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Plus Cassie Come Home Vintage Bentley: one caring owner required! No Botox for Boycie

Hello from the Editor!


hope you had a fantastic festive season and are sticking to your new year’s resolutions. I’ve kept a pitiful two out of five so far, but resolution no 1 - giving Daniel the Spaniel three hours of off-lead exercise per day - is still going strong. We both hope it lasts. I was lucky enough to rehome Daniel from our West London centre, via Darlington, over two years ago, and he immediately felt part of the family; it’s a rare photo which doesn’t feature a daft Spaniel hogging the limelight. The kids and I think he’s one in a million, but of course the truth is he's one in 126 thousand. Last year, staff at our 18 rehoming centres cared for an incredible 16,750 dogs. Every single one of them deserves to be cherished just as Daniel is. Wag has had a spring clean; we’ve dusted its skirting boards, scrubbed its doorstep and hoovered under the sofa, and I do hope you like the fresher look. Have a delightful Spring!

Deana Selby Editor

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The battle against rabies


Legacy of love

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Behind the scenes this issue... Millie posing like a true pro!

Gail gets a faceful of sloppy kisses

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Listen up O’Leary, call Simon Cowell now and get me that audition, or else…


Spring 2012

This issue: Editor: Deana Selby Contributors: Matt Boustead, Sarah Morgan, Philip Simmons, Ziela Haider, Sinead Scott-Lennon, John Gaye, Alexandra Goldstein, Jennifer Blaber, Hannah Macey Veterinary Director: Paula Boyden BVetMed MRCVS Designed by FP Creative Printed by Red Mist Publishing Directors for Condé Gnash: Charles, Daniel, Deedee, Fifi, Freddie. Send your dog photos (former Dogs Trust residents only please!) to: Tel: 020 7837 0006 Registered charity 227523, SC037843, CHY16218 Say ‘cheese’, Daniel

Front cover: Diesel by Larrie Barlow. Read Diesel’s extraordinary story on page 10

Wag! News

All that’s going on in the world of Dogs Trust…

Does your dog deserve a medal?


igger than the BAFTAs, hairier than the Brits and far more fun than the Oscars, the Dogs Trust Honours is once again urging Britain’s dog lovers to shout from the rooftops how fantastic their Fido truly is. This is the only event in the world which celebrates what dogs mean to us humans, rather than what they look like.

We’re looking for nominations for

The glamorous awards ceremony – the highlight of every sociable dog’s calendar - will take place in June, so we need your nominations no later than 15th April. Send details of your dog’s winning ways to: Check out: to see last year’s glorious victors.

Here's John Barrowman celebrating the opening of the new Dogs Trust charity shop in Cowbridge, Mid Glamorgan. John and his dog Harris were guests of honour at the official opening event, and the shop has raised £20,000 so far.

dogs in the following categories:

Hero Dog

Dog’s Best Friend

Dogged Devotion

Comedy Canine

The award for dogs that perform us amazing acts of bravery or courageo dog pet a feats. This will recognise both and a service dog (including but not restr icted to police, armed forces or search & rescue). that This category recognises pet dogs ort to supp ical med or al tion emo provide nes. lifeli ne their owners by acting as cani

Media Mutt

Barrowmania hits Cowbridge!

For dogs that have appeared in the inate media, on TV or within a film. Nom lines head the e mad those dogs that have en scre r silve or ll sma the on or appeared ths. mon 12 last in the

Recognising adults and children who mak e a big difference to the lives of dogs. Young or old, these people are dedicated to dogs and go the extra mile to help the nation’s canine companions. Has your dog done something outrageous? Have they embarrassed you with their naughty antics? If you y have a hilar ious or unbelievable stor of age foot to tell about your dog, or is your comedy canine in action this you. for the category

Let's have your nominations please!

Groom at the Top When your dog’s fur/mud/leaves ‘look’ crosses the line from appealingly rakish to appallingly freakish, it’s time to invest in our new Dogs Trust grooming products, which includes shampoos, conditioners, spritzes and the unique snout balm. A third of the profits go straight to helping the dogs in our care, so visit when the doggy pong becomes too strong. Spring 2012


Wag! News

Image: James Lincoln

Post(er) modernism!


s this the latest installation at Tate Modern? No, it’s the overwhelming number of entries for our design a poster competition. Millie’s admiring your art! Over 500 young Waggers submitted their superbly creative designs on the

Cassie Come Home

ss Parry

Ro Image:

Many thanks to all Wag readers who offered a home to Cassie – we’re proud to reveal her new svelte look here in Wag. Now 4 ¹⁄₂ stone lighter and immeasurably happier, Cassie has settled well into in her new life with Sarah Dickinson and family in Warwickshire. Cassie arrived at our Kenilworth centre weighing 9 stone, as she’d been fed an unsuitable diet of high fat human food all her life. Sarah promises to keep Cassie on track with her healthier diet and exercise regime now that she’s regained her zest for life. She comes back each month for a weigh in, and there’s even talk of a bottom tuck later this year. Congratulations to the Kenilworth team for working so hard to get Cassie back to regular Collie-sized shape.


