "I was desperate to be a child star, and there was

vard. The slightly butch Den ise (Elizabeth Plumb) fa lls

thing, self-described "boozy chanteusie" and her dole­

no one in my family willing to exploit me, " he recalls with

big-time for her ultra-femme pal Adria (Alisa Courtney).

fu l , piano-playing s idekick-have made a career touring

mock despair.

Life is all peaches and cream for the lovebirds: They go

their act both on and off the stage. Following Ki ki duri ng

Busch's b ig-city Aunt Li l l i a n did, in fact, lend a

horseback riding together, play miniature golf, and go to

her London engagement, director Mike Nicholls takes full

hand. But the actor ultimately made it on his own, forging

the carousel on the Santa Monica Pier (with lots of great

advantage of his exclusive access to capture the irasci­

a reputation as a drag star and playwright in the mid-

location shooting in and around Los Angeles). But when

ble star "off camera . " This fictional creation refuses to

80s with a string of hilarious, no-budget productions i n a

the truly hetero Adria fa lls for the swarthy hack actor Jim

give up the spotlight anywhere she goes.

(John Aprea), Denise is left out in the cold- easy prey for

seedy space in the East Vil lage. This candid show-biz

Kiki and Herb bumble through the streets of Lon­

profile fairly brims with delightful clips of those enthu­

the British sed uctress Mona (El izabeth Knowles), who

don's West End, increasingly despondent after real izing

siastic performa nces of Lesbian Vampires of Sodom,

gets her stoned before trying to defile her on a pool table.

their expected performance ven ue will not be the desired

Psycho Beach Party (long before it was adapted for the

Jim, of course, abandons Adria after being busted by her

Pa lace Theatre, but rather a small boat sitting on th e

silver screen), and The Lady in Question, inviting us to

husband, and the film manages to end on what, for 1975,

Thames. To pacify her d i s i l l u s i o n m e nt, Ki ki is ta ken

share the a ud ience's pleasure at discovering an a rtist

is a definite up-note: the two women walk i nto the sunset

sightseeing. At Big Ben, she quips, "So it's six o'clock.

(and vice versa).

together (crying, but together).

Did I need a clock this big to tell me it's happy hour?" - JENNI OLSON

35mm archival print courtesy of and introduced by LGBT film historian lenni Olson. JUST THE TWO OF US d i rs Jaque



Ba rbara Peeters 1 9 7 5

U S A 82 m i n utes 3 5 m m

Although Busch is revered as a gifted drag per­

Even on a third-rate stage, Kiki delivers the over­

former, THE LADY IN QU ESTI ON reveals how limiting it is

the-top performance that has made her such a revered

to describe his work as camp. His farces, though pitched

beacon of insan ity. Basking in the appreciation of her

over the top, aspire to and ach ieve an emotional i m pact

a udience, she barks, "If I could love, I'd love you a l l ! "

that approaches tragedy. The Tale of. the Allergist 's Wife,

Following a brief moment of silence, thunderous applause

which drew on Busch's chi ldhood memories of his hys­

fills the room.

terical (in both senses) Jewish fa mily and ran for two - JIM NORRENA


dir Mike Nicholls UK 2005 65 min video

years on Broadway, opened another avenue for his limit­ less talent. The lady is just hitting her stride. - MICHAEL FOX


d i rs John Cata n i a


Charles Ignacio USA 2005 93 m i n video


Mad Cat Women's In tern ational F i l m Festival




R�me� Holloway U


A I R WAYS· www.frameline.org 41

Lesbian G randmoth ers From Mars


The Last Day Le Dernier Jour Friday June 24 I 5:00 pm I Victoria $6 mem bers I $7 general I LAST24V

Thursday June 23 I 1 0 :30 pm I Roxie

Saturday June 25 I 1 1 :00 am I Victoria

$8 members I $9 genera l I LEFT23R

$6 members I $7 general I LESB25V

It's no wonder that Concerned Women for America, a


An intoxicating air of past love suffuses this sexy, edgy

conservative group, named Alix Olson one of the ten

this-world story about a down-to-earth lesbian cou ple

d rama about a young man's search for new begi nnings .

most dangerous women in the country. This slamming

who take to the tra i ls, freeways, and back roads of

Simon is a passionate, 18-year-old student of pho­

spoken-word poet and progressive q ueer artist-activist

America to ra lly support for gay marriage. Su pported by

togra phy and film in Paris, still booking his first gallery

has been described as "the patriarchy's worst night­

their fa mily, commu n ity, and circle of friends, life part­

shows. At year's end, he takes a train trip to his family's

mare -a loudmouthed spitfire with a wicked wit and an

ners Carrie and Elisia get on their bicycles and set off

vacation home on an island off the coast of La Rochelle.

elegant way with zi nging the powers that be. "

on the challenging Rain bow Ride Across America, from

Simon bristles with the expectation of a tense homecom­

A year in the making, LEFT LANE serves up a rare

Golden Gate Park in San Francisco to the fi nish line in

ing; his father and sister ri dicule his artistic pursuits, and

view into the life and mind of this revolutionary touring

New York City, accompanied by filmmaker Keith Wilson.

only his mother, trailing her own string of broken dreams,

artist. Film maker and tour manager Samantha Farinella

On their three-month, cross-country adventu re,

shows Simon any real su pport. Furthermore, Simon once

captures the daily grind of living one's politics on the road

Carrie and Elisia encourage people to register to vote and

left a secret love behind in this sleepy community: an

(and in the backyard of Bush cou ntry) with fiery film­

to ask them to discuss the marriage civil rights issue with

older boy and lighthouse-keeper named Mathieu.

ma king that flows with Olson's own una pologetic style.

friends and fami ly. These remarkable women achieve their goal and beyond, as they ride through America's

On the tra i n home, Simon encou nters M a rie, a

A radical and refreshing feminist voice whose cross­

beautiful young wanderer. Warming to Marie's rapt atten­

generational truth speaks to the masses at women's fes­

tions, he brashly takes her home for the holidays. Posing

tivals, aspiring poets on col lege cam puses, and queers

Some of the highlights (and lowlights) include: a

sleepy towns and make some much-needed noise.

as Simon's girlfriend, Marie acts more as his muse: a

fresh out of the closet in high school classrooms, Alix

warm greeting from the mayor of Salt Lake City, Uta h;

free spirit whose nubile beauty guides Simon's Super-8

Olson is a one-woman ideological wrecking crew: "Well, I

an emotional protest outside the office of Colorado

camera on dreamlike wanderi ngs.

don't desire your su perstar badge of bravery/For end uring

Representative Marilyn Musgrave (author of the Federal

modern-day slavery/In your maniacally economically­

Ma rriage Amendment) ; a visit to Matthew Shepa rd's

and into the frame, reigniting the embers of an old love.

driven death trap./Anyway, I'd give the U.S a bad rap,!I'd

Laramie, Wyoming; a counter-protest from Fred Phelps

This encounter between the three young people offers

kiss every fine I raqi dyke on the front line,! Fuck national

and fifty of h is flock in Topeka , Ka nsas; and a bike ride

new challenges and lessons to Simon, whose negotiation

pride,!I'd go to their side-/I prefer cross-national desire

through Manhattan to end the ride before an excited

of family struggles and personal demons brings the story

to crossfire anyway."

crowd and five TV news crews. These inspiri ng grand­

Things heat up when Mathieu walks out of the past

to a jarring and deadly climax. Writer/d irector Rodolphe Marconi lends an exquisite lightness of touch to this film,

LEFT LANE is a dynamic col lision of art and activism highlighting Alix Olson as a force to be reckoned with.

along with a deep appreciation of life's loose ends and ephemeral promises.


dir Samantha Farinella 2004 USA 93 min video

mothers a re fa r from the proverbial rocking chair, and it's a thrill to follow in their feisty footsteps. LESBIAN GRANDMOTHERS FROM MARS

dir Keith Wilson 2005 USA

88 min video

- SHANNON KELLEY THE LAST DAY dir Rodolphe Marconi 2004 France 105 min 35mm in French with English subtitles


42 san fra ncisco international lgbt film festival

Femina Potens

C O - P R E S E N T E D BY

Equal ity California, San Francisco Cha pter

, little man

life In a Box


Saturday June 25 I 5:45 pm I Roxie

Saturday June 1 8 I 1 1 :00 a m I Victoria

Monday J u ne 20 I 6:30 pm I Castro

$8 members I $9 general I LlFE25R

$6 members I $7 general I LlTI18V

$8 members I $9 general I LOGG20C

Have y'all heard of Y'all? Fervent fa ns and the uniniti­

Ni cole Conn, d i rector of CLAIRE OF THE MOON, brings

Director Tim Kirkman returns to his native North Car­

ated alike will be thoroughly cha rmed by this d own­

us a deeply personal account of her fa mily in crisis. Her

olina, where he also made the sati rical documentary

home docume ntary that fo llows the qu eer cou ntry duo

partner Gwen has had a da ughter, and Conn wants to

DEAR JESSE a bout Senator Helms, to weave a tender

on thei r musical travels across America. Taking to the

give the girl a sibling. But Conn can't ca rry a child, so

a n d thought-provoking new d rama about the longing for

road in their styl ish trailer home-a comfy yet cram ped

she and Gwen opt for a surrogate. It turns out the surro­

fa mily and the challenges of kee ping one together.

habitat that serves as inspiration for the titu lar tu n e ­

ga�e isn't able to carry a pregnancy to term, either.

Three stories, all centered a round Mother's Day,

Steven Cheslik-DeMeyer and James Dean J a y Byrd are

Gwen a n d Conn lea rn at the ultrasound that the

intertwine to tell a singu lar tale a bout how strong the

more than a decade into their curious career, sti ll wait­

fetus i s seriously l aggi ng d ev e l o p m e nta l ly. Doctors

human heart can be, if we let it. Ta ll and world-weary,

ing for the elusive big break that will turn these travel­

strongly advise an a bortio n . Gwen agrees, b ut Conn

Ki p Pard u e plays a you ng gay d rifter; tending to the

ing h i l l billy troubadours into full-fledged stars.

can't bring herself to abort her child. Soon, the doctors

enda ngered loggerhead turtl es on the North Carolina

Out, proud, and prodigiously talented, Steven (in

must perform an emergency C- section. N i cholas enters

shore, he finds a kind smile and a bit of solace in a local

overalls) and Jay (in a l ucky green dress) strum their

the world 100 days early, weigh i ng less than a pound.

motel manager, played by the h u n ky M ichael Kelly. In

gu itars, toot th eir kazoos, and harmonize sweetly on

His cha nces for survival are less than one percent.

the second story, Bon nie Hunt gives a stirring dra m atic

" Fan cy Pants," "Okey Dokey Christmas," " We're Sti l l

But Conn can't give up on her " l ittle man." She

performance as a Southern woman approaching m iddle

Poor a n d We're Sti ll H a ppy, " a n d other shoulda-been

spends days and nights beside his tiny i ncu bator. She

age but sti ll lost in the worl d , who returns to her home­

hits, but happin ess ebbs as endless highway mi les and

believes agai nst all odds that her baby will survive and

town and a d o m i neering m other, pl ayed by M i chael

show-biz ind ifference take their tol l. Enter Roger, a fellow

have a relatively normal l ife. Gwen is, at least at first,

Learned, to search for the son she gave u p for adoption

free s p i rit who tra n sfo rms the dyna m i c d u o i nto a

much more pragmatic.

long ago. Tess Harper is pitch-perfect as the tight-lipped

roma ntic threesome. Frisky bedfellows don't necessar­

Even Conn begi ns to q u estion herself when tiny

wife of a conservative, small-town preacher, who must

ily make simpatico band mates, however, and Roger's

N icholas must be resuscitated for the second time. But

decide whether to break with both her husband and the

lack of rhythm (he can't qu ite shake the can of bea ns

by then, the decision has been made to keep him al ive,

church to do right by her son.

on beat) calls Y'all's future into q uestion.

and it's imposs ible to know if he suffers.

A mature a n d necessary d rama, LO GGER H EADS

With catchy tunes, folksy humor, and un expected

When Nicholas fi nally leaves the hospital, he looks

bea utifu lly dep icts the l ives of conservative (with a

emotional resonance (triggered in part by one very loyal

l ike a normal baby, sed ucing the viewer into bel ievi ng

small "c") cha racters who, after society has pushed

dog) , L I F E IN A BOX resonates l i ke the best cou ntry

he will be a normal child. But problems conti nue, and

them in the wrong d i rection, a re ulti mately driven by

mu sic, a cross between Hank Wi lliams and Minnie Pearl.

the fi l m follows him u ntil he turns two. His parents have

their hearts and souls to deal with the repercussions


to negotiate a truce a bout how to care for him and come

of thei r past actions and make thi ngs right aga i n , no

to terms with the uncertainty his future holds.

matter how difficult.

LIFE IN A BOX dir Steven Cheslik-OeMeyer 2005 USA 9 2 min video

- CAMERON scon

little man dir Nicole Con n 2005 USA 1 12 m i n video


S a n Fra ncisco LGBT Com munity Center

- COREY EUBANKS LOGGERHEADS dir Ti m Kirkman 2005 USA 90 min 3 5 m m


www.frameline. org 43

My Broth er Nikhil

Luc k Be a Lady Saturday June 25 I 7:45 pm

I Roxie

Sunday J u n e 1 9 I 3: 1 5 pm

My Hustler I Castro

Tu esday J u n e 2 1 I 1 0 : 0 0 pm I Roxie

$8 members I $9 general I LUCK25R

$6 members I $7 general I MYBR 1 9C

$8 members I $9 general I MYHU21R

In YO U ' RE STI LL YO U N G, the life of a despondent and

Tuesday June 21 I 9:1 5 pm I Parkway

Thursday June 23 I 11 :00 a m I C astro

$8 mem bers I $9 general I MYBR21P

$6 mem bers I $7 general I MYHU23C

The must- see movie of 2005 from In dia's booming film

With a pologies to Andy Warhol, we present a col lection

sex u a l ly confused 1 6 -yea r-old is a ltered when she meets a stranger who knows too much about her. On a weekend getaway in the Californi a desert, Les lie a n d

industry is no song-and-da nce-fi lled, wet-sari extrava­

of shorts exploring the compli cated, exotic, a n d often

h e r girlfriend r u n into a fri end from h o m e , a n d a new

ga nza. It does have hu nky swi m mers in wet Speedos,

fulfi lling lives of those who provide sex for pay.

adventure begi ns in D ESERT MOTEL. Sex with a stra nger a b road leads an Ameri c a n w o m a n t o d i scover the t r u e me a n i ng o f beauty i n

but MY B ROTH ER N I KH I L is really making waves as the

The program opens with MY HUSTLER BOYFRIEN D,

first Hindi movie to take on the twin taboos of homosex­

a poetic tale of how a h ustli ng couple spend their day,

uality and H IV.

selling drugs, doing sex work, and looking fa bulous. Set aga i n st a background of lost love a n d fa llen friends,

EVERYTHING GOOD. On the eve o f h e r parents' anniver­

Nikhil (Sanjay Su ri) has it all - he's a champion

sary, a qu eer Arab girl gives and gets some advice from

�wi mmer with a storybook ha ppy family - u ntil a rou­

LICKING O U R WOU N DS finds Maria honori ng her friend

her father in ANN IVERSARY.

tine blood test comes back positive for HIV. It's the late

Pete r's last wish in an unusual act of fri endship and

Looking back on Super-8 images, a woman recalls

80s, and AIDS panic is ra m pant. The cops qu aranti ne

grace, reminding us of the courage, h u mor, and tenacity of love in the face of death.

her relationship with her mother in YOU WASH MY SKIN

h i m , fa mily and friends shun him, an d panicked swi m­

WITH SUNSHI N E. STAN DING U P te lls the story of Kate, a

me rs flee the pool when he dives in. But he has unwa­

In ROOM SERVICE, Ethan rents the "services" of

young punk, who is befriended by Dorothy, an eccentric

vering support from his sister, Anamika (Bol lywood star

Stone, 90s TV-actor-tu rned-escort and the object of his

older woman, at a surreal Texas bus stop. In this unlikely

Juhi Chawla) , and his boyfriend, Nigel (Purab Ko hli).

pairi ng, expectations and ide ntity are qu estioned.

Shorn of caricature, Nigel and Nikhil's relati onship

adolescent d reams, and discovers that child hood fa n­ tasies can be more satisfying than a d u lt rea l ities. In

Lucy meets her internet boyfriend for the first ti me

is a landmark in I n dian fi lm. Unambiguously gay, with

GO LD, Jay is a 20-year-old street h u stler being sup­

and is in for a shock in TWO BRADS AND A FU N KY GIRL.

even a cute pick-up scene, it conveys everything with­

ported by Calvi n, a 70-year-old artist who is going bl ind;

I n the excelle ntly prod uced TRACKS, Frizzy i n h erits a

out ever usi ng the word "gay. "

Calvin d i ctates precise i nstructions to Jay i n o rder to

junker from her dad which gives her clues to a puzzle about the person she wants to forget.

Tha nks to an i m passi oned and sen sitive scri pt,

complete the painting in his head in this mutual quest

Onir's debut fi l m is a poign ant story about fam ily, the

for sa lvation . The program concludes with MYO PIA, in

pressure to conform, love , loss, and forgive ness. U lti ­

which we find married man David struggl ing to remain

EVERYTH ING GOOD dir Elizabeth McCarthy 2004 USA 17 min 16mm

mately, the fi l m is less about HIV and more a bout how

faithful in his relationship of many years, unti l the day

DESERT MOTEL dir Liza Johnson 2005 USA 12 min 3 5 m m ANNIVER­

his struggle for dign ity helps Nikhil become whole.

his desire leads him on a life-changing journey deep into

YOU'RE STILL YOUNG d i r Barbara Green 2004 USA 11 min video

SARY dir Shamiran Samano 2005 USA 14 min video you wash my

skin with sunshine dir Kathleen Mullen 2005 Canada 6 min video

I n a co untry where mobs once ransacked theaters

STANDING U P d i r Jennifer Garrison 2004 USA 7 min video TWO

sh owing the lesbia n-themed fi l m FIRE, MY B ROTH ER

BRADS AND A FUNKY GIRL dir Michelle Ho 2005 UK 3 min video

N I KH I L has ach ieved noth i ng short of a qu iet revolution.

TRACKS dir C.C. Webster 2005 USA 22 min video TOTAL R U N N I N G T I M E :


92 m i n MY BROTHER N I KHIL d i r Onir 2005 India 120 min 35mm in Hindi

with English su btitles

3rd I South Asi an Films a nd TrillOne



(!/V1dU-fc & O,'I'l1.:Y 4 4 s a n francisco internati onal lgbt film festival

MY HUSTLER BOYFR IEND dir Peter Pizzi 2005 USA 4 min video LICK­ ING OUR WOUNDS dir Wendy Dallas 2005 USA 16 min video ROOM SERVICE dir Da niel Reitz 2004 USA 20 min video GOLD dir Armen

Kazazian 2005 Canada 16 min 35mm MYOPIA dir Mark Alan Dashnaw 2005 USA 29 min video TOTAL R U N N I N G TIME:

Eligible for the Levi's® First Feature Award

C O - P R E S E N T E D BY

the woods.

85 min

Thursday June 16 I 1 0:30 pm I C astro $8 members I

$9 general

N ight C orridor Yao Ye Hui Lang

Ned Rorem: Word & Music

My Summer of Love I MYSU 16C

Su nday J u n e 19 I 1 1 :00 a m I Victoria

$6 members


$7 general


Fri day June 17 I 1 0:3 0 pm I C astro

The intense, fleeting re lation ship between two lonely

Among American com posers, Ned Rorem has b u i lt a

teenage girls is a rtfully captu red in MY S U M M ER OF

uniqu ely distinguished legacy in music. Deemed by

LOVE, a fairytale-like th ird feature from award-wi nning

magazine "the lead ing American composer of art songs,"


$8 members I

$ 9 general


Tuesday June 21 I 4: 1 5 p m I Castro

$6 mem bers


$ 7 general


Rorem, unlike his forebears Leonard Bernstein and Aaron

NI GHT CORRIDOR is an expressionistic Hong Kong horror

Mona is a 1 6-year-old worki ng- class gi rl from a

Copland, has been openly gay throughout his life. His pub­

film with a devilish queer twist. In the fi lm, produced by

s m a l l Yorks h i re town who li ves with her born -aga i n

li shed diaries span ning from the 1 940s to the present

Frameline Award winner Stanley Kwan, Sam is a Chi nese

d i rector Pawel Pawlikowski.

brother. Mona's lively spi rit i s ta pped into by Ta msin, a

recount not only a wh irlwind life of artistic triumph and

ph otographer living in London. On the eve of his gall ery

cultu red, middle -class girl home from boarding school

glamour among the artistic circles of Paris and New Yo rk,

debut, he receives a frantic call from Hong Kong that his

for the summer. They meet by chance one d ay in a field.

but one in which sexua lity, unencumbered by secrecy,

twin brother is dead, luring Sam to descend again into

Ta msin is tragi c, fantasti cal, a n d more worldly than

has informed and supported a distinctive and celebrated

the hell he once esca ped.

Mona. She quotes N ietzsche and mopes mournfu lly to

artistic vision. Am idst entrancing performances of his

Back home, Sam's mother, a boozy and faded night­

Edith Piaf. The two circle each other, first in an awkward

music, Rorem takes the viewer on a similarly privi leged

c l u b si nger, has m a rried a brute, a n d secrets swirl

but enthusi astic friendship, then in a more obsessional

ride through the twentieth century in this engrossing doc­

a round the circumstances of his brother's death. When

relatio nship to which Mona's brother objects.

umentary by James Dowell and John Kolomvakis.

Sam finds out that his mother is conspiring with Father

Mona's reactions are curious but ge nu ine; Ta msin

The composer recounts his boyhood, his long resi­

seems as if she might be pl ayi n g a summer hol i d ay

dency in Paris as a beautiful and highly sought-after stu­

ga me, which she can stop when ever she l i kes. They

dent of mu sic and life, and his later friendships with

Enter Mr. Lu k, the kindly night watchman at the

become in separa ble and create a world where no one

Bernstein, Copland, and other lumi naries who sponsored

library, who welcomes Sam and helps him discover that

else is welcome. Tamsin reveals details a bout her fam­

and inspired his career. Rorem hi mself is sketched in

his brother was inexp licably torn to pieces by wild mon­ keys. As the mystery deepens, Sam discovers that Father

Chan, the Cath olic priest who had his way with both Sam and his brother, he sets out to fi nd the truth.

ily while Mona's brother takes his religious convicti ons

on screen i nterviews with w riters Pa u l Bowles a n d

to extre mes. As the pair's togetherness teeters on the

Ed m u n d Wh ite , poet A l l e n G i n s berg, a n d playwright

Chan is being blackmailed by Vincent, a radio star that

edge, a tragic resolution seems inevitable.

Edward Albee, as well as his lover of many years, Ja mes

Sam has lusted after for years, and that Vincent may in

Hol mes, who succu mbed to AIDS during the making of

fact be the devi l. As thi ngs become much worse, Sam

Pawlikowski weaves a story of the promi se of ado­ lescent love without the nostalgi a. Tha nks to beautifu l cinematography, outsta n d i ng performances, and the

this documentary.

begins to question his own sanity. Is Sam ju st a guy gone

Sti l l vibrant and working in his eighti es, Rorem

crazy because of his repressed homosexual ity, or could

te nder fasci nation between the girls, the film seems to

offers more than an a rtistic legacy or a walk through

say to us that first love is an al most re ligio us experi ence

corridors of fame. He uniq uely straddles two monumen­

With a dose of David Lynch -even a missing ea r! ­

to be revered and celebrated.

tal identities: the gay a rtist of refi nement and accom­ plis h ment, and the proud, pioneeri ng gay man whose life

and a lot of Catholic guilt, N IGHT �ORRIDOR is a night­


MY SUMMER OF LOVE dir Pawel Pawlikowski 2004 UK 86 min 35mm

Continental Airlines

marish thri ller for queer fans of Hong King cinema.

is an open and glorious book.


NED RD REM: WORD & MUSIC d i rs James Dowell & John Kolomvakis 2004 USA 80 min video


there truly be an ancient evil controlli ng his life?

