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Dealer Partners: Let’s talk about sales people. No, I’m not talking about the fact that they are difficult to manage, never follow the rules, etc. I’m referring to the fact that we don’t have enough of them out selling FP products. We need more sales people. So what’s stopping us? Well, it’s usually one or both of the following challenges – how would I get them trained and/or how would they build their pipeline? Our team here is going to focus on these two areas for the rest of the year. On the training side, we are busy revamping and rebuilding our training curriculum so that we cover selling skills, basic mailing and product knowledge, and finally advanced solutions knowledge. We want to be able to take brand new sales people and make them successful. We also want to take experienced sales professionals who are new to the industry and accelerate their learning curve about our industry and products. And finally, for the seasoned industry professionals who want to continue to push our entire range of products, we want to create a path for them. Each of these are different, so we are building track specific trainings for each. Look of much of this to rollout through classroom, online and RSM delivered training. We are also focused on helping you build pipelines for FP products. We know there is a big opportunity for our products, but where do you go and how do you find all of these prospects? Through a pretty comprehensive program, we will help you. And not just telling you what you should be doing, but showing you and helping with all of the associated materials. We are nearly finalized with our program, and marketing will be beta testing this with some dealers this fall. As we continue to grow, we will have to continually remove obstacles. These two programs will help get sales people proficient and successful by accelerating their training and helping build a solid pipeline. We look forward to rolling these out to everyone over the coming months, but even more importantly, we look forward to the success these and all of our other programs will bring to us all in the future.



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TRANSITIONING FROM YOUR PRINT AND COPIER ROOTS TO GET AHEAD OF COMPETITION To quote Brent Hoskins, Executive Director and BTA Editor, “Our industry [business technology] has a rich history of significant transitions…the inherent nature of change is that new, lucrative opportunities abound.” I couldn’t agree with this sentiment more. Change means new opportunity and in the business technology industry new opportunities are on the horizon. As this industry continues to consolidate and the sales environment gets more competitive, one of the key issues I hear from the dealer channel is: how do I differentiate from the competition so I don’t have to sell everything only on price? In order to differentiate you have to be open to new ideas and to potentially changing what you’re used to doing. Expanding your thinking could lead to expanding your installed base into other markets in order to get ahead of the competition. Did you know, there are approximately one million meter customers in the United States? If you’re a mailing dealer you’ve been thinking about this number from the beginning. But if you’re not, you’re probably not aware that in any given year, there are hundreds of thousands of meter customers who are in need of new equipment. This could be due to their current meter contract expiring, poor service from their provider or failing and faulty equipment. The opportunity in the mailing industry is open for hunting season. ADVANTAGES OF INTRODUCING MAILING Mailing has been around for a long time in the copier and print world, but many dealerships haven’t spent the time or been educated on understanding the advantages of what mailing can do for their business. If you look at a copier dealer’s installed base, I would venture that 90 percent of those customers have mailing equipment. That means that up to 20% of these customers are looking for new equipment each year, and additional revenue opportunity is being missed. The same is probably true for your installed base.

Another missed opportunity is your competitor installed base. By not having mailing in your product catalog, you are less likely of getting a foothold in your competitor’s base is obsolete. Imagine offering mailing and going after your competitions customers, how many meters could you place? Since their not currently offering mailing your chance to win the meter sale is high. Now the relationship is in place to replace their competitive copier and printers with yours, adding a whole new level of revenue to your stream. MANUFACTURERS When looking to diversify into any new product lines, you need to consider your manufacturer very carefully. Some things to consider from a meter manufacturer are market opportunity, product quality, service, support, pricing, compensation, market development funds, quotas, dealer structure and potential channel conflict. As a dealer, you want to make sure that the manufacturer is well-equipped to support its dealers. Do your research, get references, ask other dealers about their experience, and then make your decision. After going through this process, the answer should become fairly clear. OUTLOOK Mailing is still a very good industry that provides dealers with plenty of revenue and margin opportunity. However, to really grow will require some level of diversification of product offering. If you are not in mailing today, you should take a look as there is a great opportunity to grow your installed base and growrevenues from your existing base. What’s great about mailing is it’s a complimentary product line to copiers and printers. It also provides great differentiation from your competition. It provides additional revenues – sales and recurring – from your own installed base. It also provides an avenue to grow your installed base of customers. It is a winning formula.

