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April 2014

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News and Events



Rev. Dr. Kathleen Weller,

Temporary Head of Staff

“There is one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God who is Father of all, over all, through all, and within all; and each of us has been given our own share of grace” Ephesians 4:5-7 A few weeks ago, I invited the staff to email me and tell me what they thought was the “glue” that held them together—in good times and bad. Some common positive themes emerged: listening, caring, sharing, friendship and even longevity! As to what made them as a staff become “unglued” – they named church politics, being closed to new ideas, and not pulling your own weight, as some of their frustrations. Great reflections! I am sure we could each add to these lists.

Using Ephesians 4:5-7 glue, we are quick to recognize that our way is not the only way… using Ephesians 4:5-7 glue, we no longer find it necessary to fight with someone whose faith practice is other than our own… With Ephesians 4:5-7 glue, we realize that all who call on the Name of the Lord, are our brothers and sisters, for we know there is only One Lord, one faith, one baptism and One who is God and Father of us all. Using Ephesians 4:5-7 glue, we extend grace to others knowing that their share of grace may though unlike our own— is not wrong or right—not better or worse—just different.

As we approach our observance of the death and resurrection of The Christ, it’s good to remind ourselves of what binds us together. Because while But as we look to Easter, I want to offer that it’s very some earthly things are nice creature-comforts of a church—we are truly bound together by that which different “glue” which is necessary to hold a we cannot see. We are called to unity in the mystery congregation together. In fact, I would go so far as of One Lord, one faith, one baptism, and One who is to say that without it, congregations are on their way, if not in the midst of troubled waters. The glue God and Father of us all. May the world be hushed by so great a calling, and may it bring peace. I have in mind is in Paul’s letter to the Ephesians: “There is one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God In hope and joy, who is Father of all, over all, through all, and within all; and each of us has been given our own share of Dr. Kathleen Weller grace.”


Dr. Brice Gerlach, Director of Music Ministries,

Lenten Noontime Organ Recitals Wednesdays, April 2, April 9 and April 16, 2014 12 - 12:30 p.m. The spectacular Ruffatti pipe organ is featured in our Lenten organ recitals offered by our Director of Music, Brice Gerlach. In these informal concerts Brice takes the time to explain some of the mechanical workings of the organ and offers some musical insights about the pieces on the program. After the recital, the audience is invited up to the console to ask questions and to see the beautiful woodwork and craftsmanship of the Ruffatti. Tours of the pipe chambers are also offered each week. Come hear beautiful organ music during Lent. Don't miss these special opportunities for personal reflection, meditation, and celebration of this holy season.


Susan Stafford, Worship and Music Committee Chair,

For a Change, No Change Dear Friends,


Please try to come early if you are coming to the 10 a.m. service and enjoy fellowship before the service. The early birds will be encouraged to go in for coffee, etc. also, so we can all see each other for a while.

We come to church on Sundays to worship and praise God. We also enjoy seeing our friends and experiencing a moving service. But some like to come early and some later. So here is the plan for the coming months. After Easter and “season” there will continue to be two services. When the 8:30 a.m. service dwindles down to just a few, it will move to the Chapel for a more appropriate and intimate setting. It will still be the same traditional service with Communion being served the first Sunday of the month by intinction. Dr. Brice Gerlach will lead the music and sometimes welcome a soloist.

Thank you for your support, and we hope you will be pleased with our keeping the schedule of two services as well as trying to make the work of the volunteers a little simpler. The ministers and staff of our church are the ones willing to make this happen so we do thank them and praise God for them at 8:30 and 10 a.m.

The 10 a.m. service will continue in the Sanctuary. Because we have fewer people in the summer to do the “jobs” of ushering, serving communion, coffee, refreshments, etc. we also will try a single social hour in Spencer Hall, beginning May 4, from 9:15 to 10 a.m. There may also be some areas of the Sanctuary closed off so we won't need so many ushers, and the ushers will forego their white jackets in favor of a more casual look, and you may also!

Preaching Schedule

God bless our church, Susan Stafford Worship and Music Committee Chair

April 6

Holy Communion Dr. Kathleen Weller

April 13

Palm Sunday Rev. Allen Walworth

April 20

Easter Sunday Dr. Paul Eckel

If you are willing to help with ushering or any other jobs on Sunday, please make a note and leave your April 27 number on the Friendship Pad. Remember the recent sermon about Change? We will try this and remember to remain flexible.