NI GHT CORRID OR dir Julian Lee 2004 Hong Kong 74 min 35mm in Cantonese with English subtitles Eligi ble for the Levi's� First Feature Award S P O N S O R E D BY

www.frameline.orl! 45

Off the Hook

Night Scene Ye Jing

F rid ay June 1 7 I 1 0 : 15 pm

Saturday Jun e 25 I 1 0 :00 pm I Rox ie

$8 members I $9 genera l I OFF17R

$8 members I $9 genera l I NIGS25R

I Rox ie

All the performers in this selection of shorts are "off the hook. "

Being a proponent of ho mo sexual rights , Cui Zi'en's

In BACK TO BED, the i ncred ible hotties from San

predi lection for boys often returns i n his work. N IGHT

Original Pride: The Satyrs Motorcycle C lub Tu esday June 2 1 I 8:00 pm I Rox ie $8 members I $9 general I ORIG2 1R

W ednesday June 22 I 1 1 :30 a m I Castro $6 members I $7 general I ORIG22C

SCENE is a film about one of the biggest taboos in con­

Fra ncisco's post-punk, synth-pop rock quartet Boysk­

Arguably the oldest conti nuously operating gay organi­

tem porary China : male street prostitution. It is a unique

out take you on a playful romp in the hay. IN BED WITH

zation in the cou ntry, the Los Angeles-based Satyrs cel­ ebrated their 50th ann iversary last year. I n spired in part

portrait of a twilight world i n parks and clubs that veers

FAIRY BUTCH is a work-in-progress documentary about

between docum entary and fiction. Cui filmed real gigo­

the dynamic Karlyn Lotney, aka Fairy Butch, a San Fran­

by B rando's leather-clad rebel in THE WILD ONE, the

los and actors who play gay prostitutes, without detail­

c isco celeb rity in the LGBT co mmun ity and beyond who

founding mem bers shared a passion for bikes and the

ing p recisely who rea l ly is and who isn't. There is no

runs a monthly erotic cabaret that includes drag kings

open road. They also loved men, naturally, and sought

strict di stinction between homosexuals and prostitutes,

and dancing all night. Local electronic powerhouse "hey

places where they could social ize and screw in freedom

nor is there any moral verdict. Cui has however made

willpower" da nce their asses off in th eir new music

outside the ju risdiction of the lawless L.A. cops.

a n ambiguous, layered film, just as boundless as the


Camaraderie was the Satyrs'

raison d'etre , a n d

l ives of male prostitutes in China. There is also a grip­

HIP H O P HOMOS exp lores the struggles of two

they excelled at i t . Film maker a n d cu rrent c l u b presi ­

ping storyl ine about the boy Ya ngyang, who happens to

openly gay rap artists. Based out of Los Angeles, Joe

d e n t Scott B loom elicits a wealth o f colorful recollec­

find out that his father is gay. He sets out to investigate

" Deadlee" Lee strives to become a role model for gay

tions, from bonding over beers with Hell's Angel Sonny

his father's hidden past and confronts his secret part­

youth while coping with his partner's HIV-positive sta­

Barger (who knew something about being branded by

ner Xiaoyong in the process . At the same time, in all this

tus. 'I n Madis on, Wiscon s i n , Al icia "God-des" Sm ith

the press and targeted by the law) to orgies in the wild.

confusion, Ya ngyang is su rprised to find himself al so

considers moving to New Yo rk i n hopes of generating a

The Satyrs organized regu lar rides to Pa lm Spri ngs and

fa ll ing i n love with a boy, Haobin. But his world fa lls

buzz about her music.

San Fra ncisco, but noth ing topped the a n n u a l run to

apart when , after s o m e time, he finds out what his

H ELLA HOS ce nters on Kata strophe (aka Rocco

friend really does for a livi ng. Some actors approached

Kayiatos), a hot, FTM emo-hop M C who has rocked the

by Cui did not dare play the role of gay prostitutes, and

m i c , charmed the ladies, and ed ucated the ma sses

A delectable array of snapshots and home movies

some gay prostitutes did n't want to be fi lmed. It is the

around the world. KARMA follows the tirelessly vibrant

illustrates the oral h istory, and forms a moving me mo­

d i rector's great ach ievement that he records a worl d

N afis as she promotes and e mcees San Fra ncisco's

rial to the club members lost to AI DS. An ode to true

that is hard to capture on video: "We are nothing. We

fa bulous Ka rma, the cabaret buffet of qu eer and trans­

friendship and the joy of ridi ng, ORIGINAL PRIDE mod­

have nothing. We are a tragic generation ."

gender performers.

estly down plays the Satyrs' role in eroding stereotypes

- INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL ROTIERDAM NIGHT SCENE dir Cui Zi'en 2004 China 75 min video in Ma ndarin with English su btitles

' BACK TO BED dir Leslie Satterfield 2003 USA 3 min video IN BED WITH FAIRY BUTCH: THE DOCUMENTARY (TRAILER) dirs Kat Bachert & Rachel Herbert 2005 USA 8 min video D O UBLE FANTASY II dir J usti n Kelly 2004 USA 6 min video HIP HOP HOMOS dir Dave O'Brien 2004 USA 26 min video HElLA HOS dir Ricky Lee 2003 USA 6 min video KARMA dir Michael LaRocco 2005 USA 30 min video TOTAL RUNNING T I M E :


46 san francisco i nternational lgbt film festival

79 min

Queer Cultural Center

Badger Flat in the Sierras, a decadent Bohem ian Grove­ like retreat where leathermen let loose.

and furthering gay li beration. JUST FOR LEATHER, an erotic and amusing vignette, reveals the allure that a leather bar holds for a novice. - MICHAEL FOX JUST FOR LEATHER dir Lawrence Ferrara 2004 USA 5 m i n video ORIGINAL PRIDE: THE SATYRS MOTORCYCLE CLUB dir Scott Bloom 2005 USA 56 min video


Paris is Burning / Wh o's the Top? Thursday June 23 I 6:00 pm I Victoria $8 members I $9 general I PARI23V

It rarely happens, but when it does, it's unforgettable.

Passion of Words Tu rning Into Action: A Black Deaf Filmmaker's Journey Saturday June 1 8 I 1 1 :00 am I Roxie $6 mem bers I $7 general I PASS 18R

has a transcendent experience. It's the Castro Theatre,

New York filmmaker Jade comes to the Festival with this

first time on the big screen. As Jennie Livingston's fi lm ends, the silence is thu nderous; then everyone sta nds, and the roar is deafening. Emotionally profound, PARIS I S BURNING took us into Harlem ballrooms to meet marginalized black and Hispanic queers who empowered themselves and made history. Long before Madonna vogued, the house moth­ ers and their children, all too often spat upon on the street, paraded , danced, and com peted in drag balls and achieved "realness." The balls were scrappy, life­ affirming dreams come true. PARIS IS BURNING gives an intimate connection with people who transform their vulnerability into personal strength. The film exploded inside us and became a box-office hit. Fifteen years later, PARIS IS BURNING is fi nally being released on DVD. The late Dorian, Pepper, Angie, Kim, and Venus live on. They would particularly love Jennie's spanking hot new musical, WHO'S THE TOP?, that's sure to put spice i nto everyone's lives. Funny, smart, and sexy, the film tells the story of Alixe, who longs for some kink, and finds herself being choreographed and all tied u p by Shelly Mars, Steve Buscemi, Reno, and dozens of Busby Berkeley da ncers.

revolutionary autobiographical documentary, a poignant exploration of her life and work as the only known black and deaf gay filmmaker at work today. We follow her struggles, triumphs, and setbacks as she negotiates the difficulties of a hearing film industry that doesn't see a space for her. In PASSION OF WORDS T U R N I N G I NTO ACTION: A BLACK DEAF FI LM MAKER' S J O U R N EY, we see Jade moving through the world, always on her own terms. Determined to power through, create art, and make a dif­ ference, Jade founded DeaNision Filmworks, Inc. in 1991 to help deaf and hard-of-hearing filmmakers of color to develop stories which would otherwise be overlooked, ignored, or suppressed by the media gatekeepers. She hopes this film can be used as a teaching tool for all aspiring filmmakers. I nclud ing samples of her early films, col labora­ tions, interviews, and excerpts from her upcoming proj­ ects, this inspirational fil m shows how Jade's passion for life fuels her art. This film is subtitled and accessible to people of all hearing abilities. American Sign Language interpreters will be provided at this screening. - cHARLom GUTIERREZ PASSION O F WORDS TU R N I N G I NTO ACTION: A BLACK DEAF FI LM­

dir Jennie Livingston 2005 USA 22 m i n 35mm P A R I S IS B U R N I N G dir Jennie Livingston 1 990 USA 7 1 min 35mm


dir Jade 2005 USA 1 1 7 min video in English with

English su btitles


$8 mem bers I $9 genera l I PEAC 19C

takes the stage at the Castro Theatre to bring us the thrilling finale in her "Tran-ilogy of Terror" series, WHAT­ EVER HAPPENED TO PEACHES CHRIST?, the final chap­ ter in the hilariously horrific saga chronicling the real-life misadventures of Peaches and pals. Tonight we screen the entire trilogy, including past Festival hits SEASON OF THE TROLL and A NIGHTMARE ON CASTRO STREET. All of the fi l ms a re written and di rected by Ms. Christ's alter-ego, Joshua Grannell . ln addition to tonight's over-the-top drag horror trilogy, we present Joshua's short film version of his "gore comedy " GRIN DHOUSE. The wickedly funny story about a cult filmmaker's criminal rise to fame is currently being developed as a feature film to be shot in the Bay Area. Peaches will appear onstage to introduce the shorts and is thrilled to be joined by celebrity co-stars Heklina and Squeaky Blonde. All of the ladies play themselves in the "Tran-ilogy of Terror" and have agreed to share stories about the making of the fi lms, scandalous on-set gossip, and embarrassing blooper bits . Loca l GRIND­ HOUSE co-stars Ti mmy Spence and Vinsantos a lso appear onstage tonight and promise to share their own ta les. Be sure to stay for the post-show Q&A! dir Joshua Grannell 2001 USA 15 min video dir Joshua Grannell 2002 USA 16 min video WHATEVER HAPPENED TO PEACHES CHR IST? dir Joshua Grannell 2004 USA 18 min video G R I N D H O USE dir Joshua Gra nnell 2003 USA 15 min video SEASON O F THE TROLL


Sunday June 1 9 I 1 0 : 1 5 pm I Castro

Local i mpresario and drag superstar Pea ches Christ

You're in a dark theatre and everyone in the audience 1990, at Frameline 14, and PARI S IS BURNING-for the

Peaches C h rist at the Castro and Her Tra n-ilogy of Terror



The Deaf Gay & Lesbian Center


120 min


92?fm the beat of the bay

www.frameline.org 47

Poster Boy

Producing Adu lts

Pups and Ponies

Sunday June 1 9 I 5:30 pm I Victoria

Friday June 1 7 I 6:00 pm I Castro

Sunday J u n e 1 9 I 1 0: 1 5 pm I Roxie

$8 mem bers I $9 general I POSTl9V

$8 members I $9 general I PROD 17C

$8 mem bers I $9 general I PUPS19R

College is a mixed-up time for a lot of queer youth. It's

Venia is a fertility counselor for young couples looking to

The Festival always provides wide-ranging, provocative

eve n harder when your dad is an ultra-conservative

co nceive. She's been with her boyfriend, Antero, for

documentaries. BORN IN A BARN has it a l i - sado­

senator from North Carolina running for reelection. And

over 17 years, and supported him in his Olympic ambi­

masochistic role-playing, barebacking, whipping, leather

it's even worse when he's coming to your college to lead

tions, putting off her own d rea ms of family -until one

and bondage, and public humiliation. Yet despite all that,

a rally, and he expects you to be the poster boy for young

night when the condom breaks, and Venia suddenly

it's j ust a ride into the playful and nurturing fetish world

Republicans and introduce him to the youth of America.

real izes that she wants children now.

of pony-play -a distinct role-playing activity wherein

Henry Kray, the Senator's son, is an aimless a nd

But Antero, who's afraid of parenthood and th inks

closeted college guy i n pursuit of nothing more than a

children will ru in h is Olym pic chances, goes to obscene

q uick one-night stand. Henry has one fling too many,

lengths of deception to avoid conception.' Afraid of los­

Director Elizabeth Elson's captivating documentary

perhaps, when he hooks up with Anthony, a la psed

ing Venia, he finally proposes, but the gesture is bitter­

cracks the whip on the human-pony fetish community,

queer activist who fa lls for him and sees the explosive

sweet, si nce he spikes her celebratory drink with an

highlighting the personal eroticism that might otherwise

"riders" and " horses" act out yet another variation of the age-old top-or-bottom dilemma.

political potential in the situation. With a Chappaq uid­

emergency contraceptive. Frustrated and hurt, Ve nia

be seen as mere (or is that mare?) horsing around. The

dick twist and a Stepford makeover, POSTER BOY takes

tu rns to a sympathetic co-worker, the bisexual doctor

inherent power exchange between equus and equestrian

its characters, and its thoughts on American pol itics, in

Satu . Sympathy turns to chem istry turns to attraction

is more than a sim ple one-trick pony-it's the glue that

an exciting direction.

and someth ing more, as the two women scheme to get

keeps this feti sh comm unity ga lloping, trotting, and

Venia pregnant.

j u m pi ng hurdles to get back in (or under) the saddle

Matt Newton perfectly captures Henry's conflicted desires, as well as th e anger bubbling just beneath the

An engaging d ramedy, PRODUCING ADULTS was

surface. Karen Allen co-stars as the senator's wife ("his

Finland's official Academy Award submission for Best

rightest wing"), with Jack Noseworthy as Anthony, a sexy

Foreign Language Film of 2004. It takes on the compli­

Perhaps you, too, will be champing at the bit to join I n the unbridled (or in this case bridled) fun , searching

and intelligent foil for Henry's self-destructive habits.

cated games that adults play with sensitivity and humor,

high and low for the closest neighborhood hay bar.

again and again.

Produced by Frameline Award winner Dolly Hall,

giving equal weight to the arguments for and agai nst

Welcome to the second annual International Puppy

POSTER BOY plays out like LADER DAYS for the right

parenthood. In the end, what really matters is honesty

Contest, a leather title contest for human canines and

wing, but also reserves a dose of criticism for those

and the way we treat each other in our relationships.

their masters. Local film maker Antonia Kao's fi l m PUP is

who seek to use Henry as a poster boy for their causes.

Oh, and who gets the girl in the end? Settle in with

the first documentary to i ntroduce puppy play. It's a

This compel ling drama skewers both the left and the

your popcorn, cozy up to your date, and get ready to

warm and affectionate depiction of two out, gay, Christ­

right (well, okay, mostly the right) for playi ng politics

find out.

ian leathermen who, despite being the sole contestants,

with the lives of real people.



dir Zak Tucker 2004 USA 98 min 35mm

Eligible for the Levi's'" First Feature Award

dir Aleksi Sal men pera 2004 Fi nland 100 min 35mm i n Finnish with English subtitles


Eligible for the Levi's'" First Feature Award

m ust - a mong other th ings - submit to a veteri nary exa m. Woof! - JIM NORRENA PUP

dir Antonia I�ao 2005 USA 23 min video dir Elizabeth Elson 2004 USA 51 m i n video





48 san francisco international lgbt film festival



Folsom Street Events


Race You to the Bottom

The Reception

S unday J u n e 1 9 I 1 1 : 0 0 a m I Castro

Friday J u n e 24 I 2:00 p m I Castro

Saturday June 1 8 I 6 : 0 0 pm I Castro

$6 mem bers I $7 general I QUEE19C

$6 members I $7 genera l I RACE24C

$8 members I $9 genera l I R ECE18C

This selection of beautiful and elegantly crafted q ueer animation, i ncluding many award winners, will delight and inspire. In the campy, fantastical SIGMUND FREUD: PRO­ FESSIONAL PSYCHOANALYST, all the patients are well­

Saturday June 2 5 I 6:30 p m I Victoria $8 members I $9 genera l I RACE25V

Director John G. Young, whose PARALLEL SONS won the A u d i e n c e Award for Best Featu re at Fra m e l i n e l 9 ,

Nathan and M aggie a re getting ready for a romantic

returns with a fascinating a n d moving new drama that

weekend of wine tasting in the Napa Valley. M aybe they

continues his exploration of the i ntersections of race,

should have told their boyfriends.

power, and sexuality.

known dolls and pu p pets . I n LISTEN, a da ughter's

Nathan is a young travel writer on assignment, but

coming-out to her mother falls on deaf ears. DREAMING

his real agenda is getting away from his boyfriend for an

estate where Jeannette, a moody French writer, lives

IS FOR MOONRISE depicts the feeli ngs l u rking in the

affair with Maggie, who also has a man of her own back

with Martin, her gay, black best friend, in a comfortable

moonlight. A couple struggle to get back together after

home. After a pit stop, where Nathan quickly seduces the

marriage of sorts. Their serenity is upended when Jean­

being separated by gravity i n FALLI NG. In GRAN NY

h usband of Maggie's old friend, the two settle into the

nette's estranged daughter unexpectedly arrives with

QU EER - THE LATE B LOOM ERS, Gra n n y ' s here a nd

beautiful Napa region. The wine begins to flow, with emo­

her new husband, Andrew, a black law student. After

she's q ueer!

tions, flirtations, jealousy, and more lies flowi ng right

they 've settled i n , Jean nette i nsists on throwi ng an

behind. These two aren't drifting sideways through life,

elaborate reception for the couple.

CHRISTOPHER & GORDY deals with the big issues: ch urch, politics, big business, and ho mosexual ity. JOHN

but zigzagging all over the terrain of each other's heart.

THE RECEPTI O N takes place at the snowy, rural

The situation begins to u n ravel when Jeannette

AND MICHAEL is an elegy to two men with Down's syn­

Cole Williams, who starred as the young pop idol in

drome. Two businessmen-turned-Ieathermen have fun

HARRY AND MAX, gives a strong, confl icted perform­

phobic slurs at him right before a dinner party. Later

together in the lighthearted POWERPLAY. Peter desper­

ance as a young man sti ll driven by h is demons and

that night, Andrew begins to reveal that he may not be

atey hopes size does not matter in LONELY 15. WITH

getting by on his looks and charm . Amber Benson, best

whom he claims to be. He makes a scene and then

WHAT SHALL I WASH is a tribute to all cult homo a rtists

known as Ta ra from TV's " Buffy the Va mpire Slayer,"

sloppily makes a pass at Marti n, who is H IV-positive

of the twentieth century. B I KINI is a musical starring a

gives a beautiful and mature performance as a blos­

and hasn't been in a relationship for nearly 15 years.

young man afraid to come out on a beach in 1 960.

soming young woman held back by j uvenile i mpulses.

From this point o n , You ng del icately begi ns to

With tension and wit, RACE YOU TO THE BOTTOM is a

examine the power exch anges that a re behind every

provocative look at young adults for whom labels mean

relationsh i p - straight .or gay, interracial or not. When


& Jennifer Gilomen 2005 USA 7 min video LISTEN dir Susan Justin 2004 Canada 3 min video DREAMING IS FOR MOONRISE dir Pei Ying Lee 2004 Taiwan 7 min video FALLING dir Petra Rossi 2004 Finland & Wales 4 min video GRANNY QUEER - THE LATE BLOOMERS dir Jacinda Klouwens 2004 Australia 7 min video CHRISTOPHER & GORDY dirs Frank Mosvold & Tom Petter Hansen 2004 Norway 5 min 35mm JOHN AND MICHAEL dir Shira Avni 2005 Canada 11 min 35mm POWERPLAY dir Greg Lawson 2003 Netherlands 4 min 35mm LONELY 15 dirs Frank Mosvold & Tom Petter Hansen 2004 Norway 3 min 35mm WITH WHAT SHALL I WASH dir Maria Trenor 2003 Spain 11 min 35mm BIKINI dir Lasse Persson 2004 Sweden 7 min 35mm TOTAL R U N N I N G T I M E :

69 min

little and the pursuit of love and sex is paramount. THE LAST N I GHT captures the pivotal evening in

drunkenly confronts Marti n , h urling racist and homo­

Martin and Andrew begin to tell each other the truths of their lives, a kind of balance is created, where love may

the lives of Tony and Chloe, who invite a you ng man

be able to take hold. Supported by naturalistic perform­

back to their hotel room. After a most i nti mate eveni ng,

a nces, T H E RECEPTI O N attempts to understand the

innocence is shattered and adulthood lies ahead.

basic forces that can create-or destroy-the relation­

- COREY EUBANKS by Matthieu Guez 2004 Canada 19 min video in English and French with English subtitles RACE YOU TO THE BonOM dir Russell Brown 2004 USA 75 min 35mm

ships we need to survive. - COREY EUBANKS




dir John G. Young 2005 USA 76 min video


www.frameline.org 49

Return of the Anti podeans ­ New Gay Shorts from Austra lia Monday June 20 I 2: 1 5 pm I Castro

$6 mem bers


$7 general


Rugger Buggers Fri day June 24

$6 members


Same Sex America

I 4:3 0 pm I Castro

$7 general

. Sun day June 19 I 1: 1 5 pm I Victoria

$6 members



$7 general


Wednesday June 22 I 1 :30 pin I C astro

Need a testasterone hit ta get yaur weekend gaing? Start

$6 members


$7 general


This year's program .of the best from Dawn U nder .opens

with RUGGER BUGGERS! This tria .of fi l ms will erase

in a mec hanic's garage where, at the end .of a hat day, a

bad me maries .of gym class while yau watch gay men

' On Navember 18, 2003, a date etched in' the , Cjn�als .of

custamer's last-min ute request takes its tal l. Watch aut

kick ass an the field and caurt.

lesbian a n d gay h i stary, the Massachu setts Supre me

as these blakes WORK IT OUT. In HITCH COCK, a hilariaus send-up .of Hitchcack's

RUGGER BUGGERS fallaws the Kings Cross Steelers

Caurt .ordered the stC)te ta begin issuing marriage licenses

team from Landan as they cam pete in the Bingham cup,

ta same � sex cauples with i n s ix manths. Thausands .of aspiring newlyweds picked aut dresses, tuxes, inyitatians,

vayeuristic REAR WIN DOW, Steve arrives hame .one night

a gay rugby taurnament named after 9/1 1 hero Mark

and witnesses the uni maginable through his rear windaw.

Bingha m . The tea m includes captain Pete (nicknamed

A beautiful med itatian a baut gay relatian s h i p s,

"Grandpa Grabber" due ta his alder partner's age), Marti n

TRANSIENT fallaws .one man's quest ta revive the lave

(the "abl igatary bent capper"), and Martin's bayfriend, PJ.


and cakes, while debate raged in th� legisl�ture. SAME SEX AM ERICA erCjses the line between the

he has last ta the specter .of fast sex and d ispasable

The riva lry is fierce, with teams from 1 6 cauntries

men. In SHIN I N G TH E BALL, a yaung cricket player ven­

cam peti ng. The Steelers' mast c h a l lenging matches,

persanal and the palitical. While appanents of the caurt's decisian denaunc� a perceived unraveling .of t h e sacial ' fabric, we're welca med intathe ha�es af ever�sa�threat- .

tures ta M el baurne, where he finds h i mself fighting ta

invalve the Manchester Spartans and .our awn San Fran­

ening lesbian and gay 'cauples and their, Ghildren. With

cisca Fag, wha give them a run far the maney. The .off-field

ge ntle h u mar, the fi l m presents their harri e d , l avi ng,

keep mare than just h is place an the tea m. We head ta the .ocean far TEEN CHRISTIAN BEACH

staries are alsa campelling; Pete's Mum and Dad came '

PARTY, a camp hamage ta faith-based sex educatian.

aut far the ta urnament, and Mark Bi ngham's mather

The twa mates in CRASH ca uld learn a thing .or twa from

brings a maving presence ta the "mud and blaad ."

the mechan ics as they cross that i nvisi ble line .of male banding while watching faatba ll an the lV.

But first, David Tharpe explains haw a tea m sport h e l p e d him s u rvive u n e m playm ent and heartbreak, ,


everyday lives as a n elaquent rebu�9l, ta chants, rhetaric, a n d inflexible bel ief systems. Ba�k i n Bastan, the legislature wrestles with an ' ' amendin �nt banning gay marriage. A lesbia n labbyist

, pitches representatives an the civil rights i m plicatiOns,

San Fra nc isca native Janathan Wa ld explares a gay

then find lave (and hat sex) in GAY VOLLEYBALL SAVED

, but the autcame is in daubt u ntil all the vates are ta llied.

teenager growing up fast in WHAT GROWN-UPS KNOW.

MY LI FE. In NO ORDI NARY JOE, a teenage saccer player

The , citizenry will vate �ext year ta reject or ratify the

When Betty feels there's samething mi ssing in her mar­

receives i n s p i rati an from dead British playwright Jae

legislature's handiwark, but Cambridge da�sn't wait ta

ried life, Mather Nature lends a hand in MOUSTACHE.