-Carl Amacker

PRODUCT UPDATES FP MOVES FORWARD WITH A $350,000 INVESTMENT IN FOLDER INSERTER INVENTORY The all-new FPi 5700 and FPi 6700 folder inserters that we launched last month have already exceeded sales expectations. To further improve sales of these systems FP will be stocking these systems in Addison starting in late July or August. We will carry all configurations and nearly every option available. When ordered, each system will be unboxed, tested, options such as reading hardware and MaxiFeeders will be installed and tested prior to shipment to our dealers and customers. FP is very excited to invest over $350,000 for this sales and inventory project.

The purpose of the investment is multi-fold: 1) 2) 3)

To offer a quicker shipment of approximately one week instead of 4-6 weeks To increase sales of our production inserting solutions To be even more competitive in the marketplace

FP fully expects our sales of these solutions to more than double and over last year’s performance. In addition to this great news FP has a fantastic incentive for our dealers Burnin’ Rubber to Berlin! Buy FP Folder inserters and you could win an all-expense paid trip to Berlin and Amsterdam with your hosts from FP. Learn more and check your standings at FP has created an FPi folder inserter ROI tool for all FP authorized dealers. Its purpose is to show the value of leasing a folder inserter versus hand folding and inserting and to convince users and sales reps to look past the new lease payment to the overall savings these systems easily bring to them. The tool can be downloaded from the ClubRED website. For more information contact your regional sales manager.


We have new PostBase brochures available! The new PostBase econ, PostBase semi and PostBase auto brochures are up on the main website and ClubRED dashboard. These are now available to order on the dealer ordering website.

AUGMENTED MAILROOM EXPERIENCE The updated PostBase brochures include our Augmented PostBase. With the swipe of a hand, dealers can show potential buyers how the PostBase or Folder Inserter product line will interact and fit in their business. The app eliminates the need for bringing demo units to see clients and customers, saving dealers time and money. The app allows users to interchange product colors, with more than 6 options, so prospective customers can get an instant visual of how the product will look in their office space. With a 360degree view users can inspect every element of the FP product for a preview of the final product. Follow the below instructions to try it yourself:

1. Download the Augment app

2. Scan the cover of the FP brochure

3. Watch it come to life

PROMOTIONS BURNIN’ RUBBER TO BERLIN Burnin’ Rubber to Berlin is screeching to a fast halt, you only have 19 more days left of the bonus kicker program! It’s a close race so keep knocking out those competitive Folder Inserters until the end. Break the Top Five on July 31st and get ready for an exciting trip! Remember in order to win the all-inclusive paid trip to Europe you need at least 3,000 mileage points. 1.PACIFIC OFFICE AUTOMATION 5050 MILES








5. XMC, INC 1000 MILES


Folder Inserter Refurb Lease Program These inserters count toward Burnin’ Rubber to Berlin and your chance to win an all inclusive trip to Europe! Please refer to the F&I Refurb Program Announcement for more details

*Only available with FP Finance

SMOKE THE COMPETITION Smoke the Competition has reached its half way point! There is a total of 539 patches so far, you’ve all definitely EARNED SOME RESPECT, but it’s not over yet! This program runs through December 31st so you still have some time to knockout the competition. Don’t forget about our monthly prize drawings, tune into Facebook the first week of every month to see if your patch was pulled for our awesome prizes. Tony Sanchez won the Harley Davidson swag pack this month! 1. KEY BUSINESS SOLUTIONS 57 PATCHES










Don’t fret, we still have our Quarter 3 prize to pull for, the customize FP Motorcycle jacket! And of course we have the grand prize drawing at our National Dealer Summit 2019 for the Harley Davidson Iron 883! Remember you have to be present at the 2019 summit in Las Vegas in order to win the GRAND PRIZE!

CHAMPION’S CLUB Can you believe 2018 is already half over? Will we see you on the 2019 Champion’s Club trip? If you qualify, you will be enjoying an all expense paid luxuruous Royal Carribbean cruise to the beautiful islands of Labadee, Haiti and Falmouth, Jamaica.