Spring 2012


. . . s i h t From ! s i h t o t ...

theme of “a dog is not a toy,” to win their chance of becoming a Junior Canine Carer for the day, as part of our link up with nintendogs™ + cats. Our huge thanks to everyone who sent a poster; the winners will be announced in the next issue.

Image: Northern Echo

JJ: official cuddle giver With his super long snooter and gentle demeanour, JJ the Lurcher makes a most welcome “cuddle buddy” at the ABLE centre in Colburn, Co Durham, which provides services for adults with learning difficulties. Eight year old JJ was rehomed from Dogs Trust Darlington three years ago by Lynn Tomkinson, who works at the day care centre as a diversional therapist. JJ was an instant hit with the visitors and is even a talented domino player, pushing the pieces with his elegant nose. Lynn Tomkinson says: “JJ has had an incredible impact on the centre and has become such an important team member we can’t imagine the place without him.” Image: Clive Tagg

Puppy Buying Awareness Campaign Huge thanks to all the Dogs Trust supporters who sent a Christmas card with a difference to Harrods, urging the famous department store to stop selling puppies in the run-up to Christmas. A fantastic 1,400 of you put virtual pen to paper to let the Harrods bosses know that “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas.” Our thanks too to Dermot O’Leary (above), who loved hanging out with pup Conan and chums to film a special message about the dangers of inadvertently buying a pup reared on a puppy farm, and the potential heartache which may ensue. See it here:

Wag! News

Survey shows new trend for owners refusing to reclaim their stray dogs


ur annual Stray Dog Survey (2011) revealed the UK’s stray and abandoned dog numbers are at an 11 year high with over 126,176 dogs being picked up by Local Authorities over 12 months* - an increase of 4% on the previous year. That’s 345 stray dogs being found every day. Sadly over 6% (7,121) of these strays were put to sleep in the last year by Local Authorities, simply for want of a home, which represents an 11% increase on the previous year. These results indicate that 20 dogs are put to sleep somewhere in the UK each day, nearly one dog an hour. The dogs that make it as far as Dogs Trust are the lucky ones. The survey, conducted by GfK NOP on behalf of Dogs Trust, also showed a large number of dogs were rejected by their owners, who refused to claim them back even when contacted by local authority dog wardens. This new trend is worrying as it appears some dog owners no longer view their pet as a valued family member or have not considered the true cost and responsibility involved with owning a dog. *figures from 1 April 2010 to 31 March 2011.


No botox for Boycie Boyce the St. Bernard is now looking and feeling far better thanks to his recent facelift. Before the nip and tuck op he’d been suffering from excess skin folds which had drooped over his eyes, leaving him completely blind. After two successful operations, the second to further improve his eyesight, Boycie convalesced at our Canterbury rehoming centre under the watchful (human) eyes of our Canine Carer team. Happily, Boyce is now enjoying 20 /20 vision and a grand new life with the Kettley family in Essex.


Spring 2012


Wag! Appeal

“He’s very al affectionate , loy and intelligent e and above all els gs in h t e it r u o v a f is h are his squeaky, cuddly toys!”

Charming olde r would like to m dog, a real homebo eet: dy.

Urgently nee ded – caring soul who love s evenings in !


entley is an eight year old German Shepherd cross who needs an owner who won’t leave him alone for a minute. This affectionate, handsome dog suffers with monophobia - the fear of being on his own - and chews his paws with anxiety whenever he is left home alone. We’re searching for a special owner who can be with Bentley 24/7. Sandra Wilson, Dogs Trust Kenilworth’s manager, explains: “Bentley needs a calm home where at least one family

member is at home for all of the day. He loves human company and will happily play fetch for hours, and he adores playing with his squeaky and cuddly toys. He would have to be an ‘only-dog’ in the home, and could be rehomed to someone with teenagers over 16. Bentley could be a perfect pet dog, if only we could find that special owner.” Could it be you? Please call our Kenilworth centre on 01926 484 398. P.S. Party animals need not apply! Image: SWNS


