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NOVEMBER 17, 2012




NEWS AND VIEWS NOVEMBER 6TH 2012 ELECTION RESULT S Fairfield Plantation Residents did it again. The Fairfield Plantation Precinct was #2 in Carroll County for Voter turnout. Carroll County had a 72.03% turnout.


Help PG. 2

Fairfield Plantation Golf PG. 3

Information from Georgia Secretary of State website as of 11/11/2012 3:38:00 PM.

Precinct 1540 Fairfield 2821 registered voters, 2230 voted 79.05%turnout. For Romney: 957 votes in person, 76 absentee by mail, 578 advance in person 1 provisional total 1612 votes for Romney. For Obama: 309 in person, 19 absentee by mail, 259 advance in person 1 provisional total 588 votes for Obama. Gary Johnson got 15 in person, 1 absent by mail and 4 advance in person. Again, this is from the Georgia Secretary of State website. Great job with the turnout. Centerpoint precinct is the only one in Carroll County that had a better turnout, with a 79.56% total turnout with 981 total cast out of 1233 registered voters. Even though this was a very heavy turnout throughout Georgia and the U.S., this was still a great job by the Fairfield Plantation residents.

These are also only the results as far as the Presidential Election. There is more information on Congressional, Senate, and Amendments on this site. http:// Carroll/42300/111529/en/ reports.html# I encourage everyone to check out the Georgia Secretary of State website for more information. Also, stay tuned for more information on our voting precinct. We have had representatives run on campaigns to help us keep our precinct and we should hold them to their promises. Billy Priest

Commissioner's Corner PG. 4 Ben Hill Renovations PG. 5 Let’s Get Technical PG. 6 I’ve Fallen and Cant get up PG. 7


Halloween Carnival PG. 8 Halloween Carnival PG. 9

At the Country Club

Admission is a new unwrapped toy (minimum $5.00 value) for the Marine Corps Toys for Tots program, collected by our very own Fairfield Plantation Fire Department

All children 10 years of age and under are invited to the Fairfield Women's Club Annual Breakfast with Santa and Bake Sale.

Many wonderful baked good items will be for sale from our very own, wonderful Fairfield Cooks.

Breakfast with Santa Saturday, December 8, 2012

Plantation Spotlight PG. 10 Holiday Shopping in your Own Neighborhood PG. 11 Yard of the Month PG. 12 Kiwanis,, Women's Club, Planters PG. 13 LGA and MGA PG. 14 RS Heating & Air PG. 15 Celebrations PG. 16 Small Business Profile PG. 17 Field of Screams PG. 18

Willy’s Fitness Corner PG. 19 Recreation Committee PG. 20 Chili Cook-Off/Pie Bake PG. 21 Market Space PG. 22 Classifieds PG. 23

9:00 am - 11:00am

HALLOWEEN CARNIVAL AND CHILI COOK-OFF/PIE BAKE Once again, the Women’s Club Annual Halloween Carnival was a huge success. With an estimated 300 plus children showing up and enjoying the festivities. Many women from the Women’s Club, Tim Mikos and our Fire Department , Jon Brown , Crawford Walker and the SPA Crew, Carroll County Sheriffs Dept., Life Flight, and resident volunteers all pitched in to make this a great event for the children of Fairfield Plantation. A big Thank you is offered to 11 year old Drake Cokley for all of his work.

9. Thank you to Bill Baranski for taking most of the photos. In addition to the Carnival there was a K9 Demonstration done by Carroll County Sheriffs Dept. Life Flight flew in a helicopter, Fire Trucks were brought in for the children to see. John Brown, Crawford Walker and the Spa Crew were handing out candy to the children. This year the Fire Department held it’s 3rd annual Chili cook-off and Pie Bake along side of the Halloween Carnival. This enhanced both events. Story on Page 21

This event seems to get bigger every year. There is a pictorial on pages 8 and

Monthly Plantation Spotlight - POA Board–page 10 Yard of the Month— Debra and Jerry Wahl - page 12

NEW ADVERTISER (Casa Sol) Don Rich Ford PG. 24

This is an Independently published publication, NOT an Approved nor Official publication of the Fairfield Plantation POA


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HELP!!!! Hello neighbors, yes, I am once again pleading for help. This newspaper seems to have become welcomed and accepted within the community. Some even comment that, they look forward to it. The advertisers also seem to be served well by it’s circulation and the response that they have receive form it. That must mean that everything is GREAT. Well, yes and no. I am trying to do all that I can to keep this newspaper going and interesting for the readers. As much as I appreciate the current contributors, I would like to have more. I want to continue to deliver items that interest the community and readers. It is difficult for me to do it all at times and I could also use some help. Proofreading is good and welcomed but unfortunately, I get everything so late, I don't have the time to get it to a proofreader and back in time for print so, I end up doing the proofreading, writing, ad creation, billing, reporting, investigating and much, much more. I do believe this newspaper could be so much more. This is where my request for help comes in. I sincerely would love to have other article contributors. Regular contributors such as the articles by Jeffrey Thomas and Christina Henggeler. I have had endless positive comments on both of these regular articles and they are very much

appreciated. I don't mind having anyone contribute an article on occasion and the invitation is always there for anyone to do so but, my regular article contributors are this paper’s life blood. If you have any interest in writing about hunting, politics, community, golf, fishing or just about anything you can imagine, others would enjoy reading it and I would love to have it. I can even do a “Your Voice” section if I have enough interest but would like to keep it civil, sane and PG for everyone to read. If your interest is not writing but, you do enjoy the paper and would like to help. Please contact me. I could use someone to simply contact each of our groups and remind them each month that the newspaper would like to have their news. I would love to have a couple of teenagers that could share with the community items that interest them. I am not wanting to pass off my work to anyone, just get a little help and have some fun while doing it. There are some items and events that are community related that I would like the Newspaper to sponsor and possibly make them another exciting event that the residents would look forward to each year. My long term goal is to create something that helps this community to communicate better and a publication that this community can be very proud of. Would you like to be a part of that goal?

If any of this sounds as though it may interest you, please contact me: Billy Priest— or 770-238-2151 For more information, comments, letters to the editor, suggestions and/or complaints. Please address to Billy Priest at the following:

Email: Website: Mailing Address: 7283 Tara Dr Villa Rica, GA 30180 Phone: 770-238-2151 Deadline for submissions in our next issue will be: Friday, December, 7th 2012 Our next issue will deliver: Saturday, December, 15th 2012 Fairfield Plantation News and Views “Your Community Newspaper”

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FAIRFIELD PLANTATION GOLF Inclusive Golf Membership Rates: Inclusive Golf Membership includes all cart fees, green fees and range fees. Unlimited golf with cart and range for one low price! Individual Rates: Non Property Owner: $180.00/ month Property Owner - $165.00/month Golf Course Property Owner with Pri-

vate Cart: $150.00/month Family Rates: Non Property Owner: $225.00/ month Property Owner - $205.00/month Golf Course Property Owner with Private Cart: $190.00/month Pay for the full year in advance and receive one month for free!

