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WELCOME TO PARIS Let us have the opportunity to assist you with your real estate needs. Call me at: (903) 785-4563 011 amar Ave Paris, Texas 54 0 Email parisrealestate suddenlin


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David Salas M.D., Joe Gray PA-C, Tommy Caldwell FNP-C, Mandy Helberg AGNP-BC, Melanie Graham FNP . . oop 2 Pari Te a


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C E L E B R AT I N G 100 years of the legacy of

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7 Lamar Avenue Paris at the corner o nd & Lamar 903.706.5200 MONDAY - FRIDAY : : SATURDAY : :







Bonjour Y'all


e want to welcome you in a Texas ay as our special guest from the Paris isitors and onvention ouncil and the amar ounty hamber of ommerce Than you for choosing Paris and amar ounty to visit, or to ma e it your new home ur rich historic past reveals many treasures for you to tour such as Sam ell Maxey ouse Museum, amar ounty istorical Museum, alley of the addo Museum and ultural enter, amar ounty enealogical ibrary as well as our beautiful istoric owntown adorned with uni ue shops and restaurants, ulbertson ountain, ywaters Par , and the amar ounty ourthouse and more En oy the beautiful lighted trees on our Pla a in the evenings Paris s Texani ed Eiffel Tower topped with a Red owboy at is a perfect place to ta e that memorable photo that has been the center of photos from all over the world, and even T Shows and ommercials Please chec out the ios near the Eiffel


n behalf of the amar ounty hamber of ommerce, welcome to Paris, Texas Paris is our home, the place where we raise our families and conduct our business, and we re thrilled that you ve chosen to spend time with us There are a number of wonderful restaurants and shops for you to enoy, as well as many historical attractions and buildings for you to experience. ur historic downtown, having been rebuilt after the devastating re of 1 1 , has undergone a beautiful transformation in recent years due to the hard wor and collaboration of many members of our community wor ing


Tower for fun things to see and do around Paris during your visit The Red River alley eterans Memorial located next to the Eiffel Tower at our ove ivic enter omplex covers ve counties honoring those who have served and those who are presently serving our great ountry. ur istoric Evergreen emetery dating bac to the 1 00 s is home to the famous statue, esus in owboy oots, as well as many other decorative and interesting monuments of early settlers and prominent Paris gures who helped to establish a strong community. Paris is a cycling destination offering fun for the whole family with our Trail de Paris, part of the NETT, Northeast Texas Trail that extends 1 0 miles rolling through 1 towns and counties hen completed, will be the longest Trail in Texas arber ills Mountain i e Trail at Pat Mayse a e, hosting the TM RA ard abor Mountain i e Race in ebruary Paris Pump Trac located ust North of our ove ivic enter is full of curves where any cyclists no matter their age or s ill level can en oy this cycling adventure e are very excited about the Pic le all ourts that will be added to the ove ivic enter om-

together with a shared vision of what Paris can become and a nod to its storied past through historic preservation , and we invite you to spend time en oying the fruits of our collective labor e love Paris, and we re con dent that the charms of our community will become evident to you as well. After visiting and getting to now Paris and the surrounding communities of amar ounty, many visitors have even chosen to ma e Paris their new home, often citing the warmth with which they were embraced by the residents of our community who were eager to welcome them. Than you for choosing to visit Paris e hope you come to love it as much as we do. ss a ks n hai an a a

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plex in 2024, and will be en oyment for so many e are home to many annual events all through the year, and there is always something fun happening for your en oyment to participate in or for spectating April th, 2024 is a ER A Paris will be experiencing the Total Eclipse for 4 minutes and seconds Ma e plans to see this ama ing happening where the Moon Smiles ac in Paris, Texas The amar ounty hamber of ommerce and Paris isitor enter is located in our beautiful istoric owntown within the Pla a Art allery. Please come and visit us to nd out interesting places to visit, great places to eat, shop, and spend the night plus ta e time to en oy viewing the talent of our local artists. e hope that your visit to Paris and amar ounty will be full of great memories, and you will hurry bac to see us Paris, Texas . h T ans a h igh ssings ky T is Di

t Paris W

e are truly honored that you are here. The amar ounty hamber of ommerce has 25 members, plus many organi ations that support our businesses, industries, and community in multiple areas. hat a wonderful place to live, wor , and watch our young people grow into our leaders of tomorrow. e host several networ ing events throughout the year, partner with local schools, and promote our community as a place to

stay and en oy that hometown feel. The downtown revitali ation continues to move in the right direction, bringing more guests and events for you to en oy. The future is positive for Paris, Texas. Plan to visit and ta e advantage of the many things we have to offer. The Trail de Paris which is part of the NETTA trail, our Texani ed Eiffel Tower, amar ounty istorical Museum, Red River alley eterans Memorial, alley of the addo Museum and ultural enter, Sam ell Maxey ouse, and our armers Mar et are ust a few of the attractions that will pea your interest. Paris is a bi ing destination, so ta e advantage of


the Trail de Paris, arber ills Mountain bi e trail at Pat Mayse a e, and our orld lass ompetition Pump Trac . e continue to be a part of over 5 events throughout the year. Ma e plans to be a part of the 0 oncert Series, The Texas arbecue lowout, Tour de Paris, ASA Archery, and multiple events at a e roo . There is always something to do. Ma e Paris, Texas your destination on a regular basis. e welcome you to our place we call home. a a a


o loa the ree amar Cou ty Chamber o Commerce . et access to a Searchable ember irectory teractive a aily ve ts a uch ore. o o loa sim ly o to the le S Store or oo le lay Store a search amar Cou ty Chamber o Commerce. rom there the Chamber s ill ull u i sta tly.

he Paris Visitors and Con ention Counci is funded through the hote mote occu ancy ta . he City of Paris contracts ith the amar County Chamber of Commerce to manage the V&CC. Programs of the V&CC are carried out by staff under the direction of a board of directors a ointed by the Chamber board of directors.


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aris is the third county seat of amar ounty. efore 1 4 , the county seat of amar ounty was northwest of the present location of the city of Paris, at a place called afayette, which was chosen for its position as close to the geographical center of the county as possible. ut in those days the counties of Texas were still in ux and in 4 the county s borders were read usted and the county seat moved to another location. The new seat of county government was called Mount ernon and business was done from a tavern at that location, about half a mile west of what is now ighway 24, about ve miles south of Paris. t would remain the county seat for about a year. The rst recorded settlement in the vicinity of Paris was in 1 2 , and settlements were nown to be in the area as early as 1 24. n 1 , eorge . right, one of the rst permanent settlers in the area, brought his family from their previous home


The first recorded settlement in the vicinity of Paris was in 1826, and settlements were known to be in the area as early as 1824. on the ban s of the Red River to the high ground between the courses of the Red and the Sulphur rivers. The rights settled on 1,000 acres, purchased for 2,500 from ar in Rattan. n 1 44, right pledged 50 acres for the creation of a new county seat. ow the new county seat became nown as Paris is open to con ecture, but most historical records say a committee was appointed to choose a new name, one more suited to the importance of a center of government. ne source relates the decision on the name was made by a group of men meeting at eorge right s store, conversing on the topics of the day. ut other sources, such as the andboo of Texas, place the suggestion of the new name as coming from one of right s employees, Thomas Poteet. Members of the present day Poteet family af rm that version, saying that the Poteet family had spent some time in rance before coming to Northeast Texas, and the young man in uestion must have had warm memories of his time spent in the rench capitol.


n his web site obby ayne Smith, a fourth generation descendant of T.R. . Poteet, writes ur great pioneer ancestor, T.R. . Poteet, was the rst of the Poteet lan to come to Texas, from Tennessee, and was given much of the credit for naming Paris, Texas. Another web site, supported by the amar ounty enealogical Society, agrees hen the hassle over the location of a county seat was settled by eorge right s donation of 50 acres in the northwest corner of his property, T. .R. Poteet with support by r. illiam T. . ole suggested the new town be called Paris. The amar ounty istorical Society bac s up this account. A. . Neville, long time editor of the newspaper that would eventually become The Paris News, wrote in a column dated anu ary 15, 1 1 T. .R. Poteet was a renchman who was employed by eorge right and who is said to have suggested the name of Paris for the new county seat of amar ounty when Mr. right gave the land for the town. n ac ward lances, olume a collection of the elder Neville s columns, edited by Paris historian and author S ipper Steely, Neville s daughter, Maude, herself a longtime ournalist in Paris, is noted as saying Poteet came from eastern Tennessee and was possibly born in irginia but was apparently of rench descent. Paris, Texas, was of cially named and incorporated by the Re

public of Texas on eb. , 1 45. Pin oo was forgotten and the location of that settlement was eventually absorbed by the city as it spread out. Paris became a ma or stop for the entral National Road, established by the Texas ongress in 1 44 for the move ment of goods and merchandise across North Texas. n eb. 1 , 1 4 , Texas was formally annexed by the nited States, and Paris, Texas, became an American town. The Paris post of ce was founded in 1 4 . Thomas R. . Poteet lived the rest of his life in amar ounty, serving for many years as county treasurer. e is buried in An tioch emetery northeast of the airdstown community southeast of Paris. Today there are more than a do en towns called Paris in the nited States alone. There are two towns in isconsin named Paris, one in rant ounty, the other in enosha ounty. ther states with their own Paris or some variation of the name include ndiana, hio, Pennsylvania, Ar ansas, daho, llinois, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, New or , Tennessee and irginia. The anadian provinces of ntario and u on each have a Paris, and the island of iribati, in the ilbert slands in the middle of the Paci c cean, has its own Paris. Paris, Texas, the second largest Paris in the world, has an Eiffel Tower topped with a Red owboy at. As T.R. . Poteet might have said est la vie.



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3563 N.E. Loop 286 | Paris, Texas | 903.784.6536 For reservations, visit us at or call 1.800.HAMPTON




Winner Business Center Fitness Center On-Site Guest Laundry 43” HD LED TV’s Mirco-Fridge In All Rooms Outdoor Swimming Pool 24 Hour Complimentary Coffee Fiber Optic Internet







JANUARY Tower City Comedy Festival, in owntown enues. or more information visit

FEBRUARY TMBRA – Barber Hills “Hard Labor Mountain Bike Race” at Pat Mayse a e, Sanders ove TM RA Texas Mountain i e Racing Association bryan Rocket Raceway Park SMTS M E S SRA Stoc ar, SRA imited M , SRA actory Stoc 1 S 2 Petty, Texas. Trac Phone 0 1 or p To ate information www.roc et racewaypar .com

MARCH Rocket Raceway Paris Eiffel Tower Southern Thaw SRA Stoc ar Special SRA imited Mod SRA actory Stoc 1 S 2 Petty, Texas. Trac Phone 0 1 or p To ate nformation visit www.roc etracewaypar .com

he e date are a ro i ate a d are i te ded or e era r o e o o to i it ari te a o to eri rre t date

PDA presents Mini Golf Challenge Downtown! Mini olf ourse in participating businesses. 11 00 a.m. to 5 00 p.m. “Archer’s For Christ” ost Tri State Archery Shoot out. or More information contact avid Tyler dtyler101 1

APRIL Rocket Raceway Park Saturdays in April ee ly Roc et hallenge 1 S 2 Petty, Texas. Trac Phone 0 1 or p To ate nformation visit www.roc etracewaypar .com Paris Steak Wars ove ivic enter 2025 S. ollegiate bene ting the oys and irls lub of the Red River al ley. or information and Tic ets, visit PS s webpage at www.parisstea, or contact South Main ron at 0 05 4 . Total Eclipse in Paris! 4 minutes 2 seconds ind out more information at www.parissolareclipse. com or Total Eclipse Day lub Spinistry bicycle ride to lar sville and bac along the NETT, weather permit ting. More nformation on Spinistry aceboo page.


Paris, Texas Winefest owntown Paris in participating Shops. A tic eted event for adults. Tic ets www. 45 a small online fee. Taste Texas ine ines and elicious oods with a local are


The 38th Annual Uncle Jesse Big Bass Fishing Tournament at Pat Mayse a e, Sanders ove ust North of Paris. osted by enver Pyles hildren s harities and all proceeds got to help children in amar ounty. 5,000 Pri e for the iggest ass plus other great pri es or more information contact uncle esse bigbassclassic

ay Paris Farmers and Artisan Market 400 “Eiffel in Love with Quilts” Quilt Show at ove 1st Street ust off owntown Pla a Saturdays May thru ivic enter, 2025 South ollegiate in Paris. osted by ctober 00a.m. to 1 00p.m. cbedford Red River alley uilt uild. Enter a uilt, be a vendor, v h i Mini Mar et 11 00a.m. to 1 00p.m. or ust come and en oy the beautiful uilts on display on Saturdays or more information paris uiltshow1 or “ Hell of North Texas Gravel Grind” ity of Paris Pavilion next to ove ivic enter for more informaASA Western Region Archery tournament at ove tion evin ee with Spinistry on aceboo . ivic center. or more information westernregionasa Rocket Raceway Park th Annual Smac down SRA actory Stoc Special plus ee ly Roc et halJettribe Watercross Championship S 2 Petty, Texas. Trac lenge Saturdays in May 1 at a e roo , Paris. et S i Racing Phone 0 1 or p To ate nformation visit or more information www.roc etracewaypar .com

JUNE Slade Baker Memorial Crawfish Cookoff South Main ron at 225 1st Street S. . in owntown Paris. Th s ay igh s in n 903 Concert Series ands ownor tic ets go to raw sh oo ff. This event is in town under the ights on the Pla a hec isit Paris Texas memory of former ireman Slade a er who lost his life aceboo for more information in 201 . www.sladeba Continued on page 1

ASA Western Region Archery PhotoCredit: DeadCat Media




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Rocket Raceway Park Twin 20 s SRA Stoc ar Special ee ly Roc et hallenge 1 S 2 Petty, Texas. Trac Phone 0 1 or p To ate nformation visit www.roc etracewaypar .com

Rocket Raceway Park 4th Annual owboy p lassic SRA imited Mod Special ee ly Roc et hallenge 1 S 2 Petty, Texas. Trac Phone 0 1 or p To ate nformation visit www.roc etracewaypar .com

Rocket Raceway Park E Mod Special ee ly Roc et hallenge 1 S 2 Petty, Texas. Trac AUGUST Phone 0 1 or p To ate nformation visit www.roc etracewaypar .com Rocket Raceway Park 2nd Annual R imited Mod Nationals, ee ly Roc et hallenge and 10th Annual Red River Valley Tourism Association Hwy 82/287 ryan Mi e Memorial Support lasses T 1 S Yard Sale A fun wee end for sellers and shoppers 2 Petty, Texas. Trac Phone 0 1 or p To or wy 2 2 ard Sale ace ate nformation visit www.roc etracewaypar .com boo for towns participating. This is an annual event Paris Rodeo and Horse Club Annual Rodeo with co held on the rst riday and Saturday of une. sponsor amar county and Red River ounty rimestopRed River Valley Veterans Northeast Texas Classic pers eld at the Paris Rodeo and orse lub Arena loCar Show at ove ivic enter Par ing ot and Pavil- cated at the Paris amar ounty airgrounds. or more ion 2025 South ollegiate. ontact Red River alley information, contact Sharon arnes at 0 240 4 4 or eterans f ce 0 0 45 or Travis S idmore at parisrodeoandhorseclub traviss idmore ownload registra tion SDBA Southern Drag Boat Race’s 10th Annual “Paris form https car show Power Boat Grand Prix” at a e roo off 2 1 i ay nigh s in n an y Paris Municipal Band North. ver 0 oats racing for ig Money and Pri es Concerts in Bywaters Park ust down from the ontact amar ounty hamber of ommerce for owntown Pla a on South Main St. Paris is home to more information. the oldest continually performing Municipal and in the state. or more information, contact oe atson, and “ Evening in Paris” Square Dance Convention haparral abor ay ee end at ove ivic enter. irector oewatson This wonderful onvention has been held in Paris for over 2 years S uare ancers come from All across the JULY nited States The 40th Annual Tour de Paris Bicycle Rally starting at ove ivic enter. 2025 South ollegiate rive. Seven Routes to choose from with plenty of Rest Stops. om plimentary amburgers and ruit Smoothies at the inish in the Air onditioned ove ivic enter. There are two routes on our off road Trail, part of the North East Texas Trail. or information, Tour de Paris aceboo , or

“ Evening in Paris” Square Dance Convention 14

PhotoCredit: he Pari


Jettribe Watercross Championship


PhotoCredit: DeadCat Media


Rocket Raceway Park oo ate Models and Support lasses T ee ly Roc et hallenge 1 S 2 Petty, Texas. Trac Phone 0 1 or p To ate nformation visit www.roc etracewaypar .com

Jettribe Watercross Championship at a e roo , Paris. et S i Racing or more information Downtown Outlaw Drag Boat Assoc at Lake Crook Hatch Chili Fest A esta at the Paris armers and Artisan mar et from 00 a.m. to 1 00p.m., 400 S. . 1st Street. ocal endors roast the atch hilies fresh from New Mexico. urger Sliders, ids ames and endors with everything atch. A fun day for the amily plus handmade Treasures or more information cbedford “Salsa on the Square Music Event” in Paris! Salsa ancing un in owntown under the lights on the Pla a or more information cbedford North East Texas Travelers Classic Car Show ay ee end at Paris amar ounty airgrounds tact airgrounds at 0 5 1.