Spring 2012

Wag! Feature

Pet owners driven to desperate measures

Image: Matt Roberts

It can take up to seven times longer for pet owners to rent a home. That's why Dogs Trust is campaigning for a change in attitude from agents and landlords.


ur Lets with Pets survey, launched in Wag last summer (and huge thanks to all who took part), reveals that of the 5,695 pet owners asked, 1 in 3 was unable to find a suitable home. According to FindaProperty. com’s Rental Index for 2011, non-pet owners take an average of 50 days to find a home; but for over half of pet owners, this increases to anything from two months to a whole year. This comes as no surprise to Lorraine Hershon, whose family struggled so much to find a home in Southport before moving to Northumberland, that they ended up buying a caravan and living in it for three months. “It was a nightmare: my husband, son and I plus three dogs living in a caravan! At least it was over the summer so it wasn’t too cold. Finding suitable properties is still a huge problem for most pet owners.”

Our 18 rehoming centres reported a 56% rise in the number of people handing in dogs due to housing problems over the last five years. We are concerned that more people might be forced to face this agonising decision, or might even have their dog put to sleep out of desperation.

"We’re ur letting ag ging and landlo ents to take a rds ‘ Considere Pets approach"d’

Dogs Trust’s outreach projects manager, Clare Kivlehan, runs the Lets with Pets campaign. She urges letting agents to keep an open mind about pet owners: “We have signed up over 145 lettings agencies across the UK as campaign supporters, but our research shows that the majority are still not giving pet owners the chance they deserve. We’re urging agents and landlords to take a ‘Pets Considered’ approach, rather than rejecting all pets.” The campaign also aims to make it easy for owners to search on property websites rather than having to make special enquireis, and we're eager to hear from any agancies keen to back the campaign. So if you have property to let, do consider accepting pets so that together we can maintain our reputation as a nation of pet lovers. Call 020 7837 0006 or visit: Spring 2012


Wag! Feature

My dog brings me...

For many people, their dog offers so much more than a slimy toy. They bring hope, true love, courage and inspiration…




ob the Collie is no ordinary rescue dog – he’s a social networker par excellence! This cheerful Collie brought two new best friends to owner Gail Anderson via the Dogs Trust page on Facebook. Gail met her best pals when she posted a message on Facebook to show off her new puppy, Bob, whom she’d just rehomed from Dogs Trust Glasgow. Proud new owner Gail posted a photo with the words, “This is my new boy, Bobby!” The “Likes” flew thick and fast, with two people in particular, Lynn Pearson and Lynn Patrick, writing how gorgeous Bob was, and that they too adored their Dogs Trust Glasgow dogs. They began chatting online almost every day, swapping ‘dog chat’, and as Gail says, “It was great to know there were other people out there as nutty about dogs as I am!” Eventually, Lynn Pearson suggested they all meet up at the Glasgow centre, with their five handsome Dogs Trust dogs - Bobby, Buzz, Bailey, Zeus and Jack - in tow. All the women, and dogs, got along like a house on fire, as Lynn explains, “Even though they’re all males they behave incredibly well together, it’s as if they have always known each other. I’m sure they pick up on our positive vibes.”

Before long they began attending every fundraising event organised in aid of the Glasgow centre, prompting one Facebooker to comment, “You lot are just like the Three Amigos!” “I loved that nickname! We decided that for the next fundraising thing we did together we’d get dressed up as the “Three Amigos” from the film. It was such great fun! Between us, we’ve raised over £500 for Dogs Trust,” says Gail. Over the years, the women and dogs have met up regularly for weekends away, coming together from opposite ends of Scotland to enjoy long wintry walks and evenings involving food, plenty of wine and their beloved dogs – with their husbands most definitely left at home. As Gail puts it, “It looks like we’re having a hairy slumber party!” So close are the Three Amigos now, that last summer, when Lynn Pearson got married, she held a Hen Dog Walk instead of the more traditional hen night. Gail adds, “We’re kindred spirits in a way. I’ve never had such good, supportive friends in my life – and I have Bob to thank for that.”

oadfoot Image: Julie Br


Spring 2012

“I’ve never had such good nds supportive frie d in my life - an I have Bob to t!” thank for tha

