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THE CASTRO THEATRE NEEDS YOUR HELP The Castro Foundation, a new, independent non­

Eighty years ago, the Nasser brothers, a pioneering San Francisco movie family, began construction of

profit organization, was founded by film lovers who'

what would become their flagship, the "new" Castro

want to work with the theatre's owners to return the


theatre to its June 22, 1922, opening night splendor.

An architectural triumph, the Castro was

Since 1980, over 40 single-screen theatres have

designed by then-unknown 28-year-old architect

shut their doors in San Francisco. While the Castro

Timothy L. Pflueger.

is currently viable, it is the last functioning movie

The 1500-seat fantasy palace resembles a Mexican

palace in the city.

cathedral on the outside, and a Moorish tent on the inside.

It's time for every film lover, gay and straight alike, to help save the Castro

The Castro occupies a vital role in the communi­ ty, serving both as neighborhood anchor and as

before it's in crisis.

Let's work together to make the Castro a permanent institution for generations to come.

backdrop far some of the most significant moments in San Francisco's history. It is also home to eight major film festivals




Sign up to be counted! Our free mailing list is online at

including 20 years of the San Francisco International 2.

Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.


Join the organization,

and help fund our feasi­

bility study for a comprehensive restoration.

Of course, after 80 years, the theatre needs a little tender loving care. Therefore, we need your help.

help the following ways:

Tell your friends to sign up and join, too!


It's time to do for the Castro what the citizens.. of

For more information, please visit:

Oakland did to the Paramount-restore, modernize


and preserve the theatre for the next 100 years.

Help restore and preserve the Castro Theatre for generations to come. Join the Castro Foundation today! o Please just add me to your mailing list.




25 Student/Unemployed

In memory of



35 Regular






100 Balcony Level



300 Projection Booth



600 Mezzanine

Address City










o Check Enclosed CC#


0 Visa 0 Mastercard 0 American Express


Name on card Signature

Exp. ____

60 Couple Pledges over $300 can be billed in 12 monthly installments (when paying by credit card only).


$ 1,200 Marquee.


$ 3,000 Orchestra

billed monthly over 5 years.


$ 6,000 Silver Screen Patron

o Bill me in monthly


$ 12,000 Wurlitzer Benefactor


$ 30,000 Neon Sign Underwriter




Pledges of $6,000 or more can be

installments for 1 year.

o Bill me in monthly installments for 5 years.

Donors of $300 or more will receive a copy of "Time and Tim Remembered: the Life and Architecture of Timothy L. Pflueger," a rare, out-of-print hardcover coffee table book by Milton Pflueger, Tim's younger brother, a $49.95 value. Please send checks (made payable to Film Arts Foundation, tax ID number 94-2348632 with "Castro Foundation" in the ledger entry) to Castro Foundation, 584 Castro St. #529 SF CA 94114. Film Arts

o Please contact me about an in-kind donation.

Foundation, the Castro Foundation's fiscal sponsor, is a 501 (c) 3

o Please contact me about a corporate sponsor�hip.

law. Castro Foundation 501 (c) 3 status pending.

non-profit and donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the

Persistence of Vision, sponsors of this festival, was formed in January, 1977. Our goal has been to provide a forum for

our art and at tne same time provide a pool of talent, energy, and equipment to help each other. It is obvious that vie, the gay community, have a real interest in our culture, and it is up to all of us to reach out to each other. Any one seeking information or vJishing to join Persistence of Vision, may leave a message with David at 626-9815. New energy at any level is most welcome.

Admission is free, contribute to help Contribution boxes for the poster and

but we ask that if you have any money you can pay for the costs of the program, please do so. \"ill be at the door. Thanks to Bernie Boyle to Neighborhood Arts for the programs.



An introduction by way of explanation: Motion picture- a sequence of photos or drawings projected on a screen ,in such rapid succession that they create the optical illusion(due to the persistence of vision)of moving persons, objects. Vision- act of seeing, a mental image, imagination. persrstence- the continuance of an effect after the removal of its cause(persistence of vision causes visual impressions to con­ tinue upon the retina for a brief time.)

With that announcement, audiences were welcomed to the first Festival on February 9, 1 977. A lot has changed in the last 25 years-the Festival is no longer free, and now ALL smok­ ing is prohibited (not just tobacc o ! ) . Less than 20 short films were screened at that first, one­ night Festival at 32 Page Street, and this year finds us with over 350 films and videos that will be screened at five different theatres as part of the eleven-day 25th Anniversary Festival. We kick off year 25 with two very special premieres: Susan Seidelman's

Gaudi Afternoon,

a very San Francisco story set in Barcelona; and straight from Channel Four in London, the lat­ est thing in queer TV, "Metrosexuality" by Rikki Beadle-Blair. Our choice as the perfect way to end any Gay Day as well as our 25th Anniversary is Julie Davis' delightful romantic come­ dy

All Over the Guy. In between, you will find an incredibly diverse collection of films. and

videos from 29 different countries. And if just watching movies isn't enough, check out Persistent Vision, a landmark queer media conference that will be held during this year's Festival. The Festival has grown exponentially every year of its existence, and this year is no excep­ tion. To accommodate the increasing number of films and our growing audienc es, we have expanded the Festival by adding two new venues, the 750-seat Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater and the 900-seat Herbst Theatre, enlarging our capacity by 22% ! There's more infor­ mation about all of our venues on pages 75-76 . This year we are also introducing online ticket ordering-just hop online, check out the Festival line-up, order your tickets, and they will be mailed right to you! So, take a look at what we've gathered for you for 200 1 and get ready as we celebrate a quarter century of queer cinema.

Michael Lumpkin

Festival Co-Director

Festival Co-Director



Frameline Award honors Festival founders 39

Philippe Garziano and Sami Bouajila in this year's Centerpiece film Adventures of Felix



Loolang bac!<

.1"-1' ;



' J

inside look


Stonewall 1996 Audience Award winner for best feature film


Welcome to the Festival


All About Frameline


Frameline Staff


Festival Staff


Festival Sponsors


Festival History


Frameline Award


Audience Award


Dockers速 Khakis First Feature Award


Frameline Film & Video Completion Fund


Anniversary Celebrations


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Festivar Programs


Opening Night




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Festival InfOimation


Festival Venue Information


Festival Pullout


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Ticket Information


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Frameline Membership




Advertisers Index


Print SoJrce and Film Index

at 25 years of the Festival

Cover photo: Jane Philomen Cleland


With more than 100 years of Investment experience, no one is better equipped to help you plan for the future. u.s. Bancorp Piper Jaffray sponsoring the San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival with pride.

345 California Street, Suite 2200 San Francisco 800 295-1445



new financial resource for a new era�M

Piper ]affray®

piperjaffray. com

Social Equity Investment Group

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May lose value



Frameline.s mission is to support, develop, and promote lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer visibility through media arts. Through a variety of programs we are committed to show­ casing and supporting the best and most diverse work by, about, and of interest to the LGBT communities. The San Francisco Inte rnational Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, celebrating its 25th Anniversary, is the oldest and largest event of its kind in the world. As the world's premiere showcase for queer cinema, the Festival entertains and educates over 75 ,000 people each year.

Frameline Distribution, the only national distributor dedicated solely to lesbian and gay film and video, is in its 20th year of providing LGBT film and video to educators, communi­ ty organizations, libraries, and individuals across the country. Look for selections from our col­ lection of over 1 5 0 titles in this year's Festival. Frameline's Film & Video Completion Fund begins a new partnership in 200 1 with the Horizons Foundation, a community foundation dedicated exclusively to funding a comprehen­ sive range of LGBT issues. The Completion Fund provides financial support to film and video­ makers for the completion of new works. Through annual grants, the Fund seeks to support excellence in queer filmmaking and to fo ster new work by and for underserved audiences. Completion Fund recipients in this year's Festival are

The Cockettes, Luna 's Peepshow Drama,

The Wait, Out of the Scene, and Hope Along the Wind: The Story ofHarry Hay. Frameline is generously supported in part by grants from the San Francisco Grants for the Arts Hotel Tax F und, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Califomia Arts Council, the Chalsty Family Foundation, the Cultural Equity Grants Program of the San Francisco Arts Commission, the Gay and Lesbian F und for the Redwood Empire at the Horizons Foundation, The R. Gwin Follis Foundation, the Horizons Foundation, The Live Oak Fund of the Tides Foundation, SMMILE, the Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation, the Wallis Foundation, the Wells Fargo Foundation, and The William and F lora Hewlett Foundation. Frameline is also supported by the generous contributions of our members, volunteers, private donors, and corporate sponsors. Our thanks to all who make Frameline's important work possible.











Ninth Street Media Arts Building 346 Ninth Street San Francisco, California 94 1 03-3 809 USA T 4 1 5 703 8650 F 4 1 5 8 6 1 1 404 info@frameline.org www .frameline.org


F Staff Michael Lumpkin

Executive Director & Festival Co-Director Jennifer Morris

Festival Co-Director Cindy M. Emch

Program Coordinator Russ Gage

Administrative Director & Festival Operations Director Nikki Daniels

Information Systems Specialist Hossein Sepas

Bookkeeper Christopher Kelleher

Administrative Assistant K.C. Price

Development Director Lisa Foster

Development Associate Desi del Valle

Distribution Director Preeti AK Mistry

Distribution Manager Arthur Allione

Distribution Assistant Browne Zukow Associates


Board of Directors Anne Etheridge

Interim Co-President Calvin Gipson

Interim Co-President Vivian Kleiman

Vice President Susan Hein

Treasurer Laura Castellanos Timothy Cavanaugh


Nancy Choate Lisa Chun Duane Cramer Pam David Tom di Maria Elsa Elder Suzanne Eisenhut Pamela Erwin Gary Grossman John Killacky Jeffrey Knollmiller Sandip Roy Kathryn Stebner

National Advisory Board Allan Berube Elizabeth Birch Douglas Braley Susie Bright Harry Britt Debra Chasnoff Arthur Dong Robert Epstein Linda Farin Tim Gill Tim Hanlon Marcus Hu Richard Jennings Fenton Johnson Jude Kaye Hael Kobayashi Steve Lew Andrew (Brother Elk) Lisac Armistead Maupin Timothy McFeely Pratibha Parmar Lourdes Portillo Frances Reid Gail Silva John Silva Liz Stevens Paul Thurston Gus Van Sant Tim Wolfred Debra Zimmerman

E Julie T. Wong

Aarin Burch

Catalog Designer & Producer

Steve Ferrario Castro House Managers

Anne-Mary Mullen Catalog Editor

Rebekah Sitty Center for the Arts/Herbst House Manager

Lisa Geduldig Advertising Sales

Philip Walker Roxie House Manager

Rana Freedman Publicity Coordinator

Natalija Vekic Victoria House Manager

Larsen Associates Karen Larsen

Michael Christman, OPT S events

Tim Buckwalter

Special Events Producer &

Caroline Hanni

Persistent Vision Conference Producer

Monte Cox Publicist

Romy Suskin Events Coordinator

Karen Kircher Membership Services Coordinator

Ellen Flanders Persistent Vision Conference Director

Mikey Spanola Travel Coordinator

Richard Benjamin

Adela Gonzalez del Valle

Persistent Vision Conference Assistants

Kami Chisholm Hospitality Coordinator Greg Shapiro Texas Tomboy

Web Master

Guest Services Coordinator Chad Almstrong Shammi Samano

Web Programming

Volunteer Coordinator Carol Rossi Brad Robinson


Operations Manager

Web Design

Rick Solomon

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Operations Assistant

Web Consultant

Hal Rowland

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Technical Director

Dennis Conroy Diane Davis

Amy Anner

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Print Traffic Coordinator

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James Green

Print Traf f ic Assistant

Yielbonzie Charles Johnson

Trilogy Productions, Inc.

Madeleine Lim

Pam Lawrence

Veronica Majano

Joe Lawrence

Paul Shepard

Charlotte Gutierrez

Penni Kimmel

Box Office Management

Texas路 Tomboy Screening Committee

Will Roque Outlet Manager

Wen Oliveri 25th Festival Design



s ~


CASTRO FOUNDATION castrofoundation .org




HID plus:--



Piper Jaffray®

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1 11 1 11 11



Go u a U E T




alpine spring water

1+"'#1"1;"'''11 *







"Tongues Unti�d" Marlon Riggs

"American Socrates· The Life of Bayard Rustin" Nancy Kates

"SCOUt'S Honor" Tom Shepard

"It's Elementary" Debra Chasnoff

"CockeUes" David Weissman

Horizons Foundation OUf Community Foundation � is proud to announce a new partnership: -

The Horizons/Frameline Film & Video Completion Fund For over 20 years, Horizons has been providing resources to nurture and support queer artists, including such seminal works as those listed above. Frameline, for over a decade, has also been providing grants to film and video makers to assist them in completing works that deal with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues. Now Horizons is taking our support of queer filmmakers to the next level by partnering with Frameline on the Film & Video Completion Fund. Horizons wants to ensure that funding is available to bring future

LGBT film and video projects to film festivals, theater, and TV audien�es everwhere.

� For more information about contributing to support queer artists through the Horizons Foundation, visit www.horizonsfoundation.org or call 415.398.2333.

HorIzons FoundatIon

+ Sun

micro systems

We're the dot in .com-




Motherl n )0 es

Vlrgm atlantIc



Bre:utCancer Emergency Fund AIDS Emergency Fund

Project of

• AIR FRANCE �.'/�





e.,.,.: <4"'''1' ''9 a.td PROUD

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Awarded Recycling Business Award by City of San Francisco.




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Wells Fargo is proud to sponsor Frameline's 25th San Francisco International lesbian and Gay Film Festival. When people work togetner, there's nothing that can't be accomplished. We're proud to be part of the team.

ars by Susan Stryker

Frameline and the San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Fesnval

In 1 977, when Danny Nicoletta, Marc Huestis, and a handful of others rented a projector and pinned up a sheet in an old community center on Page Street to screen a bunch of home movies, they had no idea that they were launching an annual event that would eventually shape queer sensibilities and promote queer visibility on a global scale. Twenty-five years later, the San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, which had its humble origins in that first makeshift screening, proudly celebrates its Silver Anniversary. The Festival is now the signature event of Frameline, the nation's leading non-profit media arts organization dedicated to the distribution, promotion, funding, and exhibition of lesbian and gay film and video. The Festival draws an annual audience of 75,000 and has a budget of over $1 million. It has a history of premiering and promoting the work of filmmakers like Gus Van Zant, Marlon Riggs, Pedro Almodovar, and Christine Vachon. The Festival hosts a lavish Opening Night gala as well as other fabulous events to encourage interaction among filmmak足 ers, industry insiders, and film lovers. This year, the Festival also includes Persistent Vision, an international conference that examines the past, present, and future of queer media. Such success hardly seemed pre-ordained a quarter century ago, when the sexual libera足 tion counterculture spawned the Festival. Huestis, best known for Sex Is... ( 1 993), remembers the Festival founders as "a ragtag band of hippie fags"-artists like himself who soaked up gay liberation idealism when they dropped their film off at Harvey Milk's Castro Street camera store, where Nicoletta (now a respected fine arts photographer), tended the counter. Milk's campaign to become the first openly gay elected official was well undelway when the idea for a festival took shape among the group of young filmmakers who frequented his camera store. In its early years, the Festival had a decidedly homegrown ambience, tending to feature short films made by the organizers themselves. Their work reflected contemporary gay con足 cerns like Anita Bryant's campaign to push back gay rights protections in Florida. Some films explored artistic and experiment I themes, while others simply celebliated gay sexuality. One early offering- Changes, a trans exual filmmaker's exploration of feminism, personal identi足 ty, and state bureaucracy-seems strikingly contemporary in retrospeot.



The B i rth of Framel ine The Festival's founders soon recognized the need for a n organization to help sustain the fledg­ ling gay film scene. A core group led by David Waggoner, Ric Mears, and Wayne Smolen established Persistence of Vision, a loosely run collective dedicated to building support for local gay film artists. The group changed its name to Frameline in 1979. That same year a film student named Michael Lumpkin answered a call for volunteers to work on the Festival. Though he didn't know it at the time, Lumpkin had found his life's work, and would be associated with Frameline and the Festival for most of the next twenty years. His enthusiasm gave the organization a jolt of new energy. When he became Festival Director in 19 80, Lumpkin aspired to broaden the content of previous programming. was the first to feature work produced outside the United States, to intercultural issues, and to include work by lesbians. Avant-garde filmm remembers arriving at her Oakland studio one morning to find L doorstep, eager to solicit one of her films. Lumpkin also helped increa Festival by bringing out-of-town directors in to speak about their work,

securing ft1nd�g

from national grant organizations. The fifth Festival was significantly bigger than any of the previous ones. Making the Castro Theatre the Festival's main venue was the most obvious change. The Castro had opened its doors in 1922 and in its prime had been a grand movie palace, but by the mid-1970s it had fallen into disrepair. Mel Novikoff (the art film exhibitor who had hooked San Franciscans on Bergman and Fellini at his historic Surf Theatre in the early '60s), sensed a golden opportuni­ ty in restoring the Castro to a semblance of its former glory. His timing was just right. The migration of baby-boomers transformed the demographics of the formerly Irish working-class Castro neigh�orhood. The Castto Theatre was renovated and quicldy became San Francisco's premiere repertory film palace. Although the Castro Theatre had become a fixture of local queer film culture by the late '70s, long-time Castro programmer Bob Hawk notes that "moving the Festival there required a continued on page 122...



Joi(� d e Vivfe


L : Every year the Frameline Award is given to a pel son or entity that has made a major con ribu­ tion to lesbian and gay representation in film, television, or the media arts. Past honorees ange from film theorist Vito Russo, to Hong Kong director Stanley Kwan, avant-garde lesbian ilm­ maker Barbara Hammer, drag artiste extraordinaire Divine, producer Christine Vacho


producer/distributor Marcus Hu. Each and every past recipient has made a major imp

t on

both LGBT f ilmmaking and this Festival. But no past honoree has had a more direct



found impact here in San Francisco than the recipients of this year's Award. The San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival is proud to present the 200 1 Frameline Award to the group that did the most to make it all possible: this Festival's founders. These idealistic youngsters had no way of knowing it at the time, but they were starting one of the biggest annual arts events in San Francisco. They were also playing a key role in a world­ wide trend that would help to change the face of lesbian and gay media. In the last 25 years, this Festival has become the inspiration and model for over a hundred other lesbian and gay fes­ tivals around the world, providing a vast network of venues for the exhibition of works by queer artists. And it all started because a few fag filnmlakers hanging out at Harvey Milk's camera store needed some place-any place-to show their films. "It was a real Mickey and Judy affair," founder Marc Huestis remembers today. "We got a space, rented a projector, threw up a sheet, and said 'Hey, kids! We're gonna put on a show!'" Marc and his co-founders were part of a "hippie fag" scene that thrived in the city in the mid­ seventies, when self-expression was everything and money was beside the point. Like most of the aspiring gay filmmakers of the day, he took his films to Milk's store for processing. Dan Nicoletta and David Waggoner, two more of the Festival's founders, worked there, and a gay film scene began to form around the small Castro Street storefront. Other members of the group included Ric Mears, Greg Gonzales, Berne Boyle, T. K. Perkins, Ken Ward, Stephen Iadereste, Allen McClain, Bob Hansen, Michael Ruiz, Paul Nichols, Billy Miggins, Wayne Smolen, and Larry Larry. These comrades in film hit the streets early in 1 977 to publicize a festival of gay Super-8 films to be held on February 9 at the com­ munity center at 32 Page Street. That night, two hundred people crowded into a room meant for one hundred twenty-five, and a hundred more were turned away at the door. A second expand­ ed and equally well-attended show followed March 13 at the Pride Center at 3 3 0 Grove Street. We've been doing it every year, ever since. And even though the founders may hardly rec­ ognize their tiny event in today's sprawling citywide Festival, they deserve credit for starting it all. So, on the occasion of the Festival's 25th Anniversary, we honor those who had the vision back in 1977 to organize a "Gay Film Festival," and ended up launching a whole new era in les­ bian, gay, bisexual, and transgender media arts . •

continued on page 1 2 7.. .





"We all ultimately made our work with the hope of sharing it with an audience, but the idea that there was a queer audience out there wasn 't quite solidified until we actually did it. " -Daniel Nicoletta Photographer and Festival Founder on organizing the first Festival in 1977

If there is any one element that makes this Festival stand out among all other film festivals, it has to be the audience. Since 1 984 we have been collecting the opinions of you, our audience, and awarding the Audience Prize to the films that are, in your collective opinion, the best.

1984 Feature-Angel Documentary-Improper Conduct (Mauvaise Conduite)

1985 Feature-Broken Mirrors (Gerbroken Spiegels) Documentary-The Times ofHarv�y Milk Short-David Roche Talks to You about Love

1986 Feature- Westler: East of the Wall Documentary-The AIDS Show

1987 Feature-Law ofDesire (La Ley del Deseo)

1988 Feature-Friends Forever (Venner for Altid) Short-Bertrand Missing (Bertrand Disparu) Video-The War Widow Special Program-The Days of Greek Gods

1989 Feature---The Heart Exposed (La Coeur Decouvert) Documentary-Out In Suburbia Short-Ray's Male Heterosexual Dance Hall Video-Out On Four

1990 Feature-Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit Documentary-Paris Is Burning Short-Flames ofPassion Video- Tongues Untied

1991 Feature-Together Alone Documentary-Thank You and Goodnight Short-Give AIDS the Freeze Video-American Fabulous

1992 Feature-Twin Bracelets Documentary-Changing Our Minds: The Story ofDr. Evelyn Hooker Short-A Certain Grace Short-The Dead Boys Club Video-(In) Visible Women

continued on page 129... Top to bottom, from left to right: Bertrand Missing; Together Alone; Give AIDS the Freeze; Changing Our Minds: The Story of Dr. Evelyn Hooker; Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter; Carmelita Tropicana: Your Kunst Is Your Waffen; It's Elementary: Talking About Gay Issues in School; Only the Brave





Presented by












DOCKERS®KHAKIS Funded by the Dockers® Khakis Independent Vision Grant Program, a $1 0,000 juried award is presented to the best first feature in the 25th San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival.


Head On

2000 Urbania

Top to bottom: Urbania; Head On



LETION "We are really pleased that Frameline recognized the importance of our work and continues to support gay and lesbian productions in this crucial way. " -Susan Muska and Greta Olafsdottir P roducers of The Brandon Teena Story Since 1990 the Frameline Film & Video Completion F und has awarded more than $88,000 to LGBT film and video projects from around the world. In 200 1, Frameline and the HOlizons Foundation join forces to provide even more support to queer media artists.

1991 Gay Youth Nitrate Kisses

1992 Go Fish Nitrate Kisses Out at Work Sex Is...

1993 A licia was Fainting Djune/Idexa No Me Olvides Out in Africa Sis: T he Perry Watkins Story Tom's F lesh

1994 T he A d A lkali, Iowa Cholo Joto Family Values Live to Tell Viva 16

1995 Camp Lavender Hill Sex, Work and My American Family Watermelon Woman

1996 Beyond the Moon Christopher's Chronicles Sambal Belacan in San Francisco Sleep in a Nest ofFlames Surviving Friendly Fire


Top to bottom, from left to right: Gay Youth; Nitrate Kisses; Out at Work; Alicia was Fainting; Sis: The Perry Watkins Story; Alkali, Iowa; Family

continued on page 131...

Values; Viva 16



LINDEMANS Enter to win a trip to No purchase necessary. Must be of

Australia at www.australiantreasures.com

legal drinking age.

I The San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival marks an important milestone this year with its 25th Ann iversary edition . But Frameline isn't the only member of the city's media arts scene celebrating a birthday in 200 1 . This year's Festival includes a number of spe­ cial programs celebrating the work of two of our favorite sister organizations, the Film Arts Foundation and Bay Area Video Coalition; a grande dame of the alternative cinema scene, the San Francisco Cinematheque; and a relative youngster that is having a national impact on the programming on PB S, the Independent Television Service.


The Film Arts Foundation

(FAF ) and Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) were born, along

with the Festival, in 1 977. Both groups have gone on to play important roles in the develop­ ment of an independent film and video community in Northern California by supporting film and video makers in the production of their work. Most (if not all) of the locally produced works screened over the years at the Festival have relied on the resources of these two indis­ pensable San Francisco institutions. The 200 1 Festival will present a sample of the vast num­




ber of queer works funded by FAF grant programs in Light Struck: 25 Years of FAF. A selec­ tion of the hundreds of outstanding; queer video works that have gone through BAVC over the last quarter century will screen in Homo Retro-BAVC.

San Francisco Cinematheque hit the city's art scene in 1 96 1 , and almost immediately SAN FRANCISCO


became one of the most respected screening venues of experimental film and video in the world. To celebrate its 40th Anniversary, the Festival is showcasing four programs of experi­ mental 8mm work by queer filmmakers in Do It Yourself: An Overview of Queer 8mm Film. These 8mm works represent the roots of queer film and this Festival, which almost exclusive­ ly screened 8mm films during its first three years.

[iJtvs independent television service

Independent Television Service (IT VS) was created ten years ago to bring independently produced programs that take creative risks, advance important issues, and represent rarely-seen points of view to PB S. Three-hundred broadcasts later, its success rate is nothing short of phe­ nomenal. Ground-breaking ITVS-funded programs like BlackIs... BlackAin't and Coming Out

Under Fire have dared to change minds, open hearts, inspire dialogue, and take viewers beyond the limits of their own lives. To celebrate the 1 0th Anniversary of San Francisco-based ITVS, the Festival will present four retrospective programs and two new ITVS-funded documentaries:

Scout's Honor and Hope Along the Wind: The Life and Times of Harry Hay. Look for more infmmation on our special series celebrating the anniversaries of the San Francisco Cinematheque, Film Arts Foundation, Bay Area Video Coalition, and Independent Television Service in the program section of this catalog. •





The Persistent Vision conference honors the organizers of the first gay film festival in San Francisco. While they no more expected to birth a queer film festival that would be attended by over 75 ,000 people than the few drag queens who rioted outside a New York bar expected to birth a radical gay liberation movement, the work of these pioneers remains with us today. What were they thinking when they chose the name Persistence of Vision? It speaks of incredible foresight: "persistence" means to continue with a project despite all obstacles; and "vision," not only means physical sight, but also refers to prophecy or an ideal conceived in the imagination and made rea l. It's a safe bet to suggest that Persistence of Vision knew what their goals were: to create a space in which gays could see themselves reflected in culture, and to make sure that it endured over time. While these objectives might have been clear at the time, it is unlikely that anyone in the group could have foreseen how far we would travel in 25 years. And while the obstacles we face are different and our sights have shifted, we know that we must still actively organize to chart a course into the future. Hence, we have created Persistent Vision-a conference that will look at our past, analyze our present, and help determine our future. "Things move fa st," stated editors John Greyson, Pratibha Parmar, and Martha Gever in

Queer Looks, their challenging and comprehensive · 1 993 book about avant-garde queer film and video. From the liberation movement of the '60s to street kiss-ins in the '80s, from public AIDS funerals to Log-Cabin Republicans to the Transgender movement, the queer movement has forged a direct course of increased visibility. While lesbians and gays were always 'in' Hollywood, in the early y�ars we were portrayed only in covert or stereot)'Jpical ways . While this provided heaps of material for scholars to analyze-Oh, the glories of spotting the queer in the subtext of a film!-by the '80s there wa s an urgency, a need to be more widely repre­ sented. Increasingly, we began to make our own film and video about our lives: we needed to see ourselves and our lives on screen, not watch some watered-down plot with characters that required us to "spot the dyke" or "find the faggot. " Home movies precipitated media activism and the queer avant-garde film and video productions of the '80s. Lesbian and gay film festi­ va ls popped up in one city after the next, film submissions came from the world over, and these growing festiva ls created audiences for more work. This movement gave birth in the '90s to a body of work for which B. Ruby Rich coined the term "New Queer Cinema." Hollywood, never known as a great risk-taker, fina lly began to catch up, taking its cues from some financially successful independent films (if there's a buck to be made ... ), and queers began to pop up reg­ ularly in movies and on TV



Almost twenty-five years after that first festival, while in the past, most mainstream representations of types, it now seems that many queer characters are

find ourselves at a new crossroads; characters were damaging stereoassimilated into equally detrimental

stereotypes to prove that "we" are just like "you." The .l����1JL.lVl.l;:) queers of our independent film and video productions rarely make the transition into

mainstream or commercial media.

Lesbian and gay festivals may have created a market

queer film-but exactly what kinds of

queer films do we now desire? And who will


and distribute these films and

videos? There are those who have declared the near

of the avant-garde, and those who

have worked for years to get to the point where "out"

characters are included in conven-

tional television and narrative cinema. What better venue than the 25th Anniversary of Festival to evaluate our histories, our institutions, and on the future of queer cinema? What better time to

San Francisco Lesbian & Gay Film impact that current changes will have and reinvigorate the Persistence of

Vision birthed 25 years ago? This year's Persistent Vision conference will scrutinize the effects of the mainstreaming and commercialization of queer; we will explore new trends in alternative media. Persistent Vision will look at how the programming of festivals either contributes and/or detracts from a queer avant-garde, and how these will influence the future of queer media. Panels will investi­ gate everything from the impact of pop-culture TV and movies that are riddled with homosex­ ual subtext, to how experimental media and documentary films with a revolutionary edge may continue to be funded and broadcast. Presentations about our film and video history will chart some of our past media productions, while others will point to vital and systemic issues of acceptability, access, and representation in the creation of new queer media. Workshops will range from modes of digital distribution to pitching sessions for up-and-coming directors, and participants will engage in discussions on everything from the failures and successes of festi­ vals to include diverse images of queerness, to new trends in Asian cinema and c�ntinuing gra�s roots media activism. Don't miss out on being a part of history, learning more about what you watch, and maybe even setting the stage for the "new, new thing" in queer cinema. Be there: June 1 7-20 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

See you there, Ellen Flanders

Persistent Vision Conference Director





BOTTLED AT TH E SOURCE www.crystalgeyserasw.com

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ring )Vater


Gaudi Afternoon Thursday June 14 7:3 0 pm Film Screening and Gala Castro $75 Mem/$100 Gen (GAUDI14)

Our desperate seeking might just be over with this year's Opening Night film, Gaudi Afternoon, directed by none other than the woman who first brought Madonna to the screen. This. year, director Susan Seidelman (Desperately Seeking Susan) has a film set an ocean away from the streets of New York. Shot in Barcelona with a star-studded cast including the formidable Judy Davis, Oscar winning Marcia Gay Harden, Lili Taylor, and Juliette Lewis, Gaudi Afternoon also features one of Spain's finest comedic actors Maria Barranco ( Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down). Seidelman based the film on Barbara Wilson's mystery novel and calls it a "gender bend­ ing detective story about alternative families." Davis describes it as a "comedy about displaced people. " It is all of this and much, much more. With a diverse set of characters, Seidelman brings us a film that makes us look at ourselves in whole new ways. Davis plays the edgy Cassandra, an itinerant translator who describes home as where she plugs in her laptop. We meet her as she struggles with the translation of a novel about a moth­ er and a daughter. Distracted by her own relationship demons, her late rent, and the cacopho­ ny from her landlady Carmen's (Maria Barranco) household, Cassandra is at a crossroads. Enter Frankie Stevens (Marcia Gay Harden) in an outfit from the gods. Frankie tries to enlist the cynical translator to play private eye. The femme fatale explains that it will be an easy and lucrative gig. In need of cash, Cassandra agrees. As she tries to find Frankie's disappeared husband, she quickly discovers that what appears to be real "just ain't necessalily so. " The seductive April (Juliette Lewis) might not be a new age angel and Ben (the most fabulous Lili Taylor) might not be Ben, but a butch dyke. And, a drag cabaret might be the headquarters of an elaborate kidnapping scheme. As she wanders amid the Gothic architecture that looms over the modern streets of Gaudi's Barcelona, Cassandra is up to her eyes in intrigue and soon gets embroiled in a drama that offers her more than she had ever expected. -Erica Marcus Gaudi Afternoon

dir Susan Seidelman 200 1 Spain 93 min 35mm




Opening Night

of the

premiere ofGaudi Afternoon and ''Metrosexuality'' fabulous Opening Night Gala. With delicious and entertainmen t by Orquesta D 'Soul and want to miss our biggest party ever as we For those attending the Gaudi Afternoon transportation

via MUNI (F trolley line,

to the Opening Night Gala at Yerba Buena Center provided. If you are driving to the Gala from the parking information. If you are attending the premiere of

Sponsored by

_ ARSQ\V:!'

�O'UPIl 34



FOUNDATION castrofoundation.org

Metrosexuality Thursday June 14 8:30 pm Film Screening and Gala CFA Theater $75 Mem/$100 Gen (METR014)

2�th anniversary ' 25th Anniversary Festival, join us after the at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts for a culinary delights from Global Gourmet Catering "Metrosexuality's " Rikki Beadle-Blair, you won 't commence our eleven-day 25th birthday celebration. premiere at the Castro Theatre c01nplimentary underground, and surface buses) will be prOVided for the Arts. Return transportation will not be Castro see page 75 for Center for the Arts

"Metrosexuality, " then you 're already there!

Move over "Will & Grace." Get out of the way "Ellen. " We've seen the future of queer televi­ sion and it's "Metrosexuality"-the fabulous new TV series from England's Channel Four that receives its U.S. premiere screening at our Gala Opening Night at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater. With a breezy style that gives "swish pan" a whole new meaning, Wliter/director/producerl star Rikki Beadle-�lair (Stonewall) skips through this entertaining story like a lightning-fast hiphop DJ sampling the latest tracks from Moby, Beck, or Daft Punk (while the fashion reminds you of a 200 1 version of the artist again known as Prince). As the characters in "Metrosexuality" hurtle through the technicolor streets of London's trendy Notting Hill Gate with the urgent velocity of a late-night cell phone call to the number in a personal ad, just keep­ ing up will leave you whip-lashed with laughter and begging for more. Beadle-Blair heads one of the most divertingly diverse casts ever as Max, a gay-divorcee dad with bleached blond dreadlocks doing his best to cope with life as a single queer. Things aren't made any easier by sharing j oint custody of a cute young straight son with a handsome ex-husband-especially when the son is determined to get his dads back together no matter what it takes. Throw in the travails of a lesbian sister and sister-in-law, plus the escapades of your son's two gay best mates (one of whom has a crush on Dad) and their poly-amorous friends, and you've got a world where sexuality is a slippery slope and the 2 1 st Century fami­ ly is in full swing. Sound easy for Dad? It's not. But it's a lot of fun for the rest of us in this frank, funky, streetwise comedy-drama that's like nothing you've ever seen. Don't be surprised if an Americanized version shows up on your cable TV in a couple of seasons, but it will never equal the energy of this queerer than "Queer As Folk" British original. "Metrosexuality" dir Rikki Beadle-Blair 200 1 UK 72 min video The first three half-hour episodes ofthis six part series will screen Opening Night. The $75. 00 ticket price for the evening will include complimentary tickets to a screening of the last three episodes at the Center for the Arts Theater on June 1 6th, 4 pm, plus admission to the Festival's Gala Opening Night party next door to the theatre at the Center for the Arts Forum and Galleries.



Adventures of Felix Tuesday June 19 9:3 0 pm Castro $10 Mem/$15 Gen (FELIX19) French directing duo Olivier Ducastel and Jacques Martineau proved that they could mine new gold out of old gemes with their AIDS musical Jeanne and the Peliect Guy. Now, with Adventures ofFelix, they put a new twist on a story line that is as old as Homer and come· up with a film that is both an enj oyably accessible gay movie, and a sophisticated work of cinema art. From its whimsical opening moments, with handsome French-Arab ferryman Felix riding his bicycle along the docks of Dieppe, to its final scenes of a touching .reunion on another dock in Marseille, Ducastel and Martineau maintain an easy control over their film's pacing, tone, and style. With their deft directorial touch, each of

Felix's deceptively ordinary characters

makes an impression on the audience in a very unique way. And no one makes a bigger impres­ sion, on his fellow characters or the audience, than Felix himself. From the moment newly unemployed Felix puts on his backpack, kisses his handsome boyfriend goodbye, and heads off down the back roads of France in search of the father he never knew, people begin to take him into their hearts. As Felix, Sami Bouaj ila gives a sweet, sexy performance that makes it easy to see why everyone who meets this happy-go-lucky wanderer wants to feed him, bed him, or drag him behind some bushes. Each of his fellow travelers needs something from Felix, each has some­ thing to give, and each has something to teach him. It isn't long before the charms of budding springtime, the beautiful French landscape, and his charming new "relatives " start to lure Felix down some diverting cul-de-sacs. Fortunately for us, Ducastel and Martineau give Felix all the time he needs to follow each detour wherever it leads him. Together, they turn their young hero's search for his father into a discovery of an extended "family" he never knew he had. Felix may reach his goal in the end, or he may not. But one thing is certain, the audience will wish this Gallic

Sullivan 's Travels, which comes across like a queer collaboration between

Preston Sturges and Franc;ois Truffaut, would go on forever. Sponsored by

Adventures ofFelix dirs Olivier Ducastel & Jacques Martineau 1 999 France 97 min 35mm in French with English subtitles



N ow p l ayi ng a t a l o ca ti o n n e a r yo u . MARINA


20 3 1 C h e stn u t Street

3 5 8 3 1 6 th Street

S a n Fra n ci s c o � CA

Sa n Franci sco, CA

4 1 5 . 9 2 8.3088

4 1 5 .864.2 888



2 4 0 6 C a l i forn ia S treet

8 2 2 I rv i ng Street

San Fra n c i sco, CA

San Fra n c i s c o , CA

4· 1 5 . 3 4 5 . 8 0 8 8

41 5 .682.2828

PALO A LTO 2 6 ( U n ivers i ty Ave n u e Pa l o A l to ) CA 6 50. 3 28. 1 9 88



All Over the Guy Sunday June 24 7: 00 pm Film Screening and Party Castro $50 Mem/$60 Gen (ALLOV24) Sunday June 24 9:00 pm Party Only The Galleria at the San Francisco Design Center $25 Mem/$35 Gen (CPART24) We couldn't think of a more perfect way to end our Silver Anniversary Film Festival than with

All Over the Guy, a

hilarious romantic comedy about two men who, despite their many differ­

ences, fall for each other only when they find something they share in common: their love for the movies. And even then they don't agree! Tom and Eli meet on a blind date set up by their straight friends, but it quickly becomes

After the premiere ofAll Over the Guy, join us for our Closing Night Party at the San Francisco Design Center Galleria, 1 01 Henry Adams Street at Division. Enjoy savory catering by Zao Noodle Bar as we announce this year's award winners and




25th Anniversary Festival!


of our

obvious that they are a mismatched pair. Tom (Richard Ruccolo) is a gorgeous chain-smoking, heavy drinking schoolteacher who shops at flea markets for vintage martini sets. Eli (Dan Bucatin�ky who also wrote the sctipt) is a cute and nerdy romantic who likes to watch marathon re-lUns of "The X-Files . " They don't hit it off until they start talking about movies, but even then Tom can't believe that "any self-respecting gay man could possibly like

In and

Out. " Christina Ricci,' as Eli's sister, and Lisa Kudrow, as an apathetic, voiceover actor for an energy bar commel;cial, give marvelous cameo appearances. And "Second City TV's" Andrea Martin (remember

Indira! Indira !)

adds an extremely funny perfOlmance as Eli's mother, a

touchy-feely psychiatrist who wants her son to communicate with her through a "Feel Wheel" and strongly advises him to take testicular self-exams. Directed by Julie Davis,

All Over the Guy perfectly captures the humor, magic, and pelils

of gay men falling in love. Will Tom find AA? Will Eli learn to accept Tom for not being per­

Sponsored by

fect? Will they some day get to celebrate their own Silver Anniversary? We certainly hope so, and we know you'll enj oy this fitting Closing Night film to our 25th!


