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Charles Schwab






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Virgin Atlantic Airways now offers independent vacations to Britain and beyond designed especially for the gay and lesbian traveler. Every package comes with special extras exclusively for you including a complimentary guidebook, Detours London, free admission to some of London's hottest night clubs and special discounts at gay-friendly restaurants. Spend a weekend exploring London's West End, travel through the Channel Tunnel to Paris or take a week's trip to Amsterdam. Your options are endless.

or for the


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IBi virgin vacations Tours operated b y Travel Bound Inc. Š1995 Virgin Atlantic Airwa ys


路A Franieline Presentation Fram eli n e Board of Di rectors 1994 - 1995

William M. Andrews Tina DiFeliciantonio Peter N. Fowler Joan Glassheim Joseph Hoffman Jennifer Hamilton Robin Kojima Karl Knapper Andrew Lisac

Michael Lumpkin Jay Moman Thomas Rielly Liz Rigali Kim Scala Hoa T. Tran Mary Wings Timothy Wu

Framel i n e Staff

Framel i n e National Advi sory Board

Jay Dayrit, Development Assistant Desi del Valle, Distribution Associate Tess Martin, Executive Director Jennifer Morris, Festival Co-Programmer Boone Nguyen, Programming Director Amy Schoenborn, Development Director Additi onal Fest ival Staff

Nancy Copeland, Special Events Coordinator Tom di Maria, Operations Director Orla Cunningham, Programming Assistant Hilary Hart, Press Liaison Scott Noble, Hospitality Manager Brad Robinson, YIP Ticket Outlet Manager Jonathan Wald, Volunteer Coordinator (partial list) Festival/Frameline Consultants & Angels

Brunetti Productions, Gala Producer Matt Clark, Computer Systems Manager Tommy Huie, Computer Consultant Larsen Associates, Publicity Stan Maletic, Photographer Danny Mangin, Educational Consultant Jenni Olson, Filmmography Editor David Salinitro, Graphic Designer David Weissman, Festival Trailer Screening Committee

Henry Doering III Joan Glassheim Aurora Guerrero Ruven Hannah Robin Kojima Lisa Kuhne Steve Mehall Arwyn Moore Peter Renteria Augie Robles Kim Scala Susan Stryker . Shannon Wilson Julie Wyman

Allan Berube, Author and Historian Elizabeth Birch, Executive Director, HRCF Doug Braley, Executive Director, Horizons Foundation

Harry Britt, New College of California Susie Bright, Author Debra Chassnoff, Filmmaker Tom di Maria, Filmmaker Arthur Dong, Filmmaker Rob Epstein, Filmmaker Linda Farin, Video Producer Tim Gill, President, Quark, Inc Tim Hanlon, Vice-President, Wells Fargo Bank

Richard Jennings, Executive Director,

Mark A. Finch

Hollywood Supports

Fenton Johnson, Author Evan Kavanagh, Executive Director, Western Assoc. of Arts Administrators Jude Kaye, Arts Administrator Vivian Kleiman, Filmmaker Hael Kobayashi, Filmmaker Steven Lew, Executive Director, GAPA Community HIV Project

Armistead Maupin, Author Pratibha Parmar, Filmmaker Lourdes Portillo, Filmmaker


In January, Frameline was shaken' by the tragic loss of our beloved colleague Mark Finch, who served as Artistic Director of this Festival for the last three years. As a film critic, writer and curator, Mark was a seminal figure in the current explosion of lesbian and gay media arts. We miss him greatly both as a colleague and a mentor, but

Frances Reid, Cinematographer

the loss of his friendship and irreplaceable style are per颅

Gail Silva, Executive Director,

haps even more difficult to bear. Yet the scope and depth

Film Arts Foundation

John Silva, Consultant Liz Stevens, Iris Feminist Collective

of his work endures in this Festival, and will live on in all the rest to come.

Paul Thurston, Attorney at Law Gus Van Sant, Filmmaker Timothy Wolfred, Ph.D. San Francisco Community College Board Debra Zimmerman, Executive Director, Women Make Movies

To honor his brilliance and vision, Frameline dedicates this, the 19th San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay

Film Festival, to Mark Finch.

The success we've enjoyed in the investment business comes from

bringing talented people from unique an d diverse communities -

together to accomplish shared goals.

And after all the hard work, lofty goals and the challenging pace,

we' all deserve a break.

That's why Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. is proud to sponsor

the 19th San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. Enjoy the show.

Charles Schwab

Helping Investors Help Themselves速 Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.


Copyright 1995 (4/95)



Charles Schwab

Helping Investors Help Themselves"

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Stop AIDS Project

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Dr. Michael White, D.D.S.­

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c:a Telefilm Canada




1995 Program Highl'ights


e1come to the 19th San Francisco

International Lesbian & Gay Film

Festival. As we mark our 19th year

.. . .... . .....8

Opening Night Gala Closing Night .. .

Memorial Museum, is scheduled to attend. Here in San Francisco, home-grown talents

.... .. . .... . .. 10

Mter the Revolution/Coming Out of the Iron Closet . .. . .... ... 13

film has emerged as a potent commercial

are causing a stir in the arena of independent film . Nicholas Katsapetses's Get Over It is a scathing comedy about a group of emotionally

Anatomy Of Desire/ Political Funerals

and artistic success. Despite their commodi­

and sexually selfish young gay men. Charles

Bittersweet: Boys' Shorts

and celebrate 100 years of cinema, queer

fication, lesbian and gay films continue to be both inspiring and challenging. With more features and premieres than ever

before, this year's Festival is one of our

strongest ever. Particularly exciting is the

unprecedented number of lesbian feature films

Herman-Wurmfeld's Fanci's Persuasion is a . dizzying queer comedy about the crazed days just before the wedding of Fanci and her lus­ cious girlfriend Loretta. Desi del Valle's prolif­ ic acting caree r reaches new heights in Marta Balletb6-Coll's Costa Brava, a sophisticated

... . .. ... . . 13 3 ...... 13

BloodSisters: Leather, Dykes and Sadomasochismffhe Elegant Spanking .................. 13 Boys And Girls Together

........ 14

.. .... ... . . .. 14

comedy set in romantic Barcelona. And Todd

Boys By The Bay

From Maria Maggenti's The Incredibly True

Verow's sure-to-be-controversial Frisk will

Brincando EI CharcolBD Women

two Opening Night films, to Aerlyn Weissman

Prior to the screening of Frisk, we will be hon-

we will be presenting-no less than eleven!

Adventure Of Two Girls In Love, one of our and Lynn Fernie's

receive its world premiere on Closing Night.

oring Marcus Hu, who

compelling documen­

produced Frisk and

other landmark films

tary, Fiction And Other Truths: A Film About

such as Gregg Araki's

Jane Rule, lesbian visi­

The Living End and

bility is at an all time

Richard Glatzer's Grief,

high. Tackling a wide

with the 1995

array of issues and

Frameline Award for

encompassing a vast

significant achievement

rang� of genres, les­

in lesbian and gay

bian filmmakers are

media arts.

breaking new ground

The Festival also

and charting unex­

serves as the place to

plored territory. Many

spot rising talent. This

of these directors are

year we will be honor­

coming to us with their

ing two of the most

debut feature films and

we are honored to have them as our guests here

exciting short films in

Drag Attack, see' page 8.

in June.

Mirroring the strides that lesbian and gay

film has taken in the United States, lesbian and

the festival with the

Absolut Auteur Award: Lisa Udelson's hilarious

comedy about lesbians, a bridal shower and a turkey baster and Mark Christopher's haunting­

. . 16

Change the Frame .. ...... ..... 16 Costa Brava

... ........ .. .. . .. 19

Creating Family .... ....

. .. .. .. 19

Crossing the Gender Divide

...... 20

Cyberstroika . . . .... ..... ...... 22 Devotion... ......... ...

.. .. .. 20

Dyke Delights: New Lesbian Shorts 2 ............ 24 Eagle Shooting Hero Eclipse

.. . .... ... .24

.... .. . . .... .. . .... ..25

Electric �ity presents Red Hot and Bruised . . . ............... . EuroBoys In Shorts Too


...... . . 26 ..26

An Evening With Derek Jarman Experimental Explorations


.. . .. 27

Fanci's Persuasion ............. 27

gay communities from around the globe are

ly beautiful Alkali, Iowa, a film in which a

Fiction and Other Truths: A Film About Jane Rule/Jodie Promo .... . ... 28

truly international event. Banned in the

has long since disappeared. The awards are

For Colored Girls Who.

also creating on-screen images, making this a

Philippines, Mel Chionglo's Midnight Dancers is a powerfully erotic indictment of the effects

of crime and poverty on the lives of three broth­ ers and their close knit family. From Argentina . comes Maria Luisa Bemberg's I, The Worst Of

All, a mastetpiece from one of the world's most

accomplished directors. It tells the extraordi­ nary story of Sister Juana Ines de la Cruz, one of Mexico's greatest poets, whose life long resistance againSt the repressive 17th century Church made her a cherish ed folk hero. And

we are es�ially honored to be presenting Claus Miiller's We Were Marked With A Big A and After The War You Have To Tell

Everyo ne About The Dutch Gay Resistance Fighters. These works portray the forgotten

history of gay men and wome� who,_riskCd their lives to resist Nazi tyranny. Claus Miiller, founder of the United States Holocaust �.

young farmer discovers the reason his father

based on the response of our independent

screening committees and recognize outstand­ ing emerging directors.

The Festival would not be possible without the generous support of our donors, sponsors and members. In pa rticular, we would like to thank Charles Schwab, Absolut Vodka, OUT

Magazine, Grants for the Arts of the S.F. Hotel Tax.Fund and Frameline's Visionaries. Their

contribution enables Frameline to bring lesbian and gay cinema to our community and beyond. We hope you, our audience, find as much pleasure in this year's Festival as we have in

working to produce it We also invite you to support the Festival's fIlmmakers with the same level of commitment with which they strive to en rich our lives through their art.

;-';,' #"

'. -IJrx?ne Nguyen, Programming Director


• Jennifer "Morris, Festival Co-programmer.



.. ....... 28

...... .. .............. . 10

Fun In Boys' Shorts: New Gay Shorts 1

........... 29

Fun In Girls Shorts: New Lesbian Shorts 1 ..................29 ..

. ..... .... .. ..30

Girls By The Bay

..... 30

Get Over It


.. .

... ..

Heaven's A Drag ... .. .. .. .. I, The Worst Of All

.. . 35


The Incredibly True Adventure Of Two Girls In Love ... .. . ..8 The Last Supper


Lesbian Body Politics ... ... . .

. .37 Lie Down With Dogs . .. . .. .. . . 39

Lions & Tigers & Chubs & Bears .

. . : .......39

Love And Human Remains


Love In The Time Of AIDS: New Short Films ... ... .

Member Information Menmaniacs


. . ... 40

• • . • • • • . •

... ... .. ... .. 4 1

Midnight Dancers

The Million Eyes of Su-Muru . MIXing Brasil ... ... ... . The Naked Look

.. ....

. . .42

. . . .. .42

...... .

Naughty, Nasty And Not So Nice Nico-Icon .. .


... .. .. ........ .. 4 1

. .. . . . .. .

No Ordinary Love .

.43 .43

.... ... .44

... . .. . . .... 44

Our Mothers Ourselves ..... ....45 Out In South Mrica/ The Happy Gordons

.. ............46

Paradise Framed Parallel Sons



A Place In The Sun ' Some Of These Days

....... .47

Playing The Part lMemsahib Rita /These Shoes Weren't Made For Walking . . . . . ...... ... .. . ..47

. ..... . . . . . ...48


Pushing Limits New Lesbian Shorts

3 .......48

Queer "Orientalia" .............49 ..........49

Roy Cohn/Jack Smith Serial Lesbians .


Sex, Drag, Murder & Mayhem Sister My Sister Skin Deep .

..... .

... . 50

....... .. 5 1

.. ... . . ........ .. ..5 1

Spikes And Heels

... ... .. ... ..52

Surprise Sneak Preview

......... 52

Terence Davies Trilogy

.... ... ..53

Thin Ice

.... .. ..

Ticket order form

... .. . ... .. ..53 • • • • •

. • .


. • • •


Tokyo Cowboy .. .. ... ..... ... .55 Tramps, Vamps and Cramps .. .. . . TransG�nderFuck Activism Trick Or Treat

. .. .. ... .


. . . . . .56

.... ...56

We Are Marked With A Big A .. ..56 Wigstock: The Movie . Young Queer Rebels

..... . .

... .8

........... 58










Wigstock: ·The Movie Friday June 9 1.0:30pm


Bay Area Premiere "


W?U�d recommend that everyone WIthin the sound of my voice should go out and get a wig, a pair

of high heels, pantyhose

if you will, and

strut your stuff, girlfriend." - RuPaul, Supermodel of the World. When Crystal Waters comes out in male drag and bumps and grinds against her

Opening Nigbt Gala

studly backup dancers or when RuPaul sashays on the runway in his gold metal­

The Incredibly True Adventure

Of Two Girls In Love Friday June 9 6:30pm Castro $1.0 609A MOVIE ONLY MOVIE & FABULOUS GALA $75609C BOTH MOVIES & FABULOUS GALA $90 609E

Bay Area Premiere


hat better way to kick off the Festival than with one of the most charming romantic comedies to

come around in a long time. The

Incredibly True Adventure Of Two Girls In Love, Maria Maggenti's debut feature film, tells the touching and comic story of frrst love between two girls in their senior year of high school. From the wrong side of the tracks, cute and out tomboy Randy (Laurel Hollomon) lives with her two lesbian aunts and works after school as a gas station attendant. Middle class Evie (Nicole Parker) is the prettiest, smartest and most popular girl at school. C ?nvinced there is something wrong WIth her posh Range Rover, Evie stops by the gas station one day. Instantly taken with one another, the two girls �mbark on a friendship which develops mto a tender but hilarious romance. When Evie's mother leaves on a week­ end business trip, the two girls decide to celebrate their new fourid love in

Evie's mansion-like house. This results in a series of comic misadventures in which everyone becomes involved including the jealous husband of Randy's former fling. Maggenti, an ACT UP activist and Testing the Limits documentary produc­ er, states that the film is loosely based on her own experience of frrst love. Sure to be a big hit when it gets its release from Fine Line Features this summer, Incredibly True Adventure is a must-see for anyone who can still recall the thrill of their first romance. See it here first!

The Incredibly True Adventure Of Two Girls In Love dir. Maria Maggenti 1995 USA 93 mins 35mm

lic bodysuit, you'll see why Wigstock:


The Movie is one of our two Opening Night films. Once an underground hap­ pening, Wigstock has blossomed into a world renowned event where some of the

will have their choice of two

g Night films

The Incredibly


True Adventure of Two Girls in Love or

Charles Schwab

With an annual attendance of twenty thousand, Wigstock has been described as Woodstock without the bad hair.

Wigstock: The . True Movze.

movie buffs can join us for both films and the Gala in between for a slightly higher price, or choose one film and

With drag highly in vogue in Hollywood

spend more time at the party. As in pre­

films, Wigstock: The Movie is a refresh­

vious years, the Opening Night Gala is a

ingly real but wonderfully celebratory

fundraiser for Frameline and the Festival,

look at the high-polish event and the pio­

and is also a place to network, party,

neers who started it all, including founder

stargaze and celebrate the official kick­

and emcee, The Lady Bunny. Director

off of Lesbian and Gay Pride Week. The

Barry Shils vibrantly captures the non


party starts at

stop glamour of Wigstock, going from backstage preparations and rehearsals to Shils never lets up as he takes us on a

will be better than ever, offering something for everyone. Guests


biggest names in music perform along­ side drag superstars and queer idols.

the actual shimmering performances.

his year, the Opening Night Gala





the price for one film

and one Gala ticket is if you want to

see both films, buy a ticket for

whirlwind tour of one of the most fabu­


lous and outrageous queer events in the

Remember: if you join Frameline at the

world. With a dazzling cast of thousands

Benefactor level or above (see page

including Lypsinka, Joey Arias, The

you receive one or more Gold Car�s,

Lady Bunny, Deee-Lite, Deborah Harry

which admit two to the Gala, and also grant admission to all Festival screen­

and Jackie Beat, this is one extravaganza of a �lm you' 11 be pulling your hair pins out if you miss. , With Drag Attack, which follows two too glamorous drag queens on their globe trotting expedition.

Drag Attack dir. Mario Soldo & Ken Kruger 1994 Austria14 mins 35mm Wigstock: The Movie dir. Barry Shils 1994 USA 82 mins 35mm


ings! New for this year, the party will take place in the heart of the Castro, within easy walking distance to the Castro Theatre. All proceeds benefit

� \!I •

1II •



� .


Frameline, and are tax exempt to the extent allowed by


law. To order tickets, or for more infor­ mation about the Opening Night Gala, call


See you there!


1]. D








America's most widely read gay and lesbian publication To subscribe:


. .






1995 Frameline Award: Marcus Hu Preceding the world premiere of Frisk, Marcus Hu, co-president of Strand Releasing, will be presented with the

1995 Frameline Award for his immense contribution to the recent explosion in lesbian and gay cinema.


s a distributor, Hu first released Lino

The Frameline Award is presented annu­

Brocka's Macho Dancer and set up

ally to one outstanding individual or orga­

Strand Releasing as a result.


nization by the Board of Directors of

subsequent releases such as Roeland

Frameline, the nation's only non-profit

Kerbosch's For A Lost Soldier, Alison

exclusively dedicated to the distribution,

Maclean's Crush and Gregg Araki's

funding, promotion and exhibition of les­

Totally F***ed Up, Strand has become

bian and gay film and video.

the model for cost-effective queer the­

award-winners include Vito Russo, Rob

90' s. In 1995, Strand will be releasing Andre

atrical film distribution in the

Techine's Wild Reeds (winner of four Cesar Awards, including best picture), Lodge Kerrigan's Clean, Shaven, Steve

Closing Night: Frisk

Maclean's Postcards From America, and the

World Premiere Sponsored by Wilde Magazine

As a tireless visionary produc­

Sun June 18 7:30pm $8 CAS 618C


er, Hu has been responsible for Gregg Araki's The Living

fier the buckets of advance publicity,

his own singularly chilling vision.

it's hard to imagine how Frisk could

Employing a non-linear narrative struc­

possibly live up to expectations.

ture, Verow cleverly incorporates found

Actually, it exceeds them. Based on

footage, mock b&w snuff movies, pix­

Dennis Cooper's infamous stranger-than­

elvision and artful use of explicit sex to

fiction story of homosexuality, sadism


and insanity, Todd Verow's' shot-in-San­ Francisco movie turns out to


be a witty

and profound drama that

-vv-i.. 1d.� guides us through the


---I. labyrinth


of sexual

chronicle one man's descent into

Frisk boasts a cast of top independent tal­ ent including Craig Chester (Swoon and Griet), Parker Posey (Doom Generation), Alexis Arquette (Pulp. Fiction), James Lyons (Postcards From America) and

complex as the novel itself. Two broth­ ers traveling on a train read letters written by the protagonist, Dennis, who may or may not be a serial killer. In. what could

San Franciso's Michael Gunther. The film features a music score by Sonic

ducer Marcus Hu will

be presented with 1995 Frameline Award for significant

ture which culminate in murder.

achievement in lesbian and gay media

Although faithful to the novel's story


points, Verow has imbued the

Frisk dir. Todd Verow 1995 USA 90

film with




Livingston's You're The Top Alison


With his current and upcom­ ing projects, Marcus Hu is sure to remain a potent force in the field of lesbian and gay cinema.

For his continuing

commitment to producing and


Prior to the world premiere of Frisk, pro­ the

Future projects include



Frameline is honored to pre­

bands Coil and Elph.

details his gruesome acts of sexual tor­


. Jennie


Youth's Lee Ranaldo and the British

be fictional letters, Dennis explicitly

and Bruce LaBruce's Super 8


in all of us.

f11m adaptation is as

End, Richard Glatzer's Grief



obsessions and dark fantasies embedded

The structure of the

1994 Frameline Audience Award

Winner, World And Time Enough.





Award to Marcus Hu.


Epstein, Marlon Riggs, Christine Vachon and Pratibha Parmar.



:····WE'RE NOT


• • • • • • • • •


•••••••••••••••••• • • • • • • .


B ut our employees will

fly to their assignment,

move mountains of paper, give 110 percent and deliver the goods. ©1995 United Staffing Services, A COREStaff Company,

• • ••••••••

You may not know it, but United Staffing Services has a reputation for providing experienced and talented temporary and full-time staff to companies like yours. .' Call our Staffing Specialists today and introduce yourself to customer service that will leave you wondering why you ever called anyone else. And, of course, references are available upon request.


STAFFING SERVICES (415) 391-1980

456 Montgomery St., Suite 1350, San Francisco,. CA 94104 Also located in: San Mateo • Santa Clara • Oakland • Pleasant Hill


After The Revolution Coming Out Of The Iron Closet . Sat June 1.0 6:00pm VIC $7 61.01 Sponsored by KQED Co-presented by International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission


e are fortunate to have this opportunity to take

a rarely seen look into the lives of gay women

and men living in former Iron Curtain countries. Their lives are not quite what you would expect them to be. After The Revolution documents the effect sexual repression has had on gays and lesbians in the for­ mer Czechoslovakia. Listen to Maria Dunkova


and Sona Pompova and other

lesbian and gay couples tell

L. _--"""-__---1. how they found each other and

the struggles they have gone through to maintain

their relationships. Lizzie Thynne's Channel Four

production also examines the impact the new gay movement has had on this newly liberated coun-

try. Coming Out Of The Iron Closet visits several Soviet Bloc countries and has many captivating

Anatomy Of Desire Political Funerals

Bittersweet: Boys' Shorts 3

Sat June 1.7 6:00pm 61.7H $7

Sat June 1.7 1.1.:00am CAS $5 61.7A

Sponsored by KRON·Bay TV �tarting with Siman LeVey's current hypothalamus .1theory, Anatomy Of Desire examines the role that

science has played in shaping society's understand­ ing of homosexuality throughout the 20th century.

Using insightful interviews, medical films and pho­ tographs, 1950's educational films and other histori­


Sponsored by Pasqua This year's collection of hauntingly beautiful and

I melancholy gay shorts features Alkali, Iowa, a

Club). Set on an expansive bean farm on the

Fourth of July, all-American Jack Gudmanson dis­

covers the reason his father has long since disap­

.. ,,"

a closeted member of his underground rock band in Gretchen Hildebran's plaintive How He Goes. A

choices of women in the leather S&M community.

young man makes a futile attempt to come out and

tories, artistic visions and media imagery, this film

important links between todays rush

to fmd the cause for homosexuality with the biological determinism that has been used

throughout time to single out and oppress different segments of society. Most striking is the footage of the Nazis who used biological theories to bolster

their racial hygiene propaganda that sent tens of thousands of gays and lesbians to their deaths in

Nazi concentration camps. This important film doc­ uments society's continued need to have science defme and possibly some day control our very exis­


disclose his partner's HIV status to his elderly

father in Michael Stremel's The Dadshuttle. The

Kiss On The Cliff, Reid Waterer's pensive tale of

1 .1 .'






' ..



missed opportunities, has two teenage

boys in love with one another. One becomes gay while the other sadly

remains closeted. In Frank Mosvold's lyrical Forsaken, a boy is forced to

chose between love and religious faith.

In Patrick

Snee's Prague, Donald expresses his distress about

Peloso 1995 Canada 40mins

focuses on nine central figures who represent a

diverse cross-section of the leather S&M commu­ nity. She documents a series of competitions held

throughout the country by the women's leather

S&M community. By following these women and cutting between their personal lives and political activities, Blood Sisters provides an in-depth pic� ture of the leather S&M community. Graphic

footage of actual play also gives us a greater understanding of the nature of the intensity of the bonds that exist between these women. Mixing

- Bury Me Furiously," Mark Lowe Fischer from

even left. A young couple comes to terms with

styles, Handelman draws us deeper into this often

tary that courageously documents a bold new move­

Caspersen's You & I Will Play. Two boys yearn for

my body in public; I want the public to bear witness Political Funerals, a forceful and moving documen­

ment within AIDS activism which rejects the notion

sends to Michael's new address before Michael has their long distance relationship in Randy

flails against a crumbling wall waiting for release. Haven's animated magazine cut-outs of two men

having sex lead into appropriated gay porn images, blurred to the point where they become abstract color

and motion.

Warm dir. Wirk Mead 1992 Canada 4:30 mins 16mm

Haven dir. Wrik Mead 1992 Canada 3:40mins video

Anatomy Of Desire dir. Jean - Francois Mon­ ette 1995 Canada 50 mins video Political Funerals dir. James Wentzy 1995 USA 29 mins video

both experimental and traditional documentary

misunderstood community and gives us a more intelligent and less sensationalistic view of the

each other at their high school dance in John

reality behind these women's lives. Starring Tala Brandeis, Wickie Stamps, Amy Marie Meek, Pat

Alkali, Iowa dir. Mark Christopher 16mm

Coming Out Of The Iron Closet dir. Larry

Using a combination of documentary, personal his­

Michael's leaving in a series of letters which he

"I want to show the reality of my death, to display

In Wrik Mead's Warm, a pixilated naked male body

Great Britain 27mins

is Michelle Handleman's long awaited docu­

mentary about the political activities and sexual

gay son. You won't want to' miss the scenes at the

After The Revolution dir. Lizzie Thynne 1993


peared. A small town boy is secretly sleeping with


gay nude beach in Moscow or the opening of their

Co-presented by Pervert Scouts loodSisters: Leather, Dykes and Sadomasochism

---; cal footage, this documentary makes ; r-::;=-,--

that one should die of AIDS quietly and peacefully.

first ever state sanctioned gay nightclub!

Sat June 1.0 8:00pm VIC $7 610J

new film by Mark Christopher (The Dead Boys'

interviews with political activists, entertainers,

transsexuals, and one very supportive mother of a

BloodSisters: Leather, Dykes and Sadomasochism The Elegant Spanking

If Only.

1995 USA 17 mins 16mm How He Goes dir. Gretchen Hildebran 1994 USA 14 mins. 16mm The Dadshuttle dir. Michael Stremel 1994 USA 23:20 mins 16mm The Kiss On The Cliff dir. Reid Waterer 1994 USA 21:00 mins 16mm Forsaken dir. Frank Mosvold 1994 USA 11.5 mins 16mm Prague dir. Patrick Snee 1995 USA 9 mins 16mm b&w You" I Will Play dir. Randy Caspersen 1994 USA 5 mins 16 mm b&w If Only dir. John Daschbach 1994 USA 6 mins 16mm Total running time: 106:70mins

Califia and Skeeter with music by Coil, Chris and

Cosey, Frightwig and the Lucy Stoners.

Maria Beatty & Rosemary Delain's highly erotic film The Elegant Spanking beautifully details the S&M relationship between a mistress and her

maid. We are treated to an aesthetic subversion of

sexual perversion as mistress and maid indulge in punishment, seduction, submission, spanking,

strapping, piss drinking, spike heel and foot wor­


BloodSlsters: Leather, Dykes and Sado­ masochism dir. Michelle Handelman 1995 USA 70mins

The Elegant Spanking dirs. Maria Beatty & Rosemary Delain 1995 USA 30mins

H1J«��4Skre- � ., Voted Best Video Store 1990-1994 New Hours: 1 Oam-ll pm

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Documentaries, Biographies, Travel, Art, New Age, Fine Arts

··The Newest Releases • LaserDisc-Over 5,000 Titles to Rent •

LaserDisc Players and VCR Rental

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Introducing 4 days/3 night Rental (except New Releases-l Night)

At our Everyday Low Prices!


