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At-A-Glance Schedule... 40-41

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W Go

elcome to the 18th San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. As we turn 18, queer cinema also comes of age. From




lesbian and gay movies are a hot commodity

today, and we're celebrating with the biggest, most excit­ ing and wide-ranging program ever. Sneak Previews and World Premieres

This year's Festival boasts a record number of sneak previews and world premieres. Highlights include two brilliant new films by Isaac Julien, A Darker Side Of Black and Black And White In Color; Erotique, an international omnibus showcasing the tal­ ents of Monika Treut and Susie Bright; Under Heat, a moody American melodrama starring Lee Grant; Your Heart Is All Mine, a German film about a butch butcher and lesbo jealousy; World And Time Enough, a new comedy from gay America's heartland; plus, of course, Rose Troche's sexy, slangy dyke drama, Go Fish.

of the makers will be here, thanks to the generous support of the Canadian Consulate Trade Office, Telefilm Canada and the Government of Quebec in Los Angeles. Retrospectives and Rarities

In collaboration with the San Francisco, based Silent Film Festival, we present Ernst Lubitsch's 1919 curio I Don't Want to Be a Man! , with live musical accompaniment. We also offer Hollywood's technicolor crossdressing classic, Calamity Jane, Andy Warhol's notorious Bike Boy, Camp For Boys And Girls, and a rarely seen gay German feature, The Consequence, made in 1977 by the director of In The Line Of Fire.

International Panorama

Strap yourself in for a quick trip around the world. We've imported images from all over the globe, including Russia's first gay dramas (The Creation Of Adam and One Hundred Days Before The Command) and a punchy tribute to India's legendary feminist stunt actress by Bombay gay filmmaker Riyad Wadia (Fearless: The Hunterwali Story). Plus Manuela 's Loves, a passionate and political lesbian triangle from France; Muscle, an erotic classic from Japan; The Neapolitans, a hilarious Almodovar-style yarn set in Southern Italy; The Legend Of Fong Sai-Yuk, the latest Hong Kong cross­ dressing kung fu extravaganza; and, from New Zealand, our campy co-gender Closing Night premiere, Desperate Remedies Canada with a 'Q'

Canada has always produced some of the best lesbian and gay movies we've seen. Last year we premiered Forbidden Love and Zero Patience; this year we invite you to enjoy two compelling documentaries, Out: Stories Of Lesbian & Gay Youth, and Long Time Comin', as well as some unique Canadian features - Cap Tourmente, a polymorphous perverse family thriller; Kanada, a clever political satire; and Super 8 1/2, Bruce LaBruce's wayward autobiog­ raphy. Many Canadian short films and videos are also placed throughout the pro­ gram (indicated with a .. symbol) and most

Left to our own devices: James Mackay and Derek Jarman

James Mackay is best known as Derek Jarman's producer, but he's also been responsible for an abundant body of gay work in Britain since the early '80s. In four specially curated programs, Mackay traces English gay cinema from avant-garde to pop promos. The Festival also presents the U.S. premiere of two music-driven movies produced by James Mackay: Projections, Derek Jarman's 1989 film for the Pet Shop Boys first tour, and Glitterbug, Jarman's final film (made after Blue) - a wordless tour-de-force propelled by new music by Brian Eno. Guest Curators

Guest-curated programs this year showcase works in an expansive range of areas. Community United Against Violence (CUAV) has compiled a series of films about violence against lesbians and gays. Videomaker Quentin Lee presents an homage to homo horror movies, Return Of The Scary Queens. New Mexico-based curator Jaime Smith offers up Two Spirits: Three Visions, a celebratory showcase of new works by Native American film and videomakers. From Jeffrey Winter, infa­ mous presenter of the 99c Queer Video Festival, comes Fabian's Freeak Show, while Matt Ebert eyeballs new Pacific

Northwest drag videos in Rain City Confidential. GLAAD SF/BA culls the best of the television year in Seen Anything Good Lately? Filmrrtaker Sande Zeig pays homage to her lesbian New ,York Giants.

and special programs; in the daytime there'll be 3 different screenings (at 12 noon, 2:00pm and 4:00pm) for the price of gallery admiSSion - that's three for $3. For the full program, see pages 63-64.

Out of the Archives

Programs for the Deaf and Blind

Richard Dyer is the author of the ground­ breaking 1977 book Gays In Fjlm; since then, he has become the most authoritative' commentator on lesbian and , gay film hist-' -' ory. He'll be making"h�,s first trip to S:F:"to' bring us three entertaining'�nd edifying pre­ sentations: The Im,age Of The Sad Young Man, EuroTrash, and Idol Th�ughts, an evening dedicated to gay male porn. In other clip-and-comment programs, archivist Eve Sicular of the Yivo Institute for Jewish Research brings us Beyond The Pale: The Celluloid Closet Of .Yiddish Film. Paris Is Burning's director Jennie Livingston (assist­ ed by editor Jim. Lyon) tunes into S/M imagery in popular, culture with a show called Let's Watch Something Daddy Wants To Watch. M.I:T. Professor Henry Jenkins boldly presents Out Of The Closet And Into The Universe: Queers Arid Star Trek. Three for Three at Center for the Arts

We're proud to announce·that the Center for the Arts at Yerba Buena Gardens. will be a new Festival venue for 1994. We'll be' using the Center's state-of-the-art screening room , a luxurious 100 seat auditorium. In the evening, the Center will host seminars

As usual, we-continue to sign selected pro­ grams for the hearing-impaired at both the Roxie Cinem� and Cas(ro Theatre. , Additionally, we'll be teaming up with ·AudioVision Services to,prov.ide special description for the blind'and,visually­ impaired for one program (Closing Numbers) at the Castro Theatre. The Stonewall 2 5

To mark the anniversary of one of our most important revolutions, we've chosen 25 biographies about groups, movements and individuals who made a difference. Experience the diversity and'c<?urage of our community with the heroes celebrated in Boy Next Door: A Portrait O f Boy George; Looking For Langston; Day In The Life Of Edmund White; Fearless: The Hunterwali Story; Long Time Comin'; Out: Stories Of 'Lesbian & Gay Youth; Super 8 1/2; Denajua: I Like My Name; 21st Century Nuns; Calamity Jane; Fast Trip, Long Drop; Glitterbug; Looking For A Space; Shirley Temple & Me; Sis: The Perry Watkins Story; Straight For The Money; Shasta Woman; Hotheads; Killer Babe; Broadcast continued on page




Tapes Of Dr. Peter; Lick Bush In '92;

Palo Alto Preview

Lesbian Avengers Eat Fire Too; Whatever; Our House: Lesbians And Gays In The

duces a new venue in the South Bay.

Hood; Berenice Abbott: A View Of The


Thursday May 26, come to the Aquarius

Twentieth Century. Look for the Stonewall

Theatre in Palo Alto, for an exciting sneak

25 symbol" throughout the catalog.

preview of the Festival. We start with a program of 35mm shorts, including award­

Audience Award Let our film and videomakers know what you think! Audiences have the chance to

winners from the past two years, plus pre. views of two Festival features, Closing Numbers and FeafIess: The Hunterwali

vote for their favorite films at each screen­ ing.


At the end of the Festival, awards are

. given in several categories.

Seven Days in San Jose South Bay audiences can also enjoy a week

Look for the ballot boxes

of lesbian and gay movies at San Jose's

in every theater lobby.

Towne 3 Theater, starting Friday June 10. This year, our San Jose Fast Passes ensure

Stolichnaya Rising Star Award

priority seating for Frameline members.

The Festival has always been the place to

San Jose screenings are listed in this cata­

This year we introduce the

log, but for a special supplement of Towne

Stolichnaya Rising Star Award, which will

3 programs only, see the May 17 and May

be presented to two of the most exciting new films in the Festival.

31 editions of Out Now!

The awards are

based on the response of our independent screening committee.

Our 1994 winners


are Ela Troyano, for her zany cross-cultural


major fundraising event, the Gala, on Friday


(A convenience fee will be added

to telephone orders.)

Ticket Centers, including The Wherehouse

miere of Stephen Whittaker's heartfelt HIV car to the Center for the Arts for a buffet dinner catered by some of San Francisc�'s best restaurants, desserts, dancing and enter­ tainment from some very special surprise guests. For details, see page 17.

..61 .... 63 . ...39

Long Time Comin' . Manuela's Loves..

. ...42


Marching For Freedom..

"The Celluloid Closet" Of Yiddish Film .. 60 . ...23 ..................... ..23 ...23 Black And White In Color..... ....63 Brothers And Sisters..... Bi Boys And Bi Girls..... Bike Boy..

New Bay Area Films & Videos...

Looking For A Space.. ..


Boy Next Door: Boy George/Walk On The Wild Side . . . . . .. 23

. .. 13


Muscle/Death In Venice, CA

..42 ....43 ... .43 .. .......61 Not Angels But Angels.. 100 Days Before The Command . .. . . .... ... ..... 45 ... .......45 Only The Brave....

My AddictionlThe Love Machine.

The Neapolitans .. New York Giants.. . . . . ... ... . . . . ........ . .. .

Boys From Brazil.. . ..

..63 ....25 .. ................... ....25 Calamity Jane.. Camp Christmas/It's A Queer World. . . . 64 Camp For Boys & Girls.. . ... ................. ..60 .63 Canada With A Q ...

Our House ... . ... .... . .... .. . . ................... .... .... 63

Boys In Shorts: New Gay Shorts 1.

. .......... 64 Out In Comedy.. Out Of The Closet & Into The Universe:

Cancer In Two Voices/Complaints Of A

63 ... .45 . 64 . Remembrance Of Things Fast . ..... . . . .... ..... . .47 Return Of The Scary Queens.. .. .....47 Sacred Lies, Civil Truths ............ .... .. . . ... 63 Seen Anything Good Lately? .... . . . .48 Sex & Love & Cute Girls.. ... . . . ....... . ... .. . . .48 Sex Of The Stars.. . . ........... .... . ....49

. . ................ 60 Queers And Star Trek.. Out: Stories Of Lesbian & Gay Youth . . . . . . . .45 .. .. 61

Projections.. Queer Son..

.. ...

Sexual Personae: Tom Kalin, John Lindell,

with no convenience fee for in-person pur­

June 10 (not on Opening Night, which is

drama Closing Numbers, travel by trolley

Beyond The Pale:

Local Heroes:

Cutting Edges:

customers.' In a unique partnership with

Thursday June 9 this year).

After the pre­


.... 60 ...... 63

Daddy Wants'To Watch Lick Bush In '92 ..

through BASS from May 20 thru June 18

designed to make things easier for all our

we will be 'celebrating the Festival with our

Berenice Abbott:

...... 63

Lesbian Avengers Eat Fire Too.. Let's Watch Something

BASS, all Festival tickets will be on sale

massive upgrade of our ticket system,

(please see page 13).

This year marks a new and exciting change:

. .. 63 ............... .....21 Anatomy 101: Female-To-Male ... .....21 Anatomy 101: Male-To-Female .. . .. 21 . . ....... .... .. 63 As The World Turns.. Baby Talk..... . 60 Ballot Measure Nine .... ...... .. ................... ..63 Age Of Dissent..

Alicia Was Fainting . ... .

Queer Tears: New Gay Shorts 3.. Rain City Confidential..... ......

We are extremely pleased to announce a

page 55), and P. David Ebersole for his deli­ cious and erotic Death In Venice, CA

For individual film and video

..25 .25 Cap Tourmente . .................... 60 Chicken Hawk Citizen Q ... ....... . .. .. . . . . . ................... ..63 Closing Numbers.. . .................. .............27 Complicated Flesh . ........ .. ... . . . ... . . . . .... . . . . .... . . 27 . .. .27 The Consequence The Creation Of Adam . ... ..... .......... ..... .... . ... 27

convenience, with no convenience fee

comedy Carmelita Tropicana (please see

Festival Gala

This is an /trZ index of feature films and programs of short films.

titles ( including all the short films and videos), please see our complete index on pages 74 and 75

A View Of The Twentieth Century

work, and your feedback helps us plan next

spot new talent.

For more details, see page 18.

Your com­

ments can guide makers in their future year's program.


Due to popular demand, the Festival intro­

With 150 BASS

Dutiful Daughter..

New Lesbian Shorts 2 .. . ...................... . .29

William Comstock, John Maybury . . . .... . . . . 61

. . . .. . . 29

..49 .......50 Straight For The Money . ..... ..... . . . ........ . . ..... 50 Super 8 1/2 .. .... ......................... .. . 52 Surprise Sneak Preview .. ... . 17 Taking Back The Dolls .. .... 52 Taking Liberties.. . . . . . ........ ........ ..... ........ 63 Tell Me A Story: New Lesbian Shorts 3 ...... 53 Two Spirits: Three Visions . . . . . . ...... ... . ... . .... .. 53 Uh-OhL. . ..54 Under Heat.. . ... .................... ....54

A Darker Side Of Black A Day In The Life Of

. . . .

Something Special .... ..... . ...... . ... . . . . .


your $1 discount, Take Ten tickets, Fast

... . 29 ......... ............ ..29 Desperate Remedies ... .. . .................. .......15 Dinner Party Dos & Don'ts: Gay Shorts 2 ..31 ..31 Dream Girls.. Erotique .. ........... . . .............31 Eurotrash . . ... ................. ..31 Fabian's Freeak Show . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .... .. . ... 32 Fast Trip, Long Drop.... ...... .. ...... . . ... .....32 ..33 Fearless: The Hunterwali Story .64 Funny Peculiar ...................... ........ Get It Girl.. ................. ....... . ........ 64 Girls In Shorts: New Lesbian Shorts 1... ..33 Go Fish ..... . ..... . . . . . ... . . .... .... .... .... ...... .. . .. .. . . .. 13 Glitterbug.. . .... .......34 Heaven, Earth & Hell .... 63 Herstories ..34 . .......... .. . . . . . . . .. .. .. . . . . ... Homicidal ... . 35 Homo Mix . . . . .. .. · . . ..... .... ... .. . 35 Idol Thoughts: Richard Dyer On Gay Porn .60 ..36 I Don't Want To Be A Man... Image Of The Sad Young Man .......... . .. 36 In My Father's Bed .. .... ... . . . . ...... . . ... ..... . .. .. ... 37 . . ...37 Intersections ............ .............

Passes, or just to find out more about what's

Islands Of Lost Souls:

and Tower RecordsNideo, this means that wherever you live in the Bay Area you have an equal opportunity to get tickets to the hottest programs - and with no conve­ nience fee.

For details on how to buy tick­

ets, see page 77.



Special members-only services If you are already a Frameline member or if you want to become one - we offer our new members-only ticket office in San Francisco, also open May 20 thru June 18 at Presto Prints (corner of Castro & 18th Streets).

Members can come here to get

happening at the Festival.

See page 78 for

more details.

24-Hour Festival Info: (415) 703-8650

Sis: The Perry Watkins Story.

Edmund White/Joggernaught

Dear John.....

. . 39 ..39 Kanacta ....................... ...................... ....60 The Legend Of Fong Sai-Yuk ... .. . ... .... 39

Other Side Of Paradise ..... .... ... . . . ......... .. .

Joan Sees Stars . ..... ... . ...... .. .. _ . . . . . . . . . . .

At-A-Glance Schedule




Ron Vawter: Head Mechanic At The Performing Garage.. When You Name Me ......... .... . . ..... .. . . ... . .

. ...55 . . . . 60

Woman Of The Wolf/Carmelita Tropicana/Dottie Gets Spanked .

. ...55

Women Who... World And Time Enough ... ... . . . . ..... Wrecked For Life . . . . . . .... .. .. . . . . . . ....... . Your Heart Is All Mine ............ .. . . . . . . . . . .. . .

. ..56 ....56 ....57 . . . . 57

Opening Night . . .. .. . 1994 Frameline Award . . .

....13 .. . 17 Festival Gala.... .... 17 Closing Night .. . ....... . . . . . .... ... ....15 .... ... 18 Palo Alto Preview..... 3 for $3 at Center For The Arts............ 63-64 Left To Our Own Devices.... · · · · · · · ·. ... . .. . ..... 67 Special Presentations, Free Events . ... . . .. 60-61 ........... .... ..74-75 Source List .. How to become a Frameline member. . ... . .. . 79


How to Buy Tickets -









$299 EACH








Where the creative stay when they play by-the-Bay 1G�ce


601 Eddy Street (415) 776-1380 •

Come Talk Film By The Pool!


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�� f �� rye � t




c'3> S

.r �T b a e�t g3.J \ "\ standing up ...

e� d

hl1\b .

for '

al family values. -SenatorJesseHelm s tradition

Talk Back to Bigotry

Can we just sit back while bigots like Jesse I:Ielms spew hatred and fear about

our rights?

Task Force, Planned Parenthood, the National

Now there's a phone company that helps you fight back.

WORKING ASSETS LONG DISTANCE provides you with cheap and easy ways to speak out on vital

issues that affect

ronment. Groups like the National Gay & Lesbian

you. Every Monday we give you FREE

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Assets members barraged the CEO of Cracker Barrel

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Restaurants with over 10,000 calls and letters urging

Intrigued? Try us for three months and get 60 minutes

And we donate 1 % of your long distance charges (at

rhetoric - don't just sit back.

the company to stop firing employees for being gay.

no extra cost to you) to nonprofit groups

you help

choose working for human rights, p eace and the envi-


� �



Dista nce

FREE. T hen the next time'you're outraged by anti-gay

Talk back.

On our dime, not yours.






0 0


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THE SMA L L P R I N T By joining, YOlI'llallfhorize Working Assets Long Distance to be YOllr primary long distance carrier. YOllr local pbone company may apply a one-time switchingfie. Working Assets willgive YOlla credit eqllal to 60 minlites ofilltmtate calling. The credit willbe at the 3,000 mile nigbtlweekend rate and will be isslled after your third filII momh ofservice. Free Monday calls are to selected numbers described in YOllr mombly bills. Offer void wbere probibited. Rate comparisons lfictive 111194 and S/Ibject to cbange. Working Assets Long Distance, 701 Montgomery Street, Fourtb Floor, San Francisco, CA 94111 EC 160 FRM 1

�LIIC:E _� TC»II<�S Lesbian & Gay DelTlocratic Club STATEWIDE CANDIDATES & ISSUES


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Toklas PAC, ID #842018

Claudine Cheng Natalie Berg

Lulu M. Carter Ronald Colthirst Jim West � Sue Bierman



Willie Brown


No acceptable candidate


Carole Migden


Johan Klehs

Openly gay or lesbian candidates are identified by ..

Paid for by Alice

Tony Kilroy Jeanna Haney Ilene Hernandez Elaine C. McBride Claire Zvanski Alexa Smith Elliot Brandt



Leslie Katz

Connie O'Connor

Delaine Eastin


Nancy Pelosi

Matthew Rothschild

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175 Renters tax credit YES 176 177 178 179 180 Parklands, wildlife YES


13th Assembly District: East Side

Greg Day �

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uQuality education requires safe, well-maintained buildings." - School Board Vice President Dr. Dan Kelly

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Demand the most convenient, cost-effective and safest plan.


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Another Jordan scapegoat attack on the poor Low income Rental Housing

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rameline is only able to produce the San Francisco

International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival because


of the generosity of a wide range of corporate, local

business and individual sponsors.

Without their sup­

port the show simply would not go on.

These sponsors



601 Eddy Street

(415) 776-1380

The Phoenix caters to

anyone who's looking for a relaxing hide­

The newest jewel in San Francisco's hotel crown! Adjacent to the San Francisco Centre, the recently opened Hotel Milano has 108 upscale, mod­ ern Italian-styled guest rooms. With its pri­ vate screening room and access to fulfill any audio-visual or multi-media requirement, Hotel Milano is poised to be the destination of choice for film & video artists. Hotel

334 Mason Street

especially among the arts and entertainment crowd. The Phoenix has long been a supporter of the arts and this is reflected from the origi­ nal local art in every room to the famous swimming pool mural. Special Festival rates are available; please call for details.

NOB HILL LAMBOURNE 725 Pine Street (415) 433-2287 The luxurious, private and tasteful Nob Hill

(800) 288-6005


The King George Hotel is a lovingly

restored hotel with a proud tradition of per­

ing San Francisco do not come here primari­ ly to look at the Golden Gate Bridge. They come here to conduct business.

visitor comfort and convenience. Their rooms are affordable, comfortable and with­ in easy walking distance of theatres, the Symphony and Opera Houses, Chinatown, cabel cars and many other San Francisco

attractions. An abundance of restaurants,

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THE MAJESTIC 1500 Sutter .at Gough (800) 869-8966 OriginaIIy built in

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the intimate splendor and comfort of a grand old manor.


1353 Bush Street (415) 771-2409

Recommended by Fodor's and many other

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attractions. Travel guides consistently refer to The James Court as a "best value" or "insanely inexpensive." Because they are committed to making your stay as enjoyable as possible, The James Court Hotel provides amenities not commonly found in this price

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her guests.

fast daily and award-winning English

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sonalized service - located just one block from Union Square shopping and a short

Honey Tearoom serves Continental break­

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asm, and touring tips, about her city with


Pension S�n Francisco, a hotel with a dis­

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Milano is the home of Bistro M, the first'


talent - with a lobby and guest rooms full of original works of art, furniture and interior design. This unique hotel is chic, playful

(415) 543-8555

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·T: 'W"X· 0 N

San Francisco" establishment. Centrally

55 Fifth Street

1315 Polk Street


located is the Union Square area, the hotel is


Sponsorships also help defray festival costs


"\ J:/

a showcase of local San Francisco artistic



well as local transportation. "

HOTEL TRITON Whimsically sophisti­

lesbian and gay culture.


theaters and restaurants. A unique San

cated, Hotel Triton is the definitive "only in

we thank our 1994 sponsors for their commitment to

to the uniqueness of San Francisco.

Francis, located near the city's finest shops,

(415) 394-0500

attendance and outreach. On behalf of the community,

Hotel Sponsors. The range of different

modern amenities. Welcome to The St.

342 Grant Avenue

we have been able to annually increase programming,

hotels and inns participating is truly a credit

committed to providing guests with the most

historic landmark since 1904.

community. With the continued support of our sponsors

in accommodating these visitors are our

On Union Square, in the heart of San

cars have stopped at the front door of this

important role the .Festival plays in our diverse

lesbian film and video makers. Instrumental

(415) 397-7000

Francisco tradition, the world famous cable

education and entertainment, and they appreciate the

year Frameline will host over 200 gay and

Union Square

Francisco, is a hotel rich in history, yet

recognize the history of the Film Festival as a focus for

video makers for the Film Festival. This

1I0ll" •• ,",."


as any of San Francisco's numerous points


of interest and entertainment. Special attention has been devoted to providing each room with a warm, intimate atmosphere.

CATHEDRAL HILL HOTEL 1101 Van Ness Avenue (800) 622-0855 Because of their unique facilities, excellent service and convenient location The Cathedral Hill Hotel is known as one of San Francisco's greatest hotel values. There is a large selection of guest rooms with a panoramic view of the city. A special non­ smoking floor is also offered. The outdoor heated swimming pool is in a quiet garden courtyard setting. The Cathedral Hill Hotel's' goal is to provide you with the most enjoy­ able stay possible at an affordable price.

MERICAN ______



_ _ _ _ ___
























We accept American





















Opening Night: M uscle Death In Venice, CA


us Premieres

Sponsored by City Athletic Club

Opening Night:

Go Fish

Bay Area Premiere Sponsored by JOE BOXER Thu June 9 7:00pm $8 CAS G09A extremely proud to present one of the We're most important films of the '90s as our

Opening Night feature. Go Fish was a popu­ lar hit at this year's Sundance and Berlin Film Festivals. This slangy, sexy comedy got snatched up by the Samuel Goldwyn Company for their summer slate of releases. ' Catch it here first, and bring your friends. Go Fish serves up bundles of gossip, drama and sex as it eyes the lives of an extraordinary group of lesbian friends. Kia (f. Wendy McMillan), a professor, is involved with Evy (Migdalia Melendez), a divorcee who's not out to her mother, yet. Kia decides to set up her roommate Max (Guinevere' Turner) with an ex-student : . of hers, Ely (Y. S. Brodie), • who's just ending a long­ distance relationship. And then there', s the perpetually horny Daria (Anastasia Sharp).

~ •

Many years in the making, this debut feature from writer/director Rose Troche and co­ writer Guinevere Turner was one of Frameline's 1992 Completion Fund grant recipients. Co-executive produced by Tom Kalin (Swoon) and 1994 Frameline Award­ winner Christine Vachon, Go Fish has the

charm and audacity of such debut indepen­ dent features as She's Gotta Have It and Slacker. A three-star review from the prestigious ' Screen International compares Go Fish to 1991's Poison, suggesting that Go Fish sig­ nals "the belated advent of lesbian cinema," and it brightly pegs the film's key audience as, simply, "lesbians everywhere." Go Fish dir. Rose Troche 1994 USA 85 mins 35mm

Thu June 9 9:30pm $7 CAS 609B


Fri June 10 7:15pm $7 TOW 610H Thu June 16 4:30pm $7 CAS 616C

O the US premieres of two startlingly differ­

ur second Opening Night program presents

ent stories about writers who are devoured by erotic obsession.

Hisayasu Sato's Muscle starts with a fleshy muscle-men montage, and a torrid sex scene which ends with one lover cutting off the oth­ er's arm - that's just in the first three min­ utes! In Tokyo, a journalist for a physique magazine falls into a demented, operatic S/M affair with a dangerously charismat­ � ic bodybuilder. Muscle's pleasures � don't lie in its plot (of which there's � not much, anyway), but in its pas­ sionate perversity. While Muscle is one of the hottest, most exciting discoveries of the year, be warned: it is certainly not for the faint­ hearted.

281 Noe Street (by Market& 16th)

(415) 252 .. 5500




In P. David Ebersole's immensely pleasurable Death In Venice, CA, a modem-day Aschenbach finds himself forced to confront desires which Thomas Mann could only dream of. Handsome scholar Mason Carver suddenly plunged into a passion he has stud­ ied but never known - with dropdead gor­ geous 18-year-old Sebastian Dickens. Plus All You Can Eat, Michael Brynntrup's clever tribute to porn performers and front-of­ film warnings. Death In Venice, CA dir. P. David Ebersole 1994 USA 30 mins 16mm All You Can Eat dir. Michael Brynntrup 1994 Germany 6 mins 35mm Muscle dir. Hisayasu Sato 1993 Japan 60 mins 35mm in Japanese with English subt� ties. Total running time: 96 mins.


you know

it's possible


achieve major breakthroughs in

self-healing in just 1-3 sessions,

with the help of a sensitive guide to your here-and-now experience? Instead of "telling your story," you quietly






themes of your psyche as they express


s e n s a t i o n s,



"spontaneous imaging.



Stanley Marcus sees his clients

move from constricted states of fear and grief to the expansive­ ness of tranquillity and optimism. It's a beautiful journey which he'd love to navigate for you. First session on donation basis. Thereafter, sliding scale.

(510) 841-0124




do you call each other? What

kind of relationship do you want?

What kind of sex do you wan t t o

have ? Come t o a STOP AIDS free

� =

worksh op for gay me n in c ouples




and hear how others answer these �l!,> Call 621-7177 for times

and places.

The San francisco lesbian/Gay freedom Day Parade & Celebration Committee congratulates frameline at their 18th Annual lesbian/Gay International film festival and would like to remind our community and its supporters that we will all celebrate 25 years of pride on Sunday, June 19, 1994.

Closing Night: Desperate Remedies

for application information or to volunteer please call (415) 864-fRlI.

Bay Area Premiere

Sponsored by Stolichnaya Vodka

Sun June 19 7:30pm $8 CAS 619C


omething for everyone! Desperate Remedies is an insanely campy bodice­

ripper about a turn-of-the-century lipstick

lesbian and the ridiculously handsome men who seek to defame her. In the dispiriting New Zealand harbor town of Hope, Dorothea Brook (Jennifer Ward-Leal and), a draper of distinction, enjoys a discreet life with her, ahem, com-



G._ "_L _

�: iJOdXD.




panion Anne (Lisa Chappell). But thmgs are turned upside down with

the arrival of hairy-chested immigrant Lawrence (Kevin Smith).

Dorothea wants Lawrence to marry her opium-addled sister Rose (Kiri Mills); Rose wants to marry flamboyant queen Fraser (Cliff Curtis); Lawrence wants to devour Dorothea, who's in love with Anne; Anne wants Dorothea to enter a marriage of con-venience with a sleazy local politician. Life in Hope is starting to seem more exciting than a week in.San Francisco. Orlando on acid, Querelle cross-dressed by Barbarella, Vogue meets Queen Christina... It's very easy to get excited about Desperate Remedies;. the film posi-

tively inspires giddiness. Plot points aside, Remedies is driven by a rampantly operat­ ic score, eye-popping color, and a gener. ous, demented gay sensibility. A tale of lesbian triumph, peopled by Playgirl pin­ ups, and directed by New Zealand's most important gay filmmakers (Stewart Main and Peter Wells made the far more serious Death In The Family, which we screened in 1987), Desperate Remedies is the per­ fect way to mark the end of Lesbian &

Gay Freedom Day.

Desperate Remedies d i rs . Stewart M a i n &

Peter Wel l s 1993 New Zealand 93 m i n s . 35mm




in conjuntion with the Multicultural Bisexual Lesbian & Gay Alliance

a benefit screening for The Center for AIDS Services and ACT-UP East Bay



WHEELER AUDITORIUM, UC BERKELEY SATURDAY, JUNE 25 . 7:30 & 9:30 pm $10 advance $12 door· . For updates. tickets-by-mail. and reception info. call 510-547-7538

Advance ticket I.ocations: Berkeley: Cody's Books 510-845-7852 Oakland: Mama Bears 510-428-9684

GAIA Bookstore & Community Center 510-548-4172 S.F.: A Different light Bookstore 415-431-0891

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Over 700 C h i l d ren's Featu res and More -. . .

San Francisco's premier alternative video resource fo r the last fou rteen years.


566-3606 OPEN 1 0 AM - 1 0 PM


© Copyright Bubbles, Inc. 1994


Frameline Award: Christine Vachon

Festival Gala: Surprise Sneak Preview World Premiere

Sponsored by OUT magazine

Fri J u ne 10 7:30pm $8 CAS 6100 Gala Film


Dinner $ 75 GAL 610J

his year's Gala film is a special surprise


sneak preview, preceded by the presentation

of the 1994 Frameline Award to Christine

Vachon, a key figure in new queer cinema, and producer and collaborator on some of the best lesbian and gay films to have appeared over the last five years. We can't tell you what our surprise movie is, but you'll hate yourself if you miss it. Just as Poisori became the benchmark for gay films in the '90s, this new film sets the standard for the next wave of queer cinema.

Please join us for

one of our most exciting evenings ever. Then join us after the movie for our annual cel­ ebratory Festival Gala Dinner at the new Center for the Arts at Yerba Buena Gardens, starting at 9:30pm.

This year the Gala is bigger than

� @ � ever.


Trolley cars will transport you from the


Castro Theatre to the Center for complimentary champagne, non-alcoholic bever-

ages, entertainment and some special surprises. Buffet dinner will be furnished by the City'S finest restaurants, including Boulevard, One Market, Square One, 231 Ellwsorth, Garibaldi's on Presidio, The Miyako Hotel, Hotel Nikko and Taste Catering.

Stay on at the Center for

desserts and dancing until 2:00am. Gala tickets are available beginning May 20 at our VIP Festival Ticket Office at Presto Prints, 18th Street at Castro Street, or from any BASS


rior to tonight's Gala Surprise Sneak Preview, Christine Vachon will be pre­

sented on-stage with this year's Frameline Award for outstanding achievement in les­ bian and gay media arts. We are proud to honor Christine Vachon for her longstanding service to the lesbian and

gay community. As producer of such land­ mark features as Poison and Swoon,

Vachon's committment to excellence and innovation has contributed to a new profile for lesbian and gay cinema in the 90s. We salute Vachon tonight for her visionary com­ mittment to such projects as: Rose Troche's Go Fish (as co-executive producer), Steve McLean's Postcards From America (p�oduc­ er), Todd Haynes' Dottie Gets Spanked (pro­ ducer) and Safe (producer). Commenting on the presentation of the 1994 Award, Frameline Board President Karl Knapper says, "This is the first time the award has gone to a producer. Producing may seem less sexy, but it's just as much hard work as directing. It's a privilege to honor a unique, influential talent."

Be Here for The Cure. Get Early Treatment for HIV. Call 1·800·367·2437

The Frameline Award is presented annually to an outstanding individual or organization for significant achievement in the field of lesbian and gay media arts. Past award-win­ ners have included film historian Vito Russo, as well as filmmakers Rob Epstein, Marlon Riggs and Pratibha Parmar. Christine Vachon wi l l be interviewed onstage

Ticket Center at The Wherehouse or Tower

at the Center for the Arts at Verba Buena

RecordsNideo. Tickets for the movie only are

Gardens on Sunday June 1 2 at 6:30pm.

available for $8, with no convenience fee.

Please see page 60 for deta ils.

San Francisco AIDS Foundation 1993. Photographed by Annie Leibovitz. Design by earl Office. Photo prints by Color III Lab. Funded by foundation, corporate, and individual donations.

Palo Alto Preview: The Best Of The Fest Sponsored by Fanny & Alexander In association with the

Palo Alto Centennial 1994

Thu May 26 5: 30pm $7 AQU 526A ant to beat the crowd?


75 Years Of Gay & Lesbian Images In The Movies Completely Revised and Updated

352 Pages with Photos 7 x 8 1/2 size Paperback

Includes Video Availability, Plots, Cast, Credits, Ratings for S ex & Nudity, Filmography, Index and More

$15.95 Plus Shipping and Handling Satisfaction Guaranteed


New this year,

the Festival comes to Palo Alto for an

exciting one-night-only special preview at

the Aquarius Theatre - two weeks in advance of the rest of the screenings. We'll be hosting three programs, at 5:30pm, 7:30pI)l and 9:30pm. Our 5:30pm show fea足 tures some of the best of this year's shorts, including Greta Schiller's glorious post足

Martha BalletbcH:olI 1992 Spain 7 mins Safe Sex: The Manual dir. Greg Lawson 1993 Netherlands 2 mins All You Can Eat dir. Michael Brynntrup 1993 Germany 5 mins The Clearing dir. Alexis Bistecis 1993 GB 8 mins None Of The Above dir. Penny Fowler-Smith 1993 Australia 13 mins In View Of Her Fatal Inclination, Ulo Wanders Gives Up The Ghost dir. Jorg Fockele 1994 Germany 3 min 35mm in German with English subtitles. All works are 35mm. Total run足 ning time: 87 mins The Aq uarius Theatre i s located at 430 E merson Street between Lytton & U n iversity Streets, in downtown Palo Alto .

At 7 : 30pm

we will be scree n i ng Fearless: The H u nte rwali Story and Take Me Back To C a i ro ( p l ease see page 33); at 9:30pm we wi l l be scree n i ng C l o s i n g N u m bers (please see

Orlando allegory, The Woman Of The Wolf,

page 2 7 ) . Adva nce tickets to a l l

and The Clearing, a tour through London's

three screen i ngs are ava i l ab l e

infamous Hampstead Heath in the company

a t BASS ticket centers , with n o

of Derek Jarman.

conve n i ence fee f o r i n-person

Also making their first appearance in Palo

w i l l a l so be ava i l able at the

Alto are three award-winning shorts from past Festivals: The Attendant, a lovely piece of operatic erotica from Isaac Julien; Resonance, a choreographed cry against gay足 bashing; and Intrepidissima, a cathartic drama for every tomboy who was ever forced to wear dresses. Woman Of The Wolf dir. Greta Schiller 1994 GB 27 mins The Attendant dir. Isaac Julien 1993 GB

8 mins The Survivor dir. Robert Winkler 1993 Austria 2 mins Resonance dir. Stephen Cummins 1991 Australia 11 mins b&w Intrepidissima dir.

purc h a sers;

any unso l d tickets

Aq u a r i u s Theatre half a n hour before each sh ow.

To celebrate this spec i a l eve n i ng, we ' re h aving a party for a l l ticket-holders at Fanny & Alexa nder, a Scandinavian brasserie and beer garden. Please join us on the patio for com p l imentary hors d ' oeuvres and no-host bar between 7 :00pm and 10:00pm. Fan ny & Alexander i s located next door t o t h e Aqu arius Theatre at 412 Emerson Street.

The San Francisco Say Guardian

is proud to be an official sponsor of the :L8th San Francisco

International Lesbian and

Gay Film Festival.

The Bay Guardian has always been an enthusiastic supporter of local arts and artists throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Making our debut as a sponsor of this festival, we salute and support the creative vision of lesbian and gay filmmakers the world over. This year, we also make our premiere appearance as the producers and distributors of the festival's program guide. We take additional pride in our other new roles : the Bay Guardian is the first business supporter of Frameline's Film and Video C ompletion Fund, which helps local fi lmmakers in need of assistance to


complete their work; and the Guardiqn is also the first official sponsor of the San Franc isco International Film Festival's prestigious Golden Gate Awards Competition, having been a sponsor of that festival for the past five years . For more of our work on fil m , pick up the Guardian every Wednesday for the latest motion picture news and reviews. Plus offers of free passes to premiere screenings all year long - and much more. To get more out of the movies, get into the Guardian this week and every week.

Now playing at a news rack near you.