2018 Champion’s Club Website is Live! Visit to see more about the 2019 trip and to see the current standings!

PROGRAMS FP ELITE BASIC: This track hosts two webinars each month. The first Friday of every month is a mailing webinar and the second Friday of every month is an OEM webinar. For the basic program, all new ClubRED approved Authorized FP dealer personnel are welcome. We identify the target audience for each webinar to help you select the appropriate employees to attend. EXECUTIVE ELITE: This track is an “In it to win it” program. Executive Elite is designed for seriously committed FP dealers. It consists of monthly knowledge and activities guaranteed to deliver results presented by Product Marketing and Regional Sales Management. If you are up for the challenge and want a guaranteed increase in your revenue, please contact your RSM for further details. UPCOMING WEBINARS: CLICK THE TIMES TO REGISTER FRIDAY 7/13:


FRIDAY 8/10:


9:30 AM CDT 3:00 PM CDT

9:30 AM CDT 3:00 PM CDT

9:30 AM CDT 3:00 PM CDT

9:30 AM CDT 3:00 PM CDT

New FPi 5700 and FPi 6700 Folder Inserters

FlexStream Professional

Certified Mail Solutions

Selling Certified Mail Solutions

MAJOR ACCOUNTS PROGRAM The MAP team has been growing since it was created in 2007. We thought it might be good idea to formally introduce the MAP department to let you get to know a little more about the members you have worked with or may get to work with in the future.

MEET PAUL BYRAM Paul Byram has been with the MAP Group since 2011. In that time, Paul has been involved with several large Major Account deployments and has qualified for the FP International Sales Convention 3 times. In 2017, Paul accepted his current role as Supervisor of the Major Accounts team. Along with this role, Paul started 2018 by taking over the new role of managing Government Accounts over the entire nation. In his time free time, Paul is an avid movie buff, loves a good challenging trivia session and enjoys travel.

MEET ZACH GRAFF Zach Graff started with FP in 2010 with their inside sales group. Zach has been in the Major Accounts department for over two years now, representing the states west of the Mississippi. Zach takes care of some of FP Mailing’s largest existing clients, and is busy signing on new ones as well. He has represented the U.S. at the international convention more than anyone else, earning trips to Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Hungary, Crete and Sicily over the years. Coming from a large family as a child, Zach enjoys quiet time at home with his basset hound Steve, traveling, and experimental cooking. And if he ever writes an autobiography it would be titled “I Could Have Been a Carny…”

MEET RICH FIGURA Rich Figura is back and better than ever! Rich was part of the MAP group from 2010-2014 (with FOUR International Trips earned). He covers the Central/East Region (commercial accounts all states East of the Mississippi River). He is an avid golfer (both traditional and frisbee) and enjoys piña coladas, and getting caught in the rain…also crossword puzzles, trivia, any other mentally challenging activities as well as most outdoor activities.

CLUBRED Through the ClubRED program, we’ve been working to provide you extra resources to help elevate your business and increase brand awareness. We’re happy to announce there are two new marketing materials now available for you to use! You can check them out below as well as find them in the Marketing ToolBox on the ClubRED website.

New! PostBase Leave Behind Flyer!

New! Breast Cancer Awareness Flyer!

In addition, we’re happy to announce we’ve created 3 new FPi 600 videos to assist in your sales process! These videos will be located in the Sales ToolBox on the ClubRED website.

Check them out below!

Important Update! Beginning August 1st, the marketing section of the old dealer dashboard will be removed. All of these sales and marketing documents and resources are now accessible via the ClubRED website. If you do not have access to ClubRED, please contact your Dealer Owner for the link for you to register. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact ClubRED at


Summer has officially arrived and so has FP’s latest GatheRED Promotion! Our promotion will be running ALL SUMMER, beginning today and running through September 25th. So, start collecting your envelopes now because for every 10 unique submissions you will receive a lottery ticket! This lottery ticket will then be entered in a drawing at the end of the promotion for the three prizes listed below:

1st Place 1,000 points!

2nd Place 750 points!

3rd Place 500 points!

That’s not all! The participant who increases their submission percentage of unique envelopes the most at the end of the promotion will win an extra 500 points and a special prize. *percentage needs to be about 100% in order to qualify

Don’t forget about our Healthcare Promotion! Our healthcare promotion is still going on as well! Send us competitive envelopes from anywhere that is in charge of your health physically, mentally or emotionally with the word “healthcare” written under the indicia and receive an extra 25 points per unique submission. Visit our GatheRED website at

FP FINANCE FP Mailing and GreatAmerica have listened to feedback in regards to having the ability to access to your FP EZLease portfolio details and quotes. We are pleased to share that we have created this ability for FP authorized dealers to access customer information and quotes for EZ Lease/FP Finance contracts that you service. Quotes accessible are upgrade quotes (new deal coming back through GreatAmerica,) lessee buyout quotes (when lessee wants to keep the equipment and continue to rent the meter) and return quotes (may be used with new deal or if customer wants to pursue other options, equipment will go back to FP.) The upgrade quote that is provided includes amounts needed to satisfy the agreement and amounts to purchase / transfer to your inventory. This is available now through GreatAmerica’s portal: info-zone. Using your same login and password to access your traditional business through GreatAmerica, you will be able to toggle between what you would normally and your FP EZ Lease / FP Finance accounts. Should you have any trouble with access or permissions, please contact GreatAmerica.

