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GUIDELINES THE Fox Creek Street Banner Contest

The Town of Fox Creek’s street banner program is a civic beautification initiative that strives to engage community members and showcase Fox Creek and area. The 2013 Fox Creek Street Banner Contest features a call for entries in the visual art category of photography. If your photograph is chosen it will become one of Fox Creek’s banners – all banners will have the name of the photographer on it. The images on this page provide examples of photography as it relates to banner design. Please refer to this package for complete technical specifications and contest guidelines to successfully submit your contest entries.

How to enter … By mail: Town of Fox Creek Banner Contest P.O. Box 149 Fox Creek, Alberta T0H 1P0 PLEASE NOTE: if a hard copy of the submitted image is selected, a digital file that meets all of the qualifications in the pages to follow must be submitted.

Electronically: Email your entries to - subject: Banner Contest PLEASE NOTE: Due to inbox capacity, there is a limit of 2 images per email. To submit 10 images, please send in 5 separate emails.

Contest Deadline: March 31, 2013

Themes: There are two themes for the contest: • Wildlife • Four Seasons Each submitted photo must fall under one of the two themes listed above. Any photographs that do not qualify under these two themes will not be judged as part of the Street Banner Contest.

Banner selection: • • • •

There is no limit on the amount of entries an individual may submit The amount of designs selected to display on the Street Banners will be determined by the Extreme Makeover Committee For each photograph selected, the artist will be given recognition on the banner the image is displayed on. The artist retains sole copyright to his/her artwork. The Town of Fox Creek will have unlimited reproduction rights to all contest submissions.

Contest Rules and Submission Guidelines: Please be sure to review the submission guidelines before submitting any photographs to the contest. When creating your visual artwork, you will be submitting a design for either one side of the pole or both sides of the pole together. Please note: This document provides all the information required to successfully submit your contest entry. Due to the anticipated volume of contest entries, submissions that do NOT conform to the minimum requirements detailed in this document may be automatically rejected without warning.

For inquiries, email or Call 780.622.3896

Submission & Technical Specifications: Submission Guidelines: • Submit only portraits vertically orientated or square cropped photographs in order to retain the integrity of the original photograph. Photographs will be cropped to fit. Landscape orientated images are discouraged due to the vertical orientation of the banner designs.

• • •

Only original, unmanipulated photographs will be accepted. Please see technical specifications for details. Digital photography via email, CD or DVD is preferred. Memory sticks are acceptable but will not be returned. All photographs submitted to the contest will be part of the Fox Creek image bank. These images may be used for any current or future advertising projects the Town may see fit. Ie. Post cards, website advertising, tourism information etc. All submitted photographs but be accompanied by a release/waiver form. No photographs containing people, whose identities are clearly discernible will be accepted. NOTE: Incomplete waivers will result in the automatic rejection of your submission. All waivers must be signed, dated and will be subject to confirmation by the Town of Fox Creek Extreme Makeover Committee.

Each digital file submitted must be identified by your full name and image number. For example: John-Doe001.jpg; John-Doe002.jpg

Technical Specifications: •

Image Resolution and minimum requirements: Minimum 10 MP photographic image(s) with a minimum image size of 3200x8000 pixels. Submissions that do not meet this minimum image resolution may be rejected because they cannot be successfully enlarged to meet the Town’s banner production requirements.

Digital Editing • Adjustments to lighting and colour enhancement are permitted. • Any photographic manipulation, adjustments and enhancements deemed excessive may be rejected. These include excessive / unrealistic HDR treatments, oversaturated / unrealistic colour treatments, photo composites, etc. Image submission format: • If possible, shoot images in RAW image format. • All email, DVD and memory stick submissions should be in high resolution JPG only. Do not send RAW, TIFF or PSD files for the contest entry at this time. • If your photograph is selected, you may be contacted by the Town for an uncompressed, high resolution TIFF or RAW image file if it is available.

The Town of Fox Creek PHOTOGRAPH WAIVER / RELEASE I consent to the use of my name, portrait, picture or photograph as part of the Town of Fox Creek’s image bank. This is a collection of images of the Town of Fox Creek, wildlife, residents or surrounding area intended to showcase the town. The images in this collection may be used for the Fox Creek Street Banner Contest as well as any other advertising purposes for the Town of Fox Creek. Uses of these photos include but are not limited to: • Attracting prospective residents • Tourism initiatives and the promotion of Fox Creek • Marketing and outreach • Beautification of the Town of Fox Creek • Informing residents I agree that I shall have no claim against the Town of Fox Creek or against anyone accessing or using images as part of this collection. I confirm that I am 18 years of age or the legal guardian of the minor listed below and that I (they) have not given anyone the exclusive right to use my name, portrait, picture or photograph.

___________________________ Signed

___________________________ Name (please print)

___________________________ Name of Minor (if applicable)

___________________________ Date

If applying for this contest via email, please include the following information. Otherwise please complete the form below and submit with your photo. This information will be used to give winning submissions recognition. Please make sure that your name appears how you would like it to appear on the banner. Applicant Information (please print): Full Name_____________________________________________ Phone:_______________________________________________ Email: _______________________________________________ Mailing Address:

Fox Creek Photo Contest  
Fox Creek Photo Contest  

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