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Two Spirits, Three Visions: Personal,­ Political, Spiritual

Tell Me A Story: New Lesbian Shorts 3 West Coast Premieres

Sponsored by OutNOW! Newspaper In association with the Deaf Gay and Lesbian Center This program is signed for the hearing-impaired

Mon June 13 7:15pm $7 TOW 613J Thu J une 16 2:15pm $5 CAS 6168 Sat J une 18 3 :30pm.., $ 5 CAS 618C


our parents never told you stories l i ke this!

The Story So Far is a smart and sexy comedy

with a bri l l i ant edge of social conscience from British co-directors Noski Deville and Rif Sharif.

There's loads of fun and excitement When a group of Black dykes stumble onto a jewel rob­ bery. Don 't miss it.. In Ira Sachs; wonderfully twisted faux-documen­ tary Lady, Dom inique "Dibbel (of the Five Les­ bian Brothers) stars as a lesbian playi ng a gay man playing a 70s TV star, or something l i ke

that. Home You Go, from Collette Cul len is a

little lesb ian weekend fantasy. In AnnMarie Bryan's Cutting The Edge Of A Free Bird a deaf, African-American lesbian wants to go to NYU,

�- �n%)\!¥ � "��"",,, =

but her mother wants her to go to Gallaudet University for the deaf. Alison Kelly's A Fam i l y

Curated by Jaime Smith

In association with Gay American Indians

Sat "J une 18 2:00pm $5 ROX 618G


hese raw and expressive works by or about

Two Spi rited Peoples offer three perspec­

tives on what it m eans to be a Gay/Lesbian Native American in this cou n try today. In 1 99 1 N i cci Farrel dec ided to foll ow her dreams to make vi deos; a wee k la ter she was

d iagnosed w i th cancer. Her first video, Land Beyond Tomorrow, is an ex perime ntal i n ter­ pretation of a v i si on she received after a two year battle with chemotherapy, radiation and a near death experie nce from a bone ma rrow transplant. Norma Jean Croy was charged w i th conspira­ cy to com m i t m urder, and since 1 978 she h as been serving a l i fe sentence for a crime she and her brother Hooty never com m i tted. Hoaty received the death penalty, appealed

buffets -all in the company of women.

date set. Produced b y Bo and d i rected by Crystal Mason, Shasta Woman is a story of courage, i njustice and racism.

subtitles Home You G o d i r. Col ette C u l len

o f Euro-Americans, Native Gay/Lesbi ans held spec i a l roles. Today these roles are sti l l s i gn i fi­

Jaime S m ith is a New Mexico-based cu rator; she is of Irish/Cherokee/Oj i bwa heritage.

are-every minute of every day.

So, go ahead IMAGINE paradise, then j oin us there !

Call us at

Land Beyond Tomorrow dir. Nicci Farrel USA

16m m . Total runn i ng ti me: 87 m i n s

Forgotten Classic d i rs . Rif S h arif & Noski


- Jaime Smith

Devi lle 1994 GB 25 m i ns b&w. All works are

1993 USA 28 mins b&w The Story So Far - A

have the personal freedom to do what you want and be who

cant to cultura l and environmental exi stence.

1993 4 mins =- Shasta Woman dir. Crystal Mason U SA 1992 36 mins Balancing Factor dir. Carrie House USA 1993 33 mins. Al l works are video. Total running time: 73 mins

1993 GB 12 mins 16mm Lady d i r. I ra Sachs

IS THAT P O S SIB LE ? Yes ! Olivia charters the entire ship or resort and provides a fully-trained staff to insure that you

Balanc i n g Factor i s an experi mental docu­

and com ing out to parents.

lish and American Sign Language with Engl i s h

fun, adventure, luxury, relaxation, music,

comedy, dancing and everything else from meditation to midnight

the i r regard for bal ance. Prior to the onslaugh t

Ann Marie J. Bryan 1994 U SA 15 m i n s in Eng­

. . .

and was released. Norma Jean was denied

mentary about Native G ay/Lesbians shari ng

mins Cutting The Edge Of A Free Bird d i r.


parole three ti mes and has no future appeal

Affair tells a sweet story o f young lesbian love

A Family Affair dir. Alison Ke l ly 1993 U SA 7

a place where loving women is the norm .


5 1 0-655 - 0364

Olivia make your dreams come true


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Eighteenth San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival  

Eighteenth San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival Program Guide (Frameline 1994)

Eighteenth San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival  

Eighteenth San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival Program Guide (Frameline 1994)

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