GUA 0 AN The Best 01 the BOY... Every Week

The pleasure's all ours. D u ri n g 1 994, th roug h the generos ity of th e donors l i sted below a n d a host of oth er su pporte rs, DQ is perforn1 i ng a Computer Beauty Makeover on F ra m e l i ne, our lesbia n and gay fi l m festiva l p rod ucer and med ia d i stri butor extraord i na i re . Why F ra m e l i ne? Beca use creati ng q u eer med ia is a powerfu l way to provoke thou g h t, stimulate acti o n , a n d feel deeply a bout the stories a n d i m ages tha t s u rro u n d u s . (But you know th at.) With DQ's hel p, F ra m el i ne ca n track a bazillion fi l m s and ta pes, prod uce cool promoti o n a l mate ria l , store c l i ps a n d sti l l s, ed it video, strea m l i ne d i stri bution, a nd be on l i ne with eager viewers eve rywhere . Th ey ca n do thei r wo rk sma rter, fa ste r, better - a nd tha t h e l ps us a l l .

Maior Makeover Angels: Larry Baca , R. Ma rti n Chavez, Kel ly Cytron, Ti m Gi l l & The (7i l l Fou ndation, And rew Konstantaras, Chris Kryza n , Jeff Pa rker, Don Pickens, Gay & Lesbian Employees at Microsoft (GLEAM), Jeff Pittelkau, Michel le Qu irk, Tom Riel ly, Andy Rei nhardt, Rick Reynolds, David Ring and Stu Harri son , J i m Stephens, Ben jamin Waldman, Ka ren Wickre� Intel l igent Newton Magazine (Diane Burns, Ba rry Owen , Wi l l Wh itaker), Gay Mac U sers' Group, Apple La mbda, H igh-Tech Gays, WIRED Magazi ne, Xaos Tools ( Bob Powel l , Blake Dawgert, Robi n Fel ix) , OUT Magazine


584 Castro Street . Suite 1 50 San· Francisco, CA • 94 1 1 4 41 5/974-9 1 22 (

We're here, we're queer-and �re create change every day. Jo;n us.

• Alicia Was Fainting Sponsored by A Different Light Bookstore

Anatomy 101: Female-To-Male

Anatomy 101: Male-To-Female

Sun June 12 7:00pm $7 TOW 612R

In association with FTM

In association with Transsexual News

Sponsored by Presto Prints

Telegraph (TNT)

In association with Visual AID

World Premiere

Thu June 16 7:00pm

U S Premieres

$7 CAS 6160

Sat June 11 6:15pm $7 ROX 611J

Fri June 17 2: 15pm $5 CAS 6178


licia Was Fainting, a bittersweet coming­ of-age featurette from Spanish filmmak­ er/choreographer Nuria Olive-Belles, tells the story of a fourteen year-old girl dealing with her mother 's death, the onset of wom­ anhood and with her own awakening sexuality. Preparing to graduate from elementary school, L-' Alicia must now part with her best friend and blood-sister Margarite. Resistant to the idea of traditional women's roles, Alicia works in a butcher shop where, amidst the hanging meat and bones, she day­ dreams about her mother and writes letters to Margarite.

A�������i���?u�T _ _ _ _

From Holland comes the lyrical Rites of Pas­ sage. Operatic, industrial and idyllic, this allegory of a crossdressing girl and her mother offers an exquisite portrayal of lost and regained gender identity. Lastly, an Australian treat: Bete Noire takes a shot at girls, guns and ventolin. Bete Noire d i r. Victoria H unt 1994 Austra lia

Tue June 14 7:45pm $7 ROX 614G


omboys, butch dykes, crossdressers and female-to-male transsexuals are the sub­ jects of these sharp shorts. If you've ever been mistaken for a boy you' ll identify with the dry humor and unmistakable style of Can You Say Androgynous?, Mad About The Boy, and The Mister Sisters. Tomboy ! offers childhood nostalgia with a gender twist, while Butch Wax looks at our adult female­ to-male crossdressing tendencies. He-She Pee looks at restroom confusion and Trans interviews F-to-M transsexual, Henry. Zoe The Boxer is a clever French faux-documen­ tary which examines the story of a female boxer who became a man and murdered her manager. Can You Say Androgynous? d i r. Laura Cowe l l 1990 Canada 2 m i n s video Mad About The

Boy dirs. Alix Umen & Lisel Banker 1994 USA 8 m i n s The Mister Sisters d i r. I ngrid Wi lh ite 1994 USA 12 m i n s video Tomboy! d i r. Dawn Logsdon 1994 USA 13 m i n s video Butch Wax dir. Jenn ifer Lane 1994 USA 7 m i n s video He­

She Pee d i r. Alisa Surkis 1994 USA 7 m i n s video Trans d i r. So phie Constantinou 1994

15 m i n s 16mm Rites Of Passage d i r. Gerda

USA 12 m i n s 16mm Zoe The Boxer ( Zoe Ie

Heijnis 1992 Holland 22 m i n s 16mm Alicia

Boxeuse) d i r. Karim Dridi 1992 France 24

Was Fainting d i r. Nuria O l ive-Bel les 1994 USA

mins 16mm in French with Engl ish subtitles

37 m i n s 16mm Total runn i ng ti me: 74 m i n s

Total run n i ng time: 85 m i n s

Alicia Was Fainting w a s one o f Framel ine's 1994 Fi lm & Video Completion Fund grant recipients. For deta i l s on how to apply for the Fund, please cal l (415) 703-8658.

US Premieres

Berenice Abbott: A View

Of The 20th Century Bay Area Premiere

and the Eye Gallery

Sat J u ne 18 4:15pm $5 ROX 618H

Atransvestites, and transsexual women.

five-pack of shorts starring drag queens,

This program runs the gamut from documen­ taries to narratives to just plain fun. Enjoy the simple charms of the street­ hustling hair-queens in the hilarious Judy's Do, and the droll shenanigans of two British drag queens in Love & Lashes. Transcending the "so what's it like to be a transsexual?" documentary genre, Denajua, I Like My Name is a moving portrait of a charming fashion designer who happens to be a male-to-female transsexual. In 21st Century Nuns, England's branch of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence is pro­ filed. Miss Otis is a '40s-style noir crime thriller with a twist (it's in brilliant color) and adds new meaning to the compliment "beautifully shot."

Judy's Do d i r. Scott Craig 1992 USA 5 m in s video Love & Lashes d i r. A d a m Rowley 1993 G B 14 m i n s video " Denajua: I Like My Name d i r. Susan Weh l i ng 1993 USA 29 m i n s video 21st Century Nuns d i r. Tom Stephan 1993 GB 15 m i n s 16mm b&w Miss Otis d i rs . Lars Drin krow & Jurgen Uren 1993 GB 13 m i n s 16mm Total run n i ng time: 76 mins '


Mon June 13 6:30pm $7 CAS 6130

erenice Abbott: A View Of The 20th Cen­ B tury is a portrait of one of the richest

careers in the history of photography. The 92 year-old Abbott shines as she talks about her life, her work and her circle of friends which included such famous artists and writers as James Joyce, Andre Gide and Janet Flanner. Focusing on Abbott's prolific PRESTO PRINTS work as an artist, the film L-' also reveals clues about her relationships with women, including such notable contemporaries as Djuna Barnes and Edna St. Vincent Milay. Extensive archival film footage and photo-graphs are comple­ mented by interviews with scholars as film­ makers Martha Wheelock and Kay Weaver trace the fascinating life of this remarkable lesbian of the twentieth century. _ _ _ _

Berenice Abbott: A View of the Twentieth Century reveals the life of one of our great­ est woman artists, who not only endured ­ but triumphed - writing books, patenting inventions, teaching at prestigious universi­ ties, and giving the world a grand body of work. - Lynette Molnar Plus, Noski Deville's sumptuous Loss Of Heat - an expressive fictional portrayal of a pair of lesbian couples, 'one in Spain, the other in London, dealing with epilepsy. Loss Of Heat d i r. Noski Devi l l e 1994 GB 20 mins 16mm Berenice Abbott: A View Of The 20th Century d i rs . Martha Wheelock & Kay Weaver 1993 USA 57 m i n s 16mm





c;!ii ET

H C::» T


. IP LA..."Y'


� A... FE


,) .,1.

2 1 0 -7 F O U R T H S T R E E T , B E R K E L E Y

·CALL 5 1 0 845-8992 for easy directions and more information


Bi Boys & Bi Girls

Archive Classic

In association with Bay Area

In association with the

Bisexual Network

San Francisco Cinematheque

My ·Dinner At Dan's dir. Wendy Jo Carlton 1993 USA 6 mins video lesbians Who Date Men dir. Monica Nolan 1994 USA 15 mins video Queers Among Queers: A Bay Area Per­ spective prod. C. B. White 1994 USA 30 mins video No Fairy Tale dir. Aimee Morgana 1993 USA 1 min video + Simple Facts dir. Yanick Paquin 1992 Canada 13 m.i ns 16mm Strings dir. Jennifer Kaufman 1993 USA 18 mins 16m m Total running time: 83 mins

West Coast Premiere

In association with BlK and

Sun J u ne 12 7:30pm $7 ART 612T

Sun J u n e 12 2 :15pm $5 ROX 612G

This collection of reflections on bisexual I identity and relationships starts off with Wendy Jo Carlton's fun little interview with her bisexual pal in My Dinner At Dan's. Monica Nolan's fast-paced survey scans the range of public opinions, pro and con, on Lesbians Who Date Men. The locally pro­ duced Queers Among Queers offers up an articulate series of interviews with bi com­ munity activists. No Fairy Tale is a safe-sex PSA, and, in the bittersweet Simple Facts, a man tells us about the two people he's been thinking about all day - a woman and a man. And lastly, Strings recounts the story of Ani, a bi musician and her gang of friends. When Ani's friend dies of AIDS she decides it's time to move away, but her girl­ friend and her boyfriend don't want her to leave.

Black And White In Color

Bike Boy

West Coast Premieres


Young working class motorycyclist Joe Spencer is everyone's object of desire. But he's decidedly out of his element in the sophisticated world of Warhol's superstar friends - Viva, Ingrid Superstar, Brigid Polk and Ed Weiner. "One of the most liberating experiences of my life was seeing Bike Boy at a theater in Cambridge. I was with some ultra straight but sensitive, tolerant Harvard boys who froze in horror after the first two m inutes. Viva was in the bathtub with a man, telling him if he wanted to make plastic sculptures he should just do it and shut up about it... As I watched this film I thought: 'That's for me.'" - Gary Indiana, Village Voice Bike Boy dir. Andy Warhol 1967 USA 110

mins 16mm

Please note that Bike Boy screens at the San Francisco Art I nstitute, 800 Chestnut Street at Leavenworth Street. There wil l be two screenings , at 7 : 30pm and 9: 30pm . SFAI is wheelchair accessible.

US Premieres

The British Council

Sun June 12 9: 30pm $7 ART 612U

etween 1963 and 1968 Andy Warhol pro­ duced approximately sixty films. The majority of them had been unavailable for public exhibition for over twenty years until the Museum Of Modern Art started to restore them in 1989. Warhol's notorious Bike Boy is amongst the latest batch of restored titles.

Boy Next Door Walk On The Wild Side

Thu J u n e 16 5:30pm $7 ROX 616F


lack And White In C�lor documents the involvement of black people in British broadcasting from its earliest days. Pro­ duced by the British Film Institute for BBC TV, Isaac Julien'� tangy two-parter offers a concise social history of English race' relations, as well as some distinctly campy blasts-from-the-past. Part one deals with British TV from the BBC's 1936 opening night (featuring Ameri­ can song'n'dance duo Buck and Bubbles) through "the excitement and variety of negro entertainment" to the late '50s. In part two, Julien investigates the rise of social realism, and the achievements of Channel Four in the '80s and '90s (Hanif Kureishi describes the development of My Beautiful Laundrette). Black And White In Color is a fascinating counterpoint to Marlon Riggs' Color Adjust­ ment, which tackled similar terrain in rela­ tion to American TV. Entertainingly ency­ clopedic and quietly elegant, Julien's ' remarkable raid on the archives proves that there's more to British broadcasting than Masterpiece Theatre. Black And White In Color dir. Isaac Julien 1992 GB Part 1 59 mins Part 2 52 mins video Meet I saac Julien for a n informal discussion about his work at A Different Light bookstore on Saturday June 11 at 5:00pm . page 61 for deta i l s .

Please see

Sponsored by THE STUD In association with the Deaf Gay and lesbian Center This program is signed for the hearing-impaired

Tue J u ne 14 9:30pm $7 ROX 614H

proud to present two new BBC films We're about the power of fads and fashion. Slip into something comfortable and drag your­ self back in time.

First, meet some of the real people behind Lou Reed's classic celebration of '60s ttans­ genderism, including Joe Dallesandro and " Holly Woodlawn. "Lou was fascinated by transvestites," claims Jayne I County, "He had this girl­ friend at the time called Rachel and she was a transsexual. It's only natural that he would write a song about three drag queens."


Then, walk this way: Mark Kidel's portrait of Boy George is a hypnotic story of narcis­ sism and neediness, drugs and drag. Boy Next Door covers nine years, from Culture Club's sudden success through to George's rebirth as a s.o lo celeb. Along the route, there's tons of amazing archive footage, some very queer fashions, a gripping inter­ view with B.G.'s ex, Jon Moss, and a sign of salvation. Looking back on it all, a candid George concludes, "Being gay is my only saving grace." I

Walk On The Wild Side dir. James Marsh 1993 GB 40 mins. video " Boy Next Door? A Profile Of Boy George dir. Mark Kidel 1993 GB 50 mins. video



ani mator:

Ingin Kim /' Wacka-Wacka Productions

Boys In Shorts: New Gay Shorts 1

Calamity Jane Archive Classic .Sponsored by Superstar Video

World Premieres

In association with the Eye Gallery

Sponsored by JOE BOXER

Sat June 18 1:00pm $ 5 CAS 618B

I n association with Phi Delta Kappa

Fri June 10 12:00 noon $5 CAS 610A


Sat June 11 4:30pm $5 TOW 611R Sun June 19 3 :00pm $ 5 CAS 619A



his year's collection of gay comedies fea­ tures a surprising number of boys on the

precipice of sexual pleasure, incl ud ing Shall We Dance, from the maker of last year's h i t Pool Days; The History Of Western Sexual i ty, . a very funny story about a straight woman

who sets out to procure a man for her bi •

: .

boyfriend; Cheap Skates, the true story behind the Tonya HardinglNancy Kerrigan

headl i nes; and the painfully famil iar A Friend Of Dorothy, in which a shy sophomore suffers


Resource Center

Calam i ty Jane! Saddle up and come on

Sat June 11 4:15pm $5 CAS 611C

ized n a rrative and read it the other way around - which is easy enough when Calamity bri ngs sexy Katie Brown to Dead­ wood and they move in together and paint "Calam & Katie" i n a big heart on the i r front door! .

Cal a m i ty Ja ne also happens

SU PER ST*" to be a great old-fashioned ---v I DE 0


spu nky song and dance n umbers- i ncluding

mins 16mm A Wavering Heterosexual Con­

musica l w i th a bu nch of

"Whip Crack Away," " M y Secret Love" and Dick Wesson's fan tastic drag performance of

fronts The Pleasure Principle Head-On, And

" I 've Got a Hive Full O f Honey" - all i n a

Is Forced To Decide d i r. Fred Soffa 1994 U SA 2 m i n s 16mm Scrub Me Mama d i r. David

color pri nt.

Grotell 1994 USA 13 mins 16mm Date With Fate d i r. Danny Acosta 1994 U SA 7 m i n s 1 6 m m Cheap Skates: The Hardly/Cardigan Affair d i r. Matt Ebert 1994 U SA 12 m i n s

bri l l i an t, newly refu rbi shed 35mm Tech ni­ Unfortunately, the fi l m i s l ess than enl ight­ ened on the subject of Nat ive Americans, reflecting Hol l ywood's stereotypes of the

16mm Sigh Of Love In Waiting d i r. Valeri o

time. Dori s Day unwitt i ngl y notes the injus­

Governi 1993 Italy 1 3 m i n s 1 6 m m in Ita l i a n

tice of the conquest of Native American land

with Engl ish subtitles Undecided d i r. Scott Ehorn 1994 U SA 4 mins 16m m The History Of Western Seluality d i r. Aaron Kl l c 1994 USA 11 m i n s 16mm A Friend Of Dorothy d i r. Raoul O ' Connel l 1994 USA 25 mins 16mm In View Of Her Fatal Inclination, Lilo Wanders Gives Up The Ghost d i r. Jorg Fockele 1994 Germany 3 min 35mm i n German with English su btitles Total r u n n i ng time: 92 m i n s

as she adm i res the l a ndscape, say i n g "No wonder the i nj uns fight so fie rce to hang onto t h i s country."

• Calamity Jane d i r. 101 m i ns 35mm



Sun June 12 12 noon $5 CAS 612A � tens � IY luscious Roy D u puis (th� h ustler In Bem g At Home With Cl aude) stars a s a

hunky n e 'er-do-wel l who returns home to his claustrophobic fam i l y after a long absence.

Turns out that both his mother

(Andree Lachapel le) and s ister (El ise G u i l ­

Thu June 16 7:00pm $7 TOW 6161

bau l t) both seem t o w a n t t o sleep w i t h h i m ;

ccl a i med at the 1 994 Sundance and Berl i n

th ings are n ' t he l ped w h e n an old friend

F i l m Festivals, Lucy Massie Phenix's

(G i lbert Sciotte) arrives, causi n g chaos for

Cancer i n Two Voices addresses one of the

the pol ymorphous perverse cl an.

most urgent and under-represented heal th­ care i ssues facing women today. Th i s deeply moving fil m documents the struggle and

� �

cou rage of a lesbia n couple deal ing


n a l , Cancer in Two Voices deals

I I .

with one partne r's breast cancer. As an i nti mate home-movie jour-

w i th the i r anger a nd grief, sexual i ty and friendsh ip, and the pai n fu l process of con­

fron ting death. Joi n u s also for the world premiere of



A� _

V"'>O S"'""'"


The first of two ripe fam i l y dramas in this yea r 's Festival (the other is Under Heat),

Cap Tourmente is a stri king and award-win­ n i ng first feature from Montreal screenwrite r M i chel Langloi�, w h o has previously col l ab­ orated w i th Lea Pool .

For a gay audience,

the main appeal may be Dupui s ' on-screen charisma (or "j eans ad posturi ng," as Variety cattily described i t), but Cap Tou rmente is a l so i nteresting for i ts seamless incorpora­

Deborah Hoffman's Compl a i n ts of a Dutiful

tion of homosexual i ty as one of many

Daughter. Hoffman 's profound documentary

options for t h i s seductive house of horrors.

gives a j arring account of her own struggle w i th her mother's Al2:beimer's. As her moth e r 's cond i ti on worsens, she becomes more accepting of her daugh te r 's lesbianism. Hoffman constructs an emotional and heart­ ening overview of another all too common (and often u nta l ked about) contemporary health issue.

David Butler 1953 USA

and the Canadian Consulate

Wed June 15 12 noon $5 CAS 615A

Of course, we know enough about the real Cala m i ty to ignore the fi l m 's heterosexual ­

Sponsored by A Zebra In association with Telefilm Canada

In association with the Women's Cancer

cross-dressi n ' (real- l i fe lesbian cowboy)

whole lesbian and gay American fa m i l y.

West Coast Premiere

Sponsored by Naya Spring Water

ori s Day stars as every tomboy's hero !

down for Jots of rooti n ' -toot i n ' fun for the

Cap Tou rmente

San Francisco Premieres

She's the fast-shoot i n ' , tough-ta l k i n ' ,

a crush on his seemingly unattainable room­

Shall We Dance d i r. Brian Sloan 1992 U SA 15

Cancer in Two Voices Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter

The plot o f Cap Tou rmente is not real l y the point; i t 's abou t confrontati ons with the sex­ ual undertow of fam i l y l i fe. The performers bring the fi l m to l i fe .

Besides D u pu i s ' con­

v i ncingly i rritating i nfan t i l ism, Lachapel le is thri l l i ng - in a Jeanne Moreau- i sh way as the world-weary mother.

Moody and

austere, maddeni ng and mov ing, Cap Tou r­

Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter d i r. Deborah

mente is a fi lm wh ich posi tively spin s

Hoffman 1994 USA 42 mins 16mm Cancer in

between the sen te ntious and t h e subversive.

Two Voices d i r. Lucy Massie Phenix 1993 USA 43 mins 16mm

.. Cap Tourmente d i r. M ichel Langlois 1993 Canada 115 m i n s 35mm in French with Eng­ l i sh subtitles


HAS A . .. /. 1(:) , <:





'. . ¥.

. .' \ ,





ll �'J ·. · ' , � j:<"'




.r ' �;­ r' ·�! \:,.. ..



� ?,;


,;), �' I;' (,fL •

'.,. .•..

. •

�:�:::-. ,

. : . -

; ;



Because the Pacific Bell Calling Card® uses your home phone number, it's easy to remember. And, whether you're at a San Franciscofilmfestival or Stonewall 25, you 'll never have to dial an access code. To order the Pacific Bell Calling Card dial 1-800-622-0735 ext. 1 669. © 1994 Pacific Bell

Closing Numbers

Complicated Flesb West Coast Premieres

West Coast Premiere Sponsored by KQED In association with AudioVision

The June 13 screening of this program is


Sat June 18 7 :30pm $7 PFA 618L


But sorting is no easy task. There's the confu­ sion of haunted pasts, complicated colors, and

The Creation Of Adam

Sponsored by Pusser's Rum

Sponsored by Stolichnaya Vodka

U S Premiere

I n association with International

Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission

San Francisco

through the truths and falsehoods of culture.

Thu May 26 9:30pm $7 AQU 526C

Archive Classic

In association with Goethe-Institut

dentity is what's left when you 've sorted

described live for the visually-impaired

The Consequence

Wed June 15 2:15pm $5 CAS 6158 emember when gay movies were all about

Sun June 12 9:00pm $7 TOW 612S

Mon June 13 9:00pm $7 CAS 613E

Cheryl Dunye and Kristina Deutsch collabo­


Wed June '15 9:00pm $7 TOW 615L

rated on Complicated Flesh in an attempt to add sense to their sensuous relationship. An

ally made in Europe? For those people who, recall that excitement of discovery, we present

nna (Jane Asher) and Keith (TIm Woodward) have been married for many years. Sudden­

ly, she is spiralled into a world of homosexuali­

ty and HIY. .. Closing Numbers is a commanding inspection of homophobia, infidelity and compassion, from from the director of Portrait Of A Mar­


riage. Asher is superb as the housewife who reluctantly befriends her husband's lover (patrick Pearson, as one of the most level-headed gay charac­ ters you've ever seen on the

screen) and his dying friend Jim (Nigel Charnock, another standout). Fans of classy drama will find many other pleasures too. A thoroughbred in an increasingly large stable of AIDS dramas, Closing Numbers proves that biology counts for nothing: home is where the HIV is. Plus the world premiere of a bi ttersweet British short, Destiny/Desire/Devotion.

distorted ideologies.

oblique assay of the terrain of inter-racial romance, th is videowork looks at the powers of attraction and how they are colored by eth­

encompasses much of latina l i fe. Ela Troy­ ano's h i larious film makes a sumptuous stew of Puerto Rican lesbians, colonial betrayals, tragic, Spanish ballads, and contemporary class consciousness. In Carmel i ta Tropicana, ethnic identity i s improvised around loyalties, affec­ tion, and the common burden of a morena among men. According to Afri can tales, the trickster is there to befuddle you. African-American artist Thomas Allen Harris uses the metaphor of the trickstef, in his beautifully rendered

Heaven, Earth & Hel l , to search among the

deceptions of race, hi story and love. Harris describes a transformative j ourney, recounting his yearning for acceptance and the choices made to construct himself out of blackness.

. - Steve Seid

AudioVision ® is a nonprofit agency which advo­ cates and provides description services for the blind and visually impaired for movies, lV, the­

atres and exhibits.

At the June 13 screening, a

trained na rrator will describe essential elements of the film, such as action , location, sets, cos­ tumes, etc. The descriptions are broadcast into

the theatre auditorium via FM radio. The visually impaired person hears the descriptions in one

ear, while hearing the film sou ndtrack in the other, thus having access to the movie, while the sighted audience is not disturbed .

This program also includes Sexfish by E.T.

Baby Maniac and Thick Lips, Thin Lips by Paul Lee. Sex Fish d i r. E.T. B a by Man iac 1993 U SA

6 mins video + Thick Lips, Thin Lips d i r. Paul ' Lee 1994 Canada 6 mins Complicated Flesh d i rs . Cheryl Dunye & Kristina Deutsch 1993 U SA 14 mins video Carmelita Tropicana ( Your Kunst Is You r Waffen) d i r. Ela Troyano 1993 U SA 30 mins 16m m Heaven, Earth & Hell d i r. Thomas Allen Harris 1993 U SA 25 mins video Total running time: 7 8 m i ns

Remember when they

a rare revival screening of The Consequence, one of the best '70s gay dramas. Thomas (Ernst Hannawald), ___-'-___---'

Fri June 17 7 :00pm $7 CAS 6170


appeared only once a year, and they were usu­

nici ty. Though staged in New York, Carmel ita Tropicana draws on a cultural history that

Destiny/Desire/Devotion dir. Zahid Dar GB

1994 10 mins 16mm Closing Numbers dir. Stephen Whittaker 1993 GB 95 mins 35mm

gay subjects?

the cherubic son of a prison warden, secretly seduces Mar-

tin (Jurgen Prochnow), one of his father's inmates. After Martin is released, the two try to

build a life together, but they are thwarted at

u ri Pavlov describes h i s first feature as


"the most romantic fi l m of the year."

� I I

Andrey (Alexande r Strizhenov) is disconso­ l a te.

His marriage is on the rocks (his wife



th i nks he's gay), and there's

. more trouble in store when he hel ps a young gay man

escape from some local queer-bashers.

a work visit from a charismatic, weal thy businessman turns Andrey's l i fe arou nd.

" I have come to teach you one th ing ... " he

every turn. Thomas' father sends Thomas to a

whispers, "To love."

boys' reformatory, where - in an amazing

Like a drunken mix of I t's A Wonderful Life

scene - Martin arrives disgUIsed as a new



and Apartment Zero, Creation Of Adam is


also staggeringly bol d. Although Andrey and

The Consequence describes the persistence of

Phi l i p kiss and even sleep together, the i r rela­

pure love and the intolerance of a repressive society. Seen today, i t sti l l contains many sur­ prises, and its sympathy wi th the gay lovers is refreshingly loyal. Bizarrely enough, The Con­ sequence was directed by Wolfgang Petersen, whose. later credits include The Boat (prochnow starred as the Captain), Never­ ending Story and In The Line Of Fire. Plus The Kiss, a sweet San Francisco story of chance and romance. The Kiss d i r. M ichael Jortner 1994 U SA

5 m i n s 16mm The Consequence ( Die Konse­ quenz) d i r. Wolfgang Petersen 1977 Germany 100 m i n s . 16mm b&w i n German with Engl ish subtitles

tionship is never named; in fact, it's clearly meant to be metaphoric. Their homosexual i ty exists entirely at the visual level; for example, you can tell Phi l i p is gay because he wears eye-liner and sharp clothes. Creation Of Adam i s one of two Russian films presented at this yea r's Festival (the other is 1 00 Days Before the Command). Both fi lms construct the i r stories around brief moments of homoerotic bliss. By any standard, Pavlov 's romance i s an absorbing, unique story; as a gay fi l m from Eastern Europe, i t 's a true breakthrough. Plus, 94 Arcana Drive, a punchy short about another kind of marital problem.

+ 94 Arcana Drive d i r. Annette Mangaard

1993 Canada 18 mins 16m m The Creation

Of Adam d i r. Yuri Pavlov 1993 R ussia 93 mins

35mm in Russian with Engl ish subtitles




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CuUing Edges: New Lesbian Shorts 2

A Darker Side Of Black Looking For Langston

In association with

Sponsored by San Francisco Bay Times

LVA : Lesbian Visual Artists

In association with The Brothers Network,

Sun June 12 4:30pm $5 TOW 612Q

a program of The National Task Force

us Premiere

us Premieres

Sat June 11 8:35pm $7 PFA 611N

ur short fi lm programs are always the best

fem inine protection products are spoofed

respecti vel y in The Assu mp tion and Secrets.

The rest of this program showcases a great

cast of experimental lesbian fi lmmakers who

offer insightful, accessible and clever ru m i ­

nati ons on love, sex, death and re la tionsh i ps, incl uding J .D. Salome M i l s tead 's hyp notic

ode, Dj une/Jdexa, one of Frameline's 1 994

Com pletion Fund grant reci pients.

The Assumption d i r. May Trubuhovich 1993

New Zealand 4 mins Secrets d i rs. Colette Culle n & Sarah Myl and 1993 GB 6 mins Condomnation d i r. Anne Chamberl ain 1992 USA 8 m i ns Frankfurter d i r. Tina Keane 1994 G B 4 mins Monsters In The Closet d i r. Jen­ nifer Todd Reaves 1993 U SA 15 m i ns Geog­ raphy Of The Imagination d i r. Jan And rews 1993 USA 15 mins b&w More Than A Pay­ check dir. Lexi Leban 1994 U SA 10 m i ns The Virgin, The Mother and The Crone d i r Jo : Sm ith 1994 GB 10 mins Skin And Hair ( Haut und Haar) d i r. Caro l i n Otte rbach 1994 Ger­ many 5 min s no dialogue Djunejldexa d i r. J . D . Sal ome Milstead 1994 U SA 9 mins b&w Al l works are 16m m . Total ru nn ing time: 86 m i ns


Tue June 14 9:00pm $7 TOW 614K

A pa i r of ani­

mated appetizers starts this creative lesbian

sampler off on the right foot: art hi story and

Sponsored by OUT magazine

Sun J une 12 10:00pm $7 ROX 612K

Fri June 10 5:00pm $7 CAS 610C

Fri June 17 4:30pm $7 CAS 617C place to spot new talent.

World Premiere

On AIDS Prevention

Tue J une 14 2:00pm $5 CAS 6148


A Day In The Life Of Edmund White Joggernaught

Thu June 16 12 noon $5 CAS 616A


i rector Isaac Jul ien travels to Jama ica and

investigates the world of rap, ragga -

and homophobia.

In 1992 Buju Banton released a single called


"Boom Boom Bye Bye," in which he demand-


Bay Times

L . ____--'.

ed that all lesbians and gay

should be shot. This attitude

found the support of Shabba

Ranks and other musicians. In A Darker Side

Of Black, Ranks and Banton get to justify their theories, alongside opinions from Michael

Manley (former prime min ister of Jamaica),

Michael Franti (Disposable Heroes of

Hi phopcricy), Ice Cube, and cultural commen­

tators Cornell West and Trisha Rose.

Plus a rare chance to see Jul ien 's landmark

film, Looking For Langston, on the big screen.

It's a gigantically lyrical love letter to Langston

Hughes. Original ly scheduled to premiere at

our 1 990 Festival, i t was pulled at the last

moment under orders from the Hughes estate.

Later, the film went on to play theaters across

America in an edited copy, with Hughes' poet­

ry taken out; we're very pleased to present the

origi nal, unedi ted version.


Looking For Langston di r. Isaac J u l ien 1989 GB 48 mins. 16mm A Darker Side Of Black d i r. Isaac J u l ien 1994 GB 55 m i n s . 16mm

Meet Isaac Julien for an informal discussion about his work at A Different Light bookstore on Saturday June 11 at 5 : 00p m . Please see page 61 for details . .


wo .fi l m d i a ries wh ich describe how sex

always i n terferes with . . . wel l , everyth ing


A Day In The Life Of Edm und Wh i te is

exactly that: America's best-known gay nov­

el ist, now res ident in Paris, tries to prepare





. ____�. L..

for a dinner party but is

i n terru �ted by fantasi �s about hiS personal tramer, an

anonymous sex date, and a ghastly l unch

w i th the Countess. Director B i l l Cory com­

poses this clever com i c chr.onicle as a series

of saucy vignettes which spoof the image of

an American in Paris.

Plu s, the world premiere of l ocal fi lm maker Doug Mobley's Joggernaught, which is

somewhere between the style of George

Kuchar and a low-budget, sexed-up Seinfeld.

Mobley's d i a ry-l i ke adventures are decep­ tively ordinary, but fu l l of razor wit and

sharp deta i l .

Spend an i magi native hour

with Doug and h i s daily obsessions: car trou­

ble and straight teenagers.


A Day In The Life Of Edmund White d i r.

B i l l Cory 1993 U SA 37 mins video b&w Jog­ gernaught d i r. Doug Mobley 1994 U SA 50 mins video

Dear John US Premieres

In association with the . San Francisco AIDS Foundation

Sat June 18 12:00 noon $5 ROX 618F


ight films about the terror and pleasure of

tearooms and other publ ic places. Be pre­

pared: the style and tone of these works range

widely, from humorous to somber, from narra­

tive to experimental. (Two of the shorts in this program also contain brief scenes of graphic


Intelligent and avant garde, Prince Of Peace is

the Koyaanisqatsi of toi let shorts. Reference takes a dim view of anonymous sex, and It

Never Was You is an extremely intense evoca­

tion of one i ts dangers.

From Australial, See

Saw has fun with a glory hole gag, while from Britain, Magic Cottage is a hil arious, wildly provocative spoof of Night Of The Living

Dead (to the tune of Barbra Streisand's

'Guilty,' Magic Cottage's end credit crawl

also includes a useful l ist of London's best tea­ rooms - bring a notepad).

Plus some other shorts inspired by adventures

in public places: sex elvis boy takes us to lon­ don's Hampstead Heath.

From Germany,

Adrian's Monday is a provocative skinhead

fantasy set in a school locker room.

Publ ic

Opinion ends the program ; it's a stylized,

serious piece about a priest, an actor and a bathhouse.

Magic Cottage dir. Joe Orr 1993 G B 30 mins video sex eMs boy dir. Jeff Cole 1993 G B 8 mins video Reference d i r. Cesary Prokpiuk 1993 Australia 3 mi ns video See Saw dir. And rew Porter 1993 Australia 2 mins video It Never Was You d i rs. P. Siemer & L. Stege r 1993 USA 6 mins video b&w Adrian's Monday (Adrian's Montag) dir. Dominik Reding 1994 Germany 9 mins 16mm b&w Prince Of Peace dir. Hans Scheugl 1993 Austria 8 mins 16mm Public Opinion' dir. Ted Dvoracek 1993 U SA 24 mins 16mm. Total running time: 90 mins

Need a date for the parade? .


Get Soeial!

I.o in us at our first annual singles-only

Leshian & Gay Ice Cream Social · & Tea Dance










Great American Music Hall 859 O ' Farrell, SF.



3 PM

Sltgge�ted DOl�ation: $1 0 at



Get a FREE 50 Word Guardian Personal Ad! FREE Double Rainbow Ice Cream! Win a Weekend for Two at The Willows Russian River Resort - OR a San Francisco Bay Cruise ! * All

don ations and personal ad sales proceeds will benefit

AID S EMERGENCY FT JND and VISUAL AID , two componenet organizations of the Bay Guardian Community Fund

For more inform ation , call 4 1 5/5 52-5222 , or write to :

520 Hampshire S t . , SF, C A 94 1 1 0


r.I) �

� � r:I)




Dinner Party Dos And Don'ts: Gay Shorts 2

Dream Girls

us Premieres

Sun June 12 2:30pm $5 TOW 612P Tue June 14 12:00 noon $5 CAS 614A


ur second gay shorts sampler serves up

West Coast Premiere

Sat June 11 2:00pm $5 TOW 611Q

Sat June 11 9:00pm $7 CAS 611E

Sat J une 18 9:15pm $7 PFA 618M

Sponsored by Zuni Cafe


i rls from all over Japan dream of attending

Takaruzuka Music School and Theater. An

all-girl school, the young women must e ither

play female or male parts. While their trai ning


for these roles is elaborate, the school is equal­ ly concerned with their training to be good

Gregory G i l l bergh's Assassination is a New

male parts speak of "knowing" better a man's

three come dies about d isastrous d i nner

York short story for anyone who's ever

experienced awkward moments between appetizers and entrees.

Filmed in fake doc­

umentary-style flashback, six guests recount the events leading u p to one fateful incident.

Hugely enjoyable, dry as a marti n i , Assassi-





nation is admi ttedly l i ght on

gay calories but high in unsatu rated style.

wives. The young women who have played needs, while another who has only played

women's roles, complains of never gettin-g to escape being a woman.

appeti tes. In Jon Cornoy 's Dinner With Mal­ ibu , Tommy's father is about to chow down

with his new gi rlfriend, but Tommy knows

something about her that dad doesn ' t.

Plus two short fi lms about people who you migh t never want as guests at any party :

Gene Bern ard's Twenty Two and The Toe Heel Pol ka, by Brian Boyle.

Twenty-Two d i r. Gene Bernard 1993 USA 10

mins The Toe Heel Polka dir. Brian Boyle 1992 U SA 19 mins Dinner With Malibu dir. Jon Carnoy 1992 USA/France 13 mins Speak­ ing In Riddles dir. Mark C. O'Faherty 1994 G B 23 mins Assassination d i r. Gregory Gil lbergh 1994 USA 28 mins . All works 16mm. Total running time: 93 mins

favorites Monika Treut (My Father is Com­ i ng, The Virgin Machi ne) and Lizzie Borden

(Born in Flames), al ongside Hong Kong

" t 'S the rudest tel l y show eve r ! " screamed


Brita i n 's Sun newspaper when Channel

Four TV's cheeky magazine series hit the


Now see for yourself, as we bring

Eurotrash to Ame rica.

d i rector Clara Law (Autu mn Moon).