FOUNDATION castrofoundation.org

All Over the Guy dir Julie Davis 200 1 USA 94 min 35mm


2S-A Bri ef Hi story

90 Miles

Are You Greedy?

Friday June 15 8:00 p71'l

Thursday June 2 1 10: 15 pm

Victoria $ 7.50 Mem/$8.50 Gen (MILES15)

Victoria $ 7.50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (AREY021)

In 1964, five years after the Revolution that

In are you GREEDY ?, a provocative new dyku­

of the Festival Sunday June 17 11: 00 am Castro FREE screening (no ticket required-first come, first served) How can you take 25 years of Lesbian and Gay Film Festival fabulousness and condense it into one hour? Director and co-founder Marc Huestis, commissioned by Frameline, has done just that-fashioning a highly entertaining and edu­ cational time capsule examining the history of the Festival. From the early days, when grainy Super-8 films were projected on stained sheets, to the advent of new technologies, this video zips through Frameline's






vengeance. Along the way important historical moments are explored-the lesbian riots, the first generation of stories about AIDS, the new queer cinema, the N;ltional Endowment contro­ versies, the rise of lesbian cinema, and the main­ streaming of gay cinema. Still, the works them­ selves are the stars, with clips from such classic films as Tongues Untied, T he Living End, Paris Is Burning, Go Fish, Lilies, Fire, and many oth­ ers, this documentary reminds us of where we've been and where we've yet to go. Volunteer dirs Matt Dahlberg & Amy Little 200 I

placed Fidel Castro in power, Pachuco Zaldivar

mentary by Italian filmmakers Federica Tuzi and

and his family faced the decision of whether or

Cristina Vuolo, lesbians across the globe answer

not to leave Cuba. It was all or nothing: the entire

probing questions about sapphic lust, identity,

family would go, or no one would go. Zaldivar's

and sexual attitudes. Created for the first ever

mother-in-law refused to leave and so the family

World Pride 2000 in Rome, are you GREEDY ?

remained. In 1980, a new opportunity arose for

presents a whirlwind array of social, political,

the Zaldivar family to leave Cuba. This time it

and personal experiences in the lives of lesbians

was the 13-year-old Juan Carlos, a staunch com­

from South Africa, Northern Europe, Italy, Fij i,

munist, and his older sister, who held the family'S

New York, and San Francisco. Photography from

fate in their hands. Reluctantly, the siblings

S .F.'s own Darlene Weide adds humor and visual

agreed to leave with their family to the United States.

spark. A love that no other filmmaker has dared to

During 18 years of life in the U S . , Juan

name! Sweet Boy is Karen Everett's thoughtful,

Carlos's family grow apart physically and emo­

highly personal exploration of the psychological

tionally. Pachuco Zaldivar slips into depression,

and spiritual dynamics of Mommy/Boy role-play

longing for pre-revolutionary Cuba, and lament­

in dyke relationships. Sexy age-play with a

ing the fortune he cannot provide for his family

maternal femme catalyzes a wild, energetic inner

in the U S . Strong feelings arise when Juan

boy in Everett's psyche. A sequel to film festival

Carlos decides to return to Cuba "in search of the

favorite, My Femme Divine, this compelling

source of his father's unhappiness . "

Jungian autobiography dramatizes the filmmak­

90 Miles is a powerful film that reveals the personal effects of the conflict between the U S .

er's inner struggle, growth, and lessons in moth­ ering herself.

and Cuba. Never before has this conflict been addressed with as much intima�y as Zaldivar

USA 8 min video


D 2S-A Brief History of the Festival dir Marc Huestis 200 1 USA 60 min video

90 Miles dir Juan Carlos Zaldivar 200 1 USA 79 min

Sweet Boy dir Karen Everett 200 1 USA 30 min 1 6mm are you GREEDY? dirs Cristina Vuolo & Federica


2000 Italy 60 min video

video in Spanish and English with English subtitles

Co-Presented by San Francisco Sex In/ormation (SFSI)

Spo",m,d by




Beaver Trilogy Friday June 15 9: 00 pm CFA Theater $ 7. 50 Mem/$8.50 Gen (BEA VEI5)

Black Is . . . Black Ain't

Blind Fairies

ITVS Retrospective

(Le Fate Ignoranti)

Saturday June 23 6:30 pm Roxie $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (BLACK23)

Wednesday June 20 9:30 pm Castro $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (BLIND20)

Simultaneously earnest and outrageous, Trent Harris' cult legend, Beaver Trilogy, finally finds

Marlon Riggs, one of the most influential inde­

its way to the mainstream, and it cannot be

pendent filmmakers of our time, died in 1 994 of

missed. In 1 979, while working as a news cam­

complications due to AIDS . His final film, Black

eraman, Trent Harris (Reuben and Ed) meets

Is . . . Black A in 't is an up-front examination of

Groovin' Gary in a Salt Lake City parking lot.


Both bashful and hammy, this self-proclaimed

Black community. Bringing together personal

sexism, and homophobia within the

"Rich Little of Beaver, Utah" serves up a few

stories, interviews, music, history, and perform­

choice impersonations for Harris' camera. But he


reveals the real j ewel of his repertoire weeks later

Americans: What is black, black enough, or too

at a talent show in the Beaver High School audi­


torium-in black leather and platinum wig, he is the one, the only. . . Olivia Newton John!

Black Is. . . Black A in 't asks African­







metaphor for the rich diversity of black identi­

That this regular Joe dons drag and pours

ties, Riggs and his camera criss-cross the country

his heart out in Olivia's song-stylings is exhila­

bringing us face-to-face with black folks young

ratingly absurd. "Beaver Kid 2" re-enacts the

and old, rich and poor, rural and urban, gay and

entire event two years later with a cruel spin, fea­

straight, grappling with the paradox of numer­

turing a Spiccoli-era Sean Penn as the kid from

ous, often contested definitions of blackness.

Beaver. In 1 9 84 Harris expands the tale even fur­

Riggs mixes performances by choreographer Bill

ther, beautifully casting Crispin Glover as "The

T. Jones and poet Essex Hemphill and commen­

Orkly Kid," and fashioning a quirky portrait of

tary by noted cultural critics Angela Davis, bell

eclectic individualism in a small town.

hooks, Cornel West, Michele Wallace, Barbara

Beaver Trilogy gleefully blurs the line

Smith, and Maulana Karenga into this flavorful

between fact and fiction, and gives us plenty of

stew of personal testimony, music, and history.

ONJ along the way.

-Christian Bruno

Produced and directed by Riggs, Black Is. . . Black Ain 't was completed posthumously by

Beaver Trilogy dir Trent Harris 2000 USA

tor/editor Christiane Badgley.

his co-producer Nicole Atkinson and co-direc­ 85 min 35mm

Two worlds collide and illuminate each other in this sensitive, comic, and complex work by Ferzan Ozpetek, the director who brought us

Steam-The Turkish Bath. If you're tired of films exploring the same old identity politics, and long for something else, Blind Fairies just might be the ticket. Antonia, an upper class Italian doctor, has


happily married to

her husband

Massimo for 15 years. After Massimo is killed, the






changed. She discovers that the man she thought she knew everything about had a secret lover. With only an address in Rome's working-class Ostiense district, Antonia seeks out the " other woman," only to discover that "she" is a hunk of a man named Michele. The two men's large extended family of gay and straight men, work­ ing girls, and everything in between, couldn't be more different than Antonia and Massimo's closed nuclear one. Michele is at first resentful of Antonia, yet the realization that they loved the same man breeds the kind of curiosity which binds families together.

-Erica Marcus Blilld Fairies (Le Fate Igllorallti) dir Ferzan Ozpetek Italy 2000 1 05 min 35mm in Italian with English subtitles

Black Is... Black A ill 't dir Marlon Riggs 1 995 USA 87 min video

Sponsored by



n,lut.fthth, . . . heryWuk

Sponsored by

[!I3bancorp Piper Jaffray®



Body of Evidence

Bombay Eunuch

Borstal Boy

Saturday June 16 1 : 3 0 pm . Roxie $5 Mem/$6 Gen (BODY01 6)

Friday June 15 8:00 pm Roxie $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (BOMBA 15)

Friday June 15 6: 00 pm Castro $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (BOBOY15)

This honest and profoundly moving program

"Would it be right if I looked like the actress

Handsomely produced with a heavy dose of Irish

explores our relationships to our own bodies and

Hema Malini on top and like her husband

sentimentality and British wartime nostalgia,

to the physical and emotional well-being of oth­

Dharmendra on the bottom?" So Meena explains

Borstal Boy features a memorable performance

Status Survey a relationship is put

as to why she got castrated and became a hijra .

by Shawn Hatosy as the Irish literary lion and

to the test when one woman has an accident and

From centuries before there was a "gay" move­

political activist Brendan Behan.

her lover must take care of her. A swimmer

ment, the hijras of the Indian subcontinent have

uncovers the truth about his body in

been subverting gender rules as a third sex. A

Based on Behan's classic memoir, Borstal Boy recounts his arrest as a teenager during World War II for political terrorism and his incar­

ers. In Health


and a daughter mourns the loss of her father in

closed community with its own ritua ls and hier­

Memoria Mortalis. In Our Health, Latina les­

archies, their elders often impose severe penal­

ceration in a British borstal, or reform school,

bians share stories of domestic violence and cre­

ties upon those who speak to outsiders. Meena

run by a liberal warden (Michael York). The

ate a frank portrait of a subject often considered

risks all of that when she talks to foreign film­

young Brendan encounters


makers in

Dyer), a sailor sent to the borstal for stealing.

Sea in the Blood traces filmmaker Richard

Bombay Eunuch about her life and



Fung's struggle to cope with thalassemia in his

those of the hijra s to whom she is den mother.

Charlie is unaba shedly queer. Brendan isn't, but

sister Nan, and AIDS in his partner Tim.

The film shows the hijra s deva stated by poverty,

the two gradually gain a mutual respect for each

Memoria Mortalis dir Rose Bond 2000 USA 10 min


Aren 't You Lucky You Brought Your Own Chair?

dir Margaret Scott 1 999 Canada 16 min video Love is a Hemorrhage dir John R. Killacky 200 1

AIDS, prostitution, and police hara ssment but

other that grows into friendship. When an all-boy

still endowed with the sharp-tongued candor,

production of Oscar Wilde's "The Importance of

bawdy humor, and business savvy that has

Being Earnest" casts the two as suitors, their

enabled them to keep reinventing themselves .

stage kiss opens a new world of possibilities­

What starts out as a film about gender ends up a s

but the war beyond the safe enclave of the borstal

USA 3 min video

a far more complex depiction of a bare-knuckled

makes the future uncertain for everyone.

Our Health: Latina Lesbians Breaking Barriers

fight for surviva l.

-Steven Saylor

dir Suzanne Newman & Teresa Cuadra 1 999 USA 18 min video

Inundated by the critical voices of parents

Health Status Survey dir Safia Rangera 2000 12 min

and the weight of tra dition and duty, an Indian

Benedictin dir Randy Caspersen 2000 USA 6 min

the help of some heavy red silk, henna, and

video video

My Sister Marjie (Llld Me dir Tim Berthad 200 1 USA

4 min video

Sea ill the Blood dir Richard Fung 2000 USA 26 min


Total Running Time: 85 min

Co-Presented by Lyon-Martin Women 's Health Services

man peels off layers to find his true self-with


Goddess Method.

Borstal Boy dir Peter Sheridan 2000 IrelandIUK

93 min 35mm Eligible for the Dockers<l!> Khakis First Feature Award

Bombay EWlllch dirs Alexandra Shiva, Sean

MacDonald, & Michelle Gucovsky 2000 USA 7 1 min

video in Hindi, Tamil, and English with English subtitles

rhe Goddess Meth od dir Punam Sawhney 2000 Canada 6 min 1 6mm

Co-Presented by TRIKONE

Sponsored by

• Sun. �

' mlcrosystems

We're the dot in .com'"


Bride of Trailer Camp

By Hook or By Crook

Burnt Money (Plata quemada)

Sunday June 1 7 1:30 pm Castro $5 Mem/$6 Gen (BRIDE1 7) This hilarious action-packed sequel to the acclaimed




Trailer Camp, takes you on a wild cinematic ride from bad '50s melodrama through the greatest disaster movies of the '70s. Bride ofTrailer Camp also features a glittering chain of your favorite divas along the way including Bette Davis in

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, Jeanne Moreau in Mademoiselle, Elizabeth Taylor in Butterfield 8 and Boom, Kim Novak in The Legend ofLylah Clare, Susan Hayward in I'll Cry Tomorrow and the incomparable Judy Garland in I Coul Go On Singing. One of the campiest


and most eerie clips you'll see is a young Rock Hudson promoting Christmas Seals. Bride of

Trailer Camp is bursting with rare treats and brilliant specimens of movie trailer artistry.

. Here are just a few of the spectacular traIl­

ers you won't want to miss : The Third Sex,

Homicidal, A ttack of the 5 0 Foot Woman, Poseidon Adventure, No Way to Treat a Lady, The Nanny, and Night of the Cobra Woman. Bride of Trailer Camp curated by Jenru Olson 200 1 USA 63 min 35mm

Sunday June 17 6:30 pm Castro $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (CROOK1 7)

Saturday June 1 6 7: 00 pm Castro $ 7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (BURNT1 6)

Small-town Shy (Silas Howard) dumps her diner

Two handsome strangers emerge from the dark­ ness of an apparently abandoned building, cir­ cling and tempting each other. The narrator informs us that everyone thinks that they are twins, but that actually they are lovers: lethal, thieving lovers. Based on the tme story of Angel and Nene,

Plata Quemada is the steamy Argentine hit film about an infamous heist gone horribly wrong. After a hold-up turns bloody, the lovers flee

Argentina with their ragtag gang. Whi e on he lam, their already tumultuous relationshIp begms to crack. With the cops closing in, the two lovers must confront their demons in order to sm-vive. Spanish screen star Eduardo Noriega, who recently won Best Actor at the Spanish Goyas for

A bre Los Ojos (Open Your Eyes), gives a spell­

binding performance as Angel. The film als � stars Leonardo Sbaraglia as Nene, Pablo Echarn as the straight cohort Cuervo, and legendary character actor Hector Alterio. Director Marcelo Piiieyro, who produced the Academy Award Winning The Official Story,


brings a sexy seediness to the portrayal of t is scandalous real-life event, and tells a compellmg love story, all at the same time.

handsome life of petty crime. Along the way, she stumbles into the off-kilter Valentine (Harry

Dodge) who is on a quest to locate her b rth­ mother. An unexpected friendship like neIther has ever known before, sparks in the all-night streets of the city, as they steal and grift their way toward




ance artists and directors Harry Dodge and SIlas Howard have crafted this feisty m-ban tale with assm-ance and originality. Shy is as guarded as her name, with a restless m-ge to fly; Valentine is both adorable and volatile, damaged goods on arrival. At times, the two leads recall Cassavetes and Falk from Mikey and Nicky, misfits who sub­ vert their stereotypes to confront their own truths, sometimes with quiet terror.

By Hook or By Crook is the butch buddy movie you may or may not have been waiting for; but you won't soon forget these two exuberant drifters who are just being themselves: personal­ ly brave, sm-prisingly tender, and plenty screwy.

-Christian Bruno By Hook or By Crook dirs Harry Dodge & Silas

Eligible for the Dockers<&> Khakis First Feature Award


2000 Argentina 1 25 min 35mm in Spamsh wlth English subtitles

Spol/sored by


fucked-up world around them. Local perfo�m­

Howard 200 1 USA 90 min video

-Corey Eubanks BlIrIlt Money (plata quemada) dir Mar�elo

j ob and thumbs to San Francisco in pm-suit of the

Sponsored by



Chill Out

Tuesday June 19 2:00 pm

Sunday June 17 6: 3 0 pm

Castro $5 Mem/$6 Gen (B YKESI9)

Herbst $7. 50 Mem/$8. 5 0 Gen (CHILLI 7)

Saturday June 23 1: 3 0 pm

Tuesday June 1 9 1 1 : 3 0 am

Herbst $5 Mem/$6 Gen (B YKES23)

Castro $5 Mem/$6 Gen (CHILLI9)

The C ockettes SneakPreview Thursday June 21 9:00 pm Castro $7. 5 0 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (CO CKE2I) David Weissman and Bill Weber deliver a real San Francisco treat with this sneak preview of

This program features a whole host of two wheel­

Beautiful, blond Anna (Tatjana Blacher) tracks

The Cockettes, their nearly complete documen­

in' lesbians. It begins with Cow Bra, a humorous

down missing heirs for a living. For fun, she likes

tary on the legendary SF troupe. Be among the

short about one cow's predicament with shaking

an occasional one-night stand-the more impul­

first in the world to relive a glorious era in our

udders, and the miracle that sets her free. Then,


history, when the summer of love gave way to the



Darkly handsome


the training wheels are off for two of the wacki­

(Sebastian Blomberg) makes his way by hustling

swinging seventies, and a bunch of wild hippies

est uneasy riders ever in Bykes.

older men and stealing their credit cards; a fire

in old dresses ruled the city.

Hardihood takes us behind the scenes of the

he set as a boy ruined his family and now he's a

gritty world of women's downhill bike-racing.

drifter with no thought of tomorrow. When a




an d



Cockettes were united by a common love for

Some of the country's top female racers, includ­

stroke of fate casts these two loners together, they

acid, the theater, dressing up, and getting down.

ing World Champion Mountain Biker Missy

form an instant bond.

They were - just out for a good time, but they

Giove, share the rhythm and rigors of training






ended up changing gay culture forever. This deliriously entertaining film captures it all.

and racing competitively. Hardihood weaves

Metschurat), a cute DJ who seems to be falling

together interviews, intimate moments from the

for Anna. Or is it Johann he really wants? When

Hear Goldie Glitters, Scrumbly Koldewyn,

women's daily lives, and of course plenty of hard

the city becomes too hot for Johann and he feels

and Fayette dish the dirt. See Sylvester, Divine,

and fast downhill riding. Interviews with the

the itch to move on, Anna hatches a scheme to

and Pristine Condition strut their stuff. Laugh as

founder of WOMBATS (Women's Mountain

secure a nest-egg and end Johann's life of

Sylvia Miles, Holly Woodlawn, and John Waters

Bike & Tea Society) who had to retire from the

crime . . . but things don't turn out exactly as she

recall being stunned by the fabulous Cockettes.

sport due to breast cancer, provide insight into

planned. With his fit:st feature, director Andreas

You'll be stunned too, as you watch the Cockettes

the discipline and dedication it takes for these

Struck delivers an ambiguous morality tale in

take the stage in film footage of some of their

athletes to compete. Watch ing the women hit the

which nobody gets quite what they want-but

most infamous shows. You may or may not end

dirt, risking life and limb, leaves no doubt about

everyone gets more than they deserve.

up wanting to drop acid and do drag. But you will

women's place in competitive sports. No wonder

-Steven Saylor

definitely be moved and amused by what prom­

the boys are running scared.

'ises to be one of the most exciting documentaries

Chill Ollt dir Andreas Struck 2000 Germany 90 min

-Natalija V.

3 5mm in German with English subtitles

COJV Bra dir Allison Sweeney 2000 USA 2 min video Bykes dir Mary Matthews 2000 USA 5 min video Hardihood dir Nicole Hahn 200 1 USA 78 min video

Eligible for the Dockers'!) Khakis First Feature Award

of the year.

rhe Cockettes dirs David WeIssman & Bill Weber 200 1 USA 1 00 min video

Total Running Time: 85 min

Co-Presented by Womell 's Moulltaill Bike & Tea Society (WOMBA TS) Spollsored by


Sponsored by


Sponsored by



Coffee Date

The Cold Lands

Coming to Terms

(Les Terres Froids)

-Gay Youth Shorts

Monday June 18 8:00 pm Victoria $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (COFFEI8) This program of gay shorts explores the ups and downs and the ins and outs of dating, beginning with a Field Guide to your first gay kiss with an Asian boy. Mike Hoolboom wonders why all his boyfriends break up with him in restaurants In

The City, and Kyle wants love and tenderness but is consumed by the dark side of sex in Raw. What could a classified ad, a coal shed, a threesome, and a waiter have to do with finding your dream man? Alex finds out in Boyfriends. Jamie dreams of sharing Soda Pop with Norberto, a Spanish exchange student, and finally, a potentially disas­ trous rendezvous turns out to be one of the best in Coffee Date.

Field Guide to Western Wildflowers dir Wayne Yung 2000 Canada 6 min video

In The City dir Mike Hoolboom 200 1 Canada 10 min video

Raw dir Rachel Victor 2000 USA 12 min video Dream Figure dir Stuart Gaffney 200 1 USA 4 min

Thursday June 21 10: 15 pm

Friday June 15 6: 00 pm

Roxie $ 7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (COLDL21)

Roxie $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (COMIN1 5)

Young Dj amel (Yasmine Belmadi), born of an

These shorts reflect the joy and pain of growing

Arab mother, never knew his French father. Now

up gay. In Coming to Terms, Damian sinks into

his mother is dead, and Dj amel sets out from

desperation as he realizes that both he and his

Paris to look for his fortune elsewhere, leaving

family have an arduous journey ahead to accept

his grandmother and Arab girlfriend behind.

his dawning sexuality. When two boys go drink­

When he finds work at a factory in Grenoble and

ing together the unexpected happens in Chicken,

starts dating a co-worker, Isabelle (Valerie

and in Boychickwe witness a day in the life of a

Donzelli), Dj amel appears to be comfortably set.

young man who channels his "Inner Britney" to

But why is he so curious about his boss, the tor­ mented Monsieur Chamblasse (Bernard Verly)? And why is he so fascinated by the boss's strik­ ingly handsome son (Sebastien Charles), who happens to be gay and very much in the closet? Gradually we realize Dj amel's secret agenda, which moves to a resolution he never expected. Also on the program is Gifts, which cap­ tures the Christmas angst of a young man trapped with his relatives over the holidays, cut off from


the one person he most needs to see.

Boyfriends dir Simon Horton 1 999 UK 12 min video Soda Pop dir Patrick McGuinn 200 1 USA 7 min 16mm The Stars We Are dir Pablo Tapay Bautista 2000 USA

-Steven Saylor

9 min 1 6mm

Lifshitz 1 999 France 63 min 35mm in French with

Tom Clay Jesus dir Hoang Duong 200 1 USA 17 min 3 5mm

Coffee Date dir Stewart Wade 2000 USA 17 min 3 5mm Total Running Time: 94 min

The Cold Lands (Les Terres Froids) dir Sebastien English subtitles

Gifts (Cadeaux) dir Jean-Pascal Hattu 1 999 France 20 min 35mm in French with English subtitles


pursue the boy of his dreams .

The Rape of Ganymede dirs Tom Whitman & Dustin Woehrmann 2000 USA 10 min video

The Favor dir Ernesto Foronda 200 1 USA 5 min video

The Wait dir Shawn Atkins 200 1 USA 1 min video Drawing Girls dir Bryan McHenry 1 999 USA 1 5 min video

Luna 's Peepshow Drama dir Luna Luis Ortiz 200 1 USA 1 min video

D Coming to Terms dir Shawn Postoff 2000 Canada 1 7 min video

Your Denim Shirt dir Samuel Rodriguez 1 998 USA 8 min video

Hunan Dynasty dir Whitney Pillsbury 2000 USA 3 min 1 6mm

The Shape of Things dirs Jennie Chamberlain & Gabriel Lichstein 200 1 USA 5 min 1 6mm

Chicken dir Barry Dignam 200 1 Ireland 3 min 3 5mm Boychick dir Glenn Gaylord 200 1 USA 12 min 35mm 'Total Running Time: 80 min

Co-Presented by Lavender Yo uth Recreation & Information Center (LYRIC) Sponsored by


The Confusion of Genders (La Confusion des Genres) Sunday June 24 4: 00 pm Castro $5 Mem/$6 Gen (CONFU24)


Give in to the temptations of Babette? Live with Christophe? Marry Laurence? Let go of it all and follow his fantasies of Marc? Choices, decisions, commitments-these are what Alain, the seductive fortyish junior partner in a small Parisian law firm, fears and with remarkable ingenuity, avoids. Ambiguity and existential doubt, and confusion and chaos form the milieu of our pro­ tagonist's messy but not unhappy life. The Confusion of Genders moves quickly with witty, improvisational dialogue and fast repartee as complication builds upon complication and an unexpected turn of fate presents Alain with hav­ ing to make an ultimate decision: Laurence, the senior paliner of the firm, discovers that she is pregnant with his child. Despite being practition­ ers of a profession that applies clear definitions and reaches final judgments, both Alain and Laurence find themselves comically befuddled by this predicament. Meanwhile, Babette, Christophe, and Marc await, all sexually involved with Alain or on the verge thereof. No lingering in doubt for them, they are young, unreflective, and willing to go wherever passion dictates. -Nicole Guillemet

Cooking with C anuks

Crimes Against Nature

Thursday June 21 8:00 pm Roxie $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (CANUK21)

Thursday June 21 11: 3 0 am Castro $5 Mem/$6 Gen (CRlME21)

Canadian cuisine tempts the taste bud borders of back-bacon, maple syrup, and poutine in these scrumptious shorts curated by Jeff Crawford and the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre. In Suck, nail-biting gives new meaning to finger food, while a pissed-off princess makes a date with the fridge in Chow Down. The table is set with some tasty treats in Brealifast With Gus, and succulent secrets go Bare. Butch cooks it up in Baking With Butch, Episode #2, and in the ani­ mated Bon Bon it's all made out oof candy. A delivery boy discovers his sexuality in Take-Out while In The City a man explains how his break­ ups always happen in restaurants.

In 1 977, this Festival debuted in the midst of an explosion of gay culture in San Francisco. In life styles, the arts, and the pursuit of sex, gay men were literally stretching their muscles and spreading their wings. The members of the Gay Men's Theatre Collective were right in the middle of it too. That year, they poured all their experi­ ences as "gay men" into a single performance piece, and Crimes Against Nature was bom. Hailed as a hit during its long theatrical run, Crimes Against Nature survives today as a mov­ ing time capsule of its noes-gay era, thanks to director Edward Dundas. Dundas weaves his camera into the play's action to capture all of its emotion, humor, ritual, and pathos. An inspiring courage informs the sometimes humorous, some­ times painful testimony of the men, as they explore the unsettling region between intellectu­ al and emotional transformation. Exceptional performances convey the suspense involved in n-eading such dangerous ground_ Oh, so '70s ! Now, to commemorate the experimental and innovative spirit of '77, the SFILGFF presents Dundas' one-of-a-kind record of a once-in-a-life­ time event.

Bon Bon

dirs Allyson Mitchell & Lex Vaughn 200 1

Canada 3 min 1 6mm

Baking With Butch, Episode #2

Slick dir Kelly O'Brien 2000 Canada 4 min video Chow Down dir AllysOll Mitchell 1 996 Canada 3 min video

Breakfast With Gus

dir Siobhan Devine 1 998 Canada

8 min 1 6mm


dirs Deb Strutt & Liz Baulch 2000 Australia

9 min 1 6mm

Take-Out dir

Jean-Franyois Monette 2000 Canada

38 min o3 5mm

In The City

dir Mike Hoolboom 200 1 Canada 1 0 min

video Total Running Time: 80 min

The Confusion of Genders (La Confusion des Genres) dir Dan Duran Cohen 2000 France 94 min 3 5mm in French with English subtitles

Sponsored by

Sponsored by

A I R FRANCE ...,'1/ , ..,

dirs Melissa Levin &

Nina Levitt 200 1 Canada 5 min video



CrimesAgainst Nature USA 90 min video

dir Edward Dundas 1 977

Do I Love You?

De C olores -Queer Latin Shorts

Tuesday June 19 6 :0 0 pm Roxie $ 7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (LOVEYI9)

Monday June 1 8 1 0:00 pm Roxie $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (LATINI8)


this collection of Latin films has something fo '

�veryone. In l!nocked Out, a young stud j erks , off Into unconSClOusness and wakes up with amne­ sia. Gender bending questions are the focus of

The One of Your Dreams I'l!

Be. De Co 10res explores how Latino families are changing homophobic traditions. Corn In The Front Yard stars a hysterical Latino real estate queen who laments the loss of the neighborhood, as she herself becomes a mover and a shaker. From Spain, we meet

Gladys, A Cuban Mother

who tells her gay son that most of her great loves have been women.

An Overview of Queer 8mm Film Curated by Steve Anker & Stephen Kent Jusick

Join the women in these shorts as they look for

From sexy shorts to evocative documentaries

the Mexican film

Do It Yourself -Homo Movies

Calm Awakening and Your

Denim Shirt, two films by Samuel Rodriguez ' are


and romance.

Once Again Chocolate

Mousse is a short video about cooking and seductive pleasure, and Passing Glances takes a satirical look at three people trying to find love through the personals. An aspiring writer frus­ trated with her love life flees to New Orleans for inspiration in

Judy 's Jive. Two girls try to get Nine Days and another pair try to make the soccer team in Title IXL. A mattress carries too many memories in Boxspring and a bad date begs the question Do I Love You? A

pregnant in

beautiful young woman entices Wilma to escape her


1 9 5 0's



Wilma 's


both pure cinema poetry.

Once Agaill Chocolate Mousse dirs Sabine Wenczel & Monika Wenczel 1 999 Germany 5 min video Passillg Glances dir Sally Browning 2000 Australia

Knocked Out dir Sean DeSimone 2000 USA 1 3 min

9 min video

1 6mm

Boxspring dir Elizabeth Littlejohn 2000 Canada 8 min

Corn In The Front Yard dir Al Lujan 200 1 USA

1 6mm


1 1 min video

».0 I Love You ? dir Lisa Gornick 200 1 UK 6 min

Gladys, A Cuban Mother dir Xavier-Daniel 200 1


Spain 1 1 min video

Judy 's Jive dir Angela Santoro 2000 USA 14 min

Calm Awakening dir Samuel Rodriguez 1 998 USA


6 min video

Nine Days dir Gala Magrina 200 1 USA 14 min

The One ofYour Dreams I'll Be dir Mafer Suarez

1 6MM

2000 Mexico 17 min video

Title IX.L dir Jennifer McGlone 2000 USA 14 min

Your Denim Shirt dir Samuel Rodriguez 1 998 USA

1 6mm

8 min video

Wilma 's Sacrifice dir Kat Lanteigne 1 999 Canada

De Colores dirs Peter Barbosa & Garrett Lenoir 200 1

15 min 1 6mm

USA 26 min video Total Running Time: 85 min Total Running Time: 92 min

Monday June 18 6:00 pm Roxie $7.50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (DOMOVI8)

Thes home movies don't resemble your parents' vacatlOn footage! We've always had more inter­

es ing thing

to remember, from the first Gay

Pnde march In New York after Stonewall to club­ bing at Studio 54 with Warhol and John Lennon, to performance artist Jack Smith's dissident behavior on the Mall in D. C. This program cap­ tures the colorful campiness of a famous S . F. the­ ater troupe as well as a private room in a London neighborhood with a history of illicit liaisons.

-Stephen Kent Jusick 1970 Gay Pride March dir Marguerite Paris 1 97 0 U S A 1 5 min 1 6mm

Sloan Square: A Room of One's Own dir Derek ' Jarman 1 976 UK 9 min 1 6mm Homosexual Desire in Minnesota (excerpt) dir Jim Hubbard 1 980-85 USA 7 min Super-8

T. G. Psychic Rally in Heaven dir Derek Jarman 1 983 UK 8 min 1 6mm

[Andy Warhol's Polavision Movies] dir Andy Warhol 1 978 USA 7 min Super-8

Angels of Light (footage) dir Dan Nicoletta USA 5 min

H.ello from Bertha dir Mark Morrisroe USA 1 6 min VIdeo

[Ja�k Smith Super-8 Reels] dir Jack Smith 1 970 USA 7 mm Super-8

Turning on is Copping Out dirs Cliff Chase & Roger

Raphael USA 1 0 min Super-8 Total running time: 84 min

Co-Presented by Galeria de fa Raza


Do It Yourself

Do It Yourself -Love and Loss

-Sex Roles & Rituals

An Overview of Queer 8mm Film Curated by Steve Anker & Stephen Kent Jusick

An Overview of Queer 8mm Film Curated by Steve Anker & Stephen Kent Jusick

Thursday June 21 6: 00 pm Roxie $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (DOLUV21)

Wednesday June 20 6: 00 pm Roxie $7. 50 Mem/$8.50 Gen (DOSEX20)

The unrequited desire of Reflex and the psycho足 logical and emotional ravages of AIDS in An Individual Desires Solution are the sober sub足 jects of this collection of films. Miles is a silent and romantic tribute to a long-time lover. Age 12 is a complex study of a relationship between two young girls. Cirque du Sida combines images of Gay Pride and Cirque du Soleil in order to show the colorful struggle of lesbians and gays in a hostile environment. Blue Movie #6 is a found footage riff on male sexual fantasy transformed into lesbian love. -Stephen Kent Jusick

Some say we are "different from others. " This collection of shorts provides various ways of relating to and talking about queer sexuality, from a simple and humorous taxonomy of gay sex in A to Z, through inverted mother-daughter relations in Martina IS Playhouse, to the faerie rit足 uals of Tattu, shot in the unrecognizable wilds of New York City. Clown #1 is a menacing picture of deviance, while the selection from Pink Narcissus is a celebration of excess, fetish, and classic gay male types from the late '60s. -Stephen Kent Jusick Martina 's Playhouse dir

Reflex dir Glen Fogel 2000 USA 4 min Super-8 An Individual Desires Solution dir Lawrence Brose 1 985 USA 1 6 min Super-8

Age 12: Love with a Little L

dir Jennifer Montgomery

1 990 USA 30 min Super-8

DHPG Mon Amour

Carl George 1 989 USA 12 min

Peggy Ahwesh 1 989 USA

20 min Super-8

Tattu dir Terry Roethlein 1 99 8 USA 14 min Super-8 Clown #1 dir Luther Price USA 1 3 min Super-8 A to Z dir Bern Boyle 1 98 6 USA 4 min video Sylvia 's Promise dir George Kuchar 1 960 USA 12 min Regular 8mm dir Jim Bidgood 1 965 USA

Drag 101 Sunday June 1 7 10: 00 pm Victoria $7. 50 Mem/$8.50 Gen (DRAG017)

OID' drag program this year is a virtual "how-to" for anyone keen on exploring the magic of gen足 der crossing. The program kicks off with one of S.F.'s own, Tranny Shack hostess Heklina, who shows us how he fits the "she" into his life by Changing Faces. A young queen meditates on his fantasy of becoming a classic Mexican film star in Calm Awakening. In Teach Yourself How To Become A Drag Queen 101, international drag star Sherry Vine and her team guide foID' novices through their transformation from men off the street into dazzling drag queens. Step by step, Sherry explains everything needed to become glamorous, successful, and self-confident, and shares practical advice and precious insider secrets. The program culminates with what we hope will be the result of many transformations spurred by tonight's program, a drag film! In The Perfect Shade, the lovely Janice makes her film debut in a hilarious comic short about-what else?-lipstick! Changing Faces

1 6mm

Pink Narcissus (excerpt)

Miles dir Yann Beauvais 1 983 France 3 min Super-8 Cirque du Sida dir Robert Hilferty USA 5 min Super-8 Blue Movie #6: Love Is Where You Find It

15 min 8mm


Total running time: 78 min

6 min video

dir Barbara Hammer 1 998 USA 5 min Regular 8mm


dir M. Haegelin 2000 USA 1 1 min

Calm Awakening dir Samuel

Rodriguez 1 998 USA

Teach YourselfHow To Become A Drag Queen 101 dir H.E. Fruhstorfer 2000 USA 48 min video

dir David Woj narowicz USA 10 min Super-8

The Perfect Shade dir Alex

Hinton 1 999 USA 5 min


Total Running Time: 85 min

Total Running Time: 70 min

Co-Presented by




Th e

Sisters of Perpetual Indlligence


Dyke Delights

Saturday June 16 8: 15 -pm Victoria $ 7.50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (DRIFT1 6)

Saturday June 23 1:00 pm Castro $5 Mem/$6 Gen (DDELI23)

Monday June 18 1:30 pm Castro $5 Mem/$6 Gen (DRIFT18)

This delightful shorts program begins with

Quentin Lee

(Shoppingfor Fangs) is on to some­

matures from childhood to adulthood. Three

thing in this terse depiction of umequited long­

women form a love triangle on a road h'ip in

Passengers, a moving exploration of the relation­

Escape to Life : The Erika and Klaus Mann Story Tuesday June 19 4: 15 pm Castro $5 Mem/$6 Gen (ESCAP19)

ship between a daughter and her father as she

Friday June 22 9:30 pm Herbst $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (ESCAP22)

ing. It is simultaneously simple, complex, and

Swerve. In Block Party, best friends Len & Joni

mundane. It is also one of the best portrayals bf

must fight city bureaucrats and ex-girlfriends to

Three filmmakers who have won acclaim in past

the desire for connection that has ever been

rally their fellow Seattle dykes to put on a street

festivals for separate projects, team up to create

made. This is not Hollywood connection. It is


The Amazing Amazons goes behind the

an innovative look at the odysseys of Erika and

personal diary, the kind that makes you flinch.

scenes of a day in the life of a contemporary

Klaus Mann, the lesbian and gay children of

The irony is that

super-heroine. In

Drift almost did not get made.