FREE SLEEVE OF PRO-V1’S WITH YOUR ROUND IN NOVEMBER! MONDAY – FRIDAY $29 SATURDAY – SUNDAY $39 Not valid with any other specials or discounts.

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Commissioner Corner November, 2012

Its official…Obama is in for four more years! It is now time for all of us to accept the outcome and move on. Whether you were an Obama fan or Romney fan, the “tribe has spoken” and Obama gets four more Vicki Anderson years. He no longer has Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State. President Obama made many promises on the campaign trail. It is time to reach across the aisle and work together for the good of our country. We need jobs to get our economy going again..

State Representative for 19 years…19! That is a very long time. What has he accomplished? What committees does he Chair? What is he known for? We should know the answers to all those questions, but I do not. Mike Dugan is a fine man, a veteran, a Bowdon High School and University of West Georgia graduate. Tell all your friends about Mike. County government is pretty slow as far as the commissioner’s are concerned. We have a called county commission meeting on Thursday, November 29th at 5 p.m. The November meeting was cancelled because it was Election Day and the December meeting is cancelled because it is also Election Day. I have no idea what is on the agenda for that meeting. Come January I will be able to keep you more informed.

One item that appeared in the Times-Georgian recently was the 16 additional hours of holiday time that the Chairman gave each County employee. I Mike Dugan and Bill Hembree are in a runoff was concerned because that additional money was for the District 30 Senate seat. We do not vote in that race as Mike Crane is our Senator. If there are not budgeted. The Chairman does not determine the holiday schedule, the Board of Commissioners no other runoffs, then we will not vote on the first do. You and I are paying for everything being spent Tuesday in December. Bill Hembree has been a in county government. I am sure this will Mention This Ad and Get 10% Off Any Service come up in the November 29th meeting. I know you are tired of government officials, local, state, and fed-

1st Time Collision Repair $100 Discount (Minimum $1000 Repair) 1st Time Glass Replacement 25% Discount

Call: 770-456-0640 1 Mile South of I-20 on Liberty Road

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eral, “going at it” all the time! So am I! You have to stand up for what you believe is right for your district and the county, but sometimes it is very hard. I have a friend in Texas dealing with a similar issue. She is distraught because she stood up for her beliefs, refused to lie, and now she is fighting “city hall”. Can you believe you would be asked to lie? It is very difficult to fight city hall. Some of you have had to do it and you come out looking like the bad guy. When you stand up and fight for right, we refer to that as INTEGRITY! Most people will back down when the going gets tough. They are either not confrontational or just do not want to hassle with the mess! If you want to know what causes the most problems, it all gets down to MONEY! If you follow the money, it will lead you to the information you are seeking. Remember…Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered! Todd Wright at Midway is continuing his series on “The End”, which is about the end of times. It is a very interesting subject. Where are you going to spend eternity? Is your name in the Book of Life? Will you be one of those “Left Behind”? Great series and all past sermons are available to view on the church’s website.

Vicki Anderson


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Internet Living

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LETS GET TECHNICAL Let’s get technical…

ing thought right?

Jeffrey Thomas

What does this mean for the end user? It means that your data is dependant on you, the creator, to make sure it lives past the so-called expiry date of the medium that holds it.

Backup your data or say buh-bye to your memories…

Imagine this. Your hard drive might just up and crash. Thieves might steal your laptop at a coffee shop. A defunct Russian spy satellite, or other unknown spaceship, might crash through the roof of your house, or a wandering three year-old with a fruit juice carton … At times like these, having a secure, up-to-date backup of your hard drive can be a real lifesaver. But how many of you have a backup strategy: let alone the actual software performing this vital function? Here’s an interesting thought. As an electronic component, hard drives are "rated" by so-called MTBF. This stands for "Mean Time Between Failure", which is about the same rating as a light bulb. The question is not if it will fail, but when. In the real world the average life expectancy of a hard drive is now only 2 to 4 years. In fact, the two major hard drive manufacturers, Seagate and Western Digital, have recently cut their warranties to as little as one year. Sober-

Here’s an idea how much a gigabyte really is:

During the course of my workweek I hear all kinds of things about computers. I think the worst thing, however, is “my computer crashed, can you get my music and pictures of my grandkids back?” Or even worse, in the case of a business, “can you recover my customer database, and payroll files?” In some cases the answer is yes, but it is costly and time consuming. In other cases it is sadly beyond recovery. Doing a backup is one of the smartest things you can do to protect the important information, and critical data on your computer. We all know this, right? This should include email, internet bookmarks, work files, data files from finance programs like QuickBooks, spreadsheets, photographs, your iTunes license file, and anything else you can’t afford to loose. Ahh, but how often, you ask? Look at it this way, any file you cannot afford to lose, i.e. that will take too long to re-create or is unique and cannot be re-created, should be located on two separate physical media, such as two external hard drives, or a hard drive and a flash drive, in two different physical locations; not in the same building. Is your head spinning already? That type of important information should be backed up daily, if any file information has changed, and with a little planning you can be enjoying peace of mind knowing that your photographs, music, and documents are safe. There’s a lot to be said for this… I do a lot of data recovery and computer forensic work. In these circles there are a couple of sayings that hit home: "If you want to loose it, keep one copy," and “One copy is none, two copies are one.” What you need to know You may think you just need as much space as you have data on your machine. But this is actually a false assumption. Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to delete files from your PC because they just didn’t fit anymore? The same thing happens with your online backups. So you need to plan ahead. As you are working and adding files to your PC your backup capacity needs to increase, too. A rule of thumb is twice the amount of storage space you have. There are many ways to secure your data, from “free”, the $4.99 a month off site “cloud” systems, to on-site external hard drive systems. Finding a happy medium, pun intended, is hitting that sweet spot of cost effectiveness. If you are not a geek you might not know how much you can store with 1 GB.