Ortan in a surprising lacatian.

begin issu ing marriage licenses. The party is on, ,vaws - PHILIP WALKER

WORK I T O U T dir Kym Vaitiekus 2004 Australia 3 min video HITCH COCK

dir Stuart Vauvert 2005 Australia 10 min video TRANSIENT dir Craig Bareham 2004 Australia 10 min video SHINING THE BAL L dir Tom Conyers 2005 Australia 17 min video TEEN CHRISTIAN BEACH PARTY dir Richard Vette 2004 Australia 4 min 16mm CRASH dir David Moore 2004 Australia 5 min 16mm WHAT GROWN-UPS KNOW dir Jonathan Wald 2004 Australia & USA 30 min 35mm MOUSTACHE dir Vicki Sugars 2004 Australia 13 min 35mm TOTAL R U N N I N G T I M E :

GAY VOLLEYBALL SAVED MY LIFE dir David Thorpe 2004 USA 8 min

video NO ORDINARY JOE dir Ju les Nurrish 2005 UK 1 3 min video RUGGER BUGGERS dir Alex Thiele 2005 UK 45 min video TOTAL R U N N I N G T I M E :

66 min

are exchanged, and love triu mphs. SAM E SEX AMERICA , i� na fairytale, but it has a heckuva happy ending. . - MICHAEL FOX SAME SEX AMERICA a film by Henry Carra & Charlene Rule 2005

USA 89 min video

92 min


San Fra nci sco Fog R ugby Football Club

/4fFf0\ GlMbf� \�/

A N H E U S E R.

50 san francisco international lgbt film festival



: §I ..

Scary, Mary! Mo nday June 20 I 1 0 :00 pm I Roxie $8 members I $9 general I SCAR20R

SCARY, MARY! is one of those Festival programs that

SCREAM I N G QU EENS: The Riot at Compton's Cafete ria

Sevign e

Saturday June 1 8 I 4:00 pm I Castro

$8 members I $9 genera l I SEVI24C

$6 members I $7 general I SCREl8C

Friday June 24

I 6 :3 0 pm I Castro

Di rector Marta Balietbo-ColI, whose feature fi lm COSTA

will divide the audience between those who love hating

Transgender scholar Susan Stryker teams with writer/

BRAVA won the Audience Award at Frameline 19, returns

it, and those who hate loving it.

professor Victor Silverman to present the exciting story of

with a new comedy which is sure to delight her fans.

a riot in the Tenderloin in which transgender prostitutes

In SEvIGNE, Anna Azcona stars as Julia, the brilliant

and her white supremacist companion Ken when they

and gay activists fought back against police harassment.

young director of the Public Theatre in Barcelona. Julia

kidnap Salsa Girl as part of a plan to rid L.A of its Mexi­

The forgotten incident took place in 1 966, three years

decides to take on an a mbitious project: a play about

can popu lation. But forego eati ng tacos prior to STAR

before Stonewall. It began when a policeman entered

Madame de Sevigne ( 1 626-9 6 ) , the Parisian mar­

TREK VOYEU R , which intersperses cast footage with

Compton's Cafeteria, a tranny hangout, and took a trans­

chioness famous for the collection of 1700 letters to her

some pretty nasty faggot space-porn while traversi ng

gender prostitute by the arm. She responded by throwing

da ughter w h i c h were l ate r p u b l i s hed and provided


the anals of space (literally) . CREEP will have you th inking twice before inviting in stra ngers who clearly have an ax to gri n d (or a

her coffee in his face. The fuse of mounting tensions was

a remarkable portrait of her life and times. But as soon as

lit, and a riot began . By the time it was over, a police car

Julia starts working on the play, professional and personal problems arise, and the director finds herself identifying

had been burned.

with Madame de Sevigne's own words: "Sometimes I feel

butcher knife). Oh, look, what's that up in the sky? It

Silverman and Stryker find several old-timers who

looks like - oh mygod, it is! - HARI GATA: THE ALI EN

remember the riot and the events leading up to it. They


i nterview three former prostitutes and a transwoman who

J u l i a m ust s u m m o n the courage to choose be­

BOS. This 50s sci-fi lesbian porn flick is just what Red

earned her living dancing in a cabaret. They also talk to a

tween her conventional life with her husband, Gerardo

States fear most!

min ister who was sympathetic to the trans a n d gay

(Josep M a ria Pou ) , an i nfluential theater critic, and

communities, and a policeman who became something of

Ignasi (Eduard Farelo), the attractive programmer at the

i ntroduces the gay su perheroes we never had growing

an advocate for their rights. The interviews, combined

theatre with whom she is having an affair -or a fresh

up. The Tra nny Force is out to keep glamour al ive in this

with pictures and news stories from 1 966, give the viewer

new start with the author and female lead of the play,

a sense of what the 60s were like in the Tenderloin .

the unknown and very un predictable Marina (played by


action comedy that has been described as a combina­ tion of "Sailor Moon," "South Park," SPICE WORLD, and

The film also gives u s a peek a t the complex devel­

as if embarked on life without my own consent. "

Bal ietbo-Coll herself).

Stonewall. Amid the wonderful sati rical spins on Japan­

opment of the gay rights movement. It addresses the role

Balietbo-ColI , often referred to as the Catalonian

ese anime, listen for the theme song " Get Ready for

of gender reassignment surgery, newly possible in the

Woody Allen, both directs and acts in this well-played

Your Makeover" by the Rumors.

60s, and the rise of the radical gay rights group Vanguard. - CAMERON scon

- JIM NORRENA TACO C H I C K AND SALSA G I R L dir Kurt Koehler 2005 USA 15 m i n video STAR TREK VOYEUR dir Ian Jarvis 2005 C a n a d a 7 m i n video CREEP d irs Michael Burton Chu & David Sammons 2004 USA 1 4 m i n video HARIGATA: T H E ALIEN D ILDO THAT TURNED WOMEN I NTO SEX-HUNGRY LESBOS dir Szu Bu rgess 2003 USA 10 min video TRANNY FORCE EPISODE 1: C I RQUE DE SO GAY dir Angello Floresco 2003 Canada 37 min video TOTAL R U N N I N G TIME:

lesbian love story filled with tremendous humor and delightful moments. - DARLENE WEIDE


dirs Victor Silverman & Susan Stryller 2005 USA 57 min video Reci pient of the Fra meline Fil m & Video Completion Fund

SEVI GNE dir Marta Bal ietbo-Coll 2005 SP9in 82 min 35mm in

Cata lan & Spanish with English subtitles

83 m i n


GLBT Historical Society


Ili't.i\iliMijM.11.1 t!Nit' ,


CRYSTAL GEYSER N A T U R A L alpine spring water

www.frameline.org 5 1


Show Me

Stra nge Fruit

Tu esday J u n e 21 I 9:30 p m I Castro

Wednesday June 22 I 6:30 pm I Parkway

Fri day June 24 I 1 0: 1 5 pm I Victoria

$8 mem bers I $9 general I SHOW2 1C

$8 mem bers I $9 genera I I STRA22P

$8 members I $9 general I STRY24V

Sarah is preparing for her 10th anniversary. Sam, her

$8 mem bers I $9 genera l I STRA24V

partner, is involved in impo rtant business meetings and

Friday June 24 I 7 : 1 5 pm I Victoria

The city of Winnipeg has one of the world's largest urban Aborigi nal populations. In his second feature, activist

can't arrive at the cabin until late. All signs point to a

In only his second feature, director Kyle Schickner turns

strained weekend in the woods, unti l the moment when

in a m ultifaceted and provocative thriller about the dan­

HAPPY!) has partnered with celebrated cinematographer

everything changes.

gerous intersections of identity, desire, and intolerance.

Ed Lachman (FAR FROM HEAVEN) to vividly dramatize

Stuck in rush-hour traffic, Sarah feels sorry for a

Billy Boya ls well knows those crossroads. A suc­

the violent underbelly of the city's Native comm unity. Set to an impressive original hip-hop score by Alberta-based

fi l m m a ker a n d W i n n i peg native N o a m G o n i c k (H EY,

young girl who tries to clean her windsh ield. When Sarah

cessful black lawyer based in New York City, Billy is also

tries to give the girl money, she and her male cohort

an out gay man who left his small hometown in Louisiana

Hellnback, STRYKER is a violent and deeply serious film

hijack Sara h and her car, insisting that they only want a

following rejection by family and friends there. But he's

that has no problem breaking down to party mode.

ride across town . Thi ngs qu ickly get out of hand, and

cal led back home by the shocking lynching death of his

soon Sarah finds herself kidna pped and duct-taped to a

boyhood friend Kelvin outside a gay bar on the bayou.


Stryker, a 1 4-year-old arsonist from a northern reservation, a rrives in the city's i mpoverished North

chair in what was formerly her romantic hideaway. With

Determ ined to get to the bottom of the largely

Sam indefinitely tied up with business, and no neighbors

ignored m u rder case, Billy is laughed off by corrupt and

Fighti ng for this piece of ghetto fabulous are the ABS

for miles, she has no one to rely on but herself.

indifferent police officials. He also encou nters phan­

(Asian Bomb Squad) , a collection of preeni ng, buffed

So begins this a rtful and suspenseful tale of cat

toms of his own past as he must deal once again with

Fili pinos headed by the neurotic, m ixed-blood Omar,

and mouse. The angry and desperate teens are in com­

the condescension of straight people of all colors, the

and their riva ls, the IP (Indian Posse), lead by Mama

pletely over their heads, and the balance of power keeps

i ntractable homophobia of other gay black men, and the

Ceece, a stone cold gangsta and swaggering dyke.

shifting until we aren't quite sure who's really in control.

ongoing rejecti on of his own mother. Marshaling the

As Stryker wanders the u nfa m i li a r, boa rded-up

As the unlikely trio become more and more depend­

help of Kelvin's straight brother and a few other unex­

avenues of the North End, he is befriended by Daisy, a

ent on each other, and learn more about the forces tying

pected allies, Bi lly also finds enemies in the strangest

m ixed-blood transsexual hooker. Daisy's lair turns out

them all together, the question becomes: What kind of

places. As mysteries beget more mysteries, his investi­

to be a slum oasis of Al mod6varian kitsch - a l i me

person do you want to be -the kind who needs saving,

gation becomes a descent into terrifying darkness.

green-and- mauve henhouse of queens who exchange

A fascinating regional setting, a thoughtfu l, laby­

or the kind who saves? - CINDY M. EMCH SHOW ME

dir Cassa ndra Nicolaou 2004 Canada 97 min 35mm

Eligible for the Levi's'" First Feature Award

rinthine screenplay, and strong performances by a large

jovial bitchery while doting over the confused lad. Purging the Natives of the white man's diseases ­

ensemble cast (head lined by an excellent Kent Faulcon

poverty, crime, addiction -with his purifying outbursts

as Bi l ly) lend di mension and intrigue to this unique

of arson, Gonick's enigmatic Stryker comes across as a

gay feature.

sort of avenging angel who meets an ambiguous and - SHANNON KELLEY



End and q u ickly becomes a pawn i n a brutal turf war.


dir Kyle Schiclmer 2004 USA 1 1 6 min video

possibly tragic end. STRYKER

dir Noa m Gonick 2004 Canada 92 min 35mm


indieWIRE:� 52 san francisco international lgbt film festival

Surge of Power

Take A Deep Breath

Tammy Faye: D eath Defying

M onday June 20 I 9: 15 pm I Parkway

Thursday June 23 I 6:00 pm I Castro

Saturday June 25 I 6 :30 pm I Castro

$8 members I $9 general I SURG20P

$8 members I $9 general I TAKE23C

$8 members I $9 general I TAMM25C

Thursday June 23 I 1 0:30 pm I Victoria $8 members I $9 general I SURG23V

Who couldn't have used a gay su perhero while growing

Noth ing in this racy spin through a new, Western-identi­

" I ' m not really a person who keeps secrets," Tam my

fied Serbia will remind you of the war-torn country we

Faye Messner remarks with characteristic understate­

were introduced to just a few years back. I nstead, with

ment (or is it obliviousness?) at the outset of this wacky

up? Director Mike Donahue's SURGE OF POWER is a sci­

its sexy and eccentric cast of characters -who spend

and inspiring portrait, and she proves true to her word.

ence fiction parody based on the superhero comic books

as much time navel-gazing over their problems as we

Diagnosed with inoperable cancer, she allowed her old

of the 60s-only now, our hero is unapologetically gay! Writer Vincent J. Roth admits it's "an a ll-new h igh

do watching real ity television -you may not even th ink

pals at World of Wonder (TH E EYES OF TAMMY FAYE) to

you 've left California.

tag along as she fights the i l l n ess in her inimitable,

in low-budget camp." The film has all the makings of a

The film centers on angst-ridden Sasha, who, in an

traditional comic-strip adventure-the botched labora­

act of revolt against her parents, threatens to run away to

From chemotherapy to acupuncture to yoga, Tammy

tory experiment, the mad scientist, the scorned villain

Canada with her boyfriend Stephen, until an automobile

Faye is willing to try everything, although no treatment

who vows to take over Big City -yet now the budding

accident lands them both in the hospital. While Sasha

can match the power of her faith in God. America's

romance isn't between Lois and Clark, it's between

emerges unscathed from the crash, Stephen must spend

Sweetheart also derives plenty of energy from other peo­

Surge and a young man. Holy homos!

months recovering. Enter La na, Stephen's hot, redheaded,

ple, from AIDS patients in a hospice to the nurses and

bohemian sister, back in town from a stint in Paris. Lana

aides that handle her va rious medical procedures.

The sto ry-w ith i n -a- sto ry a p p roa c h effectively illustrates how gay comic-book characters can capture

and Sasha quickly bond over Stephen's injuries -a nd

a viewer's interest while providing a safe and imagina­

then their bonding becomes a whole lot more.

peripatetic style.

The major force at work, though, is Tammy Faye herself. Even on the worst days, when she loses her eye­

tive playground full of self-affirm ing dialogue. "Am I

Sasha, however, has more to contend with than just

lashes or struggles to learn to sing again, her persistence

your J i m my Olsen?" asks the you ng m a n . "Maybe, "

a new lesbian relationship, with all of its conflicting emo­

and good humor are astonishing. Her single-minded ness

Surge responds coyly, a n d smiles. (i magine this ai'ri ng

tions, and a boyfriend in the hospital. Her parents have

may seem childlike and occasionally inspires laughter,

on Saturday morning cartoons where kids turn to each

entered a midlife crisis, which has resulted in Sasha's

but it's that determination to just keep going that makes

mother taking a lover and moving out. This leaves Sasha

her endearing.

other and say, "That's coo ! ! ") Multiple celebrities (Nichelle Nichols, Lou Ferrigno,

alone with her pill-popping, self-obsessed father, who,

M a rty Krofft) a n d references from fi l m s , television

Tammy Faye may be a one-woman reality TV show

upon fi nding out about her lesbian dalliances, decides to

-the supermarket scene is a classic-but it's impossi­

shows, and comic books in the science fiction and fan­

put an end to them. A pleasurable and eye -catching

ble not to be charmed by a woman so in love with life that

tasy genres sneak in. Try to spot as many as you can!

delight, TAKE A DEEP BREATH ensures you 'll do j ust that.

after her death she wants to be cremated and her ashes

- JIM NORRENA SURGE OF POWER dir Michael Donah ue 2004 USA 85 min 35mm

TAKE A DEEP BREATH d i r Dragan MarinllOvic 2004 Serbia 80 min

35mm in Serbian with English subtitles

put in maracas. As long as Tammy Faye is around, who needs affirmations or motivational speakers? - MICHAEL FOX

Eligible for the Levi's\'!> First Feature Award

TAMMY FAYE: DEATH DEFYING dir Chris McKim 2005 USA 65 min video




Joie deVivre Burlingame Saab

H O S P I T A L I T Y '

www.frameline.org 53

That Man: Peter Berlin Thu rsday J u n e 2 3 I 1 0 :00 pm I Castro

Three Dancing Slaves Le Clan

Three of Hearts: a postmodern fa mily _

Friday June 1 7 I 1 0:00 pm I Victoria

Friday June 24 I 6:00 pm I Roxie

$8 members I $9 general I THRE17V

$8 members I $9 general I THRH24R

a round the world - have been aski ng, "Who is that

Director Gael Morel (FU LL SPEED) offers a taut, muscu­

Trinogomous? Ma rriage-a-trois? Monogamy, but with

man?" Jim Tushinski's new documentary feature about

lar story of three broth ers struggl i ng to bring t h e i r

more than one person? How does one talk a bout the

Peter Berlin captu res the elusive gay artist and icon,

energy meani ngfully into a world that too often ignores,

u n usual relationship between S a m , Samantha, and

resists, and punishes this burning life force.

Steven? In his early twenties, Sam Cagnina, the eldest

$8 members I $9 general I THAT23C

For more than 30 years, people in San Francisco -and

and del ightfully answers that very question. Raised by an aristocratic but poor family, the young

Marc, a restless young man in his early twenties,

son of a Mafia hit man, meets Steven, a handsome but

artist ambled throughout Europe and fina lly arrived in

has been deprived of an older man's guidance by his

i mpressionable 19-year-old college student. Soon Sam,

San Francisco of the early 1970s, where he turned him­

father's recent widowhood and bereavement, and by

who has charisma to spare, gets an idea: "Hey, wouldn't

self into the iconic persona of Peter Berlin. With a long,

the im prisonment of his older brother, Christophe. He

it be great to bring a woman into the relationship?"

smooth body and a shaggy mane of blond hair -and of

passes his days in smal l-time drug tra nsactions and

Steven, being an easygoing guy, agrees. They spend the

course the eye-popping crotch - Peter Berlin caught

run-ins with local thugs. Newly released from prison,

next seven years dating and looking for that special

everyone's eye, whether he was cruising in Polk Gulch,

Christophe proves a disa ppointment as he turns his

other one.

taking provocative self-portraits, or starring in the leg­

attention to a solid but soulless job in a meat-packing

Enter Samantha, a Toronto expat struggling as an

endary porn films NIGHTS IN BLACK LEATHER and THAT

plant, feeling little em pathy for Marc, whose path so

actress i n New York City. Sam meets Samantha and

BOY. Though he and his images were everywhere, the

stro ngly re sem bles h i s own . The you ngest brother,

they fall in love. Samantha meets Steven and they fall

man himself was intensely private and mysterious, lead­

Olivier, witnesses his fa m i ly ' s slow spiritu al death .

in love, too. The "trio," as they are affectionately called,

ing many to refer to him as the Greta Garbo of gay porn.

Seeking love and con nection in the passionat� arms of

begi n their journey. We catch up with Sam, Samantha ,

Director Jim Tushinski breaks Peter Berlin's silence

Marc's Arab cohort Hicham, Olivier must face the pos­

in this riveting and nostalgic documentary. Not only does

sibility that even this inroad to the world of men may

the film finally introduce Berlin to a wider audience, it

fail him in the end.


and Steven nine years later. They ' re going to have a baby-a baby about whom one thing seems certain: he or she will have an "s" name.

unspools a wealth of unseen home movies made by

Morel's resonant story (co-written with Christophe

Of course, you want to know a bout their families

Berlin in the late 1960s and 70s. In addition to finally

Honore) constructs a symbiotic yet poignantly discon­

and their friends and, we'd guess, a bout the sex. Jam­

getting to know the man . behind the myth, THAT MAN

nected circle of pain, searingly enacted by an arresting

packed with often hilarious incidents, this docu menta ry

a lso tal ks with h i s conte m pora ries, i n c l u d i ng J o h n

trio: Nicolas Cazale as the incendiary Marc, queer-film

addresses a l l these issues and more. However, real ,

Waters, Armistead Maupin, Wakefield Poole, Rick Castro,

stalwart Stephane Rideau as Christophe, and smoldering

serious, adult thi ngs happen, too. Once we ' re accus­

and Jack Wrangler, gathering stories and perspectives on

young newcomer Thomas Dumerchet as Olivier. While

tomed to its more sensational elements, we begin to

the legend that is Peter Berlin.

detail ing the all-too-common short-circuits that occur

see this fil m for what it is-a rather remarkable journey


dir J i m Tushi nski 2005 USA 80 min video

between men, the fi lm still adroitly evokes the force that

of self-discovery for this threesome and for those of us

inexorably draws them together in a shared fate.

with whom they've shared their lives.

- SHANNON KELLEY dir Gael Morel 2004 France 90 min 35mm i n French with English subtitles




Berlelev Chicago Sanjuan Toronlo 2411 MIN'S BIITHHDUSI

54 san francisco international lgbt film festival



THREE O F HEARTS: a postmodern family

USA 95 m i n video

dir Susan I(a plan 2004

Tra nnyshack

tra nspa rent

Sunday June 1 9 I 3:30 pm I Victoria

Friday J u n e 24 I 1 1 :00 p m I Castro

Su nday June 1 9 I 1 :00 pm I Roxie

$6 mem bers I $7 general I TOMB19V

$8 members I $9 genera l I TRSH24C

$6 members I $7 general I TRAN 19R

Breaking new ground for the definitions of "mother" and


From affectionate nickname to more serious gender

What's there to do i n San Francisco on a Tuesday night?

transgression, the term "tomboy " creates a space for

For many years now, the only appropriate answer to this

"father," the 1 8 fe male-to-male transsexuals in this

young girls who are not so traditionally girly, and is some­

query has been: "Trannyshack! " Heklina, always flaw­

documentary take parenting to a new level. Although the

thing that we are supposed to grow out of. This collection

less and always fierce, heads up the club known for its

majority of the men chose to have children before tran­

of films celebrates what can happen when we don't.

comedic, d ra matic, s o m etimes glamo rous, u s u a l ly

sitioni ng, many still struggle with the role they play in

GAM I N E fo llows an adventu rous little girl in the

trashy, and always entertaining floorshows. As Heklina

their children's lives. Their stories range from Matt, who

1 940s who finds imaginative ways to entertain herself,

q uips, "Trannyshack is all about . . . not taking yourself

consi ders hi mself Blake's moth er and father, to Kim,

and, despite her mother's best efforts to discourage her,

too seriously."

who left his son with his biological father to spare him the painful truth.

discovers a whole new world beyond her expected gender

TRANNYSHACK the movie offers up many awesome

boundaries. TOMBOY traces four folks who were tomboys

performances ranging from the stu nningly arty to the

The men hail from d iverse regions, in particular the

as children and, as adu lts, conti nue to chal lenge the

sweetly sublime, from the disturbingly raunchy to the

South; but aside from a few cases, all are raising their

rules of gender. THE BLACK PLUM tells the tale of a young

shockingly sexy. Rounding out the movie, so it isn't just a

children without much difficulty. While some can hardly

to mboy 's journey away from home, where she meets

greatest hits montage, director Sean M ullens and pro­

believe they once bore a child, others view the experi­

some interesting strangers who provide a glimpse into

ducer Deena Davenport have included insightful and

ence of childbirth as the waters hed moment when they

new possibilities in life.

