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J� � � BOfl/lt/y/ Enjoy the charm of country cabins in the heart of California's wine country. Fifes, the most complete resort of its kind ... anywhere. Call now for reservation. I (707) 86'-06�6 Summer Season-Open daily March 28 thru September 27th Fall Season-September 28 thru Halloween Weekend Write: PO Box 45, Guerneville CA 95446







We keep late hours! ight Fri. & Sat. until Midn m: "p til Sun.- Thu. un 248 Church at Market . 836 Irving at 10th Ave Blvd. a rin Ma at 3735 Buchanan Business hours only: ter lobby level Three Embarcadero Cen

Frameline presents FESTIVAL STAFF Michael Lumpkin, Director Maria Kellett, Associate Director Karen Larsen, Publicity David McManis,

'86 Festival Poster

Design Gary Rorick, Program Design Paul Bollwinkel, Program Notes Paul Thurston, Program Notes Michael Lumpkin, Program Notes Nikos Diaman, Program Notes

The Thnth San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

Susan Passino, Reception Coordinator Allison Rodman, Catering Lee Printing, Program Printing Jet Set, Typography

FRAMELINE Board of Directors 1985-86

June 20-29, 1986 Castro Theater Roxie Cinema Video Free America KOED

Susan Passino, President Paul Bollwinkel, Secretary 路 Maria Kellett, Treas urer Paul N. Thurston, Legal Counsel Robert Hawk Michael Lumpkin Sue Mitchell Calogero Salvo Howard Sullivan Dan Wohlfeiler John Wright


Director: Michael Lumpkin

John Canalli Sally Jones Chris Olson Laura Sanden Jeff Watts

HONORARY Board of Directors Peter Adair Allan Berube Harry Britt Robert Epstein Vivian Kleinman Armistead Maupin Pat Norman Frances Reid Vito Russo Liz Stevens Rikki Streicher Tim Wolfred

The Annual Festival is made possible by contributions of the FramE'line nwmbE'l'ship and by public funds from the San Francisco Hotel-Tax Fund,

thE' Califol'llia Arts Coun颅

cil and the National Association of Media Art Centers. Framelifle, PO. Box

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Times Square U.S.A., 7980

OPENING NIGHT The Festival celebrates its Tenth Anniversary with a champ agne reception at the Castro Theater beginning at 5:30

Dona Herlinda Y Su Hiio

(Dona Herlinda And Her Son) Mexico, 7985 This year's opening night feature is a sophisticated social comedy directed by Jaime Humberto Hermosillo, one of Mexico's most daring, original filmmakers. Dona Herlinda is a wealthy, fantastically manipulative widow living in Guadalajara who quietly accepts her son Rodolfo's affair with a handsome young music student, Ramon. After she invites Ramon to live with her family ("Rodolfo has such a big bed," she says) the situation becomes hilariously com­ plicated by Rodolfo's marriage of conven­ ience to Olga, a feminist and employee of Amnesty International. Dona Her/indo's comedy lies in watching Dona Herlinda flawlessly manipulate the people in her life while maintaining a Nancy Reagan-like' facade of cool detachment. Despite all the possibilities for disaster the characters in this film react to unbelievable situations with deadpan nonchalance. Jaime Humberto Hermosillo has directed twelve features-most dealing with the con­ ventions and petty concerns of middle class society. Doria Her/indo is his third collabora­ tion with producer Manual Barbachano Ponce, one of Mexico's most important inde­ pendent film producers.

Based on a story Hermosillo read in a Guadalajara newspaper Dona Her/indo has met with some interesting reactions in Mex­ ico. According to Hermosillo: "The most disturbing thing aboutthe film to some of the 'machista' audience in Mexico has not been the sex in the film but the tenderness-it's so tender, the relationship between the men, and some cannot accept that. I think that's terrible." Producer: Manual Barbachano Ponce Director, Screenplay: Jaime Humber to Hermosillo F rom a story by: Jorge Lopez Paez Director of Photography: Miguel Erhenberg Cast: Guadalupe Del Toro, Arturo Meza, Marco Antonio Trevino, Leticia Lupersio Print source: Cinevista, Inc., 353 West 38th St., New York, NY 10018 35mm, color, 90 min.

Released two years after Robert Stig­ wood's youth market success, Saturday Night Fever, Times Square was meant to cap­ ture the same audience that flocked to that musical story of young life in New York City. Times Square was too unconventional for a mass audience and Stigwood's production is now something of a cult film for gay and lesbian audiences who can readily see a les­ bian romance between its two main charac­ ters. Intentional or not, Nicky and Pamela seem undeniably to be sharing a touching, implicitly romantic relationship. Times Square is a music-filled story of two runaway teenage girls who find each other on the streets of New York. Nicky is tough, eccentric and full of rebellious spirit, while Pamela is more timid and thoughtful. To­ gether they explore New York's inner city­ dreaming, plotting and learning a great deal from each other. Their funny, touching story climaxes in a mass demonstration/party in Times Square after they go on the radio and call for all teenage girls to break free from family and convention and take to the streets. Robin Johnson and Trini Alvarado give remarkable performances as Nicky and Pamela, and the film features songs by Talking Heads, The Ramones, Patti Smith, The Cure, Lou Reed, Roxy Music and The Pretenders. Producer: Robert Stigwood Director: Allan Moyle Photography: James A. Cont Cast: Robin Johnson, Trini Alvarado Print source: Universal Film Exchange 35mm, color, 111 min.

�---;'iday, June 20

7:30, Castro Theater

Friday, June 20

10:00, Castro Theater


Festival Shorts

Love On The Line

U.S. A . , 7985

Director: K. O. Bec k m a n Print source: S i rus, P.O. Box 503, La H o n d a, CA 94020 1 6 m m (tra n sfer fro m video ta pe) , c o l o r, 1 min.

Beauties Without A Cause

U.S. A . , 7986

Producer, Director: David Wei ssm a n 1 6 m m, c o l o r, 7 m i n .

My First Suit

New Zealand, 7985

Director: Stewart Mai n Cast: Co n ra d C rawte, H eather L i n d s a y, Martyn S a nd erso n . Print source: N ew Zeal a nd F i l m Comm ission 1 6 m m , c o l o r, 2 8 m i n .

The Chance

West Germany, 7982

Director: Ch ri sto p h Eich horn 35 m m , B/W, 12 m i n .

What's A Nice Kid Like You. U.S. A .

Producer, Director: P. J . Caste l l a n eta Cast: R i c h a rd M i l l i kan, R i c k Gibbs, J ul i e H er m es 1 6 m m , B/W, 8 m i n .

Buddies U.S. A . , 7985 Buddies, t h e first A m e r i c a n fi l m t o d ra matize t h e AI DS crisis, is a n i n tensely per­ son a l story of a 3 2 -yea r-o l d Ca l ifo r n i a n dy­ i n g of AI DS i n a Man hatta n hosp ita l a nd the 25 -ye a r- o l d N ew Yorker who starts as his vo lunteer coun selor and beco mes his g reat­ est friend . Write r/ D i rector Arthur J. B ressa n , J r. i n­ cludes factua l i nfo rmation a b out A I DS, but more im porta ntly s hows that l ove a n d ca r­ i n g i s a l so a major part of this tragedy. "I m a d e this m ovie, " B ressan says, "because I had to m a ke it. T h i s one came fro m my hea rt . . . It is a very s m a l l m ovie a bout the l a n d sc a pe of the heart a nd caves with i n us." R o b ert, the patie nt, a n d David, his "bud­ dy," re sist one a nother at fi rst, but, a s ti me goes by and their hospital visits beco me more p e rs o n a l , the men s h a re th oug hts a n d ex­ periences that touc h them bot h . S i n c e F ra m e l i n e p re s e n t e d t h e wo r l d p re m i ere l a st yea r, Buddies h a s pl ayed to aud i e nces a round the wo rld a n d received c r i ti c a l a c c l a i m - b o t h fo r the fi n e p e r­ fo r m a nc e s of G eoff E d h o l d a n d D a v i d S c h a c h t e r, a n d t h e n o - n o n s e n s e , g ut­ wre n c h i n g e moti o n of the fi l m . Producer, Director, Writer, Editor: A rthur J. B re s s a n , J r. Cinematography : Ca rl Teitel baum Original Score: J effrey O l msted Cast: Geoff Ed h o l m , David S c hacter Print source: N ew Li ne Cinema, 575 Eighth Ave., N ew Yo rk, N Y 1 001 8 1 6 m m , c o l o r, 81 m i n .

Commercial for Murder U.S. A . , 7985

Great Gay Silents

Robert Vaughn at the organ

Anders Als Die Anderen (Different From The Others)

Germany, 7979 Anders Als Die Anderen i s a powerful story of the blackmail of a gay viol i n ist. Paul a t first tri es to change his sexual orientation through hyp n o s i s but when that p roves i neffective he con sults a sexua l specia l ist. H e i s told that his desires a re c o m p l ete ly n a tura l a n d that he should stop paying his blackm ail er. This l ong­ lost fi l m wa s m a d e as a p l ea fo r a n e n d to Germ any's n otorious Pa ra g ra p h 1 75 w h i c h outlawed h o m o sexua l a cts between m e n . Co n rad Ve idt we nt on to star in The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Casablanca a n d m a ny other fi l m s. Director: R i c h a rd Oswa l d Cast: Con rad Veidt, Rei n h o l d Schunzel, Fritz Schultz, D r. Mag nus H i rsc hfe l d Print source: U C LA F i l m Archive 35 m m, B/W, sil ent, 45 m i n . frag me nt.


U.S. A . , 7922

Ba sed on wo rk by Oscar W i l d e, Salome was not we l l received by c e n s o rs or c ritics when it wa s p resented by A l ia N azi mova in 1 9 2 2 . Sta rri ng a reputed l y a ll - g a y cast this hig h l y styl ized si l e n t fi l m ho rrified censors w h o deleted seve ra l seque nces i nc l ud i ng a gay relation s h i p between two Syrian soldiers. Arti st Aubrey Bea rdsley i n spired the sets and co stum es w h i ch were executed by N ata:;na R a m bova . Directors: N atasha R a m bova a n d C h a rles B rya nt Cinematographer: Cha rles Va n Enger Cast: Alia N az i m ova, M itchel l Lewis, N igel D e B rulier Print source: Kit Pa rker F i l m s, Car mel Va l l ey, CA 93924 1 6 m m , B/W, 2 2 m i n .

