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Thank you for your patience as we work together to smooth out our back-to-school routines. In order to assure the safety of all of our children, please remember….

CARPOOL: Drop off: Thank you for AVOIDING THE LEFT TURN INTO THE CHURCH PARKING LOT. We’re trying to prevent back up traffic onto Church Street, and we try to keep as many cars as possible out of Kennesaw Avenue as cars are forming the line to drop off children. Please make TWO LINES as you enter the parking lot, one on either side of the orange cones. The first cars in line can go ahead and pull all the way to the front of the carpool line. Please make sure to have your child unbuckled before pulling under the carpool portico. Teachers are not allowed to buckle or unbuckle seat belts. Pick Up: Walkers: Due to safety concerns, please use carpool unless you are walking to preschool from your home. We start a new procedure Monday, August 26. For those walking, please wait under the covered walkway on the sidewalk to the right of the front doors. You will see a teacher with a WALKER sign. A teacher will get your carpool number and walk your child out the side door to you. Please do not walk into the FPC lobby during carpool unless you are picking up a child from MMO. All cars should begin carpool in the back parking lot that sits across the railroad tracks on Kennesaw Avenue both at noon and 1:00 pm. If a grandparent or sitter is driving in the carpool line, please remind them of this procedure. We have a very organized system of calling the carpool numbers and walking the children to the cars. If a car suddenly appears at our front doors, we won’t have your child ready to load.

Thanks to everyone for a fabulous start to our 2019-2020 school year. We love seei ng your children’s smiling fa ces fill our classroo m s each day. We appreciate the trust you have pl ac ed in our Preschool to lo ve and teach your children. We are confident th at each child will ex perience a wonderful year of social, emotional, sp iritual, and intellectual grow th.

If your child needs assistance with buckling, please pull out of the carpool circle and around to the side of the parking lot to help them do so. This helps us keep the carpool line moving.

ATTIRE: During our busy school day, the children run, jump, climb, and play. Long dresses and long

pants with big ruffles limit range of motion and can cause a child to trip. Please dress your children in play clothes that allow them to take advantage of all the fun at preschool. Socks and tennis shoes are the best footwear for Preschool. We use wood chips as our playground cover, and they tend to get inside of sandals and crocs. Cowboy boots make climbing and running a challenge. We want the children to be safe and comfortable. We paint a lot at Preschool! Everything we use is washable, but even washable paint can leave a slight stain in some fabrics. September Bible Ve rse

“I am wonderfully made.” Psalm 139:14

Preschool Newsletter September 2019

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Tuesday, (10/1) – F riday, (10/4 School Pic ) tures (Sch edule to F ollow)

Cassie Waits, Associate Pastor for Discipleship at FPC, will be our guest at our September Chapel meeting for children in 3s, 4s, and K. We look forward to worshipping together in FPC’s historic sanctuary!

Preschool Newsletter September 2019

CONNECTION CORNER: Bridging Home & School

Each month, we’ll be sharing a few easy activities that you might use at home to support your child’s development! This month, we’re focusing on Motor Skills Development. Work on strengthening the larger muscles in the shoulders and arms and the small muscle groups in little fingers and hands. Building muscles is the first step in getting children ready to write! Hold your child’s legs and let him/her be a wheel barrow. Walk like crabs. Make an accessible craft area/creation station (washable markers, egg cartons, paper towel rolls, popsicle sticks, pomp pom balls, tape, glue sticks, etc.) Work on hand strength with rubber bands, eye droppers, turkey basters, tongs, playdough etc. Use clothespins to pick up items such as puff balls. Fold (or tear) paper. Use stickers and stamps to decorate a greeting card. Hammer golf tees into foam (or pumpkins at Halloween!) Fill a spray bottle with colored water and “paint” the sidewalk. Stack Cheerios on spaghetti noodles that are standing in playdough. Build structures with marshmallows and toothpicks. Place chenille sticks in the holes of a colander. Create sensory bins filled with rice, oatmeal, noodles, sand etc.

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Lunch Bunch Reminders Please label lunch boxe

Lunches may not conta

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in peanut or nut products


The dismissal at 1:00pm will run just like the noon carpool. If your child will be missi ng Lunch Bunch, pleas e notify the teacher in writin g so that she will have your child ready for the noon carpool.

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Preschool Newsletter September 2019

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