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Boys And Girls Together

Boys By The Bay T u e J u n e 13 9:30pm VIC $7 613H Sponsored by KRON-Bay TV

M o n J u n e 12 12noon CAS $5 612A

Co-presented by Rim Arts Foundation

T u e June 13 2:00pm CAS $ 5 613 8 Sponsored by On-Q Magazine

Vou've been asking us for year's why we don't I show women's and men's shorts together. Well we decided that it was about time and we are pre­ senting three very charming shorts for everyone to enjoy. Here you'll find the sexes happily working together to solve their diverse and not so pre­ dictable problems. First-time filmmaker Garth Christenson's The Anniversary is a romantic comedy that will charm your socks off. Set in a typical Manhattan apart­ ment building, two couples get their anniversary dates mixed and tensions build. As their spouses prepare fabulous meals, the nosy new neighbor Nancy is trying to be friendly, but only adds to the confusion. The Conception brings together a pregnant straight teen, a gay man with relationship problems and a lesbian couple desperately trying to get pregnant. This determined couple tries everything including adoption, procreation, bribery and immaculate con­ ception. None of these options seem to work until they get a little help from a friend.

1ri1 1 : �

Margaret Hetherman's award winning film Forms &

Motifs is inspired by Kalman Egyed's collection of exquisite beadwork and embroidery designs. A

young woman, CeCe, is not satisfioo with the direction her life is taking when she discovers her grandfather's portfolio of designs. She decides that these exquisite patterns need to come to life

and enlists the help of her surrogate family, 3 lively drag queens. Their goal to "create a most glamorous piece!" becomes a reality, but can they make it on to the runway? All the designs in this delightful film were authentically revived.

The Anniversary dir. Garth Christenson 1995

USA 14mins 16mm Conception dir. David Sigal 1995 USA 20mins

16mm Forms and Motifs dir. Margaret Hetherman 1994 USA 40mins 16mm Total running time: 74mins

This program of shorts showcases a wide range of I works by local gay makers. From the beautiful­ ly poetic to the hilariously comic to the downright

questionable, these works reveal the wildly inde­ pendent spirit of gay film and videomakers in the Bay Area. Inlcudes R.X. Rubio's Playing Posei-

1�IBAY.TVI .no.. .


don, a nostalgic super 8 memory piece on sexual innocence, family, friendship & the impact of the

movies; Dennis Conroy and David E. Johnston's beautifully shot Lush Life is a represenatation of voyeurism, sado-masochistic fantasy and mastur­ batory hallucinations; Jonathan and David, John Church's lyrically sensual modern interpretation of the biblical relationship between Jonathan and David; and Charles Lofton's I Like Dreaming, an engaging rumination on the pleasures of subway cruising.

Playing Poseidon dir. R.X. Rubio 1995 USA 9:52 mins video Lush Ufe dir. Den nis Conroy & David E. John­ ston 1.994 USA 7 mins video Jonathan and David dir. John Church 1994 USA 11 mins video I Uke Dreaming dir. Charles Lofton 1994 USA 6 mins video A Scene From Frankie and Johnny dir. Michael Jortner 1995 USA 7 mins video ' Remnants dir. Nolan Shirley 1994 USA 7 mins video Re-Generatlon dir. Stuart Gaffney 1995 USA 6 mins video Be My Valentine dir. Carl Sandler 1995 USA 10:00 mins video FUJI dir. Gil Bardsley 1995 USA 10 mins 16 mm Lulu dir. Marc Huestis 1995 USA 1 5 mins video On A Queer Day dir. Peter McDowell 1995 USA 10 mins video Long Ago (And Far Away) dir. Scott Ehorn 1995 USA 3 mins video Sexlock dir. Jeff Cowan 1995 USA 3 mins video STD Cry CIA dir. Brett Thomas 1995 USA 2:30 mins 16mm Total : 107:30 mins



$'9, 95

Brincando EI Charco BD Women

C hange the Frame Wed

Fri J u n e- 16 12noon CAS $ 5 616A

Mon June 12 9 : 00pm VIC $7 612H Sponsored by Headlines

West Coast Premiere

S ponsored by KRON-Bay TV

Co-Presented by Cine Accl6n But when.I'm around real Puerto Ricans, I say I'm from New York." "IlJlen I'm around white people I say I'm Puerto



In Frances Negron-Muntaner's film Brincando El

Charco, a young latina artist serves seven years of exile in Philadelphia When her father dies suddenly, Oau- .

obligation to a family who abandoned her because she is a lesbian, Oaudia spends her days photographing

dia copes with detachment While she considers her


and documenting other latinalo gays. Her gay white


publishing agent, however, discourages

Claudia from pushing "the people-of­

color issue" onto the rest of the commu­

nity. Although she steers clear of becoming too involved in her lawyer

with the effects of what has happened to her people

girlfriend's political activism, Oaudia copes inwardly

. Race, language, birthplace and economics surface as fractures in a culture as diverse as the world itself. As a light-skinned, island born, main-land living, bilingual, lesbian Oaudia struggles for a place on the spectrum. politically since the colonialization of Puerto Rico.




Brincando El Charco offers extensive and sensitive

coverage of a community still rarely· seen in cinema

kill somebody." Carefully crafted, this film deserves each of the three filmmaking genres it encompasses -

today. '''The only time we make the news is when we

narrative, documentary and experimental - anything

less would stifle its provocativeness. A rich and fulfill­

ing work offering a tender view of feminine sexuality. The teaching of Black History has been traditionally

ditionally white. If you're a Black-identified lesbian,

male and the teaching of women's history has been tra­

* *


where do you go to learn about your history? The sub­

possible to create one's own history. Though only 20

ject's of Inge Blackman's BD WOMEN suggess it is minutes, this stylish documentary gives a thorough

the Canibean cope with identity and sexuality in a

overview of how Black lesbians in Great Britain and

queer community that typically overlooks racism.


- Desi del Valle

Brlncando EI Charco dir. Frances Negron­ Muntaner 1994 U SA 56:40mins BD Women dir. Inge Blackman 1994 UK 20mins

J u ne 14 6 :45pm CAS $ 7 6140

Co-presented by AudloVlslon@ ith lesbian films being all the rage in Holly­


wood, it is reassuring to know that independent

films like Change the Frame are still managing to

get made. DirectorlProducer Cristina Rey's first

feature film is a whimsical and realistic portrayal of love, growing up and life's direction. Rey

focuses her camera on the lives of a couple living

. in a small college town in the Colorado Rockies.

� BAV.� 1:\ nON


Angela (Stephani Shope), is a col­

lege graduate working at a hot dog

cart who one day reali�es she has

put her art career on hold while waiting for her

girlfriend, Rachel (Cristina Rey), to finish gradu­ ate school. Rachel, meanwhile, is too busy _ with

school to realize Angela has become frustrated

with her life and their relationship. The arrival of a

flirtatious singer from San Francisco helps to dis­

tract Angela from the reality of her relationship,

but she soon realizes that she must re-assess her

life goals and priorities. Their relationship begins

to suffer under the intense pressure Angela is feel­

ing to make changes in her life. It is a pleasure to

finally see a feature film that so honestly captures

some of the common experiences we have all

shared in our relationships. Finally a film that

takes lesbian relationships seriously.

AudioVision® is a nonprofit agency which advo­

cates and provides description services for the

atres and exhibits. At the june 14 screening, a trained narrator will describe essential elements of the film, such as action, location sets costumes, blind and visually impaired for movies, TV, the­

etc . . . The descriptions are broadcast into the the­ atre auditorium via FM radio. The visually impaired persons hers the descriptions in ear while hearing the film soundtrack in the other, thus hav­ ing access to the movie, while the sighted audi­ ence is not disturbed.

Change the Frame d i r. Cristi n a Rey 1994 U SA 93mins 16mm

A E _� 6 N _ _ _

1 3 0 5

V a n

N e s s ,

S a n

F r a n c i s c o

4 1 5 . 4 7 4 . 5 2 1 4

i R O \. iXp NiW t ( I ' U M



Costa Brava

Creating Family

Sat J u n e 10 7 : 00pm CAS $7 6100

Sat J u n e 10 2 : 00pm V I C $5 610G

Tue J u n e 13 4 : 0 0pm C AS

$ 7 613C

West Coast Premiere

rTameline audience-award winner(lntrepedissima) r Marta BalletbO-Coll's debut feature film, Costa

Brava, is � sophisticated comedy set in romantic

lesbian actors, Desi del Valle of ModFuck Explo­ sion and the up coming Desi's Looking For A New Girl, plays Montserrat, an Israeli scientist who can ' t quite accept her homosexuality, but nonethe­ less falls for Anna (played by the director Marta seismic analyst, Montserrat finds herself stuck in Barcelona teaching engineering and not able to do

the research which she loves. After having spent 5 years in New York writing roach killer commer­ cials, Anna has finally finished writing her mono­

logue (not a play) and is desperately seeking fund­ ing to produce it in Barcelona.


,.------, and they wind up having a long talk about the pros and cons of dating men vs. women. The two can not stop thinking about each other and

both sit by the phone trying to muster the courage up to call. Finally, Montseratt asks Anna to go to the Costa Brava (Brave Coast) with her and it is here in this wildly romantic setting that they first tentatively embrace and fall in love. Described as the "Catalonian Woody Allen," Bal­ letbO-Coll's has directed an innovative film that takes comedy to a new level of sophistication.

Costa Brav� "dir. Marta Bal letb6-Coll 1994

Spain 92mins 35mm

Both Of My Mom's Names Are Judy was created

Looking for a special frame?

by the Lesbian and Gay Parents Association as a tool for elementary-school educators. A diverse

We can order ANY frame. J ust bring in the model number and the lenses are FREE!




for them to have lesbian and gay parents. Kirk Marcolina

�IrM:!itas'lls- addresses his mothers fears of

(Additional cost for some prescriptions, Single vision lenses only. Not valid with any other discounts or special offers.)

gay parenting in Rocking The Cradle. The stories , of three gay and lesbian families are intercut WIth

conversations between the filmmaker and his mother. Gay Lives And Culture Wars was created to battle the anti-gay propaganda being produced

guide. Asking for a simple aspirin, Montserrat



Prmt 00l(XJIl a tirre � J)Jdm;, Ncr valid I'Ii1h aIrf rAtfr au dimrIs or special offers, OIher reslrictions apply, OHer expires 6/30/95










1 4 B OXES 1 1 (24 LENSES) 1 ' I ASK FOR A FREE TRIAL PAIR ! 1 L .J . With this ClJupon, Expires 6f,j()/95

EJSite for Sore Ey-es

by the religious right. This challenging video

ends up reading Anna's openly lesbian monologue

both children and parents are working towards this




not only maintain visibility and justice in society, but to create alternative communities. See how

group of children (ages 7- 1 1 ) tell us what it is like

Ballet�-Coll) a feisty Catalonian playwright. A

Costa Brava tours where Anna works as a tour

ow do we create family in a climate of hate?

goal in these thoughtful and challenging documen­

Barcelona. One of San Francisco's most prolific

The two meet when Montserrat takes one of the


Sponsored by Charles Schwab



B� O

With the rise in anti-gay violence and legisla­ tion, the lesbian and gay community struggles to

Sponsored by United Airlines



focuses on gay and lesbian youth and their fami­


lies as they confront Oregon's controversial anti­ gay measures of 1994. ACADEMY AWARD® nominated documentary Straight From The Heart was made in an effort to reach out to a broad audi­

ence and teac h them tolerance and understanding.




Glasses in 1 hour, without the ' high price

Parents give moving accounts of their struggles

with their own homophobia and how they eventu­



Offers good at these locations only:

ally came to accept their lesbian and gay children.

1 40 Battery St. 421 ·2020

Both Of My Mom's Names Are Judy a project of LGPA 1994 USA 10: 16mins Gay Lives And Culture Wars dir. Elaine Velazquez 1995 USA 2 7 :27mins Rocking The Cradle dir. Kirk Marcolina 1994 26mins 16mm Straight From The Heart dir. Dee Mosbacher & Francis Reid 1994 USA 24mins 16mm Total running time: 87 .43m ins

901 Market St . 495·2020

300 West ,P orta I 753·851 1

Enrollment Comprehensive eye exams by VisionCare* optometrists including glaucoma and cataract screening, cornea, and retina exam for a low enrollment fee of $35. Comprehensive contact lens exams only $24 additional co-payment.


· $35

Includes comprehensive


Located Next to Most Site for Sore Eyes


Crossing the Gender Divide

Fri J u n e 16 4 : 00pm CAS $ 7 616C West Coast Premiere

Mon J u n e 12 7 : 00pm VIC $ 7 612G Sponsored by The Bearded Lady C�presented by FTM

li s a survey of butch identity and transgender lIrealities, these shorts help to dismantle the rigid

Caston, an aspiring lesbian stand-up comedian

who is about to get her big break in the business. Sheila has been living happily with her lover of

four years, Julie, in a beautiful seaside home.

tion of shorts encompass a variety of styles and

Returning from an out-of-town comedy engage­

viewpoints that provide a great introduction to the

ment, she is offered the starring role in a new TV

Maureen Bradley examines the causes for her own

50-..50 M








sitcom by a husband and wife producing team. All is well until Sheila comes face to face

internalized fear of looking or acting butch in Not

with the woman behind the offer. Catching Sheila

Like That; Jenni Olson explores butch identity in

by surprise, the mysterious producer turns out to

just under 30 seconds in her new film Sometimes.

be her long lost first love, Lynn, who reappears


From Australia comes Men Like Me, a documen­

after a 15-year absence. Through a series of flash­

tary that makes creative use of computer video

backs, we realize that Lynn while battling her own


• '





technology to break down the

internalized homophobia had rejected Sheila's

stereotyped concept of gender.

advances causing her to become suicidal.

This film is both humorous and

to put the past behind her, Sheila must decide

educational in its examination

of the social and physical transformation from



stereotypes of gender. The videos in this collec­

world of gender outlaws.


Sponsored by SO/SO .D. Lang look-alike Jan Derbyshire plays Sheila


whether she is still in love with the elusive Lynn. The two do their best to keep a secret their past

female to male of the filmmaker's friend, Dale.

relationship, but emotions boil to the surface and

Plus Alisa Lebow's informative documentary on

their prospective mates begin to suspect. Lynn

Stone Butch Blues author Leslie Feinberg, Out­

becomes obsessed with Sheila and buys a date

law. Feinberg shares with us her experiences as a

with her for $ 1 200 at a charity benefit. Sheila on

woman who has spent much of her life passing as

the other hand starts to withdraw and become

a man and as an activist who has struggled for

introspective. She spends many an evening vigor­

more awareness for the rights of transgendered

ously rowing in a tied up boat that can go nowhere while her career and her committed relationship

people everywhere.

are put on hold. Eventually her partner gives her

�. . . . . . . . .

. + .





Can't Help Lovin Dat Man dir. Alex Umen

an ultimatum and Sheila must choose between her

1995 USA 8mins video Gens de Foque dir. Sam Sommers 1994 Canada 15m ins video Men Like Me dir. Sylvie Shaw 1994 Australia 25min 16mm Not Uke That: Diary Of A Butch-.phobe dir. Maureen Bradley 1994 Canada 14m ins video Outlaw d i r. Alisa Lebow 1994 USA 26:18mins video Sometimes dir. Jenni Olson 1994 USA 30secs video Total running time: 88:50mins

past and present loves.

Devotion dir. Mindy Kaplan 1994 USA




·OPEN 1 0AM TO 1 0PM





sex for


111)!1I'9 gay


men .


bixexual start a


Cyberstroika $7


Fri J u n e 16





Sat J u n e 17

� (! CfI9 i ·

Cl1 tre


I�Eia protest


a special multimedia exposition of queer visions for the future curated by Please louise Productions and Museo Contempo In association with Framellne and Southern Exposure

T h u J u n e 15


615K * 616K *




·please note: exhibition hours are from 7:30pm - 10: 30pm. Only 100 tickets per night will b e available through BASS. Other samtHjay tickets will be available at th� door tQ the gallery beginning at 7:30pm each night of the exhibition. Ticket holders may show up at any time during exhibition hours. However, entrance to the gallery will be granted as space allows.

Cmultimedia playground where sci-fi meets fantasy meets dreamscape meets wishful thinking. CYBERSTROIKA is composed of six

YBERSTROIKA transfonns the raw warehouse space of San Francisco's Southern Exposure gallery into a freestyle, digital extravaganza - a


thematically-linked exhibits, each specially designed to create an environment and context in which to view digital video. and multimedia presentations. The programming and architecture of CYBERSTROlKA is by Please Louise Productions, creators of more than 75 video presentations in the Bay Area and beyond in the last two years. - Please Louise Productions


The 5IfIr Sex Visibn CenII!r is a welcoming kiosk designed to insure your safer

passage into the future. This exhibit will feature monitors showcasing innovative safer sex videos by Barbara Hammer, Joe Hoffman, Genessa Krasnow, BeliallPink Eye Video, Ylonda Stevens, Zachary Longtree, and others; an interactive kiosk by the local gay BBS Outline and The Brothers Network Interactive Safe Sex Video Game; and a table of printed information (available in mUltiple languages) from local AIDSIHIV service agencies. Environmental design is by Museo Contempo and Bert Green/Circle Elephant The Safer Sex Visitors Center is sponsored by 0 Action: the Young Men's Program of STOP AIDS PROJECf.


apocalyptic visions that decry these terrifying aspects of high-tech society. HAL's visual nightmare is framed by Lecram Nerak's Das Simulation, Elliot Anderson's Inforia, and original compilations by Please Louise Productions. Exhibit design is by Cary Boisvert, Matt Bass, and Andy Knipe.

The Cyber£xpo,

playing on the conventions of the multimedia Expo or World's Fair, is a high-end "product fair" that explores the marketability and commercialization of queer multimedia, and suggests ways in which queer aesthetics might inform approaches to information, entertainment, products, and services. It is here that one is treated to some of the featured innovations of the Multimedia Age: interactive exhibits by Rex Bruce, Jordy Jones, Texas Tomboy, Quinn Hearne, the new alternative on-line service Total Entertainment Network by Optigon Interactive, and the Go Girl pinball machine by Michael Brown, make use of such formats as CD-ROM, digital video and the virtual environment

invites you to take a trip on a pirate spaceship, celebrating the techno visions of computer animation and hallucinogenic "rave" visuals. ZoLoft encouages you to expore, experiment with, and experience those alternative forms of reality afforded to us through synethetic means. Created by S. Topiary and curated with Gretchen Hildebrun, this exhibit features an installation of computer scree n-savers by Greg Jalbert, Lucia Grossberger-Morales and Sara Frucht; ambient visual poetry by Elise Hurwitz; video eye candy by BeliaVPink Eye Video, Kadet Kuhne, Tari Abramovitch, and Kenneth Penn. ZtiLoft environment design is by Amy Berk, Renee Rivera and Carrie Cronenwett, and includes a live sound installation by Angela Williams; black light painting by Zanne; and a collage of video, text and slide projections created by the ZtiLoftian team. ZtiLoft is sponsored by l!!Ywl and supported by Junk! and Leather Tongue Video.

Since the vast majority of queers do not have access to the latest, expensive stateof-the-art technology, artists often work with what they can get their hands on. Innovative "experiments" on limited budgets and limited access are celebrated in this exhibit - for the radical ways that they re-envision the cultural landscape. Digital videos by Melinda Hess, Barbara Hammer, David Rauch, Donald Gua,mieri, Museo Contempo, Kenn Spreokel, Mona De Vestal, and the premiere of Christ by Jon Bush and Iguana Productions.

The H.I 2000 SocI.1


PI.n, the flip side of "technological progress", is a technophobic exhibit exploring the potential of new technology to only further the agenda(s) of the very same dominant institutions from which the individual "cyber-cowboy" seeks freedom. The hyper-controlled environment of this exhibit, mirroring the power these agencies wield in their regulation of technology and perpetuation of oppressive paradigms, is juxtaposed with post-


The BaIgain Basement is offered as an alternative to the hype of The CyberExpo.





Museo Contempo Now Lounge is a site-specific, future-funk environment ,reated by Mnre<> Contempo fo, the'Sonlhem E'po,nre ' , me"an'ne incorporating Museo Contempo's five years of Amiga-based video work. an en vironment by Scott Pimentel's Lycra Village, and live cocktail hosts to boot ! It is here, in the hearth of the new century habitat, where entertainment, shopping. communication, and education can be accessed through a cavalcade of digital boxes.

Sponsors S

'" . .... � T��\


Q Action


get •



(415) 621·7177 x 777


F RAM E l l N E Cast

VV I S H E S T O T H A N K : Lulu Marga Gomez


'Vola Ruben


Voice Farm

Di rector of Photography

Michael Chin


Irving Saraf

Hai r/Ma keup

CliHord Hashimoto

Lucy's Wig

Richard Stead Enterprises

Ms . Gomez's Styl ist

Alexi Lecach

Lucy's Seam stress

Phillipe Ruise

Sound Record i st

LaureHa Molitor

Assistant Di rector

John Bininger

Assistant Camera

Jan Ruona

Title Pnotography

' Rock Ross

Title Graph ics

Keith R PoHer Design


John Fontana


JulieHe di Giovanni Greg Keller


Michael Brown

Sou nd Mix

Amy Hunter

Production Assistants

Eric McNatt Douglas Conrad

Set Crew

Denise Meyer Jami Hoats Brett Thomas

Craft Services

Monty Kimball

Sti l l s

Teena Albert

Negative Cutter

Angela Chou

F i l m Lab

Monaco Labs

Camera Equi pment

Adolph Gasser

Aud io Post

Music Annex

Ed iti ng Fac i l ity

Saul Zaentz Film Center

F i l m to Tape

Michael Mintz/Bill Weber-Western Images

Sou nd Stage

Film Arts Foundation Back Room

Tha n k you's:

Harri ngton's, Mad Magdas, Katz's Bagels, Mag ic Theater, ACT, Ta m i ng of the Shoe, Zev Berman , Scott Roberts, Ga i l Si lva, Doug las Conrad (and everybody at FAF) Glen Newland, I rene Pi nn, Debb ie Bruba ker, Jono Weiss , Jea n Fichtenkort, Cou r Da i n , Ga briel LaRaque, Mel i ssa Mu rphy, Cam Wi l son

#" '. : Music Annex � �AldoIotT omc:tr'O.W

Dyke Delights: New Lesbian Shorts 2

Eagle Shooting Hero Sat J u n e 1 7 3 : 3 0 p m CAS $7 617C Sponsored by Odwalla Juice

S u n J u n e 11 12noon CAS $5 611A


e can't seem to resist bringing you at least one

gender bending Hong Kong film. This year we

Thu J u n e 1 5 2 : 15pm CAS $5 6158

have Jeffrey Lau's Eagle Shooting Hero, a wacky

Sponsored by Deneuve

spoof of just about every Hong Kong film you


veryone likes it hot in this collection of tasty les­

bian cinema flicks. Highlights include H. Len

into the desires of two beautiful young women

Concubine. Don't even try to follow the plot in

who catch each others eye at the laundromat. A


this silly comedy as the characters constantly

woman receives her first Tarot card reading and it

changes her life in Karen Sheahan's film In The













60 EDDY 1 4 1 5.776 . 1 380 THE H I P H AV E FO U N D A H O M E

actor including Brigitte Lin from The East Is Red and Leslie Cheung from Farewell, My

Keller's sexy new film Sightings which delves


have ever seen and stars just about every major

Cards. Things get supernatural when a quarreling couple check into an empty motel in Souvenir and fantasy and reality mix in Double Entente. Margaret Hetherman's film Sister


Louise's Discovery, a young nun must come to terms with her sister's sexuality. Heatwave explores the dreams and desires of a poetically minded teen. Le Poisson D' Amour explores the public/private duality'S of a lesbian love affair while Regarde-Moi transgresses the boundaries of a forbidden world.

Double Entente dir. Jacquie Lawrence 1994

swap sex roles only adding to the confusion. It involves two evil cousins trying to take over a

kingdom, a search for an all-powerful kung-fu .


manual, a young male priest


(played by a woman) who is in


love with his murdered master and an Emperor who wants to

achieve nirvana, but in order to do so must per­ suade another man to tell him he loves him. With

all this gender bending and the usual astounding displays of kung-fu mastery; you want to miss this hilarious send up of Hong Kong films. Starring Brigette Lin, Leslie Cheung, Tony Leung, Maggie Cheung, and Joey Wong.

UK 11mins 16mm

Eagle Shooting Hero dir. Jeffrey Lau 1994

Heatwave dir. Kathy Stephans 1994 USA

Hong Kong 105mins 35mm color in Can­ tonese with Engl ish and Mandarin subtitles

15mins 16mm In The Cards dir. Karen Sheahan 1994 USA 6:25mins 16mm Le Poisson D'Amour dir. Pau la Gauthier 1994 USA 11mins 16mm Regarde-Mol dir. Elisabeth Aubert 1993 France 8:30 mins 35mm subtitled Sightings dir. H. Len Kel ler 1995 USA 12m i ns 16mm Sister Louise's Discovery dir. Margaret Heatherman 1994 USA 10m ins 16mm Souvenir dir. Lisa Cholodenko 1994 USA 13mins 16mm Total running time: 90mins


Eclipse �un J u ne 11 9 : 30 p m CAS $ 7 611E Bay Area Premiere

Electric City presents Red Hot and Bruised Mon J u ne 12 5 : 00pm V I C $5 612H

Sponsored by KQED Co-presented by Teleftlm and the Canadian Consulate

li s the cosmic phenomenon of a solar eclipse Itdraws near, ten individuals find one another in

this powerfully erotic reexamination of what dri­ ves us to seek emotional and sexual solace in ill­ fated relationships. The characters are Henry, a twe.nty-something Asian-Canadian hustler; Brian, a"middle-aged business man; Sylvie, a Quebecoise maid; Gabriel, a political refugee from Latin America; Norman, an immigration lawyer; Sarah, his Venezuelan wife; Angelo, a sexually preco­ cious gay teenager; Michael, a self-absorbed artist; Jim, a contemplative actor; and Carlotta, a relentless party girl. The eclipse acts as a metaphor for their electrify­ ing sexual couplings. Much like the moon arid





�un, th� couples �� co� stantly Jockeymg for posItIon m the

L-_-=___-l sexual and emotional games

they play. The beautiful Angelo knows the pOwer

his youth wields over the older men he seeks out. But when he sees his. image captured and bottled by Michael he realizes the precariousness of his advantage. For Henry, sex is just a job and he puts up with Brian who finds sexual gratification in hustlers and his maid Sylvie. The cynical Sylvie is empowered by the sexual acts she per­ forms with her employer. Sarah, must face her past and question her current life when she meets Gabriel. Michael and Jim are still facing the demons born of their broken relationship.