, For all tomboys and for those who love them comes

often poignant interviews with some of Tran nyshack's

rea lized they were in the wrong body. To uching and

finest. They bare all i n telling their stories, including their

deeply personal, TRANSPARENT's vignettes on gender


inspirations, hardships, and rewards; we even hear about

politics and identity are stirring.

bu nctious documentary that shows why old-fash ioned

Pippi Lovestocking's rough trade sexual exploits. Hysteri­

Phillip and Carsten share more than just friendship.

parents are just plain ridiculous if they think their daugh­

cal footage of the annual Drag Race is guaranteed to

As happily adjusted, transgendered men l iving in their

ters need to "grow out of it. " The tomboys run the age

make you laugh as you wonder, "How do they do that in

native Germa ny, they look fro m the outside l i ke two

gamut, including a super-cool teenager, a boxer, a fire­

those heels?" And going along on the bus ride to Tranny­

unremarkable guys. Phillip is a former lesbian who tran­

fighter, and "Granny D," an elderly political activist who,

shack Reno is indeed a trip to remember.

sitioned at age 42, and lives with his wife and partner of

in her eighties, walked across the United States to raise political .awareness about campaign finance reform. - cHARLom GUTIERREZ GAMINE dir Sharon Barnes 2005 USA 5 min 1 6m m TOMBOY dir Judith Cobb 2004 Australia 26 min video THE BLACK PLUM dir Meredyth Wilson 2005 USA 15 min video TOMBOYS! FEISTY G I R LS & SPIRITED WOMEN dirs Julie Akeret & Christian McEwen 2004 USA 28 min video TOTAL R U N N I N G T I M E :

74 min

Whether you are a seasoned Trannyshack veteran

1 7 years, Cristi na. Carsten, once a gorgeous bisexual

or have never seen a drag q ueen in your life (is that

woman, lives with his gay male partner, Ralf. Through

possible?), TRANNYSHACK is sure to open your eyes to

i nterviews, stil l photography, and ea rly fa mily films,

the magic of one of San Fra ncisco's most popular clubs,

TRANSFAM ILY takes an intimate and h u morous look at

and to remind you not to take yourself too seriously.

both the uncomfortable and joyous aspects of life before


Mullens 2005 USA 90 m i n video

and after transitioning. dir Sabine Bernardi 2005 Germany 30 min video in German with English su btitles TRANSPARENT dir Jules Rosska m 2005 USA 60 min video TRANSFAMILY


www.frameline.org 55

Tu rning Points - Sto ries of Life and Change in the Church

Twist Of Faith

$8 members I $9 general I TROP20C

Saturday J u n e 25 I 1 1 :00 am

$6 members I $7 general I TWIS 1 9C

There may be no more beguilingly mysterious film this

$6 members I $7 general I TURN25R

The sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests repre­

year than TROPICAL MALADY, from the lavishly gifted


se nts a profound betrayal of trust, but the C h u rch's

Thai director Apichatpong Weerasethakul. Wi nner of the

AND CHANGE IN TH E CHURCH is an education-based

refusal to acknowledge responsibility constitutes a sec­

Special Jury Prize at the 2004 Can nes Film Festival,

effort by the Covenant Network of Presbyterians (CNP), a

Tropical Malady Monday June 20 I 9:00 pm I Castro

I Roxie

TROPICAL MALADY takes the viewer on a fascinating trip

nonprofit advocacy group working to change the ordina­

into the darkness of the human heart and Thai legend

tion standards of the Presbyterian Church. Director David

Leaving Bangkok for the seemingly peaceful Thai

Sampliner depicts four first-hand stories to illustrate cur­

cou ntryside, the story begins as a conventional, if splen­

rent barriers LGBT Presbyterians face, and shows how

didly ach ieved, love story between a soldier, Keng (Ban­

this moral judgment affects entire families.

lop Lomnoil , and a young man from the country, Tong

Pastor Suzie is compelled to leave her congregation

(Sakda Kaewbuadee). But just when we become com­

after fa lling in love with a woman. A mother finds the

Sunday June 1 9 I 1 :00 p m I Castro

ond and equally severe injury. So asserts Tony Comes, a Toledo firefighter with a wife and two young Children. Twenty years after his own traumatic experience, he's j ust begi nning to grapple with the psychological and emotional repercussions. A caring husband and attentive father, emotiona lly open and u nfl inchi ngly communi cative, Comes is a great guy. More than that, he's a beacon of morality in

fortable with Apichatpong's tender account of two men

courage to reconcile her gay son with her faith after her

this queasy tale. His guilt over not speaking out at the

fall i ng for each other (including one startl ingly erotic

pastor abandons her, telling her she's "on her own jour­

time, and preventing other boys from being abused, is admirable, albeit u nwarranted. All he wants from the

moment), he launches us into the realm of myth and

ney." Kathryn, now an openly lesbian minister, reveals to

legend, in which human and animal join together in a

a former pastor how a previous conversation lead to her

Church -his Church -is to stop stonewa lling and take

fantastic union. As formally daring as it is visually stun­

attempted suicide. Tim recalls his first pastoral journey to

measures so children will never be violated again. Met

ni ng, this strikingly origi nal work rem inds us that when

San Francisco where he met a gay man dying of AIDS

we wander the forests of love, we encounter the most

who helped him accept gay people as human beings first,

about accompanying his daughter to her first commun­

unexpected of creatures.

and to realize that everyone is made in the image of God.

ion and inducting her into the faith.

"I believe we all have this malady, " says the film­

A WALK IN THE LIGHT features Los Angeles-based

with a combi nation of l i es and si lence, he agon izes

In the m ost harrowing scene of any movie this year, fil med with the ca mcorder that director Kirby Dick

maker. "We become attached to certain things, espe­

Unity Fellows h i p Church, a pol itically conscious and

cially to the beauty of our own species. I presented

socially aware alternative to the traditional Christian

similar ideas in BLISSFU LLY YO U RS, but th is time it

church for the African American LGBT community. Three

MASOCHIST) gave the fa mily for private confessions,

seems like this attach ment has escalated to the point of

disti nct perspectives -from a former crack addict, a

Tony tells his daughter that he was abused. A mesmer­

being a malady. We a re at one point in life suffocated by

transgender female who becomes a gra ndmother, and


izi ng saga that received an Oscar nomi nation for best

beautiful memories of o u r loved ones. The lovers in

a lesbian couple with incongruous religious backgrounds


TROPICAL MALADY become suffocated by th eir love

- reveal how being part of the Unity family has allowed

was already taken) shows us a man trying to escape a

because it is so right, so natura l . "

them to replace condemnation with self-acceptance.



TROPI CAL MALADY dir Apichatpong Weerasethakul 2004 Thailand &

France 1 18 min 35mm in Thai with English subtitles

hell he neither made nor deserves.

A WALK IN THE LIGHT dir M. R. Stiff 2005 USA 27 min video

TWIST OF FAITH dir Kirby Dick 2005 USA 87 m i n video


dir David Sampl i ner 2004 USA 60 min video




56 san francisco international lgbt film festival


Metropolitan Community Church



U nveiled

U nconscious

We Are Dad

Su nday June 26 I 4:30 pm I Castro

Friday J u ne 17 I 8: 1 5 pm I Castro

Sunday J u n e 1 9 I 1 1 : 0 0 am I Roxie

$6 members I $7 general

$8 members I $9 general

$6 members I $7 general I WEAR 19R




UNVE 1 7 C

An uptight doctor and his feminist sister-in- law search

This Ge rma n film tells the story of a young woma n,

for a missing man in a seemingly buttoned-down 1913

Fariba (played by Jasmin Ta batabai of BAN DITS), who

Floridians Steven Lofton and Roger Croteau. Back i n the

Barcelona, but soon discover a lurid world o f porn shoots,

flees I ran to avoid harsh Islamic punish ment for a les­

80s, these two pediatric AIDS nurses took in four African

It's difficult to i magine more exemplary parents than

transvestite parties, and even (gasp!) psychoanalysis in

bian affair. Because she speaks German, Fariba goes to

American infants with HIV whom nobody wanted, and

this quick-witted Spanish farce about the totems and

Germany, but her request for pol itical asylum is denied.

fostered them as their own . The disease claimed Ginger,

taboos of the well-dressed repressed.

Before she is deported, she befriends Siamak, an I ran­

but Fra n k , Tracy, a n d Bert beat long odds, thriving

T h e lovely, aggress ively m od e rn A l m a (Leonor

ian man also on the run. When Fariba d iscovers Siamak

thanks to their dads' discipline, stability, and up-to-the­

Watling) has a p roblem: Her Freud-obsessed h usband

has committed s u icide, s h e ass u m es h i s ide ntity to

minute medical knowledge.

has disa ppeared, and her only help is her brother-in­

remain in Germany.

This portrait of a loving fa mily is fil led with heart­

law, the strikingly lamb-chopped yet rather dull Salvador

Fariba, as Siamak, soon lands a job in a factory and

warming, inspirational a necdotes. Alas, fate tossed the

(Luis Tosar) . Ignorant of Wilde, Freud, and modernist

gets entangled in the social interactions of her coworkers.

family a curve: Bert tested negative when he was three,

movements, Salvador di strusts psychoanalysis most of

Two loutish men try to butch him up, as it were, by paying

and the state reclassified the hea lthy boy as adoptable.

all, a feeling that hardens when he and Alma begin their

for a prostitute. They also try to keep Siamak from Anne,

When Steven declined to answer q uestions about his

Sherlock Holmes-like investigatio n . Discovering a hid­

who doesn't return the attentions of Uwe, the gro u p

sexual ity o n his a pplication, Florida - the only state

den milieu of role-playing masoch ists, cross-dressing

leader. But A n n e i s intrigued b y Siamak's mysterious re­

with a blanket ban on gay adoption -disqualified him.

socialites, and illicit heroin parlors bubbling u nder polite

serve and is looking to escape the narrow possibilities of

Barcelona society, the two psycho-sleuths a lso uncover

her small town.

t h e i r own re p ressed d e s i res, a n d a secret of truly Freudian proportions.

Any objective viewer can see what's best for Bert. However, the state of Florida, and the conservatives who

Fari ba/Siamak also faces close encou nters with

opine against gay adoption, have another agenda. The

u nfeeling German immigration and police officers, and

irrationality and bigotry of their arguments isn't infuriating

Like a "Masterpiece Theatre" episode written by

finds herself "in orbit" (an official U.N. designation for

so much as ridiculous, given what we see of the Lofton­

early Almod6var, U NCONSCIOUS revels in digging u p the

asylum- seekers who have yet to find a new cou ntry).

Croteau household. At heart, this endearing film is a vote

desires and perversions tucked away in stuffy costume

U NVEILED is a political fi l m about the arbitrary violence

of confidence that enlightened humanity ultimately will

dramas. Director Oristrell keeps up the steady pace and

of exile, but it also offers a compelling love story between

trump half-baked ideology and medieval social policy.

unflagging energy necessary for farce, aided by a cast

a straight girl and a dyke in drag (and it doesn't hurt that

that remains poker-faced even during the script's most

they are both easy on the eyes). The fraught love scenes

Florida's ban on adoption by gay couples, went all the way

peculiar moments. With detectives like these, U NCON­

between them, set to stirring Persian m usic, might just

to the Supreme Court, which in -January refused to hear

SCIOUS gives modernity a hi larious twist.

leave you in orbit.

the case and let the Florida law stand.) - CAMERON

UNCONSCIOUS dir Joaquin Oristrell 2004 Spain 108 min 35mm i n Spanish w i t h English subtitles


UNVEILED d i r Angel i n a Maccarone 2005 Germany 1 0 0 min 35mm i n

(The case of Lofton v. State of Florida, challenging


WE ARE DAD d i r Michel Horvat 2005 USA 68 m i n video

German & Farsi with E n g l i s h subtitles


C O - P R E SENTED BY Nati onal Center for Lesbian Rights



sundance C H A N N E L.



When I ' m 64

Wedding Bell Blues

We Can Do It !

Thursday J u n e 23 I 6:00 pm I Roxie

I 1 : 1 5 pm I Roxie

Tuesday J u n e 21 I 6:00 pm I Roxie

Saturday June 25

$8 members I $9 general I WECA21R

$6 mem bers I $7 general I WEDD25R

$8 members I $9 general I WHEN23R

Rosie the Riveter was only the beginning. In this collec­

WEDDING BELL B LUES is a collection of docu mentaries

It's not such an extraordinary story, but one that's sel­

tion of short films, some extraordinary women prove that

illuminating the courage and commitment of LGBT cou­

dom told . This sensitively written and superbly acted

"weaker sex" is a term that lost its meaning long ago.

ples as they take their love down the aisle. The personal

love story from Great Britain depicts an everyday reality

DON'T LET THE SYSTEM GET YOU DOWN . . . CHEER UP! documents the ingenious tactics of a new genera­

triu mphs of expressing their love to the world are made

- desire b etween older people - with rem a rka b l e

bittersweet by a nti-gay marriage politics.

fra nkness and depth.

tion of radicals: cheerleaders! Not your high school pep

I n the i nti mate short· A I N 'T N O T I M E L I KE T H E

As the story begins, its protagonists' stories have

squad, this rag-tag collection of DIY punk cheerleaders

R I G HT TIME, a lesbian c o u p l e explore t h e personal

seemingly all but ended. Latin instructor J i m " Beaky "

break it down anarchist style. Watch for the local East

impact of having their marriage voided by the Supreme

Bryant (Alun Armstrong) retires from the prestigious boys'

Bay squad, the Fejacs.

Court. PROUD ALUMNI, by lesbian filmmaker Shelia E.

school where he was once a student and has spent his

Sch roeder, is a touching personal account of facing dis­

entire life. Without looking back, he sets two goals: to

WH EELS is a fast-paced look at a fast-paced sport.

cri mi nation by her alma mater when she shared the

see the world, and to fall in love.

Roller derby once offered one of the few outlets for fe­

news of her marriage.

A valentine to roller derby queens, HIGH H EELS ON

First stop: the hospital for a long-delayed nose job.

male professional athletes. Thought it was kitschy? Not!

Winner of the WAVE award for public access pro­

Jim goes there in a taxi piloted by Ray (Paul Freeman), a

As one fan puts it, "I've never seen women so strong

gramming, LORI AND CATHY GET MARRIED is a tender

widower also nearing retirement. Good-natured, and still

march down the aisle at San Francisco City Hall. Ken­

up for a bit of roughhouse with his hard-drinking mates,

PLANE G I RLS is a spirited documentary profiling

tucky is the setti ng for OUT IN THE HEARTLAND, which

Ray nonetheless aches for his late wife's compa nion­

three female aviators, including the only female African

chronicles the effect of the push for a constitutional

ship, reluctantly presiding over spats between his grown

American pilot flying for an airline.

amendment bann ing gay marriage in local commu nities,

son and daughter, longing for love and connection but

and its long-term consequences for all of us.

'knowing he exists only i n their periphera l vision. I n

and so proud of themselves. "

RAISING THE ROOF traces a n a mazing group of radical women who traded their graduation caps and

From the award-winning filmmaker of BUTCH MYS­

quirky, personable Jim, Ray finds a kindred spirit: a man

gowns for hard hats and overalls in the 1 970s, making

TIQUE comes the new film JUMPIN' THE BROOM: THE

who is bravely turning a page i n his life, rather than

head lines here and i n Europe, and transforming both

N EW COVENANT, i n which African American LGBT cou­

closing the book. The two become friends and confi­

ples consider the influence of the gay marriage issue on

dantes, and when Jim finds h imself falli ng into the love

buildings and gender expectations. - CHARLOTIE GUTIERREZ DON'T LET THE SYSTEM GET YOU DOWN .•. CHEER UP! dir Jennifer Nedbalsky 2004 USA 13 min video HIGH HEELS ON WHEELS dirs Leslie Sloan & Donna Cassyd 2005 USA 11 min video PLANE GIRLS dirs Anne Marie Luger & Moira Dawson 2005 USA 15 min video RAISING THE ROOF dirs Veronica Selver & Francoise Flamant 2005 USA 30 min video TOTAL R U N N I N G TIME:

69 min

their long-term relationships and in their communities. - NANCY LUND AIN'T NO TIME LIKE THE RIGHT TIME dir Michael LaRocco 2005 USA

5 min video PROUD ALUMNI dir Shelia E. Schroeder 2004 USA 9 min video L O R I A N D CATHY G E T MARRIED dir Joe Hullinger 2004 USA 18 min video O U T IN T H E HEARTlAND d i r Gretchen Hildebran 2005 USA 22 min video JUMPIN' THE BROOM: THE NEW COVENANT dir Debra A. Wilson 2005 USA 30 m i n video TOTAL R U N N I N G TIME:

84 m i n

he'd hoped for, Ray m ust weigh his own personal bag­ gage and the disdain of his family against the prospect of regaining the love he thought he'd lost. Going through a stack of old photos, Disley Jones looks back at his eventful life in GOLD DIGGIN G. - SHANNON KELLEY GOLD DIGGING dir Raj Yagnik 2004 UK 6 m i n video WHEN I'M 64 dir Jon Jones 2004 UK 90 min video

Eligible for the Levi's'" First Feature Award


Bay Area Community of Women


BLUER & BLUER, LLP 58 san francisco international lgbt fil m festival

CO-PR ESENTED BY Lesbian and Gay Aging Issues Network of the American Society on Aging and New Leaf: Services For Our Community S P O N S O R E D BY



V O N H E R R M A N N. L L P

Wilby Wonderful

Women I n Love

Wednesday June 22 I 8: 15 pm I Castro

Saturday June 1 8 I 4:00 p m I Victoria

Sunday June 1 9 I 8:00 pm I Roxie

$8 members I $9 general I WILB22C

$6 members I $7 general I WOME 1 8V

$8 members I $9 general I YOS0 19R

WILBY WONDERFUL is a story with heart, depth, and

The newest effort from festival favorite Karen Everett,

MARICONES is a gritty look at the life of Eusebio, a 58-

Yo Soy Asf I Maricones

intell igence. From multi-talented writer/d irector/actor

WOMEN IN LOVE is an autobiographical journey into the

year-old working-class gay man in Lima, Peru. Eusebio

Daniel Maclvor (BEEFCAKE, Fra meli ne2 3 ; TAKE-OUT,

difficult terrain of romance, polyamory, self-defined fam­

m ixes candor about his sexual ity with i ntimations of

Frameline25; and art house favorite THE FIVE SENSES)

ily, and how we try to keep it all together in the long run.

internalized homophobia. He relishes telling the story of

comes a modern-day ta le of tolera nce, romance, and

This fil m gives new meaning to the term cinema verite as Everett unflinchingly films even the most s a cred and

a man whose dick was so big that Eusebio would cry

intimate moments to bring her own experience of lesbian

says he's done all he can to make sure his brother's

life to the screen.

sons don't turn out gay like him.

secrets in a small town. The island town of Wilby is abuzz with sca ndal when arrests are made at the wooded beach area known as

every time the man fucked him. But at another poi nt, he

"the catch." It seems that the activities going down at the

Followi ng a loose narrative from the 1 980s, to the

The docum entary also focuses on J uan Carlos,

catch were shocking and offensive to people in town. The

next generation of lesbians sowing their oats through

who has recently become involved in the budding gay

local paper plans to publish the names of those arrested,

voyeuristic romps at San Francisco lesbian sex clubs, to

rights movement in Peru. These two men epitomize the

and tongues have already started to wag.

the Ethical Slut seminars of the polyamorous millen­

ins and outs of Peruvian LGBT pol itics. Director Marcos .

Reactions to the bust and the impending naming

nium, Everett defines life through the loves that she fell

Arriaga also interviews severa l politicians, and gets

vary. The mayor wants to close the catch to stop deviant

into and out of. The pri mary wheel that these relation­

footage of a Pride parade where marchers shield their

behavior, while Police Ch ief Buddy (Paul G ross from

ships roll arou nd is Everett herself as she processes her

"Tales of the City" and " Due South") thinks a live-and­

neurotic way through the rough terrain of exes, friends,

faces from the camera. YO SOY AS! is the story of Karina, a transgendered

let-live attitude is the way to go. His high-strung wife

and roommates, and what happens when some of your

woman in Santiago, Chile. Karina's life is a stark contrast


closest friends fit the bill for all of the above.

to those of the other transwomen in the documentary.

and "Grey 's Anatomy ") is total ly focused on her next

In the end, it is a journey to find herself and the com­

Virtually all are prostitutes because they can't find other

real estate deal and has no time for town politics (or

promises necessary to find happiness that is the heart

work. Karina decided early on not to become a prostitute;

even her own marriage). Handyman Duck MacDonald

of this film. Everett examines our freedom to redefine our­

instead, she has managed to become the owner of a

has taken a sudden interest in the business of a gentle­

selves: as women, as lesbians, as lovers, as partners, as

small hair salon. The film also introduces us to several

man in town, and doesn't care who knows. Video store­

friends, and as family. As we move through our lives, the

other astute characters in various stages of transition.

owner Dan Jarvis thinks he has only one solution to the

only constant is change, and perhaps the fact that Everett

devastating nami ng.

will be filming it.

If the events of last November did n't have you

THE SEXY STU F F is a moving ga llery of photo­

thinking about it already, this Canadian gem will have

graphic images from Phyllis Christopher's body of work

you grabbing your passport and heading North !

documenting the lesbian sexual revol ution in San Fran­


MARICONES dir Marcos Arriaga 2005 Peru 52 min video in Spanish with English subtitles YO SOY As l dir Joui Turandot 2004 Chile 57 min video in Spanish with English subtitles

cisco du ring the 1 990s. - CINDY M. EMCH

dir Daniel Maclvor 2004 Canada 99 min 35mm THE SEXY STUFF WOMEN I N LOVE


- CAMERON scon


dir Phyllis Christopher 2005 USA 6 min video dir Karen Everett 2005 USA 61 min video

Film Arts Foundation


Proyecto ContraSIDA Por Vida

Canada www.fra meline.org 59

Young, Loud & Proud

Zero D egrees of Separation

Zona Rosa

Sunday June 19 I 3: 15 pm I Roxie

Wednesday June 22 I 6:00 pm I Victoria

Tuesday June 2 1

$6 members I $7 general I YO U N 1 9R

$8 members I $9 general I ZER022V

$8 members I $9 general I ZONA21 V

Free for ages 18 and under (present ID at door)

Young queers are blazing a trail in this col lection of films by and about queer youth . The next generation gives the

If love conquers all, the cou ples at the center of th is potent documentary have got a lot of conq uering to do. Based around a trip director Elle Flanders took back

I 8:00 pm I Victoria

Thursday J u n e 23 I 1 :30 pm I C astro $6 members I $7 general I ZONA23C

Say "hola" to Christian Miranda, your muy guapo tou r

audience a firsthand look into what it is to be young and

to Israel, where she lived as a child, ZERO focuses on

guide through Mexico City's infamous Zona Rosa ("Pink

queer i n the current phase of the LGBT movement.

two gay couples who literally span that cou ntry 's divide.

Zone") and a n exotic dancer whose undulations will

What does the word "gay " mean for children of

Selim is a Palesti nian who navigates the labyrinth ine

have you on the next flight headed south of the border.

LGBT parents? In director Jacqueline Frost's WHAT IS

rules governing his presence in Israel to be with his Jew­

Christian and his amigos - wi ly Willy, tantalizing

ish lover, Ezra. The activist Ezra takes the filmmaker on

Tito, gorgeous Jorge, a ngelic Angelo, perky Paca, and

GAY?, kids speak for themselves. CALLING NATE chronicles the gender-bending trials

a long driving tour of oppression, getting into heated and

mesmerizing Mario -rule the roost at EI Antro, a night­

and tri bulations of one Nadia Hluszko, as she juggles

fearless exchanges along the way with Israeli soldiers,

c l u b catering to a m ixed c rowd of gay and straight

conflicting advice from her mothers (one used to be her

while Selim mournfully attempts to straighten out his

(well . . . ) men and women who delight in the fiery dance

father, and the other is addicted to "The Osbournes")

legal status. Meanwhile, Edit confronts her own gu ilt

moves and late-night charms of these cocks of the walk.

and problems with her girlfriend when she takes a differ­

a bout being a part of the system that oppresses her

Pausing from their gym and dance routines for quiet

ent gender identity out for a test drive.

Palestinian lover, Samira.

sit-downs with inqu isitive filmmaker Dan Castle, the

In T R I S KAID EKAP H O B I A , o u r 1 3 -year-old hero

The searing honesty of these romantic realists will

guys share surprisingly tender observations not only of

talks about how great she imagined life would be when

quickly dispel any sentimental notions the viewer may

club life but a lso of domestic bliss (some are married to

she became a teenager, and discovers it is not at all.

have about love in a time of war. The roads these partners

women, others date each other), personal challenges,

She spends her time online looking up phobias, and

travel to be with each other are tricky and fu ll of emotional

a nd plans for the future that don't necessarily involve

finds a word for her condition: a fear of the number 13.

and physical land mines, and Flanders unflinchingly por­

' cavorting on stage in skimpy skivvies for the gratification

PROM NIGHT (a reci pient of the Frameline Film &

trays Israel as a land in decline. While the mournful tone

of slaphappy strangers with wandering hands. Until then,

Video Completion Fund) chron icles a beloved local tra­

is emphasized by haunting archival footage of Flanders'

however, Christian and his fellow entertainers strut their

dition for young queers in the East Bay, following prom

family in the Holy Land in the 50s, the overall legacy of the

stuff in high-class joints around the cosmopolitan city's

participa nts as they raise money, plan logistics, and

film is one of gritty, hard-won hope, scraped out of the

most colorful neighborhood.

prepare for their special night. Although they are teens

broken cement and rubble of occupation.

l i ke a ny others, they must e n d u re someth ing oth er teens do not encou nter on the traditional American prom night: an onslaught of protesters.

Shooting with a small video camera that allows for - ARNE JOHNSON

up-close-and-personal views of amusingly choreographed strip shows and big-dick contests, Castle achieves scin­

ZERO DEG REES OF SEPARATION dir Elle Flanders 2005 Canada 90 min video in Hebrew & Ara bic with English subtitles

til lating intimacy but never depicts his subjects with

Recipient of the Frameline Fi l m & Video Com pletion Fund

sexy, ZONA ROSA's real-life stars sure are pretty in pink.