Rev. Jonathan Evans,

Pastor Jeremy Krueze

Associate Pastor

Thinking about keeping two services… our service year round. I also know that I’ll get to I have been asked by many people with the best of intentions about if doing two services year round would be any kind of burden. My reaction is that leading worship is what I am called to do. It is part of who I am. So if there is more opportunity to lead worship, I’m all in! Let me also note a few more benefits. A number of people have great difficulty coming to the earlier 9:30 a.m. service due to medicinal regiments and other challenges – so I’m excited that they will be a part of

know a lot of new early risers who would not otherwise come. So let’s get to worship. I can’t wait to see EVERYONE between services in Spencer Hall. Peace and grace,


Christian Education

Men’s Breakfast Bible Study

Adult Bible Study

Tuesday mornings, 7 a.m. at Skillet’s (4170 Tamiami Trail N. behind Wendy’s).

is held each Sunday from 8:30—9:15 a.m. in Room 204. Please contact Gretchen Oakley at 239.591.3467 for more information.

HUDDLE A Men’s Bible Study

The book of Acts provides a detailed, orderly, eyewitness account of the birth and growth of the early church and the spread of the gospel immediately after the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Its narrative supplies a bridge connecting the life and ministry of Jesus to the life of the church and the witness of the earliest believers.

Each Thursday the men’s HUDDLE group meets in Spencer Hall at noon for lunch and Bible Study. Bring your own lunch and join in the study of Kings.

We currently have one Sunday school class, but we could have TWO! We are in need of some teachers to be able to split the class. We would love to have a Pre-k to grade 1 class and a grade 2 - 5 class. We have the kids, the

material and activates- the only thing missing is you. Please contact Shana Dublan at

Presbyterian Women

Ann Goodnight, PW Moderator,

Wednesday, April 2 at noon in Spencer Hall

The May meeting will be our conclusion of the Circle Study. Join us on Wednesday, May 7 at noon in Spencer Hall.

Our April meeting will start with Brice Gerlach's Lenten Recital at noon then we will adjourn at 12:30 p.m. to Spencer Hall for lunch, business with installation of the new members of the Coordinating Team and our program from the Conservancy. The speaker is from the Conservancy of Southwest Florida and will feature an Adult Outreach Program entitled Raptor Rapture. Florida is home to many rare and beautiful birds of prey, some found nowhere else in the United States. These magnificent creatures have many fascinating adaptations for survival—from owls hunting at night to eagles building nests as large as cars. Discover the fascinating world of raptors and what you can do to help protect them.

Thank you to the many ladies of FPC that helped with our Presbyterian Women's Sunday on February 9. I hope the displays helped you see the many activities available to our women.

Thank you to those who have sent in their PW pledge cards. We greatly appreciate your help. However, we have not reached our goal yet. If you have not submitted your pledge card we encourage you to do so. Please help us support the 19 various agencies and groups that we have pledged to support this year.

Our menu for the day is Shrimp Alfredo on angel hair pasta, romaine salad with water chestnuts, mandarin oranges and sweet and sour dressing, and dessert.

April Circle Meetings Date






Monday, April 21 7 p.m.


Church Parlor

Margaret Green


Tuesday, April 15 9:30 a.m.


Church Parlor

Barbara Korntheuer


Wednesday, April 16 9:30 a.m.


Youth Room

Katie Geshay


9:30 a.m.


Church Parlor

Nina Howard Mary Vande Voren

239.248.3647 239.353.1620

10 a.m.


Room 201

Bonita Krauss Carolyn Mollers

239.435.0462 239.213.1577

12:30 p.m.


Spencer Hall

Jeanenne Somers Janet Root

239.434.2168 239.963.9838

1 p.m.



Muriel Finlayson




Ashley Houk, Preschool Director,

complete my tasks. My goal is to provide each child and family the most beneficial experience at First When he has brought out all his own, Presbyterian Preschool and look forward to doing so he goes on ahead of them, and his for some time in the future.