Producer, Director: Amy Gol dstein Cast: Dea n Ba rkwi l l , Ma rti na Di ebert Print source: Amy Gol dstei n, 236 W. 26th St., N ew Yo rk, N Y 1 0001 1 6 m m , c o l o r, 1 5 m i n .

Saturday, June 21 12noon, Castro Theater

Anders Als Die Anderen

Saturday, June 21 1:30, Castro Theater

Saturday, June 21 3:30, Castro Theater


--&:,��_ _Ik..

Children's Hour

Dos Ga nze Leben

(The Whole Of Life)

Switzerland, 7983

B a r b a ra , a fifty-year-old l e s b i a n whose l i fes p a n has ta ken her t h ro u g h correcti o n h o m es, mental h o s p ita l s, p ri s o n s a n d bouts of prostitutio n, ap proached fil m maker Bru no Mol l suggesti ng that he make a fil m of her life. Mo l l a g rees a n d engages an actress, Serena Wey, to i nterpret episodes i n Ba rbara ' s pa st. Ba rba ra h a s i n m i n d a Hol l ywo od-style b i o sta rri n g a n actress on t h e o rd e r of S u s a n Haywa rd d ra m atica l ly te l l i n g h e r story o f a l ife rui ned by b o u rgeois sta n d a rds. The result i s a s e m i - d o c u m en ta ry mixi ng bl ack a nd white seg e m e nts of Barbara a nd Serena d i s­ cussi ng the p ro ject with c o l o r scenes d e pict­ ing l ittl e stories fro m the 1 95 0 's, the h eyd ay of b o u rg e o i s exi ste nce. A l t h o u g h s h e i n iti a l l y d i sa p p roves of the yo u n g a ctress---.! ' S h e' s too fem i n i ne, " c o m ­ p l a i n s B a r b a ra , " most p e o p l e a re bisex u a l , b u t I ' m 1 0 0% l e s b i a n!'�the two wo m e n eventu a l l y d eve l op a rappo rt, c u l m i nating i n a fu n ny, sweet scene i n w h i c h Barbara shows Serena how to m a ke a pickup in a lesbian bar. Producer/Director/Script: B r u n o M o l l Camera: Edwin Horak Editor: Fra nz i s ka Wirz Cast: Serena Wey Print Source: P ro Hel veti a, Hirs c h e n g ra ben 2 2 , CH- 8 0 2 4 Zurich 1 6 m m , B/W & co l o r, 1 1 2 m i n .



Presentation of the First Annual FRAMELINE AWARD

The Celluloid Closet Vito Russo in person Five years after sel ling out the Castro at o u r 1 9 81 Festiva l , Vito R usso retu rns t o Sa n F ra n­ cisco with h i s enterta i n i n g review of g ay ci nema h i story that served as the basis for his best-se l l i n g book, "Th e Cel l u l o i d Closet . " Fro m c h a ra cter actors i n t h e Hollywood fi l m s o f t h e 3 0 ' s a n d 4 0 ' s t o fil m s l i ke The Children's Hou r a n d Boys in the Band ofthe 6 0 ' s to 7 0 ' s fi l m s l i ke Cruising and A Different Story, R usso has carefu l l y resea rched j u st about every i m ­ a g i n a b l e a spect o f Hol lywoo d ' s depiction o f g a y men a n d l es b i a n s . T h ro u g h fi l m c l i p s a n d d i sc u s s i o n R u sso shows h ow none of the traditi o n a l ste reo­ types reflect a true u n dersta n d i n g of h o m o­ sexua l s or h o m o sexual ity. In 1 981 R usso saw l ittle evidence that Ho l l ywood wa s m a ki n g efforts t o c h a n g e i t s ways : "To 'a sk' Ho l l y­ wood for a nyth i n g is a wa ste o f t i m e fo r a ny m i n o rity g ro u p; to a s k that a refl ecto r of society show l e s b i a n s a n d gay men as being p a rt of rat h e r t h a n bei ng o utsi d e the soc i a l n o r m w h e n they h ave n ot yet become a visi­ b l e p a rt of i t i s u n reaso nab le, contra d i ctory a n d destructive to gay l ife a n d l i bera ti o n . " T h i s u p d a ted ve rs i o n of T h e Cel l u l o i d Cl o set w i l l i n c l u d e cl i p s fro m Making Love, Silkwood, Beverly Hills Cop, Victor/Victoria an d otherfi l m s that have been released si nce Ru sso's l a st a p p e a ra n ce here. Fra m e l i n e tha n ks the fo l l owing d i stributo rs fo r m a ki n g ava i l a ble fi l m c l i p s fo r this p re­ sentation :

Ma nuel Y Clemente Spain, 7985 M a n u e l a n d C l e m e n te, l ov e r s a n d e m p l oyee s of a c h u rc h -ow ned i n s u ra n ce co m p any, d ream of bei ng successful in l ife a n d a re d rawn to EI Pa l m a r de Troya w h e re there is a d u b i o u s yet prospe ro us tra d e in re l i g i o u s i c o n s and re l i c s . M a n u e l a n d C l e m e n te see th e i r c h a n ce. Po s i n g a s a "prop het, " C l e m ente i niti a l l y i s a g reat suc­ cess a s a visiona ry. When the i n s u rance company learns what the pair i s up to i n their s p a re ti m e, they a re dismissed and m u st s u rvive solely on the al ms C l e m e nte c o l l ects fo r his visio n s . Wi n n i n g s u p p o rt from a g ro u p of m i l l i o n a i res, the re­ s o u rcefu l co u p l e m a n a g e s to p u rc h a s e the land they use fo r thei r a pparitions, cutting out the c o m petition. Sti ll lacking the s u p po rt of the c h u rch, they m a n a g e to co nvi n c e an o l d Vietna m e se b i s h o p to i n a u g u rate them as priests, then a s b i s h o p s . W h e n t h e Po pe d i e s i n R o m e, C l e­ mente a p poi nts h i mself to the offi ce of the Holy Father. The pair's d reams have a l l come true. B u s i ness i s boomi ng! Director and Script: Ja vier Pa l me ro R o m ero Camera: Tote Tren a s Editor: Jose M a r i a B i u r r u n Cast: Ju a n Jesus Va lverde, Angel de A n d res Lopez, Hector A l terio Print source: M i n i stry of C u ltu re, Spai n 3 5 m m , c o l o r, 93 m i n . P l us-

Love On The Line

(see 6-21 , 1 2 n o o n )

O ri o n C l a ssics MGM/UA Cla ssics Pa ra m o u n t Isl a n d F i l ms, Inc. Cinevi sta, Inc.

Saturday, June 21 5:00, Castro Theater

Saturday, June 21 7:30, Castro Theater

Saturday, June 21 10:00, Castro Theater


Australia, 7985

Jewel's Dar!

Four From The Commonwea lth

What Can I Do With A Male Nude? Great Britain, 7985

A s h o rt c o m ed y o n the taboo of the m a l e n ud e. I t s setti ng is a photographic studio a nd its b asic situation a photog raphic sess i o n , in w h i c h t h e p h o to g ra p h e r r u n s h i s m o d e l thro u g h the g a m ut of possi b i l ities o f " w h a t mig ht be per m i s sa b l e i n respect of a m a l e n u d e." P ro m pted i n part b y the latest piece of l eg i sl atio n i n G reat B rita i n a g a i n st the n u d e, the fil m sati rizes the repressions a n d confu s i o n s of t h e ph otog rapher, whose con­ fi d e n c e s to the a u d i e n c e c o n s titute the sou ndtrac k . Director, Writer: R o n Pec k Camera: C h r i stoph er H ug h es Cast: J o h n Levitt, J o h n B rown Print source: F ra m e l i ne, P.O. Box 1. 4792, S a n Francisco, C A 941 1 4 1 6 m m , c o l o r, 23 m i n .

Jewel's Darl

New Zealand, 7985

A s l ic k, v i s u a l l y m a g n ificent story of a h a n d so m e yo u n g a d ve rti sing exe c utive's bre a k-up with a long time lover a nd h i s comic a n d rea l istic l o o k for a new co m pa n i o n . U s­ ing a round bed placed i n a chu rc h converted to a home as a central image, Sleepin' Round presents a poignant look at the tra u m a of los­ ing a lover and the frustration oftryi ng to start over with s o m eone new. The hero in this Aus­ tra l i a n fil m beg i n s a new, inte n s e l y ro m a ntic rel a tio nship with his mil k m a n o n l y to find himself repeating the same d i s m a l patte rns that lead to the fai l u re of his first relati o n s h ip. F i l m ed i n vivid c o l o r, this i s o n e of the m ost original a n d creative s h o rt fi l m s a bo u t gay l ove seen in yea rs. Director: Michael Rogows ky Camera: El l e ry Rya n Print source: Austra l i a n Fil m I nstitute 1 6 m m, c o l o r, 22 m i n .

Ten Cents A Dance (Parallax) Canada, 1985

A striking split screen is u sed throughout the three scenes that m a ke up this new Ca n a d i a n fi l m t h a t dea l s with co m m u n ication, sex u a l ity a n d a l i e n atio n . In sce ne one a lesbi a n a n d a stra i g ht wo m a n d i scuss t h e i r pl a n n ed sex­ u a l e n cou nter. Scene two is a n exte nded ove r h ead shot of two m e n who m eet i n a bath ro o m sta l l . Scene th ree depicts phone sex b etween a m a n a n d a wo m a n . Director: M i d i Onodera Camera: David Bennel, Midi O no d e ra Print source: C a n a d i a n F i l m m a kers D i stribu­ tion West, 1 1 31 Howe St . , Va ncouver, B.C. V6Z 2 L7 C a n a d a 1 6 m m , co l o r, 30 m i n .

The adven t u res of Mandy, a m a n in d rag a n d J ewel, a tra n sexu a l and the l ove of h i s life. They a re both trapped on t h e fri nges o f a n u n sympathetic, mocki n g so ciety t h a t refuses t o try t o u nd ersta nd their u n u s u a l re l a ti o n s hip. R i c h a rd H a n n a a n d Georg i na Beye r give b r i l lia nt, very moving perfor­ ma nces i n a c l everly told and bea u tifu l l y photographed fil m d i rected b y Peter We l l s, o n e of N ew Zea l a n d 's most disti nctive n ew d i rectors .