Wag! Feature

Image: Upfront Photography Spring 2012


Wag! Feature Image: Larrie Barlow

Image: Trinity Mirror






lthough he may look like no angel, Diesel the Flatcoated Retriever is actually Cupid in disguise. Rehomed by Larrie Barlow from our Evesham centre, Diesel initially needed some extra training as he got so excited when he met other dogs. Larrie returned to the centre to get some behavioural advice, and then started visiting regularly to practice walking Diesel with plenty of other dogs around. However, training advice was not all he got, as Larrie explains, “As I was walking around the centre with Diesel on a long line, we turned a corner and saw a Canine Carer coming towards us walking a dog. "I tensed up as Diesel zoomed off to meet the other dog, the long line unraveling so fast it snapped! I really didn’t know what was going to happen when Diesel got to him. Luckily he behaved himself; I was so relieved. Also, I couldn’t help noticing that the carer who’d caught Diesel for me was absolutely gorgeous.” Larrie’s sister, Shauna, also worked at the centre, so he asked her if she knew this vision in a green sweatshirt. It turned out that the carer, Helen Colbourne, was


Spring 2012

a good friend of hers. As a professional photographer Larrie decided to do his bit for charity and began taking photos at the centre’s many fundraising events. Through this he gradually got to know Helen, and one day asked her if she could recommend a good dog groomer for Diesel. Helen offered to drop by and groom the dog herself. Larrie adds, “I started asking Helen to come over to sort out Diesel’s coat, until it got to the point he didn’t really need grooming but I’d ask her anyway. Eventually I plucked up enough courage to ask her out for dinner, to say thanks.” After dating for nearly a year, (and with Diesel’s coat in tiptop condition), Larrie proposed to Helen while walking in the Malvern Hills. “One of the first things she said, once I asked her to marry me, was that she’ll have to ask the dogs! We’ve been husband and wife for four weeks now. I’ve certainly said thanks to Diesel for the best “fetch” he’s ever done.”

ngus McMeekin, 77, from Liverpool, credits his Dogs Trust Merseyside dog, Sven, with seeing off a potentially life threatening attack from a burglar. Angus has owned Sven, brought into the centre with his littermates, since he was just 10 weeks old. Shortly before Christmas, a drug addict broke into Angus’s home and hid in the bedroom, waiting for Angus to return from walking Doberman cross, Sven. As Angus explains, “Before I opened the bedroom door Sven started growling, which he rarely does. A man jumped out and said, 'Give me your money or I’ll kill you and your dog!' "So I said, 'No way, nobody threatens my dog!' As he went to grab my wallet, Sven nipped his wrist and I whacked him with my white stick, then Sven ripped his trousers. The man ran out of the house with Sven chasing him all the way down the street, with his backside hanging out of his trousers!” The man was caught by police three days later, while burgling another property, and is now serving a prison sentence.

“Before I opened th bedroom de Sven startoor growling” ed



ast May, Ashleigh Rinchey, 39, was diagnosed with acute leukaemia. The leukaemia was so aggressive that she immediately had to spend two weeks in hospital to start intensive drug therapy and blood transfusions, followed by a further eight months of treatment as an outpatient. Ashleigh was lucky enough to have the support of partner Paul and children Cara and Finn throughout this painful period. She is also certain that her dog, Benji, was fundamental in keeping her mindset positive during her treatment and recovery. Lurcher Benji had joined the RincheyHargraves as a four month old pup from Dogs Trust Kenilworth back in 2006. As Ashley explains, “When I returned home after each hospital visit, Benji would never leave my side. I felt so weak and cold but I would cuddle up next to Benji under a blanket and watch a film with my family.” Benji was essential in motivating Ashleigh to stay positive and get fresh air, even when she felt rotten. With the children on school holidays, Ashleigh would focus on taking them and Benji to parks, and they took a

holiday in the Lake District, where Ashleigh managed to climb Helvellyn - a huge achievement considering how ill she’d been just three months before. By September, Ashleigh was told her cancer was in remission. Her doctors were amazed that she’d responded well ahead of schedule to the treatment: “I believe a good deal of my recovery was due to Benji. When I feel well he is ready for a walk, and when I‘m not well he is right by my side on the bed as a companion and a huge comforter. The side effects of my treatment have been unpleasant, but I’ve always felt I can get through it.” In fact, Benji has recently been assessed for his suitability as a Pets as Therapy dog, and, should he pass, will cheer up patients at the hospital where Ashleigh had her treatment, University Hospital Coventry. Having completed her treatment in January, Ashleigh adds, “I think people faced with a cancer diagnosis often worry that they don’t need the hassle of a dog on top of everything else. But for me, I wouldn’t have been without Benji for a moment.”

“I wouldn have been 't without B for a mom enji ent”

Ashleigh and Benji take a break on their way up Helvellyn

Spring 2012


Wag! Feature

Readers’ EXTRA! Dogs


We love reading about what your delightful Dogs Trust dogs are getting up to in their new lives once they’ve left our home and settled into yours. This issue’s inbox was positively bulging with pics of your hirsute friends; it would be rude not to share the joy!