Are You Listening?

sheep follow him because they know his voice. John 10:4 During the day, I answer to many names: Ms. Ashley, A day in the life of a Preschool Director brings with it many things: unclogging toilets, checking temperatures, acting as a cashier and accountant, providing tours and answering questions for prospective families, speaking with parents to share joys and concerns, encouraging staff, providing support for the children and our program…and I’m sure I missed a few. I believe I received a message about what my calling in life would be when I entered college. I had worked part time in a child care center while in high school, but really had my heart set on being a physical therapist assistant. So I set off to college, leaving my home and my parents for the first time in the fall of 1995. As a pre-physical therapist major at UNC Greensboro, one of the first courses I was required to complete was Biology 101. Now keep in mind, this was my first time away from the watchful eyes of mom and dad so I was the only one responsible for my alarm clock. My biology class just happened to be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:00 a.m. The watchful eyes of my mother and father certainly didn’t appreciate the D I brought home on my report card! In the midst of my freshman year, I met my friend Mona. Mona was a year ahead of me in school and was a Child Development major. She and I shared many common interests and were members of the UNCG dance team together. She convinced me to take a class with her my second semester and that is when I discovered the joy of learning how children develop and learn and the influences the environment and families have on that development. I went on to complete my undergraduate studies and continued on to complete my master’s degree. I’ve since lost touch with Mona, but I do believe I’m doing what God intended for me to do. I ask him every day for the guidance and the patience I need to

Mrs. Houk, Mom, among others. I also listen with my heart to what God has in store for me and ask for forgiveness when I fail to hear.

Heavenly Father, thank you for being the shepherd of my heart. Thank you for loving in me, calling me, and leading me in your ways. Forgive me when I fail to listen to your voice. Amen.

Children and Youth

Shana Dublan, Interim Director of Children and Family Ministries


We encourage you to walk with us in a month long daily prayer time at 7 a.m. Each day we will post a new prayer and educational information about world issues on our Facebook page.

On April 25 the youth (middle and high school students) will embark on their 30 hour famine. The “famine� will start after lunch at school, and the youth will arrive at the church at 6 p.m. to kick off a lock-in with games (for food prizes) and world hunger education. The event will conclude on Saturday at 6 p.m. If you would like to participate even more, please contact Shana Dublan to help chaperone the event at or 239.262.1311 ext. 229.

In the tradition of

Palm Sunday

the children will process with the Chancel Choir from Spencer Hall waving palms at the 10 a.m. service. Parents please have your child(ren) in Spencer Hall no later than 9:45 a.m.

Adult Volunteers are needed to help stand in the surrounding area while the children are egg hunting. Please contact Shana.


Calendar SUNDAY



1 7 a.m. Men’s Bible Study (separate location) 9 a.m. Prayer Shawl Ministry 11 a.m. Alzheimer's Support Group 2 p.m. CE Committee 4 p.m. Session meeting

2 10:30 a.m. 12 p.m. Pre 12 p.m. Len 12:30 p.m. 4:30 p.m. Y 7 p.m. Cho

6 Communion Worship Dr. Kathleen Weller preaching 8:30 & 10 a.m. Worship 8:30 a.m. Adult Bible Study 10:15 a.m. Sunday School 11:30 a.m. New member class 12 p.m. Cumberland Church

7 10 a.m. Naples Fire Dept. visits preschool 9 a.m. Bible Facilitators 10:30 a.m. Men’s Club

8 7 a.m. Men’s Bible Study (separate location) 8 a.m. Facilities Committee 9 a.m. Prayer Shawl Ministry 10 a.m. Naples Fire Dept. visits preschool 1:30 p.m. Worship & Music Committee 4 p.m. Mission Committee

9 12 p.m. Len 4:30 p.m. Y 7 p.m. Cho

13 PALM SUNDAY Rev. Allen Walworth preaching 8:30 & 10 a.m. Worship 8:30 a.m. Adult Bible Study 10:15 a.m. Sunday School 11:30 a.m. Spring Egg Hunt 12 p.m. Cumberland Church


15 OUTREACH DEADLINE 7 a.m. Men’s Bible Study (separate 9 a.m. Prayer Shawl Ministry 9:30 a.m. Faith/Joy Circle 5:30 p.m. Deacons’ Meeting

16 9:30 a.m. G 9:30 a.m. L 10:00 a.m. 12:30 p.m. 12 p.m. Len 1 p.m. Hon 4:30 p.m. Y 7 p.m. Cho

20 EASTER SUNDAY Dr. Paul Eckel preaching 7:30 a.m. Courtyard Service 8:30 & 10 a.m. Worship 8:30 a.m. Adult Bible Study 10 a.m. New Members recieved 10:15 a.m. Sunday School 12 p.m. Cumberland Church

21 CHURCH OFFICE CLOSED 7 p.m. Eventide Circle

22 7 a.m. Men’s Bible Study (separate 9 a.m. Prayer Shawl Ministry 9 a.m. ECHO tour