An e n d u r i n g lesbian c l a s s ic, Maedchen In Uniform wa s a n i m medi ate popu l a r a n d critical success when it wa s re l e a sed in 1 931 . In Germany i t wa s g enera l ly c o n sidered the best fil m of the yea r, w h i l e i n N ew Yo rk, the "Wo r l d Tel eg ra m " ca l l ed it "the yea r's ten best progra m s ro l l ed into one." The reviewer fo r the " N ew Yo rk Hera l d Tri b u n e," ech o i ng the preva l e n t c riti c a l a s s u mption at the time s u m med up the fil m's the m e a s : "The d ra m a o f t h e need fo r ten d e rness a n d sympathy a s opposed t o the h a rs h n e s s of a tyran n i cal syste m of b o a rd i n g school d o m i natio n ." W h i l e edu catio n a l tyra n ny is certa in l y i n the foregro u n d o f Maedchen' s n a rrative, film hi sto ri an s, u ntil recent yea rs, h a ve been u n­ wi l l i n g or u n a b l e to see beyond the fi l m a s an a n ti-fascist, specifica l ly a nti- N azi metapho r. What seem s today to be so c l ea rly a sto ry of lesbi a n love h a s fo r years been s h ro u d e d i n safe, su spic i o u s ly g u a rded i nterpretati o n s . A young g i r l at a Germa n board i ng school fa l l s wil d l y, h ope l e s s l y in l ove with h e r bea utifu l yo u ng tea c h e r, a wo m a n w h o wa nts desperately t o respo n d t o a n other wo m a n . T h e i r story i s bri l l i a ntly woven i nto other, l e s s d o m i n a nt sto ry l i nes u n til the d ra m atic, m oving concl u sio n . The str u g g l e agai n st sex u a l repression that fo rms t h e core of th i s fi l m ca n no l o n ger be i g n o red . Direc­ to r Leo ntine Sag a n is we l l known fo r her u n u s u a l , ava nt-garde m o ntage style a nd superb use of so u n d . Director: Leo ntine Saga Cast: H erta T h i e l e, Dorothea Wieck, Em i l i a U nda Print source: Ki no I nternati o n a l Co rp. , 250 W. 5 7th St. , N ew Yo rk, NY 1 001 9 35 m m , B/W, 90 m i n.

Producers: J o h n Maynard, Bridget I ki n Director: Peter Wel l s Cast: Richard Hanna, Georgina Beyer Print source: New Zealand Film Commission 76mm, color, 28 min.

Sunday, June 22 1:00, Castro Theater

Maedchen In Uniform Germany, 7931

Sunday, June 22 Castro Theater

Sunday, June 22 3:00, Castro Theater -

TENTH SAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAL LESBIAN & GAY FILM FES TIVAL Gay San Francisco U.S.A., 7965-70 Shot between 1965 and 1970, Gay San Francisco is a rediscovered work that includes scenes filmed at Aquatic Park, Land's End, the Tenderlion, Polk and Market streets, and at lesbian and gay gatherings. After making the rounds to a variety of gay bars, we move to Twin Peaks (the "Swish Alps") for a BY OB gay party. Our lesbian gathering is more sub­ dued, sitting in a circle, petting cats, this gathering quickly changes its mood when a young woman takes off her blouse while do­ ing the jerk. Intercut with these scenes are interviews with three couples-gay men, lesbians and transvestites. They discuss everything from orgies and jealousy to police harassment and job security for cross dressers. The highlight of the film is a visit to a Hallo­ ween drag show at On The Levee. David Kelsey is at the organ, and on stage a parade of some of San Francisco's finest drag. Director: Jonathan Raymond Camera: Ed Muckerman, Lan Albert Print courtesy of Ed Muckerman 16mm, color & B/W, 60 min. Plus-

Guadalcanal Interlude U.S.A., 7944 Soldiers on R&R at Guadalcanal are enter­ tained by an outrageous Army drag. A gem from the National Archives, Washington, D.e. Film by S/Sgr Bob Woodside & Cpl. Neil Carter Narrator: P. F.e. Hal Kent Madame Latrine's gown by Cpl. Dave Kidd Print source: Frameline, P.O. Box 14792, San Francisco, CA 94114 16mm, B/W, 8 min. Note: T he exhibition of Guadalcanal'nter­ lude at this Festival in no way implies thatthose appearing in the film are homosexual.

Pervola, Sporen in de Sneeuw

(Pervola, Tracks In The Snow) Netherlands, 7985

West Coast Premiere A perfectly realized adult fairy tale, Tracks In The Snow should be the film that establishes Dutch director Orlow Seunke as a major new filmmaking talent. His only previous feature, A Taste Of Water, won a Golden Lion at the 1982 Venice Film Festival and Tracks In T he Snow is an even more original, haunting work. Simon and Hein are two feuding brothers, one gay and bohemian, one heartless and materialistic, who are obliged to bury their father where his will dictates-in Pervola, a frigid, unmapped wasteland to the north, where nature and civil turmoil pose logistical obstacles. Their journey is laced, as is the entire film, with an unusual combination of the outrageous (white-robed gypsies on skis, a goofy drunken guide, a pack of marauding wolves) and the poignant. Seunke's vision of an extravagant, surreal frozen landscape is so complete that the language the actors speak is made-up mock-Finnish that was developed by the screenwriters and actors as the film was being made. The blending of theater and life that occurs in this film has been compared to the work of Ingmar Bergman though its unusual story and startling imagery signal the arrival of a unique vision, one that includes gay sensi­ bilities in a fantasy tale of family love. Producers: Jan Musch, Tijs Tinbergen Director: Orlow Seunke Photography: Theo Bierkens Script: Orlow Seunke, Dirk Ayelt Kooiman Cast: Gerard Thoolen, Bram Van Der V lugt, Melle Van Essen Print source: Spring Films, 100 E. 17th St., New York, NY 10003 35mm, color, 95 min.

Sunday, June 22

5:00, Castro Theater

Sunday, June 22

7:00, Castro Theater

Sebastiane Great Britain, 7977 Original Uncut Version Long the subject of fascination among gay men (Yukio Mishima had his first orgasm while looking at a print depicting his martyr­ dom), St. Sebastiane was an obscure Roman mystic who might barely be remembered to­ day were it not for the homo-erotic rumors which have persistenly clung to him. In Sebastiane, directors DerekJarman and Paul Humpfress bring all the implied into the foreground, creating the frankly homosex­ ual world of their St. Sebastiane. In the process they have pulled off an amazing trick. They have made a beautiful film which evokes a realistic feeling of another place and time, explores the dual nature of spirituality and sexuality, and also depicts an ultimate homosexual fantasy. Handsome nude men seen relaxing to­ gether, practicing for battle and having sex might be enough to make this film the cult favorite that it is, but this is no mere porn movie. Every element, including the excellent photography, editing, Latin dialogue (with subtitles) and music by Brian Eno combine to lift the viewer into the world of Sebastiane and into the tug-of-war between the soul and flesh which is at the heart of this story. Directors:. Derek Jarman, Paul Humfress Screenplay: James W haley, Derek Jarman Phofography: Peter Middleton Editor: Paul Humfress Music: Brian Eno Print source: Cardinal Films 35mm, color, 90 min.

Sunday, June 22

9:00, Castro Theater


La Muerte De Mikel (The Death Of Mikel) Spain, 7984 Mikel is dead. Beginning with his funeral, the film then spins out the circumstances of his life and death,' set against a background that embodies a range of emotions and ten­ sions: tradition and independence; tolerance and rejection; joining and isolation. This area is the Basque country, itself a contradiction, with its scenic beauty and its history of bloodshed. Mikel is a young married man involved in the classical dual battle with his homosex­ uality, the struggle with himself and with society. The object of his desire is a man who has with great pains been able to bridge the male-female roles-the transvestite cabaret star Fama {played by himself}. Yet in Basque Country it is impossible to stay removed from the political climate. With terrorism virtually endemic, its hand also touches Mikel, as well as the reality of the severe measures of control undertaken by the police. He is a member of a radical, but legal, political group, where again the conflict be­ tween party and personal loyalty arises. The sum total is that it is justtoo much. Mikel finds that he cannot cope. His death pro­ duces the expected irony, that he resolves nothing for himself, and everything for his family and party.

Director: Imanol Uribe Screenplay: Imanol Uribe, Jose A ngel Rebolledo Cinematography: Javier Aguirresarobe Cast: I manol Arias, Montserrat Salvador, Fama, Amaia Laso Print source: Mil1istry of Culture, Spain 35mm, color, 89 min.

Mala Noche

A Strange Love Affair

U.S.A., 1985

Netherlands, 7985

Filmed on the streets of Portland, Oregon, Mala Noche is a stunning, ultra-realistic look at a young gay man's unrequited love for a 16 year old illegal alien from Mexico. Walt, who is openly and happily gay, lives and works among the transients, winos and migrant workers that make up Portland's skid row. W hen he meets Johnny he develops a hopelessly doomed passion that he seems to know is pointless and unrealistic but can't seem to shake. Director Gus Van Sant has created a beau­ tiful, highly stylized black and white film that features a charming, understated perfor­ mance by Tim Streeter as Walt. The anguish he feels over his obsessive attachment to a non-English speaking, frightened teenager is at once pathetic and completely under­ standable-the characters and milieu are that well defined. Mala Noche has been compared to Stranger Than Paradise and it does have a similar low-key realistic tone, but Van Sant's visual style is infinitely more interesting. It suits perfectly his original, matter-of-fact depic­ tion of Walt, one of the most believable, likable gay characters seen in years.

A Strange Love Affair is the sto r y of Michael, an American film instructor work­ ing in Holland. Michael's area of expertise is the Hollywood melodrama, andwefirst see him showing clips of Joan Crawford inJohnny Guitar and giving a lecture on love to his students. Taking a particular interest in the professor's teachings in a young, robust Dutch athlete. Soon the two are having romantic dinners at Michael's house listening to the soundtrack of Now Voyager, during which an extended volley of meaningful glances are exchanged. The relationship established, the couple ven­ tures off to visit the student's parents where Michael finds a love he lost fifteen years ago. Stunningly photographed in wide screen black and white, A Strange Love Affair owes much of its appeal to the camera work of Henri Alekan who photographed Cocteau's The Beauty and the Beast and won an Academy Award nomination for his work on William Wyler's Roman Holiday.