Sponsored by SO/SO �an Francisco's own Cheap TV experts, Electric .lc ity Network, has chronicled the lives and loss­

es of gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans gender people for the last 12 years. Nominated for three Emmy Awards, Electric City has highlighted AIDS activism, club scene, court system, police riots, drag queens, dyke daddies, sex workers, street fairs, parades, protests, performers, poets, the quotables and the notables, not to mention the unmentionables. Red Hot & Bruised is a kaleido­

scope of amazing footage, fierce music and his­ toric photographs from Electric City; with help

from Bill Longen, Chuck Roseberry and some of the city's best photographers. Uncut and uncensored, Red Hot & Bruised

reviews history through the eyes and ears of a queer activist camera crew who were at the right place, at the right time rt<cording everything from Coronations, and police brutality. Electric City was arrested in Sacramento for "conspiracy to film a demonstration" and were attacked by San Francisco's finest while taping the October 6,

1989 Castro Lock Down. Electric City was in the

rotunda of City Hall to film a body bag dance for Day of Disaster. The screen will fill with disturb­ ing and inspiring images of people in the community as they are. Red Hot & Bruised will include special appear­

ances from Jerome Caja's acting debut playing all

Shakespeare's heroines to Tom Ammiano, Chrys­ tos, Lani Kaahumanu, Elvis Herselvis, Phatima,

In fact, all these volatile entanglements are

Patsy Cline, Dead Marilyn, Dan White, Dennis

skewed by race, class and age while the beautiful

... Mason, Rambeau, Danny 50;.r'SO Williams, Doris Fish, Kate

black and white cinematography creates an other worldly atmosphere which belies the all too earth­ ly power dynamics that inform each encounter. Plus Richard Press' Rambles in which an older

Perone, Li � i DeHaas, Crystal









Borstein, Pansy Division, Robert Bray, Bob

Hawk, Miss Kitty, John Waters, Charles Busche, Susie Bright, Learch, Keith Hennessy, Vito Russo,

qlan seeks refuge in anonymous sexual encounters.

Justin -Bond, Lypsinka, Miss Uranus Contest, Joan

Eclipse dir. Jeremy Podeswa 1994 Canada 95

relax and enjoy the ride !

mins 35mm color/b&w Rambles dir. Richard Press 1994 USA 11 min. 16mm b&w


Fetish &, Fantasy, to Let It All Hang Out Day,

Jett Blakk and many more surprises. Sit back, - Sande Mack

Leather etc

EuroBoys In Shorts Too


Wed J u n e 1.4 12noon CAS

An Evening With Derek Jarman

$5 -614A

Wedn J u ne 14

US_ Premieres

1 2 0 1 Folsom @ 8th St. SF • 94 1 03

Open 7 Days (41 5) 864·7558

Sponsored by Headlines


slew of Italian films infused with cute boys and a

profound sense of magical realism. With surreal

images in the midst of daily life, these films con­

stantly navigate between fantasy and reality to pre­

� ��

Dr. Deborah D. Schick,


��O� i - . C��'J .:•• ••• ••:. t

Dedicated Loving Care


Recorded messages on healthcare topics.

Ca1l 510-208-7070 Now! ....-... Take Grarnl Ave exit off 1-580

tum right

After the introduction, enter the appropriate 4-digit code listed below.

��;.It;t-l 1301 Chronic Headaches GRAHOAVE. 1302 Whiplash Neck Injuries 1303 Disc: Herniated or Slipped 1306 What is Chiropractic? 1310 Pain Relief Without Drugs 1312 Meet Dr. Schick 1318 Carpal Tunnel




sent a vibrant and alternative view of gay life.


411 Grand Ave.

Oakland ,

1304 Shoulder Pain 1305 Sports Injuries 1307 Sciatica 1308 Low Back Pain 1309 Neck Pain 1324 Overuse Injuries 1331 Pinched Nerves




his program features two documentaries on

Derek Jarman as well as three of his short films

from the '70's which have been recently restored by the Centre Georges Pompidou.

Mark Jordan and John Piper's The Last Paintings

Of Derek Jarman shows us that Tarman's "prolific

optometrist and his mother discover that he never

rich career as an -artist . . . " The Last Paintings doc­

cally a man when, during an eye test, the


saw things quite in same way they have.

In Claudio Cipelleti's n Mondo

Diviso, a young man begins to explore

his sexuality. Michael Brynntrup's

E $ Kain und Abel shows how

God sows

the seeds of discord and divides mankind into good

and evil. Giovanni Minerba's Orpheus, The Day

Before is a contemporary rendering of the ancient

Orpheus. While washing his 501 's, Andrea discov­

ers new life in Giampaolo Mara's Mirto. Marzi's

Tracce Di ChIodo SuI Muro features a lonely trans­ vestite, an old mother, a fat singer and a beautiful stranger, Andreas Struck's Random Access is a

filmmaking career was balanced by an equally

uments how "on the edge of blindness and short

of breath (Jarman) was in the process of creating

his final set of paintings with the help of his assis­

tant Karl Lydon."

Richard Kwietniowski's A Night With Derek "fea- ­

tures a broad range of his acquaintances celebrat­

ing his dizzying love of life, a year after his death.

Clancy Chassay, the young actor who debuted in

I . _


virgutatlantlc _


Derek's film Wittgenstein,

_ provides a mischievous pot -

ted biography for Jarman beginners, and also

reveals for the first time his Famous Last Words."

fairy tale in which two guys' lives take on new

Jarman's Journey To Avebury beautifully reflects

young men in a small town fmd each other and the

Celtic traditions, while his interest in Egyptology

meaning after they encounter the Madonna.


his fascination with ancient history, paganism, and

courage to show their love in Alexander Kunja's

and Alchemy are at the heart of Garden of Luxor.

Amblyopa (Points Of View) dir. Monica Stambri­

man. In it these are the themes and images that

II Mondo Divlso (The Spilt World) dir. Claudio

ing of characters. . . , the mesmerized cinema of


ni 1994 Italy 4 mins 16mm



Monica Stambrini's Amblyopia, Martino is practi­


1 . Headaches, Dizziness '- 2. Neck Pain, Tight Muscles 3. Pain down arms, Shoulder pain 4. Low back pain, Pain in legs 5. Indigestion & Constipation j.'3tt' 13 6. N mbn s rnngling , � '3�oS\l\�'3\ 6� "' : : � � � 7 . Pamful Jomts o(V>u\l'3 l\O � \.�"', ( ( ••• ) : 8. Wrist Pain ,' , ,- -. --.


Sponsored by Virgin Atlantic

ur program of European gay shorts features a


Warning Signals of Pinched Nerves


US Premieres

Cipelletti 1994 Italy 12 m ins 16mm

"Art of Mirrors . . . was a breakthrough film for Jar­ reoccur throught his work. The theatrical position­

gestures that relates to his early painting. . . "

- Michael o 'Pray

Kain und Abel dir. Michael Brynntrup 1994 Ger­ many 10 mins 16mm

Orpheus, The Day Before dir. Giovanni Minerba

1994 Italy 12 mins 16mm

Mirto dir. Giampaolo Marzi 1994 Italy 12 mins

The Last Paintings Of Derek Jarman dir. Mark Jordan

& John Piper 1994 G reat Britain 30

mins video


A Night With Derek d i r. Richard Kwietniowski

The Wall) dir. Giampaolo Marzi -1994 Italy 4


Tracce DI Chiodo Sui Muro (Tracks Of Nail On mins 16mm

Random Access dir. Andreas Struck 1995 Great Britain 11 mins 35mm Vehlefanz dir. Alexander Kunja 1992 Germany 15 mins 16mm Total running time: 80 minutes

& Peter M u rphy 1995 Great Britain. 25 mins

Journey To Avebury d i r. Derek Jarman 197 1 Great Britain 10 mins 16mm

Garden Of Luxor dir. Derek Jarman 1972 Great Britain 6 mins 16mm

The Art Of Mirrors d i r. Derek Jarman 1973 Great Britain 10 mins 16mm Total runn ing time: 81 minutes

Experimental Explorations

Fanci's Persuasion World Premiere

Fri J u n e 16 8 : 30pm VIC $7 6161 ithout theory, there would be no change. Join us in watching accomplished film makers new post-post contemporary shorts. Rene Broussard's The Fatboy Chronicles is a video diary made up

found TV footage, family photographs and school yearbook photographs. These elements are point­ edly taken apart and reassembled in a way that is

both incisive and humorous in their depiction of the origins of Broussard's life long attraction to

fatboys and men. Odd Girl Out is another video diary that traces both the erotic and class roots of the artists coming out process. Tammy Rae Car­ land has created an excellent pixel vision scrap­

book of her adolescence. Jim Hubbard, co­ founder of the New York Lesbian and Gay ExperiI men�l Fih� Festival, . . . ,.,., - j descnbes hIS 1 6mm cme.. .... ...

Ado lphGaqer. 10 .

mascope film Momento Mori as a self-processed meditation on death and the personal and cultural rituals that surround it. Plus My Assimilation, Cecilia Dougherty's latest video exploration into the conflict between identity and assimilation.

The Easy Garden dir. Annie Stanley 1995

USA 9mins Fat Boy Chronlcles dir. Rene Broussard

1995 USA 24mins "I" dir. Joel Roman Mendias 1995 USA 15mins My Failure to Assimilate dir. Cecilia Dougher­ ty 1995 USA 20m ins Memento Morl dir. John Hubbard 1994 USA 20mins 16mm Odd Girl Out dir. Tammy Rae Carland 1994 USA 17m ins Total running time: 105mins

beings of higher intelligence buy, sell Be trade at Streetlight

Sponsored by The San Francisco Bay Guardian

Sponsored by Adolph Gasser


From Near Be Far

Sat J u n e 1.0 11 : 00pm C AS $ 7 6 10 F

Th� night before Fanci's wedding to luscious girl­ I fnend Loretta, a spell settles upon San Francis­

co. Power outages course through the city and

Fanci's friends and family are swept into a dream

world where magic takes precedent over reality.

Things start to fall apart, beginning with the happy couple who disagree over the guest list. Just one

block away, Olive and Theo, two of Fanci's clos­

est friends, are planning a mystical wedding cere­ mony while her arch conservative parents Irving

and Irene (played by Justin Bond) are refusing to

attend the wedding. Olive and Theo have a witch­ ly falling out and do battle in the realm of magic.

Their occult shenanigans cause everyone to go to

pieces including Fanci's mother who finds herself on a journey through the city's sexual under-




ground. At her bachelorette

party, F�ci's �eprieve from all .L-_____--1. the wackiness IS only momen-

tary when she finds herself inflicted by a series of

nightmarish visions which catapults her naked and

screaming through the streets of San Francisco.

Can the girl get a grip on herself to make it to her own wedding? Tensions build and everything

comes to a spectacular conclusion at the much awaited wedding ceremony. Local director

Charles Herman-Wurmfeld's debut feature film is a dizzy and energetic queer comedy, which just

goes to show that Love Is A Many-Gendered Thing.

Fancl's Persuasion dir. Charles Herman­ Wurmfeld 1995 , USA 80mins 16mm








SAN FRANCISCO 3979 24TH ST. • 282-3550 2350 MARKET ST. • 282-8000 SAN JOSE 980 SO. BASCOM • 292 - 1 404

Congratulations & Continued Success To The San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival! Still Photography Studio


Motion Picture

Photofinishing •

Film & Paper


Pro Video



Digital Cameras Supplies


• •

New & Used Equipment

Ifit concerns photography, weprobably have it!

Fiction and Other Truths: A Film About Jane Rule/Jodie Promo S u n J u n e 1.1. 7:1.5pm CAS $7 61.1.0 Wed J u n e 1.4 2 : 00pm $ 5 61.48 US Premiere Sponsored by 10%

1 8 1 Second Street San Francisco, CA 94 1 05 (4 1 5 ) 4953852 5733 Geary Blvd. San Francisco, CA 94 1 2 1 (4 1 5) 75 1 -0 1 45

Co-presented by Telefllm Canada and The Canadian Consulate



TilE RETU RN of Til E CLAssic LOAfER WiTIl A Twi sT! • • •

e are very excited to be presenting a new doc­ umentary from the makers of Forbidden Love. Aerlyn Weissman and Lynne Fernie have once again created an insightful and entertaining film that delves into lesbian history this time examin­ ing the life of famous lesbian novelist and activist, Jane Rule. Interviews with and about Rule are interwieved with dramatic evocations of her writ­ ing. Her first published novel The Desert of the Heart sent shock waves through the literary com­ munity, but never-the-Iess went on to become a best-seller and highly successful film which remains a favorite among lesbian audiences. A committed political activist and intellectual, Jane Rule found herself fleeing, with her life-long com­ panion Helen Sonthoff, the rabid McCarthyism of the US in the 50's. Settling in Canada, she contin­ ues to foster public awareness and debate around issues of sexuality, representation and censorship. Whether a fan of her writing or Desert Hearts the film, Weissman and Fernie's film is a wonderful opportunity to meet one of the most important les­ bians of our time. From Freaky Friday to Nell, Jodie Foster has been one of the most versatile actresses of her _ generation. As a tomboy role model, as a bud­ ding adolescent, and as one of the strongest women actresses of the 80s she's also one of our hottest heart-throbs. Featuring some of the bright­ est highlights of her distinguished career, this compilation of coming attractions serves up a trailer tribute to one of the biggest screen heroes of the 90s. Fiction and Other Truths: A Film About Jane Rule dir. Aerlyn Weissman and Lynne Fernie

1995 Canada 56mins 16mm Jodie Promo Cu rated by Jenni Olson 1969 -

1995 USA 30mins

For Colored Girls Who . . . Fri J u ne 1.6 6:00pm VIC $ 7 61.6H Sponsored by Girlfriends


his presentation of new works reflects the cre­ ative and powerful voices of Black lesbian filmmakers today. Included are H. Len Keller's sexy new film Sightings which delves into the desires of two beautiful young women who catch each others eye at the laundromat, but can't quite seem to connect. A young women takes out a per­ sonal ad looking- for a new companion, but she doesn't always get what she wants in Jennifer Tate's comical film The Ad. When a Brooklyn babysitter, the neighborhood matriarch, is killed by a stray bullet, the reminiscences of five women (all played by Lisa Collins) entwine, weaving the tale of their lives in Miss Ruby's House. In Frankie & Jocie, Jocelyn Taylor has some surpris­ ingly frank conversations with her straight brother about sexuality, desire, violence, self-hate and notions of family. loge Blackman's BD Women is the first British film to document B lac� lesbi:m life. . 1. _ _ _ _ ---_-' Revealmg mtervlews about ._ family and creating positive community are inter­ woven with a sensual love story set in the 1920's. This was a time when lesbians were often referred to as bulldaggers and butch/femme was all the rage.

I G ,:i.�R.-:L I

The Ad dir. Jennifer Tate 1995 USA 13mins

16mm SD Women dir. Inge Blackman 1994 Great

Britain 20m ins video

Frankie " Jocle dir. Jocelyn Taylor 1994 USA

20mins video Miss Ruby's House dir. Lisa Col lins 1993

USA 18mins 16mm Sightings dir. H . Len Keller 1995 USA 12mins

16mm Total running time: 83m ins

Celebrate diversityl The Triangle (hot pink) represents Gay and Lesbian rights, the Star of David (gold) symbolizes religious freedom, the symbol for Male and Female (white) merge to symbolize empowerment for all, the Faces in Silhouette (black, brown and white) stand for racial and ethnic and equality, and the Red Ribbon is for HIV, disease and disability.

Fun In Boys' Shorts: New Gay Shorts 1

Fun In Girls' Shorts: New Lesbian Shorts 1

Sat June 10 11 :00am CAS $5 610A

Sat June 10 1: 30pm CAS $5 6 10B

SUIl June 18 5 : 00pm CAS $5 618B

Sun June 18 2 : 30pm CAS $5 618A

Sponsored by Joe tIoxer


his slate of fun gay shorts features Peggy Rajs­

ki's oscar® winning Trevor. Diana Ross

obsessed 1 3-year-old Trevor plunges into despair when everyone in town discovers his crush on

hunky basketball playing pal Pinky. This sweet short film is a tender and often hilarious rendering of gay adolescent angst. Felipe Paulo's Almod­ ovarish Porcada (loosely translated as "piggery") is a salacious sex farce set in Toronto's Little Por­ tugal. Amalia, a bank clerk, finds herself compet­



to do when she want's to slim down? You'll just

Lisa Udelson's short film The Party Favor is a hilarious send-up of that most dreaded heterosexu­ al tradition - the suburban bridal shower. Susie ·

of love. Jeff Robinson's Personally Yours tells of a young man's hopeless search for the love of his life through the personals. Steve McBride's Shame is a tale of an unscrupulous reporter's attempt to out two famous gay boys.

My Polish Walter dir. Terracino 1994 USA 12 mins 16mm b&w Porcarla dir. Filipe Paulo 1995 Canada 35 mins 16mm b&w Personally Yours dir. Jeff Robinson 1995 USA 8 mins 16mm Shame dir. Steve McBride 1995 UK 17 mins 16mm

Trevor dir. Peggy Rajski 1994 USA 18 mins. 35mm Total running time: 90minutes

SIVlll:llln ______________ Mall to: Tolerance Promotion • Planned Par.nU!ood 11M Prospect Street • SataIOta, Fl M2U-2217

1 ho�ophobia and cinem� :._ .:j :t..._> -)_:1 8_.,;._1.... )_ ...._ ... ... .. colhde. What's a Top Plg _ � _

reluctantly accompanies her lover, Debbie, to a bridal shower for her sister-in-law. Just when they think they can't endure another round of gossip and games, they are given a very special party favor.

The Ad dir. Jennifer Tate 1995 USA 12:20mins 16mm

The Anniversary dir. Garth Christenson 1995 USA 14mins 16mm

Burden of Dykes dir. Ann Chamberlain 1994 USA 15m ins 16mm

Cat·Nlp dir. Amanda Taylor 1995 USA 14mins 16mm

The Top Pig dir. Angela Holdschmidt 1995 Germany 6mins 16mm How To Turn Heads dir. Krista Tupper/Allen Braude 1994 Canada 6mins 16mm

The Party Favor dir. Lisa Udelson 1995 USA 20:16mins 35mm Total running time: 87:36mins

ShlpplngIHandling TOTAL


Exp. Dllte: __'__'_

bians and cats. Burden Of Dykes is a spoof of the mis-representations which arise when sexism,

Polish waiter, and learns that the words "good",

"'iiII _ "" _ Iioj.Ioil _ _ truly are the vocabulary loI_ """ .•

+15% MaltefQnllVl..

how they intertwine with the stereoty Pes of les­

carries a torch for Balki, a silent and inscrutable


NAME:,_____ PHONE:,______ ADDRESS:_______________________ CITY:,_____ STATE:__ ZIP:______

to lesbian satire. Here is just a sampling. Amanda

mation piece.

:t->:.:j\1 "better" and "Blintzes" �I-)?I � _. �_ _

and available in black or white.

TOLERANCE ORDER FO R M PRICES HQh: PINS $6.00; POSTERS S5.00; NOTECARDS $8.00; T-SHIRTS $1 5.00 (specify COlOR·BIeck Of WhIle . SIZE · M. L. XL Of XXL). MCIVisa. check Of money otder. •

Taylor's Cat Nip looks at her family's myths and

tions of her beefy unemployed husband. Seem­

release. In Terracino's My Polish Waiter, Timith

notecards, posters or T-shirts. Our

T-shirts are 1 00% cotton, short-sleeved,

Sponsored by Joe Boxer

have to catch Angela Holdschmidt's amazing ani­

telephone repairman for some much needed


lIIhen we say fun, we mean it! Fun is the goal n of these seven shorts that range from animation

ing with a young gay lodger for the sexual atten­ ingly defeated, she turns to Steinar, the Icelandic

Celebrate Diversity and Promote Tolerancel Purchase lapel pins,


:;.... :�: .



Get Over It

Girls By The Bay

Sat J u ne 17 8:00pm CAS $ 7 6 1 7 E

Tue J u ne 13 7 : 0 0pm VIC $ 7 613G

World Premiere

Sponsored by Odwalla Juice

Sponsored by OUT Magazine

Co-presented by Film Arts Foundation

et Over It is an insightfully caustic comedy

about a group of handsome but emotionally self­

ish young gay men and their highly dysfunctional sexual entanglements.


ur local girls sure have been busy. Here is just a

sample of the work that is being produced in the

Bay Area by some very talented and enterprising lesbians. Many have shown their work with us

before including Hima B. whose new piece, Lick,

28 1 Noe Stree�

When Steven (Troy Morgan) is unceremonio)Jsly

brings to life the revenge fantasies of a jilted lover.

( by Market

sapetses), his best friend Pam (Deborah Cordell),

My Head while our own Jenni Olson shows us



dumped by his boyfriend Derek (Nicholas Kat­

1 6th)

in a well intentioned but misguided attempt to coax

(4 1 5) 252·5500

him out of his depression, invites all their friends

up from L.A. The group is made up of the suppos­


edly straight Spencer (Christian Canterbury) who's read somewhere that, to be fully in touch with his

� I""

lesbian couple who are "joined at

old boyfriend Michael.

Constantly swapping partners , the boys can't seem

to stop bickering amongst themselves. Quickly fed up, the women ditch them and drive back to L.A., leaving the boys to untangle their own mess. Meanwhile, Steven is left feeling even more down in the dumps. With his debut feature film, Katsapetses delivers one of the sexiest and wittiest modem comedies

RSVP & Olivia �:ruises

we have seen in a long time. With an always on target script, Get Over It constantly delivers and

Atlantis • Club Med

never ceases to surprise.

And much more

an Francisco

ed wife; Christine and Sarah, a

the clit" and who never argue; and Robert, who

Hawaii, Mexico, Europe


cle 10 its full exten� his exaspernt-

brings his beautiful but impossibly bratty I S-year­

You r Castro Vacation CE�nter!

43 t Castro St.


. . . . . . . .

Salutes the 1 9th Annual S.F. Intemation,,1 Lesbian & Gay Film F4!stival

4 1 5-5 58-e�9ll 800-558-ei9l0

1 �

sexuality, a man must exercise his sphincter mus-

Plus Tommy O'Haver's Catalina, an amusing story of a gay man's problematic attraction to a straight




'1480 Hai ght St. 249-4685 543 Columbus Ave. 249-4684 ' 2146 Chestnut St. 474-8100 79 Jefferson s-i;. 249-2662

surfer boy.

Catalina dir. Tommy O'Haver 1995 USA 5:30 mins 16mm b&w Get Over It dir. Nicholas Katsapetses 1995 USA 90 mins 16mm b&w

Kadet explores the depths of loss in Shot Through

1��1 ":'� ,


just what "butch" means in 30 sec­ onds. Lesbians off the street are

asked who the girl of their dreams

would be in I Shot My W.O .D. We also have the

trailer for The Source, a documentary on the girls

who ride the waves. Plus much, much more.

Birthday Party dir. Jill Reiter 1995 USA

9mins Dumbshit dir. Marilyn Bull 1995 USA

3: 12mins I Shot My W.O.D. dir. Tanya Mi ller & Julie

Wyman 1995 USA 9 mins Lick dir. Hima 1995 USA 10mins Lost Sleep dir. Julie X Black 1995 USA 3m ins 16mm Love Strikes Hard dir. El len Seidler 1994 USA 4:06mins Possession dir. Luara Nix 1994 USA 5mins Queer Christmas dir. Heidi Arnesen 1995 USA 6:30mins Shot Through My Head dir. Kadet 1995 USA 4mins Sometimes dir. Jenni Olson 1994 USA 30sec The Source dir. Georgina Corzine 1995 USA 3m ins Two Quickies dir. Amy Boyd/ Karla Carmony 1994 USA 5:40mi ns The Wanderer dir. Margo Dean 1995 USA 9:40mins Women On Fire dir. Alexis Vaughn 1994 USA 11mins Death Of A Writer In Two Parts dir. Pamela August Russell 1995 USA 9mins All works in video. Total running time: 94m ins _


I f you want t o hear program updates, or would like to hear this information in a recorded version, please call our 24 Hour Festival Hotline: (4 1 5) 703-8650.



The Festival is designed as a celebration of our community. We invite everyone to enjoy this year' s excit�ng range of lesbian and gay film and video. We are especially committed to assisting audience members with special needs. We offer pre-seating for people with disabilities: please make yourself known to the house manager at each venue. We also ask all moviegoers to please refrain from wearing perfume and other scented products so that those with environmental illnesses may attend.

Read this page before ordering fttstival tickets


se the program grid on the following page to make your program choices, and circle the BASS code next to the pro­ gram you want to see. You must order your tickets by these codes when you call or visit one of the BASS ticket centers, or when you visit the Members VIP Ticket Office. Please have these codes written down to expedite your order ! Tickets for some Festival pro­ grams sell out very quickly. With 150 BASS ticket centers across the Bay Area, everyone has an equal chance of obtaining tickets. We recommend that you place your order right away! DAY-OF-S HOW SALES

BASS will stop selling advance tickets on the previous day-of-show. To get same-day advance tickets, you must visit the venue box office. Each venue box office will open about 30 minutes before the first show of the day. This means that, for a program on June 1 2 at 9:00pm at the Castro, you may buy a ticket from 1 1 :30am because the first screening that day is at noon. Of course, if a program is already sold out, there will be no advance day-of-show tickets ayailable.


When a screening is advertised as "sold out" at the advance ticket centers, we usually still have a number of tickets for sale at the door. This is because we have to hold back a cer­ tain number of seats for pass-holders. Once we determine how many pass-holders did not tum up, we can then release these seats for sale.

All theatres are wheelchair accessible, although the Victoria Theatre does not have a special wheelchair viewing area. T H EATRE A D D R ESSES & V E N U E C O D ES Castro Theatre (CAS)

429 Castro St. at Market, San Francisco Victoria Theater (VIC)

296 1 1 6th St.' at Mission, San Francisco Southern Exposure Gallery(SEG)

40 1 Alabama Street at 1 7th

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Superstar Video 3989 1 7th Street @ Castro Street, San Francisco BEC O M E A FRAM ELI N E M EM BE R

In our past experience, this usually means that there are about 50 - 1 00 tickets avail­ able at the Castro Theatre just before the screening starts. (The number of last-minute seats available at other venues varies.) These are released about 15 minutes before the screening starts. We recommend that you arrive early to be in line for any available tickets for "sold out " shows. Please remember, though, we offer no guarantee of available seats. R EF U N D S AND S C H ED U L E C H A N G ES

Sometimes, for reasons beyond our control, programs must be changed, rescheduled or canceled. We only offer refunds if a pro­ gram is canceled. If a program is canceled, please return tickets to the ticket center where you bought them, and a full r�fund '(including any convenience charge) will be issued promptly.

Frameline's work i s supported primarily by individual donations. Membership levels start at $35, and Frameline members receive Festival ticket discounts, home video dis­ counts and much more. To join Frameline, please visit our VIP Festival Ticket Office' between May 5 and June 1 8, the MembershipTable at the Castro Theatre, use the form on the following page, or call (4 1 5) 703-8656. Frameline 346 Ninth Street San Francisco, CA 94 1 03 Tel: (4 15) 703-8650 Fax: (4 1 5) 86 1 - 1 404 Internet: frameline@ Come a n d visit o u r h o m e page: HTTP://WWW .FRAMELlNE,ORG/

PLEASAl'lT HILL, 1025 Conlt,( Costa Blvd. OAKlAND, 3333 Lakeshore Ave .