ONEFP The OneFP Charitable Event on May 19th was a bridge walk for the Living Well Cancer Research Center near our office in Illinois. Many employees participated by purchasing t-shirts, baking or buying desserts at our bake sale fundraiser or raising funds by walking on Saturday morning. We donated more than $3,300 to this organization that 2 of our employees and cancer survivors benefitted directly from their services. Our OneFP award winners for the 1st quarter of 2018 were Lucas Bingham, Kewonah Minor and Ronda Kessinger. They received a recognition plaque, a $100 gift certificate and qualify to be picked as the OneFP annual award winner who will join our top dealers on the Champion Club Cruise in March. You can nominate and recognize FP employees by sending an email to .


EVENTS DEALER SUMMIT The National Dealer Summit website is now live! You can now access all of the most up-to-date Summit information from travel information to agenda details! We’re already looking forward to the Summit and now it’s time to unveil all of the exciting things we have planned for you!


NATIONAL POSTAL FORUM: MAY 6TH - 9TH 2018 In May, our FP team traveled to San Antonio, Texas for the 2018 National Postal Forum (NPF). For those that don’t know, NPF is the largest mailing and shipping industry trade show in the United States. Companies from all over the country came together to showcase their brand and products as well as network with industry professionals. This year FP changed the booth design and it was a giant success! Keeping true to our promise of simplicity and innovation, FP made it easy for attendees to interact with our products by introducing an augmented mailroom experience. Needless to say, it was a HIT! We showcased our PostBase mailing machines and FPi 4700 through augmented reality. Attendees were amazed at how they could interact and move our machines without ever seeing a physical product. It opened doors to quality conversations and showcased FP as a thought leader in the mailing industry. We also highlighted our 5-year partnership with NBCF by having our pink PostBase on display for attendees. Not only were we the only booth with AR but we also allowed attendees to take a little bit of FP’s AR experience home with them as well. Attendees lined up to take a picture with our augmented PostBase and had a lot of fun in the process! We even gave them a photo frame highlighting our partnership with NBCF to proudly display in their offices. Below are some of the photos that were printed on site for show-goers to take home as a NPF keepsake as well as some FP booth fun.

SUPPORT CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR MASTER TECH GRADUATES! Master Tech Glenn Nelms Our new member is Glenn Nelms from dealer 7130, RK Black in Oklahoma City OK. Glenn has been a member of the RK Black team for 4 years. During that time, his excellence and dedication to support and customer service has been outstanding. He regularly goes above and beyond to make sure that his customer, or client, as he refers to them, is well supported and taken care of. Glenn has shown a very strong skill level and his dedication to service and customer support is a great benefit to both RK Black and by extension to FP as well.

New online training platform!

FP Education’s Online

We are proud to introduce our new FP Education Landing Page that represents Online Training, Hands On Training, Training Videos, The FP Master Tech Program, and Train the Trainer. Watch the webinar recap here! For more information, please e-mail

Become a MasterTech Graduate! The FP Education Team has had our Master Tech program in place for a couple of years now. Technicians who are enrolled in the program receive full product line training on all current FP equipment. Upon completion of the program the technician receives a plaque, as well as an FP Master Tech polo shirt. The technician benefits by being part of an elite group of service technicians. The dealer benefits by being able to promote having a certified FP Master Tech on their staff, which can aid both their sales and service teams.

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE TEAM UPDATE The Customer Experience Team is home to all of FP’s customer centric processes. Customer Support, Dealer Support, Accounts Receivable, Technical Support, and Order Entry are all under one roof in the CET. Communication plays a major role in our success and is an area where we focus a great deal of our efforts to ensure that we make it easy to do business with FP. In Q1, the CET rolled out a new initiative that will help to increase visibility and communication regarding the status of orders placed by our dealer partners online. Should you need to check on the status of an order, simply visit our website ( to log into your account and access the FP Reporting Center. From there, you can see if an order has been processed, check shipping status, obtain tracking information, and view notes regarding back orders and product availability. For assistance please reach out to the CET Dealer Support line at (866) 577-1990. We are open Monday – Friday from 7:30 AM to 7:00 PM Central Time.