27 Pastor Jeremy Krueze preaching 8:30 & 10 a.m. Worship 8:30 a.m. Adult Bible Study 9:30 a.m. Choir 10:15 a.m. Sunday School 12 p.m. Cumberland Church


29 7 a.m. Men’s Bible Study (separate 9 a.m. Prayer Shawl Ministry 4 p.m. Session Meeting



23 4:30 p.m. Y


30 4:30 p.m. Y

Sandy Poore, Director of Facilities, WEDNESDAY

PW Coordinating Team eschool Parent Committee nten Series Organ Concert PW Gathering Youth Group oir Rehearsal

nten Series Organ Concert Youth Group oir Rehearsal

Grace/Peace Circle Love Circle Friendship Circle Sunshine Circle nten Series Organ Concert nor/Spencer Circle Youth Group oir Rehearsal

Youth Group

Youth Group





3 12 p.m. HUDDLE 3 p.m. Adult Handbells 3 p.m. Personnel Committee 7 p.m. Meditation/Evening prayer 7 p.m. Cumberland Church

4 9:30 a.m. Cookie Baking 5p.m. Wedding rehearsal

5 5:30 p.m. Wedding

10 9:30 a.m. Stephen Ministry 10 a.m. Sew&Sews 12 p.m. HUDDLE 3 p.m. Adult Handbells 7 p.m. Meditation/Evening prayer 7 p.m. Cumberland Church

11 9:30 a.m. Cookie Baking 5 p.m. Pot Luck Dinner

12 3 p.m. Easter remembrances assembled 4 p.m. Meditation for Relay for Life

17 MAUNDY THURSDAY 12 p.m. HUDDLE 7 p.m. Worship service 7 p.m. Cumberland Church

18 GOOD FRIDAY 12 p.m. Worship service


24 10 a.m. Sew&Sews 12 p.m. HUDDLE 7 p.m. Cumberland Church

25 9:30 a.m. Cookie Baking 6 p.m. Dinner for 6 or 8



Congregational Care

Rev. Jonathan Evans, Associate Pastor,

In Memoriam Harvey “Bud” Hoffman 3/15/2014 Torbett Perrine 3/16/2014

Prayer Shawl Ministry Tuesdays from 9—10:30 a.m. in the Youth Room.

Each shawl is created with love and prayer to help the recipient through their difficult time.

A Prayer for the Shawl We call forth blessings from above in the name of God, Creator, Giver of Life and Holder of Time. In the name of Jesus, Savior, Comforter, Consoler and Sustainer of Life. May this shawl be a mantle of caring, of protection, of wholeness, of strength, of healing and patience. May this shawl enfold, encircle and empower. Amen. Even though the group meets weekly you don’t have to be there each week. Join them when and if you can. For more information, contact Dorie Tichenor at 239.775.4246 or Gail Clark at 239.331.3312.

The Care Visitation Ministry is in need of people willing to provide support and nurture for people incapacitated at home or in a care facility. This is a wonderful opportunity to share our discipleship by visiting, calling and/or sending cards of encouragement to those unable to attend church. Your time commitment is approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour weekly or monthly. If you are willing to participate in this wonderful outreach, please call either Carolyn Smith Bennett (239.213.0048) or Shirley Hagerson (239.596.3125). We thank you for considering this ministry of friendship. Stephen Ministry is a program of our congregations that equips lay persons to provide distinctively Christian oneto-one care to those who are experiencing all kids of life needs and circumstances, both in our congregation and community. HOW YOU CAN SUPPORT OUR CONGREGATION’S STEPHEN MINISTRY: PRAY for our Stephen leaders and Stephen ministers as they provide Christian care to others. PRAY for all who are receiving confidential care through Stephen Ministry of our congregation. TELL Stephen leaders about those who might benefit from the care of a Stephen Minister—be sure to get that person’s permission first! TELL others in our community about the availability of our congregation’s Stephan Ministry and the care it can provide. RECEIVE Stephen Ministry when you are in need of supportive Christian care. CONSIDER serving as a Stephen Minister.


Feed the 5,000 Luke 9:10-17 In April we are gathering food for Helps Outreach. They have an entirely volunteer staff that provides food, clothing, and furniture to those in need. Each person who asks for aid is counseled about spiritual well being and financial need. Desired food: jam, jelly and/or peanut butter canned chicken or ham pasta pasta sauce macaroni and cheese hamburger helper rice red or black dried beans canned peas, corn, and/or green beans canned soup canned evaporated milk Please get a Publix bag from an usher on Sunday, April 6, and return it with food on Sunday, the 13. Checks are welcome and should be payable to "First Presbyterian Church" with the memo marked "Feed the 5,000." THANK YOU Last month St. Matthews House gained 82 bags heavily stocked with food and $935 was contributed to the Feed the 5,000 fund. John Oakley, Bill Stafford, Michael Bennett and John Nicholson helped with the tasks.