- CHARLOTIE GUTIERREZ WHAT IS GAY? dir Jacqueline Frost 2005 USA 25 min video CALLING

anything less than the respect they deserve. Stunningly - STEVEN JENKINS

NATE dir Pamela Gawn 2003 Canada 25 min video TRISKAIDEKA­ PHOBIA dir b.h. Yael 2003 Canada 6 min video PROM NIGHT dirs lisa

ZONA ROSA dir Dan Castle 2005 USA/Mexico 75 min video in Spanish with English subtitles

Bertolini & Stephanie Miller 2005 USA 33 min video TOTAL R U N N I N G T I M E :

89 min

Dimensions Clinic, Gay-Straight Alliance Network and Lavender Youth Recreation & Information Center C O - PR ESENTED BY

60 san francisco i nternational lgbt film festival


San Francisco Jewish Film Festival


International Latino Film Festiva l-San Francisco

Bay Area





www.damron .com

schedule at a la ce ____

Thursday June 1 6 Castro 11 am .------,

Saturday June 1 8

Friday June 1 7 Castro



1:00 pm The Joy of Life JOYL17C

2 pm

1:30 pm Fun In Girls' Shorts FUNG18C

4 pll1

7 11111

1 1:00 am little man LlTTl8V

Passion of Words Turning Into Action PASS18R

1:45 pm

Boys School BOYS18V

2:00 pm

Youth Films DOlTI8R

S pm

6 pill



1 1 :00 am

00 It Yourself: New

3:00 pm The Lady i n Question LADY17C

3 pm

1 1:00 am

Fun In Boys' Shorts FUNB18C


1 11111


6:00 pm Prod ucing Adults PROD17C

6:00 pm The Aggressives AGGR17R

8:15 pm

8:15 pm 100% HUMAN HUMA17R


6:00 pm Gay Sex In The 70s




4:00 pm Creating a Place at the Table CREA18R

6:00 pm The Reception RECE18C

6:00 pm Just the Two of Us JUST18R

8:15 pm Summer Storm SUMM18C

8:15 pm Blood, Sweat and Glitter

IToOjim Women In Love WOMEl8V


6:00 pm The Lady in Question is Charles Busch LADY18V

7:30 pm

8 pm

Cote d'Azur OPEN16C

Unveiled UNVE17C

9 pill

10:30 pm My Summer

of Love MYSU16C






1 1 :00 am My Hustler MYHU23C

1:30 pm Same Sex America

1:30 pm Zona Rosa

1 1 :30 am Original Pride


Grand Sons GRAN17V


10:00 pm Three Dancing Slaves THREl7V

10:15 pm

Off the Hook OFF17R -



10:30 pm

A Year Without Love YEAR18C

10:30 pm I Wanna Be Sedated



1 1:00 am



6:00 pm Zero Degrees of

6:00 pm Girl Wrestler / The Lady is a Champ GIRW22R

Separation ZER022V

6:30 pm Strange Fruit - STRA22P


8:15 pm Wilby Wonderful WILB22C

8:30 pm Funny Kinda Guy FUNN22R


10:30 pm Kiki & Herb on

the Rocks KIKI22C


10:30 pm Enough Man


8:15 pm BOTH BOTH22V

I_I TOFojiiil

6:00 pm Take A Deep Breath TAKE23C

8:00 pm TransGeneration TRGE23C

9:15 pm The Aggressives AGGR22P

Dykes in the City DYKE22V


san francisco i nternatio nal lgbt film festival



False Offender FALS18V


2:00 pm Race You to

the Bottom RACE24C

4:30 pm Rugger Buggers

5:00 pm

6:00 pm When I'm 64 WHEN23R

6:00 pm Paris is Burning /

Who's the Top? PARI23V

8:15 pm Floored By Love FL0023R


6:30 pm Sevigne

Is It Really So Strange? ISIT23V

8:45 pm

9:15 pm Beautiful Women

The Journey JOUR24C


10:30 pm Surge of Power SURG23V

Three of Hearts THRH24R

lliPm -


815iiiii -


10:00 pm That Man: Peter Berlin 10:30 pm THAT23C Left Lane

6:00 pm

6:30 pm 100% HUMAN HUMA23P

1 1 :00 pm Trannyshack TRSH24C


The last Day LAST24V

RUGG24C 6:00 pm Formula 1 7

Healing Sex HEAL24C

3:30 pm Heroes and Gay Nazis HER023C

3:45 pm Gay Sex In The 70s GSEX22C

Feline Masquerade FELl18V


Friday June 24 Parkway



1 8Tojiiii


Thursday June 23

Wednesday June 22 Castro

10:30 pm Night Corridor

8]Qjiiii" -

Strange Fruit

8:15 pm Gay Republicans GAYR24R

10:00 pm Future Shock FUTU24R



10:15 pm

Stryker STRY24V


Monday June 20

Sunday June 1 9 Castro

1 1:00 am Queermation


1 1:00 am


We Are Dad WEAR19R

LOO pm Twist Of Faith TWIS19C

1:00 pm transparent TRAN 19R




1 1 :00 a m

Ned Rorem: Word and Music NED19V

My Brother Nikhil MYBR19C

8:15 pm Eternal ETER19C

1015 pm

Peaches Christ at the Castro PEAC19C

Same Sex America SAME19V

3:15 pm

1 1 :00 am

Charlotte's Web CHAR25C

1 2 noon Do It Yourself: New Youth Films DOIT21C

2:15 pm

2:15 pm Global Motherhood GLOB21C


1 510 p m Poster Boy POST19V

Don't Fence Me In DONTl9R



6:00 pm Call Me Malcolm


I- �

10:15 pm Pups and Ponies


9:00 pm Tropical Malady

The Joy of Jewish Film 8:30 pm Gloriously Free / JOYJ20R This Way Out GLOR20V 10:00 pm Scary, Mary! SCAR20R


6:30 pm

1 1:00 am

1 1 :00 am Lesbian Grandmothers

Turning Points TURN25R

From Mars LESB25V

1:15 pm Wedding Bell Blues


3:45 pm

Bitchy, Witty & Wise BITC25R


7:45 pm

8:30 pm eXposed EXP025C

Luck Be a Lady LUCK25R


Night Scene NIGS25R


8:00 pm

8:00 pm Zona Rosa

Original Pride ORIG21R 9:15 pm

Surge of Power SURG20P

9:30 pm Show Me


6:30 pm

The Journey JOUR21P


10:00 pm

10:00 pm Guys and Balls GUYS21V

My Hustler MYHU21R

9:15 pm My Brother Nikhil MYBR21P



12 noon Fun I n Girls' Shorts

1 1 am noon 1 pili

I DO pm Girls By the Bay GIRB25V


2:15 pm Fun In Boys' Shorts

4:00 pm

Boys By the Bay BOYB25V







For more Festiva l i nformatio n , i nc l u d i ng conti nually u pdated screen ing i nformation,

4:30 pm


Unconscious UNC026C

5 pm

please ca l l the 24- hour Festiva l Hotl i n e

S pm 6:30 pm Race You to



the Bottom RACE25V


9:00 pm Gar�on Stupide GARC25V 10:00 pm


Sunday June 26 Victoria


Ta mmy Faye TAMM25C

10:30 pm Hardcore

6:00 pm Beautiful Women BEAU21V

6:00 pm We Can Do It!



5:45 pm Life I n a Box

Happy Endings HAPP21C

8:15 pm


9:45 pm Blackmail Boy BLAC19V

6:30 pm




6:30 pm Feline Masquerade FELl20P



Fun for Boys and Girls

Yo Soy Asi / Maricones

6:00 pm A Knockout; 100% Woman



3:30 pm The D Word







4:15 pm Night Corridor

4:30 pm Based on a True Story

6:30 pm Loggerheads


8:00 pm

Return of the Antipodeans RETU20C

3:30 p m Tomboys TOMB19V

Young, Loud and Proud

Saturday June 25 Castro


12 noon Boys School


5:30 pm

6:00 pm GYPO GYP0 19C


1:15 pm


3 1 5 pm

Tuesday June 21




7:30 pm Transamerica CLOS26C: film and party TRAM26C: film only

If.1liiT:Il flll' l':TF.Il

1:�:F.Ti1:t1: '1iTl


8 pm

a t 9 2 5 . 866 . 9 5 5 9 , o r visit o u r web s ite at www.fra meline.o


9 pm 1 0 pm 1 1 pill . midnite

www.frameline.org P3


how to buy tickets

sold out?

Regu lar Screening

Advanced member ticket sales start May 27.

Then RUSH it! Even if advance tickets are no longer available,

General Public




Mati nee (screenings up to and including 5:00 pm)

General ticket sales start June 3.



Discou nt


Wal k- u p




Open i ng Night Gala Only

Genera l Public




Centerpiece Film

Genera l Public

$ 15.00


$ 10.00

cally a few minutes before showtime. The Rush Line may start anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours prior to the screening.

Daily, 24-hours a t www.frameline.org Daily, 1 : 00 pm to 8:00 pm at the Festival Ticket Outlet counter located inside Super Satellite,

Opening Night Film and Gala

General Public

as the number of unoccupied seats has been determined, typi­

tic ket p u rchasing m ethods

General Public

474 Castro Street, between Market & 18th,

individual tickets!

at 925.866.9559 Daily, 24-hour at 925.866.9597


Mail Ticket Order Form with payment to:

This pass is presented in appreciation of Frameline members at the Benefactor and Visionary levels. Entitles bearer priority admission (subject to house-manager

Fra meli ne29, P.O. Box 2229

discretion) to all Frameline29 screenings, as wel l as priority

Da nville, CA 94526-7229

seating at the Castro Theatre. (Tickets to Opening and Closing Night Films and Galas are issued separately.) Present this

Day of Show Tickets: Only availa ble for purchase at

Special Presentation

General Public




Closing Night Film and Party

General Public




Closing Night Film Only

the appropriate theater's box office beginning a minimum

pass with your membership card at the Gold Card Door for

of 30 minutes prior to the first screening of the day.

admission. Gold Card bearer

Discou nts not available. Cash only.

may be accom panied at the Gold Card Door by ONE guest

Ticket Order Forms can be downloaded from

with a valid ticket or pass.

www.frameline.org or faxed to you via an automated system by calling 925.866.9559.

General Public


payment o pti o ns


$ 1 5.00

Visa, MasterCard, and American Express cards are accepted. Personal checks and money orders are also accepted on walk-up


Si mplify and get more from your Fra meline29 experience as you won't have to wait in box-office lines or keep track of

Monday - Saturday, 9 :00 a m to 5:00 pm


passes a member with a Gold Card or Castro Pass. With these passes

in San Francisco Phone

Rush Tickets will be offered at each theater's box office as soon

and mail orders only. Cash only on " Day of Show" tickets.

Gold Cards are not sold separately. For more information about becoming a Benefactor of Visionary member, please contact our Development Department at 4 15.703.8650, email membership@frameline.org, or visit our ticket outlet located at Superstar Satellite, 474 Castro Street.

Frameline Members

tic ket d e l ivery

When ordering, you must present you r

Via Mail: Tickets and/or passes purchased online, by phone, fax,

Entitles bearer admission to

membership card or have your n a m e and

or mail will be automatically mailed within three business days to the

all Frameline29 screenings at

membership n umber available. Limited

billing address listed on the Ticket Order Form, unless the Will Call

to two discount tickets per screening.

option is selected.

Students/Disabled/Senio rs (62+) When ordering, you must present a valid

$165 each.

NOTE: Orders received less than 10 days prior to the earliest screening will automatically be placed at Will Call.

the Castro Theatre, excluding

GOLD CARD & CASTRO PASS HOLDERS NOTE Arrive early! Seating is guaranteed only up to twenty minutes before the published showtime, or until pass-holder allotment has been reached. Twenty minutes after the program has commenced, no one will be admitted into the theatre.

Opening and Closing Nights. Present this pass at the Members Door for adm ission. Castro Pass bearer may be accompanied at the Members Door by

photo I D (proof of discount eligibility). Send

Will Call: If you have tickets being held at Will Call, please pick

a photocopy of your 10 with your Ticket

them up at the Will Call station at the theater where your screening

Order Form when ordering by fax or mail.

is being held ONLY on the day of that screening. Will Call is open

Limited to one discount ticket per screening.

beginning 30 minutes prior to the first screening of the day at each

Please note that these discounts are not

theater. If you miss the first screening for which you have Will Call

available online or day of show.

tickets, your Will Call tickets will be held at the theater where you r

Ticket Outlet location generously provided by Superstar Satellite. www.castromoviestore.com

on the ticket order will be allowed to pick up Will Call tickets (valid

Box office management and ticketing are provided by Trilogy Productions, Inc. www.trilogyticketing.com

your Will Call tickets when you place your ticket order.

next screening is taking place (and so on). Only the person(s) listed photo ID required). You may authorize another individual to pick up

ONE guest with a valid ticket.

All orders are final. No refunds, exchanges, substitutions, or replacements. Frameline and the SFILGBTFF are not responsible for lost, stolen, forgotten, or damaged tickets or passes, or any item misdirected by the Post Office. If a screening is cancelled, tickets must be returned to the Festival Ticket Outlet within 48 hours of the cancelled screening date. Processing fees are non-refundable. The processing fee for online, fax, phone, or mail orders is $1.50 per ticket, up to a maximum fee of $5.00 per order. Passes represent multiple tickets and will be charged $5.00 per order. Returned checks are subject to a $25.00 fee.



24-ho�r festival hotl i ne 925.866.9559

web site www.frameline.org





I am a Frameline Member:

MEMBER # ________________

I am joining Frameline, and my membership payment is i ncluded. I require wheelchair seating. Number of person(s) using wheelchairs:

Billing Address

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _




D Check or money order enclosed, payable to Frameline. D Credit card - Visa/MasterCard/American Express accepted.

Zip/Postal Code

Country (other than USA)

Authorized Signature

Home Phone

Day Phone (important)

Name (as it appears on credit card)

Email Address

Account No.



Exp. Date














Senior (62 +)


= $




= $


= $






= $


= $






= $






Please enclose proof of age or studenVdisability status.



Castro Pass


���':i ci�lY

= $

@ $165.00

= $ Processing Fee

= $

Donation (Th a n k You ! )

= $


= $

and not charged for purchases made at the Festival Ticket Outlet)

Visit www.fra meline.org/membership for a compete list o f member benefits,

= $


($1.50 per ticket, up to $5.00 maximum; not charged ifmembership payment only,

Join Fra meline/Renew Membe rsh ip


including advance member ticket sales on May 27.

D Basic ............. .................... $45

D Patron .............................. $300

D Basic Discount*.* .......... . $35

D Benefactor .. .................... $600

Your tickets will automatically be mailed to the billing address listed above unless you select

D Dual Basic ......................... $85

D Visionary

will automatically be placed at Will Call. On the day of the screening, your tickets may be picked up at

D Supporter

.. ... $100

D Visionary Star .. ..... ..... $2,500

D Dual Supporter .............. $190

D Visionary Director ..... $5,000

**Please enclose proof of age or studenVdisability status.

.. $ 1,200

DELIVERY INFORMATION one of the options below. Orders received less than 10 days prior to the earliest screening purchased the theater's Will Call desk .


I would like my tickets held at Will Call (photo ID required) . I would like my tickets held at Will Call. However, I also authorize the following person to pick up my tickets at Will Call (photo ID required):

P R I U T A U T H O R I Z E O P E R S O U ' S II A M E

www.frameline.org 61


--- �--��--���--�---


THE WORLD-FAMOUS CASTRO TH EATRE ONCE AGAI N will be the resplendent setting for the lion's share of Festival screen­ i ngs. With the stately grandeur of its gorgeous chandelier and grand screen , and with its Mighty Wurlitzer sending organ chords thrumming all the way to the back of the balcony, the Castro Theatre, at the center of the "Gay Mecca ," remains the queer­ est theater in the world. Over in the M ission District, the thriving neighborhood's funky fla i r a n d international flavors wi ll imbue screenings at the Roxie Cinema and newly renovated Victoria Theatre with edgy excitement. Close proximity among these three ven ues with tons of great restaurant choices in between - allows for easy to-and-fro frolicking from theatre to theatre, so plan on maxi mizing you r Festival days and nights with plenty of screen i ngs around town.

Castro Theatre

Victoria Th eatre

429 Castro (between Market and 18th) www.castrotheatresf.com

2961 1 6th Street (between Capp and Mission) www.victoriatheatre.org

Bus: 24 Divisadero, 33 Stanyan, 35 Eureka, 37 Corbett

Streetcar: F Market

Muni Metro: K, L, M (exit Castro station)

BART: transfer to Muni Metro at the Embarcadero, Montgomery, Powell, or Civic Center stations

49 Van Ness/Mission, 53 Southern Heights •

Please note that Everett Middle School parking lot ­ made available for Festival-goers in previous years - is not available this year due to construction.

Roxie Cinema

We suggest that you try street parking throughout the Castro and Mission Districts, but please be aware of parking meters on many streets. In the Mission District, you also might try the parking garage at 42 Hoff Street, off of 1 6th Street between Mission and Valencia.

Bus: 14 Mission, 22 Fillmore, 26 Valencia ,

33 Ashbury, 49 Van Ness/Mission •

BART: 16th & Mission station

MAP LEGEND 0 Castro Theatre

BART Stations

.:. Roxie Cinema

M u n i Metro Stations

+ Victoria Theatre T

Festival Ticket Outlet


42 Hoff Street Pa rking Garage

62 san francisco international lgbt film festival


� c=l

::r C/)





'" '" f4

BART: 1 6th & Mission station

Parking for San Francisco Venues

3 1 1 7 16th Street (between Valencia and Guerrero) www.roxie.com •

Bus: 14 Mission, 22 Fillmore, 26 Valencia, 33 Ashbury,






16th Sl.


17th Sl. 18th Sl.

festival info Festiva l Ticket Outlet Located inside Superstar Satellite at 474 Castro Street, between THE EAST BAY IS QUEERER THAN EVER, and we're proud to return

Ma rket & 1 8th Street, in San Francisco.

to the one-of-a-kind Parkway Theater for four evenings of provocative screenings during Frameline29. Nowhere else in the

Tickets go on sale to Frameline

Bay Area can you enjoy a fine film while cozying up to your movie­

Pa rkway Theater

going buddy (or two) in the theater's love-seat sofas and enjoy­

1834 Park Boulevard (between 18th & 19th) www.picturepubpizza.com

ing edibles ordered from the Parkway's extensive cafe menu (pizza, beer, and Igbt flicks ... what's not to love?).

Due to the alcohol service, no one under 21 will be admitted to Parkway screenings. That is, unless you are under 12 months old.

MAP LEGEND 0 Parkway Theater

P Parking l ot

BART Stations

Festival tickets and merchandise. The outlet opens to the general public

AC Transit Bus: 15 on Park, 14 on East 18th Street,

beginning June 3rd.

BART: Lake Merritt station » AC Transit 14

12th Street station » AC Transit 50

June 20 for parents, friends, and infants under 12 months.

immediate member discounts on

go one mile west 13 on Lakeshore, 40, 43 on Foothill, East 15th Street

That's right, Frameline29 will host special "Baby Brigade" screen­ ings of FELINE MASQUERADE and SURGE OF POWER on Monday,

Driving: Hwy 580 East » exit at Park Boulevard,

Members beginning May 27th. Join during this week and receive

AC Transit Stops


Daily 1 :OOpm - 8:00pm (closed on Memorial Day) AVAILA BLE SERVICES: •

Walk-up ticket sales

Membership services

Festival m erchandise

General festival information

Patron Courtesies •

While waiting in l i n e , please be considerate of our neighbors and local businesses.

All seats are general admission, and multiple seat saving is not permitted.

Please refrain from wearing perfu mes and other scented products so that attendees with environmental sensitivities can comfortably enjoy the films. Thank you.

Services for People with Disabilities Frameline is committed to accommodating audience members with disabilities, offering early seating to people with disabilities. Please make yourself known to the theater house manager for assistance. All venues are wheelchair accessible (the Parkway Theater utilizes a lift) . All venues have wheelchair-accessible bathrooms except the Roxie Cinema. The Castro Theatre offers hearing assistance devices. American Sign Language interpretation will be provided at the Opening Night program introduction and post-screening Q&A session (June 16), program introduction and post-screening Q&A session at PASSION OF WORDS TURNING I NTO ACTION (June 18), and Festival Awards Presentation at the Closing Night Party (J une 26). www.frameline.org 63

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64 san francisco international lgbt film festival

We i re o u t t h e re with yo u Trave l i n g the wo rld

Proud Sponsor of Frameline29

. Visit your local AAA office, Call 1 - 8 8 8-24 8-5980 or Visit us online at aaa. com/copnect Membership I Insurance I Travel

Š2005 California State Automobile Association, AAA Nevada and AAA Utah


CST 1 003968-80


Promo Code AAA-G73

www.fra meline.or



san fran c isco i ntern ational lgbt film festival

Acti o n ! C o m e work with m e when t h e l i g hts c o m e b a c k u p a n d it's o n ce a g a i n ti m e to co n s i d e r b uyi n g o r sel l i n g a h o m e i n S a n Fra n c i sco. I s h a re yo u r pass i o n fo r gay a n d l e s b i a n fi l m, but I ' m a l so a n expe r i e n ced Rea ltor w h o can g u i d e you t h ro u g h t h e e nti re p rocess a n d n e g ot iate t h e best dea l poss i b l e. Ca l l today t o fi n d o u t why m y co m m it m e n t t o com m u n ity a n d p rofes s i o n a l i s m m a ke a d iffe rence!

Rick Os m o n rickosmon @ze p hyrsf.co m 4 1 5 .436.9 7 5 1 Pro u d to be a s po n so r of Fra m e l i ne fo r the 9th co n secutive yea r!

Zephyr Rea l Estate

. www.frameline.or


We have a general civil practice focused on : EM PLOYMENT • d iscrimination (sexual orientatio n , gender identity, disability, race, national origin, sex, religion, and age . )

• harassment • retaliation • wrongful termination • executive compensation and agreements

• non-competes and confidentiality contracts

• severance and layoff issues PERSONAL I NJURY BREACH OF CONTRACT We have l itigated cases in every. type of forum-federal court, state court, arbitration and mediation.

BLUER & BLUER, LLP 351 California Street, Suite 5 0 0 , S a n Francisco, C A 941 04 Telephone: (41 5) 989- 1 281

Facsi mile: (41 5) 358-4306


T H E S A N F R A N C I S C O F O U N D AT I O N www.sff.org C o n g ra t u l a t i o n s F ra m e l i n e o n t h e 2 9 t h a n n u a l S a n F ra n c i s co I nternat i o n a l Le s b i a n & Gay F i l m Festiva l

T h e S a n F ra n c i s co F o u n d a t i o n s u p p o rt s t h e l e s b i a n a n d g a y co m m u n i t y t h ro u g h l e a d e rs h i p d ev e l o p m e n t , co nv e n i n g , p u b l i c p o l i c y wo r k , a n d g ra n t m a k i n g

68 san francisco international lgbt film festival



415.920.8207 s

+ .1 "





w w w. T i m Gu l l i ck s e n . c o m

(!/V�& �o:y




www.sanfrancisco . gc . ca www.fra meline.org 69


After a film at Frameline29, RUN! to Citizen Cake or

� �

Citizen Cupcake for Happier Hour 8- 1 0PM

jJatiooel't& R E S I A U R A II I · B A R

Citizen Cake, 3 9 9 Grove St. 4 1 5-86 1 - 2228 Citizen Cupcake , Virgi n Megasto re, 2 Stockton St. 3 rd Floor 4 1 5-399 - 1 56 5

70 s a n fra n cisco i nternati onal lgbt film festival

� C








. The Harrison Teall). Salutes Frameline's 29th Anniversary

E l l e n Anderson and Li nda H arrison have never been afraid of change. The former corpo rate executives and rare books p u rveyors are now top-selling . Realtors and ' agents for change' i n their professionq.1 and personal lives . Both wo men are leaders i n Cal ifornia organized real estate and actively su pport a wide range of civi l rights, health and arts organizations. Ellen and Linda are dedicated to hel ping clients b uy with knowledge . and sell with confi dence. Where do you want to live?

www.TheHarriso nTeam . com

4 1 5 . 738. 7024




Experience. Experience. Experience.

www.fram eline.or


--(He- l..G'BT (pM'""vNlT'I ""AS 10 fU::t lf1 ".(:a/tolJ6j 1>1Z.E.:JVOC c..€ ANP

D I ��IMWA"n� .

"iN 1hflj G et Us To Screw OU fselve�.

-rt>8ACCO CoM,AtJl f.S S HO W N' Nfa A I>S "{lI� , rt �lJppotr BY RvIl It>!

61t't p U � /' l lA"T/ /)N� .

LVE �eTvll tJ ,1-4£ 1=A-vo rt sv

The Last Drag offe rs free q u it-smoking cl asses in SF for LGBT and

H I V+ smokers.

&o y n J c.,

TH � I� CI6A�� TT'�S

Visit www.lastdrag.org or ca l l 4 1 S-33 9-STOP.

Can't attend a class in SF? For i nfo r m ation a n d co u n s e l i n g by tel ephone, ca l l the Ca l ifo rnia S m o kers' H e l p l i n e, 1 -800-NO-BUTTS. Paid for by the Tobacco Free Project (www.sanfra nciscotobaccofreeproject.org) in col l a boration with the Coa l ition of Lavender Americans o n Smoki n g & Health.

72 san f ra n cisco i nternational lgbt film festiva l

eye s : B OUTI ETTE



H E R R M A N N,


Lawyers w h o s p e c i a lize i n p rovid i n g co m p re h e n s ive, va l u e s - based estate p la n n i n g s e rvices to m e et the u n i q u e c h a l l e n ges fa c i n g the LG BT c o m m u n ity

One B u s h Street I S uite 1150 I San Fra n cisco, CA 94104 415 -69 3 -05 5 0



www.bvh law.com


I n t h e co u rts , i n Co n g ress, i n t h e st re ets, f i g h t i n g fo r m a rri a g e e q u a l i ty.