DEALER SPOTLIGHT WELCOME EDGE BUSINESS SYSTEMS At the end of May, FP added a new Dealer partner: EDGE Business Systems, LLC! EDGE is based out of Roswell, GA and will be working with Mitch Hill to incorporate FP’s products into their robust suite of solutions. EDGE is dedicated to partnering with the leading manufacturers to provide customers with the best equipment and experience. EDGE Business Systems has stayed successful over the years thanks in no small part to their culture of service and innovation. Their approach to doing business is simple: • Hold ourselves accountable through all-local ownership and decision-making. • Partner with the best manufacturers and developers to give you the best available solutions. • Maintain a live dispatch system that provides real-time technician status. • Keep parts on-site to minimize machine downtime. • Ensure you’ll speak to a live person when you call during business hours. EDGE sums up their philosophy in three simple words: “Measure. Simplify. Manage.” They’ve helped clients in a wide variety of industries streamline their document workflows, protect their critical data and much more. We are looking forward to working with EDGE to add mailroom solutions to their streamline.

WELCOME OUR NEW RSMS CENTRAL REGION: ELISEO ALANIZ FP welcomes Eliseo Alaniz to the position of FP Regional Sales Manager in the Central Region. Eliseo will report directly to Paul Buckley. Jo Ann Cycon will be his Regional Sales Support Manager. Eliseo is a proven industry professional with a strong and successful background in commercial printing and as a folder inserter specialist at Neopost. He held sales management positions at several dealerships as well. Eliseo is looking forward to helping his dealerships grow.

PACIFIC REGION: JIM GONTHIER FP welcomes Jim Gonthier to the position of FP Regional Sales Manager in the Pacific Region. Jim will report directly to Paul Buckley. Jo Ann Cycon will be his Regional Sales Support Manager. Jim’s long term industry sales and branch management experience with PFE, Pitney Bowes and Neopost will be a great asset to our dealers. Jim is super excited to be here at FP.

NORTHEAST REGION: ROB LOIACONO FP welcomes Rob Loiacono to the position of FP Regional Sales Manager in the Northeast Region. Rob will report directly to Eric Helzing. O’Neil Peart will be his Regional Sales Support Manager. Rob is a proven industry professional with a strong and successful background as a Document Solutions Specialist at Neopost. Rob is looking forward to helping his region grow.

WELCOME JAMIE SPELL, NATIONAL PRODUCT SALES MANAGER, SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS FP is pleased to welcome Jamie Spell in the newly created role of National Product Sales Manager, Software Solutions. In this role Jamie will compliment Mo Bowlus and Mark Evanoff in driving product sales through our dealer and direct sales forces. Jamie will take on product responsibility for all of the Flex Systems products, as well as our OnShip and QTrak products. He will work closely with Mo during the transition to make sure we don’t lose any of our current positive momentum. He brings with him many years of industry experience, most recently as the General Manager for Flex Systems.

DEALER SUPPORT DIRECTORY Order equipment and supplies online: Notifications, opportunities, renewal and upgrade contract submissions, invoice payments and more Email: Hours: M-F 7:30AM - 7:00PM CST FP CET Dealer Support Line: Phone: 866-577-1990 Postage balances, meter activation, PVR withdrawal Customer Service/Accounts Receivable/ Major Accounts Technical Support PostBaseTM Support Contract Submissions East Region Mideast Region West Region Dealer Fulfilled Contract FP Finance

Dealer Sales Support Team Director of Dealer Sales- East Northeast RSM Mid Atlantic RSM Southeast RSM Great Lakes RSM Regional Sales Support Mgr - East

Eric Helzing Rob Loiacono Jeff King Mitch Hill Tony Dalessandro O’Neil Peart

630-200-8068 224-224-3818 331-431-3491 331-321-1075 312-919-5925 630-827-5700

Director of Dealer Sales- West Pacific RSM Central RSM Regional Sales Support Mgr- West

Paul Buckley Jim Gonthier Eliseo Alaniz Jo Ann Cycon

630-340-9712 630-335-3665 224-240-2937 630-827-5749

CET Mgr Tech Support Mgr MAP Supervisor MAP Coordinator Marketing Mgr

Ronda Kessinger Shaun Streich Paul Byram Norma Valdes Amanda Fletcher

630-827-5727 630-827-5741 630-827-5837 630-827-5722 630-827-5778

Q3 Dealer Newsletter  
Q3 Dealer Newsletter