Around 250 MP3 songs 200 photos of 5 MB each 12,500 word documents One full-length movie; with skinny actors To find out how much space to provide for file or attachment size is usually easily accessible, if not already prominent. In Windows, right clicking on any file, folder, or drive and choosing "Properties..." from the drop down menu will show the size. In an Explorer window, you can select "Details" from the "View" menu; or in a file open or save dialogue box there is a "View" button from which you can also choose "Details". If you then click on the word "Size" at the top of the column, you can group together the largest files in a folder. In Mac OS X, you can press Command+i to show details of an individual file, or Command+Option+i to show details of all selected items in an Inspector window. The Mac equivalent of Details view is "List" view, and Command+J gives you the option to "calculate all sizes" of folders as well as files. The “Happy Medium” External USB hard drives prices have come down considerably in recent years. Sizes currently range from “tiny” 60GB to a whopping 3TB. For example, you can purchase a 640GB USB hard drive for under $100. Most notebooks today come with 500GB drives installed, so you will, with the correct configuration, have room for plenty of backup. Bear in mind, however, that these units will physically be in the house with your computer, so if there is a fire, satellite, etc., you still lose everything. Flash drives are the rage at the moment. They come in sizes ranging from 2GB to 256GB. There are plenty of models to choose from and each has its own set of features. The great thing about flash drives is their portability: simply slip it in your pocket… Pay attention to the manufacturer here. There are many imported flash drives on the market that overstate their capacity. One thing that is peculiar to all types of removable media, however, is the need to stop the device before removing it from the computer. Failure to do so, on a Windows machine, can mean a loss of data and the following dire message: “Windows – Delayed Write Failed: Windows was unable to save all the data for the file X:\$Mft. The data has been lost. This error may be caused by a failure of your computer hardware or network connection. Please try to save this file elsewhere.” If you have a flash drive, or USB drive, attached to your Windows computer you will see a little flash drive icon, "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in system tray in the bottom right hand corner. Choose your drive from the list, and then remove it once it notifies you of its safe removal. If you try to eject a drive, and get the "file is in use" error, that means something is going on in the background you don't know about, or sometimes a program is just being silly and has a locked file on the drive even if it isn't using it. If you were to yank it out during one of these situations, you could still cause data loss. Ejecting it will warn you of the situation, and let you close the program in question. DVD disks are inexpensive. They hold around 4.7GB of data, and can be stored, they say, for up to 100 years. Blu-Ray disks store up to 25GB of data, probably for around the same time. Most new Windows computers come with software pre-installed that will allow you to “burn” files to CD/DVD, or Blu-Ray disks. This method, I might add, is purely manual: you have to collect the files, put them in a burn folder, but the disk in the drive, and hit the “Burn” button. The disks you create will most likely remain on your property too, so in case of disaster you still lose everything. Continued ———-→


Page 7

LETS GET TECHNICAL Off-site, or Cloud backup is good, but with so many choices out there, how can we narrow it down? So rather than directly recommending services, here are some requirements to consider. There are two types of cloud storage: dedicated backup services and cloud sync services. The former usually comes with a client that's able to watch files or folders, including types of files, and back them up as they change. A popular example of this is Mozy, ( The only real downside to Mozy is that restoring files is more involved; it isn't expected users will restore unless they have to. Cloud sync services take a different approach, adding a magic folder or drive to your computer, the contents of which are automatically and invisibly synced online. A popular example of this is Dropbox, (http:// Some services offer client software that can also watch files and folders anywhere on your hard disk and back them up too, such as that offered by SugarSync, ( Cloud sync is an immediate form of backup, and if

you create and edit files within the magic folder everything will be backed-up automatically J I personally use DropBox. I can drop my important files into it and access them on my “smart phone” wherever I am. Any photographs I take on my cell phone are also dropped into DropBox and available on my desktop/ laptop. I can also transfer documents into a public folder and share this with colleagues or friends through an email link. Other offerings are Adrive, Apple iCloud, Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, Ubuntu One, (for the true geeks out there), and What to back up Let’s break this down into two little chunks, sorta ... Documents: includes Word processing files, spreadsheets, email, and similar documents that should be backed up every day. Just about any basic backup program can perform so-called incremental backups, in which the program copies only the files that have changed since the most recent previous backup. Media: includes photographs, video files and music. If your backup medium is sufficiently roomy and fast, you can back these files every day. However these tend to be large files and may require a separate backup strategy.

from the original source in the event of a system failure. The most important documents to back up are, as mentioned earlier, items that you have created, like documents, photos, music, etc. 2. Consider creating multiple backups. Having one backup may seem like enough, but a problem that you were unaware of could be present on a backup copy: such as infected files. In this event, recovering your data without experiencing the same problem may be impossible. Maintaining a cycle of two or three different backups is considered a good policy. 3. Decide how often you want to back up your files. Do you use your computer daily for business? Then a daily backup of important files is important. If you are a more casual user, a weekly backup may suffice. Finally. Speaking of “mechanical” failure. My Android cell phone has gremlins. It appears Verizon gave me a new ringtone called “reboot”. Sometimes it rings, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes I get messages, sometimes I don’t. When it comes back up I have no idea who called, as the caller ID screen does not get updated. If I have not returned your call it is not because I don’t care. Please text me, they seem to get through without rebooting the unit, or call me again, or email, or send out hoards of minions to track me down … 770.862.8781

Backup software: what to look for Four main areas to pay attention to are: backup features, recovery and restore, scheduling and reporting, and help and support. Before You Start – A recap 1. Which files are most important to you? Certain things, such as computer games, applications, and programs don't usually need to be backed up. You can easily reinstall these files

I’VE FALLEN AND CAN’T GET UP I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up! I never fully close the shower curtain while showering. Not that I am concerned about Norman from Psycho or anything, but still, I like to be able to see out while showering. Christina Henggeler This open curtain habit leads to lots of water in the bathroom floor. My husband fusses about the water in the floor, but I say the dogs like to drink it and I wipe it up with the towel before I leave the room, no problem. Today the water in the floor was a problem. After getting out of the shower I was standing on the water filled floor putting lotion on my feet- when somehow, I fell flat on my back! Truly, I don’t know how it happened! And it hurt like crazy. I crawled into the bedroom and lay on the floor trying not to cry. Seriously, I couldn’t believe I fell in the bathroom. What’s next? Losing my car in the Wal-Mart parking lot? Peeing my pants when I laugh? After a few minutes I got up, got dressed, and called my husband to tell him he may be right about the water in the floor. For some reason

he thought it was hilarious and kept saying “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” and recommends I get Life -Alert! Very funny, ha-ha.

I am going to Wal-mart to get a bath-mat. And maybe a flower to tape to the car antennae… Christina Henggeler



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JENSEN’S SERVICE PROGRAMS (678) 409-8984 (Fairfield Residents)


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Old School Barbering with a touch of New Generation Style

Spa/pool/jetted bathtub labor rate $75 Hour Pressure wash cabinet and re-stain $275

Bryan’s Barber and Style

Replace old spa cabinet (Call for quote)

Quality Cuts for the Whole Family

Replace old spa cover $350 Refelt pool table $295 Replace pool table cushions $145 Relocate pool table with old felt $300 with new felt $395 Bi-Weekly Spa Maintenance – Check water level, balance chemicals, clean cover/spa cabinet and check spa operation $75 (This service includes chemicals) 12 Point Spa Inspection – Check cabinet for damage, check acrylic shell for damage, check ozone & heater operation, check circulation & booster pump operation, inspect check valves, check filtration & lighting system, check for leaks and check cover for damage $99 Gold Maintenance Service – Drain & refill spa, clean spa shell, clean spa filter, clean & condition cover, balance water chemistry and 12 point spa inspection (recommended every 4 months) $199

Children and Men’s cuts $8.00 and up

D. Bryan Cheek Barber/Stylist 723 Sandhill Huelett Rd Villa Rica Ga, 30180

(Outside the Front Gate, Beside Velero Station in the the Log Cabin Store, at the 4 way stop)