Martirio, -a young h'apeze artist

Lee thought that the story was too personal and

is in love with her twin sister's nurse, Vanessa.

idiosyncratic. The opposite is true.

When her father h'ies to force her to marry a

Drift is an

epic tale of personal angst, break-up, and a man's

male h'apeze artist, her sister steps in and makes

destructive obsession with finding the ever-elu­

the ultimate sacrifice.

sive soul mate of his fantasies. All this with some good sex scenes thrown in between. Ryan (R.T. Lee), an Asian-Canadian writer, has been with Joel for three years. Ryan loves Joel but he can't help questioning the intensity of their bond. His confusion mounts when he meets Leo, whom he imagines understands him like no one has ever before. Shot on digital video,

Drift manipulates the

medium to its fullest potential, thereby adding a surprising aesthetic depth to the piece.

Passengers dirs Francine Zuckerman & Paula Fleck 2000 Canada 1 5 min 35mm

Swerve dir Andrea Dorfman 1 998 Canada 1 5 min 1 6mm

TheAmazing Amazol1s dir Anna Malkin 200 1 Canada 22 min l 6mm

Block Party dir Laura Jean Cronin 200 1 USA 23 min 1 6mm

Martirio dir Claudia Morgado Escanilla 2000 Canada 19 min 1 6mm Total Running Time: 94 min

-Erica Marcus

iconoclastic author Thomas Mann. Greta Schiller and Andrea Weiss

(Before Stonewall, The Man Who Drove Mandela, Tiny and Ruby) and Wieland Speck ( Westler: East of the Wall)

employ a mix of interviews, archival materials, historical reenactments, and voiceover readings (by Vanessa and Colin Redgrave) to bring to light this captivating story. Both Erika and Klaus Mann fled Nazi per­ secution-and their father's intimidating shad­ ow-to create fascinating careers of their own. As a groundbreaking performance artist, Erika Mann showed how art could be used to resist fas­ cism. As an author, Klaus Mann explored the contradictions and frenzy of modern life. Behind the scenes, both sh'uggled, with varying degrees of success, to live their lives on their own terms.

Escape to Life is an important and inspiring con­

Drift dir Quentin Lee 200 1 Canada 86 min 35mm 100% Cotton dir PJ Rava1 2000 USA 4 min video

tribution to the chronicles of lesbian and gay history.

Escape to Life: Th e Erika and. Klmls Mann Story dirs Andrea Weiss & Wieland Speck 200 1 Germany 84 min 35mm in German with English subtitles

Co-Presented by National Asian Am erican

Co-Presented by Gay

Telecommunications Association (NA A TA)

Northern Cali(ol'llia Sponsored by

Sponsored by


On. l ine

www.da mron.com

Sponsored by


Lesbian Historical Society of



CASTRO ' ,"SS'OIl- PO!X- SOMA ww\V,stopaids,org



Everything In Between -Gay Asian Shorts

Family Pack

Fassbinder ' s Women

(Une petite fete)

Thursday June 21 8:00 pm Victoria $7.50 Mem/$8.50 Gen (ASIAN21)

Friday June 22 8: 15 pm Castro $7.50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (FPACK22)

This collection of shorts from Hong Kong and North Amelica presents a multiplicity of view­ points about being Asian and gay. The program opens with a first gay kiss: fantasizing about it, talking about it, and doing it in Field Guide. Minus is an intricate hand-processed stream of animation. The insatiable appetite of an Asian male bottom is explored in Forever Bottom, and a young boy ends up in a love triangle with his best friend in Port. Richard Fung cre�tes an elo­ quent and visually stunning work about living close to illness in Sea in the Blood, and a blind man and a street kid find themselves thrown together in Safe Journey. In Everything in Between, Rosa discovers the meaning of love, family, and friendship in Los Angeles.

Chris Vander Stappen (screenwriter of Ma Vie En Rose) leaps into the director's chair to create a lively yet bittersweet tale of familial misunder­ standings. It's 1 969 and Sacha returns to Belgium, intent on coming out to her family. But she kind of forgot to tell them that she dropped out of medical school long ago, so before any conversa­ tions about being a lesbian can happen, there's this business about being a doctor. The bubble seems too big to burst, and besides, no one stops chattering long enough to have a meaningful dia­ logue. It's amidst this muddle that Sacha slowly discovers the people she has never really noticed: a sister to whom Sacha's return is a reminder of the shadow she forever lives in; a father with a small tailoring business on the verge of financial extinction; and a mother whose allusions to breast cancer and the failings of her own dreams turn her fac;ade of motherly grace into high­ strung chaos. Both sweet and richly entertaining, Family Pack goes beyond the adage "You can't go home again," to remind us that, though our fam­ ilies don't seem to understand us at all, we might just be the ones that don't quite lmderstand them. -Christian Bruno

Field Guide to Western Wildflowers

dir Wayne Yung

2000 Canada 6 min video

MillllS dir Clnis Chong 1 999 Canada 3 min o Forever Bottom dir Nguyen Tan Hoang

video 1 999

USA 4 min video

Port dir Gilmy Wong 2000 Hong Kong 1 7 min video Sea ill the Blood dir Richard Fung 2000 Canada 26 min video

Safe Journey dir

S. Leo Chiang 2000 USA 15 min

3 5nml

o Everytiring 111 Between dir Fatimah Tobing Rony 2000 USA 27 min 1 6mm Total Running Time: 98 min

Sunday June 17 10:00 pm. Roxie $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (FASSBI 7)

Memories of the shagging shack, wrecked Stingrays, a suicidal heroine on a window sill, and sex in the sauna-Fassbinder's Women reveals the legendary bad boy of the New German Cinema, Rainer Werner Fassbinder (QuereUe, Lili Marleen, Ali: Fear Eats The Soul), through the eyes of the people who knew him best. Rosa von Praunheim coaxes astonishingly candid recollections from the women (and a few men to whom he gave nicknames like Sonja) who lit up his films, including the electric Hanna Schygulla, Irm Herman, Brigitte Mira, and Jeanne Moreau. Described as "the great pup­ peteer," Fassbinder emerges as a complicated and compelling figure. He married Ingrid Caven and spent the wedding night with a man. He opened all of Irm Herman's letters. He got a sadistic thrill out of reducing his actresses to tears. Yet they found it hard to stay away from him. Was it the lure of the films that he built around them, or as blonde bombshell Barbara Valentin puts it "the sex appeal of small fat men"? Fassbinder's Women is a fascinating look at a Svengali-like figure and his short blazing life-dead at 37 of a drug overdose with over 40 films to his name. '-Sandip Roy Fassbinder's Women

dir Rosa von Praunheim 2000

Germany 89 min video in German with English

Family Pack (Une petite fite)

dir Chris Vander

�Happen 2000 Belgium 1 02 min 35mm in French with English subtitles Eligible for the Dockers® Khakis First Feature Award

Co-Presented by Asian Pacific Islallder Wellness Center

Sponsored by



Fat Boy Chronicles

Fists of Fury

Saturday June 23 6: 00 pm Victoria $ 7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (FATB023)

Friday June 15 6: 00 pm Victoria $7. 50 A1em/$8. 50 Gen (FISTS15)

Fleeing By Night (Ye ben)

The final installment of Rene Broussard's epic

These three films show us how the fighting arts

trilogy continues his saturated investigation into

can bring both resilience and redemption for

the trials and humiliations of growing up fat and

those who master them.

Granite Janet is a recov­

gay. Broussard pours over a vast archive of

ering alcoholic and grandmother who struggles

Hollywood and world cinema, yanking hundreds

to· make a name for herself as a professional

of film snippets that vividly illustrate how the

boxer. Not too far from

icon of the fat kid is the icon of scom. In the

Dragon land, but worlds apart are the women

sadistic world of schoolyard pubescent power rit­

masters of the Indonesian martial arts form

Crouching Tiger, Hidden

uals, the fat kid is the easy target. The clips

Poekoelan Tj imindie Tulen, who are featured

depict scenes of denigration and corporal pun­

the documentary



Barbara Niggel was chosen by the great master

spankings, and bullying pranks. Oh, and it's a n comedy. The erotic pre-tee aggression is dis­

Willy Wetzel to be his successor, thereby surpris­

aIming, and Broussard places himself (via child­

five feet tall, lightning-fast Niggel has shown

hood photos) into the wickedly taboo tableau.

that neither size nor gender matter in fighting;

The depictions are offset by musings of child­

speed is power. She has helped many schools

hood pain, personal development, and sexual

form all O\�er the U. S . and Europe.


school canings,

The Rose and the Thorn .

ing many of his fellow Indonesian men. Barely

awakening. Although he uses an autobiographi­

Women of Color in the Martial Arts and Self Defense is a

cal framework, the work doesn't fall into the

new video by dynamo martial artist/filmmaker

video-as-therapy trap. It's a complicated study of

Aarin Burch about women of color in the Bay

harsh social ordering and, in his words, a "nar­

Area who have found strength and solidarity

cissistic masturbatory fantasy world. "

through their training in various styles of the

-Dewey Schott

martial arts.

Granite Janet dir C.L. Hermann 2000 USA 26 min

1 994 USA 24 min video


Boy with a Buga/! dir Rene Broussard 1 997 USA 28

The Rose (lnd the Thorn dirs Celia Zaentz & Josh

min video

Zaentz 200 1 USA 26 min video

Norman Rockwell Never Painted a Fat Kid! dir Rene

Women of Color in the Martial Arts (llId Self Defense dir Aarin BlU'ch 2000 USA 1 8 min video

Total Running Time: 99 min

Total Running Time: 70 min

Co-Presellted by Halld to Hand Ka}ukellbo Sel/ De/ellse Cellter Spollsored by

Ing'er, whose father owns the Cloud Theatre, has always been obsessed with opera. She is thrilled that a traveling perfOlmance troupe is temporari­ ly billeted in her family's home. Wilen Shaodung, her fiance, arrives from America, she excitedly drags him to the Chinese Kun opera "Lin Chung Flees by Night." They are both captivated by the exquisite voice of the lead singer, who is so immersed in his role that he has adopted the character's name and entire identity. Ing'er, Shaodung, and Lin Chung begin to spend time together, exploring a shared passion for music, and eventually find themselves in an ambiguous relationship. Their triangle is further complicated by the troupe master's pressure on Lin Chung to encourage the attentions of the opera buff gang­ ster, Huang. One night, Lin Chung and Shaodung are stranded together during a snowstOlm, and nothing is ever the same. A sensuous delight to eyes and ears, this film from the makers of Eat Drink Man Woman offers a complex story of for­ bidden emotions that transcend time and place,

Rene, Relle, Qu 'est-ce-que c'est? dir Rene Broussard

Broussard 200 1 USA 47 min video

Monday June 18 6:30 pm Castro $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (NIGHT18)


In Your Hands


as the characters struggle in ru:texpected ways to overcome the obstacles to love.

-Jim lim Buskirk Fleeing By Night (Ye bell) dirs Li�kong Hsu & Chi Yin 2000 Taiwan 1 23 min 3 5mm in Taiwanese with English subtitles

Co-Presented by Natiollal Asiall AlIl erican Telecolllmunications Association (NAA TA) Spon,o.°,d by




Forbidden Fruit Saturday June 23 1: 00 pm Victoria $5 Meml$6 Gen (FRUIT23) In our struggles here in the U. S. for civil liberties, it is easy to forget that the battle for lesbian a�d gay rights is an international one. These three outstanding "films remind us of this reality. The president of Zimbabwe calls lesbians and gays "dogs and pigs "-to be queer is highly taboo.

Forbidden Fruit by Zimbabwean director Sue Maluwa-Bruce tells the story of two women lovers, Nongoma and Tsitsi. When their secret affair is discovered, Nongoma runs away from their small village. Tsitsi's family believes an evil spirit possesses her. A couple of years later, the two women meet again.

Tina Machida in Zimbabwe is a portrait of an African youth activist who despite countless death threats continues to fight for lesbian and gay human rights. It is a highly inspirational story of a remarkably hopeful woman who calls for an end to the silence and takes steps towards real change. From India,

Petals is a very un-Bollywood

film about the struggles two young lesbians face to be together. The whistle of a h'ain will never be the same.

-Erica Marcus

Freddie Mercury :

French Dressing

The Untold Story

(Furenchi doressingu)

Saturday June 16 1 0:30 pm Roxie $7. 50 Meml$8. 50 Gen (FREDD1 6)

Friday June 15 1 0: 00 pm Roxie $7.50 Meml$8. 50 Gen (FRENC15)

Friday June 22 1 1 :00 pm Victoria $7. 50 Meml$8. 50 Gen (FREDD22)


moil by falling asleep. The film opens with the

boarding school in India, Freddie Mercury went

depressed schoolboy about to commit suicide.

on to become lead singer of the rock group

The person who pulls him back from the brink is

Queen and one of the world's most flamboyant

his teacher, the enigmatic Mr. Murai, who is sup­

superstars, before his death from AIDS in 1 99 1 .

posed to have killed his own wife. Murai's brutal

The Untold Story takes an almost reverential look

rape of Kishida j erks him back into life and soon

at Mercury's life and career-the very proper,

he is drawn into the vortex of a strange intense

very British tone is sometimes unintentionally

relationship with his teacher.

funny, and nothing at all like the sordid muck­

Mari's curiosity gets the better of her and soon

raking to be found on American cable networks.

His clas smate

she is sucked into their relationship as well.

The filmmakers interview a host of rock

Murai, with his glasses and tousled hair, becomes

superstars as well as Mercury's mother, sister,

a rather unlikely "papa" in their curious little

and lovers (male and female). Highlights include footage from Mercury's legendary 39th birthday

family. Their menage a trois makes French Dressing a disturbing and provocative film that

party in Munich (a milestone in rock's history of

looks at power, sexuality, family, the disaffection

"wretched excess") and interviews with Mercury

of youth, death, and in a perverse way, the reason

and opera diva Montserrat Caballe discussing

to go on living. Deliberately understated, with an

their unlikely friendship and even more unlikely

almost deadpan style,

collaboration on the Olympic anthem "B arcelona . "

debut feature is both disturbing and at the same

some of Queen's most memorable performances.

Tilla Machida ill Zimbabwe dir Robbie Hart 2000

Freddie Mercury: The Untold Story dirs Rudi Dolezal

& Hannes Rossacher 2000 Aush'ia 56 min video

Saito Hisashi's moody

'time sh'angely compelling.

-Sandip Roy French Dressing (Furellchi doressingu) dir Hisashi

Saito 1998 Japan 1 00 min 3 5mm in Japanese with

English subtitles Eligible for the Dockers® Khakis First Feature Award

Total Running Time: 72 min


Lesbian Human

Rights COllllllission (!GLHRC) Sponsored by




mates, Kishida reacts to stress and emotional tur­

Zimbabwe/Germany 30 min 1 6mm



fire-worshippers in Zanzibar and educated at a

-Steven Saylor

Co-Presented by !ntemational Gay


Mercilessly teased and bullied by his school­

Forbidden Fruit dir Sue Maluwa-Bruce 2000

Canada 26 min video

Idah o,

Born Farrokh Bulsara to a family of Zoroash'ian

The program will conclude with clips of

Petals dir Suresh Natarajan 200 1 India 16 min 3 5mm

Kishida thinks he is River Phoenix from My


Fun in Boys ' Shorts

Fun in Girls' Shorts

The Girl

Saturday June 16 1 :30 pm Castro $5 Mem/$6 Gen (FUNBO1 6)

Saturday June 16 1 1 : 00 am Castro $5 Mem/$6 Gen (FUNGI1 6)

Wednesday June 20 6:30 pm Castro $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (TGIRL20)

Sunday June 24 Noon Castro $5 Mem/$6 Gen (FUNB024)

Sunday June 24 2:00 pm Castro $5 NJem/$6 Gen (FUNGI24)

a preoccupation of many great artists. But in the

Our rollicking gay shorts program opens with

This year's collection of the hottest lesbian shorts

Monique Wittig

Boychick, a day in the life of a young man who

includes a walk thru candyland in Bon

takes an exhilarating twist.

channels his "Inner Britney" to pursue the boy of

look behind the making of a

his dreams. When he couldn't get another date

intellectual woman tries to win the heart of a

The allure of a mysterious woman is known to be hands

Bon and a lesbianfilm. A hyper

of director





(The Lesbian Body), this tale

A young Painter becomes obsessed with a gorgeous nightclub Singer after a night of pas­

super cool rocker girl in

her creative energy on trying to um-avel the

Blanks we find out there is something thicker

Her Urge and a one­ 4pm . A butch dyke can't resist Stallang Mike Hawke

sion. Losing sense of her work, she expends all

night stand goes hilariously wrong in

than blood (at least between these two brothers),

while another can't seem to concentrate in the

the meaningfulness their late-night trysts offer

and in

Meeting. . . A peeping Tom gets caught in Bare, and the competition begins in Interviews With My Next Girlfriend.

her, she maintains a veil of mystery by refusing

lesbia11film dirs Evie Leder & Gretchen Lee 200 1

who she spots lurking in the shadows of the

with Tom, Clay searches for the answer with the name Jesus in

Tom Clay Jesus. In Shooting

Soda Pop, we encounter Jamie, obsessed

equally with soda and a Spanish exchange stu­ dent named Norberto. Dee wakes up with a stranger in her bed, while her neighbor Paul is discovering new spice in an old relationship in up with

Bare, and we wind it all

Audit, a jaw-dropping comedy in which

a young Hollywood couple undergoes an intense audit by a wacky IRS duo played by Alexis Arquette and Sally Kirkland.

Boychick dir Glenn Gaylord 200 1 USA 12 min 35mm Tom Clay Jesus dir Hoang Duong 200 1 USA 1 7 min 35mm

Shooting Blanks dir Steve Salinaro 200 1 USA 20 min 35mm

Soda Pop dir Pah'ick McGuinn 200 1 USA 7 min l 6mm

Bare dirs Deb Sh'utt & Liz Baulch 2000 Aush'alia 9 min 1 6mm

Audit dir Brian To 2000 USA 28 min 1 6mm

USA 9 min 35mm

Bare dirs Deb Sh'utt & Liz Baulch 2000 Aush'alia 9 min l 6mm

BOil Bon dirs Allyson Mitchell & Lex Vaughn 200 1 Canada 3 min l 6mm

Stalki11g Mike Hawke dir Lisa Ganser 1 999 USA 9 min 1 6mm

to disclose her name, making the torture that much sweeter. But the Painter may have discov­ ered the real reason for her secretiveness : a Man, streets, the nightclub, and accompanying the Singer







Unfortunately, the identity of the Man and the hold he has on the Singer might be information that will draw the Painter into a dark world of her

4pm dir Sam B ackhurst 2000 UK 1 3 min 35mm The Travelling Eye ofthe Blue Cat dir Shawn Atkins

own destruction.

200 1 USA 1 5 min 35mm

set in a Paris as enigmatic as the story itself, with



dir Marie-Pierre Hustei' 1 999 France 9 min


Interviews With My Next Girlfriend dir Cassandra Nicolaou 200 1 Canada 8 min 35mm

Sensual, timeless, and literate,

The Girl is

cobblestone streets giving way to the mysterious, the passionate, and the dangerous.

-Christian Bruno

Her Urge dir Barry Gilbert 2000 USA 15 min 35mm The Girl dir Sande Zeig 2000 USAIFrance 84 min Total Running Time: 90 min

35mm Eligible for the Dockers® Khakis First Feature Award

Total Running Time: 93 min

Sponsored by

Singer's enigma. Though the Singer alludes to

Sponsored by

Sponsored by


FOUNDATION castrofoundation.org



Golden Threads

Greetin gs From Out Here

Hedwi g and

& Pride Divide

& Dottie Gets Spanked

ITVS Retrospective

ITVS Retrospective

Saturday June 23 Noon Roxie $5 Mem/$6 Gen (GOLDE23)

Saturday June 23 2: 00 pm Roxie $5 Mem/$6 Gen (GREET23)

Forty-five�year-old Lucy Winer was in the midst

Ellen Spiro traveled for one yeat' on the back

a gold mine of original rock In' roll, John

of a virulent midlife ctisis when she began film­

roads of the southem United States gathering

Cameron Mitchell makes an illusu'ious filmmak­ ing debut with this screen adaptation of his criti­

the Angry Inch Saturday June 23 8: 30 pm Castro $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (HEDWI23) With wicked humor, explosive imagination, and

ing ninety-yeat'-old Christine Burton, an inde­

fo otage

pendent-minded community organizer who, at

Accompanied only by her dog Sam and a video





proj ect.

cally acclaimed off-Broadway hit "Hedwig and

the age of eighty, had founded Golden Threads, a

camera, she travels from Virginia to Texas and

the Angry Inch." Hedwig was bom a boy named

global networking service for lesbians over fifty.

back again. Her van (which breaks down fre­

Hansel in communist East Berlin who dreamed

Golden Threads affectionately profiles Burton's

quently) serves as office, apartment, editing

of finding his other half and becoming a big

unconventional life while exuberantly overtum­

suite, and runabout. From the many insightful

American rock star. When a dazzling American

ing our most deeply rooted stereotypes of aging.

portraits of small town gay and lesbian southem­

GI promises love and liberation, it seems like a

Playfully intenveaving docunlentary and first­

ers to the celebratory events of the Texas Gay

dream come u'ue. But there's a catch-in order to

person diary entries with inventive animation

Rodeo, Rhythm Fest, a gay Mardi Gras ball, and

marry and emigrate Hansel must "leave a little


Golden Threads generates a ground­

the Rural Fairy Gathering, Spiro's witty eye and

something behind. " Hedwig survives a botched

breaking, intergenerational dialogue about inti­

spectacular footage capture the richness, vitality,

sex change operation that leaves her with an

macy, life choices, and what it means to grow old

and courage of " out" gay southem life, Through

"angry inch" only to become stranded in a

in America today.

her adventures, she not only discovers strength in

Kansas u'ailer park. Undeterred, Hedwig dons

The first docUl11entary to focus on the issue

the many diverse gay and lesbian people she gets

inmlaculate makeup and a Farrah Fawcett wig

of the gender gap within the gay and lesbian

to know, but also allows spontaneous encounters

and forms a rock band-The Angry Inch, While


with local eccenuics and mechanics to highlight

supporting herself with babysitting gigs, she falls

her road docUl11entary.

for a 1 6-year-old Jesus freak she renames Tommy

Pride Divide includes interviews

with more than 1 00 activists, scholars, j oumal­

Todd Haynes exceeds the dazzling dementia

Gnosis who does not retum her ardor in quite the


way she was expecting. A beautiful and transcen­

Spanning a 50 year period, it examines ' the

Superstar and Poison with Dottie Gets Spanked, a perverse nod to his own childhood

bridges and walls gays and lesbians have built

infatuation with "The Lucy Show. " A young boy

musical is every bit as powerful on screen as it is

ists, fihnmakers, and regular folks about the on again/off again battle between gays and lesbians.

both to form alliances and to keep each other out. Golden Threads dir Lucy Winer 1 999 USA 57 min


Pride Divide dir Paris Poitier 1 996 USA 56 min video

dent spiritual joumey, this brilliantly conceived

enters a limitless erotic world through the mira­

on stage.

cle of modem television.

-Shari Frilot

Greeti11gs From Out Here dir Ellen Spit·o 1 993 USA

Hedwig and the Angry Inch dir John Cameron

58 min video

Dottie Gets Spanked dir Todd Haynes 1 994 USA

27 min 1 6mm

Mitche11 2000 USA 90 min 35mm

Eligible for the Dockers® Khakis First Feature Award

Sponsored by

Joie deVivre H O S P I T A L I T Y



Homo Retro BAVC at 25

Hey, Happy!


Friday June 15 1 1 : 00 pm Castro $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (HAPPY15) Winnipeg is flooding! But before it swamps over, DJ Sabu has a mission to complete. Having set out to sleep with 2000 guys, he's finally made it to 1 999. Who will be lucky 2000? Sabu doesn't .I

have to wait too long for the answer once he spots the irresistible Happy, a chemical waste-huffing misfit who tunes in aliens on his boom box. But the



a 6 '3 "

1 3 O lb.


Johnson, hasn't been laid in days and he, too, falls for Happy. Flanked by a trio of beefy Japanese girls in flotation vests, Spanky emerges from his junkyard salon to invade Sabu's "End of the World" rave atop Garbage Hill. "It's the Apocalypse," Spanky hisses, "and we hate every­ one equally. " Will the aliens arrive in time to ensure Happy and Sabu's magical union? Colleague of our favorite Canadians Guy Maddin and Bmce LaBmce, Noam Gonick has fashioned a surreal world populated by freaks, fags, and the kind of fun that can only happen

Sunday June 1 7 6:30 pm Roxie $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (BA VAC1 7) Through state-of-the-art po stproduction facili­ ties, equipment rentals, and video preservation

spective charts a path from the early days of local

on homosexual matters. Using interviews, per­

access television, through the developing years of video art, to the ongoing activism of the social documentary. The artists in this collection repre­ sent some of the most challenging and innovative producers in lesbian and gay independent media. They have helped raise the standard of what our community expects of its artists and activists, and have raised the consciousness of U. S. socie­ ty as a whole, as it stmggles . to interpret and

Hey, Happy! a refi:eshing, bizarre, and most un­ rave-like addition to the rave genre.

-Christian Bruno

images, this fascinating French documentary explores the similarities and differences of anti­ gay hate worldwide. Algeria, China,


England, France, Guinea, India, Iran, Jamaica, Romania, and the United States are among the countries investigated where lesbians and gay men regularly report physical and/or verbal vio­ lence endorsed by politicians, religious leaders,

D Stafford's Story dir Hrappa Gunnirsdottir 1 992

1 994 USA 7 min video

Virus dir Stuart Gaffney 1 994 USA 4 min video

D Gay Cuba dir Sonia de Vries 1 995 USA 57 min video

and the citizenry: Salim is sent back from France to Algeria for "reeducation"; Cornelia flees Mugabe's homophobic regime in Zimbabwe; and Phillipe is forced to resign as deputy mayor in the French provinces. In

The Fifth, a delegation arrives from Cork

City, Ireland to support the Irish Gay and Lesbian Organization of New York on the tenth anniver­ sary of the battle to allow lesbians and gay men

Total Running Time: 75 min

Eligible for the Dockers® Khakis First Feature Award

used internationally, and other powerful graphic

stand behind its commitment to diversity and jus­

Hey, Happy/ dir Noam Gonick 2000 Canada 75 min 35mm

sonal testimonies, clips from film and television, reenactments of gay bashings, lists of epithets

tice in both politics and culture.

Caress dir John Lindell 1 993 USA 4 min video Mad About the Boy dir Alix Umen & Lisa Prisco

1 6mm Cinemascope cinematography, making

"There's homophobia everywhere, " says Hans Ytterberg, mediator for the Swedish government

USA 3 min video


Sunday June 17 8:30 pm Roxie $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (pHOBI1 7)

support to independent videomakers . This retro­


complements the

That Painful Problem (L 'Homophobie, ce douloureux probleme)

services, the Bay Area Video Coalition has a 2 5 year history of providing creative and technical

under huge prairie skies. The richly textured score


to march down Fifth Avenue in the St. Patrick's Day Parade.

-Jim Van Busldrk Homophobia, That Pail/fill Problem (L 'Ho11lophobie, ce douloureux pl'obleme) dir Lionel Bernard 2000 France 52 min video in English, French, Italian, and Spanish with English subtitles



The Fifth dir Jim Lowther 2000 Ireland 1 6 nun VIdeo

c;;:p;.esented by Inte/'l1atiollaf Gay & Lesbian Human Rights COli/mission (IGLHRC) Sponsored by

QSF . m a g a z i n e

Spm"med by



Hop e Along the Wind :

I'd Rather Be ... Gone

Intersex-Redefinin g Sex

Friday June 22 8:30 pm Victoria $7.50 Mem/$8. 5 0 Gen (BGONE22)

Saturday June 16 1 : 3 0 pm Victoria $5 Mem/$6 Gen (INTERI 6)

Michelle (Maria Breaux) needs a break. A com­

The Intersex community is coming out with a

The Story of Harry Hay Friday June 22 6:00 pm Castro $7.50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (HARRY22) This much-anticipated documentary takes us through the fascinating and extraordinary life of Harry Hay-labor organizer, Marxist teacher, and founding member of the Mattachine Society, one of the first gay rights organizations in the country. Harry' has been at center stage of gay pride for more than half a century. His story pro­ vides a chronicle of the gay rights movement, as well as a history of California in the 20th Century. Harry Hay joined the Communist Party in the early 1 93 0s and participated in the San Francisco General Strike of 1 934. In the mid1 950s







UnAmerican Activities Committee, and around this time Harry started the Mattachine Society. This momentous film features poignant inter­ views with Harry and many of the surviving original members of this historic and brave group of gay men. In the last 40 years, Harry has immersed himself in the counterculture youth movement, the Radical Fairies, and Native American culture. His story is the story of our era, and for our landmark 25th Anniversary Festival, Frameline is pleased to present a truly remarkable documen­ tary about a truly remarkable man. Hope Along the Willd: The Story of Harry Hay

dir Eric Slade 200 1 USA 57 min video

puter. programmer who's fed up by what she sees

bang. The channeled art expressed in this pro­

as the greed of the neo-colonial World Wide

gram of shorts is revolutionary.


Alma Sophia is an exquisite gem of manipulated

and exhausted by a recent break-up,

Intersextion by

Michelle requests and is granted a month-long

still images that profoundly portray the damage

sabbatical from her job. She attempts to create a

done to intersexed children. An equally powerful

new idea that can improve the lives of many. But

documentary is XXXY, a portrait of Krista and

then, Michelle meets up with Rocky (Csilla

Howard; the testimony of Krista's parents is par­

Horvath), an idiosyncratic homeless woman, and

ticularly poignant.

April (Amy Kelly-Pep

ing look at the controversy over the genital muti­

Squad, La Philosophe,

Redefining Sex is a penetrat­

Firecracker), a third-grade teacher by day and

lation of intersexed kids. Del LaGrace Volcano

black-clad dyke by afternoon. Each is dealing

and Cara Lavan tell their own very personal story

with her own set of fears. The three women


quickly become entangled in a hodge-podge of

with the features of a female and he remembers

motherliness and angst. Hilariously comedic and

his confusion when his cousin Heidi was born.

Journey Intersex. Del came into this world

I'd Rather

For a week, no one in the family could tell him

be. . . Gone is a compelling and ultimately touch­

whether the .baby was a boy or a girl. Two

at other times seriously dramatic,

ing journey that portrays the challenges and suc­

decades later the two find each other.

cesses of three very different yet intricately con­

-Erica Marcus

nected women.

I'd Rather be . . . Gone is the first feature film by local San Franciscan Maria Breaux. Shot in digital, this ultra-low-budget film is an inspilmg example of what a filmmaker can achieve in spite of limited financial resources. Another filmmak­ er shows us the intricacies of financing a film with credit cards in the short film

Living on

Borrowed Time. -Darlene Weide

Intersextion dir Alma Sophia 200 1 USA 1 1 min


Redefining Sex dir Michelle Melles 2000 Canada

23 min video

XXXY dirs Porter Gale & Laleh Soomekh 2000 USA 1 3 min 1 6mm

Jou1'1Iey Intersex dirs Cara Lavan & Del LaGrace

Volcano 2000 UK 24 min video

Total Running Time: 61 min

Livillg 011 Borrowed Time dir Jill Chamberlain 200 1

USA 6 min video

I'd Rathel' Be ... Gone dir Maria Breaux 200 1 USA

90 min video

Eligible for the Dockers® Khakis First Feature Award

' Co-Presented by Intersex Society of North America (ISNA) Sponsored by

Sponsored by



An Intimate Friendship Friday June 15 6:30 pm CFA Theater $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (INTIMI5) When Dan�elle comes out to best friend Faygan by confessmg that her new beau is "Sam" aka Samantha, Faygan is compelled to ask, "Do you love her?" Danielle replies, " She reminds me of you," thus hinting at the presence of long-subI

merged feelings. This charming film, set in the �esert of

�zona, also deals with the complexi­

tI�S of co�mg out to family. Danielle struggles wIth her sIster Kelly's unwillingness to believe that Danielle's coming out is anything but an attempt to gain attention. Meanwhile Faygan, a playwright in the midst of launching a new play, turns to her friend Jamie for support. Over wine and conversation, Jaime and Faygan begin their own intimate friendship, vowing to keep the rela­ tionship complication-free. Against a backdrop of theater, the two pairs of lovers endure mount­ ing drama: Danielle, contending with her lover's �x-girlfriend, and Faygan, who is coming to real­ Ize that she may have become intimate with the wrong friend. Director Angela Hughey has suc­ cessfully taken her semi-autobiographical award­ winning play and transformed it into this com­ pelling feature-length film. Preceded by the trailer for a soon to be fin­ ished local feature Like

a Slow Bullet.

-Judy Sorenson Like a Slow Bullet (trailer) dir Vanessa Martinez 1 999 USA 10 min video

An Intimate Friendship dir Angela Hughey 2000 USA 82 min video

Iron Ladies (Satree lex) Sunday June 1 7 9:00 pm Castro $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (IRONLI 7) You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll delight in the antics of the little volleyball squad that could. ��e mach� world of Thai national sports compe­ tItions can t quite fathom that butch coach Bee has assembled her "dream team" from this unlikely assortment of characters: Mon, the lo:elor� transvestite; Jun, the raucous drag queen WIth WIldly over-supportive parents; Nong, the muscle-bound make-up artist; Pia, the transsexu­ al stage star with a fickle boyfriend; Wit, the " straight" player; and Chai, the reluctant media­ tor of his teammates' frequent outbursts. When April, May, and June, the transvestite triplets j oin the team, the fun really begins. Facing parental shame, homophobic violence, and public dis­ crimination, this lovable cr�w struggles to

become cohesive unit. The improbable story of . . thIS mIsfIt team who against all odds make it to the Thai male national championships in 1 996 is made even more fantastic by the fact that it is based on a true story. From the wacky animated gender-bending main titles to footage of the real "Iron Ladies" in the end credits, you'll find your­ self cheering from your seat.

-Jim Van Bus/ark

It' s A Boy Saturday June 16 2:00 pm CFA Theater $5 Mem/$6 Gen (ITSABI6) This collection of diverse shorts examines the crossing of the gender line from girl to boy. A young tomboy realizes "boys" in

she's not one of the

Caught and The Shape a/the Gaze ana­

lyzes the relation between the filmmaker and her butch subjects.

Phallocy tells the story of a 32 Not

year-old lesbian who became a man and

Quite is a poetic exploration of sex and gender. K ngs documents Montreal's "Mambo Drag

Kings, " a group of sexy, suave, and entertaining women who have taken the city's queer commu­ nity by storm.

It's A Boy is a touching portrait of

several female-to-male individuals who share then' experiences of transitioning through their . . poetIcs and their politics.

The Shape of the Gaze dir Mala Cybelle Carpenter 2000 USA 7 min 1 6mm

Not Quite dir Liz Richards 2000 USA 6 min video Phallocy dir Jay Sennett 2000 USA 3 min video Caught dir Joshua Fania Schwebel 2000 Canada 3 min video

Kings dir Colleen Ayoup 200 1 Canada 22 min video MISTER White & Some Midsummer Dykes dir Ellen Ferwerda 200 1 USA 3 min video

It's A Boy dir Marla Leech 200 1 USA 30 min video Total Running Time: 74 min

Iroll Lad�es (Satree lex) dir Yongyooth Thongkonthun 2000 ThaIland 1 04 min 35mm in Thai with English subtitles Eligible for the Dockers® Khakis First Feature Award

Eligible for the Dockers® Khakis First Feature Award

Sponsored by

[!libancorp Piper jaffray®

Co-Presented by Gay Asian Pacific A lliance (GAPA)

Co-Presented by FTM International

Sponsored by

Sponsored by

CRYSTAL GEYSER N A T U R A L alpine spring water

N E W L EAF SElIIIIClS f O A Q U II t o "' � U N l l Y



It' s Dyldarious

Julie Johnson

Kali' s Vibe

Sunday June 17 8:00 pm Victoria $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (ITSDYI 7)

Friday June 15 8: 15 pm Castro $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (JULIEI5)

Tuesday June 19 6: 0 0 pm Victoria $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (KALISI9)

Get ready for the second installment of Balang . With Butch and almost a dozen other send-ups of lesbian living. We've got chick sleuths in Butter + Pinches, bespectacled gals in I Make Passes At Girls Who Wear Glasses, biscuit making butches in Goin I South, intergalactic movie stars in Beautiful Girl, a bug attack in Itchy Ya-Ya, con­ niving secretaries in Mujeres Calladas, and med­ dling gossips in Chutzpah!.