America n Civi l Li bert ies U n i o n (ACLU) 1 663

M i ssi o n Stre e t , S u ite 460 Sa n Fra n c i s c o , C A 94 1 03

(4 1 5) 6 2 1 - 2493

www. a c L u n c . o rg



Daniel Ripley

S�!����e�iP ley.com (41 5 ) 626-2545 www.fr






C elebrating Our 2 5 th Anniversary '.\

H aye s .·

Street , G rill · Serving




of ' fine

ingredients, including sustainably harvested fish and farmers' market produce . Hayes Street Bar & Grill is proud to be a sponsor of Frameline's 2 9th San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival.

Lunch Monday through Friday Dinner nightly 3

coul:se $25 pl'ixfixe Sunday through Thursday after

320 Hayes Street @ Franklin San Francisco

(4 1 5) 863-5545

7:30 p. m.

There a re 1 , 5 0 0 fi l m fests wo r l d w i d e-over 600 i n the U . S . - w i t h m o re sta rt i n g eve ry day. F F T cove rs a l l a s pects of t h i s g row i n g ven u e fo r emerg i n g a n d i nd e p e n d e n t fi l m m a ke rs a n d fest i va l p rofes s i o n a l s . P u b l i s hed q u a rter l y, F F T pri nts 1 00,000 c o p i e s a n n u ­ a l ly, a nd is d istri buted thro u g h contro l led c i rc u lation mai l i ngs. FFT i s d i rect- m a i led to key ind ustry leaders and at fi lm-centric d i st ri bution poi nts, with com pli men­ tary d istribution at over 75 fi l m festiva l s worldwide. CALL 212 592-01 5 1 OR S U BS C R I B E ON THE W E B:



c�n fr�n t'i<:r.n i ntprn::lti n n ::l l 100ht film fp<:tiV::l1

fo re ign c i n e m a

m ission street san fra ncisco ph: 4 1 5 648 7600

, 2534

Open for Bru n ch Saturday & Su nday

We need YOU . . . to vo l u nteer. Barriers can exist that may prevent LGBT men and women from receiving life-saving health information or needed care. You can help us get the word out about early detec足 tion as the best defense against cancer.

Adopt A Waiting Child The S F Ch ild Project i s in search of stable, committed LGBT individuals and couples interested in providing permanency for a waiting chi ld. For more information, contact Yol onda Young-A rmstrong at Fami ly Buil ders By Adoption:

5 1 0 272 - 0204

Protect yourself and the people you care about - join us as a community volunteer. Call 415.394.7100, option 3, to get involved. 1 . 800.ACS.234S

www.ca ncer. o rg Hope.Progress.Answers. California Division, Inc. Th e American Cancer Society, California Division, Inc. is proud to sponsor the frameline29 San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival and salutes the Festival . for its independence from tobacco sponsorship.

www.fra m e l i n e.on!:


o l iti

GUARDIAN PROU D S P0N SOR OF Sa n Fra ncisco I nternational LG BJ FU m Festiva l


san francisco i nternational lgbt film festival

www.fra meline.org 77

I f yo u ' r e o u t , t h i s i s a g r e a t

p l a c e t o s e tt l e i n .

• hotel

nikko san francisco

W ith a n atri u m - covered poo l , a 24-hour health c l u b , a n d a n a m a z i n g co l l ection o f contempora ry a rt, it's n o wo n d e r we've become San Francisco's favored hote l .

�� .'I<-: ...

Off Un ion S q u a re i 222 Mason St. i San Francisco,

iGLfA www. hoteinikkosf.com


941 02 i

i 4 1 5 . 3 94. 1 1 1 1 i 1 . BOO . N i K K O . U S

1 4 5 1 C h u rch Street

(corner of Cesar Chavez) San Francisco Phone: 4 1 5 . 282.7385 www. noeval leypet.com

7 8 san francisco i nternati onal lgbt film festival


I ntrod ucing Icelandair's direct service from San Francisco to E u rope and Scandinavia. Beginning May 1 8th! Europe is the idyl ljc place to celebrate gay pride, Take part in some of

' Eu rope's liveliest pride ev�nts! i ni:ILiding Norway, the host for the 2005 ElJroprid� COr:ife�� ri�e , Arid, ev�ry flight allows you to Take-A-Break in Iceland


where surroundings include , geothermal hot springs, volcanoes and geysers, .Fa.!" flln the�e's hQrseback riding, sr;owmobiling, shopping and even some of the most talk�d abo�t nightl ife' and cuisine i n the world,


' " �' $ �''''' '7 I� , S

Rt;iykjavit< P rid� Eve' rit , Pack,age frPm




Reykiavik, lcela d, Aug 3-7, 2005, Discover the fun




anp , excitement of Reykjavik Pride! Includes round-


per periori,'dbl �cc�panq '


trip transatlantic air; round-trip transfers, three nights

ho1�I, Blu� lagoon ' visit, entran�� ,to Gay Pride opening ceremony, parade,


;danc'es and events, G,ay Pride T-shirt and . welcome information kit. ' " . ., ' . " . . . ' . Fo� mC)re i.nform�ti�n on p�ckages in Iceland and Europe, visit

' wwW.icel,�n dairh�lid�ys�c�m/g�y. For more infor�ation on gay Iceland,

,visit wW:W.g�yice : is, Fqr bookings call (800) 757-7242, press option 4, then ?< 1 46 ,t .

" ,

o read'; ag e�t Verona, ' ' ' ..



For more il!formation and to order copies of the Spring/Summer/Fall 2005 b�od:iure, co['ltilct y�ur :trClvel ' agent call I celandair H o l idays at 779,2,iJ99 or book onli�e �t. WW'tV.icelandairholidays.com

, (8,09) , .

<;JJe're TtlfaJ'

Cool. . . to Eurore.

Reykjavik, Copenhagen Oslo Stockholm

Helsinki! Amsterdam Paris Frankfurt



'. �


. .


London Glasgow Berlin Munich

t Some departures include SAS codeshare Pi�ht (raryl Stnckh?lm.

' Sp ecia lty Cakes :� Ca tering ' & Evertts .





' Corporate Events ' Private Parties Event Planning Service •

Visit us at www. theocatering. com Call us for a complimentary tasting at

4 1 5/6 9 5 - 1 5 04

www.fram e l in e .org 7 9

C O D D I NGTO N D E S I GN codd i ngto n design . c o m

des ignJi O u ca n l ive in




ve • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •



A SP E C I AL 1 5 th AN N IVE RSARY O FF E R YES ! Send me


issues (1 year) o f Cu rve for j ust $ 1 5 . 00

Magazines mailed discreetly. Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

NAME_________________ _ _ 0::: LI.. VI LI.. U

W o o u o ::E

� Cl..

STREET ADDRESS________________ ___ CITY____ST ATE___ZIP____



CARD N UMBER______ EXP___ SIG NATURE_________________ Mail to: CURVE, P. O. Box 1 7 1 38, North Hollywood, CA 9 1 6 1 5-71 38. Offer valid in


san francisco i nternational lgbt film festival

US only.

S ex 1 s n t E v e ry t h i n g . '

s m a l l p otato e s ca te ring

w w w . t i n y s p u ds . c o m

www.frameline.org 81

82 san francisco international lgbt film festival



E X Q U I S I T E V E G E TA R I A N C U I S I N E A R R I V E S I N T H E T H EAT R E D I S T R I CT "On e of the five best vegetarian

Now open i n its new l ocation adjacent to the Savoy H otel Servi ng d i n n e r d a i ly u nti l l ate n i g htly

ea ting spots in

580 G e a ry @ J o n es

the world" - Moby


Va l et p a r k i n g ava i l a b l e


4 1 5 . 34 5 . 3900

www. m i l l e n n i u m resta u ra nt . com

M A H' A R A N I magic


of india

The most honored Indian Restaurant in America... s. F. Chronicle Top Ten Most Romantic Places in San Francisco - About.com

# 1 Indian Restaurant in San Francisco

1 122


Post Street (between Van Ness &.. Polk) - San Fran cisco, CA 94 1 09 4 1 5. 775. 1 988

m ah araniresta uran t. com www.frameline.org 83

LGBT Alliance




Passionately. - build i n g the J ewish LG BT com m u n ity





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Dam ron LG BT travel guides 足 the stars of gay travel sin ce 1965 D o n 't know w h e re to go aft e r t h e fe stiva l? We've got j u st t h e p la c e . T h o u s a n d s of b a rs , h otels, cafe s , b o o ksto res & m o re , p l u s p ri d e ce le b rati o n s , leath e r eve nts & c i rc u it p a rt i e s . To n s of fi l m festiva ls i n t h e US, C a n a d a a n d E u ro p e 足 th o u gh Fra m e l i n e's wi ll a lways be o u r fave !

800/462-6654 ca l l fo r a free cata l o g

w w w . d a m r o n . c o m

Rest yo u r m i n d , resto re yo u r b o dy.


www.fra meline.org 8 5

THE WESTIN ST. FRANCIS SALUTES : The San Francisco International Lesbian &.. Gay Film Festival.

Traditional Elegance in the Heart of the City


he Omni San Francisco Hotel is located in the heart of San Francisco, near the California Cable Car lin e ,

within minutes o f m aj o r city a ttractions. Experience o n e of our beautifully appointed guest rooms, d i n e at our fine restaurant and relax in a n atmosphere of tasteful elegance . Call 1-800-THE-OMNI for reserva tions .

OMNI. SAN FRANCISCO HOTEL Luxury That's Surprisingly Sensible.no 500 CALIFORNIA STREET, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94104


@%�� U











is proud to support the

San Francisco I nternational LGBT Film Festival 1 1 4 newly renovated spacious guestrooms individually appointed with antiques

.:. Complimentary deluxe continental breakfast Complimentary wireless high-speed Internet access throughout hotel Pets welcome 524 Sutter Street

WH E RE The Leading Magazine for Visitors

We make Cruising the Castro for Shopp i n g, D i n ing and N i g htl ife a l ittle more C

1 0 fu � . You c a n find W H E R E M a g az i n e i n 25,000 of S a n Fra n ci sco's fin est

hotel rooms a n d at the C o n c i erge D e sks. The W H E R E Map c a n be fo u n d at . c o n c i erge d es ks, in h otel l o b b i e s a n d visitor v e n u e s i n 800 B ay A r e a l o c ati ons. Fo r more i nfo rmati o n g o to wVI(w.Wh e r e S F. c o m .

San Francisco, CA 94 102 Te l: (415) 42 1-2865 Fax: (415) 398-6345 Reservations: (800) 9 19-9 779 Sales ( 4 1 5) 983-625 1 www.CartwrightHotel .com Reservations@CartwrightHotel.com


san francisco international lgbt fi lm festival

WHERE Maga zine i s proud t o be a s p o n s o r o f the

29th San Fra ncisco I nternati onal. Lesb ian & Gay Fi lm Festiva l i n 2004.





O nly a few minutes into the show, I was

won over, smiling, clapping,

hooting and

reveling in this longtime San Francisco phenomenon. This is not, it turns out, a unique reaction. "It ' s almost surreal w atching r>eople g e t


on by the show," s ays Chronicle critic Steven Winn, who has seen the show a dozen times. The last time he went, he, too, had somewhat low expectations . But just like everyone else, he became caught up in its

goofy spirit. "It doesn't matter what kind of

mood people are in, how many times they' ve seen the show or what sort of resistance they 've built up ,

in advance," he says. "The show connects with people and m akes them

happy." Want more

proof? David Wiegand, the assistant arts and entertainment editor, somehow managed to avoid seeing it for eight years. "The deep secret I harbored was that I was quietly dismissing it as 'for tourists,' the theater equivalent of a cable car ride or a day trip to the

Whmf," says Wiegand. "Well, 10 and behold, when I went to 'BB B ' earlier this year for the first time, I not only had a ball but found it more than holds its own .

It's an astounding array of acting talent . . . and r�mind everyone in the B ay Area that it's a theatrical treasure to be enjoyed over and over again." as a solid theater piece.


-San Francisco ChrQllicle

Romance abounds in SAN FRA N C I S C O ! O u r u p sca l e b o u t i q u e of E u ropean styl i n g i s on t h e Wate rfron t . C o n t i n ental B reakfast i n cl uded .

Hotel Griffon i s a proud sponsor of fram eline29


Have so meo ne special i n your life?


1 5 5 Ste u a rt Street Hotel Res e rvat i o n s ( 800 ) 3 2 1 � 2 2 0 1 www. h otelgriffo n . com


www.frameline. org 8 7

MAKE IT. P R I NT IT. PAC K IT. S H I P IT. Market Street San Fra ncisco, CA 94 1 03 1 967

4 1 5 . 2 5 2 .0864


I<inko's ,.

Office and Pri nt Center

The defin itive source for lesbian and gay: •

movie n ews



profess ional resources

o n l i ne short fi lms

�lanetOut'" PlanetOut is proud to support The 29th San Francisco I nternational Gay & Lesbia� Film Festival

PlanetOut:com 2 5 0 O A K STR E ET

S A N F R A N C I S C O , CA 94 1 02

88 san fra ncisco i nternati onal lgbt f i l m festiva l

T 4 1 5 . 5 5 8 . 8 840







LOST ART is an extensive collection of original vintage paintings and drawings, as well as distinctive objects of art, all affordably priced. In our South of Market salon, one can enjoy fine art in a unique vintage setting. To visit, please make an appointment by telephone or email, or drop by during our regular open hours which are listed on our website and voicemail.

245 South Van Ness, Suite 303 (at 1 3th) on the penthouse leyel

of the Post Tool Arts Building in San Francisco


4 1 5 8 6 1 1 530

p artners@l o startca . co m

www. lostartsalon. com

www.frameline.org 89








EST1 999 SFCA an


C'.ln fr'l n ri�rn intprn::lti n n ::l l Io-ht film fp.�tiv�1

Authentic, delicious meals with most entrees under $8. Get it fresh . Get it quick. Get it over a romantic date, or take your pasta to go. It's so light and healthy, you 'll be tempted to have it every day . . . and why not? That's what Italians do!


Castro 2304 Ma rket St. @ 1 6th 4 1 5 . 5 58 . 8 1 23

Visit www.pastapomodoro.com for other locations throughout the Bay Area.

www.fra meline. o rg 9 1

I ntroducing the new ThursdayStyles section. Fashion, fitness, beauty, shopping, life. For women. For men.

Slyies �lJt Ntttt Uorl( �ilnttl Pick up a copy at your newsstand or call 1 -800-NYTI M ES for home del ivery. '-

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, •

Proud sponsor of framel i ne29, .

San Francisco International LGBT Fi lm Festival. conti nental .com

e rlines Work Hard .f---�� Fly Rightl® .


Up-to-the-minute news, entertain ment, opinions, and reviews from a gay perspective. Plus streaming audio news and personals. '-

Servi ng OUR COM MUNITY the best coffee, espresso, latte, tea, candy a nd smiles fro m 6:30a m to 8:00pm everyday.

PI l l A 508 CA S TR O




On you r way to the show, come in with you r Fi lm Festiva l ticket stu b and get you r beverage for half price !

Daniel Ri pley

S�!����� i Pl e y.com

(41 5) 626-2545 www.fram e l ine.org 95

making rea l estate

serving the community since 1 986

loans ava i lable to yo u whereve r


beth hoffman

you wa nt to l ive,


work, or pl ay.


sa n fra n c i sco

2045 Ma rket St. S a n Fra n cisco

bay a rea

4 1 5 . 8 6 1 . 5 70 8

pa l m s p ri n g s . l os a n g e l es so n o m a n a pa sa n d i ego 9 6 san francisco internati onal lgbt film festival

www.a l t m o rtg .co m proud sponsor of the 29th

S a n Fra ncisco

International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

l i cen sed by t h e Ca. Dept. of Rea l Estate

Frameline is the nation's only nonprofit organization solely dedicated to the distri bution, promotion , fun ding and exh ibition of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender media arts. Fra m e l i ne's i ntegrated progra m s provi de critica l fu n d i n g for emerg i n g

LGBT fi l m m a kers, reac h

h u n d reds o f thousa n d s with a va ried fi l m col l ection d i stri b uted n ati ona l ly, a n d create a n i nternat i o n a l sta ge for the worl d 's best q ueer fi l m t h rough t h e Sa n Fra n c i sco I nternation a l

LG BT Fi l m Fest iva l

a n d a d d it i o n a l yea r- ro u n d scree n i n gs . Fra me l i ne m e m bers receive a w i d e variety of benefits i nc l u d i n g a dvance ticket sa l es a n d

But most importantly, your donation to Frameline will help to ensure that lesbia n, gay, bisexual and transgender filmmake rs a re able to rea lize and share their u n ique visions.

d i scou nts, i nvitat ions to parties, ga l a s , p re m ieres a n d spec i a l scree n i n gs t h ro u ghout the yea r a n d priority a d m ission to a l l Festiva l scree n i n gs .

www. frameline.org 97



F R A N C I S C 0

N u rtu r i n g . Revi tal izi n g

F re s h

U rbane

Luxu ry, natural ly. For reservations cal l 888.890.8688 or book o n l i n e at www.hotelvitale.com Eight Missio'n Street San Franci sco CA 94 1 05

4 1 5.278.3700

Home of Am ericana Restaurant & Bar and spa vitale Hotel Vitale is a distinctive Joie de Vivre property and proud participant in the Experience Rewards Club. www.jdvhospitality.com

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' san francisco international lesbian & gay film festival -

Wel ls Far o g /Fra m e li n e



A P ro g ra m Cre at e d b y F ra m eli n e to E n s u re th e F ut u re o f Q u e e r Fil m


Ch a n g i n g the Wo rld, O n e M o vie a t a T Ca m paig n fo r im e th e F u tu r e of Q

Fra m e li ne 's

u ee r Fil m


San Francisco LGBT Pride 2005 June 25th & 26th The Mission of the SF Pride Celebration Com m ittee is to educate the World, commemorate our heritage, celebrate ou r cu lture and, li berate our people.

A Delta





Open 9am-9pm every day


1 nn �::In fr::lnr.i�r.n international lesbian & l!av film festival -



STltAIIO �tHG ,,_ , __ "'UR""T .-oNn







w w w. s t r a n d r e l e a s i n g . c o m Email:

stra n d @ s t ra n d r e l e a s i n g . ( o m

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Marc Huestis Presmts

An Eveoing With

� M AX W ' L L M/' 87

,dI\CIil)I5110P'5 � , j\\\N5I�

Partial'Proc-eeds' BenBit PROJECT O P EN �AN D

1 02 san francisco international lesbian & gay film festival '-

I F R A M ' E L 'I N E


. R E L E A S E















65 minutes









漏 2005 butch.org





TH U RS DAY J U LY 14, 2005 www.frameline.org 1 03


Congratu l ations To All Participants .,

frame l ine29, San Francisco Internationa l LGBT Fi lm Festiva l


adding color to your image



D IG ITAL SAN F RA N C ISCO (4 1 5) 864 5 3 5 0 www. m o n a cosf.co r '-

' Blackmail Boy'

'Clara 's Sum m er'


'The Accidental Hero'

'Garcon Stupide'

'To the Extreme'





Question of Love'

order toll free 8 8 8 . 604 . 8 3 0 1 order online WWw. p ictu reth i s homevi deo .com



LOVE INTHOUGHTS love is the only reason to die for

O PE N WI D E . P R E M I E R I N G TH I S S U M M E R , TH R E E P R OVO CATIVE FI LMS O N LY O N here !DA NGEROUS LIVI NG Fear. Oppression . Terror. Daily facts o f life for gays, lesbians and tra nsgenders living i n countries.


Experience their worlds in this incisive

docu mentary by John Scagl iotti (Before Stonewall, After Stonewall) . Television premiere i n M ay.

J U LI E JOH NSON Lili Taylor, Courtney Love and M ischa Barton star in this movi n g drama of a New Jersey h ousewife who h ides her genius intel lect - until she ditch es her h usband and m oves in with her best friend . World television prem iere in J u n e .

GI RLS WI LL BE GI RLS A comedic laugh riot that sends up Hollywood melodra mas, from bri l l i ant writer-director Richard Day (Straight-J acket) . Starring Varia Jean Merm a n , Miss C o c o Peru a n d Evie H a rris. Television premiere in J un e .


Available o n : Comcast ON DEMA N D , DIRECN C h 1 90, DISH N etwork Ch 537 , I mpulse O n Demand from R C N cable channel l .



and prmously

cherished Saab8.


Burlingame SAAB

825 N San Mateo Drive - San Mateo CA 9440 I www. burl ingamesaab.com 866/806.2303

frameline: Board o f Di rectors


Members/ Donors

Kathryn Stebner President

Karl Beck Hospitality Coordinator

AS O F A P R I L 25, 2005

Duane Cramer Vice President

Alison Cross Hospitality Driver

Adam Berman Treasurer

Anna Lawton Program & Hospitality Associate

Stephanie Portman Secretary Caryl Athanasiu David Castro Kevin Crilly Elizabeth Falkner Julie Haddon Linda Harrison Saydeah Howard Wendy Levy Deborah Montesinos Sandip Roy Alonzo Ruvalcaba

Frameline Staff Desiree Buford Exhibition Manager Mathew Cote Distribution Assistant Steven Jenkins Associate Director Christopher Kelleher Administrative Assistant Maura King Distribution Director Ming Lee Information Systems Manager Kate Lloyd Development Associate Michael Lumpkin Executive Director

Gina Lovoi Print Traffic Associate Sam Rypinski Print Traffi c Coordinator Phoebe Tooke Travel Coordinator Screening Committee: · Amy Anner · Catherine Brannigan · Vincent Calvarese · Stephen Danner · Cindy M. Emch · Lisa Foster · Adriana Gordon · Charlotte Gutierrez · Hy Levy · Lulu · Ian Stallings P U B L I CATI O N S

Anonymous Catherine Brannigan Steven Buss & Steven Ewing

Jay Cohen Robert Dockendorff Tim Gullicksen Michael Katz & Lawton Allenby

The Live Oak Fund of the Tides Foundation Brent Lok & Joel Wade French Allen Schuh

Shannon Smith Eric Trefelner & Paul Perkovic V I S I O NARY STAR

Anonymous (2)

John David Calaway & Olof C.J. Hansen

J ulie Ann Yuen Designer P U B L I C I TY

Publicity Coordinator: Larsen Associates · Timothy Buckwalter · Karen Larsen · Chris Wiggum


Frameline29 Staff


Steven Saylor Copy Editor

Jennifer Morris Director of Programming

Matt Westendorf Development Director

Jim Follis & Ray Hurst

Alvin Baum, Jr.