Cell: 678-386-6144 Bus. Ph. 770-214-7400 Hours: Mon.—Fri. 10am—8pm Sat. 8am—4pm


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PLANTATION SPOTLIGHT Our community is fortunate to have many people with a large variety of skills and talent. It seems only fitting to recognize these residents in our newspaper. This month’s Plantation Spotlight is the P.O.A. Board. Yes, this may seem a little odd, especially coming from me but, it should not. I have always respected these individuals. I may not always agree with certain decisions but, I do very much respect and appreciate their volunteer service and the sacrifices they make. This is not a selection of any one individual. It is a selection of the position and/or persons that

have been and will be POA Board members. The position is very difficult at best and a nightmare at it’s worst. As a spouse of a former volunteer POA Board member, I got to see firsthand all the hours dedicated to this community. I remember when she first contemplated the prospect of running for the POA Board. I told her that she would make enemies of friends and sacrifice a lot more time than she was bargaining for. Both of those assumptions came true. It seems that as a POA Board member, if you stand by your beliefs, no matter what those beliefs are, you will loose friendships. This loss of friendships is the most disappointing of the many sacrifices and should not be necessary. You would think that the fact, that someone who would volunteer their time and work on the behalf of their friends, neighbors and for people they don’t even know, would mean that they would get enormous respect and admiration from everyone. Unfortunately this is not the case. Whenever anyone stands up for what they believe in, they immediately put themselves out there for criticism from a multitude of individuals partaking in armchair quarterbacking. There is also the unfortunate fact that, even though we all are suppose to be adults, we often revert back to the school yard antics of name calling and gossip. If all of this is not enough, Board members also have to face some of these issues amidst the other board members. A good Board member is trying to do what is good for the community all the while of having to negotiate the politics of being a part of nine people, all with different views of how things should be. They put in numerous unpaid hours meeting about EVERYTHING. Everything may include budgets, security, amenities or something

mundane and seemingly simple as a toilet that needs replacing in one of the bathrooms at the Marina or Golf Course but, as many do not know, nothing is simple when you are spending other people’s, hard earned money. POA Board members are also usually an active part of selected committees. This is in addition to their voting responsibilities. Because of these positions on committees, it is not unusual to get that urgent call during the day while they are trying to do their day jobs or in the middle of the night while all of us lay happily asleep. Yes, I did say day jobs. Many of our current POA Board as well as past members do have/had an actual job that they must do in addition to their POA Board responsibilities. For the ones that don’t have these day jobs, they have worked for many years to get the opportunity to now retire, instead of just enjoying their retirement; they have decided to take on this most joyful community service endeavor. The aforementioned money issue is one reason that makes all of this so difficult. The POA dues/ assessments is what gives everyone ownership. With ownership, everyone feels that they have the right to “have a say” in how things are decided. This theoretically is true but, not in the way most people think. POA Board members and committee members often have done a lot more work and have much more knowledge about a particular topic than the average resident. This is also coupled with the fact that the POA Board members are elected to represent the community and make these decisions. Election time is when the individual residents actually have the opportunity to “have their say” and also in certain meetings, along with the ability to write correspondence to the POA Board. I would also like to remind my neighbors that in our last POA Board elections, we had approximately 500 votes out of approximately 1700. Remember, if you don’t like how things are being decided, your first right is, the right to vote. Votes do make a difference but, don’t if not used. This community has evolved and continues to evolve. The POA Board has also changed over time. Not only have individual members changed but, how they interact with the residents has also changed. This

evolution and change is sometimes difficult and often are not keeping up with or parallel too each other. This is often another reason for conflict. Conflicts and criticisms aside, each and every POA Board member of past, present and future are deserving of the respect and admiration of their peers, neighbors and the residents, for their time, dedication and often very difficult work that this position brings. I would like to publically say to each and every one of them that has given of their time, Thank you. I ask my friends and neighbors to remember this article and put yourself in their shoes the next time you decide to debate one or all of the POA Board. I stand behind mine and everyone else’s right to debate, question and speak out, 100%. There is absolutely nothing wrong with debate, there is however, how you go about it. There is a right way and a wrong way. We all should remember that these folks are at very least, our neighbors, which also have to live with the decisions they make each day, along side of you. Debates and the questioning of POA Board members and their decisions should always be done in a respectful manner because they have earned and do deserve it. I would also like to suggest that if you do have a question, do not immediately assume the worst. Instead, go to: and send an email to the POA Board. Go to a meeting and ask a question to one of the individual Board members. I am not saying that this will always net you the results that you want but you should at least start there first. To the POA Board members that may read this. I would sincerely like to thank each and every one of your for your time, efforts and dedication. Now, I will see you at the next meeting, get ready for the questions and debate my friends. Billy Priest

S im p ly C a terin g

Simply Call: 770-830-8901



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from Tupperware…The Crystal Wave Containers!

Tastefully Simple, Inc., Tupperware, Thirty-One Gifts, Scentsy and Pampered Chef will be hosting an open house on Sunday, December 2, 2012 from 3:00pm until 7:00pm at the Recreation Center here in Fairfield Plantation.

Come check out all of the wonderful products Thirty-one has to offer to keep you and your family organized and off to a great start for 2013!

Plus check out the gifts you can get for him or her and there are plenty of items under $25 for anyone on your list! Tupperware still loves and welcomes home parties where you can earn your favorite pieces of Tupperware for half price or even for FREE!!

Do you like to eat??? Do you like to cook or is that not your forte? Hello. My name is Jennifer Devereaux. I have been a Fairfield resident for over ten years now. I have to say I absolutely love living here! What a great place to live and raise children! I am a substitute at the Villa Rica Post Office and am also an independent consultant for Tastefully Simple. What is Tastefully Simple you may ask? Some of you may have heard of Tastefully Simple, and some of you may not have. Well let me tell you about my company. We are a direct sales company based out of Alexandria, Minnesota. My company offers a variety of products that are easy to make. Most of them require only one or two ingredients. They are very easy to prepare which gives you less time in the kitchen and more time with your family and friends. We host parties at your home at no cost to you where we pretty much eat through the catalog! When you host a party you can earn host rewards and receive FREE PRODUCTS as well as earn other special incentives! We offer a variety of spices that also can be used to make distinctive dips; soups; drink mixes; coffee and cocoa mixes; pound cakes and desserts; as well as an eclectic collection of gift baskets priced at any price range. Come try some great samples from our Winter catalog including Smoky Warm Bacon Dip, our infamous Beer Bread, Nana’s Apple Cake, Roasted Onion Warm Dip, Key Lime Cheese Ball Mix, Absolutely Almond Pound Cake, Classy Chocolate Pound Cake and a few other surprises I can’t wait for you to try!!! Tupperware has, and always will be the best thing for storing your food products and keeping them fresher than ever. Dana Nicole Satterfield will be here with the latest and greatest from this ever, long standing historic company that began in the 1940's that is now based in Orlando, FL. From storing to freezing, microwaving to preparing, Tupperware is the way to go. You must come and see the latest and greatest

game! Thirty-One is not only for women, they have stuff for men too!! Thirty-One Gifts also offers home parties to where you can receives hostess exclusive items, items for half price, and even for FREE!!