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SAN FRANCISCO, 1555 Haight SI. & moo Polk SI.



Includes Festival ticket discounts, use of Festival guest door, and our quarterly newsletter

o Associate $75

Includes all of the above, plus special theater dis­ counts and film previews

o Supporter $ 1 50




�:30pm - Eclipse 61 1 E

Monday June 12

1 2noon - Boys and Girls Together 61·2A

2:00pm - Pushing Limits: New Lesbian Shorts 3 61 2B 4: 1 5pm - Paradise Framed 61 2C

7:00pm - No Ordinary Love 6 1 30 9:30pm - Skin Deep 6 1 3E

Wednesday June 14

1 2noon - Euro Boys In Shorts Too 6 1 4A

2:00pm - Jane Rule/Jodie Promo 6 1 4B 4:00pm - Terence Davies Trilogy 6 1 4C 6:45pm - Change the Frame 6 1 40 9:00pm - Parallel Sons 6 1 4E

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Thursday June 15

o I have enclosed a check made payable to Frameline

1 2 noon - Love In The Time Of AIDS: New Short Films 61 5A

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2 : 1 5pm - Dyke Delights: New Lesbian Shorts 2 (repeat) 6 1 5B


7:00pm - I, The Worst of All 61 50

4:30pm - Roy Coh n/Jack Smith 61 5C 9:30pm - Surprise Sneak Preview 61 5E

Exprre date _____________________________ Signarure

Friday June 16

___ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

1 2 noon - Change the- Frame (repeat) 61 6A 2:00pm - No Ordinary Love (repeat) 61 6B

Sadomasochism 61 0J 1 0: 1 5pm - The Naked Look 61 0K Sunday June 11

2:00pm - Lions, Tigers, Chubs & Bears 61 1 F 4:1 5pm - Our Mothers, Our Selves 6 1 1 G 6:30pm - Queer "Orientalia" 61 1 H 9:00pm - Sister My Sister 61 1 1 Monday June 12

9:00pm - Brincando el Charco/BD Women 6 1 2H Tuesday June 13

5:00pm - M I X Brazil 6 1 3F 7:00pm - Girls By the Bay 61 3G 9:30pm - Boys By the Bay 61 3H Wednesday June 14

5:00pm - The Last Paintings of Derek Jarman 6 1 4F 7:00pm - TransGenderFuck Activism 61 4G 9:00pm - Serial Lesbians 6 1 4H Thursday June 15

5:00pm - Out In South Africa/The Happy Gordons 61 5F 7:00pm - We Were Marked With a Big A 6 1 5G 9:30pm - PunkGirlAction! 6 1 5H Friday June 16,

3:00pm - Young Queer Rebels 6 1 6G 6:00pm - For Colored Girls Who . . . 61 6H 8:30pm - Experimental Explorations 6 1 61 1 0:30pm - Naughty, Nasty & Not So Nice 61 6J Saturday June 17

2:00pm - Lesbian Body Politics 6 1 7F

o Frameline may use my name in its publications

4:00pm - Devotion 6 1 6C

4:00pm - Spikes & Heels 61 7G

o I want to volunteer for Frameline, please contact me

7:00pm - Heaven's A Drag 61 60

6:00pm - Anatomy of Desire/Political Funerals 61 7H

9:30pm - Thin Ice 61 6E

o I want to know more about Frameline Distribution,

8:30pm - Trick or Treat 61 71

1 1 : 1 5pm - Midnight Dancers 61 6F

1 0:30pm - Sex, Drag, Murder & Mayhem 6 1 7J

please send me a catalog

Saturday June 17 1 1 :OOam - Bittersweet: Boys' Shorts 3 617 A

Frameline is a 501 (c) tax-exempt non-profit corporation.

1 : 1 5pm - Playing the PartlMemsahib Rita/These Shoes

Contributions are tax. deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Weren't Made For Walking 61 7B

For more membership infonnalion please call


Iron Closet 6 1 01 8:00pm - BloodSisters: Leather, Dykes &

5:00pm - Electric City presents Red, Hot and Bruised 6 1 2F

2:00pm - Boys and Girls Together (repeat) 6 1 3B

__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

6:00pm - After the Revolution/Coming Out of the

7:00pm - Crossing the Gender Divide 61 2G

4:00pm - Costa Brava (repeat) 6 1 3C

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

2:00pm - Creating Family 61 0G 4:00pm - Tramps, Vamps & Cramps 6 1 0H

6:45pm - Tokyo Cowboy 61 20

1 2noon - Million Eyes of Su-Muru 61 3A

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Saturday June 10

9:00pm - Love and Human Remains 61 2E

Tuesday June 13

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _

Work phone

1 :30pm - Fun In Girls' Shorts: New Lesbian Shorts 1 61 0B 4:00pm - A Place in the Sun 61 0C

5:00pm - Men Maniacs 61 1 C

__ __ __ __ __ __ __ � __ __ __ __ __ __ __

Horne phone.

1 1 :OOam - Fun In Boys' Shorts: New Gay Shorts 1 61 0A

7 : 1 5pm - Jane Rule/Jodie Promo 61 1 0

All of the above, plus additional Gold Cards, invita­ tions to private Visionary Circle events, name list­ ing at Castro Theatre during the Festival, and tickets to Visionary Circle Festival kick-off event.


Saturday June 10

2:30pm - The Last Supper 6 1 1 B

o Visionary Circle ($ 1 000 and .above)

Mailing address

Victoria Theatre

6:30pm - The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love 609A

1 2noon - Dyke Delights: New Lesbian Shorts 2 61 1 A

Includes all of the above, plus two Festival Fast Passes or one Gold Card, invitations to Festival par­ ties, two tickets to the Festival Gala and an invita­ tion to the Festival Closing Night party. ,

5:00pm - Fun In Boys' Shorts: New Gay Shorts 1 6 1 8B

10:30pm - Wigstock: The Movie 609B

Sunday June 11

o Benefactor ($500)

2:30pm - Fun In Girls' Shorts: New Lesbian Shorts 1 61 8A 7:30pm - Frisk 6 1 8C

1 1 :OOpm - Fanci's Persuasion 61 0F

includes all of the above, plus a Festival Fast Pass or two Take Ten Passes, two Festival t-shirts and invitations to special events and screenings.

Sunday June 18

Friday June 9

9 : 1 5pm - Lie Down With Dogs 6 1 0E

o Patron $250 Good for Two


Castro Theatre

7:00pm - Costa Brava 61 00

Includes all of the above, plus a Festival T-shirt, one Take Ten Pass (ten complimentary festival tickets), listing in Festival catalog.

your nrune


(415) 703-8656.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

6:00pm - Nico-Icon 6 1 70

Southern Exposure Thursday June 1 5 , 7:30 - Cyberstroika 6 1 5K

3:30pm - Eagle Shooting Hero 6 1 7C

Friday June 1 6, 7:30 - Cyberstroika 61 6K

8:00pm - Get Over It 61 7E

Saturday June 1 7, 7:30 - Cyberstroika 61 7K


The VIP Festival Ticket Outlet is the place to go if: you are a Frameline member and want to buy tickets or Fast Passes you want to redeem your Take Ten card you want to buy Gala tickets you want to become a Frameline member •


Frameline, the non-profit organization that presents the Festival, is supported by dona­ tions from members. Membership starts at $35. As our way of thanking you for your support of lesbian and gay media arts, Frameline members receive the following special services and discounts at the Festival. V I P FESTIVAL T I C K ET OUTLET

Use our ticket oii"tlet just for Frameline members ! Located at Superstar Video, at 3989 17th Street at Castro, the outlet will be open from Friday May 5 through Saturday June 17 at the following times: 1 1 :00am - 7:00pm Monday to Friday 1 1 :OOam - 6:00pm Saturday and Sunday




Frameline members also get early access to tickets. The VIP Festival Ticket Outlet opens May 5 - one full week before tickets go on sale to the general public! Plus there' s no convenience fees for tickets pur­ chased by members at our office. We hope you will enjoy this new system, and that it will eliminate any prior inconvenience you may have experienced when purchasing tickets. TIC KET DISCOU NTS

All Frameline members receive a $1 dis­ count on single ticket prices only when buy­ ing at the VIP Festival Ticket Outlet. So a regular $7 ticket costs you only $6, and a $5 matinee ticket costs you only $4! Note: There is four ticket per show limit on all sales to Frameline members.

• •


As usual, we will have limited quantities of Festival Fast Passes which allow priority access to specific Festival theatres. There are two Fast Passes: Castro and Victoria Theaters. You may buy these at the VIP Festival Ticket Outlet only while our very limited supply lasts. TA KE T E N S

A Take Ten card allows you to buy ten tick­ ets for the price of seven. This is not a walk-in pass.

You must redeem it for

individual tickets at the VIP Festival Ticket Outlet before arriving at a Festival theatre.


And don't forget the Festival Gold Card. This allows you to walk in to any venue at any time, without waiting in line. At the Gas·tro, you will use the special Gold Card door. Gold Cards are our special thank you gifts to $500 and above donors. T-S H I RTS

If you are a $ 1 50 donor (or higher), please collect your free Festival T-shirt, with our compliments, at the VIP Festival Ticket Outlet. You must present your membership card to redeem your T-shirt.

H ow to Buy Tic kets fo r the G e n e ra l Public

THE GENERAL PUBLIC MUST PURCHASE ADVANCE FESTIVAL TICKETS AT BASS TICKET CENTERS STARTING MAY 12 Through special arrangement with BASS, we are pleased to offer advance ticket sales at all 1 50 Bay Area BASS ticket centers, including The Wherehouse and Tower RecordsNideo. There is a service fee per ticket of $1 when using this option.

BASS is available at The Wherehouse and Tower RecordsNideo. For your nearest BASS ticket center, call (5 1 0) 762-BASS. PHONE O R D ERS BY BASS

Beginning May 12, you can buy tickets by phone from BASS. There is a $1.50 conve­ nience charge on each ticket, plus a


mailing/handling fee per order for tele­

phone orders. In California, call (5 1 0) 762-

BASS. Out-of-state, call 1 -800-225-BASS. TOWER / WHEREHOUSE

�SS 41 5/778-1 999


r - - - - - - - - - - - - - -� - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - � - - - - - - - - - -,

Order Form




on this page to make


your program


choices, and circle the


program you want to see.


You must 6rder your tick­


ets by these codes when


you call or visit one of the


BASS ticket centers, or .


Members VIP Ticket


Office. Please have these


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se the program grid

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TOTAL � - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -













The world's source for l e sbian and Day f i l m , v i d e o , a n d a l ternative me diia


What Is Frameline rameline is the nation's· only comprehensive Fnon-profit organization dedicated to the

exhibition, distribution, promotion and fund­ ing of lesbian and gay film and video. The San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival is Frameline's signature event. For nineteen years we've been bring­ ing new and rare works to a Bay Area audi­ ence; our 1 994 audience numbered over 55,000 . Our ambition is to showcase the best and most diverse work by or about lesbians and gay men.

, In addition to the Festiv� FrameIi1e also presents: FILM & V I D EO DISTRI BUTION

Frameline Distribution brings over 140 les­ bian and gay films and videos to television, theatres, colleges, libraries and community groups across the country. Our ever-growing collection represents the variety, excellence, innovation and importance of lesbian and gay work today. Titles include Gus Van 'Sant's first film Mala Noche, Marlon Riggs' Tongues Untied, and Last Call At Maud's, Paris Poirier's history of lesbian bar culture. H O M E V I D EO

Now for the first time ever, you can create a lesbian and gay film festival in your own home. In 1 994 we launched Frameline's Lesbian & Gay Cinema Collection on home video . . Titles include Together Alone, Extramuros, Tongues Untied and Voices From The Front. To be placed on our mailing list, please call (4 1 5) 703-8659, or ask the volunteers at the Castro Theatre Membership Table for more information. FILM & VI DEO COM PLETION FU ND

Frameline's annual fund for film and video­ makers is designed to help bring lesbian and gay work to the screen. Through the Completion Fund, we provided grants to a number of films featured in this year's Festival. Completion Fund guidelines are available by mid-July each year, and the deadline is mid-October. For more informa­ tion, call (4 1 5) 703-8658 . RESOU RCE SERVICES

Frameline's Archive & Resource Center is another way in which we continue to provide

access to our cinematic history. The center contains both archival and current materials - films, videos, stills, posters, catalogs and clippings - on lesbian and gay film and video, from the 1 930s to the present day. Our Archive & Resource Center is currently pro­ vided as a service to programmers, writers, students and researchers all over the world. LES BIAN & GAY FI LM CLASS


As part of its outreach mission, Frameline hias provided support to City College of San Francisco's Film 120C and 1 200 lesbian and gay film classes since their inception in 1 988. Taught by Frameline's Education Consultant (and local film critic) Daniel Mangin, the two courses track representations of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and the transgendered through an eclectic cross-section of queer cinema his­ tory . Class guest speakers have included Gregg Araki, Kate Bomstein, Marlon Riggs, Barbara Hammer, Marcus Hu and Aarin Burch. The Fall 1 995 semester of Film 1 200, which covers post-Stonewall fllm and video, begins August 23 and 24. Separate sections of the class are held Wednesday and Thursday evenings 6:30-9:30 at Everett Middle School, at 17th and Church. A daytime class is held on Wednesday afternoons at 2:00 at City College's main campus (Cloud Hall, room 247). You may enroll at the first class, or call for more information: (4 1 5) 668-0767. New! Cruis ing the Les bian/ Gay Fi lm Festival


Ever been moved, enthralled or rattled by a work at the Festival and wanted to debate your reaction with other movie lovers? Ever want to speak directly to a film or video maker but were too shy to shout your que.s­ tions at the Castro Theatre? The Harvey Milk Institute will be offering an intimate seminar that provides the opportunity to discuss the Festival with fellow students, directors, tale�ts and others.

*Note: Total class fee of $ 1 70 includes Castro Festival Pass (Frame line members may pur­ chase directly from Frameline); and tickets to select Victoria Theater screenings Two hour sessions June 6 (orientation and film selec­ tion) and June 20 (wrap -up discussion). Four meetings at the Festival will be arranged. All meetings held at 584B Castro Street, 2nd Floor. Phone (41 5) 552-7200 to register.


Framelne woWl lie to tbar* the foI. loU. individuals and organizations; witfIoul tIIem, the Festival would not be possible:

Lea de Laria

Gregg Taylor

Miranda Dear

Laura Thielen

Desi del Valle

Andrew Thompson

Traci des Jardins

Asian American International

Rory Desmond

Film Festival

Tom di Maria

Basilisk Films

Julie Dorf

Bear Magazine

Tom Dvorak

Berlin International Film

Greg Ebertz


Michael Ehrenzweig

Rose Troche Guinivere Turner Robin Vachal Christine Vachon Jack Walsh Steve Watson

Bill Lanese Advertising

Mike Ellerin

Darlene Weide

Blumenfeld Group

Mathew Gardener

David Weissman

British Film Institute

Vivian Gay

Michael White

Canadian Consulate Trade

Susie' Gerhardt

Karen Wickre


Lissa Gibbs

Clyde Wildes

Canadian Filmaker's

Elka Gilmore

Kafhleen Wilkinson

Distribution Center

Marga Gomez

Channel Four TV

Brian Gordon

Cine Accion

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Dangerous To Know

Larry Hellman

EBS Productions

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Evans Group

Tim Highsted

Film Arts Foundation

Marcus Hu

First Run Features

Alan Hurgott

Frameline Distribution

Al Kielwasser

L 'Estrange Associates

Danielle Knight


Eva Kolodner

National Film Board Of

Kris Kovick


Mark Leno

Orion Classics

Dan Levy

Rim Films

Caroline Libresco

Rotterdam International Film

Harry Lit


Ashley Luke

Samuel Goldwyn Company


Jeffrey Winter Yvonne Wolfe -Price Michael Woolsey Charles Wurmfeld Ron Zuckerman

Framelile wishes to thaJi the folowi/W

ma&nificent vohJrteers, and the many other individuals who haYe contributed thei' tine, energy iIId expertise to Framelite and the Festivat JimAbbeduto Judy Berkowitz Elizabeth Block Richard Broussard Leo Chiang Debbie Chrobak

San Francisco International

Lara Mac

Film Festival

James Mackay

Sony Pictures Classics

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Dennis King

Robert Bray

Angela Padilla

Karen Kircher

Marit Brickman

John Pence

Dan Brugman

Jeremy Podeswa

Veena Cabreros-Sud

Richard Ravatti

Vince Calcagno

Robe,rt Roll

Amy Changar

Richard Rovatti

Lawrence Chua

Hal Rowland Local 166

Matt Clark

B Ruby Rich

Chris Collins

To,m Sadinsky

Chip Conley

David Salanitro

John Cooper

Dan Schott .

Cate Latchford David Meanix Monica Nolan Samantha O 'Connell Beth Ozarow Meredith Ringel Brad Robinson Lita Roth Pam Russel

Lesley Cootes

Marc Smolowitz

Kennneth Sherman

Roddy Creedon

Wieland Speck

Sanford Steadman

Chris Culwell

Chuck Spero

Judy Stone

Sarah Davis


Gary Wilson

Vic de la Rosa

Franco Stevens

Shannon Wilson

Congratulations on Nineteen Great Years� See you at the show, Your Neighborhood District Attorney


(Paid for by Arto D.A. '95. Michael Wong. Treasurer)

Heaven's A Drag

I, The Worst Of All Yo, La Peor de TodasJ

Fri J u n e 16 7 : 00pm CAS $7 6160 Bay Area Premiere


Sponsored by Virgin' Atlantic


drag perfonner (Ian Williams) dies of AIDS but returns to settle some unfinished business with his butch ex-lover (Thomas Addie) in this sweet � comedy about love, com­ virgin atlaqtic " mitment and remembrance. As the film begins, Mark's health is starting to fade and handsome Simon, typical of their rela­ tionship, is doing his best to ignore reality. Prac­ ticing a different fonn of denial is their ditzy upstairs neighbor Siobban (Dillie Keane), who's just found politics via an incongruous affair with the well-meaning but humorless Terry (Tony Slat­ tery) - true love is amusingly elusive for every­ one in this movie.



Much to Mark's chagrin, he and Simon have an open relationship - Mark spends his last evenings working on his quilt panel while Simon hits the town. But when Mark enters the spirit world, he finds he has a lot more control over Simon's extracurricular activities than he did while alive. Mark's endless pranks finally get Simon to face some long-submerged feelings. There's a smidge of several old favorites - most obviously Ghost, Blithe Spirit, and Truly, Madly, Deeply - in Peter Mackenzie Litten's feature, which ends with the most satisfying expression of wish fulfillment related to the consequences of AIDS since the closing scene of Longtime Companion.

Thu June 15 7 : 00pm CAS $7 6150 Sponsored by United Airlines C�presented by the Deaf Gay and Lesbian Center


ased on the book The Traps of Faith by Nobel Prize-Winning Octavio Paz, Maria Luisa Bem­ berg's exquisite film tells the remarkable story of 1 7th-century Mexican poet Sister Juana Ines de la Cruz (Assumpta Serna), one of the greatest poets of the spanish language. Born with an intense passion to write and possessing an incredible intellect, Juana enters the convent in order to avoid marriage and continue her writing. As the Inquisition rages around her and the politics of the church become more and more repressive, Juana begins to attract much attention for her free think­ ing controversial plays and poems. A new and liberal thinking viceroy takes power and his beautiful, educated wife, Maria (Dominique Sanda) takes an interest in Juana. The two are immediately taken with each other and begin an intimate relationship that is at first intellectual, but soon becomes much more. Juana begins to write many tortured love poems to Maria that amuse her husband, but anger the woman-hating archbishop. Maria uses her hus­ • band's power and influence to pro­ tect Juana, but the viceroy is eventu­ LI N ally sent back to Spain with his wife and Juana is left alone to battle against the Machi' avalian plots of the Catholic church.


- Daniel Mangin

Plus Fairest Of Them All , a short animation film about. the backstage bitchiness of drag _ erfonners . ' Fairest Of Them All dir. Jason Stalman 1995 Great Britain l6mm 5 mins Heaven's A Drag dir. eter acke zie , " 994 itten Great Britain 35mm :.t.02 [ ins

A powerfu indictment of religious and political tyranny, I The Worst of All is widely considered to be Maria Luisa Bemberg's most brilliant film. One of Argentina's most important woman direc­ lors , Bemberg made her nrst film at the age of 59 and has continued to ,hampion the tights of women in all of her works. " The Worst Of All dir. Maria uisa Bemberg 1990 Argenti na 109mins 35mm in panish with r:nglish ubtitles

A clean, well-lighted place to shop

for sex toys, books and videos. We offer a selection of lesbian and gay erotic vi eos, including

lesbian-produced features.


II am - 7 pm, 7 days a week 1210 Valencia, San Francisco, (415) 974-8980 2504 San Pablo, Berkeley, (510) 841-8987



"e a sponsor of .he San In.erna.lonal L.... lan and Gay Fit... Fe•• lval

HAYES VALLEY MERCHANTS AD/50 626-4575 • African Outlet 864-3576 • Bella Donna 861-7182 • City Green 431-5822 • Diva's Only Hair Salon 552-3482 Hayes Valley Natural Foods 241-9560 • Headlights Hair Studio-Glenn K. DeMattia 252-9494 . Lava 9 552-6468 . Mad Magda's Russian Tea Room 864-7654 Magical Trinket 626-0764 • Painters Place 43 1-9827 · place Pigalli 552-2671 • Pomp and Circumstance 864-1830 . Stark Country Java 552-2767 Velvet da Vinci 626-7478 · Victorian Interiors 431-7191 • Zonal 255-9307

r� - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ,







: The Last Supper

Lesbian Body Politics

Sun June 11 2 : 30pm CAS $5 6118

Sat J u ne 17 2 :00pm VIC $5 617F

US Premiere

Sponsored by Fat Girl Magazine

Sponsored by' KQED

Co-presented by San Francisco

Canadian Consulate " terminally ill man bids the world an elaborate Itfarewell in this entralling adaptation of Hillar Liijota's play, originally presented on stage by Toronto's DNA Theatre. Chris (Ken McDougall), a dancer, �hares a final night of food, wine , and


reminiscence with his lover Val (Jack Nicholsen),

I �O



after which his physician (D niel M cIvor� , wh ",:ill � ? . � asslst hlm 10 end10g hls hfe,

explains to Val the ritual Chris has devised. Chris performs a "dance" in his bed - he asks Val , a

photographer, to document it - then the death scenario, which culminates in two lethal injec­ tions, is set into motion. Though The Last Supper takes place in a single approximation of real time, director Cynthia Roberts's nicely conceived camera movements and Rembrandt-like lighting maintain visual inter­ est. McDougall, who died shortly after filming, is particularly strong as the ailing Chris, who steers his lover (and himself) through a traumatic moment with grace and thoroughly appropriate touches of gloomy wit. In death Chris proves not only how much he loves Val , but life itself. The Last Supper won the "Gay Teddy Bear" audi­ ence award for best feature at the

1 995 Berlin

- Daniel Mangin

The Last Supper d i r. Cynthia Roberts 1995 Canada 96 mins 16mm

lexplore their body's in the context of fat oppression,


sexual abuse, aids, and breast exams. Desirous, pas­

real - these women explore the much

o�n neglected issues facing lesbians today.

Big Fat Slenderella is a humorous and fast paced look at dieting form the fat person's point of view. Inter­ views with fat persons are juxtaposed with commer­

cial spoofs that satirize the mainstream obsession with

Look for the red neon lips Coupon





. _




















dieting. Evie Leder's comes to us with two videos the frrst Madonna and Me explores both the sexiness of


Madonna's videos and their potentially destructive nature in relation to her own experience as a sexual


being. Poet, novelist and fat activist Susan Stinson

grea t

cious Bone. Angela Holdschmidt uses animation in

The Top Pig to explore the lengths one might go to in

festiva l!

order to slim down . In Breast Exam, we not only get Girls In The Nose doing a rocking live version of their song, but a diverse group of lesbians share with us their feelings on breast health and beauty. Both the government and the medical establishment do not

~ ;.


• � .


consider woman to woman transmission of HIV to be important, but then

they don't really care whether we live or die. So why do lesbians let themselves be lulled into believing they are not at

risk? Risk: Lesbians and AIDS breaks through the misconceptions and gives us the facts we need to know about AIDS.

Big Fat Slenderella dir. Lorna Boschman 1993 Canada 15m ins Breast Exam dir. Lynn Keller, Donne Shep­ herd & Kay Tur ner 1994 USA 17 mins

The Top Pig dir. Angela Holdschmidt 1995 Germany 6mins 35mm

Fat Chance dir. Anne Golden 1994 Canada 7mins

Gracious Rab, Gracious Bone dir. Evie Leder 1993 USA 14mins

I Rember Running dir. Kristin Gosney 1994 USA 2:30mins

Madonna In Me dir. Evie Leder 1993 USA 4mins

Risk: Lesbians and AIDS dir. Janet Baus 1995 USA 15mins



I I' (Market at Noe) 86 1-20 1 9 Offer available only at this location I Coupon I J

shares her thoughts and her art in Gracious Aab/Gra­

room and its individual sequences unfold in an

Film Festival.


In these revolutionary and sexy shorts lesbians

sionate , and


I I I. We are your headquarters for Nexxus , Joico, Redken, Mastey, KMS, I' I, Sebastian, Lanza, Focus 2 1 , Paul Mitchell . I' No punching of discount cards with coupons, Expires 6·25· 1 995 I

Women Against Rape

Co-presented by Telefllm Canaola and the

I; I I


fi?�� @ I 2t�


SL'ltJ)T, O!7{ 'l!J{



friends &


a t Ma .. ,·s.

Fa l or

Serra m o nte



Orand Cherokee






No Money Down, No C red it, C redit Pro b l e m s�, C redit Un ions Mem bers ALL WE LC O M E ' Qua l ity used ca rs sta rti ng a t $2995. Free sh uttle from Da ly City Ba rt Statio n . Please ca l l a head .

1 �800·200·J E E P 650 Serra monte Blvd., Colma CA

'Drive off $835 plus cap red uction of $1200. 60 mo. lease w/a payment of $199 + t ax (5 yr. lease). 15,000 miles per year. 15¢/xtra pe r mile for each additional mile. Residual of $5899. 1D #242493. " Based on 21 month lease. Residual of $19,005. Drive off $1328 + cap reduction of $3200 based on 15,000 miles per year. 15¢/xtra per mile for each additional mile: 10 #692508. All cars subject to prior sale.

OOattzes '



Stephen Pelton Dance . . Co.m pan� JUNE 1 -4 8:00 PM.