Jim Norrena Publicity Associate

Frances Wallace Sponsorship Manager

Bill Dickey In Memory of Michael J. Berg

Denise Granger Print Manager

Andy Moore Educational Distribution Manager

Hossein Sepas Bookkeeper & Human Resources Manager


Dave Haase Events Coordinator

Jody Cole Pam David & Cheryl Lazar Tim Eicher & Jeff Eubanks

Milton Estes

Gary Grossman, PhD & Matt Dahlberg Dan Flanagan

Jodi Johnson Kevin Johnson Beth Karpfinger Michael Kossman Anne Madden & Dana Morse

Events Producer: OPTS Events · Michael Christman · Tammy Hilbric · Monetta White

Cathy McGoff

Nick Pannozzo Events Assistant

Kori Rae & Darla Andersen

Scott Montgomery & Marc Rand Randolph Quebec & Cal Long Greg Rasalan & Brian Farren


Philip Walker Sponsorship Associate

Steve Abbot Seat Captain

Michael Wolford Events Associate

John Schlesinger & Richard Starkeson

Festival Identity and Design

Kathryn Stebner & Julie Davis

Liberty & Church · Brian Porea · Robert Raasch

Hoa Tran & Jeffrey Nebenzahl

Chad Armstrong Website Progra mmer Russ Gage Volunteer Coordinator Hal Rowland Technical Director Rick Stone Operations Associate Box Office Management: Trilogy Productions, Inc. · Joe Lawrence · Pam Lawrence

Festival Trailer Atemlos GmbH Duesseldorf, Germany

House Managers: · Aarin Burch · Dennis Con roy · Molly Mitoma · Jamie Mott · JC Rafferty · Candace Roberts · Brad Robinson · Rebecca Sitty · Natalija Vekic

1 1 2 san francisco international lgbt film festival

Mark G. Reisbaum

Mark Tada & David Harbert

. Richard West V I S I O NARY

Anonymous (3) Larry Ackerman Timothy John Arbogast Caryl & Ana Athanasiu

Nancy Lynn Baker, PhD & Cathy Hauer

Celeste M. Bancroft

John Bare & Ignatius Bau Denise Beirnes

Kate Berg & Lindsay Lowe

Adam Berman

Hazel Betsey & Carol Rose

Cathy Blessum & Joan Loeffler Susan Bluer & Jennifer Mannix Paul Bollwinkel & Paul Thurston John Bars, MD Ky Boyd & Michael O'Rand Chris Brice & Jay Curly Allan Brookbank & James Anderson Tom Brutting & Ed York, Jr. Thomas Buck Pete Bullard & Andrew Ogus Geri Bumbalough & Joseph Moncallo Tom Burke & Axel Brunger Robert Byhre & Jim Hollenbeck William Byrne Rick Campbell Kevin Caravello & Peter Renteria Damian Carmichael David Castro Jennifer Chaiken & Sam Hamilton Ann Mei Chang Dennis P. Chicola & Ron Newman Michael Christman & Mike Fanning L. N. Cisneros Ron Claveloux Duane Cramer Vicki Cramer Kevin Crilly John Cummings & Tom Heck Irene & Regina Dick-Endrizzi Tom DiMaria Calvin Doucet Rizalina Dungca & Paula Black Andrew Dunn & Doug Shimosaka Don Eastman Elizabeth Falkner & Sabrina Riddle Alan Farley & Ricardo Lasquete Lele & Rachel Field Mark Forester Emery Frank Russ Gage & Joe Bonasera Dr. Nanette Gartrell & Dr. Dee Mosbacher Vivien Gay, The Isosceles Group Nik Gervae Kurt Geselbracht & Francisco Guevara Joan Glassheim & Elizabeth Pearce David Gleba . & George Beatty, MD Denise Glover & LeaAnn Kjome Laurie Gottlieb & Karen Randall

Dan Greening & Ron Lussier Julie Haddon & Edurne Egurbide Jane Hambleton & Shawn Lovell

Sarah Jane Hamilton Linda Harrison & Ellen Anderson Wayne Hazzard & E. Eastman Frederick Hertz & Randolph Langenbach

James Harmel & Timothy Wu Darlene Horton, MD & Lourdes Gil Vega Saydeah Howard Ben Hu & Dan Dyer Marc Huestis H. Lee Hufford & William Wells Kathleen Hurley Suzanne Israel & Laurie Hanover Robert & Donna Jaques

Martha Jimenez Carla Johnson & Anna Kuperberg Linda Koll & Anna Karydas Kim Kreis & Donna Stapleton Richard A. La Cava, Attorney at Law Mauricio Leon Wendy Levy & Kerry Heffernan David Lincoln King & Timothy Stevenson

Michael Lumpkin & Mark Page Glen Mathison & Zoel Fages Anita Monga & Peter Moore

Deborah & I<athleen Montesinos Daniel Morneau & Tom Lalor Alfred Moser & Emily Moser Missy Nery & Mirna Rivera Robert Newbold Daniel Nicoletta & Michael Pinatelli, Jr. John Osborne & Ab.e Doherty

Steve Parker Brian Porea Stephanie Portman Tim Portwood & Jim Lauber Robert Raasch Christine Raffetto & Denise Griego Mark Reisman, MD

Gerald Richardson Liz Rigali & Karen Hirst Elan Rosenquist Sandip Roy Alonzo Ruvalcaba & Kenneth Bielenberg Diane Sabin & Jewelle Gomez

Diana Saca & Theresa Sabella Steven Schmidbauer & Martin Herrick

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Jay Shaffer Michael Shapiro Sam Sirko & Lou Smith

Richard Skidmore & Mark Pierce Bob Skinkle & Felix Vega John Small Russell Smith & Christopher Moore Robert Smith & Andy Garcia Rick Solomon & Steven Saylor Bill Stewart Lisbet Tellefsen Andrew Thompson Radha Tomassetti & Laura Psaendler Billy Tompkins & Dan Steves Sheryl Traum & Neo Collett Thad Trela Steven Vance Joe Vassallo & Doug Paxton Winston Vaughan Marc Virga & Michael Westerfield Rudd & Gerard Walter-Canaday Alexander White & Greg Santee Russell Williams & Dr. David Schaefer Michael Wittgen & Jon Leitner William Woods Dawn Zemo & Stephanie Stehling BENEFACTOR

Anonymous (2) James Abbeduto & John B. Butts Marcy Adelman Kathryn Allen Mitch Altman Jeff Anderson & Jeff Soukup . Arthur E. Anderson Michael Armanini Tom Atkins Henry Baird & Raymond Harbort Laurie Baker Peter Barbosa Kenneth Barnes & John Ducote Roy Bateman Mario Bertucci James Bohannon Victor Bonfilio Josh Bottfeld Andrew Boulter Peter Bray & Raul Calderon Thomas Brock Liza C. Brown Richard Brown & Christopher Nordstrum Elliott Brown Marcia Brown & Laura Moran William Byrne Vincent S. Calvarese Lisa Carlin Damian Carmichael Debra Carmona & Susan Zimbelman Sarah Carroll William Chiles Lisa Chun & Esther Lee Debra Costner

Dr. Denys Crain-Gully John Davis & Bill M nley Henry Doering Cynthia Dunn James Dyvad Judea Eden Anthony Eringis Daniel Ernster Christopher Esposito Anne Etheridge Joseph Fera Steve Ferrario Jack Fertig A. Foland I<athy Foster & Suzanne Johnson Jim French Martin Fung & Michael Hughes Allan Galanter & Cal Domingue Marsha Gale & Liz Hoadley Jose Madeira Garcia & AI Villanueva Lin Gentry Salvatore J. Giambanco & Mike Edmonds Rob Giljum Jerome Goldstein & Thomas Taylor Brian Goldston Diana Gray Michael Gray & Michael Salstein Martine Habib & Hilary Hart Steve Clark Hall Cathy Halligan & Zoon Nguyen Tom Halligan Edwin Hardy Charles Henn Dr. John Hensala Frederick Hertz & Randolph Langenbach Kirk Hinman & Ramon Santos

John Hladky & Lee Johnson Ernest Hopkins Cody Hoyer Eric Hsu & Jim Chambers Jeff lorillo David Jackson Carl R. Jaeger Christopher Johnson Randy Johnson & Barry Ress Kris Kadin Richard Kawala Penni Kimmel Laura Kinley Ron Kisling Paul Knudsen & Tim Etheridge Jessica Koeppel Keely Kolmes Robert Kuhn Gerald LaBuda & Daniel Healy Lisa Lippincott Lulu Linc Madison Chris Mancini

Andrew Mann Molly Martin Enrique Massa Richard Mazzarisi Patrick McCabe Lisa McCally Stephen McNeil & Brian Mailman Michael Mendiola Thomas Merrifield Roger Miller Robin Mills Robert Mison Bert Mittler Lauretta Molitor & Charlotte Woody Jesus Mora & David Siffring John Newmeyer Chas Nol & James DelPriore Nick Nussbaum Robert Omara & Arnold Lim Rick Osmon Marguerite Pakozdi & Amy Toder John Paschal Anthony Pasqua Benjamin Patterson Joel Perlstein Mark Peters Jennifer M . Petrucione Michael Phillips Simon Pitchford & Jim Munson Steve Polsky & Mark Oliver Jan Probst & Karen Wells Paul Quick Maria Ramiu Douglas Rayner Charlie Ridlon Ernest Patrick Rodriguez Milton Rodriguez Joe Rosenthal James Rowley Lee Sauer Law offices of Linda M. Scaparotti David Schwab & Michael DeMarco Stacey Scull Michael Nathan Sebastian Greg M. Sirota Daniel Slaughter & Stephan Blachowski Arthur Slepian & Gerry Llamado Eric Smith Rita Sohlich Randall Soloman & Joseph Mallett Kenny Sontheim Kevin Soriano & Michael Mathews William Stewart Joseph Tally Floyd Thompson Donn Thompson Andrew Utiger James E. Van Buskirk Oliver Vogel Lonnie Weiss Matt Westendorf Kelly Wilkinson & Edith Peck Donald Wilson

Alex Woolfson Janet Wright Claude Wynne & David Douma David Young & Donald Bird Soher Youssef Edward Yu Mark Ziering Jonathan Zimman Ron Zuckerman PATRON

Anonymous (3) Diana Adair & Becky Wang Robert Anderson & Kyong Shik Eom. Auriel and Winter Held Oliver Bacon Merri Baldwin & Cal Joy John Basgall & Michael J. Bitanga Richard Bookwalter & Galen Leung Angela Bottum & Marjorie Hamm Roland Brunner & Selene Steese Tracy Burt Raymond Cannon & John Sullivan Vivien Chan Nancy Choate Gregory Clinton & Gregory Morris Catherine Coates & Veronica Selver William Conrad Brad Crowell & Gary Koehler Mary Frances Culnane & Judy Green Jackie Cuneo Arvada Darnell & Cheryl Pike Melissa Davidson Glenn Davis & James Takagi Gregg De Meza & Colton Weeks Kevin De Yager & Kewchang Lee, MD Deidre Defreese Jane F. Donnell Maxine E. Doogan Lisa Dungan Noreen C. Dunleavy & Erika Peterkin Patricia Dunn & Eileen Blumenthal Michael Ehrenzweig & Wayne Salazar Tim Farr Carrie Farrell & Kelley Berg David Farrell Tim Fincham Moritz Fliedner Erin Flynn & Chloe Atkins Cynthia S. Foglesong Jeffrey Fraenkel & Alan Mark Clark Freshman Ken Fulk & Kurt Wootion Paul Gabel & Michael Mendiola Michael Genhart, PhD

Chip Gettinger & Paolo Galullo Yukiko Gillen Amy Goldman & Dorothy Bartolomucci Michael Gray & Michael Salstein Jeff Haass Stuart Hills & Kent Jue Becky Holman & Anna Denham Kari Hong & Karyn Ridgeway Michael Jennis & Michael Butler Lawrence Katzin John Killacky & Larry Connolly Lawrence Kim Kim Klausner & Susan Stryker John Kruse & Gary Beuschel Thomas La Belle David Law & Kenneth Singer Alan Lessik Eric Letourneau Gary Lomax Patrick W. Love Barry Lynch & Dennis Blanchard Mark Marrow & Pat Dixon Keith A. Martinsen & Edward Gama William McBride Nancy Mootz Rex Morgan & Greg Reniere Eric Morrison & Jason Mero Michael Morrison & Don Martin Tony Negri & Kha Hoang Tanya Neiman & Brett Mangels Nicole Neumarker & Gina Baldi Thuan Nguyen & Mark McGovern Deirdre O'Brien John O'Connell & Christian Giorgi Douglas Okun & Eric Ethington Jenni Olson & Julie Dorf Erin Paige & Linda Declercq Jan Pardoe & Cathy Mcintosh Billie Parker & Maury Cooper Annette Perry & Denise Granger Michael Petty Keith Pugliese Isen Roger Ritland & Thomas Ossenbeck Kris Rockwell Hal Rowland Emily Rosenberg & Darlene De Manincor Kim Scala Barry Schmell & Joseph Costa Marcey Shapiro & Star Woodward Marcus Shouse M.T. Silvia

Jeff Small & John Hauser Megan Smith & Kara Swisher Jenny Sparks & Alice Locke Larry D. Steele Sarah Stevens Evan Stewart Roger Strassner Lee Swain & Clark Dawood Tracy Taylor & Suzi Saroukhanians Tom Teasley Julia S. Tortolani & Karen Hartwig Mily Trabing & Susan Thomas Karen Trilevsky & Patti Chang Christopher Turner Peter Von Lukanovic & Raphael Pereira Leonie Walker & Kate O'Hanlan Gabriella West Camilla Whyte & Kathy Clark Will Williams & Debra Costner Fiona Wilmot & Anne Murray Michael Wolford Larry Wolfson & Dave Fong Joseph Wong Ben Yokoyama & Kyle Childress Stephen Young & Peter Cullinan Charles Young & Bret Simister Mitchell Youngman Susan Zaro S U P P O RTER

Jane Ardell Michael Arsenault William J. Aseltyne & Jeff Stryker Donald Baker Jeremy Barcan Dottie Barrett Ames Dan Bartley Darcy Beal Michael Beekman Kathleen M. Bennett & Andrea Salmond Judith Berkowitz & Sheryl Connell James Bernardi Jay Blodgett Michael Blubaugh Jordie Bornstein Elizabeth A. Brady Larry Brinkin & R. Wood Massi Cathy A. Brooks Amy Brown Kenyon Brown Deborah Burge Michael Burke Diane Caliva Mark Carmody Gary Carnivele Kevin B. Casey Sue Caswell Roderic Cathcart

Jennifer Caulfield & Stephanie Scott Humphrey Chan Brian Cheu Bruce Christenson Robert J. Christopher Michael Clune Dion Coakley Michele Cobble Joe Cooper John Cortez Paul Dannhauser Carol Dawson Rose Wendi Deetz & Gina Belleci Ana Deleon James DeMuth Paul Devine Suzanne Dewit Donna Di Meo Heron Doe Jacqueline Dominguez Lawrence Dominguez Arthur Dong Mike Dragovich & Michael Gaitlex John Drakulich Jay Elliott David Ellison Katherine L. Estell Colleen Evans & Roseann Dial David Featherstone Dorothy L. Fernandez Marysue Fisher Michael Fraker Andrew Freeman Erin Gallagher Marilyn Goldberg Jared Goldfine Brendalynn R. Goodall Jess Graham & Nicole Dufour Stewart Graham Adan Griego Paul Gross Marvin Halpern James T. Hammer Katie Hickox Darin Hieb Lisa Hoffman Tom Hofmaenner Valerie Holman Curt Holzinger Genevieve Howe Thom Huebner Tommy Huie Alex Ingersoll Edward B. Jajeh Seb Jarakian Steven Jenkins Ronald Jin Deyon Jonson Cecilia Joyce S.J. Kahn Ken Katen Lori Katz Evan Kavanagh & Andrew Harkins Brendon M. Kearney Judith Keenan Robert Kevess Edward Kimak Karen Kiss & Paris Poirier

Antonio Kruger Mike Kwong James Kyle Eliza Laffin Karen Larsen David Lawless Donna Leonard & Frances Scott Scott Levokove John Lewis Lori Lewis Jennifer Lin Gregory Lind . John F. Linderman Kathleen Liparini Kerryann Lobel & Marta Drury Glenda Lockhart Pierre Louveaux Greg Mackellan Tina Marlowe Corrina Marshall Mark McCormick Paul McCullough Patricia McGarvey Michael McKee Kelley McKenzie Catherine McKenzie Padric Meagher & Michael Guy David Merkel Joan Mesker Mark Molina Richard Morasci Jeanette Moris Chad M. Morrett Julie Morrisett Constance Morrison Kathy Nelsen Michael Newman Paul Newton James Nixon William F. Ocker Ellen Odea John Osborn Charles Osgood, III Robert Owen, MD , & George Wu Mary Owen Kathryn Page Alisa Peck Anne Persson Jim Phillips Marilyn Picariello & Linda Rose Jed Pogran & Gary McGregor Michael Poplardo Carrie Portis Nancy Purcell Ron Ranum Eldon Ream Brad Reed Hilary Reed Roz Reiter Judy Rickard Michael Ritter Greg Rodehau Nora Rooney & Margaret Parker Robert Rosborough Cheryl Rosenthal & Sue Libby Celia Rowland

Michael Ryan Rita Sabini James Sandberg Margaret Schadler Josh Schechtel & Andrew Davies Donald Scherl Stephanie Scott Hossein Sepas & Patrick Carney Gregory Shapiro Phil Siegel Gail Silva Diana M. Siowiejko William Lonon Smith Eric Snyder & Ed Marley Linda Sontag & Deb Kinney Karlin Sorenson & Krista Lucchesi Tony Speakman Jane Stafford Howard Steierfilm Margaret Stone & Claudia Cappio Nancy Suib & Karen Sundheim Bob Sullivan Steve Sullivan Susan Sullivan Nancy Sutley Kara Swisher & Megan Smith Michael Tate Jennifer Taylor Lila Thirkield Laura Thomas Ralph Thomas Paul Thurston & Paul Bollwinkel Steven Tierney Tim Tune Sandra L. Tuttle Victor Ray Valdiviezo Art Vallez Carole Vandermeyde Kim VanSlyke Greg Vierra Jack Walsh Gary Walker & Ed Valenzuela Gregory Walter & Peter Farmer David Warczak Peter Washburn & Rod Brown Lesley Weaver Marc H. Wernick Christopher Westergaard Sheryll White Scott Whitsett & Ted Glaza John A. Williams John B. Williams Stephen Wilson Jr. Henry R. Wilson Susan Winer Steven Wolfe Geof Worcester Garrett Wun Samuel Young Mike Zimmerman

www. frameline.org 1 1 3

The Festival could not happen without the hard work and dedication of our talented volunteers. Thanks to all those listed here and the many who joined us after the printing of this catalog.

Sonia Cassia

Steven Abbott Stephen Abrush Simone Adair Beth Alsberg Mitch Altman Peter Alvarado Kimberly Alvarenga Kathy Amendola Bill Anderson Joni Anderson Seema Arora Michael Arsenault Marianna Aue Glen Baird Alyssa Banner Barry Barbour Fred Barrett Jennifer Barth Matt Baume Dominika Bednarske Jaiya Ben-Yuhmin Holly Benedict Sue Bennett Adam Berger Ilona Berger Teresa Bertini Kirsten Berzon Larry Biando Caroline Bird Cynthia Blancaflor Therese Bogan Maureen Bogues Christine Bois Douglas Bondick Lathem Bonem Rachel Brebach Michelle Brenard

Carly Earnshaw Natalie Eberhard Juan Echevarria Audrey Edalino Sarah Edelstein Cindy Emch Carla English David Eu ba n ks Michael Evans Avner Even-Zohar Suzanne Ezrre Scott Fairbanks Eddy Falconer Lisa Faustino Beth Feingold

Mary Cavagnaro Martin Chai D'chell Chambers Simone Chou Sue Clark Victoria Clarke Jan Clements Nancy Connolly Alyssa Contreras Edana Contreras Liz Conway Ammon Corl Ronald Corley James Cortese

Marshall Feldman Meredith Fenton Lindsay Ferlin Brett Fisher

Alice Cotton Abbi Coursolle Heather Cox John Cox

Marie Flaherty Michael Flanagan Bill Flanigan Kristin Flewelling Dr. Herminio Flores Mebinchi Fluker Jen Fogarty Lucrecia Fontes Thorn Fowler Chris Fox Linda Foy Lesley Frana Rana Freedman Ida Friedman Andy Friend Jerry Fuller Krista Gaeta Nadine Gartner David Gemigniani

Alison Cross Sally Curran Rina Czapszys Wanda Dabkoska Christopher Dahl Mattheus Dahlberg Margaret Daniel Genna Darby Lauren Davidson Sam Davis Ninfa Dawson Coyote Days John Dearing Karen Deckert Ted Delacruz Jackie Dennis John Dennis

Anlee Brickman Carolyn Broughton Kenyon Brown Bill Bulkley Shiloh Burton

Maria DePalma Amanda Devlin Pipi Diamond Maggie Diaz-Monroy Sharon Dinkin

Mike Canning

Martin Dooley

Kim Cao Richard Carrazza George Carter Cyndi Case

Benjamin Dresner Dorie Dunham Curtis Dunn Christopher Duran

Taleen Kadamian Madison Kane Joseph Kanuch Leah Kaplan Ken Katen Jeffrey Kawai Jennifer Kelley Max Kelly

Sasha Goldsberg Jennifer Gorospe Patrick Gould Sarah Grams Patricia Grant Rebekah Grassl Donald Graves Green

Volker Kesemeyer Sara Keskula Carolyn Kim Penni Kimmel Evan King Karen Kircher Stacy Kirshbaum

Sunny Green Derryn Grey Sarita Groisser Mark Gross Maria Guastavino Tom Hagemann Dan Halpern

Laura Kjelrulf Elliot Klein Kendra Klein Rick Knight Peter Knudsen Janet Kodish Laurie Koh Matthew Kohut Candace Kosior Aidan Kotler Marianne Krajewski Cynthia Kruger Evelyn Kunkel Edric Kwan Tom La Belle Liz Landacre Meredith Lange William Langley Maya Lara Gisele Laven Spyke Lawlor Sky Lazerith Marla Leech

Raleigh Harrell Ellen Harris Leslie Hassberg April Hawkins Alison Hawthorne Shani Heckman Yara Herman Johnny Hernandez Tim Herzik Vanya Hollis Vashti Holt Sal Hopkins Laura Horak Philip Horne Jan Hoshida Edward Hsu David Hurley Rea Inglesis Alexa Inkeles Alix Izen Jenn Jackson Deb Jacobs

Barbara Gersh Jeremy Gerspacher Tom Gibson Eric Gillespie

Anna Jaeger

Winn Gilmore Jennifer Gilomen Arnie Giordano James Giotta Burnie Gipson

Cara Jobson

Matt Jennings Connie Jeung-Mills Lee Jewell Janine Johnson Angela Jones Eliza beth Jones Kathleen Joyce

Maggie Leigh Cass (Alecs) Leung Margaret Levine Alissa Levy James Lewis Gail Lillian Edward Lim Connie Linas Amy Little

Eleanor "Beth" Munger Enver Rahmanov Daniel Munoz Emma Ramstad Jodi Naas Jennifer Rau Kirthi Nath Milton Repreza Paloma Nazario Sarah Rezny Catherine Neely Naomi Rifkin Pierre Nelson Fred Rimando Aaron Nemetz Ari Rinzler

Darin Little Heidi Lloyd Kay Lombardini Gene London Julia Long Victoria Long William Long Paul Loper Peter Lu nceford Paul Luu Kathy Ma Richard Mah David Mahon Emery Mandel

Khanh Ngo Kevin Nguyen Alan Nicholson Molly Nixon Sean O'Connor Tali Ofer

Moira McNamara

Kaia Olatunde Francisco Ornelaz John Osborne Gigi Otalvaro Gilbert Pacaldo Sandra Padilla Jorge Palafox Les Panakaew Nicholas Pannozzo Attila Papp Jennifer Parks Tania Parsley Lisa Paz Daniel Pearch Jeanne Pearson Alia Pekareva Chris Peloquin Murray Pender Carlos Penilla Linnette Peralta Haynes Enrique Perez Courtney Perry

Dolissa Medina Margot Meitner

Juanito Maravilla Rachel Markel Anne Marks Daniel Martell Megan Martenyi Buzz Martin Lance Martin Lisa Martin Christina Martinez Taro Masushio Merin Mathew Shawn Matloob Sara Mayer John Mburu Mark McClelland Caitlin McClune Tim McFee Jerry McHugh Sarah Mcilveen Randy McKean Robert McLoud

Jen Smith Ken Sperandio Amanda Staab Nate Stanis Bill Stephens David Stevenson Joey Stevenson Paul Stewart

Johann Ripfel

Ta nya Stiller

Harrison Rivers

Lin Stone

Nathan Robinson

David Stueve

Roberto Rodriguez

Roger Suarez

C.J. Roessler

Bob Sullivan

Robby Roll

Naomi Szoke

Nora Roman

Wendy Tobias

Will Roque

Cheri Tsai

Roger Rose

Keren Tsur

Roxxie Rosen

Jessica Tyler

Gidalia Rothman

Blake Ulveling

Jennifer Rowley

Kristina Underdal

Ben Runkle

Heidi Van De Wege

Nancy Russell

Vicki Vandeventer

Patrick Russell

Joe Vieira

Patty Sanchez

Ray Villa

Cindy Sawchuck

Lisa Vogt

Roger Schachtel

Glenn Wagner

Stephanie Schmitt

Tanya Waissman

Rebecca Schnall

Gili Warsett

Marc Schnapp

Carol Weinfeld

Ted Schreiber

Sylvia Wenninger

Karen Schumacher

Todd Whitworth

Michael Sherlock

Chris Wiggum

Richard Sherwin

Sabrina Wilbert

Lillian Shiiba

Vanessa Wilson

Michael Shugert ,

Ron Winterstein

Kevin Shytle

Phillip Witkay

Steve Pineda

Rebecca Sibrack

Julie Wolf

Tom Signore

Doug Wolff

Rebecca Meyer

Carlos Ponce Martin Pooley Angie Powers Christina Powers

Amanda Miller

Andrew Presley

Shay Skye

Derick Yih

Renee Miller

Catharine Price Jenny Proenza Sarah Raab Jennifer Radtke

Trina Siabiak

Connie Yip

Erin Smart

Amy Yunis

Ryan Mercredi Sasha Merritt

Henri Mora Patty Moreira Harry Mort

Shelley Simpson

Peter Wong

Cheryl Singh

Rebecca Woo

Craig Siulinski

Jay Yalung

Barbara Smith David Smith

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Abridged I 27 M-Squared Productions Mark McCormick markkmccormick@mindspring.com