Producer, Director, Screenplay: Gus Van Sant Cinematography: John Campbell Sound: Pat Baum Original story: Walt Curtis Cast: Tim Streeter, Doug Cooeyate, Ray Monge, Nyla McCarthy Print source: Gus Van Sant, 1004 S.W. Jeffer­ son, Portland, OR 97201 16mm, B/W and color, 78 min.

Directors: Eric De Kuyper, Paul Verstraten Director of Photography: Henri Alekan Sound: Miguel Rejas Music: Tchaikovsky, Verdi, Bizet Print source: Ministry of Culture, Netherlands 35mm, B/W, 92 min. Plus-

The Chance {see 6-21, 12noon}


Switzerland U.S.A., 1986, 3 min. by Gus Van Sant

M onday, June 23

6:00, Castro Theater

M onday, June 23

8:00, Castro Theater

M onday, June 23

10:00, Castro Theater


France, 7936 The rarely seen comedy, Club Des Femmes, is set in an all-women's hotel in Paris, established to provide an environment for women to interact and support one another. The main characters include an attractive les­ bian, a young dancer with a healthy sex drive, a foreign student who becomes in­ volved in a prostitution ring and a man whose masculinity isn't threatened by dressing in drag. With traces of the classic American screw­ ball comedy, Club Des Femmes expresses a variety of sexual attitudes. In this 1936 film we find a principal character who is clearly a lesbian but not defined stereotypically. Alice's tragedy is, arguably, not being a les­ bian, but being in love with another woman who is unable to understand or return her affection. Club Des Femmes had a brief run in New York in 1937. However, it was a much shorter version with all nudity suppressed and large chunks of footage and subplots cut out. Key words were removed from the dialogue and the sub-titles were manipulated to re-inter­ pret relationships. I n spite of these changes, the film was still considered as too racy for the general public and never received na­ tional release. Director: Jacques Deval Cast: Danielle Darrieux, Betty Stockfield Print source: Tamarelle's French Film House, 110 Cohasset Stage Rd., Chico, CA 95926 16mm, B/W, 90 min.

Self Defense Westler-East of the Wall West Germany, 7985 U.S.Premiere Westler is a story of love divided by the Berlin Wall. The film starts in Los Angeles, about as farwestas a German touristcan go. Here Felix, the gay German, drives around in a convertible with his American friend Bruce, taking in all the sights of Hollywood. Later, the Old World and the new socialist order replace capitalist glitter when Bruce visits Felix in West Berlin, and they decide to take the day trip to the East. During the trip, Felix meets Thomas, an East Berliner. Their only timetogether is when Felix comes to the East for a day trip, forced to return by midnight. As the trips across the border become more and more frequent, suspicion is aroused and one day a border guard asks Felix to step into an examination room where he is told to strip for closer in­ spection to see if any smuggling is going on. F rustrated, the couple plan to meet in Prague wherethey can at least spend a whole evening together and hopefully plan Thomas' escape to the West. W ieland Speck's appearance at the Fes­ tival is made possible by support from the Goethe Institute, San Francisco. Director: W ieland Speck Screenpla y : W ieland Speck, Egbert Hormann Camera: Klemens Becker Print source: Speck & Schorling Filmproduc­ tion, Grainauerstr. 11, 1000 Berlin 30 16mm, color, 94 min. Plus-

Beauties Without A Cause

Canada, 7983 West Coast Premiere One of the most controversial gay-related movies ever made, Self Defense has been called a "gay version of Friday The 73th" by Vito Russo and was bitterly criticized for its excessive violence at a forum following its screening at New York's gay film festival. It has also been praised as an exciting suspense thriller that revolves around a sympathetic­ if somewhat patronizing-characterization of a gay man. If nothing else, Self Defense is a very interesting example of mainstream filmmakersincluding gay characters in a film genre that usually excludes them. The story is simple. During a police strike in Halifax, Nova Scotia, a group of right­ wing fascists invade a gay bar and metho­ dically execute everyone in it except Daniel, a timid young man who manages to escape. He is followed by the murderers to the apart­ ment of a stranger who lets him in and then refuses to turn him over to the thugs. W hat follows is similar to Peckinpah's Straw Dogs in its suspense and violence as the residents of the apartment building fight off the murderers who try just about everything to get to Daniel. Self Defense is undeniably exciting, grip­ ping from its first horrifying scenes and cer­ tain to elicit a strong response from its festival audience. Producer: Michael Donovan Director: Paul Donovan Screenplay: Keith Brewer Photography: Les Krizsan Cast: Doug Lennox, Brenda Bazinet, Tom Nardini, Terry Despres Print source: New Line Cinema, 575 Eighth Ave., New York, NY 10018 35mm, color, 90 min.

(see 6-21, 12noon)

Tuesday, June 24 6:00, Castro Theater

Tuesday, June 24 8:00, Castro Theater

Tuesday, June 24 10:00, Castro Theater


Lesbian Shorts The Waltz U.S.A., 7985 A very simple, beautiful line drawing a woman dancing. Creative animation. Directors: Kathleen Connor, Kim Foley 16mm, color, 1 min.

Lesbians U.S.A., 7986 This "talking heads" documentary short makes its points quickly and concisely by in­ troducing us to a small group of lesbians discussing their lives. Director: Pam Walton 16mm, color,S min.

Parachute West Germany, 7986 A woman receives anonymous letters ac­ companied by a series of photographs to do with herself that confuse, worry, but also increasingly fascinate her .... Director: Sabine Eckhard Screenwriter: Petermann/Hannimann 35mm, B/W, 13 min.

Passion: A Letter in 16mm Canada, 7985 A stylish, complex depiction of a woman's one-sided, unsatisfying love affair with a strong performance by Linda Griffiths as the miserable but insightful woman. Producer, Director, Screenwriter: Patricia B. Rozema Cast: linda Griffiths 16mm, color, 28 min.

Ten Cents A ,Dance (Parallax) (see 6-22, 1 :OOPM)

Wednesday, June 25 6:00, Roxie Cinema

Lieve Jongens

(Dear Boys)

Netherlands, 7980 An astute, wickedly funny satire on certain aspects of gay male behavior, Dear Boys was a somewhat controversial entry when shown at the festival in 1981. Some viewers com­ plained that Paul de Lussanet's film complete­ ly lacked sympathy for its comic, sex­ obsessed characters while others praised it for cleverly and subtly exaggerating S&M, pornography, youth & beauty obsessions, sentiment and just about everything else. Dear Boys is the story of Wolf, a wealthy and talkative novelist suffering from writers block. He arranges for his much younger lover Tiger to seduce another beautiful young man. Wolf then begins an elaborate seduction of his own of the new boy, accom­ plished through a series of erotic, comic sex fantasies that Wolf tells the boy and that we see on the screen. There is nothing sacred in . these fantasies that explore Catholic guilt, S&M, sexual posession, sexual jealousy and the trauma of romantic love. As the story unfolds there is great pleasure in seeing Wolf, one of the most outrageous gay characters ever put to film, struggle desperately to hold on to the two lovers he so shamelessly manipulates. Dear Boys is based on a novel by Gerald Reve, Holland's most successful gay writer.

The first gay film to be produced by the newly uncensored Argentine cinema, Adios, Roberto is a witty entertaining comedy about the initiation into homosexuality of a young man with a macho reputation. Recently separated from his wife, Roberto moves in with Marcelo who eventually re­ veals his homosexuality. His first experience with gay sex occurs (as it often does) after a drunken nightout. Afterwards, Roberto feels the shame and guilt expected of him in a Catholic society. Despite his concern for his young son and the reactions of those around him, Roberto soon begins to realize that he did enjoy his encounter with Marcelo and to question the damnations of his ex-wife, former fiancee and priest (who punches Roberto after hear­ ing his confession) . Seeking analysis to help sort things out, Roberto begins to experience a barrage of ghosts, past and present inter­ twining in revealing and amusing ways. Fi­ nally, he realizes that a choice must be made. Producers: Jorge and Enrique Dawi Director: Enrique Dawi Screenplay: Lito Vecchione Camera: Luis Vecchione Cast: Carlos Andres Calvo, V ictor Laplace, Ana Maria Picchio Print source: National Institute of Cinematography, Argentina 35mm, color, 90 min. Plus-

What's A Nice Kid Like You (see 6-21, 12noon)

Producer: Matthijs van Heijningen Director: Paul de Lussanet Screenplay: Chiem van Houweninge, based on Gerard Reve's novel Photography: Paul van den Bos Cast: Hugo Metsers, Hans Dagelet, Bill van Dijk Print source: The Ministry of Culture, Netherlands 35mm, color, 90 min.

Wednesday, June 25 8:00, Roxie Cinema

Wednesday, June 25 10:00, Roxie Cinema




:§ 'S

IV or: N >­ '1J C


.......... �,. �


The Death of Mikel

The AIDS Show

(see 6-23, 6pm)

U.S.A., 1986


The AIDSShowvideo began in 1985 when Bay Area filmmakers Robert Epstein and Peter Adair decided to collaborate on a film about AIDS: "We talked for a long time about doing a documentary that looked at the impact of AIDS on our community-not a medical film, but one that would address the more intangible, invisible effects. Then a friend suggested we see a play at a local community theater. It was called 'The A.I.D.S. Show.' The initial inspiration for " The A.I. D.S. Show," an acronym for "Artists Involved in Death and Survival," came in 1984 when Theatre Rhinoceros founder Allen Estes and two colleagues envisioned a series of theater pieces to be presented at the time of the Democratic convention to focus public atten­ tion on AI DS. Under the direction of Leland Moss, the play-a collection of music, satire, dramaticmonologue and comedy sketches­ became a smash hit at the Theatre Rhino­ ceros. W hen the theater decided to mount a new, updated version in the fall of 1985, (co-directed by Moss and Douglas Hols­ claw), Adair and Epstein decided to follow its development from the initial auditions through its premiere. The result is a moving, beautifully photo­ graphed combination of theater and docu­ mentary that captures the incredible excite­ ment of live theater and intensifies the power of the play's messages. Robert Epstein is the Oscar winning director of The Ti mes of Harvey Milk and co-directed Word Is Out and Greetings From Washi ng ton D.C. Peter Adair co-directed Word Is Out and directed Stopping History. II

5:30 & 8:30,


Male Nudes


What Can I Do With A Male Nude?

