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FPi 5700


Complex mailroom processes made simple.

Boost mailroom Ease of Use Simply load the documents and envelopes and press start. The FPi 5700 automa�cally processes the job for you.

FPi 5700

FOLDER INSERTER The FPi 5700 turns any mail center into a strategic business asset, providing a pla�orm for processing business cri�cal mailings. The FPi 5700 is equipped with a suite of features designed to make mailings more produc�ve and secure. The enhanced user experience allows the user to maintain easy, uninterrupted mail produc�on. • Processes up to 4,000 envelopes per hour • Large, easy-to-use color touch screen • Datamatrix and linear barcodes, OMR, and OCR reading capabili�es • MaxiFeeder for increased capacity and paper media op�ons • Document intelligence so�ware

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Security Overcome the challenges of protec�ng your sensi�ve, business cri�cal documents with the FPi 5700’s robust security features. Efficient & Adjustable The FPi 5700 provides ul�mate efficiency with customizable and upgradable features.

High Capacity Stacker

Holds finished envelopes.

Mul�ple Exits

Choose the right exit for the job.

Envelope Feeder

Load envelopes on-the-fly for uninterrupted processing.

Insert Fingers

Process a wide variety of envelope styles and shapes.

Savvy solu�ons

FP has versa�le solu

efficiency one job at a �me. Customizable Feeders Feeders with the capacity to fit any job.

So�ware solu�ons to simplify your mailroom


Make your documents intelligent Smart Feeders

Intui�ve Display

Process different sized documents, intelligently.

Full color, high defini�on touch screen.

Prefold Accumulator

Stacks and aligns documents before folding.

Knife Fold Technology

Accurately folds up to 10 sheets.

that adapt to your expanding mailroom.

u�ons that are designed to grow with your mailroom needs.

What is FlexStream?

FlexStream is a document processing and enhancement solu�on, unmatched in its versa�lity and performance. FlexStream adds intelligence to documents to be used by the inserter to control and enhance the contents of mailing, including taking advantage of USPS® postage discounts.

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FPi 5700

Why FP?

Plugged into over 230,000 mailrooms worldwide, FP Mailing Solu�ons is the fastest growing mailing solu�ons company in the U.S. Real people. – With over 1,100 employees, FP provides all of our customers with a dedicated customer service team located in the U.S. Simple processes. – FP invests in research and development in order to con�nue to provide our customers with the simplest of solu�ons. FP is the leader in mailroom technology, being the first postage meter company to introduce a digital and USPS® IMI Compliant meter. Mailing solu�ons. – With over 90 years of experience, and opera�ons in over 40 countries, it’s easy to see what makes FP Mailing Solu�ons the industry expert in mailroom solu�ons and technology.


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Specifica�ons Technical Data Feeder sta�ons Processing speed (Maximum) Folding capacity with sheets of 20lb. paper Job memory capacity Dimensions (approx.) (W x L x H) Weight Noise emission in dB (REF: ISO 11202)

up to 6 4,000 up to 10 50 16.3 x 65" x 31.5" 192 lbs. 67.9

MaxiFeeder capacity High capacity feeder Standard feeder capacity paper length

1,200 725 325 3.5" to 14”



Capacity Height/width

325 3.5“ to 6.35“ x 6.3“ to 9.7“

Automa�c Job Setup Feeder Swap Linking Power Fold / Knife Folder Process stapled sets Collate sheets before folding Bo�om addresses Folds: C, V, Z, Double-V, No-fold Piece counter Op�cal Marks Reading (OMR) Barcode Reader (Linear / 1D Barcodes) 2D Barcode (Data Matrix, PDF147, More) Op�cal Character Recogni�on (OCR) Divert before folding Operator adjustable insert fingers Secure n’ Feed Double document detector Secure n’ Sert document thickness detector Envelope exit

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes 500


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