abor on-

Blaze Trails “Paris Pair Marathon” ove ivic enter 2025 S. ollegiate. Marathon on the Trail de Paris, and parts of the NETT North East Texas Trail. The Paris Pair includes races in both the morning and evening with 5 , 1 , alf Marathon, Marathon and ltra distances. Start and inish our races next to the conic Paris, Texas Eiffel Tower and run the NETT East of Paris. Run in the morning, night, or both R N PAR S, A or more information www.bla Red River Valley Fair Paris amar ounty air rounds. This air began in 1 11. ivestoc Shows, Exhibits, ood oncessions, arnival Rides, Stage Enter tainment, lowns, al Around Entertainment, Art and Special Activities for Senior iti ens and Pre School hildren are ust a part of this family favorite tradition. or more information 0 5 1 Continued on page 16

Paris Balloon and Music Festival Paris amar ounty airgrounds 5 0 East enter Street Two nights of ot Air alloon lows at us , endors, ids un one, ood Truc s, Tethered alloon Rides, and ive Music ma ing it a fun lled festival wee end Tattoo Art Expo at Love Civic Center 2025 S. ollegiate r., Paris, Texas ontact aniel ar a, dgtattoo

Paris Balloon and Music Festival PhotoCredit: DeadCat Media



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Bug Tussle Trek Antique Auto Tour A parade of vintage cars and truc s tre from armersville through several towns along the way including ug Tussle and overnight in Paris. This will be the 5 th ear

OCTOBER RAT (Ride Across Texas 1000) ycling event with several riding 1000 miles and overnighting in Paris. on tact evin ee Spinistry on aceboo . Red River Valley Veterans present Concert TBA at Drakes Party Barn on wy 2 1 North ates open at 00p.m. Music starts at 00p.m. Tic ets go on sale April 1st at 1025 S. ollegiate or www.outhousetic ets. com

Annual Lamar County Chamber of Commerce Celebration and Banquet ove ivic enter contact chamber for more information. Festival of Pumpkins owntown Paris The 24th Annual estival of Pump ins 00a.m. to 5 00p.m. The ommunity Event of the ear held in beautiful own town Paris around the Pla a. The event draws 1000 plus with over 0 endors, ood Truc s, ive Entertainment, ounce ouses, ontests, ids games and more nter ested endors can visit the events page at www.festivalof pump or more information about the estival, cbedford


TEXPACC Square Dance Convention Love Civic Center, 2025 S. ollegiate. A wee end full of dancing, fun, and fellowship with ancers and allers from all across the nited States

Paris Junior College Homecoming Weekend un times for Alumni and Students attending presently with Parade, Pep Rally, and as etball ames or more in formation contact Paris unior ollege at 0 5 1

Rocket Raceway Park 2nd Annual Roc et auncher 0 AS S Elite ing ut law Sprints th Annual one Star warf ar Rental 2nd Annual Mod ite Nationals ee ly Roc et hallenge 1 S 2 Petty, Texas. Trac Phone 0 1 or p To ate nforma tion visit www.roc etracewaypar .com

Downtown at Participating Shops “Christmas Open House” hristmas pen ouse showcasing oliday items to ic off the hristmas shopping season.

Mannequin Night owntown Paris in Participating usinesses. This is a family friendly event held the rd Saturday in ctober from 5 0p.m. until 00p.m. olun teers dress in costumes according to a chosen theme and pose as live manne uins in our owntown windows. Entry is free to the public and includes live entertainment by talented local bands. ood Truc s and vendors add to the festivities. A host Tour and ombie al add to the fun or more information, contact aceboo Man ne uin Night in Paris. Tx.


“Christmas in Paris” Arts and Crafts Show Saturday, November 1 th from 00a.m. to 4 00p.m. at ove ivic enter. ome and shop with all the wonderful endors This event is hosted by local oy Scouts Troop 2. or endor information, contact Michelle all at christmas inparistx Downtown Christmas Tree Lighting with Santa and Reindeer 4 00p.m. to 00p.m. at the ountain on the Pla a to see Santa, Mrs. laus, ive Reindeer, and en oy ive Music, aroles, Popcorn and ot hocolate while preparing for the tree lighting at 00p.m. or More in formation, contact cbedford


Thanksgiving Day Annual Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day Start time 00a.m. and 00a.m.. osted by Paris itness and A uatics, nc. eld on the Trail de Paris starting at the Trail head located at ove ivic enter. nline registration only at Shop Small Business Saturday, a Main Street Event Shop and Support local at our Small usinesses on the Special ay founded by American Express and observed nationwide on the Saturday after Than sgiving. or more information, ontact cbedford

DECEMBER All Breed Bull Sale at Cattlemen’s Livestock Commission. The amar ounty hamber of ommerce hosts this event, bringing buyers and sellers together from a ve state area. n addition to supporting the hamber, proceeds from the sale provide scholarships to local 4 and A Students and support to amar ounty unior ivestoc Show. The Annual hili Supper will be the day before the sale on Monday evening, November 2 th. or more information, ontact chamber Texas Bar-B-Que Blow Out Weekend ove ivic enter, 2025 South ollegiate or more information contact or call 0 4 2501 “Christmas in Fair Park” at the Paris amar ounty airgrounds will be bustling with endors for un hristmas Shopping ideas 5 0 East enter Street. or more information, contact 0 5 1

Christmas Parade of Lights oin the Paris owntown Association for the 15th Annual hristmas Parade of ights. Anticipated all year, this annual parade lights up the streets with thousands of lights and oliday cheer starting at 00p.m. in owntown Paris. or Parade information and entry forms, contact the Paris owntown Association at Wassail Fest in Downtown Participating Businesses 12 00 Noon to 5 00p.m. usinesses craft their own version of assail and serve to attendees. Everyone tasting the assail can rate the drin and cast their vote for the best in owntown The winning store is awarded the Traveling assail Meister Trophy each year oor pri es, and lots of fun on this Special Shopping ay. or more information, ontact cbedford “Christmas at the Museums” 12 00 noon to 5 00p.m., The amar ounty istorical ommission sponsors hristmas at the Museums in early ecember. The amar county istorical Museum, The alley of the addo Museum ultural enter, The amar ounty enealogy ibrary. The Sam ell Maxey ouse, and the Roxton ity rug Store haparral Trails Museums host the event. n addition to Museum Tours, Art Exhibits, and oo Signings, the winner of s Annual istory Ma er of the ear is announced during the festivities. or more information, contact Marvin orley at gorleym

Downtown Christmas Tree Lighting PhotoCredit: Me a Peder e








owever Paris got its name, residents have used this famous designation to their advantage. ollowing the loss of a much smaller tower of wood, which sat on the Paris unior ollege campus, a new tower was designed, built and erected by various members of the community. The current tower was built by members of the oilerma ers ocal 02 who wor ed at abcoc ilcox and donated their time. The company donated much of the materials used. The tower is bolted into 10 feet by 10 inch pads to ensure it would not be blown away li e the previous tower. n all, individuals spent approximately 1,000 hours to construct the tower. The current Eiffel Tower, located at the ove ivic enter, was unveiled in uly 1 4 and was 5 feet tall. The Eiffel tower in Paris, Texas, was long billed as the Second argest Eiffel Tower in the Second argest Paris in the orld. That is, until another


Paris in Tennessee raised their tower an additional 10 feet high in order to claim that slogan. That s where the red cowboy hat comes in. The hat was designed and created by the late aon all. nce again, community members donated time, funds, materials and more. t is 4 1 2 feet high and sports a 10 foot wide brim. r. on Riddle, a long time veterinarian in Paris, tooled a brass feather that was placed on the owboy hat before installation. ou have to get the right angle to see the feather which is tarnished from time and weather, but it is something we li e to give credit for. The hat was placed atop the tower in ctober 1 . The Paris, Texas, tower was once again taller than the Tennessee edice, again the 2nd largest tower, until a 540 foot version of the tower was built in as egas in 1 . No other tower sports a bright, red cowboy hat, which has become a rally point for locals, visitors, weddings, reunions, conventions and more.

e t: he red hat a de i ed a d a ri ated Dao a t a a ed ato the i e to er i to er i ht: he ori i a oode i e to er a o do hi h i d a d a re a ed the to er that ti ta d toda

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n honor of our veterans, each Memorial Day and Veterans Day are set aside to pay tribute to those who put their lives on the line for our freedom. ou will nd all the service ags ying 24 5 days a year. The Red River alley eterans Memorial is a place for re ection, remembrance and gratitude. It is our hope that this will also be a place to educate present and future generations of the sacri ce made by members of their own family and their community to secure the freedoms that we all enjoy. And may it be a reminder that “Freedom is not Free.” This impressive memorial is located next to the Eiffel Tower near Love Civic Center. The memorial’s centerpiece is the Ring of Honor, an elevated ring of granite walls containing the names of all the men and women from the ve county Red River alley area that made the ultimate sacri ce. Surrounding the Ring of onor are granite on ict alls, etched with information and graphic depictions of each war or con ict. There are over 2,400 granite 1’ x 2’ pavers that honors all veterans no matter where they live. Also there are 48 Family Benches, 15 Ornamental Tree Pavers and 95 Specialty Pavers installed at the memorial. Two bronze statues with murals have been installed to honor Gold Star Families and War Dogs and their Handlers. e have a computer ios that is used for visitors to ll out our uestboo and used to nd friend or family members that have their names engraved at the memorial. We have begun construction on the last phase, that will include more Family Benches, Ornamental Tree Pavers, Veteran Pavers, Choctaw Code Talker Monument and static displays. In 2020 an AH1 P Cobra Attack Helicopter will be elevated above ground and an M115 8” Towed Howitzer from 1944 will be installed. Red River Valley Veterans Memorial 2035 South Collegiate Drive Paris, Texas 75460 6309 (903) 783-0945 Email f ce


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he Caddo Museum , located in the Historic Union Station in Paris, is a non pro t, volunteer run, museum which offers exciting, educational exhibits and workshops for all ages throughout the year. Visitors have the opportunity to view major collections from other area museums, private individuals, artists and photographers. The museum also maintains permanent Archeology, Astronomy and Student Education sections. Volunteers work with a wide range of sources including the Smithsonian, Johnson Space Center, Texas Historical Commission, Texas Parks & Wildlife, Texas Humanities, Plano Conservancy for Historic Preservation, and the Museum of the Red River. These associations enable the museum to achieve and sustain a greater variety of cultural enrichment and educational opportunities. Admission to the museum is free but donations are always appreciated.

1115 Bonham St, Paris, Tx 75460 • 903-905-4099 • Open Every Friday & Saturday 10 AM - 4 PM (Except Major Holidays)


Genealogical Society LIBRARY


ocated at 1135 Bonham St. in the old Santa Fe Depot. The Library was created from donations and volunteer work, the library has been continually growing since 1983. It has over 150 family histories, a large collection of Lamar County history, and books from other counties and states. You are welcome to come in and browse or use one of our computers to access your family history. Open Monday - Thursday 12pm. - 4pm. and 2nd. and 4th. Saturdays 9am. - 4pm. For additional hours call 903-784-5020 or email








Railroad Depot T

he epot is an outstanding example of station architecture representative of those along the risco Railroad lines. The elaborate, decorative tower, tile roofs, uality bric wor and since removed marble wainscot in the waiting rooms were, in part, expensive contributions to the building from the railroads, reflecting the degree of their goodwill toward the Paris community.

Trolley de Paris The trolley is available for guided tours, parties and special occasions. ontact Randy Nation at 0 12. ost is 150 per hour and seats up to 2 . andicap accessible.









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he ho ida at a e Ma e o e ri i toria era a d a e

Sam Bell Maxey House 812 South Church Street 903-785-5716



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pen Tuesday Sunday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm to the public for selfguided tours. The last self-guided tour begins at 3:30 pm. Sunday self guided tour schedule: 9am, 10am, 11am, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm. uided tours availa le upon reservation only; typically, last 45 minutes - one hour. dmission $4 for adults; $3 for seniors, veterans, and children 6-18 years; Free for children 5 and under and for active military. Family rates available.

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We were here for your grandparents, and we’ll be here for your grandchildren.

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is rical Mus u


a rida a d at rda or a oi t e t a a t or other i or atio a the a ar Co t Cha er o Co er e at


aried collections are housed in a ,000 s uare feet building in eritage Par . The foyer houses the 1 1 Staples ewelry neon sign and an extensive collection of amar ounty postcards dating from the early 1 00s. The restored facade of the home of the late udge im Noble Thompson leads into the core of the museum, which has a military room with artifacts dating from the Tex as Revolution to the recent war in the ulf. Period uniforms, weapons and information on amp Maxey are displayed. The re room deals exclusively with the great re of 1 1 , which destroyed 0 percent of the city with a panorama of the city in 1 14 ust before the re. There are rooms of period furniture from the Swaim family c. 1 20. The uc ner collection includes the sole remaining artifacts from the uc ner rphans ome in allas which originated in Paris in 1 . There is a restored Sunday School classroom, the baptistry painting and the doors and chandelier from the main chapel. n separate rooms are exhibits from one rural community rotating every three months and exhibits ranging from the Paris police department to the tornado of 1 2. The third section offers the rural life area, with a log house built by the iard family in 1 5 , model itchens, blac smith shop, iron lung, medical e uipment and exhibits on the hay and cotton industries. A curing vat for curing meats from the right planta tion is present, as are artifacts from the ve railroads that crisscrossed Paris in 1 12. Numerous smaller exhibits are found throughout the building.









n 1 5, famous frontiersman, soldier and politician avy roc ett left his home in Tennessee with a few friends to explore Texas and ta e part in the coming revolution against Mexico. e entered Texas at onesboro, in what is now Red River ounty and passed through the county seat of lar sville on his way to more southerly communities and, eventually, San Antonio and his ill fated meeting with the army of en. Santa Anna. is route through northeast Texas seems to have wandered a bit, for several communities well off the beaten path have traditions of his passage. n Paris, the aughters of the American Revolution in 1 , 100 years after the Siege of the Alamo, placed a mar er in the 1 00 bloc of lar sville Street designating a site venerated in local tradition as the very place roc ett camped on his way to the Alamo. The lar sville Street property is currently owned by race utheran hurch and the avy roc ett mar er is currently planted beside the dec off the bac of the Paris Public ibrary on 1st S. . Street across from Mar et S uare.

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Evergreen r E

vergreen emetery is noted for its si e and for the many unusual and ornate monuments. The cemetery was rst used September 2 th, 1 , when Mrs. Rice Maxey was interred. Several people who had died in previous years were moved to family plots in Evergreen from the old ity emetery. Among the many other citi ens interred here are such notables as Sam ell Maxey, illet abcoc whose mar er is noted for its unusual gure in cowboy boots , and . . ulbertson who was laid to rest in the family mausoleum. There are several historical mar ers in the cemetery. r. Patric . irmingham served with the Texas Army during Texas war for independence 1 and received a bounty grant of land in amar ounty. r. irmingham established the rst hospital in Paris irmingham ospital. A directory and map are located ust inside the northwest corner entrance. Evergreen emetery oo by Eli abeth ooth and Tony ooth is a listing of those burto 1 1. Some biographical information ied from 1 is included. A copy of this boo is located at the Paris Public ibrary, the amar ounty enealogical ibrary and the amar ounty hamber of ommerce .













ohn S. hisum 1 24 1 4 , a cattle baron whose herd, moving from east to west Texas and into New Mexico, expanded into one of the greatest cattle spreads in the west. hisum came to this area from Tennessee in 1 . is father, laiborne hisum, built the rst home in 1 0 in what became Paris. uring the ivil ar, hisum sup plied beef to onfederate troops west of the Mississippi and his cowboys guarded the frontier against ndians. is enormous herd 0,000 to 0,000 head pounded trails across Texas into New Mexico. is name and fame led to confu sion with esse hisholm, bla er of the historic lahoma to ansas cattle trail. ohn hisum was a partner of famous cattleman harles oodnight who once said of hisum that he could correctly tally three grades of moving cattle at once. hisum s distinctive long rail brand and inglebob ear notch de ed alteration. A disastrous pac ing house deal and involvement in the 1 incoln ounty ar in which illy the id and various cattle factions gured, ultimately led to hisum s nancial ruin. The amar ounty istorical Society owns the cemetery property. Texas State istorical Mar er. The 1 0 lm, hisum, starred ohn ayne.