Netherlands, 1985 West Coast Premiere

(see 6-22, 1:OOPM)

Looking for her Portuguese lover, Mara has traveled to Lisbon where in search of Luisa she ultimately finds herself. In a kaleidoscope of memory, fantasy and reality, Mara wan­ ders through the breathtaking landscape of coastal Portugal reflecting on their past love. W ith a style reminiscent of Maya Deren and Stan Brakhage, director Angela Linders brings the viewer into Mara's psychological turmoil of trying to relive the past. Director, Script: Angela Linders Camera: Goert Gilataij Music: Amilcar Vasques Dias Cast: Marijke Beversluis, Sao Jose Lapa Print source: The Minstry of Culture, Netherlands 16mm, color, 58 min.

Solo Five Naked Surfers The Closet These three films from the late 60's and early 70's by director Joe Tiffenbach take an innocent, highly erotic look at the male body. A silent work (no sound is needed to get the full impact of this piece), Solo follows a hand­ some young man as he strips his way through the woods and finds self gratification among the trees. Five Naked Surfers captures a day at the beach with a group of surfer boys who don't surf-or anything else-with clothes on. The Closet is Tiffenbach's best known work. In a blackened room a naked young man is given the massage of his life by a handsome body builder. Print source: V ideodrome, 584 Castro St., Suite 391, San Francisco, CA 94114

Nudes (A Sketchbook) Though it includes studies of both male and female subjects, Curt McDowell's Nudes is fundamentally a male homosexual cata­ logue of sexual (often graphic) interpreta­ tions of the personalities offriends, lovers and relatives. Highly romantic, this collection of cinematic drawings is thought by many to be the filmmaker's most accomplished work. Print source: Canyon Cinema, 2325 Third St., Suite 338, San Francisco, CA 94107 16mm, B/W, 30 min.

Producers, D irectors: Peter Adair, Robert Epstein Director of Photography: Tomas Tucker Coordinating Producer: Haney Armstrong Tape source: Epstein/Adair Co-Productions, 20 51 Third, St., San Francisco, CA 94107 color videotape, 58 min.

Thursday, June 26

I " What Can I Do With A Male Nude?

Thursday, June 26 6:00, 8:00, Roxie Cinema

Thursday, June 26 10:00, Roxie Cinema


Barbara Hammer Short Films 1 983-85 In 1982 Fram eline presented a special tribute to Barbara H a m m e r, to celebrate her first ten years of fil m m aking, at the Sixth San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival . One of the most vocal and prolific l esbianlfeminist fil m m akers, she is an artist whose wo rk continues to contribute signifi­ cantly to our cultu ral move m ent a n d wh ose fil ms since 1982 d eserve a special showcase. Al ways searchi ng for new ways to co m ­ mu nicate, new imagery a n d subject matte r, Barbara H a m m e r has beco m e a d o min ant fo rce in expe rim e n tal, anti-narrative fi l m circles. She i s fasci nated by the mechanics o f fil m a n d its ability t o explo re intellect ual them es. I n Bent T ime she attempts to capture in pictu res the scientific theory that light rays curve at the outer edges of the unive rse, leading scientists to theorize that ti m e be n d s. I n Doll House she captures an echo of the mili­ ta nt femi nism that informed her earlier work whi l e Parisian Blinds is an abstract study that questi o n s the pe rcepti o n s of tou rists by repeating the ro ute of an excursion boat in . Paris. H er latest film, T he Optic Nerve, returns to a more personal film representation, one that works o n an intellectual and e m otional leve l . These films are visually rich, thought provok­ ing and skillfully made exa mples of work of a pre miere voice in avant gard e lesbian / feminist film m aking. Stone Circles, 1 983, 10 m i n . N ew York Loft, 1 98 3 , 9 m i n . Dol l House, 1 98 3 , 4 m i n . Bent Ti m e, 1 984, 22 m i n . Pearl Diver, 1 984, 6 m i n . Parisi a n B l i n ds, ,1 984, 6 m i n . Tourist , 1 984-8 5 , 3 m i n . Optic Nerve, 1 98 5 , 1 6 m i n . Print source: Barbara Hammer, 1 29W. 22nd St. , New Yo rk , NY 1001 1

R'iday, June 27 6:00, Roxie Cinema

Los Placeros Ocultos (Hidden Pleasures) Spain, 7 978

Mad e prior to The Deputy w h ich played in our 1983 Festival, Eloy de la Iglesia's Hidden Pleasures covers similar te r rito ry. H e re, Eduard o, a han dso m e, fo rty-ish, gay bank president, plays a waiting gam e with Miguel, a young stud ent he noticed on the streets. As he beco m es m o re and m o re obsessed with the boy, Eduardo follows Miguel to whe re he lives and se n d s hi m a job offer to co m e and wo rk at the ban k . Soo n , Miguel is also d o ­ i n g private wo rk a t the banke r's apartm ent typing (with two fingers) Eduard o's u nfinish­ ed n ovel . All of this in an effo rt to get closer to any possib le sexual e ncounter with Miguel. After Miguel's f riends begin to talk about this close frien dship, Ed uardo d ecides that he m u st reveal his true feelings to the boy. Ac­ cepting of his sexuality, Miguel introduces his girlfriend to Ed uardo and a platonic menage a trois d evelops. H oweve r, a powe rful co nflict waits in the . wings in the form of less tole rant fo rces­ vindictive ness, greed and ign o rance. O n e of the first militant Spanish gay films fro m the post- Franco era, Hidden Pleasures is a ti m eless work of courage, ho n esty and co m m itment. Director: Eloy d e la Igl esia Script: Rafael Sanchez Campoy, Eloy de la Iglesia Cinematography: Caslos Suarez Print source: Azteca Films, 555 N. La B rea Ave., H ollywood, CA 90 0 36 35m m , color, 97 m i n . Note: T his American release print has been dubbed into Mexican-accented Spanish with English subtitles.

Friday, June 27 8:00, Roxie Cinema

Wiener Brut Austria, 7 985 W iener Brut, the first Austrian gay film to co me to the U.S. is a riotous mixture of squat­ ters, princesses, pu n ks, baro n s, clergy a n d politicia ns. Nothing that i s ho l y o r wo rth dam ning to Austrians is left out of this colo r­ ful pan o rama. The lo ng-since ousted aristocracy who, in ord e r to keep their d rug supp l y flowi ng, is plan ning a revolutio n against the socialist gove r n m ent helped by a group of u n d e r­ privileged youths. Soon they find o u t that all the anarchist youths want a re the cro w n jewels. The collabo ratio n i s shatte red eve n further when the prin cess hears of a plot to turn the opera house into a rock pal ace. W iener Brut runs all ove r the place in gorgeous costumes and piled - o n wigs. It is a parody of the Austrian m o narchy-a d ar­ ing travesty of a cou ntry's past-in short, the entire V ien n ese " sce ne." Producer, Director: H ans Fadler Script: H an s Fadler, Kurt Frei m u ller Camera: Peter Mazzuchelli Cast: Arthur Si nge r, We ndy Si nger, Tho mas, Sch m u th, Martin Wiech Print source: Fanto m- Film, Stu mpe rgasse 7/ 1 4, A- 106 0 Wien, Austria 3 m m (transfer from %" vid eo), colo r, 97 min.

Friday, June 27 10:00, Roxie Cinema


I nev itable Love U.S. A . , 7986

Com ing Of Age U.S. A . , 7986 Coming Of Age is a video celebrati o n of a re m a r ka b le m a n a n d h i s e q u a l l y re ma rk­ a b l e co m m u n ity. La st March 1 0th at the Cal ifornia Cl u b, San Fra nci sca ns gathered to pay tri bute to C h u c k Sol omon, a m ajor fig u re i n the S a n F ra n cisco g a y th eater co m m u n ity fo r the p a st d e c a d e. The g a l a d i n ner pa rty wa s h i g h l i g hted by a staged trib ute featur­ i ng s o m e of S a n Franci sco's mo st ta lented enterta i n e rs, i n c l u d i n g the San Fra n c i sco M i m e Tro u pe, c o m i c To m A m m i a no, the cast of the AI DS S h ow and si nger Esmere l d a . Coming Of Age captures the excitement of that eve n i n g a nd i n c l u d e s i nterviews with C h u c k a n d ove r twen ty of C h u c k ' s l oved ones-fri e n d s a n d fa m i l y-foc u s i n g on why C h u c k has affected so m a ny l ives i n the past an d how he conti n u es to i n spire so many with h i s stro n g co m m i t m e n t to l i vi n g . C h u c k So l o m o n wa s d i a g nosed with A I DS in Octo­ ber of 1 98 5 . T h i s video is a tribute to h i m , h i s work in the theater a nd t o t h e com m unity that h i s l ife h a s bro u g h t together. Producers: Ma rc H u esti s a n d Wendy D a l l a s Director: Marc H uesti s Tap e source: O ut s i d e r P rod uctio n s, 6 2 0 Gue rrero St. , #4, Sa n Franci sco, C A 941 1 0 % " Vid eo, co l o r

Inevitable Love is an erotic, ex plicit story of two s u pposedly stra i g ht m a l e fri e n d s a nd wrestling pa rtn e rs who go thei r sepa rate ways, h a ve a n u m ber of gay sex u a l experi­ ences a n d end u p reu n ited, passio nately, i n evita b l y i n l ove. T h e sett i n g s a re fa m l i a r to e rotic fi l m fa ns-a n a rmy ba rrack,a gymnasium, a rest­ ro o m , the g r u b by d ressing room where fac­ tory worke rs h a n g o ut, the fro n t seat of a car- b u t the a ction is d i fferent. Some i s very q u iet a n d sensu a l i nvol vi ng feathers a nd whi p ped c rea m . S o m e is more ra u n c hy a n d s o m e i s ju st fu n i n c l u d i n g a stri p poker ga me. It's a l l rel ated to the story of H a l , who r u n s off to g ra d school, a n d Gary, who j o i n s t h e Ar my. G a ry m a kes l ove with h i s A rmy b u d d i es, with Casey Do nova n in the ca r a n d with co­ wo rke rs, a l l the while writi ng letters to H a l , wa nti ng t o c o m e o u t to h i m b u t neve r b e i n g a b l e to. G a ry's l ife ta kes a ro m a ntic ro ute as he beco mes i nvolved with a respected-a nd ve ry s e n s u a l -g a y a ctivist and writer. T h e p ro d u c e r s c a l l I n e vita b l e Love a hea lthy sex video beca u se they've c h osen to portray a wider spectrum of sex- intercourse with cond o m s for one-th a n ca n cu rrently be cal led a bsol utely safe. Sti l l , t h i s is an i m por­ tant new ste p i n e rotic fi l m m a ki n g a n d a fi l m that s h ows h ow e a s i l y we ca n m o d i fy o u r behavior. Producer: D r. J a m es H a rrison & I ntel l igence i n Video I nc. Director, Writer: H e n ry Mach Editor: J eff Satki n Cast: Pat A l l en, Wi l l i a m L. Ka n e, Casey D o n ova n, J o n K i n g Print source: I ntel l i gence i n Vi deo, 1 23 W. 44th St. , G LA, N ew Yo rk, N Y 1 0 036 %" Vid eo, co l o r, 85 m i n .