Sandra Clark tells us: “Molly came into my life just six weeks after my 15 year old dog died. She is a beautiful, goodnatured lass and the best antidote to loneliness anyone could wish for. We enjoy long walks together, where she has to investigate every blade of grass, and we enjoy each other’s company so much. I am 74 years old now so Molly will probably be my last dog. I certainly couldn’t have wished for a better companion for the rest of my life.” We’re sure the feeling is mutual.



Pamela and Matt Trim reckon their Beck (née Fleck) is: “A fabulous dog, and with Collie-cross Jess acting as big sister he is now enjoying life to the full. They’re so happy together it’s a joy to see. Having two dogs has not been double the work but has definitely been double the fun!”



Helen and Clive say: “We’re so proud of Kiwi; he was once very nervous, but with time, patience and cuddles he is now a brave lad. He has cleverly persuaded us to let him sleep on the end of our bed, and when the alarm goes off he crawls up for a cuddle, his head on the pillow! He makes us a family and we love him to bits. Go on, put him in your next edition...” Oh, alright then.


Spring 2012

Wag! Feature



Louise Urwin explains Dusty’s allure: “Dusty was in the last kennel we saw on our tour around Dogs Trust Merseyside, and she was so feisty we couldn’t resist her – she looks just like a naughty fox! Her favourite games are fetching the Kong, tunnelling under the quilt, and rolling in horrid smells. We love Dusty so much; it feels amazing to give an unwanted dog a happy home!” Mmm, rolling in horrid smells.



Mitchell brought Albert (just look at that marvellous nose!) home in 2009, and tells us: “Albert is wonderful. He has had much training and is very well behaved, and as such we take him everywhere with us. We live near the sea in Thanet and love walking in the countryside with him and our other dog, Twinkle. He’s already had two holidays this year.” Lucky Albert, can we come too?

Harvey Newbury

Ian tells us: “Harvey has been with us for two years now and remains the sweetest, most loyal friend. He loves his ten-mile hikes at weekends and as you can see in the pic, he even indulges the women in the office of a well-known cosmetics company, who thought he might look good in a flat cap!” Looks like he is really feeling the benefit, Ian.



Where did you get that hat!?

Here’s Dizzy watching the show-jumping at Hickstead, as owner Lisa explains: “Her head was getting a little warm so I put my hat on her. To my amazement she wanted to keep it on whilst watching the horses!”

Spring 2012


Wag! Feature

Readers’ Dogs EXTRA!


Miguel and Martha

West Calder


Say 'Hola' to Miguel and Martha, two beauties rehomed from Salisbury by Naomi and Adam Toogood. They first fell for Martha when they spotted her on the rehoming gallery on the Dogs Trust website, and then met her at the centre and quickly realized she was the right dog for them. “Martha was such a perfect addition to our home that we decided to rehome a second dog. We instantly warmed to Miguel and the two of them got along from day one. Giving homes to these two was the best thing we’ve ever done. To anyone considering giving a dog a home we would 100% recommend Dogs Trust!” They sound ‘Toogood’ to be true!



Emma rehomed Ellie as she wanted a companion for her Springer Spaniel, Pepper. “This photo was taken on a long walk today and Ellie thoroughly enjoyed herself chasing a tennis ball and running through the long grass after Pepper, but wasn’t so keen to follow her into the pond!” Sensible dog.


Spring 2012

Aren’t they lovely? For a fabulous dog of your own visit

Brenda Williams and her mother braved a snow storm to reach our West Calder centre last winter, but their efforts were rewarded when they met Ozzy. “He’s learning new tricks all the time, and last summer he was part of the Top Dogs Display Team at ‘Bark in the Park' in Stirlingshire. I was so proud of him - even the smell of the burger van didn’t distract him from his routine.” Wag is very impressed, as we’re always distracted by burgers.

Wag! Feature



Shirley and Alan Jukes are just wild about Harry, and they’re not the only ones, as Shirley tells Wag: “He’s popular with everyone in our village – everyone loves Harry! We love this photo of Harry on his favourite walk in front of his favourite sign in Castle Ashby’s gardens.”