Thirty-One will be represented by Carla Clark. Thirty-One was established back in 2003 and is based out of Ohio. Thirty-one is the way to go to keep you organized and on the go for any and all events in your life. You can keep your house nice and organized too! Thirty-One offers everything from totes and purses to under the bed storage boxes to insulated thermals to take to your favorite football

Scentsy will be filling up the Recreation Center with a wonderful scent with the help of our independent consultant Debbie Goodner. Scentsy launched back in 2004 and has been successful ever since. Scentsy provides you with a room full of any scent you can imagine. From holiday items to everyday great smells, Scentsy can make every room

feel exactly the way you want it to, based on the great aroma their product provides. Scentsy also offers bath tablets, bath cream, body lotion, body cream, hand soap and solid perfume. Pampered Chef is where you turn to get your high quality kitchen tools. Debbie Goodner is going to be turning your kitchen world upside down with her multi-purpose tools! They offer everything from cutlery and cookbooks Jennifer Devereaux


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YARD OF THE MONTH November Yard of the Month


and Debra enjoys walking on their carpet of lush, green grass. When not taking care of his yard, Jerry likes to play golf while Debra likes spending time with her new grandson.

This month we are spotlighting the beautifully landscaped yard of Debra and Jerry Wahl at 8192 Pine Cone Court for our November Yard of the Month.

The Fairfield Plantation Planters Club and us here at FPNAV would like to take this opportunity to thank Debra and Jerry for working so hard to help make our community beautiful!

same mixture of pansies, ornamental cabbages, dusty miller, and Gerber daisies are used in

Debra is retired from teaching at Central High School, and Jerry works for Mother’s Finest, a catering company in Mapleton. They have lived in Fairfield since 2007 and through their hard work have transformed their yard into an attractive, well-manicured yard boasting colorful plants, trees, and borders that are perfect for fall.

beds on both sides of the garage, by their mailbox, and around a tree in the front yard. Jerry enjoys working in his yard,

Lawn Maintenance

The front walkway is flanked by beautiful beds of pansies, ornamental cabbages, dusty miller, geraniums, and Gerber daisies. The two large pots of mums on the porch lead you to a stunning pinecone wreath on the front door.

Sprinkler Systems

Land Management of Carrollton 770 770-616 616-5455 CHUCK DETSCHER 3023 Lakeview Parkway Villa Rica, GA 30180

Landscaping Pressure Washing Tree Removal


Page 13

KIWANIS CLUB Nov. 20th- Dr. Bob Pinckney, Club Past President will talk about the Kiwanis Eliminate Project. This will be a very interesting topic and on top of the Kiwanis Club Priority List. The Kiwanis Club needs everyone to be aware of this issue and the steps being taken by the Kiwanis to address it. With The Eliminate Project, Kiwanis International and UNICEF have joined forces to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus. This deadly disease steals the lives of nearly 60,000 innocent babies and a significant number of women each year. The effects of the disease are excruciating — tiny newborns suffer repeated, painful convulsions and extreme sensitivity to light and touch.

Kiwanis and UNICEF joined forces to tackle iodine deficiency disorders, achieving one of the most significant public health successes of the 20th century. Now, they are eliminating MNT from the face of the Earth. And in doing so, the project will reach the poorest, most neglected mothers and babies with additional lifesaving health care. The end of this one disease means the beginning of better health for so many families


Outgoing 2011-2012 Kiwanis Lt. Governor James Wyatt (left) of the Carrollton Golden K Kiwanis Club passes the Host Club Banner for Division 12 to Incoming 2012-2013 Lt. Governor Barry Gardner, of the Kiwanis Club of Fairfield Plantation. Division 12 encompasses Kiwanis Clubs in Carroll, Polk, Haralson, Heard, Paulding and Douglas counties.

To eliminate MNT from the Earth, more than 100 million mothers and their future babies must be immunized. This requires vaccines, syringes, safe storage, transportation, thousands of skilled staff and more. It will take US$110 million — and the dedicated work of UNICEF and every member of the Kiwanis family.

PLANTERS CLUB Plenty of Fall happenings in the Garden Club... November's Garden Club meeting was at Mitchell's in Carrollton on the 14th. This quaint

little store near downtown was a wonderland of Christmas décor. The two very creative propriators gave a fabulous lesson on holiday decorating, Everyone took notes and vowed to go right home and start. It was incredibly inspiring and the results were awesome as well as fast to do. Afterward the group split up for lunch at the many restaurants on the square.

great bunch of women who meet monthly for trips, lunch, community gardening projects, and sometimes just to sip wine and talk! Volunteers are needed to decorate the front and back gates, you can sign up at the November event.

In December the Garden Club will do a new twist on it's traditional Tour of Homes. It will be the “Tour of HOME' at the Olson's on Olson's point. The event is December 13 and is It's open to members only. It's actually the equivalent of a Christmas party and membership drive! Be sure to pay your dues ( or join) and attend this wonderful party. If you join this month, for a reasonable $15 for the year, you will have the opportunity to join a

The Solution Residential and Commercial repair and remodeling

Eddie Freeman 678-321-5083 Get it done right the first time. Everything done around a property except HVAC No Job Too Small or Too Big



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LGA NEWS The “Rally for the Cure” tournament played at Fairfield Plantation Golf and Country Club was a great success. We didn’t have the turnout that we have had in the past due to a different golf tournament that was out of town. However, we managed to raise $1334.00. Everyone had a great time! Thanks to Bobby and Donna Lynn Swafford, Millie Wilson, Jan Nelson, Denis and Brenda Auger for donations. Also, thanks to the “Bag Ladies” who

1st George Alderman, Wesley Farmer, Carlos Guiterrez 2nd Denis Auger, Brenda Auger, Dan Hill, Janet

Women’s Closest to the pin on #4/ Margaret Jones

Landed on the green: Margaret 3rd Ron Mooney, Terry Mooney, Chuck Little, Jones, Andy Austin, Laura Little Ron Mooney, Curtis 4th Bobby Swafford, Donna Lynn Swafford, Mark Slone, Corky Carr, Dan Hill, Carlos Guiterrez Archer, Harris


Dea Chandler/ Rally Ambassador The “Pot of Gold” tournament at Fairfield Plantation Golf and Country Club for the Tuesday night scramble league was held on 10-20-12. The Pot of Gold winning team: Curtis Slone, Terry Jackson, Shane McGuinn, Dea Chandler showed up at my house to help stuff the goody bags: Beverly Bryant, Cristina Hamlet, Judy Igarashi, Lorraine Wagner, Margaret Jones, and Pat Grizzard. And, of course the Pro Shop and Jay Walton.