The brilliant Lili Taylor (I Shot Andy Warhol, The Addiction) and the unforgettable Courtney Love (People vs. Larry Flint) team up to play two dis­ satisfied New Jersey housewives in the newest feature from director Bob Gosse (Niagra, Niagra). Taylor plays Julie an "as American as apple pie" mom who harbors a secret obsession for theoretical physics and reads Scientific American voraciously. Although she never fin­ ished high school, she decides to make a break with her past and follow her dreams. Against the wishes of her husband she convinces her best friend Claire to take. a computer class with her and get their G.E.Ds. Spalding Gray plays an inspirational professor who nurtures her desire for change and discovers her genius. In the process, she and Claire, a steakhouse waitress, leave their husbands and move in together. It is not long before Julie confesses her long-held romantic feelings for Claire, who is at first quite upset but soon admits the feeling is mutual. As their relationship deepens their growing alien­ ation from their friends and neighbors begins to take its toll. A Shooting Gallery release, Julie Johnson is about being who you are expected to be, wanting something else, and going for it.

Thursday June 21 1:30 pm Castro $5 Mem/$6 Gen (KALIS21)

On Becoming a Woman

dirs Diane Wilkins & Dona

Milinkovich 1 999 USA 8 min video

I Make Passes At Girls Who Wear Glasses dir Melissa Levin 2000 CanadalUSA 2 min video

Beatitiful Girl dir Erin

Greenwell 2000 USA 5 min


Banana Tits: Babes on Batteries

dir Lisbeth Lyngh0ft

2000 Denmark 5 min video


dir Fanny Jacobson 2000 Australia 1 min


Butter + Pinches dir Mary Matthews

2000 USA

14 min video

Baking With Butch, Episode #2 dirs

Melissa Levin &

Nina Levitt 200 1 Canada 5 min video

Goin ' South

dir Eleanor Savage 2000 USA 1 1 min


Queer Things I Hate About You

dir Nickolaos Stagias

2000 Canada 5 min video

Itchy Ya-Ya

dirs Allyson Mitchell & Alexis Vaughn

2000 Canada 2 min video

Mlijeres Calladas dir

Christina Kelly 2000 USA

1 5 min video

Julie Johnson

dir Bob Gosse 2000 USA 94 min

3 5mm

Total Running Time: 73 min

Sometimes it's all in the cards. Especially when a sister is reading those cards to another sister. And especially when the sisters . . . and brothers are as fine and sexy as in this bold bi-coming out story. It all begins when Kali discovers that her girl­ friend Crystal is playing another lover on the side and the tarot tells Kali that she "must release everythirig that is comfortable and familiar." The lesbian in Kali does not even consider the bi­ word until Reese gets her attention. A real charmer with a body from the gods, Reese offers the trust, honesty, and "long term relationship" that evaded her with her now ex-girlfriend Crystal. But falling for a man means changing how she thinks about herself and when Crystal reappears, the old chemistry between the two women is still there. Kali 's Vibe brings us stories of African­ American women and men that are seldom seen on the screen. And with a score composed by Me'Shell Ndegeocello, the New York locations groove to a special beat. This is Carpenter's first feature (she was Spike Lee's long-time script supervisor) and she is a definite talent to watch for in the future. -Cypress Green Kali's Vibe

dir Shari Carpenter 200 1 USA 92 min

video Eligible for the Dockers® Khakis First Feature Award

Co-Presented by San Francisco Black Film Festival

Sponsored by

Sponsored by


FOUNDATION castrofoundation.org


Spon,"" d by


Kiss of the Spider Woman

Kevin' s Room

Km. O

Sonia Braga in person ! Saturday June 16 6:00 pm Roxie $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (KEVIN1 6) "You put a group of men in a room and expect them to bond immediately, and why? Because they're Black and gay?" snaps Kevin's skeptical lover. Nevertheless, it's Kevin's j ob as a social worker to get his diverse group of clients to share �

their secret fears and joys. Charles is HIV+ and wants to get political. Pharaoh thinks he can't catch AIDS because he's 1 00% top (well, make that 95% . . . ) Teddy is a churchgoer engaged to a woman who has no idea he sleeps with men. Paris is a compulsive fliit. And Kevin himself is hiding a very guilty secret. . . Produced a s a T V pilot with funding £i'om various public health groups in Chicago,

Kevin 's

Room transcends its educational mission to become a popcorn-worthy entertainment for brothers and others. In

Exact Change, a depressed young guy

with AIDS learns the hard way that he can't trust anybody on the mean streets of New York City. . . except perhaps the £i'iends he left behind.

Wednesday June 20 6:3 0 pm Herbst $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (SONIA20) Kiss of the Spider Woman opened in 1 985 to rave reviews and an unprecedented run for an inde­ pendent feature. However, after its Oscar-win­ ning success, it virtually disappeared £i'om the­ atres for over ten years. Until now. Based on the novel by Manuel Puig, Kiss of

the Spider Woman tells the story of two dissimi­ lar cellmates who find camaraderie: Molina (William Hurt), imprisoned on morals charges, who dramatically reenacts escapist films; and the withdrawn Valentin (the late Raul Julia), a self­ disciplined intellectual leftist. As Valentin gets absorbed into Molina's fantasies, Molina com­ mits himself to Valentin's causes, creating a fra­ ternal bond that surprises them both. Sonia Braga stars in three showcase roles: Valentin's lost love, the star of Molina's fantasies, and the Spider Woman who weaves them all together.

Kiss of the Spider Woman made history for

-Steven Saylor


Exact Change dir Leo Geter 2000 USA 1 1 min

first time it was given for a gay role, which

1 6mm

Kevin 's Room dir Sharon Zurek 200 1 USA 59 min video




Molina .

William Hurt won the Oscar for Best Actor, the awarded legitimacy to gay men as lead characters in film and encouraged other actors to tackle for­ merly taboo roles.

-Corey Eubanks

Thursday June 21 3:45 pm Castro $5 Mem/$6 Gen (KILOM21) Saturday June 23 6:3 0 pm Herbst $7.50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (KILOM23) Km. 0 stands for Kilometer Zero, Spain's imagi­ nary center-point located in Madrid and marked with a plaque in the sidewalk. The landmark makes for a convenient meeting place-as when two horny guys connect on the Internet and want to hook up . . . or an older woman decides to pre­ view the high-priced hustler she's found in the want ads . . . or a male virgin, desperate to get laid before his wedding, plans to meet -a hooker but goes off with a man instead. When all these subplots (and more) get hopelessly tangled up, the intersecting story lines result in a lighthearted comic romance that mixes gay and straight with almost utopian parity. (Did we mention that Km.

0 takes place on the hottest

day of the. year, and nobody in Madrid seems to be able to keep their clothes on?) With all the sex and screwy plot twists, some viewers may be reminded of MTV's "Undressed" series-or per­ haps of their own crazy, mixed-up lives!

-Steven Saylor Km. 0 dirs Yolanda Garcia Serrano & Juan Luis Iborra 2000 Spain 1 02 min 3 5mm in Spanish with English subtitles

Kiss of the Spider Woman dir Hector Babenco 1 985 USAIBrazil 1 1 9 min 35mm

Co-Presented by New Village: Black Coalition on AIDS, Illc.

& Our Love: African American Men's Program at STOP AIDS Project

Sponsored by


(3,.,,( �iH9 .-iPROUD

Sponsored by










Lesbian Porn

10 1

Lesbians Behavin g Badly Tuesday June 19 10:00 pm Victoria $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (BADLY19) What do London's Soho district and the island of

A sure-fire hot dyke date! Join pleasure-activist

Lesbos have in common? Both are lesbian

and sex-educator Laura Weide for a sizzling clip

hotspots, where the girls are known to go a little

show covering 20 years of sexually explicit

crazy from time to time . . .

movies for queer women. From curvy porn star­


Lesbians Behaving Badly, Britain's Sky

lets to diesel dykes next door, Laura takes you on

Television network goes deep into the heart of

a stimulating tour de force of the best of sapphic

Soho's lesbian-only strip club and nightlife scene

porn, including strap-ons, cunnilingus, sex toys,

to prove that lesbians do know how to have fun.

and more. We'll see industry-produced all-girl

The cheeky documentary follows stripper and

action, feminist porn, independent artistic explo­

organizer Chama as she performs in various ven­

rations of female sexuality, and the latest from a

ues; the ravishing dancer Natasha Vale (aka

new generation of queer women pornographers.

"Tiger"), who is also a presenter on the "Men and

This show has packed houses from Rome and



single, 32-year-old Internet

Stockholm to New York and Michigan. Discover

writer Jane; and three young Londoners Nikki,

what turns you on and leave with all the tips you

Emma, and Rachel who love nothing more than

need to create your own steamy film festival at

to snog (that's make-out) and chase after girls.


Highlights include a peak into the annual snog-a­

Laura Weide is a sex-educator and a repro­

thon at the ever-popular Candy Bar and a trip

ductive rights activist who has talked with thou­

into Loose-the hottest girl club in Soho .

sands of women about their sexual experiences, pornography, and the how-to techniques of get­

Known for its remarkable beauty and ' Sapphic history, the island of Lesbos continues

ting off.

to be the perfect lesbian getaway. But when a

Lesbian Porn 101 film clip presentation

weeklong holiday promoting such events as the

Approximate Running Time: 1 20 min


The Case of Mr. Lin

A presentation by Laura Weide Wednesday June 20 9:00 pm Victoria $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (LPORN20)


group of fun-loving gals from London organize a "Wet Pussy Pool Party," the island takes back its welcome mat.

-Erin Cullerton Lesbians Go Mad In Lesbos dir Gabi Kent 200 1 UK

50 min video

lesbians Behaving Badly dir Kerry McKibben 200 1

UK 50 min video

Saturday June 16 3: 3 0 pm Victoria $5 Mem/$6 Gen (LIBER1 6) By 1 9 55, the year t�ese two films were made, the results of the Kinsey reports were well-known and Liberace was a fixture on television. In white tie and tails pounding on his Steinway with its trademark candelabra, "Lee" welcomes the stu­ dio audience to this sappy tribute to his favorite person, his mother. Oozing a false sincerity simultaneously campy and creepy, the smiling showman sings "I want a girl just like the girl that married dear old dad," and plays Dvorak's "Songs my Mother Taught Me, " until suddenly there onstage is his beaming mom, alongside violinist brother George, also the show's musical director. The "documentary film of a complete inter­ view" produced by the Psychological Cinema Register of Pennsylvania State College is an unedited intake session of a nerdy young man who immediately identifies his problems as caused by his homosexuality.

Professor of

Psychology Carl R. Rogers clinically reflects back "Mr. Lin's" rambling, circuitous observa­ tions about his confusion, laziness, and fear while he slouches, nervously smokes, and mum­ bles about "acting a part," "wanting to change," and how horrible being old and gay will be. Together, these films offer a fascinating focus on the fabulous fifties.

Prints courtesy of the Jenni Olson Queer Archive at Oddball Film + Video. -Jim Tim Bus/ark Liberace dir Duke Goldstone 1 955 USA 30 min 1 6mrn Th e Case ofMr. Lin dir Dr. Reuben H. Segel 55 min

1 6mrn

Co-Presented by Call OjJYour Old Tired Ethics (COYOTE)


Lifetime Guarantee : Phranc ' s Adventures in Plastic

Light Struck: 25 Years of FAF

Thursday June 21 7: 00 pm Herbst $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (TLADY21) A veteran of the L.A. punk scene, the world was wowed when Phranc came out as an " all­ American Jewish lesbian folksinger" in the '80s. Phranc's looks deceive her. She appears to be more of a '50s teen criminal than a feminist folkie, so it's surprising when this rather tough­ looking woman busts out with cheery acoustic ditties. Phranc's applied her brand of genderfuck to a new, equally smprising passion: Tuppelware.

A Litany for Survival : The Life and Work of Audre Lorde

Sunday June 1 7 4:30 pm Roxie $5 Mem/$6 Gen (FAAAF1 7)

ITVS Retrospective

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Film

Saturday June 1 6 1 1 : 3 0 am Victoria $5 Mem/$6 Gen (LORDEI 6)

Arts Foundation, former Exhibition Director Mark Taylor has curated a fascinating program of shorts by local filmmakers that were produced with assistance and support from FAF. The films are all startlingly original and offer takes on everything from obsession to astronomy, while questioning and celebrating alternative realities and identities.

Complaillts dir David Weissman 1 990 USA 4 min

liThe work of the poet within each one of us is to envision what has not yet been and to work with every fiber ofwho we are to make the reality pur­ suit of those visions irresistible. -Audre Lorde II

Poet, lover, mother, warrior-Audre Lorde was a fiercely passionate social visionary. Her

Sporting flat-top, 7 -inch j e an cuffs , and a

35 mm

poetry and prose speak of her deepest convic­

Pointdexter polka-dot tie, Phranc is the freakiest

Autumnal Diptych dir Rock Ross USA 9 min 1 6mm Life History of a Star dir Jennifer Gentile 1 999 USA

tions-civil rights and sexuality, love and anger,







Tupperware Home Party (THP in TW-speak) with a Phrancified Tuppelware song to roomfuls of hipsters hungry for Spin-n-Saves. Her quest is the Jubilee, a national gathering to honor crack­ erj ack Tuppelware sales ladies. Here she collects her finest memories (finer than touring with The

13 min 1 6mm

family politics and the glories of nature. She gave voice to a political generation and became a role

Flipper dir Leslie Singer 1 9 86 USA 6 min video Goodnight, I Love You dir Gordon Thomas 1 997 USA

model not only for Aflican-American women but

7 min video

for yveryone who believes, as she did, that "liber­

28 dir Greg Sax 1 997 USA 12 min 1 6mm Our Gay Brothers dir Greta Snider 1 99 3 USA 4 min 1 6mm

Tom 's Flesh dirs Jane Wagner & Tom di Maria 1 994

ation is not the private province of any one par­ ticular group . "

A Litany for Survival featmes interviews

Smiths). Her zeal for her product, and patron

USA 9 min 1 6mm

with many of Lorde's fellow poets and activists,

Saint Brownie Wise (the inventor of the THP),

Don 't RUIl, Johnny dir Tom E. Brown 1 99 6 USA

including Adrienne Rich, Sapphire, and Sonia

seem less fanatical as you watch. Tuppelware has a vintage feel that fits Phranc's persona, and the THP community carries gender-role baggage ripe for infiltration by a Bad Boy with a gee-tar.

-Dewey Schott Lifetime Guarantee: Phranc's Adventures ill Plastic dir Lisa Udelson 200 1 USA 58 min video

7 min 1 6mm

Jagadakeer. ..BetlVeeJl the Near and the East dir Tina Bastajian 200 1 USA 1 9 min 1 6mm

D Bayou dir Dina Ciraulo 1 997 USA 7 min 1 6mm Total Running Time: 96 min

Sanchez, all of whom pay tribute to Lorde's widespread impact as a mentor and inspirational force. In 1 992 Audre Lorde died after a long bat­ tle with breast cancer, but she left behind a rich and vital legacy that is superbly documented in this powerful profile .

A Litany for Survival: The Life and Work ofAudre Lorde dirs Ada Gay Griffin & Michelle Parkerson 1 995 USA 80 min video

Sponsored by

r::1 I!:J





Lost and Delirious

M! Mom, Madonna

Thursday June 21 6: 15 pm Castro $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (LOSTA21)

Titesday June 19 9:30 pm Herbst $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (LOVEM19)

Falcomy and fencing aficionados will be in

Wednesday June 20 1:30 pm Castro $5 Mem/$6 Gen (LOVEM20)

heaven in this touching and lush boarding school drama directed by Frameline favorite, Lea Pool

(Set Me Free) . With Lost and Delirious, the

Cuban-born writer and director Agustin creates a

Quebec-based Pool brings us her first English­

refreshing and engaging take on the classic love

language film, adapted from Susan Swan's novel,

triangle-the infamous menage a trois ! Rather

The Wives of Bath. The film offers an unexpect­

than simply reanimating traditional fantasy

ed treat in the passionate performance of Piper


Love=ME3 depicts a hyper-modern

(Coyote Ugly) who is sure to become a

love connection. And, what is even more intrigu­

dyke heartthrob. She plays a smart-assed, wild

ing is that it is based on a true story! Monica

butch named Paulie-a lovestruck adoptee grap­

(Angelica Ordofies) and Kelly (Evly Pacheco)

pling with abandonment issues. Tory, her amour,

are deeply in love with one another and confident


is the daughter of wealthy, uptight parents. Enter

in their relationship. Then they meet sweet, hand­

Mary (Mischa Barton who gives an impressively

some, and charming Tony (Agustin) and decide

nuanced performance),


to embark on an exploration of shared passions.

observes the romance unfolding from her nearby



Life for the three new lovers is immediately elec­

bed. Her friendship with the two women evolves

tric. Yet, their family and friends cast doubts on

with little complication until the two lovers are

their al:rangement. When Monica begins to feel

discovered naked in bed by a pack of classmates,

threatened by Kelly and Tony's closeness, she

and Mary is caught in the middle. Too afraid to

throws the entire threesome into turmoil. Can

come out to her friends and family, Tory puts an

Kelly and Tony convince her of their shared

end to the relationship. Inspired by Romeo and

desire for her, or is their relationship ruined?

Juliet, Paulie refuses to give up on her love for

Told in combination with testimonials and flash­

Tory and decides to fight for her to the death.

backs, this mockumentary-style film with its

-Erica Marcus

New York based cast, is a delightful, provocative,

Lost and Delirious dir Lea Pool 2000 Canada 1 00 min


and intelligent examination of how we order and disorder our love relationships. Screening with

hinterland: the bisexual, a

faux instructional tape that sets out to inform the viewer about the perplexing nature of the bisexual.

-Darlene Weide Love=MEJ dir Agustin USA 2000 92 min video

hinterland: the bisexual dir Renee Penney 2000

Canada 8 min video

Eligible for the Dockers'll> Khakis First Feature Award

Co-Presented by Sixth A llnual Fellcesitters Ball Sponsored by

Spon"" d by





& Me

Friday June 22 1 0: 00 pm Roxie $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (MMMME22) When your mother thinks the ship has been hit by an Iraqi missile and screams at you to grab her vanity case before evacuating, you know there is no escape-divadom is in your genes. M! Mom, Madonna & Me (not necessarily in that order) is a romp through Atif Siddiqi's life turned per­ formance art: as a teenager in Pakistan channel­ ing Madonna; as a fashion designer in Los Angeles 'sending his designs to her management; and as a self-styled provocateur in Montreal. Sometimes em-aging fundamentalists in Pakistan by posing as a woman on a fashion magazine cover, while at others engaged in telephone sex complete with cheesy porn film dialogue, Atif sashays down the catwalk of his life in a "Blonde Ambition" tour all of his own--except his wig is silky black. And if one diva is not enough-Swati Khurana

and Leith Gill Murgai's Julpari ( Waterfaily in Urdu) stars Nina Chiffon as the activista drag queen, who can match Atif eyelash for eyelash, as she struts down New York streets, sings Hindi film songs in the subway, and offers 'opinions on everything from Islam to immigration.

-8andip Roy M! Mom, Madonna & Me dir Atif Siddiqi 200 1

Canada 54 min video

Julpari dirs Swati Khurana & Leith Gill Murgai 1 996

USA 22 min video

Monday June 18 8:00 pm Roxie $ 7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (MAMIA18) This group of shorts proves that nothing can replace a mother' s love.

Gladys, A Cuban Mother

tells her gay son that most of her great loves have been women. Though

Tillie made hand grenades

during WWI and rolled bandages during WWII, her greatest accomplishments have come in her role as grandmother. A drag queen reminisces about the woman who was her inspiration in

Cookie Hop/dns, 1976. When 16 year-old Petter starts to question his sexuality, his mother sends him to the priest in

Metrosexuality -Program . 1

Memento Mori (Yeogo Goedam II)

Mama Mia !

Sloth. In Grounds, a buried

coffee can becomes a lost ancestral time capsule for a young queer woman who moves to S.F.

Gladys, A Cuban Mother dir Xavier-Daniel 200 1 Spain 1 1 min video

Cookie Hopkins, 1976 dir Christopher T. Crandall 200 1 USA 4 min video

Episodes 1-3


Monday June 18 9:00 pm Castro $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (MMORI18) Wednesday June 20 10:30 pm Roxie $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (MMORI20)

Sunday June 17 2: 00 pm Herbst $5 Mem/$6 Gen (METON1 7) The future of queer television arrives with the first three episodes of Rikki Beadle-Blair' s fabu­

Memento Mori at first seems a typical story

lous TV series from London's Channel Four.

about day-to-day pressures in an all-girl acade­ my, with bickering schoolgirls, a fledgling les­

Episode One

bian romance, a secret diary, a dreamy male

Kwame ' s attempt to reunite his separated gay

teacher, vicious gossip, and the specter of previ­

dads backfires. His own love-life is on hold since

ous suicides. Then the uncanny begins to intrude,

his fight with his girlfriend, Asha. So he takes his

at first subtly, then more and more overtly­

inexperienced gay friend, Dean, out to score

flashbacks induced by reading the diary. . .tele­

some action. Kwame's dad, Max, misinterprets

pathic communication . . . ghostly manifestations . . .

his son's intentions but desperately tries to keep cool about the apparent new-found sexual per­

blood bubbling up in the sink. :r'he ghost-story conventions in



Mori may be distinctly South Korean and alien to Hollywood horror conventions, but the psycho­

Episode Two

logical pressures motivating the three heroines­

Kwame tells Max that he's back together with

In Search of Mike dir Andrew Lancaster 2000

the increasingly "out" lovers Hyo-shin and Shi­

Asha. Bambi and Robin's relationship continues

Australia 8 min 35mm

eun, and Min-ah, the discoverer of their joint

on its rocky road. Max swallows his jealousy

Mother Craft dir Roy Mitchell 200 1 Canada 4 min video

Sloth dir Frank Mosvold 2000 Norway 8 min 35mm Tillie dir Edie Schaffer 2000 USA 1 3 min 1 6mm Grounds dir Dolissa Medina 2000 USA 10 min 1 6mm

A Thousand Miles dir Sharon Ferranti 2000 USA

diary-will be all too familiar to anyone who's

over Jordan, then takes Dean home after a foot­

ever been trapped in a regimented environment

ball match and finds that a catastrophic event has

which punishes anyone special or different.


-Steven Saylor

23 min l 6mm Total Running Time: 8 1 min

Episode Three Memento Mori (Yeogo Goedam II) dirs Min Kyu-dong & Kim Tae-yong 2000 South Korea 97 min 35mm in Korean with English subtitles Eligible for the Dockers® Khakis First Feature Award

Max feels it's time to move on, tells Kwame to do the same, and checks his lonely hearts mailbox for replies. Meanwhile Kwame's birth mother has discovered one of her beloved cats is dead and gathers all her women friends for a wake. They call in a rent boy to cheer themselves up but are surprised and alalmed to see that the call boy has a very familiar face.

"Metrosexuality" dir Rikki Beadle-Blair 200 1 UK 72 min video

Co-Presented by Korean Cultural Center of the East Bay

Sponsored by

Sponsored by

\_@ ::-�-:�h::�':H:li:i:$�::::: 'l :m "' IIINBIYCA QICIQII INl.AWlPff


Metrosexuality -Program

The Monkey' s Mask

My Babushka

Saturday June 16 10:30 pm Castro $ 7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (MONKE1 6)

Monday June 18 6:00 pm Victoria $ 7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (BUBBE18)

Some hearts will stop for Jill (Susie Porter) in the

Barbara Hammer retums with a treat! Last year's


Episodes 4-6 Saturday June 1 6 4:00 pm CFA Theater $5 Mem/$6 Gen (METTW1 6) Sunday June 1 7 4:00 pm Herbst $5 Mem/$6 Gen (METTW1 7) The future of queer television continues with the last three episodes of Rikki Beadle-Blair's fabu­ lous TV series from London's Channel Four.

Episode Four Max receives another reply to his ad and enj oys a steamy phone call with the respondent, until he finds out who it is. Robin's meeting with Bambi's parents proves too much. Kwarne, Dean, and Bambi, determined to forget their troubles, set out for a night of fun, but it doesn't quite go according to plan.

Episode Five Max comforts Bambi. Kwarne denies that he cares for Asha. Hilly reveals Jonno's big secret. It's Mother's Day so Dean visits the psychiatric hospital, and Kwame travels north with Hilly, his mum, to meet his grandparents for the first time.

Episode Six

first moments of this sexy Australian thriller that

Frameline Award honoree and one of the world's

takes us deep into a world of literary rivalry and

most prolific

seduction. Everyone will be spellbound by

brings her vital search for her own ethnic roots I

Diana, the alluring poetry professor played by

and identity to the screen.

Kelly McGillis

(Top Gun, The Accused). The

explores personal history but is a j oumey to a

film is based on Dorothy Porter's acclaimed erot­

nation j ust beginning to open to the West. Questions

homophobia, feminism, and cultural difference

of human rights,


investigating the case of a missing poet. The poet

are encountered as the artist meets diverse

was last seen reading her sexually-charged work to an audience of potential suspects', at which

Ukrainians including a long-lost relative, a con­

Diana was, of course, present. The story begins

activist, and a fellow artist who travels with her

to twist and thicken as a body Mns up dead, and

to the killing fields of Babi Yar.

troversial feminist sex-researcher, a lesbian

Jill, with very little to, go on, looks for clues in

Director Julie Pietrangeli celebrates the life

the poet's work-its taunting lines to unknown

of Piera Zanotti with her deeply moving biogra­

lovers "I wish my cunt could hurt you," ringing in

phical documentary

her brain. It's not long before the teacher and the

filmic love letter chronicles the influence Zanotti

I Hate Goodbyes. This

detective are creating their own twists and tums

had not only on individuals and communities, but

to a murder mystery that will keep you guessing

on the Italian feminist, lesbian, and worker rights

till the very end. Director Samantha Lang has

movements. Interviews with relatives, comrades,

created a daring follow-up to her first feature







Well, which screened in last year's festival. -Erica Marcus

-Erica Marcus

The Monkey's Mask dir Samantha Lang 2000

1 Hate Goodbyes dir Julia Pietrangeli 2000 Italy

activists, reveal her tremendous impact.

28 min video

My Babushka: Searching Ukrainian Identities

dir B arbara Hammer 200 1 USAlUkraine 53 min video in Ukrainian, English, and Russian with English

to get Gabriel and Max together works a treat, though he's tom away to rescue Kwame and the


emotional Hilly. Kwarne faces the truth about Max and Jordan.

"Metrosexuality" dir Rikki Beadle-Blair 200 1 UK

72 min video


My Babushka not only

private eye, meets the enigmatic Diana while

Max rej ects a threesome. Cindy and Doris's plot

vlrgm atlantIc


ic murder mystery written in verse. Jill, a dyke

Aush'alia 9 1 min 3 5 mm

Sponsored by

lesbian filmmakers,

Sponsored by

� �



My Brother, My Sister

My .L eft Breast

Saturday June 23 8:30 pm Roxie $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (MYBR023)

Saturday June 23 1 1 : 00 am Victoria $5 Mem/$6 Gen (LEFTB23)

What could be better than being queer? Having a

My Left Breast chronicles a year of Gerry

queer sibling, of course ! Traversing a wide range

Roger's life post-mastectomy operation, as she

Naughty Little Peeptoe & Other Shorts from Down Under Sunday June 17 3:3 0 pm Victoria $5 Mem/$6 Gen (PEEPT1 7)

of experiences and families, these four shorts

copes with the follow-up chemotherapy and radi足

uncover the sometimes wonderful, sometimes

ation treatments. The filmmaker makes visible

painful realities of being queer-times two. In A

Some of the year's best shorts come from the

what many breast cancer survivors try to hide, a

land down under. Both fiction and documentary

Thousand Miles, a closeted brother convinces his

frank depiction of the sickness, the baldness, the

disowned lesbian sister to come and pick him up

fears, and vulnerability. This is not to say that

because he can no longer stand living with their

there is no light. Warmth radiates from Gerry' s

Fundamentalist Christian mother. A brother trav足

smile and the loving relationship she shares with

els back to Imperial China in

her partner, Peggy Norman, who documents

Opium Man to

choose a proper suitor for his lesbian sister after

much of the film. As time passes, an intimate

their mother catches her with a white girlfriend.

bond develops between the viewer and Gerry as

When Margaret discovers that almost all of her

we accompany her to radiation treatments and

siblings are gay too, she starts to have a little bit

become her confidant through many sleepless

of an identity crisis in

The Chosen Family. The

nights. Ultimately, the film becomes a testament

promise of a luxury cruise around the Bahamas

of a community' s love and support, and affirms

brings two siblings together for a well-deserved

the power of individuals to reach out and affect

reunion as well as an interesting j aunt as gay

each other's lives.

travelers in

Cruising Normal. -Erin Cullerton A Thousalld Miles dir Sharon Ferranti 2000 USA 23 min 1 6mm

Opium Mall dir Angela Cheng 2000 USA 6 min video

Body Burden fuses both the personal and political in an experimental documentary based cancer. The film is a concise indictment against the tightly intertwined connection between the pharmaceutical and chemical industries and their impact on the global environment.

25 min video

-Natalija V.

Canada 1 9 min video Total Running Time: 73 min

In Search of Mike is

Andrew Lancaster's outrageous and loving trib足 ute to his mother, while Wenona Byrne's Saturn 's Return tells a journey of loss and redemption in which two young men discover that there is more to their fathers than they ever knew. Kathy Sport' s About Vivien documents the impact of the police and the media on the life of "female impersonator" Walter Lee during the 1 940s in Australia. Shoe designer and fetishist Doug George, tells the hilarious story of how high heels almost saved his life in

Naughty Little Peeptoe by Festival veterans Garth Maxwell and Peter Wells .

on the experience of living with metastatic breast

Cruisillg Normal dir Amanda Taylor 200 1 USA The Chosell Family dir Maureen Bradley 200 1

forms make up this diverse collection of the best in to-the-point filmmaking.

Body Burdell dir France Quyeras 200 1 Canada 1 6 min video

My Left Breast dir Gerry Rogers 2000 Canada 57 min

III Search ofMike dir Andrew Lancaster 2000 Australia 8 min 3 5mm

Saturll 's ReturIl dir Wenona Byrne 2000 Australia 26 min 1 6mm

About Vivie" dir Kathy Sport 2000 Australia 1 4 min 1 6mm

Naughty Little Peeptoe dirs Garth Maxwell & Peter Wells 2000 New Zealand 30 min video Total Running Time: 78 min


Co-Presented by Breast Cancer Emergency Fund


Oh Baby, A Baby

On The Bus

One Kiss

Saturday June 16 6:30 pm CFA Theater $7.50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (OBABY16)

Friday June 22 6: 3 0 pm Herbst $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (ONBUS22)

Wednesday June 20 9: 30 pm Herbst $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (OKISS20)

Iris and Sandra's relationship is in a rut. Sandra is a successful interior architect who's hardly ever home and Iris is a florist with a romantic nature and plenty of time on her hands. If they don't spice things up fast, their eight-year relationship may be doomed. So, what better way to breathe life back into it than by having a baby? While Sandra has her doubts, Iris goes ahead and looks for a sperm donor. When the irresistible Spaniard, Antonio, finds himself in her flower shop one day, she knows she's found the perfect man for the job. The only problem is that Sandra and Antonio work together and unbe­ knownst to Iris, things are starting to get a little steamy between the two of them. Sandra becomes pregnant and soon enough life really begins to tangle up. Oh Baby, A Baby is a mar­ velous and cheeky romantic comedy that puts all three characters in the most compromising posi­ tions and pushes social convention to the limit. In Do You Take This Man ? local filmmaker Pamela Busch has created a campy lesbian take­ off of the wedding scene from The Graduate. -Erin Cullerton

If you've lost interest in TV "reality" shows because they're just not real enough-or gay enough-then consider this scenario: six gay boys take a road trip from L.A. to the Nevada desert to witness the annual Burning Man festi­ val, where anything goes. There's Jimmy, the Swedish Olympic diver; Jason, the sensitive porn star; Billy, the sexy Jewish intellectual; Charles, the beautiful guy everyone wants and no one can have; Damon, the tortured musician who's not as pretty as the rest; and Lance, our reflective, little­ seen narrator. Sporting a mobile home (<\ la Priscilla, Queen of the Desert), the boys travel in style­ but all they can think about is sex. The simmer­ ing erotic tension finally bubbles over when the boys reach Burning Man, where rampant nudity, drugs, and artistic anarchy get added to the mix. What begins as a canned situation contrived for the camera takes on a fascinating life of its own as reality, inevitably, happens. -Steven Saylor

Friday June 22 Noon Castro $5 Mem/$6 Gen (OKISS22)

Do YOli Take This Man ?

On The Blis dir I I I min video

Dustin Lance Black 200 1 USA

Seven Days

dir Tania Trepanier 2000 USA 1 2 min


Traces dir Kristin Pepe 2000 USA 2 min 1 6mm The Green HOllr dir Nicole Kassell 200 1 USA 25 min 1 6mm

The Basement Girl dir

Midi Onodera 2000 Canada

12 min 1 6mm

One Kiss dir Tracy

Michele Tabb 2000 USA 22 min

1 6mm

Dear Emily

dir Katherine Brooks 200 1 USA 12 min


dir Pamela Busch 2000 USA

1 2 min video

Oh Baby, A Baby

Some women will risk it all for just one kiss while others can't forget their very first one. A high school girl writes a love letter to her best friend in Dear Emily. The idea of memory is explored in Traces. A young housewife and mother falls for a woman and must face the con­ sequences in The Green Hour. Abandoned by her lover, The Basement Girl finds comfort in her tel­ evision set. It takes Seven Days to recover from a seven-year relationship. When a woman hears her best friend from high school is getting mar­ ried, she risks it all for One Kiss.

dir Wolfgang Murnberger 1 999

Total Running Time:

85 min

Austria 90 min video

Sponsored by



Sponsored by



e..,,, """�'IUt9 a«d PROUD

Out In The Open Saturday June 16 9:00 pm CFA Theater $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (OUTINI 6)

Out of the Closet, Off the Screen : The Life & Times of William Haines

Sunday June 1 7 11:30 am Roxie $5 Mem/$6 Gen (RE VOL I 7)

Monday June 18 4:00 pm Castro $5 Mem/$6 Gen (OUTINI8)

Sunday June 17 3:3 0 pm Castro $5 Mem/$6 Gen (HAINEI 7)

Out In The Open takes an inside look at gay sex

In 1 93 0 , Billy Haines was America's number one

in public places, including footage shot at sever­

box office draw. He seemed to have what every

al not-too-secret San Francisco locales. More blatantly public, if not as graphic, are the various "how-to" demos staged every year at the Folsom Street Fair. Away from the action, interviewees discuss a constellation of issues including

Planting a bomb in the U S . Capitol Building in

actor wanted: fame, fortune and a film career with nowhere to go but up. But there was one thing Billy wanted even more: a handsome young man named Jimmie Shields. Jimmie was the love of Billy's life, and as

monogamy vs. promiscuity, guilt vs. liberation,

Out of the Closet, Off the Screen reveals, Billy

voyeurism, exhibitionism, unsafe sex, danger,

wasn't about to keep him hidden in the closet just

anonymity, responsibil ity, and . . . having a good time! Also on the program:

Hole, one man's

breathless ode to the sex arcades of Denver(! ) ;

Taking Back the Y, i n which a certain famous musical episode gets a new lease on life with the

for the sake of a movie career. When Louis B. Mayer ordered him to dump Jimmie, Haines out­ raged the studio boss by refusing. Soon, Billy was out of the movies for good, only to make a quick come-back with a second career as the top interior decorator to the stars. Billy and Jimmie

addition of triple-X interludes; and Forever Bottom, a celebration of endless obsession-or a

went on to live openly together for nearly 50

cry for help?

Crawford to call them "the happiest married cou­

-Steven Saylor

ple in Hollywood. " Now, this sweet documentary

Out In The Open dir Peter Barbosa 200 1 USA 57 min video

Hole dirs Clare Cornell & Rodney Buxton 200 1 USA 1 8 min video

Taking Back the Y dirs Michael Peyton & Richard Shurtliff 2000 USA 4 min video

D Forever Bottom dir Nguyen Tan Hoang 1 999 USA 4 min video

years in a loving relationship that inspired Joan

from Randy B arbato and Fenton Bailey


Eyes of Tammy Faye) brings their touching love story back out of history's closet for good. Screening with:

Way Out West, a wacky

western with an outrageously gay lead perform­ ance from Haines.