Jean-Paul Gaultier (yes, Jean-Paul Gaultier)

experi ment, bringing the combined i deas of

this uniquely British send-up of every thing

�rotique is an i n teresting and ambitious

Cosmo, Pl aygi rl and On Ou r Backs to the silver screen.

and An toine de Caunes are the co-hosts of

[Ptbcxe�m me

H O_ _ TE.... L .J

_ _ _

embarrassing and low-brow about European culture : Sylvia Kristel 's movie

Bright) fol l ows the erotic entanglement of a

vacations, Bjorn Borg designer underwear.

in li ne for hours to deliver love notes to the .

and her sleazy male cl ient. Borden and

ence are there to escape. They eagerly stand

' male' star, described by one fan as less coarse

than ' real ' men. This fascinating depiction of

has been learned wel l both on and off stage,

by Mark C. O ' Faherty, describes the ensu i ng

showcases the l a test work of three talented

women fi l mmakers, i ncl uding Festival

Sponsored by The Phoenix

Wed J une 15 5:30pm $7 ROX 615F

wood fantasy and the almost all -women audi­

The school's perfonnances are pure Hol ly­

supper party with the aim of seducing

com ic attempts at satisfyin g everyone's

learl y ai med at hip stra igh t audiences, this

high-gloss package of fem i n ist erotica .

US Premiere


gender construction, and the gap between

straight man Nath an; Speaking in Ri ddles,


Eu rotrash

Lizzie Borden's, Let 's Tal k About Sex (co­

Meanwh il e, in London, Engl and, Ta ylor and his lesbi an friend host a fan tastically lavi sh


In association with Asian Pacific Sisters

dreams and reality, reveals that the female' role

bu t wi thout providing the promised happi ly­


In Freebird, Suzie Silver takes center stage

with her mul tiple personas who rock through the ages, clai ming their moments of fame.

Jenn ifer Reeves's Monsters In The Closet is

an inventive, layered look at coming of sexual


- Kathy Geritz Freebird dir. Suzie S i lver 1993 U SA 8 mins video b&w/col Monsters In The Closet dir. Jen nifer Todd Reeves 1993 U SA 15 m i ns 16mm b&w/col Dream Girls d i rs . Kim Longin otto & Jano Will iams 1993 G B/Japan 50 mins 16m m . Total running tim� 73 mins

For the June 11 screening at the Towne 3, Free­ bird and Monsters In The Closet will be replaced by Ela Troyano's Cannelita Tropicana; please see page 55 for description.

wri tten by San Francisco's own Susie

career, soap-opera-themed

spunky, bisexual La tina phone-sex worker

The special pleasure for gay audiences l ies

Bright also incl ude some nice queer charac­

Caunes; Gaultier wins hands-down i n the

in the campy rival ry between G a u l tier and de

ters in the background: the gay sex-l ine m an­

ski rt department.


Dyer wi l l put Eu rotrash in context.

ager and the protagonist'S best friend, a dyke Moni ka Treut's Taboo Pa rlor is the styl ish

In case you ' re puzzled, British cri tic Ri chard He ' l l

also b e screening extracts from some other

adventure of a pair of l usciously predatory,

Bri tish TV shows which w i l l neve r m ake it

by musician Tan i ta Tikaram and Marianne

Absolutely Fabul ous, Engl and 's equ i valent

echoes the l ook of Madonna's "Open Your

of vodka, some cruel jokes about supennod­

smart twi st on Basic Instinct.

Eurotrash prod . Ra pido Productions for Chan­

l i pstick lesbians. With cameo appearances

Sagebrecht (Bagdad Cafe), Taboo Parlor Heart" peepshow vi deo as i t offers u p a

And l astl y, i n Cl ara Law's beautifu l Wonton

Soup, Hong Kong provides the backdrop for

a straight couple 's erotic encounters and reflections on Chinese i denti ty.

Erotique d i rs . Lizzie Borde n , Monika Treut & Clara Law 1994 U SA 90 mins 35mm

Erotique will be introduced by Susie Bright.

onto the American networks, incl uding

to Designing Women - j ust add five bottles

els, and you 've got the i dea.

nel 4 1993/4 video Absolutely Fabulous prod . BSC TV 1993/4 video. Total program running time: 90 mins

SE WHAT 44 YEARS OF XPERI ENC E C N DO FOR YOUR· I MAG E. us for cameras, film,

At Adolph Gasser, Inc . we have

videotape, and the

everything you

newest computer imaging equipment.

need for still,

If it concerns photog­

motion picture,

raphy, we probably have it.

and video imaging . That means you can come to

Call toll-free

Over 44 years ofsales, service and rentals.

181 2nd St., San Francisco, CA 94105 Tel: (415) 495-3852 ext.150 Fax: (415) 543-2615

Fast Trip, Long Drop

Sponsored by JUNK

Sponsored by Stop AIDS Project

Curated by Jeffrey Winter

(800) 994-2773.

o AdolphGasse�nc

Motion Picture Sales / Video Sales & Rentals:

Fabian's Freeak Show

Motion Picture Rentals:

750 Bryant St., San Francisco, CA 94107 Tel: (415) 543-3888 Fax: (415) 543-3438

Thu June 16 10: 00pm $.99 ROX


he Freeak Show is in town, and you're invited to join ringmasters Jeffrey Winter,

Charles Wurmfelt and Alison Hennessy

queers in a night of gender-bending, uppity­ low-budget video. The evening begins with

��p� rl' J

the Queer Carpentry Seminar, chock full of



pierced, tattooed-types hard work at constructmg something. Could it be a com­

munity? Then fasten your seatbelts and take off for a journey through queer cyberspace, complete with the world premieres of local



You r com m u n ity pharmacies i n th e Castro and at Mt. Zion offe r free d e l ivery th rough o ut San Franci sco. Special izi ng in med ications to treat H IV- related co n d itions. Our pati ent advocate p rovi d es i nfo rmati on on n utriti on and a lte rnative therap i es, as we l l as h e l ps you l ocate fi nancial, emotional and m ed i ca l servi ces.

4122 18th Street San Francisco, CA 941 14 . 4 1 5/434-8600

1635 Divisidero Street San Francisco, CA 941 15 4 1 5/434-8700

lDLL FREE: 800/995-8960

celeb Pussy Tourrette's Bridgette, David E. Johnston's Life Saver, Julia Zay's The Sister

Is (Not) A Mister, and the tailor-made media circus Fabian's Freeak Show by Museo Contempo. Warning: Fabian's Freeak Show contains campy yet rather graphic violence and even a little taste of the sexually explicit.

- Jeffrey Winter Queer Carpentry Seminar d i rs . Tom H i l l and Andy Fair 1993 U SA 5 mins Bridgette d i r. Brian Perko 1994 U SA 5 m ins The Sister Is (Not) A Mister d i r. J u l i a Zay 1994 USA 9 mins Fabian's Freeak Show d i rs . . Museo Contempo in assoc. with Charles Wurmfeld 1994 U SA 30 mins Edges d i r. Ayanna Udongo 1993 U SA 5 mins Freak dir. Abby Moser 1993 U SA 4 mins Exterminator II di r. Eric Haeberl i 1994 USA 2 mins Analstahl d i r. Idexa 1992 Germany 15 mins Lifesaver d i r. David E . John­ ston 1994 U SA 4 m i ns French Bitch d i r. Andre Rosen 1993 U SA 5 mins We've Only Just Begun d i r. Topiary 1994 U SA 3 mins All works are video. Total runni ng time: 90 mins

Jeffrey Winter is known to some as Please Louise Productions, creators of San Francis­ co 's $. 99 Queer Video Fest. Note: Because of the low adm ission price , there are no advance tickets for this show. Tickets wi l l be avai lable at the Roxie Cinema on ly, from 4 : 45pm on the day of screen i ng.

West Coast Premiere

MP-I U -'JTftj -' 10 7 :30pm $7 PFA 610F -MHftje 14 6:45pm $7 CAS 6140


n the Spring of 1988, videomaker/activist

Gregg Bordowitz tested HIV-positive, quit

drugs and drinking, and came out to his par­

ents. Then, a good friend was diagnosed with breast cancer, and Bordowitz's grandparents were killed im an automobile accident. The

cumulative impact of all these events chal­

lenged his sense of identity, the way he under­ stood his own diagnosis and the relationship between illness and history. Anything but solemn, this imaginative, activist autobiography is a kaleidoscopic blast of visu-

Sli-P _ P R O " E CT

al stimulation, intellectual irreverence and emotional confrontation. Painful and

difficult subjects are treated with humor and compassion. Everything is questioned... Bordowitz embraces all of this within a per­ sonal vision that is playful, passionate, angry, smart and sassy (with some klezmer music thrown in to top it all off). Ultimately he has given us a courageous work of art.

- Robert Hawk Plus the world premiere of two outstanding San Francisco-made experimental shorts about AIDS, the body, and yearning: Ostranenie by Christien G. Tuttle, and Tom's Flesh by Jane Wagner and Tom di Maria. Tom's Flesh d i rs. J a n e Wagner & Tom di Maria

USA 15 mins Ostranenie d i r. Christien G. Tuttle 1994 LJSA 9 mins � Fast Trip, Long Drop d i r. Gregg Bordowitz 1993 U SA 54 mins Al l works are 16m m . Total running tim e : 83 mins Please note that for the screening at the Pacific Fi l m Archive, Tom ' s Flesh will not be shown. I nstead, Confirmed Bachelor by Tom Kal i n and The Blue Hour by John Lindel l will

be added . I n San Francisco, these tapes play in a separate program at Center For The Arts: see page 60 for credits.

Fearless: Tlie HuntelWa-1 i Story

Girls In Shorts: New Lesbian Shorts 1

us Premiere

West Coast Premieres

Sponsored by Girljock Magazine


In assocation with Trikone

In association with Red Dora's Bearded Lady Cafe

Thu May 26 7 :30pm $7 AQU 526B

Fri June 10 3 : 00pm $5 CAS 610B

Sun June 12 8:40pm $7 PFA 612M

Sat June 11 7:00pm $ 7 TOW 611S

Mon J une 13 2:15pm $5 CAS 613B Tue June 14 7 : 15pm $7 TOW 614J Sat June 18 5:30pm $7 CAS 6 180


rom 1 935 to 1959, Fearless Nadia was the daredevil queen of the Indian screen. Riyad

Wadia's spectacular biography of India's leg­ endary stunt actress captures the unique per­ sona of the Australian-born femme-fuecracker who thrilled audiences with her daring portray­ als of fearless, rough-and-ready heroines. The first true feminist of Indian cinema, Nadia's physical prowess and selfless fearless­


ness made her a screen idol and challenged the


mal� chau� anism of the day. Not a lesbian herself, but cer-

tainly a strong feminist, - ,,- Nadia's exploits should be immensely enjoy­ able to lesbian and gay audiences for her charm, charisma, and, of course, camp value. "She was a big, butch Zorro-type who socked men in the jaw and leapt around with a whip."

-Variety Plus, Take Me Back To Cairo, a women-only

S u n June 19 5:00pm $7 CAS 619B


bsessive relationshi�s take � nter-s�reen in this package of lesbian stones. Des} del

Valle's Cruel reflects on the agonizing conclu­

sion of a Latina lesbian relationship, while Jane Schneider's Nightwork takes a clever look at a pair of dykes on bikes who are nearly pulled apart by obsessive jealousy. Reen­ counter and A Journey focus on two more obsessive lovers, and a fairy-tale proto-lesbian

princess turns her beau into a frog in The Pink.


_ '-

� _ _ _ _ _

Angel Of Woolworth's is a photobooth romance, and in My Grandma's Lady Cabaret

(which was scheduled but not shown in last year's Festival), a young dyke imagines her grandmother's lesbian past. Lastly, in Sande Zeig's evocative Central Park, two women enjoy a dreamlike encounter in a rowboat. Cruel dir. Desi del Valle 1994 USA 20 mins b&w in English and Spanish without English subtitles Reencounter dir. Terry Chiu 1994 USA 3 mins b&w The Journey (Eine Reise) dir. Gerda Gross­ mann 1992 Germany 12 mins in German with English subtitles Central Park dir. Sande Zeig

reverie about an inhibited middle-aged woman

1994 USA 8 mins b&w The Angel Of Woolworth's

who wins a trip to the Oriental Baths.

dir. Julie X. Black 1994 USA 10 mins Nightwork

Take Me Back To Cairo d i r. Ute Krause Ger­ many 1993 20 m i n s 35mm i n German with Engl ish su btitles '" Fearless: The Hunterwall Story d i r. Riyad Vinci Wadi a I ndia 1993 62 mins 35mm i n English and Hindi with English subti­ tles

dir. Jane Schneider 1993 Australia 11 mins My Grandma's Lady Cabaret dir. Elizabeth Myers 1992 GB 10 mins The Pink dir. Katherine Fry 1993 New Zea land 8 mins. All works are 16mm. Total running time: 90 mins


J une I S-J uly


Romeo UIIet t and }

July 6-Sept.

Aug. l O-Se pt.



IheComedy Of [rrors

Bruns Amphitheatre



Sept. 1 4-0ct. The


Talf.iJJg . .

Of The



Sponsored by The San Francisco Bay Guardian

Sponsored by The San Francisco Bay Guardian

1 994 Season Sponsors 'Ib.ilimes aUSEOSA CITlBAN(O' � DEL7AAlR LfNfS Haagen·Dau KGOiiffi

'Y;'/.K·i �/,;· 3�hy/ ;(/-/(,/ .:}'4·


(4 1 5 ) 346-7805

fa S� �.J. � -w


US Premieres

US Premiere

In association with The British Council

Gateway Blvd. exit off Hway 24

Plenty of FREE parking &. free shuttle from Orinda BART

Group Sales


Fri J u ne 10 9 : 10pm $7 PFA 610G

The Encvclopedia of Gav Video •


erek Jarman's last film is a luminous, lyri­ cal history of the maker's life between

1970 and 1986, set to new music by Brian

Eno. Jarman once again reinvents himself

! I ! II!I!! I I!!'!'!'I!I!!'!!"!II!


_ _ L......,....,, ---'

and his style in Glitterbug. Using rare and unseen moments from his archive of

Jarman made his first film.

There is also a

sequence at the 2nd Alternative MISS World contest (a very '70s event), as well



the-scenes shots from the making of

Glitterbug catches up

with the '80s in shots of dancer Michael Clarke, and Tilda Swinton in an uncanny precursor of Orlando's garden scene.

comprehensive in-stock inventory in the world

Glitterbug is entirely wordless.

Over 920 pages (and growing)

while Jarman's exquisite images engrave

Books, Toys , Calendars

Chapters on Directors and Actors

Videos regarding gay lifestyle, Hollywood gay

A table of contents listing over 101 chapters

short, chronological sequences. Glitterbug opens in his studio by the Thames, where

Sebastiane and Jubilee.

Over 3500 in-depth critical reviews from the most

themes, & gay history, and bi-sexual films

An index listing all 3500 videos alphabetically

for easy look-up and referencing

New releases in stock daily

Next day delivelY on all orders

Plus $5.50 shipping alld handling.

Allaw 2-3 weeks for delivery. Catalog shipping price is separalefrom video shipping cosls.

To order by mail * send check, money order, or your Visa, Me, or AmEx number that you are over 21, to: BI.JOU VmEO 1363 North Wells, Chicago, IL 606 1 0 SlOPPING: Express Overnight.

(with expiration date), plus a signed statement

Jarman's film made for the Pet Shop Boys' first tour, plus Alexis Bistecis' short The Clearing. The Clearing dir. Alexis Bistecis 1993 GB

8 mins 35mm Projections [extract] dir. Derek Jarman 1989 GB 15 mins 35mm Glitterbug dir. Derek Jarman 1994 GB 52 mins 35mm

The full-length version of Projections will also screen (on video) during the Festival; please

Boxes. (Allow approximately three days for

terbug and other Jarman fi lms, will present

*Please include both daytime and nighttime phone numbers when placing an order.

women. Wendy Levy's beautifully layered fictional rendering of a Jewish lesbian girlhood in­ corporates old photographs and home movie


footage to reconstruct Naomi's Legacy. Claire Whitaker's No Saintly Girl is a lively memoir of the Catholic girls boarding

school of her youth and of her coming to .

terms with her sexual identity.

In When Shirley Met Florence, Ronit Bezalel documents the amazing fifty-five year friendship between two Jewish women in Montreal. Shirley, a Polish refugee is straight; her friend Florence is a lesbian.

about Florence's lover Sophie, and about the

see page 61. James Mackay, producer of Glit­

Or c�Il I -800-932-7 I Or FAX 312-337-1270

their subjects as they document the hopes,

fears and dreams of three generations of

themselves on the eye.

No US Mail shipments or shipments to P.O. MS, NC, N E, PR, TN, UT, or VI.

hese fascinating depictions of lesbian lives share a warm and generous spirit toward

These two remarkable women talk about

premiere of three songs from Projections,

delivery of first-time orders.) We do not ship to

Shopping at home was never this much funU

Brian Eno's


moving score lends the [tim a beautiful pace,

Before Glitterbug, we'll be presenting the U.S.

Only $ 1995

Sat J u ne 18 8 : 30 pm $7 ROX 618J

Sun June 12 7: 00pm $7 CAS 6120

Super 8 footage, he structures the film in


In association with Out About Age,

. Film/Video Festival of the Young & Old

three programs of work at the Center For The Arts called Left To Our Own Devices; please see page 67.

Shirley's marriage to Florence's brother, traditional Yiddish music they play together. Naomi's Legacy d i r. Wendy Levy 1994 U SA

26 mins No Saintly Girl d i r. Claire Whitaker 1993 U SA 32 m in s .. When Shirley Met Flo­ rence d i r. Ronit Bezalel 1994 Canada 28 m i n s . All works are video. Total running time: 86 mins





o you want to know where men are Doing It? STEAM reports from North America's parks, tearooms, and baths.


IIIJlfiliiI J

STEAM's coverage of mansex is sex-positive ,without a trace of Political Correctness. Read what they're saying about us:



Ho....o Mix

- Archive Classic

In association with the Gay & Lesbian


omicidal is a sha me lessly exploitative and' . . . . , wonderfully Intngumg adventure m

1960's gender psychology starring the

remarkable Jean Arless (whose actual gender is never revealed, but we're pretty sure she 's ' a woman who does good male drag). The film starts with a girl happily seated at her dollhouse. She's interrupted by a young boy, who steals her doll (but, is he a boy?). Flash forward to a marriage, a murder, a

that s h ou I d reth i n k its p u rpose ,"

Sponsored by Steamworks

Historical Society Of Northern California

Fri June 17 3:00pm $5 ROX 617N

" T h e re's m o r e to l i fe than sex, a n d

West Coast Premieres

Sat June 11 2:00pm $ 5 ROX 611H


tures a wide range of styles and subjects,

from sober to self-parodic. The show is ....


bracketed by Peter Bowen's austerely beautiful So Unlike

� Their Reputation, and Gregg Araki and Jaie Laplante's cracklingly sexy Soundgarden music video, Show Me, made"

time to scram - was in top form with this ' spooky movie. Dismissed as a mere Psycho ripoff in its day, Homicidal turns out to be something else again, offering an eerie commentary on what makes boys boys and girls girls.


- Daniel Mangin

"As Emily, Jean Arless is a totally convinc­ ing woman; as a man, Arless has the broad shoulders and shadow of a beard that cue the male gender. [ 1 960s] moviegoers had never before seen such an authentic dual-role per­ formance in terms of g�nder presentation.", ,

- Rebecca Bell-MetereauJ Hollywood Androgyny

Homicidal d i r. Wi l l iam Castle U SA 1961 87

m i n s 16mm b&w


to sample the best of new gay video' in just '

for Red Hot's No Alternative album, but

"Fright Break" near the end to give the timid

1 993 is baff l i n g,"

'ninety minutes? Homo Mi�, a program of nineteen new US and Canadian shorts, cap­

lonely mansion and a mute, wheelchair­

film marketing - Homicidal features a

or desi reab le -in tren d i l y gay


bound woman from Denmark. Lured in yet? Director William Castle, a master of horror­


" U nsavory . . ,Why this is necessary­

inding it difficult to choose which pro':

grams to see at this year 's Festival?

I think that a magaz i n e that devotes i ts e l f solely to

never released. So Unlike Their Reputation d i r. Peter Bowen

1993 U SA 9 mins Significant ( Br)other d i r. Charles Lofton 1993 U SA 5 m ins Virus dir. Stuart Gaffney 1994 U SA 4 m i ns Summer 1993 dir. Robert Beck 1994 U SA 7 m ins .. Auto Biography d i r. Den n i s Day 1994 Canada 15 m i n s Voi Che Sapete d i r. William Comstock 1994 U SA 3 m i n s 45 RPM Love d i r. Den n i s Conroy 1994 U SA 5 m i n s .. Wake Up Jerk Off Etc d i r. D a n i e l M aclvor' ' 1993 Canada 2 mins Starway To The Stairs d i r. Craig Good man 1994 U SA 3 m i n s Mid­ west Mambo d i r. Bart Everly 1993 U SA 10 mins Ice Cream Sunday d i r. Jeff Cowan 1994 USA 1 min She's A Talker d i r. Neil Goldberg 1993 U SA 2 m ins Porn d i r. Lawrence Elbert 1993 U SA 10 m i ns Saddle Up dir. D. Stokes/ Youthwave 1993 U SA 1 m i n Safe Sex Is Fun dirs. Paolo Broggi & Hans Gelke 1994 U SA 5 mins Dick Tricks d i r. Resa Oshiro 1993 U SA 12 mins Numbering Bad Fruit d i r. Dean Kendrick 1992 USA 2 m i ns Confirmed Bache­ lor dir. Tom Ka l i n 1994 U SA 4 mins Show Me di rs . Gregg Araki & Jaie Laplante 1993 U SA 3 mins Al l works are video. Total running time: 103 mins

Send a sample for $5.95, _ Send 4 issues for only $21.00.

' _

B y signing this form, I state that I a m a consenting adult, at least STEAM


years of age,


understand that

is published as a guide only. not as an in­

citement or inducement to engage i n any behav­ iour, lawful or unlawful.

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_ _ _ _

STEAM it's the literate queers guide to sex and controversy.

I Don't Want .To Be A Man

The Image Of The Sad Young Man

Archive Classic

Special Presentation

Co-presented by The Silent Film Festival

Sponsored by Grace St. Catering

In association with

Fri June 17 9 :15pm $7 PFA \617K

Goethe-Institut San Francisco

Sun June 12 5:00pm $7 CAS 612C Th is silent fe male-to-male crossdressi ng

I classic from Ernst Lubitsch w i l l be pre­

Sat June 18 6:30pm $ 7 CEN 618N


rom Sal Mineo i n Rebel Without A Cause to John Kerr in Tea And Sympathy, renowned

gay historian and fil m critic Richard Dyer pre­

sented with l ive m usical accompan iment by

sents a history of gay movie melancholia.

Dennis James on the mighty Castro Wu rl ­

This special presentation is part-lecture, part­

i tzer.

cl ip show; it's a unique opportun i ty to meet

Ossi l i kes to drink, smoke, play poker and do a lot of thi ngs that are n ' t becom i ng to a respectable young lady. When her male guardian, Dr. Kersten, lays down the law, she decides to adopt a new wardrobe and assume the i dentity of a fashi onable young man . But when "gentleman" Ossi ends up i n t h e back of a cab with a drunken Dr. Kersten she learns that l i fe as a man isn ' t as easy as it looks ! Com ic in tone, the fil m explores the privileges and problems of gender and fea­ tures some charm i ng twists of homo- and lesbo-erotic humor. Th is is a rare opportun i ty to see this del ight­ ful earl y German fi l m by Ernst Lubitsch (Ninotchka, Heaven Ca n Wa i t) . Lubitsch discovered i ts star Ossi Oswal da, who came to be known as the "Mary Pickford of Germany." Oswalda charmed her audiences

Richard Dyer in person. "When I was growing up in the late 1 950s

and 1 960s, I assented that the lot of queers l i ke my sel f was a mel ancholy on e. I don 't

remember how exactly where I first picked up this i dea, but I do remember see i ng

myself in the characters of Geoff in A Taste Of Honey and both Reggie and Pete in The Leather Boys, or knowi ng that books with covers showing pairs of young men l ooki ng mournfu l l y downwards yet towards each other were for m e . . . Now what interests me i n l ooking at the image of the gay man as the sad young man is the way a stereotype can be com plex, var­ ied, intense and contradictory, an i mage of otherness i n which i t is sti l l possible to find oneself."

- Richard Dyer, The Matter Of Images

with her joy of l i fe and uninhibited

After the Saturday J u ne 17 show at the Pacific


Fi l m Archive, Grace Cafe invites you to a

I Don't Want To Be A Man! ( Ich Mochte Kein Mann Sein!) d i r. Ernst-Lubitsch 1919 Ger­ many 50 mins 35mm b&w si lent with German intertitles, Engl ish simu ltaneous translation and l ive organ accompa n i ment. Th is program is presented i n col l aboration with The S i l ent Fi l m Festival , a non profit orga­ n i zation dedicated to promoting the art of silent" fi l m and its value as a record of early 20th centu ry life .

recepti on in honor of Richard Dyer (free for ticket-holders ) . Grace Cafe is located with i n the U n iversity Art M u seum/Pacific Fi l m Archive, a t the Durant Street entrance. Richard Dyer also presents two other pro­ grams in this year's Festiva l : Eurotrash (see page 31) and Idol Thoughts : Richard Dyer On Gay Porn (see page 60). Approximate total r u n n i ng time: 100 mins

"-rM E H,o-r '-E� & I A" -rICkE-r of -rH E YEAR! S\Neet-\y Y'o",�,,+-ic �,,� Y'e.pY'eski,,�,y �14i-ke,,+-ic.

A �Y'�sk

�,,� 14,,�eY's+-�+-e� ck�Y'",eY'.· -elll.O\'betl-\ pl\:\.CIAS, L.A. Weekly


In My Father's Bed Bay Area Premiere

US Premieres

In association with Operation Concern

In association with Brava! for Women in the Arts

Fri June 17 5:30pm $7 ROX 617G


esbi an playwrigh t/perfonner Randa

heal ing and courage in t h i s one-woman

show. With honesty, sensi t i v i ty, and even hu mor, I n My Fathe r 's Bed recounts her sur­ vival of father/daugh ter i n cest. Through her com m a n d i ngly constructed cha racters (therapi sts, s i ster, mother, father) and di rect monologues, Downs creates an emotional j ourney for her audience that is deeply affecti ng, bold and cathartic. Con­ fron t i ng her memori es, fears, shame and anger, Downs recla i ms her c h i ldhood and shares her process of recovery. The sparsely staged perfonnance i s captured gracefu l l y and unobt rusive l y by d i rector Mari l y n Freeman.


h i s ecl ectic col lection of works by new lesbian film makers excavates some of the

i n tersections of rac i a l , cultura l , generational

and sexual i denti ty. Ka ri n Lee's magical My Sweet Peony por­ trays the parable of Zam ma, a Chi nese­ Cana dian wom an who works as a gu ide i n a Classical Ch i nese Garden. Luci nda Broad­ bent's Step We G a i l y takes a l ook at k i l ts, Cei l i dh dancing and com ing o u t in Scotland. From Anne Pratten comes the haunting

she has fe l t come al ive. Through her simple, honest writin g and good theatrical sense, her story i s heal i ng a n d engrossing."

- Boston Globe In My Father's Bed d i r. M a rilyn Free man

-Pil M �y YOse t-yocke

experi mental drama Te rra Nul l i us. I n

Ylonda Stevens' thoughtful Hallowed, a lesb i a n remembers her gay m a l e friend lost to AIDS.

"Downs makes the gu i l t and bou ndl ess anger

1993 USA 70 mins video

Tue June 14 8 :45pm $7 C EN 6141


Downs presents a powerful d i splay of

Annette Kennerley's fi v e year-old

son ta l ks abou t dressing up in women's clothing in the eye-openi n g Li ke Mother Like Son. Two n ice Jewish girls think about ' com m i tment in Fran Jacobson's It's A M i tzva h . It's A Mitzvah d i r. Fran Jacobson 1994 G B 5 mins Like Mother Like Son d i r. Annette Ken­ nerley 1994 GB 5 m i n s

Hallowed d i r. Ylonda

Stevens 1994 U SA 8 mins Terra Nullius d i r. Anne Pratten 1992 Austra l i a 21 mins b&w/co l or Step We Gaily d i r. Lucinda Broad­ bent Scotland 1992 10 m i n s


My Sweet

Peony d i r. Karin Lee 1994 Canada 30 mins b&w/co l or in Engl ish a n d Chi nese without Engl ish s u btitles. Al l works are 16m m . Total

rl1e st'll-"1l-iel t}cJldwYI1 CcJl-"1Pt'l l1Y i. "ISrdCi"f{" ....iH, isle h,ere,"' " Ct'lil i wt'll-cl1 picl-I-ires/kVPI prodl-idiol1

r u n n i ng time: 82 mins

'" AI... by rOse I-Yocl1e t}cJ �isl1

vs. tlYodie t}l-iil1evere rLirl1er r. wel1dy l-"1"l-"1illt'll1 I-"1ljdt'l/it'l l-"1elelldez. t'l1It'lsl-t'lsit'l sl1t'1rp


0 i."/ rc,,e brelldell dolt'lll &-jellll i�er sl1t'1rpe ""(i,,, rOse I-Yocl1e ,.I.i'eer" ,ff� '/-':J'''fhy

o<eC"f{ve f" "(,,ce'r

cl1rish'lIe Vt'lcl1cJlI &- 1'01-"1 kt'l/ill

t'l lI lle r. rcJsse f-f-i tv,i/-/-e. "" .; f"';,,ce,.l. by t}1-iill evere I-I-irller &- rose I-Yocl1e ';i'eere'; by

@ I ��4 The ";",,",,,,el

GolJ.wy', CO'"'P""'y, ",ll

vi� "\-s vesevveJ.,

rOse I-Yocl1e


.... .

111£ S.\.\1U£L COIJ)WYN C O M I'A ...."


CASTRO CHEESERY AND GOURMET COFFEE #1 Coffee House t. tbe Bay A .... : .... 427 Castro Street, near Castro Theatre I .� San Francisco, CA 941 1 4 (41 5 ) 552-6676 FAX: (4 1 5 ) 552-0663

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MAIL - P.O. BOX 531 BURLINGA ME, CA 9401 1

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Joan Sees Stars

Islands of Lost Souls: The Other Side of Paradise

Sponsored by Stop AIDS Project

Gay & Lesbian H uman Rights Commission

Fri June 17 7:30pm $7 PFA 617J


ristine beaches bordered by swaying palms, a balmy breeze tantalizing tanned flesh. These

are our images of the sleepy nations dappling the

Caribbean. But behind these soothing images dwell the realities of social repression. Carl

George 's History Will Accuse Me is an off-the­

cuff tour of Havana, identifying the disparities of Castro 's policies. Well-stocked boutiques and

opulent mansions on one side, decrepit digs and

depleted groceries on the other. The centerpiece

of George 's anti-travelogue is a rooftop party

thrown for his gay friends. They would've raised the roof if there was one.

Kelly Anderson digs into the dilemma of Cuba's

gay commu nity in Looking for a Space:

Lesbians & Gay Men In CubalBuscando Un

Espacio: Los Homosexuales En Cuba; it's a

well-wrought examination of sexual suppression in the socialist tropicale. From the Mariel homo­

sexuals deported as undesirables to the gay

, underground creating pockets of artful resis-

; tance, Anderson coolly uncovers the paradoxes


queen .

Through the m i racle of video technol ogy,

Braderman l i tera l l y walks over our favorite icons (Liz in Cleopatra ! Liz in Suddenly

Last Summ er!) in her breathless two-part

n-p W

, R 0 .. E C T

where in the chaos of cultural identities - of

being Black, Indian, Canadian and Guyanese -

does a woman learn to be a lesbian?

- Steve Seid History Will Accuse Me d i r. Carl George 1993 USA 20 mins video . Looking for a Space:

Lesbians And Gay Men In Cuba/Buscando Un

Espacio: Los Homosexuales En Cuba dir. Kelly Anderson 1993 U SA 38 mi ns video . Coco­ nut/Cane & Cutlass dir. Michel le Mohabeer

1994 Canada/Guyana 30 mins 16m m . Total runn ing time: 88 mins


f you enjoyed the transgendered shenani­

gans of l ast y ea r 's Festival hit, The East Is

Red, you ' l l l ove this fan tastic tale of kung fu and crossdressing.

"In martial arts fi lms, physi cal mastery is

tradi tional l y passed on from the patri arch .

Women kung fu arti sts usu a l l y maneuver i n


aith Nolan i s one of Canada's most out­

spoken lesbia n femi nist musicians. Grace

Channer, her close friend and fel low activist is a v isual a rtist who conveys her pol i tical

concerns through her pai n ti ngs and sculpt­ ures. A positively empowering portrait of

these two Canadian Black lesb ian fem i n ist

artists, Long Time Com i n ' addresses issues

were i nvented for the age of

Legend of Fong Sai- Yuk, they are at the

and lives, fi lmmaker Dionne Brand creates a

I n Legend, the fighter Fong Sai-Yuk (Jet Li)

activism .

AIDS and chronic fatigue syndrome :

"Certa in mov ie stars began to dominate my mental l i fe . . . im ages were my medicine . . .

to The East I s -Red) and most recently, The center of the n a rrative.

learns his ski l l s from his mother (Joseph i ne

everyone can afford a TV, b u t no-one can

Siao). M rs. Fong is a resilient woman who

Dedicated to local performer Le land Moss,

protective o f her son . When her son com­

ioned, post-modern shot of perfectly -cooked

he is defeated by her mother, Mrs. Lu . To

afford welfare."

Joan Sees Stars is a refresh i ngl y old-fash­ pop culture cuisine.

San Fern ando Valley is a resourceful short

story about two gay men working on a bad daytime TV show. Is this what goes on

Michelle Mohabeer was nurtured on paradox

raphy, Mohabeer's lushly imagined portrait asks

Sun June 12 2:30pm $5 CAS 6128

the background, b u t i n Swordsman (prequel

Her premise is that VCRs

San Fernando Valley d i r. David A. Price 1993

Indo-Caribbean history meets fem inist autobiog­

and the Canadian Consulate

blabfest, Joan Sees Stars.

beh i nd the scenes a t Mel rose Place?

returned to Guyana in Coconut/Cane & Cutlass.

In association with Ache', Telefiim Canada,

Fri June 10 10:00pm $7 CAS 610E


she 's back, with a tribute to Liz, Oprah, and the demented m ind of a mad old mov ie

West Coast Premiere

Sponsored by Deneuve Magazine

American Telecommunication Arts

i n troduced u s to the pleasures of shou ting at

of being Cuban and gay.

when she spent twenty years in Canada, then

In association with the National Asian

t 's been a long time since Joan Braderman

the screen i n Joan Does Dynasty.

Long Time Comin'

Sponsored by Citizen

Sun Ju ne 12 6:15pm $7 ROX 6121

West Coast Premieres

In association with International

The Legend of Fong Sai-Yuk

Bay Area Premiere

U SA 32 mins video Joan Sees Stars dir. Joan B raderman 1993 U SA 58 mins video

subm i ts to her h usba n d 's cruel abuse but is

petes for the hand of a woman in marriage, regain the fam i l y honor, M rs. Fong dons

men's c l othes and, passing herself off as Fong Sai-Yuk's brother, Fong Dai-Yuk,

chal lenges M rs. Lu .

I n the course of the i r spectacular kung fu

match, the two women fall i n love w i th each

other. M rs. Lu confides to Fong Sai- Yuk

� CililEN

that wh i l e her h usband is a ' good ' man, she has never fel t passion for him the way she does for

Fong Dai-Yuk. In the fil m 's

bi ttersweet romantic conclusion, Mrs. Lu

declares to M rs. Fong, ' maybe in another l i fe , there will be room for our l ove . ' "

- Lawrence Chua, The Nation

The Legend Of Fong Sai-Yuk d i r. Corey Yuen

·1993 Hong Kong 106 mins 35mm in Can­ tonese with Chi nese and Engl ish subtitles

of racism, sexism and recl ai ming i denti ty.

In th is deft descri ption of thei r friendship

l oving testa ment to the capacity of women 's

Plus Coconut/Cane & Cutl ass by Michelle

Mohabeer. Inco.rporating a ri ch, poetic style �

w i th elements of dance, personal

h istory and ethnograph ic docu men­ tary, Mohabeer reflects on her

I n do-Caribbean heritage, exile and

sexual and cultural i denti ty.