Longest Drive for women/MaryBeth Slone Longest Drive for men/Joe Rizzo

2nd Place: Duane Hooper, Mike Ingram, Jim Chandler, 3rd Place: Mike Cohran, Bill Oetting, Greg Brown

Men’s Closest to the pin on #12/Andy Austin The Fairfield Plantation Golf and Country Club LGA held their Member/Member tournament 11-312 1st Esther Brigman, Brenda Auger 2nd Margaret Jones, Judy Odom 3rd Irma Tuggle, Nell Moncus

Overall winner for the women/Margaret Jones Overall winner for the men/Andy Austin Scramble winners:

MGA NEWS Date: 11-09-12 MGA NEWS

Acree, Mike Ingram, Shane McGuinn, Clint Watkins, and Bob Igarashi. Results from October 13 play day: Mike Gantt won the 50/50 drawing Winners from the wheel game were first place Bob Igarashi, second place Curt Mooney, third place Tom Ishee. Closest to the pins were Curt Mooney on hole #4, Curt Mooney on hole #8, Curt Mooney on hole #12 and Mike Gantt on hole #16. Skins were won by:

Members nominated for the 2013 Board are: Ron David Waid #11, #17 and Corky Carr #15,#18

Results from November 3 play day: Mike Ingram won the 50/50 drawing Winners from the game were first place the team of Corky Carr and Clete Bulach and second place the team of David Waid and C. T. Turner. Closest to the pins were Jim Mashburn on hole #4, Clete Bulach on hole #8, Robbie Robinson on hole #12 and Clint Watkins on hole #16. Skins Were Won by: Shane McGuinn #3 and #7, Robbie Robinson #10, Corky Carr #13 and #17


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Page 16


Happy Birthday to Chip Hurst from your family and friends. We love you.

Congratulations to Kevin and Brandy Hurst of 1436 Heritage Ct. Their son Jackson Drake Hurst was born on September 13, 2012

Alyssa May Happy 12th Birthday We love you, Mom & Family!

Happy belated Birthday to Mrs.Brenda Johnson, the best neighbor ever!! Thank you for being a blessing to me and my family!! We love you MIMI!! Love Chris, Amanda, Aaron, Andrew, Alyssa Sheffield (October27th)

Reanna Harper turned 16 on November 7th Happy Birthday from you Friends, Family and loved ones.

Mihai Necula will be 3 on November 23. Happy Birthday Little Man Love Mom

Congratulations to Helen Henriques on her retirement. You made it to the GOOD LIFE Girl. Much love from your Family and Friends

Congratulations to Steve Shiverdeckeron his retirement. You made it to the life of Riley my friend. Love from you Family and Friends

Happy Birthday Zachary!! Love Mom, Dad, Ariel and Bryan


Page 17

SMALL BUSINESS PROFILE Fairfield resident takes on challenge of starting law firm Having lived in Fairfield since the age of 7 (with exception of attending Ole Miss), I have always loved this community’s sense of community. So after finishing law school, I decided to open my firm in Carroll County and stay close to home. For three years, I commuted to Atlanta almost daily for school and worked continuously to gain as much experience as possible. Now, I am ready to venture out on my own. I opened Pippin Law, P.C. in late October and am looking forward to seeing where this adventure takes me and my family. Opening a business has been an interesting experience. I’ve had to contemplate the same things that anyone starting a business must consider. I’ve had to choose what kind of business entity would best suit my firm, while considering the tax consequences for me, individually, and the company. I also had to consider the image that I wanted to pro-

ject through the name of the firm. Ultimately, I chose Pippin Law, P.C. Now, I’m coming up with a marketing strategy, which includes social media, advertising, and a website. In addition to opening a firm, I am also earning an LL.M. in Taxation from the University of Alabama’s School of Law. I hope that this additional degree will help me to better serve the community and focus on small businesses, estate planning, and tax law. Especially now, I think these are crucial areas where so many people need help to plan their future, their business, or, even, to get out of trouble with the IRS.

I also believe practicing family law is important to the community, because they shape the lives of so many, including children. Divorces are

Don’t Hire and Exterminator. Hire an expert ● Money back guarantee ● Highly-trained and knowledgeable technicians ● Responsible treatment customized for your home & family ● Effective bed bug solutions KEEPING PEST IN THEIR PLACE.

Specialist in: Termites ● Fleas ● Carpenter ● Ants ● Rodents ● Spiders Roaches ● Bed ● Bugs ● Mosquitoes ● Scorpions ● Ants Flies ● Bees ● And More...


Carroll, Douglas, Haralson & Paulding Counties


Over 100 Years of Experience Request services online at:

so very common these days - more than half of marriages end in divorce (and that’s just first marriages). I strive to provide quality and efficient family law services and to never make the situation worse than it already is for those involved. Of course,

there are some happier areas of family law that are just as important. Adoptions bring a new member into a family! I hope to be able to serve the Fairfield community over many years to come and to get more involved the community.

Pippin Law, P.C. is located on the Square in Carrollton above La Trattoria.

Grace Curtis Pippin 106 Adamson Square Suite 3 Carrollton, GA 30117 Phone: 678-390-5290 Email:

Pippin Law, P.C.

Family law, estate planning, tax and small business issues. Will also take criminal cases, including misdemeanors and felonies. Please feel free to contact me with any of your legal needs.


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FIELD OF SCREAMS—HUGE SUCESS Field of Screams—Halloween 2012 The spookiest season of the year begins with Fairfield Plantation’s Field of Screams, a family friendly haven for one to overcome their FEAR. This year’s production was choreographed and designed, by our own, Phil O’Brien. The Field of Screams Tour was amidst the old campground ruins, behind the Recreation Center. Field of Screams 2012, transformed the campground ruins into a terrifying hunting ground for the undead, and provided eerie and haunting attractions, including Zombies in a haunting mist-filled graveyard, an enormous spider web to encapsulate its victims (sorry, visitors), a Frightening Witches Station with

a secret and powerful brew, a unique Maze with fake doors, an escaped angry Gorilla, an Evil Mad Scientist in his Laboratory of Horrors,

a frightful Frankenstein, Floating Ghosts, and a terrifying evil Clown, reminiscent of Steven King’s “It,” and a mad and horrifying crazy guy with a chainsaw. residents survived this year’s Field of Screams.

Over twenty local residents and teens transformed themselves into dark and haunting

Kudos to Phil O’Brien, the Recreation Committee members, the many volunteers, including characters, volunteers that set up/tore down the sets, artists, set design, make-up artists, tour-guides, Fairfield’s Maintenance Crew, and photographers. Special recognition and thanks to the Girl Scouts for providing food and hot chocolate! characters to provide a family friendly, safe haven for visitors to conquer their fear. Three-hundred

Field of Screams is an annual event that is sponsored by the Fairfield Plantation Recreation Committee. Thank you for visiting with us this year and we look forward to seeing you next year! Barbara Morneo