Bonnie Leeds



“We were lucky enough to have had a very special 7 years with Hector. He was very good about our son Kaspar appearing on the scene, travelled like a dream, loved every dog and person he met and took every new house in his stride. "We all moved to France together, where he soon settled into his new life. He howled along to Kaspar’s clarinet playing, and was addicted to sun-dried squashed frogs, munching them like crisps. Last summer we introduced Oscar, a half feral kitten, who hung off Hector’s tail, and stole his bed, toys and dignity. "The little old ladies in Blanzac market are now safe from his goosing ways. Our lives have a massive Hector-shaped hole in them, our house feels empty, our cat is devastated and the tears keep falling.” Isabel McBride

Mr and Mrs Lancaster wrote to tell us of the sad passing of their dog Bonnie, whom they rehomed as a two year old from Leeds. “She was with us for 12 years and I still can’t believe I had to make the awful decision to have her put down recently. She was the most patient, uncomplaining, gentle dog that I have ever known. "We moved to Spain and she came with us, adapting to life in rural Andalucia all because we asked her to. And then when our Spanish adventure ended, returning to England overland with a pet courier. How delighted we all were to see each other again!”



Last Christmas, Eve was found with a pound coin and note tied round her neck asking whoever found her to call Dogs Trust. Fast forward a few months and Eve is now living very happily with Maria and Alan Varley, who say, “Eve loves her tennis balls and always carries two in her mouth. She also likes me feeding her dog biscuits, and looks like a baby waiting for her food. Eve, in a nutshell, is a lunatic with a gentle nature.”

Spring 2012


The Tail end!

How you are all helping to help Dogs Trust...

Paws for thought


e’d like to say a sincere thank you to everyone who has donated in memory of a loved one this year. We’re so grateful to be thought of at what must be a very sad and difficult time. These extremely kind donations have helped us to continue to provide all of the love and support that our dogs need. We have been very touched at how friends and family members have chosen to honour their loved ones’ passion for dogs by donating to us. Deciding to make a charitable donation, or organise a collection in lieu of flowers at a funeral, is a wonderful way to commemorate the life of a loved one. If you would like further information please call us on 020 7837 0006 and we will be happy to talk to you. Image: Martin Phelps

Run to

t he h i l ls ! 16

Spring 2012

If you fancy getting active and raising £s for hounds this year, we have places in the below events. • • • • • •

BUPA Great Manchester Run 20 May BUPA London 10K 27 May Edinburgh Marathon 27 May British Gas Great London Swim 26 July British 10K London Run 8 July BUPA Great North Run 16 September

Email or call 020 7837 0006 for details.

Image: James Lincoln

Wag! The Tail end!

Our fundraising friends...

Stunning t-shirts – Dogs are not toys! These stunning limited edition T-shirts are for sale at £35 each. Modelled here by The Saturdays, the T-shirts were specially designed to remind people that dogs are not toys, and were part of our joint campaign with nintendogs™ + cats. All profits come back to help the dogs in our care. There are just 100 T-shirts, (sizes small and medium, sorry!). Please visit:

Dogs Trust and the battle against rabies


ohn Gaye, one of our trustees, visited the International Training Centre in Tamil Nadu, and reports on work being done to combat the spread of rabies. “In India around 30,000 people die each year from rabies. No wonder that past governments have tried every possible way to eliminate the main carrier for this terrible disease – stray dogs. Vast culling programmes have failed to reduce the stray population, currently estimated to be around 25 million dogs. “Since 2010, Dogs Trust has supported the work of the Worldwide Veterinary Service charity, providing the medical training needed for a neutering and vaccination programme, which can be rolled out across this enormous country. The programme aims to ensure the health of a vast population of dogs, while helping to eliminate the threat to human life. “The International Training Centre trains students from all over India, with the surgical training led by Finnish vet, Ilona Otter, while humane dog handling skills are taught by her husband, Nigel. “At first I was amazed at how basic some of this training was, but on speaking with


A big thank you to our friends at Reclaimit, who have now raised over half a million pounds for Dogs Trust! Every time you recycle a used printer cartridge or mobile phone we receive a donation. To request a recycling box for your office/recycling envelope(s) please call Reclaim-it on 01635 876 900 or email:

Cottage Industry Welcome Cottages has raised £285,000 to date for Dogs Trust and provides a wonderful selection of pet-friendly cottages in the UK, Ireland and France. With Welcome Cottages, pets always go free, so you can save on those kennel fees! For every holiday booked through 10% of the cottage holiday price goes to Dogs Trust. Many thanks to the Yorkshire Building Society for helping us to microchip 25 dogs.

the students it became clear that although they had spent five years in vet school, their practical experience of surgery was very limited. Every student was keen to try out improved “hands on” techniques for everything they’d just learnt in the lessons. “I also went out dog-catching, and saw that some of the dogs were handed over by their owners who seemed only too happy to have their dogs neutered. Tomorrow they’d be returned to the same place, but vaccinated and neutered, so that they could no longer cause a problem. “For me, the most impressive aspect of this whole programme was the students’ enthusiasm to take these policies and introduce them back in their home towns.”