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Ain't N o Time like The Right Time I 58 Guilt Trip Pictures Michael La Rocco michael@guiltripictures.com www.guiltripictures.com Anniversary I 44 Third Eye Productions Shamiran Samano shammis357@aol.com Apples and Oranges I 29 National Film Board of Canada Lucie Charbonneau I.charbonneau@nfb.ca www.nfb.ca Audrey's Beard I 3 1 Mad Lobster Alec Butler alec@ca.inter.net BABAE (Woman) I 50 Kareta Productions Ephraim R. Avanzado bunoy23@yahoo.com Back To Bed I 46 Leslie Satterfield info@boyskout.com www.boyskout.com Based On a True Story I 25 SND Films info@sndfilms.com www.sndfilms.com Beauties Without a Cause I 26 Frameline distribution@frameline.org www.frameline.orgldistribution Beautiful Women I 26 Media Luna Entertainment info@medialuna-entertainment.de www.medialuna-entertainment.de Between the Boys I 33 Jake Yuzna jakeyuzna@yahoo.com www.jakeyuzna.com Between the lines I 36 Laurie Koh lauriekoh@yahoo.com Beyond Lovely I 33 Manifest Films Cesar Vega kabron@earthlink.net

Born in a Barn I 48 Three Graces Films Elizabeth Elson elizabeth@threegracesfilms.com www.threegracesfilms.com BOTH I 27 Solaris Films Lisset Barcellos boththemovie@prodigy.net C.H.A.M .P. I 27 World Love Productions Eric Smith esoteric6@sbcglobal.net Call Me Malcolm I 28 Filmworks, Inc. Joseph Parlagreco joe@filmworksinc.com www.filmworksinc.com Calling Nate I 60 Gawn Again Productions Pamela Gawn pgawn@rogers.com Charlotte's Web I 28 Swank Motion Pictures bclaussen@swank.com www.swank.com Christopher & Gordy I 49 The Norwegian Film Inst. Arna Bersaas amb@nfi.no www.nfi.no/english Cockettes, The I 26 David Weissman david@grandelusion.com

o Word, The I 29

dreaming is for moonrise I 49 NON Pei Ying Lee g900707@mail.tnnua.edu.tw

Damage I 39 Cave 7 Productions Allie Sultan damagethemovie@hotmail.com

EN DING AIDS I 30 Quest Productions Shirley Kessler skessler@questprod.com www.questprod.com

Gamine I 55 Iron Egg Films Sharon Barnes sbarnes@ironeggfilms.com

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Complaints I 26 David Weissman david@grandelusion.com

Diving for Pearls I 36 Groomed for Success Beth Lisick blisick@hotmail.com www.steakhaus.com/pearls

Cote d'Azur I 18 Strand Releasing strand@strandreleasing.com www.strandreleasing.com

Don't Fence Me In I 30 Ruth Gumnit film@fencefilm.com www.fencefi lm.com

CRASH I 50 David Moore davidianmoore@hotmail.com

Don't Let the System Get You Down ...CHEER UP! I 58 nyc radical cheerleaders Jennifer Nedbalsky radikelly@nycradicalcheerleaders.org www.nycradicalcheerleaders.org

Creating a Place at the Table I 29 Sun and Moon Vision Productions I{athy Hines production@sunandmoonvision.com www.sunandmoonvision.com CREEP I 5 1 Toss Your Cookie Productions Michael Burton Chu mc2sf@earthlink.net

Double Fantasy II I 46 Justin Kelly chartsandgraphs@gmail.com www.heywillpower.com

Eternal I 3 1 here! Films/Regent Releasing info@regentreleasing.com Everything Good I 44 Smoking Gun Films Paula Dowd paula@smokinggunfilms.com www.smokinggunfi lms.com eXposed I 3 1 Colt Studio Group John Rutherford john@coltstudiogroup.com www.coltstudiogroup.com Fairy Tale, The I 27 Everythingjustfine Prod. Billy Clift billyclift@mac.com Faith-Based Charity I 36 MBreauxsia Films Maria Breaux maria@mbreauxsia.com www.mbreauxsia.com FALLING I 49 Petra Rossi petrarossi@yahoo.com www.koti.mbneUi/-pir/falling False Offender I 32 Prodigius Audiovisual SA Jaume Santacana Martorell jsantacana@prodigius.com www.prodigius.com Feline Masquerade I 32 Cobra Film Carola Stern cobra.film@swissonline.ch www.filmcopia.ch Feltch Sanders I 33 Pattiwhack Pictures Abe Sylvia aes5678@aol.com First Kiss I 30 Big Step Productions Tracy Michele Tabb bigstepproductions@yahoo.com www.bigstepproductions.com Floored By Love I 32 Floored By Love Productions Desiree Lim dezzu@telus.net www.holidaypictures.ca Formula 17 I 33 Strand Releasing strand@strandreleasing.com www.strandreleasing.com Frameline Youth Workshop I 29 n/a

Funny Kinda Guy I 34 Sprocketeers Wendy Griffin wendy@moviemaker.freeserve.co.uk www.funnykindaguy.com

Gay Sex in the 70s I 35 Lovett Productions Joseph Lovett 10vett@lovettproductions.com www.lovettproductions.com Gay Volleyba ll Saved My life I 50 DLT Productions David Thorpe dthorpe7@hotmail.com Gender I 34 Potemkino Peter De Maegd peterdemaegd@yahoo.com www.potemkino.com Gender Pains I 29 BAVC Wendy Levy wendy@bavc.org www.bavc.org Getting To Know You I 30 POWER UP Lisa Thrasher lisapowerup@yahoo.com www.power-up.net Girl Named Kai, A I 34 Art Machine Kai Ling Xue artmachine@gmail.com Girl Wrestler I 36 Women Make Movies, Inc. Cindy Kridle ckridle@wmm.com www.wmm.com Gloriously Free I 37 Flim Blanc Noemi Weis noemi@filmblanc.com Glory Hole I 27 Mark Ewert marcusrising@aol.com Gold I 44 oceansize/madpigeon films Armen Kazazian madpigeon@�ympatico.ca Gold Digging I 58 Wired Ltd Raj Yagnik raj@wiredvideo.netGrand Sons I 37 Strand Releasing strand@strandreleasing.com www.strandreleasing.com Granny Queer I 49 MOUSECANDY Productions Jacinda Klouwens director@grannyqueer.com

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In Bed with Fairy Butch I 46 Kat Bachert misskatb@hotmail.com In My Shoes I 29 COLAGE Meredith Fenton meredith@colage.org www.colage.org Inclinations I 34 Jen Simmons jen@jensimmons.com www.jensimmons.com

Happy Endings I 2 1 Lions Gate www.lionsgatefilms.com

Is It Really So Strange? I 39 William E. Jones wmejones@hotmail.com

Hardcore I 38 Strand Releasing strand@strandreleasing.com www.strandreleasing.com

JERKING I 39 Val Desjardins vdesj@hotmail.com

HARIGATA I 5 1 Szu Burgess szu@earthlink.net HEALING I 34 Evan Cooper groverboy72@hotmail.com Healing Sex I 38 SIR Productions Jackie Strano jackiesir@aol.com www.healingsexthemovie.com Hella Hos I 46 TroubleMaker Productions Ricky Lee www.katastropherap.com

Jesse Ja mes I 39 Leslie Satterfield info@boyskout.com www.boyskout.com John and Michael I 49 National Film Board of Canada Lucie Charbonneau I.charbonneau@nfb.ca Journey, The I 40 Ligy J. Pullappally I.igyjp@hotmail.com Joy of Life, The I 40 Frameline· distribution@frameline.org www.frameline.org/distribution

Heroes and Gay Nazis I 39 Rosa von Praunheim Film Rosa von Praunheim rosavp@aol.com

Jumpin' the Broom I 58 MaYO Enterta inment Debra A. Wilson moyoent@sbcgiobal.net www.moyo-entertainment.com

Hi Maya I 34 hgk Z Film/Video Laura Zimmerman laura.zimmerman@hgkz.ch

Just for Leather I 46 Blue Umbrella Productions Lawrence Ferrara blueumbrellaprod@aol.com

High Heels on Wheels I 58 Winston Davis & Associates Leslie Sloan leslie@winstondavis.com

Just the Two of Us i 41 Oddball Film & Video www.oddballfilm.com

Hip Hop Homos I 46 University of Southern California Dave O'Brien info@hiphophomos.com www.hiphophomos.com Hitch Cock I 50 Escendi Films Stuart Vauvert stuart@escendi.com.au www.escendLcom.au Homolulu Show, The I 33 The Norwegian Film Inst. Toril Simonsen torils@nfLno www.nfLno How Fluttering I 39 Ji Sung Kim ji_sungk@yahoo.com Hung I 34 Frameline distribution@frameline.org www.frameline.org/distribution I Left Me I 34 The Dream Factory Chris Panizzon panizzon@mac.com www.ileftme.com

Kansas City Here I Come I 33 Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre bookings@cfmdc.org www.cfmdc.org Karma I 46 Guilt Trip Pictures Michael La Rocco michael@guiltripictures.com www.guiltripictures.com Katydid I 27, 28 Paperback Films Scott Boswell i nfo@scottboswell.com www.paperbackfilms.com Kiki and Herb on the Rocks I 41 Mike Nicholls mikenicholls01@hotmail.com kisses that move you I 27 Monkey Productions Elizebeth Chavez monkeyyque@hotmail.com www.mon keyproductions.org Knockout, A I 24 Women Make Movies, Inc. info@wmm.com www.wmm.com

1 1 R �::In fr;!n r.i�r.n internati onal ll!bt film festival

Lady in Question is Charles Busch, The I 41 John Catania john@2Iions.net

MalaQueerche I 39 MalaQueerche Productions malaqueerche@hotmail .com www.malaqueerche.com

Lady is a Champ, The I 36 Ruth Diskin Marketing & Distribution Ruth Diskin ruthdis@netvision.nt.il www.ruthfilms.com

Maricones I 59 Marcos Arriaga . arriaga@sympatico.ca

Last Day, The I 42 Strand Releasing strand@strandreleasing.com www.strandreleasing.com Last Full Show I 28 Mark V. Reyes mark-reyes@sbcglobal.net Last Night, The I 49 Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre bookings@cfmdc.org www.cfmdc.org LEFT LANE I 42 One Angry Woman Productions Samantha Farinella samanthafarinella 1@yahoo.com Lesbian Grand mothers From Mars I 42 Walleye Productions Keith Wilson info@wall-eye.com licking Our Wounds I 44 Wendy Dallas cooliling@yahoo.com life In a Box I 43 Lucky Green Dress Steven Cheslik-DeMeyer steven@luckygreendress.com www.luckygreendress.com life In Vai n Walter Schwarze, A I 39 Rosa von Praunheim Film Rosa von Praunheim rosavp@aol.com liquid Lunch I 39 Winnipeg Film Group Matthew Etches matthew@winnipegfilmgroup.com www.winnipegfilmgroup.com listen I 49 Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre bookings@cfmdc.org www.cfmdc.org little man I 43 Nicole Conn demi999@aol.com Loggerheads I 43 Strand Releasing strand@strandreleasing.com www.strandreleasing.com Lonely 15 I 49 Norwegian Film Inst. Toril Simonsen torils@nfi.no www.nfLno Lori and Cathy Get Married ,I 58 Eve Goldberg eve-goldberg@sbcglobal.net Lover's Discourse, A I 30 Vermeer Pictures Vincent Pujo vincent@vermeerpictures.com

Masha Mom I 36 Casque D'Or Films Veronique Courtois veronique@casquedorfilms.com www.casquedorfilms.com Memoirs of a n Evil Stepmother I 3 0 POWER U P Lisa Thrasher lisapowerup@yahoo.com www.power-up.net Mirror I 36 Eighth Day Productions Linette Peralta Haynes linnette_eighthday@yahoo.com Misadventures of Pussy Boy I 3 1 Mad Lobster Alec Butler alec@ca.inter.net Mono I 40 Sam Spiegel Film & Television School Tal Shanny tal@jsfs.co.il www.jsfs.co.il Moustache I 50 Velvet Pictures Vicki Sugars vsugars@adam.com.au My Brother Nikhil I 44 www.mybrothernikhil.com My Hustler Boyfriend I 44 Magic Club Productions Peter Pizzi magicclubfilms@yahoo.com www.magicclubfilms.com My Summer of Love I 45 Focus Features www.focusfeatures.com My Uncle Mario I 40 Sam Spiegel Film & Television School Tal Shanny tal@jsfs.co.il www.jsfs.co.il MYOPIA I 44 Mark Alan Dashnaw madashnaw69@earthlink.net Ned Rorem I 45 Symbiosis Films James Dowell symbiosisfilms@msn.com www.sleepinanestofflames.com Never Rob A Bank With Someone You Love! I 30 Jill Maxcy ji tmaxcy@yahoo.com Night Corridor I 45 Pure Film Art Syndicate Julian Lee smjulian@cityu.edu.hk www.nightcorridor.com Night Scene I 46 cuizi DV Studio Cui Zi'en cuizi777@29 1 1.net

Nightmare on Castro Street, A I 47 Backlash Films Joshua Grannell peaches@peacheschrist.com www.peacheschrist.com No Matter What I 29 BAVC Wendy Levy wendy@bavc.org www.bavc.org No Ordinary Joe I 50 Jules Nurrish jules.nurrish@btopenworld.com Oedipus N + 1 I 34 Wolfe Releasing Jeffrey Winter jeffrey@comcast.net www.wolfevideo.com On The Low I 28 Torchlight Media Luther M. Mace luthermace0649@aol.com www.onthelowmovie.com Operation YY I 40 Sam Spiegel Film & Television School Tal Shanny tal@jsfs.co.il www.jsfs.co.il Original Pride I 46 Tragoidia Moving Pictures Scott Bloom tragoidia@aol.com Out i n the Heartland I 58 Gretchen Hildebran hilda_bran@yahoo.com Our life, A Hidden life I 36 Alexa Inkeles alexainkeles@yahoo.com Pants? Skirt? lipstick? I 33 twospinningwheelsproductions Shelley Barry twospinningwheels@yahoo.com Paris Is Burning I 47 Swank Motion Picutres bclaussen@swank.com www.swank.com Passion of Words Turning Into Action I 47 Jade Films Jade jade14@mac.com www.jadefilm.com Ping Pong Love I 33 Ugly Betty Productions Amanda Doss adoss@uglybetty.com www.uglybetty.com place to begin, a I 36 Monica Enriquez mpenriquez2003@yahoo.com Plane Girls I 58 Anne Marie Luger annemarieluger@yahoo.com Porno Bondage I 27 Mark Ewert marcusrising@aol.com Poster Boy I 48 here! Films/Regent Releasing info@regentreleasing.com Powerplay I 49 Netherlands Institute for Animation Film Ton Crone niaf@niaf.nl www.niaf.nl

Producing Adults 1 48 Wolfe Releasing Jeffrey Winter jeffrey@comcast.net www.wolfevideo.com

Season of the Troll 1 47 Backlash Films Joshua Grannell peaches@peacheschrist.com www.peacheschrist.com

Surge of Power 1 53 Surge of Power Enterprises, LLC Vincent J. Roth vincentjroth@surgeofpower.org www.surgeofpower.org

Tranny Force Episode 1 1 51 AJR Productions Angello Floresco info@trannyforce.com www.trannyforce.com

Sushi 1 34 BHelier Productions Rebecca Heller beck_i l 1@yahoo.com

Trannyshack 1 55 Transmission Deena Davenport deenadragqueena@mac.com

Sevigne 1 51 Kevin William Associates (KWA) kwa@kevinwa.com www.kevinwa.com

Taco Chick and Salsa Girl 1 33, 51 Padded Productions Kurt Koehler paddedproductions@yahoo.com www. padprod.com

Transamerica 1 49 Belladonna Productions! linda@belladonna.bz

Search For Her 1 30 Bread & Butter Production Dawn Khoo breadnbutterproduction@yahoo.com

Prom Night 1 60 lisa Bertolini ilsabertolini@hotmail.com PROM-troversy 1 34 POWER UP Lisa Thrasher lisapowerup@yahoo.com www.power-up.net Proud Alumni 1 58 University of Denver Sheila E. Schroeder sschroeder@du.edu

Sexy Stuff, The 1 59 Phyllis Christopher phyllis@phyllischristopher.com www.thesexystuff.com

Pup 1 48 Wise Orchid Productions, LLC Antonia Kao antonia@wiseorchid.com www.wiseorchid.com

Shakespeare's Sonnets 1 28 Samuel Park samuelpa@usc.edu

Puszta Cowboy 1 34 c/o Labrisz Association Katrin Kremmler K.Kremmler@gmx.net

Show Me 1 52 Wolfe Releasing Jeffrey Winter jeffrey@comcast.net www.wolfevideo.com

Quid Pro Quo 1 29 BAVC Wendy Levy wendy@bavc.org www.bavc.org Race You to the Bottom. 1 49 Russell Brown russell@thesimon.com Raising the Roof 1 58 Selver Productions Veronica Selver veros@aol.com

Sigmund Freud 1 49 Kami Chisholm freud@altcinema.com www.altcinema.com/freud.html Small Town Secrets 1 40 Frameline distribution@frameline.org www.frameline.org/distribution Some Real Fangs 1 32 Video Out Distribution videoout@telus.net www.videout.ca

Reception, The 1 49 Strand Releasing strand@strandreleasing.com www.strandreleasing.com

Standing Up 1 44 Canadian Film makers Distribution Centre bookings@cfmdc.org www.cfmdc.org

Removal 1 27 Papastar Inc Andre C. Andree andre@papastar.com www.papastar.com

Star Trek Voyeur 1 51 Ian Jarvis blowboy@interlog.com

Room Service 1 44 Daniel Reitz danielreitz@excite.com

Straight Hike For the Butch Dyke, 1 29 Walking On Air Prods. Robin Paterson reelrobyn@yahoo.co.nz www.walkingonair.co.nz

Rugger Buggers 1 50 Privateer Stevan Keane privateertv@yahoo.co.uk Ryan's life 1 28 N ick Wauters nick@ryanslife.tv www.ryanslife.tv Sadness of Johnson Joe Jangles, The 1 33, 34 Canadian Film Centre's FLOW DIST. Jennifer Chen flowinfo@cdnfilmcentre.com

Strange Fruit 1 52 Fencesitter Films Jon Finck jfinck@rpa.com www.fencesitterfilms.com Strip Mall Glass 1 39 Justin Kelly chartsandgraphs@gmail.com Stryker i 52 Wild Boar of Manitoba Juliette Hagopian wildboars@shaw.ca www.strykerthemovie.com

Saint Henry 1 39 Abigail Severance bellecote@earthlink.net Same Sex America 1 50 Corra Films Celia Maysles festival@corrafilms.com www.corrafilms.com SCREAMING QU EENS Susan Stryker susanstryker@yahoo.com

Shining The Ball 1 50 Dork Film Tom Conyers tom@dork.com.au

Summer Storm 1 22 here! Films/Regent Releasing info@regentreleasing.com 51

Tahara 1 30 From the Heart Prod. Sara Rashad sara rashad@hotmail.com wwwlaharafilm.com Take A Deep Breath 1 53 Boris Gortinski gortinski@sbcglobal.net www.disiduboko.com Tammy Faye . 1 53 World of Wonder Chris McI<im cmckim@worldofwonder.net www.worldofwonder.net Teen Christian Beach Party 1 50 bluealice films Richard Vetted bluealicefilms@hotmail.com That Man 1 54 Gorilla Factory Productions Jim Tushinski info@gorillafactoryproductions.com www.thatmanpeterberlin.com That's What I'm Talkin' 'Bout 1 30 KGB Films Rosser Goodman www.kgbfilms.com This Way Out 1 37 Parlare Productions Jill Burnett antonin@yorku.ca www.this-way-out.com Thorn Gunn 1 27 Rudy Lemcke rudy@rudylemcke.com www.rudylemcke.com Those Were the Gays 1 33 Nancy Kissam nedkiss@yahoo.com

transfamily 1 55 International Fihil School Cologne Sabine Bernardi info@filmschule.de www.filmschule.de TransGeneration 1 23 Sundance Channel Lisa Ellenbogen lisa.ellenbogen@sundancechannel.com Transient 1 50 Genevieve Derwent gderwent@filmaust.com.au transparent 1 55 MamSir Productions Jules Rosskam julesmakesmovies@gmail.com www.mamsir.com Triskaidekaphobia 1 60 V Tape distribution@vtape.org www.vtape.org Tropical Malady 1 56 Strand Releasing strand@strandreleasing.com www.strandreleasing.com Turning Points 1 56 Covenant Network of Presbyterians Anitra Kitts Rasmussen anitrakr@covenantnetwork.org www.covenantnetwork.org Twist Of Faith 1 56 Chain Camera Pictures Eddie Schmidt eddie@chainamerica.com www.twistoffaith.net Two Brads And A Funky Girl 1 44 Ho Fun Films Michelle Ho myc.ho@virgin.net

Three Dancing Slaves 1 54 TLA Releasing www.tlareleasing.com

Two MomS 1 36 Underdog Productions (Pty) Ltd Marc Schwinges marc@underdog.co.za www.underdog.co.za/twomoms/

Three of Hearts 1 54 THINKFilm www.thinkfilmcompany.com

U nconscious 1 57 here! Films/Regent Releasing info@regentreleasing.com

To Hold A Heart 1 27 Mercury Films Michael Wallin jahmikey@yahoo.com

Unveiled 1 57 Wolfe Releasing Jeffrey Winter jeffrey@comcast.net www.wolfevideo.com

Tomboy 1 55 Judith Cobb judith.cobb@its.edu.au Tomboys! Feisty Girls and Spirited Women 1 55 Women Make Movies, Inc. info@wmm.com www.wmm.com Tracks 1 44 C.C. Webster twoseas23@hotmail.com

Walk In The light, A 1 56 M.R. Stiff morgansmark@hotmail.com We Are Dad 1 57 Tavroh Films Michel Horvat tavrohfilms@pacbell.net www.lethimstay.com What Grown-Ups Know 1 50 Jonathan Wald jonwald@yahoo.com

What is Gay? 1 60 Bare Bones Productions Jacqueline Frost jackiefrost@aol.com What Remains Human 1 33 Fire Horse Films Inc. Maureen Bradley maureen@bradley.org Whatever Happened to Peaches Christ? 1 47 Backlash Films Joshua Grannell peaches@peacheschrist.com www.peacheschrist.com Whatever It Takes 1 40 Sam Spiegel Film & Television School Tal Shanny ta@jsfs.co.il www.jsfs.co.il When I'm 64 1 58 BBC Drama Series Kathleen McLynn kathleen.mclynn@bbc.co.uk Who's the Top? 1 47 Laura Teodosio laura@teodasia.cam www.whosthetop.org Wilby Wonderful 1 59 Film Movement www.filmmovement.com With What Shall I Wash 1 49 Tacatuca - Clara Trenor Maria Trenor tacatuca@tacatuca.com www.tacatuca.com Women In love 1 59 Outcast Films Vanessa Damico vdomico@outcast-films.com www.outcast-films.com Work it Out 1 50 The Very Idea Kym Vaitiekus theveryidea@tpg.com.au Year Without love, A 1 25 Strand Releasing strand@strandreleasing.com www.strandreleasing.com Yo Soy As! 1 59 Joui Turandot jouitt@hotmail.com www.jouiturandot.com you wash my skin with sunshine 1 44 Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre boakings@cfmdc.org www.cfmdc.org You're Still Young 1 44 Greenie Films Barbara Green greenie@aol.com www.greeniefilms.com Zero Degrees of Separation 1 60 Graphic Pictures Elle Flanders zerodegrees@sympatico.ca www.zerodegreesofseparation.com Zona Rosa 1 60 Tres Hermanas Producci6nes Dan Castle dancastle@mac.com www.dancastle.com

www.frameline.org 1 1 9

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We have a long a n d proud tra d ition of s u p po rt i n g the LGBT com m u n ity. AAA offers a wide ra nge of pro d u cts created espe­ ci a l ly with yo u i n m i n d . AAA Travel 's 58 d e d i cated Vacat i o n Spec i a l i sts a re com m itted to servi ng yo u r i nterests a n d ca n pla n lesbian- a n d gay-friendly vacations, a n d tri ps with fa m i ly a n d fri e n d s . We al so offer I n s u ra n ce pro d u cts, 2417 E m e rgency Road Service and M e m bers h i p be n efits for yo u a n d yo u r p a rt n e r.

Visit your local AAA office, Call 1 -888-248-5980 or Visit us online at aaa.com/connect Membershi p I I n s u rance I Travel

Š 2 0 0 5 California State Automob i l e Association, A A A Nevada and A A A U t a h C S T 1 003968-80 I


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Frameline29: the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival Program Guide (2005)


Frameline29: the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival Program Guide (2005)

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