• Coconut/Cane & Cutlass dir. M ichelle Mohabeer 1994 Canada/Guyana 30 mins 16mm .. Long Time Com in' d i r. Dionne Brand 1993 Canada 53 mins 16mm





9/0pening N


Cancer I n Two Voices 615A

Friday June

12:00 Boys i n Shorts: Gay Shorts 1 610A 3:00 Girls In Shorts: Lesbian Shorts 1 610B 5:00 Darker Side of Black/Langston 610C 7:30 Surprise Sneak Preview 610D/Gala 610J 10:00 Legend of Fong Sai-Yuk 610E

Saturday 11


Friday June

Moby Dick 8:00 pm Projections -

2:15 The


5:00pm Isaac Jul ien In Person

9:15 Manuela's

Sunday June 12

San Francisco Art I nstitute 7:30 Bike Boy ART 612T 9:30 Bike Boy ART 612U

2:15 Tell

Me a Story: Lesbian Shorts 3 616B


Death In Ven ice , CAl Muscle 616C

Stars 6110

9:00 Erotique 611E 11:15 Super 8 1/2 611F

6:30 Local

7:00 Alicia Was Fainting 6160

Heroes 6110


Long Time Comin '612B

Camp For Boys & G irls 611P

12:00 Boys From Brazil


Looking For A Space

5:00 Silent R i m : I

4:00 Age of

9:00 Your Heart


Don 't Want to Be a Man 612C

7:00 G litterbug 6120 Is All Mine 612E


6:30 Christine Vachon I n Conversation 612N Kanada 6120

2:15 Alicia

Was Fainting 617B

4:30 Cutting Edges:

Lesbian Shorts 2 617C

7:00 The

Creation of Adam 6170

9:00 Only The Brave 617E

11:00 My Addiction/ Love Machine 617F 11:00 Queer Tears:

12:00 Sacred Lies, Civi l Truths

The Hunterwali Story 613B

Lick Bush I n ' 92

4:15 100 Days Before The Command 613C


2:00 4:00

Lesbian Avengers


Lesbian/Gay Media Market Seminar

Berenice Abbott 6130


Calamity Jane 618B

3:30 Tell

Me A Story: Lesbian Shorts 3 618C


Fearless: The ' H u nte rwal i Story 6 180

7:30 World And Time Enough 618E

8:45 Left To


Closing Numbers 613E

Tuesday 14

12:00 Dinner Party Dos & Don'ts: Gay Shorts 2 614A


Cutting Edges: Lesbian Shorts 2 614B

4:30 Your Heart

Is All Mine 614C Long

Drop 6140

9:00 Woman of Wolf/ Carmelita/Dottie 614E


Not Angels But Angels 616K ' 5:30 BI ack & White In Color 616F '

7:45 Sex & Love & C u te Girls 616G

Fabian ' s Freeak Show :


' :00 Ho�i�idal, ' ' ' S 17 N


loo ki ng For A Space

4:00 Age 8:45

Of Dissent

Baby Ta l k 616H

12:00 Out For Laughs 2:00 Get It Girl 4:00 Rain City Co nfidential

6:30 When

You Name Me 617L

8:45 Left To

Our Own Devices, Program 3 617M

12:00 Sacred


C ivil Truths


Lick Bush I n '92

4:00 Lesbian


6:30 Image Of A Sad Young Man 618N

8:45 Seen

Anyth ing

Sunday 19/Lesbian­ Heaven, Earth & Hell

2:00 Canada With

a Q

Bal lot Measure 9


Lesbian Features In Progress


3 :00

, 10:00

Boys From


Good lately? 6180

Our Own Devices, Program 1 6131



Saturday 18

12:00 Out: Stories of Lesbian & Gay Youth 613A

2:15 Fearless:

8:45 Sexual Perso nae: Maybury, Ka lin, et al 615J

12:00 Under Heat 617 A

Gay Shorts 3 618A

Monday 13

6:45 Fast Trip,


Friday 17


Sunday 12 12:00 ,Cap Tourmente 612A

9:15 U nder Heat


Own Devices Program 2 6151

Thursday 16

Stories of Lesbian ,& Gay Youth 611B

6:30 Sex of The

6:30 Left To


12:00 Darker Side of Black/ Langston 616A

Our House/Party

4:00 Marching For Freedom


2:15 Out:

Two Voices 611C



4:30 Only The Brave 615C 6:4S The Neapol itans 6150

12:00 100 Days Before The Command 61lA

4:15 Cancer i n

12:00 Queer Son/ Other Fam i l ies


Saturday June 11 A Different Light Bookstore


-"'::-::"':" "�:-::::,::, AT YERBA BUENA GARDENS (CEN)

Wednesday 15

7 :00 Go Fish 609A 9:30 Death In Venice, CA/Muscle 609B

Friday 10


Intersections 6141

& Gay Freedom Day 3:00

Boys In Shorts: Gay Shorts 1 6 19A


Girls In Shorts: Lesbian Shorts 1 619B

7:30 Closing Night:

Desperate Remedies 619C


Camp Ch ristmas/ It's A Queer World


Camp Christmas/ It's A Queer World


Camp Christmas/ It's A Queer World


J UNE 9- 19 1994 ·

TOWNE 3, SAN JOSE (TOW) Friday 10

7:15 Death I n Venice, CA/Muscle 610H 9:30 Your

Heart I s All

Mine 6101

Saturday 11

2:00 Dream Girls/ Carmelita Tropicana 611Q


Boys In Shorts: Gay Shorts 1 611R

7:00 Girls

I n Shorts: Lesbian Shorts 1 611S


Sunday 12

U nder Heat 611T

2:30 Dinner Party Dos & Don'ts: Shorts 2 612P Shorts 2 612Q

7:00 Alicia

Was Fainting


Monday 13

7:15 Tel l

Me A Story: Lesbian Shorts 3 613J



Queer Tears: Gay Shorts 3 613K

Tuesday 14

7:15 Fearless: The H u nterwali Story 614J 9:00 A Darker Side of Black/ Langston 614K

Wednesday 15

Advan c e tickets a re ava i l ab l e at the more than 150 BASS Ticket Centers thro ughout the B ay Are a , i nc l u ding The Wherehou s e a n d Tower Record s/Video. There is no convenience fee for in-person purchase. O r you m ay c a l l BASSC HARGE: (415) 776-1999 o r ( 510) 762-BASS o r (408) 99B-BASS.

7:00 Out:

Stories Of Lesbian & Gay Youth 615K 9:00 Closing Nu mbers 615L

Thursday 16

U se th is grid to m a rk the progra m s you w a nt to buy tickets for. You w i l l be a s ked to give the ven u e code (eg CAS , TOW, PFA) and the program code (eg 6.15A, 617G, 526B).


If you a r e a Fra m e l i n e

m e m ber, y o u m ay w a n t to visit o u r speci a l V I P Festival Ticket Office at Presto . Prints, 499 C astro Street at 18th St . , San Fra ncisco.

7:00 Cancer In Two Voices



9:00 World

There i s a s m a l l fee for te l ephone orders .

s e e the H ow To B u y Tickets secti o n o n page 77 for more detai l s .

And Time Enough

Fra m e l i n e m e m be rs s h o u l d a l s o see page 78.


(415) 703-8650


Friday 17



Thursday May 26

Aquarius Theatre, Palo Alto 5:30 Best Of Fest Shorts AQU 526A 7:30 Fearless: H u nte rwal i Story AQU 526B 9:30 Closing Numbers AQU 526C

Join us for a special preview evening - two weeks before the festival begins! Screenings include Fearless: The Huntenwali Story (pictured right). See page

18 for details.





t,,,J · ·.s .





CAROLE MIGDEN My Addiction The Love Machine

Manuela's Loves Archive Classic

us Premieres

Sponsored by On Our Backs

Wed J une 15 9:15pm $7 CAS 615E


Sponsored by Hibernia Beach on LlVE-105 In association with Telefilm Canada and the

omparable to such European lesbian

Canadian Consulate

favorites as Novembermoon and Another

Way, Manuel a 's Loves adds a French twist to the typi cal lesbian dr�ma - a menage a

trois to be exact. Shifting attractions are

played out between three women of d i fferent

ages in this overlooked French featu re . The

el dest, Bacha (legendary Italian actress Alida



Val l i ) is an Amnesty International human rights activist and concentration camp sur-

vi vor. Her younger fashion designer friend Manuela (Marie-Christine Barrault) is her

primary emotional support. When Manuela meets the bea utiful Claude (Gu illemette Grobon), the two begin a rel ationsh i p which

Fri Ju ne 17 11:00pm $5 CAS 617F


ndy Warhol and Paul Morrissey are al ive

and wel l , and l i v i ng in the director and

cast of M y Addiction.

" I l ove Dick. I want to wash his socks. I

want to watch h i m move. I want him to be unable to think about me because i t 's too much . . . " Married man M a tt is so in love

with w i l d hustler Di ck that, one night, he

leaves h i s wife and plants h i mself in Dick's

apartment. Dick's hooker roommate Mar­ vette warns Matt that Dick will kill him when he re turns, but Ma tt's not going any­

incites Bacha 's i n tense jealousy. Manuela is

where ... he's addi cted to Dick.

desire for Claude.

Canadian director Sky Gilbert is best known

"A women's fi lm in the best sense,

productions My N igh t Wi th Tennessee and

torn between her love for Bacha and her

to Bay Area audi ences for his Theater Rhino

Manue l a 's Loves is an emotiona l l y gri pping

drama . . . among the year's best debu t


- Variety Manuela's Loves ( Le Jupon Rouge) d i r. Genevieve Lefebvre 1987 France 90 min s 35mm in French with Engl ish subtitles

Drag Queens In Outer Space .

But My

Add iction is unl i ke anything you've seen '



iillt . , ' .

-" .



I t 's a genuine dis-

covery, a haun ti ng, low-tech, two-room drama about neu-

roses, sex and com pulsive behavi or. serious?


Wrong: My Ad di ction is one of the

richest comedies we ' ve seen in a long time.

The Love Mach i n e by Patrick Snee is a com­ edy abou t codependency and cheap trick� any rel ationsh ip to the same-name book by

Jacq u e l i ne Susann is purely coi ncidental . The Love Machine d i r. Patrick Snee 1994

USA 20 m i ns 16m m + My Addiction dir. Sky Gilbert 1993 Canada 60 mins 16mm

The Neapolitans

New York Giants

u s Premiere

Curated by Sande Zeig

Sponsored by Pasqua Coffee Bars

West Coast Premieres

In association with The Slant Newspaper

In association with Dykespeak

Wed June 15 6:45pm $7 CAS 615D

Wed June 15 10:00pm $7 ROX 615H

"N ,

aples now has i ts own Pedro Al modovar," excl ai med Variety about Pappi

Corsicoto's first fi l m .

I t 's true: The

Neapol i tans is what Al modovar mov ies used


ew York l esbian superstars present thei r

, very l atest work i n this combustible v i deo

happenin g that i nc l u des thi rteen p ieces fresh and hot out of the camera fro m : Jane Castle

to be l ike, only better. Corsicato cal l s h i s

and S h u Lea Cheang, Cheryl Dunye, Su

s t y l e ' neon-real ism ' - i t 's a hard-edge, pop­

Friedrich, Shari Fri lot, Mari Kei ko Gonza­

up look that gives the fi lm an extra l ayer of

lez, Sharon Atki ns and Vaneska Kl uck,

outrageous humor.

Maria Magge n t i , Harriet H i rshorn and Mary

Sl i m on gay content, but h i gh on gay style, The Neapo l i tans relates a trio of modem sto­ ries set i n three d i fferent parts of sout hern Ita l y 's seductive c i ty. In the first tale,

r .0

_____ PAS�UA ( o .... y. . .

Patierno, Catheri ne S a a l fi e l d , S i kay Tang, Jocel y n Tay lor, Rose Troche, Marlene McCarty and Christine Vachon. H i gh l i ghts of this a l l -star program i ncl ude:

Aurora ( I a i a Forte) sees her smug,

Sex Bowl, a v i deo of m u l t i ple orgasm i n the

nouveau-ri che world crumble

ghetto by Baby Maniac (aka Shu Lea

when her shady, never-seen

Cheang and Jane Castle); Texas by Mari

h u sban d sleeps W I. t h h I' S secretary.

In the closing comi c story, Libera (also

Keiko Gonzalez, about masturbation, unre­ q u i ted love, broken gui tar strings and a l l

pl ayed by Forte) has a sim i l a r problem with

those Southern g i rl s y o u can ' t seem t o resist;

her l azy h u sban d 's infidel i ty, but she h atches

and, from Marlene McCarty and 1 994

a plan to exact revenge and profi t.

Framel i ne Award-winner Christine Vachon ,

Carme l a 's tale i s the one wh ich holds most interest for gay audiences.


the v ideo w i th the t i tl e that says i t a l l , Don ' t Look U p M y Skirt Unless You Mean I t .

- Sande Zeig

Sebasti ano (Ci ro P iscopo) arrives home from reform school ; Carmel a (Cristina Donadio)

Total run n i ng time: 100 m i n s

doesn ' t m i n d that her son is gay, but she

Sande Zeig i s co-programmer o f t h e L o s Ange­

can ' t cope wi th h i s questions about his long­

les Gay & Les b i a n Fil m Festival and a n i nde­

gone father.

Am i dst plans for a neighbor­

hood wed d i ng (and Sebastiano's seduction of a l ocal salesman), the truth comes o u t . . . ' Here 's a h i n t : Carmel a 's favorit� m ov ie i s Verti go . Pl u s Safe S e x : T h e Manual, a n extremel y a n imated lesson i n the art of appl ication. Safe Sex: The Manual d i r. Greg Lawson 1993 Netherl a n d s 2 m i n s 35m m The Neapolitans d i r. Pappi Corsicato 1992 Italy 83 m i n s 35mm in Ita l i a n with Engl i s h subtitles

pendent fi l m d i stributor. A l s o a fi l m ma ker, her short fi l m Central Park i s being screened here in the G i rl s In Shorts program (see page 33 for deta i l s ) .


. . . art which the majority of Americans find offensive.


-Donald Wildman

Fran-.eli ne"s Lesbian And Gay C i nen-.a Col lection_ Con-. i ng Th is S u On Hon-.e Video_ For more information or to be put on our mailing list contact: Frameline Distribution

South by Southwest

Southwestern Gallery of au When you seek the unique


,..., 140 ..."", ... 0,

346 Ninth Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 4 1 5.703 .8659

kachinas, fetishes, pottery, jewelry, collectibles and gifts. qu'est can start and end at }.}. Taylor's Pueblo.

�:h.:6�::'::iA :Ir.· ;:o ng

a train direct to Santa Fe... " - Antiques '

100 . Days Before The Command

Only The Brave

u s Premiere

Sponsored by The CAFE:

In association with the Lesbian & Gay

Wed June 15 4:30pm $7 CAS 615C

Journalists Association

Sat June 11 12 noon $5 CAS 611A


Fri June 17 9:00pm $7 CAS 617E


ussein Erkenov 's barracks drama, tel ls of

ever seen.

service in the Red Army. Exposed to a mer­

ciless round of daily vi olence, they desper­ ately try to resist constant h u m i l iation, but

their struggle for human di gn ity is clearly a

hopeless one.

Although i t i s not i n any overt way "about" homosexuali ty, Erkenov's fi lm is astonish­

ingly d i rect in its presen tation of homoerotic

imagery. The abundant n u d i ty includes a

scene where soldiers bathe each other with an inti macy and tenderness that i s far

removed from the brutal i ty of most of th e i r

waking hou rs. The director has stated that the homo-eroticism in his fi lm i s q u i te con­

scious and is there to represent the onl y

bea uty existing in lives otherwise fi l led wi th ugli ness and inhumanity. (And, am azi ngly,

except for one professional actor as an older officer, all roles are portrayed by real - l i fe sol diers ! )

Unseen outside Russia unti l Erkenov formed his own sales company and took the fi lm to

in the l i fe of a tough teenage girl is one of

the most powerful lesbian features we've





'. _ _ _ _

- Robert Hawk Pl us the world premiere of risi ng, a wi tty,

Wed June 15 7:00pm $7 TOW 615K

on fire. Longing to escape the harsh chaos

Al ex plans to go to Sydney with Vicki .

Ami d the travails and d i smal drama of her high school, Alex comes to real ize her


Free admission for students on June 11.


ou ' re going into a world that is changing

- drastical ly. And in ten years, i t's

going to be as uncool to hate homosexuals as it is to be a racist. So you better get ready

for that worl d."

emerging attraction to Vicki , and to her

- Scott Thompson, Kids in the Hall


Out is a strong and spi rited overview of the

Very m uch a fil m of the '90s, Ana Kokkinos' sobering portrayal of disillu­

l ives and struggles of lesbian and gay youth in Canada. In this groundbreaking fi l m ,

sioned youth has the j a rring punch and tragic

d i rector Davi d Adkin covers a broad range

Over The Edge and Rebel Wi thout A Cause.

es the stereotypes and bol dly brings out a new generation of outspoken, a rticulate and

catharsis of such cl assic social dramas as Penny Fowler-Smith 's spectacular short,


None Of The Above, is a glamorous techni­

color co-gender fetish extravaganza. In Dolby stereo!

Brave d ir. Ana Kokkinos 1994 Austra l i a 59

Iron Cu rtain country.

Mon J une 13 12 noon $5 CAS 613A

girl s who party heav i l y and l ike to set things

unique entry in the world of gay - i nterest c i n­ post-Cold War fi lm maki ng from a former

Sat June 11 2:15pm $5 CAS 6118

Austral ian; they hang out with a gang of

who abandoned her when she was a ch ild ,

1993 Austra l ia 13 mins 35mm Only The

mins 16mm

of concerns as he breaks the silences, smash­

proud lesbi an and gay young people.

I G) I .


The film 's rich cross-section of

i n terviews reflects a d ivers i ty of

econom ic backgrounds, rel i gious, ethnic and cul tural heritages.

Frank i n terviews w i th parents, along w i th

· discussions of homophobia, com i ng out, and finding commun i ty make the fi l m a great

primer for young people, gay and straight. .. Out: Stories of Lesbian and Gay Youth dir.

David Ad kin 1993 Canada 79 mins 16mm

seductive n i ghtmare about Ameri can fam i l y

The Festival offers free admission for Bay Area

rising dir. Daven Gee 1994 USA 16 m i ns

at the Castro. Please bring student 10.

l i fe, b y l ocal fi lm maker Daven Gee.

16m m b&w 100 Days Before The Command

(Sto Dnej Do Prikaza) dir. H u ssein Erkenov

1990 Russia 70 m i ns 35mm

West Coast Premieres

high school students to the June 11 screening


Sponsored by OutNOW! Ne�spaper

Mon June 13 9:00pm $7 TOW 613K Sat June 18 11:00am $5 CAS 618A

In association with LYRIC ( Lavender Youth Canada and the Canadian Consulate

of her surroundings and to fi nd the mother

Queer Tears: New Gay Shorts


Recreation and Information Center) , Telefilm

Alex (Elena Mandal is) and

None Of The Above d i r. Pen ny Fowler-Smith

ema but another courageous example of

Sponsored by KRON-TV

her best friend Vicki (Dora Kaskanis) are both Greek-

the Berl i n Fi lm Festival earl ier this year, 1 00

Days Before the Command is not only a

us Premiere

his ha rd-edged voyage through a few days

Mon June 13 4:15pm $5 CAS 613C five young men who do not surv ive the i r

Out: Stories Of Lesbian And Gay Vouth

us Premiere

ast year 's medley of melancholy short


fi lms was one of our most popu lar pro­

grams, wh ich says someth ing about the need to reflect or even cry once in awhi le.

Th is

year, we offer six pensive pleasures - a new bouquet of barbed wire. Daniel Humphrey 's Forward, Bound i s the i n tensely serious, near-wordless biography

of a man beset by bad memories.


Brita i n , The Last Stop (by Ross Dinwiddy

and Mark Adams) i s an au thentically sexy


�t-NOW !


seaside-set story' about an

unexpected weekend adven-

. ture. Ki rk Marcol i n a 's 1 03 . - ' Degrees is a raw documentary about an H I V­ posi tive, 1 7-year-old ex-hustler. An African­

American N.Y. couple battle w i th infidel i ty

and other demons in Stephen Win ter 's Here

Be Dragons.

Plus two exquisite l y ly rical fil ms: I D i d n ' t Know What Tim e I t W a s by Scott Ehorn,

and Dance Macabre, a sal u te to angels by

photographer/fil mmaker Jean-Marc Prou�

veu r.

Forward, Bound dir. Daniel H u mphrey 1993 USA 30 mins 16m m b&w 103 Degrees d ir. Kirk Marco lina 1993 USA 5 mins 16mm b&w Here Be Dragons d i r. Stephen Winter 1993 USA 14 m i ns 16mm I Didn't Know What Time It Was d i r. Scott Ehorn 1994 U SA 4 mins 16mm The Last Stop dirs . Ross Dinwiddy & Mark Ad ams 1994 GB 25 mins 16mm b&w Dance Macabre d i r. Jean-Marc Prouveur 1993 G B 13 mins 16mm . Total running time: 90 mins

"By the year 2000 it will be absolutely OK to be lesbian or gay and diversity will be valued and. celebrated', '"

The Experience, Inc. i s a 501 (c) (3) not­ for-profit educational corporation that produces "The Experience," a workshop desig�ed to facilitate communities of people living more powerful lives, and subsequently enabling the fulfillment of


this vision. This 2 1/2 day workshop is produced regl+larly in cities across the country. It provides participants with the means to discover and experience their own power and the choiCes that are always ' available to them.

The Vision of The Experience, Inc.



For more information, or to register into The Experience, cOl,1tact the national office, at 800.966.3896. In San Francisco 41 5.626.3252 or in San Jose 408.294.9702 .

·versity i n Action ! Gays, Lesbians and Friends at Sun I

(GLAF@ S un) is an e-mail alias designed . ' ;.' aci l itate discussion of i ssues related to : ': ternative sexual orientations within the Sun


community. This network provides a forum members can organize events of inter/?t\ . . here . . .. . + ::;.::".:: .:: :::.. .:.� or advocate for positive change. Recently, GLAF played a significant role in ' s addition of same-sex partner health ' " : ': Sun : . benefits. Thanks to visible leadership, gay and lesbian employees can take pride in their

Sun also supports employee focus groups for African-Americans, di sabled employees, women and Hispanics. It's al l part of our efforts to play a leadership role in the creation of a workplace that reflects the diversity of the global marketplace. For more information about any of our focus groups, write Catherine Lee at Sun Microsystems, Inc . , Mail Stop PAL 1 -404, , 2550 Garcia Avenue, Mountain View, CA 94043- 1 1 00. For more details about current job opportunities write Sun Microsystems,

valued and recognized. Their viewpoints are

Inc. , Attn: EEl, P.O. Box 54976, Santa Clara, CA 95056. An equal opportunity/affirmativ e

respected. And the stage is set for continued

action employer.

identity at Sun. Their contributions are

progress .

. �!!!!

The Best in Gay Fi lm and Video.


Remembrance Of Things Fast us Premiere

Sponsored by San Francisco FRONTIERS NewsMagazine


Sat J une 18 6:30pm $7 ROX 6181

disjointed psychedel ic j oyride with a

homo-cyberpunk sensib i l i ty, Remembrance Of Things Fast investigates some of the seed­ ier rest-stops along the information superhigh­

way. Award-winning Bri tish music video

director and artist John Maybury places Ti lda

Swinton, Rupert Everett and porn star Aiden

Brady in a hyper-real videoscape amid menac­ ing dominatrices and transgender aristocrats.

Disturbing, challenging, and at ti mes painfully

beautiful, Remembrance represents both the

culm ination of Maybury's work and the cut­ ting edge of video production today.

This is certainly not a film for people who

want simple story-tel l i ng pleasures. Swinton and Everett appear as you ' ve never seen them

before - less actors than objects, their images distorted, pulsating, and visually deconstruct-


c o ed to expose the "true stories

g�,!!! •



• •





and visual l ies" of queer existence in the post modem age.

Return Of The Scary Queens Curated by Quentin Lee

Sat June 18 10:30pm $5


FOR 618K

"orne in your favorite monster costume ... \Int is gory shorts program from our queer

children of horror is designed to tum your stomach and fry your brains.

Attention Cinemagoers is a warning for the

entire evening. Hysteria Passio is a hyper-short flick about two gay Asian men and a phantas­

matic vagina. Descent paints a nightmarish vision of porcelain and castration. SS is a

grotesque mess of brain-banging and Barbie

- Ed Halter

Plus The Wanderer, a rich all egory which

al ternates between 1 0th Century and present day England. Winner of the prize for Best

Short at the 1 993 Turin Gay Fil m Festival, i t

features Michael York, M ichael Gough and the voice of Imogen Stubbs.

The Wanderer d i rs . And rew Crabb & David

Lewis 1992 GB 30 mins 16m m Remem­

brance of Things Fast d i r. John Maybury 1993

G B 60 mins 16mm

Co urses, year-long programs


indiv idua l or couple's coaching offered by

Sonika Tinker, MSW & Debra Rein, MA

New Audiocassette Available ! ! To order, send $ 1 O/cassette, plus $3 shipping (CA residents add 8.25% sales tax).

LoveWorks,1 nc. ·

205 C rystal S p ri ngs. Center, S u i te 37, San Mateo, CA 94 402

lust is an arty found-footage horror film made from worn-out Super-B S&M porno and surgery footage. RefleCtions adds a twist of


4 1 5/572- 1 9 99

H o U R S

the subject of coming back from the dead,



queerness and buckets of (non-consensual) sex and violence to the haunted house genre. On

version, and surprise short.

This is not intended for the easily offended, or

- Quentin Lee

Quentin Lee 1994 U SA 2 mins 16 mm Descent dir. Spenger Charles 1992 U SA 14 mins video Carrie d i r. Tony Vaguely 1993 USA 6 mins video SS d i r. Eric Haeberli 1993 USA 4 min Super 8 to video Tough Love, Smart Weapons d i rs. To ny Love & Joe Westmoreland 1993 USA 9 mins video Blicklust d i r. Dietmar Brehm 1992 Austria 15 mins 16 mm Reflec­ tions d i r. Robert El lsworth 1993 USA 18 m i n s 1 6 m m Orgasm of Hot Blood dir. Chris Dumas 1994 USA 13 mins 16 mm. Total runni ng time: 82 mins. Quentin Lee is an independent videomaker cur­ rently based in Los Angeles. One of his latest works, Sleeping Subjects, is playing in a pro­ gram titled Our House; see page 63.

. Mon &

Tues 1 1 -7


Orgasm of Hot Blood is a classy revenge story.

Plus a queer excerpt from Carrie, the twisted

Attention Cinemagoers dir. David Greenall 1992 GB 1 min video Hysterio Passio d i r.


Bring out the best in yourself and others. Learn immediately useable tools for creating more of what you want.

and features a micro-cameo by RuPaul. Blick­

Remembrance provides an exhilarating and culture of images.

Have more intimacy, j oy, passion and sex in your relationships.

bloodifies the revenge of a gay-bashing victim,

those with weak stomachs!

subversive commentary on our technophi lic

S o m e th ing Differel1 t LESBIAN RELATIONSHIPS

Dolls, while Tough Love Smart Weapons

Testing the l imits of global television and the cliches of the three-m inute attention span,

For Information About Our Releases Please Contact:

560 West 43rd St NY NY 1 0036 Tel. (21 2) 947-4373/Fax (2 1 2) 947-0644

• • f>- G A R


E N O F E. f>- � ,. H L

4 Yosemite Ave .

�;;P E l'I' G � 1: S · .

(off Piedmond Ave.) ,

.' ,,' . :. :. '.:(.�::

O akland

Wed thru Sat 1 1 -8

60 1 -7750 .


. . .

Seen Anything Good' Lately?

Sex & Love & Cute Girls US Premieres

Curated by Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation/San Francisco Bay Area

Sponsored by The CAFE

Sponsored by Naya Spring Water


Wed June

15 7:45pm $7

Sat June

18 8:45pm $7


615G 6180


Out There comedy special , to the most

& Lesbian -All iance Against Defamation/San Francisco Bay Area presents h i ghl ights from


the broadcast TV year.

I I .


Why spend dreary,

m ind-numbing hours in front of

you r set waiting for that fleeti �� queer moment when you can Jom our video hosts for a speedy, 90-

minute medley of the best moments?

Seen Anything Good Lately? - a specially­

Digestion ,

edi ted compi lation of si tcoms, dramas, news and tal k shows - shows how lesbian, gay and bisexual representation i s expanding. It also includes a mercifu l l y short sam pling of some of the vicious and vile videos used against us

IS) 66g-I 2S2

L .ae.

11 12:00


16 7:45pm $7

Thu J u ne







veryone's favorite themes come together in these ten del iciou s v i deos. H i gh l ights

i ncl ude: Cheryl Dunye and Kristina Deu tch 's

col laborat ion, Com pli cated Flesh, which




blurs fi ction and real ity as i t reflects on an i n terraci a l

rel a t i onship, and Nelson TIlE Nazari o 's The Two Georges, an encha nting

'-_ _ _

lesbi an reworki ng of Dona Flor And Her Two H usbands.

Jellyfish Kiss (trailer) d i r. Thom H a rp 1994 USA 2 mins Sex Fish dirs . E.T. Baby Maniac ( El a Troyan o , Jane Castle & Shu Lea Cheang)




m i n s Dangerous When Wet d i r.

media images of the l esbian, gay and bisexual

1994 USA 5 mins 24 Hours A Day dir. Jocelyn Taylor 1993 U SA 9 mins Liquor, Guns & Ammo dir. Barbara Ka rpinski 1994 Australia 7 m i n s BUCKLE d i rs . Cather­

communi ty, tonight's show w i l l focus mostly

i ne Saa lfield & J u l i e To lentino

by the Right Wi ng.


Sat June

rom Comedy Centra l 's historic and h i larious

talked-about ' lesbian' kiss of the year, the Gay

In association with the Lesbians of Color Project of the National Center for Lesbian Rights


mission is to fight damaging and defamatory

Diane Bo nder



on positive and h i larious moments from both

m i n s Complicated Flesh d i rs . Kristina

rare and talked-about TV shows. , Best of a l l ,

Deutsch & Cheryl Dunye

there's no commercials. - GLAAD/SFBA

Seen Anything Good Lately? produced by Peter Lund , Lara Mac, Tom di Maria USA



m i n s video

The Gay & Lesbian A l l i a nce Aga inst Defamation/San Francisco B a y Area ( G LAAD/SFBA) cou nters public expressions of homophobia and heterosexis m , a n d promotes the fair, accu rate and diverse representations of our l ives. For informatio n , call GLAAD/SFBA at

(415) 861-4588.






From Dental Dams To Latex Gloves d i r. Lisa Fisher 1994 U SA 2 mins You Little Devil, You dir. Lisa Kuhne 1994 U SA 5 m i n s The Two Georges ( Los Dos Jorges) d i r. Nelson Nazario





Al l works a r e v i d e o . Tota l r u n n i ng t i m e : 72 mins

Provi d i n g Q u a l ity, Afforda ble Psychotherapy Su bsta n ce Abuse Cou n se l i n g

Sex Of The Stars

H I V/AI DS- Related Therapy

Sis: The Perry ' Watkins Story

us Premiere

Sponsored by The Bay Guardian

Social & Recreational Programs for O l d Lesbians and Gay Men

World Premiere

In association with Telefilm Canada,

In association with BlK and

the Canadian Consulate, and the Quebec Government in los Angeles

the Deaf Gay and lesbian Center

Sat J une 11 6:30pm $7 CAS 6110

This program is signed for the hearing-impaired

h is transgender twist on Kramer Vs. Kramer is a bittersweet delight about a girl and her father. Marie-Pie rre (Den is Mercier), former­ ly Pierre, happens to be a transsexual. Return­ ing to the daughter she had left behind in Montreal, Marie-Pierre attempts to reconcile her daughter's need for a father with her own need to be true to her gender.


II!!I!!I!II!I ! III!� !!I! II!II!I! I

Looking uncann ily l i ke a youn � k.d lang, M ari ann� : L---=--__--' Mercier gives an outstandmg performance as Cam il le, a twelve year-old girl facing the fears and insecu rities of puberty. In her friendship with Lucky (Tobie Pelletier), a slightly older boy at school, she learns some of l i fe's gritty reali ties. When Lucky d iscov­ ers the truth about Cam ille's father he reveals his own secret - he's a street hustler.


Director Paule Bai l largeon is probably best known by American audiences for her role as the curator in Patricia Rozema's I ' ve Heard The Mermaids Singing. Sex Of The Stars is her second feature fi l m as a di rector. In her

sensitive and uni que approach to a timely sub­ ject, Baillargeon exemplifies the innovation and style of contemporary Canadian cinema. Also from Canada is Paul Lee's ardent and angry short Thick Li ps, Th i n Li ps.

+ Thick Lips, Thin lips dir. Paul Lee 1994 Canada 6 mins 16mm + Sex Of The Stars (le

sexe des etoiles) dir. Paule Baill argeon 1993 Canada 100 mins 35mm

Sun June 12 4:15pm $5 ROX 612H


rafted i n 1 967, Perry Watkins served 1 5

years i n the US Army a s a n openly gay man. He was di scharged in 1 982 under the

provisi ons that ban homosexuals from serv­ i ng in the Armed Forces. With the help of

the ACLU, Sgt. Wa tki ns won his case after ·

n i ne years in court. The US Supreme Court ru led in his favor, making Watkins the first

gay officer to defeat the ban aga inst gays i n

t h e m i l i tary.

Chiqui Cartagena's funny, vivid and astute

documentary is a rare, affi rm i ng experience.

Cartagena asks all the right questi ons: Why has Wa tkins' preceden t-making case not

been embraced by the gay community?

Why has the bl ack com m u n i ty not celebrat­

ed his struggle and success?


Watkins h i mse l f, a charismatic figure, is on hand to set the record straight.

Plus Johnny Symons' Out In Africa, a series

of i n terviews w i th gay men i n Zimbabwe

and South Africa.

Symons' shot the tape

while backpacking through Afri ca; he cap­ tures a uni que p i cture of gay l i fe there.

Out In Africa d i r. Johnny Symons U SA 1994

2 0 m i n s video

=- Sis: The Perry Watkins

Story d i r. C h i q u i Cartagena 1994 U SA 60

m i n s video Sis: The Perry Watki ns Story and Out In Africa were both reCipients of grants fro m the 1993 Frameline Fi l m & Video Com pletion Fund . deta i l s on how to apply to the Fu nd , please call (415) 703-8658.


1 853 M arket Street (at G uerrero) (4 1 5) 626-7000 TTY: (4 1 5) 252-8376

Sliding Fee Scale

Wheelchair Accessible

Partially Funded b y the S a n Francisco Department o f Public Health's Division o f Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services and A I DS Office, the San Francisco Commission on Aging, the Mayor's Office of Community Development, and the Horizons Foundation. A United Way Agency

--NOW SHOWING --. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ' . '. . . . . . . . .. .



: .




• •

f;filly always wondered what it was like to be a t:;��:;,:t:.


this morning she woke

up wit�. her first· ·:D::m:�i;.:.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •• • • • • •



E x p e r i e nce t h e t h r i l l of s e e i n g yo u r favorite movie i n the comfort of your own home theater! T h r i l l to the e xc i te m e n t o f M i ra g e



tiP Q

,::, �y

lap-dancers and peep-show dancers in strip

clubs - who talk about their motivations,

dle of the night to discover she's grown "a

whose jobs make them "straight for the

aspirations and identities as queer women money."

Bold and articulate, the women discuss the impact of sex work on their personal lives,

the feminist politics of sex work and the

need for broader understanding of a greatly

soundtrack, Milly becomes Willy and learns

stigmatized and stereotyped occupation.

what it means to be a boy: his girlfriend devel­

This sex2positive documentary also incorp­

ops a new kind of interest in him, and so does

orates fascinating archival footage and inter­

Willy's new pal Alfie (a differently' abled boy

views with sexperts Annie Sprinkle, Carol

who refers to his wheelchair as a lunar mod­

Queen and Joan Nestle.

ule). When Alfie confesses his "unnatural


Plus, Maureen Bradley 's punchy cross­

desires", Willy goes for the hetero option and. decides he wants to be a girl�again. Wishing

upon a star does the trick, and Alfie and Milly

go off together as happy hets.

Although the film ultimately doesn't allow for

With a ny M i rage Speaker purchase over one thousand dol l a rs . . . only at San Francisco Stereo Pl us. *

(Offer expi res May 3 1 , 1 994)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

homosexuality as an option, i t plays extensive­ l y on homoerotic potentials, and has a blast

with traditional gender roles. Patty Duke

gives an outstanding performance as Mrs. Niceman, and Pamela Segall is uncannily

2201 Market St.

���\�415·861·1044 �TE:t� � N�

at Sanchez

Tue-Fri 11AM-7PM Sat 11AM-6PM • Sun Noon-5PM �

State Contractor Li e #58 1 474

Milly Niceman gets her "deepest, darkest

heart's desire" when she wishes on a magical

As Muddy Waters sings Mannish Boy on the



cisco portrait, v ideomaker Hima B. inter­

"Can't I be both?"

�-- . M90i

- Certified THXCII

engage in some form of sex work at some

views eight lesbian and bisexual women -

being a boy or a girl, .she asks innocently,

One Pa i r


fun for boys and for girls, and for girls who

want to be boys.

Niceman tell her she must choose between


t 's estimated that up to 1 0 % of women

point in their l ives. In this unique San Fran- .

guy's. thing down there. " When Mr. and Mrs.

p resent . . .



sense of humor - Something Special is super

Indian eclipse powder. She wakes in the mid­

����� :. � .A' �V


Sun June 12 8:15pm $7 ROX 612J


with a a queer sensibility and a sophisticated

easy and affordable you r own home theater can be.

,A_No,_ V\

In -association with Muffdive

World Premiere

thing Special is a Hollywood teen transgen-

Try to imagine an ABC Afterschool Special

SAN FRA NCI SCO STERE O + PLUS A N N O U NCES the open ing of o u r 4 NEW HOME THEATERS. Stop by for your private screen ing. You won't believe how

leverly written and brilliantly cast, Some­

. der comedy about a girl who gets to be a boy.

Rear Channel Speakers


Sat June 11 4:15pm $5 ROX 6111

Straight For The Money

Archive Classic

in Dol by Pro- Logic Surround Sound !

* FREE* · .

Something Special

Loudspea kers spacious B i-Po l a r Design

butch and boyish as Willy (and as Milly).