TH EATER ARTAUD 450 Florida Street (at 1 7th) CALL:

(4 1 5)

62 1 -7797


H EA D I N w r i t t e n a n d p e r f o rmed by

Bri an Thorstenson d i r e c t e d by Da v i d Dower

May 1 9 - J u ne 10 Wed s - S a t T h e 4 5 0 G e a ry S t u d i o 450 G e a ry S t reet (@ M a s o n ) Ca l l : 673 - 1 1 7 2

BASS Ticket Outlet

"Sharp. edgy and hilarious." - SF BAY GUARDIAN "Pelton is the genuine article; a natural choreographer who combi nes rigor and lyricism." - VI LLAG E VOICE

" A l i ve l y a n d a g i l e pre s e n c e I I -SF Chron i c l e " T h o r s t e n s o n h a s p r o v i d ed a m i x t u re of g r i m re a l i ty a n d p o t en t i a l

opt i mi sm"

-Theatre Jo urna l


Lie Down With Dogs

Lions & ligers & Chubs & Bears

Sat J u n e 10 9 : 1 5 pm CAS $ 7 610E West Coast Premiere

Sponsored by The Lone Star Saloon

I grind of New York, where he earns a living

passing out flyers in Times Square and inhabits a . tiny apartment. On an utter whim, he decides to escape to fabulous boy filled Provincetown where he begins searching for the ideal houseboy gig, the only kind of job that seems to be available in this gay summer paradise. During his frustrating job

lire you afraid - of Bears? From the absence of on­

people are This program will look at big and/or hairy "'creen images of hairy or large men it seems many .

men who are funny, insightful, sexy and in front of the cameras [on-screen] in a range of work that

includes comedy, music video and documentary. .

animal who doesn't let the small things-jobs,

Chubs & Bears is a work-in-progress screening of the

friendships, his conscience get in the way of a good time. He also becomes sexually involved

unflinching look at [self-defined] gay subgroups such

hunt, he meets Guy (Bash Halow), a tireless party

bumming everything from cheeseburgers to ciga­ rettes. Emotionally unfulfilled but sexually grati­ fied, Tommie can't seem to get away. Meanwhile, _

able hunk-o-rama Ben (Darren Dryden), whom he dismisses as just another mindless stuck-up pretty boy... until they finally connect on the bike trail. An outrageous comedy about the foibles of twen­ ty-something gay boys, Lie Down With Dogs fea­ tures the high energy sounds of one of the music










induslry's top pmducers, lelly-

~ .

as "chasers," men who desire large

excess weight and ''bears'', men who

men; "gainers", men who want to gain

are ... well Bears. The Male Escorts Of

San Francisco: Raphael The Call Bear is an interview with San Francisco's first bear for

hire . Love Is... a King Missile music video with a

hairy alternative to your usual on screen kiss. From the Gay Men's Erotic Safe Sex Video Awards comes

into bearotica. The homo-positive Kids In The Hall

attempt to give advice on what you should do if you

encounter a bear in Bears In The Hall. There will also be a look at a Bear beauty pageant and more.

- Vic De La Rosa

the screenmg or you'll mIss the

opening credits, which make Calvin Klein ads

Bears Will Be Bears d i r. Chuck Spero 1995

look like Sesame Street.

U SA 3:40 mins

With Matthias Muller's Scattering Stars, in which

Male Escorts Of San Francisco: Raphael The Call Bear dir. Matthew Link 1993 USA 10 mins

celestial bodies explode, stars scatter, representing

Lie Down With Dogs d i r. Wal l y White 1994 USA 84 mins 35mm Scattering Stars d i r. Matth ias M u l ler 1994 Germany 1:07min 16mm


Etienne Espinet, recognized for its unshaven foray

bean Benitez. Don't be late to

the after glow of a physical encounter.

San Francisco

first ever Bear documentary. This film takes an

with Tom (Randy Becker), a good for nothing but incredibly hot moocher who survives P-Town by


Sal utes the 19th

Curated by Vic De La Rosa

Tommie (Wally White) is fed up with the daily

CD ij] �


Sun J u ne 11 2 : 00pm V I C $5 611F

Sponsored by OUT Magazine

Tommie keeps running into seemingly unattain-


Lesbian & Gay

Music Video: Love Is dir. K i n g Missile 1994 U SA 4 mins Bear Rendezvous d i r� Bears Of San Francisco •••

1994 U SA 20:00 mins

Bears In The Hall d i r. Chuck Spero 1994 Canada 5 mins Chubs & Bears (work-in-progress) d i r. John Outcalt USA 18 mins Etienne Esplnet dir. Robert Le Maire 1994 Canada 4 mins Total runn ing time: 69:40 mins

Film Festival

I. TH� WORST OF ALL sta rri n g Ass u m pta S e r n a & Dominique Sanda 11esbian Passion Seething Behind Convent Walls . . .



Love And Human Remains

Love In The Time Of AIDS: New Short Films

IIMacho Dancers and Call Boys, "Prostitutes and Pimps, Flamboyant Dueens and Closeted Homosexuals. II

Mon June 12 9 :00pm CAS $7 612E

Thu June 15 12noon CAS $5 615A

IICruising London's Gay Sr:;ene Looking for Exciting New Encounters . . . II

San Francisco Premiere

West Coast Premieres

Sponsored by The Advocate

Sponsored by Stop AIDS

C�presented by Teleftlm Canada and the

C�presented by The Names Project

Canadian Consulate


"I'he combination of film director Denys Arcand I and volatile gay playwright Brad Fraser may

"I'his program of new short films offer up visions I of a world where love and memory are intennin­

Remains is. equal parts comedy, thriller, and

Change is an award winning film from Ireland in

human drama.

which a man lovingly remembers his lover who

seem a bit odd, but Arcand's Love And Human

gled with grief and loss. Ger Philpotfs lyrical

nAp '*

accolades and has played to packed houses both in .

P R O .. E C T

the States and in Canada. Unlike other stage

..= = ==

Fraser's award winning play received critical

adaptations, Love and Human Remains, which

died of AIDS. At the same time, he attempts to come to terms with reli­ gious and familial oppressions.


sometimes erotic, sometimes sad

love story, this unusual film builds a moving por­

was written for the screen by Fraser himself, is

trait of strength and tenderness. Brian Skeet's

adamantly cinematic. Strangely poignant and ·

oddly poetic The Boy Who Fell In Love is a tale

viciously funny, Arcand's vision of Fraser's con­ troversial work studies the co-dependent relation­ ships between a gay man and his friends.

. of an HIV positive young man, his lover who died from AIDS and axolotls-the larval stage of a

species of salamander which give birth and die while still physical immature. In Glen Cairns'

IIlntelligent, Sexually A ware and Beautiful to Watch . . . II

beautifully crafted Sparky's Shoes, Buddy is faced

"Tales Of The City"), as a twenty-something wait­

with a crisis of identity when his lover, Sparky, is

er/actor who was once a child TV star, Love And

hospitalized with AIDS. Through love and eroti­

Human Remains intermingles the friends in his

cism, he is able to alleviate, if only temporarily,

life; his straight best friend, a dead-on, look-a-like

Sparky's pain and suffering. Carter Martin's

for Rob Lowe; his roomate who is juggling two

Preservation Of The Song presents us with a dra­

affairs, one with a beautiful, but perky girl and a married man; and a prostitute

matic story about two gay activists in an interra­



I'ilamnain 1'II 1 UbO lD 11._

... ... . ...-._



who has an uncanny ability to

have psychlc VlSlons about a

serial killer stalking the streets of Toronto.

"Wonderfully Angst Ridden ·and Equally Humorous ! "


cial relationship. The film introduces us to the conflicts arising from cultural differences, varying activism styles, and the emotional scars suffered by AIDS caregivers .

Thrown into the mix are ex-lovers and a young man who has developed a crush for the llspiring actor.



Starring Thomas Gibson (bisexual Beecham in



N EW YORK, N Y 1 001 4 • TEL (21 2 ) 243-0600 • FAX (21 2 ) 989-7649 G IVE Us A CALL A N D W E ' L L S E N D Y o u O U R H O M E VI D E O CATA L O G


Darkly romantic and comic, Arcand's first foray into the English language is fiercely un-American in its depiction of mature relationships between various genders and sexual identities, while still examining the undercurrents of a damaged genera­ tion. - Marcus Hu

Love And Human Remains d i r. Denys Arcand 1993 Canad a 99 m i n s 35mm

Change d i r. Ger Phil pott 1995 I reland . 12:30 mins 16mm The Boy Who Fell In Love d i r. Brian Skeet 1994 U K 25 m i n utes 16mm Sparky's Shoes d i r. Glen Cairns 1994 Canada 16 minutes 16mm Preservation Of The Song dir. Carter Martin 1995 USA 32 m i n utes 16mm total r u n n i ng time: 86 m i n s


Fra m e l i n e D i stribution

Ne'w Releases






Bete Noire Changing Our Minds: The Story of Dr. Evelyn Hooker Dark Sun; Bright Shade Dyke Drama Ferdous (Paradise)

Menmaniacs S u n J u ne 11 5 : 0 0 p m CAS


Midnight Dancers

$7 611C

Fri J u ne 16 11:15pm CAS

$ 7 616F

Sponsored by A Zebra Video Services

US Premiere

OChen Hick's engaging new documentary takes

Sponsored by International Wavelength

an up-close look at the circuit of leatherman con­

C�presented by Filipino American Arts

tests, making pit stops in Chicago, New York and


San Francisco. Hick's camera captures contes­ tants as they excitedly prepare to compete. Through revealing interviews with not only con­ testants but S&M porn actors , uniform fetishists and long term slaves, the film gives us an unprece­ dented behind-the-scenes glimpse into this close


orced by economic hardship to leave his studies, Sonny returns home to find his two older broth­

ers both working as "macho dancers" in a Manila gay bar. The film follows the three br�theli as they embark on various relationships and

knit community of sexual radicals.

(mis)adventures .

Special attention is paid to Amsterdam based

The oldest has a wife and child but is also

Ai£ ebf3

"Tom of Hamburg ," a former "International


Leather" title holder, S&M porn star and porn producer. His current battie with AIDS is poignantly


addressed by the filmmaker. The

startling physical transformation we see in Tom is jolting. Yet one is inspired by the openness and courage of this important member of the leather community. We are also treated to several enter­ taining and informative interviews with San Fran­ cisco's own

Mr. Marcus.

Hick's camera also follows the many men who cruise these events looking for sexual and play partners. They speak with a frankness and humor about their obsessions with boot licking, domina­ tion and submission. We are made privy to the rit­ uals of encounter and seduction in the halls and elevators of the hotels where the men stay for the duration of these leather events. Menmaniacs not only brings us backstage but shows us the erotical­ ly charged contests with plenty of fantasy, flesh

involved with an older rich man. He has been ply­ ing the trade for ye� and, at twenty three, he is already fast becoming a has been. The second brother, Dennis, lives a life on the streets and on the edge in which everything is a hustle, from

Long Eyes of Earth

l oo k cl oser

at lesbian & gay

The Love Thang Trilogy


Nitrate Kisses

film and video.

No Porque Fidel Castro Lo Diga (Not Because Fidel Castro Says So) Parole, Dang.erous When Wet

& Stick Figures

The Potluck and the Passion Queer Son

Against the admonishment of their mother, Sonny

Le Ravissement

joins his brothers in the sex trade. Faced with the harsh reality of poverty, she can do nothing but accept their efforts to support the family. While working at the bar Sonny becomes romantically involved with a transvestite. Their relationship


n t • r n Q t i Q n Q I VVAVELENGTH

� p��vides the love and �ta-

I blhty he needs to survIve

Thick Lips, Thin Lips Tomboy You Can Open Your Eyes Now

in the pits of the Manila sex industry. Meanwhile, Dennis's exploits are beginning to bring danger to himself and his family. Currently banned in the Filipines, Mel Chionglo's powerfully erotic film is a searing indictment of the abhorrent conditions of crime and poverty against which these three young men and their close knit family must battle for survival.

Plus Walter Kehr's Miguel, a look at the tattoo and

Midnight Dancers dir. Mel Chionglo 1994 RI­

Miguel dir. Walter Kehr 1995 USA 18 minutes

we've helped you


dancing to car stealing.

and flogging.

piercing culture of Los Angeles.

Since 1 980,

ipines 118 mins 35mm In Rlipino w/English subtitles


Menmanlacs dir. Jochen Hick 1995 Germany 86 minutes 16mm For a free catalog of over 1 50 films and videos please call or write:

Frameline Distribution

346 NintL Street, San Francisco, CA 94 103

Tel : 4 1 5 .703 .8654

Fax: 4 1 5 . 86 1 . 1404

Something Queer is Happening Here! QUEER


The Million Eyes of Su-Muru Tue June 13 12noon CAS $5 613A

I - B o o - 3 3 5 - N COC

Archive Classic Sponsored by Superstar Video





Humanities Program · World College Institute

Weekend College

Public Inter st Law

Graduate Psychology · Teacher Education Credential Program · Science Institute Financial Aid is available. Accredited by the Western Association of Schools & Colleges .

People of color are encouraged to apply.


n this world of international espionage, where . loving men is against the law, the stunmng Su­

Muru (Shirley Eaton) is globally known as the most diabolical, bizarre and sadistic woman who ever lived. Her all-female, man-hating amazon cult kidnaps a CIA agent (Frankie Avalon) as part of their plot for the destruction of all mankind. Klaus Kinski steps in with possibly the strangest role of his career, as the creepy homosexual Presi­ dent of Sinonesia who gets turned to stone. It's a little bit James Bond (lots of buxom blondes and typically stupid dialogue), a little bit Black Lizard

SU PERST* A ---v I D E 0

"MCAITIO ...... !1t>IF

(Su-Muru turns all �he m�n into s�t�es) and a httle bl t . bad Sixties Kung Fu movie

(it's shot in Hong Kong at Shaw Bros. Studios). , This obscure American International picture will be presented in all it's brilliant Technicolor and \Techniscope glory. Do not miss it!

MiXing Brasil Tue June 13 5:00pm VIC $5 613 F Sponsored by United Airlines


iXing Brasil is a progra.��f 10 videos screened

at the Festival of the Expression of Sexualites, the

frrst openly queer cultural event in South America and curated by Andre Fischer and Suzy Capo,

founders of the Festival.

'''The videos differ radically from North American '

gay all!! lesbian productions. They articulate the cur­

rent redefinition of queer identity within Brazilian

culture. Works like Normal Life and Em Cena high­ light the presence of gays & lesbians within Brazil­ ian society from very different perspectives. Caldas da Rainha is a documentary on a dominatrix based in Belo Horizonte including a hilarious demonstration

on a mannequin. Conceicao features a TV Globo

star cast in a story of two drag queens adopting a cat in Rio de Janeiro. Serial Clubber Killer, the most

popular film in the 1 994 festival, brings to the big �------, screen an expose of Sao Paulo's gay

club scene. Clue expresses the deep UNITED sense of loss caused by AIDS. AIRUNES P.A.R.A.N.o.R.M.A.L. is an in-your­ face personal account of a lesbi� paraplegic. - Andre Fischer and Suzy Capo

The Million Eyes of Su-Muru dir. Lindsay Shonteff 1967 Great Britain 85mins 16mm

Ern Cana dir. Zeid�, Garcey, Santos, Launes & Lemos 1994 Brazil 4 mins video

Uly And Lulu Go To The March dir. Luciano Mar­

nell 1994 USA 10 mins video

Concelcao dir. Rober to Jabour 1993 Brazil 10 mins video

Normal Ufe dir. The Normals 1993 Brazil 6 mins video

Toys: Basic Technologies Of Devotion dir.

Hilton Seawright 1994 Brazil 1:00 min video

P.A.R.A.N.O.R.M.A.L. dir. Leda Pereira & Ruth Slinger 1994 Brazil 5 mins video Clue dir. Gisela Mathias 1994 Brazil 2 mins video

Serial Clubber Killer dir. Duda Leite & Gisela Mathias 1994 Brazil 10 mins video

A Esplada dir. Marcela Raballa 1994 Brazil :35 mins video


Naughty, Nasty And Not So Nice

The Naked Look Sat

J u n e 10 10:15pm VIC $7 6 10K Sponsored by SuperStar Video

I:'rom boys in their teens to naked men in blue maga­ rzines, this program delves into why looking at naked

men in repose is often times more, erotic than touching, Michael Wallin's voyeuristic Black Sheep Boy

expiores the sexual thrill and emotional obstacles

Fri J u n e 16 10:30pm VIC $ 7 616 J Sponsored b y O n O u r Backs .


ex, Sex, Sex, Sex, Sex, Sex and more Sex.

Need I say more. Our naughtiest collection yet

of erotic lesbian videos.

inherent in looking at and eroticizing boys barely on

Arlene Sandler comes at us with two over the top

cool way they undress before his self-conscious cam­

The Mulberry Bush starring Viva Kneival "the

boyish smile: these images expose a lingering purity, a

in one big Jill-Off. Followed by From Beijing to

as Wallin's poetic narration reveals, such unspoiled

nice Be Good against a harem of proud sex workers

the edge of being legal. Their tough street .clothes, the


their cocky attitudes broken only by an occasional

freshness untainted' by the burdens of adulthood. But

virtue is a fantasy that cannot long be sustained, and a

raunchy and hilarious sex positive videos, first off is female Jeff Stryker" and a host of Fisher Price toys

Brooklyn which pits militant anti-porn feminist Ber­


�hO battle it out with their

pair of clean white Jockies becomes a poignant

,-""'-'-''-=-'''-'-"'-=-=�, pussy-powered kung-fu. We

erotic encounters, when all that's left is the space'

Film and Museo Contempo's daddylboy devotion

reminder of that which is lost in the aftermath of these

between boy and man.

also have Kadet's filmy and fetishistic video Fuck

ritual, Sonny. In Loving Memory takes on the taboo

subjects of fetishism and sado-masochism and

Moving from boys in underwear to men in paintings,

Excess Is What I Carne For is a beat-driven, flesh­

Scene II, a beautifully shot reinterpretation of the eroti­

Toronto's Boom Boom Room. An adventurous

we present Ken Anderlini's Tangled Garden, Act II,

cism found in western art's classic male nude.

In Jose Torrealba's Limites, Peruvian photographer

Carlos Quiroz unveils the artistic process behind cap­

turing the male nude. Inundated with doe-eyed and

hung French-Canadian models, Lirnites visits Quiroz's private photo sessions, allowing you witness to the inti-

SU p e R S T* R ---v I D E 0


mate relationship establi hed � between camera and subject Lounging naked arourid the

studio, even the models themselves-some of whom

could very well be straight-offer swprisingly intelli­ gent insights into how and why they do what they do.

-Jay Ruben Dayrit

filled document of the nocturnal paradise that was

group of stewardesses discover the joys of group sex in the bathroom while in-between flights in Ger­

many's first ever lesbian sex film, Airport. In Carla

Wolf's Dangerous Bliss, the pleasurable edges of

butch and femme intertwine in a spiral of velvet and Levis. We also have the trailer for the newest film

from the director of Flaming Ears - - Dandy Dust, a

sensuous cyborg fantasy.

Airport d i r. Silke Dunkhorst & Manuela Kay 1994 Germany 33mins

Dandy Dust (a t,aller) dir. Angela Hans Scheirl 1995 Great Britain 8mins

Dangerous Bliss dir. Carla Wolf 1994 Canada 7mins

Black Sheep Boy dir. Michael Wallin 1995 USA 35 mins 16mm

Tangled Garden , Act II, Scene II d i r. Ken Anderlini Canada 13 mins 1992 16mm Llmltes d i r. Jose Torrealba Canada 47 min� 1994 Video Total running time: 95 mins

Excess Is What I Came For d i r. Paula Gignac & Kathleen P. Adams 1994 Canada 7:30mins From Bejlng to Brooklyn dir. Arlene Sandler & Anie Stanley1994 USA 17mins Fuck FUm d i r. Kadet 1995 USA 7mins In Loving Memory d i r. Leone Knight 1992 Australia 5mins

The Mulberry Bush dir. Arlene Sandler 1994 USA 5mins

Sonny dir. Museo Contempo 1994 USA 2mins . All works in video. Total running time: 83mins

,America 's Largest Gay & Lesbilon Bookseller

A DIFFERE NT lIG.HT B()O'K STO RE 1 5 1 West 1 9th St . , New York, NY 1 00 1 '1 , 2 1 2-989-48 50

489 Castro Street, San Francisco, CA 94 1 1 4, 4 1 5-43 1 -089 1 ' 8853 Santa Monica Blvd . , West Hollywood, CA 90069, 3 1 0-854-6 60 1 Stores Open Daily 1 0 am to M i dnig ht

Books by M a i l/Ma i l Order C ata log 1 --800-343-4002


No Ordinary Love

Sat J u n e 17 6:00pm CAS $7 6170

Tue June 13 7 : 00pm CAS $ 7 6130

Sponsored by The Phoenix Hotel Co-presented by Goethe-Instltut

Fri J u ne 16 2 : 00pm CAS $ 5 616B Bay Area Premiere

San Francisco "Th e only reason I don't kill myself is, in fact,

I because I am unique." (Nico)

She was Andy Warhols' moon goddess; her

drawled vocals characterized the sound of the

band Velvet Underground. Her beauty and reti­

cence has fascinated Lou Reed, Jackson Browne,

Jim Morrison, Iggy Pop and many others. The name which appears on her birth certificate is

Christa Paffgen; Christa the girl became the




gamine model, the cover-girl

with a fringe who appe�red on me ---1, the pages of the magazme ,L_ _ _ _ "Twen" and, briefly, in Fellini's LA DOLCE

VITA . Her career moved from New York's under­ ground to Philippe Garrel's subculture. Like


94 1 1 4

Klein) and Kevin (Smith Forte) still carry a torch for him and are disconsolate with grief. The

solace they find in each other eventually leads to ,

more than either can handle. Then there's Andy

(Robert Pecora) who seems to have nothing better

to do than to walk around in his skimpy under­

with Ben (Mark S. Larson) the seemingly harm­

snooping expeditions through the house and per­

When she died on Ibiza in 1988, the cause of

games come back to haunt them, everyone does

death was a'bicycle accident; her body, which had stood up to so much, could not cope with the with­

his motives come to light and Tom's twisted mind

battle for a cut of the stakes in this sexy stylish

film riddled with blink-and-you ' ll-miss-them plot

drawal symptoms.

twists and turns. B ut you ' l l no doubt be distracted

This film follows the various stages in her restless

Kuoch) who has a crush on his hunky cholo

by the dilemma of 1 8-year-old Vince (Koing

life 'from Lilbbenau to Berlin, Paris, New York and


neighbor (Tymme Reitz).

No Ordinary Love marks an astounding debut for

dir. Susanne Ofteringer 1995 Ger­ many 70m in 35mm in German and English with English subtitles


Despite the emotional and sexual abuse they suf­

fered at the hands of Tom, both Wendy (Ericka

forms inexplicable chores in the basement. When


:s f

manipulative leader.

of gloom and the death wish.

- Susanne Ofteringer

rlo e

Tom (Dan Frank) , their darkly charismatic and

less new housemate. Meanwhile Ben goes on

collage of encounters, film excerpts and music.


and loves of six not entirely likable L A . friends

who are left to pick up the pieces after the death

many years to become a contemporary icon of

An attempt to capture a cult figure on film via a

st .

Love is a comedy drama about the tangled lives

wear all day. For reasons unknown, he is unhappy

another kind: her fans saw her as the embodiment

2 2 8 5 marke t

Dossibly the most handsome - and certainly the ....hottest - gay movie of the year, No Ordinary

many of her generation, she believed in the drug

heroin and survived the consumption of same for


Sponsored by Michael White, D.D.S.

director Doug Witkins, who has crafted an ensem­

ble movie as good as Grief and with the look of Melrose Place.

No Ordinary Love

104 mins 16mm

dir. Doug Witkins 1995 USA


}. :

- 85 years

HAIRCUT $3.25 Nloler Barber Col lege

�. :

in business jor Men & Women, Boys & Girls

I I 50 Mason Street, 1 block from cable car turn-around at Powell and Market Sts. - Drop in, or call (415) 362-5885 for appOintment. Closed Sunday & Monday. I $3.25 'With COUpOll, $4. 75 without I Use by Jutle 10, 1995. B�ll . L. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Our Mothers, Ourselves

Out In South Africalrhe Happy Gordons -

Sun J u n e 11 4 : 15pm V I C $5 611G Sponsored by Dykespeak

Thu June 15 5:00pm V I C $5 615F

� at's it like to have a lesbian mom? What's it

Sponsored by KQED

" like to be a lesbian with a lesbian mom? And how does a girl these days become a lesbian

Three daughters reflect back on their lives since

their mother came out to them eleven years ago in

Juliette Olavarria's video "Our Mom's A Dyke."

They very touchingly share with us the love they have for their mother while

honestly telling us about the

Lesbian Human Rights Commission


arbara Hammer was invited to have a retrospec­

tive of her films and videos at South - Africa's first ever lesbian & gay film festival and lucky for

us she took her camcorder with her. You' l l want to

join her as she takes us on a never before seen tour of South Africa's gay life post apartheid. Barbara

made it an integral part of her trip to go into the

����=� difficulties they have had with

townships to teach a video class to some very

their mother's sexuality. In Tamsin Orion Seidler's

to their respective communities. There are many

others and with themselves in coming to accept film Shared Lives, three different lesbians who

have lesbian mothers discuss the emotional and psychological intricacies of their relationships.

Letter To My Grandma reflects on the 55 year his­ tory of the filmmaker's grandmother and her fem�e partner. In Dare To Be Butch, Tamela

Sloan explores the roots of gender identification

and reflects on her childhood and how being

raised by her lesbian mother and her partner has

influenced her. And lastly we have Lisa Udelson's

film The Party Favor, a hilarious comedy that

puts an unexpected twist on a typical suburban bridal shower. When a lesbian couple show� up to

this traditional heterosexual ritual, they get a little more than they expected.

Dare To Be Butch

dir. Tamela Sloan 1994 USA 17m ins 16mm Letter To My Grandma dir. Alyssa Cymene Howe 1995 USA 5:30 mins video "Our Mom's A Dyke" dir. Juliette Olavarria 1995 USA 23mins video Shared Lives dir. Tamsin Orion Seidler 1994 USA 10mins video The Party Favor dir. Lisa Udelson 1995 USA 20:16mins 35mm Total running time : 78.46mins

Just For You

- Co-presented by International Gay and

mom? This collection of shorts will answer these

questions and more.


eager students who then took this knowledge back

compelling interviews and visits to the townships most especially to a "shebeen" (a gay bar that is

held in a home) that help to make this a powerful


Also playing is The Happy Gordon's an exciting

new documentary about Irish gays and lesbians both at home and abroad. There is dramatic


footage of the St. Patrick's Day protest in New

I �V


York at which 1 20 gays and

lesbians were arrested for

protestmg theIr exclusIon from

the parade. All the music is written and performed

by the lesbian pop duo ZRAZY.