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Barry, IFTA Certified Personal Trainer SURVIVING THE HOLIDAYS !! You are not alone. Most people find themselves facing more food choices, stress & demands on their time in the months of Nov. & Dec. By maintaining a flexible attitude, you can breeze through these 2 months with your health & sanity in tact. First, take some time to reflect on what the Holidays mean to you before you get swept up in the activities. Once you determine what you truly need and want from the Holidays, it is much easier to let go of the need to recreate the perfect, unattainable ‘Norman Rockwell’ holiday. Then you are freed up to focus on activities that exemplify the true meaning of the holidays. That being said, here are some suggestions to avoid the average 7 lb weight gain from Halloween to New Year’s; FOOD; Strive for balance! Continue with

your normal, healthy eating plan. Don’t starve yourself all day because you have a party at night & you are trying to ‘save’ your calories. That is setting yourself up for failure because you will justify eating what ever you want because you did not eat all day. A balanced eating regimen thru out the holidays looks like this; You had a high fat meal last night, so follow it with low-fat meal the next day. Or high fat week, follow it with a low-fat week. And, when you work hard all year at healthy eating, it is ok to enjoy the occasional treats. Just don’t let it turn into a month of pigging out & telling yourself; ‘I will go on a diet in Jan.” You all ready know that formula does not work!

coming up every year? Set your priorities with whom you really want to spend time with during the holidays. Maybe order gifts online instead of spending hours at the mall. Do you really need to bake for everyone at the office or would they enjoy a fruit basket just as much? I hope this helps you handle life’s little interruptions! And a great way to work out your stress is to join our Fairfield Exercise Class; Class days are; Tuesday, 10:30am Low Impact Cardio-Sculpt , Thursday, 9:00am Low Impact-Cardio-Core & Friday, 9:00am Body Sculpt. All classes are held at the Rec Center. For more info contact Willy Barry, 770-238-9528 or

EXERCISE; Stop the guilt by acknowledging Willy Barry that you cannot do everything! If you cannot fit in that structured exercise program, replace it A Georgia Independent Insurance Agency for 40 plus with more playful years. Fairfield Plantation Resident for 20 Plus Years. activities; a family Life, Health and Disability Insurance football game; • Life Insurance—Term, Whole Life and Universal family walk after Thanksgiving with • Low Cost Final Expense the dog; brisk walk • Super Low Term Rates around the Mall, • Individual Health Insurance etc. A little activity • Group Insurance is better than • Long Term Care none!

e{Éwxá \ÇáâÜtÇvx fxÜä|vxá

STRESS; What stressors keep

Medicare Supplement Insurance

Financial Services—Annuities

We will provide a Free and Absolutely NO PRESSURE Insurance Evaluation. Please call: Bob Rhodes or Mike Rhodes For info, evaluation and/or FREE Quote 770-214-2119 Visit us on the Web at:


Page 20


Holiday Movie Night No Reservation Necessary for the Movie

Sunday, December 9th at the Country Club

Wear your PJ’s and join us for Polar Express (Rated PG)

Sponsored by Recreation Committee in conjunction with the Country Club

Dinner @ 5pm & Movie @ 6pm Mark your calendar for future Family Movie Nights to be held the Third Friday of each month Menu starting in January! Kids meal $5.99 (Cup of Soup & Grilled Cheese with small drink) Adults $7.99 (Bowl of Soup, small salad & fountain drink) Dinner Reservations Appreciated Contact the Country Club to make your reservation

HEAD & HEAD L.L.C Attorneys at Law David C. Head 516 Newnan Street Carrollton, GA 30117 (770) 832-9697 (770) 834-1800 (Fax) Email:


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3RD ANNUAL FIRE DEPARTMENT CHILI COOKOFF & PIE BAKE First of all, the 3rd annual Fire Department Chili Cook-off and Pie Bake was a huge success. The Fire department held this year’s contest along side the Halloween Carnival and as usual, the Fire Department guys and gals help with many facets of the carnival including the setup and take down. Tim Mikos asked me to thank both the participants and the residents that came, tasted and voted. The proceeds went along ways towards the new fire truck and other items for the Fire Department. Tim appreciTim Mikos ates all of the overwhelming support that he and the other fire guys and gals get from this community.

Now that the niceties are taken care of let’s get down to business. After much trash talking and a chili taste smack down, Tim Mikos takes the title from Darrell Haley this year. I am not so sure that this sat very well with Mr. Halley. Even though Mr. Haley showed good sportsmanship, I heard a mumbling that sounded like ‘Wait Till Next Year Tim, you @@*% is mine”. So it looks like the battle will continue. Both Tim and Darrell are eager to have other participants join the fun and trash talking next year, both agree that it just adds more chances to stomp some chili butt. Darrell Haley

Let’s not forget the Pie bake. My Favorite coconut crème did not win this year. Her title was snatched by Jamie Sporich with a Strawberry Banana Pie, which I did not get to taste : (. The chili cookoff

and pie bake did not lack in drama this year. In all seriousness, this is a great event that seems to be getting bigger each year. Not only do the participants get into the fun smack talk and the tasters get some delectable delights, it also is for a very good cause. Our Fire Department does so much for this community and it was so very nice to see the residents saying thank you in the way of their support for this event. This is when our community is at it’s best. Great job to the Fairfield Fire and Rescue, Participants and also to the residents that came and supported this event. Billy Priest

Tovey’s World

Tovey’s World

BAR&GRILL 2000 Mirror Lake Road Villa Rica, GA 30180 Phone: (770) 456 456-6161

Publix Shopping Center, Exit 26 off I-20

Visit us on Facebook Search La Fiesta


Market Place

Page 22


Rick Nolan

J.L.M. Jacky’s Storage and Landscape Materials

Construction , Remodeling, Roofing Boat Docks and Decks Sand, Gravel, Mulch, Pine Nuggets. Rock, Stone and etc… 30 Years Experience Conveniently Located Behind The Fairfield Plantation Resident BP Station at the corner of Old Hwy 21 years 61 and Carrollton-Villa Rica Hwy

Phone: 770-328-8106 JAMES OAKES, CPA CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLED Certified by Georgia in 1977 Practice Licensed Since 1984 Accounting & Bookkeeping Services Tax Return Preparation Services Office located at: Corner of Moss Ferry, Sandhill Hulett & Fairfield Roads

770-838-1115 Needing a Little Help To Get Your Elementary Student Ready for CRCT Test; 10 year veteran elementary teacher and former Teacher of the Year looking for students who might need extra assistance in either math or reading. Knowledgeable about curriculum goals, standards, and CRCT expectations. Reasonably priced and willing to work on Sundays for 1 to 1 1 /2 hours. Call 770-843-1238; Ginny Edwards

770-832-1222 Cell Ph. 770-328-8632


Tony’s Lawn Care Very Reasonably Priced Lawn Mowing, Trimming, Edging, Hedge/Shrub Maintenance, General Maintenance

Tony Netherland

Call: Tony Alvarez Fairfield Plantation Resident 678-640-8730

Long Time Fairfield Resident With 28 Years Experience Residential and Commercial Very Reasonably Priced

Call 770-652-4110 Bryan’s Barber and Style

Meets Tuesdays at 12:00 noon. A Great Haircut at a Nice Place Carrollton Presbyterian Church. for the Whole Family

Car Wash Mobile Houses Patio Driveways

Meets Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. Bethany Christian Church Log Cabin Store Next to the on Hwy 61 Velero Station . For more information, Tell them FPNAV sent you Contact: Marge 404-769-4358 This is a Public Service Announcement

Get Your Ad Here for as Low As $20

B.B.S. Pressure Washer Services 7 Days A Week Free Estimates Call : Francisco 770-519-4785

We speak Spanish and English Cleaning Services Inside and Out

Ad Fees Classified Ads must be submitted each month prior to deadline Classified Ads Free for Fairfield Residents - Non-Commercial Use– Call or email for Details Classified Ads – Help Wanted - Free Prices below are Per Issue prices. Save 20% by committing to 6 issues. Ad Size and Description Per Issue Price

Shepherd's Arms Thrift Store 1633 Bankhead Highway—Carrollton, GA (Behind the Napa Auto Parts Store) Starting August 20th, store hours will be:

Market Place Ad 1.5 X2.5 in


Business Card Ad (Full Color) 2X3.5 in


Double Business Card Ad (Full color) 4X3.5 in


Quarter Page Ad (Full Color) 6X4.5 in


10 – 6 Monday – Friday and 10-1 on Saturday.