Friday, June 27 7:00, Video Free America

Friday, June 27 9:00, Video Free America

No Sad Songs Canada, 7985 Amid the hysteria, the m i slead i n g medical reve l a ti o n s a n d the ava l a n c h e of contrad ic­ tory i nfo r m a t i o n , a l o n g co m e s No Sad Songs, a sane and brilliantly made fi l m a bo ut AI DS fro m C a n a d a . Ca l ml y and l uc i d l y, 37-ye a r-o ld J i m B l a c k ta l ks a bo u t the di sease that i s k i l l i n g h i m . H i s face i s emaci ated but h i s m ood is serene, h i s sense o f h u m o r u nchanged . H e tel l s o f h i s l ife a n d the i m mense tenderness he fee l s fo r h i s best fri end, Kevin an d o f h i s b roth er's fa m i l y a n d t h e i r rejecti o n . H e speaks of t h e death h e i s fa c i n g with co u ra g e. The c a s e of Cath e r i n e H u n t i s eq u a l l y m ovi n g . H e r b rother i s a n AI DS pati ent a n d fo r her, fa m i ­ ly l ove i s the mo st prec i o u s th i n g on ea rth . T h e i r stories a re creative l y ju xta posed with a series of performa nces by Ca n a d i a n m u si­ c i a n s a nd pe rfo rm a nce a rtists i n c l u d i n g David Roche del iveri ng a d evastating mo no­ l o g u e dressed as a fi re m a n . T h e d o c u m entary p o rt i o n s of No Sad Songs a re na rrated by Kate Reid, a Canadian c h a racte r actress re m e m b ered fo r feature rol es i n Atlantic City and cou ntless other fi l m s as wel l as a sta rri ng ro le a s Mrs. W i l l y Lo m a n in Death O f A Salesman opposite D u sti n H offm a n . Director/ P roducer N ic k S h e e h a n h a s worked a s a writer i n To ronto' s i nd e p e n ­ dent fi l m co m m u nity and is cu rrently develop­ i n g a feature l ength comedy-dra ma cal led Star Baby . Producer, Director: N ick Sheeh a n Director of Photography : Pa u l M itc h n ic k Editor: Mi u mw J a n Prin t source: contact Fra m e l i n e 1 6 m m , c o l o r, 61 m i n .

Saturday, June 28 12noon, Roxie Cinelna

TENTH SAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAL LESBIAN & GAY FILM FESTIVAL Icome e ! Your answer iii cleaner automatic washes !





Ten Yea rs of Shorts A col lection of s h o rt fi l m s fro m the Festiva l ' s fi rst d eca d e.

Breaking 7979

Dire c to r : D o u g H a y n e s 1 6 m m , col o r, 8 m i n .

Susana 7980

Director: S u s a n a B l a u stein M u noz 1 6 m m , B/W, 23 m i n .

Public 7970

Director: Art h u r D o n g 1 6 m m ( b l ow-u p fro m su per- 8 ) , co l o r, 5 m i n .

Lost Love

(see 6-26, 9 : 0 0 PM )

u.S. A . , 7985


Evocative a n d someti mes d i st u r b i n g , t h i s fi l m i s a c o u ra,g eous exp l o rati o n of m e m o ry a n d the road to self rea l izatio n a n d a ccep­ ta nce. J a c k Wa l sh ' s Ch ronicle m i xes fi l m g e n re s - n a rrative, d o c u m e n ta ry, ex p e r i ­ me nta l-as perso n a l h i story a n d h i sto rica l eve nts c o l l i de. The period (1 95 4 -1 9 6 9 ) i s reco nt ructed t h ro u g h fo u n d foota g e, re­ p h o t o g ra p h e d h o m e m ov i e s , o p t i c a l l y pri nted materials, static copy-sta nd a n d icon p h otog ra p hy (movie and rock ' n ' ro l l sta rs) , l ive-a ction ca me ra wo rk, vo ice-over n a rra ­ t i o n a nd re- p rocessed popu l a r m u sic of the ti m e s .


Cerebral Accident u.S. A . , 7986

Directors: J a mes B roug hton, J oel S i n g e r 1 6 m m , col o r, 20 m i n .

. . . and he'll grow up to be big and strong . .

(see 6-25, 6 PM )

Director: J a c k Wa l s h Print source: Ca nyon Cinema, 2 3 2 5 Third, St. # 3 3 8 , San Fra n ci sco, CA 941 0 7 1 6 m m , c o l o r, 42 m i n .

Director: Cathy Zheutlin 1 6 m m , co l o r, 12 m i n .



Working Class Chronicle



-I ,

Working Closs Chronicle

D re a m s, m e m o ries a n d death a re i m a g i n­ atively treated i n a c o m pe l l i n g b a rra g e of visu a l a n d a u ral i m agery as a yo u n g gay man sits at the bedside of h i s dyi ng fat h e r. Director: C h a rl es Derry Print source : C h a rl es Derry, Wri g h t State U n iv. , Theater Dept . , Dayto n , OH 45406 1 6 m m , co l o r, 2 8 m i n .


Director: To m Sa i ler 1 6 m m , col o r, 27 m i n .

David Roche Talks to You About Love 7985

Director: J e re my Pode swa 1 6 m m , col o r, 2 2 m i n .

Saturday, June 28 '1 :30, Roxie Cinema

Saturday, June 28 Roxie Cinelna


SatuIUay, June 28 Roxie Cinema


TENTH SAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAL LESBIAN & GAY FILM FESTIVAL Video at Video Free America 442 S h otwe l l at 1 8th St. Free Admission A video smorgasbord of tapes by or about North American lesbians and gays, all you can watch for free. The menu will appeal to a variety of tastes. The length of individual pieces ranges from a minute totwo hours long. An informal setting allows viewers to come and go, to sample tidbits or indulge in a visual feast of the newest works in this exciting elec­ tronic medium.

EI Lugar Sin Limites

(A Limitless Place)

Mexico, 7977

F i rst show n in 1 983, A Limitless Place (Hell Without Limits) i s o n e of the m ost successful fi l m s S a n F ra n cisco's Lesb i a n a n d Gay F i l m Festiva l h a s eve n show n . I t is a m oving story a bout sexua l repression i n the third wo rl d that rises a bove its s i mpl e m e l od ra m a l a rgely beca u se of its strong centra l c ha racter, La Ma n u l a . La M a n u e l a i s a d rag q u een l iving with h i s d a u g hter i n the whorehouse they own on the edg e of a dyi n g town in r u ral Mexico. Both a re attra cted to, yet afra id of Pa n c h o, a vio l e n t m a n w h o has neve r u n d erstood the attractio n he fee l s fo r La Ma n u e la . When Pa n c h o's b rutal ity s u rfaces a n d h e beg i n s to to rment the d a u g hter, d e m a n d i n g that she strip i n the b rotb.el 's sal oon, La Manuela comes to h e r rescue, boldly sed ucing Pa ncho with a dance that leads to a pa ssionate kiss. By the fil m's fi nal scenes La Manuela has become the m ost l i ka bl e, strongest character in the fi l m . He is fa r m o re h o n est a b out h i m s e l f t h a n the others a n d emerges, after a s e ri e s of ag o n i z i n g c o nfrontations, as a tru l y h ero ic fi g u re. D i rector A rturo Ripste i n beg a n h i s fi l m career i n 1 9 63 a s Lu i s B u n u e l ' s a ssistant o n The Exterminating Angel a n d Simon O f The Desert. A Limitless Place i s h i s n i nth fi l m as d i rector. Director, Script: A rturo R ipstei n Camera: M i g u e l G a rzon Cast: Lucha Villa, Ana Marti n, Gonza l o Vega Print source: Azteca F i l m s, I nc . , 555 N o rth La B rea Ave., Hol lywood, CA 90036 35 m m , co l o r, 1 1 0 m i n .

Nous Etions Un Seul Homme

(We Were One Man) France, 7979

A m od e r n g a y cl assic, We Were One Man

ta kes place i n F ra nce i n 1 943 a n d i s the story of G u y, a French fa rmer about to be ma rried, a n d Rolf, a wou nd ed Germ a n s o l d i e r. O n e day G u y fi n d s Ro l f, ta kes h i m h o m e, n u rses him to health and tries to preven t his return to t h e Army. G ra d u a l ly the men d i scover a m utua l attracti o n that l e a d s to a n i ntense rel a ti o n s h i p and a lyrical, h i g h l y e rotic love sce n e. Rolf i s a s o l d i e r who doubts the val u e of h i s co m m itment t o t h e N azi ca use. G u y b l oc ks o u t m e m o ries of h i s recent i n ca rceration i n a m e ntal h ospita l a n d suffers from hall uci na­ tio n s . T h ei r rel ati o n s h ip serves as a cata lyst for both men a s they explore long suppressed fee l i n g s . We Were One Man had i t s U . S. P re m i e re at the C h i c a g o I nternati o n a l F i l m Festiva l i n 1 98 0 where i t was awarded the prestig io u s Si lve r Hug o. Writte n, produced, edited a n d d i rected b y F ra nce's pre m i e re g a y d i rector, P h i l ippe Va l l o i s w h o went on to d i rect the g reat body- b u i l d i n g m u rder mystery spo of, Rainbow Serpent. Producer, Director, Writer, Editor: P h i l ippe Va l l o i s Camera: F ra nco i s A bo u t Cast: S e rg e Ave d i ki a n , P i o t r Sta n i s l a s, Cathe ri ne A l b i n Print source: Fra me l i n e, P.O. Box 1 4792, S a n Fra n cisco, C A 941 1 4 1 6 m m, color, 9 0 m i n . Plus-

11:30 The Other Half Great Britain, 7984

U.S. Premiere

A B ritish d o c u m e n ta ry focu s i n g on the af­ fectionate, s o l id relati o n sh i p between S i r A n g u s Wildon, a wel l-known Eng l i s h nove l i �t a n d h i s l over of 32 years, To ny Ga rrett. T h e i r i n spi ring story i s t o l d thro u g h a c o m bi n ation of day-to-day a n d i nterview footage. The Other Half i s o n e epi sode of a six pa rt B BC series on co ntempo ra ry re lati o n s h ips. Director: J o n a t h a n Gi l i Producer: Edwa rd Mi rzoeff Print source: B BC-tv, Tel evision Centre, Wood La n e, Lo n d o n W1 2 7 RJ %" tra n sfer of 1 6 m m pri nt, co l o r, 30 m i n .