Briefly released in 1 986, Something Special

quickly disappeared from view and has been

unseen theatrically since then.

Plus a cheerful cut-up penis carnival, Mr.


Something Special d i r. Pau l Schneider 1986 USA 90 m i n s video Mr. Wonderful d i r. M arlise Malkames 1992 USA 7 m in s video

country dictionary of sexual identities,


Queer Across Canada.

.. Queer Across Canada d i r. M a u reen Bradley Straight For The Money d i r. H m a B. 1994 USA 60 m i n s 1993 Canada 10 mins video



When You Need The Best Office Staff . . . or just need to work . . .

F &

fIIIIII' ....




....&... , ,.... ..... " .... A SHOPPI NG H IG H !

Take home a beautiful gift and the good fee ling you get when yo u su pport Greenpeace campaigns to protect the planet. Come see us.


G H I RARDELLI SQUARE 路 S F 路 (4 1 5) 474- 1 870 路 OPEN DAI LY

Serving the Bay Area with Pride SECRETARIES EXPRESS, INC. -----

+ -----

Permanent and Temporary Services

(4 1 5 ) 243 ,0222


Gay & Lesbian Literature

A D I FFERENT LIG HT BOO KSTORE 1 5 1 West 1 9th St. , N ew York, N Y 1 00 1 1 , 2 1 2-9 8 9-4 8 5 0

4 8 9 Castro Street, S a n Francisco, C A 94 1 1 4, 4 1 5 - 4 3 1 - 08 9 1 8 8 5 3 Santa M onica, West Hol lywood, CA 900 6 9 , 3 1 0-8 5 4-6 6 0 1





BOOKS BY . M A I L : Call Toll-Free 24 H ou rs from US & Canada 1 -800-3 43-4002 to order any Lesbian/G ay book in pri nt,

by Lesli� Singer

or' " A Different Light Review" MAIL ORDER CATALOG

You have an advocate on both sides .of the Bay

Super 8 112

The Law Offices of Linda Scaparotti

Taking Back The Dolls

us Premiere

West Coast Premiere

Sponsored by Projection Local 166

Dedicated to empowering the community for over 14 years.

In association


r Ass, Bruce LaBruce, comes another no-bud­


EAST BAY 161 1 Telegraph Ave . , Suite 1 200 Oakland, CA 946 12 (5 10) 268-8404 Fax: (415) 434-9339

.... T

SAN FRANCISCO 50 California Street, Su ite 3220 San Francisco, CA 941 1 1

(415) 434-9600 Fax: (4 15) 434-9339

First Unitarian Church of San Francisco A Welcoming Congregation for the

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Community. Please Join Us For Fellowship. Sunday Services 1 1 : 00 AM

Ch ild Care and Sunday School available from lOam to 12 noon

1 1 87 Franklin Street (corner of Franklin and Geary), San Francisco, CA' 941 09 (415) 776·4580



I(':j I

tribute to New York undergound auteur R.

Heart is a gritty Toronto dyke tale of obses­

Googie is only exploiting the "poor, down-on­ her pet project, 'Submit To My Finger,' her


Bruce spends his perpetual alcoholidays in bed

with his hustler boyfriend, Pierce (Klaus Von Brucker). Meanwhile, the ambitious, incest­

uous, sexually adventurous Friday sisters

(Chris Teen, Dirty- Pil lows) catch Googie's eye in the cemetery, and she approaches them to

star in her new movie.

Mixing thinly-disguised autobiography with

hardcore sex scenes, Super 8 1 /2 is a pinnacle of perversity for queer cinema. Or, as they

Plus Built For Endurance, a tall and torrid story




shorts. A teacher-student romance transcends the academic jargon of

desire in Karen Channan 's Is Mary

Wings Coming? Suzy Richter's Cross Your


Gordon Seaman, K. Daymond and J i l l Batson hunt down Canada's most notorious homo­

phobes in Wanted ! Tex-Sex is a sexy solo shot from the Texas Tomboy herseJf. Bev

Zalcock's Fireworks Revisited takes a girl ie

angle on Kenneth Anger's homoerotic classic,

Fi reworks. Eat Thi s is an angry bad girl

diatribe from Halle Hennessey and Chris Wi l l ging.

Eat This d i rs . Halle Hen nessey & Chris Wil lging 1992 USA 7 mins 16mm b&w Fireworks Revis­ ited dir. Bev Zalcock 1994 GB 9 mins 16mm + Wanted! d i rs . Gordon Seaman , K. Daymond & J i l l Batson 1994 Canada 11 mins 16mm Tex­ Sex dir. Texas Tomboy 1994 USA 3 mins video + Cross Your Heart dir. Suzy Richter 1993 Canada 13 mins video Is Mary Wings Coming?

Built For Endurance d i r. Todd Verow 1993 =- + Super 8 1/2

d i r. Karen Charman 1993 Australia 10 mins

1 6 m m b&w

96 mins

U SA 7 m i n s 16mm b&w

d i r. Br uce LaBruce 1994 Canada 85 m i n s


Plus a smorgasbord of new dyke

his-luck faggot" to get financial backing for

is his big comeback, a la Sunset Boulevard, but

by Todd Verow, director of the forthcoming

- Breakfast, Lunch, and Catering

the gun-toting Nee ly Shannon Chen (Valerie


She begins to make a documentary about him

Get ready, San Francisco.


mate Jennifer North (Cecilia Dougherty) and

undergound dyke avant-garde film­

maker, Googie (Liza LaMonica).

LaBruce achieves a new high in low taste.

M O N - F R I 7:30 am - 2:00 pm S A T - S U N 8:30 am - 3:00 pm

lesbo l ives of supennodel Ann We l l s (Leslie

Si nger), her depressive Seconal-addict room­

porno star, who's rediscovered by an

used to say about John Waters' films, Bruce

3222 Adeline Street, Berkeley, CA ( 5 1 0) 658-5555

esl ie Singer dykes-up the Val ley Of The

Looll s in t h i s over-the-top Pixel Vision melo­

Bruce plays a washed-up, strung-out

entitled, simply, ' Bruce . ' Bruce thinks that this

Leather Tongue Video

drama. Fl y through the high-fash ion, druggie

get cautionary tale for our times.

� �

,� . i j

Sat June 11 �O:30pm $7 ROX 611L

Sat June 11 11:15pm $5 CAS 611F �om the legendary auteur of No Skin Off My


r-----T-- ����---___

Sponsored b'f The Girl Spot

III association with Telefilm Canada, the Canadian Consulate and· Larkin Street Youth Center

video Taking Back The Dolls dir. Leslie Singer 1994 U SA 43 m i n s video. Total running time:

Two Spirits, Three Visions: Personal,­ Political, Spiritual

Tell Me A Story: New Lesbian Shorts 3 West Coast Premieres

Sponsored by OutNOW! Newspaper In association with the Deaf Gay and Lesbian Center This program is signed for the hearing-impaired

Mon June 13 7:15pm $7 TOW 613J Thu J une 16 2:15pm $5 CAS 6168 Sat J une 18 3 :30pm.., $ 5 CAS 618C


our parents never told you stories l i ke this!

The Story So Far is a smart and sexy comedy

with a bri l l i ant edge of social conscience from British co-directors Noski Deville and Rif Sharif.

There's loads of fun and excitement When a group of Black dykes stumble onto a jewel rob­ bery. Don 't miss it.. In Ira Sachs; wonderfully twisted faux-documen­ tary Lady, Dom inique "Dibbel (of the Five Les­ bian Brothers) stars as a lesbian playi ng a gay man playing a 70s TV star, or something l i ke

that. Home You Go, from Collette Cul len is a

little lesb ian weekend fantasy. In AnnMarie Bryan's Cutting The Edge Of A Free Bird a deaf, African-American lesbian wants to go to NYU,

�- �n%)\!¥ � "��"",,, =

but her mother wants her to go to Gallaudet University for the deaf. Alison Kelly's A Fam i l y

Curated by Jaime Smith

In association with Gay American Indians

Sat "J une 18 2:00pm $5 ROX 618G


hese raw and expressive works by or about

Two Spi rited Peoples offer three perspec­

tives on what it m eans to be a Gay/Lesbian Native American in this cou n try today. In 1 99 1 N i cci Farrel dec ided to foll ow her dreams to make vi deos; a wee k la ter she was

d iagnosed w i th cancer. Her first video, Land Beyond Tomorrow, is an ex perime ntal i n ter­ pretation of a v i si on she received after a two year battle with chemotherapy, radiation and a near death experie nce from a bone ma rrow transplant. Norma Jean Croy was charged w i th conspira­ cy to com m i t m urder, and since 1 978 she h as been serving a l i fe sentence for a crime she and her brother Hooty never com m i tted. Hoaty received the death penalty, appealed

buffets -all in the company of women.

date set. Produced b y Bo and d i rected by Crystal Mason, Shasta Woman is a story of courage, i njustice and racism.

subtitles Home You G o d i r. Col ette C u l len

o f Euro-Americans, Native Gay/Lesbi ans held spec i a l roles. Today these roles are sti l l s i gn i fi­

Jaime S m ith is a New Mexico-based cu rator; she is of Irish/Cherokee/Oj i bwa heritage.

are-every minute of every day.

So, go ahead IMAGINE paradise, then j oin us there !

Call us at

Land Beyond Tomorrow dir. Nicci Farrel USA

16m m . Total runn i ng ti me: 87 m i n s

Forgotten Classic d i rs . Rif S h arif & Noski


- Jaime Smith

Devi lle 1994 GB 25 m i ns b&w. All works are

1993 USA 28 mins b&w The Story So Far - A

have the personal freedom to do what you want and be who

cant to cultura l and environmental exi stence.

1993 4 mins =- Shasta Woman dir. Crystal Mason U SA 1992 36 mins Balancing Factor dir. Carrie House USA 1993 33 mins. Al l works are video. Total running time: 73 mins

1993 GB 12 mins 16mm Lady d i r. I ra Sachs

IS THAT P O S SIB LE ? Yes ! Olivia charters the entire ship or resort and provides a fully-trained staff to insure that you

Balanc i n g Factor i s an experi mental docu­

and com ing out to parents.

lish and American Sign Language with Engl i s h

fun, adventure, luxury, relaxation, music,

comedy, dancing and everything else from meditation to midnight

the i r regard for bal ance. Prior to the onslaugh t

Ann Marie J. Bryan 1994 U SA 15 m i n s in Eng­

. . .

and was released. Norma Jean was denied

mentary about Native G ay/Lesbians shari ng

mins Cutting The Edge Of A Free Bird d i r.


parole three ti mes and has no future appeal

Affair tells a sweet story o f young lesbian love

A Family Affair dir. Alison Ke l ly 1993 U SA 7

a place where loving women is the norm .


5 1 0-655 - 0364

Olivia make your dreams come true


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Under Heat

Uh-Oh !

followed by a nutritional support team review to

C o l i l o r n i a 94114

( 4 1 5 ) 5 6 5 - 6000


Sponsored by San Francisco

In association with Pervert Scouts

FRONTIERS NewsMagazine

Sun June 12 7:00pm $7 PFA 612L

In association with Digital Queers

Fri Ju_ne 17 10:00pm $7 ROX 6171

Sat June 11 9:30pm $7 TOW 611T

hese three works offer complex textual

i s seen very . di ffe rently than i t is heard . The voice over refers to a "he" and a "she," but the images depict 0 being w h i pped and sage a I ' acte, Martin Arnol d re-reads a


moment from the fi l m To Ki l l a Mocki ng­ bi rd, mocking the u n i ty of the Ame rican fam i l y. Greta Schi l le r 's Woman of the Wol f i s a sty l ized t a l e o f a woman sexu a l l y pur­ sued by a man. The m a n 's interpretation of their encounter i s one of a classic seduction. The visuals tel l another story.


- Kathy Geritz

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DR. MARTIN HEADQUARTERS Skechers Bass ALPS Timberland Reebok Rockport and more •

Uh-Oh! d i r. Julie Zando 1994 USA 38 mins video Passage a .I'acte d i r. M artin Arnold 1993 Aus­ tria 12 mins b&w 16mm Woman of the Wolf dir. Greta Sch i l l er 1994 USA/GB 26 mins 35mm Total runn ing time: 76 mins

The Rox i e screen i n g of Uh-Oh ! w i l l focus

11f!8�.rs�·)f;. 1 �:� ����� �

on lesbi an avant-garde perspectives on S/M. g



Capricorn will replace Passage a I ' acte and Woman Of The Wolf. Te ri Rice 's l yrica l l y


constructed tri tych of scenes proceeds grad­ u a l l y from bondage, w h i pping and wax to its

our already discounted prices with this ad or a film festival ticket stub. eipires 5/28/94

t i tular fi nale, The Ki ndl ing Poi nt. Georgia Wright's S te l l i um In Capricorn i s a stu nning portrayal of an S/M scene incorporating piercing, bondage and l ots of k i ssi ng. Stell/urn In Capricorn dir. Georgia Wright 1994 ' USA 6 mins The Kindling Point d i r. Teri Rice 1993 USA 45 mins Uh-Oh! dir. J u l ie Zando 1994

1 2 3 2nd St. (Near Mission) SF 4 1 5 -i77-31 40 M-F 10-6 Sat 1 1 �5

Fri June 17 12 noon $5 CAS 617 A

Zando's Uh-Oh ! , a seductive re-read i ng of

Pau l i ne Reage's Story Of O. O 's subm ission

chained by women i n cowboy drag. I n Pas­


Thu June 16 9:15pm $7 CAS 616E

i n te rpretations beginning with J u l ie

USA 38 mi ns. All works are video. Total running time: 89 mins


eter Reed's steamy contemporary melo­ drama about the reu nion of two brothers

(hunky Eric Swanson and Robert Kneeper) w i th their mother (the redoubtable Lee Grant) is rem i n i scent of (and possibly an homage to) a l l those l iv e television dramas and Broadway plays of the Fifties and S ix­ ties. You know the ones - about genera­ ' tional conflicts a nd repre ssed passions in the M i dwest and South, usu a l l y of a hetero nature - but th i s t i me the gay sub texts and sensi b i l i ties that were off-stage, off-screen and between the l i nes are square l y, unapologetica l l y i n your face. In Under Heat, 36-year-old Dean (Swanson) comes to tel l his fam i l y he has AIDS; h i s news i s overshadowed by t h e needi ness of .

QiiONiiE'RS N . . . . .. . . . N .

h i s mother and older brother (not to m e n tion the boy who c u ts the grass, a Cal v i n Klein

wet dream). With the i nevitab i l i ty of Greek tragedy, but sprin kled w i th dol lops of wit, Under Heat traces an arc extending roughly from Eugene O ' Nei l l to Wi l l iam Inge, w i th nods to Tennessee Wi l l i ams, Edward Albee and Horton Foote, among others. Affo rding Lee G rant her biggest screen role i n quite a spel l , t h i s is j u i cy fun i ndeed.

- Robert Hawk P l u s Robert Wi nkler's The Survivor, a cl ever condom cliffhanger. The Survivor d i r. Robert Winkler 1993 Austria 2 m i n s 35mm Under Heat d i r. Peter Reed U S A 1994 90 m i n s 35mm

Theater Rh i noceros P resents The World P rem iere of

OUT OF TH E I N KWELL By Ke l l y Kittel l

D i rected by Artu ro Catricala celebration of queer cartoons featu ri ng: leonard and Larry by Tim Barela, Hothead Paisan by Diane Di Massa, B.B. & the Diva by Ru pert Kinnard and Doonesbury by Garry Trudeau


May 1 9-J une 25

Special Program

Woman Of The Wolf Carmelita Tropic�na Dottie Gets' Spanked

Sat J une 11 7:00pm $7 PFA 611M

Sponsored by HEADLINES

Ron Vawter: Head Mechan ic At The Perfoming Garage


West Coast Premieres

here is a voice and a face that many of us


A voice with i m pl acable reso­

nance and a face awash w i th wily wisdom.

rue June 14 9:00pm $7 CAS 614E superior queer trio from a new source to be

They belong to Ron Vawter, actor/provoca­


Wooste r G roup and co-star in such notable

(ITVS), with funding provided by the Corp­

Vawter, who declared his PWA status in

Greta Sch il ler's Woman Of The Wolf is an ele­

authori tative presence not just to Hol lywood

director of Before Stonewa l l .

avant-garde fi lm and videoworks. H i s gen­

Zone), Woman is a haunting tale in the

compassion mustered for even the most

Ela Troyano's super-saturated, sexy and just

independent projects.

Side adventures of Latina Lesbian Avenger and

teur from New York's elusively experimental

fi lms as P h i l adel ph i a and Swoon.

1 992, h as tread a laudable l i ne, adding his

features, but to a long li st of remarkable

erosity, his i n terest in artistic vision, and the

modest role has secured the success of many Tonight, we indulge ourselves in a resplen­ dent display of Ron Vawter 's breadth as a

reckoned with: each film he re was under­

written by the Independent Television Service

oration for Publ i c Broadcasting.

gant and surprising fictional departure from the Set aboard a

ship (sailing somewhere near The Twil ight tradition of Orlando.

plain mad comedy-melodrama follows the East

� '"

Beauty Queen, Carmel i ta


Troyano is also

one of two wi nners of our

gram of works - some shown in their


finest media artists, including Joan Jonas,

Todd Haynes exceeds the dazzling dementia of

Leslie Thornton, Steve Fagin, Shu Lea

Spanked, a wicked nod to his own chi ldhood

features the West Coast Prem iere of Peter

enters a limitless erotic world through the mir­

compe l ling and commi tted actor with a pro­ entirety, some excerpted - by some of our Ken Kobland, Bruce and Norman Yonemoto, Cheang and others.

The tribute a l so

Ungerleide r 's Ah Pook Is H e re. Vawter,

Vawter, everywhere.

- Steve Seid Approximate total runn ing ti me: 80 m i ns Note: As we go to press, we have received the sad news that Ron Vawter, age 4 5 , d ied on April 16. What began as a celebration of an inspired actor shall remain so. Ron would want it that way. The program now includes Lesl ie's Thornton's personal tribute, The Last Time


Saw Ron. The program wi l l also be

introduced by Gregory Mehrte n , Vawter's long­ ti me col l aborator and partner.

1 994 Stolichnaya Rising Star Award, created to

celebrate talented new filmmakers.

Superstar and Poison with Dottie Gets

infatuation with The Lucy Show. A young boy

acle of modem television. Dottie Gets Spanked is being screened here in tribute to producer

Christine Vachon, this year's Frameline Award

winner, and it was commissioned for broadcast on public television as part of the five-part series, TV Fami l ies.

Woman of the Wolf dir. Greta Schiller 1994

USA/GB 26 mins 35mm Carmelita Tropicana

(Your Kunst Is Your Waffen) dir. Ela Troyano 1994

USA 30 mins 16mm Dottie Gets Spanked dir.

Todd Haynes 1993 USA 27 mins 16mm

Wed.-Sun .

D i n i n g! Dancing! C ity Lights !

Theatre Rhinoceros Presents Our Annual Pride Week



Romantic Evening To Benefit Lesbian & Gay Theatre Friday, June 1 7

: .

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Deaf Gay and Lesbian Center

Sponsored by Michael White D.D.S.

This program is signed for the hearlng-impalred

Thu J une 16 9:00pm $ 7 TOW 616J

Fri J une 17 7:30pm $7 ROX 617H

Sat June 18 7:30pm $7 CAS 618E


Check or money orders only

omen who . . . mow lawns, talk about going to bars, 'eat food, ki l l men, fa ll in love,

break up, fall in love, visi t other planets and

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l ive in the future, fal l in love, and, fal l in love

" L i fe is Bearable"

and get sexually transmi tted diseases.

This catchy batch of lesbian videos shows us

the activities of some very interesting women.

From Lee Ann Rorex's fantastically goofy


lesbo monologue in Performance Notes, to

"tlt tlt ... .. �

singer/songwriter Barbara Cohen's colorful I&4b fairy-tale music video, Snow

SId...ts S-F_


White, to Michelle Parker-

son's long-awaited African­

American lesbian sci-fi drama, Odds And

Ends, this is a program w i th something for


Te n n i s



u b i e S

To u r n a m e n t



Serving Mexican Cuisine Daily 2247 MARKET STREET 62 1 .- 044 1


World Premiere

In assocation with the

1 994, and a wand to make a l l

y o u r dreams come true. 1 0" tal l , honey colored, each artist. . . .

World And lime Enough

us Premieres

Halloween October 29 & 3 0 Mills College, Oakland


' A DAY F I LLED W I T H LAU G H S ­ EVEN I F YOU DO N OT PLAY T E N N I S ! ! Call Nanette Gartrell

4 1 5-346-2334

for entry for ms .

A lyo n-Martin Wo men's Health Services Benefit

every woman who . . .

Lawn Butch d i r. She rry Ritschel-Cederbaum

1991 USA 1 min Performance Notes: A Bar Is A Bar Is A Bar d ir. Lee Ann Rorex 1994 USA 18 mins Her Appetite d i r. Katrina Fu l l­ man 1994 U SA 9 mins Killer Babe d i r. A nnie Wright 1994 H o l l a nd 7 mins Fell d i r. Frankie Franchini 1993 U SA 5 mins Some­ body Else d i r. Heidi Arnesen 1993 USA 5 mins Snow White d i r. Sotera Tschetter 1993 USA 4 min s Odds And Ends (A New-Age Ama­ zon Fable) d i r. Miche l l e Parkerson 1993 USA 28 mins Without Saying Goodbye d i r. Ta nya M i l l e r 1994 U SA 13 mins Bumps d i r. Wendy Jo Carlton 1993 U SA 18 m i n s . All works are video. Total running time: 107 m i ns



orld And Time Enough is the first Genera­ tion X gay comedy from America's heart­


Mark (Matt Guidry), an HIV-positive artist, is

obsessed with building a cathedral in honor of his father. Joey (Gregory G. Gi les), his

boyfriend, is a garbage collector who brings

home favorite bits of junk to comfort himself

as he searches for his birth parents. Their lives

are very much like anyone else's: they flirt with

other people, mope about a lot, and enjoy the company of their gossipy friends.

First-time director Eric Mueller keeps this con­

temporary story buoyant with some delicate

performances, and a good eye for Minneapolis scenery. Although there are some serious

issues lurking behind the frames, Mueller puts

drama first. World And Time Enough is also reminiscent of Richard Glatzer's Grief, with

less out-loud laughs, more locations and a true

sense of the eccentricities of everyday life.

(Mueller says he was aim ing for the tone of his favorite Mary Ty ler Moore show, the one

where Mary breaks into laughter at Chuckles the Clown's funeral .)

World And Time Enough has two qualities

lacking in a lot of gay cinema nowadays: mod­

esty and charm.

We 're proud to present the

world premiere screening of a true original.

Plus Vacancy, a Gus Van Sant-style short about the comic difficulties of form ing long-term

relationships in a sma ll town li ke San


Vacancy d i r. Ni cholas Katsapetses 1994 USA 14 mins 16mm World And Time Enough d i r.

Eric Muel ler 1994 U SA 90 mins 16m m


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family a n d friends.

Wrecked For Life: The Trip And Magic Of Trocadero Transfer World Premiere Sponsored by Steamworks In association with SMMI LE/Folsom St. Fair

Sat June 11 8:15pm


ROX 611K


ay discos were a l l the rage in the late '70s and earl y '80s, but a special kind of magic permeated San Francisco's legendary Tro­ cadero Transfer. John Goss's Wrecked For Li fe interviews several h abi tues and employ­ ees from the Troc's glory days. There's a nos­ talgic tinge, and a sense of the cl ub's enduring spirit - one fellow carries h i s membersh ip card in his wal let to this day. The in terviewees regale the camera w i th tales of sex and drugs: They also describe the tremendous feel ing of community the Trocadero steen. engendered. "In those days the community wasn ' t so divided," waxes ' Di sco Connie' Norman. Goss has rounded up an engaging ensemble for this evocative soft-shoe through a memo­ rable moment in San Francisco gay history.

� • .

- Daniel Mangin

Plus two nods to The Wizard Of Oz. In I Dream Of Dorothy, a closeted gay boy finds himsel f transported to ... San Francisco. And in Revenge Of The Wicked Witch, Mat Plendl sends the world's most misunderstood wi tch to Vegas. I Dream Of Dorothy d i r. Peter McDowel l 199 1 USA 7 m i n s . Revenge Of The Wicked Witch d i r. Mat Plendl 1993 USA 16 m i n s . Wrecked For Life: The Trip And Magic of Trocadero Transfer d i r. John C. Goss 1993 USA 60 m i n s All works a r e video . Total r u n n i ng ti me: 83 mins

Your Heart Is All Mine The Lost Heart

• •

US Premieres

Sponsored by OUT magazine

In association with Goethe-Institut

San Francisco and Boadecia's Books

Fri June 10 9:30pm


TOW 6101

Sun June 12 9:00pm


CAS 612E

Tue June 14 4:30pm


CAS 614C

E most tender lesbian l ove story to reach the l ke Gotz's Your Heart Is Al l M i ne is the

RSVP ¥a�ations Now, Voyager: the #1 agency in the world for RSVP! Call or stop by for complete information on:

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screen th is year. I t 's a l so the most q u i rky.

Hi lde, pl ayed by sly bea uty Karla Schender, is a secretary in an anonymous corporate fi rm . The pariah of the secretarial pool, her col leagues mutter, "All that she knows how to do to is work. When you look l i ke this, what else can you do?" Plen ty, apparentl y ! After meeting a baby butch in a butcher shop (a scene not recom­ mended for vegetaria ns), H i l de sneaks in to her new love's apartment, stri ps and waits for her to come home from work. Germ an angst and despa ir give way to 1 950s pu l p heartth rob as the butcher beds t h e secretary; keep your eyes open here for one of the lovel iest of l ovemaking scenes i n the com ing out oeuvre.

� � CD

- Mary Wings

The second of these two rom antic tales o f l esbian 1!1 l ove i n Berl i n , H i lou Voge l­ mann's The Lost Heart, is a su rprising fanta­ sy parable of repressed lesbian des i re . The Lost Heart d i r. H i l o u Vogel mann 1993 Germany 25 mins 16 m m in German with Eng­ l ish subtitles Your Heart Is All Mine d i r. Elke Gotz 1992 Germany 50 m i n s 16m m in Ger­ man with Engl ish subtitles


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, ,

Beyond The Pale: liThe Celluloid Closetll Of Yiddish Film Sponsored by Jewish Film Festival

In association with the Gay & Lesbian

Historical Society Of Northern California

, Mon June 13 7:45pm $7 ROX 613G An expl oration of l esbian and gay subtext in Yiddish cinema d u ring i ts heyday, from

musical -comedies such as Yidl With His

fiddl e and American Matchmaker, to cl assic

dramas such as The Dybbuk and Overture

To G lory. Discussions of these and other

gems of the Yiddish screen, as wel l as such

Idol Thoughts: Richard Dyer On Gay Porn Mon June 13 5:30pm $7 ROX 613F

"What makes watchi ng a porn v ideo excit­ ing is the fact that you are watch ing some

people making a porn v ideo, some perform­

ers doing it in front of cameras, and you. I

do not bel i eve I am alone or even especi a l l y

u n u s u a l in being more turned on b y the

thought of the cameras, crew and me in attendance.

In this program, we' ll be look­

ing at this phenomenon, focusing especially

on porn star Ryan Idol . "

- Richard Dyer Approximate total ru nning time: 100 mins.

features as Radio Days, Yentl , Colonel

Richard Dyer is a renowned gay historian and cultural commentator. The Fest ival would also

wi l l be accompanied by cl i ps from selected

like to thank all the production companies who supplied tapes and cl i ps for this show.

Red l , Crossfire and Gentlemen's Agreement, fi lms and period home movies.

- Eve Sku/ar Total ru nn ing time: 100 mins. Fi lmmaker/his­ torian/klezmer musician Eve Sicular is Cu rator of the Fil m & Photography Archives at New York's YIVO Institute for Jewish Research.

Camp For ' Boys & Girls �

Curated by Jenni Olson

In association with the Frameline Archive and Resource Center

Sat Ju ne 11 8:45pm $7 CEN 611P A vast col lection of the campiest examples of American pop c u l ture is offe red up in this barrage of Holl ywood tra i l e rs, educational fi lm excerpts, TV c l i ps and commercials. You ' l l hear, "Th,e sha ttering truth about

girls behind bars ! " You'll cheer for the

queer superheroes! You ' l l see gay actors

and bad television drag! ! !

Camp For Boys & Girls U SA 7 5 mins 16mm


Christine Vachon In Conversation Sponsored by FILMMAKER Magazine

Sun June 12 6:30pm $7 C EN 612N Meet this year's Frameline Award wi nner in

' .. I r�" rA V n'E·R. �"'::I;�� I T?!

Vachon's past and

current projects as

she talks about her work as producer and

Letls Watch Something Daddy Wants To Watch Special Presentation In association with Venus Infers

Mon June 13 10:00pm $7 ROX 613H

In this spicy c l i p-and-comment show, Jennie

� '"

H & A D L I ."

"The Outcast," which were

in tended to appease the

queer community .

Total run n i ng ti me: 9 0 m i n s . Henry Jenkins is Director of Fil m and Med ia Studies and Acting Di rector of Gay and Lesbian Stud ies at M IT. Spec ial thanks to Paramount Pictures and to researcher Louise Rafkin for assis­ tance with this progra m .

When You Name Me

Curated by Community United Against VIOlence

bian, gay, bisexual , and transgender people

and gay cinema.

grams have been before? In h i s engaging

i n terviewed by Tim H i ghsted.

cl ip-and-com ment show, M IT Professor

C:hicken Hawk The Bach Virus West Coast Premieres

Two new fi lms on the subject of pedophilia. in The Netherl ands. It's an extraordinari l y

frank documentary about three gay

the age of 18. Thick Lips, Th in Lips is a pas­

produced by Nadav Harel), Chicken Hawk ­

racist and homophobic violence, and D iane

American Man/Boy Love Association -

two lesbians' recogn izable and confl icting

Its chief virtue is in fu rni shing more informa­

of bashing, eighty percent of whom are under sionate exploration of the paral lel between

Jennie Livi ngston's Hotheads concludes the

boldly go where so many other network pro­

mins Terms Of Conception d i rs. Amanda Taylor & Lisa Fisher 1994 U SA 32 mins Florence And Robin dir. Nick Fi n n i s 1994 GB 5 1 m i n s . Al l works are video. Total ru nning time: 95 m i n s

pressure so prevalent among the perpetrators

sexual and violent nature .

Queer Cinema, and the next steps for lesbian

Sea Of Time dir. Che ri Gau lke 1993 USA 12

The Bach Virus cou ld on l y have been made

realistic h igh school story, depicting the peer

response. David Col l i ns' Boot describes one

Why can't Star Trek: The Next Generation

the forthcom ing bi rth of their chi ld.

portrayal of a gay bashing. Just For Fun is a

When You Name Me, a disturbingly graphic

taining, erotic, campy and provocative. Thi s

Tue June 14 5:30pm $7 ROX 614F

the death of the i r cl ose gay male friend and


fronted by bashers. Green On Thursdays

In association with Digital Queers

reflects on the spiri tual re lationsh ip between

This program begins with Scott Beveridge's

Barbare l l a , Batman, Bugs Bunny and

Out Of The Closet & Into The Universe: Queers And Star Trek

another perspective as a l esbian couple

front of the fight against the bash ing of les­

feeli ngs of terror and defiance when con­

Total ru nning ti me: 100 m i n s . Jennie Livingston is the director of Paris is Burning. Her short video Hotheads is screening in the When You Name Me? program (Friday June 17 6: 30pm Center for the Arts). As an actor, Jim Lyons has a ppeared in such fi lms as Poison and Postcards From America; as a fi lm editor he has worked on Poison , Si lverlake Life and Todd Haynes ' forthcoming Safe.

tive on the subject, interviewing a

Mi nneapo l i s lesbian couple and the i r gay

For 15 years, CVA V has been in the fore­

fi nally, i n pornography. With c l i ps from

program a l so contains material of an explicit

takes a decidedly more American perspec­

Fri June 17 6:30pm $7 CEN 617L

Bonder's Stick Figures is a stark depiction of

Bunue l , this program promises to be enter­

American l esbian couple and the i r quest for

a chi l d through AI. Terms Of Conception

friend/spenn donor. Sea Of Time takes yet

Livingston and Jim Lyons explore sado­

masochism in the movies, television, and,

director, the u ps and downs of the New

Christine Vachon will be

studies two aired episodes, "The Host " and

in San Francisco.

Sponsored by HEADLINES

person. The evening w i l l feature cl i ps from

Henry Jenki ns looks at the pol i tics of the

Gaylaxians letter-wri ting campa ign and

chronicles the grassroots, commun i ty-based subway rider's fantasy about striking back.

pedoph i les. Directed by Adi Sideman (and

a raw, American-made essay about the North wavers between caution and voyeurism.

tion for a debate that will clearly continue.

The Bach Virus (Het Bachvirus) d i rs . Arnold

Vogel & Robbert Verhoeven 1993 Netherl ands 40 m i n s video in Dutch with Engl ish subtitles Chicken Hawk d i r. Adi Sideman 1994 U SA 60 mins 16m m

program. There w i l l be an opportun i ty to


discuss these fi l ms at the screening.

When You Name Me d i r. Scott Beveridge

1993 Canada 12 mins video + Just For Fun dir. David Oiye 1993 Ca nada 23 mins 16mm + Thick Lips, Thin Lips dir. Pa ul Lee 1994 Canada 6 mins 16mm Stick Figures d i r. Diane Bonder 1994 U SA 3 mins video Green On Thursdays (extract) d i rs. Dean Bushala & Deirdre Heas l i p 1993 USA video + Boot d i r.


David Col l i ns 1992 Can 6 mins video ., Hotheads d i r. Jennie Livingston 1993 U SA 6

m i ns video. Total ru nning time: 95 m i n s

Baby Talk u s Premieres

In association with the Lesbian and Gay Parenting Group

Thu J u ne 16 8:45pm $7 CEN 616H

US Premiere In association with Telefilm Canada and the Canadian Consulate


12 8:45pm $7 CEN 6120

Ka nada takes pl ace in a future of civi l war,

French-Canadian separatism and lesbian

dram a. In h is Ca l i gariesque headquarters, a

megalomaniac plans to end the worl d with a te levised war, ju st after he kisses his

boyfriend. A ske l e ton narrates the latest

news: all rectums w i l l be sewn shut. We are

rel ieved when two marvel ously hu man les­

bians (Babs Chula and Gabrielle Rose) take

control of the screen. In a moment of

respi te, the couple make l ove. "Sometimes

the rest of your l i fe lasts an afternoo n . " The

A program of three vi deos about lesbians

present, for these women, is all there is.

duced Florence And Robin (partly fi l m ed in

P l u s, Daniel MacIvor's grippingl y funny

and arti fi cial insemi nation. The British-pro­ San Francisco) offe rs a portra i t of an

- Mary Wings

Margaret Atwood An d The Problem With


SPECIAL PRESENTATIONS� LATE ADDITIONS AND FREE EVENTS • Margaret Atwood And The Problem With Canada dir. Daniel Maclvor 1993 Canada 6 mins video • Kanada dir. Mike Hool boom 1993 Canada 65 m i n s 16mm

Local Heroes: New Bay Area -Films & Videos World Premieres

In association with Film Arts Foundation

Sat June 11 6:30pm $7 CEN 6110 Our annual showcase of Bay Area lesbian and gay film and videomakers celebrates the talents of established icons and introduces young new­ comers. What better way to begin this pro­ gram than with our own Barbara Hammer? Shirley Temple And Me is a clever excerpt from her forthcoming autobiographical feature.


Shirley Temple And Me d i r. Barbara Hammer 1993 USA 3 m i n s video What Gets

You Off d irs . Danielle Mass ingale, Grace Giorgio & J u l ienne Y u h n 1994 USA 7 mins video That's Alright Mama dir. Rachel

Herbert 1994 USA 12 mins video Who Is Poetessa Fishhouse? d i rs . Alison Gall ant & Nicola Kountoupes 1994 U SA 15 m i n s video The Flip Side di r. Georgina Corzine 1993 U SA 4 m i n s video Talking About The Weather d i r. Carl Sandler 1994 U SA 11 m i ns 16mm Project Last Supper d i r. Tony Coray 1994 USA 9 m i ns 16m m One Single Life d i r. Becky MacDonald 1993 U SA 13 m i n s 16m m Homophobia Is Known To Cause Nightmares dir. Michelle Handel man 1993 U SA 7 mins 16mm b&w. Total ru n n i ng time: 82 m i ns

Not Angels But Angels us Premiere

Thu June 16 3:00pm $5 ROX 616K

An exciting l a te addition to the Festival is the first international screen ing of a pro­ fou nd and moving documentary abou t teenage boy prostitutes in Prague. Aston ishi ngly frank and refreshingl y unsen­ timenta l , Not Angels But Angels is graced with a gang of wry and sel f-aware in tervie­ wees. Th is is a rare fi lm indeed. Not Angels But Angels di r. Wiktor Grodecki

1994 Czech Repu blic 80 m i n s . 35mm

Sexual Personae: Kalin, Lindell, Comstock & Maybury us Premiere

In association with Digital Queers

Wed June 15 8:45pm $7 CEN 615J Th i s program features ten outstanding new shorts by Tom Kal i n , John Lindell and

W i l l iam Comstock, plus Joh n Maybury's

Premon i tion of Absurd Perversion in Sexual

Personae Part One, a provocative vi deo trib-

ute to the male body .