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he Paris Farmers and Artisan Market draws 35 + vendors from across NE Texas every Saturday from May through October, with an off season market November through April open from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Just a couple of blocks from downtown on 1st Street SW, the covered pavilion allows the market to be open rain or shine. Local growers and farmers provide the freshest vegetables, fruits, and grass fed beef and pork, and pecans. The local artisans bring value added items such as breads, pastries, candies, olive oils, locally roasted coffee, jams, jellies, handmade organic lotions and soaps, personal care items, unique handmade pottery, jewelry and more. The Mar et brings the community together naturally. Any given Saturday one could nd, demonstrations by local volunteers, activities for kids, bicycle riders enjoying an outing, live music, and food truc s. The aroma of fresh roasted hile s ll the Mar et on Labor Day weekend at the popular Hatch Chile Fest. For up to date list of activities, check

ATTRACTIONS/PUBLIC PARKS Story by The Paris News Staff





hough it’s been there for several years, chances are good you’ve driven right past the Barber Hills Trail entrance at Pat Mayse Lake without ever noticing it. The trailhead, situated near the Sanders Cove gatehouse, is the gateway to 10 linked trails, which together make up 13.5 scenic miles of wooded hiking and mountain biking opportunities. The trails weave in and out of trees alongside Pat Mayse Lake and follows the edge of Sanders Cove Park Road and M 0 . Each leg of the trail offers a different dif culty level, which is marked along the trail, as well as on the maps that are available at the gatehouse. Beginners, as well as more experienced riders, can nd the trail that wor s best for them. Helping to maintain the trail is Bryan Hargis, who said the trail is open all the time, except from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. or when it’s deemed too muddy to ride. Hargis said he posts the trail status online to ensure people know when the trail is closed for any reason. “You can look at the trail status at and look up Barber Hills and it’ll tell you if it’s open or closed,” Hargis said. In recognition of Clint Barber’s countless hours devoted to making the trails what they have become, Hargis said they dubbed the trails Barber Hills. Completely maintained by volunteers, Hargis said the trail was originally completed with the help of Barber and a few of his friends. Hargis and his group have placed trail markers to help guide people through the trails. “Barber got with the Corps of Engineers and they approved him building the trail,” Hargis said. “It was built a little at a time and it’s completely taken care of and maintained by volunteers who ride and hike out there. If a tree falls across the trail, or if something needs trimming, it’s done strictly by volunteers.” Before the trails were cleared, Barber said they would drive for at least two hours, one-way, twice a month, to ride on a mountain bike trail. That spurred the group to begin talking with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, who told them they could utilize land not used for hunting near Sanders Cove. After Barber gained permission to create the trails, he and a group of friends began building the trail around Christmas in 2005, a task that took three or four years to complete. Continuously looking for volunteers to help with maintaining the trail, Hargis said if an organization, Boy Scout troop or an individual would like to help, they should email him at, or message him on the group’s Facebook page, Maps of the trail can be picked up at the Sanders Cove check-in station, or printed from Barber Hills Trails’ Facebook page. It’s the perfect way to round out a weekend of camping, shing, swimming and boating at Pat Mayse a e. 31






Trail de Paris F

ind serenity in the midst of a bustling city. The Northeast Texas Trail is a iamond in the Rough in a region that rolls smac dab through the middle of Paris Trail de Paris and is being shaped into a shining destination for pedestrians, bicyclists and e uestrians to en oy ne ec of a Tre through the pictures ue countryside of Northeast Texas. t travels 1 0 miles from armersville, east of allas, through 1 rural towns and seven counties to New oston, west of Texar ana. hen completed, the Northeast Texas Trail will be the longest hi e bi e and e uestrian trail in Texas and the fth longest in the .S.A. The Trail de Paris winds from 4th Street S. . in Paris east through the ity of Reno. The paved wal ing and bi ing path is enhanced with a canopy of trees for 10 linear miles. Newcomers visitors and long time residents of all ages nd Trail de Paris a pleasant, safe place to run, wal or ride bicycles. Mar ers indicate each uarter mile. enches provide a place to en oy the rustle of leaves, twittering birds and the freshness of honeysuc le in bloom. Along the path is a butter y garden between 24th Street S.E. and ollegiate rive as well as a new space set aside for outdoor yoga. amilies nd interactive signage helpful to enhance children s outdoor experience. There are four trailheads with par ing areas. They are at 12th Street S.E., east and west of ollegiate rive north of the Sports omplex utdoor Pavilion ld lar sville Road at the oys and irls lub ootball ield and 24th Street S.E. at the Paris unior ollege ampus, with par ing available at Noyes Stadium. Trail de Paris is handicap accessible. riends of the Trail help maintain and promote the trail. isit Membership is free.


PhotoCredit: DeadCat Media

PhotoCredit: DeadCat Media






The photo credit: Mike and Jonathan Herron Photography 42.


isit the th annual Paris alloon and Musical estival September th 202 held at the Paris amar ounty airgrounds Paris Texas. t began in 201 by two organi ations, The Paris Area Arts Alliance and The Paris lues Society and now operates as its own entity The Paris alloon and Music Association. t s a 501c composed of volunteer board members that are committed to the enrichment of the arts in the community through events, scholarships and bene ts.

At the festival you will see hot air balloons, where the beautiful balloons glow at dus , and do a mass ascension in the dawn hours, a variety of talented live music performances, shopping at uni ue mar et vendor booths, delicious food vendors, a cornhole tournament, live painting event, ids fun one with games and activities, tethered hot air balloon rides and more There is something for all ages and fun for the whole family.





he Red River Valley Fair Association is a volunteer supported 501 non pro t community organi ation that preserves and promotes rural heritage and value. The Red River Valley Fair Association showcases the quality of life in Paris, Lamar County and throughout Northeast Texas. The Paris/Lamar County Fairgrounds, run by the association, is a year-round facility and offers various community and youth oriented programs and events. The fairgrounds opens its arena and facilities to many livestock shows every year, including a spring classic and a back-to-school event. The Red River Valley Fair Association presents the Red River Valley Fair annually. The four days of events bring thousands to Paris from a large area. The fair includes a carnival, and a large midway lled with booths of all types. ommercial and community exhibits ll buildings, with special presentations by such organizations as the Lamar County Master Gardeners. Entertainment is a huge part of the fair, with Paris native Gene Watson and Wade White as featured musicians, as well as live entertainment on various stages daily. Area growers, artists and livestock raisers are showcased with a Home & Garden Show, Creative Arts & Crafts Show as well as beef, steer, lamb and goat competitions with a special highlight of a Little Britches Rodeo. Christmas in Fair Park is an annual two-day event. Four buildings are lled with holiday decor, arts, gifts, food and children’s entertainment. All revenue generated is reinvested into our various programs and facilities to continuously improve our organization. 34

The Red River Valley Fair Association has promoted community and youth-oriented programs and events since 1911.

The Paris/Lamar County Fairgrounds are just east of N. Main Street (US 271) between Clement Road and Hickory Street. The address of the fairgrounds office is 570 East Center St. and can be reached at 903-785-7971. The Paris / Lamar County Fairgrounds offers a variety of buildings throughout the year for rent. Grounds are available for different functions: • arts and craft shows • banquets • cattle events • dances • display shows • meetings • wedding receptions • reunions • swap meets • and much more!



Above: The peristyle at Bywaters Park is a popular landmark and used for concerts, Movies in the Park and many other events all year long. Photo by Chris Gies

Bywaters Park Gibraltar Historic District 200 block of S. Main Street Bywaters Park boasts a beautiful 1931 peristyle which mimics the unique style of a Grecian temple. The park provides an excellent setting for the Paris Municipal Band summer concerts, spring and summer weddings, and the annual Winter Wonderland. Located in the park is a memorial to the victims of the 1982 tornado. Culbertson Park On the corner of Hearon and 16th S.E. streets, this park has 7.2 acres with tennis courts, ball elds, a picnic pavilion, tables, benches and bleachers to enjoy and observe activities.


Dragon Park On the corner of Collegiate Street and Jefferson Road, there is a one-mile track, workout station and an adult soccer eld. Ellis Park Adjacent to Culbertson Park on Washington St. in southeast Paris, this park has a volleyball court, playgrounds and picnic tables. Joan Mathis Park At 12th N.E. and Johnson streets, there is a lighted hard surface basketball court, three backstops for baseball or softball and playground equipment. The park also has tables and benches.

Oak Park A fenced playground, picnic pavilion and two horseshoe pits are featured in this park at 2625 Bonham St. Horseshoes can be rented free of charge through the Parks and Recreation Department, 903-784-9299. This park also has several tables, benches and a half-mile track.


Leon Williams Park This park at 7th N.W. and Henderson streets has one ball eld, two lighted basketball courts, lighted walking path, two picnic pavilions and several benches and tables. Skate Park A skate park with ramps is in downtown Paris adjacent to the Farmer’s Market. Pump Track 2005 S. Collegiate Drive, next to the Love Civic Center. Lamar County Master Gardeners The Lamar County Master Gardeners maintain three public areas where plantings adapted to the area can be viewed: • EarthKind Rose: This trail garden in Heritage Park is near the Union Station depot on W. Kaufman Street. • Children’s Garden: Near entrance No. 1 of the Paris/ Lamar County Fairgrounds 400 block of Hickory Street. • Demonstration Gardens: At the Texas Agri ife Extension of ce, 4315 Bonham St.

Heritage Park This park compliments the Union Station Depot Heritage District. It is at 1125 Bonham St. near the Depot. Splash Pad and Music Park Located on the block between Clarksville and Lamar Streets, across the street from First United Methodist Church is the popular Children’s Splash Pad and Music Park. The brain child of a committee of First United Methodist Church these parks were opened for public use the Summer of 2016. Walker Park An 18-hole disc golf course, two backstops and playground equipment are featured in this park at Shiloh and 18th N.W. streets.

Wade Park At 25th N.E. and Price streets, Wade Park has playground equipment, lighted roller hockey rink, backstops, shuffleboard court with equipment available through the Parks and Recreation, 903-784-9299, tables and benches. There is also a picnic pavilion and restrooms. Wise Field Wise Field at 638 4th S.W. Street has two lighted softball elds with a concession stand and restrooms. Sports complex The sports complex is next to Love Civic Center on S. Collegiate Street. The complex features ball elds, ogging trac s and a pavilion.


CULBERTSON FOUNTAIN At the plaza in downtown Paris, Culbertson Fountain was a gift from . . ulbertson to culminate the rebuilding of Paris after the re of 1 1 . Restored as a Bicentennial project, this fountain is not only the unique focal point for Paris and Lamar County, but was named by Texas Monthly as “The Prettiest Plaza in the State of Texas.”


“Pyro” Pyro is the mascot of the Dragons at Paris Junior College. The Pyro statue was created by Daon Wall, a PJC alum and president of the college’s Board of Regents before he passed away in 2001. Wall contributed another important landmark to the town -- he created the red cowboy hat on top of the Eiffel Tower.


World War I Veteran Memorial The World War I “Roll of Honor” is on the southwest corner of the Lamar County Courthouse Annex grounds. It is dedicated to the heroes who died in the First World War, 1917-18.

World War II/Korean War/Vietnam War Memorial This memorial is dedicated to all Lamar County service members who served in World War II, the Korean War and the war in Vietnam. It is on the southwest corner of the Lamar County Courthouse grounds. 38

George Wright’s Bust The original plaster bust came from the Steely family who are descendants of George Wright, the founder of Paris. The sculptor is unknown, however, it is estimated the bust was created in the 1920s. Renowned sculptor Eddie Dixon restored and bronzed the original replicated work. It is at Heritage Hall, 11th S.W. and Kaufman streets.


Paris Municipal Band ormed in 1 2 , the Paris Municipal and is recogni ed as the oldest such group in the state. E.A. ightfoot is believed to have organi ed the band, and the rst rehearsal hall is believed to have been at 140 rand Ave. The band was active throughout the year. uring winter months, members carried buc ets of coal up the stairs to heat the building during practice sessions. The band s rst appearance may have been a Sunday afternoon performance on the rand Theater stage. t is nown the band performed uly 20, 1 2 , for the grand opening of the Pla a Theater. ightfoot was eventually replaced by rit delfeldt, who played a small cornet in one hand and directed with the other. y the late 1 20s, Arthur ayton too the baton. The band won rst place in the 1 2 onvention ontest of the East Texas hamber of ommerce at reenville and three rst place trophies in state competition. n 1 2 , the city began levying a tax to support the band, and in 1 0 uniforms were issued to members for the rst time.

Pari M i i a a d a i at the a i io i ater Par Photo Credit: oe at o

.M. arnett replaced ayton and conducted the band until the start of orld ar , when eorge Slic oward too the baton. oward conducted until 1 4 , when loyd eger became the director. eger, a high school and municipal band legend in Paris and throughout the state, ept the band going when municipal bands were disappearing from many cities. e was the conductor until Tom Neugent, a retired high school band teacher with multiple wins in competitions across the state, too the baton in 2001. Today the band is under the direction of oe atson, a former high school band director and now technology teacher at Paris unior igh. The band s six wee long concert season runs from mid une through uly held at ywaters Par . The uly 4th elebration concert is held at Noyes Stadium on the P ampus. n inclement weather, outdoor concerts are at the ove ivic enter pavilion.




here had been no rain in Paris for more than seven wee s, and a steady wind had been blowing for ve days. y March 21st, everything in the city was as dry as tinder when what is now called The reat ire of 1 1 started near the S. . ong arehouse, southwest of the ity. No one really nows what started the re. oaxed by winds of 5 to 50 miles per hour, the ames spread rapidly. y around 4 00 am, the following morning, the con agration was under control, leaving in its path more than 10 hours of destruction. As the re died down, the losses were staggering. A total of 1,440 buildings were destroyed and estimates of property losses ranged from 10 14 million dollars. Most of the business district and much of the residential areas were destroyed. Three lives were lost in the re and hundreds of Parisians were homeless. ountless personal treasures had disappeared. n the midst of the still smoldering embers, hamber of ommerce President enry P. Mayer hung a SM E sign leading the efforts to rebuild the ity. y 1 1 , most of Paris had been resurrected. The nishing touch to the rebuilt downtown was the completion of ulbertson ountain in 1 2 .

Photo Credit: Mar i or e he ie o Pari a ter a ire de tro ed o t o the i e di tri t a e a o e re ide tia area i Mar h

C ert o o tai ho toda a the i a to h to the re i t do to



PhotoCredit: DeadCat Media


he anticipation of the Paris pump trac became a reality in 2020. Through local community donations and multiple partnerships, Paris is now the home of one of the premier trac s in the world. This city par is open for all to en oy and than s should go out to the vision and hard wor that went into getting this here. Since its inception the Paris Pump Trac has hosted two Red ull National

uali ers that has brought in riders from all over the nited States. ocal events have also made this a destination for riders. or to bring the pump trac to Paris was spearheaded by asey Ressler, a real estate agent with entury 21 and a member of the hamber of ommerce. n November 2020, Paris ity ouncil approved a 451, 2 contract with American Ramp, the parent company

of elosolutions, the group that wor ed with ayter Engineering of Paris on the trac and its landscape design. unding for the 0,000 facility comes with a 50 50 state match using federal funds. Texas Par s and ildlife contributes 40,000, the city 100,000 from 201 bond money, the hamber s isitors and onvention ouncil 50,000 and the rest from private funds and in ind donations.

4600 Lamar Avenue, Paris, Texas 903-785-6427 1-800-416-6427 PROUD MEMBER OF THE LAMAR COUNTY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE MLS


NMLS#: 1429419



P ris PAIR

Paris Pair came to Paris for the rst time in September 2021, hosted by Trail Racing Across Texas Marathon. There were over 150 participants starting at the Eiffel Tower, and running different distances on the North East Texas Trail including Trail de Paris, Reno Trail, and the Prairiland Trail throughout the day and night. This event is returning to Paris in September 2024.







o r de Pari i e ra o or d ide ri i er ro a o er or a ride thro h the o tr ide


or years, cyclists have come from near and far to ride in the annual Tour de Paris bicycle rally. t was started by a icycle lub and was originally intended to be a competitive race. There were fewer stops on the route until the hamber of ommerce too charge of the rally, ma ing it less of a race, adding in more improved rest stops, and generating more public interest. Tour de Paris started as a small bicycle rally. Today, it is a premiere event nown worldwide, and it all happens, and has happened year after year, in Paris and amar ounty. Every uly, our streets ll with bicycles and people of all ages, and they roll over the hills and through the valleys of the area we call home. This rally creates opportunity for a uni ue view of the county and one both riders and locals loo forward to. undreds of riders register at ove ivic


enter, and prepare for the start in front of Paris unior igh School, and Parisians ta e it as an opportunity to once again show our legendary welcome. This welcome is not a staged event where uic ly gathered of cials say hello and have a good ride . t s the people from all wal s of life who line the streets and roads to cheer and wave the riders throughout their tre s that stand out in the memories of the day s rolling visitors. t s the businesses and industry who ac nowledge on mar uees their presence in our city. t s the hundreds of volunteers who devote their time to offer refreshment, ma e sure the routes and riders are safe, provide a helping hand whenever and wherever it s needed. Tour de Paris isn t ust for the riders who come to Paris. e hope they also en oy our restaurants and spend a little extra time before and after the rally to truly experience our community. e want you to see why we call this place home.






ebruary 10th and 11th at Pat Mayse a e, Sanders ove, TM RA Texas Mountain i e Racing Association will hold the 4th Annual Race of the 2024 Spring Season on the arber ills Trail located at Pat Mayse a e North of Paris. There are multiple classes for riders of all ages and abilities. or information on Pre Riding the trails and the ids up linic contact bryan







he waters at a e roo , ust north of Paris are the site of three days of the Southern rag oat Association s high speed boat races. The races are a uarter mile, ust li e car drag races, except on water where boats can reach up to 200 miles per hour. The races are family oriented, with crafts ranging from larger boats with ghter pilot li e capsules to smaller personal crafts. Spectators bring lawn chairs and blan ets, along with hats and sun bloc . oncessions are available, as well as children s activities. inners earn special made tro phies along with cash pri es. a e roo will also be home to a new event coming to Paris. ettribe ater uali er will bring 250 00 et s i racers for a three day event. Riders will be ualifying for the National Event held later in the year.



tor : he Pari e ta Photo Credit: DeadCat Media


a e roo is bu ing with watercraft riders competing in the ettribe ater hampionship. The event is part of Nauti ater Racing s national tour and top riders will earn ualifying points to the orld hampionships later this year. The 202 event mar ed the rst time that the tour has made a stop in Paris. e held an event last year in Sulphur Springs and while we were in the area, we fell in love with Paris, said ustin Smith, who is vice president of sales for alters ay. e said his organi ation got in touch with the city and the amar ounty hamber of ommerce about holding the event at a e roo .