12noon Wild Life A video portrait of- two 1 5 -ye a r- o l d g ay latinos. The piece c o m bi nes d o c u m e nta ry­ styl e inte rviews with ficti o n a l � e g m e n � s i n which t h e you ng m e n a c t out the, r fanta s'ze day i n Los A n g eles. As they ta l k a b� ut t e l r lives w e s e e scenes of t h e m c h a n g i n g I nto ' w i l d sty l e cl o t h e s on t h e street, c r u i s i ng a ro u n d "Gay City," m eeti n g thei r frie n d s at the pa rk, a n d " t h rowi n g attitude." hey a re q u estioned a bout the natu re of b e i n g g ay, rel ati o n s h i ps with friends a n d l overs, styl e a n d i m a ge, a n d their use of gay l a n g u a g e.

Producer/Director: J o h n C. Goss Tape source: J oh n C. Goss, 1 242 S. Ri m pa u, Los A n g e l es, CA 9001 9 %", c o l o r, 4 0 m i n . , 1 9 85

Sleepin' Round (see 6-22, 1 : O O PM )

Saturday, June 28 8:00, Roxie Cinema

Saturday, June 28 10:00, Roxie Cinema

Saturday, June 28 Video Free America


2 :45



A br ief cute lave n d e r a n i m ated p u b lic se r­ v i c e a n n o u n c e m e n t fo r C h r i s t C h a p e l Metro po l ita n Com m u n ity C h u rch o f Sa n ta A n a , Califo r n i a .

A d o c u m e n ta ry on the e i g h t m o nt h - o l d AI DS/A R C v i g i l at San Fra ncisco's U . N . Pl aza w h e re p e o p l e with AI DS a n d A R C h a ve c h a i n ed t h e m sel ves to the Fed e ra l B u i l d i n g to p u b l i cize the need for i n creased Fed e ra l response to the crisis.

Producer, Director: A n n Rappa p o rt %", c o l o r, 71 sec . , 1 9 86

Parents Come Out An i n sig h tful docu m en tary of eight wo m e n a n d m e n w h o have l esbian daug hters o r g a y so n s . T h e s e a re the sto ries of p a re nts w h o q u estioned , l ea rned a n d pu shed themselves beyo n d the s i m p l i stic ex pla nations and prej­ u d i ces of a h o m o p h o bi c society to rea c h a better u n de rsta n d i n g a n d acce pta nce of thei r c h i l d re n .

Grey Hideaway

Producer: Cindy Gaffney %", c o l o r, 30 m i n . , 1 9 86

Bill Pope : Portrait Of A Native Son An a utob i o g ra p h ical account by a g a y S a n F ra n ciscan coveri n g h i s child hood i n t h e ci ty, h i s m e m ories of the Sixties a n d experienc es in t h e Pea ce Corps i n La ti n A m e rica a s we ll a s h i s res ponse to being d i ag nosed with A RC a n d what he h a s been doing since that ti me.

A g a y m a l e erotic m u sic video wh ich is p a rt of a longer work, Chance Of A Lifetime, to be shown la ter this eve n i n g . T h i s seg m e n t depicts g roup sex a g a i n st a backg ro u n d of g ray m eta l g ri d , bodies sta n d i n g out l i ke liv­ ing scu l pture in a n i n d u strial envi ron m e nt.

Producer: Raym o n d J a c o b s , Gay M e n ' s H ealth Crisis Directors : Merri l l A l d i g h i eri, J o e Tri pici a n Tape source: Co- D i recti o n s, 2 7 6 Riverside #4C, N ew Yo rk, NY 1 0 025 %", color, 6 m i n . , 1 9 86

4:45 The Awakening Of Nancy Kaye A powerful a n d m ovi n g docu mentary a bo ut a d i s a b l ed wo m a n who is dying of cancer. H e r fri e n d s a d m i t s h e can be a d i ffi cult per­ son at ti m e s a n d th ere a re e m otio n a l i s s u es betwe en her a n d h e r fa m i ly w h i c h m u st be re solved . Yet despite the serio u s n ess of t h i s subject, w h a t i s a l so show n a re s o m e of t h e tra n s cendent q u a lities o f the h u ma n spi rit which em erge d u ring a ti m e of tri a l .

Director: Rob Tat Producers: Aa ro n Cooper, Pat B l u menth a l Tape source: Aa ro n Coo p e r, 53 D i g by, S a n Fra nci sco, C A 941 31 %", c o l o r, 2 8 m i n . , 1 9 85

Producer, Director: B i l l Po pe Tape source: B i l l Pope, 1 3 81 South Va n N e ss, San Fra n ci sco, CA 941 1 0 %", color, 2 2 m i n . , 1 9 85


On The Safe Side

A d o c u m e nta ry by and about l e s b i a n a n d g a y As i a n s w h i ch op ens with a ritu a l istic d a nce sym bol izi n g the i nvisibility a n d bond­ a g e of Asi a n h o m osex u a l s i n a wh ite hetero­ sex u a l society. The t h ree main to pics covered by t h i s wo rk a re c o m i ng o ut, the ra cist e n ­ cou nter a n d t h e i m p o rta nce o f the les b i a n a n d g a y co m m u n i ty.

A prod uction of the M i n n esota AI DS P ro j ect designed to encourage d i scussion of safe sex a m o n g gay m e n . It goes beyond the fa m i l i a r l i sts o f sex u a l practi ces to reach a m o re per­ so n a l l evel of awa ren e s s by s h owi n g M i d ­ we stern men ta l k i n g a b o u t h ow they a re de a l i n g with the c h a l l en g e s of the present h ea l th crisis.

Producer, Director: A n n H e rs h ey Tape source : A n n H e rshey, 3904 Cerri to Ave. , O a kl a n d , CA 9461 1 %", color, 46 m i n . , 1 9 86

Director: R i c h a rd F u n g Tape source: T h i rd Wo rld N ews reel , 3 3 5 W. 38th St. , 5th fl oor, N ew Yo rk, N Y 1 001 8 3,4", c o l o r, 57 m i n . , 1 9 84

Producer: Jim C h a l g re n , M i n n e sota AI DS . P ro j ect Director: Bi l l Tu r n l ey Tape source: M i n n esota A I DS P ro j ect, 2 0 2 5 N i co l l et Ave. S . , Mi n neapol is, M N 5 5 4 04 %", c o l o r, 28 m i n . , 1 9 85

A ta pe which ex p l o res t h e pol itics o f wo rd s a n d the sig n ifi cance of n a m e s . F i n g ers trac­ ing l etters written o n wa l l s . A h a n d ho l d i ng a p e n as it fi l l s t h e p a g e s of a d i a ry. A wo m a n ' s voice reverberati n g . T h i s is a p e r­ sonal comm enta ry a bout what it means to be a l e s b i a n out i n soci ety.

Neighborhood Voices Gay Greenwich Village Sto r i e s of g a y G re e nwich Vi l l a g e in t h e 1 9 5 0 ' s a n d 1 9 60's t o l d by p e o p l e who were th ere at the t i m e. I n cl uded a re i nterviews by sta n d - u p c o m ic To m A m m i a n o a n d po ets Au d re Lorde a n d J o a n Ne stl e.

Producer, Director: B a r b a ra T. Ke rr Associate Producer: A m b er H o l l i b a u g h Tape source: W N YC-TV, O n e Centre St . , N ew Yo rk, N Y 1 0 0 0 7 %", c o l o r, 2 9 m i n .

Saturday, June 28

Video Free America '

Hero Of My Own


A p e r s o n a l p o rtrait of D a v i d S u m m e rs, m u s ical com edy perfo rmer, c a b a ret si n g er and pe rson with AI DS. H ow he h a s dealt with both h i s h o m osex u a li ty and d i a g n osis, the pro b l e m s with his fa m i l y and the conti n u i ng s u p p o rtive re lati o n s h i p he m a inta i n s with h i s l ove r. An o p p o rtunity t o view p u b l i c a n d p rivate a s p ects of a m a n i nvo lved i n the com m u n ity. ' Producer: David M u s sel m a n , The G l i n e s Director: D e b by C h a p n i ck Tape source : BAMC, 1 5 01 B roadwa y # 1 91 5 , N ew Yo rk, N Y 1 0 036 %", c o l o r, 31 m i n . , 1 9 86

Saturday, June 28

Video Free America

5:35 The Absence Of U s

Director: Pa mela P i ke Tape source: Pa mela Pi ke, 2 491 Ag rico la St. , H a l i fax, N . S. B3 K 4C3 CA N A DA 3,4", color, 1 9 m i n . , 1 9 86

Assembly At Dyke H igh A video of a l ive performance by t h e fa b u l o u s Dyketo nes. G reat fu n , h u m o r, m u sic a n d costu m e s . Le s b i a n ve rsio n s of s o m e of the c l a ssic pop h its ofthe pa st. Po o d l e ski rts a n d hornri m med g l a s ses. Wis hfu l fa nta sies a bout fa vo rite fe m a l e voca l i sts. All this and m o re. O u tra g e o u s en terta i n ment.