Ollt ofthe Closet, Off the Screell: The Life ami Times of William Haines dirs Randy Barbato & Fenton Bailey 200 1 USA 45 min video

Way Ollt West dir Fred Nib10 1 930 USA 7 1 min

OUT: The Making of a Revolutionary

1 983 was the culmination of a lifetime of radical protest for Laura Whitehorn, and 14 years in fed­ eral penitentiary have only solidified her stance as a committed American revolutionary. Growing up in a socialist-leaning Jewish household, wit­ nessing McCarthyism and the Rosenberg tlials, and coming of age alongside the Vietnam protest movement, Laura Whitehorn is a woman too out­ raged at injustice to be afraid. Through inter­ views and archival footage, we not only learn of her achievements (including founding Boston's first women's center), but also her struggles as an out lesbian in a predominantly homophobic rev­ olutionary Left. More than simply a life and times story, O UT The Making of a Revolutionary is a powerful indictment against the incarceration system, where still today over 1 00 political prisoners remain imprisoned for speaking out against the U S . Government. Angela Davis, Scarlot Hariot, Cheryl Dunye and others are featured in


omnibus collection of shorts criticizing the falla­ cies of the American punishment industl·y and the damage done to women behind bars.

-Christian Bruno OUT: The Making of a Revolutionary dirs Sonja

DeVries & Rhonda Collins 2000 USA 60 min video

RELEASED: 5 Short Videos Abollt Women and Prison dirs (various) 200 1 USA 28 min video


Co-Presented by San Francisco Silent Fillll Festival

Co-Presented by O UT OF CONTROL: Lesbian COllllllittee to Support Women Political Prisoners

Sponsored by

�RONRi-;ERS W: E W 5 M A G A Z I N E

Sponsored by


FOUNDATION castrofoundation.org



The Pain Game

The Perfect Son

Friday June 15 10: 15 pm

Saturday June 23 5:45 pm

Victoria $7. 50 Mem/$8.50 Gen (PAINGI 5)

Castro $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (PERFE23)

This titillating smorgasbord of S&M shorts will

From Canada, the source of so many exceptional

have you pinned to your seat begging for more.

films over the years, comes an impressive debut

In the expertly produced The Pain Game, Cleo

feature from writer-director Leonard Farlinger.

Dubois, proprietor of the Cleo Dubois Academy

With a skill and assurance more experienced

of SM Arts, negotiates and executes two deeply

filmmakers will envy, Farlinger has created a

transcendent and highly transformative S&M

moving meditation on loss, reconciliation, and

scenes. You'll have the chance to see a renowned

the meaning of family.

mistress in action, and learn from personal inter­

After a father's death brings two estranged

views, the finer points of this sacred and erotic

brothers together, it appears that all their reunion



will elicit is the same sibling rivalry and recrim­

Television, a sexy ride through B-action movies

ination that drove them apart. However, after






and Hollywood blockbusters. Allow Helpless

younger brother Theo (David Cubitt) discovers a

Maiden to reveal to you the sadomasochistic les­

secret that his older brother Ryan (Colm Feore)

boerotic subtexts in children's entertainment.

has been hiding for years, a powerful story

Eavesdrop on a phone conversation with Daddy

begins to unfold about the inevitable ending o f

in It's Not A Lie, and pique your curiosity in

one life, and the possible beginnings o f another.

Clamp, an experimental S&M autoerotic video

By the time Ryan tells Theo, "We have to talk

featuring a performance by the androgynous

about the future, " both brothers have started to

Baby Blue Gangster.

see their shared past in a whole new way. Before

Bondage Television dir Stev'nn Hall 1 999 Canada 1 0 min video It's NotA Lie dirs Liz Miller & D. Akpen 2000 USA

peace with life, love, and death, and the audience

the story ends, each will have made his own

5 min video

Helpless Maiden Makes an "[" Statement dir Thirza

will have been treated to a rare example of the power of film-in the hands of a talented artist­ to stir the heart.

Phantom (0 Fantasma) Wednesday June 20 4:00 pm Castro $5 Mem/$6 Gen (PHANT20) Saturday June 23 9: 00 pm Herbst $ 7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (PH ANT23) Handsome young Sergio

(Ricardo Meneses)

works the night shift as a trash collector, barrel­ ing through the dark streets of Lisbon. His sex life is equally cluttered and obscure. It consists of brief mO!llents of passion shared with strangers

in peculiar circumstances : a cop Sergio finds handcuffed in the back seat of his squad car; a night watchman who handcuffs Sergio, then taunts him with his nightstick. Beautiful co­ worker Fatima (Beatriz Torcato) wants Sergio, but he can respond to her only with violence. When Sergio becomes obsessed with a hand­ some stranger-making fetishes of the young man's cast-off motorcycle gloves and tattered Speedo-something dark begins to brew. Is Sergio's nocturnal excursion as a rubber-suited phantom a product of his unfettered imagination, or the ultimate expression of his frustrated libido? Filled with strange moments, Phantom

Cuthand 1 999 Canada 6 min video

takes a challenging j ourney to the dark heart of

Clamp dir Mala Cybelle Carpenter 2000 USA 10 min

The Perfect Son dir Leonard Farlinger 2000 Canada


93 min 35mm


Open dir David O'Brien 2000 Canada 1 4 min video

-Steven Saylor

Eligible for the Dockers@ Khakis First Feature Award

Quiver dir Scott Beveridge 1 999 Canada 5 min video Phantom (0 Fantasma) dir Joao Pedro Rodrigues

The Pain Game dirs Cleo Dubois & Neon Weiss 2000 USA 54 min video Total Running Time: 85 min

2000 Portugal 90 min 35mm in Portuguese with English subtitles Eligible for the Dockers@ Khakis First Feature Award

Sponsored by


Play Dead


Rebel Grrrls !

Friday June 2 2 1 0:30 pm Castro $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (PLAYD22)

Thursday June 21 9:30 pm Herbst $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (PRINC21)

Friday June 22 6:00 pm Victoria $7.50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (GRRRL22)

Dale the drama club geek (Nathan Bexton)

Princesa documents the j ourney of Fernanda, a

These defiant shorts will rock your world.

dreams of romance with Raymond the stuck-up

young Brazilian transgender woman trying to

Shadowboxing With Jesus is an ode to surviving

wrestling champ (Jason Hall), but it's never

find her place in the world. She .arrives in Italy

the streets of Detroit as 'a young gay woman.

going to happen-until a stroke of fate lands

and soon finds herself involved in the surprising

Cultural appropriation,

Raymond in Dale's lap, as handsome and hunky


what to do about them get a whole new taste in

as ever, but unfortunately. . . dead. However, when

Fernanda blossoms into Princesa, a stylish and

Chow Down. Grrrlyshow is a feminist examina­

you're as horny and lovestruck as Dale, why

alluring new figure on the scene, working hard to

tion of zine culture that includes interviews with

should a little detail like that derail a liaison that

earn the money she needs to finally become, as

the creators of Bamboo Girl, Bust, and Bitch. An

was meant to be?

she says, "a real woman. " Princesa begins to

indie rock girl band start to make it big in

Jeff Jenkins' first feature takes its pedigree

question her desires after she falls for Gianni, a

Janestown and Rancour utilizes a punk sound­

from the "tasteles s" comedies pioneered by gay

wealthy handsome client who provides her with

track to address the fear, shame, silence, and rage

directors like John Waters and Paul Bartel. These

the safety and serenity she has always wanted.


of Brazilian



sweatshop labor, and

that all erupt during an abusive relationship.

days you've got to push the envelope pretty far to

Princesa is a bracingly realistic and fasci­

Homocore Minneapolis documents a group of young queers who use music to create a safe

shock an audience, but Jenkins is game to try.

nating look at the evolving life and identity of

However gross the material, Jenkins clearly loves

this young person, who strives to find herself

place for young people. A group of 1 3 -year-old

his motley cast of characters, including Dale's

somewhere along the spectrum between male

riot grrrls wage a zine war against their school­

best friend Violet (Diva Zappa), whose freak

and female. Fueled by the raw power of its non­

yard detractors in

accident with a pickup truck sets off the action.

professional cast, director Henrique Goldman

But it's wisecracking Dustine (Jessica Stone), the

blends truth and fiction to create a subversive

little girl Dale baby-sits, whose deadpan delivery

tribute to the powerful honesty of classic Italian

steals the show.

neo-realist cinema. Although inspired by the

-Steven Saylor

autobiographical novel of the real-life Princesa,

Play Dead dir Jeff Jenkins 200 1 USA 80 min 35mm Eligible for the Dockers'l!l Khakis First FeatlU'e Award

Goldman's film is an entirely fictitious account, true only to the tenacious spirit of its subject.

-Corey Eubanks Princesa dir Hemique Goldman 2000 Italy/Germany/ Brazil 96 min 35mm in Italian with English subtitles

Dirty Girls.

Shadowboxing With Jesus dir Marie Napierkowski 2000 USA 5 min video

Dirty Girls dir Michael Lucid 2000 USA 1 8 min video

Rancour dir Karen Earl 2000 Canada 8 min video Jennifer At Seventeen dirs Lexi Leban & Lidia Szajko 200 1 USA 3 min video

Chow Down dir Allyson Mitchell 1 996 Canada 3 min video

Janestowll dir Lisa Ganser 200 1 USA 1 8 min video HOlllocore Mi1ln eapolis dir Lisa Ganser 1 999 USA 1 8 min video

Grrrlyshow dir Kara Herold 2000 USA 1 8 min video Total Running Time: 9 1 min

Co-Presented by Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Cultllre

Sponsored by


Sponsored by

Spm"o" d by




Reel Divas :

Ross Bleckner :

From Scribe to Screen

Remember M e

Monday June 18 6:30 pm Herbst $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (DlVAS18) Join us for an erudite evening with some of our favorite queer novelists and directors who will discuss the art of adaptation. Part of the magic of cinema is its wonderful ability to combine images and stories, be they experimental or nar­ rative. Directors and novelists are master story­ tellers, and often' when they bring their talents ' together, a new form appears. Moved by the words and characters of a novel or short story, directors are compelled to tell that story in images-creating, at times, an entirely new story, a product of a collaborative imaginary that pres­ ' ents a complex view of some aspect of our lives. Hear a panel of our most admired directors and novelists tell the tales of their struggle for collab­ oration and independence, as they come together to debate the pleasures and dangers of adaptation in this special program.

Scout' s Honor

& Life ' s E vening Hour

Tuesday June 19 7: 00 pm Castro $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (SCOUT19)

Sunday June 1 7 5:30 pm Victoria $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (ROSSBl 7)

Theatre for a celebration of the film's national

Join the makers of

Scout's Honor at the Castro

broadcast as part of the Opening of the PB S doc­ Since his arrival as a "gay artist" on the New York

umentary series "POV "

art scene in the 1 970s, Ross Bleckner's work has

The Boy Scouts o f America enj oin their

continuously transformed itself. By 1 995, his

members to keep "physically strong, mentally

paintings were the subj ect of a Guggenheim ret­

awake, and morally straight," but rej ect those

rospective, and he had become renowned as an

who seek to ensure these goals for all scouts,










may be.

expose, Bleckner offers candid comments about

Longtime Scoutmaster Dave Rice, a 70-year-old

the "cult of the artist as celebrity," which are

heterosexual, was ousted when he supported

augmented by observations from his parents, fel­

" Scouting for All,"

low artists Eric Fischl, David Salle, and Chuck

Petaluma by an outspoken 1 2-year-old, Steve





Close, and art dealers Mary Boone and Rachel

Cozza, and his father Scott. Providing historical


context by including the stories of former gay

John Dugdale was a successful commercial

scouts Tim Curran (expelled in 1 9 80) and James

photographer before losing almost all of his sight

Dale, this sensitive and inspiring documentary

in his early thirties as a result of AIDS . Rather

focuses on young Cozza's leadership role and his

than mourn his loss, Dugdale purchased a special

remarkable effect on public awareness of the

camera and continued taking pictures, using a

local troop and the national debate. Tom Shepard

nineteenth century developing process to pro­

expertly edits together archival, news, and con­

Patr'icia Rozema, director of I've Heard the Mermaids

duce distinctive blue cyanotypes. While planning

temporary footage to show the power of grass­

Singing, When Nigh t Is Falling, and Mansfield Park

his second book of fine art images

Life's Evening

roots activism against the hypocrisy of the BSA,

Hour, as well as mounting a gallery show, the

in this moving testament to the people who

handsome and articulate Dugdale is joined by his

Desert Hearts (adapted from the novel by Jane Rule).

parents, siblings, friends, and lover in this inspi­

choose to speak out against discrimination of . gays.

rational exploration of an artist's acceptance of

-Jim Van Buskirk

Dorothy Allison, author of the award-winning novel

his profoundly altered life.

Panelists include:

(adapted from the novel by Jane Austen).

Donna Deitch, director of Common Ground and

Bastard Out of Carolina (adapted to film by director

Angelica Huston) and Cavedweller (currently being adapted for film by Allison).

Scout's Honor dir Tom Shepard 200 1 USA 57 min

-Jim ran Buskirk


Ross Bleckner: Remember Me dir Barbara Wolf 2000

USA 54 min video

Life 's Evening HOllr: A Universal Tale of Trill1ltph Over A dversity dir Karen Murray 2000 Canada 48 min video

Co-Prese11ted by Survive AIDS Spo""" d by


Spo11sored by


Visllal AID



Sponsored by

Sex Bytes

Shades of Gray

Shhhhhhh !

Monday JU'1e 1 8 1 0: 00 pm Victoria $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (SEXB Y1 8)

Saturday June 16 4: 00 pm Roxie $5 Mem/$6 Gen (SHADE1 6)

Saturday June 23 3:30 pm Castro $5 Mem/$6 Gen (SHHHH23)

These sexy shorts are bound to heat things up.

"When people think gays and lesbians and bisex­

Here comes a program that's the cat's meow, the

Two roommates discover that surfing the net

uals and transgender people, they don't think:

gnat's whistle, the eel's hips, and even the ele­

actually provides the hottest action in town in Sex Bytes. Pussy Buffet features a feast of pussycats

Kansas," says Janet Pryor, a young lesbian from

phant's eyebrows ! That's right, folks, it's time for

Scammon. She goes on to describe her life there

a grand program of silent shorts inspired by that

and their favorite treats. The fickleness of friend­

as a "non-existence" which lead to a suicide

Golden Age of cinema, the 1 920s. Rewriting

ship clashes with the primal power of sexual

attempt. Michael Lovegrove, Bill Mullin, and

queer cinematic history, these shorts hearken

desire in Snatch It. Two animated voyeurs get a

Ben Zimmer tell tales of being gay-bashed, mar­

back to a time of high melodrama, intrigue, and

surprise in Doing Dyke Derriers Deep Down

rying to conceal one's homosexuality, and con­

romance rivaled only by the films of Theda Bara

Under and a young woman only has boxing and babes on her mind in VengaJ The Glitter Girls

founding the stereotype of a redneck farmer. Lea

and Rudolph Valentino. Come rediscover the j oy

Hopkins differentiates the discriminations of

and beauty of silent film through these two mod­

and The Sluts face off in the sexy sapphic

being Black and a lesbian. All are extremely

ern recreations of a glorious era.

Soprano-istic Gang Girls 2000. Two lovers man­

articulate about personal costs and rewards of

age to meld love and transportation in Operation

living in Kansas, whether in big


Wichita or small towns like Hoyt.

Sex Bytes dir Kasi Jammeh 2000 USA 15 min video Rolling Blackouts dir Pamela S. Busch 200 1 USA 2 min video

Doing Dyke Derriers Deep Down Under dirs Cecilie Surasky, Joanna Totino, & Nancy Warren 200 1 USA 2 min video

Snatch It dir Inka Stafrace 2000 USA 14 min video Veilgal dir Nila Gupta 1 999 Canada 3 min video Operation F-Li/le dir Nine de Janvier 200 1 USA

cities like

War Story resurrects the fictional and leg­ endary queer silent film star Metly Moorville. A must-see for silent film buffs and novices alike,

Six years in the making, this film offers a

War Story is meticulously modeled after the style

detailed examination of the 1 995 " Simply Equal"

of Charlie Chaplin's Mutual films, reproducing

campaign to add "sexual orientation" to the

all of the cinematic and art direction elements

human rights

that lend a true 1 920's feel to this timeless tale of


of Lawrence.


Reverend Leo Barbie lobbied against the initia­

war-time love.

tive and the Topeka-based Reverend Fred Phelps,

Starring: Rosa Furr is a zany Jazz Age tale

defending his followers' frequent picketing says,

of intrigue, speakeasies, and women who are not

"I wish we could have a Matthew Shepard ftmer­

what they seem. With flouncy flappers catching

4 min video

al every week." This well-made documentary

every eye, you might not be able to stop laughing

Yoni: (yo ' /lee) Sacred Space dir Leila Swan 2000

offers a much-needed perspective on the largely

long enough to solve the mystery.

Canada 3 min video

Playillg with Ourselves dirs Kat Pankam & Amber Horning 2000 USA 5 min video

Pussy Buffet dirs Ursula Rodriguez & Kadet Kuhne 200 1 USA 7 min video

Gallg Girls 2000 dir Katrina Del Mar 2000 USA

ignored and misunderstood Midwest.

Now don't take any wooden nickels and

-Jim Van Bus/ark

we'll see you there!

Shades of Gray dir Tim DePaepe 1 999 USA 73 min

Starring: Rosa Furr dir Lara Martin 2000 USA


40 min 1 6mm

War Story dir John Baumgartner 200 1 USA 3 1 min

27 min video


Total Running Time: 80 min

Co-Presented by Community United Against Violence

Co-Presented by Sail Francisco Silellt Film Festival

(C UA V) Sponsored by



Shoplifting Chanel

Sisters of Light

Sleep in a Nest of Flames

Friday June 22 6: 00 pm Roxie $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (CHANE22)

Saturday June 16 8: 15 pm Roxie $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (SISTE16)

Saturday June 23 3:00 pm Victoria $5 Mem/$6 Gen (SLEEP23)

As Oona Stone, poetry's once-promising young talent, crosses into her thirties without a word printed in years, she tries to Zelda-and-Scott her days away with gay pal Jack in vapid style-with plenty of drink, of course, and glamorous threads lifted from the costume museum at which she works. But her sister. Madison's breast cancer rears its ugly head again, and Oona reluctantly agrees to take the reins of the tiring feminist lit­ erary magazine Madison edits. In a bold move to breathe some life into its pages (and sales), Oona publishes the stalwart mag's first male-authored piece in its long history. In the process, she changes the course of her relationships with Madison and Jack forever, while conversely re­ igniting a passion for words she thought had gone. Not merely 'a sly satire on the lesbian and gay literary scene, Shoplifting Chanel also takes a sharp stab at the medical community's reluc­ tance to attend to women's health issues. Rebel Rebel suggests a sure-fire method for reinvigorating a sunken woman's life: have a dis­ tant cousin's purple-lipsticked, black-leather-clad teen daughter, dropped into her custody. -Christian Bruno

Experience an odyssey of light and sound as these filmmakers voyage to the edges of creativ­ ity. Dear Joan is a hand-processed letter to that heroine of butch dyke-ness, Joan of Arc. A kinet­ ic, frenetic stream of thought bubbles through a woman's mind in Ephemera. A dirty, salty sailor's ghost tells a haunting story in Siren and a woman looks back to her childhood when her father was in prison in The Blessing. Meep Meep! is a micro ' short dyke drama and Scar is an exploration of our internal desire. !Jis a beautiful meditation on loss. Two friends separated by death go on a road trip in The Sisters Lumiere.

Belgium 28 min video

While vacationing in Greece in 1 992, James Dowell and John Kolomvakis found a pile of books on the side of the road. In a list of authors including Nabokov, Mailer, and Genet, they also discovered an inscribed book of poems by Charles Hemi Ford. This event kicks off the chronicling of an artist's life whose influence has spanned the last 70 years. Born and raised in the South, Charles Hemi Ford put his stamp on the world of Ijterature when he founded Blues, a lit­ erary magazine which published works by emerging writers. One such writer, Parker Tyler, prompted Charles to join him in the lap of coun­ terculture, Greenwich Village. In 1 932, they co­ authored the semi-autobiographical novel The Young and the Evil. Radical for its non-judgmen­ tal view of gay life, the book was banned in the U. S. Ford was as connected to the surrealists of the '40s as he was to the pop artists of the '60s. Through the use of dramatizations and inter­ views with Ford and his contemporaries includ­ ing Allen Ginsberg, Paul Bowles, and Dorothea Tanning, Sleep in a Nest of Flames presents a portrait of one of our country's most influential and enduring artists. -Dennis Conroy

Total Running Time: 92 min

Sleep in a Nest ofFlames

Shoplifting Chanel dir Marya

Cohn USA 61 min


Rebel Rebel dir

Betsy Burke 2000 USA 21 min video

The Blessing

dir Sandra Contreras 200 1 USA 8 min

1 6mm

Siren dir Abigail Serverence 200 1 USA 5 min 1 6mm If dir Diane Bonder 2000 USA 12 min 1 6mm Dover St dir Imelda Picherit 1 999 USAIFrance 2 min 1 6mm

Home dir Marilyn Bull 200 1 USA 2 min video Dear Joan dir Stephanie Gray 1 999 USA 4 min video Ephemera dirs Julie X Black & Georgina Corzine 200 1 USA 6 min video

Meep Meep/ dir Jenni Olson 2000 USA 1 min video Whistle dir Kouross Esmaeli 2000 USA 1 3 min video Back To Misery dir Heidi Mau 2000 USA 5 min video Scar dir Leslie Satterfield 2000 USA 6 min video The Sisters Llimiere dir Karen Vanderburght 2000

dirs James Dowell & John

Kolomvakis 2000 USA 1 1 8 min 1 6mm

Co-Presented by MadCat Wo men 's In ternational Film Festival Sponsored by


BrunC<IOCuEmeliflK)' Fund A Proj«1 ofAIDS Erncr,m:), Fund


liIJilly always wondered what it was like to be a � w. 'fthis morning she woke up with her first �OW! ..

& Queers

Something Special

Southern Comfort


Monday June 18 1 1 :30 am Castro $5 Mem/$6 Gen (SOMETI8)

Friday June 22 8:00 pm Roxie $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (SOUTH22)

Tuesday June 1 9 8: 15 pm Roxie $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (STEERI 9)

Cleverly written and brilliantly cast, Something Special is a Hollywood teen transgender comedy

Southern Comfort is an insightful portrait of

Put on those chaps, boys and girls, and get ready

transgendered life as it is lived deep inside Ku

for some real horse and cow play. If you are only

about a girl who gets to be a boy. Try to imagine

Klux Klan territory in the rural trailer communi­

a couch potato wrangler, these queer short flicks

an ABC Afterschool Special with a queer sensi­

ty of Toccoa, Georgia. Robert Eads is a female­

might just put you in the stirrup. Move from the

bility and a sophisticated sense of humor-some­

to-male transsexual suffering from ovarian can­

world of the gay rodeo in Steers &: Queers to an

thing super fun for boys and girls, and for girls

cer who, after 20 doctors have refused to treat

impressionistic look at the sport, ritual, and sex­

who want to be boys.

him, faces almost certain death. Far away from

uality of bull-riding in Man Meets Bull. Calamity

Milly Niceman gets her "deepest, darkest

Atlanta's city lights, Robert makes a life for him­

is a brief portrait of a Canadian cowgirl and

heart's desire" when she wishes on a magical

self and his two families: his biological family of

Horse Dreams in BBQ Country is a funny, bitter­

eclipse powder. She wakes in the mi�dle of the

two parents, two sons by birth, and a three-year­

sweet portrayal of the love between two South

night to discover she's grown "a guy's thing down

old grandson; and his chosen family of two

Texas gay ranchers: Mario BOljas-Tej ano to the

there . " When Mr. and Mrs. Niceman tell her she

female-to-male transsexual sons, Maxwell and

core-and David Ewell, a Texas transplant.

must choose between being a boy or a girl, she

Casso Robert falls in love with Lola Cola, a sul­

Though they struggle to make end's meet, these

asks innocently, "Can't I be both?"

try male-to-female transsexual, but as hard as he

two have been cowboys and lovers for over 1 4

To the tune of Muddy Waters' "Mannish

tries to resist involvement in the face of impend­

years. Hair Pie may just be the piece de resis­

Boy," Milly becomes Willy. Soon his best girl­

ing death, the romance blooms beautifully in bit­

tance as a tale of sweet revenge unfolds between

friend develops a new kind of interest in him, and

tersweet irony. Questions of sexual orientation,

two bake-off buckaroos.

so does Willy's new pal Alfie (a boy who refers

operative transitioning, and discrimination are

to his wheelchair as a lunar module). Although

effortlessly explored as the subjects freely open

the film ultimately doesn't allow for homosexu­

up their lives to the camera. Raw, emotional, and

ality as an option, it plays extensively on homo­

provocative, Southern Comfort is a moving and

erotic potentials, and has a blast with traditional

illuminating examination of gender and the

gender roles. Patty Duke gives an outstanding

human spirit that will surely open minds as it

performance as Mrs . Niceman, and Pamela

opens hearts.

Seagall is

-Shari Frilot

uncannily butch

and boyish as


Calamity dirs Shawna Dempsey & Lorri Millan 2000 Canada 5 min video

Hail' Pie dirs Allyson Mitchell & Alexis Vaughn 2000 Canada 5 min video

Steers & Queers dir Paula Gauthier 2000 USA 30 min 1 6mm

D Horse Dreams in BBQ Country dir Daniel Baer

Willy/Milly. Print courtesy of Jenni Olson 's

Queer Archive at Oddball Film + Video. -Jenni Olson

Man Meets Bull dir Juli Lasselle 2000 USA 9 min

Southem Comfort dir Kate Davis 2000 USA 90 min video

1 996 USA 20 min l 6mm Total Running Time: 68 min

Something Special dir Paul Schneider 1 9 86 USA 90 min 35mm

Co-Presented by FTM International

Sponsored by

H. plus:-




Stra i ght Down the Ai sle

Stranger Ins i de

Sunday June 17 11:30 am

Saturday June 16 4:00 pm

Tuesday June 19 7 : 0 0 pm

Victoria $5 Mem/$6 Gen (AISLEI 7)

Castro $5 Mem/$6 Gen (INSIDI 6)

Herbst $ 7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (STRAYl9)

In the heartfelt documentary A Union In Wait,

If you've been waiting for a follow up to

When Darla Carter realizes that she's pregnant

Wendy and Susan want to celebrate their I 8-year

Watermelon Woman, get ready to be blown away by Cheryl Dunye's prison portrait, Stranger

that her gorgeous but deadbeat husband Myers

Inside. Sharply crafted with expert cinematogra­

isn't going to change, she decides it is time to leave him. But up on Carter Mountain things


phy, a dynamic story line, and powerful perform­ ances (from veterans, newcomers, and real-life

Christian Right protests ensue and what starts as

convicts), this work solidifies Dunye's place as a

sister-in-law Jolene (who has more than sisterly

a local dispute in a small Northern Carolina com­

potent voice in new American film.

feelings for Darla) shows up to help out with

relationship with a conunitment ceremony. But the







University-where their ceremony is to be held-doesn't






Stray Dogs

with a baby girl (a curse where she's from) and

aren't that easy. The night she plans to do it, her

In her feature film debut, Yolonda Ross is

Darla's two troubled sons, and do something else

Step into the straight"laced world of pink

absolutely stunning as the life-hardened African­

she's always wanted to do-play "daddy. " When

taffeta and heels as more than 30 lesbians recall

American convict, Treasure Lee. When Treasure

Myers fimilly returns in a drunken rage, all hell

their (not so pleasurable) experiences as brides­

is transferred to the State penitentiary, she sees it

breaks loose.

munity becomes a national issue.

maids at a straight friend's wedding. From butch

as a dream come true: "Brownie" Lee, a lifer at

Set in the beautiful hills of Appalachia dur­

dykes who are asked to grow out their hair to

the State prison, may be the mother Treasure has

ing the mid-50s, Stray Dogs is a poignant look at

bridesmaids who are still in love with the bride,

never known. But to get close to Brownie, she

one night in the passionate but dysfunctional

Straigh t Down the Aisle: Confessions of Lesbian

must prove blood relations run deeper than the

lives of the Carter family. Adapted from the

Bridesmaids takes an at once humorous and crit­

prison family that surrounds Brownie. It will take

award-winning play by Julie Jensen, the film gets

ical look at the constructs of heterosexual unions.

formidable strength to overcome the system of

to the heart of all things Southern-repressed

Directors Cluistine J. Russo and Kelly Hankin

punishment and lies that has shaped both their

desire, familial loyalty, and religious fervor.

skillfully weave personal testimonies from les­


Guinevere Turner (Go Fish) plays the sweet-talk­ ing but tough-skinned Darla who keeps her calm

bians whose partners weren't invited to the cere­

With 90,000 incarcerated women in, the

mony or were asked to mask their relationships,

United States, 90 percent of whom are single

against Myers (Bill Sage), and reluctantly lets

alongside interviews with wedding industry

mothers, a frank look at women's lives behind

Jolene (Dot-Marie Jones) into her life. This all­ star cast makes director Catherine Crouch's first

experts who try to explain, no matter how vague­

bars is long overdue. Dunye grapples with this

ly, the appropriate role of the bridesmaid.

difficult reality with incredible insight in this

feature film one stunning ride.

-Erin Cullerton

outstanding film.

�Erin Cullerton

-Christian Bruno Stray Dogs dir Catherine Crouch 200 1 USA 95 min

A Union III Wait dir Ryan Butler 200 1 USA 47 min video Straight DOWII the Aisle: Confessions of Lesbian Bridesmaids dirs Christine J. Russo & Kelly Hankin

Stranger Inside dir Cheryl Dunye 200 1 USA 96 min


Eligible for the Dockers® Khakis First Feature Award

2000 USA 23 min video

Co-Presellted by Prisoll A ctivist Resource Center

Sponsored by

1 6mm

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T Victoria Theatre


The Castro Theatre The Castro Theatre opened its doors on June 23, 1 922. The $3 00,000 movie palace was origi. nally called the "New Castro," to distinguish it from the 400-seat Castro Theatre down the street; however, it quickly became simply "The Castro" as the old Castro was converted into the Bon

Omi Vatiety 5 & Dime (now Cliffs Hardware). In 1 976 Mel Novikoff took over the lease, shift­ ing the programming fi.-om third run to art/revival, and applying for landmark status for the build­

ing (granted in 1 977--official S.F. Landmark # 1 00). Novikoff renovated the interior, improved the projection and sound, installed the Mighty Wurlitzer, and developed what was "the finest neighborhood theatre ever built in San Francisco" into an internationally-known movie house. In 1 988, Blumenfeld Theaters took over and continue screening films in the Novikofftradition.

The Herbst Theatre The years following the S.F. 1 906 earthquake were filled with grandiose plans for rebuilding the city. Perhaps the best-realized of these is the S.F. War Memorial and PerfOlming Arts Center which houses the Herbst Theatre. The Opera and Symphony Associations needed a permanent residence, and in 1 9 3 1 ground was broken. Facing City Hall, the War Memorial Opera House and Veterans Building are separated by the Memorial Court, creating a special atmosphere unmatched in San Francisco. In 1 9 80 Davies Symphony Hall opened and completed the PerfOlming Arts Center. The S.F. War Memorial and Performing Arts Center has great historical significance as the birthplace of the United Nations, having hosted the UN Conference on

International Organization and concluding with the signing of the UN Chatier on the stage of the Herbst Theatre on June 26, 1 945.

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater Opened in 1 993, Verba Buena Center for the Arts was built by the S.F. Redevelopment Agency using funds from private development in the Verba Bueria Gardens district. The Center's Theater, designed by James Polshek, was inspired by the energy Polshek perceived in S.F.'s perfOlming arts community. The design provides a proscenium theatre inside, and features an exterior of alu­ minum panels that respond to the subtle and changing qualities of San Francisco light. Polshek's work speaks for an inclusive and humanizing architecture that embodies his belief that "archi­ tecture must make a social contribution." Adventurous, interdisciplinary programming in visu­ al and performing arts, film/video, and education makes the Center for the Arts a unique resource for the Bay Area community.



Victoria Theatre The ornate and stately Victoria Theatre was built in 1 908 as a vaudeville house. Originally called

", c

Brown's Opera House, it was operated as a vaudeville showcase for years. As cinema began to

,� I

it was renamed EI Teatro Victoria, showing Spanish-language films for the growing Latino

-�--�-..;. �.' i

displace live on-stage entertainment, the character of the Victoria began to change. In the '30s, it became a motion picture house offering dishware door prizes to entice moviegoers. In the '50s, community. In the ' 60s, under the name New Follies, it became a burlesque house until it closed in 1 976, and remained dOlmant for 2 years. Thanks to the imagination and sheer physical work of two people, Robert and Anita Correa, the theatre has been completely refurbished from top to bottom and restored to its original intent and grandeur. It is now a city landmark.

The Roxie Cinema The Roxie Cinema is the oldest continuously operating movie house in San Francisco. It opened in 1 9 1 3 as the "Poppy," was known as the "Rex" in the ' 20s, and became the "Roxie" in the early ' 30s. The Roxie operated as a neighborhood rep house, with programming not unlike today. In

1 976, after its 2-year "porno-period," Robert Evans got together with Dick Gaikowski to rein­ vent the Roxie as a repetiory calendar house, specializing in offbeat documentaries, cutting edge world cinema, and anything outre. Since 1 984, the management team of Bill Banning, Elliot Levine, and Rick Norris has maintained the basic programming philosophy established by Robert Evans, who passed away in 1 990. Many local festivals call the Roxie home, including the SFILGFF which began hosting screenings there in 1 979.




TWE N TY- F I FT H A N N IVE RSARY J U N E 14 TH R O U G H J U N E 24 2001
















1 1 am


S aturday June 1 6

Friday June 15

Thursday June 14 CASTRO




1 1 :00 am

1 1 :00 a m

Fun in Girls'

Youth Outloud



FUNG I 1 6



1 1 :30 am A Litany for Survival

Times Square

LORD E 1 6

TIMES15 1 pm 1:30 pm

1:30 pm

1 :30 pm

Body of



2:00 pm


-Redefining Sex

FU N B 0 1 6

It's A Boy

BODY0 1 6


F u n in Boys' 2 pm

ITSAB16 3 pm

3:00 pm Tour Abroad

3:30 pm

TOURA15 4 pm

4:00 p m

4:00 pm

Case of Mr. Lin

Stranger Inside


Shades of Gray


Program 2

SHAD E 1 6

INSID16 5 pm


6 pm

6:00 pm

6:00 pm Borstal Boy BOBOY15

6:30 pm An Intimate

7 pm


6:00 pm

Coming to Terms Fists of Fury

Gaudi Afternoon GAUD I 1 4

8:15 pm

9 pm

8:30 pm

Julie Johnson



COM I N 1 5

7:00 p m Burnt Money

90 Miles


M I LES15 9:00 pm Out In The Open


O UT I N 1 6 10:00 pm

10:00 pm

11 pm

Bombay Eunuch

Beaver Trilogy

French Dressing

Opening Night Gala

FREN C 1 5

Verba Buena Center for the Arts

Oh Baby, A Baby ' OBABYI6

6:00 pm

6:00 pm

Kevin's Room KEVI N 1 6

Tour Abroad

8:1 5 pm

8:1 5 pm


BURNT16 8:00 pm

8:00 pm

9:00 p m


10 pm

6:30 pm

-Gay Youth Shorts FISTS15

INTI M 1 5

7:30 pm 8 pm

Liberace & The

4:00 p m

1 1 :00 pm

1 0: 1 5 pm T h e Pain Game PAI N G 1 5

Hey, Happy!

Sisters of Light




10:30 pm

10:30 pm

10:30 pm

The Monkey's

Freddie Mercury Sugar High


FRE D D 1 6

Glitter City SUGAR16


HAPPY15 Midnite




Friday June 22

Thursday June 21

Wednesday June 20 CASTRO









6:00 pm

6:00 pm

11 am


1 1 :30 am

1 1 :30 am

Unknown Friend



Against Nature



One Kiss OKISS22

1 pm 1 :30 pm 2 pm

1:30 pm


Kali's Vibe



2:00 pm TBA TBAON22

3 pm 3:45 pm 4 pm

4:00 pm

Km. O



PHANT20 5 pm

6 pm

7 pm

6:30 pm

6:30 pm

The Girl

Kiss of the


Spider Woman S O NIA20

8 pm

6:00 pm

D o It Yourself


-Sex Roles &

Delirious LOSTA21


9:30 pm

Blind Fairies

One Kiss


6:00 pm

Do It Yourself -Love and Loss

Transformations TRANS21


6:00' pm Hope Along the Wind HARRY22

6:30 pm On The Bus ONBUS22


Rebel Grrrisl




Lifetime TLADY21

8:00 pm

8:00 pm

Theme: Murder

Cooking with

Everything In

& The Most




Asian Shorts

Unknowable Thing 9:00 pm 9:30 pm

7:00 pm

6:00 pm



. 9:00 pm

Lesbian Porn 101 The Cockettes LPORN20


OKISS20 Memento Mori MMORI20

8:00 pm

8:15 pm


Family Pack FPACK22


9:30 pm

8:30 pm


I'd Rather


Be ... Gone B G O N E22

9:30 pm

Princesa P R I N C21

10:30 pm 1 1 pm



6 : 1 5 pm Lost and

8:00 pm

9 pm

10 pm

6:00 pm

Escape to Life 1 0: 1 5 pm

10:1 5 pm

The Cold Lands

Are You Greedy?