Half Page Ad (Full Color) 6X9.5 in (Only 3 Avail) $120

You can go to our website, or to our Facebook page (Shepherds Arms Thrift Store).

Full Page Ad (Full Color) 12X9.5 in (only 2 avail) $240 Ad Size and Description for pre-paid 6 month commitment

Get20% it ondiscounted Amazon per issue Or Market Place Ad 1.5 X2.5 in $20 x 6 = $120 price x 6 issues

Business Card Ad (Full Color) 2X3.5 in

$28 x 6=$168

Double Business Card Ad (Full color) 4X3.5 in

$44 x 6=$264

Quarter Page Ad (Full Color) 6X4.5 in

$56 x 6=$336

Half Page Ad (Full Color) 6X9.5 in (Only 3 Avail)

$96 x 6=576

Full Page Ad (Full Color) 12X9.5 in (only 2 avail)

$192 x6=$1152

Contact Billy Priest at billy@fpnav or 770-2382151



Page 23

FREE—CLASSIFIEDS Non Commercial Ads for Fairfield Plantation Residents are FREE , All Help Wanted Ads are Free. Please visit our website: or email for details

Jobs Wanted Child Care A grandmother would love to care for your children, day time hours, Mon.Fri. I have references. Please call Lynn at 770 527-6296 Charles Lawn Care 770-313-9512 Available for other jobs too We're Local Residents 2 Girls House Cleaning 678-215-1773 Free estimates We're Local Residents Licensed Teacher Available as Tutor $15 for 45 minutes, $20 for an hour. Need a pet sitter over the Thanksgiving Holiday? Keep them home and I will come to your house, $20 per day. 317-270-7445 ask for Denise House Cleaning and Painting Two resident ladies available to clean houses and paint. Hard working dependable and more than reasonable rates. We have references. Please call 678-822-1204 Tracey Wright Smoked Turkeys for Thanksgiving Toddrick Rogers 678-206-4143

For Sale Doulton and Co. collector jugs/vases 3 pieces, The Walrus and Carpenter. Two jugs signed by Michael Doulton Jan. 25, 1979. Excellent Condition. $65. Call Joyce at 770-214-9546. Craig Cat Boat 2 Seated Includes Trolling Motor and Trailer Asking $1000.00 Contact Tim 404-867-3931 Tools for sale saws, drills sanders. I live 8047 Longleaf Ct. ph 770 834 5766 My e-mail Thank You Clifford Hill Baby Grand Piano Great sound - no bench - paid $3000.00 will take $1000.00 - I can help move it. Call: 770-832-9962 Tony Nickoloff Antique 4 Piece bedroom suite. Approximately 100 years old. Excellent condition. Queen/full size. $650. Call Joyce at 770-214-9546. Antique bedroom suite, 3 pieces about 90 to 100 years old been in original family. Excellent condition. $650. Call 770-214-9546

Black 18 Cu. Ft. Frigidaire Runs excellently, interior & exterior in great condition, interior needs minor cleaning. Orig. $400, asking $100 OBO Pickup Only Phone: 678-664-2205, email: Ask for Sandi Household/Other Items Dirt Devil Rug (Featherlit)Cleaner w cleaning solution $30.00 Dog (4) steps Plastic/sturdy $25.00 Dog crate 18x29 ½ $30.00 Sanyo Refrig2ft 9” tall/1ft 7” wide $50.00 Thomas Kinkade Print (framed) 12x12”Sweetheart Cottage w/ Marriage note $300, Thomas Kinkade Print (framed) “Spring Gate” 15x15 $500. Silk Palms (6ft)wPottery or wicker pot $75.00/smaller $25. to$40. Various silk flowers arrangements with containers $25-$40.00 Bone China England(6place setting) white with roses $85.00 Phone: 770-214-9822 Christmas tree 6.5 ft Colorado pine pre-lit with 400 multi lights. Used once. In box. Price - $30.00

Outdoor Christmas TRAIN Decoration. On wooden Platform. Train mesures 6ft x 9". Platform is 7ft.x 13". Lots of pretty lights. Very good condition. Great decoration for fans of locomotives. Asking $75.00 or best offer. Call Cyndee at 770-401-5857

Miscellaneous Calling all Euchre card players! If you are interested in joining a Euchre club please contact Kori at kkryans3@ or call/text 770 733 8908. If you are not familiar with euchre we will be glad to show you how to play Calling All Parrotheads! Carroll County Parrot Head Club now forming. If you enjoy Jimmy Buffett's music, participating in social activities and volunteer community service and environmental projects, contact Bob at FREE hauling off of your old appliances, air condition units, water heaters, lawnmowers, or other scrap metal items. Call 404-536-6924. I am a Fairfield Resident


FAIRFIELD PLANTATION NEWS AND VIEWS Fairfield Plantation Residents 15% off ID Required Wed Dinner Fajitas Buffet 5 5— —9PM / $8.49 Sat & Sun Lunch Fajitas Buffet 11 11— —3PM / $8.49 Kids 4 4— —10y/o $3.49 3 & under eat FREE

Page 24


Birthday Dinner Up to $6.95 (Minimum of 2 Entrees and 2 Drinks I.D. Required)

MONDAY ALL DAY Buy One Get 2nd combo (1-27) Free (With purchase of 1 drink or appetizer)

955 W. Bankhead Hwy 78

LUNCH BUFFET Mon-Fri 11 to 2 $6.95 (Free Tea of Coffee)

Villa Rica GA, 30180 770 770--456 456--0040

$5 OFF Your Purchase of $20 or More

Sun Sun— —Thur 11AM to 10PM / Fri Fri— —Sat 11AM to 11PM (Not Valid on alcohol and cannot be Visit Us On Facebook combined with any Search Casa Sol Mexican Restaurant other offers!!!)

Same Owners as El Jalapeno Restaurant Since 1996

West Georgia’s Oldest and Most Reliable Ford Dealer, Serving the Area for over 40 years.

221 East Montgomery St. ■ Villa Rica, GA 30180 ■ (770) 459-5132 Don’t Forget Our Amazing Service Department.

FPNAV - November, 17 2012  

A Better community Through Better Communications

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