Lesbian Features In Progress

-+ Critical Details

Panel Discussion

Sat June 11 - Sat July 30 Eye Gallery

Tue June 14 6:30pm Center for the Arts ;

Free Admission

Impossibly rich and

extremel y dema ndi ng, i t's a dazzl ing display

of techno-queer abandon.

Nomads dir. Tom Kal i n 1993 U SA 4 m i ns

Darling Child d i r. Tom Ka l i n 1993 U SA 1 min Caress d i r. John Lindell 1993 USA 4 m i ns On

The Sentimental Side d i r. William Comstock

1994 USA 3 m i n s Pavane For A Dead Princess d i r. Wi ll iam Comstock 1994 U SA 6 mins Sunray d i r. John Lindell U SA 1993 2 mins Watch Out For North Dakota d i r. John Lindell 1993 U SA 3 mins The Blue Hour d i r. John Li ndell 1993 U SA 4 m i n s The Man I Love d i r. William Comstock 1994 USA 3 m i ns Confirmed Bachelor d i r. Tom Ka lin 1994 USA 4 mins Premonition of Absurd Perversion in Sexual Personae Part One d i r. John Maybury 1993 G B 60 m i n s . All works are vide o . Total ru n n i ng time: 94 m i ns

Projections & Other British Music Videos us Premiere

Sponsored by Moby Dick

Fri June 10-Fri June 17 8 :00pm daily Free Admission

A free two-hour program of exceptional music vi deos and fi lms from Britain, all

directed (or co-directed) by Derek Jarman , a n d produced b y J a m e s Mackay. The pro­ gram plays free, daily, from 6 : 00pm at

Moby Di ck's Bar, 4049 1 8th Street at Hartford (one block from Castro Street).

The first hour of the show includes

Marianne Fa ithfu l , The Smi ths, Suede, Patti

Free Admission

Wonderi ng abo u t the l a te st l e sb i a n fea­ tu res?

Get a gl i m pse at the future of l es­

Photographs by Nina Levitt

The Eye Gallery presents an exhibi tion of

photography by Montreal artist N i na Levitt,

whose work reflects the current cri tical pre­

b i a n cinema. F i l m/vi deomaker Cheryl

occupation with redefi n i n g and recla i m i ng

scri pt, Watermelon Woman. Jennie

Ranging from Cal amity J ane to cross­

w i l l share her experiences on the pre-pro­

transgressive w.omen who disrupted conven­

Profit, and producer Regi na Gong w i l l

The Eye Gallery is located at 1151 Miss ion

Dunye w i l l discuss the development of her

identity, sexual i ty and representation.

Livi ngston, d i rector of Paris Is B u rn i ng

dressers, the work pays homage to those

du ction of her curre nt project, Not for

tional notions of fem inin i ty.

show scenes a n d t a l k about the o f t h e l ocal­ ly made lesbian feature, J e l l y fi sh Kiss. On

O u r Backs fi lm col um n i st J u d i th H a lberstam w i l l moderate .

Street, between 7th and 8th Streets in San Francisco.

Seating is lim ited and avai lable on a first

Understanding Opportunities In The Lesbian & Gay Media Market

come, first served basi s .

Isaac Julien In Person Sat June 11 5:00pm A Different Light

Co-presented by EBS Productions In association with Film Arts Foundation

Free Admission

Join us for discussion with British fil m mak­

Please note Gallery hou rs :

Tuesday t o Saturday, n o o n t o 5:00pm.


er Isaac J u l ien, d i rector of A Darker S i de Of

Mon J une 13 6:30pm Center for the Arts

Bl ack, Looking FOr Langston and Black

Free Admission

And White In Color (each of which screens in this year's Festival).

The San Franci sco I n ternational Lesbian &

S m i th , Bob Geld of, Easterhouse, and

A Different Light bookstore is located at 489 Castro Street, at 18th Street. Seati ng is l i m­

Gay Fi lm Fes tival has q u i ckly become the

the show features the U . S . premi ere of

ited and ava ilable on a first come, first

e x h i b i tors i n terested in l esbian a n d gay

M i ghty Lemon Drops. The second part of

Projections, created by J arman to serve as

served basis.

work. Join some of our guests to learn

background to the Pet S hop Boys' 1 989




Broken English (3 Songs by . Maria nne Faithfu l ) d i r. Derek Jarman 1979 15 mins The Queen � Is Dead (3 Songs by The Sm iths) d i rs . Derek Jarman , Richard Heslop, John Maybury & Chris H ughes 1986 15 m i n s Ask

(The Smiths) dirs . Derek Jarman & Cerith Wyn Eva ns 1986 3 mins 1969 & Whistling In The Dark ( Easterhouse) d i rs . Derek Jarman, Richard Heslop & Cerith Wyn Evans 1986 8 m i n s Out Of Hand (M ighty Lemon Drops) d i rs . Richard Heslop, Cerith Wyn Evans, Chris H ughes & Derek Jarman 1987 4 m i ns I Cry To & In The Pouring Rain (Bob Geldof) d i rs. Derek Jarman & John Maybury 1987 8 mins It's A Sin & Rent (Pet Shop Boys) dir. Derek Jarman 1987 10 m i ns So Young & Tbe Next Life (Suede) di rs . Andy Crabb, David Lewis & Derek J a rman 1993 6 m i n s Little Emerald Bird (Patti Smith) di rs. Derek Jarman & Keith Collins 1993 2 m i ns Projections (Pet Shop Boys compilation) dir. Derek Jarman 46 mins. All works are GB a nd video. Total run n i ng ti me: 117 mins

prem ier meeting place for di stribu tms a n d

BAVC Open House Sat June 11 12:00 noon - 4:00pm Bay Area Video Coalition Free Admission

The Bay Area V i deo Coa l i tion (BA VC)

how to navigate through this new media

m a rket.

Fe atured speakers will in clude

Tom Abe l l , manager of Dangerous To

Know, Bri ta i n's best-se l l ing gay and les­

bian home v i deo labe l ; Wouter

Barendrecht, coord i n a tor of the Rotterdam Ci nemart and partner in Fortissimo Fi l m Sales; M i randa ,Pear, fi l m buyer for

i n v i tes a l l l esbi a n , gay, bisexual a n d trans­

Channel Fou r TV, Engl and; Nancy

House, fea turi ng demonstrations of

Frame l ine; Mark Tusk, fil m buyer for

gender fi l m and vi deomakers to an Open BA VC's d i gi ta l video and audio e d i t i ng

fac i l i ties, w h i ch i nclude: the Maci ntosh Quadra 650 w i th Adobe Premi ere, the Interformat S u i te w i th Amiga V i deo

Toaster 3 . 1 , the D i gi tal Au d i o Worksta t i on w i th Digidesign's Protool s a n d the

Fishman, di stribution d i rector for

M i ramax ; and Marcus H u , partner in

S trand Releasing and prod ucer of The Liv i ng End and Frisk.

This special se m i n a r is facil itated by Wendy Bra itman of EBS Prod uctions (and co-director of the a n n u a l I nternati o n a l Fi l m Fi n a n c i ng

Sun dance Offl i n e System .

Co nfere nce) .

BAVC is located at 1 1 1 1 17th Street at

a d m ission is restricted to Festival guests

Mississi ppi , San Francisco .

BAVC is the

largest member su pported nonprofit video a rts center i n the country.

awards, fe l l ow­

ships and grant sponsorships.

Because of l i m ited space ,

and Fi lm Arts Fo u n dation me mbers (please sh ow yo u r FAF card or guest badge ) . Seating is ava i l a ble on a first co me, first served bas i s .

A Love Story . for Everyone. STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART By Rod & Bob Jackson-Pmis from Warner Books

#1 Gay Title on Washington Blade Bestseller List! Now in Its Third Printing!

"Old fashioned romance, l'ags-to-dches success, men who look better than Fabio . . . this book's got it all." -},:/RKCS R£IlEIIS


W a r n e r B o o k s is p r o u d to s u p p o r t the Be T r u e to Y o u r s e l l f o u n d al i o n, a n o n - p r o Iii fundi n o l o u n d a l i o n w h i c h s u p p o r t s oay, l e s b i a n & b i s e x u a l youth



Offices of



Carl Wolf





Trial Attorneys & Counselors At Law Answering your legal questions: "Do I need a lawyer? " "Do I have a good case? " "What benefits am I entitled to now and in the future?" "Can I collect money for my inju ry, lost wages, property damage and medical expenses? "


Accidents/ Personal Injury 0 Medical Malpractice D

Wrongful Termination From Employment o


Discrimination D Will & Estates

Landlord/Tenant D Relationship Agreements



'62 1-3988

Ness Avenue, Suite 710, San Francisco,



Serving the Gay and Le'sbian - (9C ommunity Since 1 983



$3 AT CENTER FOR THE ARTS . Jett Blakk ' s campa i gn shenanigans on the

n collaboration with Center for the Arts at Yerba Buena Gardens, this year s Festival presents three dl1:ily­ changing screenings (at 12 noon, 2:00pm and 4:00pm) for the price of Gallery admission. Spend the after­ noon at the Center for just $31 Each day we'll present a group of new videos addressing one particular theme: citizenship and activism, humor, extended families, and lesbian/gay internationalism. Many of the makers will also be present to introduce their work. There qre no ' advance tickets and seating i; -�vailable on a first come, first served basis. Also during th� run of the Festival, the Center for the Arts presents a selection of pallels from the NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt in the Galleries. The Gallery ticket price of $3 includes admission to the Quilt and all three afternoon screenings.

road to the IJresidency i n 1 992. ,


Lick Bush In '92 d i rs . Gabriel Gomez & Elspeth Kydd 1993 U SA 89 m i n s video

4:00pm Lesbian Avengers Eat Rre Too Intro To Cultura l Ski t-zo-Frenia is a savvy sideswipe at atti tudes to lesb i a n/gay people of color (part i cu l arly those of black or

iViva 16th! dirs . Valentin Agui rre & Augie

m i xed raci a l h e ri tage). Silence . . . Broken

Robles 1994 USA 30 m i ns History Will

incorporates poetry and expe ri mental .s truc­

Accuse Me d i r. Carl George 1993 USA 20 mins

ture to speak out aga i nst racism, sexism and

.. Looking For A Space: Lesbians &

homophobi a . Lesb i a n Avengers Eat F i re

Gay Men In Cuba/Buscando Un Espacio: Los

Too looks at the first year of the a l l -out, all­

Homosexuales En Cuba d i r. Kelly Anderson 1993 USA 38 m i ns Al l works are video. Total

lesbian d i rect-action gi rl gang.

ru n n i ng ti me: 88 mins


dir. Aishah Shahidah Simmons 1993 ,U SA 8

Age Of Dissent

mins • Lesbian Avengers Eat Fire Too dirs. Janet Baus & Su Friedrich 1993 USA 55 mins

long battl e to change British legislation

All works are video. Total run ni ng time: 73 mins

I t includes a

Cine Acci6n

Sun June 12

Taking Liberties

Broadcast Tapes Of Dr. Peter is a dee ply

In association with National Gay & Lesbian Task Force

AIDS; it was nom i n a ted for a 1 994 Best Documentary Academy Award.

Tue Ju ne 14

Age Of Dissent d i r. W i l l i a m Parry 1994 GB 55


12:00 noon

mins video . The Broadcast Tapes Of Dr. Peter prod . David Paperny 1994 Canada

declares one of the German i n terviewees i n B e Careful What K i n d O f S k i n You Pull

Boys From Brazi l , an amazing, moving and in-depth diary of a small group of Rio drag queens and "travesties." Be Careful What Kind Of Skin You Pull Back, You Never Know What Kind Of Head Will Appear dir. J u rgen Bru n i ng 1994 Germany 26 mins video Boys From Brazil d i i. John Paul­ Davidson 1993 BraziljGB 69 m i n s video

2:00pm Looking For A Space Look ing For A Space: Lesbians & Gay Men

In CubalBuscando Un Espacio: Los Homosexuales En Cuba is one of the most important videos we've seen in a long time; di rector Kelly Anderson steers a thoughtful course between the myths and stereotypes about Cuban culture.

History Will Accuse Me

is a more personal account of a stay in Havana. iViva 1 6th! brings us back to San Francisco; it's a raw and chatty celebration of the city's lesbian and gay ChicanolLatino community.

phobic l egislation and the rel igious right that deta i l s Orego n ' s 1 992 anti-gay ba llot i n i tia tive. Drip d i r. Frances Dickinson 1994 GB 14 mins video Ballot Measure Nine d i r. Heather McDon ald 1994 U SA 7 5 mins video

Brothers & Sisters In association with National Gay & Lesbian Task Force

From Bri ta i n , more v ideo The Flower Market


about PFLAG and parents of lesbian a n d gay chil dre n ; each o f t h e fi l m ' s diverse i n terviewees speaks enterta i ni ngl y and com­ passionatel y. Other Fam i l ies deals with a rti­ ficial i nsem i nation and spends some qual i ty time with seven adul ts who were raised by

video Other Families d i r. Dorothy Chvatal 1993 USA 49 m i n s video

1993 USA 15 m i n s Heaven, Earth & Hell dir. Thomas Allen Harris 1993 USA 25 m i n s All ' works are video. Total ru n n i ng time: 7 3 mins

of our generation - coming out, cheap sex,

2 :00pm Canada With A Q

first dates - w i th terrific, snappy style.

Th is program draws on Canada 's reputation

Powerful and engaging, Sacred Lies, Civil

as one of the foremost producers of unusual

Truths offers a sharp overview of the strate­

documentari es . Whatever is structured

gies and h istorical workings of the rel i gious

around an i nterview w i th bl ack poet

righ t ' s war agai nst the civil rights move­

Courtney McFarlane. Body Of D i ssent

Plus a clever pair of PSAs cal led

exami nes the struggles of lesbian and gay

Civil Enough.

Mennoni tes b y presenting insightful i n ter­

Civil Enough d i r. Mari lyn Freeman 1994 USA

vi ews, as well as h istorical background on

1 min Gangtime d i r. GANG 1993 USA 23

the Mennoni te church. The National F i l m

m i ns Sacred Lies, Civil Truths d i rs . Catherine

Board o f Canada 's award-winning Sandra ' s

Saalfield & Cyril Ie Phi pps 1993 USA 58 m i ns

Garden, d i rected b y Bonnie Dickson, tel l s a

Total ru n n i ng ti me: 82

lesbi an's brave story of surv i v i ng i ncest.

m i n utes

+ Sandra's Garden

d i r. Bonnie Dickson 1991 Canada 34 mins + Body Of Dissent

2 :00pm Lick Bush In '92

d i r. Gordon Bowness, Cate Friesen, Greg

"If a bad actor can be elected president, why

Lichti , H o l ly Natta ll 1994 Canada 39 m i n s

not a good drag queen?" Lick Bush In ' 92 is


a fascinating documentation of Chicago

.. Whatever dir.

Canada 2 1, mins

drag queen (and a favorite local hero) Joan

. :: : ;:. . J}:..:: t: �: ": :;:;.;.. . ....... .... :-:-: :t:t:fi3. .: t:�_.:1_�_:�_1':�_,:�_.1};· -

2:00pm Our House Are you black or gay? Our House : Lesb i a ns & Gays I n The Hood is an affi rm­

Wank Stallions d i r. Alison Mu rray 1993 GB 33 mins The Flower Market d i r. Jack Waters

12:00 noon Sacred Lies, Civil Truths From New York, Gangt i me tel l s the stories

All works are video.

Queer Son is an i nspiring and affecting fi l m

Queer Son d i r. Vickie Seitc h i k 1993 49 m i ns

is a funny and langu i d short about budding

Sat June 18


12:00 noon Queer Son

on the ' trickst�r' figure in African and North

piece set on the beach.

Mon J u ne 13

the eroticism - and political antecedents -

Bal lot Measure

Nine is a fast-paced crash course i n homo­

poetry: Wank Stal l i ons, a staccato dance

In association with National Gay & Lesbian Task Force

Will Appear; it's a provocative essay about Totally different is

Dicki nson 's imaginative and zany Strictly Bal l roo m on a budget.

lesbian mothers.

of his first love.

Citizen Q

Back, You Never Know What Kind Of Head

of the gay skinhead style.

pai ring of i tems. Dri p i s Frances

work by Thomas Al len Harris; he refl ects American cul tu res, while rev i s i ting the story

Boys From Brazil

"Skinheads are the macho clones of the '90s,"

Heaven, Earth & Hell

Heaven, Earth & Hell is a graceful new

5 0 mins video

Thu June 16 12:00 noon

We end thi s day of l iberty with an unusual

Wed June 15

Frorri Canada, The

moving compression of TV programs

In association- with

4:00pm Ballot Measure Nine

visit to Russia, where homosexual ity was rece ntly l egal ized.

recorded by an articu late doctor dy i ng of

As The World Turns


Intro To Cultural Skit-zo-Frenia dir. Jamika Ajalon 1993 USA 10 mins Silence . • . Broken

Age Of Dissent captures the recent year­ abou t the gay age of consent.

Al l works are video. Total running time: 94

Kika Thorne 1994

i ng, thoughtful i nspection of identi ty i ssues for lesb i a n and gay Afri can Ameri cans (an d everyone e l se). Party is a short s a l u tory d rama about how a con dom comes between two lovers.

Two Men And A

Baby is a s p i ri ted a n d sweet snapshot of two gay African Americans, their H I V pos­ i t ive chi l d , and "three bea u t i fu l gay godfa thers."

G h ost Body is a compel l i ng,

q u i xotic accoun t of the ambivalences of i n terracial desi re . Plus Sleeping Subjects, ­ Quentin Lee ' s cheerfu l l y sel f-reflexive melodrama (or, as Lee describes i t, "a Bennetton menage-a-trois about a bl ack gay man, a b isexu a l Ch i n ese guy and a Caucasi a n woman"). Two Men And A Baby d i r. Juanita Mohammed 1993 USA 10 min s Party di r. Charles­ Sessoms 1993 U SA 26 m i n s

Our House:

Lesbians & Gays In The Hood prod . Not Channel Zero/Black Planet 1992 U SA 30 mins Ghost Body d i r. Christopher Cotrone 1993 USA 20 m i n s Sleeping Subjects dir. Quentin Lee 1993 U SA 28 m i ns Al l works are video. Total ru n n i ng time: 1 14 m i ns

continued overleaf



The Golden

Gate Men's C h orus is actively seek­ ing male sing er�. If you have a back­ gro u nd in choral singing , g lee clu b , ch u rch choir, o r co mmun ity chorus, we invite you to call to schedule an a u d itio n . Re hearsals are on Tues. eves at 7:30 at St. Francis Lutheran Ch urch, 1 52 C h u rch St. near Mar­ ket, San Francisco. G G M C is dedi­ cated to g iving voice to our co mmu­ nity with a re pertory that d raws on

Serving your community



4:00pm Marching For Freedom

mix are Here Today - Frieda Morrow, Lady

Without a doubt, there was an awful lot of

Ken and Ebert's Nice And Easy.

videotape used at the 1 993 March On

All works are video.

Washington. We' re proud to present one of

Total ru n n i ng time: 70


the best results. Marching For Freedom i s the definitive you-are-there experience. Plus

Home Health Care

• Hospice care at home • AIDS Home Care • Coming Home Hospice & other 24-hour residences • Hospice care in nursing homes, Tenderloin hotels and other residential settings • Volunteer services

the rich traditions of male choral sing­

Next Volunteer Training:

i n g , mainly classica l with occasional

June 7,

excursions into Broadway and Pop m u s i c. For m o re i nformation or to

9, 1 1 & 13

For more info, please call

sched u l e an aud ition ca l l :

861 -6959

41 5/ 626-2883 . GCMC 1 1 6 Eureka St. San Fran cisco, CA 94 1 1 4


53 1 .

A community service of California Pacific Medical Center and a United Way Agency

queer, one of the first gay works made ent irely on digita l video. queer d i r . David Rauch 1994 U SA 10 m i n s video Marching For Freedom d i r. Craig Landy 1993 USA 78 mins video

Funny Peculiar In association with Lavender Lounge

Fri June 17 12:00 noon Out In Comedy Let ' s start with some clever local talents. First, Suzy Berger; Amy Boyd, M i m i =Freed How Many Lesbia ns Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb? Out I n Comedy spot­

Cross/multi-cultura l i ssues

Se habla Espanol

Women of Color Therapy groups

Disability issues

Hypnosis for positive behavior

Geduldig. The St raight Agenda counters the right-w ing hate video The Gay Agenda, with Craig Chester as the Former Straigh t Another spoof, Very

Funny, is set beh ind the scenes at a comedy competition; Karen Ri pley i s the lone l es­ bian com i c in the m i dst of a group of homo­ phobic straight wags portrayed by Mark Davi s, Scott Capurro, Sabrina M atthews, Amy Boyd and more Suzy Berger. How Many Lesbians Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb? d i rs . Al ison G l azier & Eve Arbogast 1994 USA 14 m i ns Out In Comedy d i r. Marla Leech 1994 U SA 2 1 m i ns The Straight Agenda d i rs . John B i n n i nger & Jackie Turnure 1994 USA 19 mins Very Funny d i r. Bohdan Zachary 1994 U SA 16 m i ns A l l works are video . Total running time: 70 m i n s

change & in-depth exploration of self •

Expertise i n Lesbian/Gay issues

2:00pm Get It Girl

I ndividuals/Couples/Families

More l ocal talent kicks off this program . I n

& Groups •

Sliding Sca les & I n surance accepted

Micaela Lovett 1 1 97 Valencia St. (Near BARTl M U N I )

4 1 5 - 5 66-9665

Sun June 19 12:00 noon, 2:00pm & 4:00pm

l i ghts three more Bay Area com ics: Marilyn Pittman, Danny W i l l i a ms and Lisa

Straight Female.

Psychotherapy &- Hypnosis will help!

In association with Lookout Video

and Karen Ripley entertai n and amuse us in

Male and Suzy Berger as the Former


Camp Christmas It's A Queer World

Mud Luverz, hectic u rban l i fe i m pel s a San Francisco dyke to escape the c i ty . I n Get It G i rl , a cross-section of women share the i r

How queer can TV be? It's A Queer Worl d is a global survey of the tastiest bits from contemporary lesbian and gay TV shows. High l i ghts of th is fast-moving collage


i ncl ude c l i ps from Berl i n 's Lasbisch TV, the Dutch version of Ou t On Tuesday, and a very wei rd kids program: The Thea And Theo Show..

It's hosted by Lily Savage,

England ' s first lady of drag. How queer can TV be? Look no fu rther than Cam p Ch ristmas, a hol iday spec i a l broadcast o n B ri ta i n ' s C h a n n e l Fo u r TV. "What rh ymes w i th Com o but i s never seen on TV at Ch ristmas?" asks the press notes. A i m i ng to be a genu i n ely s i ncere gather- round-the-fi replace sort of thi ng, Camp Christmas act u a l l y ends up be i ng a u n i qu e summ i t of queer talent. M e l i ssa Etheri dge and Andy Bel l a re hosts to a l i ne - u p th a t i ncl u des Armi stead M a u p i n , Q u e n t i n Crisp, P i erre e t G i l l es, Col . M a rga rethe Cammermeyer, S i r I an M c Ke l l e n , and Lea DeLa ria (who gets to say the word "pussy" on primetime TV).

funny, clever and wonderfu l l y expl i c i t sto­

One i nteresting footnote : the British press

ries. Th i s i s a raw and raunchy home

were so upset by the i dea of Camp

movie w i th a powerfu l l y pro-sex message.

Christmas, that they called upon church

Mud Luverz d i r. Heather Pearl & N ance

l eaders to organize an advertiser boycott!

Paternoster 1994 U SA 25 m i n s video Get It

It's A Queer World d i r . Cheryl Farth ing 1993

Girl dir. E l l a Gant 1994 USA 45 m i ns video

GB 40 m i n s video. Camp Christmas d i rs . Caz Gorham & Frances Dickenson 1993 G B 51

4:00pm Rain City Confidential

mins. video

Our day of.comedy concludes w i th a program

Thi s program plays three ti mes:

of new queer videos from the Pacific

12 noon, 2:00pm and 4:00pm

Northwest, curated by Seattle-based Matt Ebert (maker of Cheap Skates, which plys in our Boys in Shorts program). Included in the



� r �


San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

d#� d#�

401 Van Ness Avenue at McAllister 41 5/252-4000



3989 1 7 T H S 1 AT C A S T R O O P E N 7 D A Y S 1 1 A M • 11 P M



A fi l m exp l oring sex and sexual ity in the l ives of gay m en. "Respon s i b l e, Raunchy a n d a lways Riveti n g . . . "


"Boisterously e nterta i ni n g ... BETSY SHERMAN. BOSTON GLOBE

"A l a ndmark fi l m ...



i WI N N ER �



1 9 93




Ezplore for Yourself



New building at 1 51 Third street opens January 1995.

Current location open through September 4, 1 994.


� � � rw1 til -C ::D .....

�� t/l �

In the Spirit of Fluxus

Through J u ly 1 7

Also on view

Dorothea Lange:



May 19 through

September 4

Illustrated: George Maciunas' Venus de Milo Apron. c.1970

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Call today. Ask questi ons. Get honest answers . I t can enrich your l i fe i n every way.

1 - 8 00 - 9 6 9 - 0 5 0 9 .


Deborah Rhoades . Viatical Clearing House


Founding Member and Director, National Viatical Association .

. .. . , I' .' . 1 •

.\ , rv,

l .�

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Producers ! � Directors !

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" The

Authorized Maci ntosh , I B M and compati bles Sales & Repa i r

' i(�

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300 1 Bridgeway Ave, 'Sausalito CA


4 I 5�33 2- 7005 Outside California 800-272-TWCS


professional portraits of couples & individuals ceremonies & events head shots/business portraits other types of photography available •

JEANINE K. REISBIG (4 1 5 ) 86 1-72 16 Present this a d for free SxI O with your package. Offer good til 4- 1 5 -95 .

LEFT TO OUR OWN DEVICES Left To Our Own Devices: A Producer1s Account Of British Independent Cinema

"Not just a great resource, but a tremendous cultural document of our time. Fans of any genre of music should check out the GAY MUSIC GUIDE."

Program One Mon June 13



Bert Wylen, executive producer and host of Gaydreams (wxpN Philadelphia)


�l.�•.�.�I�C ;��.�.�ll(�lE l {�.:jl:r


"The films i n this program are among my

Reviews, photographs, interviews and a FREE 24-song, 96-minute GAY MUSIC

all-time favorites. John Maybury's Tortures

SAMPLER featuring the music of some of the hottest new artists on the scene!

That Laugh is probably the best film ever shot and edited as Super-8 and clearly

$ 1 5 . 85 (inel. ship.) to: Will Grega, 147 2nd Ave. #498-F, New York, NY 10003

demonstrates his mastery of the med ium. By any standard, James Mackay is one of the most influential independent producers of gay films working today. In 1 980 he teamed up with Derek Jarman, and their association resulted in more than a dozen award-winning fi lms. In addition, Mackay has collaborated with a number of other key gay di rectors, including Ron Peck and John Maybeck. Mackay will be in San Francisco to present three programs of rare, speci ally­ selected work, which ill ustrates the excite­ ment, . importance and unique aesthetic of independent British gay filmmakers. Th is is a rare opportunity to find out more about what goes into making movies. " The key to the development of British

The Child And The Saw was one of Derek's favorites as well as m i ne. Paul Bettell's ele­ giac The Deflatable Man was the l ast film that this young and talented film-maker was able to complete before his untimely death. With Imagi n i ng October - which is general­

politics that were to become central to his subsequent film work."

mal concerns of structural-material ist cine­ ma (we were all products of art school) and a move towards a cinema which looked to

- James Mackay

Total running time: 90 mins

Progam Two

Wed June

15 6:30pm


CEN 6151 '

as his angel of death ; Paul Bettell's Il legal

Tender; and Ron Peck's What Can I Do

Punk gave the first truly TV generation a

troublesome twentieth century taboo.

push start and maturity came in the early

3 Short Films dir. Rachel Finkelstein 1979 GB15

Maximum freshness - delivered direct from our manufacturing laboratories to you. Complimentary monthly newsletters covering the latest research. Customer service hot line.



With A Male Nude, a short comedy on a

• • • •

mins Muscle Lens dir. Steve Farrer 1981? GB 10 mins Illegal Tender di r. Paul Bettell 1986 GB 15 mins Ostia dir. Julian Cole 1987 GB 26 mins What Can I Do With A Male Nude? dir.

at that time were largely gay. It certainly helped to be gay in that there was grouping and support with friends helping each other, and there was also a ready access to the ears of some older, more experienced fi lmmakers who gave encouragement and guidance that

.!l Im world.

As financial support by the British film establishment came late and rarely willingly - even now, many of the very talented film­ makers whose work is featured here are struggl ing to achieve modest projects and are forced to rely on self-finance - this cine­ ma of small gestures was able to develop a strong aesthetic without any form of com­ promise. We were truly left to our own devices, and here are the results."

- James Mackay

16mm. Total running ti me: 90 mins

June 17





We 've teamed up to offer you twice the experience & twice the personal atten tion!!

Marilyn' Pursley & Lynn Robertson

James Mackay In Person Fri


Professi onal Responsive Innovative Dependable Ethical

Ron Peck 1985 GB 24 mins Al l works are

The filmmakers producing interesting work

was rare in the straight

Optimum nutrition based on 15 years of leadership in advanced nutrition. Only pure powders and capsules. No tablets, binders, or coatings.

This program incl udes Julian Cole's passion­ ate poem, Ostia, his imagined account of

small gestures.'

'decadent' was also used.

Pier Paolo Pasol ini's l ast night, with Derek

be taken seriously at the ti me) although

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Jarman playing Pasol ini and David Dipnall

romantic' (which did little to help the work

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1989 GB 24 mi ns Imagining October dir. Derek Jarman 1984 GB 27 mins All works are 16mm.

fill its screen with l ush, vivid textures and

'80s along with that unfortunate epithet 'new

dirs. Richard Heslop & Dan Landin 1984 GB 23 mins. b&w The DefJatable Man dir. Paul Bettell

put bodies firmly back in view. Derek Jarman termed this movement 'a cinema of


. Tortures That Laugh dir. John Maybury 1982 GB 1982 16 mins b&w/col The Child 8& The Saw

independent cinema from 1979 on was a conscious shift away from the wholly for­

1k Lr::::;: :;:;:; :Jr: ::�: :::::.::::����;· VITAMIN RESEARCH PRODUCTS, INC. ¥:::::::·::���r:::::::::::::::::; Promises You:

ly regarded as his best short fil m - Derek Jarman for the first time engages with the

1 656 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley

(5 10)848- 1950



Shorts and clips from films produced by

James Mackay, presented in the l ight of a discussion about how economics affects aes­ thetics. Highlights include The Queen Is Dead (made for The Smiths), an excerpt from John Maybury's Man To Man, and The Dream Machine, a phantastic meditation on Will iam Burroughs and Brion Gysi n. The Dream Machine dirs. Derek Jarman, Cerith Wyn Evans, John Maybury & Michael Kostiff 1982 GB 32 mi ns The Queen Is Dead dirs. Derek Jarman, Richard Heslop, John Maybury & Chris Hughes 1986 GB 15 mins The Last Of

Eng1and (extract) dir. Derek J arman 1986 GB 14 mins Man To Man (extract) dir. John Maybury 1992 GB 10 mins. ning time: 90 mins

16mm and video. Total run­


Metr{)lY)�tan. Comm vfuru v ,tvL] Church rl SanFrancim



The Reverend Jim M�ulski, Senior Pastor The Reverend Shama Sutherin, Associate Pastor

S u n d ay Wo rs h i p at M C C 9 :00 AM, 1 1 :00 AM, and 7 :00 PM

For information about choir, HIV programs, women's programs, men's programs, and other activities please telephone the church and request the newsletter



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Executive Director, Film Arts Foundation John Silva, Consultant, The Tides Foundation Liz Stevens, Iris Feminist Collective Rikki Streicher, Businesswoman Paul Thurston,

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� )

EK;Oy Live Mltsie


2040 4TH STREET . BERKELEY · ( 5 1 0) 549· 1 460

Sunday-Tuesday, June 1 9�2 1 .

WHO ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE? These are the people who make the San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival happen. They are the agents, producers, colleagues, organizations and individuals who fur­ nished us with this year's films, videos, resources and moral support. We thank them - and especially our many film and videomakers - without whom this really, really wouldn't be pos­ sible or necessary. Asian American International Film Festival AudioVision Australian Film Commission Basilisk Fi lms BAVC Bay Guardian BBC Arena BBC TV Berlin International Film Festival Black Audio Film Collective Blumenfeld Group The British Council British Film Institute California Newsreel Canadian Consulate Trade Office Canadian Fi lmmaker's Distribution Center Channel Four TV Cine Accion Cinenova Cinepix Copenhagen Lesbian

& Gay Film Festival

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Gay Film Festival

London International Fil m Festival

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Transgender Film Festival Miramax Films The M i x

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NAATA National Film Board Of Canada The New Festival New Zealand Fi lm Commission 'Paramount Pictures Kit Parker Films Rim Films Rotterdam International Film Festival Samuel Goldwyn Company San Francisco Cinematheque San Francisco International Film Festival Silent Film Festival Sixpack Film Strand Releasing Stranger Than Fiction Films Swank Motion Pictures Sydney Film Festival Telefilm Canada Tel ling Pictures Third World Newsreel Twentieth Century Vixen Vancouver International Film Festival Wadia Movietone Women Make Movies' A Zebra Tom Abell Mark Adams

Akbar & Jeff

Karen Alexander Gunnar Almer Darrell Alvarez

Steve Anker Gregg Araki Robin Baker Bill Banning Wouter Barendrecht Patricia Barroll Barry Becker Su Bennett Edwin Bernard Brian Blackwelder

Susie Bright Mimi Brody Michael Brown Jurgen Bruning Veena Cabreros-Sud Willy Chavarria Marney Chestnutt Lawrence Chua Tim Cole

Gerry McMahon DanieJ Mangin James Marsh Paul Mayeda-Berges Jennifer Maytorena Taylor Bill McLeod Chiara Menage Lynette Molnar

Chip Connelly

Anita Monga

Lesley Cootes Paul Cotten

Mark Nash

Roddy Creedon Chris Culwell Dad Doris Day Desi del Valle Brad Diiorio Tom di Maria Richard Dyer Elsa E'der Ingrid Eggers David Ehrich Michael Ehrenzweig Eva Eilenberg Michael Ellerin Zoe Elton Rob Epstein Nancy Fishman Jodie Foster Gregory Frazier Jeffrey Friedman Su Friedrich Gina Gardini Rick Gerharter Lissa Gibbs Jane Gi les Tim Gill Michael Goff Anne Golden B i l l Gosden Nicholas Graham John Greyson Matt Groening Judith Halberstam Barbara Hammer Mariah Hanson Robert Hawk Tim Highsted Hrabba Chris Hoover Larry Horne Marcus Hu Ryan Idol Esther Johnson Sharon Jue Isaac Julien Tom Kal i n Richard Labonte

Peter Moore Todd Phillips Jonathan Porter

One o f the big hits o f last year's S . F . International Lesbian and Gay

Keith Potter

period piece. The protagonist, Asia the Invincible, vaccilates between

Ray Price

hero and villain throughout the film; Asia's gender and sexual

Jeremy Podeswa

Louise Rafkin Tony Rayns B. Ruby Rich Thomas Rielly

Richard Rovatti Hal Rowland Michel Roux Ulrike Sakker Steve Salvatore

Lara Macijewska

Wendy Braitman

James Mackay

Barbara Brian

Ralph McKay

351l11l1. 95 mins. 1 993. Hong Kong.

Swordsman I I

The beautiful, blood-soaked predecessor to "The East is Red" finds the boozy blademaster in a slice and dice quest for the magical Sacred

SUN-TUE at 2:00, 5:45 & 9:40

Scrolls! StaningJet Li and Brigite Lin. Directed by Ching Tiu-Sung. In Color. 35111m. 96 mins. 1 992. Hong Kong.

Manfred Salzgeber Lindsay Shelton Joel Shepard Gail Silva John Sirabella Denise Slattery Marc Smolowitz Cherry Smyth Wieland Speck Caroline Spry Heather Stewart Jordan Stone Jennifer Stott Cynthia Swartz Shirley Talbert Harry A. Taylor Laura Thielen Chris Thomas



(at Castro)

an Francisco,

CA. 94 1 14

(415) 86 1 -3846

Andrew Thompson Pussy Tourette Stewart Turnbu l l Robin Vachal Javier Valencia Martin Venezky Margaret Von Schiller John Waters Karen Watt Andrea Weiss David Weissman William Wenham Karen Wickre Yvonne Wolfe-Price

Tony Bradford

SUN-TUE at 3:50 & 7:45

object of Asia's true love. Directed by Ching Siu-Tung. I n Color.

Greta Schiller

Rita Leon

Michael Lumpkin

orientation are equally complex."-'93 Fest program. Starring the stunning Brigitte Lin as Asia and the beautiful Joey Wang as Snow, the

Nancy Robinson

Clyde Wildes

Wel l ington Love

Film Festival! "A fa ntastically choreographed, gender-fuck Kung Fu

Debbie Roberts

Paul Lee Kim Longinotto

The East is Red (Swordsm an III)

Christopher Wood James Yee

Steve Yuen Sande Zeig Debbie Zimmerman Ron Zuckerman

Open Daily, Noon-2 : 00 a.m. San Francisco ' s only 7 day a week bar for Women DANCING DANCING Great D.J.s..... Never a cover..... always fun ! ! !