Philatelist's Delight Please keep sending your postage stamps to our volunteer Jenny Thomas c/o Dogs Trust, 17 Wakley St, London EC1V 7RQ. Jenny’s efforts raise over £5,000 every year. If you’re a philatelist looking to boost your collection please do drop Jenny a line to let her know which stamps you’re interested in and she will be happy to tell you what she has for sale. Spring 2012


Wag! The Tail end!

Rehoming Centres


Come up and see me, make me smile!

MARCH Regent Street, Swindon 8–9 Darlington's spring fair 31

Ballymena Bridgend Canterbury Darlington Dublin Evesham Glasgow Ilfracombe Kenilworth Leeds Merseyside Newbury Salisbury Shoreham Shrewsbury Snetterton West Calder West London

Key Dogmobile Event

APRIL Evesham Country Park 6-7 12 - 13 Asda, Caerphilly Ilfracombe’s spring fair, Braunton Parish Hall 14

Meet our dogs

MAY 13 27

Countryside Day, Daventry Country Park Houghall Campus Open Day, East Durham College

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Hertfordshire County Show, Redbourn South of England Show, Ardingly Shoreham’s open day and fun dog show West London’s open day and fun dog show, 11am - 4pm Snetterton’s open day and fun dog show, 12 – 4pm Forge Shopping Centre, Gallowgate, Glasgow Evesham’s open day and fun dog show Bridgend’s summer show at Margam Country Park

JULY 1 1 8 10 -12 15 20 – 22

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AUGUST Canterbury’s open day and fun dog show 5 Leeds’s open day and fun dog show 5

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The staff from West London Rehoming Centre say hello!



Spring 2012




LOUGHBOROUGH opening in spring 2012






Wag! The Tail end! Image: Clive Tagg

Membership form Your details: Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms (Please circle) First Name: Surname: Address: Postcode: Date of Birth: Telephone: Email: Standard membership - £25 per year Membership for over 60s - £12.50 per year Life membership - £750 (one-off payment) If you are a taxpayer, make your donation worth almost a quarter more at no extra cost to you Gift Aid means that for every £1 you give, we can get up to 25p from the Government. This means that your donation of £10 can be worth up to £12.50 and it doesn't cost you a penny more! Just tick and date below: Yes, I agree that Dogs Trust can treat all the donations I have made in the last 4 years (prior to this year) and all future donations I make from the date of this declaration as Gift Aid donations.




eaving a gift in your Will really is a wonderful way to help ensure our four-legged friends are loved and looked after for many years to come. We would like to say thank you to everyone who has already kindly included us in their Will; your fantastic generosity will help us to save the lives of even more dogs in need. The amazing gifts already left to us have enabled us to rebuild, refurnish and upgrade a number of our rehoming centres, making them even more comfortable for our canine companions. Our brand new Dogs Trust Loughborough will open its doors this summer, and will help to save an extra 1,000 lives a year. Again this has also been possible thanks

I have completed the Direct Debit form below and would like to pay my annual subscription on __/__/__ Please state date and month (date must be before the 28th of the month OR I enclose a cheque (payable to Dogs Trust) for the sum of £_________. Please write name & address on the back.

to those individuals who have so thoughtfully included us in their final wishes. By including Dogs Trust in your Will you’ll help to ensure that similar life-saving projects can be supported in the future. No matter how big or small your gift may be it will make a tremendous difference to the lives of the stray and abandoned dogs in our care. For advice on how to leave a gift in your Will please fill out the coupon or call us in confidence on 020 7837 0006.

GIL 11 9 Spring

Raffle Ticket

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11 9 Spring Raffle

Ticket 2012 v6

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Spring Raffle 20

won this spring... Super prizes to be Charlie


Thank you

We hope you have the


£7,500 2

To get your paws



winning ticket! th £500 7 £250

£1,000 £750 7672. £5,000 3 £2,500 ne on 020 7833 our ticket hotli rd






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and SC037843


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Please pay Dogs Trust Debits from the account detailed in this instruction subject to the safeguards assured by the Direct Debit Guarantee. I understand that this instruction may remain with Dogs Trust, and, if so, details will be passed electronically to my Bank/Building Society. Signature




If paying by Direct Debit, we will send the instruction to your bank. Please note, Bank and Building Societies may not accept Direct Debit instructions for some types of account. Registered Charity Nos. 227523 and SC037843 Source code 853361

Originator's ID no 909692

The Direct Debit Guarantee


s, please call on more book

Spring 2012

Bank/Building Society

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Legacy Information Dogs Trust, Freepost WD360, 17 Wakley Street, London, EC1V 1NA


Valid from

Postcode: Name(s) of Account Holder(s)

Please return this coupon to: Doodle

s Trust to put Please help Dog s this spring. face a smile on our one of the win ld cou You es below! incredible priz

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To: The Manager Address:

All information will be treated as strictly confidential

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Please debit the sum of £_________ from my card.