Out In South Africa dir. Barbara Hammer 1994 USA 51mins video The Happy Gordon's dir. Paula Crickard 1994 I reland 27m ins video






O W M t"/ 8 t"oku' · LiC( hS(J b y t�( Ca. . D ( f>t. of R( a. J E s bt(

'115/861-5708 THE CO M M U N I TY S I N C E



I I I I ...I


for &he cq,re ofbody

& soul

Books & tools for the pursuit of healing, psychology, sexuality, metaphysical & religion. 313

Noe (Near Market) SF . 415-864-3 746

Paradise Framed Mon J u n e 12 4 : 15pm CAS $ 7 612C

IParallel Sons


West Coast Premiere

US Premiere

Sponsored by Absolut

Sponsored by United Staffing Services


n a fantastic realm of his own invention, world

renowned artist Thomas shields himself from the

rest of society in order to create his art- a bizarre collection of living exhibits. Each live exhibit

desire and love. These exhibits are monitored by

cumstances of their introduction-- their lives

moment of either grief and loss or unfulfilled

rectional-falCility escapee. Despite the brutal cir­

Thomas's two servants. One of whom is Singapur

become irreversibly entangled when Seth hides

ronment is also a haven for others running away

from reality. Colonel Hardy (Udo Kier) comes to

from the inner city. He can lip-synch to rap without

aged Mark, the son of an American senator.

Thomas is instantly enamored with Mark and

cized notion of what it is to be young and black

missing a bc!at. He wears gangsta clothes and his

- hair in dreads, albeit blonde. Knowledge becomes more than an escape as they both tentatively discov­

er a far deeper commonality pulling them closer

obsessively views him through his extensive array

together. When a sudden accident drives them fur­

insane jealousy and pushes him to a desperate act

journey in Slearch of freedom.

ery of Thomas's shameful secret, Singapur's

Strung taut with dramatic and sexual tension, Paral­

of video cameras. This drives Singapur into

of sabatoge. Along with Colonel Hardy's discov­

betrayel causes Thomas's carefully constructed

reality to unravel, leaving him with no choice but to face the ghosts of his past. Part of a film triptych on AIDS supported by the Red Hot Organization in London, this

haunting film symbolically explores the pain of

.16 d •• .. n ••e

loss and the search for

community. With lush and

STAFFING SERVICES startling imagery, director

Paul Ruven takes us on a vision quest for liberation

ther away from the law, they embark on a desperate

lel Sons proves first time feature director Young G. Young a skilled master of cinematic storytelling.

Speaking to anyone who has longed to escape from where they came but fears where they might go, Parallel Sons is more about kindness, compassion and the need to be loved than it is about the differ­

ences that make one man white and the other black.

With the halmtingly beautiful and melancholy Alka­ li, Iowa, a nlew work by Mark Christopher (The

from the daily prison wrought by our emotional

Dead Boys' Club). Set on an expansive bean farm on the Fourth of July, all-American Jack Gudman­

With Barry JC Purves's Achilles, an animated

disappeared. Skillfully crafted, this film is one of� the most beuutiful in this year's Festival, both cine­

shot Alpsee, Matthias Muller's fantastic tale in

matically and emotionally.

and psychic repressions.

retelling of the Greek tragedy and

son discoveJrs the reason his father has long since

the exquisitely

- Jay Ruben Dayrit

which the daily aspects of life take on grand significance for a young boy.

dir. Barry JC Purves 1995 Great Britain 11 mins 35mm Alpsee dir. Matthias M u l ler 1994 Germany 15 mins 16mm Paradise Framed dir. Paul Ruven 1994 Netherlands 58 mins 35mm Achilles

Edward Berger Anthony Bregman Jean Castel li Ted Hope


Kelly Miller Libby Richman James Schamus Mary Jane Skalski

kindness goes beyond compassion,

while spying around hoping to discover Thomas's

secret past. Into this already smoldering atmos­

ne e d you


Knowledge in the woods, safe from

the racist sheriff, and nurses him back to health. But Seth's act of

for Seth's pc�rsonal world is fueled by the romanti­

phere comes the handsome, but psychically dam­

want you we


Thomas to commission a work of art, but has hid­ den motives. He taunts and seduces Singapur

you we

Mick), an aspiring young white artist, and Knowl­

edge (LaWTI�mce Mason), an African American cor­

in love with his cruel master. This surreal envi­

l ove

Sons follows the chance meeting of Seth (Gabriel

moves, speaks and sings, telling of a painful

(Alexis Arquette), a lovely young man hopelessly


�t in a sleepy upstate New York town, where cross � urning is a mundane weekend past time, Parallel

dir. Mark Christopher 16mm 1995 USA 17 mins 16mm Parallel SOlns dir. John G. Young 1995 USA 93 mins 35mrn

Alkali, Iowa






A Place In The Sun Some Of These Days

Playing The Part Memsahib Rita These Shoes Weren't Made For Walking

Sat J u n e 10 4 : 00 pm C AS $ 7 610e West Coast Premiere US Premiere!

tine Giannaris (Caught Looking, North of Vortex). Ilias (Stavros Zalmas), a bored and blase 35-year­ old Athenian, falls in love with Panagiotis (Pana­ giotis Tsetsos), a muscular, 1 8-year-old economic refugee from Albania. These two have nothing in common, sexually or otherwise, but that doesn't stop them from embarking on a emotionally lop­ sided, ill-fated relationship. Giannaris ' s Genet-tinged narrative, related as much through carefully wrought imagery as dia­ logue, is heavy on atmosphere and the palpable sensation of desire. Taken literally, A Place in the Sun's scenario is a queer activist's horror - the beautiful Panagiotis isn't above bilking and bash­ ing gays, and Ilias willingly becomes an accessory after the fact to a capital crime - though any one who's ever ----' been caught up in passion's wild '--throes is likely to empathize with Ilias's romantic and moral dilemmas.

I �I1ifMr I

- Daniel Mangin

With John Miller-Monzon's Some Of These Days in which Hal sings "Is you is, oh, is you ain't my baby?" Geoff packs his bags and leaves. Julian moves in and seduces Hal's broken heart with his Calvin Klein good looks and Grandma's chicken soup, while stealing money and turning tricks in Hal's big beautiful Victorian bed. In this artfully shot short film full of shady comebacks and dra­ matic profiles, everyone looks good in their under­ wear and thinks everyone else is a whore. Amus­ ingly melancholy, Some Of These Days is what we all imagine our break-ups and make-ups would be if thrown up on the big screen.














Sat J u n e 17 1: 15pm CAS $ 7 6 1 7 8

Sponsored by The Phoenix Hotel

Th e col lapse of Eurocomm u n i s m makes for I strange bedfellows in the latest from Constan­


Sponsored by Deneuve Magazine


n Playing the Part, Mitch McCabe gives us an angst-ridden yet humorous look at the conflicts that arise when she attempts to tell her parents that she is a lesbian. Her openly gay college life in Boston is at great odds with that of her well to do . paren.. in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. We watch as she attends society balls, puts up with her nagging moth. . er and visits with her father's plastic DENElNE surgery patients trying to spill the beans about her sexuality the whole time.

I Q) I

Pratibha Parmar's first narrative film is the story of Shanti, a streetwise East End girl, who is regu­ larly harassed by local National Front boys until one evening when the mysterious "Memsahib Rita" appears. Memsahib Rita, is an elusive mother figure who brings together the best aspects of an Asian movie star and a Hollywood femme fatale. She comes to Shanti's defense on the anniversary her mother's death. These Shoes Weren't Made For Walking is a beautiful new documentary from Paul Lee. Here he pays tribute to four generations of women in his family. He explores their lives, the changing roles of women in Chinese society (including one cross-dressing butch dyke aunt), and their chang­ ing shoes.

dir. Mitch McCabe 1994 USA 38mins 16mm Memsahlb Rita dir. Prati bha Parmar 1994 Great Britain 20m ins 16mm These Shoes Weren't Made For Walking dir. Paul Lee 1995 USA 27mins 16mm Total running time: 85mins Playing The Part

Pott ery o n the whee l and h a n db u i l d i n g c l a sses New c l asses begin every e ight weeks Low- fi re, ra ku , and h i g h - fire red u c t i o n S t u d i o a nd ki l n renta l

- Jay Ruben Daysit

dir. Constantine Giannaris 1994 Great Britain 45 mins 16mm b&w Some Of These Days dir. John Miller Monzon 1994 USA 33 mins 16mm b&w

A Place In the Sun

For more i n fo rm ation, ca l l

41 5-777-9080







- Introducing (ja£kry Q, a new (jay 0'UIIUli anti opemtd !Fine Art gaffery summer in 'Tucson, 'Bi-se7(]Jai sfUfes



Skin Dght ()�




Freed � ��t � ITZ


Saturday, June 1 7th 8: 30 PM


1 :30 AM


Brannan Street • San Francisco

Advance Tickets $40 Members $45 Non-members At the Door$ 50 -

(520) 577-8155 (520) 609-2181

For More Information or to Charge by Phone CaU 41 5/495-5393

Contemplating Queer*Art n 1.

, *(Kwir) adj. odd 2. eccentric 3 . gay

Show July 1 9

A Group




Sponsored by JUNK Co-presented by Q-Tip: Queers Together

Gift Center Pavilion


In Punkness

oin us as we go on an in-depth exploration into the world of the Riot Gml. Just kidding. Prepare to rock out with some of the cutest dyke punks around and hear the music of Bikini Kill, Sister George, Tribe 8 and more. Two new documentries cover the ever growing dyke rock scene Pull Your Finger Out takes a look at English bands Sister George and Atomic Kandy while She's Real gives a more local look at our own San Francisco scene. In the Birthday Party a drag queen mother throws a sweet SIX­ I.'" VP _L-==--__-'_ teen party for her dyke daughter. Plus get a sneak preview of Jill Reiter's soon to be finished feature film starring Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill in a "nu-wave/punque rock kitchy queer girl love story." And some surprise music videos.

I ���.., I

Birthday Party dir. J i l l Reiter 1995 USA 9mins Frenzy dir. Jill Reiter 1993 USA llmins In Search of Margo-go dir. Jill Reiter 1995

USA llmins She's Real dir. Lucy Thane 1995 USA 20mins Pull Your Rnger Out dir. Emma Hindley 1994 Great Britain 13 mins Various Music Videos To Be Announced

All works in video. Total running time: 90mins

• G A L L E R Y

Hayes Street Second Floor San Francisco


Gallery Hours: Tues-Sat 1 1 -6 or by appt. 4 1 5-863-289 1


Thu June 15 9 : 30pm V I C $ 7 615H

Lesbian & Gay Pride Weekend


Pus;h ing Limits: New Le�sbian Shorts 3

1��i."iH ne

12 2 : 00pm CAS $5 6128

Sponsored by On Our Backs


ou'll find! mystics, troubadours, knife throwers and a host of other lesbians all pushing the lim­ its of time travel, love, and their pain thresholds in this c?llection of short s that promIses to take you places _ you have never dreamed of going.


Julie X Black is back with another c;aptivating film this time two women experience Lost Sleep in a soft, soft bed. Pandora's Box is a visual tour de force that turns an ordinary travel case into Cocteau's wardrobe. From Canada we have Paula Fairfield's Screamers, a mysterious tale of frus­ trated screamers set against a backdrop of knifethrowing and inflatable breasts. Fin Amour is a medieval love story of two women, Maria is a mystic seeking spiritual love and Beatritz is a female troUlbadour who plays the game of courtly love. Inevitably there is conflict.

Rn Amour dir. Katherine Fry 1995 New Zealand 1!5mins 16mm

dir. Jorg Fockele 1994 Germany 5:40mins 16mm Hot and Cold dir. Samantha Staley 1995 USA 11m ins 1E3mm Loredana dir. Salome Milstead 1994 USA 7mins 16rnm Lost Slee•• dir. Julie X Black 1995 USA 3mins 16mm Pandora's Box dir. Annie Beauchamp 1994 Australia 8mins 35mm dir. Pau la Fairfield 1994 Canada 30mins16mm - Total running time : 80mins Frau Und I�eschlecht (Basic Instincts)

Reduce Stress (ij Relax Improve Your Health

Massage Program: Swedish,

Shiatsu, Lymphatic, Deep Tissue, Myofacial Release, Energy Balancing

Acupuncture/Herbal Program

Stressed Out? Trouble Sleeping? Menstrual Discomfort? HN+? PMS? Menopause? Fatigue? Headaches? Aches & Pains? Colds? Stop Smoki �g?

Roy Cohn/Jack Smith

Que�r " Orientalia" Sun June 11 6:30pm VIC $7 611H

Thu June 15 4:30 pm CAS $7 615C

Presented by the GAPA Community HIY Project

Sponsored by A Different Ught Bookstore

rmerging as a community of gay. lesbian. bisexual


submissive, while Pacific Islanders are only interest­

of AIDS: Roy Cohn. the closeted, high-rolling

free from disease and unaffected by illY. Some por­

ing the Communist witch hunts, and Jack Smith,

viewed through external stereotypes that Asians are

every different white gay men, both of whom died

ed in fun. We fight internal perceptions that we are

lawyer who rallied to Joseph McCarthy's side dur­

tions of our community support dating outside our

the erstwhile filmmaker (Flaming Creatures) and

or responses, some simply raising the question. Terry Chiu's Bottom is a dramatic, suggestive, glimpse at expected roles and sexual stereotyping of the gay Asian male.Tran T. Kim-Trang's aletheia explores blindness and sight. Kim-Trang's kore

matic story about two gay activists in an interracial

relationship. In Nguyen Tan Hoang's 7 Steps To

Vawter, who starred in several stage productions and films-most recently as a homophobic attor­

ticking parts. For the Roy Cohn role. Gary Indi­ ana reimagines the text of a speech that Cohn gave to the American Society for the Protection of the Family; it's a masterful evocation of the man who

(preferring to Asian men who date other Asian men).

wrote the perfonnance piece recreated here. Bedecked in seraglio drag. Vawter's Smith draws

The GAPA Community mv Project offers a wide

at the "Sodom and Gomorrah" of Cohn's anti-gay

To learn more infonnation about GCHP,just call 415-575-3939.

paign programs.

Bottom dir. Terry Chiu 1994 USA 7 mins video alethela dir. Tran T. Kim - Trang 1994 USA 16 mins video

kore dir. Tran T. Kim - Trang 1994 USA 17 mins video


ability to move within a character and find the

could excoriate gays and Jane Fonda between lov­ ing paeans to his domineering mother. Jack Smith

range of services through its Direct Services, Pre­ vention and Education. National and Visibility Cam­

Star Ouality... in the roli of comfort.

months after this film was made. Jill Godmilow

as he interviews Asian men about being "sticky"

Sticky Heaven you'll hear the voice of the director


behind-the-scenes glimpses of actor and audience.

expertly captures his legacy on film, his uncanny

Preservation Of The Song presents us with a dra­

3450 16th Street (at Sharon near Church St.) San Francisco, California 94114

bbia� 111 goy 1it<: llll.ll re together in a collage of live per­ ADIFFERENTUGHT formance, taped rehearsals and

provocative, Wayne Yung's Peter Fucking Wayne Fucking Peter employs explicit male/male sex to



flamboyant godfather of camp. The lives of these

ney in Philadelphia-{jied of AIDS less than seven

discuss the politics of fucking. Carter Martin's


two men. worlds apart, are brilliantly woven

addresses sexual politics on a \'.ariety of levels. In some ways oddly comical and in others deeply

415/252-871 i

Vawter-a founding member of the experimental

Wooster Group--reinvents the essence of two

these issues head on, some offering us alternatives

in a lesbian, gay, queer, bi environment, call

n one of his final bravura perfonnances, Ron

d transgendered Asian and Pacific Islanders, we find that the road is mired in obstacles. We are

races. others adaman�y do nol These films tackle

For relaxation and rejuvenation

The Arizona '-

us into a private harem, where kitsch winks slyly rants. "Mesmerizing," is how Variety magazine describes Ron Vawter's perfonnance. And Roy Cohn/Jack Smith. with its clas of characters, ulti­


mately reveals the nature of perfonnance itself. - David Kim

Roy Cohn/Jack Smith dir. J ill Godmilow 1993 USA 90 mins 16mm

Peter Fucking Wayne Fucking Peter di r. Wayne

The orig i nal comfort shoe!M

Yung 1994 Canada 5 mins video Preservation Of The Song di r. Carter Matin 1995 USA 32 mins 16mm 7 Steps To Sticky Heaven dir. Nguyen Tan Hoang 1995 USA 24 mins video Total running time: 101 minutes


San Francisco, CA 94 109

4 1 5 7 7 6 5 225 ..

Open 7 Days



1 0 :30 am .. 6 pm


specia!izingClassical Music : CD's • Tapes • Videos in Also Featuring


Laser Discs

Opera, Symphony, Ballet, Vocalists, Broadway & Film Scores

425 Hayes St. (@ Gough) in San Francisco Open 7 days: Man - Sat 1 1 - 8, Sun 12 - 6 415/552-1110

Mail Order 1-800-404-STAR

Sex, Drag, Murder & Mayhem

serial Lesbians

l i z z i e B o rd e n c a u s e d

Wed J u n e 14 9 :00pm V I C $ 7 614H

two s c a n d a l s

Sponsored by The Care

i n Fa" River, Mass.


Sat June 17 1 0 : 30pm $7 VIC 617 J

Two hilariously Cat1}py send-offs on the psycho

Sponsored by Superstar Video

I lesbian murderers we've seen so much of in

Hollywood films. One is about two housewives who go on the road a La Thelma & Louise, only

T h e first ti m e with

these two end up in bed together. The other �s

an axe.

about two highly successful cosmetic salesgirls

S O M A R Theater, 934 Bra n na n St. , SF June 1 5-July 23, 8 p . m . Thursday-Su nday, $ 1 2/ $ 1 5 (4 1 5) 436-039 1

T h e s e c o n d ti m e w i t h a n a ct r e s s .

with a penchant for murder.

ou' l l find everything from hilarious drag to campy and sexy send-offs in this program of

late night shorts including Andrew Durham's Mi Polio Loco, an over-the-top drag spoof of Mi Vida Loca, with drag queens sporting nine il1Ch nails

In Ding Dong, Todd Hughes turns the negative gay stereotypes of such blockbuster films like The

--CAFE .I THE L ---========�_I _



and hot cholo boys from the hood; Osker Wild's


of the Lambs


Basic Instinct on their heads. . , Honey and SlIm are two suc­

cessful door-to-door cosmetjc sales ladies who



just happen to be lesbian lovers. When two inves­ tigative reporters try to do an expose on them, they discover yet another schocking secret about the duo. Like most lesbians these days, they are serial killers! That's when the action begins in this hilarious spoof. Two trashy New Jersey housewives t�e to the

Twin Cheeks, a sexually explicit gay version of Twin Peeks; Joe Kelly's ESP: Vision, about the murders of- superrnodels as witness through the eyes of the killer, a la The Eyes of Laura Mars; Joe Kelly's Shit Fit, a degenerate drag queen humiliation trip to hell (not for the queasy); Rick Castro's Three Faces Of Women, featuring Bruce

couple seeking the advice a sex therapist; and Ian Jarvis ' and D�vid CoIlins' Labruce and Vaginal Cream Davis as a frustrated

---v I D E 0

SU PE AS T*R '''' CAmO Mo,mlF


You Say Mana, I Say

Mariah which tells the

truth about gay love in the 90's, with appearances by Julie Andrews and Porky Pig.

road in Blond Fury. When they think their hus. bands have been kidnapped, they arm themselves

Wournous look alike, our heroines realize their

Charming Mutt d i r. Steve Reinke 1993 Cana­ da :30 mins video Twin Cheeks: Who Killed The Homecoming d i r. Osker Wild 1995 USA 5:40 m i n s video MI Polio Loco d i r. Andrew Durham 1995 USA

husbands have been cheating on them and give

35 m i n s video

them a good taste of Blond Fury.

ESP: Vision d i r. Joe Kelly 1994 USA 8:30

ma & Louise, however, these two wind up falling

and set off in hot pursuit. Unlike the stars of Thel­

in love with each other. After picking up an Aileen




1 -800-G ET-WO LF E (4







Blond Fury d i r. Lee Bennett Sobel 1995 USA 45 mins video Ding Dong d i r. Todd H ughes 1995 USA 40mins video

m i n s video Shit FIt d i r. Joe Kel ly 1994 USA 1 : 27 video Three Faces of Women d i r. Rick Castro 1994 USA 45 :00 m i n s You Say Marla, I Say Mariah d i r. Ian Jarvis & David Collins 1994 USA 5 mins video Total running time: 101 minutes


Skin Deep

Sister My Sister S u n J u ne

Tue J u ne

11 9 : 00pm VIC $7 6111

Sponsored by Deneuve

13 9 : 30pm CAS $7 613E

Sponsored by The Cafe



for several decades and is an adaptation of New

In response to an ad she has placed in a tattoo

York playwright Wendy Kesselman's highly suc-

magazine, she receives an enticing letter from the

ister My Sister marks the feature film directing


debut of American Nancy Meckler who has

been one of the leading stage directors in England


lex Koyama is an obsessed filmmaker who can think of nothing but the exploitation film she is

making about the pleasure and pain of tattooing.

cessful stage play My Sister in the

young transgendered Chris. The letter describes

House. Both Sister My Sister and

the sexual pleasure one can experience while

Jean Genet's much produced play

being tattooed; this intrigues Alex and she hires Chris as a production assistant, but inore impor­

The Maids were inspired by the sen� sational case in which two French

sisters working as maids murder their mistress and her daughter. Raised in a convent and separated at an early age,

warnings of her neglected girlfriend, Montana.

sisters Christine (Joely Richardson) and Lea

Alex continues to provoke Chris, who is in the

(Jodhi May) are reunited in the house of the tyran­

process of coming to terms with a sexuality that is

nical Madame Danzard (Julie Walters) where they

not accepted by the mainstream. Chris's efforts at

work as maidservants. As they slave under the quainted with each other while battling demons

Stop by 420 Castro across the street from the Castro Theatre or let us deliver to you



Whole Pizzas




communication are misinterpreted by Alex who sees

L_========..i Chris as delusional. Finally

from a past full of neglect and abuse. As

pushed to the limit by Alex's selfishness, Chris is

Madame's grip tightens, the sisters withdraw into

forced to commit a desperate act in order to regain

their own world where their dependence on one

Alex's attentions.

another intensifies.

Celebrating 1 7 Years of Pride in the Castro Community

tantly as a potential research source for her film. Instantly enamored with Alex, Chris misinterprets all the attention and falls desperately in love. Alex enjoys this new infatuation and dismisses the

watchful eye of the Madame, they become reac­

Proudly Gay Owne d and Operate d

Into this volatile situation

steps Madame's daughter, Isabelle who triggers

Set amongst the downtown urban art world of

the jealousy of Christine as well as reviving past

Toronto, Midi Onodera's stylish thriller, Skin

fears of abandonment. Tensions build within the

Deep, attempts to break down preconceived

household as Madame becomes suspicious of the

notions of sexuality and gender.

true nature of her maids' love for each other. Unable to glean and control the full extent of the

"Equating transgender body alteration with tattoo­

sisters passion, Madame resorts to greater cruel­

ing within the story of a filmmaker consumed by

ties, driving Chrisitine and Lea to a shocking but

her project on the pleasure-pain principle, Skin

cathartic act of violence.

Deep undeniably stalks fresh territory" - Variety

Sister My Sister dir. Nancy Meckler 1994 UK

drama that looks at the queerness in opera and the

Shown with Let Me Die, Again, a musical melo­

102m ins 35mm

operatic in queer lives. A mu�t see for Opera Queens.

Let Me Die Again dir. Leone Knight 1995 Australia 15mins 35mm Midi Onodera 1994 Canada 85mins 35mm

Skin Deep dir.

dfodm dfoedt/vat





17TH ST AT CAS T RO 7 DAYS 11 AM - 11 PM 552 . 2253



Spikes And Heels

Surprise Sneak Preview

Sat J u n e 1 7 4:00pm V I C $5 617G Sponsored by GlrlJock



The Milk Institute

Continuing Education for Our Queer Communities Summer Course Listings available May 15, 1995

Art Film · . Photography Literature Leisure Business •

Scholarships and Some Free Courses Available

584 B Castro St. #45 1, San Francisco, CA 94 1 14 Call: (4 1 5 ) 552 7200 for more info. Summer Course Catalogue Supported by GUARDIAN ..

, : : :

f you are one of the many who couldn't make it ' to the '94 Gay Games' or you want to feel the excitement again, you won't want to miss Spikes and Heels - a jam packed documentary covering everything from figure skating to power lifting. Experience the exhilaration of the opening and closing ceremonies and get a birds-eye-view of the finish line. Many athletes from all kinds of backgrounds share with us how it feels to be able to compete in an all queer sporting event. Also playing is Dee Mosbacher's probing } documentary on homophobia in women's sports. She interviews many of the top people in women's sports including Martina Navortalova. We are given an up-close view of lesbian body builders Robin Chesky and Chris Dahl in Divine Bodies and experience the thrill of women's ice hockey in She Shoots, She Scores.


Divine Bodies dir. Charlene Roycht 1995 Canada 3:45mins ·

Out for a Change: Address Homo Womn's Sports dir. Dee Mosbacher 1995 USA

27 :42mins She Shoots, She Scores I

dir. Eve Arbogast 7mins Spikes and Heels d i r. Kutlug Ataman 1994 France 53m ins All works in video. Total running time: 91:27m ins 1995 USA

Thu J u n e 15 9 : 3 0pm CAS $7 615E Sponsored by Charles Schwab


e can't tell you what our Surprise Sneak Pre­ view is, but it definitely will be one of the hottest and biggest comedies of '95. Starring some of Hollywood's biggest names, this is a film you won't want to miss. Even �Sdnwb if you're a working girl on the ,lidjiq:lIM:ItasHdpThml.sdlos , night shift and have to call in sick to be here, make it so.




(�n Urban Plant Paradise " Ho�e Plants • Orchids • lights Hydroponics • Natural Pest Control Organic SoU Toes

The Terence Davies Trilogy Wed June 14 4 :00 pm CAS $7 614C Sponsored by Virgin Atlantic

Presented by Framellne Distribution


efore Distant Voices, Still Lives, Terence Davies

spent seven years making

three darker films

about his working class, Catholic upbringing in Northern England. Part One (Children) introduces Robert Tucker and flashbacks to scenes from his childhood-bullying at school; a violent and sick . father; early sexual fantasies. Part Two (Madonna and Child) is a portrait of Tucker, middled aged and trapped between public and private personae. In Part Three (Death And Transfiguration), Tucker


� revisits his life with a new virgin atlantic IIW and less tortured perspec-


tive. He seems to accept his sexuality, which is

transfigured by the love between his mother and himself.