2 Bars, Pinball, 2 Pool Tables, Out Door Sun Deck.


( formerly Cafe SIl. Marcos)


& Gays of African Descent for Democratic Action

1 994 AWARDS


Celebrating Juneteenth, Stonewall 25 and our lbird Year Anniversaxy Saturday, June 4th

6:00 pm

California Culinary Academy

Louisiana Cajun and Southern Grand Buffet

Individual Tickets $SO Organizationffable ofTen $450 Program Advertisement and Sponsor Rates are also available . . .

Advance Reservations are required and must be received by Monday, May 25. Call Banquet Chair Donald Tarver at 415-252-7718 to reserve tickets and mail check payable to "LGADDA Banquet" to: LGADDA

Ree $1+.B§; Sale Juet $13.49:


H e a rd t h e M e r m a i d s S i n g i n g ;

Q u e re l l e '


Ree $� Sale Juet

Before Stonewall Wa&-29B9; Now 26.99



The Crying Game; Desperate


Living; ' Edwa rd I I ; Lost Lang uage of



� E


Ree $2989; Sale Juet $26.99:


M u st B e S e e i n g T h i n g s ; S i n c e

Stonewa ll; Than k You and Good Night •

Ree $� ; Sale Juet $35.99:

1 520 Locust Street

The Blue Hour; Caught LookingNortex;

Cranes; My Own Private Idaho; Paris

Suite 200

Da Vinci Body Series; Da Vinci Body

is Burning; Polyester; Swoon; Without

Philadelphia, PA 1 9 1 02

Series I I ; F ra m i n g Lesbian Fashion;

You I'm N othing.



' � $29B§; Sale

Desert Hearts; O n e

1 -800-3 33-8521 Free Shippi n g with

Nation U nder God; Sebastia ne

Fi rst Order

Gay, Gay Hollywood; Getting It Right: Safer


fo r Y o u n g e r

Gymnastikos; Ka mikazee Hearts

had his shirt off in 30 seconds Oat. I

I t 's h a p pened to y o u b efore. He walks i n t o the ro o m and suddenly everyone else va nishes. Yo ur face fe els h o t . Palms sweaty. His l o o k tells you s o o n yo u ' l l be more tha n friends. Before the n i g h t is over y o u h ave to make a decision . . .

Which phone number will you give him? Yo ur Americ a n Voice M a i l b ox is a s p eci;:l1 n u m ber t h a t ' s answered 24 - h o ur s a

ay w i t h your own p erso nal izcd m cssage.

It's u n t ra ceab l e . N o body k nows it's not your h o m e

p h o n e n u m b er. And best of all, all messages are passcode p ro tected for security and c onfi d e n ­ t i a l i ty. Yo ur American Vo ice M a ilbox can a l s o answe r yo ur h o m e p h o n e for free! Now y o u ' l l never h ave to worry a b o u t Who has yo ur n u mbe r.

$9.95* a month is a smaIl

price to pay for this much security, confidence and convenience.

[J [) f()



[]U[J A m e r l ca n

[[][]!EJ ooro

'rillS Tax


VOice Mall � •


M e n;


Call Today , 800- 347- 286 1

Sail Fra1lcisco, Oaklmul ami Sail Jose

584 Castro

Suite 13


CA 94114-2500




And Other

A uto Erotic Necessit ies

Mercury Mail Order 4084 18th. St., ( Second Level ) Open Daily 621-1188




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If we missed your name

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& Joyco


& Kalsuya

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Nanelle Gartrell, M.D.

& 0.,.

Moshacher, M.D., Ph.D. Tim Gill

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& larry Fonlaine

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Tim Hanlon

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Campbell Wilson

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Arnold Zwicky

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Jennifer Hamillon Mark Hartman Ann B. Jeffries

Chrislopher Kryzan


Richard lahonle

Rich Zaun

Kenl Liggell Michael Lumpkin Jimes Melnlosh Kalheri ne Meiss

& Sue Slevenson

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Dave Oppenheim Sieve Parker

Kim Scala David S. Sharp

L. Skaggs

Michael Sparks Ray Spears


Tommy Huie Kalhleen Hurley

Millon Esles

Kalhleen Wilkinson




Roderick Baldwin

Andrew jaszewski

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Fenlon Johnson

Richard Barrera

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Roy Baleman

Reese Jones

Richard Solomon

Chrisline Siockion Linda·M. Sioick Peg Slone

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Emmanuel KOlko

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Kscnia Tsenin Pally Tulloch

Emma Buflon

Donna Leonard

Andrew Uliger

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SlUart Lewan

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Ann Block

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Douglas Graham Denlon

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Peler Belcher

Henry Oocring I I I Roberl Eckhardl


& J o h n Borine


& Slephen

Gail OcRiia

Jodi Mardesich

Mark Donnell


Julie Dorf

Donald Chan Mark Del Martin

Tom Dougherty

S affiq Essajee

Jennifer Dowdell

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G. Pele Encinas

& Carl



Bob Wallon Pam Wallon Peler Washburn Craig Wells

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& Craig Arivell & Kale O'Hanlan

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& SlUart Silberman & Jorge Martinez MacPhail & Lori


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Mandy Joslin

JeniCer Boyce & lauren Polempa

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& Sleven Saylor

Ronni Sonnenberg

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Bev Talboll


Bob Skinkle

Lynn D.W. Luckow Living Trusl

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Peggy Kass



Len Silva

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Danalan Copeland


& Glenna

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Don Baker

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Mary Wings

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Thomas D. Aikins

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Boh Abendrolh Ron Albers

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Chrislopher Raymond John R. Richards


William Hughes. Jr.

Gary G . Bevrouli

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Eva-Dawn Aaron

& Joel Goodrich & Robert M.

& Wayne Wieseler

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AI .. Shapiro

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& Gary

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Ken Rupel

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Susan RUlherford

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Albert Heller


& Salvalore Bosuso

Andrew Reinhardl

Paul Albert

& Andrew Ogus

& John

Sarah A. Good

Alvin M. Baum

A.M. Brich

We're a small, effedive non-profit group that lobbies Congress for strong funding and sound policies for AIDS treatment, research & education.


John·Michael Ol..y

Miriam Geller & Joan Mesker Un Genlry

Michael Newman



Phyllis Lyon

Mobi l ization Against AI OS

M.L. Nilan CharI.., Oberleilner

Jamie O'Donnell Jerf S. Pillelkau

Mallhew Cules

AI Ocy

Peler Cule Gannell

Marsha Gale


Jame., Ni.on

& Paul Dunkley laurella Molilur & Linda Koll & Nyla Gludden


RUlh Fridhandler

Chrislopher A. Kryzan May Lee Kerry Milchell

Paul Morrell A. Gordun Murray Rohert Nakalani

K.rl Knapper Rohin Kojima


Madeline Moore

Orian Fikes

Frederick C. Hertz Michael Johnson

Michelle Meyer

Jay Fenlon



Susan Schuman

Pel.. M . Bullard

Brian Mailman


James G . Shipp


Elizabelh Mclachlan

Frank Everell

Shannon Wilson

& Janine Guillol

Doug Winslow Philip Wilkay

& Sanliago Orliz

Paul Wollaslon Brian J. Wyall Cedar Wyall

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Daniel Young

Denise Mauldin

Roberta Yusba

Peler M ..well

Rudy Zasloff

Linda McAliisler

Mark Ziering


Leslie McKilrick


July 1 3 - 23

The ultimate wildlife cabin safari based in the Kenai Peninsula and Denali National Park. See the last American frontier up close ! Awesome I

Michael McCulluugh

Richard Gmve..

Lisa Raile

L. Wildes

Wired Magazine

Diane Sahin

Daniel Ernsler & Paul Jurgenson . Gloria E.,'olano

Gary Gmssman, Ph.D.

Marcia Perlslein

Jane Melealfe


& Sianford




(415) 703-8656.

Maurice Gihsun

June 1 1 - 1 9

You've seen the movie, now see where it was filmed in fabulous Moab, Utah ! Hike in Arches Nat. Park, raft the Colorado, jeep in Canyon­ lands, houseboat 3 days on Lake Powell. Hot !

because of our early press deadline, please accept our sincere apologies (it will be ·added to next year's list).


Get a ''high return on your investment"--support our work! 584-8 Castro / SF, CA 941 14 415-863-4676


July 29 - Aug. 6


August 1 2 - 22


August 1 4 - 2 1

See the wonders of Banff National Park on a horse (no prevo riding experience necessary).

A luxury hotel barge cruise on the Burgundy Canal in France with daily excursions to chateaux, walled medieval villages and historic wineries, plus three days in Paris, Pampered ! Unparalleled beauty and excitement a s you raft the rapids of the fabulous Grand Canyon I

Call or write for details on all our Toto-Iy wonderful tours.

, '


1 10 4i"��4��... ---0-0 ·. \ � � TOU ..... ... 4 ..

Adventure Travel for Friends of Dorothy 1 3 26 W. Albion , #3-W · Chicago, IL 60626

312 · 274 · TOTO (8686) Also Available Thro u g h You r IGTA Travel Agent



The following alphabetical source index of this year's Festival films and videos lists title ; address, phone/fax number, followed by the catalog page number(s) indicating where and when the work is being screened.

For a list of Program Titles only, please see the contents page at the front of the catalog. A complete list

of this year's 600 Festival submissions is available on request for a small handling fee. 100 Deys

BefoIe The Command • • •

• • • • • • • • •

Edition Manf�d Salzgcbtr


Attention Cinemacoers


David �nall

Boys From Bradl.

1 7 Havtn SI., Bumlty, Lancasbi�,


BB10 4DQ England


49 30 793 4181 / 49 30 793 3888

44 2R2 33709

Pussy Tou�ne




Kirk Ma",olina


. . . . .

923 Tt rma i ne Avt., LA. CA

. .


900 19

213 934-5405/ 2 1 3 930·9042

. . . . . 21

21at �ry Nun. . . Tbt London Jnltmalional



Sebool c/o Cbrissy Brigbl

24 Sbtlton SI .• Covtnl Garden.

Auto Blo&raphy .

• • • • • • • • • •

272 Sackoll SI H1·R, Brooklyn, NY

Bach Virus, The •

• • • • • • • . • •



. • . • . . . • . • . •

A, Toronlo, Onlario

IE6 Canada

4 1 6-205·5633/4 16-205·8607

Carrit H. House Box 945, SI, Micbael,

• • • .

AZ 065 1 1

Measure N i ne


53 63


For Endurance •


1001 1

8 1 8 342-9006/samt


London Film Makers Co-<lP

212 620-8147/ 212 229-2864

Be Careful What Kind of Skin You Pull Back, You Never Know What Kind Of Head Will Appear . . . . 63


44 71 586 4806/ 44 7 1 483 006R

45 RPM LOYe •

• • . • • • • • • • •


Jurgcn Bruning

Dennis Conroy

Willmanndallllll 12, 10827 Berlin

3143 22nd SI" SF, CA 94110


4 1 5 2R2·7280

49 30 7828702/ 49 30 7829760


94 Arcan DriYe

• . • • • . • • • .


Nonb York,

2489 Bayvitw Avt.,



. • . .

_ 31

. • • •


. . . •


FublsbulIl<r SIr, 425, 22309 Hamhurg Gemlany

Berenice Abbott: A'View Of The 20th Cantury . . • • • . . • • • . . 21

Age Of Dissent .

. .

. . .


. . .

Maya Vision

_ 63

43 Ntw Oxford Slreet, London, 44 71 836 1 1 13/44 7 1 836 5 1 69

. • • . . • • •


Nuria Olive - Belles 2 1 2 593-1054

All You Can Eat


• •


Micbatl Brynnlrup


Ptrmannstra ... 64. 0-12049 Berlin Germany 49 30 621 78 00/ 49 30 62 1 78 00

Analstalll _ _ Idtxa


• •


• • • •


• • •


406 Haigbt SI., SF. CA 94 1 1 7


63 Avtnut 0 #4B, NY, NY 10009 2 1 2 254-263 1 / 2 1 2 302-0829

• • •


Julie X Black 3510 lS1b SI #4, SF, CA 94110-1640 415 552-1907

Allauinatlon •



• • • . . • • • •


Production Picluf(S 337 W. 21s1 SI. #50, NY, NY 1 00 1 1 2 1 2 645-0658/ 2 1 2 645-D220

Aasumptlon, The

• • • • • • • • • •


May Trububovicb c/o NZ Film


. . . . . .


346 Ninlb SI., SF.



. . . .


415 703-8650/415 861-1404


237 N. Sberman. Olympia, WA 98502 206 352·8538

• • • • . • • . •

• . . • . •


• . • • • . • . • • . • •



• • . • . • . • • • •


Kil Parker Films

• • .


124 Horscferry Rd. London SWIP


2TX England



Gills .

• .

. • •


. • • • • • • •


• •


M6J 2RS Canada


PO Box 437, Oakville, CA 94562

• • • • • • • • • • •

H4P 2C8 Canada

Caress .

27, 48

1/2 N. Billy Bryan. Carbondale.

IL 6290


Consequence, The •

• .

32, 35, 6 1

Carrie •

27, 31, 55

• , . . , . • .


4 1 5 703·8653/ 4 1 5 861·1404 . • • • • . • • .

Central Park •

• • • • • • . • • • • •


. . • . . . • . .

M4M 2X7 Canada

. . . . . . . . . . . . .


Boy Next Door: A Profile Of Boy • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 23 ,

Cheap Skates: The Hardly­ Cardigan Affair . • . ' . . • • • • Man Eben

, • . • • . . . . . • • . . . • •


4003 241b SI. . # 2, SF, CA 94 1 14 4 1 5 550·91 1 2 / 4 1 5 861·1404

. . . .


. . . . . . . .

Dtafvision Filmworks. Inc. P.O.Box 1858, NY, N Y




Ballersea Studios, Telrvison �nler, Tbackeray Rd" London SW8 3TW 44 7 1 4989643/44 7 1 498 2104 • . . • . •

Stt The Alltndant


• • • •


BBC Arena

Date With Fate • Danny G. Acosla 1243 'Amlacosl #6,

Seallie WA 98134

3 1 0 473·7171

• • •


Ground Floor Flat, 72 Soutbborougb

• • • . • .


. • . • . • . • . • • • •


818 Garf",ld SI., SF, CA 94132 415 739-6281

Fireworks Revisited •

. • . • • . •

Flip Side, The

• • . • • . . . . . . .

. . • . • • . .

. • • . • • •



• • . . . • • . • • • . .



46 Lloyd SI. #2, SF, CA 94 1 1 7

. • . . . .

POB 20260 Tompkins Squa",

. . . . . .

Dottie Gets Spanked

. • • . . . .


Indrpendcnl Television Service

Dream Machine, The • See Tbe DeOatable Man

• • • . . . . . . . • . • . • . •


See Firrworks Revisih.'d

138 Ludlow St. # 25, NY, NY




. . . • . . . . . . . • . . . .

French Bitch •

. . . . .

. . . . . . •


Friend Of Dorotlty, A

. . . . . . .


See Built For Endurance

Drip · A Narcissistic Loye Story . . . . . . .

From Dental Dams To Latex Gloves • • • • . . • • . • . • • • • •

Ans Council o f Grtat Brilain





Lisa Fisher

Dykes Rule (NY Giants)

• . • • .



20 Clinlon SI. #3E NY N Y 1 0002

���f;:����:�:n�::�', ��

• . • . • • . • • • . . • • . .




. • • • • • • • • • • • • • . . •


2 1 2 598-4872/same

Geography Of The Imagination

PO Box 2813, S.II Lake City,


. . • • .

. • • .

. . • • • • • • • . • • . .

Cbannel 4 Ttlevision

. .



. . . .


. . . . . .

Samutl Goldwyn Comp.ny

Engla.nd 44 7 1 631 4444/44 7 1 580 2618

BS6 5SH England


2000 1

1 12 Ablion SI., SF, CA 94 1 1 0

153 Wavtrly PI. NY

2 1 2 873-901 3/ 2 1 2 873-9072

202 387·8096

4 1 5 252-D428

2 1 2 243-D6OO/ 212 989·7649



Home You Go

. • . • • . • • • . . .

L.C.P.D.T. Film . nd Video Do.'pt.




• . • • . . . . . .

Green On Thursdays • Firsl Run FtalU�s


• • • • • •


M+M ProdUl'lions


It NeYer W. You

• • • • • • • • •

. . • . . . . . . . . • . . .

OffWbitt Produl'lions, lnl·.


148 Cbamber.; St. #3, NY, NY 1 0007

1547 W. CbtSlnul. Cbicago, iL

It's A Mitzvah .

• . • • . . • . • • •

Alison Glazier

Finkelslein . . •

. • • • .


225 A Brtl'knOl'k Road, London N19 5AA England 44 7 1 21\4 0551/ 44 7 1 2H-1 0617

Jellyfish Kiss (trailer) .

• . • . . .

Blind Eye Films


3807 Lom. Vista Aw,. O.kl.nd, CA 94619 510 482-3K76/ 5 1 0 835·H393

Joan Sees Stars See &lgl'S Joggernaught

Journey, A

. . . . . .


. • . . . . . . . . . .


. • • .

. . • . . . . . • . • . . .


See Blirklust

Judy's Do

• . . . . • . . . . . • . . .


S,:OIl Craig 2434 Silver Lake, LA, CA 9O(l3�

Just For Fun . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 0 Direrl Cim'lIIa Box 1 0003, S.nta Monir., CA

90410 . . . . . . . • . . . . . . . .

, •


. . • • . . . .


Sec De",'e nl

96 Sp.dina Ave. #301, Tornnto, Onlario M5V 216 Can.da 4 1 6 865-1 225/4 1 6 865-9223 • . . . . • . . . • . • • .

The Ac;socialion of Ml'dia Ani�ls.

Smll Ebom


Arnslerdam Thc Nelherlands

Kindling Point, The

. . . . . . . .

EgOf.'enlric Productionsl Terri Rice 738 E, 6tb SI. #2B, NY, NY

Kill, The



Cinema E\p<'ralk'a Inll'malional

Killer Babe

415 387-7551



• • • • • • • . • • • • • • •


Mil'bael Jonncr

4 1 5 5 1 2·7286

356 Sanl'bez St" SF, CA 94 1 1 �

Don't Want To Be A Man

. • .


4 1 5 626-2464

George EaSlman House


900 Easl Ave. Rocbesttr NY 14607

Set The Attendant

716-271·33611716-271 -3970

Land Beyond Tomorrow

I Dream Of Dorothy

• • • • . • . •


Peler MrDowtll

Ice Cream Sunday •

• • . . •

, • .

• . • • . . • . . •

• • • • • • • . • . • .

. . • . . •

• • . . •

Sberry Rilscbct

53 53

3302 S. Hudson #108, Tulsa, OK 74135-5051

233 Hanford SI .. SF, CA 94 1 1 4

Illegal Tender • • See Tbt Alltndanl


See 3 Sbon Films hy Racbel

Kanada .

How Many Lesbians Does It Take To Change A Ughtbu lb? • . • • 64

I Didn't Know What Time It Was •


Lawrence Sltgtr

2 1 3 665-2069 / 2 13 665- 27 1 1

9 1 8 622-5352


Last Stop, The

. . • . • • •

, . . . 45

Set The Denal.ble M.n

Lawn Butch

• • • . . . . . • . . • •

Se'e Land Beyond Tomorrow


Le Donna E Mobile (NY Giants)

. .

. • • • • •

56 43

Maria Maggenli clo Smash Pictures . . . . . . . .


337 E. Ttnlb SI. #3E, NY, NY 1 0009 2 1 2 674·6520/2 12 995-4063

In My Father's Bed


3850 Pleasanl Beacb Dr., Bainridge


Victoria Auslralia

4 1 5 285-7129

POB 170415, S,F., CA. 94 1 1 7

• . . . . . . .


Doug Mohky

x l 72/44 71 833

Homicidal . • . . . Ser Calamily Jane

• • • •

Ka�n Cbamtan

326 Culrridge. SF, CA 9� 1 1 0


10203 Sanla Monica Blvd.,

44 2n 232026/44 272 423256

Summil Films


2 1 2 777-2497 / 2 1 2 353-0250

Imagining October .

I.A CA 900 67




fax 3 1 0 284-9124


• • • • •

See Denalable Man

155 W. 70tb SI. #12C, NY, NY

Q SI., N.W., Wasbington

. • • •

3 1 2 472-7754


Accuse Me

728 Great Higbway #2, SF, CA

Chicago I L 60614

Go Flsh


Cinrpbile Produl'1ions

4 1 5 386-2002/ 4 1 5 752-D300

Set Tbe Denalablt M a n




510 WtSI Fullenon, ApI. 301,

Glitterbug •

9006 9-1126

215 Aldine St., R".:besltr, NY 14619

Jeff Cowan


Chrislopber Cutrone

9230 Robin Drive, Los Angeles, CA

• . • . . . . . . . .


. • , • • • . . • .

84 1 1 0

Ghoet Body •


A.ron Klk

4 1 5 621-D634

801 355·3612


. • . • • • • • • . . • . • .


39 Greal Jones St. #7, NY. NY 10012

Jan Andrews

3 7 S. Wabasb Avt., Cbicago, iL

• • • • . • • • • • • • • . • •

. • • • • • • • • • • • . . .

GANG c/o Loring Ml'alpin

2 1 2 343-9337

Is M8ry Wines ConIine? •

4 1 1 6 Argyle SI., Fitzroy, Melboume,

Alfalfa Enlenainmenls, Ud.


6 1 2 874-3519

Bill Cory

Rd., Cotbam, Bristol


MN 55404

Slranger Than Fiction Films

JI Sydtnbom


2 1 2 947·9277/2 1 2 594-6417

It's A Queer Wolld •

160 Brannan SI. # 406. SF, CA.

2535 2nd Ave S. #2, MirUieapolis

44 7 1 333 0 100'

Extennlnator II


335 W. 381b SI., NY, NY 1 00 1 8

History Of Westem Sexuality, The • . • •

• • • • . • • •


IntlO To Culturai Skit·ZC>f'renia63 Third World Ntws�tI

2 1 2 529-2894

Hysterio Paulo •

2 1 2 925-0606/ 2 1 2 925-2052

. . . .


Sltpben Winttr Filmworks

3828 Balhos St.. SF, CA 9� 121

See Bridgcl1c




Set Edges


• . . • • . • . •

• • • • • . • • • • •


2 1 2 349-7242/ 2 1 2 349-7607

212 677-5014

. • . • • • • . . • • . • •



. . . .

Abby Moser

• • • . • .

Here Be Dracons •

�e Tbt Alltndanl

3 1 2 455·8675

530 E. 131b SI. #17, NY, NY 10009

Hotheads • . . . .

. . . .


5 1 0 533-6474/ same

415 552-t\019

Freak .

190 E. 51b SI. #200, St P.ul, MN

60 Cbarlone S� London WIP 2AX

• • • • • • • • •


3520 181b St. #2 SF CA 94110

Frankfurter .

• • • • • • • • • • • •

H�obia Is Known To Cause Nightmares . . . . . . . • . . . • • . 61

. • . .

Chicken Hawk

, Edmund White, A


Daniel Humphrey

Don't Look Up My Skirt Unless You Mean It (NY Giants) . . . . 43

H er AppetIte •

Intrapidluima •

61 3 419-D585

1 0 BI3l'k Hill, Lundon EC I R 5EN

Station, NY. NY 10009

Forward, Bound .

2 7, 63

2 1 2 947-9277/ 2 1 2 594-64 1 7


212 529-8!!l5 / 2 12 353-0250

J.D. Salome Milsle.d

Third World Ntwsretl

44 71 735

Mark Kidel'

. . . . . . .


44 70 621 6084/ same

Naked Eye Cinema

• •

NYC 10009


Flower Market, The .

45 22 44 381 33 1 45 22 26 98

Heaven, Eartll And Hell

Tompkins Squ . ... Sial ion, Box 20479,

1 Eliz.betb St. Wbitl'",dl BOllom

George •

. . .


Georgina Conine

Florence And Robin

2 1 2 777-4406

7 1 6 328-6531

44 81 981 6828/44 81 983 4441


Edges •


Cinenova, 13 Roman Rd, London E2

6 rut de Berne, 75008 Paris Franl'e

Eat This


Rcmrded Delivery Productions, Ud.

Andn-c Duchaine Films


Day In The ute Of

. . . . .

R05.\Cndale, Lanl'Oshi", BB4 9LW

Group 1



1571A Sancbtz SI .. SF, CA 94 1 3 1

310 550-7280/3 1 0 550 .0830

• • • .

. . . . . . . .

198 E. 71b SI 1I5, NY, NY 10009

139-A Albion SI., SF, CA 94 1 10

91 22 2619586/ 91 22 2626430


Alisa Surkis


4 1 5 552-4543


. . . .

• • • • . • • • • • • • •

Kalrina Fullman

415 550-6335

54 Rose #4, Venil'e, CA 90291



OHU England

Zabid Dar


206 292-966 1/206 292-9326



Fax 212 941·3846

3 1 2 345-3550/ 312 541·8072

Wood Lant, London WI2 7RJ

1001 SW Klickilal Way, #200c,



Vidto Dala B.nk

See The Blut Hour

. 25

375 G�tnwicb SI., NY, NY

Mary Paliemo

• • • • • • • • • •

Dalling Child . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61


Miramax Films

Women Make Movirs, Inc.

44 81 576 7737/44 81 740 4622

Ooor, N Y NY


2 1 2 251 ·8718/2 1 2 251-8606

• • • . • . •

462 Bmadw.y 5tb FIr. N Y NY

470 Park Ave S, 9tb



4 1 6 703·8650

183 Batbursl SI., Toronlo, Onatrio MST Canada

Desperate Remedie•


• • • • • •

J.B.H. Wadia / Wadia Movielont


� Pee •

335 W. 381b SI., NY, NY 1 00 1 8

Frankie Franchini

6 1 2 225-9035/ 612 225-9102

7 095 255 9052/ 7 095 973 2029


4 1 6 863 9897



Mosc.�ow Russia

Artistic UC'tnsc Films

. . .


15 Druzbinnikivskaya St., 123242

, Darker Side Of Black, A •



Cbristine V.cbonlM.rlenc McC.ny


David Collins


Frameline A,,'bive 346 9tb St, SF, CA 94103

Dangerous When Wet

• • • • • • • . • • • . • • • • •


4 1 5 552-4514

England •

• • • • .

R40 S. Serrano Ave., #608,


6 1 8 457-806 1 1

Oul On a Limb


See The Blue Hour

See The Alltndanl



"--'eu: The Hunterwali Story •


Marazaban Palb, Bombay India

Dinner With Malibu . • . . • • . . • • •

• • • • • • •

Firsl FIr, Ballard House, AD!

• • • • • • • • • •

310- 396-71381 310· 392-2021

2 1 2 924·7665

D..ce Macabre •

• • • • • • . • • • • . • • • •


CA 94904

Complicated Flesh .

2 1 2 932-D861

8275 Mayrand, Monl�al, Quebec

• • •

47 G =nbr .. Boardwalk, G�enbrat,

Resa Osbiro

Cutting The Edge Of


F..t TrIp, Lone Drop See Tbt Blut Hour

580 7222/ 44 7 1 631 05n

Oena;ua: I Uk. My Name •

Dick Tricks .

• . . . .

Alison Ktlly


2 1 2 228-3251

5 1 0 654-5846/ 5 1 0 65�4783

225 W. 13lb SI., NY, NY 100 1 1

• • • • • • . • • • •

31 Ptrcy SI., London W I 9FG

44 71

Hallowed • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 3 7 Yiond. Stevens PO Box 6047, Olympia, WA 98502 ' 206 754- 1332

Family Affair, A


Rd, London E9 7EE Engl.nd


A Free Bird .


44 81 9865436/44 753 540542

Desi del Vallt • • • • • •

Lucy Massie Pbenix

611 Broadway #742, NY, NY 10012

Gay Mennonites And Brethren Continue The Joumey • . • • • . 63

Dthorab Hoffmann 5569 Lawton Ave., Oakl.nd, CA.

Cruel .

Cannelita Tropicana •

Body Of Dissent: Lesbian And



153 Norfolk SI. H3E, NY, NY 10002

Destiny/Desire/Devotion • • • • . . . • . • •

Can You Say Androgynous?

37 Gorevale Ave., Toronto, Ontario

Drift Dislribulion 2 1 2 254-4 1 1 8/ 2 1 2 254-3154

416 539'()()76 / 4 16 539-0076

Suzy Ril'bter

5 1 4 342·2340/5 1 4 342-1922

Blue Hour, The •

Onlario M6G2W2 Canada

94A Camline Ave., Toronto, Ontado

Cinepix Inc.

Fax 2 1 2 353·8485

882 M.nning Ave, 2nd Fl., TorontoO,

4 1 5 703-8653/415 861-1404

Cap Tounnente

Sixpack Films


Cross Your Heart


278 E IOtb SI. #5B, NY, NY 1 0009

• • •

Tbird Eye Film ProdUl'lions

Creation Of Adam


44 71 255 1444/44 71 436 7950


Coconut/Cane & Cutlass •

Rais..'\3 Fomina/ lnlen.'il1l:ma AgCrK.�y

c/o Frameline, 346 9tb Street, SF, CA

• • • • • • •

213 654-0343

See Camp Cbrislmas


707 944-D706/same

• • • • . • • • . . • • • • .



• • • • .

1 12 Albion SI., SF, CA 94 1 1 0

SlKngn Charles c/o Quenlin Lte

• . • • . • • • •

FabI.. •• Freeak Show • Pita.. Louise ProduC1ions

Basilisk Communications J...i miltd


Complaints Of A Dutiful Daughter


4 1 5 864-5453

Men, 'The


Descent •

Closing Numbers •

• • • • • • •

N. Wtsltm

213 856-7600/ 2 13 467-4578

4 1 5 461·6490

Altxis Bistins

Sec The Blut Hour

. . • . . • •

Venice, CA

Susan Wtbling

Avras 44 Kilissia, Alhens 14562

93940 408393-0303/408 393-D304

Cancer In Two Voices 23



PO Box 27999, 2021 Ave., LA. CA 90027

' CIearIn&, TIle . . . . . . . . . . . . 34

1245 Tentb St",el, Monlerty, CA

4 1 6 861-8595

• • •


Anne Cb.mberlain

11 Wesl 53rd SI., NY, NY 10019

Black And White In Color • Brilisb Film inslilult TV


P.O. Box 341, Olympia , WA 98507-


5 1 2 472-7465/ same


. . . . . .

Oiympia PklU�sIMarilyn F�tman

Condomnation •

2303 Wtst I l ib SI., Austin, Texas

NY Museum of Modem An Fax 2 1 2 708-953 1


Two Fal"Cd PrOO Ul"lion

Laura Cowell

4 1 6 461-2451

64 9 360 2 1 85/64 4 385 9754

Attendant, The

102 W 85tb NY, NY 10024 2 1 2 535 6700/212 734·1062

M4M 1 W2 Canada

1/2 Masons Ave, Heme Bay, Auckland Ntw Zealand


lenni Olson

46 Sproall Ave" Toronlo, Ontario


Wendy Jo Carllon


61 2 5 19 6303

Bike Boy

. • . • • • . • • • . • • • • .

44 71 396 4444/ 44 71306 8361

NSW 2050 Australia

Bllckiust •

Anastasia And The Queen Of • • • ' : : � • 43

Angel Of Woolwortha, The


2 1 Sltpben SI., London W1P IPL

4 1 5 552-3081


• • . • . • . . . • . . • .

1 2 Gihbens Streel, Call1perdown

Eve Sicular

531 Main SI, #1310, NY, NY 10044



Film Four Intcmalional

Beyond The Pale: "The Celluloid Cloeet" Of Yiddish Fi l m • . . . • 60

WCIA 1 BH England

Alicia Was Fainting

Bete Noire


Camp Christmas

Hollywood, CA 90028

800 428-7136 Virloria Hunt

49 40 6305260/ 49 40 394676

8033 Sunsel Blvd., #4002,

Calamity Jane .

6253 Hollywood Blvd. # 1 1 07,

Adrian's Monday •

Twinhmtbers Filmproduktion



Manha WbeclOl'k, Isbtar Films



212 475-7186/ 2 1 2 529-5078

416 445·1 446/ 4 1 6 445-9481

Slrand Rtleaslng

Butch Wax •

222 E. 51b SI. #6, NY, NY 1 0003

Ontario, M2L IA8 Canada

Absolutely Fabulous_

Bedtime Stories (NY Giants) •

• • • • • • •

Ligbl Box

Su Friedricb

Canadian Film Cent�


2 1 2 962-6730 /212 962-3616

54 W. 16tb Strett #121, NY, NY

42 GlouCtsl .. Av, London

. .


30 1 rol 8872/ same

149 Cburcb SI. # 4-S, NY, N Y 10007

3 Short Films By Rachel Flnkelstein • • • • • • • • • •

Healbtr MacDonald



• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Catberine Saalfitld


. • • • . • .

Civil EnoucII .

• • • •

206 438-9502/ 206 438-9502

Room 7·A·304, P.O. Box 500, Slolion

Child And TIle Saw, TIle • Set Tbt DtOaubl< Man


Haarlemm .. Houltuinen 307, 1 0 1 3

. . • • •


4 1 5 64S-8869

LageSlte Film BV

Balancing Factor .


63 -,

584 Castro SI. H26O, SF, CA 94 1 1 4

718 875·9010 / 2 1 2 941·1298

• • . •


Dr. Peter,

1 1 231



Canadian Broadcosl Corporation

31 20 62733 73/ 3 1 20 626 10 49

Joctlyn Taylor

. .

Onlario M6J 351 Canada

GM Amslerd.m Nelberlands



4 1 6 504-0275/ 4 1 6 365-3332

London WC2H 9HP England

• • • • • • • • • •

. . . . .

Broadc.t Tapes Of

Slation C, Toronlo,

44 71 836 9642/44 7 1 497 3718

24 Hours A Day •


Dennis Day

PO Box 737,

• • • • • • • • •

Xingu Films, New York

Seblosslr. 29 12163 Berlin

103 0.,.... .


• • • • •


American Film Jnstitule

. . • . . • . •


Randa Downs

Island, WA 981 1 0 206 842.0635

Legend Of Fong Sai Yuk, The . . .

• . • • • . • • • .

Hills, CA 90212 310 203-81R2/3 1 O 556-3214

In Vi_ Of Her Fatal Inclination, Ulo Wanders Gives Up The GhoIt . . . . • . . . . . . . 18, 25

Lesbian Avengers Eat Fire Too • • • •

Frankenlbaltst r. 23, 81539 Municb

PO BOX 64, New Almadtn, CA

HFF Municb


Rim Film Dislrihutors, Inc. 9884 Sanla Monica Blvd., Beverly

• • • • • . . . .

Wolfe Vidto



49 89 680004-4 1/ 49 89 680004·36

408 268-6782/408268-D232


Lesbians Wlto Monica Nolan

Date Men

• . . •


Monsters In The Closet •

• • • •

Jennifer Todd Reeves


3347 20Ib SI.. SF, CA 94110

121 MacDougal #\0. NY, NY 10012

4 1 5 550·7412

2 1 2 677.-8692

Let's Watch SomethIng Daddy Wam. To Watch . . . . . . . . . • 60



Hot beads

Uc:k Bulh In '92 .


. . • . . . • • •

Gabri<l Gomez 5 1 2 W. Cornelia # 1 0 1 , Cbicago IL 3 1 2 404·7364


. . .

. . . .

David E. Johnson 221 1 MissionSI. 4 1 5 648·8190


Like Mother Uke

. .. .

. . .


SF, CA 94 1 10

Liquor, Guns And


. . . . . . .


Barhara Karpinski

Ammo •

• . • .


4/42 Cliflbrook Pde, Clovelly, NSW 2031 Aus"alia 61 02 3 157587

Kelly Anderson

. . •


, • . • . •

• • • • • , •




200 Dean SI., Brooklvn, NY 1 1 2 1 7 7 1 8 243.0075 / 2 1 2

Looking For Langston

120 Lundys Lane, SF CA 94 1 1 0

Mr. Wonderful •


Mud Luverz • Healber


• . . • . • • • . • • • •


. . . , , •


. . • . • . . . • . . .


4 1 5 206-9365/ 4 1 5 43 1 - 1 456

Musc:le •


Musc:le Lens •



86 Rvvrrdate Rnad, London NI6 6PL 806·6012/44 81 694·891 1

Lost Heart, TIMt .

. • . . . . . . . •

Hilou Vogrtmann Ards."ilr. 57, &>799 Munkh Gennanv . Fax 49 89 321 82·1'42

Love And Lashes .

. . . • . . . . •


Patrick Rowlev #3 93 Hornse . Rd. London N7 6DJ


44 71 700·7876

Love Machine, The

. • • . . . • •


Palrirk Snee 151 71b Ave. #2. Brooklyn, NY

• . • . • . • • • . . •


. . . . . • • . • . . .


• . • • • • .


Alix Umen

• • . . • . • • • • •


Joe Orr

10009 2 1 2 861·9797/ 2 1 2 628-0698

Manuela's Loves (La Jupon Rouge) . • • • . • • • • • • . . . •

• •


International Home Cinrma, Inc.


215 Broadwav, Sanla Monica. CA 3 1 0 396-989 / 310 396·9808


For Freedom •

• • • • •

Projrc1 1993 Produclions


4 I 6 5<)3- I 808/ 4 1 6 593·H661 . . • • • . . .


See Bumps


UniversilY of BriSiol c/o Maddy

Margaret Atwood And The Problem With Canada • • •


Da Da Kamera 700 Sbaw SI., Toronlo, Onlario M6G 3L7 Canada 4 1 6 535-4345/ 4 1 6 593-1616

Midwest Mambo

• . . • . • . . • •


Bart Everly 823 Palms Blvd., Venice. CA. 90291 310 823-3770

Miss Otis

-l4 272 303030/44

. • • • •



Wrsl 100-1 131 Howe SI. Vanl'Ouver BC

Naomi's Legacy.