Please debit my account starting on / / Name and full postal address of your Bank or Building Society

Please send me a free Legacy Information pack which provides full information about how to leave a gift in my Will to Dogs Trust.

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Catterall Phelps and Andy Photos: Martin

T&Cs: Raffle books cannot be sold or bought by persons under the age of sixteen. The raffle is only available to residents of Great Britain and not available to residents of Northern Ireland.


Instruction to your bank or building society

Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms (Please circle) First Name: Surname: Address:

Our spring raffle is now open! With a chance to win one of nine blooming great prizes and a magnum of champagne if you sell the most raffle tickets, it’s a great way to show your support. If you haven’t yet received a book of tickets please call 020 7833 7672, or request them online at: Remember to enclose the raffle stubs and completed front cover together with your payment before posting.


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This Guarantee is offered by all banks and building societies that accept instructions to pay Direct Debits. If there are any changes to the amount, date or frequency of your Direct Debit, Dogs Trust will notify you (normally 10 working days) in advance of your account being debited or as otherwise agreed. If you request the organisation Dogs Trust to collect a payment, confirmation of the date and amount will be given to you at the time of the request. If an error is made in the payment of your Direct Debit by Dogs Trust or your bank or building society you are entitled to a full and immediate refund of the amount paid from your bank or building society. If you receive a refund you are not entitled to, you must pay it back when Dogs Trust asks you to. You can cancel a Direct Debit at any time by simply contacting your bank or building society. Written confirmation may be required. Please also notify us.

Almost half of the worried pet owners who called Vetfone™ didn’t need to see a vet! Many other worried callers discovered their trip to the vet wasn’t urgent, saving them money - and a sleepless night.


s a Dogs Trust member you can call Vetfone™ about any of your pets, not just your dog. The RCVS registered veterinary nurse who answers your call can advise on canines, cats, canaries and more. They’ve even helped an owner whose dog had eaten a toy monkey – they advised about the dog but sadly nothing could be done for the monkey! There's a lot to be said for peace of mind, and 24 hour veterinary advice is only one of the benefits of Dogs Trust membership. You also get third party insurance in case you’re held liable for damage or injury your dog causes to another person, their property or their pets. And with all this you have peace of mind knowing you’re a member of the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, helping to care for almost 16,000 dogs every year in our rehoming centres, and many more in our members’ homes. Become a member today! Simply visit, call 020 7837 0006 or complete the attached coupon and return in the envelope provided to:

Membership, Wag Response, FREEPOST WD360, 17 Wakley Street, London EC1B 1NA Please see over flap for membership form *Your UK landline provider will charge calls to VetfoneTM at 5p/minute from a UK landline. The cost of calls from mobiles varies, please check with your service provider. ** Please note that in the event of a claim for damage to property or injury to a person, the insurance company levies an excess charge of £200 in the UK or £500 in the Republic of Ireland. Members with any of the following 4 dog types – Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino and Fila Braziliero – are only covered by the third party insurance if the dog is fully registered with the Index of Exempted Dogs and complies with all relevant legislation.

When your pet seems ill, it’s natural to worry A nd it’s natural to look fo r help. But an emergenc y vet can cost up to £125. You might be tempted to ho pe the problem passes, or see the vet in the mor ning. Whatever your decision , it means a sleepless nig ht: dr iving to the vets, or ho ping for the best. The worry comes from not knowing, and that ’s where Dogs Trust mem bership can help. With unlimited access to Vetfo ne™* included as one of the membership benefit s, you’ll have the veterin ar y advice you need, on th e spot, 24 hours a day.


24 hour access Unlimited TM ’s leading to Vetfone , UKrinary advice provider of vete is answered lines. Every callistered by an RCVS reg e who can veterinary nurs on the spot.* give you advice rance – up to Third party insu r if your dog £1,000,000 coveent, damage causes an accid ther person, or injury to ano r animal.** their property o azine – FREE Wag! Mag r door 3 times delivered to you ll of doggy a year, packed fud tips. news, stories an all the Voting rights on affecting important issues Dogs Trust.


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