The hamber is loo ing forward to the racing wee end, said Paul Allen, who is the group s president. There have been great improvements at a e roo to bene t the local community and to be able to continue to host events li e the Southern rag oat Association and the new et s i event. The city was able to clear out a shoreline and basically build a beach that will allow the et s i racers to stand in the start position before the race begins, Allen said. e are excited to welcome a brand new event to Paris, Texas, une 2 4, Allen said. e anticipate 250 participants in the etTribe Mid America lassic. n riday the orporate hallenge begins at 1 p.m., and the unior Stars Race

Training linic will begin at 0 p.m., according to the schedule. Allen said there are around 0 local businesses that will come out and ride against the cloc in the orporate hallenge. e are hopeful that this will become another staple event that we will host year after year. They are excited about coming to Paris and we can expect many out of town guests to be here. hope everyone will come out and see the excitement that they will bring to a e roo , Allen said. Smith said everyone is invited to hang out la eside and en oy some food and fun at the races.






Signat ure EVENT F

ew things say fall li e pumpins, and Paris estival of Pump ins is an annual fall event bringing more than 10,000 people year after year. The fourth Saturday in ctober, the festival lls downtown Paris from 2nd Street on the west to 2nd Street to the east and from ouston to aufman streets. The festival of Pump ins is a fall staple around here, said Paris Main Street coordinator heri edford. rom , everyone in this community loo s forward to it. The all day festival includes entertainment, art, contests, games and, of course, pump ins. There s something for everybody, heri said. The owntown Pump in Patch opens for the day, and, through the wor of volunteers allows youngsters to pic out pump ins and decorate them for a small fee, with


all proceeds bene tting the downtown hristmas decoration fund. estival goers will also en oy a day visiting vendors offering re purposed art products including bags, totes, nec laces and chests, benches and coat rac s made from old doors and lumber. Shaped soaps, clothing, hand painted dolls and coo boo s are ust a sampling of the items offered. hildren s activities include games such as shing in the fountain, pump in bowling, and more. ther youngster related fun includes pony rides and a petting oo. hildren s art is typically featured, complete with sidewal chal . oung at heart can also try their hand at bungee umping and an obstacle course. t is always promising for a great fall Saturday, edford said.

he e ti a o P i ri tho a d to do to Pari i to er or ood a d thi to







n oy an evening stroll in Paris istoric owntown istrict while sampling Texas s top wines and dining on local restaurants savory bites. Shoppers can also nd one of a ind gifts at participating retailers while en oying an evening of entertainment. Event will ta e place in April. or more info visit,






Archery PhotoCredit: DeadCat Media





Thursday Nights in June 903 Concert Series ands owntown under the ights on the la a hec isit aris e as aceboo for more information or cham ber isitpariste

PhotoCredit: DeadCat Media




aris, ga e us a great education both inside and out of the classroom. hat is why we started the e as lowout to gi e bac for opportunities we recei ed. We will be bac in on ecember 6th and th to help e en more ids he e as lowout would li e to than the following sponsors in their support of our new e ent that helped raise for our local school s scholarship foundation.

PhotoCredit: DeadCat Media



ACCOMODATIONS HOTELS/MOTELS 1st Street Lofts 26 1st ST SE 200 430-228-3694 American Inn & Suites 2501 N. Main St. 903-785-9700 Americas Best Value Inn 3755 NE Loop 286 903-785-5566 Baymont Inn & Suites 3560 NE Loop 286 903-785-5545 Choctaw Casino & Resort 1516 Hwy 271 S. Grant, OK 74738 580-326-8397 Circle M Farms 2555 CR 33800 903-782-2543 Comfort Inn & Suites 3035 Loop 286 NE 903-785-0089 Days Inn 2650 N. Main 903-784-8164 Hampton Inn 3563 NE Loop 286 903-784-6536 Holiday Inn Express 3025 Loop 286 NE 903-785-0088 Home 2 Suites 3143 Loop 286 NE Paris, TX 75460


Kings Inn 1907 Lamar Ave. 903-739-8499 LaQuinta Inn and Suites 3205 NE Loop 286 903-783-9600 Motel 6 of Paris 425 35th St. NE 903-785-3871 Paris Extended Stay Suites 1518 Lamar Ave. 903-784-8851 Paris Inn & Suites 3075 NE Loop 286 903-706-5303 Quality Inn 3505 NE Loop 286 903-784-7481 Suite 129 129 Lamar Avenue 903-249-2082 The Emma Grace 131 NW 1st street Cooper, Tx 75432 903-300-3131 Town Place Suites by Marriott & Fairmont by Marriot 3005 N. Main Street 214-802-2964 FITNESS CENTERS Anytime Fitness 3380 SE Loop 286 903-784-8824 Nautilus Family Paris 110 S. Collegiate Dr. 903-784-3483

Paris Yoga Project 117 Clarksville St. 903-517-9052 Planet Fitness 4045 Lamar Ave. Suite 200 480-536-6250 RT Fitness 950 E. Austin 903-272-7050 Sky Athletics Cheerleading and Tumpling 6590 Lamar Road 903-706-5088 The Gym 4625 Lamar Ave. 903-609-5703 RV PARKS

Love Civic Center 2025 S Collegiate Dr, Paris, TX 75460 903-739-9912 Pat Mayse Lake CR 35800 Powderly, TX 75473 903-732-3020 Paris/Lamar County Fairgrounds 570 E Center St Paris, TX 75460 903-785-7971 Shirley’s RV Park 5990 US HWY 271 N Paris, TX 75473 903-732-3345 Sportsmans Fish Kamp 7100 Farm to Market 1500 Paris, TX 75460 903-783-1875

Almost Home RV Park 5626 W. Front HWY 82 Blossom, TX 75416 903-491-1401


Angels Camp RV Park 7620 US-271 Powderly, TX 75473 903-732-3018 GTL Paris RV Park 120 CR 42000 ront ffice Paris, TX 75460 903-783-1810 Henry D's RV Park 10125 US 82 W Brookston, TX 75421 903-785-3940

107 Grand 107 Grand Ave. 903-491-1928 A Piece of Cake 1205 Clarksville St 903-739-2940 Buffalo Joe’s Pub 3338 N.E. Loop 286 903-784-8899 Burgerland 1301 N. Main 903-739-9943


Capizzi’s Italian Kitchen 2525 Clarksville St 903-785-7590 Chick-fil-A Paris 3420 Lamar Ave 903-224-3834 Chicken Express 3820 Lamar Ave 903-784-0303 Choctaw Casino & Resort 1516 US Highway 271 Grant, OK 74738 580-326-8397 Crawford’s Hole-In-The-Wall 202 3rd St NW 903-737-9025 D&P Food Services, Inc. 1150 Clement Rd. 90.-785-1972 Dairy Queen 2505 Lamar Ave 903-785-3402 Dairy Queen 3195 NE Loop 286 903-706-5170 Dairy Queen Powderly 9967 Hwy 271 N., Powderly 903-732-4000 Dos Marias 303 20th St. 903-737-4557 Fish Fry 3500 NE Loop 286 903-785-6144

Garibaldi Mexican Restaurant 1331 Clarksville St. 903-332-1952 Garner St. BBQ and Meat Market 105 West Garner Detroit, Tx 75436 903-674-6911 Golden Chick 1210 Lamar Ave 903-737-1971 Harlem Nights 1320 Fitzhugh 903-669-7079 High Cotton Kitchen 1260 Clarksville St. 903-385-3885 Jaxx Gourmet Burgers 10 Clarksville St 903-739-2955 Lazy T’s Pizza 6575 Lamar Rd. Reno, TX 75462 903-706-5500 Love and Bagels 775 CR 33970 Powderly, TX 75473 714-900-1242 Luna Azul Mexican Restaurant 1603 N. Main St. 903-609-8006 Magel’s Grill 3805 Loop 286 N.E. 903-784-3186 Martin Subways 3915 Lamar Ave. 903-784-7974 McDonald’s of Paris 3825 Lamar Ave 903-782-9991

Paris Bakery 120 N. Main St 903-784-1331 Paris Coffee Company 201 N. Collegiate Dr 903-739-8989 Paris House Asian Restaurant 7 East Plaza 903-669-3649 Paris Texas Delivery 469-505-0844 Phat Phil’s BBQ 1343 South Church 903-782-9545 Road House Family Diner 2315 N. Main St 903-785-9115 Rooster’s Country Kitchen 6545 Lamar Rd., Reno, TX 75462 903-739-2223 Rosewood Local Eatery 129 S. Main St. 803-319-1340 Roxton Cafe & Grocery 204 Harrison Ave Roxton, Tx 75477 903-346-3210 Sandwich Etc. 3060 Lamar Ave. 903-784-1626 Scholl Bros. Bar-B-Que 1528 Lamar Ave 903-739-8080

Sirloin Stockade 3454 N.E. Loop 286 903-785-0319 Sonic Drive-In #2694 2425 Lamar Ave 903-785-3618 Sonic Drive-In North Main 2350 N. Main 903-737-8525 Sonic Drive-In Reno 6540 Lamar, Reno 903-784-1886 Steamers Junk Food Cafe LLC 2803 Clarksville St 903-249-6785 Stop & Go 2205 Clarksville St. 90.-783-1380 Taco Delite 1580 Clarksville St. 903-785-7173 Ta Molly’s 2835 Loop 286 N. E. 903-784-4706 Tyler’s Pizzeria 3610 N. Main St. 903-783-1094 Whataburger 2470 N. Main 903-785-0808 Whataburger 3325 Lamar Ave 903-784-1365



Building more than 30,000 square feet Exhibit hall 13,030 square-feet Seating capacity up to 1,400 Banquet facilities up to 1,008 Meeting and banquet facilities 6 individual rooms w/ moveable walls, Superior sound and lighting systems Kitchen Full catering kitchen 2 Concession areas Parking 568 cars; 57 Rvs; 10 handicap accessible Booking Love Civic Center 903-739-9912 2025 S. Collegiate Drive Mailing address: 8 W. Plaza, Paris, TX 75460


oint pro ect of the amar ounty hamber of ommerce, the reater aris e elopment oundation, nc., and the city of aris, o e i ic enter is a multi purpose center suitable for a ariety of acti ities and e ents. t was named after Malone ughes o e whose generous donation was made in honor of her husband, . . o e. o e i ic enter, on the corner of efferson oad and . ollegiate ri e, sits on 1 . acres of property donated by the oard of egents of aris unior ollege.

Accommodations in Directory America’s Best Value Inn Onyx Room 3755 Loop 286 N.E. (903) 785-5566 Atmos Energy Conference room 3005 Loop 286 N.W. Toll Free: 888-286-6700 Baymont Inn & Suites Meeting room 3560 Loop 286 N.E. (903) 785-5545

Paris Conference and Event Center 3143 NE Loop 286 Paris, TX 75460 Paris / Lamar County Fairgrounds 570 E. Center St. (903) 785-7971 St. Paul Baptist Church Multipurpose center 444 N.E. 2Nd St. (903) 783-1640

Celebrate It! 4195 Pine Mill Road (903) 785-9966

Denny’s Restaurant 3050 NE Loop 286 (903) 609-8814

City of Paris Community room 1125 Bonham St. (903) 784-9202

The Hidden Willow 2601 FM 196 North Blossom, Tx (903) 517-4224

Hampton Inn Board Room 3563 NE Loop 286 (903) 784-6536

White Rose Ranch Retreat, LLC 985 CR 25780 Petty, Tx (469) 855-0256

Heritage Hall 1009 W. Kaufman (903) 272-7050 Holiday Inn Express 3025 Loop 286 N.E. (903) 785-0088 La Quinta Inn & Suites 3205 Loop 286 N.E. (903) 783-9600 Magel’s Grill 3805 Loop 286 N.E. (903) 784-3186


Legacy Ridge Country Club 2201 Country Club Rd Bonham, Tx (903) 640-4800

Cottage Farms 9262 FM 79 Sumner, Tx (903) 272-3380 Cottonwood Barn Venue 1158 CR 42200 (Stillhouse Rd) (979) 324-8278 Paris Junior College Ballroom 2400 Clarksville St. 903-782-0402



Welcome to



owntown Paris is where the community happens. Visitors to downtown can expect a variety of activities throughout the year. Musical performances, comedy shows, bluegrass jam sessions, live theatre productions, and holiday fun, provide entertainment for weekend getaways. There is something that everyone can enjoy in the many downtown parks. Take in the scenery of the 1916-1918 building architecture while visiting the JJ Culbertson park in the center of town. Bring a blanket and enjoy a picnic lunch on the lawn, or make a wish in the historic fountain. A few blocks east of the plaza, kids can cool down on the splash pad during hot summer days or create some outdoor music at the Downtown Community Park. A skate park is located south of the downtown plaza located at Market Square, providing fun for kids on wheels. Beginning in June, there is summertime fun at Bywater’s Park with concerts provided by Texas’s oldest municipal band on Fridays. Downtown Paris has many independently owned businesses who offer unique places to shop and dine. Many boutiques offer quality apparel for young and old. Several shops include the popular Paris, Texas souvenirs, artisan handmade gifts, as well as items that can be personalized or customized. Other shops encompass items such 58

as kitchen supplies, home décor, antiques, used, repurposed and new furniture and appliances, and gardening and outdoor supplies. Many beautiful venues can meet the need for your next event or party. The restaurants and pubs are ready to serve something appealing for everyone’s tastes. The downtown menu includes an artisan bakery, craft beer, outdoor dining, home-style cooking, BBQ, as well as upscale dining with friends and family. Special events include a local Farmers and Artisan Market every Saturday in May – October. There is the popular Paris Texas Wine Fest, Hatch Chile Fest, Downtown Mini Golf, Mannequin night and Festival of Pumpkins just to name a few. A series of Christmas-themed events run through November and December making the holiday in Paris memorable. Paris Main Street Project is a community volunteer based program whose mission is to revitalize downtown Paris. Believing the downtown represents the community and its cultural heritage, countless volunteers work together to preserve the architectural heritage, activate public spaces and educate building and property owners about preservation techniques and fundraisers to offer grants to assist with adaptive reuse of historic resources. Working closely with the Paris Historic Commission, the Paris Main Street Project offers incentives to property owners to improve their historic buildings.

For more information see the website




ust east of aris on wy , eno was incorporated in 1996. he town boasts more than , , yet is noted for uiet country li ing.

Reno Parks • iwanis Recreation Park Reno n ormation Reno City Hall 903-785-6581

he Reno iwanis Recreational Park pro ides a place for fun and relaxation.




riginally named lossom rairie, the town is one of the oldest in amar ounty. he library and ci ic center were built by former and current citi ens and donated to the city. he town boasts 1, residents.

Blossom Attractions • lossom Elementary School -Prairiland district • lossom Church of Christ • lossom Church of God • Fellowship aptist Church • First aptist Church of lossom • Nazarene Church • Oak Hill aptist Church • Girls and oys aseball Parks • lossom Rails to Trails walking and bike track • Georgia Watson Memorial Library houses genealogy records, photo graphs, memorabilia and articles of lossom s rich history along with a wide array of books and videos • lossom Community Center • lossom Volunteer Fire Department • Public Park and playground

City Businesses • lossom Shamrock • Savory Sister s Catering • General Dollar Store • Good Donuts • Weezy s • Sessums Gulf • ountry itchen • lossom Hardware • lossom Telephone • lossom City Post Of ce • lossom Machine and Mfg. • Anderson Candy Company • lossom Feed Store • Food Mart

Blossom Information

Blossom Events • VFD Annual Chili Supper and Auction in February • City-wide Garage Sale on the second weekend of June • Labor Day Weekend Homecoming • 4th of July Events and Fireworks display • Hosting ike Riders for Rails to Trails events • Christmas Parade

Blossom city park with a at th of uly

Blossom is home to Anderson Candy Co., makers of Peanut Rounders, which are sold in six states.

lossom City Hall 903-982-5900

A o e Blossom city park with a at th of uly Ri ht Blossom reworks display




eport, e as is a small town with a big heart nestled 1 miles southeast of aris. With a 1 minute dri e to aris, a great school district in rairiland , affordable housing, and a nice country atmosphere, this ma es eport one of the best small cities to raise a family and li e. eport was founded in 1 by olonel ee hompson with a post office being established in the same year with postmaster Millard . obles. With a rich and storied history, due to the establishment of eport ndependent chool istrict in 19 by the e as egislature and abundant cotton production, eport became the second largest city in amar ounty, ust behind aris. With numerous ban s, two mo ie theatres , two new car dealerships, a lumber yard, dry good store, and rail stop, eport was truly in a period of high cotton throughout most of the early th century.

e ort Amenities • American Legion Post 199, 144 Monroe St. 903- 2-2400 • Community center • Library • Public Park • Walking track • Museum e ort Information Deport City Hall 903- 2-3 Population






uring the reat aris ire, the Mayor of eport arri ed in person to offer the assistance of wor ers to help rebuild aris after the de astating fire in 1916. With the financial hub that eport was at that time, the ban s of eport helped support the customers of other aris ban s that were destroyed during this terrible period for aris. n 19 , there were o er 6 businesses in and around eport, but by the late 199 s, eport was in a state of economic decline due to arious factors. group of concerned citi ens ser ing on the

eport uly th irework display. Photos courtesy of oe




ou oc

ny f To




ire epartment, the eport ity ouncil, and ro ect eport ha e come together to help rebuild and rebrand eport. eport is nown throughout ortheast e as for the irewor s isplay on uly th that is one of the largest and longest in the area. With wor being done to build new homes, establish anti ue car shows throughout the spring and summer, along with the fishing and recreational acti ities a ailable on the om effus eser oir, there is something for all ages to do and en oy in eport.



o ton is a li ely town of only 1 miles south west of aris. uc ed in the rolling hills, the town is bounded by two cree s, one which is spanned by a pictures ue triple arched, masonry railroad trestle, one of only two in the state of e as. o ton was first established on a hill a mile east of where it is now, but mo ed to ta e ad antage of the anta e ail road. t became a booming agricultural center, speciali ing in cotton at the time, and now a center for area grain har ests.