. . . . • . • . . .

Crary Huns Films


NeapolItans, The

. . . . • • . • . •

Firsl Look Pictures


Sunsci Blvd # 302. LA. CA

Gay YOlrth .

Queer Son

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .


• • . • . . . • . . . • . .



7 1 8 599·3860

Pavane For A Dead Princess •

. . . • . • . .

aaire Wbilaker


. . • • • • • • • . •

Ph/r/ases (NY Giants)


• • • • • • • •


• • • . •

Sikay Tang

• • • • .


WeSimore, Auckland

New :Ualand 64 9 3764481/

Pom •


64 9 373 2772

• • • . • • •


. • •


3 Bromley Place. London. W1P 5HB

See Blicklusl

• . • . • • • • • •


Project Last Supper •

• • • • • • •


. • • •

Man I Love . . . . . . . . .


Becky Mac Donald


61 61 .

• . • . • . . . • • .

4 1 5 753-1822

Projections .



Pirkpockel Productions

608 Kernberry Dr., San Rafael. CA

20 Glover Slree� SoUib Melbourne

. • • • • • . • • . .


See The DeOa ..ble Man

Public Opinion •

I ngrid Wilbile


. . • . • . . • • . . .

Daven Gee

. • • . . •


• • • . • • • • • • •

Rites Of Pas.age •

• • .

. • • . • •


Sacred Ues, Civil Truths

• • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • .

Is Dead, The .

Vicloria 3205 Auslralia


See The DeOa ..ble Man

. . . • . . .


Bowl (NY Giants)

• • • • • •


Safe Sex Is Fun •

• • . . .

. • . . •

• • . • . • • • • • • •


JefT CoIe

I Gorflon House. Ayloun Rd. London

• • • • • •

. . • . • • • . .

See Sex Bowl


. . . . • • . •

48 49


Shall We Dance.

• • . • . . • . . .


Hou� of Pain Production 130 W. Houslon SI. #2, NY. NY


2 I 2 982-3195 / 2 I 2 979-8786

Shasta Woman Bo Pmdul'tions


David Grolell

3 1 5 E. 651b SI.. 2 1 2 249·8915

Shirtey Temple And Me

• . • . .




. . . . .


• • . • . • •


Dawn Logsdon

Wait, What ? Productions

. • . • . • . • • • . . • • . .


P.O. Box 460697. SF. CA 94146


The DeOalable Man

• • . • • . •

. • .

• . • • . • . . • • . • • • . • • .

Sopbie Conslanlinou


. • • . • • • . . • . . •



131 Albion SI. #5. SF: CA 94 1 10



• • • • . • • . • • . • •


14624 Hart SI.. Van Nuys. CA 91405 8 1 8 505·7786

• • . • . • . • •


Two Men And A Baby Juanita Mobammrd


. . . . . .

. • . • •



. . • • .


. . . . . . .

. • . . • . •

54 25

• . . • • . . . . . . . •

Furlow:; Films


717 Easl 51b SI., NY, NY 1 0009

73 51b Ave. 71b FIr.• NY. NY 10003 2 1 2 255·3326/ 2 1 2 255·3502


Blue Hour

Super B 1/2

. • ,

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52

• . • •

. • . • .

. . • • • . . .

Robert Winkler


. . . • • . . . . . • .


. • . . • . • . • • .

Bndban Z31'bary

43 222 239 575/43 222 4S52 63515


Jo Smilb

1 66 Norfolk SI. #5A, NY. NY 1 0002

• • • • • • • . • •


Take Me Back To Cairo




. • • • •

Leslie Singer



4 1 5 285-0539

Quebec. H2S 3A6 Canada

Talking About The Weather... . 61

5 1 4 276-1803

Carl Sandler •


4 1 5 62 1 - 1 2 1 2/ 4 1 5 648·1077

Is ( Not) A Mister, The . 32

. • • • • • •

Fisblayl Productions


4 1 5 386·6710/ 4 1 5 399-3041


63 25


Vol Che Sapete •

See The Man

I Love

• . • • . • . • . •

461A Sackville SI.. Toronlo. Onlario M4X ITJ Canada 4 1 6 944-0450

Who Is Poetessa Fishhouse?



. • . • • .



• • • . • • • • • • .

Sleeping Subjec:t:s See Oescenl

. . . .

. • . • • • • • .


. . . . . . . .

63 56

1201 Currie Ave.. Mpls., M N 55403 6 1 2 337-0000

So Unlike Their Reputation •

PO Box

• • .


14854. SF. CA 94 1 1 4

Texas (NY Giants)

• • . • • • • • .

Mari Keiko Gonzalez 122 Bond SI., Brooklyn. NY


4 1 5 824-60 1 6

See The Allendanl

Heidi Arnesen

. • . . • . .

28A Cumberland SI., SF. CA 94 1 1 0



Walk On The WHd SIde

• . • • .


27, 49, 60

• • • .

Eric Mueller

Wrecked For Ufe: The Trip And


Magic: Of Troc:adero Transfer


JobnGoss 1022 Keniston, LA, CA 9001 9

You UttIe Devil, You

. • • . . • •

Your Heart I. All Mine



14052 Berlin Germany 49 30 303072521 49 30 3019875

La Boxeuse) . KD Productions

Fax 33 1 42 7 1 6 9 4 5

"1 81 895 6577/ 44 81 895 6974

Wanderer, The

. .

Wank Stallions

• . . •

See The De O . . able Man

. • • • • . . • •

• . • • • • •



Hoerenslraal 60. B-U04O Brussels Belgium Fax 32 2 732 7687

• . . . . . . . . • . • . • • .

Gordon Seaman


4 1 6 778-5574/ 4 1 6 778-0604

Brian Boyle

Out For North Dakota The Blue Hour

146 Downey SI.. SF, CA 941 1 7

178 N. Main SI., Sbaron. MA 02067


4 1 5 665-7795

6 1 7 784-8575/ 6 1 7 339-0658


• • • • • •


Susanne DimpO/ DFFB



44 Tennis Cres, Toronto, Ontario

. . . • . . .

18, 54, 55

2200 23rd Ave. S. Mpls.• MN 55404

Rm 5044 BBC Kensinglon House. England

M4K 113 Canada

Toe Heel Polka. The


World And Time Enough •

Ricbmond Way. London W14

Wanted! .


4 1 5 821 -3320



• • • • • • •

8 Rue de la Cbine. 75020 Paris

Alison Murray/ ARGOS

Racbel Herbert

2 1 2 995-8753 / c/o B i l l Sofield 2 1 2

• • • •


7 1 8 855-3461/ 2 1 2 251-8606

Th ic k U ps , Thin Ups

• • • • • • •


415 553-3953

That's Alright Mama . .

NY. NY 1 0 1 1 3



• • • .

3 1 Coso, SF. CA 94110

Zoe The Boxer

Arena!Debbie Roberts

Texas Tomhoy

49 89 167 9964


See Dreamgirls

Carolin Ollerbacb


4 1 5 627-3 1 27/ 4 1 5 627-3 122

(Zoe • • • • • . . • • • . • .

3238 161b SI. #C. SF. CA 94103

Pommernallee 1. Theodor-Heuss-PI.

Problem Wilb Canada

Terra Nullius


4 1 5 431-3691

6 1 2 644·8632


. . . . . . .

Scon Beveridge

4 1 5 252-9649 (VA) .nd 415 255-

192 Spring SI. #2. NY. NY 1 00 1 2

• • • . • • • . • • • •


Planel Eye Productions

See Margarel AlWood And Tbe

Skin And Hair

. •


2336 Markel SI. #28. SF. CA 941 14

M N 55404


When You Name Me


172 Clinlon Park, SF. CA 94103

Julie Zay

Solera Tscbeller!Poinl of View Films



Valenlin Aguirre and Augie Robles

Wake Up Jelt< Off, Etc

Snow White

See Qui: Siorie< of Lesbian

2 1 3 938·9526

. . . . . . . . . . . .

2535 2nd Ave. So. #2. Minneapolis.

Nibelu ngenslrasse 24. 80639 Municb


4 I 6 533-7398/ 416 596-8233


115 Gougb SI #31, SF. CA 94102

Terms Of Conception

• • • • . • • • • • • • • • • • • •

520 Sbreder SI. #3, SF. CA 941 1 7

! Viva 16th

Toronlo. Onlario M5V 1R5 Canada

6 1 2 729-6707/ 6 1 2 72 1-2370

SlUart Gaffney

967 Sbolwell Slree� SF. CA 94 1 1 0


2 1 2 463-0578/ 2 1 2 535·594� • • • • • • • • .

London SE5 9NS. England


49 208 807008/ 49 208 852691

. • . • • . • • • • .

PO Box 1348. NY. NY 1 00 1 1

44 71 274-5556

Oberbausen Gern.any

• . . •

Jezebel Productions

Chrislian-Sleger-Slr. 10, 46042

Taking Back The Dolls •

• • . • . • • . • • • .

• . • . .

Oberbausen Film Dislribulion

' 7 1 8 85 1 -8395/21 2 43 1 - 1 783

Woman Of The Wolf .

1376 ClaYlon SI . • SF. CA 94 1 1 4

4 1 5 621·6115/ 4 1 5 552-7723

And The Crone

16 Ocean Park W. #C21 Brooklyn NY 1 1 2 1 8

Tanya Miller

4 1 5 749·0966

. .

Sbari Frilol

WithOlrt Saying Goodbye

Virgin, The Mother

Kaiser mublendamm 103/36.

1223 Witn Auslria


1 7 1 4 Clay SI. #6. SF. CA 94109

Very Funny

What Is A Une? (NY Giants) • . 43

Nicali ProdUl"lions

Nicholas Kalsapctses



Vacancy .


Kika Thome c/o LIFT

2 1 2 995-1659

• . . . • . . . . . . • . . . . •

• • • • • • • •

When Shlrtey Met Florence .

See The Blue Hour

Under Heat .


Three Fun Girls


Sec I Didn'l Know Wbal Time II Was

2 1 3 939·5986

What Gets You Off•

. . • • • •

#505 - 345 Adelaide SI. Wesl.

. • • . • . . . • • . . . • • • •


What Can I Do with a Male Nude ? • • • • • . See The All<ndanl

4 1 5 255-7945/ 5 10 451-8796

Ge ne Bernard


4 1 5 626-4820


4 1 5 431 -7203

Fax 212 337-3656



307 Valencia SI. #201, S.F.• CA

85 Coldbamour Lane. Camberwell.

2 1 2 598·9095




415 647-9658

Jennifer Kaufman

• • • • .

431 Van Ness. SF CA 94103

Tortures That Laugh

2 1 2 473-2863/ same

Hima B.

54935 2 1 2 439·8753

We've Only Just Begun

Lynn Appel

Interviews Wrth Queer Sex

Strings •


4 1 5 647-4754

Two Georges, The

Straight For The Money:

Survivor, The .

Via Ponlida 5, 20121. Milano lIaly

. • • • • . • • • . . •

3 E IOlb SI. # 4A, NY. NY 1 0003

Surprise Sneak Preview

PO Box 1655 Old Cbelsea Sialion.


• • . . . •

See Buill For Endurance

Barbara Hammer

Simple Facts.


4 1 5 626· 1 1 54

Sec Tbe

Peter Bowen


. . . • • • . • . . • .

Straight Agenda, The •

. . • .

430 Andover SI.. SF. CA 94 1 1 0


So Far: A Forgotte n Classic:, The . . • . • . • . • . • • • . • . • • • 53 Su Loss of Heal


2912 241b SI.. SF. CA 941 10 4 1 5 826-8551



Robe� BCl'k

• . . . . • . . . . .



• . . . . • . . . .

. • • • . • • •

See Th< Allendanl

Summer, 1993

1 00 1 2


Confronts • • • • • 25

395 Maple Ave. Fond du Lac, WI

415· 861-8085


Waverinc HeterOMXuaI

The PI_ure Princ:lple • Fred SofTo

2 1 2 941-9357

1224 N. Mansfield Ave. #5, LA, CA

• . • . . . . . . .

Stick FIgures


Tough Love, Smart Weapons . 47

15 E. 361b SI. #3C. NY. NY 1 00 1 6

31 20 6253197/ 31 20 6206804

Sandra's Garden

• • .

125 S. Mansfield Ave .•

Cbiqui Cartagena

Anlslerdam Nelberlands

. . • . • . .

Step We Gaily .


7 1 793 0849

2 1 2 447-62421 sallie

396 Conne:cticul SI., SF CA 94107

Lawson. Ross and WhaL'ibisname

173 aara SI.. SF. CA 94107

65 Hartford SI. SF. CA 94 1 1 4

. . . • . .


415 227-0553

2 1 2 431-5 1 1 9/212 431-4608

SIs: The Perry Watkins Story

Paolo Broggi

Safe Sex: The Manual

• . • . • •

John Binninger

6331 SI·Oominique. Monlreal,


Stelllum In Capricorn •

594 Broadway #908 NY. NY 1 00 1 2

Images en Siock

4 1 5 647·9283/ 4 1 5 647-0774

Scrub Me Mama

61 3 690 6696/61 3 699 5956

Francisco. CA 94103

Sex Fish



2 1 5 735-7372 / 2 15 241-7275

7 1 8 857-5685 / 2 1 2 420·8223

Se< Dreamgirls



1618 Pine St. # 3F. Pbil, PA 19103

4 1 5 563·5036

3501 W.Sc",?<>I. Chicago, IL 60618

4 1 5 499·3412/ 4 1 5 252-7212

1360 Mission Sireel, #200. San

Aisbab Sbabidab Simmons

S.s. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47

• . • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

830 Hayes # 306. SF. CA 94 1 1 7


See Dans< Macabre

Good Lately?


Sllence ... Broken

3 1 20 683 0206/31 20 612 6266

Ted Dvoracek 3 1 2 463-5376

6 1 3 4 1 9 8258

Cbarles Lonon

213 962-2572



Vicloria 3065 AUSIralia

Significant (Br)other

DUicb Film and Television Academy

• • • • • • •

Tom'. Resh Tom di Mario

See Glillerbug

Georgia B. Wrigbl

. . • . . . . . . . . . . . . .

39 2 655131/\ SF. CA 94114

David A. Price


Sigh Of Love In Waiting

213 935·1 923/ 213 874-3078

San Fernando Valley

1 5 8 Downey SI .• SF. CA 94 1 1 7


In Riddles •

• 50

3214 B Mission SI.. SF. CA 941 1 0

. . . . . . . . . . 29

4 1 5 641 -7595/ same

Kort< Leidsedwarsslraal 12, 1 0 1 7 RC

Tony Coray

. . • .

872 Sancbez SI., SF. CA 94 1 1 4

LA. CA 9004H

4 1 5 550-6980

71 255 3939/ 44 7 1 4364334

. .

• • • • • • • •

Craig Good man

See Home You Go

Mal Plrndl

3315 Sanamenlo SI. #351 . SF CA

Premonition Of Absurd Perversion



4 1 5 64 1-8278

Revenge Of The Wicked Witch 57 6242 W 61b SI.,

94 1 18

Odds And Ends (A NeW-Age Amazon Fable) • . • • • . • . •




2 1 3 3689606

Prince Of Peace

• .

. • . • • .

See The Allendanl

Saddl e Up •

900 26

708 295-7837

See Dealb in Venice. CA

. . • . . . • .


NY 1 0003-0435

. • • • . • • • • • •

Lawrenre Elbert


534 E. Nortb Ave.. Lake Bluff. IL 60044

Of Ahsurd

PO Box 435. Cooper Sialion, NY


Dean Kendrick


Black Planel Produl'lions





1 6 7 1 Ml'Allisler. SF, CA 94115 • • • • . • • • • • • • • • •

In Sexual Personae Part 1

• • • • • • •

213 876-04 1 9

. • . . . •

Eric Haeberl

921 Robinson S� Los Angeles CA

Not Angels But Angels•

. . . . . . .


Starwey To The Stairs

See Green On Tbursdays

he Hoeremasl .. al 1. 1054 PP



213 662·3940

Sex Of The Stars .



48 Fife SI.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


4 1 5 255·7844


1336 N. Occidenlal Blvd .•

44 7 1 326-4859/ 44

61 2 327 8120/ 6 1 2 327 4361


Cberi Gaulke


SW9 OTX England

Amsl<rdam Nelberlands

3 1 2 528-7412

Only The Brave

Is A

3 1 9 338·527

Pink, The

Su Tbe



Kolberine Fry

See Tbe Blue Hour


Poinl NSW 2027 AUSIralia

4096 181b SI. #35

HeliCal Prnduclions

1466 W. Pensacola. Cbicago, IL

Bad Fruit


See The Man I Love


None Of The Above See NigblWork

. . . • . • . . •


228 Ronalds SI.. Iowa Cily, IA

• . . • . • . . . . . •

. . .


2 I 2 629·6288 /212 629·1069

• .

. • • . • . . . . .

. . . . . • • . • • . . . •

S e e Premonilion

50 W. 341b SI #6B6. NY NY 1 000 1


. .

';' 141b SI.. SF. CA 94 1 1 4

Terrv Cbiu

Perversion In Sexual Personae Part

. . . . . . • . . . . . • • • . . •

Bar Is A Bar


Remembrance Of Things Fast . 47

2 1 2 596·1 770/ 2 1 2 5<J6- 1779


461 2805 6455 / 46 1 2887 1030



. • • • • . • . •


sex elvis boy•

1 1 25 N. Gardner SI..

NY 10020

Performance Notes: A Bar


• • • . • . . • • . . • .

Reencounter .


Speaking . • • .

Jane: Caslle/Sbu Lea Cbeang

Robert Ellswonb

• . . . . . . . . . . . . .

• .

212 982·6861

Sea Of Time


4 1 5 369·8524

Reflections .

_ _

4 1 5 861-4588/415 861 -4893

379 Ridge Rd .• San Carlos, CA 94070

22/52 Darling Poinl Rd .. Darling


• • . . .


Seen Anything

Cesary Pmkopiuk

. . • . . . . • • • . .

Passage A L'Ac:te


Queers Among Queers: A Bay Area Perspective . • • . . • . . . . 23

Reference .


95 Easl 71b SI. #19. NY. NY 1 0009

1 1 8 Virloria SI.. Filzroy. Melbourne.

See The Allendanl



She's A Talker Neil Goldberg

Andrew Porter

4 1 5 558·9710

National Film Board of Canada


Auslralian Film. TV and Radio



6 1 7 253·3068/ 617 253·6105

AJDS Films

4 1 5 824-01 1 9



4 1 5 281 -0547


NightwOrk •

• . . . . . . . • . .

Marla Leel'b

5 1 0 655·4043

899 Capp SI. # 3. SF. CA 94 1 1 0

. • . . • • • .

Out In Comedy

5261 M i lesAve .. Oakland. CA 94618 -


• . • . . . . • • • . .

1251 Avcnue o f tbe AnH.'ril'as NY

604 684-3014

"Boys Enlrance" 81 1 1 Teesdate aose.

Mister Sisters, The

See Inlro To Cullural Skil-Zo-F�nia

Out: Stories Of Lesbian And

V5Z 2F7 Canada

One Single ute

44 71 729 6302/ 44 7 1 873 0051


l'/O MIT

. • . . . . . . .

Canadian Filmmakers Distrihution

Lars Dri nkrow and Jurgen Uren London E2 6PQ England

• • . • • • • • • • • • • • •

Henry Jenkins

272 288251

On The Sentimental Side

• • • . • . • . • .

Our Hoose: Lellbians And Gays In



2 1 2 260-4622


6 I 7 524·0980/ 617 524-8838

Into TIMt Universe: Queers

. 42 2 2481 0966/42 2 2481 0632


• . • . • . . . • . •

47 Halifax SI .• Bos">o. MA 02130

And Star Trek

Brislol BS8 I UP England


• • •

2 1 3 227·6062

• . . .

348 E. 91b SI., NY. NY �0003

Out Of The Closet And

Na Porici 14. 1 1000 Prague 1 . Czecb

305 667-7346/ 305 667-7346


Queer Carpentry Seminar

Queer AClion Figures! Tom Hill

PO Box 460542. SF, CA 94146


9175 Ham mOl'k Lake Dr., Miami, Florida 33156


4 1 5 642·1553/ 4 1 5 252-5352

No Saintly Girt .

5 1 5 E. 121b SI. #7B, New York, NY

LA. CA 90065 -

2M9 Canada

132 Broadway. Broo klyn. NY 1 12 1 1


. • . • . • • • . • • • . .

615 Pbeasanl Dr.•

See Cbeap Skales

No Fairy Tale

• • • • •

416 863-9897/416-360-0781

Rain City Confidential

Aimre Morgana

. • •

2R7 Canada

249 1945/ same



183 Balbursl. Toronlo. Onllrio M5T

97 Coleridge SI.. SF. CA 94 1 1 0

1 2 Dcloraine House, Tanners Hill,

• .

44 7 1

• • • • • .


Johnny Symons

44 HI 694·1376

William Comslock


E8 lAD


#5 Berkeley CA

Queer Across Canada

Out In Africa .

London U K SE8 4PY England

Man I Love, The

39 Navarino Rd. London


Canadian Filmmakers Distribution

PO Box 126 Nonb Ryde. NSW

415 252·8044

. • . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

67A Ponland. Toronlo, Onlario M5V


1 1 43 Mariposa SI.. SF, CA 94107



3 1 0 855- 1 1 99/ 3 1 0 855·0719

7 1 8 398·8609

Mad About The Boy .

'510 843-9930/emoil:



1 1 215

Magic Cottage


Tbe DeOalabl< Man

My Sweet Peony .


94705 ·

Fanligbl Produclions

. . • • . . • • . . • • • . • .

Buill For Endurance

. • • • • • • • • • • . • . • . .

32 Domingo Avenue

7 1 8 369-3307/ 2 1 2 854-2325

Other Families.

Canl"""" Close. Woodland Rd .•

Nnski Deville l'/O Media and Con1111unications

44 HI


qlHlflr •

David Raucb

Cbrislien G. Tunle

310 396-7524

My Grandma's Lady Cabaret .

Loss Of Heat •




336 91 b SI. 3rd Flr. Brooklyn.

Julian Cole

• • • • • . • • • • •

My Dinner At Dan's



Lexi Leban


4 1 5 824-4330

My Addiction

Long Time Comin'

Looking For A

. • . .

546 Wisconsin SI.. SF CA 94107

xe Firtworks Revisited

See Dn:amgirls


2243 281b SI # D. Sanla Monica CA


• . • . • .

Cbris Dumas 1 12 1 5

Than A Paycheck

Marlise Malkames


O�m Of Hot Blood •








' . '

. ,


- .



. .


. .



J D i n u s i n th� n a t i o n ' s c a p i t a l t h i s




One In Ten salutes our



.. .

sisters & brothers, mentors

Up Town Taste

O c t o b � r at t h � Emb a s s l] T h � a t � r ,

& friends a t Frameline. J a n u s T h � a t � r . G o � t h � - I n s t i tu t , a n d

Congratulations o n 18 years H i r s h h o rn m u s � um o f t h �

of setting the pace, leading S m i t h s o ni a n I n s ti t u t i o n . F o r m o r �

the pack, breaking new




3-Month Summer Memberships at the JCC fit your lifestyle!


Brewed fresh in the Humboldt Nation with chocolate and caramel malts.


3 Months . . . $ 1 75

3 Months . . . $75 FOR TEENS

FOR FAMILIES 3 Months . . . $225

3 Months . . . $65


i n f o r m a t i o n o n t h � fa s t � s t q r o w i n q q a l] a n d l � sb ian f i l m f � s ti u a l o n t h � E a s t

3 Months . . . $250

ground, a n d educating & entertaining the community at

Payment in full is required. Fees will be

C o a s t , c o n t a c t O n � In T � n at P O B O K 5 3 3 1 5 , liJ a s h i n q t o n , D C


New Attitudes , New Worl d , New Col lege of California Queer Conaciou&ne&& & Culture& Program

Now accepting appLication&. PROGRAMS AT





7 6 6 & 7 7 7 Valencia street · San Francisco 94 1 1 0 . ( 4 1 5 ) 2 4 1 . 1 3 0 0

Financial Aid is available. Accredited b y t h e Western Association o f schools & (olleges. People of color are encouraged to apply.

privileges. n o hidden fees. Valid May 1 5-August 1 5.

large. Break a leg ! (Not you, Ma rk.)

2 0 0 0 9 . P h o n � 2 0 2 . 9 8 5 . 1 1 1 9 Dr F R H 2 0 2 . 4 5 2 . 9 0 4 3 .

prorated. Membership inc ludes full

Call for Membership information NOW! 292-1 230 or 292- 1 231 Jewish Community Center of San Francisco

3200 California Street. San Francisco. CA 941 1 8

G�, Wltat


Great Videol

But you can't take a VCR and TV everywhere to show it. But Video Transfer Center

can help. We can make pictures from video tape in 3 sizes while you wait! 3x4/1,

4x5/1 and 8x6/1 laser pri nts, and even put it on a ceramic mug


C _lIIt1W11UI;" .


. . .

while you wait!

1 84 1

Market Street San Franci sco CA

4 1 5-558-88 1 5

P. S. We also do video and audio tape duplicates, standards, conversions & fi l m to tape transfers.




ADVANCE TICKETS GO ON SALE MAY 20! NO CONVENIENCE fEE fOR IN-PERSON PURCHASE AT BASS TICKET CENTERS Through special arrangement w i th BASS, we are pleased to offer advance ticket sales

grams se l l out very q u i ckly. W i th 150

BASS ticket centers across the Bay Area,

everyone has an equal chance of obtaining

tickets. We recommend that you p lace your

order toda y.

RecordsNideo. There is no conve nience cha rge to pay for i n - person purchase !

Framel ine pays the convenience charge for"

you, so a $5 or $7 ticket costs just $5 or $7

- with no extra cha rge . . Please remember that this offer i s good for in-person book­ ings only. There is a convenience cha rge

for phone orders (see below). For your

nearest BASS ticket center, cal l (4 1 5) 776-

1 999, (5 1 0) 762-BASS or (408) 998-BASS.

a.dSS rlCKETS ®

DAY-Of-SHOW SALES BASS w i l l stop sel li ng advance tickets on

the day-of-show. To get same-day adva.nce

tickets, you must visit the venue box office. m i nutes before the first show of the day.

This means that, for a program on Tuesday,

BEfORE ORDERING Use the program grid in the center of the

course, if a program is already sold out,

If you want to hear program updates, or recorded version, please cal l our 24 Hour

A COM M U N ITY EVENT The Festival i s designed as a celebration of

at the advance ticket centers, we may sti l l

have a number o f tickets for sale at the door.

This is because we have to hol d back a cer­ tain nu mber of seats for pass-holders. If not

a l l pass-holders turn up, we can then release these seats for sal e.

In our past experience, this usual ly means that there about 50 tickets ava i l able at the

Castro Theatre just before the screening

the program you want to see. Use this as

avai lable at other venues varies.) These are

BASS ticket centers. (Programs w i thout a

ing starts. We recommend that you arrive

starts. (The number of l ast-minute seats

your guide when you call or visit one of the

released about 15 m i nutes before the screen­

BASS code are either free, or are special

earl y to be in l i ne for these tickets. Please

available.) Tickets for some Festival pro-

seats being ava ilable.

programs for which no advance tickets are


there will be no advance day-of-show tick­

ets avai lable.

catalog (pages 40-41) to make your program choices, and circle the BASS code next to

w i l l be i ssued prompt l y .

Festival Hotl ine: (4 1 5) 703-8650.

When a screening i s advertised as "sold out"

Out-of-state, cal l 1 -800-225-BASS.

ter where you bought them, and a full refund (incl u d i ng any convenience charge)

the first screening that day is at noon . Of

buy a ticket anytime after 1 1 : 30am because

Also begi nning May 20, you can buy tickets

1 999, (5 1 0) 762-BASS or (408) 998-BASS.

cel led, please return tickets to the ticket cen­

would l ike to hear this information in a


a $2.00 charge per order. Ca l l (4 1 5 ) 776-

If a program is can­

Ju ne 1 9 at 9:30pm at the Castro, you may


venience charge on each ticket in addi tion to

cancel led. We onl y offer refunds i f a pro­

Each venue box office w i l l open about 30

THE WHe."I!HOU •• I TOWe." .... CO.. O./VIDEO

by phone from BASS. There is a $ 1 .50 con­

Someti mes, for reasons beyond our control, programs must be changed, rescheduled or gram is cancel led.

at all 1 50 Bay Area BASS Ticket Centers, incl uding The Wherehouse and Tower


remember, though, we offe r no guarantee of

our community. We i nvlte everyone to enjoy this year's exci ting range of lesbian and gay fi l m and video. We are especia l l y commi tted t o assisting audience members w i th special needs.

We offer pre-seating

for people w i th d i sab i l i ties: please make yourself known to the house manager at each venue. Some screenings are signed for the heari ng- i m pa i red, and these are indi cat­ ed in the program notes. We also ask a l l movi egoers t o please refra in from wearing perfume and other scented products so that those with environmental i l l nesses may attend.

r::;:" I \...I

All venues are wheelchair accessible. Please note that as of yet the Castro Theatre does not have a wheelch a i r­

accessible restroom.


429 Castro St. at Market, San Francisco

Roxie Cinema ( ROX)

3 1 1 7 1 6th St. at Valencia, San Francisco Center for the Arts at Verba Buena Gardens (CEN)

(programs show in the Screening Room) 70 1 Mission St. at Th i rd, San Francisco

Pacific Film Archive ( PFA)

University Art Museum

2625 Durant Ave . , near College Ave., Berkeley

Towne 3 T}1eatre (TOW)

1433 The Alameda, San Jose

Aquarius Theatre (AQU)

430 Emerson Street, Palo Al to Members-Only Ticket Office:

Presto Pri nts

499 Castro St. at 18th, San Francisco Official Festival Cafe:


4094 1 8th St at Castro, San Francisco

(next to the Members-Only Ticket Office) Official Festival Bar:


2367 Market Street at Castro, San Francisco

(close to the Castro Theatre)



' HOW TO BUy TICKETS IF YOU'RE A FRAM EqN E MEMBER Frameline, the non-profit organization that pre­ sents the Festival, is supported by donations from members. Membership starts at $35.



As our

way of thanking you for your support of lesbian

New for this year: the Festival Gold Card. This

Frameline's, annual fund for film a n d videomakers

allows you to walk in to any venue at a ny time,

is designed to help bring .lesbian arid gay work to

without waiting i n l ine. At the Castro, you will

the screen.

use the special Gold Card door. Gold Cards are

provided grants to a number of films featured i n

our thank you to $500 donors.

t h i s year's Festival, including Go Fish, Out Of Africa, Alicia Was Fainting, Tom's Flesh,

and gay media arts, Frameline members receive the following special services and discounts at the

Djune/Idex.a and Sis: The Perry Watkins Story.




Completion Fund guidelines are available by mid­

If you are a $50 donor (or higher), please collect

July each year, and the deadline is mid-October.

your free Joe Boxer Festival T-shirt, w ith our

For more information, call (4 1 5) 703-8658.

You must present your membership card to

Frameline members! Located at Presto Prints, at

redeem your T-shirt. T-shirts are also available

Castro and 1 8th Streets, the outlet will be open from Friday May 20 through Saturday June 18 at the following times: 1 0:00am - 7:00pm Monday to Friday

1 1 :OOam - 6:00pm Saturday and Sunday

for purchase (only) at the following fine stores on

our cinematic history.

Frameline is the nation's only comprehensive

you are a Frameline member and want to buy tickets or Fast Passes

you want to redeem your Take Ten card

you want to buy Gala tickets

you want to become a Frameline member

you ,w ant in-person answers to Festival

Frameline's Archive & Resource Center is another

Light bookstore.

to go if: •

RESOURCE SERVICES way in which we continue to provide access to


archival and current materials -- films, videos, stills, posters, catalogs and clippings -- on lesbian and gay film and video, from the 1930s to the

present day. Our Archive & Resource Center is

currently provided as a service to progra mmers,

tion, distribution, promotion and funding of les­

writers, students and researchers all over the

bian and gay film and video. The San Francisco

world. Call (4 1 5) 703-8653.

Frameline's signature event.

PRIORITY PURCHASE Through the miracle of computerized ticket sales, we will be able to hold a l imited number of


Area audience of over 5 1 ,000 (in 1 993). Our

As part of its outreach mission, Frameline has provided support to City College of San Francisco's Fil m 1 20C and 120D lesbian and gay

the Festival was honored to be voted Outstanding

film classes since their inception in 1 9 88. Taught by Frameline's Education Consultant (and

if a screening is advertised as "sold out" at other

Cal i fornia bestowed its Com m unity Service

track representations of lesbians, gays, bisexual

ticket outlets, there may sti l l be tickets left for

Award on Frameline for our contribution in

and the transgendered through a n eclectic cross­

Frameline members to purchase at the Members­

reclaiming history through film.

section of queer cinema history.

Only Ticket Outlet. (However, we still advise you to buy tickets early.)

I n addition to the Festival, Frameline also pre­

Bornstein, Marlon Riggs, Barbara Hammer, Marc


Huestis and Aarin Burch.


All Frameline members receive a $1 discount on single ticket prices only when buying at the Members-Only Ticket Outlet. So a regular $7 ticket costs you only $6, and a $5 matinee ticket costs only $4!

. VENUE FAST PASSES As usual, we will have l imited quantities of Festival Fast Passes which allow priority access to specific Festival theatres. There are fou r Fast Passes: Castro, Roxie, Towne 3 and Pacific Film

Fra meline Distribution brings over 1 40 lesbian

OnJy Ticket Outlet.

A Take Ten card allows you to buy ten tickets for

ers post-Stonewa ll film and video, begins August 24 and 25. Separate sections of the class are held Wednesday and Thursday evenings 6:30-9:30 at

the country. ' Our ever-growing collection repre­

daytime class is held on Wednesday afternoons at

sents the variety, excellence, innovation and

2 at City College's mai n campus (Cloud Hall,

importance of lesbian and gay work today. Titles

room 247).

include Gus Van Sant's first film Mala Noche,

call for more information: (4 15) 668-0767.


You may enroll at the first class, or

Marlon Riggs' Tongues Untied, and Last Call At




In 199 1 , Frameline co-presented the first ever les­



The Fall 1 994 semester of Fi l m 1 20D, which cov­

Everett Middle School, at 17th and Church.

Archive. You may buy these at the Members­

bian and gay film festival in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

In early 1 995, we're teaming up


o Benefactor ($500)

Includes a l l of the above, plus two Festival

Fast Passes for a venue of your choice, or one Festival Gold Card, invitations to Festival parties, and two tickets to the Festival Gala

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Distribution, please send me a catalog

Frameline is a 5 0 1 (c) tax-exempt non-profit corporation. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. For more membership information, please call (4 15) 703-8656. Outside Cal ifornia, please cal l 1 -800-869 - 1 996.

Human Rights Commission to present the first


lesbian and gay fi lm festival in Delhi, Bombay

346 N i nth Street

and Calcutta.

From The Front. To be placed on our home video

a lifetime; for more information, cal l IGLHRC at

You can join us, too, in the trip of

Members-Only Ticket Outlet.

mailing list, please call (41 5 ) 703-8659.

(41 5) 255-8680.

I .

o I want to volu nteer for Frameline, please

Titles available from July 1 include Together Alone, Extramuros, Tongues Untied a nd Voices

This is not a walk-in pass.

Includes all of the above, plus two tickets to

the Festival Opening Night reception and

again with the International Gay & Lesbian

You must redeem it fot individual tickets at the

the price of seven.

qu arterly

o Patron ($150 si ngle/$250 couple)

This summer, we will la unch Frameline's Lesbian

& Gay Cinema Collection on home video.


o Supporter ($50 single/$80 couple)

Expiry date

and gay films and videos to television, theatres,


a nd


Signature _________________________

colleges, libraries and community groups across

Maud's, Paris Poirier's history of lesbian bar cul­

ticket discounts, use of



Class guest

speakers have incl uded Gregg Araki, Kate



Mail ing address _______________________

ambition is to showcase the best and most diverse

In 1 993, the

Includes Festival


Your name

work by or about lesbians and gay men. In 1 994, Event by the Cable Car Awards.

o Donor ($35 single/$50 couple)


local film critic) Daniel Mangin, the two courses


Indicate membership level :

D Angel ($1 000)

Gay & Lesbian Historical Society of Northern

advance tickets for Frameline members only.

use this form, or call (415) 703-8656.

All of the above, plus one additional Gold

For eighteen years

we've been bringing new and rare works to a Bay


The center contains both

non-profit organization dedicated to the exhibi­

International Lesbia� & Gay Fil m Festival is


To join Framel i ne, please visit our VIP Festival ' Ticket Office between May '20 and June) 8; or


Castro Street: Citizen, Head l i nes and A Different

The Members-Only Ticket Outlet is the place


Includes all of the above, plus a Festival

compliments, at the Members-Only Ticket Outlet.

New for this year: a ticket outlet just for

Through the Completion Fund, we

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San Francisco, CA 94103 Tel: (415) 703-8650

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O -It's-O u rs


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Eighteenth San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival  

Eighteenth San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival Program Guide (Frameline 1994)

Eighteenth San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival  

Eighteenth San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival Program Guide (Frameline 1994)

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