ESCAP22 10:30 pm

10:00 pm MI Mom,

Play Dead

Madonna & Me



1 1 :00 pm Freddie Mercury FREDD22



11 am



1 1 :30 am

1 1 :30 a m









1 1 :00 am 25-A Brief History of



Tuesday June 19

Monday June 18

Sunday June 17 CASTRO

the Festival HIST0 1 7

1 1 :30 a m

1 1 :30 am

OUT: The Making Straight Down


Chill Out

of a Revolutionary the Aisle






1 pm 1:30 pm Bride of 2 pm

Trailer Camp

2:00 pm

2:00 pm




3 pm

Program 1

Before G-d



3:30 pm Off the Screen HAI NE17


2:00 pm Bykes



Peeptoe 4:30 pm


4:00 pm

4:1 5 pm

Out In The Open

Escape to Life

OUTl N 1 8


Years of FAF

6 pm 6:30 pm

6:30 pm

6:30 pm

By Hook or

Chill Out

Homo Retro

By Crook

C H I LL17




Ught Struck: 25 FAAAF17

5:30 pm Ross Bleckner & Life's Evening Hour ROSSB17

6:30 pm

6:30 pm

Fleeing by Night

Reel Divas



6:00 pm

6:00 pm

6:00 pm

My Babushka

D o I Love You?

6:00 pm

Do It Yourself -Homo Movies




8: 1 5 pm

8: 1 5 pm


the Dolls



8 pm 8:30 pm 9 pm


Naughty Little

4:00 pm Program 2

5 pm

7 pm

1:30 pm Drift

with Love

3:30 pm

Out of the Closet, 4 pm

1:30 pm To Pussy

8:00 pm

8:00 pm

8:00 pm

It's Dyklarious

Mama Mia!

Coffee Date



Homophobia, That ITSDY17

7:00 pm

7:00 pm

Scout's Honor

Stray Dogs



Steers & Queers A Valley of

9:00 pm

9:00 pm

Painful Problem

9:00 pm

Iron Ladies

Unknown Friend


Memento Mori

9:30 pm

9:30 pm

9:30 pm







of Felix


10 pm

10:00 pm

11 pm

10:00 pm



Drag 101





10:00 pm

10:00 pm

De C o lores

Sex Bytes

-Queer Latin




10:15 pm This I Wish and


Nothing More




Saturday June 23 CASTRO



11 am


Sunday June 24 CASTRO

1 1 :00 a m My Left Breast LEFTB23 Noon



Fun in Boys' Shorts

Golden Threads

1 pm

& Pride Divide GOLDE23

1 :00 pm Dyke Delights DDELl23

2 pm

FUNB024 1:00 pm

1 :30 pm

Forbidden Fruit




2:00 pm

2:00 pm

Greetings From

Fun in Girls' Shorts

Out Here & Dottie

Gets Spanked

3 pm



Sleep in a Nest

4:00 pm

4:00 pm


The Wedding


The Confusion of Genders




3:30 pm

of Flames

Shhhhhhhi 4 pm

S H H H H23

5 pm

FUNGI24 3:00 pm


4:00 pm

WEDDI23 5:45 pm

6 pm

6:00 pm

The Perfect Son PERFE23

7 pm

Fat Boy

6:30 pm

6:30 pm

Km. O

Black Is ...



Black Ain't


7:00 pm All Over the Guy


ALLOV24 8 pm 8:30 pm

8:30 pm 9 pm

Hedwig and the Angry Inch HEDWI23

8:30 pm

My Brother,

Worldly Affairs

9:00 pm

My Sister


9:00 pm



Gay Shorts

Closing Night Pa rty




Kali's Vibe

10 pm

11 pm



10:00 pm Lesbians Behaving Badly BADLY19

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Sugar High Glitter City


Theme : Murder & The Most Unknowable Thing

Saturday June 16 1 0:30 pm

Friday June 22 2 : 00 pm

Victoria $ 7. 50 Mem/$8. 5 0 Gen (SUGAR1 6)

Castro $5 Mem/$6 Gen (TBAON22)

Get your Butterfingers and Mr. Goodbars ready

We've set aside a Friday afternoon at the Castro

and hold on to your bonbons. This video will

Theatre for a last minute entry or the repeat of a

have you clutching for all things sweet and sticky.

popular, can't miss it, sold out program from this

You won't want to miss the latest sex flick from

year's Festival line-up. Advance tickets may be

the award-winning dynamic dyke duo Jackie

purchased before the selection is announced or at

Strano and Shar Rednour who brought us last

the door. To find out what this year's TBA pro­

year's Hard Love & How to Fuck in High Heels

gram will be, visit the Festival Web site at

which won the respected 2000 Adult Video News

www.frameline. org/festival or call the Festival

award for Best All-Girl Scene in a porn film.

hotline at 925 .27 5 . 9490.

Sugar High Glitter City is a futuristic and gritty sexcapade that ushers the come-back of the (never existent) '70s dykesexploitation genre. Sugar is outlawed and cane-addicted dykes stop at nothing to get it, even selling their own sweaty bodies. Glitter City's underworld is loaded with sugar pimps and candy 'hos. Accompanied by a pumping soundtrack, this sexy and diverse cast takes us on a belly crawl to an urban, glam, and candy-coated fuck-fest. Strano and Rednour star in the film, along with B ay Area starlets Michelle Tea and Simone aka Teresa. The program begins with a sugary walk thru candyland in the animat­ ed short Bon Bon. -Darlene Weide Bon Bon dir Allyson Mitchell 200 1 Canada 3 min

1 6mm


Wednesday June 20 8 : 00 pm Roxie $ 7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (THEME20) The brutal murder of her father in 1 9 68 not only left a hole in filmmaker Martha Swetzoffs life, but also many questions as to who he really was. His figure became shrouded in mystery when she discovered that he was gay and the murder "gay­ related. " Confronting her own grief in the deeply personal Theme: Murder, Swetzoff uncovers scores of journals and letters, and contacts for­ mer friends of her father to assemble a portrait of a man curiously obsessed with death, who may have led a rich, gay life in '50s and '60s Boston­ a man who had not only secrets, but an entirely separate life. In The Most Un knowable Thing, director Mary Patierno's original intention of document­ ing her gay brother's courageous battle with AIDS takes a detour when he suddenly marries his female chiropractor. Life's twists and turns are in no short supply in this poignant stranger­ than-fiction account of a remarkable man. Through his story, presented with intimate inter­ views and footage of sickness, health, marriage, and tragedy, we begin to realize that the most unknowable thing j ust might be life itself. -Christian Bruno

ugar High Glitter City dirs Shar Rednour & Jackie

Strano 200 1 USA 82 min video

Theme: Murder dir Martha Swetzoff 1 999 USA

54 min video Tile Most Unknowable Thing dir Mary Patiemo 1 999

USA 5 7 min video

Co-Presented by San Francisco Sex Workers Film Festival

\ 1I f\1If\ 1I / C D II I\ II C I I I\ I C n D � / C C C' T I \ / 11 1

This I Wish

Times Square

To Pussy with Love

and Nothing More (Nincsen nekem vagyam semmi)

Friday June 15 Noon

Sunday June 1 7 1 : 3 0 pm

Castro $5 Mem/$6 Gen (TIMESI5)

Victoria $5 Mem/$6 Gen (P USSYI 7)

Tuesday June 19 1 0: 15 pm Roxie $7. 50 Mem/$8.50 Gen (IWISHI9) They all love handsome young Bruno (Ervin Nagy)-his pretty blond girlfriend Mari (Martina Kovacs), a talented gymnast; Mari's brother Ringo (Roland Raba), a skin-headed hustler who also does drag; and the older married man (Imre Csuja) to whom Bruno keeps running for help and comfort. But who does Bruno love? Even he doesn't seem to know. Rather than take a hard look at his life, he'd rather pretend that he's Batman and escape into fantasies of aerial der­ ring-do. But back on solid ground, things are pretty grim. The graphic scene in which Bruno skins a rabbit sets the tone. Hustling with Ringo (their escapade with a client into toilet plungers and vacuum tubes is like nothing you've seen before), Bruno runs afoul of the law (his forced strip­ tease for a pair of lascivious women cops is equally bizarre). A stolen key unlocks a sequence of events that leads to tragic consequences for everyone in Bruno's world. -Steven Saylor This I Wish and Nothing More (Nincsell nekem vagyam semmij dir Komel Mundruczo 1 999 Hungary

80 min video in Hungarian with English subtitles Eligible for the Dockers® Khakis First Feature Award

In the heart of Times Square, a poor girl becomes

Yes, it's true, queers love pussies. Our feline

famous, a rich girl becomes courageous, and

friends have kept many of us company throughout

both become friends in this 1 980's lesbiall cult

the ages and this collection of shorts pays homage

favorite. Pammy (Trini Alvarado) is the quiet and

to them. Puss In Books: Adventures of the Library

sheltered daughter of a prominent politician.

Cat is a humorous and thought-provoking look at

Nicky (Robin Johnson) is a streetwise trouble­

cats throughout the U. S . who live in libraries, with

maker. Admitted to a hospital for the same psy­

the librarians. Cat Nip examines the bizarre rela­

chiatric tests, the girls share a room and get to

tionship between lesbians and cats . In Th e

know each other. After a daring escape, they cre­

Travelling Eye of the Blue Cat an abandoned gar­

ate a home for themselves in a dockside ware­

den, a pair of blue cats, and a decapitated head

house, and live their lives together against the

assist a girl through a startling metamorphosis.

gritty urban backdrop of Times Square. While

Shot from the eat's perspective, that buming ques­

there's no explicit lesbian content in the film, the

tion-is he or isn't he?-keeps a poor cat from

romantic tone of Nicky and Pammy's interactions

getting fed in Breaksfast With Gus.

is undeniable-they love each other and they're

This program is dedicated to the star of

not interested in boys. The two girls adventures

Kahlo: The Passion who provided 1 5 years of

are accompanied by a remarkable rock 'n' roll

companionship and was loved by many and to all

soundtrack including tunes by Patti Smith Group,

our other feline friends who have gone to kitty

The Pretenders, Talking Heads, Suzi Quatro, and


Roxy Music. As such, Times Square is a mar­ velous experience not only for lesbian youth, but for any girl who's ever had a crush on a gi�'l or who's wanted to see a story about girls without

The Love That Dare Not Meow Its Name dir Mruilyn Bull 2001 USA 8 min video Kahlo: The Passion dirs Marilyn Bull & Kate Sorenson 1 997 USA 2 min video

boys in the middle. Print courtesy of Jenni

Nugget, the Crime Solving Cat With ESP dirs Lars

Olson 's Queer Archive at Oddball Film + Video. "

Micha, Mark Kliem, & Blue Moor 2000 USA 3 min

-Jenni Olson Times Square dir Allan Moyle 1 980 USA 1 1 1 min

3 5mm

video Becky: Portrait of a Stray dirs Albert Nigrin' & Irene Fizer 1 9 9 1 USA 1 min video Puss III Books: Adventures of the Library Cat dir Gary Roma 1 998 USA 29 min video Cat Nip dir Amanda Taylor 1 99 5 USA 14 min video Breakfast With Gus dir Siobhan Devine 1 997 Canada

8 min 1 6mm The Travelling Eye of the Blue Cat dir Shawn Atkins

200 1 USA 1 5 min 35mm Total Running Time: 80 min

C;;P�ed by Pets Are Wonderful Support (PA WS) Sponsored by




Tour Abro ad (Auslandstournee) Friday June 15 3:00 pm Castro $5 Mem/$6 Gen (TOURA 1 5) Saturday June 1 6 6:00 pm Victoria $ 7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (TOURA 1 6) Zeki is a flamboyant nightclub singer who has made a career of performing at Turkish clubs all over Europe.

He receives

a telegram that

Mahmut, the puppeteer ofa troupe with whom he used to perform, has died after being run over by a bus in Germany. Zeki goes to Germany for the funeral only to find out that Mahmut has ieft behind an eleven-year-old daughter, Senay. He is forced to take care of her, since he is the only one who knows who her mother is-Cicek, the belly dancer-and where to look for her. Zeki and Senay wander through Germany, the Netherlands, and France in search ofthe mys­ terious Cicek. After a highly antagonistic start and a string of wild adventures, the unlikely pair begin to learn how to get along with one another. In Paris, Senay has her first period, and Zeki, not an ideal guardian, has no idea how to explain the facts of life to her. He hires a prostitute to pose as a doctor to tell Senay what is happening. With a superb soundtrack of Turkish music,

Tour Abroad is a tender and wonderful film about two people who come to realize how much they really need each other.

Tran' ce Romance


Monday June 18 9:30 pm Herbst $ 7.50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (ROMAN18)

Thursday June 2 1 6:00 pm Victoria $7.50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (TRANS21)

Originally screened at the Toronto Inside Out

These richly _entertaining explorations in gender


& Gay Film Festival, this





compilation of Transsexual,

identity transform our visions of life.

The One of Your Dreams I'll Be asks the simple question

Transgender, and Intersex love has been curated

"Who Are You?" and traces its character's inner

solely from within the trans community. "As our

mirrors, softly vanishing the line that differenti­

community grows larger and more diverse, so do

ates being a man and being a woman. With

the ways in which we express our love. This col­

Almost Human, a nuclear family goes to the zoo

lection of works explores our passions, our part­

and confronts a beast of escaped transphobia.

ners, and our yearnings . " (Cat Grant and Boyd

Out of the Scene is a cleverly animated PSA abo�t AIDS. In the touching documentary No Dumb Questions, three sisters aged 6, 9, and 1 1

Kodak, curators .) Max Valerio: Illtro D Adam Kelby (excerpt) Emma G-SPrOuTI Only Enough to Ignite (excerpt) Alld Theil There Were 3 My Body is My Body The Misadventures ofPussy Boy: First Love I Probably Want Perfection in Everything and a Little Bit More (excerpt) Surfer Dick Adrian, Sue and Ali Too (excerpt) For Love or Money (excerpt) Tranzbond

struggle to understand the gender transition of their uncle.

Betty Anderson stars Tamlyn Tomita (Joy Luck Club) as Detective Miyamoto who is investigating a possible kidnapping and the mur­ der of an infant, her own past pays her a surpris­ ing visit. Although there are only two suspects,

this thriller presents us with many delicious lay­ ers of reality. Out of the Scene dirs Luna Ortiz & Shawn Atkins 200 1 USA 1 min video

Almost Human dir Shawna Virago 2000 USA 4 min video

Pallsexual Public Porn (excerpt)

No Dumb Questions dir Melissa Regan 200 1 USA

La Difference 8 Ball Love Skoundx

24 min video

The One ofYour Dreams I'll Be dir Mafer Suarez 2000 Mexico 1 7 min video

Betty Anderson dir Mako Kamitsuna 2000 USA Total Running Time: 87 min

40 min video Total Running Time: 86 min

Tour Abroad (Auslalldstollrnee) dir Ayse Polat 1 999 Germany 91 min 35mm in German and Turkish with English subtitles Eligible for the Dockers® Khakis First Feature Award

Co-Presented by South West Asian and North African

Co-Presented by Tranny Fest: Transgender and Transgenre

Co-Presented by T1'anny Fest: Transgender and Transgenre

Bay Area Queers (S WANABAQ)



Sponsored by THE




\ f\ I\ f\ I\ f\ / CC 1\ I\ n C I I I\ I C n C r.! /CCCT I \ l 1\ 1

Trembling Before G-d


Unknown Friend (Fremde Freundin)

Sneak Preview Saturday June 23 4:00 pm Roxie $5 Mem/$6 Gen (DETEC23)

Sunday June 1 7 2:00 pm Roxie $5 Mem/$6 Gen (TREMB1 7) Director Sandi Simcha DuBowski orchestrates a film of unparalleled scope with Trembling Before

G-d. This feature-length documentary focuses on the stories of Hasidic and Orthodox Jews who "come out" as gays and lesbians, and as a result must reconcile their sexual orientation with the rigid discipline of their tradition. As they strug­ gle with a way to negotiate their sexuality within a religious community, they are ultimately forced to question how they can pursue tI:uth and faith in their lives. Trembling Before G-d gives us an opportunity to understand the way modern per­ ceptions of sexuality have come to challenge entrenched religious views which condemn homosexual lifestyles and have forced many gay people into isolation. As the film unfolds, we meet intolerant rabbis, narrow-minded family members, and abandoned gays and lesbians who are all struggling to solve an inscrutable dilem­ ma: how it is possible to remain true to age-old traditions and values and simultaneously be true to



over a


year period,

Trembling Before G-d takes a provocative look at issues that are rarely publicly discussed.

Sunday June 1 7 9: 00 pm Herbst $ 7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (UNKN01 7)

In spite of life-improving drug therapies and widespread public education programs, new

Wednesday June 20 1 1 :3 0 am Castro $5 Mem/$6 Gen (UNKN020)

cases of HIV are on the rise and AIDS continues to

claim the lives of many loved ones.


Undetectable, videomaker Jay Corcoran (Life and Death on the A-List), provides a powerful


examination of the current course of the HIV and and men in Boston being treated with various


"out" and ready to come to terms with her past. She begins by looking for Katrin (Inga Busch),

are not a cure. As personal testimonies reveal, the

who was present the night of the crime. Hearing

drug therapies can have agonizing side effects,

Katrin's voice on the radio and learning that she

and for some individuals the regimen is too cost­

is a DJ at a local nightclub, Ellen decides to go

ly and difficult to follow. PIs work well for

and wait for her at the door. At first, Katrin is

David, but Carole isn't so lucky. Joe feels he's

frightened and does not want anything to do with

wasting time, and Anibal copes by finding an

Ellen. However, Ellen persists. Flashbacks fill in

�IV positive lover. Corcoran depicts the chang­

the history of Katrin's relationship with an abu­

mg face of the epidemic, which has seen the

sive husband, Moritz (Birol Denel) and her inti­

largest number of new cases among people of

mate relationship with Ellen. It soon becomes

color, and poses important questions about the

clear that Ellen's devotion for Katrin is no less

readiness of the AIDS support community to

potent than before. Gradually, Katrin yields to

contend with these new demographics. A pro­ future

-Carla Israelson

Undetectable is a film not to be missed. One ; . One examines the relationship of a mixed status

Trembling Before G-d dir Sandi Simcha DuBowski


2000 USA 84 min 35mm

-Darlene Weide


Undetectable dir Jay Corcoran 200 1 USA 76 min


five years in prison, Ellen (Karoline Eichhorn) is

cult tI'uth that while drugs are saving lives, they



charged thriller set on the streets of Berlin. After

triple drug therapies, Corcoran explores the diffi­

One + One dir S . Leo Chiang 200 1 USA 27 min video


Unknown Friend is an atmospheric and highly

AIDS epidemic. Tracing the lives of six women

found recognition of our uncertain


Norwegian writer-director Anne H0egh Krohn,

El len's wishes. Before long, past events catch up . WIth them and an unexpected sting in the tail reveals a maj or twist. Unknown Friend is a deeply compelling psychodrama that is guaran­ teed to keep you on the edge of your seat!

-Darlene Weide Unknown Friend (Fremde Freund;',) dir Anne H0egh Krohn 1 999 Germany 83 min 3 5mm in German with English subtitles Eligible for the Dockers® Khakis First Feature Award

Co-Presented by San Francisco JelVish Fillll Festival

Co-Presented by S


A Valley of the Dolls

The Wedding Video

Tuesday June 19 8: 15 pm

Saturday June 23 4: 00 pm

Victoria $7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (DOLLSI9)

Herbst $5 Mem/$6 Gen (WEDDI23)


200 1

edition of shorts featuring the most

Worldly Affairs­ International Gay Shorts Saturday June 23 8: 3 0 pm

Boasting ten "Real World" cast members, The

animated cast of characters yet, is sprinkled with

Wedding Video chronicles the making of Norman

three new episodes of last year's fabulous gay

Korpi's (the first queer cast member-"Real

doll couple, Rick and Steve. Think it's easy mak- .

World, New York") wedding video . . .but that's not

ing a film with inanimate actors? Check out

all that gets caught on this camera. After

Dinky Menace in which a Super-8 filmmaker

Norman's mother gives him

fights to retain his artistic integrity in the face of

to attend the ceremony, Norman hires Clint, an

the Hollywood doll machine. Next, j oin Todd the

amateur videographer and boyfriend of Lindsay

Tonka®. cowboy on his hitchhiking adventures

from "Real World, Seattle," to document the

tlu'ough Tumbleweed Town, followed by a docu- .

event. Clint embarks on a mission to interview

mentary on Robin Newland, a fashion stylist

all the important people in Norman's life as well

from New York and her vast, somewhat bizarre

as the events of the week leading up to the wed­

collection of Girls & Dolls. Our last and most

ding. Holding true to the classic reality TV style

$ 1 0,000

but refuses

outrageous selection, Todd Downing's splatter­

that made them all stars (sans the flashy MTV

fest Jeffrey's Hollywood Screen Trick, answers

angles and production values), Julie Oliver,

the question "Can dolls find true love?"

Heather B. Gardner, Rachel Campos Duffy, Cory Murphy, Lars Schlichting, Mike Lambert, Sean

Rick and Steve, Episode 2: Scary Straight dir Q. Allan Brocka 200 1 USA 8 min video Dinky Menace dir Robert Kennedy 2000 7 min video

Duffy, and Syrus Yarbrough get under each other's skin and unabashedly trash each other for

This year's international gay shorts program explores English-speaking territories for the most part, except for a brief Port stop in Hong Kong. What could a classified ad, a coal shed, a threesome, and a waiter have to do with finding your dream man? Alex is about to find out as he embarks on his quest for love in Boyfriends. Though made in the United States, The Sleeping

Man takes you right back to that small European hotel with that very memorable bed. A man searches for himself with the help of some heavy red silk, henna, and The Goddess Method, and a j ourney of loss and redemption in Saturn 's

Return helps two young men discover there is more to their fathers than they ever knew. Boyfriends dir Simon Horton 1 999 UK 1 2 min video Port dir Ginny Wong 2000 Hong Kong 1 7 min video

the omnipresent camera. A must-see for fans of

Chicken dir Barry Dignam 200 1 Ireland 3 min 3 5mm

dir Q. Allan Brocka 200 1 USA 8 min video

the series, this mockumentary is the " Real

The Sleeping Man dir Peitor Angell 2000 USA 5 min

Tumbleweed Town dir Samara Halperin 1 999 USA

Worlders" doing it for themselves. Without the

Rick and Steve, Episode 3: Potty Mouth Training

8 min 1 6mm Girls & Dolls dir Drena DeNiro USA 23 min 1 6mm Rick and Steve, Episode 4: Menage a Twat dir Q.

I Allan Brocka 200 1 USA 8 min video

MTV edits and television censors, The Wedding

Video satisfies voyeuristic curiosity and pokes fun at MTV's highest rated program.

200 1 USA 1 1 min 3 5mm I Total Running Time: 73 min

video Bare dirs Deb Strutt & Liz Baulch 2000 Australia 9 min 1 6mm The Goddess Method dir Punam Sawhney 2000 Canada 6 min video Saturn's Return dir Wenona Byrne 2000 Australia

Jeffrey 's Hollywood Screen Trick dir Todd Downing


Victoria $ 7. 50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (WAFFA23)

The Wedding Video dirs Clint Cowen & Norman Korpi 200 1 USA 84 min video

26 min 1 6mm Total Running Time: 78 min

Eligible for the Dockers® Khakis First Feature Award

Sponsored by






Sponsored by


\ 1\ 1\ 1\ 1\ 1\ 1 r n " 1\ " r l

1 F\ l r

n n l"'" U - r- ("\ T U / /\ I

Youth Outloud

XXX-Citation A presentation by Thomas Waugh

Saturday June 1 6 1 1 : 00 am Roxie $5 Mem/$6 Gen (YOUTH1 6)

Wednesday June 20 6:00 pm Victoria $7.50 Mem/$8. 50 Gen (XXXCI20)

Consider the facts: an estimated 28% of lesbian Gay porn took off after World War II in an explo­

and gay youth drop out of school and only four

sion of grainy Super-8 films. Then came theatri­

states include sexual orientation in their educa­

cal porn, video porn, safe sex porn, postmodern

tional anti-discrimination policies. Youth Outloud!

porn. Any kind of porn you want. And let's not

is a fascinating documentary that turns up the

forget vintage porn of the twenties and thirties

volume on youth issues by chronicling the life

when our queer ancestors had to really make an

stories of LGBT youth in high schools today.

effort to get a lick in. Tom Waugh, author of

Some of the stories are funny, some brutal,

Hard to Imagine: Gay Male Eroticism in Photography and Film from Their Beginnings to Stonewall, has seen it all. Now, he brings his fas­


cinating presentation to SF for the first time, and

districts and in state and federal laws, this film is

the festival invites you, and a few hundred of

a must-see for all those concerned about the state

some shocking. All are genuinely personal. the



of youth

activism that is initiating changes in local school


of public schools and safety for queer youth.

Waugh for XXX-Citation, a very personal tour of

Featuring music by Randi Driscoll, the Indigo

gay erotic cinema from 1 920 to 2000.

Girls, and the Water Gypsies.




From the pre-Stonewall closet, through the

Tina Machida in Zimbabwe tells the story of

wide-open '70s to today, Waugh has sifted

a young woman fighting for the rights of lesbians

through millions of fantasy-fulfilling images,

and gays in Zimbabwe despite death threats, a

and pulled out the best for a show featuring his

president who calls homosexuals "dogs and

own favorites. Soft and hard core clips from

pigs," and parents who had her raped to change

commercial porn, private collections, and public

her ways. This is a highly inspirational documen­

archives will be perused and pondered in careful

tary of a remarkably hopeful woman who calls

detail. And just to show that all those hidden

for an end to the silence and takes steps towards

cams on the porn sites are nothing new, Waugh

real change.

throws in a rare police surveillance film shot in

-Darlene Weide


Ohio public toilet in 1 962. Tina Machida in Zimbabwe dir Robbie Hart 2000

XXX-Citation film clip presentation

Canada 26 min video

Approximate Running Time: 1 20 min

and Transgender Youth Issues in Our Schools dirs

Youth Outloud! Addressing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Becky Burklee & Kathy Hines 2000 USA' 46 min video

Free for all persons age 18 and under-just stop by the Ticket OuZet to obtain a ticket.

� 6 r--1 I=R M.I(� I � r. n I I\ITF R N ATI O NA L LES B I AN & GAY F I LM FESTIVAL

HATS O F F ! j: To the 25th Annual San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

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Servzng th Rai nbow G rocery Cooperative . Worker-Owned & Ope rated since 1 976

Tu ne-in this month for a spe c i a l line up of p rograms th at fo cus on lesbian, g ay, bisexual & transgender th emes

Visit KOED's Lesbian, G ay, B isexual & Transgender Pride Month Resource Gu ide at kqed.org



AIDS Emergency Fund is pleased to announce the establishment of


Breast Cancer Emergency Fund, A Proj ect of AIDS Emergency Fund, providing emergency financial as sistance to people battling breast cancer.

Providing emergency financial assistance to people impoverished and disabled by their fight with AIDS since 1 982.


Breast Cancer Emergency Fund Project of AIDS Emergency Fund

No one too ill to work because of their battle with a life-threatening illness should have to worry about keeping a roof over their head instead of focusing on the recovery of their health.

AIDS Emergency Fund

1 540 Market St. , Suite 320 San Francisco, CA 94 1 02 4 1 5-558-6996 www.aidsemergencyfund.org

::omme ,hout , �rgue )rotecl






is the ACLU's

and fight.

It's fought in the courts , in the legislature and



everyday. It's your fight too.




1 663 Mission Street, Suite 460


. ..

San Francisco, CA 941 03





UQ •


- 1Ii1


chaHen e

(41 5) 621-2493 www. aclunc. org



win boo sue

nounce d . win It

criticize . educate

• •

boo sue



The place for steaks and fresh seafood in the Castro. 4063 1 8TH STREET · (4 1 5) 255 2RED




comfortable hideaway in the heart of the Castro.


( 4 1 5) 255 2RED

(t:ll11rJl The place for comfort food in the Castro. 2337 MARKET STREET · (41 5) 863 BLUE





24th Anniversary 1 9 7 7 - 2001 The N ationaL Leader o n Lesbian LegaL Rights


the counsel ing center for the lesbian I gay bisexual transgender community

Advancing the Rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Families, Youth, Immigrants and Elders through historic litigation, free advice and counseling, and public education.

NationaL Center for, Lesbian Rights . 870 Market Street, Suite 570 San Francisco, CA 94102


415 . 39 2 . 62 5 7


415 . 39 2 . 8442

email i nfo@ncLrights.org www. ncLrights.org

Become an HeLR Member for $35 per year.


L E路 A F

S E R V I C E S F O R O U R C O M M U N I TY 1 853 Market SF 941 03 tel 41 5 626 7000 fax 626 591 6

tdd 252 8376

www.NewLeafServices.org New Leaf is grateful for the support of the San Francisco Department of Public Health: Community Mental Health, Substance Abuse Services and AIDS Office; Commission on Aging; Mayor's Office of Commu nity Development; the AIDS Walk Fund of the Horizons Foundation; BAPHR; Wells Fargo Foundation; Until There's A Cure Foundation; Under One Roof; Pacific Beli; Providian Financial; Silva Watson Moonwalk Fund; Union Bank of California; and The California Endowment


Roll over. Beg.

H O T E L in the now

7 . 800. 663. 7 8 7 5

1 277 Robson St., Vancouver, BC, Canada V6E 1 C4




Proud of all our community

is to empower and dignify the lives of under-served people with HIV/AIDS by providing innovative health and human services that prevent institutionalization, minimize harm, establish relationships and facilitate community. Continuum is funded by the generosity of private donors, corporations, foundations, the San Francisco Department of Public Health, and the State of California.


The Ayse Manyas Kenmore Center · 255 Golden Gate Avenue Phone: 415.437.2900

Fax: 415.437.2550

San Francisco, CA


www. continuumhiv.org

Rooms begin at

$155 The historic Canterbury Hotel at Union Square awaits you with unsurpassed service and affordable luxury. T r a v e l to a d i ffe r e n t p l a c e .

+ 254 beautifully restored


guest rooms and suites

+ Easy stroll to cable cars, Union Square, Chinatown, Financial District; convenient to the Castro

+ Lehr's Greenhouse Restaurant, Streetside Bar, Cigar & Cognac Lounge, room service

QCanterhurp J)otel

* hotel nikko san francisco www. n i kkohote l s . com I 41 5 . 3 94 .1111 I 1 . 8 0 0 . N I K KO . U S off u n i o n sq u a re I 2 2 2 M a s o n S t . I S a n Fra n cisco, C A 941 0 2

+ 9000 sq. ft. conference/ banquet space

+ 70% rooms are non-smoking + Valet parking available

4 1 5 .474 . 64 64 7 5 0 Sutter St. San Francisco, C A 94109 Fax 415. 474.083 1 + www.canterbury-hotel.com




Largest selection of


women's athletic


i n the Bay Area. We carry plus s i zes.

www. SeeJaneRunSports.com 3870 24th Street

San Francisco

S ex l s n ' t Every th i n g .

s m a l l p otato es ca tering

w w w . t i n y s p u ds . c o m

CA 94 1 1 4

4 1 5 .401 .8338

VIRGIN PRIDE . . . The Vl(ay we feel about being a sponsor of the San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

virgin atlantic


For information and reservations, call Virgin Atlantic Airways at 800-86 2-86 2 1 . Or, visit our web site at virgin-atlantic. com.






San Francisco F i l m & Video A rts Com m issio n ay ilrn


stiv I

...... ... .... .......

See p. S4 in the Festival P u l l o u t fo r d etails ©lIM1001 POIOIO: O,v;liltn



Frameline extends a special thank you to all those who have helped make this Festival possible.

Cheryl Singh

Larry Ackerman

Maria Kellett

Mamie Aulabaugh

Shannon Kelley

K.c. Smith

Rodney O'Neil Austin

Cate Latchford

Rick Solomon

Sonia Banerj i

Marie Lee

Carl Spence

Bill Banning

Sara Lesser

Tricia Stahel

Patrick Batt

Keri Levy

Ian Stallings

Carrie Baum, Big Starr Printing

Tom Lightburn

Susan Stryker

Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC)

Shawn Lockyear

Ggreg Taylor

Paul Bollwinkel

Rick Lovin

Alan Teague

Crystal B lackburn

Carrie Lozano

Paul Thurston

Marianne Borysowicz, AAHPERD

Darryl MacDonald

Basil Tsiokos

John Bott

Michael Mack

Rosalia Valencia

Gail Browne

Coy Madsen

Jim Van Buskirk

Christian Bruno

Kirsten Maynard

Marc Virga

Shonali Burke

Tuesday McGowan

Sheila von Driska

California Newsreel

Bill McLeod

Edward Wade

Vincent Calvarese

Bob McCloud

Darlene Weide

Ed Chang

Gert McMullin

David Weissman

Michael Christman

Merchants of

Cinthia Wen

Cine Acci6n

Upper Market


Fresh White


Jane Cleland

Michael Mills

Liz Conway

Anita Monga

White Space Design

Carol Coombes

Denis Morella

Michael Wolford

John Cooper

Dylan Morris

Jason Wolos

Lesley Cootes

Kathleen Mullen

Women Make Movies

Anita Correa

Les Natale

Eddie Wong

Jeff Crawford

National Asian Amelican

Erin Cullerton Ninfa Dawson Zanne deJanvier Helen De Michiel

Monetta White

Ali Woolwich


Chi-hui Yang

Association (NAATA)

Amy Yunified

National Alliance for Media Mis

Charlie Zukow

and Culture (NAMAC)


Kathy Nelsen

The Dot Printer

Andrea Neumann Dalia, Ph.D.

John Downey

Daniel Nicoletta

e film

Scott Noble

Holly Edwards

Jennifer Norris

Lisa Elliot

Jenni Olson

Nicolas Eschbach

Paul Olson

Corey Eubanks

Signe Mae Olson

Tom Ewald

Dean Otto

Patricia Farrar

Mark Page

Film Arts Foundation

Thomas Plageman

Nancy Fishman

Alyscia Perez-Reyes

Shari Frilot

Nathalie Peterson

Steve Fuchs, The N oodlehead Network

Janis Plotkin Jen Rau

Dwight Gaut

Charlie Ridlon

Jon Gerrans

Richard T. Rodriguez

Elizabeth Glaze

Elan Rosenquist

Jen Grant

Hal Rowland

Charlotte Gutierrez

San Francisco Cinematheque

Stephen Gutwillig

San Francisco Jewish Film Festival

Heller Ehrman Attorneys

Steven Saylor

Lisa Holland

Daniel "Dewey" Schott

Evelyn Hu Marcus Hu Marc Huestis Independent Television Service

Joel Shepard Sean Shodahl Gail Silva Maryann Simpson




28 minutes "hs color "ideo S 29.95/S 250ppf . a

FRAMELINE release. To order call (41 5) 703路 8650 or "isit www.frameline.org/distribution

RRF AKIN' THF GLASS The olavers. the oassion and the Dower of women in sports.

h i p-hop

na!�9!U!! A CenterFest exp l o r i n g h i p- h o p c u ltu re

in t h e U S, Hip-Hop Na tion is a rtifacts,

I N O U R GALLe ri es

a rt, theater, fi l m s a n d p u b l i c p rog ra m s :

Roots, Rym es and Rage: The Hip - Hop Story

a wh o l e n ew s p i n o n h i p- h o p .

Hip - Hop by th e Bay rapp er's deligh t (Th e Visual A va n t- Garde o f Hip - Hop)

I N O U R SCREEN i n g Room Hip - Hop D o cs Tu e-S u n a t n o o n , 2 : 0 5 a n d 4 : 1 5


Ke'ep It Gan gsta: Th e Films o f Ice Cub e

h i p-hop l ive !

a n d Tupa c Shakur

M a y 2 4-A u g 9


Eve ry T h u rsday, 6-7 : 3 0 p m

F r i eve n i n g s i n J u n e


Twe l ve n i g h ts of M C s, D J s , c u l t u ra l c r i t i cs ,


s l a m p o e t s , B - b oys a n d B - g i r l s , g ra ff i t i w r i t e rs etc . w i t h a fo c u s o n t h e B ay Area s ce n e .

Hip - Hop FamilyFest S u n , M a y 2 0 , 1 1 a m -3 p m


A F R E E d a y o f m u s i c , d a n c e , f i l m a n d fa m i l y a ct i v i t i e s

Ta ke It to th e Stage: A n Evening o f Hip - Hop Th ea ter J u n e 2 9-J u ly 1

Th e a t e r

A f u s i o n of h i p - h o p a n d c o n te m p o ra ry t h e a t e r,

u n co m p ro m i s i n g a n d h i l a r i o u s , f e a t u r i n g J o n z i D , D a n ny H o c h , S a ra h J o n e s a n d W i l l Powe r.

CALL 4 1 5 . 9 78 .ARTS (2787) FO R TICKETS TO DAY ! exh ibition s ponsor:



d'lliIHIII�!lijft" i!1161

•• Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 11 am to 6 pm Thursday & Friday 11 am to 8 pm

m e d i a sponsor:

www.Yerba BuenaArts.org


1 01

'8uppor:n Listing as ofApril 1,


Visionary Producer

Dana Morse & Anne Madden

The Chalsty Family Foundation

Mark Street & Michael Phillips

Elsa E'der

Jim Follis & Ray Hurst

Mark Tada & David Harbert

Gregg Ebertz & Bob Kaake

Stuart Harrison & David Ring

Floyd Thompson

Suzanne Eisenhut

Visionary Director

John Schlesinger

Rizalina C. Dungca

& Paula M. Black

Hoa Tran & Jeffrey Nebenzahl

Pam Elwin & Susan Unger

Richard H. West & Wee Ping Goh

Milton Estes Mike Fanning

Anonymous Michael Berg & Bill Dickey

Visionary (2)

Robert D. Dockendorff


Tim Eicher

Robyn Alexander

Vivien Gay, The Isosceles Group

The Live Oak Fund

Terry & Jason Allen-Rouman

Lin Gentry & Vicki Cramer

of the Tides Foundation Douglas Mylcraine

& Kevin Bradford

Jose Madeira Garcia

Wly Anderson & Donald Wilson

Steven 1. Gere

Patrick Baca, CSA

Nik A. Gervae

Adam Berman

Kurt Geselbracht

Julie Bertuccelli

Steve Parker

& Francisco Guevara

Fran Perrulli & Marcia Ward

Marcia Brown & Laura Moran

Calvin Gipson

Tom Rippy

Pete Bullard & Andrew Ogus

David Gleba & George Beatty

Timothy Tedrick

Geri Bumbalough

Mario Goes & Scott 1. Owens, Jr.