Roxton Information Roxton City Hall 903-346-3535 Roxton Parks • Roxton Veterans Memorial Park celebrates the men and women of Roxton who served and died for their country. • Rock Falls Park, a pictureperfect picnic next to an intriguing falls and rock formation on Cane Creek, next to the triple-arched ridge. • Terrell Sports Complex Roxton Museums Tours are available at both museums upon request. • City Drug Store Museum. This unique museum is the actual drug store in business in the 1930s and 40s. Thousands of items from the era depict the time, with pharmaceutical items, merchandise, advertising pieces and an early 20th century doctors office with an extensive research library of early medical books. There is also an original marble soda fountain. • Chaparral Rails to Trails Museum. Learn about how Roxton came about through artifacts and photographs. Roxton Events • Hawg Waller Festival. Few can resist this lively event, which draws locals and tourists for a day of fun and activities.

y tos pho he o t

r erfo uth s n s e r re ro ton


• Roxton Saturday Night. An annual event where organizers bring history alive. Activities mimic those enjoyed in the 1930s when farmers and their families flocked to town. Roxton Saturday Night is so popular, it has grown into a day-long event. • The annual July 4th fireworks display attracts hundreds of visitors every year. • Roxton rings in the Christmas holiday with a Christmas tree lighting and a parade. Every other year, the Community Development Committee sponsors a Christmas Tour of Homes. Roxton Amenities • Roxton has two cafes, a grocery store, an antique/gift shop, a bed and breakfast and a service station. • The local newspaper, the Roxton Progess, is published twice monthly. • The Roxton Opry, a popular area event for country/western music lovers is held every Friday night at The Stage Stop in downtown Roxton. • Roxton is a trailhead on the Chaparral Rails to Trails, part of the Northeast Texas Trail (NETT).

Roxton Saturday Night Festival more than 10 years strong


amar ounty has a rich history, and one of its longtime communities remembers its heritage e ery year with o ton aturday ight. t s a day to reli e a highlight of country life when people came to town from all around to not only restoc supplies, but to rela , en oy leisure time with old friends and meet new ones. ach year, isitors to o ton come from all across the area to remember the aturday nights of long ago when families came by horsebac and wagons to see a mo ie, eat ice cream and catch up on the news of the day. er the past 1 years, organi ers ha e turned the e ent into a citywide festi al celebrating its past with fun and games, memories and music. ust about e erything e o es the past, with special entertainment such as inter iews of isitors from the past and more. he town s museums open where history buffs can stroll through a real old time drug store and isit the haparral ails to rails museum.




here are , people who call amar ounty home. hose who choose a rural life bring a wealth of nowledge, ability and a lo e of the area, ma ing amar ounty a ibrant area. here are many unincorporated communities scattered throughout the county. ere are se en smaller cities with ost ffices, designating them a gathering point for residents.


Brookston • rookston was established in 1 0. It is about miles west of Paris on Hwy 2. Go south on FM 3 for about 1. miles. • Chisum Independent School District • ip Code is 421

Art ur it • On Hwy. 2 1 N. just south of the Red River, Arthur City is a gateway to Lamar County, established in 1 . • North Lamar Independent School District • ip Code is 411

Pattonvi e • Pattonville is a farming community at Hwy 2 1 and FR 19 about 10 miles southeast of Paris. • Prairiland Independent School District • ip Code is 4

i ota • Established in 1 9, Chicota is near the Red River one mile north of Pat Mayse Lake about 1 miles north of Paris. • North Lamar Independent School District • ip Code is 42

Po er • Powderly was settled in the late 1 0s or early 1 0s and is about 9 1/2 miles north of Paris. • North Lamar Independent School District • ip Code is 4 3

Pett • Settled in the 1 0s, Petty is just off Hwy 2 at the intersection of FM 13 and FM 1 09, about 1 miles southwest of Paris. • Chisum Independent School District • ip Code is 4 0

umner • The Sumner Post Office opened in 1 . It is on FM 9, about miles north of Paris. • North Lamar Independent School District • ip Code is 4


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Historic Loft

Suite 12 Downtown Paris

Paris TX 7 5

0 46

2335 South Church Street Paris, TX 903.784.0292


Oklahoma License #011083

Av en

Texas License #TACLB008392E



e e t ari te a o



he Paris Economic Development orporation PED is proud to work in collaboration with Lamar ounty ommissioners, the ity of Paris, and Paris Junior ollege to provide incentives and assistance that pave the way for quality jobs for our residents and community. Paris and Lamar ounty have a rich history of attracting major companies, from food service to industrial manufacturers. With our 500+ acres of available land with rail, strong workforce, and aggressive incentive programs, it’s easy to see why companies continue to select Paris, Texas, as their home. As a regional economic hub for retail, jobs, and healthcare, we recognize our unique opportunity to service more than 50,000 people in our micropolitan area as well as the greater NE Texas region. Jobs announcements, new investments, increased sales tax, and new businesses have given us a great deal to be thankful for in Paris and Lamar ounty over the last few years. Lamar ounty continues to build a reputation for a strong and successful workforce. Our 60-mile labor shed radius provides an impressive talent pipeline with 844,086 employees. The future of longevity in growth and development in our community lies within education and training. With six area schools, Paris Junior ollege, and our working relationship with Texas


A M ommerce, we are positioned for success. Long-term companies making Lamar ounty their home include Fortune 500 companies such as Kimberly- lark and ampbell’s Soup. In addition to our long-term companies, we have seen unprecedented growth over the last number of years with recent expansion projects such as Metro Gate Manufacturing, Delco Trailers, and Huhtamaki. While Paris is known to raise the bar, we are now more than ever, reaching even higher. In new business attraction, we have recently welcomed LionsHead Specialty Tire and Wheel, Trison Tarps, Universal Fabricating, and Ametsa Packaging to our community. In total, projects assisted by the PED since 0 0 support an estimated 1,300 jobs and will inject over $319 million in new investment into our economy. The growth we are experiencing extends beyond job opportunities and can be seen in various aspects of our community. Infrastructure projects and improvements, the investment in and transformation of Downtown Paris, the construction of new hotels, ongoing housing projects, and the growth of community events all serve as evidence of a vibrant and rising community. Together, these initiatives are putting Paris, Texas, and Lamar ounty on the map, showcasing a community on the rise and exemplifying our new tagline – Where Texans Reach Higher.

LOCATION Paris is in Nor theast Texas, approximately 105 miles nor theast of Dallas, situated on the divide bet ween the Red and Sulphur Rivers.

CLIMATE All seasons of the year are enjoyable in the Paris area, with an average rainfall of 47 inches. Typical weather for Paris, Texas, over the course of an average year, is warm and humid. The temperature varies from an average low in January of 32 degrees to an average high in August of 97 degrees, rarely below 22 or higher than 101 throughout the year. Paris has occasional freezing rain and hail, and snowfall is rare.



POPULATION The American Community Sur vey 2017-2021 lists the population of Paris at 24,447 and the U.S. 2022 census estimates the population of Lamar County at 50,484.



Lamar County Cour thouse in downtown Paris is 604.2 feet above sea level.

Paris has a Council-City Manager form of government with seven council members including the mayor. Lamar County is governed by a county judge and four county commissioners.


Major Employers From a nationwide food processor and producer like Campbell Soup to the lead producer of engineering of glass materials like Potters Industries, large employers call Lamar County their home and headquarters. See the chart below to see a few of our major employers in Paris and Lamar County.

Paris Regional Health – Healthcare – 900 Employees Campbell Soup – Manufacturing food processing/ production of soups, juices and sauces – 700 Employees Kimberly-Clark Corp. – Manufacturing paper products, disposable diapers – 600 Employees The Results Company – Customer service center – 419 Employees Harrison Walker and Harper – General construction site selection design services – 419 Employees RK Hall Construction – Construction, highway & bridge contract, asphalt products – 200 Employees Delco Trailers – Manufacturing trailers – 200 Employees Huhtamaki – Manufacturing paper cartons – 189 Employees AMERICAN SpiralWeld – Manufacturing (Iron and Steel Pipe and Tube Manufacturing from Purchased Steel) – 140 Employees Paris Print Works – Decorated apparel & promotional products – 100 Employees Silgan Containers – Manufacturing aluminum cans – 90 Employees 68

SECONDARY TRADE DEMOGRAPHIC PROFILE AREA The secondary trade area for Paris, Texas merchants is an approximately 50 to 60-mile radius, serving the Northeast Texas and Southeast Oklahoma region. Several shopping centers are located throughout Paris, with Loop 286 around the city and major thoroughfares providing easy access to all retail areas

AGE Most retailers desire a market with a heavy concentration of consumers between the ages of 25 and 44 years old. The secondary trade of Paris has 26.7 percent of the market between the ages of 25 and 44, and the median age is 38.2 years old. RACE The population of Paris is 67.6% White, 24.5% Black or African American, 9.1% Hispanic or Latino, and 7.9% other. INCOME The average household income in the Paris secondary trade area is $40,321. In Lamar County, 55.9% of the population has an average annual income of at or above $50,000, and 73.02% are family households. State median: $67,321, Lamar County median: $51,561. EDUCATION Of the population aged 25-64 in the Paris secondary trade area, 20.4% have some postsecondary education, and 50.0% have a college degree. OCCUPATION Of the Paris secondary trade area population, 75.49% are engaged in white-collar occupations, with the largest percentage in education occupations, 15.50% in management occupations, and 10.83% in business and financial operations. 24.51% of the population in the Paris secondary trade area are engaged in blue-collar occupations, with 19.80% in construction, 19.78% in maintenance, 25.13% in production, and 33.70% in transportation. TRANSPORTATION Paris, located only 38 miles from Interstate 30, is surrounded by a divided 4-lane, controlled access loop – Loop 286. Paris is the intersection of US Highways 82 and 271 and Texas Highways 19 and 24. In addition, Paris has access to Texas Farm to Market Roads 79 and 195. Paris is served by the Kiamichi Short Line Railroad Company, backed by the global resources of Genessee & Wyoming, with services linking to three major class one rail carriers.

MUNICIPAL AIRPORT Cox Field Municipal Airport, located inside the Paris city limits, is the commercial airport that services the community. The lighted runway is 6,000 feet of asphalt with two crossways, 4,500 feet each. Cox Field serves Lamar County and Northeast Texas as a business service. The airport is located 5 miles east of the central district of Pairs, Texas. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is 114 miles and Dallas Love Field is 112 miles from Paris. Cox Field sits on 1,600 acres adjacent to Hwy 271. There are approximately 447 acres available for industrial development, including access to 8,800 linear feet of taxiways and ramps. Utilities such as water, sewer, and electricity are available at the airport. PARIS AND LAMAR COUNTY HOUSING Lamar County is #6 in the state for Home Buyer Affordable Housing, according to the Texas A&M Texas Real Estate Research Center. Visit www. access a list of real estate brokers in Paris, Texas. YOUTH ACTIVITIES Citizens of Paris and Lamar County consider young people their most important asset. Strong Boy Scout and Girl Scout Programs, Children’s Theater, Boys and Girls Club, and a wide selection of sports activities for boys and girls headline our community youth programs. Many other school and church youth organizations contribute to our interest in providing good experiences for the youth of this area.



Water/Sewer City of Paris ater illing Dept 903-784-9270 Lamar County ater Supply 903-785-5586

Trash Sanitation Solutions 903-784-0124 Trashy usiness 903-732-4801 City of Paris 903-784-9266

AT T 888-499-7928 i res Communications, LLC 844-747-9434 ptimum 844-874-7558

GAS Atmos nergy 1-888-286-6700 mergency 1-866-322-8667



ptimum 903-784-7500 Direct T 1-800-783-1376 Dish Networ 1-800-699-5772 Spar light 903-893-8870 ULU 903-739-2777

Texas lectric Choice Answer Center 866-797-4839 Lamar lectric Cooperative 903-784-4303 ncor lectric 1-888-313-6862 Power utage Line 888-313-4747



AT T 800-288-2020 ptimum 844-874-7558 lossom Telephone 903-982-5200 indstream Communications 806-455-5880 Peoples Telephone 888-705-2290

ari te a



a o

PEOPLES BANK 2805 Lamar Avenue | | 903.783.3800

Peoples Bank would like to thank a ar ounty and the Paris ews readers for once again oting us as the best bank to get a ortgage. ot once not twice not three but four years in a row your co unity bank has proudly recei ed best bank to get a ortgage. We are hu bled and honored to ser e this great co unity we call ho e. nly located in Paris we are a true a ar county bank. When you are looking for real estate financing — whether you’re building a drea ho e purchasing land constructing duple es or anything in between — let Peoples Bank be your first call. Stop by today and find out why we are “People Helping People.”







Chisum Total enrollment: 1,178

isum E emen ar Sc oo - Enrollment: 589 isum i e Sc oo - Enrollment: 267 isum i Sc oo - Enrollment: 322

Preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s world



Total enrollment: 1,1 6 er- t ent en n : 8,3 6 B ossom E emen ar Sc oo - Enrollment: 2 t n t on e nat on : en e, - o t e on ar ea ne epor E emen ar Sc oo - Enrollment: 1 5 Prairi an unior i Sc oo - Enrollment: 262 t n t on e nat on : ea n E Prairi an i Sc oo - Enrollment: 319 t n t on e nat on :


en e




r ate


T E , E Proverbs 22:6


rt -12t ra e Enrollment: 26 T

T 73

Quality Education & Skills Training

Paris Junior College



Average enrollment 5,000 students

Student activities

PJC offers recreational, social, and educational student activities, including intramural sports, field trips, game nights, movies, cookouts and more.

Athletic programs

• Men’s and Women’s Soccer • Baseball and Softball • Men’s and Women’s Basketball

Contact PJC 2400 Clarksville St. 903-785-7661


aris Junior College has been a part of the Lamar County community since 1924, giving generations of students the education and training to improve their lives. The accredited college offers ertificates of roficiency and ssociate of Applied Science degrees in technical wor force fields as well as Associate in Arts, Associate in Arts in Teaching, and Associate in Science degrees for transfer to university. ince establishing the first ocational program in 1942 - jewelry

and watchmaking - the College has aggressively added technical / wor force programs to benefit students entering the workforce. The newest program is cybersecurity. The campus of 54 tree-shaded acres includes 20 major buildings and residence halls and provides students a unique and pleasant environment for learning. PJC also operates Centers in Sulphur Springs and Greenville, TX. A history book covering PJC’s first years is a ailable at the library.



aris is certified by the e as epartment of griculture as a ertified etirement ommunity. his is a seal of appro al letting retirees now that aris can meet the li ing needs of its citi ens and isitors all the things that ma e aris a great place to retire. ene and uth nn tallings could ha e retired anywhere in the world, but they chose aris, e as, because of its central location, cost of li ing, mild climate, abundance of medical facilities and an e cellent uality of life. etwor ing and sociali ing opportunities are offered by both public and pri ate sectors. he pro ides monthly meetings. e eral senior citi-

ens centers are located throughout aris with county wide centers growing. cti e tra eling groups sponsored by our hospital, ban s and churches pro ide added social opportunities. he etired enior olunteer rogram offers enrichment through significant community ser ice wor placing lifetime talents,

e perience, s ills, and hobbies to community pro ects and non profit organi ations. rime ime, a program for seniors, offers a ariety of acti ities for members, including periodic health screening, group tours, games, and other social e ents. here is a nominal fee for membership. he center is at 11 lar s ille t., uite .