10:30 - 6:30p 11 -5:00

2215 Market St. Cnr. Sanchez), SF

41 5 - 6 2 6 - 5 082

Thin Ice Fri June 16 9:30pm CAS $7 616 E Sponsored by Virgin Atlantic

f'iona Reid Cunningham's (Feed Them To The r Cannibals) first dramatic feature film has Steffi,

an ambitious photojournalist and amateur ice

skater all set to skate in the Gay Games when her sexual and skating partner skips out on her. This ruins her and journalist pal Greg's plans to break into the mainstream press by writing a cover story on lesbians and love on the ice at the Gay Games in New York. Under pressure from their editor, Steffi begins to search for a possible replace­ ment. One day on the ice she eyes the naively "hetero" Natalie who is taking lessons from the muscled lesbian Cosima, a fonner figure skating champion from Russia. Living a sheltered existence in the oppressive home of her older sister and her lecher­


ous brother-in-law, Natalie is only beginning to

veying infonnation with economical, resonant images enriched by the juxtaposition structure of his film. The Terence Davies Trilogy stands as on the more artful efforts in the gay-as-outsider genre." - Mark Halleck, New York Native

The Terence Davies Trilogy dir. Terence Davies 1976-1984 Great Britain 101 mins 16mm b&w

-Roping & R iding OufYideAr818

come out of her shell and is excited by the

"Davies is an accomplished visual storyteller, con­

Special Outdoor Arena -Dance Compeliti�n

Inside lJlU1ce E.¥pO.frtiOA Hll1I

-Country Western Art Exhibition

prospect of finding new friends. Dangling the car­

ImideArt BposilioA lfllil

rot offree lessons, Steffi maneuvers Natalie into

-Cowboys & Cowgirls

becoming her practice partner without letting on

-Live Entertainment

about her intentions. Not sure of her sexual incli­ nations, Steffi and Greg invite Natalie to meet

� them at lesbian bar. To

I virginatlantic llW I Steffi's delIght NatalIe

shows up and they all have a grand time. As

their friendship develops so does their skating and Natalie finally agrees to compete in the Gay Games. All seems well until Natalie discovers her skating partner's plan to put her on the cover of a national magazine. Just days before they're set to compete, Natalie pulls out. What follows is a nail­ biting finale that will keep you on the edge of your seats. Plus Olympia, Mark S. Perzely's whirlwind view of the Gay Games.

Olympia dir. Mark S. Perzely 1995 USA 5mins 16mm

Thin Ice dir. Fiona Cunningham Reid 1994 Great Britain 88mins 35mm


u,CGll!d al l101 ViJIINUI A.VI!. SF, CA. _

RODEO ' 9 5


-Live Entertainment

Tours; Fn; Sol; d! Suo JUDe 1,2, .J, d! -f OrtuId Btt1m 1roo



-Rodeo Dance Parties


Fridllyd! Sallrdlly Juoe2, .J EJlJorodoSbowroom

$89 perLli.!rirffor.riogle/douhle occupllJ1Cy. MeAtioA tiJel99.5 BllyArtla RegiomllRodeo 10 secure tiJese rates.

For Rodeo Tickets

Hotel Reservations

(415) 985-5200 1-800-622-0855

wanna dance II


� �

Sunday, June 11 / 9 p.m. 2 a.m Kin'g Street Garage [114 King -

A Pride Week dance partv the lesbian 1 gay 1 bisexual 1 transgendelr ,


fO �


c o mmunities and friend�;

Celebrating the merger 01 18th Street Services &


Sp o ns o red by: Club Townsend I lufth ansl

2295 Market St. San Francisco CA 94114 621-4434


Experienced Reasonable Fees • Free Consultation • •

(415) 989-8070


Cynthia M. L. Chang Certified Acupuncturist

2 1 1 8 Hayes Street San Frandsco, CA 941 1 7

(4 t 5) 386-46 t 9



the mos t co m p rehensive and informed healthcare.

derm a tology consul tations and ongoi ng cli n i cal tri als


the managem e n t of H I V disease, i n cl uding co m pl e te

condu cted by our research staff.

We are cu rrently accepti ng new patients. Please ca ll (4 1 5 ) 923-1 333 for assistance and information.

p A R T I C IP A T I N G



7 5



CASTRO CHEESERY AND GOURMET COffEE #1 Q),{fee House In tbe Bay Area 1.4 427 Castro Street, near Castro Theatre ' '!I'r San Francisco, CA 941 1 4 (41 5) 1552-6676 FAX: (41 5) 552-0663

��ES# :' . ,

p rovi ders u tilizes a teamwork approach to b ring you


"i -:!Z�.

The Co n a n t M e d i cal G ro u p a n d i ts co m pl e m e n t of

We offer aggressive, innovative treatm ent strategies i n


__ __ __ ___ __ __ __ __ __ __

L e e R. Liskey, M.D .



e r_ ti o_n_C_ rn o_ � O_ p_ a_ nc_e_



We are pleased to announce our association with

OIFFS�� 479 Castro

San Francisco CA 94114 (415) 431-5365 FAX (415) 431-0803


1723 Polk al Clay SF, CA 4 1 5-776-4 1 62

Live Entertainment


Bar B.Q.


1 773 HAIGHT STREET SAN FRANCISCO, CA 941 1 7 (41 5) 668-3746 LAW O F F I CE S O F

J. SPRINGS 5 1 0/466·6090

Lake Merritt Plaza, 1 999 Harrison Street Suite 800, Oakland, CA 946 1 2

Canada ' s OUT d istributor

1 965 Main Street, Vancouver, Be CANADA V5T 3C1 T: 604-872-8449 F : 604-876-1 185

Leather Lubricants Condoms And Other Auto Erotic Necess ities

Mercury Mail Order 4084 18th. St., ( Second Level ) Open Daily 621-1188

Tokyo Cowboy

Tramps, Vamps and Cramps

Mon J u n e 12 6:45pm CAS $ 7 6120 Sponsored by Absolut C�resented by Telefllm Canada and the Canadian Consulate


o Ogawa (Hiromoto Ida) is a Tokyo burger flip­ per who dreams of going West and becoming a

cowboy. When he loses his job at the burger joint, he decides to take a chance and heads for the wilds of Canada to look up his childhood penpal. Instead of finding the cowgirl of his dreams, No is greeted by Kate's meddling mother who sees him as a prospective husband for her closeted daughter. Kate, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with her red-neck roots. She has returned to her small


home town with her lover, Shelly, in an effort to re. ignite her creative spark, but is



unable to readjust to the claustra-

.L_-=---�---'. phobic small town life because she

is unable to come out to her mother.


becomes frustrated with Kate and begins to spend more time with No teaching him about the cultural quirks of the Canadian frontier. Meanwhile No . falls for Shelly and casts her as a bar maid in dis­ tress in his fantasy Western in which he is her res­ cuing cowboy hero. Eventually No discovers the true nature of Shelly and Kate's relationship, but Kate's mother convinces him that it is only a phase.

In a final attempt to win Shelly'S affectio,!s, he dons

a special costume for the upcoming Halloween party.

Who will get the girl in the rousing gender­

bending fmale in which the lines between No's Western fantasy and his Western reality become blurred. Lisa Udelson's short film The Party Favor is a hilarious send-up of that most dreaded


sexual tradition - the suburban bridal shower. Susie reluctantly accompanies her lover, Debbie, to a bridal shower for her sister-in-law. Just when they think they can't endure another round of gos­ sip and games, they are given a very special party favor.

dir. Lisa Udelson 1995 USA 20:16mins 35mm Tokyo Cowboy dir. Kathy Garneau 1994 Cana­ da 94min 35mm The Party Favor

New Women's B ookstore

Sat J u n e 10 4:00pm V I C $5 610H Sponsored by Girlfriends


ively, quirky, and outrageous these shorts take you on a fearless ride through the wild imagina­

tions of new lesbian filmmakers. Find out the

causes of the dreaded Lesbian Bed Death in Stacey Foiles' hilarious send up of that all to com­ mon lesbian malady, features Kate Borenstein. See



G·. i. R .L I


the first c1aymation lesbians to attend a Dyke March in Lily


'---"-- . Lulu Go To The March and the

Author Events, Writing/Reading Circles, Women's Issues Group s

Located next to the Brickhut Cafe OPEN EVERYDAY EXCEPT TUESDAY 2514 San Pablo Ave. • Berkeley CA 94702 • 510 204-9399

first lesbian infomercial I Became A Lesbian and

So Can You. The Search tackles religion while ·

Mermaids, Fish

& Other Non-Bipeds takes to the

water when a girl falls for her wheelchair bound roommate. Pizza and passion mix in That's Amore, and a les­ bian vampire reeks havoc in Chickula: Teenage Vampire. Shani Mootoo combines elegant poetry with stunning imagery in her video Her Sweetness Lingers and we get a glimpse at the beginnings of a romantic affair set to the tune of Me

& Mrs


Chlckula: Teenage Vampire

dir. Angela Robin­

son 1995 USA 4mins Her Sweetness Ungers

dir. Shani Mootoo

1994 Canada 12m ins I Became A Lesbian and So Can You dir. Elis­ abeth Donahue 1994 USA 11:25mins Lesbian Bed Death dir. Stacey Foiles 1995 USA 11mins Lily & Lulu Go To The March dir. Lily Marnell & Luciana Moreira 1994 USA 11mins Me & Mrs. Jones dir. Claudia Zoller 1994 Ger­ many 15:12 mins Mermaids, Fish & Other Non-Bipeds dir. Gin­ ger Rin kenberger 1995 USA 15m ins The Search dir. Benjamin Jeremiah Morgan 1993 USA 3mins That's Amore dir. C.J . Russo 1995 USA 8:30mins All works in video. Total running time: 91mins

___ 4l1li






T h e G o l den Gate

Me n's Ch orus is actively seeki n g m ale sing ers. If y o u h ave a bac k g ro u n d i n c h o ral s i n g i n g , glee club, ch u rc h c h o i r, or co m m u n ity c h o rus, we invite you to als are on T u es. eves at 7 : �� () at st.

call to schedule an au diti o n . R e h ears­ Fran cis L uth eran C h u rch , 1 52 C h u rch

TransGenderFuck Activism

st. n ear M arket, San Fra n cisco . GGMC is dedi cated to givi ng voice to our com­ m u n ity with a repertory th at draws on the rich traditions of m ale c h o ral si n g­

Wed J u n e 14 7 : 00pm V I C $7 614G

i n g , m a i n ly classical with o ccasi o n a l exc u rsions i nto B roadway a n d P o p m u ­ s i c . For m o re i nfo rmati o n o r t o sch ed­ u l e an au diti o n cal l:

(41 5) 771 -9731

GGMC 1 1 6 Eureka St. San Francisco , CA 94 1 1 4

Sponsored by Club Confidential


getic, these four videos challenge preconceived

filmmakers who continue to push the limits of

notions on such a complex subject.

gender definitions. Gender fluidity is at the heart of these films, challenging the normative dis­

Steve Orr's Cold Bath is a poignant look at one

course on the body. In Aquavitae director Vanessa

day in the life of a male prostitute whose c lients

Jopp shows a trans gender male to female self

don't know is he dying from AIDS. David Geffn­

reflecting on the creative potential and limitations

er's work-in-progress, Easy Money, is an intimate

of gender.

and compassionate view inside the world of male

As the world moves towards masculin­

(41 5) 616-7056



List Your Vacancy by Pho n e !


prostitutes working and living in

etal expectations of male or female, you might


consider yourself transgendered. That's one sub­

his living through sex. While not wanting to deny

versive idea presented in On Becoming, a film by

the desperate circumstances under which many


Los Angeles. Liz Jackson's Trick

'--___--' Or Treat presents us with John

Bratherton, a Cambridge graduate in philosophy who, for the last seven years has chosen to make

Teresa Rizzo. On Becoming paves the way for the

young men tum to prostitution, John states in no

body of the future. Paul Capsis from Genderfuck

uncertain terms that his choice of profession is one

plays a suicidill diva in Let Me Die, Again a lush,

made completely free of compulsion. Jennifer

musical melodrama that looks at the queerness in

Milici and Brian Bergen's compelling Sex Is Sex

opera and the operatic i n queer lives. Our diva is

features frank conversations with male prostitutes.

crushed when her true love sees her in all her nakedness and rejects her. I Don't Want To Be A titutes working in New York City's Meat Market

Free 14-llr Recorded Information

the sex industry. Non-sensational and 'unapolo­

be able to present new political shorts made by

Boy is a candid documentary of transsexual pros­

/lIt was wildly successful; I was inundated with callsfn - M . K .

and their work. The videos featured in this

tions of the individual choices which led them into

both their masculinity and femininity. If you

ROO1n mates Now /n' salutes the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival


works that include surreal fantasy, raw docu­

mentary, and radical activism. We are pleased to

have ever felt that you don't quite fit into the soci­


Sponsored b y Steam ale sex workers speak out about themselves

program are honest and direct in their examina­

derfuck argues for the need for people to accept

Matched to YOUR Criteria 14 hrs • All li,estyies.

Sat J u ne 17 8 : 30p m V I C $ 7 6171

ender knows no bounds in this program of short

ity, Australian director Svetlana Gilerman's Gen­

by Phone

Trick Or Treat

District. This film dares to show us just how dan­ gerous these streets are and the courage it takes to . survive them.


Aquavltae d i r. Va nessa Jopp 1994 Germany 6:30mins 35mm I Don't Want To Be A Boy d i r. Alec Behrens

& Marijn Muyso 1994 Netherlands 30mins

On Becoming d i r. Teresa Rizzo 1993 Australia 26m ins Genderfuck d i r. Svetl ana Gi lerman 1993 Aus­ tra l i a 4mins Let Me Ole Again d i r. Leone Knight 1995 Aus­ tra l i a 15m ins 35mm Total runn ing time: 81mins

We Were Marked With A Big A After The War You Have To Tell Everyone About The Dutch Gay Resistance Fighters Thu June 15 7:00pm VIC $7 615G A presentation of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

Sponsored by KRON-Bay TV Co-presented by The Jewish Film Festival "That the world should know that homosexuals

I were not cowards" is at the heart of historian

and filmmaker Dr. Claus MUller's After The War

You Have To Tel l Everyone About The Dutch Gay Resistance Fighters. Together with We Were Marked With A B ig A (referring to the symbol that preceded the pink triangle forced on gay prisoners in Nazi Germany, standing for "Arschficker"f'Ass­

E fil !�

fucker" ), MUller reminds the world of the forgotten

l� ��..

� Camps. As many as 15,000 gay history of gay survivors of Nazi men were sent to concentration

Cold Bath d i r. Steve Orr 1994 USA 5 m i n s video

camps, targeted by the Nazis as subversives.

Easy Money (work-In-progress» d i r. David Geffner 1995 U SA 15 mins video Trick Or Treat d i r. Liz Jackson 1994 Great Britain 29 :30 m i ns video Sex Is Sex: Conversatlonx With Male ProstI­ tutes d i r. Brian Bergen & Jenn ifer Mil ici USA 50:34 mins video

often were subjected to particular cruelty. In We

Total running time : 100 m i n utes

MUlier 's films depict how once in the camps, gays Were Marked With A Big A, three men in their 80s and 90s recall their fates at the hands of the Nazis. One was given a choice to be sent to a concentra­ tion camp or castrl,ltion. While many historians have written about the Dutch Underground, the par­ ticipation of gay and lesbian heroes has been virtu­ ally ignored. In After The War You Have To Tell Everyone About The Dutch Gay Resistance Fight­ ers, MUller acknowledges gay men and women's contributions. Fascinating and emotional, these important films give voice to the thousands of

World War II. We are looking forward to Claus homosexuals that fought against the fascists in

- Darlene Weide

MUller being at the screening to introduce the films.

We Were Marked With A Big A dir. Claus M u l ler After The War You Have To Tell Everyone About The Dutch Gay Resistance Fighters d i r. Claus M u l ler

INTERNATI2NA�ES S�HWU �LESBI S�HES F I�MF ESTIVA� B E R �IN 1995 We salute the 19th San Francisco International Gay And Lesbian Film Festival and Frameline and all articipating filmmakers .

For t e 3�


: : :

P ease



- Force and Passion -

we i nvite e n tries of a l l fo rm ats a n d l e n gh t s . D e a d l i n e i s J u ly 31, 1995

co ntact o u r re prese n tatives d u ri n g t h e S a n F ra n ­ c i s c o Festival, J U rgen B r U n i n g , B i rgit S c h e u c h o r B a r b a ra W i e le r fo r i n fo r m a t i o n a n d e n try fo rms o r write or call o u r

L E S B I S � H E S U N O S � H W U L E S B O R Q FI L M P Q ST F A � H 8 1 7 1 0 047 B E R L I N / G E R M A N Y P H Q N E / F AX +49-30-216 21 34

N T E R N AT I Q N A L G AY & L E S B I A N F I L M F E S T I VA L B E R L I N N QV E M B E R 9 - 1 5 , 1 9 9 5 S U P P Q R T E D BY T yp e S


Gym Fear? ©

Do you believe you need to look great before you . even walk into a gym? We did, so maybe we can help you out. Since 1 989, our instructors have specialized in working with out-of-shape people, men and women who may be afraid or who may want the privacy and attention that we offer. In our private "one-on-one" studio, the expe­ rience we share is fun , healthy and constructed to your individual needs. We are compassionate, humorous and dedicated to helping you make a difference in the level of health in your life.

Free weight area • Cardiovascular machines Multi-station exercise equipment

B Xgc�?c�TMQ�&���rW

1 /800/359 -9733 out of Bay Area

4 1 5/553-86 35


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Women Seeking Women & Men · Seeking Men Re lationship Ads $ 1 .89 per m i n .


Or pick up this week 's San Francisco Bay Guardian for more details!







Best o f the Bay -1 994

Choice for Romance

Bay Ciuardian Winner

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ur specialty is You ! It's party time and Foxy Lady is C o s t u m e H e a d q uarters fo r M e n , Wo m e n a n d Ch ildren . S e q u in & Lycra Stretch Dresses, Sh o es, Purses, Wi gs, and Accessories in S eq u ins, Feath ers and Rh in eston e s . Ex o t i c Lin geri e, Ero t i c N ovelties fo r your playful mood anytime, anywhere. We are also your outlet for tickets to u p com i n g erotic events like Exotic Erotic and Muscle System Balls.

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Val idated parking with purchase in 2 2n d St.lBayview Federal Parking Lot.

Place a free persona l ad this summer,

Young Queer Rebels

Fri J u n e 1.6 3 : 00 p m V I C $5 61.6G Sponsored by Odwalla Juice

Co-presented with Central Hospitality House Youth Program, the S.F. Adolescent HIV Coalition and Q-Tip

These are hard times to be young and queer (is it . I ever easy?). See how the issues of youth,

love, queerness , surviving the streets, and growing

up are depicted in this extraordinary collection of


In Alone Once Again and To Be With

You creative young filmmakers/poets thrill the

audience with romantic and profound images of

Ross loving 13 year old boy struggles to be true

youth. In the OSCAR® winning Trevor, a Diana

to his feelings. A powerful coming-of-age story

what it is like to be lllV + and how

with a sense of humor. Young adults talk about . ..::�

and watch what deve lops. Fi n d i n g romance this s u m m e r wi l l b e a snap if yo u take o ut a G uard ian personal ad . It's free . It's easy. And there's no better way to 'f ind someone o utgoing to go out with th is s u m m e r. Place you r free personal by May 31 st and you co uld win 2 nights at The Wil l ows , a charm ing B & B o n the R ussian Rive r i n G ue rn evi.l le .

See Guard ian Persona ls for deta i ls !



The Bay Area's # 1 Choice for Romance



it has changed their lives often for

the better in the poignant documen-

tary Alone Together: Young Adults Living With

Gay And Lesbian Prom In America documents

HIV. Charley Lang's film Live To Tell: The First this historic event put on by the students of the

EAGLES Center, a grass roots, alternative high

school in West Hollywood. Watch as these coura­ geous kids tackle societal oppression and their

own personal struggles to put on this life affirming

event. There will be an open mike after the films for young people to be able to speak out and respond to the films.

Alone Once Again dir. Andrew Becerra (Eagle Creek Youth Cntr.) 1995 USA 1min Alone Together: Young Adults Uvlng with HIV dir. Steven Okazaki 1995 USA 17:30mins . 35mm Akward For Years dir. Brad Wolfley 19�4 USA . 5:40mins Does Your Mother Know dir. Helen Littleboy 1994 Great Britain 18:20mins Uve To Tell: The First Gay And lesbian Prom In America dir. Charley Lang 1995 USA 27mins 16mm Primae dir. Augie Robles 1995 USA 7mins To Be With You dir. Martha Garcia (Eagle Creek Youth Cntr.) 1995 USA 1mins Trevor dir. Peggy Rigski 1995 USA 18mins 35mm Total running time: 95:30mins

Source List & litle Index



Tommy O' Haver Vanessa Jopp Filmschool Munich Isartalstr. 44 ��:��A :;i�1 ph 310 301 4994 . . . . . . . . . .30 Munich 80469 � t� :� J:J&U 36 . . . . . . . .56 Qqe Art at limn, 1bt �j��!ke Road The following alphabetical Basilisk Communications Dublin 4 Ireland Limited source index of this year's 31 Percy Street ¥:1§1 f 22gN1� . . . . . .40 Festival films and videos London W19FG awtge The rrand specially curated pro­ fit :: N U:f rilfi . . . .26 Fearless Productions Inc. grams lists title, address, P.O. Box 8928 Atlanta GA 30306 - 9998 . . . . 16 AwImnI Fer YQft phone/fax number, followed by the catalog page num­ t:ImriI1l1u1t �� rsgT,% Box 700 New Brunswick NJ 08903 ber(s) indicating where and ph 908 843 7727 . . . . . . . . . . 58 �T&hmond Street W. Suite 452 when the work is being Tornoto Ontario MSV 3AS Basic htincIs screened. For a list of H.F.F. Munchen Kesselbergstr. 14, fit tl2 llf aM . . . . . . .50 Program Titles\ please see Munich 81539 page 6. CbicGU: Tewee VIll1lJi'e f: :� 2iJJrill7 . .48 o n fO/�:� �:::e� #4L 7 Steps To Sticky Heayen BD Wemen New York NY 10014 Hoang Tan Nguyen ph 212 229 9288 . . . . . . . . . .55 Jane Balfour Films 1000 Physical Science Rd. 8-6 see Achilles . . . . . . . . . . . 16, 28 University of California aw l Btan Irvine CA 92717 John Octcalt Be MyValentile ph 714 856 0541 . . . . . . . . . .49 Carl Sandler 304 East 30th Street #2 784 Doleres St. New York n 10016 AdIies 1 1 l: San Francisco CA 94110 1 Channel Four ph 415 282 0338 . . . . . . . . . . 14 ��3� � .� ? . :�� � �. � ��� .39 124 Horseferry Rd. London SWIP 2TX CtId lath Big Fat Slendenla 7 396 11 St. Orr Healing Arts Out E�6\ � . . . .:::: � . :. .�� . .46 Video 427 E. 6th Street, #2R 1965 Main St. Vancouver BC V5T3Cl New York NY 10009 Ad, The ph 212 777 7199 . . . : . . . . . .56 Jennifer Tate fit � :Il ft:! . . . . . . . . .37 908 Amsterdam Ave., #5C c.nq Chrt Of lbe hi! Closet NYC NY 10025 Larry Peloso Bith4ay PIrtJ ph 212 865 0123 . . . . . . . . 28, 29 Jill Reiter 1840 Bathurst St, Suite 305 703 Florida Toronto Canada M5P 3K7 After lbe I,nlutit!! SF CA 94110 United House, North Road ph 415 206 1344 . . . . . . . .30, 48 ¥: tf2 I:J ��lf� . . . . 13 London UK N7 9DP Black Slleep lor Ctnception ¥::: If 2gI ��iJ . . . 13 Michael i Wallin �o�� l�e. #15H 22 Vicksburg AirpIrt San Francisco CA 94114 New York NY 10011 Take Off Productions ph 415 826 1426 . . . . . . . . . .43 ph 212 475 61S3 . . . . . . . . . . 14 Reichenberger Str. 72a Berlin Germany 10999 Cuta Brm ph 030 612 74 12 . . . . . . . . . .43 IIIn4 Ftry Marta Balletbo-Coll es Trebol 2, 2nd Floor, 2nd Door ?23� �js�. � � lIeIMia Barcelona Spain 08032 New York NY 10025 Third World Newsreel ph 212 865 8356 . . . . . . . . . . 50 335 W. 38th st � 1t1 t12lgI2 . . . . . 19 New York NY 10018 BIotdSistn ph 212 947 9277 fx 212 594 Handelman Cyben1nika 6417 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13, 49 Michelle Please Louise Productions P.O. Box 170415 112 Albion St San Francisco CA 94117 AIkaI, •• San Francisco CA 94110 Mark Christopher f:lfgitl N: . . . . . . 13 ph 415 864 5453 . . . . . . . . . .22 434 Lafayette, #C-2 New York NY 10003 lIadsIIIt,tIe lbe IGtII Of My Mem's Names Are Judy Michael Stremmel ¥: ili 2JJ tit� . . 46 LGPA 83 Horatio St. 969 Hayes #4 New York NY 10014 SF CA 94117 . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Alone Once AeaiI Hourglass Productions ¥: Hi ffj ?m . . 13 6022 Wilshire Boulevard #201 Botbm Los Angeles CA 90036 D-wenus Hiss jz::A f� St. ph 213 656 3284 -San Francisco CA 94114 Video Out . fx 310 271 9632 . . . . . . . . . . .58 ph 415 558 9710 . . . . . . . . . .49 See Big Fat Slenderella . . . . .43 . .


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�BirthdaY Party . . . . . . . . .48 fitII igti8itli . . . . . . 56 I lie IInarIq see Eclipse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 �85l�7:h��!t DncAilack SF CA 94114 Fnm Beji!g 1l 1no1drn Mario Soldo ph 415 864 6864 . . . . . . . . . . 14 Wet Spot Cinema Wollzeile 17/5 271 E. 10th st. Vienna Austria 1010 � The Worst Of AI New York NY 10009 see Heaven' s A Drag . . . . . . .35 fit tN lli Ig:J . . . . . . 8 ¥: i i il l t lJ2i . . . . . . .43 ! Remember RImiI& Ftlck fin DIrisIIit Kristin Gosney Private Eye Productions Marilyn Bull 746 14th St, #1 2336 Market Street 3932 17th St. San Francisco CA 94114 San Francisco CA 94114 SF CA 94114 ph 415 552 5117 . . . . . . . . . . 30 ph 415 431 3691 . . . . . . . . . .43 ph 415 431 9787 . . . . . . . . . . 37

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Elcle ShtoIil& IIn

Film Distributers 9884 Santa Monica Beverly Hills CA 90212 �llglff fJ:J . . . . . 24 Rim

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Boy WIle Fell ., LIYe, The

Dare T, 10 ButdI



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AnniYenary, lbe

Christensen Productions E I4D �e� y�:Ji" IMh ¥:ili3�Uftl . . . 14, 29



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Her Swettness lqen

Fatboy CInnides, The

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See Big Fat Slenderella . . . . .37 See Big Fat Slenderella . . . . .55

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• . . . . . . . . . .

• • . . . . . . . .

Dees Y'II' Mather Know? Alix/Lisa UmenlPrisco 1143 Mariposa St. 5::ll �=�Orth Road San Francisco CA 94107 ph 415 252 8044 . . . . . . . . . .20 London UK N7 9DP ¥::: If 2gl ��iJ . . . 58 Cat lip Amanda Taylor DetmIe £ntenU 1230 W. Roselawn St. Paul MN 55113 ph 612 644 8632 . . . . . . . . . .29 �:a�:���;�� Lane, New

Gnen at w,.,

. . . . . . .