Director, Producer: Scooter Tape source: Scooter J e n ki n s, 4 3 2 7 1 8th St., # 2 , S a n Fra nci sco, CA 9 41 1 4 % ", c o l o r, 21 m i n . , 1 986

Saturday, June 28

Video Free America

TENTH SAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAL LESBIAN & GAY FILM FESTIVAL Where T here's Smoke A wo m a n moves i nto a n ew a p a rtment with h e l p fro m the l a n d l a dy. The p re m iere of a new l e s b i a n e rotic s h ort. Director: Lynx C a n o n Tape source: Tiger R o s e Distributing, P.O. Box 609, Cotati, CA 94928 %", c o l o r, 3 0 m i n . , 1 98 6


Love On The Line A s h o rt, sexy p i ece a bout m a n , wo m a n a n d tel e p h o n e w h i c h i s a d e l i g htful tu rn-on with s n a p py m u sic by " Bl ue" Gene Tyra n ny. Producer: J o n a t h a n Doff Director: K. O. Beckman Tape source: Si rus, P.O. B ox 5 0 3 , La H o n d a , CA 94020 %", c o l o r, 1 m i n . , 1 985

The Right StuH One of the l oca l ly p roduced seg ments o f the weekly Gay C a b l e N etwork p ro g ra m s h own o n San Fra nc i sco Viacom C a b l e c h a n n e l six co-hosted by Dori s Fish and roo m mate Tippy. I nc l u d e d i s a p e rfo r m a n ce by c o m e d i a n D a n ny Wi l l i a m s a n d a c o m m e rc i a l b y J ose Sarri a . Ca m p h u m o r a n d d rag for d ays. Director: J o h n C a n a l l i %", c o l o r, 2 0 m i n . , 1 9 8 6

Midwestern Skid marks Midwestern S ki d m a r ks i s a va riety show that ta kes the v i ewe r o n a ro l l e r coa ster ride th ro u g h ha ywi re n a rratives, wa c ke d out video effect h u mor, spira ling video artist/per­ fo r m a n ce a rtist c o l l a bo ration a n d mod ified d i rt h ot rod s . The l i n e of i rrevere nt narrative fra g m e nts r u n s fro m e m pty-headed h i g h sc hool re u n i o n s a t conve n i e nce stores t o the thrust toward consumer rapture. D i re c t o rs, P ro d u c e rs : J a m e s D u e s i n g , Ch risto p h e r Lewi s Tape source: Duesi ng/Lewis, 1 908 M i l l s Ave. , C i n c i n nati, O H 4 5 2 0 2 %", c o l o r, 46 m i n . , 1 9 86


Men Behind Bars The video of the a n n u a l stage extrava ga nza pro d u ced by San F ran cisco bartenders with lots o f fa m i l i a r faces and bods. Besides a fu l l orc hestra, there i s a star-studded cast of local ta l en t i n c l u d i n g Torn Am m i a no, Suzy Berger, S h a ro n Mc Knig ht, R i ta Rockett, J ose Sa rria,

Saturday, June 28 Video Free America

Da n ny Wi l l i a m s a n d G a i l Wi l s o n . Co medy s ki ts, singing, da n c i n g , you n a m e it, it's a l l here. Producer: M EN Video Directors: J i m Cvita nich, Mark A b ra m s o n Tape source : M a l e Enterta i n m en t N etwo rk, 1 U . N . P l a za, S a n F ra nci sco, CA 941 02 % ", c o l o r, 1 2 0 m i n . , 1 9 86

10: 00

Chance Of A Lifetime What h a p p e n s when the hot m a n yo u h ave i nvited ove r fo r d i n n e r is m a ki n g adva nces yo u a re too afra i d to respond to because yo u haven't d ealt with A I DS panic yet. That is the sitco m begi n n i n g of this gay m a l e e rotic d ra m a which shows that even N ew Yo rk g uys sti l l wa nt to h ave fun and a re doi ng i t safely with c o n d o m s . I nc l u ded i s a g u est a ppear­ a n c e by Casey D o n ova n . Producer: R a y mo n d J ac o b s , G a y M e n ' s H ea lth Crisis Director: J o h n Lewis Cast: Westbro o k Peg le r, Dwight H a l l , Eddy La Rosa Tape source : Gay Men's H ea l t h Crisis, 1 32 W. 2 4th St. , N ew Yor k, N Y 1 0011 %", c o l o r, 45 m i n . , 1 9 86

Chinese Characters Chinese Characters explores the relati o n s h i p of g a y Asi a n s t o m a l e erotica by juxta posing cultural a n d sexual icons and sou n d . A serene l a n d scape and traditi o n a l m u si c . A ra pid c h a n g e of wa rd ro be which s u g g ests t h e myri a d possibi lities of costu me. S c e n e s fro m c l assic pornos. I nterviews of Asia n men ta l k­ i n g a bout s i g n ific a n t sex u a l experi ences. Producer, Director: R i c h a rd F u n g % " , c o l o r, 2 1 m i n . , 1 98 6

Castro-The Video Thi s is a first i nsta l l ment of a soap opera s h ow­ i n g the Castro a s a g oth ic, s l eazy neig h b o r­ hood where da n g e r a n d d u p l ic ity lu rk. As­ sorted c h a racters i nc l ude the i n nocent new boy in town, a streetwise detective, a p a i r of lesbian astrona uts, a bitchy m a l e cou p l e a nd an a l co ho l ic l a n d l o rd . Sylvester s i n g s the theme song wea ring e n o u g h jewe l ry to si n k the Misso u r i .

6 : 00pm

The Whole of Life (see 6-21 , 5 p m )

8 : 00pm

Born In Flames U.S. A . , 1983

Wi nner of the Festiva l ' s 1 9 83 Best Feature Awa rd, Born In Flames is set i n the futu re­ ten yea rs after a Soci a l - De mocratic c u l t u ral revo l ution i n America . There i s no atte m pt to create a futu ristic look-it is as m u c h a bo u t today's world as t h e future-posi ng t h e q ues­ tion of whether o p p ressi o n a g a i nst wo m e n will be e l i m i nated u nd e r any k i n d o f social system . The fi l m i s fa nta sy i n i ts p res entati o n of a g roup o f women who refuse to take it a ny l o n g e r a n d become armed fig hters a g a i nst the g overnm ent. Thei r positi on is n ot o n l y do p o l i t i c a l va l u e s have to c h a n g e, c u l tu ra l va l u es m u st c h a n g e a n d b e i m bedded i n p ra ctice. Born In Flames exp resses the h o p e that wo men wi l l be able to work together, that bit­ ter c o n f l i cts that h a ve exi sted with i n the wo men's community wil l one day d isappear. Producer Director: Lizzie Borden Script: Ed Bowes Ca m e ra : Ed Bowes, AI S a n ta n a , L i z z i e Bord e n Editor: Lizzie Borden Music : The B l oods, Red Crayo l a , I bi s Print source: F i rst Run Features: 1 53 Waverly P l . , N ew Yo rk, N Y 1 0 01 4 1 6 m m , co l o r, 90 m i n . Plus-

Love On The Line

Producer: M a r k A. Vieira Script: R i c k Potts Cast: Mike Pa ntera, Sylvester, Dom Magwi li, P. R . Tooke %", c o l o r, 3 7 m i n . , 1 9 85

(see 6-21 , 1 2 noon)

Saturday, June 28 Video Free America

Sunday, June 29

l O : OOpm

Dear Boys

(see 6-25, 8 p m )

6 : 00, 8:00, 1 0: 00,

Roxie Cinel118

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British F i l m I nstitute

Robert M . Anderson

Marsha Gale

BBC Te levision Argentine N ationa l I nstitute of

Lee Azus

Cathy Githens

Roy Bateman

Kate M itchell

Alvin H. Baum , J r.

Lyn n e O'N e i l

J i m Brown

J u dy Stone

Dav id Charlsen

Rodney Thomas

Gary Rorick

Roy Coe

Tom Yanetta

Steve Lov i ng

Vero n i ca M. Friedman

C indy Goma n

La ura Sanden

Geoff Harris Grap hics

Robert Adleman

Te ri Gruenwa l d

. Diana Stirpe

Ci nematography Gladwin's & Staff Dav i d McManis

Ed M uckerman John Rowberry

Ha ight Jeans

Terry Jensen

Pen ny H a m i l ton

Azian N urudin

B i l l Bradley

Robert Hawk

Jenny Lin k

M i chael Ehrenzweig

Rick H i l legas

M i ke Solanger

Karen Langsley

Mary Ann H u ckabay

Robi n Roberts

R i ta Coriell

Chu ck Iddi ngs

Barbara Cleveland

B i l l Henderson

J i m Jos l i n

Russel l Gonzales

Neda's Flowers

Bob Vaughn

M a r i a Rose Kel lett

Judy Plank

Goethe I nsti tute, San Franci sco

Jack L. Kendrick

Charlotte Todd

Pen n i Kimmel

Sean McShee

A l l a n Berube Business is Bloomi ng

Mark Leno

Peter Fel leman

H idden Gardens

Jenny Li n k

Anne D iedrich

Castro Street Flowers

M i chael Lu mpkin


Bob M a tgen

Carson York Bakery Cafe

Nora M cLough l i n

Captain Vi deo

Sue M i tchel l

Pi lsnel' lnn

KaLhy Nelsen

S. F. E agle

John- M i c hael Ol exy

in Bl oom aga i n

M a rk Page Susa n Pa ss ino Larry Qu een Gary Rorick ) Carol Rowan SLeven Saylor ArLhur W. Simon Rickr Solomon Jerry TarLaglia SLeven U nger


4 1 4 9 1 8th Street San Francisco, CA 94 1 1 4 Phone: (4 1 5) 5 5 2-9858

The Wilde Winds Quintet of San Francisco *

Mark Ackerman , Principal Oboist of the San Antonio Symphony *

Will iam Hanrahan , Baritone with the New York Choral Artists *

Terry Peterso n , Pianist with the San Francisco Gay Men 's Chorus *

Jeffry Hayward , Flutist *

David Barto lota, Principal Bassoonist with the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra *

Robin H i g gs, Australian Concert Pianist

I nvite you to

Sunday, August

1 0 , 1 986

First Unitarian Church Tickets :




Gough at O'Farre ll at the door

Fo r information call

333-478 1

Benefiting Resources for Battered Women Sponsored by the Gay Games /I Procession of the Arts

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Tenth San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival  

Tenth San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival Program Guide (Frameline 1986)

Tenth San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival  

Tenth San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival Program Guide (Frameline 1986)

Profile for frameline

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