GREAT CARE LIVES HERE Proudly Serving our Neighbors in Their Time of Need


ith state-of-the-art equipment, robust service lines and a staff of 900+, Paris Regional stands as the most complex hospital in at least a 70-mile radius of Paris. For 112 years, we have proudly served Northeast Texas and Southeast Oklahoma with quality health care close to home, and we look forward to 100 more years of Making Communities Healthier.™

Paris Regional ealth

ccredited by The oint Commission. 903.737.1111 ParisRegional

Paris Re ional

edical ealth, at


ri e in Paris, is a

Our Services mergency er ices ardiology eneral urgery ndoscopy eurosurgery rthopedics astroenterology obotics ascular are npatient and utpatient ehabilitation hysical, peech and ccupational herapy rology

ed, acute care facility ser in

amar County and the surroundin re ion.

ndocrinology eurology ulmonology espiratory herapy npatient ialysis ntensi e are aboratory er ices maging and adiology Women s and hildren s er ices Wound are he leep enter rimary are ealth linics rime ime olunteer u iliary

EMERGENCY aris egional ealth offers mergen cy er ices bac ed by an entire hospital. We offer co erage across nine specialties, including eneral urgery, rauma, ardiol ogy, , eurology, , rthope dics, ediatrics, and nesthesia, in addition to around the cloc laboratory and radiology ser ices. We are an ccredited hest ain enter with rimary from the merican ollege of ardiology, an d anced e el rauma acility and d anced rimary tro e are certified. When an emergency stri es, we re here for you. aris egional ealth is located at 6 eshong ri e near hili s. he entrance is located at the bac of the hospital.


alas Minor mergency enter offers urgent care ser ices at family practice prices. alas Minor mergency enter ser es the community and surround ing community s urgent care, family care and occupa tional medicine needs. We offer e cellent ser ice with a friendly nowledgeable staff. ur state of the art facility offers a comprehensi e lab, ray, suturing and fracture care as well as all your family health care needs. We accept most commercial health insurance, Medicare and ri are. ur pri ate pay patients recei e a discount. We are open days a wee , Monday thru riday am to pm and aturday and unday 1 am to pm. alas Minor mergency enter is located at 16 oop 6 ust a few bloc s east of the aris e gional Medical enter.



uality are is a premier mergency epartment found ed and located in aris, offering high tech emergency medical ser ices with a personali ed touch to meet the needs of each indi idual patient. taffed only by physicians that are board certified and residency trained in emergency medicine, we will pro ide full ser ice emergengy care to patients ha ing heart at tac s and stro es to all other minor emergencies and illnesses. his state of the art facility has a scanner with the ability to use low dose radiation. dditional ser ices pro ided include ultrasound, ray suite, and laboratory to name a few. uality are will be able to obser e patients for up to hours and has established agreements with multiple hospitals if full admis sion is needed. uality are is located on oop 6 ust 1. miles east of aris igh chool at the new aris a es Medical e el opment.


ignature are mergency enter aris is a full ser ice freestanding emergency room that special i es in personali ed care . ignature are is the best alternati e to a hospital . here is no crowded waiting room, ery short wait times and pri ate e am rooms always ready for our patients. ignature are can treat any adult and pediatric emergency illness or in ury. With a full laboratory and imaging of can, ltrasound and ay in house, ignature are can uic ly diagnose a patient s condition and begin their treatment faster with a board certified physician and medical team with e tensi e e peri ence. ignature are mergency enter is located at . . oop 6

Start a new adventure today with Jay Hodge Motors!

5100 SE LOOP 286, PARIS, TX

903.785.8447 9



Chamber of Commerce Serving the business and professional interests of the Lamar County area since 1904 Mission Statement: To lead the way for economic growth by promoting and meeting the needs of business, industry, and tourism.


• economic and tourism development in the Lamar County area • improvement in the area’s image • community betterment and development • retention of business and industry • efficiency in government • advancement of the airport • improvement of streets and highways • area development • continued development of our excellent health delivery system • teaching of the American economic system


• legislative research for members • educational workshops • ”reference” service for members • highly trained staff • free area information – maps and guides


• the business and professional people from unfavorable legislation • community from loss of business • against unreasonable taxation • YOUR voice in local, state and national government • YOUR representative in all major community issues


• as YOUR “listening post”, to keep you informed on “What’s Happening” • as the “front door” to the community • as a “Visitor Bureau” • as a referral agency for newcomers


2023-2024 Chamber Ambassadors

he heartbeat of the Lamar County Chamber of Commerce is our Ambassadors. This organization is made up of representatives of various businesses that support our Chamber Members in many different areas. The Ambassador group continues to grow with enthusiasm and compassion about what they represent. Our Ambassadors attend ribbon cuttings, networking events, support businesses through social media and Chamber Blitzes, welcome our new folks to town, and much more. The Ambassadors are creating positive relationships in our community and are recognized throughout for the work they do. Being a Lamar County Ambassador is fun and rewarding, and they are truly making a difference. Our community is truly blessed to have a large number of successful nonprofits taking care of needs in so many areas. We support and honor all our nonprofits through Chamber Spotlights and Unification Projects. Each one of our nonprofit organizations provide a unique service to our community. Whether they are large or small, they are reaching out to help others and Lamar County is a caring community. The support that these organizations receive from our businesses and community efforts is amazing. Continuing efforts to make a difference are ongoing. There is always a place for volunteers to help our nonprofits. Please contact the Lamar County Chamber of Commerce for more information.

Lamar County Chamber of Commerce | 8 West Plaza in downtown Paris | 903-784-2501 | 800-727-4789 | 80



CHAMBER BANQUET PhotoCredit: DeadCat Media



ASSEMBLIES OF GOD Calvary Assembly of God 903-784-2891 First Assembly of God 903-785-2883 Living Word Assembly of God 903-739-2282 Midway Assembly of God 903-732-9974


East Paris Baptist 903-784-3258 Faith Tabernacle Baptist 903-517-2089 First Baptist 903-785-6431 Glory Baptist 903-785-5043 Greater Mount Carmel Baptist 903-785-7204 Greater New Faith Baptist 903-784-1045 Hillcrest Baptist 903-785-2591 Immanuel Baptist 903-785-6484 Lakewood Baptist 903-732-4866 Mt. Pisgah Baptist 903-785-6631 New Birth Baptist 903-782-9465 New Generation Baptist 903-244-7029 New Salem Baptist 903-737-9068 Oak Hill Baptist 903-732-4574 Olive Branch Baptist 903-785-1459 Orange Chapel Baptist 903-732-3182 Powderly Baptist 903-732-3121 Ramseur Baptist 903-785-6416 St. John Baptist 903-737-8514 St. Paul Baptist 903-783-1640 Solid Rock Baptist 903-785-1237 Southside Baptist 903-784-6154 Spring Lake Baptist 903-785-1859 Victory Baptist 903-785-7691



Calvary Chapel 903-785-9086 Christ Community 903-785-9326 Paris Bible 903-784-3541


Our Lady of Victory 903-784-1000

CHRISTIAN-DISCIPLES OF CHRIST First Christian 903-785-5516 Covenant Christian 903-785-6705


Bonham Street Church of Christ 903-784-4479 Church of Christ at Powderly 903-732-5062 College Church of Christ 903-785-2170 Lamar Avenue Church of Christ 903-785-0387 MLK Church of Christ 903-784-8355


Canaanland Church of God 903-783-1720 Pathway Church of god 903-785-0520 Evangel Church of God 903-785-7470 Paris Church of God 903-784-6169 Powderly Church of God 903-732-4443


Freedom Tabernacle COGIC 903-737-8678 Hospitality COGIC 903-784-7649

CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Paris First 903-784-1654

COWBOY CHURCHES Chisum Trails Cowboy Church 903-732-3645 Cowboy Church 903-784-5595


Church of the Holy Cross 903-784-6194

INTERDENOMINATIONAL Family Worship Center 903-785-2273


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints 6 ine Mill oad 903-784-2445


Grace Lutheran 903-784-3753 Beautiful Saviour Lutheran 903-572-8268


Lighthouse Mission 903-739-8081

METHODIST UNITED Belk UMC 903-732-3800 Calvary UMC 903-784-6330 First UMC 903-785-4557 Oak Park UMC 903-784-3608


Bethel Temple Church 903-785-0436 Christ Community Church 903-785-9326 Christian Fellowship 903-739-9436 JS Ministries 903-784-1475 Life Church 903-784-2253 The Lighthouse 6903-784-1599 Victorious Life 903-739-8670 Word of Life Christian Center 903-739-8848

PENTECOSTAL CHURCH OF GOD Gospel Light House 903-732-3998


New Life Temple of Paris 903-739-2842 United Pentecostal 903-784-4643


Faith Presbyterian 903-784-4806 Central Presbyterian 903-784-4381 First Presbyterian 903-785-1715


Seventh-Day Adventist 903-784-2330


Rotary lu o

aris nited

otary lub of aris nited is a ser ice organi ation of business and professional men and women united worldwide through otary nternational who conduct humanitarian pro ects, encourage high standards in all ocations and wor toward world understanding and peace. otary lub of aris nited was formed late in 1 when two otary clubs in aris oined forces the reater aris otary lub and the otary lub of aris, the oldest club in istrict , chartered in 1916. he club meets at noon on hursdays in the allroom of the aris unior ollege tudent enter. he ob ect of otary is to encourage and foster the ideal of ser ice as a basis of worthy enterprise and, in particular, to encourage and foster First, he de elopment of ac uaintance as an opportunity for ser ice Second, igh ethical standards in business and professions, the recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations, and the dignifying of each otarian s occupation as an opportunity to ser e society Third, he application of the ideas of ser ice in each otarian s personal, business, and community life Fourth, he ad ancement of international understanding, goodwill and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of ser ice. While the otary lub of aris nited is in ol ed with the arious pro ects sponsored by otary nternational, the club is also locally in ol ed in many local pro ects. mong others, these include the ealthy miles dental program, otary outh eadership rogram for uniors and seniors, student scholarships to aris unior ollege and other arious worthy pro ects within the community.

ions lu

he aris ounders ions lub is 1 1 years old and continues to uphold the ions motto We er e since its inception shortly after the organi ation was born at a national con ention in allas in ctober 191 . s a ounders club, one of the first clubs organi ed following that allas con ention, the aris ounders ions lub has supported ionism s international goals, as well as helped to meet the needs of its community for nearly a century. oday, the aris ounders ions lub is one of more than , ions lubs around the world, encompassing more than 1. million members. ocally, arious ions acti ities and fundraisers each year support numerous local organi ations and pro ects, pro ide scholarships and act in support of one of ionism s defining causes sight programs. he aris ounders ions lub and other e as ions lubs also support the e as ions amp near err ille, e as, a residential camping facility for children with physical disabilities, type 1 diabetes and cancer. he camp s ser ices are free of charge to participating children. he aris ounders ions lub raises funds through a ariety of enues, including the operation of a hamburger and snac booth each year during the wee long run of the ed i er alley air.

i anis lu

he si permanent b ects of iwanis nternational were appro ed by iwanis lub delegates at the 19 nternational on ention in en er, olorado. hrough the decades, they ha e remained unchanged. he ob ect of iwanis is o gi e primacy to the human and spiritual, rather than to the material alues of life. o encourage the daily li ing of the olden ule in all human relationships. o promote the adoption and application of high social, business, and professional standards. o de elop, by precept and e ample, a more intelligent, aggressi e, and ser iceable citi enship. o pro ide, through this club, a practical means to form enduring friendships, to render altruistic ser ice, and to build a better community. o cooperate in creating and maintaining that sound public opinion and high idealism which ma e possible the increase of righteousness, ustice, patriotism, and good will. he iwanis lub of aris meets e ery uesday for lunch and a ci ic program in the aris unior ollege ballroom at noon. iwanis is a global organi ation of olunteers dedicated to changing the world, one child and one community at a time. he aris club accomplishes this mission by sponsoring ey lubs and uilders lubs at local schools, hosting youth groups at our amp iwanis site at at Mayse a e, pro iding scholarships, reading to students, sponsoring food dri es, mentoring children along with many other acti ities. rimary fund raisers for supporting these acti ities are the iwanis anca e ays and ly your lag program.


timist lu

he rea fast ptimist lub of aris meets on Monday at 6 p.m. from ctober to March, and aturday at 1 a.m. from pril to eptember. Meetings are at irloin toc ade estaurant. he ptimist lub is responsible for many programs that benefit the youth of aris and amar ounty. he club manages and operates the amar ounty youth baseball program for boys and girls, and operates the harles aylor outh aseball omple at Woodall ield. ther baseball related acti ities include youth tournaments and training youth to be umpires. he rea fast ptimist lub raises funds with an annual auction, a well renowned community e ent. he club also sponsors the ptimist nternational ratorical and ssay contests for amar ounty. wards gi en by the ptimists include scholarships through the d homas cholarship und and the aw nforcement fficer of the ear ward. he club sponsors many other community acti ities including uddy all of the ed i er alley own yndrome ssociation, , , een eague aseball, oys and irls lub, amar ounty ead tart, hin hild afety, id afe aturday, rime toppers, ll olice odeo, high school cheerleaders for area schools, and eading to the uture. 83

ire tory o amar ounty ham er o ommer e mem ers ACCOMODATIONS HOTELS/MOTELS


st St Lofts st S S Paris e as American nn Suites ain St Paris

Suite Paris






Paris ome

ain St.

nn Ex ress oop Suites oop

Paris ings nn a ar Paris La uinta nn Suites Paris oop Paris


Suites oop



ells LLC S Paris




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ADVERTISING & MEDIA eParisExtra com a ar e.

a ar


T e S o er a ar Paris


AGRI-BUSINESS Ag ro nc irport Paris

TownPlace Suites arriott airmont arriott orth ain St. Paris

Allen S ow Cattle

ACCOUNTING & TAX SERVICE Affirmative Business Solutions P. . Bo Paris alnor c eal Co CPA PCS larks ille St. Paris cClana an olmes CPA's th St. S Paris S ort ncome Tax Bonha St. Paris


Blosso Atwood's istri uting orth ain S Paris Big Countr Center th Paris

arm . .

Cattlemen's Livestock Commission le ent d. Paris adant Paris


Paris Livestock LLC W ast Paris e as Patterson Brangus Brookston

T e Emma race W st St. ooper


th St

Paris arm Ranc oop Paris


i oorwill Paris

am ton nn oop Paris olida

Paris nn


C octaw Casino Resort S W rant

a s nn

Paris Extended Sta Suites a ar e Paris


Ba mont nn Suites oop Paris

Comfort nn oop Paris

of Paris th St.


Americas Best alue nn oop Paris



Sons nc Bonha St.

rontier orestr th St S Paris Lamar Count unior Livestock Association P Bo Paris

P nes utdoor E ui ment wy ast Paris e as Texas Agrilife Extension Service Bonha Ste Paris Texas arm Credit ast wy. Bonha nited A Paris

Turf oop


eed ill West enter Paris


arm ome W st St. ooper

ANTIQUES SE Auction aller S Em orium Bonha St. Paris Paris Texas Carriage ouse LLC Stillhouse d. Paris Remem er en Collecti les orth Pla a Paris

intage arket lace and Co a ar e Paris APARTMENTS Continental illage A ts a ar e Paris Pine Creek A artments uby Way Paris Ridgeview Town omes Stone e Paris Town Parc at Paris ain Paris APPLIANCE DEALERS/SERVICE Rent a Center '' ranc ise Store a ar e Paris Texas urniture A liance Co Bonha St. Paris ooldridge A liance larks ille St Paris ARCHITECT eurian esign Sleepy ollow eno ART GALLERIES Pla a Art aller West Pla a Paris


alt Paving a ar Ste

all Construction




Line arger Attorne s at Law . ain Street Paris cLaug lin utc ison Biard st St W Paris Ross Paris

Ric ard rake Construction wy. Powderly

S oalmire LLP S. ollegiate

T e oore Law irm LLP orth ain Paris


oung Title Co nc oop Paris

Brentwood Terrace ealt Care Stillhouse d. Paris


Legend ealt Care Re a ilitation Center th St. S Paris

Lamar Count enealogical Societ Bonha St. Paris

S ringlake Assisted Living emor Care . ollegiate e. Paris Still ouse Re a ilitation ealt Care Stillhouse Paris


T e

ome Place th St. Paris

ATTORNE S Burress n ur Law a ar e S Paris it gerald Law W Pla a Paris Law ffices of S dne oung oop Paris

Lamar Count istorical useum West auf an St. Paris Paris Area Arts Alliance P. . Bo Paris Paris Communit T eatre . Pla a Paris Red River alle eterans emorial P Bo Paris alle of t e Caddo useum Cultural Center Bonha St. Paris AUTOMOBILE DEALERS America's Car art of Paris ain St Paris

riveum Paris


a odge odge C r sler ee Ram of Paris oop S Paris

Paris C evrolet Buick C orth ain Paris

ike's Custom Paint Bod . ain St. Paris

Reno Paint

APA Auto Parts orth ain Paris

at ews Auto rou onda oop Paris

Paris C evrolet Buick C orth ain Paris Paris ord Lincoln nc oop Paris To ota of Paris oop Paris

Scott's Collision Re air oop Paris


Ta er Automotive W oop Paris

Betterton Bed Liners W th St Paris

Tri State Auto lass orth ain Paris

iscount eel oop Paris icks Paris


uf er B


Tire S

Lone Star Collision Center W. th Paris

ABC Auto Parts a ar e. Paris

at ews Auto rou issan oop Paris

Bill Bass Tires S. hurch Paris

ike's Custom Paint Bod . ain St. Paris

Cullum Auto Parts orth ain Paris iscount eel oop Paris

Road Runner Service Tire ain Paris

Scott's Collision Re air oop Paris



Lone Star Collision Center W. th Paris



Paris Bod orks Park Place Paris

at ews Auto rou issan oop Paris orrell Auto oop Paris

Paris Bod orks Park Place Paris

at ews Auto rou issan oop Paris

APA Auto Parts orth ain Paris ff Road Paris

ing oop

BA ERIES A Piece of Cake larks ille St. Paris Cookie ing r Paris

orld artiin uther

Cottage arms Su ner Paris Baker st SW St. Paris ild our Baker a ar e Paris BAN S & BAN ING ASSOCIATIONS armers Bank Trust oop Paris


irst Convenience Bank a ar e. inside Wal art Supercenter Paris

uarant Bank Trust a ar e. Paris Lamar

ational Bank S. ollegiate r. Paris

Li ert Paris


ational Bank a ar e.