Eric Trefelner & Paul Perkovic

Rick Campbell

Brian Goldston

Rudd H. Canaday

Laurie H. Gottlieb & Alissa Hauser

Visionary Star

& 路Gerard E. Walter Kevin Caravello & Peter Renteria

Timothy Arbogast & RicardoTorres Alvin H. Baum, Jr.

Timothy M. Cavanaugh

& Peter D. Teague

Dan Greening & Ron Lussier Janine M. Guillot

& Shannon M. Wilson Greg Harrington

I.M.O. Peter P. Connolly

Ray Chance & Jim Tushinski

Linda Harrison & Ellen Anderson

Laura Castellanos

Ann Mei Chang & Jennifer Krauel

Alison Heather

LN Cisneros .

William Chiles & Terrence Dalton

Susan Hein & Julie Ehlers

Robert Cohen

Nancy Choate

John Hershey & Ted Lawyer

Anne Etheridge

Michael Christman

Beth Hoffman & Laurie Manuel,

Kevin Feldman & Thomas Nash

Lisa Chun & Esther Lee

Steve Ferrario

Eric Ciasullo & Loren Henning

James C. HOlmel & Timothy C. Wu

Lele & Rachel Field

Ron Claveloux

Marc Huestis

Bruce Goff, Domus Design Group

Jay Cohen

Jeff Iorillo & Ross Camp

Gary Grossman, PhD

Jody Cole

Robert Jaques & Donna Jaques

Duane Cramer

Martha Jimenez & Amanda Navarro

& Mattheus Dahlberg Suzanne Israel & Jeanette Ward

Alternative Mortgage Sources

Will Curry & Pete Bartolo

Carla Johnson & Anna Kuperberg

Jodi Johnson

Pam David & Cheryl Lazar

John Killacky & Larry Connolly

Beth Karpfinger & Nancy Kokolj

Jim Davis

Linc King & Timothy P. Stev路enson

Michael Katz & Lawton Allenby

John DeLois & Tim Yankosky

Lea Ann Kj ome & Denise Glover

for kelli and dave . . . with love,

Irene Dick-Endrizzi

Vivian Kleiman & Reyna Cowan


spyke, spyke jr. and gracie Don MacDonald

Judith Meskill


& Regina Dick-Endrizzi Tom di Maria

& Scott Montgomery

1 02

& Michael A. Christman Paul D. Fertig

& Andrew Harker

Thomas L. Donelan Anne Dorman & Simone Dorman


Jeffrey Knollmiller


continued on page 1 04. . .

Allen-Rouman Crealions for the "orne ------- � -------

furniture �fUrnishings

Andrew Clark 1 ,\1 Bed furn iture, lighti ng, and accessories designers serving the contract, hospitality, and residential furnishing trades I ntroducing the "ARO Signature Collection" at the

2001 I nternational Contemporary Furnitu re Fair www.allen-rouman .com ©2001 Jason Allen-Rouman Worldwide Rights Reserved



- San Francisco Chronicle

web print video consulting •


Jackrabbit · 4 1 5.62 1 .2338 jackrabitt@earthlink.net •


609 Sutter at Mason 2 blocks West of Union Square Tues - Fri 8pm • Sat 5 & 9pm • Sun 3 & 7pm CALL TOLL-FREE

877-77 1 -6900 stomponline.com

support Visionary

Thad Trela

Raymond M. Dammon

Steven Vance

Mark Denzin & Peter Betcher

Jessica Lawrence Koeppel

Marc S. Virga

& Alma Prestezog Michael Kossman IMO My Beloved Grandparents Lama Krehbiel & Amy Schoenborn

& Michael Westerfield Neal Wagner

Maxine Doogan

B ill Weber & Aaron Starr

Derek Douglas & Chris Worthen

Paul Weintraub & Ray Szczesny

Paul Dunkley & Kerry Mitchell

Kim Kreis & Donna Stapleton

Cinthia Wen & Jamie Oliveri

Cynthia Dunn

Leila Legarda

Stephen Wereb

Daniel Ernster

Donna Leonard

Robert T. Weston

Kevin Erskine & Jose Fidel Justo

Simone LeVant

Alexander White & Greg Santee

Louise E. Fischer & Karin L. Hastik

Elaine Lissner

William J. Woods

A. Foland

Joan E. Loeffler & Cathy Blessum

Thomas Michael Worrell

Kathy E. Foster & Suzanne Johnson

Michael Lumpkin & Mark Page

Soher Youssef & Andrea Wachter

Daryl Fox & Nick Englebert

Maria Lynn & Linda Voutom

Ron Zuckerman

Jim French

Glen Mathison & Zoel Fages Mary Metcalf & Vicki Gutel�ez

Martin Fung & Michael Hughes


David B. Milani

Pedro J. Gomez Eric Groves

Shigeo Nakatani

Anonymous (4)

Mark Hartman

Missy Nery & Mirna Rivera

Larry Ackerman

Franklin Hernandez

Daniel Nicoletta

Linda Akamine

& Michael Pinatelli, Jr.

Mitch Altman

& James Cotant, Jr. Frederick Hertz

Thomas B. Nolan & Brian Bmr

Chad Almstrong

Fred & James Orlando-B arrett

Henry S. Baird & Raymond Harbort

John M. Hladky

Mark Perkins & Joe Kansopon

Laurie J. Baker

Lisa Hoffman

Steve Polsky & Mark Oliver

Kenneth W Barnes

Eric Hsu & Jim Chambers

Tim Portwood & Jim Lauber

1 04

Daniel Dis sett Henry Doeling

& John H. Ducote

& Randolph Langenbach

Amy Isackson

Bob Powers & Donald Clement

Roy Bateman

Greg Rasalan

Steve Bennett

Christopher Johnson

Gera.1d Richardson

Don Berger, Regency Limousines

Kevin Johnson

Thomas P. Rielly

Charles Berkstresser

Mark Johnson

Sandip Roy

James L. Bohannon

Cecilia Joyce

Jeff Rule & Jongo

Christopher Bolton

Kris Kadin

Allen Schuh

Josh Bottfeld

Joanne Kalogeras

Ken Schultz

Catherine Brannigan

Richard S. Kawala

Susan Schuman

Alan Brisbon

Penni Kimmel

Cheryl Seaman

Michelle Brodie

Paul Knudsen & Tim Etheridge

John M. Sinclair & Ryan T. Nguyen

Elliott Brown

Ryszard Koprowski

Richard Skidmore & Mark Pierce

Rich Brown & Chris Nordstrum

Christopher Kryzan

Bob Skinkle & Felix Vega

Tom Brutting & Edwin R. York, Jr.

Robert L. Kuhn

Megan Smith & Kara Swisher

Robert M . Byhre

Gerald La Buda & Daniel Healy

Kathryn Stebner & Julie Davis

John Calaway

John Leitner & Michael Wittgen

Alan Teague

Diane Caliva

Mauricio Leon

Va dim Temkin

Edward Chambers & Dan Mills

Brent K. Lok & Joel Wade French

Andrew Thompson

Debra Chasnoff

Billy Tompkins & Dan Steves

Andrea Cohen


Dave Jacobs

continued on page 1 06. . .

TE LLI NG TH E TRUTH T O P O \N E R Information + Ed ucation + Advocacy

B R E A S T CANCER AC T I O N Ca rrying the voices of people affected by breast ca ncer to i nspire and com pel the changes necessa ry to end the epidem ic 55 New Montgomery Street, Suite 3 2 3 , S a n F rancisco, C A 94 1 05 4 1 5 , 243 ,930 1 or toll·free at 877,2STOPBC e-m a i l : info@bcaction,org


Web site: www, bcaction,org


VENUS For People Of African Descent I n The Life

A T May


Alaska Cruise

Turkoise C l u b Med Resort. June

Spai n/ Portugal Wi ndstar Cru ise I

Spai n/Portugal Windstar Cruise II



. . .

. .

August September Mexican C l ub Med Resort. October

Cari bbean Sa i l ing Adventure I . November

Cari bbean Sail ing Adventure 1I

. . .

. . .

. .

. .







. . .




Austra l i a/ New Zealand La nd Tours

s N February


Tah iti South Pacific Cruise

Bahamas C l u b Med Resort. April

Greece/Turkey Cruise

. . .

. . .

. .

. . .



4400 Market Street, Oakland, CA 94608 Fax: 5 1 0.655.4334

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Email: info@olivia.com

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, CST# 1 00928 140

www.venusmagazi ne .com

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support Visionary

Thad Trela

Raymond M. Dammon

Steven Vance

Mark Denzin & Peter Betcher

Jessica Lawrence Koeppel

Marc S. Virga

Daniel Dissett

& Anna Prestezog

& Michael Westerfield

Maxine Doogan

B ill Weber & Aaron Starr

Derek Douglas & Chris Worthen

Lama Krehbiel & Amy Schoenborn

Paul Weintraub & Ray Szczesny

Paul Dunkley & Kerry Mitchell

Kim Kreis & Donna Stapleton

Cinthia Wen & Jamie Oliveri

Cynthia Dunn

My Beloved Grandparents

Leila Legarda

Stephen Wereb

Daniel Ernster

Donna Leonard

Robert T. Weston

Kevin Erskine & Jose Fidel Justo

Simone LeVant

Alexander White & Greg Santee

Louise E. Fischer & Karin L. Hastik

Elaine Lissner

William 1. Woods

A. Foland

Joan E. Loeffler & Cathy Blessum

Thomas Michael Worrell

Kathy E. Foster & Suzanne Johnson

Michael Lumpkin & Mark Page

Soher Youssef & Andrea Wachter

Daryl Fox & Nick Englebert

Maria Lynn & Linda Voutour

Ron Zuckerman

Jim French

Glen Mathison & Zoel Fages Mary Metcalf & Vicki Gutel�ez

Martin Fung & Michael Hughes


David B. Milani

Pedro 1. Gomez Eric Groves

Shigeo Nakatani

Anonymous (4)

Mark Hartman

Missy Nery & Mirna Rivera

Larry Ackerman

Franklin Hernandez

Daniel Nicoletta

Linda Akamine

& Michael Pinatelli, Jr.

Mitch Altman

& James Cotant, Jr. Frederick Hertz

Thomas B . Nolan & Brian Burr

Chad Almstrong

Fred & James Orlando-Barrett

Henry S. Baird & Raymond Harbort

John M. Hladky

Mark Perkins & Joe Kansopon

Lamie 1. Baker

Lisa Hoffman

Steve Polsky & Mark Oliver

Kenneth W Barnes

Tim Portwood & Jim Lauber

1 04

Henry Doering

Neal Wagner

Michael Kossman IMO

& John H. Ducote

& Randolph Langenbach

Eric Hsu & Jim Chambers Amy Isackson

Bob Powers & Donald Clement

Roy Bateman

Greg Rasalan

Steve Bennett

Christopher Johnson

Gera,1d Richardson

Don Berger, Regency Limousines

Kevin Johnson

Thomas P. Rielly

Charles Berkstresser

Mark Johnson

Sandip Roy

James L. Bohannon

Cecilia Joyce

Jeff Rule & Jongo

Christopher Bolton

Kris Kadin

Allen Schuh

Josh Bottfeld

Joanne Kalogeras

Ken Schultz

Catherine Brannigan

Richard S. Kawala

Susan Schuman

Alan Brisbon

Penni Kimmel

Cheryl Seaman

Michelle Brodie

Paul Knudsen & Tim Etheridge

John M. Sinclair & Ryan T. Nguyen

Elliott Brown

Ryszard Koprowski

Richard Skidmore & Mark Pierce

Rich Brown & Chris Nordstrum

Christopher Kryzan

Bob Skinkle & Felix Vega

Tom Brutting & Edwin R. York, Jr.

Robert L. Kuhn

Megan Smith & Kara Swisher

Robert M. Byhre

Gerald La Buda & Daniel Healy

Kathryn Stebner & Julie Davis

John Calaway

John Leitner & Michael Wittgen

Alan Teague

Diane Caliva

Mamicio Leon Brent K. Lok & Joel Wade French

Vadim Temkin

Edward Chambers & Dan Mills

Andrew Thompson

Debra Chasnoff

Billy Tompkins & Dan Steves

Andrea Cohen


Dave Jacobs

continued on page 1 06. . .

TE LLI NG TH E TRUTH T O P O \N E R Information + Ed ucation + Advocacy

B R E A S T CANC ER AC T I O N Carryi ng the voices of people affected by b reast ca ncer to i nspire a nd com pel the cha nges necessa ry to end the epidem ic 55 New Montgomery Street, Suite 3 2 3 , San Francisco, C A 94 1 05 4 1 5 . 243 . 930 1 or toll·free at 877.2STOPBC e-m a i l : info@bcaction.org


Web site: www. bcaction.org


VENUS For People Of African Descent In The Life


Alaska Cruise

Turkoise C l u b Med Resort. June

Spai n/Portugal Windstar Cru ise I

Spai n/Portugal Windstar Cruise I I



. . .

. .

. . .

A ugust

September M exican C l u b Med Resort. October Cari bbean Sa i l i ng Adventure 1 November

Cari bbean Sa i l i ng Adventure II

. . .

. .

. . .




A T May



. . .




Australia/New Zealand La nd Tours

s N February


Tahiti South Pacific Cruise

Bahamas C l u b Med Resort. April

Greece/Turkey Cruise

. . .

. . .

. .

. . .



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V. Thomas Weisser

Ann M. Hadley

Kevin M. McGee

Scott Whitsett

& Beth &


Scott McCabe

& Ted Glaza &

Camilla Whyte

S. Ross

Karen Wickt'e


Philip Willkie

& Mike

Robin Mills

Fiona Wilmot


Robert Mison

Michael Wolford


Kirk Hinman

& Lance Martin

Karen Hovekamp

& Marsha

Alex Woolfson

John Hudson

Michael Moran

Janet Wright

Rick Hutcheson

Alfred Moser

Claude Wynne

Ilyas Iliya

Seth Munter

Edward L. Yu

David L. Jackson

David H. Nathanson

Dawn Zemo

Rod L. Jacobus


Stephanie A. Stehling

Jamie O'Donnell

Rodrigo Zuniga


& F. Myron Hays


& Karen WellS

& Mark Wolf

Ron S . Jong

Henry Kielarowski la Rosa, Jr.

Kim Klausner


& Carlos

Jerry LaBarge

Robert Anderson

& Dennis

Barry Lynch

& Kyong Shik Eom

Douglas Rayner

& Paul Quinn


Mark A. Marrow

Mark G. Reisbaum

V Avocado

Ernest Patrick Rodriguez

Mario Bertucci

Melissa Milton

Elan Rosenquist

Victor Bonfilio

Nicole Neumarker

Joe Rudy

Richard Bookwalter

Steven Saylor

Angela Bottum


Thomas Burke

& Kent Noyes


Rick Splomon

Barry Schmell Judy Schultz

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T.J. Caldwell, Jr.


Michael Shapiro

Damian S. Carmichael

John Sullivan

& Juan Carlos &

Stuart Dick

Heidi Cary


Jan Pardoe




& Brian &

Kendall Risselada


Hillary Russak

Arthur Slepian

Arvada J. Darnell

Douglas R. Smith

& Thai


Noreen Dunleavy

& Jennie Larson

& Doug

Mark A. Sponseller

Andrew Dunn

Hampton Stennis

Melissa Fondakowski

Cynthia Stirling

& Valerie Thcker

& Kathy Azada




Karen Erlichman


Kiet Truong

& Maree

Patrick T. Smith

Mike Spanola

Jim Munson

Timothy L. Schuman

Charles Cassell Bart Vis

Pat Dixon

Thomas Ossenbeck

Dr. Gregory Clinton & Gregory Morris


B lanchard

Cathy McIntosh

Eugene Sigler

Kenny Sontheim

Robert Wiseman


& Ted Grider

Simon Pitchford Jay Powell

Roger Ritland

Jmin Rummelsburg


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rnnm oUT last year the Rochester, New York Festival screened 38 programs that included over 140 films and videos, exhibited at venues such as the Dryden Theatre at the renowned George Eastman House, the little Theatre in downtown Rochester and the University of Rochester.





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leap of faith. " The Castro's 1 45 0-seat capacity was five times the size of the Roxie Cinema, where the Festival had played the year before, and could swal­ low the combined audiences of all previous festivals. Rising to the challenge, Lumpkin produced a festival designed to pack the house-not just for one night as in earlier years, but for a whole week. The Festival opened with the world pre­ miere of

Greetings ' From Washington, D. c., a documentary about the first

March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights in 1 979. It also screened the classic 1 93 1 lesbian film

Maedchen in Uniform, and a weekend of experimen­

tal films at the Roxie. The indisp�table highlight of the Festival, however, was a sold-out lecture and clip show by film historian Vito Russo, whose


Closet had recently arrived in Bay Area bookstores.

Frameline �omes of Age Frameline and the Festival turned an important comer in 1 98 1 . Frameline's dis­ tribution operations began that year, and the addition of Opening Night festivi­ ties pointed towards the Festival's future as a red-letter event on San Francisco's cultural calendar. Frameline achieved another landmark in 1 98 6 with its 1 0th Festival. After a visit to the massive, pace-setting Berlin Film Festival, Lumpkin was inspired to take Frameline and the Festival to new levels of professionalism. One of the key additions was launching the annual Frameline Award for the year's out­ standing contribution to queer filmmaking-recipients have included actor Divine, director Pratibha Parmar, and producers. Christine Vachon and Marcus Hu. In 1 986, another notable event revolutionized Frameline and the Festival­ the "lesbian riot" at the Roxie on June 2 5 . Discontent had simmered for years ilmong some women, who felt Frameline paid insufficient attention to lesbian concerns. A film by Canadian-Japanese lesbian Midi Onodera,

Ten Cents A

Dance (Parallax), became the focus for these long-standing dissatisfactions when it closed a lesbian shorts program one muggy Wednesday evening. During a portion of the film depicting two men having sex in a public restroom, some disgruntled women streame.

� down the

aisles to protest the representation of

male sexuality in a lesbian program, while others noisily disrupted the screen­ ing. Before the night ended, the angry crowd had verbally raked the Festival staff over the coals. Lingering resentments prompted Frameline to sponsor a forum at the Wom�n's Building several months later to address concerns about B. Ruby Rich, Pratibha Parmar, & Mary Wings a t the 1993 Festival

lesbian represent�tion. Just as Onodera's film catalyzed a protest, the lesbian riot catalyzed Frameline to make a commitment to increase the visibility of women in the Festival and to promote greater ethnic diversity. Michael Lumpkin recalls the night of the riot: "It was awful at the time, but it was very important because of the changes it brought, especially in establishing goals for gender parity in pro­ gramming. " Maria Kellet, who had served as Festival Assistant for several years, became a more visible spokesperson for the organization in the late '80s, as did


others who had been involved with Frameline for many years-most notably Phyllis Zusman and Susan Passino (both of whom served as Board President), Chris Olson, Sue Mitchell, Elizabeth Whipple, Karen Larsen, Kim Scala, Liz Rigali, and Mary Wings . Screening committees were restructured to include more women and people of color. By the late '80s, Frameline began hiring guest curators to lend their expertise to expand the diversity of the programming. Annett Forster became Frameline's first guest curator for women's program­ ming in 1 99 1 . Frameline also set up a completion fund designed to enable more women and people of color to realize their visions on the screen (Rose Troche and Guinevere Turner's breakthrough comedy Go Fish benefited from a Completion Fund grant in 1 992) .

at the 1993 Festival's Press Conference Photo: Rink

Frameline hired women for its highest permanent staff po sitions. Linda Falin became Executive Director in 1 98 8 . Jill Jacobs held the position in 1 993, and Tess Martin came on board in late 1 994. (Peter Fowler, a member of Frameline's board for nearly a decade, served a stint as Acting Executive Director in 1 993 -94.)

Frameline Enters the '90s When Tom d i Maria stepped into the Executive Director position i n 1 990 to replace Farin, he made diversity his highest priority. Di Maria attributes his commitment to multicultural representation to his years with Urvashi Vaid at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. "Urvashi taught me what multicultural­ ism really meant," he acknowledges. "When I came to Frameline, I looked at achieving multicultural diversity not as a burden, but as an exciting goal to attain. " Karl Knapper, Frameline's first African-American board member, and later Board President, expressed his vision of the Festival in these words : "I think les­ bian and gay film festivals play a vital cultural role. They create a place to be lesbian and gay and they provide validating representations . I wish I'd had a les­ bian and gay film festival to go to when I was a kid in El Paso. I wish there was a lesbian and gay film festival in every hometown in America. "

to Pratibha Parmar

Frameline has played a maj or role in making such wishes come true. Programmers from most of the 1 00 other queer film festivals worldwide tum to Frameline for ideas and information. Frameline Distlibution extends this func­ tion by making over 200 titles available to festivals, community groups, schools, and universities. The Festival has become a vital meeting place for queer film enthusiasts from all over the world. Central-American director Gabriel Gonzales Vega likened being in San Francisco for the Festival to "being on another plan­ et. At home my lover and I can scarcely go to public events together. I come here to be inspired about what is possible. " Michael Lumpkin l e ft Frameline i n 1 99 1 . His departure proved only tem­ p orary, but it spurred the hiling of new perso nnel. Mark Finch of the British Film Institute became Festival Dire ctor in 1 992 . Jenni Olson was hil'ed first as

Mark Finch & Michael Lumpkin at the 1990 Festival

a film curator, then as Festival Co-Director, and eventually as the director of Frameline's short-lived Archives and Resource Center. Other new hires included Distribution staff Nancy Fishman and Desi del Valle, Development Director Amy Shoenborn, and Festival Program Associates Boone Nguyen and Jennifer Monis.

Co in with Crisis Late in 1 994, most outsiders would have seen Frameline as an organization on the brink of a wildly successful future, ideally positioned to benefit from the recent explosion of interest in the "new queer cinema." Frameline's budget increased geomet}:ically as money flowed in from private and corporate sources, doubling every year during the first half of the '90s. It ballooned from just over $ 1 00,000 in 1 9 9 1 to about $800,000 in 1 994. Festival attendance grew similar­ ly, from 1 9,600 in 1 99 1 to more than 55 ,000 in 1 994. Frameline accomplished this growth in §pite of a bruising battle with the National Endowment for the Arts in 1 992. In the wake of the Robert Mapplethorpe controversy, the NEA suspended grants that it had made in previous years. Frameline actually emerged from the fray in a str'onger finimcial position than ever, as private and corporate support skyrocketed in response to the homophobic funding cutback. Unfortunately, rapid growth led to serious financial difficulties. When Tess Martin-former president of the Los Angeles Lesbian and Gay Film Festival and a senior manager at the American Film Institute-signed on as Executive Director in October, 1 994, she lmew she would be called upon to restore Frameline's fiscal health. She and the Board of Directors met in emergency ses­ sion in November and took the drastic steps of laying off several employees and cutting back on the size of the next festival. The crisis deepened immeasurably on January 1 4, 1 9 95, with the sudden tr'agic death of Festival Director Mark Finch. A memorial service was held at the Castr·o Theatr'e on February 26, 19 95, and the 1 9th Festival was dedicated to his memory. A special fund was established in his name to help support the work of emerging queer filmmakers. Only 33 at the time of his death, Finch was respect­ ed by colleagues and idolized by young queer filmmakers for his unflagging support of new work. He left a distinct imprint on Frameline, the Festival, and the wider queer film com.n:1unity.

James Chan "Sending It

In Finch's absence, Frameline and the film community rallied to ensure


at the 1998

that the oldest and largest lesbian and gay film festival in the world would con­

Festival Photo: Daniel

tinue. Boone Nguyen and Jennifer Morris took on huge new responsibilities as


Festival Co-Direc tors. In extr'emely trying circumstances they produced


resoundingly s�ccessful 19th Festival. Attendance figures were only a few thou­ sand tickets short of 1 994's record of 55,000. The Festival had its artistic suc­ cesses as well, opening with the crowd-pleasing The Incredibly True Adventures

a/Two Girls in Love. Jennifer Morris

and Boone

Nguyen (center) with the cast and crew

ofThe Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love at the 1995.Festival's Opening Night

1 ') 11

� I\ I\ I t: Q l\ l\ l r l � r n

I l\lTI= R l\l LlTl n l\l A I I F S R I A N � GAY F I LM FEST I VA L

The Last Five Years Michael Lumpkin returned to Frameline's helm late in 1 995 to continue the organization's dedication to groundbreaking work. He and Festival Co-D irector Jennifer Morris opened the 20th Festival with Cheryl Dunye's Watermelon

Woman, the first feature film by an African-American lesbian, which premiered at the Festival the same day it was being lambasted by the religious fundamen­ talists on the floor of the U. S . Congress. Jennifer Morris has promoted a wide range of transsexual and transgender films at the Festival, including 1 997's Closing Night feature, Different for Girls . Other recent Festival successes include Deepa Mehta's Fire, a portrait of the relationship between two sexually oppressed middle-class Indian women; the employment discrimination docu­ mentary Out at Work, Frameline Distribution's top-grossing film; Dakan, the first gay feature film to come out of West Aftica ; The Brandon Teena Story by Susan Muska and Greta Olafsdottir, which paved the way for Hilary Swank's Oscar-winning portrayal of Brandon Teena in Boys Don 't Cry; the original hit British television series "Queer As Folk," which spawned an American knock­ off; and Paragraph 1 75, a wrenching documentary about the treatment of homo­ sexuals in Germany during the Holocaust. The world has changed a lot since Marc Huestis and his friends put on a show twenty-five years ago-and Frameline and the Festival have changed along with it. What started as a single evening's worth of films will culminate J.

this year with 350 individual films and videos. For the first time Opening Night

Lori Petty, P.J. Castel/aneta,

will take place at two different theatres, and the gala party moves from the

Festival's Closing Night

Castro Theatre to the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. The low rents that once

& Jennifer Til/y at the 1998 Photo: Debra St. John

helped nourish artistic creativity in the '70s have been replaced with one of the most expensive real estate markets in the nation, but Frameline is taking the steps that will help secure its future into the 2 1 st Century. Year-round staffing has increased from five in 1 995 to twelve this year. The organization has proven resilient enough to survive both the arts funding crisis and the mainstreaming of queer film, and it continues to play a vital role in shaping global discourses on sexuality, gender, and artistic expression. However, for twenty-five years, Frameline has succeeded in the most important way of all: the show, without fail, has gone on .

Ruth C. EI/is at the 1999 Festival screening ofLiving

With Pride: Ruth C. Ellis @ 1 00 Photo: Jane Philomen Cleland

\flf\flf\fII t=R .ll I\II t= I I I\I t= n R r. /I=I=�TI\lLl I

Saab vs. c austro

o la

Th e anti dote fo r that restricted fee l i ng.

Saab 9-3 Viggen Converti ble. I nvigorating, 230-hp turbocharged engi ne.


Four-season, tri ple-insu lated top. The added safety of OnStar" standard.

1 800 SAAB U SA

© 2000 5MB CARS USA, INC.

"To be included with these masters, as I consider them, these colleagues and these friends is very significantfor me. " -Barbara Hammer Frameline Award recipient, 2000 The Frameline Award was established in 1 9 86 to recognize significant contributions to lesbian and gay media arts. This year we add the founders of the Festival to this list of outstanding indi足 viduals and institutions that have contributed to queer culture.

. . . continuedfrom page 21

1 986

Vito Russo

. 1 987

Alexandra von Grote

1 988


1 989


1 990

Robert Epstein


Elfi Mikesch

1 992

Marlon Riggs

1 993

Pratibha Parmar

1 994

Christine Vachon

1 995

Marcus Hu

1 996

Peter Adair

1 997

Channel Four Television

1 998

Dolly Hall

1 999

Stanley Kwan


Barbara Hammer


Festival Founders

Top to bo ttom, from left to rig ht: Robert Epste in; Marlon Riggs; Pra tib ha Parmar; Christine Vachon; Marcus Hu; Peter A dair; Dolly Ha ll; Barbara Hammer


. . . continuedfrom page 23

1 993 Feature-Grief Documentary-One Nation Under God Short-Intrepidissima Short-Deeif' Heaven Short Documentary-Chicks In White Satin Video-Homoteens

1 994 Feature-Only the Brave Feature-World and Time Enough Documentary-Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter Short-Carmelita Tropicana Short-A Friend of Dorothy Video-Sis: The Perry Watldns Story

1 995 Feature-Costa Brava Feature-Parallel Sons Documentary-Fiction and Other Truths: A Documentary About Jane Rule Short-The Party Favor Short-Trevor Video-Coming Out of the Iron Closet

1996 Feature-Stonewall Documentary-It's Elementary Short-Margaret Star: A Fall From Grace

1 997 Feature-Lilies Documentary-Paul Monette: The Brink of Summer's End Short-'Ilvisted Sheets

1 998 Feature-Edge of Seventeen Documentary-Dear Jesse Short-Sleep Come Free Me Animation-Dirty Baby Does Fire Island

1 999 Feature-Chutney Popcorn Documentruy-Living with Pride: Ruth C. Ellis @ 100 Short-The Boy Next Door


Feature�Big Eden Documentary-Paragraph 1 75 Documentary-That's A Family Short-Crush Top to bottom, from left to righ t: Wor l d an d Tim e Enoug h ; M a r g a r et Star : A Fal l from G race ; L i lies; Pa ul M o nette : The Brink of Summ er 's E n d; D ea r J esse ; D irty B aby D oes Fi re I sl an d; Ch u tney Popcorn; B i g E d e n; Pa ra gra ph 1 75; C rus h


1 29

We salute 'the 2 5th San Fran cisco International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival Look to the Bay Guardia n fo r the best fi lm reviews by loca l writers, artist profiles, festiva l and awa rds coverage, screen i n gs and m o re. Co unt on the Bay Gua rdian to p rovi de s up port fo r and coverage of iss ues i m po rtant to the gay & lesbian co m m un ity. OIlT ON 1HE TOWN: OUR COMPlElE GUIOE 10 PRIDE '99 EVEHTS 1P.531

� � � TripleX1!"'Jons

�g�I!J :




i ���:i :1




Be s u re to pi ck up o u r an n ua l Queer Pride issue p u b lish ing on J u n e 2 0 , 2 0 0 1 . To advertise call

(415) 255-3100.


LETI . . . continuedfrom page


1 997

The Brandon Teena Story Clair Destroying Angel Loolangfor Common Ground The Offering Out of Season

1 998

Desi's Loolangfor a New Girl Family Riffs Hist01Y Lessons Lesson 9 A Little Fierce Living with Pride: Ruth C. Ellis @JOO Southern Comfort

1 999

A Boy Named Sue The Confession Hammering It Out: Women in the Construction Zone Nuyorican Dream On and Off Stage: The Bruce Hilbok St01Y The Politics ofFur


The Cockettes The Dark Matters ofMars Frame by Frame Fierce The GLOW of Simon Nkoli The Harry Hay Documentary Project Trick or Treatment

Top to bottom, from left to right: C am p L av en d er H i ll; Waterm e l o n Woma n; S u rvivin g Friendly Fire; The B ran d on Teena Story; The Offering; Out ns; A Boy N am e d S u e ; The Confession; Hamm erin g I Out: Wo me n i n the Construction Zone of S e ason; History Lesso t



San Francisco Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Pride Parade & Celebration

2001 Celebrati on in the Civic Center noon 6:00 pm -

Sunday, June 24, 2001 Parade o n Market Street (Beale to 8th Street) 1 0:30 am onward Celebration in Civic Center noon 7:00 pm -

P i l gri m

h a s fa i t h

I n

Rece nt re l e as es fro m


Com i ng Out Yo u ng and Faithfu l


P re s s

• •

Lea n n e M c C a l l Tigert and

T i m othy B rown , e d s .

Ta ke Back th e Wo rd A Queer Reading of th e Bible

0-829 8- 1 4 1 4-0

$ 1 3 .00

Robert E. G o s s a n d

M o n a West, eds.

Speaking fo r themse lves i n t h e i r own vo ices, G LBT

Out on H o ly G ro u n d Meditations o n Gay M en's Spirituality

teens tel l of th e i r l ives in a fre s h , can d i d and h o n est m a n n e r. I n c l u d es res o u rces fo r advocacy in behalf of G LBT youth .

0-829 8 - 1 3 7-7 $20.00 •

G LBT write rs defi n e and

D o n a l d L. B o i svert

aJfi rm themse lves i n the

0-8298- 1 3 69- 1

that uses t h e B i b l e to j ustify

m i dst of a social e n v i ro n m e nt

$ I 9.95

O m n ige n d e r A Trans-religious Approach


Donald Boi svert pai nts a


v i o l e n c e and hatre d .

V i rg i n i a Ramey M o l l e n kott

com p e l l i ng po rtrait of

Out Yo u n g and

0-8298- 1 422- 1

gay s p i ritual ity as s e ri o u s

$ 1 8 .00

cu ltu ral express i o n .

( c l oth)

The auth o r exp l o res wo r l d

F a i t h fu l

re l i g i o n s t o fi nd a new gender paradigm that l i be rates i n d iv i d u a l s and m akes our s o c i ety m o re

Le&nne McCall Tigert &: Timot hy Brown

j u st.

• • •


4 ii

At y o u r i o c a I b o o k st o re


r c a I I The P i lgrim P r e s s I


800-5 37-3 364






















Membership Levels BASIC


All memberships that include Gold Cards are l imited in number. C a l l 415.703.8650 for availability.


Opportunity to purchase Festival passes* Festival Catalog mailed to your home


Members Only advance Festival ticket purchasing


Festival ticket and merchandise discounts

>- All Basic Member benefits

Use of Member Entrance at all Festival screenings


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Subscription to Frameline Presents


One Festival Gold Card* * *


One ticket t o the Opening Night Film and Gala



One ticket to the Closing Night Film and Party

Proof of eligibilty required.


Two complimentary Festival T-shirts

Available to full-time students/disabled persons/seniors (age 62+)


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Frameline is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Please call for information on employer matching and tax benefits.

Two Platinum Cards * * * *


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*Festival passes provide admission for one person to all Festival screenings at the Castro Theatre ($150), or both the Roxie and the Victoria theatres ($100), except Opening and Closing nights. Passes allow preferred seating if the passholder arrives 20 minutes before show time, but do not guarantee seats. 2001 Castro Passes are sold out; RoxieNictoria Passes are on sale now.

Recognition in the Festival Catalog is available before April 1st.

**Tickets are subject to availability and do not include the Opening or Closing Night Films and Galas. H*A Gold Card provides admission for one to all Festival programs except the Opening and Closing Night Films and Galas. Gold Card holders are given preferred entrance into theatres when they arrive at least 20 minutes

Questions ? Please visit wwwframeline. org, call 415. 703. 8650, or email membership@frameline. org.

prior to show time. An allotment of seats will b e held at every screening for Gold Card holders based o n venue capacity, or until passholder allotment has been reached. Gold Cards are not for sale and are issued in appreci­ ation for membership at the Benefactor, Visionary, a n d Visionary Star levels. ****A Platinum Card allows access for one to all Festival programs including the Opening and Closing Night Films and Galas as well as priority seating at the Castro Theatre. Platinum Card holders are asked to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to a screening to ensure seating.

" I\ � '


1\ 1\ 1 1"' 1 C' l"' n I I\ I Te O I\ I I\Tl n I\ I A I


I= � R l b l\l R, r.. bV 1= 1 1 1\11 I= I= STIVA I

"Blend a 50's psychodrama, a 60's beach movie and a 70's slasher film.

Result: PSYCHO 8EAC�, 8 campy $ll\oothle."

., m"'lmt IIIUIt IInUlJl0lil fllIlmn,.u

STRAND R'L'AS IN6 HOM' VIO'O invitfs you to takf homf thf bfst of thf ffstival on or VHS .



H O M E V I D UpcominCJ DVD titl,s in ZOOI lric Mu,II,"'s WORLD IIHD .•.•I'III!. Brian 1IOII[S· t t

"'�···· from rft, sin .c m or thru our local rftailfr.

CREATIVE DIRECTOR E X E C , P R O D U C E IT1 K e n n y S o l 0 m on P R O D U C E R C l ova ll' h o m p s o n TE C H N I C AL S U P E R V I S O F.l Je rlT'Y C a s li r 0


ED I T O R A l a n C h i m e n t i

R n I n ..

El E S l tS N Tl!.l e s d a y M c G ow a n 3 - D A N I M AT I O N R i c h a r d M c B r i d e , Carl Kaphan, Greg G l adstone, Chris Hamilton C O M P O S I T I N G A N D 20 A N I M Ali l O N Bob Roesler


FREElLANCE ARl'lSli S00tt lHalT'l"is

Denis Morella

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Jeff Fino P R O D U C E R S H o l l y Edwards, P h i l l i p H i l l e n b r a n d T E C H N I C A L S U P E RV I S O R

Eric Schweikert

A N I MATORS Ty B a r d i , C h a r l i e C a n f i e l d , G o rdon C l a r k , G e orge E v e l y n , G o o b y H e r m s , D e n i s Mor e l l a , J T O ' N e a l , J u l i a To r t o l a n i I N K & PA I N T S U P E R V I S O R I N K & PA I N T

C a r t e r To m a s s i

D a nya O ' B r i e n , I s a a c Payne

Tra c k R e a d i n g by

G L E N WO O D E D I TO R I A L VOCALS Sean Heskett & Wendy VanDusen of Pheonix Thunderstone



® UANCSNITU Blaise Smith Mark Harris0n Miohael Lande

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FREE LIVE SHO WS at Amo eba on Haig ht. Chec k wwvy. amo ebam usic. com for show listings.