C.,'t Help Lni1g Dat ...,

Gil Bardsley 298 Collingwood St. San Francisco CA 94114 ph 415 863 9278 . . . . . . . . . . 14



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See Art of Mirrors . . . . . . . . .26 Anie Stanley 335 South St. #4 Gar LiYes And CullIn Wars Brooklyn NY 11211 dia a ph 212 673 1467 . . . . . . . . . .27 �,: 8�7W Portland Oregon 97282 ph 503 452 6500 . . . . . . . . . . 19 Easr Mwy Little Turk Films P.O. Box 480475 Cendlffuck Svetlana Gilerman Los Angeles, CA 90048 Hall St. ph 213 653 31S7 . . . . . . . . . . 56 241112 Bondi, NSW Australia 2026 ph 61 02 3652315 . . . . . . . . .56 Ecipse Strand Releasing 225 Santa Monica Blvd., 8th Fl. Gens de �e See Big Fat Slenderella . . . . .20 Santa Monica CA 90401 It f: 1fg l�llfgi . . . . . . . 25 GetOft!' see Eclipse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 EIecIric CitJ fresenIs Red Hit I BnisetI . Cncious fIab.Grac:itus &tn, 133 Collingwood Street Evie Leder San Francisco, CA 94114 199 Riverside Drive ¥:'415 861 7131 . . . . . . . . . . .25 Northampton MA 01060 ¥:tlll:� !2jf . . . . 37 EIep1t �1ii1& 1bt Chealsea Hotel pr eor.ns, lbe 222 West 23rd St., Room #412 lilp Helen de Witt NYC NT lOOn ph 212 243 3700 . . . . . . . . . 13 Cinenova ¥:gl:f �:j tuf . . .45 ISP: YISitn Craig Paull linen 3 Canadian Filmmakers ��;c�m1�J' 1 Distribution Centre 67A Portland Street � Hi tJJ if:: . . . . . . . . . .50 Toronto Ontario M5V 2M9 Elcess Is What I Csne Fer r:tl21�1 J32f . 13 Paula Gignac 305-54 Maitland Street lleabme Toronto Ontario N4Y lC5 f�iG::�sland Road &h.{16 928 2000 43 ��l, London G.B. E8 4AH ph 44 171 254 3896 . . . . . . . .24 Fairest Of Them AI See Achilles . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35 lluYen's A Drat First Run Features's Ptnuasion ce e Persuasion Productions mlm Tl60�� lilA Cypress Street San Francisco CA 94110 ph 415 995 4667 . . . . . . . . . .26 fitHiit: �� . : . . . . . . . . .35 Easr GInen. 1bt

Rene Broussard Christmas Pictures LTD Tamela Sloan 2010 Magazine St. Farallon Films 34 Curzon St 25 Dwight Street New Orleans LA 70130 548 Fifth Street London WIY 7AE Poughkeepfie, NY 12601 San Francisco CA 94107 ph 415 495 3934 . . . . . . . . . .58 fit Nf :l t2i� . . . . . . . . .40 ph 914 471 7960 . . . . . . . . . . 45 r: �g: i:: f��l . . . . . . . 27 Fiction W OIIIerTruIhs Deatb Of A WriIIr AIpsee Ifeast Euu Great North Releasing Canyon Cinema ��e���rs��ssell Girls in the Nose #012, 11523 - 100 Ave 2325 Third St. P.O. box 49828 Edmonton, Alberta Canada T5K San Francisco CA 94114 SF CA 94107 Austin Texas 78765 3 J ph 415 255 0510 . . . . . . . . . . 30 ph 415 626 2255 . . . . . . . . . .46 ph 512 477 3134 . . . . . . . . . . 37 g ���� 3g�� :�:: . . . . .28 Dtwtiln WlJOIIia m' � Bman4I 0 Chno Monica Stambrini Northern Arts Enterprises Women Make Movies Fish Productions Via Durini 20 ph 413 268 9301 . . . . . . . . . . 20 Chocolate oor B 15 Newell Street Milan Italy 20122 �� y���Nt' f&l� Pt Chevalier New Zealand l DtIII DilI 16 P. David Ebersole ¥::1� i JffP2lt: . . . 26 ph 212 925 0606 ¥: 2t� :i; lijg . . . . .4S 1048 Manzanita Anatemy at Desie . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13 Ilrien llf Drkes LA CA 90029 Chamberlain FGlllll n M,1ifI National Film Board of Canada Anne Dept. of Cinema & Photo . Hetherman 3155 Cote de Liesse ¥: H1222 t�N . . . .50 Margaret Southern Illinois University 165 Garfield St. Montreal Canada H4N 2N4 Carbondale II., 62901 New York NY 11215 DiYi1e BoMs ¥:§ft i:1 �lfI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13 ph 618 453 2365 . . . . . . . . . . 29 See Charming Mutt . . . . . . . .52 ph 713 369 3369 . . . . . . . . . . 14 Alone TOCell! er: Y.." Adajb umt With HIV



Samantha Staley #2 ��a� �6S6�� ph 31� 338 8970 fx 312 342 7532 . . . . . . . . . . .48 Hew He Gtes

Gretchen Hildebran 1807 Market San Francisco CA 94103 ph 415 861 1293 . . . . . . . . . . 13 Hew To Tum Heads

Krista '!Upper 2-3290 Dumfries Street Vancouver B.C. V5N 3S3 � � 3J! Jifi . . . . . . . .29 .

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Joel RooW! Mendfas 400 N. Genessee Ave. LA CA 90036 ¥:}lJ ;�f8��� . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27

l lecame A Lesbian An4 So Can You Frank Mosvold Elizabeth Donahue 8745 Delgany Ave., Apt. 104 66 Bridge Street Playa del Ray CA 90293 o ¥: 1fg:ii8l1g . . . . 13 �h�3��� Utt ����� . . .55 . .

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I Don't WII1I11 Be A lor

Behrens See alethiea . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28 Alec 707 Brouwersgracht Amsterdam Netherlands 1015 G7

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Let Ie Die, Api!

Suitcase Films 2 Buckland Street, TO Floor S 2&8 �8r21fI202� W � 02 212 2350 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51, 56

Iltmsahll IiII

Dee Emerson BFl Productions 29 Rathbone St. London WIP lA6 ph 44 171 636 5587 fx 44 171 580 9456 . . . . . . . . 27

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341 LafayetteSt #169 Julie X. Black New York NY 10012 73 Potomac End San Francisco CA 94117-3322 ph 415 552 1907 . . . . . . . .30. 48 f: Hi l�i Nf: . . . . . . . . . . .42 lIuIbeny BII$h, The loIII1eJ II AYebury Lon And lhlnan lemails Sensory Circus, Inc. See Art of Mirrors . . . . . . . . .26 Sony Pictures Classics 218 E. 17th Street, Suite 4B 550 MadisoB Avenue New York NY 10003 Kin end Abel New York NY 10022 ph 212 714 7123 . . . . . . . . . .43 Michael Brynntrup Hermannstr. 64 ¥: ili :11 ::ll . . . . . . . . 40 My Fain t. AssiniIte Berlin Germany 12049 Cecilia Dougherty Lov. Sbikes HIIII 2002 N. Vermont Ave. f: t� 182H l:: . . . . . .26 Ellen Seidler Los Angeles CA 90027 7746 Stockton Ave ph 213 913 2926 . . . . . . . . . .27 Kiss On The Ciff, The E1 Cerrito CA 94530 Reid Waterer Mr PtIisII WIiter 115 S. Detroit st ¥:1l81it::: . . . . . . . . . 30 Terracino s 90036 512 East 12th Street, Apt #A �2f3§3� l�1 lulu New York NY 10009 fx 213 936 9109 . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Outside Enterprises ph 212 473 0216 . . . . . . . . . .29 2940 16th Street, Suite 2001 litre SF CA 94103 NicHctn See Altheia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .49 Luna ¥:'415 863 0611 . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Media Friesenwall 83, Last Pailtitp Of Derek hrman, The D-50672 Cologne Germany Granada Television l.usI1 Life G.T.V. Quam Street Dennis & David E. Conroy & f: t� iH ll� ii il . . . . . . .44 Manchester England M60 9EA Johnston ph 44 161 832 7211 . . . . . . . .26 3143 22nd Street Night Wrtll Dink lannlI1, A San Francisco CA 94110 Richard Kwietniowski Last &JppeI', The Gr Kl�w ¥: tll rs� �i:g . . . . . . . . 14 21 B Cliff Villas,4London NWI � i:6ifr.8NU13 ��:� . .26' f: 4f2 6g1 �lll . . . . . . .37 lbdtnna ., Me See Grecious Flab . . . . . . . . .37 No 0rdiIlIy leN Le Plisscin D' AmoII' No Ordinary Limited Partnership Paula Gauthier Me And IIh. Jenes 7471 Melrose Avenue #8 7425 Charmant Dr. #2806 Claudia Zoller S PJe!4 �2122 Wissmanstr. 6 �2f3'51 2W� 90046 h6 6 Berlin GERMANY 12049 h' 213 658 7265 . . . ', ' . . . . . .44 h 619 534 8651 . . . . . . . . . . .24 2 ¥: 2:�g��! ?l35 . . . . . . . . .55 Not Like lbat Lesbian Bed DutIl See Big Fat Slenderella . . . . .20 Stacey Foiles MlI!1eIIto lllori 3706 22nd St Pig's Eye Productions Odd Gil Chrt SF CA 94114 301 Cathedral Parkway #15A Franklin Media Distribution ph 415 826 1889 . . . . . . . . . .55 New York NY 10026 211 West Broadway #500c NYC NY 10013 ¥: Hi l;i Nil . . . . . . . . . . .27 ph 1 800 822 0626 . . . . . . . . .27 John Church 53 Landers Street #2 San Francisco CA 94114 ph 415 552 6252 . . . . . . . . . . 14

Lost Sleep


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See Haven . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29

Mark Perzely 846 Commonwealth Ave Venice CA 90291

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GaI Qlleer DIJ Peter McDowell 233 Hartford San Francisco CA 94114

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Orphu, 1be DIJ ... Giovanni Minerba L' A1tra Comunicazione Via T. Tasso 1 1 ,.. Torino Italy 10122


� IIIm'I I Dyke Juliette Olavarria 121 East 12th St., #4h New York NY 10003 ph 212 982 2925 . . . . . . . . . . 45 MFwA CIwIee Women Vision Productions a OC §4 8

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Mil StutII Africa Barbara Hammer 55 Bethune Street #1 140 New York NY

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. . . . . . . . 45

Alisa Lebow 320 1st Avenue. #2E New York NY 10009 ph 212 673 6791 . . . . . . . . . . 20 PanHn'l lel

Ruth Saunders AFrRS PO Box 126 North Ryde NSW. Australia 2113 ph 61 2805 6455 fx 61 2805 6563 . . . . . . . . . . 48 Pnise frneII

Marten Rabarts Retiefstraat 17 (11 Hoog) 1092 W Amsterdam

frMeyation Of The Sq

Carter Martin 3169 Ripley Stree t Lake Station IN 46405 ph 312 784 1310 . . . . . . . 40. 49

PanIeI Sn

John Young 140 Fairmont Ave Hastings-On-Hudson NY 10706


Jeff Robinson

�e��fN fOhii


Iandtm Access

Andreas Struck I GoldhawkMews London England W12 8PA . . 26

Re Gfl!el'ltion

Stuart Gaffney 520 Shrader st. #3 San Francisco CA 94117

Regarde - Ioi

Elisabeth Aubert 48 Rue Monsieur Le Prince Paris France 75006 ph 331 435 4478 fx 33 1 432 8950 . . . . . . . . . . 24

:=e\�= lI1d Aids 5&.roid. 588 Broadway. �

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Roc:Utg tl1e CndIe

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see Eclipse. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49

& anxious to give you a great

John Cranmer a rd Street �� London UK WCIA IBH

Micheal Jortner 391 San Jose Avenue San Francisco CA 94110 ph 415 647 5955 . . . . . . . . . . 14

PIIJiII P..-..

Sales· Parts· Service Open 7 Days a Week FREE Indoor Parking

R.X. Rubio 3143 22nd St. .,. SF CA 94110 ph 415 282 7280 . . . . . . . . . . 14

JIIa,q the Part

see Heaven's A Drag . . . . . . . 47 PIiticaI ftIMnIs

AIDS Community Television, #109 12 Wooster St. New York NY 10013

;;1!: 60

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Slit fit

Joe Kelly 58 E. 3rd Street, New York NY 10003 ph 212 529 3821 . . . . . . . . . . 50 .

. . . . . . . . . 30


Sister LIIise', Dismery

Sister My Sister

Seventh Art Releasing 7551 Sunset Boulevard, Suite 104 s s 90046 l 2 213 845 4717 . . . . . . . . . . 51

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SkiJ IIeep

Films Transit 402 est, rue Notre-Dame Montreal Qu6bec H2y 1C8 .

. . . . . . 51

Seme If These D.,. John Miller-Monzon 200 East 15th Street. #18H New York NY 10003


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47

Queer Shock Productions SomeIines . Jenni Olson 1426 Waller St.. #4 San Francisco CA 94117 346 9th St. ph 415 865 0825 . . . . . . . ,' . . 14 San Francisco CA 94103

They're Fnmdly, knowledgeable

r: Nf :1: JlJJ . . . . . . . . . . 47


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These SI!tes Weren't lade For WaIq

See Forms & Motifs . . . . . . . 24

ph 212 443 3794 . . . . . . . . . . 29

deal on a new or used Honda

Alison Glazier 4837 17th St. SF CA 94117 . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52

Richard Press 50 Greenwich Ave. New York City NY 1001 1 ph 212 989 9297 . . . . . . . . . . 25

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FIIce .. The Sm, I

SIIe ShNIs, SIIe Sctns

H. Len Keller P.O. Box 460295 San Francisco CA 94146 ph 415 487 6290 . . . . . . 24, 28


see A1psee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39

Scene film Frriie And JtImy, I


Pandora Pictures Inc. 65 Northcote Ave. Toronto ON M6J 3K2

r:tu l2l �261. .


. . . . . 20. 30

Semy s ntem 9 � th Van poess SF CA 94103 . . . . . . . . . . 43


SteRe, The

Georgina Corzine tr 94131 !ezc ph 415550 6335 or 282 5848 . 30



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Brain Bergen 3153 Broadway, 3A. New York NY 10027 ph 212 316 1705 . : . . . . . . . . 56 SeJllck

Jeff Cowan 8 c re9 r' HZ ph 415 386 2002

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See Haven . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47

See Shame . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53

line Faces If WOIIISI

Rick Castro 1312 N. Stanley Avenue Los Angeles CA 90046

r: Nl :lg gig: . .


. . . . . . . 50

To Be With Yeu

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�� k��d #201 . on �� Los Angeles CA 90036

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Once and Future Film Inc. . 2 ress PI. ( ; 1 �



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Angela Holdschmidt Otto Karsh 15 B r 5 . 301fl h 0049 30 755 8210 . . . . 29. 37



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45'\t s e Drive #5E NewYork NY 10024

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Trick Or Treat

BBC Enterprises 80 Wood Lane . London W12 OTT ph 44 181 743 5588 . . . . . . . . 56

Twil CI!eeks

r 3 9 N': th St #181 Seattle WA 98103 ph 206 522 6064 . . . . . . . . . . 50



Two �

This Side of Butch 4406 Harbor View Ave. I A . . . . . . . . . 30 7 h i8

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VeNefw Alexander Kunja s.un.w c/o Schuren, Thierschstr. 40. Lisa Cholodenko 80538 434 W. 120th St. #8L Germany Munchen New York NY 10027 ph 212 932 9234 . . . . . . . . . . 24 ' ph 089 29 58 50. . . . . . . . . . . 26 Spfty'I SIItes Canadian Film Centre 2489 Bayview Ave. North York Ontario M2L lA8

W-*'er, The

�i8��Mateo St.

Richmond CA 94804 . . . . . . . 30

r:tl2til J::t . . . . . . . . . . 40

Wn See Haven . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13

Final Touch Productions 1721 Griffith Park Blvd Los Angeles CA 90026

�0i03 ��� rznnica Blvd


r: tf: llt ?j� . . . . . . : . . . 48 r: iN ::2 ii§§ . . . . .

SeRI, The Benjamin Jeremiah Morgan 3800 Cottonwood Dr Blackhawk CA 94506 ph 5 10 736 1524 . . . . . . . . . . 55


lhat'IAmIre C.J. Russo 206 Rutgers St.. #3 Rochester NY 14607 ph 716 244 5604 . . . . . . . . . . 55

Tamsin Orion Seidler 1272 Guerrero St San Francisco CA 94110 ph 415 821 4357 . . . . . . . . . . 45

Heidi Arnesen 146 Downet Street SF CA 94117 ph 415 665 7795 . . . . . . . . . . 30

_ ammas

Ken Anderlini 3-1785 Adanac Street Vancouver BC V5L 2C8 ph 604 253 6605 . . . . . . . . . . 43 Frameline Distribution ph 415 703 8656 fx 415 861 1404 . . . . . . . . . . 53

� tilf ilg ���

Kirk Marcolina 355 S. Cochran Ave. #201 90036 s 2 §3 � h: 213 934 5405 . . . . . . . . . . 19

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. . . . . . _ . . 29

T..w Qfta, Act .. Sane I

Sllnl liIes


SIIot 1Inudr My HeatI See Fuck Film . . .

r.ty FlY"', The IKON Creative Pictures 3760 S. Robertson Blvd., 202 90232 1 310 204 4862 . . . . . 29, 45, 55

London SW9

r: glllJi :li�

Nl Yu fqer M Polari Productions Ltd. 56-58 Clerkenwell Road London ECIM 5PX 9 . . . . . . . . . 48 l

. . . 46



;h%r9i3 1826 . . . '. . . . . . . 48

t NYC NY 10012 . . . . . . . . . . . 37

r: §ltil� g�J . . . . . .

Dangerous to know ey Road, Kennington

Brava! For Women in the Arts 3157 16th street SF CA 94103 ph 415 252 0187 . . . . . . . . . . 58


� if ig :t? l�l:' . . . . . . . . 46

Ask for: Brent Miletich Lance Metecal

Patrick Snee 151 Seventh Ave., Apt. 2 Brooklyn NY 1 1215 ph 718-398-8609 . . . . . . . . . 13


r: i� N t?t:Jii . . . . . . . . 26

Fisherman's Wharf

3570 18th Street San Francisco CA 94110 ph 415 552 5207 . . . . . . . . . . 30


Ga ..... Teresa Rizzo 8 John St., Glebe NSW Australia 2037 ph 61 2 69287 18 . . . . . . 56

Two San Francisco Locations

I'IueaiIn Laura Nix

fx 415 952 7100 . . . . . . . . . . 14



. . . . 52

SlD Cly Cia

Brett Thomas 3 Ford Street San Francisco CA 94114

r:tU tli lid: . .


. . . . . . . 14

StniIItt Fnm The IIeMt Woman Vision Productions 3145 Geary Blvd.• Box 421 San Francisco CA 941 18

r:tfl it: tU� . . . . . . . . . . 19

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7 9 006

� 310 284 8493 . . . . . . . . . . . 8 W_ en m Alexis Vaughn 185 A Lexington Street San Francisco CA 94110 . . . . 30

YIU & l Wl fIIy

Randy Caspersen' 2523 E. Webster #15 MILW WI 53211 ph 414 962 9757 . . . . . . . . . . 13

You Say IIIriI, I Say IN

David Collins 46 Sproatt Ave Toronto Ontario M4M lWY ph 416 461 2451 / 368 7768 fx 416 638 7819 . . . . . . . . . . 50



Frameline wishes to thank the following generous individuals and companies for their generous support of the Festival and of lesbian and gay media arts throughout the year. If we missed your name because of our early press deadline , please accept our sincere apologies (you will be added to next year's list) . For information on how to become a Frameline member, please see page


Anonymous Anonymous

Alvin Baum, LCSW

&. Andrew Ogus

David Clayton Chip Conley

& Cristie

Susannah Copi Dagley

Traci des Jardins Tina DiFeliciantonio

& Jane

Wagner Tom di Maria Dyan Dreisbach, MD.

& Joyce


& Bob M .

Gregg M. Ebertz Kaake

& Katsuya

Peter N.Fowler Nishimori

Joan Glassheim

& Elizabeth

Pearce Jennifer Hamilton

& Vicki


& David Ring Mark Hartman & Ron Norris Stuart Harrison

Joseph Hoffman James C. Hormel

Ann Jeffries

John S. Kelley

Steven Petrow Keith R. Potter

John T. Curbo

Michelle Quirk

& Danny


& Marsha

& Fowler

Andrew Lisac Michael Lumpkin James McIntosh Lauretta Molitor

& Lindy Koll

Jay Moman

& Hoa Tran & Sue Stevenson Dave Oppenheim & Ray

Jeffrey Nebenzahl Joyce Norcini Spears Steven Parker John Richards Thomas Rielly

& Karen Hirst

David Salanitro

& Geoffrey


Allison Danzig

John Richards

Diane Sabin, D.C.

Gary Rocchio Nelson Roseland

Timothy Wu

Terri Schupak

& Carol A .

Brian L.Skaggs

Nicholas Augustinos Jeff Beckett Kevin Bradford & Douglas A. M. Brich Pamela Busch

& Ann Grace & Judy K.

Claudia R. Carraso Hedin

Debra' Chasnoff & Kim Klausner

Tom Steel

& Sonya Andreae Bob Skinkle & Felix Vega J. Mike Smith & Chris Wallis

Terrie Sima

Sherry Thomas

& Milton Estes

& Peter Betcher

Danielle Fitzpatrick

& Stanford

Maurice Gibson Stevenson

Holly Thuman

Renaker Andrew Konstantaras Christopher Kryzan Richard Labonte

& Asa Lilies

Donna Leonard Francis Mannarino James McIntosh


Kevin Rosenstein Celia Rowland

Shaffiq Essajee

Naomi Rustomjee

Susan Evers

Barry Scmell Graham Schneider

Ron Zuckerman

Mary Warren

Micheal Fuitz

Judith Schultz

Lynn E. Weaver

Jeffery Fraenkel

Karen Wickre

Gina Gatta

Gail Silva

Campbell Wilson

Marsha Genard

Douglas A. Smith


& Janine

Shannon Wilson

Frank Baldanzi


Robert Barnum

& Robert M.

Lisa Wuennenberg

& Takeshi

Judith Berkowitz

& Sheryl

Connell Tom Brutting

Tom Ammiano Eunice Azzani David Babbitz Gisela Beckerman


Lee Bender

James Campodonico

L. Wayne Bennett

Debra Chasnoff & Kim

Steven M. Bennett Peggy Bennington

William Chiles

& Terrence M.


Konstantin Berlandt Brian Bond

& John Borine


Shaffiq Essajee

Susie Bright

John Westley Giacomazzi

Emery G. Bushong

Gary Grossman

Hilary B. Cadwell

Chuck Holmes

Elizabeth Cara

Kevin Johnston

Claudia Carasso

Chris Kollaja

Gerald Carlin

Mark Leno

D�vid Carlson

Steven Loving

Peter Chadwick

Catherine MacPhail

& Lori

Marian Chapman

& Dusty Atkins

Springs Ron Claveoux

Korey Mc Cormack Douglas McCourt


Gloria E. Colon

Robert E. Smith

Robert Hanson

& Michael

Tracy Stanley

Larry Hashbarger

David Stein

Susan M. Heis

Jim Stephens

Terri Hill

Monica Stokes Laila Svendsen

Richard Johnson Alisa Klinger

& Victoria


Lisle Traaje

& Danny

Chip Tharsing

Ted Knapp & Jerry Windley K.P.L.G.B E .A

Ramirez Denice Tucker

David E. Kahn

Ken Turner

Leslie Katz

Linda Valenti Dennis Vaux

Chip Kehoe

& Russell


Sharyn Venit Margaret Verdier

Nolan Madson

Marc Virga

F. Curtis May

Charles Wagner

Maureen McCarthy Theresa J. McPherson

Ron Walters


Pamela Ayo Yetunde Elizabeth Messina

Jennifer Ware Heather Warm

& Virginia


Michael L. Metts

Laurence Waychoff

& Paul Dunkley Scott Montgomery & Don

Brian Webb

Frederick A. Neumann George E. Amy Amy Norquist Jamie O'Donnell

Craig Wells BeaJaye Whittaker

Jay A. Morton

& Sandra

& Steven

Rick Solomon Saylor


Claire Chafee

& Tim Blaskovich

Jonathan T. Smith

Kerry Mitchell

Kristin Chambers

Honjiyo Martin

& Judy Hedin

& Glenna


Tim Hanlon

Charles Lowey-Ball

& Karen

& Jennifer Flanagan

Mario J. Goes

Paul Harmon

Flavio Bastos dos Santos

& Mark

& Alan Mark



& Mary


Jim Fox

N. Grant

Andrew Lisac

& Derek


Mark Forester

Robert Eckhardt

& Teresa

& Carl Paganelli Robert Epstein & Jeffrey Steven Ellis

Bob Veeneman

Steven Glidden


Russell S. Roeca

Martin B. Valles

Marit Brickman

& Denise

Elan Rosenquist

William Zimmerman

Tom di Maria

Lea Ann Kjome


John M. Wright

Bob Glavin


Henry Doering

Celia Sack

Robert Bond

& Brian

Drucilla Robertson


Jonathan Schilling

Steve Coulter

Richard Graves

& Toshiaki

Dexter Fedor


Steve Fricke

Roger Ritland

Randy DeBoer

C.R. Flaherty , Jr.

John Caldwell

Dave Ford

Gary Dexter

Randy Ubillos


Robin Kojima

& Lynn Witt

& Elida Scola

R. Andrew Reinhardt

Patty Tulloch

Philip Berelson

Lea de Laria


Lisa Ratte

Scott Thomsen

L. Wayne Bennett

Jody Cole

Weldon Rash

& Douglas



Robert Cohen

Rick Daxson

Beverly N. White

Roy Bateman

David Clayton


Jim Stephens

Zingarelli Michael Sparks

Denise Beirnes

Mark Denzin

& Carol

Allison Smith

& E.G.

Susan Schuman



& Jewelle


Mary Wings Humphrey Wou

Michael Hulton

Jane Metcalfe

Matthew Porta


Jim French

& Teresa

& Lance


Paul Quin

James French


Thomas Plageman Steve Polsky

Robin Williams

& Larry

Karl Knapper Robin Kojima

Rich Costello Jeri Crum

Luca Forcellini


Erika Peterkin

Jeff S . Pittelkau

& Hank


A. Perry

David Costa

John Pence

Ro�rt Dockendorff

Kenji Kawakami


Steven G. Peno

Tom Cordell

Steven Parker

Diane Davis

Cheryl Holliday

& Leonie

JoAnn Ogden

Deborah Chalsty

James Goodfellow


Kate O'Hanlan, M.D.

David Weissman


Tim Gill

Larry Colton

Jamie O'Donnell

& Don

Michael White, DDS

Lisa Capaldini

Elka Gilmore

Keith Keilman

& George Uyeda


Frank Everett

Liz Rigali

Scott Montgomery

Clyde L.Wildes

Thomas Beckman


Kate Meiss

Hoa T. Tran

William M. Andrews

Pete Bullard

Kim Scala David Sharp

33 , or call (415) 703-8656.

& Kathleen



Bobbie Wilson Philip Witkay

& Santiago Ortiz & Jackie

Felicity Wohltman Neider


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19th San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival  

19th San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival Program Guide (Frameline 1995)

19th San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival  

19th San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival Program Guide (Frameline 1995)

Profile for frameline

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