Keith Gahagan , Mission Committee Chair,



On the bus ride home from our mission trip to Immokalee, people wrote down their impressions of the day. Here are some of them: 

To become aware of the many needs of the people of Immokalee, to be introduced to the wonderful missions serving these needs, and to meet the caring and dedicated leaders serving these missions was a gift of Christian outreach.

There are so many needs in Immokalee, and I am very impressed with all of the people stepping into the leadership roles, bringing hope and relief to the community.

What a great trip!! To visit Guadalupe Center, Mision Peniel, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, and Friendship House all in one day, certainly reminds one of all the blessings we have. Thank God there are such wonderful organizations to help the less fortunate.

Everything about the tour to Immokalee surprised me, mostly in a favorable way. What saddened me the most was at Mision Peniel when Miguel told us how he and other leaders had to fight to boycott tomatoes to get basic human rights for the pickers from the owners of the fields – down to the water in the fields.

I was most impressed with the Guadalupe Center goal of breaking the cycle of poverty through educating students and their parents.

After visiting the CIW I felt true compassion for the workers and what they have experienced with abuse, work conditions and housing.

The children of Guadalupe Center are most fortunate to have such a beautiful school, caring staff and the opportunity for a great start to an education. They seem so happy!

Our trip to Immokalee was an eye opener… the gentle pastor from Guatemala, with his passion for helping migrant workers live better lives, will haunt me for a long time!



Kathleen Law, Coordinator of Communications,

A recent post on our Facebook page got a lot of attention. Our Director of Music Ministries, Dr. Brice Gerlach, posted sheet music for the song “Time Change Song (Spring)” on March 5, just before the time change. It was very clever and the song goes like this…

“God of sleep, and God of slumber, help us not be late, we ask: changing clocks one forward number, may we not forget this task.

I grimaced at the idea to be honest. After a few lessons on how to maneuver the pages, she’s now had the opportunity to see new babies in the extended family, stay in touch with her classmates, watch videos of far away weddings and so much more. Looking forward to her “Throwback Thursday” photos! One of the best things about Facebook is that you can share one picture, thought, recipe, quote, prayer request, and yes, even song, with so many people all at once. So I pose the question, do you have a Facebook page? Have you “liked” us on Facebook?

Choir directors, preachers, teachers, all will bless your holy name, if to Sunday church on time we came.” Usually our posts are viewed by 35-50 people. This is very good considering we only have 160 “likes” for our Facebook page. So the percentage is very high in the industry. But this post has been viewed 3,592 times! That is truly amazing! Why did this post get such a high viewing number? Our Facebook friends “shared” this on their Facebook page who then in turn shared it on their Facebook page...and so on, and so on, and so on.

Even if you do not have a Facebook page you can visit ours through our website. Why have a Facebook page? Just click on the “Find us on People have Facebook pages for different reasons but mostly it helps them stay connected with children and Facebook” link on the home grandchildren, keep in touch with classmates, share photos from vacations, share recipes, and my favorite, page. Currently on our Facebook page we are “Throwback Thursday” when you post old photographs on Thursdays. I recently found pictures from my grammar school, St. Agnes, and shared them with my classmates. It was fun reading all the comments from my friends who hadn’t seen some of their classmates since the 70’s. It brought back some fun memories. Through Facebook we’ve reconnected, caught up with each others lives, seen pictures of children and now grandchildren and even have started to plan a reunion! Some of us haven’t seen each other face to face in 39 years! About a month ago my mother, who is in her early 80’s, asked me to set her up with a Facebook page.

following 30 Hour Famine to raise awareness of those in need. Each day for thirty days we post a different picture from the organization that asks us to challenge ourselves to fast from something that so many of us take for granted like electricity, cell phones, the internet, bathing, and even food. Our Youth are concluding the 30 Hour Famine on April 25 with a lock-in. Join them in their daily journey on our Facebook page. See you there!