Lone Star Ag Credit larks ille St. Paris ort east Texas Teac ers ederal Credit nion a ar e. Paris Peo les Bank a ar Paris


Red River Credit nion oop Paris BEAUT SU


C cle

Acme Brick Com an orth Worth r. enton



orks Paris ergreen St Paris e as

irst ederal Communit Bank larks ille St. Paris

Legend Bank e as wy ooper



Peo les Beaut Su l larks ille St Paris

Belle Ame Bouti ue a ar e Paris

Betterton Bed Liners W th St Paris




larks ille St. Paris

Ert A

arel larks ille St. Paris

ine and South Pla a Paris ifts rom A ove Bouti ue a ar e Paris indred Soul a ar Paris


S aron's Closet Bouti ue a ar d eno Sister Ba S Paris

Bouti ue ollegiate

Small Town lair Bonha Paris Smokin ot Studio a ar e Paris So o Bouti ue a ar e. Paris Sun


Ton 's Tuxes a ar Paris

ream Collective South ain St. Paris

Ton 's Tuxes a ar Paris

BUILDING MATERIALS ARD ARE Acme Brick Com an orth Worth r. enton Bo Swaim ardware st SW Paris Co n Su l Paris

rogman Sand and ravel S wy orth Powderly cCo 's Building Su l Ctr . ain St. Paris Paris Lum er Building Center oop Paris Reddell's lass etal nd St. SW Paris S erwin Com an Paris Ta lor


regor LLC Bonha St.


illiams larks ille St.

lass S o th St. S

BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS S uare Resource anagement LLC ounty d Brookston T e c raw Council em ers i nc llinois St S Saint



E Lu e Pine Bluff Paris

CAR as Paris

AS asters . . oop

CAR ET & RUG DEALERS CLEANING er 's ire ater Restoration Car et th Paris

Cottage arms Su ner Crawford's ole in t e all Cafe rd St. W Paris arner St BB eat arket West arner etroit olden Soul Catering artin uther ing r r Paris arlem Paris

ig ts it hugh

artin Su wa s a ar e Paris Savor Sisters Catering W. ront St. Blosso Sc oll Bros Bar B a ar e. Paris Sirloin Stockade oop Paris

Serv ro of Paris wy. orth Powderly

Ta oll 's oop Paris

Smit Car ets larks ille St. Paris

TASTE Catering Events Paris

CATERERS A Piece of Cake larks ille St. Paris Ca i i's talian itc en larks ille Paris Cookie ing r Paris

orld artin uther

C ILD DE ELO MENT & DA CARE Little Ark Learning Center a ar Paris Loll o Learning Center a ar e Paris




Paris Ba South Paris

ain St.

Pick Piglet larks ille St Paris Sim l Paris

ormed larks ille St.

C IRO RACTORS C iro ractic Associates T e Ru Clu oop S Paris CHURCHES Central Pres terian C urc S. hurch Paris C ristian ellows i C urc . ain St. Paris C urc of t e ol Cross S. hurch St. Paris ait Ta ernacle Ba tist C urc th St. Paris irst Assem l of od C urc a ar e. Paris irst Ba tist C urc S. hurch St. Paris irst C ristian C urc th St Paris irst nited et odist C urc a ar e. Paris

m act C urc P Bo Paris


Lamar Ave C urc of C rist a ar e. Paris ur Lad of ictor C urc larks ille Paris Paris C urc of od Bonha St. Paris CLEANERS American Cleaners a ar e S Paris Convenient Cleaners a ar d. eno CLEANING SER ICES Clean

far d. oney ro e

A A Cleaning Service P. . Bo Paris All Clean Power ing LLC cr Paris

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ome Best Enter rises nc Paris


edical Clinic . ustin St.


oin Parac ute LLC larks ille St. Paris Paris Lamar Count ealt istrict C Services W Sher an St Paris P sical T era Clinic of Paris a ar e Suite Paris italCare amil Clinic a ar e Ste Paris act P T era Paris

sical A uatics oop

CLUBS-COUNTR & TENNIS Legac Ridge Countr Clu ountry lub d. Bonha Paris Clu



Paris Pine Ridge olf Course Pine ill d Paris

effre 's Cleaning anitorial Services a ar e. S Paris


r ix t P Bo Paris

Paris Coffee Com an . ollegiate r. S Paris


Paris Baker st SW St. Paris

Scooter's Coffee a ar e Paris COMMUNICATIONSTELECOMMUNICATION CONSULTANTS Cross Countr Communications hurch St Sulphur Springs L P ra Communications of Texas a ar e Paris

o ile Paris

a ar

CONCRETE CEMENT SAND GRA EL & STONE All States Concrete LLC W Paris Coston ix nc Paris

Son Read ast

L As

Lamar Satellite oop Paris T

Professional Business S stems a ar e Paris



COM UTER RODUCTS Professional Business S stems a ar e Paris COM UTER SER ICES A Prom t Com uter Service nc eport Essential Business Solutions LLC Sulphur Springs iParis Cell one Re air larks ille St. S Paris C arnell Com uter Services P Bo Paris


alt Paving a ar Ste

rogman Sand ravel S wy Powderly Ric ard rake Construction wy. Powderly CONSTRUCTION COM ANIESOMEBUILDERS GENERAL CONTRACTORS esa P Bo Paris Arc er Construction esign larks ille St Paris Asa Roofing and Construction Boardwalk Paris Barnes Painting igh St o ton Bo Smallwood Construction nc a ar e. Paris


Budget indows of Texoma oy yers d Bells

it ers Construction LLC South Blosso

Professional Business S stems a ar e Paris

C rcle irt ork Excavation LLC Bonha St Suite Paris



BA uke Contracting ounty d Powderly utter Pro . ain Street Paris arrison alker ar er South hurch. Paris ex Builds Paris earne Pro Builders da s oad Paris

EST nc Paris

Pro o ile elding Contracting eadowbriar r. eno e as R

Cox nc SW th Street Paris

Ric ard rake Construction wy. Powderly Sta les Contracting Services LLC S nd St. Paris


ain St.

a ter Engineering nc oop S Paris


nergrou nsourcing Solutions a ar e S Paris e as

ranc ise il Energ LLC hurch Street Paris

Paris Tec nolog rou a ar e. Ste Paris

uick Sto

Paris ovice

eneral Store

Paris Pit Side Sun alle Shady ro e Paris T

ER ART Paris



PS Counseling LLC




Counseling Professionals of ort east Texas a ar e Paris



ike Anderson Construction Com an Sesa e St. Paris Price Construction Services P. . B Paris


ERLE R A C S ET CS ollegiate r. S Paris


TruePa Business Services spen Paris CREDIT UNIONS Credit S

nion of Texas W. Bethany r.



ort east Texas Teac ers ederal Credit nion a ar e. Paris

unction LLC a ar e. Paris

Red River Credit nion oop Paris

ax nc Shannon d. Sulphur Springs

DELI ER SER ICES Paris Texas eliver entral p c inney DENTISTS DENTAL LABS DENTAL CARE orwood amil ental Stone e. Paris ak Creek amil ental


e artment Store a ar e. Paris

Cra ear eno



a ar


DISC OC E ull Blast Pine Bluff Paris

Paris Paris C ildrens en tistr a ar e Paris Paris Suite Paris

ental Academ a ar enue

Paris ental Arts PLLC Pine ill oad Paris Paris amil ental a ar e. Paris Smile Star ental a ar e Paris S encer er Com re ensive entistr Pine ill d Paris S encer rt odontics SW st S . Paris Stone Avenue ental Stone e Paris T omas Cala ria S. a ar e Paris


rag Stri S wy

nc ast

DRUG STORE PHARMACY Paris A ot ecar a ar e. Paris DUM STER RENTAL PR Paris

th st


ELECTRIC MOTOR SALES & SER ICES Cit Electric Pum Su l h St Paris


ELECTRICAL E UI MENT & SUPPLIES olesale Electric l th St. Paris


ELECTRICIANS Crawford Electric orth Blosso argis Electric oop Paris


earne Electrical S stems Service LLC . ain St. S B Paris ELECTRONIC SUPPLIES


eno Screen Paris

orks a ar

RP Staffing Professionals nc S. hurch Paris orkforce Solutions ort east Texas Paris oop S Paris


ra ics Pine ill d.

EM LO EE BENE ITS & CONSULTANTS T e c raw Council em ers i nc llinois St S Saint harles orkforce Solutions ort east Texas Paris oop S Paris EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES Ex ress Em lo ment Professionals . Price St. Paris

Atmos Energ oop Paris

ENTERTAINMENT C octaw Casino Resort S ighway rant ull Blast Pine Bluff Paris ull ouse Sound Productions W. auf an St. Paris R Promotions LLC


Trail de Paris P Bo Paris ENCES r ix t P Bo Paris INANCIAL & INANCIAL ADVISORS Adkins Paris



ain Trading Coman a ar e. Paris


nergrou nsourcing Solutions a ar e S Paris e as

Paris Area Arts Alliance P. . Bo Paris

nited inance larks ille St.

Ameri rise inancial Services nc a ar e Paris Ben amin Edwards Co a ar e. S Paris

nvenerg LLC ne South Wacker r. S hicago

Paris Communit T eatre . Pla a Paris

a uest Electricit Broker Su erhill r. Paris

Revive ance Performing Arts . ain St Paris



Sout ern rag Boat Association ounty d arble alls

Edward ones And Co a ar e. S Paris

Tower Cit Comed Clu e st St Paris

Edward ones eff Cade AA S larks ille St. Paris


Edward ones arissa ittle oop S Paris

Paris ocking ird Solar Center LLC San ntonio St. #500 ustin ncor Electric eliver S wy. Powderly Paris Energ Center ake rook d. Paris

ee Sout E ui ment W oop Paris



ings S orts Awards oop Paris

Paris Clu Paris




nion of Texas W. Bethany r.


Edward ones R an Lassiter AA S a ar e Paris Edward ones Ste en errald C P AA S orth ollegiate rS Paris

Edward ones nvestments arrin ifford th S . Paris lass Land ome LLC a ar e. S Paris Securit Ste Paris


inance ollegiate


T omas A A les Associates a ar e. Paris Tilling ast Lending


Paris IRE & ATER DAMAGE RESTORATION er 's ire ater Restoration Car et th Paris Serv ro of Paris wy. orth Powderly IRE RE ENTION Paris ire Extinguis er nc S. hurch St. Paris ITNESS G M An time itness S oop Paris autilus amil itness Paris S ollegiate r Paris Paris oga Pro ect larks ille St. Paris


Planet itness a ar e S Paris RT itness ustin St Paris S AT LET CS C EERLEA T BL eno T e Paris


m Paris Texas a ar e


a ar

Paris live Paris South Paris

Crawford's ole in t e all Cafe rd St. W Paris

e. ain

ona ce

FLORISTS C a man's lorist ifts Pine Bluff Paris Paris lorist a ar Paris


Pittin obil Paris

r i s uneral ome larks ille St. Paris

Paris Clu


Pine Ridge olf Course Pine ill d Paris

icked A le S ollegiate r Paris

Tro ical Sno of Paris larks ille Street Paris

ro in S oon le ent P S


owland Pecan Com an South hurch Paris





Brooks ire's ood Store larks ille Paris

Taco Cit Bois Blosso


T e C ocolate

Co 's eat Processing


Ramse s Concessions

Sista 's Paris





al mart Su ercenter a ar e Paris OOD TRUC S Burgerland orth Paris


Power ack oundation Re air nc a ar e Paris

rames n T ings S. ollegiate Paris UND RAISING ORGANI ATIONS enn Burton Rus in emorial P Bo Powderly


a of Lamar a ar

onuments larks ille St.

e. St.

As le urniture ome Store a ar e. Paris van Smit . Paris






urniture ain St.

Paris reig t Sales . ain Paris


nited Count



Su ner ac's olesale ending

uneral rd . .

Roden Pr or uneral irector nc Bonha St. Paris

ot St


Sundae n Paris larks ille St Paris




iggl Bonha Paris

owntown ood Pantr W herry Paris

Legac Ridge Countr Clu ountry lub d. Bonha

T e




Evergreen Cemeter ergreen St. Paris

n t e Block Beef . ollegiate nit Paris



lass S o th St. S

LongBranc Co Eater ood Truck d ugo


Tessa's Baskets Bows

Ta lor

Rig 's Cigars iske Lounge . Pla a Paris

FLOORING Smit Car ets larks ille St. Paris

UNERAL OME MONUMENTS SER ICE Brig t olland uneral ome a ar e. Paris

Rent a Center '' ranc ise Store'' a ar e Paris Texas urniture A liance Co Bonha St. Paris GLASS Reddell's lass etal nd St. SW Paris

Ark Tex Council of overnments li abeth St. e arkana Cit of Paris st S Paris Cit of Reno Blackburn St. eno Lamar Count Re u lican Part Paris Economic evelo ment Cor oration Bonha St. Paris GRA IC DESIGN AD ERTISING Print eno Screen Paris SCS

orks a ar

ra ics Pine ill d.




ics oop

GUIDING Redleg S . Paris


utfitters LLC a ar e

AIR SALON All Cuts . Paris



Endless Summer Salon Bouti ue larks ille St Paris Sara 's Beaut Bar Salon ollegiate Paris EALT STORE


u Start

utrition oop e as



isiting Angels Living Assistance Services oop Paris

Refrigeration eat Air LLC ld Bonha Paris


amar Contractors nc S. hurch Paris


Elara Caring a ar S Paris


aks os ital . i ision St reen ille

amar Contractors nc S. hurch Paris

Paris Regional ealt eshong Paris ualit Care Er LLC st S B S Paris

el ing ands omecare S. ollegiate Paris a s ousecall ome ealt of Paris T LLC Stone e Paris

Todd Comfort Solutions LLC S hurch St Paris

Platinum ome ealt nc S. ollegiate Paris

ood Air Conditioning LLC le ent d. Paris

Signature ome ealt . ollegiate Paris

Britne T ras State arm nsurance a ar e Paris

Cla ton Pilgrim a ar e Paris

C a man nsurance Associates a ar e Paris

erald Bulls Pine alley Paris


SignatureCare Emergenc Center oop Paris


r ose a or Paula Portugal Paris ordon B Strom individual olbrook Paris


os Bra Paris ar Clark llen Paris Pat

Bassano rthur


olden Care ome ealt oop Paris d

os ice oop


Em ark Care th St. Paris e as


Paris Air Conditioning Co Pine ill d. Paris

Silver Crest Paris

ellness Center of Paris th Paris

Refrigeration Air LLC ld Bonha Paris

C ress Basin os ice nc a ar e. S Paris

Todd Comfort Solutions LLC S hurch St Paris


ns ection ator LLC W. th St nit e arkana e as


Paris Air Conditioning Co Pine ill d. Paris




Brandon Bell Lamar Count udge orth ain Paris


Patterson Brangus Brookston Rogers a or R onda SA RET Paris S andra Renae Stone a estic r. Paris S ell Bra iel W th Paris



Alan Bo d edalist Paris

A ac Red River alle Pine Bluff Paris e as

Beverl Paris Bo Paris

o nson a ar alters aurel ane

Ballard nsurance Agenc th . . Paris Bar

Agenc LLC S Wards hapel d toka

Co eland nsurance rou a ar e Paris ane arm Paris

cLamore State a ar


irect Auto nsurance oop S Paris a son Coward Agenc anager Texas arm Bureau nsurance SW oop Paris ist olcom Agent Texas arm Bureau SW P Paris orment Landers nsurance . ollegiate r. Paris Pee les nsurance . ollegiate r. Paris Pierson endle nsurance a ar e Paris Scott enned nsurance . ollegiate Paris


S ackelford nsurance Agenc Pine ill d. Paris T ist aug n nsurance th St Suite Paris


amora Agenc West Pla a Paris INTERIOR DESIGN Erin Ant on Bonha Paris

esigns St.

Parisian indow Treatments ardinal ane Paris INTERNET AGES rinnon Suite Paris

ewelr S o e of Paris a ar e. Paris

ve Broad and W ississippi St urant ulu nternet nc W P Paris

aug tre Lawn aintenance S allwood Paris

Com lete Su l nc W. rosby d. arrollton unction LLC a ar e. Paris ni irst Wayne abaniss r. enison E


avid Paris


ouse ewelr a ar e.



c adden's Lock e nd St SW Paris

emasco nc



ain Trading Coman a ar e. Paris


Com an Willow o e eno e as

Red River Living



S Lawn Service eywest d. eno

Sanc e Landcare nc Paris LA N MAINTENANCE MO ERS Lawn Paris


E ui ment wy

owers and E ui ment ain Paris Porter Lawn aintenance W Sher an St Paris S

Postal Paris

tions a ar e.