The James C. Hormel Gay & Lesbian Center at the San Francisco Public Library salutes the 25th Anniversary of Frameline

thanks to a grant from the R. Gwin Follis Foundation the Hormel Center is proud to house the complete collection of videos distributed by Frameline For more information about our exhibits, author appearances, literary, cultural and historical events see our website at www. sfpl. org To receive email updates abo.ut upcoming activities contact jmitulski@sfpl. org Jim Van Buskirk, Program Manager

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The 7th Int'l Annual Gay & Lesbian Film Festival wi l l tu rn on yo u r i mag i nation !

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The San Francisco Silent Film Festival p. 1 1 6

Global Gourmet Catering p. inside back cover

See Jane Run Sports p. 94

Good Vibrations p. 1 1 9

Sir Francis Drake Hotel p. 1 1 2

Harbor Court p. 1 1 6

Small Potatoes Catering p. 94

HBO p. 22

Sno-Drift p. 1 3 7

Herth Realty p. 1 4 1

Steamworks p. 2 8

The Horizons Foundation p. 1 1

STOMP p . 1 03

Hotel Nikko p . 93

STOP AIDS Project p. 89

Hotel Palomar p. 92

Strand Releasing p. 1 3 5

Hotel Triton p . 1 1 4

Streetlight Records p . 94

ImageOut: Rochester Lesbian & Gay

Sun Microsystems p. 85

Film & Video Festival p. 1 1 9

Supervisor Tom Ammiano p. 1 09

Jewish Film Festival p. 1 03

Tin-Pan Asian Bistro p. 145

JohnFrank p. 88

Eric Trefelner and Paul Perkovic p. 137

Joie de Vivre Hospitality p. 20

U. S. Bank Corp Piper Jaffray p. 6

Keith Cam Live p . 1 4 1

Venus Magazine p. 1 05

KQED p . 87

Virgin Atlantic p. 95

KRON-TV p . 85

Wells Fargo · p. 1 7

Kung Pao Kosher Comedy Presents . . .

Wen Oliveri p . 1 3 6


Work o f Art Catering p. 1 5

La Mediterranee p. 145

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts p . 1 0 1

La Moone p. 1 1 8

Zao Noodle Bar p. 3 8

Landmark p. 1 4 1

... .... A • "" ... ... "

Supervisor Mark Leno p. 1 1 1

The James C. Hormel Gay & Lesbian Center p. 1 3 9

Funny Girlz p . 1 1 9

,, � . .

The Last Drag p. 1 07

ACLU of Northern California p. 89

I T r n 'I I II Tl n l\ l /\ I 1 c � c 1 /\ 1\ 1 $1 . r- /\v

1:1 1

1\11 I= I= � T I \l8 1


Metreon salutes Frameline for 25 years of the San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

Pi l l A

$ 2 . 9 9 ����e���

one slice per coupon not va l i d wi other offers

5 0 8 Cas tro

and for presentation of the Persistent Vision :"eonference.

@ 1 8 th S treet

252 - 1515 other l o cat ions : 333 Bush S treet 1 7 3 7 Haight Stree t @

Cole Street


Between Kearny & Montgomery

42 1 - 0 7 00

"Best Asian Fusion Restaurant" - SF Weekly

"Recommended as one of the Top Ten SF Restaurants " - Conde Nast Traveler

Reservations accepted Daily lunch specials and fabulous brunches on Saturday and Sunday Open 7 days a week from l lAM


1 1 PM

(Midnight Friday and Saturday) Take-out menu available

Tin-Pan Asian Bistro 225 1 Market Street, San Francisco 4 1 5,-565-0733 San Francisco 288 Noe Street 431 - 7210

4 1 5-565-07 1 8

Look for this


symbol for titles distributed by Frameline Distribution.

100% Cotton p. 49

All Over the Guy p. 39

Bare p. 46, 53, 83

PJ Raval

Lions Gate Entertainment T 3 1 0 3 14 2000

see Baking With Butch, Episode #2 The Basement Girl p. 66

T 206 323 0 5 5 7

grasshopper@tokyo . com

Almost Human p. 81

Women Make Movies

F 206 323 0 1 1 8

Shawna Virago

2 1 2 925 0606

blockparty l @hotmail.com

D 25-A Brief History

House of Virago

2 1 2 925 2052

www. blockpartythemovie.com

of the Festival p. 40


Frameline Distribution

T 4 1 5 206 1 427 F 4 1 5 777 5565

346 Ninth Street


Grasshopper Productions

Larura Jean Cronin Bi-Product Productions

T 5 1 2 507 8 1 5 8

San Francisco CA 94 1 03 USA T 4 1 5 703 8650 F 4 1 5 864 1404

Block Party p. 49

The Amazing Amazons p. 49

www. wmm.com

Body Burden p. 65

D Bayou p. 61

Brought Your Own Chair?

see Arenlt You Lucky You Frameline Distribution

Anna Malkin

346 Ninth Street

Bombay Eunuch p. 42


Amazon Trailer Park Productions T 4 1 6 5 3 5 4034

San Francisco CA 94 1 03 USA

Alexandra Shiva

28 p. 61



T 4 1 5 703 8650 F 4 1 5 864 1 404 distribution@frameline. org

Gidalya Pictures T 2 1 2 3 5 8 9620 F 2 1 2 3 5 8 9426 · gidalya@aol.com

And Then There Were 3 p. 81 4pm p. 53

Paddy Aldridge

Beautiful Girl p. 58

Orly Ravid

T 4 1 6 92 1 6 1 1 2

Erin Greenwell

Bon Bon p. 46, 53, 79


info@wildside. org

Smithy Productions

see Baking With Butch, Episode #2

T 3 1 0 828 63 1 3

T 2 1 2 560 4876

F 3 1 0 829 0599

are you GREEDY? p. 40 Federica Tuzi


oravid@maxmedia.org www.maxmedia .org

degender@libero . it

Beaver Trilogy p. 4 1

Bondage Television p. 68

V-Tape . Strand Releasing

T 416 35 1 1 3 17 F 4 1 6 3 5 1 1 509

8 Ball Love p. 81 Andrea Stoops

Aren It You Lucky You Brought

T 3 1 0 395 5002


Your Own Chair? p. 42

F 3 1 0 395 2502

www. vtape.org


Video Out

Strand@strandrel. com

T 604 872 8449 F 604 876 1 1 85

Becky p. 80


Light Pharmacy Films

90 Miles p. 40 Juan Carlos Zaldivar

Borstal Boy p. 42

90 Miles LLC

T 732 249 9623

see Beaver Trilogy Boxspring p. 47

T 2 1 2 598 1 043 F 2 1 2 598 1 043

Audit p. 53

Brian To Productions

Benedictin p. 42


T 3 1 0 208 720 1 F 3 1 0 208 720 1

Randy Caspersen

Boy with a Bugle p. 5 1

T 323 934 4208

Rene Broussard

About Vivien p. 65

brianfilm@aol. com


Kathy Sport


Zeitgeist Multi-Disciplinary Arts Center

see ·Baking With Butch, Episode #2

T 61 408 95 1 435 kathy. sprt@uts . edu. au

Autumnal Diptych p. 61

N/A D Adam p. 81

Betty Anderson p. 81

T 504 525 2767

Mako Kamitsuna

F 504 525 6246

The Picture Room


T 2 1 2 4 1 4 2 1 50


Frameline Distribution

Back To Misery p. 72

F 2 1 2 4 1 4 2 1 50

346 Ninth Street

Heidi Mau

picture 1 rm@aol.com

Boychick p. 45, 53

San Francisco CA 94 1 03 USA

T 405 447 3464

T 4 1 5 703 8650 F 4 1 5 864 1 404


Black Is ...Black Ainlt p. 4 1

Nice Jewish Boy Productions

Califomia Newsreel

T 3 23 654 8745

distribution@frameline. org

Baking With Butch, Episode #2

T 800 62 1 6 1 96


p. 46 Jeff Crawford

F 4 1 5 62 1 6522

Adrian, Sue and Ali Too p. 8 1



Glenn Gaylord


Boyfriends p. 45, 83

(excerpt) Raw Charm Productions

T 4 1 6 5 8 8 0725

pam@rawchalID.demon.co .uk

F 4 1 6 5 8 8 0756

The Blessing "p. 72

T 44 1 922 7 1 2467

cfmdc@cfmdc. org

Sandra Contreras

simhort@hotmail .com

Simon Horton Absolute Productions

Little Fish Films

Adventures of Felix p. 37

Winstar Cinema T 2 1 2 686 6777

p. 58

F 2 1 2 545 993 1

Lisbeth Lyngh0ft

Banana Tits: Babes on Batteries

T 4 1 5 647 6368 sandracontreras@hotmail.com

Breakfast With Gus p. 46, 80

Bride of Trailer Camp p. 43

see Baking With Butch, Episode #2

Babes on Batteries

Blind Fairies p. 41

T 44 7740 867 1 1 9

TF 1 Intemational

Jenni Olson


T 33 1 41 41 1 5 04 F 33 1 41 41 3 1 44

T 4 1 5 285 2950 F 4 1 5 828 1 879 butch@butch.org www. butch.org/meepmeep/

- -

· _ · _ - _ .. • . .... 1 _ . 1 " .


� n n l l\ l\ '


r- I\ \ /

r- I I I\ /l CCC'TI \ / A l

Burnt Money p. 43

Chill Out p. 44

Cookie Hopkins, 1976 p . 63

Do You Take This Man? p. 66

see Beaver Trilogy

Marnixvan Wij k

T. Christopher Crandall

Fortissimo World Sales

T 4 1 5 22 1 9 1 82 tchristophercrandall@yahoo. com

Pamela Busch T 4 1 5 626 6477 F 4 1 5 70. 1 73 3 5

Mary Matthews

T 3 1 20. 627 3 2 1 5 F 3 1 20. 626 1 1 5 5

Butter + Pinches Productions


Corn In The Front Yard p. 47

T 5 1 0 849 0.80.2 mary@beyondpix.com

www. fortissimo.nl

Al Luj an Latin Hustle

Doing Dyke Derriers

The Chosen Family p. 65

Nancy Warren T 5 1 0. 848 3 5 73

Butter + Pinches p. 58


Deep Down Under p. 71

By Hook or By Crook p. 43 SteakHouse

Maureen Bradley

T 5 1 0 272 9278 aLbatross@hotmail.com

Girl World Productions

www. latinhustle. com

waxwing 1 DDD@cs. com

Steakhaus Productions

T 60.4 255 60.72 F 60.4 2 5 5 60.42

Cow Bra p. 44

Don't Run, Johnny p. 61 T 4 1 5 626 42 1 4

T 5 1 0. 663 3 5 5 1 F 5 1 0. 663 3 63 1 bhobc@steakhaus.com

maureen@bradley .org maureen. bradley. org

www. steakhaus.comlbhobc

T 847 424 0.78 1 Chow Down p. 46, 69 see Baking With Butch, Episode #2

Bykes p. 44

Allison Sweeney Tunatwins Productions

see Butter + Pinches

------1-- Chutzpah! p. 58 Calamity p. 73 Fanny Jacobson Video Pool, Inc. T 61 8 93 3 1 3 1 23 20.4 949 9 1 34 F 61 8 93 3 1 2472 20.4 942 1 5 5 5 fannyjacobson@yahoo.com.au vpdist@videopool.mb. ca www.videopool .mb.ca Clamp p. 68

Dottie Gets Spanked p. 54 Zeitgeist Films T 2 1 2 274 1 989

asweeney@artic. edu Crimes Against Nature p. 46 N/A

F 212 274 1 644 mail@zeitgeistfilm.com www.zeitgeistfilm.com

Cruising Normal p. 65

see Cat Nip

Dover St p. 72 Imelda Picherit

De Colores p. 47

T 5 1 0. 6 5 8 80. 1 4

Peter Barbosa


MaYa Cybelle Carpenter

EyeBite Productions

Calm Awakening p. 47, 48

Oleyebrow Distribution

T 4 1 5 43 1 641 1

Drawing Girls p. 45

S amuel Rodriguez

T 773 276 0.0.47 oleyebrow@technodyke. com

F 4 1 5 5 5 1 1 723

Bryan McHenry

info@eyebite.com www. eyebite. com

T 3 1 2 362 0.995 FlicMaker@yahoo. com Dream Figure p. 45

T 4 1 5 225 6 1 24 slugboy-2DDD@yahoo.com

The Cockettes p. 44 Caress p. 55

David Weissman

Dear Emily p. 66



Jennifer Young

Stephen Kent Jusick


Winsloe Pictures

Fever Films

The Case of Mr. Lin p. 60

www. grandelusion.com

T 8 1 8 623 7 1 1 2

T 2 1 2 780. 0.493

j ysmile@earthlink.net

F 2 1 2 475 1 3 99

Jenni Olson Queer Archive c/o Oddball Film + Video

Coffee Date p. 45

415 558 8 1 12

Stewart Wade 路

Dear Joan p. 72

Coffee Date Productions

Stephanie Gray T 7 1 6 8 8 3 5967

415 558 8 1 1 6 info@oddballfilm.com www. o ddballfilm.com

T 323 938 780.4 F 323 938 76 1 9 stewartnla@aol .com

skj @echonyc .com Drift p. 49

Quentin Lee Margin Films

F 716 8 8 4 7 1 72 bluespool@hotmail. com

T 2 1 3 382 80.22 F 2 1 3 3 82 5 5 8 9

Cat Nip p. 80

Amanda Taylor

The Cold Lands p. 45

Rocket Girl Productions T 65 1 228 70.88


amanda_toes@yahoo. com

F 33 1 55 DO. 77 DO. l-pellier@paris.arte.fr

Snowy Day In July Co. T 5 1 4 6 1 4 2 3 82 piratej osh@yahoo. ca Changing Faces p. 48

Marinell Haegelin


see Baking With Butch, Episode #2

www.pyschodandy. com

Dirty Girls p. 69

Emma p. 81

Michael Lucid

see Tranzbond

T 3 1 0. 3 99 6384 phantomfilm@excite. com

Ephemera p. 72

Do I Love You? p. 47 .

T 4 1 5 474 5 8 93

Lisa Gornick


T 33 1 55 DO. 77 77

Caught p. 57

Joshua Schwebel


. Dinky Menace p. 83

o Coming to Terms p. 45 Frameline Distribution 346 Ninth Street San Francisco CA 94 10.3 USA T 4 1 5 70.3 8650. F 4 1 5 864 1 40.4 distribution@frameline.org

Julie X Black

Valiant Doll T 44 0.20. 7224 270. 1 lisag@cerbernet.co.uk

Escape to Life p. 49 Jezebel Films

Winding Roads Productions

info@j ezebel.org

T 4 1 5 749 1 1 0.2

Complaints p. 61

F 4 1 5 749 1 1 0.2

see The Cockettes

Chicken p. 45, 83 Barry Dignam Hit & Run Films

The Confusion of Genders p. 46

Do It Yourself-Homo Movies Do It Yourself-Sex Roles & Rituals

T 3 5 3 45 5260.92 F 353 45 5260.92 barry@hitandrunfilms.com www.hitandrunfilms. com

UGC International F 33 1 40. 29 89 1 0.

www. jezebel.org

Do It Yourself-Love and Loss p. 47, 48

San Francisco Cinematheque T 4 1 5 822 2885 sfc@sfcinematheque .org

D Everything In Between p. 50 Frameline Distribution 346 Ninth Street San Francisco CA 94 1 0.3 USA T 4 1 5 70.3 8650. F 4 1 5 864 140.4 distribution@frameline.org


Exact Change p. 59

Freddie Mercury:

Goin I South p. 58

Her Urge p. 53

Leo Geter Same Boat Films

The Untold Story p. 52

Eleanor Savage DAWGHOUSE Productions

T 2 1 2 254 4 1 1 7 F 2 1 2 254 4 1 1 7

T 43 1 892 4444

Barry Gilbert Seduced and Exploited

leg209@nyu.edu Family Pack p. 50

DORO Productions F 43 1 892 4445

T 6 1 2 823 343 1 F 6 1 2 375 5 803



www. doro.net

C atherine Dessagnes

French Dressing p. 52

M6 D. A.

Tomoko Suzuki

T 33 1 41 92 68 66 F 33 1 41 92 68 69 cdessagnes@m6 .fr Fassbinder's Women p. 50

bigboy@seducedandexploited.com www. seducedandexploited.com

see The Basement Girl

Hey, Happy! p. 55

Daiei Co.

Goodnight, I Love You p. 61

T 8 1 3 3 5 7 3 87 1 6 F 8 1 3 3 5 73 8720

T 4 1 5 775 8375

T 4 1 6 5 1 6 9775

daiei-3 @daiei. tokuma. com

Granite Janet p. 51

ZDF Enterprises

G-SPrOuT! p. 8 1

T 49 6 1 3 1 99 1 2 8 1

see Bondage Television

F 49 6 1 3 1 99 1 25 9

Golden Threads p. 54

Entertainment T 4 1 5 436 995 1

Courtney L. Hermann Productions

Mongrel Media F 4 1 6 5 1 6 065 1 info@mongrelmedia.com www.heyhappy. com

T 773 275 427 1

hinterland: the bisexual p. 62

F 3 1 2 344 8044

Renee Penney


Outskirts Productions


Gang Girls 2000 p. 71

zdf-enterprises .zdf.de

Katrina del Mar

The Green Hour p. 66


Nicole Kassell


On the Verge Productions

Hole p. 67

T 2 1 2 4 1 4 2506

Rodney Buxton

F 2 1 2 4 1 4 2506

Department of Mass

The Favor p. 45

Ernesto M . Foronda Heartcore

Gaudi Afternoon p. 34

T 7 1 4 524 3035

Nicholas Wentworth

heartcore73 @earthlink.net

Lola Films, S.A.


nk206@B 5 .nyu.edu

T 3 4 9 1 436 740 1

Greetings From Out Here p. 54


Video Data Bank

Field Guide to Western Wildflowers p. 45, 50

see Aren 't You Lucky You Brought Your Own Chair? The Fifth p. 55

Jim Lowther Groundlight T 3 5 3 2 1 43 14807

T 800 634 8544 F 3 1 2 5 4 1 8073

D Gay Cuba p. 55 Frameline Distribution 346 Ninth Street San Francisco CA 94 1 03 USA T 4 1 5 703 8650 F 4 1 5 864 1 404 distribution@frameline.org


s e e Beaver Trilogy

Agence du Court-Metrage

Communications T 303 3 77 0309 F 303 871 4949 rbuxton@qwest.net Home p. 72

Marilyn Bull


Mr. Bull & Sons

Grounds p. 63

T 5 1 0 428 0 1 95 mrbul1007@hotmail. com Homocore Minneapolis p. 69

Lost My Marbles Productions T 4 1 5 5 5 2 1 3 23

Lisa Ganser




T 3 3 1 42272600


F 33 1 43 809559

Flipper p. 61


Dolissa Medina

Gifts p. 45 Fleeing By Night p. 5 1

T 604 737 7046

Grrrlyshow p. 69

see The Basement Girl

That Painful Problem p. 55

Doc & Co.

T 2 1 2 5 3 3 7565

The Girl p. 53

Sande Zeig

Hair Pie p. 73

For Love or Money p. 8 1

Artistic License Films

(excerpt) B last ! Films Ltd.

see Baking With Butch, Episode #2

F 2 1 2 262 9299

Hardihood p. 44

The Story of Harry Hay p. 56



Nicole Hahn

Forbidden Fruit p. 52

Girls & Dolls p. 83

Jack Walsh Eric Slade Productions T 4 1 5 752 1 277

Beate Kunath

T 5 1 0 649 82 1 3

Daredevil Productions '

Chemnitzer Filmweksatt T 49 3 7 1 85 83 02

F 5 1 0 649 7305

F 4 1 5 752 1 278

F 2 1 2 3 85 8 1 54

F 49 3 7 1 85 83 07


T 2 1 2 265 9 1 1 9

T 33 1 42 77 5 6 87 F 3 3 1 42 77 3 6 56 Hope Along the Wind:

Queenbea Productions

T 2 1 2 3 8 5 476 1

nicolehahn@hardihood.com www.hardihood.com




D Horse Dreams in

Health Status Survey p. 42

BBQ Country p. 73

see Baking With Butch, Episode #2

Frameline Distribution San Francisco CA 94 1 0 3 USA

www. filmwerkstatt.de

Gladys, A Cuban Mother

D Forever Bottom p. 50, 67 Frameline Distribution 346 Ninth Street San Francisco CA 94 1 03 USA T 4 1 5 703 8650 F 4 1 5 864 1 404 distribution@frameline.org

Sergi Mesonero

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

XAC T 34 93 4 1 2 7272

p. 54

T 4 1 5 703 8650

Fine Line Features

F 4 1 5 864 1 404

F 34 93 4 1 2 74 76

T 2 1 2 649 4800

distribution@frameline. org

p. 47, 63


T 4 1 6 652 82 1 6 goddessmethod@yahoo. com



The Goddess Method p. 42, 83

Javed Ali Moon Face Productions

1 48

346 Ninth Street


F 2 1 2 956 1 942 Hunan Dynasty p. 45 Helpless Maiden Makes

Whitney Pillsbury

an "I" Statement p. 68

T 2 1 2 769 3 3 04

see Aren 't You Lucky You

F 2 1 2 769 2496

Brought Your Own Chair?



Meep Meep! p. 72

My Left Breast p. 65

Once Again Chocolate Mousse

Out of the Closet, Off the Screen

see Bride of Trailer Camp

p. 47

p. 67

Meeting... p. 53

Lisa Porter Pope Productions T 709 722 7673

Sabine Wenczel T 49 30 69 53 40 42

Christine Gendre Unifrance

F 709 738 7285 info@myleftbreast.com


World of Wonder T 323 603 6300 F 323 603 630 1

T 3 3 1 47 53 27 1 4


One Kiss p. 66


Memento Mori p. 63

Tim B elihad

Big Step Productions T 8 1 8 762 9797

Erica Nam

T 5 1 0 653 8462


Mirovision Inc.

F 5 1 0 873 8789 tim@health-access. org


My Sister Marjie and Me p. 42

T 82 2 737 1 1 8 5


Tracy Michele Tabb

www.unifrance. org

Out of the Scene p. 81

see Luna's Peepshow Drama OUT: The Making of a Revolutionary p. 67

The One of Your Dreams I'll Be

see A Litany for Survival

F 82 2 7 3 7 1 1 84 kyunghee@mirovision.com

Naughty Little Peeptoe p. 65


Michele Fantl

Mafer Suarez

The Pain Game p. 68

Talent on the Road

Memoria Mortalis p. 42

MF Films T 64 9376 0876

T 525 664 089 1

Cleo Dubois Academy T 650 322 0 1 24

Rose Bond

F 64 9376 9675

F 525 660 9939

F 650 326 2639



mafer@laneta.apc. org

p. 47, 81

dubois@cleodubois. com www.cleodubois.com

Metrosexuality p. 35, 63, 64

Nine Days p. 47

One + One p. 82

Channel 4 Television

Gala Magrina T 7 1 8 72 1 2 875

S. Leo Chiang T 323 936 5476

Pansexual Public Porn (excerpt)

mcrown2 1 2@aol.com


see Journey Intersex

No Dumb Questions p. 81 Melissa Regan

Only Enough to Ignite p. 8 1

Passengers p. 49


see Baking With Butch, Episode #2

see Bondage Television

First Love p. 81

epiphany productions T 650 325 5223

Alec Butler


Open p . 68 David OBrien


p. 81

Minus p. 50

see Baking With Butch, Episode #2 The Misadventures of Pussy Boy:

T 4 1 6 967 72 1 8 Norman Rockwell Never MISTER White &

Painted a Fat Kid ! p. 5 1

Some Midsummer Dykes p. 57

S e e Boy with a Bugle

Ellen Ferwerda Frog Food Films

Not Quite p. 57

Passing Glances p. 47

Sally Browning Blacklip Productions T 6 1 3 9 820 1 2 82

Fire Fly Pictures T 4 1 6 327 747 1 F 4 1 6 967 08 1 3 david.6brien@allianceatlantis. com

The Perfect Shade p. 48


Operation F-Line p. 7 1

The Monkey's Mask p. 64

Liz Richards Err Productions T 7 1 6 46 1 1 7 1 4

Alex Hinton Puppies & Kitties Films

Nine d e Janvier T 4 1 5 820 1 649

T 323 848 7 1 76 pupnkit@aol.com

see Beaver Trilogy

F 7 1 6 442 1 992



looberdoo@hotmail.com The Most Unknowable Thing

Opium Man p. 65

The Perfect Son p. 68 Leonard Farlinger

p. 79

Nugget, the Crime Solving

Angela ' Cheng

New Real Films

Mary Patierno

Cat With ESP p. 80

Steel Egg Productions

T 4 1 6 536 1 696

T 2 1 2 475 29 1 1

Lavender Lounge Studios

T 202 232 5 076

F 4 1 6 5 3 6 6090


F 202 232 5076


ovi d 1 26@aol.com

Oh Baby, A Baby p. 66

Our Gay Brothers p. 61

Mujeres Calladas p. 58 Christina Kelly

Uhike Messer

T 4 1 5 824 3638

T 7 1 8 387 9776 seaweeds@mac.com


My Babushka p. 64

Diane Wilkins '

T 202 466 8240

Barbara Hammer

F 202 466 8530 aguilgbt@llego.01路g . www. llego.org .

Mother Craft p. 63

Petals p. 52

see Baking With Butch, Episode #2

see Baking With Butch, Episode #2

ORF ' On Becoming a Wom an p. 58

Our Health: Latina Lesbians Breaking Barriers p. 42


Phallocy p. 57

Jay Sennett Mr. Fancy Productions T 734 7 1 7 5093 jay_sennett@yahoo. com


Diane Wilkins Productions T 850 893 1 44 1 F 850 668 7037



My Body is My Body p. 81

On The Bus p. 66

Lynell Long

William Kaufman

Robert Tisdale Managing Artists Concepts


Sock Puppet Enterprises T 3 1 0 652 0825

F 3 1 0 289 9698

T 2 1 2 645 9077

Out In The Open p. 67 see De Colores

rosafilmes@esoterica.pt Play Dead p. 69

T 3 1 0 289 9688

F 3 1 0 652 0 1 07





. 11 50

Phantom p. 68 Rosa Films


Playing With Ourselves p. 71 Kat Pankam

Redefining Sex p. 56

Seven Days p. 66

Sleep in a Nest of Flames p. 72

Cheryl Chase

Tania Trepanier

James Dowell

T 323 665 2630

Intersex Society of North America

Pink Palace Productions

Symbiosis Films


T 734 994 7369

T 323 735 7680

T 2 1 2 666 0724

F 734 994 7379


F 2 1 2 666 0724

Port p. 50, 83

info@isna. org

www.taniti .com

j .kolomvakis@worldnet.att.net

Ginny Wong

www. isna.org

T 4 1 6 609 3052 �wong2000@yahoo.com


www. sleepinanestofflames. com

Sex Bytes p. 71 RELEASED: 5 Short Videos

Elizabeth Conway

The Sleeping Man p. 83

About Women and Prison p. 67

My Ass Productions Co.

Peitor Angell

Pride Divide p. 54

Stranger Baby Productions

T 5 1 0 704 8670

T 323 850 8222

Horizon Unlimited T 3 1 0 3 92 1 23 9

T 626 844 1 8 99



F 626 405 2 1 64

F 3 1 0 450 3 0 1 6 kisspoirier@earthlink.net

info@strangerbaby. com

Shades of Gray p. 7 1

Sloth p. 63

www. strangerbaby. com

Tim DePaepe

Frank Mosvold

Shades of Gray LLC

kool producktion as

Princesa p. 69

Rene, Rene, QU' est-ce-que c'est?

T 785 84 1 0859

T 47 22 36 22 99

see Beaver Trilogy

p. 51


F 47 22 36 22 97

see Boy with a Bugle

www.shadesofgraythemovie. com


Puss In Books p. 80

Gary Roma

Rick and Steve, Episodes 2-4

Shadowboxing With Jesus p. 69

Iron Frog Productions

p. 83

Marie N apierkowski

Inka Stafrace


Snatch It p. 71

T 8 8 8 208 033 1

Q. Allan Brocka

T 4 1 5 846 2753

Polly Tinkle Productions

F 8 8 8 208 03 3 1

Posh Pictures


T 7 1 8 5 99 2644


T 323 634 9304



The Shape of the Gaze p. 57

http ://members . tripod. com!

see Clamp

Pussy Buffet p. 71


Ursula Rodriguez Puss n Boots Productions T 4 1 5 43 1 369 1

inka666@earthlink.net Soda Pop p. 45, 53 Patrick McGuinn The Shape of Things p. 45

Willing Suspension Films

Rolling Blackouts p. 71

Gabriel Lichstein

T 2 1 2 802 5534

see Do You Take This Man?


F 2 1 2 673 6408

T 323 66 1 2592


gabej l@hotmail.com

www.interport. net/-patrick

urodriguez@mondomedia.com The Rose and the Thorn p. 51 Queer Things I Hate About You

Josh Zaentz

p. 58 see Aren't You Lucky You


Shooting Blanks p. 53

Something Special p. 73

T 6 1 7 527 3 6 1 2

Steve Salinaro

see The Case of Mr. Lin

Man On A Bike Productions

Brought Your Own Chair? Quiver p. 68

see Baking With Butch, Episode #2

Ross Bleckner p . 70

T 2 1 2 252 9658

Southern Comfort p. 73

Checkerboard Film Foundation


Kate Davis

T 2 1 2 759 2056



F 2 1 2 759 205 8 Rancour p. 69


Shoplifting Chanel p. 72

n Stafford's Story p. 55

Kate Ryan

Frameline Distribution

Safe Journey p. 50

Five Bucks Unleaded

346 Ninth Street

Katie Iannotti

T 2 1 2 5 7 1 0043

San Francisco CA 94 1 03 USA

The Rape of Ganymede p. 45

School of Cinema-TV, USC

F 2 1 2 5 7 1 0043

T 4 1 5 703 8650

Tom Whitman

T 2 1 3 740 4432

kryan l 2 1 20@aol.com

F 4 1 5 864 1 404

Studio Prometheus T 3 1 0 403 0087

F 2 1 3 740 5226

see Aren't You Lucky You Brought Your Own Chair?


tom@studioPrometheus.com www.studioprometheus.com

distribution@frameline. org Siren p. 72 Abigail Severence

Stalking Mike Hawke p. 53

Saturn' s Return p. 65, 83

belle cote pictures

see Homocore Minneapolis

Helen Panckhurst

T 323 883 0725

Raw p. 45

Panckhurst Productions

F 323 883 0725

Starring: Rosa Furr p. 71

Rachel Victor

T 6 1 2 936 8 1 1 5 9


Lara Martin

T 2 1 2 3 1 6 3043 rv2803473 @aol.com

helenp@alpha.net.au Scar p. 72

Gadfly Films The Sisters Lumiere p. 72

T 2 1 3 250 9249

Karen Vandeborght

F 2 1 3 250 9249 Imartin6 1 @hotmail.com

Rebel Rebel p. 72

Leslie Satterfield


Betsy Burke

T 5 1 0 84 1 54 1 2

T 32 2 534 1 7 82

Outskirts 66

leslie 1 satter@hotmail.com


T 323 660 9522

outskirts66 @hotmail.com

The Stars We Are p. 45 Pablo Tapay Bautista

Scout's Honor p. 70

Skoundx p. 81

Tom Shepard

see Bondage Television

T 4 1 5 255 1 044 tomshepard@earthlink.net

First Shot Productions T 4 1 5 469 8 83 5 ptb3@columbia. edu

Sea in the Blood p. 42, 50 see Greetings From Out Here


1 51

Steers & Queers p. 73

Paula Gauthier

T 7 1 8 852 2 1 6 8

gauthierpjg@aol.com Straight Down the Aisle p. 74

Christine 1. Russo

Theme: Murder p. 79

Martha Swetzoff

New Day Films

Tranzbond p. 81

Cat Grant

T 4 1 6 236 9 1 97

T 20 1 652 6590

F 4 1 6 236 9 1 97 * 1 3

curator@newday. com

The Travelling Eye of the Blue Cat

F 20 1 652 1 973

The Wedding Video p . 83

Clint Cowen Fruit Films, LLC T 323 656 74 1 5 F 323 656 72 1 5


p. 53, 80


Magyar Filmunio

Trembling Before G-d p. 82

Kouross Esmaeli

Stranger Inside p. 74

F 3 6 1 352 6734

simcha2000@ao1 . com

T 3 1 0 20 1 9536

T 2 1 2 666 2250 kesmaeli@hotmail.com

A Thousand Miles p. 63, 65

Tumbleweed Town p. 83

2xtexans Productions

Freakshow Productions

Yvonne Welbon


samara685 @ao1.com

T 3 1 2 850 3 597

Tillie p . 63

Undetectable p. 82


T 4 1 5 3 3 7 9735

Wringing Hands Productions

Beat Around the Bush Prod. T 323 468 2 1 09 cj russo@pacbell.net

HBO Films

F 3 1 0 20 1 9552

This I Wish and Nothing More

T 3 6 1 3 5 1 7760

Lauren Johnson

Stray Dogs p. 74

Stray Dogs, LLC F 3 1 2 850 39 97


T 7 1 3 695 45 1 9

Whistle p. 72

Sandi Simcha DuBowski

Samara Halperin

T 5 1 0 652 2799

Edie Schaffer

edie . schaffer@mindspring.com

Times Square p. 80

Sugar High Glitter City p. 79

Tina Machida in Zimbabwe


SIR Video T 5 1 0 848 1 929

Shar Rednour


www.sirvideo .com

see The Case of Mr. Lin

p. 52, 84

John Hoskyns-Abrahall Bullfrog Films T 6 1 0 779 8226 F 6 1 0 370 1 978


www.wringinghands .com

p gale@stanford.edu

Leila Swan

www. digitalsocial.com

Yoni: (yo' nee) Sacred Space p. 71


Stine Oppegaard

T 47 22 47 45 75 F 47 22 47 45 97

First Run Features T 2 1 2 243 0600

F 2 1 2 989 7649

Hoang Duong

Heavy Blow Productions T 9 1 7 70 1 0372

F 425 963 5723

see Calm Awakening

Virus p. 55

Kathy Hines

see Baking With Butch, Episode #2

Youth Outloud! p. 84

see Dream Figure

Volunteer p. 40

Patty Moreira

see Baking With Butch, Episode #2

n Tom ' s Flesh p. 61


Taking Back the Y p . 67

346 Ninth Street

T 7 1 8 643 1 1 24

T 4 1 5 703 8650

Pinko Pix


Frameline Distribution

East Village Productions, LTD T 2 1 2 598 0074 F 2 1 2 529 6363

cherry@cyberbusters .com

www.eastvillage productions . com

The Wait p. 45

see Luna's Peepshow Drama

F 4 1 5 864 1 404

War Story p. 71

Teach Yourself How To Become A Drag Queen 1 0 1 p. 48

T 4 1 5 64 1 5 3 3 9

San Francisco CA 94 1 03 USA


Susan Stoebner

War Story Production, LLC

Tour Abroad p. 81

T 323 653 0450"

T 49 42 1 70 70 7 1

www. metlymoorville.com

Mira Film

F 4 9 42 1 70 70 76 mirafilm@aol.com Traces p. 66

Kristin Pepe


Way Out West p. 67

Warner Bros. T 8 1 8 3 79- 1 823


1 52

T 5 1 9 220 1 642

F 5 1 9 650 1 03 9 LaLovestar@hotmail.com Your Denim Shirt p. 45, 47

tomclayj esus@yahoo.com

Take-Out p; 46

Loveswan Productions

Venga ! p . 71

Tom Clay Jesus p. 45

Amy Adrion

Porter Gale


T 8 8 8 3 92 4832

F 7 1 6 695 9466 hiddenagendaprod@excite.com

XXX-Citation p. 84

XXXY p. 56

Norwegian Film Institute

T 4 1 5 64 1 56 1 4 keverett@uclink4.berkeley.edu


T 3 3 6 2 8 7 7926 F 336 770 1 3 3 9

Digital Social Productions, Inc.

& Video

F 5 1 0 547 1 5 37


Title IX.L p. 47

Sweet Boy p. 40


Ryan Butler

Brought Your Own Chair?

Jennifer McGlone Hidden Agenda Productions

Aarin Burch

T 5 1 0 547 8 848

Unknown Friend p. 82

Swerve p. 49

Women of Color in the Martial

T 2 1 2 4 3 9 1 1 84


www. bullfrogfilms.com

Karen Everett

see Baiting With Butch, Episode #2

Aarin Burch Film

Surfer Dick p. 8 1

see Aren't You Lucky You

Wilm a's Sacrifice p. 47

Jay Corcoran

A Union In Wait p. 74

Jackie Strano

K. O. Productions

Arts and Self Defense p. 51

Suck p. 46

see Baking With Butch, Episode #2

see Luna's Peepshow Drama

p. 80


Sun and Moon Vision Productions

T 6 1 9 296 3 668


www. sunandmoonvision.com

C " RO " O S1 cldr e sS ' A


o G L O B A L






T h e proud p rov i d e r of gou rmet eats fo r the 25th A n n i ve r s a ry San F ra n cs i co I nte r n at i o n a l Les b i a n & G ay F i l m Fest i va l

w w w . g g c a t�e r i n g . c o m

41 5/70 1 - 0 0 0 1

Profile for Frameline

25th Anniversary San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival  

25th Anniversary San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival Program Guide (Frameline 2001)

25th Anniversary San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival  

25th Anniversary San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival Program Guide (Frameline 2001)

Profile for frameline

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