Michele Martin, Director of Finance,

Financial Report February 28, 2014 YTD 2014

Offerings Other Income Total Operating Expenses Operating Gain/Loss

YTD Budget 2014

YTD 2013

YTD Budget 2013

















If you have particular questions in relation to church budget and expenses, please speak to a member of the Finance Committee or contact Michele Martin, our Director of Finance, 239.262.1311, ext. 242. Finance Committee members include: Jan Gazdic (Chair), Terry Brennan, Franklin Ellis, Bob Fultz, Don Grandi, Bob King, Rich Peterson, John Rader and Bill Stafford.

We are excited to offer you the opportunity to make your contributions online using a secure server. This feature allows you to make a contribution towards the Stewardship Fund, Flower dedications, Deacons Benevolence Fund, Feed the 5000, Birthday Mission Fund, Season of Music and the Preschool Angel Fund. You will find a link on the bottom of the home page of our website, “GIVE online”. You can set up a onetime gift or a recurring gift. If you wish to set up a recurring gift, click on “Create Account” when prompted to set up an account which will allow you to edit your transaction at any time. Online giving accepts checking or saving accounts and VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. If you choose a checking or savings account, the Church will not incur any fees related to your transaction. The Church has computers available for you to use. If you have any questions or need assistance in setting up a gift, please contact Michele Martin, Director of Finance, at 239.262.1311 ext. 242 or



News and Events

Dinner for 6 or more Friday, April 25 Church members and friends, couples and singles, are invited to a member’s home for a shared meal. Hosts/hostesses needed! Reservation deadline is April 16 and can be made by contacting Diane Stellema at 239.455.8796 or

Kathleen Law, Coordinator of Communications,

The deacons are assessing the need for providing transportation to church on Sunday for members…or anyone for that matter…who may not be comfortable driving or may not be able to drive or get a ride to church on Sunday mornings.

The goal is to make sure that anyone who wishes to worship on Sunday is not prevented from doing so because of transportation issues. Anyone interested in learning more should contact their parish deacon or Gary Root, Deacon, Parish 5, who is exploring transportation options. Gary can be reached at 239.963.9838, or

Celebrate Earth Day with a tour of ECHO (Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization) Their purpose is to help those who are teaching farmers around the world to know how to be more effective in producing enough to meet the needs of their families and their communities. They in turn teach others and the ECHO effect continues. ECHO has become the “go-to” organization for challenges faced by individuals and organizations. The Ft. Myers campus includes the Global Farm and Research Center, Reference Library, Seed Bank, Tropical Fruit Nursery, Global Bookstore and Staff Offices.

Join us on Tuesday, April 22 Leave the church at 9 a.m. and travel by church bus $8 entrance fee $8 box lunch (with reservation) Return to church no later than 2 p.m. Register online, in Spencer Hall or by contacting Joan Gust at 239.262.4488.

News and Events

Kathleen Law, Coordinator of Communications,

Pot Luck Dinner at the beach!

New member class If you are interested in membership at First Presbyterian Church of Naples or if you just want to know a little more about our church, please join us for a New Member Class on Sunday, April 6. We will gather at 11:30 a.m. in the Parlor. Please contact Sharman Pfaus, Executive Office Manager, at or 239.262.1311 ext. 236 to register. New members will be welcomed on Palm Sunday, April 13 at the 10 a.m. service.


Join us on Friday, April 11 at the South Gazebo at Lowdermilk Park (Spencer Hall if raining)

We will provide the tableware you provide the

food and the fun! Those whose last names begin with the following, please bring : A-G: salad/side H-P: main course Q-Z: dessert Sign up online, at Sign Up Central in Spencer Hall or call the church office at 239.262.1311

Easter Lily Order Form You are invited to purchase a beautiful lily to decorate our Sanctuary on Easter Sunday. You may take your lily home following the 10 a.m. service. Please PRINT the information requested and submit this form to First Presbyterian Church, 250 Sixth Street S., Naples, FL 34102, to the attention of Sharman or place in the offering plate. A check for $20.00 should be made payable to First Presbyterian Church, and indicate “Lily� on the check memo. Completed form and payment must be submitted to the office no later than Thursday, April 10. PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY Name of donor _________________________________________________________________ Phone: _________________________ Name in whose HONOR or MEMORY the lily is donated (circle one): ______________________________________________________________________________ Please, only one dedication per plant. Please note, this will not be a tax deductible contribution.

First Presbyterian Church of Naples 250 Sixth Street South Naples, FL 34102 239.262.1311

Non-Profit Org. Postage PAID Naples, FL 34102 Permit No. 8

April 2014  

News and Events for First Presbyterian Church of Naples, FL.

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