T e Bee Box


ANITORS E UI MENT & SU LIES C ane Pa er nc ndustrial r. oyse ity

Toledo inance Cor larks ille St. Paris



igital a ar e


S Lawn Service eywest d. eno

Texas ProTurf LLC rd St. Shop th Suite ffice Paris


im erl Clark Cor oration Paris P Trailers Su ner Potter's ndustries LLC th St. W Paris Turner ndustries rou LLC th St. SW Paris e Pack Logistics LP th St. SW Paris elasco nc th St. SW Paris MASSAGE


CB T era eutic assage oop Paris

American S iralweld Pi e . agan St. P Paris

C iro ractic Associates T e Ru Clu oop S Paris


Bod guard Truck Accessories ar d. Paris Cam Paris

ell Sou Co oop W

elco Trailers wy West Brookston ocus ndustries nc ld larks ille d. Paris u tamaki nc W. enter Paris emasco nc Paris

MATTRESS SALES attress actor utlet a ar e. Paris MEDIA RODUCTION eadCat edia larks ille St. S Paris MEDICAL SER ICES Advanced eart Care S. ollegiate Paris Air

irect L L C


Air Evac Lifeteam eshong r Paris B T edical Su lies LLC larks ille St. S Paris Carter BloodCare oop Paris Com lete Care edical th St. Paris C ress Basin osice nc a ar e. S Paris r Art ur Ti erina ast ustin Paris East Texas Translation Services Willow Bend r Paris E i

an ermatolog a ar e Paris

ometown Clinic LLC oop Paris erem Paris

elms PT LLC bbott ane

oin Parac ute LLC larks ille St. Paris idne ertension S ecialists of Paris Stone e Paris le ones Texas kla oma ccu ational edicine Services a ar e. Paris

Paragon Pain Re a ilitation LLP ewis ane. Paris Paris Care Clinic larks ille St S Paris Paris amil P sicians larks ille St. S Paris Paris maging Center oop Paris Paris ental ealt Clinic a ar e. S Paris Paris rt o edic Clinic oop Paris Paris Regional ealt eshong Paris Paris Surger Center LLC Pine ill d Paris Paris Lamar Count ealt istrict C Services W Sher an St Paris P sical T era Clinic of Paris a ar e. S Paris RR anagement nc P Bo Paris Salas inor Emergenc Center oop Paris S R Pediatric Clinic of Paris larks ille St. S Paris

Ste s Paris Texas Paris

Strides larks ille St. ncolog Paris oop

T e Rock P sical T era LLC oop Suite Paris nder t e ood P sical T era PLLC larks ille St Paris act P T era

sical A uatics oop




ain Street


Paris unior College larks ille Paris Senior Living Pro erties eshong Paris T e




illow orth e as


Su ner am ton nn Board Room oop Paris eritage all W. auf an St Paris nn Ex ress oop

Paris Conference and Event Center oop Paris


ear South

Paris Luxe Bouti ue Bonha Street Paris Ton 's Tuxes a ar Paris


MO ING & STORAGE Rocking E oving Storage spen Paris e Stow S. Paris

NE S A ER MAGA INES Paris eig ors aga ine irport d Paris T e Paris ews oop S Paris T e S o er a ar Paris


NON- RO IT Adult and Teen C allenge of Texas ream Center S wy. S eport American Red Cross Lamar Count C a ter . ain St. S Paris Arc ers or C rist Paris Texas Su ner

MEN S CLOT ING ld Bull Ranc

Cottage arms


Love Civic Center S. ollegiate Paris agel's rill oop Paris

Petty e as

Atmos Energ oop Paris


Legac Ridge Countr Clu ountry lub d. Bonha

ite Rose Ranc Retreat LLC

Americas Best alue nn oop Paris

Cele rate t Pine ill Paris

La uinta nn and S TES Paris oop Paris

hurch St.

Ba unn's Animal Rescue hoctaw ane Paris Bo s Paris Paris Casa for Paris

irls Clu of st ids W oop

C ildren's Advocac Center of Paris Pine Bluff Paris Cit S uare Paris Bonha St. Paris enver P le's C ildren's C arities Paris

enn Burton Rus in emorial P Bo Powderly Lamar Count uman Resources Council nc th St. W Paris Lamar Count umane Association le ent d. Paris Paris Education oundation S. ollegiate Paris


Paris Lamar Count a itat for umanit th S S Paris Raise our and Texas air aks Paris Red River alle own S ndrome Societ a ar e. Paris Red River alle eterans emorial P Bo Paris SA E T Crisis Center a ar e. Paris St ose 's Communit oundation P. . Bo Paris Tailored Rides E uine Assisted T era nc Paris T e Count Paris

Clu of Lamar larks ille St.

T e American Legion Post a ar e Paris


nited Count Paris

a of Lamar a ar

e. St.

oung Life Lamar Count S ollegiate Paris NURSER LANTS TREES & S RUBS Bratc er's urser and Landsca ing LLC wy ast Paris e as ul err Creek urser a ar e Paris NURSING


Brentwood Terrace ealt Care Stillhouse d. Paris eritage ouse of Paris ealt Re a ilitation S th St. Paris Legend ealt Care Re a ilitation Center th St. S Paris PA S ecialit os ital of Texarkana St. ichael r. nd loor e arkana Paris C alet Senior Living Stillhouse d. Paris Senior Living Pro er ties eshong r. Paris S ringlake Assisted Living emor Care . ollegiate e. Paris



ax nc Shannon d. Sulphur Springs

unction LLC a ar e. Paris Latsons com ndustrial r. West Sulphur Springs Professional Business S stems a ar e Paris ORGANI ATIONS oodwill ndustries of E Texas . a ar St. Sher an reater Blossom evelo ment Association

Lakes Regional R Center ain Paris

Paris Pregnanc Care Center . ouston Paris Paris Lamar Count a itat for umanit th S S Paris Red River alle air Association . enter St. Paris Re u lican omen of Red River alle Paris SA E T Crisis Center a ar e. Paris St ose 's Commu nit oundation P. . Bo Paris

nited Count Paris

Lamar Count Crime Sto ers a ar e. Paris it hugh

Paris Balloon and usic Association P Bo Paris

Trail de Paris P Bo Paris

Lamar Count A raisal istrict Bonha St. Paris



T e Salvation Arm W. auf an Paris



Paris Area Arts Alliance P. . Bo Paris


ort East Texas Trail Coalition P Bo Paris

a of Lamar a ar

e. St.

AINTS-MANU ACTURING DEALERS & CONTRACTORS Paris Economic evelo ment Cor ora tion Bonha St. Paris S erwin Com an Paris

illiams larks ille St.

Sure S ot Pest Con trol Space B Paris T C Pest Solutions LLC S olley Blosso

ort east Texas Ear ose T roat Center . ustin St. Paris Paris amil P si cians larks ille St. S Paris Ro ert oung ewis ane S Paris


S R Pediatric Clinic of Paris larks ille St. S Paris





Paris A ot ecar a ar e. Paris OTOGRA OTOGRA SU LIES Angel Paris


irl P otogra nd St S

e rtogra eadow iew r eno nT e


Paris SICIAN & SURGEONS r Art ur Ti erina ast ustin Paris ometown Clinic LLC oop Paris ut a a amil edicine a ar e Paris

P Contractors le ent d Paris R ERS Solutions LLC ollege St. Paris ood Air Conditioning LLC le ent d. Paris OOLS S AS Pools Paris

ore oop

Red River Living


Paris RINTERS UBLIS ERS T ESETTERS & GRA ICS unction LLC a ar e. Paris Latsons com ndustrial r. West Sulphur Springs

Pickle Printing a ar e Paris Postal Paris Print eno

tions a ar e. orks a ar


PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS SER ICES Car enter Associates a ar S Paris


Executive avericks LLC ounty d. 22900 Paris eurian esign Sleepy ollow eno A orkforce Solutions Paris Lead ids Sulphur Bluff

PROPANE PETROLEUM SUPPLIERS Coo er Pro ane T e Pro ane Com an South hurch Paris PROPERTY MANAGERS at an Bell Pro ert anagement Rentals LLC a ar e. Paris Paris ousing Aut orit eorge Wright o es Paris

RADIO STATIONS iss Blue Sk Entertainment rou nc a ar e Suite P Paris East Texas Broadcasting Pine ill Paris


T Radio Continuous Countr oop S Paris REAL ESTATECOMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL Better omes ardens Real Estate T e Bell rou a ar e. Paris Centur Executive Realt a ar e. Paris Centur arve Pro erties nc a ar e. Paris Coldwell Banker Regional Realt a ar e Paris onald Lewis r herst d. Paris lass Land and ome LLC a ar e. S Paris gge Real Estate a ar enue Suite Paris aren Paris

ars Realtor a ar e.

Landmark Real Estate rou LLC st St. SW Paris ewman Towne Countr Real Estate larks ille St. Paris Paris Real Estate a ar e Paris Rust Lowe Centur arve Pro erties nc a ar e. Paris S annon iles rou Coldwell Banker A ex allas Pkwy risco S errie Realtor Paris

ol ert a ar


S errie ite Centur Executive Realt a ar e. Paris Teresa Burt Realtor eller illiams Realt a ar e Paris REAL ESTATEARMS & RANC ES AltaTerra Realt Auction Paris Centur Realt Paris

Bra Rental Pro erties S. hurch St. Paris irsak

anagement nc c eod ri e

Suite as egas



Centur arve Pro erties nc a ar e. Paris Paris Real Estate a ar e Paris

Larr 's ver ead oor Service a ar d. eno r ix t P Bo Paris RENTAL RO ERT

c inne evelo ment rou Sprectru r c inney

Better omes ardens Real Estate T e Bell rou a ar e. Paris


Bra Rental Pro erties S. hurch St. Paris

Paris arle avidson onda ama a oop Paris

Crescent Luxe odern Suites . Price Street Paris e as

Paris Su uki awasaki LLC oop Paris e as

at an Bell Pro ert anagement Rent als LLC a ar e. Paris Town Parc at Paris ain Paris

Rocket Racewa Park Sustaire Entertain ment LLC S West Petty Sout

ain ron SW st St. Paris e as


Executive a ar


Paris ron etal Co nc W. enter Paris Pickers Self Service Auto Parts a ar d eno REMODELINGREPAIRS B Restorations ouston St. Paris

RENTALS ART EQUIPMENT C arleston Sk edding and Event enue ooper e as Paris Part Rental Pine Paris

Event ill


Pos Part Place LLC S th St Building Paris T e Part Peo le of Paris ounty d. Paris


RESTAURANTS/ CLUBS A Piece of Cake larks ille St. Paris Buffalo oe's Pu oop Paris Burger

ing a ar


Burgerland orth Paris




P ood Services

ueen Pow

Paris os


Paris is





ueen Paris a ar e.



th St.


ig ts it hugh

Love and Bagels

Crawford's ole in t e all Cafe rd St. W Paris

le ent


ourmet Burgers larks ille St. Paris


air derl

olden C ick a ar Paris e as


C octaw Casino Resort S ighway


Rooster's Countr Cooking a ar d eno e as

ig Cotton itc en larks ille St Paris

C icken Ex ress a ar e Paris


arner St BB eat arket West arner etroit


C ick fil A Paris a ar e. Paris e as


Road ouse amil iner ain St Paris


Ca i i's talian itc en larks ille Paris


ari aldi exican Restaurant larks ille St. Paris

Luna A ul exican Restaurant ain St Paris agel's Paris

rill oop

artin Su wa s a ar e Paris c onald's of Paris a ar e Paris Paris Baker st SW St. Paris Paris ouse Asian Restaurant ast Pla a Paris Paris Texas eliver entral p c inney P at P il's BB South hurch Paris

T ler's Pi Paris

in de Paris a ar Suite Paris

ata urger a ar Paris

Roxton Cafe ro cer arrison e. o ton e as

Paris Sonic ain Paris Sonic eno

r n a ar


r n





r n Reno a ar


o larks ille St.


elite larks ille St. Paris

Ta oll 's oop Paris


ome R Park W. ront wy Blosso

TL Paris R Park ront Paris


's R Park S W Brookston

Colonial Lodge Retirement Center a ar e. Paris

Steamers unk ood Cafe LLC larks ille St Paris Sto




Sirloin Stockade oop Paris Sonic




Sc oll Bros Bar B a ar e. Paris


ata urger . ain St. Paris

Rosewood Local Eater South ain St. Paris

Sandwic Etc a ar Paris

ualit Roofing . ain Paris

eria ain St

Crist Eli a et Ps igoda oundation ast herry Paris tegra anagement Co d a Paris Retire ment illage West Washing ton Paris

SANDBLASTING ort east Texas o ile ustless Blasting Paris SAND

e as IC


artin Su wa s a ar e Paris

Legend ealt Care Re a ilitation Center th St. S Paris

Sandwic Etc a ar Paris

Paris C alet Senior Living Stillhouse d. Paris


Residences on Still ouse Rd Stillhouse d. Paris




Lamar Satellite oop Paris SC OOL DISTRICT C isum S hurch St. Paris

ROOFING RC Contracting



nown ame Roofing Construction LLC W oop S Paris

ort Lamar S ain St. Paris Paris S Paris

larks ille St.

Prairiland S Patton ille


Trinit C ristian Academy ar d. Paris

C isum S hurch St. Paris ort Lamar S ain St. Paris larks ille St.

Paris unior College larks ille Paris Prairiland S Patton ille

Sanitation Paris

Central Pres terian a Sc ool S. hurch St. Paris




Paris S

Liles Securit ire S. hurch St. Paris


Success Center for Learning oop Paris Texas A niversit Commerce wy o erce Trinit C ristian Academy ar d. Paris

Brig t Star Porta le Sanitation LLC wy S. Sulphur Springs

SIGNS orrest Sign ra ics LLC . ain St. Print eno SCS

orks a ar



ics oop

SMOOT IE UICE BAR Bo a sland Bonha Street Paris u Start utrition oop Paris e as utrition lanet stone a e Paris Smoot ies larks ille St. Suite Paris SOCIAL CLUBS


iwanis Clu of Paris P Bo Paris Paris Area Arts Alliance P. . Bo Paris

Paris Paris

timist Clu larks ille St

Paris Rodeo Clu P. . Bo Paris


Sea Pawn and un a ar e Paris

BadgeCa s com a ar e. Paris e as

live Paris South Paris

S A Beaut Be ond Seasons eds a S ollegiate r. Paris Best e t Secret S a Asa amil Practice a ar e Paris e as

S Paris



Bee Sweet Paris Texas ifts nd St. Paris

Rotar Clu of Paris nited P. . Bo Paris

a es Clinic


eig t Loss S a . ollegiate r

Edward ones eff Cade AA S larks ille St. Paris


Edward ones R an Lassiter AA S a ar e Paris


Lu Studio larks ille St Paris

Edward ones Ste en errald C P AA S . ollegiate S Paris

Sew Alwa s larks ille St. Paris S anglers .Pla a Paris


Tessa's Baskets Bows

Blue ater Storage Paris raha St. Paris


o e Stone S a West Sa ayburn Bonha e as

T e Studio PT ain St Paris

ree Paris

T e Regenesis edical S a . ustin Paris S ECIALT SERVICES C err C airs B larks ille St Paris T e Part Pon LLC agle Bend Paris Time St led rgani ation ounty Paris


icked A le S ollegiate r Paris

in de Paris a ar Suite Paris


ee sake Self Storage W ast eno Legend Secured Storage S wy Paris


ou've ot Personalit Wilburn Paris S ORTING GOODS

Porta le Storage Solutions wy West Brookston Red River Self Storage S W rthur ity

ings S orts and Awards oop Paris Paris Soccer Association S ollegiate Paris

Storage Paris oop



a ter Engineering nc. oop S Paris


oung Title Co nc oop Paris

T-SHIRTS ings S orts and Awards oop Paris Paris Ba South Paris Print eno Screen Paris

orks a ar

ain St.

ra ics Pine ill d.


a nk West ront St Blosso

TAX RE ARATION S ort ncome Tax Bonha St. Paris ualit Tax a ar Paris


one Co

eri Lea's Travel ain St Bonha

iscount eel oop Paris



ood u s Trailers LLC ounty d Su ner a

Trailer Sales S hurch St Paris

aulstar Trailer Sales S W W P P Trailers Su ner TRANS ORTATION Air

irect L L C

TITLE COM ANIES Stone Title Com an nc st St. W Paris


Trinit Black Car Service bby ane Paris TRAS AULINGCOMMERCIAL Sanitation Solutions S. hurch St. Paris

W one Co

Cross Countr Communications hurch St Sulphur Springs Lamar Count ater Su l istrict Brookston Lamar Count ater Su l istrict

Lamar Electric Coo erative .S. wy Blosso



illow orth

ite Rose Ranc Retreat LLC Petty e as



ealt Center larks ille St.

Lamar eterinar Clinic oop Paris



T e

Tras Business Count aste Collections LLC


ings S orts and Awards oop Paris

Blossom Tele P. . Bo Blosso

eritage all W. auf an St Paris

ncor Electric eliver S wy. Powderly



Lad Limo E P Paris Tx P Bo antis

Lamar Electric Coo erative .S. wy Blosso


rontier orestr th St S Paris

Atmos Energ oop Paris

Powderly Tire

S ining Star Travel Pine Bluff St Paris

Air Evac Lifeteam eshong r Paris

Texa Trans ortation

Bill Bass Tires S. hurch Paris



Loves Trans ortation it hugh e. Paris





Business llc


Paris d.


a es Clinic S Paris

eig t Loss S a . ollegiate r



Paris eterinar Clinic orth ain Paris



itakers Towing a ar d Paris

C ildren's Advocac Center of Paris Pine Bluff Paris nited Count Paris

a of Lamar a ar

e. St.

EDDING BAN UET RENTAL ACILITIES Between t e Lakes at Cod Cattle Com an Su ner Cele rate t Pine ill Paris


Cottonwood Barn enue ounty d Paris




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